MD Turnout Email Battle – Ehrlich v O’Malley

    In the span of about two minutes, I received emails from both the Ehrlich and O’Malley campaigns about the turnout today in Maryland. From the O’Malley campaign:

    We are getting reports from the field that turnout is lighter than expected in a few key counties.

    This is exactly what our opponent needs to close the gap–he needs you and your friends to sit back, get overconfident, and stay home.

    If we do not get our voters to the polls in the next four hours, this could be a long Election Night.

    On the flipside, here was the email from the Ehrlich campaign.

    The enthusiasm at the polls today has been wonderful to see, but I wanted to remind you one last time that now is the time to cast your vote. The polls close tonight at 8 p.m. Please be sure to check here for your polling place, cast your vote before 8 p.m., and we’ll see you tonight at our Strong Leadership Victory Rally at Timonium Fairgrounds.

    Less than four hours until polls close in Maryland and, hard to believe, we are just about 90 minutes away from the first polls closing in the 2010 Elections!

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    1. rdelbov says:

      A win by Bobby E. would be huge and a shock

    2. jason says:


    3. walt says:


    4. jason says:

      Over at Kos two posters are bemoaning low turnouts in Cuyahoga Co. in Ohio and in Ann Arbor college campuses in Michigan.

    5. Robbie says:

      Turnout is high in both Louisville and Lexington. In Louisville, there is a competative mayoral race for the first time in 45 years. In Lexington, there is the race between Chandler and Barr.

      High turnout in these cities would help Conway, but turnout in the state is high as well.

    6. Tony says:

      This is how I rated VA late last week.

      VA11 R PICKUP
      VA2 R PICKUP
      VA5 R PICKUP
      VA9 R PICKUP*

    7. Tony says:


      I sure am glad he’s on our side.

    8. MFG says:

      Give me the damn gavel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Harry Reid says:

      Does anyone know where my papers are?

    10. lisab says:

      the dollar has been the currency of the world for 70 to 100 years

      obama is destroying it in one term

      what happens to prices when all the people holding dollars suddenly decide they don’t want dollars anymore?

    11. DrJay says:

      Your walking papers, Harry?

    12. mnw says:


      Conway is beyond help! Only divine intervention would help the Aqua Buddha at this point.

      Nice to see rdel get a frist.

    13. lisab says:

      turnout for republicans MUCH less than originally expected

      dem turnout lukewarm

    14. mnw says:


      In answer to your question:

      Those of us who hold IAU (ishares Comex Gold Trust) will be very happy!

    15. Marv says:

      #13 lisab,

      Standing by for the link….over.

    16. Jason T says:

      13.Lisab, You did this on the Brown Race in MASS. Do not make up stuff

    17. addisonst says:

      Cousin Bob Ehrlich from the gentile side of my family. If he loses it’s a shanda.

    18. addisonst says:

      We might have to put Lisa on tricknore.

    19. Robbie says:


      Conway is beyond help! Only divine intervention would help the Aqua Buddha at this point.

      Nice to see rdel get a frist.

      Comment by mnw — November 2, 2010 @ 4:41 pm

      Just saying Louisville is where Conway must counteract the rest of the state. A higher turnout here helps him, but doesn’t mean a win.

    20. ameister says:

      How is turnout for runyan?

    21. Tony says:

      Reid’s papers were actually found in Los Angeles and were enroute to the Reid headquarters in Las Vegas. These courage women should be thanked for their services.

    22. Tony says:

      Alexis Herman Munster is a freakin’ idiot if she thinks Obama didn’t get his message out.

    23. Pitchaboy says:

      Lisab baby, the senate has flipped

    24. HD says:

      Are you nervous about KY, Wobbie?

    25. Jason T says:

      This could be spin, but Wireupdate and Joe Brooks are saying that turnout is very bad in Blumie areas of CT

    26. Marv says:


    27. lisab says:

      #13 “lisab, Standing by for the link….over.”

    28. Jean Valjean says:

      McMahon and COD surging to victory! Its going to be a long night for Obama and his cronies.

    29. Brandon says:


      From what I have heard, turnout does seem to be low, but the Adler campaign says they have met their projections in key areas FWIW. I don’t actually live in the district so I won’t be able to give a first-hand account.

    30. ac1 says:

      One hour. I am going to be ill. That is normal, however.

