Trump : 186
Biden : 352
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GOP : 47
DEM : 51
IND : 2
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    Biden Leads Trump in FL and MN, Trump Leads Biden in TX and GA

    We received more polls today and overall they are better for Republicans than more recent polling has shown. In Texas and Florida, new polls from CBS News and YouGov show the race in both states with 2% between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden (D) 48%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 48%
    Joe Biden (D) 46%

    John Cornyn (R-inc) 46%
    MJ Hegar (D) 41%

    These polls were done September 15-18 among likely voters in each state. Redfield and Wilton Strategies gives us new numbers in Minnesota and Georgia.

    Joe Biden (D) 51%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 42%

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%
    Joe Biden (D) 45%

    Tina Smith (D-inc) 51%
    Jason Lewis (R) 36%

    David Perdue (R-inc) 43%
    Jon Ossoff (D) 43%

    Kelly Loeffler (R-inc) 26%
    Raphael Warnock (D) 21%
    Doug Collins (R) 19%
    Matt Lieberman 15%

    The General Election for the Special Election will not occur until January 5th, 2021, but just imagine if that Georgia US Senate race ends up being a battle for the tiebreaking vote in a Supreme Court vote next year regardless of who is President after January 20th, 2021. The GA poll was done September 12-16 and the MN poll was done September 12-17, both among likely voters.

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    940 Responses to “Biden Leads Trump in FL and MN, Trump Leads Biden in TX and GA”

    1. Tina says:

      More garbage poles.

    2. Hugh says:


    3. PhilS says:

      Dave W loves garbage.

      These are not polls, they are panel discussions.

    4. MrVito says:

      MrVito says:
      September 20, 2020 at 6:01 pm
      Lagoa passed Barrett on predictit.

    5. MrVito says:

      Yosef Yisrael
      #BREAKING Bahrain’s security forces have foiled a major terror plot supported and financed by Iran’s IRGC: Bahrain’s interior ministry

    6. Scooterboy says:

      I think it will be Barbara Lagoa. It’s the safest pick at this point.

    7. Scooterboy says:

      Robert Barnes- “ For those “conservatives” championing #Barrett, she also sided w/ Illinois Democratic lockdown Governor against churches, against freedom of association, and against freedom of expression.”

    8. Tina says:

      Is she from theR.O.P.

      Shimon Prokupecz
      · 26m
      A woman suspected of sending a letter containing the poison ricin to President Trump was arrested as she tried to enter the US from Canada at a border crossing in New York, a US law enforcement official said.
      The woman was carrying a gun and arrested by US authorities.

    9. Tina says:

      He is becoming Granite again.

      Lindsey Graham

      US Senate candidate, SC
      Being lectured by Democrats about how to handle judicial nominations is like an arsonist advising the Fire Department.
      3:21 PM · Sep 20, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

    10. Tina says:

      Indictments, this week?

    11. RuRu says:

      Folks – you want hearings.

      Allowing Kamala and crew to attempt to dehumanize and humiliate a wise, smart and well-spoken Latina – that’s worth at least Minnesota, Nevada and perhaps New Mexico or Colorado!

    12. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Arnie Seipel, NPR
      · 5h
      FACT CHECK: Biden said there’s no Supreme Court term until after election. That’s false. First arguments of the new term, as ever, begin the first Monday in October.

      Biden also said Trump campaign only started asking for his SCOTUS list after Ginsburg’s death. Not true either.

    13. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I believe I found the hole in the Selzer Iowa Poll. Here is a breakdown of the four(4) Iowa Congressional races. CD-4,Steve King’s old district, is ruby red yet Selzer has the new Republican nominee up ony 5.That’s not realistic.According to Selzer, the three(3) Democrat Districts are all in play.


    14. Hugh says:

      Senators are united on getting a new sc justice. Dems r screwed. They r so use to r side folding. Soon the dem lunatics will be calling our nominee a c$);)&nt on air and they will get crushed.

    15. Justin says:

      Someone give me some positive election news to talk me back from the ledge of having Dem WH, House, and Senate.

    16. Phil says:

      Guys, I just looked at the internals of the CBS Texas poll posted here.

      It has Trump up 48-46.

      Here is their weighted numbers with their sample.

      417 D
      410 R
      291 I

      More Democrat voters in Texas than Republicans? Really? LOL The exits in every election since 1984 have been more Republican than Democrat. Every single one. In 2016 it was R+9 according to the exits.

      I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this worthless piece of garbage, but if the other CBS/YouGov polls are anything like this one (and I guarantee they are) this is just plain criminal.

      I didn’t even mention that they have indies breaking for Trump 50-36, and yet their top line has Trump winning the state by just 48-46? What a scam.

    17. jaichind says:


      NBC/WSJ/Telemundo of Latinos. Biden ahead 62-26. Back in Sept 2016 the same poll had it Clinton ahead 63-16. It seems almost certain that Trump will gain with Latinos this year relative to 2016.

    18. jaichind says:

      18. Agreed. This makes me a lot more skeptical of their FL poll where the overall result of Biden ahead 48-46 is believable on the surface.

    19. mnw says:


      Interesting, but it’s hard to imagine Ann Selzer wouldn’t have noticed that.


      There is no margin of error whatsoever, tho. If they lose AK’s Sorrow (a certainty); Romney (who the hell KNOWS? He voted to impeach. What better way to give Trump the final finger?); & Collins (I only know what she said, which is dreadful. I think she’s gone no matter how she votes. So again, who knows?), then McConnell needs a clean sweep of ALL the others, + Pence too, to get this done.

      There’s a big opportunity for someone like Sasse to be Queen For A Day here.


    20. Phil says:

      Sasse would be committing political suicide.

      No way he does that.

      No Republican senator wants to be the vote that costs Republicans the seat.

    21. mnw says:


      U & me both.

      I’ve changed my home address to “the ledge.”

    22. Tina says:

      Lots of just crappy polls from nbc and bs.

      Garbage in and out.

    23. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #21- mnw
      I disagree. In its poll before this one, Selzer had the CD-4 race at GOP +22. Now its GOP +5. What happened in the interim. In the other Districts, Selzer notes that Republicans have come home so the races have tightened. She has no explanation for the 17 point swing toward the Democrats in CD-4 other than the Democrat candidate seems like a nice guy and lost to Steve King by 3 1/2%.

    24. jaichind says:

      Red Eagle Politics pointed out that the Trafalgar PA poll oversampled Greater Philly area. I looked into it and he seems right.

      The 2016 sum of Philly + Bucks + Montgomery + Deleware + Chester Counties is around 33.5% of the total PA vote.

      The report in


      Shows that they weighted Greater Philly area to be 42.1%.

      Their June poll weighted by CD which seems a more accurate approach

    25. Tina says:

      Orange man broke.


      Vincent Lee

    26. MrVito says:

      The MOE for those district polls are 9 points, so….

    27. mnw says:

      If I’m a GOP Senator up for re-election, I’m thinking Flight 93 right now: Wherever this gd fd up plane is going, we’re all going to arrive at the same destination together.

      So… Collins.

      Of course, this assumes Collins calculates like a normal person… & that she even cares at this point.

      People have GOT to be telling her that she’s about to change a 25% chance of winning to a 5% chance, if she proceeds as announced. Talk about political suicide.

    28. mnw says:

      25 Sheep

      That IS a compelling argument.

    29. Hugh says:

      If Collins votes against the nominee she has a 0 percent chance. You can’t win without your base. So dumb

    30. jaichind says:

      I think Collins’ logic would be that in 2008 she won 61.3% of the vote even while Obama won the state with 57.7%. So she thinks that there are a lot of Dem voters at the Presidential level that ware willing to vote for a moderate independent Republican. I think the flaw in her logic is that a lot of these Obama-Collins voters have since shifted to Trump and for sure will not vote for her if she voted No.

    31. Tina says:

      Looks like Mitchie is pushing for Amy.

      I don’t like her decision on the lockdown. Thought somebody posted that on another thread?

      She reminds me of Souter 2.0, John Roberts.

    32. PhilS says:

      “Justin says:
      September 20, 2020 at 8:32 pm
      Someone give me some positive election news to talk me back from the ledge of having Dem WH, House, and Senate.”


    33. Phil says:

      Tina, I think Lagoa might be the right play here for Trump. The bullies on the judiciary committee beating up on a Hispanic woman won’t play well with women voters.

      It will probably be Amy Barrett, however and I am ok with that as well. Harris and company beating up a white woman won’t play well either.

    34. Tina says:

      Phil I presume Lagoa is Catholic?

      She checks more boxes.

    35. MrVito says:

      Good Lord. I just saw that clip of Pelosi saying Good Morning.

      What the heck was that?

    36. Phil says:

      Yes, Tina. I believe she is.

      Barrett is a little younger, but Lagoa is 53 so we could get 25 years from her. She has a very compelling story. As you say, she does check all the boxes.

      It will probably be Amy Barrett, however.

    37. TIna says:

      Phil, I don’t like Amy’s decision on the lockdowns. Thought somebody posted that on another thread?

    38. mnw says:

      I think ACB, but Trump does love him some surprise.

    39. Phil says:

      Come on Vito. Haven’t you out of the blue ever said good morning right in the middle of a conversation?

      Perfectly normal.

    40. Phil says:

      The smart money I guess is on Barrett.

    41. Justin says:

      The Nancy moment from this morning was ridiculous.

    42. MrVito says:

      That was creepier than what Slow Joe does.

    43. Justin says:

      Her hair looked great though 😉

    44. MrVito says:

      So did 200 million die by the end of Joe’s speech?

      Or did they just fall asleep?

    45. Robbie says:

      I continue to follow coronavirus so you don’t have to follow it.

      Today was the first day in a week that we saw a week over week decline in corona cases. Hopefully, last week about reporting delays due to Labor Day.

      Also, Brazil has clearly past their peak and is in decline. Brazil had a very difficult time, but it appears they have reached some sort of population immunity that has allowed the spread to slow.

    46. Phil says:

      Yeah, I’ve been noticing the decline in Brazil over the last two or three weeks. This stuff doesn’t last forever.

    47. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      September 20, 2020 at 10:20 pm
      Yeah, I’ve been noticing the decline in Brazil over the last two or three weeks. This stuff doesn’t last forever.

      – On more than one occasion, I have wondered what things might be like here and abroad had China simply said nothing.

      Would we have said something like “Wow. That was a bad flu season.” and then just moved on?

    48. Tgca says:

      Cincuenta Bebe! Cincuenta!

    49. Phil says:

      It’s been amusing watching the handful of college players on each team opt out because of “COVID CONCERNS’…..when not one player off a single college roster has been hospitalized. Not one.

    50. MrVito says:

      Wapo writer didn’t read the room here.


      Beth Reinhard
      Potential Trump SCOTUS nom Amy Coney Barrett wrote influential decision making it easier for students accused of sexual assault to challenge universities’ handling of their cases.

    51. Tina says:

      Audacity, due process.

      Impeach Trump for having Amy in his short list.

    52. Tina says:

      Heading some noise that ABC Could hurt Trump in some states.

      Lagoa would be better.

    53. Tina says:

      Two rallies tomorrow.

      Dayton, Ohio

      Swanson, Ohio.

      What time will China Biden call for a campaign lid? 8:30 or 9 am?

      His 8 minute speech with no questions taken was just an utter disaster

    54. Justin says:

      Concerning that Trump is spending time in Ohio?

    55. PhilS says:

      Very concerning.

      Scary, even.

      Don’t sleep tonight.

    56. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      56. I would be concerned if Trump wasn’t campaigning in Ohio. It is an important midwestern state. Trump may be leading in the polls in Ohio, but so what. Trump needs to lock it in. Ask Hillary in 2016 if she should have campaigned in Midwest states the polls said she was leading in.

    57. Phil says:

      Lagoa would be the better I think for the election perhaps marginally.

      Either would make a dynamite justice.

    58. BayernFan says:

      Might be Rushing. Hot and only 38.

    59. Tina says:

      It’s Swanton, Ohio.

      Tuesday, he is in Moontownahip, Pa.

      Thursday, Jacksonville, Florida.

      Saturday Middletown, Pa.

      Pence will be in New Hampshire and Minnesota.

    60. Justin says:

      Lagoa makes the most sense politically by a mile. Who would be the best justice? I don’t know.

    61. MikeKS says:

      It’s going to be Lagoa.

    62. MikeKS says:

      Ohio is not in the bag yet, not sure why anyone think it was.

    63. PresidentPaul! says:


      Democrats say Trump needs to fill the RBG seat STAT.

    64. PresidentPaul! says:


      At the midpoint, that’s $625,000 per job…
      Quote Tweet

      *Walter Bloomberg
      · Sep 17

    65. BillW says:

      re. Trump in NW Ohio

      I drove past the airport yesterday where Trump will speak. They are expecting a large crowd – truckloads of temporary fencing, many roads already blocked off.
      Since he will be talking at the air national guard base, there is little chance of protests even though Lucas county is the 2nd most Democratic county in the state.
      MikeKS – Ohio might not be in the bag yet, but it’s fairly solid Trump country these days.

    66. PhilS says:

      “MikeKS says:
      September 21, 2020 at 12:08 am
      Ohio is not in the bag yet, not sure why anyone think it was.”

      Because somebody in Ohio knows better than somebody in KS?

    67. LivintheDream says:

      Ohio is in the bag. The Swanson rally is 5 miles from the Michigan border and is set up for a Michigan crowd to come across. Both are also set up to to get love for saving the big 10 Football season. The cry will be “Where was Joe”

    68. jaichind says:


      Has a poll for heavy Hispanic FL Senate District 39 with Trump ahead 48-42. Back in July the same poll had it tied at 44-44. In 2016 it was Clinton over Trump 53-43.

    69. DW says:

      I had already explained the OH rally a couple of times as its within an hour drive of south central MI and Detroit suburbs.

    70. OHIO Joe says:

      Unless, something very strange happens, Ohio is already in the bag. The only question is the margin of victory.

    71. Tina says:

      Trump is on Fox and Friends.

      Sc nominee by Wednesday.

    72. Tina says:

      See new Tweets
      Jack Posobiec Flag of United States Retweeted

      Derek Utley
      Trump Supporters to Joe Biden, “You don’t have a Chance Joe!”

      Joe Biden, “ I know, I know”.



    73. Hugh says:

      Trump said after the funeral he will announce.

    74. Tina says:

      The goblin has spoken.

      China travel ban made corona worse.

    75. Tina says:

      Weak, very weak. Where is the white flag?

      Kamala Harris
      Now is not the time to throw up our hands in despair. Progress can be slow, it can be painful. But now more than ever, it’s time to roll up our sleeves, stand up for the country we love, and get to work.

    76. Country Dick Montana says:

      The Wall Street Journal news section is unreadable anymore. I might as well subscribe to WAPO or NYT.

    77. Stonewall DW says:


      Finello (D) 36%
      Fitzpatrick (R) 52%

      SEP 14-16, 2020
      American Viewpoint
      400 LV

    78. Stonewall DW says:

      If I am not mistaken, that PA_01 district is north of Philly, Bucks County area. PA folks here can correct me.

    79. Stonewall DW says:

      Hillary edged out Trump by 2,700 votes in Bucks County in 2016

    80. Tina says:



    81. Gordon Allen says:

      Ras. More the norm with a bad Sunday sample; although last week Trump had an unusually good Sunday sample. This is more par for the course.

    82. BayernFan says:

      Phil 51…… that is NOT TRUE.

      Brady Feeney (OL) of Indiana was hospitalized for a couple weeks and developed myocarditis.

    83. dblaikie says:

      Joan Larson from the 6th circuit is emerging as a top pick. She is from Michigan. If she is picked it shows that Trump is confident about Florida.

    84. dblaikie says:

      Joan Larsen

    85. Stonewall DW says:

      84 – probably means on Wednesday Biden will retake the national lead in Rasmussen.

    86. Jeff G says:

      I am not advocating entirely disregarding the state polls, but the polls inside the polls are consistently showing Trump maintaining his edge with independents and doing much better with Black and Hispanic voters in key states, including Florida and Arizona. The pollster in #71 appears to specialize in polling demographic segments.

    87. PresidentPaul! says:


      Just posting the nasdaq vol index this morning sitting at almost 40 this morning.

      Reiterating once again that this level of vol is “uninvestable” and the nasdaq will continue to fall all the way to election day and past as long as this continues.

    88. Phil says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing how Democrats on the Judiciary Committee go about making the case that the woman nominated by Trump to the Court is a gang rapist.

    89. Gordon Allen says:

      88 Stonewall; for the first 3 days of the head to head Trump averaged 51.7% approval. For the week he was ahead of Biden he averaged 49.75% over 5. He’s going to have to drop pretty badly today and tommorow to drop below 49.75% but it’s possible. I think the Rasmussen poll feels naked showing Trump in the lead.

    90. Tgca says:

      This poor girl is in so much pain. She wishes she was ABORTED. I would agree to an exception for her.


    91. MrVito says:

      DOJ Officially Designates NYC, Portland, Seattle As Violent Anarchy Zones

    92. mnw says:

      FAUX News says Trump will name nominee “Friday or Saturday.” I had thought it would be sooner.

      94 Tina

      Personally, I don’t care greatly which of the names being batted about Trump nominates. They’re all okey-dokey with me. That said, I can’t get riled up about the ruling in the case you link to. It’s a narrow issue. She actually ruled that the guv could exempt religious gatherings from his COVID closing order, & allow churches to remain open. Why does that distress you? I can see why the left might not be happy about that ruling either, btw.

    93. Tina says:

      Mnw, ultimately, I am ok with either one. Thing the other person is better though. I am getting visions of Roberts with Her though.

      I hope I am wrong, if she is picked.

    94. Tina says:

      Declaring those cities anarchy zones, is the first step to cutting Federal funding for them.

    95. Scooterboy says:

      Concerning that poll about Bucks County.
      On his show the other day, Baris said that his data also showed Trump ahead in Bucks County. Slightly, but ahead.

    96. Phil says:

      Friday or Saturday?

      Seems he’d want to get that name out earlier to get the process started. I understand he may want to wait until after the funeral – but still.

    97. MrVito says:

      Scott Adams
      We were all thinking it.
      Quote Tweet

      Washington Examiner
      · 2h
      “I don’t know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff, Schumer and Pelosi,” @realDonaldTrump said of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “fervent” last wish.

    98. Stonewall DW says:

      If Trump is ahead in Bucks, then he is at least holding his own in the other counties around Philly. So if Trump is improving his standing in these collar counties, compared to 2016, then where does Biden get the votes to make up the difference?

    99. MrVito says:

      “ then where does Biden get the votes to make up the difference?”

      The 200million that died before he ended his speech?

    100. Tina says:

      On the Texas pole,

      I read that Beta Male Oruck won indies by 3, and still lost Texas by 3.

    101. MrVito says:

      This year I think they named a Texas hurricane after him… it also fizzled.

    102. Tina says:

      Ebony Bowden
      SCOOP: China not only covered up the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the WHO “parroted” Beijing’s lies, per a House Foreign Affairs Committee report.

      “The WHO has been complicit in the spread and normalization of CCP propaganda and disinformation.”

    103. Stonewall DW says:

      MAINE – Suffolk University


      Trump 39
      Biden 51


      Trump 45
      Biden 47

      SEP 17-20, 2020
      500 LV

    104. OHIO Joe says:

      Even the pollsters can’t seem to give the Dems that big a lead in Maine. https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/7214149/MaineCrosstabs.pdf

    105. OHIO Joe says:

      One can bet that the President is actually ahead in the second District of Maine and the state as a whole might actually be in play.

    106. Waingro says:

      #110, same poll also has Collins down 5 to Gideon — which means to get to thus number (based on the Trump data) Maine would have to shift roughly 10 points from 2016. I’m not buying it.

    107. Stonewall DW says:

      IBD/TIPP – national poll

      SEP 16-19, 2020
      962 LV

      Biden 50%
      Trump 44%

      Prior poll…AUG 29-SEP 1, 2020

      Was …

      Biden 49%
      Trump 41%

    108. Robbie says:

      I didn’t think Susan Collins would lose, but, more and more, it looks like she’s going to lose. That would leave Republicans with no Senator from the Northeast.

    109. Stonewall DW says:

      113 – I don’t buy it either. As I keep saying, the numbers just don’t shift that much on a POTUS incumbent running for re-election. The biggest shift in 2012 was Indiana because Obama tried hard for it in 2008 and didn’t bother with it in 2012. That was an 11 point shift. Then in 2004, the biggest shift was TN, also an 11 point shift, because Bush ran against a northeast liberal, and not Al Gore who was from TN.

      Most of the other states just move very little. There has to be a reason for states to move like the media and university polls say they are, and I just don’t see it. The few pollsters that show little movement are much more believable.

    110. Stonewall DW says:

      In the better late than never category…538 lists these new polls today:


      MWR Strategies

      OCT 25-31, 2018
      1,005 LV

      Nelson 41%
      Scott 43%

      Gillum 41%
      DeSantis 40%

      Here is where I guess we are supposed to say how worried we are that DeSantis isn’t going to make it to the finish line.

    111. Phil says:

      Stonewall, you just asked the million dollar question. Where does Biden make up that 45K Hillary loss in Pa? Clinton maxed out in Philly. No extra votes there and, in fact, Baris says because of the gains Trump has made with minorities he is running behind Clinton’s numbers the metropolitan areas and he specifically mentioned places like Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

      Philly suburbs? Looking at the suburban Philly Counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester, Obama won them by a combined 112K in 2012. Hillary upped that to 191K in 2016. Is Biden going to improve her margins much if at all there? She certainly didn’t under perform. She juiced Obama’s numbers.

      That leaves working class areas like Erie and Lackawanna Counties. Working class whites seem to be Trump’s best demographic.

      I guess that is why Baris sees Trump’s statewide margin expanding from 45K to 70K.

    112. MrVito says:

      John Noonan
      · 1h
      not sure my friends on the left have fully processed what it means when Leader McConnell says “the president’s nominee will get a vote.”

    113. Hugh says:

      Collins will win ME if she has enough money. Her opponent will be well funded. We need some riots in Portland

    114. John says:

      New IBD/TIPP poll had some interesting takeaways….
      Undecided voters are leaning toward Trump, 24-18%

      49% think their neighbors will vote for Trump and 37% think they will vote for Biden

    115. Tina says:

      Ginsburg In 2016: ‘Nothing In Constitution’ Prevents President From Final Year SCOTUS Pick


    116. John says:

      And new name has popped up to join both Barrett and Lagoa….Joan Larsen….would be the only SC Justice to serve on a state supreme court….Michigan….clerked for Scalia…lives in Michigan….two daughters…51 years old…conservative of course…

    117. jason says:

      If the Amish would vote it could mean another 30k votes for Trump at least.

      But most don’t want to involve themselves in the “affairs of the English”.

    118. Stonewall DW says:

      “49% think their neighbors will vote for Trump and 37% think they will vote for Biden”

      Can we just limit voting to neighbors only?

    119. MrVito says:

      How many Amish live in Michigan? If you ever watched the veterinarian Dr.Pol, you’ll see him visiting quite a few.

    120. Stonewall DW says:

      September polling, Trump/Biden compared to Trump/Hillary. This includes ALL polls for both years, and I would point out that pollsters with a (D) after their names are much more common in 2020 than 2016.

      Trump polling better in 2020:

      2016 NC: 41.5/44.0 – Hillary + 2.5
      2020 NC: 46.1/46.8 – Biden + 0.7

      2016 FL: 44.3/46.4 – Hillary + 2.1
      2020 FL: 46.1/47.8 – Biden + 1.7

      2016 OH: 42.3/41.0 – Trump + 0.7
      2020 OH: 48.3/46.7 – Trump + 1.6

      Trump polling the same:

      2016 PA: 39.3/43.9 – Hillary + 4.6
      2020 PA: 44.2/48.8 – Biden + 4.6

      Trump polling worse:

      2016 WI: 38.0/43.0 – Hillary + 5.0
      2020 WI: 43.8/50.0 – Biden + 6.2

      2016 MI: 37.5/42.8 – Hillary + 5.3
      2020 MI: 41.9/49.7 – Biden + 7.8

      Part of the problem with WI and MI polling is four years ago the polling was more sparse because the states were not considered to be in play.

