Trump : 186
Biden : 352
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GOP : 47
DEM : 51
IND : 2
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    Trump Leads Biden in AZ and TX By 1%, Biden Leads Trump in FL, NV, ME2 and PA

    Data for Progress today now has Donald Trump up on Joe Biden by the same exact 1% margin in the state of Arizona and Texas.

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%
    Joe Biden (D) 45%

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%
    Joe Biden (D) 45%

    Joe Biden (D) 46%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 43%

    Mark Kelly (D) 47%
    Martha McSally (R-inc) 38%

    John Cornyn (R-inc) 40%
    MJ Hegar (D) 38%

    These polls were done September 15-22 among likely voters in each state. In Maine, a new poll from Colby College has Trump down by 3% in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

    PRESIDENT – MAINE – CD2 (Colby)
    Joe Biden (D) 46%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 43%

    This poll was done September 17-23 among 425 likely voters. In Nevada, there is a new poll from ALG Research has Trump within 4% of Biden.

    Joe Biden (D) 47%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 43%

    This poll was done September 15-21 among 800 likely voters. And in Pennsylvania, a new Trafalgar Group poll has Trump even closer to Biden than in Nevada.

    Joe Biden (D) 48%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

    This poll was done September 18-21 among 1006 likely voters.

    Posted by Dave at 1:58 pm
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    528 Responses to “Trump Leads Biden in AZ and TX By 1%, Biden Leads Trump in FL, NV, ME2 and PA”

    1. SoHope says:

      I mean First

    2. SoHope says:

      …or did I?

    3. MrVito says:

      Prayers for Paul family.

    4. MrVito says:

      Trafalgar is 48-46 Dave.

    5. Wes says:

      Ron Paul is 86. If he did have a stroke it’s probably the beginning of the end for him.

    6. Tina says:

      Yup, up one in ?Texas.

    7. Scooterboy says:

      Actually if you read the write up that Trafalgar did on their Pennsylvania poll, Trafalgar believes that Trump will most likely win the State because the undecided in their poll are heavily Trump leaning.

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    8. Scooterboy says:

      Trafalgar- “ Pennsylvania was tight in 2016 and remains tight in the presidential race,” said Restoration PAC Founder and President Doug Truax. “We believe President Trump has the stronger message down the stretch that will tip the balance his way.”

      The Trafalgar Group Pollster Robert Cahaly added that details about undecided voters provided some clues to where the race may be headed.

      Within the undecided subgroup, support for fracking was 58.4 percent and opposition only 19.7 percent with 21.9 percent having no opinion.

      On preference for the type of Supreme Court justice they prefer, these undecideds strongly preferred a strict constructionist conservative, 58.4 percent, over progressive liberal, 0 percent, civil libertarian, 0 percent, or someone with same philosophy of justice vacating the seat, 25.1 percent.

      “This clear ideological divide covering those who have yet to commit to a candidate may be determinative of how the race will trend,” Cahaly said.

      The fracking and China questions provide a clear opening for President Trump to drive a message in Pennsylvania,” added Glenn Hodas, part of our polling team.

      Here are the major topline results:

      Trump: 45.9 percent
      Biden: 48.1 percent

      Favor 51.9 percent
      Oppose 32.9 percent

      Strict constructionist conservative: 36.6 percent
      Progressive liberal: 27.6 percent

      Threat to United States: 71 percent.
      No threat to United States: 14 percent.

    9. Chicon says:

      Same outcome in AZ & TX. Do these guys read their stuff before they hit publish?

    10. jason says:

      lisab says:
      September 25, 2020 at 2:15 pm

      nader was definitely for the people

      there was no questioning his personal integrity”

      Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, no more, no less.

      Leftists elevated him to great statute because it helped their cause of attacking capitalism.

      Then they think it came back to bite them in 2000 but it really didn’t.

      Nader did more to make Americans think corporations are evil and greedy than anyone else in America.

      I am not a fan.

      And not everyone believes in his great “integrity” either.

      “Nader wraps himself in the mantle of “public interest” with a personally ascetic style and a focus on structural or “apple pie” issues — consumer safety, corporate accountability, “citizen power” — rather than traditional partisan issues. He opposes not conservatives, but arrogant corporate leaders who amass money through public tax breaks, deny any democratic input or inquiry, and viciously attack anyone who challenges them. It’s a brilliant strategy.

      Unfortunately, Nader has become exactly what he attacks. His organizations allow no public input, intimidate foes and journalists, bust unions, hide almost all details of their finances (to the point of breaking laws), and have amassed millions of dollars – all under Nader’s direct and autocratic control. Meanwhile, Ralph has gotten rich off of investments in stock; in other words, by owning and profiting off the very corporations he is attacking.

      “Ralph’s image is built on the idea that he is somehow pure, not motivated by power, fame or money like those nasty politicians. But he is in fact just another Washington lawyer and lifelong Beltway pol who has built a powerful organization, lobbies Congress, raises millions through direct mail and $1,000 a plate dinners, gets paid tens of thousands by interest groups for his speeches, manipulates the press and overworks a lot of earnest young staffers.”


    11. Tina says:

      Will there be a meme of China Biden in the basement due to a LID?

    12. lisab says:

      why is president paul upset about a strong dollar and deflation?

      isn’t he the one that buys gold because it is strong? is that not the point of going back on the “gold standard”?

      while other currencies experience inflation, a gold backed currency stays strong?

    13. lisab says:

      Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, no more, no less.

      yes, and regular people are consumers

      Nader did more to make Americans think corporations are evil and greedy than anyone else in America.
      well … corporations are run by people, and many are greedy

    14. Phil says:


      This is the same outfit that did the Kansas Poll Dave posed last night showing a tied race in Kansas for Senate and Trump up 3.

      Ignore these. Cornyn up by 2 in Texas?

      Good Lord.

    15. lisab says:

      i think the dems have given up on scotus

      even joy behar thinks it is over

      barrett is prettier …

      lagoa may play better with suburban karens

    16. MrVito says:

      I have to applaud Trump’s efforts here regardless.


    17. Phil says:

      Lagoa may play better with suburban karens

      Bingo…..and that’s exactly where Trump’s slippage from his 2016 coalition has been and why he’s carrying whites by 3-4 less than he did last round. Baris and Barnes both have argued for Lagoa for that very reason.

    18. PresidentPaul! says:

      Assuming he had a stroke, since the stroke was witnessed In real time he will probably get a reversal agent and be fine.

    19. Marv says:


      “Unsafe At Any Speed” was a thing when I was in college.

    20. Stonewall DW says:

      The bad news is if the election were held today, Trump probably either barely wins (Trafalgar is right about a 0.7 lead in MI) or barely loses (MI tilts the wrong way, and all the other close states fall just short meaning Trump wins nothing else after FL+NC+AZ, and finishes with 260 EVs.

      The good news is that four years ago at this time, and actually well into October, Trump was in even worse shape against Hillary, and in the last two weeks late deciders shifted toward Trump.

      Potential is there this time for late Trump shift again.

      GOP needs to pound the airwaves with the message that they don’t want Harris as president and AOC as Speaker of the House.

    21. Marv says:

      Winning is important. I hope it’s Lagoa.

    22. jason says:

      Me too.

      ACB is ok, but she really brings nothing to the table.

      Lagoa would be a lot smarter pick.

    23. Phil says:

      Me too, Marv. The discussion is probably academic, however. All signs seem to point to Barrett.

    24. jason says:

      well … corporations are run by people, and many are greedy”


      We don’t need Ralph Nader to tell us that.

      Greedy people exist everywhere. The media. Non-profits.

      Painting corporations as greedy and evil has done a great disservice to America, and nobody had done it better than Ralph Nader.

    25. jason says:

      I am just hoping Skippy will zip by and tell he saw ACB at the airport.

      Then we know it’s Lagoa.

    26. Stonewall DW says:

      I don’t really care either way, Barrett or Lagoa. Not sure why so many want to argue about it. I will be happy for either one to replace Ginsburg.

    27. Chicon says:

      Hi, Phil. Agree….most of the polls are on the Grain Of Salt list for me.

      I continue to note that not one person I know who voted for Trump last time are changing to the Geriatric Sniffer. Imo, it is a GOTV race and Trump has invested bigly in ground game.

    28. Marv says:


      All signs pointed to Pas De Calais too.

    29. Phil says:

      Would love to watch Democratic committee members like Kamala Harris beat up on an Hispanic woman in hearings. That would Absolutely help in places like Arizona and with women in general. Won’t play well at all.

    30. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      September 25, 2020 at 2:05 pm
      ZZzzzzzzz….what dishonest garbage.

      When it looks like BS and smells like BS it is BS.

      Robbie spent months here as a COVID concern troll basically supporting all the fake news narrative that was used to justify the shutdowns.

      He couldn’t wait to be the first here to parrot CNN’s narrative on “cases” and “deaths” and blah blah blah.

      So his whining about lockdowns rings really hollow considering that he swallowed the MSM line on them hook, line and sinker.

      – These are 100% lies from Jason. Absolute lies and he knows it. Stupidly though, Jason made his bed with Overlord Fauci in it so he’s unwilling to kick the old fool or the Presidential Medal of Freedom he thinks Fauci deserves out of bed.

      Never once did I come here and support endless lockdowns espoused by your boy Fauci. Never, never, never. I made the mistake of believing Fauci was sincere when he talked about “two weeks to slow the spread”, but I never supported lockdowns that went on for two to three months. Quite honestly, I think it’s clear Fauci knew he was setting the stage for a month’s long lockdown and played Trump and us.

      I think the lockdowns, the restrictions on people’s ability to work, and mask mandates are violations of the law and our human rights. You, on the other hand, want to give Overlord Fauci another Presidential Medal of Freedom. Why? Who the heck knows.

      Fauci is a fraud who should be fired from his cushy government job. No one elected him to take control of my life or your life. He’s a government functionary who has developed a God Complex. He goes on CNN five times a day to answer softball questions and undermine any piece of good news out there.

      Only a fool would put their faith in Fauci. He’s either senile or a liar. The other day he fought with Rand Paul over T-Cells protection. Paul said the evidence suggested T-cells from previous corona infections might provide some form of protection. Fauci, a fraud, indignantly said that was incorrect. Strange because your boy Fauci said just the opposite a few weeks ago. And on July 28, Dr. Francis Collins, Fauci’s boss, wrote on his NIH blog that T-cells from previous corona infections offer some protection.

      Fauci should be fired this afternoon. Period. End of story. If you want to create a website to worship him, go right ahead. But don’t forget to mention all of the businesses his pseudoscience recommendations like a lockdown destroyed. Don’t forget to mention the 50 million who had to claim unemployment due to his suggestions either.

    31. Boog says:

      Question: Which state this year will be the unexpected/unforeseen win for Trump? I mean the state that comes out of nowhere and surprises. New Mexico? Oregon?

    32. Chicon says:

      How many voters will watch the hearings? Of those who do, how many will change their vote for President because of what they hear there?

      Pick the best potential Justice. And the one most likely to survive the process. No time for a 2nd try before the election.

    33. Marv says:


      OR is a long shot. NM probably not. Although not really long shots, I like NH and MN if the count is fair.

    34. Marv says:


      Sorry, #34 was for you.

    35. prineville says:

      Oregon? No chance. Portland runs/controls and dominates oregon politics. The majority of portlanders would vote for a child molester who is also a serial killer and has spent 20 yrs in prison for bombing government bldgs over ANY individual with an R after their name. Its why I was rooting for every single square inch of that garbage town be burnt to the ground.

    36. Phil says:

      Yeah, Fauci tries to cite one study when there is overwhelming evidence that some have TCell immunity that adds to the number of recovered people who have antibodies.

      It pissed me off.

    37. Boog says:


      Agree that OR is a long shot, but wonder if Portland riots may have an impact on the white vote there.

    38. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      September 25, 2020 at 3:17 pm
      Yeah, Fauci tries to cite one study when there is overwhelming evidence that some have TCell immunity that adds to the number of recovered people who have antibodies.

      It pissed me off.

      – Up until a month or so ago, I said Trump needed to suck it up and just learn to coexist with Fauci because any vaccine would need his imprimatur.

      I don’t think that anymore. Trump should cut bait and move on from him. Fauci has shown himself to be concerned with himself and how the public views him. He’s clearly trying to burnish his image in hopes of maximizing a book deal that we all know is coming.

    39. Stonewall DW says:

      Here is another 538 A rated pollster to compare to Trafalgar:

      Suffolk University

      FLORIDA: Hillary 44/Trump 45/Johnson 3/Stein 0
      Actual: 48/49/2/1 – Bullseye

      MASSACHUSETTS: Hillary 57/Trump 25/Johnson 4/Stein 3
      Actual: 60/33/4/1 – Bullseye

      NEVADA: Hillary 44/Trump 38/Johnson 7/Stein 1
      Actual: 48/46/3 – Missed margin by a bit

      NEW HAMPSHIRE: Hillary 42/Trump 42/Johnson 5/Stein 2
      Actual: 47/46.6/4/1 – Bullseye

      NORTH CAROLINA: Hillary 45/Trump 43/Johnson 2
      Actual: 46/50/3/0 – Bad miss both in winner and margin

      OHIO: Hillary 45/Trump 45/Johnson 2/Stein 1
      Actual: 44/52/3/1 – bad miss

      0 Dead-center bullseye
      3 Bulleyes (FL, MA, NH)
      1 Just on or off the edge of the bullseye (NV)
      2 Missed the target (NC, OH)

    40. PresidentPaul! says:

      Louisville University Shuts Down, Tells White Students To ‘Educate Yourselves On Systemic Racism’

      I saw the Univ of Wisconsin has been eliminating any board of a regents members who they suspect of being “Trump supporters as well.


      This is why everyone who goes to university needs to be a “Democrat” although not necessarily a Democrat for their own well being.

      If you’re a “Conservative” that means you want to be flunked or kicked out.

    41. Marv says:


      OR, WI, and CA won’t flip, but I think the riots will narrow Biden’s popular vote wins there. Maybe enough for Trump to perhaps pull even in the national popular vote total.

    42. Stonewall DW says:

      Democratic Party Platform:
      1) Anti-Police
      2) Pro-Looting
      3) Sieze retirement savings
      4) Sieze guns
      5) Pro-illegal immigration
      6) Rural America must bail out the failed Democrat cities
      7) If you are not a person of color, you are a racist whether you want to be or not.
      8) Pro-mutilation of young children
      9) Open prison doors and let them all go free
      10) End the free speech of anyone who dissents
      11) Anti-National Anthem
      12) Pro-Mail out ballots to all people: citizens, non-citizens, living, and dead.
      13) Pro-anarchy
      14) Pro-cancel culture
      15) Pro-rationing of gov’t controlled healthcare
      16) Pro-Force taxpayers to pay off student loan debt instead of the students who took the loans.
      17) Pro-“Green” new deal to devastate the economy with crippling regulations and destroy the energy industry.
      18) Pro-“Republicans are enemies of the state” (so aim your weapons at them carefully)
      19) Endless mob violence unless you vote Democrats into office
      20) Pro-never ending shut downs to keep everyone under government control
      21) Pro-send millions of jobs back to China
      22) Pro-never ending of jobless benefits
      23) Pro-living wage
      24) DC to become 51st state
      25) Anti-Peace in the middle east
      26) Pro-sex with minors
      27) Anti-vaccine until after the election.
      28) Pro-replacing the court system with lynch mobs.

    43. Tina says:

      Steve Herman
      · 43s
      A single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s experimental #COVID19 vaccine produces a strong immune response against the #coronavirus in an early-to-mid stage clinical trial, according to interim results. https://medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.09.23.20199604v1.full.pdf

    44. Pitchaboy says:


      What President Paul has been railing about! PP is an interesting guy.

