Two Polls Show Tied Race, Another Poll Shows Youngkin With 2% Lead in VA

    Tomorrow we will be one week away away from the big election in Virginia and three new polls out yesterday and today show the race continuing to trend towards Republican Glenn Youngkin as he is tied in two polls (Emerson College and Cygnal) with Democrat Terry McAuliffe and ahead in a poll put out by Kellyanne Conway.

    Terry McAuliffe (D) 48%
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 48%

    Terry McAuliffe (D) 48%
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 48%

    GOVERNOR – VIRGINIA (KAConsulting)
    Glenn Youngkin (R) 43%
    Terry McAuliffe (D) 41%

    The Emerson College poll was done October 22-23, the Cygnal poll was done October 19-21, and the KAConsulting Poll was done October 18-21. All the polls were done among likely voters.

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    1. NYCmike says:


    2. Phil says:

      Hey, it just dawned on me. We haven’t seen Fauci’s mug on television in a couple of days. That’s a first. Could it be that one of those puppies belonged to John Wick and Dr Fauci is in hiding.

    3. Meldrim says:

      Reposting from the prior thread:

      Good to hear that when Phil makes a categorical statement of purported “fact” regarding a future event, he only means that his prediction will be true *if everything else occurs as he assumes that it will*. So when he said that there was no way that a GOP presidential candidate would carry PA ever again, he meant that, if his assumption that the Democrat candidate would get more votes than the Republican candidate in every presidential election in PA until the end of time was correct, that the Republican candidate would not win another presidential election in PA. Sure, Trump carried PA in 2016, but that only was because Hillary got fewer votes than Trump did, which was an external event for which Phil did not account, and so Phil can’t be held responsible for the real world having disproven, within a year of having made it, his moronic prediction that a state that had given the GOP presidential candidate 48% as recently as 2004 would *never again* vote for a GOP presidential candidate.

      And now he asserts, months before we even know who the nominees will be, that it is impossible for the GOP to hold Pat Toomey’s U.S. Senate seat–in a mid-term election for an unpopular Democrat president, in a state in which Donald Trump got 48.2% in 2016 and 48.7% in 2020, and in which Toomey got 51.0% in 2010 and 48.8% in 2016. Of course, if Phil is wrong, he can take solace in the fact that it would have been because stuff happened that he didn’t think would happen. As Bugs Bunny would say, “what a maroon.”

    4. Meldrim says:

      Also reposting from the prior thread:

      Phil and Jason, the point isn’t whether the MSM is working overtime to prop up Biden’s job-approval numbers–of course that’s what they’re doing. And of course Biden’s numbers would be even lower if the MSM played fair. But what Phil was claiming was not that Biden would have better job-approval numbers than he deserved; his claim was that Biden would *never* have job-approval numbers below 50% because the system is rigged and he would not be permitted by the MSM to have such a low job-approval number. That is what happens when someone whose IQ is barely higher than the president’s age has access to a computer and can post on a website in which poll numbers are discussed.

    5. Meldrim says:

      #2, Phil, that’s actually pretty funny. You should stick to comedy and give up your side gig making categorical statements that keep getting disproven.

    6. NYCmike says:

      In regards to media coverage and Biden, if the media treated any Democrat like they treated Trump, Bush, Bush, Reagan, Ford, and Nixon, each subsequent Democratic President would have been a 1-termer, not only Carter.

      Not only do they run interference for the candidate, they also run interference for the obviously easier-to-commit-fraud methods that have been adopted in many states.

    7. Tgca says:

      Siete Bebe! Siete!

    8. jason says:

      Meldrim, our resident fascist, is full of crap.

      Phil’s point was that the MSM is propping Biden up and that his numbers are higher than they should be if the MSM was not so partisan and corrupt.

      That is true whether Biden is at 60%, 50%, 40% or 30%.

      So let’s ignore the substance of his argument and pretend that what is important is the “50%” red herring. That way we can say “gotcha” and protect the narrative that MSM is really not that biased and really doesn’t have any influence.

      I am sorry if that offends the MSM sycophants here that Phil is correct.

    9. Tgca says:

      From prior thwed


      The resident fascist willing to deny people the right to eat if they’re not vaccinated has the gall to criticize someone else on “words” used on an internet post.

      This is classic liberal elitism. Words are more important than ideas except when it comes to fascist ideology such elitists subscribe to and attempt to push on others.

    10. NYCmike says:

      Ca$h Cow,

      In regard to your highlighting Tina’s link, I will make note that many here will disregard, due to Massie being the person who asked the questions and the fact that the source was not one of their favored ones.

      I myself found it interesting, and have seen several sources which highlighted that character and others.

    11. jason says:

      Not only do they run interference for the candidate, they also run interference for the obviously easier-to-commit-fraud methods that have been adopted in many states.”

      That is obviously news for the MSM sycophants here.

    12. NYCmike says:

      “Meldrim, our resident fascist, is full of crap.”

      -This is where jason and Tgca agree to further degrade the definition of the word “fascist”, and which also allows the Left to claim that Antifa is anti-fascist, while stifling other citizens speech with violence and intimidation.

    13. Bitterlaw says:

      It is ironic that Trump kept inviting Fauci to press conferences while Biden has kept him largely out of official events. Of course, Biden has also kept himself out of official events.

    14. Tgca says:

      I am hoping since me and my good friend Jadon agree tonight that he will go and get me some food to eat once I’m unable to get food from private businesses that can discriminate against the unvaccinated because folks like Meldrim support politicians to pass laws to protect those that discriminate against others because it’s ok for a private business to do what it wants.

      I’ll take tofu and broccoli in garlic sauce if you don’t mind Jadon.

    15. Bitterlaw says:

      Did the “game changer” for the NJ Governor’s race come out yet?

    16. jason says:

      Don’t worry Phil, the resident fascist thinks he has a higher IQ than you do?

      Facts not in evidence.

    17. jason says:

      I’ll take tofu and broccoli in garlic sauce if you don’t mind Jadon.”

      Sorry, you know the Internet is forever.

      Somebody might get a screen shot or something of me ordering tofu and broccoli and there goes my reputation forever.

      How about some ribs and brisket?

    18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Cash Cow, it would be insane for Manchin to support Biden’s climate change agenda when much of the world is refusing to abide by it. China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and most of the “developing” world are saying no to the radical eco-leftist ideas. Even Norway, Poland, Hungary and a host of European countries are also saying no. Biden is stupidly shutting down U.S. fossil fuel production, and instead begging the Saudis to sell us more oil. Biden’s policy follies may be the result of dementia; what is Manchin’s excuse?

      “The world’s renewables experiment is over; Biden’s climate bill is dead, Norway affirms oil drilling, and Uganda says “Solar & Wind Force Poverty on Africa” The global energy crisis has snapped humanity out of its trance: we need cheap & reliable energy to survive & thrive”

    19. Tgca says:

      NYC is an IGORENT NY elitist bigot as he subscribes to the same ideology that kept blacks from eating in restaurants alongside whites or using the same water fountains.

      They are more apt to carry disease and sicken others.

      That was the argument that the HHR fascists have now adopted.

      Thankfully, Thurgood Marshall and friends showed that was a silly bigoted argument but it was a main reason for discrimination at the time being brought back today.

    20. jason says:

      Did the “game changer” for the NJ Governor’s race come out yet?”

      Yes. So far it only caused a 4 pt swing in the race.

      I would say it is big enough to swing a ver close race, but I don’t think it is a very close race.

      BREAKING: Campaign Senior Advisor Reveals @GovMurphy
      to Impose State-Wide COVID Vax Mandate AFTER Re-Election

      “He [Murphy] is going to do it [COVID vaccine mandate], but he couldn’t do it before the elections.”

      Several other stupid comments by his advisors.

    21. Meldrim says:

      Jason must be as stupid as Phil if he thinks that “the MSM will never allow Biden’s approval rating to drop below 50%” actually meant “Biden’s approval rating will be higher than it otherwise would be because of assistance from the MSM.”

      And coming from an idiot like you, I couldn’t give a squirt about you calling me a fascist for opposing government interference with private businesses. My position is the exact opposite of fascism, but you couldn’t be expected to understand that. You used to describe Trump’s trade policy as “f*cking for virginity!,” but now you support “government mandates for freedom!”

      I don’t trust the government, period. My mother and her family lost all of their material possessions when they had to flee a Communist regime, and I don’t want the government telling businesses what to do because it “knows better.” I’d rather deal with bigoted business owners than with an “enlightened” government that interferes with private commerce.

    22. jason says:

      Eat your heart out, suckers. Look at the email I got.

      “Your confirmation for dinner with President Trump is included below.

      Get ready to have a great time with 45!

      You have been selected out of thousands of other Trump loving supporters to enter to win an evening with President Trump!”

      If its at Mar del Lago I will get to see Tgca and go out for some of that good Florida fried alligator.

    23. Wes says:

      Jason, where I think Biden should be is irrelevant. Personally I think he should be at 0%; however, I know that’s not going to happen.

      The reality is that Biden started fairly and has nosedived since. He’s lost anywhere from a quarter to a third of his support since taking office. Polls have trend lines for a reason.

      The media have carried water for Biden for nine months. Despite that, he’s averaging about 40% in polls. That’s catastrophic regardless of how much lower you or I think he should fall.

      Thus, my point stands:

      Despite fawning media coverage, Biden has been in freefall and has shown no sign of reversing the trend.

      The media have given him fawning coverage. That hasn’t protected him from serious erosion in popularity regardless of where anyone thinks he should actually be in the polls.

      Now I’ll turn it over to you and your word salad response since obviously any basic knowledge of how politics actually works is beyond you.

    24. mnw says:


      5-0 for the Note. Tarasenko is smokin’ hot!

    25. Meldrim says:

      Tgca, Brown v. Board was about *the government* discriminating because of race, a direct violation of the 14th Amendment. You should sue your ghetto schools for having graduated you despite your ignorance about American history.

    26. jason says:

      opposing government interference with private businesses.”


      Meldrim the little fascist is living in the wrong era, he would have been happiest in Hitler’s time. He would be talking about how Jews had the “freedom” to go to other restaurants and stores if they were denied entrance. And probably the “freedom” to have to show their papers and wear yellow stars of David.

      He is all for the “freedom” of private businesses to discriminate against people and to demand their papers.


    27. jason says:

      wes, I am sorry that it bothers you that I don’t agree with

      “The media have carried water for Biden for nine months. Despite that, he’s averaging about 40% in polls. That’s catastrophic regardless of how much lower you or I think he should fall.”

      and I don’t agree with:

      “That hasn’t protected him from serious erosion in popularity regardless of where anyone thinks he should actually be in the polls.”

      He is at 43% in the RCP average. I think he is only that high despite the disaster of his Presidency (inflation, Afghanistan, shortages, gas prices, cognitive decline, radical leftist policies, etc) because the MSM is covering for him.

      43% is low but not that low. Obama was in the low 40’s for a lot of his Presidency.

      So no, I don’t agree that the MSM has not been successful in protecting Biden.

    28. Phil says:

      Wow, did I pee in your cornflakes, Meldrim? Such pent up rage. wow…..and I thought we might be finally getting along.

      I’m truly crushed.

      ….and I’ll put my IQ up against yours any day.

      As far as the Pa senate race, did I miss where Pa is going back to the pre 2020 voting system? Is Philly reporting first as in 2016 or three days after the election as in 2029? My $$ is not on 2016 process.

    29. Tgca says:


      Meldrim with his elitism again not getting a relative point being made and taking everything literal like he elitist liberal fascist friends.

      Perhaps Meldrim should read Thurgood Marshalls biography where he talks about the arguments of why blacks need to be kept away from whites and the arguments he made in the courts.

      My point was that these same arguments were used over and over. In his biography he specifically talks about how whites used these silly arguments to keep blacks separate from whites but could not then explain why these black people cooked and cared for their white children.

      My point was not about restaurants in particular but the racist rationale for why blacks should be kept from whites.

      Your small mind doesn’t seem to comprehend that though.

    30. NYCmike says:

      “5-0 for the Note”


      Never saw them with that moniker. Funny!

      Islanders, despite their vaccine mandate, are playing ok. I’m happy with their start.

    31. Tgca says:


      …and stop whining about how your family lost everything.

      Boo! Hoo! Hoo!

      Nearly all Cubans in south Florida who came here experienced the same thing and then did very well for themselves by rebuilding their lives but you don’t see them going around and trying to now discriminate on others like you do, at least I’ve not seen that here.

      You’re belief that unvaccinated people should show proof before being able to eat is a fascist idea. No if’s, buts, or ans about it.

      …and further more, if it weren’t for the generosity of Americans against fascism, you would still be in some chithole country with nothing so your family can thank people like Jadon and me who actually believe in fighting fascism why you embrace it.

    32. Wes says:

      Well, then I’m sorry you don’t agree with reality, Jason. The sheer reality of the situation is that despite hagiographic coverage of him by the media, Biden has been in freefall for nine months now.

      As for the point about Obama, “a lot of his presidency” is a nebulous timeframe. I’d have to check, but I doubt at this time in 2009, Obama was where Biden is now.

    33. Wes says:

      And what do you know?

      At this point in 2009, Gallup had Obama at 53-39.

      There you go. Biden is lower than Obama was at a comparable time during the latter’s presidency. That just shows the media’s attempts to protect Biden have not in fact buoyed him.

    34. jason says:

      Wow, did I pee in your cornflakes, Meldrim? Such pent up rage. wow…”

      Fascists get upset very easily, they are not used to being challenged.

    35. Wes says:

      Gallup’s most recent poll for Biden had him at 42-52:

      Objectively the media attempts to cover for Biden have not worked.

    36. Tgca says:


      So Meldrim doesn’t want the gubbermint telling restaurants that they can’t say that blacks are not allowed. If a restaurant, as a private business wants to put up a No Blacks allowed sign, that is their right according to Meldrim, and he will defend that but of course he’s not a fascist bigot, riiiiight?

      Perhaps we should have restaurants that say No Latinos allowed but then Meldrim would cry like a little girl and play victim.

    37. jason says:

      At this point in 2009, Gallup had Obama at 53-39.”

      I didn’t say at this point.

      My point was that 43% is not that low and in fact Obama’s approval was in that range for a lot of his Presidency.

      We are not going to agree about the MSM propping up Biden.

      I think without them his rating would be a lot lower given the disaster of his presidency.

      You think 43% is “catastrophic”.

    38. Tgca says:

      My hope is that every business that discriminates against the unvaccinated have tremendous loss to their business. Bankrupt them and instead go to other real American businesses that support American ideas.

    39. Phil says:

      Nope, the media cheerleading hasn’t worked.

      However, Trump never got any cover from the MSM and was pounded like no President in history….and still wasn’t lower than Biden is now.

      Imagine how bad Biden has to be in order to be at Trump lows with the entire MSM working overtime to cover his ass.

      Truly remarkable. Obviously, the 5% bump isn’t enough to save Biden.

    40. jason says:

      Objectively the media attempts to cover for Biden have not worked.”

      I disagree. I think they have worked or he would not be at 42%, which really is not that terrible as President’s go.

    41. Phil says:

      ……doesn’t keep the MSM from trying day in day out, however.

    42. Phil says:

      Meldrim’s elitism and condescension reminds me of Corey.

      Is he Corey still hiding BTW? Nice of Meldrim to take up the slack.

    43. paul says:

      GO TO HELL YOUNGKIN!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Phil says:

      There’s our Paul.

      He and Dan both off their meds today.

    45. jason says:

      Phil you know someone lost an argument when they start talking about how high their IQ is.

