ND: Easy Pickup For GOP With Hoeven

    Busy day for polls today. Research 2000 is out with another poll today, this time teaming up with their regular partner, the leftist website Daily Kos that shows Republicans well on their way to picking up the US Senate in North Dakota. We also see that Democratic incumbent Congressman Earl Pomeroy dominates two Republicans in his race.

    US SENATE – NORTH DAKOTA (Research 2000/DK)
    John Hoeven (R) 56%
    Ed Schultz (D) 32%

    John Hoeven (R) 55%
    Heidi Heitkamp (D) 34%

    John Hoeven (R) 56%
    Jasper Schneider (D) 32%

    US HOUSE – NORTH DAKOTA – CD AL (Research 2000/DK)
    Earl Pomeroy (D-inc) 46%
    Kevin Cramer (R) 24%

    Earl Pomeroy (D-inc) 47%
    Duane Sand (R) 22%

    This poll was done January 11-13 among 600 likely voters.

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    1. Phil says:

      Heitkamp appears to be the one who will run. She ran for governor against Hoeven a while back. Seems I read somewhere she’s had some health problems I believe.

      Anyway, it doesn’t matter. They don’t get any safer for a Republican than this one.

    2. Phil says:

      I sure thought Cramer would be running better than this. It’s 10 months out however.

    3. Brandon says:

      Cramer’s name ID is still low and a lot of the undecideds are Republicans.

    4. Phil says:

      RAS says Obamacare opposed by 46/51 in blue Minn.

      This is the one that I can’t believe. 50% approve of Al Franken.

      Good Lord.

    5. Brandon says:

      Rasmussen said in his daily e-mail that there would be a Colorado senate poll out at Noon. It’s over three hours later and still nothing.

    6. Mark Cali says:

      Rothenberg moved MA-Senate to “Toss Up”

    7. Wes says:

      For Pomeroy to be polling under 50% should be a point of concern for the Dems. His name ID in North Dakota is 100%. The other guys can only go up from here. I wouldn’t nominate Sand though. He’s screwed up every statewide race he’s been in and come close only once. Time to move on.

    8. Marv says:

      How goes it today, Wes?

    9. Wes says:

      Fine except for some chest congestion, Marv. What about you?

    10. D QUIXOTE says:


    11. Wes says:

      I just noticed this is an R2K poll. I guess even they decided to throw in the towel on trying to doctor the Senate race. Although Pomeroy is supposedly up big in this poll, I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. R2K is notoriously inaccurate, and Pomeroy will be in for a serious fight this year.

    12. Marv says:


      Doing well, thank you. I’m beginning to sense an actual 1.5 to 2 point win for Brown. Frankly, given the nature of wave elections, I can see a 4 or 5 point win, even in MA.

    13. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      Here is a great article about how the GOP needs to drop its “inside the beltway” attitude:

      “In the meantime, Main-Street America has heated up. Tens of millions of Americans are demanding what I call “populist constitutionalism.” We want lower taxes, less federal control and regulation of our lives, and a return to basic constitutional principles of real federal government. In short, we want both the 9th and 10th Amendments taken seriously and enforced.

      The RNC has to greet Tea Party people with open arms, letting them know they are welcome in the GOP. Forget about trying to co-op the leadership and make them into insiders. This is a grassroots phenomenon, so the message must go throughout the GOP to make the new folks comfortable participating in Republican Party affairs.

      As I have shown elsewhere, the GOP (and this includes the RNC) has a long history of awarding leadership positions to those who hang around the longest. In other words, it is a Joe, not a Casey, who has historically gotten the plum position at the GOP and the RNC. This cronyism has to stop…now.”

    14. Wes says:

      If Brown wins outside the MOE and MOF in MA (a lot of acronyms going there), Marv, then the Dems will see the political version of Krakatoa in November.

    15. Wes says:

      I have a slightly different take on things, Wilye. You do want experienced people to have the leadership positions. I have no problem with that. What the GOP needs to do though is get the experienced people who understand the American people into its leadership positions.

    16. KnightHawk says:

      Krakatoa – Great Reference

    17. Wes says:

      I figured someone would like it, Knight. 🙂

    18. Marv says:


      I subscribe to Polaris’s theory that the margin of fraud is about 1% or so. I think he’ll win by more than that. Once again, I’ll say that if he wins by 2 points, he could then just as easily win by 4 or 5 points as his momentum picks up going into the weekend.

    19. Wes says:

      For those who don’t know, Krakatoa was the worst natural disaster in recorded history. It was so bad gyroscopes in Washington, DC–10,000 miles away from Krakatoa–went haywire, bodies washed up on the shores of South America and Africa, and large portions of the world went into perpetual night for months and in some places years thereafter.

    20. Marv says:

      #19 KnigtHawk,

      A Brown win in MA would shock the Democrats more than the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo shocked Tojo. 🙂

    21. Wes says:

      He has to keep his momentum going for that, Marv. At this point, I see no evidence of its abating, but he needs to make sure not have any missteps here in the homestretch.

    22. D QUIXOTE says:

      If Brown should prevail, what’s left of poor teddy’s corpse will be doing a whirling dervish in the grave.

    23. Wes says:

      It would be Little Boy to November’s Fat Man, Marv.

    24. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      More pundantry on the Brown/Creakly race:

      “Kristol: Mass. Senate Update
      Warming up in the Bay State.
      BY William Kristol
      January 14, 2010 1:06 PM

      For what it’s worth:

      1. Private polling (admittedly, for pro-Brown groups—but by serious pollsters who are trying to get it right) shows, I am told, continued momentum in Brown’s favor. Brown’s favorable/unfavorable seems to be holding up so far under the Democrats’ assault, while Coakley’s fav/unfav has deteriorated in the last week. And everything one can see about the campaign (in particular, the fact that Coakley has gone so negative in her ads) suggests that her campaign either thinks Brown is ahead or is on a course to go ahead if the momentum isn’t reversed.”

      Yes, I agree with Jan and others – if Brown wins and CrappyCare is stopped then historians will look at this as the act by the people that save the nation……

      Its still a huge long shot with the overwhelming D machine and voter reg advantage….but its with in the realm of possible now….

      And its the ONLY real shot we have at stopping the government HC takeover and leftist agenda…..

    25. Wes says:

      No one can hope for that more fervently than I, DQ. I hope to God that drunken slob gets to look up from Hell next Tuesday and see his seat in the hands of a Republican for the first time in 57 years.

    26. Marv says:


      Paul Tibbets was one of my boyhood heroes, along with my Dad. Little Boy fell on Hiroshima and Fat Man fell on Nagasaki.

    27. Wes says:

      I’m aware, Marv. I made the reference because Little Boy, although commonly cited for its destruction, was actually much less powerful than Fat Man, which is only less well known because it was second rather than first.

    28. Jan says:

      #17 was that anti-Brown ad a spoof?

      The word “Republican” was inserted 18 times. Do you think someone wants to make certain that people know what Brown’s party affiliation is?

    29. Wes says:

      Jan you might as well ask if hookers have sex for mon ey if you’re going to ask that question.

    30. D QUIXOTE says:

      Little teddy, blogging from hell.

    31. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finds herself in a precarious position. She cannot afford to lose a single Democratic defector. She’s already missing two of the 220 votes for Obamacare in November. Democrat Robert Wexler resigned two weeks ago and Anh (Joseph) Cao, the lone Republican to vote for Obamacare, is expected by Republican leaders to vote no this time.

      That leaves Pelosi with 218 votes. If she loses one more vote, the compromise bill could fail. “I believe there is an opportunity to prevent this bill from becoming law,” House Republican whip Eric Cantor said in a memo last week.

      Republicans have a target-rich environment of 39 Democrats who voted in favor of Obamacare last year as possible defectors. Republicans will try to persuade as many of them as possible to switch, forcing Pelosi to find new Obamacare backers or see the health care bill die.

      The task of persuading potential switchers may not be all that difficult. Obamacare, according to every national survey, is deeply unpopular. Only roughly one-third of Americans favor it. And if Republican Scott Brown wins the special election in Massachusetts next week to succeed the late Teddy Kennedy in the Senate, that will make Democrats all the more leery of bucking public opinion and voting for Obamacare. Brown has made opposition to Obamacare the centerpiece of his campaign.”

    32. Wes says:

      Ghostbusters, Knight? I’d almost forgotten that movie ever came out before I just checked out your clip.

    33. D QUIXOTE says:

      I met Paul Tibbets one time at a trap shoot. Small fellow, about 5’4″,
      but larger than life.

    34. Jan says:

      Also, for those of you who saw the ad Obama just put out on Coakley, he is basically saying that HC depends on Brown being defeated. Now do you suppose that may turn the vote even more in favor of Brown, considering how much people don’t want HC passed in this country.

    35. Marv says:

      I read his book “Enola Gay”, he signed it for me.

    36. lisab says:

      not that it means brown will win in MA, but there are far more votes being cast early in middle class and white working class cities than upper class or welfare class cities, that is as of today

    37. Jason T. says:

      Wes, a Brown win means HC is dead in the House, not even a floor vote.

      Wes, any info on Shadegg? He is top tier and hopefully will run for Governor.

    38. Mark Cali says:

      33 – LMAO

    39. Wes says:

      I’d say the Dems are making mistake #8739 in tying a Coakley loss to the defeat of Obamacare, Jan. Since it’s such an enormously unpopular piece of legislation, saying Brown will be the vote to kill it only emboldens those opposed to it to turn out and vote.

    40. Jason T. says:

      Hawk, a Brown win would be similar to the Nazi’s taking over France in Seven days.

    41. Wes says:

      I haven’t heard anything, Jason, but since I saw your question on the thread below, I’ve been looking into it. I will report it to all of you once I can find some indication of his future plans.

    42. Wes says:

      All right, we’ve now compared Brown’s win and what it means to the worst natural disaster in history, the dropping of two atomic bombs, a surprise raid on Tokyo, and the German blitzkrieg seizure of France. anythign else?

    43. Jason T. says:

      True, how stupid can Coakley be? She would be better off just bringing all the remaining Kennedy’s for a group hug. Why pick the one topic that helps the GOP in a marxist state?

      Bostonians may be liberal, but they like their doctors

    44. Marv says:

      Brown is basing his candidacy on being the 41st vote to defeat Obamacare. Now, Obama comes along and makes Brown’s case for him. Unbelievable!!!

    45. Jason T. says:

      46. Thanks Wes. Shadegg is just too good to waste

    46. BayernFan says:

      From Stu Rothenberg….

      Whatever the shortcomings of the Coakley campaign (and they certainly exist), this race has become about change, President Obama and Democratic control of all of the levers of power in Washington, D.C. Brown has “won” the “free media” over the past few days, and if he continues to do so, he will win the election.

    47. KnightHawk says:

      47 – Yeah what do we compare a loss to?

    48. Wes says:

      I’m holding off on making a final prediction till Monday, Marv, but I could definitely see a Brown victory at this point. As I say, I won’t give my final assessment of the race till Monday though.

    49. KnightHawk says:

      48 – She tried that already.

    50. lisab says:

      from craigslist,

      and do not ask me why i am posting on craigslist … 🙂

      “Political Rally – American Socialist Party and Workers Family Party (Buses provided to rally points)

      Political Rally

      The American Socialist Party with the Working Families Party is seeking concerned citizens to rally against Scott Brown.

      We are seeking male union employees in the area who are above 6ft. who can carry banners, signs and or mix in with and help break up Scott Brown events without being intimidated.

      We will supply all transportation to rally points. Pay is $65.00 per event paid in cash.

      Help us defeat Scott Brown. Workers unite to combat capitalism, greed and the exploitation of the working class.

