McAuliffe Leads Youngkin In Three Polls in VA, Murphy Leads Ciattarelli By 3% in NJ

    Three new polls for the race in Virginia continue to show Terry McAuliffe ahead of Glenn Youngkin. They come from KAConsulting, Public Policy Polling and Virginia Commonwealth University.

    GOVERNOR – VIRGINIA (KAConsulting)
    Terry McAuliffe (D) 46%
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 42%

    Terry McAuliffe (D) 45%
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 42%

    Terry McAuliffe (D) 43%
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 34%

    The KAConsulting poll was done September 17-19 among 700 likely voters. The PPP poll was done September 17-18 among 875 likely voters. The VCU was done September 7-15 among 731 likely voters. Meanwhile in New Jersey, the race may actually be closer than Virginia according to a new poll from National Research.

    Phil Murphy (D-inc) 45%
    Jack Ciattarelli (R) 42%

    This poll was done September 13-16 among 600 likely voters.

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    1. Looks pretty tight for states that should be safe for Democrats.

    2. Bitterlaw says:

      Ciattarelli is running effective ads against Murphy using Murphy’s quote that if you are a one issue voter and your issue is taxes, New Jersey is not your state.

      Tgca and Wes to insult New Jersey in 3…2…1…

      I say the challenger has a 40% chance. If I am wrong, put it on my tab.

    3. Cash Cow TM says:


      The 3rd poll you titled “PPP” is actually the VCU poll.

      This 3rd poll was “…conducted by the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University.

    4. Tgca says:

      Cuatro Bebe! Cuatro!

    5. Wes says:

      Murphy gets the check within a half hour of poll closing. No way a Republican wins in the Sewer State.

    6. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From the last thread, those of us who grew up on dairys, and still consume a lot of milk, figured this out long ago. Plus I have never broken a bone in my life.

      “New research amongst the world’s biggest consumers of dairy foods has shown that those with higher intakes of dairy fat—measured by levels of fatty acids in the blood—had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those with low intakes. Higher intakes of dairy fat were not associated with an increased risk of death.”

    7. Wes says:

      I just read an article claiming Jaws (1975) is a racist movie because–gasp!–all the people in it except a few extras are white. In a movie set in Martha’s Vineyard in 1975.

      Well, none of the black extras became shark food. Meanwhile, the shark eats five white people and kills another white person ambiguously.

      Don’t you just love the smell of forced wokeness in the morning?

    8. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Bush43 does it again!

      Josh Caplan
      · 41m
      “WSJ: George W. Bush’s first campaign event of 2022 midterms will be fundraiser to support Liz Cheney”

    9. jason says:

      Hello Benjamin C. Hamilton, welcome to HHR.

    10. jason says:

      I remember thinking Jaws was racist because the shark only ate white people.

    11. Correee says:

      I support the Iron Dome decision.

      The only way Palestinians can defend themselves is to fire rockets indiscriminately into populated areas of Israel.

      Iron Dome prevents them from defending themselves.

    12. jason says:

      I say the challenger has a 40% chance. If I am wrong, put it on my tab.”

      How do you tell if you are wrong?

    13. jason says:

      Nice try at saving Jason. It failed. Jason was posting thousands of Never Trump posts up until Election Day 2016. It was not limited to the primaries.”

      I did not claim otherwise, I said I was a Never Trumper in 2016, which most people would agree would include November.

      When Trump won, I said my views on his fitness for office no longer mattered and I would judge him on his Presidency. I said this on November 9, 2016.


      Of course, I was true to my word and didn’t vote for Trump.

      Meanwhile, Bitter was here posting thousands of posts on how he was voting “against Hillary”, an abject lie since we all know he voted FOR Trump.

    14. Tgca says:

      SDC is a bigot!

      This is an example of White privilege and clearly he has no concern for Asians and other lactose intolerant people.

      Just like many minorities would love to have the same opportunities as whites to better succeed and build wealth but find institutional barriers to that goal, many Asians and lactose intolerant people would love the opportunity to drink fresh whole milk without having to worry about spending hours sitting on the toilet.

      It was an insensitive post to flaunt whole milk which by the way is creamy white so the metaphor does not escape some of us either.

    15. jason says:

      I am going to be fair to Biden too. I thought he was unfit for office in 2020.

      I will judge his fitness for office based on his Presidency.

      “Confidence in Biden’s mental fitness has continuously dropped since July, when only 39% of Americans said he was mentally unfit. Just 49% of respondents to Monday’s poll were confident that Biden is mentally fit enough to serve as president, while 48% believe he is not.

      Fox said the poll, conducted Sept. 12 – 15, has a 3% margin of error.”

      Translation: half the people in America are smoking some good sh-t.

    16. Tgca says:

      10. Jadon


      It’s like when you’re in a deli getting fresh carved Turkey for a sandwich and some white guy asks for “white meat” only.

      Does he realize how offensive that is to blurt that out in front of everyone, especially if his server is a person of color?

      It’s reinforcement that white is superior to those darker than them.

    17. jason says:

      Confidence in Biden’s mental fitness has continuously dropped since July, when only 39% of Americans said he was mentally unfit. ‘

      We are in real trouble when if 39% of the country thinks you are mentally unfit to be President, it is qualified as “only”.

    18. Bitterlaw says:

      Never included November 2016. It also includes every day into the future. Such an easy word to understand. Maybe Quechua does not have a similar word.

    19. Tgca says:


      Jadon makes a valid point. Bitter loves to remind us he hates Trump personally, because that’s what you say publicly in Radnor to fit in with your neighbors but then he voted for Trump.

      You either support someone in an election or you don’t.

      So if Bitter supported Trump for POTUS, he accepts the best and worst of Trump as the overall best candidate, all round, including morally and ethically to lead the nation, otherwise, it would make no sense to elevate immoral people to that high office.

      In terms of values and personality, Trump is your typical NYC, northeast NJ, or Philly white guy and that’s why Bitter gravitates towards him. Burden of a feather whether Bitter will admit his birdness or not.

    20. Bitterlaw says:

      At least Jason recognizes my critical role in helping Trump win PA and the White House.

    21. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca knows what people say in Radnor? Stalker.

    22. Tgca says:


      So Bitter argued/believed vehemently for years, ignorantly I might add, that depression was NOT an illness so how can one argue something is “NOT” something than admit later it is something it previously was NOT later on.

      Clearly Bitter does not know the definition of NOT!

      If we go by the dictionary definition of words and NEVER always means NEVER than NOT always means NOT.

      You can’t change it later on. You don’t turn a negative meaning into a positive meaning at will.

      That’s HYPOCRISY and moving the goal posts.

    23. Tgca says:


      I rely on LisaB who has a good pulse on all things Radnor just like she is knowledgeable of all things gay.

    24. Bitterlaw says:

      Actually, Tgca does not know anything about Radnor except it is the best school district in PA. As for people’s thoughts, I received many texts and messages praising my remarks at the School Board meetings – all from Radnor residents.

    25. Bitterlaw says:

      22 was weak even by Newark-education standards. You can accept previously rejected information and change your mind. Never is an absolute that goes forever. That is why Jason is either a liar or hypocrite for saying “never” about supporting Trump and then supporting him. Of course he can support him but he can never escape saying Never Trump when it was obviously a lie.

    26. Tgca says:


      …and don’t forget all the compliments you got about your wittiness too.

      Don’t sell yourself short even if you’ve otherwise not succeeded as expected in your life.

      We all have things we can look proudly upon even if we’ve otherwise not lived up to expectations.

    27. Tgca says:

      One does NOT equal zero is constant and does NOT change.

      A dog is NOT a cat is constant and does NOT change.

      Being born in 1980 does NOT mean being born in 1981 and that is constant and does NOT change.

      NOT voting for a candidate in an election is constant and does NOT change the fact you did NOT vote for that candidate.

      Saying something is NOT is equivalent as saying NEVER because it is the negative of something in existence at that point.

      Saying depression is NOT an illness is a definitive statement and implies it can NOT all of a sudden become an illness. It is either an illness or it is NOT.

      You’re being hypocritical in saying that NEVER means NEVER but NOT does NOT mean NOT!


    28. Tgca says:

      Bill Clinton lied when he said he said he did NOT have sexual relations with that woman.

      Bitter lied when he said depression was NOT an illness.

      These statements are facts that can NEVER be refuted.

    29. jason says:

      I noticed Scott Perry Pa-10 which is my district is on the Dem hit list.

      Formerly a safe R seat when it was PA-4, PA-10 was gerrymandered to be much more competitive, and the Dems fielded 2 fairly strong challengers in 2018 and 2020, George Scott and Eugene DePasquale.

      DePasquale was actually the 2 term PA Auditor General, so he had great name recognition and was well funded, but still lost by about 27k votes (Scott only lost by 10k votes).

      So 2022 might not be the best year to target Perry.

    30. Tgca says:


      Bill Gates squirms in this video answering these questions, clearly, he is not feeling comfortable.

    31. Phil says:

      The Biden administration is running quite a con game on the border. Announce Haitians are being deported back to Haiti when in fact only a scattering are being sent home. They are being scattered throughout the country. Certainly not deported.

      They are being bused to different locations in the interior where they are being released with “Notices to appear” citations. Well over 90% ignore these of course. Del Rio is being cleared of course as those Fox videos were just to damning politically. No problem. Thousands are being quietly settled throughout the country. Of course, this is just a continuation of the overall immigration policy. Hundreds of thousands of non Haitians have illegally crossed the border, turned themselves in, and then been released to live their new lives in America (at tax payer expense). Free medical care, food stamps, education – the works.

      There is, in effect, no border.

      It isn’t incompetence. It’s by design. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your future Democratic electorate. It’s working like a charm. The goal is To turn America into California. We are well on our way.

    32. Bitterlaw says:

      Democrats always target the Bucks county seat. Mike Fitzpatrick held it, then lost it, then won it. Then he died. His brother, Brian, holds it now. Too moderate for HHR but fits the voters there.

    33. Bitterlaw says:

      Keep clowning, Tgca. I am not a medical doctor so my opinion regarding depression was just that – an opinion. I was wrong and endure the consequences every day. All of your games will not change the definition of “never.” Jason should be embarrassed by your efforts.

    34. jason says:

      Tgca, it is obvious what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

      Bitter oozes hypocrisy in every post.

      Notice the straw argument about “changing the definition of never”.