      Now these states are getting bombarded with polls, mostly from leftist outfits like Change Research (D), Redfield and Wilton (D), Civiqs (D), CNN (D), Washington Compost (D), NY Times (D), Benenson Strategy (D), Morning Insult (D), PPP (D), and Hodas and Associates (D).

    121. Stonewall DW says:

      Any word yet this morning who breathed into Biden’s nostrils to get him going, and who changed his depends? Any word on whether or not he will speak for five minutes today? Or does he need another day off to rest?

    122. MrVito says:

      ABC7 News
      · 7m
      The body of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will lie in repose at the Supreme Court this week, with arrangements to allow for public viewing despite the coronavirus pandemic.

    123. Greymarch says:



      Plenty of these McConnell memes floating around the net today.

    124. Stonewall DW says:

      From that link…”BREAKING: An accuser has already stepped forward with an allegation against the Trump nominee. Sources familiar with the matter say they are just waiting to know who they are accusing before releasing more details.”

    125. mnw says:

      Based on how scanty her appellate record is. Lagoa seems like more of an unknown than some of the others.

    126. Greymarch says:

      Seems like OH has become a reliably red-state.

      So, Trump needs FL, then two of the following: PA, MI, WI, AZ or MN. Which two does Trump get? At this point, AZ and PA seems like his best shot.

    127. PhilS says:

      All younger potential SC nominees will have scant appellate records.

      If you want long appellate records, you will have to look for older appellate justices.

    128. PhilS says:

      “At this point, AZ and PA seems like his best shot.”

      Based on what?

    129. OHIO Joe says:

      “Seems like OH has become a reliably red-state.

      So, Trump needs FL, then two of the following: PA, MI, WI, AZ or MN. Which two does Trump get? At this point, AZ and PA seems like his best shot.”

      BINGO! first time in a long time I agree with you.

    130. Stonewall DW says:

      134 – I see no compelling reason to think Trump loses NE_02 or ME_02. Assuming these hold, here are the possible paths for Trump to get to 269 (a scenario he should prevail), or 270:

      1) PA (269)
      2) AZ and WI (270)
      3) AZ and MN (270)
      4) WI and MN (269)
      5) AZ, NH, and NV (270)
      6) WI, NH, and NV (269)
      7) MN, NH, and NV (269)
      8) AZ and MI (276)
      9) WI and MI (275)
      10) MI and NH (269)
      11) MI and NV (271)
      12) AZ and CO (269)
      13) MI and CO (274)
      14) WI, CO, and NH (272)
      15) MN, CO, and NH (272)

      Biden on the other hand has to hold all the Hillary states including CO, NH, NV and MN and then flip…

      1) WI, MI and PA (278)
      2) WI, MI, NE_02, and AZ (270)
      3) AZ, MI, and PA (279)
      4) WI, AZ and PA (273)

    131. Tina says:

      Fill the seat. A Michigander at the Swanton Rally.


    132. OHIO Joe says:

      “134 – I see no compelling reason to think Trump loses NE_02 or ME_02. Assuming these hold, here are the possible paths for Trump to get to 269 (a scenario he should prevail), or 270:” I agree Maine 02 is safe, unfortunately, NE 02 is a lot more difficult. We will probably get it by the time November rolls around, but as of today, we probably lose it by a point or two. As an aside, a NeverTrumper from NE 02 de-friened me, he has since move to NE 03.

    133. Stonewall DW says:

      Joe, the NeverTrumper may have de-friended you, but not before he de-brained himself.

    134. PresidentPaul! says:


      Pelosi cuts all farm aid from budget bill raising shutdown risks (she wants GOP to cause the shutdown)

    135. PresidentPaul! says:

      On friday there will be a plabbed 2 week delay of Ginsberg funeral.

    136. MrVito says:

      Burgess Everett
      Judicial Crisis Network announces $2.2 million SCOTUS ad buy in Colorado, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington D.C. to pressure senators to “follow precedent. Confirm the judge.” Expect a lot more where this came from, though ads are expensive this time of year.

    137. Redneckman says:

      140 – Trump carried NE-2 by 2 points in 2016, I don’t see that enough has changed to alter the outcome this time around. If anything I could see the President winning by 4 or 5.

    138. PresidentPaul! says:

      Right now we have currency weakness in Turkey and to a lessor extend in Brazil, Argentina, south Africa.

      It’s interesting how these things spread over time. In 2007 we had a banking crisis that actually started in Iceland, and then Ireland and a couple other places that were more novelties until it spread.

      Currencies could end up being the outlet valve of this spending long term.

    139. Tina says:

      Maybe something or nothing?

      John Fund
      · 24m
      Politico: — PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is scheduled to spend the night in Miami on Friday night — the hometown of one BARBARA LAGOA, a candidate for the Supreme Court.

    140. lisab says:

      “The WHO has been complicit in the spread and normalization of CCP propaganda and disinformation.”

      that is a shame

      i love the violist in this video


    141. PhilS says:

      148: Could be nothing. Trump spends most weekends at Mar-a-Lago.

      Trying to read smoke signals passes time for pundits.

      Moreover, Trump is likely to announce the nominee at the WH, not on the road.

    142. lisab says:

      The body of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will lie in repose at the Supreme Court this week

      hawaiian judge orders rbg funeral to stay open until november 3 to prevent trump from announcing nominee

    143. PresidentPaul! says:

      The 6 ways dems can try to block Trump’s pick
      1) block the continuing resolution for the budget to shut down the government
      2) block the debt ceiling to try make the US default on its debt and cause more global chaos
      3) object to unanimous consent on every bill etc to slow the senate to crawl
      4) file multiple impeachments against Barr and Trump and maybe other SCjustices to slow the senate
      5) accusers! #himTOO
      6)if all else fails, plan for court stacking to neutralize the nominee.

    144. Stonewall DW says:

      Still trying to catch up from the weekend. Can someone confirm the exact numbers?

      I think I saw 29 total instances where SCOTUS had a vacancy in the year leading up to and before the election, and 10 of these involved the same party controlling senate as in the white house, and 9 of those were nominated and confirmed before election.

      Of the 19 where the party in the White house was not the same as the party that controlled the senate, how many of these were confirmed and how many shelved like Obama’s pick in 2016? I thought I saw 9 confirmed.

      Does anybody know?

    145. PhilS says:


      Are you an idiot? None of the actions you list black any SC nomination.

    146. PhilS says:


    147. Todd McCain says:

      So regarding the PA rulings from last week; one important thing of note. The PA Supreme Court also sided with Trump in disqualifying all “naked” ballots. A naked ballot is one that doesn’t have the personal protective envelope around it. PA has a two envelope VBM system. If the first envelope is missing, the ballot is thrown out. This will obviously impact D’s (especially in Philly) much more than R’s.

    148. PhilS says:

      Here’s the bottom line for McConnell to buckle up and get it done.

      “83% of GOP Voters Want Trump To Fill Ginsburg’s Seat” – Ras

    149. Stonewall DW says:

      Besides the Dem party platform, shown further below, there are so many clear distinctions between the two candidates:

      1) Trump is of sound mind, Biden has lost his marbles.
      2) Trump has secured peace in the middle-east, Obama-Biden failed.
      3) Trump has grown the economy and kept jobs from going overseas, while Obama-Biden worked hard for 8 years to secure trickle-up poverty.
      4) Trump has done wonders for the energy industry, while Biden has promised to destroy it at the cost of $600,000 per American.
      5) Trump has a competent vice-president in Pence, while Biden has a marxist veep.
      6) Trump has worked to make us more secure, while Biden would have looters, freed prisoners, and illegals all become a protected class.
      7) Trump was not a career politician, and actually cares about the country and its people while Biden is a life-long DC hack and party insider whose concern is power and control.

      I could go on, but in the end if Biden were to win, I don’t see how the country survives as we knew it.

      Democratic Party Platform:
      1) Anti-Police
      2) Pro-Looting
      3) Sieze retirement savings
      4) Sieze guns
      5) Pro-illegal immigration
      6) Rural America must bail out the failed Democrat cities
      7) If you are not a person of color, you are a racist whether you want to be or not.
      8) Pro-mutilation of young children
      9) Open prison doors and let them all go free
      10) End the free speech of anyone who dissents
      11) Anti-National Anthem
      12) Pro-Mail out ballots to all people: citizens, non-citizens, living, and dead.
      13) Pro-anarchy
      14) Pro-cancel culture
      15) Pro-rationing of gov’t controlled healthcare
      16) Pro-Force taxpayers to pay off student loan debt instead of the students who took the loans.
      17) Pro-“Green” new deal to devastate the economy with crippling regulations and destroy the energy industry.
      18) Pro-“Republicans are enemies of the state” (so aim your weapons at them carefully)
      19) Endless mob violence unless you vote Democrats into office
      20) Pro-never ending shut downs to keep everyone under government control
      21) Pro-send millions of jobs back to China
      22) Pro-never ending of jobless benefits
      23) Pro-living wage
      24) DC to become 51st state
      25) Anti-Peace in the middle east
      26) Pro-sex with minors
      27) Anti-vaccine until after the election.
      28) Anti-Big Ten football

    150. PhilS says:

      If McConnell wants to give a fig leaf to Collins and Gardner, he can let them vote “Present”.

    151. PresidentPaul! says:

      McConnell announced the senate R’s are opposed to the CR of the house dems so we’re now headed to a government shutdown.

      more riots.

    152. Stonewall DW says:

      Piglosi must not have noticed the polling showing a tight generic congressional ballot and thinks she has the political capital to shut down the government.

    153. lisab says:


      1) that just makes the dems look bad
      2) the fed and treasury probably could coast for two months by moving fake fed money around
      3) the senate just would make the nomination the only item
      4) the senate would schedule them for after nov. 3
      5) that would piss off some women — for making a mockery of accusations by women
      6)this is what got them in this bad place

      if the dems had not threatened to do away with the filibuster, create two new states, pack the courts will dem toadies, use the mob and government agencies to attack their political enemies and put in place the green new deal …

      people would be FAR less likely to support a trump nominee now

    154. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ya but you know they are going to try some of it anyways.

    155. lisab says:

      i am NOT a trump supporter in any way …

      but …

      only the dems could make him look like the desirable alternative

      i think classical liberals everywhere are going, “ummmmmmmmm … this whole brown shirt thing you got going … maybe you should rethink this”

    156. lisab says:

      Ya but you know they are going to try some of it anyways.

      they just make themselves look worse

      they keep telling the young turk branch of the dem party …

      “trust us, we will stop him this time”

      and then they can’t and the mob goes berserk

    157. President Paul! says:

      7) I forgot about #7 way to prevent Trump nominee. Attack the senators!


      Mob outside Lindsey Graham’s house

    158. lisab says:

      my advice to the dems

      no matter how unpalatable for them

      is to act like responsible adults

      quell the mob
      renounce packing the court or creating new states
      or losing the filibuster — i’d tell them to bring it back to how it was and say, “we made a mistake”

      and say they want to go back to obama-ish policies

      which personally i would be against, but at least would be seen as a reasonable thing

      this whole rioting act has to stop

    159. lisab says:

      # 168

      yeah … that will sway the electorate …

      someone like me, who would love to vote against trump, cannot vote for anarchy in the streets

      i have children, i own a house, i don’t want my car burned …

      seriously …

    160. PresidentPaul! says:

      This has been a metal that I’ve long wanted to be a buyer of but there are zero ETFs for US buyers but nonetheless the least known of the five metals is absolutely booming.
      RHODIUM prices BOOM

      Unless I wanted to buy a physical coin for 20 grand…

      We have to settle for palladium

    161. Stonewall DW says:

      Everyone knows had the roles been reversed, if Obama had had a DEM controlled senate, his pick to replace Scalia would have sailed right through.

      And if the senate right now was controlled by Chuck U. Schumer, he would be laughing at anyone who even suggested that Trump’s pick would get a hearing before the election.

      Why is it Mitch McConnell’s fault Ginsburg was too stupid to retire in 2014?

    162. Justin says:

      Is either presidential campaign spending money in Iowa? Nevada? Is there somewhere that shows campaign spend in different states?

    163. lisab says:


      actually that does not bother me

      i can see the argument, as a matter of democracy, either way, i.e. “let the people decide at the polls”

      we have often done that with big issues in this country …

      it is just that what the dems are promising to do if they win that bothers me … eeeeeeeeeeeek

      even fdr and lbj — who made grand changes in our society — would be shocked

    164. Stonewall DW says:

      Here is the update from Trump’s web page showing how many events are scheduled in each state. This is no doubt not a complete list, and events happen and drop off, and new ones get added. But its a count including everything from a Trump rally to a local GOP club organizing an event.

      I show in parenthesis the change from my last update.

      WI: 57 (-)
      MN: 43 (+5) PENCE Visits Thursday
      PA: 30 (-5) TRUMP VISITS TUES and SAT
      IA: 22 (+2)
      TX: 22 (+5)
      NV: 19 (+2)
      FL: 17 (-5) TRUMP VISITS THUR
      AZ: 11 (-3)
      CO: 10 (-)
      NM: 7 (-1)
      NC: 5 (-)
      NH: 3 (-3) PENCE visits Tuesday
      GA: 3 (-3)
      ME: 3 (-)
      VA: 2 (-)
      NE_02: 2

    165. Stonewall DW says:

      Interesting that NC has but 5 events, and of course Trump just visited there. Has to mean they have confidence in a win there.

    166. Jeff G. says:

      #174 “Why is it Mitch McConnell’s fault Ginsburg was too stupid to retire in 2014?”

      Exactly, Stonewall. In fact, she was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within days after President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. For a very long time, she has known she was on borrowed time. I was surprised she didn’t retire when Obama would have easily been able to replace her with someone just as liberal, only 30 years younger.

    167. Stonewall DW says:

      HarrisX job approval


      SEP 18-21, 2020
      2,804 RV

    168. Tina says:

      Looks like he would be at 51 percent with a likely screen, right?

      Pretty consistent with Ras.

    169. Marv says:


      We need to see the cross tabs of that Harris poll.
      I agree with you, it looks like 51 or more if a D+3 screen of LV’s is imputed.

    170. lisab says:

      the polls could be correct

      but if they are not

      expect a meltdown of epic proportions on election night! 2016 will seem like a party by comparison.

      the dems were truly shocked and hillary DID HAVE hard core supporters who actually cried that night.

      this time biden does not really have supporters. the dems will not be sad, they will be angry.

      and the dem leadership who pushed through biden over bernie will be some of the people who face anger.

    171. Stonewall DW says:

      Just to give an idea as to the overall slant of polling, here are the totals thus far for the month of September, for the following battleground states, in terms of four categories of pollsters, 1) Dem pollsters, 2) University pollsters (most lean left), 3) Selected panels disguised as polls 4) Independent pollsters, 5 GOP pollsters
      Note the fractions are due to a poll featuring work of both GOP and Dem polling combined.

      Typically, the first three categories are hostile to the GOP, while Indies and GOP polls tend to show better GOP results.


      Dem: 7.5
      Univ: 2
      Panel: 1
      Indy: 1
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 2.5
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 5.5
      Univ: 4
      Panel: 1
      Indy: 1
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 3.5
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 0.5
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 0.5
      Univ: 3
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 4.5
      Panel: 1
      Indy: 3
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 5
      Univ: 1
      Panel: 1
      Indy: 1
      GOP: 1


      Dem: 2.5
      Univ: 4
      Indy: 3
      GOP: 0.5


      Univ: 1


      Univ: 1


      Dem: 1
      Panel: 1
      Indy: 1


      Dem: 6.5
      Univ: 2
      Panel: 1
      Indy: 2
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 2
      Univ: 1
      Panel: 1


      Dem: 7.5
      Univ: 3
      Panel: 2
      Indy: 1
      GOP: 0.5


      Dem: 49 polls
      Univ: 22 polls
      Panel: 9 “polls”
      Indy: 13 polls
      GOP: 6 polls.

      And I checked on two of these GOP pollsters involved with the Dem firms, and they seemed like they would get along with the Lincoln Project.

      So this data shows whose telling you the status of the race, not whose right or wrong, but who is speaking to you.

    172. Gordon Allen says:

      Either the job approval numbers are wrong,or the head to heads, especially the state polls,are. They can’t both be right. Both Harris and Rasmussen have large samples,2800 and 1500. Just saying.

    173. Tina says:

      It’s not good that the drats are threatening another impeachment over trump just nominating a Sc pick. It’s clear that trump has the power to nominate.

      They are also stupidly threatening to shut down the gubment.

    174. lisab says:

      Either the job approval numbers are wrong,or the head to heads, especially the state polls,are. They can’t both be right. Both Harris and Rasmussen have large samples,2800 and 1500. Just saying.

      i don’t think robbie knows anyone in real life who will vote for trump

    175. lisab says:

      aoc was a bartender two years ago

      now she runs the democratic party

    176. Tina says:

      Francis Brennan
      Why is Joe Biden’s mask on backwards?


    177. lisab says:

      schumer is afraid aoc will run against him in two years

      which one is robespierre?

    178. lisab says:

      Why is Joe Biden’s mask on backwards?

      come on man! masks are difficult

    179. lisab says:

      the worst thing this week is the 200 million people that died during biden’s speech …

      his speeches are worse than the black plague!

    180. PresidentPaul! says:

      The Presidency May Hinge On Arizona?

      Even more motivation to nomination Lagoa

    181. PresidentPaul! says:

      I expect Pelosi-Biden to do something on the order of a 6-7 trillion dollar stimulus bill if they win the election.

      Will make the 2 trillion dollar one that would have reelected Trump look cheap in retrospect.

    182. lisab says:

      btw, anyone have barret’s or lagoa’s high school yearbooks?

      asking for a friend

    183. Smack says:

      It’s Barrett.

    184. Phil says:

      Just got finished watching today’s Baris podcast. The overwhelming consensus was that Lagoa not only helps nail down Florida but helps across the board. For one thing she makes Democrats look like fools when they trash her in the hearings. Why?

      Do they really want to beat up on a Hispanic woman? How will that look to the rest of the country? The party that calls itself the champion of minorities?

      Do they really want to beat up on a daughter of immigrants When Democrats claim to be the party of immigrants? How will that look?

      Oh, they will beat up on her alright…and that is a good thing because it doesn’t play well with the electorate. Plays right into Trump’s hands.

      Finally, Baris and his guest talked about how important it was to get the nominee confirmed. She is the easiest to get through. She was confirmed to the Circuit Court 80-15. Makes the 27 Democrats who voted yea look stupid to turn around a year later and vote against her. They will vote no of course but just makes them look bad. Also makes it easier for Cory Gardner in his race. A Hispanic, Cuban or otherwise helps in a state like Colorado. Nails down his vote and helps him electorally – at a minimum doesn’t hurt him in a state like Colorado. Probably helps marginally in Arizona as well.

      Barrett will be portrayed as a religious zealot. She’s not but that is not how she will be portrayed by the media and that hurts with suburban women – a group Trump is already weakest with.

      Lagoa so many pluses and a person Democrats are praying Trump doesn’t select.

      Don’t blow this one Mr. President.

    185. Phil says:

      Barrett is not a smart play.

      Not at all.

    186. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      197. Source?

    187. Stonewall DW says:



      SEP 11-16, 2020
      609 LV

      Biden 48%
      Trump 43%


      SEP 11-16, 2020
      611 LV

      Biden 49%
      Trump 46%

    188. Stonewall DW says:

      Odd that Trafalgar and IPSOS within a point of each other in PA.

    189. mnw says:

      Most here prolly know this already:

      Because McSally is an interim senator (not elected to a full term), if she loses, the DEM can be sworn in immediately after AZ certifies the election results. Of course, Kelly WOULD be sworn in immediately, too.

      What this means is, there won’t be any lame duck Congress confirmation of Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. It’s now or never.

    190. PhilS says:

      What hearings?

      If McConnell learned anything from the Kavanaugh debacle, there will be no televised hearings. He would be foolish to enable the circus.

    191. Tina says:

      The AZ – abc15 – Data Guru
      GOP new registrations in #Maricopa currently leading ~ 53% to 34% for figures updated in the county since the august quarterly.

    192. Stonewall DW says:

      Prior from May – IPSOS


      Trump 40/Biden 46


      Trump 40/Biden 43

      Final IPSOS of PA in 2016

      45/41 in 4-way race
      45/39 head to head.

      So today’s poll probably good news.

    193. Tina says:

      The AZ – abc15 – Data Guru
      GOP making small gains in the legislative districts that matter as well. Best to worst gains against Ds:

      LD15: +981
      LD21 +947
      LD20 +513
      LD17 +500
      LD28 +19
      12:25 PM · Sep 21, 2020·Twitter Web App

    194. Tgca says:

      Ok. Maybe I’m a bit late coming to this but even RBG supported SCOTUS appointments during an election year.

      Two points of interest she made that seem to conflict one another.


      That’s their job,” she told The New York Times in July of that year. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”

      Agreed! Now RIP as you deserve.


      “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

      Sorry RGB! Your personal wishes don’t dictate how POTUS should conduct his constitutional duties.

      Also, what do you mean “replaced with a new president?” Are you expecting Biden to win so therefore the country has to sit on an open seat for 4 months until your preferred philosophical replacement can be named?


    195. PresidentPaul! says:

      tbh- Trump needs to have Mitch discuss Barrett with Susan Collins before he even thinks about nominating her since Collins already has gone through the hearing with barrett.

      If her answer is hell no & I’m voting to tank that nomination but she doesn’t have that reaction to Lagoa as well then you’d have to go in the latter’s direction.

    196. Tgca says:

      196 LisaB

      No high school yearbook pics of Barrett but I saw a pic of her online at a foam party back in the day.

    197. Stonewall DW says:

      So nothing from Biden today? Is he still resting up from his five minutes out in public yesterday?

    198. Justin says:

      Is Biden doing debate prep during all this down time? Or just napping?

    199. Tina says:

      Billy Newby
      · 21m
      Pennsylvania Registration Update:
      November 2016 to 9/21/20
      GOP +104,058
      Dem -79,202

      6/29/20 to 9/21/20
      GOP +105,775
      Dem +42,554

      9/7/20 to 9/21/20
      GOP +28,777
      Dem +12,365

    200. Tina says:

      elb Hull
      Biden is attacking Trump for the current state of the economy while simultaneously saying we should keep states on lockdown. It makes zero sense.

    201. Stonewall DW says:

      Biden at Ginsburg viewing today.

      Apparently Biden was seen leaning over the casket to sniff Ginsburg’s hair, then was heard saying, “I know how you feel–I can’t get up very well either.”

    202. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Boy does Andrew Weissman suffer from a Napoleonic Complex. Here he criticises his ex-boss, the saintly Bob Mueller; throws him under the bus.
      Glenn Greenwald slaps back at the Little Napoleon!


    203. PresidentPaul! says:


      Biden Struggles to read the teleprompter for the interview questions.

    204. jaichind says:

      Ogden & Fry (looks like a GOP pollster) polled IL-3rd (part of Cook County) which they had as neck-to-neck at the congressional level. It has Biden over Trump 48-40 here. In 2016 it was Clinton 55 Trump 40.


    205. lisab says:

      No high school yearbook pics of Barrett but I saw a pic of her online at a foam party back in the day.

      i think girls can go to foam parties and it is not a big deal … although it can probably damage your hair

    206. lisab says:

      that woman freaking out in the car about ginsberg …

      is she driving in a car with the steering wheel on the right side of the car?

    207. lisab says:

      hawaiian judge overturns death of ruth bader ginsburg

    208. lisab says:

      Chelsea Clinton: It Would Be ‘Unchristian’ To Believe In God, Read Bible

    209. DW says:


      Ogden and Fry

      Trump 43
      Biden 44

    210. lisab says:

      Dems have evidence Trump’s next SCOTUS nominee ‘drowned immigrant trans puppies’ for fun

    211. DW says:

      Whoops…make that 44 to 45

    212. PhilS says:

      229: Was that wrong?

    213. dblaikie says:

      Folks if any of these media or liberal college polling outfits has Trump within 5 points of Biden that means Trump is ahead. Take it to the bank!

      I was stunned today when in his so-called speech Uncle Joe never mentioned RBG and the Supreme Court. It must be a big loser for him. Instead he lied about Trump and his response to the corona virus. However I have come to believe that this is going to be another huge overreach for the dems. The truth is I believe that Corona Virus is starting to burn out in the country. Today, once again, we had under 40000 total cases and well under 400 deaths. But more than that Trump wouldn’t be constantly talking about a vaccine unless he knew that the trials were going well.

