McAuliffe Leads Youngkin By 3% in VA / Two Polls in FL Give Different Results

    Change Research has added to the recent pile of polls in Virginia and shows Terry McAuliffe up by 3% over Glenn Youngkin.

    GOVERNOR – VIRGINIA (Change Research)
    Terry McAuliffe (D) 47%
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 44%

    This poll was done August 14-18 among 1334 likely voters. While the margin fluctuates, one common theme of every public poll in Virginia thus far is Terry McAuliffe leads Glenn Youngkin. Meanwhile, we have two new polls in the state of Florida that completely contradict each other at the gubernatorial level. They come from the aforementioned Change Research and The Political Matrix/The Listener Group.

    GOVERNOR – FLORIDA (Change Research)
    Ron DeSantis (R-inc) 49%
    Charlie Crist (D) 45%

    Ron DeSantis (R-inc) 49%
    Nikki Fried (D) 44%

    Charlie Crist (D) 57%
    Ron DeSantis (R-inc) 43%

    Nikki Fried (D) 54%
    Ron DeSantis (R-inc) 46%

    Interestingly while hResearch was more favorable to Republicans at the gubernatorial level, their poll of the US Senate race was worse for Marco Rubio.

    US SENATE – FLORIDA (Change Research)
    Marco Rubio (R-inc) 47%
    Val Demings (D) 44%

    Marco Rubio (R-inc) 55%
    Val Demings (D) 45%

    The Change Research poll was done August 14-17 among 1455 likely voters while the Political Matrix/The Listener Group poll was done August 14-18 among 1000 likely voters. Two polls over basically the same exact period of time giving completely different results.

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    1. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    2. jason says:

      I should be first

    3. Tina says:

      Lol, 15 days to flatten the curve.

      Daily Caller
      · 2h
      Dr. Fauci says that if the majority of Americans get vaccinated, covid-19 will be under control by the “spring of 2022”

    4. Tina says:

      Hunter Biden?

      · 3h
      Police say they’re investigating the discovery of hundreds of recall election ballots in a vehicle where a felon was found passed out with drugs, a loaded firearm, and multiple driver’s licenses and credit cards

    5. Cash Cow TM says:


      Cow welcomes you back.
      Walt says to hell you “hi”.

      How can this guy have hundreds of ballots?
      I thought we had the most secure elections in the world.

    6. Tina says:

      They let him go.


    7. jason says:

      Maybe he traded pills for ballots.

      He is a ballot collector.

    8. lisab says:

      don’t be silly, the never trumpers have assured us there is no cheating on ballots

    9. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “TORRANCE, CA — A man was arrested in Torrance after police found a loaded gun, drugs, and more than 300 recall election ballots in his truck, the Torrance Police Department announced Monday. The unopened ballots were addressed to voters in Lawndale and Compton, and now detectives are investigating to determine what he was doing with those ballots.”

    10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “As a physician, I wonder about a possible connection between Biden’s cognitive decline and his dissembling. People who are suffering from dementia often make up things to fill gaps in their memory and ability to reason. Then again, it could just be that a long and illustrious career of lying is hard to shake off.

      One thing is for certain; we can expect to see continuing validation from President Biden of the old quip, “How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving.” But in the same way that you can’t take your eyes off a train wreck in progress, it will be fascinating to see whether the salient feature of Biden’s presidency will be his mendacity or his dementia—or some incendiary admixture of the two.”

      Dr. Henry Miller

    11. jason says:

      Notice how Amoral Scumbag, who came here to breathlessly relay the opinions of some quack who diagnosed on TV as Trump as mentally unfit has never mentioned Biden’s cognitive decline.

      Instead, he makes a weekly drive by to relay whatever MSNBC headline he sees about Fauci.

    12. jason says:

      ‘who diagnosed on TV as Trump as mentally unfit has never mentioned Biden’s cognitive decline”


    13. Bitterlaw says:

      Sometimes Jason has trouble translating his thoughts from Quechua to English. We know what he meant.

    14. jason says:

      I don’t want any special privileges. GFY.

    15. jason says:

      This is how CNN is “turning” against Biden?

      Tapper: of course many Americans feel like they are stranded in Afghanistan.


    16. jason says:

      COVID deaths in PA yesterday: 0

    17. jason says:

      There were 110000 cases of COVID in the US yesterday, with 400 deaths.

      On Jan 21, 2012 there were 195000 cases with 4500 deaths.

      The disease has become much less lethal even with the Delta variant.

    18. jason says:


      Getting worried…

    19. jason says:

      Good luck, buddy, as Biden. As Trump you might have had a chance.

      “Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL, took to Instagram to post a brief video Monday imagining he was the U.S. commander-in-chief during an address to the nation about the Afghanistan calamity and steps that he would take to resolve the problem.

      The Biden administration has been on the receiving end of sharp criticism from those who say the U.S. withdrawal could hardly have gone any worse. Jen Psaki, the White House press officer, grew visibly annoyed during a briefing when she was asked about “stranded” Americans. She said it was inaccurate to say they are stranded and reconfirmed the U.S. commitment to bring home every American who wants to leave.

      Willink appeared in the black-and-white video in a black t-shirt and close-cropped haircut. He sounded firm and spoke in short bursts of declarative sentences. He explained in the video caption that this is how he would address the situation to the world.

      He admitted that he made “critical errors” in underestimating the Taliban’s capabilities. He said the blame was on him alone. He admitted that the Americans and Afghan allies were stranded, but said they “will not be for long.”

      He spent most of the speech proving the steps he would take to rectify the problem.

      “In the next 48 hours, America will be in control of most major airports in Afghanistan,” he said. “Any resistance we meet from the Taliban or otherwise—when we seize these airports—will be destroyed completely and without mercy.”

      He said gaining control of these airports will allow U.S. forces to conduct swift rescue missions throughout the country.

      “Any person who interferes with these operations will be killed,” he said.

      He also said he would order troops to either retake or destroy weapons and equipment left behind by fleeing Afghan troops.

      “Any person utilizing, guarding, or located in close proximity to these weapons or equipment will be killed,” he said.

      He said once the Americans and Afghans are extracted and the weapons either retrieved or destroyed, the U.S. will leave the country. But he vowed to keep a close eye on possible terrorist activities or human rights violations by employing surveillance technology. He also said the U.S. will support freedom fighters in the country through airstrikes and with Special Forces units.

      He said the U.S. will continue the support until the enemy is no longer a threat to America or “the good people of Afghanistan.”

    20. jason says:

      This approach would likely result in the loss of American lives.

      But it would save many lives too. And it would result in a weakened Taliban who might be more preoccupied in holding onto power than promoting terror overseas.

    21. Tgca says:

      I just don’t know what to say to this article. Highlights below.

      These people are crazy talking about how successful Biden really is as POTUS and in 6 months folks will see it.

      I don’t have a crystal ball, but it seems to me that six months from now, as we begin the midterm election year, Biden will be looking pretty good.

      There is wide support for most of Biden’s policies, and Biden is seen as likable. The puzzle is why more of this doesn’t rub off on Biden.

      Policies that might have seemed alarmingly radical coming from a Warren or a Sanders seemed just commonsensical coming from Biden.

      On top of this, we have Afghanistan. While polls show broad support for Biden’s decision to get out and there was no way that the final weeks were going to be easy, the media and the Republicans have engaged in cheap second-guessing at Biden’s expense.

    22. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Latest Rasmussen poll:

      Biden’s Job Approval:
      44% Approve
      55% Disapprove

      47% Strongly Disapprove
      26% Strongly Approve

    23. jason says:

      47% Strongly Disapprove
      26% Strongly Approve

      Amoral Scumbag will be here soon to:

      1. Breathlessly declare Biden’s presidency over.

      2. Ask how many medals I will award Fauci.

    24. Wobbles says:

      Sleepy Joe down to 41/55 approval in USA Today poll”

      But did you see what Fauci said on MSNBC?

    25. Waingro says:

      #3, oh hey, Tina. Nice to see you back on here.

      Been taking my usual break from here myself after a big election, but planning on posting more and more again soon, as this disastrous presidency continues to unravel.

    26. Waingro says:

      “But did you see what Fauci said on MSNBC?”

      Is Robbie still supporting that fraud? (face palm.)

    27. jason says:

      Don’t you love the MSM.

      That USA article found a “Republican” to criticize Trump for Afghanistan and exempt Biden.

    28. jason says:

      Wow, who will be next to make a comeback?



      Kommie Kory?

    29. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag doesn’t support Fauci, he just makes sure to promote whatever he says.

    30. Tgca says:

      You people are just plain stoopid!

      This is only a temporary set back for Biden as he deals with GWB and Trump’s mess in Afghanistan.

      In 6 months, America still will see his leadership and things will be looking pretty good for Biden and the Dems with their popular policies so the Dems have a good chance of keeping the House.

      I know this because I read it in The American Prospect article posted today.

    31. jason says:

      Should we invite to join us here?

      Dan Crenshaw
      The only proper response from America to these dirty savage terrorists should be:

      Go f*** yourself.

    32. jason says:

      The MSM will do what they can to help Biden look good before the midterms, that is for sure.

    33. Waingro says:

      “Amoral Scumbag doesn’t support Fauci, he just makes sure to promote whatever he says.”

      Yeah, that’s effectively the same thing. I ignore and scroll past all things Fauci at this point.

    34. Tgca says:

      The Taleebon has prevailed in discussions with CIA director and dictated its terms that the US must leave Afghanistan by Aug 31. Evidently the US did an Obama bow and complied.

      Defense Dept. Press Secretary John Kirby says there has been “no change” to the Biden administration’s timeline of getting all American forces out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31.

      That’s 7 days folks! Just 7 days until US troops leave Afghanistan!

      A senior U.S. official confirms to Fox News that CIA Director William Burns met with Taliban leader and co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul on Monday.

      Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday that his group will accept “no extensions” of the Aug. 31 deadline the Biden administration has imposed for the withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan, the Associated Press reports.

      European allies are applying pressure on the Biden administration to extend the Aug. 31 deadline despite warnings from the Taliban against crossing a “red line,” according to a report.

    35. Gordon Allen says:

      I cited the Rasmussen poll first but it was deleted because I used Wissing’s name in regard to polling generally. Let’s see if this flies.

    36. Tgca says:

      CDC looks really stoopid. This video by CDC lead should walensjy shows the idiot in her own words. She has absolutely no credibility! None! Nara! Zilch!

      1st she said clinical trials and real world data showed one thing and now she’s basically admitting the vaccine is not protecting folks in the real world as expected.

      …but again more jabs is the answer.

      March 2021
      Vaccinated people don’t carry the virus and don’t get sick. Not only in clinical trials but in real world data.

      August 2021
      Reports state there are increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early. Current strong protection against severe infection, hospitalization, and death could decrease in months ahead.

    37. Gordon Allen says:

      41-55 and 44=55. WoW.
      In SwF over 60 % are vaccinated,and 92% of Covd hospilizations are from the unvaccinated. These numbers speak pretty loudly to me

    38. NYCmike says:

      “They got the message.”

      -Business as usual. No fight at all. Typical D.C. Republicans.

    39. NYCmike says:

      I see Biden rebounding from this.

      It would be in the short and long-term interests of the Taliban to allow Biden to succeed in getting most Americans out, maybe even all of them…….just make him compromise on some things right now, since they can.

      The Taliban will not allow for too many of the Afghans who helped us get out. If they aren’t already at the airport, I would think those Afghans better get up into the mountains to hide out, or else.

    40. Gordon Allen says:

      Biden bowing to Taliban ultimatum on August 31 date.
      If all Americans are not out I see at least an attempt at Impeachment. If Republicans don’t they may as well fold their tent up.

