7:30pm Polls Closing – OH, NC and WV

Closing in thirty minutes are polls in Ohio, North Carolina and West Virginia. Official results for Ohio can be found here. Official results for North Carolina can be found here.

So far, Kentucky has been called for McCain and Vermont has been called for Obama. McCain is ahead 8-3 – YAY!

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  1. Early results from IN:
    Steuben: Kerry 34%, Obama 42%
    DeKalb: Kerry 31%, Obama 38%
    Knox: Kerry 36%, Obama 54%
    Marshall: Kerry 31%, Obama 50%

    Where ARE those PUMAs????

  2. Brandon says:

    Obama retakes lead in Indiana.

  3. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Could the increase in the Obama numbers be new voters? In other words are their enough new voters to tilt it to Obama? I still think McCain wins Indiana very narrowly

  4. Jake Towson says:


  5. Chekote says:

    Forget PUMAs, these are Republicans voting for Obama. The indies are going heavily for Obama. The are sick of the GOP.

  6. Dannylandulf says:

    3. Brandon, where are you getting your results from. MSNBC seems to be about 2 minutes slow…

  7. Jake Towson says:

    53% MAC
    46% O


  8. Brandon says:

    #7. FOX News.

  9. The Mexican says:

    In Indiana, its close because of what Chekote said. The Pubs don’t represent too much now and they have lost a lot of faith from their constituents.

  10. Jake Towson says:

    55% MAC
    44% O


  11. Chekote says:

    If the “red” counties are looking so bad for Mac, why haven’t they called the race for Obama.

  12. Dannylandulf says:

    12. I think companies who bought ad time on the networks tonight would be a bit cheesed…

  13. victrc says:

    anyone else notice Barr pulling in about 1.3% in most of the counties in Indiana, i wonder if hes going to be a bigger problem then we thought

  14. yarrrr says:

    Meh, I think McCain’s ging to lose… he doesn’t have a chance at the pop vote…

    I’m getting eyeorism from Indiana…

  15. Michael T says:

    There were nearly 2.5m votes cast in Indiana in 2004. So far less than 10% of its been counted, and its counties near Chicago! This is decent news.

  16. Rachel-s says:

    #12 they will wait til the last possible moment because they dont want to call a race and then change it

  17. Phil says:

    I’ve seen enough out of Indiana folks. I can read numbers and have my 2004 county map in front of me. God help us for the next 4 years.

    Good night all.

  18. phoenixrisen says:

    Hi guys!!! Had knots in my stomach the whole day!!! I’m so happy there was monster turnout by the GOP 🙂 Keep your heads up 🙂

  19. Dannylandulf says:

    17. But how do you balance that with the fact that every network wants to be the ‘first’ to correctly call the election?

  20. Tony says:

    16 Good news. How do you know?

  21. Chekote says:

    I was so hoping that the pundits would be proven wrong. Oh well.

  22. mtr says:

    Good lord you people. Indiana has barely been counted and you’re calling it?

  23. Rick Ballard says:

    “I’m getting eyeorism from Indiana…”

    Which is why Zero put so much effort into it. Kinda like setting up concern trolls over a long period of time on popular Rep sites.

    The white male split in exit polling that I’ve seen re IN (from Fox) had it at 54% (vs 62% in ’04). That’s not enough of a drop to give Zero a win.

  24. Chekote says:

    I am emotionally drained. In the America I love someone like Obama would not get above 30% in the polls.

  25. Originalist says:

    Mac up 51-48 in Indi.. Up by 700 votes with 11% in. Gonna be close.

  26. Chuck Schick says:

    Hot Air is saying AA vote is disappointing. 13% vs 11% in 2004. It was projected to be 16%.

  27. Originalist says:

    make that 7000 votes

  28. JAF says:

    are you just hitting refresh all the time to view the new comments?

  29. James says:

    I claim ignorance. What is AA vote?

  30. joe six pack says:

    Mac has some separation in Indiana

  31. Austin says:

    Hold the line. It’s far from over. Hold steady.