      So now in desperation I heard a “medical Scientist” in the Biden camp who said on Fox, “Vaccines are not the final answer” and went on to say that will have to keep wearing masks indefinitely. What a croc of crap! If the vaccine works, in fact if it is only 60% effective that is herd immunity right there.

      I can’t believe but it seems to me the only message that the Biden has is a bunch of lies about Trump and you need to wear a mask. I guess that is all a person with dementia can handle.

      More and more I am becoming convinced that a red wave is building. The final straw for me is when Robbie (no longer Wormtongue) said that he was going to vote for Trump.

    214. dblaikie says:

      I have to laugh when these health officials drone on that the cases are going down but there is less testing. OK, let us talk basics. There are fewer tests because fewer people are feeling sick. That means that fewer people are getting Covid. That means that we looking at good news if you only had the guts to admit it.

    215. Tina says:

      Joe Biden Botches Pledge: “I Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America. One Nation, Indivisible, Under God, For Real” (VIDEO)


    216. Tina says:

      Another disastrous day today:

      Joe Biden: “I saw on national television about the race… Joe BIden’s election will be only the first president who didn’t go to an Ivy League school in a long time. Like somehow I didn’t belong… I say it’s about time that a state school president sat in the Oval Office. Because you know what — if I’m sitting there, you’re gonna be sitting there too.”

    217. dblaikie says:

      Now that doesn’t mean I am a mindless Trump robot. I wash my hands constantly. I try to keep my distance. Even though I hate it, I put on my mask when I am inside in a public place.

      And when I get the vaccine, I will keep up washing my hands frequently. I will do what I can to not breath or cough on another person. But I will, I say I will, quit wearing a mask.

    218. Justin says:

      I must say, the few polls that have been posted today of congressional districts or counties is promising for Trump. In all of them, he seems to be polling stronger than he did in 2016 in those locations.

      Has there been any polling out of Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties in Florida? I’d really like to see what is going on there. Has Baris said anything about how those counties are looking?

    219. PresidentPaul! says:


      Klobuchar says Trump needs to fill the seat

    220. John says:

      Corey Gardner of Colorado just issued a statement saying HE WILL vote on Trump’s SC nominee…
      FYI…I gather that I’m not the only John here…but perhaps the oldest John posting here.

    221. PresidentPaul! says:


      So these masks I commonly see with valves…

      They basically protect you from inhaling coronavirus to some extend, but if you’re the one with coronavirus, these masks allow you exhale the coronavirus through the valves rather than having it filtered through the masks as intended.

      Easier to breath though.

    222. PresidentPaul! says:

      Certain at risk areas have actually been banning these valve masks, but I don’t think it’s dawned on most what the issue is there.

    223. dblaikie says:

      Cory Gardener may not win, but he is a great Senator. He will vote for Trump’s nominee before the election. Like him or not, he has guts. So does McSally.

    224. dblaikie says:

      Folks the news media doesn’t want you to know this but Collins be thinking about splitting the baby (King Solomon style) by voting Present to register her objection to the vote before the election. So for that matter could Murkowski. That would make the vote 48 to 48. Pence would break the tie. These “brillant” journalists have not thought of that yet.

    225. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Hill-HarrisX poll
      Trump Approval,
      Approve 48%
      Disapprove 52%

      Registered voters

    226. NYCmike says:

      Cory Gardner, Susan Collins – why wouldn’t they vote for a good candidate put forth by the President?

      The Democrats in those states aren’t going to vote for them. They need to get as many Republicans as possible to think they are like-minded, and then enough “independents”, who may actually be libertarians, to get over the top to make 50%+1 vote.

      This isn’t legislation being voted on. I actually hearken back to when Ginsburg was confirmed with over 90 votes. She was qualified, is intelligent enough, and hadn’t broken any laws…..I thought her reasoning was terrible, but she was of sound mind. Presidents should get their picks confirmed, as long as they pass some basic requirements.

    227. NYCmike says:

      “So does McSally.”


      Hopefully she can prevail over the astronaut.

    228. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      205. “Because McSally is an interim senator (not elected to a full term), if she loses, the DEM can be sworn in immediately after AZ certifies the election results.”

      Believe the Arizona election results for 2018 were not certified until December 3, 2018. Doubt it will be any faster this year, particularly if there are legal challenges.

    229. Pitchaboy says:

      1. Trend is DJT’s friend.
      2. Momentum is on his side.
      3. Pollsters are wising up.

    230. Tina says:

      · 16m

    231. Tina says:

      The crowd in Ohio is quite large.

      Must be the biggest to date.

    232. MrVito says:

      Jeremy Diamond
      Grassley suggests in statement he will support moving forward on a Trump nominee to fill the SCOTUS vacancy. Key graf from his statement is highlighted:

    233. Justin says:

      228 where is this Wisconsin poll?

    234. MrVito says:

      Apparently Trump met with Barrett today….

    235. Chicon says:

      254 – in Wisconsin.

    236. Justin says:

      NEWSMAX reporter:

      SCOTUS update: I’m hearing Barbara Lagoa is out of the running now. Bade is the dark horse. ACB is still in the lead.

    237. mnw says:

      Alaska’s Sorrow ain’t gonna vote “present.” She’s a NO! She announced NO on Kavanaugh, & then agreed to be paired with Daines so he could attend his daughter’s wedding, & not have to fly back to vote YES. That’s all.

      Why would she torpedo Kavanaugh, but accommodate this new Trump nominee? Is she any less pro-abortion now than she was three years ago? Does she like Trump MORE since he said he wouldn’t support her for re-election, because of her NO on Kavanaugh?

    238. NYCmike says:

      “254 – in Wisconsin.”

      -Here it is…..MOO.

    239. Greymarch says:

      Trump met with Barrett today. IT’S HAPPENING!!!! YAY!!!!!


    240. John says:

      Senator Chuck Grassley just issued his own statement and said he WILL VOTE for Trump’s nominee…

    241. Greymarch says:

      OH has become reliably red. Trump’s led almost every poll in OH. Trump has led most of the polls in NC. Trump must win FL. That’s a given. So, to get to 270, assuming Trump wins FL, Trump must win 2 of the following states: PA, MI, WI, MN or AZ. Which two, from that list, are the most likely Trump wins?

    242. MrVito says:

      Shocking, I know.



      Multiple voters characterized by ABC News as undecided—and selected to pepper President Donald Trump with questions during a network town hall—are longtime Trump critics. While the network claimed its Tuesday town hall “provided uncommitted voters the opportunity to ask the president questions about issues affecting Americans,” a Washington Free Beacon review of social media posts found that two of the questioners have long denounced Trump.

    243. Chicon says:

      258 – I don’t know what she’ll do, but Kavanaugh was a me, too, deal. Presumably Lisa baby won’t be in that bind this time.

    244. lisab says:

      i heard rbg’s last words were: dismissed!

    245. MrVito says:

      Trump only needs PA if he holds the 2 districts in ME and NE.

    246. lisab says:

      i want to see what romney will do

      imagine if he was president now

    247. Stonewall DW says:

      never mind, WI poll was back in June.

    248. lisab says:

      trump will easily hold me 2

      he may win me the state for +2 EV

      he will lose me 1 though

    249. lisab says:

      i would guess that if he wins pa,

      a few of the other states will go his way too

      especially mi

      they have fracking too

    250. MrVito says:

      Rand is tightening the thumbscrews.


      Burgess Everett
      “This is a lot different than impeachment,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). “Romney is from a state that is very religious and strongly pro-life. I think he was elected to support a nominee like that. … I would be very surprised if Romney doesn’t vote for the nominee.”

    251. Tina says:

      Biden asked questions by telemund. He is using a teleprompter to answer.


    252. Cash Cow TM says:

      Why is NYC Mike moo-ing?

      That is my job.

    253. Phil says:

      Apparently Lagoa made too much sense.

      Democrats won’t like any of the picks but at least Trump bypassing Lagoa means Biden is still in it in Florida. They have to at least be happy with that…. Lagoa would have been a nightmare for them.

      Leave it to Trump to do it the hard way.

      Geez, Donald…

    254. Tina says:

      I do t think he made any decision, Phil. He said at the rally that there are 5 potential candidates, all women.

    255. PhilS says:

      Phil: Where do you come up[ with this nonsense?

      Do you know better than Trump? Maybe you should have run for president.

    256. Dylan says:

      Phil—is Amy Barrett for sure a done deal? He may yet meet with Lagoa tomorrow ……

    257. Phil says:


      I laid it out in #198. Read it and tell me where my logic is wrong. I’ll hang up and listen.

    258. Chicon says:

      274 – two boxes none of us is likely to have any idea about for any candidate for the Court… One is whether they can handle what they are going to go through. Two is whether they would make a great Justice and resist “evolving on the bench”.

      But if you wanna get married to one of them anyway, I’m not going to stop you.

    259. PhilS says:

      Stuff your ;logic.

      Trump is out there busting his as$ to win again. You are sitting at your computer fantasizing about who knows what.

      I don’t know what makes you think you know more about Florida than Trump does.

    260. Greymarch says:

      Barrett adopted two Haitian children. Barrett’s youngest children has Downs syndrome.

      Barrett is better under pressure than Legoa and was fantastic before the judiciary committee in 2017.

      Barrett’s optics are gonna be off the charts. Put her family behind her, while Harris tries to tear her head off (Kamala is on the judiciary committee) and Biden’s campaign will take a serious hit with catholic rust-belt voters….you know, the states Biden must win. The states which have more catholic voters than any other region in the country.


    261. JeffP says:

      There is NO DOUBT in my mind we need this tie breaker judge…with all the mail in ballot garbage in several states and there will be legal challenges that just like 2000 and could easily end up in the Supreme Court. I think everyone knows it too.

    262. Phil says:


      What specifically about my logic don’t you agree with or did you even bother to read the post. Didn’t think so.

      Oh, and GFY.

    263. PhilS says:

      Just because little Marco is pushing Lagoa should make everyone suspicious.

    264. PhilS says:

      Don’t care about your “logic”. Stuff it up yours.

      Geez, Donald…like he is your little boy.

      Morons like you think Trump is an idiot who has no clue what he is doing.

      While you congratulate yourself;f on your “logic”.

    265. NYCmike says:

      “That is my job.”

      -Hankering for some ice cream……thought I would identify as a bovine for a day to see if I could jumpstart the process……West Virginia is too far, and besides, you are always traveling the country.

    266. NYCmike says:


      There are probably good reasons for many different candidates. Let’s see who President Trump picks, and then go balls to the walls for her.

    267. PhilS says:

      The guy hs unleashed the greatest economic growth in the history of the world. He has solved the Middle East problem while sleeping. He has nominated and gotten two SC judges and 300+ appellate judges confirmed. All in less than 4 years, with almost constant whin ing and moaning from the likes of you, not to mention active opposition.

      Geez, Donald…indeed.

    268. Chicon says:

      251 – Tina, I haven’t seen that anywhere else, even with a brief look at NYT Twitter. I am skeptical.

    269. JeffP says:

      I just want a judge that is not a radical resistance activist.

      Pro life would be a blessing too. I like Barrett the best…seems like a very strong intelligent woman.

    270. Phil says:


      What rock did you crawl out from under anyway, tough guy. Hadn’t seen you post anything here up until a few months ago. Now your the GD expert on all things Trump? LOL

    271. Tina says:

      Chicon, hope it’s true.

      Think Quittens will be the big a hole here,

    272. PhilS says:

      I am not an expert on Trump, but I recognize keyboard losers like you.

      Geez, Donald…

      How many elections have you won?

    273. Cash Cow TM says:

      In the PhilS VS. Phil fight, I am siding with Phil.

      Phil has seniority here also…

    274. Justin says:

      PhilS is a troll

    275. Phil says:

      LOL The same number of elections that you have, genius.

      What a dick.

    276. Chicon says:

      Phil, which is more capable of dealing with the confirmation onslaught, Barrett or Lagoa? Which will make a better Justice? Why?

    277. Country Dick Montana says:

      Watch it Phil. 🙂

    278. PhilS says:

      As&hole, I am referring to Trump, dickwa$d.

      A loser moron like you telling Trump that he is blowing the election.

      Are you really this stupid? You sure are.

    279. Justin says:

      Bill O’Reilly, is that you ?

    280. MrVito says:



      Amy Klobuchar
      · 4h
      The people pick the President; the President nominates the Justice. That is how it works.

    281. Phil says:

      Chicon, there is no telling who would make the best Justice until they’ve been on the bench for awhile. That’s what is so frustrating. Robert makes me skeptical of everyone. We know Barrett for sure cculd hold up to any judicial hearing. I think Lagoa could too because Dems would have to be careful not to come off as bullying a Hispanic woman. Bad look and would really hurt them on Election Day.

    282. PhilS says:

      Loser morons like Phil think that a proven, accomplished president doesn’t know what he is doing…

      That’s rich…

    283. Boog says:

      Baris and Barnes talked a lot about this today. Said Lagoa was the much smarter political choice. Dems attacking a child of immigrants, Latina, would be a horrible look.

    284. Phil says:


      Outside of name calling you ever have anything else? Do us all a favor and crawl back into the hole you crawled out of two or three months ago.

    285. Chicon says:

      Boog, the political implications cannot be ignored. But the quality of the pick is highly important, too.

      Also, there’s at best one shot at the apple prior to election day, so no time for a candidate who freaks out during the process or antagonizes the Senators on the fence.

      Pick the best candidate.

    286. MrVito says:

      TruthMommaMel DogRed heart
      · 12h
      An unborn baby’s dying wish at Planned Parenthood today… “Fill the seat.”

    287. Phil says:

      Barnes is like an election encyclopedia.

    288. PhilS says:

      Suck yourself.

      Little Phil is hurt when someone calls out his stupid “logic”.

    289. Tina says:

      : “We’ve got the votes to confirm Justice Ginsburg’s replacement before the election. That’s what’s coming.”

    290. Boog says:

      Chicon, I don’t disagree. But have no idea which of the two is the better candidate. Is one the next Thomas, or the next Souter? Who really knows. Lagoa was approved with 80 senate votes. ACB was a straight party vote, with a lot of smoke about Opus Dei. I’m on board for the ACB fight, if she is the better chance at a Thomas.

    291. Robbie says:

      Hopefully, a fight over the Supreme Court will cause some wayward voters to come home. Otherwise, I’m surprised the race hasn’t narrowed more nationally.

      All in all, it’s been a reasonably good month or so for Trump. The economy has continued to improved, jobs have been restored, corona cases have declined, and a vaccine is oh so close. Yet, the national polling hasn’t moved a whole lot.

      I know many here are dubious of national polls and that’s fine. What surprises me is the movement in the polls has been so minimal.

    292. Tina says:

      Lol, the. Polling has not moved.

    293. Tina says:

      More bs from the Russian hoaxer.

    294. Phil says:

      it actually has been a pretty good month for Trump. His job approval numbers have moved up about two or three pts and the economy continues to move upward.

    295. Tina says:

      By Wednesday, we should hit 100 million tests.

      Not only have we done more tests, we have done more tests per population than any other country,

    296. Stonewall DW says:

      why polls don’t move:

      September totals

      Dem: 49 polls
      Univ: 22 polls
      Panel: 9 “polls”
      Indy: 13 polls
      GOP: 6 polls. (only 1 independent of Dem partner)

    297. PhilS says:

      On Aug 12, Biden led by 6 in Ras. On Sep 16, Trump led by 1.

      That’s a pretty solid movement in 4 weeks.

      Polls which are not designed to reflect the race will never move.

    298. Tina says:

      Gotta start suing these politicians doing the lock downs.

      · 3h
      Jonathan’s Grille has filed a lawsuit against Nashville Mayor John Cooper, the city’s chief medical director, Nashville’s epidemiologist, and the Health Department as a whole. https://fox17.com/news/local/nashville-restaurant-sues-city-jonathans-grille-tennessee-mayor-john-cooper-department-of-health

    299. MrVito says:

      John Fund
      · 2h
      Amy Coney Barrett visited President Trump at the White House today for an interview.

      Senate sources say that Mitt Romney will ultimately be a “yes” vote to confirm a nominee – assuming confirmation hearings go well.

    300. Tina says:

      Only adult polls with d plus 17 are valid.


    301. Boog says:

      If most national polling was legit, Trump would be shown probably as even nationally, and +4 or so in the battlegrounds. Red electoral bloodbath coming. Pollsters were dishonest, at best, in 2016, and have chosen to double down in 2020. Just one more institution people have lost trust in.

    302. Tina says:

      Phil, I think Baris mentioned that an incumbent President likely does better than his job approval on Election Day

      An incumbent president with an approval of 51 percent, won’t get 45 percent.

    303. Chicon says:

      Good points, Boog. I’m okay with either. My point is that we know even less about potential Supreme Court nominees than we know about most things. The ones with the knowledge are advising Trump. I don’t know how any of us can be adamant that one is better than the rest.

      If they are equally confident in both candidates’ ability to handle the process and become Scalia-like, then I’d take the politically expedient person (probably Lagoa).

    304. Phil says:

      It’s probably a two or three point race now with likely voters, Tina. Notice the NBC poll from yesterday showing Biden up 8 was registered voters. Baris thinks because of way more enthusiasm on the Trump side (he says he’s never seen a gap this large) Trump is running about 6 points better among likely than registered voters in the rust belt he just finished polling.

      I think that’s why NBC only did a poll of registered voters.

    305. Phil says:

      It could be Trump’s team just would feel safer having a battle tested Barrett go through the hearings – maybe don’t risk Lagoa or Larsen messing up in the hearing having not gone through it before. Who knows.

    306. Tina says:

      I feel,more conformtalble with Lagoa than Barett.

      I see Barrett to be another Roberts.

      Is Roberts ok? Maybe, but .he is not great.

    307. Boog says:

      Barnes made an interesting point: Trump is a visuals guy. He may pick Nominee based on who presents better on TV. I can see that happening.

    308. Tina says:

      The Ohio crowd tonite was large and loud.

      Trump has a good person in charge of his Ohio crowd.

      They seem to indicate that he will win it by a bigger margin than 2016.

    309. Tina says:

      Meant his Ohio,Campaign.

    310. Phil says:

      Boog, I watched that today. You got to admit Barnes made a lot of sense with his points about Lagoa. i don’t want to set the troll off again but what he said was very logical.

    311. Robbie says:

      It is interesting that Trump’s JA has increased recently while his standing against Biden hasn’t moved as much. Not sure if that’s a “red flag”, or there’s just a natural delay that will eventually show up in the horse race number.

      I also use the Senate races as a proxy for movement towards Republicans as well. McConnell has seen good improvement, but others like Collins haven’t.

    312. Tina says:

      Here is Biden reading a teleprompter during his telemundo interview.

      This is not good.


    313. Phil says:

      You would have loved that podcast today, Robbie. They went into job approval and it’s relationship to actually winning the election. Said W and Obama both overperformed their job approval on election day during their reelections.

    314. MrVito says:

      Josh Caplan
      REUTERS: Iran Foreign Minister says Tehran ready to exchange all prisoners with US

    315. Tina says:

      Phil, correct on Baris and job approval.

      Did you see my earlier comment on it?

    316. jason says:

      I don’t really know who would make a better SCOTUS pick.

      But I would go with Lagoa just because it is more fun seeing the Dems try to destroy a Latina than a Catholic.

    317. Tina says:

      So, Jonah Dullberg and French Fry want to do a deal with drats over the Sc pick.

      No thanks.

    318. Tgca says:


      Jadon lies. He wants to undo our way of life.

      He wants the Latinos to take over Amerika!

    319. Phil says:

      That’s my take, Jason. Id get the popcorn with lots of butter to see that.

    320. Phil says:

      Saw it, Tina.

    321. Tgca says:


      Thank God Vito

      What would we do without Romney’s blessing and wise guidance.

      The country has come to know Romney as the respected elder statesman and the CONSCIOUS of the Senate.

    322. MrVito says:

      Hmmmmmmmm…. more signs of activity


      RAMALLAH, West Bank/GAZA (Reuters) – Palestinian security forces arrested over half a dozen supporters of an exiled Palestinian politician who some have accused of involvement in the United Arab Emirates deal to forge ties with Israel, a spokesman for his faction said….

      A former Gaza security chief, Dahlan has long been floated as a potential successor to Abbas. He has cultivated close ties with UAE leaders since his exile.

    323. phoenixrisen says:

      327 — I think the concern of Barrett being another Roberts shouldn’t be a concern given Democrats we’re unilaterally opposed to her nomination when the floor vote went down. Picking Barrett who hails from the Rust Belt will help.

    324. lisab says:

      the CONSCIOUS of the Senate.

      maybe the couscous of the senate

    325. lisab says:

      i am surprised that people are so confident about this scotus nomination going forward

      the dems have not shot their bolt yet

    326. Tgca says:

      Lagos has it all. What’s not to like.

      Educated at good schools
      Grew up humbly in working class Hialeah, FL outside Miami
      1st in a number of areas like FL SC
      Mom of 3 adolescent girls – what better way to identify with women

      If only she was a one-legged lesbian, then it would be a slam dunk with multiple Dem support.

    327. phoenixrisen says:

      Mercy, amazing how squishy The National Review and The defunct Weekly Standard became so conservatively squishy, watered down, and pansified. Sad.

    328. lisab says:

      the dems need to get 3 senators to defect

      who will it be?

    329. BayernFan says:

      Do we know enough about Lagoas jurisprudence to be confident she won’t go wobbly in the knees or go native down the road? I’d rather get the hard core Catholic with the 7 kids she heels everyday.

    330. MrVito says:

      Don’t they need 4 defections?

    331. Tgca says:


      You can’t get more hard core Catholic than a conservative female Cuban-American from south Florida.

    332. MAGAPA says:

      Polls are looking good so far!

    333. jason says:

      Do they need a majority of votes or do they need 50 votes to confirm?

      In other words can you be confirmed with on a 49 -47 vote?

    334. Phil says:

      Sounds like right now we are only looking at two defections.

      I think Collins needs to think good and hard before she defects. She needs her base in six weeks. Murkowski? Nobody gives a sh*t about her anymore.

    335. jason says:

      Trump at 46% at Predictit and 248 EVs.

    336. Phil says:

      Jason. The answer is they don’t need 50. Plurality will do it.

    337. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      September 21, 2020 at 10:14 pm
      You would have loved that podcast today, Robbie. They went into job approval and it’s relationship to actually winning the election. Said W and Obama both overperformed their job approval on election day during their reelections.

      – If you can, post the link. I’ll listen to it tomorrow.

    338. MrVito says:

      They are blowing up… Feinstein came out against court packing and ending the filibuster

      Cenk Uygur
      Pelosi has taken the debt ceiling & the budget off the table. Tim Kaine took impeachment and expanding the court off the table. Feinstein is also against expanding the court. So, in the span of 48 hours, Democrats have taken almost their entire arsenal off the table on RBG seat.

    339. lisab says:

      Don’t they need 4 defections?

      no, just three

    340. lisab says:

      Don’t they need 4 defections?
      but … they need 3 defections, not 2 defections and a “present”

      they need 3 gop senators to actively defect

    341. MrVito says:

      That’s 50-50

    342. lisab says:

      the dems would claim its 0-50

      and thus no quorum

      (you need 51 for a quorum)

    343. lisab says:

      that’s why a “present” vote would not work

    344. Greymarch says:

      #348: Whats not to like about Legoa? She’s not a conservative.

      Legoa got 37 dem votes when she was confirmed for the appellate court. Why did she get 37 dem votes? Because the dems know she’s a moderate. She doesnt offend them. She agrees with them on many issues.

      We cant take a chance with another Souter or Roberts. Trump must nominate a professionally proven, staunch conservative jurist. Barrett is the perfect choice.

    345. MrVito says:

      Yeah, I doubt that happens.

    346. Greymarch says:

      Trump’s nominee doesnt need 50 votes. All Trump’s nominee needs is a tie, or more “yes” votes than “no” votes. Either will do. Constitution says absolutely nothing about requiring at least 50 votes.

    347. lisab says:

      Yeah, I doubt that happens.

      me too

      but, the dems will do it if it looks like it will be 50-50, they will just walk out

    348. Tgca says:

      This is absurd! Anna Navarro makes ridiculous arguments. It’s clear she has TDS so I’m gonna take the high road here and just rebut the key points this fat cow is making and tell her to suck up her “pain.”

