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    IA Caucus Night Thread

    And here we go….

    Posted by Dave at 10:42 pm
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    397 Responses to “IA Caucus Night Thread”

    1. CG says:

      IA Democrat Chair:

      Caucus results to not be released. Everyone will get a trophy.

    2. CG says:

      A little known party rule is that in case of a technological problem, the most recent winner of the Iowa Caucus gets to award the delegates.

      Hillary Clinton is mulling over her choice…

    3. Marv says:

      Watching CNN. There are no results from the Dem Caucus.
      The panel is very irritated. Axelrod said that 8 years ago, Obama had already had given his victory speech and was airborne enroute to NH.

    4. Phil says:

      Three hours and not a single result.

      “Technical trouble”

      Yeah, I bet.

      I’m sure Bernie people have lots of faith in the uh, technical staff. LOL.

    5. CG says:

      There is a problem with the results being reported via App?

      Maybe they just need to keep swiping left…

    6. PresidentPaul! says:

      They’ll release the results a couple weeks from now after bernie can’t win anymore.

    7. BayernFan says:

      When are Dems and the media going to blame Trump and/or Russia?

    8. PresidentPaul! says:

      They keep talking about amy klobuchar. Reminds me of the media pumping Jeb.

    9. Phil says:

      BayernFan, you mean they haven’t already?

    10. mRviTO says:

      The DNC figures those flyover hicks can’t count anyway.

    11. PresidentPaul! says:

      Putin hacking the Iowa results trying to get Bernie elected.

    12. Marv says:

      Hi Phil

      How are you and Mrs. Phil doing? Well, I hope.

    13. CG says:

      Is the App called Taxr or Spendr?

    14. mRviTO says:

      Those two precincts I mentioned finally came in. YUGE for the socialists.

      Final alignment… only 33 frickin precincts!

      Sanders, Bernie
      Warren, Elizabeth
      Buttigieg, Pete
      Klobuchar, Amy
      Biden, Joe

    15. lisab says:

      beth, purity test enthusiast

      i feel like the words quality control are French for ‘it’s time for a fking revolution

    16. jason says:

      The Rs have no problem, they want to go home.

      88% reporting

      Trump 29,097 97.11%
      Weld 459 1.53%
      Walsh 407 1.36%

    17. mRviTO says:

      All 34 precincts with a first tally have reported a final tally….

      It’s like they just stopped.

    18. CG says:

      This App worked about as well as the Obamacare website rollout.

    19. lisab says:

      Sen. Lisa Murkowski, swing-vote Republican, says she ‘cannot vote to convict’ Trump

    20. CG says:

      Iowa has 99 Counties and not a vote has been won…

    21. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sad this is happening. If Bernie Sanders loses, this could be his last election; if Bernie and his socialist clique wins, this is could our last election.

    22. mRviTO says:

      Scott Jennings
      The Iowa Dem Party hung up on a precinct secretary live on
      – omg

    23. lisab says:

      Trump To Deliver State Of The Union In Scuba Gear To Avoid Drowning In Librul Tears

    24. Wes says:

      So Democrats are going full Chavez in Iowa.


    25. CG says:

      Bloomberg just bought the App from the IA Dem Party for 12 delegates.

    26. mRviTO says:

      Live outside Iowa Dem HQ:


    27. jason says:

      Collins will acquit too.

      Romney is the only question, the betting markets are like 5-1 acquit but let’s see.

      195 Rs in House and what 52/53 in the Senate have no problem seeing this as a partisan charade. If Romney does the right thing, that is 248 elected Rs that reject this attempted coup, plus 2 Dems in the House and maybe 2/3 in the Senate.

    28. CG says:

      Send Klobuchar down to the party HQ to give them a piece of her mind..

      (Then again, this is probably working out conveniently for her tonight)

    29. PresidentPaul! says:


      Very interesting BBC documentary on a type of climate change known as “global dimming” as well as a decrease in the rate of evaporation.

    30. jason says:

      I guess the Dems want to show how efficient they would be at governing.

    31. lisab says:

      the rumour is that bernie won fairly big

      but …

      the dems wanted to prevent a prime-time victory speech

    32. CG says:

      They are on hold with Tech Support.

      Some guy named Kenny in Mumbai might get to pick the next President.

    33. mRviTO says:

      Guy Benson Retweeted

      Alex Seitz-Wald
      Just in: Our first official statement from the Iowa Democratic Party.

      The big news here is TURNOUT. They say it’s on pace for 2016, which is LOW. 172,000 turned out in then, down from the record-high of 240,000 in 2008.

    34. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie has to go to bed by 9 so they only had to delay a little bit.

    35. jason says:

      Trump should offer to read out the IA caucus results during SOTU as a public service.

    36. Greymarch says:

      Smart of Klobuchar to get on TV first, before everyone goes to bed. This is her largest audience ever, and she has it all to herself.

    37. PresidentPaul! says:

      This seems like one of the republican caucuses that Ron Paul wins by 70% and then all of a sudden McCain takes all the delegates somehow.

    38. CG says:

      Howard Dean proposes a Scream-Off to determine the winner.

    39. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Fully expect Trump to take a dig at the Iowa tech breakdown in his speech tomorrow. Really surprised they did not have a back-up system of reporting results should the tech not work. The faith people have that tech will always work properly is nuts; more times than not it does not initially work

    40. CG says:

      This much I know.

      If at whatever wee hour they announce the result and Bernie did not win, his supporters will be ballistic.

      Then again, if they announce in some wee hour that he did win, his supporters will still go ballistic.

      Not blaming this on the Russians and Trump is a strategic mistake.

    41. CG says:

      Biden is speaking without a teleprompter and literally cannot stop saying “folks.” This is as uncomfortable as hell.

    42. jason says:

      “Some guy named Kenny in Mumbai might get to pick the next President.”

      His real name is Premjit Sandeep Agarwal, Kenny is his “phone” name.

      Currently he is in intense negotiations, they have routed him through to Bloomberg for a final resolution.

    43. Victrc says:

      Democratic socialism in action tonight lol

    44. mRviTO says:

      Ben Shapiro Retweeted

      Elena Schneider
      MORE: Polk County precinct chairs are being advised to take pictures of the results and text them over to the Polk County executive director, who is driving them to the HQ, according to a Democratic operative familiar with the situation

    45. jason says:

      This seems like one of the republican caucuses that Ron Paul wins by 70%”

      What caucus was that, was it featured in the Twilight Zone?

    46. Just Fill Out The Census says:

      Wow a lot of people are still awake. Surprising given that the age distribution for this site skews heavily towards the over +55 club.

      You guys must’ve taken your Metamucil for Iowa Caucus night.

    47. CG says:

      Buttigieg is the only one who is going to look “Presidential” tonight and it won’t even be close.

    48. CG says:

      No cable network is covering Warren’s speech.

      Just CSPAN

    49. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      44. Actually all good Democratic Socialists know this is a conspiracy to deprive Sanders of the nomination. It is time for Sanders to run third-party as the Democratic Socialist candidate.

    50. jason says:

      Smart of Klobuchar to get on TV first”

      Vast majority of viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones have already signed off.

    51. CG says:

      Buttigieg waited them all out to go last. (Not sure if Yang got any coverage.)

      Then again, he can probably stay awake the latest.

    52. jason says:

      Maybe Noncensus can make a prediction and ensure the loss of at least one of the contenders.

    53. lisab says:


      just now

      CNN just cut Warren off,,, What is Happening!?!

    54. NYCmike says:

      Very good jokes from many of you tonight!

      Thanks for that!

      Also, remember that “CG” will leave the top of his ticket blank, and thinks that any of the Democrat candidates is the lesser of 2 evils.

      Biggest joke of them all.

    55. jason says:

      Iowa 2020 Presidential Republican Caucus
      Last updated: 2/3/2020, 11:47:46 PM
      Candidate Votes Percent

      Donald J. Trump * 30,099 97.11%
      Bill Weld 474 1.53%
      Joe Walsh 421 1.36%
      93.56% reporting (1570 of 1678 precincts)
      | 30,994 total votes
      | *Incumbent

    56. mRviTO says:

      The Iowa Caucus didn’t kill itself.

