Another Fake Lunch For Kerry

    On the heels of the Wendy’s fiasco from last week, John Kerry has been caught lying again about his eating habits. I found this from the folks at Powerline. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

    Thousands of us heard John Kerry localize his presidential stump speech by saying he “sure better find some baby backs over there at Speed Queen Bar-B-Q and a double-dip vanilla at Leon’s.

    “And if I don’t get there, I’m in trouble.”

    OK then, Sen. Kerry, you’re in trouble.

    No, he didn’t come,” said Steven Schneider, a manager at Leon’s Frozen Custard, 3131 S. 27th St.

    “Like most politicians, they say one thing and do another,” said Schneider, who says he’s voting for George W. Bush in November.
    Speed Queen manager Larita Bryson, who leans toward Kerry politically, said they sell spare ribs, not baby backs. And it doesn’t matter, since Kerry didn’t show up anyway.

    And while Kerry lied about where he was going to eat, he didn’t let himself go hungry.

    So where did Kerry eat Monday? He went a bit more upscale at Pieces of Eight on the lakefront.

    “John had a filet mignon with asparagus and potatoes,” said manager Patric Trusty.

    John Kerry – “Man of the people.”

    Powerline also has brought back the infamous picture of John Kerry trying to prove what a regular guy he is by eating a Philly Cheese Steak. That picture still makes me laugh.

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    23 Responses to “Another Fake Lunch For Kerry”

    1. Alex says:

      Maybe Kerry should just stop eating. He seems to not know how to eat food.

    2. Dan says:

      This post is too much. A guy says he’s going to go for baby-back ribs and then goes some place else. This site has a lot of substance, but suffice it to say the substance ratio just took a hit with this post.

      What I do know is that when Kerry was on the road in the primaries, he ate frozen microwave dinners so often he developed a visceral aversion to Lasagna meals in little plastic boxes. Campaigning ain’t exactly the high life. If he wants to eat in a nice sit-down place once in awhile, I don’t begrudge him that.

      And let’s not kid ourselves. Both of these guys are Ivy League alums. George W. didn’t grow up in a trailer park.


    3. Dan says:

      But I’m with you on the Philly steak. Not because of how he’s eating it. But because if that really IS a Philly steak, it ISN’T one. You simply don’t put tomatoes on a Philly cheese steak. I don’t care how much lycopene your doctor says you should get.


    4. tina says:

      This has been a couple of funny weeks.

      First you had the Philly Cheesteak incident. He actually put the wrong cheese on it.

      Then, you had the space suit and the Wendy’s incident.
      Then, this, and now the corn issue. For a moment, when I saw him holding the corn, I thought I was watching the scare crow from the Wizard of Oz. I could you not, the resemblence is there!

    5. Wilbur says:

      If Kerry is going to lie about simple things such as where he is going to eat lunch, is anything he says the truth. For the amount of lies Kerry tells on a daily basis, I an starting to wonder whether he actually served in Vietnam?

    6. Alcon says:

      So I ate the last piece of pie and didn’t refill the ice box. That doesn’t mean I’d lie about military movements or something.

      In any case, this isn’t major. I just don’t understand why Kerry can’t take three minutes, even if he doesn’t EAT the food, to at least BUY it. Geez.

    7. Jonathan Darby says:

      Hahaha, total gold!

      Kerry probably won`t spend even two minutes going there because he thinks he`s better than us!

      Vote un-Kerry 2004!

    8. Jeff says:

      I think there is enough we could all attack Kerry on (he is a socialist) besides his choice of food. Few politicians, and none in Washington are poor and so be it. Im sure the Dem’s could dig up similar dirt on Bush.

    9. McCain says:

      But you are what you eat, or so goes the saying. Filet mignon is a good choice for Kerry — very French.

    10. Pat Curley says:

      We found out that the day before that in Zanesville, OH, Kerry made a big deal out of praising a particular local pizza parlor, then declined free pizza when offered by the grateful owner who got a lot of unexpected business that day. Sounds to me like they’re pulling names out of the Yellow Pages at random.

    11. Alcon says:

      Now I know Kerry is insane. Declining free pizza…tsk tsk.

    12. ericl says:

      Look, if he actually ATE the food, then it isn’t a fake lunch.
      He ATE the food.

    13. Bryan says:

      This should not be an issue at all. I mean, what does it matter what someone eats.
      Having said that, it IS an issue because Kerry made it an issue. He set himself up by saying he is eating at places that common folk like me can understand then ditching it and going somewere I only go on my anniversary. If Kerry does not want this to be an issue, then he should stop telling us about his false eating habits.
      For god sake…he is lying about Wendy’s and Corn, what else is there?

    14. Elitist ignoramus. He’s a joke.

    15. pepper says:

      I think the point is that he made a big deal out of patronizing the local establishments to curry favor with the crowd, then undid it all by not even setting foot in those establishments. It’s not so much dishonest as it is a dumb political move.

      What, did he think the local papers wouldn’t notice the pretty big slight to some apparently popular eateries?

    16. Chris says:

      That sort of thing happens all the time with candidates. They have a set schedule, then due to time or logistical constraints, or security concerns, they have to modify it. Kerry is a smart guy and an experienced politician. I’m sure he and his campaign handlers understand the etiquette of campaigning.

      The act of lying involves an intent to deceive. You just can’t determine intent in this case. Only Kerry know his intent. Dave, you have repeatedly accused Kerry of lying with incomplete evidence. Please stop. You could have easily done a similar write-up and link to that article without using such slanderous language. The writer of that article mused at Kerry’s intentions, but he didn’t assume them. You could have done the same. By making these repeated ‘lying’ accusations about trivial matters, I feel (I can’t prove this) that you are trying to label Kerry as a liar, someone who consistently and intentionally tells falsehoods. This is character assassination, pure and simple. To be fair I have seen a lot of equally ridiculous slander against Bush on other sites. It is wrong too.

      If you parse speech like you are doing, everyone can be caught ‘lying’ repeatedly. I’m not suggesting this, but to follow your logic, you would have to say Nancy Reagan lied because she said that she was against Bush’s stance on stem cell research but also said she fully and completely supported Bush.

      I think that both Bush and Kerry are reasonably honest and truthful men. They both have changed their minds and done numerous about faces on policy making (which in my opinion is good thing). They have both made numerous factually innacurate statements. Neither is a liar. Please stick to policy differences to get a meaningful political discussion.

    17. Alex says:

      Well said, Chris.

    18. Chris says:

      Alex, Thanks. I have been hoping to get some sort of response to this and other similar comments I’ve made in this vein. So far I’ve been largely ignored and the silly personal attacks continue. Oh well….

    19. Bryan says:

      There is no comarison between Nancy Reagan supporting Bush and Kerry saying he is going to be somewhere and not show up. Nancy and Bush have a policy difference, not a truth difference.

    20. Chris says:

      So Bryan, how can you tell that false stements made by Kerry are lies, and false statements made by Nancy Reagan are policy differences?

    21. Alex says:

      Bryan, don’t you think you are being a little unreasonable in saying Kerry lied about going to a restaurant. He is running for president, he has a busy schedule, and I’m sure he didn’t have time to go to that restaurant.

      Nancy Reagan says she fully and completely supports Bush. How can it be fully and completely when she has an obvious, major difference with Bush on an issue? She is stating something false, but she isn’t lying using Chris’s interpretation of what a lie is.

    22. Bob says:

      It’s the character that counts. He consistently says “I’m just like you, the common man” and then does something elitist. The proof is in the pudding-look at his Senate voting record to get an idea of how he will be as POTUS. We have almost 4 years of GW’s record to look at. If you honestly think that his decisions as a Senator are the right ones for this nation, then vote for him. Keep in mind that, just in the last two years, he did not vote on an overwhelming majority of issues, many that were very important to Democrats (education spending, environment, etc.). Personally, I think a Pres should act with the best interests of his country in mind, and if our allies truly care about us, they will join in and help. We shouldn’t have to grovel.

    23. Colin says:

      Kerry knows what his schedule is. He knows exactly where he is going to eat and when he is going to eat. So he is knowingly lying when he says he is going to eat at all these local places. I don’t know why he does this, but he seems to have a strong need to try and present himself as a “man of the people.”