Another Open Thread

    We hit four figures in comments on the last post, so here is another one.

    I’ll get back to posting real polls at some point.

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    1. Bitterlaw says:


    2. Wes says:

      Adam Laxalt will likely run for Senate in NC next year:

      It’s interesting to see how NV will go. It was a mixed bag in 2010 and 2012, swung hard right in 2014, and went even further left in 2016 and 2018. Laxalt is a wave baby, having beaten Ross Miller, another prominent scion of a Silver State political family, in 2014 and lost to the current Governor in the Dem wave in the state in 2018.

      He’s probably the best the NVGOP can get against Cortez-Masto, who has her own uneven electoral history. If Laxalt wins, the Senate is definitely flipping.

      This actually shows Republicans are serious about trying to recapture the Senate next year. They already have John Sununu poised for a run in New Hampshire and Mark Brnovich likely to run in Arizona. Meanwhile, several Republicans are eyeing the race against Raphael Warnock in Georgia, who isn’t exactly posting commanding poll numbers.

      In contrast, Dems have only two possible pickups–Pennsylvania and Wisconsin–in the former of which they have the makings of a clown-car primary and in the latter of which, they have no obvious candidate to face off with the incumbent Senator.

    3. Wes says:

      A good friend of mine posted today on Facebook about the fact that businesses are using all kinds of incentives to attract workers but are still falling short of staffing goals because of the current generous unemployment benefits. I posted this in response:

      The problem with paying people not to work is that eventually tax receipts decline. Once that happens, you have a bunch of people with decreased disposable income and the beginning of an economic crisis.

    4. Tgca says:

      Cuatro Bebe! Cuatro!

    5. Phil says:

      Nevada’s Dem governor and legislature passed legislation last year providing for

      Ballot harvesting with no chain of custody

      Election Day registration

      Mail out ballots to any and all addresses – ballots floating everywhere

      In short it’s HB1 for the state of Nevada

      Sorry, Wes. It doesn’t matter who the Republicans run in Nevada. Clark County will be a sewer of voter fraud. Exactly as Democrats intended.

    6. Tgca says:

      I posted about (887 in last thwed) this lunatic NYC psychiatrist who went on a rant in a Yale medical school lecture about white people and having fantasies about k*lling them.

      Now here’s the audio.

      This woman is a lunatic!

      I guess you need a psychiatrist to be a psychiatrist.

      I don’t think someone this disturbed should be practicing medicine and treating patients who rely on her for psychiatric help.

      After criticism by Yale and some of its faculty, basically telling folks she does not represent the school and her words are disturbing, she is now claiming her words were taken out of context.

      Listen to her own words, these especially, and decide how you can take them out of context, especially after she said she got rid of all her whole friends and has been avoiding dealing with white people for like 5 years now.

      “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body & wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless w/ a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f*cking favor.”

    7. jason says:

      Right, the election was stolen from Trump in Nevada too, and with ballot harvesting the same thing will happen again and again to every R candidate.

      Anybody with half a brain can figure out that with ballot harvesting the 30k vote lead for Biden in Nevada was completely bogus.

    8. Wes says:

      California had the same thing in 2020, Phil, but Republicans picked up several House seats because they engaged in the process.

      Yes, I’ll admit the laws the Dems passed in the state are a hurdle for Republicans to overcome; however, I don’t buy the apocalyptic projections. I could be wrong, but I refuse to predict doom until I see actual evidence of it.

      That Republicans are making a serious play for the seat tells me they sense at least an opening to win.

    9. Tgca says:

      3. Wes

      Not here in FL!

      They’re being kicked off the public welfare in June where they currently get approximately $700 weekly to stay home and do nothing.

      I see hiring signs outside numerous businesses here in south Florida – Home Depot, BestBuy, all the fast food restaurants, retail stores, etc.

      I have NEVAH seen so many “Now Hiring” signs hanging about.

      I’ve been told by local store personnel that people are not applying for jobs no matter how many times they post the jobs, and that is why many businesses can’t get back to their normal business hours.

    10. Wes says:

      I guess all the Republicans who won those House seats in California despite the state’s ballot harvesting must not have actually won, Jason.

    11. Tgca says:

      In response to 1028 from last thwed.

      Cher has got to be one of the dumbest celebrities me thinks!

      Maybe it’s because she dropped out of school at 16 or she just never decided to develop her mind over the decades.

      On top of that she is delusional and says things that make ordinary folks shake their heads and look at her like she is just not “all there,” and unfortunately, she’s clueless about it.

      I recall in 2012 when she was making fun of the way Paul Ryan looked and mocked him for looking like Eddie Munster with his hairstyle in a purposely degrading manner.

      The fact that many women …and probably men too…found Paul Ryan attractive and there were all these stories about his work out routine and a specimen of fitness with pics of him in magazines working out must have been lost on Cher.

      I think it was also lost on her that her appearance makes her look like a very old scary-ass Morticia Adams so she really should not compare others to “monsters” in a degrading way.

      …and for Christ sakes, Cher should look at her own child before mocking the looks of someone else since her child is not a specimen of attractiveness by most standards.

      That may seem mean but if you’re going to start being shallow and mocking the way people look you need to be prepared for rebuttals and by the vast majority of standards in society, folks would not be looking to Cher or her child as someone they think are attractive enough to mock how others look.

    12. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      2. Every year, more and more Californians pour into Nevada. Was in Nevada today and was talking to several auto store employees, who moved to Nevada recently from San Diego. In particular, a lot of Hispanics are moving to Clark County for jobs. Unfortunately most, but not all, stay Democrats.

      “In 2020, there were 69,660 out-of-state driver’s licenses and ID cards surrendered to the state. Those consisted of 64,722 driver’s licenses and 4,938 ID cards, according to Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle data.

      As one would expect, the overwhelming majority turning in their old state’s licenses or ID cards last year hailed from California.

      The Golden State represented 29,918 of the surrendered cards, accounting for 43 percent of those turned in last year.”

    13. Wes says:

      DeSantis is handling things better than either the federal government or most other Governors, Tg.

      That’s why he’s a solid pick to run for President in 2024.

      Since Republicans won control of the Florida government late in the Clinton Administration, the Sunshine State has been one of the best-run states in the country. Democrats have tried every possible trick to undermine DeSantis, most notably by bitching about his restrained handling of Covid, but the results speak for themselves.

      If DeSantis is the 2024 nominee, Biden will have a hard time making a case against arguably the most successful Governor in the country.

    14. Tgca says:

      Wes is thinking like a West Virginian again!

      He makes the mistake that if fraud happened in selected areas it therefore HAS to happen everywhere and have the same impact all over.

      Not true!

      Just like crime varies in volume and intensity in certain urban areas so did fraud in this case where approximately 40K votes changed the outcome of the national election.

    15. Tgca says:



      Florida rules!

      North Carolina… not so much.

    16. Wes says:

      I seem to recall a number of instances dating back to 2010 where Republicans questionably lost House seats in Cali because of late returns, Tg.

      Once the CAGOP got off its hindquarters last year and actually did something besides bitch, it actually did something it hadn’t done in literal decades and regained some lost ground in the CACD.

      You can argue the CADP doesn’t have a history of engaging in electoral shenanigans to obliterate the CAGOP if you like, but just look at the aftermath of the 2010 House races to see otherwise.

    17. Wes says:

      SDC actually has the best counterargument to mine about possible GOP gains in Nevada with his mention of the influx of Cali expats to the state.

      That’s something the NVGOP needs to take into account, but they’d be fools to hide under their beds and whine about ballot harvesting rather than actually doing something to try to win.

      If Rick Scott–as shrewd a pol as one can imagine–didn’t think Republicans had a chance there, I rather doubt Adam Laxalt would be preparing for a run next year.

    18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      8. Agree with Wes, Republicans in California have been effective in countering ballot harvesting and other Democratic games. One reason is Republicans are now encouraging GOP voters to vote by mail, and GOP poll watchers are actively monitoring the counting of votes.

      Also Asians and a section of Hispanic voters in California now vote Republican. Believe all three candidates who won in California were Asian or Hispanic.

      In Nevada Republicans need candidates who are from Clark County, and who appeal to Hispanics.

    19. Wes says:

      It looks as if the Communist has eked out a win in Peru:

      I hope the Peruvians are ready for their version of Maduro.*

      *As an avid cigar aficionado who particularly enjoys maduros, I despise that dictatorial bastard for sullying the name of my favorite type of cigar.

    20. Phil says:

      Wes, you refuse to predict gloom until you see actual evidence of it. Understandable, but your actual evidence is none other than Nevada in the last election under the Nevada voting changes enacted by the Democrats. There it was. ….we all got to see the effect there…and now we get to see those same rules play out again.

      I believe Republicans have an advantage in NH and will flip that seat if they can get the governor to run. Beyond that, no shots really. Pa is gone (we have our bet there}. Johnson is iffy at best in Wisconsin. NC is 50-50 or there abouts.

      The Republicans better get the House. I wouldn’t count on the Senate.

    21. Wes says:

      Phil, you undermine your own argument when you say NC is 50-50. The only reason this state isn’t a solid GOP hold is that local politics doesn’t allow for landslides here. With the candidates the Dems have currently running to replace Burr, no one takes seriously the idea that that seat is in any genuine danger of flipping. Even if Roy Cooper runs–which no one is expecting–Dems are still underdogs to win. That’s just facts.

      Trump lost NV in 2020 when Republicans ran the local government, so I’m not buying the bogeyman of his losing it only because of laws passed last year.

      As for the GOP’s having no chance other than NH, I’ll look at what Rick Scott is doing. He’s recruiting solid candidates and raising a lot of money for next year. Given the fact that he’s doing his job very well, I’m going to side with him and say the Senate isn’t the lock to stay in Dem hands you’re declaring it.

      If Republicans had almost every top-tier candidate bowing out as in 2006 and 2008, I’d agree with you. That’s not happening though.

    22. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sadly, the Republican candidate who could have won the Nevada senate race in 2022 is Brian Sandoval, but he refused to run. Likewise the Republicans could not recruit a credible candidate to take on Newsom in the California recall.

    23. Wes says:

      I like you, and I respect you, Phil. You have an almost reflexive tendency to declare Republicans will lose though. You had the same kind of tendency after Obama won when you declared no Republican would ever be elected President again in your lifetime. Well, Trump won in 2016 and proved that wrong.

      I expect a similar result next year.

    24. Tgca says:

      23. Wes

      Agreed with minor edits to your post.

      Well, Trump won in 2016 and 2020 and proved that wrong.

    25. Wes says:

      Sandoval has never been interested in the Senate, SDC. He would definitely start out as the favorite against Cortez-Masto. Laxalt is a high B-list backup. He won in an upset in 2014 and lost respectably four years later. Given the fact that Sandoval was never going to run, Scott nonetheless has apparently gotten his best replacement.

      That’s not always a bad thing. Tommy Thompson was the perceived best candidate Republicans could get against Russ Feingold in 2010. When Thompson bowed out, Ron Johnson stepped forward and slew the dragon–twice.

    26. Phil says:

      I’ll defer to you on NC, Wes, but two state wide races make me nervous.

      Cunningham was clearly on the way to the Senate had his dick not gotten in the way. NC elected that loon Supreme Court Chief Justice and then came within 400 votes of re-electing her.

      Those statewide races scare me. They scare me a lot.

    27. Tgca says:

      Burger King can run snarky ads and become all woke to suck-up to gay activists but no matter what, Chick-fil-a is way better quality than BK, as attested to bu this ex-chicken eater.

    28. jason says:

      Sorry, Joe, they have come for you too.

      “Jemele Hill
      Jun 6
      This is so on brand for this country. Record number of black voters show up to save this democracy, only for white supremacy to be upheld by a cowardly, power-hungry white dude. @Sen_JoeManchin is a clown.

    29. Wes says:

      I can turn those around on you, Phil:

      In a state where Democrats ran the entire electoral process and had weeks worth of early voting with generous VBM and no ID requirement after Dems dumped $200+ million into the elections, Republicans held the Senate seat, gave Trump the state’s EVs, knocked off every Dem judicial nominee, and gained seats in the State House despite being considered to be in danger of losing that chamber.

      Democrats narrowly held four statewide offices–one of which was supposed to be a comfortable victory, gained one State Senate seat, and picked up two House seats strictly because of a judicialmander.

      I see little reason to be worried.

    30. Phil says:

      I pray you are right not to be concerned about NC…..because Democrats are plainly once again going to have the same advantages in election process that they enjoyed in 20 and will pour in another $200 mil – at least.

      Schumer warns that seat…badly.

    31. Wes says:

      Schumer wanted the Class 2 seat both times Tillis ran, Phil. He didn’t get it. He wanted Burr’s seat in 2016. He didn’t get it.

      This is Joe Biden’s midterm.

      Are you seeing a pattern here?

    32. Wes says:

      Liz Cheney is attacking the GOP House leadership.

      The Cheneys are every bit as sleazy, vile, and vindictive as the Bushes.

      Jason, are you still going to say Cheney was right to coast on her name ID in 2016 when quite honestly she had absolutely nothing else to offer?

      I can’t wait to contribute to her strongest primary opponent.

    33. Phil says:

      Liz Cheney is a POS. So was her old man. He was a total liar as well. I see why W picked him as his running mate. They were birds of a feather.

      Liz has continued the family condition. Let me know how much you send Liz’s primary opponent, Wes. I’ll match it. Hell, I’ll double it

    34. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – Phil has seized the title of Gloomiest Poster from me. I never thought it was possible.

    35. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      California’s population declined by 182,083 people, or 0.5%, in 2020, bringing the Golden State’s estimated total to 39,466,855 people as of Jan. 1.

    36. Wes says:

      I don’t think you can legally double what I’m going to send Cheney’s opponent, Phil, because I’m sending the maximum contribution.

    37. jan says:

      San Diego. What isn’t declining is CA homeless population. It has really gotten out of hand, especially around the S CA beach areas. Along with these homeless encampments are a slew of fires, petty theft everywhere and a build-up of trash. Neighborhoods are up in arms, but the laws here do nothing to discourage the constant mushrooming of these street people.

    38. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      34. Actually Cheney picked himself as simpleton Bush’s VP; he then lead us into the Iraqi war disaster and an economic collapse. Possibly the worse U.S. VP ever.

      “In July 2000, after serving as the head of then-Texas Governor George W. Bush’s vice presidential search committee, Dick Cheney was announced as the Republican vice presidential nominee.”

    39. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      38. “CA homeless population. It has really gotten out of hand, especially around the S CA beach areas.”

      Jan, your preaching to the choir. I lived most my life in a San Diego beach community; now am near Balboa Park which is infested with homeless. I have had disputes and chased away many of them.
      The police will do nothing. We now have a neighborhood text alert system where several of us will jointly confront a potentially violent transient. Most of them are on meth or other drugs.

    40. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      CBS has joined the pile-on of those pointing the finger at the Wuhan lab as the potential source of the virus. A Lesley Stahl interview:

      “That’s because of the ground rules China set with the WHO, which has never had the authority to make demands or enforce international protocols.

      Jamie Metzl: It was agreed first that China would have veto power over– over who even got to be on the mission. Secondly–

      Lesley Stahl: And WHO agreed to that.

      Jamie Metzl: WHO agreed to that. On top of that, the WHO agreed that in most instances China would do the primary investigation. And then just share its findings–

      Lesley Stahl: No.

      Jamie Metzl: –with these international experts. So these international experts weren’t allowed to do their own primary investigation.

      Lesley Stahl: Wait. You’re saying that China did the investigation and showed the results to the committee and that was it?

      Jamie Metzl: Pretty much that–

      Lesley Stahl: Whoa.

      Jamie Metzl: –was it. Not entirely. But pretty much that was it. Imagine if we have asked the Soviet Union to do a co-investigation of Chernobyl. It doesn’t really make sense.”

      An as our foremost health expert, Fauci said nothing at the time about this farce of an investigation?

    41. Wes says:

      I guess Republicans don’t consider Mark Kelly (D-AZ) to be invincible. The AZ National Guard General who handled the state’s COVID response has filed to run, though he claims not to have committed to the race. He would negate Kelly’s advantage among the military vote presumably. The one potential snag if Republicans have a divisive primary such as helped Kirsten Synema hoard resources in 2018 and secure a narrow victory.. Even so, that several serious Republicans are eyeing the race indicates predictions of the GOP’s impending doom are premature:

    42. jason says:

      jason, are you still going to say Cheney was right to coast on her name ID in 2016 when quite honestly she had absolutely nothing else to offer?”

      Not sure she had more or less to offer than most congressional candidates.

      I am a big fan of her father so ideologically she was the type of person I would like to see in Congress. I share her foreign policy views a lot more than I share Trump’s.

      She has a very conservative voting record and supported Trump’s policies a lot more than her replacement in the leadership.

      She is also a cheap media whore who like most of the Never Trumpers still cannot get over the fact Trump trashed Jeb Bush and thinks SHE represents the R party. Like Romney, she is a useful idiot that thinks the MSM admires her, when really they despise her.

