District 12B: A Challenger For Bobo

The Howard County Times had an article last week about early filing candidates for political offices. One of the names mentioned was a new challenger for Delegate Liz Bobo, John Bailey. Here was what was stated in the article about John.

Dissatisfaction with Democrats and their handling of the economy is one motivating factor for John Bailey, a 32-year-old Republican from Columbia who filed July 17 to run for the District 12B seat currently held by Democrat Elizabeth Bobo. Bailey, a high school social studies teacher, said he decided to file in the summer because he is on break and has more time to organize a campaign.

Bailey said the national economy and the state of Maryland’s budget will be on voters’ minds next November and could help him unseat Bobo, a former county executive who was first elected as a delegate in 1994.

“They may want to make a change and go in a different direction,” he said. Bobo could not be reached for comment.

John already has a website up and running and has posted a biographical video to introduce himself to Howard County.

Bobo won her election in 2006 by a 75%-25% margin, but judging by the fact that some people were unaware that Bobo even had a challenger, it is clear that Feldwick did not make his presence known as well as he could have. Clearly Bobo will have the incumbency advantage along with the Democratic edge in registration at her back, but I consider John a friend and I believe John will have a much more active campaign and look forward to doing my part to help him at least make Bobo have to answer questions along the way.

Another candidate mentioned in the article is Kyle Lorton, who threw his name in the ring to take on James Robey for the State Senate in District 13. His website can be found here.

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6 Responses to “District 12B: A Challenger For Bobo”

  1. Albert McDougal says:

    A social studies teacher would be a good student of history. Probably a sound candidate who could debate the socks off an opponent.

  2. Albert McDougal says:

    I’ll have to agree with you there. History has taught us everything we need to know.

  3. Albert McDougal says:

    No shibbible sherlock! Is there an echo in here? Grab me another beer and hand me the remote.

  4. Albert McDougal says:

    Get you own darn beer! I’m going over to RP to get my binky.

  5. Olawakandi says:

    I have seen enough of these polls to say that most people have seen no diff bet bush and obama

  6. Olawakandi says:

    Specter and reid will be gone. The economy will have to make a dramatic turn around in order for dems will gain seats