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    Open Thread

    The final open thread before Labor Day.

    Posted by Dave at 8:50 pm
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    1. Readyfirst says:


    2. ReadyFirst says:

      Wow, the site actually allowed me to post this time. Have tried several times over the past couple months but no luck. Strange, cause I don’t think I’ve ever ticked anyone off here before.

    3. mnw says:


      (from last thread)

      Yes, exactly. The msm hates on viable, living GOP nominees. Then, when said GOP nominees are either 1) long out of office (W), or 2) members of the choir invisible (McCain), the msm LOVES them! In contrast to the evul rayciss current crop of viable living GOP nominees.

    4. Mr.Vito says:

      Mr.Vito says:
      August 26, 2018 at 8:41 pm
      New Gallup party ID numbers among adults are 45-44 D-R for the first two weeks of August.

    5. jason says:

      Chemtrail Ward has stooped to a new low, believe it or not.

      “PHOENIX (AP) — Hours before Sen. John McCain died on Saturday, a Republican seeking Arizona’s other U.S. Senate seat suggested that his family’s earlier announcement that he was ending cancer treatment had been timed to hurt her campaign.”

      This woman is an embarrassment even to the deadenders.

    6. ReadyFirst says:

      I got to say it once to his face and I’ll say it again, thank you for your service Senator McCain! It’s a shame things can’t be left at that.

    7. jason says:

      Strange, cause I don’t think I’ve ever ticked anyone off here before.”

      Are you sure?

      This is the kind of statement that pisses me off.

    8. Bitterlaw says:

      If you are not going to tick people off, why do we need you here?

    9. ReadyFirst says:

      Lol Jason, good, I feel welcome then.

    10. Readyfirst says:

      Bitter, I didn’t say I wouldn’t tick anyone off here, I just said I haven’t yet.

    11. jason says:

      It’s a shame things can’t be left at that.”

      It is a shame.

      Unfortunately some people can’t forgive him for not being 100% litmus tested pure conservative.

    12. jason says:

      Ready, if you stay in the good graces of the A-holes, there will be no problem.

    13. ReadyFirst says:

      Been reading this blog since the polipundit day’s. Posted a little years ago but never really had the energy to keep it up. But the information all of you pump out here, good and bad is fun to read. Correction, everything except the Robbie posts. I scroll right past them.

    14. jason says:

      Have tried several times over the past couple months but no luck.”

      As part of the many improvements the Bitter and Jason administration undertook when we were in office here, we instituted a highly sophisticated screening system designed to keep undesirables out.

      You were probably kept from posting while the system checked you out, in some cases the analysis based on complex algorithms may take several months to complete.

    15. jason says:

      Been reading this blog since the polipundit day’s.”

      We are famous!

    16. ReadyFirst says:

      Jason, those are usually people who haven’t had to lead other people. They have the luxury to sit back and bitch. I didn’t agree with the Senator all the time but I challenge anyone to go through what he went through as a POW. He was a great American first and a politician second.

    17. Chicon says:

      6 – what fun would that be?

    18. ReadyFirst says:

      14 – Either that or I f’d something up. Probably the latter.

    19. ReadyFirst says:

      Chicon, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I was a soldier for the first years of my working career. The Senator gets a lot of leeway with me. I didn’t like some of his votes like the Obamacare repeal, but that’s over now and he’s with his maker. He earned his place of honor.

    20. Bitterlaw says:


      MD has fallen in with the Collusion Crowd.

    21. Bitterlaw says:

      Since the bill neither repealed nor replaced Obamacare, McCain’s vote was not a big issue to me. That said, I would have voted for it just to piss off Dems.

    22. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Bitter, you need to end these longings for MD (whoever that is). Tgca feels ignored.

    23. Chicon says:

      Agree he’s earned his place of honor. Big fan of him supporting the military as a Senator. Like all humans, he wasn’t perfect. His battles with Trump – mostly in how each handled their differences – didn’t make either of them look good, imo (more true for Trump).

      Overall, he’s added a lot to the country. Pointing out his flaws makes Jason wild, which is fun.

    24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      What is repulsive is the New York Times, which went into the gutter in attacking McCain in 2008 now is praising him as a war hero and statesman, etc. To say the New York Times is slimy, is to insult slime.

    25. Tina says:

      Good, me has joined me as the chief of the colluded crowd.


    26. Tina says:

      You were probably kept from posting while the system checked you out, in some cases the analysis based on complex algorithms may take several months to complete.

      I thought Comedy improved the system so that it was working quickly.

      Or perhaps, McCabe and Pete the cheat broke it.

    27. ReadyFirst says:


    28. ReadyFirst says:

      Bitter, True story, I had a client once who fell off a ladder and cracked his head open on the cement. He was a diehard conservative before the accident and a flaming lib after, go figure.

    29. ReadyFirst says:

      Ok, just realized that post makes me sound like Cousin Eddie talking about Ruby Sue.

    30. Wes says:

      This is pure sleaze by a leftist. Ocasio-Cortez made a praiseworthy Tweet about the man after his death and did nothing to deserve this moonbattish backlash:


    31. Wes says:

      As I’ve noted I refused to vote for him primarily because of Iraq, but McCain was no sleazeball like Ted Kennedy. The late senior Senator from AZ didn’t deserve this character assassination by liberals.

    32. Tgca says:

      31 Wes

      What did you expect? Did you really think the far left would find anything good to say about anyone in the GOP? Especially a white male veteran. Don’t you know all veterans are women and children killers?

    33. lisab says:

      Ivanka Trump tweets about Jacksonville mass shooting, and people are calling her out

      basically she went with “thoughts and prayers …”

      and the twitterverse wanted an end to gun ownership

    34. lisab says:

      Don’t you know all veterans are women and children killers?


      you really need to watch those commas

      Don’t you know, all veterans, are women and children killers?

    35. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt has been searching for a photo he has of him with John McCain.

      He said he wanted to post it here to irritate people who have hatred toward McCain.

      He can’t find it…

    36. Cash Cow TM says:

      One of the dead in the Jacksonville shooting was a West Virginian.
      “JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Monroe County man was among the victims in Sunday’s mass shooting that occurred at a “Madden” video game tournament.

      Multiple media reports and social media postings confirmed Taylor Robertson, 27, of Ballard [WV], as one of the two men shot and killed.”

    37. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt still can’t find the photo that Mathew Brady took of him and Lincoln.

    38. Cash Cow TM says:

      In other WV news,

      To fill two vacancies on the WV Supreme Court, Gov. Justice (R, then D, then R) has appointed Rep. Evan Jenkins and former Speaker of the House Tim Armstead who just recently resigned from the House so he could run for the Supreme Court.

    39. DW says:

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks:

      “I don’t understand why some are criticizing my kind words about the late Senator McCain. Everyone on the left should be thankful for his service in 2008 when he helped Barack Obama become president.”

    40. Messy says:

      39. link please.

      3. No, not at all. They like Charlie Baker in MA a great deal. Same thing with Larry Hogan of Maryland and a lot of local people. They just don’t like the slavish minions of ALEC and those who grovel to Trump.

    41. mnw says:


      Emerson has Cruz +1 over Beto in TX SEN, with over 20% und.

      Also, Emerson has Heimrich (D) way ahead in NM SEN.

    42. jason says:

      39. link please.”

      Hey DW, I see you landed a fat messyfish.

      But they are so dumb they go for any bait.

      Yesterday I reeled in a Bitterfish with that “against Hillary on the ballot” bait.

    43. jason says:

      Bitter, True story, I had a client once who fell off a ladder and cracked his head open on the cement. He was a diehard conservative before the accident and a flaming lib after, go figure.”

      How much brain matter spilled out and from what area?

      I bet it was from the part that allows you to think for yourself.

    44. lisab says:

      #40 charlie baker is pretty much in lock-step with the dems in massachusetts

      his nickname in the state is “tall deval”

      he is the same kind of republican as robbie

    45. jason says:

      I think Ready is going to be a good addition here.

      Former military, not a deadender, and has agreed with me a couple times, all very promising.

      Who knows, he could be a future candidate for the A-hole Training Program, assuming he displays the required traits.

    46. DW says:

      43 – the all time best was when Polaris started defending the integrity of Paladin/CFP polls.

    47. jason says:

      he is the same kind of republican as robbie’

      zzzzz…. that is deadender talk.

      He is still much better than a moonbat.

    48. jason says:

      the all time best was when Polaris started defending the integrity of Paladin/CFP polls.”

      Remember, he had actually researched them online.

      I forgot if he actually commented on the “internals”.

    49. DW says:

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks:

      “Many look to national holidays for their favorite day of the year. Not me. My favorite day is today. The last Monday in August is the start of the fall semester for most universities across America, and so I celebrate this day above all the others as it thrills me so much to know that communist professors across America are once again busy with the task of converting young people to join our cause.”

    50. DW says:

      Polaris said something like the internals were solid.

      At the time, what I could I say? I just had to agree with him that these polls were in fact solid.

    51. DW says:


      Rosendale 47
      Tester 45

      Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research

    52. Poul Harris says:

      From 30,000 feet, I can see some are still trying to denigrate my name.

      There was nothing wrong with the Paladin polls once you re-weighted them.

      – Poul Harris

    53. Tina says:

      New party id numbers GOP 28

      Drats 27


    54. jason says:

      the all time best was when Polaris started defending the integrity of Paladin/CFP polls.”

      Wow, I can see MD has gone full moonbat.

      This is a guy who once chastised me for not being more supportive of Sharron Angle, I kid you not.

    55. jason says:

      Hmmm….that was a non-sequitur there.

      The MD post has nothing to do with Paladin.

      Where is my coffee?

    56. Wobbles says:

      New party id numbers GOP 28

      Drats 27


      I am not worried.

      95% of the Indies are going to vote Dem.

      And a lot of the “Rs” like me are going to vote Dem too.

      Steady as she goes. If we just keep throwing out those polls that don’t agree with my narrative, all will be well and the Dems will gain 75 seats in the House and 5 in the Senate, along with 15 governorships and 9542 legislative seats.

      Keep the faith.

    57. jason says:

      “Wilson Perkins Allen”

      Impressive name for a polling firm.

      If they fail at polling, they have a good start on a law firm.

    58. lisab says:

      tall deval is pretty much a moonbat

    59. Tina says:

      Do we now get the r plus one approval polls?

      Or drat plus 11

    60. lisab says:

      What exactly has Charlie Baker accomplished as governor?

      I’ll wait for your answer. There’s no rush. We’ve got all day. While you’re thinking, can I mention a few, a very few, of his signature achievements?

      The man known as Tall Deval makes dumb Super Bowl bets with the governor of whatever state the NFC champion plays in.

      He announces his “disappointment” with Donald Trump at least as often as AG Maura Healey files one of her own frivolous lawsuits against the federal government.

