GOP Leads In AL, ND

    Even the leftists at Daily Kos and Research 2000 can paint a positive picture for Democrats in Alabama.

    GOVERNOR – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Research 2000)
    Artur Davis 41%
    Ron Sparks 33%

    GOVERNOR – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Research 2000)
    Bradley Byrne 29%
    Roy Moore 23%
    Tim James 17%
    Robert Bentley 9%
    Bill Johnson 3%

    GOVERNOR – ALABAMA (Research 2000)

    Bradley Byrne (R) 48%
    Artur Davis (D) 31%

    Tim James (R) 45%
    Artur Davis (D) 37%

    Roy Moore (R) 43%
    Artur Davis (D) 38%

    Bradley Byrne (R) 45%
    Ron Sparks (D) 34%

    Tim James (R) 44%
    Ron Sparks (D) 38%

    Roy Moore (R) 41%
    Ron Sparks (D) 40%

    Even in the US Senate race, Republican Richard Shelby seems pretty safe for re-election.

    US SENATE – ALABAMA – DEM PRIMARY (Research 2000)
    William Barnes 39%
    Simone De Moore 11%

    US SENATE – ALABAMA – GOP PRIMARY (Research 2000)
    Richard Shelby (inc) 63%
    Clint Moser 14%

    US SENATE – ALABAMA (Research 2000)
    Richard Shelby (R-inc) 57%
    William Barnes (D) 33%

    Richard Shelby (R-inc) 62%
    Simone De Moore (D) 27%

    This entire poll was done May 17-19 among 600 likely voters. Speaking of US Senate seats that should easily be won by Republicans, Rasmussen’s lone poll of the day comes from North Dakota.

    US SENATE – NORTH DAKOTA (Rasmussen)
    John Hoeven (R) 72%
    Tracy Potter (D) 23%

    This poll was done May 18-19 among 500 likely voters. So as long as John Hoeven didn’t make up some history about serving in Vietnam, he should be a shoe in for election this fall.

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    1. Waingro says:


    2. Waingro says:

      Heh, Dick Morris with a Senate prediction blog. I think he is being a little TOO optimistic here, but it’s always fun to read his musings:

    3. Howard Dean says:


    4. Howard Dean says:

      Patrick says Obama critics are ‘almost at the level of sedition’

    5. Marv says:

      #4 Howard,

      Patrick is showing the symtoms of a disturbed individual.

    6. Waingro says:

      I love it. Coup Deval showing his true colors just as numbers have gone up. I just hope Charlie Baker can make something of this.

    7. Howard Dean says:

      PETA Stock: Group Has Shares In 80 Companies; Finds Influence In Boardroom

      DES MOINES, Iowa — An animal-rights group known for sending out scantily clad demonstrators to protest fur and other provocative stunts has gained influence in boardrooms with a more traditional tactic: buying company stock

    8. addisonst says:

      8 skate and donate. Ahhhh Craps the finest game in the casino

    9. Mark Cali says:

      BREAKING NEWS: Latest Survey USA poll shows Fiorina up big.

      Fiorina 46
      Campbell 23
      DeVore 14


    10. Tommy_Boy says:


      Fiorina 46%
      Campbell 23%
      Devore 14%

    11. Waingro says:

      #9 Great. And she can definitely beat Boxer.

    12. Tommy_Boy says:

      Who to believe between Kos/R2K or PPIC/SurveyUSA? Hmmmmm

    13. Erich says:

      No she can’t – this would HAND the seat back to Boxer

    14. rdelbov says:

      Mark C. –Redstate Erick called again for Carly F to withdraw as she cannot win the GOP primary. Does this poll change his mind?

      Not a surprise about ND & AL

    15. geauxlsu says:

      The Alabama senate race? Seriously? People obviously have money burning holes in their pockets. Was there any doubt that this was a blow out? They could have at least polled the Bright house seat. What are the chances we win that seat in Novmeber?

    16. geauxlsu says:

      Oh…and I’m very excited about the CA results. Geaux Fiorina!

    17. Waingro says:

      Any links to actual poll from Survey USA? That does seem like a crazy swing.

    18. Mark Cali says:

      The “Red State” guy thinks he’s king maker. Time and again, he attaches himself to the losing team.

      We don’t like DeVore here in California. I, and many Republicans, had sniffed him out from the beginning, when he friend requested me on Facebook and couldn’t explain why his candidacy was viable. I will judge each race by candidate, not whoever espouses more party line rhetoric. You guys should see DeVore’s lame statement on our Voter Handbook for the Primaries.

      Great to see Fiorina ahead in the most reputable pollster’s latest tally.

    19. Phil says:

      Borrow 165 billion from the Chinese to bail out the union pension funds?

      Sounds logical to me.

    20. Waingro says:

      #13, Erich, what makes you say that out of curiosity?

    21. jason says:

      “PETA Stock: Group Has Shares In 80 Companies; Finds Influence In Boardroom”

      PETA believes in capitalism? Who woulda thunk?

      If they get a majority on KFC’s board they can change the menu to tofu chicken legs. Should be a big hit.