      I am glad they kicked her out of the leadership, I hope she loses the R primary, and I would send her opponent money if I was still involved in elections.

    43. Wes says:

      Right, Jason.

      She carpetbagged back to a state she hadn’t lived in in years and expected a coronation against a Senator who had actually worked for his seat rather than coasting off a name.

      She won a primary with 39% of the vote based on name ID alone in a fractured field against other candidates who actually had something to run on besides Daddy’s last name.

      She’s the epitome of what Trump calls “the swamp” and has done nothing but engage in self-aggrandizement since. The Cheneys and Bushes the exact kind of people Republicans need to avoid when seeking electoral office.

    44. Wes says:

      You’re also virtually the only person who’s a fan of her father. He was a big reason GWB was one of the most failed and unpopular Presidents in US history.

      I hope this is the end of the Cheneys as a political dynasty.

    45. jason says:

      He would negate Kelly’s advantage among the military vote presumably.”

      Not so sure, I would put McSally’s military record up against Kelly’s any time.

      And any “military voter” who votes for a guy like Kelly who votes lockstep with the far left of the Dem party is a moron.

    46. jason says:

      I am not only a fan of her father, I am a great fan of GWB’s presidency!

    47. jason says:

      Dick Cheney was a big contributor to GWB’s hugely successful presidency.

      Fixed it for you.

    48. Wes says:

      That just shows your myopic lack of cogence when analyzing politics, Jason.

      GWB left office as the most unpopular President since Hoover because of his gross incompetence and failure as President.

    49. Wes says:

      Jason needs glasses if he thinks “GWB’s hugely successful presidency” is a remotely correct phrase in the English language.

      I’ll do him the favor of fixing his grammatically incorrect post:

      GWB was one of the most failed and unpopular Presidents in US history.

    50. Wes says:

      Jason, McGuire actually handled the recent Covid response in AZ and was a prominent figure in keeping the state from melting down during the lockdown. McSally was a tone-deaf campaigner whose accomplishments in uniform were not a major concern for voters.

      McGuire has something fresh in people’s minds to play off.

    51. jason says:

      GWB was the right man at the right time.

      We should all be grateful we never had a President Gore or Kerrey.

      Best President in my lifetime after Reagan.

    52. jason says:

      I have nothing against McGuire, sounds like a good candidate and hope he wins.

      Just don’t think his military record will be much of a factor.

    53. jason says:

      Yep, this is the only way to avoid socialism.

      Unfortunately, too little too late.

      “The single best thing Americans can do to counter the left-wing attack on America — against its freedoms, its schools, its families, its children, its governmental institutions, its sports, its news and entertainment media, its medical establishment, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and the military — is to take their children out of America’s schools.”

    54. Wes says:

      I took the liberty of fixing your post to reflect reality, Jason:

      GWB was the wrong man for any time.

      We should all be appalled we never had a President Gore or Kerry given GWB’s colossal failure as President.

      Worst President in my lifetime after Carter.

    55. Wes says:

      Gallup tells the real story of GWB, not Jason’s fantasy:

    56. Tgca says:

      As an EXPERT, I will resolve this issue.

      GWB had a pretty successful 1st term due to the way he handled 9/11 and the immediate aftermath of addressing security issues that pushed much of the domestic agenda aside for a few years.

      However, his 2nd term was not successful and marred in controversy and some scandal. The information we later learned about the decisions that went into the Iraq War 2.0 suggest there really was a rush to judgment without much realistic thought and planning on managing Iraq after the war.

      GWB and Cheney were naive to think they were going to westernized the Middle East and even though removing Saddam Hussein was a good thing, it only emboldened and made Iran more regionally powerful and a greater threat to the world to this current day where previously Iraq and Iran balanced each other’s intrusions in the region.

      Like it or not, the mismanagement of the Iraq conflict replaced an evil dictator with more networking and updated terrorists and funding and recruiting that has grown throughout the world where it was previously more marginalized with one evil dictator in Iraq.

      We are fortunate to have had GWB instead of Gore as POTUS on 9/11.

      But that being said, the mistakes and arrogance of the GWB team exacerbated terrorism and radical Islam threat throughout the world and ultimately helped bring sympathy to these monsters to grow not only through terrorist recruitment but through legitimate support of everyday people that is even rooted in our own country now because the perceived attack on Iraq was an attack on all Islam, and we’re still fighting that perception.

      Perhaps GWB would have been more successful had he only been a one-term POTUS…but we will never know.

    57. Phil says:

      It would be nice if W would shut the hell up about anything political. I don’t want to hear any more of his BS spouting Democratic talking points regarding the border or January 6th. Useful idiot. The state land commissioner George P. Bush also wishes he’s shut the hell up. The former President is not helping him.

    58. jason says:

      Gallup tells the real story of GWB, not Jason’s fantasy”


      Polls show vast majority of Rs think the election was stolen.

      Polls show the real story, not wes’ fantasy.

    59. jason says:

      Hmmm… how many places has Kamala not been to…’

      “We are going to the border, we’ve been to the border so this whole thing about the border, we’ve been to the border, we’ve been to the border,” she said.

      “You haven’t been to the border,” Holt responded.

      “And I haven’t been to Europe…

    60. Wes says:

      You mean the polls that show 60% of Americans think the election wasn’t stolen, Jason?

      I agree. Polls show reality, not your fantasy.

    61. Tgca says:

      Oh wow!

      How disturbing.

      What a terrible thing to see people driving around with American flags on their vehicles in the US. Could you imagine a Puerto Rican or Mexican sporting their flag in their country?

      Should we replace US flags with BLM flags to make you feel safer?

      NYT reporter:
      “…she was disturbed to see pickup trucks with “dozens of American flags” and Trump paraphernalia during a recent trip to Long Island.

      “I was on Long Island this weekend,” she said. “And I was really disturbed.”

      “I saw, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with expletives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases, just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing, which essentially the message was clear, this is my country. This is not your country. I own this.”

    62. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      58. Totally agree with what Tgca said.

    63. michael corleone says:

      Wes – serious question. Please identify the mechanism we have to show that the person who filled out a mail in ballot was the person who was the eligible voter for that ballot. All signature verification does is prove – assuming the signature is not forged – that the eligible voter signed the envelope. There is no mechanism to ensure that a third party did not actually fill out the ballot — and for this example I am assuming that the eligible voter permitted or was coerced by a third party to allow the third party to complete the ballot.

    64. Phil says:


      There is no such mechanism – which is why Democrats are crazy about it.

    65. jason says:

      You mean the polls that show 60% of Americans think the election wasn’t stolen, Jason?”

      Yeah, most Democrats and wes think it wasn’t stolen.

    66. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden is already showing weakness on foreign policy. Meanwhile the U.S. is under cyber attack from foreign sources:

      “A State Department report sent to Congress in May concluded that Nord Stream 2 AG – the company behind the Russian gas pipeline to Germany – and its CEO, Matthias Warnig, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, engaged in sanctionable activity. But Blinken immediately waived those sanctions, saying that it was in the U.S. national interest.

      Germany, with which President Joe Biden has sought to repair relations frayed during the administration of former Republican President Donald Trump, wants to complete the pipeline.

      “Germany has come to the table and we are actively engaged with them,” Blinken told the House…”

    67. NYCmike says:

      “McSally was a tone-deaf campaigner whose accomplishments in uniform were not a major concern for voters.”

      -Please, let this be the last time McSally is mentioned as a state-wide candidate. She is obviously better for her congressional district, where she showed she can win. State-wide, she is a loser, and the blame is hers, not anyone else.

    68. Wes says:

      There you get into a separate issue, MC. I don’t support VBM and never have; however, the use of VBM where legal does not constitute fraud of itself.

      My argument has always been that Dems left nothing to chance after Trump beat Hillary and worked overtime to find every means available to maximize their vote in 2020.

      I live in a state where Democrats had their wishlist of voting tools sans ballot harvesting last year and heavily organized to win. They failed. No one who claims Trump actually won has explained to me exactly why Democrats dumped a literal fortune into this state but, despite having complete control of the electoral process here, didn’t steal any races–including the all-important Senate race–if they decided to steal elections everywhere else. That makes no logical sense and is indeed something virtually completely ignored by others on here because it runs counter to the established narrative–especially considering NC Dems are no less partisan and power hungry than Dems elsewhere.

      If I ever see clear, concrete evidence–i e, evidence not based on multiple lawsuits laughed out of court, anecdotal statements about swing counties, and flawed algorithms based on wishful thinking–then I’ll revise my stance.

      Until that time, I’m sticking with the 60% of Americans who say Trump lost legitimately, much as I hate the results of his victory.

    69. jason says:

      No the blame is useful idiots like you, who didn’t think she passed every litmus test and preferred to have a liberal Dem instead of supporting her.

      You trashed McSally incessantly because you preferred a deadender like Chemtrail Ward.

      That is why your hero Chuck Schumer is majority leader.

    70. jason says:

      ’m sticking with the 60% of Americans”

      The Democrats thank you for being so stupid.

    71. Wes says:

      Jason the would-be minority tyrant. 60% is a hell of a lot higher percentage than 40% and includes most Democrats, most Indies, and a quarter of Republicans.

      Poor Jason with his failed attempt to force the country to bend to his unpopular will.

    72. jason says:

      evidence not based on multiple lawsuits laughed out of court, anecdotal statements about swing counties, and flawed algorithms ”

      Rachel Madcow could not have said it better.

    73. Wes says:

      Hm. 60 vs. 40. It looks to me as I’m on the winning side on this.

      “I won in a landslide!” as Trump proclaimed.

      You just can’t get over the fact that you’re a stupid loser, Jason.

    74. Wes says:

      I’m loving this one.

      How big was Trump’s landslide again, Jason?

      His declaring himself the victor in a landslide was the start of all this. You agree with him, so tell me how big his landslide was.

      At the same time, tell me how many more EVs Trump received than GHWB. He claimed to win bigger than the elder Bush had too.

    75. NYCmike says:

      “You trashed McSally incessantly because you preferred a deadender like Chemtrail Ward.”

      -I have not mentioned Ward since she lost the primary back in, what, 2018 race I think it was. Otherwise, she is the AZ RNC head, and I haven’t looked for her to run for the Senate since 2018 at all.

      As for McSally, I NEVER trashed her. I did say that she had the charisma of a wet, molding sock, and the voters responded as if they agreed with that assessment. A better politician should have challenged her in the last election cycle.

    76. Wes says:

      Jason must be a Flat Earther too. The head of the Flat Earth Society is in the minority and says “to the untrained eye,” the Earth appears round.

      Since Jason thinks any majority who disagrees with him is stupid, clearly he needs to make the case for the Flat Earth.

    77. NYCmike says:


      The 60-40 number deals with the question about WIDESPREAD, NATIONWIDE election fraud. That did not happen.

      If people were asked about localized, precinct-level fraud, and also shown the small number of votes which would have flipped each state, the number of people who thought fraud happened would surely rise.

    78. Wes says:

      Honestly I didn’t want to go back to the debate about Trump, but when someone as stupid as Jason veered off the argument we were actually having to restart this nonsense, I just couldn’t resist.

    79. NYCmike says:

      “Since Jason thinks any majority who disagrees with him is stupid, clearly he needs to make the case for the Flat Earth.”

      -Please don’t tempt him… never know how much he can dig.

    80. Wes says:

      That’s a fair enough point, Mikey, but it holds no basis beyond speculation without actual data backing it up.

    81. NYCmike says:

      All that said, I am more in favor of DeSantis for 2024. Love Trump, but the baggage is too much for a-holes like “CG” to get over. There is also the fact that he would be a lame-duck on his first day in office, which would be a negative.

    82. jason says:

      As for McSally, I NEVER trashed her. I did say that she had the charisma of a wet, molding sock,”


    83. jason says:

      Love Trump, but the baggage is too much for a-holes like “CG” to get over.”


      Do you really think the Biden Troll would vote for a Republican?

      He voted for the King of Baggage, Joe Biden.

    84. Wes says:

      I like DeSantis too, Mikey. He’s one of those “knuckle draggers” Chicon likes to project his own contempt for onto me, but DeSantis is arguably the best Governor in the country right now.

      He would make a fine President in my view.

    85. NYCmike says:

      “That’s a fair enough point, Mikey, but it holds no basis beyond speculation without actual data backing it up.”

      -For this reason, full support should be given to anyone looking to investigate the election.

      I had no issue with Dems wasting time going after Bush in 2001 and 2005, and after Trump in 2017. That is why there are laws about having to secure the votes for a certain amount of time after the election.

    86. jason says:

      WIDESPREAD, NATIONWIDE election fraud. That did not happen.”

      Not so sure, I think there was fraud wherever there was VBM in greater or smaller scale depending on the location.

      But it did happen where it made a difference, which was in NV, WI, PA, GA and AZ. Probably in NH and MI too, but perhaps not enough to swing the result.

    87. NYCmike says:

      DeSantis reminds me of Rudy. All in.

    88. jason says:

      To Ted Cruz’s credit, he made the same point I did about where Kamala has not been.

      “And so instead, she laughs it off and says ‘well, I haven’t been to Europe.’ Well, okay, you haven’t been to Europe, you haven’t been to Australia. But we don’t have an Australian border crisis, we don’t have a border crisis in Europe. We have a border crisis on the southern border, come to Texas, come to the Rio Grande Valley, come to McAllen, come see the cages that the Biden-Harris administration has built. And then even more importantly, stand up and be willing to enforce our laws to fix it, because that’s not what they’re doing right now.”

    89. NYCmike says:

      “Not so sure, I think there was fraud wherever there was VBM in greater or smaller scale depending on the location.”

      -Possible, but I also think that was a diversionary tactic, so that the media could paint Trump as raging against windmills, while the local areas colluded with Zuckerberg buck$ and the entrenched Democratic election officials under the radar.

    90. jason says:

      I am glad wes and NYC are going to vote for DeSantis.

      I think the country needs people who think their vote counts and can make a difference.

    91. Wes says:

      I guess 2020 Dems must have built a time machine and gone back to 2016 NV to cost Trump the election there. Republicans ran the state that, but Trump still lost the state even though Sisolak hadn’t pushed through the Dems’ voting laws wet dream at that time.

      Those damn time-traveling Dems, costing Trump an election in a state three years before they controlled it.

    92. NYCmike says:

      #92 – Not surprised you are giving up.

      In all our fights, going back to when you and MD needed each other to back the other up, I always felt as if I was playing with children.

    93. Wes says:

      Jason gave up a long time ago, Mikey. Why he’s still here I don’t know. He adds nothing to the discussion besides advocating turning the world into a real-life game of Risk–which really isn’t anything at all. He ended his voter registration and thinks Dems will be the party in power forever.

      He should honestly go the CDM route and spend his days fishing rather than inanely pontificating on a subject he claims no longer interests him.

    94. michael corleone says:

      Wes – you can’t ignore common sense and the elephant in the room — that VBM is inherently unreliable for the reasons I stated, that Biden won the substantial majority of VBM votes, and that Biden’s margins were less than 1% in three critical states that made him Pres and just say, yeah it was completely legit.

    95. Wes says:

      Honestly I’m tired of debating this, MC. You have an anecdotal, unsubstantiated claim that Biden won through VBM fraud.

      I agree VBM opens the process up to potential fraud, but just saying Biden didn’t really won because of it is a completely vapid an unjustified argument.

      As I said, if I see actual proof, then I’ll admit Biden didn’t really win.

      Your argument doesn’t meet that criterion.

    96. Phil says:

      I go back to carrying 19 of 20 swing districts with the absolute absolute predictive histories of going with the winner.

      I refuse to gloss over or poo poo that. Someone would have to explain to me how that is statistically possible.

    97. Wes says:

      The same way it statistically possible for Dewey and Nixon to lose while carrying Ohio and for Stevenson to lose while carrying Missouri, Phil.

      Hell, here in NC, we had a bellwether in New Hanover County which had voted for every statewide winner for Governor, Senator, and President since 1972. Biden and Cunningham both carried it last year but lost statewide.

      Bellwethers are bellwethers until they’re not.

    98. Gordon Allen says:

      VBM is OBVIOUSLY susceptible to fraud IF you don’t do it like Florida does. Basically 6 million out of 11 million votes here were vbm,including yours truly and Mrs yours truly.
      BUT Florida requires 1 a written request,SIGNATURE verified from a Florida registered voter,and the ballot also is SIGNATURE verified again,and must be received by 8pm of election day time stamped.Military ballots are allowed some leeway time wise.
      The fact these reasonable requirements were CONSPICUOUSLY omitted by non legislative bodies in swing states carried by Biden,and would be in HR1,tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. EVERYTHING.
      Anything with an IQ above an amoeba sure see this- if they were being honest.

    99. Phil says:

      19 out of 20?

      44 out of top 50?

      They all suddenly became non bellwethers all at once? All of them?

      …and then there is the disgrace that was Fulton County.

      I like Florida, Ohio, and Iowa. All had votes counted within four to five hours on election night. None of this count the votes for three days after the election where the hacks in Philly and Atlanta get the number and then just keep counting until they get the votes they need to exceed it. It stinks. They couldn’t pull that in Ohio or Florida and guess what – Trump actually expanded his margins in those states over 2016.

