AL: Byrne Leads GOP Primary For Gov

    The snow is already come down in bunches and the Federal Government has already been closed for yet another day tomorrow. Ignoring the snow in the Mid-Atlantic, a polling group called Baselice & Associates, Inc. has released a new primary poll for the state of Alabama on the Republican side showing who is leading in the bid to replace the incumbent Republican Bob Riley as Governor.

    GOVERNOR – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Baselice & Associates, Inc.)
    Bradley Byrne 20%
    Roy Moore 17%.
    Tim James 8%
    Robert Bentley 4%
    Kay Ivey 3%
    Bill Johnson 2%

    The only two I have heard of out of that group are Byrne and Moore. They also collected some numbers for a 2012 Presidential primary in Alabama.

    PRESIDENT – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Baselice & Associates, Inc.)
    Mike Huckabee 33%
    Sarah Palin 23%
    Mitt Romney 12%
    Ron Paul 5%
    Tim Pawlenty 2%

    This poll was done February 3-4 among 1007 likely voters.

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    1. rdelbov says:

      Brynes seems very electable to me

    2. Brandon says:

      Starting to snow here now too.

    3. Brandon says:

      How long before Tommy Boy is around to tell us that this is great news for Sarah Palin?

    4. rdelbov says:

      The snow is good news or the AL poll.

      I can a case for or against either point but Palin is big on snow as she is from Alaska

    5. MD says:

      Well, it is Alabama and I would expect here to do well there. She does have appeal that is broader than Hucks imo, but not quite enough, at least not yet, to make her viable for 12.

      I still can’t get over her supporting Paul. Also, writing notes on your hands is a bit odd. Use index cards. I still like what she stands for and as a conservative, I think she will play an important part in the future of the GOP. She could swing numerous CD’s in the midwest and ex-burbs of mid-atlantic/northeast states to the GOP column in 10 and 12. Heaven help us if Obama is reelected in 12, then maybe 16 would be her time.

      Oh, can Meghan McCain STFU? She is just like her father – annoying. She will probably support Obama in 12.

    6. rdelbov says:

      three cheers for Memphis:

      This bandit was originally called the “mumbling bandit” as she was unable to tell the teller what her intentions were when she came into the credit union with a hootie on and a hat over most of her face.

      In a scene of out a woody Allen movie she throw a note at the teller and ran. She stumbled one-dropped her gun and ran off.

      I tell obama is taking hope and change away from everyone

    7. MD says:

      Good News – MSNBC is already in a panic over Murtha’s district.

      They are desperately trying to spin Obama’s agreement with Bush as a non-non agreement. They have made themselves into a pretzel on the issue.

      Be nice to Obama. Attend the little session and then point out that he does not want to deviate and continue to make the same points.

      Specter supports reading terrorists their rights. It is hard to believe. Well, maybe not.

    8. Tommy_Boy says:

      #4 It is great news if Huckabee isn’t running.

      If Huckabee isn’t running, she probably wins this state by 20 points in the primary.

    9. George aka Freemarketer says:


      With regards to the last thread, I had a question about Holden’s district and whe ha manages to survive (it’s hte last comment at #33).

      Thanks. -G

    10. JulStol says:

      Carney will be beaten by Marino or Derk
      Dahlkemper is gone
      Altmire loses to Mary Beth Buchanan
      Meehan wins in 7
      11 goes R
      Holden loses to Argall
      Murphy loses to Fitzpatrick

      The Montgomery County GOP has been remarkably inept at getting a candidate vs. Ally Schwartz

    11. Tommy_Boy says:


      Tea Party guy Justin Amash was going to primary him

    12. Brandon says:

      And his wife just had a heart attack.

    13. Tommy_Boy says:

      Wash Po has what appears to be a rescue poll out tonight.

    14. Jeff G. says:

      Tina #13,

      I have always been convinced that such a large portion of the American public professes to loathe Dick Cheney because he’s one of those rare politicians who has the balls to say what so many people want to believe they don’t stand for. Dick Cheney reminds us all (except for the most loony of lefties) that we are in a fight for our lives and that the War on Terror is very real and very dangerous. Thankfully, he no longer cares what people think of him, so he will continue to say what many people don’t want to hear.