      I have met many “Meldrims” in my lifetime, pseudo intellectuals with fascist tendencies.

    46. Tgca says:


      Meldrim is like your typical NYC or San Francisco or gay elitist.

      He is a form over substance guy.

      Big words and sentence structure is important to them over intended meaning as they expect you to write on the internet as if you were submitting a paper to a professional journal.

      The way you dress or look or are perceived by others is more important to them than substance and merit of their ideas.

      They are insecure in their ideas and arguments so they try to focus on dictionary meanings to belittle others and deflect from their ignorance and bigotry.

      It’s not surprising that many of the university elite are like Meldrim. Folks who run in circles focusing on form over substance.

    47. Tgca says:


      Jadon is correct. Standard IQ is only one measure of intelligence. All the book smarts in the world alone will not make you a great leader or an innovator or guarantee you great success.

      Most of us here probably have above average IQ and have achieved higher education status but that alone does not guarantee you success.

      Ideas matter. Freedom matters. This is what lifts societies up to betterment, not fascist ideas by the paranoid.

      Many of your historical tyrants and fascists were highly educated or intelligent but that did not equate to lasting success of the ideas they advocated for society.

      Meldrim could be our very own Che Guevara, a man of many talents including being a physician but his ideology has not stood the test of time just as we hope Meldrim’s fascist ideas for the unvaccinated do not stand the test of time.

      Perhaps Meldrim was just born too late. Hitler could have really used his help in the 1930s.

    48. paul says:

      GO TO HELL PHIL!!!!!!!!!!

    49. jason says:

      Perhaps Meldrim was just born too late. Hitler could have really used his help in the 1930s.”

      Maybe that is why he is frustrated.

    50. Tina says:

      This guy here is also,embedded Fed.

      He cut the fences around the capitol.

    51. Cash Cow TM says:

      None of you mofos told me there was a new thread.

      I gave a long dissertation about Sen. Joe Manchin on the last thread.

      Cow encourages everyone to go read it and comment about what I said in this thread.

    52. jason says:

      Paul troll is having another psychotic episode.

      I understand the VA polls must be stressful for him.

    53. jason says:

      Here is Cow’s post, we don’t want to waste it.

      “Last I heard, Sen. Manchin (D–WV) has his feet dug in at a top figure for the social stimulus bill of $1.5 Trillion.

      The Wackadoodles want to lower the $3.5 cost for all the new social programs by saying they will only fund them for just a year or two and THAT will be the accounting gimmick that gets the figure down00perhaps to $1.5 Trillion.

      (And we all know that no social program ever started by the federal government is terminated.)

      If that happens, the public–even the dumbest ones in WV–will quickly become aware of this accounting sleight of hand. Manchin will be under lots of pressure from WV voters to on the social spending bill.

      Granted, LOTS will be printed and said about HOW MUCH MONEY this will bring into West Virginians who qualify for for this new federal largess.

      If Manchin has true b.a.l.l.s, he would have told Dem leaders MONTHS ago to pound sand and he would NEVER vote for all this new social spending of trillions. And if they don’t walk away from the whackadoodle foolishness (and tell Nancy P and the “squad” to pass the REAL infrastructure bill the Senate passed over to them months ago), then he is going to switch parties and become an R (which IMO will never happen).

      But remember, that Manchin won in a 3 way race for U.S> senate last time (D, R and Libertarian) by garnering 49.6% of the votes cast.
      If Manchin votes yes on this social spending bill, he will not win reelection.

      Of course this assumes the Rs in WV can all get behind ONE good candidate and not do a circular firing squad like they did the last time.
      BUT, maybe Manchin (who is 73 or 74 years old) figures this term in the U.S. senate will be his last ANYWAY and will give the Senate Ds the vote they need to bring on the ruination of the country.
      The fact that Joe Manchin STILL wants to be cooperative with national Dem leaders who have worked 24/7 for years to kill his home state’s economy is beyond me.
      One could say that he has pretended all these years to be “moderate” but really aligns himself with the “kill fossil fuels/kill WV” group of national Dems.

    54. Meldrim says:

      Boy, did the widdle statists get their panties in a bunch. Still sticking with the Jim Crow card, I see–you all should go write speeches for Biden.

      I would rather live in a country in which people have property rights and business owners can set their own damn health and safety rules. If you guys want to live in a nanny state, you can continue to support Big Government–it’s a free country, at least for now–but I’m not going to join your statist circle-jerk.

      And it’s funny how you all accuse me of bragging about my intelligence. I said that Phil’s IQ was only barely above Biden’s age, although, of course, the only thing on which I have to say that are Phil’s own moronic statements. So far, he has said nothing to disabuse me of that notion, and my assertion has now been uncontroverted for longer than some of Phil’s categorical statements.

      Phil, when you say something that was, by any reasonable account, incorrect, just say “my mistake” and try to do better the next time. Your claims that Hispanic immigrants are incapable of voting Republican was not only bigoted. but wrong on the facts. When presented with irrefutable evidence of how well Trump did with Hispanic voters in South Florida and rural Texas, you should have said “wow, I was not aware of that, and I have to rethink my theory” instead of doubling down on how Hispanic immigrants are guaranteed to vote Democrat when they become citizens. And when you assert that the fix is in and the MSM will never allow Biden to have an aporoval rating below 50%, and, within nine months, Biden’s approval rating fell below 50% and stayed there for over a month (and counting), you should admit that your fatalism failed you again instead of lying about what you said (had you merely said that the MSM would help keep Biden’s approval ratings higher than he deserved, no one would have disputed it). Someone as smart as you claim that you are would stop digging himself into a deeper hole.

      For the record, I have never bragged about my intelligence, credentials or anything else on HHR. But you guys need to work on your spelling, because you keep misspelling “elite” as “elitist.”

    55. Tgca says:


      Meldrim wants to live in a country where businesses can set their own health and safety rules. I guess like in the 1800s and early 1900s where workers had no protection and abusive child labor was rampant and children and adults were often killed and maimed due to unsafe work conditions with no recourse against tyrant business owners. If you got injured, you were out of a job and on your own.

      This really shows Meldrim has absolutely no understanding of the business environment or US history and it’s just more of his fascist BS.

      Meldrim sounds like some of the radical Muslims immigrants in western countries who don’t want the gubbermint telling them how to be governed and prefer to set up their own Sharia laws for their communities because we know they’ll do it better.

      Does Meldrim even think through what he posts? Really?

    56. mnw says:

      McAuliffe 2019: “Diversity and inclusion are as important in our schools as math and science.”

      These are the gold rush years for private and parochial schools! Little failing Christian schools that were hanging on by their fingernails now are full to the brim– and there’s a waiting list.

    57. Tgca says:

      Hey everyone!

      Meldrim thinks all businesses should operate on a “trust me” basis when it comes to health and safety.

      I guess that rationale could extend to law enforcement too. We don’t need no cops! We can police ourselves.

      Why does Meldrim’s arguments keep sounding like those of his Antifa friends?

    58. lisab says:

      if the dems’ policies are so bad

      why are cuomo, pelosi, sanders etc. all millionaires?

    59. lisab says:

      for anyone who needs one

      i have lisab’s vaccination cards for sale


      for a limited time,

      they come with 5000 carbon credits

    60. mnw says:

      Zero campaigning in VA for McA:

      [regarding the CRT/school boards controversy]: “We don’t have time for the phony outrage, the trumped-up culture wars, the media’s pedal-to-the metal exploitation”

      Oh, yes we DO, Mr. President! PLENTY of time.

    61. lisab says:

      experiments on puppies is settled science

    62. Phil says:

      Hey, Meldrin. I never said Hispanics aren’t “capable” of voting Republican. Some do. I said as a whole they don’t – and won’t in the foreseeable future. Why do you think Biden has opened the border? To let hundreds of thousands of future Republican voters into the country? Why do you think Schumer was so hot to include amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to the reconciliation bill until stopped by the senate parliamentarian? Come on. Oh, and guess what? Trump did not carry the Hispanic vote in Texas or Florida. So no. I “was not “wrong on the facts”. You are. That’s number one. Bigoted? Give me a break. What exactly is “bigoted” about pointing out voting behavior? Jews vote Democratic. Is stating so bigoted? It is not a function of race or ethnicity. Groups vote like they vote. Period. They all have their reasons. Democrats carry the Hispanic vote nationally by about thirty points. It’s also the reason California is out of reach. It is also the reason Colorado is no longer red and Arizona turned blue. Same with Nevada.

      Second, because you don’t agree with someone is no reason to make snarky remarks about someone’s IQ or to call Jason “stupid”. You want to debate? Fine. Debate. Name calling or making snarky comments about someone’s IQ don’t help you here. Don’t add a thing to your arguments. You got nasty and really personal with your unsolicited attacks on me tonight. Don’t do it again.

      Finally, I didn’t “lie” about a damned thing.

    63. Wes says:

      In other words, Jason, your argument is that because Biden isn’t where you personally want him in polls after nine months as President, the media coverage must be buoying him. Sorry, but that’s a febrile argument proceeding from a false premise.

      Also, when you argue 42% isn’t that bad for a President I wonder why you post on a political blog since ignorant statements like this make me question your knowledge of the subject at hand.

    64. Phil says:

      I think if Biden got hammered by the media the way Trump got hammered he’d be below 42%, Wes. So, yes, the MSM does make at least some difference.

    65. Wes says:

      The media did hammer Trump repeatedly, Phil. Although perennially unpopular, he rarely fell as low as Biden has.

      Comparing where Biden is now to where Obama may have been at different points in his presidency is simply lazy goalpost moving. Every President has his ups and downs. Even Reagan saw significant erosion of his support in 1982 because of the ongoing weak economy and again in 1987 because of Iran-Contra. Thus, saying Biden should be lower because Obama was lower at non corresponding different times during his presence is pointless and in no way substantive.

    66. Phil says:

      I would say that With all the cover that the MSM has given Biden, it’s remarkable that he’s slipped to 42%. That takes some doing and is testimony to Biden’s absolute incompetence. I’d say that he’s probably close to his floor for two reasons. The MSM is dug in on defending this guy with their biased reporting plus the polarization of the country. Democrat support for Biden is unlikely to move much at all. Republicans hate him and indies probably won’t go much lower – result being a bottom line number in the lower 40s.

    67. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If anyone is under the illusion the Europe is more peaceful and law abiding than the U.S. Here is an excerpt from an Spiegel article about the Netherlands – which is now nicknamed “Europe’s drug supermarket.”

      “A dark night sky hangs over Amsterdam as Peter Schouten drives home on Nov. 2, 2020. The lawyer is coming from a TV talk show, where he appeared with his colleague Onno de Jong and with Peter R. de Vries, a well-known crime reporter. He is traveling in an armored car, complete with bodyguards, their automatic weapons in the door compartments. Such has been Schouten’s life since he and the other two began working with the country’s most important witness – a criminal who has testified against the Dutch cocaine mafia. The man’s brother has already been shot and killed for this reason, as was his first lawyer, Schouten’s predecessor.”

    68. lisab says:

      If anyone is under the illusion the Europe is more peaceful and law abiding than the U.S. Here is an excerpt from an Spiegel article about the Netherlands – which is now nicknamed “Europe’s drug supermarket.”

      europe is generally more peaceful

      however, in many of those countries police presence is very high, and they often carry submachine guns

      i was in paris and something happened — don’t know what — police everywhere. they had submachine guns

    69. lisab says:

      you’d be surprised

      but when there are cops everywhere

      and they obviously carry high end weaponry

      people are pretty peaceful

    70. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If its so peaceful in Europe, why do the police need to carry high end weaponry? Perhaps a better description would be the police kept the peace. It sad to observe how much public safety has declined in European cities. It is politically incorrect to state the reason why.

    71. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It appears that there has not been a successful legal challenge to a coronavirus vaccine mandate, and that about 39 cases have been filed. The exception may be those with religious objections. Here is a summary of the recent case regarding the coronavirus vaccine mandate the Supreme Court refused to hear
      “The Supreme Court refused Thursday to block Indiana University’s requirement that students be vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend classes in the fall semester.
      It was the first legal test of a Covid vaccination mandate to come before the justices. A challenge to the policy was directed to Amy Coney Barrett, the justice in charge of that region of the country, who denied it. There were no noted dissents from other justices.
      Eight students asked the court for an emergency order, arguing that the risks associated with the vaccines outweighed the potential benefits for the population in their age group. “Protection of others does not relieve our society from the central canon of medical ethics requiring voluntary and informed consent,” they told the justices, seeking an emergency order to block the vaccination requirement.
      A federal judge ruled last month that the school had a right to pursue “a reasonable and due process of vaccination in the legitimate interest of public health for its students, faculty, and staff.” The students have many options, the judge said, such as applying for exemptions, taking the semester off, viewing classes online or attending other universities.
      The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Chicago, agreed. It noted that the Supreme Court ruled in 1905 that a state can require all members of the public to be vaccinated against smallpox. Indiana’s requirement is less demanding, the court said, allowing exemptions for students who object on the basis of medical conditions or religious beliefs.”

      By the way, I mentioned in a past post a restaurant owner I know who requires vaccination for indoor dining. Here are the signs on his door.

      “If no proof of vaccination you are more than welcome to sit on the —– Street deck. Be ready to show proof of vaccination if dining indoor or on the —– patio. Thank you”

    72. Tgca says:


      Please provide the name of the bigoted dining establishment so we can avoid this bigot. Do they require blacks to sit outside too so they don’t risk passing disease along to white folk?

      Anyone that agrees with this dining establishment’s rules is pathetic and supports fascist ideology.

    73. Tgca says:

      64. Phil

      Meldrim is too stoopid to understand the nuanced points you make. He’s a form over substance guy.

      He’s playing the “ethnicity card” on you to try and shut you down because he is unable to debate you honestly. He’s adopting the tactics of the gay mafia and radical left minority activists in hopes of you backing off.

      You are correct and most Latinos vote for the Dems. It is a FACT and has little or nothing to do with skin color or ethnic make-up in ones genes. It has to do with culture and economics.

      As I’ve stated before, many Latin immigrants come from countries where they’ve been indoctrinated to a semi-socialist society so they depend on gubbermint to lead them and the Dems know that and that’s why they prefer them as voters.

      It does not mean that Latinos can’t change their voting habits but generally that does not happen en masse until they reach economic security which often can be a generation or more.

      Many Latinos are not comfortable with all the Dems platform, think many social issues but they often go along with the Dems regardless for the meat and potato needs because they depend on the gubbermint benefits and protections to survive in a new land.

    74. Tgca says:

      Ouch TMac! Ouch I thay! …and just before an election too…but will it matter?

      14 year-old cross-dressing sexual predator who raped a girl in a school bathroom, and who was then quietly transferred to another school, and where the school board tried to cover it up and had her father arrested for interrupting a board meeting, is convicted in juvenile court of sexual assault. This scum is also awaiting trial on another sexual assault he committed again at the other school he was transferred to.

      So a 14 year-old cross dresser allowed to access girls bathrooms and looks likely to be convicted of two rapes within a short period of time and they tell us in Loudoun County VA there’s nothing to see here?

      So TMac can now bring Obama back to VA to further spew his garbage that these CRT and trans issues are distractions and fake issues by the GOP. I did not know rape of a child was a distraction.

    75. Gordon Allen says:

      Am I missing something on this fanatic push for more Vaccine mandates?
      Last I looked covd cases had been generally dropping for 4-6 weeks now here,and in many foreign nations.

