Primary Polls For OH, KS and AL

    We have primary polls from three different states today for a variety of races. We’ll start with the Democratic primary poll done by Quinnipiac University for the US Senate race in Ohio where Lee Fisher holds a 7% lead over Jennifer Brunner for the right to take on Rob Portman in the General Election.

    US SENATE – OHIO – DEM PRIMARY (Quinnipiac University)
    Lee Fisher 33%
    Jennifer Brunner 26%

    The primary for this race is May 4th and this poll was done March 25-28 among 978 likely primary voters. Survey USA weighs in on the Republican race for the US Senate in Kansas.

    Jerry Moran 42%
    Todd Tiahrt 32%
    Robert Londerholm 5%

    This poll was done March 26-28 among 519 likely voters. Finally, Public Policy Polling has a new primary poll for both sides in the Alabama gubernatorial race.

    Bradley Byrne 27%
    Roy Moore 23%
    Robert Bentley 10%
    Kay Ivey 10%
    Tim James 9%
    Bill Johnson 1%
    James Potts 0%
    Charles Taylor 0%

    Artur Davis 28%
    Ron Sparks 28%
    Franklin Thomas 9%

    This entire poll was done March 27-29 among 407 likely Democratic and 457 likely Republican primary voters.

    508 Responses to “Primary Polls For OH, KS and AL”

    1. Cory says:


    2. Chekote says:

      Pro-Life Democrats Who Switched Vote for Health Bill Request Billions in Earmarks

      Didn’t the Dems say they were stopping all earmarks?

    3. Diogenes says:

      @MFG – Penumbras and Emanations were mentioned in Roe v. Wade once and then never again by any Supreme Court Justice for the entire history of constitutional law since then. Made-up arguments are only used by liberals. The worse we have from conservatives are “tests” as Sarah Connor loved to write about. Even the “judicial activism” of the recent corporate funding of political ads was based on originalist thinking. Its “activism” was in overturning bad liberal laws from decades ago.

    4. Wes says:

      Please, Alabamians, don’t nominat Roy Moore! He didn’t do very as Governor before when he was named Fob James.

    5. Wes says:

      I think you mean Sandrta Day O’Connor, Dio. Sarah Connor is the heroine of the first two Terminator movies.

    6. Diogenes says:

      Yeah, my bad.

    7. ameister says:

      Brandon, as i said last week halfacre is done

    8. MFG says:

      Yes, I have total faith in the judiciary to save us


    9. Wes says:

      would you really wnat to nominate a guy named Halfacre for Congress anyway? I mean, can you imagine the ads Holt would be running against him?

    10. Wes says:

      I have more faith in my 6-month-old daughter to save us than in the judiciary, MFG.

    11. ameister says:

      have you seen Holt? he’s a nut job.Freakin
      Physicist AKA rocket scientist from princeton.
      His Campaign motto and bumper stickers say:
      ” My congressman is a Rocket Scientist”

    12. Wes says:

      Yet New Jerseyans continue to vote for him, Am. Go figure.

    13. OHIO JOE says:

      I am not surprised that Miss. Brunner is losing the race. Even many Democrats I know cannot stand her and all her shenanigans.

    14. DrJay says:

      I read the threads, but don’t recall this particular part of the CNN poll was posted.

      Generic Ballot RVs: 49-45 republican (+1/nc)

    15. Chekote says:

      The judiciary is all we have at the moment.

    16. OHIO JOE says:

      “Generic Ballot RVs: 49-45 republican (+1/nc)” I cannot wait for Ras, but I’ll be even more happy when I see individual Dem Congressmen losing.

    17. Chekote says:

      The election is about 7 months away. Coakley looked like a shoo in.

    18. Wes says:

      I hope RV polls, Jay. Still, that’s at least in line with recent trends.

    19. BayernFan says:

      If the GOP were to take over Congress and be smart, it would take advantage of the mandate and require health care providers to post the actual charge of services and procedures to cash paying consumers.

      This would force both providers and consumers to think about whether either of them even want to mess with insurance.

      I bet many of each would rather just dump insurance and go with fee for services.

      That would really blow a hole in Obamacare big time.

    20. Wes says:

      Oops…That should be “I HATE RV polls.”

    21. MFG says:

      Premiums will quadruple within five years

      Brace yourselves

      The insurance industry has just been destroyed

      Guaranteed issue with low penalties is a catastrophe from which there will be no recovery

    22. Phil says:

      Just watch the RAS generic polls for the next seven months that come out every Tuesday. That’s all you need to look at. A good Republican number there means the individual races take care of themselves.

      No other polls matter.

    23. D QUIXOTE says:

      This would force both providers and consumers to think about whether either of them even want to mess with insurance.


      They won’t have the cash option, with mandated insurance.

    24. Chekote 4 Palin says:

      Go JD Hayworth !!!!!

    25. MFG says:

      Look at guarantee issue life insurance

      With a TWO YEAR waiting period it’s 8-10 times higher than life insurance insurance that is underwritten for risk

      What would it cost with NO waiting period where everyone who was terminally ill could sign up and then their relatives could collect the week after?

      Health insurance premiums are going to EXPLODE upward

    26. D QUIXOTE says:

      Health insurance premiums are going to EXPLODE upward

      Comment by MFG —

      Exactly as planned by the remakers of society.In order to replace the “evil” (private insurance), one must first kill the “evil”.

    27. Phil says:

      Ras generic

      Dem 39
      Rep 46

      Dem number jumped up from 35 last month
      Rep number jumped up from 43 last month

      Healthcare vote reved up both bases.

      This is the only poll you need to look at for the next 7 month.

      GOP up 45-25 with independents.

    28. MD says:

      That is the goal entirely. A single payer, national health care system. Obama has said so and the video is available as proof. This is merely a stepping stone.

      Let’s remember this when we are tempted to be “nice”. This an alley fight folks and the winner will likely be the one who will fight dirty. So far the Marxist Party has done that to perfection while we relied on silly things like rules, precedents and law.

    29. Phil says:

      MD – your last paragraph is right on the mark. It is indeed an alley fight. Time Republicans start treating it as such. Otherwise, we continue to get rolled.

    30. Gary Maxwell says:

      Who are the other 15 voting for, Martians?

    31. Phil says:

      I presume undecided.

    32. MD says:

      Probably undecided GM. In 94, the D’s and R’s were tied in the generic ballot and all undecideds went to the R’s. The fact that Ras the R’s so far in front and even CNN gives the R’s an advantage should tell us what is coming. In this type of scenario, the R’s will most likely get most of the undecideds. That equals an absolute blood bath for the Dems.

      However, the msm and the Marxists are going to do everything in their power to label the R’s as extremists. Every whack job Ruby Ridge wanna be is going to be the subject of major msm stories every single night. You have not seen anything yet.

    33. Gary Maxwell says:

      Quite unlike RAS not to push respondents to choose. Undecided seem to come in in the low single digits. Something looks wrong here, but Republicans have to capture but 4 of 15 to get elected. 26% of undecided.

    34. Wes says:

      The generics look good for the Republicans, but they need to maintain the momentum. Can’t afford to let up or give the Autocrats an inch of breathing room.

    35. LaZebra says:

      The other 15% might be planning of voting a mixed ballot, voting for candidates from both parties. It also is a bit harder to “push” poll respondents on a poll like this because they don’t yet know who the final candidates will be. For example, in Kentucky, some voters might be waiting to see if Rand Paul is nominated. If he is, they’ll vote Democratic, but if he isn’t, they’ll vote Republican.

    36. sam says:

      from th eprevious thread:

      “I think that there are penalties already for waiting to buy ins till you are sick”

      There is no mechanism in the just-passed HC bill to enforce any penalties based on individual mandates. In fact, the law specifically prohibits any enforcement for non-compliance with IM.

      It has been designed this way deliberately to drive private insurance out of business.

    37. jack ross says:

      quick point from a previous thread: The governemnt used census data to identify and round up japanese citizens. So yeah, the govenment can come for you.

    38. MD says:


      I believe the liberals were still in complete control when that occured. Hey, I mention that is passing only. See you guys at GITMO. I call the top bunk!!!

    39. mnw says:

      The poll showing the DEM Rep. in SD in serious trouble, even tho she was “no” on HC?

      Makes me now wonder if Skelton might be beaten. There aren’t any polls, & there is a fierce 6 candidate GOP primary. Two of the 6 are co-equal favorites to win, & both look pretty good on paper.

      Skelton will have far more money & far better name recognition, to start. But there is a lot of anger at Zero there– I know, surprise, surprise.

    40. Wes says:

      The Autocrats still think it’s going to be an electoral boon for them, Howie.

    41. MD says:


      They might be anticipating that many of us “extremists” will be jailed by the election. That would certainly help them.

      BTW – who thinks I am kidding?

    42. Gary Maxwell says:

      “I think you’re going to be seeing 200,000 jobs created a month” by next September, he said.

      The genius Joe Biden opens his mouth. Next September? And does he understand that 200K is barely break even with new entrants into the job market?

    43. sam says:

      MD: here’s a bet – you won’t be jailed by Dec 31, 2010.

      Let’s put up $1000.

    44. Phil says:

      Republican fund raising needs to ratchet up. Dems have twice the money. We have the reved up base and there is no excuse to be down 2 to 1 in cash on hand. Incompetents have been in charge of our party far too long.

    45. Gary Maxwell says:


      They will get this extremist once the ammo runs out.

    46. MD says:


      I think we get jobs data on Thursday because of Good Friday. I think we will finally see some growth – maybe 80k but the actual unemployment rate will tick up.

      Just a guess and I seem to always be off.

    47. KnightHawk says:

      Maybe jimmah will certify the election come 2012. lol

      CIA – Iran capable of producing nukes now.
      (err no surprise there)
      Canada – Tell’s Clinton military role ends in Afghanistan in 2011.
      (More smart diplomacy)

    48. Wes says:

      Stephanie H-S has something she’s never had before right now, Mnw: a serious opponent. Even Larry Diedrich–her first opponent after Janklow–was a sacrificial lamb who ran a surprisingly strong campaign and nearly pulled off an upset. Diedrich didn’t play so well in November. After that, the GOP seemed to give up. Now they have a top-tier recruit in a year when the Autocrats–and in particular Nancy Pelosi–will be anathema in South Dakota. H-S can’t lie to the voters in her state this time the way she did about the Bush/Kerry race and say she won’t vote for Pelosi. All Nelson has to do is pull up the roll-call votes from ’05, ’07, and ’09 to put the lie to that. This will be the worst year Dakota Autocrats have had sinc ethe 1950s. It’s about time too.

    49. MD says:


      If I am in jail, then you would have no way of paying me. No thanks. That is a can’t win bet on my part. What do you take me for sir? A Marxist.

    50. Tony says:


      I heard some pundit say that Obama is advising “NO” on ObamaCare Democrats to vote with him down the road, because all Democrats will be seen as YES Democrats anyway.

    51. KnightHawk says:

      43 – Was he implying 2010 or 2011? lol

    52. Wes says:

      Dems were down against the GOP in fundraising in 2006, Phil. Many donors may be waiting for the primaries to sort themselve sout before contributing. Have no fear, the GOP will be well funded as the year goes on.

    53. Phil says:

      Hey Steph, what’s your first vote in each congressional session?

      Answer? To elect Nancy Pelosi Speaker.

      That’s all a voter needs to know.

    54. sam says:


      If I can’t pay you because you are in jail, I’ll pay a charity of your choice.

      If you are not in jail, you pay me.

    55. MD says:

      The incumbent party always has more cash. That is the way it works. Forget the $ for now. In elections like the one upcoming, it is not the primary factor.

    56. KnightHawk says:

      “There is no mechanism in the just-passed HC bill to enforce any penalties based on individual mandates.”

      You must mean beyond not having certified coverage.

    57. Wes says:

      We may be in jail, but they have to convict us of felonies before they can deprive us of voting rights. Send my ballot down to Cell Block C, thanks.

    58. MD says:

      No thanks Sam. Come Oct, if I am not jailed, I might do something that will get me jailed just to collect the K. That would not make much difference in my life but I hate to lose a bet. A character flaw to be certain.

    59. KnightHawk says:

      56 – GOP had more money in 2006 as least though the summer as I recall, it didn’t help.

    60. MD says:


      Why would you assume that ballots would find their way to us extremists?

    61. Wes says:

      The GOP was solidly ahead of the Autocrats in fundraising even into October of 2006. How’d that work out for them? Hell, Rick Santorum spent 1 1/2 times as much money as Bob Casey. I would have to say the effetc of that spending on Santorum’s part was undetectable on the final results.

    62. MD says:

      That is my point Knight. The cash issue is not the end all, be all.

    63. KnightHawk says:

      58 – Not really a problem, they’ll just lose your paperwork over and over and over again.

