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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

So let’s see. The Ravens make it to the AFC Championship last year with a team that included kicker Matt Stover. At the end of last year, the Ravens get rid of kicker Matt Stover because they claim they have another kicker who is better than Matt Stover, Steve Hauschka. Steve Hauschka manages to miss enough field goals to cost the Ravens two victories so far this year. The Ravens then fire kicker Steve Hauschka, the man who was supposedly better than the kicker Matt Stover. They then pick up a new kicker by the name of Billy Cundiff before yesterday’s game. Kicker Bill Cundiff manages to miss a field goal in a game that the Ravens lose by two points. The Ravens’ opponent, meanwhile, kick a single field goal in yesterday’s game, enough to win the game by two points. The man who kicks that field goal goes by the name of, you guessed it, Matt Stover. Kicker Matt Stover, the same kicker the Ravens’ decided was not good enough. So kicker Matt Stover is good enough for the undefeated 10-0 Indianapolis Colts, but not good enough for a 5-5 Baltimore Ravens team.

This would be like a team winning the Super Bowl and then dumping their Quarterback the next season because the quarterback who won that Super Bowl “wasn’t good enough” like that one team did with Trent Dilfer that one year…oh wait…that was the Ravens too…I guess there are truly no rewards for players who actually win games in The Baltimore Ravens’ organization….

Ravens Cut Hauschka

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Nine games after cutting kicker Matt Stover because apparently he made too many of his field goals, the Ravens have finally come to the conclusion they screwed up.

Ravens kicker Steve Hauschka was cut by the Ravens on Wednesday, one day after missing a 36-yard field goal and getting an extra-point blocked in a 16-0 win over the Cleveland Browns.

I used to say that all Trent Dilfer did was win football games and a Super Bowl and that wasn’t good enough for the Ravens to keep him around the next season. All Matt Stover did was make field goals, but the Ravens decided that wasn’t enough and made this guy Hauschka the starter at the start of the year. I guess the thought of Matt Stover walking into M&T Bank Stadium this weekend as a member of the undefeated Colts could have been somewhat embarrassing for the Ravens’ coaches that decided Stover wasn’t good enough and needed to be unceremoniously dumped….

Personally, I hope Ravens’ fans give Matt Stover a standing ovation on Sunday when he first comes on the field. He was as much a major reason for the Ravens Super Bowl XXXV championship as the defense that year….

The 2009 Hedgehog Report Fantasy Football Team

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

The Fantasy Football draft is over and this year’s team representing The Hedgehog Report is the following. Each week I have to play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF.

QB Kurt Warner ARZ
QB Trent Edwards BUF
RB Maurice Jones-Drew JAX
RB Frank Gore SFO
RB Reggie Bush NOS
RB Darren Sproles SDC
WR Terrell Owens BUF
WR Bernard Berrian MIN
WR Antonio Bryant TBB
WR Patrick Crayton DAL
WR Hines Ward PIT
TE Justin Keller NYJ
TE Heath Miller PIT
K Robbie Gould CHI
DEF Philadelphia Defense PHI
DEF Chicago Defense CHI

I am still trying to figure out how I ended up with two Pittsburgh Steelers’ players and no Ravens…it almost makes me want to throw up….

The 7th year of NFL week-by-week picks will be coming up in a few weeks….

All Is Right With The World

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Healthcare, Shmealthcare. I know it is only preseason and the game means nothing, but I can’t help but be giddy after watching the Evil Empire Washington Redskins get beat down 23-0. But what made it that much more special was it came at the hands of my Baltimore Ravens….Joe Flacco was a crisp 9-15…Troy Smith threw for 200 yards and a TD…Steven Hauschka made forget all about Matt Stover…and the defense is already in mid-season form…yes, there is nothing like a Baltimore Ravens win and a Washington Redskins loss on the same night to start what will be a great weekend….

Yes, it is time to put away those Orioles hats because the NFL is almost upon us…..

Just a Bunch Of Left Turns

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Coupled with the beautiful weather (albeit a tad on the warm side for me), it was a pure sports day today for me (to follow up on TimVan’s post below). We had my Capitals absolutely dismantling the New York Rangers to bring up a Game 7 on Tuesday night and then this – For those of you who claim NASCAR is just a bunch of cars running around in circles. I actually was watching this as it happened.

My favorite part is Edwards getting out of the car and running across the finish line…a la Talladega Nights….

Bush Returns

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Ignoring that made-for-TV event last night on ESPN, today was the real Opening day for baseball. And as it stands right now, after my Orioles crushed the New York Yankees 10-5, they have sole possession of first place in the AL East (thanks partially to a rain out in Boston). And to make it better, Mark “I want more money” Teixeira went a pathetic 0-4, including leaving the tying run in scoring position in the eighth inning (along with four others during the game). Now that Mike “I never won a World Series Ring” Mussina has retired, he is no the player I hate the most in Major League Baseball.

But since this is supposed to be a political site, how about the return of President George W Bush in Texas.

I love how Bush at least goes to the mound the throw out the first pitch….