      Location: Buses provided to rally points
      it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
      Compensation: $65.00 per event, buses will will be provided”

    51. D QUIXOTE says:

      Dirty dingy harry could care less about mass, as he can hold a vote anytime ,or have the house and senate agree without a any more votes at all.

    52. George aka Freemarketer says:

      Is the Doolittle raid the right analogy? Tojo et al overreacted and brought tons of Zeroes home for a defensive role that could have been used elsewhere in the Pacific right as the tide was turning (Guadalcanal, etc.). However, we stayed away from the Home Islands for another year or two, so those planes sat around for nothing. Can we somehow parlay a Brown victory into forcing the Dems to make grave strategic errors that will doom them in November? I am thinking that Galvin delaying the certification meets that criteria.

    53. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #39 even in MA, a pluarity are opposed to CrappyCare….

      Essentially, they have the same system already – even if you like facist government HC, its hard to convince the average voter its a great idea to have the costs imposed on you twice and to have your tax-dollars be used to subsidize other states…..

      I think Brown has wisely taken this tact as the central message of is opposition……and he is correct, thats why we have a fedralist Constitution…..these matters are best settled at the state level….if MA loves government run HC, let them have it… least the rest of us have 49 other alternatives as opposed to being trapped in a bad one-size-fits all Federal government run system….

    54. Marv says:

      #53 Wes,

      That’s the rough equivalent of waiting until Colt McCoy was injured, then predicting an Alabama win.
      I’ll say that Brown wins 50-48-2. (Brown wins by a minimum of 2 points.)

    55. lisab says:

      “Brown is basing his candidacy on being the 41st vote to defeat Obamacare.” marv

      actually brown is not.

      people are making that case for him, but he has run a very calm reasoned campaign on many issues. he has been very polite to coaxley, and it has served him well.

    56. George aka Freemarketer says:

      Lisa, that CAN’T be true…or can it? Crap likes that needs to be highlighted and advertised heavily.

    57. Jan says:

      All right, we’ve now compared Brown’s win and what it means to the worst natural disaster in history, the dropping of two atomic bombs, a surprise raid on Tokyo, and the German blitzkrieg seizure of France. anythign else?

      That about sums it up, Wes…except maybe an astroid hitting the US, the seas parting, or the US announcing that life outside this planet has answered their signal!

    58. Diogenes says:

      The democratic machine is powerful and Obama will visit the inner cities to try to motivate the black vote. I really don’t think Brown has a shot but a close victory will slow down Obamacare a lot as weary dems in congress ponder their exile from power. And that combined with inevitably poor job numbers from the next few months means Obamacare may just be stopped even without Brown winning.

    59. Wes says:

      That’s a pretty bold statement from Rothenberg, Bay. If the GOP wins this, it will be the first time they’ve prevailed in an MA Senate race in 38 years. That’s tied with New Jersey for second-longest drough for the party after Hawaii. To paraphrase Jim Cox’s campaign manager from the day after the 1920 election: It won’t be a lansdlie; it will be an earthquake.

    60. BayernFan says:

      The historical analogy to a Brown victory is obvious:

      April 19, 1775
      The Battle of Lexington and Concord

      When the colonists had finally had enough, and started a revolution.

    61. Brandon says:

      Brown is out with his first real negative TV ad.

    62. Wes says:

      How high is the black population in MA? I can’t imagine it would be all that huge.

    63. lisab says:

      hi George aka Freemarketer,

      happy new year!

      here is the posting

    64. Wes says:

      In short, Brandon, Brown’s using the Dems’ case against the GOP from 2006 against Coakley. Smart man.

    65. Marv says:

      #60 lisab,

      I was making a point by using a rhetorical flourish. (Now I know why your college boyfriend punched you in the forehead.) 😉

    66. BayernFan says:

      GOP Senate hopeful Scott Brown is outspending Attorney General Martha Coakley in television and radio ads as his campaign forges ahead in the general election, a Democratic source told the Herald yesterday.

    67. Wes says:

      According to wikipedia, it looks as if the black population in MA is below 10%. That doesn’t look like much of a help to the Dems.

    68. George aka Freemarketer says:

      Damn it! Someone flagged it for removal!

      We should call Dennis Miller and see if he has any esoteric miltary or natural disaster references t pile on. I’m thinking Scott Brown = Charles Martel stopping the Muslims at Poitiers ( a pseudo “Tours”) in 732…

    69. Wes says:

      Of course we all know if Brown wins Tuesday, he needs to start running for reelection IMMEDIATELY. The Bay State still won’t be notionally GOP friendly even if he does prevail, so he’d better start doing some major retail politicking.

    70. BayernFan says:

      “They are in an absolute panic mode,” one prominent Bay State Democrat was saying yesterday. “They don’t care if bringing in Barack energizes the Republicans and independents – how much more energized can they get? Obama’s people have to get the minority vote out, and Coakley sure can’t do it herself. It’s risky, but it may be the only way now to save her.”

    71. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #56 Yeah, the house could just vote tomorrow to approve the Senates plan (or the Senate could just adopt the house bill)…..

      Our resident HHR and other prognositcators (with the exception of D. Morris who thinks the house will pass the Senate bill) think it will politcally unworkable if Brown wins…..

      Of course the political porgnositcators have been completely wrong every step of the way in the “HC Putch” as they have been looking at it from the old “coventional politicals/politcan self-interest” perspective……they have not been looking at this from the new “radical left ideology/power” perspective…..this so-called “HC reform” is a thinly veiled dependency scheme to ensure the eventual transition to a permenant euro-leftist politcal electorial lock….

      That is why its so danger and thats also why the Left contitues to push it hard in the face of mounting public outcry – its simply TOO BIG A POWER GRAB TO LET GO OF!

      So, I dont entirely rule out any and all opinions available to the left to complete the cramdown even if Brown wins……

      What a Brown win does is put the odds of defeating CrappyCare back in our favor…..their are still some avenues the left can take up to cram it thru that will have to be blunted….

    72. Jan says:

      I can’t believe that Craig’s List post that lisab uncovered —-> they’re paying $65 in cash!

    73. lisab says:

      MA is about 8% black, much in the boston areas of

      roxbury, jamaica plain, dorchester, columbia point and mattapan

      since the white flight during bussing in the 1970’s african americans have gained a lot more power in boston

    74. Wes says:

      That should be a help to Brown, Jan. Of course one good thing that will come form Brown’s showing regardless of its being a victory or a close loss will be the emboldening of other top-tier Republicans looking at Senate races to go ahead and jump in.

    75. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #76 Did that work in NJ or VA?

      Seems to me the D are only successful in races that Obama stays the heck out of ala NY 23

    76. Wes says:

      Even then, Wilye, they only won because their vote was united while the GOP initially nominated then abandoned a horrible candidate while later rallying around an extremely uncharismatic would-be pol from otuside the district. That was a sure recipe for a Dem victory.

    77. lisab says:

      in my school i had a total of two african american friends

      there were maybe six african americans in my school

      of course, that is less than the number of children with divorced parents that i knew — one.

      irish catholic neighborhoods are not that diverse.

      i did have two protestant families in my neighborhood, but we always looked upon them with suspicion and shunned them.

    78. rdelbov says:

      more talk on HC-of yet another secret deal.

      Still nothing has been released yet.

      Pomeroy is in depth trouble if he is below 50% in a D poll

    79. Wes says:

      Of course should Brown win–and I’m still not sold on it despite his recent surge–this will be 2006 in reverse: Dems will be relegated almost wholly to winning in areas notionally friendly to them while the GOP will be able to win almost anywhere.

    80. Jan says:

      I LOVE the ad posted in #66. However, I would call it more of a “reality” ad than a negative one. It is also starkly contrasted, and therefore dramatic, in black and white.

      Very symbolic of sleeze vs truth.

    81. lisab says:

      “(Now I know why your college boyfriend punched you in the forehead.)” Marv

      i always thought it was because i said he had a small pen!$ in front of my roomates … no? 🙂

    82. Wes says:

      It’s an R2K poll, Rdel. Last year the same poll had Dorgan up by a 57-35 margin over Hoeven. I’m sorry, but even this pollster’s rescue polling is starting to trend against its desired effect.

    83. D QUIXOTE says:

      i always thought it was because i said he had a small pen!$ in front of my roomates … no?

      Comment by lisab

      It ain’t the size of the army, but the ferocity of the attack.

    84. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #82 As I recall, wasnt minority turnout less in NJ and VA then in 06/08?

      I dunno, maybe they will light a fire under them with the “no free HC” or the “R will kill you” or some other rhetorical rallying crap and get the turn out up….

      It looks like the union thug/SEIU/ACORN machine is in high gear as this means their power and billions of $$$$ graft dollars are at statke too – this may mean more turnout and more then a 1% “MOF” election…..

      At least thats the left’s gambit right now…..

      I think that Brown needs to keep the momentum up and push hard on the gifts/gafts that Coakley’s arrogance has gave him this week…..

      I am just surprised that there has been no Coakley-created “canididate caused” implosion today…..of course we do have a few more hours to go lol

    85. Wes says:

      On the subject of the poll headlining this thread: I wonde rif Heidi Heitkamp wants to ruin any chance she has of a political comeback by facing Hoeven this year. I’d think she’s be more inclined to wait till 2012 when she might have a shot at Conrad’s seat if he steps down or the governorship.

    86. Marv says:

      From NRO

      Coakley Internals Show Her at +2: ‘May Be Too Far Gone’ [Daniel Foster]

      Independent journalist Steve Kornacki said just a week ago that Scott Brown didn’t have a chance. In a post today in which he reverses course on that prediction, Kornacki has quite the juicy tidbit:

      Coakley’s internal poll last night, I’ve been told, showed her barely ahead, 46 to 44 percent. The momentum clearly favors Brown, and one very smart Massachusetts Democrat I know told me this morning that “this may be too far gone to recover.”

      01/14 03:20 PMShare

    87. lisab says:

      “It ain’t the size of the army, but the ferocity of the attack.” D QUIXOTE

      well he punched me really really hard … i got knocked on my butt and had a “brown out” and could not see in colour for about 30 seconds with tunnel vision

    88. Tommy_Boy says:

      Fox News/Opinion Dynamics has Obama at 50%. I guess all claims about that pollster’s alleged bias are out the window.

    89. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #84 Secret deals and cramdown plans by the left on the HC power grab?

      Wow, shocker there lol

      Thats pretty much what the whole power grab has been about – how can we lie, cheat, steal, bribe, and bully this takeover into law….

      More of the same…..

    90. lisab says:

      ““It ain’t the size of the army, but the ferocity of the attack.” D QUIXOTE

      and i never did get to see the size of his army

    91. Tommy_Boy says:

      Palin on Oprah tomorrow

    92. Jan says:

      #97 Again? Wasn’t she on just before her book came out?

    93. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      More bi-partisan hate for CrappyCare:

      “With the immoral and intrusive Obama health care plan on the verge of passing both houses of the U.S. Congress, twenty Republican governors and governors-elect sent a letter to the House and Senate leaders urging them to pass “meaningful health care reform, not hastily prepared partisan legislation which omits reform and saddles American taxpayers for generations to come.”

      “Governors of both parties have said for months how bad this bill is for the states and our nation,” said Republican Governors Association chairman Haley Barbour. ”Now is the time for leaders in Congress to finally listen and restart this process so they can get health care reform right.”

    94. Wes says:

      Too far gone for a Dem to recover in MA, Marv? I can’t even imagine how many Dems would be heading for the exits after that.

    95. Phil says:

      Wes, Heitkamp faced Hoeven once before (for governor) in 2000. She lost that one by 55-45.

