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Biden : 336
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    Sanders Leads/Buttigieg Surging in NH

    In the end Pete Buttigieg may not actually win in Iowa as originally thought, but the thought that he might have won has seemingly helped him into a solid second place in New Hampshire in the latest tracking polls from Emerson College and Suffolk University.

    Sanders 25%
    Buttigieg 19%
    Biden 12%
    Warren 11%
    Klobuchar 6%
    Gabbard 5%
    Steyer 4%
    Yang 2%

    Sanders 31%
    Buttigieg 21%
    Biden 12%
    Warren 12%
    Klobuchar 11%
    Gabbard 5%
    Yang 5%
    Steyer 1%

    The Emerson poll was done February 3-5 and the Suffolk poll was done February 4-5, both among 500 likely primary voters.

    Posted by Dave at 12:32 pm
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    330 Responses to “Sanders Leads/Buttigieg Surging in NH”

    1. Chicon says:

      Where’s the Klomentum?

    2. Joe J says:

      Does 4th place for Warren here knock her out? I don’t know which state she can point to and say, “I can win xyz”.

    3. PresidentPaul! says:

      DNC wants recanvass of Iowa lol.

      3 weeks after they have already decided the nominee, Bernie will finally find out he won Iowa so he can give his victory speech.

    4. JulStol says:

      Buttigieg vs Sanders vs Bloomberg is the Democrats Kobayashi Maru.

      Buttigieg can’t win (won’t get the numbers he needs with blacks and hispanics and will not get the WWC to abandon Trump.

      Sanders can’t win (weaker than average with black and hispanic voters, too old, will send suburban Romney Republicans fleeing to Trump. They will not tax themselves out of their McMansions)

      Bloomberg can’t win (same problems as Buttigieg but for completely different reasons).

      This is absolutely beautiful. Iowa made President Trump’s re-election fait accompli.

    5. DW says:

      4 – seems you are spiking the football on the game winning touchdown in the 2021 Super Bowl.

    6. Phil says:

      I think as of right now we are looking at a late spring three way race of Bernie, Bloomberg, and Buttigieg. I don’t see Biden hanging in there….nor is Warren going to last.

    7. mRviTO says:

      Now that it looks like Bernie might win they want to recanvass, huh?

      That’s the only thing that changed since last night.

    8. NYCmike says:

      “This is absolutely beautiful. Iowa made President Trump’s re-election fait accompli.”

      -Confidence is good.

      Acting like Wes isn’t.

      Don’t ever go full-Wesley!

    9. Phil says:

      Yep, keep counting until you get the desired results.

      They expect Bernie to just lay down for all this.

    10. Wes says:

      Now, Mikey, I know you’re an idiot. You make that ridiculously apparent in every post. What were you saying about NO posters saying Trump would definitely win re-election?

    11. jason says:

      I agree with this. Romney shouldn’t be expelled from the Party. He should be vilified for being a scumbag media whore.

      Both can be true.

      “We have often heard Republicans claim that impeaching Trump is about overturning the 2016 election. But if Trump’s supporters truly believe that, how can they justify their new demand that Romney be expelled from the GOP? Surely that repudiation of the will of Utah voters would be just the same as that which they say Democrats are trying to do to Trump?

      There’s a broader concern here: the nature of the GOP as a party. The Grand Old Party is not the Trump Old Party. It was formed 92 years before Trump was even born. To, therefore, assume that disloyalty to Trump is cause for party expulsion, as the #ExpelMitt movement necessarily assumes, is to forget history and heritage. More than that, it is to subjugate the party to the whims of one man and his family. That is a presumption at once autocratic and absurdly un-American.

      By all means, passionately oppose Romney’s vote. By all means, don’t invite him to the Conservative Political Action Conference. By all means, organize a primary challenge against him in 2024. By all means, don’t vote for him ever again.

      But don’t expel him from the party. He has every right to be a member.”

    12. Wes says:

      I agree with Jason.

      Romney committed a foolhardy, egregious act. Expelling him from the party for it is not the way to handle things. Rather, the GOP should vilify him and miss no chance to point out his sanctimonious, self-serving apostasy at every turn.

    13. jason says:

      NYC is at war with himself again?


      Ohhh, puhhhleeze no, don’t move to PA.

      I am sure the first thing NYC would do is to apply the Mikey Maneuver to Pat Toomey.”


      “I can’t imagine a state where “limited government Republicans” think it is a good idea to limit the amount of locations to buy alcohol!”


      Translation: let’s Mikey Maneuver the state because the chances of eliminating state owned liquor stores will be so much better with liberal Democrats.


      Someone tell jason that a United States Senator usually doesn’t get involved with local politics”


      I bring up Toomey, he brings up liquor stores, I respond on liquor stores, he tells me Toomey is not involved in liquor stores.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      wes is right, the stupidity is just astounding.

    14. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      I concur with Jason and Wes. Romney’s political career is that of a rank opportunist.

      But the GOP still needs him to keep Senate majority, confirmations, etc.

    15. PresidentPaul! says:

      Musk ruins viewing the night sky sending 12000 satellites into orbit.


    16. PresidentPaul! says:

      “The FCC has approved the launch of 12,000 Starlink satellites so far, and SpaceX wants to launch 30,000 more.”

      Sorry meant to say 30000!

    17. jason says:

      Where’s the Klomentum?”

      Where is Skippy?

      Didn’t he say Klob 15% was a sure thing?

      I want my money back.

    18. jason says:

      wants to launch 30,000 more.”

      Sorry meant to say 30000!


      Must have attended the Kommie Kory School of Math.

    19. Phil says:

      Agree about not kicking Romney out of the party. His sanctimonious speech on the senate floor turns my stomach, however. Essentially telling the rest of the Republican Senate he’s somehow morally superior and that he’s the only one measuring up to standards of character.

      The speech read like one of Corey’s posts on this site.

    20. jason says:

      Bonchie at Redstate has Romney figured out perfectly:

      “This guy is just insufferable. This was a political process and Romney is presenting it as a religious rite of passage…

      ..But the one thing that will get his religious convictions going is the orange man or something. Come on. Anyone that buys this is a total sucker. Romney loves how this is playing out. He loves the attention, he loves the media praise, and he loves being the finger wagger at his own party. That’s what this was always about.

      In the end, I’m less concerned with Romney’s actual vote (it’s one vote, who cares?) than the immense amount of gaslighting going on about Romney’s motives. I’d have more respect for the guy and his defenders if they just admitted the obvious.”

    21. VictrC says:

      Agree wholeheartedly on not kicking out or recalling Romney. The people of Utah voted, for a narcissistic, jealous scumbag, but they voted for him.

      There is also room in the party for him. I love how he touted voting 80% with the President as if it was something to be proud of. Romney votes with Trump as an expected percentage of his victory on the state at a rate less than Feinstein and Cardin!!!! As well, Sinema and Manchin voted with Trump 54% of the time, so not that much different than Romney.

      Regardless, he should stay in the party, he should just never be trusted again in a situation that is vital to the party and the interests of the american people

    22. jason says:

      “He loves the attention, he loves the media praise, and he loves being the finger wagger at his own party. That’s what this was always about.”

      I have been saying this since Romney wrote the despicable self serving trash talking WaPo Op-Ed.

    23. NYCmike says:

      Ann Coulter, and many other voters, said that about Romney a longggggggg time ago……….yet the “smart” people here mostly ridiculed them for having such an opinion.

    24. jason says:

      Essentially telling the rest of the Republican Senate he’s somehow morally superior and that he’s the only one measuring up to standards of character.”

      Yep, the 195 House Rs (and 2 Dems) and the 52 R Senators who saw through this farce are all wrong.

      But he, and his MSM masters and Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, THEY are right.

    25. NYCmike says:

      Primary him at the first opportunity. Until then, keep him out of any leadership positions.

    26. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If a candidate does not get at least 15% of the vote in a congressional district in New Hampshire, they are considered not “viable” and will not get delegates. Believe the 15% rule also applies to delegates awarded state-wide.

    27. Wes says:

      We already know you’re an idiot, Mikey. You needn’t remind us in every post.

      Ann Coulter endorsed Romney early in the 2012 primaries.

      Most people on here who supported Romney did so because he was the least likely candidate to damage GOP chances downballot. Most of us also expected him to lose to Obama.

      Only Corey has had some kind of weird fixation on Romney over the past decade or so. We all knew he was an out-of-touch elitist who would struggle to connect with voters. We supported him strategically against his completely unelectable primary opponents.