    76. Meldrim says:

      Phil, I soecifically mentioned HIspanics in South Florida and in rural Texas. Trump certainly carried Hispanics in South Florida by a large margin, and if he didn’t carry those in rural Texas then he sure came close (and, more importantly, he increased his vote percentage in overwhelmingly Hispanic Rio Grande Valley counties by almost 20% from historical levels). But the point is that you take a particular fact–a majority of Hispanics nationwide vote Democrat–and then proclaim that (i) Hispanics always will vote Democrat and (ii) Republicans never will win another election because the Hispanic population keeps increasing. And your fatalism permeates everything that you say, thus leading you to keep predicting that the GOP never again will win X or Y and that the rigged system will lead to the Democrats maintaining majority support. You object to calling your comments “stupid,” but snart they ain’t.

    77. Tgca says:


      It’s a relief to know you’re not SNART Phil. That could be embarrassing.

      Seems like a certain poster here routinely commenting on correcting others posters spelling and grammar has posts riddled with errors too but that’s different I guess. Not the 1st time I noticed this but perhaps we should start pointing out to the spelling hall monitor his errors too.

      By the way, I looked up SOECIFICALLY but can’t seem to find what that means. Maybe it’s in the next version of Webster’s dictionary not yet published…always looking to learn new things even if they come from fascist posters.

    78. hugh says:

      Given most polls lean dem. The momentum is on our side. It is unlikely that the basic dynamics of this race will change between now and election day. I suspect most undecideds will break hard to Youngkin, TMac is gone. He knows hes gone because chances are having Biden coming to campaign for him is a new loser, and he knows it. However, he is running out of things to try.

    79. hugh says:

      sorry meant net loser not new loser

    80. Phil says:

      Sheeple, it’s getting harder and harder for the MSM to ignore Biden’s increasingly demented behavior….and yet they continue to do so……which just reinforces the obvious. The MSM has just doubled down on their bias. They have always been leftist in their leanings, but over the last decade that has just accelerated to the ridiculous level of the Trump era.

    81. DW says:

      Very, very weird:

      CNN explained this…it not weird at all. There was a man next to Biden on the stage who has chosen to identify as an invisible person, and Biden has incredible mental capacities and was able to perceive the invisible man and shake his hand.

    82. mnw says:

      85 DW


      Next to the Invisible Person was a Giant White Rabbit also, I suspect.

    83. mnw says:

      72 SDC

      Not only is it politically incorrect, they’ll charge you criminally & levy a painful fine. The man who is running #2 behind Macron in next year’s Presidential election just got a taste of that treatment.

    84. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I think I saw Claude Raines in the crowd. He is the true Invisible Man!

      How about Biden’s cough into his hand and then his desire for a handshake! Gross!

    85. jason says:

      Meldrim claims to be a very high IQ fascist?


    86. jason says:

      Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are tied at roughly 45% each, according to a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll released Tuesday. But roughly 5% of likely voters say they are still undecided a week before the Nov. 2 election.”

      I actually like this poll better than the 48-48 ones. That is because I view McCauliffe as the “incumbent” in this race, he is a former governor and of the same party of the actual incumbent.

      Momentum seems to be with Youngkin so it stands to reason the undecided will break more towards him.

      Also, USA Today says 45-45 with 5% undecided. Are we missing something?

    87. mnw says:

      This is new:

      The Fairfax County Registrar has announced that EV results will be announced early on election night, & NOT held back for release until after In Person election day results are announced, which had been the original plan.

      The new Emerson poll says 55% of those polled expect McA to win, btw.

    88. jason says:

      He’s playing the “ethnicity card” on you to try and shut you down because he is unable to debate you honestly. He’s adopting the tactics of the gay mafia and radical left minority activists in hopes of you backing off.”

      Nah, he is just being his normal fascist self. Goebbels would be proud of his little disciple, he repeats the same lies over and over again (show me your papers = freedom) in the hopes someone will believe them.

    89. mnw says:

      Under the heading “tough skit!”:

      Via the WSJ: “Climate conscious money managers are lamenting the fact that they have missed out on the energy sector rally. So far this year, the S&P energy sector is up 54%, while the S&P itself is up 21%.”

      Eat your little green hearts out, fellas.

    90. Tina says:

      Is Buttplug back at work? I mean I see that he is attacking Tucker Carlson.

    91. jason says:

      The problem is that the Dems in PA don’t care what people think. They control the election process and nobody is doing anything about it. As long as they control the PA Supreme Court, the SOS and local election officials in large metropolitan areas polls, schmollls.

      “Pennsylvania Voters Reject Biden’s Radical Agenda
      (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

      As President Biden’s approval rating sinks to new lows, it isn’t surprising that Americans are pushing back against his radical policies. Biden and his allies have promoted a socialist agenda, which remains extremely unpopular with the electorate. And a new FreedomWorks poll out of Pennsylvania finds that even in this “blue” state, voters are fed up with the far left.

      “A survey of 1,000 voters sponsored by FreedomWorks and conducted by pollster Scott Rasmussen shows how dire the situation has gotten for Democrats in the Keystone State. Just 23% of voters say they “strongly approve” of Joe Biden’s presidency, compared to 43% who say they “strongly disapprove.” Republicans currently have an advantage on the generic ballot for the Pennsylvania governor’s race, and the race for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat.

      But even more striking than these statistics is the perspective of Pennsylvanians on key issues. A whopping 70% support mandating a photo ID to vote, and 76% support requiring that all ballots be returned by Election Day. Both of these election security measures have been under attack from Democrats, who have pushed for radical federal election legislation including The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.

      And on the issue of education, where Democrats have embraced the teaching of critical race theory in public schools, just 15% of Pennsylvania voters say that history classes should be focused on racism, and 88% believe parents have the right to see all books and materials used in the classroom. In addition, nearly three out of four parents (73%) of school-aged children are “more likely” to vote for a candidate if that person supports school choice.”

    92. Tina says:

      Maybe the Wyoming Beotch and the Cryer can subpoena Wrong Wray to discuss riot planning on January 6.

      Think Fib was more involved than Wrays non denial denial.

    93. Tina says:

      This is why we are phuqed in Virginia

      · 1h
      “Should parents or school boards have more of an influence on a school’s curriculum?”

      (Rep) (Dem) (Ind)
      Parents: 79% 16% 57%
      School Board: 12% 70% 32%
      Undecided: 9% 14% 10%

    94. mnw says:

      100 Tina

      The Indie #s look pretty good! Is that VA or national?

    95. Tina says:

      Hope so.

      Chris Barron Flag of United States
      · 40m
      From the beginning of his campaign Youngkin has been laser focused on the economy and education, meanwhile McAuliffe has bounced around from issue to issue and from message to message desperately hoping to find something that sticks. Youngkin will be the next Governor of VA.

    96. michael corleone says:

      Jason you know I agree with you on election integrity. But it is BS that you complain about these issues, any when there is any election for a PA Supreme Court seat— the Court being the very body that corrupted the election process — you sit home. It will never get fixed unless we have power.

    97. mnw says:

      This is pretty cool. The MO & OH state school board associations have dropped their membership in the National Association of School Boards (NASB). So much fake outrage!

    98. Tina says:

      “Accidental discharge is the new wet market.”


    99. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This issue is not going away anytime soon in the VA races next week:

      Walk out at two Loudon County high schools over the sexual assault issue. This isn’t leaving the headlines which is bad for Scary Terry and the Dems RRH)

    100. DW says:

      Today, I am choosing to identify as Terry McAwful’s campaign manager. So that means he needs to follow my instructions for a successful campaign.

      Today Terry will hold a press conference to defend the actions of trying to hide the sexual assault, and he will also re-affirm that parents need to shut up and stay away from the schools, the board meetings, and during parent-teacher conferences they will not be allowed to speak–only listen.

      The state decides all matters involving public education and parents have no say in the matter. And any objectors will be registered as enemies of the state.

    101. Tgca says:

      Ok. After a 2 hour nap in the recliner it’s time to get up and be productive this afternoon.

      Early retirement is very exhausting I tell ya.

      On top of that, it’s partly cloudy and 87 here today so mostly blue skies but not totally.

      This is not the way I envisioned it to be.

    102. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The Hill reported registration is down for Democrats since 2019 in Florida by more than 200,000, in North Carolina by more than 135,000, and in Pennsylvania by more than 200,000. Democrats have seen marginal increases in party registration in Arizona and New Hampshire.”

    103. Phil says:

      Yeah, Democrats are sucking air in Florida. Lots of freedom loving people from blue states moving to Florida. Unlike Arizona, they have not been bringing blue tainted politics with them. This trend has been going on over the last five or six years. Of late, it’s only accelerated.

    104. jason says:

      Jason you know I agree with you on election integrity. But it is BS that you complain about these issues, any when there is any election for a PA Supreme Court seat— the Court being the very body that corrupted the election process — you sit home. It will never get fixed unless we have power.”

      So you think after the what happened in 2020 and nothing was changed there is election integrity in 2022?

      If the answer in no then the question is why should I participate in a process where there is no integrity.

      How many business transactions have you made, organizations you have joined, people you have become involved with, etc that happened AFTER you found out they were crooked or dishonest or untrustworthy? I would bet not too many.

    105. GF says:

      I guess this is what Veritas was pumping up yesterday RE: NJ;

      Call me skeptical that it will have any real effect. Maybe it will pump up Rs a bit, but I can’t see NJ tossing Murphy over something most people knew he was going to do anyway.

    106. mnw says:

      How’s this for a campaign whopper?

      McA has tweeted that, “Youngkin wants to ban black writers from our school libraries! We’ve got to stop him!”

      What this relates to is a bill Northam vetoed, which Youngkin had endorsed. The bill in question would’ve required schools to NOTIFY parents when sexually explicit material was to be used in a class attended by their student, i.e., so that parents had a chance to opt out. TWO such books, including one about the mechanics of homosexual intercourse, were authored by black writers.

      I’m sure the fact checkers with their pinocchios will be all over this one?

    107. Meldrim says:

      Salena Zito reminds us not to forget about House of Delegate elections in VA:

      The column also includes this curious note: “In Pennsylvania, where Biden won, there were no Biden coattails down-ballot. Democrats lost five contested state Senate seats they were expected to win, along with two upset losses in statewide races.”

      Jason, since Democrat cheating only seems to work in presidential and congressional elections, you should register to vote and cast your ballot for conservative Republican Supreme Court candidates. Even with Democrat fraud (and I don’t doubt for a minute that there was quite a bit of it in PA and many other states in 2020, and in 2018, 2016, etc.), they couldn’t have delivered victories in 2020 to Wild, Houlahan, Cartwright and Lamb had the PA Supremes not legislated from the bench and gerrymandered the state in favor of the Democrats, so bringing back a state Supreme Court that actually knows its job would be the most important thing that a PA conservative could do.

    108. NYCmike says:

      jason seems to be a quitter.

      He will **NEVER** live that down.

    109. NYCmike says:

      “Call me skeptical that it will have any real effect.”

      -If it was guaranteed to be covered by all of the media, it might have,

      BUT, I would think that The Hunter Biden Laptop Rules are in full affect this close to Election Day.

    110. NYCmike says:

      “Even with Democrat fraud (and I don’t doubt for a minute that there was quite a bit of it in PA and many other states in 2020, and in 2018, 2016, etc.), they couldn’t have delivered victories in 2020 to Wild, Houlahan, Cartwright and Lamb had the PA Supremes not legislated from the bench and gerrymandered the state in favor of the Democrats, so bringing back a state Supreme Court that actually knows its job would be the most important thing that a PA conservative could do.”

      -Popcorn in microwave, waiting for the A-Hole’s response.

    111. Phil says:

      Mnw, that IS a whopper….and something that off the rails smacks of desperation. I’d love to get a peak at McAuliffe’s internal polling. Can’t be all that encouraging for him if he’s throwing that nonsense out there.

    112. mnw says:


      My impression is that McA is desperate to increase AA turnout, at least. That seems to be where all the campaign energy is.

    113. lisab says:

      What this relates to is a bill Northam vetoed, which Youngkin had endorsed. The bill in question would’ve required schools to NOTIFY parents when sexually explicit material was to be used in a class attended by their student, i.e., so that parents had a chance to opt out. TWO such books, including one about the mechanics of homosexual intercourse, were authored by black writers.

      this is exactly the kind of stuff that most teachers hate …

      why do this?

      the vast majority of teachers do not want to spend their afternoons in parent-teacher conferences with the principal

      there are parents who complain their child got an “unsatisfactory” grade when their child did not pass anything in. i cannot imagine what the thunderstorm of parents would be if there are homosexual “how-to” books in the library …

    114. Tgca says:

      HHR Fascists calling others quitters is laughable.

      If you don’t trust the system due to fraud and don’t vote, you’re a quitter.

      If you give into gubbermint discrimination against a class of people and force them to show papers on demand and deny them basic services like food, and try to actively turn society against them and make them scapegoats and outcasts, that’s not fascism? REALLY?

      Seems like we have a few HHR posters with their priorities way out of whack. God! Hitler would have loved having them on his team during WW2.

    115. Phil says:

      My guess is the walkout by Loudoun students at multiple high schools today is the last thing the McAuliffe campaign wanted to see. The story behind it is bad enough but the school board cover up is even worse.

      In Baris’ poll of Va taken last week he found only 35% had heard about the bathroom rapes. This ups that number considerably and plays right into Youngkin’s best issue – school boards vs parents. Doesn’t just effect Loudoun County. It’s now a statewide news story. Like I said, it’s bad news for McAuliffe.

    116. Tina says:

      He also wore a Maga cap. Tough guy, disarmed a robber.

    117. NYCmike says:

      “If you give into gubbermint discrimination…”

      -Once again, these 6 words show that Tgca’s reading comprehension may be the issue, not Meldrim’s statements about individual restaurants/businesses.

    118. Tgca says:

      122. Phil

      Why did they walk out? Please don’t tell me they are supporting the kid that got convicted of sexual assault.

      I posted in 76 earlier that the cross-dressing student who raped the girl in the bathroom was convicted in juvenile court of sexual assault. He will be going on trial for the other sexual assault he did at another school after Loudoun school officials quietly transferred him and tried to cover it up.

      I don’t care if you’re 14 or 74. If you rape someone, you should be castrated and locked up for decades. I’m hoping this evil scum gets taken out in juvenile incarceration so the world is rid of him once and for all. 14 years old and two rapes already – and that’s what we know of. His life is not worth society’s cost. He is evil! A waste of a human being.

    119. TIna says:

      Judge told the prosecutor to come on,

      Jack Posobiec ??
      BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse prosector says the mob member didn’t attack anyone else and all he did before was

    120. Tgca says:

      125. NYC

      You are despicable fascist, along with SDC and Meldrim.

      Requiring papers to get basic services like food, and that’s just the start from what radicals are pushing as they now to seek to expand this to stores and other businesses, is based on discrimination and the completely false premise that the unvaccinated alone spread Covid and are responsible for the disease. That is no different for a major rationale denied blacks to eat in restaurants near whites in yesteryear because there was fear of getting diseases from them.

      Was that ok because they were private businesses and they should be able to do what they want to protect their image and customers?

      There are people also calling for the incarceration of the unvaccinated or physically forcing vaccines on people. These are the people you are running with and ideologically aligned. This is fascism when it’s related to a disease that is 99.7% survivable.

      I hope every business that denies folks access if unvaccinated go belly up. I would NEVER patronize such a business again.

      STOP making excuses for fascism. This is how it all started in Nazi Germany.

      My gut is you would have been 1st in line to give up Anne Frank too.

    121. Tina says:

      Thr grifters got to grift.

