Gingrich Leads Iowa, Romney Leads New Hampshire

    This morning, Marist College and NBC News gave us another poll for the state of Iowa showing nearly identical results as last night’s Des Moines Register poll.

    Newt Gingrich 26%
    Mitt Romney 18%
    Ron Paul 17%
    Rick Perry 9%
    Herman Cain 9%
    Michele Bachmann 5%
    Rick Santorum 5%
    Jon Huntsman 2%

    In the General Election, the most electable Republican is actually Ron Paul.

    PRESIDENT – IOWA (Marist)
    Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%
    Mitt Romney (R) 39%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
    Newt Gingrich (R) 37%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 42%
    Ron Paul (R) 42%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 48%
    Rick Perry (R) 37%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 54%
    Michele Bachmann (R) 31%

    This poll was done November 27-29 among 2896 registered voters. They also released a poll for New Hampshire showing Romney in the lead among Republicans.

    Mitt Romney 39%
    Newt Gingrich 23%
    Ron Paul 16%
    Jon Huntsman 9%
    Rick Perry 3%
    Michele Bachmann 3%
    Herman Cain 2%
    Rick Santorum 1%

    in the General Election battle in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney gives Republicans the best chance of flipping the four electoral votes to the Republicans.

    Mitt Romney (R) 49%
    Barack Obama (D-inc) 40%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 49%
    Newt Gingrich (R) 39%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 44%
    Ron Paul (R) 40%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 51%
    Rick Perry (R) 36%

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 53%
    Michele Bachmann (R) 33%

    This poll was done November 28-30 among 1116 registered votesr.

    Football picks one post down…good morning!

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    1. Mittmentum2012 says:


    2. GF says:

      My rules;

      1) No bigotry (you know who you are); not in the mood today.

      2) Stop comparing the Grinch (Newt) to McCain or Dole; they were real men, whatever their flaws, and Newt could not hold their jock straps. I’ll slide on McAmnesty a bit, but Dole was a genuine hero and does not deserve that.

      3) Protestants must follow the Catholic model today and be unrepentant when they cast their stones at our glass houses…wait, they already do! (j/k!)

      4) Be nice to each other; it’s Sunday!

    3. SUSYQUE says:

      HEADS UP!
      We must put voting Republican over who or who isn’t your favorite nominee. That is what is important. In the last election my heart sank when McCain became the GOP’s chosen nominee. I still voted for him. In my opinion, Mitt and or Newt are stronger candidates than McCain was. No one should sit-out the election if they don’t favor the nominee. Our nation is in troubled waters; we will go under if ooo gets the 2012 election prize! Think and speak VICTORY!

    4. Bitterlaw says:

      GF – you Jew lover. Who cares about your rules? Oh, wait. I’m a Jew lover, too. Never mind.

    5. No one here with one or two exceptions will not vote for the GOP candidate. This is about picking a candidte who the uninformed voter will support. Stopping Obama’s next 3 SCOTUS picks is more important than party purity.

    6. Bitterlaw says:

      Good thing the GOP doesn’t need to win New Hampshire. Go Newt.

    7. GF says:

      To be fair, my Jew’s father was Irish Catholic, but she got the mom, and that’s what counts. GF’s gf just prior to Mrs. GF had a Jewish father and an Episcopal mother, so she was a no-go (although her bank account dwarfed the current Mrs.; some say I choose poorly, but I don’t think so.

    8. Wes says:

      Doesn’t the idea that L. Ron Paul is tied with Obama make the Iowa poll suspect?

    9. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I’m tending to think that Paul will win IA because he has an organization unlike FatToad

    10. Mittmentum2012 says:

      At least you’re not married to Mormons

    11. CPA says:

      My Ronulan friends are sky high and looking for that big IA win. BTW: SC is an open primary

    12. GF says:

      Actually, a Paul win in IA followed up by Mitt storming NH would not be so bad; it would help to stall Newt’s momentum if it did no outright kill it. The question is, if Paul actually did reasonably well but still fell well short in the end, would that quell his vocal supporters and keep them in the fold vice pushing them towards in Indy bid of some kind?

    13. MD says:

      Did anyone else feel it?
      Bunu’s special moment.

    14. Bitterlaw says:

      If Ron Paul ran 3d party, would it matter? Paul’s cult votes for him and no other Republican.

    15. CPA says:

      20.5 dogs, What has the world come to????

    16. We duscussed NH’s spotty history of picking candidafes. What is Iowa’s?

    17. MD says:

      Paul would actually get some votes from the far left.

    18. Bitterlaw says:

      MILF-fest, MD? The problem is when cheerleader moms go bad, they go really bad.

    19. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Yes, I’ve never seen an NFL spread that large

      My guess is the Colts cover, trap game, although who knows…???

    20. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I’d greatly prefer Paul win IA rather than FatToad, it would greatly diminish FatToads momentum

    21. MD says:

      It is combined with football. The football coaches are talking about every kid individually. I might be here until 10 pm. I really don’t give a chit that the 80 LB outside linebacker covered well.

    22. Wes says:

      In contested primaries since the 1980s, New Hampshire has picked the nominee three times. Iowa has done so twice.

    23. Bitterlaw says:

      MD – my son played 1 season of football when he was 10. He didn’t like it as much as baseball and basketball so he didn’t play the next year. Some of those parents were scary. Several age groups practiced on the same fields. I heard a coach rip into an 8 year old for being stupid and gutless. That guy shouldn’t even be allowed to watch a game, let alone coach it.

    24. Wes says:

      Bengals are screwing themselves in this game with Pittsburgh. Idiots.

    25. Stillers aren’t taking advatage of it

    26. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – did you bet any games today?

    27. Wes says:

      I didn’t get a chance beforethe 1:00 games started, Bitter. I’m going to look at the later games and see if I like any of the matchups.

    28. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe Denver should punt on first down and put it’s Defense on the field as often as possible.

    29. bio mom says:

      Wonderful profile of Mitt Romney in Parade magazine today. Read it. I await the similar such profile of Newt Gingrich. Believe me. These things matter to the non-idiologues in the voting population.

    30. Brandon says:

      Doesn’t look like New England is going to cover at this point.

    31. david says:

      It’s hard to believe polling differences in New Hampshire between the other Candidates and Rommney.

    32. SUSYQUE says:

      #30…Bio Mom…Thanks! Will read all of it later, but I enjoyed the pictures. His wife is a lovely woman. Mitt and wife look great together.

      A plus for Mitt is that he would be impressive standing next to Obama, that is for sure!

      Newt doesn’t have that advantage.

    33. Wes says:

      Bengals are collapsing.

    34. MD says:

      This is Hell.

    35. Brandon says:

      Wait MD, I thought the Eagles weren’t playing today?

    36. Brandon says:


    37. GF says:

      Alas, I forgot to add a #5 and forbid football; there is a separate thread for that, you know. ;-(

    38. Bitterlaw says:

      My daughter is having her birthday party at an indoor pool. When my wife gets back, we’re probably going to the ER to see if I have a kidney infection or kidney stone. I’m still having a better day than MD.

    39. Wes says:

      You don’t like football, GF?

    40. lisab says:

      “That photo will kill Romney. No question about it.”

      yes, because no republican would ever vote for a business man who makes money

      gee, look how desperate the plants are to stop romney these days …

      they must know obama loses big to mitt

    41. GF says:

      Not really, Wes, but that’s b/c I did not grow up with it. I can put up with it in company, but it is not my first choice for entertainment. I play sports for enjoyment with friends, but outside a baseball game, I don’t get much out of watching them (and even with baseball, it’s more about tradition, roasted peanuts and hot dogs and pretzels for me). Although my blood panels suggest otherwise, one would think I was low on testosterone. 🙂

    42. GF says:

      Also, I’m rather boring at home. I read books and listen to old records and drink red wine (sometimes a cocktail if I am feeling industrious). I walk down to the water for exercise each night after dinner just so I don’t become too corpulent. That pretty much sums up my life, so there should not be much fodder for my opponents unless it is of the “can’t relate to the common man variety,” although in La Jolla, that may have a limited impact. 🙂

    43. lisab says:


      try yoga

      it really reshapes your body

    44. GF says:

      Jozie is the yoga queen, lisa; that and a variety of dance classes. Probably the best money I spend on a regular basis. I’ve heard about the wonders of yoga, but to be honest,I have not been able to bring myself to try it as of yet. Perhaps when no one is looking.