    100. jan says:

      Canada does paper ballots, France got rid of VBM in the ‘70s because of fraud concerns. Even Jeff Bazos lobbied to have walk-in voting to avoid fraud, vs mailing in ballots, when workers were voting to unionize or not in Alabama. Fraud has long been associated with ballots mailed in, lost & found in trunks of cars (chain of custody issues), and with voting machine manipulation.

      Coleman vs Franken was decided by loose ballots suddenly discovered after the fact. The dem won.

      The governorship in Washington state, Gregorio vs Rossi also had election irregularities in which the dem won. I think you could put the Nixon/Kennedy contest in the category as being won by questionable means, via the Cook County Daley political machine. Even LBJ’s run for Senate is said to have been helped by the Parr political machine, where a box of uncounted votes was found, erasing the lead of his opponent.

      When you look at all the past Democrat party practices of winning elections by any means, one would be naive to not recognize the signs and symptoms of fraud that were all over the place in the 2020 election. There is a ton of “evidence” if one truly looks at witness allegations, the inordinate amount of money donated by tech giants only in swing states, the swing state counting pause, the lack of signature verification, chain of custody lapses, etc. And, like Phil, bellwether states/counties have provided legitimate baselines for how an election is trending, and should not be shrugged off like some have done.

    101. jan says:

      Just to add to the above post….

      When there is a ballot dump of some 600,000 ballots, in early morning hours, and all but around 3200 votes were for Biden, how is this possible? I think even the biggest naysayer would have trouble rationalizing the odds that this was a legitimate drop.

    102. lisab says:

      That is why there are laws about having to secure the votes for a certain amount of time after the election.

      the votes were not secured in 2020

      in 2000 the ballots were secured for years in florida.

      in 2020, they did not.

    103. NYCmike says:


      Are you speaking about a specific state?

      I was under the impression that federal law states that the votes must be kept secure.

      Am I wrong?

    104. NYCmike says:

      “When there is a ballot dump of some 600,000 ballots, in early morning hours, and all but around 3200 votes were for Biden, how is this possible? I think even the biggest naysayer would have trouble rationalizing the odds that this was a legitimate drop.”


      Watching and listening to the talking heads that night, I was in awe at the audacity of what I was seeing!

      First the “Time Out” called in several states, then the announcement “We will stop for the night and start again in the morning” followed by the massive dumps an hour later which “magically” put Biden on top in every contested state.

    105. Phil says:

      My favorite was the 2018 election in Broward County Florida. I remember it well. Votes all in across the state in the morning hours. Supposedly, 99% in for Broward County. – and yet here comes Broward dump after dump of votes over the next 24 hours reducing Scott’s statewide lead over Nelson from 35K to 25K to 20K to 15K to !0K…and then, thank the Lord, the Republican governor and SOS stepped in and put a stop to it. There would have been no stopping it had the state had 2020 Arizona or Pa. Soros backed SOS running the show in Florida.

      A little sidelight – DeSantis got rid of the corrupt long time Broward supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes upon audit of the 2018 results.

      Do I think that it’s a coincidence that Trump ran 6 points closer post Snipes as opposed to his Broward results in 2016 with Snipes in charge? I sure don’t.

    106. Phil says:



    107. Wes says:

      Actually, Phil, Trump gained ground on his showing in 2016 in only five states: AR, FL, HI, IL, and NV.

      He lost ground everywhere else.

      While Trump gained 12 million votes from 2016, Biden gained 17 million over Hillary’s showing. Since Biden gained ground in 45 states, it would be fallacious to argue those 17 million votes didn’t bleed over into other states since Biden gained in 90% of the states.

      Everything I saw from 2018 on told me Trump was going to lose. We had objective evidence of his unpopularity in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 cycles, not just polls. Trump himself spent much of the cycle attacking Biden’s mental acuity. That was always a dubious campaign strategy that blew up in Trump’s face when Biden was lucid in the first debate. We saw record Dem turnout in urban and suburban areas where Trump had proved weak in 2016.

      With all that, I’m supposed to blindly accept the idea that the election was stolen. Was it rigged in Biden’s favor via voting laws? No argument there. Did Dems pull out all the stops including having the media black out stories damaging to Biden? Absolutely. Were Dems deadset on beating Trump by any means necessary? No question about it.

      However, you’re expecting me to believe Trump actually beat Biden despite the erstwhile President’s perennial unpopularity as objectively proved by three straight cycles of election results and running behind Biden by 3 1/2 times how much he’d run behind Hillary with Biden gaining ground in literally 90% of the states in the Union.

      I’m sorry, but no. I don’t begrudge you your right to believe otherwise, but I’m not joining the HHR echo chamber on this.

      I’m fine with being a pariah because of that. This isn’t a clear-cut case of fraud like Lyndon Johnson’s 1948 primary where Johnson’s allies outright said they robbed Coke Stevenson. It’s a situation where a President never learned from his mistakes, put himself in a poor position for reelection, and ultimately fell to his opponent.

    108. jan says:

      I’ve heard ballots must be kept for 22 months following an election. I don’t know if this is what Lisa meant by “secured.”


      Something like 5-6 swing states all stopped counting in the early morning hours. This was an historical “first” to have ever happened. When they stopped Trump was ahead (in some cases by good margins) and it was assumed he would win. When the count restarted Trump was behind, never to regain the lead again.

    109. Wes says:

      Regarding Florida, Brenda Snipes clearly tried to steal the 2018 elections. She wasn’t even trying to hide it. Thankfully Rick Scott put a stop to her shenanigans before she could rob him and DeSantis of victory.

    110. Phil says:

      Trump wasn’t going to lose before Covid destroyed the economy, Wes. Even when you add in the shenanigans in Arizona, Atlanta, Milwaukee you are talking 40K votes (even if you assume those states were completely on the level – cough cough). And please don’t get me started on the contrived Hunter Biden media blackout the last ten days before the election. Democrats needed everything, change in election law, Covid and even with all that we are talking 40,000 votes. Totally disagree that Trump was doomed.

    111. Phil says:

      I would also like to point out that the popular vote in presidential elections now and going forward doesn’t mean a thing. No Republican will win that going forward or would have won it after 2004. Two states – California and NY make it impossible.

    112. Wes says:

      Phil, I posted an article back in 2019 detailing how Trump’s own polling showed him in a weak position for reelection. That was before Covid hit. He was always in danger for reelection. Winning by the slimmest of margins in several states that gave him a victory clearly showed he was vulnerable.

      After the 2018 elections when he gave his smarmy press conference that proved he hadn’t learned anything from the results, I said Trump would lose. He followed that up with the unforced error of shutting the government down in December 2018. He never did anything to reverse public perception of him in 2019 and 2020. You can argue polling was skewed if you like, but even his friendliest pollsters rarely showed him with positive numbers.

      When Biden won the Dem nomination, that was it for Trump. Dems had their best candidate against him, and Trump ran a campaign attacking Biden’s cognitive ability. That was a dubious strategy for a couple of reasons:

      1) It probably hurt him with his senior supporters.

      2) It required Biden to be out of it during the debate. When Biden was cogent while Trump was combative and wouldn’t let Biden speak, there went any possible efficacy that strategy had.

      We had a combination of a President known for unforced errors, a challenger whose electoral history had been a product of garnering support among the people Trump relied on to win, and a poor campaign strategy by Trump.

      I’m sorry, but all I take from that is that Trump lost.

    113. Phil says:

      ….and yet, we are talking 40K votes all with Covid, unprecedented changes in the election process all benefitting Democrats, and massive media manipulation down the stretch. Sure, he did some dumb things but with all those and the above things I listed – to lose by close margins in three states – four if you count Pa – don’t indicate an inevitable loss. Hell, Covid and the destruction of the economy alone is worth that.

      Anyway, it’s done. One thing you need to to not poo poo – that’s the voting changes in the swing states. Democrats will use those to steal from DeSantis in 2024. It doesn’t end with Trump. You need to take fraud seriously going forward.

    114. jan says:

      You may be right about CA, Phil. However, I was surprised how openly supportive people here were for Trump. They had campaign functions, parades etc. where normally there were crickets for any R candidate. And, the main reason a few CDs were turned back to the R’s was because R’s adopted ballot harvesting, big time. There were even gun shops who set up collection boxes for ballots, which were ruled legit when Dems complained about this.

      We now have a recall going on for Gov. Newsom. So far his numbers are holding, but we have a summer ahead of us vulnerable to fires and blackouts. Plus, Newsom is holding on to his emergency powers, despite saying he was going to open up and release his authoritarian grip on the state – this is not going over well with people. Here we also have a growing Hispanic demographic, which is ironically voting more conservatively. Pundits are speculating how this voting block might actually be a force voting the Gov out of office. Eventually, little by little, the axis of power just might start trending away from the left side of political spectrum……

    115. jan says:

      I think when someone predicts an event, and that prediction is realized, there is a tendency to shut the door on any possibility that only untoward practices were behind that prediction coming true.

    116. jason says:

      Whether Trump ran a good or bad campaign, whether he squandered political capital, whether he was damaged by COVID, etc. are all debatable points.

      What is not debatable is that whatever you decide on the above topics, it has nothing to do with election fraud and the fact the election was stolen.

      If the argument is that Trump damaged himself and thus put himself in a position where minimum amounts of fraud could cost him NV, PA, GA, AZ and MI, ok. I might not agree but it is certainly possible.

      But whether Trump “deserved to lose”, “made mistakes that caused him to lose”, etc. has nothing to do with the fact the potential for fraud in these states with millions of VBM ballots, different standards for voting by mail and voting by person, ballot harvesting, illegals voting, out of state people voting, unsupervised counts in heavily Dem areas, illegals voting, etc.

      If you choose to believe that all this didn’t cost Trump at least a total of 42k votes in the 3 closest states ok, fine.

      I think the 75% of Rs that know the election was stolen understand what happened.

      And that if we “move on”, it will happen again.

    117. jan says:

      In the meantime Georgia, Alaska, and Colorado are visiting the AZ audit site. More states are on the way this week.

    118. Phil says:

      And if we “move on”, it will happen again.

      That is the relevant point. It is the only point that matters.

    119. jan says:

      #120. Jason, on this I agree with you 100%.

    120. Wes says:

      Of course in his sophomoric attempt to overlook reality, Jason overlooks the fact that Biden gained 1.4 voters from Hillary’s 2016 total in 2020 for every 1 voter Trump gained and made positive gains against Trump in 45 of 50 states.

      What are the odds that a candidate gains almost 1.5 times as many voters as his opponent, improves on his predecessor’s showing in every region of the country and 90% of states, and still loses?

      I’m going to say practically if not absolutely nil.

    121. lisab says:


      yes, the ballots are supposed to be secured, and under observation at all times by observers, when not actually locked up.

      i’ve been an observer. you stand there and watch the voting machines, and then you watch as they handle the ballots, and the entire process is watched … and this was in massachusetts where the dems were obviously going to win …

      they took it very seriously actually … surprisingly so. there was no way anyone could say someone added 10,000 ballots at night, because literally people stood there and watched.

      not only were observers excluded during the counting in some places, but in others they did not keep the envelopes with the ballots for signature matching.

      basically, AND I AM NOT SAYING IT HAPPENED, but in that video where you see the poll workers pull out boxes from under the table

      they COULD HAVE BEEN made up votes. there is no way to tell.

      20+ years ago if you tried that in massachusetts, you would have been arrested. one ballots were being counted their were LOTS of people from all parties around.

    122. lisab says:

      to be clear,

      i am NOT saying the election was stolen

      i am saying it clearly appears like it could have been stolen

      and if it happened in russia, people would be saying it was stolen

    123. lisab says:

      in any close election, even with the strictest security, people will say it was stolen,

      which is why one of the key principles of locke is that elections have to be 100% above board and visibly so

      you cannot have a democracy if it looks rigged

    124. Phil says:

      I believe the part you need to worry about, Wes, concerns 2024.

      Ignoring the shenanigans that occurred in 2020 (I’m looking at you Fulton County) sets up stealing the whole ball of wax in 2024. Let’s not gloss over that. It’s what Democrats would love to see.

      Will they try to steal it? Is the pope Catholic? Of course they will do whatever they can get away with. Brenda Snipes is not the exception.

    125. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Those controlling the Republican Party are a mix of nutty conspiracy theory and creepy billionaire mischief — the economic welfare of Americans is not either’s priority.”

      Actually it sounds like the leadership of the Democratic Party.

    126. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      126. Totally agree with lisab. I ran an election precinct in California for over a decade. Had close friends who worked at the place the ballots were counted. At all locations, GOP observers were allowed. There was an attempt to have election workers from both parties working at each election precincts. The Republicans were able to win congressional seats because they are able to closely monitor the system.

      Like lisab, I was appalled what I watched happening in some states in 2020.

    127. Phil says:

      SDC, the problem is that there is actually a cadre of Republicans who simply shrug their shoulders and are not appalled….as if it wasn’t the least consequential. Somehow they think it will just happen this once, and since it happened to Trump so what.

      These fools actually think it won’t happen again in 2024. Like I said, they are fools.

    128. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      132. Agree Phil, and believe the Republicans need to be proactive, demanding to know what the election procedure safeguards will be prior to the election, and filing lawsuits if necessary.

      Also, even though they may not like it, where vote by mail is allowed Republican campaigns should be encouraging Republicans to do so. I am tired of hearing people say they were going to vote, but something came up on election day.

    129. lisab says:

      I ran an election precinct in California for over a decade.

      believe it or not, it is NOT considered normal to kick observers out of the counting room …

      again, not because something definitely happened

      but because it LOOKS like something happened

    130. jason says:

      What are the odds that a candidate gains almost 1.5 times as many voters as his opponent, improves on his predecessor’s showing in every region of the country and 90% of states, and still loses?”

      What does this have to do with election fraud in AZ, GA, WI, PA, NV and MI?

      If you had told me Biden would win the popular vote by 7 million votes I would have said the odds of Trump winning were less than 1%.

      Yet just a 21k vote swing in 3 states would have made that possible.

      So it is not a question of odds, the question is whether there were enough illegal or stolen votes due to millions of VBM ballots, different standards for voting by mail and voting by person, ballot harvesting, illegals voting, out of state people voting, unsupervised counts in heavily Dem areas, illegals voting, etc. to wipe out these razor thin margins in states that would have made the difference.

      I am only 99% sure that without illegal votes and with an honest count Trump would have won PA, NV, GA, WI and AZ, giving him an easy EC win.

    131. Wes says:

      I don’t doubt Dems have stolen and will steal elections, Phil.

      I just look at the preponderance of evidence, which tells me Dems organized better than Republicans and exploited GOTV efforts better than Trump did.

      Unpopular Presidents don’t win reelection. It’s as simple as that going back to John Quincy Adams. I voted for Trump. I just don’t think he actually won the race.

      When Biden picked up five million more votes than Trump did and gained on him in almost every state, it’s hard to argue to me Trump actually won.

      Besides that, what do you think would have happened had Trump managed to overturn the election in the courts?

      Democrats would have been saying everything you’re saying now–as they did after the 2016 elections–and would have done a lot more than just bitching about it on a blog lest you forget last summer.

      It all comes down to whose ox is being fired. Because Trump lost, his supporters are saying he was robbed. Had Biden lost, his supporters would have said the same thing.

      That, I think, is the key thing here. Regardless of the winner, the other side was going to claim fraud. Trump just happened to lose this one.

      Forgive me for looking at the race and coming to a different conclusion from yours.

      In any event, I’m sick of discussing that election. I’m no longer going to debate it on here regardless of how Jason or Tgca tries to draw me into an argument about it.

      I’ve said my peace, and I have no further interest in the topic.

    132. jason says:

      And if we “move on”, it will happen again.

      That is the relevant point. It is the only point that matters.”


      And it will happen again, bet on it.

      Until you can ensure that the mail in ballot was actually cast by a legitimately registered voter, and there is rigid control of the number of ballot s issued and to whom and returned and from whom (and right now there is no way to ensure that), fraud will be rampant.

      Eventually maybe there could be facial recognition technology or fingerprint recognition or something like that, but until then a mail in ballot could be cast by Lupita the llama for all we know.

      Which is not a problem, Lupita does not like donkeys.

    133. Wes says:

      Right on cue, Jason shows up with another vapid argument just as I exit the conversation.

      I’ll leave now and let him post his standard nonsense.

    134. jason says:

      Poor wes. He wasted so many posts and has not convince ONE person here the election was not stolen.

      But I am glad he is giving up.

    135. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes and Jason really need to step up their game. Substantive arguments are Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. No mention of strippers or llamas.

    136. jan says:

      It’s good to see some healthy skepticism about the legitimacy of the 2020 election here. People also tried to blow off the virus as a by-product of nature. Anyone who even broached the idea it was manipulated and then leaked from the Wuhan lab was considered a conspiracy theorist. Now, with Fauci’s additional emails and greater detail about the virus people are having second thoughts.

    137. jason says:

      No mention of strippers or llamas.”


      “then a mail in ballot could be cast by Lupita the llama for all we know.