  32. Tina says:


  33. James says:

    Thanks. I feel like a dummy now

  34. Jake Towson says:


  35. Lebanon Rep. says:

    In Virginia McCain is out polling Warner which seems a good sign to me in virgina. Im going to look at Indy and Mitch Daniels and compare to McCain

  36. joe six pack says:

    Let’s not read too much into the Indiana results. Remember, Indiana was the one and only state where Obama overperformed in the primary. Probably due to proximity to IL.

  37. Originalist says:

    up by 10,000 in Indiana. 12% in.

  38. Howard Dean says:

    Stop bedwetting, it’s early

  39. Tina says:

    Its ok JAmes, I ran into the same problem the first time I saw that here.

  40. Tony says:

    Things are looking up in the early numbers

  41. Jake Towson says:



  42. Chuck Schick says:

    “McCain needs 270 and he only has 8!!!!”

    No wonder Polaris leaves the board on election night.

    Everyone go get a beer and some fresh air.

  43. The Mexican says:

    This is absolutely fascinating.

  44. Lebanon Rep. says:

    My daughter sent me a text a few minutes ago and said remember plenty of Whites are getting off work around now to go vote. That’s not a racial statement as much as its a statement that a lot of white collar workers are just getting into some polls now.

  45. Tina says:

    HD – there are some on the other thread saying its over RE: Indidana.

  46. mtr says:

    Confused by drudge. Mac up big in Ohio?

  47. Howard Dean says:

    It’s EARLY stop panicking!

  48. Originalist says:

    NC votes starting to come in.

  49. Rachel-s says:

    Republican turn out in Orange County (in CA) is down by over 8% compared to this time last year (absentee ballots are in the totals)!!!!!!

  50. Lebanon Rep. says:

    I see Mac up in florida

  51. Jake Towson says:


  52. Howard Dean says:

    It’s too early to call IN.

    Relax people.

  53. Originalist says:

    WV gone.

  54. Jake Towson says:


  55. gaGOP says:

    Chill out people!! We are in this.

  56. Tina says:

    13 to 3 lead in the EV Count.

  57. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Mac is behind Daniels in Indy…not good to me but lets wait and see

  58. mtr says:

    okay, I admit, florida is making me panic

  59. Todd says:

    everyone relax. on mccain!

  60. KeyBored says:

    From one of my son’s wacky friends:

    What’s the difference between Simba the lion and Barack Obama?

    One is an African lion
    One is an American lie’n


  61. Jake Towson says:


  62. Lebanon Rep. says:

    No one cares about blue California a bankrupt state due to the influx of illegal aliens. Let them bail themselves out.

  63. victrc says:

    um who is Stevens in Florida and why does he have 50,000 votes in Pasco county when McCain has zero??

  64. Howard Dean says:

    Mac winning whites in VA by +18??

  65. gaGOP says:

    Guess what people? Its going to be close and come down to state by state…just like everyone thought. Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor?

  66. Jake Towson says:


  67. Howard Dean says:

    What did he win WVA by?

  68. steven says:

    where is that florida vote coming in from

  69. Tina says:

    FL has only 2% in. Folks stop this.

  70. The Mexican says:

    The same way Bush did in 2000

  71. Ice Cream Man says:

    mac up by 5% in INdiana

  72. joe six pack says:

    2% of the FL vote is in. Chill out.

  73. mtr says:

    thanks tina…. 🙂

  74. Originalist says:

    Ace reports that McCain says “Florida in good shape.” he provides no links. Anyone???

  75. Howard Dean says:

    You people never followed an election before?


  76. Boog says:

    FL numbers are wrong .. on C-Span, it looks like 50000 votes incorrectly allocated to some guy named Stevens in Pasco County

  77. Tina says:

    I am about to go, because this is getting ridiculous.

  78. The Mexican says:

    In Florida the cities have been counted first, thats why. Its a huge dump of Democrat votes. It will tighten and Mac will win.

  79. Howard Dean says:


    how big did he win WVA?

  80. gaGOP says:

    Towson, shut up! We can read results as they come in and in Florida Dem S. Florida counties reporting. STFU!

  81. victrc says:

    Guys and Gals, that 100k difference in FL is because there are 50k votes for some guy named Stevens and ZERO votes for McCain in Pasco county. Its obviously a mix up (oh no could this be our Buchanan moment??)

    so chill a bit

  82. The Mexican says:

    Tina, dont leave!