    22. Howard Dean says:

      SEOUL, May 24 (Reuters) – North Korea threatened on Monday to fire at South Korean equipment if it is set up at their heavily armed border to broadcast anti-Pyongyang messages, and vowed to take stronger measures if Seoul escalated tensions.

    23. rdelbov says:

      Here’s my few reasons Carly F. is the one to beat Boxer

      1. Money–Carly F. got it and DeVore & Campbell don’t
      2. Voting record–ditto–I got in discussion here with guys nitpicking-I mean discussing the nuances of Votes Campbell cast in 1991. Can’t do that with Carly F. So Carly F. does not have to say how she would have voted on Bush41’s tax package or the 1964 Civil Rights act.

      3. Carly F. is a female-cancer survivor and think that softens the edge of some of her social conservatively views. I know Campbell is the social conservative with the moderate views that supposely can win in CA. This year, however, is all about economics. The social stuff is just a distraction but social cons hold his views against campbell. The few indies who think Roe V Wade is the #1 issue in 2010(1.6 trillion deficit-11 trillion long term US debt-13% unemployment in CA) are more then offset by the discouraged conservatives who want someone else other then the ex congressmen.

      4. Besides the voting record of Campbell & DeVore there is the outsider issue. Carly F. is an outsider-someone who has never held elective office. CA often diggs this type of candidate. If there is ever a year where some Pol is picked its 2010

    24. Erich says:

      They will tear her apart from her time with the McCain campaign, it’s that plan and simple. Also, the Palin endorsement will be another nail in the coffin. Campbell is the only one who can win. But, I like DeVore the best.

    25. Wes says:

      Good to see Carly has righted the ship. She was on Fox Business today and acquitted herself well, answering Liz Claman’s questions concretely. I hope she stomps Campbell and DeVore in the primary. A cpnvincing win will set her up nicely in the race against Boxer.

    26. Wes says:

      Still think Hoeven will only win 62-38, Rdel?

    27. jason says:

      I’ll stick my neck out and boldly call the race for Hoeven.

    28. marc says:

      You have to love the media spin on this. From the liberals desperate to prop up their weak leader.

      Harry Reid angles for tea party foe in Nevada

      Even the left wing site Kos has followed the media spin “interestingly”

    29. Wes says:

      You’re a real risktaker, Jason.

    30. jason says:

      “…and vowed to take stronger measures if Seoul escalated tensions.”

      Right, they sank South Korea’s ship and killed fifty sailors, I am glad they are against escalating tensions…

    31. MD says:

      In Toronto overnight. With my recent travel and what lies ahead of me in June, this is like a walk around the corner. It is a holiday in Canada btw. 3 meetings tomorrow.

      Anyway, I am very happy with the Carly results. She has the right formula to take down one of the most miserable bytches walking the face of the earth.

    32. MD says:

      I was awake at night worrying about the Shelby race. Tingles told me that ALL incumbents were in danger. Now, I can finally get a good nights rest.

    33. Wes says:

      Carly’s been my girl from the beginning, MD–although mnw seems to have some kind of irrational hatred for her. The GOP needs candidates like her to have a shot at regaining Congress. Interestingly the Dow gave back all its gains from Friday today. I also saw Obama proposed Congress cut spending–by spending $200 billion more. Ay Dios Mio. Que idiota tenemos en la Casa Blanca. Necesitmamos an mejor lider en washington, o este paiz ira el camino de Roma.

    34. Wes says:

      An= a un

    35. KnightHawk says:

      5 – He always has, makes sense given his parents.

    36. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      For all you eeyores that want to believe the Nikki-Haley-had-an-affair story, please check out the guy’s picture from this article:

      Will Folks pleads guilty to criminal domestic violence

      Not a fan of Eric Erickson @ Red State, but he was dead spot on with this: “This violates the very basic laws of nature: hot women do not have affairs with ugly guys unless those guys are rich. The self-admitted adulterer is decidedly not rich, but decidedly wants to reinsert himself into the process as a player.”

      Note that this scumbag claims the alleged affair was BEFORE he himself was married. Very convenient.

      It’s safe to say we can put the is the “100% Bulls**t” file.

    37. KnightHawk says:

      9 & 10 – Quite the change from late last week? What accounts for it?

    38. Wes says:

      Someone clearly had a picture of this guy with a goat; otherwise, I can’t see how he would willfully destroy his reputation and credibility.

    39. Jason T says:

      Is Rossi In?

      Generic Ballot +8?

    40. jason says:

      24. I am going to have to agree with rdelbov in the dispute with Erich. I used to think Campbell was the only one that could win. But Fiorina does match up well against Boxer. And endorsements rarely hurt you, they either help or don’t. I don’t think the Palin endorsement will hurt in the general, but it’s helping in the primary.

    41. MD says:


      I think Paul made the right decision in flipping the bird at MTP. What do you think?

    42. Wes says:

      Mark told me late last week Campbell has pulled his ads because of lack of money while Fiorina has ramped up her ad buys, Knight. I’d say that was probably a factor.

    43. Jason T says:

      Wes, I agree. Why is there so much hate for Carly on the right? she is Pro life.

      Campbell is a retread who lost badly in 1998 after giving up a swing House Seat

    44. MD says:

      Is Carly self-funding?

