AL: GOP Leads Gov Race Across The Board

    Following up on their primary poll yesterday, Public Policy Polling released some new numbers for the General Election for the gubernatorial race in Alabama.


    Bradley Byrne (R) 48%
    Artur Davis (D) 32%

    Tim James (R) 42%
    Artur Davis (D) 33%

    Kay Ivey (R) 44%
    Artur Davis (D) 33%

    Roy Moore (R) 43%
    Artur Davis (D) 37%

    Bradley Byrne (R) 43%
    Ron Sparks (D) 30%

    Tim James (R) 38%
    Ron Sparks (D) 33%

    Kay Ivey (R) 39%
    Ron Sparks (D) 33%

    Roy Moore (R) 42%
    Ron Sparks (D) 37%

    This poll was done March 27-29 among 1270 registered voters.

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    1. Howard Dean says:

      Ban hello.

    2. mnw says:

      I had a frist on Sunday morning.

    3. julstol says:

      Ban Chek and Always Right too

    4. Apologetic California says:

      I am utterly surprised at this poll!

    5. mnw says:

      If they disappeared Bunu, how would we keep up wth the Paul family?

      I mean, how could we make it through a day without up-to-the-minute bulletins on Squire Nutley pere et fils?

    6. rdelbov says:

      No surprise at this poll

    7. Mark Cali says:

      GOP in Alabama? I don’t believe it. Trash poll.

    8. Tony says:

      When a new thread is is in the process of being posted, is this site down?

    9. LaZebra says:

      I’d say, ban anyone who uses a false identity. Sure, I switched my “handle” a couple weeks ago, but I was very open about it. What is really frustrating and distracting is this wondering who is “Hello” and “Always Right”.

    10. GPO says:

      That Quinnipiac Poll Smells Funnier Than Last Month’s Tunafish

      I had wondered about that Quinnipiac poll showing a “mini-surge” for Democrats in Ohio.

      Now Jon Keeling notes that today’s sample was 24 percent Republican, 34 percent Democrat, and 33 percent independent or no party, and the remaining 9 percent were other or refused to answer.

      In February, Quinnipiac had it at 27 percent Republican, 30 percent Democrat, and 37 percent independent, and 4 percent other or refused to answer.

      That 34/24 split among Democrats and Republicans really stands out, as the 2008 exit poll put the split in Ohio at 39 percent Democrat, 31 percent Republican. In other words, does Quinnipiac really think that the makeup of the electorate will be better for Democrats on Election Day 2010 than it was in 2008?

      03/31 03:39 PM Share

    11. GPO says:

      # 10 campaign spot

    12. mnw says:


      The LORD OF HosTS smites the SATINist a mighty blow! DON’t you question my CHRistANity!! I NO that GOD cREAted dinosoures in his OWN ImaGe aND NOT for evolutIOnisim!! Chron. 17; 9-19.

    13. Wes says:

      Speaking of Norman Bates-Withrow, where’s that jackass been lately?

    14. Brooks says:

      GPO, thanks Buddy. I just saw that.

      The Quinn Ohio poll went from 30-27 DEM sample last poll, to 34%-24 DEM in a good GOP year.

      Propaganda at its worst, Quinnipac should discredited. An Axlerod ordered poll

    15. Wes says:

      Ugh…I just visited imdb. A New Twilight movie is coming out. Can someone kill the producers of these travesties?

    16. Brooks says:

      Wes, Quinnipac jumped the Shark

    17. Brandon says:

      No offense to NRO, but that information is impossible to determine from the crosstabs given, unless they had e-mailed Quinnipiac and asked.

    18. Phil says:

      The Hill now says the Florida senate race is now a “tossup”. Yeah, you heard right. The Hill says Meek is raising “good money” and Rubio is encountering some “bumps”. Also, they emphasize Florida “is a tossup state”.


      Me thinks the guys at The Hill are drunk or partisan hacks or both. A little wishful thinking. Make that a whole boatload of wishful thinking and a stroll through fantasyland.

      Florida is just itching to send a black Marxist to the United States senate.

    19. Wes says:

      No surprise, Brooks. Now if PPP had put the poll below out though, then you know Brandon would be steadfastly defending it as the most accurate poll in the history of polling.

    20. Phil says:

      Seriously folks, I read the Florida thing off their website just a few minutes ago.

      I’m not kidding.

    21. Wes says:

      It’s hard to see exactly what demographics aside from blacks Meek appeals to, Phil. Latinos–a bigger proportion of Florida’s voting population than blacks–will break toward Rubio. Jews will likely not be inclined to support Meek as fervently as Obama. Whites will run away from Meek as if he were an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague. Exactly how then is the race a “tossup”?

    22. Phil says:

      Beats me Wes. Not to mention that every poll I’ve seen indicates Florida’s huge population of seniors hates Obamacare (which Meek was all for).

    23. Phil says:

      #22. Oh, that’s where they get it.


    24. Brooks says:

      The Hill has always been a Joke. They were awful in 2004. they had Vitter losing to Chris John, and Bowles beating Burr. They also said that Daschle would prevail due to his Leadership Status.

