Trump : 187
Biden : 351
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GOP : 48
DEM : 50
IND : 2
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    Two Polls In MI Show Different Leaders for Prez and US Senate, Trump Leads Biden in NC By 1%

    A lot of polls today as will be the norm until Election Day. In Michigan, we have conflicting numbers from Trafalgar Group and Public Policy Polling in the state of Michigan.

    PRESIDENT – MICHIGAN (Trafalgar)
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%
    Joe Biden (D) 45%

    US SENATE – MICHIGAN (Trafalgar)
    John James (R) 50%
    Gary Peters (D-inc) 48%

    Joe Biden (D) 50%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 43%

    Gary Peters (D-inc) 52%
    John James (R) 43%

    The Trafalgar Group poll was done October 15-18 among 1034 likely voters. The PPP poll was done October 21-22 among 804 voters. Meanwhile, Rasmussen Reports has a poll for the state of North Carolina that shows Donald Trump taking a single-percentage-point lead on Joe Biden.

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 48%
    Joe Biden (D) 47%

    This poll was done October 20-21 among 800 likely voters.

    Posted by Dave at 4:49 pm
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    637 Responses to “Two Polls In MI Show Different Leaders for Prez and US Senate, Trump Leads Biden in NC By 1%”

    1. Hugh says:

      Trump up net 30000 today in florida biden lead now 430k

    2. Gordon Allen says:

      Is it me or is Wissing so rattled he can’t differentiate Trafalger from PPP?

    3. Country Dick Montana says:

      Robbie – it is one thing to have a liberal Republican on the team (Collins.) But at some point the parties have to have a shared values. The DEMS have gone full big government and full nanny state.

      What shared values would an ELECTABLE Republican in CA (or NY, MA etc.) share with a Republican in TX?

      If it is only about winning elections without policy then all it becomes is just another sporting event.

    4. NYCmike says:

      “I think had Romney chosen her as VP in 2012, he might have won.”

      -Condi at that time still had the stench of Dubya all over her.

    5. MrVito says:

      According to Gallup, 93% of Republicans view Trump favorably and 76% view him highly favorably.

      In 2016, 81% viewed him favorably while only 30% viewed him highly favorably.

      Only 10% of Republicans view Joe favorably compared with 6% for Clinton in 2016.

      So, I don’t think Joe should count on crossover vote.

      He would have to hope for a partisan shift. The recent Gallup party ID spreads do not bear that out, but the most recent hasn’t been released.

    6. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      Looks like Rump is running back to Ohio this weekend. Sad!

    7. Country Dick Montana says:

      Ah 5:00 AM in Beijing. Troll farm is starting early.

    8. NYCmike says:

      Did Wissing declare if he was voting for the Republican candidate for President this year?

      Or is he voting for the corrupt candidate who made million$ by allowing his family members to invest in his holding an elected office?

    9. Hugh says:

      This is getting fun.

      BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate will be Trump’s special guest at tonight’s debate

    10. Phil says:

      Vito, the only crossover votes Biden gets are Lincoln Project and Bulwark swamp types. Those groups are loud but a very tiny fraction. They are loud but their numbers don’t amount to anything among rank in file Republicans. From the consultant class and basically just the left’s useful idiots. They are loud on social media an in making appearances on CNN and that’s it.

    11. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      My sincerest apologies. I want you to know again in case you missed my earlier post that we have FIRED ProudObamacon/Baris/GatorBillyjoel/Ridin’, for gross incompetence.

      yes, Trump is going to OH, but that same day he is also going to NC and Waukesha, WI.

      Then on Sunday he is in NH.

      The OH stop is just an extra along the way on the trip from NC to WI.

    12. Tina says:

      Undercover Huber
      Biden emails media narrative:

      —Totally fake
      —“Hacked” (but fake)
      —Russian “disinformation”
      —Russian “misinformation”
      —Some real but some maybe fake
      —Russian “information” op
      —Most are real
      —Okay all the emails are real
      —Who cares it’s no big deal
      —Orange Man Bad

    13. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      Florida, Ohio, AND North Carolina? Doesn’t sound like a confident campaign.

    14. Phil says:

      Yep, basement boy. Trump is in real danger of losing Ohio.

      That’s why Fox polling just came off that Biden ridiculous +5 Ohio from two weeks ago to Trump +3 yesterday. They can’t afford to stick with their agenda polling without being a laughing stock on the the 3rd.

    15. Hugh says:

      Sounds smart to me!!

    16. buster says:


      That’s a much better schedule than a basement.

    17. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      14. So what is your campaign background that makes you able to say that?

    18. Phil says:

      …and Joe will be in Texas any day now to barnstorm after that Quinnipiac poll out yesterday showing a tie.

      Not. To get to Texas and Georgia and Iowa and all the other states Silverfraud thinks he is on the cusp of taking he might have to leave the basement.

    19. Tina says:

      Leftists turning against fallacy

      Jordan Schachtel
      Daily Beast unintentionally annihilates King Fauci : “What’s particularly troubling about the return of COVID in Italy is that the country has done everything experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been advising.” ?????

    20. Phil says:

      Basement boy has now officially clocked in for the evening shift.

    21. Tina says:

      From the @WSJ: “If it’s true that Joe Biden was accepting influence payments, including from Chinese entities, then he should immediately quit the presidential race.”

      Absolutely seismic. https://t.co/B2GdOMhzKT

      — Daniel Ehlers (@DanielEhlers) October 22, 2020

    22. Country Dick Montana says:

      No Phil. 5:00 AM in Beijing. They work em hard there.

    23. Phil says:

      The guy must be exhausted…plus having to carry five handles.

    24. Tina says:

      Dad not in now

      Make it 11

      He gets a cut.


    25. Country Dick Montana says:

      22 – That is Freeman in the Opinion Section. The WSJ newsroom has chosen to ignore it.

      Luckily for the WSJ most people read it for the Opinion Section.

    26. Robbie says:

      Country Dick Montana says:
      October 22, 2020 at 4:58 pm
      Robbie – it is one thing to have a liberal Republican on the team (Collins.) But at some point the parties have to have a shared values. The DEMS have gone full big government and full nanny state.

      What shared values would an ELECTABLE Republican in CA (or NY, MA etc.) share with a Republican in TX?

      If it is only about winning elections without policy then all it becomes is just another sporting event.

      – Shared values are not the same as specific agenda items. For instance, all Republicans favor a strong national defense, a more limited role for government, and personal freedoms and liberties. However, the devil is in the details. Just because Susan Collins doesn’t support an immigration bill or spending bill that Ted Cruz supports doesn’t mean she doesn’t share the same values he does.

      The truth is the country is just not as conservative as the conservatives in the Republican Party are. And as the conservatives have crowded out more and more of the non-ideological members of the Republican Party through primaries, we’ve struggled more and more to win national races. Getting 80% of what you or I might like is still a lot better than getting 0%.

      And truthfully, the Republican Party does exist to win races. I’d much rather win with Mike Castle than lose with Christine O’Donnell. I might not like all of Castle’s votes, but I’d like them more than Chris Coons’ votes. The ability to govern is what matters.

    27. Cash Cow TM says:

      ……..THAT SUMMER………
      (sung to tune of Garth Brooks’ song with same name)

      ……THAT SUMMER…..

      I had to work at home that summer
      2020,—what a bitch!
      The Chinese virus sprang upon us
      Ran the nation in a ditch.

      We were a thousand miles from normal
      Turmoil as far as I could see
      We needed to jump start our economy
      Not knowing when that that might be.

      Pelosi came to me one evening
      Hot cup of arsenic and a smile
      In a mood that I was certain
      She hadn’t changed in quite a while.

      There was no difference in her cackle
      Hatred poured forth from her eyes
      And on the air was desperation–
      Plans their side to energize.

      They had a need to steal Trump’s thunder
      Chase Dem defeat out of the skies
      To make some riots–burn and plunder
      Mayhem from Antifa guys.

      Had to create some heated passion
      To have a shot election night
      ‘’Let no crisis go to waste
      Burn the cities all,–with haste
      Give old Trump an election fight.”

      That summer turmoil twirled around me
      BLM riots, statues fall…
      When I told her it hurts the country
      She softly said “Care I? Not at all”.

      And then I watched her plan develop
      divide the nation with her touch
      There’s never been another summer
      That I have ever loathed so much.

      They had to create some heated passion
      To have a shot election night
      “Let no crisis go to waste
      Burn the cities all,–with haste
      Give old Trump an election fight.”

      I often think about that summer
      All donning masks, 6 feet apart
      Fear in all human behavior
      Afraid to cough, afraid to fart.

      And every time I see a new poll
      Showing Trump twisting in the wind
      Although I know it isn’t real
      It really saddens me to feel
      “Dishonest pollsters” once again.

      They had to create some heated passion
      To have a shot election night
      “Let no crisis go to waste
      Burn the cities all,–with haste
      Give old Trump an election fight.”

      “Let no crisis go to waste
      Burn the cities, all–with haste
      Give old Trump an election fight.”

      (Second Stanza)

      The Dems they chose Joe Biden
      He picks K. Harris, a sleazy ho
      ’Slow’ Joe has lost most of his marbles
      And lost his “Mo” and lost his “Jo”.

      Joe’s not sure of what the month is
      Let alone the current year
      If they let him loose to ramble
      He pulls strange numbers out his rear.

      Joe feels a need to paw young females
      Kiss their lips and sniff their hair
      VP Kamala has problems, too
      Keeping on her underwear.

      If this duo wins election
      And best Trump/Pence in this feud
      Joe will be pushed aside
      To the white house Harris rides
      Then as a nation we are screwed.

    28. Country Dick Montana says:

      24 – I have to admit the RidinBiden persona is really good. Kind of reminds me of a method actor who doesn’t get out of character even when they aren’t filming a scene. Think Robert Downey Jr.’s character in “Tropic Thunder.” Just Sublime.

    29. Tina says:

      Cry more.

      Poor Leslie Stalled Out.

      Quote Tweet

      CBS News
      · 4h
      Trump administration violates agreement and releases “60 Minutes” interview ahead of Sunday broadcast https://cbsn.ws/2FR0DLf

    30. Country Dick Montana says:

      “The ability to govern is what matters.”

      Ok, I think over all your answer is a good one. I have never been against Collins as she is the best we can do up there.

      That said, I really don’t think that any GOP politician that goes to Washington is in favor of a smaller Federal government. that is why they go to Washington. Smaller government means less power for them.

      I just don’t want to be governed.

    31. Hugh says:

      29. Awesome movie could they even make that movie today?

    32. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      22. “From the @WSJ: “If it’s true that Joe Biden was accepting influence payments, including from Chinese entities, then he should immediately quit the presidential race.””

      Was the strategy by Giuliani and others to not release the laptop information until close to the election so the Democrats would have a difficult time replacing Biden?

    33. Country Dick Montana says:

      “29. Awesome movie could they even make that movie today?”

      Its pretty recent, so yeah I think they could.

      Now Blazing Saddles…

    34. Wes says:

      Someone on RRH just said by fiat there’s a “non-insignificant chance” Jones wins.

      How does anyone reach that conclusion?

    35. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      It is just really hard to get good trolls. I tried to explain to him that every presidential candidate in modern times has to go to Florida, over and over. It’s just always close. North Carolina too, and besides, there is a tight senate race in NC.

      This former DNC troll is so immature, he figured no one would bother to check the schedule to see DJT is also in WI and NH this weekend.

    36. mnw says:

      If you were clueless enuf to call yourself “ProudObamacon,” you’d want 5 new screen names too.

      The “Sad!” meme, while trite & hackneyed, is a clear tell that ProudObamacon is among us.

      This has been a tough couple of days for trolls. They know their leftist utopia dreams are starting to slip away.

    37. Phil says:

      Jones could win, Wes. His votes to remove Trump from office and opposition to seating Barrett on the Supreme Court are very popular with Alabama voters.

    38. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” They know their leftist utopia dreams are starting to slip away.”

      It isn’t even that. This guy has nothing. We are it. His friends, his family, his everything. We complete him.

      Regardless of who wins his life is no better than it was. He simply will revel in shared misery, that he has only to himself right now.

      Just another monkey flinging poo.

    39. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      36. That is what you get when you hire trolls to work in Bangalore and New Delhi. They have computer skills and can cut-and-paste well, but do not have a working knowledge of American politics so cannot engage in discussions of American politics.

      (Most the Indians I know by the way are smart and very industrious people)

    40. Smack says:

      Early Voting – Florida

      Oct 21st / 5:12pm

      DEM: 1,889,165 45.42%

      GOP: 1,420,793 34.33%

      OCT 22nd / 8:33am

      DEM: 1,944,805 45.17%

      GOP: 1,484,065 34.47%

      Oct 22nd / 9:33am

      DEM: 1,955,437 45.07%

      GOP: 1,499,877 34.57%

      Oct 22nd / 10:25am

      DEM: 1,970,101 44.94%

      GOP: 1,520,748 34.69%

      Oct 22nd / 11:37am

      DEM: 1,988,113 44.82%

      GOP: 1,543,743 34.80%

      Oct 22nd / 12.04pm

      DEM: 1,996,838 44.76%

      GOP: 1,554,691 34.85%

      Oct 22nd / 1:15pm

      DEM: 2,013,438 44.66%

      GOP: 1,575,069 34.94%

      Oct 22nd / 4:41pm

      DEM: 2,064,996 44.40%

      GOP: 1,636,887 35.19%

      I do not know how anyone can read this other than to say the GOP registered voter in state of Florida is highly enthusiast to get out and vote comparing it to 2016 numbers as percentage of total vote 12 days out from election.

      Trump campaign has to be thrilled with this development.

    41. Pitchaboy says:

      SDC: Bangalore is where I come from. We do more than cut and paste. We also work for Penn and have daughters working in Harvard and Stanford.

    42. mnw says:

      I retain my posting rights at RRH, but I haven’t even visited there in months. I just got sick of it– I’d as soon listen to Rachel Maddow or James Carville.

