Murphy Dominates in NJ, Rubio Leads Two Polls in FL

    The Gubernatorial seat in the state of New Jersey still seems out of reach of Republicans in a new poll from Monmouth University.

    GOVERNOR – NEW JERSEY (Monmouth University)
    Phil Murphy (D-inc) 52%
    Jack Ciattarelli (R) 36%

    This poll was done August 11-16 among 810 registered voters. Meanwhile in Florida we have two different polls, one from and one from Susquehanna Polling and Research, that give wildly different views of the US Senate race in Florida in a potential match up between Marco Rubio and Val Demings. Either Marco Rubio is up by 11% or barely ahead by 2%.

    Marco Rubio (R-inc) 50%
    Val Demings (D) 39%

    Marco Rubio (R-inc) 48%
    Val Demmings (D) 46%

    Meanwhile in the gubernatorial race, the Susquehanna poll has Ron DeSantis up over both Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried.

    Ron DeSantis (R-inc) 46%
    Charlie Crist (D) 43%

    Ron DeSantis (R-inc) 50%
    Mikki Fried (D) 40%

    This poll was done August 4-10 among 700 registered voters.

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    1. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    2. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Remember when the Europeans were so happy when Biden replaced Trump as president?

      “German politician Armin Laschet, the heir-apparent to outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, described the situation even more harshly.

      “This is the greatest debacle that NATO has seen since its foundation, and it is an epochal change that we are facing,” he said this week.”

    3. Phil says:

      Texas Supreme Court rules unanimously that the Texas House has the power to arrest runaway Democrats and compel them to attend the legislative session.

      The stunt is just about over.

    4. Tgca says:

      Cuatro Bebe!


    5. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      5. Lets not forget another Biden decision in which he did his best to undercut U.S. vital interest. Attempting to close down U.S. oil production, and then import OPEC oil instead.

      “Yet, what does President Biden do when US gasoline prices hit their highest levels since 2014? He implores the OPEC+ group of oil producers (which includes Saudi Arabia and its allies as well as Russia) to open the oil taps. Bob McNally, a former George W. Bush administration official and one of Washington’s most influential consultant in energy affairs had this to say: “The Biden administration is under enormous political pressure due to inflation, with galloping gasoline the most publicly visible and vexing.” Scott Angelle, a former Republican lieutenant governor of Louisiana and secretary of natural resources puts it more bluntly: “The White House doubles down on favoring OPEC production while giving the middle finger to American energy jobs, American energy consumers, climate advantaged American production.””

    6. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From the Washington Post:

      “His (Biden) job approval dropped to 53 percent by June 25 and 52.2 percent by July 25. As of Wednesday, it stands at 49.6 percent. Disapprovals are also at a record high of 47.2 percent. That 2.4 percentage point net favorability is the lowest of his presidency.
      This should be especially troubling to Democrats because the polling average includes only two polls taken as Kabul was falling to the Taliban. Those polls — the GOP-leaning Rasmussen Report and the Economist/YouGov weekly survey — show Biden’s net favorability at negative eight and even, respectively. The Reuters-Ipsos poll from last week that is included in the average gave him a 51 percent favorable, 43 percent unfavorable rating. But a one-day poll taken by the company on Monday found his favorability had dropped to 46 percent, the lowest mark in that poll of his tenure.”

    7. Cash Cow TM says:

      In VA, McAwful (D) has new TV ad up saying Youngkin is soft on crime because he wants to reduce something on background checks before buying a gun.

      We will see how Youngkin responds to that…

    8. Cash Cow TM says:

      In WV, the left wing of the D party has a new group formed to defeat Manchin and all who back him.

      Movement is led by progressive Steven Smith (D) who ran for governor but failed to win primary.

    9. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Someone on RRH Elections from California indicated they received a text message from the Paffrath for governor campaign today. I did too.

      In looking at Paffrath’s website, even though he
      is a Democratic, how can you not vote for a candidate who:

      “Would seek the federal government’s help on the state’s water shortage by building a 14-foot-diameter pipeline from the Mississippi River to California”

      Plus he has a catchy campaign slogan:

      “California is beautiful. We’ve just lost our edge.”

      The irony is the guy may have a shot at winning, as he is the most well-known Democrat running as a replacement candidate. Biden better look out, a his replacement may be emerging.

    10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      9. Actually Paffrath was born in Germany, and came to the U.S. with his parents when he was 18 months old. So he does not qualify as “native born” and cannot run for president. Biden must be greatly relieved — am sure this motivated Biden to check his own birth certificate to try and remember where he was born.

    11. Wes says:

      Was either of Paffrath’s parents an American citizen, SDC? If so, he qualifies as a natural-born citizen.

    12. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is unbelievable, but typical of an Obama-appointed Federal Judge. Democrat judges have made it clear that they control this Country’s immigration policy and not the Executive Branch. We all remember The Donald’s feud with the Hawaii Judge over immigration.

      Nevada judge strikes down immigration law aimed at illegal re-entry

    13. Phil says:

      We no longer have a country, Sheeple. Just future imported Democratic voters. Millions and millions of them.

    14. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #14- Phil
      Agreed. I just read an article that RINO’s Murkowski(AK) and Cassidy(LA) have joined all Democrats in requesting that the Biden Administration expedite settlement in the USA of ALL Afghan refugees even without vetting.
      So which American city becomes the next Minneapolis full of Afghans, not Somalis?!
      Maybe these two RINO’s will settle a few in their own residences!

    15. Phil says:

      Those two don’t surprise me in the least.

    16. jason says:

      Here in Bittersville we can accommodate at least 10 Afghans, which will further diversify our diverse community.

      Total population 5,499
      Whites 5,265
      Other 234

    17. Bitterlaw says:

      Can you break down the Whites into Amish and English?

    18. jason says:

      No, but there seems to more Amish every day.

      And here is why:

      “A new census of the Amish population in the United States estimates that a new Amish community is founded, on average, about every 3 ½ weeks, and shows that more than 60 percent of all existing Amish settlements have been founded since 1990.