      She could only dream of being that close this time.

    96. Wes says:

      You can never plug a money-making entity enough, Jan.

    97. Wes says:

      Although I didn’t give details, that was my point, Phil.

    98. KnightHawk says:

      55 – A bunch of brown supporters should show up incognito, get paid, then walk away or counter rally.

    99. Jan says:

      Early Prediction

      Okay, I’m going to go way out on a limb here and make an upset prediction for the November election: the Republican candidate in Connecticut will beat Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Everyone considers Blumenthal a lock at this point, but I’ve noticed in his first few media appearances that he is bland, boring, and noncommittal.

      It reminds me of a similar race for governor of Oregon in 1990. There, another Harvard-educated state AG, Republican Dave Frohnmayer, was poised to be anointed governor. It was a slam dunk. Everyone loved Dave. He had massive cross-party appeal. He was smart, pragmatic, etc etc. Everyone thought election day was a mere formality, including Frohnmayer, who ran a listless, diffident campaign. On election day, he lost to a non-entity the Democrats put up as a sacrificial lamb. (I can’t even remember now who it was–Barbara Franklin maybe?). I’m guessing the same dynamic may play out in Connecticut this year, especially if the bland Blumenthal runs a defensive campaign (defensive of Obama, etc), which is likely.

      H/T Ashbrook Center

    100. sam says:

      “Of course the political porgnositcators have been completely wrong every step of the way in the “HC Putch”…”

      Who has been wrong?

      I have said from last January on that the HC bill that passes will be whatever Joe Lieberman wants. If Joe opposes anythng, it will not be in the bill.

      “…(or the Senate could just adopt the house bill)…..”

      Wrong, the Senate cannot just “adopt” the House bill. The House bill will have to be introduced as a Senate bill, with everything identical, and then has to go through the same process as the Reid bill went through.

    101. Wes says:

      Still, both the governorship and Kent Conrad’s seat open up in 2012. Conrad is under an ethical cloud and may step aside. In that case, Heitkamp could decide to try to replace him. The governoship opens up with a Governor who will never have faced ND voters on his own before too. She may look at that as her best chance to win public office.

    102. lisab says:

      the boston globe endorsed coaxley today, not a surprise

      but they did NOT dump on brown.

      i am beginning to think some dems want brown to win just to stop difficult votes on

      healthcare, cap and trade and immigration

    103. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #100 Its called a “political revolution” and voters everywhere will be taking up ballots to rid ourselves of corrupt statist politicans….

      Like the previous revolution against a corrupt politcal class, it appears to be starting in the same state: MA!

    104. KnightHawk says:

      66 – Not that good an ad.

    105. Gary Maxwell says:


      Kinda like taking all the liquor out of the liquor cabinet before your bro in law shows up for a visit? You know he has no self control so you impose it. Same reason they want Brown, saves them from making complete @sses of themselves.

    106. Wes says:

      I’ve been holding that out as a possibility for awhile, Jan. Simmons is a solid campaigner who has lost only one rac ein his political life–by a grand total of 83 votes in a solid Dem year. He won his House seat in 2000 by beating a 20-year incumbent in a district Gore carried by double digits over Bush. That Simmons could rally and ultimately beat Blumenthal is not outside the realm of possibility in the current environment.

    107. Phil says:

      Yeah, if anything Conrad is weaker than Dorgan. He’s got some major ethical things swirling around. He could very easily decide to step aside depending on who the ND Republicans have to go against him.

    108. Mark Cali says:

      Obama just got involved in the Senate race! LMAO!

    109. Marv says:

      #108 lisab,

      At lot of folks here, including me, have come to the conclusion that moderate Dems don’t ever want to vote on Obamacare again. A Brown win in MA will be a convenient vehicle to that end.

    110. Wes says:

      My guess is that Ed Schaeffer would be the nominee for Conrad’s seat, Phil. He was competitive with Dorgan in 2004 but inexplicably decided against a run. Seeing Hoeven win handily could cause him to think the Senate is a place he’d like to be–especially if Pomeroy is caught in the undertow.

    111. lisab says:

      “Kinda like taking all the liquor out of the liquor cabinet before your bro in law shows up for a visit”

      actually i drink more when my bro in law comes to visit …

    112. lisab says:

      “At lot of folks here, including me, have come to the conclusion that moderate Dems don’t ever want to vote on Obamacare again.”

      i am beginning to agree that is true of some dems, not all of course

    113. Mark Cali says:

      Who is advising Obama? That ad he just put out for Coakley is an epic fail. It’s boring and goes on too long.

    114. DW says:

      116…Interesting, but I have never known DEMS to play to lose an election in exchange for something in the future. They get all they can, ruin whoever they have to ruin, and abuse their power to the max. They play for keeps while the GOP just plays. They will do whatever they have to do to push this Dem in MA across the finish line.

      DW (Formerly Darrell)

    115. Phil says:

      In other news, John Kasich announced Mary Taylor, elected state auditor in 2006 will be his running mate.

      Excellent move. He’s running on fiscal responsibility. This just reinforces that.

    116. D QUIXOTE says:

      At lot of folks here, including me, have come to the conclusion that moderate Dems don’t ever want to vote on Obamacare again ~~MARV

      What is this mythical being “moderate dems” you refer to???

    117. Wes says:

      At this point, Phil, Strickland’s going to have to pull out Kasich’s decade-old affair as ammunition to have any chance of winning. I don’t see it as having traction though.

    118. Wes says:

      He’s referring to people who stopped existing about 1896, DQ.

    119. Marv says:

      #123 DQ

      Actually, none of them are moderate. I am refering to those Senators from Red States who pretend that they are moderate; i.e. Nelson, Landrieu, Bayh, and the rest of the charlatans who are fake moderates.

    120. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #106 Either house of Congress can simply pass the other bills if the do not want to make any changes…..

      Therefore, the House may simply adopt the Senate’s bill “as-is” and so can the Senate for the house….

      Yes, the Senate may have some-kind of cloture vote that likely would not be overcome if Brown is elected….however, they have the same chance as the house to accept the other chamber’s bill….

      It is a pluasible course of action for the House to simply accept and pass the Senate bill without change if Brown wins – yes, D. Morris does see this as highly likely FWIW….

      As for “Saint Joe”, I know you have said this for months…..

      However, the alternative point of view I have presented is just as valid: Liberman was a supporter from day 1 of the original D plan to push a RomneyCare verision of a HC takeover without the government option.

      This is what was negotiated with the lobbies in MAY (a takeover w/o a govent option). And this is what was deemed by the D political leadership as being politcally acceptable for “moderate” D like Nelson, Lincoln, etc to be able to sell to the public back in their states (ie making the false claim that it isnt government run HC without a government option) and still get away with reelection.

      Liberman simply played the assigned roll that Reid etc asked him to play. He had nothing to lose in terms of getting further villified by the far left and had “cred” to sell this to the right as “stopping” something. Which is evidently the line you wish to beleive.

      Yes, Liberman is better then the radical left on foreign affairs. However, when it comes to support of socialist policies he is all for them and always has been. In this case, he simply was a convient guy to get around to forcing on the far left what was the only politcally feasible takeover plan.

      However, you and other are free to beleive whatever fair tale you want about him doing something principled or altruistic.

    121. lisab says:

      BOSTON — Duty calls for an East Boston resident.

      Someone is getting called for jury duty…but it’s no human.

      A family is trying to figure out how their pet cat was summonsed for jury duty.

      “I said, Sal, what’s this? You know, I don’t believe it I was shocked,” said Guy Esposito, Sal’s owner.

      Sal’s owners, Guy and Anna Esposito, think they may know the source of the mix up: Sal really is a member of the family, so on the last Census form, Anna Esposito listed him under “pets”.

      “I just wrote ‘Sal Esposito’, scratched out the ‘dog,’ and wrote, ‘cat,’” said Anna.

      Anna filed for Sal’s disqualification of service. However, the jury commissioner was unmoved and denied the request.

      Sal’s service date at Suffolk Superior Court is set for March 23. Anna said that if the issue isn’t cleared up by then, she will simply have to bring the cat to court.

    122. Phil says:

      Wes, I didn’t know about the affair. Agree that won’t work. Kasich is absolutely the best candidate Republicans could run – fiscally conservative, pro growth and jobs. A real winner in a state like Ohio. Perfect fit.

    123. lisab says:

      “A family is trying to figure out how their pet cat was summonsed for jury duty.”

      and the government will run health care?

    124. Phil says:


      Exactly. LOL

    125. Wes says:

      I agree, Wilye. I’ve said it before, and now I repeat it: Lieberman is the Senate Dems’ collective bitch. No, I’m not sorry and do not apologize to anyone offended by the analogy. Republicans handed Lieberman his Senate seat in 1988 and have been a huge chunk of his base of support ever since. The Dems even actively worked to deny Lieberman reelection, yet although the GOP saved him, he still bottoms for the Dems. He’s not worthy of consideration, and I hope to God he loses in 2012.

    126. Wes says:

      It’s an old story, Phil. It surfaced during the Clinton-Blewclinsky scandal in the late ’90s. It never did Kasich any political damage though because he didn’t try to hide it. Strickland will try to dredge it up out of desperation, I’m sure, but I don’t see how it will work.

    127. ameister says:

      84- I am hearing if you are a union member you
      are exempt from the caddy tax on healthcare plan
      for several years. I can’t see how that could be
      constutional. Thats the deal the unions got the
      other day. Also rumor has it the medicare tax would
      apply to investment earnings on people with incomes
      over 250K . unbelievable

    128. Wes says:

      There will definitely be litigation over such sweetheart deals, Am.

    129. sam says:

      Hey, I didn’t make any judgment on Joe’s stand.

      I merely stated the fact that the HC bill will have what Joe wants; if he doesn’t want anything, it will not be in the bill.

      Maybe opponents of the bill should have paid more attention to Joe.

    130. Marv says:

      Besides our gal, lisab, is there anyone else on the ground in MA, ME, or NH who can give us a report on the MA senate contest?

    131. lisab says:

      you can listen to wrko online right now

      the radio host is howie carr, the most popular radio host in MA

      he has dumped on coaxley every day

      howie is on right now

    132. phoenixrisen says:

      I cannot believe my eyes. Scott Brown is looking to win Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. The sky is definitely falling.

    133. D QUIXOTE says:

      The prying up of coffin lids proceeds unabated, planning for a good turnout on election day.

    134. Wes says:

      Maybe the MAGOP is poised to perform the same action as the mythical creature you name yourself after, Phoenix. It’s unlikely but possible.

    135. Marv says:


      Did you catch all of our analogies to a Brown win in MA…..Krakatoa, Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, Nazi Blitz on France, and both atomic bombs on Japan? Which was your favorite?

    136. Wes says:

      DQ, what odds will you spot me some guy named Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr, will show up on Election Day with a Coakley button on his lapel saying he has to “win this one for Teddy”?

    137. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #132 I just think that Liberman being pretty much of a priah to the KOS left had nothing to lose by making them angry and Reid et al knew this and used it to help get what they wanted.

      Everybody seems to have amnesia that in APR/May all these guys Reid, Nancy, the Obama gang and the lobbiest worked this whole HC scam out behind closed doors.

      The deal with insurance lobby was this: we give you mandated insurance and no public option and you keep quiet and dont oppose this.

      That deal was good with the “moderates” as a overt government run scheme would be no fly in AR etc – they figured that having no government option would cover them as everybody would no how the rest of the details worked.

      The govt option was kept out there as a diverision to keep the KOS left “fired up” in support and to keep the right focused solely on that essentially meaningless provision.