    41. Hugh says:

      38. I’ll accept that as true. If so one more reason why people can make their own decisions since the vaccinated don’t get seriously sick.

    42. Cash Cow TM says:

      Followup to what tina posted yesterday.

      More theft of CA recall ballots?

    43. Tina says:

      The Rs should not be wanting to bail out Biden, like they did with the infrastructure bill.

      Remember, the wobbly Rs said that twig le not,perfect, they needed to reach across the aisle.

    44. NYCmike says:

      #44 – “CG” to respond shortly that we should reach across the aisle “because real Republicans are better than Democrats and Trump-kins” in 3…..2….1….

    45. Waingro says:

      Neville Biden is abandoning Americans in Afghanistan.

      Lucas Tomlinson
      BREAKING: The U.S. military has started withdrawing from Afghanistan reducing troop presence: U.S. officials

    46. NYCmike says:

      “Neville Biden is abandoning Americans in Afghanistan.”

      -AND still no words from “CG”………

    47. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      BREAKING: The nine so-called moderate Dems. in the House just caved and approved the blue print for Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill.
      I’m not surprised.

    48. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 41%
      Disapprove 55%
      @Suffolk_U/@USATODAY 8/19-23

      I could see the Democrats pushing Biden out as president. What a legacy; totally incompetent handling of Afghanistan, and leaving office after less than a year because of assumed mental incapacity. Also, sleazy Hunter Biden deserves a footnote in the story of Biden’s tainted presidency.

    49. Phil says:

      So after Joe finished his speech he again turned his back on the press and marched off the stage without answering any questions.

      Another great look, Joe.

      If he was a dog he would have been put down already.

    50. Wes says:

      The nominally “conservative” Bill Kristol has endorsed TMac for VA-Gov:

      Irving Kristol, Bill’s father, was a member of the initial batch of so-called neocons–that is, former liberals appalled at the drift of the American political Left, primarily on foreign policy, who switched allegiance to conservatism.

      For Bill and his ilk, I propose the term neoliberal–i e, former conservatives whose derangement over Trump has driven them into being useful idiots for the Left.

    51. Tina says:

      Where are the generals, ex generals, and ex Cia directors?

      Where is Mute Dcgg Matthis

      The Commie

      Millie Vannillie

      Maybe send in the Jebots’ Vindman to parachute on a afghani rooftop?

    52. Wes says:

      Biden is is at -10 (44-54)–in New Hampshire. Sununu is at +44 (70-26). Moonbat Maggie may want to begin updating her resume:

      Of course Mikey and Aaron Day will begin working furiously to get her reelected now. Schumer needs her.

    53. Wes says:

      Herschel Walker will run for Senate in Georgia. He’s definitely a high-profile recruit. I hope if he’s the nominee he runs a solid campaign against Warnock.

    54. Phil says:

      NH looks like pickup for the Rs. It will cancel out the loss of the Pennsylvania seat

      Republicans need another seat. Unfortunately for them, I don’t see another pickup opportunity in this cycle.

    55. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe Hershel Walker can break out and use the old bumper stickers Eagles fans had when they wanted to team to get him-

      Honk for Hershel!

    56. Dylan says:

      58–Phil—you think Laxalt in NV is not gonna cut it?

    57. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Jason will disagree but I’m used to it. I put the odds of the GOP holding the Senate seat at 50/50 because the Democratic field is a clown car.

    58. Wes says:

      That assumes Republicans lose the PA seat, Phil. That’s far from a guarantee, and by mishandling Afghanistan, Biden has accidentally boosted the profile of one of the strongest GOP contenders for the seat: Sean Parnell, not to be confused with the former AK Governor.

    59. Bitterlaw says:

      Sorry. Herschel.

    60. Phil says:

      Dylan. No way. The legislative changes to the voting guidelines there are still in effect from 2020. Massive fraud and in Nevada it is legal.

    61. Wes says:

      Is it fraud if it’s legal, Phil?

    62. dylan says:

      Too bad. Laxalt is impressive.

      there really is however no hope for the country either way. I asked three liberal friends at lunch today IF they were hypothetically presented with ironclad proof the 2020 presidential election was stolen, HYPOTHETICALLY should Biden resign and should trump be INSTALLED as the rightful victor? 3 of 3 said no way and in their heart of hearts they believe that is the right result. In fact, they couldn’t even fathom the nature of the hypothetical. No country exists.

    63. Tina says:


      Is it Drat plus 15.

      Which Rino bailsout Ccp Biden?

    64. Tgca says:


      It’s legal fraud!

      Just like the illegal aliens allowed to come over the border and get benefits by sanctuary cities.

    65. Phil says:

      Fraud made legal, Wes

    66. Bitterlaw says:

      Dylan – Assuming for the sake of your hypothetical posed to your liberal friends, how would Trump be installed as President? The Electoral College voted. I do not believe there is a mechanism to reconvene it. The only feasible method would be for Biden to resign. Then Harris would become President and have to nominate Trump to be VP. Then Harris has to resign so Trump becomes President. I do not see that happening. I believe we are stuck with Biden. We are stuck with Biden. Sadly.

    67. dylan says:

      70–Totally correct. My point is the nature of the hypothetical required them to suspend the nuts and bolts of the EC and how presidents actually win and they couldn’t do it.

      Even the Dalai Lama once quipped the following:

      Mr. Dalai Lama–What would you do to your beliefs if you were presented with uncontravertable evidence that everything you believe in was wrong?

      Dalai Lama: well obviously–I’d change my beliefs.

    68. Tina says:


      Supreme Court: Biden must reinstate Trump’s Remain-in-Mexico policy

    69. Tgca says:

      I see gay pundit William Kristol has come out to support McAuliffe in VA gubbernor race. Will he be endorsing Crist for FL gubbernor too?

      He has lost all credibility. What does he even do for a living anymore since he’s not a “REAL” conservative?

      Does he just go on CNN and MSNBC when they need a lackey?

    70. Tgca says:

      72. Tina

      I saw that. I guess the Biden admin can just ignore it since they think they have final say over SCOTUS too.

    71. Tgca says:

      Oh no!!! Goodness gracious! Say it ain’t so!

      Andrew Cuomo has International Emmy Award rescinded following sexual harassment scandal and resignation.

    72. Tina says:

      And remember- I warned about the socialist son.

    73. Bitterlaw says:

      Dylan – Biden did one thing right. He made Harris VP. Even people who want him out of the Presidency don’t want her to be President. Get rid of both of them and you get President Pelosi.

    74. Dylan says:

      78–it’s so astonishingly bleak I am almost inclined to say it is pure genius. But I won’t Biden needs to go We can then deal with taking out the successors constitutionally one by one by one until we have someone that can do the job. Kamala is such a joke Could you imagine her in charge during something equivalent to the Cuban Missile Crises ?!?

    75. Tgca says:

      Pelosi has lower ratings then both Biden and Harris. She is probably the most despised Dem besides maybe the Squad members. She’s been stuck with approval ratings on average in the low 30s for years and is the face of radical liberal San Francisco left.

      The GOP should welcome a Pelosi presidency because it would then result in super majorities in both houses and states for probably a decade where they could reverse everything Biden and friends have done.

    76. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – Has there ever been a worse line of succession than Biden-Harris-Pelosi?

    77. jason says:

      Phil – Jason will disagree but I’m used to it. I put the odds of the GOP holding the Senate seat at 50/50 because the Democratic field is a clown car.”

      Whatever. I hope the R wins without my vote. Maybe Bitter’s vote will count, hope springs eternal.

    78. Wes says:

      What about the Obama Era one, Bitter: Obama, Biden, Pelosi?

    79. Wes says:

      Of course at one point, we had Bush-Cheney-Hastert in those positions. We didn’t yet know Hastert was a child-molesting scumbag though.

      Ironically Hastert got himself caught by supporting the financial withdrawal disclosure law.

    80. Bitterlaw says:

      Good point, Wes. I was looking for something more in the past.

    81. Tgca says:


      A conservative coach child molestor? That can’t be! Only gays and Hollywood celebrities are child molestors I thought. Hmmm…just goes to show you just never know.

    82. Wes says:

      He served 13 months for raping four boys, Tg. He should have gotten the guillotine.

    83. Bitterlaw says:

      Not worth it.

    84. Wes says:

      What do you mean, Bitter?

    85. Tgca says:


      You’d be surprised how many teachers got away with this chit over the years. I knew a girl who had a crush on her teacher in the 7th grade. He was a young attractive guy in his 20s. She was like 13. He arranged for her to stay after class and give him BJs. She thought he loved her.

      I’m always suspicious of adults who show too much attention to kids and maybe that’s just wrong but most child predators involve themselves around kids and I’ve seen enough of that over the years.

    86. Bitterlaw says:

      88 was in reference to 86.

    87. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “According to Nielsen data, Newsmax had a reach of more than 3.3 million total viewers for Saturday’s rally, while Trump’s speech averaged a whopping 1.7 million viewers per minute.

      Newsmax estimates that more than 2 million tuned in to the network through streaming devices, yielding an audience over 5 million viewers.

      In addition to Newsmax’s vast cable audience, it is available for free through most OTT streaming platforms and on the Newsmax smartphone app.

      Newsmax also outstripped its cable news competition for the coveted 35-64 age demographic, grabbing 647,000 viewers per minute, according to Nielsen.

      Fox News, which did not carry the rally, pulled just 602,000 per minute viewers in the same time period, while CNN drew 476,000 and MSNBC was way behind at 85,000.”

    88. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – I’m not getting dragged in by Tgca.

    89. Tgca says:


      I think instead of the guillotine he should have been locked in a room with the parents armed with bats.

      Same with Sandusky. He and Paterno are disgusting vile human beings. I’ve known people who protected child predators. Protecting one is almost as bad as being a child predator.

    90. Bitterlaw says:

      Give the parents composite bats. They are lighter but increased bat speed means more hits. Plus, you get the ping sound of bat on bone.

    91. Wes says:

      Given the amount of time since Hastert raped those kids, Tg, their parents were either dead or infirm at the time of his conviction. It’d probably be better to lock him in a room with the victims.

    92. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The MSM better get to work on saving Biden’s political career:

      “for Slow Joe in the latest USA Today poll, where his approval swan-dived to just 41 percent, while 55 percent disapprove. In worse news for His Fraudulency, only half “approved of his handling of the pandemic, 39% of his handling of the economy, 26% of his handling of the Afghan withdrawal.”

      The Rasmussen gap in Biden’s strong approval and strong disapproval rating is also something else. In May, only 33 percent strongly disapproved of Joe Biden, while 29 percent strongly approved — a gap of just -4 points. Today, a near majority of 47 percent strongly disapprove, while only 26 percent strongly approve, a -21 point gap”

    93. Tina says:

      The economy is the next leg to drop.

      Just look at consumer sentiment. It plunged, all before the sheot show in Afghanistan

    94. NYCmike says:


    95. Wes says:

      Speaking of child molesters, Mikey posted a clip of one. Someone needs to post a video of Bob Menendez giving a speech on the Senate floor now.

    96. lisab says:

      We have to reach across the aisle to return civility and decency to this country. The $3.5 Trillion spending bill will show the world Americans are honest decent people who welcome people of all skin colours and ethnicity to immigrate this country.

      Mitt Romney

    97. lisab says:

      with amnesty for all and justice for none

    98. Tgca says:

      This is misleading article because it only provides stats on one side which I suspect was purposeful to drive a desired biased point.

      CNN reports 99.999% of Americans fully vaccinated have not had hospitalizations or deaths in last month but don’t talk about absolute unvaccinated numbers in comparison which suggest the vaccination are nearly 100 protected from death by Covid at its worst.