    57. CG says:

      I am imagining Sanders saying all of this in a convention acceptance speech and it’s like he’s a Jewish Barry Goldwater. Completely speaking to his base.

      Then again, Barry Goldwater had a Jewish father too..

      Maybe when Trump gets impeached in his second term, it will take.

    58. jason says:

      Give Corey a break.

      Remember Bill Kristol said all the Never Trumpers are Democrats now.

    59. Just Fill Out The Census says:

      I predict the TrumpTards are gonna be depressed when naranja loses.

    60. CG says:

      This will be a given…

      The Iowa Caucuses will never be first again.

    61. Bitterlaw says:

      You have to work really hard to F up a system where people “vote” by standing in groups in front of other people. You cannot be more transparent than that. In 2024, Iowa will distribute ladders so people can climb up, take a picture of each candidate’s group and the total group in each site and send it to somebody with good ideas to count the people.

    62. CG says:

      If I am lucky, the Democrats will turn to Bloomberg out of panic and I can painfully force myself to vote for him against Trump.

    63. jason says:

      I predict the TrumpTards are gonna be depressed when naranja loses.”

      Wow, Trump’s chances just about doubled…

    64. Victrc says:

      You know it’s bad for Biden when he has to have his lawyer send a letter threatening that if they release numbers it will take action!!

    65. jason says:

      I am hoping Corey doesn’t get lucky.

    66. Bitterlaw says:

      Corey claims he did not vote for Hillary but will painfully vote for Bloomberg? Why? Because Bloomberg is Jewish? Such blatant pro-Semitism!

    67. CG says:

      Biden’s letter should say we are boycotting the entire thing. Please do not announce any votes for us at all.

    68. Bitterlaw says:

      I will leave that hanging curveball in 66 for Lisab to hit out of the park.

    69. CG says:

      Nothing to do with Bloomberg being Jewish, but he will certainly stand by Israel which is important to me.

      He also opposed Obama’s Iran Deal which is a litmus test for me.

      As long as he does not propose eliminating the Hyde Amendment, I can make myself vote for him against Trump.

      Hillary was disqualified ethically and ideologically.

    70. jason says:

      Corey already declared a far leftist would be better than Trump, so I don’t understand why he wouldn’t support the old Bolshevik.

    71. CG says:

      Because I actually have principles.

    72. CG says:

      Iowa Democrats just found a bag of Al Franken for Senate ballots.

    73. Bitterlaw says:

      Breaking News – Federal Judge orders polls to remain open in East St. Louis in case Iowa needs some votes.

    74. lisab says:

      I will leave that hanging curveball in 66 for Lisab to hit out of the park.

      #66 I am hoping Corey doesn’t get lucky.

      a sentiment shared by women everywhere

    75. jason says:

      Bloomberg is a big nanny state proponent, a firm believer in climate change alarmism, a hater of the 2nd amendment, and his new tax plan is asinine. By reneging on stop and frisk, a real achievement in his administration, shows he is a pandering fool and will be a pawn of the leftists in his party.

      But put a gun to my head, I would prefer him as President than any of the others, because he at least has run a successful business.

    76. lisab says:

      Because I actually have principles.

      ummmmmmmmmm … more like rules of thumb

    77. Bitterlaw says:

      Lisab goes yard.

    78. CG says:

      If this were the Real Estate business, Trump could declare himself the winner of the D Caucus as well.

    79. CG says:

      jason had me at “put a gun to my head…”

      Just kidding. I don’t even own one.

    80. jason says:

      Trump campaign: Iowa Democratic “caucus mess” is “the sloppiest train wreck in history”

      Slight exaggeration, but it is a clusterf-ck for sure.

    81. jason says:

      Well we have the opinion of a communist..

      Van Jones calls it a “debacle”

    82. CG says:

      Past IA Dem winners- Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Dick Gephardt, Walter Mondale, and Jimmy Carter make claim to their previous wins and announce their candidacies….

    83. lisab says:

      by messing this up

      the dem establishment have assured bernie supporters will never support bloomberg or biden

      it is sanders or not voting

    84. jason says:

      They should have stuck with “quality control”

      “State Democratic Party says there are no underlying issues with results but “inconsistencies” will take time to resolve”

      No underlying issues but inconsistencies….

    85. CG says:

      Warren’s DNA tests didn’t take this long to come back.

    86. Phil says:

      Democrats have managed to copy the election night Venezuela model. No vote counting as it occurs – just release the results all at once and trust the “official” results.

      Seems fitting.

    87. mRviTO says:


      Translation… Bernie is first, Warren is second, and Biden is fifth.

    88. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      84. Or Sanders may run as the Democratic Socialist candidate. They have already nominated him as their candidate. He is not going to be wrongfully deprived of the Democratic Party nomination twice and just walk away. He is too good of a Bolshevik to do that.

    89. VictrC says:

      Is the Democratic Socialist on the ballot in all states yet?

    90. jason says:

      When you lose DKos….

      “The first election of the 2020 presidential campaign descended into a farce on Monday, as widespread reports indicated that the smartphone app for reporting the results of Iowa’s caucuses had become non-functional and calls to the Democratic Party’s backup telephone hotline was swamped with delays.

      As a result, nearly four hours after caucuses began, just 2% of precincts had reported results. The debacle prompted Daily Kos to cancel its election-night liveblog, the first time in the site’s 18-year history it has ever done such a thing.”

    91. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Will briefly interrupt the Iowa election fiasco to provide an update on California’s global warning crisis.

      #RecordLow temps are forecast for tomorrow am for the following cities! If we get colder than the values below, the record has been broken! #Cawx
      Current Records
      Long Beach 37°F set in 1979
      Camarillo AP 32°F set in 1979
      Santa Barbara 32°F set in 2002
      Paso Robles 23°F set in 1955

    92. CG says:

      The optics of the Pete crowd as contrasted to the Bernie crowd is pretty remarkable.

      Pete’s biggest problem is of course African-American voters in South Carolina. That could change very quickly if Biden fades. It seems pretty obvious though that Pete’s husband will be kept out of the picture for that particular reason.

    93. jason says:

      Mayor Butt puts a bunch of black people behind him….

    94. VictrC says:

      So Mayor Butt is saying that he won Iowa. Pretty Bold.

    95. CG says:

      The obvious racial placement aside, his crowd looks a whole lot more “Middle America” than the collection of people standing behind Bernie.

    96. VictrC says:

      So Lets say he wins. How does he withstand the barrage that is going to come at him from Bloomberg, or does Bloomberg step aside if Buttigieg becomes the front runner because he only wants a 50% tax bracket.

      If not, how does he withstand the $500M plus Bloomberg will spend

    97. CG says:

      It seems like Bloomberg has much more black support than Buttigieg at this point. Bloomberg’s path has to involve Biden being out after SC though.

      This is definitely a good night for Buttigieg though.

    98. CG says:

      Of the five candidates who spoke tonight, Pete is the only one who had both an actual speech to deliver (Klobuchar and Biden were visibly confused by what was happening and just tried to wing it) and who is trying to actually appeal to general election voters (Sanders and Warren just went hard left for their base)

    99. lisab says:

      Josh Gremillion
      According to reports, Robby Mook who is Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager was involved in the app used for the Iowa democrat caucuses.

    100. mRviTO says:

      A county just disappeared off the final count… it was one Bernie won the first count with 200 people and 44%. Warren had 19% and no one else was viable. But the final tally made no sense.

    101. jason says:

      No thrill up his leg this time..

      “I’m not happy with this field. I think they have to find a candidate for president that can beat Trump…

      “I’m still looking.” – MSNBC’s Chris Mathews

    102. jason says:

      “Bernie Sanders is not going to be President, okay”?

      – Chris Matthews.

    103. jason says:

      In fairness, he did say that about Trump too.

    104. jason says:

      Declaring victory was probably not a good strategy because he probably didn’t win.

    105. CG says:

      If the Dems go hard left and blow another one against Trump, Buttigieg is basically a lock for the 2024 nomination. I know people here (including myself) find him too liberal, but he is extremely talented politically.

    106. CG says:

      If Biden is nominated and loses to Trump, they are going full AOC.

    107. lisab says:


      quick, what odds can you get me for mayor butt not winning in 2024?

    108. mRviTO says:

      So the DMR poll is canceled when a Buttigieg supporter complains, and then Buttigieg declares victory while in third place with only 34 precincts in?

    109. CG says:

      Ok, his husband joined him at the end. I was wrong about that, but that is something that is causing older church-going African Americans to reject him.

      The left loves identity politics and pointing the finger at others, but is unable to recognize when it persists among them.

      Trump was elected President because so many people were willing to look the other way on bigotry and if Biden is to be nominated, the same thing will be in play. Biden has to rely on the fact that people will decide to reject his major opponents because they are not male, not Christian, or not straight.

    110. Cash Cow TM says:

      Iowa D primary voting
      what a fuster cluck…

      but I hear the voters in Florida are breathing a sigh of relief (butterfly ballots of 2000)


      (I bet Hillary Clinton has all the D precinct votes on her server in her bathroom closet)

    111. lisab says:

      Biden has to rely on the fact that people will decide to reject his major opponents because they are not male, not Christian, or not straight.

      because … the only reason they would vote for biden over the others is because they are bigots?!

    112. Bayernfan says:

      Pete is going to drop like a stone after his nonsense the last few days and tonight.

    113. mRviTO says:

      Trump should declare victory in both caucuses.

    114. VictrC says:

      Oh wow. Indications are that in the primary (1st vote) Biden came in fifth place, hence the reason why his lawyers shot off that letter.

      That would be disastrous for Biden.

    115. VictrC says:

      Bayern – What has he been doing the last few days.

      I still think he’s all fluff. Sorry, but the idea that a 37yo mayor with no experience is going to win the Presidency is absurd. I can not see him winning the election over Trump. I also don’t see him winning the 2024 nomination because he will have the same problems then that he has now, especially with minorities.

    116. Phil says:

      Hard to believe Biden would finish fifth…it’s possible, however. If he finishes 4th or 5th he’s dead in NH IMO.

    117. BayernFan says:

      spiking the DMR poll

    118. VictrC says:

      Bayern – oh right, forgot about that.

      Just saw Bloomberg clips. He really is a boring speaker.

    119. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Turns out the Des Moines Register poll was completely accurate:

      Dave Wasserman
      We’ve known for ages
      @jaselzer’s IA poll is scary accurate but this year she’s taken it to a whole new level.

      It turns out the Des Moines Register Poll nailed these results: 404 Page Not Found. Massive silent data corruption. Hell, everything corruption.

    120. Tina says:

      The chaos was done for multiple reasons:

      Cloud Cccps victory.

      Protect China Biden who finished fourth or fifth and likely with no delegates.

      Protect an image of massive voter turnout. (Which was not the case).

    121. DW says:

      I predicted yesterday that Biden would barely hold on to fourth place, nearly being edged out by Klobber, but it appears it was the other way around.

    122. PresidentPaul! says:

      We had an “inconsistency.” It seems that Ron Paul errr I mean John McCain (fake republican) won all the delegates again.

    123. mRviTO says:

      Ann Selzer is a goddess… who else could have nailed a result of “no results due to inconsistencies in the reporting.”

    124. Messy says:

      I will be the first to admit that the Iowa Democratic party screwed up royally. What a frggen’ mess!! Also, why didn’t the republicans give a detailed count of who got what among the 150 votes for ‘others.” are they scared that Romney might have some supporters somewhere?

    125. mRviTO says:

      Mayor Cheat is trending on twitter.

    126. PresidentPaul! says:

      To the fuc$%%^$% moon TSLA

    127. DW says:

      Biggest takeaway from Democratic Party caucus. They have sent a message to America, “if you want the federal government to be run with the same chaos we put on display tonight, then we are your party,”

    128. mRviTO says:

      Sean Davis Retweeted

      Heather Swift, DHS spokesperson
      Homeland Security’s
      offered to test the Iowa Caucus app. They declined. See

    129. DW says:

      wanna know just how bad this is for Dems, just look at the list of headlines at RCP:

      ‘Total Meltdown’: Democrats Bungle Iowa Caucus Results Korecki, et al, Politico
      Bernie’s Internal Results: Sanders 1st, Biden a Distant 4th Ryan Grim, The Intercept
      Biden Flopped in Iowa. So Did the Dems’ Reputation Nathan Robinson, The Guardian
      Last Night’s Big Winner? Donald J. Trump Damon Linker, The Week
      The Iowa Caucuses Just Died Forever Zachary Wolf, CNN
      Mess in Iowa Only the Beginning for 2020 Dems John Podhoretz, New York Post
      Welcome to the New Hampshire Primary James Pindell, Boston Globe
      Pulling the Plug on Democrats’ Life Support Conrad Black, American Greatness
      Adam Schiff Summons the Damnation of History Matt Ford, The New Republic
      Schiff Has Left Dems’ Needing a Hail Mary in November Piers Morgan, Daily Mail

    130. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ya’ll remember when Elon launched a TESLA into space orbiting the sun for no reason and playing David Bowie rocketman.

      Rocket man lives on watching over us.

    131. mRviTO says:

      Ralph Northam has been called in to explain the process here….

      “The caucus results will be delivered and kept comfortable. Then a discussion will ensue…”

    132. mRviTO says:

      Brent Welder
      campaign just released its internal results (covering 75% of precincts) showing Buttigieg doing the same as was reported by the
      internal numbers. Meaning it’s clear that Bernie Sanders won the #IowaCaucus.

    133. PresidentPaul! says:

      Dems did an imaginary impeachment now they are fixing Iowa.

      Talk about a crooked party although the GOP chairman are sometimes just as bad.

    134. Tina says:

      Here confirmed low Drat turnout


      Nate Silver
      I feel like turnout being rather low in Iowa is a theme of underrated importance.

    135. PresidentPaul! says:

      The repo man injected 94 billion over night!!!

      And it all went into TSLA


    136. jason says:


      quick, what odds can you get me for mayor butt not winning in 2024?

      10-1 against.

    137. jason says:

      I disagree with Corey that Mayor Butt is “talented”.

    138. jason says:

      Could this be our very own HHR Messy Moron?

      CNN Headline:

      Messy delay leaves IA without winner”

    139. jason says:

      Et tu, CNN?



    140. jason says:

      Bernie can play the Mayor Butt claiming victory tape in NH.

    141. Tina says:

      45 ?? – Text TRUMP to 88022
      So Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook helped develop the app that Iowa used to count and Mayor Pete invested $21K in the company that made the app in July 2019! Mayor Pete declares victory before results are out!

      12:21 AM – Feb 4, 2020

    142. jason says:

      Ann Selzer is a goddess… who else could have nailed a result of “no results due to inconsistencies in the reporting.”

      Give the woman an automatic entry into the Pollsters Hall of Fame.

    143. Tina says:

      Jake Tapper
      · 13m
      “President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017.” https://news.gallup.com/poll/284156/trump-job-approval-personal-best.aspx

    144. jason says:

      Mook is denying involvement, but this is sure to come out if he is lying.

      But remember, Trump represents “culture of corruption”.

    145. Tina says:

      Mook also denied that Hillary paid foreigners for the dossier.

    146. Wobbles says:

      President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017.”

      I am officially retiring to Bogo Pogo.

      Yes, it is a coincidence.

    147. Tina says:

      Troll in Chief

      Donald J. Trump
      When will the Democrats start blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the Great State of Iowa?

      6:22 AM – Feb 4, 2020

    148. Wes says:

      Messy makes his only cogent point in history in 126.

      Naturally in true Messy the Moron fashion, he follows up with absolute idiocy in the second half of the post.

    149. Tina says:

      More trolling

      Donald J. Trump
      The Democrat Party in Iowa really messed up, but the Republican Party did not. I had the largest re-election vote in the history of that great state, by far, beating President Obama’s previous record by a lot. Also, 97% Plus of the vote! Thank you Iowa!

    150. Big Joe says:

      I did not watch the coverage last night and just catching up on the headlines this morning. Seems bizarre to me, they could have just used a Google Docs spreadsheet and have all the precinct leaders report their results there.

      My guess is that the problem is not with the reporting of results, but its with the results themselves. Maybe incorrect counting or a crooked/incompetent precinct leader. Who knows.

      Anyway, hopefully this means the death of the caucus. I’m glad Georgia has a primary and not a caucus. I wouldn’t participate in an archaic caucus.

      Big Joe

    151. Tina says:

      How come the Rs did not have the same issue.

      Turnout was off the charts.

      Favorite moment is when Walsh (fake r) got shouted down.

    152. Tina says:

      Piers Morgan
      He’s got a point…how many more self-inflicted 2020 election gifts are Democrats going to hand their opponent? #Iowa #Impeachment

    153. jason says:

      Also, why didn’t the republicans give a detailed count of who got what among the 150 votes for ‘others.” are they scared that Romney might have some supporters somewhere?”

      LOL, you are one ignorant moron.

      Actually, Messy Moron, I got some crossover votes from the Dem caucus, when people saw the clusterf-ck they just decided to vote for me in the R caucus.

    154. Tina says:

      I be t the jebots will come here and. Blame the Russians for the Iowa Drat debacle.

      Messy did not get this report yet,

    155. jason says:

      Huh, wes, I know its hard to tell these days, but Messy is a she, not a he (as of yesterday, I have no info today).

    156. jason says:

      Drudge finally got off its anti-Trump narrative and is having some fun with the clusterf-ck.

    157. jason says:

      My guess is that the problem is not with the reporting of results, but its with the results themselves.”

      Yah thinks, Big Joe?

      Maybe the results needed some skewing?

    158. jason says:

      It would have been easy to have a back-up plan.

      Each precinct manager could have had a password to upload the results at a secure website. Maybe just upload a picture of a signed tabulation page and someone at the Dem headquarters could tabulate them. Even 1700 uploads would not take that long to tabulate.

      The same thing could have then be done for the 2nd round.

    159. jason says:

      Where is Proud Obamacommunist?

      I am sure he will tell us that once the Marxist are in power, they will eliminate voting because it has inherent problems.

    160. jason says:

      Here are Gallup’s number on trum”

      Tina is really tight with Trump, Trum must be an endearment.

    161. jason says:

      We had an “inconsistency.” It seems that Ron Paul errr I mean John McCain (fake republican) won all the delegates again.”

      Bunu calls McCain a fake Republican in a sentence that includes Ron Paul.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      I don’t know who is more deluded, Bunu thinks he is a Republican or Amoral Scumbag thinks he is a conservative.

    162. jason says:


      “DNC (yesterday)

      For three years, we’ve been preparing for the process that officially kicks off tonight in Iowa: the Democratic presidential primary. Today our chair, @TomPerez, reflects on the reforms we’ve made to make this the most transparent primary in our history”

    163. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      Just Fill Out The Census says:

      I predict the TrumpTards are gonna be depressed when naranja loses.


      You guys are off to a solid start.

    164. Tina says:

      What an great name for their vote suppression device.


    165. jason says:


      “CNN anchors are reportedly not invited to the luncheon with President Donald Trump that occurs before the State of the Union (SOTU) address Tuesday night.

      Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” says three sources told him Monday night that the network is not welcome at the event where high-profile journalists sit in a relaxed, supposedly off-the-record setting with the president.”

    166. jason says:

      Btw, congratulations to Brian Stelter, he beat Jennifer Rubin for the twitter Liberal Hack Award.

      The contest started out with 64 names, and the finalists were Stelter and Rubin.

      Sorry, Jennifer, but there is always next time.


    167. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      @170 Sweatler doesn’t need any more free food.

    168. jason says:

      Only 21% of the ultra liberal IA Dems caucus goers listed “climate change” as their most pressing issue.

      Greta hardest hit.

    169. PresidentPaul! says:


      Bernie supporters RAGE at the heist

    170. jason says:

      If the Dems go hard left and blow another one against Trump”

      Looks like Corey is already hedging his bets that Trump is a sure loser.

      We already know the Dems are going far left, ergo….

    171. DW says:

      Does anyone know of a web site with more results posted from the Dem debacle than RCP? They show 1.87% reported.

    172. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      Supposedly this Shadow app was built by Hillary for American and Buttigieg. #PeteTheCheat and #MayorCheat are now trending:

      Lee Fang
      Three different sources say a firm called “Shadow” developed the Iowa Dem caucus app. They haven’t responded to comment, neither has Iowa Dem Party. The firm was paid by both Nevada & Iowa Democratic Party, disclosures show. Also by Mayor Pete’s campaign.


      “Oh boy is this great!” – Flounder, “Animal House”

    173. mRviTO says:

      Within hours, this is going to be called a Russian hack and blamed on Trump for not taking it seriously enough. It will be verified by a firm in the Ukraine and no one else will be allowed to look.

    174. PresidentPaul! says:

      They offering 255 USD for reporting sick corona ppl in China so now ppl are just doing random bounties to make profit on it.


      Here they are picking up a dude that’s coughing

    175. PresidentPaul! says:

      Come on dude just get in the corona-mobile

    176. mRviTO says:

      This is what happens when you force coal miners to learn how to code.

    177. DW says:

      Damon Linker:

      “The sad fact is that Monday night was stunning display of rank incompetence. “You mean this is who you want to put in charge of taking over health-care delivery from sea to shining sea?” That isn’t a thought you want running through the heads of voters as they contemplate which party to support in November 2020. Nine months from now, the Iowa caucus fiasco will be a distant memory. But narratives start somewhere, and the president and his party aren’t going to miss their chance to begin driving home the message that Democrats are so inept that they can’t even figure out how to count the votes in their own election contest.”


    178. Tina says:

      Can the jebots from dnc central casting, please call Fredo?


    179. Tina says:

      And the drats are starting with the blame:

      Andrew Yang?
      · 10h
      It might be helpful to have a President and government that understand technology so this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

    180. jason says:

      This is what happens when you force coal miners to learn how to code.”

      Ok, best zinger of this whole episode.

      No, I am not angry I didn’t think of it.. snifff…

    181. mRviTO says:


      Gallup has GOP party favorability at 51-46.

      They haven’t had numbers close to that since just after the 2004 election.

      The only time they’ve even been ABOVE WATER since then was January 2011 with 47-43.

    182. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      Hey Bunu- I heard there’s the first confirmed report of a Tesla infected with the coronavirus

    183. jason says:

      So Trump at 44.9% at RCP?

      Remember, according to Amoral Scumbag, he is a shoo-in at 45%.

      Time for goalposts to move.

    184. Tina says:

      More clean up here folks. Watch the video on buttplug winning this coin toss:


    185. DW says:

      184 – that’s too funny. The GOP had no problems counting their votes. But they blame Trump anyway.

    186. DW says:

      Far worse that no results between 10 pm local IA time and 1:00 AM is the fact that we are now at 11:00 AM Iowa time and there are STILL NO RESULTS.

    187. mRviTO says:


      What… the… ?

    188. mRviTO says:

      Gallup: Trump deserve reelect? RVs


    189. DW says:

      Another consequence of the Dems’ disaster last night is none of the remaining 11 candidates will drop out. There are always drop-outs after IA, but this time why should there be? NH is now the first functional contest.

    190. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is may be the first time that Trump’s Gallup poll numbers are higher than his Rasmussen poll numbers

      Gallup 49% approval; 50% disapproval
      Rasmussen 48% approval; 51% disapproval

      And it happens on the day he is giving his SOTU address, and the day before he is being acquitted. Add to that the Iowa caucus debacle. Its an amazing turn of events.

    191. VictrC says:

      Holy mother of God. How on earth did the others in that coin flip not say something. Wow, never seen anything like that ever

    192. phil says:

      Democrats announce 50% of the Iowa results will be released at 5:00.

      Huh? They are going to release half?

      Good God.

    193. jason says:

      Asked if she would support the idea of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on a vote to censure Trump,? GOP Sen. Shelley Moore Capito said, “No.”

      Short and to the point.

    194. jason says:

      The other half will be released during SOTU.

      CNN and MSNBC will cut from the speech to announce results.

    195. jason says:

      It is slapstick comedy at this point:

      The Chief Strategist for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, Joe Rospars, sent out an interesting pairs of tweets early Tuesday morning – exactly one minute apart.