      Election Wizard
      · 48m
      #News: Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake (R) confirmed as Joe Biden’s ambassador to Turkey and Cindy McCain confirmed as the US ambassador to United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture.

    122. Meldrim says:

      #119, I agree, mnw. McAuliffe appears to be *very* concerned that he’s not getting sufficiently high black turnout, and has resorted to committing blatant violation of IRS regulations of political activities by not-for-profit institutions such as churches. Even former Democrat Governor Doug Wilder has pointed out that those videos of Kamala Harris urging black churchgoers to vote for McAuliffe (by name) that have been played during church services should cost those black churches their tax exemption.

      McAuliffe is not running like someone who has the election in the bag; in fact, he’s not even running like someone who is a couple of points ahead–or tied, for that matter. He is scared shi’ite-less that he’s going to lose. McAuliffe’s support dropped precipitously during the last couple of weeks of the 2013 but he was able to survive because he had a fairly good lead before his collapse; this time, he has no margin for error.

    123. Meldrim says:

      #129, Tina, they should combine the two ambassadorships and have that UN Agency feed turkey to the hungry.

    124. NYCmike says:

      “You are despicable fascist, along with SDC and Meldrim.”

      -You are quite amusing, and like most internet warriors, quite “courageous”.

    125. Tgca says:


      …and as others often note here, you’re a f*ckin’ useful idiot and give comfort to the enemy with your irrational support of people who want to change Amerika.

      You’re no true conservative, that’s for sure, and I can see why you’re mocked by many here as Schumer’s Bish.

    126. Meldrim says:

      Tgca, you seem to enjoy calling me a Hitler and a Che Guevara (knowing that I’m both a Cuban-American and a Judeophile). If you were man enough to say that to my face I’d be tempted to tell you what William F. Buckley, Jr. said to the cowardly Gore Vidal: “Now listen, you queer, quit calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered.” But I wouldn’t say that to you, since your alleged* sexual preference has nothing to do with you being a jerk and a moron. (For the record, Buckley later expressed regret at having called Vidal a “queer,” but not for threatening to punch his teeth into his mouth.

      * You appear to have lied about everything else in your life, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t gay, either, and just say that to add top your claim of being victim of an unjust society (as you do when you claim to be Puerto Rican, black and impoverished).

    127. Wes says:

      Sewer Staters will reward him with a landslide victory:

    128. Wobbles says:

      This is the real scandal.

      I demand a special prosecutor.

      “Might the prop gun have been secretly loaded with real bullets by a Trump supporter, to punish Alec Baldwin for his Trump parodies? Should be a line of inquiry.”

    129. Tina says:

      Disaster and incompetence.

      Techno Fog
      · 1h
      FDA Committee has approved the Pfizer vaccine Emergency Use Authorization for kids aged 5-11.

      In making this decision, the FDA conceded it does not know the long-term risks to these kids.

    130. jason says:

      Jason, since Democrat cheating only seems to work in presidential and congressional elections, you should register to vote and cast your ballot for conservative Republican Supreme Court candidates.”

      The little fascist Goebbels disciple is telling me to vote?

      Or else what, I will be sent to a concentration camp?


    131. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A poll for Mr. Wissing to post. To wit:

      The latest from @SaintAnselmPoll on New Hampshire’s *potential* @ChrisSununu vs. @Maggie_Hassan U.S. Senate race.

      46-41 Sununu

    132. jason says:

      “Even with Democrat fraud (and I don’t doubt for a minute that there was quite a bit of it in PA and many other states in 2020, and in 2018, 2016, etc.), they couldn’t have delivered victories in 2020 to Wild, Houlahan, Cartwright and Lamb had the PA Supremes not legislated from the bench and gerrymandered the state in favor of the Democrats, so bringing back a state Supreme Court that actually knows its job would be the most important thing that a PA conservative could do.”

      -Popcorn in microwave, waiting for the A-Hole’s response.”

      Meldrim is not only a little fascist turd, he is also not using his “high IQ”.’

      Maybe Meldrim the Fascist can tell me exactly what has changed in PA since as he admits “even with Democrat fraud (and I don’t doubt for a minute that there was quite a bit of it in PA..)

      What changes have been made, who has gone to jail, and why should we expect there will be no fraud in future elections if nothing changed?

      Popcorn in oven, awaiting for the fascist to respond.

    133. Wes says:

      How long before Aaron Day announces so as to try to help Maggie the Moonbat win?

    134. jason says:

      NYCmike says:
      October 26, 2021 at 3:12 pm

      jason seems to be a quitter.

      He will **NEVER** live that down”

      Yeah, we have to give kudos to NYC, who NEVER quits trying to ensure Schumer is majority leader.

    135. jason says:

      I am sure NYC will rush to support any deadender that runs third party, you don’t want a RINO like Sununu when you send a message and keep moonbat Maggie.

    136. Tgca says:


      Meldrim is desperate. I’m a jerk and moron because I called you on discrimination? HA!!!

      Meldrim, any day you want to come to Florida and try to punch me in the face, please free to try and watch what happens to you.

      As for my life being lies, you absolutely have no proof to substantiate that claim. I’ve been consistently posting here for years while you’ve been posting a couple of months so for all we know you’re the one with the fake persona.

      Your lashing out in desperation calling people liars with no proof because we called you on your fascism and compared you to fascist leaders because that’s what you’re supporting. If you don’t want to be compared to fascist leaders, then don’t adopt fascist ideology.

      …and you can’t play the race card with me because it won’t work.

      What proof do we have you’re an attorney, or Latin, or have a high IQ? Again, for all we know you made this all up.

      We can play this both ways.

    137. jason says:

      Tgca, you seem to enjoy calling me a Hitler and a Che Guevara”

      Personally, I think you are more of a hybrid.

      And I don’t think anyone called you Hitler and Guevara, just correctly mentioning that you seem to have similar ideology.

      Don’t get ahead of yourself.

    138. Tgca says:

      Uh oh Jadon.

      You challenged Meldrim.

      Next he’ll accuse you of being fake.

      You’re not a real meat eater. You’re a closet vegan.
      You’re not from South America.
      You did not serve in the military.
      Lupita is a figment of your imagination.

    139. jason says:

      I love it when pompous arrogant asses like Meldrim try to win arguments by claiming they have higher IQs than everybody else.

      Then they write a bunch of posts that make their claim highly disputable.

    140. Tgca says:

      NYC disgusts me! I will never defend that fascist useful idiot again.

      Garbage person.

      Anyone who supports what he does deserves to be targeted and ridiculed for fascism.

      Alec Baldwin has more character than NYC at this point.

    141. jason says:

      You’re a closet vegan”

      That would be a low blow.

    142. Tgca says:

      Meldrim is very prissy. I bet you he out-sweaters Bitter.

      I owe Bitter an apology because clearly Meldrim is our prissy lil one here. My ridicule has been misdirected all this time. My bad.

    143. Meldrim says:

      Tgca and Jason want the government to tell people what to do in their own property. I believe in personal freedom. And, again, I would rather live in a country where a business owner can discriminate than in a country in which the government tells him what to do. So if a business owner wants to restrict his personnel and clientele to fully vaccinated individuals, I hope that he goes out of business, but I certainly wouldn’t want government thugs shutting down his business. And the same goes for bakeries, photography studios, etc. that don’t want to participate in same-sex “weddings.” So I’m not going to agree with Leftists like Tgca and Jason on those issues, and they can GFT (or each other for all I care).

    144. Tgca says:

      The HHR fascists still have not explained why it’s ok for a personal business owner to discriminate against people based on their perceived medical status.

      I guess they’re ok with business owners saying no disabled people allowed too.

      How about no Jews? Why should a business owner be required to allow Jews eat in their restaurant?

      Clearly if you can require a patron to have a Covid vaccine than you can require them to have a flu vaccine because they’re closely related viruses – at least in symptoms and spreading them around, they mimic one another.

    145. Wes says:

      Just a minor nitpick, Meldrim:

      Jason lusts only GWB. Just read his homoerotic posts about the 43rd President. He has some kind of extreme sexual fetish for incompetent pseudo Texans, so I don’t think Tgca has a chance with him.

    146. Tom says:

      Just waiting for the mandate that says the unvaccinated have to sew a yellow hypodermic needle patch on their clothing.

    147. Tgca says:



      Meldrim admits he’s for discriminating on a private level.

      Yesterday he posted it’s up to personal business to make health and safety choices. I guess Meldrim’s ok with child labor and wants to take us back to 1800s and early 1900s where businesses exploited children, women, and the poor in unsafe and unhealthy work environments because they could without any oversight.

      Why is Meldrim living in the US when all these things he loves so much can be found in China?

    148. jason says:

      believe in personal freedom.”:

      No, you don’t. You believe private businesses have the right to demand “papers” from customers. That is wrong and discriminatory and doesn’t in any way mean any kind of “freedom”, it is fascism at its worse. What is next? Prove you are not a Republican? Not a Trump supporter? Not Jewish? Where is the line drawn here? People who have had Covid have stronger natural immunity than those who have been vaccinated, why should they be discriminated against. The whole idea is rotten, despicable and morally repugnant.

    149. jason says:

      so I don’t think Tgca has a chance with him.”:

      Wes is right.

    150. Phil says:

      Manchin nukes Democratic plan to let IRS snoop into your personal bank account. Plan to make banks report info on personal accounts with ten grand of yearly transactions dead.

      Well, I guess Manchin isn’t completely useless.

    151. jason says:

      Tgca and Jason want the government to tell people what to do in their own property. ”


      If businesses don’t want to serve the public, they are free to shut down and wait for the pandemic to pass.

      But if they are open for business, they can’t demand papers from customers, whether it is for COVID, whether it is to prove they are not gay, Jewish, Republican, Muslim, whatever.

      Trying to pretend asking for papers from the customer is the same as saying you won’t bake a cake that violates your religious principles is intellectual dishonesty.

      A Muslim owner does not have to serve pork in his restaurant. That is not discrimination. I am surprised your high IQ allowed you to write something that stupid.

    152. Tgca says:

      You know Meldrim is desperate when he starts spewing the gay insults. We’ve seen these types of posts at HHR for nearly two decades when folks get angry and desperate at others. The gay slurs come out as an attempt to emasculate and demean you.

      Luckily, we do know from many studies that Latin men have a long way to go with their insecurities about gay men. Why’s that? …assuming Meldrim is really Latin as he claims but we have no proof of that, do we?

      Is there something you wish to share with us Meldrim? You got a secret you’re dying to share?

      Come on man! Nobody cares anymore.

      You one of the chauvinistic Latin types that are on the DL but can’t admit it?

    153. Tgca says:


      Intellectual dishonesty?

      You mean like Meldrim’s high IQ?

    154. jason says:

      So I’m not going to agree with Leftists like Tgca and Jason”

      Hey Bitter, don’t I get points for “leftist”?

    155. jason says:

      Why is Meldrim living in the US when all these things he loves so much can be found in China?”

      I said the poor bastard is living in the wrong era.

      He would have loved the Third Reich or the early Cuban revolution, where they could just put you up against a wall if you weren’t a communist.

      Those were ‘show me your papers” paradises.

    156. Tgca says:

      154. Tom

      Sorry bud! There are folks already advocating isolating and denying them access to basic rights like grocery stores.

      Even some of our MSM folks have suggested unvaccinated folks be denied emergency care in hospitals over those that are vaccinated.

      What’s next? Deny healthcare to lung cancer patients because they smoked?

      Jadon is right. Where do you draw the line?

    157. mnw says:

      158 Phil

      I don’t understand what the big deal about that is.

      Any financial transaction of $10000 or more ALREADY generates a “suspicious activity report” (SAR). The IRS & law enforcement get boxcars of SARs every month and use 99.9% of them to line bird cages; as emergency bathroom tissue; to make paper airplanes for their kids, etc.

      I guess it just SOUNDS alarming to folks who don’t know there’s something similar in place right now.

    158. lisab says:

      Meldrim is very prissy. I bet you he out-sweaters Bitter.

      good one!

    159. Tgca says:

      Let me give you an example. Say I own a local grocery store in a small out of the way town and there’s no alternative for 30 miles, and if you traveled the US like I have, you know such places exist.

      Since it’s my personal business, I can deny you entry because you’re unvaccinated…or Jewish…or black.

      …or maybe I’m a healthcare provider in the same example. I can deny you access because it’s my personal business and if you want healthcare, you can go to the nearest hospital 75 miles away.

      That’s the world Meldrim wants to live in and then he has the audacity to suggest me and Jadon are leftists.

      You know, there’s a very fine line between very far left and very far right. Think Hitler! Guevara! Mussulini! Meldrim!

    160. Tgca says:

      Ok. Enough of the Meldrim bashing.

      I was hoping we could be friends honestly but once he went all fascist with it’s ok to see papers, he lost me. I know many Cubans in South Florida that would be horrified by his vaccine ideology.

      Too many times in my life I’ve seen people who experienced discrimination turn around and inflict it on others.

      That’s why I’m being so hard on him and SDC. It’s just mind-boggling how they can support such blatant discrimination that is trying to isolate and turn society against a group of people.

      NYC is just a stoopid useful idiot so I’m not sure what his excuse is in this matter.

    161. Meldrim says:

      #155, Tgca, what you call “discriminating” the U.S. Supreme Court calls freedom of speech. The First Amendment prohibits the government from coercing speech from citizens. I know that you want your precious government to force people to validate your choices, but that’s now how free countries work. If someone doesn’t want to bake a cake for your same-sex wedding (assuming that you ever have a relationship that lasts longer than three weeks), then the government can’t force him or her to bake you that cake.

    162. Phil says:

      As I understand it, this proposed piece of legislation forces banks to turn over bank account information once an individual crosses 10,000 in yearly transactions. Guess what? That’s just about every one of us. Add your car note, mortgage or rent payments plus every other bill you have. It doesn’t take any time at all until you are there.

      It allows the federal government to have access to your bank account records suspicious transaction or not.

    163. Tgca says:


      Now that is funny!

      I must admit I have watched many Jewish-themed comedic movies over the years and though some may find it a bit over the top and insulting, I find the humor refreshing.

      I’m a big fan of some of the better Woody Allen films too because he captures the exaggerated Jewish essence so well. Manhattan Murder Mystery is one of my favorite comedic “who done it” flicks.

    164. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Americans are paying $144 million more for gas per day under Biden than under Trump”

    165. Meldrim says:

      My “vaccine ideology.” LOL. I oppose every vaccine mandate, whether from the government or a private actor. The difference is that I oppose government mandates because the government *has no damned right to force people to get vaccinated*, while I oppose rules from private actors only because they are stupid, but I recognize that a private business owner *does have the right to associate with whomever he wishes*.

    166. jason says:

      Ok. Enough of the Meldrim bashing.”

      Why? I love bashing fascist pompous arrogant asses like Meldrim.

    167. jason says:

      Any financial transaction of $10000 or more ALREADY generates a “suspicious activity report” (SAR).”

      No, that is wrong. That is a CTR. the CTR has a box where it can be noted as suspicious.

      It only generates a SAR if it is over $10k AND considered suspicious. The overwhelming number of CTRs are not considered suspicious.

      “If a currency transaction exceeds $10,000 and is otherwise reportable as suspicious activity, the institution must file both a CTR (reporting the currency transaction) and a FinCEN SAR (reporting the suspicious activity).”

    168. Tgca says:


      We went from fascist “papers please” to baking cakes? Really?

