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Well you knew it would not take long for the new bumper stickers to come out. Last night at are rather well attended Howard County Republican Club First Friday Happy Hour. I heard that these were already being produced by our locally owned McCain Shop for those McCain supporters upset about Tuesday night’s results.

Say you weren’t a McCain supporter in the General election, but are not happy about the results, you could have this one.

Then there is my favorite, a sticker for die-hard Republicans who while supporting McCain in the General election as the lesser of two evils, wants to send a message to all the other Republicans who supported McCain in the primary.

You can buy them all at the McCain Shop website here (a little free advertising for our local store). Anyway, just a little humor on this lovely Saturday morning….

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  1. Chekote says:

    Please let’s not start with Romney again.

  2. This shows support??? I don’t think you saw the anti-W stickers as quickly as this – are y’all really that incapable of giving the guy a chance?

    Under the heading of “GOP, please try to stay somewhat moderate”, ouch

  3. L TePaske says:

    #3 Yes a few things will make me happier-If we’re not attacked, if the Markets go up, if health care isn’t taken out of my check, if my jobs aren’t affected negatively by his policies. Yes i’m easy to get a long with.

  4. AC1 says:

    I was looking at the electoral map and discovered something interesting. If you shift the popular vote to dead even, McCain would probably still only have 260 electoral votes. The next closest state is Colorado or Iowa, which McCain lost by a few points more than the national popular vote. Obama could have lost this race by 2 nationally and still won the electoral college.

  5. AC1 says:

    If I can do math this early it looks like we are now down to a 221 vote lead in MN.

  6. Howard Dean says:

    I LOVE the middle one.


  7. Howard Dean says:

    So Obama had to issue an apology after his FIRST presser?

    A disaster in the making.

  8. L TePaske says:

    If turn out had been what was anticipated by we on this board Nevada probably would have won it for Obama.

  9. Howard Dean says:

    WAPO Ombudsman:

    An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage

    By Deborah Howell
    Sunday, November 9, 2008; Page B06

    The Post provided a lot of good campaign coverage, but readers have been consistently critical of the lack of probing issues coverage and what they saw as a tilt toward Democrat Barack Obama. My surveys, which ended on Election Day, show that they are right on both counts.



    No kidding? Nice to see them admit it AFTER the “election”.

    Can’t wait for the paper to join the NYT in their Junk status.

  10. Hellbelly says:

    I joked about this in the campaign, but since the government now seems to be in the business of bailing out failing “essential” businesses, how long is it before those great national institutions the New York Times and the Washington Post (with its magazine puppet Newsweek) come around with their hands out?

  11. greg says:

    Think I’d run the guy with the Romney sticker off the road (even though I voted for him too).

  12. bonncaruso says:

    Excluding 4th parties, current total vote, 08 Nov, 09:53 EDT:


    total vote, 2004:


    Current votes for Obama, 2008:


    Votes for Bush, 2004:


    Current difference, total vote -2008 vs. 2004: +1,762,059

    Current difference Obama vote 2008 vs. Bush vote 2004:


    The numbers tell it all.

  13. greg says:

    Anyway, folks, here is my recommendation for the GOP. Return to conservative and libertarian principles that resonate with huge swaths of the general public. Namely, individualism, freedom (including freedom from government meddling), and that America is the land of opportunity regardless of what station you begin your life in.

    Any talk of staying “moderate” is a loser. When Dems and media (I know, same thing) talk about being “moderate”, they mean “act like Dems so you can lose”. We saw what happens when you have two Dems running against each other this year – the one with the D by his name wins over the one with the R by his name.

  14. Brandon says:

    #13. So what exactly is your point? All those numbers show me is that a historic number of black people showed up to vote for the black guy.

  15. greg says:

    Brandon: dude, the numbers “tell it all”. That means there is no point. Right?