      Warren campaign manager:

      “First, he wrote: “It’s a very close race among the top three candidates (Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg) and Biden came a distant fourth.”

      Then, a minute later, he warns: “Any campaign saying they won or putting out incomplete numbers is contributing to the chaos and misinformation.”

    196. Phil says:

      Yeah, no way Mitch will permit this to drag on after Wednesday in the form of “censure” or anything else as much as Democrats and their MSM puppets would like it to happen.

      Bite the bullet, Joe Manchin. No way you weasel out this time. Choose. It’s choose Schumer or your constituents. Pass the popcorn.

    197. Chicon says:

      It seems the Dems are attempting to disprove that the Babylon Bee is a satirical site. Good lord, what a mess.

    198. jason says:

      Romney to convict now at 13% at Predictit.

      Almost worth making a bet.

    199. Tina says:

      This is making my day eveN better:

      Andrew H. Scott
      · 25m
      Per CNN just now, Biden campaign reportedly mulling seeking court injunction to halt this afternoon’s partial release of Iowa results.

      #IowaCaucuses #Election2020 #IowaCaucuses2020

    200. Messy says:

      Y’all are giggling too loud.

    201. Tina says:

      Any tears?

      Joe Walsh
      · 3h
      For 5 months, I’ve told tens of thousands of Republicans why I believe Donald Trump is unfit to be President. Last night, I stood in front of 3,000 Iowa Republicans & said the same thing. Almost all of them disagreed with me.

      Clearly, I don’t belong in Trump’s Republican Party.

    202. jason says:

      No, you are racist bigot that doesn’t belong in any party.

    203. jason says:

      Finally, a good headline for Trump at Drudge.

    204. jason says:

      I don’t belong in Trump’s Republican Party either, but he is certainly fit to be President and I will vote for him.

    205. jason says:

      Releasing half the results a day later is the stupidest thing you can do.

      It resolves nothing, fuels more suspicion and takes the clown show to a new level.

      Pass the popcorn.

    206. jason says:

      I think Sanders made a mistake not declaring victory last night.

      His risk in doing so was a lot lower than Mayor Butt.

      Opportunity lost.

    207. lisab says:

      It might be helpful to have a President and government that understand technology so this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

      yang was NOT blaming trump

      he claims, with some facts behind it, to be a technocrat

      he is saying that if he was elected, the iowa app would have worked

      yang is by far my preferred choice btw, although i don’t think he can win right now

    208. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Schiff warns Trump might sell Alaska to the Russians if he is not impeached.

      “If abuse of power is not impeachable … Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election or decide to move to Mar-a-Lago permanently and let Jared Kushner run the country, delegating to him the decision whether to go to war,” Schiff said.”

      Can this get any more comical.

    209. jason says:

      Was going to post that.

      And some people don’t think Schiff is a moron.

    210. jason says:

      Mayor Butt changes tune, now says he “exceeded expectations in IA”.

      Translation: didn’t win

    211. Tina says:

      What a disaster.

      Quote Tweet

      · 28m
      .@JoeBiden: “We had a good night last night in Iowa. I know you think that’s silly, but everything we can feel it’s good…I know the Iowa Democratic Party is trying to work through all the issues with that application…Let’s give them time…Now it’s time for New Hampshire…”

    212. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      214. I should get my California absentee ballot this week, and I will vote for Yang.

      This may be about the worse day for the Democrats since Trump became president, and it is the day that Trump gives his SOTU speech.

    213. jason says:

      I think most of Yang’s policies are idiotic.

      Except for his support for nuclear power.

    214. Tina says:


      ? Salem Snow For Congress

      I am now hearing that the Sanders campaign sent workers to every caucus to record the live results.

      The DNC was unaware of this. When their early tallies did not match the recorded results from campaign workers, his campaign had 5 lawyers contact the DNC. Now they’re meeting.
      8:31 AM · Feb 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

    215. phoenixrisen says:

      Phil, you cannot make me enough popcorn to feed me while the last 24 hours of the Dem Caucus debacle unfolded. Then again, I would have not been able to keep anything down because I would have kept out spewing popcorn at the computer screen laughing so hard. Never have seen such a hilarious, glorious disaster.

    216. Tina says:

      If they toss the election out, Biden “wins”.

      Shem Horne Retweeted

      Sean Davis
      Here’s the deal: this is taking forever because the data are 100% corrupted and they can’t track down all the original ballots, which were never secured and have zero chain of custody verification, for a manual recount. Even odds that they nuke the entire election at this point.

    217. jason says:

      Hmmm… in touch but not pressuring….

      “Durbin told me doesn’t know if Ds will be united on conviction. “I don’t know the answer.” He said Schumer is in touch with the three Dem senators who are on the fence but said Schumer isn’t pressuring them. He said pressuring them is not possible on a vote “of this magnitude”

    218. jason says:

      Bernie should sue the heck out of the DNC if they try to cancel the caucus.

    219. Chicon says:

      224 – what a load of crap by Dicky. Next he’ll say there was no pressure on members for the Obamacare vote.

      Is he really saying that they only arm twist on low magnitude votes? C’mon Dick.

    220. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “A Democratic source tells CNN the issue seems to lie with a major coding error in the app that was discovered once data started flowing into the Iowa Democratic Party and officials began to see discrepancies as the results started coming.”

      So they went with a cheap app prepared by a political hack. The rule I follow is that tech decisions should be made by individuals who are under age 30.

    221. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Speaking of tech; some of it is fleeing the Bay Area for Utah:

      “I grew up in the Bay Area,” Kearl told TechCrunch of the energy he feels in the state. “This feels like the 1990s in the Bay Area. You can find hundreds of open jobs up and down the Wasatch Front.”

      Utah has a reputation as a mostly religious, conservative and sleepy mountain region for outdoors enthusiasts, but tech has fast become the leading job sector in the state, with some salaries from companies like Adobe and Qualtrics rivaling those in Silicon Valley. The state recently pledged a push to include at least one computer science course in every high school in the state by 2022. It also just hosted a massive, 25,000 person startup festival called the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. The summit held a Utah state governor’s debate and both Steve Case and Mark Zuckerberg spoke on stage.”

    222. jason says:

      “Bernie Sanders walks in to a crowded bar and yells, “free drinks for everyone!!!” The crowd roars with excitement and Bernie says “so who’s gonna pay?”

    223. jason says:

      Frankly, this is really not rocket science.

      You have 1700 locations, a dozen candidates.

      You have to add up the votes each candidate got at each location, and then add up the votes for all 1700 locations.

      I don’t even know why you need an app for this.

      You set up a secure website, give out passwords to each precinct manager, have them upload the signed precinct tabulation, the headquarters tabulates the final result. The ballots and precinct tabulation are saved at each location for later verification if needed.

    224. DW says:

      Some at RRH-elections are talking like Biden got new life last night. I don’t see that at all. Eventually there WILL be results in IA, and it won’t be good for Biden, and then he will get shellacked in NH. Then he gets shellacked again in NV. Not sure he will even make it to SC.

    225. DW says:

      230 – hence the forthcoming GOP ad that will ask the question, why would you trust a party with your healthcare when they cannot even tally up numbers in an election?

    226. Tina says:

      China Biden low on cash

      Brian Schwartz
      · 1h
      NEW: Joe Biden’s campaign tried to reassure donors on a conference call today that he will win Nevada and South Carolina after chaos ensued in Iowa. This comes as Biden is in need of campaign cash going into key states he believes he can win.

    227. VictrC says:

      How ironic would it be if Biden didn’t even make it to Super Tuesday.

      If the numbers being leaked showing him at 12% (with Klobuchar at 11%) are true, and Sanders does top 30%, Butt 25% and Warren 21%, combined with his lack of cash, it could be very conceivable that he is a non-entity as early as after South Carolina, where weak showings in IA, NH and NV will cut into his support.

      So we go from a Biden front runner to a Super Tuesday of Bloomberg, Sanders, Butt and Warren, with maybe a Klobuchar hanging on the fringes.


    228. jason says:

      I think Klobuchar had to come in third to create any momentum, 11% is not going to cut it, with all due respect to Skippy.

    229. jason says:

      Deval Patrick skewers Biden and Mayor Butt

      “One candidate is calling the results into question because he apparently didn’t do well. Another is declaring victory without any votes being confirmed. The way to beat Donald Trump isn’t to act like Donald Trump. Our party and our country deserve better,” he said in a statement.

    230. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      The clusterf#ck by Iowa Dems continues to amuse! I remain confident about my projected order of finish which I posted yesterday:

      1. Sanders
      2. Buttigieg
      3. Warren
      4. Klobuchar
      5. Biden
      6. Yang

      Biden’s speech last night was utter misery! This hot mess benefits Trump & GOP.

    231. PresidentPaul! says:

      Donald J. Trump
      When will the Democrats start blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the Great State of Iowa?


    232. Messy says:

      No one says anything about Putin, this clusterf**k is purely the fault of the IA Democraic Committee.

      This was the LAST ever Iowa caucus.

    233. PresidentPaul! says:

      Man TSLA is making me money. Could literally buy a few of them just from profits over the past few days.

    234. mRviTO says:

      See new Tweets
      Marianne Williamson
      America, something went wrong here tonight and it wasn’t just an app. If an app goes down, there are such things as telephones. Then a moderate candidate came out and made this weird victory speech, while MSM started talking about what a good night this was for Mike Bloomberg.

    235. mRviTO says:

      Reportedly, Bloomberg made a decision to double his ad spending after last night’s fiasco.

    236. NYCmike says:

      “Clearly, I don’t belong in Trump’s Republican Party.”

      -To Joe Walsh:

      Clearly, your arguments, just like the ones used by “CG” and Robbie, are lame.

    237. NYCmike says:

      That comment about Bernie having a contact in each precinct who took the original numbers down…..has that been confirmed?

    238. DW says:

      Not sure why people are blaming the caucus system. I personally am a fan of primaries, but caucuses have been around LONG before computers, television, radio or telephone. Instead of blaming the tool, maybe blame the OPERATORS of that tool who were completely incompetent, but want you to believe they are competent to run your life for you, if elected.

    239. NYCmike says:


      -Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Robbie and “CG” all think alike. So ridiculous!

    240. mRviTO says:

      538 blog: By the evening, when results began to flow in, it became apparent that not just the app was problematic, but also the logistics for precincts to report their results. The names that precincts had been told to use when reporting their results did not match the names that headquarters had, and it led to even more confusion and human error.

    241. Tina says:

      Yup, national security issue:

      Quote Tweet

      Ken Dilanian
      · 2h
      US intel officials tell me they are watching and learning from the Iowa debacle. The mere perception of a problem–even though the vote count is not in doubt — is undermining confidence in the election.

    242. mRviTO says:

      Not in doubt, huh?

    243. Tina says:

      Quittens the lone r who has not announced his decision on impeachment.

    244. jason says:

      Over at Dkos they are not impressed by Mayor Butt’s gambit.

      “The biggest a-hole of the night was small-liberal-college-town Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who gave a victory speech utterly divorced from the reality on the ground. His pretend “I won and shocked the nation” speech was everything we hate about politics—a Trumpian attempt to create reality by merely declaring it so”

    245. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The big winner from last night may be Bloomberg.

      Buttigieg badly needed the PR from a victory or strong showing last night to jump start his campaign. The chaos prevented it.

      If Biden has the low showing in Iowa that is rumored, and is out of money, his campaign is in trouble. His mental state appears to be deteriorating, and the Hunter Biden scandal does not help.

      Bloomberg may soon become the leading “moderate” candidate, and has the money to conduct a massive media campaign.

      The presidential race in November 2020 may come down to being between two obnoxious New York City billionaire buffoons.

    246. Florida Guy says:

      This debacle will hurt the Dems and rightfully make the Sanders bloc suspicious. It will also fire up Sanders people across the nation.

      Chaos is predicted.

      Further, the people at large have got to be disgusted with the Democrats at this point. They could not run an ice cream stand. They are impeaching an increasingly popular president during a booming economy. They are too far left. Trump is rope-a-doping them.


    247. DW says:

      Who can fault Buttigieg for declaring victory? Why not? The whole Democrat Party is a lie anyway, and its members are people who like believing the lies of their leaders. So if someone wants to claim he won, good for him! Those who saw it and believed it are just doing what they normally do–believing the lies of their leaders.

    248. jason says:

      If a state is 90% white and voters are 90% white, it is “systemic racism”.

      MSNBC’s @ZerlinaMaxwell: “The Iowa caucus is essentially the perfect example of systemic racism. 91% of the voters in Iowa are white.”

    249. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If it turns into a billionaire battle between Trump and Bloomberg, I can see Sanders running third party as a Democratic Socialist;

      If it is a battle between Trump and Sanders, could see Bloomberg running as an independent candidate.
      Bloomberg will do whatever it takes to stop Sanders.

    250. Big Joe says:

      Maaaan, just checking in leaving work and still no results. Caucusing has got to go bye bye. And Iowa should no longer be the first state either. I say a battleground state should go first.

      Big Joe

    251. Tina says:

      This explains quite well the drop in Drat turnout in Iowa:

      Julio Rosas
      · 4h
      .@ZerlinaMaxwell: The Iowa caucus is essentially the perfect example of systemic racism. 91% of the voters in Iowa are white. The reason why you see a drop in turnout, I’m just speculating here, it could be perhaps that white children are not in the cages.

    252. DW says:

      Big Joe,

      Why is it the fault of the caucus? How many have happened successfully in the past? If a child gets being the wheel of a car and drives it into a ditch, why is it the fault of the car?

    253. mRviTO says:

      62% are.about to be reported

    254. mRviTO says:

      Nice to know Iowa has been written off as no longer a battleground.

    255. NYCmike says:

      “The presidential race in November 2020 may come down to being between two obnoxious New York City billionaire buffoons.”

      Trump: Don’t even compare mini-Mike to me! I don’t need to stand on a box to debate anyone! SAD!

    256. mRviTO says:

      This release brings the tally up to 62% of precincts reporting. Pete Buttigieg leads with 26.9% of the state delegates, followed by Bernie Sanders with 25.1% and Elizabeth Warren, with 18.3%. Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar followed at fourth and fifth. Sanders leads the popular vote with 28,220, followed by Buttigieg with 27,030, Warren with 22,254, and Biden 14,176. Again, though, this is 62% of the precincts, leaving 38% of precincts unreported.

    257. mRviTO says:

      Thats from kos.

    258. DW says:

      The Sanders people are going to say its getting stolen again in broad daylight.

    259. CG says:

      Buttigieg’s lucky week continues!

    260. CG says:

      Bernie’s victory may have been terminated right before the third trimester of vote counting.

    261. Tina says:

      Dumberg, Major crooked, and cccp will be putting a lot of states in play for trump.

    262. CG says:

      I’m so glad I didn’t try to bet jason over a year ago, when jason predicted Buttigieg would be the nominee!

      We will see what happens.

      I envision Bloomberg laughing maniacally at all this.

    263. Big Joe says:

      #259 DW-
      “Why is it the fault of the caucus? How many have happened successfully in the past? If a child gets being the wheel of a car and drives it into a ditch, why is it the fault of the car?”

      I’ve never been a caucus fan. I’ve b****’d about it for years, even on HHR. I prefer to cast my vote in private and I don’t want to hang around in someone’s house listening to speeches repeated the same stuff I’ve heard for months.

      Big Joe

    264. Big Joe says:

      Primaries also have a much bigger turnout, and I’m all for greater participation in Democracy.

      Big Joe

    265. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:


    266. Big Joe says:

      This is just me, maybe others like to caucus. That’s fine.

      Big Joe

    267. CG says:

      273. Thank you Super Bowl Halftime Show

    268. DW says:

      I prefer the primary too, over the caucus. My point was, that in THIS incident in Iowa–last night. Why was is the cuacus in particular that was the problem? It was the incompetent baffoons trying to run it that was the problem.

    269. BayernFan says:

      My money is on Sanders.

    270. Tina says:

      A bad week for the drats. Iowa debacle, no talk of impeachment, market up almost 400.

      Buck Sexton
      Generally not a big State of the Union fan, but gotta say- I’m looking forward to watching Trump spin donuts on the Democrats’ front lawn for 90 minutes while they are having a national therapy session over failed impeachment and botched Iowa caucuses

    271. Big Joe says:


      Well I’m not as tuned in as you. I get my news from headlines and articles and don’t watch much TV. My understanding is that this was basically a software bug. That’s an epic fail, bugs can be found easily during testing. There are even tools to stress test an app. No excuses.

      And … there should always be a fallback plan in case of a catastrophic failure. There was obviously no fallback plan here, at least not a good one. Epic Fail.

      Caucuses have always been a problem in my book. That wouldn’t change even if Iowa went perfectly.

      Big Joe

    272. jason says:

      Sanders 27,088 second round 28,220
      Butt 23,666 27,030
      Warren 20,848 22,254
      Biden 16,179 14,176
      Klobuchar 14,032 13,357

    273. jason says:

      Looks like Bernie wins as expected but Butt comes in a strong second. Warren stays alive, Biden underperforms, Klobuchar at 12% not very impressive.

    274. Tina says:

      James Poulos
      · 15m
      So Obama cut loose the candidate with the strongest support among black voters—his own Vice President—so that the candidate with the least support—a Mayor—could win

      Do I have this right

    275. PresidentPaul! says:

      With 1% of of the states reporting, we can now announce that Joe Biden will be the nominee.

      Congrats Joe Biden.

    276. jason says:

      I’m so glad I didn’t try to bet jason over a year ago, when jason predicted Buttigieg would be the nominee!”

      Yeah, but I don’t think he will be the nominee anymore.

      You also probably lucked out on the no Rs to support impeachment bet.

    277. jasonj says:

      At RCP Sanders is ahead, is there another count?

    278. BayernFan says:

      281 Jason whats your source on that?

    279. Cash Cow TM says:

      Native American Elizabeth Warren doing SO FAR (ALL RESULTS NOT IN) in Iowa counties with Indian sounding names

      She is NOT doing well.

      Black Hawk 2nd
      Cherokee at 0% tied for 6th
      Chickasaw 2nd
      Delaware 2nd
      Osceola 2nd
      Pottawattamie 3rd
      Poweshiek 2nd
      Souix 2nd
      Wapello 4th
      Winnebego 2nd
      Winnoshiek 4th

    280. jason says:

      Ahhh, I see, the MSM is trying to screw Bernie by reporting “state delegates” rather than the raw vote, which always was the previous standard for winning.


    281. CG says:

      They even messed up how they just announced the results.

      Mayor Pete wins the most delegates but Sanders narrowly wins the “popular vote”


      Results look even worse for Biden now.

    282. jason says:

      But RCP correctly has Bernie in first.

    283. jason says:

      As far as I know, the popular vote was always the criteria for who won a caucus.

      In any case, still a third of the vote to come in, let’s see.

    284. Cash Cow TM says:

      In Iowa results SO FAR…

      If you had money that Buttplug would be winning in

      Dickinson county
      Hancock county
      Hardin county
      Sac county

      you are a winner.

      But in Johnson county, Buttplug is 3rd

    285. CG says:

      According to the Party Chair, the problem was in the “back end” of the reporting.

    286. jason says:

      Turnout seems pretty low, nothing even close to 2008 when the Dems turned out 240k

    287. Cash Cow TM says:

      Of the 99 Iowa counties, 15 counties in WV have the same name.

      Buttplug is winning 13 of these
      Sanders winning 2
      Klobuchar winning 1

    288. CG says:

      It’s possible Walt may have too much time on his hands for that sort of research.

      Maybe more chores..

    289. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Mayor Pete wins the most delegates but Sanders narrowly wins the “popular vote” ”

      HAR DE HAR!

      Now lets see which Dems favor ONLY counting the “popular” vote

    290. Cash Cow TM says:


      I have done all the chores (except 1) and had some time to fisk the Iowa “results”.

      Later tonight, I will research why they call those cotton swabbie things ‘Q-tips’, so I stay VERY busy!

    291. jason says:

      I stand corrected. It seems like in IA the Rs use the popular vote, while the Dems use state del count.


    292. jason says:

      Dang, Warren is 1/1000th Cherokee and the county didn’t vote for her?


    293. Cash Cow TM says:

      Biggest surprise to me is that
      Andrew Ying Yang now has 14 delegates.

    294. NYCmike says:

      Victrc says:
      February 4, 2020 at 5:59 pm



    295. jason says:

      I don’t think that is enough for any convention delegates.

    296. Cash Cow TM says:

      1099 of 1765 precincts reporting delegate equivalents (62.3%) • 1099 of 1765 precincts reporting first alignment (62.3%) • 1099 of 1765 precincts reporting final alignment (62.3%)

      EQUIVA- 1st FINAL

      Pete Buttigieg

      Bernie Sanders

    297. jason says:

      Yeah, I fell for the N/T too…

    298. Cash Cow TM says:

      Someone please explain data in #307 above.

      Butt vote 23,699 26.9% ??
      Bernie vote 27,030 25.1% ??

      Bernie got more votes, but lower % ??

      Butt vote 27,088 25.1%
      Bernie vote 28220 26.3%

    299. Cash Cow TM says:

      I am throwing the flag on Victrc for false NT post.

    300. VictrC says:

      N/T = no text. I have to do that every so often so when I’ refresh I don’t go back to post 1 on long posts.

      Hope that makes sense

    301. jason says:


      “Democrats say they have figures for 62% of the precincts. 62% of precincts could be a small percentage of the actual votes casts. Some precincts have 8 voters, some 800.

      It at least looks like they’re gaming the narrative.”

    302. jason says:

      Hope that makes sense”


      But I have bait out on the water often myself.

    303. NYCmike says:

      VictrC is screwing me all up! I thought I got “bunu’d” off of HHR!

    304. Cash Cow TM says:

      309…never mind.

      While the numbers I typed were slightly off, the fact was that the % were wrong and did not reflect that Bernie had more total votes than Butt.

      The site has it fixed now…

    305. NYCmike says:

      I usually roll with


      to keep me updated

    306. jason says:

      Bernie got more votes, but lower % ??”

      Hey, whatever it takes to screw Bernie over.

    307. jason says:

      Hey, he got us.

      Don’t whine, plot revenge.

    308. VictrC says:

      LMAO. 16 years Ive been posting here and this is the post with the most reaction. Who knew.

      I jut put that in there because I thought it meant no text so it put it there. Unfortunately, if I don’t make a post every time I hit refresh it takes me back to the first post in a thread. When the posts are very long it’s annoying to have to scroll down to see what’s new.

      Normally Iwould. Just post a comment about what’s going on, so it takes me to my last post. This time Iwas busy so I wrote n/t for no text so I could refresh and just go to that comment.

      Now, does that make sense

    309. Victrc says:

      NYC – Looking back it seems “test” would have been a better option. Though I now know not to post great insight, or inside info from DC or the campaigns….but just write N/T to get some response.

    310. mRviTO says:

      Press on the date link below the poster’s name for the most recent comment to refresh without starting at post 1.

    311. Victrc says:


      That’s better

    312. Victrc says:

      Mr. Vito. Thanks. That’s easier

      Who says you can’t learn anything new after a decade and a half

    313. mRviTO says:

      Wilson Andrews, in New York 18m ago
      The Associated Press has now allocated 24 of Iowa’s 41 pledged delegates to the convention: 10 Buttigieg, 10 Sanders, 4 Warren.

    314. mRviTO says:

      You might need to right click and “open in new tab” depending on how your browser works.

    315. NYCmike says:

      Neat trick, mRviTO…….and what have you done with Mr. Vito?

    316. mRviTO says:

      I could probably joke around here, but the boring truth is I ditched Chrome and typed my name in clumsily to firefox. Now it autofills.

    317. jason says:

      I could probably joke around here,”

      Nahhhh, nobody would ever think that.

    318. Phil says:

      That should cause the left’s heads to explode.

    319. Tina says:

      Where is hunter during the Iowa debacle?

    320. Cash Cow TM says:


      I have picked up the flag and am reviewing the tapes on that post by Victrc about a en/tee.

    321. Cash Cow TM says:

      Is it just me, or does Buttigieg look an awful lot like a grow up Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine?

