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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies

    As if this election season needed any more gas lighting….

    Posted by Dave at 8:16 pm
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    572 Responses to “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies”

    1. John says:

      Numero uno.

    2. Tgca says:

      Dos Bebe! Dos!

    3. Robbie says:

      Of all the times for this to happen.

      I think the issue can be a potent one for Trump.

      Scalia’s seat won Trump the presidency.

      A campaign waged over Ginsburg’s seat could win him a second term.

    4. Tgca says:

      As I was saying from the last thwed.

      I don’t plan on being around in 40 or 50 years. F*ck that chit!

      I’ll be floating on a cloud playing a harp by then.

      Get the best conservative in for now. That is the priority.

    5. Pitchaboy says:

      It fires up both bases in the end. May as well nominate and pick a fight. If it goes down, your base is really fired up. If it goes through, dems get energized but you stacked SC.

    6. jaichind says:

      It seems that the enthusiasm gap will close no matter way. SO all things equal it is better to bank your winners by putting someone in now.

    7. Country Dick Montana says:

      I can see where it would energize the educated white women vote, as abortion now becomes an issue. But they were already energized over Trump hatred.

      Does a SC nomination really move the Black and Latino voter to the same extent?

    8. MrVito says:

      Chuck Schumer’s first tweet was about replacing RBG.

      8 minutes later he got around to condolences.

    9. Phil says:

      Trumps base is already fired up, Robbie. I don’t see how this helps Trump any more than what he already has. What, Never Trumpers like you are going to now vote for Trump? The Lincoln project is now going to disband? The Bulwark is now going to drop their efforts on behalf of Biden? Don’t make me laugh.

    10. PresidentPaul! says:


      Trump to move forward with nomination within days

    11. MrVito says:

      Ryan Saavedra
      The media is going to lie more in the next 45 days than it has in the last 4 years.

    12. PresidentPaul! says:

      Dems are in a panic lmao.

      They are now “bargaining” with nonsense like worrying about Collins reelection (although true we want her to win)

    13. jaichind says:

      Given how Collins, Murkowski and Romney are going to get in the way the importance of those 2018 Senate victories in ND IN MO and FL now comes into view. Thank goodness for those victories that even with possible backstabbing by those 3 we still have it at 50-50 with Pence in the wings.

    14. jaichind says:

      I wonder if Manchin will cross over this time. Most likely not since he is not up for re-election

    15. Tgca says:

      Lindsey Graham as Judiciary Committee chair has no alternative but to push a new SCOTUS nominee through now, regardless of what he previously said about timing and elections. Otherwise, he will lose his SC senate seat in Nov.

      Could you imagine if he said, “as I said before…

    16. Pitchaboy says:

      Manchin almost never casts an useful vote. He votes with R when his vote does not matter.

    17. PresidentPaul! says:

      If this finally destroys Mitt Romney voting w the dems. Whatever who cares.

      Take the loss, and be done with it.

    18. Smack says:

      I don’t think McConnell has the votes to proceed with any name Trump puts forward. Don’t get me wrong…I believe Trump should put forward a name but Mitch doesn’t have the votes.


      Is all Democrats need to stop a replacement.

      However, this issues sets up well for GOP and Trump as a motivation to get out and vote even more than they currently already are especially in the Midwest.

    19. PresidentPaul! says:

      Collins usually doesn’t backstab though. She just acts like she’s going to.

    20. PresidentPaul! says:

      Collins is like the Manchin of the GOP. She always acts like she might vote with Schumar right up until the last minute, then she usually votes with the GOP.

    21. PresidentPaul! says:

      Over under odds on when BLM attempts to attack the SC?

    22. mnw says:

      Trump doesn’t have enuf time to replace her, at least not before the election.

    23. jaichind says:

      21. I doubt BLM care about the SC. Their goal is to tear down the system. Bickering over the makeup of who runs the system is of little importance to them

    24. PresidentPaul! says:

      Jonathan Martin

      told me earlier this month in Maine that she would not seat a Supreme Court justice in October. “I think that’s too close, I really do,” she said. She said she’d also oppose seating a justice in the lame duck if there’s a change in presidents.

      Her political career is over if she actually does this though.

    25. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Collins and Grassley have said in the recent past that they would not entertain the idea of a new Supreme Court Justice until the next Congress.

      On the other hand, Biden will have to publicly name his official SCOTUS candidate list.

    26. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I also read that if Mark Kelly(D) wins the Senate seat in Arizona, he will be sworn-in in late November.

    27. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump should at least nominate a replacement. The Senate then could decide when to hold hearings and vote on it. Believe Amy Coney Barrett would be a good nominee. Believe it is important that Trump have already have a name on the table, so the Democrats cannot claim he will nominate someone with extreme views.

    28. Country Dick Montana says:

      Has Trump made a statement yet on RBG’s death?

    29. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The issue Trump should want to emphasis in the remainder of the campaign is Biden’s mental incapacity. If the focus of the rest of the campaign is on a Supreme Court nomination, it will benefit Biden.

    30. Greymarch says:

      McConnell, a few minutes ago, guarantees vote on Trump’s SCOTUS pick:


      He knows he has the votes.

      Murk will abstain (she already said that tonight.) Romney will vote no. Collins will vote no. Wont be enough to stop Trump’s pick. Dems gotta get a majority vs the nom, or the nom goes through.

      Senate is currently 53-47.

    31. Bryan says:

      If the election results end up before the court. There will be one less liberal vote even if the seat remains vacant.

    32. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #27 & #30
      Did you change your thinking in four(4) minutes? Your posts are contradictory.

    33. Smack says:

      The best card Trump can play at this point is push forward a Catholic Woman and have her voted down in the Senate.

      This will goose the Catholic vote in the Midwest for Trump and GOP in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.

      Expect a Catholic Woman to be pushed forward by Trump.

    34. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      And Grassley?

    35. Robbie says:

      This really comes down to who will control the Senate after the election.

      If Republicans confirm a nominee and Democrats win control, they’ll move to expand the Court to 15 and this will mean nothing.

      If Republicans maintain control, they can confirm the choice in the lame duck session.

    36. Greymarch says:

      #34: Amy Coney Barrett. Bet your house on it.

      Female. Catholic. Helps Trump with educated, white suburban woman, his weakest caucasian voting block.

      By the way, someone please provide a link with Grassley, STATING TONIGHT AFTER GINBSURG DIED, that he would vote against allow a vote to happen before January 20th?

    37. Greymarch says:

      McConnell’s GOP senate could vote in late December on Trump’s pick. The current senate could literally vote on the new SCOTUS judge 5 minutes before the new senate is sworn in. It’s the constitution baby.

    38. Country Dick Montana says:

      Does Barrett really help with white, educated women? My understanding is that she is pro-life, not exactly an educated, white woman thing.

    39. Brion says:

      Carlos Muñiz, or Bridget Bade

    40. Greymarch says:

      #39: In your universe, baby-killing is for “educated women”, in everyone else’s universe, saving children is what educated women prefer.

    41. MrVito says:

      Probably good news.

      Laura Litvan
      · 7m

    42. PresidentPaul! says:

      is that true?

      That would mean would have only two months

    43. Brion says:

      MY guess is Carlos Muniz

    44. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” In your universe, baby-killing is for “educated women”,”

      GFY you never Trumper azz-wipe. It is a legitimate comment for discussion.

    45. PresidentPaul! says:

      New dem senator to be sworn in Nov 30th?

      By Yvonne Wingett Sanchez | Arizona Republic
      If Mark Kelly defeats incumbent Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona’s high-stakes U.S. Senate race, he may not have to wait long to start work in Washington, D.C.
      Two Republican and Democratic election attorneys agree that state law and Senate practices would make Kelly eligible to take over the seat once held by Sen. ohn McCain as soon as Nov. 30, when the state election results are expected to be canvassed.
      If that happens, Kelly would help to narrow Republicans’ 53-47 majority in the chamber in a post-election, lame duck session when the GOP could seek to confirm President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees and pass spending packages.

    46. Greymarch says:

      Trump must pick a woman. McConnell knows Trump must pick a woman. Trump really has no choice if you think about it. Only a female nom can help with the momentum of pushing the confirmation forward. A man guarantees the dems will stall it out.

    47. PhilS says:

      MrVito says:
      September 18, 2020 at 9:17 pm
      Probably good news.

      Laura Litvan
      · 7m

      Because he didn’t know. He started his speech before the news broke.

    48. Phil says:

      Perhaps McConnell does have 50 votes plus Pence. Murkowski, Collins and Romney won’t vote yes but Graham is in a tough race and it would be a tough time to alienate your base. Any other squishes I’m leaving out? Flake’s gone.

    49. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” Flake’s gone.”

      Unfortunately, Flake replacement is a vote against anyway.

    50. mnw says:

      I dunno what Dave W. means by “as if the election needed any more gas lighting.”

      The term “gas lighting” usually refers to creating an illusion, i.e., to make someone think he/she’s seeing something that isn’t actually real. The term comes from the old movie “Gaslight,” IIRC.

      How does “gas lighting” fit the situation now, after RBG’s death?

      Perhaps Dave W. meant, “as if the election needed to be any hotter’?

      Otherwise, I don’t understand Dave W’s comment.

    51. Phil says:

      How about a Hispanic conservative woman? Do we have one of those in the wings?

    52. MrVito says:

      “ Because he didn’t know. He started his speech before the news broke.”

      I figured… but I think it worked out for the best.

    53. PresidentPaul! says:

      The left had all sorts of hoaxes going during the Kavanaugh hearing.

      I expect them to cook up all sorts of stuff for this one too, and if it fails, they will probably try to burn down the SC and attack its members.

    54. Greymarch says:

      Graham is in one of the most conservative states in the union. Imagine what would happen to his base if he didnt help push through Trump’s nomination? Graham needs to energize his base, more than worry about pissing-off his non-base in SC.

      Graham’s a guaranteed “yes” vote.

    55. Phil says:

      What I meant is that I don’t know of any other obvious Republican defections besides the usual three musketeers.

    56. PresidentPaul! says:

      The problem with nominating woman, is they have a natural propensity to vote liberal or move left.

      So the only woman you can even consider is one with an extensive paper trail or you will get Soutered.

    57. MrVito says:

      51 I think he meant pouring gas on the fire.

    58. Greymarch says:

      #51: There is an easier answer to your question:

      Dave doesnt really know what “gaslighting” means.

    59. NYCmike says:

      RIP to the Notorious RBG! Personally, I wished she would have had more time with her family, as a private citizen. I LOVED her fight, and how well Justice Scalia and her got along.

    60. Tina says:

      Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been dead for less than an hour and Democrats are already threatening riots.

    61. Tina says:

      Quittens has surrendered, as usual.

    62. NYCmike says:

      Robbie says:
      September 18, 2020 at 8:12 pm

      Just what 2020 needed. A Supreme Court vacancy thrown in on top of coronavirus and a divisive presidential election.

      -Will the “real conservative Republicans”, like Robbie, “CG”, MD, Author, and the rest of the #NeverTrumpers allow their TDS to give a Democrat like Joe Biden the chance to nominate a Supreme Court Justice??

      Or are they capable of setting their ego aside for the good of the country, and pull that lever for President Trump?

    63. PresidentPaul! says:

      I love things like this because it clarifies who the backstabbers are, who the trolls are in the party, who is just there to get rich and sabotage things etc.

    64. MrVito says:

      Yahoo News
      · 10m
      WATCH: Trump hears from a reporter that Justice Ginsburg has died.

      “She just died? Wow. I didn’t know that, you’re telling me now for the first time.”

      “She led an amazing life. What else can you say? She was an amazing woman…I’m sad to hear that.”

    65. PresidentPaul! says:

      Martha McSally

      This U.S. Senate should vote on President Trump’s next nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.

    66. mnw says:

      I think Dave meant “pouring gas on the fire” also.

      I think it will be Barrett. She’s already been vetted, & recently, & the worst the DEMs could say about her was that they were suspicious of her for being “too Catholic.” That was Feinstein’s explanation for voting “no” on Barrett’s nomination to the 7th Cir.

    67. PresidentPaul! says:

      New riots for the dem mayors?

      Cernovich Retweeted

      David Reaboi

      Reeling from their polling, Democrats pulled back on their riot strategy until the election is over. They’re now faced with dealing with their own base—whose actions turn off voters. There couldn’t be a better time for Republicans to push a new nominee onto the Court.

    68. Tina says:

      The anti catholic bigots will be against her, Biden and kah muh la.

    69. Smack says:

      Yep. Amy Coney Barrett.

      It has to be the choice.

    70. Scooterboy says:

      McSally- “ This U.S. Senate should vote on President Trump’s next nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    71. Country Dick Montana says:

      65 – If that was Trump’s first statement on RBG, then it was absolutely perfect.

      He needs to come out a solid statement and be gracious and (I dare say) Presidential. She said some pretty bad things about him, some of which were a bad and political look for a SC Justice. He can turn the other cheek and it would look magnanimous.

    72. mnw says:

      Barrett narrowly missed being nominated for the Kavanaugh seat. She hadn’t been a Circuit Judge long enough, is probably why.

    73. PresidentPaul! says:

      Joe Biden announces he will pack the court!

      As I said he would last thread

    74. Tgca says:

      Hopefully this can help McSally in AZ if folks make the election about the SCOTUS replacements and why GOP is needed the next few years to lead the senate.

    75. Tina says:

      Quitttens May have un surrendered.

    76. NYCmike says:

      Not sure why anyone would think Trump would say something silly involving death for RBG. He just dealt with his younger brother dying, and I don’t think he is one to tempt fate, especially at his age.

    77. Tgca says:

      If Mittens votes no, he will receive so much GOP hatred. 1st impeachment, and now this. He can’t survive in the GOP me thinks. His legacy will be destroyed.

    78. Tina says:

      See new Tweets

      Reza Aslan
      If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fing thing down.
      5:01 PM · Sep 18, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

    79. NYCmike says:

      #71 – play that on a loop, MSNBC!

    80. PresidentPaul! says:

      If dems endorse court packing, that will mean that every time a new president is elected he gets to pack the court in retaliation to the last packing.