    31. Jason T says:

      Well Intrade still has Toomey at 93%, so those exit polls in the Pa-15 changed nothing

    32. Marv says:

      #29 lisab,

      I have a somewhat negative view of the current Commander in Chief.

    33. rdelbov says:

      looking good?

      early signs look good

    34. Jason T says:

      Yes, AC, I have a family of Butterflies in my stomach.

      2004 was still the worst though, I almost did a “STANDING YAWN” on the 2004 exit polls.

    35. Marv says:

      Can we make a rule that when any candidate is referenced that his/her party ID (R/D) is attached to the name? Thank you.

    36. MD says:

      I am about to get sick.

      Do NOT listen to or read any exits. They are always wrong and you will lose your lunch.

    37. Marv says:

      #31 Brandon

      What is Adler’s party ID?

    38. Brandon says:


    39. Jason T says:

      No doubt the Louisville Mayor’s race helps Yarmuth

    40. MD says:

      Marv – yes. Sorry I was guilty of that. I will repost my predictions with that status. Update in 1 minute sir.

    41. Chekote says:

      Any exit polls?

    42. mnw says:


      There’s a great deal of chatter, from several CT reports, & from both GOP AND DEMS, that turnout is high in CT where the GOP wants it to be high, & low elsewhere. GOP House candidates say that. So does Stolen Honor, & so does Samantha.

      May all be bullzh**, but it’s consistent bullzh**.

    43. Jason T says:

      MD, those PA exits did nothing to change the mind of the nervous nellies at Intrade

    44. KnightHawk says:

      38 – Deep breaths.

    45. rdelbov says:

      My 1st COD comment of the day–I went to Hotair and saw that she has complained of lack of support from NRSC.

      She has raised more then 6 million dollars–all time record in DE–more outside money then Ron Johnson in WI.

      No ads from NRSC for the guy in HI-VT-NYA-NYB–OR–yet COD is the one complaining.

      Look for her to end the campaign with a million in the bank plus look for her to be running for senate or Gov 2012.

    46. mnw says:

      I mean Mme. WWE, not Samantha.

    47. Jason T says:

      44. I agree. May be bull, but the chatter on the house races has been said by multiple sources. Who knows?

    48. turd in the punch bowl says:

      EvanGlassCNN16 minutes ago “New: Pelosi just told us at DNC HQ, “We’re on pace to maintain majority control of House”


      Authoririan government rules!!!!!

    49. MD says:

      From last thread so you guys can beat me up later:

      OK – I am going to give my final PA predictions. You guys can rip me to shreds later when I am proven wrong.

      PA Gov

      Corbett (R) – 53.5%
      Onorato (D) (Mr. Penn State) – 45.7%
      other – 0.8%

      PA Senate:

      Toomey (R) – 51.3%
      Sestak (D) – 48.1
      other – 0.6%

      House Races

      PA 3

      Kelly (R) – 55.2%
      Dahlkemper (D) – 44.1%
      other – 0.7%

      PA 4

      Fraudmire (D) – 50.8%
      Rothfus (R) – 48.5%
      other – 0.7%

      PA 7

      Meehan (R) – 53.0%
      Lentz (D) – 45.8%
      Obvious Dem Plant – 1.2%

      PA 8

      Fitzpatrick (R) – 51.6%
      Murphy (D) – 48.3%
      Other – 0.1%

      PA 10

      Carney (D) – 50.1%
      Marino (R) – 49.7%
      other – 0.2%

      PA 11

      Barletta (R) – 54.1%
      Kanjorski (D) – 45.3%
      other – 0.6%

      PA 12

      Critz (D) – 51.0%
      Burns (R) – 47.3%
      other – 1.3%

      PA 13

      Schwartz (D) – 54.2%
      Adcock (R) – 45.4%
      Other – 0.4%

      PA 17

      Holden (D) – 57.7%
      Argall (R) – 41.6
      other – 0.7%

      Pickups – 3,7,8,11 – 10 very, very close. Hopefully wrong about that one

    50. mnw says:


      Yes. We took a poll, & we all want you to exit.

    51. MD says:

      If 50 is even true, so what? What else is she gonna say?

    52. HD says:

      Relax people, ride the wave.

    53. HD says:

      Comment by mnw — November 2, 2010 @ 5:06 pm


    54. lisab says:

      “I have a somewhat negative view of the current Commander in Chief.”

      i cannot imagine why

    55. Jason T says:

      MD, we are all nervous. It will be fine. all the regulars here have been pounding the Keyboards since 2008, and we are very vested in this.

