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    NC: Marshall Leads Dem Primary For US Senate

    That is what a new poll from Public Policy Polling shows today for the state of North Carolina.

    Elaine Marshall 23%
    Call Cunningham 17%
    Ken Lewis 9%
    Susan Harris 4%
    Ann Worthy 1%
    Marcus Williams 0%

    This poll was done April 8-11 among 401 likely Democratic primary voters. The primary election is May 4th to see who will eventually take on Republican US Senator Richard Burr in the General Election.

    Posted by Dave at 12:16 pm
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    370 Responses to “NC: Marshall Leads Dem Primary For US Senate”

    1. Mark Cali says:


    2. Brandon says:

      Should be a close race between Marshall and Cunningham.

    3. MD says:

      This poll is so irrelevant that Jensen could not even find a Dem willing to pay for the LV poll.

      An easy Repub hold by 8 to 10, possibly a little higher.

    4. julstol says:

      IN Senate Primary
      Coats 29
      Hostettler 26
      Stutzman 18

      On the BBerry so I can’t give a link. Was on Redstate last night

    5. Brandon says:

      #5. That was a “leaked” internal with no details or even the name of the pollster given.

      Doesn’t pass the smell test to me.

    6. julstol says:

      True but it’s the closest we’ve gotten to an actual poll.

    7. Chekote says:


      I strongly suggest you get some help. Your transgender routine is getting out of control.

    8. Phil says:

      Go Stutzman!

    9. JEANNA HAZE says:

      Hi Phil!

    10. Bunu says:

      I am worried that Stutzman will split the conservative vote and help Dan Coats.

    11. julstol says:

      I strongly suggest you get some help. Your fake Republican routine is getting out of control.

    12. rdelbov says:


      There is no liberal or moderate primary vote in the Indiana GOP primary.

      of course some people think a congressmen with an 90 lifetime ACU rating is a moderate.

    13. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      14…not sure why you keep picking on Chek. Her presentation as a true conservative who wants to rid the GOP of social conservatives, along with her contempt for Christianity seems to be just what we need more of so that my goals will be realized!

    14. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      14 was aimed at responding to 12.

    15. Chekote says:


      Better get used to me Jul. More and more people in the party are tired of the same old routine and want “real” leadership. Not just rhetoric.

    16. Bunu says:

      ACU sells their ratings to me.

    17. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      16…that’s right! But I don’t think that this blog is big enough for both of us. It is supposed to be all about ME! Thank me.

    18. Chekote says:

      Social conservatism is how you lead your private life. It has nothing to do with using government to impose your values, religion on other. The latter is called a theocracy. Republicans need to ask themselves a question: Are we the party of freedom or not?

    19. Chekote says:

      Where is Tina complaining about multiple hands?

    20. julstol says:

      You sound exactly like my ex. She is a huge flaming Democrat. You do NOT represent mainstream Conservatism.

    21. Chekote says:

      Got the scoop from SRLC. Romney and Paul bused in lots of students/young people. The Paulians were loud and annoying. Newt was inspiring in his message. Palin was very energetic and is very good at mobilizing people. Lots of people concerned that the GOP is still not fully articulating their legislative/policy agenda.

    22. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      20…Chek hits nail on head, but it is what I have been saying all along. The GOP will only grow and become stronger once 1/3 of it, namely the social conservatives, are sent packing. Let them start their own party. I am convinced that the Dems will not benefit from such a move.

    23. Chekote says:

      You do NOT represent mainstream Conservatism.

      So mainstream conservatism is not about strong defense, limited government, free enterprise and individual freedom? What is mainstream conservatism about then?

    24. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      21…she represents MY views and goals for the GOP. Why would you have a problem with that? After all it is MY views we are talking about here, and my views are never wrong.

    25. Chekote says:

      The GOP will only grow and become stronger once 1/3 of it, namely the social conservatives, are sent packing.

      If they believe in a strong defense, limited government, free enterprise and individual freedom, social conservative are welcomed to stay.

    26. Tommy_Boy says:

      Also from this poll:

      North Carolina PPP(D)

      Palin 30%
      Huckabee 30%
      Romney 27%

      I cannot wait for Burr to win this race by double digits so that Tommy Jensen is crying in his milk.

    27. julstol says:

      You’re not for limited Government. You’re for bigger, “more efficient” government. So is Frum and for that matter, Newt. I share your hatred of Romney by the way. You still believe the Government has solutions. The rest of us don’t. We don’t need the Government to govern us. We need to govern ourselves.

    28. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      26…but they are not worth it, because they believe in a strong defense of tissue in the womb, and they will use their believe in limited government to limit government involvement in abortions.

    29. JILL KELLY says:

      Hi TB!

      Want a pic???

    30. Tony says:

      Without social Conservatism as the backbone of the Republican party, the Republican party would get to being just like the Democrats.

      SoCons will either sit out elections or form a third party.

    31. Chekote says:

      You still believe the Government has solutions. The rest of us don’t. We don’t need the Government to govern us. We need to govern ourselves.

      That sounds like anarchy to me. Government has a crucial, positive role to play our society. Free enterprise cannot flourish unless you have a government that strongly and efficiently enforces contracts. A regulatory environment that ensures that you have a level playing field (as much as possible). Government has a critical role to play ensuring security and stability. The problem with the federal government, in my view, is that it is trying to do everything and it ends up doing everything badly. I rather have a federal government that does a few things (limited government) but does them well.

    32. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      31…oh I assure you that it will work out OK for the GOP to send the social conservatives packing. Give them absolutely no voice in the GOP platform and let them take their views elsewhere. The Dems will not experience any electoral gains as a result of this. Trust me. Please.

    33. Chekote says:

      Without social Conservatism as the backbone of the Republican party, the Republican party would get to being just like the Democrats.

      Completely disagree. Bush was a social conservative and expanded government. I believe that the backbone of conservatism should be a commitment to limited government, freedom.

    34. Tommy_Boy says:


    35. Diogenes says:

      Please, please just ignore the one-who-shall-not-be-named. We’ve wasted enough time with the KOS plant.

    36. Chekote says:

      Give them absolutely no voice in the GOP platform and let them take their views elsewhere. The Dems will not experience any electoral gains as a result of this. Trust me. Please.

      I strongly believe that if we re-focus the Republican party on limited government, freedom, we will win. The individuals that would leave our party just because we refuse to adopt rhetoric demonizing gays, illegal immigrants, or inflaming passions over abortion, are not worth keeping. They are not “true” conservatives IMO.

    37. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      34…that’s right! Now that I think of it, ALL social conservatives like Bush want to expand government. We need to just get rid of them, so that the GOP will be larger and stronger.

    38. julstol says:

      If you are a Republican, you’re a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. We have too many of those in office.

    39. Chekote says:

      Please, please just ignore the one-who-shall-not-be-named. We’ve wasted enough time with the KOS plant.

      I think we are having a civil discussion. What are you afraid of?

    40. rdelbov says:

      I believe we see a runoff in NC unless of the democrats gets 40%.

      I think its a pointless prize as Burr romps this Nov.

    41. CHEKOTE 4 PALIN says:

      Lieberman also saved words of praise for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, with whom he campaigned.

      “I do disagree with her on some of the specifics that she has said, but I think anybody who underestimates Sarah Palin as a political force in America does so at some peril, because she is speaking for a lot of people out there,” he said. “I don’t know what her future is, but I’m just saying everybody should listen.”

    42. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      38…Exactly. Finally someone on here who is voicing my views!! This blog is all about me! Someone else who finally understands that by reducing the number of people who vote republican actually increases the likelihood that republicans wins elections!

    43. Chekote says:

      If you are a Republican, you’re a Teddy Roosevelt Republican.

      TR was right in starting the National Parks service. Was right in busting monopolies. What is wrong with that?

    44. rdelbov says:


      I assume you know that Teddy Roosevelt taught a Sunday school class for 25 years. He was a man of deep religious faith.

      He was Reagan like or Palin like in his faith.

      He was called “progressive” because he in meat inspection and anti trust laws.

      He was tight with the federal dollar-strong defense man-pro gun-pro liberty.

      Today TR would be called a Palin type republican.

      Don’t think that TR would be a Specter type GOP republican.

    45. Chekote says:

      Someone else who finally understands that by reducing the number of people who vote republican actually increases the likelihood that republicans wins elections!

      I don’t want people who demonize gays, illegals in my party. If the KKK could deliver people to the polls, would you like them to be in the GOP?