      This pattern suggests the Amish are growing more rapidly than most other religions in the United States, researchers say. Unlike other religious groups, however, the growth is not driven by converts joining the faith, but instead can be attributed to large families and high rates of baptism.

      In all, the census counts almost 251,000 Amish in the United States and Ontario, Canada, dispersed among 456 settlements, the communities in which members live and worship. The 1990 census estimated that there were 179 settlements in the United States.

      If the growth of the Amish population continues at its current rate, the Ohio State University researchers predict that the census could exceed 1 million Amish and 1,000 settlements shortly after 2050, and these numbers will bring economic, cultural, social and religious change to the rural areas that attract Amish settlement.”

    19. jason says:

      That is actually old data.

      The Amish population is now over 270k, of which 25% is in PA.

      Amish families have 7 children on average.

    20. jason says:

      I am not against expediting settlement of Afghan refugees.

      But I am against not vetting them.

      I think you can do both.

    21. jason says:

      I suggest expediting the vetting.

    22. jason says:

      I am not so sure the Afghans are going to be automatic Dem voters, btw.

    23. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is the Biden Administration. Do you sincerely believe it can competently do two things at one time?
      How many do you want your community to assimilate?

    24. jason says:

      Was either of Paffrath’s parents an American citizen, SDC? If so, he qualifies as a natural-born citizen.”

      Yes. The definition is really “citizenship at birth”, so a natural born citizen is one that has the right to US citizenship from birth.

      This is clear with children of military personnel and diplomatic corps, or both parents are US citizens, but for other Americans abroad if only one parent is a US citizen they will have a US residency requirement in order to have their children considered natural born. If out of wedlock it is even more complicated.

      “A person born abroad in wedlock to a U.S. citizen and an alien acquires U.S. citizenship at birth if the U.S. citizen parent has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions prior to the person’s birth for the period required by the statute in effect when the person was born.

      For birth on or after November 14, 1986, the U.S. citizen parent must have been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for five years prior to the person’s birth, at least two of which were after the age of 14.

      For birth between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, the U.S. citizen parent must have been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for 10 years prior to the person’s birth, at least five of which were after the age of 14 for the person to acquire U.S. citizenship at birth. In these cases, either the U.S. citizen parent or their alien spouse must have a genetic or gestational connection to the child in order for the U.S. parent to transmit U.S. citizenship to the child.”

    25. jason says:

      This is the Biden Administration. Do you sincerely believe it can competently do two things at one time?
      How many do you want your community to assimilate?”

      1) No.

      2) We could probably assimilate 10-15 families without any undue hardship.

    26. jason says:

      I know this will come as a big disappointment to many here, but I can’t be President.

    27. jason says:


      British Parliament holds Biden in contempt.

    28. jason says:

      Sheeple, how many do you want your community to assimilate?

    29. Bitterlaw says:

      I know this will come as a big disappointment to many here, but I can’t be President.

      Damn. Even you would not be good enough for you to support.

    30. jason says:

      My first act of office would be to grant amnesty and right of passage to the US to millions of llamas around the world, many which are at high risk of being used as beasts of burden and of persecution and execution.

      I know Cash Cow would like to offer to assimilate at least 3 llamas at Walt’s house.

    31. Tgca says:

      Thwee Thwee Bishes!

      Thwee Thwee I thay!

    32. Tgca says:


      But I can be President. Thuck it Bish!

    33. Tgca says:

      My 1st EO would be to subsidize tofu industry to ensure all families have equal access to tasty and nutritious tofu meals.

    34. jason says:

      Tgca wants to be impeached for poisoning the country on the first day.

    35. jason says:

      But I can be President. Thuck it Bish!”

      I thought you said you were half Puerto Rican.

      Remember Rockefeller Turd or whatever his name was that claimed Puerto Ricans weren’t Americans?

    36. jason says:

      Speaking of Rockefeller Turd, where is E-ric D-ondero these days? Still crapping on people’s lawns?

      I see that name is banned….

    37. Tgca says:


      I am 50% PR and 50% other white trash but I have never been to Puerto Rico, and I was born in the bee-yoo-tee-ful city of Newark, and raised there for most of my childhood.

      So that makes me eligible to be POTUS.

    38. Tgca says:

      Iran gives US middle finger now that Biden appears weakened and openly violates US led sanctions.

      So what will Biden do now?

      “Hezbollah terrorist chief Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday confirmed an oil tanker is readying to sail for Lebanon from Iran, in clear defiance of U.S. sanctions.

      If the delivery is successful it would be a direct violation of U.S. sanctions imposed on Tehran after former U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the Obama-negotiated JCPOA nuclear deal between Iran and world powers three years ago.”

    39. jason says:

      “am 50% PR”

      Sorry, not Western Civilization.

      But look, there are other jobs you can do at the WH besides President.

    40. jason says:

      This is on the money…

      Amoral Scumbag and the Biden Troll and all the other Never Trumpers own all of this.

      “Never Trump wanted Biden. They got Biden. They do not get to sit on the sidelines now and pretend to float above it all as if they predicted the disaster that we are now seeing. For four long years, Never Trump insisted that Trump voters owned every single mean tweet and decision the former president made. The rules don’t suddenly change because it’s convenient.

      Every single awful decision that Biden has made, from Afghanistan to the border to the economy, is owned by Never Trump. They had the chance during 2020 to stay out of the mix, leave their ballots blank, and hold onto some semblance of the high ground. Instead, they soaked up cable news hits and actively sought to elect the most incapable, morally disastrous president in the nation’s history (yes, morality does extend beyond the bounds of tweeting).”

    41. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Paffrath’s parents were immigrants from Germany. He cannot be president.

    42. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Kamala Harris in Rasmussen Poll:

      “In the latest survey charting her fall in popularity, Rasmussen Reports said that just 43% believe that she’s qualified to run the nation versus 55% who do not believe that she is qualified. Of that, 47% of likely voters said she is “not at all qualified.””

    43. Truther says:

      I believe she is qualified.

    44. NYCmike says:

      Bomb threats in D.C. and in Times Square……some people are really going to have fun in the coming months/years, and more federal government control will be the go-to option for most liberals and assorted snowflakes.