      I have always made myself clear that operating a business in the US, and frankly around the world pretty much, is a privilege under the gubbermint and not a constitutional right, whether one likes it or not, and hence, that’s why you are required to get businesses licenses to operate most businesses.

      That being said, gubbermints have traditionally tied to those privileges certain rights they want respected in their communities to better society so that is the price you pay for getting a business license. It’s the way the world works!

      You have no more right to open a restaurant or bar than you have to drive a car without a license and following the related rules.

      Like it or not, and there are many things I don’t like about it, the gubbermint has the right to require certain things in exchange for that privilege to operate a business like health and safety laws and expectations not to discriminate against people.

      In this case, certain local gubbermints are opting to set aside such long held non-discrimination beliefs and encourage discrimination against a class of people based on their perceived medical status which goes against the legal norm.

      I did not embrace that discrimination and you do.

      That’s the difference here. You have sided with the left on targeting, alienating, and discriminating a class of people to force them into submission.

    169. jason says:

      private business owner *does have the right to associate with whomever he wishes*.


      Depends on what “associate” means. If it means partner, ok.

      If it means discriminate against whomever he wishes, no.

    170. Tgca says:


      Meldrim is really confused.

      He claims he’s against required vaccines but then agrees others can discriminate against people based on vaccine status.

      That’s like saying you’re against discrimination of blacks but you’re ok with people discriminating against blacks.

      If it’s ok for a private restaurant to deny an unvaccinated person service then why they can’t deny service to blacks or Jews?

      ‘splain please.

    171. jason says:

      Any financial transaction of $10000 or more ALREADY generates a “suspicious activity report” (SAR). The IRS & law enforcement get boxcars of SARs every month and use 99.9% of them to line bird cages; as emergency bathroom tissue; to make paper airplanes for their kids, etc.

      I guess it just SOUNDS alarming to folks who don’t know there’s something similar in place right now.”

      Fake news by someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

      It is ALARMING.

    172. jason says:

      Meldrim is really confused.”

      He is only using half of his supposedly very high IQ to make things fair.

    173. mnw says:


      A “suspicious activity report” means ANY financial transaction of $10000 or more. Such transactions are deemed inherently “suspicious,” and ALL of them generate SARs. Every single one. Right now, today.

      The way SARs are used in real life is, if a suspect in a drug trafficking or drug proceeds money laundering investigation generates SARs, that will (at least might) trigger investigation into those transactions, i.e., to see if it might lead to useful evidence of those substantive crimes.

      173 SDC

      Good! Liberals think the little people drive too much anyway.

    174. Tgca says:

      Che Guevara started out life in a well to do family. He later was transformed by the suffering he saw in his travels and chose to fight for what he believed was a righteous cause to uplift and liberate the unfortunate from tyranny, a noble cause, eh?

      In order to accomplish that liberation for the oppressed from tyranny, he became a murderous tyrant stamping out any that stood in his way. He then oppressed the oppressed in his goal to liberate the oppressed from tyranny.

      That is fascism!

      That is what our HHR fascists support. Oppressing (discriminating) the oppressed (unvaccinated) all in the name of liberating the oppressed (private business owners) from tyranny (da gubbermint).

    175. Tgca says:

      I just don’t get this.

      Wealthy actress suggests we start rationing, as in wartime to ease supply chain issues and global warming.

      She specifically states perhaps we should have limited rations of meat per week because excessive meat consumption is a major factor in global warming. You listening Jadon!!!

      How do wealthy people living in spacious mansions with junk galore think they have the right to tell people how to live?

      If the the wealthy downsize their living to a one or two bedroom apartment with limited belongings and travel, then I might take their input seriously.

    176. jason says:

      A “suspicious activity report” means ANY financial transaction of $10000 or more. Such transactions are deemed inherently “suspicious,” and ALL of them generate SARs. Every single one. Right now, today.”

      BS. Not “any financial transaction”, only cash, and it is not “deemed inherently suspicious”. A check or wire transaction is not considered cash. But in the Dems proposal, these transactions would be reported.

    177. mnw says:

      All financial transactions, not just cash, generate SARs.

      Afraid I have to believe my lying eyes. I don’t know if “checks or wires” are “considered cash,” but I’ve SEEN the SARs checks & wires generate. Stacks of them.

      The SARs would serve no purpose if they were limited to cash in the ordinary sense of currency.

      I don’t know what the proposed bank records bill does– only what I read about it here and at other sites.

    178. jason says:

      Here is the way to look at it.

      If the new financial requirements were not different from the old ones and much more intrusive, the Dems would not be proposing them.

    179. jason says:

      ‘What is the difference between a CTR and a SAR?
      A Currency Transaction Report (CTR) should be filed when a transaction or series of transactions exceeds the $10,000 threshold within a 24 hour period. A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) must be filed when financial institutions become aware of suspicious behavior that could potentially be crime-related.May 26, 2020″

    180. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw was a a Federal prosecutor. Jason is an international businessman. The HHR jury can decide which one to believe about SARS.

    181. jason says:

      The statement that any transaction over $10k is considered a “suspicious transaction” is incorrect.

      However, you can bet that what the Dems are proposing is pretty much that.

    182. jason says:

      In any case, I posted the rules above. If you want to read through them, the information is there.

    183. jason says:

      And of course, mnw’s theory that what the Dems are proposing is the same as current rules and therefore not alarming is ludicrous and defies all logic.

    184. Bitterlaw says:

      Answer only if it is not privileged information or you are not prohibited from answering.

      Jason – Did you ever file forms to report large transactions?

      mnw – Did you use SARs as part of investigations/prosecutions?

    185. mnw says:


      I don’t HAVE a theory about the proposed bill. I do know that financial transactions in excess of $10000 already attract federal attention in the form of SARs. The bill may include things that go beyond the SAR reporting mandates. I don’t know. Sounds like it.

      I took your posts on SARs to mean that the way you interpret “the rules” is that only financial transactions conducted WITH ACTUAL U.S. CURRENCY, i.e., “cash,” could ever generate an SAR.

      Does that make any SENSE to you, Jason? That you could avoid generating an SAR by a bank simply by WIRING money? That you’re protected from a bank’s mandated SAR reporting requirements, so long as you don’t make a financial transaction using actual $100 bills? No $100 bills, no SAR?

      Well over 90% of the SARs I saw involved non-cash financial transactions (i.e., money transfers NOT using actual $100 bills).

      As for “the rules” you posted, I’m not going to rebut your brief internet research about “the rules” by doing free legal research.

      In federal indictments for money laundering & ML conspiracy, you will almost always see “overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy” alleged, and these overt acts are usually financial transactions in the form of WIRE TRANSFERS. These non-currency financial transactions cited in the indictment once generated SARs, which is how they came to the attention of LE in the first place.

    186. mnw says:


      In answer yo your question, see 195 above.

      I always looked at CTRs & SARs as the same thing, from a prosecutor’s viewpoint. They were ALL on the printouts of financial transactions we received.

      The proposed bill was originally for all transactions over $800, wasn’t it? When they changed it to $10000, it occurred to me that there was probably a lot of overlap with the existing mandated bank reporting requirements for transactions over $10000.

      I’m going to the retirement party of the white collar crime section chief right before Xmas. I’ll try to clarify further then, & share here.

    187. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      While pouring money into Democratic election causes in the U.S. in 2020, Mark Zuckerberg also censored Facebook at the request of Vietnam’s communist government. Now leftists are attacking Zuckerberg for not also agreeing to censor Facebook content in the U.S. the way it was done in Vietnam.

      “Employees further alleged that Zuckerberg himself regularly intervened to alter decisions that may negatively affect user growth. Insiders also told the Washington Post that Zuckerberg caved to the Vietnam government’s censorship demands in 2020 in an effort to avoid losing an estimated $1 billion in annual revenue from the country.

      Ahead of a Vietnamese election in 2020, Zuckerberg reportedly decided to censor Facebook posts from anti-government pages as he argued that Facebook going offline in Vietnam would do more harm to free speech than actively censoring government critics. Between July and December of 2020 Facebook removed more than 2,200 posts by Vietnamese users compared to just 834 posts in the first six months of 2020.”

    188. mnw says:

      P.S. “White Collar Crime” section changed its name to “Fraud and Corruption,” btw.

    189. Cash Cow TM says:

      “The proposed bill was originally for all transactions over $800, wasn’t it?”

      Cow thought it was $600.

    190. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Being unvaccinated does not make a person a member of a protected legal class:

      “The posts also suggested that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, protects individuals from being asked about vaccination status.

      That’s not accurate, according to experts. Businesses do have special considerations around discrimination outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act, but these would not preclude a company from asking a customer or employee about vaccination status.

      The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has allowed companies to mandate the flu and other vaccines, and has also indicated they can require COVID-19 vaccines. There are exceptions; for example, people can request exemptions for medical or religious reasons.”

      If I went to my friend’s restaurant with someone who was unvaccinated, we would simply sit in the area designated for those without proof of vaccination. Oh and by the way, they ask about vaccination status — but have never actually requested to see any documentation. Its like an honor system.

    191. Tina says:

      Rino or worse than rino?
      Joe Manchin Says He Thinks “Everyday” Life Would Be Easier as a Republican

    192. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      203. Manchin is just making noise. As Geoffrey Skelley points out:

      “Yet while one can make a fairly convincing electoral case for why Manchin should consider switching parties, it’s most likely he’ll stay where he is considering the enormous amount of leverage he has. He essentially can veto any proposal he disagrees with while also working within his party to adjust legislation to better reflect what he wants. And because Democrats have full control of government, he’s more likely to get laws passed that are agreeable to him.”

    193. Tgca says:


      mnw was a a Federal prosecutor. Jason is an international businessman. The HHR jury can decide which one to believe about SARS.

      ME!!! I’m an EXPERT on all things except all things gay for which I defer to LisaB.

    194. lisab says:

      the big difference is

      that now it is a SINGLE transaction over $10,000, although i have been flagged for transactions of $2000


      the dems new propose $10,000 in transactions over a year

      almost every middle class person has transactions of over $10,000 in a year

    195. Cash Cow TM says:

      You cannot IMAGINE how many TV ads on the Wash. D.C. stations today and tonight are up on the VA race for governor!

      AND even a good number of TV ads for VA AG race.

      And even a few for VA House of Delegates.

    196. Tgca says:


      Rubbish! No one is arguing protected class. We are arguing fascist ideology and what the discrimination is based on.

      Blacks were often denied to eat in establishments or near whites because the underlying premise of the discrimination was that they had diseases they could spread. That is exactly the premise for denying the unvaccinated. The completely false premise your more likely risk to spread a disease.

      If a private business can ask you for your status on Covid vaccines to serve you then they should be able to ask you about the flu, cold, or HIV status too because all these pose risks to customers.

      Do you want to be sitting next to someone with the flu in a crowded NY restaurant? How about someone with HIV and a compromised immune system where they are more likely to have picked up other bugs they’re body can’t fight off that they can pass along to you?

      As for proof of status, restaurants in NY do proof for the vaccine as well as showing secondary picture ID to ensure the vax card is yours. I know this for a fact because I posted about this last week when a friend ate at a NY restaurant with a small party of like 5 folks and each had to show the two IDs.

      This is NOT NAZI Germany and shame on the HHR fascists for buying into this crap.

    197. Tgca says:


      Auto correct Bish misspelling again. Meldrim is gonna get on my case after he reports unvaccinated people eating in restaurants.

    198. Tgca says:

      Huma Abedin claims in her new book that she was sexually assaulted by a U.S. Senator in the mid-2000s.

      She claims she blocked it out and it did not resurface until the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings and now she remembers all the details.

      Sorry! I ain’t buying this story she now remembers in detail after forgetting about it for years, especially since she’s hocking a book for sale…unless the Senator that sexually assaulted her was Hilary Clinton…then maybe I’ll believe her.

    199. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin has a low opinion of woke culture:

      “The preparedness of the so called social progress believe that the bringing a new conscience, a new consciousness to humanity, something that is more correct,” Putin said. “But there is one thing I would like to say: The recipes they come up with are nothing new. Paradoxical as it may seem, but this is something we saw in Russia. It happened in our country before after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels. And they also declared that they would go into change the traditional lifestyle, the political, the economic lifestyle, as well as the very notion of morality, the basic principles for a healthy society. They were trying to destroy age and century long values, revisiting the relationship between the people, they were encouraging informing on one’s own beloved, and families. It was hailed as the march of progress. And it was very popular across the world and it was supported by many, as we see, it is happening right now.”

      “Incidentally, the Bolsheviks were absolutely intolerant of other opinions, different from their own,” Putin continued. “I think this should remind you of something that is happening. And we see what is happening in the Western countries, it is with puzzlement that we see the practices Russia used to have and that we left behind in distant path, the fight for equality and against discrimination turns into an aggressive dogmatism on the brink of absurdity, when great authors of the past such as Shakespeare are no longer taught in schools and universities because they announced as backward classics that did not understand the importance of gender or race.”

    200. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      To be clear, I totally oppose any state, federal or local government mandate forcing private businesses to require proof of vaccination from their customers. I believe it is a major overreach. Most restaurants and businesses in San Diego have no such requirement. There are many that do still require masks. It should be up to the discretion of the private business owner of what sort of restrictions they want to enact during the epidemic, even if I disagree with it.

    201. jason says:

      should be up to the discretion of the private business owner of what sort of restrictions they want to enact during the epidemic, even if I disagree with it.”

      That is fascist BS, who gave private businesses “special powers” to discriminate during a pandemic exactly?

      Can they just decide there is a “crisis” so they can discriminate against blacks… or Jews… or Republicans….?

      Despite the fact liberals think otherwise, the pandemic didn’t actually suspend the Constitution, and private businesses don’t have any more right to demand papers now than they did before the pandemic.

    202. jason says:

      Meldrim is gonna get on my case after he reports unvaccinated people eating in restaurants.”

      You can bet he is the type of person ratting out and reporting on other people.

    203. jason says:

      As for “the rules” you posted, I’m not going to rebut your brief internet research about “the rules” by doing free legal research.”

      Translation: not only don’t I know what I am talking about, I refuse to learn.

    204. Wes says:

      It’s sad that after all this sound and fury signifying nothing, Sewer Staters–who love their corrupt, child-molesting politicians–will reelect Murphy by acclamation:

    205. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Another day, another VA dead heat poll courtesy of Christopher Newport University.

    206. DW says:


      “Unfortunately, there is no death penalty possible for these evil women.”

      Why? Had they acted 17 months sooner, they would have been applauded by society for killing this child.

    207. Bitterlaw says:

      I oppose vaccine mandates. I oppose mask mandates. I oppose vaccine passports. I oppose businesses, first responders, the military, health care facilities, schools, and employers from requiring proof of vaccination.

      I also think comparing any of those things to the Nuremberg Laws and the Holocaust is absurd, shows a complete disregard for the suffering and murders imposed by the Nazis, and undercuts the validity of otherwise strong arguments against vaccine and mask mandates and vaccine passports. Start the attacks…

    208. Wes says:

      So, Bitter, I just watched the Halloween Kills Pitch Meeting:

      I haven’t watched the movie proper yet; however, from the plot analysis given here, it seems as if it’s a standard muddled Halloween sequel script where the writers can’t decide if Michael is human or supernatural while everyone around him does whatever makes the least logical sense to pad the body count.

    209. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – I enjoyed It for what it was. The idea of a group taking the fight to him rather than waiting to get picked off was a good idea. Until it wasn’t.

    210. mnw says:

      217 Sheep

      The Christopher Newport poll is very encouraging for Ynk, if you read the narrative summary, which I’m sure you did.

