Buttigieg Jumps To Lead in NH

    Yeah, I know, getting posts up regularly has been more difficult for me lately. But we are getting closer to some actual primary and caucus voting and today we got a new poll from Monmouth UniversityMonmouth UniversityMonmouth University for the state of New Hampshire that shows Pete Buttigieg surging to the from with Elizabeth Warren having the biggest drop since Monmouth’s most recent poll in September.

    Pete Buttigieg 20%
    joe Biden 19%
    Bernie Sanders 18%
    Elizabeth Warren 15%
    Amy Klobuchar 6%
    Tulsi Gabbard 4%
    Tom Steyer 4%
    Andrew Yang 3%
    Michael Bennet 2%
    Cory Booker 1%
    Everyone Else <1%

    This poll was done January 3-7 among 404 likely primary voters.

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    1. Tina says:

      Buttplugs seems to have some momentum.

      He is a nasty guy though.

    2. Wes says:

      Wes says:
      January 9, 2020 at 12:23 pm
      Does Napolitano EVER side with the US against terrorists?

      He created some twisted logic saying Obama could kill anyone after the then-President ordered the attack on bin Laden.

      Logic doesn’t seem to be something known well to Napolitano.

    3. NYCmike says:

      jason changed his name to “Everyone Else <1%"?

      Once people find that out, he will probably start moving up in the polls!

      A-Hole Power!

    4. NYCmike says:

      -It seems replacements have been found for “CG” and Robbie.

    5. NYCmike says:

      -I hope “CG” is a healthy eater.

    6. Tina says:

      I would maybe trust Neapolitan if he told me Nj traffic law.

    7. Tina says:

      I don’t know why the district judge held this up since the SC has allowed this already in another area.

      Jeff Giesea?
      BREAKING: A US appeals court has lifted a legal block on $3.6b in defense funds for a US-Mexico wall. #400miles

    8. Tina says:

      Us shares intelligence with Canada about the Iranian shoot down of the Ukrainian airlines plane.

    9. Tina says:

      James is out fundraising his challenger, a good sign.

      Michigan is doing well, Ford and Gm just made 1500 temporary positions permanent in Michigan.

      Chrysler (fiat) will do the same later this month and ford and gm will bring on more permanent positions.

    10. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      A very impressive ad for the very impressive GOP candidate in TX CD-7, Wesley Hunt. What do you think?(He’s running for a seat that was lost in 2018.)

    11. jason says:

      The general was not engaged in an act of violence at the time he was killed, nor were any of his companions.”

      I guess this confirms Napolitano is complete moron.

      Under this scenario, the Allies could not have taken Hitler out if he wasn’t actually executing Jews or fighting on the Russian front?

    12. jason says:

      I am worried this could become a rule here at HHR.

      So I could not call Amoral Scumbag an Amoral Scumbag unless he was actually being an Amoral Scumbag at that very moment?


    13. Tina says:

      Trump downed the plane, per the jebots:

      Laurence Tribe
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @tribelaw
      Trump’s “flying in a tough neighborhood” & “it has nothing to do with us” were typical “who, me?” moves. Did it never occur to him that the plane filled with 176 souls would almost certainly never have been targeted by a trigger-happy Iranian missile but for the assassination?
      10:07 AM – 9 Jan 2020

    14. PresidentPaul! says:

      Big jobs reports tomorrow friday and on tuesday some of first big earnings reports are out. Show the cards.

      No actual risk to any of this. If leading indicators are bad (jobs report) we get more rate cuts, more QE, and higher stock prices especially the big caps.

      If jobs reports is really good, we still get higher stock prices. It’s a no brain rally.

    15. NYCmike says:

      Lots of noise in that head of yours, bunu.

    16. jason says:

      Bunu has a lot of conversations with himself that nobody else cares about.

    17. jason says:

      So it’s Trump’s fault the Iranians shot down a passenger plane because Iran feared Trump might retaliate because Iran was firing missiles at US troops?

    18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So the fierce Iranian counterattack that liberals were predicting (and often cheering for) resulted in no U.S. casualties, and Iran shooting down a passenger plane contained Iranian citizens and Iranian expatriates. World War III does not seem to be going well for Iran.

    19. Big Joe says:

      Bloomberg was not included in the poll or is he <1%?

      Big Joe

    20. jason says:

      I am sure Lawrence Tribe blamed Iran for the USS Vincennes shooting down an Iranian airliner. After all, the trigger happy people on the Vincennes were only trigger happy because Iran was attacking shipping in the Straight of Hormuz.

      And even though it was accidental…

      “According to the Iranian government, the shootdown was an intentionally performed and unlawful act”

    21. jason says:

      Bloomberg not on the ballot in NH, Big Joe.

    22. jason says:

      He is skipping IA and NH.

    23. Tina says:

      Stop calling it bunu.

      It is named Bubu.

      I pass out these nick names to be used.

    24. jason says:

      It is a strategy that didn’t work for Giuliani, my candidate at the time.

      The news cycle is very fast, and the buzz is going to be with those that did well in IA and NH, not those that are still waiting around to get their feet wet.

      But Bloomberg is a long shot. Giuliani was a front runner.

    25. jason says:

      I can’t argue with the nickname master.

      Hey Bubu, GFY.

    26. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      To his credit, Mitt Romney came to the defense of Trump’s actions in Iran, against Senator Lee’s attacks:

      Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, called the debate over the president’s authority with regard to hostilities “one of the great, amorphous issues” that has been around Washington for a long time.

      “The president, I believe, acted within the authority as understood now,” he said of last week’s airstrike. “But I recognize if we were, for instance, to go to war with another country, whether Iran or any other, that that would require congressional approval.”

      Drawing the line of what it means to go to war has been difficult, he said.

      “There’ve been many attempts, both Republicans and Democrats, to try and draw that line as to what a president can do without congressional authority and what can he do only with congressional authority, and so far, no one has succeeded in being able to draw a clear distinction,” Romney said.

      Romney talked to Kaine about his proposal Tuesday.

      “But I’m not at this stage comfortable with any of the proposals seen so far to make that delineation,” he said.””

      Lee is up for re-election in 2022, and the rumblings are now that there will be a primary challenge.

    27. Big Joe says:

      “Bloomberg not on the ballot in NH, Big Joe.”

      #22 Thanks, Jason. I knew he was employing the failed Rudy strategy, didn’t realize that he wasn’t even on the ballot though.

      Big Joe

    28. Tina says:

      Both Utah senators are open borders.

      Illegals first and foremost..

    29. Tina says:

      A strong argument can be said that the war powers act is unconstitutional.

      Lee is grandstanding.

      Ima, sure if the embassy was seized, he would be blaming trump.

      Not for a primary for him, only the fake R in Alaska.

    30. Tina says:

      Can Faux News Traffic Court Judge explain why a designated terrorist from Iran was even in Iraq?

      His answer better not include Just for Men hair products either.

    31. Big Joe says:

      Bloomberg is probably hoping for 4 different winners in the 4 early states. Then he’ll be the guy that voters turn to on Super Tuesday. While it’s possible there could be 4 different winners (3 is more likely, but not probable), I doubt voters will turn to a 5th option on Super Tues. They’ll probably stick with one of the top 4.

      Not really sure what Bloomberg is doing.

      Big Joe

    32. Wes says:

      Bloomberg doesn’t want to be the nominee. He wants to ensure Sanders and Warren can’t implement their wealth tax.

      That said, Bloomberg has enough money to compete without participating in the early primaries should Democrats see all previous options as fatally flawed and turn to him as the best option to take out Trump.

      I’ve seen his ads here. Bloomberg is defining himself as a problem solver and job creator while slamming Trump as an opponent of healthcare.

      That could actually be an effective campaign strategy if Dems do nominate the former Mayor of New York.

    33. jason says:

      Frankly, while a “brokered convention” is not out of the question, I find it hard to believe the far left moonbats that will comprise most of the delegates will turn to an ex-Republican to save the day, no matter how much he panders.

    34. Wes says:

      Jason, in 2016, a longtime Democrat with a history of liberal political views and contributions managed to convince conservative Republicans he was one of them and ultimately became President.

    35. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Jason, in 1980, a longtime Democrat with a history of liberal political views and contributions managed to convince conservative Republicans he was one of them and ultimately became President.

    36. Wes says:

      To be fair, Tina, Mike Lee doesn’t want a primary challenge either. He wants a coronation at a convention removing voters from the process of candidate selection.

      Like Mikey and the Tea Party in general, Utah’s senior Senator has a deep-rooted antipathy toward voters.

      Voters? We don’t need no stinking voters!

    37. PresidentPaul! says:

      Pump it up!

      AAPL and MSFT combine as larger market cap that the entire German stock market (largest european economy)

      Tesla (350k cars a years) passed Ford and GM combined today (over 10 million cars a year together)

    38. Big Joe says:

      “Bloomberg doesn’t want to be the nominee. He wants to ensure Sanders and Warren can’t implement their wealth tax.”

      His very presence as a declared candidate does the opposite. Fighting for Biden’s voters weakens him and could allow Bernie or Warren to sneak through. Then again, Bernie and Warren are also fighting for similar voters.

      I’m ready for the voting to start.

      Big Joe

    39. Tina says:

      I wonder if jebot 1 supports a drat brokered convention?

    40. Bitterlaw says:

      37 By 1980, Reagan had spent decades speaking out and supporting conservative candidates. He also governed as a mostly conservative Governor of California for 2 terms (but what about ABORTION, Bitter?).

      Win or lose in 2020, I will be happy when the comparisons of Trump to Reagan end.

    41. PresidentPaul! says:

      Every car in the whole foods parking lot better be a Tesla or we’re screwed.

    42. Tina says:

      The Canadian pm appears to be blaming trump for the shoot down. Who cares that the mullahs did it and lied about it.

      The mullahs blames engine failure on a 4 year old plane.

    43. PresidentPaul! says:

      bye bye bitcoin google cracked your code.

    44. Bitterlaw says:

      I support primaries. I would not support Deadeners in primaries. Both can be true.

    45. Wes says:

      SDC forgets Reagan began moving away from the Democrats in the 1950s and registered as a Republican during the Johnson Administration at least 14 years before becoming President. Being a quarter century removed from being a Democrat probably meant he was not known for even having been a Democrat previously.

      Of course my point was not to bash Trump but to point out conservative Republicans went with a man most known in politics for liberalism and support of Democrats.

      Bloomberg was a Republican only strategically to avoid the Democrat primary for Mayor and garner Giuliani’s endorsement. He’s far less associated with Republicans than Trump was with Democrats, thus making him an unlikely target for the Left as a former Republican, especially given his post-mayoral work on behalf of the Democrats.

    46. Bitterlaw says:

      Jimmy Carter killed the people on that plane. Follow:

      1. At the urging of Kissinger, Carter allowed the Shah to come to the US for medical treatment.

      2. This really pissed off those in Iran opposed to the Shah.

      3. The Iranian Revolution brings in Khomeni and “Death to America” becomes Iran’s foreign policy.

      Blah Blah Blah

      10. Trump orders the killing of the General.

      11. Iran launches missiles at airbases.

      12. On high alert, Iran shoots down plane.

      There is an alternate theory going back to Julius Ceasar but it involves 237 steps.