      Which is not a problem, Lupita does not like donkeys”


    138. Wes says:

      Because of New York’s bizarre and unique fusion candidacy law, Lee Zeldin will be both the GOP and the Conservative Party gubernatorial nominee against the Godfather next year.

      Every vote counts. I hope Zeldin can oust the Godfather and begin rebuilding the nearly moribund NYGOP.

    139. jason says:

      wes was pessimistic about Trump’s chances and predicted he would lose.

      Having to even entertain the possibility even a small amount of fraud in those 3 states could have changed the outcome would spoil his narrative.

      I understand his dilemma. But the fact is, this is not just about Trump.

      I think there are millions of people like me who feel their vote didn’t count and will no longer vote, or not longer contribute, or no longer be involved in elections or a combination thereof.

      The Dems should be happy about any Rs or conservatives who want to “move on”. Pretty much gives them carte blanche to keep stealing.

    140. jason says:

      At Predictit, Cuomo is only a 42-36 favorite to be the nominee.

    141. michael corleone says:

      Just for color, one of the reasons I think this was a BS election is as follows:

      – I received a ballot at my parents house in a state in which I was not eligible to vote (NJ). I voted in a different state. Someone could have voted that ballot and nothing would have prevented it from getting counted. I know this because I asked the county clerk how they would prevent ineligible ballots from being counted. They told me they can’t (beyond comparing sigs).

      — I coach girls softball. My assistant coach and his wife received, collectively, 7 ballots by mail (they went to their current and prior addresses). Last time I checked, he and is wife are two voters.

      — I am on a text chat with two friends from college. Each of them received multiple ballots (some in different jurisdictions and others in the same jurisdiction).

      — My cousin received a ballot in her maiden and married name. Same for my other cousin (all NJ).

      No one seems to care about this, yet it should be a national scandal. In my small anecdotal experience, I observed all these discrepancies. You think that observation was limited to me?

      Now, I don’t think DJT won NJ, but NJ did universal mailings, as did NV, a swing state. In addition, the VBM laws in GA, TX, WI, and PA were all abused and safeguards ignored. And AZ is always an embarrassment – it has 10 people and takes 2 weeks to count votes.

      This election was a global disgrace. We have no business dictating to other countries how to conduct elections — no fledgling democracy can safely follow our example.

      I refuse to “move on” until no-excuse VBM is abolished.

    142. Wes says:

      Considering how hard Ken Cuccinelli worked to help Terry McAuliffe win the VA governorship in 2013, Cuccinelli must happy to know Democrats have nominated TMac for the job again.

    143. Bitterlaw says:

      How did I not know MC coaches softball? This changes everything.

      MC – What age/grade? Is it a school team? Local league or travel team?

    144. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      California requires signature verification of mail-in ballots. Have a friend who does it. It’s tedious — the voter’s original signature is on a computer.

      “Out of 86,401 California ballots rejected in the 2020 general election, 49,816 were not accepted because of nonmatching signatures and 14,666 were rejected because they did not have a signature, according to data from the California Secretary of State.”

    145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      148. You know Bitter, Coronado is wonderful this month. Nice cool sea breeze. I miss the weather in San Diego, and have only been gone a few days.

    146. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – I am glad you like where you live. Unfortunately, San Diego does not have this-

    147. jason says:

      I refuse to “move on” until no-excuse VBM is abolished.”

      I refuse to vote until it is.

      But it won’t be.

    148. jason says:

      Also, “signature verification” is complete BS and is no guarantee of fair elections.

      Are there representatives of both parties checking the signatures, or does some election official get to decide if the signatures match.

      Let’s say you only check those from R areas, you don’t reject any from D areas. How easy would it be in Fulton County GA or Philadelphia County PA to “not check” tens of thousands of ballots.

    149. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is how signature verification is done in Los Angeles County.

    150. Wes says:

      Ciatarelli will be the GOP gubernatorial nominee in the Sewer State. He’s a competent candidate and is probably going to lose by 9-10%. Too bad. He’d be a lock to win if only he were a corrupt child slave rapist.

    151. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      151. Bitter I travel to Utah & Idaho for snow. Although pretty; like it in small doses. Also likee going to the beach and sailing in December.

    152. Bitterlaw says:

      Watch the ad to the end. Is it good for a candidate appear to sink into the ground?

    153. jason says:

      Here is how signature verification is done in Los Angeles County”

      Looks like a ballot factory.

      How anyone could think this is an acceptable way to vote and process ballots is beyond me.

    154. Bitterlaw says:

      Why travel for snow when I can have it come to me?

      I love the beach in December – especially when it is sunny and 30 degrees with a strong breeze. I would not want to live with only 2 seasons.

    155. jason says:

      Watch the ad to the end.”

      You have to admire Bitter’s iron clad stomach.

    156. Bitterlaw says:

      28 seconds. Dig deep, A-hole.

    157. Tgca says:

      Wes don’t know chit!

      Keep to eating Krispy Kreme donuts and giving men massages.

      We have explained over and over with examples but he just won’t listen to reason.

      We provided evidence where in other states elections have been voided for less evidence.

      We proved that of the 80+ cases filed in court NOT ONE was decided on merit of the fraud or evidence. They were ALL decided on standing or timing.

      No complete record of evidence has yet been provided to a court or legislative body yet as the evidence is still being reviewed.

      Statistical evidence suggests fraud just as similar statistical evidence is used to identify DNA or fingerprinting evidence.

      Let the process continue but keep an open mind for Christ sakes!

    158. Wes says:

      Emilia Clarke of the grossly overrated Game of Thrones series has written a comic about a superheroine whose powers come from–drumroll, please–her period:

      Now let me parse this a bit. The heroine has no powers unless she’s on her period:

      1) She had no powers till her menarche. That’s actually fair enough as most superheroes get their powers upon puberty with the powers serving as a metaphor for the changes that occur at that time. That I could live with except for the next point.

      2) It makes her an unreliable and ultimately easily defeated heroine since her powers are available only for a few days each month.

      3) Clarke says she didn’t write the comic for men. Who wants to bet the publisher will try to blame men–specifically white men–once it sells poorly?

      4) Clarke also claims to have written it because comics weren’t available in her youth. She was born in 1986. Off the top of my head, both Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns–two of the most highly acclaimed comics in history–appeared during the year of her birth, making the claim suspect since those comics kicked off an industry boom that has lasted with fits and starts since.

      Yet another example of how wokeism is destroying American popular culture. This is coming from a woman who portrayed one of the best-realized and -developed female characters in recent cinema history who didn’t need feminist gimmicks to become popular (though, to be fair, the producers shortchanged her character with her WWF-style rapid, underdeveloped switch to the Dark Side).

      This is the kind of thing that makes me glad I read and watch mostly vintage works.

    159. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      153. “Are there representatives of both parties checking the signatures, or does some election official get to decide if the signatures match.”

      Increasingly computers do the verfication of signatures. The outside of an envelope does not indicate political party; and all the ballots from throughout the city are counted at one location. The registrar of voters is swarming with election watchers from both parties. Am not aware of any challenges to the election process by either party in San Diego, nor in the rest of California. The Republicans picked up three congressional seats in California in the last few years in elections that were totally by mail-in ballot.

      In San Diego County, 75% of the vote was already by mail-in ballot, prior to the pandemic. It is likely to go up. Likewise, see mail-in balloting increasingly

    160. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      -164-2. Likewise, Utah is now using an all mail voting system. It has proven highly popular, and the state still votes heavily Republican. In fact in 2020, the only Democratic congress member from Utah was defeated in an all-mail ballot.

    161. jason says:

      t is likely to go up. Likewise, see mail-in balloting increasingly”

      We agree on that because Dems play to win and Rs are gutless.

      That is why I want no part of it.

    162. jason says:

      ” In fact in 2020, the only Democratic congress member from Utah was defeated in an all-mail ballot.”


      Now we are comparing Utah with Philadelphia and Milwaukee and Fulton counties?

    163. jason says:

      I can believe San Diego Co is less likely to have the massive fraud you see in other places because there are still plenty of Rs there.

      But that system shown in the video is just an invitation to fraud if in the wrong hands.

      VBM is here to stay. It will just usher socialism faster than if it wasn’t.

    164. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Now we are comparing Utah with Philadelphia and Milwaukee and Fulton counties?”

      Give the past history of election fraud at these locations, I would assume a change to having ballots counted at one location by computer, with election observers from both parties present who are monitoring and even filming the process, would be an improvement.

    165. jason says:

      Opposing no-excuse VBM should be a matter of survival for Rs.

      I understand the argument that where Rs are running things, like in Utah, they could run a fraud free VBM system.

      However, in the areas most likely to have massive fraud, Dems are in complete control of the process.

    166. jason says:

      I would assume a change to having ballots counted at one location by computer, with election observers from both parties present who are monitoring and even filming the process, would be an improvement.”

      Will never happen. In 2020, many of these places didn’t even allow R observers.

    167. jason says:

      At MSNBC…

      “Arresting low-level operatives is merely a speed bump not a road block,” @FrankFigliuzzi1 says.

      “In order to really tackle terrorism … you’ve got to attack and dismantle the command and control element.”

      “That may mean people sitting in Congress right now.”

    168. Bitterlaw says:

      I have never slept well. Maybe I won’t be posting when Dave shuts this freak show down.

    169. michael corleone says:

      Jason – I don’t event trust VBM in Utah. One important aspect of election integrity is timely tabulation. It’s neither fair to the candidates nor to the voters to wait two weeks to call a winner because some lazy SOBs could not get off their butts to vote. Utah is a disgrace – took almost three weeks to call UT-04.

      VBM unnecessarily complicates elections.

      Bitter – I coached my daughter who is now 9. Did fall ball and spring ball, 6U and 8U. Fall is a traveling squad. Did real well in one of our tourneys. Unfortunately, we hit a rut with COVID and my daughter now prefers soccer.

    170. Bitterlaw says:

      Soccer? Noooooooooooooo

      In my town, lacrosse steals the best softball players. However, girls varsity team is playing for the state title on Saturday so maybe they were right to choose lax.

      If you can keep your daughter interested, 5th-7th grade is when the games get really good and the pitching is much better.

    171. jason says:

      Hey, I agree.

      VBM is an open invitation for fraud and the Dems will continue to use it that way.

      But SDC thinks it is going to keep increasing and I think he is right.

      So look forward to more fraud.

    172. jason says:

      Maybe I won’t be posting when Dave shuts this freak show down.”

      Bitter let’s buy the blog if Dave decides to sell it.

      We can rename it the Ayewhole Report.

    173. michael corleone says:


      “VBM is an open invitation for fraud and the Dems will continue to use it that way.

      But SDC thinks it is going to keep increasing and I think he is right.

      So look forward to more fraud.”

      I agree as well unless the morons in the GOP wake up – never forget that it was the GOP legislature in PA that gave us that VBM train-wreck, and they did it pre-Covid!!! (BTW – WTF was the Trump campaign doing when the PA GOP was signing his death warrant?)

      Anyway – here is the question. Was January 6th a rational response to our irrational voting system? I am not asking for an endorsement of the behavior, all I am asking is whether one could predict humans would react the way they did to the system that was utilized for the election.

      And if you answer yes, where does MORE junk mail voting lead us?

      There are three ways to transfer power in this world – heredity, free and fair elections, or force. What happens if a sizeable % of the population loses faith in our elections process?

    174. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Your doomed Jason. Utah election officials have been advising the Pennsylvania legislature on mail-in voting

      “Pennsylvania has continued to review its process, taking in feedback from its residents and from other states that laud the vote-by-mail system. Monday’s Pennsylvania senate hearing sought the input of “best practices of election integrity and security from other states.”

      That’s why two election officials from Utah were invited to join the hearing Monday through video teleconference.”

    175. michael corleone says:

      Thanks Bitter. I am going to try again next fall to coach her team. I must say, we really had a great tournament in the fall of 2019 (8 year olds). Pretty intense here – girls were playing double headers every weekend. It got very competitive.

    176. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      176. Bitter, if you do run for office, be sure to emphasize your role as a coach in girl’s sports. It provides a nice prospective about you as a person.

    177. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      2022 #AKSen Primary:

      Kelly Tshibaka (R) 39%
      Al Gross (D) 25%
      Lisa Murkowski (R-Inc) 19%
      John Howe (AIP) 4%

      (D)~1,023 LV ~ 5/22-5/25

    178. Wes says:

      SDC, AK no longer has partisan primaries, so this poll is largely pointless.

    179. jason says:

      Your doomed Jason”

      I know.

      A PA Senate “hearing on election integrity” is not going to change anything here.

    180. jason says:

      I hope Tshibaka is not another Joe Miller, a candidate so stupid only his mother and NYC could love.

    181. Tgca says:

      Very funny song about the left but so true and the video is awesome.

      Can this win an MTV award?

    182. jason says:

      That was good.

    183. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – I have softball at 6:00. If you could keep the thunderstorms over York County until 8:00, it would be greatly appreciated.

    184. Bitterlaw says:

      Bitter let’s buy the blog if Dave decides to sell it.

      We can rename it the Ayewhole Report.

      Great idea. Although he is an anti-Semitic America-hating bastard, we have to keep Bunu. Who else can give us the updates on gold and Bitcoin?

    185. jason says:

      Dammit, Chewbacca is already trying to sue Tshibaka.

    186. jason says:

      Most of our time will be spent telling NYC to GFH when he wants more threads or when he whines about the polls we select.

    187. Tgca says:

      Global study of 19K show 20% of folks are NOT straight with about 4% being trannies or non-binary.

      The world is turning GAY people like it or not!!!

      The BREEDERS time is ovah! You all f*cked up the world so let gays take over now and redecorate for a better future.

      It’s time to usher in a new era. *SNAP*

      Maybe Justin Trudeau was correct when he said one month is not enough for gay pride.

      Straight people need to just STFU and be quiet and listen NOW as their kind fades away.

    188. Tgca says:


      5 regular poster at HHR.

      One of these are statistically gay now that we have proof 20% of the world is gay (see 193).

      Is it the swine-slaughtering tramp?

      Is it the metrosexual?

      Is it redneck from Texas?

      Is it the southerner with the irritating accent who loves giving men massages?

      Is it Schumer’s favorite NY Republican?


    189. Bitterlaw says:

      The Naked Bike Ride is back. But you still need a mask.

    190. jason says:

      Us five regular posters at HHr want to thank Tgca for defining us as “young adults”

      Wins ass kisser post of the day.

    191. Tgca says:

      To the chagrin of some, Rand Paul appears to be right again and Dr. Fow-Chee wrong again.

      New study says vaccine immunity from Covid no better than natural immunity from Covid survivors. We often see this in other diseases as well where vaccines can fade over time.

      It’s complicated folks but trust the REAL science folks and not the bureaucrats like Dr. Fow-chees and W.H.O leaders caught misleading and duping folks.

    192. Tgca says:

      CNN’ Camerota looked liked a fool when she condescendingly questioned a guest on refusing the vaccine and not knowing how long natural immunity from a prior infection Covid would last when the guest threw it back in her face and said “ no one knows how long Covid vaccine immunity lasts either” which is true.

      Also, no study has shown that a Covid vaccine immunity is superior to a natural Covid immunity.

      But get in line and just do what the Grand Wizard tells you all folks because it came from a gubbermint bureaucrat and they all “follow the science.”

    193. Tgca says:


      Jadon’s wee lil brain just can’t make the leap and see the irony in my post.

      My point is valid since the study covers 18 to 74 year olds.

      I doubt very much that younger folks are genetically more predisposed to be gay then older generations.

      Older people more likely to hide it due to years of programming they need to act like BREEDERS!

      That’s my point! Which one of you is lying and is really a closeted Nellie Queen?

      I have my suspicions who is I thay.

    194. Tgca says:

      Tooooooo Hundwid folks!

      Tooooooo Hundwid I thay!

    195. Bitterlaw says:

      Wins ass kisser post of the day.

      Tgca to call out this anti-gay slur in 3…2…1…

    196. Tgca says:


      Homophobic remarks from closeted Nellie Queens expected.

      Your secrets are out now! We all know the truth now!

      HHR is infested with gays, trannies, and non-binaries.

    197. Tgca says:


      Where are you?

      We need your Expertise today on all things gay.

      HHR posters having difficulty coming to terms with their being gay, tranny, and binary.

    198. jason says:

      Cornyn on senate floor tearing HR1 a new a-hole.

    199. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      184. Under the Alaska primary system, the top four, regardless of party, go into the general election. The significance is the present senator is running a poor third. Murkowski is likely not going to be re-elected.

    200. NYCmike says:

      #205 – Would the Democratic candidates bow out and tell their supporters to vote Murk?

      Or would Murk throw her support to the Democratic candidate in return for a job with the Biden administration?

    201. NYCmike says:

      “CNN’ Camerota looked liked a fool”

      -She IS a fool.

    202. NYCmike says:

      -Hope this will bear fruit.

      There is a note about John James……hope he tries for Senate again.

    203. jason says:

      We won’t know who the biggest deadender in the AK race is until NYC’s endorsement.