      The GOP/DEM enthusiasm gap has widened from 8 to 15 since their last poll.

    211. jason says:

      Et tu, WAPO?

      McAuliffe gets 4 Pinocchios for inflating Covid numbers.

      “this has happened too many times for McAuliffe’s language to be an accident. He repeatedly mentions a weekend number for cases, but suggests it’s a one-day figure. He offers wildly inflated figures for child hospitalizations, suggesting again that these were daily figures and claiming twice that these many children were in ICUs. Instead, he appears to be citing a figure for all of the children hospitalized with covid-19 in Virginia over the past 19 months — which is still inflated.”

    212. jason says:

      Yes, Youngkin seem to have strong momemtum in that poll. Going from – 9 to -4 to -1.

    213. Bitterlaw says:

      Ciaterrelli is running against Murphy. Murphy is running against Trump and also saying Ciaterrelli hates women and wants them to get cancer and die.

    214. Tgca says:

      In my early retirement, I’m inspired to open a restaurant serving all my favorite exquisitely prepared and tasty veggie dishes. My tofu roast was so popular last Thanksgiving with like 35 of my closest friends in Floreedah asking for my recipes and 2nd helpings, I figured why not make a money-making venture from it.

      Just got to find the right location for my new venture.

      TG’s Tofu & Greens Fine Cuisine

      I will be instituting a few rules since it’s a private business and I will determine all health and safety rules because we don’t need intrusive gubbermint involved in a private business.

      There will be 7 key simple rules to follow in order to dine at this very fine establishment with tasty and healthy fun cuisine.

      1. No Democrats – everyone must provide a copy of their last voter ID pamphlet to prove their party identification and it must match their state or federal valid ID

      2. No Never Trumpsters or RINOs – you may be asked to substantiate your allegiance to Trump or recite a few of the many great accomplishments of his life

      3. No Obese people – a bit chubby is fine but it would be bad for the image of TG’s so those plus size diners must be prepared to provide proof of BMI less than 30% or obesity designation is at the discretion of TG’s staff

      4. Flu vaccines are required so proof must be documented

      5. Gay men must provide proof of a recent negative HIV test within 90 days and evidence they are taking Truvada to reduce the risk of HIV transmission (a copy of a recent prescription or the medication labeled bottle) and secondary state or federal ID to validate the source data

      6. No repetitive coughing or sneezing allowed unless it’s evidenced to be an allergy for which a doctors note is required. Anyone, coughing or sneezing consistently or suspected of having a cold or any other transmittable bug will be asked to leave for the health and safety of other patrons and no refunds will be provided though you’ll be able to pack your own unfinished meal and take it with you so we can then fumigate your seating area.

      7. No formal attired required but a “shoes and shirt” requirement will be in effect at all times. There will be a gift counter to purchase your favorite Trump T-shirt or cap (e.g. Trump Won 2020) or liberal mocking memorabilia (e.g. Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People)

      Anyone violating these rules will be required to leave the premises IMMEDIATELY. Any refusal to vacate will result in them being tased and dragged out and thrown to the curb and spit upon.

    215. jason says:

      I also think comparing any of those things to the Nuremberg Laws and the Holocaust is absurd, shows a complete disregard for the suffering and murders imposed by the Nazis, and undercuts the validity of otherwise strong arguments against vaccine and mask mandates and vaccine passports. Start the attacks”

      Sure. I am happy to knock you off your usual position of the fence.

      You completely ignore history with this BS post.

      The Nuremberg Laws and the Holocaust didn’t happen overnight. It happened incrementally, but the first steps were imposing restrictions and on Jews as far as where they could go and what they could do, gradually evolving into more and more draconian measures until they arrived at confiscations, exile and death.

      A lot of what we see in our society today is certainly reminiscent of the kind of mindset that allows for the type of discrimination happening against those that don’t “toe the line”.

      The comparison is not between fascist practices by business owners in demanding “papers” of their customers and the Holocaust, it is a comparison between how there is a slippery slope here when society begins to think it ok because of a “pandemic”. What is the next “crisis” that will allow for discrimination?


    216. jason says:

      ‘on the fence” not of the fence.

      Where is my coffee.

    217. Tgca says:


      You forgot to designate a question mark in your post after the word “ coffee.”

      Please be aware the HHR’s Vocabulary and Grammar Monitor with his high IQ may designate you’re ignorance and that you lack proper education and you have a low IQ.

    218. Tgca says:

      Note to self.

      Some HHR posters have difficulty comprehending analogical references to Nazi, communist, and fascist history as opposed to equating the varying levels of suffering imposed by the Nazis, communists, or fascists.

      It it quite appropriate to point out examples of historical discrimination and how it began and escalated, and how groups of people were targeted to be the bane of existence of society or scapegoats for the frustrated masses.

      People with high IQs understand that relevance…those with low IQs, not so much.

    219. Tgca says:

      Miami council member advocating a program to Adopt Homeless where adopters get a stipend to offset costs of utilities and other overhead for bringing homeless people into their homes.

      Don’t the loving, caring, progressive woke people of Radnor already have such a program? I thought I read somewhere that Radnor ordinance allows its civic minded constituents to erect tents on their lawns for a small fee during the winter months when temps get below 30 degrees.

    220. Bitterlaw says:

      Hitler (Mein Kampf) and the Nazis very clearly stated their plans to destroy the Jews.

      Jason moves the goal posts to say today is “reminiscent” of Nazi Germany but not the same.

      Reread 219. Do you agree with all of the things I oppose? If so, how is that sitting on the fence? GFY

    221. Bitterlaw says:

      231 You never read that ordinance because it does not exist. Eat some food and give your brain a chance.

    222. Meldrim says:

      When confronted with:

      “In Pennsylvania, where Biden won, there were no Biden coattails down-ballot. Democrats lost five contested state Senate seats they were expected to win, along with two upset losses in statewide races.”

      Jason responds that he will never vote again because of the fraud committed in 2020 in PA, asking “What changes have been made, who has gone to jail, and why should we expect there will be no fraud in future elections if nothing changed?”

      But the fraud in PA was not enough to stop Republicans from winning those five key state-senate races or from winning upsets in those two statewide races. The Democrat fraud in PA was targeted at the presidential and congressional races, and other races, while affected by fraud, did not result in the Democrat winning. Maybe fraud only yields a victory for the Democrats when the election is very close.

      By not voting, Jason wants to make it a self-fulfilling prophesy that the Democrats will win every election in PA. He’s a moron. But in America, people have the right to be morons.

    223. Tgca says:

      Note to self.

      Ponder as to why people from the Sewer State are soooooooo difficult a d have trouble with reading comprehension.

      Why do Sewer State people not understand an analogy is being made as to how Nazis, communists, and fascists have implemented common mechanisms for imposing their discriminations and tyranny.

      May need to ‘splain to Sewer State folks that papers is only the 1st step. Others in MSM, academia, and gubbermint are already advocating for isolating unvaccinated from the rest of the vaccinated public.

      Will we have unvaccinated ghettos?

      Will all unvaccinated be prevented from working, schooling or extracurricular activities?

      Will the unvaccinated be travel restricted?

      Will the unvaccinated be required to use certain facilities apart from the vaccinated?

      Will unvaccinated be required to wear identified clothing so others can avoid them like the plague?

      These are not conspiracy theories but in some cases actual suggestions and recommendations.p already being suggested against the unvaccinated.

      ‘Splain to Sewer State foljs this is the same as Nazism, communism, and fascism.

    224. Phil says:


      More name calling by Meldrim.

      His consistent pattern over the last week Jason just another poster with a sub standard IQ I take it.

      This is getting really old.

    225. Tgca says:


      I NEVER said I read the ordinance. NEVER has a specific meaning at HHR so I suggest you look up its meaning or ask Jadon for guidance on the use of NEVER at HHR.

      I said “I thought I read somewhere” about an ordinance but I could be wrong.

      Perhaps it was in a post from LisaB, our Radnor historian. I just don’t recall.

      But it does sound like a noble idea that the good woke people of Radnor would advocate.

    226. Gordon Allen says:

      Bitterlaw; I don’t think Hitler ever espoused publicly a Holocaust, making only one elliptical reference to “others’ causing it in a January 30,1939 speech ( which can be seen/heard at the Holocaust museum. He was very careful about this.

    227. Tgca says:

      What’s your IQ?

      See where you fit. See where your fellow HHR posters fit.

      They don’t call me Smarty Pants for nuttin’.

      IQ RANGE:

      Idiot – 0 thru 25

      Imbecile – 26 thru 50

      Moron – 51 thru 70

      Stoopid – 71 thru 84

      Average – 85 thru 114

      Above average – 115 thru 129

      Intelligent – 130 thru 144

      Highly Intelligent (Smarty Pants) – 145 thru 159

      Genius – 160 thru 179

      Reserved for Meldrim and Marilyn vos Savant – 180+

      Please note my understanding is that Meldrim has petitioned the Guinness Book of World Records for a category specific only to him above all others but Guinness has not yet responded on whether they will create such a special designation.

    228. Tgca says:

      If this is a legit Twix commercial, then the US is totally lost.

      Mind as well just hand over the keys to China tomorrow.

    229. jason says:

      Hitler (Mein Kampf) and the Nazis very clearly stated their plans to destroy the Jews.”


      Anti-semitism and genocide are two different things.

      Hitler didn’t announce when he took power in 1933 that he would be sending 6 million Jews to their deaths in gas chambers and other forms of mass murder. In fact he was in power for years before that happened. The “final solution” idea really only began to be implemented in 1941.

      In fact, originally the restrictions and discrimination were designed to drive Jews from Germany, and the reason many did not leave was because they actually didn’t see the Holocaust coming despite all the anti-semitism.

      “The genocide, or mass destruction, of the Jews was the culmination of a decade of increasingly severe discriminatory measures.

      Under the rule of Adolf Hitler, the persecution and segregation of Jews was implemented in stages. After the Nazi Party achieved power in Germany in 1933, its state-sponsored racism led to anti-Jewish legislation, economic boycotts, and the violence of the Kristallnacht (“Night of Broken Glass”) pogroms, all of which aimed to systematically isolate Jews from society and drive them out of the country.”

      Brush up on your history before saying something really stupid.

    230. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe you should study history more closely if you honestly believe we are headed to another Holocaust of the unvaccinated. You are no smarter than the libs who compared Trump to Hitler.

    231. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Rasmussen poll:
      49% believe Fauci has not told the truth regarding U.S. funding of gain of function research.

      “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 33% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Fauci has told the truth about U.S. government funding for gain-of-function virus research. That’s a decline from June, when 40% believed Fauci had told the truth. Forty-nine percent (49%) now say Fauci hasn’t told the truth about funding gain-of-function research. Nineteen percent (19%) are not sure.”

    232. jason says:

      Meldrim still trying to convince everybody that his “high IQ” is really not very high.

      “But the fraud in PA was not enough to stop Republicans from winning those five key state-senate races or from winning upsets in those two statewide races. Maybe fraud only yields a victory and other races, while affected by fraud, did not result in the Democrat winning. while affected by fraudfor the Democrats when the election is very close.”

      So let’s see here, what the fascist said…

      “But the fraud in PA”, “he Democrat fraud in PA was targeted”, “while affected by fraud”, “maybe fraud only yields a victory”

      So in 3 sentences the fascist admits 4 TIMES there was fraud. A real confidence builder for the voting process.

      As an attorney, he probably heard of “facts not in evidence”

      “the Democrat fraud in PA was targeted at the presidential and congressional races”

      How does the fascist know that? Answer: he doesn’t.

      And it doesn’t make sense. If the problem was illegally cast ballots through VBM and unsupervised counting, etc. how could the fraud not have affected EVERY race on the ballot?

      Finally, I did leave the door open to voting again, not in 2021 or 2022, but in 2024. I said I would not take part in an election process that is dishonest and fraudulent as the fascist himself admits. If changes are made where I feel confident that my vote counts and I am not disenfranchised I may register again. I don’t see that happening in PA but maybe by 2024 I will have moved to FL, you never know.

    233. jason says:

      Maybe you should study history more closely if you honestly believe we are headed to another Holocaust of the unvaccinated.”

      Zzzzz.. nobody said anything about a Holocaust. What I said was that these fascist policies are a slippery slope and if allowed to stand will lead to increasing discrimination and curtailment of civil liberties.

      But nice dodge from your really asinine statement above.

    234. Bitterlaw says:

      Nobody said anything about a Holocaust but several posters talked about Nazi Germany and how today is comparable to then.

      Fixed it. You should have stopped at slippery slope. That would have made a stronger argument. I said what I oppose in 219 and did not need to mention Nazis. GFY.

    235. jason says:

      As usual Bitter wants to sit on the fence and play both sides and then whines like a stuck pig when called on it.

    236. jason says:

      Nobody said anything about a Holocaust but several posters talked about Nazi Germany and how today is comparable to then.”

      More lies. The comparison was that fascist policies lead to more fascists policies, and Nazi Germany is a good example.

      Nobody said the US is currently like Nazi Germany, that is a bald faced lie.

    237. jason says:

      Tgca has a good post above:

      Will we have unvaccinated ghettos? (Australia already has camps)

      Will all unvaccinated be prevented from working, schooling or extracurricular activities?

      Will the unvaccinated be travel restricted?

      Will the unvaccinated be required to use certain facilities apart from the vaccinated?

      Will unvaccinated be required to wear identified clothing so others can avoid them like the plague?

      Are any of these things that far fetched? And if not, why is a comparison to fascism and communism not appropriate?

    238. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow musings…
      Part 1


      The Dem mantra is that Man is supreme–not God.
      Man controls EVERYTHING (or should).

      Therefore, those that believe in God are a threat to their Dem utopian agenda. The Christian faith (and I guess all religions) teach against moral perversions, but to Dems, there is no such thing as perverted behavior. There are no absolute truths as taught by various religions.

      The Dems think that natural phenomenon play no role in global warming cycles. Man CONTROLS any and all climate change. Man is supreme, not God or nature.

      The Dems also think that the average person is not smart enough to effect the “desired” changes to make the Dem perfect world, so the Dems believe it is up to a Dem controlled government (which supplants God or any supreme being) to do so. Government becomes God. Government MUST hold great power to control human behavior and thought.

      The Dem philosophy is that things are complicated and the average person must cede to Dem elected thinkers (federal and state government, school boards) and trust them to enact the policies to bring the perfect world order.

      The Dems thought process is that to achieve their goals, there are no rules–no following of the spirit or letter of election laws, no following of the pesky U.S. Constitution if it is an obstacle to achieving their agenda, no following of societies established moral and ethical codes.

      The Dem agenda wholeheartedly abhors facts and reason and instead endorses instilling fear and emotional arguments (and ramping up those things in the voting public–“TX voting reforms are Jim Crow 2.0”, “they want to put you back in chains”, “they hate all LBGTQEIEIO people”, etc.) to realize their goals.

      The two biggest groups that tend to rely most and act on emotion are the AA community and the younger generation.

      For the Dems, the end result is of utmost importance and it is perfectly fine for them and their supporters to violate any rule, law, socially accepted norm, etc. if it is done to advance their twisted agenda.

      Facts get in the way of the Dem agenda, so they mobilize their minion to drown out those who speak fact 9on college campuses, the media, anywhere) and label them as misogynists, racists, Nazis, anti-science-ers, etc.