    45. Wes says:

      I have mixed feelings on that one, MD. Yes, I can see where Paul was coming from in canceling the appearance after Maddow. On the other hand, it gave the lefties at MSNBC a talking point allowing them to imply Paul had something to hide. What I’d do now if I were Paul is prepare for such questions and deal with them on the KY media circuit if they come up. Blue Grass State voters after all are the only ones he needs to convince to send him to the Senate.

    46. Jason T says:

      Jason, others quality candidates like Sec of State Bill Jones lost badly in California because they had no $$$ to defend attack ads by the Marxists.

      Carly is the only shot as a Self funder who can ably defend herself.

    47. Wes says:

      She’s said she will, MD.

    48. mnw says:

      It wud b a gud thing if Labrador beat Ward in ID-1 2morrow.

      Ward is nutz.

    49. Wes says:

      Actually Campbell lost in 2000, Jason. Previously in 1992 he had lost the primary to Bruce “Strip Club” Herschenson, who campaigned on family values even as he was going to titty bars. I personally have no problem with people who go to strip clubs even though I myself have no use for them, but seriously didn’t Bruce think that might possibly undermine his credibility with the voters given his platform?

    50. Jason T says:

      Wes, in 2006 Bob Menendez was under fire due to his friends and real estate partners getting indicted by the Feds. Menendez took the advice of the DNC and went into hiding knowing he was in a blue state in a bad GOP year, and won easily.

      Paul could do the same thing in a Red state in a bad Dem year.

    51. rdelbov says:


      I think Hoeven could top 65%. I like either James or Bryne in AL as well. They will win-one of them will win.

      How that’s weather in NC–got hot yet?


      I guess we just have to disagree. Picture Boxer wailing on anyone about mcCain & Palin while ignoring her votes for 1.6 trillion deficit. Plus 200K in public jobs lost in CA this fall plus unemployment topping 13% plus Boxer has voted to turn the central Valley dry. In the mist of this Boxer says “ignore all those brown field in the central valley and its 30% unmployment remember Carly F. has the support of Palin”.

      I don’t buy it. I think having the conservative and teaparty folks 100% behind Carly F. will be worth the few and I mean the very few social liberals who think Palin’s is more important then punishing Boxer for helping to put CA in the toilet. Yup CA is not the Golden state anymore its more porcelain.

    52. Wes says:

      Few too many to drink for lunch, mnw?

    53. Wes says:

      It was hot last week, Rdel, but we’ve been having rain recently. That’s cooled things off considerably.

    54. Jason T says:

      Minnick is a fraud who should lose as Dog Catcher in Idaho

    55. rdelbov says:


      Carly F is doing a combo–similar to Lowden. More of a 50-50 thing but she has the option of completely self funding.

    56. MD says:


      It was a mistake to agree to the appearance in the first place. If I were running his campaign, I would have him criss-crossing the state continually while harping on an out of control congress. He has no reason to appear on any msm outlet. If the race were tied or close, I might take a chance. With a 20 point lead (that will probably tighten somewhat), no way. If Conway gets within MOE in the internals, then maybe.

    57. Jason T says:


      Boxer- 1992, 1998, 2004. what do they all have in common? Good DEM years in California

      2010- nope

    58. Wes says:

      Blame CFG, Jason. They heavily recruited and funded ubermoron Bill sali without properly vetting him. Minnick was the result. Is it any wonder I’m highly skeptical of CFG after people such as Sali get their backing?

    59. Wes says:

      I agree, MD. I was speaking strictly to what he should have done AFTER Maddow. This should be a teachable moment for him.

    60. Jason T says:

      MD, well said as usual.

      Rand needs to work his state.

    61. Jason T says:

      No more Sweaty Betty appearances on PSNBC for Rand

    62. MD says:


      You don’t like strip clubs? Where is my lie detector gear?

    63. Jason T says:

      I agree Wes. CFG is a good group with some bad strategy

    64. Wes says:

      It’s amazing. There was only ONE Republican in the whole state of Idaho who could lose a House seat as an incumbent even as John McCain stomped Barack Obama 62-38 in ID-1. Bill Sali was his name. Naturally CFG backed him. Does anyone else see a problem with CFG’s PAC after a fiasco like this?

    65. jason says:

      38. I don’t buy it that just because the guy is a scumbag he didn’t have the affair. Or the ugly part either. Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett…

      The strongest argument that it’s BS is that she denied it. If she thought he could prove it I doubt she would deny it. That would end her chances of moving on after admitting it.

    66. marc says:

      I seriously have to question the judgment of Rand Paul for even going on Meddow show at all. What possible could a Republican/Libertarian like him have to say to left wing 6’4 bull dyke with a show on a liberal network? He might has well have been been interviewed by NARAL and the NAACP.

      Its a good think that this year the GOP has the wind at its back because of these candidates would be unelectable in any other year.

    67. Jason T says:

      wes, the best Titty bars I have ever been were in Scottsdale, AZ. Drool was the norm a tthose places off Indian Scholl Road

    68. Wes says:

      No, MD, I have no use for strip clubs. I like having sex with women, not paying them ungodly sums of money to take their tops off in front of me. Exactly what am I supposed to get out of that besides a rapidly lightening wallet?