      He occasionally gets a stupid buzz cut for charity, as he did yesterday with Tom Brady. (Rather than shaving his own head, wouldn’t it be more satisfying if Tall Deval started shaving the bloated pensions of all these dodgy State Police brass who are “retiring” one step ahead of the posse?)

      Whenever there’s a snowstorm, he travels to MEMA headquarters in Framingham and advises everyone to bundle up and stay warm and try not to go out on the highways, especially if you’re a non-essential, I mean non-emergency state worker.

      Every Monday at the State House, he has a closed meeting with an unindicted coconspirator in a federal corruption indictment, a Senate leader who has since had to step down in the midst of an FBI investigation of his spouse, and his lieutenant governor who likes to pose for pictures with a suspended female state trooper who has admitted to perjury, drug-dealing, income-tax evasion and money laundering.

      He signed the transgender bathroom bill to allow “self-identifying” male sex offenders to use the ladies’ bathroom.

      He vowed to veto the obscene 40 percent pay raise for the legislature – but only after the unindicted coconspirator and the guy who had to step down because of the FBI investigation of his boyfriend had rounded up enough votes to override the veto.

      I could go on, but maybe you’re ready to share with us your list of Tall Deval accomplishments? No? Well, I’ll just keep talking then. You know, they used to say that Mussolini made the trains run on time. When it comes to Tall Deval, we’d be happy if he could just get the MBTA trains to run, period.

      You know, when most politicians in executive offices run for reelection, they can claim at least a few victories. Whatever you say about Trump, his administration has demolished ISIS, gotten the economy out of its eight-year Obama malaise, and had an excellent judge confirmed onto the Supreme Court.

      Again, the recurring question: what exactly has Tall Deval done, other than making monthly appearances on radio shows where the disc jockeys are afraid to ask him a tough question?

      Why doesn’t anyone ever inquire about, oh, I don’t know, the DOR hackerama, the scam payouts of “unused” vacation and sick time across state government, especially at the state “universities?” Why no questions about the endless low-grade scandals at the DCR, or the gross incompetence of any number of other state agencies, like for instance the DCF and/or the environmental police.

      Yet he has no serious opposition. You know the old saying, you can’t beat somebody with nobody, even if that somebody hasn’t done a damn thing worth a damn.

      Tall Deval is a guy who was elected in 2014 only because he lucked into running against the Hillary Clinton of Massachusetts – hapless Marsha Coakley. How many white male politicians in Massachusetts owe their careers to having the good fortune to draw Marsha as an opponent?

      First it was Marty Walsh, then Scott Brown, and now Tall Deval.

      Ironically, now that Marsha has departed the scene, the biggest thing Tall Deval has going for him is the president he so loves to be disappointed in – Donald Trump. As long as the economy is humming, and everybody has money in his pocket, nobody’s really going to notice that state government is an absolute catastrophe, and is only going to get worse. (Hello, graduated income tax!)

      Plus, attacking Trump on practically a daily basis keeps the moonbats at bay. As long as he says the right things, Tall Deval can be their token Republican, even if he’s Republican In Name Only.

      Bottom line: if Trump didn’t exist, Tall Deval would have to invent him.

    61. jason says:

      If I ever started a law firm, I would refrain from going with my first instinct.

      Pachakutik, Otorongo & Chakraraju

      I would go for something like:

      Fairclough, Hambleton & Millhouse

    62. DW says:


      Wagner (R) 51
      VanOstran (D) 40

      Remington Research Group

      Most of them have this as Likely R.

    63. DW says:

      I knew of a law firm that was Wolff, Wolff, and Wolff.

      This is not a joke.

    64. jason says:

      Sorry lisab, even if Charlie Baker called out the National Guard to keep Trump from visiting Boston, he would still be better than any moonbat.

      And of course, what he hasn’t done is just as important as what he has done.

      I am sure he hasn’t raised taxes as much as a moonbat would have.

    65. jason says:

      I knew of a law firm that was Wolff, Wolff, and Wolff”


      Now if it was Wolff, Wolff, Wolff & Lamb, that would be interesting.

    66. jason says:

      Let me list Charlie Baker’s most important and major accomplishment.

      He is a Republican Governor in MA and he is not a moonbat.

      Sometimes you take what you can get.

      And he is still more of a Republican than Rand Paul, so there is that.

    67. jason says:

      And I bet Charlie Baker has been a Republican longer than Donald Trump, so there is that too.

    68. lisab says:

      he raised mass gov salaries by 40%

      and he cannot raise taxes without the residents of mass permission

      the smartest thing massachusetts did was the voted for

      proposition 2 and 1/2

      in the 1980’s. it keeps property taxes fixed unless the people actually approve a raise, which they almost never do

      similarly, massachusetts has a very active citizen group that keeps other tax increases also on the ballot.

      this is why massachusetts is booming, while nystate is floundering

      my $500k house in mass had about $5k in property taxes

      in ny, that same house would be worth $100k and would pay MORE property taxes, perhaps $7k!

    69. jason says:

      “Tall Deval is a guy who was elected in 2014 only because he lucked into running against the Hillary Clinton of Massachusetts – hapless Marsha Coakley. ”


      Like Trump, he won.

      Like Trump is better than Hillary, Baker is better than Coakley.

    70. lisab says:

      tall deval is a moonbat

      which is a shame

      he makes us long for the halcyon days of bill weld

      with bill, you could give him a bottle of scotch, and he was good for the day

      tall deval is trying to make massachusetts a sanctuary state

    71. jason says:

      So it sounds like lisab prefers MA to be governed by the “Hillary CLinton of MA”, Martha Coakley.


    72. jason says:

      Charlie Baker is no moonbat.

      You read it here first.

    73. lisab says:

      Like Trump is better than Hillary, Baker is better than Coakley.

      i honestly cannot think of any difference between baker and coakley

      baker hired a drug dealer for a high position in the state police

      because the drug dealer was a gf of a friend


      it seems like half the state police is going down for fraud

      an entire section has been disbanded

    74. lisab says:

      So it sounds like lisab prefers MA to be governed by the “Hillary CLinton of MA”, Martha Coakley.

      oh we had high hopes for baker

      i never thought he would win, but was glad he did

      he just has been awful …

      imagine if robbie ran your state … that is tall deval

    75. mnw says:

      DW 52 & 63:

      RE: MT SEN, & MO CD-02 polls:

      That MT poll is a GOP poll, commissioned by the NRSC, as you likely know, but other posters may not. It doesn’t look outlandish on its face, though, imo. For example, Tester’s favs are slightly better than Rosendale’s in that poll.

      However, there’s no D/R/I breakdown provided. That’s a red flag.

      The MT poll MIGHT indicate that Rosendale has gotten some traction from Trump’s support. According to BRH (Blue Raisin HO’s), Rosendale’s TV ads consist of endless loops of Trump’s endorsement from when Trump was out there– in which Rosedale never appears or speaks.

      I construe the Emerson poll showing Wagner (R) +11 on the DEM to be fairly good news, possibly, for Hawley. That’s STL County (which does not include City of STL), & that’s where Sky Queen has to kick Hawley’s adz in order to win.

      Otoh, … Emerson. The Yugo of pollsters.

    76. Charles says:

      So incredibly petty on the part of the Orange Fool to no longer fly the flag at half staff. And that joke of a tweet. Move over Carter and Hussein, you are no longer the worst presidents.

      Rest in Peace Senator McCain, you deserved much better than this. A true hero. If not for Lehman, he would have saved us from a Hussein presidency.

      Fly High Senator McCain.

    77. NYCmike says:

      Charles, Thanks for regurgitating the MSM meme for the day.

    78. NYCmike says:

      “Rest in Peace Senator McCain, you deserved much better than this. A true hero. If not for Lehman, he would have saved us from a Hussein presidency.”

      -Maybe, maybe not.

      McCain refused to fight dirty towards Obama. That may be a plus in terms of character shown, but it was a negative in terms of winning the election.

    79. ReadyFirst says:

      Here in sunny FL Gov. Scott has been running a great campaign against the skeletal remains of Bill Nelson. Ads here have been very cutting and even the media has been pointing out the Pinocchio’s on issues like Nelson’s Russia claims.

    80. ReadyFirst says:

      So is anyone here helping with any campaigns tomorrow at polling precincts?

    81. NYCmike says:

      In all of the information shared about McCain now that he has passed, his military service along with his actions as a porkbuster in the Senate stand out.

      2000 was his best shot at the Presidency, in my opinion. I must admit, I voted for Dubya in the primaries. The reason was because I thought Bush could win, and McCain could not. I believed he would be too nice in campaigning against Gore. 8 years later is some evidence that I was correct in my assessment.

      GODSPEED to John McCain. Prayers for your family.

    82. Waingro says:

      Simone Pathe
      ?Verified account @sfpathe

      Rosendale led Tester, 47-45% in @NRSC poll of #MTSEN


    83. Waingro says:

      #83, sorry looks like DW and mnw have already posted and provided detailed analysis of this poll.

    84. Wes says:

      If I had 2000 to do again I would support McCain to the hilt against GWB. If McCain still failed to Beat GWB, then I would move to Florida, get a CDL, buy a double decker bus, and spend all day on Election Day busing 2000 additional Dems to. The polling places in the state.

    85. Wes says:

      Good news for Rosendale. I hope other polls confirm the results.

      I wonder if Pearl Jam may have hurt Tester.

    86. lisab says:

      jacksonville shooter was a member of the resistance

    87. Waingro says:

      “Emerson has Cruz +1 over Beto in TX SEN, with over 20% und.”

      Stick it in the garbage dumpstah. Move it!


    88. NYCmike says:

      Win or lose in all of these red states, the Democrats will need to spend $$$ and effort in all of them. I say we pick up at least 3, but I am hoping for 5-6. And we hold the tight ones we already have.

    89. Waingro says:

      Great ad by Ted Cruz going right after “Beto” for his support of National Anthem kneelers.

      The replies to his tweet are hilarious. I can feel the leftist spittle from here.


    90. jason says:

      Charles just drove by to remind us what an absolute idiot and moron he is.

      He doesn’t want to be forgotten.

    91. dblaikie says:

      As I have said in earlier post the battle for the Senate is over. The only question is how many seats the GOP will increase their majority.

      Of course the media won’t report this. They want to make it look like a side show. But control of the Senate is huge. It will be huge if Trump fires Sessions or Rosenstein; it will be huge if somehow (unlikely) the Dems. gain control of the House. Let them investigate all they want. The GOP Senate renders all efforts to impeach as nothing more than cheap and tawdry efforts to impede progress in our Country; it will be huge as Trump continues to appoint judges; and it will be huge as the Senate considers the new trade deal with Mexico.

      The media won’t talk about this but increased control in the Senate more than negates any progress made in the House — which I believe won’t happen anyway. The 2020 campaign will begin almost as soon as the last vote is counted in 2018. And in a political presidential campaign not much legislation passes.

