NV: A Family Debacle For The Reids Coming?

    A new poll from Mason-Dixon shows that the Reid family is in for a rough night this November as both father and son appear headed to crushing defeats in their bids for election as US Senator and Governor. In a poll out this morning for the gubernatorial race, Republican Brian Sandoval leads both a two-way and three-way race over Rory Reid and Oscar Goodman.

    GOVERNOR – NEVADA (Mason-Dixon)

    Brian Sandoval (R) 53%
    Rory Reid (D) 31%

    Brian Sandoval (R) 35%
    Oscar Goodman (I) 33%
    Rory Reid (D) 20%

    Rory Reid (D) 43%
    Jim Gibbons (R-inc) 36%

    Oscar Goodman (I) 41%
    Rory Reid (D) 24%
    Jim Gibbons (R-inc) 21%

    Brian Sandoval 39%
    Jim Gibbons (inc) 23%
    Michael Montandon 7%

    I would love to know why there are still 23% of Republicans willing to support a definitive loser in Jim Gibbons. Meanwhile, yesterday Mason-Dixon released the results for the US Senate race showing how badly Barack Obama’s health insurance bill is hurting Harry Reid in his bid for re-election.

    US SENATE – NEVADA (Mason-Dixon)
    Danny Tarkanian (R) 49%
    Harry Reid (D-inc) 41%

    Sue Lowden (R) 50%
    Harry Reid (D-inc) 40%

    Sharron Angle (R) 45%
    Harry Reid (D-inc) 40%

    Looking back on 2004, I still think my favorite moment of that Election night was watching Tom Daschle go down in flames, even more satisfying than seeing George W. Bush win. Seeing Harry Reid go down might even top that. This poll was done January 5-7amogn 625 registered voters.

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    63 Responses to “NV: A Family Debacle For The Reids Coming?”

    1. MD says:

      Rory should step out. It is just not his time. This would have been like JP Bush running for gov of something in 08. I suspect he won’t be in the race much longer.

      Harry is toast.

    2. Tina says:

      I just hope that the current NV Governor – Gibbons would back down.

    3. Hellbelly says:

      There is a simple reason for Reid’s position in the poll:

      Dark skinned Negroes who speak with a Negro accent must make up a large percentage of the Nevada population.

      I shudder to think what would happen to any Republican if they said ANYTHING remotely approaching this.

    4. MD says:

      Notice how little play it is receiving? Nope, no bias whatsoever!

    5. MD says:

      “He’s articulate, clean”.

    6. Hellbelly says:


      I felt uncomfortable even writing my post (using Reid’s language). He must be senile or stupid or racist.

      No other choices.

    7. Gary Maxwell says:

      Andy Reids playoff streak over. That is the headline this AM.

    8. sam says:

      Eagles need to change their coaching staff. Reid has reached his Peter Principle limit. The Eagles are the 4th-best team in their 4-team division.

      How many Super Bowls do the Cowboys have? The Giants? The Redskins?

      Compare those to the number of SBs that the Eagles have.

    9. KnightHawk says:

      4 – You know a couple years ago they would be serving me my coffee. 😉

    10. MD says:

      They just extended Reid 3 yrs. He and McNabb won’t be going anywhere.

      Reid had a horrible game plane last night. He needed to get Jackson into space and the only ways to do that are to put him in the slot or in motion. Reid did neither. Jackson is too small to beat press coverage on the outside. Very frustrating but Reid is convinced that he invented football.

      McNabb stunk as well. Despite what the national guys say, he does have receivers open but holds onto the ball too long. The national guys defend him for PC reasons.

    11. Tina says:




    12. Tina says:

      McNabb is a very overated QB and will not win a SB.
      Just my 2 cents.

    13. KnightHawk says:

      “repent for obama by voting for brown”

      Nice one lisab

    14. KnightHawk says:

      -18 Nice – Now that’s more like it.

    15. sam says:

      Another one going down.

      “The Bay State’s first black governor, and the first Democrat to win the corner office in 16 years, is at risk of turning into a blip in Massachusetts political history – a one-term governor whose legacy becomes the zeal to replace him with a Republican.

      In the early voting – money – Republican Charlie Baker is winning.

      Baker raised $1.85 million over five months of campaigning, giving him three times more cash on hand than Patrick. That’s a fairly serious wake-up call for an incumbent Democrat who is best friends with a president.

      Some of Baker’s money is coming from traditional Democratic donors, including previous Patrick supporters.”

    16. Tina says:

      Speaking of Coffee, I posted this yesterday, about BJ’s comments about the Obumbler – he said that the Obumbler can only serve coffee.

      Imagine the Drats playing racial politics. The party of slavery, poll taxes, Jim Crow, separate but equal, etc.

      Who would have thunk it???

    17. Tina says:

      Bill Clinton on Obama: ‘A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee’…

      – Drudge.

      Spoken like a true disciple of a former Arkansas Governor from the 1950s.

    18. Tina says:

      Also, forgot one more thing:

      The Obumbler Census Dept. is using “Negro” term on its forms.

    19. KnightHawk says:

      17 – Oh was that BJ’s comment when they said Clinton I assumed it was Hillary’s comment. Either way the Clinton remark seem to be getting a another pass…

    20. KnightHawk says:

      18 – “First black president” my arse.

    21. KnightHawk says:

      19 – Yeah I saw that but see no harm with it, older black folks still identify with that, I wouldn’t try and make too much hay about it.

    22. MD says:


      It is still a common classification. AA is technically not correct for many black people.

    23. KnightHawk says:

      Opps! We’re sooooo sorry.

      In an article published in London’s Guardian, Debby Wu reports that a Taiwanese firm has admitted fulfilling an order from a Chinese company to ship nuclear components to Iran.

      Read more:

    24. MD says:


      Reid and Clinton seem to be closest racists. They can join Paul in that class.

    25. KnightHawk says:

      23- That’s what I just said. 😉

    26. KnightHawk says:

      MD we’re all racists, remember the president and his supporters tell us so.

    27. MD says:

      Your right. As for 23, I was just adding a little “color” commentary.

    28. KnightHawk says:

      So you saying your a color man? 😉

    29. MD says:

      Oh absolutely!!!

    30. Tina says:

      Ok, I retract the census comment.

    31. Howard Dean says:

      Schwarzenegger Calls Health Care Bill a ‘Rip-Off’


      Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging California lawmakers to vote against it.

    32. KnightHawk says:

      32 – You know what I also call a rip off, Arnold asking for 6.8 Billion $ bailout for his state.

    33. Tina says:

      Arnold said during the State of the State address, that he would support it, if he got the same benefits that Nebraska got.

      So, he is being two faced about it.

      I hate Rinos.

    34. KnightHawk says:

      36 – If he could be three faced he be that too.

    35. Howard Dean says:

      Leaders aren’t listening

      The Spokesman-Review

      Enter North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba or Venezuela illegally and you will disappear or be shot, beheaded, imprisoned, accused of spying or made a political scapegoat.

      Enter the U.S. illegally and you will be given a job, welfare, a driver’s license, a Social Security card, education benefits, home loan assistance and registered as a voter. All without having to speak a word of English.

      Wake up, America. We have wanted immigration reform for years but have been ignored. We overwhelmingly reject government-run health care, but yet the present administration is trying to force this on us. Our leaders are not listening to us.

      Remember this on Nov. 2, 2010.

      Tom Starr

    36. KnightHawk says:

      Leaders aren’t listening

      They are aren’t.

    37. Brandon says:

      Oklahoma Gov(Sooner Poll)

      Fallin(R): 51%
      Edmonson(D): 39%

      Fallin(R): 52%
      Askins(D): 36%

    38. Jason T says:

      Edmonson will not run, he never does. It is a bad time to be a DEM in OK.
      I give Drew some credit for slamming the HC Bill and the Nelson Bribe

    39. Jason T says:

      Fallin leaves an open House Seat. Must be solid GOP district.

    40. RobD says:

      As a Nevada resident I would like to say I’m more then happy with the job Gibbons has done in Office. He has vetoed every bad law the dem controlled legislature has put in front of him and kept to his pledge of no new taxes. Unfortunately the dems had enough votes to override his vetoes so now our state is almost as forked as Ca. His private life is also forked and that is part of why he is polling so low.

    41. Jason T says:

      Trent Lott was spineless. Look at Reid and Bubba Clinton, they fight back knowing Obama needs them. NV has a DEM Governor so they will never let Reid resign.

      Expect a Reid retirement.

      Obama is such a huge hypocrite, but the MSM allows this. Thank God for Drudge he is still roasting Reid this morning.

    42. Jason T says:

      NV has a GOP Governor, sorry

    43. Jason T says:

      Rob, override? I thought the GOP used to control the State Seante, did they lose that many seats for an override.

      The NV did a great job of getting Sandoval to run, former AG’s are always good. That also were able to keep Heller in his House Seat.

      I hate Titus, if Reid retires I hope she runs.

    44. Jason T says:

      Brandon, is Runyan going to run in NJ-1?

    45. Brandon says:

      The Boston Globe poll was taken January 2-6, while the PPP poll was taken January 7-9. Could make a difference if the dynamics of the race are changing fast.

    46. Brandon says:

      It’s NJ-3, and he has said he is going to run once the Chargers season is over. They are trying to avoid a primary which cost them the seat last year. Runyan is backed by the Burlington County leadership, while the Ocean County leadership isn’t all that impressed and is looking for their own candidate. A primary might be inevitable at this point however.

    47. RobD says:

      Can’t remember what year we lost the Senate but yes both houses are dem controlled. To many Ca transplants bringing there failed policies here.

    48. Jason T says:

      Thanks Brandon. The PPP poll was more recent? that is terrific.

      I hear Coakley makes Hillary Clinton look like the Girl Next Door.

      A real marxist

    49. Jason T says:

      PPP was awful on the NY-23, but that was a 3 way race.

    50. Brooks says:

      This could be big.

      Steele calls on Reid to resign for Negro Comment, calls it a DEM Cover up.

      The GOP country club needs to step it up on Reid, who has called the GOP racist in the past. Bury him

    51. Hellbelly says:

      Re: 37

      “Enter North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba or Venezuela illegally and you will disappear or be shot, beheaded, imprisoned, accused of spying or made a political scapegoat.”

      …only problem with this analogy, is that there just aren’t many folks clamoring to get into those paradises….legally or illegally.

      Someone trying to illegally get into North Korea would have to be either a) insane; or b) insane; or c) a spy.

    52. Brooks says:

      Not insane Belly, just a typical liberal mindset. We can talk our way out with our Marxist North Korean Friends.

      “Hostel Part 3, North Korean Secret Police”

    53. Brooks says:


    54. Tommy_Boy says:

      The Boston Globe sample is heavily slanted towards post-grads. Almost 30% of the sample is post-grads while the electorate was 20% post-grade in 2008 in MA. Coakley is winning 70% of these voters.

      Move it back down to 70% and the two of them are pretty much tied.

    55. Tommy_Boy says:

      Move it back down to 20% is how that should read.

    56. BayernFan says:

      Projection of the Left on full display.

    57. Tommy_Boy says:


      The Reid story is not one that really helps us that much. Reid is a dead duck anyway and this kind of story would only help convince him to lead.

    58. Gary Maxwell says:

      NEW thread.

    59. KnightHawk says:

      57 – Or a journalist, human rights activist, etc… come to think of it they probably are already covered by the “insane” category.

    60. KnightHawk says:

      59 – Hang is around their necks anyway, reid and BJ, and smear the whole party with it – you darn well know they would do the same.

    61. Bunubanned says: