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Biden : 352
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    Biden Leads Trump in OH In Two Polls, KS Senate Race Tied

    Another day of a lot of polls and they have all been entered into the databases and there was basically no change to the Electoral College, but it is worth pointing out the state that seems on the verge of tipping to Biden, the state of Ohio. We had two polls, one from Fox News and one from Quinnipiac University that put Biden ahead of Trump.

    PRESIDENT – OHIO (Fox News)
    Joe Biden (D) 50%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%

    PRESIDENT – OHIO (Quinnipiac)
    Joe Biden (D) 48%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%

    The Fox News poll was done September 20-23 and the Quinnipiac poll was done September 17-21, both among likely voters. Also worth mentioning is a new poll from Data for Progress that shows Republicans might be in trouble in yet another US Senate seat, the state of Kansas.

    Barbara Bollier (D) 42%
    Roger Marshall (R) 42%

    This poll was done September 14-19 among 883 likely voters. One bright spot for Republicans is a new poll from The Trafalgar Group that shows Trump up by a single percentage point on Biden in Michigan.

    PRESIDENT – MICHIGAN (Trafalgar)
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%
    Joe Biden (D) 46%

    This poll was done September 20-22 among 1015 likely voters.

    Posted by Dave at 10:06 pm
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    259 Responses to “Biden Leads Trump in OH In Two Polls, KS Senate Race Tied”

    1. MrVito says:


    2. Tina says:

      Ohio – Verge of tipping.

      Are you On ccrack?

    3. Tina says:

      Jebots too.

      Alberto Miguel Fernandez
      · 1h
      So @BuzzFeed, CNN and others in the American media played a key role in 2017 in disseminating an explosive dossier whose primary sub-source “might actually be a Russian spy”? twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/s…

    4. MrVito says:

      Ben Shapiro
      The dilemma, for those wondering, is that everybody on the Left was dead wrong about foreign policy for decades, and they now might be forced to admit it.
      Quote Tweet

      · Sep 18
      Donald Trump’s Mideast peace deals present the Nobel committee with a Benjamin Netanyahu dilemma, @ShaolinTom writes. https://bit.ly/33DfK2J

    5. mnw says:


      Does Dave really BELIEVE that?

    6. MichiganGuy says:

      David Wissing TDS has made him delusional. Ohio tipping.LOL Notice he doesn’t comment about the Michigan poll.

    7. Stonewall DW says:

      Dave W, the Fox News poll of OHIO was stinking D+8!!! Think man, use your brains. Trump would be leading Massachusetts if a poll reweighted it to be R+19.

    8. MichiganGuy says:

      Ok, I missed the fine print where he says one bright spot….

    9. Phil says:

      The data for progress poll is a real piece of work for Kansas. Has the senate race dead even and Trump up 4…..in Kansas? Guess Joe and Kamala need to get over there and campaign then. Kansas is winnable, baby! LOL I read some of the accompanying questions with the poll. Oh, brother. This has to be the mother of all push polls. Kind of surprised Dave posted this garbage.

    10. PhilS says:

      Dave W is a Trump Deranged Hack.

      Trump broke him in 2016.

    11. Justin says:

      “Interesting” question from the Emerson poll

      When asked who voters thought was more of a wimp, 57% said Donald Trump and 43% said Joe Biden.


    12. PhilS says:

      This moron thinks Trump is losing Kansas but winning Michigan.

      Biden level dementia.

    13. MrVito says:

      Every poll is right!

      Get the participation trophies lined up. The important thing is that you tried… or at least pretended to.

    14. Scooterboy says:

      It’s Dave’s blog he can post whatever he wants. I think Dave posts stuff just to get some of you fired up. I don’t think Dave is dumb enough to believe a lot of what he posts here. Or perhaps I’m giving him too much credit, and he really is that dumb. Only Dave knows.

    15. Phil says:

      Regarding Ohio. It was R+3 in 2016. In the Democratic year of 2018 it went to R+5!

      Now we’re supposed to believe it is suddenly D+8? Riiiiight.

      Baris says Trump is ahead and it isn’t even close. Says working class voters are as solid as ever for Trump.

      Flush this piece of garbage.

    16. PhilS says:

      Dave is really that dumb. You label garbage as “poll”, and he laps it up.

    17. Justin says:

      I wish Baris would reveal the Ohio numbers he is seeing.

    18. Bitterlaw says:

      Dave’s blog. Dave’s choice on what to post. He has kept this circus going for more than 16 years. We don’t have to agree with him. He does not kick anybody out for criticizing him. Anybody who can do a better job can start their own blog.

    19. PhilS says:

      Trump double digits in Ohio.

    20. PhilS says:

      Here comes Dave’s sock puppet.

    21. MrVito says:

      Just so everyone knows, Dave means it is in danger of flipping in his average up there at the top.

    22. PhilS says:

      Nobody said Dave doesn’t have the right to post whatever garbage he finds tasty.

      This moron constructed his own strain.

    23. PhilS says:


    24. Bitterlaw says:

      It is interesting that PhilS posts on a site he thinks is run by a moron. It is more interesting that he changed his handle to begin posting here again.

    25. Big E says:

      Here Here! There is more information and honest discussion this site than many other blogs. Trolls not included. I have been following this blog for 10 plus years. This site encourages people to research and seek truth.

    26. PhilS says:

      Dave’s sock puppet is hurt. Suick it up, moron

    27. Phil says:

      What was the old handle? My guess is it was “Trump”. Moron was also his favorite word.

    28. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzz. Internet tough guys come and go at HHR. IP 727, Gary Maxwell, MFG, LaZebra, michael corleone, etc.

    29. PhilS says:

      Go to bed, Dave’s sock puppet.

    30. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – I suspect IP or MFG.

    31. Bitterlaw says:

      Mr. Vito – I did not try to take your job as the HHR sock puppet.

    32. PhilS says:

      You make as much sense as a Biden press conference.

    33. Phil says:

      Yeah, I forgot about MFG….a real dick. That’s possible.

    34. PhilS says:

      You don’t even know what a sock puppet is.

    35. Phil says:

      Maybe make PhilS an honorary A-hole. I just don’t want him in the clubhouse.

    36. Justin says:

      Baris tweeted that if the election were today, the Fox poll for Ohio would be 10 points off.

      Does that mean he is showing Trump + 5 in Ohio?

      If so, that isn’t overly comforting for PA or even IA.

    37. MrVito says:

      I’m supposed to be MDs sock puppet, but he has abandoned me.


      WHO AM I?

    38. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil- An a-hole like PhilS does not deserve to be elevated to A-hole status.

    39. Phil says:

      Justin, Baris said last Friday he thought Trump would win Ohio by 6 and that it wasn’t close. Said he thought Trump carries Pennsylvania by around 80K votes or nearly double what it was last time. Said his polling showed trump carrying Erie County by double digits whereas he carried it by just 2 last time.

    40. Bitterlaw says:

      MD lost his way. He is a good guy. Both can be true.