      Since the dems will never allow the GOP to control the courts, we may as well move forward with this court packing model if that’s what it comes to.

    81. Country Dick Montana says:

      75 – That was John Dean stating that Biden MUST announce that they will pack the court. While I have no doubt they might attempt it, Biden hasn’t said a thing about it.

    82. jaichind says:

      82. If you recursively apply that logic we will converge toward everyone being a member of the SC and we become Switzerland where every major law is voted on in a plebiscite.

    83. PresidentPaul! says:

      SEN. TED CRUZ: “I believe the president should next week nominate a successor to the court and I think it is critical the Senate takes up and confirms that successor before election day.”

    84. PresidentPaul! says:

      So packs 2 more, then we add 2 more or 3 more.

      Would take a long time. An asteroid might kills us by then

    85. Tgca says:

      This one is for Jadon since he loves to remind of us Biden’s problems.


    86. PresidentPaul! says:

      Also there may be election lawsuits. Better to get a nominee seated as soon as possible.

    87. NYCmike says:

      #80 – Reza, I got some kindling for you!


    88. PresidentPaul! says:

      Pelosi has a 2 trillion dollar Trump reelection package ready for the GOP to sign off on.

      Wonder if she has rescinded her offer now that the dems want to burn the country down.

    89. Tina says:

      So, Erick the red wants to lose?

      Erick Erickson
      If I were McConnell, I’d be wanting hearings on a very conservative nominee like Amy Comey Barrett who Gardner and Collins can vote against to show their independence. The GOP gets the fight. The Dems get the win. It saves Gardner and Collins.

    90. Phil says:

      I knew Democrats would definitely do Washington DC the 51st State if Biden is elected and they take the Senate. Gives them two more permanent Democratic senators. Never believed they’d be so brazen as to actually pack the Supreme Court.

      If Republicans replace Ginsberg in a lame duck session They absolutely WILL early in the next session. Of course it would take doing away with the filibuster but they were going to do that anyway.

    91. PresidentPaul! says:

      You can’t screw around with SC picks with some nonsense. It’s about actually winning a senate battle not worrying about what those two are doing.

    92. Chicon says:

      Make them vote against a woman who is also a mother. Good way to bring some suburban women back into the tent.

    93. PresidentPaul! says:

      The last nomination was delayed several times for more groping hoax testimony.

      So if it’s a time issue, I guess the argument for a female would be a plus in that sense.

    94. Greymarch says:

      Why are so many people afraid of court-packing? Are you afraid of the rule of law? Do you not believe in the American constitution? NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION does it say how many justices must be on the court.

      Our laws clearly allow the president and senate to put on, or remove, as many justices as they please. Afraid of the dems “stacking the court?” So what?!?! Someday the GOP will then own the senate and presidency, and the GOP will stack the court.

      The whole thing evens out in the end. Madison and the rest of the founders realized this. That’s why they didnt set a fixed number of justices.

    95. Smack says:

      The riots that will ensue after the nomination of Amy Barrett will engulf the Democrats and cost them in Midwest.

    96. lisab says:

      barrett once sexually harassed me

    97. Phil says:


      FDR says hi.

    98. Tgca says:

      Pure scum! BLM terrorist attacked 84 yo and punches her face. Had knife too. Got taken down by retired police officer who had gun.

      He should also be charged with hate crime because this AA 34 yo racist attacked a white 84 yo woman with intent to do severe bodily harm.


    99. Tina says:

      Gee, Trump give better remarks about Rbg than Schumah.

    100. BayernFan says:

      Nominate a replacement and confirm her in November or December.

    101. PresidentPaul! says:

      That doesn’t work because of Arizona as discussed above.

    102. A Supreme Court confirmation fight right on top of a Presidential election. How 2020.

      Fortune usually favors the bold. Nominate and confirm before the election. The Democrats will use this to rouse their base even if the Republicans do not nominate and confirm. The Republicans have no option but to fight this fight.

    103. PresidentPaul! says:

      tbh all of these senators should be on the record with a vote before the election so they can’t get elected and then do whatever they want to.

    104. Chicon says:

      98 – who hasn’t sexually harassed you? 😉

    105. Phil says:

      I’m not suggesting that the threat of packing the Court is a reason not to confirm a Trump pick, BTW. More I think of it the more I think Republicans should go for it if they have the votes.

      I do think packing the Court is a huge power grab. Even FDR couldn’t get an overwhelming Democratic Congress to go for that.

    106. Tina says:

      Shem Horne
      The Democrats always play fair, like spying on the Trump campaign, filling the Mueller team with Clinton donors, trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, and impeaching the President for something Joe Biden did. So of course the GOP shouldn’t nominate a replacement for RBG.

    107. PresidentPaul! says:

      Really- You don’t want to support the dems usual hostage taking schemes?

    108. Phil says:

      Yeah, if Kelly is sworn in come November that means Republicans can only lose two. That is a problem.


    109. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ya, kinda like putting a known member of the Communist party as head of the CIA to agitate in the back ground.

      Although I must say Trump’s nomination for the CIA was actually WORSE than Brennan

    110. Robbie says:

      I don’t read McConnell’s statement as saying there will be a vote before the election. He’s committing to a vote, but I would bet it’s more likely to happen after the election.

    111. Greymarch says:

      Trump nominates Barrett. Dems riot in the inner-cities. Is there really anyone who thinks this would be a net-negative for Trump? We already know the rioting is mildly helping Trump. Rioting over a female SCOTUS nominee? That helps Trump even more.

    112. Phil says:

      Not enough time BEFORE the election.

    113. BayernFan says:

      104. Arizona doesn’t matter. Even if a lame duck session is 51-49, that’s enough to confirm.

    114. PresidentPaul! says:

      McConnell should make them work weekends until the nomination is finished.

    115. Phil says:


      If there was actual rioting that would be a dumb move so I don’t see that happening…..unless, Dems can no longer actually control their street fighters.

    116. Phil says:

      117 Doesn’t matter? tell that to Romney, Murkowski, and Collins.

    117. PresidentPaul! says:


      Murk is against the nomination declared already
      Collins might be
      Romney would love to tank a GOP nomination and be the liberal hero.

    118. Tina says:

      The drats love to riot and the Rinos support.

    119. Tina says:

      The Reckoning Collision symbol
      · 54m
      Looking forward to Lincoln Project ad telling Republicans how the right thing for Republicans to do is to surrender the court to the left cuz orange man bad.

    120. PresidentPaul! says:

      We’re actually more likely to get collins if it’s before the election since voting against Trump before would be she gets a guaranteed loss.

    121. PresidentPaul! says:

      Lincoln project is actual a neoconservative clown show.

      They are pissed that Trump isn’t committed to doing various shenanigans in the middle east, and would rather have the USA burn.

    122. Marv says:

      I think that Collins will vote to confirm. She knows that she needs every single GOP vote that there is in ME and that the DEMS are already in full attack mode anyway, so there is really nothing to lose.

      Romney, on the other hand, having already voted to convict on
      one article of impeachment would never be able to redeem himself were he to vote no on confirmation.

      Murk might simply abstain. She’s up in 2022 and even Alaskans may not tolerate two Supreme Court betrayals by her.

    123. Greymarch says:

      Romney’s gonna be a no.

      Collins is gonna be a no (Maine is a blue state, and you’re an idiot if you think anything otherwise.)

      Murk already said she will abstain.

      Graham is from one of the most conservative states in the union. He must vote yes, or his 51% base-winning vote in SC drops to 30%.

      So, at this point its down to two senators: Grassley and Gardner. What will both do?

    124. Robbie says:

      Here are my predictions.

      If Biden wins and Democrats win the Senate, the vote will never be held. There likely won’t be enough Republicans to move past the 51 vote filibuster.

      If Biden wins, but Republicans hold the Senate, I would expect the vote takes place in the lame duck.

      If Trump wins, well, whomever he nominates will be confirmed in the lame duck.

    125. Tina says:

      The flags are at half staff at the WH.

    126. Tina says:

      Kayleigh McEnany

      US government account
      The flag is at half-staff here at the White House in honor of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a trailblazer for women.

    127. Tgca says:


      If Collins votes no, she loses her senate seat because she will alienate a % of GOP voter base. She is in a tight race and can’t afford to piss off a portion of her base before Election Day. This would infuriate the GOP if any GOP senator voted no at this point knowing what’s at stake.

    128. Tina says:

      Does anybody know the rally size in Mn?

      This looked like the largest to date.


    129. Tina says:

      Trump handled this better than Schumah.

      Better initial statement, flags at half staff, and a response from the press sec.

    130. Marv says:


      Maine is trending toward purple. ME2 is red. If Collins votes no on confirmation she will lose. It’s a real bad idea to irritate voters from your own party in a close election. She may be frustrating to us sometimes, but she’s not stupid.

    131. PresidentPaul! says:

      Even acknowledging Schumer is a waste of time really. Probably best to ignore him.

    132. Tina says:

      Buck Sexton
      Mitt Romney is about to make Benedict Arnold look like a team player

    133. Marv says:

      #131 Tgca,

      I see we are in agreement.

    134. Tina says:

      Bubu, earlier you wanted trump to negotiate a deal with a Schumah because you claimed the economy is tanking.

      Keep your sheot straight,

    135. PresidentPaul! says:

      Yes, I favor Pelosi’s stimulus minus any poison pills that are probably in it. That’s a separate issue from the SC.

    136. NYCmike says:

      Did Collins ever vote against a Republican nominee for the Supreme Court?

      If NO, why would she start now?

    137. Tina says:

      Should nominate and hold no hearings.

      There is no requirement.

      Straight to confirmations.

      Make it 30 days total, nominee to confirmation

    138. Greymarch says:

      I’ve read a few fools tonight claim Tillis may vote no. NO NO NO. Tillis would get crushed in NC if he voted no. A no vote wont get him a single dem vote in NC, and only obliterate what little base wants him. Tillis is a solid yes. Hell, a yes vote is good for Tillis in NC. Tillis’s base is yawning in NC. This can help fire-up his NC base.

      Cunningham went anti-vaxxer at the NC debate a few nights ago….in the state with the 2nd highest amount of pharma jobs in the country. Not good. Now Tillis has a chance to rev up his base? Feels like Tillis has caught a winning streak. I could be wrong about my 2nd point though. We shall see.

    139. TgcaTheEXPERT says:


      Yes Marv we are in agreement. It’s good company for you to be in. After all, I am an EXPERT. Just ask Jadon.

    140. Marv says:

      Romney did not say that he would not vote to confirm.
      His spokesman said reports that he would not support confirmation are “grossly false”.


    141. Tina says:

      I think Mitchie has this games out.

      Barrett will be the nominee.

      The anti catholic biggot ticket will attack her for being “too Catholic.”

    142. NYCmike says:

      Robbie still a NO……like Romney?

    143. Greymarch says:

      #141: Procedurally, I completely agree. The only thing the constitution says about the senate’s role in SCOTUS judges is to “advise and consent.” Hearings are not legally required. Only a straight-up senate vote is required. Ditch the hearings. Vote in a month. Let’s see who’s base is more fired-up due to the quick confirmation: Trump’s base or Biden’s base?

    144. Phil says:

      Yeah, Tillis a no is ridiculous. That ain’t happening.

      Romney is probably a no. I hate his guts.

    145. NYCmike says:

      Will Wes, jason, Bitterlaw, Robbie et al join me in hoping for a Republican primary for the Utah Senate seat in 2024?

      Asking for a friend……

    146. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      September 18, 2020 at 10:40 pm
      Robbie still a NO……like Romney?

      – I was moving towards holding my nose and voting straight party over the last couple of weeks (mostly due to a vaccine) and this has settled it for me. I will hold my nose and vote straight party Republican.

      I don’t know why my voting intentions are so important, but there you go.

    147. PresidentPaul! says:

      dems are all about “tradition” so there can be no vote.

      Until they win when they already have plans to nuke the filibuster day one and do court packing after they have stolen a presidential election with more ballot harvesting.

    148. Tgca says:

      I think Trump has to be prepped and stay focused on his 1st debate with Biden. He should list the accomplishments and be prepared to list them and repeat often including economy, peace with Israel so it sinks in.

      If he succeeds there, I think folks may not care about the rest of the debates after that.

    149. lisab says:

      who hasn’t sexually harassed you?

      mostly those NOT on trump’s scotus list

    150. Robbie says:

      Has Romney said NO? Nope.

      A political enemy of Romney said Romney would gum up the works, but Romney’s press aide said that’s not correct.

    151. NYCmike says:


      “Ginsburg’s death leaves a vacancy; and several other justices are over 70, including Justice Stephen Breyer is 82; Clarence Thomas is 72; and Justice Samuel Alito is 70.”

      -Robbie still won’t vote for President Trump……the hatred in his heart…..YIKES!

    152. NYCmike says:

      #150 – did I just read that comment?

      Let me read it again!

      Again! Again!

    153. Tgca says:


      Robbie surrenders! Yay! You’re back.

      *big hug*

      Where do I mail your Trump bumper sticker?

    154. NYCmike says:

      Booking a flight now, just to send the airlines some $$!

    155. Chicon says:

      150 – it is important because you are representative of a group of more voters who have so far stayed far away from Trump. If you have “come home”, there are others.

    156. Robbie says:

      Tgca says:
      September 18, 2020 at 10:49 pm

      Robbie surrenders! Yay! You’re back.

      *big hug*

      Where do I mail your Trump bumper sticker?

      – Don’t take it as an affirmation of Trump. I don’t like it, but I’ll do it.

    157. Marv says:

      Romney will likely vote to confirm. There is no upside for him to vote no and tremendous downside if he does vote no. He can’t survive two betrayals, one maybe, but not two. (Particularly something as serious as a Supreme Court nominee and he was the deciding vote.)

    158. Robbie says:

      Chicon says:
      September 18, 2020 at 10:50 pm
      150 – it is important because you are representative of a group of more voters who have so far stayed far away from Trump. If you have “come home”, there are others.

      – Probably. A supreme court nomination is a game changer. It may not change the presidential outcome, but it’s going to matter in Senate races. Kavanaugh saved the Senate in 2018.

    159. Tina says:

      Fair enough Rottie. We are at a truce. We disagree a lot, except on .Fallaci.

    160. PresidentPaul! says:

      The US senate just even more toxic as far as chances for passing a needed stimulus package.

      Powell better get on the phone with blackwell about buying up the US stock market outright unless he wants to hand the country to the bernie bros.

    161. PresidentPaul! says:

      backrock that is.

    162. Marv says:


      Any change to your potential furlough status? I know how it feels to get a furlough notice. It su**s.

    163. Tina says:

      Profile photo, opens profile page on Twitter in a new tab
      Emerald Robinson ??
      Suddenly, Democrats have taken a short break from rioting, looting, lawfare, threatening to end the Electoral College, ballot harvesting schemes & attacking Trump supporters randomly on the streets to tell Republicans: “please respect the norms!”
      7:14 PM · Sep 18, 2020

    164. Marv says:

      Market futures are down, the implied opens are up across the board.


    165. NYCmike says:

      Looking at some writings about Judge Barrett – there is a piece that says something about her believing the state of West Virginia was formed in an unconstitutional manner……Ca$h Cow, Walt, you may be moving to a new state soon!

    166. Tgca says:

      160 Robbie

      No worries. Trump will grow on you…just like you do on many of us here.


      What! Who said that?

    167. MrVito says:

      Scott Adams explains problems with mail-in voting to his liberal friend “Dale”…

      Humorous and pretty well done.


    168. Tina says:

      I know he is asleep, but somebody needs to take away the interns access to his account,

      Joe Biden
      · 19m
      Let me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg.

    169. mnw says:

      It would be tough for any GOP Senator who voted to confirm Barrett to the 7th Cir to justify a NO vote now, wouldn’t it? What exactly has changed, Senator?

      IIRC, all of the GOP senators (at that time) voted to confirm her..

    170. Robbie says:

      Marv says:
      September 18, 2020 at 10:55 pm

      Any change to your potential furlough status? I know how it feels to get a furlough notice. It su**s.

      – No. The only hope is another government payroll bailout. I had been optimistic, until the last week or so Congress would act. Not now.

      It will be my second furlough. The first was 2008, but that was a much different time. Flying dropped by 10%, but we all knew it would return as the economy improved. By late 2009, lots of recalls were already happening.

      I’m worried (I know people don’t like that word) that travel habits have been changed. The longer people don’t do something, the more engrained it becomes.

      I’m hopeful a vaccine will change things, but I’m really not sure people will flock to take it even after it’s been available for months.

      We’re down about 67% on passenger count and it’s hard to comprehend how bad that number is.

    171. Tina says:

      Sebastian Ellis
      Replying to
      “Twenty-nine times in American history there has been an open Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year, or in a lame-duck session before the next presidential inauguration…. The president made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases.”

    172. Marv says:


      Contrary to certain airline mgt teams, I think that domestic flying will tend to rebound fairly quickly next year based on three factors; the re-election of Donald Trump, a successful China virus vaccine rollout and a robust economic recovery.

    173. Robbie says:

      Marv says:
      September 18, 2020 at 11:07 pm

      Contrary to certain airline mgt teams, I think that domestic flying will tend to rebound fairly quickly next year based on three factors; the re-election of Donald Trump, a successful China virus vaccine rollout and a robust economic recovery.

      – I hope you’re right. I get the sense lots and lots of people are waiting to do all of the travel in 2021 they weren’t able to do in 2020. I know lots of friends who say something like “I can’t wait to go somewhere, anywhere next year.”.

      Getting cruises sailing again and getting families to travel to Disney World would be huge. Not sure a lot of people realize how much those two things aid flying.

    174. MrVito says:

      Stephen L. Miller
      He told you. He told all of you. Right there on the Senate floor with CSpan cameras rolling. You idiots. You absolute clowns.

    175. MrVito says:

      Senator Harry Reid
      · Nov 21, 2013
      Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to consider filibuster reform. It had to be done.

    176. Marv says:


      Mrs Marv and I had to cancel two trips this year. We plan to take at least three next year. (We don’t pass ride, it’s such a hassle that we pay full fare and avoid the potential of denied boarding)

    177. NYCmike says:

      #178 – what did he tell them?

    178. NYCmike says:

      In regard to Barrett, the woman has 5 biological children and 2 adopted kids, 1 of them with special needs. Dang!

      How the heck does she get things done every day?

    179. Phil says:

      Welcome aboard, Robbie. A good chunk of the Trump vote on Election Day is made up of Trump is the lesser of two evil voters. You have a lot of company.

    180. MrVito says:

      omfortably Smug Retweeted

      Marc Thiessen

      *29 Presidents have had election year or lame duck vacancy – all nominated someone.

      *8 x before election when other party controlled Senate – only 1 succeed

      *10x before election when Pres and senate controlled by same party – 9 succeeded.

    181. MrVito says:

      So… well over half the time it was before the election….

      So… not unconventional

    182. NYCmike says:

      In regard to Supreme Court picks – I do have to give great credit to George H W Bush, for his pick of Justice Thomas. Picked him at 43 years old! WOW!

    183. NYCmike says:

      I should share that I recently read the Justice Thomas autobiography, “My Grandfathers Son”. Quick read, and very enjoyable.

    184. Robbie says:

      My parents pay for their tickets as well. The passes I can get for them are worthless since planes never have empty seats. I always just ride up front because the seats usually get filled.

    185. NYCmike says:

      I took off and landed in the “jumper seat” of the cockpit (is that what its called??) on a 747. It folded out of the wall behind the captain.

      I knew the daughter of the Captain from college. Tower Air. They used to fly from San Francisco to JFK to Israel, and I think Brazil. Something like that.

    186. MrVito says:

      I put in the asterisks….

      James Woods
      This is exactly why the #SecondAmendment exists. The Constitution and the Republic must be defended from insurrection and mob violence.
      Quote Tweet

      Reza Aslan
      · 3h
      If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f***ng thing down.

    187. Greymarch says:

      Cocaine Mitch baby! “Trump’s nominee” will receive a vote. That means McConnell is stating the vote will happen before the senate flips (if it flips), and obviously before Biden becomes president. https://www.redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2020/09/18/it-looks-like-cocaine-mitch-mcconnell-is-back-tweets-about-replacement-for-rbg/

    188. NYCmike says:

      He also got my seat for the rest of the flight upgraded from coach to the business class on the upper deck. That was a lot of fun!

    189. NYCmike says:

      I need to look at the Senate elections again….I don’t like how everyone is saying Republicans will lose seats……may have to go contrarian on this, and say we increase the number.

      Looking at you, Tina Smith and Gary Peters.

    190. Tina says:

      Joe Biden struggles to read prepared remarks after passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

      “The voters should pick the president & the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider.”


    191. PresidentPaul! says:

      Tulsi Gabbord bill to ban ballot harvesting

      no chance of actual passing the corrupt Pelosi house, but nice to have one honest rep.

    192. MrVito says:

      Ron DeSantis
      Florida’s AAA credit rating has been affirmed once again, indicating a stable outlook. This is great news for FL’s businesses and our state’s long-term financial recovery from #COVID19.

    193. MrVito says:

      Would Barbara Lagoa be a decent choice?

    194. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      192. “Trump’s nominee” will receive a vote. That means McConnell is stating the vote will happen before the senate flips (if it flips), and obviously before Biden becomes president.”

      My feeling is Trump should immediately nominate Amy Coney Barrett, a very qualified Catholic Notre Dame professor. Hearings may begin, but the vote will likely not take place until after the election. The Democrats will likely attack her for her religious views and values. This may offend a lot of voters, and help Trump. Put the burden on Biden to state why she is unqualified because of her religious views.

      I would make the main focus of the Trump campaign the fact Biden is not mentally capable of being president. If the Democrats spend their time attacking Barrett, believe it might backfire.

      If the nomination vote is after the election, Collins, whether she wins or loses, will not have election concerns and will hopefully vote for the nominee.

    195. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – Of course I support primaries. I have never voted for a challenger over an incumbent in a primary. Why? Because I know that even a flawed incumbent can win because that is how they became an incumbent.

      Robbie – You can still hate Trump but vote for him. I despise the man but will vote for him. Look on the bright side. Win or lose, we never have to vote for Trump again.

    196. Scooterboy says:

      One thing the passing of Ginsberg does is drive COVID further down the list of top issues. It was already dropping, now it drops further. That’s a positive for Trump.
      1. Economy
      2. Supreme Court Pick
      3. Law & Order
      4. COVID

    197. MrVito says:

      You mean vote against the Democrat, right Bitter?

    198. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      200. That is a video of who the Democrats will nominate. The nomination would be conditioned on her not going off her meds again.

    199. mnw says:

      204 SDC

      I agree completely about nominating Barrett ASAP after the funeral.

      Not sure the vote would need to wait until after the election, though. I’ve reconsidered my earlier thought about that.

      Right now, Alaska’s sorrow is the only probable GOP defector, imo. She’s on record saying she won’t vote until after the election.

      The Land of the Midnight Sun made a consequential mistake when they re-elected her as an independent, after she lost the GOP primary. That one hurt & keeps on hurting.

      On another topic. it’s beyond stoopid to apply that idiotic nickname to McConnell.

    200. PresidentPaul! says:

      No one told you? She’s scheduled to be buried in 2021 on Jan 21st.

      She’s being stored in a cooler until that point.

    201. Bitterlaw says:

      Trump was the only vote against the Democrat in my life. Every other vote was FOR the Republican.

    202. PresidentPaul! says:

      I’ve voted in many presidential elections, but Trump was the first republican I’ve voted for.

      Never voted for any democrats.

    203. MrVito says:

      Here’s an alternate take. 3 and 4 are good points.


      Twitter logo
      4h, 5 tweets, 1 min read

      1) Ruther Bader Ginsburg lived an incredible and accomplished life that deserves to be celebrated. May she Rest In Peace.
      2) Since I already know this will be a topic of dishonesty in the press: The Garland Rule from McConnell was that the Senate shouldn’t vote on a nominee during an election year when the POTUS is a different party. Many people have left that qualifier out.
      3) This is going to get ugly. There will be a nominee and I feel terrible for that person because it’s rather clear that there will be a coordinated effort to destroy them regardless how impeccable their record.
      4) If the press participates in the effort mentioned in 3, which feels inevitable at this point, then a large portion of the country will permanently view them as the hostile opposition. And they will not be incorrect for doing so.
      5) Worth noting that ironically McConnell cited Joe Biden to justify not voting on Garland in 2016.

      Best outcome is probably for Trump to nominate someone now and wait until after an election when direction is clear to hold a vote.

    204. Tgca says:


      Bitters vote against Trump has resulted in a guy who was much better leader than


      At least Bitter got his vote right and Trump will have historic record better than any of those other 3 above Bitter voted for who have accomplished little in politics.

    205. PresidentPaul! says:

      Jim Dabakis

      BREAKING: A high-level Romney insider tells me Mitt Romney has committed to not confirming a Supreme Court nominee until after Inauguration Day 2021. #Mittrevenge #utpol

      Murk and Romney already pledging to give the seat to the Marxists.

    206. PresidentPaul! says:

      I don’t hate Romney like I hate McCain but I never liked the guy.

    207. Tgca says:


      I do. I hope he suffers a stroke or something to take the scum out of the senate, so it can be filled by a real GOPer, and not his skanky stuck up wife who can just go ride her show horse. F*cking racist POS!

    208. PresidentPaul! says:



      An island we can no longer defend has most of the world’s semiconductors….

    209. Tgca says:

      Gubbermint employees should abide by the same rules as the rest of us. If it’s clear you’re ill and away from work for extended periods and can’t do your job, file for medical leave and let someone else do the job and be subject to returning to a job if and when you’re fit to do it.

      Both sides of the aisle have taken advantage of this for decades including McCain, Thurmond, Kennedy, etc. They are employed by the people and should not get to hold a position open and not report to work and get paid when they can’t or aren’t doing their job.

      This will help avoid these issues in the future.

    210. John says:

      Jim Acosta of CNN earlier said this will only help Trump….help him in a huge way….will galvanize the evangelical and Catholic vote and push the Covid 19 off center.
      Totally agree….this election’s dynamic just changed and in Trump’s favor.

    211. PresidentPaul! says:

      ya and maybe don’t let them do insider trading. Some of them sit in committees getting top secret insider information, and then they go make money off it minutes later.

      Nancy Pelosi just feeds the information to her husband who does the insider trading

    212. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bernie funnels 83 million in payouts to close relatives in.

      He’s a mini-Maduro. he gets the money and you don’t.

    213. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      In 2018 the Arizona election was not certified until December 3, 2018. With the coronavirus and possible legal challenges, doubt 2020 would be any earlier. So there is a window after the November 3rd election for the Senate to approve a SC nominee after the November 3rd election.

      Also, if the nominee is Barrett, much of the attack against her will likely be religiously based. Utah is a heavily religious state, and believe it will strongly sympathize with Barrett. If Romney torpedos Barrett’s approval. Hope he has plans to go home to New Hampshire after he loses his next election.

    214. PresidentPaul! says:

      Didn’t Collins pledge to oppose any nominee that has a guaranteed track record opposing roe vs wade though?

    215. PresidentPaul! says:

      “I would not support a nominee who demonstrated hostility to Roe v. Wade because that would mean to me that their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law,” Collins said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    216. SoHope says:

      If Amy Coney Barrett is nominated:

      …and the #HimToo movement is born

    217. PresidentPaul! says:

      If it’s true that murk and romney are guaranteed no’s as above, you can’t nominate Barrett because her record against Roe because then you loses Collins.

      That’s cutting it too close esp with that Arizona race to be seated in later nov.

    218. PresidentPaul! says:

      There’s no room for error here or Biden is going to get to choose that seat.

    219. PresidentPaul! says:

      Need a paper trail like Kavanaugh and Gorsuch: Conservative record but can’t be a fire breather on contentious issues because no time for a second nomination.

    220. Wes says:

      NYCmike says:
      September 18, 2020 at 10:44 pm
      Will Wes, jason, Bitterlaw, Robbie et al join me in hoping for a Republican primary for the Utah Senate seat in 2024?

      Asking for a friend……

      I’d prefer it if talk radio and the Tea Party hadn’t run Orrin Hatch out of town and given us Romney, Mikey.

    221. PresidentPaul! says:

      vs the “establishment” than nominated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the presidential ticket…or even worse McCain-Palin.

    222. Wes says:

      I’ll save you all the headache of reading RRH and post a picture of what they’re predicting because Ginsburg died:


    223. Wes says:

      What the hell are you talking about Bunu? No one was talking about either the 2008 or the 2012 presidential election.

    224. Tgca says:

      Clearly my friend Wes is bored tonight and up into the wee hours of the morning trying to pass time. Sorry! We’re all sleepy heads.

      Here’s a link to some history on the Sewer State. That should keep you occupied for a bit.


    225. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      231. I actually think Romney may not run for re-election in 2024. He appears to have thought he could use the Utah senate seat to rise to national leadership — and it has not happened. It had to be a surprise to him that his relative, Jon Huntsman, was defeated in his run for governor by a young lieut. governor from a small town in central Utah. Huntsman and Romney are dinosaur politicians in the state with the youngest average age in the nation (31).

    226. Tina says:

      John, good point, pushes covid off as the top issue. It was already down to 2 or 3. Economy was number one. Baris confirmed this,

      Since July, however, everything has bounced Trumps way. Biden had a disastrous convention and coddled thr mob. His veep pick was a bust. She is mean, dumb, and nasty.

    227. Tina says:

      Folks, the Maine Chicklet met with Garland in 2016 and wanted the Rs to vote on him..

    228. Bryan says:

      Read that John Fund from the Journal said that we need a judge to be seated in the event that the election makes it way to the court. This was a pretty good hot take. I can’t imagine what the next steps would be if the court is deadlocked.

    229. jaichind says:

      Trump’s chances has moved slightly upward since Ginsburg’s death on https://electionbettingodds.com/ which is just an odds aggregation site

    230. jaichind says:

      I think the best thing for Trump and the GOP to do is to quickly nominate a mainstream women conservative candidate and for the Senate to start the process of conformation without committing to a conformation vote before the election but not ruling it out either. Hopefully Dem’s overreact during this process and shifts undecided and moderates toward Trump.

    231. Tina says:

      If an opinion is 4-4 in the SC, a decision made by the appeals court (or lesser court) prevails.

    232. Phil says:

      Yeah a deadlocked court on top of the chaos the Democrats have planned for the period following the election November through Inauguration Day? God help us all.

    233. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This tweet blows the credibility of Monmouth Polling.


    234. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is so 2020!!!

      Is the San Andreas Fault about to erupt?

      CBS Los Angeles
      There have been reports that the SoCal #earthquake was felt in La Habra, Pasadena, near the Beverly Hills area, and other regions surrounding the county. Where were you if/when you felt it?

    235. Pitchaboy says:

      Slo Jo has made an asinine statement on leaving politics out of SC. SCOTUS is the most political SC in the free world. They are appointed by the President and confirmed by a political body. It has been and will be the political arm of one or the other side, albeit under a judicial cloak. People on the left who care about SC are already fired up. The right has a significant number of Christian Conservatives who care about SC and who sat out 2018. DJT has nothing but political upside in a confirmation fight.

    236. John says:

      Looks like we got movement towards Trump in the new YouGov poll….Biden 47, Trump 41 with Trump +10 with indies…

    237. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Could this Latina be Trump’s SCOTUS selection? She’s52 and was a DeSantis pick for the FL Supreme Court and then for the 11th Circuit by Trump.She checks a lot of political boxes.


    238. John says:

      Here’s another poll (AP) showing movement toward Trump…albeit adults polled…
      two months ago…Biden 41, Trump 30
      now Biden 40, Trump 36

    239. phoenixrisen says:

      For all the hand-wringing of a dead-locked 4-4 Court regarding election fraud, it is now a 5-3 GOP majority though Roberts is certainly questionable.

      There is not enough time to get a nomination through but I love the idea of nominating Amy Coney Barrett and getting the confirmation process rolling right away so Dems will attack her and tick off the evangelical and Catholic vote. I am stunned that I actually agree on what Jim Acosta said how this helps Trump in a huge way. There has never been a more significant opportunity for the Pro-Life movement since Roe v Wade and that will cause those voting segments to come out in droves for Trump. I don’t like a vote before Election Day just because it reeks of hypocrisy and that could affect Trump with independents. But this is a huge political boon for Trump.

    240. MrVito says:

      Western Cal sliding into the sea and handing Cal to Trump would be so 2020.

    241. MrVito says:

      FOX: Kosovo gave President Trump one of its highest honors on Friday for his role in an historic economic normalization deal with Serbia earlier this month.

      President Hashim Thaci awarded Trump the country’s Order of Freedom “for his exceptional contribution for the freedom of Kosovo and the strengthening of Peace and reconciliation in the region.”

    242. jaichind says:

      247. I suspect the gap would even smaller if the poll was a 4 way poll.

    243. Pitchaboy says:

      Got to love Mitch: knows when to hold and when to fold.

    244. dblaikie says:

      244 Yet there are still posters here who take Monmouth polls seriously.

    245. Phil says:

      Monmouth is a solid polling organization. It was given an A+ rating by none other than Nate Silver in 2013.

      As far as their polling director’s tweet about McConnell, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    246. Tina says:

      Maine Sen. Susan Collins Meets Judge Garland and Is “More Convinced Than Ever That the Process Should Proceed”


    247. Wes says:

      Phoenix, Roe v. Wade is the last thing I’d want this election to be about. Trump needs this nomination moved as far away from abortion as possible.

    248. jaichind says:

      Ideally the GOP makes this nomination fight about gun rights.

    249. Phil says:

      In 2016 Monmouth absolutely got it right that Hillary would win the popular vote. They even nailed the margin. Wait…you mean Hillary didn’t win by 6?

    250. Wes says:

      Tina, Obama nominated Garland eight months before the election, and Collins was giving cover to endangered Republicans such as Mark Kirk who verbally supported that nomination.

      This is uncharted territory, so let’s not draw false equivalencies–though I do think Trump should send up a nomination for the Senate to begin hearings on.

    251. Bitterlaw says:

      As I said in 2016, the Senate should have held a vote on Garland in 2016 and just voted him down. That would have taken the current comparison to 2016 off the table.

    252. Phil says:

      Collins and Tillis better hang on to their seats because if Biden wins and the Senate goes D a Republican replacement for Ginsberg means the Supreme Court goes from 9 to 11 seats by March.

    253. Tina says:

      Wes, point is, I don’t think she will be opposed to a nominee being sent up.

      If a vote is taken before the election, she is a no or votes present.

    254. Tina says:

      There was no comparison.

      Mitchie was clear with what the Senate “unofficial rule” was.

      This is different .

    255. PhilS says:

      Nominate Monday, confirm Wednesday. Move on.

    256. hugh says:

      262. believe me it would not have mattered the dems would just concoct another issue. BTW the republicans would have never voted him down because he was the best they would get if hrc won.

    257. PhilS says:

      What Would Democrats Do?

    258. Tina says:

      Republicans voting a Drat nominee down?

      When has that happened?

      They bend over and rush them forward.

      Queensburry rules all the way.

    259. Tina says:

      Biden camp calls a campaign lid.

      They shut down again, won’t be doing sheot this weekend.

    260. PhilS says:

      Schedule the vote.

      Voters should have a clear and unambiguous view of everyone’s position.

    261. Wes says:

      Tillis will win. Collins is getting high-profile liberals such as Charlie Baker and Joe Lieberman behind her. If she can run up the score in ME-2 and limit losses in ME-1 I believe she hangs on.

      This probably helps McSally. I’m not sure if Cory Gardner benefits or suffers because of this. If Trump goes full Machiavellian and nominates an inoffensive woman Gardner can hammer Hick on the issue.

    262. PhilS says:

      270: Which means he’s having one of the “bad days”.

    263. Tina says:

      · 9h
      You can disagree with the McConnell rule, which was previously known as the Biden rule, but you should describe it accurately. It’s no confirmations in a presidential election year *when senate and presidency are held by different parties.* Doesn’t apply this year.

    264. Wes says:

      Tina, Grover Cleveland and Barack Obama are the only two Democrats to face a GOP Senate with a Supreme Court nomination to consider. The GOP Senate confirmed Cleveland’s pick and refused to act on Obama’s.

    265. SoHope says:

      Every president to have a vacancy during the last year or election/lame duck has nominated a replacement. *This is happening*
      9 out of 10 that also controlled the Senate got them confirmed *This is happening*
      101 days to inauguration day. The average time to confirm a nominee is 67 days. *This is happening*
      I fully expect the Dems to clinch their butt cheeks and fight it…but regardless *This is happening*

    266. Tina says:

      Trump has knee capped Biden on the Puerto Ricsn vote. He has called for a large scale rebuilding of their electrical grid.

      Also a return of drug manufacturing.

      This outreach may help in Florida and Georgia.

    267. MichiganGuy says:

      Michigan Judge Extends Mail-In Ballot Deadline
      Judge said ballots should be eligible to be counted if they are postmarked by the day before Election Day and received within 14 days after Nov. 3.
      Why would it take 14 days for Michigan election officials to receive a ballot? Where are these ballots coming from? China?

    268. Tina says:

      Regarding the return of drug manufacturing to Puerto Rico (it’s stupid to be dependent on China and other countries for it), John Xi Karl and his purple rimmed glasses melted down.

    269. Tina says:

      Trump is in North Carolina today,

      I think he has other rallies tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday.

    270. Tina says:

      Speaking of Biden, they clearly woke him last night to give a speech on RBG.

      Not impressive at all.

    271. Tina says:

      · 10h
      If @LindseyGrahamSC is a man of his word, I don’t see how votes on a SCOTUS nominee until after the election:

      “If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump’s term…we’ll wait to the next election”

      He said, “Hold the tape” and @CSPAN did.


    272. MrVito says:

      So does Joe provide a list?

    273. Tina says:

      Uh, he was well into his campaign event. There is no way he would have known about it until after it, when heading back to AF 1 .

      Tamara Keith
      Being a White House correspondent is surreal. Last night, shouting over Air Force One’s engines and Tiny Dancer, I asked the president to react to the death of Justice Ginsburg, and he responded as if this was the first he was hearing of it.

    274. Wes says:

      Heh. I just saw someone claim Kavanaugh was illegally appointed to the Court. I’m waiting for a response detailing what specific law the Senate broke in confirming Kavanaugh.

    275. MrVito says:

      When will the Trump-bashing funeral be held?

    276. Phil says:

      The choice will most certainly be Amy Barrett.

    277. Wes says:

      It’s amazing how the Left wants to manufacture outrage because Trump didn’t mention Ginsburg in a speech he was giving at the time of her death.

      I guess Trump is now clairvoyant?

      Otherwise I haven’t any clue as to how he would be aware of her passing.

    278. MrVito says:

      “ I guess Trump is now clairvoyant?”

      They expected it to go like this…


    279. Pitchaboy says:

      SCOTUS is an unabashed political appointment. If a vacancy comes up and the prez and Senate are from the same party, it is malpractice to not put forth a confirmation process. And if that party does not do it, they have no right to assume their supporters will turn out to vote for them. As simple as that.

    280. BennSue says:

      I guess we are now on BreyerWatch. At any rate, when Trump is reelected, he will most likely have another Justice to appoint. A 6 member solid Conservative SCOTUS will be his biggest legacy.

    281. SoHope says:

      *Just posted this on FB
      “We all know Republicans halting Obama’s replacement of Scalia with a liberal was a wielding of their control of the confirmation process and not a principled stance. I for one won’t clutch my pearls when a politician says one thing for the other team but when the shoe is on the other foot does the opposite. Its in their nature. Do you think if Scalia died 1 1/2 months before the 2016 election and Dems controlled the Senate that they wouldn’t push through the replacement? Please tell me no one is that naive?”

    282. PhilS says:

      Media is stupid. (But we already know that.). I am sure they will run with this “controversy” till the next shiny object pops up. They can’t help themselves.

      I had the Trump rally on in the background, and it was about 10-15 minutes into his speech that news about Ginsburg started popping up.

      I started paying closer attention to see if somebody would come up and let Trump know (a la Andy Card and Bush on 9/11). Didn’t happen, and Trump went on for another hour or so.

    283. PhilS says:

      The simple question is:

      Who is helped by a delayed nomination?

      Act accordingly.

    284. SoHope says:

      I for one think not informing Trump was the right call in the middle of the speech. That is not something I trust “Off the cuff Trump” to opine upon. Especially if the cameras found a smiling audience member in the crowd. Too much left to chance.

    285. Tina says:

      Josh Jordan
      Joe Biden in 2016: “I would go forward with a confirmation process as chairman, *even a few months before a presidential election,* if the nominee were chosen with the advice, and not merely the consent, of the Senate, just as the Constitution requires.


    286. Scooterboy says:

      297. Biden-“C’mon man…..did I really say that”

    287. Brion says:

      I ca see the new book coming out “How RBG’s Death Ensured DJT’s Re-election!” ?

    288. Tina says:


      Kelb Hull
      Just dug up this clip of Obama in 2016:

      “When there is a vacancy on the SCOTUS, the President is to nominate someone, the Senate is to consider that nomination… There’s no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off-years. That’s not in the Constitution text.”


    289. OHIO Joe says:

      The betting markets are now putting Florida in Trump column.

    290. Tina says:

      Hearing a new potential name

      Barbara Lagoa

    291. Wes says:

      I agree with SoHope. Trump’s aides have to know about his propensity to aim a bazooka at his foot and fire. Also, the judiciary because of its ever-increasing power since Marbury v. Madison, is the source of partisan rancor on both sides. Someone would have smirked about it and given the media a narrative.

      Keeping Trump in the dark till after the speech was the right call.

    292. Wes says:

      In 1991 and 2007 respectively, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer respectively argued a President should not make appointments during the final year of his presidency. They had a different opinion in 2016. Now I’m sure they’ve reverted to their original opinion.

      I wonder why.

    293. Tina says:

      Trump is doing 4 rallies next week:

      Toledo, OH
      Pittsburgh, PA
      Jacksonville, FL
      Harrisburg, PA

      Today he is in Fayetteville, NC

    294. Wes says:

      Lagoa would be the best pick to help Cory Gardner and Martha McSally win. They’d have a field day watching Hick and Kelly argue a qualified Latina shouldn’t be on the Court.

    295. marc says:

      Watching the left lash out and threaten to do things they already said they where gonna do it so funny.

      Trump should go ahead and nominate a justice and campaign on that Justice, putting pressure on Senators to hold a hearing.

      Time to play hardball

    296. Tgca says:

      Don’t know how accurate this is but Blackburn gave some stats of some recent SCOTUS appointments with short confirmation periods so it’s moot if true.

      The GOP has to use these over and over as talking points to thwart the MSM lies that are imminent.

      We need to EDUMACATE the masses.

      Bear in mind,” Blackburn said, “John Paul Stevens was confirmed in 19 days. Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed in 33 days. Justice Ginsburg was confirmed in 42 days. So that gives you an idea that even though it typically takes about 60 days to confirm a justice, there is precedent for doing it in a shorter period of time.”


    297. Phil says:

      Lagoa would be a great pick. Conservative. Female. Cuban Hispanic. From Florida.

      They would attack her as being inexperienced for only being on the Circuit Court for one year. She was, however, confirmed 80-15.

      Also, good chance Christine Blasey Ford comes forward again after suddenly remembering Lagoa being in the room with Kavanaugh and helping Kavanaugh pin her to the bed.

    298. Robbie says:

      The SCOTUS opening can be a huge moment for Trump’s campaign. SCOTUS was the one issue that galvanized the party in 2018. Courts have always been the issue that unites the party.

      Trump now has three issues he can and should run on the rest of the way: the economy, SCOTUS, and a vaccine. If he can employ some message discipline (Ha!), he can bring the race towards a dead heat.

      If Trump is serious, then he needs to spend the last six weeks as on message as he’s ever been.

    299. Tina says:

      Don’t worry Schiffty will come out and say Lagoa sexually assaulted him.

    300. Tina says:

      Trump is on Levins Fox program (Sunday)

      Here is what he said about the vaccine. He really effectively goes after the anti vaxxer drats:


    301. Wes says:

      I finally got my response about Kavanaugh. The claim was that the FBI wasn’t allowed to interview material witnesses. Naturally I looked into the matter and found the people the FBI didn’t contact were both supporters and detractors of Kavanaugh.


      I’m still not sure what law the Senate broke though since the exact statement didn’t cite one.

    302. Tina says:

      Lagoa fits all the check marks.

    303. Tina says:

      When the vaccine is ready, the drats will pivot to mandaring everybody taking the vaccine.

      Dr. Atlas said during the China virus presser that while everybody is encouraged to take the vaccine, you cannot mandate it,

    304. Tina says:

      Ok Goober, time to activate.

      Donald J. Trump
      · 58m
      .@GOP We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us, the most important of which has long been considered to be the selection of United States Supreme Court Justices. We have this obligation, without delay!

    305. Tina says:

      This was Biden last night. Clearly, they woke hi. Out of bed. A complete mess.

      Olga #PuertoRicans4Trump2020
      · 2h
      Replying to @WardDPatrick
      I’d put a lid on him, too — he couldn’t even recall RBG’s name last night.

      “ … we should focus on the loss of … err… her, the Justice…”

    306. BillW says:

      I am not sure why you all are in such a panic. It almost seems as if you think there has to be a replacement before Trump loses the election and the GOP loses the Senate.

      Just relax. We spend a week or so mourning a towering figure in SCOTUS history.
      Then, after a few days DJT names any one of several sitting appeals court judges – given political realities, it almost has to be a woman.
      No need for a background check, so Mitch starts hearings in the Senate immediately.
      If the Senate confirms before the election, great. If not, he finishes the job later.

      Democrat attacks on the process will help all the GOP Senate candidates – a bunch of old white guys attacking a highly qualified woman nominee – we may be looking at a 55/45 majority after the election. (IMO Jones is a goner, James has a good shot at beating Peters, Smith is looking like a tossup, at most one incumbent Republican Senator loses.)

      Once the election is over, A re-elected DJT and Republican Senate completes the process and we have a 6-3 majority in SCOTUS.

      So climb down off the ledge, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the Mitch McConnell show!

    307. Tgca says:

      Lagoa would be excellent choice because:

      Well educated
      Well experienced including FL Supreme Court
      Latin – Cuban America
      Mom with 3 daughters

      The only downside is she is not a one-legged lesbian but no candidate is perfect.

    308. Robbie says:

      I know people hate the word, but I’m going to use it anyway. I’m worried jamming through a nominee will provoke the Democrats, if they win the Senate, to increase the Court to 15 seats. I’m not sure Democrats will win the Senate, but it’s a consideration.

    309. phoenixrisen says:

      #310 — You win the internet for the day Phil LOL!!!

    310. marc says:

      My picks would be Judge Barbara Lagoa out of Miami Florida, Judge Amy Barrett, Britt Grant and a new one in hearing a black female conservative judge out of Texas Anda Brown

    311. marc says:

      Robbie they were talking about all these threats anyways, they were gonna do it regardless of anything. Its scorched earth they want then thats what they will get. We can make threats to.

    312. Tina says:

      Some are tossing out the name of the Ky AG, Daniel Cameron.

    313. Robbie says:

      Allison Rushing is just 38 and a star in the making. However, it’s probably best to save her for the next administration, whenever that is.

    314. Tina says:

      I think Lagoa is better than Amy Conett Barrett.

      I am thinking she would be a female version of Souter 2.0.

    315. MrVito says:

      Too much overthinking. Just proceed normally and constitutionally.

      People are always complaining here that the GOP doesn’t play to win. Take the win and fight on the next hill.

      The left threatens and attacks literally everything now. They want to riot because the GOP is following the constitution? Let them. F**k the blackmail already. Over it.

    316. Tgca says:

      I would like to see Feinstein and Kamala come out and bash a self-made Cuban American woman with their anti-Catholic bias. They’ll infuriate many Latinos and Catholics.

      This also puts Sotomayer in a position to defend if Latin female bashing begins. She doesn’t have to take a position on Lagoa’s rulings but she has to stand up for one of her own or else be called a hypocrite.

      What will Biden’s objection to a well qualified Latin female be – I haven’t sniffed her hair to determine if she is qualified?

      White and AA folks will not look good trying to bash the fastest growing population in the US.

      No white privileged here coming from Cuban immigrants growing up in Hialeah, FL, a vastly predominant working class Latin community about 10 miles outside a Miami.

    317. Tina says:

      I don’t think we can stand down. If we do, we lose.

      One of the arguments by the drats is that it forces Hoe Harris, the anti Catholic biggot, off the campaign trail.

      She has been a disaster on the campaign trail.

      She was run out of Miami practically and when she went to Fresno, Ca, she trespassed illlegally on somebody’s burned out property. The homeowners are beyond liviid since they could not even see their burned down property.

      Finally, in Wisconsin, she praised a rapist.

    318. mnw says:

      Barrett gets some surprising opposition from conservative Catholic writers, e.g., at Human Events. Apparently she’s expressed her personal opposition to the death penalty. I would respond, “She’s personally opposed to abortion too, but that hasn’t found its way into her opinions.”

      You can never be sure what you’re getting.

      Like Wes, with whom I seldom agree, I’m leery of bringing a fight over abortion front & center for the duration of the campaign. I can see that ramping up enthusiasm among the DEM base, which has heretofore not been especially enthused.

      It is what it is. I think Trump appoints Barrett. I think it’s questionable whether a full background check can be completed, & Senate Judiciary hearings finished, in the 42 days (appx) before the election. Trump can’t realistically appoint a nominee until after the funeral, so… subtract another 7 days.

      I’m not in the market for anyone telling me he doesn’t have to wait until the body cools. Just not worth refuting that idea.

    319. Tina says:

      I would want Hoe Harris to be on the campaign trail as much as possible. She is terrible on it,

    320. Phil says:

      Robbie, Democrats don’t need provoking.

      If the Senate goes, Democrats will

      End the filibuster

      Make DC the 51st state and possibly Puerto Rico as well.

      jam through the green new deal. They’ve signaled as much already.

      ….and yes, at some point will pack the Court, especially when they get those two permanent Senators from DC.

      You can’t placate or appease them. Haven’t you learned that by now?

    321. mnw says:


      The fastest growing minority population in the U.S. is Muslims, not Latinos, I believe. Muslims now outnumber American Jews, according to most who have analyzed that.

    322. Tgca says:

      Latino community will not like a female Latina with 3 young daughters being dragged over the coals by whites and AA politicians, especially males so this will be interesting to see how they would approach that.

      Will Menendez, the senator from Wes’ favorite Sewer State jump in and trash her? Or will he request she bring her teenage daughters when they have their “advise and consent” meeting? I think Menendez has a different view of what advise and consent means than most.

    323. MrVito says:

      Eli Klein
      Sep 18
      I’m a lifelong Democrat

      Watching red states handle Covid infinitely better than blue states is a nightmare

      The NY (blue / closed economy, higher death rate) to FL (red / open economy, lower death rate) comparison is generally applicable across the US

    324. Tgca says:

      335 MNW

      Actually, I googled and it states Asians are fastest growing so it must be correct since it’s on the internet.

      Regardless, Latino will be the major force behind whites in business and politics the next decade with the sheer numbers of the growth in the electorate.

    325. Tom says:

      So educate me. Wouldn’t expanding the number of Supreme Court justices require a constitutional amendment?

    326. Tgca says:

      Ok. I got chit to do today instead of sitting here reading y’all comments so adios losahs!

      Y’all play nice now and no ABORTION discussions without me. Got it?

    327. MrVito says:

      Growing by number or by percent?

      If I have 3 tomato plants and 100 carrots, and the next day I have 9 tomato plants and 200 carrots, one could argue each is growing faster.

    328. PhilS says:

      If the Reps don’t get a SC justice confirmed before the election, they are placing a big bet on both Trump getting re-elected, and keeping the Senate with a better margin than today.

      Who likes to take that bet, in exchange for a 40+ year appointment to the SC?

      If you don’t have the votes today to get a nomination through, you will not have the votes in the lame duck session when either Trump loses or the Senate margin is diminished (or lost). If someone like Romney won’t support the nominee with the rationale that he needs to hear from voters, then he is not going to let a defeated Trump or a reduced GOP-Senate confirm the nominee.

      The only way a post-election confirmation makes sense is if you expect Trump to be re-elected and the GOP Senate either remains status quo or increases strength.

    329. Tom says:

      Never mind. The number is not set by the constitution. So first, a dem majority senate will abolish the filibuster, and then pass a law expanding the number. This would, of course, require a dem president as well.

    330. Robbie says:

      Tom says:
      September 19, 2020 at 11:43 am
      So educate me. Wouldn’t expanding the number of Supreme Court justices require a constitutional amendment?

      – No. All it would take is a bill passed by the Congress and signed by a president. In the 19th Century, the size of the Supreme Court changed often. It was 10, then it was 7, and then it was 9 in 1869 and has been that number ever since.

    331. PhilS says:

      “So educate me. Wouldn’t expanding the number of Supreme Court justices require a constitutional amendment?”

      No. Congress can change the number of SC judges by Act, signed by President. Just like any other bill.

    332. Tina says:

      Goober is on board.

    333. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ya it’s called hostage taking.

      They going to take the hostages no matter what though regardless of whether you try to negotiate with them.

    334. MrVito says:

      Graham has referred people to this article via Twitter.

      Graham on potential Supreme Court vacancy: ‘This would be a different circumstance’ than Merrick Garland


    335. mnw says:

      If the nominee has never been confirmed to a federal Court of Appeals, the FBI would have to do a new background investigation from scratch. If the nominee has already been confirmed to a CCA, the FBI only has to UPDATE the old one– that would be quicker.

      Collins once said she would oppose filling a SCOTUS vacancy close to an election. So did Alaska’s sorrow, but Murkowski really means it.

      I think getting this done before election day is a long shot.


      I hadn’t even thought about Asians. That could be right.

    336. Tina says:

      Patrick Marley
      In a national ?
      ? poll taken days before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, two-thirds said the Senate should hold confirmation hearings if a vacancy occurred before the election. https://marquette.edu/news-center/2020/public-views-of-justice-ginsburg-and-appointments-to-the-supreme-court.php

    337. PresidentPaul! says:

      If Amy Coney Barrett has too clear a record opposing Roe, then she will lose Collins vote guaranteed regardless of election pressures since it’s been her long standing pledge to oppose nominees that will be guarantees to overturn Roe.

      And since Mitt is already planning to screw everyone and murk is a no, I think it would be too aggressive of a choice assuming this is the case (I don’t know her record that well)

    338. PresidentPaul! says:

      Also if the GOP can get Collins vote, that makes it more likely that Romney stays on ship.

    339. PresidentPaul! says:

      Also I will reiterate we’ll be lucky if there is time for one nominee let alone two, so if Collins tanks one nomination then Biden gets the seat.

      Also the new democratic senator will be seated around Nov 30th in Arizona, which is another -1 vote for the nominee.

    340. mnw says:

      I’m not a gambling man, but I’d bet the farm it’s gonna be Barrett.

    341. marc says:

      Republicans and Conservatives leaning independents need to come around and support President Trump, let the never Trump sycophants be on an island by themselves

    342. PhilS says:

      If the Senate can conduct an impeachment trial in less than 3 weeks, it can confirm a SC justice in less than 2 weeks.

    343. Tina says:

      Tim Pool
      its funny how the riots hurt the democrats really bad and in response to the death of RBG, when the democrats need every vote imaginable, tons of leftists start calling for more riots

    344. PresidentPaul! says:

      Japanification of the USA

      “Over the past two centuries, 51 out of 52 countries that reached sovereign debt levels of 130% of GDP ended up “defaulting”, [within 0-15 years] either through devaluation, inflation, restructuring, or outright nominal default.”

    345. PhilS says:

      No hearings por TV drama.

      Have the senators submit questions by Friday, answer any “swing” senators’ questions by Monday, throw the rest out, and confirm by Wednesday.

    346. Phil says:

      I just saw links to at least four separate tweets in which leftists threatened to hit the streets if Trump nominates someone to Ginsberg’s seat before the election.

      Trump needs to hold back on a nomination. We don’t want to provoke riots.

    347. PresidentPaul! says:

      Japan being the one exception 1 out of 52,

    348. PresidentPaul! says:

      They will riot and destroy their own democrat cities though.

    349. PhilS says:

      Trump has already asked for confirmation of new justice. He will submit a name early next week.

      Ball will be in Mitch’s court.

    350. Tina says:

      Lawrence Hurley
      NEW: Trump’s list of contenders to replace Ginsburg include appeals court judges Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa — REUTERS

    351. PhilS says:


      How is this NEW?

      Was Reuters sleeping last two weeks?

    352. MrVito says:

      Black lives matter

      Zaid Jilani
      Since July, 49 Portland police officers have resigned. It took 90 minutes to respond to a call about an intruder armed with a knife

    353. Phil says:

      MSNBC has the usual Never Trumper “Republicans” on wall to wall talking nonpartisanship and Trump needs to be a statesman and not nominate anyone before the election. Mike Murphy who ran McCain’s 2000 campaign and hasn’t supported a Republican since is all “outraged”. Says if Trump goes through with this “the Senate will never be the same”

      Cry me a river, Mike. Worried about the senate never being the same? I haven’t heard a word from you regarding Democrats packing on two or four new senators from DC and Puerto Rico which is in the Democratic platform. Worried about changing the senate my ass.

    354. Todd McCain says:

      Lagoa would be a homerun for Trump and puts Dems and Biden in an extremely difficult position considering Biden’s issues w the Latino community.

    355. Tina says:

      Marc Caputo
      · 7m
      US Circuit Judge & former FL Supreme Court Justice Barbara Lagoa is at the top of Trump’s list to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat. Source who spoke to WH: “Justice Lagoa is perfect. [Trump] president wants a conservative jurist and he wants to win the biggest battleground.” 1/3

    356. PresidentPaul! says:

      Hopefully Lagoa has some degree of paper trail to know she’s not insane like Souter, etc

    357. marc says:

      NEW: Frontrunners for Trump’s US Supreme court pick include Barbara Lagoa and Amy Coney Barrett, sources tell me and @josh_wingrove. He’s not decided yet. In a conversation with Trump last night, McConnell didn’t specify a candidate preference, said he can deliver a floor vote.

    358. Bernardnulse says:

      Thank you very much for the information provided
      I’m very impressed

    359. MrVito says:

      Erin GrudgePAC Ryan
      · 16h
      Men, now would be a good time to not minimize the sadness of the women in your lives and just know that she meant more to them than you could possibly understand


      Hmm. My wife said who? Oh, right… and then went to watch Jurassic Park with my daughter.

      I was there for her.

    360. BayernFan says:

      Barrett may not want the headache of being nominated right now.

      If Trump wins and Congress is fully GOP, they should add 3 or 5 seats to the Supreme Court and fill them all.

      Wouldn’t it be 2020 were Biden to succumb before 11/3?

    361. PhilS says:

      “Erin GrudgePAC Ryan
      · 16h
      Men, now would be a good time to not minimize the sadness of the women in your lives and just know that she meant more to them than you could possibly understand”

      Men, now would be a good time to tell your women that Amy or Barbara is 1000x better than Ruth.

    362. PresidentPaul! says:

      odds are in Biden’s favor.

      We can take this SC seat on a short time frame it just requires the correct pick that will not inflame Collins yet still have a good enough paper trial to prove conservative jurisprudence

    363. BayernFan says:

      It’s beyond weird that the media is completely ignoring the elephant in the room…. Biden’s obvious infirmities. The people aren’t ignoring it.

    364. PresidentPaul! says:

      Yep, Dan quayle spelled potato wrong for some reason and it meant that he needed to be disqualified.

      Joe Biden can’t spell his own name.

    365. Jo Byden says:

      Can so!

    366. mnw says:

      I’m not counting on low information voters to recognize Biden’s mental impairment. We’ll see. They don’t pay any attention to the stuff we post about. RAS reported not long ago that more voters think Trump is mentally unfit than Biden.

    367. Cash Cow TM says:

      “NYCmike says:
      September 18, 2020 at 10:58 pm
      Looking at some writings about Judge Barrett – there is a piece that says something about her believing the state of West Virginia was formed in an unconstitutional manner……Ca$h Cow, Walt, you may be moving to a new state soon!’

      Well it was formed illegally.

      VA and other states said we want a divorce from U.S.

      Lincoln et. AL. sain no, you are still part of U.S. War fought, North wins.

      U.S. allowed part of VA to be carved away from VA and admitted into union without approval of VA.

      contrary to constitution.

    368. MrVito says:

      Trump would have won that Virginia.

    369. lisab says:

      ted cruz to trump:

      no mercy … sweep the leg

    370. Tina says:

      Another name

      Seung Min Kim
      · 20m
      NEW — Trump told McConnell in a conversation last night that he liked Amy Coney Barrett (7th Cir) and Barbara Lagoa (11th) as a potential RBG successor, per people familiar. McConnell didn’t throw out names, only promised Trump a floor vote


    371. Marv says:

      My view is that will be Lagoa. No downside whatsoever and a slam dunk winner.

    372. Wes says:

      Given the fact that West Virginians are morons who elect and reelect a liar and fraud to the Senate to vote against everything they claim is important to them, West Virginia should be renamed Manchinia.

    373. Marv says:

      Hi Wes, how goes it for you?

    374. Tina says:

      Lagoa has no downside.

      My favorite so far.

    375. BayernFan says:

      she’s too old

    376. Marv says:


      After Lagoa is confirmed, next up should be Cohen then Cameron in that order.

    377. Wes says:

      Fine, Marv. You?

    378. Wes says:

      Lagoa is 52, Bay. That’s not too old.

    379. Marv says:

      Good Wes, thanks.

      What are your suggestions, or thoughts, on whom Trump should nominate and, the big question, how does this impact his re-elect chances?

    380. Phil says:

      Lagoa is my choice.

      Democrats will say she doesn’t have enough experience as a judge. It’s all they have and that’s not a strong argument.

    381. BayernFan says:

      Barrett is 48.

    382. Wes says:

      It has to be a woman, Marv. Lagoa checks the most boxes demographically and gives the most potential upside for both Trump and Republican Senators.

      If Trump picks wisely Dems will be marginalized before they can attack the nominee–though they’ll try anyway.

      This improves Trump’s chances of reelection though I’m unsure to what degree.

    383. Wes says:

      That’s a four-year difference, Bay, and Lagoa has the chance to put Dems in a bind with Latinos.

    384. Marv says:


      52 is not old. (70 something is not old either)

    385. Tom says:

      What Marv said.

    386. Wes says:

      Plus, the Senate confirmed Lagoa 80-15. Republicans will be able to use that against the Dems when they inevitably go into Orwellian doublespeak to try to scuttle her nomination.

    387. Wes says:

      I’m calling it now:

      Joe Manchin will be a no on whomever Trump nominates.

      Thanks, West Virginia morons!

    388. Phil says:

      BTW, as far as the experience as a judge issue as a point of attack on Lagoa, it won’t hunt even if Democrats try.

      There have been 40 Supreme Court Justices with Absolutely no prior experience as judges. None. The list includes William Reinquest, Earl Warren, William Douglas, Byron White, Felix Frankfurter….and the list goes on and on.

      I don’t see any downside with Lagoa assuming she is tough enough to stand up to the vicious questioning she will get from the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. On that score, I know Amy Barrett can do that for sure.

    389. jason says:

      The Dems are really talking about bipartisanhip after they pushed impeachment through the House without even their own caucus fully supporting it?


    390. jason says:

      I am not sure of the fallout of all this.

      But the Rs have to give it a shot, the Dems certainly would have.

    391. mnw says:

      I believe Scumer had Manchin’s Kavanaugh vote in Schumer’s hip pocket– but ONLY if it was going to be the deciding vote– which it turned out it wasn’t

      There’s a lot of “Murkowski can be bought!” nonsense being posted elsewhere, btw. Really? Then how come Kavanaugh was a NO SALE for her?

    392. jason says:

      Who said this”

      “That’s their job,“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the President stops being President in his last year.”

    393. PresidentPaul! says:

      Manchin will only vote no if he is the deciding vote otherwise he does what’s best for reelection.

    394. Phil says:

      The Democrats are Using this weekend looking through their opposition file on Barrett. They are using this weekend to compile one on Lagoa.

      God help her if she was ever assigned after school detention in the 6th grade.

    395. Wes says:

      Manchin isn’t up till 2024. He’ll vote against his constituents’ wishes every time till it’s a high-profile vote when Schumer doesn’t need him.

    396. Wes says:

      Murkowski voted present on Kav even though she personally opposed him.

    397. mnw says:

      The DEMs’ opposition file on Barrett turned out to be empty in 2017. What could they have now that they didn’t have 3 years ago?

      She’s still “Just too Catholic!” I guess. That’s it.

    398. mnw says:

      415 Wes

      What’s your point there? How is that different than voting NO?

    399. Hugh says:

      Lindsey is on board!!! Full speed ahead

    400. Wes says:

      Voting no is an active attempt to stop something. Murkowski voted present, which had no effect on the outcome. She did this because Steve Daines couldn’t be there to vote yes.

    401. Wes says:

      I’m sure Lindsay was just agonizing over the decision everyone already knew he would make.

    402. lisab says:

      i once saw barrett in church and she complained about the namby pamby pope and said galileo should still be banned


      lagoa, who was standing next to us, agreed with her

      and then they both groped me

    403. Cash CowTM says:

      Unbiased press chimes in on twitter…

      “Katy Tur
      Prominent Dem texts:

      Time to get tough. Do away with the filibuster. Add 2 justices. They stole 2 seats.”

    404. lisab says:

      could the republicans put back a filibuster? and make it 60 votes again for example? thus preventing the dems from eliminating it?

    405. mnw says:


      Trump must not see Alaska’s Sorrow’s “present” vote on K as benignly as you do, since he stated he would not support her in 2022.

    406. lisab says:

      or are cloture rules on nominations something the dems can just change at will?

    407. PresidentPaul! says:

      lol the conventional thinking that rules changes had to be approved by majority vote at the beginning of the 2 year senate swearing in.

      At that point you could “filibuster” and changes people were trying to make mid 2 year term since filibuster had already been approved.

      But since they found a parliamentary nuke trick it appears even that does not work.

    408. PresidentPaul! says:

      If the dems do away with the filibuster there would be no reason to instate it if the GOP gets power again since that’s just unilateral disarmament.

      Once it’s gone…it’s gone.

    409. lisab says:

      If the dems do away with the filibuster there would be no reason to instate it if the GOP gets power again since that’s just unilateral disarmament.

      the reason to reinstate it would be to avoid the hyper-partisan voting we are getting

    410. PresidentPaul! says:

      You would reinstate for once the GOP took power after the dems did whatever they wanted. Unilateral disarmament.

      Once the dems took power again, they would just set the rules they want again (aka no filibuster)

      By forcing rules on a GOP senate you’re not preventing the dems from doing anything.

      The only reason the GOP senate has respected the rule so far is because of tradition and because the dems are respecting the tradition.

      But if there is no tradition well there is no tradition.

    411. lisab says:

      why did trump murder ginsberg anyway?

      it seems like a lot of trouble to go through for an 87 year old

    412. Wes says:

      Trump didn’t support Murkowski in 2016, Mnw, and she was actively hostile to him. Despite the fact that Joe Miller was on the ballot actively trying to help the Dems win a Senate seat, she won.

      Of course Steve Bannon will find some unelectable Trump supporter to primary her in two years. Since Bannon will be behind it, her challenger will be the next Chris McDaniel or the next Roy Moore.

    413. lisab says:

      But if there is no tradition well there is no tradition.

      they should go back to the tradition

    414. mnw says:

      ActBlue states they’ve raised $31 million since RBG’s death.

    415. PresidentPaul! says:


      Who the GOP? We already are respecting the rule.

      Sorry Chuck doesn’t do what you want him to.

    416. MrVito says:

      Kate Todd said to be on the short list also.

    417. lisab says:

      Sorry Chuck doesn’t do what you want him to.

      i just want the country to calm down

      the senate used to be the “calming” influence on congress

    418. Tina says:

      BREAKING: Secret Service intercepts package addressed to President Trump containing deadly ricin


    419. Tina says:

      · 40m
      BREAKING: Package addressed to the White House containing ricin intercepted by law enforcement. The package was addressed to President Trump. – CNN

    420. mnw says:


      You believe AK Republicans should’ve supported Murkowski in the 2016 GE? I don’t recall Murkowski’s Republican supporters voting for GOP nominee Miller in the 2010 GE. Party loyalty is a one-way street, apparently.

      As for Kavanaugh & Murkowski…

      It took 51 votes to confirm K. Alaska’s Sorrow was not among those 51, whether she voted “no” OR “present.” Right?

      The only REAL difference between her voting “no” & her voting “present” was that Daines didn’t have to miss his daughter’s wedding in order to come back & vote “yes.”

      Now that McCain is taking a dirt nap, Alaska’s Sorrow is my least favorite GOP politician. At least Romney voted for Kavanaugh.

    421. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      “During a 1pm conference call of @SenateDems, aides say @SenSchumer told his colleagues: “Let me be clear: if Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans move forward with this, then nothing is off the table for next year. Nothing is off the table.”- CBS News

    422. Wes says:

      Miller was such a bad candidate Murkowski ran as a write-in and beat him. He was never going to win as a Libertarian but ran out of spite in 2016. He still lost to Murkowski.

      Let’s not forget her full-throated support of Dan Sullivan in 2014 helped convince Alaskans to boot Mark Begich. She’s a Republican who doesn’t like Trump. If the AKGOP can do better, then someone other than Joe Miller needs to step forward. Otherwise you’re stuck with a senior Senator who will make her antipathy toward Trump no secret.

      I haven’t any problem with tossing Murkowski aside for a more loyal Republican who can win. Finding that person is the problem. Senate seats are too valuable to toss away on vanity runs by louts such as Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, and Aaron Day.

    423. PresidentPaul! says:

      Romney wasn’t in the senate during the vote.

    424. Dan says:

      BREAKING: Secret Service intercepts package addressed to President Trump containing deadly ricin”

      The timing when Trump is down in critical polls makes it certainly seem as a possible false flag.

      If GOPers can say that whenever one of theirs does something similar (Las Vegas, Planned Parenthood shooting, the Tree of Life Pittsburgh shooting,the June Santa Cruz shootings by boogaloos, among others), then it works both ways.

    425. PresidentPaul! says:


      There’s a new documentary out on a hacker who supposedly had credible info that the CIA instigated the antrax attacks to promote Bush’s wars when the guy may or may not have had child porn planted on his computer to stop the issue.

    426. Hugh says:

      Whoa big threat from Schumer. He would break every norm next year if in power no matter what. Republicans now understand their opposition. And we are finally growing a back bone with flake and Alexander gone we are much stronger.

    427. PresidentPaul! says:

      The left is so radical now days that this reminds me of the Spanish civil war\election of the 30’s.

      Nationalist vs Communist in Spanish 1930’s election

    428. MrVito says:

      Clearly the false flag operation is actually also a false flag operation.

      In fact, it might even be a triple or quadruple false flag.

    429. PresidentPaul! says:

      It’s just more hostage taking threats by Schumar. It’s pointless to even acknowledge him at this point unless he wants to discuss the stimulus bill.

    430. PresidentPaul! says:

      I’m a huge fan of Spanish artwork for whatever reason.

    431. PresidentPaul! says:

      Spanish meaning Spain not S.A.

    432. MrVito says:

      Carl Paulus
      A remarkable aspect of the current Twitter panic is that it’s all based on the assumption Trump isn’t going to win.

    433. Tina says:

      False flag operation,


      Are you stupid?

    434. PresidentPaul! says:

      Police chase down a Tesla doing 90 mph only to find no driver- people sleeping in the car

      CMP Sgt. Darrin Turnbull said: “Nobody was looking out the windshield to see where the car was going. I’ve been in policing for over 23 years and the majority of that in traffic law enforcement, and I’m speechless. I’ve never, ever seen anything like this before, but of course the technology wasn’t there.”

    435. MrVito says:

      Rich Lowry
      First step, lose enough Senate seats in entirely free and fair elections to ensure you don’t control the Senate

      Second step, suffer the consequences of not controlling the Senate, including on judicial confirmations

      Third step, scream the entire process is illegitimate

    436. MrVito says:


      Steve Guest
      FLASHBACK: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg chastises Democrats on court packing, calling it a “bad idea” and “partisan.”

      “9 seems to be a good number… I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried… I am not at all in favor of that…”

    437. MrVito says:



      Steve Guest Retweeted

      Ronna McDaniel
      Last year, Justice Ginsburg herself weighed in on Democrats’ desire to pack the Supreme Court.

      She called it a “bad idea” that “would make the court look partisan.”

    438. Pitchaboy says:

      The SF in Barc. Was there a long 3 years ago. Spectacular

    439. Marv says:

      Taking the afternoon off from politics, I watched the Navy @ Tulane football game. Great game!

      Final score:

      Navy 27
      Tulane 24

      Navy trailed at the half 24-0. A field goal as time expired split the uprights.

    440. PresidentPaul! says:

      Well she said there should be no vote, but she at least didn’t commit to a no vote.

    441. Marv says:

      Yep, she said that there should not be a vote.

      Well, there is going to be a vote and she will probably vote to confirm, particularly if it’s Judge Lacoa.

    442. Robbie says:

      Tina says:
      September 19, 2020 at 4:26 pm
      Maine Chicklet is no.


      – Not a surprise. We need her to win her race. She needs room to maneuver.

    443. MrVito says:

      She also said there that she doesn’t agree with a lame duck appointment.

      Of course, she probably figures she will lose if Trump loses, so she won’t be held to it.

    444. PresidentPaul! says:

      She’s going to have to ultimately vote yes though or she will lose reelection.

      This is why we need a vote before the election or as close to it as possible so she feels pressure.

    445. Marv says:

      50-50 tie for confirmation with Pence the tie breaker.

    446. MrVito says:

      She only has pressure if Trump loses and she wins.

    447. MrVito says:

      Which is still debatable because she’ll have the seat for 6 more years and may or may not seek another term in her seventies.

    448. Cash Cow TM says:


    449. Robbie says:

      I think everyone needs to be prepared for the possibility that, while Trump will nominate someone and McConnell has promised a vote, the nominee may not end up on the Supreme Court.

      I’m not saying that’s what will happen, but I do think it’s a possibility. The fight for Trump and Republicans may be more important than the outcome. If Trump loses, I doubt there will be much impetus to confirm in the lame duck session.

    450. Cash Cow TM says:

      typing on frigging old ,half cripples backup laptop…

    451. lisab says:

      If Republicans maintain control, they can confirm the choice in the lame duck session. says robbie
      robbie says:
      If Trump loses, I doubt there will be much impetus to confirm in the lame duck session.

    452. Robbie says:

      lisab says:
      September 19, 2020 at 5:10 pm
      If Republicans maintain control, they can confirm the choice in the lame duck session. says robbie
      robbie says:
      If Trump loses, I doubt there will be much impetus to confirm in the lame duck session.

      – Yes. Both are true. If they maintain control, they can confirm a choice. However, there may not be a lot of desire to do so if Trump as lost.

      The decision isn’t as straightforward as some might like to believe. Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and Alexander may not support it. Portman, Toomey, and a few others who are up in 2022 might not want to stick their necks out for someone who has just lost a presidential race either.

    453. Bitterlaw says:

      Thanks, Cash Cow. Now we can e-mail Walt. AOL account? Damn. He is old.

    454. Will says:

      Isn’t it a 5-3 court now?

      I don’t think Biden releases a list. Said he wants to make the choice of black woman. Coons said Dems know him so they don’t need list.

      This has to hurt him politically.

      Pres Trump should nominate someone. Not sure Senate will take it up but Leader needs to drive point that Schumer can not be trusted to keep word on anything RE packing, filibuster, etc….

    455. PresidentPaul! says:

      Robert Barnes (@scotusreporter)
      Trump tells reporters nominee likely will be a woman, be announced next week and he’d like a vote before the election

    456. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      474. I tend to agree with Robbie. If Trump loses then see the Republicans beginning to act independently of him. If the SC nominee is popular, then I could see her confirmed in the lameduck session. Beginning to see Barbara Lagoa as the best nominee at this point.

    457. Tina says:

      5-3 on paper but 4-4 with the bush sheot pick.

    458. PresidentPaul! says:

      Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC)
      In light of these two events, I will support President @realDonaldTrump in any effort to move forward regarding the recent vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ginsburg.

    459. Tina says:

      Roberts has rino tendencies which will be even more elevated.

    460. Robbie says:

      SanDiegoCitizen says:
      September 19, 2020 at 5:33 pm
      474. I tend to agree with Robbie. If Trump loses then see the Republicans beginning to act independently of him. If the SC nominee is popular, then I could see her confirmed in the lameduck session. Beginning to see Barbara Lagoa as the best nominee at this point.

      – I agree. Lagoa, for political reasons, looks like the best bet.

      The question for any nominee is whether that person is willing to be, potentially, a sacrificial lamb.

      I believe the chances someone is confirmed is 50/50 right now.

    461. Tina says:

      Maine chicklet translated

      Shem Horne
      Senator Collins should have just issued a statement that says “I’m up for re-election and my own personal political power means more to me than another conservative on the Supreme Court.” It would have been a lot shorter and more honest.

    462. Robbie says:

      If Republicans are going to confirm someone, just go ahead and do it now. Confirmation hearings are a farce anyway. Considering how much is already known about nominees, why have the hearings? I would be ok if we never had anymore of them.

    463. PresidentPaul! says:

      You’re reading way to much into Collins. She said there should be no vote. She did not pledge to oppose the nominee if she has to vote.

      She does this every time always deciding or pretending to decide at the last minute. She’s the republican Joe Manchin.

      She might vote against the nominee and might not.

      However, if the nominee is has a very hostile record against Roe, then you’re sure to lose her.

    464. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      476. “Pres Trump should nominate someone.”

      Agree. Trump needs to have a good nominee in place prior to the election. It would help him counter claims he will nominee someone extreme if re-elected. His main emphasis should be on blasting Biden as mentally incapable now. If Trump wins his nominee likely will be approved after the election.

    465. Tina says:

      It’s 50-50 because the typical Rs are weak kneeers. They are glad to take the rod in the arsw though.

    466. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Trump were somehow able to get a conservative nominee approved prior to the election; then if the Democrats win they will pack the court with libeals come January. So having another conservative on the court will not mean much. Trump needs to focus on winning the election.

    467. PresidentPaul! says:

      Trump will lose reelection without the Pelosi stimulus, and since this court fight is going to poison the well in the senate, we may as well actually try to win the nomination if we can’t win the presidency.

    468. Rogerhed says:

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    469. PresidentPaul! says:

      Of course it will. The dems will never let conservatives control the court no matter what. It’s been this way for a century.

      Espousing the ruse for what it is is an achievement in itself since futures GOP candidates can then commit to court packing.

    470. Marv says:


      The China virus and the stimulus package are old news now.
      It’s all about the Supreme Court. President Trump and his GOP allies will make sure of that.

    471. PresidentPaul! says:

      She’s only been on florida SC for one year. Seems like a very short paper trail.


    472. Tina says:

      The court will be packed even if the drats win. To be scared to nominate and confirm for that reason is foolish.

    473. Bio mom says:


      They will try to pack the court no matter who wins.

    474. PresidentPaul! says:

      I actually think a Biden win with a GOP senate would be about as bad for the left as a Trump win.

      All the rational for “stimulus” and free money for not working would go out the door immediately, and Biden would be stuck with an economy in the sh1tter as Trump is stuck with.

    475. Tina says:

      There won’t be any new stimulus.

      Trump has $300 billion from the old stimulus. Maybe more? Some more direct payments?

      Also the payroll tax deferral just kicked in.

      Finally the economy is too strong.

    476. PresidentPaul! says:

      Not only that but if Biden stole the election with the ballot harvesting nonsense there would be no incentive to approve any of his nominees not only for the court but even for the executive branch

    477. Marv says:

      In my opinion, President Trump will win re-election, his nominee to the Supreme Court will be confirmed, the Senate will remain in GOP hands, and the Supreme Court will continue to have 9 Justices.

      (Also, Air Force will win The Commander in Chief‘s Trophy)

    478. PresidentPaul! says:

      Mitch is trying to keep the cats corralled.

      MCCONNELL wrote GOP senators:“This is not the time to prematurely lock yourselves into a position you may later regret. … I urge you all to be cautious and keep your powder dry until we return to Washington.”

    479. PresidentPaul! says:


      I expect Biden to win bigly. I think it could be a close election if we could get a stimulus package through though although would still be difficult perhaps a “lose less” scenario although that would still make the stimulus worth it.

    480. LivintheDream says:

      #498 Now the fun begins.

      Schumer will say no stimulus if there is a move to fill the SC seat while the Trump District House Dems will beg Pelosi to cut a deal on stimulus.

      In the meantime, there will be more countries to join Israel peace deal, Durham shoes to drop and the decision whether to send Biden to the first debate.

      Get the popcorn.

    481. PresidentPaul! says:

      What about no ceiling approval at the end of Oct 😛

    482. John says:

      Watched the “Journal (WSJ) Report” on Fox and to a person all believe that a SC Justice needs to be done before the election.
      I agree.

    483. Tina says:


      Let’s Start Our Own MAGA CHAZ!
      Historic, once-in-a-generation opportunity for a 6-3 conservative SCOTUS majority and the Never Trump #TrueCons are showing us that all they care about is their place and position within the corporate media.

    484. Tina says:

      Tik Tok deal announced.

      To be incorporated in Texas

      Not owned by the commies.

      Looks like oracle/Walmart

      25000 new jobs

      $5 billion education fund.

    485. Florida Guy says:

      “Of course Steve Bannon will find some unelectable Trump supporter to primary her in two years. Since Bannon will be behind it, her challenger will be the next Chris McDaniel or the next Roy Moore.”

      I disagree. Murkowski will draw a credible challenger. She passed on Kavanuagh and actively sought to keep ObamaCare in place. Now this. She is done, she is over in 2022.


    486. PresidentPaul! says:

      If these republicans can vote against their own party’s SCOTUS nominee and still win reelection that is a total shame.

      I’d prefer the vote be before the election so the voters know what they are doing.

    487. MrVito says:

      Just fill the vacancy… yikes. The constitution is on your side.

      The Democrats can threaten to pack the courts, which you can then make an election issue, or they can back track and pi$$ off their base.

      or they can riot and pi$$ off everyone.

      The only thing that has changed since yesterday is a SCOTUS seat opened. “Everything being on the table” is not a new threat…. riots are not a new threat…. do as I say or else is not a new threat.

    488. Tina says:

      Trump Just said:

      Likely Nominee is a woman.

      Announcement next week.

    489. Tina says:

      Said he is impressed with Lagoa.

    490. Greymarch says:

      McConnell must force a floor-vote before November 3rd. A day or two before election day is best. Why?

      Because there is no GOP senator up for re-election this year who could possibly still win their race if they vote “no” on a GOP SCOTUS nominee. It automatically vaporizes their base, and dooms them.

      For example, read between the lines of Collin’s statement today. She didnt say she would cast a “no” floor vote for the nominee. She said there shouldnt be a vote before the election. So McConnell forces her to vote before the election. Either she abstains, or votes “yes”, because a “no” vote guarantees she loses by 15 in ME.

      If Collins, Gardner or any other GOP senator actually votes “no” on a nominee before the election, the dem voters in their respective state will scream “thank you so much!”, then vote for their dem challenger anyhow. This is why its so important for McConnell to force a floor vote before the election. Every GOP senator up for re-election this Nov must vote yes or abstain. A no vote guarantees losing their senate seat.

    491. MrVito says:

      And no matter how many times they say otherwise, MCConnell isn’t setting a new precedent… facts are on your side.

      If facts dont matter, then the country is already lost.

    492. MrVito says:

      This is the character of your opponent. Let it sink in.

      If I understand this correctly, there is more outrage over the possibility of a President nominating and the Senate confirming a qualified nominee than people on the left openly threatening to commit violence and pack the court in response to that lawful action?

    493. MrVito says:

      If that’s correct, the ballgame is already over.

    494. MrVito says:

      If you give in to that, you are signaling the ballgame is over when it isn’t.

    495. MrVito says:

      In 2016 the duly elected Majority Leader was told to do what Democrats demanded and told them to pound sand. He was rewarded.

      In 2016 the duly elected Majority Leader was told to do what Democrats demanded on SCOTUS, but told them to pound sand. He got a Senate Majority, defying the polls.

      In 2018 the duly elected Majority Leader was told to do what the Democrats demanded on SCOTUS, but told them to pound sand. He got a Senate Majority, defying the polls.

      In 2020 the duly elected Majority Leader is told to do what the Democrats demand on SCOTUS….. <—— you are here

    496. MrVito says:


      Guy Benson
      Relevant: In the most recent national election (2018), judges/SCOTUS was a *huge* issue litigated in contested Senate races & voters decided to *expand* the existing GOP senate majority.

    497. BayernFan says:

      is Grassley ok?

      If u lost ur pet pidgin /it’s dead in front yard my Iowa farm JUST DISCOVERED here r identifiers Right leg Blue 2020/3089/AU2020/SHE ///LEFT LEG GREEN BAND NO PRINTED INFO. Sorry for bad news
      4:49 PM · Sep 19, 2020

      I assumed deer dead bc it was night and no carcas
      6:57 PM · Sep 19, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
      Quote Tweets

      But in case of this pidgin i could actually pick up bird. No life whatsoever
      7:00 PM · Sep 19, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
      Quote Tweets

    498. Tina says:

      Joy Reid
      · 2h
      Some advice Dems are getting: “if Biden wins, he, as President-elect, should name his own nominee,” creating a scenario with two dueling nominees … and Democratic Senators “should decline to attend any courtesy calls or hearings for any Trump nominee.” https://newyorker.com/news/news-desk/for-mitch-mcconnell-keeping-his-senate-majority-matters-more-than-the-supreme-court

    499. mnw says:

      I think voting NO on Kavanaugh definitely hurt McCaskill in MO. I don’t think it was the one big thing that sank her, though. She lost because of a good-to-great GOP nominee, plus a general impression that she was just too liberal.

      GOP gains in the Senate in 2018 in MO; IN; and ND, were in very conservative states, & that’s where the Kavanaugh hearings hurt the DEM most, I suspect. I dunno about Scott’s razor thin win in FL– whether Kavanaugh hearings hurt Nelson as much there as in the other 3 I mentioned.

    500. Phil says:

      It may have not Have hurt Nelson as much in Florida but it didn’t have to. The margin was 10K votes so It hurt just enough. I might add that a close race in ND suddenly expanded to a 10 pt Republican lead once Kavanaugh became an issue. It finished off Heidi Heitkamp.

    501. Dylan says:

      Scott’s lead was well over 50k votes before Brenda Snooes began her vote manufacturing endeavor that almost worked GOP was flat footed there and it took three days to start putting the clamps down!

    502. mnw says:

      Trump bragged about the crowd size in NC today, “I don’t care what the polls say– does this look like the crowd I’d have if I were going to lose?” I haven’t seen an estimate of the crowd size, though. Looked to be robust.

    503. Tina says:

      They did not indicate the crowd size,

      But the announcer said it was like 2016.

    504. MrVito says:

      Matt Whitlock
      I feel like I should respectfully point out that this was *not* Senator Flake’s position.

      Flake explicitly argued that the Senate should confirm in the lame duck if Republicans lost, specifically so the next president could *not* fill the vacancy.
      Quote Tweet

      Jeff Flake
      · 1h
      In 2016, nine months before an election, we Republicans said that the next president should fill a Supreme Court vacancy. Today, six weeks before an election, we should hold the same position. Preserving the institution of the Senate should be paramount to any political gain.

    505. Tina says:

      Here is a shot of the crowd in NC.


    506. Scooterboy says:

      YouGov did a snap poll on the SCP.
      Found that by a margin of 51% to 42% Trump should not make a nomination before the election.

      However, here comes the funny part. Here is the breakdown for the poll. Are you ready?

      D 47, R 28, I 21

      Yep you read it right. A D + 19 poll.

    507. Tina says:

      Is that the poll that Rasmussen mentioned on its twitter feed?

      They mentioned a Monday polll, but it’s Drat plus 19.

      If that, p,us being an “instant poll” = garbage designed to intimidate jebots.

    508. Tina says:

      Btw, big surprise here / s

      The confederate, cooler, cheeseburger, and tax lien club came out against filling the seat.

    509. Phil says:

      Where did they get that distribution? California?


    510. mnw says:

      If Collins thinks she’ll pick up undecided voters by refusing to vote on a SCOTUS nominee until after the election, she’s deluded, imo. All she’s doing is de-energizing the GOP base in ME. I suspect.

      I see Tillis in his close race, in a swing state, is doing the opposite of what Collins is doing & Ayotte did– Tillis sounded like Mr. MAGA today!

    511. PresidentPaul! says:

      Lincoln project neocons are pissed that americans didnt support anymore of the iraq hoax so they want to ram Marxism down their throats.

    512. jaichind says:

      534. It is not that crazy. That might be what they sampled. But I can reverse engineer they weights based on the cross tabs and got a DRI of 34/25/41 or D+9. It is pretty far out and not realistic but not as bad as D+19

    513. PresidentPaul! says:

      Not enough americans were willing to die for the weekly standard so now we have to throw a tantrum and give everyone Bernie Bro Communism.

    514. mnw says:

      Assuming there’s only one YouGov, they poll a volunteer panel of voters.

    515. Tina says:

      Garbage in and out re you fraud polls.

    516. Tina says:

      Yup, Ras busted you fraud pole.

      Rasmussen Reports
      Hardy Har Har Har –

      1200 National Registered (not Likely) Voters
      Weighted? D47, R28, Ind21 (D+19) Dizzy face

      Meanwhile – ‘another pollster’ – is rumored to be providing a look at these same questions on Monday based on:

      1000 National Likely Voters
      Weighted D37, R33, Ind 30 (D+4) Slightly smiling face

    517. PhilS says:

      YouGov does not do polls, it does panel discussion.

    518. TIna says:

      Steve Herman
      · 2h
      “They give him a big fat shot in the ass” and he’s fine for 2 hours, says @realDonaldTrump of @JoeBiden. “We’re gonna ask for a drug test” at the upcoming debates.

    519. Justin says:

      What is the opinion of Independents in that snap poll?

    520. MrVito says:

      Ed Gallagher
      Replying to
      Ginsburg’s last words: “I do not wish to replaced until another president is installed… and if they try to, burn this mother down!”

    521. Tina says:

      Alex Salvi
      · 1h
      Fox News’ Jesse Watters: “Sources tell ‘Watters World’ Pres. Trump will likely nominate 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Politically, Trump nominating Barrett now basically expands his ticket giving him kind of a second runningmate.”

    522. Justin says:

      ACB is an easy no for Collins.

    523. Marv says:

      The pick should be Barbara Lagoa.

    524. mnw says:

      Collins is backing & filling now– saying that she “has no objection to the Senate beginning consideration” of Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

      What a fool. Waffling is not gonna impress either side favorably.

    525. Tina says:

      I agree Lagoa fills more boxes.

      But we shall see.

    526. MrVito says:

      She said that in her initial statement.

    527. Phil says:

      I also like Lagoa as my top choice…..but can she hold up during the hearings? Probably so. Barrett can check that box for sure.

      Barrett would make one helluva justice, however. At 48 she would be on the Court for 30 years. Solid conservative that wouldn’t turn into Souter. Would juice the base although she’d lose some suburban women on the margins.,,,still a net plus in votes on Nov 3rd I believe….at least a net break even.

    528. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      When public health authorities in Sweden do not recommend masks; people listen:

      “On Wednesday, there was another sign that the country was ready to go back to normal, when the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra played the first concert of the fall season to a crowd of 49. In the audience were Crown Princess Victoria, who is next in line to the Swedish throne, and her husband, Prince Daniel. Neither the performers or the audience members wore masks, but the crowd size was limited to fulfill the limit on gatherings.”

    529. Coletterip says:

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      ??????? ??? ??????? ??????? ??????????? ??? ? ????????? ?????? ???????

      – ?????????????? ??????????, ??????? ?? ????? ???????????? ?????????, ? ???????? ??? ????????;

      ?? ??????? ???? ?? ??????????? ??????????? ?? ???????? ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????? ??:

    530. phoenixrisen says:

      Saw a very interesting point on Twitter. Barrett already went through Senate confirmation hearings in 2017. McConnell could just call an up and down vote citing this and it is a done deal. I like the idea. Both Barrett and Lagoa benefit The GOP politically but I have to agree, Lagoa would practically lock up Florida for Trump but selecting Barrett would also play very well with the evangelical and Catholic vote.

    531. mnw says:

      Collins’ chances of re-election are poor to very poor right now. If hers is the key vote that sinks Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, will her situation IMPROVE, does she think?

    532. Justin says:

      Did we already talk about the Des Moines Registee poll showing Ernst down 3?

    533. michael corleone says:

      #560 – is that the same poll that showed Reynolds down by 2 on the eve of the 2018 election? She won by 3. Lots of undecideds and we know how they break.

    534. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      560 & 561
      How can you release a poll with so many undecideds? Are most of the Undecideds Dem. or Republican?

      I cannot locate the crosstabs for the poll, but here is how it is weighted.

      “Responses were adjusted by age, sex, and congressional district to reflect the
      general population based on recent American Community Survey estimates.”

      No PID or Educational Status?

    535. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is the just-released NY Times/ Siena Poll of Montana. It shows Trump +7, Daines(R) +1 in the Senate race, Gianforte(R) +6 in the Governor’s race and Rosendale(R) down 3 in the Congressional race.
      To look at the demographic information, scroll all the way down.Of interest is that only 11% more Trump 2016 voters were polled whereashe carried the State by 19%.Additionally, the poll’s PID is R+3.Is that possible?


    536. jaichind says:


      California says fraud inflated jobless claims in recent weeks

      Looks like the jobless claims numbers which are falling anyway are by itself inflated

    537. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Change the PID from R+3 to R+5. Also, most undecided voters are Republican in this MT Poll.

    538. Gordon Allen says:

      Last report from the front in SE New Hampshire before we leave. In addition to being festooned with Trump signs,the area is festooned with HELP WANTED signs. The economy here,as well as home in Florida is really picking up. FWIW

    539. Stonewall DW says:

      One anecdote from a mid-western battleground state–I shouldn’t say which one. But in door-to-door canvassing, there was a woman who answered the door, and seemed reluctant to say who she was voting for. She asked like FIVE times to ensure that nothing about her was being written down or recorded. When she was satisfied, she finally said that usually votes Dem but all the rioting and so forth, and Trump’s good leadership has her planning to vote for Trump, but she is keeping it a secret because she is a teacher and could possibly lose her job if anyone found out.

      Shy Trump vote, just a little?

    540. Tina says:

      That is why, I recommend looking at continuing jobless claims, 4 week average.

      Initial have too many issues with multiple claims.

    541. OHIO Joe says:

      I did a little door to door campaigning in my own neighborhood a few months back. A least a few different times, a woman would tell me that she would vote for the GOP congressman, GOP state supreme court judges and so forth, back claimed they were undecided for the President. They might very well have been undecided for President, but most such people will vote Trump come November. Call them shy voters or soft voters, take your pick.

    542. Stonewall DW says:

      I haven’t said much yet about Ginsburg’s passing and the possible impact it will have on the election.

      1) SCOTUS issues are mostly followed by the most partisan of voters on both sides. The extreme left and then conservatives. If independents cared much about it, then they wouldn’t be independents. However, anyone with a functioning brain (i.e. most voters except for Biden) could see clearly that Ginsburg wasn’t going to outlast the next POTUS administration. She was destined to be replaced. So for the far left, this was ALREADY an election issue to get them out to the polls.

      2) My initial reaction to this is that the timing is a bit unfortunate as it had seemed momentum was building in Trump’s direction as well as congressional Republicans. My fear is that this event will take the emphasis of Trump’s strong record and Biden’s mental incompetence, and make the election about abortion rights, which would deliver waffling suburban women right into Biden’s arms. They are so stupid they would rather crash the economy and destroy their financial futures just to not risk the 1% chance that they might find it harder in the future to get an abortion that most are unlikely to get anyway.

      3) Despite the difference between this being a GOP Potus and GOP controlled senate, versus 2016, when it was DEM Potus and a GOP senate, there will be no winning that battle in the media. They will relentlessly say its the same thing and voters will determine the GOP is being duplicitous.

      4) Trump has to nominate someone.

      5) I am not going to pretend this issue is a slam-dunk for the GOP and that it clearly helps us with the election. The GOP base was already at a 100% turnout, but indicators were that the Dem base might be lagging. I fear that this event will be a reason for them to get out to vote that is beyond voting for a memory care patient.

      6) I think the best way forward is for Trump to nominate a woman, and then get back to campaigning, and doing what he does best on the stump.

      7) Then Mitch should go ahead with the hearings and get the optics of Dems savaging a well-reasoned woman, so as to mitigate some of the damage being done in wooing suburban women.

      8) In the end, if Mitch has the votes, he has to get this done, as it would have a demoralizing effect on the Dem base who nonetheless would turn out, but for the indies and less enthused, it might return them to waffling as to whether or not to vote for a mental patient.

      This isn’t easy, and I pray Trump and Mitch have Solomonic wisdom.

    543. Wes says:

      Considering Solomon was by far the worst king of the united biblical Israel, DW, I hope Trump and McConnell are far wiser than he.

    544. BayernFan says:

      who says there have to be hearings?