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2014 Week 14 NFL Picks

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Before we get to this week’s picks, a quick look at how I did last week. My picks are listed first.

Detroit beat Chicago
Buffalo beat Cleveland
Minnesota beat Carolina
Indianapolis beat Washington
Houston beat Tennessee
St. Louis beat Oakland
Cincinnati beat Tampa Bay
Green Bay beat New England
Miami beat N.Y. Jets

Dallas lost to Philadelphia
San Francisco lost to Seattle
N.Y. Giants lost to Jacksonville
Baltimore lost to San Diego
Pittsburgh lost to New Orleans
Arizona lost to Atlanta
Kansas City lost to Denver

A 9-7 week brings my season record to 122-69 and keeps me in seventh place among the so-called experts at ESPN.

Cris Carter 134-57
Tom Jackson 131-60
KC Joyner 130-61
Seth Wickersham 127-64
Ron Jaworksi 127-64
Eric Allen 125-66
ME 122-69
Mark Schlereth 119-72
Keyshawn Johnson 118-73
Mike Golic 118-73
Adam Schefter 117-74
Mike Ditka 116-75
Merrill Hoge 116-75
Cris Mortensen 114-77

Now without further ado, The Hedgehog Report picks for Week 14 of the NFL season.

Dallas at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Detroit
N.Y. Jets at Minnesota
St. Louis at Washington
Baltimore at Miami
Carolina at New Orleans
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
N.Y. Giants at Tennessee
Indianapolis at Cleveland
Houston at Jacksonville
Kansas City at Arizona
Buffalo at Denver
Seattle at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Oakland
New England at San Diego
Atlanta at Green Bay

NO Haloti Ngata for the Ravens today, but it shouldn’t matter.

GOP Leads In AL, ND

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Even the leftists at Daily Kos and Research 2000 can paint a positive picture for Democrats in Alabama.

Artur Davis 41%
Ron Sparks 33%

Bradley Byrne 29%
Roy Moore 23%
Tim James 17%
Robert Bentley 9%
Bill Johnson 3%

GOVERNOR – ALABAMA (Research 2000)

Bradley Byrne (R) 48%
Artur Davis (D) 31%

Tim James (R) 45%
Artur Davis (D) 37%

Roy Moore (R) 43%
Artur Davis (D) 38%

Bradley Byrne (R) 45%
Ron Sparks (D) 34%

Tim James (R) 44%
Ron Sparks (D) 38%

Roy Moore (R) 41%
Ron Sparks (D) 40%

Even in the US Senate race, Republican Richard Shelby seems pretty safe for re-election.

William Barnes 39%
Simone De Moore 11%

Richard Shelby (inc) 63%
Clint Moser 14%

US SENATE – ALABAMA (Research 2000)
Richard Shelby (R-inc) 57%
William Barnes (D) 33%

Richard Shelby (R-inc) 62%
Simone De Moore (D) 27%

This entire poll was done May 17-19 among 600 likely voters. Speaking of US Senate seats that should easily be won by Republicans, Rasmussen’s lone poll of the day comes from North Dakota.

John Hoeven (R) 72%
Tracy Potter (D) 23%

This poll was done May 18-19 among 500 likely voters. So as long as John Hoeven didn’t make up some history about serving in Vietnam, he should be a shoe in for election this fall.

AL: Republicans Lead Gov, Senate Races

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

For your afternoon pleasure, we have some polls from Scott Rasmussen with his view of the US Senate and Gubernatorial races in Alabama.


Bradley Byrne (R) 50%
Artur Davis (D) 33%

Tim James (R) 49%
Artur Davis (D) 35%

Kay Ivey (R) 43%
Artur Davis (D) 36%

Artur Davis (D) 44%
Roy Moore (R) 40%

Bradley Byrne (R) 43%
Ron Sparks (D) 35%

Tim James (R) 38%
Ron Sparks (D) 34%

Kay Ivey (R) 39%
Ron Sparks (D) 33%

Ron Sparks (D) 40%
Roy Moore (R) 35%

Richard Shelby (R-inc) 59%
William Barnes (D) 32%

These polls were done March 29th among 500 likely voters. We are supposed to see a poll for Wyoming as well.

AL: GOP Leads Gov Race Across The Board

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Following up on their primary poll yesterday, Public Policy Polling released some new numbers for the General Election for the gubernatorial race in Alabama.