      As reported, there were about 40,000 Covid deaths last month, mostly elderly and those with comorbidities, and if you apply that to the percent of adult population not fully vaccinated (51% per CDC) you get 99.996 did not die from Covid either.

      So we have a survival rate of 99.999% vs 99.996% for a difference of .03% vaccinated and non-vaccinated in this sample period where’s there’s been a spike in Covid deaths, mostly among elderly and those with pre-existing serious medical conditions.

      I would like to see how this data plays out over the next month too to see if there is a significant change in comparison to fully and non-vaccinated folks.

    99. Tgca says:


      I meant 99.999% cos 99.963% to arrive at .036%. Actual number is probably a tad bit lower due to rounding and estimates in population but close enough to make a point on survival rates in the population for both vaccinated and not vaccinated nearly both rounded to 100% at that point in time.

    100. Tgca says:

      Protecting women and children is now anti-trans.

      We are requested to stop trying to protect them because they can protect themselves and avoid the transphobia.

      So a child can protect themself against a sexual predator and doesn’t need adult intervention because that leads to transphobia. Okaaaaaaaaaaay!

    101. Bitterlaw says:

      The interesting part of the story is not that the Philadelphia School Board imposed a mask mandate. The Board will now negotiate with teachers and school employee unions over implementation. If you have to negotiate it, is it really mandatory?

    102. Bitterlaw says:

      That is a very hairy trans person.

    103. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      SARS-Cov-2 Infections and Hospitalizations
      Los Angeles County, May 1st-July 25, 2021
      43,127 infections; ages 16 and older

      Covid-19 Infections
      25.3% fully vaccinated
      3.3% partially vaccinated
      71.4% unvaccinated

      3.2% fully vaccinated
      7.6% unvaccinated

      Intensive Care, Hospitalizations
      0.5% fully vaccinated
      1.5% unvaccinated

      Put on Ventilators, Hospitalization
      0.2% fully vaccinated
      0.5% unvaccinated

    104. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      110. It definitely appears that the vaccine loses its effectiveness over time. The studies conflict over how much and how long it takes.

      It appears booster shoots will be recommended for everyone later this year.

    105. Tgca says:


      Clearly Bitter is not up on his LGBTQIA2S+ categories and does not realize there are 68+ gender identities so not all trans are exactly the same.

      This clearly shows the point of the trans “thing” in the video that straight men like Bitter don’t appreciate their gender identity and are transphobic.

      Shame on you Bitter!

    106. Tgca says:


      Yes! That’s why they want folks to keep taking boosters but that won’t work in the long run if the vaccines have limited protection over time.

      We can’t vaccinate the world every 6 to 8 months forever, can we?

      Will we have constant spikes or will this virus just die out?

    107. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      112. “LGBTQIA2S+ categories and does not realize there are 68+ gender identities so not all trans are exactly the same”.

      Your leaving out the 35+ non-gender identities, who identity instead with inanimate objects such as furniture and daffodils.

      This type of confusion could be resolved if a comet would pass close to earth, so that a lot of people could float off into space and join the Heaven’s Gate crowd — who have signaled from the Hale-Bopp comet that they are having a wonderful time.

    108. Tgca says:

      Wow! Lindsey Graham officially calls for Biden’s impeachment. I guess that friendship is over now.

      Highlights of his statement include:

      “I didn’t think anybody could screw up the world in seven months like this,” he said.

      Graham noted Americans and allies stuck behind enemy lines because of a botched withdrawal “are going to be slaughtered when we leave.”

      Graham noted former President Donald Trump would have had a conditions-based withdrawal, adding “Biden screwed this up, and Trump’s plan was different.”

      “I can understand wanting to bring our troops home, but the goal is to protect America, and that’s why we have a military,” Graham said. “President Biden took the most dangerous and dishonorable path available to him.”

    109. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      RCP Biden Approval Rating:

      48.9% Disapprove
      46.6% Approve

    110. Bitterlaw says:

      Nobody watched the video in 106? Damn. The part where I read from a rap song studied in class to the School Board shows my artistic side.

    111. Tgca says:


      Folks were too mesmerized with the hot trannie posted in the video posted in 107.

      Sorry! You lose!

      I bet Wes watched it over and over and over last night.

    112. jason says:

      Is there a time we should concentrate on? I don’t want to watch the whole board meeting.

    113. Tgca says:


      Evidently old people that eat too much dementia-causing bacon have trouble reading messages where the time is posted in the message.

      Go back and reread 106 gramps!

    114. jason says:

      Where is Roadkill Maggot?

      I know he is traumatized there were anti-government protests in his socialist paradise of Cuba but you would think he would post something in support of Biden.

      I guess loyalty is just a thing of the past, gone like chivalry.

    115. Phil says:

      So a drug addict is found passed out in a car with 300 recall ballots and a slew of fake IDs.

      ……but we’re supposed to believe that the 2000 election was absolutely on the up and up. Nothing to see here.


    116. Phil says:

      BTW, anyone heard from self proclaimed “conservative” Corey lately?

    117. jason says:

      Go back and reread 106 gramps!?

      106? Where is that?

    118. jason says:

      The Biden Troll will be here celebrating when the the Dems pass the 3.5 trillion infrastructure.

    119. jason says:

      Biden on why he picked Kamala as VP:

      “You know, I can say as much as I want — from the time my two daughters were born — that you can do anything a man can do. It’s one thing for somebody to say that and keep pounding that in the head of your five granddaughters as well. But guess what? Until they see it, until they watch, it becomes real then.

      That’s why, by the way, she’s — and happens to be in Asia for me right now — but that’s why we have a female Vice President of United States of America who’s going to be — we’re going to have some presidents pretty soon.”

    120. Tgca says:

      122. Phil

      I disagree. I do not recall any claims of massive fraud in the Bush-Gore 2000 election though I do recall lotsa of debate over chads and what Dems thought they could infer from them.

      So my suggestion to you is to let it go. It’s been over 20 years now. Bush and Gore are history that no one really cares about.

      We have more pressing issues in society today like who can and cannot use which bathroom and appropriate pronouns to use so as not offend others.

    121. Phil says:

      Yep, But remember, he’s a conservative. Just like Jen Rubin, Bill Krystol, Jonah Goldberg, and the rest of them.


    122. Phil says:


      Sorry about that

    123. Tgca says:


      PC Bull dinky!!!

      Women and men should be celebrated for their individual accomplishments and we should not try to make them as if they’re the same and equal when they’re not even though they can achieve equality in many actions and tasks.

      Can women write their names in yellow in the snow without any assistance whatsoever beyond what they were born with?

    124. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Go to 33:30 on the video. GFY

    125. Tgca says:

      Ouch! Newsom and Dems ain’t gonna like this chit.

      Former California Democrat Senate Majority Leader Endorses Larry Elder For Governor

      Her reasoning is based on Newsom shutting down schools while sending his privileged white kids to private schools.

    126. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Isn’t H. Clinton the personification of cosmic, feminine beauty?!

    127. Tgca says:


      I hate when I see folks all covered up on the beach.

      Isn’t the point of the beach to wear as little as possible, basking in the sun?

      Nothing wrong walking about in a bikini or thong…even for The Hildabeast.

    128. jason says:

      My computer doesn’t have sound. I saw a wokey looking guy repeating what looked like the N word over and over. I am sure it wasn’t Bitter.

    129. jason says:

      How come Bill and Hill weren’t walking close to each other holding hands?

    130. Tgca says:

      I find these opportunistic Congressman using this tragic situation as a political stunt and photo op. I’d be ok if it was an official Congressional delegation, as they have the right to do so in their oversight role but to do it secretly during such a crisis for photo ops is disrespectful to our military in a time of where they need to focus on the task at hand and not worry now about protecting and babysitting US Congressman when our troops are on critical timeline where every second counts.

    131. jason says:

      Why the next election is not going to make much difference. Or the one after.

    132. jason says:

      This is what needs to be changed, and it won’t be.

      “A professor at Riverside City College in California expressed his support for “Soviet Socialism” in a recent tweet, saying that “a revolution doesn’t happen without violence.”

      “The reality is that Soviet socialism saved and improved tens of millions of lives,” Bair wrote in response to criticism of Vladimir Lenin.”

    133. jason says:

      I don’t agree. I think Congress has an obligation to see what is going on first hand.

      I don’t see it as disrespectful to the military at all.

      I think Pelosi should go next.

    134. Tgca says:


      They snuck in. It was not an official delegation. It’s a photo op! I guarantee you they will be using this in their re-election bids.

      I think in a time of crisis, there should be an official bi-partisan effort but that’s not what this was. These are two low level CongressCritters trying to make a name for themselves.

      Would you be OK if AOC and Ilhan snuck over there as well?

      I hope they’re stoopid enough to leave the airport and then get stuck behind because our military should not be distracted for their photo ops.

    135. Bitterlaw says:

      Too bad you did not have sound. There is nothing woke about “Learning based on guilt and shame is not education. It is indoctrination.”

    136. Cash Cow TM says:

      “More than 20 students and 16 parents from the Cajon Valley Union School District in El Cajon, Calif., visited Afghanistan on summer vacation. Now they are among thousands of people who are waiting to leave the country amid the chaotic U.S. withdrawal…”

      If these people are dumb enough to take a vacation trip to Afghanistan this summer then…

    137. Phil says:


      Agree, bitter. It’s an absolute indicator of what’s coming in September.

      God help anyone that is left there.

    138. Tgca says:

      Thanks to the hasty poor planning, we have weaponized the Taliban with state of the art military gear. The only saving grace is that some of the larger machinery will degrade over time and not be available for servicing by trained professionals or fitted with replacement parts…assuming the US is not blackmailed into providing such parts or the Chinese or Russian offer assistance.

      Perhaps after the evac, the US should go in and bomb any areas where this equipment is held to render it useless.

    139. jason says:

      Too bad you did not have sound.”

      Ma, I told it wasn’t too early…

    140. jason says:

      The problem is when the US supplied the equipment they probably supplied a lot of the replacement parts too.

      After all, according to Biden, they equipped a superb fighting force of 300k.

    141. jason says:

      I don’t know about anybody else, but if my kids asked to go on a “summer vacation” to Afghanistan, I would say, huh, no.

      If they wanted to live dangerously I would have suggested Philadelphia instead.

    142. jason says:

      I told it”

      Ok, I better lay off bloody marys in the AM.

    143. Phil says:

      or Chicago. Both probably much safer.

    144. Tgca says:


      I’m sure there is a certain level of inventory of parts but usually in this day and age with technology, you would expect that inventory to require replenishing at set points. We will see if the machinery servicing and parts get assistance from China and Russia.

    145. jason says:

      Not to mention they probably have junk yards after 20 years of war with much equipment they can cannibalize for spare parts.

      And then there is the black market.

      I doubt spare parts is going to be a problem. Even if they cannibalize part of their existing inventory they will still have lots of operating equipment.

    146. jason says:

      or Chicago. Both probably much safer.”

      According to Bitter, you can’t hear the gunfire from 6 miles away, so yeah, can’t be too bad.

    147. Gordon Allen says:

      Apparently Tucker Carlson laid into Lindsay Graham last night as a total phoney. I must say Tucker sure is candid and open,and doesn’t mince words.

    148. Tgca says:


      All equipment requires servicing and parts after time and because they’re a poor country without a manufacturing industry or trained professionals sooner or later the machinery will become ineffective but that could be 5 years out after continued use or lack of professional maintenance.

      So for now, they’ll be better equipped than any 3rd world country military not getting hi-tech weapons on the black market.

      The bigger problem is they also now have access to digital data showing all the Afghani folks that supported the occupied forces the last year. Names, addresses, etc.

