CA: Campbell Within 2% Of Boxer

    The big poll news today is the latest poll for the California US Senate race from Scott Rasmussen that shows Republican Tom Campbell within 2% of Senator Barbara Boxer.

    US SENATE – CALIFORNIA (Rasmussen)
    Barbara Boxer (D-inc) 43%
    Tom Campbell (R) 41%

    Barbara Boxer (D-inc) 46%
    Chuck DeVore (R) 40%

    Barbara Boxer (D-inc) 46%
    Carly Fiorina (R) 40%

    This poll was done March 11th among 500 likely voters. Public Policy Polling has primary election numbers on the US Senate race in North Carolina.

    Richard Burr (inc) 58%
    Brad Jones 5%
    Eddie Burks 4%
    Larry Linney 1%

    Elaine Marshall 20%
    Cal Cunningham 16%
    Ken Lewis 11%
    Susan Harris 4%
    Marcus Williams 2%
    Ann Worthy 0%

    This poll was done March 12-15 among 420 Democratic and 311 Republican likely primary voters. Speaking of US Senate primaries, Scott Rasmussen released numbers for the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania showing Arlen Specter ahead of Joe Sestak by double digits.

    Arlen Specter (inc) 48%
    Joe Sestak 37%

    This poll was done March 15th among 481 likely voters.

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    353 Responses to “CA: Campbell Within 2% Of Boxer”

    1. Apologetic California says:

      Yeah baby! Suck it flyovers! 😀

    2. Brandon says:


    3. Phil says:

      Anxious to see what Ras has for Toomey – Specter later today. I believe his last poll 5 wks ago had Specter trailing by 47-39.

    4. Brandon says:

      I think the general election matchups will be out tomorrow morning.

    5. Phil says:

      Ok, it should be worth the wait.

    6. Pitchaboy says:

      Obama running to fox. Vote delayed. Is the fat lady clearing her throat another time?

    7. Phil says:

      Obama running to FOX?


    8. Brandon says:

      The Prez will be on Bret Baier’s show tomorrow night.

    9. Chekote says:

      I feel like we are descending into anarchy.

    10. Chekote says:

      How much longer will the Dems paralyze the country over HC reform?

    11. Phil says:

      I’ve said repeatedly that Obama’s approval number is bleeding whites. He’s at 37% approval among whites now. His minority number hasn’t moved one bit.

      If he’s going to stop the bleeding among whites he HAS to reach them. FOX is the obvious vehicle to do that. His people can read their poll crosstabs.

    12. phoenixrisen says:

      #6 Whoa!

    13. phoenixrisen says:

      Sounds like the Dem congressmen are telling Obama “Sorry, our constituents say no. We want to keep our jobs.” Obama getting more desperate.

    14. Gary Maxwell says:

      How about “sorry, but we dont have armored cars to travel in our districts.”

    15. Yolanda says:

      On MD: Possible that Ehrlich is floating a trial balloon? Rumors were that Mikulski was wavering on whether she wanted to run again in November. She’d have to be considered the favorite, at least at this point, in a matchup with Ehrlich, but it wouldn’t be the cakewalk she’s experienced in the past.

      Ehrlich might be hoping he can nudge Mikulski into retiring. If she doesn’t, he probably won’t run?

    16. Phil says:

      phoenix, that’s the way I interpret it as well. All you have to do is look at the history of these people. When they think they can get what they want they never, make any overtures to our side. Cap & trade is an example. The entire year long history of Obamacare is another.

      Now he suddenly pops up on the demon FOX channel?

      What does that tell you.

    17. julstol says:

      Anti ObamaCare rally was FAIL. 400-500 people showed up

    18. Phil says:

      …..and still double the number that showed up for the President of the United States yesterday.


    19. Marv says:


      Obama had 200 people at his rally in Ohio yesterday.

    20. Marv says:


      What is you source for the DC crowd?

    21. Tommy_Boy says:


      What’s the source for the vote being delayed

    22. Kristen says:

      Tommy = look at Drudge.

    23. Marv says:


      Have you studied up on Arizona war heroes and sports teams?

    24. Dianna N. Collingsford says:

      But if Obamacares (TM) is delayed (in an effort for President Obama to extend a bipartisan hand) even a few more days, what will happen to my beloved puppy?!

    25. Marv says:

      You should have your pets spayed or neutered.

    26. Kristen says:

      Marv — Not yet. (Hanging head in shame.) But I will. Promise.

      Looks like healthcare needs a defibrillator.

    27. Marv says:


      Yes, looks like Obamacare may be in a state of difficulty right now.

    28. Ellie Light says:

      Finally, the country is heeding the words of our miraculous leader. True, significant health insurance reform is but mere days away.

      Thank Heaven above!

    29. Gary Maxwell says:

      I see DNC has returned ( RDEL? )!!!

    30. Gary Maxwell says:

      Altmire sounding like a no, and I am sure he will hear from his constituents!

      Altmire, a pro-life Democrat, told Fox News in an interview Tuesday that he remains concerned about the cost of the bill as well as its current language on abortion.

      “There’s definitely a lot of anxiety about this bill,” said Altmire. “I’m not gonna cast a vote that my constituents are not comfortable with.”

    31. Tommy_Boy says:

      Gallup: 48/44

    32. tanda says:


      I still have Altmire as lean no. Per Jay Cost analysis, this guy likes the media face time but is positioning himself for a no vote.

    33. pitchaboy says:

      The bill is going down and Obama is running to mommy(Fox) to show his centrist colors and makeone last pitch. I hope Bret does not throw him lollipops. Fox has been a huge problem for him, they could even get the country to understand Slaughter rule. Without Fox and talk radio this monster would have been law a while ago.

    34. Gary Maxwell says:

      The rally at the capitol has not even kicked off yet, Justol must have been reporting on one of the dozens of other protests being held at in district offices of congressmen.

    35. pitchaboy says:

      Guys like Altimire were shouting no while hoping for a Slaughter yes. Looks like that is getting unlikely; they need to put up or shut up.

    36. Gary Maxwell says:

      Altmire looks like a worm to me, his body language says he wants to vote yes, but that district will filet him if he does. He just wrote his opponents signs for the campaign though. Anyone who is at all not comfortable with the plan and that will be a majority in his district without any doubt, will be reminded of how the weasel said this and then stuck it in their eye. He might as well resign if he votes yes.

    37. mnw says:

      I can’t believe that as many as 37% of whites still like him, personally. Who the hell ARE the 37%? Prison inmates & ACORN employees?

      If the DEMS are re-approaching even “hard no” DEMs, I guess I better pester poor Skelton again.

    38. Gary Maxwell says:


      Ever been to Haight Asbury? How about the upper Eastside of Manhatten? Any college campuses? There are your white voters, who like Zero.

    39. Chekote says:

      Those idiots are going to pass something. I just can’t imagine them not holding a vote or spending so many months on this with NOTHING to show.

    40. Chekote says:

      GEN. PETRAEUS: I believe the time has come to consider a change to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But I think it should be done in a thoughtful and deliberative matter that should include the conduct of the review that Secretary Gates has directed that would consider the views in the force on the change of policy. It would include an assessment of the likely effects on recruiting, retention, morale and cohesion and would include an identification of what policies might be needed in the event of a change and recommend those polices as well.

    41. mnw says:

      Never been to the Hate. Long time since I was in upper Eastside– 1984, in fact. College campuses? Limited exposure. I walk my dog at one.

      DEMs must be sweating BBs that in off-year elections, AAs & college students aren’t gonna show up. WE are. By “we” I mean grumpy old white men, & GOW women too.

    42. Erich says:

      And me! A young GOP voter 🙂

    43. Chekote says:


      They might get pissed off at the fact that Obama is forcing them to buy insurance.

    44. Chekote says:

      This whole HC reform is just insane.

    45. bonncaruso says:

      Toss the CA poll. In a state where both candidates have unbelievably high name recognition, having both of them in the low 40s is ridiculous. Once again, Rasmussen sees “undecideds” that absolutely no other pollster sees, but he only sees them in blue states. hmmmm….


      Unemployment worsens in Spokane and statewide

      The Spokesman-Review Print

      The unemployment rates for Spokane County and Washington took unexpected steps backward in February, rising to 11.2 percent and 10.4 percent respectively, the state Employment Security Department said today.

      Washington lost 22,000 jobs compared with January, Spokane 2,280, as construction shed another 3,200 jobs. Retail and financial trades added 400 jobs each.

      The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate climbed to 9.5 percent from a revised 9.3 percent for January.

    47. bartman says:

      I don’t know if anyone has done this yet this year but its March Madness time again.

      Anybody that wants to join a bracket competition among the Hedgehog folks go here:

      I’ll try to keep an update going out here if anybody is interested.

    48. phoenixrisen says:

      Whoa….Altmire now sounding like no?? Clyburn must be panicking.

    49. DrJay says:

      The last three polls of this race on RCP:

      Boxer vs Campbell
      PPIC: 45-41
      Kos: 47-43
      Ras: 43-41

    50. Phil says:

      yeah, that RAS is a Republican hack. He obviously is cooking the books in blue states. Republicans couldn’t possibly be competitive in those places. Right, Senator Coakley?

