Youngkin Ties McAuliffe in VA

    I’ve pointed out in some previous posts about how there have been no public polls showing Republican Glenn Youngkin ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. Well that changed this week with a new poll from WPA Intelligence that shows a tied race in the head-to-head match up and shows Youngkin edging ahead when other candidates are added to the mix.

    Glenn Youngkin (R) 48%
    Terry McAuliffe (D) 48%

    Glenn Youngkin (R) 48%
    Terry McAuliffe (D) 46%
    Princess Blanding (L) 3%

    This poll was done August 30-September 2 among 734 likely voters.

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    1. lisab says:

      youngkin isn’t vaccinated

    2. lisab says:

      new biden rules for friday

      unvaccinated may not use public transport
      unvaccinated may not enter stores or restaurants
      unvaccinated may not enter schools
      unvaccinated may not enter jobs with over 100 employees
      unvaccinated may not watch netflix

      that is all

    3. Tgca says:

      Tres Bebe! Tres!

    4. Bitterlaw says:

      I am glad that Tgca is vigorously against discrimination based upon medical conditions. I welcome his support in ending the prohibition against diabetics serving in the military.

    5. Waingro says:


      2022 GA Senate GOP Primary
      Herschel Walker 76%
      Gary Black 6%
      Latham Saddler 3%
      Kelvin King 2%
      Undecided 13%

      1,078 LV | 9/2-9/4

    6. Tgca says:


      I never was for diabetics being excluded from the military. If your doctor says you are fit for duty in the military, I’m all for it.

      However, if there are physical limitations that would keep one from doing the job or potentially putting the team at risk, clearly that has to be taken into consideration in what role to have in the military. Folks at risk of diabetic shock or passing out should not be on the frontlines in battle or a pilot.

      But I believe there is probably a role in the military for anyone willing to work. Diabetic s work in many jobs throughout the country so they should not be discriminated against. I’ve worked with a number of diabetics over the years and as far as I know, I’ve not known their medical condition to be an issue but as you know, not all diabetic patients are at the same level of health so exceptions always apply.

    7. Tgca says:

      415. Meldrim

      It’s not preposterous to say that vaccinated folks can infect others just as unvaccinated. We’re seeing outbreaks all over the place in vaccinated folks. Severity of sickness and transmission are two different issues. We all agree vaccinated are less likely to experience serious illness or death at tje rayes if the unvaccinated.

      Reports are now saying the effect of vaccine immunity is way down after months, especially the elderly and that’s why they’re pushing for more shots. Dr. Fow-chee has acknowledged that. Go back and read a lot of the posts from SDC where he has provided info on this from latest reports.

      I gave you an example of three folks I know that were fully vaccinated that got Covid by running in circles with the vaccinated.

      The CDC just changed their information to say the vaccinated can transmit the disease to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated folks.

      Part of the issue is that the vaccinated are parading around without masks, not social distancing and congregating in crowds as if they can’t get Covid and that leads to more infections as well, as well as the potential for more variant strains.

      Recent reports stated the vaccines and existing immunity do not provide protection against the MU variant in South America. The great Dr. Fow-chee said we need to keep an eye on that variant though he’s not alarmed yet.

      All this information is being reported from medical experts and gubbermint stats so it’s the best info we have to date.

    8. Tgca says:

      The argument the libs and MSM are making about Covid are not sensible.

      If you got the vax then why are they worried about the vaccinated getting sick? Isn’t the purpose of the vax to protect the vaccinated? If these are concerns, then that implies the vax is not effective and if the vaccinated get infected, then they can equally spread it because they’re infected even though they’re vaccinated when they’re not supposed to be infected with in the 1st place once vaccinated.

      Therefore, the discrimination against the unvaccinated is illogical.

      As far as I know, there is no reliable study that tracks unvaccinated transmitting to others vs vaccinating transmitting to others. How would they know who you came in contact and got infected from whether you’re sick or not when there is no mass reporting system on that? You do not need to be sick to transmit, you just need to be infected.

      So all they can do is hypothesize who is spreading Covid and it is very logical that infected vaccinated people not adhering to protection protocols are therefore likely to spread their infection in large numbers as well.

    9. Tgca says:


      Just get lasik surgery!

      It worked wonders for me immediately. I actually saw the difference in minutes. I no longer wear my glasses unless my eyes are real tired from posting EXPERT advice on HHR all day.

      I can read the tiny print on labels in the store which I could not do before. My vision has been pretty much stable 20/20 now for 4 years.

    10. Tgca says:

      Well! Well! Well!

      UC CORONAVIRUS study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID.

      So if teen boys get vax, they’re less likely to get serious Covid requiring hospitalization but more likely to suffer heart disease and be hospitalized for that instead I guess.

      Not sure if this study was at UCLA or UC Davis but both top tier medical and science research schools.

    11. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      9. “If these are concerns, then that implies the vax is not effective and if the vaccinated get infected, then they can equally spread it because they’re infected even though they’re vaccinated when they’re not supposed to be infected with in the 1st place once vaccinated.”

      Agree. One of the reasons the vaccinated are now again being required to wear masks is to prevent them from infecting others.

      The vaccine has been a flop as far as providing immunity that prevents a person from being infected. It is possible infection may be less likely, but it appears over time any partial immunity it provides increasingly fades away.

      As indicated in the Los Angeles County statistics I posted on the last thread; between May 1st and July 25, 2021, the County recorded 43,126 SARS-Cov-2 infections, of which:

      25.3% fully vaccinated
      3.3% partially vaccinated
      71.4% unvaccinated

      Assume as the vaccine’s effectiveness wears out, that the percentage of the fully vaccinated infected will continue to rise. It is one of the reasons they are so desperate now to approve boosters shots.

      As with Afghanistan, Biden’s pathetic speech about broad vaccine mandates was an attempt to deflect from the reality of another massive public policy failure.

    12. Tgca says:



      …and one thing that stats do not capture are how many vaccinated due not report that are walking around not sick or mildly sick but still infected or those that did not get sick enough to seek medical treatment. That is the risk of underreporting for vaccinated folks.

      We all agree that vaccination currently reduces severity of sickness but with that comes decreased reporting. Not everyone reports a cold so why report mild sickness from infection that you can still pass along to others.

      My fully vaccinated friend self-tested when he got sick recently.

    13. jason says:

      Meldrim and fellow fascists hardest hit:

      “BREAKING: 1st District Court of Appeals just granted the State of Florida’s request to reinstate the stay — meaning, the rule requiring ALL Florida school districts to protect parents’ rights to make choices about masking kids is BACK in effect!”

    14. Tgca says:


      Do not due.

      Fotha muckin auto correct.

    15. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      California just announced that two million more California Golden State stimulus checks will go out next week. The first batch went out on August 27th. It must be nice for Governor Newsom to be able to use $12 billion from the California treasury to boost his campaign.

    16. jason says:

      My position on vaccination requirements was crystalized rather precisely by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson”

      Asa Hutchinson is a weak kneed woke moron.

      So I certainly would believe your position is consistent with his.

    17. jason says:

      Hutchinson signed a ban on mask mandates but then caved to the woke fascists and whined that he was sorry he had done the right.

      A real scumbag.

    18. NYCmike says:

      #11 – in a maybe related note, a very sad one, just heard about an old friend/acquaintance from college whose 20 year old daughter went away to school, was out one night, collapsed and passed away.

      So far, they have been unable to find the cause of the seizure she had. She had eaten at a restaurant that night. No drugs, no booze. No previous medical issues.

      She was on the soccer and softball club teams at school.

      The only difference was that she had gotten the Covid vaccination several weeks prior, because the school mandated it.

      Just sayin’ is all.

    19. jason says:

      Meldrim, why don’t you move to Australia, you are going to like it there a lot more.

      They have lots of “freedoms” there of the kind you love.

    20. jason says:

      NYC, sorry about your fried.

      The vaccine has caused thousands of deaths, it is well documented even by the CDC. However, it is not allowed on social media and of course the MSM won’t touch it.

      The argument is that it has saved many more, which is true.

      Still, they should not hide the fact that people do die from it.

      “Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 375 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through September 7, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 7,439 reports of death (0.0020%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.”

    21. NYCmike says:

      Meldrim writes he is against federal and state mandates.

      jason says that Meldrim said the opposite…..just another day at HHR.

    22. Tgca says:


      Precisely! There are serious risks they are downplaying here. A few weeks ago I read, and think maybe posted here too, a link to story comparing Covid vax to other vax over time. There is a significant death rate from the Covid vax conpared to all other aggregated vax in like 30+ years.

      The CDC changed its definition of vax from immunity to protection and I think there’s a reason for that too.

      Imagine if a school forced your child to get a vax and then he died. What would you do?

    23. NYCmike says:

      jason, Thanks.

      Can’t imagine the parents grief.

      My wife and I agonized over making my son get the shot mandated by college as well, pray that there are no ill effects.

    24. Tgca says:

      24 NYC

      In our society boys are expendable now. Libs and MSM don’t care about them unless it suits their needs.

    25. Tina says:

      DR. GUPTA: “I get calls all the time, people say, ‘I’ve already had COVID, I’m protected.’ And now the study says maybe even more protected than the vaccine alone. Should they also get the vaccine?”

      DR. FAUCI: “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.”

    26. Tina says:


      Kevin McCarthy
      · 2h
      First they shut down businesses during the pandemic.
      Now they want to shut down businesses again if they refuse to comply with a vaccine mandate.

      For President Biden and the Democrats, it’s all about force over freedom.

    27. Meldrim says:

      #14, Jason, you’ve got your head stuck in your derriere once again. It’s amazing how you manage to shovel llama dung even when sitting in front of your computer.

      As I’ve stated consistently, I think that the government should neither force private businesses to require vaccines nor prohibit restaurants from requiring vaccines. And had Governor DeSantis (who, BTW, is my preferred presidential candidate for 2024) prohibited private schools from requiring masking I would have opposed him for that as well because if parents wish to send their kids to a private school that requires masking then that’s none of the governor’s business (although, personally, I think that requiring children to mask is ridiculous, particularly in a school setting).

      But it is absolutely appropriate for a governor, absent applicable law to the contrary, to issue an executive order prohibiting *public* schools from requiring masking. You see, those are *public* schools, and, unlike private schools, they are the responsibility of the state government. And, given my policy preference for parents to decide for themselves whether they want their children masking at school, I applauded DeSantis when he issued his executive order, and was happy to learn at 2:00 p.m. (when I received a Breaking News e-mail from National Review) that an appellate court had permitted the mask-mandate ban to be enforced while the legal case is adjudicated.