Bradley Byrne (R) 48%
Artur Davis (D) 32%

Tim James (R) 42%
Artur Davis (D) 33%

Kay Ivey (R) 44%
Artur Davis (D) 33%

Roy Moore (R) 43%
Artur Davis (D) 37%

Bradley Byrne (R) 43%
Ron Sparks (D) 30%

Tim James (R) 38%
Ron Sparks (D) 33%

Kay Ivey (R) 39%
Ron Sparks (D) 33%

Roy Moore (R) 42%
Ron Sparks (D) 37%

This poll was done March 27-29 among 1270 registered voters.

Primary Polls For OH, KS and AL

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

We have primary polls from three different states today for a variety of races. We’ll start with the Democratic primary poll done by Quinnipiac University for the US Senate race in Ohio where Lee Fisher holds a 7% lead over Jennifer Brunner for the right to take on Rob Portman in the General Election.

US SENATE – OHIO – DEM PRIMARY (Quinnipiac University)
Lee Fisher 33%
Jennifer Brunner 26%

The primary for this race is May 4th and this poll was done March 25-28 among 978 likely primary voters. Survey USA weighs in on the Republican race for the US Senate in Kansas.

Jerry Moran 42%
Todd Tiahrt 32%
Robert Londerholm 5%

This poll was done March 26-28 among 519 likely voters. Finally, Public Policy Polling has a new primary poll for both sides in the Alabama gubernatorial race.

Bradley Byrne 27%
Roy Moore 23%
Robert Bentley 10%
Kay Ivey 10%
Tim James 9%
Bill Johnson 1%
James Potts 0%
Charles Taylor 0%

Artur Davis 28%
Ron Sparks 28%
Franklin Thomas 9%

This entire poll was done March 27-29 among 407 likely Democratic and 457 likely Republican primary voters.

AL: Byrne Leads GOP Primary For Gov

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The snow is already come down in bunches and the Federal Government has already been closed for yet another day tomorrow. Ignoring the snow in the Mid-Atlantic, a polling group called Baselice & Associates, Inc. has released a new primary poll for the state of Alabama on the Republican side showing who is leading in the bid to replace the incumbent Republican Bob Riley as Governor.

GOVERNOR – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Baselice & Associates, Inc.)
Bradley Byrne 20%
Roy Moore 17%.
Tim James 8%
Robert Bentley 4%
Kay Ivey 3%
Bill Johnson 2%

The only two I have heard of out of that group are Byrne and Moore. They also collected some numbers for a 2012 Presidential primary in Alabama.

PRESIDENT – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Baselice & Associates, Inc.)
Mike Huckabee 33%
Sarah Palin 23%
Mitt Romney 12%
Ron Paul 5%
Tim Pawlenty 2%

This poll was done February 3-4 among 1007 likely voters.

AL: Gubernatorial Race Results

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Public Policy Polling has new numbers out for the gubernatorial race in Alabama and it gives mixed results for the parties.


Bradley Byrne (R) 39%
Artur Davis (D) 35%

Artur Davis (D) 37%
Tim James (R) 35%

Artur Davis (D) 39%
Kay Ivey (R) 31%

Artur Davis (D) 41%
Roy Moore (R) 38%

Bradley Byrne (R) 41%
Ron Sparks (D) 27%

Ron Sparks (D) 32%
Tim James (R) 32%

Ron Sparks (D) 33%
Kay Ivey (R) 29%

Roy Moore (R) 38%
Ron Sparks (D) 36%

Other than Davis, Byrne and Moore, I don’t have the foggiest idea who any of these people are and am too lazy to look it up. This poll was done June 2-5 among 667 registered voters.

By the way, the PPP blog claims “We’re going to be putting out a pretty stunning poll on a Midwestern Governor up for reelection next year early next week.” I’m curious who it may be….

AL: Could Democrats Win Gubernatorial Race?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Democratic Congressman Artur Davis is pondering a run for Governor of Alabama and he released a new poll from a Democratic polling firm that claims he is either tied with or ahead of three potential GOP candidates, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

Artur Davis (D) 42%
Kay Ivey (R) 42%

Artur Davis (D) 42%
Bradley Byrne (R) 42%

Artur Davis (D) 44%
Jack Hawkins (R) 39%

Kay Ivey is the current State Treasurer while Byrne is the Chancellor of the two-year college system in Alabama and Hawkins is the Chancellor of Troy University. No specific dates were given for the poll other than it was done earlier this month among 600 registered voters.

The current Governor of Alabama is Republican Bob Riley, who can’t seek another term.