      Meeks is getting his money from Ludacrious and Ice T

    25. Wes says:

      Not to mention, Phil, Meek is about as exciting the dark side of the moon while Rubio and Crist both have some charisma and voter appeal about them.

    26. Brooks says:

      Phil, Quinnipac has already been outed as a Partisan hack poll today on Ohio. The Hill is probably going by Marxist KOS polls.

    27. mnw says:



      Tsk, tsk. Gotta know the biggest balla in Atlanta!

    28. MD says:

      I am shocked that the GOP is ahead in AL. This was an important poll for Jensen.

    29. MD says:

      If you are using a different handle, now might be a good time to fess up. Clemency.

      That does not apply to you La Z.

    30. Wes says:

      This isn’t PC to say, but I believe Obama may have been a pyrrhic victory for blacks who has done more to set back their future electioral prospects than help them. By his rampant mendacity and far-left way of governing, he probably will not only ensure another black President will not serve for at least 20 more years, but he may also ensure blacks running for offices downballot will have a harder time outside gerrymandered districts. Meek and Patrick are clearly representative of this. Both are struggling even though they’re running in places Obama claimed in his electoral total last time. I think this is a major chance for the GOP to recruit solid black candidates to counter the far-left types the Autocrats will offer up and after Obama has left office, maybe make some inroads among that group of voters.

    31. Wes says:

      Ludacris contributed to and campaigned for Jim Maritn in Georgia two years ago. That didn’t work out all that well for him.

    32. rdelbov says:

      The Hill is so slanted-I still check it daily for News. Even there they report whatever Durbin or Reid or Pelosi says and calls it news.

      You still have to filter out the lies and half truths

    33. mnw says:

      Col. West in FL fits your definition. I will likely send a check his way soon.

    34. rdelbov says:


      that and the fact that his polices have hurt the black community more then then any other.

    35. Wes says:

      Agreed, Rdel.

    36. MD says:

      The third party might help Patrick but that remains to be seen. The real issue to me is the following: is the AA community going to realize that the path to success is not through gov programs? Many already do understand that but sadly, many still don’t. The breakdown of the family unit has crushed the inner city AA communities. Absolute devastation.

      This was caused by the “government” with all of their “helpful programs”. Today, we are repeating the same mistakes of the past. The difference is that that majority of Americans understand this, at least if you believe the polls. So the answer to Wes’ question is yes, they will be affected in a negative manner.

    37. Wes says:

      Ryan Frazier is another who fits the description, Mnw. Michael Williams in Texas is another possibility should Hutchison retire in 2012.

    38. mnw says:

      I’ve seen it spelled “icris” & “acris.”

      If you google it, both versions pop up multiple times, clearly referring to the same balla from Atlanta.

      Hav u seen that “reality” TV show with Flavor Fave, where hot chicks compete to be his lady?

    39. MD says:

      It is strange that the R’s are fielding AA candidates in the time of Obama. It gives me hope. Still, he will get 98% of their vote in 12.

    40. Wes says:

      I don’t watch reality shows, Mnw, although I have heard of the program you mentioned.

    41. MD says:

      Hav u seen that “reality” TV show with Flavor Fave, where hot chicks compete to be his lady?

      Comment by mnw — March 31, 2010 @ 4:43 pm

      If that is your version of hot, then you need to hang with us on porn chick night.

    42. mnw says:

      KBH announced today she will serve out her term. Williams is going to have to win the old-fashioned way.

    43. lisab says:

      “AN Indonesian teenager chopped off his penis and tossed it down a well after learning his girlfriend intended to marry another man…. “Cutting off a penis can be fatal.” …. Doctors were unable to re-attach the dismembered member because villagers could not find it….
      He had not spoken to anyone about the incident, Mr Sugeng said.
      “He’s still too shocked and embarrassed to talk to or see anyone.” moi

      “Where do you get this stuff?” Gary

      what? you don’t follow the australian associated press?

      i wonder why he was embarrassed? also, i wonder why they could not find it? i would think something like that would stand out in a well. wouldn’t it float?

    44. Diogenes says:

      Blacks are a lost cause. They are so dependent on government (50% of employed blacks are dependent on the government) and their culture so fiercely based on virulent identity politics that they are destined to be a permanent underclass in America.

      Bush did all he could to be inclusive including nominating Rice and Powell but blacks are blacks, they only vote skin color.

      It is sad but the GOP will always need to win about 55% of the white vote to counteract blacks assuming both turn out in equal numbers (blacks won’t in the future).

      The heart of America will be fought over the hispanic vote in the after 2020. Then the numbers become troubling.

      Obama’s rating is extraordinarily high among latinos even though he has done absolutely nothing to help them.

    45. Brooks says:

      RAS and Mason Dixon. PPP in the Eastern States only. All else is noise

    46. Wes says:

      True, MD. In 2014 and 2016 though, those percentages will drop. I’m not a fan of racial politics, but if the GOP can get serious black candidates–not the sacrificial lambs they often offer up–to run for office and win, then some of the hefty totals the Autocrats have among blacks could start to erode and make them more receptive to another party’s message. West, Williams, and Frazier are good starts. The GOP needs to recruit others to the cause though.

    47. Brooks says:

      Dino Rossi will have an advantage that Norm Coleman did not have if he runs in a close race.