    204. jason says:

      James should pick his next race carefully so he doesn’t go down as perennial loser.

      Of course, nobody knows if he actually did lose in 2020.

    205. Phil says:


      It would be nice, but, of course, polling doesn’t pick up the election fraud since those aren’t real people to poll.

      Whitmer wins comfortably….or maybe in a close one after the Mail in ballots arrive 48 hours after Election Day. Lol

    206. jason says:

      This was NYC’s candidate for the Senate in AK.

      “The United States should borrow ideas from Communist East Germany to keep its borders secure, Alaska’s Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller suggested at a town hall Sunday night.

      “The first thing that has to be done is secure the border,” Miller said when asked about illegal immigration into the United States

      Miller continued, “East Germany was very, very able to reduce the flow. Now, obviously, other things were involved. We have the capacity to, as a great nation, secure the border. If East Germany could, we could.”

      Yeah, East Germany was successful keeping people IN by shooting them in the back when they tried to leave.

      And it is true, they were successful in keeping people OUT too, the problem is nobody was trying to get in.

    207. Wes says:

      Alaska also has ranked choice voting, SDC, which of course complicates any attempt to unseat Murkowski.

    208. Tgca says:

      Hunter Biden repeatedly used “N” words in emails to his white lawyer and also messaged in ghetto speak, clearly in a mocking way, but MSM is quiet on it even though it was trending big time on Twitter yesterday and Dem supporters twist themselves into pretzels explaining it away by…get this…smearing Trump as a racist.

      Is this systemic racism or what that mostly white libs will not face reality and think it’s ok for the son of the president to use such hateful speech or VP at the time?

    209. jason says:

      I told my wife at lunch that an expert has determined I have a 20% chance of being gay.

      She took it pretty well, asked me if I wanted another pork chop.

    210. Tgca says:

      Someone needs to ask Kamala if she is offended by the president’s son using such racist hateful speech just a few short years ago why his daddy was VP.

    211. jason says:

      Imagine the media frenzy if those emails belonged to Don Jr.

      Hunter? Crickets.

    212. Tgca says:


      EXPERT not expert! TYVM!!!

      I suggest we wait until LisaB weigh in on this before we conclude on your homosexuality or transsexuality or binary status.

    213. Tgca says:

      I just searched news sites to see if they had story on Hunter Biden using the “N” word repeatedly in new disclosed emails. It appears they either have not caught up to the story yet, as many conservative sites have, or they are not reporting on the story.

      Below are the sites I checked today.

      Baltimore Sun
      Boston Globe
      Detroit Free Press
      Seattle Times

    214. Tgca says:

      This is repugnant and simply a back door to let non-citizens and illegals gain voting rights.

      How long before courts start to argue that once they had local election rights that its ok for them to vote in federal elections too and declare laws barring that unconstitutional.

      This is amazing!

    215. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      202. “HHR is infested with gays, trannies, and non-binaries.”

      Binary people are actually harmed by their own limitations; quaternary people are truly open minded.

    216. NYCmike says:

      -Looks like the NBA is just like the federal government, when it comes to enforcing its rules.

      Of course, I am sure there are “jason’s”, who will defend the NBA and say that they just need a new rule, as opposed to simply enforcing the current one.

    217. lisab says:

      Clarke also claims to have written it because comics weren’t available in her youth.

      i think she means comics targeted specifically to girls

      there were actually a lot of good shows/comics in the 1970’s and 1990’s, but the 1980’s were not a great time for shows for girls. the show Facts of Life was a big show for girls in the 80’s! how sad is that!

      the 70’s had lots of shows — wonder woman, the bionic woman, nancy drew, charlies angels, isis

      and the 90’s had buffy the vampire slayer, la femme nikita, daria, my so called life, the x files, that 70’s show, friends and worst witch

      sooooooo … yes, the 80’s were a bad time for girl role models

    218. Tgca says:


      Wasn’t that skanky ho Madonna a role model for girls in the 80s who all wanted to dress slutty and use ABORTION as a means of birth control like her. After all, she claimed in a 90s interview with Spin Magazine:

      “It’s common to have abortions. Many people have them and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I can’t allow myself to be destroyed by it.”

    219. jason says:

      as opposed to simply enforcing the current one.”



    220. Tgca says:

      Dr Fow-Chee on a pity tour. Whiney lil Bish!

      Here’s transcript of his MSNBC interview today. Listen to the stress and frustration in his voice that he has now been exposed as a fraudster.

      It’s very dangerous, Chuck, because a lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly are attacks on science.

      Because all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science.

      Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people, and there was push back against me.

      So if you are trying to, you know, get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science, and anybody that looks at what is going on clearly sees that. You have to be asleep not to see that. That is what is going on. Science and the truth are being attacked.

    221. Tgca says:

      Mama…don’t raise your kids to be Catholic servants of the church because they can become pedophile priests or thieving nuns.

    222. NYCmike says:

      -Obama is smart to do this. Mocking those who will bring up culture as an issue to run on, and he will be rewarded by “Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney.

    223. Tgca says:


      IG of the Interior Dep’t report determines Trump admin DID NOT use tear gas to clear “peaceful protestors” from Lafayette Park in June 2020 to walk to St. John’s church for a photo op, as widely reported by MSM and Dems, including Biden.

      The US Park Police had already decided to install an anti-scale around the area due to riots days before and had plans set in place that morning to clear the area so contractors could install the fencing that night and did not find out about Trump’s plans until later in the day, as that was not a planned presidential event since the church had been damaged the night before.

      The IG report noted that there was some tear gas used nearby to the park but that was by the DC police under Mayor Muriel Browser to quell rioting and who is now defending the use of tear gas in courts.

      Will Biden, the Dems, and the MSM apologize for their lies?

      I think the GOP should be smart about this and take out full page ads in NYT, WaPo, LAT, and WSJ to publicize the results for the American people.

      They should also send surrogates on every news program to reference full exoneration in the report.

      Finally, they should read these in the records of both bodies to set the record straight.

    224. Tgca says:


      IG report gives exact time line of clearing the park and installing fencing as follows:

      The operation began at 6:23 p.m. and was completed by 6:50 p.m. Shortly thereafter, at 7:01 p.m., President Trump walked from the White House through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church. At 7:30 p.m., the contractor began assembling and installing the antiscale fence and completed the work by approximately 12:30 a.m. on June 2.

      So if they cleared protestors at 6:23PM simply for a Trump photo op, how could contractors show up with fencing at 7:30PM, 40 minutes after the clearing, and finish installing the fencing within 5 hours?

      If the fencing story is a cover, that must be an incredible Supply Chain organization the US Park Service has to contract a vendor, negotiate a contract, determine the fencing needs, load the trucks with materials, and deliver the supplies and labor within 40 minutes to provide Trump a cover story of why Lafayette Park was cleared that night.

      This demonstrates it was a planned event and they needed to clear the park and it had nothing to do with Trump doing a photo op.

    225. Tgca says:



      I meant to say:

      Clearing began at 6:23 PM and finished at 6:50 PM.

    226. Wes says:

      Jim Renacci will primary Mike DeWine in 2022:

      Let’s look at this, shall we?

      DeWine was dragged under by the combined unpopularity of GWB and Bob Tact, Jr, in 2006. He then rehabilitated himself by becoming AG and later Governor.

      Renacci ran a weak campaign against Sherrod Brown in right-trending Ohio and lost even as every other Republican seeking statewide office in the state, including DeWine, won in 2018.

      Now Renacci plans to primary DeWine.

      Hey, Jim, maybe you should have run a better campaign against the Buckeye version of Jon Tester three years ago.

    227. Tgca says:

      This is very sad but also a caution to gay men, if the facts turn out, as stated. Don’t try and trick a stranger into a sexual encounter, knowing they are straight. Unfortunately, this cost this gay man his life.

      In no way do I condone the beating death of anyone but one has to understand the mindset of others, especially if alcohol and drugs are involved which could exacerbate a situation though it has not been determined in this case.

      This is not the 1st time a gay man has been harmed or killed by misleading or tricking someone into an encounter or making them the center of unwanted and/or embarrassing attention…and this is certainly not something one should do with strangers.

      I know this is not exactly the same, but I knew a gay guy once that argued he should be able to go up to any guy on the street and flirt with them and tell them he was attracted to them and they should not be offended and just accept it as a compliment.

      I told him that was not appropriate to bother a stranger that way and though most would just ignore it, tell him to get lost, or be polite about it and move on, there was a risk that someone could go off on him and harm him.

      He could not understand this so I gave up debating stoopid people.

    228. Tgca says:


      Not that it makes a difference in the attack but the victim was 40 and the guy who he tricked was an 18 year-old freshman.

      There is no good outcome either way with this case but I hope gay activists try not to make this a martyr case like they did with Matthew Shepard which was really a drug deal gone bad with drugged out acquaintances committing the savage act they did.

    229. jason says:

      I don’t see this as any different from any other murder.

      They guy got angry at someone else and killed him.

      The other st-ff is just details.

    230. Tgca says:



      My point is you don’t do things to potentially provoke people you don’t know though, and a gay man tricking a straight male into a sexual encounter can lead to disastrous consequences.

      There is a lot of negative stigmatism with certain groups regarding homosexuality that is still prevalent today, especially in the poor AA and Latino communities. It is often seen as a sign of humiliation or the ultimate disrespect.

      If you went to Radnor in the middle of the street and yelled racial slurs against whites, chances are you would have the police show up to escort you out for harassment or disturbing the peace.

      If you went into poorest parts of Harlem or the Bronx and yelled the “N” word and racial slurs against AA, or did similarly with Latin slurs in poor Latin communities like East LA or parts of the Central Valley, you would most likely come out in an ambulance or body bag.

    231. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Polls are now showing the public believes the COVID-19 virus came from a Chinese lab:

      A Economist/You Gov poll had the headline: “Most Americans now believe the coronavirus originated from a laboratory in China”:
      58% believe COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab;
      18% said it was “definitely or probably false” that the virus came from the a Chinese lab
      24% said they didn’t know;

      Only 13% agree with the scientific community’s most common explaination for the origin of the virus: that it occurred naturally in the wild and mutated to a human infection. (This is the Fauci position, and as Fauci has made clear anyone who disagrees with him does not believe in science).

      The poll was taken May 29-June 1 — 1500 adults.

    232. Tgca says:


      Companion post to 229 about IG report exonerating Trump of removing peaceful protestors from Lafayette Park for photo op at St. John’s church.

      Watch the video and see all the major cast of characters from the left and MSM bashing Trump on photo op.

      They were ALL 100% wrong.

      Sloppy reporting.

      Will they issue corrections now that IG report published?

    233. Tgca says:

      This is BS!

      This woman was caught going nearly 85 mph in a 70 mph zone and refused to stop for over 2 minutes.

      She claims it was not safe to stop on the highway.

      But it was safe to drive significantly over the limit at night, endangering herself and others?

      The BS about her pregnancy is all histrionics. How was the officer to know she was pregnant?

      If she’s so concerned about her pregnancy, then why drive in a reckless manner endangering the life of her unborn?

      I’m not sure of the legal rules here and whether the cop has the right to tap her vehicle under this circumstance but she continued on for over 2 minutes so he had no idea whether she would stop or not. Just because she slowed doesn’t mean anything.

      I’m tired of folks refusing to obey the law and then playing victim. Most of the police altercations occur because folks don’t seem to follow basic rules.

      I’m not saying the police are always right but every interaction with someone violating the law is a potential life threatening situation for police so a little respect to obey basic rules should not be too hard to follow.

    234. Tgca says:

      Trannies fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars?

      Well, I did not learn that in my history education.


      Idiot Sec of Defense is sucking up to woke crowd again.

      I find this condescendingly patronizing to gays.

      I’d like to know his stance on this 20 years ago?

      I know most of the military brass were against gays serving, and definitely that included trans so I’d be curious to see where Austin stood on gays serving in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

    235. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      241. Betsy Ross did not come out until several centuries after her death:

      “Lander told Out in 2014 that Ross came out to her in a psychic conversation. “I am gay and I fly the flag of pride and liberty for all of us,” Ross said, according to Lander, who says Ross revealed she was part of an underground gay and lesbian community in the late 18th century.”

      Also, several historical figures from the 18th century were actually from the planet Mars. It is amazing the new historical facts we learn when consumption of psychedelic drugs becomes common.

    236. jason says:

      If you went to Radnor in the middle of the street and yelled racial slurs against whites, chances are you would have the police show up to escort you out for harassment or disturbing the peace.”

      Nah. Probably you would get a medal.

    237. jason says:

      Betsy Ross did not come out until several centuries after her death”

      Well, if Tgca is right and 20% of the world is gay…

    238. Bitterlaw says:


    239. ssq says:

      I’d be curious to see where Austin stood on gays”

      I am against gays but I don’t think people should stand on them.

    240. ssq says:

      “don’t raise your kids to be Catholic servants of the church because they can become pedophile priests or thieving nuns”

      This nun evidently was principal of the school for 28 years, but from the story it seems she only started stealing when she was in her late 60’s.

      In ten years she embezzled almost a million bucks and spent it on gambling trips to Vegas.

      A late bloomer so to speak.

    241. jason says:

      Dang, I was going to make the same point.

    242. jason says:

      The school was actually willing to forgive and forget and not press charges, but she got charged anyway and at 79 could face up to 40 years in jail.

    243. jason says:

      Since it is CA, she will probably get 3 months probation.

    244. Bitterlaw says:

      Not only was she a thief, she was obviously a bad gambler. Terrible combination.

    245. jason says:

      Those casinos should be ashamed of themselves taking the money from poor ole nuns.

    246. jason says:

      “CBP: Record number of migrants crossed the U.S. border in May”


    247. Tgca says:

      As we learned over the last 48 hours – the truth always prevails- and that global studies prove that 20% of the world is gay, trans, or non-binary.

      We also now know that many historical figures are revealed as gay – who knew Betsy was a dyke? – and members of the LGBTQ, like many trans, fought for our country as far back as the Revolutionary War.

      These facts and the science have been hidden from us all these years but now with a more inclusive driven gubbermint, we can see the truth now and accept our beautiful diversity.

      I think if we follow the science, it proves, statistically, that we have many here at HHR with deep buried secrets and limp wrists, if you get my drift.

      No worries though.

      HHR is a safe place so it’s OK to take that brave step and finally come to terms with whom you REALLY are because after all, it’s 2021 and not 1981 when that homophobe Reagan was president – which makes me wonder too about an attractive guy spending his life pursuing an acting career. Hmmm…but I digress.

      Anyways, many LGBTQ lived in fear for decades but have found the strength to come out to their spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, and work peers the last few years.

      So if one of our HHR dudes or dudettes really would feel more comfortable in a dress slobbering down pork so be it. If Jenner could brave the transition…

      The world is changing and so are we at HHR.

      Please note your decision to share more about yourself will be treated with dignity and respect here at HHR, and no one here would EVAH turn that against you later in a fit of rage in trying to score points in a debate they could otherwise not prevail in.

      HHR is a JUDGMENT FREE zone!

      So like the Army says, Be All You Can Be and come to terms with yourself because now that we have the science to prove it, we know your secret…or the secret of at least 20% of you.

    248. jason says:

      So when everyone becomes gay it seems to me there is no need for two genders.

    249. jason says:

      Dr. Senator Kennedy didn’t go easy on Dr. Covid God Fauci:

      “But Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap. This isn’t about Dr. Fauci. It’s not about his feelings, and I’m sorry if his feelings were hurt. You know, maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony.”

      I suggest an emotional support llama instead.

    250. Tgca says:


      Ponies don’t spit at you.

      Spitting at you can hurt your feelings even more.

    251. Bitterlaw says:

      I watched a lecture on CSpan 3 about James Buchanan’s Presidency. The historian giving the lecture said he researched Buchanan because nobody else wanted the job. The lecturer also said that he was gay and he was sorry to disappoint his gay friends but there is absolutely no evidence that Buchanan was gay.

    252. Tgca says:


      As usual, Jadon, our IGORENT mental midget needs a bit of EDUMACATION because he lacks reading comprehension with his wee lil brain.

      1st, not everyone will become gay! If you follow the science, it proves only 20% at this point.

      2nd, gender identity and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive. They are separate by nature.

      3rd, the science shows there are many genders, like 16 last time I heard so there will actually be more and not less genders.

      I hope this helps EDUMACATE folks because despite popular belief, even some portion of the 20% of people that are gay, trans, and non-binary can lack intellect and the capacity to intelligently reason, especially those that may consume large quantities of bacon which studies also prove impact mental capacity, as previously discussed here months back.

    253. Tgca says:


      I dunno about Buchanan. If you look at his portrait. He looks a bit on the gentle side to me…and what’s up with that frilly little shirt bowtie thingy he’s wearing? He seems to dress like this in all his pics. Real men don’t wear such things.

      …and note below in the link how clean and color coordinated his bedroom is.

      Come on man. Think for yourself.

    254. Tgca says:

      To be honest, I’ve always had my suspicions regarding some of the forefathers.