    92. jason says:

      If Trump had tweeted a long laudatory message about McCain, Charles and the MSM would have called it fake and insincere.

      He tweeted a short, classy tweet, and Charles and the MSM don’t think its enough.


    93. Waingro says:

      #92, agreed. To me it’s ALL about getting enough of a buffer in the Senate for 2020. Ideally, to me that is a +3 gain to 54 seats.

      My bottom line for me through November of 2020: (1) get Kavanaugh confirmed; and (2) hold onto the Senate.

      Let the chips fall where they may after that.

    94. Tina says:

      Jebot media lying about the flag and McCaiin. Just enough with the crappola.

      John Cardillo
      .@markknoller, you are wrong. The Flag being back at full mast is in compliance with U.S. federal law, 36 U.S. Code 10 175 (m). “(m) ,,, lowered to the half-staff position…on the day of death and the following day for a Member of Congress.” usflag.org/uscode36.html#… twitter.com/markknoller/st…
      7:37 AM – 27 Aug 2018

    95. Wes says:

      Wain, Republicans may not lose seats in 2020. I did the breakdown recently and concluded with Doug Jones as the only guaranteed Senate loss that year neither party has a significant advantage in the 2020 elections.

    96. Tina says:

      Day 6

      The Cnn blimp has just stated that cnn stands behind the story that trump had advanced warning of the meeting at trump tower between trump jr and Natalia the Fusion plant.

      This, despite, the compost and Lanny retracting that claim. Lanny admits that he lied to cnn, when he was a “source.”

      Time to pull cnn from the airports, they are junk news.

    97. Paul says:

      28: “Bitter, True story, I had a client once who fell off a ladder and cracked his head open on the cement. He was a diehard conservative before the accident and a flaming lib after, go figure.”

      It may have had more to do with smacking his head against the insurance company’s than hitting it against the cement.

    98. NYCmike says:

      “and it will be huge as the Senate considers the new trade deal with Mexico.”

      -Wait? What is this?

      ODD that jason has not mentioned this…….he has told us repeatedly that he is a proponent of free trade……

    99. Tina says:


      Nafta is terminated.

      new agreement with Mexico.

      No new agreement with Canada’s eyebrow.

    100. Tina says:

      Buh bye nafta and the dumb agreement negotiated by groper 41 and bj.

    101. Tina says:

      Trump: I’d like to call this the US-Mexico Trade Agreement. It’s elegant. I don’t like NAFTA. It has a lot of baggage. It was a ripoff.
      View details ·

    102. Tina says:


      The 9th Circus court rules that trump cannot end nafta because he discriminated against Canadian eyebrows.


    103. Tina says:

      These are the general “half-staff” guidelines set by President Eisenhower in 1954 following official deaths:

      1. 30 days
      – Current president
      – Former presidents

      2. 10 days
      – Current vice president
      – Current or retired Chief Justice
      – Current Speaker of the House

      3. Until burial
      – Current Associate Justices
      – Current Cabinet members
      – Former vice presidents
      – Current president pro tempore of the Senate
      – Current majority or minority leaders of the House and Senate

      4. Day of death and day following:
      – Current members of Congress


      Done completely by the book. McCain doesn’t fall into any of those other categories, so he gets one day, just like Louise Slaughter got when she died earlier this year. Hush, presstitutes.


    104. NYCmike says:

      In regard to MD, he of the “Resistance”, I notice that Preet Bharara, “Mr. Unbiased”, tweeted about Trump in a negative way. The media did a great job building him up as some even-handed prosecutor.

      And WOW, MD has really gone bat-sh*t crazy over the last few weeks! Maybe his wife promised him more nookie if he upped his game to Robbie-like levels.

    105. ReadyFirst says:

      Trade agreement and the market responds, DOW up 257.

    106. Tina says:

      Breaking News

      Once Justin from Canada finds his eyebrows, he will respond to the termination of Nafta.

    107. Redmen4ever says:

      If I wasn’t so big minded, I might mention that McCain threw Sarah Palin under the bus and disrespected Tea Party Republicans, co-sponsored McCain-Feingold to abridge freedom of speech and entrench the swamp, joined with Hillary Clinton and the Russians to tip off the FBI about Trump, f’d the American people and those in Arizona who voted for him on repeal of Obamacare, and never saw a war he didn’t think we didn’t need to get in.

      McCain’s “maverick” style involved a complex of independent as opposed to party-line thinking (which was good), and a certain bluntness in rhetoric (also good), speckled by arrogance, pettiness and vindictiveness (not good), and captivated by the siren call to war (not good either, even if understandable in his case).

      With McCain’s passing, there is one less Senator who waxes nostalgic for the good ol’ days when 60 votes were needed in the Senate, and often gotten by pork-barrel politics and log-rolling, described in the media as “compromise.” The days of Smokin’ Joe Lieberman, Chokin’ Ted Kennedy, and Tokin’ Bill Clinton are drawing to a close. I suspect next year the filibuster rule will be effectively dropped even for legislation. Those days are over.

    108. Messy says:

      107. That would be today at midnight.

      110. I do not look forward to the shutting down of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Remember Justin was a bouncer in a bar. IT was his job to beat people up.

    109. ReadyFirst says:

      Interesting chart on percentages of trade with individual countries. Canada and Mexico represent roughly a third.

    110. Messy says:

      111. Palin threw McCain under the bus, the Tea Party were misinformed and to some extent racist (most believed that Obama was born in Africa somewhere and was a changeling and thus technically an elf), and thus deserved to be disrespected. With a Democratic controlled House, bipartisanship will be more necessary than ever.

    111. lisab says:

      107. That would be today at midnight.

      he died on the 25th

      it would have been yesterday at sunset

    112. GF says:

      JSM died Saturday afternoon, his flag window expired last night at midnight per regulations.

      Numbers are not your strong suit, no?

    113. Waingro says:

      #114, troll alert.

    114. NYCmike says:


      Can we send you a calendar, and a clock?

      Wissing, is the HHR Store still open?

    115. ReadyFirst says:

      “and to some extent racist (most believed that Obama was born in Africa somewhere and was a changeling and thus technically an elf“ –
      Was that survey done by Pew or Rasmussen?

    116. Waingro says:

      #107, thanks, Tina. I see some idiots on Twitter praising Barry for flying flag at half-staff for Scalia’s death until his internment, as if he did something special/outside the protocol.

    117. Waingro says:

      A leftist group sponsored PPP poll can only get Heller down 5 points. I take this as good news.

      Political Polls
      ? @PpollingNumbers
      20m20 minutes ago

      #NEW #NVsen Poll:

      Jacky Rosen (D) 48% (+5)
      Dean Heller (R-inc) 43

      @ppppolls/@ProtectOurCare (D)

    118. lisab says:

      the sad thing about messy et al. is that they even lie about things that can be checked in seconds on google

    119. DW says:

      Failed pollster Siena will be releasing a NY_24 poll, for what it will be worth.

    120. Redmen4ever says:

      114 – thank you for agreeing with the factual basis what I said.

      Since you think it is right for a Republican to throw his running mate under the bus to explain why he lost, do you think Hillary should have had a chapter in “What Happened?” on whoever was her running mate, as to why he or she was responsible for her loss?

      And do you think it was a mistake for Hillary to say many of TRUMP’s supporters were deplorable and irredeemable, and that she should have said, McCainesque, that many of her supporters were deplorable and irredeemable?

      Back in Brooklyn, we had a saying about party loyalty. You F your friends you got nobody left. But, some people I suppose are gentlemenly and ladylike, and think the Brooklyn school of politics isn’t good form.

      While I think we agree that it was crude to question Obama’s natural born citizenship, do you think it was o.k. for Democrats to question whether McCain was a natural born citizen as early as 2000, and for the NYT and WP to run editorials questioning whether Cruz and Rubio were natural born, in 2016? Or, for Hillary to poke fun of Obama’s African roots in the primary season of 2008?

      We may have an opportunity to see how “bipartisan” a Democratic Congress is. I remember in 1995, when Congress convened under Republican control, the Ranking Member said to the chair of a committee, “You wouldn’t do to us what we did to you because that wouldn’t be fair.”

    121. jason says:

      If I wasn’t so big minded, I might mention that McCain threw Sarah Palin under the bus and disrespected Tea Party Republicans, co-sponsored McCain-Feingold to abridge freedom of speech and entrench the swamp, joined with Hillary Clinton and the Russians to tip off the FBI about Trump, f’d the American people and those in Arizona who voted for him on repeal of Obamacare, and never saw a war he didn’t think we didn’t need to get in”

      So much garbage in so few words…. what a feat for such a small minded moron.

    122. DW says:


      SUSA – CA_50

      Hunter (R-Inc) 47
      Campa-Najjar (D) 39

      RCP says its a tossup, Cook and Sabato say it is Lean R, Kos, and Gonzales say Likely R, and only 538 and CNN say its safe R.

    123. jason says:

      107. That would be today at midnight.’

      Wow, Messy is as math challenged as she is baffled by the English language.

      I know, hard to believe, but….

    124. CG says:

      “and for the NYT and WP to run editorials questioning whether Cruz and Rubio were natural born, in 2016?”

      Gee, who was the one trying to make that an issue? I can hardly remember….

    125. jason says:

      Back in Brooklyn, we had a saying about party loyalty. ”


      You really sound like a real loyal party guy.

      I love this place.

    126. jason says:

      Gee, who was the one trying to make that an issue? I can hardly remember….”

      You for one, were here spreading lies about Rubio.

      How soon we forget…

    127. CG says:

      You are full of crap, as usual jason.

      I defended Rubio against the Trumpist attacks.

    128. CG says:

      John McCain’s farewell message:


      Should be mandatory reading for all you sick, pro-Trump bastards.

      Optional reading- my tribute to John McCain:


    129. Tina says:

      My required reading book:

      What Happened by

      Hillary Clinton.


    130. CG says:

      I read that book. She whines more than Wes.

    131. NYCmike says:

      “Should be mandatory reading for all you sick, pro-Trump bastards.”

      -“Should be mandatory reading for all you sick, anti-Hillary-and-or-Democratic-candidate bastards.”

      FIXED IT!

    132. CG says:

      McCain’s farewell message should be mandatory reading for all Americans.

    133. Tina says:

      Mandatory reading as in gubment controlled or gubment requirement.

      Touted by a “conservative” that loves and voted for her thighness.

    134. Tina says:

      “Halper was paid $411,000 by Washington Headquarters Services on Sept. 26, 2016, for a contract that ran until this March.” judicialwatch.org/press-room/pre…

      Haloer is a trump campaign spy paid by fib.