    239. Meldrim says:

      #244, Jason, you often have asserted that the fraud that took place in PA n 2020 was coordinated by the Democrats in order to keep Trump from carrying the state again. When asked (by Bitter, I believe) why the Democrats didn’t steal all of PA’s elections in 2020, you never gave a straight answer, but mentioned that they didn’t care as much about such races and that most of the fraud took place in districts outside of the areas in which Republicans were able to win. That doesn’t make much sense, because state-level statewide races have the same electorate as presidential races (although they tend to have more undervoting–from people who are not part of a conspiracy to rig elections that is), and some of the very close congressional races that the Democrats won were in areas where other Republican candidates won (Cartwright’s and Lamb’s respective districts come to mind).

      But, setting aside whether your theory makes sense, for your theory to be true there must have been people who cheated by submitting illegal ballot that voted for Biden *but not for downballot Democrats*, and, I guess, for Cartwright but not for Biden (since Cartwright won while Trump carried the CD). Democrats only carry out serious cheating when their motivation is at its highest, as it was when Trump was seeking reelection in 2020. When the level of cheating is lower, as it was in the state senate races that the GOP won while Biden was carrying the districts, the Republicans can win. And, obviously, it’s easier to steal an election when the valid votes are nearly 50-50 than when you need to make up for a deficit of several hundred thousand votes.

      That means that, if we take your theory at face value, there will be less cheating in the upcoming state supreme court election than there was in the 2020 elections. That means that the result of the election is not a fait accompli and that, if conservatives turn out to vote, they can elect the conservative Republican (Judge Kevin Brobson) and prevent the Democrats from expanding their supreme-court majority to 6-1.

      By not voting in the supreme-court election, you are permitting the Leftists to disenfranchise you without having to lift a finger, and then permitting them to disenfranchise every other conservative through their supermajority in the supreme court. I respect your right not to vote–I don’t want the government to make *that* mandatory, either–but I think that you’re being stupid by not voting in favor of the candidates that could move PA in the direction that you wish it to move.

      And, like the idiots in GA who stayed home during the U.S. Senate runoffs in January, you are making “my vote won’t be counted” a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    240. jason says:

      Bitter’s MO is so transparent.

      He states he is opposed to something, but then spends most of his time attacking those that really oppose what he claims to also oppose.

    241. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      242. The average adult in the U.S. has had at least five mandatory vaccines in their lives, which are required to enter school. If coronavirus does become a chronic disease, and is not eradicated like smallpox, can eventually see a sixth innoculation. The smallpox vaccination campaign was hugely controversial at one time. In looking back, doubt anyone would claim it was a mistake now.

      A primary issue now is the current coronavirus vaccine is not very effective at preventing infection over time. It may provide a therapeutic benefit, but even that is questionable over time. If we did have a vaccine that actually prevented infection, doubt there would be much controversy now. The real underlying question to many people is why take a vaccine that is of questionable benefit?

      When Colin Powell recently died of the virus, some tried to blame the unvaccinated. But wasn’t the whole point of being vaccinated to prevent infection, and/or getting seriously sick? For political reasons, no one in government seems willing to come out and say the vaccine we have now has failed. Biden in particular knows admitting the vaccine failed is the final nail that will doom his presidency.

    242. Tina says:

      All Rs need to ask that he resign ASAP.

      Tom Elliott
      · 1h
      In an exchange with @SenMikeLee, AG Garland is asked to cite specific threats of violence that led to him announce a probe into parents protesting at school board meetings. Garland can’t cite a single one beyond “news reports.”

    243. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow musings Part 2


      The Dem (whack-a-doodle, extreme liberal or whatever) philosophy also plays on wanting to force the 90% majority to cave and acquiesce to the demands of any and all small fringe groups.

      Give them all or at least some of what they demand (“take down these frightening statues”, “teach critical race theory in schools”, “let all children identify as whatever sexuality they want to and use whatever bathroom they want to”, etc.)

      And by pleading for compromise, they get some–or even all–of what the fringe group wants. This results in death by a thousand small cuts to normal society. Just look at what Loudoun Co. VA school system is going through over mask mandates, critical race theory, new wild and liberal sexual orientation policies, rapes of students by transsexual students, etc.

      To get the elected or corporate officials to agree to institute some/all of their demands, the whack-a-doodles play on the emotion of those people in charge of making the decisions who “want to be fair to everyone” “teaching and instituting “wokeness” in their corporation, etc. and don’t want to be seen as being “racists, Nazis, etc.” and want to be the “woke” crowd.

      We have totally abandoned the time proven policy of enforcing laws and making people suffer the consequences of their actions. We let rioters do whatever with no consequences. Instead, we reward the rioters, the illegal border crossers by the millions, etc.

      Somebody, somewhere…needs to stand up to these insanities and tell these fringe groups to go away, go pound sand and GF themselves.

    244. jason says:

      For a guy with a “high IQ” the fascist’s post is long winded convoluted garbage.

      I very much doubt I said the Dems “don’t care about such races”, sounds like complete fantasy to me.

      In the end, some races are outside the MOF and some are not.

      “Democrats only carry out serious cheating when their motivation is at its highest”

      I can’t think of a more sophomoric or intellectually vapid statement than that, more “facts not in evidence”.

      “and, obviously, it’s easier to steal an election when the valid votes are nearly 50-50 than when you need to make up for a deficit of several hundred thousand votes.”

      This is obviously true but it supports my argument, not yours.

      “they can elect the conservative Republican (Judge Kevin Brobson) and prevent the Democrats from expanding their supreme-court majority to 6-1.”

      I hope he wins. And maybe he can overcome the MOF. But you miss the point. I refuse to participate in a process I view as illegitimate and dishonest, not because Tom, Dick or Harry may or may not win.

      ‘By not voting in the supreme-court election, you are permitting the Leftists to disenfranchise you without having to lift a finger,”

      They already disenfranchised me. I don’t feel like I want it to happen over and over, thanks.

      “I respect your right not to vote”

      Thanks, I am sure that doesn’t come easy to say for a fascist.

    245. jason says:

      And, like the idiots in GA who stayed home during the U.S. Senate runoffs in January, you are making “my vote won’t be counted” a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

      And why did they stay home? They stayed home because the Gov and SOS idiots said “f–ck you, we don’t give a sh-t that you were disenfranchised and your vote didn’t count, and we won’t do anything about it”.

      Some people don’t care to participate in corrupt systems. Sometimes when you take a principled stand it has negative consequences.

      I was prepared for that when I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, I thought I was doing the right thing. I have since admitted I was wrong in viewing Trump as unfit for the office.

      Maybe I will one day regret no longer voting because I don’t want to be part of a corrupt system. Or maybe I won’t.

    246. Cash Cow TM says:

      Update on Loudoun County School Board meeting last night:
      It was live streamed and broadcast on social media and I watched it some last night on FB.

      There were 280 parents who signed up to speak.

      The school board has this big auditorium meeting room where the school board members all sit behind a big, raised, elaborate wooden desk structure (far bigger and nicer than Walt had in the WV legislature).

      The school board decreed that only one person at a time could come inside the building to speak. Forced the rest to stand outside in the cold and wind for hours.

      Only gave each speaker 60 seconds at the microphone.

      Closed the bathrooms in the building and would not allow those outside to come in to use them.

      With few exceptions, the speakers railed against the county superintendent ($290,000/yr salary?) and entire school board and called for them all to resign.

      90% of the speakers addressed the transgender/cross dresser students who raped two different girls at two different schools in the county. How the superintendent lied and said he did not know about these incidents. How it has caused their young children to now fear going to school and fear going to the bathroom.

      Others railed against the mask mandates, critical race theory Loudoun county sch. bd. is pushing into the schools. Some read passages of scripture that spoke out against evil and decisions made in secret…
      [One of the school board (liberal) members resigned a couple weeks ago due to all the furor.]


      The R candidate for VA AG now has TV ads up skewering current D AG Mark Herring for refusing to get involved in doing things to protect children in Loudoun county and other counties in NOVA where videos show school students beating and stomping other students as well as school teachers and administrators.

    247. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason is so transparent. We agree on opposing vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine passports to dine/travel/etc., and vaccine requirements to work. Because I said his slippery slope to Nazism was absurd, he has a hissy fit.

      Hey, Ma. He took the bait to attack.

    248. Tgca says:

      Note to self for stoopid HHR folks on Nazi history.

      The views of many today in gubbermint, business, academia, and MSM, regarding the unvaccinated, are very similar to views of the Nazis to various groups.

      Nazi does not just mean Holocaust only. That’s a simplistic understanding of Nazism.

      Evidently, HHR has some very naive people who are not a student of WW2 history, including the rationale of these tyrants. Nazis enacted campaigns against various groups to isolate them and turn society against them and making them the scapegoat for the ills of society. The discrimination started gradually and then propagated into extreme violations of human rights and horrendous acts of evil.

      Just like a Hitler blamed the Jews for all the problems of Germany, Biden blames the unvaccinated for the continued pandemic issues impacting the US economy.

      We are seeing those beginning remnants today with many calling for denying the unvaccinated services, food, shelter, medical care, employment, education, as well as calls for incarcerating them into camps or secured areas.

      This is classic trends seen in Nazism, communism, and fascism so the analogy of the calls against the unvaccinated are analogous to the discrimination by the Nazis.

    249. mnw says:

      254 SDC

      Powell had blood cancer & had been receiving treatment for cancer, & in failing health, for a long time before he “died of COVID.”

      I’m not surprised that none of the news reports (none that I read anyway) mentioned the blood cancer, or that he was a dying man.

    250. jason says:

      Bitter opposes mandates, but he opposes more the people that oppose mandates.

    251. jason says:

      The discrimination started gradually and then propagated into extreme violations of human rights and horrendous acts of evil.”

      Not according to Bitter’s version of history.

      Hitler announced in 1933 that he was going to kill every Jew in Europe and so any who stayed did so at their own risk.

      Therefore it is unfair to state that small steps towards fascism lead to increasing larger steps, and you can’t make a comparison to Nazi Germany where that is exactly what happened.

      If you make that comparison, it must mean that you think the US is Nazi Germany and Bitter is Hitler.

      See how it is easy to read Bitter like a book?

    252. jason says:

      In an exchange with @SenMikeLee, AG Garland is asked to cite specific threats of violence that led to him announce a probe into parents protesting at school board meetings. Garland can’t cite a single one beyond “news reports.”

      He didn’t say “far left, moonbat, partisan MSM news reports”?

      Shame on him.

    253. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzz Jason gets called out for his Nazi analogy and says it is not really what he meant.

      Here is guide to Hitler’s comments on Jews.

    254. Bitterlaw says:

      Bitter is Hitler

      Well, I think the points trophy is wrapped up for 2021. I will carry over some points into 2022.

    255. mnw says:

      McA told a reporter that “about 2500” people attended his campaign event with Biden– you know, the joint appearance that proved once & for all that old white men can’t dance, & should never try. THAT joint appearance.

      I saw a photo of the crowd, taken from the rear of the venue, i.e., behind the crowd, & showing the crowd in front of the stage.

      I’d be surprised if there were actually 150 people there, and that includes the press.

      I guess there were “plenty of good seats still available” at game time, as the Arizona Coyotes say.

    256. Gordon Allen says:

      I think the “Final Solution” was agreed in mid January 1942 in the Wannsee Conference attended by none of the top level Nazis. This related to “European Jews (including German Jews).
      it is correct that the large scale killings of Jews began in 1941 with the attack on the “jewish-Bolshevist” state of the USSR(the universal Nazi nomenclature for the Soviet Union).. These were Russian ( not European/German Jews) Jews on the pretext they were a security threat in the rear of the advancing German Army.
      This is not what is commonly referred to as the “Holocaust”
      If Bitter said Hitler publicly warned everybody in 1933 of his intention to kill 6 million Jews that’s flat wrong. As late as February 1941 Hitler was working on Vichy France to use it’s merchant marine/passenger lines to transfer Jews to Madagascar according to the diary entry of Gerhard Engel, Hitler’s Army Adjutant(who was working on it)
      Dictators/Totalitarian minded political leaders often don’t give truthful warnings long in advance of their true objectives or plans, in part because they might not have fully developed them, Just saying.

    257. Wes says:

      GF, if you swing over here and read this, I saw your assessment of the 2013 VA-Gov race on RRH. I agree with you Cruz hurt Cuccinelli, but I disagree Cuccinelli would have won barring the shutdown. He’d split the GOP already and run an at best lackluster campaign. I think TMac was going to win regardless. The shutdown just solidified his victory while the eroding environment for the Dems kept TMac from a comfortable victory.

      I do think Obenshain lost because of the shutdown. With Cuccinelli and Jackson on the ticket, Obenshain had no margin for error. Cruz just drove the final stake through Obenshain’s campaign’s heart. Republicans are still dealing with the aftereffects of the comedy of errors that was the 2009 races in VA to this day.

      The one cause for hope is that Democrats in their nascent recapture of control of everything in the Old Dominion have grossly overstepped while Biden has plummeted in popularity and given people reason to rethink trying to turn the state in CA East. I hope this will be reflected in the results in six days. Current polling indicates that outcome as a distinct possibility.

    258. Phil says:

      In the what it’s worth department:

      I just was on line getting the latest from Baris on an update to last week’s Va poll. He didn’t do any additional polling on the actual bottom line horse race numbers but did some additional sampling on internals. His findings were:

      – education continues to rise and is now the #2 issue with Va voters.

      -the Loudoun bathroom rape in the high school bathroom covered up by the school board has risen in numbers who have heard details of the case – roughly a little over half are now somewhat aware of the case as opposed to just a third one week ago.

      Both nuggets not good for McAuliffe.

    259. jason says:

      If Bitter said Hitler publicly warned everybody in 1933 of his intention to kill 6 million Jews that’s flat wrong.”

      He knows it is wrong, but his response is to dig a bigger hole.

      “Did the Nazis always plan to murder the Jews?

      No. When the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, they did not have a plan to murder the Jews of Europe. However, the Nazis were antisemitic. They saw Jews in Germany as a problem. One of the major questions for the Nazis was: How do we get rid of the Jewish population in Germany? This was often referred to by the Nazis as the “Jewish Question.”

      Mass murder was not the Nazis’ first solution to the “Jewish Question.” In fact, the Nazis experimented with a variety of anti-Jewish policies and plans. For example, throughout the 1930s, they tried to force Jews to emigrate.

      But World War II (1939–1945) changed how the Nazis understood the “Jewish Question.” Eventually, they decided that forced emigration of Jews was not a viable solution.”

    260. Tgca says:


      So what Jadon is saying is that Meldrim, NYC, and SDC don’t plan to murder me yet but chances are they will seek such opportunity because this is ultimately what fascists do.

      Good to know. I’ll be prepared for the New HHR Reich. I ain’t going down without a fight!

    261. Wes says:

      Godwin’s Law rears its ugly head on HHR once again.

    262. jason says:

      So who is the senator Huma Abedin says “sexually assaulted” her? I put it in quotes because I really don’t think this amounted to sexual assault the way it was described, and which she admits “lasted 10 seconds”.

      “Then, after describing a Washington dinner attended by “a few senators and their aides” but not Clinton, Abedin writes: “I ended up walking out with one of the senators, and soon we stopped in front of his building and he invited me in for coffee. Once inside, he told me to make myself comfortable on the couch.”

      She says the senator took off his blazer, rolled up his sleeves and made coffee while they continued to talk.

      “Then, in an instant, it all changed. He plopped down to my right, put his left arm around my shoulder, and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, pressing me back on the sofa.

      I was so utterly shocked, I pushed him away. All I wanted was for the last 10 seconds to be erased.

      Abedin writes that the senator seemed surprised but apologized and said he had “misread” her “all this time”. As she considered how to leave “without this ending badly”, she writes, the senator asked if she wanted to stay.”