      The US should have been contingency planning for this from day one.

    149. Tgca says:

      Skank Liz Cheney says:

      “Trump Set Afghanistan Chaos ‘in Motion’ by Surrendering to Taliban”

      She fails to mention her daddy and GWB actually started this all by trying to nation build instead of getting out after bombing the Taleebon to oblivion.

      Her preaching gall is like having one hooker calling another hooker a slutty whore. It’s pure chutzpah!

    150. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 44%
      Disapprove 55%
      1,500 LV, 8/22-24

    151. lisab says:

      The bigger problem is they also now have access to digital data showing all the Afghani folks that supported the occupied forces the last year. Names, addresses, etc.

      except that …

      pelosi and biden have declared afghanistan a gun free zone

      so having weapons would be illegal

    152. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Geoffrey Skelley from FiveThirtyEight:

      “Bottom line: At this point, the departure of members like Kind and Lamb makes it harder for Democrats to hold on to potentially competitive House seats, and the overall picture has worsened for Democrats as more of their vulnerable members exit the House. While these developments are not yet a death blow to Democrats’ chances of retaining their House majority, they do signal how tough it will be for Democrats to hold off Republicans next year. Redistricting, along with the classic penalty for the president’s party in midterm elections, could put Democrats in a pretty big hole.”

    153. lisab says:

      I’m sure there is a certain level of inventory of parts but usually in this day and age with technology,

      there are still t-34 tanks from ww2 in operation in armies, so yes, they will be able to get parts

    154. lisab says:

      “More than 20 students and 16 parents from the Cajon Valley Union School District in El Cajon, Calif., visited Afghanistan on summer vacation. Now they are among thousands of people who are waiting to leave the country amid the chaotic U.S. withdrawal…”

      remember … it has got to be better than san francisco

    155. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “According to a Rasmussen poll released on Tuesday in partnership with the National Police Association (NPA), 70 percent of U.S. voters believe crime is “out of control.” Only 22 percent disagree.
      Ninety percent of voters are “concerned about the recent increase in violent crime,” including 64 percent who are “very concerned.” Only 10 percent are indifferent to skyrocketing crime rates.”

    156. lisab says:

      “The reality is that Soviet socialism saved and improved tens of millions of lives,”

      mostly true

      remember we had to build a wall between east and west germany to keep people from fleeing the west

    157. jason says:

      “ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Delivering another blow to what’s left of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legacy, New York’s new governor acknowledged on her first day in office that the state has had nearly 12,000 more deaths from COVID-19 than Cuomo told the public.

      “The public deserves a clear, honest picture of what’s happening. And that’s whether it’s good or bad, they need to know the truth. And that’s how we restore confidence,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said on NPR.”

    158. jason says:

      Who wants to bet they were probably mostly nursing home deaths…

    159. jason says:

      Yes according the NYC’s favorite deadender for the AK senate, the East Germans did one heck of a job keeping all those westerners from illegally crossing into East Germany.

    160. lisab says:

      #106 bitter has to retire the mom jeans, lose 20 pounds and apply a little just for men

      if he wants to run for office

      just sayin … put down the potato chips

    161. jason says:

      At least he left the sweater on the chair.

    162. jason says:

      “Women in Afghanistan should temporarily stay at home until Taliban forces have been trained not to harm them, Taliban leaders said.”


    163. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      163. Just for clarification, it was not a school field trip. The individuals were visiting their extended families in Afghanistan. Whether the Taliban will let them leave is another question — as is how much money Biden will end up paying the Taliban to let captive Americans out. By now they realize that Biden is a total patsy, and is desperate to defuse what is turning into a huge political debacle.

    164. jason says:

      Vulnerable Dems worried…

      “A story published early Wednesday quotes New Jersey Congresscritter Tom Malinowski — a Democrat — who called it a “mistake” for Biden to stick to his self-imposed August 31 deadline.

      Of course, now that the Taliban has threatened to enforce Biden’s deadline, the point is probably moot.

      Nevertheless, Malinowski told CNN that “there’s no way to keep the president’s promise by August 31st.”

      “There’s no way that we may be able to take out the American citizens in the Kabul area who want to leave,” Malinowski warned.

    165. jason says:

      I didn’t say it was a field trip.

      I said it was a summer vacation, as quoted.

      “More than 20 students and 16 parents from the Cajon Valley Union School District in El Cajon, Calif., visited Afghanistan on summer vacation.”

    166. Bitterlaw says:

      169 Lisab says I’m fat, too gray and not stylish. No comment on what I said. Well, at least it should end Tgca’s stupid metrosexual comments.

    167. jason says:

      I thought the “I am not woke, GFY” T-shirt was stylish.

    168. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Anecdotes tell us what the data can’t: Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But exactly how often isn’t clear, nor is it certain how likely they are to spread the virus to others.”

      “Though it is evident vaccination still provides powerful protection against the virus, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought.”

      “We have to be humble about what we do know and what we don’t know,” said Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the head of the nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives. “There are a few things we can say definitively. One is that this is a hard question to address.”

      But Fauci is an expert at making assumptions and answering hard questions. Occasionally he even answers one right.

    169. Bitterlaw says:

      I expect that lisab looks like a middle-aged version of the poster for Les Miserables.

    170. NYCmike says:

      “Yes according the NYC’s favorite deadender for the AK senate, the East Germans did one heck of a job keeping all those westerners from illegally crossing into East Germany.”

      -That was the longest fishing I ever went on!

    171. NYCmike says:

      The word “trip” should be in there……..or maybe I am on one, and that’s why it isn’t……

    172. Tina says:

      So, they misspoke when they said 4700 Americans were evacuated from Krapistan?


    173. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Quinnipiac has a poll showing Rubio and DeSantis with decent approval numbers and Biden’s approval/ disapproval at 40/53, respectively.
      Remember, this is a QPoll of FL and the two mix like oil and water!

    174. janz says:

      #177. SDC

      Vaccinated people getting covid are not reported in any data bank, unless they are hospitalized or die. This was a directive from the CDC in May. So, break through cases are underreported.

      Vaccines are useful in buffering the symptoms of covid, but do not prevent protection from transmission.

      There are so many erroneous claims and information being passed around about these vaccines – especially regarding the adverse reactions and deaths following the second “jab,” in which a 3rd booster is now being pushed.

    175. Phil says:

      Sheeple, remember Quinnipiac was the poll that laughably overstated Democratic support in Florida in 2020. They had Biden up 11 in the second week of October and had him winning the state by by 5 on Election Day.

      …..he lost the state by three and a half. Lol

      If they have Biden now at 40% now it’s likely he’s actually in the mid 30s unless Quinnipiac has gotten a whole helluva lot less partisan than they were in the last election cycle.

    176. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      How would you describe the way the evacuation from Afghanistan
      has been handled?

      Well 16%
      Badly 68%

      Who is responsible for that? Check all that apply.

      Biden 59%
      Administration’s advisers 40%
      U.S. military 24%
      Afghan army 32%
      Former Afghan government 35%


    177. GF says:

      186- SDC, did they give Trump as an option? All the Pinkos I know blame him squarely, they’re buying into Cheney’s and Kinzinger’s surrender narrative.

    178. NYCmike says:

      GF, was thinking the same thing.

      For the liberals I know, they just repeat “It was Trump’s plan!” over and over. Pathetic.

    179. Robbie says:

      Well, it looks like Republicans can write off Georgia as a potential pickup in the Senate next year. Herschel Walker will almost certainly win the Republican nomination and he’ll almost certainly lose the general election to Warnock. Since Walker has multiple personality disorder, it will be interesting to see how many different versions of him we see during his campaign.

      Trump and the obviously flawed candidates he loves to support are the gifts that keep on giving for Democrats. Walker, Brooks, Greitens, Mandel, and whomever gets Don’s seal of approval in Arizona will be a boom to Democrat ad makers and their efforts to keep suburban voters from drifting back to the right.

      More and more, 2022 feels like it may be a repeat of what we saw in 2010 and 2012. Strong Republican gains in the House, governor’s mansions, and state legislatures, but massive screwups in the Senate. We could have a slate to rival COD, Angle, Mourdock, and Akin.

    180. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      187. They did not give a Trump option. Some people on twitter commented about it being missing as an option.

      Another Twitter comment tried to blame MSM for Biden’s bad numbers:

      Replying to
      and @YouGovAmerica

      Gee, I wonder why people feel this way…

      *checks non-stop MSM propaganda*

      Oh right

    181. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So during one of the worst foreign policy disasters ever for the U.S., creating by a bumbling and possibly demented Democratic president, whose polling numbers have fallen into the cellar, concerned troll reappears — to predict Republican doom in the 2022 Senate elections. It just shows how much the Democrats realize they need to engage in damage control.

    182. Wes says:

      Give Robbie credit for consistency:

      We haven’t even had a single primary vote, yet he’s already going into doom and gloom mode about the Senate.

    183. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Bradley Bowman in Washington Examiner:

      “In Afghanistan, not a single American soldier had been killed in combat in a year and a half. The Taliban certainly would have increased their efforts to target U.S. forces if we had stayed, but that would have been difficult for the Taliban because most U.S. forces were operating in supporting roles for front-line Afghan forces.

      And what strategic benefits were we accruing from that modest troop presence? We were preventing the resurgence of the ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria, while ensuring that Afghanistan would not be used again to launch terrorist attacks against us. In other words, with relatively modest levels of investment, we were helping brave partners keep pressure on terrorists there so they could not kill us again here at home. It was a disaster avoidance strategy.”

    184. Gordon Allen says:

      Those Quinnipiac numbers are sensationally good given the source.

    185. Tina says:

      He may cry,

      Illinois Redistricting Will Likely Cost RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger His Seat

    186. jason says:

      We haven’t even had a single primary vote, yet he’s already going into doom and gloom mode about the Senate”

      It’s the same every election cycle, Amoral Scumbag never changes the script.

      The only question is how many Senate seats he will predict Rs will lose, usually it is 6-8. Then in the last week he will reduce it to 2-3 and then when even that doesn’t happen he will say he was close.

    187. dylan says:

      1. Oliver North really doesn’t look too healthy. Wonder what is up there?

      2. So after 8.31, is Afghanistan never again going to have commercial air service out of any airport?

      3. Come to the airport, don’t come to the airport, we can’t get you out if you aren’t at the airport, under no circumstances should you stay at the gates trying to get into the airport—-this is insane–why even watch the news? I’m tempted to just tune in in in three weeks to see what disaster has befallen the remaining people fleeing. It won’t be good.

    188. dylan says:

      Tucker had an interesting guest on named Eric Prince. He cogently opined that the only real reason the dollar has been able to maintain reserve status is a combination of pax americana and the perception that our military will enforce the current world order by force. THAT IS GONE. Ergo, the US Dollar just may fall at the speed that Kabul fell. Especially when our congress spends $3.5 More trillion that we dont have and will never be able to pay back.

    189. jason says:

      Trump and the obviously flawed candidates he loves to support ”


      Can anyone think of a more flawed candidate than Warnock for GA, an avowed communist and and certified spouse abuser?

      But the problem is Walker’s “multiple personalities”.

    190. dylan says:

      were any of walker’s multiple personalities evil or troublesome? does he take medication?

    191. jason says:

      Walker, Brooks, Greitens, Mandel”

      I have news for Amoral Scumbag.

      Brooks may be a moron, but he will be favored.

      So would Greitens and Mandel, although neither is the best candidate the GOP could field.

      I agree Walker is iffy, but that is more because the MSM will savage him while giving Warnock a pass.

    192. Wes says:

      We don’t know what kind of candidate Walker will be–or even if he’ll survive a runoff.