      Speaking of Carville, it was only 6 weeks ago that he opined that Trump’s electoral position was so hopeless, Carville expected that Trump would quit the race. Carville said that Trump would de facto concede, & just serve out the last couple of months of his term as a caretaker, as I recall, going from memory*.

      *This is where jason usually jumps in & says, “Memory doesn’t count! You have to quote verbatim!”

    43. Tina says:


      John Roberts
      · 18m
      BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski will announce that he will turn his electronic devices and records of business dealings with Hunter and Jim Biden over to the FBI

    44. MrVito says:

      Pretty sure he meant hiring someone living in Bangalore that has not been to the U.S.

    45. MrVito says:

      If this is legit, and it can be anyway tied to the sham impeachment, the sh1t is gonna hit the fan.

    46. Tina says:

      Sidney Powell Flag of United States???
      Today is Oct 22, 2020

      It’s been 167 days since the DOJ moved to dismiss the #Flynn case w prejudice

      It’s been 52 days since en banc DC Circuit told JS to decide the dismissal “w appropriate dispatch”

      It’s been 23 days since JS hearing w

      and the DOJ.


    47. Robbie says:

      Country Dick Montana says:
      October 22, 2020 at 5:31 pm
      “The ability to govern is what matters.”

      Ok, I think over all your answer is a good one. I have never been against Collins as she is the best we can do up there.

      – I didn’t want to imply you were against Collins. I was just using her and Cruz as the two ends of the Republican spectrum in the Senate.

    48. Pitchaboy says:

      Just teasing Mr. Vito. No offense taken.

    49. Opaque Dem Troll says:

      Hi, I new here. I recent am a hire at a new job, but I probably should not say what this is.

      I am life-long Republican who has voted for every prime minister who every has gone to New Delhi, I mean Washington, D.C.

      I must say to you and warn you all about the great concern I have for the great Mr. Trump. It seems he not do as good in the election for the United President of America, in this year, 2020.

      This grief to me is great. As it is also to you, those who hope for his great fortunes and success. The truth be that it seems Mr. Joseph Biden has been too powerful a person, slow not in thinking and planning for the defeat of Prime Minister Trump.

      We have sadness it gives to us to be at this conclusion of the matter. Mr. Joseph Biden the new Prime Minister about to be.

    50. hugh says:

      Trump net 32,700 in total early voting so far today. Dems pick up 17K vbm and reps 50k in person. This is going very well.

      Chump Chump!!

      After Sunday In person voting we should know a lot about Florida. Lets get FL and NC locked in.

      Then we need one more.

    51. Country Dick Montana says:

      50 – Borat is a troll? Who knew.

    52. Phil says:

      Robbie, 42,000 new cases in France today. Given the difference in population that would be equal to a one day new case count in the USA of 185,000 new cases.


    53. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      October 22, 2020 at 6:06 pm
      Robbie, 42,000 new cases in France today. Given the difference in population that would be equal to a one day new case count in the USA of 185,000 new cases.


      – BEtTeR tHAn a VACcINe!

    54. Annie says:

      28. Cow…So funny! Thanks!

    55. Phil says:

      The USA has 28 times the population of Belgium. They had just over 13,000 new cases today. That would be equal to 360,000 cases in the USA!


    56. Phil says:

      Spain 21,000 new cases today, equal to a one day total of 130,000 in the USA.

      The Netherlands had over 9,000 new cases today, equal to 162,000 cases in the USA.

    57. Tina says:

      Can you give the entire eu case #s for today

      Or just Spain and Italy?

      And remember, fallaci “praises” the Europeans.

    58. Country Dick Montana says:

      At what point do these countries punish China. I for one would love to send their 360,000 “grad students”/spies packing from here.

    59. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      October 22, 2020 at 6:14 pm
      The USA has 28 times the population of Belgium. They had just over 13,000 new cases today. That would be equal to 360,000 cases in the USA!


      – All kidding aside, Europe and the US have both lost control of their outbreaks. No amount of mitigation or suppression is going to work. Until there’s a vaccine, corona will spread until it finds all those who are suspectable.

      In Europe, they locked down so quickly they left a huge number of people susceptible to get corona. Here in the US, we’re probably going to get some pretty massive one day numbers in the coming weeks, but I’m not sure they will compare with Europe.

      If the 4 to 6 week build in cases we saw in the Sunbelt applies in the Fall, then we might be approaching some sort of peak soon. I think in the US we usually see a late Fall peak of flu that fades and then builds again later in the winter.

    60. Phil says:

      Switzerland over 5,000 new cases today, equivalent to 160,000 total in the USA.

    61. Robbie says:

      Country Dick Montana says:
      October 22, 2020 at 6:20 pm
      At what point do these countries punish China. I for one would love to send their 360,000 “grad students”/spies packing from here.

      – The sad truth is probably never. China’s economy, just as it did in 2008/09, will likely help pull the rest of the world our of recession/depression this time. On top of that, China is providing the vaccines they’ve developed to lots of countries.

    62. Robbie says:

      Meanwhile, India and Brazil continue to see their infections decline.

      I think it’s clear warmer weather slows how easily this corona spreads.

    63. Country Dick Montana says:

      I don’t think that China has the economic engine that it had in 2008. And even the growth back then was exaggerated.

      As far as providing the vaccines, take them, then punish China

    64. Phil says:

      Italy’s total today equal to 86,000 in the USA
      Uk’s total today equal to 92,000

      I guess my point is that it is throughout Europe across the board, not just a handful of countries. I could go on and on….

      You can’t lock down and stop this….all you do is destroy economies.

    65. Robbie says:

      Country Dick Montana says:
      October 22, 2020 at 6:26 pm
      As far as providing the vaccines, take them, then punish China

      – I’m with you.

    66. Robbie says:

      It looks as though Texas has overtaken California for the most corona infections. Just looking at the county totals, it appears El Paso is having a rather sizable outbreak.

    67. Phil says:

      Maybe Fauci can suggest the Democratic mayor of El Paso to shut down the city. I’m sure he would gladly comply.

    68. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Obama is now campaigning for Biden and talking about the dire threats from climate change.

      Obama recently bought a seafront home on Martha’s Vinyard for $11.5 million that is listed as at three feet elevation above sea level. We need to answer Obama’s call on climate change and place a dozen wind turbines in the water in front of Obama’s new house.

    69. BRENT says:

      Larry Schweikart
      FL In Person Early Vote

      That’s 48,000 in just over 9 hours.

    70. Tina says:

      John Roberts
      · 10m
      Tony Bobulinski will be speaking with the White House press pool at 6pm CT

    71. Tina says:

      Debate #2 – 2.0

    72. JC says:

      ‘BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate will be Trump’s special guest at tonight’s debate’

      Ha! Only Trump would do this. Truly, we cannot spare this man.

    73. Tinal says:

      Poor Leslie Stahlout.

      Stephen L. Miller
      “A news story says this is Hunter Biden’s laptop which is in possession of the FBI and possibly linked to a criminal investigation.”

      “We as journalists can’t verify that.”

      “Have you looked into it?”

      “No because we as journalists can’t verify it.”

    74. Tina says:


      The National Pulse ?
      World Exclusive – Smoking Gun Biden Emails Reveal He Lobbied His Father For Political Favors, Claimed: “If I Ask He Will Do It”

    75. JC says:


      John Roberts
      · 10m
      Tony Bobulinski will be speaking with the White House press pool at 6pm CT

      Trump isn’t going to allow the msm to ignore this corruption to oblivion. The fact that the media is working in tandem with big tech to censor the Hunter story is a far bigger threat to our democracy than a corrupt politician.

      Anyone remember when WaPo’s tagline was ‘democracy dies in darkness’?

    76. PresidentPaul! says:

      Watching the real vision daily briefing right now, but I see Stephanie Kelton was on macro voices today so will want to watch that one later too.

      She’s the one who wrote the MMT book that is popular on twitter.

    77. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      If Rump thought he was winning or even had a chance, why would he do desperately be pushing this BS story?

    78. PresidentPaul! says:

      We all know what happens to Chinese CEO’s: dead or in prison after the CCP shake them down.


      WOW! Hunter Biden in Possession of Large 2.8 Carat CCP Diamond From Now Missing China Energy Tycoon

    79. BillW says:

      Why in the world would you want to watch a so-called economist who believes that countries can spend as much money as they want with no consequences?

      It’s quackery at best. A free ticket to hyperinflation and economic wreckage.

    80. Brion says:

      I have had a fly in my house all day! I can’t kill him, it’s a good luck charm. Pence’s fly

    81. lisab says:

      Florida, Ohio, AND North Carolina? Doesn’t sound like a confident campaign.

      if trump wins those three, biden’s path is narrow

    82. Dan C says:

      Bobulinsky for Prez ‘24! This is hysterical. Beaus favorite animal!

    83. Hugh says:

      Listening to Bidens business partner. Biden’s chances are now 0. Biden is dead. I know that all the
      MSM except fox is not covering it but it will not be stopped now. Any fair minded American will know the truth. They may not vote for trump. But many will sit home. The press can save their reputations or fail with Biden.

      Chump chump!! Sorry trolls you’re finished.

    84. PresidentPaul! says:

      Best to know what we are in store for.

    85. lisab says:

      do not have a working knowledge of American politics so cannot engage in discussions of American politics.

      this is exactly why i mentioned the new troll is like a 13 yo middle schooler trying to tell grownups how smart he is.

      all he does is cut and past talking points and make snarky insults.

      somehow i don’t think marv or tina or hugh etc., people who have had successful careers and lives are going to be influenced by a 13 year old’s argument

    86. JC says:

      Wes says:
      October 22, 2020 at 5:38 pm
      Someone on RRH just said by fiat there’s a “non-insignificant chance” Jones wins.

      How does anyone reach that conclusion?

      By only consuming media that agrees with their pre-conceived biases. In a country where the left controls the media institutions, it is very easy for liberals to be caught up in their own media created bubbles. They view reality through the lens that the media presents them. And they are hostile to any view that differs from their prescribed opinions.

      Look how defensive RRH commenters get when they are presented with hard, factual data that contradicts the media’s Biden+10 polls. You get three responses: dismiss, discredit, and ignore.

      Meanwhile a NYT’s double digit Biden poll showing him flipping rural Trump counties by 40 to 60 points is accepted as gospel.

      Virtually every factor in this election cycle points to a big Trump win… Except the polls. Excuse me, but I’ll take fundamentals over polls any day of the week.

    87. JeffP says:

      Tony…B….THE PATRIOT!!!

    88. PresidentPaul! says:

      BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski will announce that he will turn his electronic devices and records of business dealings with Hunter and Jim Biden over to the FBI

    89. JeffP says:

      RUDY is a Patriot too.

      I have no idea how a Presidential candidate facing sure impeachment could continue.

      The media and Big Tech have lost all their credibility over this story. What little they had.

    90. JC says:

      Polls are, at best, educated guesswork. At worst, intentional propaganda.

      Take away the polls, and every fundamental factor – primary votes, ground game, voter enthusiasm, voter registration (huge), economy, etc. – all point to a Trump win.

    91. lisab says:

      there’s a “non-insignificant chance” Jones wins.

      actually this was why i left hhr before the election in 2016

      because there was a non-insignificant chance that trump would win,

      but to say so was to be attacked by the trolls.

      if someone is the nominee for one of the two main parties, then they have a non-insignificant chance to win on the

      “any given sunday” rule

      for example, what if it comes out over the weekend one of the candidates was a child molester?

    92. lisab says:

      the important point being that the word “significant” is in the eye of the beholder

      even a 1% chance is not insignificant to some people

    93. Greymarch says:

      Bublinski basically explained to the WH press corp a few minutes ago that Hunter Biden laundered money for Joe Biden. Unreal.

      Bublinski is testifying before the senate tomorrow. I dont know how the media dodges this. This is insane!

    94. Tina says:

      I like this Tony better than the other Tony whose last name is Fallaci.

      Both are drats

    95. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      He was clearly paid to be up there – the question is by Russia or Rump’s team. Less than two weeks before the election? Desperation.

    96. lisab says:

      I dont know how the media dodges this.

      “the trump campaign released some unsubstantiated rumors today in the hope of changing the narrative.

      in other news, orange man bad”

    97. Tina says:


      Joel Pollak
      Incredible. Biden campaign statement cites his tax returns to claim he had no links to Hunter Biden’s business interests. No one expects them to show up in his tax returns. We’ve gone from {never discussed} to {his tax returns don’t show}. The evidence shows Biden lied. That’s it

    98. Tina says:

      Mic drop.

      Paul Bedard
      · 4h
      Stahl whines, ‘I’m upset,’ Trump & Pence ‘insulted 60 Minutes.’

      After being lectured, @vp @Mike_Pence mic dropped, “I appreciate the speech you just gave but I’ve answered all your questions and I’ve spoken about things the American people care about.”

    99. Tgca says:

      Trump was on fire tonight. Great debate tactics he employed. He showed he was in command, knowledgeable and took it to Biden and kept him on the ropes all night. Best Trump performance by far I say.


    100. JC says:


      Your pre-debate analysis is, as usual, spot on. 😉

      Will Bitter, who is not president, be here to accuse Trump of ‘blowing’ it by not behaving the way he wants?

    101. Scooterboy says:

      This story is not going to die.

      Kimberly Strassel- “ WSJ edit page also obtained the Bobulinski emails/texts; we’ve been through them all. My coming column–online v. soon–will relay a disturbing story of Hunter, Joe and the Chinese. It’s quite something. Hold tight…

    102. Baris says:

      Great news! I now take paypal and Venmo – can produce some beautiful polls for you all!

    103. Tina says:

      Stingray, where are you?

    104. JC says:

      If I were to make a suggestion to Trump, it would be for him to hammer home the point that if Biden were elected, he would enact a national lockdown again.

      That would mean a new national nightmare all over again. Loss of millions of jobs we just got back, kids not going to school, being trapped at home… If Trump can tie Biden to the fears of a new lockdown, it’s over for him. I can’t think of any position that is more anemic to the public.

    105. Tina says:

      Steve Guest
      WALL STREET JOURNAL: “CEFC was closely entwined with the Chinese government and military until it went bankrupt, following U.S. charges of money laundering. There is no question CEFC was buying Hunter for influence

    106. MrVito says:

      Surely Joe’s team realizes half the of voters have seen shows Ozark or Breaking Bad?