      In 1994, I was much less political, and was stunned to get home late and see Gingrich being called Speaker elect. Not one person I knew, thought it would happen

    56. addisonst says:

      I don’t believe Nancy said that but if so, she’s more baghdad bob than baghdad bob gibbs is baghdad bob.

      “there are no republicans in the capital.”

    57. Ho-Dogg says:

      Anyone know why Burns in PA 12 never answers the 23% tax increase ad? It is misleading but effective. DNC has run it against him in the special election and this one. I never have seen a reponse ad explaining that income tax etc.. would be eliminated.

    58. Jason T says:

      Pelosi has to say that, to make sure voters out West are not depressed.

    59. Marv says:

      First returns should be expected within an hour.

    60. Tony says:

      Could somebody tell Beck to talk about the freakin’ election?

      If Beck was an anatomy teacher and had two females, one unattractive and fat woman and one very beautiful woman to explain the female anatomy to a class of high school males, he would pick the ugly one.

      Hey Beck! Beck!! There’s an election going on!! Beck!! Hey!!

    61. Jason T says:

      tony, Beck is on his own mission these days

    62. jason says:

      Worried. Intrade has Democratic House gaining. Up 1.3 to 6.3%… 8)

      But there are some interesting changes.

      McMahon up 4.4 to 10%.

      Angle up 2.4 to 73. So no bad exits there.

      Feingold up 7 points, but that only gets him to 12%.

      O’Donnell up 5.7 to 10%.

      Murray slightly down to 60%.

      Buck up 5 to 78%.

      Manchin up 4 to 83%. Don’t like this.

      Kirk up 14 to 80%, probably an exit poll there.

      Miller up 6.6 to 77%.

      Conclusion: outside of WV, there does not seem to be any good news out there for the Democrats.

    63. Brandon says:

      I’ve got CNN now. They’ll have the first exit polls out soon.

    64. LaZebra says:

      Gosh, that last thread was horrid! We’re on the brink of a potentially historic victory, and we end up in a vulgar tirade, with lots and lots of “COMMENT DELETED”s.

      Personally, my mood is quiet prayerfulness, praying that our God will hear our prayers and heal our land. Somehow that doesn’t fit with vulgar insults.

      So to (Canadian) Cory, Proud Obamacon, and others: My God comfort you in your sad, sad night. And may it be extra sad!

    65. addisonst says:

      Ok people the exit poll quarantine is over. Find some exit polls and bring them here. And be quick about it.

    66. jason says:

      I think MD is only wrong by 0.5% and Carney loses… 8)

    67. Brandon says:

      I’m willing to bet Twitter crashes at some point tonight.

    68. LaZebra says:

      tony, Beck is on his own mission these days
      Comment by Jason T — November 2, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

      On the Friday before the final Obamacare vote, while Rush, Hannity, Laura, and others were frantically beating the drum against the takeover of our health care, Beck was calmly defining his version of “progressivism”. That’s Beck.

    69. Brandon says:

      I actually think the exits are embargoed until 5:30.

    70. jason says:

      Where is Garbagedamus? Probably on a ledge….

    71. Jason T says:

      I thought WVa was finally ready to turn the corner

    72. Tony says:

      Beck made me turn to CNN.

    73. jason says:

      71. Embargoes don’t work. There are always leaks and tweets.

    74. Jason T says:

      Brandon, do you really expect exits broadcast by CNN to be good for the GOP?

    75. jason says:

      73. I haven’t given up on WV…

    76. walt says:

      For your preelection results enjoyment. My apologies to whoeveer wrote “Casey at the Bat”


      The outlook wasn’t rosy as the Ds neared election day
      The polls had slews of Ds down, with but one more day to play
      Back when Specter got primary-ed and others did the same
      A sickly silence fell upon the MSM most lame.

      A very few could sift the tea leaves and read the political barometer
      But most clung to the hypnotic hype wafting from the TelePrompTer.
      They thought, if only Erkel could get on the campaign track –
      We’d put up even money, then, with Erkel at the bat.

      But Pelosi preceded Erkel, as did Reid–with words so fake,
      And the former was a lulu and the latter was a flake;
      So upon the Obamabot multitude grim melancholy sat,
      For there seemed but little chance of Erkel’s getting to the bat.