    64. Phil says:

      Wes, I think you are right. Most of the money will go directly to the candidates instead of through the committees. Internet money bombs and such. That’s how I’m giving. I’m going to target my contributions and like most Republicans I don’t trust the RNC or Republican congressional election committees.

    65. Chekote says:

      One week later, Obama already had to “fix” his historic HC bill. Does anyone else see the irony?!

    66. Wes says:

      Because if I don’t get mine, MD, I’ll definitely be suing and having a bunch of protesters shouting “No justice, no peace!” outside whatever jail they put me in till I get my right to exercise my portion of the American civic process.

    67. Chekote says:

      Paranoia in full bloom at HHR!

    68. MD says:

      I would never, ever give a dime to the RNC. Too many amnesty letters from them. I question whether we even need them anymore. They don’t help the Marxists either. Did Howard Dean, the Head of the MNC, really add any value?

    69. MD says:



    70. Wes says:

      Case in point, Phil: the Massachusetts special election. No one gave any money to Brown early on. As polls started to reverse and Brown gained traction though, the money started rolling in. Brown actually outspent Coakley the final week of the campaign if you can believe that.

    71. Wes says:

      ATTICA!!!! ATTICA!!!! ATTICA!!!! ATTICA!!!!

    72. Phil says:

      Good candidates do fine raising money on the internet. Anyone remember some guy named Scott Brown?

    73. sam says:

      “You must mean beyond not having certified coverage”

      I am not sure what you mean by that question.

      In the new HC bill, there is penalty of $750 for not carrying individual insurance, to be collected by the IRS. However, the bill specifically prohibits IRS from collecting anything (either the penalty or any interest, either through garnishment or lien)) if an individual decides not to get insurance and not to pay the penalty.

      In conjunction with the ban on insurance companies excluding coverage based on pre-existing conditions, the bill is deliberately designed to bankrupt private insurance.

    74. MD says:


      Better yet, remember the Marxist candidate, Barack Hussein Obama?

    75. MD says:


      Well, it is clear that was their intention all along.

    76. Wes says:

      Several GOP candidates aren’t even focusing on fundraising at this point, Phil, because they either can self-fund or are barnstorming around their states and districts before putting up large ad buys.

    77. Phil says:

      The internet has indeed made the RNC and party congressional fundraising committees obsolete.

    78. Tommy_Boy says:

      Jensen somehow has Obamacare at 39% in Alabama.

      I expect a very curious AL-poll tomorrow.

    79. Wes says:

      Don’t discount the effect of 501(c)3s on fundraising either, Phil.

    80. rdelbov says:


      here’s my take on Skelton- I can remember 1976 as I was a student at UMSL in a poly sci class. We dissected congressional races and the 4th district then had 1/4 of Jackson county. Skelton was from Layafette County plus had connections to Johnson & Cass county.

      In 2008 Cass-Johnson-Lafayette-Ray and the 4th distirct part of Jackson county is about 30% of the district. If you count Pulaski (fort leonard Wood) & Saline County you get to 35%. That’s it for hometown & military base love for Skelton.

      Nearly 2/3 of the district is Ozarks or rural based with no government projects keeping them alive. You got a lot of rural counties that went 2-1 for McCain.

      Skelton will have to do a lot of campaigning and he is not exactly a spring chicken. He’s got a lot of votes to explain and Pelosi/Obama are his back.

      Skelton may not lose but he cannot coast this year. If things start looking real bad for the democrats he ain’t even going to be chairman. That will not factor into every voter’s decision

    81. Wes says:

      Is Conchita Alonso a Republican or Autocrat, MD?

    82. Chekote says:

      Obama on the Tea Party

      “There’s a part of the Tea Party that actually did exist before I was elected … where there’s some folks who just weren’t sure whether I was born in the United States, whether I was a socialist. Then I think that there’s a broader circle around that core group of people who are legitimately concerned about the deficit, who are legitimately concerned that the federal government may be taking on too much. And I think those are folks who have legitimate concerns. And my hope is that as we move forward and we’re tackling things like the deficit, imposing a freeze on domestic spending, taking steps that show we are sincere about dealing with our long-term problems, that some of that group will dissipate.”

      Always manages to sound like a centrist, even when he is not.

    83. MD says:

      Interesting Rdel.

    84. MD says:


      I have no idea. I would guess that she is probably typical of Hollywood and loves Obama, however I appreciate the fact that she is willing to take on that nut job Sean Penn.

    85. Wes says:

      If Skelton falls, then you know the Dems are on the road to nearly triple-digit losses in November. It’s hard to find a more entrenched incumbent than he.

    86. Phil says:

      39% approve of Obamacare in Alabama. That would coincide with the percentage of blacks in that state. Remember, RAS says only 1% of blacks favor repeal.

    87. Wes says:

      Oops…I mean Autocrats, not Dems.

    88. MD says:

      Hold the line boys. Hold the line.

    89. Tommy_Boy says:

      #84 You ready to come out of the closet. He just called the Tea Partiers a bunch of birthers.

    90. Wes says:

      I’ve seen her doing interviews before, MD. She’s never openly stated her political affiliation to my knowledge, but she seems not to lean in the direction of the Left.

    91. KnightHawk says:

      73 – Never heard of him. 😉
      That’s the thing with the dollar comparisons you have to look at it in totality (all races), not just the RNC or the congressional committees. Many including myself have not even to the central bodies in some time, we do so on an individual or specific pac level. I tend to doubt we’re actually down 2:1 in totality (overall contributions).

    92. Wes says:

      She already came out of the closet when she told me I support the reinstatement of slavery, Tommy. That made her ideology perfectly transparent to me.

    93. KnightHawk says:

      90 – As you wish, so tempting though. 🙂

    94. MD says:


      Hold the line!!!!!

    95. Wes says:

      What did you think of Red Eye last night, Knight?

    96. KnightHawk says:

      Alonso has been calling out the hollywood left for years, funny only now she’s getting some attention over it.

    97. Gary Maxwell says:

      Artur Davis voting NO on Obamacare cuz he is running for Governor, ought to tell you and Jensen how popular that program is in Alabama. It must rank right under car wrecks, and broken arms in popularity.

    98. KnightHawk says:

      97 – S.E. was looking mighty fine last night Wes, we get Courtney Friel tonight, maybe that email I sent will get read, lol.

    99. Wes says:

      I just looked up Stephanie H-S’ wikipedia article. She’s an attractive women. A bit bony but still attractive:

    100. Chekote says:


      Obviously you can’t read. He said that part of the Tea Parties are made up by birthers (which is true). But there are also people who have legitimate concerns about the deficit. But then again, you have to be illiterate to find Palin a viable candidate for POTUS.

    101. Wes says:

      I like S E without the glasses, Knight. By the way, did you ever see the time she appeared on Red Eye with blonde hair?

    102. Phil says:

      Yes, she is actually pretty attractive.

      Now, vote her ass out.

    103. Chekote says:


      Obviously you can’t read either.

    104. KnightHawk says:

      83 – She’s not member of the right, she just can’t stand turds like Penn, Glover and the like promoting dictators.

    105. Wes says:

      Oh, I completely agree, Phil. I just hope she doesn’t feel the need to follow Contessa Brewer into professional escorting upon losing her job in November.

    106. Phil says:

      He said the core of the tea party movement was made up of birthers.

      …..which like everything else coming out of Obama’s mouth is pure crap.

    107. Chekote says:

      Maybe Jim “Waterloo” DeMint can do Obama another favor by telegraphing the next GOP strategy.

    108. KnightHawk says:

      104 – Yup send her home to take care of her newborn. 😉

    109. Phil says:

      Wes, however, always good to have a fallback career. At least she won’t starve.

    110. KnightHawk says:

      I don’t think Obama even knows how to tell the truth.

    111. Just fill out the census says:

      Chekote, someone on here called you the C word. Are you going to take that crap or are you going to call them out?

    112. mnw says:

      Curious headline today at Politico:

      “McCain Calls For National Guard Troops At AZ Border: Demands Protection From Gangs, Illegal Immigrants”

      It’s almost like a Saul-to-Paul conversion, isn’t it? I wonder why the scales suddenly fell from Amnesty Boy’s eyes?

      JD 2010
      P.O. Box 28604
      Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    113. Wes says:

      True enough, Phil. She’d probably get a lot of business too.

    114. KnightHawk says:

      I smell a burning plant.

    115. Chekote says:

      I guess everyone here wants to pretend that as late as last November polls showed that something like 30% to 40% of Republicans did not believe that Obama was born in the US. Let’s bury our heads in the sand again.

    116. Barack Obama says:

      What is this thing you call truth, Mr KnightHawk?

    117. rdelbov says:

      Here’s my take on these polls

      AL-Yes for Bryne, he is my guy. Go B. looks like a runoff? Whoever gets in with Moore will win the runoff. Don’t care much about the democrats.

      OH-My sense is that Fisher would be the weaker GE candidate despite OJ’s dislike of Brunner. No fan of Brunner as she has a habit of losing candidate forms and handles voter registration like a Acorn worker. Fisher just polls poorly outside of the D party radicals.

      KS-Moran has a lead over Tiahrt. This is supposed to be the non-rural seat so Tiahrt should be an easy winner. Moran is very conservative but Tiahrt is very conservative with a tinge of social con support. So I suspect Moran sweeps his district and pulls in some moderate GOP types in KS City suburbs and Topeka area. Things could change but the battle lines seem pretty set in KS.

      I might add that the primary tussle in KS is friendly compared to KY. I might add that KY is still not as bitter as some of the primaries I have seen in the past.

    118. Chekote says:

      I smell a burning plant.

      It’s you MJ joint. Naughty boy.

    119. KnightHawk says:

      114 – It so transparent it makes him look worse.


      JD 2010
      P.O. Box 28604
      Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    120. KnightHawk says:

      Barry you wouldn’t understand it even if I explained it too you, see your doctor it may be a genetic disorder.

    121. Chekote says:


      I am just waiting for all the “family values” people to stand up for what they believe in. And the self-professed followers of Jesus too.

    122. Just fill out the census says:

      mnw, wanting to protect the borders does NOT equal pro Amnesty.

      Oh, and it’s called REFORM, NOT Amnesty. McCain is not for amnesty and you know that. I know you’re bitter he lost the 2008 election but this mccain hatred is detrimental. You want Republicans to lose a seat because of a far right winger taking the nomination?

    123. Gary Maxwell says:

      Wes I know it wrong for me to delight in your torment, but I did giggle. Now your reading comprehension is at question. When we ask you to not feed a troll next time, please please listen to your friends here. Poison I tell you.

    124. bio mom says:

      Regarding the jobs numbers: There are 80,000 hired for the census in March. Temporary positive effect on the numbers.

    125. Chekote says:


      Let them nominate JD so that the GOP can lose a seat. Sometimes it takes more than one shellacking before people “get it”.

    126. Chekote's Mother says:

      She is a C word. I want to apologize to everyone here for not aborting her when I had the chance, at least my daughter didn’t make the same mistake I did.

    127. Chekote says:

      I find it so sad that GM needs to have strength in numbers to validate his point of view. Perhaps, he can tell us again how those “conservatives” at A&M and Baylor are voting to keep Edwards in Congress.

    128. Chekote says:


      Let’s see the “family values” people stand up. And the self-professed followers of Christ.

    129. Phil says:

      129 – you don’t want to go there.

    130. Wes says:

      I’ll be more careful in the future, Gary…I promise. I hope she manages to achieve her life’s goal of going to bed with Van Jones though. Maybe actually sleeping with a Marxist will steer her form the self-destructive path she’s on. Then again–I think she may be too far gone.

    131. Gary Maxwell says:

      Perhaps we can again hear about the liberal Texas A&M Aggies? Or the Baylor Baptist Bears are closet liberals? How about the one about Pete Sessions recruiting Dede Scuzzafava? That was a knee slapper! Total lack of understanding of the process.

    132. Chekote says:


      Perhaps next you might want to advocate repealing civil rights legislation since it has been used to provide education and health services to illegals. Go ahead Wes. Make the Dems’ day!

    133. Wes says:

      Who is this census person? A Chekote ally sent to help her ruin this board for us?

    134. Always Right says:

      Chek, we stiil have not seen Obama’s birth certificate. Why doesnt he produce it? All this controversy continues because he has stonewalled and will not produce original legal certificate. He knows he was born in Indonesia and is a practicing muslim. He is the usurper that the Bible speaks of! Rapture is at hand…

    135. rdelbov says:


      I look for temporary improvement in job creation numbers this month due to census but look for the employment to remain steady or to climb

    136. Phil says:

      Yep, all those aggies ! went to school with were real hardened lefties.


    137. rdelbov says:

      A friend from Church got a job doing Census work at the local County prison. 4,000 young men need to be interviewed-one by one.