    45. Tgca says:


      I meet the citizenship criteria. One side of my family traces its roots in the US back to at least 1709 so I was American before America was America.

      You on the other hand swam over here illegally less than 3 decades ago and lived off of us taxpayers so you certainly do not meet the citizen requirements to be POTUS.

      You should be grateful that I supported you.

    46. NYCmike says:


      Has MD expressed any outrage on Facebook about Biden?

      Or is he fine with the activities going on?

    47. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Two remarkable lines in today’s papers from @Steven_Swinford @benrileysmith
      — UK military left in the dark by the US about timings and pace of their withdrawal… UK official confirms this is the case
      — Biden ignored Boris Johnson’s attempts to speak on the phone for 36+ hours

    48. NYCmike says:

      -Does Biden know who Boris Johnson is, or what UK stands for??

      “CG”, where are you?

    49. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Facebook has an established track record of censoring conservative media. It censored the New York Post twice, first for the Hunter Biden laptop story and then for a negative story about a Black Lives Matter co-founder. It censored Tucker Carlson’s page, reducing the Fox News host’s reach on the platform little more than a month before the 2020 election. It censored the Wall Street Journal over an op-ed on coronavirus.

      And it censored Breitbart News — for a live video of a press conference.

      “Despite this demonstrable bias, over the last three months, the official Breitbart News page on Facebook generated nearly 40 million interactions — more than the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and HuffPo combined.”

    50. NYCmike says:


      What was that other website I used to go on with you and the crazy liberals?

      That place must be making up excuses left and right now!

    51. NYCmike says:

      Has Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat censored the Taliban?

    52. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      55. Of course not. They hate the U.S. It falls into the leftist narrative.

    53. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      President Biden in an interview with ABC that aired Thursday said “no one’s being killed” in Afghanistan despite reports of at least seven deaths amid the chaos at Kabul’s airport and of Taliban beating people on their way to the airport.

      “BERLIN — German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle says the Taliban shot and killed a family member of one of their reporters in Afghanistan and severely injured a second family member.

      “The broadcaster said in a statement on Thursday that Taliban fighters were looking for the Deutsche Welle reporter and searching homes in western Afghanistan. It said other family members managed to escape.””

    54. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election Held Today, as Nearly 1 in 10 Democrats ‘Regret’ Their 2020 Vote.

    55. NYCmike says:

      “Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election Held Today, as Nearly 1 in 10 Democrats ‘Regret’ Their 2020 Vote”

      -By Tuesday, November 5th, with the combined efforts of the media and people like “CG”, that 10% of Democrats with half of a brain will be safely back on the Democratic Party plantation.

    56. NYCmike says:

      that date is for 2024.

    57. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The problem is, Britain had very little to say about the timing or tactics of the most recent withdrawal, even though it suffered the second-most casualties among Western nations in the Afghanistan war after the United States. That has left British officials embarrassed and embittered at President Biden. Some say he behaved more like his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, than an ally who promised a new era of American partnership.

      “He hasn’t just humiliated America’s Afghan allies,” said Rory Stewart, a former British cabinet minister with lengthy experience in Afghanistan. “He’s humiliated his Western allies by demonstrating their impotence.””

    58. Wes says:

      After ordering the deaths of literally thousands of elderly people in New York and leaving office in disgrace over putting his hands on seemingly every woman in sight, Cuomo will now receive a generous retirement package from the State of New York:

      That’s a rather disgusting irony.

    59. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      60. Biden will not run for re-election in 2024, and may even leave office earlier. If Biden runs, he will likely be defeated in the Democratic primary.

    60. NYCmike says:

      “Some say he behaved more like his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, than an ally who promised a new era of American partnership.”

      -Who is “some”?

      Name names, or the editor should remove from the story!

    61. NYCmike says:

      -This one may be dumber than Biden!

      “CG”, where are you?

    62. Phil says:

      President Drooling Joe has now returned to Delaware for a long weekend.

    63. Tgca says:

      Thix theven I thay.

      Thix theven!

    64. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      66. It is so strenuous for Biden at Camp David. His afternoon nap is often disturbed. He already announced we were fleeing Afghanistan, why do they keep disturbing him?

    65. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Three US senators — Angus King of Maine, Roger Wicker of Mississippi and John Hickenlooper of Colorado — announced separately Thursday they have tested positive for Covid-19. All three have been vaccinated.”

      They are still claiming infection of the vaccinated is rare.

    66. Wes says:

      That John Hickenlooper is a Senator is a slap in the face to the body. He was a lackluster Governor with a known history of corruption who beat a credible Senator who had voted only slightly to the right of the state.

      I can but hope Colorodans will come to their senses by 2026 and send him back home.

    67. NYCmike says:

      “60. Biden will not run for re-election in 2024, and may even leave office earlier. If Biden runs, he will likely be defeated in the Democratic primary.”

      -The thinking of the voters should apply to any Democratic nominee.

    68. NYCmike says:

      They are in lockstep with each other.

    69. NYCmike says:

      “That John Hickenlooper is a Senator is a slap in the face to the body. He was a lackluster Governor with a known history of corruption who beat a credible Senator who had voted only slightly to the right of the state.”

      -No “deadender” blame for this one?

    70. Wes says:

      I can’t blame a Deadender when there’s not one to blame, Mikey. Cory Gardner had high favorables, performed better than Hick in the debates, and highlighted the former Governor’s corruption. There was literally nothing else he could do in the race. Colorodans just wanted a far-left empty suit in the Senate. Hick won 53-44, so I can’t blame a nonexistent entity for Gardner’s loss.

    71. Phil says:

      Nope. Nothing more than Colorado joining Virginia as far ally reliably red states now solidly blue – Gardner had no chance. Colorado now just another blue brick in the New Democratic one party America,

    72. Wes says:

      I mean, to be fair, Mikey, I know you’re glad Hick won since Schumer wouldn’t be Senate Majority Leader without him. I can’t say a Deadender was responsible when Gardner lost simply because of the inflexible nature of the state.

    73. Phil says:


      I wish I could actually type worth a damn.

    74. NYCmike says:

      #76 – tiring, and not funny.

      Just stop.