      Some people chose to continue the 2016 Never Trump movement, for others it ended with the election. Nobody changed the definition of anything.

    35. jason says:

      Too moderate for HHR but fits the voters there.”


      Translation: we don’t want any deplorables in Bucks Co.

    36. Tgca says:


      It was NOT aNmedical opinion. It was gross ignorance! It is universal acceptance that depression is an illness. Health insurance companies cover depression so why would they cover for something NOT an illness? You should have known that.

      You are either extremely STOOPID or lying when you say depression is NOT an illness. You do NOT need a medical degree for that anymore than you need a medical degree to say cancer is an illness.

      Saying depression is NOT an illness is the equivalent of saying humans do NOT need air to survive. You do NOT need need to be a scientist to know that.

      Your claim to NEVER meaning NEVER is no different than NOT meaning NOT.

    37. jason says:

      But no, Bitter doesn’t view the deplorables as the “enemy”.

    38. jason says:

      Bitter was hoisted by his own petard.

    39. Tgca says:

      Every time Bitter spouts the NEVER meaning NEVER nonsense, then I will post his hypocrisy in the NOT meaning NOT.

      Call out hypocrisy when you see it people.

    40. jason says:

      Tgca, remember if you change your mind about something you must be “lying”.

      We need to hold Bitter to his new golden standard.

    41. Cash Cow TM says:

      Another VA governor poll by KAConsultants (Kellyanne Conway who was senior advisor in the Trump administration)

      I think the MOE was +/-3%.

      46% McAwful
      42% Youngkin

      A look inside the poll:

      –McAwful has lower positives than does Youngkin.
      Or another way of saying Youngkin has higher positives than does McAwful.

      –Top issues to VA voters:
      30% jobs and economy
      28% COVID
      22% Health care
      18% Education/critical race theory
      17% Immigration and border security
      13% climate change
      13% inflation
      11% taxes
      11% gun laws/2nd amendment
      10% Crime/Defund the police issue
      9% Abortion (thanks, Texas…)
      8% lection integrity
      6% Afghanistan/national security [this is related to immigration and border security, isn’t it??]

      I have read other polls that say McAwful is rolling up big numbers in NOVA and in Tidewater area.

    42. Tgca says:



      That’s why every time I see Bitter post this nonsense about NEVER meaning NEVER, I will post his lies about NOT meaning NOT!

      Anybody reading HHR regularly knows Bitter spewed nonsense and lies about depression NOT being an illness and arrogantly and confidently defended it when any IDIOT knows otherwise.

      Now he tries to spin it that he did NOT know better because he’s NOT a medical professional. Pure nonsense! You don’t need a medical degree to know depression is an illness any more than you need a law degree to know murder is against the law.

      He’s either a LIAR or really STOOPID! Pick your poison.

    43. jason says:

      I am not taking a position on the depression issue. Bitter is entitled to change his mind about it, especially due to tragic circumstances. But let’s stop with the hypocrisy and lies.

    44. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Are you denying Fitzpatrick is more moderate than most posters here? I said he fits his district. I made no comment about deplorable. In fact, you display your ignorance of Bucks county. It has many working class towns as well as some farms. GFY.

      Let’s clear up the depression lie before it goes on any more. I said that there were serious cases of medically diagnosed depression. I said there were also cases that seemed to be more about weakness. I was wrong. I admitted it years ago. My niece was diagnosed with it and I supported her in every way I could. I always texted her and called her constantly to say she was stronger than she knew. I encouraged her to continue her medications and therapy. I told her I was proud of everything she was doing to get help. And then she killed herself. I live with that every day. If you want to pour salt in that wound to make your absurd attempt to redefine never, go for it. We know who you are.

    45. jason says:

      Meghan McCain is disappointed in Biden.

      I give her credit for acknowledging it.

      “No one is healing. Nothing is healed. The wound Donald Trump ripped open has done nothing but fester since Scranton Joe was inaugurated.

      Eight months since President Biden was sworn into office, the anticipation of a tone change and ‘return to normalcy’ has utterly disappeared. The man I once considered a friend and confidante has morphed into a feckless and unreliable leader I no longer recognize. He gives all the signs of stubborn cantankerous naiveté, surrounded by idiotic sycophants anyone who has spent more than fifteen minutes around politics should easily recognize as the worst type of corrupt bureaucrats.

      Biden’s policies have broken with his rhetoric of unity to create more division and distrust. Inflation has exploded. Americans are paying more at the pump and the grocery and soon for their kids’ holiday toys. The schools are supposed to be reopened, but in-person learning is inconsistent and can be pulled away with the speed of a positive test. The vaccine booster shots, which Biden promised at the beginning of the month, ran into a brick wall of FDA policy. New government mandates are testing the limits of executive power.

      The man who promised he would shut down the virus, not the country, is doing the opposite.”

    46. mnw says:

      The DEMs are targeting 21 House GOP incumbents.

      Two of these are Hinson & Miller-Meeks in IA– where Ann Selzer just found Biden’s JA to be 31/62. (Personally, I think the one DEM incumbent in IA is the one who should be deemed on the endangered species list.)

      And Wobbles will be delighted to see that poor old Ann Wagner (R. inc; MO-02)* is among the 21 targeted. I don’t understand why she’s on the list AGAIN– just for ole times sake, I guess. The whole world knows, (including the DNC) that Wagner’s district will soon be bulletproof, after the GOP-controlled redistricting. But target away!

      *I seem to post a lot about her, but she’s hardly my favorite. She’s a country club, ladies-who-lunch Republican.

    47. Cash Cow TM says:

      DRUDGE Covid related stories today are down to just 7.

      AOL News Covid related stories are down to 6.
      I think the MSM has decided to walk away from beating the drum on this. They probably sense the public’s tiring of these stories.

      I think the MSM are about to unleash their energies to embark on another MSM left wing crusade.

      I am worried….

    48. jason says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Are you denying Fitzpatrick is more moderate than most posters here?”

      No, I was translating your post, which was an obvious attack on the deplorables you hate.


      “In fact, you display your ignorance of Bucks county. It has many working class towns as well as some farms.”

      You forgot to say you know so much about it because you “live” there. Or is it that you just live X miles away?

    49. Bitterlaw says:

      I hate deplorable? Based on what? Unlike you, I voted the same way they did twice. I have been to farms in Bucks county. I represent small family-owned businesses in Bucks county. If you can know more about Philadelphia from Bittersville than I do, I certainly know more about Bucks county than you. Have you been in any of these towns?

      I have been to most of them. Bristol is certainly a working class town. There is a workers compensation court there.

    50. Bitterlaw says:

      I will ignore any of jason’s future comments about Lancaster County since he lives in York County and they are only next to each other.

    51. jason says:

      I have been to farms in Bucks county”

      Don’t forget to say some of your best friends are deplorables.

    52. jason says:

      Bitter is a real expert on Philadelphia and Bucks Co.

      He has parked in Philly and even been to a farm in Bucks.

    53. Bitterlaw says:

      Why are you being such a small a a-hole
      ? Is it your guilt over not voting along with deplorables in 2016? Too bad you were unwilling to support them.

    54. Bitterlaw says:

      I am literally across the street from City Hall but somehow Jason knows more about Philadelphia than I do.

    55. jason says:

      Since you deny Philadelphia is a crime and drug ridden, politically corrupt hellhole, then you not only do you not know anything about it, you can’t even use ignorance as your defense.

    56. jason says:

      Why are you being such a small a a-hole”

      Sorry, no free lunch. You reap what you sow.

      We had a truce (which I offered) regarding the “never BS’ and wokiness, but you chose to repeatedly violate it.

      You should know by now that when I am attacked, I don’t fade into the sunset.

      So no whining now.

    57. Tgca says:

      Uh oh! Wes is gonna be triggered and go all Wes-con 1!

      Liz Cheney to have a fundraiser in Dallas with GWB and some of our favorite RINOs like Karl Rove, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Karen Hughes, Harriet Meirs, etc.

      For the $2,900 (co-host level) and $5,800 (chairmen level) there is an opportunity to get your picture taken with these Giants in the GOP. I might go just for the opportunity to flash a moonie with Liz and W and capture it on film.

      If you’re on a budget, then you can opt for the $1,000 attendee level and maybe get to wave or throw a shoe at GWB from afar.

    58. SoHope says:

      Sigh…Remember Antebellum HHR that used to have polls, 20x the posters, and wasn’t a walking corpse devouring itself without end.

      Those were the days!

    59. jason says:

      Tgca tries to make up for the 20X posters, SoHope.

    60. jason says:

      Too bad you were unwilling to support them”

      After 6 years of attacking and disparaging deplorables Bitter is now one of their “supporters”?

      I love it here.

    61. jason says:

      I hope Liz Cheney gets lots of money. And loses anyway.

    62. jason says:

      I will ignore any of jason’s future comments about Lancaster County since he lives in York County and they are only next to each other.”

      I am an expert on Lancaster, Dauphin, Cumberland, Adams counties, which border York Co.

      But not only that, I know a lot about Baltimore and Haverford Counties in MD too.

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      6 years of attacking deplorable? For a 5 year old term? Mr. Never Means a Few Months really has trouble with the concept of time.

      Of course, he does not provide any examples of these attacks. Typical.

    64. Tgca says:


      As with all things gay, with respect to Lancaster, Cumberland, Border, and York counties, I am NOT an EXPERT, thus I defer to LisaB and Jadon, respectively who qualify as Experts but NOT EXPERTS.

    65. Tgca says:


      Yes! In my retirement I have more free time to post and specifically torment…uh…I mean…engage Bitter in intellectual conversation that appears one-sided in my benefit.

      But as with many things, I will soon tire of this useless banter.

    66. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason is an expert on nearby counties but claims I don’t know Philadelphia. I am looking at the statue of William Penn on top of City Hall right now.

    67. Bitterlaw says:

      Can we table the Never/Not/Geography discussion and discuss how Biden sucks? I am sure Tgca would like to discuss ABORTION but somebody else will have to do it. He burned all his bridges with me.

    68. jason says:

      6 years of attacking deplorable?”

      The 2016 Presidential election campaign started in 2015.

    69. jason says:

      Homicides in Philadelphia

      As of 11:59 pm*


      + 17%

      2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015

      335 249 241 223 208 193

      But according to Philly Expert Sergeant Schultz Bitter, nothing to worry about, just a little minor spike in some “bad neighborhoods”, which technically speaking should not even be part of Philadelphia since Bitter has never been there.

      Also the corrupt city government doesn’t govern all of Philadelphia, only the “bad parts”.

      Election fraud? Not in “good” neighborhoods, heaven forbid.

    70. jason says:

      Jason is an expert on nearby counties but claims I don’t know Philadelphia’

      Actually I don’t know much about those counties, just like you probably don’t know a damm thing about Bucks Co., but thanks for taking the bait.

    71. jason says:

      Ok I finally got to the Biden sucks part.

      Fine with me.

    72. jason says:

      The problem with this type of prediction is that it will encourage Dems to break the filibuster to pass HR1 or similar.

      “Public Opinion Strategies pollster Glen Bolger said it’s easy to track election outcomes to presidential polling, and with Biden’s sinking approval, Democrats are likely to lose about the 41 seats Trump lost, 34 more than the GOP needs to take control. And that’s before House district lines are redrawn to conform to new Census Bureau data.

      “As baseball great Yogi Berra famously said, it’s deja vu all over again,” Bolger said in unveiling his cache of new polling data.”

    73. Bitterlaw says:

      Hillary’s deplorables comment was made in September of 2016. That was 5 years ago. There were many articles on it. I used the Merrimack-Webster link so jason would not claim I was running interference for the MSM.

    74. Bitterlaw says:

      Merriam. WTF, autocorrect? The Confederates changed the name of the ironclad to CSS Virginia.

    75. Tgca says:

      44. Jadon

      It’s not an issue of taken a position on depression. It’s an issue of consistent application of defined terms.

      If one is going to look to the dictionary for the definition of NEVER and apply it strictly without context to the issue at hand, then it is equally appropriate to look to the dictionary for the definition of NOT and apply it strictly without context to an issue as well.

      Both the words NEVER and NOT are simplistic words that have meaning and refer to a negative position or inability if occurrence.

      That is all I am doing here. Consistent application of dictionary definitions of terms with similar strict meaning.

    76. Tgca says:

      If one who says NEVER and later nuances it to mean what they really meant is now considered a LIAR for qualifying their intent at the time, then someone who says NOT and later nuances it to mean what they really meant should also now be considered a LIAR for qualifying their intent at the time.

      To draw any other conclusion is HYPOCRISY and intellectually dishonest in the strict use of the Engwish language.

    77. Tgca says:


      Bitter is looking at the statue of William Penn right now at City Hall in Philly?


      Are your woke friends tearing it down?

    78. NYCmike says:

      “In a movie set in Martha’s Vineyard in 1975.”

      -I will double-check, but The Vineyard has had a substantial number of Black Americans summer there, so if they were trying to be on Martha’s Vineyard, there should have been more blacks to be historically accurate…….just sayin’ is all.

    79. Tgca says:


      YES, Finalleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bitter admits defeat on NEVER/NOT and agrees to move on.

      Good boy! Baby steps.

    80. Bitterlaw says:

      I did not admit defeat. But you already know that.

    81. Tgca says:

      I prefer to discuss with my good friend Wes the Liz Cheney fundraiser with the Bush Clan in TX coming up in October rather than discussing ABORTION with Bitter.

      No offense BITTER! I think the Wes discussion will be more lively and animated.

    82. Bitterlaw says:

      I used to consider Tgca a friend. I now know he is NOT my friend. That does not change the definition of the word “ not.”

    83. jason says:

      Hillary’s deplorables comment was made in September of 2016. That was 5 years ago.”


      Did Hillary say the deplorables were created by Trump?

      If not, they must have existed before.

    84. NYCmike says:

      That was your first mistake.

      A friend is different from an internet acquaintance until you meet the person, then you can change the status. This works for HHR and for a place like Facebook, I would think.

    85. jason says:

      Bitter is offended that I said he has been attacking and disparaging deplorables for 6 years and thinks it should only be 5.

      Ok, because I am magnanimous and generous by nature I will rephrase it and state that Bitter has only been attacking and disparaging deplorables for 5 years.

      No, no need to thank me, I am always willing to compromise.

    86. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Nigel Farage on Biden:

      “So Boris decided to sort of in an impromptu way, try and take a few questions and the White House press team didn’t like it and protested. And so we’re sort of asking ourselves a question here in the UK this morning. If Joe Biden doesn’t take questions from journalists and therefore isn’t accountable for what he’s doing as leader of America or leader of the free world, we have to ask ourselves a question. Is he actually fit and proper and competent to be doing the job?”

    87. jason says:

      Sniff, and I thought NYC considered me a friend.

      Life is one disappointment after another.

    88. jason says:

      However, I do consider Bitter my friend.

    89. jason says:

      Farage might be a certified moron, but I guess he knows a “proper and competent” President when he sees one, and Biden is not it.

    90. jason says:

      Bitter is looking at the statue of William Penn right now at City Hall in Philly?


      Are your woke friends tearing it down?”


    91. jason says:

      Win win/
      “…progressive Congresscritter Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) told CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday afternoon that her caucus is more than willing to torpedo the smaller bipartisan bill if they don’t get their way on the bigger bill.

      “More than half” of the Congressional Progressive Caucus members, Jayapal told Tapper, “will not move the bipartisan bill without the reconciliation bill being passed.”

    92. jason says:

      So its 4.5 trillion or nothing?

      Door no. 2 please.

    93. jason says:

      No comment.

      “DHS chief says of the more than 60,000 people evacuated from Kabul and brought to the United States, only 3% are Afghan special immigrant visa holders, which include interpreters”

    94. NYCmike says:

      “Sniff, and I thought NYC considered me a friend.”

      -You will always be one of my favorite A-Holes!

    95. NYCmike says:

      “Farage might be a certified moron…..”

      -Translation: He has sought to govern in the same way that he campaigned, and has been successful doing so!

    96. Tgca says:


      GFY Bitter!

      We have a Sewer State unbreakable bond that others can’t understand.

      You’re still my friend even if you hate my guts. It’s like that scene in The Godfather when they take Abe Vigoda’s character Tessio for a final ride from which he never returns and Robert Duvall’s character Tom acknowledges he can’t get him out of this mess but clearly acknowledges their long time relationship and friendship through his body language and the unfortunate doom that Tessio must face for his betrayal. I’m the Tom to Bitter’s Tessio.

      It’s unspoken bond we have Bitter. We’re friends forever whether you like it or not and I will be available to give a heartfelt eulogy for you when your time comes.

      So don’t discount our Sewer State bond.

    97. Bitterlaw says:

      The statue of William Penn is on top of the clock tower at City Hall. I am on the 16th floor across the street and look up at it every day at work.

    98. Tgca says:


      Thank you for clarifying.

      Does it offend you that you have to see that statue from your office?

      Are you the one leading it’s removal?

    99. Tina says:

      John Cardillo
      Not one Republican in leadership is defending the Border Patrol agents who did what they were trained to do for nearly 100 years.


    100. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Do you ever stop being a clown? I have repeatedly said I oppose CRT, cancel culture and removing statues. I like the statue. Except when it cursed the 1993 Phillies.

    101. Tgca says:


      This is for my good friend Bitter’s eyes only do no peeking for the rest of you.

    102. jason says:

      “Farage might be a certified moron…..”

      -Translation: He has sought to govern in the same way that he campaigned, and has been successful doing so!”

      So did Adolph Hitler, but I don’t agree with the way he governed either.

      Besides, what is Farage, a flaming anti-semite, “governing’ exactly?

      He is a member of the European Parliament, which doesn’t “govern’ anything.

    103. NYCmike says:

      “He is a member of the European Parliament, which doesn’t “govern’ anything.”

      -He campaigned on “Get out of our business.” and lead the fight for the UK to get out of the EU, and was successful.

      As for being an anti-semite, show your work please.

      I see that he thinks Soros is an enemy, and speaks out against unchecked Islamic immigration to his country. Seems on the money to me.

    104. NYCmike says:

      Somehow, jason is able to compare Farage, who never harmed anyone, to Hitler, while then calling Farage an anti-Semite.

      Comparing Hitler to a law-abiding person like Farage does more damage to Jewish people than Farage could ever do on his own.

    105. NYCmike says:

      “Last month, British Jewry’s Community Security Trust accused Farage of promoting anti-Semitism during a 2009 interview for the American conservative talk-show host Alex Jones. Farage said there that “globalists” are seeking to engineer “a new world order.”

      “For Jones’s conspiracy-minded audience, Farage’s references to ‘globalists’ and ‘new world order’ will be taken as familiar code-words for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” a spokesman for the CST said. Farage’s supporters dismissed the criticism as biased against him, noting he never mentioned Jews or any other ethnicity.”

      -jason, Does “Globalists” = Jews in your mind?

      Good to know.

      When I think of the Bushes, Clintons, Bidens……they must all be Jewish as well.

    106. Tina says:

      Clay Travis
      · 5h
      In the two weeks since college football kicked off & Fauci said packed stadiums would be superspreaders cases are down 44% in Florida, 43% in Tennessee, 35% in Georgia, 32% in South Carolina, 30% in Mississippi, 22% in Arkansas, 23% in Bama, & 9% in Texas. Every SEC state is down

    107. jason says:

      1) I didn’t compared Farage to Hitler, but you know that.

      My point was “governing according to how you campaign’ is not always good, and I am not a fan of Farage’s “campaigns” either.

      2) and lead the fight for the UK to get out of the EU, and was successful”

      He didn’t lead anything. He was a proponent of Brexit, but Brexit was supported by bigger names than Farage and his little UKIP party.

      “Vote Leave was the official group campaigning for the UK to leave the EU, and was fronted by Conservative MPs Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, along with Labour MP Gisela Stuart. Other campaign groups, political parties, businesses, trade unions, newspapers and prominent individuals were also involved, with both sides having supporters from across the political spectrum. Parties in favour of ‘remain’ included Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru and the Green Party;[while the UK Independence Party (UKIP) campaigned in favour of leaving the European Union; and the Conservative Party remained neutral.

      Giving credit for Brexit to Farage is like giving credit for the Tea Party to Ron Paul, as Bunu tried to do.

      3) I think talking about the “Jewish lobby” is anti-semitic. You can disagree.

      “In October 2017 Farage made controversial remarks during a discussion on LBC radio station after a caller who referred to himself as “Ahmed” told Farage he thought the pro-Israeli lobby in the United States was equally dangerous to the Russian interference in American politics. Farage responded by saying: “the Israeli lobby, you know, that’s a reasonable point, Ahmed, because there are about 6 million Jewish people living in America, so as a percentage it’s quite small, but in terms of influence it’s quite big…in terms of money and influence, yep, they are a very powerful lobby,” and “there are other very powerful foreign lobbies in the United States of America, and the Jewish lobby, with its links with the Israeli government, is one of those strong voices.” Farage’s remarks were condemned by the Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Anti-Defamation League, which said that Farage’s comment “plays into deep-seated anti-Semitic tropes” and was fuel for extremist conspiracy theories.:”

    108. jason says:

      -jason, Does “Globalists” = Jews in your mind?”


      I didn’t reference that quote, you did.

      I referenced the quote where Farage specifically talks about Jews.


    109. NYCmike says:

      He didn’t do or say anything anti-Semitic, but because he said a group that advocates for Jewish interests was powerful, that means he hates Jewish people.

      Got it.

    110. jason says:

      Btw, number of seats Farage’s Brexit Party won in the UK General Election in 2019?


      Great for “governing”.

    111. jason says:

      He didn’t do or say anything anti-Semitic,”

      Farage’s remarks were condemned by the Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Anti-Defamation League, which said that Farage’s comment “plays into deep-seated anti-Semitic tropes” and was fuel for extremist conspiracy theories”

      The CAA and ADL disagree.

      So do I.

    112. NYCmike says:

      Farage leads fight to get Great Britain out of the EU. He succeeds.

      jason yaps about number of seats held in British Parliament AFTER the objective of BREXIT is achieved, for some reason.

      Then he will tell us that he is not really a Big Government Republican.

    113. jason says:

      Farage is also a racist.

      “Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door.”

    114. NYCmike says:

      “The CAA and ADL disagree.”

      -Now do CAIR.

    115. jason says:

      jason yaps about number of seats held in British Parliament AFTER the objective of BREXIT is achieved, for some reason”.

      He did not “lead” anything, he was a fringe figure and his UKIP party was a flop BEFORE Brexit too.

      The real leader for Brexit was Boris Johnson, who had a following much larger than Farage.

      I guess what NYC is trying to say is that the Brexit Party did not want to win any seats, and they succeeded!

    116. jason says:

      Let’s get it clear.

      I think Farage is a racist, anti-semite and extremist, and a despicable ass to boot.

      You and Bunu are free to disagree.

    117. jason says:

      Then he will tell us that he is not really a Big Government Republican.”

      Sure will. I am not a Republican.

      But you, Chuckie Schumer’s pet poodle, is for small government?

    118. NYCmike says:


      Phillies need to beat the bad teams and split with the Braves to maybe have a chance for the Woke Series playoffs. They keep losing to Baltimore is not good!

    119. NYCmike says:

      #119 – when a guy loses an argument, just go to the silly st-ff!

      Tried and true! A-Holes always squeeze a little bit more out.

    120. Bitterlaw says:

      The Phillies do better against good teams than bad teams. It is odd. They also blew 34 saves this season. Convert half of those into wins and they would probably have clinched the division by now.

    121. Tgca says:

      108. Tina

      Don’t be silly now. The only reason cases are down is because the vaccinations are working.

      If everyone gets vaccinated and takes their 5 boosters annually for the next 15 years, then we will have won and conquered this virus that started in with those promiscuous bats in China.

    122. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A vaccinated 38-year old San Diego city councilmember gets very sick with COVID-19, but claims the vaccination kept her out of the hospital and off a ventilator.

      Actually, even without the vaccine, the chances of a person her age getting sick enough to need a ventilator is extremely low. The issue that stands out is the fact she received what is referred to as a “vaccine”, which did not protect her from either being infected or getting sick.

      “San Diego City Councilwoman Marni von Wilpert announced on Tuesday she had tested positive for the virus and encouraged residents to get vaccinated.
      “I am very symptomatic but I am EXTREMELY lucky that although I am feeling ill, I am not in the hospital or on a ventilator because I am vaccinated,” she wrote.
      “This illness is real and scary, and I want to speak directly to residents of San Diego: I know there are those of you who have been hesitant to get your vaccine, and I understand that you are scared. But billions of people around the world have been safely vaccinated and let me tell you — this virus is not to be messed with,” von Wilpert wrote.”

    123. Tgca says:

      125. SDC

      The lactose intolerant bigot is back.


    124. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      117.The BBC rightly credits Nigel Farage as the major advocate for Brexit for 20 years. He made it happen.

      “Nigel Farage’s slogan during his 20-year campaign to take the UK out of the European Union was “I want my country back”.
      Now the UKIP leader has achieved his ultimate political ambition, seemingly against all the odds. And he has turned that epithet on himself – telling reporters that he “wants his life back” and is now standing down.
      The face of Euroscepticism in the UK for getting on for two decades, Mr Farage helped turn UKIP from a fringe force to the third biggest party in UK politics in terms of votes at the 2015 general election, and he helped persuade more than 17 million people to vote to leave the EU.”

    125. Tgca says:


      I would respond to the San Diego councilwoman with the Marry Lou Retton/Justin Beiber hairdo that she’s not a fat old person with other serious comorbidities so it’s statistically unlikely she would become serious ill beyond flu-like symptoms.

    126. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      127. Farage was a outstandingly entertaining speaker. Here is a video of his speech before a jeering European Parliament after the U.K. election in which the majority voted to leave the EU.

      The Guardian newspaper reported the Boris Johnson had prepared an editorial in 2016 opposing BREXIT, but he decided not to publish it.

      I have nothing but admiration for Farage.

    127. jason says:

      I think Farage is a racist, anti-semitic, despicable scumbag.

      You can admire him if you want.

      And don’t believe everything BBC says.

    128. jason says:

      Mr Farage helped turn UKIP from a fringe force to the third biggest party in UK politics in terms of votes at the 2015 general election,”

      Zzzzzz… that is like saying Gary Johnson made the Libertarian Party the “3rd largest party in an election”.

      In the end, UKIP got exactly 1 (one) seat in Parliament.

      “The outcome of the 2015 General Election was a disappointment for the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip). After winning the European Parliament elections in 2014, watching its support climb to over 15 per cent in the national polls, and then defeating the two main parties at two parliamentary by-elections in Clacton and Rochester and Strood, Nigel Farage and his radical right party had planned to capture dozens of seats in Westminster. But in the end, and in the face of Britain’s first-past-the-post majoritarian electoral system, their revolt was stalled.”

    129. jason says:

      Farage is the Ron Paul of the UK.

    130. NYCmike says:


      jason must have been a Democrat in a previous life.

      Once he takes a position, no amount of reasoning and/or logic will dissuade him from that belief. Whatever his beliefs, they are like a religion to him.

    131. NYCmike says:

      That is why I chose not to respond earlier.

      Farage succeeded at what he wanted to do, and then left the scene. jason vilifies him.

      Bush Cheney don’t succeed, jason lionizes them.


    132. jason says:

      I have “vilified” Farage as racist scum for years, GFY.

    133. jason says:

      I notice several CA counties that had been listed as rejecting the recall, have now flipped. Fresno, Riverside among them, and it looks like San Bernadino will also flip to Yes.

    134. jason says:

      So NYC is really comparing a racist lowlife like Nigel Farage with President Bush?


    135. Tgca says:

      Farage always reminded me of the actor Michael Caine and even sounds a tad bit like him in his speech and delivery in his yoot.

      Is that racist to assume all white people look and sound alike?

    136. Tgca says:

      Boris Johnson reminds me of an unkempt cross between a younger WC Fields and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

      Again, am I being racist? I hope not.

      I don’t want to be a bigot like SDC who hates lactose intolerant people like GWB hates black people.

    137. Tgca says:


      Yes! Jadon! GWB is racist. He hates black people. Just ask Kanye West.

    138. Tgca says:

      Jen Psaki blames Boris for the WH reporters reported uproar that Boris took 2 questions from GB media but Slow Joe did not take any questions from US media.

      She claims Boris did not inform them in advance they would take questions. REALLY?

      So does that give credence to the rumors Slow Joe is being managed and as POTUS can’t decide fir himself whether to take a question or two like his counterpart?

      Who must Joe get permission from to take questions I ask?

    139. NYCmike says:

      Heh! Now Farage is “racist lowlife!

      Farage with Bush is a bad comparison.

      Farage with Hitler is OK.

      A-Hole logic……..well, at least 1 A-Hole’s logic.

    140. jason says:

      What a great guy!

      In a 2014 interview on LBC, Nigel said he felt “uncomfortable” when he heard people speaking in other languages on London transport.

      • On women and work, he also said in 2014: “If a woman with a client base has a child and takes two or three years off work, she is worth far less to the employer when she comes back than when she goes away because her client base cannot be stuck rigidly to her.”

      • On the same topic, he added: “Maybe it’s because I’ve got so many women pregnant over the years that I have a different view [of maternity leave].”

      • On his political idols, he said: “As an operator, but not as a human being, I would say Putin.”

    141. lisab says:

      Don’t sell yourself short even if you’ve otherwise not succeeded as expected in your l

      imagine if he had been successful

      as it is he thinks he should be in congressman

    142. Tgca says:


      My type of guy!…

      …NOT!!! NEVER! …and I mean NEVER in sense of the dictionary definition.×422.png

    143. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      137. “I notice several CA counties that had been listed as rejecting the recall, have now flipped. Fresno, Riverside among them, and it looks like San Bernadino will also flip to Yes.”

      It is nice to see that San Bernardino will flip. At present No on Recall leads with only about 50.2%, with more votes to be counted. Orange County the No on Recall vote is only about 51%.

      San Diego County voted against the recall by 58% to 42%. On the second part of the ballot, Larry Elder received 46% of the vote. Former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer received only 15% of the vote; in a county where close to one half of the population lives in City of San Diego. So much for the political career of a widely touted “centralist” Republican.

    144. NYCmike says:

      “What a great guy!”

      -Hmmmmm, did someone say Farage was some sort of role model for sainthood?

      Mike the Bombadier: Looks like we hit paydirt, let’s go around for another pass, aim for that patch of “hot air”!

    145. Tgca says:

      Ok. If this is true, then this is going to be a headache for Biden and team.

      Two Afghan evacuees stationed in WI military base were charged with federal crimes.

      1st, a 20 year-old man attempted to engage in sexual act with use of force on a teen under 16.

      2nd, a 32 year-old charged with assault for strangling and suffocating his spouse…apparently she survived.