    47. NYCmike says:

      “There is an alternate theory going back to Julius Ceasar but it involves 237 steps.”

      -And, we don’t want to show how Walt’s involvement with Cleopatra was the reason for Caesar’s anger.

    48. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      51. Musk should thank his big sugardaddy — the U.S. taxpayers:

      “A study published two years ago by The Los Angeles Times revealed that just three of Musk’s ventures – SolarCity Corp. (which manufactured and installed solar energy systems before its 2016 merger with Tesla Motors Inc.), Tesla Motors Inc. (which manufactures electric vehicles), and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX (which builds rocket ships) – had received $4.9 billion in government subsidies to that point in time. By now, Musk’s various ventures have sucked well over $5 billion from government coffers.

      But granting literally billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to Musk’s firms isn’t the worst of it. No, that honorific is reserved for this little gem: In order to induce car buyers to spend their money on electric vehicles, the federal government offers a $7,500 rebate on the purchase price.
      Some states enhance that rebate with rebates of their own. In California, for instance, purchasers of electric vehicles get a state-funded rebate of $2,500 more.
      There’s a phrase for that – it’s called “crony capitalism.” And it stinks.

    49. PresidentPaul! says:

      Zero inflation expectations across the board. Free lunches forever? How can this magic be wrong?

      Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan: Inflation will ‘inevitably rise’ as deficit balloons (see min 6:30)

    50. PresidentPaul! says:

      China is likewise subsidizing electric vehicles (and the new gigfactory there) although I have read they intend to scale these back.

    51. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      54. China is cutting back and redirecting solar subsidies. One difference from the U.S. is China is at least attempting to use its subsidies in a manner that will benefit the nation (although cronyism creeps into it too). By contrast Musk, who spends more tha a million dollars a year on Washington lobbyists, is distorting the subsidy process for his own benefit. You have the same issue with the largest tech firms avoiding payment of taxes in the U.S., then supporting leftist politics.

      “BEIJING (Reuters) – China will cut its renewable power subsidy to 5.67 billion yuan ($806.50 million) in 2020 from 8.1 billion yuan in 2019, the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday, as the country will soon stop funding large solar power stations.
      Because of a decline in manufacturing costs, China has been scaling back the amount of subsidies to renewable power providers, who are expected to compete with coal-fired utilities and achieve “grid price parity”.
      The subsidy for 2020 will be allocated to wind farms, biomass power generators and distributed solar power operators, as well as solar power projects for poverty alleviation purposes, in 11 regions across the country, according to the finance ministry.”

    52. Tina says:

      And the mullahs lied.

      Within minutes, they claimed engine failure.

      Despite the engines being intact.

      Despite visible shrapnel marks on plane.

    53. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie gonna win this this primary I think.

    54. Scooterboy says:

      Fox News Poll

      Nevada GE

      Biden 47%
      Trump 39%

      Sanders 46%
      Trump 41%

      Warren 43%
      Trump 42%

      Buttigieg 41%
      Trump 40%

    55. Scooterboy says:

      Fox News Poll

      Wisconsin GE

      Biden 46%
      Trump 41%

      Sanders 46%
      Trump 42%

      Warren 44%
      Trump 42%

      Buttigieg 42%
      Trump 41%

    56. Scooterboy says:

      All the Wisconsin matchups show movement toward Trump vs their last poll. Mostly due to swing in Independents.

    57. Phil says:

      So Sanders is up 4 and 5 points in Wisconsin and Nevada according to Fox.

      LOL. Those numbers vs Sanders tells me their methodology is BS…..but, yeah, Bernie Sanders is sweeping the swig states. Probably have him up in Georgia and running even in Texas.

    58. Hugh says:

      Gotta love the Fox News polls.

    59. Scooterboy says:

      National Reuter’s/Ipsos Poll

      Sanders 17%
      Biden 15%
      Warren 10%
      Bloomberg 6%
      Buttigieg 5%
      Steyer/Yang 3%
      Booker 2%

    60. NYCmike says:

      “LOL. Those numbers vs Sanders tells me their methodology is BS…..”

      -Or, it could mean “CG” and Robbie are right!

      Could you imagine those 2 if Trump loses!?!?

    61. Phil says:

      They aren’t right. Sanders isn’t sweeping the swing states. Let’s put it this way, if this nation is willing to elect a full blown self identified 79 year old crazy socialist who honeymooned in the USSR, we all might as well quit wasting any more time on this and every other political website because the nation’s politics are no longer competitive. The US has become one big one party leftist nation. It will be all over and everyone on this website should find another hobby outside of politics. I know I will.

    62. lisab says:

      Could you imagine those 2 if Trump loses!?!?

      now that warren has faded i am unlikely to vote for trump

      but if there was one reason to vote for trump, it would be so i don’t have to listen to them

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      If Trump loses, Corey and Robbie will be hard to take. And then we will go back into the big tent and support the GOP nominee in 2024. Except for Robbie. He will stay Robbie.

    64. PresidentPaul! says:

      I just don’t see any energy in the Biden campaign. He’s basically a male Hillary.

    65. lisab says:

      If Trump loses, Corey and Robbie will be hard to take.

      indeed … would you rather read corey’s posts after trump loses


      listen to an adam schiff 4 hour long speech, with
      a test at the end, and if you don’t pass, everything he says comes true?

    66. Cash Cow TM says:

      “-And, we don’t want to show how Walt’s involvement with Cleopatra was the reason for Caesar’s anger.”

      Walt said Caesar got bent out of shape due to a misunderstanding. There was a logical reason why Walt was found in Cleopatra’s bedroom…but Caesar never gave a chance for Walt to explain.

    67. mRviTO says:

      Walt is just covering his asp.

    68. jason says:

      The Reagan/Trump analogy is really dumb. Does not even merit comment.

    69. jason says:

      If Trump loses, Corey and Robbie will be hard to take. And then we will go back into the big tent and support the GOP nominee in 2024. Except for Robbie. He will stay Robbie.”

      Amoral Scumbag will support a Republican in 2024.

      Just not the one nominated.*

      *Ok, ok, Bitter, you get the footnote.

    70. jason says:

      Bloomberg was a Republican only strategically to avoid the Democrat primary for Mayor and garner Giuliani’s endorsement. He’s far less associated with Republicans than Trump was with Democrats, thus making him an unlikely target for the Left as a former Republican, especially given his post-mayoral work on behalf of the Democrats.”

      Wes makes a reasonable point.

      But the far left moonbats are not reasonable. They won’t support Bloomberg.

    71. jason says:

      I saw this description of Bloomberg the other day:

      “An anti-teachers’-union, anti-gun, pro-nanny state, pro-Wall Street, pro-stop-and- frisk, pro-inequality, pro-immigration, pro-surveillance, pro-Iraq War neoconservative is almost surgically designed to repel practically every American voter on some level.”

    72. jason says:

      He has reversed on stop and frisk to appease the moonbats, but I doubt he really believes he was wrong.

    73. jason says:

      Don’t you love the MSM.

      Their new buzzword is “crossfire”.

      The Ukrainian jet was downed in a “crossfire”, so somehow the US can share responsibility.

      There was of course, no crossfire. The only fire was Iran shooting missiles from Iran towards US troops in Iraq.

      These people have no shame.

    74. PresidentPaul! says:

      Have a good feeling about this jobs report…

    75. VictrC says:

      Hello from the other side of the globe:

      Proof positive that the MSM will look for any morsel to push Trump down:

      1. Today’s job report shows a slight miss on target but U6 dropping to 6.7% its lowest point in history. Participation up, the rate holding steady but again, a small miss and a small adjustment ot the preview two months (7K jobs on average) yet the MSM is painting it as doom and bring up Obama as if he had a million jobs a month growth.

      2. The MSM is trying to spin the Iranian killing of 175 civilians in a passenger jet as Trumps/USA fault.

      You cant make this stuff up.

    76. dblaikie says:

      I just don’t understand this current crop of media people. They are so disconnected and so arrogant about their ability to persuade that they actually think that they can twist stuff to make Trump look like the villain in the Middle East and the Iranian regime as innocents. Trump derangement knows no limits or bounds. It even leads you to trash your own country and spit on the graves of the hundreds of our soldiers whose death lies at the feet of the mullahs in Iran!

      The above paragraph goes for the dems too.

    77. jason says:

      On Twitter:

      “Yes it’s “crossfire” when we launched a drone strike inside Iraq and then later Iran fired missiles at Iraq and also at a plane taking off in the middle of its own country 600 miles away from there, you f-cking dishonest morons.”

    78. dblaikie says:

      For me the apex of this hatred, this nonsense, was Chris Matthews comparing Qasem Soleimani popularity and death to Elvis and Princess Dianna.

    79. jason says:

      I am sure Corey and Amoral Scumbag are on board with “crossfire” because it reflects badly on Trump.

      The ends justify the means.

    80. Wobbles says:

      To be fair to the MSM, if the drone that killed Suleimani had brought down an airliner by mistake, the MSM would certainly have blamed it on “crossfire”.

    81. jason says:

      CNN promotes the “crossfire” story while at the same time complaining about “fake news”.

      The hypocrisy is astounding.

    82. jason says:

      If Trump loses, Corey and Robbie will be hard to take.”

      They will move on to advocate the GOP lose the House and Senate by big majorities in 2022 because that will be bad for Trump.

      They will also advocate for a socialist to be re-elected in 2024 because that might be bad for Trump.

    83. jason says:

      Btw, if Trump wins they will advocate the same thing.

    84. Messy says:

      Tom Styer is second in SC. Wow!!!!

    85. jason says:


      “Increasingly alarmed that Bernie Sanders could become their party’s presidential nominee, establishment-minded Democrats are warning primary voters that the self-described democratic socialist would struggle to defeat President Trump and hurt the party’s chances in premier House, Senate and governors races.”

    86. jason says:

      Dang, I would send Steyer a check but he doesn’t need it.

    87. jason says:

      I think an 80 year old socialist has a great chance of beating Trump.

      These establishment Dems are worried about nothing.

    88. jason says:

      Ok, ok, most of the Dems are 80 year old socialists.

      I meant Bernie.

    89. jason says:


    90. jason says:

      So Messy’s candidate is a Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs billionaire who made a fortune in hedge funds, migrant detention centers, coal mines and private prisons?

      Not that I have a problem with any of that, but remember poor Mitt Romney?

      “Former President Obama cast GOP challenger Mitt Romney in 2012 as a ruthless plutocrat who made millions of dollars on corporate takeovers that put thousands of Americans out of work. Romney co-founded Bain Capital, a private equity firm.”

    91. jason says:

      Atlanta PD will no longer chase criminals if they flee from cops.

    92. jason says:

      Of course, Corey endorsed a racist bigot, so politics creates strange bedfellows.