      Odd that in these all-mail-in states, NO WAY there could be any corruption……….right?

    75. Wes says:

      Well, if you think Gardner–who won an all-mail race–lost because of fraud, then make a credible allegation to the appropriate authorities, Mikey.

    76. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – I have not discussed politics with MD for years. He does not post about it.

    77. Wes says:

      Who was trying to be funny, Mikey? Your slobbering devotion to Schumer has been apparent for years.

    78. Phil says:

      Gardner lost because he had an R by his name in another state that, like the nation as a whole, has turned blue. No fraud.

      Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada – fraud was rampant and it made all the difference.

    79. Just Fill Out The Census says:

      Ron Desantis is an a$$hole.

    80. Wes says:

      Thank you for your illuminating commentary, JFOTC.

    81. Phil says:

      Yes, that was indeed illuminating. A real contribution to the thread. What an intellectual.

    82. Cash Cow TM says:

      I heard on the news that there
      were several thousand people trying to flee Ghannystan
      who are in Limbo. Now sure if Limbo is near Kandahar or near Kabul.

    83. Cash Cow TM says:

      Not sure…

    84. Tgca says:

      This fother mucker Dem Congressman tells CNN the Americans stranded in Kabul who can’t get to the airport are not worth the risk of escalating violence. It’s not sensible to provide them safe passage he says.

      So in essence. Sorry! You dumb Americans are stuck Afghanistan after the US empties the airport and exits the country. Thank you for giving your life for your country. Buh-bye!

      “Rep. Garamendi: “We’re going to send American troops in the heart and into the streets of Kabul to extract people? It makes no sense whatsoever. We do control the airport. We’re going to do the very best we can and the people in Kabul and other parts of the country are going to have to do the very best they can to get there. There is no way the American military should use military force to go to someone’s house or some building somewhere to extract people. That will create a very significant problem and a very significant loss of life on both sides… To provide safe passage from parts of a huge city? No way—not sensible.”

    85. Cash Cow TM says:

      Heard that Biden is considering resigning and getting into the electric car business. Others had the Colt, and we have the Volt and the Bolt.

      Biden could put a hood ornament of himself on each car and call it the Dolt.

    86. Wes says:

      That’s hilarious, Walt.

    87. Tgca says:

      Sick Ho Skanky Bish thinks pedo philes should be accepted group and that we all have a bit of pedo philia in us.

      What is wrong with these artistic folks who routinely excuse pedo philes?

      …refers to pedo philia as “a marginalised, vulnerable group that has been treated as sickening scum by the decent moralistic community for years”

      …went on to say in the letter that “most pedo philes never engage in pedo phile acts” and “that every human being is sometimes attracted to innocence and youthfulness”.

      She continued: “I think it is very dangerous to demonise and silence pedo philia.

      “In this way, the pedo phile is almost forced into a position of illegality and perverted criminality. If you yell at someone long enough, ‘You’re sick and disgusting, get under a rock!’ you just get the pedo sexual excesses and child por nography we all want to avoid.”

    88. Wes says:


    89. Tgca says:


      I do believe there are those in the arts community that seem more open to this than others, as if it’s some sort of expression of love that others can’t understand, and if you challenge it somehow you’re considered ignorant. It’s why Hollywood gave Roman Polanski a roaring standing ovation when he won the academy award for The Pianist.

      I’m not talking about a 16 or 17 year old here that may meet the age of consent rules in certain states or countries. We’re talking about young children here.

      I just posted the other day where for example, Barbra Streisand, excused the accused behavior of Michael Jackson with young boys as:

      “his sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has.”

      How does one excuse that? We do know many abusers were also abused as children but you still don’t tolerate it as acceptable behavior.

    90. Phil says:

      Texas Democrats have folded. Issued a statement declaring victory and said they have decided to return to Austin to complete the legislative session. I guess they ran out of Beto’s $$. Those Washington DC hotel bills add up.

      Anyway, this all ended in the only way it ever could end. One of the most moronic political stunts in my memory.

      The Texas Voting bill will pass very quickly.

    91. Cash Cow TM says:

      “That’s hilarious, Walt.”

      Walt says to say Thank You.
      He contrived that joke just today, so it it brand new.

      Walt tried that joke on Mrs. Walt and it bombed with her.

    92. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      EXCLUSIVE #kabulairport #Afghanistan

      Friction at airport between US & UK forces Commanders.

      US forces won’t leave airport due to Taliban deal.

      2 Para still running patrols into Kabul to collect people from safe houses.

      US unhappy with Paras saying it puts their deal at risk.

    93. NYCmike says:

      “US unhappy with Paras saying it puts their deal at risk.”

      -Reminds me of this scene…..except in this case, United States is Tessio.

    94. NYCmike says:

      -This guy knows how to frame issues.

      Love Trump, but right now I think DeSantis would be the better choice…….that said, if Trump tries to run again, it would be tough to NOT roll with him.

    95. NYCmike says:


    96. NYCmike says:


    97. NYCmike says:


      Have you seen the person you voted for??

      Nobody has…….

    98. Cash Cow TM says:

      The Washington Football Team has reportedly narrowed their list of potential names down to 3 options, per the team’s “Making the Brand” series.

      Their finalists come from these eight:

      – Armada
      (name probably offends those are against war or get seasick
      – Presidents
      (name probably offends people who are triggered by any word that includes within it the word “side” or “dents”. But at least when they play poorly fans can say “they are not MY presidents!”)
      – Brigade
      (name probably offends people who spent time in the ‘brig’)
      – RedHogs
      (name probably offends groups of people who refuse to eat pig)
      – Commanders
      (name has the word “MAN” in it–enough said..)
      – RedWolves
      (I thought “REDS” were commies?)
      – Defenders
      (probably triggers people who had auto accidents and bent “de fender”)
      – WFT
      ( I personally like this one if they reversed the last two letters)

    99. Cash Cow TM says:

      The U.S. Sec. of State is named Blinken?

      Please tell me his first name is “Abr”.

      Abe Blinken.

      say it…

    100. Wes says:


      I see the person you voted for in 1998, 2004, 2010, and 2016 almost every time I watch news about the Senate.