    41. Phil says:

      Bitter, after further consideration I think you are probably right.

    42. jason says:

      Dave’s blog. Dave’s choice on what to post. He has kept this circus going for more than 16 years. We don’t have to agree with him. He does not kick anybody out for criticizing him. Anybody who can do a better job can start their own blog.”


      Start your own damm blog and just post the polls you like, see how many people will be interested in that. Otherwise stop whining and GFYs.

      And btw, “On the verge of tipping Ohio” is the correct interpretation of that poll, I have no problem with the wording. Personally, I think Trump will carry Ohio easily, but on the verge of tipping is what that poll says.

    43. jason says:

      MD, Corey, Kommie Kory, Robbie, Author had too much emotion invested in Trump losing and none of them ever got over the fact he didn’t.

      MD and Author became moonbats, Kommie Kory disappeared back to Canada, Corey and Robbie regurgitated MSM lies and garbage against Trump here for years.

      I confess MD surprised me the most. Author was always wobbly, I remember when he actually thought “fangate” was going to doom Scott. But MD once berated me for not being more supportive of Sharron Angle, he was so intent on getting rid of Harry Reid. He ranted about “blue frauds”. He wrote checks to conservatives everywhere.

      I believe he was once a true conservative. It is too bad he can’t see that Trump has actually delivered for conservatives. Or maybe he can but he is no longer a conservative.

      I considered him a friend here for years. Many here didn’t like him because he was combative and intolerant of different viewpoints.

      Many of those that didn’t like him are intolerant of different viewpoints.

    44. jason says:

      What was the old handle? My guess is it was “Trump”. Moron was also his favorite word.”

      Yeah but PhilS doesn’t have the same fixation with bodily functions that “Trump” did.

    45. jason says:

      This site encourages people to research and seek truth.”

      I love it when someone recognizes my greatness.

    46. Big E says:

      Genius recognized. GFY

    47. Gatorjoel says:

      I have never posted here but have been coming to this site for the last 12 years. It is great and very grateful for Dave maintaining it and entertaining diverging views. The truth is none of you or me know what will happen with this election any more than one poll or another. Trump has run a terrible campaign, has mishandled the pandemic and left an economy in shambles. If he was not running against a nearly catatonic wannabe socialist, this election would not be close. The bulk of the polls show Trump is in major trouble and folks cannot ignore the fundamentals here. We are in a recession and a pandemic and presidents being hit with this stuff (not to mention the barrage of negative media Trump faces) usually don’t get re elected. Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade.

    48. jason says:

      Dang, we used to get a lot smarter trolls than “Gatorjoel”.

      You can condense all that gibberish into “I am one dumb m’fer”.

      We have a major problem here, the trolls are from the very bottom of the troll gene pool.

    49. gatorjoel says:

      And total uneducated morons here named Jason!!

    50. Phil says:

      We deserve high level trolls. We have not gotten a top of the line troll in weeks. It’s a little insulting.

    51. Gil says:

      I have been on the HHR for more than 15 years. Don’t post much but follow the comments. There have been quite a few posters that have been here a while. Still miss Polaris and his ability to understand the true meaning of any poll.

      PS I am still the defending champion from the 2016 presidential election where we made our prediction on the electoral college vote.

    52. jason says:

      And total uneducated morons here named Jason!!”

      No, there is only one jason.


    53. NYCmike says:

      The one thing we should remember about the Trump rallies compared to 2016 is that they are being held in much smaller venues…..hopefully, that is NOT an important distinction.

    54. NYCmike says:


      If there are that many voters who blame Trump for the current economic troubles, then this country deserves a Biden/Harris administration. Then we will really get the economy we think we should get……and we will get it good and hard!

    55. mnw says:

      I don’t think gatorjoel is quite as much of an arrogant ignoramus as TIPW; messy; or ProudObamacon yet. But the sample size is too small to draw a definitive conclusion.

    56. NYCmike says:

      Mr. Vito,

      was there any footage from Louisville? Not sure where to look.

    57. jason says:

      Gil, you can’t rest on your laurels, 2016 was eons ago.

      You will be expected to make the right call in 2020 if you want to continue to have bragging rights.

    58. jason says:

      I don’t think gatorjoel is quite as much of an arrogant ignoramus ”

      Anyone who says Trump “left the economy in shambles” is one dumb idiot.

    59. jason says:

      I am insulted the troll thinks there is more than one moron here named jason.

      Btw, does anyone remember Jason with a capital J?

      What an a-hole.

    60. jason says:

      Big E says:
      September 24, 2020 at 11:59 pm

      Genius recognized. GFY”

      Thanks, man.

    61. Gatorjoel says:

      Forgot to say Trump will also lose PA. Those educated suburbanites and those folks in Philadelphia will be too much to overcome.

    62. jason says:

      So troll, considering you are grammar challenged and dumber than a doorknob, I assume you will be voting for Trump like the rest of us uneducated folk?

    63. Justin says:

      Goes from “no one knows what’s going to happen” to confidently making a prediction about Pennsylvania in two posts. What a fool.

    64. jason says:

      And besides, we are very educated here, on average.

      Tgca has like 152 PhDs, so it translates into an average of about 3 PhDs per regular poster here.

    65. gatorjoel says:

      Not a fool. I was being charitable in my initial post and ended up still be insulted. Now I can be correct. Trump will get crushed (not enough of those cowards ashamed to admit that they support him to overcome Biden’s substantial lead) and I can be a happily annoying troll on this site. Best of luck Y’all. You seem like nice folks, which is why I enjoy this site so much! Thanks very much Dave for a great site-you strike me as a very reasonable guy!!

    66. jason says:

      “The truth is none of you or me know what will happen with this election any more than one poll or another.”

      “Forgot to say Trump will also lose PA.”

      I hate trolls that can’t even get the trolling straight.

    67. MrVito says:

      Holy crud. In Cali

      BLM is now running cars off the road for going around their barricade and assaulting drivers.

    68. jason says:

      “I was being charitable in my initial post and ended up still be insulted.”

      Where are you from troll?

      English is obviously not your native language.


    69. gatorjoel says:

      Good night jason. Enough of your insults. Take your deplorable self and go cling to your guns and your religion.

    70. jason says:

      Now I can be correct.”

      Don’t bother. Everyone had you pegged as a dumb troll from the get go.

      No “corrections” necessary.

    71. MrVito says:

      Who’s gatortroll?

    72. jason says:

      Take your deplorable self and go cling to your guns and your religion.”

      How original. Half Clinton, half Obama.

    73. jason says:

      Does gatortroll get the award for fastest troll unraveling in HHR history?

      From concern troll to full moonbat “deplorable” in 4 posts.

    74. MrVito says:

      Could be.

    75. Gatorjoel says:

      More insults. Can’t wait to troll this site on election night when Trump loses and for the next four years when the Democrats roll back all of the damage Trump and his cronies have done.