    15. JulStol says:

      Any links for the State Assembly elections in new york tonight?

    16. Tina says:

      Jeff G, I agree.

    17. MD says:


      Holden is another conservative Dem although not as conservative as Carney in 10. Holden is also known for providing a high level of constituent services. That goes a long, long way. Suffice it to say that Obama will not be campaigning in his district.

      As for Justol’s comment, I still think beating Carney is a long shot. Dahlkemper, Kanjorski and Murtha’s seats are locks imo. I am 100% cetain they will go red. I am about 80% on 7. It is a blue leaning district now but the R’s have recruited an absolutely perfect candidate in Pat Meehan. I am about 65% on Altmire.

      For what I consider to be the longer shots – A 40% chance that Murphy goes down. I like Fitz and really think Bush hurt him in 06 and the people bought into Murphy’s “I am a vet” bullchit. Still, it is always difficult to beat an opponent who has already taken you out when you were an incumbent. It is not impossible but is not easy either.

      Maybe a 20% chance (or less) that Schwartz goes down. The liberals lowve her there. It is perplexing. Maybe 10% that Carney and/or Holden go down. The people in their district like them and they really are conservative on many issues.

      Still, I think a pickup of 5 with an outside chance of 6 is pretty darn good for the GOP in PA. Add on a new R Senator and Gov and that should make for a fantastic election.

      If the GOP gains 8 seats in PA, then we are looking at 1894 all over again.

    18. MD says:


      I need your rationale for why you think Argyll will take out Holden. I am curious to know your thoughts.

    19. JulStol says:


      In a word, Schuylkill County. He’s going to win there. If you win Skook, you win the district.

    20. MD says:

      I guess we can say that Fatah and Brady are safe. A 0% chance with those 2. Fatah is a committed liberal but at least is honestly wrong with his ideology. Brady is a flat out crook and was mentored by Murtha, rip.

    21. JulStol says:

      NY 89 Election Results:

      R winning so far

    22. Sharon says:

      I do like Sara Palin and the engergy she brings to the party. However, I do not think she would be a good candidate for President. Not yet anyhow. Everytime I begin to believe she is “growing up” she does something childish or immature like the “hi mom” on her hand. I can understand making notes, I have done it myself when there is no paper handy. But hi mom…..that is something my daughter and her friends use to do when they were in grammar school. She just isn’t prime time yet and I do hope the party doesn’t waste this great chance we have of getting back the WH by running her.

    23. MD says:

      Holden does well in that county especially with labor Just. Also, he has a strong and consistent record on life and guns. He seems to be tailor made for this district.

      To answer George’s question earlier, Gekas never had to actually run a contested campaign. He lost endorsements that he took for granted and Holden went into AA areas that Gekas had never set foot in as a Rep. That was a big upset at the time.

      He held off Paterno’s kid in 04 even though Bush and Cheney campaigned for him and Bush won the district easily. Holden is just one of those people. I say, let’s get him to turn!

    24. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      25. Thanks for the concern, troll.

      If you don’t get the joke she was making, then you are not bright enough to even vote. Please stay home come Nov & in 2012.

    25. MD says:

      Is that what she wrote? Really, it is not a big deal then. I was led to believe that she had notes on her hand pertaining to her speech. That serves me right for listening to the msm.

      I actually don’t mind someone expressing some love for their mother.

      I still am not happy with the Paul support.

    26. MD says:


      You don’t know Sharon. She is one of the most conservative posters on this board and one of the classiest as well.

      You could take a lesson or 2 from her.

    27. MD says:

      Why does anyone watch MSNBC? OK, I understand that 800,000 lesbians need something to do at 9 PM but what is everyone else’s excuse?

      Why do I think an arrest is in Olby’s near future. Just a hunch.

    28. JulStol says:


      Paterno’s kid was an awful campaigner. Argall was not (I don’t like Argall, I just think he’ll win)

      We won NY 89. Looks like we’re taking NY 3 too

    29. Brandon says:

      Anyone who doesn’t worship Sarah Palin is a troll?

      And she had notes written on her hand. The “hi mom” was something on a different day to make fun of the press making a huge deal about the notes on her hand the time before.

