Trump : 187
Biden : 351
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GOP : 48
DEM : 50
IND : 2
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    November 22, 2020


    We’ve reached the point of absurdity with the Trump legal team’s attempts to overturn the election.

    Do they really think we did not see that press conference a few days ago where they literally behind the same podium????

    UPDATE (9:41pm): A number of people have pointed out Donald Trump literally said Sidney Powell was part of his legal team just eight days ago.

    November 18, 2020

    Ossoff/Perdue Tied, Warnock Leads By 1% in GA

    We finally get another poll for the US Senate races in Georgia that shows both races basically tied. This latest poll comes from Insider Advantage.

    Jon Ossoff (D) 49%
    David Perdue (R-inc) 49%

    Raphael Warnock (D) 495
    Kelly Loeffler (R-inc) 48%

    In the General Election, Insider Advantage was a little Republican-leaning in their final poll of the Presidential race claiming Donald Trump was going to win Georgia by 2%. Take that into consideration when evaluating this poll. This new poll was done November 16th among 800 likely voters.

    November 16, 2020

    Open Thread 11/16

    I was trying to stall on a new post until a new poll for Georgia came out but alas we are not getting one and based on the number of messages I got this morning, a new post is warranted…so here you go….

    November 11, 2020

    Loeffler Leads By 1%, Perdue Leads By 4% in GA Runoffs

    We’ve been waiting for it and now we have it. As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Remington Research Group has released a new poll for the two US Senate races in Georgia that shows Republicans narrowly ahead but clearly within the margin of error.

    Kelly Loeffler (R-inc) 49%
    Raphael Warnock (D) 48%

    David Perdue (R-inc) 50%
    Jon Ossoff (D) 46%

    These polls were done November 8-9 among 1450 likely voters. As far as I can tell, Remington Research Group did not poll Georgia during this last election to be able to compare how they did in this state.

    November 9, 2020

    Perdue and Loeffler Attack GOP Secretary of State

    Well apparently David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are hell bent on making sure Republicans lose control of the US Senate as, instead of figuring out they are going to win in January, they have decided to attack the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia and are asking him to resign. The Republican Secretary of State had said he was not going to resign and this excerpt as captured by ABC News indicates he believes these two Republican Senators should be focused on something more important…like I don’t…actually winning their election in January.

    It is just mind boggling to me Republicans who still have a hope of a political future are so determined to defend a lost cause like Donald Trump who, lets face it, will not give a hoot about them once he is finally off the stage.

    I don’t get it and I will never get it, but I see it in Maryland where we have the first two-term Republican ever elected statewide, our Governor Larry Hogan, get attacked mercilessly by people in his own party daily because apparently complaining about everything from the sidelines is better than actually winning and getting at least some of your issued addressed. It is all or nothing in their mind…and apparently they would rather have nothing than something….

    November 7, 2020

    President-Elect Joe Biden

    Pennsylvania has been called and the networks are calling it…Joe Biden is now President Elect

    November 6, 2020

    Biden On Verge Of Being President-Elect, Turning To Georgia

    Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia, still holds the leads in Arizona and Nevada as of the time of this post, but the general sense is we will be getting an official call before the weekend is out at the latest.

    I am just waiting to get the first set of polls for the US Senate runoffs. I did not monitor the Special Election primary too closely, especially when it became clear it was likely heading to a runoff with Raphael Warnock and one of the Republicans.

    It is worth noting Raphael Warnock severely underperformed the polling that occurred in the past weeks of the campaign. Just looking at the polls form the last two weeks that RealClearPolitics was tracking, not a single poll had Warnock below 34% and many had him above 40% for the primary. In the end, it looks like Warnock will end at around 33%. That has to be a good sign for Republicans in that race if they can consolidate their numbers. In the regular race, Jon Ossoff also generally underperformed his final polling numbers although he managed to get just enough to keep David Perdue under 50%.

    Assuming there is not something funny going on in the uncalled race in Alaska, Republicans only need to win one of these races to maintain a majority to counteract Biden next year. I am sure Biden will be campaigning in Georgia for the two Democrats and possibly have his own victory in Georgia to boast about.

    November 4, 2020

    Can the GOP Still Hold A Majority in the US Senate?

    Now that it appears Joe Biden is going to be elected President, many Republicans were at least placated by the thought they were going to be able to hold control of the US Senate to keep Biden in check. Yet that is not yet a foregone conclusion yet as with Biden as President, Republicans need 51 US Senate seats. They managed to hold Iowa, North Carolina and Maine, but those victories has only gotten them to 50 seats as Democrats won in Colorado and Arizona while dropping Alabama. With Biden as President, 50 seats is not a majority for Republicans.

    The hope is David Perdue can somehow managed to stay above 50% in his race and that is current drama I am watching. The other Georgia race featuring Kelly Loeffler is already heading to a runoff. If Perdue can’t hold onto the 50% threshold, get ready for an extended election cycle as there will be a heck of a battle for Democrats to win both seats and get a working majority in the US Senate as they will only need 50 seats themselves. Where did the polls stand going into Election Day?

    Keep the polls coming!

    Election 2020 – The Morning After

    This sums it up:

    November 3, 2020

    Election Night Thread #2

    Well at least for the moment my predicted Electoral College victory of 306-232 fir Joe Biden is still in okay. Fox News called AZ for Biden so U was correct there, but all the other flips are still too close for anyone to call although NC is already looking close for Trump.

    Probably will be my last Open Thread for the night, back at it in the morning.