    101. NYCmike says:


    102. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I’m embarrassed for the people who voted for Joe Biden. Imagine being responsible for this failure of a president?

    103. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Obama was right on Biden: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f… things up.”

      “Biden telling staff he wants to go back to Delaware. Hasn’t been sleeping well all this week. Thinks he will be more functional if he stays over at home in Wilmington,” Posobeic reported.
      Just an hour after Posobiec dropped this tweet, WMAL News reported that Biden would in fact be going home to Wilmington, Delaware for a long weekend.

      So Biden wants to take a nap; while Americans stay awake watching the Afghanistan nightmare.

    104. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A factor they may go against Trump if he runs for president in 2024 is age.

      Biden is now 78 years of age; he often appears in a fog mentally, and is snappy and defensive. It is very possible that dementia is setting in. He may not serve out his full term.

      Trump will be 78 in 2024, the same age as Biden now. The voters may be wary of another elderly president. If Trump retains his mental abilities, and remains sharp and quick-witted, then can see him running again. But if he is showing any signs of mental deterioration, he needs to move aside and support DiSantis.

    105. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A group of US diplomats wrote a classified cable to Secretary of State Antony Blinken in mid-July warning that swift action needed to be taken because they believed the situation in Afghanistan could rapidly deteriorate and they feared a catastrophe.”

      CNN has turned on Biden, and is being very critical. MSNBC is trying to do damage control for Biden, primary by trying to ignore Afghanistan and attempt to focus on other issues.

      British press and politicans are blasting Biden, the Labour leader referred to “a catastrophic error of judgment.”

      Mitt Romney blasted Biden: “The President’s failure to acknowledge his disastrous withdrawal provides no comfort to Americans or our Afghan partners whose lives hand in the balance. Contrary to his claims, our choice was not between a hasty and ill-prepared retreat or staying foever. The decision to place a higher priority on a political promise than on the lives of innocent men, women and children is a stain on American’s reputation and undermines our credibility around the world.”

      So on Friday are we going to get another speech from a bitter, angry old man, who blames everyone but himself for the Afghan fiasco, or did Biden’s handlers prepare a speech for him that actually admits he acted wrongly, and will take decisive action to remedy the situation?

    106. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      91. Tgca, if you want to talk about pedophiles, let’s not forget Harvey Milk. He was involved with underaged boys, and his living with a 16 year old run away boy was well known. It can be easily found on the Internet.

      I knew some people who challenged the naming of a street after him because of it in a western city. They were ignored.

      Add to that his support of the People’s Temple, and his letters written in praise of Jim Jones in Jonestown shortly before they drank the Kool aid. Milk really was a maladorous human being.

    107. Phil says:

      Pentagon spokesman refuses to acknowledge problem of Americans being able to get to the Kabul airport. Does acknowledge that there is some “congestion” around the airport.

      Got that? Apparently the Taliban controlling the streets with guns isn’t really a thing. It’s just some “congestion” outside the airport, some sort of traffic jam apparently.

      You got to love this administration.

    108. Phil says:

      Biden to address the nation once again at 1:00 today to once again explain himself. Yep. He’s going to be taking a chunk of his vacation time.

      Seriously, folks. How lousy must his internal polling be for him to once again do this.

      Let me give you a preview. He will read a lot of bullsh*t off a teleprompter and then walk away without taking questions.

    109. jason says:

      So on Friday are we going to get another speech from a bitter, angry old man, who blames everyone but himself for the Afghan fiasco, or did Biden’s handlers prepare a speech for him that actually admits he acted wrongly, and will take decisive action to remedy the situation?”

      I would go with Door A.

    110. Phil says:

      Well, Jason, it sure ain’t going to be door #2.

      It will be some BS attempt to spin spin spin and then rely on his trained media monkeys to amplify his new talking points.

      Will he take questions? Almost no chance of that. why? Because he’s not capable of doing so without stepping all over his Bullsh*t speech talking points. He’d further expose himself as the incompetent, clueless Moron that he is. His handlers are terrified of anything off script with this guy….as well they should be.

      Now, walking away without taking questions again is going to look bad so might he take a few planted questions from a couple of his stooges in the press? Possible, if it is rehearsed enough but even that is risky. I mean, what happens if he accidentally drops his index cards with his canned answers or accidentally reads the wrong card to answer the wrong question?

    111. Phil says:

      Jennifer Rubin already released her analysis of the speech calling it the greatest ever. Compares it to the Gettysburg Address.

    112. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 46%
      Disapprove 49%
      1,002 Adults, 8/18-19

    113. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If anyone had any doubt that Biden was not a morally rotten human being:

      “WASHINGTON, Aug 20 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden is brushing off criticism of his administration’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal because he and his aides believe the political fallout at home will be limited, according to White House allies and administration officials.”

    114. Phil says:

      Biden’s stooges in the media will have Biden back to 50 within a week as long as the Taliban doesn’t kill any Americans. So far the Taliban is cooperating with that. Looks like Biden has been incredibly lucky.

    115. Cash Cow TM says:


      I blame the media for the steep collapse of U.S. society.

      The MSM is obsessed with fear mongering and 30 second coverage of crisis after crisis instead of presenting IN DEPTH reporting of both sides of a story fairly.

      Take the “George Floyd” riots.
      We all know how the MSM reported that the protests were mostly peaceful (while buildings and police cars burned in the background).NEVER saw an in depth report on BLM, ANTIFA, etc. and what they push and stand for.

      Take the 2020 election.
      The MSM (fully in tank for Biden) frames the issue of voting irregularities as all baseless and without merit. “Nothing to see here, let’s move on.” MSM reports that 40 or 60 or whatever courts in various states have RULED there was no fraud or irregularities. In reality, NO COURT in ANY state has granted standing and allowed a court case to proceed where whatever evidence is presented and ruled upon.

      Thus, half the country feels certain the election was fraught with irregularities and fraud in key states that wrongly elected Biden.

      I have seen NO REPORTING explaining why hundreds of thousands of votes were taken FROM TRUMP totals on live TV election coverage in a couple key states.