NFL Mock Draft v 1.0 by Tim V

Sunday, February 8th, 2009
  1. Lions- Matt
  2. Rams- M. Ohler, OT
  3. Chiefs- A.Curry, LB
  4. Seahhawks- M. Crabtree,WR
  5. Browns- B.J. Raji, DT/NT
  6. Bengals- A. Smith, OT
  7. Raiders- E. Brown, DE
  8. Jags- M. Jenkins, CB
  9. Packers- E. Monroe, OT
  10. 49ers- M. Sanchez, QB
  11. Bills- Alex Mack, C
  12. Broncos- B. Orakpo, DE
  13. Redskins- C. Wells, RB
  14. Saints- V. Davis, CB
  15. Texans- Rey Maualuga, CB
  16. Chargers- J. Smith, OT
  17. Jets- K. Moreno, RB
  18. Bears- J. Macklin, WR
  19. Buccaneers- B. Cushing, LB
  20. Lions- E. Britton, OT
  21. Eagles- B. Pettigrew, TE
  22. Vikings-Louis Delmas, S
  23. Patriots- LeSean McCoy, RB
  24. Falcons- J. Peria, DT
  25. Dolphins- P. Harvin, WR
  26. Ravens- Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR
  27. Colts-James Laurinaitis, LB
  28. Eagles-William Beatty, OT
  29. Giants- Clint Sintim, LB
  30. Titans- Alphonso Smith, CB
  31. Cardinals- DJ Moore, CB
  32. Steelers- D Robinson, OG

I may add comments for each selection on my next update. The following links were used to help me make my selections:For team needs, I used this link…

To select players by position, I used Walter football link here…

I also checked out many of the mock drafts listed here…

I would appreciate feedback from readers as no one knows a team like it’s fans. I am a Bill’s fan. The Bills need help at DE, TE and center. Many mocks have us taking E Brown or B Orakpo, DE’s to improve the pass rush while others have us selecting Brandon Pettigrew, TE to give Trent Edwards another weapon. Most mocks have the Steelers taking Mack at pick 32. Mack might be a reach at 11 but I think he is worth it. Check out his run blocking skills here…

In my draft fantasy, I would like to see the Bills trade their first round and second round picks for the Eagles 2 first round picks. That way we might snag BOTH Pettigrew AND Mack. With pick 11, the Eagles could grab C Wells and with the Bills 2nd round pick take either Chase Coffman or J Cook for TE.

The truth is, I didn’t watch much football until the bowl games and NFL playoffs.

So help me out and give me YOUR insights…

A Night At Camden Yards

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Just a few shots from the Orioles game last night.

I still think Camden Yards is by far the best stadium in the Major Leagues. Now if they could just do something about the team on the field….

Open Thread Friday!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Speaking of baseball, I did get a kick out of this excerpt from the Washington Post story earlier this week about the absolute failure of the Washington Nationals to develop any sort of fan base.

The Washington Nationals are drawing the smallest U.S. regional television audience in baseball this season, attracting less than one-third the average number of households of any other team, according to an analysis of Nielsen Media Research data published yesterday by SportsBusiness Journal.

The Nationals, whose games are broadcast on either MASN or MASN2, are drawing a 0.39 average rating and an average of 9,000 households in the Washington market, according to the report. That’s a decline of about 43 percent from last season’s totals, and a significantly lower regional sports network audience than any other U.S. team has drawn this season. The figures do not include potential viewers outside the Washington market; MASN’s reach stretches from Harrisburg, Pa., to Charlotte.

Wait, it gets worse for the Nationals.

SportsBusiness Journal reported last month that Orioles broadcasts on MASN and MASN2 are drawing higher ratings in the Washington market than are Nationals broadcasts.

BWAHAHAHAHA! The Orioles get better ratings in DC than does the actual DC baseball team…now that’s funny. Yup, this DC baseball is going to work….

Enjoy your Friday!

Washington Nationals Park

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Here is a quick rundown on my first trip down to the new Nationals Ballpark last night. Despite a momentary rain storm that hit before game time and somewhat frigid temperatures, the game did start on time and was very happy with the experience.

First of all, I have to compliment the Metro service down to the stadium. We drove down to the Greenbelt Metro stop to jump on the Green line and took the metro to within a block of the stadium. We went from Columbia to the ballpark in 45 minutes. This is a shot from the exit of the Subway station looking towards the ballpark one block away.

It could not have been easier. The entire round trip on the Subway cost a mere $6.35 plus $4.25 parking at the Greenbelt Subway station. Walking towards the stadium, this is a shot at the Centerfield entrance to the stadium.

We were there pretty early, so entry into the stadium was a breeze. Now some shots from inside the stadium. Here is a picture from the the Upper Deck behind home plate (click for larger version).

I wanted to get from foul pole to foul pole, but I could not get back far enough. Here is a shot of the concourse.

Plenty of room to walk around even when there were lines at the concession stands. Here is a shot of where our seats were located. We were in the second deck right below the scoreboard.

Here is a view of the field from our seats.

Truning around, this is how close we were to the scoreboard. I am fully zoomed out and this was the extent of the scoreboard I could get in a picture.

Now anyone watching the game saw Ryan Howard of the Phillies hit an absolute moon shot into the second deck in centerfield right where we were sitting. I was hoping for a ricochet since as fast as that ball was coming up there, I wanted no part of trying to catch that ball on the fly. The ball landed literally six seats over from us (we were on Sportscenter I heard this morning) in our row. We left after the seventh inning after the Phillies had run up a 12-0 lead. The Nationals were scoring runs as we were walking out of the stadium, but still lost.

Just a few minor complaints:

The stadium lights are too damn bright. Granted we were sitting in the cheap seats in centerfield, but you had to be careful not to stare right into the stadium lights because it would momentarily blind you when you looked away.

No mirrors in the bathrooms? I can’t remember the last time I was in restroom that didn’t have a single mirror in it, yet every restroom at the stadium I went in to did not have a single mirror. I just don’t understand that

Also from where we were sitting, there was no way to see any out-of-town scores or even a simple clock. I know Oriole Park has the ability to see out-of-town scores and clocks from any spot in the stadium. I wish this stadium had those features.

Overall though, the stadium is great looking, great atmosphere, easy to get to, and a welcome addition to the local sports landscape.