    51. Marv says:

      Obama orders US military to take down “Old Glory”.

    52. Brandon says:

      Q7 Would you be more or less likely to vote for
      Congressman Etheridge if he votes for the
      health care reform bill? If more likely, press 1.
      If less likely, press 2. If it would make no
      difference, press 3.
      More Likely 36%
      Less Likely 47%
      No Difference 17%

      Q7 Would you be more or less likely to vote for
      Congressman Shuler if he votes for the health
      care reform bill? If more likely, press 1. If less
      likely, press 2. If it would make no difference,
      press 3.
      More Likely 36%
      Less Likely 51%
      No Difference 13%

    53. Wes says:

      Ah, Bonncaruso is back. I’m sure a lot of Californians know who Campbell is since he last ran for office a decade ago. Boxer is an increasingly unpopular Senator running in a year bad for her party. No chance she might be hemorrhaging votes.

    54. Gary Maxwell says:

      Bonncaruso = drive by prog. He never stays around to defend his drivel and as can be seen right above, Dr. Jay just destroyed his whole premise. Next.

    55. Marv says:


      How goes it today?

    56. Wes says:

      All right, Marv. You?

    57. DrJay says:

      PPP NC-2 Etheridge

      HC support: 37-53
      federal or state reg of Health insurance: 28-48

      Would you be more or less likely to vote for
      Congressman Etheridge if he votes for the
      health care reform bill?


      Regardless of how Congressman Etheridge
      himself votes, if the Democrats in Congress
      pass health care reform would that make you
      more or less likely to vote for Congressman


      So, if you vote against the bill that passes, you will do worse than if you vote for the bill that passes (presumedly due to the base?). This has got to be the wrangling going on right now… if the bill looks to pass, then everyone should jump on… so if Pelosi does not have the votes, she should still make it look like she does, or will.

    58. Gary Maxwell says:

      Federal Reserve leaves rates as is, and says:

      Pace of U.S. recovery to be “moderate for a time”

      We need a government focused on jobs, not nonsense.

    59. Gary Maxwell says:

      PPP surveyed “voters” so its a registered voter poll. What do you think the likely voter screen in NC does to those numbers? It wont be anything Heath or Ethridge wants to hear I can assure you.

    60. julstol says:

      I was there

    61. Dianna N. Collingsford says:

      The only reason to oppose Obamacare is racism, pure and simple. I mean, it will lower costs, increase quality, cut waste, balance the budget, increase coverage to all Americans plus puppies and malnourished Third World children, and give you minty fresh breath. What’s to oppose?!

    62. Marv says:


      What did you end up doing, the e-book or hard copy?

    63. Phil says:

      Yeah, this is a beef I’ve had with PPP. “Voters” is misleading. He’s surveying “registered voters” not “likely”. It’s the likely voters you need to worry about if you are a Democrat and those numbers are REALLY going to look ugly. “Voters” is misleading and I suspect it’s deliberate in Jensen’s case.

    64. Phil says:

      Just read the Washington Post editorial on the Slaughter method. Man, if they are ripping it how does Nancy think she’s gonna sell it?

      Bravo for once to the Washington Post.

    65. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

      arr crappyCare bites donkey pizzle

    66. Marv says:

      Rush just reported that Steny Hoyer came out and said that the Democrats do not have the votes for Obamacare.

    67. Marv says:

      “The Washington Post” is my favorite Sousa march.

    68. rdelbov says:

      Reid & Pelosi are having a hard time coming up with a bill to use in the reconciliation process. They cannot get the numbers to work-actually they are still writing it. Follow this timeline and believe not every congressmen in DC is a complete fool.

      1. Scott Brown gets elected on 01-19-2010 and that was actually the day that Obama-Pelosi-Reid were to announce their HC agreement to sort the differences between the house & senate bill.

      2. Once James Webb then Bayh said no HC stuff until Brown gets sworn in we heard about reconciliation. In there was several reports that dozens of house & senate staffers were working long and days plus weekends to get a bill ready for reconciliation. Thousands of man hours went in to this effort. This talk started on or about 01-20-2010.

      3. Today is 03-16-2010 –55 days after 01/20-2010–and where is the bill for reconcilation? Still waiting. This leads any congressmen who is not a peabrain to realize that reconciliation was a hoax and that Pelosi/Reid do not have a plan B to deal with Brown.

      So now finally without enough peabrains to pass the senate bill without the threat of reconciliation the leaders are actually trying to produce a document suitable for this purpose. This last minute of ajoke effort gives you an idea of what the democrat plan was and is.

      Pass the darn senate bill and say HC is done.

    69. rdelbov says:

      Can I say that Boxer is in trouble. If she actually campaigns she could lose. To know Boxer, unless you are ultra lib, is to dislike her

    70. phoenixrisen says:

      #67 Marv, is Hoyer conceding defeat or is he just saying they don’t have them yet. I think Rush is alluding to the Hill article where Hoyer is trying to justify the Slaughter solution.

    71. Marv says:

      #71 phoenix,

      Perhaps, I haven’tit researched further, I just heard it on Rush a few minutes ago. Snerdley talked into his ear.

    72. phoenixrisen says:

      Good move by Romney today in endorsing Haley for governor in South Carolina. That will play big with the conservative bloc there and could dramtically improve his chances in the primary there in 2012.

    73. Marv says:

      Romney would be in pretty good position to garner the nomination if he were to win in the Palmetto State. He better have his “Confederate flag” answer all ready to go.

    74. rdelbov says:

      Marv +10 oh the pain-that’s brutal

    75. Tommy_Boy says:


      How so? Haley is polling pretty poorly there.

    76. Marv says:

      Speaker of the House John Boehner. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. House Majority Whip Mike Pence. I’m feeling better already.

    77. Diogenes says:

      Every step hoyer makes undermines Pelosi. She needs the wavering dems to believe she has the votes. Hoyer will be the minority leader in November and Pelosi will be gone. She will probably retire after her next term to save face. Her chance will be gone.

    78. phoenixrisen says:

      Tommy, doesn’t matter. Other conservative blogs have been high on Haley, particularly Redstate. This will give Haley a lot more visibility. I like the move because it is gutsy and could pay off big if Haley becomes governor. No other GOP gubernatorial candidate there can claim that big of an endorsement.

    79. KnightHawk says:

      “Obama refuses to campaign for Dems voting NO on healthcare…”

      This guy is clueless, it’s not a punishment but a reward at this point you ego maniac.

      Barry on Fox = Smells like desperation; Brett better not throw softballs.

    80. phoenixrisen says:

      #80 Dio, great point!!! I didn’t think of that. You’re right. Pelosi has been trying to create phantom momentum but the pushback with the phone calls lighting up those congressional offices as all but killed that move. That wouldn’t surprise me.

    81. phoenixrisen says:

      KH, I agree. Axelrod, Gibbs, Pelosi, they are such bluffers 🙂

    82. Phil says:

      No campaign appearance by Obama?

      In my state I’m sure Chet Edwards will feel crushed.

    83. B.H. Obama says:

      I will not campaign for any Hedgehogers who oppose HCR.

    84. B.H. Obama says:

      I will not campaign in Oklahoma for Dan Boren if he votes no.

    85. Chekote says:


      I think any Dem who votes against Obmacare doesn’t want Obama anywhere near anyway. What an empty threat!

    86. Brandon says:

      #87. I doubt Dan Boren even voted for you anyway.

    87. KnightHawk says:

      80 – Exactly he’s trying to maintain a level of credibility as he positions for the future, apparently not quite as stupid a mrs.piggy.

    88. Tommy_Boy says:

      Eh, I think Huckabee is a bigger endorsement in South Carolina.

    89. bonncaruso says:

      What you call the “Slaughter Rule” – which is of course a play on words, is actually called the “Self-Executing Rule”. Here is a very brief description and history of said rule. It is absolutely legal and was used in congress during Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43.

    90. Tommy_Boy says:

      Shaftan is not a fan of Christie.

    91. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

      #69 The point is to NOT pass the Senate bill!

      The Senate bill shafts us with CrappyCare…..

    92. Diogenes says:

      Hoyer and Ryan have also been complimenting each other. Hoyer’s site talks a lot about dealing with the deficit. Ryan has made it a centerpiece of his term. I’m sure Ryan is getting a bump in leadership when the GOP takes the house in November.

      Undoubtedly there will be a combination of tax increases and spending cuts (slanted to spending cuts if the GOP is in control to get things under control). If Hoyer is the leader of the dems then it would likely go a long way towards getting a quick solution to our deficit problems.

      Reid is gone anyways. I wonder who will be the leader of the dems when he is gone? I would have figured before they would nominate one of their leading “conservative” dems to help protect his seat but that didn’t work all to well for Reid or Daschle did it?

    93. Chekote says:

      New Jersey Governor Proposes Steep Spending Cuts

      Upending the priorities of his Democratic predecessors, Governor Christie unveiled a budget that would hit the poor, elderly, schoolchildren, college students and inner-city residents hardest, while largely sparing the wealthy and businesses.