  83. Dannylandulf says:

    70. Tina, 2 percent reporting does not mean 2 percent of the total vote in the state, just of the districts.

    2 percents of the districts could easily count for 10 percent of the vote.

  84. Hotstick03 says:

    remember the panhandle of Florida does not close until 8.

  85. Tina says:

    HD- no # for W VA yet.

  86. sean lockyer says:

    Something is really effed up in Pasco County Florida (just north of Tampa) it shows Obama up 55,000 to 6! What the hell ? That isn’t right ?! Something has to wrong. Major Fraud!

  87. phoenixrisen says:

    Good grief!! Jake buddy, it’s going to be fine 🙂

    Anyone have access to the state websites that give real time updates per county.

  88. The Mexican says:

    Yup, the Florida count is a mistake.

  89. Jake Towson says:


  90. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Florida is all inner city votes coming in first

  91. Todd says:

    i agree tina ff—

  92. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Hey troll dudes – can I get an AMEN from you dudes eh? W VA called for McCain. At least we are at least a 1/2 step above your boy Mondale now – please genereate some hate now….

  93. rdelbov says:

    I fixing to call Indy and Virginia for McCain

  94. Boog says:

    Re 77, the 50000 FL votes arent just from Pasco COunty, but they are still shown as STevens votes in FL. Looks like some sort of glitch

  95. Republic of Texas says:

    90 Give it up, troll

  96. Greg from MD says:

    #88, go to the c-span website and there is a link to county by county updates via the AP feed.

  97. Originalist says:


  98. JAF says:

    Towson stop yelling you f-ing moron…

  99. Originalist says:

    Nice–ask and you shall receive.

  100. Darrell says:

    I am surprised that they would call WVA for McCain this quick. This means the coal story has had an effect. Hopefully it did in PA and OH too.

  101. phoenixrisen says:

    Don’t sweat Florida. I remember in 2000 how they would apply the votes to one candidate and then report the votes of the other.

  102. Howard Dean says:

    Gergen on CNN says Obama people are sending emails freaking out.

  103. Jimmy says:

    Guys, for the love of God, relax.

    Rdelbov – why do you say that?

  104. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #82 is that due to the Hugo Chavez votin’ machines. Like no joke guys, I was listening to Mike Savage last night and he said like a large part of these votin’ machine are from a Venezhulan company lol

  105. Cali Conservative says:

    #50 I work at a mega church 20 miles north of L.A. We are a polling place and we have had ENORMOUS turn out…..Long lines all day, two police cars present to keep an eye on the No on 8 vs Yes on 8 crowd. Ridiculously much higher turn out than we’ve ever had! Cali isn’t going to come into play for McCain…but wow…what an incredible turn out! I spoke to several people who were still undecided as they stood in line…fortunately, I was able to persuade a few to go GOP. Just my view from here…….

  106. Originalist says:

    Barone–reporting on Indi counties now.

  107. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #103 like what are they say dude? Socialism now???

  108. Tina says:

    W. Virginia was not close last time either Darrell,

    It is a blue state prior to 2000.

  109. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Jake is a troll

  110. phoenixrisen says:

    Mac is looking great in Virginia 🙂

  111. joe six pack says:

    Barone’s report is scary

  112. Howard Dean says:

    Jake, STFU

    Calling WVA early is GOOD NEWS!

  113. Greg from MD says:

    Polaris said watch Marion County – was 51/49 Kerry last time. Results just starting to trickle in but looks 50/50 at first.

  114. Bobby says:

    Florida is Miami-Dad County

  115. Jake Towson says:


  116. Lebanon Rep. says:

    We need Polaris

  117. KeyBored says:

    where is that florida vote coming in from

    Comment by steven

    Not from me, I only voted 47,000 times.


  118. Tina says:

    They should not be reporting any FL #s since it has two separate time zones.

    Same with other such states.

  119. Howard Dean says:

    Greg, Keep the Marion Co updates coming.

  120. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #112 WTF did Barone say???

  121. Jennifer says:

    Someone needs to adjust Jake’s meds.

    I’m not sure what will happen, but I don’t see any reason to panic yet.