      The other day Corey came up with the debunked “Muslim Ban” canard, but:

      “Islam has a problem. It’s our right & it’s our duty to profile Muslims.

      Until Islam reforms, we have to treat Muslims differently.

      Got it?”

      No problem.

      “I have a right to call Obama a Muslim”..”I have a right to say blacks are lazy and the Irish are drunks.”

      No problem

      “How many fans would the Washington Dirty Micks have? How about the Washington N-ggers?”


      “Haiti is a sh-thole and it’s run by blacks. The violence in Chicago is all black on black.”

      That’s ok.

      But vetting travelers from terrorist sponsoring nations?


    93. mRviTO says:

      ?’? ? ??????? ????
      After three-plus years of all the dipsh*t Handmaid’s Tale cosplaying, I stupidly assumed these people would be at least a little hesitant to throw their explicit and implicit support behind the theocratic Iranian regime. Boy, was I wrong.

    94. mRviTO says:

      Anyone else think Pelosi’s “standoff” with McConnell has turned out much the same as the black knight’s standoff in monty python?

    95. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Very disappointing to see Gabbard on Fox News this a.m. supporting Buttplug’s contention that US shares blame with Iran for shooting dow/ Ukraine airliner. Horse hockey. The Dems are g*ddamn joke!

      And Sen. Lee from Utah has got a screw loose just like his colleague ol’ Mitt.

    96. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Love me some “Holy Grail”! The Dems’ response to to terrorists is pay them off and say, “come back and I will taunt you a second time.”

      And Tingles said this week the Salami funeral was like Elvis and Diana’s…

      You can’t make this sh*t up!

    97. lisab says:

      Atlanta PD will no longer chase criminals if they flee from cops.

      ummmmmmmmmmm … i see a potential problem …

    98. jason says:


      Welcome to HHR.

    99. jason says:

      The name has A-hole potential.

      Of course, name is only 1% of the A-hole judging criteria.

    100. NYCmike says:

      “You can’t make this sh*t up!”

      -It seems like the media is much more creative than all of you suckas!

    101. CG says:

      This place is deader than Soleimani’s Tehran discotheque.

    102. NYCmike says:

      Is it deader than a JEB!2016 rally?

      Please clap if you think so!

    103. NYCmike says:


      Would you stand with Ted Cruz and the other Republicans, or with the Dems?

    104. CG says:

      You’ve read way more than enough posts from me since it happened to know I am pleased Soleimani is dead. Stop pretending otherwise. Perhaps use your time more usefully, such as calling Rand Paul’s office and stating your view to them.

    105. NYCmike says:

      “It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?

      Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear.

      Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.”

    106. NYCmike says:

      I like it when Krugman writes “even though this is my specialty.”

    107. NYCmike says:


      Saying that you are pleased Salami is dead is slightly different from agreeing with a Congressional resolution which will make Trump look good, which is why I asked the question.

      I am not positive you would vote YAY.

      I don’t think Rand Paul would either, which is why I never supported him for the position of President.

    108. NYCmike says:

      For that matter, I may need to call Mike Lee as well…..although I don’t have much venom towards either of them, as they are simply trying to keep whatever power that they think Congress should have in these situations.

    109. CG says:

      Congressional Resolution would be a no-brainer. Of course the Intelligence Community and the military deserve praise and credit.

      I was praising and crediting them when Trump was saying the Intelligence Community was a “deep state” that could not be trusted and that he knew “more than the generals”. I am glad he came to his senses, at least this one time.

    110. CG says:

      If you read the blog entries I post on Saturdays on my personal blog (as lisab does religiously), you would have no doubt as to my views on this or other matters.

    111. NYCmike says:

      Judging by #118, “CG” must think the Inspector General is a liar.

    112. Tina says:

      China Biden malfunctions:

      Elizabeth Harrington

      “Ask any of you reporters, ever see me walk by anybody on the street and not say hi to them? Or somebody begging for money? I haven’t any money but, you know”

    113. CG says:

      That’s a pretty dumb conclusion.

      Of course the Inspector General concluded that the investigations into Trump’s people were valid.

    114. NYCmike says:

      He simply can never give Trump credit…… psychiatrists could have a field day with him.

    115. CG says:

      I’ll give him the credit on the matter he deserves. I have already done so. I don’t believe his narrative on the matter though. I don’t think they are being as forthcoming as they could. Still, it was almost certainly the right thing to do.

      I’m giving him the same amount of credit that I gave Obama for bin Laden, etc.

    116. CG says:

      The questions is more why you feel the need to have your Trumpism massaged so constantly? Go make an appointment with Wes.

    117. Tina says:

      The ig guy is under investigation himself.

      He is also caught up with the fisa abuses

      His testimony is so bad that Soviet Schiffty won’t release hIs transcript.

    118. CG says:

      Tina for months… “wait for the IG! wait for the IG! It’s going to be a blockbuster. He will set everyone straight.”

      Now.. “the IG is a crook and can’t be trusted.”


      I was the one who was saying after the initial reports after it’s release that I was “glad” with the results from the Mueller Report showing no American colluded with the Russians. I had no problem accepting it.

      Of course, it turns out that the Justice Department told less than the full truth about what the report actually said.

    119. Tina says:

      Clinton groupie. You fell hard for porn lawyah and mulehewd.

      Atkinson is the ig person I am referring to.

    120. Tina says:

      Also Horowitz did not conclude what you stated.

      He did not look into fisa.

      That is Huber’s role.

    121. Tina says:

      Once piglosi sends over the impeachment, Atkinson’s testimony can no longer be hidden.

    122. Marco Rubio says:

      Tulthi Gabberth can thuck my hairy cock!

      Thank you for your thupport, fwiends!

    123. Tina says:

      Time magazine claims that piglosi got the idea of holding up impeachment articles from Convicted
      Felon, John Dean. Maybe?

      I am sure Lawfare helped

    124. Wes says:

      It was announced today Neal Peart of Rush fame died of brain cancer three days ago at age 67.

      Rest well, Neal.

    125. Cock Robin says:

      Yes I’m still around

    126. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Tom Styer is second in SC. Wow!!!!”

      How did Styer become so rich?
      Was it he who invented that foam…Styerfoam?

    127. Tina says:

      · 16m
      New des Moines register poll:
      Sanders 20%
      Warren 17%
      Buttigieg 16%
      Biden 15%

      @SHEPMJS @LarrySchweikart

    128. Bitterlaw says:

      Style is running a lot ads on tv in PA.

    129. Bitterlaw says:

      Damn autocorrect

    130. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      135. No its because he owned coal mines in Indonesia and other areas in Asia, and paid very low wages to earn an enormous profit. He still gets money from his company’s coal mines, but through creative accounting claims otherwise. He is total sleaze.

    131. NYCmike says:

      “He is total sleaze.”

      His name isn’t Trump…..I hope he wins!

    132. Tina says:

      Dumber has spent $200 million so far.

      He has “won” no delegates.

      He could be this cycles Jeb 2.0.

    133. Tina says:

      I think Spartacus dealt his own campaign a big blow.

      Jim Pidd
      · 5h
      Booker: Trump Impeachment Trial Could Deal a ‘Big Blow’ To My Campaign

    134. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt said he is tired of people on here complaining about him. He has now hired Helen Waite to handle complaints, so if you cannot take them up with me.

      You have to go to Helen Waite.

    135. PresidentPaul! says:

      Brent johnson on rebel capitalist show today if you want some entertainment.

    136. jason says:

      BREAKING: Iran confirms it — says the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was shot down accidentally by an air defence unit after it flew close to a military site.”

      Well, how was it accidental if it was because it “flew close to a military site”.

      This explanation makes it look like it was intentionally shot down.

      And of course, it’s smells like BS, since why would a commercial airliner flying out of the international airport be anywhere near military sites, since it presumably would have taken the same path every other airliner did.

    137. jason says:

      Brent johnson on rebel capitalist show today if you want some entertainment.”

      I would rather watch old 8-hour long Fidel Castro speeches than anything Bubu thinks is “entertainment

    138. jason says:

      But I googled Brent Johnson.

      “Brent Johnson (born March 12, 1977) is an American former professional ice hockey goaltender. He played in the National Hockey League for the St. Louis Blues, Phoenix Coyotes, Washington Capitals, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.”

    139. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      145. This is a pretty serious admission. Plus, even with censorship, am sure the Iranian people realize that the Iranian revenge attacks were ineffective. Within in the last year there were massive anti-government demonstrations in Iran. Wonder if they resume.

    140. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From ex-Navy SEAL Jack Carr on Fox News:

      “I found out about the death of Iranian commander Gen. Qaseem Soleimani along with the rest of the world. My reaction was personal. I didn’t celebrate. I didn’t cheer. I didn’t gloat. Instead, I remembered.

      I remembered driving the road where he was killed. I remembered the time I spent at the recently besieged U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. And, I remembered the friends I lost to IEDs, particularly to the Explosively Formed Penetrators, or EFPs.

      I remembered that Gen. Soleimani led the effort that resulted in the deaths of my friends.

      Iranian political and military leadership, including Gen. Soleimani, neglected one of the most ancient maxims in the history of warfare: know thy enemy.

      “President Trump is not the type of American politician to which Iran’s leaders had become accustomed over the past 40 years. This president actually did what he said he would do. U.S. policy vis-à-vis Iraq, Iran and the greater Middle East changed with the new administration.”

      Those who wanted to turn-and-run should realize the terrorists will be chasing you, and will eventually catch up. 9-11 is a case in point.

    141. jason says:

      “Of course the Inspector General concluded that the investigations into Trump’s people were valid.”

      Of course Corey knows this is fake news and just an MSM talking point.

      The IG report didn’t say the investigations were “valid”. It said that the interviews conducted did not establish that bias was the motivating factor for the investigations. However, under questioning, the IG said it could not be ruled out either.

      “Was it your conclusion that political bias did not affect any part of the Page investigation, any part of Crossfire Hurricane?” Hawley asked.

      “We did not reach that conclusion,” Horowitz testified.”

      And finally Corey knows that both the AG and Durham issued statement basically saying “hold your horses, there is more information here that actually was available to the IG”.

      In fact the statement said:

      Our investigation has included developing information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened,” Durham’s statement concludes.”

      So it is interesting that a “conservative” like Corey regurgitates the MSM narrative here when highly respected people like the AG and US Attorney Durham specifically dispute that narrative.

    142. jason says:

      Of course, it turns out that the Justice Department told less than the full truth about what the report actually said.”


    143. PresidentPaul! says:

      Corporate Media Welcome Back Iraq War Hawks To Make Case for Iran

      Dont believe the lies this round.

    144. PresidentPaul! says:

      Qasem Soleimani: Why his killing is good news for IS jihadists

      “ In an editorial of the weekly IS newspaper al-Naba, the group said that Soleimani and al-Muhandis died at the hands of their “allies” – a reference to the US.
      It said the enemies of IS were busy fighting each other, which would drain their energy and resources and ultimately benefit jihadists.
      History has shown that jihadist extremists thrive most when they can take advantage of instability, chaos, and weakened, divided enemies.
      That has happened before and there is a strong chance it will happen again.