      Sounds more like an editorial instead of the reporting piece it claims to be.

    94. gameboy says:

      Anyone know the answer to this?

      If the house passes a package deeming the Senate Bill passed, then the Senate says F you to the fixes, is the original Senate Bill then the law of the land?

    95. rdelbov says:

      Ides of March–Think of Hoyer, Schumer. Durbin and Van Hoellen in tunics.

      Its subtle but Pelosi & Reid are back stabbed on a daily basis


      Times Says It Will Cut 100 Newsroom Jobs


      The New York Times plans to eliminate 100 newsroom jobs — about 8 percent of the total — by year’s end, offering buyouts to union and non-union employees, and resorting to layoffs if it cannot get enough people to leave voluntarily, the paper announced on Monday.

      The program mirrors one carried out in the spring of 2008, when the paper erased 100 positions in its newsroom, though other jobs were created, so the net reduction was smaller. That round of cuts included some layoffs of journalists — about 15 to 20, though The Times would not disclose the actual figure — which was the first time in memory that had happened.

      The paper has made much deeper reductions in other, non-newsroom departments, where layoffs have occurred several times. But the advertising drop that has pummeled the industry has forced cuts in the news operation as well. The newsroom already has lowered its budgets for freelancers and trimmed other expenses, and employees took a 5 percent pay cut for most of this year.

    97. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

      #92 Creative redefinition of “legal” eurosocialist – WTF else is a statist going to say since they want to impose their edicts on everyone? They havent cared about the Constitution or laws for years…

      Please take the propaganda back to KOS

    98. Chekote says:

      The result would likely mean considerably higher property taxes for most homeowners, at least in the short term, as local governments try to make up for the slashed state funds. But Governor Christie is also proposing constitutional amendments and legislation to cap property taxes and spending at the local, county and school-district level.

      Bravo Christie. Put caps on taxation and make the pols live within their means.

    99. KnightHawk says:

      92 – Actually it’s democrats who termed it the “Slaughter Rule” weeks ago. Bonncaruso can you tell us what other major legislation any where near this large, and not supported by the public, that was passed using the slaughter rule?

    100. Phil says:

      Yep bonncaruso, that convinces me. I’m sold.

      Now try ramming this POS through using this process.

      Problem is, you can’t even convince the Washington Post. LOL

    101. KnightHawk says:

      101 – Well at least it will drive the tax issue to the local level.

    102. Chekote says:


      I am sure they Senate and the House will agree on the “fixes” before voting on anything.

    103. Tommy_Boy says:

      “The result would likely mean considerably higher property taxes for most homeowners”

      Is this what Shaftan is talking about?

    104. Chekote says:


      Of course, the first thing the local pols will do is threaten to cut police and firemen. That’s their trick to scare people into higher taxes.

    105. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

      #97 According to the Unconstitutional Slaughter rule – YES

      Which is the point, all the Democrats crave is a HC takeover to give them polical power and control over your lives….

      The Senate bill gives the government complete control over HC – it has compulsary insurance purchase as specified by the govt, tens of millions in new medical welfare dependents via subsidies and 150 new rationing/regulatory agencies – its single payer/govt run HC in all but name….

      Their will never be a Recon “fix” as their is no need for it right now – why take the short term politcal hit when you have achieved your takeover?

      Nope, the “fixes” are just another diversions for the media, KOSers, and the public to be distracted from the real action…

    106. Brandon says:

      #106. Shaftan is an idiot. He’s still bitter Lonegan lost the primary.

    107. KnightHawk says:

      107 – Both are typically overpaid.

    108. bartman says:

      Anybody that wants to join an NCAA bracket competition among the Hedgehog folks go here:

      I’ll try to keep an update going out here if anybody is interested

    109. david says:

      Thanks, bartman

    110. sam says:

      If they pass HC by using Slaughter rules, they can repeal HC by Slaughter rules when Republicans take Congress in November.

      Just “deem” passage of HC repeal without any votes.

      Then “deem” impeachment of Obama without any votes.

      The, a week later, “deem” impeachment of Biden without any votes.

      Presto, President Boehner.

    111. Gary Maxwell says:

      Have you seen the mocking going on throughout the blogosphere on the House deeming something done? Its too funny. Here are a few examples the WaPo was able to gather:

      @mkhammer: Good news. I #deem my work-out for the day already done even though I’ve sat on my tuchus all morning.

      @stevelutes Instead of filing a 1040, just gonna send a note to IRS #deem my taxes paid in full. #tcot

      @rightinillinois: I #deem that I can print my own money

      @Rschrim I hearby #deem my clothes clean. Whew I’m glad that’s over with. I hated the thought of doing all that laundry.

      @WordMarvin I #deem there is always money in the account to cover my checks

      @jslemrod i #deem my term papers finished

      @cprater: RT @runedart: I’ve decided to #deem all my bills paid this month.

      Withering and wicked mocking. The Democrats are fools in their own cooked up farce! hahahahaha

    112. tanda says:

      Where’s the CBO score?

    113. mnw says:

      I am Carnac.

      Carson: “The Lascaux Caverns!” What is the question?

      McMahon: (opens envelope & reads) “Where should Obama go if he wants to help other Democrats?”

    114. MD says:

      Specter wins big service union backing

      Guess who is now going to be in favor of card check?

    115. Marv says:


      Have you noticed that the Army never gets enough credit for the victory over Japan in the Pacific War. The Marines have always gotten most of the credit for it.

    116. MD says:

      Look out! The R candidate for CD 12 in PA is a class 5 clinger.

    117. MD says:

      Yes Marv although the very nature of the island hopping did place a much greater emphasis on them and the Navy.

      I know for a fact they would like to take credit for Europe as well but have not found a way to justify that.

      Naturally, according to every Marine I know (and love, kind of), Vietnam was a failure of political AND Army leadership.

      If we had won outright, they would be looking for credit there as well.

    118. Tina says:

      Do not believe that he is close to B for CA.


    119. MD says:

      Holden in CD 17 is getting a far left primary challenger. However, the fact that the “candidate” does not have a campaign manager is what we in, uh, the political game call bad news.

    120. rdelbov says:


      I often say that geography is destiny and in politics its so often the case. The War in the pacific was no exception.

      The MacArthur -Southern route lended itself to the strategy of island skipping or skipping around fortified bases. The landings were much less intense-for the most part-casualties were high but one a day to day basis-not as bad as the route the Marines took.

      In a real sense the second stage of WWII started right at Guadacanal(with Midway being the end of the 1st stage). The Marines were placed there by geography or timing or destiny or whatever. MacArthur was Aussie based and would have had to backtrack to GCanal.

      So the Marines started up that outer/Norhtern line. A lot fewer places to skip-as it lots of Ocean and what not. Places just had to be taken and the battles tended to be brutal.

      Not to mention post say 1955 Historians tended to dislike MacArthur-even Manchester who wrote what I consider a good bio-and thus gave the Army side of the war less glory.

    121. MD says:

      Mac was extremely easy to dislike.

    122. Wes says:

      I bought the hard copy, Marv.

    123. rdelbov says:


      you know this better then I do but that part of PA is “deerhunter” country. Blue collar types with their guns.

      Some good news about that race but right now politics is all about HC

    124. mnw says:

      I gotta disappear for a few hours. Looks like today is shaping up as a pretty good day, Obamacare-wise. Phones must be shivering their timbers.

    125. Marv says:


      More than half of the Navy football team will be commissioned as Marine 2nd Lts. Most of them are linemen, linebackers, and fullbacks. (figures)

    126. Phil says:

      Altmire interviewed on Hannity. Well, I give him credit for going on Hannity’s show. He agreed that the process sucks and with all of Hannity’s criticisms of the bill. He also said his main consideration would be the will of his constituents. Still, try as he might, and he tried like hell, he couldn’t get Altmire to commit to a no. Sounded like a no but wouldn’t categorically say “no”.

    127. Marv says:

      #123 rdelbov,

      Good synopsis.

    128. DW says:

      Anything that is not a straightforward NO is really going to turn out to be a Yes. This guy was using Hannity to try get the message out there that he is against it, but isn’t really. NO is a pretty easy word to say when you are against something.

    129. MD says:

      Holden has a very strange district and he winds up being the perfect congressman for his district. By and large it is a socially conservative, pro-life, pro-union district. While the union big shots publicly support Obamacare, the rank and file (especially in non-service related unions where members actually posess brain cells) oppose Obamacare as Scott Brown proved.

      The funny thing is that I believe the R’s will control the entire state legislature after the next elections and will redistrict the 17th out of existence. Chunks can be placed into what is currently 19, 9 and 5, all solid R.

    130. Wes says:

      The GOP tried redistricting Holden out of a job once before, MD. It didn’t work out all that well for them.

    131. MD says:


      This time it will. Trust me. Holden is good but not that good.

    132. phoenixrisen says:

      Rdel, got a present for ya. Phil Klein answers your question on the yet to be released House bill.

    133. Marv says:


      Current thoughts on Obamacare prospects in the House?

    134. Phil says:

      Stupak says he has 12 definite nos. He’s lost two but says he picked up two others. If that’s true Obamacare loses.

      Let Altmire vote yes then and cut his own throat in November.

      Best of both worlds.

    135. Gary Maxwell says:

      How does Altmire ever reconcile anything other than NO, given the obvious will of his constituents? He is praying that someone else puts a slug into this horse, and he does not have to incur the wrath of San Fran Nan. That is why he is bobbing and weaving in my opinion.

    136. Wes says:

      It’s not passing, Marv. Bank on it.

    137. Tommy_Boy says:


      Unfortunately, if someone is unwilling to give a straight no at this moment, it doesn’t seem likely that person is going to go ahead and vote no.

    138. MD says:

      The far left fringe, such as it is, in his district, is pissed beyond reason. They will not vote against him in a general but they won’t turn out for him either. This could allow Dave Argall, a state senator to pull off an upset. Difficult but not totally impossible.

    139. Gary Maxwell says:

      I love the smell of frying Democrats in the morning!

      How long before the cat fights break out?

    140. rdelbov says:


      Alot of this inside Baseball. Yup the bill is not scoring right for several reasons. They cannot use the phony 120 billion in HC savings as that bill has not been passed.

      So to fix all these goodies that the democrats have promised to get votes-cornhusker deal for everyone-caddie tax fix-costs a ton of money.

      Where to find it. Well that $1000 a year fine for part time employees is a killer.

      I just knew this delay was not for a good reason-Pelosi wise.

    141. Marv says:


      You still here?

    142. Phil says:

      Like I said. Altmire can do whatever he wants. If Stupak is correct and his bunch aren’t going to budge Altmire is not important.

    143. phoenixrisen says:

      Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Obama delays trip again. White House spinning that him staying has been a huge boost to getting health care passed. Now off to wipe off my computer from the spray that came out of my mouth.

    144. Wes says:

      I’m in and out, Marv. What’s on your mind?

    145. Marv says:

      If Altmire’s vote is non-determinative, he’ll probably vote NO.

    146. Marv says:

      Wes, Did you have a chance to check out the HI traditional music link?

    147. Wes says:

      Altmire would be a fool to vote Yes.

    148. Wes says:

      Ah, I forgot, Marv. I’ll check it out later, I promise.

    149. Marv says:


      Roger that on Altmire,

    150. Wes says:

      Thanks, Marv.

    151. Gary Maxwell says:

      This is big. Really big, I think. Tim Cahill, former Democrat and now Independent in the race for Governor in Massachusetts has let loose with a withering blast. This should reverberate through the blogosphere in about 10 seconds:

      State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, an independent candidate for governor, today offered a wide-ranging and scathing criticism of the state’s universal health care law, saying it is bankrupting Massachusetts and will do the same nationally, if a similar plan is passed in Congress.

      “If President Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistake of the health insurance reform here in Massachusetts on a national level, they will threaten to wipe out the American economy within four years,” Cahill said in a press conference in his office.

      Echoing criticism leveled by Congressional Republicans in recent weeks, Cahill said, “It is time for the president, the Democratic leadership, to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan that does not threaten to bankrupt this country.”

      Cahill, who bolted the Democratic Party in July, has been a long-time critic of the state’s health insurance law. He said he was calling today’s press conference to respond to Governor Deval Patrick’s accusation last week that he and other gubernatorial candidates have been “missing in action” in tackling health care concerns.

      Cahill said it is the governor who has not done enough to lower costs imposed by the state’s health insurance law, which Cahill said “has nearly bankrupted the state.”

      Cahill said the law is being sustained only with the help of federal aid, which he suggested that the Obama administration is funneling to Massachusetts to help the president make the case for a similar plan in Congress.

      “The real problem is the sucking sound of money that has been going in to pay for this health care reform,” Cahill said. “And I would argue that we’re being propped up so that the federal government and the Obama administration can drive it through” Congress.

      Commonwealth Connector, the independent state agency established to help residents find the health insurance, has “totally failed,” to create competition and connect people with affordable insurance, Cahill said, pointing out that 68 percent of the residents it serves receive subsidized care.

      “We haven’t done anything about driving down costs,” Cahill said. “We haven’t helped small business. We haven’t changed the way we pay for health care and the way we deliver it.”

    152. Tommy_Boy says:

      Jensen has HCR support at 45%.

    153. Gary Maxwell says:

      Someone please send Cahill’s comments to Jason Altmire, he who professes to be so concerned about cost.

    154. Wes says:

      If Cahill’s so concerned about a program that’s bankrupting the state government, then why is he running as an indy and potentially spoiling the chance to put someone in office who will limit the damage it’s doing to the Commonwealth?

    155. Phil says:

      Yep, Jensen’s stroked about the rise in the Obamacare number. Says it’s attributed to Obama getting involved.

    156. Gary Maxwell says:

      Of course its a RV model, and probably built on the platform of the 2008 turnout model. Jensen is an absolute partisan democrat. Put nothing beyond the pale with that guy. I would not buy anything he is selling despite what Brandon will now say.

    157. Wes says:

      I’m shocked at you, Gary! Shocked, I say! How dare you speak ill of Brandon’s god? Men have died for less.

    158. ameister says:

      Brandon, You gotta like this. won’t go
      anywhere but will soften him up a bit and
      bring some of the scandals to the forefront.
      I like the strategy. who’s behind it? Jr Kean?
      quite possible .

    159. Gary Maxwell says:

      Rostenkowski was in fear of his life, they were rocking his car like they might turn it over.

      This phone melt down is a precursor of what will happen if they adopt this turkey. Part of me wants them to do it, to have a very large skid mark in the road to warn other Congress’s in the future to not act so imperial and ignor the clear wishes of the voters.

    160. Wes says:

      There is no recall provision for memeber sof the US Congress, Am. What’s the point of doing it then?

    161. DW says:

      GOP should run more ads showing how well Obamacare is working out in the UK–featuring stories like that one where victims in government hospitals were reduced to drinking the foul water in flower vases.

    162. Brandon says:

      That 45% is 2% higher than what Rasmussen has it at. Clearly it is a hackish result.

    163. Marv says:

      It is quite unclear to me as to exactly what bill is being discussed in the House. Nothing can be signed by the President unless identical bills are passed by both the House and Senate. Is the House leadership contemplating bringing the Senate Bill to a floor vote or will they “deem” it to have passed and bring the reconciliation bill to the floor? What happens, then, to that bill when it goes over to the Senate? I see big problems, even if the House uses the Slaughter Rule.

      This is truly a legislative Twilight Zone on display in the House.

    164. MD says:

      45% is considered to be “good” news for HC. Wow. So much for the will of the people.

    165. Wes says:

      MD, can you explain something to me?

    166. Wes says:

      The Twilight Zone actually seems more natural than what’s going on in washington right now, Marv.

    167. Brandon says:

      Kucinich will announce his vote tomorrow at 10 AM.

    168. Cory says:

      If something is the right thing to do, but only 25% of the people support it – that should give pause.

      If something is the right thing to do, but only 45% of the people support it – don’t even think twice. Do it.

    169. Tommy_Boy says:

      NBC/WSJ out in an hour.

      It looks like Obama is going to be no better than 47% in the PPP(D) national poll.

      I’m expecting NBC/WSJ to show him at aroun 48% approval.

    170. Marv says:


      MD and I are now Co-President of EPH’s old CFP, Inc. Maybe I can help you until he gets back.

    171. That's Right says:

      FROM NRO:

      Kucinich to Announce Vote [Daniel Foster]

      I’m hearing that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D., Ohio) will announce his vote on the Senate health-care bill at a 10 A.M. press conference tomorrow.

      Kucinich, who has been the House’s most stalwart critic of Obamacare from its left flank, and who has heretofore been a committed ‘no’ vote, is being lobbied heavily by the White House. The smart money says that if he’s holding a press conference, it isn’t to confirm that he’s still a no.

      I figured that Kucinich would vote ‘no’ so long as the bill got to 216. That he might now vote yes tells you as much about the Democrats whip problems as anything.

    172. DrJay says:

      If something is “the right thing to do”, who cares how many people support it? You should do it even if 0% support it.

    173. ameister says:

      165. the point is to get menendez out there
      in the press tied to all the scandals he
      is involved in and possibly get a media
      neophyte looking to make a name like a
      Matt friedman who just went with the star ledger
      to do some work. plenty of ammo there. I know
      it won’t work but a prosecutor would.
      Since we have beat health care to a pulp
      here is a real presidential poll with real
      money invested not a joke like intrade. I
      use these guys when in Ireland and they are
      the real deal. Notice Haley Barbour’s position.

    174. Yolanda says:

      It saddens me that our country has come to this. Deep down, I know that progs like Cory know this bill is terrible. This was not the outcome anyone–far right, far left, center–wanted. The only reason the Washington Democrats and their sycophants want this bill passed is so they can score a political victory. The only reason. No one thinks this bill is optimal, or even good, public policy.

      Passing a bad bill just to score a political victory is bad enough. But it happens. All the time.

      But now, Democrats are not only willing to pass this abomination, just so they can stand under a “Mission Accomplished” banner and bask in Obama’s glow as he signs this turkey, but they are willing to do an end run around the Constitution and dismantle institutions that have existed since the very early days of this republic to do so.

      In the meantime, we have media that portray opposition to the powerful as unpatriotic, racist, and lunacy. We have a president who calls for an end to partisanship and fear mongering two seconds after he has just told voters at invitation-only town halls that Republicans are selfish liars whose allies want nothing more than to watch the sick die (in poverty).

      I am sad that our country has come to this, but I am waiting for November when the voters of this country will send an unmistakable (as if MA wasn’t enough) message to the powers at be in Washington and the media elite.

      I am also starting to wonder whether, in the event that this bill fails in the House, Speaker Pelosi will even be allowed to remain in her current position until January 2011. The uprising against her for dangling Slaughter and reconciliation, and then still failing, would be insurmountable. The Dems will need a sacrificial lamb before November. Pelosi will be that lamb.

    175. Phil says:

      RAS didn’t give the indy numbers in his Pennsylvania write up but if Specter is down nine it means, given the Dem registration numbers, that he’s down at least 15 points with that group. Probably more like 20.

      The pattern continues.

    176. Brandon says:

      I cancelled my Rasmussen premium subscription, so I can’t view the crosstabs anymore.

    177. Marv says:

      #184 Brandon,

      How come?

    178. DW says:

      Its obvious that Kucinich is now on board, so its another NO vote lost. Hopefully enough will hold, but I doubt they will. They are all just jockeying for position. Kucinich moving over means that they have the votes, and he was persuaded to provide cover for someone.

    179. Brandon says:

      For $20 a month, I didn’t think it was worth it, in my opinion. There weren’t enough perks to being a premium member.

    180. Chekote says:


      That means he will change his vote.

    181. Phil says:

      Kucinich moving over means they have the votes??


    182. DW says:

      189….otherwise no reason for him to move over. If they didn’t have the votes, he gets to “vote his convictions” and stay no. But now that they have the votes, they have to provide cover for as many as possible.

    183. Tim says:

      I’ve had other members tell me the same thing.

    184. Tommy_Boy says:

      NBC/WSJ on healthcare:

      36/48 good idea/bad idea

    185. mnw says:


      Profoundly disagree about Kucinich. I agree w/ NRO– that it means the opposite. They ARE SHORT, & they’re calling in every vote, even though they had an understanding w/ K that he could indulge his eccentricity until & unless his vote became essential.

      The best news today: 1) Clyburn saying maybe NOT before Easter; 2) Hoyer saying, “Right now, we don’t have the votes,” & 3) best of all, news that the HOUSE phones are overloaded due to volume of calls.

    186. Tommy_Boy says:

      Toomey leads Specter 54-25 among indies

    187. DW says:

      193…I hope you are right.

    188. Phil says:

      They had the votes in November – and he voted no.

      Besides, he’s ONE vote. Let’s not freak out over one vote change. Get a grip here. Unless Stupak is lying, he has 12 firm no votes. The bill can’t pass if Stupak is telling the truth regardless of what Dennis the menace does.

    189. Jan says:


      What a powerful post! You hit on all the more philosophical reasons why this HC issue has become so toxic to our country.

      No matter the outcome, there is going to be a deep, deep division in this country in a time when we should be unified more towards enemies abroad, and domestically focused on an economy that is stagnant and unyielding in it’s job creation.

      But all the energy is being funneled towards Obama’s ambition to be an historical figure. Sad….

    190. Phil says:

      Thanks Tommy.

    191. Marv says:


      I’m with you on the Kucinich vote analysis.

    192. geauxlsu says:

      Kucinich is calling a press conference because Obama basically called him out in his own state. I think he is pissed about it. From stories I’ve heard about him, he is an ego maniac and doesn’t like being pushed into a corner. It seems odd that he would call a press conference to say he is voting “yes”. I think he is making a splash to call attention to voting “no”. Sort of “don’t mess with me” to Obama since he wanted the bill to be even more socialist.

    193. Tim says:

      It’s simple, guys. If the Speaker schedules any kind of vote, she’s got the votes. If no vote is scheduled, she doesn’t.

      Whips know how to count…

    194. Jan says:

      My intuition says that Kucinich has changed from No to Yes.

      He was being openly courted by Obama yesterday, riding on the plane with him and going to orchestrated rallies. I think it would difficult for him to continue in the “No” category.

      And, if he did stand by his principles I think he would do it quietly, without any fanfare, like he appears to be doing with his announcement of a decision forthcoming tomorrow. “drum roll, please”

    195. Brandon says:

      #202. That’s my feeling as well.

    196. Tommy_Boy says:


      There’s a big difference between -4 (PPP(D)) and -10 (Rasmussen) and -12 (NBC/WSJ) though NBC/WSJ is likely because some liberals still oppose it.

    197. mnw says:

      K will be a yes tomorrow.

      The situation is very fluid, but where’s the momentum?

      The House phone system cried “Uncle!” after Rush L. asked folks to call. Right now, the Slaughter mess is twisting slowly in the wind.

    198. Marv says:

      #204 Tommy_Boy,

      If that’s true, then NBC has too many Dems in their poll. Given that, then look for Obama’s approval to be higher than expected. It will serve as his rescue poll until CBS comes out with one.

    199. mnw says:

      The RAS generic has GOT to terrify the DEMs in private.

    200. KnightHawk says:

      tinfoilhat man will do whatever the aliens tell him.

    201. Marv says:

      What’s the NBC/WSJ Obama poll say?

    202. Chekote says:


      I have been saying that for a week now.

    203. MD says:

      DK was always a yes if they really had to have him. They are trying to do anything to get to the magic number. Anything.

      This could actually come down to Kanjorski, Carney and Dahlkemper.

    204. Marv says:


      Would Pelosi schedule a vote with as few as 216 anticipated Yes votes?

    205. MD says:

      Even with Ras, I still sense that Toomey has a hard 5 to 7 point lead. The indy’s hate Specter for a lot of different reasons.

      Anyway, we can now say that Quinn was a strange outlier. I guess R2k/Daily Kos is going to have to have a rescue poll for the old fossill.

    206. MD says:


      I honestly think she will Marv. She will only get exactly what she needs and not 1 more.

    207. Marv says:

      The NBC poll was of 1000 adults. That’s the best they can do? 48/47!

    208. KnightHawk says:

      March 16 (Bloomberg) — U.S. employers won’t hire enough workers this year to lower the jobless rate much below the level of 9.7 percent reached in February, three Obama administration economic officials said today.

      Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, charged in the Fort Hood shootings, was too fat and “chronically” unprofessional during his psychiatric training, according to internal e-mails exchanged by his superiors.


    209. mnw says:

      It’s not unusual to schedule the vote down 3 or 4, betting you can leave the vote open & pressure that many to switch.

      But… the Slaughter gambit is not playing well in Peoria right now.

    210. MD says:


      That translants into a 42/58 LV poll if it is consistent with other polls.

      Wow – devastating.

    211. Brandon says:

      #214. R2K had their poll out last week and it was basically the same as Quinnipiac. They had Specter +6.

    212. MD says:


      There is just no way she would schedule a vote without a firm 216.

    213. Marv says:

      #215 MD,

      That’s fairly risky. What happens if one of them gets cold feet and bails out? That would cause a negative cascade of votes and be sheer disaster for her. I say that she doesn’t go to the floor unless she has at least 219 or 220 yes commits.

    214. Tommy_Boy says:


      It was also 44/38 D/R.

      I’d suspect the leans are actually equal by now.

    215. Cory says:

      Ignoring whether or not the HC bill is a good bill or a bad bill for a minute, and also assuming that no one who is opposed to the bill is opposed because it isn’t liberal enough, here is why the Democrats would be better off POLITICALLY to pass HC:

      If the bill is defeated and reform goes to it’s grave, then these numbers won’t move. ~57% of voters will be ticked off at the Dems for trying to pass it. ~43% of voters will be ticked off at the Dems for failing to pass it.

      If the bill is passed, then ~43% of the voters will be pleased with the Dems, AND the Democrats will have from now until November to talk up the benefits of the bill, and move that 43% upwards.

    216. KnightHawk says:

      That 43% ain’t moving upward my Cory, all the vote does is seal the fate of many members.

    217. Diamond Jim says:

      “The Hill” whip count has been stuck at 37 noes the last couple of days.

    218. KnightHawk says:

      Tina if your out there our buddy Gore has popped his head out of the ground.
      Always good for a laugh.

    219. Cory says:

      Well, we disagree, KnightHawk. That 43% WILL move up, if the bill is passed. People really have no idea what is in this bill right now. The Democrats have been locked behind closed doors making deals and counting votes, while the Republicans have been out in front of the microphones screaming ‘Death Panels’ and ‘Increased Premiums’ and ‘Government Takeover’. When Democrats get this finished, and get out there campaigning, ignorance will be attacked. That 43% is going UP.

      And, as if on cue, the next story up on political wire makes my other argument for me (not the one you were talking to though.)
      Passing the bill also gets that existing 43% more motivated.

    220. rich go says:

      lmao – those 43% will be for the biggest shock once they find out whats in that bill. cory, get off the shrooms bro. ain’t good for ya

    221. KnightHawk says:

      228 – Cory your just wrong, the people do know, that’s why it’s not popular, and even if they didn’t all they get for the next 4 years is tax increases before any sort of service would even start. If you think that’s going to make it more popular I have some bridges to sell you.

      Maxing out a motivated 43% isn’t going to help this November as the opposition hasn’t been more motivated in my lifetime, it might marginally help the president come 2012 but it’s not going to help Dem members in red or purple districts come this November.

    222. KnightHawk says:

      Dem congressmen can either stick the knife in themselves or they stick it the president’s, those are their options, it’s a lose-lose situation of there own creation.

    223. tanda says:

      Column at FireDogLake:

      “Deem and Pass” Strategy Rendered Useless by Right-Wing Noise Machine

      Thanks to a coordinated effort to paint a strategy long used by both parties as secretive and unconstitutional, Democrats have bungled their preferred “deem and pass” strategy for health care reform with just one vote, leaving it with pretty much no political utility. When the swing votes you need the most criticize the tactic meant to shield them from taking a standalone vote on the Senate bill, I don’t understand the logic in still moving forward with it.

      Of course Republicans agitating about this are being massive hypocrites. But as long as that doesn’t seem to matter to them, it certainly won’t matter to the traditional media. “Deem and pass” was designed as a way to avoid the standalone Senate vote and all that implied, that endangered incumbents voted for “special deals” for various states. Um, the NRCC has already cut the ads saying that, and I doubt they’ll retract them because of some procedural technicality that can allow members to claim they didn’t really vote for those deals.

      It may be easier to consolidate two votes into one, but politically, Democrats lose by taking on a strategy designed to help their members. And the members don’t want it imposed upon them because a mightly Wurlitzer campaign has made it toxic. The leadership can’t even defend it.

      Why they would use this strategy at this point is a mystery.

      UPDATE: None of this is to say that David Waldman isn’t correct in his analysis. But that basically doesn’t matter. Politically speaking, there’s no real reason to do this anymore.

    224. Cory says:

      I firmly believe that if the Democrats do not get HC passed, then they really are heading for the November bloodbath that most here are predicting.

      If they get it passed, they will lessen the losses considerably.

      Honestly, I can’t believe anybody can see this any other way. The evidence, and the logic, looks indisputable to me.

    225. Yolanda says:


      I agree. I don’t think this passes by just one or two votes. No one is going to agree to be that last kamikaze. Rather, I think a lot of the undecideds are saying, “I will only vote YES if you don’t let every other Tom, Dick, and Harry vote NO, thus making me seem even more out of step than I’ll already appear to be.”

    226. Jan says:

      If the dem HC bill passes people will only feel the pain of taxes and consequences of the bill and none of the benefits for 3-4 years.

      In this instant-gratification culture, the natives will grow restless with the dems, and I think come 2012, the bill will come back and bite them in their electoral butts.

    227. tanda says:

      Although I think Dennis K is likely to flip, and always was, I do think there is is a non-trivial chance he will announce a no vote tomorrow.

      If Slaughter is not used and they cannot get the needed CBO score, then they are looking at a straight up and down on the Senate bill with no sidecar.

      Although we understand that the sidecar is useless (Senate probably will never proceed on it), some Demwits were likely to use it for cover. If that is removed, then they may truly fall well below 200.

      This CBO issue could be huge. Also, how do they fix it? All of their fixes to the Senate plan cost money. A new set of fixes will just spend money in a different way.

    228. Diogenes says:

      Buying the liberal line. If the bill passes they will be slaughtered even worse. Why? Centrist dems will have no cover. They are not an independent voice but rather lock and key for the dem leadership.

      The narrative that they will be worse off if they don’t pass it is proposed by liberals in order to get the dems to pass the bill.

      The dems will benefit from retreating on healthcare and focusing on jobs like a laser, passing bi-partisan bills. That is the only way to stop the bleeding. Republicans will be helpless because the Dems will be co-opting their message and agenda. Look at the 70-30 senate vote on the recent bill.

      But Obama is just too inexperienced and stupid to change course. He has never earned anything in his life to understand how to avoid failure and be responsive to the situation at hand.

      Ironically, the very first thing he will have truly earned as president is a well-earned legislative defeat.

    229. Yolanda says:


      Explain that evidence and logic, please. I don’t see how passing an unpopular bill will make a party more popular.

      If I’m the Dems, I’d rank options in this order (from best to worst):
      1) Letting bill die now
      2) Passing bill now
      3) Continuing to fight over this thing while doing nothing else

    230. Cory says:

      See posts #224 and #228, including links.

    231. Phil says:

      The Democrats have all been behind closed doors and it’s just been Republicans before the micophones????

      What do you think Obama has been doing 24/7 for the last three fricken weeks?? Good God Man. He leads the network news night after night after night with one town hall after another.

      That’s the most lame explanation I’ve ever heard for why the public’s numbers are what they are on healthcare.

    232. Yolanda says:

      If Kucinich votes YES, it means he’s abandoned some of his principles. Does he want to do that in a press conference, or does he want to do that silently?

      If he’s going to stay NO, doesn’t he want to explain his firm opposition to the president and Comrade Pelosi?

    233. Yolanda says:

      Sorry–not buying the Pelosi line, “We need to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.”

    234. KnightHawk says:

      233 – You being canadian and afar from ground here that doesn’t surprise me.

    235. Cory says:

      You guys seem to be making the assumption that if the bill is defeated, then all is forgiven. Democratic congresspeople (especially those voting NO) will be right back in the bosom of their constituents. Rasmussen’s generic ballot will go from +10 to 0.

      Well, I happen to think that the political environment the day after HC fails in the House would be EXACTLY the same as the political environment the day before HC fails in the House. No change. The way for Democrats to improve their fortunes is by:
      1) Motivating the base (easiest method? Pass the bill)
      2) Winning back a slice of Independents (best chance? Pass the bill, and then SELL it. This is no guarantee, but it’s better than just standing around waiting for the axe to fall)

    236. Chekote says:

      Will this HC reform debate ever be over?????

    237. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      When Democrats get this finished, and get out there campaigning, ignorance will be attacked. That 43% is going UP.



      People don’t know what’s in the bill but once they find out, they’ll love it!

      More of this, please.

    238. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      Rasmussen’s generic ballot will go from +10 to 0.


      Care to bet on that, sunshine?

    239. tanda says:


      1) Give individuals tax deduction to buy insurance,
      2) Require employers to kick out money spent on health insurance to employees as compensation so individuals can buy insurance outside of employment (solving portability issue) while still retaining the assistance they get from employers and the tax advantages of buying through employer,
      3) Allow true insurance competition by allowing purchase of insurance across state lines and banning mandated insurance coverage,
      4) Eliminate Medicaid and SCHIP and use revenue to provide vouchers to low income people to buy insurance and/or fund health savings accounts

      This costs the government no money. Empowers individuals. Breaks ties between insurance and employment. Improves portability (and issues caused by pre-existing conditions when job loss causes loss of coverage). Improves competition. Makes consumer more cost sensitive (i.e. cost controls).

    240. Tina says:

      FAt Albert has returned, KH. His noble prize should be stripped.

    241. KnightHawk says:

      Phil what’s even more hilarious is the more the llama talks the lower the numbers have gone, and the more he’s on tape stating all sorts of untruths.

    242. rdelbov says:

      I think we will see birds of the feather flock together this week.

      Pomeroy split with SD soulmate Herseth but he wants badly to say “no”

      Mitch Daniels came down hard on Obamacare today and I think Hill-Ellsworth-Donnelly are three no’s. Who wants to be the sore thumb sticking out?

      I think the Ohio four (Bocieri-Dreihaus-Space-Wilson) will hang onto a Suptak No)

      I need to know if the coal lung stuff is in there because guessing on the WV wonder boys Rahall-Mollahan.

      Sallie Mae jobs in Scranton county are killers for Carney & Kanjorski as there are a 1000 jobs there. Passing the student loan privitization through reconciliation will kill those jobs. If you lose those two the west PA wobblies of Dahlmayer & Altmire are hanging out there without one to grab hold of.

      Upstate New York is just all messed up. Owen & Murphey thinks they are supermen but they look vulnerable to me. Arcuri does not want to be the lone “no” upstate.

      I have some respect for John Tanner-some for Bart Gordon-plus Baird has been upright about how bad this bill is. I don’t see these three guys proving votes 214-215-216 to pass this puppy.

      I honestly think Dennis the K will be a No vote and right now several liberals want to join him in no. If the nos got to 220 enough ultra liberals and hispanics would jump in to make it 235 or more.

    243. Tina says:


      10 to Zero.

      Spoken like a resident idiot.

    244. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      Pass the bill, and then SELL it.


      Do you know how many speeches Obama has given over the last year on this topic?

      Do you know how much ink the msm has donated on this topic?

      Yes, sell…sell…sell!

    245. tanda says:

      Also, I can write the law in less than 5 pages.

    246. Jan says:

      It appears that Boccieri, Ohio 16CD, is going to change his “no” vote to “yes” on the HC Bill.

    247. KnightHawk says:

      249 – I say let him keep it, we wouldn’t want the noble crew to actually try and gain some small level of credibility back.

    248. jones says:

      I know two business owners (the only two I have asked) and they both say, the day HC passes, layoffs start. 15% at one, more at the other.

    249. mnw says:


      MD posts, “No way Pelosi schedules a vote without 216 yes votes.”

      Think poker, KH. This is the BIG pot. Last hand of the night. Why NOT shove all the rest of your chips out there, & try to fill that inside straight?

      That’s why I say she’ll go even if she’s 3-4 votes short. Better than trying again after Easter!

    250. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      You’re not in Canada anymore, Toto!

    251. Tina says:

      Did Piglosi or one of her deputies state:

      “The American public does not care about the process of the bill-” when referring to Slaughter.

    252. tanda says:



    253. KnightHawk says:

      253 – Reminds me of the ending scenes of Trading Places, get in there and sell sell sell.

    254. KnightHawk says:

      260 – I hope she keeps thinking that.

    255. DrJay says:

      Here is a chart of the house results since 1982,
      including the popular vote and gallups final generic ballot (I can only see Gallup every four years, but picked it since the data goes farther back). I hope the columns come out right…

      Year. pop vote D-R. GOP seats. gallup gen:

      1982: 54-43. 166. 54-36
      1984: 52-47. 182.
      1986: 50-48. 177. 52-40
      1988: 53-45. 175.
      1990: 52-45. 167. 50-43
      1992: 50-45. 176.
      1994: 44-48. 230. 46-46
      1996: 48-48. 228.
      1998: 47-47. 223. 48-41
      2000: 47-47. 221.
      2002: 45-50. 229. 49-44
      2004: 47-53. 232.
      2006: 54-46. 202. 51-40
      2008: 53-43. 178.
      2010: ??-??. ???. 47-44 now

    256. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      “I’ve never seen the phone lines this jammed on Capitol Hill,” Fox News’ Chad Pergram said on the Neil Cavuto show.

    257. Tina says:

      NBC reporter challenes Baddad Bob on Slaughter. He could not answer her questions.

    258. Jan says:

      Through Hugh Hewitt, either a direct interview or a secondary source. Hewitt is calling for people to call Boccieri’s office and sound off.

    259. Tina says:

      Piglosi should pass it through Slaughter.

      Then, a patriot citizen, should do a citizen’s arrest on her ARSE.

    260. tanda says:

      #255 Jan

      Do you have a source on Boccieri?

      I still have him as lean no.

    261. Diogenes says:

      Back on topic, I’m surprised of the 3 lean dems (Wa, Ca, Wisconsin), California may very well be the most likely to flip given how badly dems have screwed things up there. The central valley is hopping mad because of the water situation and the latino/labour vote there is unlikely to turn out.

      The incredibly bad economy will drive down turnout in the greater LA.

      The bay area is hopelessly liberal but turnout should be depressed there too.

      This may be a perfect storm in California to give us their seats, at least this year.

    262. Tina says:

      The source for the nbc reporter – I mean I actually heard it – was from Levin.

    263. Cory says:

      Guys, what is my argument?

      Come on, think it over. Just for a minute.
      Then go back and read the “+10 to 0”. Ok, now read it again.

      Are you catching on?

    264. Phil says:


      R+4 district, already on the bubble.

      We’ll take that seat congressman. Nice of you to take the bullit for the messiah.

    265. Cory says:

      Anyway, work is done, I’m out.

      I’ll have to check back later and see if the reading comprehension around here has improved.

    266. jones says:

      Cory is demanding free stuff from the gov’t during work time?


    267. mnw says:


      How could the phones be MORE jammed than in Summer ’07 over amnesty?

      Jammed is jammed. And in ’07, those doing the jammin’… won.

      Rammer jammer yellowhammer! We’re going to beat the hell out of yew!

    268. Jan says:

      Tanda —> answered you in #268.

    269. KnightHawk says:

      258 – Depends if it’s a tourney (and if so who’s left thier stack sizes and what the place payouts are if not winner take all), or a cash game. If the first and the parameters are just right yeah some time you just ship it in an hope to get lucky, something you wouldn’t do in a cash game about to break up.

      She might pull the trigger, she herself is done either way, she ought to know that by now.

    270. tanda says:


      Until I hear something very definitive from as previous no, I still have them all as lean no, at worse.

    271. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      You guys seem to be making the assumption that if the bill is defeated, then all is forgiven. Democratic congresspeople (especially those voting NO) will be right back in the bosom of their constituents. Rasmussen’s generic ballot will go from +10 to 0.


      No one here is making that argument/assumption, so it must be you.

      Seems like your comprehension is lacking.

    272. DrJay says:

      “Senior Obama campaign official Steve Hildebrand is eyeing a Democratic primary challenge to South Dakota Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, a decision he said hinges largely on whether she votes against health care reform later this week.”

    273. KnightHawk says:

      “I’ll have to check back later”

      Don’t bother.

    274. KnightHawk says:

      277 – They could be the same, but they could not be more, as that summer they shutdown the switchboard.

    275. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! says:

      National Debt Up $2 Trillion on Obama’s Watch


    276. mnw says:


      Weak bluff, & a nuisance only if he does. She’s looking at a tsunami & won’t worry about a leftist with a squirt gun.

    277. Tina says:

      Has any of the Drats cited previous use of Slaughter????

    278. Tina says:

      It will be over $3 trillion, by 9/30/09, the end of the FY.

    279. Tina says:

      Meant end of 9/30/10.

    280. KnightHawk says:

      AP = Obama administration less transparent then Bush.

    281. Tina says:

      And Piglosi will bring up Amnesty next – in a 17 percent unemployment reconomy.

    282. Phil says:

      mnw, that’s what I was thinking. LOL

    283. MD says:


      Raised middle finger

      Can you understand that simpleton?

    284. KnightHawk says:

      287 – I asked boncco or whatever earlier in the thread but he’s not responded back yet, I specifically asked about any self-executing stuff relating to anything remotely the size and scope of this.

    285. mnw says:

      If the poker analogy doesn’t work, think Gettysburg. Bad as her odds may be TODAY, they will be far worse later. She has to bring it to a vote fast & hope for the best.

      I’m telling you, they can’t survive Easter!

    286. KnightHawk says:

      291 – That their own economists today said would continue for at least a year.

    287. KnightHawk says:

      NEJof Med… 46.3% of doctors will leave the field if Barrycare passes.

    288. Jan says:

      Key Democratic blogger Nate Silver posted a guide to the House Democrats facing the most pressure on Obamacare. Here are four names from that list and their D.C. and District office numbers:

      Georgia’s John Barrow:
      D.C. (202) 225-2823
      Augusta: (706)722-4494
      Savannah: (912) 354-7282

      New Jersey’s John Adler
      D.C.: (202) 225-4765
      Toms River: (732) 608-7235

      New York’s Dan Maffei:
      D.C.: (202) 225-3701
      Syracuse: (315) 423-5657

      New York’s Michael Arcuri:
      D.C.: 202-225-3665
      Utica: 315-793-8146/8147

      Add to those calls calls made to the Ohio five, with contact listed here, starting with John Boccieri, as noted in the post immediately below.

      Rep. Zack Space – Ohio’s 18th District
      DC Phone: (202) 225-6265
      Dover (330) 364-4300;
      Zanesville (740) 452-6338;
      Chillicothe (740) 779-1636
      Link to E-mail

      Rep. Charles Wilson – 6th District
      DC Phone: (202) 225-5705
      District Phone:
      Canfield (330) 533-7250;
      Marietta (740) 376-0868;
      Bridgeport (740) 633-5705;
      Ironton (740) 533-9423;
      Wellsville (330) 532-3740
      Link to E-mail

      Rep. Marcy Kaptur, 9th District
      D.C. Phone: (202) 225-4146
      Fax: (202) 225-7711
      Toledo: (800) 964-4699 or (419) 259-7500

      Rep. John Boccieri
      D.C. Phone: (202) 225-3876
      Canton: (330) 489-4414

      Rep. Steve Driehaus
      D.C. Phone: (202) 225-2216
      Cincinnati: (513) 684-2723

      Jim Renacci is one of the Republican candidates running to unseat Boccieri.

      Jim Renacci for Congress

    289. KnightHawk says:

      I called Barrow late last week – “The congressman has not decided”

    290. ac1 says:

      I hope people do not get their hopes up about defeating this. There is no way Pelosi and Obama lose this. They have unlimited resources. Once the votes starts Pelosi won’t close the vote until she wins. She will hold the vote open for 3 days if she has to.

    291. mnw says:


      Would you agree with this?

      Here’s the secret liberal game plan on doctors!

      1) Drive down the reimbursement rate for govt-insured poor patients, while expanding the percentage of such “poor” patients by fiat.

      2) Result? “Doctor shortage,” because American students decide the cost of medical school isn’t justified by the economic rewards.

      3) “Solution” to the “doctor shortage”? Why MORE FMGs (foreign medical graduates) of course! Because even a $60000/yr, 60-hour/wk job in Newark beats treating AIDs patients in some Third World hellhole!