    135. Tina says:

      Rosie Memos
      Replying to @realDonaldTrump @MarkWarner and 4 others
      Why was @MarkWarner communicating directly with the @FBI and setting up calls with @Comey outside of the Senate Select Committee? Were you aware of this @SenatorBurr the call was five days before @GenFlynn resigned. #WitchHunt vault.fbi.gov/director-comey… pic.twitter.com/bUcBPgwp2g
      4:35 PM – 25 Jun 2018

      By: Rosie Memos @almostjingo

    136. Tina says:

      Looks like pius comedy leaked the Flynn transcripts to the press.

      Oh Lordy.

    137. BayernFan says:

      I guess ted Cruz should have taken the Supreme Court gig.

    138. ReadyFirst says:

      123. Said the math challanged troll that doesn’t even read their own polls (assuming you take the poll at face value). “Another 31 percent of Republicans said they neither agreed nor disagreed.“ That doesn’t mean a majority believe this. You stated “most believed…”. Funny, you forgot to mention in the same survey 20% of Democrats think he was born in another country and that the Democrat media was running the same type articles at the same time on Cruz, Rubio Et. al. Selective facts I suppose.

    139. CG says:

      It’s a fact that Barack Obama and Marco Rubio were born in the U.S.

      It’s a fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

      It’s a fact that all three were eligible to be President.

      The person who suggested, at various times, that all were ineligible to be President was Donald Trump.

    140. Tina says:

      Marco Gutierrez
      I am so proud of @POTUS and @EPN for bringing the #UnitedStatesMexicoTradeAgreement forward and killed the long failing name #NAFTA from the books! What would pompous @VicenteFoxQue talk about now? #MexicoTradeDeal #ArtOfTheDeal #LatinosForTrump

      Poor Vincente, cannot push a us president around like he did mute 43.

    141. Tina says:

      Gen Flynn

      Fib did not review 600000 emails from Weiners laptop.

      Obama has no Isis strategy,

      Factcheck. True.

    142. Tina says:


      Lanny Dufus and Cohen have gone silent due to warnings from Fuhrer Mulehead.

    143. Redmen4ever says:

      Texas will be to the Democrats what the Kursk salient was to the Germans. Beto will suck the resources the Democrats need to take the oilfields, reach the Suez, sink allied ships and swarm allied bombers, into a hopeless cause.

    144. Tina says:

      Follow by SMS
      Nick Short Nick Short
      Who assigned Ohr to the Russia probe? And when? Was Rosenstein truthful when he testified that he did not know Ohr was involved in the Russia investigation? Did Ohr intentionally conceal his involvement from Rosenstein? thefederalist.com/2018/08/27/her…

      If Redactstein lied, he needs to be fired ASAP.

    145. ReadyFirst says:

      I wonder what percentage of democrats are truthers?

    146. Messy says:

      122, 128. Spokespeople for the Trump White House apologized and set the flag at half staff.

      Stop defending someone when you know they’re wrong.

    147. CG says:

      About a comparable number of Democrats are Truthers are there are Republicans that are Birthers.

      Of course, a good deal of Trump supporters happen to be both. Trump has said in the past that the U.S. government was behind 9/11. There was a post here yesterday (not sure if sarcastic or not) that went into great detail to suggest that Dick Cheney did 9/11 to enrich himself. So, a lot of Trump supporters believe that.

      People on the left overstate the number of “Birthers” among Republican, but people on the right should by the same token not understate it either. They exist and they are wrong.

    148. Redmen4ever says:

      145 – I agree with you that Trump was wrong to question Obama’s and Cruz’ eligibility. I am not aware he (Trump) questioned Rubio’s. But, will you be fair about this, and speak to whether the following were also wrong:

      NYT, 1/18/2016, questions Rubio’s and Cruz’ eligibility

      WP, 1/15/2015, ditto

      The Donald wasn’t the first, this thread goes back to 2004, and includes Hillary; see


      NYT, 7/11/2008 – questions whether John McCain was natural born

    149. CG says:

      In the case of the NYT, were they criticizing Trump and confirming that Cruz and Rubio were eligible? That is probably the case.

      I disagree that Hillary started Birtherism. Oh, to be sure, they looked into it, and if they found anything credible, it would have been used, but they would have quickly determined there was absolutely no evidence to suggest that Obama was not born in the U.S.

      Trump lied about it repeatedly and deliberately for a long time, like he lies about everything else big and small.

    150. CG says:

      Questions about McCain and Cruz were legitimate as Constitutional matters, as was the case decades earlier for George Romney, but it seems pretty clear that all were eligible to be President, despite not being born on American soil.

      And while Obama was, the same would have been true for him if he were not either.

    151. Tina says:

      It was lowered again due to presidential proclamation.

      Otherwise, us flag code is correct, as applied to a member of congress,

    152. CG says:

      Any U.S. President would be correct to make a special exception for John McCain to keep the flag lowered until burial.

      But yes, Trump certainly did “cave” on the matter today, as did he begrudging statement in which he was forced to admit he admired McCain’s service to the country.

      Maybe Melania threatened him?

    153. Tina says:

      Please do not blame Hillary for being the original birther.


    154. ReadyFirst says:

      153. Good post CG, I agree. I was wondering if Messy was going to bite.

    155. CG says:

      Ok, he said “respect” not “admire.”

    156. Tina says:

      And bush had to do a proclamation for Reagan who died on 6/5.

      Proclamation to lower was on 6/6/2004.

    157. Tina says:

      Ok he said whatever.

      And people, other than angry ds, do not care

    158. CG says:

      The White House and Congressional Republicans apparently got enough calls from veterans’ groups etc. for a change of course regarding the flag to be made. It’s very simple.

    159. mnw says:

      DW 127

      RE: Hunter (R-inc) in CA-50:

      Could that be a work in progress, though? At this point, are all the voters there even aware that Hunter got indicted?

      Asking ’cause I don’t know. SDC is on top of this race.

    160. CG says:

      Maybe everyone in Hunter’s CD will join the Congressman in blaming the wife for everything…

    161. Tina says:

      We have the Obama reconciliation tool again in October, if Ducey picks a solid R replacement.

      This will kill obumblercare once and for all.

    162. Tina says:

      I know the Maine Chicklet and the Ak Sea Porker and others will not be for killing it.

      Rather use it as a campaign issue, but not kill it.

    163. mnw says:

      Tina 167/168

      Obamacare has been polling better lately, because… after Trump & the GOP pretty well gutted the ACA, the premiums stopped rising so astronomically on the few poor bastids who are still stuck with it.

    164. NYCmike says:

      “The person who suggested, at various times, that all were ineligible to be President was Donald Trump.”

      -Do you mean Mr. President?

    165. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      165. The Survey USA poll (47% to 39%) is probably accurate. The indictment has received wide publicity in San Diego, and Hunter’s problems were well-know prior to the primary. The Democrats nominated a far left candidate (the grandson of a terrorist no less) and it will cost they a seat they might have won. Butner, a former Navy Seal, could possibly have defeated Hunter, but he lost in the primary.

    166. Charles says:

      What incredibly foolish posts. The petty decision to raise the flags so early was wrong, it’s obvious. And look at all the fools here defending a stupid decision like that.

      Now the Orange BlowHard is shamed into lowering the flag again. You could have just left it lowered you dumb fool. It’s like he’s purposely trying to make himself look like a damn fool.

      Now all of you people can backtrack too. Smart people so blinded by your love for the Orange Buffoon that you’ll defend anything he does. Mind boggling.

      Republican will be lucky to win another presidential election in the next few decades. Thanks azzhole!

    167. NYCmike says:

      From Instapundit:

      “OBAMA JUDGE KILLS TRUMP ORDER TO DRAIN DEEPEST PART OF THE SWAMP: No part of the Washington Swamp is more deeply entrenched than the federal bureaucrat unions. So it was no surprise when the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) filed suit against President Donald Trump’s May 25 Executive Order (EO) directly challenging the bureaucrat unions’ power and perks.



      Are you, as a “conservative Republican”, FOR or AGAINST the federal employees being paid at a more comparable scale to private sector employees?

      Today, a Department of Justice spokesman hems and haws on what the administration will do in response to an Obama-appointed federal judge’s ruling late Friday striking down most of Trump’s EO. LifeZette’s Connor Wolf puts it all in proper context. This is VIP because if Trump can make Mexico pay for that wall, maybe he can also penetrate the bureaucrat wall that protects Washington against genuine reform.”

    168. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      171. In the primary Republican candidates pulled a total of 62.45% of the vote. The U.S. Survey poll shows the leftist Democrat with 39% support; so it appears he is not making any major inroad with Republican voters.

    169. CG says:

      The Democrat candidate in that district could be horrible for a variety of reasons, and theoretically a terrible person, but the idea that he is somehow responsible for or should be held accountable for something done by his grandfather 17 years before he was even born is ridiculous.

    170. NYCmike says:


      Are you another “conservative Republican” like Robbie and “CG” who fixate on these small issues like when the flag should be at half-mast or not?

    171. CG says:

      Generally speaking, if Dan Rostenkowski could lose his overwhelmingly Democrat Congressional district to an unknown Republican after having been indicted, then Duncan Hunter, while under indictment, is far, far from safe.

    172. Wes says:

      Chuck, as I recall, the flags were at half mast for a day as required. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal Trump raised them at the end of that day.

    173. Redmen4ever says:

      Regarding whether Cruz, Rubio, Obama, McCain, Romney the Elder, and many others are (or were) natural born: This is either well-established law, or an interesting question. This street is either closed to traffic or it’s open for two-way traffic. Those who say, it’s o.k. for us to question Cruz’ eligibility but not for somebody else to question Obama’s is just playing politics.

      I’m of the opinion that this street is closed. There are two directly pertinent S.C. decisions concerning how many classes of citizen there are, there being two: (1) natural born, and (2) naturalized. There is no third class of citizen different from natural born determining eligibility to serve as President. The Constitution gives Congress the power to recognize citizenship both natural born and naturalized except that the 14th Amendment establishes that persons born in the U.S. “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” are natural born citizens.

      There have been upwards of a thousand decisions by civil authorities acting in a magisterial capacity and count decisions pertaining to placing the names of candidates on the ballot, regarding whom natural born eligibility has been questioned. Every one has been decided in the manner I have described (i.e., if they were a citizen at birth under the law, they’re eligible).

      So why does anybody – like the New York Times – question whether people who are natural born are qualified to be President? It’s entertainment.

      The New York Times questions whether John McCain, born in the Panama Canal Zone, is natural born, but doesn’t question whether Al Gore, born in the District of Columbia, is natural born. This is because it’s entertaining to question whether your political opponent is natural born. But it’s not entertainment to question whether your guy is qualified.

    174. CG says:

      I never said the flag thing was of any consequence to me. I just noted that Trump caved again, when under pressure, as he is apt to do.

      Decent Americans of all stripes know that John McCain is a hero and a man who was far superior in every way to the pettiness and smallness of Donald J. Trump.