    138. Chekote's Mother says:

      Remember that time at the lake, I knew I should have listened to your dad and your first husband and just let you drown. You dear child should not be one to bring up family values.

    139. Chekote says:


      So Edwards’ district if chock full of conservatives and yet they keep sending the liberal to Congress. Where is Pete Sessions? How come we never see him on MTP? Or anywhere? Could it be that the last time he was given a mike he compared the GOP to the Taliban?

    140. Just fill out the census says:

      Obama was born in Honolulu. Weak!

    141. Wes says:

      What amazes me, Gary, is that I was the only person on here who consistently acknowledged her. She was too stupid to understand if she made such a scurrilous attack against me, she was going to lose the last friend she had on this board. Some people just astonish me.

    142. Chekote says:


      There is your Republican base. Daily Kos couldn’t be happier.

    143. Gary Maxwell says:

      needs to have strength in numbers

      Good thing you dont eh? Cuz your last friend shot you the middle finger and fried your @ss.

      Remember the time you told us how all those other women posters on another site just loved you, and several of them got wind of it and made a beeline here to tell everybody that would listen what an absolute @ss they think you are? I sure do. I laughed and laughed at that one. Who was it Jodie and one other I think? Maybe they can return for an encore?

    144. Just fill out the census says:

      Oh that poster was being sarcastic. Hah.

      I don’t know who chekote is but she’s making a lot more sense than mnw and D Quitoxic.

    145. KnightHawk says:

      So much for holding the line.

    146. Chekote says:



      I never said you were advocating reinstating slavery. Find a post to back up your accusation. I said that trying to change the 14th amendment was bad politics and bad government.

    147. Always Right says:

      #142, prove it!

    148. Wes says:

      I feel sorry for her husband, Gary. He must lie awake at night saying to himself, “What the hell was I thinking?”

    149. Just fill out the census says:

      I’m just another sock-puppet.

    150. Just fill out the census says:

      Awww Wes thinks he’s big and powerful telling some woman on a board that she has no friends. I wonder who really doesn’t have friends? Her of the guy (Wes) who talks about others ONLINE not having friends.

      Why do you guys not like her? Because she knows JD Hayworth would lose and she filled out her census? Is that why?

    151. Chekote says:


      You mean Judy T? Bring her on. Maybe she can tell us how I can never love America as much as her because I am a naturalized citizen and she is the descendant of the Mayflower people. Bring her on! People like her make the Dems’s day.

    152. Gary Maxwell says:

      I am guessing he contemplates eating his gun about once a day.

    153. Just fill out the census says:

      and look someone is now copying my name. They may think im a sock but I bet they filled out their census.

    154. Just fill out the census says:

      There is your Republican base. Daily Kos couldn’t be happier.
      Please don’t insult the Daily Kos, they sign my paychecks.

    155. Wes says:

      What he hell is your obsession with the census?

    156. Just fill out the census says:

      If I had a clue and any history here I would not be defending this person, but I don’t.

    157. Just fill out the census says:

      I’m not obsessed with the census. I was reading one of the threads and found Dquitoxics ill will towards the census truly idiotic, so I made this name knowing it would annoy the hell out of him and his internet pals.

      Bust as long as we’re talking about the census, I hope you filled yours out.

    158. Gary Maxwell says:

      Looks like Eph to me.

    159. Just fill out the census says:

      #158 is someone copying my posts.

    160. Wes says:

      It probably is, Gary.

    161. Tony says:

      Wow, she’s even pissed of Wes? How is that possible? I’ve been lurking and occasionally contributing on this board for about about 4 years now and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it for myself.

    162. Just fill out the census says:

      No Im not any of them Im just a random lurker who finally got annoyed by some of the far right crapola I see on here.

    163. Gary Maxwell says:

      You seem to have a split personality Just.

    164. Wes says:

      You don’t understand, Just. We were saying the person you claim is parodying you is Eph Rove. If you lurk as much as you imply, then you should know who that is in context of this blog.

    165. Just fill out the census says:

      So how many seats will republicans NOT win back de to vote splitting in races like mccain/hayworth? We need to hope some of these people on hedgehog report arent represented by the masses in November

    166. Chekote says:


      Find a post of mine that accused you of reinstating slavery. Back up your accusation. I have the perfect GOP strategy for minority outreach:

      1) Repeal the 13th amendment
      2) Repeal the 14th amendment
      3) Repeal Civil Rights legislation
      4) Repeal the MLK holiday

    167. Tony says:

      So where do you go when you put forth far left crapola?

    168. mnw says:


      RE: Skelton’s Likely GOP Opponent

      Nine have filed in the GOP primary. The two favorites are:

      1) State Sen. Bill Stouffer. A farmer. Been in the state senate quite awile. “Best known for his work on transportation issues,” according to his bio. Talks about deficit reduction more than anything else.

      2) Vicki Hartzler. Former state rep for 12 yrs. Former H.S. teacher. Principal organizer of “MO Coalition to Protect Marriage,” which successfully outlawed gay marriage in 2004, via ballot initiative. Author of how-to political campaign manual titled, “Winning God’s Way.”

      Both have raised appx $100000.

      I give Hartzler a slight edge because she energizes social conservatives. Neither is well-known.


      JD is up to $798000. One day left to hit his $1 million target for March.

    169. Brandon says:

      Spratt says he has Parkinsons but will still be running for re-election.

    170. KnightHawk says:

      “Sarah Palin will take her first stab at television hosting when she fronts a new Fox News series, Real American Stories, premiering Thursday April 1 at 10pmET.

      Guests for the first show include country singer Toby Keith, rapper/actor LL Cool J and Jack Welch. Get excited.”

    171. Just fill out the census says:


      I’m a Republican. However, I don’t support stupid actions. Not filling out your census and voting for JD Hayworth are two VERY stupid actions.

    172. Just fill out the census says:

      I think I can answer my own question, we will lose none over it, these are primaries and I should get used to it.

    173. Chekote says:


      If that isn’t preparation for POTUS, I dunno what is!


    174. Tony says:

      My man JD. Win lose or draw, at least McCain will have been forced to toe the Republican line for a year or so.

    175. Wes says:

      I’ve been pretty much ignoring you the past few days, Chek, but I’ll acknowledge the idiocy of that last post this once. I NEVER advocated repealing the 14th Amendment. In fact, I said the majority of the amendment is worthwhile. What I DID SAY was that there should be a new constitutional amendment that will revise the portion of it that established a jus soli rather than jus sanguinus determination for citizenship. I’m all for LEGAL aliens’ having the ability to come here and integrate into our society. I’m all for greencard holders’ having the ability to naturalize. I evem go so far as to say children under 18 of such people should become citizens as soon as their parents are naturalized. I do not think a person with no connection to the country who by some confluence of events should have the rights accorded to natural-born and duly naturalized citizens in this country. What about that is so damn hard to understand?

    176. Just fill out the census says:

      #174, who ISNT me, jd hayworth is a certified loser. Get used to that.

    177. KnightHawk says:

      163 – Tony yes, Wes finally had his ephiphany has did Mark in ca, LaZebra(Ain), as did many before them, as will others in the future.

    178. Wes says:

      I don’t care for J D Hayworth–as Just fill out the census would know if he actually lurked here regularly–and I even mentioned earlier today I filled out the census. I guess you must not view this site as much as you imply then, Just.

    179. Just fill out the census says:

      Oops I meant to say I am certified loser.

    180. rdelbov says:

      thanks for the heads up.

      I did not know Spratt had Parkinsons. Brandon I hope he does not get the shakes like Byrd does. There’s a hard charger running in Spratt’s district and same old same old won’t cut it this year.

    181. Wes says:

      I’ll get an independent assessment. Knight, does what I posted in 177 differ in any way from what I was advocating over the weekend?

    182. Tony says:

      JD may lose the race to McCain, but I’ve never seen McCain act this Republican.

      Thank you, JD.

    183. Just fill out the census says:

      Yes Mr.Tony you are correct in post 176, JD’s run (win,lose,draw) only helps.

    184. Wes says:

      Spratt voted for Obamacare, did he not?

    185. mnw says:


      You don’t get it, do you?

      We don’t CARE if JD loses to the DEM. Actually, we HOPE he wins in Nov., of course.

      But what we REALLY REALLY want is a world free of McPain. Got it now?

    186. Wes says:

      I’ll bring you down off your high a bit, Mnw. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about Hayworth’s losing to a Dem because he won’t make it out of the primary. I actually think that’s a good thing, even though in the short term, Hayworth helps the GOP by keeping McCain in line.

    187. Chekote says:

      What about that is so damn hard to understand?

      Nothing. I understand your position perfectly. I just think that taking on the 14th amendment is politically stupid. It is means more bureaucracy because we will need to determine the status of the parent before a status can be given to a child. I think they are better ways to deal with “anchor” babies. And I was being sarcastic. You know that. Again. Show a post where I seriously accused you of advocating a return to slavery.

    188. KnightHawk says:

      183 – Wes You don’t need and independent assessment the beotch is just crazy, but no 177 does not differ from what you said days ago, which the planter as usual spun into whatever it is she wanted it to mean to annoy or otherwise gin up controversy.

    189. KnightHawk says:

      188 – Bingo. Either way it’s a positive.

    190. Bunu says:

      Nothing will keep McCain in line once he wins that primary.

      Buchanan says elect Hayworth.

    191. Chekote says:


      He will do that to win the election. After that, he will be back being McCain.

    192. Wes says:

      Well, what’s your solution then, Chekote?

    193. Chekote says:


      Ah… yes. Buchanan.

    194. mnw says:

      Correction: Hartzler’s book is called “Running God’s Way”

    195. RC says:

      Ehrlich is running for MD gov in 2010.

    196. Tony says:

      Be warned though. If McCain wins, he’s gonna be very upset he couldn’t maintain his mavericky status.

      First on the agenda for 2011: CIR. We better hope we have enough real Republicans in the Senate so we won’t have to buy him off.

      Of course, with JD in there. . ..

    197. Wes says:

      Thanks for posting that, Bunu. That means McCain will be receiving a campaign contribution from me. Anyone who receives an endorsement from a faux-conservative, socialist Nazi sympathizer is someone I desperately want to be defeated in the primaries.

    198. Eyore says:

      I’m afraid that by the time we get to November momentum for conservatives will have dissipated. I now project a 19-seat gain for House GOP, 3-seat Senate GOP gain, and 3-seat Governor GOP gain.

    199. KnightHawk says:

      197 – Good news me thinks.

    200. Wes says:

      Buchanan needs to be ostracized from American politics. No one who has developed a career off apologizing for Hitler has any place in American public discourse.

    201. Wes says:

      O’Malley can’t be happy about that.

    202. mnw says:


      I’m not high, nor have I been, & you will never find any post in which I’ve predicted a Hayworth win in the primary, altho I contribute damn near weekly.

    203. Wes says:

      I’m willing to bet you’re wrong, Eyore.

    204. Tony says:

      Perhaps Ehrlick could ask Steele to run as his LT.

    205. KnightHawk says:

      200 – Way to over react to an endorsement.

    206. Wes says:

      I never said you did, Mnw. I understand your sentiments about Hayworth–hell, I want McCain to be gone. I was pointing out you won’t have to worry about Hayworth’s losing in November because he’ll lose in whatever month the Arizona primary is in.

    207. Wes says:

      It’s not an overreaction, Knight. Buchanan is everything I pointed out in my post. That taints anyone he supports just by association.

    208. MD says:

      I hate to be on the same side on anything with Pat Buchanan who is really an anti-immigration Democrat.

      Still, I just know McCain will sell us down the river after he is reelected. This new found turn to the right will dissapate quickly. DDon’t blame JD for Buchanan and Bunu’s support. I guess both of those idiots don’t know JD’s views on Israel.

    209. Tony says:

      Sad that somebody with McCain’s name recognition and financial support had to draw any Republican opposition at all.

      But then that’s what you get when you’re trying your damndest to give the country to the Democrats.

    210. Wes says:

      I can’t look past Buchanan, MD. If you apologize for Hitler, then you apologize for Hitler. That’s a taint on any associations. I’d definitely rather have McCain than Hayworth after that announcement.

    211. Wes says:

      I agree, Tony. I wish Shadegg had been the one to run against him. He would have been a much better Senator than either Hayworth or McCain.

    212. MD says:

      Some JD quotes on Israel that starkly contrast with the Paul crowd:

      And if we are honest we have to make a distinction between a democratic Israel that wants to live in peace and the terrorists who want Israel wiped out. The Israelis were told to give up land for peace; they gave up the land, but got no peace.

      As in any war, there have been dreadful mistakes and civilian casualties. The difference is when Israelis kill innocents they apologize; when Hezbollah kills innocents they celebrate.