      The fact that you had trial ballons on dropping this as far back as in AUG was pretty much a dead giveaway for what the game was. That and ZERO of the so-called “moderates” publically opposed any of the other parts of ObamaCare except the governement option.

      Pretty much, I would have to say the left’s scheme has worked to this point but sure not as smoothly as they planned. Essentially, they didn count on conservaitves/public to dig into the details of the plan to find the other onerous provisions and to fiqure out how this is still a HC takeover/single payer transition scheme even without the government option. And to a small extent, the D got the KOSes of the world overly fixated on the government option that they created a small brushfire in their grassroots too – thats where Liberman comes in……

      Of course, you can beleive what you want or whatever talking points the RNC/DNC puts out.

      I try to do some research and then match events/facts with motivations/goals when I try to theorize what is going on…..

    138. D QUIXOTE says:

      DQ, what odds will you spot me some guy named Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr, will show up on Election Day with a Coakley button on his lapel saying he has to “win this one for Teddy”?

      Comment by Wes

      Hard to tell the living from the dead in massotwoshits.

    139. Wes says:

      Or Chicago or Seattle or New Jersey or any other place with a Dem machine running it, DQ…

    140. lisab says:

      Did you catch all of our analogies to a Brown win in MA …Which was your favorite?”

      none … i think it is more like operation valkyrie …

      plots by insiders to save the party, more than enemy action

    141. lisab says:

      btw, MA does not dig up voters …

      you do not need to play dirty to win as a dem in MA

      actually the polling stations are very fair, and the voting machines are opened and counted with an equal numbers of reps from both parties

    142. Marv says:


      Operation Valkyrie came up a little short. My favorite analogy was my own, the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. It came out of nowhere and kept the Japanese off balance for the duration until they finally caved on the USS Missouri.

    143. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #136 I guess I just say that Liberman and Reid, Obama et al essentially always wanted the same thing….

      Just Joe was in the position to freely say it and be the “bad guy” to the left without really taking on anymore heat….

      Obama, Reid, etc could announce the “public option” is dropped without pissin’ off their base for real….

      Joe had already went thru that drama in 06 so he said “sure, I will help you get that done” to Reid, etc

    144. Wes says:

      Until Tuesday anyway, Lisa…I’m sure Dems probably never cheated in Washington State till 2004, but everyone with a brain knows they pulled out all the stops then.

    145. D QUIXOTE says:

      Brown == leonidas

    146. Wes says:

      Could Brown be David to Coakley’s Goliath?

    147. Mark Cali says:

      Wes, what happened in WA state?

    148. BayernFan says:

      So today we have heard from TWO Dem sources and ONE Dem political handicapper with connections to Dems that have basically said that Brown is heading to victory.

      We have Obama “showing the flag” without actually going to MA. The reason he is doing it this way is to avoid being embarrassed by personally campaigning for a loser.

      And Brown is outspending the DEM candidate in MA during the final week of the race.

      What does all this tell you?

    149. George aka Freemarketer says:

      Gov. Fraudwhore cheated her way into office, Mark, that’s what happened.

    150. Wes says:

      You didn’t hear, Mark? Dino Rossi–the GOP candidate for Governor–won the initial count and recount for Governor. Then the (can’t) crowd and Soros ponied up some money. Suddenly precincts in Seattle found ballots they “hadn’t previously counted (shades of the MN Senate recount four years later) and suddenly got Gregoire across the finish line by anywhere from 10 to 130 votes depending on what count you go with.

    151. Wes says:

      By the way, Lisa, to that point WA also had a reputation for clean politiics outside the inner city of Seattle. Don’t put electoral theft past the Dems next week.

    152. KnightHawk says:

      157 If I recall were not some of those voters registered addresses the court house?

    153. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      Good to see some National conservaitve media finally getting the clue that the Individual Mandate is not only Unconsitutional buts its also the center-of-gravity (ie the key component) of CrappyCare:

      “WASHINGTON — Although Democrats think their health care legislation faces smooth sailing to implementation, there is a rock dead ahead — a constitutional challenge to the legislation’s core. Democrats who assume it is constitutional to make it mandatory for Americans to purchase health insurance should answer some questions:

      Would it be constitutional for the government to legislate compulsory calisthenics for all Americans? If not, why not? If it would be, in what sense does the nation still have constitutional, meaning limited, government?”

      Now as to why the GOP leadership didnt ever really attack the Individual Mandate in any specific way is another of those inexplicable questions in CrappyCare…..

      I say, it can be pretty much chalked up to one Willard aka “Mitt” dude calling Steele, McConnell, Bohner etc and saying “look I want to run for Prez again in 12 – dont embarass me by attacking this Individual Mandate. Its basically what I signed on to with RomneyCare and that will make me look bad….”

      Basically, short term politcal interest got in the way of doing the right thing….

      The Democrats definintely exploited this weakness and in fact currently USE ALL of Romney’s talking points to push the Individual Mandate and Obama/CrappyCare….

    154. Wes says:

      Yes, Knight. Some were also no0nexistent.

    155. KnightHawk says:

      147 – Probably closer to the truth there. 😉

    156. Mark Cali says:

      Thanks, Wes, for the info. I hope, in the future, we get more aggressive in these close elections. Dems always seem to find some lost ballot box off some abandoned vehicle on a freeway…

    157. Wes says:

      I’m still not sold on a Brown victory either, Knight. I do count it as a somewhat increasing possibility though.

    158. Wes says:

      Playing pattycake is not the way to fight these people, Mark. The GOP needs to be eveyr bit as aggressive as the Dems in the recounts if such a need arises.

    159. KnightHawk says:

      Yes on another site my revised loss was 4-6 down from 8-12 points. Will update again monday, we’ll probably have a predictions thread.

    160. Wes says:

      I’m waiting till Monday to give my final prediction too, Knight.

    161. DW says:

      Is there going to be a HHR predition contest for the Senate race in MA?

    162. BayernFan says:

      You guys are pussies.

      Brown by 6

    163. Mark Cali says:

      LOL Wes. I just had images of middle aged men in suits playing pattycake.

      And to you and KnightHawk, I agree with your reservations. I need to see a bigger poll lead, Rothenberg moving this to “Lean Takeover”, etc, before I’m fully sold. Cautiously optimistic here…

    164. Wes says:

      He’ll need every damn penny of it, Brandon.

    165. rdelbov says:

      The way the signs and stickers disappeared from the Brown offices plus all the talk about blue collar voters going for Brown.

      I am fearful of getting my hopes up too much.

      I thinking it could happen.

    166. BayernFan says:

      The Dems are clearly signaling that this thing is over.

      Obama’s weakass you tube video seals the deal.

    167. Mark Cali says:

      175 – That’s what I was saying. I mean, is it just me/my bias, or is that Youtube video just horribly bad/ineffective?

    168. BayernFan says:

      Look at Rothenberg’s take….

      He is well connected to the Dems….

      He says that Coakley MAY pull it out.. but if things continue to go the way they are going, Brown will win. In other words, things have to change for Coakley to win.

      If that isn’t inside baseball signaling, I dont know what is.

    169. Jan says:

      Other than mulling over election news I have been keeping up with the Haiti devastation. This article caught my eye on Drudge:

      I am a fan of the Red Cross. 100% of any donations directed towards Haiti relief are applied. Anyway, after making a call to my local Red Cross I’m putting a check in the mail to extend a little help.

    170. BayernFan says:

      176… It is Obama showing the flag. Nothing more. If there was a real chance, he would be in MA. He isnt going, because all the Dems see what the trend is, and they dont want Obama to embarass himself.

    171. Jan says:

      #169 If what that “insider” says is true —> $1 million a day this week in fundraising, all I can say is “Wow….!”

    172. BayernFan says:

      Two comments about Brown….

      First, I really like his ads’ use of the staccato music. It creates a sense of excitement, anticipation, urgency, and fun. Plus a strong hint of “we can do this”. Its use during his ad campaign has been very good. It really suits his cause and his personality.

      Which brings me to my second point….

      I believe that Scott Brown is Kennedyesque. His looks, his earnestness, his passion for retail politicking, his professionally run campaign…. all of it.

      I think the Mass public is responding to that.

    173. Jan says:

      I’m not as robust in my prediction as Bayern, and set my number yesterday as 5 for Brown.

    174. Mark Cali says:

      179 – Bayern, I agree with you. But I don’t see how this video helps the situation. Would it not have been better for Obama to just blow this off and not waste the little that is left of his political capital?

    175. Tommy_Boy says:

      I’m going to play Phil’s role and predict a 5-6 point Coakley victory.

    176. Tommy_Boy says:

      Even from the last Ras poll, there was really no room to grow for Brown and I don’t see how he could do better than how he did in the last Ras poll.

      It’s my time for doom and gloom.

    177. rdelbov says:


      I just saw that note about fundraising.

      More ad buys are on the way.

      REDMass is a good that I found the other day.

    178. BayernFan says:

      It is a nothing video. He doesnt lose anything. He literally just shows the flag. Not a whole lot of thought went into it other than “I guess we have to do sometihng for Martha… let’s do a video.”

      Seriously…. what are the GOTV operations for Coakley?

      Brown is swamping her in $$$ and GOTV.

      Read Rothenberg’s note again. He sees the writing on the wall. Or more likely, his Dem source read it to him.

    179. Marv says:

      #184 Tommy_Boy,

      I would have agreed with you a few days ago. I’ve watched this thing evolve and I’ve changed my thinking to a 2 point Brown win. I also think that if his momentum accelerates into the weekend, we could see a 4 or 5 point victory.

    180. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #174 Here is your new “secret deal”

      “Tentative tax deal marks health care breakthrough

      In a major breakthrough, union leaders bowed Thursday to White House demands for a new tax on high-cost health plans as part of landmark health care legislation taking final shape in intensive negotiations.

      The tentative agreement on the tax, which included significant concessions by the administration, was disclosed as leading lawmakers set an informal timetable of Friday for an agreement on the health care bill that President Barack Obama made a top priority in taking office a year ago.

      Democrats expressed the hope that the agreement would quickly open the way for progress on other key issues where House and Senate-passed bills differ, as well as attempts by the White House to squeeze additional financial concessions from drug makers, nursing homes and other health care providers.”

      Surpirse! Unions “grudgingly” accept the initial terms of a socialist HC takeover!

      I am sure the SEIU is really crying about how they will have a million or so new dues-paying members that are hired in the new “Dept of Uber Health Rationing Happines” or the other new 99 agencies….

      More cramdown…..looks like they Obama thugs are actually using the threat of a Brown win to get the Democrats and special interest all in line to get the cramdown done soon!

    181. Marv says:


      What is your position on Obamacare?

    182. BayernFan says:


      another sign of an impending Brown win… that the Dems know is coming.

      It may very well be a big win.

      Watch for more Dem leaks in teh days ahead that this thing is over.

    183. Jason T. says:

      Tommy, you were right on the Christie victory, while many here thought corzine would win due to cheating.

      My prediction is that we simply have a true tossup at this moment in time.

      This weekend will be fluid, and I agree with Wes that Monday is a better time to look at this.

      Hey if Tester and Webb can win in 2006, anyone can.

    184. BayernFan says:

      After Brown wins, we need to watch whether Coakley concedes. If she doesnt, that means that the Dems will attempt to delay certification.

      And this is where a Dem like Nelson or even SPECTER or Lieberman can come in and stop a vote on any package until Brown takes HIS seat.

    185. Jason T. says:

      Bayern I love your optimism, I guess I am still a little down over Judas Nelson.

    186. Jason T. says:

      Bayern, if the race is not decided on election night, do not worry about the Senate stopping HC, they are whored out.