      Brooks is having trouble raising money and gaining traction against his chief opponent.

      Greitens is a joke whose opponents are making sure to highlight his numerous ethical lapses.

      Mandel and Vance are fighting over the dubious title of smarmiest and most unlikable candidate while Timken is quietly raising money and organizing.

      I don’t see much reason for Robbie’s extreme pessimism.

    193. dylan says:

      Re GA Senate:

      1. Is David Purdue a total no go?
      2. Is Doug Collins a total no go? (I know he said he’s not running but . . . . )
      3. Is this election for a full 6 year term?

    194. Wes says:

      1) Probably.

      2) We hope.

      3) Yes.

    195. jason says:

      I think Brooks and Greitens might win the nomination, and they will both be favored anyway in the GE.

      I am not so sure Timken will win the nomination, although she is the best candidate. Right now she is a 4-1 underdog on Predicit.

      In any event even if Brooks, Greitens and Mandel are the candidates, Amoral Scumbag is wrong if he thinks they will certainly lose.

      I will take bets that if Brooks wins the nomination, he will win the GE.

    196. jason says:

      Perdue would be better than Walker, but between Walker and Collins I would go with Walker.

    197. jason says:

      Walker can win if they clean up the fraud in GA, which probably won’t happen.

    198. Wes says:

      Brooks would be favored because it’s Alabama.

      Greitens has the same kinds of issues that tanked Bob Bentley’s career. Let’s just say a former Governor who was accepting bribes and had to resign ahead of impeachment might not be the ideal standard bearer.

      Vance and Mandel occupy the same end of the political spectrum in the OHGOP. Both are running equally obnoxious and smarmy campaigns. I’d say the fact that they split each other’s vote makes them unlikely to win.

    199. Wes says:

      Of course ideally Republicans will look at 2014 as the template for next year’s elections.

      That year, the GOP actively coalesced around the best candidates in almost all race and avoided having to spend much money on defense in the fall, thus freeing up resources for offense against the Dems.

      Greitens and Mandel/Vance would complicate that strategy. I don’t know enough about Walker’s campaign skills to make an assessment yet.

    200. jason says:

      I think Greitens has pretty much been vindicated on the the bribery charges, and he probably gets sympathy votes for what many see as bogus allegations.

      Whether it will hurt him in the GE is certainly a legitimate question.

      MO has become reliably R, I think Greitens would still be a favorite.

      Vance and Mandel might indeed split the vote. Timken made an enforced error when she defended the Congressman from OH that voted for impeachment, but she is Trumpy enough (she describes herself as the Trumpiest candidate) to win in a state Trump won by half a million votes.

    201. NYCmike says:


      Would it be possible for you to give some examples of “smarmy campaigns”. I have only seen 1 video of Vance, and it was pretty straight forward.

      I appreciate the other candidate going around getting support from party apparatchiks and the like, but please remember, it is a primary system. Don’t blame “deadenders” if the ones acceptable to you doesn’t make the necessary changes needed to win the primary.

    202. NYCmike says:

      “Timken made an enforced error when she defended the Congressman from OH that voted for impeachment,”

      -Wes hadn’t mentioned this at all…….ODD…….

    203. NYCmike says:

      Robbie still being Robbie……imagine getting on a plane and knowing that he is your pilot……

      “CG” still hasn’t appeared…….maybe he is organizing The Lincoln Project Afghan Rescue Mission…..

    204. NYCmike says:

      -Was this posted?

      And did Bitterlaw acknowledge that Tina was, once again, correct!?

    205. Wes says:

      Well, let’s see, Mikey. He went from virulent anti-Trump to self-flagellating Trump supporter–conveniently immediately after deciding to run for Senate in a state Trump carried handily twice.

      I could go on, but this article details the sanctimonious–and, indeed, hypocritical–nature of Vance’s Senate campaign quite well:

    206. mnw says:

      Greitens can’t win the GOP primary in MO.

      The bribery matter may be resolved, but the sleazy sexual misconduct has NOT.

      When he won the first time, almost all his GOP primary financing came from a single mega donor. Who’s going to finance him now that he’s damaged goods?

      Same for McCloskey, the personal injury trial lawyer & born-again Republican… who pled guilty. Bad joke.

      MO Republicans know our nominations are actually worth something. We tend to be pretty careful with them. (Yes, Rep. Todd Aiken… who made a stupid statement AFTER he was nominated. Blame the GOP primary electorate for not having precognition.)

    207. Wes says:

      I must admit, Mikey, I find it hilarious when you–who dismissed the elimination of actual voters from Utah’s candidate selection process as another way to let voters choose their nominees–should have the chutzpah for attacking me on the subject of primaries.

      By the way, since you and Mourdock agree on this issue, where does the Bible say God intends pregnancy to result from rape? Talk about misogyny.

    208. jason says:

      Well if Greitens can’t win the primary, we have nothing to worry about.

      But if you are sure of that you can triple your money on Predictit.

      Eric Greitens 37
      Eric Schmitt 22
      Billy Long 13
      Vicky Hartzler 13

    209. jason says:

      Vance is the one deadender that would probably lose the GE, even in OH.

    210. Wes says:

      I’m not sure Mandel can’t also lose, Jason:

    211. lisab says:

      Lisab says I’m fat, too gray and not stylish. No comment on what I said.

      well … not fat …


      might be better … or


    212. lisab says:

      No comment on what I said.

      you edited what you said so much that you took away all meaning

      any effect you might have had was lost to political correctness

    213. lisab says:

      rotund …

      that is the word i was looking for

    214. Bitterlaw says:

      Good to know lisab thought I should say N***** at a public meeting. It confirms that she has no political judgment at all. The Board and the audience knew the meaning very clearly. Lisab did not know there were also young children in the back of the room because their mom was recognized as a new administrator.

      I guess when you are a middle-aged stick figure, everybody looks fat to you.

      I missed Robbie’s drive-by. I was at a Jackson Brown-James Taylor concert. Even in their 70s they can still rock.

    215. NYCmike says:

      An Atlantic piece?

      Ok, I’ll guess that will suffice for now.

      And Wes, what is the problem with making sure you back up statements with some real life facts showing that voters prefer the organized to the self-flagellating? The voters will determine who wins the primary and the general election, so hopefully the correct one gets chosen who will win both.

    216. Wes says:

      And Wes, what is the problem with making sure you back up statements with some real life facts showing that voters prefer the organized to the self-flagellating?

      This is an inane question even by your standards, Mikey. I haven’t said anything about whom voters will prefer aside from saying I hope Timken wins and pointing out Mandel and Vance are ideologically similar enough to split their target voters between them and deny one another the nomination.

      The voters will determine who wins the primary and the general election, so hopefully the correct one gets chosen who will win both.

      This is a truism. Unfortunately we disagree on the correct one since I don’t want a candidate who will help Schumer remain Senate Majority Leader.

    217. Wes says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t watch your biopic tonight, Mikey:

    218. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Comment on Biden:

      “50 years as a bumbling politician, and this is his finest hour.”

    219. Bitterlaw says:

      Since lisab considers my comment to the School Board was such a failure, I am sure that she will have no problem providing us with her full name and home address and typing out the full word.

    220. lisab says:

      Good to know lisab thought I should say N***** at a public meeting. It confirms that she has no political judgment at all.

      i said it would have had impact

      you understand i don’t want you to win?

      am i being too subtle?

    221. lisab says:

      Since lisab considers my comment to the School Board was such a failure

      i said it lacked impact due to you censoring it due to political correctness

      it was good to see that you have decided to take an interest in local events

    222. lisab says:

      I guess when you are a middle-aged stick figure, everybody looks fat to you.

      i didn’t say fat …

      rotund or how about


    223. Bitterlaw says:

      I understand that you are a vicious, vindictive bitch who turned on me last year for a reason known only to you OR you always despised me and were completely fake for years. Your condolences last year were lies to make your sycophants think you are a good person. You’re not.

    224. Bitterlaw says:

      So, type the word and show us how bold you are.

    225. lisab says:


    226. lisab says:

      you try to help, and the metro-sexual gets all huffy …

      or should i say hefty

    227. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Newsom recall too close to call. If MSM cannot save Newsom, can they save Biden?

      “A chart showing the polling averages since July 14 for whether to keep California Gov. Gavin Newsom in office or remove him, with dots representing each poll. “Keep” is polling at an average of 48.8 percent, and “Remove” is polling at an average of 47.6 percent.”

    228. jason says:

      he voters will determine who wins the primary and the general election, so hopefully the correct one gets chosen who will win both.”

      Translation 1: let’s nominate a deadender so Schumer can keep expanding his majority.

      Translation 2: I will always endeavor that the “correct one” never gets nominated.

    229. jason says:

      I have to agree that Bitter should not have used the N-word.

      If he did, it could be edited where you just see him saying it out of context and used to smear him and his family.

      Unfortunately, it is the world we live in.

    230. jason says:

      Noem continues to show poor political instincts. Disappointing.

      I am tired of defending her.

    231. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      BREAKING: And so it begins in Afghanistan!

    232. jason says:

      Comment on that thread:

      “Why did it take the white supremacists so long to get there”

    233. Cash Cow TM says:

      Seeing LOTS of TV ads by various leftwing groups (Sierra Club, etc.) in support of the Biden/leftist voting rights bill, the infrastructure/economic stimulus/fund left wing groups and causes package, etc.

      Anyone else seeing this?

    234. Phil says:

      NBC reporting that the President and his advisers are in the situation room and closely monitoring the situation.

      That’s comforting.

    235. jason says:

      I don’t watch much TV, but I am not surprised they are running these ads in WV, probably targeting Manchin

    236. jason says:

      NBC reporting that the President and his advisers are in the situation room and closely monitoring the situation.”

      Ben and Jerry are catering the ice cream?

    237. jason says:

      US troops injured, fortunately no reports of US troops killed.

    238. jason says:

      So much for the “new” Taliban.

      “A Taliban spokesperson on Wednesday said no proof exists that implicates Usama bin Laden in the Sept. 11 terror attacks despite a mountain of evidence that connects the deceased al Qaeda leader to the airline hijackings that hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon.”

    239. Wes says:

      This was exactly what Biden didn’t need:

      Their lives are on Biden’s head. This is entirely on him.

    240. Phil says:

      Sorry, Wes. This is on Trump.

    241. jason says:

      Fox News reporting a second explosion near the hotel Americans were gathering at for rescue operation

    242. jason says:

      That should be in quotes.

    243. Phil says:

      Yes, absolutely in quotes.

    244. jason says:

      I checked MSNBC site.

      Big story is how courts are doing Trump’s bidding… Brace Yourselves

      Little article on corner, explosion in Kabul, casualties unclear.

    245. Bitterlaw says:

      Is there anything worth bombing in Afghanistan? If Biden was competent, the skies over Afghanistan would be filled with bombers, attack helicopters, A-10s and drones until all Americans were evacuated. But he is not competent and there are probably few aircraft left in range.

    246. jason says:

      Biden will ask the Taliban to pls stop suicide bombers.

    247. jason says:

      Actually just drones with hellfire missiles could have kept the Taliban from taking Kabul at least enough for the evacuation.

    248. jason says:

      But for that the US would have had to hold on to Bagram, giving that up was insanely stupid.

    249. jason says:

      Predator drones have a range of 750 miles.

    250. Wes says:

      No one ever claimed Biden was smart, Jason.

    251. Skippy says:

      Joe Biden’s name and legacy will go down as the worst President in history when it’s all said and done.

      Appeasement gets more US Troops killed in the long term.

      Appeasement gets more innocent civilians killed in the long term.