    28. jason says:

      Meldrin, move to Australia and take Asa Hutchinson with you, you are going to love all the “freedoms” they have there.

      You are really going to swoon over the app where they track you and if you are “out of your zone” they can fine you.

      I know, I know, they have the “freedom” to decide whether to be fined or not.

    29. Tgca says:

      Meldrim puts too much emphasis on private businesses as if they can just do what they want and no one should interfere.

      That is not the way it works in the US. We give private businesses leeway to do many things but they still come under the jurisdiction of the local community, state, or feds when it involves issues impacting a community such as health, safety, employment rights, etc.

      I agree it should never be overly intrusive but if we did not have these rights, businesses would violate all sorts of measures to protect society. Consider child protection laws for one where for decades kids worked grueling hours in conditions that impeded their health and development do businesses could profit more.

      I’m sure Meldrim would have a different viewpoint on oversight if a loved one of his ate at a restaurant that had poor safety measures and they died from tainted food or attended a theater that was not up to code and burned down with his loved ones inside.

    30. jason says:

      And no, of course private schools should not have the “freedom” of requiring children to wear masks, a practice we all (except maybe you) know is hazardous to their health and has no scientific benefit.

      Again, there are no “freedoms” in fascism.

      Meldrim, do you think unvaccinated people should be required to wear a yellow star sewn to their clothes to more easily identify them?

      No need to answer, we already know it.

    31. Meldrim says:

      #23, Tgca:

      “Imagine if a school forced your child to get a vax and then he died. What would you do?”

      It would depend on whether the vaccine actually caused my child’s death and not been unrelated to the tragedy. Correlation does not imply causation. (NYC, I am not implying that there are no risks to getting the vaccine, or that the death of your friend’s daughter wasn’t actually due to having gotten the vaccine. Maybe that’s what happened; but maybe it wasn’t.)

      I got my two daughters vaccinated for COVID on the first day that those 12-16 were eligible to be vaccinated. While kids are *extremely* unlikely to get sick from COVID, my wife and I thought that it was important that we do what we can to reduce the odds of our daughters getting COVID and infecting their grandparents or some other person for whom COVID has a real risk of serious illness or even death. It is a personal decision, though, and if other parents make a different cost-benefit analysis for their kids, it’s their right to draw a different conclusion.

    32. jason says:

      “I would have opposed him for that as well because if parents wish to send their kids to a private school that requires masking then that’s none of the governor’s business”

      Maybe in Australia, hopefully in our country it IS his business to prevent that kind of discrimination.

      You have it backwards. Parents have the right to choose whether their children are masked or not IN ANY SCHOOL, private or public. THAT is freedom.

      But the woke parents, the MSM, the Democrats, Biden, and fascists like Meldrim are not happy that they have have that freedom. They want to curtail the freedom of the parents who don’t want their children subject to unhealthy and unjustified mandates. These parents don’t care if the woke parents want their children wearing masks.

    33. Meldrim says:

      Jason the nanny-stater wants the gubmint to tell private schools what rules to put in place for students. It’s a good thing that you have given up on voting. In hindsight, we’re lucky that you voted for Donald Duck in 2016 instead of the presidential nominee with whom you most agreed regarding private property.

    34. jason says:

      Tgca, Meldrim is obviously brainwashed by the MSM,
      he believes their garbage lock, stock and barrel.

      Once you are that far gone, there is no coming back.

    35. jason says:

      In hindsight, we’re lucky that you voted for Donald Duck in 2016″

      It was going to be Howdy Doody, but it was too much work.


    36. Meldrim says:

      Jason, if you don’t like what a *private* business, including a private school, requires, then take your business elsewhere. It is fascists and communists who tell private schools what to do.

    37. Tgca says:


      You’re dodging. In the cases reported, these kids have died or gotten sick from vax shots and not some coincidence.

      Healthy teen boys just don’t have heart attacks or heart inflammation after getting a vax shot and then consider its coincidence. That’s why the CDC is now studying it because it happened a number of times and that’s not a coincidence.

      Again, this shows these vax were not thoroughly tested for the populations they are vaxing.

    38. Meldrim says:

      #35, yeah, Jason, the MSM are such strong supporters of property rights and limitations on government power that they have brainwashed me into believing in their Randian ideology. You’re a Welsh carrot.

    39. jason says:

      “Jason the nanny-stater wants the gubmint to tell private schools what rules to put in place for students”

      Wow, the brainwashed fascist is really confused.

      I want the government to bar schools from imposing draconian mandates that harm the health of children and keep the schools and the teacher’s unions from using children as pawns to further their political agenda.

      That is the exact opposite of the nanny state.

      And I am surprised you are complaining about the nanny state, it sounds like it is your dream society.

    40. Tgca says:


      No! Private businesses operate as a privilege in the western world not as a right. That privilege comes with responsibilities they must adhere to including local, state, and federal requirements.

      Sometimes the gubbermint is intrusive and needs to be dialed back but private businesses do not have the right to just do what they want.

      A private business can’t open a bar and serve liquor without a license.

      A private business can’t have a school that requires children attend classes 16 hours daily.

      A private business cannot use certain chemicals without following safety protocols.

      A private business can’t sell cigarettes and liquor to minors.

      A private business can’t put in a new roof without inspection.

      The list goes on and on…

      It’s all about common sense legislation over private business that looks out for the best interest of the public but still allows business to be innovative and thrive.

    41. jason says:

      Tgca, Meldrim thinks it is “freedom” for schools to mandate something harmful to children for political gain.

      Note he still didn’t answer about whether unvaccinated people should wear yellow stars on their clothes, so fascists can have the “freedom” of deciding whether to discriminate against them or not.

    42. jason says:

      Jason, if you don’t like what a *private* business, including a private school, requires, then take your business elsewhere. It is fascists and communists who tell private schools what to do.”

      Yes, and they are telling children they have to wear masks when they know it is harmful and there is no benefit and you agree with them.

      So what are you, a fascist or a communist?

      And btw, your stupidity knows no bounds, but are you aware that in many states there is no “elsewhere”, private and public schools have mask mandates?

      You should move to one of them, although it sounds like Australia is just perfect for you.

    43. jason says:

      Meldrim, do you have a picture of Mussollini on your bedside table or office wall or both?

    44. jason says:

      A private business can’t have a school that requires children attend classes 16 hours daily.”


      They don’t have that “freedom”?


    45. NYCmike says:

      jason is saying that Meldrim is saying something…….except jason is saying that Meldrim is saying the exact opposite of what Meldrim is actually saying.

      Hissy A-Hole needs a reading comprehension class…..or he is willfully lying about what Meldrim is saying.

      Which one is it, Hissy A-Hole?

    46. NYCmike says:

      ” NYC, I am not implying that there are no risks to getting the vaccine, or that the death of your friend’s daughter wasn’t actually due to having gotten the vaccine. Maybe that’s what happened; but maybe it wasn’t.)”


      I understand your position.

      Thanks for the explanation, but not necessary.

      I am not a Hissy A-Hole.

    47. Phil says:

      So Biden isn’t going to deliver a live speech on 9-11 tomorrow. Too risky. Instead, it will be a taped address.

      Over and under on the number of takes this demented fool requires to get it right?

      I’ll say eleven….although we’ll never know.

    48. lisab says:

      businesses often have a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy

      they can probably have a no mask no service policy

      but likely not a vax requirement

      although schools probably can

    49. Tina says:

      Ccp Biden willl be busy ordering choka choka-chip Ice Cream with Jill,

    50. Tgca says:


      I have a pic of Trump on my ceiling over my bed…and a pic of Dr. Fow- chee on my toilet.

    51. Tina says:

      So, General Milli Vanilli lied?

      Quote Tweet

      Evan Hill
      · 1h
      The final act of the U.S. war in Afghanistan was a drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 people. Our latest investigation shows how a man the military saw as an “imminent threat” and “ISIS facilitator” was actually an aid worker returning to his family:

    52. Tgca says:

      CNN Dr. Wen is either a socialist or communist. I haven’t figured exactly which yet but leaning towards communism after she said:

      Doesn’t think inter-state travel is a constitutional right for American citizens.

      I guess all those times I drove from NJ to NY or to PA or to FL or about 25+ other states I’ve driven through I needed to get permission from the gubbermint.

      Is there an interstate license I’m supposed to have, anyone know?

    53. Tina says:

      A very righteous strike against Isis -k

      -General Millie Vanilli

      (They actually struck a family carry water).

    54. Tgca says:

      Score one for the good guys! Watch the video!

      Routine traffic stop and 38 year-old scumbag – with 40…that’s right 40 previous arrests – jumps out of car with AR15 and shoots at police hitting one officer in leg and as he fell to ground starts beating him in the head with AR15 and then good cop pumps like 6 or 7 bullets in the dirtbag and sent him to Hell where he belongs.

      Praise Lord Jesus!

    55. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trafalgar was the most accurate major poll in 2020 according to Nate Silver.

      #BidenApproval hits a new low after #VaccineMandate press conference.
      #PresidentialApproval #poll Conducted 9/8-9 (2nd night after #Mandate announcement).

      43.5% Approve,
      54.3% Disapprove,
      2.1% No Opinion,

      See Report:

    56. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – What happened to your friends’ daughter and her family is devastating. That kind of loss can never be overcome but only endured.

      We had no issue with our daughter being vaccinated. Fortunately, we have not heard of any side effects with her or her friends.

    57. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval
      Approve 47%
      Disapprove 46%
      @Reuters/@Ipsos, 1,005 Adults, 9/8-9

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 48%
      Disapprove 50% .
      @POStrategies, 800 RV, 9/1-8

      Biden Job Approval
      Among adults:
      Approve 39%
      Disapprove 50% .
      @YouGovAmerica @TheEconomist 9/4-7

      Among RV:
      Approve 43%
      Disapprove 52% .
      @YouGovAmerica @TheEconomist 9/4-7

    58. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      48. “So Biden isn’t going to deliver a live speech on 9-11 tomorrow. Too risky. Instead, it will be a taped address.”

      What a totally rotten human being. I suppose they think Biden will have a mental health episode and start talking about Dorothy, Toto and the Land of Oz.

      There are rumours that Blinken may resign in the near future; he may be the sacrificial lamb who takes the blame for the Afghanistan fiasco.

    59. Cash Cow TM says:

      “lisab says:
      September 10, 2021 at 1:58 pm

      youngkin isn’t vaccinated”

      Apparently, NOT true.