    213. KnightHawk says:

      210 – It’s an overreaction, Buchanan doesn’t like McCain, never has, it’s that simple, I don’t think your going to see the Hayworth campaign shouting from the roof tops the fact that Buchanan endorsed him. Plus if you donate to McCain I’ll have to drop you from the Jenna Haze fan club. 😉

    214. MD says:


      Did JD seek out his endorsement? No! It was probably the last thing he wanted. I didn’t check JD’s website so I could be wrong. Guilt by association even when you don’t want the association?

    215. Wes says:

      Well, then I’ll simply give McCain moral support, Knight. Anyone a Hitler apologist like Buchanan supports is someone I can never get behind.

    216. MD says:

      That’s it. I have had it. Wes, you clearly are for slavery.

    217. Wes says:

      Then Hayworth needs to disavow the endorsement, MD.

    218. MD says:


      In all seriousness, I do agree with you on Buchanan. Remember, he also marched with Jimmy Hoffa Jr. in 95 and has always been against all trade.

    219. Gary Maxwell says:

      I will echo Wes on Buchanan. As distasteful a person as there is the GOP whose name is not Ron Paul. He is an anti Semite, and apologist for Hitler. I would not piss on the guy if he were on fire.

      If he is for someone, I MUST be against them because that is how little I have in common with Pat SS Buchanan.

    220. Chekote says:


      Dumb and illiterate. You must be good looking otherwise I can’t explain what you wife see in you.

    221. MD says:

      Why bring attention to it? Further, I think Palin sealed the deal for McCain the other night. The mo was headed in JD’s way but she ended that. He should win by double digits so this is most likely a moot point.

    222. mnw says:

      AZ primary is Sept. 7th.

      I yield to no-one in dislike of Buchanan. I consider him an untouchable after some of his Hitler stupidities. I think that’s why MSNBC has him on so much– “see? HERE’s a conservative! And he admires Hitler!”

      What this has to do with Hayworth, I have not a clue.

    223. Wes says:

      You pegged me, MD. I’ve been trying to keep that hidden all these years, but, yes, I do support returning the country to an outmoded means of production that trivializes human beings and stimies progress. You got me on that one. How’d you find out?

    224. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      “Update: Dem Senator: We Screwed The People For Our Party On ObamaCare
      Update: Yes, the paper trail supports it. Screw the middle class, you can’t humiliate his oneness. If you don’t like idol worship, don’t look too closely at the DNC right now. What the people think, want, or need, is insignificant.

      They had to save his oneness at all costs. Where would Democrats be without their new found messiah? Given that I doubt he’s going to be able to help them from the stump in 2010, I suspect they are going to find out, anyway! Party uber alles! It’s the Leftist way!

      Good luch with that, jerks!

      A Democratic senator I can’t name, who reluctantly voted for the health-care bill out of loyalty to his party and his admiration for Barack Obama, privately complained to me that the measure was political folly, in part because of the way it goes into effect: some taxes first, most benefits later, and rate hikes by insurance companies in between.

      So, just to clarify, some Democratic senator admitted to Fineman that he thinks the bill is political suicide, raises premiums for his constituents and feeds public anger, but voted for it anyway out of personal and party loyalty? Come on, Fineman, spill the goods so we can give this guy his Profile in Courage award.”

      Yep, CrappyCare is all about politcal power and control for the statist ideology!

    225. MD says:


      You saw my quotes from JD on Israel. You can’t be more ardent than that.

    226. MD says:


      Porn stars (females – get your minds out of the gutter people) will be the first to be enslaved. I have dibs on Nikki Benz.

    227. Brandon says:

      Isn’t the AZ primary August 24?

    228. MD says:

      Anyway – we need to call a meeting!!!! Discipline completely broke down. What was a good threat; sometimes a bit heated, sometimes funny completely broke down when we caved.

    229. Wes says:

      I have dibs on Jenna Haze, MD. (Sorry, Knight.)

    230. Chekote says:


      Right on target. Ron Paul is not better than Rev. Wright. Same message. And somebody needs to tell these idiots that the reason we had troops in Saudia Arabia is because the Saudi government asks us to protect them again Saddam after he invaded Kuwait. I am soooooo sick and tired of people acting like we station our troops around the world against the will of foreign governments.

    231. Tony says:

      Six months ago McCain was polling something like 25-30 points ahead of his Dem Challenger.

      Anything on what JD is polling against the Dem?

    232. Chekote says:


      Why don’t you find a post to back up your accusations?

    233. Wes says:

      Probably less than that, Tony. Haven’t seen any recent polls though. Ask Brandon. He’s the poll guru.

    234. KnightHawk says:

      226 – Nothing really, which is why I agree with MD some disavowing statement only would draw attention too it (and pat), I agree with the sentiment expressed though.

    235. Gary Maxwell says:

      Why dont you dig a hole, climb in and pull the dirt on top of you?

    236. mnw says:

      JD’s website doesn’t have a search function, but I can’t recall ever seeing Buchanan’s name mentioned. I think Bay signed a fundraising solicitation for Hayworth, if I remember correctly.

    237. Bunu says:

      Saudi people might prefer an Islamic government who knows.

    238. Wes says:

      Not too smart, are you, Chek? That post was in response to a joking post further up the thread. I believe 219 was the number.

    239. Brandon says:

      New ad by Trey Grayson links Rand Paul to Ron Paul.

    240. KnightHawk says:

      233- Fine but in return for giving that up I get sasha grey, tanner mays, and lexi belle.

    241. Bunu says:

      Well might as well run those ads against Rand Paul.

      Throw all the sleeze you want at him that way if he wins the primary, it will already be out of your systems.

    242. MD says:

      Wait a second. You can’t claim 2 at once. I call bullchit. I wanted Lexi for my day time slave while Nikki is for the nights. Gotta keep it fresh.

    243. LaZebra says:

      #223 — Bunu has posted a great post!! For anyone still thinking of supporting Rand Paul, you really need to view the video that our good friend Bunu posted. Here it is again:

    244. mnw says:

      AZ Gop primary is Aug. 24th. Legislature moved it earlier this month.

    245. MD says:

      Back to JD for just a moment and I will stop. Yes, I almost a straight line conservative but compare the records and tell me who the better candidate is even though he will lose:

      Comparing The Candidates

      J.D. Hayworth helped write the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. John McCain voted against them and denounced them as “tax cuts for the wealthy.”

      J.D. Hayworth opposed TARP. John McCain was a key vote for the measure. In fact, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said that “We wouldn’t have gotten TARP done if John McCain hadn’t been supportive of it.” McCain wanted to go even further, proposing an additional $300 Billion to buy up all of the bad debts, leaving the taxpayers to pay for the mistakes of others.

      J.D. Hayworth opposed the auto bailouts. John McCain supported them.

      J.D. Hayworth opposes Cap & Trade legislation and rejects phony climate change data. John McCain co-wrote the McCain-Lieberman Cap & Trade bill.

      J.D Hayworth opposes amnesty for illegal aliens and has a long record of fighting to secure our borders and enforce our laws. John McCain co-wrote the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill that the Heritage Foundation estimated would cost the taxpayers $2.6 Trillion.

      J.D. Hayworth believes that a vigorous political debate is vital to the long-term health of our nation, and that free speech is the cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic. John McCain co-wrote the McCain-Feingold legislation that placed a gag order on groups like the National Rifle Association and National Right to Life. This legislation was largely struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court because it constituted a direct assault on the first amendment rights of Americans. McCain was “disappointed” by the outcome.

      J.D. Hayworth supported the Federal Marriage Amendment and believes it is critical that marriage be protected from those who would redefine it. John McCain voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

      J.D. Hayworth supports the appointment and confirmation of conservative, strict constitutionalists, as judges. John McCain led the Gang of 14 that blocked the confirmation of just these kinds of judges. Yet John McCain voted to confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States?

      J.D. Hayworth is a proven, consistent conservative, with a lifetime rating of 98 from the American Conservative Union. John McCain’s lifetime rating is 81 and dropping. McCain’s score last year was an abysmal 63. And while John McCain falsely claims that J.D. Hayworth is a big spender, he ignores the fact that J.D. Hayworth has a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste than does McCain.

    246. MD says:

      MNW – I am confused. When is the primary exactly?

    247. Tony says:

      Wes, forget the Bucanan endorsement never happened for a moment.

      What would you rather have, McCain running with his higher poll numbers against the Dem in the general or JD running but he’s down a few points?

    248. MD says:

      BTW – those of you that know me well know I did not support the FNMA. Other than that, I can find no area of disagreement.

    249. MD says:

      Full disclosure – I am copying from JD’s website so obviously this is slanted in his direction. However, I actually forgot about McCain’s position on enhanced interrogation:

      John McCain also wants to tie the hands of our military interrogators by banning enhanced interrogation techniques. J.D. Hayworth recognizes the importance of giving our professionals the tools they need to get the job done. At least four major 9-11 style terror attacks were prevented thanks to information gathered using these techniques, and countless lives were saved.

      Of course, no debate over national security can be complete without comparing John McCain’s open-borders, pro-amnesty record with J.D. Hayworth’s effort to secure our borders, defend our homeland, and stop the flow of drugs and violence across our Southern border.

    250. Bunu says:


      We need new polling in Kentucky soon after all these negative ads. If Grayson is still 20 points down then what is the point of completely running Rand Paul into the ground financially.

      If the primary is actually close, well then that’s one thing, but it’s questionable whether Grayson can make a comeback.

      New polling would be nice.

    251. Chekote says:


      Find a post backing up your accusation.

    252. mnw says:


      The mo was headed JD’s way until Scott Brown ended it, too.

      (but then it came back)

      The mo was with JD, despite Scott Brown, but now Palin has ended it.

      (& now it will come back… again)

      Because? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. How many times has McPain fooled AZ conservatives?

    253. KnightHawk says:

      246 – Morning, afternoon and night, can’t too two at once, too much work. 😉

    254. Chekote says:

      Hayworth is a loud mouth who lost his seat because he was too busy yapping instead of campaigning. Case close.

    255. MD says:

      Then you are willing to give up 1 Knight?


      What is the actual date of the AZ primary? McCain better hope for sooner than later.

    256. MD says:

      Let’s try this again fellas. Can we hold this time?

    257. Bunu says:

      Az primary is sometime this summer. I know that much.

    258. mnw says:

      The damn AZ primary HAD BEEN SCHEDULED for Sept. 7th.

      Earlier this month, the date was moved up to Aug. 24th, at the request of the SOS.

    259. Brandon says:

      August 24.

    260. MD says:

      Thanks guys. I still think that with Palin’s help McCain will win quite easily and come February we will all regret that.

    261. Chekote says:


      Once again the dictator-wanna-be issues orders. Illiterate, dumb with a totalitarian streak. Again, it must have been your looks. Let me make it easier on you:

      Please everyone ignore my posts. Don’t respond to me or MD is likely to burst a brain artery and we will lose his wonderful insight on American politics. Thank you!

    262. Bunu says:

      Rand Paul will be on national TV on the Beck show Thur 5:15pm.

      I’m sure there will be fire works after all these new ads.

    263. LaZebra says:

      Those of you considering supporting JD Hayworth, at least properly vet him before selling your soul to his support. No matter how much you hate McCain, JD Hayworth is not the right replacement. Consider this, below:

      Someone needs to call Hayworth’s campaign office and ask him to repost his “Open Letter to the President-Elect” (Obama), which he had posted on his website for over 2 years. I think that he finally pulled this letter down (off the net) because it exposes 2 key weaknesses in JD Hayworth’s resume:

      (1) It proves that he’s clearly a “birther”.
      (2) It verifies what the Arizona Republic says about him, that he uses “bombastic rhetoric and obnoxious behavior”. In this case, it’s the latter (”obnoxious behavior”), as he first offers sympathy to Obama on the death of his grandmother — but then, IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH, he calls on the grieving grandson to present his birth certificate.

      Of course it’s very convenient for JD that we can’t see this anymore, now that he’s pulled this embarrassing letter from the internet.

      JD Hayworth, if he were nominated, would not only probably lose the senate seat to a Democrat, but he’d be a tremendous embarrassment to the entire Republican party. This is a chance we can’t afford to take.

      Don’t believe me? Well, at least ask JD to re-post that Letter on his website and then you can see for yourself.

    264. Gary Maxwell says:

      is a loud mouth

      Takes one to know one, my granny was quite fond of saying.

    265. D QUIXOTE says:

      Don’t forget McVains opposition to ANWR drilling, and support for closing gun show “loopholes”.

    266. mnw says:

      Chekote says JD is a “loudmouth.” Wow, that’s unassailable logic!

      Well, I know I’ve changed MY view, now that I know how Chekote feels!

    267. Chekote says:


      Discipline Gary. Discipline or I will send one of those conservative Aggies to beat your butt!

    268. MD says:

      JD answered directly that he does NOT believe in the birther cause. Who cares anyway? The issue is settled and the guy is POTUS.