      We did not end an “endless war”…..we only let the evil wolves into the henhouse.

      That’s all we accomplished.

    252. dylan says:

      How on earth does the USA survive in its present (or close to present) form with 3.5 more years of this? there will be no retaliation just endless humiliation. The speed of life and news is so fast now that a 4 year term for president and a mid term election every two years is just interminably long. the founders needed to have devised an absolute stop gap mechanism to address the current situation. Perfect storm of black swan stupidity/fraud/flaccidity. I can’t even motivate to work . . .

    253. Phil says:

      Come on Dylan, it was still worth it to get rid of Trump. No more mean tweets.

    254. dylan says:

      Phil–In all seriousness, I am really feeling an existential weight of depression over all this. I don’t see how the country can survive the twin forces of Biden + a democratic congress spending trillions we don’t have and never will have, and my fellow americans getting bent out of shape by mean tweets. The USA was a victim of its own success. too much comfort created an electorate that allowed this to happen. There is no coming back from this. Even if the GOP gets all the levers again. .. .which as we discussed aint likely.

    255. jason says:

      It is not going to survive in its present form.

    256. jason says:

      Wes says:
      August 26, 2021 at 11:11 am

      No one ever claimed Biden was smart, Jason”

      I heard he was the “adult” in the room.

    257. jason says:

      We did not end an “endless war”

      That is why I never liked the “endless war” meme.

      The status quo in Afghanistan could have been kept going with minimal US troops and casualties, hardly a “war”.

      It wasn’t “victory”, but it wasn’t giving up the country to terrorists either.

    258. Phil says:

      Yeah, the adults are in charge. Colbert told us so last night. LOL

    259. Phil says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t an endless war. We had exactly one American casualty in the last year and a half.

    260. jason says:

      Politico sold to German media giant for $1 billion.

    261. lisab says:

      state department to americans:

      leave kabul airport now

      ummmmmmmm … does anyone else see a problem with this advice?

    262. dylan says:

      Come to the Airport
      Leave the Airport
      Buy Christmas Presents Early
      Say No to the Recall
      Say Yes to the 5.5 Trillion of new spending
      Say yes to the bipartisan Jan 6 commission
      Say no to the Keystone Pipeline
      Say yes to the Putin Pipeline
      Say yes to OPEC (please pump more)
      Say yes to booster shots.

      You all think you live in a sustainable country. . . . .

    263. lisab says:

      The MAGA Movement’s a Bigger Threat to America Than the Taliban

    264. lisab says:

      Vaccinated Democratic Counties Are Leading the Economic Recovery

    265. lisab says:

      Judge rules Texas governor can’t enforce mask mandate ban

    266. lisab says:

      the dem sites are pretty silent on afghanistan today

      the above stories are the headlines

      with lots of covid stories

    267. Tgca says:

      What a difference a day makes at HHR I tell ya!

      Bitter insulting minorities in public meetings and THINKING the N-word.

      LisaB relentlessly mocking Bitter for being obese.

      Skanky gubbernor Kristi Noem trying to elevate herself above other gubbenors again while her state had one of the worse spread of Covid by percentage of population and then touting how tough of a cow girl she thinks she is and inferring any question of her leadership is misogynistic.

      Folks predicting the end of the US.

      Skank Liz Cheney blaming Trump for the Afghanistan crisis.

      Biden slurping down Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in crisis meetings with military and his highly COMPETENT foreign policy and military advisors.

      ISIS bombing evacuation points in Afghanistan killing civilians and children.

      What else could go wrong today?

      Is Armageddon now upon us?

      Do I need to stock up on tofu and edamame?

      …or should I just get ready for the rapture?

    268. dylan says:

      Prepare for rapture to be on safe side.

    269. Wes says:

      lisab says:
      August 26, 2021 at 12:23 pm
      Vaccinated Democratic Counties Are Leading the Economic Recovery

      What economic recovery?

    270. lisab says:

      LisaB relentlessly mocking Bitter for being obese.

      i wasn’t mocking,

      i was just observing

      he has put on a few … stone … recently

    271. Wes says:

      The Rapture?

      Does that mean I should watch The Seventh Seal (1957)?

    272. jason says:

      Jonathan Chait claims media is anti-Biden… LOL

      This while calling Biden Administration sane and competent and Trump crazy and incompetent.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      “Over the last week, the media has hammered Joe Biden with relentlessly critical coverage of his pullout from Afghanistan, resulting in noticeable drops in his approval ratings. Put aside for a moment whether this reflects failures by Biden or biases by the media. One conclusion we can draw is that this sort of dynamic is a regular feature of Democratic presidencies, and — as the Trump administration showed — a near impossibility during Republican ones.

      But wait, you’re thinking. Didn’t the media hound Donald Trump for four straight years at least as hard as it’s hounded Biden over the last week?

      Well, sort of. The mainstream media certainly gave Trump harsh and even overtly hostile coverage. But the mainstream media only describes roughly half the media landscape. The other half of the media is a right-wing messaging apparatus that makes no effort to follow traditional journalistic norms. Republicans communicate to their base through a media that functionally operates as part of their party, while Democrats communicate to their base through a media that still exerts substantial independence. If you want to understand the strange difficulty that Joe Biden’s sane, competent administration has in yielding measurably higher approval than Trump’s insane, incompetent presidency, the asymmetrical relationship between the two parties and their respective media environments is the most important place to start.”

    273. Tgca says:

      The Rapture is real and it’s coming soon!

      I know this. Even folks in Hollywood know this, as evidenced by its portrayal in “This is the End.”

      Unfortunately, y’all be all on your own at HHR without me as I float upwards and take residence on my assigned cloud and start harp lessons.

    274. dylan says:

      There need to be at least some ceremonial firings. NOW.

    275. lisab says:

      sane and competent
      didn’t we just give the taliban a modern army?

    276. dylan says:

      Reports of 4 US Marines killed in Kabul. Oh lord. God help this (formerly) great country of ours and have mercy on their souls.

    277. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From CBS News:

      “Voters’ distrust of the Biden Administration’s claims about Afghanistan mirrors their distrust of the media, with a majority (54%) saying they do not believe what they’re being told and 34% expressing faith in the administration’s portrayal of the situation.

      Voters are more than five times as likely (60%-11%) to think the true state of affairs is worse, rather than better, than the Biden Administration is saying. One in four (25%) say it’s “about the same.””

    278. Tina says:

      The vent hoarder needs to be prosecuted.

      Jonathan Lemire
      · Aug 25
      ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Kathy Hochul acknowledges nearly 12,000 more COVID-19 fatalities in NY than publicized by Cuomo administration.

    279. Tgca says:

      Well, if this study can be confirmed, then we have an unintended consequence of the vaccines causing superspreaders and likely responsible for the Covid surges we’ve seen the last few months.

      …the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

      While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into presymptomatic superspreaders.

      This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally.

    280. jason says:

      Voters are more than five times as likely (60%-11%) to think the true state of affairs is worse, rather than better,”

      11% think the situation is better than portrayed by the Administration?

    281. Tina says:

      Will the useless Gop try to impeach?

      Biden last week:

      “God, forgive me if I’m wrong about that, but no one’s being killed right now.”

    282. jason says:

      290. We are going to have to quarantine the vaccinated for 2 years to protect the unvaccinated…

      Sad, but has to be done.

    283. jason says:

      Of course, that was a lie when he said it too.

    284. Tina says:

      Ccp Biden has 40 years of being wrong on foreign policy.

      No wonder Debate #2 was canceled. This was the foreign policy debate

    285. dylan says:

      GOP is utterly worthless. McCarthy GFY. McConnell GFY. Graham GFY.

      I will retract those GFY’s if by close of business these useless turds do anything positive

    286. Tgca says:


      Now this makes sense why three people I know that are fully vaccinated recently got Covid and got sick with flu-like symptoms even though they did not need to be hospitalized.

      One previously tested positive for Covid last year a d had to quarantine but did not get sick but did get sick this time in spite of having both natural immunity and vaccinatied immunity.

      It’s the viral load that’s causing these surges.

      The study says

      The vaccinated individual are blasting out concentrated viral explosions into their communities and fueling new COVID surges.

    287. Tina says:

      Just remember a week ago, all was good in Ccp Biden Administration,

      Remember this picture?

    288. jason says:

      This article did not age well.

      “A piece published in New York Magazine’s Intelligencer complained how the media “manufactured” President Biden’s “politico fiasco” regarding his handling of the turbulent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

      Intelligencer writer Eric Levitz began his piece by touting how the Afghan withdrawal “has yet to cost our nation a single casualty” and that evacuations are proceeding “at a faster pace than the White House had promised.”

      “In other words, Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a ‘disastrous’ and ‘humiliating’ ‘fiasco,’ in the words of the mainstream media’s ostensibly objective foreign-policy journalists,” Levitz wrote. “Yet this political fiasco is not a development that the media covered so much as one that it created.”


      Levitz acknowledged the Biden administration “made some genuine errors” regarding contingency plans and the resettlement of Afghan refugees, but “as far as conclusions to multi-decade wars go, America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is thus far proceeding with relatively little chaos and tragedy.”

    289. Tgca says:

      293. Jadon

      You’re really not as dumb as you appear, that’s where I was going with my posts.

      The vaccinated are superspreaders! They need to be kept separate to protect the unvaccinated.

      They need to wear N95 masks or space helmets at all times.

      Perhaps they should quarantine at home and have curfews too so they can only go out and shop at certain times too.

      I recently told my vaccinated friend he can drop off any gifts for me outside my home but he is not allowed inside to spread his disease to me or my pooch or my fish.

    290. jason says:

      America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is thus far proceeding with relatively little chaos and tragedy.”

      Goebbels would be proud.

      Baghdad Bob ecstatic.

    291. NYCmike says:

      Still nothing from “CG”……news isn’t getting up that high on the moral high ground, I guess.

    292. jason says:


      You’re really not as dumb as you appear”

      I love it when my talents are recognized.

    293. Bitterlaw says:

      4 US Marines killed at Kabul airport.

    294. jason says:

      The Biden Troll is probably terrified this debacle could interfere with the passage of Biden’s agenda, so give him a break.

      Amoral Scumbag should be by later to quote whatever Fauci told CNN, however.

    295. NYCmike says:


      Is that confirmed?

    296. jason says:

      Biden was hoping to exit before that happened no matter how many people were left behind.

      No other explanation for it.

    297. jason says:

      Yes, confirmed.

    298. Tina says:

      The Drats would have impeached Trump already,

      His supporters would be held as enemy combatants,

      Mrs. Dick Cheney would still look ugly.

      Adam Kinzinger would still be crying

    299. Tina says:

      Btw, I forgot to ask, but what is the Jebot’s over/under for Biden on Covid cases and deaths?

      Can the Jebot explain why these numbers are worse this summer than last?

    300. jason says:

      “They need to wear N95 masks or space helmets at all times.

      Perhaps they should quarantine at home and have curfews too so they can only go out and shop at certain times too.”

      Too risky.

      I am afraid they will have to be interned in camps for the vaccinate.

    301. Tgca says:


      My pleasure to acknowledge good attributes when they surface, even if on rare occasions.

      After all, HHR is not all about ridiculing and tearing people apart.

      We take care of our own when needed.

    302. Tina says:

      I see we have not put a buffer around the Kabul Airport,

      And we have not reopened Bagram.

      Why would you have our troops as sitting ducks to bombs/IEDs?

    303. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag said Trump was toast unless cases were less than 15000 a day, a number he pulled out of his ass.

      But he has since revised it, I think now he believes Biden would be in trouble if cases are more than 15 million a day.

    304. jason says:

      After all, HHR is not all about ridiculing and tearing people apart.”