    45. OHIO Joe says:

      “Question: Which state this year will be the unexpected/unforeseen win for Trump? I mean the state that comes out of nowhere and surprises. New Mexico? Oregon?” I think it is within the realm of possibilty that Mr. Trump win both those state, although as of now I for one think New Mexico would be much more likely of the 2 to go in the GOP column. Some other states that might come out of Left field to join the GOP column if the election is no longer close are VA, CO, Maine (at large) and New Jersey. States like Rhode Island and NY might be close, but I think they are a bit out of range.

    46. jason says:

      They are selling some high quality sh-t in Ohio, whatever OH Joe is smoking. Rhode Island?

      A surprise to me would be for Trump to win NV, NM, or CO.

    47. Robbie says:

      The Phase1/2 trial results from JNJ have been released. If Pitch is around, he can better describe what the study says, but it looks pretty good to me.

      Best of all, the vaccine requires just one shot. The vaccine produced an immune response in 98% of those who received it. I believe this is the first time a study suggested some didn’t produce an immune response, but maybe I’m wrong.

      Regardless, now the question is whether it does what we hope. One issue I believe needs to be better discussed by officials is just what they hope a vaccine will do. My understanding is vaccines can either prevent infection or prevent disease. The former is optimal, but the latter means, even if you get infected, you end up with mild symptoms like any other cold and serious illness is taken off the table.

    48. Tina says:

      Stop #2 for trump


      Platinum Plan for Black Americans, which was mention me above by Vito

    49. George says:

      From Rush today: I can say I don’t think there’s gonna be a debate Tuesday night. I don’t think there’s going to be a debate, period, between Trump and Biden.


    50. Tina says:

      “Trump himself has rarely been exposed to hostile questioning during his presidency.”

      Josh Dawsey, compost.

    51. Tina says:

      Fire Wrong Wray.

      An epic disaster.

    52. Robbie says:

      I’ve been tracking the daily number of corona cases so you don’t have to do so, but today is one of those days that makes the effort almost totally useless.

      For instance, Alabama received a massive backlog of cases that produced a one-day result higher than any measured since the outbreak began. The same happened today with South Carolina. And this comes on the heels of Texas dumping 20,000 positive cases one day this week.

    53. Boog says:


      Usually, the states move in tandem: MO is more right than OH which is more right than IA which is more right than MN.

      But I wonder if the states directly affected by the riots, like MN and OR, will move “out of sync” because of the toxic effect of the riots. I think if states like VA and CO go red (which I think might happen, or they will be closer than last time), even though they weren’t directly hit by the riots, then it will be a red landslide because of the tandem movement.

    54. Country Dick Montana says:


      54 – Here you go Robbie. Good article about how bad PA is and includes some really revealing graphs. We really don’t know and that is a major thing that feeds the mistrust.

    55. Tina says:

      Super V Kathie ???? 41 DAYS
      I’m in PA visiting parents.

      Tom Wolf should just go ahead & endorse

      His court fight for lockdowns & further smothering is creating Trump support.

      People here are fed up with this government overreach.

      Trump signs EVERYWHERE & few masks. No one is sick.

    56. Stonewall DW says:

      Another 538 A rated pollster:

      Monmouth University

      ARIZONA: Hillary 45/Trump 46/Johnson 4/Stein 1
      Actual: 45/49/4/1 – Bullseye

      COLORADO: Hillary 49/Trump 38/Johnson 7/Stein 3
      Actual: 48/43/5/1 – Off the margin by 6

      FLORIDA: Hillary 46/Trump 41/Johnson 6/Stein 1
      Actual: 48/49/2/1 – Bad miss

      GEORGIA: Hillary 42/Trump 45/Johnson 8/Stein 0
      Actual: 46/51/3/0 – Off a bit, espectially on Johnson – Edge of bullseye.

      INDIANA: Hillary 39/Trump 50/Johnson 4
      Actual: 38/57/5 – off a bit on the margin

      IOWA: Hillary 37/Trump 45/Johnson 8/Stein 2
      Actual: 42/51/4/1 – bullseye

      MISSOURI: Hillary 38/Trump 52/Johnson 4/Stein 2
      Actual: 38/57/3/1 – Bullseye.

      NEVADA: Hillary 47/Trump 40/Johnson 7/Stein 0
      Actual: 48/46/3 – Missed margin

      NEW HAMPSHIRE: Hillary 46/Trump 42/Johnson 7/Stein 1
      Actual: 47/46.6/4/1 – Off on margin

      NORTH CAROLINA: Hillary 47/Trump 46/Johnson 4
      Actual: 46/50/3/0 – Bad miss both in winner and margin

      OHIO: Hillary 44/Trump 42/Johnson 5/Stein 1
      Actual: 44/52/3/1 – bad miss on winner and margin

      PENNSYLVANIA: Hillary 48/Trump 44/Johnson 3/Stein 1
      Actual: 47/48/2/1 – Bad miss on winner and margin

      UTAH: Hillary 31/Trump 37/Johnson 4/McMullin 24
      Actual: 27/46/4/22 – Off on the margin.

      WISCONSIN: Hillary 47/Trump 40/Johnson 6/Stein 1
      Actual: 46/47/3/1 – bad miss

      Notice Monmouth got all the most important 2016 states wrong:

      0 Dead-center bullseye
      3 Bulleyes (AZ, IA, MO)
      6 Just on or off the edge of the bullseye (CO, GA, IN, NV, NH, UT)
      5 Missed the target (FL, NC, OH, PA, WI)

      Again compare to Trafalgar’s summary:

      1 Dead-center bullseye (PA)
      5 Bulleyes (OH, NC, MI, GA, SC)
      3 Just on or off the edge of the bullseye (FL, CO, UT)
      1 Missed the target (NV)

      Silver is an absolute fraud.

    57. Tina says:

      Ridiculous, border needs to be secured from illegals, even more so now because of the China virus.

      AP Politics
      · 2h
      A federal appeals court has revived a House challenge of President Trump’s use of Defense Department money to build a border wall. Trump unilaterally moved about $8 billion after Democrats refused to provide funding he requested. http://apne.ws/7jYF2es

    58. jason says:

      These are 100% lies from Jason. Absolute lies and he knows it. ”

      Zzzzzz…. Robbie Fraudster caught lying again and now is all worked up.

      I can access dozens of posts here where you basically regurgitated the CNN and MSNBC narrative on COVID, you were called on it dozens of times by just about everybody here.

      And you are still here with the MSM narrative that we are doomed until 2023 and all that nonsense.

      Nobody is going to believe the “Fauci is the devil” red herring.

      In my view, Fauci has given the best advice available at the time the information was available.

      But in any case, he is just a member of the Task Force chaired by Pence. He is the foremost authority on infectious diseases in the US and a brilliant man, but in the end the decision were made by Pence and Trump, not him. Fauci, along with many others, made recommendations. Some were accepted some were not. It is how the system works.

      If you want to find scapegoats, look at Cuomo and DeBlasio and Wolf and Murphy who allowed tens of thousands to die in nursing homes due to their incompetence.

      Look to the MSM who hyped up the frenzy in order to damage Trump and in the process made anything other than lockdowns politically untenable.

      Look to useful idiots like you who enable the MSM to get away with their lies, distortions, and fabrications.

      Oh, and GFY.

    59. Country Dick Montana says:

      Boog, with regard to VA, can you tell me how the rest of the state counters the DC suburbs where nearly everyone has high paying jobs feeding at the government trough. They have 1000 2A sanctuary counties and it does not appear to be enough.

      As long as there is a huge federal work force in the DC suburbs, then VA and MD are pretty much gone for the GOP at the national level.

      Have a ties to CO. Old stoners and entitled, virtue signalling youth. One reason why the NW part of the state wants to secede.

    60. Tina says:

      Third Nobel peace prize?

      Josh Caplan
      · 3m
      MAARIV: Oman and Sudan could announce normalization agreements with Israel as soon as next week

    61. jason says:

      Ridiculous, border needs to be secured from illegals, even more so now because of the China virus.”

      If Biden wins, whatever was built will be torn down or abandoned.

      Monumental waste of money.

    62. PresidentPaul! says:

      If Biden tears down border fencing, that’s good politics for republicans.

    63. Tina says:

      More Hoe Please.

      by Starbuck
      “Nothing we’ve achieved… has come without a fight and so I’m always going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country… and as necessary.”
      – Kamala Harris

    64. Gordon Allen says:

      Off the wall surprise; Maine. Trump is being underpolled there.Enough?? Probably not,but is there a ” punchers chance”: Yes

    65. Boog says:

      Montana, I lived in DC during law school, so I know Northern VA is a lost cause. I think Trump has a chance, but maybe only 30% in VA. Has to bring in SE Va like last time, bring home the never trumpers (more of a thing in VA), and get a few percent more of the AA vote (which is likely).

    66. OHIO Joe says:

      I think you partially misunderstood. I doubt that it is possible to win Rhode Island. It is beyond reach. The question was what surprise state Mr. Trump could win. I am not predicting that the GOP obtain the electoral point of place like Maine at large or even New Jersey. Yes those states would be a surprise, but they are within the realm of possibility by November second if things shake out in the right direction.

    67. Robbie says:

      Fauci sees himself as the true leader of the country and his prescriptions have been a disaster for the economy and the fabric of society. Now, Fauci has been reduced to either lying about T-cells or simply forgetting what he previously said. Either way, a person like him should not be our de facto pandemic overlord.

      If it were up Fauci, he would have placed the entire nation under house arrest and completely disregarded constitutional liberties and freedoms simply to try and suppress a virus with a 99.8% survival rate without any real treatments. And not only would he have placed the country under house arrest, he would have kept us locked up for several months even though there’s no evidence an upper respiratory illness can be suppressed.

      Before March 2020, lockdowns were understood to be a totally ineffective remedy and the collateral fallout from them would be worse than the illness. Yet, Fauci bucked decades of medical advice and franticly called for one. He did the same for masks. On March 8, he said they didn’t work because, well, masks don’t work for an upper respiratory illness. Yet, Fauci changed his tune as soon as he saw Trump didn’t care for them and it would be a good way for him to distance himself from Trump.

      Fauci repeatedly goes on CNN and MSNBC because he knows they’ll offer him soft ball questions and he knows the appearances will allow him to put distance between himself and Trump. That alone will help him garner a big payday from a future book deal. But when Fauci gets even a modestly tough question, he gets testy and indignant.

      Fauci should be have been layered over months ago and those who still treat him as a hero or worthy of a medal are wrong.

    68. Phil says:

      24 hours after Fox releases it’s fantasy polls from Ohio and Nevada Nate Silver raises the Fox Poll ratings from a B rating to an A.

      You can’t make his sh*t up.

    69. mnw says:

      In 25 hrs or so, we’ll know who Trump nominates, so this discussion is pretty academic now.

      But anyway, Lagoa:

      She’s joined in 11 federal appellate decisions to date, only 3 of which were published. Her record is so sparse that you can not draw any conclusions from it. While a FL judge, she ruled on a bunch of mundane state cases. Nothing there to indicate what she’d do on SCOTUS regarding key federal issues such as abortion; religious freedom; 2A, either.

      The impetus for her nomination came (is coming) from FL GOP politicians.

      People here never seem to agonize over how risky a choice Lagoa would be. You wanna worry about Souter &/or Kennedy? Worry about the blank slate.

      Trump may lose, but THIS new judge could be on SCOTUS for 20-30 years even if he does. Trump shouldn’t make a choice this consequential based on the perceived political advantages in FL!

    70. Tina says:

      From Cn and n. (Caution)

      See new Tweets

      Ryan Struyk
      Sources: Trump intends to choose Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court via


    71. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022
      Voters tell CNN why they’re supporting President

      “The president is making every effort to do his best for people of color…the president is bringing us together.”

      “He’s doing a phenomenal job and he has my vote. Absolutely.”


      Camerota looks like she’s trying to pass a Buick through her bowels as she’s listening to this. I cannot believe they aired this.

    72. Tina says:

      If he thinks he is behind, he goes with Lagoa.

      If he thinks he is winning bigly, he goes with Amy.

    73. Greymarch says:

      Seeing the same report from Pam Brown, reporter for CNN:


      CNN now claiming Trump picked Barrett.

      Not sure why CNN would get the scoop, but CNN is the first “news org” to officially announce who Trump picked.

    74. OHIO Joe says:

      “Trump may lose, but THIS new judge could be on SCOTUS for 20-30 years even if he does. Trump shouldn’t make a choice this consequential based on the perceived political advantages in FL!” True, especially when Florida is essentially in the bag and PA, WI, MI and maybe even MN are all likely within the margin of error.

    75. mnw says:

      By the time a new SCOTUS seat is filled, we should have a much better fix on Lagoa’s judicial philosophy.

    76. Tina says:

      Another holiday?

      Sam Dubke
      · 5m

      President @realDonaldTrump’s “plan will increase access to capital, fuel Black owned businesses, cut taxes… make Juneteenth a National Holiday, prosecute the KKK and ANTIFA as terrorist organizations, and make lynching a national hate crime.”


    77. Stonewall DW says:

      Baris told interesting anecdote today regarding Virginia. He was in DC and getting a ride in a cab, the black cabbie was praising Trump and saying how its all the stinking blankey-blank white people in Northern VA that has ruined the state.

    78. Tina says:

      Scarfarce is the latest “Biden staffer” concerned with his campaign.

    79. Stonewall DW says:

      IPSOS out with national poll showing…

      Biden +4 with adults
      Biden +6 with registered voters
      Biden +8 with likely voters


    80. OHIO Joe says:

      “saying how its all the stinking blankey-blank white people in Northern VA that has ruined the state.” Sound like a good description of Portland, Oregon.

    81. Hugh says:

      81. Ha ha ha. Right.

    82. Tina says:

      I am fine with her.

      Hope she does not turn into Roberts and choke every big decision like him.

      There is an interesting argument that she pulls Roberts to the right.

      Roberts is stabilized and less wobbly.

    83. MrVito says:

      Scott Adams
      It’s starting to look as if everyone except the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in 2016. #Simulation

    84. Tina says:

      I am triggered. The African American crowd in Georgia was chanting “12 more years.”


    85. Robbie says:

      Tina says:
      September 25, 2020 at 4:23 pm
      I am fine with her.

      Hope she does not turn into Roberts and choke every big decision like him.

      There is an interesting argument that she pulls Roberts to the right.

      Roberts is stabilized and less wobbly.

      – If she’s the pick and of she’s confirmed, Roberts will have to slide to the right, otherwise he’ll have no say in any major rulings.

    86. mnw says:


      I can see the argument about Roberts. He likes to get out in front of the majority on major opinions. He doesn’t like 5-4.

    87. Tina says:

      Appoint him today.

      Shem Horne
      US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen. He was an FBI agent for 10 years and he has already done more to expose the FBI’s wrongdoing in his short time working for AG Barr than Director Wray has done in 3 years.

    88. Robbie says:

      If Roberts moves left, that makes Thomas the most senior justice in the majority and allows him to decide who writes which rulings. I doubt Roberts wants Thomas writing an abortion opinion for the majority.

    89. Greymarch says:

      Trump is so mercurial, if Fox News, OANN and even Mitch McConnell later tonight say Barrett is the nominee, I might still hedge my bets until the nominee is physically standing next to Trump tomorrow at 5pm.

      Nevertheless, I really hope its Barrett. Our country badly needs her on SCOTUS. She’s not only that 6th conservative vote, she’s a female Scalia, and she’s a game-changer towards firing-up Trump’s base for Nov 3rd.

    90. Phil says:

      One thing about Barrett, I do think she’ll do a good job in the hearings.

      One thing, are we sure she wasn’t present pouring the spiked punch at the Kavanaugh rape parties?

    91. Country Dick Montana says:

      Robert’s concern is the “integrity of the Supreme Court.” Nothing says political than a bunch of 5-4 decisions split between the liberal and conservative wings, so he voted with the liberal side to give the appearance of a non-political court. Once the new conservative Justice is in place, you will see a lot more 6-3. 7-2 (Kagen) decisions.

    92. Tina says:

      Yikes, China Biden in 2016 called our troops stupid bastards.