      But Pelosi on broom flew off to Frisco, to the wonderment of all,
      And Reid, the much despised, to Erkel passed the ball;
      And when the dust had lifted, and the men saw what had occurred,
      Safe were NY “A” and “B” plus COD had laid a turd. (in NJ)

      Then from 5,000 throats and more there rose a lusty yell;
      It rumbled through the DNC, it rattled down in hell;
      It knocked upon the Left Coast and recoiled upon New York,
      For Erkel, mighty Erkel, on the LOSS bottle could put a cork

      There was ease in Erkel’s manner as he sent his caddie packing;
      There was pride in Erkel’s bearing and oh the jokes that he was cracking.
      And when, responding to the cheers, he lightly doffed his Muslim hat,
      No stranger in the crowd could doubt ’twas Erkel at the bat.

      Ten thousand eyes were on him as he smeared the Rs with dirt;
      Five thousand tongues applauded when he expressed his personal hurt.
      Then while the Tea Party leader ground the ball into his hip,
      Defiance gleamed in Erkel’s eye, a sneer curled Erkel’s lip.

      And now the issues-covered sphere came hurtling through the air,
      And Erkel stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there.
      Close by the sissy batsman the ball unheeded sped-
      “That ain’t my style,” said Erkel. “Strike one,” the voters said.

      From the benches, black with people, there went up a muffled roar,
      Like the beating of the storm-waves on a stern and distant shore.
      “Kill them! Kill the voters!” shouted someone on the stand;
      And its likely they’d a-killed them had not Erkel raised his hand.

      With a smile of Muslim charity great Erkel’s visage shone;
      He stilled the rising tumult; he bade the game go on;
      He signaled to Sue Nomi, and once more the issues flew;
      But Erkel still ignored them, and the voters said, “Strike two.”

      “Fraud!” cried the maddened ACORNS, and echo answered fraud;
      But one scornful look from Erkel and the audience was awed.
      They saw his face grow stern and cold, saw his one tiny muscle strain,
      And they knew that Erkel wouldn’t let the issues go by again.

      The sneer is gone from Erkel’s lip, in his teeth he clenched a Pall Mall;
      He pounds with cruel violence his agenda. and awaits another ball.
      And Sue Nomi holds the voters’ hearts, and now she lets it go,
      And now the air is shattered by the force of Erkel’s blow.

      Oh, everywhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
      The band is playing everywhere, and everywhere hearts are light,
      And everywhere men are laughing, and everywhere children shout;
      But there is no joy in Lib-ville – mighty Erkel has struck out.

    77. addisonst says:

      i thought the embargo was until 5 00.

      Anyway I’m going to leave the office and embark on our efficient, union run train system. So if anybody gets exits please post or link.

      I still have to get some pinot grigios

    78. HD says:

      Why in the world would anyone give up on WVA?

    79. Jon says:

      So nervous right now. Think I might throw-up either way the elections turnout.

    80. NYCmike says:

      Come on Wrestler, bring that baby home!

    81. Marv says:

      Imagine how General Eisenhower felt in the short hours just before the first wave went ashore on Normandy.

    82. jason says:

      No leaked exits is good news. If they were good for Dems, we would have heard some by now.

    83. mark oh says:

      Tweet Tracker at NRO is pretty cool.

      First exit poll news is that 4 in 10 voters are worse off financially than 2 years ago.

    84. Jason T says:

      I have not given up on Raese either, but with Manchin’s flip flopping, ot should have been a 5% Raese lead

    85. IP727 says:

      ~~~ODE TO THE DEMS~~~

      As their pucker strings are about to pucker,
      From us they will receive no succor,
      They thought themselves beyond reproach
      But their day of reckoning it does approach ,
      Say adios to the motherf—ers.

    86. Tony says:

      Great point, Jason

    87. rdelbov says:

      I got a good feeling about WV

      just a feeling

    88. Jason T says:

      84. Jason, I think you just won most intelligent post of the night. If they were good for the Dems, they would have been tweeted at 2pm

    89. Redneckman says:

      Well done Walt!

    90. Tommy_Boy says:

      Matthews is picking raese

    91. Tony says:

      Where’s that NRO tweet tracker?

    92. Brandon says:

      “Exit polls show voters expressing dissatisfaction with Obama and Congress; don’t have a favorable view of either party.”

    93. Jason T says:

      I like NRO, but they were way off on the Counts for Deathcare passing

    94. Marv says:


    95. jason says:

      91. Thanks, Jason, but the night is still young.

    96. DrJay says:

      #91 Best post of the night so far was that McRibs are back.