    175. CG says:

      Why would there even be a question about Obama’s eligibility, unless you do not believe he was born in Hawai’i.

      Cruz was born in Canada. That is a bit different, but he was still eligible.

    176. Tina says:

      Muh flag has replaced Muh Cohen.

    177. Tina says:

      Ask Hillary, the original birther.

    178. CG says:

      I have never in my life heard that there was or should have been questions about Al Gore’s eligibility because he was born in the District of Columbia.

    179. Tina says:

      The flag had to go back to full mast today, as required by the flag code.

      There was a proclamation issued that included logistical items,

      The logistical questions were answered today by the McCain Family. They included transportation costs

      A senator is not automatically given those items.

    180. CG says:

      From his transcripts today, it looks like Rush Limbaugh spent a large part of his three hours trashing John McCain.

      I wish I could get every hour of my life back that I wasted listening to his show when I was younger.

    181. Tina says:

      Stonewall Jackson
      How dare president Trump make such a historic trade deal with Mexico just two days after John McCain died. The nerve of this man

      Sarcasm, but prolly true by nightfall by the my flag crowd.

      Who by the way would allow an nfl player to sheot on the flag.

    182. CG says:

      It’s not required to go back to full-staff. The President can say it should remain at half-staff for as long as he wants.

      It happens all the time. Obama had it lowered until the sitting Senators that died when he was President were buried. Even for a former Senator in one case.

    183. Charles says:

      “Are you another “conservative Republican” like Robbie and “CG” who fixate on these small issues like when the flag should be at half-mast or not?”

      Disrespect to a true hero like McCain is not a small issue. He was the last republican that I was truly PROUD to cast my vote for. And he called Trump out for the fool that he is. Degradation of the Republic is not a small issue to me. Maybe it is to you.

      “Chuck, as I recall, the flags were at half mast for a day as required. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal Trump raised them at the end of that day.”

      Then why are they lowered again? Care to explain?

    184. Tina says:

      Dumb sheot, a proclamation was not issued at the time due to the outstanding logistical items.

      If he issued a proclamation then yes it remains until stated.

    185. Tina says:

      But since it was lowered Saturday, it goes back up Monday for a senator, as stated in the us flag code, until and unless a proclamation is offered.

    186. DW says:

      The SUSA poll of CA_50 was 8/22-8/26

    187. Tina says:

      As produced the Muh flag hoaxers wil not stop politicizing.

    188. NYCmike says:

      “Decent Americans of all stripes know that John McCain is a hero and a man who was far superior in every way to the pettiness and smallness of Donald J. Trump.”


      One ran for President and lost.
      One ran for President and won.

      Mother Theresa was never on the ballot.

      Go figure.

    189. NYCmike says:

      “Disrespect to a true hero like McCain is not a small issue.”

      -As shown by several people, the LAW was followed, in regard to flags, death, and protocol.

      Is respect for the law “a small issue” to you, Charles?

    190. mnw says:

      DW & SDC

      RE: CA-50

      Thx for the additional info. Btw…

      I’m SO sure that if I were running for Congress, & if I were the grandson of an infamous white supremacist who bombed an abortion clinic in Altlanta, & murdered a dozen or so people thereby, why…no fair-minded liberal would EVER DREAM of pointing that fact out. Right? /S!

    191. Wes says:

      Why are we debating the flag? Trump followed the law and did not extend the period at half mast. That was his right as President, and he did nothing wrong.

    192. Wes says:

      Dems are publicly grumbling Bill Nelson isn’t engaged in his reelection bid. You can only run septuagenarian fossils so many times before one of them lacks the energy for a tough race after decades of cakewalks.

    193. NYCmike says:

      “That was his right as President, and he did nothing wrong.”

      -“CG” and Charles demand more from Trump than from the law. They are wholly superior beings because of that, in their own eyes.

    194. Mr.Vito says:

      The left is happy to have that racist symbol lowered as long as possible.

    195. Mr.Vito says:

      It’s just another prop to them.

    196. Wes says:

      Right now I say ND and FL are as close to guaranteed flips to the GOP as possible. Dems have no likely flips, meaning the Senate will almost certainly have an expanded GOP majority in November.

      2020 right now doesn’t look like a banner year for Senate Dems either as long as Collins runs again. 2022 is problematc depending on the President at the time.

    197. mnw says:

      Wes 203

      Agreed about 2018. I know nothing about 2020.

      I’d say your 2018 thoughts are indisputable, but VERY conservative. I think the GOP will do better. I realize that you aren’t saying they WON’T do better.

      I think Hawley wins; may God have mercy on me. The trolls will make my life a living hell forever if I’m wrong. But I like what I’m seeing, & I say Hawley wins.

      Hawley is 38. He’s trim & fit. McCaskill is 65. Look at her photos on Google. Her weight fluctuates enormously, but she’s usually about 50 pounds overweight.

      There are going to be TV debates. Most voters have never seen Hawley. I like his chances A LOT.

      Also, MT. Very intriguing.

    198. Charles says:

      “the LAW was followed”

      Then why was the flag lowered again? why? Common decency please? You’re completely blinded by your love for Orange. It’s sad.

    199. Charles says:

      This is the stupid, petty, stuff that just makes me sick. How hard is it to put out a gracious statement, keep the flag at half staff as per customary period, and win some support. Then go confirm judges, lower taxes, and deport the illegals.

      He just can’t help himself. Petty, vindictive child he is. And the GOP will pay in 2018, 2020, and beyond. Very very sad what has happened to the GOP.

    200. Charles says:

      We are a party that loves Putin and diminishes John MCain. We are now protectionists, what happened to free trade? We want to bail out farmers.

      Let’s not forget how Orange wanted a “Bill of Love” and how he wanted to seize guns without due process and he absolutely loves socialized medicine. Remember all that? Of course not.

    201. Mr.Vito says:

      Charles is Proud Obamacon… just in case anyone forgot when he screwed up.

    202. GF says:

      I am enjoying how Dems (who have regularly used McCain as a cudgel against other Republicans when it suited them but then turned sharply against he was the actual POTUS nominee) and never-Trumpers are going all crazy over this flag nonsense. McCain will lie in state at the Rotunda, an honor awarded to very few Americans in our history. As to the suggestion that POTUS should extend the flag at half-mast for McCain, I must ask, being a career and combat Navy veteran, and having known POWs, why just for McCain? Admirals Stockdale and Denton (the latter himself also a Senator) were imprisoned and tortured much longer than JSM (well over two years longer in both cases), and being actual leaders in the POW resistance, were singled out for harsh retribution by the North Vietnamese. I will never take away from JSM’s sacrifice, but those two men deserved at least as much as what is being demanded for McCain. Frankly, the Dems never cared much for men like Denton and Stockdale, so it’s no surprise there, but it is also obvious that never-Trumpers, who made no such requests for honoring other deceased POWs, are using McCain’s death as a weapon against the current President. That is all one needs to know about their character.

      If they don’t like it, they can pick up a rifle and bother to serve themselves and their neo-Con masters; I’m done fighting for chicken-hawks.

      (And not one word here can be construed as a broad support for Trump; I am merely calling out those who are making fools of themselves in this imbroglio.)

    203. GF says:

      It should also be noted that both Stockdale and Denton not only suffered longer and harder than McCain, but were also senior to him and considerably more decorated as well (MOH and the Navy Cross vice a Silver Star). But let’s forget about them!

    204. Florida Guy says:

      “Wilson Perkins Allen”

      Wilson has been doing this for 25 years, as long as I have known him. If he says MTSEN is tight and +2 for GOP, it likely is.

    205. Messy says:

      153, 159, 160, I don’t think the “Truther” canard works. yeah, there were (and still are) a tiny number of far lefties who think that Bush was behind 9/11. I’ve had far more heated arguments with them then I’ve ever had with any of you guys. There were far, far fewer truthers than there were Birthers. None of them would get anywhere near getting elected to anything except for Cynthia McKinney, who was a genuine moron.

      The “Truthers” were a bunch of scum.

      The media is treating McCain as an “Honorary ex-president” and I’ve no problem with that.

      I’ve heard on the media that Manafort’s attorneys are discussing a plea deal with Meuller. I of course cannot confirmt this. But if it’s true, then Trump’s sunk.

    206. barry says:

      203 I live in ND. Do not under estimate the Dem Heitkamp. People like her. A lot of people did not think she would win 6 years ago. I hope she looses but this is not a done deal.

    207. mnw says:

      Florida Guy 211

      Thanks, VERY much!

      I’m sending Rosendale another donation tonight. I believe in reinforcing victory, not failure. (That’s an ancient military axiom, btw.)

      I always picked Rosendale as perhaps the real McCoy, but I was waiting for some confirmation of my instinct. The Wilson Perkins Allen poll provides that confirmation.

      I still wish I knew the D/R/I on the Wilson poll sample, though.

    208. Messy says:

      209. The reason is that McCain is an iconoclast, nearly became president TWICE, and there’s the buyers remorse from 2000. Admiral Stockdale ran for Vice President with Perot and gave a lousy performance in the ’92 debate (which was won by Dan Quayle, BTW), and is remembered for that, mostly.

      Jeremiah Denton didn’t do all that much in the Senate.

      Like I said before, McCain is an “honorary ex-president.”

    209. mnw says:

      barry 213

      I love to hear from posters who are actually there, where the election is being fought.

      Pls update us with your thoughts again soon.

    210. Charles says:

      I’m in Florida and Nelson is toast. He has no chance. ZERO.

    211. Charles says:

      Scott has dominated the airwaves and has tremendous support among latinos. The supposed Porto Recan wave that was supposed to doom the GOP has not materialized. Nelson can start planning his retirement.

    212. Wes says:

      I know the caveats, Barry. This time Heitkamp is running against a Republican who’s fighting back and in addition has lower favorables than in the past in a state lurching right. I have Cramer winning by mid singles at worst.

    213. Bitterlaw says:

      Pro-Trump bastards? I don’t know how the points will got divided.

      As far as the flag is concerned –

      Trump followed the flag protocol/law.

      Trump could have extended the time the flag was lowered on his own without the need for the outcry.

      Nothing Trump did would satisfy his critics or upset his supporters.

    214. Bitterlaw says:

      I sense a little MD (oh. That is a pun.) in ReadyFirst. Remember that sneaking into blogs was his past time.

    215. NYCmike says:


      I don’t think MD could pull that off, swinging from committed #NeverTrumper to having thoughts which make sense.

      His twitter feed is way over the top kooky!

    216. Charles says:

      The Buffoon was in a hurry to raise the flag. He could have left it at half staff like the Capital and all other places. But no, he just couldn’t do it. The pettiness is simply unbelievable. That’s all I’m saying.

      Complete unforced error, something he does a lot of. And it’s very sad for conservatism that this is who we have decided to follow blindly.