      I have seen NO REPORTING of (captured by VIDEOS!) why suitcases full of ballots were pulled from beneath tables in GA and proceeded to be counted when no election observers were present.

      NO REPORTING explaining videos of election workers in GA and other states tallying the same stack of ballots several times.

      I have seen NO REPORTING explaining why in various states filled-out mail in ballots were received BEFORE they were sent out.

      Seen NO REPORTING explaining why it is legitimate that in various states stacks of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots were NOT FOLDED–despite the fat they had folds when they were mailed out.

      NO REPORTING of the numbers of people who voted in NV who also voted in CA, absentee votes cast by persons other than the registered voters, absentee ballots cast by people who no longer resided in NV, large numbers of votes cast by people who were not registered to vote by the deadline in various states, people who came to vote in person and were told they had already voted by mail-in (when that had not happened) and were denied a chance to vote, etc.

      Have seen VERY LITTLE REPORTING and follow up of election officials in various places breaking state election law and DENYING access, or making it nearly impossible for poll watchers, to oversee the counting

      If the MSM DID THEIR REAL JOB and reported facts on both sides and a real forensic audit was done in 5 or so key states it would have either proved the charges of irregularities groundless and more people would have accepted the election results and moved on–OR, it would have shown there was enough fraud and irregularities to change the outcome and steps would be taken to rectify the situation and people would have seen this play out and accepted the outcome and moved on.

      Take COVID.
      MSM parrots the D line and in their 30 seconds of COVID coverage glossing over real concerns of various people about CDC, effectiveness of economic shutdowns, mask mandates, the fact that 30% of new CA COVID cases are of those who HAVE ALREADY BEEN VACCINATED, etc.

      So the result is maximize the fear factor and lable anyone who has a dissenting view as lunatics who deny science–thereby poking the bear and encouraging social turmoil, discord and dissent in the U.S.

      Now I feel better.

    116. lisab says:

      no flights from afghanistan for 8 hours

      because the admin doesn’t know where to put them

    117. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow had a dream last night….

      Dreamed that the Biden government had collapsed and convoys of tens of thousands of pickup trucks armed with all kinds of weapons had descended on Washington, D.C.

      The iron fences surrounding the White House were trying to be secured by BLM and ANTIFA forces, and Biden and his pals were being evacuated from D.C. by helicopters that had landed on the roof. Biden was filling the helos with plagiarized speeches and whatever government property he could steal, and his son Hunter was filling one helo with all his valuable paintings.

      Fearing for their lives, reporters from the MSM were clamoring at the White House gates to get access into the sanctuary with hopes of also being airlifted out to Delaware to safety.

      In a way, it was a pleasant dream…

    118. lisab says:

      Cow had a dream last night

      that one day that angus and holsteins, hereford and brangus will all make milk together … walk out of the barn and moo …

      free hay at last, free hay at last, thank god almighty free hay at last!

    119. GF says:


      New VA poll out (2 weeks in the field, though…):

      McAuliffe (D) 46
      Youngkin (R) 38

      Lt. Gov.
      Ayala (D) 42
      Sears (R) 36

      Herring (D-inc.) 45
      Miyares (R) 37

      (8/3-17, 558 LVs, ±5.2%)

    120. Cash Cow TM says:

      Leaked copy of Biden’s speech today:
      “We have had hundreds of thousands of deaths in Gannystan over the last 20 years. So what if another 100,000 die. At least the survivors of these internal changes (which are all caused by Trump) will not be dead. Better to be burkha-ed and raped above ground than to be beheaded and dead. Better to be alive under Tallywacker control than dead. We have to trust the Tallywackers. Come on man!”

      “I would also like to say that we have asked the Tallywackers to PLEASE, please return all the U.S. military equipment via Amazon. The U.S. will gladly pay the delivery fees and charges.”

      “And if you–the Tallywackers–commit human rights violations, or refuse to wear masks or wash your hands frequently, we are prepared to send a sternly worded message to you via international channels condemning you in the strongest possible way. We will even ask the international drug community and the U.S. users to boycott any heroin derived drugs that originate in Gannystan.”

      “Finally, as you know, my son Hunter has some of his paintings for sale. I encourage you to snap them up.”

      “And by the way, Don’t ever forget that Trump is also to blame for the forest fires in CA and all the string of Hurricanes and tropical storms causing damage and flooding. And for the resurgence of COVID and for your gout, if you suffer from gout. And Trump is also to blame for a million illegals flooding across the southern border and for galloping inflation.”

      “Good evening, and God Bless America!”

      Turns and walks away while saying in the still hot mike…

      “Now how the fVck do I get to the airport to get back to Deleware?”

    121. lisab says:

      “Now how the fVck do I get to the airport to get back to Deleware?”

      did you see the video where he got lost walking from the helicopter to the wh?

    122. lisab says:

      new poll from CG Polling

      which do you prefer

      A.) biden’s moral leadership: 87% (moral people)
      B.) trump’s mean tweets: 13% (deplorable hicks)

    123. lisab says:

      disturbing video from msnbc kabul

      marines stealing babies from afghans

    124. Cash Cow TM says:

      A video of Biden administration foreign policy:

    125. lisab says:

      well biden’s speech makes me feel a lot better

      i guess everything is under control

      no need to panic

    126. Skippy says:

      Biden must leave his office as President of the United States immediately.

    127. lisab says:

      everything is fine …

    128. lisab says:

      biden takes his role a c-in-c seriously

    129. lisab says:

      will any reporter go off script?

    130. lisab says:

      the buck stops with him …

      but since inflation under this administration …

      it is only worth 10 cents

    131. Dylan says:

      Total scripted bs nonsense questions approved in advance
      Omg….pablum smegma platitude nonsense

    132. NYCmike says:

      -Looks like they are looking for Biden as well…..

      “CG”, where are you? How is your boy Biden doing?

    133. lisab says:

      the german luftwaffe often paused flights out of stalingrad

      i don’t know why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist about this

    134. lisab says:

      cnn: biden more in command

    135. lisab says:

      jimmy carter has been invited to white house for crisis management session

    136. lisab says:

      cnn started supportive

      but made the mistake of calling their reporter live in kabul

      they are just letting her talk …

      basically she is saying, “everything biden just said is bs!”