      Net result? Why, more “Jobs Americans just won’t do!” Did I miss anything?

    292. KnightHawk says:

      300 She might as well call for the vote tomorrow then, hell keep the vote open till November, every evening someone can do a profile on each and every yes voting member. 😉

    293. KnightHawk says:

      btw should there be a vote and it pass look for 5-6 people to announce retirement after Easter.

    294. Brandon says:

      Fineman on MSNBC just said Kucinich is a yes.

    295. KnightHawk says:

      301 – Add in total control over student loans… oh you want a loan, well you can have one if you sign here and study to be doctor and agree to work for the government for 25 years after graduation.

    296. KnightHawk says:

      305 – Not surprising, the fox crew said that last night.

    297. DrJay says:

      Happy Birthday to James Madison!

      I wonder what he would have to say about all this.

    298. rdelbov says:

      Kaptur has always hung with Stupak. I should have put her with my Ohio four. I think her reluctance to committ is a signal to Pelosi/Hoyer that she is not pleased that the democrats went against the will of the house.

      Votes matter don’t they?

      240 votes for Stupak’s amendment last year.

      Funny thing is Nelson only gave on abortion after he promised millions upon millions for his small state. If the democrats would have gave in the senate and put Stupak in we would have HC now.

      Whose idea was it to make Nelson bend-that would be Boxer.

      Snatching victory from the jaws of death.

      I think we will but its not a done deal. In a strange way two women has put the democrats in this mess.

      1. Olympia Snowe strung out Baucus holding out the alure of a bi-partisan deal. In the end it was Baucus who could not sell Obama & Reid on the Snowe plan. Yet this bought the GOP tons of time.

      2. Finally when Nelson said he would go no further on abortion it was Boxer who went on and on about changing Stupak and finding something to get abortion coverage in Obamacare. Boxer bend a bit and Nelson caved.

    299. KnightHawk says:

      308 – CornHusker was actually 1.1billion, just saying.

    300. mnw says:


      Yes. Thank God that abortion is the liberal sacrament, & they can’t resist its allure. If the country survives this disaster, it will be because the liberals gave in to their irresistable love for “abortions all around!” once again.

    301. Jan says:

      #304 I’m not surprised.

      I have to say the dems are being put in a bind. To vote either their conscience, for the people or for their job (if they are in a R leaning district) they need to vote “no.”

      But, if they want to vote with their party, and at the behest of their President, they must vote “yes.”

      It’s called being between a rock and a hard place.

    302. tanda says:

      If there is no recon because no CBO score, wont all these Dems who are saying they are waiting for the language and score have to go no?

      Logic says yes, but they are Demwits so they probably go yes.

    303. Yolanda says:

      Oh, this is delicious. Dems are going to primary blue dogs in McCain districts?

      That’d be awesome! That way, we’d have to spend $0 winning seats like SD-AL come November!

    304. tanda says:

      If they are using Dennis the Menace to give them the Big Mo, then they are in trouble

    305. KnightHawk says:

      “It’s called being between a rock and a hard place.”

      Otherwise known as politics.
      Painted themselves into this corner though.

    306. Marv says:

      Will someone please tell me just what in the heck the House will be voting on? The Senate Bill? Some other version? Then what happens if the Senate doesn’t vote for exactly what the House passes? Someone enlighten me please.

    307. Benny says:

      how many no votes have we?

    308. Jan says:

      “Posturing,” that is what is going on with the dems. I think many of the undecideds are just waiting to see the best deal they can get from Pelosi. That’s cynical…oh well.

    309. Jan says:

      According to The Corner –> 189 – yes; 204 – no, and the rest undecided.

    310. Phil says:

      Hey guys. This is rich.

      Statement tonight from Blanche Lincoln

      “Arkansas and most Americans are demanding accountability from Washington, not less, so I believe that any plan to approve major reform without actually voting for it won’t fly outside the beltway”

      Screw you Blanche. So this 60th vote in that corrupt passage in the senate surfaces to throw her support behind openess and accountability.

      LOL What a fraud and a phony.

    311. Jan says:


      I think Blanche is just trying to set herself apart from the leftist, Halter I think, who will be running against her in the dem primary.

    312. Wes says:

      obamacare won’t pass. If it were going to, then it would have happened already.

    313. KnightHawk says:

      320 – Who does she think she’s kidding?

    314. Phil says:

      Of that I have no doubt. Problem for her in Nov is that she was the 60th vote. All her posturing now doesn’t mean crap.

    315. Wes says:

      She’s hoping she’s kidding majority of Arkansan voters, Knight.

    316. KnightHawk says:

      Wes how about that story about the dog eating Courtney’s thong?

    317. Phil says:

      KH – Like all Democrats, she thinks we’re stupid.

    318. jones says:

      Remember December; it is mid March and this monster is still not passed.

      Though it won’t die.

    319. rdelbov says:


      that has been decided yet-along with my other three things.
      Here are some of the options that the vote-if it occurs will be on.

      1. The senate bill -yes or no , up or down.
      Plus a seperate reconciliation bill but that’s not likely as no one trusts the senate to do reconciliation

      2. A reconciiliation fix. Plus a seperate bill that deems the senate bill passed if the reconiliation fix is passed is passed & signed by the President.

      3. or one bill a reconiliation fix with an attachment that the house deemed the senate passed if this reconiliation is passed & signed by President

      Marv you are a pretty smart guy and yet you like alot of people actually think three or four days ahead of voting on a bill that affects 1/6 of the economy that we actually know what is being voted on.

      No actually -no one precisely knows what we are voting on.

      I don’t think Pelosi knows for sure.

    320. BayernFan says:

      Yesterday I had my NO whip count at 216, based on a starting point of the 215 who voted in NOvember and adjusting from there.

      I also said that this NO count included five votes that we should be concerned with…


      Each of those votes that goes YES has to be made up with someone I am not counting as NO. Who are those people?


      and of course, a few others, mainly Stupackers.

      All those November YES votes are coming under INTENSE WH pressure to stick.

      And all of them are Dems who love the idea of government health care.

      It is going to be pucker time.

    321. Wes says:

      I would have preferred pictures of Courtney wearing the thing, Knight. By the way, did you get any interference while watching Red Eye last night? Fox kept going in and out on me during the show.

    322. KnightHawk says:

      331 – Not that I recall, if it did it was during commercials.

    323. Howard Dean says:


      btw should there be a vote and it pass look for 5-6 people to announce retirement after Easter.

      Comment by KnightHawk — March 16, 2010 @ 8:14 pm


    324. Wes says:

      Who do you think’s hotter, Knight–Courtney Friel or Shana Hyatt, who preceded her in hosting the poker tournament?

    325. Howard Dean says:

      Housing construction drops 5.9 pct in February


    326. KnightHawk says:

      I was always partial to Shana Hyatt, was disappointed when she moved on.

    327. KnightHawk says:

      336 – Is that all?? B+

    328. Wes says:

      You know, Knight, a lot of people on the Red Eye imdb page slam Courtny as stupid. I don’t get it. Now Martha MacCallum and Juliet Huddy are stupid, but Courtney seems no less intelligent than any of the show’s other female guests,

    329. Wes says:

      I agree, Knight. What’s Shana doing these day by the way?

    330. KnightHawk says:

      She’s actually playing poker now.
      She left the show orginally over some BS with her ex (vince van patten), and left P.A.D. cause she was prego.

    331. KnightHawk says:

      339 – Doesn’t strike me as stupid, maybe that say that cause she gets stuck with and enjoys covering the hollywood beat?

    332. Wes says:

      A woman who knows her way around a card deck during a game of Texas Hold ‘Em is a very sexy thing, Knight.

    333. Wes says:

      Well, last night she said she’s happy not being involved in political coverage.

    334. Wes says:

      Hey, Knight, why doesn’t Greg ever have Diana, Courtney, and Shira do ab news anymore?

    335. KnightHawk says:

      345 – No idea. I really do miss the Ab News! That chit was a great hook, in fact I think I’ll send greg a nasty-o-gram about, or leave him a voice mail. 😉

    336. Wes says:

      Hey, Greg, you short SOB, what the hell did you do with Ab News? That was the coolest part of your show, you munchkin-sized dumbass. Go back to torturing your houseboys and let use see those babes’ abs! Thank you.

    337. Marv says:

      Leann Tweeden’s (Poker After Dark) fiancee is an Air Force fighter pilot.

    338. KnightHawk says:

      That might work 🙂

    339. MD says:

      I am headed to Vegas tomorrow with the boys. If I don’t post something by Saturday, send bail money.

      I’ll have the bberry and try to check in once in a while. Kind of like I have been doing recently.

      Wes – you wanted me to clear something up earlier. What was it?

    340. Marv says:


      I’ll see to it that the Board approves the complete cost of your trip.

    341. MD says:

      Thanks Marv. I had not the slighest doubt that you would come through for me.

    342. lisab says:

      “Wes how about that story about the dog eating Courtney’s thong?”

      the dog ate my thong?

      is that a jenna haze movie?