  122. Chuck Schick says:

    100,000 of the FL lead is from Miami-Dade, jeez, relax.

  123. rdelbov says:

    In both IN & VA the trends are hanging in there enough for a McCain win.
    When one considers the early vote is going Obama’s way and that the precincts that report 1st in most of these counties are the democratic ones

  124. Greg from MD says:

    Marion is 50.4 Mac with 2% reporting.

  125. Chuck Schick says:

    Can somebody pry Jake’s hand from his caps lock?

  126. Tina says:

    Here I emailed Gerratey at CS:

    Way Too Early To Worry About Indiana

    A reader watching the results in Indiana is worried.

    McC is running WAY behind W’s ’04 pace.
    Allen County: 11 points lower
    Jay County: 15 points lower
    Shelby County: 17 points lower.

    Guys, Bush carried the state by 20.68 percentage points. When McCain underperforms by 21 percentage points, let me know.

    If the polls showing McCain up 3 to 5 are right, this is about where these counties should be.

  127. jones says:

    We don’tneed Polaris, we need to chill.

    Have you never been fooled by early results before.

    I am glad we are not in a submarine. Some of you…

    I may need to use the term white-livered again.


  128. steven says:

    the pan handle hasnt reported yet they close in 15 mins

  129. Jake Towson says:


  130. Tina says:

    I am not going to baby sit. Nor do I expect that it was Phil from TX that made the comment.

  131. Darrell says:

    109…yes…but some late polls showed it tight there…before the coal story

  132. Go DUKE!!! says:

    Brit Hume sucks. He slipped up and was disappointed that McCain had the early lead.

  133. nebuer says:

    I am so god-awful nervous about Indiana! If it goes democrat party, we’re TOAST

  134. Howard Dean says:

    Jake, Take your caps OFF!

  135. jones says:

    Do you spazzes realize FL had been called by now in 2000. For Gore.


  136. Tina says:

    I updated Indiana – do not worry.

  137. Darrell says:

    I feel pretty good about VA. The county next to Richmond is one reporting results.

  138. Howard Dean says:

    Darrell, What areas of VA have reported?

  139. Originalist says:


  140. Greg from MD says:

    Virtually no results from the DC suburbs in for VA.

  141. sean lockyer says:

    it looks like the Pasco numbe may have been corrected. In addition Left leaning Orange County and Miami-Dade is reporting first. Repub. north florida, Seminole County, Panhandle, Gulf Coast, etc…have not been reported yet with the exception of Pasco.

  142. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Does anyone know really WTF is up? We were up – no were down big – NO were way up in FL – NO way down in PA – ARRRHHHH – its enough to make a socialist cry lol

  143. Akula says: can link you to the AP elections site.

    No CNN or MSNBC. Marion County, JSM ahead.

  144. Sy says:

    If Palm Beach is reporting, you will get those numbers in FL. Remember Bush was WAY DOWN in FL early on too.

  145. Howard Dean says:

    The county next to Richmond is one reporting results.

    Comment by Darrell — 11/4/2008

    blue or red?

  146. Greg from MD says:

    VA results are mostly Richmond and I-81 Appalachia.

  147. esquire says:

    We’re back up in Indiana, we can start easing off the panic gas on that one. Florida, hoping to see what districts are reporting.

  148. jones says:


    Some of our gullible brethern are being played.

  149. Jake Towson says:



  150. Howard Dean says:

    Any PA results?

  151. Howard Dean says:


    Comment by Jake Towson —

    you are a dumb ass

  152. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Pa closes at 8

  153. Tina says:

    Folks, I emailed Gerratey at Campaing Spot (sp?). The reply is at the Cs Spot.

  154. Chuck Schick says:

    Haha- people were calling IN lost 8 minutes ago, now its FL, whats next.

    Jeez anyone happy about VA? That was all the worry till now.

  155. The Mexican says:

    Bush was down big in Florida early on people, chill out damm!

  156. Greg from MD says:

    Marion County 54.7% O, 7% in.

  157. gaGOP says:

    Miami Dade is one of the counties reporting in Florida…chill out

  158. mtr says:

    more florida reports coming in, mac still down further than I’d like, but pulling up some.