      I predict right now, if this is a photo finish, that HC is dead in the House, victory or not.

    187. BayernFan says:

      So is the rest of America. And many of them live in Mass.

      It is crunch time, and you can see the Dem tea leaves wilting in the media. Rothenberg’s note convinced me.

      There IS a definite trend, imo, that current public polling has not caught up with. The Dems’ internal polling is seeing it. And it is not pretty. The last five days will see a definite movement to Brown. It is happening now, imo.

    188. Jan says:

      If Brown does indeed win, Coakley will only delay conceding if the election is real close.

    189. BayernFan says:

      I mean, how big is it that you see at least THREE Dem sources basically say that Brown is going to win unless things change, and that Brown is swamping Coakely in the $$$ war?

    190. BayernFan says:

      … all in one day?

    191. Jan says:

      This weekend, in Mass, should be real interesting. All the stops are going to be pulled out in both camps. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Obama doesn’t make a quick stop in Mass. to “fire up” the dims.

    192. Mark Cali says:

      Bayern, I already read the Rothenberg report. Look at #8 on this thread.

      I am merely perplexed by Obama’s actions.

      I guess Obama’s trying to galvanize his YouTube subscriber list (most of these subscribers are probably not from MA, or from the country, for that matter). I still say he’s squandering more political capital and why he would do that? I still don’t understand.

    193. D QUIXOTE says:

      And this is where a Dem like Nelson or even SPECTER or Lieberman can come in and stop a vote on any package until Brown takes HIS seat.

      Comment by BayernFan

      “stop a vote”. Why in the world would they, they have waited a lifetime for this piece of socialist crap, why would they now stop it?
      This is their holy grail, they won’t stop anything. We are not dealing with rational people here.

    194. BayernFan says:

      There will be a lot of pressure for him to go that is for sure. But he and his advisers will resist.

      Both camps are doing nightly polling. Today’s “read between the lines” articles and posts show that both camps are seeing the same thing.

      Watch the campaigns’ “body language”.

      There is a final 5 day pro-Brown trend happening, imo. Both camps see it. Kinda like what happened in 1980 before the Reagan landslide.

      This is what often happens in wave elections.

    195. Mark Cali says:

      Specter – no way. He’s trying very hard to please his Dem base and wouldn’t do something like that. Nelson, Liebermann, maybe, but don’t count on it.

    196. BayernFan says:

      201…. It is a youtube video. No one will see it. That is a far cry from firing up AF-ONE, loading up the entourage, setting up a huge rally and photo op for all teh world to see and then your gal goes down by 6-8 points.

      It would be incredibly bad politics.

    197. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #190 I changed my mind – Communisim is great! Viva socialist HC and one-party rule!

      Coakley and Romney just wired me a big bag of money – now unlimited government and no individual liberty is cool!

      See you at the Daily KOS Comrades!


    198. Marv says:

      If Liebermann recants his Obamacare vote, he’ll be re-elected in 2012 by the same margin as 2006.

    199. Marv says:

      #206 wylie,

      OK, now I get it. You oppose certain parts of Obamacare.

    200. sam says:

      “…I still say he’s squandering more political capital and why he would do that? I still don’t understand.”

      Why did Obama go to the Olympic fiasco? Why did Obama go the climate fiasco in Copenhagen?

      Face it, folks, he is not very smart, and neither is Emanuel. Emanuel got lucky with a large majority in Congress, and is intent on ramming through as much of the marxist agenda before getting the party’s clock cleaned in Novemeber.

    201. Jason T. says:

      Mark if Brown wins, Obama will be a one term President.

      He has, through his dictator style of forcing HC, squandered any chance of BiPartisanship.

    202. Tommy_Boy says:


      Actually, I was wrong on NJ (not sure if you are being sarcastic)

      So hopefully I’m wrong again.

    203. D QUIXOTE says:

      #190 I changed my mind – Communisim is great! Viva socialist HC and one-party rule!

      Comment by Wylie E. Coyote

      Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

    204. BayernFan says:

      201… Look, I am not saying that the WH put a lot of thought into this. They simply decided that they had to do something to mollify at least for now, the coakley demands for a personal side by side, which is what the Ma Dems are screaming for.

    205. Mark Cali says:

      205 – LOL Or flying to Massachusetts with Oprah and Michelle…

    206. KnightHawk says:

      LOL 6-8 now, quite the optimist.

      But I do agree it would be great if Obama would make a trip up there, it’s like Al gore making a speech – you know he’s going to bring a cold front with him.

    207. Jason T. says:

      211. tommy my bad, I mistook you for Big Joe.

    208. BayernFan says:

      209… That is right. They have learned their lessons. They will do a video on youtube… but they are NOT going to fly up there on a weekend to save her butt. Cuz they know it wont work anyway.

    209. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #207 Marv – I am the ulitimate CrappyCare hater!

      I hate every letter of in every word on all 2700+ pages of CrappyCare!

      I live only to see it die!

      I work tirelessly to instill in my fellow citizens the same hatred of all CrappyCare I have….

      And this probably understates my loathing of CrappyCare!

    210. Marv says:

      Does anyone know where Polaris is? This would be a good race for him to chime in on. Come on Polaris, it’s been a week now since Texas lost to Alabama, your mourning period should be over by now.

    211. BayernFan says:

      215.. not an optimist… just reading teh tea leaves and reading between the lines. 6-8 is 53-47 or 54-46.

      The Dems are freaking out. You can tell.

    212. BayernFan says:

      Look… when Coakley drops 7 points in ONE WEEK in the Ras poll……

      what makes anyone think that her free fall will stop there? Especially given the week she just had?

      She is an abysmal candidate, and Brown is Kennedyesque.

    213. Phil says:

      I’m trying to remember if Democrats have ever nominated a worse candidate for anything than Coakley – she makes Deeds look like JFK.

    214. Mark Cali says:

      221 – I don’t think the photo op with the reporter shoved to the ground has helped any. I hear she’s dissing Brown’s appearances at Fenway too. I think she’s trying to lose support in Boston.

    215. Jan says:

      KH — I like that reference to Gore bringing the cold with him. That does seem to happen a lot. LOL

      As of now Mass. is supposed to be cloudy and 35 degrees on the 19th.

    216. Jan says:

      You missed the latest Mark, the reporter was not “shoved,” but rather “stumbled.”

    217. KnightHawk says:

      I know they are freaking out which is bad because there now alert enough to crank up the machinery. Think is RAS latest don’t really show like tommy said a place for him to grab more vote to break 50 so it seem it’s all up to turn out. When it comes to that he’ll need an even more lethargic showing from the Dems then NJ\VA.

    218. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      “Thursday, January 14, 2010

      Time to Uphold the 10th Amendment

      Posted by: Staff at 5:16 PM
      Guest blog post by Rep. Tom Rooney (Fla.)

      The 10th Amendment states “The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This is a simple straightforward and single sentence Amendment. Every Congressman, including me, takes an oath of office to swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. However in the past several months there has been rising debate about bills we are considering and how they relate to the 10th Amendment. This discussion has been amplified recently by Pelosi and Reid hammering their health care bills down our throats from behind closed doors. The mandates here, as well in the stimulus and overreaching in the hate crimes legislation require me, under my oath, to reaffirm what our role should be under the Constitution I swore to uphold. We should at least have a debate and there is none in this Congress”

    219. Mark Cali says:

      Oh my bad, Jan. Are you sure it wasn’t a “man-caused disaster”?

    220. Jan says:

      Mark, Maybe it was an aftershock from Haiti that caused the reporter to fall!

    221. KnightHawk says:

      WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama ends his first year in office with his to-do list still long and his unfulfilled campaign promises stacked high.

    222. KnightHawk says:

      227 – A definite sign in your favor. (and ultimately mine)

    223. Jan says:

      KH — I’m not sure either Brown or Coakley would necessarily have to break even with 50%, given that the 3th party candidate gets a few percentage points of votes.

    224. BayernFan says:


      The Dems frantically raising money from lobbyists…

      Dragging out the Kennedy widow…

      Going negative early and HARD…

      begging Barry for help and not getting it.

      As I have said….

      What does that tell you?

      about where the DEMS see this as going now?

    225. Jan says:

      Obama….what a ride he has had this year; from total adulation to being mocked and dissed.

    226. Jan says:

      Bayern — just remember it’s not over until it’s over. I’m not popping any champagne corks until Martha concedes.

    227. KnightHawk says:

      Jan the undecideds were like none, and kennedy’s numbers were like 4% meaning he’ll be luck to get 1/2 that. This is all about who shows up come Tuesday.

    228. Bunu says:

      Bill Johnson very upset that Concerned Woman of America and Gun Owners of America (GOA)endorsed Rand Paul.

      “ELKTON — Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate B*ll J*hns*n today issued the following statement about the Gun Owners of America’s endorsement of Rand Paul.

      “My campaign contacted the Gun Owners of America (GOA) leadership today for an understanding of the recent endorsement of Rand Paul. Mr. John Velleco of GOA explained that the organization based their endorsement on campaign finance reports and their longstanding relationship with the elder Ron Paul.

      “That does not make sense. Apparently, a grassroots campaign with minimal funding and no Washington network is unworthy of support from the Gun Owners of America. The endorsement of GOA was for sale and sold to the campaign with the most money.

      “The Gun Owners of America leadership has turned its back on a gulf war veteran and active gun owner for the sake of money. Additionally, they have chosen to endorse a candidate in Rand Paul who has turned his back on the unborn and our individual right to equal protection of the 14th amendment. I proudly stand with the National Rifle Association and their view that the 14th amendment provides a foundation for the individual right to own guns.

      “Score one for the Washington establishment. However, the Pauls’ will soon learn that Kentucky voters will not be as easily bought as was the endorsement of the GOA. It would also be refreshing if the recently endorsed Rand Paul would actually demonstrate some competency with a firearm.””


      “Rand Paul wants to steal your guns and murder babies with them”

    229. KnightHawk says:

      What does that tell you?

      That they are sacred chinless and will stop at nothing.
      Hell they are paying people 65$ a head to rally, how much will they pay to get homeless folks to vote?

    230. lisab says:

      “By the way, Lisa, to that point WA also had a reputation for clean politiics outside the inner city of Seattle. Don’t put electoral theft past the Dems next week.” wes

      the thing is, if the dem candidate cannot win fairly in massachusetts …

      they pretty much have to be a drooling, flatulent vapid little toady from georgia

      so we pretty much prefer to keep things honest

    231. KnightHawk says:

      ““Rand Paul wants to steal your guns and murder babies with them””

      You left out stealing their lollipops too, before murdering them.

    232. Bunu says:

      Johnson may or may not be correct regarding Rand’s opposition to th 14th amendment. He’s never really said anything about it though so I think he’s making a big assumption about that.

    233. KnightHawk says:

      “drooling, flatulent vapid little toady from georgia”
      Jimmy just called to register his offense. 😉

    234. maelstrom says:

      Anyone else see the story about that turd Scott Ritter, UN inspector, being charged with sex crimes. Seems it wasn’t his first rodeo.

      Karma. ain’t it great. Hubris brings down another jerk.

    235. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      Great article by Barone on the “hope n spare change” crowd:

      “In retrospect, the Obama enthusiasts seem to have been motivated by a yearning for a rapturous, nuanced leader. Send that terrible tyrant with his tortured sentences and moral certitude back to Texas and install The One in the White House, and all would be well.

      The Obama enthusiasts have achieved that goal, and perhaps it’s not surprising that, as polls show, they’re not much engaged in the details of the health care bills or cap-and-trade legislation or looming tax increases and the like. They, or at least most of them, were never much interested in those things anyway.