      RBG dying wish does not matter. No justice’ dying wish matters as an appointed gubbermint employee.

      She does not get to decide when her seat is filled or by whom.

      It is a disjustice to America to keep her seat open 4 to 6 months because that’s what she wanted.

      She does not own the seat. She basically kept it warm for a future justice like all justices do for their seats.

      No POTUS is required to replace a justice with someone of similar ideology of the vacated justice.

      She had the opportunity to let Obama replace her since 2010 when her 1st cancer diagnosis was made and she declined
      She bucked her party on these numerous requests to resign and give Obama a chance to replace her up through 2016.

      She gambled Hilary would be POTUS and they would make a big deal of her replacement by the 1st female POTUS and she lost that bet.

      Why she thinks a new POTUS will occur in Jan is making the same mistake she made in 2016. If Trump wins, he is not a new POTUS. It’s as if she expects Biden will win and wants her seat guaranteed to her wishes…sorry RBG, as a justice you know it does not work that way and you stated that yourself in interviews in years past.

      None of this takes away from her long service to America but she is not royalty and neither her nor her family get to make such special arrangements that others do not. This reminds me of the arrogance of the Kennedy’ s that they somehow think they own the rights to the MA senate seat.

      So Navarro should focus on doing something worthwhile that matters to her in the long term like sewing up her mouth and dieting instead of dictating what MUST be done with this open seat on the high court.


    349. lisab says:

      Either will do. Constitution says absolutely nothing about requiring at least 50 votes.

      but the senate rules do say there must be 51 senators present

    350. MrVito says:

      But they will not get three GOP senators to walk out.

    351. jason says:

      You can’t get more hard core Catholic than a conservative female Cuban-American from south Florida.”

      Maybe, she is still harder to attack.

    352. Greymarch says:

      Senate is currently 53GOP-47DEM. Let’s say 6 GOP senators “abstain” which means they simply dont cast any vote. Great. Trump wins. 6 GOP abstainers = 47-47. That’s a tie. Pence breaks the tie.

      50 or more votes HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONFIRMING A SCOTUS JUDGE. You can thank Harry Reid for that.

    353. lisab says:

      But they will not get three GOP senators to walk out.

      well .. they would not be gop senators for long if they did

      they would have to cross the aisle

    354. jason says:

      So they don’t even need 50 votes to bring it up for a vote?

    355. MrVito says:

      Thing is, I don’t think Trump is that worried about Florida… he is all in on the big ten states.

    356. lisab says:

      i cannot see romney crossing the aisle, not even to insult trump

    357. MrVito says:

      Oh ok… so you mean like ACTUAL defections.

    358. lisab says:

      So they don’t even need 50 votes to bring it up for a vote?

      they technically need 51

      but … the walkouts would pretty much have to hold up numbers from 1 to 50 in the press outside the senate because pence would obviously not call for a quorum call

    359. jason says:

      Legoa got 37 dem votes when she was confirmed for the appellate court. Why did she get 37 dem votes? Because the dems know she’s a moderate. She doesnt offend them. She agrees with them on many issues.”

      What a crock of crap.

      What issues does she “agree with them” on, stop making sh-t up.

      Ginsburg was confirmed 96-3, did anyone think she was a moderate?

    360. lisab says:

      Oh ok… so you mean like ACTUAL defections.

      yeah, no gop senator who walks out could survive

    361. Phil says:

      Vito, taking all that off the table so abruptly must mean it was all polling like sh*t. Not surprised.

      Democrats had hoped to keep stuff like ending the filibuster and packing the Court quiet through the election….and then do it once they got control in January. Now, by threatening to do it as retaliation for Ginsberg, it’s out In the open and will be used by Tillis, Collins, Daines, Purdue, MCSalley, Ernst, etc against their Democratic opponents to paint them as radicals. That is why Democrats are suddenly running like hell from it all.

    362. MrVito says:

      Might be the final straw for Manchin too if they did that.

    363. jason says:

      Maybe Ginsburg’s last wish was Biden wins, so we can just forego the election, we don’t want to be disrespectful.

    364. Bitterlaw says:

      Here in Philadelphia and the suburbs, Biden is running 3-4 tv ads for every Trump ad. I have not heard a single Trump ad on the radio.

      Country Dick – What is the ratio where you are?

      I would ask Jason but the Bishop seized his hidden tb.

    365. MrVito says:

      Yeah, but they never should have brought it up to begin with then, Phil… because their nutjob base will be pi$$ed.

    366. Phil says:

      Lagoa has a solid conservative record.

    367. Tgca says:

      366 Greymarch

      The link below is what I see thus far on her so if you have further evidence she is not a conservative but a moderate please educate us and share it. I suspect more Dems voted for her based on demographics than ideology.

      A number here have stated similarly that Barrett is also potentially a Souter or Roberts based on some of her decisions. Again, show that evidence too.

      I am looking at this strictly from a political view. She brings more than Amy at this point and widens the GOP tent where Trump needs it most with FL, Latinos, women, and Catholics. Amy shares two of them while Lagoa gets all 4 right.


    368. lisab says:

      biden was running a bunch of ads in MN

      but they ended will biden in a mask

      not a good look

    369. lisab says:

      schumer to romney: soooooo … how would you like to be harris’s vp?

    370. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t think many Catholics really care about the religion of the nominee UNLESS the Dems attack her for being Catholic.

    371. Tgca says:

      374 greymarch

      I think it’s a pipe dream that 6 GOP senators will abstain. Where are you getting these hypotheticals from and why? 10 GOP senators can get food poisoning and not show up to vote and the Dems would vote the nominee down too because they have a plurality of votes. How likely is that to happen?

      That is a death sentence politically for any GOP Senator to deny a lifetime appointment when they know damn well the Dems would fill this seat in a moment. If Murkowski’ lone vote cost the GOP a conservative seat on the court, her career is over. She just knows she can get away with this because she has cover due to the GOP majority. She is not taking a brave position because her single vote is not needed.

    372. Tgca says:

      392 Bitter

      I don’t mean to offend but do not confuse Latin faithful Catholics with Irish drunken Catholics who go to church twice a year. There’s a big difference.

      Having a devout Catholic on the High Court is very important to many of the most faithful Catholics which many Latinos are, especially those newer generations.

    373. lisab says:

      do not confuse Latin faithful Catholics with Irish drunken Catholics


    374. Bitterlaw says:

      I thought Florida Latinos practiced Santeria. What do I know. I’m a Catholic married to a Jew.

    375. Tgca says:


      Racist! White privileged drivel.

    376. MrVito says:


      No one else curious that Iran is talking about a deal on prisoners with Trump with an election in a month and a half?

    377. MrVito says:

      Josh Caplan
      FOX NEWS: Sen. Lindsey Graham says Republicans “got the votes to confirm” Supreme Court nominee before election

    378. John says:

      Ted Cruz said as much on the Laura Ingraham show.

    379. lisab says:

      No one else curious that Iran is talking about a deal on prisoners with Trump with an election in a month and a half?

      jut don’t trust them is all

    380. Tina says:

      Indictments appear incoming.

    381. Tgca says:

      398 Yo Vito

      Waiting to see the details. Of course the MSM will say this is not important or a distraction from the terrible job Trump is doing at home or it’s pales in comparison to Russia collusion in the 2020 race.

    382. Tina says:

      John Fund
      Amy Coney Barrett visited President Trump at the White House today for an interview.

      Senate sources say that Mitt Romney will ultimately be a “yes” vote to confirm a nominee – assuming confirmation hearings go well.

    383. Greymarch says:

      #381 and #389:

      “But Lagoa is at the moment a distant second to Barrett, a judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals based in Chicago. The president has expressed some skepticism about her conservative credentials because Lagoa drew the votes of 27 Democrats when she was confirmed to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, people familiar with the matter said.”


      Oh, and dont give me this Ginsburg got 96-3 vote, so 37 dems voting for Legoa is ok. ITS NOT OK. Ginsburg was confirmed during a very different time during SCOTUS politics. Senators were much more bipartisan with their votes 26 years ago.

      A nominee gets dem senate votes in the modern era, it means that nominee is a moderate. Trump sniffed that out, as the above article explains.

    384. Tgca says:

      402 Tina

      When? Whom?

      Call me cynical but until I see something of merit here, I’m assuming little will come of the Durham investigation but a memo saying some people need to be less political in their jobs.

      It’s unconscionable we send ordinary people to jail and ruin their lives for similar or much less infractions but DC protects its own on both sides of the aisle.

      Prosecuting some low level staffer no one ever heard of but letting the big fish get away is not justice.

    385. MrVito says:

      No…. I mean why do a deal now with Trump if “pallets of cash” could be president by next year?

    386. Tgca says:


      That logic makes no sense. You are unable to produce a judicial record that is moderate but somehow the Senate staffers sniffed it out without also having a public record of hers to view. How do they know she is moderate? Is there a secret pinky shake or something that distinguishes moderate from conservative justices?

      My gut still tells me the Dems did not want to attack a Latin female given they need to ensure they don’t offend their Latino support and any attack on a self-made Latina with immigrant parents is not good politics.

    387. lisab says:

      No…. I mean why do a deal now with Trump if “pallets of cash” could be president by next year?

      which is why it seems suspicious

    388. John says:

      Russian expert Stephen F. Cohen passed away at age 81….RIP.
      Appeared many times on Tucker Carlson’s show.

    389. MichaelnaB says:

      Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register – you will not REGRET it https://bit.ly/3iQnWTT

    390. Gordon Allen says:

      Ron Desantis pledged to remake the Florida Supreme Court conservative as a first priority,and did. I trust his judgement on his candidate ( who he appointed to the Florida Supreme Court almost as soon as he was inaugurated). She’s fine.

    391. Hugh says:

      410. I hope they do. It would be awesome and so stupid

    392. Country Dick Montana says:

      386 – Bitterlaw, I am a Sirius/XM listener for the most part as I travel a lot. I can tell you in the SWPA/WV/SE Ohoio region where I spend most of my time the Trump to Biden sign ratio is probably 20:1. Biden is not popular in an area where fossil fuel extraction and transportation puts food on the table. Even if he and Harris are now lying about being for frac-ing.

    393. PresidentPaul! says:

      Trump needs to ban all valve masks that in my opinion are made to spread the coronavirus.

      Listening to Bloomberg this am, and they are saying UK and France are getting smashed by covid now going back into near lockdown.

    394. MrVito says:

      FOX: The virtual 72nd Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC drew 6.1 million viewers, a 20% drop compared to last year’s host-less version, according to TheWrap.


      Try putting Ricky Gervais in.

    395. Stonewall DW says:

      New Selzer poll of IOWA has it tied at 47. That means its tied at 47. Not sure why the campaigns aren’t more active there though.

    396. MrVito says:

      Not encouraging


      Madelaine Pisani
      NEW: An internal poll for Sen.
      ‘s (R) campaign, obtained by
      showed McSally within the margin of error against retired astronaut

      Kelly: 48%
      McSally: 46%
      Undecided: 6%

    397. PresidentPaul! says:

      Romney to clarify soon?

      Utah’s Mitt Romney, a frequent critic of Trump, said he might reveal his intentions after meeting with other Republican senators on Tuesday.
      Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa said Monday he would back going forward with a vote, even though he helped lead an effort to block confirmation of former President Barack Obama’s nominee to the court in the 2016 election year.

    398. Stonewall DW says:

      Braun research out with a poll showing Biden ahead in VERMONT only 32/56.

      Hillary won 33/61

    399. MrVito says:

      Re 420


      Rita Panahi
      “The infection rate in France is almost seven times higher than in Sweden and the virus is ten times more prevalent in Spain, both countries that implemented strict lockdowns.”


    400. Stonewall DW says:

      427 – I for one am not going to try to explain away the Selzer poll. Its not good. And worse, it means WI is in worse shape.

    401. PresidentPaul! says:

      The only reason DMR poll is good is because she is drawing from a known registered voting pool prescreen.

      I have no idea if those selzer polls are following the DMR method or if they are just using her name.

    402. Stonewall DW says:

      I know that the second to last DMR poll of IA in 2016 had Trump ahead four, and then the final one jumped to 7 points.

    403. PresidentPaul! says:

      Names of everyone who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s planes subpoenaed by U.S. Virgin Islands AG

      The flight logs would include records on Epstein’s four helicopters and three planes — one of which was dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ — spanning from 1998 until his death last year


    404. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #428 & 429

      In 2016, the Selzer Poll moved stongly toward the Donald in October of that year.

    405. PresidentPaul! says:

      Trump needed to pass Pelosi’s stimulus 2 months ago.

    406. PresidentPaul! says:


      Michael Jordan has announced a new NASCAR racing team with Bubba Wallace as first signed driver

    407. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      So which pollsters do you trust to have the proper screen?

    408. PresidentPaul! says:

      no idea. I just know that almost all pollsters don’t use a registered voting pool because it’s too expensive and complicated rather they screen during the poll asking people who is registered or who is likely to vote.

    409. MichiganGuy says:

      The Department of Justice Will Announce the Results of the Largest International Law Enforcement Operation Targeting Opioid Traffickers on the Darknet. Starting at 9 a.m.

    410. MrVito says:

      A lot of midwesterners are late deciders.

    411. Hugh says:

      Because the race isn’t close there. That’s my guess.

    412. Todd McCain says:

      The Selzer poll is not good news. Proves that Trump is likely down in WI, MI and MN as other polls have corroborated. PA remains within striking distance, however, as GOP registration efforts continue to be strong as DEMS have abandoned traditional voter contact models.

    413. MrVito says:

      Oliver Wiseman
      · 18m
      A thing Democrats might want to make sure they have before making the moral and political case for packing the court:

      Control of the Senate.

    414. Todd McCain says:

      Also, the NC senate race continues to confuse me. How is Tillis continuing to run so far behind Trump? CC seems like a complete tool too.

    415. Stonewall DW says:

      IA, and for that matter MI, WI, and MN might break hard toward Trump in the end. That’s basically what happened in 2016. And here is where incumbency helps…people more likely to stick with what they got, especially if its working, than go with a guy who has lost his marbles.

    416. Stonewall DW says:


      SEP 14-19, 2020

      600 LV

      Biden 46%
      Trump 41%

      Their final 2016 poll was Hillary 41/Trump 36/Johnson 7/Stein 3

    417. Stonewall DW says:

      and in the senate, they have Peters 42/James 40

    418. MrVito says:

      Univ of Georgia has 47-47 tie for the state.

    419. OHIO Joe says:

      Thanks for the good news Stonewall, I just made another donation to the James campaign.

    420. Stonewall DW says:

      I am starting to wonder if Cory Gardner might be the Ron Johnson of this cycle. Given up for dead and yet pulls it out. Leftist Morning Consult has Gardner down 7 points. Its probably closer than that.

    421. PresidentPaul! says:

      apple stock, gold, and gold miners all look bullish to me this morning.

    422. Tina says:

      More erosion in Biden/drat support by unions in the Midwest.

      An internal pole is cited.


    423. Tina says:

      Yesterday was not a good day for China Biden. His mask was backwards.

      Z! Retweeted

      Steve Guest
      Joe Biden completely botches the Pledge of Allegiance:

      “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, under God, for real.”

    424. Stonewall DW says:

      “A lot of midwesterners are late deciders.”

      I can attest to the truth of this. I recall well in 2016 sitting in the living room of a man in an upper midwest battleground state in late summer. He was openly agonizing to me between the two options, Hillary or Trump. He was taking it very seriously, and wanted to make the best choice.

      I am hoping this time when late deciders like this watch the debates and realize Biden is much further gone than previously thought, that they will herd to Trump’s side.

      In the Debates Trump needs to pound the numbers, both to show the successes of his administration as well as to confuse Biden because Joe clearly struggles with numbers.

    425. Stonewall DW says:

      “Cause if you could take care, if you were a quartermaster, you can sure in hell take care runnin’ a, you know, a department store uh, thing, you know, where, in the second floor of the ladies department or whatever, you know what I mean?”

    426. Tina says:

      They are refusing to put out their SC list. Now, they say that we don’t have a right to it.

      RNC Research
      · 11m
      When asked if voters have a right to know who he’d nominate to the Supreme Court, Biden insists, “no they don’t”

    427. MrVito says:

      Hugh Hewitt
      Sep 21
      Talking to callers from Tampa to Oakland this AM. If
      does not confirm
      nominee to #SCOTUS before election, Republicans across the country, up and down the ballot, will get wiped out. Wiped. Out. The GOP has waited to long to play games. Get it done GOP

    428. Stonewall DW says:

      Pence in NH this afternoon.
      Trump in PA tonight.

      Biden in his basement with his mask on backward.

    429. Tina says:

      China Biden will not provide a list to his Sc nominees and will not answer whether he is for packing the court.

    430. MrVito says:

      Ivanka Trump
      Today, AG Barr and I announced the largest investment for trafficking support services in US history, OVER $100 Million in grants.

      To the missing and trafficked across the Nation — we will never stop looking for you, we will not rest until you have justice! #EndTrafficking

    431. Tina says:

      Campaign lid called for China Biden.

    432. Tina says:



    433. Stonewall DW says:

      I would expect tomorrow’s Rasmussen matchup to be

      Biden 48
      Trump 45

      Just a hunch.

    434. Chicon says:

      DW, were you telling the truth when you said to follow where candidates go, and watch where they spend?

      Why has nobody been to IA? Why are they spending so much time in MN and WI if IA is so close? Isn’t it because their internal polling tells them to? Is the internal polling all wrong for both sides? Or is today’s poll wrong?

      Buck up.

    435. Phil says:

      I’ll say 48-46

    436. MrVito says:

      Donald J. Trump
      I will be announcing my Supreme Court Nominee on Saturday, at the White House! Exact time TBA.

    437. dblaikie says:

      Well what do you know, Romney will vote to confirm declaring that he is on team ?.

    438. dblaikie says:

      Team turtle

    439. Stonewall DW says:

      463 – well, actually, I did notice yesterday an uptick in the number of events in IA as shown on the Trump web page. I didn’t say anything about it at the time. And actually the prior increase of activity in IA was even more. Here is the data again from yesterday (parenthesis shows change from my last listing):

      WI: 57 (-)
      MN: 43 (+5)
      PA: 30 (-5) TRUMP VISITS TUES and SAT
      IA: 22 (+2)
      TX: 22 (+5)
      NV: 19 (+2)
      FL: 17 (-5) TRUMP VISITS THUR
      AZ: 11 (-3)
      CO: 10 (-)
      NM: 7 (-1)
      NC: 5 (-)
      NH: 3 (-3)
      GA: 3 (-3)
      ME: 3 (-)
      VA: 2 (-)
      NE_02: 2

      OH has also increased of late. Which is fine with me, you need to keep states you think you have nailed down.

      And I am not saying the sky is falling either, I am just saying the Selzer poll is disappointing–there is no way I know of to sugar coat it, other than to say in 2016 they jumped from Trump +4 to Trump +7 on their final poll.

      They are now saying its tied, so that is different than Trump +4.

      Maybe the violence has increased the shy Trump vote, maybe people from IA are trying to compete with WV voters for stupidity. Not sure.

    440. prineville says:

      DJT to announce justice sometime saturday. As soon as that news hits the media/dem party and all their thugs, will go ballistic and urge their overemotional groupies to raise hell and cry, whine, moan, and groan about how unfair the republicans are playing. If/when dementia joe is going to decline to debate trump on the same stage, this would be the time to pull the plug.

    441. Stonewall DW says:

      Deducing what I can from the actions of the Trump campaign, it appears to me their path #1 is:

      NC + FL (they are confident about these), then…
      PA, which is 267 (without ME_02 and NE_02)

      Then get two or three out of ME_02, NE_02, NV, and NH to win.

      path #2 involves the states in the upper midwest.

    442. mnw says:

      RAS 50/49 today, & tied in the “strong/strong”

      I know somebody must’ve already posted this above, but I didn’t see it.

    443. Stonewall DW says:

      “Quittens is a yes”

      I imagine his office workers have heard an earful on the phones the last few days.

    444. PresidentPaul! says:

      beat me to it 470


      Romney Agrees To Back Trump On Supreme Court Pick; McConnell Now Has Votes To Replace RBG

    445. Tina says:

      V shape boom:

      Existing-home sales increased for the third consecutive month in August, as the U.S. housing market continued its rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Total existing-home sales rose 2.4% from July to a seasonally-adjusted, annual rate of 6 million, the National Association of Realtors reported Tuesday. Meanwhile, tightening inventories nationwide pushed home prices to new heights. The median existing-home price was $310,600 in August, up 11.4% from a year ago.

    446. Stonewall DW says:

      “McConnell Now Has Votes To Replace RBG”

      Wait, I thought Mitch had the votes without Romney?

    447. Waingro says:

      Good for Romney. I kind of wanted Pence to come in and gavel ACB through, but it’s always better to have a few more votes.

    448. mnw says:

      Maybe the furious GOP grassroots reaction to the Kavanaugh circus put the fear of God into the GOPe this time?

    449. Stonewall DW says:

      I am still of the opinion that Dem leadership was elated to hear Ginsburg died, so they could try to take the focus off Biden’s dementia and Trump’s successes, and make the election about saving abortion rights.

    450. Phil says:

      Stonewall, I think you are dead on right about the Trump campaign’s path to 270.

      Got to keep Democrats from stealing Pennsylvania.

    451. Phil says:

      Still thinking Trump is missing an opportunity if he doesn’t pick Lagoa.

    452. Stonewall DW says:

      I guess I should have added Arizona in there with NV and NH as the additional option to get well past 270 on top of NC+FL+PA.

    453. Phil says:

      Yeah, got to keep Arizona for sure.

    454. Phil says:

      …and Lagoa could help marginally in Arizona.

    455. MrVito says:

      I’m being told by sources that Ginsberg’s dying wish went like this:

      Bob Woodward:

      Justice Ginsberg… is it your dying wish the SCOTUS seat be filled after a new president is installed? Blink if the answer is yes. Take your time.

    456. mnw says:

      The SCOTUS nominee + the debates (particularly the first one) will shake up the polls one more time, for better or worse. Last roll of the ivory cubes.

      Prior to the Floyd riots, I was thinking Trump needed 3 miracles to win. The reaction to the riots were #1. The unexpected SCOTUS nomination could be #2. One more, please!

    457. Marv says:

      Barbara Lagoa is my choice. She helps in FL, NV, AZ, and CO.

    458. Tina says:

      #3 economy?

      #4 vaccine- Pfizer to give a peak in 5 days.

    459. Marv says:


      There will probably be more riots in DC, starting in about 5 weeks, so that’s #3.

    460. mnw says:

      485 Vito

      Same as Woodward’s famous interview with CIA Director Bob Casey, in which Casey confessed that his entire life had been one big lie after another.

      Casey still had life in him! (There was a fly in his mouth.)

    461. dblaikie says:

      Well the best thing about this news cycle is the complete certainty that the Dems will always overreach. Now that Mitch has the votes the gop base is totally locked in. But then Schumer and Nancy and AOC come and threaten to riot, pack the Court, make DC and PR states, and even Impeach Trump. Those threats folks will drive more people into Trump’s camp.

    462. Sean says:

      I’ve got one. Peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

      Prior to the Floyd riots, I was thinking Trump needed 3 miracles to win. The reaction to the riots were #1. The unexpected SCOTUS nomination could be #2. One more, please!

    463. Joe J says:

      #3, debate performance for Biden (or a no show)
      #4, ugly SCOTUS hearings
      #5, more riots
      #6, maybe a vaccine

    464. dblaikie says:

      Well Collins and Murkowski get the prize for making the worst decision of the year. There is no upside to their no vote. It locks in the defeat of Susan in a month and Linda in two years.

    465. Gordon Allen says:

      Stonewall; for the 4 days of the head to head polling this week Rasmussen has Trump’s aggregate approval at 51.5%%. last week when he had Trump at 47-46 in the head to head with Biden Trump approval averaged 49.75%.
      Tough to sell an approval going UP 2 points and his head to head go DOWN. If Trump approval is at 51% on Nov 2 he is a guaranteed winner; comfortably. Does anyone know an incumbent President with a 51% approval losing? Ever?

    466. mnw says:


      Do you not share my concern that GOP enthusiasm was already dialed up to eleven? And that this may energize THEM at this point, more than us? How much more enthused can Trump’s base BE at this point?

      But on another topic, the harassment of GOP senators at their homes, & in their offices & at restaurants, did not play well at ALL last time. The stuff they’re starting to do with McConnell looks like they’re gonna trot out The Handmaidens again– you know, with the red nuns’ outfits & the duct tape over their mouths.

    467. MrVito says:

      I will always love Collins for her Kavanaugh speech.

      I would hope this isn’t held against her, but oh well.

    468. Stonewall DW says:

      Correcting what I posted above:

      Deducing what I can from the actions of the Trump campaign, it appears to me their path #1 is:

      NC + FL (they are confident about these), then…
      PA, which is 267 (without ME_02 and NE_02)

      Then get two or three out of ME_02, NE_02, NV, AZ, and NH to win.

      path #2 involves the states in the upper midwest and Arizona.

    469. MrVito says:

      Patricia Heaton
      Friends, be prepared for social media to be filled with an onslaught of arrogant pronouncements based on breathtaking ignorance of religion in general, Christianity specifically and Catholicism in particularly by people who wouldn’t recognize God if He bit them on the bum.

    470. mnw says:

      495 dbl

      Agree on Collins.

      But strongly disagree on Alaska’s Sorrow! She already proved that she can run & win as an independent (with DEM support) in 2010– as a write-in, too. She doesn’t have to win a GOP primary, or have to have GOP support in the GE, either. She was re-elected easily in 2016. I think she’s bulletproof. She’s the new John McCain.

    471. Waingro says:

      #498, agreed Vito. She’s in the race of her life and, unlike, Gardner still stands a decent chance to win. I would hope people would be understanding of her attempt to thread the political needle on this one. We need to keep her seat.

    472. Sean says:

      Thinking Collins may say – no, I don’t think we should consider a Supreme Court nominee right now – that should be left to the winner of the election.

      However – if she’s overruled and they do move forward, and they proceed with hearings, and a vote does come up. She could then vote to confirm the nomination based on the nominee’s merits.

    473. Scooterboy says:

      On Baris’s show yesterday, Barnes said that the top line number in polls is usually the last thing he looks at. He said that what he is seeing in the internals of most of these polls, is showing him that Trump is in pretty good shape for re-election.

      I love listening to Barnes talk. He knows his Chit.

      I hope he’s right.

    474. Gordon Allen says:

      A number of crap polls showing Trump far behind in Maine ( he isn’t) are used to show Collins ” in trouble”. A race to be sure but in no way lost; she can’t afford however for a portion of the Trump base to peel away. She should run as who she is unapologetically and she’ll win. To OBVIOUSLY jump back and forth on the fence is fatal.

    475. MrVito says:

      I have discovered a new subset of shy Trump voters, though I would hope it is small. Apparently there do exist some senior citizens who are afraid to say they are voting for Trump in case their kids find out and refuse to visit anymore with the grandkids.


    476. Wobbles says:

      I think voting for any Republican is disrespectful to Ginsburg.

    477. jason says:

      Marv says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:24 am

      Barbara Lagoa is my choice. She helps in FL, NV, AZ, and CO.”

      I agree.

    478. jason says:

      I would prefer an Incan woman, but there aren’t any available.

    479. jason says:

      It has come to this… beyond disgusting.

      “Bloomberg raises $16 million to pay off fines and fees of Florida felons, aiming to boost vote for Joe Biden”

    480. Sean says:

      Does nominating a Cuban-American woman to the Supreme Court help with Hispanic-Americans of Mexican and Central American descent? I get that nominating Lagoa may help Trump a bit in Florida (which he must have), but not sure it helps him anywhere else.

    481. mnw says:

      Jim Jordan on court packing:

      “I don’t think the American people like being threatened.”

    482. Phil says:

      Baris on right now. Making really good argument electorally for Lagoa. Says would lock down Florida which he says is leaning Trump but will be close because it always is. Mainly says, however that she would really help with white suburban women everywhere. That’s the demographic he has slipped with and that’s his Biggest problem. Those women feel Trump is too rigid and lacking in empathy. This signals to them That, hey, he just nominated a minority Hispanic woman, he’s not so rigid. Barrett doesn’t help at all with that demographic and actually hurts him since Democrats and the media will portray her as a rabid pro lifer more than give Trump credit for picking a woman. Electorally that doesn’t play with the demographic he needs to win. Picking a Hispanic woman, especially one with a compelling story takes the “Trump is cold and doesn’t care” with suburban women largely off the table. It cuts into that narrative.

    483. Stonewall DW says:

      I trust Trump to make the best pick. Both for who would be the best judge, and who would help with the election the most.

    484. jason says:

      Well Phil, we can’t have Lagoa, because according to Greymarch “she agrees with Democrats on issues”.

      Of course, there is no evidence of this, but character assassination is one of the things we do best here at HHR.

    485. jason says:

      I trust Trump to make the best pick”


      He has some horrible “picks”. Not for Scotus, I concede, but I probably give him a C on picks in general since he became President.

      Bolton and Wray come to mind.

    486. Tina says:

      Lagoa has a lengthy record on the Florida court.

      I rather look at that.

    487. Phil says:

      Not one indication anywhere that Lagoa isn’t a solid conservative. None. She got Democratic votes because they didn’t want to be seen as opposing a minority woman. That in itself ought to tell everyone how they would fear the pick. Has nothing to do with her being “moderate”

      She would be a homerun.

    488. Either nominee is fine. This is a great gift to the GOP. It unifies us, and reminds us of how important it is to hold the White House and the Senate. The Left will engage in their usual melt down craziness and remind people of how they cannot be trusted with power. It renders Biden a bit player and enhances his image as an impotent demented puppet. Trump Felix, Trump the Lucky!

    489. Marv says:


      I think you mean touchdown.

    490. BayernFan says:

      Lagoa has a scant record. She would be a huge risk. Go with the one you know will be solid. ACB.

    491. MrVito says:

      Trending on Twitter:

      *He’s a Republican*


      *So Romney*

    492. Phil says:

      Yeah, Trumps picks Rex Tillison, Mathis, Kelly….really helped him.

    493. Stonewall DW says:

      new YouGov approval among adults:

      SEP 18-21, 2020

      1,000 A

      Approve 47%
      Disapprove 48%

    494. Stonewall DW says:

      of course jason I mean Trump’s pick of judges. Correct that he has a checkered record on other picks.

    495. Tina says:

      These job approvals keep showing trump above 50, when you do a likely screen.

      I generally add 3 points

    496. Phil says:

      I’m going to be optimistic and say leaking that he met with Barrett was a head fake and that it’s Lago. Trump has been known to head fake. I can hope.

    497. Marv says:


      I prefer someone who will enhance President Trump’s re-election prospects. That is Lagoa. ACB won’t necessarily add
      any new Trump voters, and may push suburban women even more towards Biden.

      There is really no down-side at all in picking Lagoa, she is acceptable to those who prefer ACB and reduces suburban women defections.

    498. Tina says:

      Phil, it could be somebody else and not those 2.

    499. Sean says:

      Lagoa for Ginsburg
      Barrett for Thomas when he retires.

    500. BayernFan says:

      Terry Branstad, dean Cain, and Jeff Zucker on Epstein flight logs.

    501. mnw says:

      ACB. Done deal, imo.

    502. Phil says:


      God, I hope not. I want to seen another term for Donald Trump.

    503. Marv says:


      How about Lagoa for RBG’s seat, Daniel Cameron for Lagoa’s seat on the Circuit Court, then Cameron for Thomas’s seat?

      ACB for Breyer’s seat in June of 21 or 22.

    504. MrVito says:

      Just noticed in the Selzer poll that Trump has better favorability numbers than Biden in the poll.

    505. Marv says:


      Apparently we have similar opinions about Lagoa.

    506. Phil says:

      Vito, the Selzer poll broke late for Trump in 2016. Baris says Trump wins there it just won’t be by the 10 he won last time. Says the reason is that Trump was hurt by COVID. Baris reminds everyone that Selzer had Trump up by just 3 in Iowa at this point In 2016 – they had it jump to 9 late which was dead on. Also, you don’t see either side prioritizing Iowa. In my opinion that is somewhat telling.

    507. BayernFan says:

      Tom Fitton, Kellyane Conway, Laura Ingraham, Michael Mukasey, all on the Lolita express AFTER Epstein’s arrest. Lol. Dumb a$$es.

    508. Stonewall DW says:

      Phil, actually Trump won IA in 2016 by 9.4 points, and it was actually +4 the first week of October, and +7 at the end, not +9.

      But herein is the problem. If Trump doesn’t win IA by 9 again, then how does he win WI and MI?

      States do vary a bit, but overall these would move together. So its possible Trump could win IA by 7 instead of 9.4, and still win WI, but if we press the numbers further and say Trump wins IA by only 4, then I just don’t know how he could win WI.

    509. Marv says:


      Is there a link for the flight logs?

    510. BayernFan says:

      Bill Sammon too. Haven’t heard of him in a long time.

    511. Phil says:

      I’m not expecting Michigan and Wisconsin this time, Stoewall. Suburban women….and Barrett won’t help him there.

      The path is through Pennsylvania. That’s the crucial state.

    512. Tina says:

      Was Bubba Clinton on the log too?

    513. BayernFan says:

      Ooops never mind. Those are AG Barr visit logs. I thought they were flight logs. Duh I’m an idiot.

    514. BayernFan says:

      People who visited Barr, not Lolita Express.

    515. BayernFan says:

      I think trump will win minny and nh and maybe Nevada.

    516. jason says:

      I can see Bayern is on intimate terms with MN.

    517. Wobbles says:

      Duh I’m an idiot.”

      Welcome to the club.

    518. wheelz91 says:

      530 the replacement for Thomas will have to be a person of color.
      Daniel Cameron the attorney general of Kentucky might be a good choice and he is 34 years old.

    519. Tina says:

      Still worse than her Thighness.

      Peter Schorsch
      · 1h
      New poll of Miami-Dade:

      @JoeBiden 58%
      @RealDonaldTrump 37%

      contra earlier Bendixen & Amandi survey showing Biden 47%, Trump 46%. twitter.com/Fla_Pol/status…

    520. jason says:

      Evidently Facebook has censored a Trump ad featuring an unedited video of Joe Biden as “false information”.

      I guess technically any video of Joe Biden would qualify.

    521. John says:

      According to Ras twitter….Trump takes the lead in their poll as headlined by another website.
      Question – why is Ras twitter showing this as news when a new head to head poll will be released 24 hrs from now?

    522. Tina says:

      Zachery Henry
      · 16h
      Arizona Voter Registration Update:

      (4/1/20 to 9/18/20)
      GOP +55,988
      Dem +39,946

      (8/4/20 to 9/18/20)
      GOP +36,915
      Dem +23,664

      Maricopa Cty
      (4/1/20 to 9/18/20)
      GOP +41,497
      Dem +32,619

      Maricopa Cty
      (8/4/20 to 9/18/20)
      GOP +27,745
      Dem +17,763

    523. Tina says:

      Looks like Arizona is coming home.

    524. Stonewall DW says:

      Hillary won Miami-Dade 63/34

      624,146 Hillary
      333,999 for Trump

      + 290,147 for Hillary

      If 58/37 is reality on election day, its game ovah for Florida.

      Roughly 555,700 for Biden and 354,500 for Trump.

      + 201,200 for Biden.

      A gain 89,000 votes for Trump in Miami-Dade over 2016.

    525. Tina says:

      Larry Schweikart
      1) Some PA numbers for you:
      Ds: 4,217,456
      Rs: 3,301,182
      Is: 1,204,339

      D: 4,138,254
      RS: 3,405,240
      Is: 1,256,926

      Change from 11/08/16 to 9/21/20:
      Ds: -79,202
      Rs: +104,058
      Is: +52,587

      Rs net gain +183,260

    526. Stonewall DW says:

      Wait a minute, Rasmussen had Trump +1 last week, or more technically, just under one point lead. Are they referring back to last week’s poll or this week as in tomorrow?

    527. Phil says:

      Some Republicans now saying they should skip the judiciary hearing and just go straight to a floor vote. Rush saying they should do that.

      I disagree. Let the Democrats make asses of themselves savaging a woman whomever she happens to be. It would be delicious and backfire.

    528. Stonewall DW says:

      ok, I clicked the link within the link and it WAS referring back to last weeks’ Rasmussen showing Trump up by 1 point.

      My guess is that tomorrow will have Biden ahead again by two or three. Just the way the bouncing ball goes, week to week.

    529. Phil says:

      Yeah, I thought that was too good to be true.

      It was old news.

    530. marvbryant@aol.com says:

      #563 DW,

      My guess is Trump by 2 and we get an indication as to how this SCOTUS fight affected the poll.

    531. jason says:

      Even scum finds a patch of clear water once in awhile.

      Romney must have remembered he was once a conservative.

      “My decision regarding a Supreme Court nomination is not the result of a subjective test of ‘fairness’ which, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. It is based on the immutable fairness of following the law, which in this case is the Constitution and precedent,” Romney said in a statement. “The historical precedent of election year nominations is that the Senate generally does not confirm an opposing party’s nominee but does confirm a nominee of its own.”

    532. mnw says:


      I’m way more skeptical of ‘vote fraud!’ claims than most. For example, I believe Jill Stein’s partial recount in MI (Trump successfully sued to stop it) showed nothing.

      However, if someone said there was probably vote fraud in Miami Dade in 2016, I wouldn’t argue. The FL GOP & then-Gov. Scott fixed that, after the fact, happily.

    533. Stonewall DW says:

      566 – Never Trumpers hardest hit by that jason. I lost a close friend to never Trump insanity, and he literally has come to worship Romney. Praised him for his courageous impeachment vote, praised him for marching with BLM.

      This will be a blow…a kick in the pants.

    534. Phil says:

      Yeah, Florida won’t be stolen. Republicans control the election machinery statewide and have closed the loopholes that permit Democratic Counties to try and pull what they attempted to pull for Nelson in 2018.

      Pennsylvania is the state we need to keep tabs on.

    535. Stonewall DW says:


      Trump has added a Thursday event to his schedule..




    536. jason says:

      I have long suggested Ginsburg was mostly motivated by partisan politics and ideological dogma. It was my theory that if she wasn’t she should have resigned long ago for health reasons.

      If it is true that her dying wish was not about her family but about Trump it would certainly confirm that.

      But of course, we don’t really know what her dying wish was.

    537. Stonewall DW says:

      correction…my scrolling messed me up. Newport News is on Friday, and Thursday is Jacksonville FL

    538. Bitterlaw says:

      Mr. Vito, you ignorant slut. Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski are not to listen to their constituents. They are to do what posters on HHR order them todo.

    539. Marv says:


      I’d like to hear your opinion about the Newport News visit.
      Is it a large enough area to mitigate NOVA?

    540. jason says:

      Dang, scumbag Romney on a roll…

      “My liberal friends have over many decades gotten very used to the idea of having a liberal court but that’s not written in the stars,” the Utah Republican told reporters after this decision. He called it “appropriate for a nation that is … center-right to have a court which reflects center-right points of view.”

    541. jason says:

      We will soon find out if the nation is still center right, I have serious doubts, but I thank Mitt for the confidence.

    542. Tina says:

      Trump to campaign in Newport News, Va on 9/25.

    543. Tina says:

      Dw, saw your post after.

    544. jason says:

      Senator Murkowski are not to listen to their constituents.”

      I very much doubt the constituents in Alaska want a leftist SCOTUS nominee, someone likely to vote that all of Alaska turn into a national park for tourists with zero development and zero oil production.

    545. jason says:

      Even in ME, I would imagine most of Collins voters would like to see a conservative confirmed, but I agree it is a lot less clear what the constituents want than AK would be.

    546. jason says:

      Hammer hit nail on head.

      David Harsanyi:

      “Norm #1: When Democrats are in charge of both the Senate and the White House, they are free to nominate and confirm any justice they please, as quickly as they please, as they did in the cases of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.

      Norm #2: When Democrats only run the White House, they are free to nominate any SCOTUS justice they please, and they also get to dictate whom Republicans are allowed to confirm, as they tried to do in the case of Merrick Garland — blessed be his memory.

      Norm #3: When Democrats run neither the nomination process nor the confirmation process, they get to dictate who is confirmed to the Court, as they argue today in the case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement.

      Norm #4: If Republicans fail to adhere to all these rules, Democrats have license to burn everything down to the ground.”

    547. Phil says:

      Surprised Romney has gone as far as he has supporting the nominee. He’s saying a lot of supportive things I didn’t think he had to say.

      Murkowski is the one who went out on the limb 14 minutes after Ginsberg’s death was announce. You Know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of the Big 10 cancelling the season in an attempt to stampede the other conferences into cancelling as well. Now Murkowski looks as isolated and dumb as the Big 10.

    548. Stonewall DW says:

      Newport News is an interesting choice of location for Trump to speak.

      I would have thought Virginia Beach/Chesapeake as these cities barely went for Trump in 2016, and a rally there would bring in a lot of people from northeast NC.

      The event itself is going to be at the Williamsburg/Newport News airport, and its location is just on the edge of GOP friendly territory to the north, but also on the edge of Dem territory in Williamsburg and Newport News. I guess the thought must be making it easy to get people from the tidewater cities as well as Richmond suburbs.

      Not sure what the campaign strategy is, as it could simply be that’s a place where he could do the rally easily.

    549. mnw says:

      A poster on another website, who has always been reliable in the past, posted that Trump will meet with Lagoa on Fri.

      First I’ve heard about it, if true.

      Here’s the deal on Alaska’s Sorrow: she cares about pro-abortion & pork, and the first one is more important to her than the second one.

      She has proven she can win with tacit DEM support, if need be.

    550. Marv says:


      Perhaps their internal polling has something to do with the VA stop?

    551. Phil says:

      Yeah, the Va stop is just a place to hold a rally. Can’t imagine Va being in play. The DC suburbs are just too far gone.

    552. Phil says:

      Hopefully the Trump campaign is doing some polling on Lagoa this week.

    553. Tina says:

      In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried Miami-Dade 64% to 34%.

      Compared to 2016, the poll shows Joe Biden underperforming by 6 points and Donald Trump over-performing by 3 points, a 9-point net swing.

      Very unlikely it was ever 47/46 in Miami-Dade.

    554. Stonewall DW says:

      Regarding Virginia. Its true there has not been any public polling other than a couple of the universities. Although back in July a couple of polls had it Biden +11.

      I expect the rural areas to come out even stronger for Trump than 2016. The Dem governor is hated. Despised. There was also a fair amount of soft-never Trumpism here in 2016. I personally know of some who were cured of that disease and are now on board with Trump.

      But in the end, Fairfax is just too much for the rest of the state to overcome. Hillary won the state by 5. My guess is this is a test rally on the part of Trump. The might have had a poll that was Biden +6 or something, and want to test to see if a rally could move the needle.

    555. Tina says:

      · 22m
      BREAKING: South Korean President declares end to Korean War to open door for “complete denuclearization and permanent peace” – @YonhapNews

    556. Stonewall DW says:

      Plus with Trump venturing into a blue state like VA, it keeps him on the offense, and highlights how Biden not out there doing much of anything.

    557. Gordon Allen says:

      mnw. Scott did NOT stop it,and the even more blatant fraud in 2018 almost lost it for him and Desantis. 72,000 votes found and counted after the election in Broward County alone. Both Desantis and Scott got an injunction to stop what was clearly illegal under Florida law.
      One of Desantis’s first acts as Governor was to fire the Broward County Supervisor of Elections,which was upheld in Court on appeal. Since then he has appointed 3 conservative justices to the Supreme Court, remaking that Court. Desantis is a much more energetic and effective Executive than Scott ( who I’m very glad is in the Senate and a reliable vote there.

    558. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is a very good poll for GOP Senate candidate John James in Michigan. He’s down 2 with lots of undecideds. Trump is -5.


    559. Stonewall DW says:

      Amazing to think about it. Trump has FIVE major rallies this week, all in between the busy work of being POTUS.

      All Biden has to do is campaign–and where is he?

      Yet he wants us to believe he has the stamina to be POTUS. But he can barely get out of his basement with his mask not on backward, and has to frequently go back into hiding to get his depends changed.

    560. Stonewall DW says:

      As I mentioned above, the final MRG poll in 2016 had Hillary +5 in MI.

      They have Biden +5 now, with a lot of undecideds yet to make up their minds.

    561. NYCmike says:

      MrVito says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:38 am

      I will always love Collins for her Kavanaugh speech.

      I would hope this isn’t held against her, but oh well.

      -Did Collins already say she would vote AGAINST any nominee? I missed it if so.

      And YES, her speech in defense of Kavanaugh was fantastic, and hopefully ALL Maine Republicans will pull the lever for her, and drag enough independents along for her to win.

      In that regard, I hope she shows the same steel spine and supports the next nominee.

    562. jason says:

      Hopefully the Trump campaign is doing some polling on Lagoa this week.”

      I hope more like vetting.

      She better not have jaywalked or used the hotel pool after hours EVER.

    563. phoenixrisen says:

      Loving that Trump is making a stop in VA. I would actually like to see Trump make a few stops there and stretch Biden thin even further. Trump’s internal polling must be telling them that Trump is closing in on VA just like what happened with MN and MI in 2016

    564. jason says:

      Collins and Murkowski might have had a knee jerk reaction….

      I am not sure where the upside for either one is here.

      They could have said while they opposed a SCOTUS pick at this time, if one was introduced in the Senate they would do their duty and consider him/her.

    565. NYCmike says:

      “530 the replacement for Thomas will have to be a person of color.”


    566. NYCmike says:

      DC(sucks!) + I

    567. Stonewall DW says:

      Don’t forget how in 2014 the Mark Warner / Ed Gillespie senate race flew under the radar, as everyone assumed Warner was in an easy race.

      Suddenly at the end Warner was hitting the panic button and only won because 9000 some votes suddenly appeared in Fairfax after it said it was 100% reported.

    568. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      591. Its quite a contrast between Trump who is out actively campaigning and Biden hiding in the basement. Believe it will have a significant impact on who wins the election. Also get the sense there are some on the far left who quietly feel it would be better if Biden lost, so they could get a far left candidate in 2004. Am seeing absolutely no enthusiasm for Biden.

    569. jason says:

      Don’t look now, Biden down to 6.5 on the RCP average.

      That is only like 3 points from where I think Trump would win the EV.

    570. jason says:

      Also get the sense there are some on the far left who quietly feel it would be better if Biden lost, so they could get a far left candidate in 2004.”

      I would love to believe this, but I think it is limited to most rabid Bernie bots who aren’t voting for Biden anyway.

    571. jason says:

      “530 the replacement for Thomas will have to be a person of color.”

      I disagree.

      I think it will have to be a diabled black transgender immigrant.

    572. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Harper and Civitas have released a NC Senate Poll showing Tillis down 6.Lots of undecideds.
      The pollster claims that Tillis’ support among NC Conservatives is only 64% so there is room for him to grow.
      Are you still bullish on Tillis’ chances?


    573. MrVito says:

      I think I’m in on Lagoa.

    574. phoenixrisen says:

      DW, you going to go to the Newport News rally?

    575. NYCmike says:

      “Are you still bullish on Tillis’ chances?”

      -I will take a stab at this……YES.

    576. jason says:

      Suddenly at the end Warner was hitting the panic button and only won because 9000 some votes suddenly appeared in Fairfax”

      These were “reserve” votes. They can be found every election fallen behind lockers, in car trunks, in the mail. They only “appear” if needed.

    577. Marv says:

      Watching White House press conference.
      CNN wants us to focus the China Virus. (Acosta)

    578. Stonewall DW says:

      609 – talking about it. The problem for those who live on the southside involves the hampton roads bridge tunnel, which is always backed up. And with thousands trying to get through the tunnel to go to the event, I would have to try to leave early just to get through and then have four hours to kill before the rally…so still thinking it over.

    579. Tina says:

      We shall,see. Look for knife in back.

      Dennis Caleb McCoy
      Replying to
      The enemy of my enemy is my Romney. Interesting take.

    580. jason says:

      I think I’m in on Lagoa”

      Going swimming?

      Means pond or lagoon in Portuguese.

    581. Tina says:

      He played that up in Ohio yesterday.

      Johanna Persing
      53% Of College Football Fans Believe
      Played A Role In Saving Big 10 Football

    582. jason says:

      I would have to try to leave early just to get through and then have four hours to kill before the rally”

      Don’t be a lazy bastard. We need the visuals.

    583. mnw says:

      592 Goirdon

      I guess I was thinking of DeSantis’ reforms in Broward in 2018. I recalled they got rid of that woman who tolerated/encouraged all that irregularity.

    584. JeffP says:

      I think Susan Collins left herself some wiggle room in her statement on SCOTUS opening. She will in the end be a YES vote. Murk…hung herself out there in no mans land.

      I would imagine Barrett is the best candidate due to her experience athe the FED level and in being vetted already. She looks like she could handle the pressure.

    585. jason says:

      One thing Trump has to do is ensure beforehand he has the votes for any nominee he picks, especially Romney’s.

      It would be typical of Romney to say he will follow the constitution and support a vote, and then say “well I didn’t support the nominee”.

    586. Tina says:

      She did leave herself wiggle room, unlike Senator Planned Parenthood. Murkowski deserves to be primariied.

      Her own damn fault.

    587. jason says:


      We have a Jadon and Goirdon.

    588. Tina says:

      Lol. Do the mullahs realize that they are helping trump here?

      AFP news agency
      · 23m
      #BREAKING Rouhani says next US president will have to “surrender” to Iran demands

    589. Tina says:

      Remember when the Jebot was blaming trump?

      Clay Travis
      · 2h
      According to a poll released today, a large majority of Democrats, Republicans, & Big Ten fans credit @realDonaldTrump for the Big Ten returning to play: https://outkick.com/trump-big-10-votes/

    590. jason says:

      Over at Kos, they are pursuing a “54 state strategy”

      “1. Let’s expand statehood to EVERY US Citizen.

      I think no citizen should be without a state. US should throw off the last vestiges of colonialism and ensure that every citizen has a state to call his own.

      1. Puerto Rico is a no-brainer. Given the proximity of US Virgin Islands, the same should be clubbed with Puerto Rico.

      2. Washington DC is yet another no-brainer. Let’s name the state as the Roosovelt state. What better way than to honor the President who led us through a successful battle against Facism.

      3. Get California to agree to a split into 2 states. The 2 states can be called North & South California. That’s a good way to neutralize the power loss. At 20M citizens each, these 2 states will in the top 5 / top 10 of US states by population as well.

      4. Create state of Pacific Islands by bring Northern Mariana Islands, Samoa, Guam together into 1 state. Together they will have 270K citizens. Half of Wyoming.”

    591. Stonewall DW says:

      I still find it odd that since two state polls in early September from PPP-D, since then, silence.

      They did MN and TX polls, and since then nothing. Maybe they figure Biden has it all wrapped up, so their work is done for the year. But if that was the case they would want to rub it in with relentless polling.

    592. jason says:

      Half of Wyoming.”

      Same people that complain WY has too much power.

    593. jason says:

      PPP-D doesn’t do polls for free.

      Possibly nobody wants to pay for them.

    594. Stonewall DW says:

      “I think no citizen should be without a state”

      How about no citizen should be aborted. Lets start there before worrying about getting every citizen a state.

    595. Tina says:

      We need to blow up the system to get our rights.

      Don Mob boss Limone, Cn and n

    596. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Believe Romney realizes he needs to get more in step with Utah Republican voters. Recent polls have shown Trump’s popularity in Utah is higher than Romney’s. The fact his cousin Huntsman, once extraordinarily popular, lost the gorvernor’s race primary to a young relatively unknow Republican indicates the days of the dynastic dinosaur politicians in Utah are over.

    597. PresidentPaul! says:

      Does puerto rico even want to be an official state? I can see a number of republicans agreeing with that one alone although I don’t know about all the other shams listed.

    598. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      625. “4. Create state of Pacific Islands by bring Northern Mariana Islands, Samoa, Guam together into 1 state. Together they will have 270K citizens. Half of Wyoming.””

      I won’t assume this “state” would be a Democrat lock. There are a lot of Republicans and military in these islands, and a large part of their population are religious Christians. The present governor of Guam is a Republican.

    599. NYCmike says:


      “If you want to understand why the GOP lost its way after Reagan, just look at @DavidAFrench
      & Jonah Goldberg who passed as “intellectuals” in the movement during those years.

      They both specialize in surrender.”

      -As Stephen Crowder would say “I agree with this statement. Change my mind.”

    600. PresidentPaul! says:

      If they split cali, whoever loses silcon valley is more or less bankrupt

    601. NYCmike says:

      Anyway, glad that Robbie is on board. I hope other people like “CG”, Author, MD etc etc also saw that voting for Trump just one time, here in 2020, isn’t that bad a trade-off in return for a couple more Supreme Court picks and a chance to show how loony the Democratic Party has gone.

    602. PresidentPaul! says:

      Puerto Rico had some expiring tax advantages that are not allocated to states.

      It would behoove the GOP to give them everything they could possible want and keep them doing as well as possible so they are happy with the current independent situation.

      If they deteriorate, and end up becoming a hand out state, it will be harder to win elections.

    603. PresidentPaul! says:

      Should honestly just make Puerto Rico a tax free tax haven.

      Get them rich enough so that when they eventually enter the Union they won’t be voting communist.

    604. PresidentPaul! says:

      The dollar needs to chill.

      If it keeps rising, it’s gonna blow the world up.

    605. Jamesclons says:

      ???? ??????!

      ?????? ? ????? ??????????? ?????????? ? ??????? ???????? ???? ?? ??????????. ????????? ????????? ????? ???????? ????????? ??????????? ?????????? ? ????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????????? ????? ???????, ?????????? ??????????? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ????? ?????? ?????, ?????????????? ?????????????? ????????? ? ?.?.
      ????? ?????????????? ???????? ???????????? ?????????? ????????? ??????, ????? ??? ????????, ???????, ??????? ? ?.?. ?????? ??? ???????? ???????????? ??????? ???????? ? ?????????? ?????? ?? ?????????????? ??????.
      ?????? ???? ??? ??????????, ? ????? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ???????????? ??????????.
      ? ???????????? ?????? ???????????? ??????????????? ?????? -???????????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????.
      ?? ??????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????, ??????? ??????? ? ????????? ? ????????? ? ??????? ??????????? ???????? ?????.

    606. jason says:

      I agree PR should be a state.

      More people than several states and US citizens, there is zero reason they should not be a state.

      As far as whether they want to or not, the last referendum in 2017 was boycotted by the anti-statehood parties because of the wording. In reality they boycotted it because they were going to lose.

      Statehood won the referendum with 97% of the vote but only 23% of registered voters voted. Still, that was half a million votes.

      In the last poll on the issue, statehood was favored by 52%, current status 17% and independence 15% with another 16% abstaining or undecided.

      The only reason many Puerto Ricans don’t support statehood is because they don’t pay federal income taxes.

    607. jason says:

      Anyway, glad that Robbie is on board.”


      Who cares how Robbie votes.

      And why believe anything he says here, haven’t you learned anything in the last 10 years?

    608. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      To increase the number of voters if Puerto Rico becomes a state, Cubans in Florida should have the option of voting in the state of Puerto Rico/Free Cuba

    609. jason says:

      Murkowski deserves to be primariied.”

      Better find someone better than a certified imbecile like Joe Miller to do it.

    610. PresidentPaul! says:

      Better to give them more tax breaks if that keeps them out of the union.

    611. jason says:

      Joe Miller said a lot of stupid things but I would vote for this one as the most stupid.

      On securing the border:

      “If East Germany could, we could.”

    612. jason says:

      Better to give them more tax breaks if that keeps them out of the union.”

      I don’t want to keep them out of the union.

      Do you think you are better than a US citizen from Puerto Rico?

    613. Tina says:

      Coreeee melting down when seeeimg trump supporters on street corner.


    614. Tina says:

      Not only are these ranked incorrectly, where are China and the Middle East?

      · 1h
      JUST IN: The Commission for Presidential Debates has released topics for the first debate on Sept. 29.

      – The Trump and Biden Records
      – The Supreme Court
      – Covid-19
      – The Economy
      – Race and Violence in our Cities
      – The Integrity of the Election https://axios.com/debate-topics-trump-biden-bebbf74c-168d-4184-a88f-b00e52af6cde.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=1100

    615. PresidentPaul! says:

      Nope, but I know they will vote communist.

    616. NYCmike says:

      “Who cares how Robbie votes.

      And why believe anything he says here, haven’t you learned anything in the last 10 years?”

      -Always good to see a person say he will vote for the Republican candidate due to a realization that there are more important issues than merely a personal dislike of an individual…….Tink can’t get past it, but Robbie can.

      And YES, I do believe he will pull the lever for Trump in Kentucky. I haven’t seen him lie. I have seen him bad reasoning. Hoping that this Supreme Court vacancy has made him see what is at stake.

    617. NYCmike says:

      “Do you think you are better than a US citizen from Puerto Rico?”

      -That’s a lame question.

      There are valid reasons to be for and/or against P.R statehood.

    618. Stonewall DW says:

      IPSOS – NC tied

      MI is Biden +5

      four years ago their final polls of these states was Hillary +4 in MI and Hillary +2 in NC

    619. Hugh says:

      Who said it first about the big 10 not playing football

      “The return of Big Ten football could provide Trump with a small bump at the ballot box, as 10 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of independents said they are more likely to vote for the president in November based on his role in influencing the conference’s return to play,” the poll taker said.

    620. Robbie says:

      The FDA is set to impose much stricter requirements for an Emergency Use Authorization of a coronavirus vaccine this week. The new requirements make it very unlikely any vaccine will be ready before election day and and according to one person quoted, no EUA may be ready before December.

      Glad to see the media has convinced the FDA to screw over the public until after election day.


    621. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      September 22, 2020 at 3:08 pm
      Anyway, glad that Robbie is on board.”


      Who cares how Robbie votes.

      And why believe anything he says here, haven’t you learned anything in the last 10 years?

      – You’re proof positive that appeasement will work.

    622. Stonewall DW says:

      Same IPSOS poll has James down 6 and Tillis down 4

    623. NYCmike says:

      #658 – I believe I said in April that any hope for a vaccine this year was foolhardy…….not sure why you didn’t listen.

    624. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      September 22, 2020 at 4:04 pm
      #658 – I believe I said in April that any hope for a vaccine this year was foolhardy…….not sure why you didn’t listen.

      – You’re a vaccine skeptic (not anti-vax) so your view doesn’t surprise me.

      I find it disgusting the FDA has decided it’s ok for elderly people to continue to die and for healthcare workers to continue to get infected simply because they don’t want an EUA to look political.

      I’m not a “deep state” person, but this is clearly an example of the machinery of government working against the president simply to burnish its own standing with the press.

      The economy is in really bad shape, entire industries are at risk of complete collapse, schools are closed, an entire generation of education is being ruined, mask Nazi and social distance warriors enforce their fear, and people continue to die.

      But hey, let’s make sure a safe and effective vaccine doesn’t come out before election day and help lots of people because it might look bad to the press.

      One of the reasons I decided reluctantly to vote for Trump is I believe Biden will throw every monkey wrench into the distribution of a vaccine. He, like the press, wants to misery to continue and I would not be the least bit surprised if he decides to take vaccine earmarked for Americans and donates it other countries as a goodwill gesture.

    625. Phil says:


      Your last sentence is absolutely dead on. They don’t want this thing going away. It’s the perfect vehicle to control people.

    626. OHIO Joe says:

      In a few hours, President Trump is coming to Western PA, the Trump campaign is looking for people to hold up signs for ACB. Thus it looks like she will be the judge.

    627. mnw says:

      Alaska’s Sorrow ALWAYS gets primaried! Last time, by about 5 different “WHO?”s.

      When Miller beat her in the GOP primary in 2010, the DEMs united behind her & abandoned their own nominee completely. If she’s in jeopardy in 2022, they’ll do it again, too. They know she’s one of them on all the issues that really matter to them.

      She & McCain really should’ve gotten married. The DEMs NEVER, NEVER have any “maverick” DINO’s like those two on their side of the aisle. They are far more disciplined.

    628. Waingro says:

      “Stonewall DW says:
      September 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm
      Same IPSOS poll has James down 6 and Tillis down 4”

      That is inconsistent with all other recent polling showing James outpacing Trump.

    629. John says:

      Thank God I’m not 666.

    630. Stonewall DW says:

      Tomorrow morning you will wake up to a fresh batch of Morning Insult (D) polls as well as Change Research (D) polls. Here is what they had last time, two weeks ago:


      Change Research

      AZ: 45/49
      FL: 46/49
      MI: 42/52
      NC: 47/49
      PA: 46/50
      WI: 44/50

      Morning Insult

      AZ: 46/49
      CO: 43/49
      FL: 45/50
      GA: 48/46
      MI: 42/52
      MN: 44/48
      NC: 47/48
      OH: 50/45
      PA: 45/50
      TX: 46/46
      WI: 43/51

      Now each state might not be released tomorrows as both outfits seem to add and drop states at times.
      But here is would I would expect as to predictions, to prepare you:

      Change Research

      AZ: 44/50
      FL: 45/50
      MI: 43/51
      NC: 46/48
      PA: 45/49
      WI: 42/49

      Morning Insult

      AZ: 44/50
      CO: 41/50
      FL: 46/50
      GA: 46/46
      MI: 42/51
      MN: 40/48
      NC: 46/49
      OH: 46/45
      PA: 44/51
      TX: 44/49
      WI: 41/51

    631. dblaikie says:

      Ipsos is on the top of the list of a polling firm that I ignore. I wouldn’t believe Ipsos if they showed James 5 ahead. Truly a firm worthy of ignoring.

      I happen to think that it is minor wow that Trump is going to Virginia. I know Politico tried to rationalize by saying they were going there to reach northern North Carolina. But the counties close to Newport News don’t have that many people. Are internal polls showing Virginia within reach? Like I say, don’t follow the polls follow where they go!

    632. dblaikie says:

      By the way Biden is running ads in Virginia. Interesting. Of course just three days ago the Washington Post said that Virginia would not recehttps://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/virginia-not-a-swing-state/2020/09/18/9741e2e4-f843-11ea-89e3-4b9efa36dc64_story.htmlive any attention. I guess they got it wrong.

    633. Tom says:

      I’ve seen Biden TV ads here in Maryland for the last few weeks. I’m guessing it’s a spill over from the VA market.

    634. Waingro says:

      #669, interesting news about VA. I know DW has stated on here he thinks VA could be in play. If so, watch out!

    635. Tina says:

      Wow drats go full anti catholic bigotry.

      Reuters Politics
      · 1h
      Handmaid’s Tale? U.S. Supreme Court candidate’s religious community under scrutiny http://reut.rs/300Il11

    636. Tina says:

      · 19m
      We are 7 weeks from Nov. 3rd.

      Over the last few weeks, GOP voter registration continues to outpace DEMS in key battlegrounds with partisan registration.

      This growth is after GOP registration gains across battlegrounds since Election Day 2016.

    637. PresidentPaul! says:


      LMAO people scream at Schumar during the pressor “you ain’t doing sh1t!”

    638. Stonewall DW says:

      Virginia is in play, but it would require a Biden mini-collapse to actually flip. If Trump gets VA, he didn’t need it. But it would be a hugely important flip because we would know by 8:30 that the election was over.

    639. Phil says:

      You sound surprised, Tina.

      This was predictable and you’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. The media is going to go full bore on this.

      They will brand her 24/7 through the election and do it through their media puppets. Why wouldn’t they? Trump has to get back white suburban women he’s lost since 2016 to win and this nomination helps prevent that from happening.

      Lagoa is the play.

    640. PhilS says:

      “I know Politico tried to rationalize by saying they were going there to reach northern North Carolina.”

      So why wouldn’t they just go to North Carolina?

    641. NYCmike says:

      “– You’re a vaccine skeptic (not anti-vax) so your view doesn’t surprise me.”

      -When most vaccines that work take years to test before use, I think that is the correct way to look at things.

      I would rather not have people who were just vaccinated start dropping dead the week before the election……..and you know the media will find that one person.

    642. Phil says:

      If they don’t find that person the media will try and make one up.

    643. Tina says:

      Phil, the anti catholic bigotry by Biden and hoe bother me.

      They are open about it.

      Didn’t think they would repeat it.

    644. PresidentPaul! says:

      There goes NC!

      “BREAKING: North Carolina Joins Michigan and Pennsylvania – Will Accept Late Ballots For 9 Days After Election and Ballot Harvesting”


    645. Stonewall DW says:

      “I know Politico tried to rationalize by saying they were going there to reach northern North Carolina.”

      That is absolutely a lie. Not only is it an 75 minute drive from the closest spot in NC to the Williamsburg/Newport News airport, this drive has to go through a tunnel which will be backed up adding to the drive times. And furthermore, its mostly rural and oceanfront residents along the border and all the way down to the Albemarle Sound.

      This visit is 100% about Virginia, and 0% about North Carolina.

    646. Phil says:

      Hell, Tina, nothing is too low for them.

    647. BayernFan says:

      BK 2018: I like beer.
      ACB 2020: I like kids.

    648. Tina says:

      The politico justificstion about the va rally makes no sense.

    649. BayernFan says:

      I think participation by black and hispanic voters will be lower than in 2016.

    650. Phil says:

      Wow! Republicans need to appeal this to the feds immediately!! I assume this is the NC Supreme Court again.

    651. Phil says:

      Ballot drop off boxes?

      You got to f*cking kidding me!!

    652. Phil says:

      Add NC to Nevada as the fix is in states!

    653. PresidentPaul! says:

      If it’s a close election, in essence you can keep voting after the election has ended.

    654. Gordon Allen says:

      NY City Mike: uh,are you suggesting that vaccine makers would put a vaccine on the market,after extraordinarily expensive trials supervised by the government,in this environment,if they thought people would be dropping dead right away, liability issues aside?
      I’m sure that was meant as a joke, because NO ONE can possibly be that dumb so as to seriously suggest that. I invite you to clarify your comment before impressions can be formed.

    655. Stonewall DW says:

      It did say it has to be postmarked by election day.

    656. Phil says:

      Worse, there is no chain of custody. Democrats can go door to door, help people fill out their ballots, collect them and drop them in mass in the “collection boxes” boxes

    657. Phil says:

      This is how they did it in California the two weeks following election day in 2018. You know, when they flipped five Republican congressional leads the ten days AFTER election day.

      Ballot harvesting with no checks.

    658. jaichind says:


      Manufacturer in the PRC city of Yiwu predicted Trump’s victory in 2016 based on the number of Trump merchandise being ordered versus Clinton merchandise. It is the same as the Halloween mask index which Trump also won in 2016.

      The article points out that this time around:
      Without batting an eyelid, she makes a prediction that even political pundits dare not make: “Of course Trump will win.”

    659. Stonewall DW says:

      Republican ground game will have to do the same then. Go door to door, go to even to Dem places, even pretend to be Dems to get people’s ballots and fill them out and put them in the drop boxes.

    660. Marv says:

      Perhaps the GOP should learn how to ballot harvest and stuff drop-off boxes.

    661. Pitchaboy says:

      Be aware PA has filed suit with SC.

    662. mnw says:

      690 Tina

      Looks like a big crowd. Thx.

    663. Phil says:

      Will just have to win NC outside of the margin of fraud. Tough in a close battleground state.

      Republicans will be up in NC and Pa on election night – then the mail in ballots come in for two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!

    664. NYCmike says:

      Gordon Allen,

      First and foremost, GFY!

      My belief has been that no vaccine will be ready before Election Day due to the fact that it usually takes years to get these things approved.

      That said, if thru an amazing confluence of events, the vaccine does work, and they start vaccinating, that all the media will need is for someone, I would guess a Grandma or a child, in a mainly white suburb, to receive the shot and then die of something totally different, all the media will do is broadcast that there is a dead person who received the Covid vaccine.

      You think that is a stretch?

      Then you are both idiotic and naive, with a little bit of douchebag thrown in.

      “I invite you to clarify your comment before impressions can be formed.”

    665. LivintheDream says:

      This is the other fascinating fact to keep one’s eye on. Repeatedly, the left wing media and others like Michael Moore point to the fact that Biden and the DNC has not established a ground game for this election. If one wants to ballot harvest and go door to door, having a ground game is imperative. The GOP has an army already deployed. College kids and Unions have not been and given Covid won’t be present as in past years. So yes the rule change is not overturned helps Biden but only if there are people on the ground to carry out his bidding; a task that up until now the DNC has forbidden.

    666. Stonewall DW says:

      The media will be awful to watch on election night. In 2016 they kept appealing to the hope that absentee ballots would rescue Hillary in WI, MI, and PA, just like earlier in the evening they kept saying Broward and Miami-Dade would rescue her in FL.

      Imagine them not calling anything because they have hope in two weeks worth of mail in ballots, and ‘unexpectedly found drop boxes.’

    667. Phil says:

      I am very fearful for the anarchy and violence this is all setting the country up for during the month after the election. It will be something we’ve never seen after an election. The 2000 Florida stuff will look like a picnic.

      Baris said he didn’t believe Biden would win in a straight up election with normal turnout…and that is why Democrats are pulling out all the stops with this mail in after the election ballot arriving crap. Not enough enthusiasm to get the vote out for Biden so Democrats would have to pull this quasi ballot operation.

      Well, it’s unfolding right in front of our eyes.

    668. Phil says:

      Count on that Stonewall. That’s exactly the plan. They are already preparing you for that.

    669. Stonewall DW says:

      Phil, GOP just needs to be smart. Send out teams disguises and Dems into heavily Dem areas to look for ballots and when they are found, ask the owner if you can help them out by filling it out and putting it into the drop box for them. Most will probably believe its the Dems and they are lazy enough and not motivated enough to know the difference, and won’t notice that the ballots are marked for Trump.

    670. Country Dick Montana says:

      here is the question:

      Trump ahead on election night by good margins. Votes start coming in and that disappears, day after day after day. Finally 2 weeks later the SOS of PA, MI, WI, NC all announce that Biden has narrowly one on the strength of the mail in ballots.

      Do we riot? And when does it start? What does it look like? Do cops and NG step in to stop it?

    671. Phil says:


      Which state is next on the surprise list?

      Probably won’t need any others if NC goes.

    672. Tina says:

      Paging the Justice Dept.

      The Bias News
      · 32m
      JUST IN: Matt Gaetz calls on the Florida Attorney General to launch an investigation into Mike Bloomberg “for potentially engaging in bribery and vote buying in the state of Florida.”

    673. Will says:

      In NC the ballots must be requested individually by Oct 27. At least we don’t have all registered voters receiving one in the mail.

      Postmarked by Nov 3.

    674. Marv says:

      #710 Country Dick,

      Trump will win beyond the margin of fraudulent harvested ballots. Plus, the GOP has a better ground game this cycle and will do some legal ballot harvesting of their own.

    675. Country Dick Montana says:

      714 – Marv, my question was strictly theoretical. The DENS send out their goon squads when they don’t get what they want. Will we just lay down and accept the outcome.

      If Trump loses, I park the truck at 12:00 Noon on January 20 and retire. Not exactly shooting the p[lace up, but my brains won’t be for sale anymore. I become a ward of the state (Social Security, which I could have done several years ago) and part of the problem.

    676. Phil says:

      Forgot about that one, Tina.

      Courts in Florida ruled that felons could only vote AFTER they paid their fines. If they didn’t they were considered not to be in good standing.
      Could vote IF they paid their fines before election day.

      Bloomberg just announced he will pay all felons outstanding fines before the election making those felons eligible to vote.


    677. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      710. “Do we riot? And when does it start?”

      Those who believe in the Second Amendment and following the Constitution do not riot. That act to restore order, and make sure all proper procedures have been followed before the winner is declared(as in Florida in 2000). If its Biden, then so be it.

    678. Marv says:

      #715 Country Dick,

      I understand that your question was rhetorical. My point is that I think that President Trump will win on election night beyond the margin of Dem ballot fraud and any challenges to SCOTUS will be decided in his favor 6-3 or 5-4. (Thank you ACB or Barbara Lagoa, or whomever else is confirmed)

    679. mnw says:

      Unlike Kavanaugh, the DEM protest groups have no one to pressure:

      Jeff Flake doesn’t live here any more. Romney is a YES, & Murk & Collins are NO.

      So… who they gonna pressure, among GOP senators, to break ranks & sink Trump’s nominee, 7 weeks out from the GE?

    680. Country Dick Montana says:

      “sure all proper procedures have been followed before the winner is declared”

      And if there is the perception that those “proper procedures” have not been followed, and the election stolen. There won’t be any proof.

      I am not advocating anything, and am actually showing the difference between the two sides. will we accept flawed election results that end up with half of this country losing the freedoms in the Constitution?

    681. mnw says:

      Even Joy Behar said, “It’s over,” btw.

    682. Country Dick Montana says:

      Win or lose, the US has become too big to be effectively governed by an executive, 435 congress persons, 100 senators and 9 SC Justices.

      We really do need to consider some type of split leaving only a military to protect all Americans that is handled by DC.

    683. Phil says:

      How about 104 senators and 11 Justices. Will that help?

    684. Phil says:

      CDM, haven’t checked with you lately. Are the folks there in your neck of the woods in SW Pa still not buying Bidens’s sudden embracing of fracking? How about your colleagues in the industry? Many Biden ads about his sudden embracing of fracking being run there?

    685. Tina says:

      The more she is on Tee vee, the more she pisses people off.

      Jennifer ‘Vote Early’ Rubin
      Do Republicans really want to give the whip-smart, telegenic Harris potentially hours of live TV coverage — watch Democrats give her their time — during which she makes clear just how extreme Trump’s nominee is? I am going to guess the answer is no

    686. Country Dick Montana says:

      Phil, I mntioned to Bitter this morning that since I am all over SWPA/WV/SE Ohio, I don’t listen to on air radio. I can tell you that the signs are for Trump about 20 to 1. Lots of big home made ones too. And know one dares takes those down.

      The union bosses love Biden, the rank and file does not.

    687. Phil says:

      telegenic Harris?


      Mean spirited witch more like it. Yeah, please give her all the time she wants.

    688. Phil says:

      oh, and whip smart?


      Rubin gets nuttier by the day.

    689. Pitchaboy says:

      You guys are highly negative. In the world’s most influential country, if an election can be blatantly stolen, then we the people deserve it. There is no evidence that will happen. In PA and NC, mail in vote is with request for absentee ballot. We are assuming that DJT is an idiot who will have no counter to this. This is a guy who beat the establishment R, D and media to win. In the end, if he loses because he had no counter to D theft, perhaps he deserves to lose.

    690. Hugh says:

      716. It’s complicated. I understand the 16M he wants to spend only covers about 30000 felons. Also watch for a court challenge. Seems like buying votes. We will see. Good luck getting those losers to register.

    691. Phil says:

      Yeah, you make a good point, pitch. There are ways the Trump campaign can counter Dem advantages in Pa and NC. No reason the campaign doesn’t have counter strategies…and you are right, if they dont, they desereve to lose.

    692. John says:

      I’m hearing and reading that it may look like it’s going to be Amy Coney Barrett that Trump will choose and reveal Saturday.

    693. Phil says:

      unfortunately, Barrett looks like a done deal.

    694. John says:

      733 follow up…Mike Lee just said as much on Fox News….

    695. Tina says:

      Read that it may be her because they want a quick 30 day vote,

    696. Will says:

      The Trump campaign has asked me to request an NC absentee ballot VIA TEXT EMAIL AND USPS.

      They have a ground game for this in NC

    697. Phil says:

      Why couldn’t you get a vote just as quick on any other pick? I don’t get that.

    698. Tina says:

      Kurt Schlichter
      The True Conservatives(TM) of Ahoy?demanding that, after 40 years, we blow off an opportunity for a conservative Supreme Court majority in exchange for magic beans is the most on-brand thing I have ever heard from these sexually inadequate losers.

    699. DW says:

      Phil, there was an article about how Barrett is much better known to senators, which saves time.

    700. Tina says:

      · 2h
      BREAKING: Disneyland executives demand California Governor allow theme parks to reopen after 6 months of COVID shutdown – KTTV

    701. Tina says:

      Phil, a lot has to,do with meetings.

      They know Barrett.

      Senators want to be able to meet and greet the nominee.

      They cannot now.

    702. Phil says:

      Tina, they Just confirmed her to the appeals court last year so I’d think they got to meet and greet her already I would think.

    703. Phil says:

      I’m talking about Lagoa just nine months ago.

    704. John says:

      Regarding Amy Coney Barrett….I’ve heard that Ms. Barrett might have the hardened steel spine needed to put up with onslaught of push back from the Democrats, liberals and liberal media that is expected to come….from Bret Baier’s Special Report show.

    705. PresidentPaul! says:


      Pelosi buckles? Plans to revise bill to include farmers to avoid gov shutdown.

    706. Tina says:

      Phil, agree, that argument cited in the article makes little sense.

      It could impact those not previously vetted.

    707. Phil says:

      Could be, John.

      Maybe they don’t think Lagoa is tough enough to withstand the pounding but I still think it would backfire on Democratic members of the committee who attempt to bully her. Bad look.

    708. Tina says:

      There are a lot of people at the PA Rally.

      May be the biggest turnout yet?

    709. Greymarch says:

      #735: On which show did Senator Mike Lee said Barrett would be the nominee?

    710. Greymarch says:

      Follow up to #735…

      Mike Lee is on the judiciary committee. He would have inside knowledge of who Trump’s gonna nominate.


    711. Tina says:

      Per trump, Governor Abbott has told him he is up 15 in Texas.

    712. Tina says:

      (Seems overly high)

    713. Phil says:

      Greymarch, I believe ihe was on Bret Bier on special report an hour ago. We had the sound off so I didn’t exactly hear him say it myself.

    714. Phil says:

      Yeah, that’s a bit high, Tina, but he is comfortably ahead.

    715. Tina says:

      Spay & Neuter the Media

      “Is Biden going to wear a mask for the debate? He feels good in the mask … Why did he spend all that money on plastic surgery if he’s going to cover it up with a mask?”

    716. MrVito says:

      New Gallup party ID. 50-45 D with leaners .

    717. MrVito says:

      Covers first two weeks of September

    718. Big E says:

      Phil. Is that going to be enough to oust L. Flecher and carry Pete Olsen over the Finnish line.

    719. Phil says:

      48-42 last month

    720. Phil says:


      Fletcher just has too much money even though Republicans recruited a very strong black candidate.

      Pete Olsen retired and not a particularly strong Republican candidate running in his place. I think he may squeak by, District leans R. It will be closer than I’d like.

    721. Pitchaboy says:

      Was D plus 11 in July. Come down 6

    722. Pitchaboy says:

      Seltzer had DJT losing indies by double digits. Won them by double digits 2016. Huge swing.

    723. Phil says:

      That Gallup poll is adults, BTW. Has to be closer among registered and certainly with likely voters.

    724. Tina says:

      Maggie Haberman
      · 13m
      “He put out a lid today early in the morning,” potus says, referring to a term used by pool reporters to alert other members of the press when there will be no more external movements by the candidate that day. Lids are big with rally crowds?

    725. Tina says:

      Wtf, Phil? Adults?

    726. Stonewall DW says:

      interesting that poll from Braun Research of VT, showing Trump down only 23 points in VT. Makes me wonder about NH next door, but no one is willing to poll it.

    727. MrVito says:

      Gallup has always been adults. They will talk about likely models around the last month.

    728. Pitchaboy says:

      Party ID tracking of Gallup is always adults. It is a snapshot of country’s mood. D plus 5 on it could be Dplus 1 or 2 meaning a lot of indies are leaning R. Which is why Seltzer poll doesn’t jive, notwithstanding the fact she is a terrific pollster.

    729. SoHope says:

      Gallup numbers
      Aug 31-Sep 13 2020 29R 40I 30D

      4 years ago…

      Sep 14-18 2016 27R 40I 32D

    730. Stonewall DW says:

      SoHope, based on those numbers a HUGE part of the R percentage must belong to the Lincoln Project if the polls are right.

    731. MrVito says:

      I like Selzer, but I’m wary ever since she spiked the poll of the Iowa Caucus.

    732. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      September 22, 2020 at 5:28 pm
      “– You’re a vaccine skeptic (not anti-vax) so your view doesn’t surprise me.”

      -When most vaccines that work take years to test before use, I think that is the correct way to look at things.

      I would rather not have people who were just vaccinated start dropping dead the week before the election……..and you know the media will find that one person.

      – The reason vaccines take so long to approve is they are funded by the companies making them and they can be extremely costly so it takes a long, long time to raise the money needed to fund a three phase process. On top of that, another reason the process is so slow is the paper work. Thankfully, the government allowed paperwork to be done concurrently.

      Even if that doesn’t make a difference with you, remember this. People have been receiving these various vaccines since early March. And more than 40,000 people have received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines since late July. If people were dropping dead, the trials would have been halted and the press would have reported it as they did with AstraZeneca.

      Every vaccine trial could be done this quickly if the government was funding it and the paperwork was severely trimmed.

    733. Pitchaboy says:

      Only reason vaccine coming out quick: DJT. He funded it, cut the red tape. He has bet on therapeutics and vaccines as medium and long term strategy.

    734. Tina says:

      Was this mentioned?

      Political Polls
      · 13h
      2022 Vermont Senate GE:
      Phil Scott (R) 41% (+3)
      Patrick Leahy (D-inc) 38%

      Braun Research/@vprnet/@VermontPBS, LV, 9/3-15
      http://projects.vpr.org/vpr-vermont-pbs-2020-polls-september… #VTsen

    735. Wes says:

      That has any remote chance of happening ONLY if Biden wins, Tina.

    736. JeffP says:

      Lee was VERY positive on Barrett on Marthas show. She will be a known quanity and be EASY to support for the 50 or so that vote yes. Attack her faith at your own peril DEMS.

      She looks very much like my wife…they could be sisters.

    737. Phil says:

      Wes, the effect of the court decision in NC today. will that make a difference and how much?

    738. Justin says:

      Some loooong lines to vote in liberal areas of Virginia. They may not like Biden, but libs are motivated.

      From pictures, seems to be the liberal, white crowd. Not sure turnout will be great among AA.

    739. Wes says:

      I guess you’re referring to the decision about the ballot referenda, Phil. I’d imagine the one about income taxes will motivate Trump’s base while the voter ID initiative will motivate both sides.

      Probably a slight positive for the GOP.

    740. Robbie says:

      Scott Gottlieb, huge advocate of endless shutdowns and board member of Pfizer, has said for months his company’s vaccine would be available for EUA by the end of October.

      Now, Scott Gottlieb says a vaccine won’t be approved for general use by the population until July or August of 2021.

      One of two things will have happened by the end of Q2 or the start of Q3 if a vaccine for general use has not been approved. Corona will have long since burned out or the economy will be in such bad shape the least of our worries will be a vaccine.

      For months, a vaccine available to all Americans has been dangled out there as the end to our problems. Now, because they want the misery to continue, the FDA, likely sensing Biden will win, is now redesigning the approval process for a corona vaccine that could change the timeline by at least 6 to 9 months.

      I’m not sure the country is prepared for the fact we may be in exactly the same shape we’re in today one year from now.

    741. MrVito says:

      Robert Barnes
      A reminder: Attorney General Barr strongly disagreed w/ #Barrett, calling the lockdown orders the worst violation of civil rights in American history since slavery.
      Quote Tweet

      Robert Barnes
      · 12m
      One of the lies being spread to support #Barrett is that her lockdown opinion didn’t say anything about the US Constitution. The #Barrett pro-lockdown ruling made very clear it “took off the table” ANY challenge to ANY lockdown order based on ANY claim of “protection of liberty.”

    742. Hugh says:

      If Biden wins there will be a vaccine in a month. If trump wins there will be a vaccine in a month for totally different political reasons. The government hacks pretending it will take far longer will change their minds if Biden wins or they will be fired if Trump wins. I’m betting on scenario 2. Revenge will be sweet.

    743. Phil says:

      Wes, I meant the ruling allowing ballot harvesting and ballot drop boxes.

    744. jason says:

      McCain’s wife to endorse Biden.

      One of the stupidest attacks in political history still paying dividends for Trump.

    745. Phil says:

      Robbie, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we are in the exact same shape a year from now. Not in the slightest.

    746. Robbie says:


      Have you read the story the FDA has decided to make the requirements for EUA for a corona vaccine much more stringent? Changing the rules so late in the process seems to be a direct attempt to counter Trump’s pronouncements.

      Maybe even worse, Scott Gottlieb (who I’m sure is still tied in with the FDA) suggests a vaccine won’t be approved for general use until July or August and that comes just days after Trump, Azar, Atlas, and the head of Operation Warp Speed said there would be enough vaccine for everyone in the US by April.

      I feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us by the FDA. Changing the rules late in the game is wrong.

    747. jason says:

      Was does Skippy say?

      If he says it is Barrett then Lagoa can start ordering the drapes for her office.

    748. Tina says:

      Or the China virus disappears on its own.

      Burns out.

    749. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:10 pm
      Robbie, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we are in the exact same shape a year from now. Not in the slightest.

      – Feel like we’re being jerked around.

      The head of the FDA needs to prepare a speech and lay out exactly what the timeline is, not just for production of vaccine for all Americans who want it, but when regular American can start to get shots.

      If we’re still in this same situation in 12 months, then the country will be beaten and battered and our economy will be in a terrible position.

    750. Tina says:

      Muh covid is back.

    751. NYCmike says:

      I’m starting to get the feeling that Robbie is a bit of a pessimist……

    752. jason says:

      jason says:
      September 22, 2020 at 3:08 pm
      Anyway, glad that Robbie is on board.”


      Who cares how Robbie votes.

      And why believe anything he says here, haven’t you learned anything in the last 10 years?

      – You’re proof positive that appeasement will work.”

      Dang, I didn’t get that. Can someone smarter please elucidate?

    753. Robbie says:

      Tina says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:21 pm
      Muh covid is back.

      – Is California where you live operating normally? No. So let’s not pretend everything is going well.

      We’re getting the run around from everyone in the government about a vaccine timeline.

      It was October for an EUA. Now, it’s not.

      Trump, Atlas, and Azar say April for use by the public. Gottlieb says a vaccine won’t be approved for general use until July or August 2021.

      Our economy is riding on this. The government can’t fund relief bills indefinitely. We need an honest and realistic timeline.

    754. Tina says:

      Buttplug is the stand in as Pence for Hoe Harris.

    755. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:25 pm
      I’m starting to get the feeling that Robbie is a bit of a pessimist……

      – What I want is an honest and realistic timeline.

      Trump, Azar, and Atlas say one thing.

      The FDA and Fauci say something else.

      We’re living in limbo, whether your life has been directly affected or not.

    756. Tina says:

      You are citing Gottslob, the Pfizer Director?

      Or I are you again falling for “reports” from the Compost?

    757. Robbie says:

      Tina says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:31 pm
      You are citing Gottslob, the Pfizer Director?

      Or I are you again falling for “reports” from the Compost?

      – The WSJ has the same story about the FDA changing the EUA requirements.

      And, yes, I am paying attention to Gottlieb only because he was FDA commissioner and he still has contacts there.

      I hope he’s wrong, but we need an honest timeline so we can all plan for it.

    758. Robbie says:

      I don’t think many realize how much of the rebound in the stock market is based almost completely on an available vaccine for the public by Spring 2021.

      If the timeline starts to slip solely because of foot dragging by the FDA, then the selloff we saw in March could pop up again.

    759. jason says:

      Robbie still talking about COVID because the MSM is still talking about COVID.

      So I looked at the numbers today, 35k cases and 900 deaths, nothing really stood out, GA seems to be over the peak, the only state that looked like it was having a surge is MO, maybe OK too.

      Worldwide India still outpacing the US by about 50k cases a day. When the US had 6 million cases India had 3 million. Now the US has 7.1 million cases, India has 5.7 million.

    760. Wes says:

      I’ve been out of the loop today, Phil. I haven’t heard anything about it. I saw nothing in a Google search either. Can you post a link?

    761. Tinq says:

      “May be a criminal investigation under way.”

      Rep. Matt Gaetz
      · 43m
      I just spoke to @AGAshleyMoody, she is all over the @MikeBloomberg-connected activities in Florida.

      There may even be a criminal investigation already underway.

      Law enforcement all over the country should be looking for the cheating Democrats are going to try in this election.

    762. Tina says:

      WSJ is no better than compost.

      They also,confirmed the loser Atlantic story that you fell for.

    763. jason says:

      This is why I have always stated here that this “live or die by the vaccine” MSM/Robbie narrative is utter hogwash.

      Schools are back, football is being played, restaurants have reopened, air travel has made a solid comeback from the lows, except for CA all “non essential” businesses are open.

      And guess what, this all happened without a vaccine.

      And no, the stock market did not rebound because of the miracle vaccine, that is also garbage.

      I hope the vaccine is released soon, it will save lives, and I will be one of the first to line up when its available.

      But no, the world and the economy will not end because the vaccine is ready in Nov, Jan, Feb, Apr or Aug.

    764. Tina says:

      In other covid news, we go over 100 million tests.

      Jebots,will still complain.

    765. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      759. “and carry Pete Olsen over the Finnish line.”
      Sounds like he belongs over the Norwegian line instead.

    766. jason says:

      While Robbie and the MSM are standing around waiting for a “vaccine timeline”, most of the rest of us are getting on with our lives.

    767. Tina says:

      100 million plus tests tomorrow

    768. Phil says:

      Post 683, Wes.

    769. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:38 pm
      Robbie still talking about COVID because the MSM is still talking about COVID.

      So I looked at the numbers today, 35k cases and 900 deaths, nothing really stood out, GA seems to be over the peak, the only state that looked like it was having a surge is MO, maybe OK too.

      Worldwide India still outpacing the US by about 50k cases a day. When the US had 6 million cases India had 3 million. Now the US has 7.1 million cases, India has 5.7 million.

      – I’m talking about it because it is affecting every aspect of our lives. Is the number of new cases better today than it was two months ago? Sure, but it hasn’t gone away and there appears to be no end in sight to the economic and societal restrictions we’re facing.

      Even capacity restriction at businesses and restaurants don’t move the needle with you, what about schools? Children are having their most formative educational years stolen from them. There won’t be a regular day of school for any of them and now it seems the 2021/22 school year could have similar problems.

      We have to bring this to an end or the long term fallout will be incalculable. For instance, here’s a LAT story about a tsunami of hotel closings coming. With travel and conventions all but stopped, many hotels will go under and the bankruptcies will circulate through the economy and eventually hit the backs just happened in 2008.

      If we’re in the same shape 12 months from now, we may be in a place where we not only need to bailout consumers, but also the banks with TARP 2.

    770. jason says:


      Woman with TDS flips off Trump rally and crashes into car in front of her.

      And a police car was behind her.


    771. jason says:

      “Even capacity restriction at businesses and restaurants don’t move the needle with you, what about schools? Children are having their most formative educational years stolen from them. There won’t be a regular day of school for any of them and now it seems the 2021/22 school year could have similar problem”


      You are full of crap.

      You and I know that school closings (they are all open in my area) is about politics, not health or education.

      There is no reason for schools to be closed. The reason some are still closed has to do with politics and the teacher’s unions and leftist politicians.

      Unless you have a vaccine against politics, this problem is not going away.

    772. jason says:

      If there is one place that we don’t need a vaccine to operate, it is schools.

    773. Phil says:

      NC Voter in Charlottesville wants to know:

      “I’ve never voted by mail before. Do I send in all seven ballots at once or do I drop them into the collection box one at a time?

    774. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:48 pm
      While Robbie and the MSM are standing around waiting for a “vaccine timeline”, most of the rest of us are getting on with our lives.

      – If you have a job in travel, tourism, or education, you’re not getting on with your life.

      For anyone in those areas (like me), a vaccine is the only way out of this. It shouldn’t be that way, but here we are.

      I spoke to a friend who was hired by Delta in early 2019. He flies the A220. The last time he flew was March 26. And on October 1, he loses his job just like me.

      Just today, Disneyland demanded a reopening plan from California, but good luck getting one. At Disney World, more than a 1000 hotel workers were just let go because no one is visiting.

      It’s great that we can go to a restaurant where servers wear mask or go to a store, but we have to stand six feet apart and we can’ go to sporting events, at least not at full capacity.

      I agree with you that many are trying to get on with their lives, but trying to get on with your life is not the same as living a normal life.

    775. Wes says:

      That’s literally in none of the news here, Phil. It has an obvious possibility for fraud. I imagine Republicans are already drafting an appeal.

    776. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:57 pm
      If there is one place that we don’t need a vaccine to operate, it is schools.

      – I agree, but they’re not opening until there is one we can all take.

    777. Wes says:

      Charlottesville is in VA, Phil. Charlotte is in NC.

    778. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bad News, China has opened the wet market up for business and people are eating bats and snakes again.


    779. MrVito says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if people in Charlottesville drop votes in Charlotte…

    780. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Presently the coronavirus is rapidly spreading among young people. The positive test rate is high, but few get sick and almost none die. The fact the virus is spreading thought a large segment of the population now will likely significantly reduce the infectable population. Then, like Sweden, the virus may proceed to burn out.

      The policy of trying to prevent the spread of the virus throught a general lockdown of the population for a long period of time was a disastrous failure. If anything, it may result in a higher death toll than what otherwise would have taken place. The economic toll is staggering. This will be looked back upon as one of the worst policy decisions of this century.

    781. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I really believe the statistics that should be given the most weight in evaluating the public health response to the coronavirus are death and hospitalization rates. The focus should be on protecting vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and those with health conditions.

    782. NYCmike says:


      Due to your job, you are more adversely affected than many.

      BUT, it may help you psychologically to stop looking for the federal government, as well as state governments, to clear the way for you to work again. You may need to step outside the box a bit, while you wait for your pilots job to be full-time again. Get some other work, it is out there, especially for a guy who can pilot an airplane. Get your CDL and drive a truck for a bit, see the country from the ground up, instead of looking down on us all the time.

    783. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      819. “– I agree, but they’re not opening until there is one we can all take.:

      Schools are opening in the a lot of states.

    784. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      825. “Get your CDL and drive a truck for a bit, see the country from the ground up, instead of looking down on us all the time.”

      Good idea. And as someone who has driven, according to my Google map timeline, over 9,000 miles this year, I can attest truck traffic is as high as ever. For a while automobile traffic substantially dropped, but it is back now.

    785. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Dr. Anthony Fauci said at CNN’s Citizens conference on Tuesday, “We’re getting into a weather season where people will be spending more time indoors and depending upon your own social situation, indoors for you or another person may mean poor ventilation, poor airflow and difficulty getting the kind of removal of anything that would lead to spread.”

      Doesn’t forcing people to lockdown in their homes have the same effect?

    786. PhilS says:

      “jason says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:09 pm
      McCain’s wife to endorse Biden.

      One of the stupidest attacks in political history still paying dividends for Trump.”

      Like anyone gives a rat’s a## about that idiot loser’s wife.

    787. Gordon Allen says:

      704. My,my. Somebody can dish it out but can’t take it. Any vaccine under the best of circumstances wouldn’t be distributed until literally immediately before Election Day. Unless laced with arsenic people will not die immediately in any scenario; after November 3 it won’t matter so who cares what the MSM say?
      As for vaccines taking years to develop, Operation Warp Speed isn’t available for ” other” vaccines,not are many Billions of federal dollars.Apples and Oranges.
      BTW as to naievete,how many campaigns have you run,or been involved in at the organization level. My guess is fewer than mine.
      In any event a vaccine- solely in political terms- has always been a Hope for the future after Election Day,not a magic bullet to ” solve” the COVID ” crises” BEFORE the election. We agree,I think,on that.

    788. jaichind says:

      ABC poll. LV. FL: Trump ahead 51-47. AZ: Trump ahead 49-48. AZ: Kelly ahead 49-48.

    789. Gordon Allen says:

      Have always been confident Trump wins Florida.However anything above 4 is starting to get rich for anybody in this state- in either side. I’ll take it though.

    790. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      “VICTORY: The President has just signed a full Executive Order abolishing critical race theory from the federal government, the military, and all federal contractors.

      The president has effectively declared war on CRT(Critical Race Theory)—and extended the battlefield to all of our institutions.”– (H/T: Chris Rufo)

      Including federal contractors is huge. Lots of Fortune 500 Companies will be affected!

      This is BIG! Go Trump

    791. jaichind says:

      The ABC poll is from Sept 15-20. Having Trump up by 4 in the LV is most likely what Michael Bloomberg was seeing in his own polling ergo the need for him to rush in $100 million in FL. Hopefully it will not work.