    145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      153. So how many Americans did Soleimani need to kill and main before you realize he was not our “ally.”

    146. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is a video of the Iranians shooting down the Ukrainian plane. Assume the Iranians may have admitted their mistake after they were informed there were videos of the missile hitting the plane.

    147. PresidentPaul! says:

      First off after a guy named curveball (kinda like oddjob from james bond) brought over yellow cake from an african country to help arm saddam w nukes i usually assume wartime evidence aka propaganda is fake.

      What i do know is we should have brought the troops home decades ago, and if we dont it will end in war.

    148. Presidentpaul! says:

      Trump assassinated iran ‘s number two person so it’s no surprise that a few hundred innocents died from his poor decision making.

      Shouldnt have been taking john bolton , who will be working to impeach him, in the first place.

      I thought bolton was there just to be like a white house jester for jokes not to actually take seriously.

    149. lisab says:

      Soleimani was a dog

    150. lisab says:

      and died like a pig

    151. jason says:

      So Bubu and CNN and and MSNBC and Democrats have the same talking points about Trump’s “poor decision making”.

      Not a surprise, since Bubu and fellow Paulbots are not Republicans or conservatives.

    152. Wes says:

      Bunu is Exhibit A of why Dave needs a registration system.

    153. jason says:

      You don’t need a registration system, Dave could ban Bubu, he has done it before.

      I personally never ask anybody to be banned, hopefully Bubu will realize this is not the forum for him and go back to whatever Nazi and terrorist loving site he normally hangs out at.

    154. Wes says:

      Bunu has I P-switching software to ensure Dave can’t ban him. KnightHawk mentioned Bunu was unbanable at Polipundit about 10 years ago, and Bunu subsequently confirmed he had software to keep him from being banned.

      Of course that Bunu knows no one wants to read his drivel and has to invest in something like that to continue to post says a lot.

    155. jason says:

      Brokaw: Today’s media destructive, ‘24/7 rage about what’s pissing people off.’

      Yah thinks?

    156. jason says:

      Bubu is an America-hating terrorist loving anti-semitic holocaust denying ass.

      Maybe if he realizes nobody clicks on his Paulbot links he will get lost again.

    157. jason says:

      “History has shown that jihadist extremists thrive most when they can take advantage of instability, chaos, and weakened, divided enemies.”

      They must love Ron and Rand Paul.

    158. dblaikie says:

      Well the National Park folks in Montana have egg on their faces. This article from the NY Post about climate change overreach in Glacier National Park. Turns out those pesky glaciers refuse to disappear. Here is the link:

    159. Wes says:

      I just checked yesterday’s roundup from RRH.

      Mnw is repeating the tired Trump fan talking point that Kelly Ayotte cost Trump NH.

      Never mind the complete lack of evidence for this. Someone has to be blamed for Trump’s failure in the Granite State. God forbid it should be Trump.

      I know, I know. Aron Day. Of course when supposedly conservative Deadender Indy runs for the express purpose electing a moonbat, receives five digits worth of votes, and crows about electing said moonbat over a Senator with a high approval rating, I find the argument he cost the Senator the election a bit more compelling than the argument that Kelly Ayotte cost Trump NH by refusing to campaign with him.

      Sue me for applying logic to the situation.

      By the way, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Rob Portman all did the same as Ayotte. They won, and Trump carried their states. Going by the logic blaming Ayotte, I guess those were phantom victories. Trump must actually have lost those states while the Senators lost.

    160. Tina says:

      Have the jebots advocated this from bubu?

      11, 2020 at 2:54 am
      Trump assassinated iran ‘s number two person so it’s no surprise that a few hundred innocents died from his poor decision making.

    161. Tina says:

      Well the fisa court just appointed fib apologist to oversee “reform.”

      Not good especially since Souter 2.0 appointed all the “duped” Fisa Judges.

    162. mnw says:


      Aaron Day, not “Aron.”

    163. Tgca says:

      Kelly Ayotte was a spineless skank who brought her election loss on herself. She tried to cater and suck up to folks in very Mitt Romney fashion but people saw through it and that she was playing politics and her opponent took advantage of the situation. Generally, if an incumbent loses an election its because of the candidate, not others, though an extreme situation out of their control can have ramifications on results too (very bad economy or party scandal). Trump did not lose her the election; she lost it herself against a female governor who bested here…barely…but still bested her.

    164. Wes says:

      Reading comprehension isn’t exactly Tgca’s strong suit since no one claimed Trump cost Ayotte the election.

      At the same time, he proves how much of a brainwashed sycophant he is by claiming Ayotte is a skank.

      Great way to make your case, Tg. Call a woman with a 60% approval rating who lost because of a split vote a skank while rewriting history.

    165. Wes says:

      Of course the posters’ names change, but the talking points remain the same:

      Nothing electorally negative that happens to Trump is ever his fault. Ayotte cost him NH. Heck cost him NV. I’m sure they’ll find some way to say Mark Kirk in IL and the Republicans running for Senate in HI, WA, OR, CO, MD, NY, CT, and VT also cost him those states. It would make as much sense as saying Kelly Ayotte cost him NH.

      Their motto is the opposite of Harry Truman’s:

      The buck stops anywhere but here.

      In the likely event Trump loses the overall election in November, it won’t be Trump’s fault then either. The eeeeeeeeeeeeevil GOP “Establishment” will be responsible—unless they decide to go full Polaris and blame those pesky voters.

    166. Tina says:

      There are now continuing protests against the mullahs in Iran. I follow this twitter feed:

    167. Tina says:

      This feed is good too:

      Iran News Wire

      10m10 minutes ago
      Tehran’s Amir Kabir University
      A very large number of riot police in full gear on the scene trying to quell major #IranProtests.
      “Students will die rather than bow down” & “Our enemy is right here; They lie that’s it the US”, referring to the regime’s “death to America” slogan.

    168. Tina says:

      Iran News Wire

      47m47 minutes ago
      Taleghani and Valiasr intersection, Tehran #Iran
      Angry protesters chant against the regime’s Supreme Leader @Khamenie_ir.
      “Khamenei is a murderer and his rule is not valid” &”Death to the Velayat-e Faghih” (an Arabic term meaning Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist aka Khamanei)

    169. Hugh says:

      I sure hope after the senate trial Wray and others are fired. I can see why it makes sense to wait another few weeks.

    170. John says:

      According to this betting site Trump has now opened up a big lead on Sanders with Biden falling like a brick as well as Warren:

      Trump 52.4%
      Sanders 13.7%
      Biden 13.3%
      Bloomberg 6.0%
      Warren 4.2%

    171. lisab says:

      the reason the dems are so low in the odds sites, is that they don’t have a candidate

      if biden can survive through super tuesday he will likely be a formidable challenger to trump

      but i still say it is a coinflip with a slight edge to trump, maybe 51 to 49%

      it could easily change, but i think biden has lost a few steps and sanders is also sick, and neither has complete support from the party

      trump will have a lot of money, a gotv, and will control the news cycle

    172. lisab says:

      of course one bad tweet could upend trump

    173. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      This article in the Powerline Blog is infuriating.THE FBI and FISA Court are a major part of the corruption of our democratic institutions.
      The blatant corruption continues apace with the new Chief Judge of the FISA Court.
      This is unbelievable!

    174. Cash Cow TM says:

      Bitter went to college with Kelly Ayotte, and I met her at an event in WV.

      I do not think she is a skank.

    175. mRviTO says:

      The next democrat debate is officially six white people apparently.

    176. mRviTO says:

      Ryan Saavedra
      The story is *not* that Iran admitted that it shot down the plane, everyone already knew this

      The story is why did Iran go from strongly denying it to admitting it within the span of hours *after* they had bulldozers out there destroying the scene of the crash?

    177. mRviTO says:

      A senior Iranian commander who admitted to Iran’s role in the recent downing of a Ukrainian airplane bragged in 2016 that even the youngest Iranian officers have unilateral authority to conduct strikes like the one that downed the Ukrainian plane, killing every civilian aboard, according to video obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    178. Cash Cow TM says:

      Iranian people are whacko.

      They demonstrate in the street at drop of a hat. Death to this, death to that…

      Their asshat leaders finally had to admit that they did shoot down the airliner.

      now they are in the street demanding death to their asshat leaders.

      This is why they should never have democracy. They are not ready for it.

    179. lisab says:

      well apparently one of the ukrainian stewardesses was not wearing a burka … soooooooo …

    180. lisab says:

      and … i just want to point out that calling someone a dog or pig in islam is REALLY offensive

      i made bunu go away for more than 12 hours

      you’re. welcome

    181. 185. The answer of course is civilians on the ground had videos of the missile hitting the aircraft. The Iranian people know their government was trying to hoodwink them.

    182. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is possible that the Iranians who launched the missile thought they were taking down another drone. This would made them a heroes in Iran. Acted too rashly. Now they face being accused of being Israeli agents and executed. Iran needs scapegoats

    183. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Elizabeth Warren in Milford, N.H.,
      WARREN: “So I want to thank you all for being here. You know, I think we all know that 2020 election is not just about the next 4 years, not just about the next 8 years. The 2020 election may well be about the survival of our planet, so thank you for being here. Thank you for being part of this fight.””

      Of course this raises a second question, if Warren becomes president do you want to survive on the planet?

    184. Tgca says:


      GFY Wes!

      Folks have complained in the past Ayotte lost because of a Trump. I think she’s a skank and brought her loss on herself by being disingenuous. I was commenting on that aspect and not your “I know more than anyone at HHR” asinine post. Not in the mood for your BS grandstanding.

      Now go massage some dude’s scrotum since you like giving male massages so much or abuse some young impressionable wrecked girl.

    185. Tina says:

      The mullahs lied about the “plane crash,”.

      Within minutes, they said it was engine failure.

      They tried to hide the shrapnel evidence on the plane shell.

      This was a 4 year old Boeing 737, one of the most reliable planes in the world.

    186. Tina says:


      Iran News Wire

      3h3 hours ago
      #Iranians are calling for nationwide #IranProtests on Sunday, January 12 at 6pm local time. They’re getting their message across to all Iranians through social media platforms.

    187. mRviTO says:

      How difficult would it have been to ground flights on the day Iran shot missiles?

      I’m not even convinced it was a mistake… without Solemani Iran seems to be suddenly incompetent.

      They planned those rallies and people were trampled to death.

    188. Tina says:

      Why would the mullahs warm the Iraqis 3 hours ahead of time, who then warned us.

      It appears to have been shot down intentionally.

    189. Tina says:

      The mullahs briefly arrested the U.K. Ambassador for taking photos of the protesters.

    190. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      197. It appears Iran did not want major casualties because of fear of major U.S. retaliation. Iranian TV was touting the missile attacks while they took place, and showing pictures of missiles hitting targets. The Ayatollah Khamenei was stated to be personally supervising the attack.