    76. MrVito says:

      Andy Ngô
      At the Portland BLM-antifa gathering in front of the police association building tonight, a speaker on a microphone said that all is welcome in their revolution, even those who want to kill cops. They cheer. “There’s no bad protesters in a revolution,” he says. #PortlandRiots

    77. Big E says:

      Not everybody can pretend to be something they are not. The successful troll must be a weasel and have no convictions. A complete lowlife

    78. jason says:

      The troll implies that educated people will vote for Biden.

      Who he describes as “a nearly catatonic wannabe socialist”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    79. jason says:

      “Can’t wait to troll this site on election night”

      Don’t remember you from election night 2016.

      Did something disrupt your plans?

    80. Gatorjoel says:

      Yep, that is the choice. That said, he is better than a narcissistic fascist who degrades our fallen service men, blatantly disregards our democratic institutions, stokes racial division and lies about almost everything.

    81. MrVito says:

      I heard he told people to inject bleach and said Nazis were good people, too.

      Did you know he is a Russian agent?

    82. jason says:

      I trolled DKos for years.

      I was a Ralph Nader and Jill Stein supporter attacking Dem candidates from the left, not the right.

      I was called a deadender, but never banned.

    83. MrVito says:

      Someone should really impeach the guy.

    84. jason says:

      Gatortroll is really brainwashed.

      He is working himself into a frenzy and will soon be reciting the Communist Manifesto and singing the Internationale.

    85. MrVito says:

      I’m concerned that Biden is barely beating DrumpfHitler in the polls. Luckily they were right on the money the last two cycles… whew.

    86. jason says:

      “blatantly disregards our democratic institutions”

      This could be true.

      Rumor has it that Bill Clinton was actually telling Loretta Lynch that about Trump on the tarmac, and not talking about their grandchildren.

    87. MichiganGuy says:

      #83 I got banned on my first day back in January. I was supporting Sanders. It might surprise many of you that the owner of DKOS hates Sanders. LOL

    88. jason says:

      “degrades our fallen service men,”

      Gatortroll is addicted to fake news.

    89. jason says:

      It might surprise many of you that the owner of DKOS hates Sanders.”

      Not for his ideology, only because he doesn’t think he can win.

    90. MrVito says:

      “blatantly disregards our democratic institutions”

      Maybe Gatortroll is upset Trump never visited him at the institution.

    91. MichiganGuy says:

      Daily Kos Founder Markos Moulitsas is misleading again about Bernie Sanders.
      I can’t believe he let a poster post this on his own website. LOL

    92. MrVito says:

      Techno Fog
      Police cars revolving lightFlynn update – Interview 302 from FBI Agent William Barnett

      “BARNETT believed the prosecution of FLYNN by SCO (Team Mueller) was used as a means to ‘get Trump'”


      Thread full of highlights.

    93. MrVito says:

      Techno Fog
      Agent Barnett: the Flynn case “was ‘top down,’ meaning direction concerning the investigation was coming from senior officials.

      The intensity of the FBI leadership Flynn investigation was spurred by the leak of the Flynn/Kislyak call.


      Techno Fog
      FBI Agent Barnett had been on the Flynn case since the beginning.

      He was not notified of the FBI’s 1/24/17 interview of Flynn.

      Barnett believes he was “cut out” of the interview.

      Techno Fog
      How abusive was the Flynn investigation?

      It was so bad that Agent Barnett told his boss he wanted off the cases.


      “Barnett believed the [Flynn] investigation was problematic and could result in an IG investigation”

    94. MrVito says:

      So the PAC 12 is playing thanks to Trump.

      Help in Arizona or Colorado?

    95. Gordon Allen says:

      Gatorjoel: When an economy is expanding at 32% this quarter by definition we’re not in a recession,which technically is TWO successive quarters of GDP decline. We only had one, although although it was a doozy.
      As far as ” mishandling” the pandemic ( in a federal republic btw) your suggestion, I or Biden’s for that matter,on what precisely to do differently is/was….? And as compared to who( Cuomo,Boris Johnson…?)

    96. Country Dick Montana says:

      Gatorjoel gives it away in 66:

      Best of luck Y’all.

      Proudobamacon. Linguistics matter.

    97. jaichind says:

      Trafalgar PA poll. Biden ahead 48-46. This time I think they weighed by CD so nothing for me to complain about.

    98. Pitchaboy says:

      PA poll oversampled Philly and Pitt area. The results they got are however reflective of a MOE race. I believe DJT is slightly ahead. Can’t quibble much.

    99. Big E says:

      The next big move in the polls will be after the first debate. If Biden is incoherent then there will be a mini Trump surge. It won’t matter what the media says afterward. It will a gamechanger because it will be obvious to everyone that the Biden that people knew will long gone. It will Hiden with Biden afterward.

    100. Gordon Allen says:

      Reviewing Lagoa’s background and Barrett’s it seems clear to me Lagoa is the best bet,not only because of her ethnicity. She actually has a great deal more varied legal experience ( civil litigator, prosecutor,and judge for 14 years.)
      Barrett was primarily a law professor and legal writer; the latter scares me because I’m sure there are nuggets to be found that could be used against her, rightly or not.
      Lagoa’s cases were varied but not likely to have touched many hot button cultural issues,but her judicial restraint will be in the record.
      No offense to Barrett,but in an election year Lagoa seems easily the prudent choice. If Trump picks Barrett I think it shows he’s looking for a savage confirmation fight to sharpen the distinctions between the parties and to goad the Democrat’s to over reach and react.

    101. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #76- gatorjoel
      I doubt you will be at the HHR on election night because the Rust Belt states and others with a high first-time mail-in program will show election Day only votes going hughly to Trump.

    102. Todd McCain says:

      F MD! He was a j**koff.

    103. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is a new Likely Voter Colby College Poll of Maine. Its results are very similar to those from a month ago. Here are the high/lowlights:
      1) Biden +11 in the State
      2) Biden +3 in ME-2
      3) Collins(R) -4 in the Senate race with 13% of Republicans voting for the Democrat. Say What?


    104. jaichind says:

      I find 538 projection of a narrow Biden win in OH farcical

    105. Gordon Allen says:

      Barris said we’ll see egregious polls until just before Election Day. So I guess we’ll have to grin and bare it; although I confess difficulty with the grin part.

    106. PhilS says:

      “If Trump picks Barrett I think it shows he’s looking for a savage confirmation fight to sharpen the distinctions between the parties and to goad the Democrat’s to over reach and react.”

      Or because Trump thinks she better represents what a SC justice should do.

    107. PhilS says:

      There’s nothing to indicate that Trump wants a “savage” confirmation fight. Exactly the opposite, he wants a SC justice seated ASAP. His words.

    108. Stonewall DW says:

      Sometimes you just struggle to make a pick between two different excellent flavors of ice cream. Both are outstanding, but you have to pick one over the other.

      Both Barrett and Lagoa would be fine picks, but he has to in the end pick just one.

    109. PhilS says:

      Trump wants a SC justice seated asap, since he anticipates pre- and post-election litigation to reach SC soon.