    137. lisab says:

      cnn is about 50-50 on supporting biden

    138. Phil says:

      Lisa must be sitting in an airport.

    139. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Both Kamala Harris and Blinken were looking at Biden with fear of what the demented old man was going to say.

      When near the end Biden bathered about the 300 troops of Afghan army, you could see the “here he goes again” look on their face.

    140. lisab says:

      Lisa must be sitting in an airport.

      i often watch cnn, msnbc is too partisan for my taste

    141. lisab says:

      Kamala Harris looked like she was in a burkha

    142. NYCmike says:

      -Uh oh!

      This may prove that the Capitol attack was a coordinated insurrection! If the FBI can’t find evidence then………

    143. Cash Cow TM says:

      Yeah, I also caught that reference from Biden about the big 300 man Gannystan army.

    144. Cash Cow TM says:


      Pay no attention to the news media videos showing absolute chaos in Gannystan.

      All is going smooth as silk.

    145. Cash Cow TM says:

      After 3+ weeks of virtual rainless drought,
      the heavens have opened up and we are getting a DELUGE!

    146. Cash Cow TM says:

      I am speaking of it raining very hard and steady here…

    147. lisab says:

      moving trucks at cuomo’s

    148. NYCmike says:

      I hope Mama made extra meatballs!

    149. Phil says:

      Does Kamala ever do anything but serve as a prop standing behind Biden when he speaks? Just wondering….and is that supposed to somehow be comforting to anybody?

    150. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – I am in Pittsburgh. Sorry I could not report on Biden’s speech for you. I am sure it sucked.

    151. Wes says:

      Mikey, the real reason the American people ran Trump out of Washington was that he was a narcissistic blowhard with no filter whose histrionics didn’t age well.

      Had he not continually gotten in his own way, he may well have secured a second term.

    152. NYCmike says:


      So you wanted him to change after 70+ years of being the guy who got himself elected President in his first political campaign?

      I guess you think Tink will eventually become a nun?

    153. lisab says:

      How climate change helped strengthen the Taliban


    154. Tgca says:

      Won thixty thwee I thay!

      Won thixty thwee!

    155. Tgca says:


      BS NYC!!! Don’t be soooo stoopid!

      We know this mob had a coordinated effort of thousands directed by Trump to over throw the gubbermint and rape AOC.

      As AOC stated herself, she was fearful for her life even though she was not in the building at the time.

      Screw the evidence! Women must be believed!!!

      If AOC says they were insurrectionists and she felt like it was rape, then it was.

      Got it?

    156. Tgca says:

      Maybe it’s me but don’t these fools all dressed in black with black masks in stoic stance look like some sort of evil Ninja clan or rejects from The Matrix?

      Visuals matter just as much as words.

    157. Tgca says:

      Won thixthee thix Bishes!

      Won thixthee thix I thay!

    158. Tgca says:

      Won thixthee theven fotha muckas!

      Won thixthee theven I thay!

    159. Tgca says:

      Good Lord! Can’t these folks coordinate messaging?

      Tweet below shows Austin contradicts Biden after presser.

      Biden claims Americans are able to get to airport to be evacuated and Austin saying reports Americans being harassed and beaten by Taleebon. Some of the retweet’s are revealing as to the contradictions.

      Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in a briefing call with House lawmakers just now said Americans have been beaten by the Taliban in Kabul, according to multiple people on the call. Austin called it “unacceptable.”

    160. lisab says:

      biden left military aircraft for the taliban

      how is that possible?

    161. lisab says:

      ok … new rule …

      if we leave a country … take or destroy the military aircraft …

    162. Tgca says:

      We need to have a show of force and intimidate the Taleebon.

      Show them what a strong no-nonsense military looks like.

      This will scare those Taleebon bishes back into the mountains.

    163. Tgca says:

      Oh no! Austin releases evidence of disheveled and battered American by the Taleebon in Kabul.

      This has got to stop!!!–rosie-odonnell-o-donnell.jpg

    164. Hugh says:

      The only reason they have not thrown Biden out is that Kamala is even less liked.

    165. GF says:

      More VA gov showing it a close race, but not as good for downballot Rs;

      McAuliffe 40%
      Youngkin 37%

      Ayala 39%
      Sears 31%

      Herring 41%
      Miyares 31%

      Ds ahead 44-40 for the state assembly generic ballot.

    166. Just Fill Out The Census says:

      Republicans aren’t winning the VA Governor election. Talk about an LOL moment!

    167. GF says:

      175- Just the kind of insightful commentary and discussion we’ve always wanted and gotten. Absolutely marvelous!

    168. Wes says:

      You once told us the 2014 elections were going to be 1998 Redux, JFOTC. I’m hoping you’re as prescient this year as back then.

    169. Wes says:

      How go things, GF?

    170. Just Fill Out The Census says:

      NY needs leadership. With the approaching hurricane, I call on the governor to order all churches closed until further notice. They are Covid centers anyway so he will be doing the people a favor.

    171. Wes says:

      JFOTC, Schu York hasn’t had competent leadership in over a decade.

      Your request is laughable by the way.

    172. GF says:

      Managing here, Wes; got a hernia while working on a ship, so I’ve been home this week waiting on the VA to get me in for a surgical consult. Mind you, I went into the ER nine days ago, and will go to the consult on Monday, so only a 12 day wait for a mere consult. Not bad for socialized medicine (of course, they filed my case as “elective surgery” initially, ER visit notwithstanding. My Primary Care doctor had to intervene and reclassify it as “urgent”).

    173. Cash Cow TM says:

      Youngkin (R–candidate in VA) now had response ads up to McAwful’s ads claiming Youngkin is soft on crime.

      Well done response ad…

    174. Cash Cow TM says:

      Just Fill Out As Many Mail-In Ballots You Can Lay Your Hands On

    175. Wes says:

      Those are mirages, Walt. Jason told us the media will refuse to air GOP ads; ergo, Youngkin can’t have any ads on the air.

    176. Truther says:

      I am re thinking my vote for Biden. This is awful..