      All those big wigs they wore. The frilly shirts with ruffles. The puffy cuffs on their shirts. Those spandex pants. The midriff flowing coats. Those ostentatious hats.

      Just saying…these are not the types of clothes straight men normally wear.

    255. jason says:

      Adam was prancing around naked in a garden.

      I would say that is pretty gay.

    256. jason says:

      Ponies can kick the crap out of you.

      So can llamas, for that matter.

    257. jason says:

      So which of the last five Reagan, GWB, Obama, Trump, Biden is/was gay?

    258. Tgca says:


      Kicking is understandable.

      Spitting? Uncouth behavior.

    259. Phil says:

      Inflation numbers today horrible. My brother in law wanted to replace his fence – until he checked and found 2 by 4s do not cost $3.50 any longer. Try $23

      Fortunately, for Democrats, the inflation numbers will me ignored by the media.

      Joe and Kamala will continue to rock along at 55%. The border is a disaster as well, but no problem. That is ignored by the media as well. Electorate is and will remain clueless.

      One party rule as far as the eye can see. Enjoy.

    260. Tgca says:


      My rank of possibilities with 1st being most likely.

      1st Obama – just too fem for an AA and he sucks at basketball and he supposedly got a BJ in a limo from a straight dude very early in his political career.

      2nd Reagan – a guy who wanted nothing more than to be an actor…need I say more?

      3rd GWB – too obsessed with gay marriage suggests deep hidden secrets…and the fact he tried to have his Top Gun moment photo op with Mission Accomplished and everyone knows Top Gun is a huge gay movie.

      4th Biden – groped a young lady against a wall in Congress and was down with the Anita hearings as no big deal but it doesn’t really matter anymore because he can’t even remember if he was gay or not

      5th Trump – grab ‘em by the p*ssy is not something any gay man would EVAH say

    261. Tgca says:


      Seriously. Jill Biden must think she’s intervening and helping Joe look good with her constant “oh let me get that dear” but what it really does is make him look incapable and in need of physical and mental assistance.

      The optics are not good.

      Nancy Reagan took a very different approach to protecting Ronnie and made sure when it was time, that people did not see Reagan in public anymore in order to preserve his image, as she wanted them to remember Reagan as presidential and not a geriatric patient.

      DOCTOR Jill is doing just the opposite and making Biden look feeble.

    262. Phil says:

      San Jose mayor proposed all gun owners be required to carry liability insurance In addition the proposal would also require gun owners to pay an annual gun fee “to pay for the societal cost of mass shootings”

      He says it’s totally reasonable because the fee “won’t be all that large”.

      Uh, ok then. As long as the fee won’t be all that big. Seems perfectly constitutional to me. Second Amendment. What Second Amendment.

    263. Gordon Allen says:

      The media, including the business media shockingly, ARE ignoring the inflation monster struggling to free itself. But this is something that can’t be hidden, like election fraud. as it affects everyone and over time is glaringly noticeable(even to blacks, and Bitterlaw’s brain dead suburban soccer moms”.
      Carter was pretty high in the polls at this point, and the inflation that primarily killed him, wasn’t as sharply rising as it is now(although from a higher base). The best thing for Biden would be if his economic program doesn’t pass, because it’s literally like pouring gasoline on a fire.
      I know the media has a force field around him, but they can’t hide the grocery bill.
      Phil: I’m still looking for the first person who voted against Biden who is for him now. The polls are greatly wrong. But we do need to fight like Tigers for election integrity, which so far the Washington Republicans(mostly) aren’t.

    264. Phil says:

      Sadly, it was a different media in 1980, Gordon. Media was pro left, sure…. but it was nothing like today. Not close. This is a media that carries a fake made up Russian collusion story for 4 yrs – a media that wiped out the Hunter Biden story for 10 days prior to 2020 election. To say nothing of creation of a new social media that only amplifies left wing talking points and flat out censures any dissent.

    265. Bitterlaw says:

      WTF Iran has 2 ships in its navy? I thought its navy was sunk last week. At this rate, Iran will be a major naval power by 3021.

    266. NYCmike says:

      “So which of the last five Reagan, GWB, Obama, Trump, Biden is/was gay?”


      Michelle is a man.

    267. jason says:

      Pass the popcorn.

      Omar calls Debbie Downer Wasserman, Nadler, Ted Deutch and 8 other Dems Islamophobes…

      “It’s shameful for colleagues who call me when they need my support to now put out a statement asking for “clarification” and not just call.

      The islamophobic tropes in this statement are offensive. The constant harassment & silencing from the signers of this letter is unbearable”

    268. Wes says:

      If people don’t think Democrats are actually Socialists, the fact that Lee J. Carter–a VA Assemblyman for two terms who outright calls himself such–is one should tell them otherwise.

      Interestingly after losing the gubernatorial primary to Terry McAuliffe as well as his own legislative primary, Carter has endorsed the Libertarian in that race.

    269. Wes says:


      For some reason, HAL wouldn’t let me post the link.

    270. Wes says:

      Having looked at the Twitter page for Princess Blanding–the Libertarian gubernatorial nominee in VA–I’m wondering if she might not be more likely to take votes from TMac than from the Republican given her extreme leftist wokeism.

    271. Wes says:

      Heh. Jim Cooper (D-TN) is crying about how Republicans “ruined Austin, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT, by cracking those cities because TN Republicans are contemplating cracking his district to create an 8R-1D TNCD.

      Well, when Democrats quit creating egregious gerrymanders in MD, IL, and MA to box Republicans out of House seats, then maybe I’ll feel some sympathy for him.

    272. Wes says:

      I find it amazing how Democrats gerrymandered the hell out of the whole country from 1930 to 1990 to gain and hold power but suddenly became concerned about gerrymandering when Republicans had the ability to return the favor in 2000, 2010, and now.

      Damn hypocrites.

    273. NYCmike says:

      Is it possible that Jill Biden has a bigger ego than Trump, and really thinks she is the driving force behind POTUS, and is active in policy discussions?

      Or does Obama and his cronies use her as a figurehead personally shielded from real criticism due to her gender and position as FLOTUS?

    274. Phil says:

      Jill will run for President.

      She is ambitious as hell.

      She hates Kamala.

      The photo from yesterday was designed to cultivate an image….. as are all the other photos where she and Joe are joined at the hip.

      Jill in 2024, baby!

    275. jan says:

      It remains to be seen how the 2022/2024 elections go, especially considering how fast the economy is going south.

      In fact, in a mere 6 mos under Biden inflation is already 4X larger than under Trump. Wages are also negatively effected and dropping as inflation of 5% is larger than wage growth. Food prices, durable goods, used cars all have sizably increased, effecting the middle class and working poor far more than the elites whose interests Biden appears to represent.

      Consequently, I think when people compare the economies of the past president, vs that of the new cognitively deficient president, there will be a desire to shift back to policies more in alignment with and beneficial to the common citizen

    276. SoHope says:

      Republicans can and should crack the Nashville CD. Some other cities that would be cracks and turned republican:

      Louisville KY
      Indianapolis IN
      Maybe Columbus OH
      Winston-Salem/Greensboro NC
      Kansas City on the KS side
      Kansas City MO probably can be flipped
      ST Pete/Tampa FL
      Rip off some Orlando Suburbs
      Pick up 1 or 2 Atlanta suburbs
      *A number of rural dem mandated gerrymanders (NC-1, GA-2, AL-7, and MS-2)

    277. SoHope says:

      IA and AZ have commission for redistricting and if we find a way to game them like the Dems game CA’s commission then we could lock up all 4 of IA’s seats and AZ could pickup 2 pretty easily.

      DEMS will lock away for good ME-2 and we should secure NE-2.

      Maybe we can solidify on of the NH seats.

    278. Wes says:

      AL-7 is a heavily black district, SoHope. While I agree with you Republicans should aggressively try to get every seat possible, I wouldn’t recommend splitting that district because it has major dummymander potential. Republicans hold a 6-1 advantage in the ALCD, so I recommend leaving things as they to avoid letting Dems have the potential to gain a seat or two in the delegation.

      Similarly MS-2 by its existence keeps Dems from gaining seats in the MSCD. Leave it alone.

      GA-2 is one Republicans can possibly dismantle and reap benefits from.

      As far as NC-1, I’d live it alone too and focus on dismantling the judicialmander in the central part of the state the NCSC put in effect to help Dems pick up two previously safe GOP seats.

    279. Wes says:

      …leave* it alone…

    280. Wes says:

      Republicans have apparently already stacked the AZ commission. The IA commission I’m not sure about; however, Republicans in the Legislature can reject its map, I believe, and draw their own.

      In IN, I’d recommend votesinking the Dems in Indianapolis but dismantling the Visclosky district.

      FL Republicans have a state law they have to follow, but even within its confines, they have plenty of places they can target Dems in. Charlie Crist is probably running for Governor for that reason.

    281. Wes says:

      On the flip side, Dems will definitely carve up IL like a Thanksgiving turkey. It’ll be interesting to see if Dems try to dismantle MD-1, but I’m not sure splitting the Gold Coast into other districts might not be a dummymander.

      Who knows what the CA commission will do?

      MT is gaining a seat. Unfortunately the MTSC is incredibly liberal, so they may try to force lines that will enable Dems to gain one of the new seats.

      Who knows what the newly minted MI commission will do?

      Republicans will likely force a status quo map in MN.

      WI Republicans seem poised to target Ron Kind.

      Several liberal Republicans lost primaries in the KS Legislature last year, and the Legislature has looked at carving up KS-3. Laura Kelly can veto, but they’d almost certainly override her.

      Of necessity, at least one Dem-held NJ district will take on GOP turf, meaning Republicans have a chance at picking up a seat or two, especially if 2022 is a disastrous year for the Dems.

      Republicans will automatically lose a seat in WV because of loss of a district, but Dems are unlikely to capture either of the new districts.

      The commissions in OR and VA don’t look likely to help Dems much, if at all.

    282. Wes says:

      Brnovich will officially challenge Mark Kelly.

      I just hope this doesn’t devolve into a clown car like the 2018 primary.

    283. jason says:

      Now even Jeff van drew is asking g me for money

    284. Tgca says:

      CNN brings back masturbating analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

      Alisyn Camerota interviewed him and spent like10 minutes discussing the issue…in minute detail. See link below.


      He says he has spent the last 7 months trying to become a better person, going to therapy, reflecting, doing volunteer work, etc.

      All that just for masturbating? Geez!

      Every US male over 13 years up to his 80s is in for big trouble if they start moralizing masturbation publicly.

      Get over it and stop trying to demean men for something men have done since mankind existed.

      I think it was over the top and demeaning having a woman question a man on male masturbation with a tone of “how could you, what were you thinking?”

      He got caught choking the chicken on national TV thinking he turned off the camera. Stoopid stoopid humiliating mistake but hardly a criminal act.

      I would have asked Camerota if she’s ever taken a little personal happy time for herself alone, and see how she liked such questioning…as we all know females do regularly from an early age.

      People get it! They know what happened. His timing was way bad. He paid for it losing his job at the New Yorker after 27 years and extreme humiliation of everyone knowing what he did.

      I’m not a fan of his but we don’t need a 10 minute segment making this guy talk about what he was doing and why, as if he’s some kind of pervert for masturbating.

      This is what’s wrong with society. An attempt to rope men into desired behavior by humiliating them.

    285. Tgca says:


      That being said. I am glad that Toobin got knocked down to size after becoming so full of himself and especially trying to ridicule long-serving legal professionals like Alan Dershowitz as being old, unstable, and lacking character for defending Trump.

      I have never agreed with Dershowitz on domestic politics but often agreed with him on his interpretations of the law and legal process. I recall reading his Abuse Excuse book in the 90s and thinking he made many great points.

    286. Phil says:

      Texas will gain a seat and it will be a Republican seat. Republicans control both houses of the legislature along with Governor Abbott. The state Courts here are solid Republican so Democrats won’t get help judicially. Our state courts aren’t packed with moonbats like NC and Pa.

    287. Tgca says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Liberals in wealthy Scottsdale, AZ upset the gubbermint is shipping illegals in their neighborhood hotels for processing and they actually have to watch buses come and go with these illegal immigrants and it’s upsetting them. They protested this week to no avail of course.

      Hope their property values plummet too.

      Is Radnor next?

    288. SoHope says:

      Wes, AL-7 is an artificial minority majority race sink. It is heavily Dem but split between Montgomery and Birmingham and surrounded by wasted extremely red districts that won with 97%, 82%, 65%, 64%, 68%, and 100%. They could get that 7th district with a blind redistricting.

    289. SoHope says:

      MS-2 was won by a dem with a 95k plurality.
      But it is surrounded by districts with a 120k and 100k GOP plurality and a 3rd non-adjacent unopposed GOP district.

    290. Bitterlaw says:

      I am so relieved that Tgca has so much contempt for my town a/k/a the best school district in PA.

      Radnor only has 2 small hotels. King of Prussia has more hotels. Plenty of hotel rooms vacant in Philadelphia.

    291. Bitterlaw says:


    292. SoHope says:

      NC-1 could be taken pretty easily. Give the Dems 2 Raliegh centered seats and a Charlotte centered seat and take the rest. If we wanted to be greedy we could split Charlotte but that would be risky.

    293. Bitterlaw says:

      Correction – There is a small inn on the Villanova University campus. That brings the total to 3.

    294. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This was from a Washington Post story from early 2020.

      “Two years before the novel coronavirus pandemic upended the world, U.S. Embassy officials visited a Chinese research facility in the city of Wuhan several times and sent two official warnings back to Washington about inadequate safety at the lab, which was conducting risky studies on coronaviruses from bats.”

    295. jason says:

      Brnovich will officially challenge Mark Kelly.”

      I was flipping channels last night and saw Brnovich was on Hannity.

      Articulate but not good speaking voice and not very charismatic. But then neither is Kelly

      He is finally a favorite at Predictit for the nomination after lagging in 4th place for awhile. His close rival at Predictit is Blake Masters who I know nothing about.

    296. jason says:

      Correction – There is a small inn on the Villanova University campus. That brings the total to 3.”

      What about the Wayne?

      That is where I would stay.

    297. jason says:

      COVID deaths yesterday in some European countries:

      UK – 7
      Austria – 0
      Czech Rep. – 2
      Sweden – 1
      Netherlands – 5
      Switzerland – 2
      Denmark – 2
      Ireland – 0
      Norway – 0

    298. Bitterlaw says:

      It is less than a block from my barber. He is at least 75 and getting a little shaky but he can still handle the electric shaver if you just want a buzz cut.

    299. jason says:

      I know Manchin is a liberal and this is a long shot but maybe this could be something that could make him switch parties?

      I mean this is not a moonbat blog saying it, it is the DNC chair…

      “DNC Chair Jaime Harrison whacks @JoeManchinWV saying he is “against America” for opposing S1.

      “Either you’re for America, or you’re against it.”

      The head of the Democrat Party turning up the rhetoric against one of its own with a 50/50 Senate.”

    300. jason says:

      I have seen the Wayne, that is why I mentioned it. I like those kind of non-chain hotels.

    301. jason says:

      I like it.

      DNC chair calls Manchin un-American.

      Omar calls Nadler and Debbie Downer Islamophobes.

    302. Tgca says:



      No Motel 8 in Radnor?

    303. Bitterlaw says:

      There is a Super 8 in Uniontown. Closer to Jason than to me.

    304. jason says:

      Tgca if you come to York there is a Motel 6 near Pleasureville.

    305. jason says:

      This is CNN:

      “CAMEROTA: I feel like we should address what’s happened in the months since we have seen you, since some of our viewers may not know what has happened. So, I guess I’ll recap. I’ll do the honors.
      CAMEROTA: In October, you were on a Zoom call with your colleagues from “The New Yorker” magazine. Everyone took a break for several minutes, during which time you were caught masturbating on camera. You were subsequently fired from that job, after 27 years of working there. And you since then have been on leave from CNN. Do I have all that right?
      TOOBIN: You got it all right, sad to say.
      CAMEROTA: To quote Jay Leno, what the hell were you thinking?
      TOOBIN: Well, obviously, I wasn’t thinking very well or very much. “

    306. Tgca says:

      Nickelodeon is partnering with cities like Radnor to send Pride messages to youngsters.

      Nina West, the fat drag Queen spokesperson on Nickelodeon recorded this video for kids which in NO WAY is meant to indoctrinate kids into the perverted life style SDC, Michael and 20% of HHR posters enjoy.

    307. Tgca says:



      I posted on this yesterday in 293.

      I find it disturbing that a female is going into great deal on male masturbation and clearly condemning and shaming him for what most see as “boys will be boys” behavior but in this instance he got caught on camera because of his stupidity.

      I agree there should be consequences for the embarrassment he caused himself and his employer.

      But this is the continued attempt to emasculate men and make them subservient to a feminized culture. This was not a legitimate discussion for that show’s venue or human sexuality which generally tells us masturbation is normal behavior.

      I would have turned the question on Camerota and said, we all know it was really stoopid for him to do this at that time but let’s be serious, this is a widely practiced behavior by at least 2 of the 16+ genders so why do you need to get into the weeds on this? It’s as if you’re trying to ridicule him further under the pretense of him begging to get his job back so you can control him.