  159. jones says:

    Tina made the campaign spot.


  160. steven says:

    the result from florida is miami dade country which is running 60-40 for obama a 100,000 vote margin

  161. joe six pack says:

    Jesus people, chill.

    Fl and SC are still under 5%.

    All we are seeing is the FL early vote.

  162. JAF says:

    can’t someone moderate and ban the trolls and morons?!

  163. CDN Conservative says:

    MAC up 15% in VA c/ 6%

  164. Akula says:

    Florida results are from Miami, Orlando, and North Tampa area.

    Basically nowhere else.

    Look at the county maps before spazzing people!

  165. Jake Towson says:


  166. Lebanon Rep. says:

    The media called Florida for Gore in 2000, dont believe anything about florida

  167. Tina says:

    That would be nice, I suspect some of the handles used by some of us were taken over as well by trolls.

  168. Jake Towson says:


  169. Sy says:



  170. pitchaboy says:

    Florida is early vote from big cities.

  171. Jake Towson says:


  172. Howard Dean says:

    Nothing from N VA, that will tighten.

    Gary, In hasn’t reported either.

    All of this will tighten.

  173. Mose says:

    CNN has pretty good election results broken down by county.

  174. sean lockyer says:

    EVERYBODY—I live in Florida (Volusia County) and we are not in bad shape yet! The liberal parts of Florida such as Orange County and Miami-Dade are reporting. Once Seminole, Pinellas, Brevard, the rest of Lake, ALL of the panhandle, and ALL of North FLorida reports we will have a modest, though substantial 5 percent lead, probably around 100,000 or so. The Panhandle cancels out south florida by itself

  175. Originalist says:

    SC called for McCain on fox?

  176. Howard Dean says:

    Jake, Are you 15 years old?

  177. Tina says:

    SC for MAC.

  178. Jake Towson says:


  179. Akula says:

    For the AP maps.

    Go to and click on the AP results map.

    No editorializing, just facts.

  180. jones says:

    South Carolina to McCain.

    We’re doooomed!


  181. Jaded says:

    McCain will take VA and they just called SC for McCain…I am SHOCKED I tell ya!

  182. Sy says:

    “Here is the latest from inside Team McCain: Florida looks good. Ohio, Penn., Virginia and NC are too close to call.

  183. Howard Dean says:


  184. joe six pack says:

    indiana looking bad

  185. Chekote says:

    Can somebody ban Jake? We need supervision.

  186. CDN Conservative says:

    MAC pulls ahead by 5% in NH

    SC called for MAC

  187. fb says:

    Jake off with the caps…

  188. DrJay says:

    McCain is up early in Hillsborough… important one to watch in Florida.

  189. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    ALL 3x states! We are way outta the Mondale zone!!!!!

  190. esquire says:

    #178 Sean – Thanks for the rundown on Florida.

  191. Howard Dean says:

    Mac up in NH but it’s too early

  192. Jake Towson says:


  193. Rachel says:

    Doesn’t the western side of FL close later?

  194. Rachel-s says:

    Indiana starting to get away

  195. The Mexican says:

    Its looking good so far.

  196. Originalist says:

    Foxnews guys are like a funeral parlor. I may have to change channel.

  197. phoenixrisen says:

    Anyone checking out Hillbuzz? I found the post where Obama has downgraded his celebration plans and the mood is gloomy. According to them, word is spreading that Obama is expecting to lose.

  198. esquire says:

    Any breakdown on IN, what’s going on there?

  199. Jaded says:

    Hey Jake why are you hollering at us?

    We are not deaf 🙂

  200. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    JAKE!!!!! Dude, there are MEDS out there that work great – find them…

  201. Sy says:


    If any state, you should worry about VA. Right now, the leads means nothing. McCain team say VA is too close to call.

  202. JAF says:

    Please ban Towson..

    Gary IN has yet to report, that could cost the election right there

  203. Akula says:

    Helpful hint for followers.

    If you give a vote total or percentage please indicate precincts reporting. That can help gauge the progress.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


  204. sean lockyer says:

    FLORIDA-wait for Brevard (big time Space Coast and military presence), Seminole (the suburbs of Orlando), North Florida (old-school Florida Cracker), Southwest Florida (the opposite of Miami), AND the ENTIRE panhandle. Lets wait till we at least get to central florida before we start to freak out!