      A GOP Sec of State

    48. MD says:

      It is going to be tough Wes. Many act like sheeple. Sad really.

    49. mnw says:

      Well… they’re SUPPOSED to be hot.

      Porn chick nite? I’m there. Disclaimer: my knowledge of such things is classified as “retro & vintage porn” today, I believe. Candy Barr anyone?

    50. Brandon says:

      Just 13 days until the FL-19 Special Election.

    51. Wes says:

      I don’t expect the GOP to get anywhere near 50% of the black vote any time in the next century, Dio, but if after Obama leaves office, they can start garnering between 15 and 20% of the vote there, then the Autocrats will be severely hampered as a party. I agree about the latinos though. They are less wedded to the Autocrats than the blacks, so the GOP seriously needs to target them.

    52. MD says:


      Bush received the highest percentage of the black vote in 04 in a generation.

      In the end, it got us nowhere.

    53. Brooks says:

      Wes, I think Colin Powell really hurt any chance of significant elections of Black GOP members.

      When he stabbed the GOP in the back and endorsed Obama it made White republicans leery of Black Conservative candidates.

      They saw a Guy that Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 helped move up the ladder only to be a traitor.

      I do not agree with this, but I know many Republicans who do.

    54. Tony says:

      Status quo.

      I was out on Zogby’s site to see if he had anything new. I realize he does this bs interactive polling, but is there some kind of law that says bad polling has to show consistency?

      In 7 months, Obama has actually climbed 3 points in Job Performance?

      48% March 4
      45% Aug 21

    55. Wes says:

      Nothing easy was ever worthwhile, MD–unless it’s a hot, horny chick who just broke up with her boyfriend. I digress though. An increase of just a few points for the GOP in the black vote would make a lot of marginal areas much more friendly to the GOP.

    56. MD says:

      I am reading Game Change now BTW. Interesting. Obviously a somewhat liberal take but very informative and entertaining.

    57. Tim says:

      Senator Hutchison promised to quit. She lied.

      What a shock….

    58. Wes says:

      Bush also ran an incompetent reelection campaign and actively tried to claim the mantle of worst President of the 21st Century, MD. He only missed that prize because his successor was infinitely worse.

    59. mnw says:

      AA Republicans complain bitterly that the RNC doesn’t support them financially. Chicken-and-egg thing: AA GOP can’t win; AA GOP always underfinanced; AA GOP loses.

    60. Brandon says:

      I read Game Change, I quite enjoyed it.

    61. Wes says:

      Well, three blacks are running for Congress in winnable races right now, Mnw–West in Florida, Glaspie in Mississippi, and Frazier in Colorado. If all three win, then that meme is dispelled. If Williams takes the nomination for Senate in 2012 assuming Hutchison retires, then that could well be a turning point.

    62. MD says:

      I completely disagree with you on 04 Wes. Bush did quite well, relative to other R candidates, with the AA and latino communities. He was extremely vulnerable yet won.

    63. Mark Cali says:

      I will go as far as to predict Hutchison runs for re-election in 2012.

    64. Tony says:

      Bush was a fairy decent 6-year president. After that, he sort of gave up and let whatever was going to happen just happen.

      Perhaps he was tired from his rope a dope strategy of letting everybody take potshots at him and never firing back.

    65. Wes says:

      Did you watch Bush’s debate performances, MD? Did you notice he took eveyr Sunday off while Kerry campaigned relentlessly? In the end, Bush’s percentages ticked up among blacks and latinos for a few reasons: the gay marriage issue, Kerry’s elitist attitude, the bin Laden endorsement of Kerry. Those issues much more so than anything Bush himself did caused his percentages to rise. After his reelection, he promptly squandered all his good will in both groups. a pyrrhic victory.

    66. mnw says:

      Yeah, I thought BC’04 was brilliant, myself.

      The success of Watts & Franks supports the proposition that Republicans will nominate & elect an AA candidate.

      Is the RNC giving $$$ to the three viables this round?

    67. MD says:

      He won Wes and he increased his percentage of votes with both blacks and latinos. That is just a fact. I actually thought Bush did quite well in debates 2 and 3. He was awful in the first one because he was touring hurricane ravaged FL when he should have been prepping. Still, Kerry came out the loser in the end because of his stupied “doesn’t pass the global test” comment.

      I agree with Tony. The last 2 years were a disaster. However, he won 2 elections, at least 1 with the pop vote.

      I have plently of issues with Bush as POTUS but he did NOT run a disasterous campaign in 04. I am not sure how you can come to that conclusion. I think we actually gained seats in the Senate if my memory is correct.

      Again, I am not a flak for him and my criticisms are well known.

    68. Wes says:

      They have to win the primaries first, Mnw. West and Frazier are essentially locks for the nods there, so if they can post good polling numbers against Klein and Perlmutter, then, yes, the RNC will back them wholeheartedly. Glaspie is in a multiperson primary, so she’s in a less secure position. If she wins the primary and cna prove competitive with Childers, then she’ll see money rolling in too.

    69. MD says:

      Wes said,

      After his reelection, he promptly squandered all his good will in both groups. a pyrrhic victory.