    46. Chekote says:

      Don’t think that TR would be a Specter type GOP republican.

      Specter belongs to the party of WWKSO (Whatever Will Keep Specter in Office).

    47. Tony says:

      Putting people out of work in order to inflate welfare rolls plays a significant role on the people of this country.

      This goverment more and more is dictating what families can and can’t do, including the size of their families, whether or not both parents work, if they drive two cars or one or take public transportation, vacations, where to work and in what industry, etc.

      What Obama and the Democrats do effects all of us financially, but it goes on from there. It is them who are attempting to be the theologians here, not us. They are the ones trying to tell us how to run our families, not us. It is them trying to put people out of work, not us.

    48. julstol says:

      Teddy Roosevelt hated people with money

    49. Chekote says:


      Liberals and TheCons are two side of the same Big Government Coin.

    50. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      47…that’s right! The millions of GOP voters out there who admire men like James Dobson are no better than the KKK!!! We don’t need them!!!!

    51. GF says:


      Right on the head! No way TR would align with the Dems; he had considerable contempt for the party and didn’t even care for the Hyde Park Dem wing of his own family.

      BTW, surgery is scheduled for this afternoon, so I have about four hours before I check in (I believe MD asked). Shouldn’t be to invasive; take some questionable tissue out before it turns cancerous (vis-a-vis my ulcers), as well as dealing with a small blood vessel that got itself tangled around places it hadn o business being (how does that happen?).

      Lastly, the Tories are on their way to a majority. It may be a small one, but the swing in the marginal seats IS much more pronounced than the UNS (Uniform National Swing). I highly recommend checking out http://www.politicalbetting.com to see where the punters are putting their money. Also, I found that the BBC electoral calculator is superior to the one on the Guardian as it allows you to factor in the vote for minor parties vice just the top three.


    52. GF says:

      Angus Reid has been the best pollster thus far this decade for UK elections. They are showing a ten point Tory lead (38/28/22/12). That would roughly come out to 314 Tory, 24 Labour, 61 Lib Dem (only a one seat loss for them), and 29 for the various smaller parties. That is 12 short of an outright majority for the Blues based purely on a UNS, but without taking any of the 200 or so marginal seats into account.

    53. Tony says:

      No way, Chek

      Conservatives don’t care what you as a family do. You can be wealthy or not, have a big family or not, go to church or don’t, just as long as you are not harming anybody else.

      We simply don’t care.

      Liberals, on the other hand, do. They care how much we make, where we live, how warm our house is in the winter, how cool in the summer…..

    54. rdelbov says:


      with due respect you are misreading TR and the idea of wealth.

      TR came from a wealthy family, lived a very wealhy lifestyle and earned a ton of money during his lifetime.

      He did not hate the wealthy or money.

      You misread the concept of “anti-trust” movement. Very conservative republicans like John Sherman and others saw monopolies as an abuse of the capitalist system. TR did not believe in the law of jungle in business dealings. I am a free enterprise man but I firmly believe in some apporiate anti-trust & monopoly laws.

      TR deplored sloth and believed firmly in the value of work.

      Here’s another point about TR. His faith made him realize that wealth was a gift from God-a sign of his providence. As a give from God should you only use your wealth for your own enjoyment & pleasure. No TR was active in promoting just social causes with his own resources (not governement resources-private resources)

      Thus when Booker T Washington wanted to started a black college-TR did not send a bill to the hill to fund-he opened his check book. He also got others involved in this.

    55. rdelbov says:


      I think Angus is right on. When the conservatives get a late surge for a majority? I think so.

      I think either way Cameron is the new PM. Liberal party will not allow Brown to continue but of course he’s likely Conservatives will still be larger then Labour/Liberal anyway.

      its possible we could see enough minor parties agree to let conservatives rule if they get to 315 or so.

      As I type all these scenerios I just keep thinking to avoid this and to ditch Brown we will see a Tory surge

    56. Tony says:

      SUSA has RPaul up by 15 for the Kentucky GOP primary.

      I’m not sure if this is a new poll or not.

    57. Tommy_Boy says:


      Already been posted

    58. julstol says:

      Its about 4 posts down

    59. Tony says:

      Thanks guys. I must’ve missed it. I’d go check it out, but without looking my guess is bunu was ecstatic?

    60. Mark Cali says:

      Another useless poll from PPP (stacked with Undecideds)


      Public Policy Polling (D)
      4/9-11/10; 622 registered voters, 3.9% margin of error
      Mode: Automated phone

      Do you approve or disapprove of the direction of the Republican Party?
      28% Approve, 51% Disapprove

      Favorable / Unfavorable
      Michael Steele: 10 / 33
      Mitch McConnell: 15 / 26
      John Boehner: 15 / 25

    61. KnightHawk says:


      This is only the beginning.

    62. MD says:

      Chekote, you go girl!!!! If you people can’t agree with Chek and Frum, then you need to leave the party. Rednecks.

    63. lisab says:


      just wait until we have $4.00 gas all summer.

      this is the latest problem facing obama. the supply of gas has not increased, and the economy is growing around the world.

      the worst part is the dems are scrambling now for november

    64. KnightHawk says:

      Aid: Mr. President personal income is down 3.2%
      Obama: See I told you we’re headed in the right direction.

    65. LaZebra says:

      5 — That Indiana Republican Primary poll, while it “doesn’t pass the smell test”, as Brandon said, it’s still about exactly where I believe this race is. This is the perception I get from regularly listening to “Abdul in the Morning”, as recommended by Maelstrom.

      To quote (and correct) Bunu:
      I am worried that Stutzman will split the conservative vote and help Hostettler.
      >> That is, by the way, my big fear. It’s also the reason why I may end up voting for Coats, despite my preference for Stutzman.

    66. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      65…wow! what an impact I am having! Someone else now who agrees with me!

    67. lisab says:


      did you understand my explanation of the phenomena i posted last night?

    68. LaZebra says:

      46,53,56 — I agree that Teddy Roosevelt was a great president, in fact he was one of our best! In addition to all that’s already been said, TR was a great patriot. Not only was he a war hero (San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War), but also (I think) all of his sons fought for their country. One of his sons was killed in WW1. TR and his namesake son are the only father/son pair to win the Medal of Honor. TR was also a major “hawk” (Ron Paul would’ve hated him). He is,of course, famous for “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. As such, he was a major critic of Wilson’s foot-dragging in getting into WW1. Roosevelt believed very early that America should be involved, helping the Allies fight the Imperialist Germans.

      I believe the only real blemish on TR’s record was that he majorly bullied Colombia into giving Panama its independence — so that Panama would give us the land for the Canal. Down in Colombia, TR is still regarded as a villain.

      By the way, one prominant “conservative” who regards TR as a terrible president is Glenn Beck. When Beck gave his infamous line that McCain “would’ve been worse than Obama”, the reason he gave was that McCain would have been “some kind of Teddy Roosevelt progressive”. If you’ve heard Beck lately, he’s been villifying almost everyone — Democrats and Republican — calling them “progressives”.

    69. Howard Dean says:

      IED ALERT!!!!!!!!!

    70. LaZebra says:

      70– Yes, Lisa, I’d better! I’m a professional statistician. But I’m still not sure what drove you to this conclusion. Still, it is interesting.

    71. LaZebra says:

      IED Alert? For me, Howie??

    72. LaZebra says:

      Is “Transparent Dem Troll” = Chekote??

      Sure sounded like her with her irrational hatred of Dobson.

    73. Bunu says:

      McCain said he wanted to be like TR during the campaign I think?

    74. Bunu says:

      There is a debate in KY tonight.

    75. lisab says:

      social cons rule the GOP

      libertarians make up 3% of the electorate and only half vote republican.

      not only is that the reality, but if you notice when ???? means individual freedom she means abortion.

      she is nothing but a democrat.

      they would say that they are for individual freedoms and a strong defense. passing obamacare in their view increases the individual freedoms of the poor.

      however, keep focused. the ONLY question in 2010 is R or D

      any other issue she brings up is to get you arguing so you may choose not to vote R.

      the KKK is democrat
      the confederate states were democrat

      they have nothing to do with the GOP at all.

      just vote straight R in 2010 and in 2012 you can argue about policies other than obstructing obama, because from now until 2012 all ou CAN do is obstruct.

    76. GF says:

      Alexi takes in $1M less than Kirk. Seems people may not like giving money to a mob banker. (H/T: NRO).