      Youngkin has an ad up on D.C. TV stations saying he got the vaccine and encourages others to voluntarily get the vaccine.

      A good ad.

    60. Cash Cow TM says:

      “…unvaccinated may not enter jobs with over 100 employees…”

      UNLESS you work for the USPS, apparently.

    61. Cash Cow TM says:

      I read and hear where various colleges and universities are now requiring that students who are at home and take on line courses must wear masks. ##########################

      Where is the science in that?

    62. Tgca says:

      Good article by Dershowitz. I always thought this had to go to SCOTUS as I never thought Biden or any POTUS could have this much power.

      He thinks SCOTUS may agree Feds have power to order vax but thinks it will have to come from Congress and not POTUS.

      He says it’s hard to argue it’s an emergency powers if we’ve been living it with two years and probably into the future too.

      I don’t often agree with Dershowitz on politics but I do often agree on his legal analysis.

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      History Channel has a show on with video of the terror attacks with the timeline. Still raw and horrific 20 years later. Watching the firemen walk into the towers when you know they are all going to die is sickening. Heroes all.

    64. Tgca says:

      Thix Thix Bishes!

      Thix Thix I thay!

    65. lisab says:

      I read and hear where various colleges and universities are now requiring that students who are at home and take on line courses must wear masks. ##########################

      Where is the science in that?

      duh … computer virus

    66. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A great commentary by Tim Black on negative impacts of Biden’s climate change crusade:

      “But even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has admitted that a far greater threat to health is a lack of economic development. Because a lack of economic development means the measures to tackle droughts or flooding are not implemented. It means the vaccines against malaria or dengue fever are not developed or purchased. It means the production and distribution of food remains stunted in many places. In short, a lack of economic development means that people’s health suffers.

      The health threat posed by climate change is therefore far outweighed by the benefits to health of economic development. Better healthcare services, better sanitation and improved nutrition will do far more to improve people’s health than carbon-emission reduction targets. This is why, as environmentalist Michael Shellenberger notes, the World Health Organisation predicts the global burden of disease will decline by 30 per cent on 2004 figures by 2030 – if economic growth continues.

      But it won’t continue if the health journals or Biden’s climate-change apparatchiks get their way. They are essentially calling for limits to economic growth – that is a far bigger threat to public health than climate change.”

    67. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This short video (“Hey Joe”) about Biden is a must watch. It is absolutely devastating.

    68. Tina says:

      Likely an example of when not to get the vaccine.

      Tom Elliott
      · 19h
      Dr. Fauci on why Americans who’ve previously been infected should get vaccinated despite studies showing it’s unnecessary: “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that”

    69. Bitterlaw says:

      Remember those who died. Honor those who responded. Kill those who would attack us again. Never surrender freedom.

    70. Jeff G. says:

      71. Amen, brother.

    71. Country Dick Montana says:

      “Remember those who died. Honor those who responded. Kill those who would attack us again.”


      “Never surrender freedom.”

      But we already have. TSA, NSA, a politicized federal bureaucracy (including the politically weaponized FBI, IRS and CDC.) They are not going away and I would argue that they are a more profound threat to us. Terrorism is a means to frighten people into changing their political system and beliefs. On September 10, 2001 we were relatively free. Not so much now. Bin Laden and many of his type are dead, but he accomplished exactly what he wanted.

    72. Tina says:

      ck Posobiec Flag of United States
      Did You Know:

      The 28 Pages show that two 9/11 hijackers tied to Saudi intelligence rented a room from an FBI informant in California before the 2001 attacks

      The Director of the FBI kept this covered up for years

      His name?

      Robert Mueller

    73. Cash Cow TM says:


      THAT WAS a POWERFUL video.

    74. Cash Cow TM says:

      Everyone ought to read Erick Erickson’s commentary piece that was in the newspaper this morning.

      It is about libtards freaking out.

      It shows how to the atheists (vastly liberals) politics has become their religion.

    75. Cash Cow TM says:


      Never forget.

      Cow still gets emotional when seeing the videos/pictures of that horrible day.

    76. Tgca says:

      Deepest sympathies to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11. I’m sure this particular anniversary of that tragic day has been weighing heavy on them especially this last week with so much national attention on that day.

      Most of us go on with our lives after this day but for the victim’s loved ones, this opens old wounds so hopefully they will find comfort in knowing the vast majority of Americans are thinking of them today, as we did NOT forget.

      I also pay tribute to all those that assisted in the clean-up and subsequently became ill and passed from various cancers and respiratory diseases years later and to those still sick today. Those families need prayers of comfort as well.

    77. Tgca says:

      Ironically, I saw this very touching and sad story about 3 children who lost their mom to breast cancer in 2012, and then their dad, a NYC firefighter, to 9/11 related cancer in 2018. He was a chef that invented the Cup Board product now sold at Williams-Sonoma.

      His children went through with his dream and presented his invention to Shark Tank and received funding and connected with Williams-Sonoma as their distributor.

      The product has the NYC fire department emblem on it with 343, notating the number of firemen that lost their lives on that tragic day. The Sharks invested $100,000 for 20% stake with all future profits from their share to go to charity selected by the 3 children.

      Here’s a full YouTube video of the Shark Tank episode with this moving story.

    78. Tina says:

      What an arsehole and a disgrace

      Quote Tweet

      Oliver Darcy
      · 1h
      George W. Bush uses his speech to underscore the threat posed by domestic extremists: “They are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them…”

    79. Dylan says:

      A lot has changed in 20 years . I have to admit I have a visceral level of disgust when I hear GWB talk now. Same feeling as when I have to listen to Romney, Obama and Kamala

    80. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Yep, I think today is the day that Bush43 has burned his last bridge with the GOP base.
      Liz Cheney congratulated Bush 43 on his speech as did the group “Occupy Democrats”!

    81. Tgca says:

      Today is a day of remembrance for the innocent lives taken by ISLAMIC terrorists 20 years ago. I could care less about the fake “unity” BS being pushed by Biden and GWB today.

      Today I don’t care about the feelings of Muslims who feel they were shunned after 9/11 anymore than I care about the feelings of the Germans or Japanese who feel they were shunned after WW2.

      Stop making it about some PC BS and let this day be the day we remember the innocent lives taken 20 years ago, which by the way included people of all faiths so ALL are being equally honored and remembered this day.

      So GWB can spout the nonsense below but he should 1st ask himself who caused or exacerbated this disunity among Americans? I say it was him and his successors by their selfish actions all in the name of politics.

      So GFY GWB and Biden!

      “…called for unity and said the solidarity shown after the attacks seemed a far cry from the political rifts now dividing Americans.

      “Malign force seems at work in our common life … so much of our politics has become a naked appeal to anger, fear and resentment,” Bush said.”

    82. Tgca says:

      Here’s a short interview with Giuliani from his perspective that fateful day.

    83. Tina says:

      Yes maga grandmas storming the capitol are the same as aq. Way to go bush 43.

      Where was he during the capitol protest inside during the hearing for his buddy on the sc?

      Illegal protesters are not aq

    84. Dylan says:

      As George Carlin used to say , GWB is a member of the club and “you ain’t in it”

    85. Phil says:

      F Bush.

      Disgusting and pathetic.

      This one might have even been even too much for Jason.

    86. Wes says:

      “…a naked appeal to anger, fear and resentment…”?

      He must be referring to the demagoguery he engaged in to launch his failed war in Iraq.

      Credence Clearwater Revival may have written Fortunate Son about Vietnam, but it works well a damning critique of this fortunate son’s jingoistic disaster of a presidency.

      That GWB now wants to suck up to the other side just over a decade after all the bellicose attacks on him they engaged in against him personally only nakedly demonstrates just how much of a sham he always was.

    87. Wes says:

      Jason will still find some tortuous logic to continue being Baghdad Bob for the failed GWB Administration, but most of the rest have finally acknowledged just how much of a joke GWB is and always has been.

    88. Wes says:

      CDM, civil Libertarians were warning just how much overreach Uncle Sam was engaging in to fight the War on Terror back then. When the government used 9/11 as an excuse to monitor how much cash people deposit into their bank accounts, there should have been some form of national backlash. Ironically Dennis Hastert helped push the law allowing monitoring of cash deposits and withdrawals into and out of personal accounts–and became the most prominent victim of the law. Of course given his actions, I’m not sad to see Hastert fall victim to this piece of legislation even if I realize it’s a clear violation of the Constitution.

    89. jaichind says:

      Biden Xi phone call. USA account did not indicate who initiated the call while the PRC account called out the fact that Biden made the call to Xi. The typical diplomatic practice is if a call went well then both sides will not indicate who initiated the call and if the call did not go well the side with the upper hand tend to call out which side made the call. Based on these indications it is Xi 1 Biden 0.

    90. lisab says:

      the thing is, money still flows overseas, it just takes more work

      it took us 6 weeks to get the down payment for our retirement house overseas

    91. Tina says:

      Flag of United StatesCol. Rob Maness ret.
      I have personally overlooked many things from former President George W. Bush but his comparison between Trump voters and the Jihadists from 9/11 is an absolute disgrace. F*cking unbelievable. #NeverForget

    92. Dylan says:

      It all makes perfect sense GWB and Liz Cheney are one in the same Crazy how you can’t see it at the time (a la Romney) but it becomes so clear in time

    93. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      CNN/SSRS and Quinnipiac were rated the worst polls in 2020 by leftist Nate Silver. The CNN/SSRS error rate was 7.16%.

      When your that bad, why not just go all out and become a propaganda shill for Biden. And that is exactly what they have done:

      “CNN made changes to their polling methodology after their 2020 polls “missed the mark,” the network announced Friday. The network said that they made the changes to account for political differences between groups who do and do not respond to polls, which they say was likely the cause of polling errors in 2020.

      * * *

      “CNN and the survey research firm SSRS will now conduct polls over a longer period of time using a larger sample than is usually used for news polling. They will contact a group of respondents randomly selected by mailing address and use that group’s responses to “measure long-established trends” like presidential approval ratings. The survey will also measure Americans’ party identification and other political traits.
      Instead of selecting a random sample of respondents based on geographic location, CNN and SSRS will randomly select from an established sample of addresses that includes characteristics about where the respondents live. CNN will “increase outreach to underperforming segments of the sample,” the outlet said.”

      * * *

      “Assessments of what went wrong suggest that the problem derived from differential non-response – that is, that the people who took surveys were not the same politically as those who did not,” CNN Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta wrote.