      Well Wes, I agree with that statement. However, I just don’t agree with the notion that he ran a disasterous campaign.

    70. lisab says:

      a palin rally


      a obamacare rally

      see if you can tell which is which by pictures of the crowd

    71. mnw says:

      W was never a debater. The best thing about the final ’04 debate for me was, I knew I would never have to watch W debate again.

      I saw ALL of the W v. Gore & W v. JFK debates. W reminded me of a clumsy waiter carrying a tray of champagne glasses– I kept waiting for the disaster, but somehow he avoided it… barely.

    72. Brooks says:

      Wes, Lott and Frist were such wimps with no spines. Hastert was a oompah loompa.

      Reagan had Howard Baker, Bush had incompetent Congressional Leadership

    73. Tony says:

      Anyway, Bush is so 2008. What we need in 2012 is to elect a Republican who is Conservative enough that Bush appears Liberal in comparison and Obama is seen as the Socialist he so wants to be.

    74. MD says:

      Gore actually managed to make Bush look very good during the debates. That was quite an accomplishment by crazy Al. I think Al’s biggest problem was that he had 3 starkly different personalities.

      Gore finally figured out who he was in 2002 – a deranged lunatic. He plays the part very well.

    75. Jan says:

      I agree that the comment in #31 could be tagged as not PC. However, I have thought the same thing, that Obama’s performance in office, the calls of “racism” when people disagree with his policies, have changed the AA playing field. People are going to think twice about voting for a candidate of color, when by doing so they are then chastised and pilloried for any constructive criticism they make of him/her afterwards.

    76. Brooks says:

      Bush is not a Kenyan Marxist. Enough said

    77. mnw says:

      Since when do you have to win the GOP primary to get GOP establishment support!?! See Chafee, Linc & Crist, Passion of the.

    78. Wes says:

      I don’t know, MD. Blowing a 10-point lead with 3 piss-poor debate performances, taking every Sunday off so Kerry could have free unanswered campaign days, losing New Hampshire while damn near losing Colorado…Yes, the GOP increased its numbers in the Senate that year, but that was because the Autocrats had lightweights running to replace established Senators in most cases. It was much more a testament to George Allen’s ability to recruit and Corzine’s lack theroeof than to Bush’s presidential campaign the GOP made those gains.

    79. lisab says:

      “And now a bunch of companies with generous retiree drug benefits have announced that they are taking large charges to reflect the cost of the change in the tax law.

      Henry Waxman thinks that’s mean, and he’s summoning the heads of those companies to Washington to explain themselves. It’s not clear what they’re supposed to explain. What they did is required by GAAP.”

    80. Wes says:

      Chafee was a sitting Senator who had some chance of winning the general while Laffey would have lost by 25 points or more. As for crist, the NRSC is behind the curve on that one. I don’t believe the RNC directed money to Chafee till after the primary though. With all the frivolous things Steele has been doing, I doubt he’s spent any money on Crist.

    81. mnw says:


      The loneliest link on the planet. I’d rather watch Sponge Bob re-runs.

    82. Wes says:

      Great point, Jan.

    83. Brooks says:

      Bush would have beaten Gore by 5% if not for the DUI..

    84. Wes says:

      I’ve heard broken records repeat themselves less than Bunu, Mnw.

    85. Tony says:

      Bush’s Compassionate Conservatism was his Achille’s heel. He sent a message to the social Conservatives/relious right that they were TOO social and TOO religious. A good many of them sat home.

    86. Wes says:

      The DUI didn’t help, Brooks, but Gore campaigned night and day in the days following it. Bush gave up Sunday and half of Saturday. Do you think that might have had some effect in the outcome too?

    87. lisab says:

      if obama loses in 2012 …

      there will likely be riots across the country in black neighborhoods

      that could impact the electability of an african americans for the next 50 years … particularly if the national guard has to be called out.

    88. Wes says:

      That’s an extremely scary prospect, Lisa.

    89. MD says:


      I think I read somewhere that Bush was a Kenyan Marxist.

    90. Bunu says:

      Bush tried to John Edwards the GOP with his DUI in 2000.

      He failed, but he was able to achieve his objective with the Iraq and Afghan occupations.

    91. Wes says:

      Bunu, go away. Just go away.

    92. mnw says:

      My point was, it’s a travesty to claim “We can’t help West until he wins the primary.” Nonsense. It never stopped Elizabeth Dole!

      My recollection is that NRSCC DID contribute to Chafee before the primary.

      Laffey expressed bitterness about it at the time, & I’m still bitter.

      I don’t give a rat’s adz HOW MUCH Laffey would’ve lost by. Chafee announced “I don’t know how much longer I’ll be a Republican” BEFORE the election! He had Jim Jeffords written all over him! And there’s Dole holding out the collection plate.

    93. Tony says:

      Wes, I seem to recall Bush being ill (cold?) during the final week.

    94. MD says:


      I was worried about that all day.

    95. Bunu says:

      Judge rules against Bush administration.

      The ruling stands as repudiation of the now-defunct Bush administration’s Terrorist Surveillance Program.

    96. Jan says:

      Waxman summoning the heads of companies asking them to prove their loses is silly and rather intimidating. Many of the same companies spoke to the President beforehand, wrote letters explaining their reasons for not wanting this or that, and the Obama administration dismissed them all!

