MD Taking Forever To Report Results

Since the national election is pretty much a foregone conclusion, everyone here is focusing on the local and state elections. Mainly, the US Congressional race in District 1 and our local County School Board race.

So leads to the question – What the hell in wrong with the Maryland Election system that it takes this long to report results? It has now been almost three hours since the polls closed in this state and they are still only at 37% of precincts reported. In Howard County, it is even worse as only 16 out of 110 precincts have officially reported. What is so difficult about getting the votes out of these electronic machines? This is absolutely absurd….

Anyway, just venting at this point….

Posted by Dave at 10:48 pm
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  1. Cory says:

    President Obama!

  2. jones says:

    The trap I had heard-

    When McCain said the fundamentals were solid of the economy, and o said it was a crazy statement. I was told that M expected the economy to recover so he could attack O for talking the economy down.

    It was wrong.

  3. dave says:

    I thought now would be a great time to play back some of your msgs. to me. Turns out I’m not such a ‘stupid jack a–‘

    #365 Dave, I don’t think you understand. I am being completely honest with myself. Is there trepidation for going against the perceived CW? Of course, but I am sure that I am right. I am sure because for me to be wrong, this election would have to have a turnout model completely unlike that for the past 26+ years or even more.
    It is more reasonable to think the pollsters are wrong this year especially given the huge numbers of “undecideds”, high variances with double-curves, and other problematic signs.
    In short, I trust the numbers and I trust political history and my knowledge of the American electorate.
    I was worried far more about 2000 than 2008 if you must know.

    Remember, if I am wrong, I will not post here for 6 months.
    Comment by Tina — 11/2/2008 @ 9:39 pm

    #409 I also am not taking my 4:1 estimate of so-called undecideds out of my hat dave. I may be wrong, but I have strong reasons to think I’m not…reasons you don’t even begin to address other than to say it’s not so.
    If it’s not so, then tell me where I am wrong. Just don’t insist that I am.
    You are in for a rude suprise in about 3 days, dave. I’m telling you…

    are you insane? your ‘proof’ is zogby, a guy whose poll is weighted D +11?
    who went from obama +12 to mccain +1 to obama + 11 in 48 hours?
    THIS is your proof?
    THIS is your trump card?
    haha, ask zogby how is president kerry doing
    Comment by I’veGotABraceletTooJim — 11/4/2008

    Stay real gang. Sorry for your pain. But you ignored all the signs.
    Dave for real

  4. l8r says:

    McC to concede at 11

  5. dave says:

    The first one one from msg#4 is also from Polaris. But Frank said similar stuff. Delbov curve. Puma effect. Bradley?
    Really sad for your loss. But it will be interesting. right?

  6. Brin says:

    Indiana gone.

  7. nick says:

    Looks like Kratovil is in the lead right now… hopefully he holds

  8. Chun says:

    Virginia, a slave state, has just been called for the first black presidential candidate. Even if he is not your guy you have to find that pretty darned impressive.

  9. l8r says:

    “President-elect Barack Hussein Obama”

  10. KnightHawk says:

    The words the Secret Service feared the most.

  11. Brin says:

    You did it MSM, you did it.

  12. Reverend_T says:



  13. Brutus says:


    True, now they have to live with it.

  14. KnightHawk says:

    The fawning begins.

    Juan Williams is crying on live tv.

  15. Rachel says:

    Dave (not the real one, I mean the troll),

    Could you at least try to have a little class?

  16. KnightHawk says:

    Just something else that will be blamed on Bush… lol.

  17. Julius says:


    We know it’s a sham. Get back on your prayer rug, face east and praise allah, along with that false prophet mo.

  18. Cory says:

    Barack Obama did it.

  19. Rachel says:

    Anyone here know how many Dem/Rep seats are up for grabs in 2010?

  20. peter says:

    President Barack Obama!

  21. Chun says:

    “Anyone here know how many Dem/Rep seats are up for grabs in 2010?”

    I forget but the odds are not on the Repub’s side for the senate. They have more seats up than Dems do.

  22. gaGOP says:

    go after Polaris if you want but the fact remains that McCain significantly outperformed public polling in PV and most of the battlegrounds. The two bizarre ones to me are PA and OH which seem to be blowouts totally out of keeping with the latest polls and campaign information.

  23. KnightHawk says:

    Fireworks going off down the street from me.

  24. phoenixrisen says:

    I watched the beginning of a slow death for this great nation tonight, and I was totally wrong on my predictions.

  25. dblaikie says:

    Well the I hope that Barak Obama will be worthy of the high office that he has been entrusted with. He will be in my prayers.

    However, fellow hedgehogers, we have been right about the polls. Zogby, Gallup, and all the rest are going to be way off. I suspect that when the Ca. votes are in, it will be a 3 or 4 point election.

  26. Jake Towson says:

    President Obama bin Laden

    Allahu Akbar

  27. dblaikie says:

    And by the way, they called Ohio to early, I think McCain is coming back, perhaps not quite enough, but coming back.

  28. TGCA says:

    Wicker wins Miss. The Dems do not get 60 seats.

  29. Cam Rep says:


    I share your sentiments, both on Obama, and on Hedgehoggers’ job with the polls, exactly.