    69. Jason T says:

      Marc, I agree, but hopefully the rand Campaign learned from that stupid mistake. Better he did it know instead of October.

    70. Wes says:

      Agreed, Jason, about Rand’s getting this gaffe out of the way early.

    71. KnightHawk says:

      “Why is there so much hate for Carly on the right?
      I think it’s because many see her as some hand picked lapdog of McCain.

      I understand why some think that but I don’t share the view. I do share the view should she actually win she will migrate left over her first term, I doubt that is unavoidable with any candidate and the nature of the state now and in the near future.

    72. mnw says:


      I salute the emperor ONLY nights & weekends, never 9-to-5.

      I like to type like a 7-year-old, 4 my own amuzment.

      Minnick is what I’d call a “genuine Blue Dog,” & I think he wins easily. I KNOW he wins easily if they nominate a guy who wants to repeal the 17th amendment (direct election of senators).

      Besides, I want a candidate named Labrador to win the GOP nomination. Man’s best friend & all.

    73. Wes says:

      Then too, MD, my girlfriend who stole my car was a stripper, so I have a bit of bias against them.

    74. KnightHawk says:

      44 – That’s all I could think of either, surprised that ads along generated a flip flop in poll position, guess they were effective.

    75. jason says:

      The problem is that Rand Paul will never stop making stupid statements so it’s irrelevant if he goes or doesn’t go on TV shows. The guy is a train wreck waiting for a place to happen, and he will continue to be a liability for the entire Republican effort to win in November. It’s going to be 6 months of damage control.

    76. Wes says:

      There’s no reason a Republican shouldn’t represent a district Obama lost by 24 points, mnw. Whoever is the best candidate needs to be the nominee to take Minnick out in November. Seats like that are why the GOP is so far down in numbers in Congress right now.

    77. Jason T says:

      Campaign spot at NRO says Rossi is in. Is this true?

    78. Wes says:

      As an aside, mnw, I support repeal of the 17th Amendment, but it would never be something anywhere near the top of my political radar screen. Most people alive today don’t even know Senators used to be appointed by legislatures.

    79. Jason T says:

      Look if the Rand Paul does not realize that Rand will be a US Senator if he keeps cool, then what can we do?

      He won a big Primary fair and square, is a Doctor, and is always good on Fox News.

      Let the chips fall. I support him

    80. MD says:

      78 – Jason,

      It is time to give that up. He won the primary decisively. Paul is a better option than the Marxist Conway. I did not support Paul but will now.

    81. Wes says:

      Agreed, Jaosn T and MD.

    82. mnw says:

      Ward is Sali 2.0

      Trust me. Several GOP newspapers have called him “unreliable & untrustworthy,” & he’s leading such polls as there are– narrowly.

      I like CFG, btw.

    83. KnightHawk says:

      76- That’ll do it.

    84. KnightHawk says:

      80 – that’s the word – just finishing staffing before announcing apparently

    85. Wes says:

      Then Labrador needs to win the primary, mnw.

    86. KnightHawk says:

      82 – Bingo.

    87. Wes says:

      I like CFG’s IDEAS. Any organization that has to put out a press release admitting its meddling in primaries cost the GOP seats though needs to retool how it allocates its PAC money. Till they do that, I have no use for them.

    88. Wes says:

      Chris van Hollen–the head of the DCCC this cycle–has already openly said the Dems want CFG-backed candidates to win GOP primaries. Why am I the only person who sees red flags in all this?

    89. marc says:

      Rossi is a good candidate. He had and election stolen from him in the light of day back in 2004 and ran in a bad year for Republicans especially in a Democrat state like Washington. If he runs a good campaign he could be very competitive and upset the invisible and weak Patty Murry. One perk of running 2 statewide races in the last 6 years is that voter become use to hearing your name and even voting for you and with the tease that were Thompson, Dumb and Dumber in New York this would be a good get. Especially with Kentucky and Florida look a little bit unsure.

    90. Wes says:

      Didn’t the GOP get a strong candidate in Wisconsin after Thompson bowed out, Marc?

    91. MD says:


      I have to agree with you on CFG. Great ideas but awful candidates, excepting Toomey who should have won in 04 were he not betrayed by Bush and Santorum.

    92. Wes says:

      They should hire me to run their PAC, MD. I’d remind them ELECTABILITY is a necessity in a candidate if they want their agenda implemented.

    93. MD says:

      CFG is the reason that liberal Kathy Dahlkemper is in congress in CD 3 PA. The Mercer County fiscal cons decided to “teach” Phil English a lesson.

    94. jason says:

      73. There will be many more gaffes, old and new, unfortunately. If Rand Paul says what he really believes in he couldn’t get elected. And its hard to maintain a fake persona for months on end.

      Paul might be saved by the fact Conway is a flaming moonbat. If Mongiardo had won the primary he could have run as a non-nutcase moderate with good chance of winning.

    95. marc says:

      Speaking of Conway has anyone seen his questionnaire on Kos?,-KY-Sen

      This guy is truly a koo-koo Kos hyena in make-up and a smile. The sooner the spotlight gets off Paul and on to Conway the better.

    96. MD says:


      You really are a broken record now. Time to move forward.

    97. mnw says:

      I don’t even want to know why you oppose direct election of senators.

      I myself favor the divine right of kings, “but it would never be (etc)” because people would think I was a nutter like Ward.

      CFG got rid of Jim Jeffords II (Chafee) while he was still in utero (BEFORE he could do the Jeffords jump).

      See how much van Hollen likes Toomey, then, after Nov. 2nd. He’s Mr. CFG, after all.

    98. Jason T says:

      Wes, I saw that Beer Boy, Leininkugel, dropped out and endorsed Johnson, who I believe is a self funder

    99. KnightHawk says:

      Even if WA doesn’t deliver it should be a very thin loss so it’s yet another race where money will need to be spent by the dems on defense, that I doubt they were counting on being in serious play at the start of the year.

    100. MD says:

      This should be a great cycle for CFG approved candidates.

    101. Jason T says:

      Look many Marxist kooks won in 2006 and 2008. Webb, Franken, Tester etc..

      Kooks win in good Party years.

    102. marc says:

      93. I wouldn’t consider Ron Johnson strong. He may be a millionaire but that’s all I would consider strong about him.

    103. mnw says:


      Rand’s not that bad. He speaks exactly what he thinks, which is refreshing. The MSM is adept at pulling a bad-sounding 10-second soundbite out of a thoughtful 45-second answer.

    104. KnightHawk says:

      “If Rand Paul says what he really believes in he couldn’t get elected.”

      Nor could majority of those in congress. Take MD’s advice, move forward.

    105. Jason T says:

      Right Hawk. Rossi will make them spend $$$ that could be going to Sestak.

    106. MD says:


      That is exactly what they did on Civil Rights.

    107. Jason T says:

      I agree with Mnw. We need new blood in congress, that will have the guts to roust Hussein.

      Too many old GOP wimps in the Senate. I thought Trey would have been better, but Rand will be fine.

      Chekote says Rand will lose, so he is the next Senator of KY officialy

    108. MD says:


      The Obama admin will support Sestak but boy are they pissed at him!

      To know Joe well is to hate him.

    109. marc says:

      Franken stole his Senate seat so i don’t count that has a win. But Webb, Tester, Hagen, Udall lots of them won in 2006 and 2008 that wouldn’t even come close this year.

      So Paul,Lowden,McMohen( who I still fully expect to win the primary despite what Reid wants) are sitting in a good spot.

    110. Jason T says:

      Marc,if Franken can win, so can Johnson in Wisconsin.

    111. tommy_boy says:

      Murray 44%
      Rossi 40%

      In a uni poll…

    112. MD says:


      Did the ignorant slu+ really make that prediction? She is an awesome contrarian indicator.

      One of these days, by pure

    113. marc says:

      But Franken didn’t win. That’s the point I was making. He and the Democrat establishment stole the seat, while weak Republicans like Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman allowed them to.

    114. MD says:

      Finish of 115

      Luck she will be correct.

    115. Wes says:

      There’s a simple reason I oppose direct election of Senators, mnw: It eliminates state governments’ representation in Washington and distances the people there from what’s going on back home. We have a House of Representatives to represent the masses (hence the term “the People’s House). The Senate is supposed to represent the states. Part of the reason things are such a mess now is that there is no state government representation in Washingotn.

      Regarding CFG and Chafee: They didn’t get rid of him. They challenged him in the primary with a poor candidate who would have lost by 30 points in November and caused the GOP to have to spend money in a primary at a crucial time. The Senate Republicans were already -1 because Santorum was an idiot, so all meddling in the Chafee primary did was hurt them further. I’m no fan of Chafee, but there are times to make a statement. The second midterm of an incompetent President who was doing all he could to send his Administration down the drain wasn’t that one. As an aisde, Laffee couldn’t even get the name of his state spelled right on his mailers requesting money, so that should tell you what standards CFG has for its candidates.

    116. Jason T says:

      chekote said Paul will lose.

      Marc, Franken was close enough to steal it

    117. Wes says:

      Van Hollen won’t much care about Toomey after November, mnw. If Toomey wins, Robert Menendez will hate him. If he loses, then Menendez will be singing CFG’s praises. I hope Toomey wins, but it’s too early to tell how that race will pan out.

    118. MD says:


      She really is an ignorant slu+.

    119. mnw says:


      I scanned that. Thx.

      Not bad for Rossi. It’s RVs. He hasn’t even announced yet, & he appears to get more leaners.

      Change it to LVs, I bet it’s a tie.

    120. MD says:

      Who sponsored the Rossi Murray poll?

    121. Wes says:

      I hope Dino wins it this time around. The Dems screwed him once and beat him the next time only because of Obama’s coattails. If he can topple Murray, then that will be incredibly sweet revenge.

    122. MD says:

      I am in a very good steak house (The Keg) in Toronto and someone asked for Heinz 57 for their steak.

      The end of civilization is near.

    123. mnw says:


      RE: 17th Amend

      Sounds like Jefferson Davis’ stump speech.

      Toomey has a hard race ahead, but van Hollen is full of skit. If he’s not already afraid of facing fiscally conservative outsiders as GOP nominees, he will be.

    124. Charles says:

      funny ppl keep railing on cfg for things they did during last potus election. cfg is a needed force against would be and wannabe roves.

    125. jason says:

      “It is time to give that up. He won the primary decisively. Paul is a better option than the Marxist Conway.”

      Is that what we are left with? An America hating pseudo Republican who will damage the party’s chances nationally in November is better than a Marxist?

      Supporting a fake Republican with extreme leftist foreign policy views and bizarre domestic ones is not my cup of tea.

      This race is lost for the Republican party with either Paul or Conway. Therein lies the problem.

    126. Wes says:

      It was the left-wing Progressives who advocated repeal of the 17th Amendment, mnw–you know, the guys who wanted an income tax and a welfare state. I guess we can exchange you for the guys running around in the 1890s saying “The government oughtta do something” about every issue then.

    127. AuH2ORepublican says:

      #24, rdel, I believe you meant to write that Campbell is a *fiscal* (not social) conservative with the social views that can win in Califoirnia. Actually, I don’t think that he’s as much of a fiscal conservative as he claims (in the past couple of years he has supported raising state taxes in California even further), and his extreme liberal views on social issues (such as support for gay marriage and opposition to the ban on partial-birth abortion) will turn off not only conservatives but also moderates.

      I truly hope that SUSA is correct and Carly Fiorina has staked out a comfortable lead. Her moderate-to-conservative views should convince conservatives not to sit out the election while not scaring away moderates, and she has access to enough money (through fundraising and her own bank account) to keep up with Boxer’s spending. Carly Fiorina is by no means a perfect candidate, nor is she as conservative as I would prefer, but she would be the first pro-life U.S. Senator from California since Roe v. Wade and someone who could keep that Senate seat in GOP hands for 2 or 3 terms.

    128. MD says:


      Yes, it will not be a cakewalk, but is still see a Toomey victory by 3 to 5. It would have been 8 to 10 against Spector.

    129. Wes says:

      Well, given CFG’s track record, van Hollen has reason not to worry too much about the people they back, mnw. Of course idiots like Charles the Jackoff also are fans of the CFG, so that’s one more reason I view them from arm’s length.

    130. Phil says:


      I’ll take a three to five point victory statewide in Pa any day of the week.

    131. MD says:


      You are becoming as obsessed as ??? Is with Palin.

    132. Wes says:

      Any victory will be good, Phil. As long as Toomey beats Sestak, I’ll be happy. I’m interested in seeing polls now that the newness of Sestak’s win has worn off.

    133. jason says:

      “Rand’s not that bad. He speaks exactly what he thinks, which is refreshing.”

      Oh please. The reason he says asinine things is that he forgets to lie. That’s when the anti-semitic, anti-war, anti-American rants and the “military industrial complex” tirades come out.

    134. Wes says:

      Ay Dios Mio, Jason. Let it go.

    135. AuH2ORepublican says:

      #75, mnw, Minnick is by no means a “true Blue Dog.” Yes, he votes with conservatives in high-profile bills such as Cap and Trade and Obamacare, but unlike traditional Blue Dogs such as Lincoln Davis, Charles Melancon, Dan Boren, etc. he is 100% pro-abortion.

      I, too, hope that Raul Labrador wins the primary tomorrow. Not only is he a safer choice than Ward for defeating Minnick and then not going wobbly in Washington, but the larger the number of anti-amnesty Hispanic Republicans in Congress the better our chances of stopping Obama’s plans to provide amnesty to illegal aliens.

    136. MD says:

      Toomey is the right candidate at the right time for PA. In 2016, the situation may be different, who knows. I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

    137. marc says:

      Toomey is still the outsider in the race in a state that is tired of high taxes and big government.I welcome a Sestak primary win. Nothing was better then seeing Arlen finally put to pasture in a humiliating and well deserve defeat : P

    138. Wes says:

      I found it a delicious irony Specter switched to the Dems because of poor polling in a GOP primary–only to lose a Dem primary. Madre de Dios, que idiota.

    139. GF says:

      MD, if the Keg in Toronto is as good as the ones in Vancouver and Seattle, I envy you. Red meat is a no-no for me right now, as is wine, so you’ve got me on two counts.

      Looks like my ballot for CA won’t count for much, but Carly’s got my full support for November. I hope Poizner edges Whitman out; he’s got plenty of money to compete.

      Oh well, off to the doctor. Check in with you all later.

    140. Todd says:

      And this is the guy a lot of you want to be Arizona’s next US Senator?? He is such a effin embarrassment.

    141. Bunu says:

      If Ron Paul becomes president he needs to issue an executive order to now allow the IRS to collect any taxes and get rid of all its records.

      It would help speed up the government’s deficit and hurt its finances badly.

    142. MD says:


      Continued good thoughts for you on your recovery. I am amazed at the depth and breadth of your knowledge.

    143. Wes says:

      It’s just as I’ve been saying all along, Todd: J D can’t control his tongue. It cost him his House seat. It’s apparently going to cost him a chance at a Senate nomination too. A substantial candidate would ahve been able to defeat McCain. Hayworth is not that man.

    144. Wes says:

      Good luck, GF.

    145. jason says:

      134. I have washed my hands of the KY race. My only concern now is how it reflects on the national effort. My main worry has never been about KY per se, it’s only one seat, but on how the MSM was going to use a nutcase like Rand Paul to make the election all about “tea party extremists” etc.