      Come on Alisyn, like you’ve never masturbated? Really? Let’s be honest here.

    308. Tgca says:

      I also think Toobin is a fool for groveling in this matter.

      No job is worth this humiliation and I don’t really believe he believes what he’s saying.

      I think it’s all about money and trying to be relevant again.

    309. Bitterlaw says:

      315 Tgca has elevated the number 1 school district in PA to a city. However, Radnor is a Township.

    310. Tgca says:

      Ok. I know what I’ll be doing to pick up some extra cash in my retirement. It’s been awhile since I danced for money in a bar but I hear pole dancing is just like riding a bike.

      “National exotic dancer shortage forces strip club to offer signing bonuses”

    311. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca can probably still wear the shorts he wore when he danced at 5 years old.

    312. jason says:

      Here in York Co, Rot Leeb (Red Lion in Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsch) is a borough.

    313. jason says:

      No wonder Jill is acting President:

      “Apparently in their meeting Biden brought up a phone call about sharing vaccine doses with Boris early on in the spring while the pandemic was hitting, but Boris was confused bc Biden wasn’t President then and the call had never happened, per WH official”

    314. Tgca says:


      I apologize for mistaking the gubbermint designation of the Woke Community of Radnor, PA but I was speaking in generalities.

      My point though is I think it’s great that Radnor embraces Gay Pride at the pre-school and kindergarten level and promote fat drag queens to indoctrinate the future Radnor democrats now watching Nickelodeon with their woke parents.

      Sorry I will miss the Radnor Gay Pride Parade this year as I understand there are many fun events with great sponsors and free Coca Cola for all attendees.

      Now just wait until the Biden administration converts Radnor residential units to public housing. Then the Radnor community can be extra proud of their woke TOWNSHIP.

    315. jason says:

      Hope for Alabama?

      “Republican Richard Shelby is backing his former chief of staff Katie Boyd Britt in the race to succeed him in the Senate, siding against former President Donald Trump’s favored candidate, Rep. Mo Brooks.

      “She’s like family. She’d make a good candidate. She’s probably the best-qualified candidate to come along in a long time,” Shelby said in an interview. “I’d support her, I’d vote for her.”

    316. jason says:

      Dem Rep. Ritchie Torres: ‘We Live Under the Tyranny of Joe Manchin”

    317. jason says:

      I can think of one great reason to support Shelby’s chief of staff.

      She is not Mo Brooks.

    318. Tgca says:

      Oh no!

      Almost Two-Thirds of Millennials Regret Home Buys.

      So let me understand this. These yoots made personal choices on the home price, mortgage rate, location, home size, etc and are not happy with their choices now?

      Should we have loan forgiveness for them to make them feel better?

      Here are the how the results of the survey break down:

      33% of baby boomers, aged 57-75, experienced homebuyer regret.

      21% of millennials said maintenance costs were too much, compared to 13% of baby boomers.

      13% of millennials said their mortgage payment was too high, compared to 2% of baby boomers.

      12% of millennials said they are unhappy with the mortgage rate, compared to 4% of baby boomers.

      9% of millennials said they don’t think their homes are a good investment, compared to 3% of baby boomers.

      13% of millennials said they overpaid for their homes, compared to 3% of baby boomers.

      14% of millennials said their house is too big, while 3% of baby boomers said the same thing.

      14% of millennials said their house is too small, while 7% of baby boomers said the same thing.

      15% of millennials said their house is in a bad location, compared to 5% of baby boomers who said the same thing.

    319. Tgca says:


      I understand what the millennials are feeling though. I sold my FL home after 10 years for ONLY nearly double my cost.


    320. lisab says:

      only $400 Billion of pandemic relief stolen by organized crime!

      and you guys were worried about a biden presidency!

    321. Tgca says:

      Ouch! Dr. Fow-Chee and W.H.O. have a lot of explaining to do if these studies are accurate.

      More incompetence from the China-loving scientists who tell us we need to follow the science but only when the science supports their agenda.

      A new study shows that the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine touted by former President Donald Trump increased the survival rate of severely ill coronavirus patients.

      Several other studies released since last year have come to the same conclusion that hydroxychloroquine can be effective in certain situations against the coronavirus, including a December study from the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents showing 84% fewer hospitalizations among patients treated with the drug.

      Another study, conducted by Hackensack Meridian Health, found encouraging results in patients with mild symptoms who were treated with the drug.

    322. lisab says:

      the trouble is home prices have gone way up far over inflation because of boomers.

      my sisters all bought two or three homes, as investments, and took them off the market. it is pretty common for boomers to own multiple homes.

      most boomer homes are grandfathered in against all the stupid new regulations too. as you repair homes, you do need to get them up to spec, but you control that process.

      in minnesota, at least in my area, they are not building many entry level single family homes and have not for twenty years. new homes are mostly townhomes, without land, where you live with a bunch of other families in a home owners association. you can buy a $750k new home, or a $200k 40 year old home, but very few new single family homes, and usually they only have 0.2 acres

    323. NYCmike says:

      ““Apparently in their meeting Biden brought up a phone call about sharing vaccine doses with Boris early on in the spring while the pandemic was hitting, but Boris was confused bc Biden wasn’t President then and the call had never happened, per WH official””

      -“CG” must be so proud!

    324. NYCmike says:

      “Articulate but not good speaking voice and not very charismatic. But then neither is Kelly”

      -jason repeating what I said about Martha McSally, in which he said I was “attacking” her……..BUT it’s different……..somehow……..this is a guy who could be a great editor at the NY Times!

    325. NYCmike says:

      -Abbott must not have gotten jason’s memo, about walls not working.

      Then again, the way jason eats, he may not be able to waddle past his…….wait for it… boundary where he has……wait for it again…….a wall……

    326. Tgca says:


      I’ll tell you folks. Retirement is exhausting.

      Got up early and took care of the dog’s needs and then went back to bed and napped until nearly 10AM.

      Then exhausting chores like washing bed linen, doggie blankets, and feeding fish.

      Now after a nice invigorating shower it’s off to errands and waiting for my Amazon deliveries.

      Don’t let anyone tell you retirement is fun and relaxing.

      It can be very stressful and physically straining.

    327. NYCmike says:

      “Now after a nice invigorating shower it’s off to errands and waiting for my Amazon deliveries.”

      -Just saw a picture, with the caption on top which read:

      “The 2 greatest living investors!”

      Below, were the pictures of Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Scott, aka ex-Mrs Bezos.

    328. Tgca says:

      Ridiculous exchange between crazy liberals trying to justify the term “birthing person” over “mother” in budget.

      This guy does not realize how foolish he looks.

    329. Wes says:

      That’s two major GOP Senate announcements in a week with a third pending in Nevada. Dems got a single decent announcement for a decidedly uphill race in Florida.

      Roy Cooper still hasn’t announced in North Carolina, nor is he looking likely to.

      Several GOP Congressmen in key states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania are mulling races but are reportedly waiting to see redistricting results before committing to anything.

    330. Tgca says:

      I think with Father’s Day approaching soon, we need to be sensitive to other’s feeling and dispense with the term “father” since not all fathers are of the traditional male gender. A “father” figure could be any of the 16+ genders depending how people identify themselves genderly.

      Perhaps we should use the term “impregnating person” or “non-birthing chromosome contributing person” because the term “father” carries all kinds of patriarchal, negative and non-inclusive connotations with it.

      Of course this gets further complicated if we start talking “surrogate birthing person” as opposed to “x only chromosome contributing person.”

    331. Tgca says:

      Wes has not considered the retired North Carolina Senator and previous vice presidential candidate John Edwards could make a comeback in 2022 for NC Dems, as he’s only in his mid 60s which is not old for Senate candidates these days.

    332. Bitterlaw says:

      Does this mean we have to change the term mf-er to bpf-er?

    333. Wes says:

      Sure, Tg.

      Edwards was a fluke whose polls were lackluster during his term and who couldn’t take his presidential ticket within single digits in this state. After his term, he started cheating on his cancer-stricken wife and became embroiled in scandals that cost him a Cabinet position.

      I’m sure Edwards would be formidable a quarter Century after Newt Gingrich handed him a narrow Senate victory with a foolish attempt to impeach a popular President.

      Do tell how much of a game changer Edwards would be.

    334. Wes says:

      This is for Phil:

      Scratch Cooper off the Schumer wishlist.

      Cooper actually gives himself a plausible out, but I personally think he doesn’t want to be the next Tony Knowles, Bob Kerrey, Evan Bayh, Tim Strickland, Phil Bredesen, or Steve Bullock as much as he doesn’t want Robinson to get a free promotion.

    335. Tgca says:



      I am fully aware of Edwards personal history but if the Sewer State can re-elect Menendez after the things he did, why can’t the Dems bring back Edwards?

    336. Phil says:

      Republicans pick up NH.

      Democrats are a lock in Pa.

      Democrats just need one of two in NC or Wisconsin.

      It would be nice to get a seat back in Georgia but the same hacks are counting the votes in Fulton County as last time so scratch that one.

      The best Republicans can hope for is another 50-50 Senate with Harris again breaking the tie…and then pray the House flips.

    337. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Please keep making predictions about PA. The Dems are not a lock to pick up a Senate seat here. Their candidates are to the left of Biden (hard to do) and Trump is not running. They were barely able to steal the Presidential election with Trump on the ballot.

    338. Wes says:

      Republicans also picked up two statewide offices in PA last year, one by beating an incumbent Dem.

      I guess Republicans can actually win in PA even when Dems count votes.

      Republicans also won a statewide office in GA when Warnock and Ossoff won.

      I’m not declaring defeat till I see actual evidence Dems are going to have another 1934 next year.

    339. Wes says:

      Interestingly Phil continues to cling to the idea that Dems will pick up NC. Why I don’t know. There’s literally no evidence any Dem running is going to win that seat.

    340. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – I know you will just use this to take a shot at New Jersey. Fine. I heard that no Democrat has been re-elected Governor since Brendan Byrne in the 70s. The Republican is hammering Murphy on 4 issues – Nursing home deaths, economic devastation because of shutdowns, Murphy said for anybody worried about taxes he is not their guy, and how Murphy eats pizza. Seriously.

    341. Cash Cow TM says:

      Interesting facts…

      About which countries were included in the survey…and which countries that USED to be included in these PEW surveys were NOT included this year.

      This is exactly why people no longer believe the polls or the media.

    342. jason says:

      jason repeating what I said about Martha McSally, in which he said I was “attacking” her”

      Zzzzz… you are a pathological liar.

      You trashed McSally incessantly while endorsing the deadenders that ran against her.


    343. NYCmike says:

      “You trashed McSally incessantly while endorsing the deadenders that ran against her.”


      Forget about the menu of food you eat all day, I think we need to see what the drink cart is filled with!


    344. Bitterlaw says:

      Why is jason still awake? He has to get up in 5 hours.

    345. jason says:

      Llamas are fed, huge breakfast is history.

      Ready for another round of calling out NYC’s attempts to revise history.

    346. jason says:

      As for McSally, I NEVER trashed her. I did say that she had the charisma of a wet, molding sock,”

      Yeah, you trashed her incessantly every time she ran and you defended the deadenders running against her. As usual you did what you could to make Chuck Schumer majority leader. Why? Because she didn’t score 100% on your asinine litmus test BS.

      jason repeating what I said about Martha McSally, in which he said I was “attacking” her”

      I didn’t repeat what you said. I said based on a a 2 minute viewing of an interview, Brnovich, like his Dem opponent did not seem very charismatic.

      Again, GFY.

    347. Tgca says:


      Huge breakfast?

      Did you have a 2.5 ounce, 135 calorie cauliflower egg and cheese frittata too?

    348. Tgca says:


      Did you have a glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to compliment your frittata? Only 40 calories.

      Between the 2.5 ounce frittata and 8 ounces of almond milk, you have a nutritious energy-ladened balanced breakfast for less than 200 calories. Yummee!

      Almond milk is an excellent healthy low carb choice to replace cow’s milk with its acid producing and inflammation causing properties and it’s high content of carbs that contribute to obesity.

      You could always use a few drops of stevia in the almond milk if you desire a touch of sweetness in your drink.

    349. jason says:

      “Did you have a glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to compliment your frittata? Only 40 calories.”

      No, alas, after 6 slices of slab bacon, a couple slices of fried scrapple, ham, eggs, biscuit with Amish butter and coffee I had no more room.

    350. Tgca says:


      Vile disgusting innocent swine-slaughtered breakfast.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      I suppose you would eat baby rabbits if given the chance.

    351. jason says:

      I bet my high protein low carb breakfast was a lot healthier than Tgca’s fake breakfast laden with all sort of laboratory engineered chemical products disguised as food.

    352. jason says:

      I suppose you would eat baby rabbits if given the chance.”

      Nah. Too lean.

      I only eat the big fat adult rabbits but even then you have to add plenty of bacon fat or the meat dries out.

      I prefer rabbit in mustard or wine sauce.

    353. Wes says:

      Tgca must be on the “kill yourself slowly by malnutrition” diet.

    354. Tgca says:

      Another useful idiot. Joni Ernst.

      Why do these GOP idiots go on radical left-winged shows to let the hosts bash the GOP and they sit there accepting it without a word in defense of their party.

      After this appearance I’m throwing her into my Nikki Haley bucket of trash politicians I would never vote for so I hope she doesn’t have aspirations for national office as I would rather sit out the election than vote for a useful idiot like her.

      She let the fat skank Joy Behar introduce the segment with the following lies and did not utter one word to defend the GOP? That makes her a useful idiot that doesn’t deserve my vote EVAH!

      Senator, I have another question. The majority of Republicans still cling to the delusion that Donald Trump won the election because of false voter fraud claims. Trump reportedly believes he’ll be reinstated as president by August. Talk about a moron. But in real life, the so-called Arizona audits are a laughing stock. We all know that. He shut down his blog supposedly due to lack of interest. Last week he was upstaged by his pants. Why still hitch your wagon to him, senator? Can he still sway an election? Isn’t it time to drop this guy? He’s a loser. He lost the election. He was impeached twice. He’s a bad guy in terms of helping the Republicans as well as the nation and the world.”

    355. Tgca says:


      …and you would be wrong as my breakfast is all natural organic ingredients without chemicals while you slowly kill your heart and arteries with fat and grease clogging food, hence, your very unhealthy cholesterol level that will make Mrs. Jadon a wealthy woman soon.

    356. Tgca says:


      Actually Wes dear

      People who live the longest and healthiest lives tend to be those that eat necessary amounts to live over those that live to eat.

      Ever look at the folks that live into their 90s+ years and are healthy? They’re not overweight folks thriving on grease and fat.

      Look at the many of the Asian and Mediterranean populations with long healthy lives, because they are not eating grease, fat and grizzle and they’re weight-appropriate.

      In fact science has shown numerous times that slightly under eating leads to healthier longer lives over normal or over eating.

    357. Tgca says:


      Stoopid Ilhan Omar gets attacked by Hamas for equating it to the crimes committed by US and Israel.

      So Ilhan gets ridiculed on all sides now.

      It shows her bigotry and idiocy.

    358. Wes says:

      Do you have an algorithm for that, Tg?

    359. Wes says:

      I watched Spiral. Unfortunately it’s not based on Rasen (Spiral), the sequel to Ringu (The Ring), the book serving as the basis for the Ring movies.

      It’s basically a paint-by-numbers Saw movie sans Jigsaw, the antagonist of the previous eight movies complete with convoluted villain backstory, logic-defying traps, and cops with tapioca for brains. It’s most noteworthy for Chris Rock’s horrendous acting and nonsensical climax.

      Of course I have to ask whatever happened to actually finishing a horror movie. Universal (1931-1955) and Hammer (1957-1974) used to be the vanguard of horror movie studios. They actually had their movies stand alone with no explicit call for a sequel even if the studio inevitably planned one. There was no sense of cheating the audience by making the film a 90-minute commercial for a future movie. Now movies–especially horror movies–almost invariably exist for no other reason but to tease the audience with a sequel.

      I can’t say I recommend Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

    360. lisab says:

      Almond milk is an excellent healthy low carb choice to replace cow’s milk

      been drinking it for years

      not so much because of the carbs, but because i like the taste

    361. Bitterlaw says:

      Number 1 school district in PA wins Girls state Lacrosse championship. I coached most of them in softball and basketball. They were obviously right to ditch softball (but most also played varsity basketball to stay in shape for lacrosse).

      Boys play at 4:30.

    362. Dylan says:

      I have never been impressed with Sen. Ernst. At best she is a Nicky Haley-esque, Kelly Ayotte-Esq. milquetoast, and at worst she has “charisma” on par if not slightly below McSally. “I was in the military–VOTE FOR ME” is NOT a viable long term campaign strategy.