      In contrast, the tea party protesters, many of them as fractious and loudmouthed as Brooks thinks, are interested in substantive political issues. They decry the dangers of expanding the national debt, increasing government spending and putting government in command of the health care sector.”

    236. D QUIXOTE says:

      Can one win the senate race in mass with juat a plurality?

    237. D QUIXOTE says:


    238. KnightHawk says:

      244 – No I missed it, interesting.

    239. Marv says:

      A plurality is good enough in MA.

    240. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      “On these issues the educated class is faith-based and the ordinary Americans who increasingly reject their views are fact-based, just as the Obama enthusiasts are motivated by style and the tea partiers by substance.

      As the educated class bitterly clings to its contempt for the increasing numbers not enlightened enough to share its views, other Americans have noticed, even in the liberal heartland of Massachusetts, where Republican Scott Brown seems on the brink of an upset victory in the special Senate election next Tuesday. That would have reverberations for the educated class an awful lot like that tea party back in 1773.”

      Yep, the people’s revolution is coming to get all the authoritarian elitiest/statist who want to return to artitocracy-by-another name!

      Gonna restore the priniciples on which this country is founded!

    241. KnightHawk says:

      USA today link to the story noted in 244 What a weasel you’d think he learn a lesson from the first time around.

    242. D QUIXOTE says:

      Another darling of the left bites the dust.

    243. KnightHawk says:

      Don’t care but looks like Conan is out and Jay weaseled his way back Show died with Carson in my view.

    244. jason says:

      Rand Paul:

      1) Thinks the US was responsible for 9/11
      2) Is against the Patriot Act and the War on Terror
      3) Wants to close Guantananmo
      4) Wants to gut the defense budget to “save money” and pursue an isolationist policy
      5) Wants to “audit the Fed” (code for eliminating it and give its powers to Congress…i.e. Nancy Pelosi)
      6) Believes Nigerian terrorist was justified because we are “occupiers”
      7) Is rabidly anti-Israel (normal for an anti-semite)
      8) His campaign spokesman resigned for having pictures of black people hanging from trees on his facebook.
      9) Is funded and supported by Neo-Nazi groups and white supremacists
      10) Is not a Republican, not a conservative, not for small government

    245. rdelbov says:

      A few more little details out on HC Caddy plan and I suggest Wylie get his copy of 10th amendment. The latest is that caddy plans that were arrived at during collective bargaining plans will be exempt from the 40% surtax.

      Say what??? So he hire people and say you can either have this caddy health plan or have extra salary that does not count as collective bargaining. Only Union employees collective bargain? What article of the constitution is that in?

      What’s also outrageous about that is many large companies offer insurance plans that will paralell union plans. The supervisors-managers-clerical folks do not belong to the union but have the same or similar plans.

      How can you justify not taxing these plans the same????

      This will be trouble for the blue dogs to swallow.

    246. Jan says:

      Still, I do wonder if Brown perhaps peaked a week too soon. A Massachusetts friend of mine writes in, describing her apartment lobby and television :

      “There were Coakley mailings all over the bench where the mailman leaves things too big for our mailboxes. The airwaves are FULL of Coakley ads. It almost seemed like they might preempt primetime programming to just air one right after the other. It’s overwhelming. I honestly expected Coakley to make a surprise appearance on The Big Bang Theory. There is a lot of cash pouring in and it shows.”

      Part of Brown’s strategy was to bank on an energized Republican base flying under the radar and pulling off the upset. I think that’s out of the question now, especially with the SEIU, DSCC and DCCC(!) committing funds to the race. We’ll see if Coakley can pull together a turnout operation in a week’s time.

    247. Tim says:

      I think that Hoeven would have beaten Conrad, probably. But now, this race is definitely over.

    248. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      Ok, for a shocking change-of-pace from me, here is something non-CrappyCare related and positive lol:

      I caught LTC (R) West on RedEye – very very impressive. Very articulate and personable – very knowledgeable and very conservative.

      Espoused alot of good sound conservative principles on personal freedom, individual rights, and role of limited/constitutional government.

      Maybe there is a future in politics for retired military officers who have conservative/limited government prinicples.

      I dunno, would being a West Point graduate also help?

      Please chime in professional political gurus lol

    249. Tim says:

      lisab is here?

      Oh, wonderful.

      Now, we can read the latest take on politics by a girl who has not a clue.

    250. KnightHawk says:

      258 – West was good and funny too on R-E, so was surprisingly Lamont Hill with AnnC earlier in the week on R-E.

    251. pitchaboy says:

      As I said two days ago, Brown will win and handily. Unfortunately, the democrats in Washington are already preparing to seat him late in february. The race will be decided by health care. 53% of MA likes Obamacare, but nobody loves it. 47% of them hate it and most of those do so passionately. Most of these “hate-mongers” will show up and the unions will need to shove dynamite up their constituents’ you know where to get them to the polls.

    252. KnightHawk says:

      Hmm…I saw a bunch of Acme Dynamite trucks northbound on 85 yesterday.

    253. Brandon says:

      Apparently Suffolk will have a MA poll out in the morning. I’ll take a stab and say it has Coakley up by double-digits.

    254. pitchaboy says:

      The only poll that matter is coming in five days and it will be judgement day.

    255. maelstrom says:

      251. I read somewhere it’s his third time caught but never convicted.

      It was the great right wing conspiracy that entrapped him waxing the bishop on camera in front of a PA state cop.

      I’m glad I don’t have his job. You think they save the videos for the blooper reel at the annual Christmas party?

    256. D QUIXOTE says:

      Too good of a report for the enemy may cause her supporters to sit back and relax, maybe not even bother voting at all.

    257. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      Check this out kiddies:

      “Obama says health care bill will be a winner

      President Barack Obama says Congress is on the verge of passing historic health care legislation, and if Republicans want to campaign against it, they are going to lose the argument.

      Obama spoke Thursday to House Democrats at the same time his administration and congressional leaders are trying to complete agreement on a bill that can pass in the next few weeks.”

    258. KnightHawk says:

      268 – Sounds similar to “See you at the bill signing” from a former president.

    259. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #267 Yep, DNC disinformation to cause us to relax and let off the gas….

      In the meantime, the D be crankin’ up their vote machine….

      Gotta keep up the heat on them….NO LET UP!

      More money for Brown ads – more calls – more GOTV effort!

      This is it!

      Its looking better but we are still up against and are underdogs….

    260. Mark Cali says:

      Can social networking predict a victory? According to this poll, they believe Brown will win win in a landslide.

      — A 10:1 advantage over Coakley in terms of video content viewership on
      — A 4:1 edge in terms of number of fans on Facebook
      — More followers, more list appearances and far more buzz overall on

    261. pitchaboy says:

      When you have a Republican running in MA on crushing the HC bill and having a great shot at winning; Obama’s declaration that this is a winner is ludicrous. This bill could become Jimmy Carter for the repubs; they could run against it for a while.

    262. Tommy_Boy says:

      Scratch Palin on Oprah tomorrow: it won’t be happening. Don’t know what happened.

    263. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #269 Awesome – the statist sellouts/liars need to here from the people NOW!!!!

      No let up the Nelson’s of the world!

      Call-fax-write them Congress people and lets them know whats the WORD!

    264. pitchaboy says:

      When it was unpopular and considered fool’s gold at HHR I had said Christie will win and even Crozine’s mom will not vote for Corzine. Guess what, even Croakley will not vote for Croakley. Take a gigunto fork and stick it.

    265. Tommy_Boy says:

      But she’s on Hannity today.

      Drew over 3.1 million with Beck…easily his best-showing of the year and the first time he cracked 3 million in quite some time.

    266. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #273 I dont care if they run out it right now – I dont want it to pass as the big negative consequences of letting that power grab become law are premenant and irreveresable…..

      That is unless people can be persuaded to adopt and vote based on the principles of our founders – personal freedom, individual rights, free marketes, limited/constitutional government and federalism!

      Or, if the statists power becomes to entrenched, we will be taken down to ground zero ala the USSR and eastern/western europe as the decay and stagnation of statism/socialism will take us down….

    267. tgcaGNAT says:


    268. pitchaboy says:

      WEC, I think the country is not as conservative to accept all the things you have on your wish list. But they understand intuitivvely that Obama-Pelosi-Reid = communism. The dems will be thrashed and you can only hope that this time around the Republicans will govern sensibly.

    269. maelstrom says:

      269. I just sent the link to the Poltico article to my Senator Bayh.

      Met my Congressman Buyer (R) for the first time today. Great guy! I will be working to re-elect him this year.

    270. pitchaboy says:

      Is it just me or does anyone else want to jump off the cliff after a Beck sighting. Eeyore is more optimistic than that guy.

    271. tgcaGNAT says:


      The correct designation is now “panties bomber” after we got a look at his undergarments. No wonder he tried to blow them up…PANTY RAGE!

    272. rdelbov says:

      The article about Brown peaking too early came out last week???

      We had 300 losers in house -senate-Gov races over the 3 cycles and most never peaked let only peaked too early. Some of these losers have been super great candidates.

      No you throw you bread upon the water-so to speak-and sometimes you catch fish and sometimes you don’t.

      The Brown race came out of nowhere during Martha’s 6 day vacation and her arrogrance about not debating Brown one on one. A couple of talk shows picked those facts up and then a Boston Globe columnist did a story. Then whammo Brown was all over the papers-radio-TV in MA.

      Then it was a frenzy on the internet and in the streets of MA. Brown no more could have stopped the peak frankly anymore then you could started it on his own.

      Then he whipped her in the debate-then the Coakley wine & cheese 10K a ticket fundraiser in DC. mercy how you script this?? Then the thug(I mean Obama appointee to NPR board) knocks down a reporter. Then the princess disses shaking hands with the common folks at Fenway.

      How you plan this?? How do you unpeak it?

    273. pitchaboy says:

      Obama is not going to make joint appearances in MA(not that it matters). He is tired of showing up for losers.

    274. lisab says:

      ifn you had to wear a thong and stockings for eight hours in high heels you would have panty rage too

    275. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #280 Thats a pretty statement as the principles I list pretty much should not be that contentious nor are what I would consider to be exclusively “conservative”…..but thats were persuassion and education come into play as I know many have been taught to hold some or all of these principles in contempt….

      Well first, a you point out, the GOP actually needs to BELEIVE in them and adopt them in their governance…..

      Second, they need to get a lot better in relating how consistent application of these ideals make for better outcomes, economic and otherwise, and better quality of life…..

      Finally, we need to communicate that conservatives are the ones who TRUST and want to EMPOWER individuals…..

      Then I dont think we will have nearly as many people who seem to think these are “extreme” ideas… if freedom can be extreme lol

    276. tgcaGNAT says:


      Exactly! These are not sensible garments and evidently lead to terrorist activities by some.

    277. lisab says:

      don’t get your hopes on on brown

      he is still no better than 50-50

      probably 40-60

      cambridge and boston have not voted yet

    278. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      #285 Yeah, it seems almost providental that the mighty will fall….

      I guess I am pretty much a rational pessimist….we have a good chance but I still think the D machine has alot of power up there to overcome….

    279. lisab says:


      yeah but they look good

      with the right pair of stockings i could solve the middle east crisis

    280. Hellbelly says:

      …..for every Coakley ad up here, there’s at least one (if not more) Brown ad.

      …and the Coakley ads are repetitive and boring and make one simple case: “Who is Scott Brown? – Republican”

      …..the vibe up here is stunning (from someone who’s lived here for 19 years).

      Not claiming victory by any stretch of imagination, but feeling good.