    792. OHIO Joe says:

      “Hopefully it will not work.” It won’t

    793. MichiganGuy says:

      From ABC/WAPO poll on Economy: “Registered voters in Florida trust Trump over Biden to handle the economy by 11 points, 52-41 percent, and in Arizona by 15 points, 56-41 percent.”

    794. Waingro says:

      BOOM on those ABC/WaPo polls.

    795. jaichind says:

      838. Hopefully the Trump campaign overcommunicate the fact that Bloomberg is dumping in all this money to set the battle up as Trump vs Oligarchs.

    796. OHIO Joe says:

      I think Arizona will end up being far more safe for the GOP than many people think. So far, the NeverTrumpers are holding Trumps numbers down in AZ. However, Arizonians also neither like Mr. Biden nor approve of his policies and thus, the chance of Mr. Biden winning the state is actually quite slim. Even the betting markets are slowly starting to see this.

    797. PhilS says:

      “jaichind says:
      September 23, 2020 at 7:20 am
      The ABC poll is from Sept 15-20. Having Trump up by 4 in the LV is most likely what Michael Bloomberg was seeing in his own polling ergo the need for him to rush in $100 million in FL. Hopefully it will not work.”

      Get a grip. Bloomberg is not doing his own polling.

    798. Todd McCain says:

      BOOM MFERS!!!!!!!!


    799. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      BREAKING: GOP Senators Grassley and Ron Johnson release their Hunter Biden Report.Not only did H. Biden receive a boatload of money from the Ukraine, but similar amounts from individuals connected with Russia and a number of other Countries.Influence Peddling on Steroids!!!
      Here is the Report in full.


    800. Todd McCain says:

      Major caveat is that this poll had him down 16 in MN lololololol.

    801. Phil says:

      Money won’t buy Florida for the Democrats. Not happening. Bloomberg is just flushing it down the toilet and BTW, his paying off fines of felons so they can vote is outrageous. Out and out vote buying.

    802. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is a new FL Poll by St. Pete Polling. It shows Biden +3 among LV’s.It’s not weighted but the PID seems even.

      I stopped fisking the poll when I saw the first crosstab which showed Biden receiving over 18% of the Republican vote.


      By the way, Gov. Abbott of Texas said yesterday on a talk show that he believes that Trump is in front by low double digits in his State.
      Phil–does the Biden campaign have a presence in TX?

    803. Normand L Lambert Jr says:

      Take a look at the Hunter Biden report. I’d say it is damaging as hell. Let’s see if the corrupt press runs with it. Could be the final nail in Sleepy Joe’s coffin; will be very difficult for him to refute.

    804. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Actually Bloomberg’s vote buying in FL may be illegal according to the Florida AG. A criminal investigation has commenced per Matt Gaetz.

    805. Phil says:

      No presence whatsoever, Sheeple.

    806. Big E says:

      Steeple.Jr. Very little in Houston. He has ad running on the Discovery channels (HGTV, ID, TLC ect… ) Obviously aimed at the suburban female vote. Emotion laden ad about losing is wife and son). Nothing about policy. No signs or bumper sticker. I am getting a text every day from the DNC posting as an individual from Texas supporting Biden. Despite blocking the number everyday, it reappear magically. This must be their digital ground game we keep hearing about. These emails were circulating during the Beto campaign. I am sure he purchased the list. There are some weak Biden ads when playing various Google games.

    807. prineville says:

      At times you have to wonder if biden/his caretakers have their heart in this election and if they are 100% committed to getting dementia elected. Take Arizona. Apparently a “battleground ” state. Biden has not visited the state nor has any of his “team”.
      Trump has been here numerous times, with ivanka, pence, melania, and don jr here several times. My guess is either they know they are going to get beat or old joe is not capable of a cross country flight. Biden has no chance in AZ. His anti gun rhetoric is enough in itself to hand the state to djt. Have seen one biden sign. Its situated in the neighbors yard. Not surprising, They just recently purchased the home. From california.

    808. MrVito says:

      Tim Carney
      The deal proposed by
      is not a good deal. It would be like the Dodgers promising to bench Mookie Betts in the World Series if the Astros promise not to cheat again.

    809. jaichind says:

      854. Yeah. I do not understand the Biden strategy. These ABC polls should get Biden team to jump and have Biden and Harris get into FL and AZ every other day. If not then they should be in the Rust belt every day. It should be a Rust belt or Sun belt strategy. Right it seems like neither.

    810. MrVito says:

      I think they finally found Hunter.

    811. Tina says:

      I am still not seeing any movement to Trump.


    812. MrVito says:


      Arizona College Republicans
      Eva’s restaurant went bankrupt in 2015 and there’s now a dirt lot where this picture was taken. Thanks for admitting you aren’t involved in the district #AZ01
      Quote Tweet

      Rep. Tom O’Halleran
      · Sep 16
      I also love Eva’s in Casa Grande! Great cheese crisps, too. Cheese wedge

    813. PhilS says:

      The Biden Strategy is “Is Joe Not Drooling This Morning? Check”.

      If the media was curious, somebody would ask what Joe does every day. He’s not out campaigning, for sure.

      They put a lid on him around 8:30 am yesterday. So what did he do all day, inquiring minds want to know.

    814. MrVito says:


      The NY Subway is now cleaner than Nancy Pelosi’s driveway.


      David Harsanyi
      End of an era.
      Quote Tweet

      New York Post
      · 11h
      MTA board to officially ban pooping in subways, buses https://trib.al/bBh5wLd

    815. Big E says:

      The bigger issue is that just now they are banning popping in the subway. It should never have been a issue to begin with.

    816. Country Dick Montana says:

      853 – When I get texts from DEM people, I tell them that I am writing in Bernie because Biden and Harris put lots of black men in jails and they are for frac-ing now. On top of that they don’t want us to raise our voices and be heard in the street.

      854 – With regard to enthusiasm, when I wrote the above to a volunteer, I kid you not, they actually stated that they too wish that they had a different candidate, and that we had to depend on Dem platform. Their entire motivation is hatred for Trump.

    817. Stonewall DW says:

      My first reaction to the ABC/WashCompost polls was, “well that’s the Washington Post telling Biden loud and clear to get either himself or his stunt double out of the basement and on the campaign trail.”

    818. Stonewall DW says:

      Well, here was my prediction yesterday for Change Research(D) “polls”

      Change Research

      AZ: 44/50
      FL: 45/50
      MI: 43/51
      NC: 46/48
      PA: 45/49
      WI: 42/49

      Here are the actuals just released

      Change Research

      AZ: 43/49 – margin exactly predicted
      FL: 46/49 – margin off by two to the better
      MI: 43/51 – EXACTLY correct
      NC: 46/48 – EXACTLY correct
      PA: 45/49 – EXACTLY correct
      WI: 42/51 – margin off by two in Biden’s favor

      This garbage polling is pretty easy to predict.

    819. Tina says:


      Adam Creighton
      The US govt last week updated the survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19:

      0-19 99.997%
      20-49 99.98%
      50-69 99.5%
      70+ 94.6%

      Didn’t see it reported much.

    820. PhilS says:

      Biden is physically and mentally incapable of campaigning. He is shot.

      That is a fact.

      The interesting thing is seeing how it all unfolds.

      Since the Dem convention over a month ago, Biden has ventured out to PA 3 times, and MI, WI, MN and FL once. If you call any of them campaign events. That’s all his public appearance in 4+ weeks.

    821. Tina says:

      I am still predicting a 3/4 point win by Trump in Florida.

      300,000 plus vote margin.

    822. Tina says:

      This and the Pfizer study have a large number of participants,

      koning Collision symbol Retweeted

      The Associated Press
      Johnson & Johnson is beginning a huge final-stage study to try to prove if a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine can protect against the virus. It will be one of the world’s largest coronavirus vaccine studies so far, testing in 60,000 people.

    823. Tina says:

      More and more, after each trump rally, it is looking like 2016 again. To quote carville, “something is going on out there.”

      Byron York
      · 1h
      Re the new Post poll showing Trump gains in FL and AZ, have to say, streaming the Trump speech from Pittsburgh area last night versus recent Biden appearances, the energy gap (in Trump’s favor) is pretty huge…

    824. Tina says:

      In the Rust Belt Poll, the enthusiasm gap was enormous. Among enthusiastic voters he leads by 8 points.

      In Florida, don’t be shocked if the electorate ends up R+2.

      That’s what enthusiasm gaps mean in practice.

    825. jaichind says:

      You would think that the Biden camp would want Biden out there campaigning on a limited basis just so he can practice dealing with questions off the cuff to help prepare for debates. The fact they are not doing that tells me either

      a) They do not plan on attending debates
      b) They plan to have debate questions ahead of time so is better spent memorizing pre-prepared answers.

    826. MrVito says:

      It’s why they need mail-in and extensions…. to inflate turnout.

    827. prineville says:

      872 I have always stood by choice… a

    828. dblaikie says:

      The fact is that Joe Biden is senile. Even if he has the questions without a teleprompter he could easily go off. Frankly I am surprised that they are still claiming to go through with it. Perhaps they will say that Joe has a bad case of the stomach flu on the day of the debate. I will believe it when I actually see him at the podium with Trump and Chris Wallace.

    829. MrVito says:

      Has anyone considered Joe is having heart failure?

      It explains the Drycoughing (heart meds), good/bad days, inability to breathe after short exertion, confusion/memory issues.

    830. MrVito says:

      Also the paleness.

    831. PhilS says:


      The answer is simple, and it’s neither of the two you mention.

      The reason is straightforward: Biden is not campaigning because his is unable to.

      Debates or debate questions have nothing to do with not campaigning.

    832. dblaikie says:

      This is to give Robbie a little peace. J&J will have a huge 60000 person study done by early next year. It only requires one dose. If Operation Wolf Speed is used to purchase 100 million or more doses by Feb. and coupled by the other vaccines by mid winter we should be in great shape. Here is the link from the AP: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/virginia-not-a-swing-state/2020/09/18/9741e2e4-f843-11ea-89e3-4b9efa36dc64_story.html

    833. Stonewall DW says:

      “something is going on out there”

      They know it, they just don’t want to say it. In 2016, just after it was obvious Trump would win, they immediately started talking about all the “Trump voters hiding in plain sight.”

      This was the media’s admitting that it wasn’t really the voters as much as it was the media just hoping they didn’t really exist.

      Nothing has changed in 4 years. Nothing except instead of having the first woman at the top of the ticket, the Dems have the first memory care patient and first victim of elder abuse.

    834. PhilS says:

      “Biden campaign plans travel around competitive Senate races”

      His. camping knows he’s done.

    835. dblaikie says:

      And by the way as far as the election is concerned the news that a vaccine is effective is just as good as actually giving out vaccines in late Oct.

    836. dblaikie says:

      If Florida is in jeopardy or even tight I believe that Trump will pick Lagoa.

    837. Marv says:


      50/49 no change

    838. Chicon says:

      Good time for a new sheet of paper. How about using the WP polls for a new thread?

    839. MrVito says:

      Well, DUH.


      Unexplained excess deaths at home almost nine times higher than those from Covid

      ONS figures spark concern that many are failing to get treatment for serious conditions as coronavirus crisis continues


    840. RuRu says:

      Jill Biden will have come in close contact with Covid- ergo, exercising appropriate personal sacrifice, medical advice, respect for the office of the President and to model good behavior and show real leadership – Joe will quarantine with his wife for the next 14 days. Will unfortunately have to miss the first debate.

    841. Tina says:


      See new Tweets

      Josh Caplan
      “Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.”

    842. MrVito says:

      Illinois Democratic governor says if the federal government does not bail out his state, it will face ‘nightmare scenario’ of a 5% budget cut

      According to the Chicago Sun-Times, House Republican leader Jim Durkin said, “House Republicans repeatedly warned the Democrats in May about this looming catastrophe — budgeting for $42 billion in spending with only $37 billion in revenue.”


    843. mnw says:

      I’m anything but a sunny optimist. I get out on the ledge often. But… I can’t see things getting BETTER for Biden going forward. Can anyone?

      To the extent he even has a ground game, Trump’s dwarfs it (according to what I’ve read, anyway). The enthusiasm gap is real– even NT scum like Jonah Goldberg (above) publicly concedes that.

      Plus, instinct tells me (I’m wrong most of the time) that the coming SCOTUS fight helps Team Orange at least a little– jazzes the base, & attacking ACB for being an extreme Catholic is going to be… a dubious & dangerous strategy for the DEMs.

      Anyway, we’ve had such a Niagara Falls of awful polls every day for months, it’s good to see even a ray of sunshine.

      I saw the same thing Goldberg did last night– I couldn’t believe all that energy was a harbinger of DEM victory. At least not while I was watching it.

    844. Stonewall DW says:

      “I can’t see things getting BETTER for Biden going forward. Can anyone?”

      If the media was honest, they would be hounding the Biden campaign asking to know what meds he was on, what doctors were saying about his condition, because, you know, he is running for POTUS, and needs to pass a threshold of physical and mental capability.

      But no, the media just lets Biden get by with saying, “I will allow the American public to judge my physical and mental fillness, I mean my physical and mental fillne–FITness.”

    845. Chicon says:

      Imo, confirming the judge before election day will decrease the vote for Biden. What’s the incentive to vote when the deal’s done? I realize there will be a retaliatory vote, but that’s not as much juice as “let’s make sure we are the ones replacing Ruth!”.

    846. Stonewall DW says:

      Vito, that’s funny about Illinois. Good thing states cannot print their own money.

    847. Robbie says:

      Tina says:
      September 22, 2020 at 10:45 pm
      WSJ is no better than compost.

      They also,confirmed the loser Atlantic story that you fell for.

      – Just to be clear, I never fell for the Atlantic story. I said charges like those made in the Atlantic needed to be made on the record, otherwise I would see them as smears.

    848. Stonewall DW says:

      Chicon, the retaliatory vote will come from the most extreme left, but they were voting anyway. Most in the squishy middle don’t care about the SCOTUS or they wouldn’t be in the middle.

    849. Robbie says:

      SanDiegoCitizen says:
      September 22, 2020 at 11:27 pm
      819. “– I agree, but they’re not opening until there is one we can all take.:

      Schools are opening in the a lot of states.

      – What I’m talking about is a normal school experience. Full classrooms with no masks, no social distancing, and no online teaching.

      We aren’t getting that, sadly, until there is a vaccine. I suspect school won’t look as it did in February 2020 until the Fall of 2021 and possibly the Spring of 2022.

    850. Robbie says:

      SanDiegoCitizen says:
      September 22, 2020 at 11:47 pm
      “Dr. Anthony Fauci said at CNN’s Citizens conference on Tuesday, “We’re getting into a weather season where people will be spending more time indoors and depending upon your own social situation, indoors for you or another person may mean poor ventilation, poor airflow and difficulty getting the kind of removal of anything that would lead to spread.”

      Doesn’t forcing people to lockdown in their homes have the same effect?

      – Don’t use logic with Fauci. He believes a lockdown is the greatest medical development since leaching.

    851. MrVito says:

      Gale Sayers has gone to see his friend Brian Piccolo.

    852. Stonewall DW says:

      YouGov generic ballot

      SEP 20-22, 2020
      1,124 LV

      Democrat 47%
      Republican 43%

    853. Country Dick Montana says:

      Seems like Manchin is starting to sound the alarm on attacking an SC candidate’s faith as well as packing the courts.

      Speaking of which, it reminds me, there probably aren’t a whole lot of Dem senators in GOP states, but would they vote to make DC and PR if they knew that would probably tank their re-election efforts?

    854. Country Dick Montana says:

      “Compare his courage with the kind I’m supposed to possess,” Sayers said. “There was never any doubt that I’d return, knee injury or no. But think of Brian and his fortitude in the months since last November, in and out of hospitals, hoping to play football again, but not too sure at any time what the score was or might be. He has the heart of a giant. He has the mental attitude that makes me proud to have a friend who spells out the word ‘courage’ 24 hours a day, every day of his life. .

      “You flatter me by giving me this award, but I tell you here and now that I accept it for Brian Piccolo. Brian Piccolo is the man of courage who should receive the George S. Halas Award. It is mine tonight, it is Brian Piccolo’s tomorrow.

      “I love Brian Piccolo, and I’d like all of you to love him, too. And tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.”

    855. Phil says:

      Baris – – ‘in the history of polling no presidential candidate has ever lost that was up in enthusiasm – ever….and he says his recent poll of the rust belt shows the enthusiasm gap in Trump’s favor is by far the biggest gap in any polling since polling began in 1948. Even the skewed public polls are consistently showing it”

    856. Tina says:


      Trump is earning
      34% Arizona
      39% Florida

      ****Of Registered Voters. (Likely Voters probably much higher)

      Black voters 11%. Very solid!

    857. Phil says:


      ‘’It’s starting to dawn on people that I’m right about Florida”

    858. Robbie says:

      Financial Times
      UK to host world’s first human challenge trials for Covid-19

      – This should have been done here months ago.

    859. Chicon says:

      Hi, Tina. Imo, the black community is home to lots of shy Trump voters. In that community – more than just about any other – it is not socially acceptable to say you’re voting for Trump.

    860. Tina says:

      Where’s Hunter?

      Arthur Schwartz
      · 3h
      “Former Secretary of State John Kerry had knowledge of Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board, but when asked about it at a town hall event in Nashua, N.H. on Dec. 8, 2019, Kerry falsely said, ‘I had no knowledge about any of that. None. No.’”

    861. Marv says:

      My guess is that President Trump maintains his lead over Biden in RAS at +1 maybe 2.

      Anyone else?

    862. Tina says:

      Where’s Hunter?

      David Reaboi
      Oh, that’s perfectly reasonable:

      “Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.”

    863. Stonewall DW says:


      Just sharing the same anecdote I shared the other day…I got this directly from Trump volunteer going door to door in an upper midwest battleground state. A woman answers the door and says she sort of wants to say who she is voting for, but is reluctant to do so. She asks like five times about recording, documenting, etc. and the two volunteers assured her over and over they were not writing anything down, not recording, etc. Finally when she was satisfied, she said that although she normally votes Dem, this time she is voting for Trump because of his leadership and the Democrats encouraging the rioting. She explained that she was a teacher and if anyone found out she would be persecuted and could lose her job.

    864. Stonewall DW says:


      I want you to be right. But normally Rasmussen bounces up and down, so last week was up, I will predict they will show Biden +3, just because it seems we always have something to dampen good news (WashPost polls today).

    865. Stonewall DW says:


      Trump 50
      Biden 45

      SEP 17-21, 2020
      Monmouth University
      402 LV

    866. Scooterboy says:

      About a month ago I asked why the Trump campaign wasn’t attacking the Hunter Biden angle? I think now, they were just awaiting the release of this report.
      Things are gonna get very messy for sleepy Joe over the next few weeks.

    867. Phil says:

      I’ll say Biden 48-46.

    868. Stonewall DW says:

      Four years ago Monmouth had Hillary +3 in GA at this time.

    869. Marv says:


      President Trump has been at 50 for several days in a row, so perhaps that will be reflected in the head to head today. I am an optimist by nature.

    870. Stonewall DW says:

      same poll has Perdue +8

    871. Scooterboy says:

      Trump will be living in Pennsylvania during October. I know that Scott Presler, who has been flying around the Country setting up Republican registration drives, has already stated he will be in Pennsylvania the entire month of October.

    872. Chicon says:

      DW, very believable in my book.

      I saw an ad for Ron Kind in WI. He’s been in the House since 1996, and has run up some big wins since. Problem is, Trump won his district by 4.5. The ad I saw does not identify his party, and it has run many times. Ron Kind knows that the Obama-to-Trump voter is not going back to Biden.

    873. Stonewall DW says:

      …correction…typing too fast…four years ago Monmouth had Trump +3 over Hillary in GA at this point of September.

    874. Scooterboy says:

      Hard to see how Trump is down 7 with these internals

      Economist/YouGov poll

      Biden 49% (+7)
      Trump 42%
      Among LV

      Among Independents
      Trump 39% (+6)
      Biden 33%

      Among age 45-64
      Trump 42% (+3)
      Biden 39%

      Among 65+
      Trump 46% (+4)
      Biden 42%

    875. Phil says:

      Isn’t the director of the Monmouth poll the one who the day after McConnell announced there would be a vote on the SC pick tweeted out what a horrible person McConnell was?

    876. Marv says:


      They overloaded the poll with Democrats probably.

    877. JeffP says:

      I am beginning to think this could be a bloodbath for the Dems. When I see the internals of these polls it looks very very promising.

      Biden peaked long ago. People are sick and tired of Covid and want to move on with their lives. Trump has economic vote locked down. Poor Joe…he is being used and will die prematurely because of it.

    878. Tina says:

      QUESTION: “Is the administration cutting corners in safety and efficacy in it’s effort to produced vaccines and treatments rapidly?”

      DR. FAUCI: “Not at all.”


    879. Phil says:

      Scooter. Quote from Baris yesterday.

      ‘’If you are a Trump supporter don’t expect any good news through the election from the national public polls. They will continue to show BIden ahead by 6 or 7 points and will all herd to 4 at the very end”

      He absolutely tore the national polls to shreds yesterday.

    880. Stonewall DW says:

      It has to pain Dave W to write the headline for the new thread, so I will assist so all he has to do is copy and paste:

      TRUMP leads BIDEN in FL, AZ, and GA

    881. Scooterboy says:

      Jennifer Jacobs- “ NEWS: Senate Republicans are developing plans to begin confirmation hearings around Oct. 12 for Trump’s pick to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court. It’s all TENTATIVE. But could lead to a final vote by the full Senate the week of Oct. 26, sources say.”

    882. Marv says:

      Brace for impact!

      Kentucky AG Cameron will announce his decision on whether or not to indict the Breonna Taylor police officers at 1330 hrs EDT today.

    883. The godfather says:


      BIDEN 48
      TRUMP 47
      Other 3
      Undecided 2

    884. RuRu says:

      Downtown louisville is in complete lock down. Car traffic blocked in core areas – 20 blocks or so. Walking still permitted but No one is out. 95% of multi-block region is boarded up completely. Most all business is shut.
      Eerie indeed.

    885. Stonewall DW says:

      I figured it would show Biden ahead. Glad its +1 instead of +3, but I predicted +3 hoping it would be just +1 so I wouldn’t be too disappointed.

    886. Gordon Allen says:

      Rasmussen didn’t have a single 3 day sample during the head to head polling that wasn’t 50 or above. That ,to my recollection, hasn’t ever happened. His 5 day is 51.1% approval. How that can possibly translate to a plus 3 Biden lead is rationally inexplicable- except for 2020 polling.

    887. Marv says:


      Looks like we split the difference in the RAS poll.
      I’m OK with this poll.

    888. The Godfather says:

      Regarding Rasmussen Poll.

      Trump up 6 with independents.

      Each get 83% of their own party support.

    889. Phil says:

      So we can expect another explosion of riots beginning tonight?

      I call them get out the vote riots.

    890. Phil says:

      Trump won indies by 46-42 In 2016 so I’m happy with this poll.

    891. RuRu says:

      Clearly all are preparing for the worst.
      Mayor declares State of Emergency.
      Nat’l Guard on stand-by.
      Police in emergency mode – all office in.

    892. Stonewall DW says:

      And if Biden does win the national popular vote by 1 point, then Trump has held most all the 2016 states, though it is possible MI and WI could flip, and Trump might well flip MN, NH or NV.

    893. Gordon Agllen says:

      Rasmussen must have been afraid to be alone with a Trump lead. Trump with 47% against a corpse with an approval rate at 51+% is not possible. Trump is clearly in the real world almost certainly ahead nationally. I re-ask the question: Has an incumbent President with an approval rate of 51% EVER lost a Presidential Election??

    894. MrVito says:


      Just watched Brian’s Song again on YouTube after my post.

      Great movie.

    895. Robbie says:

      Rand Paul laid into Fauci at a hearing today and our pandemic overlord got extremely angry.

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. After the election, win or lose, Trump should fire Fauci.

      If Biden wins and wants to rehire him, he can do it. But Trump should fire the little tyrant.

    896. MrVito says:

      Fun fact. My dad played against Butkus in High School.

    897. Chicon says:

      RuRu, I doubt they’d be going to that extent if they were announcing charges.

    898. Ruru says:

      That’s the thinking
      Paid family 12.5 million last week
      Will that stop a riot?
      Copters now flying over town