      All that said, Romney did the best anyone could have expected against Obama in 2012:

      He kept the race relatively close and set up Republicans for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

      For that he should be commended. It makes him no less of a self-seeking ass who cast an unforgivable vote and earned all the philippics hurled his way in the aftermath.

    28. CG says:

      “The speech read like one of Corey’s posts on this site.”

      You just made my freakin’ year!!!

    29. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Romney has been a solid Republican vote in the Senate, and likely will remain so. Everyone knows he does not like Trump; but the impeachment fiasco is now over and I think he will return to being a solid Republican vote. Give it a rest.

      Besides it is important to have someone who is “profoundly religious” among a bunch of infidels.

    30. John says:

      That’s exactly what Mitch McConnell said on Hannity’s show last night…there are several big votes coming up with the Senate and he is counting on Romney’s vote…

    31. Scooterboy says:

      CNN Headline.: “ Trump vindicative & vulgar in his impeachment celebration speech”

      I didn’t see the speech. What was vulgar about it?

    32. John says:

      Wow. Just watched Trump’s ‘victory lap’ speech/bitch-a-thon.
      He completely had this coming enduring the crap for three years now and he deserved his chance to air it out.

    33. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      20. “This was a political process and Romney is presenting it as a religious rite of passage…”

      It was a strange speech.

      Utah is a vibrant state with the youngest population in the country. It also has a vibrant economy, and heavy into tech. A new generation of young Republican office holders is coming. Romney deserves admiration for many of the things he did in the past, including saving the SLC Olympics; but he is beyond his expiration date.

      He may have ran for the Senate because he thought Trump would crash and burn politically, and he could be a possible replacement. It is possible it is one reason he made the speech he did. From the tone of his Washington Post editorial, he seemed to be competing with Trump. I don’t think he will run for re-election.

    34. GF says:

      31-Scooter, he used “BS” in his remarks, but spoke it out in full.

    35. jason says:

      Yeah, the Dems can say “impeach the m’fer”, but Trump can’t say BS.

      CNN might try to milk a few town halls with the socialists, but now that the impeachment farce is over they are going to be even less relevant.

    36. NYCmike says:


      -Wes, if I am stupid, you ain’t smart.

      Coulter only endorsed Romney after the primary, because she knew the bigger problem was Obama.

      Stop making it so easy to show how silly your arguments are.

    37. Phil says:


      Forgot about the Impeach the MF quote. Yeah, good thing CNN is around to protect us from Trump’s vulgarity.

      CNN becomes a bigger joke by the day. What’s so funny is they are so wrapped up in their bubble that they are oblivious to what they have become. You’d have thought that their ratings would have been a big red flag for them, but they just cluelessly keep marching merrily on – right off a cliff.

    38. mRviTO says:

      Mitt losing on optics.


      Guy Benson Retweeted

      Ben Shapiro
      It’s a dramatic misfire. It makes it look like he’s seeking love from the same media the right abhors, underscoring their (misplaced) accusations that he’s a traitor.
      Quote Tweet

      Ben Smith
      · 5h
      Romney’s media plan around this is really a wonder to behold https://twitter.com/mikiebarb/status/1225398571320606722

    39. Bitterlaw says:

      Did I miss anything since I posted on Tuesday?

      I wish Romney had voted with the rest of the GOP Senators. He did not. I can live it. I listened to his speech. He seemed genuine in his given reasons. As somebody who hated the choices for President in 2016, I can relate.

    40. jason says:

      SDC, Romney is a sad and pathetic figure. He got what he wanted, lots of attention from the MSM, and even from us here.

      Really, really, despicable people in the MSM and in the Dem party are out there praising him. People who truly despise him and everything he could possibly stand for, especially the religion he claims motivates him. Yet he basks in the glory of their praise as if he believes they really admire him. They don’t. They think he is a useful idiot to be discarded like a used diaper at the first opportunity.

      The Never Trumpers are full of love for him, I am surprised Jennifer Rubin has not announced she is glad she was alive for his speech yet.

      But in the end, he will have no friends on either side. The people who he should want to be his friends, his fellow Republicans and conservatives, will shun him. The people he is seeking adulation from, actually hate his guts and always will.

      He knew both charges were garbage. He accepted one of them and not the other. A weak, weak, weak man.

    41. DW says:

      There is the old proverb, “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan”

      At the SOTU speech, there was a sea of ‘fathers’ on one side of the hall, cheering the speaker throughout the speech, while behind him sat a bitter, spiteful orphan left to mumble to herself.

    42. DW says:

      President Trump Job Approval
      Rasmussen Reports

      Approve 50
      Disapprove 49

      Approve +1

    43. Bitterlaw says:

      I was preoccupied with my birthday, crazy job, and coaching yesterday.

      My girls team finally won a game. 24-23. My player got fouled with 0.8 seconds. She nailed both free throws for the win.

    44. mRviTO says:

      Still no Iowa updates, huh? Bernie is getting hosed.

    45. jason says:

      He seemed genuine in his given reasons.”

      Really? All those reasons that were about him?

      I thought he oozed insincerity.

      “Genuine” would be the last word I would use. Fake. Self-serving. Hollow. Feigned. Dissimulating.

      Those are the words I would use.

      Will have to disagree with my fellow A-hole on “genuine”.

    46. jason says:

      Bitter wants to show everyone here that he actually has a life.



    47. NYCmike says:

      Senator Klobuchar approved of Romney’s choice. How could he resist the temptation to impress her!?!?

      Back to getting Trump re-elected…….

    48. jason says:

      He got what he wanted, lots of attention from the MSM, and even from us here.”

      Before some a-hole says that I am saying that scumbag Romney cares about HHR, I mean on social media in general.

    49. jason says:

      “CNN reported on Tuesday that among the people who watched President Trump’s State of the Union address, the vast majority (76 percent) had a “positive” or “very positive reaction.”

      The network’s instant poll showed that 59 percent of speech watchers had a “very positive” reaction, along with 17 percent who reported a “somewhat positive” reaction. Only 23 percent said they had a “negative reaction.”

      Of course, their analyst then tried to water this down by saying probably the viewership was “favorable to Trump”.

    50. Tina says:

      Biden appears low on cash.

      He ran to little girls today in nh to hug them.


    51. NYCmike says:

      “He seemed genuine in his given reasons.”

      -Yet this guy calls Ted Cruz a showboat…….

    52. jason says:

      Ted Cruz IS a showboat, so Bitter is right on that.

    53. jason says:

      Who wouldn’t want the admiration of this guy?

      Blumenthal wants his children to be like Romney?

      Frankly, probably better than being like Blumenthal, but that is a low bar.

      “Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) got choked up Wednesday while reflecting on Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R., Utah) floor speech about voting to remove President Donald Trump from office.

      “There were tears in my eyes, and there are again as I hear him say those words, but what I thought is I would really like my four children to be like that,” he said on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront…

    54. NYCmike says:

      ““There were tears in my eyes, and there are again as I hear him say those words, but what I thought is I would really like my four children to be like that,” he said on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront…”

      -Was that Dick Blumenthal, or “CG”?

    55. Tina says:

      Whispers are Pocahontas is quitting the campaign trail.

    56. jason says:

      Whispers are Pocahontas is quitting the campaign trail.”

      Not whispers… smoke signals.

    57. jason says:

      Warren actually did ok in IA.

    58. Tina says:

      Senate SSIC blasts the obumbler for Russian incompetence


    59. Phil says:

      Look, as to Biden, he was the leader for all these months for one reason and one reason only. He was viewed as the candidate who was perceived to be able to get enough blue collar support to win back the crucial midwestern states of Pa, Michigan and Wisconsin. He did the best in the head to heads vs Trump. He could win.

      After watching him on the campaign stump and especially in Iowa Democrats’ perception of him as the strongest candidate has been blown up. Without that perception as the strongest GE candidate he is not in the least attractive.

    60. Phil says:

      Pocahontas quitting would be a huge boost to Buttigieg.

    61. Tina says:

      Look at China Biden’s campaign skills. They have deteriorated.

      I say this even though he destroyed Paulo Ryan back in 2012.

    62. Phil says:

      The DNC has decided Biden just isn’t the guy to get it done. They are going all in ob Bloomberg.

    63. jan says:

      Went out to b’fast with a friend this morning. She surprised me by saying her husband – who doesn’t like Trump – was favorably impressed by his SOTU speech. I think trump made some positive inroads last Tuesday.