    281. KnightHawk says:

      289 – We must get both banned. 😉

    282. Hellbelly says:

      Living on the well-to-do South Shore, we do have a predisposition to be more Republican than the typical Massachusetts voter, but EVERYWHERE you go, you get whispers from folks who are aware that you are politically interested asking “do you really think he can do it? I can’t believe it!”

      I’ll make the same case that I’ve made the entire campaign: no one is FOR Coakley……she’ll get her votes from the union folks, and the Cambridge crowd who will vote for her out habit or sense of responsibility…..folks are voting for Brown BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SEND A MESSAGE!

    283. Tim says:

      Oh, I see. So, you’re gonna loan them to someone who looks good in them?

    284. KnightHawk says:

      You too should just get married already.

    285. BayernFan says:

      “There is something big going on in Massachusetts,” says political analyst Charlie Cook in a conversation with National Review Online. He tells us that he’s “convinced” that Republican Scott Brown “really might win” the upcoming special election for U.S. Senate in the Bay State. Brown, he says, has run a “flawless, very smart campaign” while his opponent, Democrat Martha Coakley, has been “overly cautious” and run an “awful campaign.”

    286. Tim says:

      Frankly, nighthawk, I’d rather face life minus alcohol. And, for me, that is torture.

    287. Mark Cali says:

      283 (Pitchaboy) – Amen to that. Beck is the only one that makes me turn from Fox. And funny, I agree with almost all his all points. It’s his delivery, and his constant wanting to throw the Republican party under the bus. Gets old and tiring, but I’m glad that he’s out there as he speaks to an audience.

    288. KnightHawk says:

      300 – I was thinking we could get you both a reality tv show. 😉

    289. lisab says:

      a tv show, like “lisa and the drooling flatulent vapid little toady”?

    290. lisab says:

      of course he is old fat and toothless … and not very telegenic like me

    291. Gary Maxwell says:

      Boy Tim it used to be vapid toady. Now you have garnered not one not two but three additional adjectives. I did know two folks in high school who hated each other with a passion, they now have three kids and a house!

    292. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      I am begging everyone not to get cocky and jinx Brown’s potential win.

      If someone SNEEZES TOO HARD IN FIJI, it could throw off the entire space-time-earthmother balance that even made this a toss up race.

    293. lisab says:


      sometimes a cigar is just a cigar


      sometimes a drooling flatulent vapid little toady is just a drooling flatulent vapid little toady

      like in this case

    294. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      Talking Points Memo just issued a retraction on the claim that Brown denied any connection to Tea Partiers.

      Perhaps the ONLY leftist blog I can look at for more than 5 seconds…

      btw note the lack of any “Pro-Coakley” editorials anywhere?

      They’re all anti-Brown.

    295. KnightHawk says:

      “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” – except when it’s in the hands of a Clinton.

    296. Tommy_Boy says:

      HOw’s Perry doing against KBH?

    297. lisab says:

      i would rather date clinton …even chelsea

    298. Gary Maxwell says:

      Did you catch Martha Nostradamus Coakley today? She predicts the future:

      “If I don’t win, 2010 is going to be hell for Democrats . . . Every Democrat will have a competitive race.”

      You are going to lose lady, and you are exactly right, tell all your Democrat officeholders what is coming. Tell them to go get real jobs.

    299. rdelbov says:

      Brown by all accounts today had a good day out on the stump-had his media contacts-no horrible stories out.

      His ads and ads from people supporting him more then matched the democrat ads.

      4 more days is all I can say.

    300. Gary Maxwell says:

      Perry is up double digits at the moment, and Hutch is running inane ads droning on and on about the Trans Texas Corridor. Anyone who has ever been on I 35 from Dallas to Austin, knows there has to be another road. But that is what Kay is making her stand on. Its frankly a little embarassing.

    301. rdelbov says:

      Finally there is a definite reason to vote for Coakley

      I guess this post from the bluest of blue sites says it all

    302. Hellbelly says:


      317: That pretty much says it all!

    303. Phil says:


      This coming from a Perry supporter. He’s horrible in the debate tonight and getting smoked. My wife and I agreed, he certainly didn’t help himself. KBH did well. Perry has been on the defensive all night. Worse, he hasn’t looked in command of the facts. She has.

      Not sure how many Texans are watching this first debate. However, not Rick’s best night to be sure. The third candidate, Medina, did very well I thought.

      One man’s take.

    304. Phil says:

      I might add, it’s one debate on a limited network. Doubt that many people were watching and there will be more debates.

    305. Marv says:

      So, who wins? Brown or Coakley? I say that Brown wins by 2-5 points.

    306. Tommy_Boy says:

      #321 Doom and gloom Tommy says Coakley by 5-6 points.

    307. Jan says:

      John McCormich’s story, the pushee of the pusher (Michael Meehan), is being highlighted on the affable Dennis Miller Show.

    308. Marv says:


      Are you purposefully trying to irritate me?

    309. Jan says:

      Coakley has been called insipid by Dennis miller, and a cornhusk of a woman by Mark Steyn. Pundits are really piling on Coakley about what a “bad” candidate she has proven to be.

      I don’t know if this Curt Schilling post has been shared yet.

    310. Wes says:

      Marv, don’t get upset at Tommy. Just remember, he blew the VA and NJ races last year. That should hearten you about this race.

    311. Brandon says:

      I still want to know when Palin is going to move to West Virginia.

    312. Wes says:

      Schilling makes a good point. Maybe–maybe–Massachusettsans will pay attention.

    313. Mark Cali says:

      326 – Wes, just curious what Eeyore’s predictions were for VA/NJ. 🙂

    314. Marv says:

      #326 Wes,

      Yeah, I forgot about Tommy screwing up the VA and NJ races. If I recall correctly, you and I picked pretty close to the final results.

    315. Marv says:


      Why West Virginia?

    316. Wes says:

      I hope all on here who can will donate to relief for the Haitians. I’ve donated over my cell phone and plan to cut a check tomorrow.

    317. Brandon says:

      #331. Tommy’s theory is that Palin should move to West Virginia in order to run for Robert Byrd’s seat when he’s gone.

    318. Wes says:

      Mark, I was just recalling it to lighten the mood for Marv, but Tommy said Deeds would get at least 46% against McDonnell and Corzine would win.

    319. Marv says:


      I think that Sarah should stay in AK and take Begich’s seat when he is removed from office for corruption.

    320. Wes says:

      As an aside about Haiti, someone seriously needs to remind Pat Robertson of the Bible verse about the fool being counted wise when he keeps his mouth closed.

    321. Brandon says:

      Holy Crap!

      Suffolk poll has Brown up 4 over Coakley.

    322. sam says:

      Suffolk University poll:

      The poll shows Brown, a state senator from Wrentham, besting Coakley, the state’s attorney general, by 50 percent to 46 percent, the first major survey to show Brown in the lead.

    323. Harry White says:

      I saw the second half of the Perry/Hutchison debate. I think Medina won. She seemed to be willing to be creative in solving our taxation problems. EG: getting rid of the property tax and going to a sales tax exclusively. She also struck an honest note in saying that we should consider drug legalization due to the drug war not succeeding. I wonder how effective Medina would be as governor. Either Hutchison or Perry would probably be more successful than Medina at actually governing.

      As a person who has voted for Perry and Hutchison every time they have been on the ballot since 1993, I can’t see a reason to favor one over the other. Both have big negatives and some positives.

      I am undecided for March, but with happily vote for either over the D in November.

    324. Brandon says:

      Well that’s a lie from Suffolk, PPP had Brown up as well.

    325. rdelbov says:

      absolutely stuning poll-Brown is ahead.

    326. sam says:

      My prediction: Brown by 7.

    327. Phil says:

      Suffolk Poll shows Brown winning independents 65-30.

      Shows 51% of Mass voters opposed to Obamacare.

    328. Mark Cali says:

      Wes, figured as much. So based on Eeyore’s predictions vs. reality, he’s at least 5 percent off. OK, I’m feeling better about the race. But like you, will hold off on making a prediction till Monday. Suffolk poll is promising though.

    329. Wes says:

      Marv, one of Palin’s more rabid followers on here has said the Senate’s not good enough for her. According to him, only the presidency is worthwhile for her.

    330. Marv says:

      Holy Cow is right. The spirit of April 19, 1775 at Lexington and Concord, is alive and well in the Commonwealth.

    331. sam says:

      Palin is a waste in the Senate.

      Just like Hillary was a waste.

    332. rdelbov says:

      39D-15R-45 I(unenrolled in a party)

      This is kinda scary.

      91%R for Brown plus 17%D for Brown while he romps the indies by 65-30. That’s slightly behind RAS” but within the range of PPP’s numbers on indies.

      Wow and wow

      No wonder they are meeting at the whitehouse as we speak on HC

    333. Wes says:

      I’m stunned to see another poll with Brown up. If the Ras has him up, then I’m thinking we can call it.

    334. Tommy_Boy says:

      I’m happy to be the eyeore for the time being.

      Even with that Suffolk poll out, I’ll hold at 5-6 for Coakley. PPP, RAs, SurveyUSa need to weigh in.

      Brandon, Suffolk doesn’t consider PPP(D) a major pollster.

    335. D QUIXOTE says:

      Irony of ironies===That messoftwoshits of all places could actually stop this massive socialist intervention called HC reform. The kennedy corpse is beginning to spin. Unfortunately dirty dingy harry will cram it through before he could be seated.

    336. Phil says:

      Holy Crap!! That woman is beyond stupid!!

    337. Brandon says:

      Caution though, Suffolk doesn’t have a great track record as indicated here and here:

    338. theoneandonlyfinn says:




      JINX THIS!

      No bragging of huge trauncing on election day.
      No bragging or predicting the outcome.

      No laughing at Democrats.


      As faaar as we lackluster Republicans know, “no chance hell win, guess no neeed to show up on Tuuuesday” *whistling*

    339. Brandon says:

      #351. And Suffolk considers itself one when they do about one poll a month on average? Laughable.

    340. kristen says:

      Good evening, Hedgehoggers.

      Much to talk about today in AZ.

    341. Wes says:

      Coakley must be the worst candidate the Dems have fielded for the Senate in MA since 1972.

    342. Tommy_Boy says:

      Suffolk is pretty much a joke aren’t they? They could be wrong when it favors us.

      That Ras poll coming up is key. I wished we had a daily tracker for this race.

    343. Mark Cali says:

      So if Suffolk was predicting a 9 point Corzine win and the result was a 4 point Christie win, then we’re looking at 17 point Brown win? Thanks for the links, Tommy.

    344. Tommy_Boy says:

      #356 I think it’s the media bias against automated pollsters. It’s their way to discredit Rasmussen.

    345. Tommy_Boy says:


      Eh, you should thank Brandon.

    346. D QUIXOTE says:

      Perhaps that was a faked poll designed to build a fire under the coakley folks??

    347. Phil says:

      We need a SUSA poll.

    348. Mark Cali says:

      Yes, thanks to Brandon!

    349. sam says:

      “Perhaps that was a faked poll designed to build a fire under the coakley folks??”

      What Coakley folks?

      Nobody likes her, nobody.

    350. Wes says:

      Good point, Finn. Brown needs to campaign as if he’s 10 points down.

    351. Brandon says:

      A TV station needs to pay SUSA to do it, or else it’s not happening.

    352. Phil says:

      …and we need for Coakley to keep putting her foot in her mouth.

    353. ac1 says:

      Brandon everyone missed the NH D primary but their NJ poll does look really bad.

    354. Marv says:


      What is happening in AZ?

    355. Wes says:

      Kristen, will Shadegg seek higher office?