  205. fb says:

    What are the big Indiana counties to look for?

  206. steven says:

    3 big counties in florida obama doing better in dade, and broward than kerry.

    doing about 5 points lower in palm beach

  207. Chekote says:

    We need PA. That will be out insurance.

  208. Cali Conservative says:

    #200…MANY Foxnews peeps have been in the tank for the Obamessiah for months. Do yourself a favor…turn off the TV and stay on the few websites that are able to maintain a realistic picture. And everyone else, quit panicking over early returns!

  209. Rachel-s says:

    CNN has Obama way ahead in FL – only a few cast though

  210. jeffp says:

    Fox News Talking Heads basically say game over Obama the POTUS. WOW. Kristol says 6-11%.

  211. Jake Towson says:



  212. Lebanon Rep. says:

    In Indy how many votes can Obama exceed McCain in Gary?

  213. Sy says:


    5% lower in Palm Beach is huge.

  214. Chekote says:

    doing about 5 points lower in palm beach

    Comment by steven

    Jewish voters bailing on Obama?

  215. Dan K says:

    #197, yes…the Florida panhandle closes 1 hours later.

  216. Akula says:

    IN (R) Governor has huge margin and picked to win. Hopefully it will carry over.

  217. steven says:

    obama doing 5 points lower in palm beach, Mac doing 5 points better in palm than bush

  218. jeffp says:

    OBH is ahead in both Marion & Hamilton in IN. Marion by a decent margin.

  219. joe six pack says:

    We need at least a 75K vote buffer in Indiana to offset Lake County returns.

  220. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #202 What’s up in IN? Well, the Obama dude spent like a billion dollars to zero for McCain there, its real close to ILL (where people like him for some reason???), and it has voten solidly for several D GOV, Reps (3 flipped in 06 to D) and Senators (some dude name Byah)

  221. ameister says:

    209 Madison county went 52-48 for kerry in 04

  222. Lebanon Rep. says:

    If we lose Indiana I have to say Pa., and Ohio and florida we lose. I hate to say it but Indy is important in the momentum game.

  223. KeyBored says:

    g’nite all




  224. Originalist says:

    Rove reporting depressing news about Florida.

  225. Sy says:

    McCain needs to build a good lead in IN before urban areas start to report.

  226. ameister says:

    209- marion county

  227. fb says:

    Jake if you are using all caps for our benefit please don’t. Yell them to yourself as you are typing and pretend you are using all caps.

  228. Jaded says:

    Well Chekote if they are smart they will vote against him…no lover of Jews that guy!

  229. Greg from MD says:

    Marion County, 56% O, 16% reporting

  230. JetsNo12 says:

    Rove down on Fla…DAMN

  231. Originalist says:

    actually not so much–said McCain doing better than expected in small counties

  232. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Mac underperforming Daniels

  233. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Fox is killing me they are so down whats up with that

  234. ameister says:

    234 thats not too bad only a 2% gain in Marion county

  235. Originalist says:

    ah–there goes Mass. my home state. yay.

  236. Originalist says:

    So much for the 2nd CD in Maine.

  237. Mad Dog says:

    If only Frodo hadn’t left the Ring of Power in his other vest….

  238. Rachel-s says:

    PA for Obama!

  239. Robbie says:

    I’m taracking the McConnell race on Kentucky’s state website. He’s down 4000 votes with about 30% counted. Lunsford looks to win about by about 27000-30000 seats in Louisville. The western part of the state is only now being counted.

  240. Cory says:

    PA called for Obama!
    NH called for Obama!

  241. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #237 if he was performing like daniels he would win by 10 to 20!

  242. Rachel-s says:

    NH for Obama!

  243. Rudy says:

    PA just went to Obama and so did New Hampshire 🙁

    I think its all over 🙁

  244. Rachel-s says:

    IL for Obama – (I know)

  245. Rachel-s says:

    TN for McCain! MD for Obama!

  246. phoenixrisen says:

    How is the panhandle vote in FL looking from the standpoint of turnout?