      The dems clearly do not understand business. They have a fairy-tale mentality of wishing upon a star, in making their economic decisions, rather than taking a calculator and hammering out the facts according to sound accounting principles.

    97. mnw says:

      “Hayworth Questions McCain’s Election Year Conversion On Border Security”

      What… you mean he’s not sincere?

      J.D. at $826,000 for March. 82.6 % of his $1 million goal for the moth. And there’s still 7 & 1/2 hours left.

    98. Diogenes says:

      Probably a deeply liberal judge of the 9th circuit. Bunu shows why again libertarians posing as Republicans are obnoxious and annoying.

    99. Tony says:

      The GOP was doling out money hand over fist to Chaffey while Burns was twisting in the wind. With even a small infusion of cash, Burns wouldn’ve pulled out a win.

    100. Jan says:

      I have called Waxman’s office, as he unfortunately is my congressman. But, it is just an exercise in futility in getting anything across to him and his minions.

    101. Bunu says:

      Hayworth’s fundraising is very good if he’s been able to raise that much in 1 month.

    102. Diogenes says:

      Waxman looks like a pig. Literally. He plays the part of being at the taxpayer trough well.

    103. Brooks says:

      Tim, after the Health Care debacle, you are calling Hutchinson a liar?

    104. Brooks says:

      Waxman is the missing link, he makes Patrick Ewing look GQ

    105. Wes says:

      You didn’t ask about the NRSC or NRCC, Mnw. You asked about the RNC. The NRSC did give money to Chafee before the primary. The RNC did not.

    106. Wes says:

      Who is Burns, Tony?

    107. Wes says:

      The NRCC may be giving money to West and Frazier, Mnw. If they’re polling competitively with Klein and Perlmutter, then I’d be surprised if that’s not the case. The RNC WILL NOT be providing any money till after the primaries though. Understand?

    108. MD says:

      I don’t think JD will make the $1m goal. I sense that his mo has been stopped because of Palin.

      JD is somewhat fortunate in that Arizona’s primary is held so late. If Obama makes amnesty a major issue over the summer, that will really hurt McCain, even if he is against it.

      “I was for it before I was against it” will be in play. Not a good spot for a politican. Still, the worse case for McCain, imo, is that would reduce a 12 to 15 point win to 5 to 8.

    109. MD says:

      Again, if Obama wants to hurt McCain, he could up the rhetoric on amnesty. Already, he has shown that he might do that.

      I expect McCain to revert to his pro amnesty position soon after he is elected. Since it will be his last term in all likelihood, he can renew his love affair with the msm. “Oh, how I have missed you darling”!

    110. mnw says:

      Conrad Burns.

      I don’t intend to split hairs here.

      If the GOP establishment wanted to support West, they WOULD. The “win the primary first” excuse is just that — a lame-o pretext previously ignored.

    111. MD says:

      Ask Rubio about that MNW.

    112. Wes says:

      How stupid of me, Mnw. I thought when you asked about the RNC, you menat the RNC–which doesn’t provide money to candidates till after the primaries. I didn’t know by RNC, you meant NRSC, NRCC, or any other organization functioning independently of the RNC. I’ll work to improve my mindreading skills in the future though so when you’re asking about organizations you don’t mention, I’ll be able to give more informed responses. Agreed?

    113. mnw says:

      I don’t think Hayworth even comes close to $1 million, either. But it’s a darn fine month for him.

      The ghastly murder of that rancher has raised public awareness of Hayworth’s signature issue, & clearly has McPain running for cover.

      Revert on amnesty? McVain? You imply he is not… SINCERE? Heaven forfend!

    114. GF says:


      I wish that was true in WA, but Dina did have Sam Reed in both of his governor races, and it did him no good; Reed is a moderate (not what I would call a RINO), and did not fight hard enough in the interests of appearing fair and impartial in his job. Meanwhile, the King Co. machine made sure that enough “misplaced” ballots were found in time to push Frauwhore over the top. Oddly enough, while Rossi amazingly won 41% of the King Co. vote in 2004, the “misplaced” ballots were overwhelmingly in faour of Fraudwhore (I don’t recall the exact numbers, but it was obscenely more Dem than the overall county vote).

    115. Brandon says:

      West is part of the NRCC Young Guns program. So yes he is getting money from the GOP “Establishment.”

    116. Wes says:

      Thanks, Brandon. The NRCC provides money to candidates in the primaries and in the general election campaign. The RNC provide smoney to candidates after the primaries. That’s a point Mnw seemed to miss.

    117. Brooks says:

      GF, good post, I may be wrong but the Sec of State I believe has more power during a federal race compared to a state or local race.

      does anyone have knowledge of this?

      Besides GF even if Reed could not help Rossi, he cannot hurt him like a DEM vote SOS could.

    118. rdelbov says:

      The NRSC endorses by default all GOP senators. The incumbent senators formed NRSC-they contribute money to (usually in years they are not running) -they attend fundraisers for the benefit of NRSC.

      So its not a surprise that NRSC supported and endorsed Specter in 2004, Smith in 2002 and Chafee in 2006. That is what they do.

      When they recruit Blunt-Portman-Boozman-Thompson-Rossi-Castle-Kirk Aytotte Norton Hoeven they are called geniuses. When they recruit Crist they are called Idiots.

      They have endorsed Bennett and McCain they is what they do.

      IN some states like IN-the NRSC lists Stutzman & Coats as GOP candidates but neither one has been endorsed so to speak.

    119. Brooks says:

      MD, amnesty was toxic for both Parties.

      In 2007, the Senate voted for cloture and it was a simple majority vote that went down in flames when DEM’s like Webb and McKaskill voted no.

    120. Wes says:

      There was one exception to that rule though in recent years, Rdel: In 2002, the NRSC determined Bob Smith was unelectable in his reelection bid while John Sununu could win. They promptly backed Sununu over Smith, thus aiding in his victory and leading to his capturing of the seat in November.

    121. Brooks says:

      I would rather have a moderate GOP Sec of State during a tight Senate contest, than a DEM Marxist like Mark Ritchie in Minn, who was bought and sold by Soros.

    122. GF says:

      Fair enough, Brooks; that simply means that if Dino goes for it, he has to win by greater than the 2,400 or so he won his first election for governor by (so it cannot be stolen from him).

    123. LaZebra says:

      59 –Bush … tried to claim the mantle of worst President of the 21st Century, MD. He only missed that prize because his successor was infinitely worse.
      Comment by Wes — March 31, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

      So I guess that makes Bush the “greatest president of the 21st Century”, at least for now.

    124. Wes says:

      The GOP bore the brunt of the political damage for the amnesty debate though, Brooks. They openly tried to play both sides of the issue and incurred the ire of both sides. The Autocrats just sat back and laughed as this was going on. The GOP needs a consistent message and better spokesmen on this issue.

    125. Brooks says:

      Wes, I recall both Arkansas DEM Senators, Fulbright and maybe McCellan were beaten in Dem Primaries by Bumpers and Pryor

    126. Wes says:

      Actually though it pains me to say it, Clinton edges Bush in that regard, La. Had clinton’s term not extended into the 21st century though, then Bush would have that crown.

    127. Wes says:

      That’s been over 30 years ago, Brooks, and I’m not sure if the DSCC actually endorsed their primary opponents. It may have though.

    128. Brooks says:

      GF, this is why Soros has put so much of his dirty blood money in SOS races.

      The best way to combat it is too win with bigger margins. Outside of the Margin of Fraud

    129. lisab says:


      sooooo … what did you mean last night about old salty sailors and the c-in-c?

    130. Gary Maxwell says:

      As Hugh Hewitt said “If it Aint close they cant cheat.”

    131. Wes says:

      Actually, Brooks, I just looked it up. McClellan died in office. Pryor–the Governor at the time–appointed his successor. Under Arkansas law though, appointed Senators can’t seek full terms, so Hodges stepped aside to make way for Pryor to seek the seat.

    132. Bill says:

      62; There is an AA in Huntsville Al who is running for Parker Griffin’s seat. If you think Ryan Frazier is an attractive candidate, then go to Les Phillp’s web site and listen to him. Most of you dont realize that Parker Griffin is widely unpopular here in North Ala. and is very beatable in the Primary.

    133. Brooks says:

      Spot on Gary. Soros and Obama’s Marxist Lawyers would have been all over NJ and Mass if the races were closer.

    134. GF says:

      I despise that bastard Soros (being a foreigner and all, still trying to buy our elections; yet, no one seems to think that this is a problem). We had a decent SoS in Bruce McPhereson in CA, but the D’s were out for blood and took him out (although he polled well throughout the campaign and kept it close on election night). The Autocrat running the show in CA now is one and the same as the rest of her ilk; I fear her influence if it comes down to the wire in either top-of-the-ticket race.

    135. Wes says:

      Have you a link for it, Bill?

    136. Brooks says:

      Thanks Wes. Lloyd Bentsen also took out Yarborough in the 1970 Dem Primary

    137. rdelbov says:

      I do believe that NRSC does give money to incumbent GOP senators running for re-election before primaries. Ditto for house members and its house committee.

      The NRSC gave Crist $10K last year-the legal limit (5K primary-5K GE)

      So none of these so called endorsed GOP candidats–Kirk-Castle-Ayotte-Grayson(Rand Paul alert)Ayotte-Portman-Castle-Fiorna or whoever
      have not received a contribution as of 12-31-2009.

      Only Charlie Crist got money.

      I checked the FEC website to see what has been reported as of 12-31-2009.

      For instance in KY neither Grayson or Paul received a contribution or any in-kind support from the NRSC. Both candidates are listed on their website (unlike Florida). Ditto for AR where 4 candidates are listed.

    138. GF says:


      Let’s simplify my comments to mean that long time, gung-ho Sailors (E-7 and senior) are disgusted with where we are going, and seeing no recourse to fix the problem (as Knova once suggested we might do en masse), are choosing to retire instead. It is a replay of the mid 1990s, but much more intense in the level contempt. I cannot speak for all branches or even all senior enlisted or officers, but it is near epidemic proportions. Comically, the only thing keeping an alarming number of leaving ASAP is that they don’t want the current president to sign their retirement papers. 🙂

    139. Brooks says:

      Soros, as a Hungarian Jewish Child during the Holocaust, posed as a Christian and worked for the Nazi’s too survive.