    77. Howard Dean says:

      IED Alert? For me, Howie??

      Comment by LaZebra — April 13, 2010 @ 3:06 pm


      For the imposter, TOKYO ROSE CHEK!

    78. LaZebra says:

      McCain said he wanted to be like TR during the campaign I think?
      Comment by Bunu — April 13, 2010 @ 3:08 pm

      If so, then I think we’re mostly in agreement that would be a GOOD thing, right?

    79. Howard Dean says:

      she is nothing but a democrat.


      Not true.

      She is also mentally ill!

    80. lisab says:

      “But I’m still not sure what drove you to this conclusion.”


      complexity theory.

      i made my hypothesis that hhr was a complex system and thus governed by power laws, in this case i assumed a log-linear system.

      soooooo … i counted posts and posters and voilà … it did follow a lognormal distribution 🙂

    81. DW says:

      71…TR also was responsible for the election of Wilson. Because he felt that Taft turned out to be a wimp (after endorsing him initially), TR decided to take him out and come back for a third term. When he couldn’t get the GOP nomination, he started the “Bull Moose” party which of course split the GOP vote and put Wilson in power at a time we could little afford to have him. The popular political cartoon of the time was the picture of a bull moose, with a plus sign, and then an elephant, an equal sign, and then Wilson riding on a donkey. This is something that ???? and Transparent Dem Troll don’t seem to get, that when you split the GOP vote, the Dems win. Actually they DO get it, and its what they want.

    82. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      75…I should say not. But Chek makes a lot of sense!

    83. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      84, wrong, wrong, wrong, when the GOP gets rid of all the millions Dobson-types, there will be more GOP victories!

    84. Tony says:

      McCain at one point in his career would’ve made a great president. Obviously, he had the military background, he was popular, money was never really a problem for him.

      His problem was crossing aisle so often nobody knew which side he was on. I also think he was gullible in his belief that the Democrats and media actually liked him. When the NY Times endorsed him in the GOP primary, then Obama in the general, that must’ve been some wake-up call.

    85. Mark Cali says:

      I’m starting to see the cycle.

      Chekote spews her nonsense. Then everyone else gets all butt hurt and dish it right back to her (in the process, stooping down to her level). Then she plays victim (rightfully, so) and actually espouses some logic while everyone else goes off the reservation.

      One solution: IGNORE. (This also applies to Bunu)

      Enough said.

    86. rdelbov says:

      Mark Cali

      I agree with you-100%


      I do think TR was wrong for running against Taft.
      That was an ego thing in my opinion.

    87. Bunu says:

      The Indiana poll I mean

    88. Brooks says:

      Well said Mark.

    89. Mark Cali says:

      Thanks, Rdelbov. You’re one of the mature posters around here.

    90. Brooks says:

      I do not mind Chekote until she bashes religion. I believe in free speech, but she goes to far and gets flustered when she is ignored. That is when she shows her immaturity by bashing the Church and Evangelicals.

    91. Mark Cali says:

      You too, Brooks. I always skip past the elementary school drama straight to your posts.

    92. Brooks says:

      Rdel, too bad Lynch could not raise money for the Florida race today. The marxist has 1.5 Million to Lynch’s 81k.

      why no money bomb for Lynch? Brown had much tougher odds in Mass

    93. Brooks says:

      Thanks Mark. I think we both agree that the topic here should be stopping Marxism, not Chekote and her split personalities.

      Ignore her JULSTOL. Do not feed the madness.

    94. Brooks says:

      I was so elated for Mickelson on Sunday. The new King of Golf

    95. Bunu says:

      AOL NEWS: Paul leads among Kentuckians earning less than $50,000 a year by 49 percent.

    96. Yolanda says:

      In a less-GOP year, Burr would be quite vulnerable. His numbers aren’t much better than Barbara Boxer’s, Patty Murray’s, or Russ Feingold’s.

      He will win, but his margin of victory will be the lowest of all the GOP Senate incumbents. But this is a state that is having major second thoughts, after the Obama-Hagan-Perdue trifecta of 2008, so Burr will slide through.

    97. KnightHawk says:

      Hold the line and dodge the mines.

    98. Bunu says:

      you still think Grayson is going to come back when he’s losing under 50k by 49 percentage points?

    99. LaZebra says:


      Here’s that “internal” poll for the Indiana Senate race (showing Coats at 29%, Hostettler at 26%, and Stutzman at 18%).

      The is from “The Hoosier Advocate”, a site that claims to be “a leading blog for independent, liberty-minded Hoosiers. Established in 2010 and based out of southwestern Indiana”. Keep in mind that southwestern Indiana (Evansville) is where Paulbot John Hostettler is from. Also, the term “liberty-minded” is code for “Ron Paul supporter”. So I’m about 80% certain this is a Hostettler-leaning website, thus the poll showing Hostettler within 3% of Coats may be slightly exaggerated.

    100. MD says:

      Mark Cali says:
      April 13, 2010 at 3:23 pm
      I’m starting to see the cycle.

      Chekote spews her nonsense. Then everyone else gets all butt hurt and dish it right back to her (in the process, stooping down to her level). Then she plays victim (rightfully, so) and actually espouses some logic while everyone else goes off the reservation.

      One solution: IGNORE. (This also applies to Bunu)

      Enough said.

      I could NOT disagree more. Chekote and Frum have the answers to save us from total destruction. If you don’t like what we have to say, then leave the party. There are so many more of us than you.

    101. LaZebra says:

      you still think Grayson is going to come back when he’s losing under 50k by 49 percentage points?
      Comment by Bunu — April 13, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

      With all due respect, Bunu, that voting bloc mostly votes Democrat.

    102. Bunu says:

      Well he’s winning the over 50k voters also, but not by as much

    103. Bunu says:

      Paul has a 4 point lead in over 50k voters where as he has a 49 point lead in unerring 50k.

    104. Howard Dean says:

      I am officially a Christie 2012 supporter. Until further notice.

      This is EXACTLY what is needed in DC:

      Christie added that $820 million in state aid cuts, primarily for school lunches, art teachers and language classes, among other programs, wouldn’t have to go if the teachers union would agree to a one-year pay freeze and to pay 1.5 percent of their salary toward their medical, dental and vision benefits.

      “That would save $800 million and wipe out all but $20 million of our cuts, and there’d be no layoffs, there’d be no program cuts, and all of the stuff is about the union’s greed rather than putting the kids first,” Christie said.

      He said 11 local unions agreed to the deal, but the central leadership won’t approve the freeze and contributions.

      “This is a union boss problem … clear and simple and here’s the proof of it: If they are so concerned about the $750 a year that teachers have to pay, you know, their dues that they make every teacher pay are $730 a year. Just about the same amount. It raises $130 million a year for the teachers union. How about they just try and get by on the $130 million they got last year, waive the dues for this year and then their teachers would be held harmless?” he asked.

    105. rdelbov says:


      classic case where releasing a poll is done to influence the way voters think. In case we did not get the message-one of local Paul supporters told us that he was concerned that the conservative vote would be split in the primary. Ie: not going to JOhn H. who is second in this poll.

      Of Coats is a lifetime conservative-more conservative then Lugar when in the senate-voted with Reagan 100% of the time. I might add that in the years Ron Paul and Dan Coats were in the house together on the key votes of that 1980-1984 the two of them voted together on every issue.

      You can prefer John H.-for whatever reason-over Dan Coats but don’t say he is not a conservative.

      I personally prefer Stutzman but Dan Coats was a very solid conservative in the house & senate.

      This particular poll and the folks pushing smacks of behind the scences sneaky political manipulation.

    106. KnightHawk says:

      103 – Gee I wonder who is your next target of passion?

      104 – Must be opposite day, huh. 😉

    107. pitchaboy says:

      The king of golf remains the man who has 14 majors to his name and finished fourth with no competitive golf in six months. Mickelson did great no doubt; Tiger may be a not so great human being but he remains the greatest golfer.

    108. KnightHawk says:

      “sneaky political manipulation” – oh the shock of such a thing! 🙂

    109. Tommy_Boy says:

      Has Heath Schuler sealed his fate? He jumped aboard the “I heard racial slurs that were not caught on video by anyone” train.

    110. Bunu says:

      ACU is a fake ratings agency though. It rewards people for big government votes and even sells their ratings for cash.

    111. KnightHawk says:

      108 – Be careful.

    112. KnightHawk says:

      113. I see dead people, err congressmen.

    113. LaZebra says:

      ACU is a fake ratings agency though. It rewards people for big government votes and even sells their ratings for cash.
      Comment by Bunu — April 13, 2010 @ 4:07 pm

      Bunu, you’ve said this before — and then posted the “alternative ratings”, the Ron Paul ratings.

    114. Tony says:

      Howard Dean

      I like what Chrisie had to say on Fox News this morning. It appears he isn’t afraid to take on the Democrats. If he keeps it up and does not give in to the pressure, I could support him for national office.

      btw, has Christie received any death threats? After all these are unions we’re talking about.

    115. LaZebra says:

      108 — Howie, while I almost always agree with you, on this I differ. I just can’t get behind a governor who’s only been in office for a couple months for the presidency. One of our side’s best arguments against Obama in 2008 was his lack of experience. I don’t want to compromise on that. Thus, I cannot support Christie, Brown, Rubio, or anyone else with minimal experience.

      I’m more into Thune, Daniels, or Jindal. Fresh faces with plenty of good experience.

    116. MD says:


      A union head (teachers) WROTE a memo wishing for Christie to die.

    117. DW says:

      119…good points, but also, I hate to say it, but the electorate simply will not elect a fat president. Taft was the last one. It is wrong, and unfair, but it is what it is.

    118. MD says:

      Taft was also more interested in the Boston Red Sox than in campaigning for reelection. The guy really did not seem to care.

    119. LaZebra says:

      121- Great point. Honestly, I never thought the electorate would ever again elect a smoker. But Obama does a great job of covering up his smoking status. I’ll bet many of his supporters don’t know it.

    120. LaZebra says:

      122– From what I’ve read, Taft was so far behind (and in 3rd place) that he basically gave up very early. Somewhat similar to GHW Bush in 1992. He seemed to give up too early and thus had a very lethargic campaign.

    121. Wes says:

      Taft hated being President and only ran because Teddy Roosevelt had asked him to. He would have deferred to Roosevelt in 1912 had the party bosses not blocked Roosevelt from receiving enough delegates to take the nod. He was much happier as Chief Justice than as President. Interestingly Taft was one of only six Presidents to win the White House without ever having been elected to another political office before. does anyone else know the other five?

    122. rdelbov says:


      nail on the head.

      I agree with Howard that Christie is to be applauded for his courage.

      Maybe if Huckabee can him on a diet he could be a VP???

      Sorry for the fat joke.

      –Tiger dominates this era but greatest of all time. Still Jack for now.

      I personally will never talk Tiger the greatest of all time. Greatest golfer implies a lot more then being “the greatest winning golfer of all time”. A great golfer is also a good example to other golfers-a great teamate on team events-brings honour to the game-is a good loser and a gracious winner.

      I encourage you think about Babe Ruth. He is called the greatest baseball player ever-ditto for Michael Jordan. Jack Nicklaus is called the “greatest golfer ever”–it means more then just be the guy with the most titles or the most money or the most majors.

      Think about how many times Jack tossed his driver in the fans at the 1st tee in disgust.

      Tiger may be the “best player to ever tee it up” but he will be the best golfer ever.

    123. Wes says:

      I assume you mean Tiger Woods will NEVER be the best golfwer ever, Rdel.

    124. DW says:

      120…unions are killing us. They have long ago used up their usefulness. Long gone are the 12 hour days with no breaks, with low pay, no safety, and child labor, etc. My wife used to work in an office for a fire chief, and it was obvious that the unions just existed to get more money, and more money without any purpose. When you get that call from your local police department asking for donations for some worthy cause, be assured that they are really asking for a donation so they can hire more lawyers to get more money, and further cripple the city budget.

    125. Wes says:

      Unions are not completely obsolete, DW, although they’re certainly declining in value. I know when I worked in a tire factory, the union was rigid about the company’s maintaining safety standards so as to limit the number of injuries that happened to employees. That said, unions often severely damage the companies they organize within and provide the counterproductive votes the Autocrats need to win office.

    126. Tony says:

      MD, I had forgotten about that memo. Christie brought it up this morning. He mentioned he asked for the teacher to be fired.

      Have you heard anything more on it? Not likely anything will happen. Just like when tingles asked for such and such to happen to Rush.

      Different rules and all that.

    127. sam says:

      “ACU is a fake ratings agency though” – Bunu

      What is a “fake” ratings agency? Anything like a “fake” war?

      Does Bunu have limited persepective (i.e. is Bunu really stupid)?

      Don’t answer.

    128. Marv says:

      Reps by 9 in the RAS Generic: 45-36


    129. Brooks says:

      Howdy Wes. Hoping for an a big upset tonight, but am not holding my breath.

    130. Brooks says:

      Marv, that is great Marv. We are up in Marxist Gallup by 4.

      the real number with RAS is the DEMS only at 36%

    131. DW says:

      129….the difference is now there are other avenues for workers to press for safety, whereas years ago the only mechanism was unionization.

    132. Gary Maxwell says:

      Unions are pretty worthless. As my father used to say to me, a good employee does not need a union. He is an asset of the company will be taken care of. Unions are all about using their superior leverage to force companies to adopt restrictive work rules, ( ie guy not doing anything today cant be transfer to someplace else to be productive ) and even pricing their employer and their product out of markets.

      The best thing, which will never happen, would be for every state to adopt right to work laws and every state ban collective bargaining for public employees.

    133. rdelbov says:


      ACU is a fake conservative group as its only respected by 99% of conservatives. The Ron Paul people-apparently-do not like the ACU

    134. Gary Maxwell says:

      Watch and see if Deb Lehrmann does not pick up the nod for one of the Texas Supreme Court seats. She is in the runoff, which votes today. Light turnout as expected in a runoff.

    135. Brooks says:

      The Union leaders, in their $3k Armani suits, are the real Marxists. The rank and File are some of the best Patriots we have. A lot of them vote GOP. A lot are in the Tea Party.

      I know many Union workers, who hate the fact their leaders give their dues to Obama

    136. rdelbov says:


      You are correct–Tiger Woods will never be the best golfer ever.

      I might add that I will never be the best poster at Hedgehog report.

    137. Tony says:

      Damn, if only we could get rid of the SoCons and even things up a bit.

      +9 means the Christians and RTL crowd is still hanging around the party.

    138. Gary Maxwell says:

      What RDEL said about ACU. Only I am not sure the Ronulans are even 1%.

    139. DW says:

      133…was there ever a poll done on this race?

    140. Brooks says:

      Gary, is Deb on our side?

    141. Brooks says:

      Dw, it is a 2 to 1 Dem vs.GOP district. Think Butterfly Ballots of 2000.

    142. Wes says:

      How go things, Brooks?

    143. Brooks says:

      Rdel and Wes, if you put Woods and Nicklaus head to head in their primes with today’s Club Technology, who would be better? I say Nicklaus.

    144. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      141—I have another convert!!

    145. DW says:

      147–Jack Nicklaus was the best.

    146. Wes says:

      You’re probably right, Brooks. An anlysis about 20 years ago in baseball determined if Babe Ruth had the same kind of season and rules as current baseball players have, then it would be unlikely anyone else could ever have matched, much less exceeded, his recordss.

    147. rdelbov says:

      So much to comment on–before Woods & Nicklaus let me say +9 on RAS generic congressional ballot

      +4 Republican on Gallup congressional preference.

      slaughter folks-slaughter

    148. Gary Maxwell says:

      Deb is a down the line no legislating from the bench conservative and will make a fine justice.

      She is my neighbor, and should ge the nod tonight. Endorsed by 5 former supreme court justices, her opponent apparently has an assault charge!

    149. Marv says:


      Here is the link for tonight’s FL 19 Special Election to replace Wexler in the US House.


    150. Tony says:

      If Reps are +9 today, then we’re experiencing a double digit turnaround (depending on the pollster and methodology) from the generic ballot(s) going into 2008.


    151. ameister says:

      here’s an interesting story on Thompson. It
      claims he is forming an exploratory committee


    152. Chekote says:

      Debra Lehrmann is an impressive lady. I met and spoke to her when she came to our club.

    153. rdelbov says:

      One of my early sports memories is Nicklaus on TV during the 1968 to1975 era. So Yes I have bias issues. Big Jack was a hero and I have my copy of SI from Dec 1980 when he was sportsman of the year. So Yes I am bias.

      Its not equipment that seperates them but the courses are so different. The game is so different.

      In 1970’s Jack drove the ball so much more straighter then Tiger or PHIL or Ernie or any of the long drivers. He drove in the fairway and reached nearly every par five or could them in two. Either with a 1 or 2 iron a three wood. Jack had an advantage too on long par fours. Yup Jack was Tiger’s match as a clutch putter.

      Here’s what different. Nicklaus had a very spotty short game and was only an average wedge or bunker player. Look at PHIL & Tiger or Harrington–its no surprise that they masters of the short game as they are needing it all the time. Par fives are longer-the greens are smaller but if you can get up and down from near the green you still score. Nicklaus was on the green-the par fives were shorter-two putting for bird. On long par fours-jack had a two iron-PHIL has a six iron from 205 yards? That’s a two iron in Jack’s iron or 1 iron for most guys.

      So equipment-courses are so different. The game is played differently-the courses are different-the skills set are all different.

      Tiger would struggle in the 1960’s using Jack’s equipment–likewise jack would find himself needing to speed hours getting a short game up to today’s standards.

    154. Bunu says:

      Buckley’s National Review was probably a CIA front group so his ACU ratings are suspect as well.

      The CIA also subsidized Irving Kristol’s magazine called Encounter magazine to promote neoconservative views.

    155. addisonst says:

      Rd, I am a chicagoan and loved watching mj. Off the court however, he was a scumbag. Still the greatest player ever.so is tiger. Its not even close.

    156. Bunu says:

      You can’t trust a guy who worked in the heart of government to make a credible anti-government rating scale for conservatives. Seems preposterous to me.

    157. Wes says:

      Bunu the Traitor weighs in again with his paranoid drivel.

    158. Chekote says:

      The millions of GOP voters out there who admire men like James Dobson are no better than the KKK!!!

      If those millions are in the business of demonizing gays, illegals or others for whatever reason, they need to go.

    159. Chekote says:

      Amazing how everyone attacks me for supposedly “showing the door” to TheoCons but nobody is upset about showing the Paulians the door. Why is it okay to kick them out?

    160. ameister says:

      Typical Dem head in the sand attitude. Doing
      bad, fire your campaign Mgr. Couldn’t be
      your message. Linda Stender was an is a terrible
      candidate. She would not have won anyway.


    161. Chekote says:

      Someone with Chris Christie’s guts and Scott Brown’s looks would be formidable.

    162. sam says:

      Ron Paul is a CIA stooge, and always has been.

    163. Chekote says:

      I agree with Howard that Christie is to be applauded for his courage.

      Not too long ago, Howard and the gang at BJG were calling Christie a fat RINO. Remember that Brandon?

    164. Pitchaboy says:

      Woods has achieved more at a similar stage in their careers than niklaus. If behavior on and off the field is the measure babe Ruth Jordan chamberlain will all fall short. When woods is done he will be the greatest to ever pick up a golf club. All the older guys were lucky that the press gave them a lot of latitude in their personal lives

    165. Tim says:

      By golly, you folks are right. Why don’t we just outlaw the evil independent Unions?

      I mean, Hitler did it. Chairman Mao did it. Castro did it. Lenin did it.

      All these great guys can’t be wrong.


      Seriously, don’t you folks worry. Labor Unions are dying out in this Country. Because, all the Union jobs left the Country. When the last one is gone, you’ll have your wish.

      Now, please go back and read how these wonderful companies treated their workers before passage of the Wagner Act. Then, you’ll all know how things will be in the future.

      Isn’t it curious that, as Labor Unions have waned, so too has the Middle Class?

      Just where do you all think the Middle Class jobs were?

      With the demise of Organized Labor, you will have a 3rd World Country in the making.

      But, I have no idea why I said any of this. Most of you here believe none of it, anyway….

    166. MD says:

      Wes, let’s see. Regarding the 5 POTUS who became Pres without being elected to anything else. Here is my list:

      George Washington
      Thomas Jefferson

      Can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head.

    167. Chekote says:

      Chekote, you go girl!!!! If you people can’t agree with Chek and Frum, then you need to leave the party. Rednecks.

      If you are in the business of demonizing people because you don’t agree with their lifestyle, then you need to leave the party of freedom.

    168. Pitchaboy says:

      Rdel tiger would have no problems with jacks clubs. All the courses have been lengthened over the years to overcome
      e the better equipment

    169. mnw says:


      I was really surprised by that poll.

      Looks like it will br Toomey/Sestak. Last time, T led Specter by 9, but Sestak by only 5. I assume tomorrow will show a VERY tight Toomey/Sestak race.

    170. Chekote says:

      Because, all the Union jobs left the Country.

      Why? Because the “brilliant” union bosses negotiated their membership out of a job with unreasonable demands. The time for unions is long passed. In Texas, we are a right to work state and we have not gone back to child labor days. Stop the scare tactics Tim.

    171. Chekote says:

      Personally, I would like to see Specter defeated in the primary. That would be delicious.

    172. Bunu says:

      Paul is not at 1%. This is the newest poll we have on presidential politics.

      CNN poll conducted April 11-13

      Huckabee: 24%
      Romney: 20%
      Palin: 15%
      Gingrich: 14%
      Paul: 8%

    173. Tony says:


      RAS indicated he will be out tomorrow with the Toomey vs Specter and Toomey vs Sestak for the general. I’d like to see Specter win the Dem primary just to watch him go down, but I also want Toomey to win.

      How do you see it? Can Toomey win against either candidate? And what numbers are we likely to see from Ras tomorrow regarding the Dem primary race?

    174. Brooks says:

      Sestak voted for Deathcare.

    175. sam says:

      Paul is a CIA agent. His purpose is to shush out traitors like Bunu.

    176. Wes says:

      MD, three Presidents of the four on your list are correct. One is not.

    177. Tim says:

      With all due respect:

      Everything you just said is a pack of horse****….

    178. sam says:

      I hope I am not revealing anything you guys didn’t know.

    179. Brandon says:

      Just my opinion(others think differently), I believe that Specter would be easier to beat for Toomey. Specter is already known(and unpopular) while Sestak has a clean slate with most of the electorate as they do not know who he is. Either way, Toomey is able to beat both candidates(and I expect it), though of course nothing is certain in politics.

    180. Brooks says:

      tony, I have a feeling is if Sestak won the primary , he would tank in the General.

      Spector is a Pro and knows all the tricks, he would be much tougher for Toomey to beat.

      Sestak voted for Death Care, which will destroy him

    181. Wes says:

      By the way, how many BJGers committed suicide when Christie actually worked to improve the situation in New Jersey? It was wall-to-wall hate of him over there when he and Corzine were still running against each other.

    182. Chekote says:

      social cons rule the GOP

      That’s why we are losing educated women and young people.

    183. Chekote says:

      Looks like Palin is stuck around 15%. Again, her supporters make a lot of noise but they just don’t have the numbers.

    184. Wes says:

      Tim was a union organizer at one time, Chekote. That should be taken into account when he posts about them. I’m also still a member of a union, but I tend to take a more tempered view of them.

    185. Brooks says:

      Why take a chance, better to get rid of the traitor Spector now.

    186. Brooks says:

      Jul, excellent news.

    187. JulStol says:

      POS is an R firm so, grain of salt rule applies

    188. Wes says:

      I’ve been following Arlen Specter’s career ever since 1994. He would neve rhave engaged in the career-killing mistakes he’s engaging in now even ten years ago.

    189. Chekote says:

      Everything you just said is a pack of horse****….

      Really? The union bosses negotiated unsustainable compensation packages. To stay competitive companies has to: 1) automize; 2) move abroad. And those trends are not changing. Card check will speed up the two trends I mentioned.

    190. Brooks says:

      tim, union leadership here in Illinois is a running joke. The Convention industry in Chicago is on a death bed because the Unions keep costs too high.

      Then the local AFL-CIO leader gets up their in a Saville Row 5k Suit and says he works for the little man

    191. Tony says:

      Interesting analysis, Brook & Brandon

      One of you says Sestak is easier to beat because Specter is a seasoned pro while the other says Specter is easier because Sestak is a clean slate and Specter is a known political entity.

      Either way, Toomey by 5%?

    192. Chekote says:

      I remember RWY and BC going on an on about Christie being a RINO. BC was particularly petty with his constant references to Christie’s weigh. I also recalled a certain court jester here at HHR making similar comments.

    193. Brooks says:

      Wes, I say it is better for Specter to lose the DEM primary. Get rid of the scumbag now, before he can make a comeback in November and get lucky.

      He is a tricky old war horse that could be dangerous, Sestak is a lightweight that voted for Obama’s marxist Bills.

    194. Wes says:

      Unions are at their best when they are tempered by right to work laws. Here in NC, unions have some influence but can’t control every aspect of the state’s politics as in most Northern states. Thus, we achieve a kind of equilibrium. It would be best if every state adopted a right to work law, but that’s never going to happen. Still, it is noteworthy Autocrats have held the presidency and both houses of Congress for a total of just over 19 years since Taft-Hartley became law and have never been able to repeal it or change it in any substantive way.

    195. Wes says:

      I don’t much care if Specter or Sestak win the primary, Brooks. They’re tearing each other up and spending money like crazy while Toomey is making a case for himself and raising money he needn’t spend right now. I don’t see how either Autocrat wins in November.

    196. Chekote says:

      The unions came about during the transition from an agricultural society to an industrial society. Now we are transitioning to a service economy and they are no longer needed.

    197. JulStol says:

      Ugh one of our local R state reps just got endorsed by the AFL CIO. She has a primary thank God

    198. rdelbov says:


      Nicklaus drove the ball nearly 270 yards and found the fairways-he was 20 yards ahead of most players. Found the fairway now.

      Give Tiger the same equipment will he drive it 270 yards and find the fairway??

      Tiger drives the ball-Nicklaus was probably the best overall driver of the ball all time.

      Tiger would be playing behind trees & such–while Jack would be in the faiway. Who wins that battle?

      I think my point is valid and correct but this arguement has no winner or loser as our time and wayback machines are broken.

      Its fun to spectualate but that’s what it is.

      As to what Tiger has accomplished-one cannot degrade that-wins wise.

      Tiger,as I stated, will never be the best golfer ever. That boat has left the casino. Biggest winner maybe.

      Jack Nicklaus, however, had a goal to win most majors. He accomplished his goal and he become the greatest golfer of all time. Tiger Woods may beat Snead’s win records and Jack Majors records. At that point he will be a record holder but he will not be admired as the greatest golfer of all time.

    199. Brooks says:

      When is the PA Primary? May 12?

    200. Tony says:

      Now Wes, I’m a BJGer and I didn’t see so much hatred over Christie as much as reluctance. Don’t go celebrating over Christie just yet. I like what he’s doing, but he hasn’t done it yet.

      I am, however amazed by his poise and his ability to look people straight in the eye and not mince words.

      And yes, if he succeeds, and I hope he does, I’ll admit I was wrong about him

    201. Wes says:

      She must be a Ralph Regula type then, Jul.

    202. rdelbov says:

      That PA polls sounds reasonable to me.

    203. Chekote says:


      Do you remember the BJGers and Tina saying that Christie was a RINO?

    204. Brooks says:

      Jim Nantz came out today and ripped Woods on his Language and sore loser attitude after getting his butt kicked by Mickelson.

      Nantz CBS would have fired him for what Woods said on the Tees Sunday.

    205. Wes says:

      You weren’t paying attention then, Tony. They were openly praying for Corzine to win. epithets like RINO were quite common. Jokes about his weight were thrown about quite a bit. The ideologically pure over there were clearly not happy because Christie was someone who could actually win. That is one reason I never visit that site anymore. It is becoming almost as much a fringe site as Free Republic.

    206. Bunu says:

      Here is the latest CNN/Opinion Research polls compared to the one last month.
      Paul has stayed at 8% in both of them. Gingrich is the one who had a surge.

      The first number is from their Apr. 9-11 poll

      The second number is from the OLD Mar 19-21 poll

      Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee 24% 17%
      Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney 20% 22%
      Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin 15% 18%
      Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich 14% 8%
      Texas Congressman Ron Paul 8% 8%
      Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum 3% 5%
      Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty 2% 5%
      Indiana Congressman Mike Pence 2% 4%
      Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour 1% 1%
      Someone else (vol.) 5% 8%
      None/ No one (vol.) 5% 2%
      No opinion 1% 3%

    207. Wes says:

      Chekote, Tina never said Christie was a RINO. She just declared with absolute certainty New Jersey was fool’s gold.

    208. Chekote says:


      Hardly anybody goes to that site. Echo chambers get boring after a while.

    209. Wes says:

      Darth Santorum might be running, huh? I guess that 18-point drubbing you took from the Pennsylvania voters wasn’t enough to tell you your political career is over, was it?

    210. Tony says:

      Chek, I’ll bet your heart is all aflutter whenever a socially Lib Republican does well. Then again, you probably feel the same way when a socially Lib Democrat does well, too.

    211. Wes says:

      I enjoy this site because we actually encourage a diversity of opinions. Unfortunately such a liberal–liberal in the classic sense of the word–attitude lets Bunu bin Laden post here frequently, but no one’s perfect.

    212. Chekote says:


      Maybe I am not remembering correctly, but I think she and Brandon got into a fight because she called Christie a RINO.

      Brandon, am I remembering right?

    213. Tim says:

      You do know that the rank and file worker votes up or down for these contracts, right?
      Any chance a company like G.E. moved out of the Country because of greed? You ever looked at their profit margin while they were here? How much is enough?
      You think that Union companies are the only ones who left the Country? How was it that these non-Union companies negotiated their way out, anyway? I mean, since they had no Union bosses, and all…
      They moved in search of cheap labor in order to increase their profit margins, Chekotee. They’re elsewhere, paying their labor force less than a dollar an hour. They don’t have to worry about things like pollution and your precious child labor laws ther, either. Or, any other laws, for that matter.
      It ain’t scare tactics. It’s the truth. And, some big American companies are right in the middle of it.

      Ah, never mind. Believe what you want to. Free country….

    214. Chekote says:

      Darth Santorum

      LOL. That’s a good one, Wes.

    215. Wes says:

      I’m guessing Corzine, Am.

    216. ameister says:

      Nope wes. the worst gov in Nj history

    217. Wes says:

      I’ve called him that ever since the Schiavo debacle, Chek. One simply can not support such a blatantly unconstitutional powergrab and claim to be a proponent of limited government. It simply doesn’t work that way.

    218. Bunu says:

      People have been getting Rasmussen presidential polls today and yesterday.

      I imagine he’ll have a preznit poll out very soon also.

    219. JulStol says:


      May 18th.


      She’s pro choice, pro raising minimum wage, voted for a tax increase budget, is in favor of cutting funding for Charter Schools

    220. ameister says:

      Actually i am wrong there are 2 missing

    221. Wes says:

      Florio then, Am?

    222. Wes says:

      In other words, Jul, she’s a Ralph Regula type.

    223. ameister says:

      227 one gay one straight

    224. ameister says:

      228 Correct the other one is too easy

    225. Wes says:

      It has to be Florio and McGreevey.

    226. ameister says:

      232 correct. wonder why they don’t want to show up

    227. Tony says:

      Wes, I move around a lot. Here, BJG, HotAir, Wizbang, so I might of missed it when BJGers were praying for Corzine to win. You’ll have to show me.

      As far as the throwing the word “RINO” around, when referencing Christie, there are times I have used it when describing other Republicans (McCain, etc) but it doesn’t mean I woudn’t take them over a Democrat.

    228. Wes says:

      Did you see the link to the side talking about how your wikileaks clown wasn’t even there at the shootout, Bunu the traitor?

    229. Bunu says:

      Paul needs to get up to 15% or the Iowa campaign begins full bore. Then a few more points there, and he should be able to win it.

      You can win iowa in a crowded field with say 25% sometimes.

    230. Wes says:

      Just go to BJG’s achives for all posts dealing with the New Jersey race circa October of last year, Tony. You’ll see what I’m tlaking about.

    231. JulStol says:

      Wes (and everyone else),

      Her opponent. http://justin4staterep.com/
      Toss a little money his way

    232. Brandon says:

      Honestly, I don’t remember Chek.

    233. Wes says:

      It’s not going to happen, Bunu the Traitor.

    234. Chekote says:



    235. Bunu says:

      Wes- I posted the story when it first came out because it was breaking. I never commented on it after that other when you and Maxwell started talking about it.

      You need to get over that story.

    236. Wes says:

      You posted it for the very purpose of slandering our troops, and you know that to be true, you treasonous bastard.

    237. Wes says:

      It was yesterday or the day before when it was posted over there, Chek.

    238. Bunu says:

      I posted it because it was interesting breaking news.

    239. Wes says:

      You posted it because it comported with your delusions about the military and wanted to further your hate-filled agenda toward them. Quit lying, you animated scumbag.

    240. Tony says:

      Chek, I was refrencing Wes’ comment in 212

    241. Bunu says:

      No way. I didn’t even know how to interpret was in the video because no one had picked over the video yet.

      People needed to watch it for themselves to decide.

    242. KnightHawk says:

      211 – “They were openly praying for Corzine to win.”
      Lie – plain and simple.

    243. Wes says:

      Oh, I see…It just happened to fit into the war crimes narrative you try to sell to us here daily. Naturally you posted it just to get people to make up their minds. You’re a lying sonofabitch and a traitor. Your level of discourse has no place here.

    244. Wes says:

      No, it’s not, Knight.

    245. KnightHawk says:

      252 – Yes it is a bold lie Wes, not excusable.

    246. Brooks says:

      Wes, Your time is too valuable, just ignore Bunu. He is brainwashed

    247. Wes says:

      It is not a lie, and I have nothing to be excused for. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons I flamed out the site here on the HHR and openly requested to be banned from there.

    248. Chekote says:



      You posting that story is about as “innocent” as me posting something negative about Palin. Be honest, man!

    249. Tony says:

      “People needed to watch it for themselves to decide.” bunu

      You may as well wrote
      “Watch the video and you’ll see that I’m right, otherwise if you you didn’t then you watched it incorrectly.”

    250. Chekote says:


      The apologists for everyone but me.

    251. Bunu says:

      That wikileaks story was on the front of huffingtonpost eventually.

      I don’t see what the big deal is.

    252. Wes says:

      Oh…That makes it excusable. It was a front-page story on a left-wing website. Thus, Bunu the Traitor can’t see why we excoriate him for posting it.

    253. Brooks says:

      Christie is a good man, but I criticized him for picking a DEM as his Attorney General. I know its a unelected post, but still

    254. jason says:

      251. Good. They should ignore all Paulbots as they are not conservatives, let alone Republicans.

    255. Phil says:

      Excellent news on two fronts:

      RAS generic R+9

      Snarlin Arlen in a dog fight requiring him to spend a boat full of money down the primary stretch just to get nominated.


    256. Wes says:

      I’m not here to apologize for Christie, Brooks. He should have selected a Republican for that post. No politician will do everything right, but Christie seems to be doing what he promised during the campaign on the big issues.

    257. Tommy_Boy says:


      what’s your source for the rasmussen presidential polling?

    258. jason says:

      Bunu the America-hater would be much better received at Daily Kos, they love trumped up war crime stories. He is wasting his time here.

    259. Brooks says:

      I agree Wes.

    260. jason says:

      “That wikileaks story was on the front of huffingtonpost eventually.”

      Wow. That’s huge. Did it make Kos, Democratic Underground and Move-on too?

    261. Tony says:

      There is no reason to personally attack BJG. I can’t say I’ve seen BJG do the same. What they do there is different than what goes on here.

      BJG is a Conservative site where they discuss Conservative issues. Chek, you were complete at odds with this concept.

      HHR is a poll analysis site where ideology matters less here.

    262. Brooks says:

      Phil, any chance for a huge upset tonight in FLA?

    263. Bunu says:

      “what’s your source for the rasmussen presidential polling?”

      Paul supporters have been getting called by Rasmussen over the last 2 days so they believe they’re doing a presidential poll or so they claim on Paul related websites.

    264. Wes says:

      The only way the GOP wins that one, Brooks, is if seniors are really pissed about Obamacare. It’s entirely possible, but I wouldn’t put any large sums of money on it.

    265. Brooks says:

      Fair Enough, Good night Buddy. Night all

    266. KnightHawk says:

      What I quoted from you is a absolutely lie.

    267. KnightHawk says:

      I don’t remember as single person saying they wished for a Corzine win, nor by any stretch of the imagination was that a prevailing opinion on that blog, one I might add you claimed you didn’t even visit during that time frame, regardless I did and what your pushing in that quote is bs.

    268. Mark Cali says:

      Brooks – I don’t see us pulling it out in Florida. But who knows? Stranger things have happened. It’s Palm Beach, which has been trending GOP. Gore got 70 percent, Kerry 66 percent, and Obama 65 percent. The electorate is also older and white.

      We will see. But I’m not holding my breath. The Democrat is way more well funded than our guy, Lynch.

    269. Wes says:

      No, it’s not, Knight. Whatever though. I really don’t care to return to the site to dredge up all the quotes I saw syaing essntially what I typed. Anyway, I’m going out to eat. You guys have fun.

    270. KnightHawk says:

      258 – Die please.

    271. Phil says:

      Brooks, no chance of a an upset. Both McCain and Bush lost the district 66/34.

      The district is 10% black, 17% Hispanic, and 69% white with a large chunk of the white vote Jewish.

      So no, no upset. However, if Lynch gets above the 34% McCain got and pushes 40%, it’s another bad sign for Democrats in general.

    272. KnightHawk says:

      277 – Yah, sure you don’t, cause you wouldn’t find them.

    273. Chekote says:


      How nice! If I die my ghost will haunt you until the end of time.

      BTW, for as eviiiil and arrogant as I am, I have apologized to people for saying some bad things. I have been called everything. Even the c-word. Yet no apologies.

    274. Chekote says:

      BJG is a Conservative site where they discuss Conservative issues

      WRONG! HHR is a conservative site. BJG is a reactionary site with BC drooling posts about Palin.

    275. MD says:

      BJG does not want libs on that site. They flat out admit that and have billed the place as a respite from liberal nonsense. I would describe most of them, but not all by any means, as Conservative activists. I am a conservative pragmatist myself. The party needs both types to be healthy.

      People get upset when RWY is not happy with Christie or Brown or whoever. It really does not matter since he does not live in a moderate state where only a “rino” can get elected. He and bc and thre rest are entitled to their opinions. I have noticed that some can get upset when they go on the attack. You do have to have a thick skin.

      As for Chekote, banning her was a huge mistake. She is clearly a conservative.

    276. Gary Maxwell says:

      I see we are back to the canard, I never used the words War Crime. You did not have to, the Iranian propaganda inserts into the video you linked to did that just fine for you, plus the bit about UNPROVOKED SLAYING and innocent journalists and civilians and on and on.

      Deceitful lying scum.

    277. Tony says:

      Chek, you were there pushing for a battle every day against anybody. It got tiring after awhile. No quarter given.

      As far as comments calling for Corzine to win, that’s complete nonsense.

    278. Brandon says:

      My guess for tonights race:

      Deutch(D): 59%
      Lynch(R): 39%

    279. Phil says:

      Sounds reasonable, Brandon.

    280. KnightHawk says:

      281 – Are you dead yet?

    281. Gary Maxwell says:

      I said yesterday 56 44. I am sticking to that. Lets see who is closer, Brandon.

    282. ameister says:

      279. One interesting take on Fl. A large
      number of the Northeast Snowbirds leave
      at Easter. many are Fl residents because of
      the lack of Sate Income tax. They still
      want it to be like NJ and NY but they
      Don’t want the taxes. If they did
      not vote absentee the numbers might be
      Skewed. That said the Dem machine is too

    283. Tony says:

      Chek isn’t Conservative. At best she’s a small-government (I’m drawing a blank on the political term)

      Conservatism is the home of both fiscal and social Conservatism. One without the other won’t work.

    284. Chekote says:

      281 – Are you dead yet?

      You will know when my ghost visits you. Too bad I am too good looking to be scared.

    285. Chekote says:

      To be scary

      I am doing my taxes… 🙁

    286. Chekote says:

      Conservatism is the home of both fiscal and social Conservatism. One without the other won’t work.

      Why not?

    287. ameister says:

      I say tonite is 44 (r) 56 (D) . Many of these
      old people think they are voting for Peter Deutsch

    288. Howard Dean says:

      No one cares if Christie is fat, when the UR is 9.7%.

      He will have more experience by the time 12 rolls around.

      He is acting while others are talking. I’m tired of talkers.

      I support him because he is DOING what needs to be done. Now, if he folds, then I will abandon him.

      Right now he is a proven leader who is taking it to the unions and slashing the budget.

    289. Chekote says:

      Look at KH. He is no SoCon. He drinks, smokes, looks at porno. Yet he is a conservative.

    290. Chekote says:

      He is acting while others are talking. I’m tired of talkers.

      Then you should be tired of Palin.

    291. Mark Cali says:

      I’m going to guess:
      Lynch 46
      Deutsch 54

      For the simple fact that the snowbirds have gone home (well, most of them) and the national mood. (This would be an 11 point improvement for GOP over Obama’s margin in 2008)

    292. KnightHawk says:

      No matter sweet cakes you are already dead to me anyway.
      Yeah Tony nobody really bad mouths this site over there, except EPH from time to time.

    293. Tommy_Boy says:

      Off-topic but is there anyone who wouldn’t want to fly first-class if you somehow became one of the most sought after speaker in the world?

      I certainly woudl be asking for first-class.

    294. Tony says:

      Why not? You don’t think SoCons play a significant role in the GOP?

      And by its structure, HHR is an poll analysis site. It is the reason I come here. Sometimes Conservative issues are disussed.

      BJG is a Conservative site that happens to discuss news and politics. That is the reason I go there.

    295. Phil says:

      If we see the Lynch get 44% tonight in that district it will throw one more huge scare into Democrats on the Hill. That would be one more thing for Dems to think about and they wouldn’t be happy thoughts.

    296. Brandon says:

      #299. Wouldn’t that actually be a 23 point improvement over the 2008 margin since Obama won the district by 31?

    297. Brandon says:

      I should probably know this but I don’t, what time do the polls close in FL? 7 or 8?

    298. Tony says:

      KH, I don’t think EPH ever got over when Dave dismissed his bloggers.

    299. Chekote says:


      I agree. I never saw EPH dissing this site. KH is lying.

    300. Mark Cali says:

      You are correct, Brandon. I was merely going by the level of support for the Democrat (65 percent compared to what’s going to happen today).

      Still praying we win this one by a squeaker.

    301. Chekote says:

      What elections are we following tonight? I know about the GOP run-off but what about outside Tejas?

    302. Brandon says:

      #309. FL-19 Special to fill Wexler’s seat.

    303. Phil says:

      Polls close tonight for Tx-17 runoff at 7 Central. Flores vs Curnock.

      I’m on it.

    304. Chekote says:


      I doubt that district will go GOP. Too many NY Jewish transplants.

    305. Chekote says:


      That’s Edwards’ district, right?

    306. Chekote says:

      I think Flores is the favorite to win.

    307. D QUIXOTE says:

      I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones….I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible.”

    308. D QUIXOTE says:

      I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones….I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible.”

      ~~~Barry Golwater

    309. MD says:

      It is good to see Chek picking up for Knight. I know he will appreciate that.

      Anyway, I really don’t remember anyone at BJG supporting Christie and I did frequent that site during that time. Some did call him a rino but it was a few posters and not representative of the majority of posters on BJG. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

      The only thing wrong with the site is banning Chek. She and Frum are going to lead us out of the wilderness whether we like it or not.

    310. rdelbov says:

      is the runoff in Cuellar’s district or TX-23 or whatever the only other congressional primary of note?

      I think there are legislative primaries that may be crucial in TX but draw yawns here?

    311. MD says:

      Any exit polls on FL 19? I am only half kidding.

      57 43 just because I was going to go with 56 44 but 2 others picked that.

    312. Chekote says:

      It is good to see Chek picking up for Knight. I know he will appreciate that.

      He started it by wishing me dead.

    313. Tommy_Boy says:

      I’m actually hoping for an anti-war Frum third-party candidate. That type of candidate could win a lot of moderate votes, making it a battle between the bases, which we will always win.

    314. Chekote says:

      She and Frum are going to lead us out of the wilderness whether we like it or not.

      Look what has happened to the Republicans in the PA suburbs. That’s what BJG approach will get you.

    315. Chekote says:


      You would have to have 5 viable candidates for Palin to win.

    316. MD says:

      Right on Chek!!!!! You, me and Smerconish are soul mates.

    317. Tina says:

      AFternoon/evening gang. What have I missed today?

    318. Phil says:

      Canesco vs Hurd in Tx-23rd.

      I’m not hugely excited about this district however.

    319. Chekote says:


      Is he still around? He endorsed Obama because of Iraq. He sounded like a Paulian to me.

    320. Phil says:

      Not much Tina.

      RAS has the weekly generic at R+9.

    321. Chekote says:

      What have I missed today?

      EPH pretending to be a woman and using multiple handles.

    322. Tina says:

      Glad to know that I did not miss much here, Phil.

    323. Tina says:


      I thought all the plants and soft Rs aka Rinos were going along with the meme of an Obumbler/Drat V-shaped recovery.

    324. mnw says:

      I read the RNC made a $500000 media buy in Murths’a district. I haven’t read where they’re spending anything for Lynch or Djou.

    325. D QUIXOTE says:

      gubmint healthcare/dependency it’ a wonderful thing.

    326. Tina says:

      Laughable that one of the Justice brothers just proclaimed that Supreme Ct Justice Thomas is not black.

      No racism there, no demands for apologies, etc.

    327. MD says:

      BTW – The Philly burbs will have at least 1 additional R, Pat Meehan in 7. The Dems are already stooping to amazingly low levels to discredit him but it is not working.

    328. Brandon says:

      Some early numbers starting to trickle in:

      Deutch(D): 56.2%
      Lynch(R): 40.3

    329. MD says:

      Chek – he is (actually was) a pro-choice, pro-hc R. Our kind of guy Cjhek.

    330. MD says:

      I am calling it Brandon. A D hold

    331. MD says:

      BTW – things are actually looking worse for the GOP in CD 4. Mary Beht Buchannan’s campaign head got caught up in the Oreo (sp?) crap.

      This has not been a good campaign. I am now going back to Dem Hold on 4. We need to pick up 10 or 8 to make up for this.

    332. mnw says:



      Obviously not FL Dept of Elections returns site!

    333. mnw says:

      What the hell is BJG, pls?

      And thanx, Brandon.

    334. mnw says:



      Never heard of it.

      I know the character “John Galt.”

    335. addisonst says:

      Chek, you get that Christie, is conservative on social issues right? He’s not pro gay marriage and he’s not pro choice. He ran on fiscal matters as did Virginia’s new gov. And you also get that Toomey is going to win in Pennsylvania right? He’s not a RINO either.

    336. D QUIXOTE says:

      You will know many of the folk there. Mostly poli pundit types.

    337. mnw says:

      Thanx again. I’ll check it out.

    338. Brandon says:

      Deutch: 63%
      Lynch: 34%

    339. ameister says:

      I am assuming the ap FL results are absentees
      as no precints are showing reoprted. So/So

    340. ameister says:

      Probably the Century Village voters and similar
      cluster developments. Easy Absentees to get

    341. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      189 – Yeah, when Romney or Thune or Tim Pawlenty-boring can bring 10K people out to Searchlight, NV or Minneapolis, then get back to me.

    342. Brandon says:

      2.5% in:

      Deutch(D): 62.8%
      Lynch(R): 34.6%

    343. MD says:


      So Toomey is not a good conservative because he is boring. WTF are you talking about?

    344. ameister says:

      Notice no precincts from PB county. Absentees

    345. MD says:

      Sorry BPL. I went back and read 189 and now get the context. Toomey is avidly pro-life for the record.

    346. KnightHawk says:

      307 – More like those that post comments here then the polling site is what I meant Tony in ref to EPH.

    347. MD says:

      I think Fl 19 is done. We all knew that anyway.

    348. Tommy_Boy says:

      This prediciton probably isn’t smart but I’ll go ahead and predict that PPP(D) will show her leading when it releases its 2012 poll this week (in contrast to the CNN poll).

      In fact, I’ll predict that she’s within 5 of Obama in the poll that is coming out tomorrow.

    349. Brandon says:

      2.5% in:

      Deutch(D): 65.9%
      Lynch(R): 31.5%

    350. KnightHawk says:

      355 – Is Referencing presidential politics not the PA senate race MD.

    351. KnightHawk says:

      I predict that predictions will be made about more predictions.

    352. Tommy_Boy says:

      #364 and I’ll predict that your prediction about the prediction is pretty good.

    353. Phil says:

      First early returns from Tx-17

      Flores with 58%

    354. MD says:

      66 to 27 in 08. If we outperform that by 15%, I will be happy.

    355. Brandon says:

      FL-19 was 65-34 in 2008.

    356. Tina says:

      I predict that the predictions here minus ??? are great.

    357. Brandon says:

      New thread.

    358. MD says:

      Weren’t there 3 candidates in 08?