    93. Tina says:

      Mnw, I actually worry that Kavanaugh slides left.

      Could be the Bush roots.

      And those “hearings” led by the jebots’Avenati with an assist by Fake Flapper, were disgusting.

      I just saw video of Kavaanaugh’s wife tearing up. Their kids were present.

    94. mnw says:

      “firing up Trump’s base”:

      Isn’t it already amped up to 11? We may nave reached the point of diminishing returns there?

      I had so many Trump/RNC fundraiser solicitations in my mailbox that the post office left me a note saying, “Your mailbox is too full. We can’t get any more in.”

      Really. They have a form for that.

    95. jaichind says:

      IPSOS has Biden ahead by 8 in LV, 6 in RV, 4 for A. I find that very hard to believe given everything we know about the enthusiasm gap

    96. mnw says:


      Kavanaugh wouldn’t be human, he’d have to be an angel walking the earth, if he weren’t bitter & looking to settle a few old scores.

    97. Country Dick Montana says:


      Trumps base is amped up to…

    98. MrVito says:

      · Sep 24
      Just received email from @NBCNews asking for details about our latest #Pa poll, and all I could think of is to reference below screen shot showing NBC’s last PA poll in ’16 showing Clinton leading Trump by 12 POINTS. You can’t make this stuff up folks. REQUEST DENIED!

    99. jason says:

      CNN says its ACB.

      I don’t know why they would get the leak though.

    100. jason says:

      When the Babylon Bee actually seems credible…

      “WASHINGTON, D.C.—In anticipation of Trump’s upcoming announcement of who he will nominate to the Supreme Court, the Democrats have posted a nationwide job listing for believable accusers to tarnish the reputation of whoever Trump nominates. The best candidates from all applicants will be invited to a casting call in D.C. to show off their “believable accusation” ability.

      “We know that whoever Trump nominates will be an evil, mean, bad person,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “That’s just the kind of man Trump is. He hangs around evil, mean, bad people and he nominates them too. To prove this and save our democracy, we are hiring several believable witnesses to accuse Trump’s nominee of whatever they probably did.”

      Listings have been purchased on ZipRecruiter, Monster, LinkedIn, and Craigslist.

      Interested candidates will have just a few days to submit their applications before the Senate hearing. At the casting call, they will be judged on their ability to cry on command while telling a horrific story of abuse on camera.”

    101. Scooterboy says:

      I think people are getting way ahead of themselves with talk of winning States like Virginia, Oregon, New Jersey, Rhode Island etc….
      I believe it’s gonna be close. I’d be happy at this point with Florida, North Carolina,Ohio, Pennsylvania, & Arizona. That would pretty much be the ballgame. Anything after that is pretty much just icing on the cake.

    102. Greymarch says:

      I know this…

      Trump had/has several campaign events today. If he didnt meet with Legoa today, then Barrett is most definitely the nominee.

    103. MrVito says:

      They will claim she molested or overlooked molestation of a child.

      You heard it here first.

    104. Tina says:

      Gp article on Dr. Atlas. There are 2 videos embedded.

      One when he smashes the presstitute/fallaci/cdc director.

      The other on Laura’s program. Good discussion on T cells.


    105. MrVito says:

      Person X did Y and she told me to keep quiet.

    106. Scooterboy says:

      I still say Pennsylvania is the tipping State. I think whoever wins Pennsylvania will win the election.

    107. jason says:

      People here never seem to agonize over how risky a choice Lagoa would be. You wanna worry about Souter &/or Kennedy? Worry about the blank slate.”


      I see mnw extends deadenderism to SCOTUS too.

      What an asinine statement.

      If Trump wins, he will likely get to appoint other SCOTUS seats, so picking the best SCOTUS name that helps is win is not a small matter that should be disregarded.

      Second, Lagoa is no “blank slate”, that is just stupid character assassination. Lagoa has a solid conservative record, is recommended by solid conservatives, member of the Federalist Society, there is NOTHING to indicate she is anything but a a conservative. Blank slate, my ass.

      Trump has picked ACB, so be it. There could be reasons for that that we don’t know.

      And despite mnw’s silly rants against her, I still think Lagoa was the best pick.

    108. mnw says:

      100 CDM

      That’s what I was referencing.


      puppet show
      and Joe Biden

    109. Chicon says:

      I’m with Mnw – go with the one that has the best chance of being the best Justice. If their equal in that regard, go with the one who can handle the hearings best. If still equal, go with political issues.

      The electoral difference is small. Nobody still on the fence will be watching.

    110. jason says:

      Frankly I would worry more about taking advice from someone who thinks Kris Kobach should be in the Senate than I would Lagoa’s “blank slate”.

    111. Country Dick Montana says:

      How many times do I have to tell you, its always Biden THEN puppet show.

    112. MrVito says:

      When I clicked on CDMs link, I got a Joe Biden ad.

      But the way they title it at the top looks like

      Totally Negligent Joe Biden for President 2020.

    113. Greymarch says:

      #109: Agreed. PA will decide the election. Not for only the EC votes, but because PA will be the indicator of how all the other battleground states will likely shake-out.

    114. jason says:

      go with the one that has the best chance of being the best Justice. If their equal in that regard, go with the one who can handle the hearings best. If still equal, go with political issues.”

      This is not bad advice.

      The question is do we really know who would be best Justice and who will handle hearings best?

      I think it is clear politically Lagoa would be better.

      Don’t get me wrong. ACB is eminently qualified and a great pick. I am not going to pull an mnw and bash her because I didn’t get my way.

      But in my view, all things WERE about equal, in which case Lagoa would be a home run.

    115. mnw says:


      I realize law school wasn’t your thing, but… how do you get from “3 published opinions” to “solid conservative record”?

      She has NO record. Can you point me to an opinion she wrote that supports your view?

      Stick deadender up your dumb adz, btw.

    116. Greymarch says:

      Hell, CNN could be reporting its Barrett because they know Trump hates them, Trump doesnt want them to have the scoop, and this could motivate Trump to choose someone else. This political cycle, any org in the MSM is capable of anything.

    117. mnw says:

      I worry about taking advice from someone like Jason who’s so stupid he didn’t even vote for Trump over HRC myself

    118. PhilS says:

      “Bingo…..and that’s exactly where Trump’s slippage from his 2016 coalition has been and why he’s carrying whites by 3-4 less than he did last round.”

      At some point, you may learn not to compare poll results form one year with actual results from another year. Maybe not.

      What was Trump polling with whites in Sep 2016?

    119. Country Dick Montana says:

      Wolfie has his panties in a wad. BTW, Dr. Levine has apparently gone Biden and has been nowhere to be seen lately.


      “There are no indications Trump’s rallies here have resulted in a spike in covid-19 cases. Nonetheless, Wolf joins a parade of Democrats who have roundly criticized Trump’s large rallies.”

      “Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald joined Pennsylvania Democratic Party chair Nancy Patton Mills, and local labor leaders a press conference in advance of Trump’s Pittsburgh visit, labeling the rally a potential “super-spreader event.”

      Local labor leaders, who do not for one minute represent the wishes and views of the majority of the rank and file.

    120. jason says:

      Only a deadender moron would think that a one out of two finalists for SCOTUS is not a conservative.

      “But perhaps the most divisive decision in her 15 years as a judge was voting as a new member of the federal appeals court in Atlanta, which recently handed the Republicans and President Donald Trump a political gift: Lagoa joined the majority in a 6-4 ruling to restrict the right of nearly 800,000 Florida felons who have completed their prison sentences to vote in the November election.”

      Yeah, a real liberal.

      I get tired of this 100% pure litmus test BS.

    121. Boog says:

      Another question: What percentage of the AA vote will Trump get? In 2016, it was said to be 8-9%. It will be higher, but how much? Rasmussen is talking 30% approval among AAs. No way he gets 30% of their vote, but even at 14%, it would be game over. That would equate to another 2-3% of the popular vote.

      That is one of the biggest reasons why there could be some surprises on election night.

    122. Scooterboy says:

      I don’t think you can ever predict who will be the best justice. You can’t ever predict how they are going to decide once they get on the Supreme Court. It’s a crap-shoot.

    123. Scooterboy says:

      124. The Trump campaign believes that if they get 11% of the AA vote, they would win. That statement was made about a month ago. Do they still believe that? I don’t know.
      I do believe that 11% is doable.

    124. Stonewall DW says:

      Scooter, I tend to agree about PA, and that its going to be close. But given the closeness, its also possible Trump could carry NC+FL+AZ, and then Michigan instead of PA. Trump has done a lot for Michigan, and if Detroit slumps for Biden, that’s the ballgame.

      Biden HAS to have PA to have a shot.
      Trump has other options if PA falls short by 50k votes or less.

    125. Pitchaboy says:

      There is a group of AA men who approve of his job but will not vote for him or at least admit to doing so. This is why RAS JA far exceeds vote share.

    126. jason says:

      She has NO record.”

      Lagoa was one of the two finalists for SCOTUS pick by Trump. This out of literally dozens of qualified women.

      But she has no record.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    127. PhilS says:

      Here’s an example:

      CBS News Poll

      Among white voters, Trump 49, Clinton 37. 9/28-10/2/2016

      He won actual white votes by 57-37.

    128. jason says:

      CNN is quoting unnamed “GOP sources”.

      Surprising they still have any.

    129. Pitchaboy says:

      Both campaigns aware FL NC OH AZ slipping to Trump. Fight is in the rust belt. DJT needs one of PA, WI and MI. Biden needs them all.

    130. Boog says:

      No way you can trust the exit polls on election night. They have been horribly inaccurate (maybe intentionally) for the last several cycles. But watch the large mostly AA cities. IIRC, philly was 550k dem 100k rep, or thereabouts, in 2016. If the split is 500/150 this time around, that would indicate significant movement in the AA vote to a Trump.

    131. jason says:

      I realize law school wasn’t your thing,”

      If this was the best analysis you could do on ACB and Lagoa, it probably wasn’t your thing either.

      But take your “I am a lawyer so I know better about SCOTUS picks” and GFY.

    132. jason says:

      Watch KY and IN right off the bat.

      If Trump does significantly worse it is unlikely he will win WI and MI.

    133. Chicon says:

      Boog, imo, the AA voter is not leaving the booth and telling a pollster (in person) he voted for Trump.

      Also, how accurate will they be if one-third of voters cast a ballot through the USPS?

    134. jason says:

      At Predictit, Biden 57, Trump 45.

      FL Trump 54
      NC Trump 53
      IA Trump 65
      OH Trump 62
      AZ Biden 57
      NV Biden 75
      PA Biden 60
      NH Biden 71
      MI Biden 71
      WI Biden 67
      MN Biden 76
      ME2 Trump 56
      NE 2 Biden 63

      Nothing else is contested unless you are talking about less than 20% chance.

    135. Tina says:

      Justin Gomez
      · Sep 24
      Biden campaign called a lid at 9:20 am today. Harris also has no public events on her schedule.

      Meanwhile, Trump has events in Charlotte, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. Pence is on a bus tour w/ stops in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    136. Tina says:

      Sorry that was yesterday.

      Thought pence was somewhere today,

    137. jason says:

      At the current Predicit map, Trump has 248 EVs.

      PA + NH would do it.

      PA + AZ would do it

      WI + AZ would do it

      NH + NV + AZ would do it

    138. jason says:

      “Thought pence was somewhere today”

      He is.

    139. Chicon says:

      141 – does his wife know?

    140. Boog says:

      Chicon, I think the vote by mail thing is the boogeyman. When push comes to shove, most people will vote using the method they usually use. The dem strategy has usually been to pack the early vote. If anything, this COVID crap hurts them with that effort, less souls to the polls, less knocking on doors. I still think most of the vote will be known on election night.

    141. PhilS says:

      “Scooterboy says:
      September 25, 2020 at 5:13 pm
      124. The Trump campaign believes that if they get 11% of the AA vote, they would win.”

      That’s not what the Trump campaign said.

      What the Trump campaign said was that Biden cannot win if Trump gets 11% of AA vote. Trump has already shown that he can win with 8%.

    142. LivintheDream says:

      The big question is will Biden show for the debate. So many questions for Biden to answer that he can’t. Wallace won’t ask them directly but a skilled debater ( or a person who will go for the throat) will redirect questions for Biden (that being Trump). For example, Wallace will ask about Covid-19 handling. Trump will talk about the China ban, how Biden opposed it and now we know why because of the 1.5 billion that Hunter got. SCOTUS pick will come up, Biden will have to state he opposes the process and/or the pick. Concern over peaceful transition of power comes up and Trump says why are you asking me, Biden spied on my campaign, knowing there was nothing there, and unleashed the FBI. It’s too easy. what can Biden say?

    143. Greymarch says:

      Now the New York Times says Trump picked Barrett:


      As with the CNN scoop, take with a small grain of salt. Neither can be trusted. Both could be trying to get Trump angry, and pick someone else.

    144. Tina says:

      The gop-e must be leaking like a sieve.

      Must be happy hour.

    145. Greymarch says:

      As both articles mention, Trump is known to change his mind at any moment. However, this is not the kind of thing you want to suddenly change your mind. In fact, if the WH follows the playbook of most WHs, they told GOP senators on the judiciary committee days ago. GOP senators need time to prepare Barrett’s defense, and this whole thing is on a very short timeline anyhow. If Trump changes his mind, he is screwing McConnell and the GOP senators on the judiciary panel.

    146. Stonewall DW says:

      If Biden debates, Trump would be wise to use his time to rattle off a lot of information and numbers…the stuff the average American can quickly understand and digest, but the sort of stuff that will be harder for Biden to keep in his short term memory and then reply, without getting it all jumbled up.

    147. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Is it me or does it appear that the whole Russia Collusion Cover-Up is coming apart? Mueller team lawyer,Zelinsky, has lied to Congress say three(3) DOJ attorneys.

      “Three career supervisors in the D.C. U.S. attorney’s office have disputed the sworn congressional testimony given by a former prosecutor on Mueller’s team [Zelinsky], telling DOJ officials they believe he mischaracterized communications with them” .(H/T: Undercover Huber)

    148. Tina says:

      Hopefully, Goober becomes granite.

      The Maine Chicklet and senator planned parenthood go mute for a bit.

      And Quittens does not wet himself.

    149. Tina says:

      Sheeple, it’s probably every person that was on.scheme team for himself or herself,

      Indictments appear imminent.

    150. PresidentPaul! says:

      Won’t it be interesting if Trump manages to get Barrett on the court that he managed to make, most likely, no major mistakes with his SC picks.

      Reagan had Sandra Day O’Connor as well as Kennedy (although the latter one was somewhat forced on him)

      Bush 1 had Souter

      Bush 2 had Roberts as well as Harriet Miers (rejected by his base and replaced with Alito)

      Ford had John Paul Stevens. I don’t really remember Nixon.

      Nonetheless it’s Trump who picked the most conservative bench out of them.

    151. Chicon says:

      152 – that’s been

    152. Chicon says:

      152 – that’s been the story (not yours) for years now. Do you believe it this time?

    153. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The premier Lefty blog on North Carolina politics is very worried about the minority rejection rate of mail-in ballots. Serves them right. AA’s in the past would early vote in person in NC. Could cost Democrats the State!

      “allot rejection rates in NC by race: 1) Whites—–2% 2) Hispanics–3% 3) Blacks—–5%

      And now you know why Democrats are reversing course and encouraging their voters to vote “in-person.” Considering that Blacks, Hispanics, and young voters are the most likely to screw up their absentee ballots (no signatures, no witness signatures, incorrect address, mismatching signatures, etc.), the Democrats could lose significant numbers of votes among their base.”(H/T: Old North Church Blog)

    154. Tina says:

      Chicon, I think Durham has to finish.

      Looks like investigations since 2017 (in one form or another).

    155. PhilS says:

      It’s Marco Rubio gaslighting CNN and NYT with Barrett, hoping that Trump gets upset and picks Lagoa.

      I’d prefer Trump pick Ivanka.

    156. PhilS says:

      157: Durham didn’t start till mid-2019.