    30. AlN says:

      #25, Sharon:
      I both agree and disagree with you on Sarah Palin. I agree that she should not run for President in 2012. If she does, she will lose badly and she will use up her one chance to win the Presidency. She’ll never be heard from again.

      But I don’t think the problem is that she’s not ready. I think she is. I just don’t think the country is ready for her. She needs some time to pass from the unfair “I can see Russia from my house” image of 2008 and the image of quitting the governorship after only 3 years. If she let time pass and spent that time building her resume, showing that she is a serious, knowledgeable person, she could be well positioned for a serious run in either 2016 or better yet, 2020.

    31. jason says:

      BPL thinks anybody that doesn’t agree with him is a troll. Not only a troll, a “concern troll”. If Obama was a right-winger, he would be fainting at his rallies.

    32. MD says:


      Why isn’t Bruce Castor running in 13? A friend of mine told me that he is making serious dough with a law firm and has his eye on Casey’s seat in 12. This friend knows him so it may be true. What do you think?

    33. AlN says:

      #27: Sharon, let me warn you about BPL. If you disagree with him in the slightest, he will turn on you and insult you.

      In fact one of his heroes is the King of Insults, Don Rickles. He adores fat bald guys, like Mark Levin.

    34. George aka Freemarketer says:

      Well, with 94% in that seat and a 12 point lead, you can probably call it. Doesn’t mean much with the lopsided majority the Dems have in NY, but it is encouraging to see a seat flip that was unopposed just a year and some change ago. Westchester is no conservative bastion, but we did win the Exec race handily in November if I recall.

    35. MD says:

      I was a lib troll to BPL. I have been called a ton of things on this board but I never expected to be called that. Pro-life, anti-gun control, anti gov regulation, less taxes, pro-business, strong defense, etc…

      Where did I go wrong? How did I become so liberal?!!

    36. MD says:


      I LOVE Rickles. I saw his show in Vegas 3 years ago at the Stardust and he sat next to my wife, looked at me, then looked back at my wife and said,

      “Your kidding right? Tell me this is a joke. I am going to kill myself right here if I find out you two really are married”.

      He then asked me my nationality. I said Italian and Irish. He said, “Oh that’s just great. When you mix a Dago with a Mic, you get someone who wants to beat somebody up but is always to drunk to remember who”.

      It was awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire show.

    37. George aka Freemarketer says:

      MD, you may have, at one point in your life, said something remotely pleasant about John McCain in an alternate dimension removed from the space-time continuum. That might make you a RINO.

    38. JulStol says:


      I could see Bruce running against Casey.

      Gerlach and Dent both have their eyes on that.

      Bruce would be the “Conservative” in that race.

    39. George aka Freemarketer says:

      There are some great Rickles clips on Youtube, particularly from the Dean Martin roasts (there’s one of Reagan in there that’s pretty good), and then also at Reagan’s 2nd Inaugural (he made a joke about Webster aka Emmanuel Lewis about being one black kid who’d never grow up to play basketball; the comment section for that video is all abuzz about that line).

    40. Sharon says:

      27…You are wrong and if you had been on this site for any length of time you would know that I am not a Troll….just one of many that feel she is not ready. I voted for McCain and if she is the candidate I will certainly vote for her over Obama. I just don’t think she is ready and if that makes me a troll in your opinion then so be it.

    41. Sharon says:

      MD….thank you very much.

    42. MD says:


      I was 100% against McCain in the primaries but had no option but to support him in the general because I really did not want feel good about electing an actual Marxist as POTUS.


      Gerlach and Dent are my least favorite R congressman in PA. I really think Gerlach’s hopes of higher office ended with the aborted run for Gov. Maybe he does not realize that.

      As for Dent, well, I am not a big fan but he is better than any Dem.

    43. AlN says:

      43. No Sharon, disagreeing with the Almighty BPL is what makes you a troll.

      39. Actually, MD, I like Rickles too. His voice was great in the Toy Story movies (he was Mr. Potato Head, the funniest character).

      I just figured that BPL must like fat bald guys. Then again, maybe he just likes guys with an AFLAC duck voice. I’ll bet he’s a big fan of Gilbert Godfried too.

    44. Sharon says:

      AIN….Perhaps you are correct. I never thought about it in that light. I agree, that after time passes she would be a wonderful candidate but my gut feeling is that 2012 is just too soon.