    97. Jason T says:

      95. So what does that mean? LOL.

    98. DrJay says:

      So far, the exits are just saying what the pollsters have already told us.

    99. jason says:

      Beck almost called Grayson a POS, but at the last second said “person who should not be in office”.

    100. Jason T says:

      99. Jay LOL.

    101. Tony says:

      Why doesn’t Fox pull Beck? Don’t they have trackers to let them know they are losing viewers.

    102. Jan says:

      Another take on what to look for as the polls close and races start to come in:

      10 races that hold the cards for House Democrats

    103. Jean Valjean says:

      47 – COD won’t be running for gov in 2012 – she is going to win in the biggest upset of the night.

    104. Jason T says:



    105. mark oh says:

      ACORN files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

    106. Wes says:

      Fox gives us a Beck tirade. CNN gives us a countdown to poll closing time and analysis of the issues on voters’ minds across the country. Guess which channel I’m watching.

    107. Tommy_Boy says:

      Matthews is picking Tancredo too

    108. Brandon says:

      GOP 41/53 favorables
      DEM 43/53 favorables

      economy most important issue 62%, health care 19%

      economy 88% not good/poor, 11% excellent/good

      50% very worried about economy, 86% somewhat worried

    109. Brandon says:

      36% somewhat worried

    110. Brandon says:

      Thats from CNN. I was typing as they were talking on TV.

    111. krr says:

      Post the RACE exits.

    112. Robbie says:

      Glen Beck is unstable, but his ratings are through the roof. I don’t watch his show because I think he’s nuts.

    113. hugh says:

      Dont worry about exit polls they are just part of the msm propaganda plan to boost dem voting.

    114. Marv says:


      Based on CNN exits from 2004, those are very good polls for the GOP!!

    115. Wes says:

      I hope O’Donnell can make Coons sweat. If she can, then that will be good news because it will mean Dems across the country will be struggling.

    116. Gary Maxwell says:

      Chap 7 is liquidation. Goner. Kaput.

      Au revoir.

    117. mnw says:

      Geraghty reports that DEM who saw exits = unhappy. GOP counterpart in FL = happy (“we win everything” happy)

    118. Brandon says:

      #115. Those aren’t released until the polls close.

    119. Jan says:

      #93 I agree with Matthews. Raese is going to win, despite some of the recent polls showing Manchin up. I go along with the logic that by Raese winning the people of West Virginia can keep their popular governor, and send a conservative to DC — it’s a win/win for them.

    120. Robbie says:

      No station will exit polls on races. To get those, we’ll have to check drudge.

    121. IP727 says:

      Nancy Piglosi, the only female to use summers eve as an aftershave, due to her many facelifts.

    122. Chekote says:

      Glen Beck is unstable,

      I have said that about a year ago. He is nuts. And I just love how he starts all these projects (meetup, 9/12, restore honor), puts up a website and then there is no follow though.

    123. mnw says:

      Tingle? Picks Tanc & Manchin? r u sure?

    124. Gary Maxwell says:

      So you are saying Pelosi is a douche?

    125. Wes says:

      Fox News has Michael Barine–the single greatest mind in politics–yet they use him not one bit to analyze what we can expect from tonight. CNN counters with a panel of a number of political insiders. Good thing Fox has nuance on its side.

    126. mnw says:

      I meant “picks Raese”

      I have trouble w/ that kind of thing.

    127. Corey says:

      America, hide your wife. Hide your kids. Hide your husbands too. Cuz we’re fightin’ every Democrat out here!

    128. Jason T says:

      I need a drink

    129. Robbie says:

      My Dad started listening to Beck’s radio show in 2004. Back then, he was as much comedy as politics. I told my Dad then I thought he was a kook.

    130. Chekote says:

      Look for her to end the campaign with a million in the bank plus look for her to be running for senate or Gov 2012.

      COD is a professional victim. And she will live off the campaign contributions.

    131. Tommy_Boy says:

      Morris just claimed he loves the turnout models in CT and DE.

      Who knows if this just bs.

    132. Jan says:

      Michael Medved is substantiating that the early voting numbers being tweeted for FL look “ugly” for dems.

    133. wvally says:

      Matthews said he thinks voter anger will trump local favoritism for Manchin

    134. EML1 says:

      Haha, who is this dumb bitch on CNN?