      We all know how money laundering doesn’t show up on tax returns.

    107. MrVito says:

      *shows like

    108. Country Dick Montana says:

      Somebody today mentioned Tesla’s Q3 profit, I suppose as a means to deflect from the current unpleasantness associated with the Bidens. Here is how Tesla did it:

      “Tesla was buoyed by $397 million in regulatory credits in the third quarter, which helped paper over the effects of a large stock bonus for Musk and produce $331 million in profit.”

      “Tesla has collected $1.18 billion in credit sales — with their 100% profit margins — through the past nine months, more than double what it booked in all of 2019.”

      So basically if the government didn’t have these credits, there would be no Tesla profit. No Crony capitalism here, no sir.

    109. George says:

      Jack Posobiec
      Overheard in debate room from a well-known correspondent from a leading anti-Trump network

      “It’s going to be a long 2nd term”

    110. Tina says:


      Dana Loesch
      Tony Bobulinski has already held more press conferences than VP nom Kamala Harris.
      4:24 PM · Oct 22, 2020·TweetDeck

    111. eriepa says:

      106-Great, money coming your way but H needs 50%, and the Big Guy needs a 10% cut.

    112. Baris says:

      I’m putting out a Wisconsin poll tonight. Trump +6. Too much?

    113. Greymarch says:

      In one of the emails:

      James Biden writes to Hunter Biden about Joe Biden meeting with “the O” about “outrageous acquisitions” and “the two biggest days of our business life” in an e-mail from October 1, 2017.

      We know who “The Big Guy” is…

      Who is “the O”? O = Obama

      Doesnt matter that Joe and Barack were out of office in 2017. Money laundering is always a crime. Public or private citizen.

    114. Tgca says:


      Too little me thinks after Biden caved tonight seeing Bobulinski in the debate audience. Did you see how Biden was all nervous and stuttering and weak responses? Kamala caught pumping her fist…it’s my turn…thanks Pedo Joe! I suckered you big time.

      Trump hit homerun in this debate.

    115. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      Millions of Americans are sick and hundreds of thousands are dead because of the mishandling of this president. That is what tonight, and this election, are about.

    116. Jeff Toobin says:


      If you put out a Trump +6 poll, I will go limp. Why couldn’t you have done that during my Zoom call that other day.

    117. Smack says:

      What’s amazing about Joe Biden and this story is that he hasn’t denied a single word of the Biden family’s emails, texts, and financial dealings revealed this week.

      I’m starting to understand why Joe Biden was against closing off air travel from China early in the pandemic. The man is compromised by the Communist Chinese.

    118. eriepa says:

      120-Good to know, and here I thought all those old people died in nursing homes becuase Cuomo , Wolf and Whitmer stuck Covid positive people in them. But Orange Man bad.

    119. Tgca says:


      So in all the other countries where millions are sick and many died, often in higher percentages than the US, that is ok then and has nothing to do with those countries leaders, many left of center too, right?

      Only in the US could it have been prevented. Is that correct? …or are we to assume Trump is responsible for the world-wide pandemic? Please let us know.

    120. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Annie says:
      October 22, 2020 at 6:14 pm
      28. Cow…So funny! Thanks!”


      Thank you, Annie.
      Cow enjoyed cranking that out this afternoon
      without too much trouble….

    121. JC says:


      Don’t feed the trolls. Just scroll on by

    122. PhilS says:

      Pedo Joe is babbling

    123. Cash Cow TM says:

      IF YOU bet on the first question in debate about deaths due to COVID…


    124. Ridin' with Biden says:

      Oh my. I was not planning on tuning in to the debate. As the saying goes, everyone loves a good sh!tshow (pardon my language).

      Very low energy from Mr. Trump so far.

    125. PhilS says:

      Didn’t you hump Biden good today, Pedo R?

      Joe is babbling.

    126. Cash Cow TM says:

      Trump uncharacteristically coherent so far…

      (I will be shocked if that lasts…)

    127. Bitterlaw says:

      Eagles lead Giants 10-7. What are you guys watching?

    128. Annie says:

      Biden is hyperbolic about “people dying”…

    129. PhilS says:

      What is Biden reading?

    130. Hugh says:

      Trump won round one

    131. Wes says:

      So, Walt, having voted to remove Trump from office, what share of the vote will Manchin get in 2024?

      I’m saying a statistical 100%.

      What say you?

    132. Annie says:

      Biden is definitely babbling…shutdown that neighborhood!

    133. John says:

      Trump playing Pree-vent defense. Great move. He’s winning big. Do no harm.

    134. Cash Cow TM says:


      Biden blames DJT for all 200,000+ U.S. covid deaths…

      Also blames Trump for Dem. governors shutting down businesses and schools in their states…

    135. Annie says:

      Biden: “They’re all Americans!” Duh…

    136. Hugh says:

      This is awesome

    137. PhilS says:

      Biden is losing it. He won’t last the debate.

    138. JC says:

      Joe has already told like 6 blantant lies.

      Trump is very well measured.

    139. Annie says:

      Biden’s smirky faces are really bad…

    140. Annie says:

      Biden opened the door to money talk…

    141. Ridin' with Biden says:

      Very low energy Mr. Trump. He knows he is losing bigly and seems to have given up. Very unexpected.

      Mr. Biden very aggressive and very comfortable today. He knows he’s winning and feeling great.

    142. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      Very low energy Mr. Biden. He knows he is losing bigly and seems to have given up. Very unexpected.

      Mr. Trump very aggressive and very comfortable today. He knows he’s winning and feeling great.

    143. Annie says:

      New sanctions just slapped on Iran today by the Trump admin.

    144. Pitchaboy says:

      Riden Boy: Go hand out with Gator in the basement.

    145. Big E says:

      This what Trump should have done earlier. H

    146. Annie says:

      Oh oh…Biden brought up the laptop scandal in a roundabout way…Look out.

    147. Annie says:

      Wow…Biden is lyin’!

    148. Ridin' with Biden says:

      Mr. Trump is speaking like he knows he’s going to lose.

      He’s said to Mr. Biden about the virus: You’ll have to deal with this

    149. Annie says:

      Biden never answered the question of his taking foreign money. Welker is trying to save old Joe.

    150. Stonewall DW says:

      Advantage: Trump

      Taxes are old corruption is new.

    151. Hugh says:

      Trump is killing it

    152. Annie says:

      Old Joe is lyin’ about Burisma and his influence-peddling…

    153. Stonewall DW says:

      Oh No [Biden] just f— up opening the door and he knows it, rambling and sweating.

    154. Stonewall DW says:

      Hunter Biden being on the board of Burisma is no longer the issue or the question. Perhaps if they would’ve faced these question beforehand he’d not be here.

    155. Annie says:

      Biden is really creepy…licking his lips.

    156. Stonewall DW says:

      Joe Biden returns to the claim “everyone has investigated this” and adds claim Hunter Biden never made any money from China.

    157. Big E says:

      Moderator is not too bad

    158. PhilS says:

      Biden is looking like grim death.

    159. Rudy G. says:

      Yeah! Got em! Joe going down!

      You’re welcome!

    160. Annie says:

      Wonder if Biden’s babble will get fact-checked…

    161. Stonewall DW says:

      Trump 2020 Guns (Parler: @NYCG)
      · 3m
      Biden’s blanket denials tonight are the stake that will be used to finish him next week.

    162. Annie says:

      What about muting Biden when interrupting?

    163. Pitchaboy says:

      SLO Jo is getting pummeled. Back to crammed script.

    164. Stonewall DW says:

      Biden really made claims that will be decimated over the next 48 hours.

      I cannot believe they didn’t prepare him better than him making demonstrably false claims.

    165. Tgca says:

      161. Annie

      Stop it! You’re so mean

      Biden is old. His dentures are slipping. He’s adjusting them through lip licking so they don’t fall out on national TV.

      Be nice!

    166. PhilS says:

      Biden is stuttering and babbling.

    167. Annie says:

      Should talk about Biden’s “tax plan” causing everyone’s taxes going up.

    168. Scooterboy says:

      Sleepy Joe really set him self up when he said he took no money from foreign Governments. Watch what starts coming out this week. He now is on National T.V. having denied it. Can’t hide from it now.

    169. Stonewall DW says:

      Joe is starting to mumble, stutter and lose focus.

    170. Annie says:

      Biden sometimes looks like he’s begging Welker to save him. Biden doesn’t know sh*t about how to deal with North Korea.

    171. MikeP says:

      halftime 45 min. to go

    172. Stonewall DW says:

      Debate should end with federal marshals coming up on stage, arresting Biden, handcuff him, and take him away reading his rights.

    173. Annie says:

      Biden has gone past his 30-minute window of coherence.

    174. OHIO Joe says:

      Biden is one hot mess.

    175. Stonewall DW says:

      Biden meds have worn off.

    176. PhilS says:

      Trump is dominating.

    177. Annie says:

      Trump is absolutely dominating this debate…even healthcare. Biden smirks…

    178. NYCmike says:

      Ok, Bitterlaw was correct about the interruptions……Biden is terrible, and Trump is doing pretty good, controlled but when pushed rises to the occasion.

    179. Stonewall DW says:

      This is going extremely well for Trump.

    180. NYCmike says:

      Healthcare debate topic hurts my head.

    181. Annie says:

      Didn’t Biden also say during the primaries that he was for single-payer and giving free healthcare to undocumented immigrants?

    182. mnw says:

      I didn’t watch much of it, but I’m SOOO relieved that Trump left his combination blowtorch & flamethrower at home this time.

      Let the customer come into the store!

    183. The Godfather says:

      The moderator has been pretty decent tonight.

    184. Hugh says:

      Biden is dying

    185. Annie says:

      Hmmm…I don’t recall “major unions” in favor of government healthcare…all those negotiated premium plans.

    186. Stonewall DW says:

      Twitter shutting down accounts of people who are saying Trump is doing well.

    187. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Wes says:
      October 22, 2020 at 9:17 pm
      So, Walt, having voted to remove Trump from office, what share of the vote will Manchin get in 2024?

      I’m saying a statistical 100%.

      What say you?”

      Cow has no idea.

      Will Manchin run in 2024?
      If so, who might be the likely R opponent?

      Walt let me respond.
      Says he is tired of getting beat over the head for something he did not create (Manchin being elected).

    188. The Godfather says:

      Who wants Biden care?

    189. Wes says:

      Trump had a nice sideways shot at Biden when he said, “…when he got very lucky to get it…”

    190. JC says:

      THIS is the Trump that should have been present at the first debate. Reserved but firm. He looks like he’s enjoying himself.

    191. Annie says:

      Biden raised his hand during the primaries about socialized medicine.

    192. MikeP says:

      In about 6 minutes the President could express his concern for Joe and say could stop now if you do not the stamina to continue

    193. Annie says:

      Scranton again? Didn’t he leave there as a child?

    194. Hugh says:

      This is great

    195. Stonewall DW says:

      Biden from Scranton? Who knew?

    196. Ridin' with Biden says:

      Cripes! Major blow landed by Mr. Biden on Social Security.

      Mr. Trump responds with a prepared talking point about the stock market and walks right into a 2nd major punch.

      This is total domination of a low energy chump.

    197. Annie says:

      Biden lyin’ about a stimulus. Getting loud and angry.

    198. PhilS says:

      Biden is shouting now.

      Meds wearing off.

    199. Stonewall DW says:

      Biden just tried to be Obama. It didn’t work well. Obama did it much better.

    200. Annie says:

      Biden is falling back on his very old stump speech. Expect him to say he’s running for the Senate at any point.

    201. OHIO Joe says:

      Bailout Biden.

    202. NYCmike says:

      Minimum wage?!?!

      W T F !

    203. Cash Cow TM says:


    204. Ridin' with Biden says:

      Mr. Biden picking up energy as this debate continues. He is feeling great and it shows.

      I am watching the Mr. Joe Biden from 2008. This is incredible.

      Mr. Biden is , as they say, on fire.

    205. Country Dick Montana says:

      You went full retard, man. Never go full retard.”

    206. Stonewall DW says:


    207. Hugh says:

      In predictit bets for winning president by state republicans are going up fast. Biden is going south fast.

    208. OHIO Joe says:

      All of a sudden, Biden wants to pay first responders.

    209. PhilS says:

      Did you hump Biden good today, pedophile?

    210. Annie says:

      Don’t most first responders make more than $15/hour?

    211. Pitchaboy says:

      Yes he is indeed on fire. Burning, precisely.

    212. Stonewall DW says:

      Biden just saying whatever comes into his mind regardless whether its true or false.

    213. Wes says:

      “Who built the cages, Joe?”

      Notice Biden won’t answer.

    214. PhilS says:

      Get off my lawn!!!

    215. Scooterboy says:

      Biden does not look good tonight. Trump looks and sounds Presidential.

    216. Annie says:

      Wow…Biden is delusional about child traffickers, and that children in cages occurred under Obama.

    217. OHIO Joe says:

      Biden has no clue about immigration. He actually blames Trump for the cyottes.

    218. Hugh says:

      This is friggin great

    219. Wes says:

      The moderator isn’t being biased.

      I just want to throw that out there.

    220. PhilS says:

      Immigration, asylum.

      There goes the midwest for Joe.

    221. Annie says:

      Biden must have been rattled all week with the laptop disclosures. He is blowing it. Trump is on a roll.

    222. Wes says:

      Where was this Trump last debate?

    223. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      Biden with the clear knockout tonight. TKO.

    224. Tgca says:

      I’ll be president of US not Vice President.

      Biden just slammed Obama as incompetent.

    225. Cash Cow TM says:

      Citizenship for 11 million undocumented people currently living here!

    226. OHIO Joe says:

      Yes, you are right Annie, but Biden has no clue or he forgot.

    227. Dylan says:

      Wes—she is better than expected but tends to give Biden a lot more than “just ten more seconds” whereas she is very aggressive cutting trump off. But much better than Wallace or Guthrie

    228. Annie says:

      Catch and Release people showed up for their case hearings?!! Ha!