    45. MD says:

      My pleasure Sharon. You have true conservative principals and never have a cross word for another poster. That is truly the definition of on-line class IMO. Something I certainly have not lived up to myself on numerous occassions.

    46. JulStol says:


      His right hand guy says no, he will not run against Baby Casey

    47. MD says:

      Rickles is also a patriot btw.

    48. MD says:

      I guess he is making too much money to go back into the public sector. Hard to blame him.

    49. JulStol says:


      He’s a MontCo County Commissioner

    50. Mike M says:

      #25 Sharon- I’m in your corner, and also recently had my “hat handed to me” by BPL for sharing similar sentiments about a potential Palin candidacy. I’ve been called many things in my life, but nothing cuts to the core as an accusation of being a “liberal troll, funded by George Soros and his gang”. I’ve lived every day of my 46+ years as a staunch conservative, openly weeping when the networks called the election for Reagan in November 1980.

    51. Howard Dean says:

      What is wrong with Mark Levin?

    52. Tommy_Boy says:

      Has Ras got Pulse Opinion REsearch up yet?

    53. JulStol says:

      Looks like R’s win 3 of 4 Assembly seats

    54. Howard Dean says:

      350 more people to lose their jobs thanks to Reid and Obama.

      Ritz-Carlton to close 5-diamond Las Vegas hotel in May


    55. Howard Dean says:

      Thanks to the SEIU too!

    56. MD says:


      My only issue with Levin (who I agree with 90% of the time) is all of the shots he takes at Beck for his buddy Hannity who is too afraid to atake on Beck directly.

    57. AlN says:

      What is wrong with Mark Levin?
      Comment by Howard Dean — February 9, 2010 @ 10:19 pm

      He can be OK, but his AFLAC-duck voice cracks me up! When I listen to him, I spend the whole time imitating him, “Get outta here!”

      Those who like him, worship him — such as BPL. To them, Levin is a “constitutional scholar” and you are scum if you don’t likewise worship him.

    58. AlN says:

      My only issue with Levin (who I agree with 90% of the time) is all of the shots he takes at Beck for his buddy Hannity who is too afraid to atake on Beck directly.
      Comment by MD — February 9, 2010 @ 10:37 pm

      Actually, I really liked what Levin said about Beck’s ultra-stupid comments that “McCain would be worse than Obama”.

    59. Tommy_Boy says:

      Ted Kaufman is such a tool. If they had appointed someone other than a party hack like Kaufman, their chances would be a lot better in Delaware.

    60. DrJay says:

      Here are the results for the republican-held seat:

      District 15:

    61. Jim B. says:

      MD, JulStol, & George–RE Tim Holden (PA-17)

      I would have said the odds of beating Holden are slim, considering how he’s entrenched himself in the district & is a God in Schuylkill Co. I’d have thought Dave Argall could cut him down to maybe 60% in Schuylkill instead of his usual 80%, but it would still be a big uphill race in the district.

      But the R’s did a poll a couple of months ago, on the basis of which Argall got into the race. The most amazing finding was that 70% of the likely voters knew who Nancy Pelosi was (I would have thought it would be about 20%) and of that 70%, exactly TEN percent had a positive view of her, 60% a negative view.

      they did some push questions on both candidates (pay raise & pension vote for Argall, for instance), & after the push questions the race was essentially even. On the basis of those findings & Argall’s ability to raise big money, I’d say there’s a bit less than a 50-50 shot to win the district. But even if we don’t get Holden this time, he’ll be scared enough that he might welcome the chance to be redistricted into Kanjorski’s district thinking he would win a primary there. Argall would then be the leading candidate to run in the reconfigured 17th as an open district.

    62. MD says:

      Good points Jim. I was actually not aware of that poll and I try to follow all that stuff in PA.

    63. Bunu says:

      Nice to see 5% of the voters still there to piss off Mark Levin.

    64. AlN says:

      Thanks for reminding me, Bunu. Another good thing about Mark Levin is that he hates Ron Paul!

      Hey, I’m starting to like this guy more and more.

    65. Bunu says:

      AIN- these two work together at the same radio station and dislike each oother.

      Southern Avenger: Why Mark Levin hates Glen Beck