      Now Iranians are realizing it was a sham, and that the Iranian military stupidly shot down a passenger plane.

    191. Tom says:

      Much to the chagrin of the liberals, Trump’s Iran strategy is working brilliantly.

    192. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      For 40 years the U.S. has been placating Iran. Now a U.S. president finally stands up to Iran, and their government is suddenly facing strong internal opposition. Hopefully it is a lesson learned.

    193. mRviTO says:

      Probably some of the Iraqis who have gotten fed up with Iran…

    194. Cash Cow TM says:

      1. We now have an Iranian-American astronaut?

      When he lands on the moon will he say “Death to all aliens!”?

      2. Iran and ISIS in big fight as they are both claiming responsibility for the earthquake in Puerto Rico.

      3. Iran did back down and let ISIS claim responsibility for all the wildfires in Australia and the volcano eruption on the island off coast of New Zealand.

    195. mRviTO says:

      James Taranto
      Really? Because I was given to understand that “Soleimani, who commands a cult-like status in the country, has seemingly united Iranians of all political stripes in anger at the US.”…
      Quote Tweet

      Jake Tapper
      · 6h
      It turns out plenty of Iranians loathed Soleimani, opposed the terrorism he spread, and don’t like the regime lying to them about shooting down a passenger plane. And they’re risking quite a bit by protesting publicly —…

    196. Bitterlaw says:

      I think there is something wrong with my tv. It says the Ravens are getting blown out at home by the Titans. That can’t be right.

    197. jason says:

      Wow, weird glitch.

      My TV says Ravens crushed the Titans.

    198. jason says:

      But it is the Amish Network, so they might just be reporting what the bishop says.

    199. jason says:

      Corey and Amoral Scumbag’s source for news.

      “After hearing Iranians chanting “DEATH to America” @CNN’s @ErinBurnett says they were “friendly” and didn’t mean it.”

    200. lisab says:

      Hillary: ‘If I were president, Iran would’ve committed suicide already’

    201. lisab says:

      Pelosi to release articles of impeachment on the Ides of March

    202. lisab says:

      Marianne Williamson ends presidential bid; turns into orb of pure positive energy

      jason moves up in democratic primary

    203. lisab says:

      BREAKING: Hollywood saddened to hear of Ricky Gervais’s tragic suicide tomorrow

    204. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is getting serious:

      Riot police attempted to disperse the protesters in #Tehran with tear gas but the anger and frustration of the people was palpable across the country following three days of misinformation from Iranian authorities.

      Wow: “[Qassem] Soleimani is a murderer; his leader (Khamenei) is a traitor,” they chant at Sharif University in Tehran, Iran

      Protest in Iranian city of Rasht. “Mercenary, get lost,” they call out to security forces

      Protest in Iranian city of Isfahan. “Killed in November, 1500 people,” they chant

      From #Iran: “I’m angry about #Soleimani b/c it undermines our sovereignty, I’m angry that US actions may lead to war, I’m angry at my gov for its incompetence in downing a civilian plane, I’m most angry that I have no hope, no hope for sanctions relief, no hope for our future”

    205. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      No surprise:

      Israeli intelligence was instrumental in the successful US assassination of Iran’s Qasem #Soleimani, according to a new report.

    206. jason says:

      jason moves up in democratic primary”

      They are dropping like flies.

      I am placing an ad on the Intercourse News and posted a picture of myself with my llamas at Hershberger’s in Bird-in-Hand.

      My strategy team has come up with a new slogan “Not all Good Democrats are Dead Democrats”, that should help too.

    207. jason says:

      Has the MSM started worrying the Ayatollahs might be toppled because of evil Trump yet?

    208. jason says:

      Hopefully Bunu won’t show up today, but in case he does, Bunu GFY.

    209. jason says:

      “A fuller statement published by the BBC shows Rouhani also said said “an atmosphere of threats and intimidation by the aggressive American regime” had Iran’s Armed Forces on alert when a “miscalculated shooting caused a major catastrophe.”

      Iran firing missiles at US troops from their own territory had Iran on “high alert”.

    210. mRviTO says:

      Farnaz Fassihi
      What I hear from every #Iranian I talk to: “Our lives have no value to them. Look at how Canada is mourning our immigrants. Our own country kills us.”
      #IranProtests #UkranianPlaneCrash

    211. mRviTO says:

      Ignoring protestors who are risking their lives to protest the regime and proclaim the US is not their enemy is not a great way to counter perception that several of those candidates have been actively siding with the regime during this saga.

    212. jason says:

      Lieawatha comes in behind “nobody” in Dem field. In fairness, I do too, but she has spent a lot more money.

      “According to the FiveThirtyEight forecast, Warren has just a one-in-nine (12 percent) chance of winning enough delegates to secure the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. That’s slightly worse than the forecast model’s odds—one-in-eight, or 13 percent—that no single candidate will win a majority of delegates, an outcome that could trigger a brokered convention in Milwaukee.”

    213. Wobbles says:

      Did I hear brokered convention?

      Hallelujah, there is a God for Amoral Scumbags.

      Jeb will be nominated for sure, Trump is out.

      Oh wait, this is the Dems?

    214. mRviTO says:

      A brokered convention will increase the odds that the Democrats put two white people on the ballot… good chance no delegates will be won by people of color. Yikes.

      Meanwhile, in 2016, the GOP had people of color as 3 of the top 5 in delegates.

    215. jason says:

      You can get rich at Predictit if you think Trump will be convicted in the Senate.

      Right now it is a 7 cents, you can sell your shares for a dollar when he gets convicted.

      This is a win-win. Put $10k to convict, collect $140k, enough to cover higher taxes imposed by the socialist who replaces him.

      If you lose, well, you have Trump.

    216. Tina says:

      It appears that once Piglosi “transmits” the impeachment articles to the Senate, they will go to the Supreme Court and ask for a dismissal. Argument is that while the House has the power to impeach, its power is not unlimited. In short, there is no high crime or misdemeanor. There is no violation of any Ukrainin law. This seems like a long shot, it an interesting argument.

      Should not that work, they will ask for a dismissal at trial.

      Paraphrasing Rudy on Judge Jeanine,

    217. Tina says:

      The lawless Rs May join the House Ds and require witnesses.

      These same lawless Rs (looking at the Maine Chicklet, Quittens, and the Utah open borders senators/illegals first and foremost) may decide this.

      At the same time, look for them to “control” which witnesses Trump requests.

      If they value the constitution, then the senate just moves to dismiss outright,

    218. Tina says:

      Maine Chicklet is looking to broker a witness deal.

      She just needs to stfu.

      Follow Mitchie lead.

      I don’t trust her, the “r in Alaska, and the two utah senators.

    219. Hugh says:

      I keep reading what Collins is saying. I ignore the speculation of the msm which is wrong on such things way more than being right and I do not see where she is saying much more than Mitch. Truth is the senate can call Bolton etc and trump
      Will assert executive privilege which would drag things in and on. Not good for dems. Then gop can call sschitt for brains etc and skewer the dems. Again bad for dems. My prediction few if any witnesses which will be deposed in private to no real effect. GOP hangs together.

    220. Tina says:

      Piglosi is pro mullah:

      at 10:54 am
      The world is watching. What’s wrong with Nervous Nancy?
      Pelosi Dismisses Protests In Iran Against Regime, “Different Reasons Why People Are In The Street”

    221. jason says:

      Paraphrasing Rudy on Judge Jeanine”

      Somehow I don’t think Mitch is going to SCOTUS to dismiss the case.

      First, you run the risk of losing. Second, “winning” will just give the Dems an excuse to attack SCOTUS as a campaign issue.

      The point that the charges are bogus can be made during the trial.

    222. jason says:

      Sorry, Bunu, my condolences.

      “A prominent pro-Iran militia commander has been killed by unidentified gunmen in Iraq.

      High-level Popular Mobilization Forces leader Taleb Abbas Ali al-Saedi was shot dead late on Saturday in Karbala, a city about 62 miles southwest of Baghdad.”

    223. Tina says:

      He is triggering the lawless Rs as well as the drats:

      Donald J. Trump
      Why did Nervous Nancy allow corrupt politician Shifty Schiff to lie before Congress? He must be a Witness, and so should she!

    224. Scooterboy says:

      Bloomberg held a rally in Texas with Judge Judy and only 45 people showed up.
      Doesn’t appear to be much excitement for Bloomberg.

    225. Phil says:

      Bloomberg has more tv ad spots than supporters.

    226. Phil says:

      Bloomberg open to spending one billion dollars to defeat Trump according to NYT.

    227. jason says:

      GM sportsbooks took a $420,000 wager on the Ravens to win the game (at -420 odds) and had a big day as a result of the Titans’ win, telling ESPN that they “cut down the nets.”

      Someone bet 420K on the Ravens at crappy odds and still lost.

    228. jason says:

      Bloomberg has a $10 million attack ad on Trump during the SB.

      He said he will support a socialist, Bernie, if he is nominated.

    229. Wes says:

      So can we say the Ravens will have Super Bowl aspirations this season never more?

    230. jason says:

      I suppose you could quoth it…

    231. Wes says:

      Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore (to my Super Bowl ring)!”

    232. Tina says:

      I don’t know if Kerry’s statement about what a crowd is serious or a joke.

    233. Cash Cow TM says:

      Everybody sing!
      (to the tune of “I Shot the Sheriff”)

      We shot the plane down,
      but we did not shoot Sole-I-man-I…

    234. Cash Cow TM says:

      Man, just about every who had been targeted and died in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan has had the first name “Al” and their last name ended in a vowel.

      Wonder if lots of people there are changing their name to some other spelling.

    235. jason says:

      A funeral would have more people, so it has to be a rally.

      Supposedly according to the comments, of the dozen or so present, 4 were media, 4 security, and 4 handlers to keep him from saying he was in Ohio and to keep him from sniffing the hair of little girls.

    236. jason says:

      I bet Walt has used a lot of names over the last few millennia. He probably started out as Absalom or Joab or something like that and evolved into Walt.

    237. jason says:

      Cash Cow probably started out as Buttercup or Daisy or maybe Clarabelle.

    238. Wes says:

      I have it on good authority Walt was originally named Og. He later called himself Imhotep and built the first Egyptian pyramid.

    239. lisab says:

      Man, just about every who had been targeted and died in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan has had the first name “Al” and their last name ended in a vowel.
      one of the most popular songs in the middle east

      If you’ll be my bodyguard
      I can be your long lost pal
      I can call you solami
      And solami, when you call me
      You can call me Al

    240. jason says:

      I have it on good authority Walt was originally named Og.”

      Well, I was talking about in biblical times.

      But you are probably right. If that cave drawing with the Og signature had depicted anything other than a cow there might have been some doubt, but…

    241. jason says:

      Of course, it didn’t say Og since the alphabet was not invented, it was just a self portrait, but if you look at his picture in the WV Legislature Hall of Fame and then imagine prehistoric times, you can see the resemblance.

    242. jason says:

      The Texans suck. The Chiefs are 1-8 in their last 8 home playoff games. Texans at -10 is tempting but I didn’t bet.