    110. Tina says:

      Robert Barnes makes several arguments against Barrett. She could be Souter 3.0 here aka min Roberts.

      I am thinking that Lagoa is still the better pick here.

    111. Scooterboy says:

      Gatorjoel might be one of the dumbest trolls we’ve seen in awhile. Jason had him pegged after only a couple posts. We deserve better trolls than that.

    112. Tina says:

      Barr stool will just continue to embarrass the corrupt Judge and the Fib.

      · 39m
      Judge Sullivan and the DC Court of Appeals are turning out to be the unintentional heroes of the Flynn saga. In their unseemly quest to destroy Flynn, they refused to let DOJ drop case, and now we’re getting some of the most explosive documents about Special Counsel probe yet.

    113. Stonewall DW says:

      Democratic Party Platform:
      1) Anti-Police
      2) Pro-Looting
      3) Sieze retirement savings
      4) Sieze guns
      5) Pro-illegal immigration
      6) Rural America must bail out the failed Democrat cities
      7) If you are not a person of color, you are a racist whether you want to be or not.
      8) Pro-mutilation of young children
      9) Open prison doors and let them all go free
      10) End the free speech of anyone who dissents
      11) Anti-National Anthem
      12) Pro-Mail out ballots to all people: citizens, non-citizens, living, and dead.
      13) Pro-anarchy
      14) Pro-cancel culture
      15) Pro-rationing of gov’t controlled healthcare
      16) Pro-Force taxpayers to pay off student loan debt instead of the students who took the loans.
      17) Pro-“Green” new deal to devastate the economy with crippling regulations and destroy the energy industry.
      18) Pro-“Republicans are enemies of the state” (so aim your weapons at them carefully)
      19) Endless mob violence unless you vote Democrats into office
      20) Pro-never ending shut downs to keep everyone under government control
      21) Pro-send millions of jobs back to China
      22) Pro-never ending of jobless benefits
      23) Pro-living wage
      24) DC to become 51st state
      25) Anti-Peace in the middle east
      26) Pro-sex with minors
      27) Anti-vaccine until after the election.
      28) Pro-replacing the court system with lynch mobs.

    114. Phil says:

      I saw that from Barnes, Tina.

    115. Stonewall DW says:

      114 – did they actually say he is offline again today?

    116. Tina says:

      Dw, no word if he is sun downing,

    117. Tina says:

      This is not good. I wonder who will come here and defend the rib/comedy/McCabe and the lovers?

      Techno Fog
      · 8h
      ?Flynn update – Interview 302 from FBI Agent William Barnett

      “BARNETT believed the prosecution of FLYNN by SCO (Team Mueller) was used as a means to ‘get Trump'”

    118. Phil says:

      Silver gives Biden a slight edge in Ohio? Given how adamant Baris is about Ohio being done for Trump and how much he hates Nate Silver, this morning’s edition of Inside the Numbers ought to be epic.

    119. Marv says:

      RAS Twitter update-Trump approval unchanged.
      Should then stay @ 52/48.


    120. Tina says:

      Robert Barnes
      Sep 23
      If you’re for lockdowns, #Barrett’s your gal.
      If you’re for forced vaccines, #Barrett’s your gal.
      If you’re for cops bashing in your door in the presence of your minor child w/o any probable cause of a crime, #Barrett’s your gal.
      If you’re an authoritarian, #Barret’s your gal.

    121. Tina says:

      Preliminary hiring for upcoming holidays

      Sep 23
      UPS: Hiring 100,000 seasonal workers
      FedEx: 70,000
      Walmart: 20,000
      Michaels: 16,000
      http://1-800-Flowers.com: 10,000

    122. Marv says:


      You’re up early today.

    123. TIna says:

      Morning Marv.

      2nd cup of coffee already. From Hawai.

    124. Stonewall DW says:

      Thanks Marv, stable numbers from Ras.

      The jet is yours this weekend. I don’t need it for the Trump rally in Newport News.

    125. Marv says:

      Morning Tina,

      100% Kona Coffee will last the entire day!

    126. PhilS says:

      Tina says:
      September 25, 2020 at 9:02 am
      Robert Barnes
      Sep 23
      If you’re for lockdowns, #Barrett’s your gal.
      If you’re for forced vaccines, #Barrett’s your gal.
      If you’re for cops bashing in your door in the presence of your minor child w/o any probable cause of a crime, #Barrett’s your gal.
      If you’re an authoritarian, #Barret’s your gal.”

      So if Trump nominates Barrett, he’s for those things. Got it.

    127. Marv says:


      Thanks. I’ll take it to Cincinnati to watch Army@Cinncinnati tomorrow.

    128. Tina says:

      Can we have another summit with Kim and trump?

      NK NEWS
      · 7h
      BREAKING: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has apologized to South Korea for the shooting of its citizen earlier this week.

      Communication says it shouldn’t have happened and that the DPRK is sorry for the fatality.

      More coming soon via NK News.

    129. Stonewall DW says:

      Not sure if anyone noticed that just before the Christopher Newport Univ poll came out showing Biden +5 in Virginia, the Paladin poll of Virginia had it Trump 44 / Biden 48.

    130. Tina says:

      Busy Trump schedule today.

      A “Latinos for Trump” at Doral starts it off.

      Ends in Virginia.

    131. Phil says:

      No, The issue isn’t what Trump is for, it’s all about what Barrett is for. She’s the one who will be sitting on the Court for the next 30 years making the rulings.

    132. PhilS says:

      The issue is what’s Trump is for. He’s the one deciding who makes the SC rulings for the next 30 years. He has his criteria, which you don’t seem to be agreeing with.

    133. Tina says:

      Article on crowd sizes from Gp. They indicate that 35,000 attended the Florida rally yesterday. The table since 9/7 is midway down.


    134. Stonewall DW says:

      I am happy with either pick. The article I read suggested Barrett is well known and therefore it could shorten the time needed to confirm, whereas Lagoa is less known to the senators, and more time might be needed, and in case no one noticed, time is of the essence.

      Dems will be pulling every dirty trick in the book to delay.

    135. Phil says:

      Stonewall, I agree that time is of the essence. However, Lagoa went through the.same judiciary hearings and confirmation process that Barrett did when she was confirmed before. I see no reason her time table should be any different that Barrett’s.

    136. mnw says:


      Good catch on gatorjoe. I hadn’t noticed that, but u r right.

    137. Scooterboy says:

      So from the Fox Polls, they have it ;

      Ohio: D + 8
      PA: D + 8
      Nevada: D + 6

    138. prineville says:

      95 ……. Doubt the pac10 helps much in AZ. Everyone there is from somewhere else and there is little, if any, passion for azstate or UA. Most folks in AZ are concerned about if theres enough beer in the fridge for the wknd. Seems all these folks do is drink drink drink.

    139. mnw says:

      ACB clerked for Scalia! She has a substantial judicial history now– enuf to frighten & depress the eft, particularly on 2A issues.

      Souter was chosen precisely because he was a blank slate, & so “the DEMs will have nothing to beat him up with,” remember?

      Comparing ACB to Souter(!) is JUST INSANE! All I can get out of that is that it’s just a manifestation of free-floating anxiety.

    140. hugh says:

      With the liberal Murdock children and board members like Paul Ryan, it is only a matter of time until someone with money gets behind one of the more conservative new outlets. Fox will end up like the NBA or the Drudge Report losing massive viewers. Fox will then have to decide to go back to its roots or swing further left to capture part of the MSM audience. Many fox viewers cannot wait to switch ships, but have no where to go for TV viewing. Nothing is more appalling than the FOX new polls. I barely watch Fox anymore. I much prefer Fox Business, except for never trumper Neil Cavuto.

    141. Phil says:

      No, ACB is definitely no Souter. The question is does she morph into a Roberts.

    142. mnw says:

      Well ZH*t, Phil! How can anyone say that ANY nominee WON’T morph?

      I attach some hope to the fact that TRUMP is about to nominate ACB, not W,

      I read her dissent in a case (I think where she was all by her lonesome) in which she said an ex-felon retained his 2A right to own & possess a firearm, because the def’s fraud conviction didn’t justify revoking his 2A rights. I’m here to tell you, the left is ballistic about that one. I’m not even sure that I agree with her.

      Do you think Roberts would’ve been the lone dissent on a case like that?

    143. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil’s: then in that case Lagoa is the pick. She’s been in the legal arena for many years and as a Judge you can discern her legal philosophy.
      I the 5 years I was an Administrative Law Judge I never had any hot button issue s but anyone reading my decision could tell I was a judicial conservative. I have more faith in Lagoa to be one than Barrett, although I think both are likely fine.
      Lagoa though is probably a harder target to hit politically.

    144. PhilS says:

      If Trump is for Barrett (which nobody knows is true or not, we’ll all know Saturday at 5), then he is for (1) lockdowns, (2) forced vaccinations, (3) no-knock police raids, and (4) authoritarianism.

      This is what we are being sold.

    145. Phil says:

      Lagoa is indeed a much harder target to hit.

    146. mnw says:

      As Tina hinted, RAS today is 52/48 (same), & the Strong/Strong is 42/44 (Trump down a point or two, IIRC).

    147. mnw says:

      Souter got picked precisely because “he was a much harder target to hit.”

    148. Phil says:

      Time to grab my coffee and listen to a couple of hours of Baris.

    149. Tina says:

      Bottom line on Danchencko disclosure — and I’ll write more on this tomorrow.
      The last the FBI assessed him in July 2010, he was a Russian Agent for FISA purposes. When he resurfaced in Dec. 2016, and they ID’d him as the PSS, they could only assess him as a Russian Agent.

    150. Greymarch says:

      Trump is doing four campaign events in FL today, and also meeting with Legoa in FL today. How much time could he possibly give her today, if he is also doing four campaign stops in FL? This will be the first time Trump has met Legoa. So Trump is gonna meet with Legoa for a few minutes, then suddenly give her the nomination the next day? That would be rather reckless, even for Trump.

      The meeting with Legoa is lip-service to one of the WH’s staff.

      Barrett is the obvious pick. Barret is the best pick. Book it.

    151. Stonewall DW says:

      Silver is free to say 1+1=5, but we all know its not true including that clown last night who showed up here bragging about Fox News’ A rating and Trafalgar’s C- rating at 538. Its nothing more than propaganda. Not only did Trafalgar get the 2018 Florida races correct, here is the record from 2016′ POTUS race. Silver and his hack followers are free to post here a list of polls from any other pollster if they wish. None of them are even close to this:


      Hillary 45/Trump 44/Johnson 5/Stein 4

      Actual: 48/43/5/1 – Stein voters shifted to Hillary. Still they got the winner right.


      Hillary 46/Trump 50/Johnson 2/Stein 1

      Actual: 47.8/49/2/1 – Off just a bit on the margin.


      Hillary 45/Trump 52/Johnson 2/Stein 0

      Actual: 46/51/3/0 – A bullseye.


      Hillary 47/Trump 49/Johnson 3/Stein 1

      Actual: 47/48/4/1 – Another bullseye


      Hillary 45/Trump 50/Johnson 3/Stein 1

      Actual: 47.5/46/3/0 – They got this one wrong. Nobody’s perfect, but others had it close too.


      Hillary 44/Trump 49/Johnson 4/Stein 0

      Actual: 46/50/3/0 – Another bullseye


      Hillary 44/Trump 49/Johnson 2/Stein 1

      Actual: 44/52/3/1 – Another bullseye


      Hillary 47/Trump 48/Johnson 2/Stein 1

      Actual: 47/48/2/1 – Dead-Center Bullseye


      Hillary 38/Trump 53/Johnson 3/Stein 1

      Actual: 41/55/2/1 – Another Bullseye


      Hillary 30/Trump 40/Johnson 4/McMullin 25

      Actual: 27/46/4/22 – Excellent job in a very hard to poll race. On the edge of the Bullseye.

      1 Dead-center bullseye (PA)
      5 Bulleyes (OH, NC, MI, GA, SC)
      3 Just on or off the edge of the bullseye (FL, CO, UT)
      1 Missed the target (NV)

      Ten polls, just one miss.

      Silver can call that a C- and the garbage Fox News puts out an A, but its not the truth.

    152. Stonewall DW says:

      Phil, how do you watch Baris? Do you have to have a twitter account? I went to the page and don’t see any live feed. I haven’t done much with twitter

    153. Stonewall DW says:

      Phil, I found it, never mind

    154. Scooterboy says:

      155. Watch him on YouTube or FB live.

    155. jason says:

      Trump is doing four campaign events in FL today, and also meeting with Legoa in FL today.”

      Yesterday I read that was not happening (Lagoa)

    156. Gatorjoel says:

      Did you all see the USA Today article where even the Kremlin is concerned Trump will lose? Wow! They can’t even steal the election this time!

    157. jason says:

      It was fun last night. New troll was outed in record time.

      gatortroll flamed out on like the 2nd post and by the fourth post was talking about “deplorables”.

    158. Stonewall DW says:

      leftist pollster Data for Progress…


      Trump 46
      Biden 45

    159. MrVito says:

      The media sure likes relying on the Kremlin for sourceS.

    160. Stonewall DW says:

      They have the same exact results for Texas…and they have Biden +3 in FL

    161. Greymarch says:

      #158: Jason, please provide the link where you read that Trump is not meeting with Legoa today.

    162. jason says:

      gatortroll must still be living in the cold war if he thinks the Russians are some kind of threat.

      Isn’t that what Obama told Romney during the debate?

      “When you were asked, what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said ‘Russia.’ Not Al-Qaeda; you said Russia,” Obama charged. “And, the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

    163. Stonewall DW says:

      Baris just said that among OH voters, who do you think will win OH, its Trump way ahead.

    164. MrVito says:

      Eyewitness News
      · 11m
      Virginia governor Ralph Northam, wife, test positive for coronavirus http://7ny.tv/33XX1z7

    165. Wes says:

      MD started regurgitating DNC talking points in 2013 and 2014. Around the same time, Brandon started doing the same thing. Both were emotionally invested in seeing Democrats win that year for some reason.

      When MD followed up his flawed predictions in 2014 by being dramatically wrong in 2016, he simply lost his mind.

    166. mnw says:

      Politico has a SAVAGE attack on ACB today, from a hard left perspective– “Catholic extremist; rightwing zealot; out of the mainstream” kind of thing. It’ll make your blood boil.

      I guess the left must not share the expressed concerns here that she’s “another Souter” or “another Roberts” then? They seem to hate her guts.

    167. Marv says:


      Who was the poster here a few years ago who got really irritated with me about the US air base in Thule, Greenland?

      I said that it should remain open, and for some reason that really irritated him.

      I think it might have been Michael?

    168. Waingro says:

      #128, that is concerning, PhilS. This indicates she has strong conservative authoritarian leanings — particularly on 4th amendment issues.

      However, I would point out that, for example, Alito has been very similar in many of his rulings/sidings since he got to SCOTUS.

      If she is solid on 1st, 2nd Amendment, states rights and immigration issues — like an Alito has been — she will still be solid.

      But, yes, maybe Lagoa is the better and safer pick afterall.

    169. mnw says:

      Harry Reid opined yesterday that “Trump doesn’t have a prayer.”

    170. Marv says:

      Barabara Lagoa remains my personal preference.

    171. mnw says:

      Don’t you get it? It’s ACB. Why do u think the Trump rally organizers/ushers in W. PA were passing out ‘We want ACB’ signs a couple of days ago?

      Breyer is 82.

    172. Waingro says:

      #175, yes, the base is VERY fired up for her. I don’t see Trump pulling the rug out from underneath. Lagoa may be next up.

    173. Greymarch says:

      #175: mnw, please provide a link to where you read that Trump rally organizers/ushers in W. Pa were handing out “We want ACB” signs.

    174. Big Joe says:

      Just catching up on the polling from the last two weeks. Seems all over the place. Aggregates, though, are saying the horserace remains stable.

      RIP to the Notorious RBG. What a fight she put up. The aftermath is playing out exactly as expected. A woman will replace her, and its all about who gets their base fired up more in the process. At first I thought RBG’s passing could change up the race, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. We continue to be on two teams and we stick with our teams no matter what.

      Locally here in GA, Warnock has moved into 2nd place in a few polls. That will make things interesting for Nov 3. Loeffler and Collins are doing an excellent job splitting the GOP vote almost equally. Karen Handel signs are everywhere in my hood. Either she’s gonna make a comeback or she has some overly excited volunteers.

      Rock on.


    175. mnw says:


      It was posted at Ace of Spades (AoS HQ) by one of the regulars there, who said he was posting from the rally site.

    176. Scooterboy says:

      Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from a Russian Billionaire, but Gatortroll is worried about the Russians stealing the election for Trump.
      You can’t make this chit up.

    177. mnw says:

      Jan. 19, 2018 “Sotomayor returns to work after health scare.”

      Overweight. Type I diabetic.

    178. Stonewall DW says:

      To compare Trafalgar’s work, here is a look at Emerson College, who polled quite a bit in 2016:

      ARIZONA: Hillary 43/Trump 47/Johnson 2/Stein 2
      Actual: 45/49/4/1 – A Bullseye

      ARKANSAS: Hillary 29/Trump 57/Johnson 5/Stein 3
      Actual: 33/61/3/1 – A Bullseye

      COLORADO: Hillary 44/Trump 41/Johnson 8/Stein 4
      Actual: 48/43/5/1 – Edge of bullseye

      FLORIDA: Hillary 46/Trump 45/Johnson 4/Stein 0
      Actual: 48/49/2/1 – Missed winner, though not far off numbers.

      GEORGIA: Hillary 42/Trump 51/Johnson 2/Stein 3
      Actual: 46/51/3/0 – Off a bit, espectially on Stein – edge of bullseye.

      IDAHO: Hillary 23/Trump 52/Johnson 4/McMullin 10
      Actual: 29/59/4/7 – Bullseye

      ILLINOIS: Hillary 53/Trump 41/Johnson 2/Stein 0
      Actual: 56/39/4/1 – Bullseye

      IOWA: Hillary 41/Trump 44/Johnson 5/Stein 4
      Actual: 42/51/4/1 – missed the margin on Trump

      MAINE: Hillary 46/Trump 42/Johnson 12/Stein 2
      Actual: 48/45/5/2 – Bullseye, but missed Johnson

      MICHIGAN: Hillary 50/Trump 43/Johnson 3/Stein 3
      Actual: 47/48/4/1 – Bad miss on winner and margin.

      MISSOURI: Hillary 41/Trump 47/Johnson 7/Stein 2
      Actual: 38/57/3/1 – Bad miss on the margin.

      NEBRASKA: Hillary 29/Trump 56/Johnson 7/Stein 1
      Actual: 34/59/5/1 – bullseye

      NEVADA: Hillary 47/Trump 46/Johnson 4/Stein 1
      Actual: 48/46/3 – Bullseye

      NEW HAMPSHIRE: Hillary 45/Trump 44/Johnson 5/Stein 3
      Actual: 47/46.6/4/1 – Bullseye

      NORTH CAROLINA: Hillary 46/Trump 42/Johnson 5/Stein 3
      Actual: 46/50/3/0 – Bad miss both in winner and margin

      OHIO: Hillary 39/Trump 46/Johnson 7/Stein 3
      Actual: 44/52/3/1 – Bullseye

      PENNSYLVANIA: Hillary 48/Trump 43/Johnson 6
      Actual: 47/48/2/1 – Bad miss on winner and margin

      RHODE ISLAND: Hillary 52/Trump 32/Johnson 5/Stein 5
      Actual: 54/39/3/1 – Edge of bullseye.

      TEXAS: Hillary 35/Trump 49/Johnson 5/Stein 4
      Actual: 43/52/3/1 – missed margins.

      UTAH: Hillary 20/Trump 40/Johnson 3/Stein 2/McMullin 28
      Actual: 27/46/4/1/22 – not bad given the difficulty. Bullseye

      VIRGINIA: Hillary 49/Trump 45/Johnson 3/Stein 1
      Actual: 50/44/3/1 – bullseye

      WISCONSIN: Hillary 48/Trump 42/Johnson 9/Stein 1
      Actual: 46/47/3/1 – bad miss

      Overall Emerson is one of the better ones, but they fell well short of Trafalgar. They juiced their successes by polling a lot of easy states. But even so, here is the summary:

      0 Dead-center bullseye
      10 Bulleyes (AZ, AR, ID, IL, NE, NV, NH, OH, VA, UT)
      6 Just on or off the edge of the bullseye (CO, FL, GA, IA, ME, TX)
      5 Missed the target (MI, MO, NC, PA, WI)

    179. Hugh says:

      173. Darn the race is over

    180. MrVito says:

      Baris says 538 just moved Fox up to an A poll instead of B.

    181. Big Joe says:

      #182, DW-

      Do you know the reason 538 gives for rating Trafalgar a C-?


    182. MrVito says:

      Because he’s a fraud. See 184.

    183. Stonewall DW says:

      185 – Because Silver is lying fraud. He has way too much power. Baris just pointed out from his personal conversations that some of the good University pollsters are terrified of Silver because if Silver gives them a B- instead of an A-, their funding for polls will dry up.

      So they all play the game, bow to Silver to get the grade and keep the funding flowing.

    184. MrVito says:

      I would like to see an investigation in Silvers ties to the betting markets. Remember his Election Day statement… my odds… uh… I’d look at the betting markets.

    185. Stonewall DW says:

      Baris just said that the betting markings are not listening to Silver this time. Silver is a lying fraud.

    186. Big Joe says:

      I understand that dislike of Silver here. I’m trying to find a reason backed by statistics for the low rating. So far, I’ve found this page:

      “We’ve Updated Our Pollster Ratings Ahead Of The 2020 General Election”

      Not much there but appears that emphasis is place on most recent races (2019 governor, 2020 primaries).

      Anyway, 538 is one of many aggregators, as usual I say trend is more important than the topline.


    187. Stonewall DW says:

      “find a reason backed by statistics for the low rating”

      There isn’t. That’s the point. He IS A LYING FRAUD. That is why he is hated here, not because of a bad haircut or body odor or any other reason. He is hated because he uses his fraud to damage polling agencies who are accurate and show good news for Republicans, and to reward fraud pollsters by calling them accurate.

    188. Stonewall DW says:

      Baris hinting on his forthcoming Rust Belt polling:

      OH +6 Trump
      IA +3 Trump
      MI +1 for Biden
      PA +1 for Trump
      MN +2? (a little lead for Biden)
      WI – he was talking fast and I missed what he was saying.

    189. Tina says:

      Political Polls
      · 20m
      #NEW Nevada Poll:

      Biden 47% (+4)
      Trump 43%

      ALG Research (D) LV, 9/15-21


    190. MrVito says:

      Wisconsin was strong for Biden… he said it’s the same as 2016.. only their last poll ended up Trump +1.

    191. mnw says:

      I’ll bet the SCOTUS fight moves the needle, for better or worse, & that the so-called “debates” (joint appearances) won’t.

    192. Stonewall DW says:

      193 – not bad from a Dem pollster. Lots of undecided too.

    193. Scooterboy says:

      Baris said the other day that Wisconsin tends to be a late breaking State. Along with Iowa. He said that both broke towards Trump in the last 2 weeks in 2016.

      He currently has Iowa at Trump + 3. That’s about where he had Iowa for Trump in 2016. Iowa ended up being +10 for Trump I do believe.

      He said he believes Trump will end up winning Iowa, but it will vote to the left of Ohio this year, unlike in 2016.

    194. MichiganGuy says:

      #143 Hugh, OAN NETWORK is much better than Foxnews. If they aren’t on your cable TV system you can watch them here:

    195. MrVito says:

      Why didn’t Dave put up the Iowa Monmouth poll?

      It looks like it was taken mostly after RBGs death.

    196. Tina says:

      The debate is an issue.

      I don’t trust the “moderators.” We know who they work for? They probability also gave the questions to camp Biden.

      And they will have the “instant poll,”. Drat plus 20.

    197. MichiganGuy says:

      OAN NETWORK = One America News Network. Just to be clear.

    198. Tina says:

      What was the Monmouth Iowa result?

    199. MrVito says:

      202 Trump +6 registered and +3 likely.

    200. PhilS says:

      Has any Dem ever lost a debate, as scored by the media? At any level?

    201. Tina says:

      Has anyone told CNN that Obama’s FBI used a Russian spy in their hoax to frame Trump?

    202. Tina says:

      Thanks, Vito.

    203. Phil says:


      Yeah, I’ve been watching a lot of that lately.

    204. Robbie says:

      Ron DeSantis has moved to end all corona restrictions on restaurants and businesses in Florida.

      That now makes three states (Nebraska, Indiana, Florida) that are done with corona mind control.

      Pandemic Overlord Fauci will not be happy.

    205. Robbie says:

      PhilS says:
      September 25, 2020 at 12:29 pm
      Has any Dem ever lost a debate, as scored by the media? At any level?

      – Dukakis in 1988.

    206. Stonewall DW says:

      “Why didn’t Dave put up the Iowa Monmouth poll?”

      Same reason he didn’t mention the Christopher Newport poll of VA. Doesn’t fit the desired narrative.

    207. Phil says:


      Yeah, I’m sure Fauci will spout off. You can count on it. I hate that guy.

    208. Tina says:

      Did you see Dr. Atlas the other day?

      He tore apart fallacy.

      Another career long bureaucrat that is incompetent,

      And Lard arse from the “cdc” is no better.

    209. Phil says:

      Saw it, Tina. It was epic.

    210. Wes says:

      Has everyone forgotten Romney destroyed Obama in the first debate in 2012? I don’t recall anyone’s saying Obama won.

      Also, GWB clobbered Gore in the first two debates in 2000 and edged him out in the third. Gore gave such a bad performance in the first two the media were openly lampooning him.

    211. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      September 25, 2020 at 12:36 pm

      Yeah, I’m sure Fauci will spout off. You can count on it. I hate that guy.

      – I now believe he sees his job as requiring him to give multiple CNN interviews every day and undermine Trump at every opportunity.

    212. Phil says:

      He’s been undermining his boss for the last nine months, Robbie. Yeah, I look for him to pick up the pace over the next five weeks.

    213. Stonewall DW says:

      During first debate, Biden has a medical emergency and keels over. Trump rushes over and gives first aid and revives him, saving his life.

      CNN Headline: Trump illegally performs medical procedure without a license!

    214. MrVito says:

      To date Magawa has discovered 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance, making him the most successful of APOP’s HeroRats.


    215. Phil says:

      ….or Trump Fails To Social Distance

      Or Trump Approaches Biden Without A Mask

    216. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A new Likely Voter USA/Suffolk Poll of Minnesota has Biden +7. The PID is D+4. Lots of good questions in this poll. Look at the answers to Qustion #31.


    217. John says:

      If I remember correctly Kerry destroyed GWB in their first debate as well….using the famous statement at W “you rushed off to war!”

    218. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Add: Republican Lewis is trailing by 10 pts. with a lot of undecideds.

      Also,nearly 18% of the poll respondents claim that they have participated in the recent protests/riots. That’s high!

    219. Scooterboy says:

      220. We are seeing that in almost every poll.

    220. MrVito says:

      Some points that stick out in MN poll.

      Plurality say Joe will win the debates.