      By linking Rand Paul to the tea partiers, the MSM is effectively damaging the movement. I attended some tea parties and saw nothing about Ron or Rand Paul. It’s not their movement, but CNN is all about Rand Paul and the tea partiers.

      Rand Paul is the MSM’s dream tool to distract attention from Obama’s record and agenda.

    146. jason says:

      “If Ron Paul becomes president he needs to issue an executive order to now allow the IRS to collect any taxes and get rid of all its records.”

      I rest my case.

    147. Daniel G. says:


      Folks, Rossi is IN, IN, IN

      He will announce Wednesday


      After Palin endorsed Didier I was highly doubting that Rossi would run.

    148. Tommy_Boy says:


      Udub sponspored the poll.

      I’m pulling for Vaughn. I think running a decorated veteran is a better bet against a hack like Minnick.

      As for Labrador, did he flip on amnesty? I read some quotes of him supporting amnesty.

      I’m with HD. I see a double-digit Ward victory tomorrow. Even the good ones like Mason-Dixon miss from time to time.

    149. Bunu says:

      I increasingly like the starve the beast idea, not because I think the tax cuts will pay for themselves as is claimed and I think sometimes they do, but mostly because it creates an ungovernable situation as we help cause the government to become more unmanageable.

    150. Diogenes says:

      Now is the Washington GOP disciplined enough to let Rossi win the primary? Are they more like the ME GOP or the Utah GOP?

    151. Wes says:

      Good news, Daniel.

    152. Tommy_Boy says:

      We’ve noted on this blog that Obama’s numbers haven’t moved in half a year.

      But this oil spill may be the back-breaker for Obama. This the type of incompetence than cannot plausibly be placed on anyone else other than Obama.

      This guy still doesn’t realize that urban/minority voters aren’t enough. Talking with Marv Albert about LeBron James is pretty tone-deaf (and this is from one of the few conservatives who loves the NBA). The only audience for the NBA are people who already vote blindly for the Democrat party hack in any election. I

    153. Daniel G. says:


      Now I’m rating flipping the Senate at 50/50.

    154. MD says:


      It is common knowledge that Germany declared war on the U.S. The fact that JD did not know that we responded in kind is the end of the world I guess.

      Long ago, I conceded a McCain victory. However, as evidenced by Todd, the McCainites appear to be a nervous lot these days willing to latch on to anything in an attempt to make their angry, flipflopping candidate the appealing choice.

      Maybe I was wrong. Given the McCainites insecurity, perhaps JD does have a shot?

    155. Wes says:

      In his wildest wet dreams maybe, MD.

    156. Daniel G. says:

      Everybody is buzzing around this CA-SEN SUSA Poll.

      Folks, I’ve connections to the Calling Centers in Verona, New Jersey and they said it might just be a bad sample.

    157. marc says:

      Imagine if Thompson and either Pakatki or Giuliani had got in. Liberals wouldn’t never have pass up that opportunity.

    158. Wes says:

      You’re hardly an unbiased source, Daniel. You’ve expressed a dislike of Fiorina often enough on here. It does somewhat track with what Mark cali has been saying about the race. We’ll see, I guess.

    159. Wes says:

      Republicans’ egos make them think only the White House is good enough for them, Marc. Dem’s egos let them think the Senate is acceptable if the White House is out of reach.

    160. Brandon says:

      But a 34 point swing from SUSA’s last poll 2 weeks ago? I have a hard time believing that.

    161. AuH2ORepublican says:

      #151, Tommy Boy, from what I’ve read, Labrador has never been in favor of amnesty, but was falsely accused of being in favor of amnesty by a fellow Idaho Republican legislator who has been in a feud with him ever since Labrador defeated the legislator’s attempt to raise taxes.

    162. KnightHawk says:

      134 – He really has now.

    163. Daniel G. says:

      If Thompson & Pataki had run Dems would be TOAST

    164. MD says:

      Does McCain still hold meetings while wearing a dress shirt and boxer underwear?

      Does McCain still physically accost 92 year olds? Does McCain still demand meetings at the White House and then not utter a word for an hour? Does McCain support amnesty? Does he support Global Warming. Does he let his personal issues intrude on properly interrogating terrorists?

      Go ahead and respond Todd. That is just my warmup. Trust me.

    165. Daniel G. says:


      Excatly Brandon. I find that hard to believe. Don’t get me wrong: SUSA is usually one of the best in the Business but even they can have a bad sample.

    166. KnightHawk says:

      164 – As do I, we’ll see what the next one brings perhaps new susa one is an outlier.

    167. MD says:

      I still think Carly is on the driver’s seat even if the SUSA is a bad sample. Have thought so all along.

    168. Bunu says:

      GOP had the discipline to let Scozzyfovva win, but then she split the vote since the base hated her.

      If Rossi can’t win a primary, then she she shouldn’t be the nominee.

    169. MD says:

      BUNU – WTF are you talking about? She was selected and then in a snit supported the D when it was obvious that she was done.

      Basic facts. Try it sometime.

    170. KnightHawk says:

      167 – Not bad, I don’t prefer her face though, something is just off to me.