      Friday’s poll assessing President Joe Biden’s approval rating was the first poll released that was generated using the new methodology. It found that 52% of Americans approved of Biden’s performance and 48% did not – an approval rating that is much higher than other recent polls have found.”

    94. Phil says:

      So CNN made changes in their methodology to actually get worse than they were in 2020.

      Leave it to CNN.

    95. lisab says:

      biden is doing just great

    96. lisab says:

      what could possibly go wrong?

    97. lisab says:

      at a time when supply is way down, because so many places are either closed or on reduced shifts

      biden wants to increase demand by $3.5 trillion

      can you say supply side economics?

    98. lisab says:

      NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after staffers quit over vaccine mandate

    99. Tina says:

      Let’s drone Maga Grandmas

      Mute 43

    100. Tgca says:

      Transgender Fighter Beats the Crap Out of Female Opponent, Wins MMA Debut

      38-year-old “Alana” McLaughlin, born a male named Ryan, “transitioned” 5 years ago after serving in the US Army Special Forces.

      This is just wrong in so many ways. Males retain muscular and skeletal strength even after taking hormones. These are not even matches.

      Here’s what the “thing” looked like when in the army a few years back.

      Here’s what “it”looks like now.

    101. Bitterlaw says:

      Watched a lot of shows about the terrorist attacks and the movie Flight 93. I even watched a few minutes of Spike Lee’s documentary. Then there was an interview with somebody who said United 93 was shot down by the military. Turned it off.

    102. Tgca says:


      I guess you should watch Rosie O’Donnell then. She doesn’t believe fire can melt steel so it must have been an inside job.

      Of course the fat dyke doesn’t know chit about physics. Steel melts at about 2,500 F but it can weaken at significantly lower temps in the mid to high hundreds. The steel columns in the WTC did not melt, they buckled under tremendous stress at different areas where they were weakened by intense fires so there was not uniform degradation.

      When columnar support weakens, the stress of the weight it is holding on the support columns can cause the columns to buckle and collapse the structure. This is what happens when buildings support columns rust over time too, they weaken and can’t hold their load. Think of the Miami building collapse recently.

      Rosie O’Donnell to Interview 9/11 Truthers Cut From Spike Lee Docuseries

    103. Tina says:

      What the heck?

      Jewish Deplorable
      · 41m
      Biden on what he’s thinking about on 9/11:

      “What would the people who died be thinking? They think it makes sense to be doing this kinda thing where you ride down the street and see a sign that says ‘F so-and-so’?”

    104. Tgca says:

      This is pure evil! I can’t even comprehend how someone would do this to a 2 year-old.

      Brutal man sentenced to 52 years in prison for repeatedly hanging 2-year-old girl

    105. Tgca says:

      Chris Christie goes full Never Trump. Who do you think he was referring to in his statement?

      “No man, no woman, no matter what office they’ve held or wealth they’ve acquired is worthy of blind faith or obedience, no matter who is demanding we tie our future to a pile of lies… We deserve much better than those trying to acquire or hold on to power.”

    106. Cash Cow TM says:

      Found this on Facebook:

      Bud: ‘You can’t come in here!’
      Lou: ‘Why not?’
      Bud: ‘Well because you’re unvaccinated.’
      Lou: ‘But I’m not sick.’
      Bud: ‘It doesn’t matter.’
      Lou: ‘Well, why does that guy get to go in?’
      Bud: ‘Because he’s vaccinated.’
      Lou: ‘But he’s sick!’
      Bud: ‘It’s alright. Everyone in here is vaccinated.’
      Lou: ‘Wait a minute. Are you saying everyone in there is vaccinated?’
      Bud: ‘Yes.’
      Lou: ‘So then why can’t I go in there if everyone is vaccinated?’
      Bud: ‘Because you’ll make them sick.’
      Lou: ‘How will I make them sick if I’m NOT sick and they’re vaccinated.’
      Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
      Lou: ‘But they’re vaccinated.’
      Bud: ‘But they can still get sick.’
      Lou: ‘So what the heck does the vaccine do?’
      Bud: ‘It vaccinates.’
      Lou: ‘So vaccinated people can’t spread covid?’
      Bud: ‘Oh no. They can spread covid just as easily as an unvaccinated person.’
      Lou: ‘I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Look. I’m not sick.
      Bud: ‘Ok.’
      Lou: ‘And the guy you let in IS sick.’
      Bud: ‘That’s right.’
      Lou: ‘And everybody in there can still get sick even though they’re vaccinated.’
      Bud: ‘Certainly.’
      Lou: ‘So why can’t I go in again?’
      Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
      Lou: ‘I’m not asking who’s vaccinated or not!’
      Bud: ‘I’m just telling you how it is.’
      Lou: ‘Nevermind. I’ll just put on my mask.’
      Bud: ‘That’s fine.’
      Lou: ‘Now I can go in?’
      Bud: ‘Absolutely not?’
      Lou: ‘But I have a mask!’
      Bud: ‘Doesn’t matter.’
      Lou: ‘I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.’
      Bud: ‘I know.’
      Lou: So why can’t I come in here today with a mask? ….If you say ‘because I’m unvaccinated’ again, I’ll break your arm.’
      Bud: ‘Take it easy buddy.’
      Lou: ‘So the mask is no good anymore.’
      Bud: ‘No, it’s still good.’
      Lou: ‘But I can’t come in?’
      Bud: ‘Correct.’
      Lou: ‘Why not?’
      Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
      Lou: ‘But the mask prevents the germs from getting out.’
      Bud: ‘Yes, but people can still catch your germs.’
      Lou: ‘But they’re all vaccinated.’
      Bud: ‘Yes, but they can still get sick.’
      Lou: ‘But I’m not sick!!’
      Bud: ‘You can still get them sick.’
      Lou: ‘So then masks don’t work!’
      Bud: ‘Masks work quite well.’
      Lou: ‘So how in the heck can I get vaccinated people sick if I’m not sick and masks work?’
      Bud: ‘Third base.’”

    107. Cash Cow TM says:


      To conquer the COVID
      And put an end to it’s fright
      We ‘ll make you wear masks
      from morning to night.

      You must wear it in the bar
      Wear it alone while in your car
      You must wear it in the shower
      You must wear it atop a tower.

      Wear it while you’re in a ditch
      Or on the mound where you pitch
      It you are Jim, Judy, Fran or Mitch
      Wear and wear and wear that bitch!

      Wear it eating eggs and ham
      Wear it sitting–or on the lam.
      “Can’t breathe” you tell old Uncle Sam?
      Sam says he don’t give a damn.

      You must wear it on the plane
      You must wear it on the train
      Wear it in a bin of grain
      Wear it while atop a crane.

      Wear it in a hermit’s shed
      Wear it when you go to bed
      Wear it when you shave your head
      Wear it always–till you’re dead.

      Wear it naked or dressed in refinement
      Wear it in solitary prison confinement
      Wear it in the snow, the sun and rain
      Wear it in a friggin’ hurricane.

      Wear it when you go hang glide
      Wear it doing the electric slide
      Wear it on a solo hike
      Wear it while you ride your bike.

      Wear it when you get the mail
      Wear it on the Appalachian Trail
      Wear it while sitting atop a tree
      Wear it when you poop or pee.

    108. Tgca says:


      Claims he was part of task force hired by Cheney to plant explosives at WTC.

      Claims he’s dying now so coming clean.

      Suuuuuure buddy!

    109. jason says:

      I tagged Christie as pure scum years ago, nothing he says would surprise me.

    110. Cash Cow TM says:


      With government arm-twisting you GOTTA get vaxed
      Unimportant that our Constitution gets axed
      If you are unvaxed–you are ‘verboten’
      Don’t worry if the Constitution’s being forgotten.

      Government mandates a shot in your arm
      Set aside your freedom, doubts, alarms
      Every of those “My body, my choice”
      Get the shot–stifle your voice.

      Get the vaccine put up your noses
      Get the vaccine–and all extra doses
      Get the shot in your plump, fat rump
      Get the shot, supporters of Trump.

      Get vaxed–though it gores your ox
      Get the shot if you have no clocks
      Get it if you don’t wear socks
      Or if your home’s a cardboard box.

      Get it if your brains are rocks
      Get it–else it’s YOU we dox
      If you don’t, we’ll seize your Glocks
      It’s for ALL you nerds and ALL you jocks.

      Get the shot if you grow phlox
      Get it if you buy/sell stocks
      Get it if you got static shocks
      All who have vaginas, all who have c–ks.

      Get it if your raise rural flocks
      Or if you live in city blocks
      Get it at the shore and at the docks
      Get it all colors of skin, eyes and locks.

      Get it if you don’t eat lox
      Get it if you wear those Crocs
      If you’re ugly or a fox
      Get it–ALL–to end this pox.

    111. Wes says:

      From SoHope’s link:

      “Indigenous people have been actively engaged in a multidimensional struggle for equality, since time immemorial. we strive for historical-cultural recognition and acknowledgment of colonial oppression that persistently devalues the diversity of our unique cultural heritages.”

      That’s a hell of a way to ramble about nothing. It sounds impressive but is actually just meaningless pablum.

    112. Bitterlaw says:

      116 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. They copied from Jason’s A-hole application.

    113. Bitterlaw says:

      If they have always struggled for equality, shouldn’t they start by complying about other indigenous people?

    114. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Last night there were 63,470 in attendance at this football game in Utah. The fans stormed the field after their team won. There were very few mask (about 80% of the student body is vaccinated).

      Since it was 9-11-2021; a huge American flag was brought out that took a lot of the field. The crowd responded with cheering, and there was a moment of silence. An F-35 fighter jet flew over so low, that in an adjacent field some people ducked on the ground.

      Now I get to return to California; and be among overaged hippie flower children gone to seed, who yearn for the return of the Age of Aquarius of their youth; and young space cadets, who blankly stare at computer screens as an escape from real life, which is increasingly being controlled by automation and robotic surveillance.

    115. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      For a CNN poll, this is shockingly close:

      CNN Poll, 2022 Generic Congressional Vote
      Democrats 45
      Republicans 44

    116. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalised from Covid-19, a major study has found.”

    117. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is totally insane. When is Biden going to admit the vaccine is a failure; it does not provide immunity from subsequent infection? Oh, and when are the Democrats going to admit that Biden is mentally incompetent, and should resign as president?

      When you have a confused old man in charge of policy, the policy will also be confusing. Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t. He’s saying here that it doesn’t.
      BIDEN: “We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers”

    118. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – The only way Biden admits the vaccine failed is to say that it failed because Trump rushed the development. The problem is that was approved under Biden.

      Pitch did not say the vaccine was a failure. I defer to him.

    119. Wes says:

      This is the dictionary definition of vaccine:

      Since the Covid vaccine doesn’t do that, why are we calling it a vaccine?

      Look, I’m not an anti-vaxxer. Anyone who wants to get the vaccine should get it as far as I’m concerned. For myself, however, I have justified trepidation about receiving an inoculation that was rushed into production and doesn’t meet the basic minimum of the definition for its classification.

      Messaging on this has been horrible, and the whole situation feels like an attempt at coercion rather than persuasion. That automatically sends a red flag soaring with me.

      The fact is that Covid has a minuscule mortality rate–primarily among the elderly, most notably in nursing homes in New York and New Jersey–so, being relatively young, I don’t feel an overwhelming need for it. I haven’t been to the hospital since the pandemic started, and the only respiratory problems I’ve had have stemmed from chronic bronchitis I developed years ago. I’m not a threat to people vaccinated or unvaccinated, so I don’t feel the political scapegoating of people like me who have concerns about the efficacy of the vaccine and haven’t infected others is at all justified.

    120. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      123. You distorted what Pitch said. He stated the vaccine was effective in preventing serious illness, which is also proven by the statistics Tgca and I posted. There is no dispute that the vaccine has a therapeutic benefit. However the vaccine does not provide immunity from infection, which is a disappointment and failure.

      Here is an article from Israel showing those vaccinated are being infected and being hospitalized.

      “Israeli research on an American news site,” Kotler wrote on Facebook. The journalist added that she had contacted Maccabi and confirmed the veracity of the headline she had read, which asserted, based on the Maccabi study, that “vaccinated individuals are 13 times more likely to be infected by the Delta variant than those with natural antibodies.”

      Indeed, the majority of the nearly 700 Israelis currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 are fully vaccinated against that virus, and vaccinated individuals make up a large percentage, if not a majority of those testing positive every day.”

    121. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – If something has a therapeutic benefit, is it a failure? I do not believe the vaccine should be mandated. It certainly did not deliver as promised. Would we be better off if there were no vaccines? I don’t know.

    122. Phil says:

      Not a failure but hasn’t delivered as promised with regards to immunity. I remember Biden saying four months ago get the vaccine and no need for a mask. Life will be normal again. Well, those goal posts have certainly moved. As SDC said, therapeutic but promised immunity? Uh, no. The Israeli studies blow that out of the water.

      My dermatologist and her family were vaccinated, all tested positive, all got it anyway.

    123. Phil says:

      What Wes just said. Exactly how I feel.

    124. Phil says:

      Oh yeah, almost forgot….

      F Joe Biden

      Clap clap

      F Joe Biden

      Clap clap

      F Joe Biden


    125. walt duke says:

      Hey Wes,

      Found out today that the NC congressman from the 13 district, Ted Budd, is married to a former student of mine–WV native Amy Adams.

      My claim to fame?

    126. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      124, 128. I totally agree with Phil and Wes.

    127. Bitterlaw says:

      It is unfortunate that the pandemic hit in a Presidential election year. If it had hit in 2018 or 2019, there would have been less pressure to bypass usual development and testing. If it had hit in 2021, Trump would almost certainly be in his second term and the only pressure to push development would be so it was not an issue for the 2022 midterms. I think the scientists did the best they could. It did not work as well as hoped.

    128. Bitterlaw says:

      I rarely watched 60 Minutes and have not seen it for years. Tonight was interviews with firefighters who survived as well as children of those who died and are now firefighters. There was a video of the plane hitting the first tower. I can’t recall ever seeing video of that before.

    129. Tgca says:

      The vaccine has been a failure in two senses.

      1st, the messaging from Fow-chee and his folks prove once again, they got it wrong and the vax does not protect you from infection and making everyone taking the vax will still not protect you from infection.

      2nd, the messaging has confused the public to the extent a large portion of the population does not believe what the gubbermint is saying and think it’s an effort to control people.

      If they had been honest upfront and not misled and lied, then I think the vax could be considered to be successful based on real expectations of its use.

      Therefore, the vax has fell short of its intended use and thus not a success story.

    130. Tgca says:

      For those interested what was going on behind the scenes as reports started to come into air traffic controls about the missing planes on 9/11. It’s pretty harrowing to listen through these recordings.

      Clearly these folks were trying to do their best but these calls show we were unprepared for an emergency of this sort.

      I know hindsight is always 20/20 so not placing blame but gubbermint was slow in responding and getting coordinated. Not that it would have made a difference in avoiding the hijacking but it could have made a difference in shooting them down before they could get to their targets.

      I assume we have proper coordinated protocols in place now.

    131. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca – As far as I know, no hijacked plane has ever been deliberately flown into a building before 9/11. Shooting down a hijacked plane would have been unprecedented. Now? I’m sure it will be pretty likely to be done.

    132. Tgca says:

      Ha! What brass balls this hypocrite has. Politicians cause division and then preach unity when it’s time to roll the cameras.

      AR gubbernor Hutchinson praises GWB “words of wisdom” comparing American protestors to Islamic Jihadists who fly planes into buildings killing thousands and slaughtering people in the streets for failing to follow them.

      Yep! That sounds like what happened on Jan 6th.

      …”I thought those were words of wisdom. He went on to say that he didn’t have any perfect solution, and that’s a challenge we face. I think we all have to look in our heart and say what more can we do.”

      He added, “We’ve got to think of ways that we can diminish harsh rhetoric, bring people more together. I’m glad he raised that issue. I hope we can be more effective.”

    133. Tgca says:


      That’s my point! They were ill-prepared for 4 hijacked planes targeting thousands.

      They do have airspace protocol over the WH and have had that forever but we learned a hard lesson that day that it needs expansion.

      It should not take nearly 2 hours to decide to get birds in the sky with shoot down orders.

      Either way, we would have hundreds on the planes dead and possibly more on the ground but we’ll never know for sure.

    134. Tgca says:

      Manchin responds to AOC calling him a tool of corporate interests and having weekly meetings with Exxon and that he somehow is tied to big oil killing people.

      He says he only met that young lady once. Uh-oh! Expect sexist ageist accusations from AOC now against a racist white southern male.

      Manchin says all she and others do is divide divide divide.

      Accuses them of spreading lies and says he opposes $3.5T bill because it makes no sense.

      So he thinks AOC is a lying, dividing, senseless, young lady?

      I say that’s a pretty accurate description but personally I would add stoopid, whiney, snowflake, horse teeth skank as well.

    135. jason says:

      And Amoral Scumbag was “concerned” with Trump’s mental health.

      “What do you want to do with Biden?” “I want to box him.” I mean — you know. I should be so lucky. You know what I mean?

      But it is — the kinds of things — or, you know, the stuff that’s coming out of Florida, the stuff that’s coming out of — you know, “If Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan, we would have won.” Anyway, I’m telling you too much.”

    136. Pitchaboy says:

      1. The vaccine confers partial immunity and not total immunity
      2. That partial immunity markedly reduces hospitalization and mortality and moderately reduces infections
      3. Even a moderate reduction leads to a significant drop in new mutations which is the long term strategy to make the pandemic into an endemic disease
      In my mind there is no question that the vaccine is a big weapon in our arsenal for controlling Covid. However, it should not trump our basic rights.

    137. Tgca says:

      141 Pitch

      I don’t think most disagree with your view on vaccines. However, the big disagreements are as follows:

      1. If you have natural immunity which seems to equal or surpass the vaccines, whichever reports you look at then vax does not seem necessary, especially if there are concerns over the vaccines such as the risk for teens or those with auto immune disease.

      2. Depending on your age, health, comorbidities, and frequency of exposure to Covid risk to yourself or others at high risk the vaccine may not be the best choice especially if not at risk folks are 99.9% chance likely to survive it.

      3. Effectiveness of the vaccine over time without requiring numerous booster shots.

      4. Lack of extensive testing and time studies on the long-term impact of the vaccinations.

      5. Misleading and erroneous communication on Covid and vaccinations by the gubbermint, as well as disagreements over treatment among medical professionals and how different countries are managing Covid.

    138. Tgca says:

      Somali POS stabs 6 year-old in throat and 4 adults too in Italy.

      This worthless excuse for a human has been in Italy living at the Red Cross seeking asylum after being turned down by other Euro countries.

      Way to go idiot! Now no one gives you asylum unless it’s in a prison cell.

    139. Bitterlaw says:

      Thank you, Dr. Pitch

    140. BayernFan says:

      The media is gonna make a meal out of Newsom beating Elder in the recall tomorrow, aren’t they?

    141. Tgca says:

      Yay! Thanks Dems!!!

      This should boost the economy!

      Dems finalizing largest tax increase in history to spend for all their goodies. Passing the costs to businesses with an 5.5% increase in the Corp tax rate from 21% to 26.5% which is a 26% rate increase for businesses from the current tax rate. So in essence that means if they sell you a product or service today for $100 to cover costs and profits, business will now have to generally add another $5.50 or more to remain at the same profitability level for taxes since their costs will also generally increase from taxes other companies selling to them for materials and services. I am ignoring timing differences and effects of tax offsets here.

      Despite what idiot Biden saying months ago about companies not passing along tax increases, most companies will pass these increased costs to customers and that impacts the economy and potentially employment rates too if consumers spending habits change to adjust for the increased costs. Companies are not going to take a substantial hit to the bottom line and watch their stocks go down because Biden recommended they not pass along tax increase to consumers.

      Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee are trying to wrap up their proposal for $2.9 trillion in tax hikes, which would mean the largest tax increase in decades, in order to help pay for higher spending in their ‘reconciliation’ package, Politico reported on Monday.

      The Wall Street Journal reported that the proposal is expected to include raising the corporate tax rate to 26.5% from 21% and enacting a 3-percentage-point surtax on individual income above $5 million.

      House Democrats also are thinking about boosting the minimum tax on the foregn income of U.S. companies to 16.5% from 10.5%, as well as raising the top capital-gains tax rate to 28.8% from 23.8%.

    142. Tgca says:

      Amy Barrett taking the John Roberts approach and worried about public perception of SCOTUS.

      That’s not her job! I get you want folks to think you’re impartial but you can’t control that in a 50-50 nation.

      This concerns me when justices are worried about how they are seen because it makes me wonder if they’re too worried about how their decisions reflect on them or are they more concerned with applying the law under the constitution and their judicial philosophy? Will they bow to pressure from some in their decisions for more favorable press?

      Just do your job as impartially as possible and do not fret over MSM points. That is just part of the job so deal with it.

    143. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. Those taxes won’t come close to raising 3.5 Trillion. Not even in the ballpark. There must be large hikes still hidden.

    144. Tgca says:

      Bushed Bish!

      1st we have WH staff saying OSHA requirements for Covid only a work around and now we have Israeli minister of health admitting no science in the Covid passports.

      These people are lying and that’s a big part of why people distrust the vax.

      Israeli Minister of Health (right) recorded on hot mic saying to the Minister of Interior (left) “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport (“green pass”), it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate”.

    145. Tgca says:


      Sorry to say but I think us retirees have to take one for the team and be open to having our 401k and investments taxed to help out the little guy.

      We can do this! Whose with me?

      Tax our 401k, investments, properties, anything of value so we can build needed infrastructure like free childcare and student loan forgiveness and reparations.

    146. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Pass the popcorn at 2:00 p.m. today:

      “BREAKING: Republican staff have an audio recording of Tony Blinken at an East Hampton gathering the weekend that Kabul fell. In the recording, Blinken is heard making several disparaging comments about the most senior members of the Biden administration, per GOP official”

    147. Tgca says:

      Soooooo…CongressCritters and their staff are exempt from vax mandate but people with real jobs are not.

      Got it!

    148. Cash Cow TM says:


      companies that produce missiles–Miss Guided Missile

      State Auditors Association–Miss Appropriation

      Prettiest Female Math Teachers of America–Miss Computation (or Miss Calculation)

      Prettiest Female Cop in America–Miss Apprehend

      Prettiest Presidential Press Secretary–Miss Information

      Prettiest Female interpreter at the U.N.–Miss Interpret

      Prettiest Female Hike Organizer–Miss Orientation

      Or Prettiest Female in Asia–Miss Orient

      Best female who presents herself the best–Miss Demeanor

      Prettiest Female Health Instructor–Miss Fit

      Prettiest Girl at the Pool Hall–Miss Cue

    149. dylan says:

      what is the stated rationale for exempting members of congress and staff from the vax mandate? wow. . . .

    150. Tgca says:

      Dr. Fow-chee backs vax mandates for ALL travel and ALL schools at every level. He thinks we need overwhelming proportion of population vaccinated to get to herd immunity.

      How the goal posts keep changing with the good doctor.

      Dr. Fow-chee! Trust me! I’m a doctor!

    151. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. Count me out. I’m a ” selfish deplorable “. I like sipping gin and tonics next to the pool
      You can give Joe my share though if you wish,!!

    152. NYCmike says:

      “what is the stated rationale for exempting members of congress and staff from the vax mandate? wow. . . ”

      -Same as it is for insider trading exemptions……BECAUSE THEY CAN!

    153. Tgca says:

      154. Dylan

      For some reason I keep wanting to say Dylan Dog when I see your posts which is a movie from a few years back starring Superman’s Brandon Routh, and its about a private detective dealing with zombies and other super natural creatures. I’d give it a B.

      Anyways, I’m not sure what the rationale for exempting Congress is other than they may not logically fall under executive mandate since they’re a separate branch of gubbermint but I would argue POTUS can’t directly regulate all Americans and business either since such decrees would usually come from legislation not presidential EO.

      It’s hard to argue we’re under emergency order nearly two years later if numerous business are operating similar to pre-Covid. Where’s the emergency? Emergency order should mean something significant and unique requiring emergency powers and not just extending old emergency orders because you wish it to be considered an emergency.

    154. Tgca says:


      I tell ya! The things we learn about people here at HHR!

      Evidently, Gordy is a selfish cheap drunk!

      Well, I do not partake in the Devil ‘s Brew and as Wes knows, my motto is:

      Lips that touch wine, shall never touch mine!

      I bet Gordy refuses to check the $3 box on his tax return to have funds go to the presidential elections too.

      Shame! Shame I thay!

    155. jason says:

      The Trafalgar Group, in partnership with the Convention of States Action, polled over 1,000 likely 2022 election voters on their attitudes towards Biden’s vaccine mandate. The report revealed:

      58.6% of voters do not believe President Biden has the constitutional authority to force private businesses to require vaccine mandates for employees, while 29.7% believe he does have the authority, and 11.7% aren’t sure.

      Opinions on the matter fell largely on partisan lines with 83.5% of Republicans believing Biden lacks the authority to issue this type of executive order and 54.9% of Democrats believing that he does. But among Independents, 68.2% asserted the president doesn’t have the authority to issue the vaccine mandate.

      The survey also analyzed attitudes towards governors pushing back on the president’s mandate. It found that most Americans agreed with governors who are fighting back.

      From the report:

      56.1% of American voters support the efforts of state governors to oppose Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandate on private businesses—46.3% strongly support, 9.8% support.

      Most Republicans (78.5%) and Independents (62.3%) supported governors who disagree with the mandate while almost one-third (29.8%) of Democrats agreed.

      Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action said:

      The numbers are clear, the American people passionately oppose Biden’s vaccine mandate, and will not tolerate a President elected by the people acting like a dictator or king. They know full well that this precedent will quickly lead to an end to our Republic and the beginning of an oppressive new tyranny.”

    156. Tgca says:

      Interesting chart in Scotland shows the weekly deaths for Covid is 20% of unvaccinated and 80% vaccinated.

      Covid Death Rate Chart:


    157. Gordon Allen says:

      You got me. I’ve never checked that box. At least I admit my transgressions.

    158. Tgca says:


      So in other words, 29.7% of people in US are stoopid morons and Democrats.

      Got it!

    159. Dylan says:

      TGCA–I think you were referring to Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. He’s hunting Zombies in the Bayou. Not the greatest flick but good mindless fun.

      The thing that strikes me about the mandate exemptions is that the EXEMPTEES (i.e. congress and the USPS and staff of congress) feel no need at all to make any comment on WHY, thus engendering more distrust and more seemingly disparate treatment which I think hurts the push for higher vax rates. At the end of the day, the electorate does not demand more of its leaders so we have what we have.

      Newsome is predicted to win tomorrow by double digits and all sorts of shenanigans are being reported in some news outlets but not many.

    160. NYCmike says:

      Waiting for GOPe people to blame Larry Elder if Newsome doesn’t get recalled tomorrow.

    161. dylan says:

      Mark Twain in 1860 wrote about how politicians are the most odious form of life in the world, and for over a century + we all hear “we get the government we deserve” but yet the swamp creatures get elected cycle after cycle without interruption. Newsome is the most odious swamp creature of them all–the hair, the smirk, the obsequious pandering, the amorality, on and on and on.

    162. Wes says:

      1) Newsom won’t be recalled.

      2) Newsom has vastly outspent the recall effort and weaponized Trump as a foil even though Trump has nothing to do with the recall. Since many Californians have a deep, visceral loathing of 45, that’s all Newsom has needed.

      3) Who cares? It’s California.

      4) Nothing would change if Elder won the governorship while Newsom lost the recall since Dems have veto proof majorities in the Legislature.

      5) Californians are largely reflexive liberals. They deserve what they get.

      6) Who cares? It’s California.

    163. Dylan says:

      7) I care–I live in this cesspool state. Agree that Elder would not be able to do much but he could piss the far left off which is enough for me.

      8) As things get worse here, the voters flee and bring their nonsense voting patters to other states which ruin those states.

    164. Tina says:

      The newso, ads ($70 million war chest) actually focus mainly on “republicans” (generic)/a Republican opponent overturning “common sense” Covid provisions,

      Trump has been barely mentioned.

      Recall will fail by 20%.

    165. Tina says:

      And Governor Nuissance has handed out a lot of money to his base and to illegals.

    166. Phil says:

      Newsome is safe. He shouldn’t be based on his performance, but California is just so lopsided with regard to party registration that it is unrealistic to expect anything different. Democrats lead in party registration by 23 points. You don’t overcome something like that. It would be like expecting Alabama voters to vote to kick out a sitting Republican governor. Ain’t happening.

      Soooo, Newsome won’t be recalled. That has become evident. Tina and San Diego Citizen have barely mentioned the recall over the last month. That should tell you plenty about the prospects.

      Here’s the thing, however. If the recall somehow gets 45% that would indicate Democrats are waaay underperforming and is a VERY bad sign for them. They should be doing a helluva lot better than 55% in that God forsaken leftist state. The media will trumpet this as as a big win for Democrats when 55-45 is anything but that.

    167. Tina says:

      Not to mention the intelligence and military are broken,

      In just 16 months the CDC became the 4th branch of the government, the Capitol Police became a national intelligence agency, and OSHA went from being a regulatory agency to a force stronger than the constitution

      Never forget how quickly the federal government will grab power

    168. Phil says:

      Like Wes says, who cares? It’s California.

      They deserve what get.

    169. Tina says:

      It’s the party I’d advantage.

      Mail in ballots

      And print ballots at home,

      This is a continuation of 2020, and also worse.

    170. Tgca says:

      WHO and American scientists released, in peer-reviewed Lancet, that it’s premature to offer booster shots at this point because Covid vaccine is still highly effective in avoiding severe illness and there risks of boosters at this time until further study such as myocarditis which is more common after 2nd mRNA shot.

      Biden admin is rolling out plan for booster shots next week.

      So much for following the science.

    171. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      172. Newsom will not be recalled. The problem for the Republicans is they did not put forward a popular, blue chip candidate to challenge him. Newsom poll numbers have risen over the last several weeks because California voters have a choice between him and the void.

    172. Dylan says:

      172–the problem is that the GOP can NEVER manage to put forward a popular well-branded blue chip candidate for any election for the last 25 years.

    173. Phil says:

      ….and then if California had any election voting integrity whatsoever, that would be nice. They don’t. Insuring the integrity of the voting system like, say, Florida would get Republicans 5% closer but that ain’t happening either. Not in that state. Voting is a joke there.

    174. NYCmike says:

      “4) Nothing would change if Elder won the governorship while Newsom lost the recall since Dems have veto proof majorities in the Legislature.”

      -Disagree partially with this one, agree with the rest.

      Similar to when Rudy became Mayor, there are probably laws on the books which could be enforced differently (or…get enforced for the first time!), and by simply being against the lunacy, would highlight how crazy the Dems are.

      That said, I do agree that it won’t happen.

    175. Dylan says:

      It will still be nice to pray for the political earthquake of a recall happening. I have to save room for a little potential joy.