      I always said appearances are deceiving.

    305. Tgca says:

      The pentagon has confirmed multiple casualties per CNN and FOX now confirming 4 killed.

    306. Tina says:

      Amazing. I seem to remember an Orange loooking President told the Taliban leader that if you hit us, I know where you live. And your village will be destroyed.

      Inez Stepman ?????
      Biden’s withdrawal has now cost more American lives than the last 18 months of American presence in Afghanistan.

    307. Tina says:

      The jebots answer is here:

      · 2h
      Replying to @NolteNC and @AdamBaldwin
      Shame those citizens didn’t leave back in Feb when Biden’s state department told them to. Where the HELL is personal responsibility these days?

    308. Tgca says:

      Breitbart reporting:

      40 people, including four U.S. Marines, and wounded another 120 people

    309. Tgca says:


      I meant 40 dead in total, including 4 marines.

    310. dylan says:

      US Government collapse imminent. But Biden says it will be at least 72–96 hours.

    311. jason says:

      The collapse will be orderly, no worries.

    312. dylan says:

      I implore all loyal US Military forces to remove Dr. Jill Biden from the White House and escort her back to Wilmington under house arrest

    313. dylan says:

      Where the hell are the Clintons (both of them) and Obama? they can’t be happy about this . . . .

    314. NYCmike says:

      ” they can’t be happy about this . . . .”

      -Who are you kidding?

      The Clintons are trying to figure out how to profit from this. The Obamas are pulling the strings.

    315. Phil says:

      The WH has announced there will be no daily press briefing today.

      Gee, I wonder why.

    316. dylan says:

      well, the GOP leadership should have some briefing.
      but alas, there is no “leadership” there

    317. GF says:

      327- Concur. Something akin to a shadow government, as in Britain and elsewhere. When the government goes into hiding during a crisis, the opposition must come out and address the public with whatever knowledge it has, and propose workable solutions to those problems, preferably in concert with the current government, but ready to take over should the electorate or other circumstances force that change.

    318. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Democratic leadership knows Biden is toast. Within the next year see them pressuring him to quit. They be will then try a restart with Kamala Harris as president.

    319. Phil says:

      You are right about that, Dylan.

    320. dylan says:

      It would be a half foot putt for McCarthy and McConnell to have a joint presser and propose some action other than having the band on the deck of the Titanic continue to play. I am speechless. the dems had their own televised joint press propaganda fits all throughout Trump’s term.

    321. dylan says:

      Will the NSA put me on a bad list if I muse that the only good option at this point is a military takeover of the country by non-woke forces . . . . .?

    322. Bitterlaw says:

      American military deaths now up to 10. Third explosion heard. The rules of engagement should be changed to “there are no rules of engagement. We will stay and kill every ISIS member we can. If the Taliban get in the way, we kill them, too.” Also, time to retake the US Air base.

    323. Phil says:

      State Department cancels daily briefing.

    324. Chicon says:

      10 dead American servicemen. Their government failed them.

    325. Phil says:

      Agree completely, bitter.

      Chances of Biden following your advice. Zero in my humble opinion. I think he just accelerates the bug out.

    326. Chicon says:

      333 – exactly right, but do the people pulling Joe’s strings want that?

    327. dylan says:

      Political Options at this point:

      1. Impeachment—doesn’t work because you need 2/3 of Senate to remove.

      2. 25th Amendment—Need Kamala to move on this one plus majority of cabinet, but that only leads to a temporary removal of the president for however long the disability lasts. Could be permanent but unlikely Shadow Puppeteers will do this.

      3. Win the 2022 election and establish a GOP supermajority to override vetos—don’t see that happening.

      what else is left aside from military coup? national plebescite for a new election? constitutional convention? takes too long

      Conclusion—-prepare for imminent rapture.

    328. Phil says:

      Now it’s up to 12 dead servicemen plus one navy medic.

    329. Phil says:

      Sorry, 11 dead marines plus one dead navy medic.

    330. dylan says:

      If you are an american in Kabul, your only hope is to put on some local garb, impersonate a shepherd and try and walk across the border. I’d say you have a 1/1000 chance of survival.

    331. Phil says:

      Agree, Dylan. God help those folks.

    332. NYCmike says:

      1/1000 is too high.

    333. NYCmike says:

      Has Wissing checked in at all to call out this President and his administration, the ones he voted for?

    334. Tina says:

      Where is our President?

      Hopefully, not ordering choka chip ice cream.

    335. GF says:

      11 Marines plus the medic? Good Lord, that’s an entire squad! One third of a platoon for the civvies here. I don’t know how many are at the airport in total, so as a number, it may seem small, but to all their families, it’s beyond tragic. This says nothing of the Afghan dead, which is also climbing last I read.

      338- Kamala doesn’t want to take over yet, for two reasons:

      (A) She needs this to simmer down, whatever the ultimate cost, and let Slow Joe take the heat for it. And…

      (B) She needs to take over halfway through the term plus one day so she can be eligible to run for two full terms herself. That’s why they’ve been propping up Slow Joe and shielding him from hard hitting media interviews (almost an interview nowadays, tbh).

    336. Phil says:

      We haven’t had one in eight months, Tina.

    337. Tina says:

      Sad Phil, really sad.

    338. Wes says:

      I knew Biden would be a horrible President. I never knew he’d be this bad.

    339. DW says:

      Bloody Hands Biden. Sickening. Most people still more worried about Covid and bashing Trump. Wait until the Taliban starts blowing up small cities across the American heartland. Biden made a deal with them to avoid hitting the blue cities, and target only rural America.

    340. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Explainer why the situation in Kabul is so bad. Single runway Kabul international airport sits in the middle of a city of 5 million.

      Bagram Air Base (which was closed a month ago) sits 25 miles to the north, in an easily defensible area, multiple runways, secure perimeter

    341. dylan says:

      Wes—did the Founders ever contemplate an administration this feckless and incompetent?
      What on earth is the remedy that can be done in time to save what is left?

    342. dylan says:

      It does seem like our intelligence did know this attack was coming. they had at least 12 hours of warning.

    343. Tgca says:

      So does this mean Newsom can’t count on Biden to campaign for him in the recall now, as previously planned and announced yesterday?

    344. Tina says:

      It’s getting worse.

      Boris Johnson has spoken about the dead American soidiers, while our President has gone mute.

    345. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I cannot express how much contempt I have for the human dirtbag that is now our president. He and his family are in politics for self enrichment. Biden has been caught lying and cheating throughout his life. He is incapable of making hard decisions because he has evaded taking responsibility all his life.

    346. dylan says:

      THIS is the moment for the shadow government to announce that Biden has stroked out.

    347. Tgca says:


      The Constitution has impeachment and 25th amendments to remove POTUS. That is more than sufficient. We need no other remedies, otherwise, we would have presidents being removed all the time for politically driven purposes which would substantially weaken our republic.

    348. Tina says:

      · 8m
      JUST IN – Pentagon CENTCOM commander Gen. McKenzie expects more attacks on #Kabul airport and says the U.S. reached out to the Taliban to “make sure they know what we expect them to do to protect us

    349. Phil says:

      SDC or Tina – what is your current take on the recall? Does the discovery of the guy who was asleep in the car possessing 300 recall ballots make you just want to throw in the towell and accept that the election is rigged?

    350. Phil says:

      So now we are begging the Taliban to protect us.

      Wonderful. Just terrific.

    351. Wes says:

      Dylan, impeachment and the 25th Amendment are our only constitutional remedies.

    352. dylan says:

      How about unconstitutional but quick remedies?

    353. Tgca says:


      You can’t remove POTUS unconstitutionally without committing illegal acts that SCOTUS would NEVER uphold.

      These are silly questions.

    354. Gordon Allen says:

      # 344 Wissing is a die hard supporter of Biden,and a ” Republican ” like Bill Kristol.Its( still??) a free country,but Wissing is a Republican like I’m a Communist

    355. Tgca says:

      I don’t only blame Biden for this disaster but Milley and Austin at a minimum, as well as Blinken.

      The focus of all these people has not been on what really matters, the security of our nation, as they pursued some agendas against US citizens.

      It has been reported that Biden was warned of these potential threats and outcomes by his advisors but stubbornly refused even up to this week about evacuation timelines. If that is true, then Milley and Austin had the responsibility to resign in protest rather than sign off on this disaster.

      I believe the threat of resignation would have made a difference here but these fotha muckin’ idiots are more interested in being woke.

      Their reputations will now be tarnished and rightfully so.

      This was a no brainer that anyone should have seen coming a mile away. It does require select secret intelligence or logistics training to see this disaster unravel.

      It’s similar to dismantling the police from a crime-ridden city and expecting people to safely move out. It’s just plain STOOPID!!!

    356. NYCmike says:

      “CG” still silent……preparing for Rosh Hashanah already??

      Or partying with The Lincoln Project “boys”?

    357. Tgca says:

      Despite all this chaos today, let’s not lose sight that today is International Dog Day.

      Me and the pooch were planning dinner out tonight…perhaps a nice vegan restaurant.

    358. Phil says:

      Partying with the Lincoln Project boys would be my guess. After all, they are all ‘conservatives’

    359. Tgca says:


      I’d like to know which people in the admin are making these stoopid decisions.

      So we trust the Taleebon to not use that information to retaliate…especially after it’s been reported this week that the Taleebon is now preventing Afghanis from getting to the airport.

    360. Wes says:

      It’s Administration wide, Tg.

    361. Tgca says:

      We don’t even have a count of Americans not evacuated yet.

      Do we try and negotiate with the Taleebon to evacuate, knowing they can’t be trusted or do we go full force now and re-establish control with great force.

      This has gone from bad to worse.

      Do we let them blackmail us with American hostages or do we go in and crush them knowing there will be many Americans lost?

    362. Phil says:

      Wait, so we handed over names of Americans and Afghans to the Taliban?

      Brilliant. Those people are now on the Kill list.


    363. Tgca says:


      My point is there should be a centralized command on this and not a bunch of lower level folks with lack of experience making these decisions. This should have always been the case.

      Look at the news for the last year and compare operations in Afghanistan to now. It’s like the woke mayors who gave up and let Antifa overrun their cities and sidelined the police. Utter incompetence!

    364. Cash Cow TM says:

      Herd reports that the Martinsburg detachment of of the WV Air National guard (they have the BIG-A$$ed transport planes) are participating in evacuation people from Gannystan.

      May God bless them and protect them as they go about their mission…

    365. Tgca says:

      Biden to address the nation at 5PM.

      Oh now I feel better knowing he’s on the job. Whew!

      Will he make a statement that this was a contingency they considered and was unavoidable because Trump negotiated to leave Afghanistan?

      Will he tell the nation the buck stops with him and he did the right thing and for everyone just to suck up the losses because they were unavoidable once we went into Afghanistan 20 years ago?

      Will he tell us that he has let the Taleebon know this is unacceptable and they are on notice that America is watching them now?

      Will he abruptly turn around and walk away without taking questions?

    366. Cash Cow TM says:

      The local WV Air Nat. Guard flys the big C-17 cargo transport planes.

      Just checked on Facebook and there are about 4 of the first 100 mention something about Gannystan, the explosions and deaths of 12 U.S. military there…

      wonder if Facebook folks are denying more postings on this??

    367. NYCmike says:

      Prediction: Biden will say that ISIS-Q are responsible, and that our Taliban “allies” are helping us track down the dastardly devious ISIS.

    368. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Ex-Marine Pen Farthing and his 200 animals were blocked from airport by Taliban”

      This from the U.S. Mirror.
      No further details.

      WTF is that about?