    356. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      This poll was taken MONDAY.


      Lets get a poll taken WED-THU-FRI.

    357. Brandon says:

      Well it was a three-day poll, Monday through Wednesday.

    358. D QUIXOTE says:

      What Coakley folks?

      Nobody likes her, nobody

      Comment by sam

      The ones presently being exhumed from the various “precincts”

    359. theoneandonlyfinn says:


      I stand corrected then…

      though id feel better seeing those numbers WED-THU-FRI

    360. Mark Cali says:

      373 – LOL!

      And before the attack on Catholic medical workers.

    361. Wes says:

      No problem with Coakley continuing to exhibit signs of foot-in-mouth disease.

    362. Marv says:


      Brown is a trained military officer (MA National Guard), he knows to fight like hell until the cease fire order is given. Given the fact that he is a Lt. Colonel, he’s likely to be the one to issue any order and he does not appear to be inclined to do so at this time.

    363. Wes says:

      I’m starting to think I may have to buy all those Chili’s patrons adult beverages after all.

    364. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      btw isn’t Suffolk traditionally more accurate when polling its home turf? All pollsters get something wrong from time to time, and I know their record is rough in other states, but is their local polling more accurate than, say, Research 2000?

    365. ac1 says:

      Someone tell Pat Robetson to shut up.

    366. kristen says:

      In Arizona …

      Shadegg quits. Leaves his seat, CD3 open. Many contenders: Sam Crump, Adam Driggs, Susan Bittersmith?, Barbara Leff (though she may for for treasurer), Phil Gordon, Wes Gullett, Rich Davis, Bill Gates, and, of course, Jim Waring.

      Waring announces (not yet) for Shadegg’s seat. Leaves his state senate seat open. Some of us — YES, ME — are gunning for his senate seat.

      Interestingly Waring wanted the treasurer seat, because it kept his name in the ethos until Shadegg finally quit. Now it happened. Waring will probably take the CD3 seat.

      Barbara Leff is a good candidate for Treasurer.

      And I am a good placeholder for Jim’s old Senate seat. I could hold it, learn about legislation, make connections, and then run for the House when my time is done. The current House meember — whose seat I am running for — is running for Senate. She’s good, and I respect her. But if she takes the seat now, it will count as a full term against her.

    367. ac1 says:

      The last thing we need now is for a leading conservative to say something stupid and fire up the other side.

    368. Marv says:

      If Brown wins, I might have to root for the Red Sox………….no, I refuse to do that, no matter what!!!!

    369. jason says:

      Sean Trende at RCP

      “If Scott Brown can win in Massachusetts, John Hostettler can sure as heck win in Indiana.”

    370. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

      #355 I dont think based on the overwhleming D machine and electorial edges up in MA that anyone here is really think that Brown is anything but an underdog with a chance right now….

      Despite all the positive signs, winning in MA for a R canidate is akin to a dude scaling the Grand Canyon from the bottom with no ropes lol!

      Everyone who supports Brown on here needs to keep working/donatating hard!

      The cause is THAT IMPORTANT!

      CrappyCare MUST be stopped and this may be our ONLY CHANCE to do it!

    371. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

      #383 Well my check is in the mail to ya Kristen!

      Good luck on the campaign trail!

    372. Wes says:

      Thanks for the info on Brown, Marv. It reminds me of an asinine editorial in my local newspaper that said Republicans don’t serve in the military. What an asinine statement.

    373. Marv says:


      Right off hand, I can’t think of any Republican President who has not served in a branch of the US military or National Guard or militia.

    374. Wes says:

      Robertson’s not really a conservative, Ac. He’s for Pat Robertson, and that’s about it. He’s also a moron.

    375. Tina says:

      My source is happy with how the race is going, though no polling was given to me.

    376. Tommy_Boy says:

      ICYMI: the next Senator from West Virginia on Hannity 🙂

    377. ac1 says:

      391- well yes but someone like Limbaugh can always do something stupid or something that can be taken out of context.

    378. Tommy_Boy says:

      Watch for this in the video: her saying “Democrat party” is so hilarious. I love it!

    379. Marv says:


      Are you ready change your MA senate prediction?

    380. Wes says:

      Well, all, I’ve delayed long enough. I’m off to lift some weights. Have a good night.

    381. Tommy_Boy says:


      I’m holding out my man. Suffolk seems to be one of the least trustworthy pollsters out there (and I don’t mean fixing polls or anything of that sort…just a shitty pollster).

    382. Marv says:


      The most recent RAS poll had it Brown 49-47 among Certain Voters last Monday. The Suffolk poll confirms that and shows the results of his current momentum. But, if you want to be the designation eyeore holdout, we’ll let you off the hook this time.

    383. Marv says:

      Correction: The RAS poll came out Tuesday.

    384. Tommy_Boy says:

      heh heh, I’m holding out until the next Ras one.

    385. Marv says:


      OK. Well, I’m off to watch Conan and see what he says tonight to insult his soon to be former employer. See you fine folks in the morning. God, Bless America.

    386. wheelz says:

      I think with this lastest Coakley gaffe… which
      is the worst to date although they were all pretty
      bad. The nails may be going back in those coffins
      that they were preparing to be voters.

    387. wheelz says:

      I think with this lastest Coakley gaffe… which
      is the worst to date although they were all pretty
      bad. The nails may be going back in those coffins
      that they were preparing to be voters.

    388. wheelz says:

      oops… sorry for the double post.

    389. KnightHawk says:

      332 – not a chance in hell.

    390. lisab says:

      “It’s a Good Thing for Martha Coakley That There Are No Catholics in Massachusetts” [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

    391. KnightHawk says:

      Martha told Ken that if you object to abortion and are a devout Catholic then…
      “You probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.”

      OMFG does she know she’s running for office in massachusetts? WTF?

    392. lisab says:

      “332 – not a chance in hell.”

      so you agree with pat robertson?

    393. Sir Alberto McDougalito says:

      What it will come down to in MA is what happens at the corner of 41st and Maple Street. Every election since 1901 has been decided by the way the Cooper family votes. They run an Irish deli and the matriarch has called races with clarity since her mother boiled corned beef in a pit out back. She is my source. Her name is Aggra O’Tolliver. Tomorrow I will be having lunch with my CPA and a team of high-powered tax attorney’s adept at helping me lower my tax burden. At precisely 12:05 she will whisper into my ear the result for the upcoming election. I will keep you posted. 888xxx

    394. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      when is the next rasmussen poll coming out?

    395. KnightHawk says:

      409 – What that Haiti is a cursed nation or something? haha Well yeah but not for the reasons Robertsons mentioned. I just feel no need to donate money I know the administration is already going to be doing it for me, but your welcome too donate your own.

    396. KnightHawk says:

      410 – Lol be sure and let us know how that goes.

    397. MD says:

      Robertson needs to STFU.

    398. KnightHawk says:

      411 – My guess would be this weekend if he’s going to do one, maybe Sunday night?

    399. MD says:

      Robertson needs to STFU.

    400. MD says:

      I can promise everyone that my socialist sis is going to be working for Coakley this weekend. She lives in Amherst.

    401. KnightHawk says:

      Whats amusing is that anyone deems his opinion worthy of even rebuking.

    402. KnightHawk says:

      417 – Come up with a family emergency that requires her presence. 😉

    403. Sir Alberto McDougalito says:

      Pat Robertson didn’t say Haiti was a “cursed nation”. The reporter miquoted him. Robertson said Haiti was the “first nation” to have a catasstophe in the new year.

    404. KnightHawk says:

      yeah yeah that’s the ticket. 😉

    405. Sir Alberto McDougalito says:

      Well good night HHR’s. I’ve got to be up early in morning for my polo match and the kids fed my favorite horse Mexican tonight so she’s going to be blowing mud.

    406. wheelz says:

      Coakley: “You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.” (saying catholics should not work in
      the er)

      This should keep the momentum going for Scott Brown for the
      weekend. Talk shows should be fun with this one.

    407. Tommy_Boy says:

      RAsmussen will allegedly allow a poll for only $600. We’ve got to get on this and do a HHR poll.

    408. KnightHawk says:

      423 – That should keep them dumping on her all day tomorrow, what a nice way to head into the weekend.

      424 – $600 uhh is that for a real poll or a fabricated one?

    409. phoenixrisen says:

      Sheesh, I can’t believe the Dems nominated Coakley. Guys, Scott Brown is going to win barring some monstrous gaffe. Coakley is the one that is doing all the gaffing though. The writing certainly seems to be on the wall in regards to Dem operative sources via NRO. When would Brown get sworn in IF he wins? You have to remember this is Massachusetts ya know.

    410. lisab says:

      it is telling that the press IS reporting on coaxley’s gaffes

      that is unprecedented

    411. Tommy_Boy says:


      Scott Rasmussen is the American who will do the most to prevent bar fights this year.

      The pollster’s newest venture, Pulse Opinion Research, will allow anyone to commission a scientific, nationwide poll for the price of an IKEA sofa. Have a long-lasting feud about what America really thinks about a topic? Settle it for $600.

      “Soon, anyone can go to the [Pulse] website, type in their credit card number, and run any poll that they wanted, with any language that they want,” said Rasmussen. “In effect, you will be able to do your own poll, and Rasmussen will provide the platform to ensure that the polling includes a representative national sample.”

    412. theoneandonlyfinn says:

      CrossTarget shock poll shows (through automated interviews of 950 voters)
      Brown with 15 pt lead opened against Coakley.

      yes, its biased in our favor by the sponsor but this probably cancels out R2000.

    413. Tim says:

      Here’s a video of exactly what Robertson said. I have no idea why anyone would listen to this guy.
      And, Limbaugh should have left it alone, as well. However he meant it, it didn’t come out right.

    414. lisab says:

      limbaugh’s comments came out exactly right — for what he wanted to accomplish

      dem supporters that attack him but did not attack reid for making “light skinned” remarks about obama look like complete hypocrites to non-dems, and dems who bash limbaugh just keep reminding barack and michelle obama and african americans about REID’s (and clinton’s) comments — i am quite sure the first couple would rather forget about reid and clinton

      limbaugh is also correct that the dems would almost certainly have tried to use this politically by comparing obama’s “quick action” with bush’s “slow action” on katrina when minorities were in danger — neglecting to point out that fed help went smoothly in other gulf states that had competent state and local officials …

      and now

      if the dems say anything, they will just be proving limbaugh correct while undermining obama

    415. lisab says:

      however, as i said before, while this IS a political situation as well as a humanitarian one, i am sure obama et al. are not being driven just by politics.

      and yes, limbaugh is being a jackass …

      but, the dems do not like him anyway, so it is not like he loses any votes, he is not even a politician

    416. Tim says:

      What other states? Mississippi? Went just as badly, there. Recovery has been slow. Federal response to Katrina was an absolute disaster. They blew it. No other way to look at it.
      And, Harry Reid’s stupid statement (which he should resign for) has not one thing to do with what Limbaugh said. And, I’ve no doubt that his admirers will defend him, saying it was just satire, or something. But, that doesn’t make it right.

    417. lisab says:

      actually the fed emergency response was actually great in other states, you are misinformed if you think otherwise … that is just dem talking points.

      harry reid’s AND clinton’s comment have


      to do with limbaugh’s comment.

      reid cannot resign because the dems would lose sixty votes and this would harm obama’s presidency enormously … so the dems will rally the troops to give him a pass

      which is EXACTLY why limbaugh said what he said … he knows the dems can not attack him if they allow reid to say what he said.

    418. MD says:

      Robertson is a jack ass to say something like that.

    419. KnightHawk says:

      428 – Wow that’s great!
      432 – Correct.