    176. NYCmike says:

      “It will still be nice to pray for the political earthquake of a recall happening. I have to save room for a little potential joy.”

      -Hoping that Virginia fills that bill this year. Don’t think it will be Jersey.

    177. Tgca says:

      NY will ban sale of gas powered vehicles in NY starting in 2035, a little more than a decade away per its new gubbernor.

      So NY will have to sooner or later transition every gas station and home to a rechargeable station unless new technology comes along. That is a monumental task.

      Also since batteries are non-eco friendly, what impact will their disposal overtime have on the NY environment?

      This to be done for an adult population outside NYC of about 7 million people…and that’s not considering it’s probably more since the other boroughs outside Manhattan use cars. So unless they have a flight from the state, good luck with that to a state slowly shedding its tax base to afford the public works and tax impacts to address this change.

    178. Tgca says:


      What part of Calee-faw-yuh you live in? I lived in San Francisco for 14 years before relocating to Silly-con Valley area for another 6 years.

    179. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is important to remember that the CDC and some medical studies were making the claim in early 2021 that the COVID-19 vaccines were effective in preventing new infections. Below is a CDC press release making this claim. One reason mask mandates were lifted for the vaccinated was the belief that the vaccines prevented the vaccinated from being infected. If any immunity was conferred, it was short-lived, as the quote from an AP story on July 31, 2021, indicates. The vaccinated were again required to wear masks, to prevent them from being infected and spreading it to other people.

      There is a therapeutic benefit from the current vaccines, but they do not prevent infection, and until a vaccine is developed that does the epidemic will continue.

      March 29, 2021;
      “A new CDC study provides strong evidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections in real-world conditions among health care personnel, first responders, and other essential workers. These groups are more likely than the general population to be exposed to the virus because of their occupations.

      The study looked at the effectiveness of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections among 3,950 study participants in six states over a 13-week period from December 14, 2020 to March 13, 2021.
      Results showed that following the second dose of vaccine (the recommended number of doses), risk of infection was reduced by 90 percent two or more weeks after vaccination. Following a single dose of either vaccine, the participants’ risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2 was reduced by 80 percent two or more weeks after vaccination.”

      July 31, 2021:
      “In another dispiriting setback for the nation’s efforts to stamp out the coronavirus, scientists who studied a big COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts concluded that vaccinated people who got so-called breakthrough infections carried about the same amount of the coronavirus as those who did not get the shots.

      Health officials on Friday released details of that research, which was key in this week’s decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend that vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors in parts of the U.S. where the delta variant is fueling infection surges. The authors said the findings suggest that the CDC’s mask guidance should be expanded to include the entire country, even outside of hot spots.

      The findings have the potential to upend past thinking about how the disease is spread. Previously, vaccinated people who got infected were thought to have low levels of virus and to be unlikely to pass it to others. But the new data shows that is not the case with the delta variant.
      The outbreak in Provincetown — a seaside tourist spot on Cape Cod in the county with Massachusetts’ highest vaccination rate — has so far included more than 900 cases. About three-quarters of them were people who were fully vaccinated.
      * * * *
      Leaked internal documents on breakthrough infections and the delta variant suggest the CDC may be considering other changes in advice on how the nation fights the coronavirus, such as recommending masks for everyone and requiring vaccines for doctors and other health workers.”

    180. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      183. “NY will ban sale of gas powered vehicles in NY starting in 2035, a little more than a decade away per its new gubbernor.”

      New York will resemble Cuba. Older gas powered cars will be kept running, and remain on the road. Used cars now are in short supply nationally, because of the high demand that already exists.

      A friend of mine bought a hydrogen car. He loves it, but there are a very limited amount of hydrogen filling stations in California now.

    181. Cash Cow TM says:

      Sen. Manchin (D-WV) was on talk radio locally this morning. [I am nicknaming Sen. Manchin “Mr. 49.6%” since that is his % of the vote Manchin got in his last Senate election in a 3-way race.]

      Said he is opposed to the $3.5 Trillion spending bill. Says it needs to be cut down considerably– more than 1/2 of that amount. He says of the trillions/billions that were authorized by congress in earlier COVID related emergency spending, the huge bulk of it remains unspent for rent assistance, day care, etc., etc.

      Manchin also said he felt that Biden is wrong to require businesses with 100+ employees to require thepr employees get the COVID shots. Manchin says his staff researched it and found that 98+% of businesses in the U.S. have fewer than 100 employees. Manchin said Biden should find ways to incentivize, not penalize those businesses to encourage their employees to get shots.

    182. Cash Cow TM says:

      VA governor’s race ads update

      Youngkin ads hit democrat candidate McAwful for high crime and being soft on crime.

      Youngkin ads also out showing how much support he has from law enforcement and sheriffs including those in Richmond and Newport News/VA beach area.

      Youngkin ads also out telling people he has gotten the COVID vaccine shots and says he recognizes it is a personal decision, he encourages others to get the vaccine.

      Youngkin ads up where Youngkin (who comes across well on TV) says if elected he will get rid of sales tax on food in VA [VA one of only 8 states that still tax groceries and food].

      McAweful ads out saying Youngkin is opposed to mandating vaccines for school employees and health care workers.

      McAweful ads out with a health care worker saying Youngkin policies would hurt her patients.

    183. Cash Cow TM says:


      VA one of only 13 states that still tax groceries.

    184. Bitterlaw says:

      Cash Cow – You lie. We were told that stations won’t let Republicans run ads in competitive races.

    185. Wes says:

      It was Kaiju Day in the Wes house. I just finished watching the MST3K riff of Gamera, the Giant Monster followed by Godzilla, King of the Monsters (the American reedit of Gojira, which I wanted to watch but couldn’t convince my other half to watch with me).

      These old daikaiju are actually good movies providing metaphor (primarily concerns about the dangers of nuclear weapons, an obviously salient point in Japan) and subtext with sympathetic portrayals of the monsters, who, like the original King Kong, are atavistic creatures whose very existence disrupts society, thus sadly requiring their destruction. The special effects are also well done and integrated into the movies with solid editing.

      Of course as both series would go on, the focus would shift to the less interesting but more visually impressive subtext of giant monsters mindlessly rampaging through major cities. Even so, the original concepts actually had some sense of cerebral thinking behind all the roars and destruction and created long-lived franchises that endure to this day.

      The current Kaiju series featuring the reboots of the Japanese originals should take notes.

    186. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden wants the U.S. to build wind turbines, so we can be like Europe:

      “Energy Prices in Europe Hit Records After Wind Stops Blowing. Heavy reliance on wind power, coupled with a shortage of natural gas, has led to a spike in energy prices.”

    187. Bitterlaw says:

      I wonder if AOC is working the bar at the Met Gala tonight.

      To her credit, she is honest about her socialism.

    188. Tgca says:

      186. SDC

      That’s ok if NY resembles Cuba because then they’ll have world class healthcare and education. Just ask Fidel Castro’s friend Sean Penn. he wrote an entire essay on how great Cuba is despite some bad things they had to do to keep law and order.

    189. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow has been thinking.

      I think people in America have gone crazy worrying and fearing about things that cannot be seen, but we are told by “them” that those things will kill us.

      It all started with reports about the (unseen by the average American) ozone layer and unseen “holes” in it. We need to “CONTOL” it. So the government passes laws to try to control things that might affect the ozone layer.

      The came all this stuff about glycerides and cholesterol and the like and everyone goes bananas about working to (and spending big money to) “control” them.

      Then came the unseen “glowbull warming” and lots of people got their panties in a wad. We have to CONTROL that. And by “we”, I mean government. They need more money and more power to do that…

      Then we got to eradicate “sexism” and “discrimination” against LGBTQ-EIEIO so we pass lots of laws and put in lots of regulations to “control and eradicate” gender and sexual identity discrimination.

      Now we got the rampant, unseen “racism” that the race baiters/Dems/media has whipped up. So we need a more powerful government to spend zillions to fight this latest ethereal spectre.


      Now, we also have the real but also invisible problem of COVID.

    190. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      196. Cow, you have given me the acronym that I can finally define myself by, having grown up on a dairy.


      My life now has new meaning. I can now can face fate, and the cosmic Great Perhaps.

    191. jason says:

      Cash Cow – You lie. We were told that stations won’t let Republicans run ads in competitive races.”

      Zzzz…. Bitter running interference for his cherished MSM again.

      Note that accurately stating that the MSM and social media do censor R ads has become “stations won’t let Rs run ads in competitive races”.

      “Oct 27, 2020 CNN won’t run pro-Trump ad warning Biden will raise taxes..”

      “CNN Rejects 2 Trump Campaign Ads, Citing Inaccuracies..
      The 2020 campaign ad wars have begun. CNN rejected a pair of provocative ads from President Trump’s re-election campaign on Thursday”

      Facebook on Thursday said it had taken action against ads run by President Trump’s re-election campaign for breaching its policies on hate.

      “YouTube confirms it has removed some Trump campaign ads
      YouTube has prevented President Donald Trump from running a number of ads on its platform this election season, its CEO acknowledged”

    192. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzz. Jason running interference for his cherished Phil again. Phil said the MSM would not allow Republicans to run TV ads in competitive races. Cash Cow proved that prediction to be wrong. Jason is correct about YouTube and FB..

    193. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Private business #VaccineMandates – American majority says:

      #Biden action not authorized by the Constitution 58.6%,

      Support governor’s opposition 56.1%,

      Set a precedent that could be abused 55.5%,

    194. Phil says:

      Wait. Phil said what? LOL

    195. Tina says:

      Charlie Bilello
      · 1h
      Price increases over last yr (CPI report)…
      Gasoline: +42.7%
      Used Cars: +31.9%
      Gas Utilities: +21%
      New Cars: +7.6%
      Overall CPI: +5.3%
      Electricity: +5.2%
      Food away from home: +4.7%
      Transportation: +4.6%
      Apparel: +4.2%
      Food at home: +3.0%
      Shelter: +2.8%
      Medical care service: +1.0%

    196. Tina says:

      Inflation up 5.3%, a thirteen year high.

      But no more Muh mean tweets

    197. Cash Cow TM says:

      On the vaccine mandate…

      How is the Biden administration giung to handle those who have not gotten the shots but identify as vaccinated?

    198. Cash Cow TM says:

      Who else loves John Prine?


      “Gonna get me a cocktail
      vodka and ginger ale
      yeah, I’m gonna smoke a cigarette that’s nine miles long
      Gonna kiss that pretty girl
      on the tilt-a-whirl
      yeah, this ol’ man is going to town!”

    199. Country Dick Montana says:

      I was going to say that is John Prine.

    200. Country Dick Montana says:

      Give me some David Alan Coe, Guy Clark and Robert Earl Keen. The road ones on forever…

    201. Pitchaboy says:

      Is Jimmy Carter back in White House?

    202. Meldrim says:

      SDC, you wrote in #177:

      “The problem for the Republicans is they did not put forward a popular, blue chip candidate to challenge him.”

      But didn’t you say least year that your longtime mayor Kevin Faulconer would be the GOP’s ideal gubernatorial candidate in California?

      Or is what you’re saying that the problem for the CA GOP is that a popular, blue-chip candidate is not as popular as a conservative talk-show host? Had Elder stayed out of the recall election (or had his disqualification from the ballot been upheld), would Faulconer be the one at 30% in the polls, while making a far less effective strawman for Newsom’s campaign, thus increasing the odds of the recall being successful?

    203. Cash Cow TM says:

      Dare you to find data on the 1918-1920 Spanish flue–how many got it and how many died in U.S.– and then compare it to today’s COVID.

      One source I found says the world population was 1.8 Billion. Of that total population, 600 Million got it (1/3) and 100 Million died.

      So 1 of 3 people got it.
      And of those who got it, I out of 6 died from it.
      One out of every 18 people on earth died from the Spanish flu.
      In U.S. the population then was 76 million.
      1/3 of them got the Spanish flu.
      So 25+ Million got the flue back then.

      Somewhere between 500,000 to 675,000 to 820,000 to 850,000 in the U.S. died from the Spanish flu.

      If you take the highest estimated/extrapolated number of 850,000 deaths…

      …then about 1 of every 90 people in U.S. died from Spanish flu.
      Now extrapolate those mathy things to the COVID today with today’s population in U.S….

      …So that would mean if the COVID is as bad as the Spanish flu then:

      of the 330 Million total population:
      –110 Million should get COVID
      –3,666,666 in U.S. should die from COVID
      Please double check Cow math.
      THEN… go find out:
      –how many in U.S. have gotten COVID so far
      –how many in U.S. have died from COVID so far

      And let me know what you find out math wise.

      Cow is going to lay down and rest now.
      Intertube researchy stuff and math tire out the Cow brain.

    204. Cash Cow TM says:

      Oh, here is this to get you started in doing the math to discover which was worse–Spanish flu in 1918-1920 or COVID,
      U.S. populaltion

      People in U.S. who have gotten COVID

      People in U.S. who have died

    205. Pitchaboy says:

      Respectfully, Mr. Cow, mortality of Covid in 1918 would have been just as bad, if not worse.

    206. NYCmike says:


      what do you mean?

      Could you explain what you are saying in #213?

    207. NYCmike says:

      -Ca$h Cow,

      Has Walt set up a stall in the guest room for you yet?

    208. NYCmike says:

      -Need a subscription, but the picture is there.

      Can you tell the difference?

      Equal Rights, INDEED!

    209. Tina says:

      So, General Milli Vanilli tipped off the Ccp?

      Arrest him ASAP. He is compromised,

    210. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      210. I don’t recall referring to Faulconer as an”ideal candidate.” Maybe the candidate most likely to attract Republican establishment money and support — however, that was before Faulconer’s asbestos related scandal:

      “SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — When Kevin Faulconer was San Diego’s mayor, his administration failed to follow best practices and conduct due diligence when spending hundreds of millions of dollars on real estate purchases, a city audit found.

      The audit released Thursday, reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, explores four real estate deals totaling $230 million the city entered into under Faulconer’s leadership. The auditors wrote “a serious lack of policies and oversight caused the City to miss or skip key steps in the acquisition process” and that Faulconer’s administration left out or misrepresented key information.

      Faulconer, a Republican, held the seat from 2014 to 2020 and is now running for governor in the upcoming recall election of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. He is pointing to his record in San Diego, the nation’s eighth-largest city, as evidence that he is prepared to lead the state of 40 million people and its massive economy. Two of his Republican rivals pointed to the audit as a political problem for Faulconer.

      Much of the audit focuses on a building, known as 101 Ash Street, that the city bought with plans to use as a consolidated office space for city employees. But the city only used the property for a few weeks after asbestos was found, the Union-Tribune reported.

      The audit faults Faulconer’s administration for failing to fully inform the City Council and public about the property. City staff told the council the building would need just $10,000 in repairs, but city contractors later estimated the building needed $115 million in repairs and improvements, the audit found.

      Faulconer’s administration also relied on a real estate expert, Jason Hughes, who was not under contract with the city and collected $9.4 million from the seller of two properties, including Ash Street, after advising the mayor, the Union-Tribune reported. The auditor faulted Faulconer’s administration for working with Hughes without signing a city contract that would have revealed his economic interests.”

      Knowing San Diego, assume Hughes generously shared the $9.4 million he received with others. San Diego worked hard to earn its title “Enron by the Sea.”

    211. Tina says:

      The Rs are so dang lame

      The Hill
      · 2h
      Republican taps CNN reporter to investigate Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal

    212. Cash Cow TM says:


      Walt has me use the moldering outhouse out back.

      He tried to potty train me, but when I sat on the commodes, they would break.

    213. Pitchaboy says:

      The mortality of Covid would have been far higher without the support of respirators, breathing aids, circulatory support and anticoagulation: things that were close to non-existent in 1918. Cannot compare two vastly different eras.

    214. Bitterlaw says:

      Pitch – Didn’t you get the memo? COVID-19 is no big deal at HHR. Why do you ruining the narrative with your medical opinion? Just because you actually treated COVID patients doesn’t mean you have to ruin everything.

    215. Bitterlaw says:

      RIP, Norm Macdonald.

    216. Tina says:

      Banks wins the internet.

      Jim Banks
      Sorry Eric, only one of us has a thing for communist women.
      Quote Tweet

      Rep. Eric Swalwell
      · 4h
      3 tweets about @AOC’s dress? Do you need a restraining order?…

    217. NYCmike says:

      Norm McDonald died? Wow, very young.

      From what?

    218. NYCmike says:

      “Pitch – Didn’t you get the memo? COVID-19 is no big deal at HHR. Why do you ruining the narrative with your medical opinion? Just because you actually treated COVID patients doesn’t mean you have to ruin everything.”


      Why do you make asinine comments like this? Who has said that Covid is “no big deal”?

      What people have said is the actions taken by some of our “leaders” have been politically driven, unscientific, heavily coercive methods which haven’t worked any better than a more laissez faire approach taken by other people, mainly Republican Governors, and they need to stop.

    219. NYCmike says:

      “So, General Milli Vanilli tipped off the Ccp?

      Arrest him ASAP. He is compromised.”

      -what is this about?

    220. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Latest Biden job approval:

      Rasmussen Reports
      Approve 45%
      Disapprve 53%

      Approve 44%
      Disapprove 50%

    221. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #228- NYCMike
      Even the Trump-hating Alexander Vindman believes that Milley MUST go:

      Alexander S. Vindman
      · 2h
      If this is true GEN Milley must resign. He usurped civilian authority, broke Chain of Command, and violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military. It’s an extremely dangerous precedent. You can’t simply walk away from that.” #dotherightthingintherightway

    222. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – I was against the lockdown after the initial 2 weeks. I am opposed to mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. I think COVID is worse than the ordinary flu but it does not justify lockdowns or mandatory vaccines. I just enjoy Dr. Pitch’s comments that refute some posters’ points of view.

    223. Meldrim says:

      I don’t know exactly what Pitch meant when he wrote that “mortality of Covid in 1918 would have been just as bad, if not worse,” but I believe that, had COVID hit in 1918, it would have taken longer to spread worldwide but eventually would have been far deadlier than it has been during the past two years, given that (i) no way would they have developed a vaccine and (ii) medical treatment and medicine back then were nowhere near as advanced as they are today, so we wouldn’t have as many people making full recoveries.

      But in the event that Pitch meant that COVID hitting in 1918 would have been deadlier than the Spanish flu hitting in 1918, then I’m not so sure about that. Sure, COVID appears to spread more quickly and affects older people more, but the Spanish flu did quite a job on young people.

      Pitch, what did you mean, and what was your rationale?

    224. Gordon Allen says:

      if Bob Woodward is to be believed ( a BIG if) Miller is outright guilty of treason
      Things are worse than I thought.
      Anybody who believes this is ” normal”,well my Brooklyn Bridge offer is still open.

    225. Gordon Allen says:

      Miller. Auto correct again. Totally aghast!

    226. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “In the first call, prompted also by tensions in the South China Sea and over the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, Milley reportedly told Li: “I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be OK. We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

      Milley also reportedly told the Chinese general he would warn him if an attack was launched.”

      This is insane. A top U.S. General promising to warm a nation if the U.S. was going to attack it? Can you say treason? Add to that the Afghanistan debacle. Milley needs to be fired. If this happened in China, Russia or a lot of nations, his conduct would have resulted in him facing a firing squad.

    227. NYCmike says:

      -Saw this on

      My question to HHR…..Wes has spoken about the other candidate, Timken I believe her name is, who is organizing her campaign and consolidating support from committee chairs……has she made ANY public statements about what is going on in our country and in the world?

      I understand what she is trying to do, but we are in a media-driven society. One must adapt.

    228. NYCmike says:

      ” I just enjoy Dr. Pitch’s comments that refute some posters’ points of view.”

      -So do I.

      Again, which posters are pooh-poohing Covid?

      I know I am not, but at this time I prefer to stay not vaccinated.

    229. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca said the vaccines are failures. Pitch explained that they did not deliver as hyped but still provide benefits.

      Tina said new cases are primarily from minorities and Democrats. Pitch clarified that as an over simplistic view.

      Cash Cow downplays it with references to 1918-19 Spanish Flu (which had nothing to do with Spain)

    230. Tina says:

      So, by Bl’s ambulance chasing logic, I poo pooed the vaccine, when I cited two articles identying what percentage of the population are not vaxxed.

      This from the same person, who rushed out to get the vaccine; who was mask wearing before Fraudci decided which lie he was going to tell for the day, and encouraged others to get it.

    231. Tina says:

      Josh Kraushaar
      NEW Quinnipiac national poll (Sept 10-13):

      Biden approval/disapproval: 42/50
      Biden handing of coronavirus: 48/49.

      First national poll I’ve seen showing Biden underwater on COVID approval. Conducted entirely after his call for vaccine mandates.

    232. Tgca says:

      New thwed y’all dumbass Bishes!