  247. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Fox just reported 85% turnout in St. Louis County. No way that number was achieved without massive fraud. I fear Missouri will flip to Obama thanks to cheating and that is very bad news for McCain.

  248. Originalist says:

    WHo the hell called PA??

  249. jones says:

    NH and PA?

    Link it.

  250. Sy says:

    Don’t believe the news about PA just yet. They based those on exit polls.

  251. Chekote says:

    That was quick for PA. So much for the PUMAs.

  252. Rachel-s says:

    ME for Obama – at least 3 vo9tes in EC

  253. Jaded says:

    Where are you seeing PA being called for Obama?

  254. Rachel-s says:

    #253 – ABC did

  255. KnightHawk says:

    Dont like what I see in some of these VA bush counties, hopefully mac can run a little better then bush in some of the marginal kerry counties but don’t see that yet.

  256. Akula says:


    Don’t be more of a jerk than you already are!

    Polls closed at 8 Eastern.

  257. Robbie says:

    I guess we’ll try again in 2012. 🙁

  258. phoenixrisen says:

    Who called PA and NH? Are they on drugs?

  259. Sy says:


  260. Rachel-s says:

    So far, no major calls in states switching – (NH went for Kerry2004/Bush2000)

  261. Cory says:

    I’m a jerk for telling you that NBC just called PA and NH?

  262. Rachel-s says:

    #264 – ABC is calling PA for Obama

  263. Michigan Steve says:

    I didn’t think Rove was down on Florida, he said it was a mixed bag. Lot of trolls here tonight.

  264. Jaded says:

    FOX said it is to close to call.

  265. Jake Towson says:


  266. Tina says:

    No calls for NH and PA per CNN.

  267. Rachel-s says:

    Cory – ABC has called NH and PA; they just said though they arent calling FL any time soon because of what happened in 2000

  268. ameister says:

    no calls on fox for pa

  269. Jake Towson says:


  270. Originalist says:

    I’m waiting for CNN and FoxNews on PA. F DNCTV.

  271. Sy says:

    McCain Team said PA IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL. Once again, don’t believe the MSM just yet!

  272. Bruno says:

    Fox Pa to close to call

  273. Rachel-s says:

    only main state called so far is PA for Obama

  274. jones says:


    No they have not.

  275. sean lockyer says:

    Just because a network calls a state for someone does not mean anything! Remember Florida in 2000 ? They all called it for Gore, pulled it back, and then gave it to Bush, then pulled it back and then gave it back, whew!

  276. Originalist says:

    Ugh. It’s all over. It looks liek a landslide.

  277. Tina says:

    Its colored yellow at CNN.

  278. Rachel-s says:

    #275 – are you serious? ABC has not called those two yet

  279. Chekote says:

    ABC called NH and PA for Obama.

  280. Sy says:

    Jake you idiot,

    CNN did not such thing. I am watching CNN now.

  281. phoenixrisen says:

    Um, I smell NBC and ABC trying to depress the vote out west. I’m not buying NH and PA going so early

  282. jones says:

    I see the lefts play. Lying the second a state closes.

    Vote and encourage others to vote.

  283. Jake Towson says:


  284. Rachel-s says:

    #280 – yes, ABC has in fact called Maine for Obama (3 votes – they are waiting before calling the 4th vote)

  285. Originalist says:

    Oh geeze. I fell for it. CNN did not call FLA.

  286. Rachel-s says:

    #290 – ok Jake, I cant get CNN because of static, so I’ll believe you – just very surprised is all

  287. Jaded says:

    McConnell won back his Senate seat!

  288. phoenixrisen says:

    Ban Jake, he’s full of crap.

  289. Chekote says:

    I don’t know if I have the stomach for this.

  290. Tina says:

    Mac wins Ky

    Dole loses NC Senate.

  291. Jaded says:

    Dole has lost her seat!

  292. Originalist says:

    McConnell wins. No 60 filibuster majority. Phew.

  293. Monty Stricker says:

    Fox just called it for McConnell.

  294. Rachel-s says:

    is NC and FL called? it seems too soon for me – but I am only watching ABC news

  295. Sy says:


  296. Tina says:

    Dave needs to ban these pollsters having dialogues with themselves.

  297. Jake Towson says:


  298. Rachel-s says:

    Tina – are you kidding? Dole lost???

  299. Akula says:

    Awful interesting to see states called when other sites (AP, FOX) have 0% reporting.

  300. Sean says:

    I’m looking at… NH has not been called, PA has not been called, NC has not been called, FL has not been called…

  301. Rachel-s says:

    I think ABC is being extremely cautious – they have Obama at 102 and McCain at 34 electoral college votes

  302. jdekce says:

    Jake-Hole, you are color blind my friend!

  303. Jaded says:

    NH for Obama

  304. jdekce says:

    Damn, NH by Fox for the Oblunder

  305. Rachel-s says:

    #308 – Sean – go to ABC and you will see PA has been called – but NOT NC or FL

  306. Lebanon Rep. says:

    No NH looking very dim right now according to Kristol

  307. Diogenes says:

    Straight from the horse’s mouth. McCain is behind about 140k votes.

  308. Bruno says:

    Fox called NH for Obama…

  309. Chekote says:

    Lesson here is that we can’t overcome the MSM. They effectively destroyed Palin and carried Obama.

  310. GeauxLSU says:

    Thanks for working hard in the election everyone.

  311. Lebanon Rep. says:

    317- I’m afraid you’re right. But from here on out they can’t blame R’s with their supermajority. Next time we need great R leadership and not the denny hastert type or Tom delay type.

  312. Robbie says:

    Fox calls McConnell a winner. We have to take our victories where we can get them.

    It’s the end of the world as we know it!

  313. Chekote says:

    I just want Murtha to lose.

  314. Jaded says:

    I would like to see Pence running the R’s in the House now that is a Conservative!

  315. Judy T. says:

    can’t get into the VA BOE site. darn

    I’m going back to plan A — a couple of sleeping pills and a stiff drink.

  316. Jaded says:

    So it appears that whomever is calling PA is working off of Obama Campaign information instead of the actual vote!

  317. The Mexican says:

    Wow, Bush really did some damage.

  318. phoenixrisen says:

    According to NRO, PA was called by ABC based on exit polls.

  319. Jaded says:

    Carl Cameron said Steve Schmidt was asked if Palin was a good pick for VP and he said “we will see” meaning in the vote….that guy is crazy….McCain
    would be 20-30 percent behind in every state without her…who in the hell does he think has gotten the BASE to donate, make calls, carry the message and finally VOTE today…idiot!

  320. Benni says:

    PA is over ??????????????

  321. Jaded says:

    Sununu is OUT!

  322. Jaded says:

    FOX is not calling PA because they have found that exit polls have shown a 11 percent larger poll for Obama than has been realized in some counties in other states.

  323. phoenixrisen says:

    Benni, ABC and NBC called PA because of exit polling returns. Fox isn’t calling it because of no data.

  324. Bruno says:

    Hey guys the results are little different from the exit polls….. except N.C……

  325. Bruno says:

    Look Virginia until now.. for example..

  326. Jaded says:

    FOX called PA for Obama!

  327. Rudy says:

    FOX call PA

  328. Rudy says:

    I’m in my room crying!

    I wanted PA like no other
    NC is also not looking like I thought

  329. esquire says:

    i can’t believe this is happening

  330. Jaded says:

    Jeff Sessions to close to call? Give me a break!

  331. Justin says:

    So, was polaris blowing smoke up our butts this whole time?

  332. The Mexican says:

    PA will be called back.

  333. Steve Z says:

    How does anyone call PA when there are no votes counted yet?

    Florida is not looking good so far. Mac is about 230,000 votes down with 31% counted. Most of the margin is Broward County, where Obama is getting 75% so far. In 2000, Gore got only 63% of Broward County, so there may be some ground to be made up there, and Volusia (another big Gore county) is red so far.

    The Panhandle will probably go Mac, but can he get enough margins elsewhere to make up 230,000 votes, especially since most of Palm Beach county isn’t counted yet?

    Another big question–do these totals include absentee ballots, which could go heavily Mac (military)?

  334. tanda says:

    We just became a social democracy.

  335. Bruno says:

    No they havent…