      Admittedly, her response to Joy Behar was beyond tepid and that is why she ain’t going anywhere higher than her current office. What would have been wrong with:

      “Joy, with all due respect, the frame and premise of your question is obnoxious, argumentative, repetitive and actually stupid. there has been no conclusive adjudication the 2020 election was on the up and up in all of the swing states, and rejection of lawsuits on procedural grounds in no way invalidates the underlying allegation that there were a lot of suspicious shenanigans–and none of those allegation got an actual trial–so please stop lecturing us all. Can you explain Donald Trump carrying 19/20 “bellweather counties”, how about all the “convenient” water leaks that shut down counting in key democrat strongholds only to have results tally up 100-0 in favor of Biden, and on and on and on. And on top of that, I’ve actually rarely heard you say an intelligent non-partisan thing in your life. And you’re ugly and annoying.”

    363. jason says:

      Almond “milk” is not milk, doesn’t look like milk and doesn’t taste like milk. It is crushed almonds mixed with water. It tastes like watery almonds, absolutely horrible crap, should be called almond water.

      People who like fake food insist on naming fake food after real food. Fake milk is not milk, fake burgers are not burgers and fake hot dogs are not hot dogs.

      If you are so interested in the real thing, then eat and drink the real thing. If not, call it something else. Reconstituted almond water. Leghemoglobin blobs. Methylcellulose patty.

      Don’t insult real milk, real burgers and real hotdogs.

    364. Tgca says:


      That’s not right that woke lacrosse team with trans players can compete against real girls to win championship. This insanity has to stop.

    365. Tgca says:


      Agreed Dylan!

      That’s what I found offensive. Joni listened to Behar go on with that long exaggerated highly offensive dialogue and did not take any opportunity to state otherwise, even if it was, “I disagree with your characterization but let’s agree to disagree.”

      But nope! Nothing! Nilch! Her silence was effectively acceptance of Behar’s comments.

      Like my good friend Bitter, I do not forget though I do forgive as a good Catholic. However, Joni would have to crawl over broken glass for me to forgive her silence on that diatribe.

      Trump is a big boy and can take care of himself so that is not what offended me but instead that Joni would let her in essence belittle and mock Trump supporters with those outrageous claims which is exactly what she meant to do by association that Trump is bad and a moron like his supporters.

    366. Tgca says:


      Ditto LisaB!

      Milk is tasty but it’s very inflammatory and high in carbs too – I don’t worry about fat or protein content level.

      I switched from whole milk decades ago to low fat milk then to almond milk. If I were to drink a glass of whole milk today, it feels like drinking a milkshake. Very heavy and filling and too sweet.

      Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is light and you can sweeten it to your own level which I do because I don’t like sugary or sweet drinks. Just a couple drops of stevia or a teaspoon of organic maple syrup is fine by me without the added carbs overload of milk.

      I also use non-vanilla almond milk for cooking like cream of spinach or broccoli soups or certain egg dishes like omelettes.

      I hope CashCow is not offended.

    367. Wes says:

      A culinary conversation between scrawny rabbit food eaters?


    368. Bitterlaw says:

      Sweep! The No. 1 School District in PA is also home of the 2021 Division 3A Boys and Girls Lacrosse Champions.

    369. Tgca says:

      I ignore Jadon’s comments on nutrition with his near death cholesterol levels and greasy, fat-laden American diet.

      Perhaps if he knew how to eat these things in normal proportions his risks would decline substantially but he does not since Mrs. Jadon is trying to get rid of him with numerous servings of greasy prepared red meat and pork which by the way not only lead to heart disease but higher cancer risks with high consumption backed by decades of science and studies done by real scientists, and not by bureaucrats like Dr. Fow-Chee who believes anything spoon-fed to him by W.H.O and the Chinese.

    370. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe Tgca can earn extra money by going on hunger strikes for other people. He wouldn’t even notice.

    371. Tgca says:


      Sorry to disappoint Wes.

      Here’s a juicy topic up your alley.

      Who’s more fit to be senator, Menendez or Edwards?

      Who are the smarter and more decent folks to elect senators, voters from New Jersey or North Carolina?

    372. Bitterlaw says:

      Menendez rapes children. Edwards is a scumbag. Menendez is infinitely worse.

    373. Tgca says:

      I had another exhausting day and no nap either.

      This is not what retirement should be like.

      Sprayed the mulch to rid it of some sprouting weeds. It took me like a whole 15 minutes to lug the canister around spritzing away with that little gunny thing.

      Then I went to Costco and spent nearly $700.

      Shopping is very exhausting I tell ya.

    374. Wes says:

      Edwards did what he did after leaving office, Tg. Sewer Staters reelected Menendez in 2018 despite knowing his crimes.

      You tell me.

    375. Tgca says:

      Ok. Nikki Haley vs Joni Ernst? Who’s worse?

      How about that Joni sucking up to Joy Behar?

      Too bad she just got re-elected and we can’t primary the skank.

    376. Tgca says:


      Who’s would Wes and Bitter rather have a beer with, Menendez or Edwards?

    377. Tgca says:


      So New Jersey people are morons and idiots compared to those from North Carolina is how I interpret your response.

    378. Wes says:

      Forced to decide between them, Tg, I’m choosing Edwards. He’s not a child slave rapist.

    379. Wes says:

      Well, Tarheels have never knowingly voted for a corrupt child slave-raping Senator, Tg. Sewer Staters have.

    380. Phil says:

      I never understood how ambulance chaser Edwards got elected to the Senate in the first place…but then I never understood how that state elected the loons that control their State Supreme Court or how a phony nothing like Cal Cunningham was on his way to a comfortable 4 or 5 point Senate before absolutely cutting his own throat. Who ever knows about politics.

    381. Cash Cow TM says:


      Road rage shootings kill or injure someone every 18 hours…


      NOW, I SAY!!

    382. Tgca says:

      Then it is settled!

      People from NJ are stoopid scum probably because of the toxic dumps throughout the state has impacted their ability to be rationale.

      People from North Carolina occasionally have bad judgment probably because they eat too many Krispy Kreme’s which has impacted their ability to be rationale.

    383. Tgca says:

      But which of these GOP politicians are worse human beings?


    384. Bitterlaw says:

      Only 54% voted for the rapist. So, 46% are not the horrible people Wes claims. Better than nothing.

    385. Bitterlaw says:

      I am willing to serve as the attorney for Tgca’s stomach if it wants sue him for neglect.

    386. Tgca says:

      My stomach is just fine tonight. TYVM!

      It had some Tres Leche Dulce De Leches tonight so it is quite content.

      Though I have suffered on and off from acid reflux for decades. No heart burn luckily but other symptoms since I have the silent type of the condition.

      I blame it on my boood type. AB is the newest blood type, less than a 1,000 years old and only about 3% of the population have it, and AB types are known for having stomach issues.

      I guess we need another 1,000 years for the AB type to work through the stomach issues.

      Btw, the most recommended foods for AB types are tofu and fish. Go figure, eh!

    387. michael corleone says:

      Hey #372 – lisab

      That’s how I feel about my own urine.

      H/t Patches O’Houlerhan

    388. Tgca says:

      Faw Hundwid bishes!

      Faw Hundwid I thay!

    389. Bitterlaw says:

      If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

    390. Tgca says:

      On 2nd thought. Maybe Bitter can help me sue my parents. Well, one is dead so no good there and the other should be dead soon with all her medical ailments and age…and both were poor as chit too but that’s not the point. I want a moral victory.

      Since one parent donated an A blood type and the other donated a B blood type, I should in theory be able to sue for medical conditions brought on by the combined AB blood type, specifically stomach acid issues.

    391. Bitterlaw says:

      We could sue Walt if we can prove he was the source of the A or B 1000 years ago.

    392. Tgca says:


      Can Walt pay up though?

      Don’t make no sense suing folks without deep pockets.

    393. lisab says:

      Hey #372 – lisab

      That’s how I feel about my own urine.

      H/t Patches O’Houlerhan

      ok … you made me laugh

      it is one of my favourite movies

    394. Tgca says:

      How did we ever get here?

      In recognition of Pride month these young folks were interviewed about what the Pride and American flags mean to them.

      Very sad how these kids have been indoctrinated.

      This is what is going on all around the US today thanks to educators, MSM, and Big Tech.

      This is our future with young kids in places like Radnor, PA thinking like this.

      Both Sad and Shameful!

    395. Tgca says:


      Stoopid link.

      You gotta click on it twice to get the video.

    396. Tgca says:

      Time to have an AB blood type breakfast of tofu and dairy and greens.


      We can have tofu and scrambled eggs made with almond milk, and of course spinach and kale since greens are best for AB types, and of course a bit of green tea.


    397. Tgca says:

      Lawyers for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot say she discriminated against white journalists for ONLY two days so no further injunction needed as the case is moot now.

    398. Tgca says:

      In recognition of Pride month, I think it’s time to EDUMACATE all you redneck homophobes at HHR on appropriate and preferred gay acronyms.

      I get really confused myself so hoping LisaB stops by later to offer more insight as an Expert in all things gay.

      We use to have LGB – lesbian, gay, bi

      Then it was LGBTQ – lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer

      Now I see we have LGBTQIA+ which is so long it gets it’s own line as follows:

      Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, androgynous, plus others

      …and don’t forget LGBTQQIP2SAA which seems to be a mouthful to say and is so long it gets two lines as follows:

      Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, 2-spirited, asexual, and androgynous.

      I dunno about you all but it’s hard to remember all these letters and their order…and I have no f*ckin’ idea what 2-spirit represents, but I don’t want to exclude or offend anyone so I suggest we get back to basics and refer to the varied community with many different gender identities (up to 76+ as of today) simply as:


      …or simply

      ABC123…XYZ789 for short.

      That seems totally inclusive to me now.

      Hope I did not leave anyone out.

    399. Bitterlaw says:

      Or we could refer to people as people and not care about their parts or what they do with them. But’s that’s just hate speech.

    400. Wes says:

      I never understood creating alphabet soup to describe people.

    401. Tgca says:


      Body parts? REALLY?

      Yes. I am glad you admit you’re IGORENT!

      It’s not about body parts since some of the 76+ genders are asexual and do not concern themselves with their “body parts” as you reference.

      It’s about how you feel about yourself and how you identify.

      It’s about mutual respect and understanding and opening yourself to relations with others different then your gender identity.

      It’s about being a good village idiot…uh…I mean citizen.

      Your comment is a hateful bigoted and hurtful, especially during Pride month.


      Metrosexuals are supposed to be more sensitive I thought.

    402. Tgca says:


      Sorry Wes! That’s because you’re close-minded!

      If you open yourself up to others and take the time to get to know some of the 76+ genders, you may find yourself introduced to experiences that you never imagined.

      Don’t be so quick to judge. How would you like if someone judged you because of the way you sound or where you lived?

      Reflect on that please.

    403. Gordon Allen says:

      Did anyone catch some of Biden today?
      Without the media force field shield its WOW.
      No wonder they want a separate press conference, not a joint one,with Putin.

    404. Phil says:

      I saw about ten minutes of it, Gordon, and came away thinking outside of the ridiculous positions on issues, he got through the segment I saw in good shape. No stumbles. Did something happen in the portions I missed?

    405. jason says:

      Though I have suffered on and off from acid reflux for decades.”

      Blame it on your unhealthy diet.

    406. Phil says:

      This thing with Biden not being sharp and somehow going to implode in public has always been over played. He made it through an entire campaign without it biting him. He got through both debates with Trump without a scratch wafter everyone predicted he’d come off as a bumbling fool. Now, six months in the WH and still, not a scratch.

      Mentally, I don’t see any evidence he’s gotten worse over the last two years. A few small stumbles here and there but his handlers have covered those up fine…and then there is another level of protection with a compliant press for protection should he need it.

      If he chooses, he could very easily run again in 2024. I didn’t think he could but after watching him during the first six months of his term I now believe it is entirely possible. Joe is cruising. Don’t see that changing.

    407. jan says:

      You see Biden’s behavior a little differently than I do, Phil.

      Although, he definitely has his “ok” days, overall he seems like a heavily medicated, handled with kid gloves kind of man. The MSM does valiantly try to shield his blunders, casting him in the best light possible. But, his cognitive disabilities continue to bleed through, and are captured by alternate and independent media outlets exposing both his physical and mental frailties. In fact there’s a local radio station that has established a daily segment in it’s programming called, “What did Biden say.” It features his dislocated sentences, mumbles, and incoherent ramblings – pretty pathetic.

    408. Phil says:

      That’s the deal, Jan.

      ‘’Captured by alternate and independent outlets”

      In other words, captured by a small slice of the media that is never seen or reported on to the overwhelming portion of the American electorate. The only people that see those reports are the ones that are adamantly opposed to the left anyway.

      Biden does just enough to get by and with the help of the MSM that’s plenty.

      He hasn’t even been close to being hurt.

    409. Tgca says:


      Oh Jadon. You really are a mental midget.

      Acid reflux is a medical issue that is caused by muscular and structural issues and is often genetic. It can be exacerbated by acidic and fatty and inflammation causing foods like meats, cheeses, citrus, tomatoes that seem to be your diet but there are many other causes too that has nothing to do directly with diet choices.

      It’s like saying a person who has muscular dystrophy causes the disease by trying to lift weights and overwork their muscles towards deterioration.

      Acid reflux is not caused by the diet itself but is aggravated by the diet among others things such as being over weight, pregnancy, organ alignment, nerve disease, sleeping position, lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, medication, severe stress, other diseases, etc.

      I had this decades before switching to a vegetarian diet in which I then got much relief. In fact, doctors told me decades ago to cut back or cut out beef, pork, cheese, dairy, and acidic fruits and veggies from my diet because they often cause problems for people with acid reflux.

      …and for the record, I’ll compare my lab results to yours any day.

      You are the overweight one with astronomical high cholesterol and triglycerides that are generally caused by a greasy fatty unhealthy diet and requires medical intervention.

      I have excellent blood pressure, pulse rate, cholesterol, and glucose levels and require no special diets or medication to manage weight or heart disease. What about you?

    410. jason says:

      I don’t require any special diets either.

    411. Wes says:

      Tgca vs. Peter Dinklage.

      Who wins?

      My money’s on Dinklage. He has a height, weight, and strength advantage.

    412. Gordon Allen says:

      Like when Biden welcomed the President of South Africa,literally seconds after Boris Johnson already had ,and Johnson corrected him by saying he already had?

    413. Tgca says:

      Wow! For a minute I thought this was a woke town council statement from Radnor, PA but this woke message is actually from Boris at the G7 conference.

      Build back better in a gender neutral and feminine way? REALLY?

      W]hat the people of our countries now want us to focus on [is] beating the pandemic together, and discussing how we’ll never have a repeat of what we’ve seen, but also that we’re building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and… in a more gender-neutral, and perhaps a more feminine way,” said Johnson.

    414. jan says:

      GA, I saw that Johnson/Biden clip as well. When Biden messes up he either has a deer-in+the-headlights or a zombie vacant look. Yes, Phil is right about only a supposedly small slice of the media reporting on Biden’s foibles. However, I think the smaller media is getting a larger cache of people all the time – people tired of the dishonesty and platitudes of a press dishing out propaganda rather than real news.

    415. Tgca says:

      Oh wow!

      “Some strip clubs offering ‘coronavirus-free lap dances’”

      “Mask on, clothes off lap dances” – now that’s catchy.

      Anybody else here heard about this?

    416. lisab says:

      Or we could refer to people as people and not care about their parts or what they do with them. But’s that’s just hate speech.

      wow … and i thought mitt romney was on the woke train!

    417. Cash Cow TM says:

      Is there ANYONE here that can provide me the accurate numbers of PA 2020 GE mail in ballots mailed out and mail in ballots received (and how many duplicate mail in ballots were mailed out to the same voter, and how this was resolved)?

      I have researched and found SEVERAL DIFFERENT official PA numbers of mail in ballots sent out and received…Was it over 3.1 million? or under 3.1 Million?

      Bewildering. Frustrating.

      Also, intrigued by the numbers I have read of persons in PA who requested mail in ballots who were born Jan 1, 1900 (or before)…

      And the huge number of ballots that were RETURNED before the date they were requested…

      And people who died before they requested and got a mail in ballot…

      And then of course there are stories like these…

    418. Bitterlaw says:

      Watching Bar Rescue. Oh, no! The bar is not doing well. Hope they can save it.

    419. Tgca says:

      Actor Ned Beatty, who came to prominence in the Deliverance, a southern gay film, has passed away at 83.

      He’s been a supporting and character actor in many films over the years, including as Lex Luther in Superman films.

      I thought he was a fine actor who played diverse characters but he’ll always be remembered 1st for that scene in Deliverance.

      RIP Mr. Beatty.

      You showed us how frisky those southern mountain folk can get when there’s no farm animals around.

    420. Wes says:

      Correction, Tg:

      Ned Beatty played Otis, Lex Luthor’s henchman. Gene Hackman played Luthor.

    421. Tgca says:


      Yes. Typo. Sorry! I actually thought Gene Hackman was ridiculous as Lex. Otherwise, Hackman is one of my fav actors from the 70s thru 90s.

    422. Wes says:

      At least Hackman was better than Kevin the Child Rapist Spacey, Tg. I wonder if Vic Salva, Kevin Spacey, and Bob Menendez ever hung out and discussed their crimes.

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