    369. Dylan says:

      This whole thing is a bad movie Americans trying to get out
      And their own government is doing everything they can to kill them It’s Three Days of the Condor meets The Bourne Ultimatum

    370. DW says:

      The only difference between Emperor Nero and Biden, is that Biden doesn’t know how to play the fiddle while everything burns.

    371. DW says:

      YouTube is pulling videos of the Kabul attack, citing them as false and misinformation.

    372. NYCmike says:


      Are you kidding?

      (Imagine the fact that I think it could be possible…..)

    373. DW says:

      NYCmike…I was kidding but in today’s age of partisan censorship, anything is believable. There is no such thing as hyperbole any more.

      As I said years ago here, today’s hyperbole is tomorrow’s reality.

    374. Tgca says:

      Does anyone really believe the Taleebon and Isis are at odds with one another regarding the US?

      It’s the old “ the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    375. Dylan says:

      Biden already late for his critical speech
      Anyone surprised?
      Maybe they are waiting for the amphetamines to kick in?

    376. NYCmike says:

      “Does anyone really believe the Taleebon and Isis are at odds with one another regarding the US?”


      The Taliban has learned that good PR is better than trillion$$ of weapons.

      They set up their own “antagonist” to make them look reasonable and prepared to run a government.

    377. Phil says:

      Yeah, drugs haven’t kicked in yet.

    378. Dylan says:

      We have a serious problem The amphetamines arent working They have no effect against full rigor

    379. Tgca says:

      WTF us this moron tawkin about? He looks and sounds like he just got out of bed.

      WTF does the service of his son and brain cancer have to do with this situation?

      He’s just repeating the same thing with different words.

    380. Dylan says:

      How about talk about how we are going to blow some stuff up for payback? We have no country

    381. Tgca says:

      This should be a fact based report of what we know now, and what is expected next.

      He’s rambling all over the place.

      He’s said nothing about the plan to get people out and by when.

    382. Bitterlaw says:

      I heard Biden on the radio. Fortunately, I did not have to look at him.

    383. Dylan says:

      He’s thanking the Pentagon leadership and Sec Def Omg!!!

    384. Wes says:

      I propose we at HHR refer to Biden as Carter 2.0 from now on.

    385. Dylan says:

      Wes I propose Carter 2.0! As in Carter 2.0 Factorial

    386. Dylan says:

      He just said he was “instructed” to call on ABC Sigh

    387. Tgca says:

      NOW he’s contradicting himself. We will go after folks and get everyone out but he hasn’t said anything about extending the timeline because it’s just not possible to get this done in 5 days. We all know that.

      Then he says troops will leave as scheduled and then we’ll work to get out those Americans still there. Does that mean troops leave before Americans do?

      How do we get them out then if troops leave?

    388. Dylan says:

      “We have no idea who did this”

    389. lisab says:

      well i feel better

    390. lisab says:

      still leaving on time with the taliban’s help

      and self interest

    391. Bitterlaw says:

      Carter was wrong on policies and issues. Biden is a dangerous moron. He makes Carter look competent.

    392. lisab says:

      this is not good

    393. Bitterlaw says:

      Now Biden blames Trump as well as the military.

    394. Tgca says:

      Amir from AP asks how can we stay one more day given what’s happen, after telling Biden he spoke powerfully about his son.

      Two points.

      1st, we don’t just give up and leave Americans behind when the going gets tough so it’s a stoopid question.

      2nd. I don’t give a f*ck about Biden’s dead son! This has nothing to do with that. His son died of brain cancer that had nothing to do with military service and just happened to serve a short time so it’s not relevant. Don’t play this sympathetic pity a$$ BS when we’re talking about something that could have been avoided if not for his incompetence.

    395. Dylan says:

      Biden has been bought off and will never pay

    396. Bitterlaw says:

      Blames Trump again and gets in a fight with a reporter who dared to ask Biden if he takes responsibility.

    397. Gordon Allen says:

      But no mean tweets,or attacks on entitlement8. This is disgraceful and not remotely NORMAL. Not remotely,and anyone who says differently is dishonest,or a moron,or both.
      Our chickens have only begun to roost. We are in BIG trouble.

    398. NYCmike says:

      Carter was a bad leader at a tough time, but a good person.

      This “President” is……..not strong enough words to characterize him at this moment…..speechless….

    399. Tgca says:

      Here he goes blaming Trump again.

      Says he takes full responsibility for how things unfolded the last two weeks but it’s really Trump’s fault.

    400. Wes says:

      Yes. Let’s blame Trump for something that happened SEVEN FREAKING MONTHS after he left office.

    401. NYCmike says:

      And take that “Dr.” Jill Biden with you, can’t believe she allowed this guy to stand up for this office.

    402. Dylan says:

      The military needs to seize control of the country right now
      I’d even take the Myanmar Junta over Joe

    403. Tgca says:

      Now he’s trying to poll the reporters to agree with his rationale on the history of Afghanistan problems. Raise your hand? REALLY? This is unreal?

      He closes with its time to end a 20 year war and get out. So that contradicts his statement that we’re getting out now because Trump did an agreement to get out.

      What a moron!

    404. Dylan says:

      Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino need to be incarcerated in the Myanmar Junta Hilton as well

    405. lisab says:

      Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino need to be incarcerated

      what did they say

    406. Phil says:

      There you go folks. Our leader has spoken. It’s all Trump’s fault.

    407. Dylan says:

      They are just flaccid talking heads who add nothing to the urgency of the current situation That’s all….

    408. Bitterlaw says:

      Getting a troll vibe from Dylan. Posts about incarcerations as well as removing Biden through means outside the Constitution seem like attempts to make HHR look like loons.

    409. Dylan says:

      Nah—no troll intent Just resignation and depression over the next 3.5 years

    410. Phil says:

      Resignation over the next three plus years.

      Yeah, my feeling too.

    411. Tgca says:

      Harvard University names a devout ATHEIST as its new head chaplain who describes himself as ‘humanist rabbi’: Ivy League school says it’s catering to the 40% of students who are NOT religious or agnostic

    412. Tgca says:


      Having an atheist lead your religious leadership team is like having a child molestor leading a team to protect children.

    413. TIna says:

      The Kampala-Governor Nuissance rally is canceled.

      Kampala returning home.

    414. GF says:

      425- Atheist students don’t require a chaplain since by the very dint of their faith (or lack thereof), they don’t believe in a higher power. For them, a chaplain is merely a counselor of sorts and nothing more. Ergo, they should be referred to the school psychiatrist or social worker if they are in need and not insult students of faith by having an atheist to head up a religious-based office.

    415. Tina says:

      This preser was the worst I have ever seen.

      He is so off.

      The meds are not working

    416. Tina says:


      Nick Short ??
      · 3h
      “U.S. officials in Kabul gave the Taliban a list of names of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies to grant entry into the militant-controlled outer perimeter of the city’s airport.” So we gave them a hit list?!

    417. Tina says:

      Bret Baier
      · 3h
      According to DOD data— today is THE deadliest (hostile) day for US troops since an August 5, 2011 helicopter attack — making this day THE deadliest attack in more than a decade.

    418. lisab says:

      the sad part is that the wh staff and advisors are the best of the best

      those running the cities and states are second tier

    419. Bitterlaw says:

      In 414, Dylan calls for a military coup in the US but he’s not trolling us.

      Does anybody have Transparent Dem Troll’s phone number? We need to talk.

    420. Tgca says:

      Biden thinks he intimidates enemies.

      …and just how will you hunt these folks down moron if you have no intelligence on the ground, especially after the Afghanis supporting the US are either evacuated or slaughtered after the troops leave?

      Just more silly meaningless boastful talk from a guy that should be in an old aged home.

      President Joe Biden said the latest bloodshed would not drive the U.S. out of Afghanistan earlier than scheduled, and that he had instructed the U.S. military to develop plans to strike IS.

      “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,” Biden said.

    421. Dylan says:

      Bitter—can you cogently argue that Millley and Austin are appreciably better than the Myanmar Junta to run the USA? Didn’t think so…..

    422. Tgca says:

      So today while military personnel are mourning the loss of their own, radical lefty military hating MSNBC Chris Hayes callously and sarcastically posted:

      ‘A THOUSAND’ will die from COVID

      But as one poster cleverly posted in response to such a stoopid disrespectful comment:

      I’m sure you’d have tweeted this if there was a school shooting, Chris.

    423. Bitterlaw says:

      Dylan – Is that a real question? You want the American military to overthrow the US government and expect to be taken seriously? Are you on a field trip from Troll School?

    424. Tgca says:

      I agree with this dude! Afghanistan will also be exporting terrorists to the west soon.

      The best way to recruit and boost morale for terrorists is to backdown from them and let them know you have no wish to take them on.

      ‘The war is yet to come,” he said. ”This whole withdrawal announcement and process has been an enormous morale boost for Islamic radicals everywhere. Al-Qaida, Islamic State, Pakistani Taliban, you name it. They are on a roll, and they know it.”

    425. NYCmike says:

      #439 -Waiting for the NYC attack. City is not prepared at all, NOW. Cops will lose their jobs for profiling the “wrong” people.

    426. Wes says:

      Schu York is the epicenter of American liberalism, Mikey. Congratulations on choosing to live among a bunch of woke moonbats.

    427. NYCmike says:

      Dylan seems to be going that extra step, yes.

      That said, still waiting on “CG” and others to defend their choice of Biden.

    428. Phil says:


      Oh, you won’t see him.

    429. Dylan says:

      Bitter —there is always room for some sarcastic levity don’t ya think? Or maybe you don’t…..

    430. Bitterlaw says:

      Ah. The sarcasm defense. Sure. Why not?

    431. Bitterlaw says:

      On CSpan 3, they are showing interviews with Reagan and some of his speeches. Anybody who watches it and still thinks Trump was in any way equal or superior to Reagan is just foolish.

    432. Tina says:

      Shannon Bream
      · 17m
      BREAKING 6-3 #SCOTUS strikes down latest Biden administration eviction ban. Justice Breyer dissents, joined by Justices Kagan and Sotomayor.

      “If a federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue, Congress must specifically authorize it.”

    433. lisab says:

      I have often spoken about how the spirit of voluntarism moves like a deep and mighty river throughout our own country. I’ve sensed a real, upbeat joy that Americans feel this spirit is being restored, and they’re glad that it’s getting stronger.

      By the example of these Peace Corps volunteers, people throughout the world can understand that America’s heart is strong and her heart is good. These builders of peace, men and women of all ages, are not shouting in city parks or trying to second guess our defense planners. They’re using their God-given talents and skills to help others. They are pursuing the noble cause of peace by living the meaning of the poet, Emerson’s, words — “The only gift is a portion of thyself.”

      ronald reagan 🙂

    434. Bitterlaw says:

      Reagan was wrong about the Peace Corps and the self-centered volunteers who served their own egos rather than the country. They abandoned their country rather than help Americans. He was a great President. He was not perfect and praising the Peace Corps was a mistake.

    435. Bitterlaw says:

      I am sure the flaming liberals in the Peace Corps had only contempt for Reagan when he was in office.

    436. Bitterlaw says:


    437. Tgca says:

      From the last thread.

      Reagan knew how to deliver a speech because he was an actor. A good deal of his persona was Hollywood showmanship just like Bill Clinton, who was also good at acting and captivating audiences. Both knew how to use vocal inflection and facial expressions to come across as genuine both in audiences and in person.

      I value presidents on their accomplishments and insight and not their theatrics.

      Again, I think Reagan was a good President but he was not a great one. A lot of his history has been re-written like that of JFK so it’s more about the myth of these men than their accomplishments.

      The same could be said of Lincoln and FDR, more myth than facts. Both broke laws and put the Constitution in serious jeopardy.