  16. Brandon says:

    #16. *scratches head* I guess so. :/

  17. Sharon says:

    #14…Completely agree with you. We need young, strong, candidates that aren’t afraid to fight. We have to bring a strong cohesive message, get back to the principals that this party was founded on and not be afraid to fight dirty. Unfortunately, as seen by these recounts, and honest election will never happen in this country again.

  18. rdelbov says:


    what do these numbers tell us??

  19. Sharon says:

    In addition to my last comment we also need to start working on our local levels and build up. Each election on the local, state and federal should be treated as a presidential election. We are just about to have a one party rule in this country by people that are true socialist. If we don’t do something now then our country as we knew it will no longer exist and there will be no turning back.

    And no I am not willing to wait until January 20 or after to give them a chance. Any time given to them just makes them that much stronger and we cannot afford that.

  20. Chekote says:

    Return to conservative and libertarian principles that resonate with huge swaths of the general public.

    Yup. But the pro-life wing of the party will not go along with this.

  21. Go DUKE!!! says:

    I posted these on a dead thread and I wanted to get some help from you guys about how McCain’s Campaign Reform screwed himself.

    What is the deal with this Obama Utopia, I still had housework to do. I was expecting the Obama regime to take care of that for me. Where’s the change?

    Comment by Go DUKE!!! — 11/7/2008 @ 10:38 pm

    Can someone with more brains than I have help me out? Did McCain get screwed by his own campaign finance reform? Wasn’t the goal of the legislation to remove special interest money and to regulate private donations. If he did, it could not have happened to a better person. It would be interesting to see Obama’s fund raising records.

    Comment by Go DUKE!!! — 11/7/2008 @ 10:43 pm

  22. Sharon says:

    #21…you don’t seem to understand that pro-life is a principal of conservatism. It has always been one of the bases of this party. It elected Regan 2 terms, Bush 41, Bush 43 two terms. Just because McCain lost does not mean it is because of the pro-life stance of the party. How weak kneed you have all become to try and make this issue the one that lost this election. Many, many other reasons far outweigh the reasons we lost than the pro-life issue. I know many people that will only vote republican because it is the party of life. Take that away and you will have even more than Polaris 7 million that sat home.

  23. Howard Dean says:

    The numbers tell it all.

    Comment by bonncaruso

    Too bad he wouldn’t have received those numbers without:

    1. fraudulent votes, which was encouraged by Dems

    2. corrupt media

    IOW, this wasn’t democracy in action.

  24. greg says:

    Chekote: Well, I’m pro-life, but its not the overriding issue for me (but it is for my pastor). But I think that being pro-life fits well in with the principle.

    An atheist libertarian friend of mine (who hates the GOP and loves Olbermann) explained it to me this way: if you believe in individualism, then you have to be pro-life. He thinks that nothing is more important than the individual’s right to life and that it is our duty to protect that right for the most helpless (i.e., those in the womb).

    Anyway, I think that we need to change the story in society about abortion before any headway can be made. First, we need to encourage individualism and freedom once again. Once that has been done, the pro-life argument would resonate more, I think.

  25. greg says:

    GoDuke: McCain got screwed b/c he wasn’t allowed to take thousands of small donations (i.e., ones that don’t have to be reported) from (millions of?) non-US citizens using untraceable prepaid credit cards.

  26. Go DUKE!!! says:

    Didn’t he take unauthorized debits from peoples cards?

  27. Howard Dean says:

    Return to conservative and libertarian principles that resonate with huge swaths of the general public.

    Yup. But the pro-life wing of the party will not go along with this.

    Comment by Chekote

    They are not mutually exclusive.

    Again, this was ALL about unprecedented media bias.

    Nothing more.

    There was enough bad info on Obama to sink him 100x’s.

    But it never got reported.

    What other candidate could have survived his church/friends and associates?

    Answer: none.

    “It’s the media stupid.”

    No one in the HISTORY of US elections has been given a pass, like Obama.

    All other arguments are true distractions. This doesn’t mean that the GOP is doing things right, on spending they’re not. And they do need to get back to basics.