    157. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Tina & Chicon:
      The Special Counsel lawyers were so unethical or worse during the Russia Collusion investigation, they felt they could continue this behavior forever. They were untouchable, don’t you know?!They intentionally ruined and bankrupted lots of people. Hopefully, revenge will be sweet!

    158. BayernFan says:

      Nixon put 4 on the court…. Blackmun, Rehnquist, Burger, and Powell.

    159. MrVito says:

      I read somewhere Durham started in April 2017 investigating the leaks.

    160. Tina says:

      Drats are going anti vaxximg.

      Donald J. Trump
      · 6m
      Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to put New York at the END of the Vaccine List in that he doesn’t trust the @FDA or Federal Government, even though the Vaccines are being developed by the finest Labs in the World. Wish he trusted us on Nursing Homes!

    161. Tina says:

      Yeah, started in 2017 with comedy and the Weiner laptop.

      There is a lot of incriminating info on that lap top. I don’t mean just the deock pics.

      The 7th floor had to bury the lap top.

    162. BayernFan says:

      Carter had none. I think he was the only 4 year guy who didn’t put anyone on the bench.

    163. Tina says:

      Drats will go scorch earth no matter who was selected.

    164. BayernFan says:

      WH Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Andrew Johnson, and Carter made no appointments.

    165. Greymarch says:

      Finally, a legit news source. Trump is picking Barrett. WSJ is a rock-solid source:

      Finally a legit news source. WSJ is rock solid. https://www.wsj.com/articles/amy-coney-barrett-is-picked-to-fill-supreme-court-vacancy-11601071739

    166. MrVito says:

      Carol Massar
      · 32m

    167. Hugh says:

      Go Amy!!! Go Irish!!

    168. PhilS says:

      You need to look at facts. Easily verifiable.

      Barr took over DoJ in Mar 2019. He appointed Durham in May 2019 to investigate FBI’s Russia investigation.

      He did not start in 2017. Jeff Sessions, the sleepy idiot, was in charge (if you can call it that) during 2017-18, and he hid under his desk.

    169. NYCmike says:

      mnw says:
      September 25, 2020 at 5:04 pm

      I worry about taking advice from someone like Jason who’s so stupid he didn’t even vote for Trump over HRC myself

      -That’s a valid point.

      I don’t understand why jason gets so pissed off that there are reservations about any justice. They are getting a lifetime position. It is a crapshoot either way.

      Personally, the ones that baffle me the most was Bush 41 picking Souter and Thomas. One a quisling, and the other one a conservative rock!

    170. PresidentPaul! says:

      https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1309604720546373633?s=20 Video Surfaces Of Biden Calling Troops “Stupid Bastards” When They Won’t Clap

    171. Chicon says:

      173 – Hi, Mike. I think it is easier to get a SC pick right today than at the time of Souter. That said, I want him to take the one with the lowest risk of wandering. I don’t know who that is; neither do most here.

    172. PresidentPaul! says:

      I think since Barrett has already been through the senate once recently they just think she might be able to finish before the election vs an unknown Lagoa who might not and may have more risk of wandering.

    173. Bitterlaw says:

      I think Barrett is a solid choice. I am not Hispanic so I can’t say if Trump loses any support by not picking Laos.

    174. MrVito says:

      Josh Caplan
      FOX NEWS: 1,000+ Virginia voters who applied for absentee ballots received extra ballot in mail, GOP officials say

    175. Greymarch says:

      Sounds like The Hill (left-wing DC-insider magazine/website) got the scoop before CNN. The Hill article states one thing none of the other articles mentioned tonight: Trump never met with Legoa. If it’s true Trump never met with Legoa, then the pick is definitely Barrett.


    176. John says:

      Amy Coney Barrett….if so – the choice…absolutely the most brilliant choice…WOW!

    177. MrVito says:

      Lin Wood
      · 7h
      Just learned that 2nd Circuit denied Joy Reid’s petition for en banc or full panel review of 3-Judge panel’s opinion in favor of my client, Roslyn La Liberte.

      I will soon be spending some quality time with Joy Reid in her deposition on cross-examination under oath.


    178. Gordon Allen says:

      The energy level of Trump is amazing.Trump goes from one event to another seemingly 24/7 ( not to mention he has a day job)while occasionally Biden puts in a one hour day with breaks of several days in between. I’m 74 like he is and I have no idea how he does it.
      This is really between Trump and the MSM; Biden is a needed corpse( er body) to nominally be the candidate. Literally there is no Biden ” campaign” other than the media 24/7 working to get him elected. This is almost Twilight Zone time/ the Zombie Apocalypse . If the US elects the media ( the real adversary) heaven help us because half of America is literally brain dead.

    179. PresidentPaul! says:

      What a scam China has running that essentially our enemy is going to surpass the USA in GDP (because of us), but a country we are allied with India with virtually the same amount of people has a GDP of 2.7 trillion.

    180. Gatorjoel says:

      ACB will take this country back to the dark ages. We need to move past the culture wars and embrace individual liberty. This pick while firing up the so called conservative base will do wonders to alienate suburban voters, particularly women who don’t like to be told what to do with their bodies. Not that there needs to be a final nail but this will the final nail in Trump’s re election bid and with respect to a Republican senate majority. Blue wave coming!

    181. Phil says:

      Yeah, the dark ages.


    182. Tom says:

      Gaytorjoel – Your post only confirms the need for ACB on the SC.

    183. DW says:

      Dark ages = ripping live babies apart into pieces or sucking their brains out.

    184. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” Blue wave coming!”



    185. Phil says:

      Send more trolls.

    186. DW says:

      Barrett adopted two Haitian children. Gaytorjoel would have rather those children been slaughtered

    187. Bitterlaw says:

      You down with ACB? Yeah. You know me!

    188. MrVito says:

      Lefties on twitter are already going after the adoption.

    189. Brion says:

      188 probably not, a conservative court for the next 20 years, yea

    190. Stonewall DW says:

      Going after the adoption? Like are they calling for them to be late-term aborted?

    191. mnw says:

      188 CDM

      Yep. It’s being more careful about spelling & grammar, though.

      I take credit for that.

    192. Tom says:

      Without the SC, the liberal agenda is dead. Can’t do it at the ballot box. Can’t do it with BML or Antifa. No other fascist avenue. You can feel the sweat. Life is good.

    193. Greymarch says:

      Senator Cornyn, who is on the judiciary committee just confirmed Barrett is the nominee, and he looks forward to meeting Barrett in the next few days. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2020/09/25/senator-confirms-judge-amy-coney-barrett-is-trumps-choice-for-scotus-n2576961

    194. Tina says:

      Is Fake Flapper going to,lead with this?

      Dana Houle
      · 3h
      I would love to know which adoption agency Amy Coney Barrett & her husband used to adopt the two children they brought here from Haiti.

    195. BennSue says:

      Notorious ACB.

    196. Marv says:

      Well, my preference was Barbara Lagoa, but I‘m sure that Amy Coney Barrett will be a very fine Justice and now I’m all in for her.

    197. Stonewall DW says:

      Breaking: Trump rally Duluth, MN on Wednesday.

    198. Chicon says:

      Hi, Marv. Amy has a good shot at 30 years on the court. An important event for this President, especially given who she is replacing.

    199. Scooterboy says:

      184. Like I said earlier, we need better trolls. Is this really the best they have?

    200. Chicon says:

      Duluth? Shouldn’t he be in Ohio where he’s 5 points down?

      I think the Orange Man is in a pretty good spot. The investment in the ground game will pay off, imo.

    201. Phil says:

      Chicon, looks like Trump better get his ass down here to Texas and shore up that one point lead. LOL

    202. Greymarch says:

      #202: Barrett is 48 years old, and will receive the best medical in the world for the rest of her life. She could serve 40 years, perhaps even 50 years on the court. Who knows where medical-science is heading?

      That’s why these SCOTUS appointments are so important. The founding fathers never thought judges would live into their 80s or 90s.

    203. Tina says:

      Pence is with Trump in Va.

    204. Marv says:

      Who’s on deck…..for Breyer. My guess is that he gives up and retires in June.

    205. Tgca says:


      That’s right Bitter! You’re not Hispanic so just check you’re privileged white a$$ racist self in line behind us people of color and shut up while we decide what best for the US going forward.

      …and don’t give me any of that “but TG’s skin color is whiter than mine” BS. My fair flawless skin does not take away from my Latin heritage and the barbaric treatment “your kind” bestowed on my people over the years that is deeply embedded in my DNA.

      …and don’t even get me started on the chit we homos had to put up with from “your kind” too.

      I’ve been doubly discriminated against.

      So where the f*ck are my reparations dammit!!!

      I didn’t even get an Obama phone.

    206. Tgca says:


      Oh puhleez!

      Stop trying to make ACB some kind of saint because she’s got kids of color.

      I don’t think ACB and her husband adopted any kids of color.

      They just stole 2 from Angelina Jolie.

    207. mnw says:

      They’re really rockin’ in Boston,
      And down in New Or-leens,
      All over Saint Looo-ie,
      And now in Newport News!

      Pretty respectable crowd… for an old fat white man who can’t dance & doesn’t drink.

      Trump just said he’s going to make a “heavy play” for VA, DW.

    208. JeffP says:

      Wouldn’t be a huge relief…if….Trump won NH, NV, MN and VA to his other states from 2016…probably won’t happen… but a Trump landslide would be good for this country and humble the crazy leftist media and far left libs. I am hoping and praying. Mail in ballots are my biggest concern.

    209. Gatorjoel says:

      Trump better lockdown Ohio, TX, GA and erase the deficit in AZ before reaching for a large blue state like VA. But isn’t that what all the losing campaigns do, cast a wide net and ultimately lose the states that matter! Still remember McCain in 2008 wasting his time in PA at the end to no avail. Biden landslide coming!!!

    210. mnw says:

      211 No zh*t, Tina!

      That’s a LARGE gathering!

    211. gatorjoel says:

      Forgot to mention NC. Trump losing there too!!

    212. PresidentPaul! says:

      George Gammon has a great video out tonight on the US housing market.

      Housing Market Update: American Dream Turns To American Nightmare!

    213. MrVito says:

      More diners getting harassed in KC and Saratoga tonight.

    214. Pitchaboy says:

      Gator boy: I don’t see your zombie anywhere. Has he locked down all the 57 Obama states?

    215. Waingro says:

      The crow in Newport, VA is YUGE.

    216. Waingro says:


    217. MrVito says:

      Streets being blocked in Boston, Brooklyn, Dallas.

    218. Waingro says:

      This “Gator” troll is hilarious.

    219. Pitchaboy says:

      President: that lecture on housing was confusing. All I know my beach home went up 20% a year after I bought it and I sold it to a NY dope running from Covid.

    220. PresidentPaul! says:

      I just find his videos amusing.

    221. mnw says:


      They need to block streets and hassle diners in SWING STATES!

    222. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca – You’re not gay until lisab checks your credentials. She is our expert on gayishness.

    223. NYCmike says:

      ACB allegedly caught in a picture holding a Whole Foods shopping bag………I got a bad feeling about her…..

    224. MrVito says:

      Barrett spotted returning home in her driveway with a bag from Whole Foods!!


    225. MrVito says:

      Ha! See?! Mike knows!

    226. MikeKS says:

      I do not share the ACB love my conservatives have. I understand it as the narrative at first was that she was basically Scalia with heels. That’s not true if you look at her case history, which indicates a Roberts-type view of the world, and she’s quite pro-lockdown with a very limited view of the 14th Amendment, which is quite unfortunate. I think this will end up being a disaster, both politically and most importantly, in the courts. I hope I am wrong but I really think Trump is being led astray on this one.

    227. NYCmike says:

      I just saw that on Powerlineblog.com


    228. Tina says:

      · 38m
      The Kenosha police officer in the Jacob Blake shooting is offering info that Jacob Blake was kidnapping the children in the back seat.

      Blake was also holding a knife and was given two warnings to drop it before he opened fire.

      CNN has the exclusive: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/25/us/rusten-sheskey-account-jacob-blake-shooting-invs/index.html

    229. NYCmike says:


      It’s a tough choice. How does one really know?

      The judge I like, and most reminds me of Judge Clarence Thomas, is Judge Neomi Rao, although I will admit my knowledge is limited to news reports about the job she did in previous positions.

    230. Tina says:

      If the officers story is true, hoe Harris and Biden not only defended a rapist, they defended an animal trying to kidnap kids.

    231. MrVito says:




    232. Tina says:


      · 22m
      Remember how proud of Jacob Blake, Kamala Harris was? Would she still be proud knowing he was kidnapping children? (Video from @EpochTimes)

    233. PresidentPaul! says:

      Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris names 2Pac as the ‘best rapper alive.’


      Confirmed dumb as a brick.

    234. MrVito says:

      Well, he’s alive in her heart.

    235. Tina says:

      It’s a west coast thang.

      2 pac is alive.

    236. Greymarch says:

      #208: Thomas has recently said he enjoys the job, but wants out. If Trump gets re-elected, Thomas is the next out. Trump will have to replace Thomas with a minority. Not sure it would be a man or a woman, but if Trump wants any momentum to help replace Thomas, it will be a minority nominee.

      If Biden wins, Breyer is the next out. Thomas wont pull a Ginsburg though (Ginsburg should have retired during a dem presidency.) Thomas will retire during our next GOP president. That could be Trump next year, or some other GOP prez 4 years from now. If we get (god forbid dem presidents for the next 12 years, Thomas likely dies on the job.

    237. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ya he and elvis are usually part of the same group now.

    238. lisab says:

      have to go with biggie

      Close like Starsky and Hutch, stick the clutch
      Dare I squeeze three at your cherry M-3

    239. MrVito says:

      Brent Baker
      · 49m
      Let the hate begin. @BillMaher on Amy Coney Barrett: “A fu-king nut.” #RealTime #AmyConeyBarrett

    240. lisab says:

      or we can go with the pumpkin spice of rappers, will smith

      Now this is a story all about how
      My life got flipped turned upside down
      And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
      I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

      [Verse 2]
      In West Philadelphia born and raised
      On the playground is where I spent most of my days
      Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
      And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
      When a couple of guys who were up to no good
      Started making trouble in my neighborhood
      I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
      And said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air”
      I begged and pleaded with her day after day
      But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way
      She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket
      I put my Walkman on and said “I might as well kick it”
      First class, yo, this is bad
      Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass
      Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like?
      Hmm, this might be all right
      But wait, I hear they’re prissy, bourgeois, and all that
      Is this the type of place that they should send this cool cat?
      I don’t think so, I’ll see when I get there
      I hope they’re prepared for the Prince of Bel-Air

    241. Phil says:

      Black lives matter.

    242. MrVito says:

      John Lee Brougher
      As an adoptee, I need to know more about the circumstances of how Amy Coney Barrett came to adopt her children, and the treatment of them since.

      Transracial adoption is fraught with trauma and potential for harm, and everything I see here is deeply concerning.

    243. MrVito says:

      Someone is going to ask if she thinks her children are from a sh1thole country…

    244. Phil says:

      Ok, then. We now see where the next contrived scandal is going.

    245. MrVito says:

      Today’s paradox.

      Submissive handmaid nominated to Supreme Court.

    246. mnw says:


      The election in MN-02 has been pushed back from Nov. 3rd to Feb. 2021, because the “Legalize Marijuana Now Party” nominee has just died.

      This is some bizarre bs thing the DEMs did as a result of Wellstone’s death. The death of ANY party’s nominee in MN triggers an automatic postponement of the general election, no matter how freaky & hopeless the “party” in question is.

      MN-02 is an R+2 district where the GOP has (had?) a fine USMC veteran as its nominee. He had raised enuf money to be up with TV ads already when the tragic passing of the pothead occurred.

      Is there anything in MN that isn’t all messed up, lisab?

    247. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

      PresidentPaul! says:
      September 25, 2020 at 10:42 pm
      Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris names 2Pac as the ‘best rapper alive.’

      Watched 5x. I still cannot believe she said that.

    248. Bitterlaw says:

      Transracial adoption is bad? I thought Dems love trans.

    249. Peanut butter is my favorite fruit says:

      Trump bragged about being up in NH at his rally tonight. Which means he’s probably down at least what, 5 there?

    250. Jacobhot says:

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    251. Gordon Allen says:

      Well,if it’s Barrett that means 1 Trump is not worried about Florida and 2 he’s not worried about his Latino support.I preferred Lagoa, but I’m not President.

    252. Tgca says:


      Is Jacob really hot?

      I think y’all should click on his link to find out.

    253. PhilS says:

      “Well,if it’s Barrett that means 1 Trump is not worried about Florida and 2 he’s not worried about his Latino support.I preferred Lagoa, but I’m not President.”

      Or he doesn’t think Lagoa brings any additional electoral value.

      Or he believes Barrett will be a better justice.

    254. MrVito says:

      Robbie, your order’s here.


    255. Hugh says:

      One advantage I see with Barrett is that it will really bring out the crazies in the Democratic Party. Wow both are Catholic I think we will get a lot more anti-Catholic rhetoric with Barrett. Non-secular Catholics could have a big impact on this election. I want full Crazy from the Democrats. Lots of riding cursing in your face stuff entire lunatic parade. Also I’m confident that Amy will hold up in the hearings because she was so badly attacked in her first hearing.

    256. Gordon Allen says:

      All our comments are superfluous. GOD(aka Nate Silver) has declared Biden the landslide winner with 352 Electoral Votes( including Florida) Maybe Trump should have picked Logos after all.
      Pack your bags it’s all over.

    257. dblaikie says:

      I believe that folks are missing the elephant in the closet — Democratic overreach! ACB as the choice will drive these folks over the border into loony land. That is what happened with Kavanaugh and because of it we gained seats in the Senate. These people can’t help themselves in the effort to destroy a nomination and they reveal themselves as rude, ugly and heartless bullies. Amy is best for bringing out the worst in the Dems. It will reap, unless they change character, a harvest of votes.

    258. dblaikie says:

      I see Hugh is on the same page.

    259. jaichind says:

      I think if Trump goes with Barrett it will not be for reasons of FL or the Latino vote. I think the reason is more fundamental which is an issue of brand. Most voters do not vote on policy or what the ideology of the SC justice. They vote on impression and brand of the Prez candidate. Trump’s brand is strength. If Trump is seen to picked a SC candidate based on tactical reasons and conflict avoidance then his brand is damaged.

      In 2020 it is clear that Trump has lost ground with White educated women in suburban areas. Hopefully some of this is because of the hidden Trump vote and social desirably bias. But the way to get them to come back is not by pandering which they will view as weakness. The way to get them back is to ramp up the image of Trump as an Alpha Male that will protest them. Trump has to, above all else, project strength. If going with Barrett means projecting strength Trump will go with her.

    260. Hugh says:

      266. Good comment. However while I believe college educated suburban women voted more Democrat in 2018 I do not believe that they will vote Democrat in 2020. The situation is entirely different. Call me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. 31 Democrat lied to win Trump districts. Then they voted to impeach him. Trump will do as well with white women in 2020 as he did in 2016 and may be a hair better. This election will be about law and order and economics. He will win white suburban women on both those issues. This election is no longer a referendum on Trump

    261. Tina says:

      Jason Miller
      · 1h
      There’s a sea change happening with the electorate that the MSM is completely missing.

      From @realDonaldTrump’s rally in Newport News that included tough-to-reach NE NC voters:

      -27% Democrat (!)
      -23% Black (!)
      -13% Didn’t Vote in 2016 (!)

      MSM Pollsters missing a LOT right now.

    262. PhilS says:

      266: You just make nonsense up. Learn from your hero Joe, and put a lid on it.

    263. MrVito says:

      Scott Adams
      I have to agree that it might be a good idea to split America into two countries. The Red part would have police and electricity while the Blue part would be a charred hellscape. That way, everyone gets what they want.

    264. PhilS says:

      You can’t say anything about 2018 unless you mention Paul Ryan and his Merry Band of 44 Retirees.

    265. Tina says:


      Republicans Pounce
      Joe Biden called American soldiers #stupidbastards
      He lies about Trump with his “anonymous sources,” and is on record saying this about our troops? Time to resign, Joe.


    266. Phil says:

      It all comes down to Pennsylvania. I am assuming Trump takes Florida and Ohio as well as NC (assuming NC isn’t stolen). Watch Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties on election night. Trump needs to keep Biden’s margins roughly the same as Hillary’s margins in those Philly suburban counties. Those counties are loaded with educated white women. The good news is that Baris says Trump is holding solid with Pa. working class voters both men and women. He said his polling showed Trump actually has a 10 point lead in Erie County which he won by only 2 in 2016. He said no Trump slippage in Lackawanna County, another blue collar area.

    267. MrVito says:

      Margot Cleveland
      The Left’s problem with Amy Coney Barrett is actually that she isn’t submissive…submissive to the Left’s demand that woman bow to liberal values.

    268. Gordon Allen says:

      Is Barris intending to publicly release his polls?

    269. Gordon Allen says:

      It’s likely all or nothing. If Trump wins Ohio,Iowa,PA he’s probably going to win Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Or vice versa.We’ll see.

    270. Tina says:

      Ed Whelans take on Amy being pro lockdown.

      Seems to refute the concern by Barnes


    271. jason says:

      I have to agree that it might be a good idea to split America into two countries. The Red part would have police and electricity while the Blue part would be a charred hellscape. That way, everyone gets what they want.”


    272. Scott says:

      Poor Lanny Davis is having a complete meltdown on Twitter. Lol. Wish I had time to paste it all here. He doesn’t sound very confident about the election.

      We’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, we’re taking the other Blue States with us…that includes Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and all the Northeast.

    273. MrVito says:

      Tick tick tick

      ACB still at home in Indiana with her kids. No Marshalls.

      OH NOES!?

    274. MrVito says:

      Word is Barbara was smuggled out of Florida in a suitcase.

    275. Scooterboy says:

      I live in Illinois, I’m not going with Lanny.

    276. Phil says:

      It depends on whether Baris’ clients give him the go ahead. He hinted that in his rust belt poll taken last week Trump was up about 3 in Iowa, down within the margin of error in Wisconsin, even in Minnesota, roughly even in Michigan, up 6 in Ohio. And just a hair up in Pa. This is with likely voters.

      Basically said Ohio and Iowa will certainly remain Trump and Ohio will not be competitive. Said he won’t win Iowa by 9 points this cycle but will take it by a decent margin. He said he expects Trump to take Pa by about 80K votes.

      He has begun polling Florida this weekend and will have some preliminary nuggets on Tuesday. That poll he will release in full when finished. Also indicated he will poll NH and Arizona.

    277. jason says:

      I don’t understand why jason gets so pissed off that there are reservations about any justice.”

      I don’t have a problem with reservations.

      I have a problem when mnw makes an asinine statement like Lagoa “has no record” when she is a finalist for a SCOTUS pick.


    278. jason says:

      ACB still at home in Indiana with her kids.”

      Are you sure Skippy didn’t see her at the airport?

    279. Tgca says:

      272 Tina

      Saw that last night. Stoopid!

      I expect Bitter will now denounce Biden as pure scum and devoid of any character like Trump for demeaning US troops to their face. Who would do this? Joke or not it is demeaning to profanely insult troops in uniform.

      What he did was like joking with a gays, latinos, blacks, or women audiences:

      Clap you stoopid homos

      Clap you stoopid thugs

      Clap you stoopid wetbacks

      Clap you stoopid b*tches

    280. Gordon Allen says:


    281. mnw says:

      266 jaichind

      Your post is reasonable. I agree with everything you said in the first paragraph absolutely.

      As for suburban wymns, it depends on whether it’s 2016 all over again, or 2018. I’m also worried about Trump’s reported falloff with over-65 voters– many theorize it’s because of the so-called “virus issue.”

      On another topic, when people hear “Hawaii,” images of the execrable Sen. Hirono come to mind. However, Hawaii’s OTHER Senator is more worrisome & intriguing. He’s a young white man named Schatz, & photogenic. How he got elected in that state in the age of identity politics, I have no clue.

      Anyway, Schatz says the DEMs lack message discipline and should be focusing on the “danger” (from the left’s perspective) that ACB might be the key vote in overturning Obamacare. And NOT focus on her Catholicism.

      I hate it when a DEM makes sense, if only from a political tactics standpoint. Hopefully Schatz is too white male & not enough hair on fire to interest the woke-ys going forward. I’m glad they nominated HRC & Sleepy instead of this guy, though.

    282. jason says:

      gatortroll says we should focus on “individual liberties”?

      Good, I am glad he is for the 2nd Amendment!

    283. Tina says:

      Billy Newby
      · 56m
      Maricopa County Voter Registration Update:

      Total as of 9/26:
      GOP 887,130
      Dem 789,777

      Nov 16 to 9/26
      GOP +119,646
      Dem +172,092

      4/1/20 to 9/26
      GOP +51,569
      Dem +39,859

      8/4 to 9/26
      GOP +37,817
      Dem +25,003

      GOP with big gains since April and continue to outpace dems in daily gains

    284. Gordon Allen says:

      Thanks Phil for the Barris update

    285. Tina says:


      I believe Bitter accused trump of hating the troops, as did the Russian Hoaxer. No doubt, he will claim that Biden “was joking.”

      To his credit, Bitter did not fall for the Russian hoaxing.

    286. Wes says:

      Phil’s didn’t pay too much attention in 2018. Counting the January special election loss, Republicans lost 43 seats to the Dems while flipping 2 for a net loss of 41. Thirty–that’s 30 as in a 3 with a 0 behind it–losses came when Democrats defeated Republican incumbents. The Republican losses far exceeded open-seat flips, meaning Ryan and his fellow retiring Republicans had little effect on the outcome.

    287. MrVito says:

      Allison Rushing up on predictit.

    288. MrVito says:

      Trump said his pick could serve 50 years.

      Rushing is 38.

    289. Tina says:

      And another lid.

      Mona Salama
      · 39m
      The Biden campaign called a lid for Saturday 9/26 in-person events at 9:32 am

    290. jason says:

      Well,if it’s Barrett that means 1 Trump is not worried about Florida and 2 he’s not worried about his Latino support.I preferred Lagoa, but I’m not President.”

      I don’t think Trump needs Lagoa to win FL. And I don’t think if Trump picks ACB he is sure about FL either. I am just skeptical that the entire decision was about FL.

      I do think she is just as qualified as ACB, and the fact she is Latina makes it harder for the Dems to use race warfare to destroy her. I think she would be an easier, less contentious confirmation, and more likely to get the vote of someone like Manchin.

      Lagoa would be a home run, but like you say, I am not President and there might be a lot that we don’t know in the vetting and in the politics.

    291. Bobbyrhicy says:

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    292. Tina says:

      I think Florida is done.

      Trump,wins by 3 or 300,000 plus votes.

      The SC Pick does not matter.

      I still favor Lagoa.

    293. Tgca says:

      If Bitter refuses to acknowledge that Biden is pure scum and devoid of any character puts his reputation at HHR is on the line.

      Bitter’s already taken a hit for being a thong loving, sweater wearing, metrosexual flower show aficionado, ambulance chasing lawyer from the Sewer State. This would only further damage his reputation here.

    294. RuRu says:

      From Carnac The Magnificant’s twitter feed:

      Jill is will be exposed to covid today or tomorrow.

      Lid will be hermetically sealed for 14 days.

      No debate.

      I’m just reporting.

    295. mnw says:

      The GOP would need a net gain of 19 seats to re-gain the House. I think the HIGH end, realistically, is maybe +10. The LOW end? DEMs could actually add to their majority.


      Instead of just calling my view that Lagoa has no record to evaluate her by asinine, why don’t you point us to just ONE of her published federal opinions which give you confidence that she’s a down-the-line, originalist conservative? SINCE SHE ONLY HAS 3 PUBLISHED OPINIONS, it shouldn’t entail too much research.

    296. jason says:

      The Republican losses far exceeded open-seat flips, meaning Ryan and his fellow retiring Republicans had little effect on the outcome.”

      Like plane crashes, there was more than one cause.

      “Little effect” doesn’t mean zero effect, so there were some seats lost due to retirement. There were some seats lost due to gerrymandering by the PA Supreme Court. There was a GOP meltdown in CA and some dubious vote counts in the aftermath. There was the historical fact the incumbent’s party loses seats in the mid term. There was the loss of GOP seats in some suburbs, the so called anti-Trump vote.

    297. Greymarch says:

      #298: You know, Trump isnt exactly great at math?

      Barrett is 48. She could also serve 50 years. None of us knows where medical-science is heading over the next 30-50 years. Barrett living to 98 sounds silly right now, but 30 years from now could be a regular occurrence.

      Anyways, Trump said 50 because Trump cant do simple math in his head. That’s the answer. Occum’s razor.

    298. Phil says:

      GOP will gain 4 or 5 seats in the House.

    299. jason says:

      I believe Bitter accused trump of hating the troops”

      Did he really say that?

      I hate to have to give out points so early in the AM.

    300. MrVito says:

      Tick tick tick.

      It’s 11AM. Do you know where be your SCOTUS pick?

    301. jason says:

      give you confidence that she’s a down-the-line, originalist conservative?”


      Translation for “down the line”: 100% litmus tested.

      In the first place, I abhor 100% litmus tested people. It implies you would always know where that person stood on any issue.

      I would much prefer a SCOTUS pick that wasn’t that dogmatic (btw, I don’t know if either ACB or Lagoa fit either profile, I am just expressing my preference).

      Second, maybe you can explain how a person with “no record” gets to be a 1/2 finalist for SCOTUS considering that list of picks has been more than vetted and ready to go for probably at least 2 years.

    302. Tina says:

      Tuesday is a busy day.

      1st debate.

      Hearing by Judge Obama Sullivan (deep,state) on the Flynn matter. It’s past time for Barr stool and Sidney Powell to go scorch earth,

    303. jason says:

      I think Florida is done.

      Trump,wins by 3 or 300,000 plus votes.

      The SC Pick does not matter.

      I still favor Lagoa.”

      Even if she has “no record”?


    304. Hugh says:

      I have said it here several times and will say it again. It trump wins, the republican s will take the house. It’s common sense. 31 Dems won in trump districts saying they were moderates and would be open to working with trump and would not be puppets of Pelosi. Then they vote lockstep to impeach trump. If trump wins he must win those districts. People are not going to vote for trump and the jerk who voted to impeach him. This is too simple.

    305. jason says:

      Under mnw’s asinine theory, Trump asked for a list of potential nominees for SCOTUS.

      Presumably, the committee formed to make the recommendations included a lot of lawyers and legal scholars familiar with the opinions and judicial philosophy of the potential nominees.

      Out of all the qualified candidates, the committee got together and decided on someone with “no record”. Then Trump reviewed it and picked the person with “no record” as 1/2 finalists.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    306. gatorjoel says:

      Can fantasize all you want about a trump win. He is not winning and the Republicans will be relegated to permanent minority status in both houses. But you will have your amazing right wing pick in Amy confirmed. Am sure she will be as mediocre as the law school she attended.

    307. OHIO Joe says:

      Boy, this gatorjoel character is a funny one.

    308. MrVito says:

      I think gator is a crock.

    309. mnw says:


      I take that to mean, “No, I can’t cite any opinion she wrote.” Correct?

      What do law clerks DO, jason?

      I know you’re bone ignorant & never met one (or a federal judge either), so I’ll help you out, as an ac=t of charity, OK? Law clerks DRAFT legal opinions for federal appellate judges. ACB drafted many of Scalia’s opinions. Did you LIKE Scalia’s jurisprudence, Jason? Then you’ll probably like ACB’s too.

    310. MrVito says:

      www • 14 minutes ago
      Some deets on this evening’s main event, livestreamed via Zoom: The Coney Barrett family members will each be in little boxes like the Brady Bunch and Trump will be in the middle. That unveiling and press conference will be the best TV since the last season of Celebrity Apprentice.

    311. jason says:

      I like Scalia’s opinions, or at least a majority of them.

      I have nothing against ACB, I am sure she is just as qualified as Lagoa.

      I do hope she is not “down the line” however, that is deadender BS. Even Scalia was not a guaranteed vote on every conservative cause.

      You might learn something from this article about a book on Scalia.


      that shows about 15% of them could actually be defined as “liberal”.

      I would hope both Lagoa and ACB would be this type of SCOTUS justice.

    312. Phil says:

      oh no, Barrett didn’t attend an ivy league law school.

      How will we ever survive as a nation? LOL

      Elitist troll.

    313. jason says:

      I know you’re bone ignorant”

      Yeah, smart people make asinine statements like the finalist for a SCOTUS pick “has no record”.

      Now, THAT is brilliant, I tell you.

      Frankly, I don;’t know how you ever got through law school with your blind hatred of people that are not “100% down the line” with what you think their views should be.

      If you noticed, many here have professed a preference for Lagoa. NOT ONE of them has attacked ACB.

      You are one closed minded deadender moron.

    314. Cash Cow TM says:

      “The Kenosha police officer in the Jacob Blake shooting is offering info that Jacob Blake was kidnapping the children in the back seat.

      Blake was also holding a knife and was given two warnings to drop it before he opened fire.”
      You do know that facts are totally irrelevant to the lefties…

    315. jason says:

      Am sure she will be as mediocre as the law school she attended”:

      Dang. I have to revise my opinion of Gatortroll. He is much more learned than I thought, since he considers this “mediocre”.

      “Barrett studied English literature at Rhodes College. She graduated magna cum laude in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. She then studied law at Notre Dame Law School on a full-tuition scholarship. She was an executive editor of the Notre Dame Law Review and graduated first in her class in 1997 with a Juris Doctor summa cum laude.”

    316. Hugh says:

      ND is much better than an Ivy League school. Only reason it doesn’t rate higher than some Ivy League schools is it large business and engineering schools which reduces the number of students going to grad schools

    317. jason says:

      Boy, this gatorjoel character is a funny one.”

      And famous.

      Quickest outing of a troll in HHR history, and believe me, we have had some dumb trolls.

      This was unraveled right from the first post, and by the fourth was already calling people “deplorables”.

    318. mnw says:

      Well, jason…

      At least I’m a “moron” who had enough common sense to vote for Trump, so that Hillary didn’t get elected POTUs… unlike YOU, genius.

    319. jason says:

      have said it here several times and will say it again. It trump wins, the republican s will take the house.”

      I don’t see it Hugh.

      I hate to have to agree with mnw on anything, but I think he is right that +10 would be the limit.

      I would be happy with +10 actually.

      It would give Rs at least 208 seats, probably more since 3/4 vacancies are red seats, and weaken Pelosi considerably. She would not be able to afford more than a handful of defections to pass legislation.

    320. Wes says:

      I can’t tell if this gator character is a genuine leftist or just someone trying to get people riled up by spouting DNC talking points.

    321. jason says:

      At least I’m a “moron” who had enough common sense to vote for Trump, so that Hillary didn’t get elected POTUs… unlike YOU, genius.”

      I have admitted many times I was wrong about Trump.

      Feel free to admit saying the finalist for a SCOTUS pick has “no record” is asinine.

    322. Wes says:

      I actually have a hard time seeing a lot of split votes between Trump and congressional Republicans assuming Trump wins.

    323. Robbie says:

      Pandemic Overlord Fauci went on a podcast run by a gay right’s activist yesterday and slammed Scott Atlas for “cherrypicking” data.

      Fauci is a fraud who is responsible for the disastrous shutdown that failed miserably and ripped apart the fabric of society.

    324. jason says:

      I can’t tell if this gator character is a genuine leftist or just someone trying to get people riled up by spouting DNC talking points.”

      How about genuine leftist spouting DNC talking points.

    325. Tina says:

      Derek Dunn ????
      Russia Collusion is real. Democrats did it.

      Ukraine election interference is real. Democrats did it.

      The “suckers and losers” hoax is real. Democrats did it.

    326. jason says:

      Fauci is a fraud who is responsible for the disastrous shutdown that failed miserably and ripped apart the fabric of society.”

      As opposed to Robbie, who is a fraud that played useful idiot here for months parroting the MSN narrative on the virus, and is now whining about the consequences.

    327. Hugh says:

      In those trump districts assuming he wins which of the trump voters are going to vote for the two year incumbent who lied to them in 2018 and the votes to impeach trump. It just makes no sense.

    328. Wes says:

      I’m actually with Hugh on this. For his cited reasons I don’t see much ticket splitting in districts Trump wins.

    329. jason says:

      Biden is down to 60% favorite in PA now on Predictit.

      If it flips, or even goes to 50, Trump will become the betting odds favorite. Right now he is a 46%.

    330. jason says:

      wes, if Trump wins you think Rs carry the House?

    331. Tina says:

      Film Flam had no worries about the Iraqi intelligence from the CIA,

      David Frum
      · 2h
      I’m worried by a judge who’d accept a nomination under these circumstances.

    332. jason says:

      n those trump districts assuming he wins which of the trump voters are going to vote for the two year incumbent who lied to them in 2018 and the votes to impeach trump. It just makes no sense”

      Sorry, makes sense to me.

      Remember all politics are local… according to Tip O’Neill.

      Massive ticked splitting, no. But will some blue collar Dems vote for Trump AND their rep? I can see it happening.

    333. jason says:

      I’m worried by a judge who’d accept a nomination under these circumstances.”

      Yeah, I am sure all the liberal judges would turn it down if the situation was reversed.

    334. mnw says:


      YOU “feel free” to cite me to her “record,” too, OK? But.., you obviously can’t, because you’ve already declined to do so 3 times.

      She has exactly 3 published opinions, period the end. Three. I’ve at least read synopses of these three cases, which YOU haven’t, I’ll bet. All 3 are unexceptional, & unobjectionable from a conservative viewpoint, but… there’s just not anything there that can lead a lawyer to say what sort of judge she’d be on SCOTUS. In a couple more years, she should have enough of a published record to evaluate her judicial philosophy.

      Other posters can decide whether that’s enough of a record to have a high degree of confidence that she might not “grow” into something most of us dread.

    335. MrVito says:

      Annie Grayer
      Amy Coney Barrett, her husband, and some of her children just left their home in South Bend dressed in fancy attire.

    336. mnw says:

      341 Tina

      What conclusion are you drawing from that?

      Summary: dude says she’s a personal friend of his; that he disagrees with her on everything; but that’s she’s well qualified. I don’t quite see what is noteworthy.

    337. MrVito says:

      Where are the marshals?

    338. Greymarch says:

      #343: US Marshalls or secret service. They gotta be around her somewhere. Impossible to think she is traveling alone with her family to the WH.

    339. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      September 26, 2020 at 12:02 pm
      Fauci is a fraud who is responsible for the disastrous shutdown that failed miserably and ripped apart the fabric of society.”

      As opposed to Robbie, who is a fraud that played useful idiot here for months parroting the MSN narrative on the virus, and is now whining about the consequences.

      – Give him another Presidential Medal of Freedom, right?

    340. Tina says:

      Mnw, it’s not noteworthy, other than her friend, who is on the opposite side, says she is qualified,

      A friend could become a former friend over something like this.

    341. Wes says:

      Yes, Jason. Because of the current polarization in politics, I don’t see much crossover support between Trump and congressional Dems.

    342. Tina says:

      She may have to have hired her own private security detail.

      Marshall’s would be for an actual justice. They are stretched thin. A justice may or may not want Marshall’s with them

      Justice Roberts had no detail on a japan trip back in 2015.

      Scalia also on his fishing trip.

    343. OHIO. Joe says:

      First of all, I am not predicting that the GOP will win the house. I do think that the Republicans should pick up at least ten seat, but getting to 218 is a much more difficult task, but not totally impossible. It depends how Mr. Trump wins, if Mr. Trump wins by a small margin because Independent leaning Democrats fail to vote for Mr. Biden, those Independent leaning Democrats will vote Democrats for Congress. If Mr. Trump wins by a healthy margin in part by getting Republican voters to go to the polls, the GOP should cross the 218 mark.

    344. mnw says:

      FWIW, everything I’ve read about Lagoa is good, & I’ve read quite a lot. I think she’d be fine on SCOTUS, but I’d rather have a bit more evidence first. Call me crazy.

      Counting her 9 months on the FL state SC & her time on the 11th CCA, she’s been an appellate judge for a VERY short time!

      She’s best known for a concurring opinion saying that FL could disenfranchise convicted felons until they pay their fines, & for ruling that DeSantis could fire that old witch at the Broward County Election Board who tried to steal the 2016 election for HRC.

    345. mnw says:

      I’m math challenged, but by my calculations, Lagoa has been an appellate judge (COMBINED state & federal) for… 17 months.

    346. Tina says:

      What is going on with China Biden here? Heavy breathing.


    347. Greymarch says:

      #355: Of course she is driving. Her nerves right now are probably stronger than her husband’s (ACB is a rock!) Besides, why give the crazy left more optics to push the Handmaid’s Tale garbage by letting her husband drive?

    348. mnw says:

      She’s going to have a bumpy flight. Not on the plane. After she gets off.

    349. Cash Cow TM says:

      Does Antifa have any surface to air missiles in their Uhaul trucks?

    350. lisab says:

      one thing i appreciate about barrett

      is that she is a white woman.

      the race politics have pushed all the attention to be against white men, but …

      white women are not getting picked for these jobs

      so it is nice that one person on scotus will be a white woman … well … apart from roberts of course 🙂

    351. TgcaEXPERT says:

      As an EXPERT, I will step in and resolve the dispute between Jadon and MNW so we can move on and discuss more important topics like:

      Did Chuck Connors really do gay porn?

      Why won’t Lil Marco come clean about his foam partying past?

      Why is Bitter ashamed of being a sweater-wearing metrosexual flower show enthusiast?

      Will Michael ever wear anything other than a salmon-colored sports jacket when hooking up on Tinder?

      Will LisaB ever apologize for ridiculing poor Aaron-in-Texas for reading like 100 pages a day in graduate school?

      Is there enough judicial evidence to support that Lagoa can be a reliable conservative jurist on SCOTUS, as compared to Barrett or do we need to see more judicial opinions and reasoning from Lagoa 1st?

      No, there is not an evidentiary track record, especially on the federal level, to determine that Lagoa is a reliable conservative compared to Barrett at this time for the important lifetime SCOTUS appointment. Barrett is the more seasoned and reliable conservative if looking at their judicial records alone. Not at issue here is whether Lagoa should be nominated to the court otherwise but instead of whether she is the best nominee to the court based on her legal opinions.

      Remanded back to HHR posters to implement a satisfactory peaceful resolution amongst posters and just move the F*CK on because it no matter anymores.

      Signed this 26th Day of September in the year of 2020 by the honorable EXPERT of all EXPERTS, TGCA

    352. mnw says:


      I’m working to find an opera excerpt for you. I don’t care if it’s not for you, I just want u to glimpse why others may dig it.

      I posted last night, I’m trying to find the intersection of “most beautiful soprano” & “most beautiful aria.”

      I’m enjoying my research, but I keep tripping over Biden ads.

      Determining the most beautiful singe*r is easy for me– kind of like choosing Babe Ruth as the greatest BB player. But she didn’t record some arias that I wish she had.

      *she’s 49 now & looks like she’s… 49. The trick is to find something for you circa 1995-7– when she made my teeth sweat.

    353. lisab says:

      Nate Silver) has declared Biden the landslide winner with 352 Electoral Votes

      that is a even more than corey predicted for hillary in 2016

    354. Greymarch says:

      #361: I’ve been lurking these boards since 2004. I’ve never seen boldface characters in a comment. How did you do that? Very cool.

    355. mnw says:


      I still think the Chuck Connors issue requires further briefing.

    356. Tgca says:

      356. Tina

      Oh Gawd! I just watched the video. Now I have concerns about Barrett.

      Clearly, their younger adopted son of color is holding the hand of another boy and wearing a salmon-colored tie. This is very concerning behavior. …and he’s wearing a sky blue suit too. WTF are they thinking? This poor kid! I hope she is homeschooling him and he’s not going to public schools because he’s gonna being getting into plenty of fights on Monday.

      In my ghettohood, you would not see such things. Give this poor kid some baggy jeans and a hoody for Christ sakes, that’s what my mom would give me.

      Expect more riots over this folks.

      …and WTF…Amy’s got a big-a$$ bow on her dress. REALLY? That’s such a faux pas. I hope when she gets to DC Melania gives her some fashion tips and Trump tells her, “take that stoopid a$$ bow off if you want this nomination.”

    357. Tina says:

      It’s a train wreck interview.

      Calls the female reporter “John.”

      Compares Trump to Goebbels.


    358. Tina says:

      She is on a SAM flight,

    359. Tina says:

      China Biden has no clue here,

      5 million PPP loans were generated totaling $600 billion.


    360. DW says:

      I keep saying that Trump needs to hammer Biden on numbers in the debate because Biden cannot process them

    361. MrVito says:


      Despite 24-hour hype, the LeBron James-led Lakers-Nuggets Conference Finals Game was TKO’ed by Tucker Carlson. The crucial, series-changing Game 4 drew 4.6 million, while a random Thursday episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight brought in 4.74 million.

    362. Robbie says:

      Joe Biden Promises to Hire Dr. Anthony Fauci ‘Minutes After The Race Is Called’


      – This will make Jason happy. Maybe Biden can give Fauci a Presidential Medal of Freedom as well.

    363. MrVito says:

      Ibram X. Kendi
      Some White colonizers “adopted” Black children. They “civilized” these “savage” children in the “superior” ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity.

    364. MichiganGuy says:

      “I keep saying that Trump needs to hammer Biden on numbers in the debate because Biden cannot process them”
      I’m betting Biden will be wearing an earpiece. And his staff will be telling him how to answer each question.

    365. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is a new Mason/Dixon Poll of MN. Biden is +6, but,and this BIG, it canvassed REGISTERED,not Likely voters.


    366. Stonewall DW says:

      “I’m betting Biden will be wearing an earpiece. And his staff will be telling him how to answer each question.”

      The problem is at some point Joe would reach up, press the earpiece in tighter and say, “Say that again, I didn’t hear you.”

    367. MrVito says:

      Vanessa Grigoriadis
      · 5h
      I guess one of the things I don’t understand about Amy Comey Barrett is how a potential Supreme Court justice can also be a loving, present mom to seven kids? Is this like the Kardashians stuffing nannies in the closet and pretending they’ve drawn their own baths for their kids

    368. lisab says:

      I’m actually with Hugh on this. For his cited reasons I don’t see much ticket splitting in districts Trump wins.

      robbie has assured us that there will be lots of ticket splitting, with people voting against trump

      but R down ballot

      so no worries if trump loses

    369. MichiganGuy says:

      Voters in 4 Battleground States File Lawsuits Claiming Election Meddling Funded by Mark Zuckerberg

    370. jason says:

      Joe Biden Promises to Hire Dr. Anthony Fauci ‘Minutes After The Race Is Called’

      Dang, what a novel idea.

      I wish Trump had thought of that.

    371. Robbie says:

      lisab says:
      September 26, 2020 at 2:54 pm
      I’m actually with Hugh on this. For his cited reasons I don’t see much ticket splitting in districts Trump wins.

      robbie has assured us that there will be lots of ticket splitting, with people voting against trump

      – Actually, no. I’ve repeatedly made the opposite case. There is not the same amount of ticket splitting that place 20-25 years ago.

    372. Stonewall DW says:

      Mason-Dixon polled Minnesota four years ago, Oct 20-22, and found it…

      Hillary 47 (+8)
      Trump 39
      Johnson 6
      Stein 1

    373. jason says:

      Yes, Jason. Because of the current polarization in politics, I don’t see much crossover support between Trump and congressional Dems.”


      Hope you are right.

      The MSM meltdown would then be complete.

    374. Tina says:

      Fallaci is on his way out. No way can you carry this incompetent buffoon any longer.

      Atlas did not criticize Redfield.or the cdc.

      Martin Kulldorff
      This is weird!
      stated the simple fact that immunity is higher than those with antibodies, whereupon Dr. Fauci criticizes him without contradicting what was actually said. Stating a simple scientific fact is not “extraordinarily inappropriate”. What is going on?

    375. jason says:

      Rumors are Dems will claim ACB’s black children are forced to wash more dishes than the white children.

      Based on unnamed sources that knew a cousin of someone whose sister’s boyfriend had an uncle who talked to a guy at a barbershop who knew a caretaker at ACB’s home.

    376. jason says:

      Fallaci is on his way out. ”

      I have been hearing this since March.

      Eventually it will be true.

    377. Tina says:

      More and more the drats are going back to their roots. This is the most anti catholic ticket ever.

      Hugh Hewitt
      Is anyone in the party of Al Smith and JFK, RFK, John Kerry and, yes, Joe Biden going to condemn Maher’s bigotry? The bigotry of Mother Jones? All of it? Early and often? Catholic voters: Keep close tab on who voices the bigotry towards you, who is silent, and who applauds.

    378. jason says:

      This will make Jason happy. Maybe Biden can give Fauci a Presidential Medal of Freedom as well.”

      I would indeed expect Biden to hire Fauci, just like Trump did.

      Usually when you are the foremost authority on infectious diseases in the country, and there is a pandemic, your input is requested.

    379. lisab says:

      Actually, no. I’ve repeatedly made the opposite case. There is not the same amount of ticket splitting that place 20-25 years ago.

      so you did not say that it would be fine if biden won because the senate would keep him from doing anything too crazy?

    380. Tina says:

      James Todaro, MD
      Fauci doubles down in latest interview stating that studies show that T-cells from healthy donors are not cross-reactive with SARS-CoV-2…

      In a 1 hr interview, he is able to cite exactly zero evidence to support his argument despite many T-cell studies showing him to be wrong.

    381. lisab says:

      acb’s biggest problem is that she is too perfect … a perfect wife, mom, judge etc.

      meanwhile, i gave my child fruit on the bottom yogurt and being the hateful spiteful mother i am,

      i stirred it … making it “yucky” … **sigh**

    382. jason says:

      Derangement at its best.

      Comment on the ACB leaving her house video.

      “If she is so Biblically entrenched, she should be home serving her husband. However, her agenda is to make the rest of us lose all rights we have to our freedoms.”

      Her agenda is to make us lose all rights we have to our freedoms.


    383. Phil says:

      Yeah, I saw the Atlas clip and he didn’t say a damned thing “extraordinarily inappropriate” whatsoever. Made a statement of fact and listed the scholars and their research to back it up.

      Fauci is full of sh*t. What an arrogant dick.

    384. mnw says:

      FOX pimpin’ today that “the Buckeye state is in play for the first time in recent history!”

      Obviously the Biden team didn’t get that memo.

    385. jason says:

      Uh, oh…

      Just got a text from Skippy.

      ACB is driving to a church function as it turns out.

      Lagoa just left her house and is driving towards the airport.

    386. jason says:

      FOX pimpin’ today that “the Buckeye state is in play for the first time in recent history!”

      You mean the state Obama won twice?

      I know it was a long time ago, a black guy….he was President up to, oh Lord, eons ago.. I think like 2016, but memory fails me.

    387. jason says:

      New rumor.

      ACB is just attending Lagoa’s announcement ceremony.

    388. lisab says:

      barret now at walmart buying condoms

    389. lisab says:

      and vodka 🙂

    390. jason says:

      The right attitude from a lib… unfortunately you won’t see much of this at the hearings.

      “In an OpEd for Bloomberg, Harvard Law professor and Democrat impeachment witness Noah Feldman writes that he is “devastated” by former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and laments the fact that President Trump now gets to nominate a third Supreme Court justice during his first term in office. Despite his frustrations, Feldman admitted Judge Amy Coney Barrett is highly qualified to serve on the nation’s highest court.

      “I disagree with much of her judicial philosophy and expect to disagree with many, maybe even most of her future votes and opinions,” Feldman wrote “Yet despite this disagreement, I know her to be a brilliant and conscientious lawyer who will analyze and decide cases in good faith, applying the jurisprudential principles to which she is committed. Those are the basic criteria for being a good justice. Barrett meets and exceeds them.”

      Feldman recalls meeting Barrett more than 20 years ago when both attorneys clerked for the Supreme Court in the 1998-99 term. Feldman says that out of all the thirty-some clerks, who graduated top of their law schools and came from all around the country, Barrett stood out the most.

      It must be hard for a Harvard professor to admit this, but Feldman wrote that Barrett was the go-to person whenever Feldman needed help understanding extremely complex cases, “especially one involving hard-to-comprehend statutory scheme.”

      “This combination of smart and nice will be scary for liberals,” Feldman warned.

      The former impeachment witness said the judge’s deep commitment to her faith and conservative jurisprudence should not be treated as disqualifying. Feldman knows the process is political and with Republicans in control of both the White House and the Senate, fully expects Trump’s nominee to be confirmed.

      “Elections have consequences, and so do justices’ decisions about when or whether to retire,” Feldman writes. “Trump is almost certainly going to get his pick confirmed.”

      “And when she is confirmed,” Feldman continued, “I am going to accept it as the consequence of the constitutional rules we have and the choices we collectively and individually have made. And I’m going to be confident that Barrett is going to be a good justice, maybe even a great one — even if I disagree with her all the way.”

    391. jason says:

      Gatortroll, instead of calling ACB mediocre, would do well to read that post.

    392. Tina says:

      Jebots having a bad day.

      Josh Caplan
      · 4m
      FOX 5: FBI arrests Atlanta activist accused of spending $200,000 in Black Lives Matter donations for personal use

    393. Greymarch says:

      Five of the current 8 SCOTUS judges are catholic. I had no idea. Which five?

    394. BillW says:

      not Breyer, not Kagan, not Gorsuch

    395. Scooterboy says:

      403. Gatortroll is taking a nap. When mommy wakes him, he’ll be back on the computer again.

    396. Greymarch says:

      I wonder if Mnachin might vote yes for Barrett? He’s not up for re-election this year, and WV is very, very red.

    397. Tina says:

      Goober needs to move this schedule up. You are wasting 15 days here, I know he wants to blow it going on Hannity, but…

      Seung Min Kim
      · 3h
      Tentative confirmation hearing schedule being circulated ahead of official announcement, per source:

      Oct. 12 — Opening statements
      Oct. 13 — Questioning
      Oct. 14 — Questioning (with one closed session)
      Oct. 15 — Outside witnesses

    398. jason says:

      Just got another text from Skippy.

      It’s Merrick Garland.

    399. Greymarch says:

      #409: Yeah, I thought they would start the hearings sooner. Which makes me think this might be the GOP strategy…

      Perhaps Trump, McConnell and Graham are convinced the confirmation of Barrett will really fire up the GOP base to vote Nov 3rd. If so, then you want to confirm her as close to the election as possible.

      The problem is, if the dems find a way to gum up the works, her confirmation could get pushed past election day, and then moderate senators like Collins, Murkowski, and a few others might vote against her.

    400. jason says:

      FBI arrests Atlanta activist accused of spending $200,000 in Black Lives Matter donations for personal use”


      If he used it to buy luxury goods instead of molotov cocktails he helped the economy and saved some buildings.

    401. Tina says:

      John Cardillo
      “…from the time I got to the Senate 180 years ago…”


    402. mnw says:

      Manchin will do what he did on Kavanaugh. Vote YES, as long as his vote is meaningless because she’s going to be confirmed anyway. However, if his vote should ever become crucial to the outcome, Schumer carries Manchin’s junk around in his hip pocket.

      On another matter, I’m surprised the hearings won’t start until Oct. 12th. That doesn’t seem smart to me, at first pass.

    403. Tina says:

      Paging Madonna, angeline Jolie, and others.

      Ibram X. Kendi
      · 2h
      Some White colonizers “adopted” Black children. They “civilized” these “savage” children in the “superior” ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity. twitter.com/jennybethm/sta…
      Show this thread

    404. Tina says:

      Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania hurdle: Voters who fear a California-style energy plan
      LA Times
      Seema Mehta, Evan Halper
      ,LA Times•September 23, 2020


    405. Tina says:

      Interesting article on Scranton, Pa and the gop efforts.


    406. Greymarch says:

      Barrett’s best defense over the next few weeks? The debates. Why? Because Trump is gonna say so much crazy stuff during the debates, the MSM and the dems cant stop themselves from changing their focus back to Trump. Trump will take Barrett off the headlines.

    407. Stonewall DW says:

      This week I have been evaluating the polling numbers of these presidential state polls–this due to the outrageous propaganda grades Silver gives out on 538.

      Trafalgar nailed the 2016 races and has a C-, while Fox News is way out in left field, and they get an A.

      So today, I am introducing…

      Paladin Polling Grades

      The methodology is simple, can be explained in a few sentences, and is based on ACTUAL PERFORMANCE from the 2016 presidential race.


      1) Each poll is like a college course, and is given a letter grade for its accuracy. Based on a standard collegiate grading scale (A = 4; A- = 3.7; B+ = 3.3; B = 3, etc.) the overall GPA is calculated to get the overall letter grade.

      2) Each battleground state is worth 3 credits, while easier to poll states (MA, AR, IL, etc) are worth 2 credits. This helps compensate for pollsters who like to rack up the score on easy states.

      So the results are clear, fair, and without partiality. These are all based on the grading of each of the last polls for a given state in 2016.

      Here are the grades of the polling firms graded thus far by Paladin Polling Grades:

      Trafalgar Group A-
      Emerson College B
      Suffolk University B-
      Monmouth University C

      Many more to follow in the coming week, so that for the last month of the 2020 campaign you can know the REAL grades of each pollster, not the slop and garbage 538 puts out.

    408. Gatorjoel says:

      In all seriousness, ACB is a highly qualified pick who will be confirmed and appeal to the Republican base and be a reliable conservative. Congrats to you all who want a female Scalia on the court.

    409. Gatorjoel says:

      And to those who would attack her for adopting two children in need, they should be greatly ashamed. This is a decent woman who is very giving to her family and maintains an incredible career.

    410. Pitchaboy says:

      She spoke well. Hard to see her getting trashed without pissing off suburban moms.

    411. Gatorjoel says:

      Very good speech. Agree w that.

    412. Boog says:

      She gave a really good speech, and the optics are hard to beat. A lot of Dems are probably resigning themselves to defeat right now. Smear this one at your peril.

    413. Justin says:

      First working mom Justice is a good talking point.

    414. Greymarch says:

      Look at that photo of Barrett’s family. Go ahead MSM and dems, attack that. I dare you. It’s one the biggest electoral traps in American history.


    415. mnw says:


      You’re a troll. NOTHING you post here will ever change that one iota. Got it? Not now. not ever. Take your posts 420 & 421 & stick them up your braying leftwing adz.

    416. Gatorjoel says:

      Whatever you stupid moron. As Jason said to me gfy!

    417. Tina says:

      Clip of Trump,supporters drowning out Cn and n.


    418. jason says:

      CB is a highly qualified pick who will be confirmed and appeal to the Republican base and be a reliable conservative.”

      Better yet maybe she can be counted on to rely on the Constitution in her decisions and not be a partisan rubber stamp like her predecessor.

    419. jason says:

      As Jason said to me gfy!”


      Gatortroll thinks he is special!

    420. Tina says:

      Monumental presidency.

      If she is confirmed, trump will have appointed one third of SCOTUS,

    421. lisab says:

      uh oh, breyer rushed to hospital …

    422. Gatorjoel says:

      LisaB, don’t joke about someone’s health or wish someone bad health. Bad karma and sign of a really awful person. You did that w RBG by prematurely saying she died. Not cool!

    423. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      426. Beautiful family by the way. Agree the Democrats will do themselves major harm if they make vicious attacks on Barrett. But then again rabid dogs are very hard to control.

    424. Tom says:

      435. Never underestimate how low the liberals will stoop. There is literally no line they won’t cross.

    425. mnw says:


      We hardly need lessons or instructions about what’s cool from a kanting ‘Blue Wave a’comin’, y’all!’ TROLL like YOU, you pos.

    426. Tina says:

      Proud Obumblercon

      Dow 17000.

      Or was it 16000?

    427. Waingro says:

      Man, Minnesota is going to be CLOSE. Looking forward to Trump’s MN rally next week!

    428. Gatorjoel says:

      437-you are right. You can’t teach lessons to folks who lack empathy and are not really human. I hope no one wishes Iill health on you or your family just because of your political views. That is deplorable to the max. Then again, that is the problem in this highly polarized environment where folks cannot have diverging political views and have a civil discussion.

    429. Tina says:

      Peaceful Protest Rally in Pa starts at 7 pm est.

    430. Justin says:

      Gator bait, don’t you have some businesses to burn down and law enforcement to shoot at?

    431. mnw says:

      Please don’t let this kanting troll drop his ‘Blue wave a’comin’, y’all!’ provocations & then treat any of his OTHER posts as anything other than troll droppings.

    432. Beverlyvof says:

      ???????????? ??? ???????, ??? ? ???????, ????? ???????? ??-???????. ?? ???? ?? ????????????? ?????? ???????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??????? ??????????, ????? ????????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?????? — ???, ? ????????, ? ??? ???. ?????? ??? ???

    433. JeffP says:

      It is really interesting watching all the never Trumpers and those uncomfortable with Trumps antics just glowing over ACB appointment. Including some Faux News types and reporters. I think this appointment solidifies GOP support across the board for Election Day. Some will never publicly acknowledge voting for Trump. I know three of my adult children who couldn’t vote for Trump in16 will now.

    434. lisab says:

      made you look 🙂

    435. mnw says:

      Tina, et al

      You think Trump draws big crowds?

      Check out today’s crowd at Franklin Graham’s National Day of Prayer march at the National Mall. Some say “tens of thousands,” some say “50000.”

      VP Pence was there. While strictly non-partisan, I suspect there may have been… quite a bit of overlap with Trump’s Newport News rally.

      People who get their news from the msm, including FOX, will never know there even WAS a Day of Prayer march today. Instantly down the memory hole.

    436. Scooterboy says:

      Shot over the bow ?

      Sarah Palin- “ I Can See 2022 From My House“

    437. JeffP says:

      446 That is really funny…LOL

    438. JeffP says:

      Trump tonight…”the ONLY way we lose Pennsylvania is if they cheat on the ballots!”

      I am so glad he went there. He is right.

    439. MrVito says:

      Kyle Beckley
      Replying to
      Be sure to remind the reporters attacking the children that ACB has more black people in her family than RBG ever hired as clerks.

    440. jason says:

      Hey Gatortroll, you are the stupidest troll to appear here this year, and believe me, there was competition.

      Now why don’t you get lost and just GFY, and no, you aren’t special.

    441. Gatorjoel says:

      jason (or should I say jack ass), your ignorant non substantive insults just make me want to be here more! I feel so welcome! I can’t wait until Trump loses in a landslide to join you crying in your beer, your moonshine or other favorite alcoholic beverage on election night. Will be fun!

    442. MrVito says:

      From a “journalist”…

      This whole press conference is a display of Amy Coney Barrett weaponizing her white womanhood to grab whatever power managed to slip through the cracks in the Trump administration’s unrelenting misogyny.

      Trump and Barrett using her Black children and child with Down Syndrome to score political points isn’t surprising, but it’s no less appalling.

    443. PresidentPaul! says:

      5 of the remaining 8 justices are Catholic, and you can add to that that Neil Gorsuch was raised Catholic so that would be 6 of 8. If Barrett is on there that could be 7 of 9 of them are Catholic.

      I hope they don’t think they are being discriminated against by all these WASPS.

    444. mnw says:

      Anybody here think troll Gatorjoel/ProudObamacon will be here having “fun” election night? If so, can I see hands?

      Just NEVER respond to his “good, kind, sincere’ troll posts. Because all this azalea wants to do, all it LIVES for, is to post braying troll posts like 453.

    445. PresidentPaul! says:

      Biden: “I got to the Senate 180 years ago”


    446. Scooterboy says:

      454.These people are idiots.
      So, was she just not supposed to invite her family to the most important appointment of her life?

    447. Scooterboy says:

      457. That makes Biden almost as old as Walt.

    448. DW says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, but was the last Republican to win the Presidential election based on exit polling Bush 41 in 1988?

    449. MrVito says:

      Guy Benson
      It is fully legitimate, unlike the military service you lied about.
      Quote Tweet

      Richard Blumenthal
      · 3h
      I will refuse to treat this process as legitimate & will not meet with Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

    450. Tina says:

      If they don’t meet with her! It shortens the process.

    451. Boog says:


      Yes, exit polling for at least 20 years has been consistently wrong, and shockingly always wrong in favor of the Dems. The ’04 polling said W was toast. Lie. ’20 was the same. Expect a lot more of the same this time around. Complete lack of shame and no real ramifications, so they will keep doing it.

    452. Tina says:

      Trump rally in Nevada today.

      Ted Cruz filling in. The rally was so large they had t9,do it outside. .


    453. Cash Cow TM says:

      PPP messaged me yesterday to see if they could poll me.

      I gave them crickets…
      F… PPP.

    454. Tina says:


      OH HELL NO! Joe Biden Says He Could Stay at Home During the Pandemic because Black Women Stacked Grocery Shelves — WTH? (VIDEO)


    455. DW says:

      So Biden thinks black women are good for stocking shelves. If they are undecided, they ain’t black.

    456. DW says:

      Why would PPP be polling WV?

    457. gatorbillyjoel says:

      467 – just a bunch of old white men that will be crying on Nov 4.

    458. Cash Cow TM says:

      BTW Walt has been feeling bad for last 8 to 10 days.

      Went to the doc a few days ago…no Covid 19.. Got big antibiotics pills. Plus taking other over counter meds. He thinks he is on the mend, but gets real tired in afternoon and has been going to bed with the chickens

    459. Wes says:

      Well, Walt, PPP has to know the average West Virginian has an IQ of about -64. Jensen may not have realized you actually have a functioning brain and thus tried to poll you as a Biden supporter.

    460. mnw says:


      Didn’t you regularly post here as ProudObamacon? Why’d you change your screen name? Couldn’t stand the shame of it?

    461. Bitterlaw says:

      I support the nomination and confirmation of ACB. That said, I know I will just have to STFU in the future if a SCOTUS Justice dies at 6:00 am on Election Day and a Dem controlled Senate confirms the nominee by lunch.

    462. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – It must be a trend. PhilS was here before under a different handle.

    463. JeffP says:

      Mnw yep that 473 post gave it away

    464. JeffP says:

      You would think Joe would be losing learners by staying home so much. If he debates and continues this pattern the last month of the election how can he win 270?

      Dang it’s a bad look. MSM gives him a pass.

    465. Tina says:

      More bigotry.

      Mary Margaret Olohan
      · 3h
      Sen. Mazie Hirono questions whether Barrett’s “closely held views” should prevent her from becoming a Supreme Court justice.

    466. Tom says:

      Hirono can question all she wants. It will just make Justice Barrett’s confirmation that much sweeter.

    467. jason says:

      I support the nomination and confirmation of ACB. That said, I know I will just have to STFU in the future if a SCOTUS Justice dies at 6:00 am on Election Day and a Dem controlled Senate confirms the nominee by lunch.”

      Anybody who doesn’t think they would do this ANYWAY is a gullible moron.

    468. Gatorjoel says:

      You calling anyone a moron is like the pot calling the kettle black jason!

    469. MrVito says:

      Ian Miles Cheong
      Police have charged the driver who ran over two Trump supporters in the Yorba Linda counter-protest with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. They suffered major injuries and are in hospital.

    470. mnw says:

      484 ProudObamacon/gatorgeek

      “like the pot calling the kettle black,” eh?

      THERE’S a fresh, original turn of phrase!

      What a WIT this troll is! Did you used to write gags for a living, gatorgeek?

      Oh… thought not, actually.

    471. MikeKS says:

      I was not high on ACB but she did impress me a lot today. The fact she cited Scalia was great and makes me feel better. And watching the left go crazy is fun.

    472. MrVito says:

      Seattle is a joke.

      Andy Ngô
      Seattle: While police are occupied with BLM-antifa rioters tonight, drivers take over an area outside the Space Needle and do doughnuts. A car hit a bunch of people soon after this. Video by
      . #SeattleRiots

    473. MrVito says:

      Aaaaaand another officer was attacked in LA.

    474. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is a new Likely Voters’ national ABC/ Washington Post Poll. 1) Trump is -10 against Sleepy Joe in the head-to-head and -6 including Third Party candidate;2) Trump’s approval/ disapproval is 44/53; 3) the joke of this poll is that in the Red States,all of them , that Trump carried in 2016, the race is tied at 49/49.


      REMEMBER, this is the same pollster who in 2016 in late October had H. Clinton +14. Also, the results of this national poll fly in the face of the State polls the same pollster released a few days ago which showed Trump doing well.

    475. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Add; Trash this poll:

      “Among other groupings, Biden leads by 54-42 percent in the 13 states that currently are the most
      contested by the candidates (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada,
      New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin)”

      This is absolutely ridiculous.Please tell me which of the 13 States has Biden +12 let alone all of them combined?!

      The poll has Independent Women voting for Biden 70/24. This is not an error on my part. This gap makes up for Biden’s full 6 pt. lead in the head-to-head.
      Military and their families vote 49/49.

      Should I continue fisking or do you get the idea what garbage the pollster has put out there?

    476. jaichind says:

      Rasmussen poll in NV has Biden only 1 point ahead 49-48

    477. jaichind says:

      Interesting to note that ABC poll has Biden’s lead falling from 10 to 6 in a 4 way matchup.

    478. jaichind says:

      New York Times/Siena College poll has Biden ahead 49-41.

      What is weird about this poll is DRI is 30/32/38 but Biden has a massive lead with independents 51-30. For some reasons in this poll a lot of Dem voters are “hiding out” as independents

    479. Gordon Allen says:

      I think that’s been true in many polls; Democrat’s hiding as Independents and even Republicans. Thus in reality the number of Democrat’s is far higher than shown. Hard to prove though.
      Watched Trump last night in PA( I rarely watch these rallies) but was curious after the Barrett nomination.Either Trump is a Hollywood actor of great accomplishment,or he sure doesn’t think he’s 10 points behind. He looked quite confident and amazingly energized at that hour given the strenuous week he’s put in.
      I wish I knew the name of the energy pills he takes because we’re in bed by that time ( and same ag

    480. Pitchaboy says:

      Correction Jai: The pollster is hiding the dems in the Indie column to create a R plus 2 poll.

    481. Phil says:

      Wait. Trump is down 12 points in 13 “battleground states‘ that include Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Florida, NC?

      I’ll be anxious to hear Baris and Barnes analysis of this clunker on Monday.

    482. Steant1965 says:

      Funny how Dems rely on these internal DNC polls (NY Times/Wash Post/ABC are nothing more than DNC operatives) in order to make themselves feel good. Let’s just look at Trump’s hangar rallies. He’s getting tens of thousands of people to come out and listen to him and support him. Last night, thousands of Pennsylvanians stood out in the rain listening to him. Then, look at the amount of Trump flags out there in all areas of the country. 30,000 people in Virginia for a rally. Instead, we’re supposed to put our faith in polls that may have polled less than 15 likely voters in each state. ABC/WP poll had 749 likely voters in their sample. How many were in those battleground states. Give us the raw data. As an old economist, I doubt their samples are reliable.

    483. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Pitch & Phil

      1) I agree that this poll and just about every Quinnipiac and PPP/Jensen poll use the so-called gap in Independents as their “secret sauce” in arriving at the conclusions they want.
      2) So how does the WP/ABC pollster reconcile Trump’s being up 1 pt. in AZ and 4 in FL a few days ago with a -12 in Swing States? The answer is Agenda polling.

    484. Pitchaboy says:

      In the past pollsters cared about their reputations for business purposes. These days all these big outfits have in house polling outfits that serve only one purpose: please the master. There is only one reliable poll: Election Day. Even that is slowly getting rigged.

    485. jaichind says:

      One interesting thing about the Biden campaign is that it is basically based on Biden being Anti-Trump. There is no attempt to created a Biden brand other than to call out that it is NOT the Trump brand. This is why all ads are anti-Trump vs pro-Biden and Biden is not out there campaigning to enhance is brand since there is none.

      It sort of breaks basic rules of advertising. When Pepsi has an ad attacking Coke, it never mentions Coke but talks about how Pepsi is better than the “other leading national brand”. The idea is that any mention of the Coke brand is bad for Pepsi even if in a negative context.

      The gap in the times the word Trump is mentioned versus Biden in this campaign must be the largest in election history.

      One thing going for the Biden campaign in not creating a brand is the Trump campaign attempt in frame Biden has not really worked since there is nothing out there to frame. Still overall this sort of branding strategy by the Biden camp is unconventional and it will be interesting to see if it will work. My gut feeling is no since famous rules seems to contradict it. Namely:

      ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ – PT Barnum

      “When you hear about a stop X movement, put your money on X” – Nixon

    486. Gordon Allen says:


    487. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      You have to read this write-up by Politico on the new NYT/Siena National Poll. It’s a propaganda sheet.
      The first five or so paragraghs try to scare Republicans from pursuing Barrett’s comfirmation hearings. All doom & gloom statistically.
      The next few paragraghs spell doom & gloom regarding the abortion issue. Then doom & gloom about healthcare and COVID-19.

      On and On!!! The write-up is a compilation of DNC Talking Points. I cannot find the crosstabs in order to fisk although,once again, there is a yawning 23 pt. gap among who Independents will vote for.


    488. dblaikie says:

      Well folks we have a tied race with Trump approval at 51% in Rasmussen. And then we have this mornings poll from ABC. The difference between the two cannot be more stark. In the past I have said that you have to make choice which is right and since I am conservative of course the choice is Rasmussen.

      But I am not going to say that this year. What the gap between these two polls tell me is one thing. Polling in America is broken. For all I know Trump may be 8 points ahead of Biden. Polling has failed in Israel, in the United Kingdom, and I believe with these crazy numbers it is not trustworthy.

      So as I have posted a couple of times before I will look to other things besides polls. It seems to me that seeing where they go is telling. So if that is true then Pa, Florida, Minnesota, Wis, Nevada and Michigan seem to be where the action is. That tells me that the election right now is close. Now when both Trump and Biden start to campaign in Texas, Kansas, and Indiana I will get worried.

    489. Tgca says:

      Cinco Cero Cinco pootahs!

      Cinco Cero Cinco!

    490. Hugh says:

      Wow. Per abc Biden is a better candidate than Obama in 2008. Everyone knowS that is complete bull. When do these azs wipes get a touch of integrity.

    491. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Add: The crosstabs for the Likely Voters’ Siena/NYT’s Poll are now available. I looked at them real fast because I have to go, but here are some beauties:

      1) Trump’s approval/disapproval is 46/52, respectively. So explain to me how with a 46% Job Approval, Trump receives only 41% of the vote.
      2) The PID is R+1. ALL the difference is in the 23 pt. gap with Independents.
      This stealth data point is similar to today’s WP/ABC Poll. Bury Trump with the Independent vote that he carried in 2016 by 4 pts.
      3) Trump’s Job Approval among AA’s is 12%, yet he receives 7% of the vote.
      4) Trump’s Job Spproval among Latinos is 42%, yet he receives 31% of that vote.

      Have at it!


    492. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      New Marist/NBC Polls:

      Michigan—Biden +8(same as their 2016 poll) & Wisconsin–Biden +10.


      The Networks are really hitting on polls today! Desperado?!

    493. jaichind says:

      One interesting piece of data from the ABC poll is 35% of LV says the Country is on the Right Track. 35% for Right Track tends to be threshold for the incumbent party to win. Trump has been underwater on this metric since COVID-19 is now around 30% in most polls which is what it was in Fall of 2016. Back in the Fall of 2012 it was something like 38%-39%.

    494. Waingro says:

      #508, same poll has James within 5 of Peters. He’s now consistently running 3-4 points ahead of Trump. He can do this.

    495. mnw says:

      I would be out on the ledge about the polls… if I didn’t know where the candidates are campaigning.

    496. Phil says:

      Senate Democrats on Senate Judiciary Committee now saying they will press Barrett to publicly commit to recuse herself in any Court case involving the 2020 election.

      Say what?

      So I guess the other two Trump appointed justices are supposed to step aside as well.

      You just can’t make this sh*t up.

    497. Hugh says:

      I’m so sick of these b s polls. Revenge will be so sweet!!!

    498. Gatorjoel says:

      Ignore these polls at your peril-they show the reality of what is going to happen-Trump is going to lose in a landslide!!!

    499. OHIO. Joe says:

      We were correct to take the 2016 polls with a grain of salt. The 2020 polls should be taken with 2 grains of salt.

    500. Phil says:

      Ok, ABC has Biden up 10 nationally and, even more, ridiculously, up 12 in swing states that include Texas (apparently Texas is now a swing state lol)

      Up 10 nationally and 12 pts in the swing states.

      Yet, ABC also just released a poll showing Trump up 4 in Florida.

      Someone explain that one to me. I’ll hang up and listen.

    501. Marv says:


      The Aggies seemed to have had a little trouble at Vanderbilt yesterday.

    502. OHIO. Joe says:

      I do not doubt that Mr. Biden is slightly ahead in the upper Midwest, but is currently single digits. It ain’t 8 to 10 points. In fact, GOP internal polling put Michigan and Minnesota essentially tied with the Dems leading Wisconsin by a few points. Internal polls also have a margin of error, but the margin is rather small.

    503. Dylan says:

      Hirono and Blumenthal are total creepers I just get a visceral negative vibe in my stomach when I hear either of these totally unimpressive senators speak These two states could do SO much better than these two Even if they elected other leftists…..but yet these two are senators for life in two socialist paradises

      If they had ANY sense, they would absolutely meet with Barrett to try and get any nugget to have a Hail Mary chance at derailing the nomination but they’ve taken their ball and gone home Pitiful senators

    504. Phil says:

      Yes, the aggies laid an egg yesterday, Marv. No doubt.

    505. Hugh says:

      If you believe as I do that the purpose of these polls from the MSM is to drive a narrative then you also have to believe that these posters are committing more fraud than they did in 2016. Here’s why.In 2016 the MSM were fully convinced from the beginning to the end that Trump was going to lose. They did not have to totally cook the books. They may have even believed their polls. This time around they’re scared And think that Trump just might win. Which would mean they’re even more willing to commit fraud with their polls.

    506. dblaikie says:

      I will say it again, folks. Don’t pay much attention to any poll. Instead look at where the battleground in this campaign is going. For instance these polls have done their best to say that Texas is close. Poll after poll shows it within the margin of error. However do you see either Trump or Biden going there? A win in Texas would make Joe a shoe-in. But there is not anything happening at Texas.

      Conversely most polls show Virginia as a lock for Biden. Yet Trump is campaigning there. It seems that even though Virginia is a reach, it is still worth a try. At the least it is a lot closer than Texas.

    507. dblaikie says:

      This is sort of a boom if serious. In a tweet Trump says he will demand that Joe take a drug test. Trumps says of course he will take one too. Talk about be proactive!

    508. dblaikie says:

      Test before debate.

    509. zortilo nrel says:

      Really great visual appeal on this website , I’d value it 10 10.