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    Bush Opens Lead In Florida

    More good news from the battleground state of Florida and Survey USA.

    Bush 51%
    Kerry 45%

    In the Senate race, Democrat Betty Castor has a lead over Republican Mel Martinez.

    Casotr 49%
    Martinez 45%

    This poll was done September 12-14.

    Posted by Dave at 8:25 pm
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    14 Responses to “Bush Opens Lead In Florida”

    1. Alcon says:

      Out of curiosity, are those big signs on public land without permission? Because that’s been a major problem here in WA.

    2. Alcon says:

      Oops, don’t know how I managed to, but I put that comment on the wrong post. My apologies!

    3. pw says:

      Okay, I’ll say it first:
      The FL poll doesn’t mean very much.
      Ivan will probably hit tomorrow, and we’ve got Jeanie now that is going at Puerto Rico.
      I’m glad this poll had the president ahead, though.
      Since I support him, my motives for questioning the poll (not saying Survey USA isn’t great, but FL’s a mess to poll right now) cannot be challenged.

    4. greg says:

      I agree that polls out of FL right now are suspect. I also think that SUSA polls suck in general. Regardless, with Castor up and Bush still up, it bodes well for Bush.

    5. CJ says:

      I don’t share everyones skepticism about Florida’s polling. In fact I think it could be an even better indicator than other states. They have seen Bush up close now after 2 hurricanes and have had an opportunity first hand to form an opinion. Just my analysis.

    6. Tim V says:

      This is what I want to see. I also want to see another poll confirming this. If Kerry can’t win FL it’s OVER !

    7. Tina says:

      Me so happy, tonight. Do we throw this poll out too?

    8. Tina says:

      I would say that polling FL right now is probably not a good idea. However, the fact that Bush is ahead is especially relevent due to the areas impacted by the hurricanes have been mostly Republican areas, or even.

    9. pw says:

      Think so.
      Same goes for all FL polls right now.
      The state’s a disaster.
      After Ivan, Jeanie is on its way.
      I also think that LA polls should be looked at suspiciously, as New Orleans residents are being urged to leave because of Ivan.

    10. artist says:

      Let’s see, Martinez pulls 58% of Hispanics??? UuHH, I’ll wait for another poll.

    11. Mike says:

      I personally think Bush is wayyy up in FL. did i not say he’s up by 5-6 earlier last week? Looks like my hunch is correct.

      I am dissapointed in michigan’s #…seems that seems to be the one battelground remaining firm for Verry and Leftwards.

    12. Ray J. Tuleya says:

      Hispanics in Florida are not all Cuban-Americans as Martinez is, therefore will not all go toward him.
      I assume he is still hurt from the narrow primary win.

    13. Bryan says:

      Polls are out of whack right now in FL.
      I would say Bush may be up more than listed in the Poll. Why? The panhandle has ben evacuating over the last couple of days. The panhandle is where Bush’s support is strongest. This leaves me to believe a lot of polling came from central to south florida, thus skewing the actual support Bush may have in the state.

    14. Richard Garcia says:

      How much longer is FL going to continue electing Dems to the Senate? Hopefully Martinez is still just slow in getting his footing and will turn this around. He seems like the best the Repubs could have gotten and Castor seems relatively weak. It sounds like Martinez and McCollum need to mend fences quick!

      p.s.: Not being a Floridian, just wondering how liberal is this Castor? Is she Hispanic?