      Maj Gen Christopher Donahue has told his British Army counterpart, a high-ranking field-grade officer of the British army’s 22nd Special Air Service Regiment, that British operations were embarrassing the United States military in the absence of similar US military operations……

    177. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 38%
      Disapprove 51%
      ,327 LV, 8/16-18

    178. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Can this get any worse? Biden told a rambling bunch of lies at his news conference.

      “Pentagon Contradicts Biden: Al Qaeda And ISIS Still “Have A Presence” In Afghanistan.”

    179. Wes says:

      Another impossible poll, SDC.

      The media are omnipotent and will ensure Biden stays at 50%. So I read on HHR anyway.

    180. Phil says:

      It can and will get worse, SDC. I don’t, however, believe the lies have anything to do with Biden’s mental condition. He and his administration are lying because they are simply used to lying and getting away with it. They don’t believe the media will call them out…and, why should they believe it? The media always covers for the left. It always has and it always will. Hell, the media IS the left.

    181. Wes says:

      Jon Ralston is critical of Adam Laxalt’s chances of unseating Catherine Cortes Masto in NV.

      Of course Ralston, while usually right, rarely thinks any Republican can win in that state, 2014 being the exception.

      Laxalt seems to be a wave baby, having beaten the scion of another prominent NV political family, Ross Miller, in 2014 and lost narrowly to current Governor Steve Sisolak in 2020.

      If Laxalt does win, then 2022 is likely to be an exceptional year for the GOP nationwide.

    182. Phil says:

      Just keep poo pooing the power of the media, Wes.

      The media put this drooling idiot in the WH. That was living proof of their power. A pretty remarkable accomplishment actually.

    183. Phil says:

      A Republican winning in Nevada? Never again. The Nevada legislature codified voter fraud into Nevada law.

      Nevada is gone.

    184. Wes says:

      The media didn’t hurt Biden’s efforts, Phil, but I tend to think Trump didn’t help himself with his antics while President.

    185. Phil says:

      ….oh, and Biden’s media monkeys will have Biden back up to 50 within a month.

      Hide and watch.

    186. Phil says:

      Didn’t hurt his efforts? Are you kidding?

      I’d say they picked him up and carried him across the finish line in the three states he needed to get to 270.

      You don’t think the ten day blackout on the Hunter Biden laptop story wasn’t good for 40K votes? How about the week long fake quote from Trump that “Americans who died in combat were losers’’. God, I could go on and on and on. The bullsh*t four year Russian Collusion 24/7 lie?

      They absolutely put that MF in the WH. Not even a question.

    187. Wes says:

      Despite all that, Phil, had Trump not made giving his political enemies ammunition to use against him a cottage industry, he probably would have beaten Biden.

    188. lisab says:

      All presidents deserve tough questions and follow up questions. Why does it feel like only Dem presidents get the tough questions for the last 20 years?

    189. Phil says:

      I’m not disputing that, Wes. I’m just saying that the media made the final difference. Without the media putting their thumb heavily on the scale, Trump would have won in spite of his blunders.

      The media is powerful. How about another bet? The media will have Biden back at 50 plus by this time next month.

      You game?

    190. lisab says:

      Hate to say it but in some way Trump was right about the media in America… it is not because they are criticizing Biden, it’s because they are doing it just for ratings. The media profits from scandals, from division, from sensationalism and before Afghanistan Biden had non of them. He was “bad for ratings” “boring” and a president who didn’t generate the endless circus of news Trump did.

      This honestly woke me up to how shtty “the media” can be. Fox News, terrible fascists as always. But I had better expectations for CNN, AP, and other major companies. They are not nearly as bad as Fox News, but they clearly had intentions, and it wasn’t to simply inform.

    191. lisab says:

      Honestly, this is the first brave thing a president has done since…not in my lifetime, and I’ve been around since Reagan.

      I don’t even like Biden, but this is the first sign I’ve seen of a drawdown of American Imperialism in my life, and I will give him the enormous credit he deserves for taking the L on this one.

    192. Phil says:

      Gee, Lisa. CNN and the AP has intentions other than to inform?

      You don’t say.

    193. lisab says:

      If you’re not a manufacturing consent type of person I think you should pay a little more attention to what commercials are on Morning Joe. Think about it why would the Press which has been fully an unbelievably supportive of Biden suddenly turn on him to such an extent do you think it’s all just the individual presenters personal opinions? Corporations benefit from the military-industrial complex and the never ending Wars and Biden just heroically took away their piggy bank

    194. lisab says:

      I like that Biden takes responsibility for these things, unlike Trump.

    195. Phil says:

      Fox News is fascist and Biden was “brave”

      Okee dokee. Lisa.

      I think I owe bitter an apology. He really did have you pegged.

    196. Phil says:

      Take responsibility? LOL The guy has spent an entire week doing everything but. What news cycle have you been watching?

    197. lisab says:

      🙂 i’m trolling you Phil

      these are quotes from a dem social media site

    198. lisab says:

      Crazy how badly the media wants Trump to be president again. Gotta get those clicks, views, ratings, and dollars.

    199. lisab says:

      Biden is doing great. Trump would have stormed out long ago. This is what cool, calm, collected and competent leadership looks like.

    200. lisab says:

      The Americans in Afghanistan have known since last year that Trump made a deal with the Taliban to pull out. How is it his fault that these people didn’t leave? Sure try and get who ever is left now but to say Biden fked this up when these people stayed there on their own is really a stretch.

    201. Bitterlaw says:

      You were right the first time. Phil. The first rule of Classical Liberal Lockean Club is you don’t troll people with dem social media sites.

    202. lisab says:

      The first rule of Classical Liberal Lockean Club is you don’t troll people with dem social media sites.

      no that is exactly the first rule

    203. Bitterlaw says:

      Jimmy John’s and Rite-Aid are to Pittsburgh what Dunkin‘ Donuts and CVS are to Boston.

    204. lisab says:

      Thank you President Biden. I am thankful for your leadership to stop these senseless wars.

    205. Bitterlaw says:

      I guess lisab got tired of stealing from the Bee.

    206. BayernFan says: