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Biden : 336
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GOP : 49
DEM : 49
IND : 2
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    In IA, Biden/Sanders Tied in One Poll, Sanders Leads By 7% in Another.

    The Des Moines Register and CNN apparently botched their pollbotched their pollbotched their poll they were supposed to released last night, so we are stuck with two new polls for the state of Iowa from CBS News/YouGov and Civiqs. First the numbers from CBS News and YouGov has it a dead-heat tie between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

    Sander 25%
    Biden 25%
    Buttigieg 21%
    Warren 16%
    Klobuchar 5%
    Everyone Else 5% or less

    This poll is from data collected January 22-31 (they have a long description of what they did to get these numbers at the bottom of the article linked above). Meanwhile, the poll from Civiqs shows a 7% lead for Bernie Sanders with Joe Biden down to Sanders by double digits.

    Bernie Sanders 28%
    Elizabeth Warren 21%
    Pete Buttigieg 15%
    Joe Biden 15%
    Amy Klobuchar 8%
    Andrew Yang 5%
    Tom Steyer 2%
    Tulsi Gabbard 2%
    Everyone Else Less than 1%

    This poll was done January 26-29 among 615 likely caucus goers.

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    126 Responses to “In IA, Biden/Sanders Tied in One Poll, Sanders Leads By 7% in Another.”

    1. Wes says:

      Well, I guess the Dems are facing the real possibility of their apocalypse scenario:


    2. phoenixrisen says:

      Wes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a repeat of Election 1968.

    3. jason says:

      Klobuchar at 8% and 5%?

      Skippy hardest hit.

    4. jason says:

      So Bloomberg’s SB ad will anti-2nd amendment.

      Pandering will get you everywhere… maybe.

    5. Wes says:

      How do you mean, Phoenix?

      1968 had no incumbent but revolves around an unpopular incumbent whose mishandling of foreign policy dragged his party down.

      The two most likely scenarios I see are a replay of either of the following:

      1892 when a President elected in a fluke failed to establish a popular personal brand and lost…


      1948 when a personally unpopular President took advantage of the other side’s overconfidence to win.

      1968 just doesn’t fit the profile of this election.

    6. jason says:

      Bloomberg thinks he will get far left anti-2nd amendment votes?

      He would be smarter to talk about his ideas for the economy. He should be after Biden’s, Mayor Butt’s and Klobuchar’s votes, not Warren’s or Bernie’s.

      But heck, I don’ want to give him good advice.

    7. jason says:

      I still think this election will look more like 2016.

      A flawed candidate wins against an even more flawed candidate.

    8. JulStol says:

      Personally I’ve been saying this is going to be a repeat of 1972 for 3 years now.

      68 or 72, Biden is playing the role of HH.

    9. jason says:

      I don’t see the 1948 analogy, personally.

      Which Dem nominee is going to be “overconfident” against Trump?

      And of course I have always rejected the “fluke” label for Trump’s win. I think Trump won because he had the right message at the right places at the right time. Maybe you can say all those things coming together constitute a “fluke”.

      I think Bill Clinton getting elected was a much bigger “fluke” than Trump. For him to win, all the stronger candidates had to bow out at a time the incumbent had almost 90% approval, he had to have only token opposition from kooks like Tsongas and Moonbeam so a third rate governor from Arkansas actually looked good, he had MSM set up the perfect interview on his philandering issue,he had a third party candidate arise, he had the special counsel run interference for him, and the economy tanked and the incumbent looked at his watch and didn’t know the price of milk during the debates, allowing the MSM to define him as out of touch.

      Now THAT was a fluke.

      Now I am not saying another Dem could not have beaten Bush. Probably could have. All I am saying is Clinton was incredibly lucky. It was a fluke HE got elected, not that a Dem won.

    10. lisab says:

      Call your animal a ‘companion’ instead of a pet: PETA chief says term is derogatory because it makes living things sound like a ‘commodity’ or ‘decoration’

    11. lisab says:

      GOALS FOR 2020:

      • Make Elizabeth Warren president (or any other person of indigenous descent)

      • Stop Brexit and impeach Boris Johnson

      • End the gender pregnancy gap

      • Stand up for minorities, particularly when they don’t know what’s best for themselves

      Happy new year.

    12. lisab says:

      Anti-gay hate crimes recorded by police in 2019:

      Saudi Arabia: 0
      Pakistan: 0
      Yemen: 0
      Brunei: 0
      Somalia: 0
      Afghanistan: 0
      USA: 1404

      And you’re telling me it’s the Islamic states that are homophobic?


    13. jason says:

      Skippy, Klobuchar is at 3% now at Predictit to get the nomination.

      You could make 30 times your money right now if you think she will be the nominee.

      I am thinking of placing a bet myself, those are decent odds.

    14. jason says:

      Huh, there are probably no anti-gay laws in those countries.

      Second, if you report an anti-gay crime, you probably have to admit you are gay, and risk execution.

      That probably reduces the reports…

    15. Skippy says:

      Iowa Emerson Poll coming out at 6:00pm eastern tonight will tell us if Klobmentum has truly stalled out.

    16. lisab says:

      The penis is an alt-right hate symbol. aoc

    17. lisab says:

      Your daily reminder that heteronormativity is the hegemonic cultural mechanism by which oppressive discourses of phallocentrism normalise a proxi-fascist rearticulation of power structures.

    18. jason says:

      Johnson has a huge majority, he is in for 5 years.

      That is the way it works in parliamentary systems.

    19. jason says:

      Well, Skippy, the time to bet is now.

    20. jason says:

      Messy Moron is at a impeachment mourning retreat but wants lisab to know she agrees with her on post # 17.

    21. jason says:

      Although I am skeptical Klobuchar will be the nominee, 30-1 seems like attractive odds.

      If Biden implodes, Bloomberg and Klobuchar are the most likely to inherit his support, and better yet, inherit the establishment support.

      Considering Bloomberg is a carpetbagger that the moonbats are suspicious of….

    22. Wes says:


      Let’s see…

      A perennially unpopular President given up for dead outmaneuvers the opposition to win.

      Since exactly that happened in 1948, I can see how Jason would miss the comparison if Trump wins.

      Failing to grasp the comparison makes about as much sense as saying the winner of an election who dominated all polling for the final four months of a campaign won in a fluke.

      Good one, Jason.

    23. jason says:

      Recently out of the closet Dem already worried about the party…

      Bill Kristol: ‘I’m Startled by the Enmity’ Between Hillary and Bernie Camps

    24. jason says:

      A perennially unpopular President given up for dead outmaneuvers the opposition to win.

      Since exactly that happened in 1948, I can see how Jason would miss the comparison if Trump wins.”

      I didn’t know Trump had “been given up for dead”, so that could be one of the problems.

    25. Wes says:

      You must be smoking some good stuff to think Trump—or any President currently—can win a Nixon-style landslide, Jul.

      It’s simply an impossibility.

    26. Wes says:

      Ah, yes.

      Jason doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he focuses on semantics rather than the broader point to try to cover his ignorance.

    27. JulStol says:


      Oh, I don’t think the EC ends like 1972, I just think the outcome is functionally the same (Dems nominate a candidate too far left to win & Trump wins re-election).

    28. jason says:

      I forgot Wes already determined Trump will certainly lose.

      Of course, he is actually the favorite at all the betting sites in the US and London.



    29. PresidentPaul! says:

      Thai Doctors “Cure” Coronavirus Patient Using Powerful AIDS Drugs


      A few days ago, zerohedge was permanently banned from twitter for posting a research paper on the subject.

    30. jason says:

      so he focuses on semantics”

      You said “a perennially unpopular President given up for dead”

      I think the analogy with 1948 doesn’t fit because Trump is hardly been given up for dead by most observers, except maybe in your opinion.

      Why am I focusing on semantics?

    31. Wes says:

      That’s a fair point, Jul. When you 2020 would be a repeat of 1972, I automatically thought of the electoral results. If Sanders is the nominee your scenario is a definite possibility. Bloomberg is in the race precisely to try to stave that off because Sanders’ radicalism would be incredibly destructive to the rich liberal powerbrokers in the Democratic Party.

    32. jason says:

      I think Derek Hunter has a point here:

      “But this seems to be what Democrats are pinning their 2020 hopes on – that people will ignore or discount how good they have it because “Orange Man Bad.” It seems unlikely that people they need votes from will, after 4 years of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, fat, stupid, rubes controlled by their fear, will go out and support candidates who promise to reverse the gains they’ve made under the Trump administration and embrace the policies crippling economies from Venezuela to France. But Democrats are going to try. Good luck with that.”

    33. Wes says:

      Oh, good God.

      Since you’re obviously Mikey-level stupid, let me spoon feed this rather obvious analogy to you.

      Truman was unpopular in 1948 and received lackluster to poor polling against the likely Republican nominee, Tom Dewey.

      Truman, however, managed to come back from his popularity numbers and win the election.

      In 2020, Trump is unpopular and posts lackluster to poor polling numbers against pretty much all the Democrats.

      If Trump wins, this obviously invites the comparison to Truman’s 1948 victory.

      I don’t know how much clearer I can make the comparison, but obviously you’re far too dense to understand what I was saying.

    34. jason says:

      You must be smoking some good stuff to think Trump—or any President currently—can win a Nixon-style landslide, Jul.”

      Actually, I think Sanders could lose 40 states.

      I think he loses VA, CO, NH, ME, MN, and NV for sure, all states where Trump got around 45%.

      That leaves Sanders with CA, OR, WA, IL, NY, MA, RI, HI, MD, and VT.

      I wouldn’t be surprised NJ, DE, CT and NJ came into play, these are states where Trump was in the 40-42% range.

    35. jason says:

      I don’t know how much clearer I can make the comparison, but obviously you’re far too dense to understand what I was saying.”

      Right, I think it is a load of BS.

      To say Trump has been given up for dead at this point, is a delusional crock of crap that only you and maybe some sectors of the MSM believe in.

      Trump may be “unpopular”, but he is actually competitive with all the Dems, especially in the battleground states, in poll after poll.

      That is why he is actually favored on the betting sites.

      But obviously you are too dense to grasp the concept that “given up for dead” is a complete and utter garbage.

    36. Wes says:

      Jason obsessively focuses on one phrase to try to create an argument and justify not understanding the comparison.

      That’s a pretty clear definition of semantics, but you’re too invested in being contrarian to understand.

    37. jason says:

      HHR is a rough place.

      Disagree with wes that 1948 is a good analogy to 2020 and you get the mother of all insults, being compared to Mikey.

    38. jason says:

      Jason obsessively focuses on one phrase”

      Well, that phrase is the crux of your argument isn’t it, that Trump has, like Truman, been given up for dead and might make a comeback.

      But I disagree that he has been given up for dead, I think it is a very poor analogy.

      I have actually been less optimistic about Trump’s chances than most here. But “given up for dead”?


    39. Pitchaboy says:

      Will be like no other election. DJT was elected for a purpose: put the country first and shake up Washington. He has delivered on his promises, notwithstanding the opposition’s intransigence. He will win the popular vote in addition this time Around.

    40. Skippy says:


      I put down $30 at +5000 for Klobuchar to win the Dem nomination (brokered convention – compromise candidate is my theory) two weeks ago.

      Nate Silver and and others have thrown out the CBS/YouGov Poll out this morning because it wasn’t a real Poll with a new sample.

      Again…we are going to have to see what Emerson Poll shows tonight. They were the first ones who caught the Klobmentum in Iowa when they posted her at 13% from 1-23 to 1-26 Poll.

    41. Phll says:

      Well, the Iowa poll was bound to leak and here it is

      Sanders 22. Warren 18. Mayor Pete 16. Biden 13

      Joe sinking like a stone.

    42. Skippy says:


      Those are fake numbers.

    43. jason says:

      I think that is a good bet, Skippy.

    44. jason says:

      This is a confidence builder,..

      @JoeBiden: “Whomever I pick” for VP, must “be capable of being president, because I’m an old guy — no I’m serious!”

    45. Pitchaboy says:

      His record on economy and employment will get him a slightly larger slice of the AA, Hispanic and suburban women vote. This will give him a resounding win.

    46. jason says:

      Here are the correct poll numbers that were leaked.

      Bernie 33
      Biden 15
      Klobuchar 13
      Mayor Butt 12
      Warren 11
      Yang 7

    47. jason says:

      Good numbers for Klobuchar, Skippy.

    48. jason says:

      Source: Reddit

    49. jason says:

      If those are the numbers, no wonder CNN and the DNC didn’t publish it.

    50. phoenixrisen says:

      #5 Wes, speaking in the context of the progressive/moderate fight at the Democratic convention which wound up with a blowout for Nixon.

    51. phoenixrisen says:

      Not a Nixon magnitude or Reagan magnitude blowout, but a 330-370 EV win is quite possible. Throw in all those states who passed legislation that the EV votes go to the winner by some blue states.

    52. phoenixrisen says:

      Talking about the popular vote winner

    53. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      47. A candidate needs to pull 15% of the vote to get delegates. There will be a second round, and the attendees at a caucus can vote for another candidate so that candidate get 15% of the vote and therefore delegates. It might be chaotic tomorrow night.

    54. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Last year, when there was talk of the Democrats uniting behind one candidate because they were focused on beating Trump, I disagreed. My feeling then, as now, is the Democrats are going into a civil war. It will get ugly. Also, I still believe it is possible that Sanders will run for president on the Democratic Socialist ticket if he finds the Democratic nominee unacceptable — for example if Bloomberg, in effect, buys the nomination. Sanders and AOC is not going to accept a Bloomberg, or maybe not even a Biden nomination. Their not putting the revolution on hold

    55. lisab says:

      China reports bird flu outbreak in Hunan province

    56. lisab says:

      if the two candidates are sanders and bloomberg

      and the dnc puts in bloomberg

      i think their will be huge defections on the dem side

      they won’t vote for trump, but they may not vote at all

    57. lisab says:

      How climate change could shorten pregnancies | Researchers used data from global climate models to calculate how future increases in extreme heat are likely to shorten pregnancies. Each additional hot day is likely to affect the timing of at least 822 births.

    58. jason says:

      Bill Maher, a scumbag emeritus himself says Democrats must enlist “some reptilian scumbags of our own”.

      He suggests Avenatti..

      Outside of being in jail and perhaps unavailable, he does fit the “reptilian scumbag” bill.

    59. jason says:

      I don’t like the 49’ers or the Chiefs.

      I don’t like SB ads.

      I don’t like SB halftime shows.

      I made a small bet (for me) on the Chiefs just to have a reason to watch the game.

      If the game sucks I will stop watching and run some old Hillary stump speeches.

    60. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Utah Rep. Ben McAdams endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg on Friday.”

      When in doubt, always endorse the guy with the biggest checkbook.

    61. Phil says:

      Sorry if I got the numbers wrong on that Iowa poll. If Jason’s numbers are correct and I have no reason to doubt him, then:

      I) Bernie is blowing away the field, bad news for establishment Democrats.

      2) Bernie’s supporters are going to further suspect the decks are being stacked against him and pulling this poll is just more evidence of it.

    62. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Derek Hunter has provided a good definition of a microaggression:

      “Essentially, a microaggression is racism from a white person to a non-white person so subtle that the person doing it and the “victim” of it may not realize it’s happening. It can only be detected upon reflection or by a “woke” third party observer, usually a non-conforming pansexual who only answers to made-up pronouns with a mouth full of granola and a gender studies degree.”

    63. jason says:


      “Emerson poll cancelled due to complaints that the surveyors were mispronouncing Pete’s last name”

    64. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie plans MAJOR subsidies for TESLA and to put ICE auto companies out of business.

      “Provide $2.09 trillion in grants to low- and moderate-income families and small businesses to trade in their fossil fuel-dependent vehicles for new electric vehicles.[…]

      Provide $681 billion for low- and moderate- income families and small businesses for a trade-in program to get old cars off the road”
      china gonna subsidize this company also

      So if you make 60K you might get nothing but if you make like 40k then you get a new TESLA.

    65. jason says:

      Phil, those were the Reddit numbers, have no idea if they are for real.

    66. PresidentPaul! says:

      So just buy like an old rusted toyota with 300000 miles and give it to Bernie so you can get your new Tesla.

    67. lisab says:

      John Kerry overheard discussing possible 2020 bid amid concern of ‘Sanders taking down the Democratic Party’

    68. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is the Emerson College Poll for the Hawkeye Cauci:


    69. jason says:

      Yeah, you do that Bunu. And get all your Paulbot friends to do it to.

    70. Skippy says:

      Klobuchar at 11% in this last Iowa poll right behind Warren & Buttigieg. Klobuchar will do a few percentage better with Precinct Delegates vs Raw total vote…and Warren will do a tad worst with Precinct Delegates vs Raw total vote.

      My prediction stays the same.

      Klobuchar gets her 15% of precinct delegates and finishes in 4th place.

    71. jason says:

      Prices of 300k mile rusted Toyotas to soon triple thanks to Bernie/Bunu.

    72. jason says:

      I hope Skippy is wrong… I want Warren to stay in and Klobuchar to drop out.

    73. PresidentPaul! says:

      I’m not voting for Bernie. The left has radicalized in this country.

      It’s not about what they should do, it’s about what they do.

    74. jason says:

      Wow, ref already screwed that up…. Geezus.

    75. jason says:

      How do you screw up a coin toss?

      Well, now we know.

    76. jason says:

      Ma, that Paulbot bait works.

    77. jason says:

      I put $1000 that SF would score first.

    78. jason says:

      But I can’t find the ticket.

    79. Victrc says:

      Well that was an interesting ad for Trump.

    80. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Iowa Democratic Caucus:

      28% @BernieSanders (-2)
      21% @JoeBiden (0)
      15% @PeteButtigieg (+5)
      14% @ewarren (+2)
      11% @amyklobuchar (-2)
      5% @AndrewYang (0)
      4% @TomSteyer (-1)
      1% @TulsiGabbard (-4)
      1% @MichaelBennet (+1)
      0% @DevalPatrick (0)

      Show this thread

    81. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      82. Warren may be the first major candidate to not pass the 15% threshold in a primary. Perhaps her next campaign gambit should be promising a Martian will interview and approve the next head of NASA.

    82. jason says:

      The American Indian vote will come in strong for Warren. Descendants of the Kickapoo tribe are very pro-Warren. Their leader was Babe Shkit.

    83. jason says:

      Chiefs have to win by 2.

      At the moment I am losing.

    84. mR.viTO says:

      vote at halftime for the biggest liberal hack…


      The field of 64 is down to Jennifer Rubin vs. Brian Stelter…

    85. jason says:

      Wow, world’s crappiest offensive pass interference call against SF.

    86. Messy says:

      12. those countries don’t consider anti-gay hate crimes crimes, so they don’t count them.

    87. jason says:

      That’s tough choice.

      I will vote for Rubin, because she actually used to pretend not to be a liberal hack.

      Stelter never pretended.

    88. Victrc says:

      What a bs call. He was catching that ball no matter what. That’s 3 pts off the board

    89. jason says:

      “2. those countries don’t consider anti-gay hate crimes crimes, so they don’t count them”

      jason says:
      February 2, 2020 at 2:02 pm

      Huh, there are probably no anti-gay laws in those countries.

      Very good Messy, your reading comprehension is improving. Are you doing the remedial classes I suggested?

    90. jason says:

      What a bs call. He was catching that ball no matter what. That’s 3 pts off the board”

      Absolutely horrible.

      But I bet on the Chiefs, so I will accept any help I can get.

    91. jason says:

      Halftime show sucks.

      But the introduction with all the great players was good.

    92. jason says:

      JohnKerry, rallying for Joe Biden Saturday in North Liberty, Iowa: “There’s not a veteran here who would take an AR-16 with a long clip to go out and shoot a deer or shoot anything”

      Ok, the hell with it.

      If law abiding citizens can keep all their other weapons, I will agree to ban AR-16’s with long clips.

      I am willing to compromise. Sue me.

    93. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      94. I agree with Jason, I will also compromise and give up my AR-16 if I ever own one. This of course depends on whether anyone ever markets an AR-16, since they have never been produced.

      I assume John Kerry was referring to an M-16, which civilians are not allowed to own. Am surprised a veteran would make this kind of mistake. Maybe Kerry is experiencing the same mental clarity issue that Biden suffers.

    94. Victrc says:

      Did he really say AR-16. It just shows how out of touch these people are

    95. jason says:

      Thanks John, good clarification.

      Kerry doesn’t know if Sanders is a Democrat but he
      knows he is a socialist.

      @JohnKerry about Biden’s comments the other day that @BernieSanders is not a Democrat, his response: “I don’t know the answer to that. I know he’s been a socialist the entire time he’s been in the Senate.”

      If Sanders wins the nomination, you can bet the Dems and the MSM will downplay “socialist”.

    96. jason says:

      He probably meant AR-15.

    97. jason says:

      Doritos ad the best so far.

    98. mR.viTO says:

      I don’t have TV… is this accurate?

      Stephen Miller
      If Chiefs want to win this they have to fire Any Reid right now.

    99. jason says:

      Game of inches…

    100. jason says:

      Looks like a TD to me.

    101. jason says:

      Reid hasn’t done anything stupid.

      But there are still 2 minutes to go.

    102. mR.viTO says:

      The only NFL game I ever went to was a Chiefs game in the early 80s. The fire/police gave out football cards, and I always remembered the one of Joe Delaney.

    103. mR.viTO says:

      I still have them in a box somewhere here.

    104. mR.viTO says:

      It would be nice if Andy could hold on so the abuse ends.

      Siraj Hashmi
      Time to fire Andy Reid now that KC has the lead.

    105. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ok I’ve collected my thoughts on corona.

      The thing to watch will be the R0 (r-naught.) The WTO thinks it’s 2-2.5 which is bad.

      But if it later comes out that it is really well 5 or something insane, then it’s game over.

      It’s already a risk off, but if r0 is 5 or whatever, then well it’s just game over. Minimum 20 percent sell off and that would be on the low end of things.

      I mean the mortality rate and the serious complication rates are all important but what we really need to know is if it’s even possible to slow this thing and in this sense are the quarantines even helping.

    106. jason says:

      Ok I’ve collected my thoughts on corona.”

      I have had like 7 tonight.

    107. Bitterlaw says:

      Mormon Andy Reid wins Super Bowl.

      LaZebra and Jason hardest hit (but Jason is not a bigot)

    108. mR.viTO says:

      Apparently, the abuse will continue.

      Siraj Hashmi
      If Andy Reid isn’t fired before KC wins the Super Bowl, can you really call it a Super Bowl win?

      Stephen Miller
      Andy Reid will screw up the trophy presentation. Best to just fire him now.

    109. Bitterlaw says:

      Down 10 with 9 minutes to go, Chiefs win by 11. Pretty good swing for a young QB and, according to Jason, an incompetent moron coach.

    110. mR.viTO says:

      Is this a good omen for Elizabeth Warren before the caucus?

    111. mR.viTO says:

      “an incompetent moron coach.”

      he meant mormon

    112. mnw says:

      Hey, Philly–

      Got any other head coaches you don’t want, in addition to Andy Reid and Craig Berube?

      Please send them our way!

      Sincerest thanks from the Show Me State,

      People of Kansas City &
      People of St. Louis

      Boy, that agonizing 10-month wait between championships was rough, though.

    113. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw- Reid was with the Eagles for 14 years. It took him 7 years in KC. I am very happy for Reid.

      Don’t be a douche.

    114. Bio mom says:

      So happy for Andy Reid and the most exciting quarterback I have seen in years, Patrick Mahones. Reid family had a lot of sorrow. This cannot make up for their losses but am happy for this.

    115. lisab says:

      “We stand right at the pivot point as the state that could push one candidate or the other across the Electoral College finish line,” said Charles Franklin, political science professor and renowned Marquette University Law School pollster. A win in Wisconsin translates to 10 Electoral College votes, while Michigan has 16 and Pennsylvania 20.

      And, according to the latest poll by Marquette University, Wisconsin voters are warming to Trump. In January 2019, 44 percent gave the president a positive job-approval rating; by January 2020, that number had grown to 48 percent. In theoretical matchups with the leading Democratic candidates, only Joe Biden (49 percent) currently bests Trump (45 percent) in Wisconsin.

      “His job approval has inched up over the course of the last 12 months, and [his disapproval rating] has worked its way down from 53 to 49 percent,” said Franklin.

    116. lisab says:

      i think one of the biggest problems the dems have is bloomberg

      he has $2 billion dollars he will spend on buying the election and a box to stand on

    117. lisab says:

      Rosie O’Donnell Under Fire for Promoting Trump-Killing Video Game

    118. dblaikie says:

      Good morning folks. This will be an interesting week. If Bernie wins big in Iowa it will send shudders down the dem corridors of money and power this. The State of the Union given in the death throws of Impeachment should be the best political TV in years. Pass the popcorn. And finally the acquittal vote right after the SOTU will be like whip cream on top of fresh strawberry pie. With Bernie the front runner, Impeachment behind him Trump is going to a huge winner — unless something happens.

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