    322. Tina says:

      Mayor Cheat is a classy nickname.

      I like it.

    323. Victrc says:

      Cash. It appears to me that I obviously don’t know the actual meaning of the ne/te thet I wrote. I hope it’s jot something bad lol

    324. mRviTO says:

      N/T is new thread.

    325. mRviTO says:


    326. Cash Cow TM says:


      right now Butt is getting one delegate for every 64.46 votes he got while Bernie is getting one delegate for every 80 votes he got and Biden is getting one delegate for every 77.46 votes he got and Klobuchar getting one delegate for every 83.8 voters she got.

      Got it.
      Makes sense to me…

    327. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Victrc says:
      February 4, 2020 at 7:39 pm
      Cash. It appears to me that I obviously don’t know the actual meaning of the ne/te thet I wrote. I hope it’s jot something bad lol”

      It is an announcement telling everyone there is a NEW THREAD that has just been posted by Dave Wissing in this site, and to tell everyone to stop posting on the “old” thread and come post on the “new” thread.

    328. mRviTO says:

      The rural vote gets a positive skew out of the delegate math, cash… similar to the electoral college.

    329. Victrc says:

      Omg. It’s as if I had a complete brain freeze and forgot all that

      Sorry everyone, though now the fakeout is kind of funny 😉

    330. Cash Cow TM says:

      “mRviTO says:
      February 4, 2020 at 7:47 pm
      The rural vote gets a positive skew out of the delegate math, cash… similar to the electoral college.”

      so Butt could legitimately say to Bernie

      SKEW YOU!

    331. PresidentPaul! says:

      Was elon’s flamethrower sale was actually trolling the shorts.


      Elon Musk

      Oh and uh short burn of the century comin soon. Flamethrowers should arrive just in time.
      8:02 AM · May 4, 2018·Twitter for iPhone

    332. mRviTO says:

      Before cancel culture, who could ask for a better line than

      Sanders got screwed in the end by a queer caucus.

    333. PresidentPaul! says:

      Elon was preparing the flamethrower sale back in 2018 a in advance of the biggest short burn of all time.

    334. NYCmike says:

      “Sorry everyone, though now the fakeout is kind of funny ?”

      (Somewhere, in the Wissing World annals)

      -“Hey where is everybody? What thread are you guys on? This isn’t funny….dang VictrC!.

      I’m over here with the real Mr. Vito, but it looks like 2018, and Robbie and “CG” are happy that the Republicans are going to lose the House.

      Helloooooo? Helloooooo?

      Oh geez, now Wes is talking about 1875 again…..hit the refresh button, PRONTO! What thread are we on, MA?”.

    335. jason says:

      Supposedly some of the areas believed to be for Sanders are still out, like Black Hawk Co with a population of 132k.

    336. mRviTO says:

      Keep your short troll to your own flaming self, Bunu.

    337. NYCmike says:

      Heh! I wasn’t the only one lost!

      Some A-Hole was posting on the last thread, speaking to himself!

    338. jason says:

      CNN is fact checking what they think Trump will say.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    339. jason says:

      Some moron is reading posts on the wrong thread.

    340. NYCmike says:


      Very good, A-Hole!

    341. NYCmike says:

      Let that be a lesson, kids! Punctuation marks are important!

      “Very good, A-Hole!”
      “Very good A-Hole!”

    342. mRviTO says:

      For cash cow

      538: This explains why Buttigieg is winning the state delegate count but losing the popular vote. He did the best in counties worth a disproportionate number of delegates, while Sanders ran up the score in counties whose number of delegates is capped.

      (((Harry Enten)))
      Some quick math… In the six counties (taking into account % of precincts in) with the lowest attendee to state del ratio, Buttigieg is leading by an average of about 20 pts. In the six counties with highest attendee to state del ratio, it’s Sanders by about 20 pts.

    343. jason says:

      Thank God for that comma.

    344. Cash Cow TM says:

      Thanks for the info about Iowa and voting, Mr. Vito.

      You are a real pal and a good sock!

    345. jason says:

      I see Sinema is not wearing a white dress.

    346. mRviTO says:

      · 5h
      The details of Shadow’s epic fail keep getting worse. They deployed the Android app through a free version of TestFairy, which caps the number of users at 200.

    347. Cash Cow TM says:

      OK…Time to tune into Trump’s State of the Onion address.

      (not sure how high the “Trump being an ass” meter might go)

    348. Cash Cow TM says:

      I do hope in the State of Onion address that Trump addresses all the strange UFO sightings that have been going on recently and sheds some light on them.

      And also I hope he says something about monkeys.

    349. mRviTO says:

      Flying monkeys?

    350. VictrC says:

      Ouch. Pelosi went ot shake his hand and he didn’t shake back.

    351. Cash Cow TM says:

      On one side of the chamber there appears to be 72 virgins all dressed in white dresses or whatever.

    352. Cash Cow TM says:

      There must be a problem with half of the people in the chamber apparently not being able to hear what Trump is saying. That half just keeps seated, no expression, no clapping or standing…

    353. Cash Cow TM says:

      I hope he says something about glowbull warming.

    354. dblaikie says:

      All I can say is: pass the popcorn!!

    355. dblaikie says:

      I am becoming a Sinema fan. Only dem to clap. Only dem woman not to wear white. She is impressive!

    356. Cash Cow TM says:

      Come on…enough about this other stu.ff….lets here about the UFOs and the monkeys.

    357. Cash Cow TM says:

      Will Trump get in a dig about the Dems Iowa carcass voting mess up?

    358. Cash Cow TM says:

      SPACE FORCE!….will UFOs be mentioned?

    359. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt says he knew that 100 year old brigadier general (McGee) when that fellow was a small boy.

    360. PresidentPaul! says:

      Didnt sanders win the pop vote last time and they released that fact like a month later?

    361. Cash Cow TM says:

      So far, Trump has behaved himself.

      “Trump being an ass” meter has barely budged.
      Not served up any red meat yet.

    362. dblaikie says:

      Just watching Nancy’s facial expressions is entertaining.

    363. Cash Cow TM says:

      WTF was that white clothed bunch demonstration about?

    364. Cash Cow TM says:

      Were they chanting something about UFOs?

    365. VictrC says:

      My wife asked if Pelosi has some sort of neurological problem with all the twitching of her mouth and face.

      I said that her face hasn’t moved in years. Botox will do that to you and she can’t stand near any open flames

    366. jason says:

      Babylon Bee:

      “CNN To Give ISIS Equal Time To Respond To Trump’s State Of The Union”

    367. phoenixrisen says:

      Mercy, Trump is kicking arse with optimism and taking it to the Dems simultaneously. And he gives Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Absolutely glorious

    368. Cash Cow TM says:


    369. PresidentPaul! says:

      Increasing taxes on gasoline to pay for an infrastructure bill seems outrageous to me if that’s the plan.

    370. Tgca says:

      YES! Mofo’s.


      GFY evil ABORTION loving Dems!

    371. PresidentPaul! says:

      Maybe he’ll talk about Pelosi’s district that is a dystopian nightmare.

    372. VictrC says:

      What’s the over/under on Seinema switching parties?

    373. NYCmike says:

      Enough of this Trump optimism.

      I will wait for “CG” to list the bad things that Trump has done over the last 3+ years which makes him want a socialist liberal Democrat to become President next January.

    374. NYCmike says:

      “What’s the over/under on Seinema switching parties?”

      -I don’t see that happening. She may be putting herself in good position to lead the Democratic Party after a couple of years. Being a woman, and bisexual, almost makes her able to withstand a lot of criticism from the wingnuts.

    375. VictrC says:

      How the F*%kj do Democrats not stand for the taking out of a disgusting murdering terrorist who killed hundreds of Americans.

      That was VILE who do they support? America or our enemies

    376. Phil says:

      She won’t switch, Vic but she has really been a pleasant surprise. Incredibly pleasant. From her reaction tonight, I have to believe there is a decent chance she does not vote to convict tomorrow.

    377. Cash Cow TM says:


      What a B**ch!

    378. Phil says:

      Did Nancy just rip up Trump’s speech while Trump was still at the podium?

    379. jason says:



    380. jason says:

      Would I lead you guys astray?

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