    146. NYCmike says:

      “• On women and work, he also said in 2014: “If a woman with a client base has a child and takes two or three years off work, she is worth far less to the employer when she comes back than when she goes away because her client base cannot be stuck rigidly to her.””

      -jason, what exactly is wrong about this statement?

      This is a fact. Unless the clients who she got rid of to have the children are so loyal as to disrupt their lives again and return for her services, she is literally worth less as a worker than she had been before, as she will have to spend a lot of time developing new clients.

    147. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If anyone has not seen it yet, Biden job approval in the Gallup poll hit a new low

      Gallup poll: Biden Job Approval
      43% Approve
      53% Disapprove

      Rasmussen poll: Biden Job Approval
      45% Approve
      55% Disapprove

    148. NYCmike says:

      “• On his political idols, he said: “As an operator, but not as a human being, I would say Putin.””

      -Should he have said Obama? Biden? Either Bush?

      Putin is evil, but one heck of an “operator”, as Farage pointed out!

      You disagree with him?

    149. NYCmike says:

      “• On the same topic, he added: “Maybe it’s because I’ve got so many women pregnant over the years that I have a different view [of maternity leave].””

      -McCain left a wife in distress……not a big deal to Saint jason of A-Hole……….

    150. jason says:

      Sometimes even I am impressed with my incredible genius…

      On election day 2016

      • jason says:
      November 8, 2016 at 9:29 am
      but he’s gonna do much better than Romney…..”

      Romney got 47.15% of the vote. Let’s see how much better Trump does.
      In fact, IF he gets 47.15% he could well win the EV count.
      I do agree he will do better in EVs because the trade-off he has made (sacrificing more educated suburban voters for blue collar votes) does seem to be working in some states like OH and IA, and even PA and MI.
      And Romney got 46.6% in PA in 2012. Let’s see if Trump beats that. If he gets 48%, he wins.”

      Trump got 48.17% in PA

    151. jason says:

      NYC defends the racist anti-semitic scumbag and makes a bunch of excuses for him:

      Let’s see what he does with this:

      “In 1981, when Nigel was appointed as a prefect at his school, an English teacher wrote to the headteacher asking him to reconsider his decision, citing his fascist views. Another said that on a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) camp organised by the college, Farage and others “marched through a quiet Sussex village very late at night shouting Hitler-youth songs.”

    152. jason says:

      You disagree with him?”

      Yes, I don’t admire Putin.

    153. jason says:

      Maybe it’s because I’ve got so many women pregnant over the years that I have a different view [of maternity leave].””

      “McCain left a wife in distress”

      Dang, I may have to relieve Bitter of his “King of False Equivalencies Award”.

    154. jason says:

      Farage’s “political IDOL” is Vladimir Putin.

      NYC gives him a pass.

    155. jason says:

      Hmmmmm, did someone say Farage was some sort of role model for sainthood?”

      No, I just said he was a racist anti-semitic scumbag.

    156. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Dr. Fauci said college football games would cause covid cases to surge. Wrong! Cases have plummeted in the South despite massive crowds. Related, we are headed to Georgia-Vandy, Ole Miss-Bama & Bama-Texas A&M the next three weeks on
      @outkick bus tour:

      You don’t suppose herd immunity may be a factor?

    157. Cash Cow TM says:

      In the VA governor’s race, both McAwful and Youngkin continue to come up with new TV ads.

      Both are now going with testimonial ads from various citizens touting why their candidate is better
      –a teacher on the stump for Youngkin

      –a woman who was shot by her husband saying she is for McAwful

      –a female former police officer who pushes Youngkin (she had a guy walk up to her and shoot her in the head and every year she has to go to the parole board to argue against letting him go)

      –a doctor who says Younkin is opposed to mandates COVID jabs for health care workers and teachers, so he pushes for McAwful

      Both sides keeping the airwaves busy with new ads.

    158. Phil says:

      I have tickets to Bama/A&M. Will be among 105K. No masks. Suck on that Fauci.

    159. Wes says:

      You must live in an alternate universe, Walt. I’ve seen it explicitly stated on here the media will refuse to air GOP ads during an active campaign season.

    160. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      163. Mentioned in a previous post was at a BYU football game in Utah earlier in September. About 66,500 in attendance, few masks, the crowd rushed the field at the end of the game. A week later a game against Arizona State had about 66,500 in attendance.

      Utah County, where the games were held, has a total population of about 660,000. So each game equalled about 10% of the County’s population. Some feared a superspreader event.

      Actually, since the first game, the number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 in Utah County has declined by about 40%.

      A contributing factor may be about 80% of the student body is vaccinated. Also herd immunity may be kicking in.

    161. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      165. By the way, BYU got an 80% vaccination rate without a vaccination mandate. Treat people like adults, and they will make the proper decision exercising their own free will:

      “BYU strongly encourages but does not require every employee or student to receive the COVID-19 vaccination to be on campus in Provo this upcoming semester.”

    162. jason says:

      ” during an active campaign season”


      Nice goalpost moving.

    163. jason says:

      I thought we were done with LePage the Paulbot, and good riddance.

      I am sure NYC will support his “comeback”.

      Here is hoping his chances are zero.

    164. Cash Cow TM says:

      Good morning.

      All calm here.Am with Walt at the tire placement had a screw in his tire. A Phillips head.

    165. Tgca says:

      163. NYC

      Make sure you hit my new address updated in your will please.

    166. Tgca says:


      I meant Phil but NYC can also update his will with my new address too.

    167. Tgca says:

      At this point Dr. Fow-chee has lost all credibility. He is grossly incompetent. He is wrong on almost everything.

      If we were in a way, and he were a general making decisions , we would lose the war and surrender.

    168. Tgca says:

      This picture captures perfectly the sentiment of many about these Dr. Fow-chee types.

    169. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      2024 National General Election Poll:

      Donald Trump 51% (+10)
      Joe Biden 41%

      Donald Trump 52% (+13)
      Kamala Harris 39%

      ~ 1,000 LV ~ 9/21-9/22

    170. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sep 18-20, 2021
      1,014 LV
      Remington Research Group

      Biden 36%
      Trump Sr. 55%

    171. Phil says:

      Trump might even get 40% in Radnor….although bitter’s neighbors who made up the 40 would undoubtedly deny they voted for him. Wouldn’t want to risk being labeled racists and kicked off the dinner party list.

    172. Cash Cow TM says:

      DRUDGE now up to 12 COVID related stories.

      AOL news down to only 4 of 60 top stories being COVID related.
      My sources say the MS(LSD)M say at the secret MSM meeting on whether to continue to scare the bejesus out of America about COVID or to move on to other of their pet goals and projects.

      My sources says in a meeting with AOC and other top leftwing radicals the MSM are trying to decide about whether sticking with COVID or something else.

      So far, the MS(LSD) media people are evenly split 6 ways and deadlocked between:

      1. continuing to ride the COVID train…or

      2. push the narrative that all persons of the world (even those who are not able to illegally enter the U.S. due to “racism”) should be declared American citizens and sent large government checks and be sent mail in ballots for the 2024 election “It’s the Christian thing to do).

      3. go full bore into “GlowBull warming” and show how it directly and immediately leads to domestic violence, gun violence, racism, volcanoes, ingrown toenails, hemorrhoids, irritating robo calls, etc., etc.

      4. Tell America how everyone should be required to get abortions every year–even males, or else have to turn in all their guns.

      5. Expand voting rights to include 16 year-olds (“old enough to drive, old enough to vote”), all illegal aliens (“hey, we pay sales taxes too!–No taxation without representation”),

      6. Change the names of every street, building, county, housing development, village, town, city, state and (Washington DC) that has the same last name of any person who ever owned slaves or ever said anything that supported slavery, remove any of those people’s faces off our U.S. coins and money, and every person of color should be allowed to take six random white people and make them their slaves.

    173. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sep 19-20, 2021
      1,137 L
      Redfield & Wilton Strategies

      Biden 42%
      Trump,Sr 40%

    174. jason says:

      Walt is screwed.

      Rumors are he did nothing to stop the Spanish Inquisition.

    175. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I am seeing a lot of Trump 2024 bumper stickers in conservative areas. Given the tailspin the Biden administration has put the country into, am not surprised. Compare the economic prosperity under Trump vs. the economic train wreak under Biden.

      Having a president suffering from dementia at this critical time period for the U.S. has been a disaster.

    176. jason says:

      I am seeing a lot of “f-ck Biden” banners in York Co.

    177. jason says:


      “Per phone conversation I met with #2 son. He wants $2 per year retainer +++ success fees. He wants to hire his own people – it can be close circle of people for confidentiality. His dad is deciding to run or not.

      His positives are he is Chairman of UN World Food Program, son of #2 who has Libya file, access to State, Treasury, business partner SofS [Secretary of State] J. [John] Forbes K [Kerry] son and since he travels with dad he is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia where M. Q. [Muammar Qaddafi] and LIA [Libya Investment Authority] had money frozen. He said he has access to highest level in PRC [China], he can help there.

      His negatives are that he is alcoholic, drug addict – kicked [out] of U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low class hookers, constantly needs money-liquidity problems and many more headaches.

      We should meet in Gstraad or London to decide next steps.”

    178. jason says:

      Imagine if this was Trump Jr.

    179. Phil says:

      Yes, imagine.

    180. jason says:

      “The survey also found that 74% of voters think it’s at least somewhat likely that Americans left behind in Afghanistan will eventually be discovered by the Taliban and tortured or killed. Only 14% consider it unlikely.”

    181. Meldrim says:

      I didn’t see this VA gubernatorial poll posted:

      Among likely voters:

      Youngkin 48%
      McAuliffe 43%

      University of Mary Washington
      528 likely voters
      Sept. 7-13
      Margin of error +/- 4.1%

    182. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      185. Maybe it could be a race between Trump, Jr and Hunter Biden. Hunter’s slogan could be: “I may be crook but I am not decrepit”.

    183. Tgca says:

      This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

      Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines

      I know there is some in the GOP pushing for legislative bans on this.

      Good luck recruiting folks to the military in the future if you threaten them with dishonorable discharge and loss of accrued benefits if they won’t take an experimental vaccine which DOES NOT protect you from getting the virus or getting sick but instead reduces you getting severely sick or hospitalized which is not a factor for most of those in the age range serving in the military where 99.7% would survive.

    184. Tgca says:

      Also on the military forced vaccines.

      Biden argues this impacts combat readiness by refusing an order.

      Well, it combats readiness more if recruiting is down because younger folks refuse to take an experimental vaccine. What then? Bring back the draft service requirement?

      What message does this send to our foes throughout the world?

    185. Phil says:



      Yes Tgca, more normal from our Democratic goerning elites. Probably a good thing, though. Those who refuse the jab are more than likely the type filled with “white rage”. Milley says they need to go anyway.

    186. Wes says:

      jason says:
      September 23, 2021 at 8:39 am
      ” during an active campaign season”


      Nice goalpost moving.

      You literally said they’d do that, so gfy, you lying asswipe.

    187. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters think it would be a good idea for Trump to run for president again in 2024, while 44% say it would be a bad idea.”

    188. NYCmike says:

      “Here is hoping his chances are zero.”

      -jason prefers the Democratic Governor.

    189. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Washington Examiner on the Rasmussen Poll:

      “Just 247 days since President Joe Biden took the keys to the Oval Office, a majority of people appear to want him evicted and former President Donald Trump back.”

      “One-in-five Democrats say they would vote for Trump over either Biden or Harris …”

      “For example, when asked about Trump’s “aggressive, controversial” style, voters now think that it “wasn’t so bad” by a 52%-44% margin.”

      “And by a 56%-40% margin, voters told McLaughlin, “I’m coming to appreciate Trump more, and I’m thinking we need a bit more of Trump’s toughness right now.”

    190. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Expecting a concerned troll fly-by any moment now. Robbie needs to remind us how awful Trump is — but of course he will say nothing about Biden’s disasterous presidency.

    191. mnw says:


      It’s silly to poll Biden v. Trump, because Biden will never be on a ballot again.

      However, the really awesome thing about the multitude of terrible polls for Biden is, it’s like a bad news & even worse news joke.

      What’s the bad news? You’re actually losing the popular vote.

      What could be worse than that? The electoral college.

    192. jason says:

      You literally said they’d do that, so gfy, you lying asswipe.”

      You are a compulsive liar. You made up the “active campaign season” BS.

      But in any case, I linked example of that actually happening.

      I will be happy to link it again if you want.

    193. jason says:

      “Here is hoping his chances are zero.”

      -jason prefers the Democratic Governor.”

      NYC prefers the deadender Paulbot.

    194. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      198. The Rasmussen poll also included Trump, Sr vs. Kamala Harris. Assume Harris will be the Democratic nominee; it would be culturally insensitive for the Democrats not to nominate her; particularly if she assumes the presidency should Biden resign.

      Donald Trump 52% (+13)
      Kamala Harris 39%

      ~ 1,000 LV ~ 9/21-9/22

    195. jason says:

      Don’t you love the MSM?

      “The Biden honeymoon is over, but there’s a reason his new approval lows aren’t cause for alarm – yet”

    196. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Will ask the question again, as about eight months have passed since Biden became president: Can anyone name one major positive accomplishment that Biden has achieved as president?

    197. NYCmike says:

      “NYC prefers the deadender Paulbot.”

      -aka The Republican Candidate…….YES!

    198. Robbie says:

      NYT Politics
      “Fauci,” a new documentary, follows the renowned infectious disease specialist’s work in two health crises: AIDS and the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Fauci agreed to participate as long as it didn’t interfere with his work.

      – After Jason fraud is done binge watching this garbage, how many more presidential medals of freedom will he want to give his hero Fauci?

    199. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      202. Reminds me of the captain of the Titanic: ‘We have hit an iceberg, and are taking in water through a long gash in the hull –but there is no reason for alarm yet’.

      At the U.N., Biden stated the U.S. would use “relentless diplomacy” instead of military might to solve global crises. Sounds like a Jimmy Carter repeat.

      On the home front, San Diego has historically been one of the safest cities in the U.S. Violent crime this year increased 20% over last year.

    200. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      205. You will be happy to know Robbie that if Trump is elected again in 2024, he will fire Fauci. Know you dislike Trump, but can you tell us anything that Biden has done better than Trump? Hasn’t the Biden presidency been a total disaster?

    201. Phil says:

      Robbie just drives by now days, San Diego. He doesn’t even try to engage – which is a blessing. As far as any comments from him regarding Biden, he hasn’t had any in the eight months the drooling idiot has been in office. His Never Trump buddy Corey? We haven’t seen him since Afghanistan.

    202. NYCmike says:

      “CG” showing his true colors – run and hide.

    203. lisab says:

      i am sure they blame trump for biden

    204. Phil says:

      Of course they do. Everything negative is some how Trump’s fault. Corey voted for Biden. Trump’s fault.


    205. Tgca says:


      Ooooh! Ooooh!

      I know! I know!

      I can answer that question.

      He ended a 20 year war that 3 other presidents could not.

      What’s my prize?

    206. Tina says:

      I miss the mean tweets. It beats a secret service agent guiding a dementia President.

      “For example, when asked about Trump’s “aggressive, controversial” style, voters now think that it “wasn’t so bad” by a 52%-44% margin.”

    207. Tina says:

      I heart Joe Biden


    208. wheelz91 says:

      The state numbers are brutal for Biden. Scroll down for the individual states. WOW!!!!

    209. Tgca says:

      213. Tina

      Agreed! We miss the mean tweets.

      That’s why we do mean posts here at HHR, mainly to Bitter, because this pit of vipers needs to attack someone and it chose Bitter.

      It’s Trump fault!

      If he was re-elected, no one would say chit about Bitter here because Trump’s mean tweets would suffice for that need for us meanie sycophants.

      But my good friend Bitter is a good sport and takes it all in stride so a shout out to our resident wokester.

    210. Tina says:

      Tgca, funniest mean tweet was to Kim Mentally Ill

      I have a bigger red button, and mine works.

    211. jason says:

      Remember when Amoral Scumbag used to rush here with the latest bad poll for Trump? His man Biden? Crickets. He drives by to talk about Fauci…

    212. Tina says:

      Notice how the “insurrection” started at the capitol. Notice these guys. All dressed in black. They open the doors.

      I don’t know any trump folks who dress all in black.

      IMO, this was a gubment intelligence op, as the fed lawyahs failed to suppress this video, Also, the fib has not released video seeking their arrests for some reason.

    213. Tina says:

      Look how worse the covid numbers look under Ccp Biden summer 2020 vs summer 2021)

      And this with a vaccine.

    214. Meldrim says:

      #200, Jason, while I do recall that Paul LePage endorsed some Paultard candidate once or twice in primaries against liberal Republicans, I don’t think that LePage himself could be described as a “Paulbot.” He’s certainly no Massie or Amash, and did not govern in the style of Ron or Rand Paul.

      And given that LePage was elected governor of Maine *twice*, in 2010 and 2014, I don’t think that he can be described as a “deadender,” at least not if the word means the same thing that it meant over the past decade (when you used it to describe candidates that had absolutely no chance of winning but ran to “send a message” and those who supported them).

      Maybe LePage wouldn’t be the best choice for the GOP, particularly given that terrible “ranked-choice” voting that Maine adopted, but that does not make him or his supporters “deadender Paulbots.”

    215. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      212. “What’s my prize?”

      A free trip to Kabul. Your return flight might be problematic. But there a lot of Americans in Kabul who have experience in trying to catch flights out. The ones who are still alive can advise you.

    216. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt got to drinking some last night and told stores about a specialized college he attended a few hundred years ago to train to become a sheep herder. It was a small university in Scotland named Flock University.

      He told me he played on various sports teams there and shared some of the cheers the Flock University cheerleaders did during the games.

      “You’re way behind
      What to do–boo hoo
      We say “You lost”
      and “Go Flock U!”

      You can’t top our score
      So what else’s new?
      Go home losers
      Go Flock U!

      We’re way ahead
      You’re in a stew
      Can’t catch us
      Go Flock U!

    217. Phil says:

      Research study indicates llama antibodies may fight Covid,


      Posting this for Jason.

      Lupida destined to become a hero?

    218. Robbie says:

      Greg Bluestein
      “Kemp is a disaster. He’s a disaster. He did everything he could to make sure we lost the election. He was terrible,” Trump said today. “He’s not going to be able to win the general election anyway because the base isn’t going to show up.”

      – This is the man Jason fraud has decided must be the future of the Republican Party. A psychotic lunatic who is determined to make Stacy Abrams governor of Georgia.


    219. Phil says:

      I would think Stacy Abrams was Robbie’s cup of tea.

      So what’s the problem?


    220. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie – Trump is a terrible person. Biden is a terrible President. Both can be true. Which man is currently destroying the country? Hint – Biden.

    221. Bitterlaw says:

      Trump was a good President. Robbie does not have to agree but he could at least render an opinion on Biden.

    222. Phil says:

      Which man is currently destroying our country?

      Bitter gets to the crux of the matter.

      That said, not sure “10% to the big guy” Biden is exactly the shining model of character himself.

      In fact, I know he’s not.

    223. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – You know I make 2 sentences and then sum up with “Both can be true.” I could have added “Biden is corrupt” but that would require “All three can be true.” That’s Just clunky.

    224. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      228. “Robbie does not have to agree but he could at least render an opinion on Biden.”

      Are you trying to get our troll fired? Isn’t it obvious why Robbie does not criticize Biden. It is the same reason he did a victory lap when Romney lost in 2012.

    225. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Chuck Grassley(R-IA) will run for re-election:

      GRASSLEY to run for U.S. Senate again
      9/24/2021, 6:11:44 AM · by RandFan · 8 replies
      Fox ^ | Sep 24 | Fox
      U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley announced in the wee hours of Friday that he intends to seek an eighth term in 2022. The 88-year-old Iowa Republican, who has been in the Senate since 1981, posted his plans on Twitter shortly after 4 a.m. CT, along with a video of him going out for his daily jog. “It’s 4 a.m. in Iowa so I’m running,” Grassley wrote. “I do that 6 days a week. Before I start the day I want you to know what Barbara and I have decided. “I’m running for re-election—a lot more to do, for Iowa.

    226. Tgca says:

      2nd story I’ve seen in 24 hours about side effects of vaccine not being reported. All stories need to be corroborated but if so, this needs to be taken seriously.

      If hospitals and doctors in charge are not appropriately reporting these side-effects, they should be prosecuted and lose their licenses for fraud.

      If you lie to a bank to get credit, it’s fraud and prosecutable. If you lie to get gubbermint benefits, it’s fraud and prosecutable. So if you lie while getting gubbermint funding or violating terms of gubbermint reporting, it should be treated as fraud and prosecuted.