    229. PhilS says:

      Did Pedo Joe molest you well tonight, Pedo Gator?

    230. Annie says:

      228. Wes…I think he was coming down with covid.

    231. Cash Cow TM says:

      Ozon to racism!

    232. NYCmike says:

      The “talk”?

      My parents always told me to put my hands on the steering wheel and wait for the officer to ask his questions!

    233. Cash Cow TM says:

      ***on to racism***

    234. OHIO Joe says:

      Biden steps in it again.

    235. Tgca says:


      Agreed! I think the constant criticism she got in advance and showing her a Dem made her realize her reputation is at stake, especially since the 2nd debate moderator got caught collaborating with anti-Trump folks and then lied about it that resulted in his suspension from work.

    236. PhilS says:

      The Talk should be simple:

      Don’t be a thug if you can’t take a slug.

    237. Annie says:

      Institutional racism…good grief.

      Biden has no idea how to create wealth for minority communities, and wants to get rid of school choice.

    238. NYCmike says:

      I love it when he makes the Abe Lincoln comparison!

    239. Hugh says:

      Where is gator and lying Biden? Oops ridin Biden. This election is over. And with the Trump landslide the long knives will be out and we will get to the truth.

    240. phoenixrisen says:

      This election is over. Trump will win and it will not be close.

    241. Cash Cow TM says:

      Moderator is doing good job…

      Biden holding up better than anticipated…

      Trump doing well except (when his huge ego bursts forth)

    242. Annie says:

      I know you Joe, a nitwit and a crook.

    243. Cash Cow TM says:


      IMO, Trump and Biden both fail….

    244. Annie says:

      Wow…Biden is now digging a hole for himself on air.

    245. Hugh says:

      247. What debate are you watching

    246. JC says:

      Trump handled the race issue (his weakest area) very well.

      Biden went the typical ‘white scapegoat’ route.

    247. Cash Cow TM says:


    248. DW says:

      Biden looking much worse than Nixon in debate with Kennedy

    249. Annie says:

      Biden is putting out a ton of debunked cr*p.

    250. Cash Cow TM says:


    251. Cash Cow TM says:


    252. Pitchaboy says:

      I love the cow but he is grazing in the wrong Pasteur.

    253. Chicon says:

      What’s with the wild eyed stare by Joe. He looks crazed.

    254. JC says:

      Little anecdotal – even some of my friends and family who dislike Trump hate the ‘America is racist’ nonsense spouted by pop culture. Biden’s ‘blame whitey’ wont go over well.

    255. Wes says:

      Trump is saying Biden is all talk and no action.

      Good way of framing things.

    256. buster says:

      Moderator doing better than I imagined.

    257. Tina says:

      Who are the poor boys?

    258. NYCmike says:

      That was great!

      ALL talk, NO ACTION!

    259. Chicon says:

      Agree on the moderator. Fair. Letting Joe talk is working for Trump.

    260. PhilS says:

      Is Pedo Joe sleeping?

    261. Annie says:

      Biden had a deer in the headlights moment.

    262. Hugh says:

      Joe is reading like crazy

    263. Tgca says:

      Did Biden just do a Bush 1 and look at his watch. He can’t wait for it to be over I guess. Meds wearing off.

    264. Pitchaboy says:

      A lot of liberal leaning questions. But, I agree moderator is better.

    265. dblaikie says:

      Joe just pulled a Bush and looked at his watch. Bad mistake!

    266. MikeP says:

      In Texas, we say all hat no cattle

    267. PhilS says:

      269: Yes he did.

    268. NYCmike says:

      I wish Trump would leave India out of that argument, although he is correct to do so.

      Go after Russia and China.

    269. Cash Cow TM says:

      Trump doing far better than Biden.

      But my apologies to Trumpers due to fact that I think Trump is a jerk.

    270. Annie says:

      Does Biden have a cheat sheet? Oh, here comes the New Green Deal nonsense…

    271. Jeff G. says:

      Oh, boy. The climate apocalypse.

    272. Tina says:

      Wow, the watch check.

      Not good.

    273. John says:

      Biden’s alright. But remember he got the questions 3 days ago.

    274. Annie says:

      Biden starting to look deranged…smirking again.

    275. Pitchaboy says:

      DJT winning hands down. He will get his second term as I said here 3 months ago. Let statistical noise continue for next few days.

    276. Tgca says:

      Own the electric car market? …with large polluting batteries to dispose of. Good luck using your electric car in CA where you’ll get electricity 3 days a week.

    277. Pitchaboy says:

      DJT well prepped this time.

    278. Cash Cow TM says:


    279. JC says:

      Wow, Trump handled his two weak areas (race relations and climate change) really well.

      Joe scaremongering on man made global warming hoax. Yawn.

    280. Cash Cow TM says:

      Fricking fracking!

    281. Annie says:

      Labor unions are for the New Green Deal?

      Trump showed the “Biden against fracking” videos at his last PA rally.

    282. Tgca says:


      I agree with Trump on windmill. One good thing is windmill will help spread methane gas that all the damn cows emit.

    283. Jeff G. says:

      Biden, when he talked about the Green New Deal, reminded me of the guy who led the apocalypse suicide clan that was trying to catch the spaceship behind the Hale Bopp comet in 1997, the way his eyes were bugging out.

    284. Tgca says:

      Trump should say you grew up in Delaware? I thought it was Scranton PA you grew up in.

    285. Wes says:

      Why did Harry Haskell go all Deadender in the 1972 Delaware Senate race and saddle us with Biden for decades?

      If there is a Hell, I hope Haskell and Ralph Nader have special reserved spots in it.

    286. Annie says:

      Lots of dead birds up here in NorCal from the windmills…

    287. Robbie says:

      I didn’t watch.

      How did it go?

    288. Pitchaboy says:

      BL was correct. Biden dug himself a grave going against oil subsidies.

    289. Annie says:

      Biden stating his stump speech again.

    290. Cash Cow TM says:

      Trump needs to shut up instead of interrupting …

    291. Wes says:

      Delaware elected Biden to the Senate seven times but defeated Bill Roth–him of the Roth IRA–for reelection.

      Voters in Delaware are idiots.

    292. Harry says:

      This moderator is doing a good job of letting these guys talk and to respond.

    293. Cash Cow TM says:

      And that’s a wrap…

    294. Big E says:

      He got Biden to admit he would kill the oil industry. Game over

    295. Annie says:

      I think decency and honor are out the window for Biden with the laptop revelations.

    296. John says:

      I really don’t think anyone won this debate but I believe Joe Biden may have lost some potential voters….he just doesn’t seem up to the job as POTUS and people just might not feel comfortable with Biden taking a 3am call if need be.

    297. PhilS says:

      Who was the doddering senile fool on the stage with Trump?

    298. DW says:

      Trump absolutely dominated

    299. bartman says:

      Trump’s Biden imitation is spot on. Best punches of the night. Hammering him for being the insider that perpetuates problems so they can continue to run campaigns based on the same tired dramatic contrived problems.

      Better is the self-inflicted wounds.

    300. Cash Cow TM says:

      Now we can listen to the commentators on t.v. to find out who won…

    301. Ridin' with Biden says:

      Judging from the “negative” comments about Mr. Biden tonight on here, I would say that he delivered a Big Win.

      Very exciting night for Mr. Biden.

    302. Pitchaboy says:

      DJT won hands down per Megyn Kelly. I concur. He killed SLO Jo on oil industry.

    303. Tina says:

      This is not the image a candidate wants. Bush 41 2.0


    304. Bitterlaw says:

      Just imagine if Trump had conducted himself like this in the first debate. He really let Biden off the hook in that one.

    305. Ridin' with Biden says:

      I would venture that the polls do not change. Mr. Biden might gain some support because Mr. Trump was so low energy.

      Mr. Trump’s supporter wanted him to be aggressive and fight. But it appears that Mr. Trump has mailed it in.

    306. Smack says:

      After the first debate I said Trump blew it.

      This 2nd debate was a landslide win for Trump.

      Biden’s answer on transitioning away from the oil was an epic gaffe. Trump actually caught him on the gaffe.

    307. Tina says:

      J. Hogan Gidley

      Joe Biden just promised to kill 10.5 million American jobs in the energy industry.

    308. MikeP says:

      Tonite debate is the one people will remember, and the one most tuned into. Tomorrow stuff will hit the fan for Biden

    309. Pitchaboy says:

      Trump knows he is winning handily.

    310. NYCmike says:

      I am always apprehensive when I watch Trump speak.

      That said, I believe he was fantastic tonight!

      Did I say it already? – Bitterlaw, YOU WERE CORRECT! Let the bumbling corrupt buffoon bury himself!

    311. DW says:

      Biden kissed PA goodbye tonight

    312. NYCmike says:

      “Trump knows he is winning handily.”

      -I think you may be correct.

      POUR IT ON!

    313. Cash Cow TM says:

      personally, I felt it was disappointing since nobody got shivved…noboby got punched in the jaw…

    314. MikeKS says:

      WOW. Trump just won the election.

    315. NYCmike says:

      Leave no doubt!

    316. Dylan says:

      The “concern trolls” are arguing that despite DJT performance tonite —50 million people have already voted so too little too late No idea how to assess that

    317. Tina says:

      Joe did want to be there.

      Had a long pregnant pause

      And looked at his watch.

      Errored on doing away with fossil fuels.

    318. Phil says:

      Bitter absolutely nailed it when he said let Biden talk.

    319. Annie says:

      Agreed in my household that Biden lost big-time when he said he’d kill the oil & fracking industry.

    320. Joe says:

      Well said, Wes. Comment of the thread on Delaware voters. The Roth IRA is one of the best pieces of public policy in American history, but they elect Biden 7 times. Dopes.

    321. Tina says:

      Kelly Jane Torrance
      · 13m
      Trump to Biden: “Would you close down the oil industry?” Biden: “Yes, I would transition away from it.”

    322. Robbie says:

      Wes says:
      October 22, 2020 at 10:36 pm
      Delaware elected Biden to the Senate seven times but defeated Bill Roth–him of the Roth IRA–for reelection.

      Voters in Delaware are idiots.

      – Didn’t Roth pass out during one of the debates in 2000?

    323. lisab says:

      Joe Biden just promised to kill 10.5 million American jobs in the energy industry.

      they can make windmills

    324. NYCmike says:

      “The Roth IRA is one of the best pieces of public policy in American history, but they elect Biden 7 times.”

      -Wasn’t Roth a Republican?

    325. PhilS says:

      Humpin’ Biden,

      Will you hump Biden good tonight? He needs it.

    326. John says:

      Just took a look at the reactions from CNN, MSNBC and others….the take so far is that Trump won….easily.

    327. Annie says:

      Isn’t Tony Bobulinski due to talk with the Senate soon? Interestingly, but not surprisingly, articles about him are disappearing on Google.

    328. JC says:

      I think Trump just cemented Pa. In his column with his strong stance against Biden on fracking

    329. Tina says:

      Just an awful performance by China Biden.

      5 lids.

    330. Bitterlaw says:

      I have to be right once in a while.

    331. Scooterboy says:

      “ BIDEN: “I would transition from the oil industry”

      So long Pennsylvania !!!!

    332. Bitterlaw says:

      What is a lid?

    333. Wes says:

      Roth was a lifelong Republican, Mikey.

      He was arguably the greatest Senator in Delaware history.


      Name one major piece of legislation Tom Carper–who beat Roth in 2000–has sponsored.

    334. PhilS says:

      What did the Pedophile Joe do in 5 days of debate prep?

      Molesting girls wouldn’t have taken all 5 days.

    335. Annie says:

      333. Still found quite a few, though. I wonder if the MSM (other than Fox) will cover any testimony.

    336. Tina says:

      Let’s finish it.

      Jack Posobiec ??
      White House source tells
      Trump walked off stage, looked at staff, said “let’s finish this” and walked off to the motorcade.

    337. Tina says:

      A lid is what you use to cover garbage,

    338. Tgca says:

      As I said earlier tonight about 7:53 in post 103 before the debate began.

      Trump was on fire tonight. Great debate tactics he employed. He showed he was in command, knowledgeable and took it to Biden and kept him on the ropes all night. Best Trump performance by far I say.


    339. Annie says:

      And, to think Sleepy, Creaky old Joe had a whole week to prepare for this debate, while Trump did 2 – 3 rallies per day. Biden set himself up for a whole lot of easy fact checks, too.

    340. Tina says:

      Sean Davis
      Biden’s message tonight at the debate was pretty simple: he’ll lock down the entire country, raise taxes, and destroy the U.S. energy industry.

    341. JC says:

      And remember guys, sundown joe supposedly spent FIVE DAYS in his basement preparing for the debate.

    342. Annie says:

      339. Wes…”Roth was a lifelong Republican, Mikey.
      He was arguably the greatest Senator in Delaware history.”

      I agree…

    343. DW says:

      Funny the trolls still trying to spin this Biden disaster

    344. Wes says:

      Sean Hannity has such a punchable face.

    345. Tina says:

      Speaking of Roth IRAs/401ks.

      Wow, 3rd quarter statement,

      I can buy some limoncello.

    346. lisab says:

      i am moving pa to 50-50 from lean biden

      bad move on fracking and oil

    347. JC says:

      BTW, I think Biden just lost the election. Not so much for his lackluster performance, but because he said he would continue with lockdowns.

    348. Bitteelaw says:

      340 After a substantive discussion about the debate, PhilS busts in with a stupid comment.

    349. lisab says:

      Sean Hannity has such a punchable face.

      hannity gives me hives

    350. JeffP says:

      Trump always seems to rise to the occasion when he wants. Wow…and that Laptop from hell issue will not go away either.

      Trump was on his game…

      1. Get USA back to normality Trump Win. Very positive…hopeful.
      2. Handles Covid issue the best ever.
      3. Joe…you need to answer regarding China money. Are you the big guy?
      4. Racial Issues/ Help for blacks.
      5. Oil
      6. You had 8 years!

    351. JeffP says:

      lisab I cannot watch Hannity…when is Laura on?

    352. PhilS says:

      What stupid comment, idiot?