    45. Bitterlaw says:

      Breaking News – GF would rather drink wine and go for walks than watch sports. Rumors that he is a man can now be dispelled.

    46. Wes says:

      Your other half is a Josie too, GF?

    47. GF says:

      I also go fishing and hunting with my father (and sometimes by myself), BL, so I know where to get me a huntin’ license.

    48. Bitterlaw says:

      Yoga? Make sure you leave time for visits to your gynecologist, GF.

    49. Wes says:

      I drink cabernet, GF.

    50. GF says:

      Nothing against you good men here, but watching a bunch of overpaid (in my estimation) and often overweight (it’s not always muscle) guys tackle each other whilst chasing a ball around doesn’t excite me. If I want excitement, I’ll sign up for another tour of duty in the ME.

      Yes, although she’s got a “Z” whereas I believe yours has an “S,” no?

    51. Wes says:

      Err, Bitter.

    52. lisab says:

      yoga is VERY good for you

      Sunset Yoga in Dominical Costa Rica at

    53. GF says:

      I don’t do yoga, but if you try it out during your next campaign, you might attract more than 15% of the female vote. You might just crack 35% overall.

      Cab is good, Wes; I also enjoy some Bordeaux blends and the Tuscan reds;those I-tays know good wine they just overtook France as the leading producer). Try some of the Baberas and Bruellos if you haven’t yet.

    54. GF says:

      ..and, if you stop tazering the kids, the 18 year old block may shift your way as well. 😉

    55. Wes says:

      Correct, GF. My Josie also is a devotee of yoga (and more expansively tantra). She claims it helps her with her profession as a massage therapist.

    56. GF says:

      Stepping out to check on the car; be back shortly.

      …and no, it’s not a Prius. 😛

    57. Wes says:

      I went to a new restaurant last week and ordered a cabernet and a Sprite. The waitress brought me a chardonnay mixed with Sprite. I was none too thrilled.

    58. lisab says:

      “The waitress brought me a chardonnay mixed with Sprite. ”

      it is a real drink, called tinto de verano

    59. Wes says:

      Regardless, Lisa. It’s not what I ordered. I asked for a cabernet and a Sprite separately, not a mixed drink.

    60. GF says:

      Perhaps she heard it as “Cabernet IN a Sprite.”

    61. Wes says:

      Well, she repeated it to me, GF. That wouldn’t explain the chardonnay, however.

    62. Stillers finally taking advantage if Bengal Ms. Ques. Looked like a block in the back on the punt return though.

    63. Wes says:

      At least she did get my foodorder right. Had that not happened, I would have been furious.

    64. Wes says:

      Steelers always get the advantage of bad calls from the refs, CDM.

    65. Emerica says:

      Alternatively, Ron Paul wins Iowa….and then wins NH and S.C.

    66. Brandon says:

      The Patriots are way up now. Gronkowski with 2 TD’s. You would think the Colts would at least try to cover him.

    67. SUSYQUE says:

      I wonder how much guys lose in one season on the teams they bet on. hmmm…

    68. Wes says:

      #67 confirms what I’ve always thought. You really need to spend some time in rehab, Bunu.

    69. Wes says:

      I’m pushing $15,000 in profit off my bets, Susy. Of course I always do research on my bets and make wagers I’m absolutely comfortable with the outcomes of, so I’m atypical.

    70. walt says:


      perhaps you had better hope for a kidney stone. If it is large enough you could have it made into a nice necklace you could give to someone as a Christmas gift.

      And the thought of that would make it easier for you as you undergo the passing of the Christmas kidney stone.
      Oh wait…maybe I’m thinking of a gall stone….

      We know you have a kidney or two but we also know you really do have a lot of gall.

    71. lisab says:

      gall stones are horrible

      another reason to become a vegetarian

    72. walt says:

      Iowa poll is registered voters who often confuse words like “election” with “erection”..

      Plus 15% are undecided in head to head with Obammer?????
      That’s what you are selling? No thinks, I’ll pass and won’t buy.

    73. walt says:


      Cut and polished correctly, gall stones do have a spectacular shine and color.

    74. Wes says:

      So what hapless Republican has decided to become the sacrificial lamb against Fido, Walt?

    75. Wes says:

      Pats are covering the spread.

    76. walt says:

      Seriously, Bitter hope you get better and feeling smooth as butter.

      Forgot my medicine for stomach problems and was without it for 4 days in AZ. The nights were progressively more painful and the last night was nearly unbearable and almost no sleep.

      Nothing of the over the counter stuff I tried made a dent. I felt like there was a volcano inside my chest and throat trying to get out.

    77. lisab says:

      stomach problems?

    78. lisab says:

      Ariana Huffington likes newt for gop nominee

    79. Wes says:

      Just out of curiosity, how can the refs call a facemask penalty when no one touched a facemask?

    80. walt says:

      76.”So what hapless Republican has decided to become the sacrificial lamb against Fido, Walt?”
      A couple of people, actually. A current legislator and a highly respected former legislator. They both feel he is vulnerable and beatable if they crafted their campaign right.

      Word is that Manchin is most dissatisfied with DC and wants to come back to WV and run for Governor. Word is he was even trying to figure out if he could come back and run in 2012 for Governor.

    81. lisab says:

      noted economist and political analyst Shaquille O’Neal weighs in on his 2012 presidential choice …

      guess who?

    82. Wes says:

      They feel he’s vulnerable and beatable, huh? Do they also feel if they did all the right things, they could become overnight billionaires and date each successive American Curves cover girl?

    83. lisab says:

      Former Miss World Canada contestant and Miss Congeniality award winner one of the latest to be charged in the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot

    84. GF says:

      walt, would Tomblin and Manchin swap jobs in that instance? ACtually, scratch that the full term ends in ’12 anyway, so Tomblin would have to run on his own anyway. I’d rather have the Senate seat anyways if Joe wants to go home.

    85. lisab says:

      As Cain Drops Out, Pro-adultery Voters Shift to Gingrich

      Biggest GOP Voting Bloc, Experts Say

    86. lisab says:

      Barney Frank On This Week: Newt Gingrich ‘Would Be A Weak Candidate, He Would Lose Heavily’

    87. Wes says:

      It’s just psychology, Lisa. Clearly the Dems want to make the GOP think Newt is vulnerable so Republicans will nominate Mitt, whom the Dems consider their weakest potential opponent. 🙄

    88. lisab says:

      If Anthony Weiner had committed adultery instead of just tweeting about it, he could be Newt Gingrich right now.

    89. Emerica says:

      CNN BLOG — Cain Backers look to Gingrich, Paul in N.H.

      …GOP reps consider changing endorsement to Paul

      Gingrich’s experience in Washington, however, was a drawback for State Rep. Kevin Reichard, who said his vote would now go to Paul.

      “Newt Gingrich to me is part of the establishment,” Reichard said, adding Paul seemed closest to Cain in philosophy. “[Cain] was an outsider and he was a conservative, and Ron Paul seems to fit into that mold.”

    90. lisab says:

      George Will on Newt: “Gingrich, who would have made a marvelous Marxist…”

    91. Emerica says:

      I like George Will.

      He also compared Romney to Michael Dukakis

    92. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Thank God he’s just a womanizing, wife deserting pathological liar who took millions in bribes from Freddie Mac

      He could have been one of them Mormons!

    93. GF says:

      Of course, the guy who has spent nearly 24 years in Congress and is the leading porker is clearly the outsider. No delusions there!

    94. GF says:

      Will is boring and he talks about baseball too much. Hopefully, he spent a lot of time thinking about it a well so as to avoid breeding.

    95. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Coburn sure gave the FatToad a ringing endorsement today, didn’t he?

    96. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Will has a disabled son

    97. Wes says:

      Too late, GF. Will has four kids.

    98. lisab says:

      Coburn:”I am not inclined to be a supporter of Newt Gingrich having served under him for 4 years and experienced personally his leadership”

    99. Mittmentum2012 says:

      That’s a ringing endorsement isn’t it Wahkeena?

      The people who know him the BEST like him the LEAST

      I wonder if we could learn anything from this?

    100. lisab says:

      “Give the park police more ammo.” ~Newt Gingrich, responding to a reporter who asked what to do about the homeless a few days after the police shot a homeless man in front of the White House.

    101. Wes says:

      Damn. No one other than Jason T can question Coburn’s conservative credentials. That’s a damning statement about the former Speaker.

    102. maelstrom says:

      Denver defense keeping them in the game again against 2-9 Vikings.

    103. Emerica says:

      Top Cain advisors are saying that he will probably endorse Gingirch yet he endorsed Romney in 07.

    104. lisab says:

      “The most serious, systematic revolutionary of modern times.” newt gingrich on newt gingrich

    105. lisab says:

      “This is one of the great tragedies of the Bush administration. The more successful they’ve been at intercepting and stopping bad guys, the less proof there is that we’re in danger…. It’s almost like they should every once in a while have allowed an attack to get through just to remind us.”
      ~Newt Gingrich, at a book talk in Huntington, NY, April 2008, saying that Republicans should allow terrorist attacks on American soil to remind us of the dangers in the world.

    106. Emerica says:

      New ad campaign tomorrow

      Not nearly as large as Perry’s or Romney’s but is third largest buy right now

      Rep. Ron Paul is the only other presidential campaign with any significant ad buys running this week. Paul’s team starts a two-week ad campaign tomorrow; he’s reserved $255,000 for ads in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Manchester and $121,000 on four cable networks (ESPN, the Golf Channel, the History Channel and NESN) in both states. He’s also got $53,000 in radio ads, all behind a new spot that touts his plans to cut a trillion dollars from the federal budget in his first year.

    107. lisab says:

      Gingrich: Life Doesn’t Begin at Conception Because That Would ‘Open Up … Very Difficult Questions’

    108. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Newt sucks on all of the critical issues of the day except the key issue of not being a Mormon

    109. JayT says:

      Wes my man, Coburn is a Closet Pickle Puffer.

    110. Wes says:

      Which Hedgehogger does the Jason T spoof?

    111. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Tebow time, they have tied the game at 29!

    112. Wes says:

      Jets’ offense is cringeworthy today.

    113. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      Is it confirmed that JayT is IP7*7?

    114. Mittmentum2012 says:

      The Cutlerettes game is painful my condolences to all of their nfans

    115. Wes says:

      It’s not I P 727, So. I P was a legitimately hate-filled bigot. JayT is a spoof of J T. The two posters have no similarities in style.

    116. Wes says:

      Will the Saints cover the spread, MFG?

    117. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Go Houston!

      Beat Atlanta and the Saints will be in great shape

    118. Wes says:

      Hard to believe Houston’s on top in the AFC.

    119. Emerica says:

      I don’t get this Denver game, but looks like Tebow is playing his best game statistically anyway.

    120. Wes says:

      Jets get a runback to the 49.

    121. Mittmentum2012 says:

      NE doesn’t cover

    122. Wes says:

      There was a poster who called himself Moderate Republican. He teased J T for his capitalization. I’d say Mod would be the best candidate.

    123. JayT says:

      Wes my brother, I cannot Reveal who I Am. Have you Heard that Tammy Baldwin is a Dyke?

    124. Wes says:

      I like the Redskins’ cheerleading line. 🙂

    125. Mittmentum2012 says:

      MN 500 yards offense this Ponder kid is good

    126. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Caleb Hanie needs to go back to Hooterville

    127. Wes says:

      Damn. Colts rallied at the end.

    128. Wes says:

      Jets get theTD.

    129. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Down 3 with 3:10 to play

      It be Tebow Time

    130. Wes says:

      So do the Saints cover tonight, MFG?

    131. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Matt Ryan is not playing well, I wonder what’s wrong, I bet he has an injury they’re not telling anyone about

    132. Mittmentum2012 says:

      TT 10-14 202

      The boy can throw dont you know

    133. Emerica says:

      1st and 10 n Min 28

    134. Wes says:

      Jets win. The rest of the game’s academic at this point.

    135. Wes says:

      Oops. My mistake. I thought the game was closer to being over.

    136. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Tough call

      Nine is a lot of points but they have been playing lights out at home

      If I had to make a pick I’d give Detroit the nine points

    137. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Bills lose another heartbreaker

    138. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Cutlerettes lose to KC


    139. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Tebows tie it…

    140. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Atlanta driving, hold em Texans…!!!

    141. Bitterlaw says:

      Denver pick. They really don’t need a QB.

    142. Mittmentum2012 says:


      Atlanta guy should have caught that!

      Texans win!!

    143. Wes says:

      Broncos win.

    144. Mittmentum2012 says:


    145. Brandon says:


    146. Mittmentum2012 says:


    147. Mittmentum2012 says:


    148. Wes says:

      The Jets game just never seems to end.

    149. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Went on the road gave up 500 yards and won


    150. Brandon says:

      Tebow is the luckiest QB alive.

    151. Wes says:

      Jets get theinterception to win.

    152. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Whats wrong with the Packers?

      They must have exhausted themselves laughing at the Saints-Giants tape from last week

    153. Mittmentum2012 says:



      Tim Tebow be a winner!

    154. Big win for the Stillers today. Looks like everyone is back and healthy.

    155. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      As the self-ordained bigot scorekeeper of this thread, I counted 3 anti-mormon posts (#11, #94, #110). They were all sarcastic bigot baiting statements by mittmentum.

      I dont buy the “evangelicals here are 100-1 more bigoted” meme. I humbly request all bigot baiting and shotgun style attacks on religions cease on both sides.

      Also, if anyone wants to convert any sinners, get off the computer and respectully talk to people face to face where they can slam the door in your face…not here.

    156. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I call em the way I see em

      Evangelicals in IA support a wife deserting womanizing bribe taking liberal lying piece of crap by a 2-1 margin over Mitt

      You may not be able to figure out why but I sure can

    157. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      And tea partiers support republicans by 99-1 margins b/c they are racist? I know it isnt true but you and obama share the same strategy.

      Romneycare has a bigger role than his religion. As they become more educated with newts personal and policy flaws I am sure they will flee him.

    158. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Bull mother f^cking sh*t

      Stop insulting my intelligence

      Gingrich is stronger on mandates than Mitt ever was and evangelicals look the other way on the issue and then enthusiastically embrace him

      Stop speaking to people as if they were mother f^cking idiots

    159. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      The same people werent so bigoted when they backed romney in 2008…obamacare made romneycare appear worse. Romney is running a primary in the center and newt is running to the right. We know newt is just as “moderate” as mitt, but branding is the reason for the perception.

    160. Newtmentum says:

      I would love nothing more than to flee from Newt but there is no way I am voting for the father of Obamacare in the primary. GE of course. At this point I pray for a brokered convention.

    161. Newtmentum says:

      MFG – please go take your med.

    162. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      Also Iowa likes to be different

    163. Wes says:

      Giants force a three and out.

    164. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Family values! Three wives
      Honesty! Bribes from Freddy Mac
      Integrity! Deserted two ill wives
      Mandates are bad! Newt supported them more than Mitt

      All this is known

      ALL OF IT

      I wish you could have even a rudimentary grasp of how laughable this makes evangelicals look, you look like total ridiculous absurd phonies supporting this crap

    165. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Have you no self respect?

      The whole country is laughing at the “Christians” supporting this piece of garbage Gingrich

    166. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      Newt, romney, heritage, et al were all wrong on mandates. The difference is romneys signature is on the bill. It hurts him more. With more ads like pauls anti newt ad maybe voters will see that newt is a fraud, but it it wont fall in romneys lap.

    167. Wes says:

      Giants are playing damn well right now.

    168. From an answer above Iowa has only picked the GOP candidate twice. I am not ready to jump off the cliff yet. Kind of hoping that they pick Paul to seal thier irrelevance.

    169. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Huckmentum in 2008 unloaded on Mitt with evangelicals doing everything he could to denigrate Mormonism as a cult which all Christians should oppose

      This is KNOWN

      It’s one of the reasons McCain won

    170. Wes says:

      MFG has a point in 172.

    171. Emerica says:

      That ad was a little over 60 seconds. No way we can afford to run that ad especially when Paul needs positive ads going into the final part of the campaign,

    172. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Oh, Bullsh*t

      Newt is forgiven everything

      Romney is denigrated for everything

      It’s disgusting and as transparent as cellophane

    173. Wes says:

      Can the Giants hang on? Apparently not.

    174. Wes says:

      Packers get an interception.

    175. lisab says:

      “Romneycare has a bigger role than his religion.”

      gingrich supports NATIONAL mandates for health insurance

      romney says he will repeal obamacare day one

      however, newt is not mormon

    176. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      You? Phonies? Pull out a shotgun and shoot a crowd of baptists and you will hit a few romney, demagogue much?

    177. Emerica says:

      I think historically (and subjectively) that these frontrunners have enjoyed about 2-3 weeks at their peak. Newt is coming off his peak, and we have three weeks to Christmas so I don’t think he will maintain his numbers.

      Perry has a ton of money and is running a lot of ads so I suppose he will go up next.

    178. lisab says:

      “Pull out a shotgun and shoot a crowd of baptists ”

      can’t … damn anti-gun lobby

    179. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      #172 yet romney still won iowa.

    180. Brandon says:

      Completely horrible interception from Eli.

    181. Wes says:

      Packers are hurting themselves with these penalties.

    182. Mose says:

      According to, Romney has now led the President in the last ten public polls for New Hampshire, by margins ranging from 2 to 11 points. The last poll that showed any lead for Obama over Romney was taken over eight months ago, and only showed a one point lead.

      At this point, I’m feeling more confident about Romney’s ability to win New Hampshire in the general than I am about Ohio or even Virginia.

    183. Emerica says:

      #171 You voted for the pro-family group, which was a front group for McCain to trick voters though.

    184. Wes says:

      Huckabee won Iowa in 2008, So.

    185. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      I see no attack on any religion here except:

      1. The ones implied by bigot baiters
      2. The joke by lisab in 181

    186. Sothisishopeandchange says:

      Crap, you are right wes…my bad

    187. Wes says:

      New Hampshire is nice to have, Mose, but unnecessary. If Romney can’t win Ohio and Virginia, Obama wins.

    188. Wes says:

      What about this post from LaZebra a few days ago, So?

      My problem is with the ideology of Mormonism and not wanting to see it spread.

      That looks bigoted to me. I’ve reposted it often since he typed it.

    189. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Huckmentum won IA

    190. lisab says:

      BREAKING: Gingrich to announce 2 more affairs to woo former Herman Cain supporters.

    191. Wes says:

      No Republican has ever won the White House without Ohio. No Republican has won the presidency since 1924 without Virginia.

    192. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I dont think thats true Acroso, I never saw any evidence of it anyway

    193. lisab says:

      Michele Bachmann Accuses Newt Gingrich Of Lobbying And ‘Influence-Peddling’ In Washington

    194. Wes says:

      Give credit to the Giants. They’re not going down easily.

    195. lisab says:

      Team Obama Cheers on Newt

      Just a few weeks ago, Obama 2012 senior adviser David Axelrod, architect of the party’s “Mitt-has-no-core” strategy, was practically shouting at the TV while watching yet another debate in which the GOP field attacked Obama instead of their nominal – and vulnerable – frontrunner.

      But that was before Gingrich abruptly joined Team Obama this week in a tag-team attack of sorts on Romney. Gingrich mocked the former Massachusetts governor on CNN for running “to the left” of Ted Kennedy in the 1990s and didn’t take issue with Democratic National Committee ads pointing out Romney position shifts on abortion, immigration and health care reform, as “legitimate.”

    196. Ohio can be had if the GOP is smart. I work there and am a Union member (heavy equipment.) We do not like Obama or Obamacare. We also don’t like that he is trying to kill the shale oil business here. We are talking 16000 rigs. But they go messing with unions on right to work most of my buddies will vote for Obama. Stupid? You bet, but tbat is just the way it is here.

    197. Wes says:

      I’ve been trying to tell people that, CDM. Some on here are smart enough to understand it. RTW does nothing but doom the GOP in big industrial states such as Ohio.

    198. Emerica says:

      That ex-governor was a McCain guy who founded the pro-Family front group.

    199. Wes says:

      A number of right-leaning bloggers in Ohio have been railing against the attempt to put RTW on the ballot next year. So far, the organizers have refused to listen to their allies’ importunities.

    200. Wes says:

      Giants pick Rodgers off.

    201. Brandon says:

      Bad mistake by Rodgers there.

    202. 201-I would not care about RTW if it meant getting work without going through a BA. If we get the shale work even the Unions won’t have enough people to provide labor.

    203. lisab says:

      Newt Gingrich in 2007: Urgent Action Needed to Address Climate Chang

    204. Brandon says:

      It doesn’t matter. He’s not a Mormon.

    205. Emerica says:

      Romney took 30000 votes in 2007 Iowa caucus.

      That’s not bad so we know Paul will have to at a minimum beat that to take second.

    206. Emerica says:

      and Huckabee won with 40000 btw.

    207. Emerica says:

      Perry is flying under the radar right now. I think this PPP poll might change that.

    208. lisab says:

      ewt Gingrich, at a 2007 forum with Senator John Kerry, talks about the need for ugency in addressing global climate change

      ewt Gingrich, at a 2007 forum with Senator John Kerry, talks about the need for ugency in addressing global climate change

    209. lisab says:

      oopsie … newt Gingrich, at a 2007 forum with Senator John Kerry, talks about the need for ugency in addressing global climate change

    210. Wes says:

      Ever notice how 9 of 10 times, when the football announcers say X hasn’t happened since whenever or more than once this year, it happens?

    211. Brandon says:

      Tiger wins!

    212. T.A.Y.M. says:

      If you only consider what Gingrich has done and not what he’s said, he’s far more Conservative than Mitt (from a governing standpoint).

    213. paul M says:

      Video in #200 is a nut-buster- Romney needs to start playing this 24-7 on every local channel in the Des Moines market….

    214. Emerica says:!/fivethirtyeight/status/143370081454391296

      If I were laying odds in Iowa, I’d go: Gingrich 6-5, Paul 3-1, Romney 6-1, Santorum 15-1, Perry 20-1, Bachmann 20-1.

      ps- Paul’s voting records sets him far to the right of Gingrich. ACU is known for selling its ratings to the highest bidder and not having accurate ratings anyways. It’s what bad GOP leaders use to trick GOP voters into thinking they are conservatives.

    215. Emerica says:

      Large ad buy in Iowa for 2 weeks costs about 200 thousand (to make thing simple.) Running a 150 second commercial would cost nearly 1 million dollars.

    216. Emerica says:

      “Cam Newton just broke the single-season record for most rushing TD by a quarterback (13). #NotTebow”

    217. What is Carolina’s record under Cam? Denver’s with Tebow?

    218. Emerica says:

      that was 538 tweet about Newton

    219. It ain’t about records, its about winning

    220. Emerica says:

      225- Wasn’t my argument. It was 538. I posted it because of the rushing touchdown thing. He was tweeting it at some person named notTebow. I didn’t even notice that part of it until you said something.

      Ron Paul: Newt Gingrich Is Part of the Problem; He Lives off the Government and the People

    221. Bitterlaw says:

      I just checked in at the ER – and I’m still having a better day than MD!

    222. jason says:

      Good polls for Romney. Withing striking distance in Iowa and dominating NH.

    223. jason says:

      Has the LTP been around to admit maybe Tebow can play in the NFL after all?

    224. lisab says:

      barack and michelle had a little tiff last night

    225. Mittmentum2012 says:

      How bout them Broncos Jason?

      I think they’re going to win the division

    226. Mittmentum2012 says:


      Keep us posted as to your condition

    227. jason says:

      “Coburn:”I am not inclined to be a supporter of Newt Gingrich having served under him for 4 years and experienced personally his leadership”

      Coburn is a RINO, remember.

    228. jason says:

      Broncos can win the division if they win their home games I think. Who wouda thunk…

    229. Wes says:

      Niners are romping to a win. 🙂

    230. jason says:

      ” ps- Paul’s voting records sets him far to the right of Gingrich. ”

      Yeah, right.

      Paul’s voting record is much closer to Democrats in foreign policy and many domestic policies too.

    231. lisab says:

      Nearly a million undocumented immigrants could live and work openly in California with little or no fear of deportation under an initiative unveiled Friday by a state legislator and others.

      Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar, is helping to spearhead the measure, called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act.

      The proposal was filed Friday with the state attorney general’s office, marking a first step toward a drive to collect the 504,760 voter signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

      Fuentes called the measure a “moderate, common-sense approach” necessitated by the federal government’s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

    232. Bitterlaw says:

      Good news. Because I don’t drink wine, they have confirmed that I am a man. That rules out ovarian cysts.

    233. Emerica says:

      JBS Freedom index rates Paul a perfect score.

    234. Brandon says:

      I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but it sure seems like the league wants the Packers to go undefeated.

    235. Wes says:

      The John Birch Society, huh? Maybe the Illuminati and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn can rate him next.

    236. Wes says:

      That was a weird call, Brandon. It seems as if they want the Packers and Steelers to repeat the Superbowl this season.

    237. mnw says:

      When a group of conservative activists put RTW on the ballot in MO, the GOP virtually disappeared.

    238. mnw says:

      I hope somebody can talk the GOP off the Nit ledge: “Don’t jump! You have too much to live for!” kind of thing.

    239. Bitterlaw says:

      Paul loses no points on the Freedom scale for supporting Iran? Wow.

    240. Brandon says:

      There’s a reason Paul wasn’t invited to the Republican Jewish Coalition debate.

    241. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Can a team win a title with a defense this poor?

    242. Bitterlaw says:

      I studied all day for the urine test. I hope I pass,

    243. Mittmentum2012 says:


    244. Wes says:

      Giants tied it!

    245. Wes says:

      Giants are trying. Give them that.

    246. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I don’t think the Packers will win the Super Bowl

      Their defense is horrible

      Someone will take them out in the playoffs

    247. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Rodgers best ever?

    248. Mittmentum2012 says:


    249. Brandon says:

      He’s got a great group of receivers. Much better a lot of other QB’s have had.

    250. Diamond Jim says:

      12-0 baby.

    251. Bitterlaw says:

      Rodgers is serious money. Suck it, hellbelly. The Eagles but at least the Giants do, too. A Cowboys loss would brighten my day.

    252. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Giants needed to have burned some more clock on their last drive

    253. Emerica says:

      Rodgers plays in the cold, which hurts his QB rating a bit.

    254. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Cowboys lost in OT

    255. Wes says:

      Packers won. Great game.

    256. Bitterlaw says:

      Giants and Cowboys lose. What a great day, even in the ER.

    257. Wes says:

      Packers have a fairly weak defense. Saints can beat them in a scorefest if the playoffs come to that.

    258. Wes says:

      Niners clinch NFC West title. Cowboys lose. Thank God.

    259. "Joe Cool" Montana says:

      Best ever? Whatever.

    260. walt says:

      Is Tebow a Republican over 35 yrs. old?
      Prolly not 35 for real, but we can doctor up his birth records.

      Mebbe we should run him.
      He does seem to win, has no ties to RomneyCare, doesn’t hate Isreal/love Iran, no affairs or sexual misconduct charges, not a serial husband who who leaves sick wives nor worked for FM & FM.
      And probably would not be in favor of letting illegal immigrants in unless than can catch a pass.

      Gets the evangelical vote AND MFG…

    261. Wes says:

      Mathematically the Giants can still take the NFC East division.

    262. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Dallas is completely unreliable

      Giants absolutely could win that division

    263. Wes says:

      Oh, by the way, Dave’s Ravens just made me $2000. 🙂

    264. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I’m not anti-evangelical, I’m anti-bullsh*t

    265. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I want to see the T formation come back now

    266. Emerica says:

      When is Gingrich going to show us his long form rabies records.

    267. Mittmentum2012 says:

      So whats the diagnosis BL

      Kidney stone?

    268. BayernFan says:

      At this point, I am rooting for a Paul surge and win in Iowa.

    269. "Joe Cool" Montana says:

      The NFC East is weird. Eagles are 1-1 against Giants. Giants took Packers to the brink. Eagles crushed Cowboys but can’t beat Seahawks, Bears or Cardinals.

    270. Diamond Jim says:

      Here’s to hoping that the Saints remain the number 3 seed.

    271. Wes says:

      Why’s that, Jim?

    272. walt says:


      I hope for your urine test you sneaked in a small bottle of apple juice with you. Go into the bathroom where they want you to fill the specimien bottle. Pour in an appropriate amount of apple juice, walk up to the nurse and just before handing it to her say, “This doesn’t look right. I think I’ll run this through again” and then drink it.

      They’ll talk about you at the hospital for weeks. Might get a free psych evaluation too.

    273. walt says:

      Wes and GF,

      I left for a few hours this afternoon to go to a community Chirstmas adult choral event. Was very good, and actually brought a tear to my eye. Then to take my wife to dinner.

      As to the Manchin thing, I said THEY think Manchin is beatable. Firstly, they placd a lot of stock on Obammer leading the ticket and on ongoing investigations by the feds of the State treasurer’s office regarding WV governmental operations that could implicate Manchin. Part of the rumor mill.

      A lot of assumptions and what ifs regarding turnout models, anger at Washington, etc….

    274. Diamond Jim says:

      I agree that the Saints could knock off the Packers and don’t want to face them in the playoffs. If the Packers are the number one seed, and the Saints are the number three seed, they wouldn’t play each other unless both teams made it to the championship game. As the three seed, the Saints would need to win two games before getting to that point.

    275. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Yes, I figured that was what you meant

      I hope we can steal the 2 seed from the Nine but suspect we will not be able to, it would be nice to get a first round bye

    276. "Joe Cool" Montana says:

      I survived the rectal exam. Why do I feel a sudden need to call Bunu?

    277. Mittmentum2012 says:

      1. Packers
      2. Nine
      3. Saints
      4. Giants
      5. Atlanta
      6. Detroit

      Wild Card round:
      Saints beat Lions
      Giants beat Atlanta

      Divisional round:
      Packers beat Giants
      Saints beat Nine (I hope)

      Conference Title Game:
      Packers beat Saints

    278. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I’m presuming in the above that the Cutlerettes are done and that the Cowboys are totally unreliable

    279. Wes says:

      Even if the Saints miss the #2 seed, MFG, their defense is a monster. They’d manhandle the #6 seed and head to San Fran, where they’d beat the Niners and set up the matchup with the Pack.

    280. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I can’t see the Nine beating GB in a Conference Title Game

    281. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I dunno

      I would prefer not to face either SF or Atlanta in the playoffs if at all possible

      Playing the Packers is inevitable if you’re going to go anywhere

    282. Wes says:

      Niners are doomed in the playoffs this year. If the Packers and Saints weren’t as good as they are, the Niners could conceivably take it. As it stands though, I see next to no chance of it.

    283. Bitterlaw says:

      Sorry. I’m Joe Cool. I lost focus after I was molested in the ER.

    284. Mittmentum2012 says:

      They are not gentle are they?

    285. Wes says:

      Who do you think will take the AFC, MFG? I can’t get a read on a clear frontrunner.

    286. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Patriots?

      My guess would be Steelers, Wes

    287. Wes says:

      The Patriots seem to be surging, but the Texans and Ravens are doing well too. Unless Ravens melt down, Steelers will be stuck at trying to get in as a wild card.

    288. Wes says:

      I don’t see it, MFG. Ravens swept the Steelers and don’t show any signs of letting up.

    289. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I would say the Texans except for their quarterback woes

    290. Brandon says:

      Texans have no shot without a QB.

    291. Mittmentum2012 says:

      The RAve lose key games in unexpected ways

      I don’t like Flacco either

    292. lisab says:

      Here’s an important fact to remember: Obama defeated John McCain (who ran one of the worst presidential campaigns in my lifetime) by 7.2 percent in the popular vote. It wasn’t a landslide: in fact, despite the enormous turnout of first-time and casual voters who rode the Obama wave, in 1988, George H.W. Bush bested Michael Dukakis (a dud, but not as incompetent as McCain) by a superior 7.7 percent. And in 1980, Ronald Reagan, dismissed by liberal pundits as a nitwit not long before the election, dispatched Carter by 9.7 percent. Unless Obama somehow rediscovers his audacity of awesomeness, a near-impossibility given the unemployment rate and his own diffidence, it’s very difficult to believe that his campaign will generate a level of enthusiasm that even approaches 2008.

    293. walt says:


      Had a judge friend who had a sudden first bout with kidney stones. Said the pain was unbearable, nearly passed out, ambulance ride to hosp., etc.

      Once the stones passed he was chipper again.
      I hope for your sake they find and correct the problem and that it is not some slipped disc or other back problem that can be more long term agrivation.

      Other friends have had the latter and wished it was “just” kidney stones.

      The good news is that if they keep you at the hosp., they try to make sure the patients who cause trouble and are “difficult” get better quickly so they can discharge them ASAP. You would probably move to the top of their list as being a real pain.

    294. lisab says:

      “The Patriots seem to be surging …”

      they won by 7 against indianapolis!

      my grandmother could score against the patriots defense and she has been dead these past 20 years

    295. Wes says:

      True, but they trounced the Steelers the first time and pulled off a huge upset the second time. They’ve seemed to hit their stride recently. If Flacco can hold up, then the Ravens could conceivably get the top seed and a first-round bye.

    296. Brandon says:

      I don’t think Flacco can win a big game in the playoffs, but we’ll see.

    297. 291-you should not mock that which is dead. Hope the delerium passes and you feel better.

    298. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Colts was a classical trap game Wahkeena

    299. Mittmentum2012 says:

      The Rave are stuck on 2000 when they won their Super Bowl and try to create that same type of team every year

      Its not going to work anymore

    300. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      218.If you only consider what Gingrich has done and not what he’s said, he’s far more Conservative than Mitt (from a governing standpoint).

      Comment by T.A.Y.M. — December 4, 2011 @ 6:06 pm

      So because Newt has been retired since the 90’s all his liberal talk doesn’t count???


    301. 303-Today was the first game in a while that the Stillers played with nearly all of their key people on both sides of the ball. They looked very formidable today

    302. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      191.What about this post from LaZebra a few days ago, So? My problem is with the ideology of Mormonism and not wanting to see it spread.”

      I thought that post was from a long time ago and that LaZ apologized. I only counted religion “bigot posts in this thread”…I can condemn him if it helps make my point that both evangelicals and non-evangelicals are acting stupid with the whole mormon issue and it is about 50/50 and nowhere near 100-1 as a poster claimed before.

    303. Wes says:

      They also played a team that killed its own momentum with a series of fouls, CDM.

    304. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama are all more liberal than Karl Marx by the reasoning in #218

    305. Wes says:

      That post was from Wednesday, and he never apologized, So. Just imagine what he would have said had he actually been a bigot.

    306. Mittmentum2012 says:

      The Texans 3rd string guy was actually OK today

    307. I would agree with that in the first quarter. Stillers alao had many sacks and takeaways. They played a complete game today. Who knows which Stillers team shows up Thursday.

    308. walt says:

      By GF’s rules, this thread is about politics (and Bitter’s hospital visit) and some of you people clog it up with pigskin prognostication.

      Have you no decency and respect?
      (Or have you tired of firing off the same ammunition of anti-this or that candidate, or trying to damn various Christian groups to hades? 🙂

    309. Mittmentum2012 says:

      If we win tonight we’ll be 2 games up on Atlanta and hold the tie break, this would be nice

    310. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Well, I disagree with his candidate and his willingness to pick a loser because of the other guys religion. Anyone else I need to repudiate? SSQ? I have been clear on my opinion on her. Hellbelly, I believe opposes Romney on other grounds…ect

    311. jones says:

      I feel ok about the D. They save themselves by being ball hogs. If injuries don’t keep piling up I am optimistic.The Giants scare should be a plus really.

    312. Tina says:

      Just back from the nine game, cannot belive that the same sorry arse Rams won 2 games.

    313. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      I just think it is rude to attack an unbrella group of religions that have no direct connections (baptists, methodist, pentacostal, church of God, ect, ect) because Romney isn’t winning Iowa.

      It is as bad a me insulting all Catholics because northern Catholics vote for democrats.

      People are more than their religious tags. Confront them for their lack of logic or intellegence for prefering Newt.

      I wan’t drawn to Romney because the continual attack that I was a bigot. I want us to win…plain and simple.

    314. walt says:

      Let’s come up with some good Christmas gift suggestions for various regular posters here.
      I’ll start.

      For Bitter–Book on self surgery to relieve back pain and how to remove acid from your tongue.

      For Chek–Video game of how to set up an underground railroad for illegal immigrants; or a bumper sticker that says “I really wanted to vote Republican, but I could not find one left enough for me”

      For Cory–Shira Law, the board game

      For Marv–a Perry dash board bobble head figurine

      For lisab–Cookbook on how to make a 10 course meal for 8 people by using items found growing in your back yard

      For Bunu–A Wack-A-Jew game.

      What to get for MD, Gary Maxwell, GF, Tim V, Add, Tina, Wes, Brandon, Sohope, SUSEQUE, jason, etc, etc….?

    315. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Bunu gets an anatomically acurate inflatable Ron Paul doll

    316. GF says:

      316- Don’t forget Jews, walt; Bitter launched that option in the opening salvos.

      Off to dinner on this chilly night; winter borscht, pomegranate chicken and free flowing booze at a nice Russian-Georgian place in town. My gun auctions end in 90 minutes; here’s hoping some Second Amendment lovers are in a shopping mood for the holidays.

    317. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Walt, get me a win over Bama in the National Title Game

    318. Wes says:

      That was a pretty tepid endorsement of your team’s defensive line, Jones.

    319. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Packers defense is awful

      It is a testament to Rodgers that that team is 12-0

    320. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt – I just want my dignity back. I got the rectal exam from a physician’s assistant – not even a doctor! MF-er didn’t even buy me dinner.

    321. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Bitter gets a matching set of dradles, so his wife don’t feel so uncomfortable around him.

      SSQ gets a prepaid cell phone with all our numbers programed in, so she can better insert herself into our personal lives and give us her supper dupper advise.

    322. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      GF, I wanted to get a glock 17 for Christmas, but I went with the big screen tv last minute.

    323. jones says:

      326 and 327

      yes and yes.

      And may Jordy Nelson keep seeing single coverage for a long time.

    324. Mittmentum2012 says:


      Brees is gangsta!

    325. Wes says:

      Flag on the play.

    326. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Hes complaining?

    327. Wes says:

      Saints should run away with this game.

    328. Bitterlaw says:

      MD can have video of my exam. I’m sure he would watch the look of shock on my face over and over. Bunu probably wants video shot from the other end.

    329. Mittmentum2012 says:


    330. Mittmentum2012 says:

      98 yard drive Bunkey

    331. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Saints are averaging 44 points a game at home, is that insane or what??

    332. GF says:

      Wish I could help, So; I only have two revolvers, a stainless 38 Spc. Ltd. edition (8 3/8″ bbl.) and a Ruger Supper Blackhawk 44 Mag (10 1/2″ bbl.) for sidearms. I’ll post you a link if I see any Glocks going for a good price.

    333. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      thanks…there are some gently used 3rd gen glocks at the gunshop down the road from me that are price reasonable.

    334. Bitterlaw says:

      Can we just skip to SF and the Saints playing for the right to play Green Bay in the NFC Championship game?

    335. Mittmentum2012 says:


      Lions = joke

    336. Mittmentum2012 says:

      TD pass streak continues!!!

    337. Wes says:

      Saints are pitching a shutout.

    338. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Brees continues his quest for the Unitas record

    339. lisab says:

      “I can condemn him if it helps make my point that both evangelicals and non-evangelicals are acting stupid”

      one point has been made repeatedly here

      a.) that mormonism is a cult

      b.) this is the official position of baptists

      do you condemn the baptist church for this position?

      do you consider the mormon church a cult?

    340. lisab says:

      “What to get for MD, Gary Maxwell, GF, Tim V, Add, Tina, Wes, Brandon, Sohope, SUSEQUE, jason, etc, etc….?”

      a little perspective

    341. BayernFan says:

      Would/should Romney Iowa caucusgoers throw their support to Ron Paul?

    342. BayernFan says:

      A religion is a cult with more members.

    343. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      lisab, I am respectful to all people regardless of their religion, unlike your repeated hazing that you direct to anyone and everyone that is “evangelical”. I reserve the right to think that they are wrong without being called a bigot. If you want to become the religion police and ask each poster if they will repudiate any and all questional beliefs or actions by people associated with their religion…don’t start with me.

    344. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      just so you know, I am an indepenent Baptist. We have only a local church government of a Pastor and Deacons. We have you convention or pope or President or any other official to appologize for…and to be true my pastor doesn’t speak for me.

      About 3 months ago my pastor were having a conversation about politics and he said, “Romney is impressive when it comes to economic issues and that his religion isn’t that big a deal seeing we have a Muslim in the White House right now”.

      There is the Baptist perspective I have to offer my church’s pastor’s unofficial personal opinion. Maybe a little rough around the edges, but he is old fashioned in many ways.

    345. Mittmentum2012 says:


    346. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      *we have no convention

      sorry for all the typos

    347. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I love these 80 yard drives lasting one minute


    348. SUSYQUE says:

      348…lisab…Go to bed!

    349. BayernFan says:

      Egyptians have their Coptics…

      The Russians have their Orthodox….

      So do the Greeks….

      The Italians have their Catholics….

      The Germans have their Lutherans….

      The English have their Anglicans….

      All perfectly fine, but different, strains of Christianity suited to their respective cultures…

      So why can’t Americans have their version of Christianity? In my opinion, that is what Mormonism is. Westward looking, expansionist, and steeped in pioneer spirit… The Mormon church went all out in true American fashion and not only carved out a strain of Christianity, but added its own prophets and saints, its own Gospel, and its own special relationship with The Christ.

      It is American Christianity.

      I dont see what the big deal is, or why some dont want its “ideology” to “spread”.

      But I think arguing about religion is a fool’s errand.

    350. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Nice analogy BF

    351. BayernFan says:

      In Iowa, Paul + Romney > Newt, right?

      This is where I think things will go at the Iowa caucuses.

    352. Emerica says:

      12-04-11 new ad buy commercial

      Ron Paul: The Consistent Candidate

    353. Wes says:

      Do you really want Bunu to have an orgasm if Paul wins Iowa?

    354. Emerica says:

      nm, I don’t think that’s his new ad buy commercial.

    355. lisab says:

      “I reserve the right to think that they are wrong without being called a bigot”

      calling mormons a cult is specifically not respectful

    356. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Brees QB rating 145.5 at the half

    357. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Interesting how he wont answer your questions Wahkeena

    358. BayernFan says:

      Not really caring about how bunu reacts…

      care about denying newt a win there.

      lets see how newt does in So Carolina on a losing streak.

    359. Mittmentum2012 says:


      If Mitt cant win I definitely want Paul to win IA

    360. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      “Why can’t Americans have their version”
      I have no problem with them having their religion.

      If a Mormon missionary knocks on the door of a Baptist they will try and convence them to give them a try.

      If a Baptist knocks on the door of a Mormon they will do the same.

      It is freedom of religion…that is American Christianity. All faiths are free.

      From a theological standpoint the difference between all those denomiations listed pale in comparison with the offshoot of Mormonism. Jehovah’s Witness are the equally divergent from “mainstream Christianity”.

      Catholism, Copics, Lutheran, Anglicans, ect differ of church administration and other issues. There are very big doctrinal differences with Mormonism.

      That being said, this isn’t the place to debate those things. Everyone here is free to worship as you wish, who you wish, how you wish. You will get no opposition from me.

    361. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      I have never called them a cult (by anyone’s definition). None of my church leaders have said anything I need to repudiate.

    362. Emerica says:

      Marist poll showing Paul tie with Obama in Iowa matchup 42-42%

      Ron Paul also leads Obama by 14 percentage points among voters under 45 years of age.

    363. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      bunu, you know any poll that shows paul winning is full of crap, right.

      Paul should continue to attack Newt and if Romney is elected he may appoint Paul to Ambassador to Pluto.

    364. Emerica says:

      Another interesting cross tabs fact

      support for Paul in primary

      24%-those surveyed via cell phone
      14%-those surveyed via land lines

    365. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Lions are a thug team

      wtf wrong with them?

    366. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      No Baptist, I know would support Paul because of his positions on Israel alone. I would dare say most Baptists care more about Israel than American Jews in general.

    367. Bitterlaw says:

      Ever since I underwent the rectal exam in the ER, Ron Paul seems to be an engaging candidate with reasonable views on foreign policy.

    368. Brandon says:


      Cain to endorse Gingrich on Monday.

    369. lisab says:

      “Catholism, Copics, Lutheran, Anglicans, ect differ of church administration and other issues. ”

      no, it is not about administration

      you are a heathen cultist

    370. lisab says:

      “None of my church leaders have said anything I need to repudiate.”

      again, simple question here

      a.) is the mormon church a cult

      b.) do you condemn any baptist church that teaches mormons are a cult?

    371. Bitterlaw says:

      Whores of a feather stay together, Brandon.

    372. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      The first Scheism was over church politics, icons, and a few other issues.

      We all know the causes for the Aglican Church split.

      Luther posted his 95 reasons.

    373. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Cain is impressed by Newt’s proficiency in adultery

      Horndogs of a feather bang whores together…

    374. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      1. I have never called them a cult by anyone’s definition (and their are many definitions).

      2. You expect me to condemn other people’s chruches??? Isn’t that…bigoted?

    375. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Do you have a link Brandon? This primary is a Polish firing squad

    376. Annie says:

      If Bitter has kidney stones, and they are of a not too big size, he can have ultrasound treatment that breaks the stones into a passable size. Unless he has blood in his urine, he probably does not have an infection – but as he’s a diabetic, he does have to watch his % of kidney function and lookout for infections in general. Hope Bitter feels better soon!

    377. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      nevermind…I see it in the tweeterverse. stupid, stupid, stupid.

    378. lisab says:

      “You expect me to condemn other people’s chruches??? Isn’t that…bigoted?”

      nice try, no it is not.

      the kkk is against blacks, are you afraid to condemn them for it?

      you either support the baptist position that mormonism is a cult

      or you are against it

      which are you?

      (you can say it, they already know)

    379. Annie says:

      The poll in Iowa actually shows Newt as a bit lower than a previous poll, if I’m recalling that correctly (didn’t one have him up in the 30%s just a week ago?). That would indicate that he coming down, while Paul is gaining a bit. If Romney can’t win Iowa, than I hope Paul does – keeping Newt from the win.

    380. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      I need to condemn other people’s churches for condemning other people’s churches…I see your logic lisab.

    381. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      the kkk hate people for their skin color and incite violence.

      If a person in the southern baptist convention makes a statement that mormonism is a cult based on it’s departure from traditional Christian fundamentals, or based on it’s early isolation that suppressed people from leaving or whatever justification he used to use the tag is on him. I am not southern Baptist.

      I will say in inter-faith dialog the term “cult” is toxic and rude. I wouldn’t use it.

    382. Bitterlaw says:

      I condemn you all.

    383. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      if lisab chooses to call all Baptist’s the spawn of Satan then that on her too.

    384. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      I stand condemned, bitter

    385. Wes says:

      What is with all this thuggish behavior by the Lions?

    386. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Hey BL its late you still awaiting test results?

    387. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Bitter, I am curious…If I did something that made you uncomfortable, would that by extention make your wife comfortable with me?

    388. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Poorly coached team

      I’m really surprised how hard it is to put them away

    389. Wes says:

      Unless I see explicit evidence of bigotry (Bunu, La Zebra), I see no reason to waste my time bitching about it.

    390. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Bailouts will never stop

      Until the collapse…

    391. Mittmentum2012 says:


      OK Lions go away now

    392. Cory says:

      I called Cain endorsing Gingrich, please file in the appropriate location. It’s the incredibly dusty file in the back that no one ever looks in.

    393. lisab says:

      “I need to condemn other people’s churches for condemning other people’s churches”

      now you are not even really trying

      if you support bigots

      you are a bigot

    394. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I dont like this Lions team they really are a thugged up group

    395. Mittmentum2012 says:

      At their debate Cory they exchanged notes on the best ways to commit adultery and bonded…

    396. Bitterlaw says:

      Lisab – can you let it go? You have made your point for months. I do not believe Mormons are in a cult but Evangelicals are Christians.

    397. lisab says:

      actually Bitterlaw

      sohope made a big deal about how he and evangelicals are not against mormons

      but once again, he shows that he is

      i did not bring it up. blame him not me

    398. walt says:

      The Christmas present I want is to have lisab, SQUE, Tim V and the other religion bomb throwers at HHR who call others heathens, cultist, etc. to all be locked in a small closet and cannot come out and irritate the rest of us until they are all in agreement regarding what personal tolerance for others religious beliefs should look like.
      And for each to agree to forever abide by that agreement throughout their blogging life. If they have a future violation, they must surrender their fingers.

      That would be one small step to help bring peace on earth.

    399. Bitterlaw says:

      Mitt2012- no stones or infection. Just back pain. Per cocet is making me a zombie. The “exam” was less annoying than the bigot wars.

    400. Mittmentum2012 says:

      They punted?


      Explain that to me

    401. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Good to hear BL

    402. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      better running qb, not considering the throwing threat just running…Tebow or Cam.

      Remember God has a hands off policy with the NFL.

    403. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Tough one!

      Tebow I think

    404. Bitterlaw says:

      Look on the bright side. Everybody who annoys you will be dead someday.

    405. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      Bitter, I am writing that one down.

    406. walt says:

      Breaking my own “no football talk” rule, I did see some of the first half of the AAA Redskins game against the NYJ.

      Skins had 1st and goal on 5 yd. line, throw 3 consecutive incomplete passes and then settle for field goal. The ghosts of John Riggins and the “hogs” weep.

      If they can’t run the ball 4 times to gain 5 yards they deserve to lose.


      Fire the coach, fire all the players.
      Give all the season ticket holders their money back.

    407. Bitterlaw says:

      I switched over H2 – used to b History International. The show is about sex in ancient Egypt. There were murals from 4000 years ago. Despite what he says, Wes didn’t invent sex.

    408. Mittmentum2012 says:

      This Lions team is filled with criminals

    409. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:


    410. Wes says:

      Ay Dios Mio. The Lions are killing themselves with these penalties.

    411. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Another flag!

      What a bunch of @ssholes!!

    412. Wes says:

      Pushing a referee? What a buffoon. Why wasn’t he thrown out of the game?

    413. Wes says:

      What an idiot.

    414. jan says:

      From the Corner, an excerpt from Mike Wallace’s interview with Senator Coburn:

      COBURN: Well, I — you know, the thing is, there’s all types of leaders. Leaders that instill confidence. Leaders that are somewhat abrupt and brisk. Leaders that have one standard for the people that they are leading and a different standard for themselves. I just found his leadership lacking and I’m not going to go into greater detail in that. And I think if you were poll the gang — the group of people that came in Congress in 1994, in which he did a wonderful job in organizing that, he’s brilliant, he has a lot of positives. But I still — it would be — I will have difficulty supporting him as president of the United States.

      WALLACE: We’re going to have to leave it there. Senator Coburn.

      Many who worked with or within the Republican Congressional majority during Gingrich’s tenure as Speaker feel much the same way. Senator Coburn is just the first to say what many have been thinking.

    415. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I agree

      Should have been ejected

    416. Bitterlaw says:

      To be fair, pretty stupid forearm to QB’s head by Saints. I am not excusing the Lion’s penalties.

    417. SoThisIsHopeAndChange says:

      What is your guess…drugs, foul play, suicide ect.

    418. Mittmentum2012 says:

      I think I have a new team to hate

      I cant hate the Cutlerettes anymore its like hating a paraplegic kitten after all of their injuries

      But this Lions team…

    419. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Yeah, that was dumb by Galette

    420. Mittmentum2012 says:

      Huge win

      Two up with 4 to play and we have the tiebreak

    421. Emerica says:

      Romney is strong on the far west and far east of Iowa with Huck taking the central parts of Iowa

      Map of Iowa caucus 2008 GOP primary
      Huck counties won in blue
      Romney won in countries red
      Ron Paul won county in yellow Jefferson)

    422. Knighthawk says:

      193. Very funny. 🙂

    423. Knighthawk says:

      376. No surprise there other then the timing perhaps, Gingrich is the only candidate that went out of his way to not attack him.

      398 – You had to know it was coming.

    424. Knighthawk says:

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing bankruptcy, the U.S. Postal Service is pushing ahead with unprecedented cuts to first-class mail next spring that will slow delivery and, for the first time in 40 years, eliminate the chance for stamped letters to arrive the next day.

      The estimated $3 billion in reductions, to be announced in broader detail on Monday, are part of a wide-ranging effort by the cash-strapped Postal Service to quickly trim costs, seeing no immediate help from Congress.

      Bye Bye next day mail and 100k postal jobs next year. Come the spring remember to get your mail in earlier then you used to in order to make deadlines.

    425. Tim says:

      And, the Congress, in 2006, caused every bit of that to happen.

    426. Tim says:

      I’m glad I missed last night’s back-and-forth about religion, here.

    427. Tim says:

      That’s right. And frankly, they already have enough problems there, now.

    428. Tim V says:

      Hi Tim. How are you ?