      Majority say concerned about fraud in mail ballots

      Better off than 4 years ago 53-30

      Believe Trump will win 45-40

    221. Greymarch says:

      #221: Yep. Remember during that first debate, GWB kept leaning over his podium, like he didnt really care? Kerry won the first debate. GWB won the next two.

      It’s common for the president to lose the first debate. The president usually doesnt prep as much as the challenger.

      Obama lost the first debate to Romney, then Obama won the next two debates.

      Reagan lost the first debate to Mondale, then made a wonderful showing in the seceond debate.

    222. John says:

      I don’t if this has been posted…
      Pa poll
      Biden 48.1
      Trump 45.9
      Traflagar Group I believe

    223. Tina says:

      Yeah, w lost that first debate. W was exhausted Mentally because he met with Disaster victims earlier in the day, if I remember.

      It led to the veep debate, where Cheney obliterated silky pony.

    224. Tina says:

      Baris has warned that incumbent presidents generally do bad the first debate.

    225. Scooterboy says:

      That better off than 4 years ago is a pretty big number.

    226. Tina says:

      Trump campaign hits China Biden on the Russian hoaxing abuses.


    227. Scooterboy says:

      I think Biden will do worse in the second debate, because it’s a Town Hall format.

    228. Gatorjoel says:

      So how come even the most accurate pollster from last time (Trafalgar) cannot even show a Trump lead in PA? Perhaps because Trump will lose their state and the election?

    229. Tina says:

      And we have a whistleblower against the coup plotters and Russian hoaxers .

      FBI Agent who led Flynn Investigation refused to keep working on it for Mueller SCO — thought it was being used to “Get Trump.”

    230. MrVito says:

      Looks like the undecideds in Trafalgar lean 2 or 3 to 1 conservative and profracking.

    231. MrVito says:

      Trafalgar unfortunately did not poll PA until the end last time.

      The other most accurate were Harper, Susquehanna, and Gravis, who polled about Clinton +1 at the end and about Clinton +3 at this same time in 2016.

    232. Tina says:

      Nikki Schwab
      · 26m
      .@JoeBiden is back home in Wilmington (they drove, so @DrBiden could fly to Maine) and a “lid” has been called – which @realDonaldTrump will likely have a field day about.

    233. Robbie says:

      Win or lose, I hope Trump publicly fires Fauci after the election. If Biden wins, he can always hire back the old fool if he wants. Regardless, Fauci needs to fired. And states governed by Republicans should publicly repudiate the suggestions made by Fauci and Birx, for that matter.

      No one has done more to damage the economic and societal fabric of American society than Fauci. He was the author of the disastrous shutdown policy that caused 50 million people to seek unemployment. He even said the fallout from the shutdown was a “minor economic inconvenience”. Well, I’m about to lose my job and I don’t see it as minor.

      Just as terrible as the economic fallout, an entire generation of students are having their educational experience ruined because of policies pushed by Overlord Fauci. Over the next five years, you can bet your rear end the number of people who attend college falls because many students will give up on education after this disaster.

      Fauci’s fingerprints are all over the destruction of the country. He doesn’t deserve another Presidential Medal of Freedom. He deserves scorn and humiliation. At a moment of crisis, the “expert” chose pseudoscience. That’s all a lockdown ever was, pseudoscience. What will he offer next? Leeching?

    234. Tina says:

      We have another “LID.”

      39 days out,

    235. MrVito says:

      Word is Ron Paul had a stroke on livestream.

    236. MrVito says:

      I saw the video. Hopefully he is okay.

    237. Gordon Allen says:

      Couldn’t agree with Robbieore about Fauci. Desantis just told him to get lost pretty much opening up Florida completely.
      BTW today marks TEN straight days of 50% or better for Trump on Rasmussen; if that has ever happened before I don’t recall it.

    238. lisab says:

      Take your deplorable self and go cling to your guns and your religion.

      (whistle – red card)

      #70 … intentionally using stale troll memes from 2015 …

    239. lisab says:

      That said, he is better than a narcissistic fascist who degrades our fallen service men, blatantly disregards our democratic institutions, stokes racial division and lies about almost everything.

      but … you want to replace our democratic institutions with the mob and already promote racial riots?

    240. lisab says:

      I was a Ralph Nader and Jill Stein supporter

      i was too 🙂

      poor nader … he was a good guy

    241. MrVito says:

      Ron Paul is hospitalized.

      Told “precautionary”

    242. jason says:

      ZZzzzzzzz….what dishonest garbage.

      When it looks like BS and smells like BS it is BS.

      Robbie spent months here as a COVID concern troll basically supporting all the fake news narrative that was used to justify the shutdowns.

      He couldn’t wait to be the first here to parrot CNN’s narrative on “cases” and “deaths” and blah blah blah.

      So his whining about lockdowns rings really hollow considering that he swallowed the MSM line on them hook, line and sinker.

    243. lisab says:

      As far as ” mishandling” the pandemic ( in a federal republic btw) your suggestion, I or Biden’s for that matter,on what precisely to do differently is/was….? And as compared to who( Cuomo,Boris Johnson…?)

      they don’t want a federal republic

      they want a centralized government

      which would allow them to among other things put uniformly high taxes even in rural states so that there would be no incentive to move out of cities

    244. jason says:

      Better get the suicide hotline number for Bunu in case it is something serious.

    245. MrVito says:

      It clearly looked like a stroke… from normal speech to facial droop and nonsensical jawing on one side.

    246. Tina says:


      Covid Concern Troll.

    247. Wes says:

      You watched a different second Bush-Kerry debate from what I watched if you think Bush won that one, Greymarch. GWB only slightly outperformed his first debate showing in that one. He improved markedly in the third, but Kerry lost primarily by sleazily attacking Dick Cheney’s daughter for being gay.

    248. jason says:

      poor nader … he was a good guy”

      Sorry, I never agreed with him on anything.

      But maybe he is good with his dogs.

      Hard to believe he is actually older than Biden.

    249. lisab says:

      Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from a Russian Billionaire, but Gatortroll is worried about the Russians stealing the election for Trump.

      how does this not make the news?

    250. MrVito says:

      New thread.

    251. Wes says:

      Ron Paul is 86. If he did have a stroke it’s probably the beginning of the end for him.

    252. lisab says:

      nader was definitely for the people

      there was no questioning his personal integrity

    253. jason says:

      Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, no more, no less.

      Leftists elevated him to great statute because it helped their cause of attacking capitalism.

      Then they think it came back to bite them in 2000 but it really didn’t.

      Nader did more to make Americans think corporations are evil and greedy than anyone else in America.

    254. Scooterboy says:

      Actually if you read the write up that Trafalgar did on their Pennsylvania poll, Trafalgar believes that Trump will most likely win the State because the undecided in their poll are heavily Trump leaning.

    255. PresidentPaul! says:

      5 of the remaining 8 justices are Catholic, and you can add to that that Neil Gorsuch was raised Catholic so that would be 6 of 8. If Barrett is on there that could be 7 of 9 of them are Catholic.

      I hope they don’t think they are being discriminated against by all these WASPS.

    256. zortilonrel says:

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