      Also, I’m taking back my comment about wishing I hadn’t voted for Romney. Like Jason wisely inferred, the alternative to him was much worse. However, I continue to disrespect him for his impeachment decision. As a private equity guy who disassembled businesses, or someone who was pro choice or pro life, depending on which side was more beneficial for him to support in order to be elected, I find him searching his conscience for Godly direction disingenuous, at best.

    64. VictrC says:

      The irony in Biden’s standing can not be overlooked.

      Looking at the polls he could conceivably fall to fifth in NH after a weak 4th place finish in Iowa. A 4th followed by a 5th is not someone who can win the Presidency.

      One of the major contributors to his fall is, to go along with his poor stump performances, impeachment. He was exposed during impeachment. Many who didn’t know the underhanded and shady dealings of his family finally were exposed to it, and it hurt him. Badly.

      Wouldn’t it be even more ironic if the impeachment that was meant to take down Trump, took down Biden…which is what Trump allegedly wanted from Ukraine anyway.

      Last point. Those who thought Biden might actually be the weakest candidate instead of the strongest were actually proven right. Trump would have defeated him in November. Can anyone imagine him campaigning 18 hours a day for 90 straight days in the Fall?

    65. Paul says:

      60: I’m worried that Warren’s voters might go to Bernie. Keeping the far left divided, would hopefully help a moderate to take the lead.

      62: I agree. Bloomberg posts and articles have been all over the place this week. I kind of like Bloomberg. But, it does feel like he’s the vulture circling the scene of carnage in Iowa.

    66. jason says:

      Finally, but too late….

      “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) on Thursday declared victory in the Iowa caucus before the final results were published, saying the media are wrong to treat Pete Buttigieg as the winner.

      “I think it is fair to say that we won the caucus,” the presidential candidate said, claiming a “very significant victory” after being projected to win the popular vote of Monday night’s caucus.

    67. jason says:

      I don’t want Bloomberg. I think he could be the most dangerous to Trump (I used to think it was Biden).

      And he is no moderate.

    68. Tina says:

      Whoa, this is true and well documented that comedy leaked to get a special prosecutor.

      CNN Politics
      · 2h
      Fact check: President Trump falsely claims former FBI Director James Comey admitted to leaking https://cnn.it/2S4uW4s

    69. jason says:

      Didn’t Comey admit leaking to his friend?

    70. jason says:

      Hillary at 20-1… any takers?

    71. PresidentPaul! says:

      Over under odds on this lady being a real jedi?


    72. jason says:

      Not sure Bernie is a good bet at 2-1.

    73. NYCmike says:

      “Didn’t Comey admit leaking to his friend?”

      -Wasn’t the friend a law professor, who Comey then made his personal attorney so that their conversations were privileged or some such legal maneuver??

    74. mnw says:

      Prepare to endure the MSM calling Romney “the conscience of the Senate” for the next 5 years. Book it. Going to be painful.

      I used to say the most regrettable vote I ever cast, by a mile, was McCain in ’08. Now, it’s no longer “by a mile,” because… Romney in ’12.

    75. Scooterboy says:

      The DNC is once again doing everything in their power to P.I.S.S. off the Sanders voters.

      Pass the popcorn !!!!

    76. Phil says:

      Not only are they doing everything, they are working overtime at it.

    77. mRviTO says:

      This is a fancy way of saying that the DNC is screwing Bernie over again.


      what’s happening: Iowa’s Party has allocated SDEs to satellites (relatively) straightforwardly: proportionally based on raw turnout

      DNC is interpreting the rules in a way that’d somewhat (not entirely) flatten that distribution, making it less directly linked to raw turnout.

    78. mRviTO says:

      And in the process, everyone can see how easy it was to screw him over in 2016 when it wasn’t even done in the open…

    79. mRviTO says:

      The White House
      At the direction of President Trump, the U.S. conducted a counterterrorism operation in Yemen that successfully eliminated Qasim al-Rimi, a founder and the leader of al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula and a deputy to al-Qa’ida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

    80. Tina says:

      Larry Schweikart
      Headline from “Freeper” GOPsterinMA:

      DemoKKKrats have worst week since Appomattox.I

    81. PresidentPaul! says:

      Another update dump from the CCP

      – Confirmed cases +3143: 28018:—>:31161
      – Severe cases +962: 3859:—>:4821
      – Deaths +73: 563:—>:636
      – Discharged +387: 1153:—>:1540

    82. Wes says:

      It’s no surprise the party that praised Castro and Chavez would use banana republic tactics to screw over a loyal foot soldier when he becomes a liability.

    83. PresidentPaul! says:

      Just when the irrationally exuberants thought it was safe to jump into the stock melt up that has been based all on bad news, bammmmm Japan finds another 40 corona + ppl on a cruise ship and just like that futures are falling again.

    84. jason says:

      Bob Casey, Fraud-PA, on why he is for Biden”

      “Our party has to win Pennsylvania; we’ve gotta nominate someone who can carry Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and a few other places. So, my support for Joe Biden wasn’t just based upon his character and his record; it was also based on his winnability in our state.”

    85. jason says:

      He is for Biden despite Biden’s character and record.

      I fixed it.

    86. jason says:

      You can’t made this sh-t up.

      “Mitt Romney now the head of the new old GOP”

    87. jason says:

      That was CNN.

    88. PresidentPaul! says:

      Expert thinks there are actually 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day


      An infectious disease expert says that the true scale of the coronavirus isn’t being reported by Chinese officials and claims that around 50,000 new cases are emerging in the country daily. Professor Neil Ferguson, director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London, says that the number of cases is ‘going up all the time’. To put things into context, he said that only 10% of all infections in China are being detected at the current time. He added that the rate of detection was better overseas, but even then only a quarter of infections were being discovered.

    89. mRviTO says:

      Lindsay Graham to Brian Kilmeade:

      In response to Romney’s invocation of his faith, Graham said, “All I can tell you is that God gave us free will and common sense. I used the common sense that God gave me to understand this is a bunch of BS.

      “It was politically driven, it was driven by people who are not looking for the truth, they hate Trump, they were going to impeach him the day he got elected and if you can’t see through this, your religion is clouding your thinking here,” added Graham, who also acknowledged that he has “always liked” Romney.

    90. PresidentPaul! says:

      #Just the flu.


      Pentagon sets aside a 6th military base for quarantining people fleeing the coronavirus outbreak in China

    91. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      80. Meanwhile, for those who though Trump was pulling out of Syria. Guess again

      “Last week, Amb. James Jeffrey, US Special Representative for Syria Engagement and Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, speaking to reporters, confirmed that Washington is not “planning any withdrawal of US troops from Syria in the near future.”
      “Their mission is ultimately the enduring defeat of ISIS, and that,” he said, “will still take some time.”
      * * * *
      In fact, the SDF official said that the US military presence in the northeast of Syria, in some respects, is now stronger and more muscular than in the past.
      “Heavy military equipment has been deployed to the region, and it is not only the air force,” he stated. “There are important bases in Deir ez-Zor, Hasakah, Qamishlo and Derik.””

    92. jason says:

      If there were 50k cases a day, then it is a loss less lethal than we think.

      But I doubt that is the case.

    93. John says:

      Regarding Romney…I said my piece earlier. Time to move.
      Final analysis…Trump has the great idea…when over – just speak your mind and don’t hold back.

    94. jason says:

      Another terrorist leader killed.

      Bunu hardest hit.

    95. PresidentPaul! says:

      The first guy who got this coronavirus in the US so far I read the course of events. He was in the hospital for 15 days.

      When was the last time any of you felt the need to go to the hospital for over two weeks for just the flu?

    96. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump seems to have a nasty habit of being decisive and actually wiping out our enemies in the Mideast; am sure Obama and his pacifist supporters find that unsettling.

    97. Tgca says:

      Novenas y nueve!

    98. jason says:

      When was the last time any of you felt the need to go to the hospital for over two weeks for just the flu?”

      Happens all the time. Half a million people were hospitalized last year due to the flu.

      80,000 people died of the flu in 2018.


    99. jason says:

      80,000 in the US.

    100. mRviTO says:

      Iowa pushed out the rest of the data, and show Sanders in second by 1.5 SDEs.


      Nate Cohn has a whole list of likely errors that hasn’t been addressed. The AP and networks have refused to name a winner.

      Except… CNN… apparently Cuomo declared Pete the winner on TV when he got on stage at the town hall.

      What a nightmare.

    101. Tgca says:

      Noventa not novenas you stoopid motha f…. Siri

    102. PresidentPaul! says:

      #100. The first person in the US who got it was a healthy 34 year old that was in the hospital for 15 days.

    103. mRviTO says:

      This is DNCNN.

    104. VictrC says:

      So Sanders wins the popular vote by 6,000 votes and 3.5%, the “realigned vote” by 1.5% and 2,500 votes YET LOSES the caucus by 1.5 delegates?

      And the Democrats are worried about Republicans tampering with the election.

    105. Wes says:

      That’s a hell of a comma splice/run-on sentence in 90.

    106. Phil says:

      Sheila Jackson Lee blamed the Russians for e Iowa mess. No, I’m not kidding. She was quoted today.

      Of course, she’s the congresswoman who thinks we went to Mars.

      So final figures are in…and shockingly they showed Bernie lost by a hair. Anyone shocked that the final count showed he was just nosed out? LOL. Yep, we should trust those numbers completely.

    107. mRviTO says:

      Yeah, Phil.

      And Nate Cohn provided documented errors more than 24 hours ago that would flip the lead.

      They didn’t address them.

    108. Wes says:

      Tina says:
      February 6, 2020 at 7:59 pm
      Larry Schweikart
      Headline from “Freeper” GOPsterinMA:

      DemoKKKrats have worst week since Appomattox.

      I would have thought that was Election Week 1920.

    109. Wes says:

      Democrats: politics Chavez style.

      Although it’s outdated now I highly recommend reading John Fund’s 2004 book Stealing Elections to see the depths of depravity politicians—usually Democrats—are willing to sink to to achieve desired election results.

    110. PresidentPaul! says:

      Yep 110% agree with this “political theory.”


      Trump did maybe slightly better than Romney but not really. Hillary underperformed Obama by 5 million votes.

      These are just base elections. There is almost no such thing as a swing voter other than just alienated certain portions of your base like Bernie supporters or Ron Paul supporters or some other part.

    111. mRviTO says:

      So, to summarize, the Dems sat on the numbers they said they had all day, without saying why, and released them just in time for Pete to walk up to the town hall and be told he won at the town hall in front of viewers…

      despite errors that could change the margin of 0.1% SDEs and a clear popular vote victory for Sanders.

      Paging Donna Brazile…

    112. lisab says:

      Softball coach of small town enlists help of 18 year old assistant coach to murder man

      bitterlaw snapped!

    113. SoHope says:

      #MayorCheat loses the first and second vote count to Bernie but “wins” by 1.5 delegates….here is how that one delegate was “earned”:


    114. mRviTO says:

      Nate Cohn
      I suspect I can say this without crossing the line into opinion: this is the worst conceived and executed electoral contest I have ever seen

    115. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Bloomberg’s actual height has been a source of speculation for years. From The New York Times in 2006:

      A search of news reports does not provide much clarification. The Newsday report in 2001 described Mr. Bloomberg as slightly shorter than a 5-foot-8 press aide, Jerry Russo. A Daily News article in 2003 put the mayor’s height at 5-foot-6. And a New York Sun article during the mayoral race last year put it at 5-foot-7.”

    116. lisab says:

      here is my score on the new political spectrum quiz

      You are a left moderate social libertarian.
      Left: 3.28, Libertarian: 2.47


      specifically, a cultural liberal, and foreign policy non-interventionist

    117. Tina says:


      Looks like Vindman has been canned.

    118. Marv says:


      We can still be friend…..right?

      My score:
      “You are a right social moderate.
      Right: 4.26, Libertarian: 0.18”

    119. lisab says:

      sure, we are both libertarians … 🙂

    120. Marv says:


      My next book to read is “The Churchill Factor” by Boris Johnson.

    121. Victrc says:

      Not posting my results LOL

    122. Chicon says:

      My results were “McCain boot licker”

    123. lisab says:


      my next book is

      A Column of Fire

      by ken follett

    124. MichiganGuy says:


      Joe Walsh ends campaign for White House


      Weld looking to be the big beneficiary. LOL

    125. Wes says:

      I’m sure Walsh’s supporter is sorely upset since Walsh left the race.

    126. Tina says:

      The Illinois grand wizard endorsed the cccp.

      Notice how these “real conservatives” are pro commie?

    127. Tina says:

      Tipsy weld finished “2nd in Iowa”.

    128. jason says:

      Pass the popcorn. Iowa Dem chairman tells Perez to pound sand, won’t recanvass votes

    129. jason says:

      Joe Walsh ends campaign for White House”

      Corey hardest hit.

      He will be here to declare the racist bigot to be another “leader of the real Republican Party” soon.

    130. jason says:

      You are a right social moderate.
      Right: 4.05, Authoritarian: 0.37

      So I was 3/4 of the way between left and right (towards right of course) and just above the line between authoritarian and libertarian.

    131. jason says:

      Washington (AFP) – Texas Thursday executed a man who killed five family members including two of his children in 2002 during what his defense argued was a delirium induced by crack cocaine.

      After smoking the drug Ochoa went into the house, grabbed a gun and shot his wife, their two daughters – ages nine months and seven years old – his father-in-law and a sister-in-law”

      And some people are against the death penalty…

    132. Phil says:

      Bill requiring mandatory voting introduced in the California legislature. Leaves penalty for not voting up to the California Secretary of State. It requires “all registered voters” to vote. Since in California you are automatically registered to vote, it covers most everyone.

    133. BayernFan says:

      Center right moderate
      Social libertarian

      Right 1.15
      Libertarian. 1.54

    134. DW says:

      California is a communist country. Any conservative should have gotten out years ago.

    135. Wes says:

      California is like a parody of every extant stereotype of liberalism. The state is a basket case because of it.

    136. Phil says:

      Folks, California is the model Democrats have in mind as the exact model for the US as a whole. California is a window into the future for all of us.

    137. PresidentPaul! says:

      400 Million People Are On Lockdown In China As Guangzhou Joins Quarantine

    138. jason says:

      I’m sure Walsh’s supporter is sorely upset since Walsh left the race.”

      Corey is not upset. He has moved on to Bloomberg/Jones 2020.

      Still don’t know which Jones it is, the little Marxist union hall lawyer from GA who needs a new job soon or Commie Van Jones from CNN.

    139. NYCmike says:


      -“And I am sure if President Reagan were with us, he’d tip his hat to President Trump and with a smile tell him — terrific job my friend. Keep it up. It’s morning in America again.”

    140. PresidentPaul! says:

      You are a right social libertarian.
      Right: 4.2, Libertarian: 5.39

    141. jason says:

      Of course, Corey claims to be pro-life and that the abortion issue is important to him….

      “Jones is pro-choice on abortion. In 2018, Planned Parenthood, which is pro-choice, gave him a 100% rating while the anti-abortion National Right to Life Committee gave him a 0% rating. Jones voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which prohibits abortion after 20 weeks except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the pregnant woman’s health”

      As for Bloomberg himself..

      “New Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is well-known for his advocacy of abortion rights, and a new report says he often opens his wallet for pro-choice causes.

      Bloomberg’s nonprofit, the Bloomberg Family Foundation, donated $13,962,000 to Planned Parenthood Federation of America between 2014-2017, according to research by Newsbusters.

      Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading provider of abortions. In its latest report (2017-18), the organization said its clinics had provided 332,757 abortions over the span of 12 months.”

    142. jason says:

      Bunu won’t admit the result said:

      “Paulbot America-hating Terrorist Loving Nutcase”

    143. mnw says:

      I’m a “center right moderate, social libertarian”

      I’m disappointed. I thought I would be Attila the Hun.

      A number of those questions were so vague & imprecise that I just selected “neutral” & “care very little.”

    144. Victrc says:

      So we add an astonishing 225k Jobs in January, wages rise even higher, unemployment claims reach as low as they have been in 50 years….and the articles you find aboutnit read like an obituary.

      Go figure

    145. jason says:

      Now let’s see anybody deny Romney is a media whore.

      “As the junior senator from Utah, on Wednesday, Romney voted to convict and remove President Trump from office, becoming the first senator in U.S. history to vote to remove a president of his own party. To hear some mainstream journalists tell the story, Romney’s years of opportunism just melted away, replaced by a profile in courage.

      “A profile in courage,” declared the Washington Post.

      “A profile in courage,” declared the Atlantic.

      “A profile in courage,” declared CNN.

      Romney meticulously prepared the media rollout of his new profile in courage. Before he announced his intention to vote against Trump, he arranged for interviews with the New York Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, and Fox News — all embargoed until he made his decision public on the Senate floor.

      “Romney’s media plan around this is really a wonder to behold,” noted BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith.

      One of those pre-interviews was with the New York Times’s podcast The Daily. Romney conceded the charge of political opportunism in the past. “My guess is that I was influenced in some cases by political benefit,” he said, “and I regret that.”

    146. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      So another Democrat Congressional lawsuit against the President bites the dust. This one is booted today by the DC Appellate Court.


    147. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      WEDS, FEB 5, 2020

      FOXNEWS THE FIVE 5,336,000
      FOXNEWS HANNITY 5,170,000
      FOXNEWS TUCKER 5,117,000
      FOXNEWS LAURA 4,710,000
      MSNBC MADDOW 3,144,000
      MSNBC ODONNELL 2,156,000
      MSNBC HAYES 1,909,000
      CNN TOWN HALL 1,043,000

    148. jason says:

      They have leaked NYC’s score….

      The deadender score was off the chart, it short circuited the app.

    149. mRviTO says:

      Centrist social moderate

    150. John says:

      225,000 jobs added in Janaury
      3.1% wage increase in January
      Lowest jobless claims in 50 years in February
      Trade deficit narrows for the first time in 5 years in 2019
      Not bad. Not bad at all.

    151. jason says:

      “Ending America is now a public Republican goal.”

      See, those who say Messy Moron could not possibly post some even more stupid than last time are always sorely disappointed.

    152. jason says:

      I think Messy Moron’s point is Dems are so incompetent that their caucus results could actually be “disrupted” by people calling in on a “hotline”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    153. DW says:


      Trump 51%
      Sanders 46%

      Trump 50%
      Buttigieg 41%

      Trump 49%
      Bloomberg 44%

      North Carolina:

      Trump 50%
      Sanders 42%

      Trump 52%
      Buttigieg 43%

      Trump 50%
      Bloomberg 47%


      Trump 44%
      Sanders 47%

      Trump 45%
      Buttigieg 45%

      Trump 43%
      Bloomberg 48%


      Trump 41%
      Sanders 48%

      Trump 44%
      Buttigieg 47%

      Trump 43%
      Bloomberg 46%


      Trump 45%
      Sanders 44%

      Trump 46%
      Buttigieg 43%

      Trump 44%
      Bloomberg 45%


      Trump 40%
      Sanders 51%

      Trump 42%
      Buttigieg 48%

      Trump 42%
      Bloomberg 49%


      Trump 46%
      Sanders 45%

      Trump 47%
      Buttigieg 44%

      Trump 45%
      Bloomberg 47%


      Trump 43%
      Sanders 49%

      Trump 44%
      Buttigieg 46%

      Trump 43%
      Bloomberg 46%


      Trump 44%
      Sanders 46%

      Trump 46%
      Buttigieg 45%

      Trump 43%
      Bloomberg 44%

      New Hampshire:

      Trump 44%
      Sanders 49%

      Trump 47%
      Buttigieg 44%

      Trump 46%
      Bloomberg 46%

      Paladin Polling – Purple State Initiative
      2/3 – 2/6/2020

    154. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      vvv . The Democrats’ worst week ever isn’t over yet vvv

      Appeals Court: Dems Have No Standing To Sue Trump Over The Emoluments Clause


    155. jason says:

      Another conservative for socialism!

      “Walsh, a conservative, said he will do whatever he can to stop Trump, including help any of the Democratic candidates get elected.”

    156. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie wealth tax at 8% a year is really crazy.

    157. NYCmike says:

      “Another conservative for socialism!”

      -Has MD come around on Trump at all, or is his wife still running the show in that house?

    158. Tina says:

      Nancy is stunned. Trump is coc. The nsc is also bloated and is being downsized. Vindman also leaked classified info.

      Chad Pergram
      · 32m
      Pelosi on WH removing Vindman from NSC:
      I’m stunned by it. I’ll talk to my colleagues. They have concerns about (President Trump’s) interventions with the military.

      Pelosi on Vindman:
      What a patriotic person. This goes too far.

    159. NYCmike says:

      I miss checking MD’s Twitter page.

      I still check Author’s Twitter page every now and then…….he has up a picture of Kansas City, Kansas “waiting for the Chiefs parade”….of course, it’s a ghost town, as the football team is from Kansas City, Missouri……pretty funny that Trump’s mistake is so important to these #NeverTrumpers.

    160. Bitterlaw says:

      I checked my score. I am a right moderate social libertarian

      Right 3.53 Libertarian 1.89.

      My scores might be skewed because I am defiantly indifferent to most things.

    161. mnw says:


      Wadhams is one of the shrewdest campaign managers the GOP ever had. I wish he were hooked directly into Trump 2020 & the RNC. Wadhams rid the world of one Thomas Daschle. Thanks of a grateful nation for that.

      About the KC Chiefs thing:

      Calling out Trump’s “mistake” regarding the two Kansas Cities plays better in big blue states than it does in either Kansas OR Missouri, I suspect. Half the people at Chiefs games are Kansans, as were half the people at the victory parade. To people in KC, KN & KC,MO, this is a nothing burger. Most of the affluent KC suburbs are in Kansas, btw, i.e., the people who can afford Chiefs’ season tickets.

      Where was that idiot Arthur FROM, anyway? Florida, wasn’t it? Figures.

    162. mnw says:

      According to his score on that quiz, BL is more rightwing than I am.

    163. CG says:

      “You are a right social moderate.
      Right: 5.38, Authoritarian: 0.69”

    164. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      I wish I could cut this up with a razor blade and snort it off a mirror:

      Bret Baier says he’s heard ‘from a number of Dems’ echoing Rep. Debbie Dingell’s complaint that ‘this has been one of the worst weeks I can remember’


    165. jason says:

      Drudge gives Trump a nice headline again.

      Maybe the fact he took a big hit on his numbers and his push for impeachment didn’t go anywhere he is warming up again to Trump.

    166. jason says:

      Yep, the Dems would consider the JOBS SOAR, WAGES ACCELERATE headline at Drudge bad news.

      Like the NeverTrumpers, they are rooting against the success of their own country because that is “good for Trump”.

    167. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I may be the board’s token leftist:
      1.76 left
      0.65 libertarian

      Pretty close to dead center.

    168. mRviTO says:

      Mine was 0.79 left and 0.1 authoritarian.

    169. mRviTO says:

      It’s funny messy thinks anyone here other than Bunu has buddies on 4chan…. and everyone here wishes Bunu would go away.

    170. Marv says:


      Our G-650 is available again this weekend. You want it?

    171. Wes says:

      Vito, if Dave would establish a registration system Bunu would no longer be able to post here.

    172. jason says:

      I don’t believe in registrations systems either. Maybe Bunu will get tired of talking to himself and get lost again.

    173. jason says:

      So Corey, who thinks the old Bolshevik or the other socialists would be better than Trump, is the most right wing person here?

      I love this place.

    174. mRviTO says:

      179 just like Walsh…

    175. lisab says:


      i beat you on both the left and libertarian scale!

    176. Messy says:

      157. DW hzs shown that Biden is still trouncing Trump everywhere.

    177. mRviTO says:

      Pretty sure DW is saying the only place poor Joe will be trouncing Trump in 2020 is to the old folks home…

    178. Tina says:


      Lc vindman escorted out of the White House.

    179. mRviTO says:

      Sahil Kapur
      UMass Lowell poll: 62% of New Hampshire Democrats would rather see a giant meteor strike the earth and extinguish all human life than see President Trump get re-elected.

    180. mRviTO says:

      Might need to rethink the state motto…

    181. PresidentPaul! says:

      carzy thing about this all was that the trade war really worked out. Basically a lot of US companies were in the process of learning to become less china dependent in advance of the corona shutdown

    182. mRviTO says:

      Death is more popular with “moderates” than “liberals”…. neat.

    183. DW says:

      Hi Marv, Thanks for the use of the jet as always.

      At Paladin Polling, we strive to save money, and as everyone knows how costly it is, we trimmed our Purple State Initiative down to just the remaining viable Democratic Party candidates. Biden has no path forward. Sanders is strong, and for now, so is Buttigieg. Bloomberg, due to his money is still a wildcard for now, but may be dropped soon if he fails to gain traction. Warren is going nowhere so she was dropped too.

    184. CG says:

      At last, a constituency for Bitterlaw…

    185. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      182, Today’s Emerson and Suffolk tracking polls in New Hampshire shows Biden has fallen to 4th in the primary, with only 11%. His campaign is reportedly out of money, and he is pulling adds out of South Carolina to make what may be his last stand in Nevada. The only question is will Biden or Warren be the 1st to withdraw their candidacy.

    186. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Should note Trump’s polling today:

      Hill/Harris 49% Approval 51% Disapproval
      Rasmussen 49% Approval 49% Disapproval

      These are two of his most favorable polling firms; but in others, such as Gallup, he has risen as well.

      Agree with those who say this might have been Trump’s best week — impeachment was a horrible blunder by the Democrats, which may ironically have helped destroy Biden; and add the Iowa fiasco to it.

    187. Tina says:

      The mi drat senator wants this week to end

      She says it was a disaster for the jebots.

    188. Tina says:

      I am hearing that both vindmans were terminated.

      Another nsc official was let go today too.

      Will he do wrong Wray and ig FISA Atkinson?

    189. Tina says:

      Political Polls
      · 2h
      #NewHampshire, McLaughlin & Associates GE Poll:

      Trump 49% (+4)
      Biden 45%

      Trump 48% (+3)
      Sanders 45%

    190. Marv says:


      Yep, agreed with #189.

    191. mRviTO says:


      Brit Hume
      I don’t doubt that Romney said what he truly believes. And that’s the problem. His view of Trump’s action was the very kind of exaggerated claptrap we got from Adam Schiff.

    192. Waingro says:

      BOOM. New NBC/Marist poll of NH:

      “”Congressional ballot: R+1 (45%-44%); was D+5 in Jan (47%-42%) — so a real shift in less than a month”

    193. mRviTO says:

      Guess the meteor can’t get here soon enough…

    194. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      199. It was a poll of registered voters too; a likely voter poll might have been even more favorable to Trump.

      Impeachment turned into a fiasco. As Napoleon once said: “It was worse than a defeat, it was a blunder.”

      More from the NBC/Marist poll of NH:

      Trump approval: 45% approve, 51% disapprove (was 42% approve, 53% disapprove in Jan poll)

      Congressional ballot: R+1 (45%-44%); was D+5 in Jan (47%-42%) — so a real shift in less than a month

      Feb 4-6, reg voters, +/- 2.5%

    195. Scooterboy says:

      If it ends up being R + 1, does the House flip?

    196. Big Joe says:


      Your Compass:
      You are a center-left social moderate.
      Left: 2.61, Libertarian: 0.53

      Big Joe

    197. mnw says:

      202 SDC

      Napoleon never said this, nor has it ever been attributed to him: “It was worse than a defeat, it was a blunder.”

      It was Talleyrand, the French foreign minister, who supposedly said that ABOUT his boss, Napoleon, concerning the assassination of Bonaparte’s political opponent the Count d”Enghien.

      Going from memory, what Talleyrand is supposed to have said was, “It was worse than a CRIME. It was a blunder.”

    198. Tina says:

      Trump raises $25 million today for his campaign


      Alex Isenstadt
      Big fundraising day for Trump, I’m told

      About 300 Trump allies – including Bossie, Gaetz, Lewandowski, Ronna McDaniel, Don Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle – gathered at Mar-a-Lago for a donor “call day”

      About $25 million raised for Trump Victory fundraising account

    199. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      206. I probably stand corrected, have seen the quote attributed to Napoleon several times. We may need to have Cash Cow ask Walt whether Napoleon or Talleyrand said it.

    200. Tina says:

      Ambassasor sondland also recalled.

    201. John says:

      Trump is kicking ass.
      Love it.

    202. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump Job Approval:
      Approve 50%
      Disapprove 48%
      Zogby Analytics 1/31-2/2/Likely voters

      Trump Job Approval:
      Approve 46%
      Disapprove 54%
      @Harvard @HarrisPoll/ Registered voters

      Trump Job Approval:
      Approve 45%
      Disapprove 54%
      AtlasIntel 1/30-2/2/ Registered voters

    203. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump 49% (+4)
      Biden 45%

      Trump 48% (+3)
      Sanders 45%

      McLaughlin & Associates/

    204. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      So far this week, Trump booted the Vindman’s and Sondland, Jennifer Williams was transferred by Pence and Bill Taylor and Vogonovich “retired”.
      Yes, if you try to kill the King, you better succeed or else.
      The next dominoes to fall should be IG Atkinson, George Kent, Fiona Hill(has she retired?) and Lauren Cooper. Which anti-Trump witnesses am I missing?

    205. janz says:

      I tested a center right —-> 2.55
      Social moderate ——> .96

    206. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Romney’s approval rating in Utah drops 10 pts. to 36%. The pollster says that his drop is due to his impeachment position.


    207. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      215. “Romney’s drop primarily comes among Republican voters. In October, 40% of “strong” Republicans said they approved of his job performance. Now, just 29% feel that way. His support among moderate Republicans dropped 18 points, 71% in October to 53% now. Even independent voters who lean toward the Republican party have softened their support for Romney from 49% in October to just 37% now.”

    208. janz says:

      The optics of not only Romney’s vote, but also revelations of his pre-vote actions – a slew of interviews and letters – just make him look worse and worse.

    209. Messy says:

      Don’t they have anything better to do?

      217.How does being honest and upstanding make you look bad?

    210. jason says:

      But Romney doesn’t give a damm about his constituents.. he has a higher calling.. the MSM.

    211. jason says:

      Don’t they have anything better to do?”

      Are you talking about the bogus impeachment?

      Doesn’t look like it.

    212. Tina says:

      Wow, on Pierre. A few days ago, Larry Schwiekart said internal polls had Quittens in the 40s.

      I think sdc posted a Utah poll on trump in the 50s?

    213. Tina says:

      Maybe cabbage patch Vindman can become defense secretary for Ukraine,

    214. PresidentPaul! says:

      Just turned this on. Seems like Buttigeig is doing well.

    215. Tina says:

      Why is China Biden even running?

      Students For Trump
      Biden is already conceding in the New Hampshire caucus ?

      “I took a hit in Iowa, and I’ll probably take another hit in New Hampshire.”

      5:10 PM – Feb 7, 2020

    216. Tina says:

      I also think crack rock Biden “ took a hit.”

    217. PresidentPaul! says:

      lmao why is Tom stoyer in this debate. Did he get any votes in Iowa?

    218. PresidentPaul! says:

      Stoyer reminds me of carly fiorina in the debates where she would randomly just interrupt and start screaming at ppl.

    219. Bitterlaw says:

      I respect Romney. I disagree with his vote but at least he hates Trump. He still votes with Republicans on most issues. I can deal with him.

      That said, I am glad Trump won and want him to win again in November.

    220. Tina says:

      Bizarro world

      Quittens praised at the Drat debate.

      Cccp wants a revolution.

      Buttplug was for Medicare for all.

      China Biden is asleep,

      The Clinton 41 Groupie is trying to lift up buttplug.

    221. jason says:

      A lot of people dislike Trump, but Romney is a scumbag media whore.

      Both can be true.

    222. janz says:

      Messy, Romney’s vote didn’t change the conviction outcome of the vote. What it did impact was the Dems ability to crow it was a “bipartisan” impeachment, which only succeeded to taint Trump, and give Romney the ability to separate himself out, morally, from the rest of the R senators which also subtly tainted them too. Nothing was gained by Romney’s action, and, IMO, he put unnecessary shade over the whole event.

    223. Bitterlaw says:

      I see it another way, Janz. Romney showed that it was the Democrats who were the partisan hacks with 100% voting in lockstep.

    224. PresidentPaul! says:

      Literally can’t stop this Corona is coming to USA just a matter of time.

      -Reporter says ‘real’ death toll could be closer to 20k

      -30% of health care workers so far are getting corona.

      -Chinese quarantine expanded to Guangzhou; 400 million now on lockdown

      -Hong Kong confirms case No. 25

    225. jason says:

      Romney’s approval rating in Utah drops 10 pts. to 36%.”

      He doesn’t care, he is a scumbag.

      He is mentioned at the Dem debate, and is a hero at CNN and MSNBC.

      THAT is what he cares about.

    226. jason says:

      Reporter says ‘real’ death toll could be closer to 20k”


      Reporter says Bunu is a terrorist loving America hating Paulbot.

      Right on!

    227. janz says:

      Bitter, I don’t respect someone who fails to see the bigger picture of his actions – who he hurts, what negative ramifications his actions may have – and then uses God to rationalize his actions, as he basks in the attention of those who slimed him in the past. To me Romney’s rogue vote was purely a self serving sanctimonious one.

    228. janz says:

      I also think it”s the extreme disappointment in Romney, from those of us who viewed him as a man with not only principles but also common sense, who are now angry because they so underestimated his political strengths and team player integrity.

    229. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Dana Loesch
      · 32m
      “He’s gonna beat us unless we can take him down on the economy,” Steyer just said.

    230. SusyQue says:

      Devils vs Muslims vs Gays tonight. This is why we need our Great President Donald J. Trump. Thank you President Trump for saving us from all evil. In Jesus Name!

    231. PresidentPaul! says:


      30k dead geese. Farmers can’t feed their livestock due to shutdown

    232. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ima laugh at those that laugh at those of us who own gold.

    233. PresidentPaul! says:


      United states military pulling citizens out of Wuhan. They are dressed for “just the flu”

    234. phoenixrisen says:

      #196 Wow Wain. That Marist generic congressional has to have the DNC freaked out. If that holds the GOP takes back the House and holds the Senate, probably gaining 1-2 (Jones in Alabama, Peters in Michigan lose). seats though they have a ton of GOP seats up for re-election in November.

    235. janz says:

      Phoenix, you are always a breath of fresh air with your positive attitude.

    236. jason says:


      Sondland, who has served as US ambassador to the European Union, announced his dismissal Friday evening in the following statement:
      “I was advised today that the President intends to recall me effective immediately as United States Ambassador to the European Union.
      “I am grateful to President Trump for having given me the opportunity to serve, to Secretary Pompeo for his consistent support, and to the exceptional and dedicated professionals at the U.S. Mission to the European Union. I am proud of our accomplishments. Our work here has been the highlight of my career.”

    237. jason says:

      I got the distinct feeling that the only reason Sondland was on the fence during his testimony was because the Dems threatened his hotel businesses.

    238. Scooterboy says:

      If we keep seeing job reports like today, it’s gonna be difficult for the Dems to beat Trump.

      Rarely has a President lost re-election during a booming economy.

      I know approval rating is a strong indicator also, but even if people don’t like the guy, I think most will be reluctant to change course with the economy doing so well.

    239. jason says:

      Eventually Bitter is going to say scumbag Romney can shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and he will still support him.

    240. jason says:

      but even if people don’t like the guy,”

      Who likes him? Even here at HHR, maybe NYC, mnw, susyque, Tina, a few others you can count on two hands.

      Yet, except for the two nevertrumpers, the Dems and the trolls, everyone else is voting for him.

      You can bet the same thing is happening all over the country. Well, except in Bitter’s neighborhood, where everyone will vote against their interests because they hate Trump.

      Around here, most people can’t afford not to support Trump.

    241. Chicon says:

      No, it’s McCain that could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still be supported here.

    242. lisab says:

      what happens if romney is on the dem ticket?

    243. John says:

      ….’if the we keep seeing job reports like today…’
      Folks, please help me….did I miss something in the last few years or what?

    244. Bitterlaw says:

      I will not change my opinion of Romney to suck up to an A-hole.

      Jason did nothing to help Trump win in 2016 but now sets himself up as the judge of Romney. Joke.

    245. Victrc says:

      Watching this dem debate here are my thoughts

      Bernie is pushing Butt further left. He’s going all in on tax hikes et al.

      Klobuchar keeps using the same stories and always sounds like she’s going to cry.

      Bernie is Bernie. He hates peoole who’ve succeeded.

      Biden has disappeared completely. When he talks he sounds as if he’s not 78. He sounds 90. Poor guy. He’s actually a decent man.

      Any if these are going to have difficult times in November. I’m beginning to think Bloomberg will get the nomination which will be interesting. He’ll draw in Never trumpers but how will he do with with blacks and Hispanics. Not well I think.

      After the debate all the candidates hugged and shook hands except Klobuchar who took off without saying anything to anyone.

      I didn’t see the earlier part so maybe someone attacked her.

      ABC is saying Klobuchar won the night.

      I don’t think her schtick is going to play everywhere. Who knows.

    246. jason says:

      Wow, another scumbag Romney fan:

      Alyssa Milano:

      Thank you for doing what’s right, @MittRomney. History will remember you as a decent, courageous, man among cowards and fools. “

    247. jason says:

      No, it’s McCain that could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still be supported here.”


      If anyone earned the right to shoot someone on 5th Av. it would be McCain.

    248. Bitterlaw says:

      If McCain shot somebody on 5th Avenue, I am sure they deserved to be shot. Twice.

    249. jason says:

      He’s actually a decent man.”

      Really? Facts not in evidence.

      I think he is profoundly corrupt. A creepy fondler of women and little girls. A plagiarist.

      Friend of blue collar workers? Don’t make me laugh, his policies are blue collar job killers.

      I don’t see anything “decent” about Joe Biden.

    250. jason says:

      If McCain shot somebody on 5th Avenue, I am sure they deserved to be shot. Twice.”

      Exactly. In fact, it is probably the one thing missing from his distinguished record of public service. He didn’t kill anybody that deserved to be killed.

    251. Victrc says:


      Bad terminology. Biden is a generally nice guy. Most people who’ve dealt with him over the years like him. Both sides of the aisle.

      Now a lot has come out recently that reflects badly on him. With that said, he’s too old for this. I think he needs to drop out.

    252. Victrc says:

      Holy cow. Chris Christie is an analyst on ABC now and he’s tearing into mayor Pete. Crushing him. Butt should be glad Christie isn’t on that stage. He would have eaten him alive.

      I have to say I was sad that Christie didn’t do better in 2016. There are some things I really like about him. There are some I don’t. Same as the guy at 1600.

    253. jason says:

      I want to thank Chicon for attacking McCain’s fine record of military and public service again.

      It is always a privilege for me to defend our war hero and great American John McCain.

    254. Chicon says:

      I am pleased to have reached agreement with both surviving A-holes!

    255. Victrc says:

      It was lots of sad faces on ABC and the closing comment by their whites house correspondents:

      “I don’t think anyone on that stage has the Trump campaign quaking in their boots.”

      It’s a sad time in liberal land

    256. jason says:

      Now a lot has come out recently that reflects badly on him.?

      Sorry Vitrc. Recently? Let’s get real, this guy has been a total creep and ethically challenged for decades. His 1988 campaign imploded when he was forced to admit he was plagiarizing several people and fabricating his academic record.

    257. lisab says:

      the dems on the reddit politics boards are pissed that abc, cnn and msnbc are not on bernie’s (or buttigieg’s side)

      they definitely think the dnc is stealing the nomination from bernie again

    258. Bitterlaw says:

      There are more than 2 A-holes left. Some just disappear at times. Not every A-hole is as open as me or Jason.

    259. Cash Cow TM says:

      You are a center-right moderate social authoritarian.
      Right: 1.91, Authoritarian: 3.37

    260. jason says:

      both surviving A-holes!”

      Huh, there are lot more than 2 surviving A-holes.

      Several on this thread as a matter of fact.

    261. Cash Cow TM says:

      AND…I guess I should add…(based on my score)

    262. jason says:

      Yeah, and Bitter and I would never let Romney come between us.

    263. Cash Cow TM says:


      Glad your girls got a win on your birthday…

    264. jason says:

      Walt has evolved over time.

      He doesn’t club women and drag them into his cave anymore.

    265. Victrc says:

      Fair assessment Jason. This campaign is going much the way his first two did, except this time he was fronted a big lead which has disappeared as people remember who he really is.

      I guess I was just feeling sorry for him. I was wrong to do so.

    266. jason says:

      Some A-holes only show themselves at certain times.

      Some A-holes are intermittent, others seasonal.

    267. jason says:

      Vic, maybe you meant “personable”. If people like him that could be the right word.

    268. Chicon says:

      Some A-holes are omnipresent.

    269. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

      “That Marist generic congressional has to have the DNC freaked out.”

      A simple google search reveals no poll with Dems holding steady at around +7 on the GCB on the RCP and 538 ballot averages.

      Most posts on here are based on lies or exaggerations anyways so it’s not a surprise I guess.

    270. lisab says:

      You are a center-right moderate social authoritarian.
      Right: 1.91, Authoritarian: 3.37

      we are keeping the bell

    271. Ben says:

      Right: .1, Authoritarian: .7

      Damn it! Just missed the center dot. I have been called a knuckle-dragger. Far right, yadda yadda. I think of myself as a pretty liberal man……guess I’m not.

    272. Bitterlaw says:


      Does anybody on Trump’s staff check on details. This girl was already in a good school.

    273. mRviTO says:

      I’m not sure if it’s more embarrassing that the inquirer thinks that matters to the point that was being made or that it is investigating little girls to own Trump.

    274. Bitterlaw says:

      I see your point. The media will never give Trump a break but does he need to help them?

    275. jason says:

      Most posts on here are based on lies or exaggerations anyways so it’s not a surprise I guess.”


    276. jason says:

      You know the PeteWilson troll moron is worried when he start attacking the polls.

    277. jason says:

      Maybe they will find out the Tuskegee airman is only 99 3/y and that the Rush’s cancer is only stage 3 and that the soldier once got fined for jaywalking.

    278. jason says:

      Hmm.. .3/4

    279. jason says:

      Wow, Katy Turd might actually be stupider than Messy Moron….

      “In case you missed it, majority doesn’t always rule in this country,” Tur whined in the 2:00 p.m. ET hour. Relying on a Washington Post article, she then explained her declaration: “Forty-eight senators voted to remove the President from office. Fifty-two voted to acquit. But the 48 actually represent 12 million more voters than the senators who decided to keep Donald Trump in the White House.”

    280. jason says:

      This sounds Ohio Kim, who said R votes from “big counties in Ohio like Cuyahoga” shouldn’t count in the primaries because they were “liberal counties” and contrary to the R vote in “small conservative counties”.

    281. jason says:

      Did she forget Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer attend and address?

      “Tonight, Elizabeth Warren nodded along and smiled as a questioner slandered AIPAC as “an unholy alliance” of “Islamophobes,” “anti-semites, and white nationalists” that perpetuates “bigotry”

      Without blinking, Warren then agreed to boycott next year’s AIPAC conference”

    282. jason says:

      Btw, Scooter, Kim’s lawyers have subpoenaed the video from the A-hole kitchen cameras, but Bitter is confident it will show you didn’t ask Kim for more than hot chocolate. Either that or he has confidence in the people who edited the video.

    283. jason says:

      I am the only one working here on Saturdays, trying desperately to keep a conversation going.

      Maybe Chicon can attack McCain’s record again so we can get something going.

    284. Wobbles says:

      It’s been a terrible week for me. So I am not going to engage in any conversation.

      What is going on with Stormy?

    285. Tina says:

      Does the Bullsheot wark and the other never trumpers realize that Pierre Detestable is at 36 percent approval in Utah?

    286. Tina says:

      Buttplug takes lead in NH.

    287. Hugh says:

      Time to fire Wray and Atkinson

    288. Tgca says:

      Dos nueve nueve!

    289. VictrC says:

      word is that DNC is going all in on Mayor Pete. They know Biden is sinking and can’t handle the rigors of a campaign (fully in evidence last night as he faded badly) and are terrified of Bernie, hence the loaded question of can a socialist win.

      Klobuchar is auditioning for VP, no way she gets top of the ticket.

      Expect everyone to attack Bloomberg as trying to buy the election once Sanders and Warren are eliminated, leaving either Mayor Pete, or someone inserted at the convention. Problem is both are going to have problem with minorities in a big way.

    290. VictrC says:

      XXX for me baby!!!

    291. PresidentPaul! says:

      Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa

    292. janz says:

      Supposedly the WH is be snubbed by most network’s Sunday shows. In this way they can subdue too many kudos showing good news from the previous week. Amazing how much the news organization’s POV, and which party most align themselves to, plays into the game of public perception.

    293. Scooterboy says:

      James Woods-“just for giggles, imagine this. The Iowa caucuses were not a snafu, but an engineered cluster muck to keep the Democratic field wide open. The impeachment scam was a way to air Biden’s corruption. The chaos leads to a brokered convention. Guess which drunken hag saves the day?”

    294. Scooterboy says:

      293. Video ? What video? ……Chit !!!!

    295. mRviTO says:

      The Democrats are trying to get a video removed from twitter. It shows Nancy ripping up the speech juxtaposed with parts of the speech.

    296. mRviTO says:


      Biden trying for a KO on Mayor Pete.

      Ironically, it is still more than Obama ever did before becoming President.

    297. Wes says:

      Somewhere Donald Trump is watching this and munching a big bucket of popcorn.

    298. jason says:

      Dang, if Mayor Butt is the nominee, Trump can save that money and just keep running that ad.

    299. Waingro says:

      #300, my hope is Mayor Pete wins NH. Bernie ekes out NV. And Biden wins convincingly in SC. Absolute chaos after that will ensue.

    300. Scooterboy says:

      Devastating ad.

      But with Mayor Butt rising, doesn’t attacking him only help Sanders more?

      I thought that was exactly the opposite of what the establishment Dems want to happen.

      I don’t think people are gonna leave Mayor Butt and run to Biden.

    301. Tgca says:

      It is silly to think a brokered convention will allow Hillary to step in and be nominated. Bernie’s significant base would revolt and AOC and her chick click would go full assault on the Dem nominee since they support Bernie. The outcome would be disastrous and ironically Hillary would be labeled with stealing the nomination and not the people’s choice. The Dem party would be torn apart and Dem youth would stay home or vote 3rd party in spite. Bernie folks will not let him be denied a 2nd time by insider deals.

    302. dblaikie says:

      I was just wondering if my friend Wes has changed his opinion about Trump’s chances in the election? Just wondering.

    303. Phil says:

      They PARTICULARLY won’t allow Bernie to be denied by HILLARY again.

      In short, Bernie’s people would go nuts.

    304. jason says:

      Messy Moron so stupid doesn’t get the point Trump was making.

      Charter schools allow deserving students to get ahead and not be be forced to stay in bad schools.

    305. PresidentPaul! says:

      Prof. Neil Ferguson, Vice Dean Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College in London, estimates 50K new infections per day.

    306. Cash Cow TM says:

      I got an email ad to spend $150 to put an app on my laptop computer to prevent it from getting the coronavirus.

      I snapped it up, WHAT A BARGAIN!
      Walt will be happy!
      (I did the right thing, right?)

    307. Bitterlaw says:

      The revelation of the video surveillance system at the A-hole Clubhouse has caused a lot of rumors about the contents of the videos. I can assure that some of those rumors are completely untrue. The rest are open to interpretation.

    308. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      307. https://mobile.twitter.com/NumbersMuncher/status/1226200604218994689 Biden trying for a KO on Mayor Pete.

      Probably one of the best campaign adds I have seen. I don’t understand why the Biden campaign does not focus on its media campaign, and minimized Biden’s speaking engagements — just have Biden do meet and greets and shake hands with people.

    309. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      317. Sounds like you need to go hide in your fallout shelter for the rest of the year, while the new plague decimates the Earth’s population.

    310. lisab says:

      the point of the school is that now the girl can go to the CHRISTIAN school if she wants.

      the charter school she is in is free (to her)

      but now she can go to the private school

      which is “school choice”.

      i disagree with school choice, and we can discuss that, but trump did not mean she now could go to a charter school, he meant the private school

    311. Skippy says:

      Klobmentum is stirring in New Hampshire tonight.

    312. lisab says:

      even cnn, who loves klobachar, only has her at 7%

      she is 5th in the last 5 polls

    313. Skippy says:

      You will see an uptick on Emerson NH Tracking Poll for Klobmentum after her debate performance last night.

      4 day surge has begun.

    314. Phil says:

      Her only shot is maybe being selected as VP and it’s her only realistic goal now. Coming in 5th last week in a neighbor midwestern State finished any long shot dreams she had of getting the nomination. Looking at a ceiling of 4th in NH. She is on track to finish down the list in SC and Nevada as well. Super Tuesday Bloomberg is on the ballot pushing her even further down the pecking order.

    315. Skippy says:

      Klobmentum will be finishing 3rd in NH. She now finally has the oxygen she needs to compete all the way through Super Tuesday and eventually become the compromise candidate at the contested convention in Milwaukee.

      It’s happening.

    316. Bitterlaw says:

      New Thread

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