      It’s a valid question. What did t he child molester do for 5 days? He didn’t spend the time preparing for the debate.

    353. Tina says:

      I like trumps answer on the race question.

      Lots of people (media blockage) don’t know about his accomplishments in that area. Plus the significant drop in poverty in 2019 (especially among minorities.)

    354. Tina says:

      Hannity Interruptus.

      Cannot stand him

      I don’t hate him. But I don’t think he is smart, like Rush or Dr. savage.

    355. JeffP says:

      360 me too…can’t wait to see the percentage of black vote Trump gets.

    356. Chicon says:

      Tina, agree on Hannity’s lack of candle power. I can handle him better on the radio.

    357. JeffP says:

      361 Tina…it is intellect isn’t it. Between Tucker and
      Laura too…makes him look even worse. Glad Tucker passed him in ratings….LOL

    358. Phil says:

      Not a Hannity fan at all.

    359. Annie says:

      “Sean Hannity has such a punchable face.” Heard this from my husband for decades!

    360. Sean says:

      Frank Luntz focus group. If election was today who would you vote for. 1 person Biden. Probably 7 or 8 Trump.

    361. Tina says:

      Lol, moderator to Biden on the end to fossil fuels:

      “Why would you say that?”

    362. mnw says:


      Happy for you on your 3rd Q good news.

      You know what an “undecided voter” is? That’s somebody who can’t decide if she hates Trump more than she loves her IRA.

      Here’s what I think happened tonite: all the people Trump listens to told him the same thing. “First, do no harm, Mr. President. Your target audience the last debate is the small sliver of true undecideds & independents. You can throw red meat to your base at your rallies. But show them a kinder, gentler President this evening.”

      And Trump listened.

    363. Tina says:

      Trump doing a post debate mini rally


    364. Tina says:

      Mnw, I am retired. I never opened my 1st and 2nd quarter statements. Opened the third because I was curious and had to peak.

      Once I saw it, limoncello was purchased

    365. mnw says:

      You guys are way too hard on Hannity.

      He’s been fighting the good fight for a long time. Cut him some slack… or else he might bring someone like Allan Combs back! You don’t want THAT, do you?

    366. lisab says:

      michigan has a fracking industry too

    367. NYCmike says:

      Keep pushing! 3 a day!

      Joe, will you go get ice cream tomorrow??

    368. NYCmike says:


      I’ll root for Philly, as long as Scott doesn’t score.

    369. bartman says:

      Trump’s win was based on a planned tactic. Knowing that none of these moderators ever ask the tough question of the liberal candidate, Trump became the moderator. Trump formed his own questions on fracking, oil, and the latest Hunter scandal. Biden took the bait and answered Trump’s questions. Late in the debate Trump had a five minute period where the stage totally belonged to him.

    370. Tina says:

      Very stupid for Biden to take the bait on oil.

      Did you hear the moderators frantic voice?

      What the phuq are you doing?

    371. bartman says:

      Hannity’s cadence is what I would choose if I became a dictator and needed voice-over for propaganda films.

    372. mnw says:


      I’m retired too. There have been times I was terrified to look at my own statements. I’d let them sit around for weeks before I could bare to look at them.

      I have a limoncello story! I was in Italy at a not-very-special roadside restaurant. The menu was printed in 3 languages, one of which purported to be English. I asked the owner to sit with us. I told him, “Your English language menu is unintentionally funny… like the Marx Brothers. ‘We do not serve fast food here! All our food is slow!’ If you want it to be funny, cool. But if you want me to convert it to standard English, I’ll be happy to fix it. He looked surprised & said emphatically that he did NOT want his menu to be comic. So I fixed it. He gave us a bottle of limoncello! I don’t care for it, but it was a touching gesture.

    373. dblaikie says:

      I have good news and bad news for Slow Joe tonight. The good news he survived tonight. The bad news is that the only way he could survive was by lying over and over again. Those lies are going to be a huge story in the next 12 days.

    374. buster says:

      Agree with wins on fracking and Biden checking his watch.

      Biggest missed opportunity for Trump tonight was Law and Order. That’s a winning message.

    375. bartman says:

      377 moderator was so much better but she still ran to the rescue whenever Trump caught Biden with his hands down. Of course, if Trump had been more disciplined in 1st debate she may not have felt the need to guard against chaos.

    376. Cash Cow TM says:

      Well, apparently Cow and everyone else on here (except Hidin’ With Biden) were WAY wrong.

      ALL the commentators on ABC say Biden swept the floor with Trump!

    377. buster says:


      I think Trump did awesome tonight

    378. mnw says:

      I suspect that after the first 20 minutes, two thirds of the audience checked out. After 45 minutes? 90%.

    379. Tina says:

      Mnw, glad to hear I was not the only one dreading
      To open statements,

      Nice gesture by the owner.

    380. buster says:

      Trump was best in the first 45 minutes

    381. michael corleone says:

      Clear win for GOP in Washoe tonight. Smaller turnout (debate?) but 1500 vote gain and importantly not much came in on the mail so countywide D lead down to 9k

    382. Greymarch says:

      Biden wants to end the oil industry. 100,000s of oil jobs in PA. It’s more than just fracking in PA regarding oil.

      Guaranteed about 6AM tomorrow Trump starts running ads in western PA with Biden’s gaffe tonight.

      Biden’s gaffe gives Trump a couple of points in the polls for PA.

    383. Annie says:

      Where did all the trolls disappear to?

    384. NYCmike says:

      Greymarch with some positive comments?!?!


    385. NYCmike says:

      Of course, B Scott scores the TD – Dang it!

      President Trump, pour it on! Leave no doubt!

      We are with you!

    386. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      Biden came in with a large lead and leaves with a large lead. Great debate for him and he will now coast to victory here in less than two weeks.

    387. NYCmike says:

      McSally, Ernst, Tillis, Collins, Gardner – do the same! Fight Fight Fight!

    388. Hugh says:

      Mnw. Why so negative? I think everyone watched mostly and trump made this about what America do you want. Biden was the aszwipe tonight.

    389. NYCmike says:

      #393 – L O L ! ! !

    390. Tina says:


      Actual Quote From Joe Biden tonight:

      “Abraham Lincoln over here is the most racist president we have ever had.”

    391. mnw says:

      Biden’s comments on amnesty were appalling. I hope the viewers noticed.

      “We owe it to them.” Is that Joe Sixpack’s view?

      Or would most people agree with me that we don’t “owe” those law breaking freeloading f***s a gd thing!

      Guess we’ll find out soon enuf.

      FOX mods said it was “a narrow Biden win,” btw. Because… of course it was!

    392. buster says:

      Most people wrote off Johnson and Toomey 4 years ago.

      I think similarly this year, James and Tillis will follow the fate of the president. Additionally , McSally and Gardner could benefit as well.

    393. lisab says:

      “Sean Hannity has such a punchable face.” Heard this from my husband for decades!

      wes is annie’s husband?

      i thought her name was trixie?!

    394. mnw says:


      Didn’t realize I was being negative. I thought it was a plus for Trump, altho I’ve learned not to trust my own impressions.

    395. Hugh says:

      Sorry gator this election ovah.

      Chump Chump!

      I have no doubts now. Biden got crushed. Not because he lost the debate by a lot. He did not win and he has to answer for his corruption.

      Chump chump.

      For the first time in a while I will sleep easy. And I feel good about my big financial investment in this election. Even with big dem donors manipulating predictit the states odd moves big time tonight towards Trump.

      When this is over I am sure Trump will fire Wray fauci and many others and the truth will come out.

      The long knives will finally get their revenge.

    396. Annie says:

      Lisa… Wes and my husband would be good friends. They think alike…

    397. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      When not even Fox can claim a Rump win, you know it was a great night for Biden.

      10 of the 11 undecided voters on CNN went Biden.

    398. Tina says:

      Here, we go.

      Fox poll.

      Trump wins the debate 74% to 24%.


    399. PhilS says:

      Did you hump Biden yet tonight.Pedophile Gator? He needs it.

    400. MikeP says:

      Good night and thanks for your running commentary.

    401. Tgca says:


      Annie’s husband HATES the Sewer State of New Jersey I see.

    402. Tina says:

      Patrick Ruffini
      Top Biden related searches tonight = Trump punches landed

      1. Ban fracking
      2. Superpredators

    403. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – How can not love Boston Scott? He is 3 feet tall and plays in the NFL.

    404. mnw says:

      Biden’s answer about “transitioning away from oil & gas” seems to be drawing a disproportionately large amount of post-debate attention.

    405. lisab says:

      you know it is bad for biden when neither bitterlaw nor walt said horrible things about trump

    406. lisab says:

      Biden’s answer about “transitioning away from oil & gas” seems to be drawing a disproportionately large amount of post-debate attention.

      because pa and mi are big energy states

      especially pa

    407. NYCmike says:


      My nephew, aka my opponent this week in fantasy football, has him!

      And I tried to pick him up, but he grabbed him 1 spot before my turn to pick this week!

    408. NYCmike says:

      Other than that, I am a fan.

    409. NYCmike says:

      Who was the person a decade or so ago who said the media adds a certain % every election to Democrats?

      The amount of cover that the media gives the Democratic Party is utterly astounding.

      The amount of ignorance on the part of Democratic voters is shameful, and the media is a YUGE part of keeping them like that!

    410. mnw says:

      CNN debate watchers said Biden won by a margin of 54%-39%.

      Uhh.. is this margin COMFORTING to the-troll-formerly-known-as-ProudObamacon?

      Did I mention this was… CNN viewers?

    411. lisab says:

      wow … kristen welker was just fired

      debate commission says they have agreed to have a new fourth debate (or 3rd if you prefer) next tuesday

      but … it has to go by the old rules and be hosted by chris wallace again

    412. Annie says:

      408. LOL – My husband’s Irish ancestors actually lived in Orange, NJ, before his great-grandfather joined the Army of the West (1870s). Some distant cousins still live in New Jersey, but my husband is glad his great-grandpa came west.

    413. Bitterlaw says:

      I watched the debate during commercial breaks and half-time. I also listened to debate on radio while watching the game when the Eagles were down. Fortunately, the Eagles escaped with a win.

      Biden’s comments about fracking and oil hurt in 2 ways. People already talked about PA. Another problem for him is that it will hurt him in the popular vote in states that have fracking and oil. Is somebody leaning towards Biden in those states going to vote to hurt the local economy more? Dems hate the Electoral College. No way is Biden going to come close to Hillary’s popular vote surplus.

    414. Sean C Smith says:

      Luntz focus group no votes for Biden. Most Trump. One or two noncommittal undecided.

    415. Sean says:

      Can you delete that comment? Thanks.

    416. Hugh says:

      Luntz and the fox aszwipes need to get onboard or lose their conservative viewers.

    417. mnw says:

      Now the attention will soon shift to ACB.

      Will it move the needle at all?

    418. Annie says:

      Biden’s oil and fracking stance also means no energy independence, higher gasoline prices, and a stagnant economy…which hits everyone in every state.

    419. Ridin' with Biden says:

      The CNN poll was 32D-31R. Very balanced and Mr. Biden won it easy 53-39.

      Biden 55% positive Trump 42% positive

      Biden 56% Trump 41% positive

      Undecided voters in North Carolina were asked who won the debate. Out of about 12 people, 9 said Mr. Biden won, two said neither and 0 said Mr. Trump won.

      Mr. Biden appears to have finished Mr. Trump tonight. Splendid!

    420. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      426 – exactly even Fox panel admitted it was a Biden victory.

    421. Bitterlaw says:

      How bad was it? Even MSNBC said Biden was wrong on the trade deficit with China AND had an article on Democrats scrambling to repair the damage on the oil industry answer.

    422. Hugh says:

      Ha ha ha. Not one rep would ever watch cnn. This election is over. I’m hopeful. Ridin and gator will be here on the 3rd but they won’t. I wish I could bet them but they have no money and no integrity.

      I’m elated. I thought we would win but after tonight I know we will win. No more sleepless nights. Demented joe was the senile old fool for all to see. Also he is now clearly a corrupt politician who decided to enrich his family with enemies of our country. He will be lucky to stay out of jail after Trump wins.

    423. Ridin' with Biden says:


      Wonderful! Fox News is preparing for the post-Mr. Trump era. Best wishes to them.

      MR. Trump looked like a defeated man tonight. Very very low energy. His base will not like that at all. He even admitted that Mr. Biden would win when he said that Mr. Biden would be handling the Covid situation soon.

    424. Sean says:

      Every single person on luntz poll but maybe 2 when pushed strongly said they would probably vote Trump.

    425. Tina says:

      Biden fact checked by trump on fracking. Biden told him to put it on his website, and he did.


    426. MrVito says:

      Transitioning from gas also hurts him in ethanol states like Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, doesn’t it?

    427. Tina says:

      Drat Nm representative, small rebukes China Biden on oil.


    428. Tina says:

      Don’t forget Colorado and New Mexico.

    429. Tina says:

      Dar’shun Kendrick
      · 2h
      Did @realDonaldTrump just say 545 kids they can’t find their parents for came over through “cartels and coyotes”?! How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! Lord—–stop talking. #FinalDebate

    430. MrVito says:

      436 just saw that… that is a Georgia state representative folks.

    431. mnw says:

      434 Tina

      Small was in a tough race, too, last time I looked. A freshman DEM in a district Trump carried (I THINK), & her opponent has as much or more name rec as Small does.

    432. Ridin' with Biden says:

      More Marvelous news for Mr. Biden.

      US Politics Polls
      BREAKING: Based on our snap poll of 772 likely voters who watched tonight’s debate, 52% say Joe Biden won the debate overall. 39% say Donald Trump won tonight’s debate, and 9% said it ended in a tie.

      Trump’s favorable rating dropped 3% to 39% in this snap poll. Biden’s favorables increased by 3% to 50%.

      Favorable 50% (+3) Unfavorable 47% (-1) Not sure 3% (-2)

      Favorable 39% (-3) Unfavorable 57% (+2) Not sure 4% (+1)

    433. Tina says:

      Students For Trump
      · 41m
      Press: “You’re saying basically millions of people [in the fracking industry] will lose their jobs?”