      “This election is not against the Democrats, it’s against the issues. It’s against the stimulus and ObamaCare.”

      Uh, DUUUHHH, which party brought us those wonderful pieces of legislation?

    135. Redneckman says:

      #120, Unfortunately, they’ll just come back with another name.

    136. mark oh says:

      Exit polls .. Number 1 issue is Economy.

      Howard Dean has been saying that since Obama was elected.

    137. Gary Maxwell says:

      Learn to ignor nearly every prediction Morris makes. He has a horrible track record. Now in a wave he might be right, but it will not because of insight. The deluge made it happen, and you got nothing from listening to Morris.

    138. turd in the punch bowl says:

      Your a KOS Plant and you suck – go away you dumb BEEEEEEECCCCHHHHHH

    139. Wes says:

      Hey, Fox, have you noticed there’s a little thing called an election going on today?

    140. Redneckman says:

      Jesus, do we need to keep bitching about O’Donnell, my goodness.

    141. Todd says:

      Just voted for Corbett and Toomey! Polling place was packed!

    142. Corey says:

      Mary Matalin and Alex Castellanos look resplendent in Republican Red.

    143. Corey says:

      Donna Brazille is getting in on that too!

    144. BayernFan says:

      Morris predicted that Hillary would be elected President. He also predicted (back in 2008) that in 2010, the GOP would come ROARING back in a HUGE way.

    145. Jan says:

      One thing about Matthews is that he does have moments of straight talk, no matter if it means reporting bad news about his own party.

    146. Wes says:

      Does anyone else think WolfBlitzer is incredibly aptly named?

    147. IP727 says:

      128.So you are saying Pelosi is a douche?

      Comment by Gary Maxwell

      She’s had so many face lifts, she must now shave her chin.

    148. DrJay says:

      Line from William Shatner’s new show:

      “If it looks like manure and smells like manure, it’s either Wolf Blitzer or manure.”

    149. Redneckman says:

      I think Baker can pull that one out in Taxachusetts, thanks for update vwally.

    150. Gary Maxwell says:

      Crushing victory is coming, I can feel it.

    151. Wes says:

      Morris wrote a book saying 2008 would be the Condi v Hillary election. He also said Bush would lose in 2004 because Bush was too successful in the War on Terror. He predicted the GOP would win big in 1998. Morris predicted Bimbette and Schumer would be vulnerable to losses.

    152. Akula says:

      Has Brazille colored her hair its usual blue?

    153. Tony says:

      Morris also said Bush’s Sec of State would run and win. I forget her name.

      One thing about Morris is that he’s not afraid to make a prediction. I like that.

    154. mnw says:


      That’s on par with:

      “WWII did not show diapleassure with Hitler, only with Nazis & the SS.”

    155. Corey says:

      I am worried we are all almost too upbeat and optimistic at the moment. Myself included.

      At this point of the day back in 2004, I was practically in the fetal position.

    156. Tommy_Boy says:

      Dem who has looked at the exit poll says that they are experiencing mass murder according to Campaign Spot

    157. Robbie says:

      For a Democrat to describe the exits as mass murder, they must be amazing. I want numbers though.

    158. Wes says:

      All right…A commercial featuring a babe rising dripping out of the water with a Malcolm McDowell voiceover. Sounds like the perfect commercial to me.

    159. mark oh says:

      Tweet from Taegan Goddard:

      Democratic strategist who saw exit polling compared it to mass murder for Democrats

    160. Wes says:

      Tony, see 156.

    161. Roof says:

      Watched Chris mat hews
      Ed rendell said black turnout a lot higher than expected
      Starting to get nervous

    162. Robbie says:

      Fifteen minutes until polls close in eastern part of Kentucky.

    163. Wes says:

      Anyone else notice Pelosi and van Golen both look REALLY nervous?

    164. Corey says:

      I want to hear a Dem strategist compare the exit polls to Jonestown.

    165. mark oh says:

      Nate Silver urges everyone to ignore any exit polls.

    166. Corey says:

      Though if this election is like Jonestown, we have to assume that Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) survives.

    167. Robbie says:

      Watched Chris mat hews
      Ed rendell said black turnout a lot higher than expected
      Starting to get nervous

      Comment by Roof — November 2, 2010 @ 5:44 pm

      He was trying to say black turnout was higher this year than in 2008. Please.

    168. Tony says:

      Does Pelosi know something we don’t? She’s either very optimistic or incredibly stupid.