  30. nebuer says:

    Thanks to the Hedgehog Report for the past few months. I’ve been only a lurker, but it was an informative daily stop for me. To those who lost: it will be okay. To those who won–don’t gloat too much.
    It is great to live in this country at this time (trust me–I work overseas in developing countries for a living.)

  31. Akula says:

    Let me put my predictions down now:

    1) The honeymoon period ends after the first summer recess.
    2) The DOW won’t go back over 10,000 until after 2010 mid-terms.
    3) Putin cuts energy production and puts Central Europe under energy limits.
    4) Missile shield in Eastern Europe, dead.
    5) Israel at conflict with Iraq by May 09.
    6) Iraq insurgency starts back up Sep 09.
    7) Amnesty program for illegals biggest fight in congress.
    8) Tax changes partially approved (hikes).
    9) NATO does nothing for four years, considers disbanding.
    10) UN asks for US troops and is given carte blanche control.
    11) Russia deploys new ICBM, arms race is unilateral, we do nothing.
    12) Large numbers of senior military leadership retire rather than implement force cuts.

    You get the picture.

  32. marco says:

    Polaris and all on this site kept up hope based on a reasonable projection of vote.

    Set the financial benchmark, starting today, to see if we will be better off in the future. I know some people may say it’s not fair to assume the previous administrations decisions, but the dems caused it.

  33. Akula says:


    Number 5 (Iran)
    Number 8 I have no idea how I put icon in.

  34. Reverend_T says:

    Go McCain!

  35. dave says:

    Class? You want to talk class? I was berated on a nightly basis here. Mostly by Tina, not Frank or Polaris. But they often called my posts, silly etc.
    So I don’t think throwing some of their ‘own’ statements out show a lack of class, I didn’t say those things. I was the recipient of those.
    I do feel bad for the ‘other side’. But, I’ve been there for most of the last 5 election cycles. I do know the pain and bitterness of losing. But, I’m entitled to some modicome of celebration. Yes I CAN!!!
    As far as any Blacks crying on TV… Try and put your simple mind in their shoes for a moment. I’m white, and I almost cried for the sentiment of an AA coming this far. That is something all reasonable folks can understand.
    DAVE , YES!!! Real Dave

  36. Jake Towson says:

    Barack Osama

  37. Chun says:

    Man, this makes up for the Pats loss at the Superbowl.

  38. KnightHawk says:

    “As far as any Blacks crying on TV… Try and put your simple mind in their shoes for a moment.”

    Try putting your simple mind around communicating what was on my TV screen.

  39. Chun says:

    A very good concession speech from McCain. Thumbs up. Welcome back Classy Mac!

  40. Jake Towson says:

    Allahu Akbar President Osama Allahu Akbar

  41. TGCA says:

    I am happy that the AA community feels pride tonight. But now I would like to see us move forward now that America has proven that the majority of the AA belief is wrong that America is a racist country. BO was elected by a majority white country so it is time for the demagogues to let the race card go down in flames. Our country has finally healed itself 123 years after the civil war ended.

  42. KnightHawk says:

    It is a classy speech.

  43. Brin says:

    Fellow Repubs, I understand your anger but calling BHO names now is pointless. We have something at hand that is much more serious…a leftwing government and a leftwing fawning MSM. If anything we need to attempt to bridge the gap with BHO supporters so that if and when the MSM does not do their job in holding this administration accountable that it is not just us calling upon them but all of us.

    BHO supporters did what they had to do to get their guy elected. I disagree with them substantially on issues but the American people have spoken, they want to go in the direction that Obama has said he wants to take us. We can no longer afford to be supporters or detractors but to be a united people and hold the MSM and this President accountable.

  44. Brin says:

    It is an amazing moment for blacks and for America. A black man has reached the highest office. This takes us closer to the claim that affirmative action and the placement of certain peoples in certain classes is no longer needed.

  45. Jake Towson says:

    This election isn’t historic because its the first AA, its because we have our first Islamic President

    Allahu Akbar

  46. TGCA says:


    I am not angry at all. I feel at peace since it is over. I will sleep well tonight. We just had too many things against us this election cycle…the economy specifically. We now have the opportunity to convince the Reps that they need to get back to their conservative values. Many Reps have been in denial after the 2006 election, this proves we need to get back to our basic values.

  47. KnightHawk says:

    CO & NV = Obama (as if it matters)

  48. gaGOP says:

    Enjoyed getting to watch the last couple of weeks with everyone at this site. Looks like we prevent the filibuster proof Dem majority in the Senate. Keep your chins up everyone, no matter what they say it was not a landslide.

  49. Rob says:

    This is an historic election. The American people have elected a man as POTUS who could not even receive security clearance to serve in the secret service because of his past associations. What a disgrace. God help us.

  50. dave says:

    Macleod, I hope yur still on, You posted this:

    #404 was an embarrassingly stupid post, dave – though it shared the same characteristics that make all of your posts so relentlessly uninteresting. You do not make contributions to the discussion based on a logical analysis of facts and data. You make emotional appeals to authority, and constantly attribute bad faith or the same childish emotionalism that you display to anyone who dares to question that authority.
    Comment by CK MacLeod — 11/4/2008 @ 2:26 am

    I just want to say to you: I win, I win, I win.
    Really Happy.
    Dave for real.