      Some medical professionals are misleading the public and denying real ethical scientists the ability to identify and research issues to protect the at risk folks from these serious vaccine side effects.

    227. jason says:

      Research study indicates llama antibodies may fight Covid,


      Posting this for Jason.

      Lupida destined to become a hero?”

      Lupita is a hero already.

    228. jason says:

      This is the man Jason fraud has decided must be the future of the Republican Party”


      I am not a Republican and I don’t even vote.

      But Amoral Scumbag has no comment on the “present” of the Democratic Party.

      And hilarious that a guy who supported Jeb Bush for President is concerned about “the future of the R party”.

    229. jason says:

      Ryder Cup action started early.

    230. jason says:

      Gorgeous scenery at Whistling Straights.

    231. jason says:

      Pass the popcorn.

      @RepTedDeutch after Rep. Tlaib:
      “I cannot allow one of my colleagues to stand on floor of House and label Jewish democratic state of Israel an apartheid state…my colleague who just besmirched our ally…when there’s no place on map for one Jewish state, that’s anti-Semitism”

      Btw, Tlaib said she wasn’t going to approve “bombs for Israel”.

    232. jason says:

      “Big ratings change this morning at @CookPolitical
      : As the national environment sours for Democrats and public & private polling shows an increasingly close race, we’re moving our #VAGov rating to Toss Up”

      I could have bought Youngkin at 10% chance.

      Now at 30% on Predictit.

      Trump got 44% in VA.

      Trump probably maxed out the rural vote, Youngkin will need to repeat it plus make up some ground in the suburbs and NOVA to win.

      Does anyone know if McCauliffe tied himself to Biden at the start of the campaign when Biden was more popular?

    233. Phil says:

      If only posters on this site had the same genuine concern for the future of the Republican Party as our drive by buddy Robbie.


    234. 42-56 and minus 24 for Biden

    235. jason says:

      I think Amoral Scumbag is mostly concerned with the future of the Never Trump party.

    236. Phil says:

      He better be.

    237. jason says:

      I remember when DeSantis was a little blip for 2024 Amoral Scumbag said he would be a great candidate.

      At the time I said really, after you pushed for a left wing radical like Gillum because DeSantis was a “Trump clone”? I am sure if DeSantis is ever viable you will drop him in a nanosecond.

      Has anyone seen Amoral Scumbag promote DeSantis since?

    238. mnw says:

      Grassley is 88. Personally, I wouldn’t care to die at the office.

      Good thing the Iowa guv has an (R) after her name.

    239. jason says:

      Chuck is running.

      “It’s 4 a.m. in Iowa so I’m running. I do that 6 days a week. Before I start the day I want you to know what Barbara and I have decided.

      I’m running for re-election—a lot more to do, for Iowa. We ask and will work for your support. Will you join us?”

      I am sure NYC is very disappointed. This would be a great oppty for a deadender to give away a safe seat so Chuckie Schumer could expand his majority.

    240. jason says:

      Average life expectancy for an 88 year old male is 5 years.

      Considering Grassley is in good health and has better than average medical care the odds are he will survive the next term.

    241. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Several polls now show Biden’s approval in the low 40s. The Democratic attempts to mask Biden’s mental incompetency are failing. He may be pushed to resign in the not to distant future.

    242. Country Dick Montana says:

      Remember with Robbie:

      $1000 to Biden campaign
      $500 to ActBlue

      He will never deny it because he knows it is true. And I have seen the evidence.

    243. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Concerned troll’s behavior reminds me of children who ring doorbells and run. He avoids discussion because he does not want to admit how awful a president Biden is.

    244. lisab says:

      anyone can register as a republican,

      so i am sure robbie is a republican

      and i am sure he brags to his friends

      how he goes to republican blogs and

      disrupts them by always pushing for a jeb!

      100% republican, just an open borders, high taxes, defund the police type republican

    245. lisab says:

      same with corey

    246. Tgca says:

      It appears to runs in the family!

      Chris Cuomo’s Former Boss Accuses Him of Grabbing Her Butt, Offering Bizarre Email Apology Afterwards

      “When Mr. Cuomo entered the Upper West Side bar, he walked toward me and greeted me with a strong bear hug while lowering one hand to firmly grab and squeeze the cheek of my buttock.”

      She added that Cuomo, “with a cocky arrogance,” said that he could “do this now” that she was no longer his boss.

      “’No you can’t,’ I said, pushing him off me at the chest while stepping back,…”

    247. Tgca says:


      True! I have like 8% black blood mix which is like 82 times the Native American amount of blood mix Elizabeth Warren has with her .098% so I will be registering as AA when it comes time for reparations.

      I have the DNA tests to prove it too!

    248. Tgca says:

      BLM is going after vaccines as racist.


      I hope they take to the streets in large numbers and make the Dems squirm.

      Let’s see if all these WHITE leaders like Joe, Chuck, and Nancy are going to challenge them publicly.

      Let’s see what Kamala will say when they’re donating these mandates to oppression they experienced in the early to mid 20th century in a more urban society.

    249. jason says:

      I will file for reparations on the grounds I have to live in York while Bitter gets to live in Radnor and park in Philly.

    250. Bitterlaw says:

      I will file for reparations on the grounds I have to live in York while Bitter gets to live in Radnor and park in Philly.

      I know you can afford to live here. I have a few friends who are real estate agents. They are also Trump supporters. Do you want their names?

    251. jason says:

      anyone can register as a republican,

      so i am sure robbie is a republican”

      I doubt it. He is just role playing here.

    252. jason says:

      USA 3 Europe 1 morning session over.

    253. lisab says:

      i think he is definitely the type to actually register as a R, so he can get on the R mailing lists and go to actual meetings

    254. lisab says:

      i want reparations too

      i want some of that free radnor money

    255. jason says:

      You don’t need to be a Republican to be on mailing lists.

      I am on the mailing list of several Dems.

    256. jason says:

      I have a few friends who are real estate agents. They are also Trump supporters.”

      Wow, Bitter knows some Trump supporters?

      Who knew/

    257. Bitterlaw says:

      Wow, Bitter knows some Trump supporters?

      Zzzzzzzzzzz. I know many Trump supporters in Radnor. I am a Trump supporter. Both can be true.

    258. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason to ask for hundreds of names and addresses , lisab to make bitchy comment, and Tgclown to post something stupid in 3…2…1…

    259. jason says:

      Too busy watching Ryder Cup to check on whether Bitter really has once or twice talked to a deplorable.

    260. jason says:

      Answering a wrong number call doesn’t count.

    261. NYCmike says:


      Playing the martyr doesn’t suit you.

      Man up, act like your pronouns!

    262. jason says:

      NYC is going to spoil the bait, Ma.

    263. NYCmike says:

      You guys are tiring me out with the incessant combativeness.

    264. Tgca says:


      Bitter finally supports Trump as a leader of high moral character.

      Baby steps.

    265. jason says:

      Yeah, Bitter, man-up.

      In this thread NYC called me a big government Republican.

      Did I melt down and have a conniption?


      I sulked for a few hours, went out and shot a coyote and a couple squirrels, had a couple martinis and was as good as new.

    266. NYCmike says:

      When compared to Biden, Obama, Bush family and the Clintons, the Trump family is the paragon of morality when it comes to living off government largesse.

    267. jason says:

      You guys are tiring me out with the incessant combativeness.”

      Who is combative? GFY.

    268. NYCmike says:

      “Did I melt down and have a conniption?”

      -Do they have conniptions in Radnor? How very un-lady-like.

      I thought they were still using the feinting couch move.

    269. jason says:

      “the Trump family is the paragon of morality when it comes to living off government largesse.’

      I tried converting to Quechua and it still didn’t work.

    270. Tgca says:



      This pit of vipers needs someone to attack so it chose Bitter.

      Woe is Bitter.

    271. jason says:

      Some great putting at the Ryder Cup.

    272. jason says:

      I still don’t know why the pit of vipers chose Bitter to attack.

    273. NYCmike says:

      Great Pudding?

      Must be that famous Wisconsin dairy!

      Ca$h Cow, are you up there visiting and lending an udder?

    274. jason says:

      Dechambeau hit a 417 yd drive.


    275. Bitterlaw says:

      I have supported Trump longer than Jason. I think Trump has little moral character. Both can be true. The fact that Biden has no moral character does not elevate Trump to sainthood.

    276. jason says:

      -Do they have conniptions in Radnor? How very un-lady-like.”

      Don’t irritate Bitter. He will fling his glove to the floor and challenge you to a duel.

      Cream puff throwing at 10 paces.

    277. jason says:

      I think Trump has little moral character”

      Can I have a list of politicians you think have more “moral character” than Trump?

    278. Bitterlaw says:

      Good to know Jason agreed that Trump has little moral character.

      I supported Trump twice in General Elections, while Jason did not. Remember that when he makes stupid posts on whether I know Trump supporters. I do.

    279. Tgca says:


      Here’s a start.

      Many more but I’d have to rack my brain on Friday afternoon to expand the list.

      Nancy Pelosi
      Liz Cheney
      Mitt Romney
      Chuck Schumer
      Robert Menendez
      Adam Schiff

      Ted Kennedy
      Dennis Hastert
      Dan Rostenkowski
      Anthony Weiner
      Mel Reynolds
      Jesse Jackson, Jr.
      Andrew Cuomo
      James McGreevey
      Elliot Spitzer

    280. jason says:

      Good to know Jason agreed that Trump has little moral character.”


      I see you don’t really want to list the politicians that you think have higher moral character.

      So why single out Trump?

    281. jason says:

      You forgot Chris Christie on the current list.

    282. Tina says:

      Is dumb dumb this clueless?

      Suburban Black Man ??
      · 15m
      PSAKI: “There are a lot of Republicans out there giving speeches about how outraged they are about the situation at the border. Not many who are putting forward solutions.”

    283. Tina says:

      Biden has the most moral character.


    284. Tgca says:

      The city of brotherly love.

      Such a safe place to walk around.

      Nope! Ain’t no crime here.

    285. Tgca says:


      Being that Radnor is a stone throw from Philly, I wonder if they had to lock down during this shooting. Hmmm…

    286. jason says:

      That wasn’t really in Philly, Tgca.

      According to Bitter, it is the “bad part of Philly” that is a crime and drug ridden corrupt hellhole.

    287. jason says:

      I supported Trump twice in General Elections, while Jason did not. ”

      Bitter wants a medal for voting for Trump, although he feels compelled to always throw in some reference to Trump’s character as a bone to his woke friends and neighbors.

    288. Gordon Allen says:

      Few politicians have what most would call a moral character. BTW is there a definition somewhere of what a ” moral character is?.
      What exactly makes Trump non moral?? Three wives?? Were J7FK and Bill Clinton moral because they had only one? Thats self evident BS.
      Trumps crimes were he wasn’t an establishment candidate,and spoke bluntly. So did Harry Truman( re the bluntness) Give me Harry over any smooth talking Democrat since; not counting the real demented scumbag now in office.
      The fact is the MSM would try to make Jesus Christ the symbol of moral turpitude if he ran as a Republican.
      Everyone here knows this,and because some people here have unfathomable psychological hangup it shouldn’t obscure the following: Charles Manson v the slime all idiot in the WH should be a toss up.

    289. Tgca says:



      Over half of US presidents have had affairs or children out of wedlock so that says a lot for our history of high moral character for the highest office in the land.

      Thomas Jefferson was screwing his slaves mind you putting aside the unbelievable fact he owned slaves to begin with, but he was still a great leader of his time.

      I thay Trump is in good company.

    290. Tgca says:

      Thweee Hundwid bishes!

      Thweee Hundwid I thay!

    291. jason says:

      I tend to agree.

      Trump is a narcissistic blowhard. He is arrogant. He is abrasive. He lacks self control. But these are personality traits, nothing to do with “morality.

      But I doubt his “moral character” is any better or worse than most politicians. Divorced twice, ok, but he has been in a stable marriage for over 15 years. He seems to be a good father and his kids are loyal to him and successful.

      Btw, I said the same about Obama and his family, who I despise politically.

    292. lisab says:


      Playing the martyr doesn’t suit you.
      bitter the almost martyr: i would have loved to been a martyr the apostles, but i was told 40 years ago that i have diabetes, and the romans won’t martyr anyone with diabetes

      the virgin mary’s sister … lisab, just lisab: well … you can be stoned to death … the romans will stone you

      bitter the almost martyr: no … i only want to be crucified

      lisab: you could be thrown to the lions, or burnt alive, or sent to the colosseum

      bitter: no, i just don’t think that is being a marty, i am just going to be a money lender in the temple and complain about it incessantly

      lisab: which temple? didn’t you used to work at the temple herod built

      bittet: that was actually three temples ago, now i work at the small temple in bethleham … it’s a great place, except for all the deplorables


    293. DW says:

      Jefferson’s first wife died. He then developed a faithful relationship to a younger woman that for all practical purposes was a common-law marriage, because he was unable to actually marry one of his slaves. This second ‘wife’, Sally Hemings, was the half-sister of Jefferson’s first wife, and was 3/4ths European, and had fair skin.

      To take from that history the idea that Jefferson was going down to the slave quarters every night and just taking whoever for the night is a gross misrepresentation.

    294. NYCmike says:

      DW, stop apologizing for those colonizing, misogynistic Founding Fathers!

    295. lisab says:

      actually thomas jefferson’s brother vito or nephew randolph could have been with sally

    296. NYCmike says:

      Good to see you, hope you are well!

    297. NYCmike says:

      Well, not actually see you……but you know what I mean!

    298. DW says:

      I am doing well…unlike the Mets who threw the season away with both hands.

    299. NYCmike says:

      NY teams in all sports, other than MY Islanders, have had rough years!

    300. Bitterlaw says:

      DeSantis has a higher moral character than Trump. Even with the banking scandal and divorce, so did John McCain.

      If you still think I fear the opinion of my neighbors, watch the videos again and then GFY.

    301. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason posted thousands of times that Trump was so unfit for office he would never vote for him. I guess he was currying favor with HHR.

    302. NYCmike says:

      Mother Theresa has a higher moral character than most people who ever lived.

      I didn’t want her to be President.

    303. NYCmike says:

      Looking at it, I would rather have jason as President than DW.

      As President, I want someone willing to be a real a-hole, and I know jason would do a great job.

    304. Tgca says:

      I think Jefferson was a brilliant man. But he was a petulant petty man as well.

      To think in his time and place that his relationship with a slave meant she had equal footing or she was being respectfully courted is just incredulous.

      No one is saying he went in drunk at will and had his way with slaves but evidence seems to support they started a relationship while she was in her teens, possibly as young as 14 or 15 as she had her 1st child at 16, believed to be his.

      To think that his role as master of the estate had no impact on her decision to abide by his wishes would be silly. It was common for slave owners to have sexual relations with slaves. Folks just did not flaunt it and Hemings probably benefitted from it during her life as well, compared to other slaves.

      Jefferson and all slave owners knew that slavery was wrong but they continued it anyways as other parts of the western world moved away from it.

      So it does go to moral character as to “owning” and “treatment” of other people.

    305. Tgca says:


      Thousands of times? Really?

      Is that like you saying thousands of times depression is a weakness and not an illness?

    306. Tgca says:

      People assume DeSantis has a high moral character and there is no reason to doubt that but do we know that for certain?

      Numerous politicians and others have been found to have acted unethically and scandalous as time has passed when once they were admired for being virtuous.

      Remember, Bill Cosby, America’s dad of the 80s. High moral character my butt!

      JFK was a war hero and patriot but would you say he was of high moral character?

      MLK was rumored to have had affairs as well in his travels.

      Same for McCain. I don’t think his 1st wife would probably agree at one time he was moral.

      We put these people on pedestals without knowing them individually and expect them to live up to our expectations.

      It’s all poppycock I thay!

    307. NYCmike says:

      “We put these people on pedestals without knowing them individually and expect them to live up to our expectations.”

      -I don’t put them on pedestals, which is why I have no issue with other candidates who primary the incumbents, like some of the HHR posters do.

    308. Bitterlaw says:

      I did not say that about depression thousands of times. But you knew that. I said I was wrong. Have you ever admitted being wrong? I can’t recall.

      I see DW is back trying to mitigate how evil slavery was.

    309. jason says:

      As President, I want someone willing to be a real a-hole, and I know jason would do a great job.”

      I would accept NYC’s endorsement if he didn’t endorse so many deadenders.

    310. jason says:

      I am not into revising history on Jefferson, that is part of the cancel culture BS.

      I agree with DW, he is not mitigating anything.

    311. jason says:

      DeSantis has been around long enough for us to know if he is the paragon of virtue.

      I admire McCain as a person more than Trump because of his inordinate personal sacrifice for this country, not for any “moral superiority”.

    312. jason says:

      If you still think I fear the opinion of my neighbors, watch the videos again and then GFY.”


      If I give anyone a medal for the video it will be to lisab for goading you into going to the meeting.

      No free lunch.

    313. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzz I went to 2 meetings this year (but I have gone to many School and Township meetings over the past 17 years). Lisab reminded me of one meeting. She did not write or deliver my speech. GFY and your “Bitter fears offending his woke neighbors” bs.

      And portraying Jefferson and his slave as some kind of common law marriage is garbage. I do not support cancel culture, removing statues, renaming things, etc. but I won’t make excuses for Jefferson.

    314. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Despite wanting you to GFY, I would meet you in Bittersville on my way back from Pittsburgh some time.

    315. lisab says:

      you mean the speech you gave after the vote was over?

    316. Tgca says:


      I am not trying to cancel Jefferson, as he was patriot for his time and a great founding father but like any man, had his faults as well.

      I was just trying to make the point that over half our presidents have had either affairs or children out of wedlock so if we’re gonna judge Trump on that as a basis for morality, then he is in good company with Jefferson and many other presidents who also must have been immoral then too.

    317. lisab says:

      I went to 2 meetings this year

      i counted 53 school board meetings this year

    318. Tgca says:


      I don’t disagree on McCain, just applying the Bitter standard for morality again. If you cheat on your spouse, then you’re immoral.

    319. Tgca says:

      I don’t think you can judge leaders from 200 years ago exclusively by today’s standards. The vast majority of the population, probably 95% thought AA were lesser human beings than whites whether they agreed with slavery or not and still believed in segregation until less than 60+ years ago.

      If it weren’t for the Jefferson’s and Washington’s, there would be no US.

      It doesn’t make what they did right but give credit where credit is due.

    320. Tgca says:


      When you coming down south to meet me and Wes?

    321. Bitterlaw says:

      Shouldn’t you be spending more time pushing Critical Race Theory as a union rep?

      I wish I knew why you have such contempt for me so I could do more of it.

    322. Tgca says:

      It is quite possible that 30 years from now, the vast majority of the nation may view us as bigots because we did not accept there are 68+ genders or that gender identity can be fluid and change throughout the day.

      Tones change and so do morality and acceptance as well.

    323. Tgca says:

      Times not tones.

    324. Bitterlaw says:

      Is it really open for debate that cheating on your spouse is immoral? Seems pretty clear cut but I know Tgca will bring up some example of a man whose wife was left in a coma after being stomped by alpacas. Which does not apply to Trump. Or McCain. Or to any current politician under discussion.

      As for lisabitch, the vote at the first meeting was identical to the prior votes on the issue at every meeting. My speech at the second meeting was about CRT and outrageous teaching of vulgar rap songs to 9th graders. There was no vote pending.

      Finally, the Founding Fathers were extraordinarily brave men dedicated to freeing America from British rule. They were patriots and heroes and deserve respect. However, owning slaves was evil even if was legal in all of the colonies and the British Empire.

    325. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca – Why would I meet with you? I posted my phone number. You chose not to call. Then you became more vicious and file.

      I would meet with Wes.

    326. Bitterlaw says:

      File should be vile. Doesn’t autocorrect have an HHR setting?

    327. Tgca says:

      Vicious? Me? Nah! It’s just the way we Jersey dudes disagree. Man up!

      File? File what? I do not have any files on you. Maybe the Radnor School Board does though. Remember, Big Brother is watching.

    328. lisab says:

      the vote at the first meeting was identical to the prior votes

      so you are admitting you are completely ineffective


      you knew that you were only giving your little speech for show

      or both

    329. Bitterlaw says:

      I feel sorry for lisab. Too bad she has nothing and nobody in life.

    330. Wes says:

      What’s sad is that HHR is basically interchangeable from day to day now. If I drop by tomorrow I’ll see almost identical posts to what I’m seeing right now.