      Whitman has big $$$$ GF, best way to combat the marxist sleaze in CA.

      A non self funder would be down 30% right now

    140. Wes says:

      Well, Brooks, everyone in Texas hated Yorborough anyway. The only reason he won in 1964 was because of Johnson. The Autocrats got rid of him because they knew Bush would beat him the second time around. The point though is not whether or not a sitting Senator loses a primary but if the campaign committee charged with electing members to the Senate actually endorses his opponent. To my knowledge, Sununu/Smith is the only time that’s happened recently. I’m sure there have been instances when it’s occurred in the past though.

    141. lisab says:

      in 2012, obama will either win in a walk or barely lose … carter did fairly well (41%) against the likes of reagan and he had no where near the support that obama has among african americans and the hard dems.

      obama should have a floor of at least 45%.

      sooooooooo … it is likely that if obama loses, he will lose by less than 1,000,000 votes.

      how many african americans are in prison? 1,000,000.

      this has riots written all over it

    142. Apologetic California says:

      137, I still don’t get how McPherson lost in that one. So random, but a wave is a wave, not every lost has logic to it.

    143. lisab says:

      “is that they don’t want the current president to sign their retirement papers”

      also remember there are no jobs.

    144. Wes says:

      Crist is a blot on the NRSC’s escutcheon, Rdel. They need to just drop him and at least acknowledge Rubio is something besides an abstract concept.

    145. Brooks says:

      Crist is the sitting Governor of the 4th biggest state in the Country. Of course the RNC would support him. I have no problem with that.

      He is being beaten fair and square in the GOP Primary

    146. lisab says:


      one of the most knowledgeable teachers i ever met was a “chief of the boat” who worked in an engineering room of an aegis destroyer. i am not sure what that means, but i think he was chief engineer.

      he said his test was they turned off the lights in an engine room and then would shine a light on a random pipe or wire and he had to know right away what it was and what to do if it broke.

      anyway … brilliant guy

    147. Gary Maxwell says:

      No I dont think it will be close unless we run Howdie Doodey and the economy is back to 5% UNEMPLOYMENT.

      Carter did not do that well, and he was perceived as a moderate since he was a democrat from Georgia. Obama is a liberal from the Chicago progastan.

    148. Wes says:

      The RNC isn’t the one officially backing him, Brooks. The NRSC is. It may have seemed like a good idea a few months ago, but the time for backing Crist is passed. They did the same thing in 2004 when they supported Kirk Humphreys over Tom Coburn. It wans’t till Coburn routed Humphreys in the primary the NRSC even acknowledged his existence, yet he went on to beat Brad Carson handily in November.

    149. Marv says:

      #144 lisab,

      The riots will make for great television. You should have seen the coverage of the 1965 Watts dustup and the 1967 Detroit/Newark street fairs.

    150. Brooks says:

      I think Crist will surprise us and endorse Rubio in the end. Crist will then be back in good GOP graces if he avoids the Kenyan. Setting up a 2012 megadeath match with Nelson

    151. Wes says:

      Hi, Marv. How go things?

    152. Wes says:

      I agree, Brooks. I’m not exactly sanguine about Crist’s campaigning skills after how he’s handled the Rubio challenge though.

    153. Brooks says:

      151. Good example with Coburn Wes. I think the GOP Elite is coddling Crist because they are worried he will go Indy

    154. Gary Maxwell says:

      Riots are so stupid. The only thing that gets messed up is stuff in the ghetto. Sure they may burn out a jewish or asian retailer, but then they get to hike another mile to get their cigs and beer. Fairly amazing when you think about it.

    155. Wes says:

      If crist is smart, Brooks, then he’s not going anywhere.

    156. Brooks says:

      Cal had another excellent SOS in Jones too. Whatever happened to him

    157. Marv says:

      Hey, Wes. Things are going great. I went to get a 14.95 oil change and came out of the shop $472.98 later.

    158. Brooks says:

      Wes, did you also find it very hypocritical that Tim of all people would call KBH a liar?

      After his President lied through his teeth for 14 months on Deathcare?

    159. Marv says:

      #161 D QUIXOTE,

      Great “Twilight Zone” episode.

    160. Wes says:

      Boxer stomped him in a Senate race in 2004, Brooks.

    161. Brooks says:

      160.Marv, sounds like Obama’s IRS

    162. Wes says:

      I have one better, Marv. I went to get a new tire a few weeks ago and left the shop only after parting with $589.88.

    163. Wes says:

      I did, Brooks. I didn’t find it unexpected though.

    164. D QUIXOTE says:

      Face lift post obamacare.

    165. Wes says:

      Eye of the Beholder…one of the most famous and chilling episodes out of that classic series. Obama reminds me of the leader seen only on screen during the show. “Conformity!”

    166. GF says:


      COB is a term used on submarines and is the equivalent of the CMC (Command Master Chief) on a ship or at a shore command. The top enlisted engineering rating is referred to as the “Top Snipe” (“Snipe” being a colloquial term for any engineering rating). They really have to know their stuff down in the bowels of the ship (and in a sub, for that matter), and I don’t envy their working conditions (as I had icy air conditioned spaces for all of my computers and radar equipment, thank to the snipes, of course).

      Apologetic, I hear you on that election. Had it not been such a wave, hell, even a normal wash, we could have seen the GOP take five statewide offices that year and have Arnold break 60%. McClintock, McPhereson came within a few points and were both polling ahead just before the election. Arnold won absentees handily, but carried the election day vote only by two points. Even the Controller’s race was close in polling, but the wave put that to bed.

    167. Marv says:

      Brooks….good one with the Obama IRS. LOL.

      Wes….What kind of tires did you buy…F-15 tires?

    168. lisab says:

      “did you also find it very hypocritical that tm the toady of all people would call KBH a liar?” brooks

      can i just ask what tm the vapid little toady did to get you all so irate at him?

      it was not so long ago that you guys let him get away with saying the population of iraq declined sharply after the usa invasion, when that is a boldface lie. iraq has an extremely high birthrate for one thing, and we would have had to have mass executions to make their population remain stable, never mind go down.

      did he pull a knova and insult everyone or something?

    169. Marv says:

      “24” has seen its better days.

    170. Wes says:

      I just bought one new tire, Marv. I had to get a tuneup, new brakes, etc done though. I almost passed out when I saw the final bill. The parts weren’t the bad part though. The labor was what skyrocketed the bill.

    171. Wes says:

      This is its final season, marv. Were you as pissed as I when they revelealed Katee Sackhoff to be a terrorist? Talk about pulling something out of your ass. That was not what her storyline was leading up to.

    172. GF says:


      Jones mad the fatal error of endorsing McCain instead of Bush (actually, I think he might have switched his endorsement), so when he ran for governor in 2002, his early lead in the primary polling evaporated as the Bush clan ensured that he was destroyed by Bill Simon (the Bush fetish with loyalty and all). A pity, because he was competent and survived the 1998 bloodbath with a few points to spare. Davis’ campaign manager openly admitted that they feared Jones (and mayor Riordan, for that matter), and were all to happy to see him purged. The CA GOP almost always opts for the worst candidate at the top of the ticket; Riordan or Jones could have beaten Davis, and thus prevented Arnold from ruining the state and the party. Yet, they get so fosuces on ideologial purity that they consistently lose sight of the big picture; to win elections and effect change wherever possible.

    173. Marv says:


      I didn’t like Sackhoff’s character from the start.
      She was an affirmative action quota pick. IMO.

    174. Wes says:

      No, Marv. She was just eye candy.

    175. lisab says:


      maybe he was Command Master Chief, because i know he was on an aegis ship not submarine. he used to tell his wife he was on the safest ship in the navy … and then a sister ship in the iraq war hit a mine.

      so she made him quit. 🙂

    176. lisab says:

      i just hand my mechanic my checkbook …

      all i know is i have a nissan sentra and it is black

      big mistake btw, i would never by a black car again.

    177. GF says:

      I believe that was the USS Antietam that hit the mine (I know she did, but cannot recall when that happened). That ship is now ineffective in it’s intended AA support role for escorting CSGs (Carrier Strike Groups) as the mine explosion bent the keel up forward and skewed the bow/forecastle about 1.5 degrees to starboard. Thus, her twin rudders must now be fixed at 1.5 to port to counteract that bend just to keep the ship on a steady course. This reduces her maximum speed considerably, and egregiously increases fuel consumption at all speeds. CG-54 will soon find herself joining the first five Aegis cruisers (those equipped with the obsolescent SPY-1A phased array radar) as a target hulk (we sunk Valley Forge off of Kauai two years ago; there are a few rusting away at the Philly Navy yard. Not sure where Vincennes, of the Iranian airliner debacle fame, is tied up).

    178. LaZebra says:

      Actually though it pains me to say it, Clinton edges Bush in that regard, La. Had clinton’s term not extended into the 21st century though, then Bush would have that crown.
      Comment by Wes — March 31, 2010 @ 5:50 pm

      I have to take issue with that, Wes. How to respond depends on your definition of when a “Century” begins:

      (1) By the official definition, Bill Clinton was only President for 20 days in the 21st Century, from January 1-20, 2001. What was he doing during those 20 days? Pardoning criminals and trashing the White House — a truly shameful 3 weeks.

      (2) By the regular definition, Clinton was President for about 13 months of this Century — the above period, plus the entire year of 2000. So what was Slick Willie doing in 2000? Still recovering from his impeachment trial and his “wag the dog” missile launches. He was clearly distracted, allowing the USS Cole to be bombed by terrorists without a proper response. In essence, he was preparing the ground for OBL to launch 9/11 in the next year.

      Either way, I would argue strongly that, no matter who badly you dislike Bush, his clear accomplishments (War on Terror, cutting taxes, Alito and Roberts) clearly make him better than the shameful last days of Bill Clinton.

      Actually, Barbara Olsen (who was killed on one of those 9/11 planes) wrote a book about Clinton’s shameful last days:
      The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House.

    179. Jashin says:

      ? ??? ?????!