    243. jason says:

      Someone needs to tell the Chiefs the game already started.

    244. Tina says:

      I am sure China Biden has minders, Jason.

      Well to prevent hair sniffing and feeling on girls, plus to not wander to far from the room.

    245. Scooterboy says:

      Iranian forces are reportedly opening fire on civilians again.

    246. jason says:

      Iranian forces are reportedly opening fire on civilians again.”

      Democrats to blame Trump in 3, 2, 1….

    247. Wobbles says:

      Well if Trump hadn’t ordered a terrorist killed the Iranians would not have attacked US troops and Iran would not have shot down an airliner and there would not have been protests and the security forces would not have to shoot protesters.

      So blaming Trump makes sense.

    248. Scooterboy says:

      Dumb play calling by the Texans on the fake punt attempt. Up by 14. Nice way to let the Chiefs back into it.

    249. Scooterboy says:

      Actually they were up by 17. So even more stupid IMO.

    250. jason says:

      I thought they were smart to take the 3 points before that, but they couldn’t resist doing something stupid.

      Of course, there is always a chance Andy Reid could reciprocate, so hope springs eternal. The Chiefs are a better team playing at home, but that didn’t help the Patriots or the Saints.

      Heh, Texans already falling apart.

    251. jason says:

      Thinking back now, maybe the Texans should have tried to make it 28-0.

    252. Scooterboy says:

      Yep. No reason to unnecessarily give the ball up in your own territory when you have a 17 point lead. Punt it away and make them earn it.

    253. Scooterboy says:

      I didn’t have a problem with them taking the field goal, but the fake punt just didn’t make any sense.

    254. jason says:

      The argument for going for it is when you have the other team on the ropes you should maximize your chances.

    255. jason says:

      Absolutely disgusting and despicable.

      But these are the times we live in.

      Nancy Pelosi dismisses protests in Iran against regime, “different reasons why people are in the street”

    256. jason says:

      Patting myself on back for not taking the Texans and 10 points, although I would have won the 1st half.

    257. jason says:

      Pelosi doesn’t want democracy in Iran because somehow that would be good for Trump.

      These are the people the Never Trumpers want in power.

    258. Scooterboy says:

      266. Yeah, I get that. But it you’re unsuccessful, you take the chance of letting them back in the game. Which is exactly what has happened. Just wasn’t worth the risk IMO.

    259. Scooterboy says:

      Elizabeth Warren on the Morning Joe Show.

      If your home isn’t carbon neutral, Elizabeth Warren might not let you build it.

      “We’ve got to be willing to do things, for example, like regulation. By 2020, no new buildings, no new houses, without a zero carbon footprint.”
      “By 2030, trucks — light-duty trucks and cars, zero carbon footprint. By 2035, all production of electricity, zero carbon footprint,” Warren said.
      “We also need to make environmental justice really at the heart of our climate plan,” Warren said.

    260. jason says:

      “Yeah, I get that. But it you’re unsuccessful, you take the chance of letting them back in the game. Which is exactly what has happened. Just wasn’t worth the risk IMO.”

      I agree the fake punt was stupid. I am talking about the 4th and a foot.

      But let’s face it, the Texans suck.

    261. jason says:

      By 2020, no new buildings, no new houses, without a zero carbon footprint.”

      It’s ok, all people involved in construction can learn how to code.

    262. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The cost of housing already is high because of excessive government regulations. California has declared a housing crisis. Here comes Warren to proposed all sorts of onerous regulations which will raise the cost of building new housing sky high from what it is even now. Assume her solution to that will be to propose more massive government subsidies.

      She really is a loon. Thankfully people are realizing it and her poll numbers are tanking. If you want socialism, stick with the old Bolshevik — he will bankrupt the country the old fashion Marxist way.

    263. Leo Wikstrom says:

      267. Here is a video of Pelosi’s disgraceful comments on the Iranian demonstrations. She appears to be giving Biden a run for his money on who would have a lower score on a mental acuity test.

    264. PresidentPaul! says:

      Globex is open now!

    265. Bitterlaw says:

      After trailing the Texans 24-0, the Kansas City Chiefs (Coached by Andy Reid), win 51-31.

      Jason hardest hit.

    266. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie supporter says everyone Should just live in the projects.

    267. Scooterboy says:

      According to five-thirty eight, here are the current Dems chances of winning the nomination. The top 5.

      Biden: 38%
      Sanders: 24%
      No one: 14%
      Warren: 13%
      Buttigieg: 9%

    268. jason says:

      After trailing the Texans 24-0, the Kansas City Chiefs (Coached by Andy Reid), win 51-31.”


      Reid is a moron and the Chiefs are a lot better than the Texans.

      Both can be true.

      I actually think the Chiefs can win the SB now. The Titans are better than the Texans, but they did lose to the Broncos at home. So beat the Titans and play either the Packers (I think they will beat the Seahawks) or SF. They got a shot.

    269. jason says:

      “One of the reasons I’m reasonably confident I could beat Trump is I would be acceptable to the moderate Republicans you have to have,” said Bloomberg, a former Republican who made his fortune selling financial information to Wall Street firms.

      “Whether you like it or not, you can’t win the election unless you get moderate Republicans to cross the line. The others are much too liberal for them and they would certainly vote for Donald Trump.”

      He might get some Never Trumper votes, but moderate Republicans no.

      IF he got the nomination, by then he would be so far left it would be hard to separate him from Sanders or Warren.

    270. jason says:

      He calls the other Dems too liberal but is falling all over himself to agree with all their kooky proposals.

    271. jason says:

      Bloomberg says he will spend a billion dollars to defeat Trump.

      That makes a good ad for Trump.

      I think most people will view that kind of thing unfavorably.

    272. jason says:

      Hey Leo, welcome to HHR.

    273. lisab says:

      Iranian protesters begin burning huge billboard of Qassem Soleimani

    274. jason says:

      If you want socialism, stick with the old Bolshevik”

      I want Sanders to win the nomination.

      I think he loses every state Hillary lost plus MN, NH, ME, CO, VA, NV, and NM. Others like DE and NJ and even OR might be in play. CT, where Trump + Johnson got 44% could be close.

    275. jason says:

      Sanders being nominated and losing big could also take away some of the influence of the far left moonbats, which would be good for the country.

    276. Scooterboy says:

      Jason, I don’t ever remember you welcoming me to HHR following my first post.

      In fact, I remember you were very reluctant to grant me A-hole status.

      And even still today you won’t allow me a seat at the monthly A-hole meetings.

      By the way… is Kim doing?

    277. lisab says:

      “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill mocks Trump’s inciting remarks on Iran

    278. jason says:

      Scooter, if it was easy to attain A-hole status it would not be so valuable, so be grateful.

      Sure you can sit down, but since our most junior A-hole has been AWOL for over a year, a lot of the junior A-hole duties have to be absorbed by you.

      Kim is still alleging harassment in the kitchen, but Bitter should be able to sort it out during the discovery phase, which is always sensitive for A-holes.

    279. lisab says:

      TEHRAN-Sanders ‘leading in the Democratic intra-party election is bad news for Donald Trump and Sanders’ opponents in the Democratic Party. The results of recent Democratic camp polls have heightened the party’s concern over Bernie Sanders’ victory in the intra-party election race. According to a recent poll by US Berkeley, Bernie Sanders has outpaced other Democratic candidates in the key state of California. Sanders has been able to garner 24 percent of the state’s Democratic voters in a recent poll, published in the Los Angeles Times.

    280. lisab says:

      Reports that Iranian Vice President Yitzhak Jahangiri has resigned. Jahangiri’s resignation was expected after the revolutionary guard shot his family on Wednesday.

    281. Bitterlaw says:

      Reid calls the offensive plays. The plays that resulted in 51 points. The plays that lead to 7 touchdowns. Jason can suck it.

    282. Bitterlaw says:

      Scooter – The Senior A-holes rarely sit at meetings. It muffles our discourse and leaves us less open to new experiences.

    283. jason says:

      Packers better than the Seahawks. The only team that I didn’t think deserved to win so far in the playoffs was the Vikings over the Saints.

    284. jason says:

      Reid is a fat incompetent moron. He would still be a fat incompetent moron if the Chiefs had scored 90 points against the Texans. One game or even one season doesn’t change that.

      But give me some good betting opportunities and I will be happy to make some money on the Chiefs, either to win or lose.

      At this point, I have a slight preference for the Packers to win the SB, but not sure they can win in SF.

    285. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ron Paul: US Wants To “Own Iran” Like It Did When The Shah Was In Power

    286. Bitterlaw says:

      Other than jason’s need to suck up to MD, I never understood his contempt for Reid. He won a lot of games and playoff games. He also lost games and playoff games. That is far from being incompetent.

    287. PresidentPaul! says:

      Soleimani assassination based on a hoax?


    288. PresidentPaul! says:

      David Frum is whitenighting for Elizabeth Warren now. I guess he doesn’t want to have to support Bolshevik but you know Warren is just fine.

      David Frum
      · 7h
      Who predicted that @MikeBloomberg would compete more respectfully against @ewarren than @SenSanders is doing?

    289. lisab says:

      The defense secretary said Iran planned to target the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad …

      that doesn’t sound like a hoax

    290. Phil says:

      ….and bunu continues to talk to himself.

    291. PresidentPaul! says:

      Feel the Bern

      Sanders campaign assails Biden over Iraq war vote
      “It is appalling that after 18 years Joe Biden still refuses to admit he was dead wrong on the Iraq War,” a senior Sanders campaign aide said.

      ole John Kerry is even out defending Biden’s decision to support Bush’s fake war.

    292. PresidentPaul! says:

      Esper said there was no evidence that embassies were under threat.

      This warrants an actual investigation unlike Ukraine thing.

    293. PresidentPaul! says:

      Social media is unreliable now as well

      As the US escalates its hybrid wars, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are suspending accounts and censoring content that conflicts with Washington’s pro-war narrative. The Grayzone spoke to several people silenced in these social media purges.

      The Donald Trump administration is ramping up its information war against Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. And it has enlisted social media platforms as weapons in its assault on these top regime-change targets.

      In the first two weeks of January, Twitter suspended dozens of accounts run by real, live people — not bots — in Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. Those erased from the website included heads of state, numerous state institutions, media outlets, and many average people who do not work for their governments.

    294. lisab says:

      from the article you posted

      Asked about Trump’s assertion on Sunday, Esper told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “exquisite intelligence” shared with the “Gang of Eight” ? a group of top congressional leaders typically briefed on highly sensitive intelligence matters ? referenced “an attack” on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

    295. PresidentPaul! says:

      BREAKING: Video emerges of @JoeBiden criticizing antiwar Dems, praising Bush for leading America into the Iraq War & promising he will support Bush’s continuation of the war

      “The president of the United States is a bold leader & he is popular…I & many others will support him”

    296. PresidentPaul! says:

      “President Bush did not lash out precipitously at Iraq after 9/11…At each pivotal moment, he has chosen a course of moderation and deliberation, and I believe he will continue to do so.” —Biden explaining why the Senate should authorize the Iraq invasion

    297. PresidentPaul! says:

      Tulsi says what needs to me said to the fake news.

    298. PresidentPaul! says:

      PayPal blocks donations to The Grayzone that mention Iran (and free speech)

      Small donations to The Grayzone were delayed and reversed by PayPal because they mentioned the word “Iran” in messages praising our coverage of the US conflict. At the same time, Facebook censored a factual Grayzone video reporting on Hezbollah, Iran and Trump.

    299. lisab says:

      obama: miss me yet?

      soleimani: yes!

    300. PresidentPaul! says:

      Is Lyin’ Joe gonna become the nominee?

      375,000 views in a half day. Keep it going — keep retweeting. Don’t let Biden pretend he had nothing to do with the Iraq War.

      Bernie courageously opposed the war while #JoeVotedForTheWar

    301. PresidentPaul! says:

      More on Lyin Biden


      Aaron Glantz
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @Aaron_Glantz
      MoreAaron Glantz Retweeted David Axelrod
      Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq

      A year after the invasion he argued for sending more troops

      And that’s only the beginning…

      How in the world could he plausibly say that he opposed the war”

    302. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie is going scored earth against lying Joe just listen to his speech writer.

      “David Sirota
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @davidsirota
      Note: you’re damn right we’re fighting to win this nomination & defeat Trump. If contrasting @BernieSanders’ record with others offends you, then prepare to be offended. This is a democracy. Elections are about policy choices. Voters deserve to know those choices. Onward.

    303. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      While Australia burns, California have one of its more limited fire seasons. Here is why from the Los Angeles Times:

      “It could have been another bad wildfire year in California. A bountiful summer crop of quick-to-burn dead grass carpeted the hillsides. Autumn was warm and dry. A record-breaking stretch of fire weather hit the Bay Area in October.
      But it wasn’t. California wildfires charred about 270,000 acres in 2019, the smallest number since 2011. The three fatalities and roughly 735 burned structures were a fraction of the catastrophic losses of the previous two fire seasons.
      The lower than expected toll followed an unusually wet spring and big snowpack, which slowed the start of the fire season. The installation of backcountry fire cameras gave firefighting crews early notice of ignitions. When flames approached, evacuation orders were swift and sweeping.

      But most critically, widespread preventive power shutdowns by the state’s largest electric utility diminished the chances of human-related ignitions at critical times — during high, hot winds that can fan a single spark into the kind of unstoppable inferno that destroyed the town of Paradise, Calif., and left 86 people dead in the 2018 Camp fire.

      It doesn’t matter how dry the vegetation, how fierce the winds or how high the temperature; if there is no ignition, there is no wildfire.
      Outside of the Sierra Nevada and the state’s northernmost tier, there is little lightning, nature’s ignition source.
      That means that, in much of California, more than 90% of the wildfires are started by people or their equipment. In coastal counties from Sonoma to San Diego, almost all the starts are human related.”

    304. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      DEVELOPING:” Gov’t watchdogs raising concerns Hunter Biden’s political gifts to several Senate Dems–inclg Leahy, Menendez,Booker,Whitehouse,Cardin,Cantwell–may transgress Senate “conflict of interest” rules & possibly trigger recusal requirements during Senate impeachment voting” Paul Sperry at IBD

    305. jason says:

      I think all the Paulbots should vote for Sanders.

    306. jason says:

      Hey Bunu, GFY.

    307. jason says:

      If Biden supported the Iraq war I commend him for it, like I commended Obama from not running from Afghanistan.

    308. jason says:


      “Trudeau Apologizes for Airliner Full of Canadians That Hit Innocent Iranian Missile”

    309. jason says:

      Huh,…Obama FOR not running from Afghanistan.

    310. Tgca says:

      Two year trade war with China barely a scratch on US economy Wall Street Journal finally admits after study. Some give and take occurred, as expected, but overall US prospered with barely a blip because of benefits elsewhere absorbed it.

      Study concludes:
      The U.S. economy is far more resilient and less reliant on China than Trump critics believed.

      The world economy is changing and the way companies and consumers are reacting may change long-standing economic theory. Unlike the laws of physics, economic principles are not always set in stone and we have seen such surprises in the recent decade with the fast changing world of commerce and technology. Though no trade war for an extended period is desirable, there were offsets in this recent one not expected by most of the so-called economic experts. That probably has more to do with technological advances and the fact that China was in a “bubble” position to begin with so this may be isolated to specific types of trade wars with specific trade partners. We’ll see what the future holds for such trade disagreements.

    311. jason says:

      Hey Dems, don’t listen to him. Or me.

      “Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager is warning that Democrats would struggle in a general election against Donald Trump if Bernie Sanders is the nominee.

      In an interview with POLITICO, Jim Messina predicted that Trump would exploit Sanders’ stamp of socialism in battleground states needed to defeat Trump, keep control of the House and have a shot at winning the Senate.

      “If I were a campaign manager for Donald Trump and I look at the field, I would very much want to run against Bernie Sanders,” Messina said. “I think the contrast is the best. He can say, ‘I’m a business guy, the economy’s good and this guy’s a socialist.’ I think that contrast for Trump is likely one that he’d be excited about in a way that he wouldn’t be as excited about Biden or potentially Mayor Pete or some of the more Midwestern moderate candidates.”

      “From a general election perspective, socialism is not going to be what Democrats are going to want to defend,” Messina added.“If you’re the Democratic nominee for the Montana Senate race, you don’t want to spend the election talking about socialism.”

    312. jason says:

      The question I would ask Messina is who exactly are the “some of the more Midwestern moderate candidates” he mentions.

    313. jason says:

      And of course, we are going to be talking about socialism no matter who is nominated.

    314. jason says:

      as expected, but overall US prospered with barely a blip because of benefits elsewhere absorbed it.”

      Zzzzzzz…what drivel.

      The US economy is doing well DESPITE Trump’s stupid trade wars, not because of them.

      The AFL-CIO agenda has resulted in the lowest manufacturing activity in a decade, and many industries have been irreparably harmed. The fact these losses have been offset by good results in areas not affected by trade wars is no reason to endorse the failed AFL-CIO agenda of the last 60 years.

      The WSJ article reminds me of Sergeant Schultz … I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”

      This is the true measure of a trade policy based on tariffs”

    315. Tina says:

      Well, if China Biden, can remember that he voted for the Iraq war, that would be one thing.

      The other thing is that his drat opposition is now hitting him on it as welll as the where is hunter scandal.

      That is why he is 3/4 in Iowa and 2/3 in nh.

      Cccp Bernie appears to be surging at the right time, but the Ds will screw him again.

    316. mnw says:

      Be cool to have the NFL champs AND the Stanley Cup champs in the Show Me state.

      It’s hard for us to endure that agonizing 7-month wait between championships.

    317. jason says:

      “Kentucky woman has been charged with murder after allegedly commanding a pitbull to attack a neighbor who died after a dog mauled him. Melissa Wolke allegedly jumped up and down on the man and assaulted him before giving commands for a large dog to attack.”

      Corey to say maybe the man was a “bad neighbor” in 3, 2, 1….

    318. jason says:

      Personally, I don’t really see what there is to see in the “Show Me” state.

      Their one and only claim to fame, BBQ, sucks because the sauce is way too sweet. I am sure Tgca would love it, it’s like eating molasses out of a bottle.

      Best BBQ sauce is Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce. No tomato, a tart combination of vinegar and added spices like cayenne, black pepper, crushed red pepper, hot sauce and salt.

    319. jason says:

      I might have been a little harsh there, there is supposedly the worlds most visited dinner attraction in Branson.

      I forgot Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction.

      I haven’t gone yet, I am waiting for Bitter to go first to tell me where the best seating is.

      In fact, I am surprised Bitter is wasting time at the Flower Festival when he could be watching this.

      “Experience the Stampede of the Buffalo, hilarious racing pigs, fan favorite competitions, and a Grand Patriotic Finale of red, white and blue set to Dolly’s original song, “COLOR ME AMERICA”.

      Only at our Branson Missouri location, see “Canine Capers,” an action-packed exhibition of “man’s best friends”! This stunt dog relay event includes Fly-Ball racing, agility course, and high jump in an exciting head-to-head competition.

      Hold onto your hat, as the White River Wranglers ride into the Stampede’s Carriage Room with an incredible mix of hard-driving acoustics and heart-felt melodies. This fun-loving band of brothers take guests on a musical journey through the history of Ozark Mountain music, with folk tunes, Southern Gospel and early country to create the familiar sound we know as bluegrass. It’s a fun-filled musical ride the entire family will enjoy.”

      Bitter, please take a hat so you can hold on to it.

    320. jason says:

      Booker drops out.

      I blame racist Dem voters.

    321. Wes says:

      Spartacus (D-NJ) has ended his run for President. The racist Dems have now driven all non-white candidates other than Pocahontas (D-MA) from the race and are near certain to have a rich white man as their standard bearer this year—against a rich white man.

      It’s almost like a Saturday Night Live sketch.

    322. Tina says:

      Political Polls
      · 31m
      National IBD/TIPP General Election Poll:

      Biden: 48% (+2)
      Trump: 46%

      Bloomberg: 47% (+2)
      Trump: 45%

      Sanders: 48% (+1)
      Trump: 47%

      Buttigieg: 47% (+1)
      Trump: 46%

      Trump: 47% (+1)
      Warren: 46%

    323. Tina says:

      Not Spartacus. And the psycho a few days ago. All of this after the skateboarder quit.

    324. Wes says:

      I wonder if Brie Larson and Liz Banks will continue to complain about white men once Democrats nominate one for President later this year.

    325. Wes says:

      I guess Yang is still in the race, but he won’t be in the upcoming debate. Still, it’s telling Dems have a bunch of white guys, a faux Indian, a white woman who actually admits to being such, and an Asian left in the race after all blacks have had to exit the primary.

      It won’t matter because Dems will still get ~90% of the black vote.

    326. NYCmike says:

      “It won’t matter because Dems will still get ~90% of the black vote.”

      -Wes being so certain about this gives me hope that Trump will garner more votes among Americans who are black than in 2016.

    327. Wes says:

      Honestly between Spreading Bull and Yang, I’d rather see Yang appear in the debates. He has some loony ideas stemming from his living in the polder known as Silicon Valley, but at least he’s accomplished something productive in life and isn’t a reflexively dishonest aspiring pol whose claim to electoral success stems strictly from residing in a state too monochromatically partisan for a Republican to win (though CA is certainly that).

      I’ll be glad when Chief Warren starts campaigning for all those Dem Senate candidates in GOP states again so Republicans can tie them to her one more time.

    328. NYCmike says:

      In regard to football from this weekend:

      I am not surprised that the Titans won, but I am surprised that the Ravens were so inept on offense against them.

      Also, Lamar Jackson needs to watch video of Mahomes on the sideline. Mahomes didn’t slouch his shoulders, or look depressed, when they were losing. Jackson, on the other hand, looked like a whiny kid who was unhappy that someone else was getting attention.

    329. Wes says:

      Mikey, I know you’re an idiot. You don’t have to reinforce that knowledge every time you post. Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016. Even if he gets 10% of the black vote and the Dem running against him gets 89%, the Dem will still get ~90% of the black vote as I stated above.

      For the record, I think Trump may get 10% of the black vote as disaffected some black Dems realize their party has driven out literally every black running for President in favor of a rich white man.

    330. Joe J says:

      334, MOE GE matchups all around.. wonder what battleground states look like going solely off those national numbers.

    331. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Wes errs when he makes declarations this early in the election cycle. Much can and will happen.

    332. NYCmike says:

      “Mikey, I know you’re an idiot.”

      -Once again, Wes being so certain of something gives me great hope!

    333. NYCmike says:

      Wes is so smart he can comment on HHR…….the same like I can……..

    334. Wes says:

      Betting Dems will get roughly 90% of the black vote in a presidential election is one of the easiest bets to make, STM. Last time Republicans did better than 11% of the black vote nationally was decades ago. Trump actually took his case to blacks in 2016 and still only 16% of their vote. Every four years, Republicans think they’ve made significant inroads in that demographic only to see Dems still garner about 90% of their vote.

      The most significant change in black voters recently was ironically in 2012 when Romney ran better among younger blacks than Republicans had been running since the ‘80s. Now if that trend, which continued to a degree under Trump in 2016, becomes the norm, blacks will become a decreasing lockstep vote for Dems. It’s not going to cause Republicans to get some gigantic surge in black votes this year though. Lazily declaring “Much can and will happen” as if that’s not true of every cycle isn’t exactly a compelling response though—and provides no empirical evidence to refute my point.

    335. Wes says:

      I’ve actually worked on campaigns to try to help Republicans win elections, Mikey. Aside from hoping Kentucky Republicans would overthrow Mitch McConnell in the 2014 primary, what exactly have you done BESIDES post on HHR?

    336. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can’t win, sources say

      (CNN) — The stakes were high when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren met at Warren’s apartment in Washington, DC, one evening in December 2018. The longtime friends knew that they could soon be running against each other for president. The two agreed that if they ultimately faced each other as presidential candidates, they should remain civil and avoid attacking one another, so as not to hurt the progressive movement. They also discussed how to best take on President Donald Trump, and Warren laid out two main reasons she believed she would be a strong candidate: She could make a robust argument about the economy and earn broad support from female voters. Sanders responded that he did not believe a woman could win. The description of that meeting is based on the accounts of four people: two people Warren spoke with directly soon after the encounter, and two people familiar with the meeting.

    337. NYCmike says:

      #347 –

      First part: Great!

      2nd Part: back that up with some proof, please.
      I would be interested to see any comment where I wanted Bevin to beat McConnell. I was glad that Bevin gave him a primary, as I recall Mitch made sure to get his arse home and campaign hard for conservative votes.

      3rd part: Other than donating small $ amounts to a couple of races, I have only volunteered one time, for former State Senator Marty Golden, giving out leaflets.

    338. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      IOWA (Monmouth)

      Biden 24
      Sanders 18
      Buttigieg 17
      Warren 15

    339. Tina says:

      Any comments from Mullah Piglosi and the Squad?

      Farnaz Fassihi
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @farnazfassihi
      Farnaz Fassihi Retweeted Farnaz ?
      Iran State TV’s anchor resigns saying, “It was very hard for me to believe the killing of my countrymen. I apologize for lying to you on TV for 13 years.”

    340. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:


      Farnaz Fassihi
      Iran State TV’s anchor resigns saying, “It was very hard for me to believe the killing of my countrymen. I apologize for lying to you on TV for 13 years.”#IranProtests2020

    341. NYCmike says:

      Tina and M.O.vstheDNC??

    342. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:


    343. NYCmike says:

      “Kris was one of the loudest critics of the Nunes memo which mirrored some of the findings of the Inspector General’s report: “The Nunes memo was dishonest. And if it is allowed to stand, we risk significant collateral damage to essential elements of our democracy.” He specifically denied the claim that he FBI misled the court about Christopher Steele – a claim that has now been proven to be true.”

      -The lawyers name, Kris, has 4 letters……like Bush.


    344. Tina says:

      Let’s get this straight, corrupt doj officials went to a Russian to dig up dirt on trump? Wtf.

    345. NYCmike says:


      “CG” said the DOJ was working in cahoots with President Trump.

      Before Jan. 20, 2017, the DOJ, FBI, CIA etc were government agencies run by angels.

    346. DW says:

      Wow, jason is SURGING in the Dem primary race, all the way up to 13th place and ahead of many of the big names who had the advantage of an early start.

      1 – Biden: 29.3
      2 – Sanders: 20.3
      3 – Warren: 14.8
      4 – Buttigieg: 7.5
      5 – Bloomberg: 5.8
      6 – Yang: 3.5
      7 – Klobuchar : 2,8
      8 – Gabbard: 2.3
      9 – Steyer: 2.2
      10 – Delaney: 0.8
      11 – Bennet: 0.2
      12 – Patrick: 0
      13 – jason
      14 – Williamson: Dropped out
      15 – Booker: Dropped out
      16 – Castro: Dropped out
      17 – Harris: Dropped out
      18 – Bullock: Dropped out
      19 – Sestak: Dropped out
      20 – Messam : Dropped out
      21 – O’Rourke : Dropped out
      22 – Ryan: Dropped out
      23 – de Blasio : Dropped out
      24 – Gillibrand: Dropped out
      25 – Hickenlooper: Dropped out
      26 – Inslee: Dropped out
      27 – Moulton: Dropped out
      28 – Gravel: Dropped out
      29 – Swalwell: Dropped out
      30 – Ojeda: Dropped out

    347. PresidentPaul! says:

      Tyt on bernie finally going after lyin Joe Biden.

    348. Scooterboy says:

      Astros GM and Manager both suspended a year for cheating during the World Series.

      Both have also been fired by the Astros.

    349. PresidentPaul! says:

      Indian elizabeth Warren smearing bernie with debunked story

    350. PresidentPaul! says:

      Max Blumenthal Retweeted

      Geraldo Rivera
      Jan 10
      We can’t starve a nation like #Iran with severe sanctions and then point self-righteously to its suffering

    351. Tina says:

      The Clinton Groupie is also unaware of multiple ig officials in each agency.

      Atkinson, the icig, is under investigation now. He appears to have been caught in fabricating testimony.

    352. Tina says:

      We ca.n send billions in cash to Iran via pallets.

      Whoops, did that.

    353. Tina says:

      Manu Raju
      Sen. John Cornyn urges Trump to not select House Republicans to his legal team: “My advice to him would be: Let’s not infect the Senate trial with the circus-like atmosphere of the House,” he told reporters

      12:50 PM – Jan 13, 2020

    354. PresidentPaul! says:

      Cornyn is brain dead.

    355. jason says:

      Wow, jason is SURGING in the Dem primary race, all the way up to 13th place and ahead of many of the big names who had the advantage of an early start.”

      Frankly, I credit HHR and the A-hole Club for getting my name out there. I know, I know, I am being modest about all the hard work I have put in, but modesty could be another reasons voters like me.

    356. jason says:

      Cornyn is brain dead”

      Translation: not a Paulbot.

    357. jason says:

      If McConnell has the votes to acquit Trump quickly then there is no reason to turn the trial into a circus.

    358. jason says:

      “We can’t starve a nation like #Iran with severe sanctions and then point self-righteously to its suffering”

      Well, it depends. If Iran uses the money for weapons instead of food, then the leadership should be blamed, not the US.

      Saddam stole billions from the oil for food program in Iraq to buy and development weapons, build palaces and enrich his inner circle.

    359. PresidentPaul! says:

      Cenk tells opponent to stop taking bribes.

    360. jason says:

      Data collected at Trump’s Toledo rally showed an astonishing 42% either Indies or Dems.

      And of the 22k at the rally, although 18k were from OH, 4k said they came across from Michigan.

    361. PresidentPaul! says:

      Macro voices podcast today w jeff snider.

    362. Tina says:

      This sounds insane,

      Chuck Ross
      Can’t make it up. Andrew McCabe and Andrew Weissmann will be taking part in an NYU School of Law event to discuss the reforming the FISA process in the wake of the IG report.

    363. jason says:

      Bunu, do you think anyone clicks on your links?

    364. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      James O’Keefe Teases in Tweet to Trump: Something Big About to Drop on Bernie Sanders

    365. Tina says:

      Joseph Sheppard

      3h3 hours ago
      Finally @QuinnipiacPoll Trump Approval RV 43% no change.
      Safely add 5 pointsto appro

      48% say senate should not remove Trump 46% yes. Indies 48/44 Dems 7/87 GOP 90/5

      No #WW111! 56% don’t expect war with Iran 29% do

    366. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Nothing like blowing up a bunch of terrorists to get Utah like you.

      Trump job approval, 1/11/20 via @Civiqs
      tracking survey 44% Approve 53% Disapprove Net approve, closest states:
      Utah +6
      South Carolina +6
      Ohio +5
      Texas +5
      Alaska +3
      North Carolina -1
      Iowa -3
      Georgia -4
      Florida -4
      Arizona -6
      Wisconsin -6
      Pennsylvania -6

    367. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The IBD/TIPP poll was already posted, but re-posted to provide more information. Note how much Biden’s lead has fallen over the last year.

      National IBD/TIPP General Election Poll: Jan 3-11, 2020

      Biden: 48% (+2)
      Trump: 46%

      Bloomberg: 47% (+2)
      Trump: 45%

      Sanders: 48% (+1)
      Trump: 47%

      Buttigieg: 47% (+1)
      Trump: 46%

      Trump: 47% (+1)
      Warren: 46%

      “In head-to-head general election polling, each of the top five Democratic candidates — with the exception of Elizabeth Warren — held slight edges over President Trump. But their leads were well within the margin of error.

      * * *

      Biden’s lead over Trump is within the margin of error for the first time, after shrinking from 13% in August to 5% in December.”

      FiveThirtyEight gives IBD/TIPP polling a predictive grade of A/B.

      Trump has gone from being doomed to being in a horse race.

    368. Tina says:

      I still say Trump is doomed. And as a loyal Republican, we need a brokered convention.


    369. NYCmike says:

      -Saw this when looking for an update on the game tonight.

      Also, wondering if Lawrence from Clemson is better than Joe Burrow……

    370. Cash Cow TM says:

      Richard Ojeda.

      This guy is many bricks short of a full load.

      He was elected to the WV state Senate.
      Resigned to run for congress in WVCD 3. Lost.
      Decided to run for President (D). Dropped out.


      *Currently held by Shelley Moore Capito (R)

    371. Bitterlaw says:

      Scientists find another thing not as old as Walt.

    372. NYCmike says:

      ……Ok, maybe not……

    373. Polaris says:

      Thanks Dave.