      Joe Biden: “Well they’re not going to lose their jobs – there are a lot more jobs that are created in other alternatives.”

      Absolutely pompous and out of touch mindset. twitter.com/emilyelarsen/s…

    434. Hugh says:

      Hey ridin believe what you want. Drooling joe the guy who traded American security for family wealth. Just lost the election. I hope you will show up on election night to face the music but I’m sure you will not. You’re a gill and a coward. And what I now am so happy about is your boy I mean drooling old man will like be indicted. Because after Trump wins the long knives will be out. And no one left to protect the left. Wray and all the deep state will be gone.

    435. lisab says:

      How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?!

      in fairness, coyotes are pretty small

      a cat maybe, but a whole child?

    436. mnw says:


      I went back just now & looked at NM-02. Trump won it by double digits in 2016. Small (D-inc) leads Herrell (R) by 47-45 in the most recent newspaper poll.

      Trump is heavily engaged on behalf of Herrell. The first phone call Trump made after being discharged from the hospital was on Herrell’s behalf.

      Biden’s statements tonite on oil & gas must’ve been a toxic shock for Small, I would think.

    437. Hugh says:

      Glad gator showed up finally. Chump chump your old fool lost. It’s so over. I was worried that Trump would be like in the last debate but too bad for you he made this election about American greatness and the tired old fool barely able to
      Remember his lines after practicing for days. And now other than To the hard left the old fool has to explain how he sold America to Russia and China to enrich his coke head pedophile son and family. But the pedophile acorn does not fall far from the child sniffing tree. I hope you and ridin stay around. But in the end you won’t. A big chump chump to you

    438. Ridin' with Biden says:

      441 I have never heard of thebradfordfiles, but Godness he is so silly.

    439. Ridin' with Biden says:

      It would appear that Mr. Hugh is posting while under the influence.

      Be well, Mr. Hugh. Good Night sir.

    440. MrVito says:

      In modeling, the GOP is up 51-43 in the early vote in NM-2.

    441. PhilS says:

      Humpin’ Biden,

      It would appear that you did not do a good job ridin’ biden these last few days. It showed on the pedophile’s face. What are you paid for, you fool? Are you going to be his bed buddy in jail? Or do you prefer Hunter? His laptop shows he prefers girls like you.

    442. John says:

      Who won the debate?
      According to the Las Vegas ReviewJournal….Trump 92%

    443. lisab says:

      i thin the dems really regret the 2 minutes uninterrupted format

      trump is not afraid to say what others are too polite to say, like, “why didn’t you do that? you had eight years …”

      good question

      but it would have been lost in the first debate

    444. BRENT says:



    445. BRENT says:


    446. Gatorbillyjoel says:

      The new Morning Consult polls are a beautiful, beautiful thing. Massive leads in the Rust Belt and even showing a lead in Texas. A real blue wave.

    447. Trump won the debate. My thoughts:

      Biden harmed himself badly by calling for transitioning from oil. This undercut his lie that he never called for the end of fracking. Trump is going to be camping out in Western Pennsylvania from now until the election and this likely cost Biden the all important Keystone State.

      Trump was allowed by Biden to keep asking questions which Biden then would answer. Trump led Biden where he wanted him to go, and like a rat following the Pied Piper Biden inexplicably did so.

      The two times he looked at his watch will cost Biden. I am sure the shade of Bush the Elder would agree with me.

      Biden trying to blame the laptop from hell on the Rooskies was comedy gold. If that is the best that he can do on this exploding scandal he might as well call the lid on his campaign until election day.

      Trump tends to be a rough fighter, but he can be charming when he wants to be, which befits a man who has always been primarily a salesman. Tonight he turned on the charm while simultaneously bloodying Biden. Poor Joe had no idea how to react to this version of Trump.

      Throughout the debate Trump effectively mocked all of Biden’s brilliant plans by asking him continually why he didn’t do it already during all his decades in Washington.

      Trump’s statement said several times that Biden is all talk and no action played into the general perception of Biden as one of the biggest blowhards and bull droppings artist in DC.

      Trump was masterful in portraying Biden as a professional politician and himself as a plain honest citizen.

      Biden visibly tired and became less coherent in his answers as the debate wore on compared to Trump the Terminator who just kept coming at him.

      Trump’s comment about how the American people can’t hide in their basement like Biden does pretty well summed up how disastrous this debate was for old man Biden.

    448. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      In watching the debate; these were my observations:

      1. Trump did much better in this debate than he did in the first debate. He was more focused and did not interrupt. He did particularly well during the first part of the debate, where he provided succinct answers and avoided being flippant. Later in the debate he fell back into the attack mode, and lost some of his focus.

      2. Biden did not make any major gaffes, but at times appeared mentally confused. Still it was a credible performance. He make a major blunder early in opening the door for Trump to pounce on the Hunter Biden laptop issue. Biden looked particularly lame trying to blame the Russians for Hunter Biden’s E-mails. His stand on fracking and oil and gas production was confusing. He did not commit any major errors, but did not stand out in any way.

      Would say that Trump won the debate, he was a much more decisive figure; versus Biden who muddled about on several key issues.

    449. JC says:

      SanDiegoCitizen says:

      He did not commit any major errors, but did not stand out in any way.

      Biden said he would end the oil industry. I think that cost him PA.

    450. Tina says:


      Go back to the fracking. He dared trump to put up a fact check Online and trump did showing that Biden was against fracking.

      Then at the end, Biden said he would end oil.

    451. jaichind says:


      Even Sankei which is Japan’s WSJ is now covering Hunter Biden story with references to FBI and “Big Guy” and “10%.” Still nothing from CNN NYT etc etc

    452. Gordon Allen says:

      Trump ” won” the debate- made it
      socially acceptable for suburban women to vote for him- and has all the momentum. Biden can only hang on and hope the msm,and their rigged polls can carry him past the finish line.

    453. Country Dick Montana says:

      With regard to fracking, there are so many other businesses that are not in the oil/gas patch that support it. The sand used comes from places like Wisconsin and Virginia. Besides energy, petrochemicals are used for a lot of products that we use in everyday life. The reason shell is building a $1 Billion cracker plant in PA is to make the plastics that go into those products.

      No gas/oil, no plastic. No plastic, no everyday products. No products, no manufacturing. No manufacturing, no high paying jobs.

    454. Tina says:

      Political Polls
      Trump 50% (+2)
      Biden 48%

      , LV, 9/24-10/21

    455. jason says:

      Nice move towards Trump on Predicit. Consolidates FL, leads in NC, up to 42% chance in PA. 70% favorite in OH. 45% in AZ.

      So maybe that should be the strategy. Invest in winning PA and AZ. Just winning PA puts him at 268 would need ME district to get to 269.

      Also Ernst is back to 57% in IA, so Rs need Tillis to win for 51 seats (assuming Collins and James nd McSally don’t win).

    456. Bitterlaw says:

      Biden should have said “Millions of Americans have good jobs in the fracking and oil industry. Those resources are finite and will eventually run out. I will protect those jobs while we transition to an economy based on clean, renewable forms of energy.” Thankfully, he did not. His base would know he was lying but enough voters might have bought it.

    457. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” Those resources are finite and will eventually run out.”

      We have been told for years that oil will run out, or it will be too expensive to extract. New methods of extraction continue to be developed, which in turn leads to the discovery of new reserves. It won’t run out anytime soon.

    458. JeffP says:

      464 It would have worked. Joe is a stone cold liar. Too many to list from last night. Worse than Hillary maybe.

    459. MichiganGuy says:

      “I really really really wanted to vote for Joe Biden. I really really do. But, I just, based on tonight’s performance, Donald Trump…” – Jennifer from Michigan

    460. dblaikie says:

      X. Torres Small the incumbent in NM 2 just announced that she disagreed with Biden on oil. Cracks are opening folks. His admission that he is going to get rid of the oil industry is going to put new states in play. New Mexico is big in energy. This morning it is up for grabs.

    461. MichiganGuy says:

      LA Times Undecided Voter Forum:

      “If I had to go with one person I’d probably go with Trump because at least he has proven something in his 4 years” – Keita from Georgia

    462. Tina says:

      Trump responded quickly to the banning fracking. He has an ad up. I don’t know why Biden said he never was for banning fracking.

      And the end to oil is the game.

    463. MichiganGuy says:

      “My response according to tonight, I will be voting for Donald Trump based on the information he was able to answer. Whereas Joe Biden was very elusive…” – Tasha from Ohio

    464. MichiganGuy says:

      “I think tonight just proved that Donald Trump can be presidential & can control himself & be restrained.”

      – Holly from Arizona.

    465. prineville says:

      Correct…cracks are beginning to show amongst the dems. Beto and julian castro of texas are fuming over the biden campaign ignoring their state. The dems will be at each other’s throats before this is over.

    466. OHIO Joe says:

      While the President was probably behind by a point or two in the popular vote just prior to the debate, he was in a good electoral position already. One could add Texas to the states that the President was leading by 10 points and Delaware to the list of states that Mr. Biden was leading by 10 points or more for a 183 to 163 lead for Biden. When adding the state that one side or the other leads by between 5 and 10 points, the Biden lead is cut from 207 to 204 as NH falls under the 5 % point lead mark. AZ favors Trump by more the 3 points (the MOE) and MN is now within the MOE, so with the states with at least a full 3 point edge added in, the Trump advantage becomes 259 to 211, with 68 points up for grabs. Just prior to the debate, I would say that Trump held a slight lead in Wisconsin and as well as PA, with Biden having a very slight lead in MI, NE2, NV, NM and MN for a 289 to 249 Trump lead. I suspect with defeat of Mr. Biden in last night’s debate, the Trump EC total will top 300 point and he will now most likely end up getting the majority of the popular vote to boot because of the debate.

    467. Sean says:

      I think when Trump was talking about are you listening Texas, are you listening Oklahoma, he’s putting a play on those Congressional districts that could flip.

    468. MichiganGuy says:

      * BOOM*
      Minnesota Senate
      Jason Lewis [R] 43%
      Tina Smith [D] 42%



    469. George says:

      Rasmussen Reports
      · 57m
      Morning Reader Data Points:

      National Daily Black Likely Voter Job Approval For @POTUS – October 19-23, 2020

      Mon 10/19 – 25%
      Tue 10/20 – 24%
      Wed 10/21 – 31%
      Thu 10/22 – 37%
      Fri 10/23 – 46%

    470. DW says:

      Still boomworthy, but that came out a couple of days ago

    471. Country Dick Montana says:

      What did Trump say after the debate?

      “Let’s finish this.”

      We need to finish and not celebrate early. Who can forget this, probably a metaphor of Hillary’s 2016 election day. We can’t make the same mistake.


    472. Tina says:

      Well he is going hard.

      He has said he will do up to 5 daily rallies.

    473. Tina says:

      Scott Adams
      Trump: Here’s my coronavirus plan

      Media: Trump has no coronavirus plan.

      Biden: Here’s my coronavirus plan

      Trump: Um, you just described my plan that we are already implementing

      Media: Trump has no coronavirus plan

    474. Gordon Allen says:

      Ohio Joe; months ago here( I could find it if I tried hard) I predicted 49-47 Trump,with 324(?) EC votes. Adding Minnesota,New Hampshire,and Nevada to his 2016 total. I am still hoping/ looking for that. Hindsight might eventually find Biden peaked 3 weeks or so ago after the first debate and Trump’s coronavirus. We’ll see

    475. Tina says:

      Remember, the jebots bff? He has no clue what a coyote is.

      David Hogg
      · 10h
      Imagine calling the immigrant parents that bring their children to the United States for a better life “Coyotes”

      The level of xenophobia is sickening.

    476. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – I did not say fossil fuels will run out soon. They will run out at some point. Both can be true.

      Energy is your field. I defer to you on the issue.

    477. Todd McCain says:

      GOP won Nevada early voting yesterday by roughly 5K statewide.

    478. OHIO Joe says:

      Your prediction is probably going to be pretty close Gordon, if Mr. Trump can hammer Biden Harris in the up-coming rallies, he might even do significantly better.

    479. Country Dick Montana says:

      “Energy is your field. I defer to you on the issue.”

      No worries my friend.

    480. OHIO Joe says:

      David Hogg is a fool.

    481. DW says:

      Again, Nevada was lost long ago. Mathematically impossible for Trump to win given ballot are littering the streets

    482. Tina says:

      Again, no clue why China Biden denied saying he would not ban fracking.

      After 45 minutes, Biden got tired. His speech was impaired as he mispronounced words and mumbled.

      The last 20 minutes destroyed his campaign,

      Looking down at his watch sis not help.

    483. Marv says:


      We’ve dispatched a team to NV to gather up the ballots and make sure they’re filled in correctly.

    484. Stonewall DW says:

      The leftist media howled with delight when Bush 41 looked at his watch…any comment from the left now?

    485. Stonewall DW says:

      Its like the lopsided basketball game where its 74 to 29 with 8 minutes left to play. The team with 74 points is pumped and could play all night, the team with 29 points keeps looking up at the clock wishing away those 8 minutes.

    486. OHIO Joe says:

      I agree that Nevada is an uphill battle because of fraud and it would not be the first or second time that the Dems have stolen the state by fraud, but I am still cautiously optimistic that we have a shot at it.

    487. Tina says:

      On the black approval of trump 8n Ras. Maybe high.

      However, a few days ago, charlemagne indicated that Trump was the o oh one talking to Black males..

    488. Tina says:

      We may now have openings in Colorado and New Mexico due to Biden’s end oil remarks.

    489. JC says:

      If I were the the Trump team I would not waste resources on Nevada. That state is run by the Dirty Harry political machine. Too easy to steal.

      Focus on MI, WI, MN, and PA. This is where the election will be determined.

    490. SoHope says:

      Build a windmill is the new learn to code

    491. OHIO Joe says:

      “We may now have openings in Colorado and New Mexico due to Biden’s end oil remarks.” I would love to win both states, but I think NM will be much easier this time. I realize that I am going against conventional wisdom on this point.