    169. Wes says:

      Turnout in Philly is supposed to be about 30%, Roof. I wouldn’t worry.

    170. wvally says:

      And then David Corn replied “I’m glad to hear Ed Rendell bucking up the democratic voters, hope he’s right”

    171. HD says:

      Big names are going down tonight.

    172. LaZebra says:

      Imagine how General Eisenhower felt in the short hours just before the first wave went ashore on Normandy.
      Comment by Marv — November 2, 2010 @ 5:23 pm

      Um, Marv, I think it was a VERY different feeling. In Ike’s case, he was thinking about all the good young men whose life was about to end.

    173. Tony says:

      Wes, I saw it.

      Is Fox back to election coverage yet?

    174. Marv says:

      T minus 15 minutes and counting until first polls close.

      All systems are Go for launch, over.

    175. EML1 says:

      Robbie – I heard Rendell say AA turnout in Philadelphia was going to be higher than 2006, not 2008.

    176. MFG says:

      I’m only worried about WV now
      And a little about WA

      We win big tonight

      56-3 type big

      1940 NFL Championship Game type big

    177. Wes says:

      Boehner wisely is ducking a question about whether he’ll be the next House Speaker.

    178. Marv says:

      #176 LaZebra,

      Yep, you are correct, sir.

    179. Wes says:

      Carol Costello is hot as Hell.

    180. Wes says:

      No, Tony. Beck’s still ranting.

    181. EML1 says:

      who has links to results? I don’t see any links on

    182. Chekote says:

      From Sullivan:

      If Yarmuth is struggling, against a Tea Party candidate who beat the NRCC’s choice, Democrats are basically doomed — they are losing in an urbanized district which has been steadily trending toward them.

    183. Roof says:

      Didn’t think I would getvthis nervous tonight
      Brother lives in lake tahoe nevada
      He’s worried that the election will be close enough for Reid to steal it

    184. Corey says:

      “We heard it during World War II, when General Eisenhower told paratroopers on D-Day morning not to worry and one replied, “We’re not worried, General … It’s Hitler’s turn to worry now.”

      – George W. Bush, Republican National Convention, 2000

    185. Marv says:

      1940 NFL Championship Game:


    186. Chekote says:

      Black radio has been pushing for the AA turnout here in the DFW area.

    187. HD says:

      New thread

    188. Wes says:

      Calm down, Roof. It’s going to be a good, a great, or a stellar night for the GOP. Just take it in stride.

    189. MFG says:

      Nothing to worry about Roof

      I dread finding out who our few casualties will be, but we will smash these people tonight

    190. turd in the punch bowl says:

      From NRO FWIW……

      “By Jim Geraghty
      Tags: Exit Polls, Florida

      I don’t have the exits, but folks I know in the media and political worlds are getting their first glimpses.

      Indicator Number One: I am told that one Democratic strategist, helping a television network with Election Night analysis, just declared that the Democrats were experiencing something on par with mass murder. The GOP counterpart looked at the same numbers and concluded the Democrats are, so far, not getting the urban turnout they need; suburban and rural areas are seeing big turnouts.

      Indicator Number Two: One Republican who is seeing early indicators in Florida says, “If this holds, we win everything.”

    191. mark oh says:

      Obama approval per Exit Polls 45 – 54.

    192. MFG says:

      I love the box score from that game

      Redskins were 20 for 51 passing and threw EIGHT interceptions

    193. mnw says:

      Ruffini says exit poll has Zero appv 45 & disappv 54.

      Aploogies if this has been posted already.

    194. MFG says:

      Good luck, Jan

      Hope we have good news from CA tonight

    195. Possible upset tonight in N. Al CD5 between Brooks(R) and Raby(D). I see Raby possibly upsetting Brooks as Brooks is just not really well liked here. I voted for him but my candidate Les phillip lost in the primary. Raby is very personable and was Howell Hefflin’s Chief of Staff. Raby’s got Bud Cramer’s support which goes a long way here, so look out for this one. What will help Brooks is a lot of advertisements to just vote straight R.I dont think Brooks ran a really great campaign. Raby had more $$ and more advertisements.

    196. Marv says:

      Beck will still have higher ratings than the other two networks, but his show is irrelevant babble today.

    197. Roof says:

      Here we go

    198. Roof says:

      What is msnbc reaction toexits

    199. Benny says:

      Hi gang