    171. Daniel G. says:

      CO-SEN (GOP)

      Wiens drops out, endorses Buck

      That could mean trouble for Norton.

    172. KnightHawk says:

      173 – Rossi is a he bunu

    173. Bunu says:

      Obama needs to threaten South Korea that they are not to attack the North or we will leave. I don’t think we want them drawing us in to some random conflict as long as our troops are there.

      #174 – Did you see #153 “Now is the Washington GOP disciplined enough to let Rossi win the primary? Are they more like the ME GOP or the Utah GOP?”

      Diogenes perhaps doesn’t want GOP primary voters voting. He wants dislike Hayworth and is also mad Paul won so he wants to make sure that Rossi is “selected” like Scozzafavva.

    174. MD says:


      Anti 1st amendment
      Pro Amnesty or anti- Amnesty, which is it this week?
      Pro Global Warming
      Anti enhanced interrogations of terrorists.

      What is not to like?

    175. Bunu says:

      Any country that relies on U.S. aid or has U.S. military personal there is essentially a U.S. colony in my opinion.

      They don’t get an opinion on sovereignty or whether they get to attack North Korea unless we say so unless they want us to leave.

    176. AuH2ORepublican says:

      #173, Bunu, what the heck are you talking about GOP primary voters letting Scozzafava win? There was no GOP primary for the special election in NY-23; Scozzafava was selected by RINO county chairmen who specifically ignored the appeals made by Republicans in their counties.

      Washington Republicans will decide who will face Murray in November, and if Rossi doesn’t take their votes for granted and proves to be a moderate-to-conservative Republican, not a liberal RINO, I am confdent that he will win the nomination.

    177. Bunu says:

      Ya, I was joking about allowing Scozzafova to be selected to prevent the primary voters from making a mistake. It was sarcasm.

    178. Todd says:

      NO MD. Its because Hayworth is an idiot who will lose the seat now or within 6 years because he cant control himself. Who is more insecure? The man who has held the seat for almost 30 years, winning by a landslide each time or a guy who cant even hold onto a conservative house seat because he sticks his foot in his mouth? We dont need another Rand Paul. Why invest money into this race if we dont have to?? Additionally, not having a basic understanding of US History when your running for US SENATE really concerns me and should everyone.

    179. MD says:

      Clinton, Bush and Obama have all failed vis a vis North Korea.

    180. rdelbov says:

      NY-20, NY-23 & PA12 had GOP nominees selected by county chairs in NY & executive committees in PA12. IN3 nominee will be done like PA12.

      I deplore not having a primary.

      Ditto for states like CT-MA-CO-UT that rely on a caucus/convention system for selecting nominees.

      In Case A you have several dozen people select the nominee

      In Case B you have between a couple thousand delegates or caucus attendees decide it.

      I think we always better served by having all voters who care to vote decide

    181. ac1 says:

      Someone found a way to produce a poll where a Republican beats Cuomo!

    182. MD says:


      OK. I will accept that you support man made Global Warming, McCain/Feingold, the gang of 14 selling out conservative judges, amnesty for illegals, beating up 92 year olds, berating 18 year old volunteers until they cry, opposing a bailout of AIG only to change your mind the next day, suspending your POTUS campaign to go to DC and do nothing and continually trash your own party.

      Yea Bud. You sure got me on this one.

    183. Todd says:

      MD, I am concerned that Hayworth wins, but unlike Specter and Lincoln (who I think will also lose), McCain is aware of the environment and you cant say he’s not fighting hard to retain his seat.

    184. Todd says:

      Yeah MD. I support McCain, so that means I support all his positions as well.

    185. MD says:

      Your right Todd. He is flipping on all his positions in order to win the primary. It will probably work.

      Your absolutely correct. McCain has no consistent ideology. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    186. MD says:

      Well Todd, what else am I to think since you never speak of JD’s positions? I am left to assume that you support McCain’s positions, whatever they may be at this moment. Fear not though. They will change dramatically after the first Tuesday in November.

    187. MD says:

      Thought so. Remember, you brought the topic up. Oh, I know. You really did NOT want to talk about beliefs or ideology. Silly things, those.

    188. Todd says:

      McCain has been one of the foremost detractors of health care reform and the killer of the beast in out of control pork. Obviously politically motivated, but he has staunchly supported Arizona’s immigration law against the onslaught of the Obama Administration. I don’t want to hear that McCain is all bad.

    189. Todd says:

      MD, why would I support an out of control birther who cant win the general election? I’ll stay with the safe choice for Arizona and the GOP: John McCain

    190. Tim says:

      Please, anyone except Roy Moore…….

    191. MD says:

      Todd couldn’t resist. Can’t point to records so just repeat stale msm innuendo. It is just what I expect from a liberal.

    192. Todd says:

      Im no liberal. Everyone who supports McCain is NOT a liberal. I guess the whole AZ congressional delegation and Sarah Palin must all be Liberals.

    193. Todd says:

      MD, I cant take your seriously. It was McCain not Hayworth who voted against Bush’s Rx slush fund and giveaway. Not to mention that Hayworth is one of the biggest porkers who walked the halls of Congress. Hayworth is a joke. Shadegg would have been the candidate to take on McCain in the primary–not this joker you support.

    194. Todd says: