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2014 Week 14 NFL Picks

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Before we get to this week’s picks, a quick look at how I did last week. My picks are listed first.

Detroit beat Chicago
Buffalo beat Cleveland
Minnesota beat Carolina
Indianapolis beat Washington
Houston beat Tennessee
St. Louis beat Oakland
Cincinnati beat Tampa Bay
Green Bay beat New England
Miami beat N.Y. Jets

Dallas lost to Philadelphia
San Francisco lost to Seattle
N.Y. Giants lost to Jacksonville
Baltimore lost to San Diego
Pittsburgh lost to New Orleans
Arizona lost to Atlanta
Kansas City lost to Denver

A 9-7 week brings my season record to 122-69 and keeps me in seventh place among the so-called experts at ESPN.

Cris Carter 134-57
Tom Jackson 131-60
KC Joyner 130-61
Seth Wickersham 127-64
Ron Jaworksi 127-64
Eric Allen 125-66
ME 122-69
Mark Schlereth 119-72
Keyshawn Johnson 118-73
Mike Golic 118-73
Adam Schefter 117-74
Mike Ditka 116-75
Merrill Hoge 116-75
Cris Mortensen 114-77

Now without further ado, The Hedgehog Report picks for Week 14 of the NFL season.

Dallas at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Detroit
N.Y. Jets at Minnesota
St. Louis at Washington
Baltimore at Miami
Carolina at New Orleans
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
N.Y. Giants at Tennessee
Indianapolis at Cleveland
Houston at Jacksonville
Kansas City at Arizona
Buffalo at Denver
Seattle at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Oakland
New England at San Diego
Atlanta at Green Bay

NO Haloti Ngata for the Ravens today, but it shouldn’t matter.

Beebe Cruising In AR, Moran Cruising In KS, Close Gov Race In NH

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

While it is a Saturday morning, we already are starting to get some polls rolling in to add to the poll on the Maryland race I put up in a separate post below. Despite the expected Republican wave, Democratic Governor Mike Beebe is cruising in his re-election bid over Republican Jim Keet according to a new poll from Mason-Dixon.

Mike Beebe (D-inc) 54%
Jim Keet (R) 33%

This poll was done September 12-14 among 625 likely voters. In Kansas, we have a new poll from Survey USA showing Jerry Moran cruising.

Jerry Moran (R) 66%
Lisa Johnston (D) 24%

This poll was done September 14-16 among 602 likely voters. Finally this morning, Scott Rasmussen’s latest poll for the gubernatorial race in New Hampshire shows that Republican John Stephen could provide an upset in November.

John Lynch (D-inc) 48%
John Stephen (R) 46%

This poll was done September 15th among 500 likely voters.

AR: Lincoln Trails Four Republicans

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

New numbers from Arkansas showing Democratic US Senator Blanche Lincoln trailing four potential Republican challengers, according to Scott Rasmussen.

Kim Hendren (R) 44%
Blanche Lincoln (D-inc) 41%

Gilbert Baker (R) 47%
Blanche Lincoln (D-inc) 39%

Curtis Coleman (R) 43%
Blanche Lincoln (D-inc) 41%

Tom Cox (R) 43%
Blanche Lincoln (D-inc) 40%

This poll was done September 28th, 2009. It would be nice for the GOP to start taking back some of these US Sneate seats in states that normally vote Republcian at the Federal level.

AR: Beebe Cruising To Re-Election

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

One gubernatorial seat the Republicans probably don’t have much of a chance of picking up is the one in Arkansas, if a new poll from Public Policy Polling is to be believed. Governor Mike Beebe’s job approval rating is 63%, with only 17% disapproving, and he dominates the only GOP challenger included in this poll.

Mike Beebe (D-inc) 63%
Allen Kerr (R) 24%

Kerr, according to the PPP article, is a state representative. The article also says that Beebe really hasn’t drawn any serious opposition.

This poll was done August 21-24 among 784 registered voters.