    492. Stonewall DW says:

      Early vote in a northern florida county, Jackson, shows Republican ballots cast 48% to 46% over Dem ballots. 2016 early vote was 54/39 Dem. Finally tally was Trump 67 / Hillary 30.
      Maybe GOP cannibalizing election day vote due to excitement to vote, due to covid fears…hard to say. But at least it shows GOP is voting.

    493. JC says:

      Tina says:
      October 23, 2020 at 9:06 am
      On the black approval of trump 8n Ras. Maybe high.

      However, a few days ago, charlemagne indicated that Trump was the o oh one talking to Black males..


      Plus Ice Cube recently praised Trump for reaching out to him on how to improve black lives. Also, 50 Cent tweeted that people should vote for Trump because of Biden’s tax increases.

    494. Stonewall DW says:

      498 – bingo. Exactly what Baris and Barnes said. Furthermore, given the electoral math, Nevada only has value if Trump can also get NH, as those two states give an outside chance to win should Trump fail in PA, MI, WI and MN.

      But its a much heavier lift, with the travel time between NH and NV. Much better to just keep hopping with short flights between the rust belt states.

    495. Stonewall DW says:

      EPIC-MRA out with a silly poll of MI.

      600 LV

      Trump 39
      Biden 48

      Peters 45
      James 39

      Something seems missing here, no?

      Where are the other 13% on the POTUS line and the other 16% in the senate race?

    496. Stonewall DW says:

      Four years ago at this time EPIC-MRA had MI:

      Trump 34
      Hillary 41
      Johnson 3
      Stein 3

    497. Smack says:

      All Early Voting – Florida


      Oct 22nd / 4:41pm

      DEM: 2,064,996 44.40%

      GOP: 1,636,887 35.19%

      Oct 23rd / 8:16am

      DEM: 2,124,196 44.18%

      GOP: 1,698,311 35.31%

    498. Stonewall DW says:

      I do wonder about how many of these young people out there who cheer for the end of fossil fuels don’t even realize that when they get in their cars and turn the key, the engine is fired and runs on fossil fuel.

      Yes, many are that dumb.

    499. Greymarch says:

      Oil = petroleum. Go ahead and name some non-edible products? EVERYTHING is made from petroleum. 10 million jobs in the US are dependent on oil-based industries. The phone, ipad, or computer you are reading this on, just as one example, would be impossible to create without oil.

      Any vehicle larger than a SUV will not be converting to electric any time soon. Planes, boats, industrial equipment, backup generators. My home is heated by gas, as is countless homes in the U.S. Every job in America is affected by oil. Getting rid of oil would put us into a full-blown depression.

      It was the Obama administration that finally got us oil-independent. We dont need middle-eastern gas anymore. Well then, why the hell did we put out all that effort to become oil-independent if Biden’s gonna kill the oil industry?!?! Biden’s lack of understanding of how the American economy works, and his dementia, caused him to gaffe last night.

      Would Biden kill US oil? Of course not. No president could get away with that. Nevertheless, Biden said it, unfiltered to 50+ million Americans. The GOP and Trump get to run with it.

    500. Country Dick Montana says:

      Even if we go to all electric vehicles, there won’t be enough wind farms and solar farms to power them all when they are plugged in at night.

    501. Wes says:

      What does voting currently look like in Colorado?

    502. Stonewall DW says:

      “Would Biden kill US oil? Of course not.”

      But he sure could put us in bondage again to foreign oil.

    503. OHIO Joe says:

      Slight slippage in Ras, but not too bad.

    504. Wes says:

      I’m not sure if anyone has posted this, but John James picked up an endorsement from the Detroit News, which endorsed Gary Peters in 2014:


    505. Chicon says:

      Wes, 1.27M votes cast (580k at this point in 2016). Registered DRI is 39/25/34. TargetSmart model says it is 53-39, with the rest of them unidentified.

    506. BRENT says:


      Rasmussen Reports
      Level 1:
      Morning Reader Data Points:

      National Daily Black Likely Voter Job Approval For @POTUS
      – October 19-23, 2020

      Mon 10/19 – 25%
      Tue 10/20 – 24%
      Wed 10/21 – 31%
      Thu 10/22 – 37%
      Fri 10/23 – 46%

    507. Stonewall DW says:

      That was a classic line, the incredulous look on Trump’s face as he says, “you said it on tape!”

      It made it so obvious that Bidin was lying.

    508. Chicon says:

      So, Rasmussen says Black voter approval has nearly doubled in five days?!?!?

      As Joe would say, c’mon man. Publishing that is discrediting to the rest of Rasmussen’s work.

    509. OHIO Joe says:

      The MOE is much larger for smaller sample sizes.

    510. PhilS says:

      “Biden should have said “Millions of Americans have good jobs in the fracking and oil industry. Those resources are finite and will eventually run out. I will protect those jobs while we transition to an economy based on clean, renewable forms of energy.” Thankfully, he did not. His base would know he was lying but enough voters might have bought it.”

      Spoken truly like somebody who has no clue about science and engineering.

    511. Stonewall DW says:

      OCT 11-18, 2020

      Zia Poll
      2,851 LV

      Biden 45%
      Trump 49%

    512. Tina says:

      I believe trump has over 270 evs.

      But we need to go extra hard these last 11 days or so and pour it on.

      Crush the drats/jebots.

    513. PhilS says:

      “JC says:
      October 23, 2020 at 9:06 am
      If I were the the Trump team I would not waste resources on Nevada. ”

      Good thing you are not the Trump team.

    514. Stonewall DW says:

      That Zia poll has a huge sample. One of the things I notice about the leftist polling, is if its a huge sample, its a panel, not a poll, and if its a poll, they usually have a small sample. Like Muhlenberg poll of PA today, sample of 416 likely voters. Trash.

    515. Smack says:

      All Early Voting – Florida

      Oct 22nd / 4:41pm

      DEM: 2,064,996 44.40%

      GOP: 1,636,887 35.19%

      Oct 23rd / 8:16am

      DEM: 2,124,196 44.18%

      GOP: 1,698,311 35.31%

      Oct 23rd / 9:05am

      DEM: 2,132,054 44.13%

      GOP: 1,707,853 35.35%

    516. Wes says:

      Democrats went from a 347k lead in NC to 348k. Still well shy of what they need.

    517. Marv says:

      If the Zia Poll is anywhere near the actual result in MI, then we can presume that PA, WI and even MN have gone for Trump.
      Should be obvious, but deserves discussion.

      As a matter of fact, if the MI vote turns out to be that decisive, then both NH and NV are realistic flips.

      Anyone else?

    518. Tina says:

      Wes, in 2016, wasn’t in the low 300000s before Election Day?

    519. Stonewall DW says:

      Marv, you forgot the BOOM!

    520. JeffP says:

      529 No question. A margin of over 100K in the big states would be hard for the D to manufacture too. After last night and the way polls are trending I have hope for the House now. Hoping for a resounding election in favor of GOP, like Britain had when the Labor Party was crushed.

      After ACB is sworn in…look for several appeals to the SCOTUS.

    521. Stonewall DW says:

      531 – it was supposed to be much higher due to Covid.

    522. AnthonyPum says:

      ????? ???????????? https://bez-trusov.club/photo/foto-v-kupalnike/ ??????? ??? ??????! 2000 ????????????? ??? ??????
      ???? ????? ????? ??????

    523. PhilS says:

      Trump lost NV by 27,000 (2.5%) and NH by 2,900 (0.37%) votes in 2016.

      Flipping 13000 out of 1.1m, and 1500 out of 750k is always a realistic chance.

      Regardless of what the situation in any other state is. Regardless of what happens elsewhere.

    524. JeffP says:

      3-4 point win in Florida would be huge and could end any speculation of a Biden win early in the night.

    525. Tina says:

      Contextual Kira Ravenwood
      Replying to
      Jake Tapper is a STALWART supporter of all vets… EXCEPT vets who:

      1. Blow the whistle on Democrat graft

      2. Challenge vulnerable Democrats in competitive House districts

    526. Stonewall DW says:

      Ras FL poll: “Factor in those who haven’t made up their minds yet but are leaning toward one candidate or the other, and Trump gains another point, besting Biden 50% to 46%.”

    527. Greymarch says:

      #522: That Zia poll is awful fishy…

      It’s not just LVs. It’s also newly registered voters. And, for some reason, near the top of the report, the Zia org felt the need to mention that 57% of people disapprove of the media. Why emphasize that?

      Anyone know anything about this Zia group? Feels like a right-wing pollster, or even a complete fabrication.

      Then again, you cant trust ANY POLLS this cycle. In the grand scheme of things, this Zia “poll” is as legit as all the MSM-funded polls.

      Best guess? Trump is down 4 to 6 points in MI, which is about where he was in 2016. In other words, Trump has a reasonable chance of winning MI.

    528. JeffP says:

      DW leaners were trending toward Trump in Baris polls too. Trump by 4-5 in FL could be a red wave election.

    529. phoenixrisen says:

      Trump is pulling away in Michigan which is a pleasant surprise. Gretchen Whitmer has a hand in that in recent days. The GOP will send her a thank you card

    530. Tina says:

      How is the best guess is that trump is down 4-6 in Mi?

      Whose guess?

      Seems like 3 polls in a row say otherwise.

      Two from trafalgar

      And another whose name escapes me.

    531. Marv says:

      Zia polling firm web site.


    532. PhilS says:

      540: You write a lot after saying you don’t know a thing.

    533. jason says:

      Millions of Americans have good jobs in the fracking and oil industry. Those resources are finite and will eventually run out.”

      “Eventually” meaning what really. Everything will run out eventually, even the sun.

      If you go to Worldometers you will see that we still have 43 years of proven oil reserves, but new oil reserves are constantly being discovered. So that number just keeps getting extended. Natural gas? 157 years of proven reserves with more to come. Coal? 400 years.

    534. Greymarch says:

      OH is permanently red. We can stop watching that state.

      Looks like Trump has a small lead in FL. Put that in the Trump column.

      Polling rural voters in NC is practically impossible, and Cunningham’s multiple adultery scandals will bring out the bible-thumpers. NC will be a Trump win.

      Seems like AZ and PA are the two left for Trump…but in way, the entire election is about PA. Trump can get to 269EV if he loses AZ. Trump cannot get to 269EV if he loses PA. Why? Because PA is the bell-weather state. If Trump loses PA, he is most certainly going to lose MI, WI and MN.

      This election is all about PA. The winner of PA is the next president.

    535. Tina says:

      I wonder if Biden will do a #LearnToCode tour of the upper Midwest now?

    536. Marv says:

      #541 JeffP

      RAS Fl poll linked above noted that of those sampled who said that they are definitely going to vote (93%) that Trump lead 50-45.

    537. jason says:

      Zia is based in NM and supposedly non-partisan.

      I doubt they are any more partisan then PPP.

    538. JeffP says:

      I use credit cards (pay them off every month for almost free travel) to accumulate points and miles and follow some You Tubers who also post updates on Covid Stimulus…some almost daily. These You Tube channels have well over 100K followers…the majority blame Piglosi and can’t wait to vote her out…many are age 30-40, independents or marginal liberals too. Not your typical Trump voter at all. The comments are hilarious.

    539. The Godfather says:

      The Zia polls confirms the Trafalgar poll and the data for progress poll released this week. Data for progress has a 3 point Trump lead before they assume leaners for Biden.

    540. Gordon Allen says:

      You folks are missing the key question. Will Wissing post these favorable polls without a comment about ” claimed” Trump leads,in the recognition they are destroying his Biden coasting to victory narrative?
      Only the shadow knows.

    541. OHIO Joe says:

      “OH is permanently red. We can stop watching that state.” Maybe not permanently, but at least for a good decade.

    542. Tina says:

      Why is China Biden stumping today in Delaware?

    543. Greymarch says:

      #557: Biden doesnt have to travel far from his home to reach PA voters when he stumps in DE. To Biden’s campaign, a DE rally = PA rally.

    544. Tina says:

      Ron Johnson says Tony Bobulinski’s lawyers informed Senate Homeland Security the FBI asked Bobulinski to sit for an interview today in addition to giving copies of his phones, so the Senate interview w/ Bobulinski is postponed, tho he’s agreed to speak w/ them in the near future.

    545. Tina says:

      Is that an excuse?

    546. Marv says:


      I hope Tony B brings his lawyer in with him when he interviews with the FBI.

      (Also, I expect Wray will be terminated soon after the election)

    547. Stonewall DW says:

      Big Data Poll about to start polling these states: PA, MI, WI and MN

      Results middle of next week.

    548. Todd McCain says:

      The thought the dem lead in NC is now 340K? The GOP cut 7K off the lead yesterday.

    549. Tina says:

      Raheem Kassam
      · 27m
      Last night we proved Hunter Biden DID, in fact, agree to lobby his father, contrary to what @JoeBiden has claimed.

      Today – we will prove that he didn’t just agree… HE DID IT and was credited with Joe Biden making a call for these lobbyists as a result.


    550. Robbie says:

      I watched a replay of the debate. It’s too bad that version of Trump didn’t show up at the first debate. He did a very good job.

      Right now, I think Trump is finally consolidating the soft/reluctant Trump voters who’ve been hanging out in the undecided column. That should play a helpful role in the Senate races.

    551. Baris says:

      “Big Data Poll about to start polling these states: PA, MI, WI and MN”

      Hell yes. I still need a bit more cash but we’re doing these polls.

      Tell me, what margins do you want to see? I’m thinking Trump +6 in WI and Trump +5 in MI. What do you think the margin should be in PA and MN?

    552. Tina says:

      Marv agreeed on his fib interview,

    553. Greymarch says:

      My current electoral map:


      Biden at 259, Trump at 248. AZ and PA the only true toss-up states. Trump can still win if he loses PA, although it’s very unlikely. Biden MUST win PA.

      PA, PA, PA! PA is to 2020 election as FL was to 2000 and OH was to 2004. It’s the “decider.”

    554. Tina says:

      Marv, isn’t Florida ev allowed in all counties tomorrow?

    555. PhilS says:

      “OH is permanently red. We can stop watching that state.”

      Only until you nominate the likes of McCain and Romney.

    556. Stonewall DW says:

      Trump to Biden: “I ran because of you!”

      If you look at Biden’s face, you get the impression for a few seconds that Biden wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult.

    557. Chicon says:

      DW, is Baris doing those four states as one poll, or four individual polls?

    558. PhilS says:

      568: Another BS “analysis”. A number of states were very close in 2016. Less than 2% margin. FL, PA, WI, MI, MN, NH etc.

      There is no principle that says all of them move together. A candidate can win 1 or 2 or 3 or all of them, and vice versa. So any of these states is a “decider”.

      Thankfully, winners like Trump don’t listen to this kind of moronic “analysis”.

    559. Smack says:

      All Early Voting – Florida

      Oct 22nd / 4:41pm

      DEM: 2,064,996 44.40%

      GOP: 1,636,887 35.19%

      Oct 23rd / 8:16am

      DEM: 2,124,196 44.18%

      GOP: 1,698,311 35.31%

      Oct 23rd / 9:05am

      DEM: 2,132,054 44.13%

      GOP: 1,707,853 35.35%

      DEM: 2,147,688 44.00%

      GOP: 1,731,145 35.47%

      GOP Momentum has yet to slow down in the Sunshine State.

    560. Greymarch says:

      Biden and MSM definitely playing more D today than Trump and the GOP. Anyone can see that this morning. Weekend freezes out voter interest in news (unless there is a major news story) and ACB gets confirmed on Monday. Could be good four consecutive days for Trump.

    561. Stonewall DW says:

      572 – he is doing the four rust belt states with the same survey questions, so no question about senate races, etc., but same survey, and he will give totals though for each state…he said about 1000 sample for each state.

      He is also saying the Rasmussen people came to him this morning asking about the FL poll, because they were nervous about putting out showing such a lead, and Baris confirmed for them its basically what he was seeing.

    562. Tina says:

      The first debate is meaningless.

      It is the final debate that is more important.

    563. Gordon Allen says:

      Greymarch. Trump’s going to win pa, michigan wisconsin and possibly ( likely) Minnesota so Pa won’t be that decisive,but icing on the cake. Trump has the Barrett confirmation and swearing in,and an explosively high 3rd qtr gdp number next week. Biden has…what? Fending off continued laptop queries? A barnstorming 3 event a day barnstorming tour before packed crowds?? Barring something like( God forbid) a Trump heart attack Biden can only go down. He has no upside in site

    564. Baris says:

      Believe a Trump +3 lead in PA would be pretty good for release on Tuesday. Thoughts?

      Would say that a Trump sweep in the rust belt is assured at this point.

    565. Stonewall DW says:

      You know Baris is on target because the trolls so aggressively trying to mock him.

      Of course Baris was right in 2016. He was right in 2018, and yet the people who were wrong over and over and over again continue to mock him without defending their own pathetic record.

    566. Tina says:

      I mentioned this last night.

      m Pool
      “why would do that”

      listen to how Kristen says it

      its almost like she is saying “that” as in

      why would you publicly announce you’d end the oil industry thus costing you the election

    567. Stonewall DW says:

      Baris said he let the WI poll run a bit longer. He clarified he was polling just independents in WI and the sample was 400 in the end, and Trump had a slight lead among indies in WI, which flipped from his prior poll of WI where Biden led.

    568. OHIO Joe says:

      “Believe a Trump +3 lead in PA would be pretty good for release on Tuesday. Thoughts?” Yes, plus 3 is fine. Give or take a point or two, a win is a win.

    569. OHIO Joe says:

      “and Trump had a slight lead among indies in WI, which flipped from his prior poll of WI where Biden led.” That is a good sign. Now if we can only get that clown Sasse to deliver us NE 2 for good measure.

    570. mnw says:

      Biden surrogates & MSM (WaPo) suggesting that what Biden MEANT was that he would “transition away from” SUBSIDIES for oil & gas, not oil & gas ITSELF.

      What does this prompt walkback suggest?

    571. OHIO Joe says:

      “What does this prompt walkback suggest?” Probably that he is actually losing on this issue and wished he kept his mouth shut.

    572. BRENT says:

      Rasmussen Reports
      Florida: Trump 49%, Biden 46%… https://bit.ly/3dPtFrc #BreakingPoll #Election2020

    573. Country Dick Montana says:

      What “SUBSIDIES for oil & gas?”

      Granted the business gets good rates on federal land, but the Government has been doing that for years, especially with timber. I have no problem giving the Feds market rate royalties in line with what we pay the private sector landowners.

      Bad negotiated rates are the fault of stupid government bureaucrats.

    574. Tina says:

      Well, they did a walk back, but China Biden contradicted the walk bag last night. He answered a reporters question post debate.

    575. dblaikie says:

      Walkback? I think Biden’s trying to deny what he actually said is getting thin in places like Pa and NM. This willingness to blithely lie about what he said is catching up to Slow Joe.

    576. Marv says:


      Yes, all FL counties will be open for EV tomorrow. The Red counties will finally join the fray.

    577. dblaikie says:

      Boom! Sudan wants to normalize relations with Israel. Benjamin N is starting to talk about the “circle of peace” being created in the Mideast! Oh but I know, the Never Trumpers claim the world is more dangerous because Marcon and Mercal get mad Trump’s tweets.

    578. Gil says:

      Regarding Rassmussen showing Trump’s improved showing with black males, I believe that Ice Cube and 50 cent’s endorsements maybe having a positive effect. They are telling other black men that it is ok to support Trump.

    579. mnw says:

      “I disagree with what VP Biden said tonight (i.e., about oil & gas)… I will continue to stand up to my party when they’re OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY on the ground.” (emphasis added)

      Rep. X. Torres Small (D-inc. NM-02)

      Trump won this district by double digits. I’ve read that NM is the third largest producer of oil among all states. And yet…. such polls as there are suggest a slight Small lead. I guess she’s NM’s very own Senator Manchin.

    580. Todd McCain says:

      Yeah, although I agree on Nevada, GOP has knocked 3000 votes a day off the DEM lead. If that continues into next week, watch out!

    581. dblaikie says:

      592 You bet he is and the reason why is one word: Washoe. If things keep going on this track Washoe County will be basically ties after another week of in person voting and mail in voting. What will be left is a GOP wave on election day. Hilary won Washoe by 3000 votes. This year could be a 10000 vote swing.

      Democrats need more huge return on mail in ballots because they are losing Clark by between 3 to 4 thousand votes a day with in person voting. If mail in ballots continue to lesson (another big fear for Ralston) in Clark, Nevada is going to red despite the mail in ballots.

      I have been saying this for weeks that hatred towards the Governor in Washoe and the rural counties is going to be a huge factor. And coupled with that is the “Harry Reid Machine” has broken down with all the Casino layoffs.

    582. SoHope says:

      GOP is less than 300 votes each from flipping Dade Co and Hillsborough Co (Miami and Tampa) in Early In-person voting.

    583. Tina says:

      Joe Biden fracked up last night.

    584. Greymarch says:

      Biden’s oil walk-back after the debate last night, and the MSM/Biden-goons spinning today wont help a lick.

      Trump has already started ads in western PA directly showing Biden, from last night, declaring he would end the oil industry in the US. That will cost Biden at least 2-4 points in PA, the state that will decide the election. Definitely a serious gaffe.

    585. Stonewall DW says:

      Baris said a Dem pollster confided to him that Dem internal pollster admitted to him that Peters is down to James in MI just a little.

    586. mnw says:

      One would think NV is another state where Biden’s oil & gas gibberish may not play well?

      Including NM-02, there are probably appx 10 House districts in play in which Biden’s comment could be a factor, & half of these are GOP-held seats, in TX mostly, where the DEMs are taking a big push to flip those seats red-to-blue.

      I can see why Trump immediately said, “Are you listening Ohio? Are you listening New Mexico and Pennsylvania?”

      On another topic, if a Martian dropped in today & read the U.S. financial press, that visitor from another world would conclude that there is only ONE issue in this election! COVID.

    587. BRENT says:

      Larry Schweikart
      Palm Beach: the differential between Rs and Ds . . . in Palm Beach! . . . is 1700 (2.1%)

    588. SoHope says:

      Tampa is flipped

    589. mnw says:

      603 Grey

      Excellent that Trump is up with an ad so QUICKLY in western PA! That is how well-run campaigns move– FAST!

      IF Trump wins, “Are you listening Ohio? Are you listening New Mexico and Pennsylvania?” could be destined for immortality among political junkies.

    590. janz says:

      I visited with a friend of mine from N. CA yesterday. She is a mid-40’s super liberal woman who, back in 2016, heavily criticized Trump. This is why I was knocked over when she announced she would vote for him in 2020!

      What changed for her was how she increasingly saw the democrat party as the malevolent one, including infecting the public with misinformation, especially involving Trump.

      More amazing, still, was that she knew of at least a dozen more like her – friends – who had experienced the same political transformation and were now voting for Trump (although they are not admitting that fact to most outsiders).

      My friend’s adamant election projection was that Trump would handily win.

      Just some positive anecdotal fodder to consider.

    591. Stonewall DW says:

      609 – similar to the anecdote I shared from a Trump door-to-door canvasser in one of the upper mid-west battleground states. The lady was very reluctant to tell how she was going to vote. Finally she said she has always voted Dem, but this time will vote for Trump, but cannot tell anyone around her because she is a teacher and doesn’t want to lose her job.

    592. Robbie says:

      People will likely need to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines through the end of 2021 and into 2022, Dr. Fauci said during a recent meeting, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

      – Time to give Fauci another Presidential Medal of Freedom, right?

      This old fool epitomizes the tyranny of the unelected bureaucrat. He wants complete control over our lives and he’s not going to give up without a fight.

    593. MrVito says:

      Some people here have been talking about vote cannibalization in FL. I would just like to illustrate with Sumter real quick.

      Sumter turns out well over 80% for prez elections.

      As of this moment, Dems have turned out 57% of their registered voters, mostly by mail. GOP has only turned out 47%.

      There are plenty of votes left.

    594. Todd McCain says:

      Can someone tell me if the ten big red counties in Florida that haven’t opened yet are now open? If not, when do they open?

    595. jaichind says:

      Good news for Biden: google search during the debate was more heavy for Biden than Trump. Bad news for Biden: That same Biden spike seems to be correlated exactly with search for fracking.

      Fracking is sort of like the abortion issue. Even if a majority of voters are against fracking, for people that will vote on the issue it is very biased in favor of a pro-fracking position.

    596. MrVito says:

      The counties that haven’t opened are Walton, Union, Suwannee, Hamilton, Gulf, Glades, and Bay

      They open Saturday.

    597. hugh says:

      In the last florida 30 minute update trump won the VBM. mmmm

    598. mnw says:

      I checked my memory of what Trump said, to see if I had it right. I didn’t. Here is Trump’s exact remark, which may become famous if he wins:

      “Will you remember Texas? Will you remember Pennsylvania? Will you remember Oklahoma?”

      614 Jai

      I agree. It’s an intensity thing.

    599. MrVito says:

      Those counties probably netted Trump 80-100K votes in 2016.

    600. SoHope says:

      Those late opening red counties have a total 2016 vote count of over 200k with a 70/30 split. How many early vote you think Trump will churn out of them before election day? My guess is a 50k-ish plurality.

    601. Tina says:


      Bay county is one. It’s a mid size county that is red.

      But Vito or Marv May have more.

    602. Tina says:

      Whoops, I did not see Vitos response.

      I was replying and got distracted.

      Who rings your doorbell to sell you solar during a pandemic?

    603. hugh says:

      So in the last two 30 minute updates reps won the VBM returns.

    604. Tina says:

      Does Peter Henderson communicate with Pierre Detestable?

      Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022
      · 32m
      NEW: Emails appear to show Joe Biden using the pseudonym “Peter Henderson” to communicate with Hunter https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/exc-is-peter-henderson-joe-bidens-e-mail-pseudonym/

    605. hugh says:

      mm. If in FL reps start winning vbm the rest of the way out it could get really really ugly for Joe

    606. mnw says:

      The look on Trump’s face when Biden started to call for “transitioning” was priceless. A tight little smile. He recognized the moment.

    607. Tina says:

      But silverfish says the polls are right.

      In Sarasota County, GOPers now have a 31-point lead with in-person early voting. This is a reliably GOP county which FL-Dems thought they had a great chance of flipping because a public poll showed them 13 points ahead there last week. What a lesson about polling!

    608. Stonewall DW says:

      “Joe Biden using the pseudonym”

      Why would he do that? Only people committing money laundering would do that sort of thing.

    609. MrVito says:

      I think Broward dumps their vbm total at the end of the day, and Dade the next day?

    610. dblaikie says:

      Well the election is over! Frank Luntz, John Kasich old pollster, has stated it will be impossible for Trump to win the election. You know what that means? Trump is going to win. Now the question is how much will he win by?

    611. Tina says:

      Yup, mnw, he recognized it and pounced,.

      Then the moderator realized that joe fracked up.

      She ran plenty of interference with her interrruptions and always letting China respond.

      She could not run any,ore.

    612. SoHope says:

      And a lot of these Northern Florida counties are basically Southern Georgia or Southern Alabama we’re Democrats are actually voting Trump and still haven’t forgiven Abraham Lincoln for the war of Northern aggression.

    613. Tina says:

      Donald J. Trump
      HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in the world. Sudan has agreed to a peace and normalization agreement with Israel! With the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, that’s THREE Arab countries to have done so in only a matter of weeks. More will follow!

    614. dblaikie says:

      new thread

    615. Tina says:

      Ok, we head fake.we are doing ads in Minnesota.

      Theo Keith
      · 1h
      Trump’s campaign is doing a last-minute reversal on Minnesota.

      Trump went dark on TV here this week — after six weeks of cutting reserved ad time — but campaign manager Bill Stepien says there will be a major a buy in the campaign’s final week.

    616. mnw says:

      Slavery still exists in south Sudan. Maybe Israel can help them transition away from that.

    617. Jeff G says:

      Tina, peace in the Middle East is a bad thing (especially if Trump has something to do with bringing it about).

    618. Tina says:

      New thread.