    217. Bitterlaw says:

      Remember, NYC. You never see the A-hole behind you.

    218. NYCmike says:

      “Then why was the flag lowered again? why? Common decency please? You’re completely blinded by your love for Orange. It’s sad.”

      -Hmmmm, as a child, my favorite ice cream from Friendly’s was Orange Sherbert.

      And my favorite shirt as a toddler (my 2 year old birthday party) was an orange-and-white shirt/shorts ensemble, which was sort of like a creamsicle.

      Orange is the new conservative…….and judging by his judges and his cabinet picks, working towards that goal!

    219. NYCmike says:

      “The Buffoon was in a hurry to raise the flag.”

      -Common decency for the Office of the President of the United States?

    220. Charles says:

      Why was the flag re-lowered? Explain that. Stop dancing around the question.

      And yes, if we can stick to judges, deportations, cabinet picks, that would be fine. I agree with you there.

    221. Bitterlaw says:

      Simple answer, Chuck. Trump F’ed up. He expected Dems to pretend to care about McCain. He did not expect the heat he got from veterans,

    222. Tina says:

      Spectrum News / Siena Poll: Katko Has 15-Point Lead Over Balter, 54-39 Percent #NY24 conta.cc/2PcsWCW

    223. Tina says:

      Why was the flag re lowers

      Presidential proclamation,


    224. ReadyFirst says:

      Nope Bitter, no MD. Must be the Army training, plus, as I recall MD was in financial Services as am I. I’m in sunny FL on the coast. I get to watch rocket launches from my back yard. Also, there is zero chance of me going to the dark side.

    225. jason says:


      “Conservative Tribune) – If there is one political truism that has held fairly constant over the past thirty years or so, it is that associates of Bill and Hillary Clinton tend to remain incredibly loyal and serve as staunch defenders of their political benefactors in near perpetuity, almost no matter what.

      Of course, there are exceptions to that general rule, and a prime example of such is an op-ed published in The Hill by Mark Penn, a former adviser and pollster for former President Clinton who was by his side during his impeachment. Penn took great exception to the recent guilty plea filed by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for bank fraud and tax evasion, and particularly took issue with the supposed campaign finance violations that Cohen pleaded guilty to — non-crimes in the view of Penn.

      To be sure, Penn sees Cohen as a rather slimy character who committed legitimate tax crimes and proved himself to be disloyal to businessman-turned-candidate-turned-President Donald Trump, but he viewed the prosecutorial pressure placed on Cohen as little more than a thin pretext to the overarching goal to “get Trump.”

      The supposed campaign finance violations related to payments Cohen arranged or made to buy the silence of two women — former porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal — who claimed to have had affairs with Trump. Cohen was later reimbursed by the Trump organization for those payments.

      “The sweetener for the prosecutors, of course, was getting Cohen to plead guilty to campaign violations that were not campaign violations. Money paid to people who come out of the woodwork and shake down people under threat of revealing bad sexual stories are not legitimate campaign expenditures. They are personal expenditures. That is true for both candidates we like and candidates we do not,” Penn wrote.

      Prosecutors alleged that those payments were intended to influence the 2016 election, and therefore counted as campaign expenditures, which should have been properly filed with the Federal Election Commission. But Penn exposed the fault — if not blatant double standard — in that logic by pointing out that virtually anything done to either help or hurt the electoral chances of either Trump or Clinton during the election could similarly be construed as a campaign contribution, a decidedly slippery slope.

      As an example, he used the hypothetical situation of ABC News paying Daniels for her story about Trump through Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, or perhaps even through the Perkins Coie law firm that represented the Democratic National Committee.d

      “By this reasoning, if the purpose of this money paid, just before the election, would be to hurt Trump and help Clinton win, this payment would be a corporate political contribution. If using it not to get Trump would be a corporate contribution, then using it to get Trump also has to be a corporate contribution. That is why neither are corporate contributions and this is a bogus approach to federal election law,” Penn said.

      Penn further explained the typical process for the FEC to investigate potential campaign finance violations, and reiterated that using personal funds for personal reasons — even if ultimately beneficial to a political campaign — nevertheless don’t constitute campaign contributions or expenditures.

      “Contrast what is going on here with the treatment of the millions of dollars paid to a Democratic law firm (Perkins Coie) which, in turn, paid out money to political research firm Fusion GPS and British spy Christopher Steele without listing them on any campaign expenditure form, despite crystal clear laws and regulations that the ultimate beneficiaries of the funds must be listed,” Penn wrote.

      “There is no question that hiring spies to do opposition research in Russia is a campaign expenditure, yet no prosecutorial raids have been sprung on the law firm, Fusion GPS or Steele. The reason? It does not ‘get’ Trump,” he continued.

      “So, Trump spends $130,000 to keep the lid on a personal story and the full weight of state prosecutors comes down on his lawyer, tossing attorney-client privilege to the wind. Democrats spend potentially millions on secret opposition research and no serious criminal investigation occurs,” Penn added.

      Penn referenced how this tactic for virtually the same thing was tried and failed against 2012 Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards, and also noted how in the aftermath of the Clinton impeachment proceedings it was made clear that presidents would not be removed for lying about extramarital affairs and candidates would not be punished for paying off people for their silence.

      The former Clinton aide wrote that this “is yet another example of the double standards of justice of one investigation that gave Clinton aides and principals every benefit of the doubt and another investigation that targeted Trump people until they found unrelated crimes to use as leverage.”

      “Trump should do a better job of picking aides who pay their taxes, but he is not responsible for their financial problems and crimes,” stated Penn. “These investigations, essentially based on an opposition dossier, were never anything other than an attempt to push into a corner as many Trump aides and family members as possible and shake them down until they could get close enough to Trump to try to take him down.”

      Penn concluded by lamenting the “hour-by-hour scrutiny” of all of Trump’s “aides, lawyers and actions” by the media and prosecutors, noted none of what has been alleged as crimes have anything to do with the initial “Russian collusion” narrative the investigations are based upon, pointed out that the supposed campaign finance violations aren’t even legitimate crimes and bluntly stated that “squeezing guilty pleas” out of Trump associates will do nothing to change those fundamental facts.

      Something tells us Mark Penn will now be taken off the Clinton’s Christmas card list.”

    226. Tina says:

      Penn screws up

      Picking aides…

      Neither Manafort nor Cohen were or are aides.

      One was a campaign manager and the other was a personal attorney, who had no role in the campaign and was not brought to,do as a campaign aid.

      Minor quibble, in an otherwise decent article.

    227. NYCmike says:

      “Stop dancing around the question.”

      -Whose dancing, Mr. Clark?

      The law was followed. Then the flags were lowered again.

      NOBODY CARES! It is only in the minds of the MSM that it is a big deal, and it will probably backfire on them once again.

    228. Tina says:

      Trump would not know whether people he hired to do a job paid their taxes.

      That is what brought down Manafort and colon.

      Clearly, the campaign admission by Cohen sets no precedence and was not a finding by the Fec.

      Should their be a violation, it will be a fine,

      150000 omission, may be a few thousand based on the obumbler said campaign violations.

    229. ReadyFirst says:

      Trump was going to be criticized one way or the other at Senator McCains passing. As a veteran, I feel the Senator was treated with respect per regulations and I am ready to move on to the next faux outrage issue.

    230. Charles says:

      “Simple answer, Chuck. Trump F’ed up.”

      Of course it’s a simple answer. I’m surprised how supposedly smart people here jump through fire hoops to defend the useful idiot.

      This was a great chance for him to take the high road. And he decided not to. And most of the GOP just follow along. Very sad.

    231. Tina says:

      And that has bearing on both the Russia investigation and whatever problems Trump may encounter from the Southern District of New York’s plea deal with Michael Cohen on a campaign-finance violation (in which Cohen also implicated Trump). Cohen was supposed to be the guy flipping on Trump and telling investigators everything he knows about the skeletons in Trump’s closet. This episode has to make everyone involved wonder whether his claims are all they’re made out to be. Regardless of how you want all of this to shake out, it’s best to base a case around people who won’t undermine it. Cohen wasn’t a fantastic witness before; he’s a worse one now.

      Cohen would have to also come forth and admit that his testimony before the burr, Warner committee was a lie. He is under oath.

    232. Tina says:

      But more Lanny.

      Notice how he and Colon hav stfu the last few days.

      Colon has nothing to give and plead guilty to two non crimes.

      Great job, Lanny.

    233. jason says:

      I am not surprised Charlie, a fake conservative with very low IQ, has latched on to the flag non-issue.

    234. Tina says:

      Muh flag has replaced Muh campaign violation.

    235. ReadyFirst says:

      On a different note, Happy 50th Anniversary Democrats! I wonder how long until the next party?

    236. Bitterlaw says:

      I have been clear. McCain’s last words should have been “GFY, Trump.” Trump should have said, “My deepest regret over Senator McCain’s death is that I can’t insult him again.”

    237. Tina says:

      The majority of U.S. voters believe that former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey should have their security clearances revoked, according to the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill.

      The survey showed 59 percent of registered voters felt Brennan should have lost his security clearance, while 64 percent said Comey and others at the FBI who were fired or demoted over their actions should lose their clearance.

      Overall, 60 percent of registered voters said they believed that former national security officials who become consultants and TV news contributors should give up their national security clearances.

      “An overwhelming majority of the public thinks that former officials should lose their security clearance, and believe that former officials like Brennan and Coney should no longer have any clearance,” said Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll co-director Mark Penn.

      “There would definitely be support for a wholesale policy revoking their clearances,” he added.

    238. lisab says:

      it is odd that the trolls who won’t stand for the national anthem and who won’t pledge allegiance to the flag or the usa

      are so concerned about the flag regarding mccain

    239. mnw says:

      lisab 247

      I disagree. It’s NOT odd! It’s of a piece with our HHR trolls’ other droolcup, illiterate, moronic bullzh*t.

      Consistency is not their strong suit.

    240. ReadyFirst says:

      Tina, I’m not saying Brennan didn’t deserve to lose his clearance, but I must admit, I am concerned about a slippery slope here. Because of the length of time it takes to get a TS, and the problems a revocation create if you ever try again for said clearance, should we be creating some sort of special designation class if there are wholesale revocations? Perhaps a designation where access is revoked, but not the investigation, in case someone wants to return to service? Guess I’m concerned about clearances being weaponized on both sides because as you know, no clearance, no billet.

    241. lisab says:

      your clearance should be revoked upon separation.

      for those that go to work for a defense contractor there could be a process to reinitialize it upon employment, however there is no need for people with this high level clearance walking around so they can work for cnn.

    242. lisab says:

      there simply is a qualitative difference between a someone working as an engineer for lockheed martin 60 hours a week as an engineer, and someone working for cnn an hour a week

    243. Tina says:

      The clearance should be gone when you leave, Rf.

    244. ReadyFirst says:

      I understand what you’re saying Lisa, and agree in concept. I guess my point is that revocation in its current form, at least back when I used to deal with this stuff, means you’re Probably never getting a clearance again. That creates a problem for people who want to or could return to service again. I can forsee Democrats having a field day with this.

    245. Tina says:


      Breaking, looks like China was responsible for hacking the Jebots Hillarys computer.

    246. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      247. “it is odd that the trolls who won’t stand for the national anthem and who won’t pledge allegiance to the flag or the usa are so concerned about the flag regarding mccain”

      Yes, it is an irony. Trump Derangement Syndrome causes that. Some people wake up each morning and hunt for something that Trump did that they can be outraged about.

    247. Wes says:

      We’re to the point now where the Never Trumpers want to impeach the President for breathing.

    248. Bitterlaw says:

      I would allow people to keep their security clearance on 2 conditions:

      1. Nobody still in government tells them anything unless there is an actual need to know.

      2. If they reveal anything told to them in part 1 to somebody without a security clearance, they are going to a very unpleasant jail.

      Problem solved.

    249. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – They won’t stop at breathing. When he dies, they will give him the Cromwell treatment and hang his dead body.

    250. lisab says:


      the trouble with your suggestion is that is currently the system

      which is not working because the people who have the clearances are deciding for themselves who needs to know — and what they f-d up that needs to be hidden.

      there is simply no need for comey to have a clearance. there is simply no job that he could have that would need it, or that the trump white house would agree to have him do …

      hillary should not have one. retired flag officers — unless chosen by the admin for jobs, should have them

      again, it would be different if they got a job working on f35s as an engineer, but that is not the case with these big wigs.

    251. Wes says:

      I didn’t think I could hate any Republican nearly so much as I loathe GWB, but I absolutely despise Corey Stewart. I’m sad to see the VAGOP nominated this racist jackass, but he’s now beclowning himself further by addressing a neo-Confederate rally. As if Comstock, Brat, and Taylor hadn’t enough to worry about with this moron atop their ticket.

      The VAGOP needs to just disband now. They’re a joke of a party that won’t be recovering any time soon.

    252. TrumpisPeteWilson says:


      “Killer David Katz was a member of the anti-Trump “resistance.”
      He referred to Trump supporters as “Trumptards” on his Reddit page.

      Via Mike Cernovich:

      David Katz’s Reddit page is littered with anti-Trump garbage.
      Via Ian Miles Cheong:”


      Active account, clearly not the shooter, starts a big thread about how far-right websites think he’s a murderer.

      One of Tina’s favorite copy pasta sites caught in another ridiculous lie? What. a. surprise.

    253. mnw says:

      The Kindergarden (sic) Kid checks in. Because we don’t have enough illiterate trolls here– we need one more, I guess.

      This one & three iii’s really should get married.

    254. ReadyFirst says:

      Off to help a local candidate keep his school board seat. Good luck to the good candidates today!

    255. Tina says:

      View details ·
      Chuck Ross Chuck Ross
      Replying to @ChuckRossDC
      FBI Special Agent Jonathan Moffa testified to Congress behind closed doors on Friday that the FBI has in the past used leaked information to obtain FISA warrants. Huge claim. Meadows referred to it in his tweet, and a source confirmed this is what Moffa said. FBI didn’t respond.

      Yikes, good Lordy,

    256. Tina says:

      Daily Caller Reporter Ross has asked that the cnn blimp retract the fake story about trump knowing in advance about the trump tower set up meeting, the blimp now says that cnn stands behind the fake story, which even the compost retracted, and he is on vacation.

      Day 7 of fake news cn and n failing to retract.

    257. Tina says:

      Replying to @aaronjmate
      3/ What is all the more embarrassing for CNN is that they appear to have lied — or most generously, blatantly misled — in their July 26th story to cover up for the fact that Davis was a source! In that story, they claim that Davis “declined to comment.” cnn.com/2018/07/26/pol… pic.twitter.com/Ej2Rbhcq7e

    258. lisab says:

      i am beginning to think trump is allowing this muh russia, muh stormy, muh mccain etc.

      much like a magician uses slight of hand to confuse an audience …

      “look at muh russia … look at muh russia …

      and alakazam … new trade deal with mexico!”

      the guy is systematically reversing decades of regulations and trade deals while the democrats are chasing phantoms

    259. Messy says:

      233. Yeah, they kind of were. Manafort was chairman of the campaign committee, and Cohen was a paid member of Trump’s inner circle and a high ranking member of the Republican National committee (deputy finance chairman).

      Also, Manafort got Mike Pence the VP nomination when Trump wanted Christie. He also forced rule changed that stopped any challenges at the convention.

      As to the trade deal with Mexico. It’s preliminary and requires Canadian approval before it can go into effect. Canada is our largest trading partner and insulting it like that means said preliminary deal is dead as a doornail.

    260. Cash Cow TM says:

      Former Shepherd University (WV) QB Conner Jessop has been added to the roster of the Washington Redskins.

      And Obama still sucks.
      And Trump still sucks.

    261. mnw says:

      “Futures Trade Higher On Trade Deal Optimism, As Canadian Negotiators Head to WH Today”

      But… three iii’s KNOWS that “the deal is dead was a doornail,” so there!

      Got any stock tips, three iii’s? I need your input for my short sell watch list.

    262. mnw says:

      sb “dead as a doornail”

    263. DW says:

      229 – Tina, you forgot the BOOM to go with that NY_24 poll.

    264. mnw says:

      One other note for three iii’s, this one from the WSJ this morning:

      “Canada Eager to Seal Trade Deal Pact”

      ‘Dead as a doornail,’ though!

    265. Paul says:

      261: Will we get an apology from Ms Lisab?

    266. mnw says:

      My mistake. I forgot to explain to three iii’s:

      “WSJ” means “Wall Street Journal,” see? It’s a newspaper that investors read. An “investor” is someone who buys and sells stocks, OK? Got it?

    267. mnw says:

      Will we get an apology for pimping for that communist Brennan?

    268. Paul says:

      Will mnw apologize for being a lying ahole?

    269. Paul says:

      Will mnw apologize for knowing absolutely nothing?

    270. Paul says:

      Will mnw apologize for breathing?

    271. DW says:

      Here is the latest dashboard:

      Paladin – 2018 House Dashboard
      C Dist | Cnt | Cook | Gonz. | Saba.| CNN | RCP | RRH | Kos | 538 |Avg Scr. — Latest Poll R/D
      OH_15 R | 146 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.7 —
      OK_05 R | 147 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5.5 —
      PA_14* D | 148 | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.5 —
      CA_22 R | 149 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | 5.2 — 48/43 (Tulchin)
      NY_23 R | 150 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Ln R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2 —
      IA_04 | 151 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5 —
      AK_01 | 152 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 5 —
      NC_08 R | 153 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5 —
      IN_09 R | 154 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 5 —
      OH_07 R | 155 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 5 —
      OH_10 R | 156 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 5 —
      AZ_06 R | 157 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5 —
      AZ_08 R | 158 | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5 —
      MO_02 R | 159 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.7 — 51/40 (Rem.)
      NY_27 | 160 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Ln R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 4.5 —
      TX_31 R | 161 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.5 — 46/40 (PPP)
      CO_03 R | 162 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | 4.5 —
      FL_15* R | 163 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.5 —
      IN_02 R | 164 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.5 —
      FL_06* R | 165 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.5 —
      MI_01 R | 166 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.5 —
      SC_01 R | 167 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.2 —
      OH_14 R | 168 | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.2 —
      PA_16 R | 169 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.2 — 50/44 (D-Int)
      CA_04 R | 170 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.2 —
      WI_06 R | 171 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.2 —
      FL_25 R | 172 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.2 — 46/39 (St. Pete)
      TX_21* R | 173 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.2 — 33/27 (Chg Res.)
      NC_02 R | 174 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4 —
      MI_07 R | 175 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | 4 — 41/37 (DCCC-D)
      GA_07 R | 176 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4 —
      NY_24 R | 177 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4 — 54/39 (Siena)
      WA_03 R | 178 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 3.7 — 42/37 (Lake R.)
      FL_18 R | 179 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.7 —
      MI_06 R | 180 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.7 —
      CA_50 R | 181 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Sf R | Toss | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 3.5 — 51/42 (Tulchin) | 47/39 (SUSA)
      FL_16 R | 182 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.5 — 49/37 (PPP)
      PA_10 R | 183 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.5 —
      IL_14 R | 184 | Lk R | Sf R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.5 — 45/41 (PPP)
      NY_01 R | 185 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.5 —
      GA_06* R | 186 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.5 —
      CA_21 R | 187 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Toss | 3.2 —
      IL_13 R | 188 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 3 — 45/42 (PPP)
      AR_02 R | 189 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Sf R | Ln R | Lk R | 3 — 47/42 (PPP)
      NY_11 R | 190 | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 3 —
      VA_05 R | 191 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Toss | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | 2.7 —
      MT_01 R | 192 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Toss | Toss | Lk R | Lk R | 2.5 — 43/49 (Gravis)
      NM_02* R | 193 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 2.2 — 49/35 (Carroll)
      NC_13 R | 194 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2 — 40/35 (Civitas)
      VA_02 R | 195 | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 2 — 48/42 (PPP)
      UT_04 R | 196 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | 2 — 45/39 (Salt Lake)
      WA_05 R | 197 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | 2 — 44/38 (elway)
      WI_01* R | 198 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 1.7 —
      WV_03* R | 199 | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | 1.5 — 41/43 (Monm.)
      OH_01 R | 200 | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Lk R | Ln R | Toss | 1.2 — 43/42 (PPP)
      TX_32 R | 201 | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Lk R | 1.2 — 47/45 (GBA)
      NE_02 R | 202 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | 1.2 —
      NJ_03 R | 203 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Lk R | Ln R | Toss | 1.1 — 41/40 (Monm.)
      PA_01 R | 204 | Ln R | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 1.1 — 49/42
      IL_06 R | 205 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 1 — 44/37 (Victory Res.)
      ME_02 R | 206 | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | 1 — 40/39 (D-Int)
      KS_03 R | 207 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | 0.8 —
      VA_07 R | 208 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 0.8 —
      OH_12* R | 209 | Ln R | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 0.8 — 48/44 (PPP)
      MI_08 R | 210 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.6 — 45/39 (Target Ins)
      KS_02* R | 211 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.6 — 34/39 (Mellman-D)
      IL_12 R | 212 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 0.6 — 44/39 (PPP)
      NJ_07 R | 213 | Toss | Tlt R | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.6 — 45/47 (GQR-D)
      FL_26 R | 214 | Ln R | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | 0.6 — 48/41 (DCCC-D)
      CA_45 R | 215 | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.5 — 45/44 (D-Int)
      KY_06 R | 216 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.5 —
      IA_03 R | 217 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.3 — 41/45 (D-Int.)
      ——–Democrats need ALL the below for control——-
      MN_03 R | 218 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Ln R | Ln D | 0.3 — 43/46 (PPP)
      TX_07 R | 217 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.3 — 47/45 (D-Int.)
      NY_19 R | 216 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.2 — 49/44 (IMGE)
      MN_08* D | 215 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | 0.2 —
      NC_09* R | 214 | Toss | Tlt R | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0.1 — 43/44 (D-Int)
      TX_23 R | 213 | Ln R | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | 0.1 — 44/43 (PPP)
      WA_08* R | 212 | Toss | Toss | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | 0 — 51/45 (GBA)
      IA_01 R | 211 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Ln D | 0 — 41/43 (D Int.)
      MN_01* D | 210 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0 —
      CA_39* R | 209 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0 — 45/43 (DCCC-D)
      CA_10 R | 208 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.1 — 48/48 (GHY-D)
      CA_25 R | 207 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.1 — 47/47 (IMGE)
      CA_48 R | 206 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.2 — 45/47 (Monm.)
      CO_06 R | 205 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.2 — (45/45 IMGE)
      NY_22 R | 204 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.2 — 40/47 (Zogby)
      MN_02 R | 203 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.2 — 43/42 (PPP)
      MI_11* R | 202 | Toss | Toss | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.7 — 42/45 (PPP)
      PA_07* R | 201 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Toss | Lk D | -1.3 —
      NJ_11* R | 200 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Ln D | Lk D | -1.6 — 38/40 (Monmouth)
      PA_17 R | 199 | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Ln D | Lk D | -1.7 — 39/51 (Monm.)
      VA_10 R | 198 | Toss | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | -1.8 — 39/49 (Monm.)
      CA_49* R | 197 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Lk D | -1.8 — 46/43 (R-Int)
      NH_01* D | 196 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Ln D | Lk D | -1.8 —
      AZ_02* R | 195 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | Lk D | -1.8 —
      NV_03* D | 194 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | -1.8 —
      FL_27* R | 193 | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | -2.7 —
      NV_04* D | 192 | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | -2.7 — 41/41 (R-Int)
      AZ_01 D | 191 | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | -3 —
      FL_07 D | 190 | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | Sf D | -3.5 —
      MN_07 D | 189 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | -3.5 —
      PA_08 D | 188 | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | -3.5 —
      NJ_05 D | 187 | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | Lk D | Sf D | -4 — 39/36 (R-Int)
      PA_06* R | 186 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Sf D | -4 —
      NJ_02* R | 185 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | -4.2 — 39/44 (PPP)
      CA_07 D | 184 | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -4.5 — 41/50 (POS)
      CT_05* D | 183 | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Toss | Ln D | Sf D | -4.5 —
      PA_05* R | 182 | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | -5 —
      AZ_09* D | 181 | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5 —
      NH_02 D | 180 | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5 —
      CA_24 D | 179 | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.2 — 46/47 (Olive Tree St.)
      NY_18 D | 178 | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.2 —
      WI_03 D | 177 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.5 —
      IA_02 D | 176 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.5 —
      NY_25 D | 175 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.7 —
      FL_13 D | 174 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.7 —
      OR_05 D | 173 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.7 —
      NY_03 D | 172 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.7 —
      KY_03 D | 171 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.7 —
      MD_06 D | 170 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.7 —

      *indicates open seat

    272. Paul says:

      Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.

    273. Paul says:

      “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.”–ocasio-cortez

    274. Paul says:

      “Instead of being a destructive force, it seems to me that the Bolsheviki were the only party in Russia with a constructive program and the power to impose it on the country.”

    275. jason says:

      “Living in my socialist paradise of Venezuela is for the little people”

      – Paul

    276. jason says:

      “Also, Manafort got Mike Pence the VP nomination when Trump wanted Christie.”

      If this was true, I am forever indebted to Manafort.

      But it’s complete BS.

      Messy, you are way over your head.

      Why don’t you finish grade school first, don’t get ahead of yourself.

    277. jason says:

      Maybe CNN can de-mothball Dan Rather’s famous “fake but accurate” meme.

    278. Todd McCain says:

      This Lanny Davis stuff is ridiculous.

    279. mnw says:


      Some of RAS’ “below the fold” stuff is mildly interesting today: 1) Voters say DEMs should focus on issues, not impeachment. 2) Voters expect Trump will get a better NAFTA deal. 3) Voters think Manafort & Cohen convictions unlikely to hurt Trump.

    280. Paul says:

      “When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state.”-Lenin

      I’m working hard on my parody of a leftist.

    281. Paul says:

      Here’s a real Ocasio-Cortez quote:
      “John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service. As an intern, I learned a lot about the power of humanity in government through his deep friendship with Sen. Kennedy. He meant so much, to so many. My prayers are with his family.”

      Some of the leftist are upset at her praise of McCain.

    282. jason says:

      I’m working hard on my parody of a leftist.”

      Zzzzzz… I am sure it comes very easy to you.

    283. mnw says:

      Trolly is the operational definition of one.

    284. jason says:

      Lanny Davis is a Clinton sycophant and a partisan hack.

      Like James Carville, he didn’t always stay in the reservation so for that reason I thought he was a tiny improvement on the average moonbat.


    285. jason says:

      Cohen was a paid member of Trump’s inner circle”


      Messy’s ignorance knows no bounds. Frightening actually.

    286. jason says:

      Messy thinks it’s significant that Trump’s lawyer got paid.

      The number of lawyers doing pro-bono work for Trump is zero. That’s the same number of intelligent thoughts in Messy’s head.

    287. Redmen4ever says:

      Why Trump wanted Christie: insurance against impeachment.

    288. jason says:

      Why Trump wanted Christie: insurance against impeachment.”

      I don’t think Trump wanted Christie, to be honest. Trump likes the limelight, he doesn’t want to share it with a media hog like Christie. Plus, he had a lot of baggage, same as Trump.

      And Christie, despite his instant Trump sycophant transformation, didn’t even get a cabinet job.

      I think Trump regarded him as a useful tool until the election, and quickly discarded him.

    289. jason says:

      Some of the leftist are upset at her praise of McCain.”

      Translation: Paul has a “friend” that is upset.

    290. jason says:

      Reminds me of the guy who went to the doctor and when the doctor asked what his problem was he said:

      “Well, I have a friend who thinks he might have VD”

      The doctor said:

      “Ok, pull him out and let’s have a look at him”.

    291. jason says:

      Communist Pope suddenly discovering his MSM friends are not really his friends as they target him on the latest sex scandal.

      I predicted long ago that one day the MSM, which hates religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular, would deem him longer useful in their crusade against capitalism and free enterprise, and discard him like a rotten tomato.

      Meanwhile, Bitter, who can’t do anything about it either way, will continue to attend Mass.

    292. jason says:

      Deem him no longer useful, that should read.

    293. DW says:

      The three house polls from yesterday were significant in my opinion. All three seats (MO_02, NY_24, and CA_50) are a test of GOP resiliency against the blue-wave. All three seats were polled by separate pollsters and were released within 24 hours of each other. Two of these are in deep blue states with red rural areas, and one is a red state with deep blue urban areas.

      All three are well above the magic line, so we would expect them to be in the GOP column, but if there was a forthcoming blue wave, we might have expected these races to be low to mid-single digits. Instead the margins suggest the GOP candidates are holding up well.

      There are many seats I could point to where we could use a poll, but these three from yesterday were very encouraging, and support my theory that the generic congressional ballot is being artificially inflated to the Dem side by the large urban areas that are voting Dem anyway–much like Trump winning the EVs while Clinton won the PV.

    294. Wobbles says:

      I am not going to panic.

      I dream of a blue tsunami.

    295. Human Question says:

      I dream of a blue tsunami.

      Would that be considered a wet dream?

    296. DW says:


      Walker 44 Evers 46 (D+2)
      Baldwin 50 Vukmir 42 (D+8)

    297. lisab says:


      so based on your understanding of the polls right now, what do you think the chances are of the gop keeping the house?

    298. lisab says:

      9-year-old commits suicide after coming out as gay to his classmates

      the child had not even hit puberty yet

    299. Wobbles says:

      Would that be considered a wet dream?”

      No, it’s just a beautiful, beautiful dream.

      If we can win 60 seats, that’s a wet dream.

    300. SoHope says:

      I have a friend that is a lobbyist. We have chatted numerous times face to face and he told me that he heard directly from Trump himself let the Dems take the House. I tend to think this either shows that they are not hopeful in keeping control and are faking apathy in order to save face or they truly believe that a Dem House will make for a better foil to blame lack of legislation as oppose to blaming republicans for not passing things.

    301. DW says:

      307 – its early yet, not all primaries are done, and there are still some lingering redistricting questions. But at this point I would say 50/50 with a slight tilt toward the GOP holding on. The problem is CA will have six or seven seats well within the margin of fraud. So if the GOP majority control comes down to these six or seven, I don’t see how the GOP could hold on given the ease with which CA Dems can get votes after the election is over.

    302. lisab says:



    303. lisab says:

      eric decker has announced his retirement from the patriots

      which just proves that there were too many hot guys on the patriots … and they are just collapsing under their own weight of hotness

      soooooooooo … hopefully we have the scouts out looking for suitable replacements … maybe a little younger, with thicker hair and maybe not so many injuries

    304. Bitterlaw says:

      SoHope – Trump would probably like the Dems tontake the House. He can embrace his inner Democrat soul and get things done.

    305. Bitterlaw says:

      Of course I will attend Mass. Did the scandal cancel the resurrection and transubstantiation? Execute the pervs but keep the Mass.

    306. Messy says:

      295-6. wow!!!! are you silly!!!!!

      Where in the sentence of “Cohen was a paid member of Trump’s inner circle” is ignorant. What did I miss. You said in the very next post that he wasn’t doing it pro bono. Your desperate wish to prove me wrong even when we agree on something (two and two are four?!? boy that Messy’s a moron, quite clearly it’s….) is a reflection on you not me.


      315. Even the Church admits that Pope John XII was a teenaged devil worshipper and his nephew Benedict IX was worse. Also, theology kills.


    307. Messy says:

      jason is probably going to call me a moronic liar because I typed “286” twice.

    308. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      314. “He can embrace his inner Democrat soul and get things done.”

      No, he would have to embrace Pelosi. And she’s not his type.

    309. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      311. “I don’t see how the GOP could hold on given the ease with which CA Dems can get votes after the election is over.”

      Am concerned in California over how easy it is to register to vote without ID. Have not seen problems with the vote counting process. It is pretty efficient and reliable. Mail ballots are still counted that are post marked on the day of the election; however, the mail ballots are not opened until the validity of the mailing and voter is determined. There are active poll watchers with both parties.

      I can’t recollect any election in California that was questioned because of what amounts to ballot stuffing.