      Look at the issues above. What do you disagree with La Z. I mentioned my area of disagreement. What are yours?

    269. Chekote says:


      Discipline. Sure let’s put the birth up as our candidate. That’s smart politics!


    270. Gary Maxwell says:

      I thought they were all liberals? can you please pick a lane?

    271. mnw says:

      I heard Hayworth on Rush explain that he’d never been a birther & had no use for those who were.

      You’re wasting your breath.

    272. Chekote says:

      LaZebra you make way too much sense. There is no room for logic. There is only room for raw emotions. And JD knows how to feed red meat to the partisan stomach.

    273. MD says:

      Anyway, I like this type of spirited debate. It is good for the party. Can someone (with 1 exception) look at JD on the issues as compared to McCain and tell me what you don’t like? I understand full well that their is a 99.9999% chance of McCain prevailing and he is probably the more pliable candidate for the general. Can we keep it on the issues only?

    274. Chekote says:


      Yup. Liberals that’s why Edwards is in Congress. I can’t imagine conservatives voting for him.b Anyway, discipline Gary. The Aggie is on his way.

    275. Bunu says:

      I say McCain loses. McCain couldn’t even get 50% in Arizona after wrapping up the republican nomination. They were still voting for other people.

      This race is a ticking time bomb. Even if the voters don’t like Hayworth, they will probably vote for him because he’s not McCain.

    276. Chekote says:

      Can we keep it on the issues only?

      Yes. People keep it on the issues just like MD does. He never uses personal attack (except when he calls me a beotch about 20 times a day). Stick to the issues boys. Follow your dear leader.

    277. Tony says:

      If JD makes it to the general, he will be swept in the Republican tide.

    278. Gary Maxwell says:

      Anyone that did not have their head buried inside their butt cheeks would know that Texas until recently was solidly Democrat for nearly a century. Some of the dinosaurs are still hanging around, although most of them got swept out in the Republican wave of the 90s. That is a little too nuanced for a pea brain like yourself though. Easier to blame it on liberals, even though you know nothing about either University.

    279. Chekote says:


      And he will proceed to be an embarassment for the GOP.

    280. MD says:

      I am now for John McCain 100%.

      see post 280

    281. MD says:

      285 was sarc. Anyway, when McCain wins the primary I will support him because the worst R is better than any Marxist.

    282. Chekote says:


      Younger people voted for Obama in Texas in 2008. Start worying Gary and stop responding to me. You are disobeying your dear leader.

    283. mnw says:

      No… not 99.99.

      Anyway, since the erroneous perception is that there is a 99% probability that McVain is re-nominated, the stronger DEMs won’t file. They ALWAYS give Amnesty Boy a pass. Same way that sharks don’t eat each other: professional courtesy.

      I WANT EVERYBODY to believe McVain’s re-nomination is a 99.99% done deal.

    284. rdelbov says:


      is that Paul ad just an internet ad. its 1 1/2 minutes long. I still wonder why Paul would have Rev. Wright in it. That’s a little odd.

      Oh maybe that is a Grayson ad. By golly it is.

      Of course Rand Paul had Grayson being against Coal (in Kentucky) and had Grayson saying “President Obama” in an ad.

      So complaining about a Grayson cheap shot is silly of Paul. Both sides had lots of cheap shots-IMO.

      Is the fact that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan plus in Saudi Arabia and a friend of Israeli make us a target.

      You bet. No doubt about it.

      Should we still a friend to the Jewish state and have military bases within 300 miles of Mecca. You bet. If Islamic radicals think we are poison because we love Israel and are a friend to the Saudi King-that’s not our doing.

      Discussing why the Radicals attack us is totally pointless as those two items of foreign policy have been a staple of our policy for over 60 years.

      I hope in sixty years they are still pillors in the foreign policy of the USA.

      I can see no good in changing either policy.

      In my opinion I think Grayson is right. I would not lump Rand Paul in the catagory as Rev. Wright either then they share a similar view on examining US foreign policy in light of 911.

    285. MD says:

      OK MNW – let’s see what happens in Sept. Maybe, I will be pleasantly surprised!

    286. Brandon says:

      So yeah, that Tea Party candidate in Nevada is more likely to be heading to jail than the US Senate.

    287. mnw says:


      Aug 24th. They changed the date, moved it up 2 weeks, just a few days ago.

    288. Tony says:

      284, Are you certain of that?

      The rest of us are certain that McCain has been an embarrasment to the Republican party and will continue to do so if re-elected.

    289. Gary Maxwell says:

      For the terminally dense this probably wont be enough, emphasis added:

      In the 2003 Texas redistricting, Edwards’ district was renumbered as the 17th District, and the U.S. Army post Fort Hood was removed from the district. His district absorbed College Station, home of Texas A&M, a longtime bastion of conservatism. It also absorbed several heavily Republican areas west of Fort Worth. Edwards defeated conservative State Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth in November 2004 by 9,260 votes, or approximately a 3.8% margin.

    290. Bunu says:


      Grayson with Obama was a response to Grayson’s ad that was out of context. Grayson had a clip of Rand talking about how he thought the uighurs should not be detained at Gitmo, and he cut the ad to make it out of context.

    291. MD says:


      Everyone knows A&M is conservative. Even I know that from PA.

    292. MD says:


      That guy was NOT part of the actual tea party movement. He usurped the name.

    293. Gary Maxwell says:

      That was from the known conservative rag, commonly referred to as Wikipedia. Shills for Republican I know. LOL

      Judy should come back on and tell us what she really thinks!!!

    294. Bunu says:


      that was an internet ad although Grayson has a similar ad running on air.

    295. LaZebra says:

      I heard Hayworth on Rush explain that he’d never been a birther & had no use for those who were.
      Comment by mnw — March 30, 2010 @ 5:43 pm

      With all due respect, JD Hayworth is LYING on this! He proved it in that “Open Letter to the President-Elect” (see above) and he did on Harball:
      (scroll to 6:52 to 7:50 of this 9-minute interview)

      MD, if JD is so willing to outright lie about his vulnerabilities, then how can we trust anything he says?

      As for your list of issues, sure I’d usually be on JD’s side, but quite honestly, so is John McCain, at least he is now. You may say that he’s “only acting Republican because of this primary”, but I continue to believe that his true goal is to oppose everything that President Obama is doing — that’s a very worth goal, and an established Senator like McCain can do so much more effectively than a rookie like Hayworth would do.

      C’mon, JD, produce that Open Letter to the President-Elect, so we can all see if you’re a birther, and we can all see how rude you are.

    296. Chekote says:


      All those conservatives and Edwards still manages to win.

    297. D QUIXOTE says:

      That tea party guy was never a part of the nevada tea party. They took great pains to point out that he was probably a reid plant.

    298. Chekote says:

      Judy should come back on and tell us what she really thinks!!!

      What’s the matter. You need a woman to do the fighting for you?! Bring JudyT here. Please do. I miss her.

    299. Chekote says:


      Oh Lord! Now we have Reid plants.

    300. Gary Maxwell says:

      Do you think Reid is pissed that he paid that dirtbag to run for Senator and the guy double crosses him and skips? Too funny.

    301. Gary Maxwell says:

      Please tell us again about Dede being selected by Sessions.

      Is there anything you are an expert on? How about just barely competent at? Besides knowing the inside of your rectal cavity I mean of course.

    302. Chekote says:


      As head of the NRCC, Sessions is responsible for recruiting candidates. But he was too busy comparing Republicans to the Taliban to pay close attention on what was going on in NY23.

    303. Just fill out the census says:

      I wasnt saying you WES wanted JD just that I started posting under this lame name today to annoy the far far far righties-i forgot who but what’s his face basically admitted he didnt care if Republicans lost a senate race if it meant ‘mcpain’ was gone.

      Republicans have no room for that self destructive behavior. It is irrational.

    304. Chekote says:


      Why don’t you tell us how conservatives elect Edwards to Congress. Also, please tell us how Dallas cannot elect a Republican mayor.

    305. Chekote says:


      Some in the Republican base are on a self-destructive kick.

    306. Tony says:

      LaZ, I don’t have audio, so I can’t listen to what JD said, but perhaps he said he wasn’t a birther because its a derogatory term.

      Heck I want to see that Obama is legitimate, but that doesn’t make me a birther. This is nothing more than following the rules.

      BTW, I will give my first donation to the candidate for POTUS who campaigns anywhere and pulls out a birth certificate and says, “Here’s my bc, and my college transcripts, ask him about his.”

      Tell me that wouldn’t be awesome.

    307. Chekote says:


      Did Bush provide his BC and transcripts?

    308. KnightHawk says:

      Holy crap comments went fast and furious… as for giving one up, ok I’ll give up lexi but I want a starlet to be named later.

    309. Tony says:


      Some of the questions you ask. . . . . .

      Bush is a Republican, thus he received a multitude of media exams. Trust me, if there was anything to find, the anal probes would have.

      Seriously, sometimes you act if you are in a high school political debate team

    310. rdelbov says:

      The Neveda has it backwards—1st you became a Congressmen then you write a bad check.

    311. D QUIXOTE says:

      The plant won’t be happy with this

    312. Chekote says:


      I don’t recall Bush being asked for his BC. Why is that? Is it because he is white? Or maybe because his father is not from Kenya? Why all this interest in Obama’s BC and never any interest in previous candidate?

    313. Tony says:

      Obviously Silvio is a racist

    314. Chekote says:


      My father in Italy must be suicidal right now. I love Berlusconi. None of “family values” crap coming from him. Just pure economic and defense conservatism.

    315. rdelbov says:


      on a side note. I find it funny that the inarticulate Bush 43 had more Press conferences then Obama the smart.

      With grade inflation-college transcripts are near worthless now.

    316. Chekote says:


      Maybe it would have been better if Bush did less conferences. Watching him stammer was painful at times.

    317. Tony says:

      317, Obama’s elig came up, that’s why he has been questioned about it. It didn’t come up during Bush’s presidency.

      However, Bush’s military record came up and that was investigated. Had previous presidents had their military records investigated? No.

      Only in your world does it have anything to do with race.

    318. D QUIXOTE says:

      Bush din’t have a foreign father,live in indonesia,have no paper trail,and flew as an interceptor pilot who would have been vetted for that.

    319. Howard Dean says:

      Drudge siren

    320. Tim says:

      I’m sorry. But these “birthers” are idiot asses.

      As dumb as the 9-1 “truthers”.

    321. Tim says:

      make that 9-11

    322. Tony says:

      Gotta run. More craziness tomorrow.

    323. Chekote says:

      Have good evening Tony! See ya tomorrow!

    324. KnightHawk says:

      316 – The plant is never happy about anything.

    325. Chekote says:


      Stop making sense. You are a Dem toadie.

    326. Chekote says:


      Not true. MD makes my day everytime he tries to pull a 2.111 on me.

    327. Wylie E. Coyote - Super Genius says:

      “Really? Then why didn’t the insurance industry fight this bill? What happened to Harry and Louise?”

      Why dont the business being shaken down by the Mafia “fighting back” when they are shaken down for “protection” money!

      Simple, the balanace of power/force is 100% on the gangster’s side! Even the police in alot of cities are bribed by the mob to look the other way!

      Just move the Mafia into the WH and Congress and wala!

      The statist are in a postion to dictate to the Health Insurance industry just about anything they want too.

      Obama and thugs quite simply said in their infamous MAY 2009 closed-door meeting with the Health Care insurance lobby that “we have 258 votes in the House and 60 Sentors – we own you, capcice?”

      And proceeded to give them an “offer they cant refuse” – accept their government HC takeover thru regulation/subsidy in their Compulsary Insurance scheme or get the govt option shaft OR worse!

      As we now well know, this was not an idle threat!

      The statist were going to cram this down regardless – nothing short of near rioting in the streets was going to stop them as this was about politcal power and pushing their ideology!

      Simply put, what could the Insurance firms say or do? The Republicans certainly couldnt stop it nor could they count on much public support due to the Democrants constant demonization.

      So know the reality of the sitution was bleak, they took the deal the statists offered and surrendered.

      The Insurance firms know full well that in 10-15 years they will all be out of business (that what has happened in ME – they went from 21 down to 2 insurance frims in under 10 years due to the preexsiting conditions/guarnetteed issue regulations) and in the interm will essentially be sub-contractor controlled by the government to adminster medical welfare.

      However, the insurance firms determined that they could make 5 years of profit until the death sprial provisions kick in.

      So if you were an insurance exec, what else can you do but take the short term profit and prepare to get into another business in 5-10 years

      Yep this is a govt run HC system that is transitioning us to single payer – its designed to destroy…..

      But the KOS plant is pushing this “it lines the insurance company’s pokets – why didnt they fight it?” myth that the DNC is pushing. Its a myth they want to take root so that the skids will be greased to get the public to accept full single payer when soaring premiums and system gamers destroy the current private insurance system!