    But if we don’t find a strategy to address the corrupt media, all else will be wasted energy.

    IMO, we need to transform one of the main networks into something like FNC.

    CBS is the most vulnerable, with anemic viewership.

    Big money people need to take over that network.

  28. L TePaske says:

    So what’s the point if 9 mil Reps throw a tantrum and don’t show up at the polls for whatever reason why should I show up in four years, they might be having another tantrum.

  29. greg says:

    Go DUKE (27): yeah, but I doubt it was anywhere near the donations received from non-US citizens.

  30. Howard Dean says:

    When Gov. Sarah Palin was nominated for vice president, reporters were booking the next flight to Alaska. Some readers thought The Post went over Palin with a fine-tooth comb and neglected Biden. They are right; it was a serious omission.


    Same went for Obama.

    Never sent inquiring journos to Chicago.

  31. greg says:

    L TePaske: I think 9 million voters didn’t show up b/c the GOP is no longer conservative. There’s not much reason to vote GOP over Dem when both the GOP and the Dems are big government socialists. Ideology is much more important that party.

  32. L TePaske says:

    Antibortion is a value inspite of attempts to make it political, it is one of the many truths the republican party is based upon. The ather party has become mostly politics, what’s good today may not be good tomorrow. There are no truths within the Dem party only politics

  33. greg says:

    This shows support??? I don’t think you saw the anti-W stickers as quickly as this – are y’all really that incapable of giving the guy a chance?

    Comment by bluemassgroupie — 11/8/2008 @ 9:12 am

    Don’t worry, nobody has started calling Obama “monkey” yet. Besides which, Dems didn’t support Bush from day 1. On day 1 of Bush being president elect, Al Gore and the Dems were out trying to fabricate and create votes (like you guys are doing in MN now).

  34. Chekote says:


    I know many more people who used to vote for the GOP and no longer do. Do you realize that the NYC suburbs, upstate NY used to be solidly Republican? We are not talking about this election. We are talking about a trend. California used to vote Republican at the presidential level. Actually, the whole West used to be solidly Republican at the presidential level. Have you taken a look at the map lately? What is the trend? The GOP is in electoral retreat. New Hampshire was another state solidly Republican. Given the demographic changes, pretty soon Arizona, Texas and Florida will be blue states. Just take a look at Texas. All the major urban counties went blue. The GOP needs to get back to a message of limited government. Saying on one hand that you want government out of way and at the same time advocate for the government to get into people’s bedroom undermines the message. The only solution is to emphasize economic issues and take a federalist approach to social issues. Above all, take that idiotic HLA out of the party’s plank. Nobody has any intention to promote that amendment. In Colorado they had an initiative which reflected the language of the HLA and even pro-life leaders opposed it. So what is the point of having that idiotic HLA in the platform when even pro-lifers are against it? Finally, I am willing to take a chance on pro-lifers staying home.

  35. Chekote says:


    Look at the electoral trends since 1994. The GOP got a bump during Bush’s first term because of terrorism. Remember, even Ed Koch supported Bush in 2004 because of terrorism. Once the effects of 9/11 subsided, we went back to the electoral trend of the GOP retreating to the South and mountain states.

  36. lisab says:


  37. lisab says:

    impeach the sexist pig in chief

  38. Sharon says:

    #35….I disagree. It has nothing to do with being in their bedroom. There are many forms of birth control so there is no need for an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is murder plain and simple. A fetus is a human being. Why should anyone be allowed to kill another human being in the name of choice? They shouldn’t. This is not an issue of women’s rights. Why should a woman have the right to say who lives and who dies. She had the option to either not have sex, or use birth control. No argument will ever convince those that believe in pro-life that abortion is anthing other than murder.

  39. Sharon says:

    #35…willing to take a chance and have all pro-lifers stay at home.

    That’s right just dismiss a huge voting block because they don’t agree with you. Gosh who does that sound like….oh yea, Obama.