      Dont fall for the KOS Plant/DNC lies

    328. Chekote says:


      So now KOS wants people to think that the Dems are in the pocket of insurance companies?!

    329. jones says:

      Tim, Look video evidence to substantiate claims:

      When will you retract your lies?

    330. rdelbov says:


      surprising poll numbers in MI-I saw Cox as Gov Cox 1 year ago

    331. julstol says:


      Just got your donation! Thanks!

    332. KnightHawk says:

      338 – How do you know it was mine? 😉
      (could have been any hedgehogger) hehe.

    333. Brandon says:

      Heck leads Titus in his internal poll.

    334. KnightHawk says:

      Your welcome though.

    335. sean says:

      LOL @ Drudge pic right now!

    336. KnightHawk says:

      342 – What the dynamic economy crushing duo staring Obama as the short Robin? lol

      BTW have we got an update on the 3 hikers still being held hostages by Iran?

    337. Bunu says:

      When I saw the photo, ace and Gary was my first thought.

    338. rdelbov says:

      Another democrat in Trouble in an Obama district?

    339. sean says:

      343-Knighthawk-Actually the first thought I had was the “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” from SNL. LOL!

    340. rdelbov says:

      Brandon NV-3 was +12 Obama in 2008-ouch–

      approval 43 disapprove 52

    341. julstol says:

      Your initials

    342. Tina says:

      HAHAHa, I thought Bush had invented the Iranian nuke issue, KH.

    343. Hello says:

      HAHAHA, I thought Tina was an idiot. Oh wait, she is!

    344. Howard Dean says:

      Hey deep-pockets KH!

      I’m, er, running for some ofc over here.

      How about hitting my tip jar?


    345. GF says:

      Looks like comments are slowing down; the usual by the time I get off of work out here.

      Nice debating on your part, Wes, but it’s useless; she’s convinced that I was advocating having the President cough up a birth certificate and kicking all immigrants out of the country (I suppose that would include my mother).

      No one can argue that jus sanguinis is the only fair and just system to establish citizenship. Even though she claims that the 14th Amendment clearly states that anyone born here is entitled to citizenship, totally ignored in her comments is the fact that the amendment also says that such individuals must be “under the jurisdiction thereof” (“thereof” meaning the United States, under which which people born to foreign nationals would not be if any reasonable interpretation was being used).

    346. Howard Dean says:

      Bye Minnick!

      BOISE – Sarah Palin has endorsed Vaughn Ward in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District GOP primary, adding oomph to a race in which the two leading contenders have been trying to out-conservative each other.

      “I’m happy to support Vaughn Ward because I know that he believes in the same common sense conservative ideals that we cherish,” the former Alaska governor said in an announcement; she also endorsed two other veterans who are seeking congressional seats in Florida and Illinois.

    347. rdelbov says:


      How’s my guy Djou?

      How exactly is that special election going to work?

      Are they mailing ballots to every registered voter or just a ballot application?

    348. GF says:

      I meant to tell you that I met Djou yesterday afternoon; he and his family (and I am guessing some aides and friends) were waving signs along Nimitz highway downtown, so after passing (and honking with a thumbs up), I found a spot to park (since I was running errands in the area), and in full uniform, walked up to him to get a personal feel for his charisma and personality. I was not disappointed; if he treats everyone the way he behaved with me, he is winning over “heart and minds” and certainly compares favourably to his opposition. I have learned that despite the population density of the state (or rather, of Oahu), retail politics is huge, and like some single district states in the mountains and plains, most voters at some point get to meet their senators and representatives in person if they hold office for years. What gets me is that he is runnign strong in the URBAN district, that is to say, downtown Honolulu; the rural second district is heavily Democratic, although the right Republican could have a chance since it encompasses the nearly all white and all military towns of Kailua and Kaneohe on the eastern side of the island (but Hippie Kauai and Big Island counteract that GOP trend). Anyway, I am feeling good about the May election, and assuming he wins that, of him winning a full term in November. Case would be a bigger threat, to be sure, but many of the locals (strong Dems) have not forgiven him for challenging Dan Akaka back in 2006. That was a nasty, racially charged primary, with white voters (including many Republicans) flocking to support Case as their only alternative to getting rid of one of the “five worst senators” (in the words of Time magazine). Sadly, race trumped policy, and the dim bulb was sent back to DC. Djou is the future, whether or not the Dem machine likes it. The only thing he really has to worry about is whether or not Duke Aiona will run a credible race at the top of the ticket against either Mufi or Aloha Boy (Abercrombie). A blow out could hurt Djou down-ballot.

    349. GF says:

      Not sure about the mail system for ballots; my understanding is that all RVs will get them, but given how little cash there is in the coffers, they may insist on applications instead.

    350. Eyore says:

      I see Dijon losing the special election garnering about 26% of vote. Hawaii is just to0 Democratic due to minorities and unions.

    351. GF says:

      Looks like the ballots will be mailed out if one is registered to vote by April 22nd;

      I am considering whether or not I should re-register to vote, but I really want a crack at Boxer in November, and I probably would not be able to re-register yet again in CA since I will not likely set foot in the state before October anyway.

    352. Chekote says:

      (”thereof” meaning the United States, under which which people born to foreign nationals would not be if any reasonable interpretation was being used).

      Then we better start checking everyone’s legal status prior to filling out the birth certificate. And no one better whine when they are asked to prove that they are citizens of the USA. The green card holders don’t whine since we are always asked to prove our status.

    353. Wes says:

      What a melee of posts since I left. Ultimate Fighting is only slightly more brutal.

    354. Wes says:

      Good God, Chekote. Te Europeans had to go to a jus sanguinis nartionality model because jus soli was bankrupting them. What the hell do you think’s going to happen here if we don’t adopt jus sanguinus? Citizenship in the United States should be a right for those born to American parents and a privilege for those of other nationalities wiling to follow our laws to attain it.

    355. GF says:

      It’s possible, Eeyore, but if your handle means anything, we should expect that point of view. You cannot win elections if you do not vigourously contest them. Djou has a solid shot and a large voter base to work with, unlike other GOP candidates out here; people genuinely like him, and that goes a long way in a place like this. His ethnic background will also help him with some of the very minorities you are concerned about. Ron Matchley held Pat Kennedy’s RI district for a number of years despite having a serious registration deficit, as did Claudine Schneider next door to him. True, RI was more open to electing Republicans back then, but like MA, registration numbers were never too high to begin with. Pertinent to Hawaii, Pat Saiki held the same seat, and Hiram Fong was a long-serving senator. Republicans (even lily-white ones like Linda Lingle) can win out here by working hard and practicing excellent timing.

    356. Wes says:

      I hope 2012 is Lingle’s time to enter the Senate, George.

    357. GF says:

      She strikes again. Sorry you have had to show your proof of residency in the past. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for the privilege of living here. The State Department gave my mother hell because her father was a diplomat for the Jugoslav government for many years (starting in the 1920s, well before Tito came around), and it took two decades before they relented and allowed her to become a US citizen (this despite her serving for 14 years in the Naval Reserve and having an Honourable Discharge). If it means a fair system backed by integrity, I have no problem showing my papers when necessary; there is a difference between proving one citizenship for reasonable reasons such as employment or applying for government services, and just being harassed by the apparatchiks of a police state. The two do not even compare to one another.

    358. GF says:

      Akaka can go down in 14, Wes; whether it’s Lingle or a newly minted Djou that does it is open for debate. I don’t think it matters whether it’s Obama’s Six Year Itch or Thune’s first mid-term; the man’s weaknesses are all to obvious for people to ignore, and he does not bring home bacon like Inouye does. I would bet on Lingle right now as she is livid over the Akaka bill getting out of the House and toiling it’s way through the Senate.

    359. Wes says:

      There has to be some kind of happy medium between Chekote and the more bellicose members of the completely closed borders crowd, GF.

    360. Wes says:

      Akaka goes up in 2012, GF. Hawaii has no scheduled Senate elections in 2014.

    361. Always Right says:

      Chek, you still have no proof of Obama’s US citizenship. You also can’t prove that he’s not a muslim or wasn’t born in Indonesia…so come off it, admit that he should be impeached!

    362. GF says:

      That’s right; I was out here in ’06 when all that went down. Math is off. In that case, he might be saved by all these fool who think that the President is some kind of local and just one of da’ guyz. Enough of them turn out, and a total stoner could get elected on a platform of free plate lunches for all.

    363. Howard Dean says:

      Wes, Chekote is an open-borders European-Socialist.

      The real deal.

    364. Wes says:

      Always Right, I hope you’re a parody. If you’re not, that’s really disturbing.

    365. Wes says:

      Akaka and Inouye are only a week apart in age, GF. Can one of them die already?

    366. Chekote says:


      Are you here?

    367. Always Right says:

      Excuse me no parody, Wes. Obama’s stonewalling, prevarication and conspiracy re: his illegitimate birth is the gravest constitutional crisis we face as a country. All of his actions are illegal because he is a usurper. He is an alien non-American and most probably muslim. On these grounds he must be impeached and convicted for unconstitutional intrigues.

    368. GF says:

      Inouye survived mortal combat and earned the MOH; he’ll tough it out to the bitter end. Dan, Jr., survived the heated battles of the teacher’s unions as they sought to guzzle the public treasury for all it was worth. You tell me who is tougher and will outlast his counterpart.

    369. Chekote says:


      I am not open borders but I do believe immigration made this country great. I see no problem is having an approach to immigration that strenghtens our country. BTW, this country had open borders during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Let’s face it a lot of people who object to immigration is because they fear becoming a minority.

    370. Chekote says:

      Sorry you have had to show your proof of residency in the past.

      I never had a problem with it. The people who seem to have a problem are usually born US citizen who get infuriated at the mention that their legal status should be checked.

    371. Wes says:

      You have no proof of that. Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother. We can assauly his poilicies all we want–becaus ehe literally is working to destroy the country’s most cherished institutions–but there is no proof of any assertion you make about his birth. So quit making all the legitimate opposition to Obama look bad with your lunatic rants.

    372. Chekote says:


      Could’t have say it better myself.

    373. Wes says:

      What the hell causes Autocrat Senators to live forever, George? I’ve seen cosmic villains in H P Lovecraft short stories with shorter lifespans.

    374. Always Right says:

      Chek, uncontrolled immigration has destoyed Europe – France is now a muslim country, so is Spain and Germany and Italy. Illegals gave ovverrun the southwestern border states take welfare vote illegaly and commit violent crimes. Same thing with muslims taking over Detroit and suburbs – there you have calls to prayer blaring all over town like some pathetic middle eastern village.

      We shouldnt be ashamed to say that the US is great because of Anglo Saxon tradition and the legal migration of those peoples who were and are eager to assimiliare dont hyphenate their ethnicity speak American and respect American culuture traditions and institutions!

    375. Always Right says:

      Wes: Have you see Obama’s original birth certificate? Were you present at his birth? If not, then shut up!

    376. Chekote says:


      Europe has been around a long time and will continue to be around. They have gone through “invasions” before and still came out as Western countries. People truly don’t appreaciate how power American, Western culture is.

    377. Wes says:

      No. You shut up. You’re a paranoid little troll ho’s upset because your guy lost an election. Boo-hoo. I’m not exactly thrilled Obama’s in the White House myself, but I don’t spend all my time and energy obsessing over some fallacious argument about how he’s not even an American. I’d rather work to limit the damage Obama and his cronies want to do to this country and beat them at the ballot box when eleciton time rolls around. Obviously you’re too stupid to think about that though.

    378. Always Right says:

      Not true, Chek. Look at what is going on in France and Britain.. Very scary to see pervasive muslim influences.

    379. rdelbov says:


      Thank you for all your posts

      We had a nice prayer breakfast at Church this morning. On our prayer list are “Americans in Uniform in the Arm Forces”.

      We lift up in prayer several relatives of Church members who are currently serving in Iraq & Afghan zones.

      We filled our stomachs today but were aware that others are in Harm’s Way.

    380. Always Right says:

      Wes: You didn’t answer my question so we can assume you haven’t seen the usurper’s orginal birth certificate shwoing legal US citizenship? You can’t prove he is legal yet attack us who know the truth and demand accountability. Youre just worried about looking “responsible” in the eyes of media and others. Youre duplicitous swine and are aiding and abetting this usurper!

    381. Wes says:

      You are one stupid idiot. Goddamn, I’ve seen some stupid ones on here, but you take the prize in that category. You don’t know a goddamn thing, but you live in some paranoid universe where somehow the U. S. managed to just drop all its screening and vetting processes and elect a foreign national to the White House. News flas, pal. It didn’t happen. Now quit obsessing over your paranoid delusions about Obama’s non-American birth and do something constructive to stop him form implementing any more of his socialist agenda, jackass.

    382. Chekote says:


      France banned hajib and burkas. That’s hardly the sign of a culture that is surrendering. Frankly, I am sick and tired of people here who are constantly predicting the end of Europe. I remember when people were predicting that Holland would kill off all the old people when the passed euthanasia laws.

    383. GF says:

      Britain and France are 5th rate has-been countries, and I say this as a student of a private British school for many years. They have been bled white by the countless wars with each other and are unable and unwilling to defend themselves now (hence why the US has footed the defence costs for decades now). Although France did gain a measure of respectability when Sarkozy told all those hoodlums to pipe down or get out, the fact is that the Euros won’t stick up for themselves and will instead cater to the infidels (as I prefer to address them, but then, I do have some issue with them on a personal level such as loved ones murdered in the name of their sham religion of peace). Europe won’t go so far as to bend to Shari’a for everyone, but like Canada, they will probably allow Muslims to subvert the accepted legal system and use Shari’a amongst themselves. Frankly, I could care less what happens to Das Alte Europa as I see little use for them so long as they are a drain on our Defence Department. I DO care about Eastern Europe, however, as those nations who came out of the Iron Curtain have showed more loyalty to us in ten minutes than the sophisticated trash out of London, Bonn and Paris did for five decades all while they grovelled to Moscow for a better seat at the kids table in case the big bad bear took over the playground.

      As for the birth certificate, I could care less about that as well; the fraud is in power and dismantling this great nation brick by brick with his Marxist crap. Impeaching him, even if possible, would only put Slow Joe in the White House instead. Aside from the great comedic value that move might have, our nation cannot afford that idiot anywhere near the levers of real power.

    384. Always Right says:

      Our federal union, it must preserved. Chek. To do so we must militarize our borders, have an moratorium on legal immigration and adopt English-only laws such an official language etc. Then we can esnure American values prevail and endure!

    385. KnightHawk says:

      387 – If Wes can’t prove it AR, neither can you prove it doesn’t exist. Please get beyond this AR, if your actually right or not is immaterial at this point, the guy is the sitting president and is destroying the nation; at this point it doesn’t matter how he go there (that’s a matter for history, and not repeating the events), it matters how we slow his roll and replace his Marxist ass, and there is plenty of better ammo available, in fact he generate more every day.

    386. Wes says:

      Amen, George.

    387. Wes says:

      How goes it, Knight?

    388. KnightHawk says:

      GF – Too bad we haven’t shown them such loyalty back of late. (eastern Europe)

    389. Chekote says:

      I remember when I was called a plant for suggesting that “birthers” were nuts and Obama was born in the USA. I also among the first to say that the BC stuff was bad for Republicans. Chekote leads again!

    390. Always Right says:

      Wes: Since you seem more inclined to foist personal attacks and perpetuate the fraud of the usurper Obama, I will ask you again: Have you seen official copy of Obama’s legal birth certificate or were you witness to his birth in Hawaii? Your failure to answer these questions is glaring and all your name-calling will not obscure the fact.

      And Chek, providing copies of allege birth certificate and news articles are not legal proof – just tools of the conspiracy of the usurper!

    391. Chekote says:


      I see no reason why we continue to expand NATO. The Cold War has been over a long time ago.

    392. Wes says:

      All right, I am officially done with this Always Right idiot. Anyone who acknowledges this moron demeans himself. As of right now, I’m invoking option code 2.111 on him/her/it.

    393. KnightHawk says:

      395 – Just fine, we need better discipline tomorrow.

    394. Chekote says:


      That’s right Obama’s mother secretly traveled to Kenya to give birth in a hut. Then she immediately flew back to Hawaii and made sure that newspaper announcements were published. Why would any woman do that? We don’t know.

    395. Chekote says:


      Please. It makes my life a lot easier….

    396. Phil says:

      Lets cool it on the birth certificate. WE HAVE TO WIN IN NOVEMBER AND STOP THIS TOOL.

      I’m not interested in pushing a bunch of non winning marginal stuff like birth certificates.

      If we don’t take back the House and add at least 5 or 6 senate seats this man will push this country to the tipping point – and by that I mean government will be so top heavy we will never get this country back!

      The winning issues are spending, the debt, smaller government, and individual freedom. Stick to the winning messages. We have one shot to stop this guy and it’s November in this environment.

      If we don’t succeed, there will be no stopping him.

    397. Always Right says:

      Tahnk you Wes. The record for all to see is that you did not answer my question from which we can conclude that you have not seen an official copy of Obama’s birth certificate showing legal US citizenship. We can also conclude that you are a horse’s ass for attacking those of us who view this conspiracy as a dire threat to America.

    398. KnightHawk says:

      400 – What you should have done originally, you know it’s just chek’s alter ego playing games with you anyway.

    399. Wes says:

      We need better posters, Knight. We need more people like Rdelbov on here. He always has substantive things to say while maintianing the ability to make them interesting.

    400. KnightHawk says:

      403 – You love every minute of it this and you know it.

    401. Phil says:

      2012 the guy will have a billion bucks plus his army of blacks and hopey change clueless morons back at the polls.

      Checks and balances. That WILL ONLY come with victory in the November congressional elections. It’s our last chance.

    402. Chekote says:

      I only post under Chek.

    403. GF says:

      While not the biggest fan of entanglements abroad, I give NATO credit for being a more effective force than the UN at getting things done. Bring former Soviet puppet states into the fold was a good move to isolate a still dangerous and aggressive Russia; Putin and his ilk still intend to resurrect some form of a Russian Empire, and that is unacceptable in the modern dichotomy of Pan-Europe relations. Given his way, the rest of Europe would be held hostage with him holding up natural gas and other fuel supplies, possibly leading to a destabilizing of global market prices that we can neither afford nor should we tolerate give the type of blackmail that is. We need to keep up the heat on Russia and keep her in her place i.e. a large but weakened former power who is no real threat to regional much less global peace.

    404. Chekote says:


      Discipline KH.

    405. Wes says:

      Agreed, Phil. Unless things vastly improve between now and then though, I think we’ll be able to get enough people to the polls to counteract his army of socialist zombies though.

    406. Wes says:

      MD said you admitted to being Hello recently, Chek.

    407. Chekote says:

      But I think we all agree with David’s call that “the result is we have a bill that is neither shaped by Republicans, [that] doesn’t reflect Republican and conservative values.” So the question becomes where do we go from here, and how do we act to reach the goals we all want? And on this issue, I think David hit the nail on the head when he said that the “center of gravity of American politics [is] strong on national defense, fiscally conservative, socially modern.” And that means forging a Republican program that changes with the times, and does not rely on platitudes of arguing we must return to the Reagan agenda of a past time.

      The Right and David Frum: The Real Issues to Confront

    408. KnightHawk says:

      407 – No we just need people to stop responding to some of the crap that is posted, of which ? is but only one.

    409. Chekote says:


      Never happened. MD is blinded by his hatred for me. Maybe he was hallucinating. I changed my handle once as a joke and told everybody it was me. I always use Chek no matter the site.

    410. Phil says:

      I won’t give up in 2012 and will do everything in my power to prevent the guy from winning a second term and so will millions of other. We will have a chance unlike 2008 where, in looking back, we never really did. Go Thune.

      However, we HAVE to get the House this time. We have the advantage in turnout demographics and in intensity. If we can’t win this cycle, we simply can never win.

      There has NEVER been a more crucial election than 2010 for the future of this country.

    411. Wes says:

      Well, that too, Knight.

    412. KnightHawk says:

      Wes did you see that Frum was ranked by the top blogs as something like the 2nd or 3rd most dislike “republican” of about 50 listed in a recent survey.

    413. Wes says:

      I find it impossible to disagree with you, Phil.

    414. Wes says:

      No, I did not, Knight. Have you a link?

    415. Phil says:

      I hate Frum. He’s nothing but a DC social climber. He and Chris Buckley need to get a room.

    416. Chekote says:


      Buckley was born in high society. He was born at the top of the social ladder. Give it a rest. What Frum and Buckley are saying is that the tactics and rhetoric used by the GOP is ineffective. I agree.

    417. Wes says:

      Well, all, this has been fun, but I’m going to spend my time much more enjoyably with Josie. I’ll catch you all later.

    418. Chekote says:


      It seems that way. But I was surprised that just two people showed up at the precint convention. Same with the Senatorial convention. All this talk about the base being energized and the numbers just weren’t there.

    419. Always Right says:

      I oppose Obama as the usurper and yet I’m attacked here – go figure! He shows anti-American anti-Semite attitudes and all most of you here dismiss it as non-substantitive. Real people across the nation are convinced this man is illegitimate and has muslim notions. But all you folks on here want to do is play patty cake and wallow in the health care fiasco. Focus on the real threat to the counrty: Obama’s usurpation and undoing of American traditions.

    420. KnightHawk says:

      Sure Wes (was at right wing news)

      How do you feel about David Frum?
      Strongly like: 1% (1 votes)
      Like: 9% (7 votes)
      Dislike: 49% (37 votes)
      Strongly dislike: 40% (30 votes)

      He was just bearly beat out by Arnie and Meg.Mcpain for most disliked.

    421. Phil says:

      424 – No, YOU give it a rest. Buckley said just a little more than that. He ENDORSED Barack Obama.

    422. Chekote says:


      Why are you guys constantly running a popularity contest? Get out of High School!

    423. KnightHawk says:

      425 – Take it easy on her, nite then Wes.

    424. rdelbov says:

      I am too tired to post anymore.

      Senator Isakson is back in the Hospital. Best wishes to a speedy recovery for him. I think we have a recent record of appointed senators so we don’t need any vacanies.

      +7 R on RAS generic ballot and up on Gallup’s generic ballot.

      Here’s what rough on that generic ballot. McCain won some +230 congressional districts. The best McCain district was 76%R. There are 36 congressional districts where Obama scored +76%. The concentration of democratic voters makes +7 into +250 GOP target districts. Not all everything falls to the GOP but you got targets

    425. Chekote says:


      Because he was repelled by the Palin choice. And with each passing day, Palin vindicated Buckley.

    426. LaZebra says:

      Wes, I congratulate you for sticking up against this “Always Right” character! Wow, what a tool! First of all, the Republican governor of Hawaii has seen the Obama’s birth certificate — that’s good enough for me. Why do we have to see it?

      Secondly, AR (completely misnamed) really is saying some things that are borderline racist, like “We shouldnt be ashamed to say that the US is great because of Anglo Saxon tradition”. Sounds a lot like the racist stuff in Pat Buchanan’s books. Yeah, let’s applaud our white history and shun our non-white history, right? (Anglo-Saxon = white European) And “English only” laws? Yikes! Why, does it bother you to hear an amigo talking within your presence?

      Finally, good grief, you are so wrong about Europe. Yeah, they do have some immigration problems with African Muslims, but you have exaggerated something amazing! You claim that France, Germany, Italy, and Spain are now “Muslim countries”. Hmm, I was just in Spain and France 6 months ago and they are nothing even close. The last I’ve read, France has the highest percentage of Muslims and it’s something like 15% — about the same as the USA has of African-Americans. So I guess you’d say we are now a “black country”.

      Let me guess, AR, you’ve got to be a big fan of either Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, or both.

    427. KnightHawk says:

      A man who has higher unfavorable ratings then even Buchanan is not a person one should seek out for advice.

    428. Phil says:

      Nice stat rdelbov. That’s a very huge statistic. Excellent find.

    429. Proud Obamacon says:

      OMG – some truly brilliant posts today, NOT !!!

      Another great day under President Obama . There will always be naysayers, I choose to laugh at you because you are just too CUTE!

    430. D QUIXOTE says:

      Focus on the real threat to the counrty: Obama’s usurpation and undoing of American traditions.

      Comment by Always Right — March 30, 2010 @ 10:50 pm

      HC does all of those thing.

    431. KnightHawk says:

      434 –
      “Let me guess, AR, you’ve got to be a big fan of either Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, or both.”

      There you go again….

    432. Chekote says:

      In Italy a muslim sued to remove the crucifix from classrooms and immediately backed down because of the backlash.

    433. LaZebra says:

      433– Chekote, did you read it right? He endorsed Obama! Who cares what his reason was? He endorsed Obama. He thus loses all credibility. He endorsed Obama. Did you get that yet?

    434. Phil says:

      433 – Would you kindly shut the F up about Palin.

      Haven’t you figured out yet we’re sick of hearing about her from you?

      Get some GD help.

    435. KnightHawk says:

      438 – Exactly, and that is something that can at least be attacked in meaningful way; either AR is a parody or puppet as I suspect, or they are selecting (and stuck on) using the WRONG tool for the job they seem to want to accomplish.

    436. Chekote says:


      Buckley DOES NOT need to climb the social ladder. So to suggest that he endorsed Obama to climb the social ladder is DUMB. He said why he endorsed Obama and Palin was a big part of it. Those are the facts. All the talk about wanting to climb the social ladder is total CRAP!

    437. KnightHawk says:

      432 – Well if needed I think Herman Cain might take that appointment if needed, could probably keep the seat too.

    438. Always Right says:

      We should not be ashamed to say that Obama is the ultimate affirmative action case. He got in there because of stupid college students who thought he was a rock star, limousine liberals, militant homosexuals and minorities who voted illegally in record numbers. They will do so again unless they are stopped by the immediate application of law, order and tradition. Wake up conservatives!

    439. D QUIXOTE says:

      To endorse a marxist because he doesn’t like palin is insanity. That’s what new england in breeding does for you.

    440. Chekote says:


      That’s what happened. This idea that Buckley is so desperate to be invited to cocktail parties is pernicious and stupid.

    441. Chekote says:

      I think AR is a liberal in disguise.

    442. KnightHawk says:

      447 – insanity indeed.

    443. D QUIXOTE says:

      I think AR is a liberal in disguise.

      Comment by Chekote

      You would know

    444. GF says:

      Well, Wes and Rdel are gone, and I need to go. TTYL, KnightHawk.

    445. KnightHawk says:

      Hahah you knew it was coming.

      “… By its own admission, NASA’s temperature records are in even worse shape than the besmirched Climate-gate data.

      E-mail messages obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that NASA concluded that its own climate findings were inferior to those maintained by both the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) — the scandalized source of the leaked Climate-gate e-mails — and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center.


    446. KnightHawk says:

      TTL GF, I’m out soon as well.

    447. KnightHawk says:

      “The possible delay in drilling off Virginia’s coast has been criticized by the state’s new governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, and two U.S. senators eager for the state to tap into the jobs and royalties that come with exploration.”

      Obama: Hey Mr Webb vote for my cap and tax and I’ll allow drilling off your shores like Bush was going to allow originally.

    448. Always Right says:

      I’m a conservative, not a puppet or troll. I believe in the Constitution. Obama is unconstitutional usurper. Our federal union – it must be preserved. Along with American Anglo-Saxon traditions and the influences of German, Irish, and Italian peoples.

    449. GPO says:


      Because he was repelled by the Palin choice. And with each passing day, Palin vindicated Buckley.

      Comment by Chekote — March 30, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

      incorrect- Obama has proved that Buckley is an idiot

    450. GPO says:


      Because he was repelled by the Palin choice. And with each passing day, Palin vindicated Buckley.

      Comment by Chekote — March 30, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

      incorrect- Obama has proved that Buckley is an idiot

    451. LaZebra says:

      Always Right,
      Please stop the “Anglo-Saxon” silliness. Some liberal is likely to stop by and think you are speaking for all of us. You want the traditions of the German, Irish, and Italian peoples preserved. How about the traditions of the Mexican and African peoples? Are their traditions valuable too? If not, why not?

      Devil’s advocate: Even if we agreed with your birther claims that Obama is not a legitimate native-born citizen, how do you propose using this against him? Are you a realist at all?

    452. KnightHawk says:

      The Obama administration has asked a federal appeals court to uphold a race-conscious admissions system at the University of Texas at Austin, aiming to stymie a lawsuit that conservatives hope will spur the Supreme Court to limit affirmative action at public colleges.
      — WSJ

      Administration admits it’s racist.

      AR: Then get with the program that will actually accomplish your goals, the BC issue isn’t one of them, that issue was left at the train station on Jan 20th 2009.

    453. KnightHawk says:

      “it must be preserved. Along with American Anglo-Saxon traditions and the influences of German, Irish, and Italian peoples.”

      It may not have been meant that way but sounds a little Aryan Nation’y to me.

    454. KnightHawk says:

      fyi for those interested:
      GENEVA, March 30 (Reuters) – Physicists smashed sub-atomic particles into each other with record energy on Tuesday, creating thousands of mini-Big Bangs like the primeval explosion that gave birth to the universe 13.7 billion years ago.


    455. Chekote says:


      You anti-Christian bigot. The world was created in six days and all the species were saved by Noah.

    456. LaZebra says:

      465 — Actually, Chekote, the reason you can’t say KH is an “anti-Christian bigot” is because he didn’t call anyone who disagrees with his viewpoint “ignorant” — like you did. That is what makes someone an anti-Christian bigot. You can believe what you want, but you become a bigot when you disrespect others for their views.

      I have no idea why this is so hard for you to understand. You honestly seem like an intelligent person most of the time. Too bad your arrogance is such a personal flaw.

    457. KnightHawk says:

      466 – Indeed. Not to mention what I posted has nothing really to do with being anti-christian. No matter what your belief creating mini black holes is just damn cool, so is firing 7teravolts of anything. 🙂
      Now that’s a gun.

    458. Tina says:

      Lots of boring comments….

    459. KnightHawk says:

      470 – Hey my boring comment resent that 😉
      Shout out!

      Here Tina this one will make you laugh.

      LOL – Unreal.

    460. Victrc says:

      The offshore drilling lift has me concerned. I feel there are going to be restrictions that will just be put back in place once a gullable public falls for this ploy and they sneak cap & trade by us. Any thoughts??

    461. Tina says:

      Goodbye is back again ???

    462. Tina says:

      KH, it was just all the comments about birthers, truthers, sock puppets, and multiple handles.

    463. Chekote says:


      you are probably right since the enviros will litigate it to death.

    464. KnightHawk says:

      472 – Victrc you nailed it on the head. He will use for public PR, devils will be in details to be worked out later, and most of it will not come to pass, anything that does will be used to by votes on other matters. Administration already admits in the article earliest anything might go into effect would be 2011.

    465. Tina says:

      Trust nothin that comes proposed by Zero. He wants eight dollar gas prices.

    466. Always Right says:

      A president must be legally born in US. Obama fails to prove he is legal. It’s obvious that he isnt American in his attitudes, policies, and arrogance.

      I don’t seem any redeeming value from Mexican or African influences. Im sure it’s ok for their countries. But here America has been made by the positive constructive and creative influences of Anglo-Saxon traditions as well as Irish, German, and Italian peoples. For that matter all races from Western and Eastern Europe who enjoy assimilating and honoring America and our way of life. You really just don’t see that kind of respect from the Mexican and African peoples. Im sure it’s the result of failed archaic educational systems.

    467. Chekote says:


      Now that’s a plant!

    468. Always Right says:

      Chek, I think your sweet although we disagree entirely on what is best for our nation. You are a radical liberal communist who favors gay marriage and abortion on demand. I am an old guard conservative favoring law & order, private markets, and muscular foreign policy.

      The only plant here is the marijuana smoked by Obama and his fellow travelers!

    469. Bunu says:

      I would think that most American music stems from African Americans.

      Jazz music = from African Americans.

      Rock n roll = Jazz fused together and Country music. Rock music evolved out from this.

      Hip Hop= from African Americans.

    470. Always Right says:

      Yes, Bunu, good point. They are a musical people.

    471. Bunu says:

      You’re ridiculous.

    472. Always Right says:

      Although hip hop and rap are not be to considered serious music. It is mindless chanting celebrating violence and rape. It is not art but but trash peddled by gutter vermin.

    473. LaZebra says:

      Always Right is either a vile racist or a clear plant.

    474. VictrC says:

      Dave Please ban this guy, hes only here so that liberals will pick this up somehow, and somewhere in the future the media will get this and use this crackpots comments to vilify this site.

      Crackpot, let me tell you something, Conservatism knows no color, Conservatism doesnt care what sex you, Conservatism ignores how much you have in the bank, Conservatism and conservative values DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Conservatism welcomes all who care to live by the basic principles that make it up, included limited government, personal responsibility, Freedom to win or lose based on one’s own efforts and Liberty. Those values do not have a race, color, creed, or sex.

    475. lisab says:

      soooooooo …

      chekote is posting under the monikers always right, proud obamacon and hello now?

      yeah, that will get chekote back in wes’ good graces.

      what are the chances another “new” person starts to attack wes about abortion next and chekote will come to wes’s age.

    476. GF says:


      FYI, the elephant is my favourite (suits my politics as well). Good choice on the zebra, though.

    477. lisab says:

      whoopsie, wes’ aid 🙂

    478. VictrC says:

      To Chek

      really Scott Brown. Honestly. Can you be any less transparent. He is great for Mass. but he is absolutely, positively not a conservative. The only thing he is fairly conservative on, and I say fairly after some of his votes, is fiscal, that a conservative doesnt one make.

      I honestly, and Im not saying this harshly, but matter of factly, dont consider you to be very good for the Republican party. Your vision of what you want the party to be (under the guise of inclusiveness or “big tent”) is really little more than Democrat light. I for one dont subscribe to that. I dont think that the GOP needs to morph to fit the times because the only reason the “times” have changed is because we keep allowing Liberals to move the center further left each cycle and dictate to us what “moderate” is. For instance their concept, or ideal mainstream moderate judge is Ginsburg. GINSBURG!!!! Enough said.

      Please support a true Conservative. I dont care which one, but at least come up with someone a little bit left of Scott Brown, who in all reality is just a hair right of a moderate D.

    479. lisab says:


      how does the navy feel about obama vs. bush vs. clinton?

      is there any noticeable difference, or is there no difference?

    480. Always Right says:

      VictrC, you’re nuts. Calling me racist is beyond the pale. Focus on rreality-based rebutals instead of charcater assassination. And Scott Brown is a mainstream conservative Republican. Not a thing wrong with him: pro-tax cuts, anti-Obama, and pro-life. Get real man!

    481. Apologetic California says:

      I’m voting to ban Always Right. Kick his @ss while you’re at it.

    482. VictrC says:

      I didnt call you a racist, Where in my note to you did I call you a racist. I will call you ignorant though, because your comments are ignorant. To say that other cultures havent contributed to American culture is just that ignorant. I dont think we have time enough here to discuss how much African Americans have given to American culture. For you to suggest anything else is not only insane, but uneducated and only meant to stir up trouble, and cause others to denigrate this site after viewing the bile you are spewing. I would assassinate your character if you had some, but you clearly lack any, as you lack any logic or couth.

      And Scott Brown is not a mainstream conservative. You are absolutely insane, as well as inane. The only people who consider him to be a mainstream conservative are Democrats and the MSM.

    483. VictrC says:

      BTW Scott Brown is absolutely not pro-life. In his own words…”While this decision should ultimately be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor, I believe we need to reduce the number of abortions in America.” Scott Brown is for a ban on partial birth abortion and for parental notification, but is not anti-abortion in the first tri-mester.

      Next time check your facts.

    484. lisab says:


      have you considered Always Right is just chekote posting under a different ip address?

      basically to stereotype social cons

    485. VictrC says:

      Yes, which Is why im combating her/it. I dont want this to be used against this site. This is a wonderful polling site, with some insightful comments, and I wont have it torn down by someone that wants to tear down both Conservatives and the GOP in order to remake it in their image.

    486. lisab says:

      losing wes as her ally as really hurt chekote’s ability to cause problems.

      i do not think it is a coincidence that some new person shows up and says everything that a democrat would portray social cons as

      when was the last time you saw any regular poster on this site repeatedly claiming obama was not a usa citizen?

    487. VictrC says:

      Never, not one single time, which is how you know the person is here to only stir up trouble, just like many of the plants at the tea party rallies. They are there to say the things that will get on the news and make the tea party people look bad.

      At our event last week with Palin we had one like that, and of course, who was the one person they quoted in the news. She claimed that I wanted to break away from the Republican party and wasnt a true conservative. LOL. A total plant and a total loon.

      I dont want to see the same thing happen here.

    488. lisab says:

      it will happen more and more

      the dems are desperate. if the political climate gets worse, november could be a disaster of epic proportion for the dems.

      they have to somehow convince the public the tea party people are racist to save the 2010 election and get amnesty passed in time for 2012 …

      or else everything they have done will be rolled back.

    489. VictrC says:

      I agree. The problem is that it seems the dear leader knows this and is trying to confuse the public by saying hes opening up offshore and ANWAR to drilling, in order to score public opinion points. This way he can provide some cover to the McCains, Grahams et al when they pass the dreadful cap & Trade. They can all say, well it opened up offshore drilling. But they will close it off as fast as that bill passes.

    490. lisab says:

      “But they will close it off as fast as that bill passes.”

      the day after the november elections

    491. GF says:


      Will catch up with you tomorrow; it’s quarter past ten here and my bedtime. In short, the current C-in-C is viewed much, much worse than any since the 1970s (and I am dealing with some seriously old, salty Sailors when I say that).

      More to follow (remind me in case I forget).

    492. Charles says:

      Always Right is Bunu more likely then the plant.

    493. ????????? says:

      ????? ??? ????? ???????

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