      One would assume he is a Democrat, Abedin was an aide for Clinton, it is not likely she would be walking home with a Republican and be close enough to feel comfortable to go to his apt “for coffee”.

    263. jason says:

      I’ll be prepared for the New HHR Reich.”

      Which of the 3 do you think will be made HHR Fuhrer?

    264. Wes says:

      Huma was a Hillary aide. Huma was also married to Anthony Weiner. Weiner first won his House race in 1998. He was close friends with the man he replaced in the House. The man would probably be the most likely Senator Huma would have been walking with. Chuck Schumer is his name.

    265. Tgca says:

      OMG! This is why its important to never miss Catholic mass.

      Fight breaks out on altar of Catholic Church during mass.

    266. jason says:

      So the Senator had to be young enough that he would think Huma was interested in him, which eliminates most senators. During the time Clinton was Senator (2000-2008) Huma was between 24 and 32, but since she married Carlos Danger in 2010 this might have been earlier, say 2006?

      Evan Bayh? Russ Feingold? Conceivably young enough.

      Come on, HHR detectives.

    267. jason says:

      Huma was also married to Anthony Weiner”

      No, this was before then. She only married Weiner in 2010.

    268. jason says:

      Supposedly this happened when Clinton was still senator.

      So it had to be before 2009.

    269. Wes says:

      All right, Jason. She was an aide to the junior Senator from New York and later married a Congressman who had close ties to the state’s senior Senator.

      I’m still saying Schumer is the most likely suspect here.

    270. Wes says:

      Hillary was Senator from 2001 to 2009.

      Evan Bayh (born 1956) was 44 to 52 during this time.

      Russ Feingold (born 1953) was 47 to 55.

      Schumer (born 1950) was 50 to 58.

      Obama (born 1961) served only four years during this time. He was 43 to 47. Obama doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to do that though.

      Mark Pryor (born 1967) was the Baby of the Senate at the time. He would have been 35 to 41 during his tenure overlapping Hillary’s.

    271. Wes says:

      I’m sorry. Pryor was born in 1963. He would have been 39 to 45.

    272. jason says:

      In 2005 Schumer would have been around 55…

      I guess he is a candidate.

      But at that time while in DC he lived with Durbin, Bill Delahunt and George Miller in a two bedroom townhouse that evidently was a real sh-thole.

    273. jason says:

      I would say Bayh or Feingold.

    274. Wes says:

      Well, if Huma nails down the year, we can just check what Democrats were serving in the Senate that year. If it were 2006 or later, Menendez becomes a prime suspect.

    275. jason says:

      Pryor was actually one of the last moderate Dems, I don’t think he would have been in “Huma’s circle” of Senate dining friends, considering she is a flaming liberal.

      In that sense, Feingold is also more likely than Bayh.

    276. jason says:

      Hmmm…yes, Menendez would have definitely been young enough to think he could score. Plus he divorced in 2005 and would have been single at the time.

    277. jason says:


      Young enough to think he was Casanova.


      Certified scumbag.

      Definitely in the running.

    278. Wes says:

      Of course if Menendez is the culprit, since he looks like Marty Feldman’s body double from Young Frankenstein, I can see why Huma rejected him:

    279. Wes says:

      No wonder he has to rape underage sex slaves with Sewer Staters’ knowledge and consent:

      What woman would willingly let him inside her?

    280. Tgca says:

      You guys are waaaay late to the game. I posted on this yesterday in 126.

      My guess is it was Hilary Clinton. I think Huma is using preferred pronouns to protect Clinton’s identity. There have been stories before about Clinton engaging in dyke-like behavior.

      I’m almost certain it was not Lindsey Graham.

    281. Tgca says:

      It was NOT Menendez! I don’t think he would cross that line.

      Huma would have been too old for him.

    282. jason says:

      The senator implied he was reading the wrong signs “for awhile”.

      So it is likely someone in Hillary’s circle of senator friends.

    283. mnw says:

      You guys are assuming it really happened– she said her memory was “unlocked” when she heard brave Ms. Blasey Ford testify at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. If THAT woman inspired her, maybe Abedin’s story is equally bogus.

      In any event, the alleged sexual assault consisted of an unwanted kiss. Where I come from, we don’t call that “sexual assault,” we call it “unwanted touching” misdemeanor battery– pretty small beer, frankly. (This alleged incident was before COVID)

    284. Wes says:

      I was wondering when someone was going to say that, Tg.

    285. Wes says:

      Wouldn’t Schumer be the prime suspect then, Jason?

    286. jason says:

      300 cabrones

    287. jason says:

      I don’t see Schumer as a lady’s man, frankly. And it sounds like this guy lived alone.

    288. jason says:

      Yes, we are trying to determine who it is, whether it “happened” or not.

    289. jason says:

      Schumer is a short ugly guy.

      But then, so is Carlos Danger.

    290. Wes says:

      What do you mean, Jason?

      Schumer looks good enough to seduce Mikey.

    291. lisab says:

      I’m still saying Schumer is the most likely suspect here.

      the latest rumor is it was mike braun

    292. Wes says:

      Currently watching Manos: The Hands of Fate. I want to gouge my eyes out.

    293. New York City says:

      Schumer looks good enough to seduce Mikey.”

      Damm straight.

      When I think stud, I think of Chuck.

    294. SoHope says:

      Wes, watching it straight up or MST3K?

    295. Wes says:

      RiffTrax actually, SoHope. I’d have to have a full 12 pack of Icehouse in me to watch it without the riffing commentary.

    296. Wes says:

      I’ve been doing research on the movie, SoHope, to keep from losing my mind while watching it.

      John Reynolds–Torgo–was the only actor with any experience before the film. He was a stage actor. Unfortunately he also suffered from severe clinical depression. A month before the film’s premiere, he put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He was 25.

      Amazingly 33 years after the death of director, screenwriter, producer, and lead actor Hal Warren, Manos spawned both a prequel and a sequel.

    297. mnw says:

      268 Updated

      Check out the lead FOX story, WITH PHOTOS: “McAuliffe’s Small Crowds Concern Democrats”

      The story juxtaposes McA’s “crowd” with a Ynk rally at about the same time today.

      Ynk spox: “It’s pretty clear which candidate has the energy and the momentum.”

      DEMs believe they’ve got a substantial EV lead.

    298. jason says:

      Brobson leading in early returns for PA Supreme Court.

    299. Hugh says:

      If we don’t win the Governorship in VA this cycle then we should write VA off for statewide elections for a long time.

    300. mnw says:

      Hi, Hugh

      Long time, no see.

    301. Hugh says:

      Mnw. Thanks. I still keep track. Just trying to
      Not get too worked up and enjoy retirement.

    302. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – Did you see the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode about Manos?

    303. jason says:

      Babylon Bee:

      “Joe Biden Buys All Of Hunter’s Artwork In Hopes Of Meeting The President”

    304. mnw says:


      Me too.

    305. jason says:

      Don’t you love the MSM

      “Poll: Arizonans split on Biden spending proposal

      A poll released today by the Arizona branch of Americans for Prosperity says voters there have several concerns about President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending plan.

      Some 47% of respondents said they favor scrapping the plan entirely, citing concerns about higher taxes on the middle class, higher interest rates and increased inflation. Only 37% said they favored moving ahead.”

      If it was 47-37 the other way I can see the headline.

      “Arizonians support Biden’s plan by wide margin”

    306. Wes says:

      That’s how I first saw it, Bitter.

    307. Tina says:

      Putzaki: “Americans purchasing too many goods online is the root cause of the supply chain crisis.”

      “Orange Man bad.”

    308. Gordon Allen says:

      DeSantis was in Washington yesterday and torched the MSM, and “boneless” Republicans who if terrified of it should get off the train and go home.
      He’s recently been to Texas, California, NY and Ohio at high roller fundraisers. I think, assuming his wife’s health, he’s going to run for President, Trump or no Trump.

    309. Phil says:

      DeSantis would have my vote both in the primary and the general.

    310. JeffP says:

      #metoo…DeSantis is the perfect candidate for 2024. I am hoping Trump passes the torch…praying…I just don’t want the unnecessary drama he creates.

    311. JeffP says:

      DeSantis might have a chance head to head in the primary. Clear the field.

    312. Tina says:

      Russian Hoax 3.0.

      Julie Kelly Flag of United States
      You won’t want to miss Patriot Purge, Tucker Carlson’s 3-part documentary on January 6, that starts on November 1.

      Expect heads to explode.

    313. jason says:

      Clear the field”

      LOL, the last time I heard that here was when Amoral Scumbag said that about Jeb.

      Only 17 other Republicans didn’t pay attention.

    314. Tina says:

      Chris Stigall
      · 4h
      Anthony Fauci is the Michael Vick of medicine. Discuss.

    315. jason says:

      If the primary was today and I was voting I would vote for Trump.

      I like DeSantis but I am skeptical about saviors on white horses, I would wait and see how he is doing in 2023 before I jumped on a DeSantis bandwagon.

    316. ssq says:

      Anthony Fauci is the Michael Vick of medicine. Discuss.”

      I didn’t even know Fauci was raising fighting dogs.

    317. SoHope says:

      I’m definitely on Team DeSantis if he ran but we know if Trump runs he is willing to burn it all to the ground to win the primary and that is probably why he wins if he wants it. He doesn’t mind being King of the Ashes.

    318. Tina says:

      Let’s just first get to 2022/midterms,

      And then choose better Republican. Leaders.

      Not dumb and dumber.

    319. Bitterlaw says:

      Why wait, Tina? You don’t like any Republican in office.

    320. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I hate to be very politically incorrect here, but its inconceivable to me any senator would want to kiss Huma. Its women like her that have me batting for the other team.

      Huma indicated she was traumatized by a U.S. Senator who tried to kiss her; but then she ends up marrying a strange pervert? Then she forgot about her experience with the U.S. Senator until the Kavanaugh hearings; then apparently the recollection hit again. The horror! Meanwhile, during the interim her husband was involved in some of the most disgusting and illegal activities imaginable, which she claims to not have known about. She needs to avoid certain parts of Europe, you never know when a local inhabitants will sneak a kiss.

    321. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Remember when leftists used to accuse Trump of being close with Putin? Now Europe is beginning to miss Trump, as Putin is committing what amounts to “energy blackmail” against Europe:

      “As Europe watches in sheer disbelief while gas prices spiral out of control amid mounting suspicions of Russian energy blackmail, the Kremlin appears to have set its sights on two much-coveted geopolitical prizes.
      The first has been widely reported in the mainstream media and focuses on Moscow’s efforts to pressure EU officials into approving the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline by limiting supplies to Europe.
      Many of those who initially doubted the Kremlin’s intentions have since had second thoughts when president Vladimir Putin himself recently suggested his country could send 10% more gas to Europe once Nord Stream 2 is approved.”

      Trump worked hard to export U.S. natural gas to Europe and stop the Nord Stream pipeline, as he felt it would allow Putin to blackmail Europe. This is what Putin is doing now. Biden has begun to shut down a lot of U.S. natural gas/oil production, and is now begging the Mideast countries to send us more oil and natural gas.

      Biden’s presidency has been a pathetic disaster.

    322. JeffP says:

      Anyone see the highlights yesterday of the Merrick Garland pummeling in the Senate Judiciary committee meeting? Talk about a beat down. Hawley, Lee, Cotton, Cruz, Sasse, Kennedy, etc…all worked together to expose the politically motivated DOJ. He should resign. But won’t.

      Also…Tucker has a three part expose on January 6th coming. Heads will explode.

    323. JeffP says:

      Fauci is evil. Trump when asked by Bill Oreilly last week about any regrets regarding him…talked about how they got along. It was disgusting.

    324. JeffP says:

      328 Tina…I watched all the Epoch News coverage after January 6th….they had all sorts of video and interviews from witnesses right after it happened that showed it was a set up.

    325. Gordon Allen says:

      Someone posted the .02% gdp growth from the Atlanta fed. Unbelievably fast drop as the 3rd quarter moved along.
      Wonder about the Commerce Dept number

    326. Gordon Allen says:

      Florida now has the lowest(best) covd case rate per capita in the country.
      MSM to fully cover I’m sure

    327. jason says:

      strange pervert”

      Aren’t they all?

    328. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here are the Spending provisions of the $ 1.75 trillion Democrat reconciliation plan. Of note is that the most expensive provisions sunset in a few years, but the Democrats will dare the GOP not to extend these provisions. Your predictions please.

      The details include:

      Universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year olds, which is funded for at least 6 years.
      Subsidized child care that caps what parents pay at 7% of their income, which is funded for 6 years.
      A 15% minimum tax on corporate profits for firms with earnings over $1 billion reported to shareholders, and a 1% surtax on stock buybacks
      An additional 5% tax on incomes above $10 million, as well as an additional 3% on incomes above $25 million
      $555 billion in clean energy and climate provisions
      A one-year extension of the current expanded Child Tax Credit, which impacts approximately 35 million households nationwide.
      Expanded tax credits for 10 years for utility and residential clean energy, including electric vehicles.
      Extend the current, pandemic-related Affordable Care Act subsidies for 4 years.
      Allow Medicare to cover the cost of hearing.
      The framework also raises the possibility of immigration reform being included in the reconciliation package, but the scope isn’t clear. It forecasts a cost of $100 billion, in addition to the $1.75 trillion topline.
      The framework is also notable for what the framework excludes, per CNBC:

      A longstanding proposal to create a federal paid family and medical leave system was dropped from the bill on Wednesday afternoon after Sen. Joe Manchin, a key Democratic swing vote, said he did not believe the program belonged in the bill.

      The primary purpose of Biden’s trip to the Hill Thursday morning is to convince progressives to back the plan, though Biden says “everybody” is already on board with the new plan. Per CNBC, the bigest challenge for Dems will be convincing the progressives to accept it, since the plan falls far short of “the Squad” and their allies’ grand vision for a $3.5 trillion reworking of the social safety net. Biden will deliver an address to the nation later this am after the meetings on the Hill.

      * * *

    329. DW says:

      McAwful radio ads keep pushing how Republicans have abandoned science…amazing since its democrats who have abandoned the science of looking at a newborn baby and not being able to tell if its a boy or girl.

    330. Tgca says:



      The GOP appears so desperate to win back the WH, with valid reason, that jumping in and looking for the 1st White Night may not be the best strategy. Remember what happened with Rick Perry and Scott Walker. They were successful gubbernors that the GOP jumped into as saviors and they performed disastrously in their attempts for higher office.

      Same with Kristi Noem who seems to suffer from foot in mouth syndrome. Looked good from the onset but has had a number of missteps that demonstrate she’s not ready for the big time.

      Same with Nikki Haley. Successful gubbernor but made a number of missteps the last year sucking up to the PC crowd and now she’s backtracking which does not provide confidence of strong leadership at a national level.

      Let’s give DeSantis more time to see if he really will be the best choice for 2024 instead of anointing him now.

      I’m not sure Trump will run. In fact, he’s in a better position to feed his ego and be king maker without having to worry about losing a close election that could erase his current mantra that he actually won in 2020 with nearly 40% of the country agreeing with him. Why tarnish history with a potential loss? He goes down in history more consequential than running for a 2nd term where he has at best 2 years to make a UUUUGE difference.

    331. Phil says:

      DW, amazing that Anyone thinks Democrats care anything about true science unless it advances their political agenda…. Not amazing that they are pushing “science” with these ads. They have to get voters eyes off parent’s concerns about education which has rapidly risen as one of the main issues in the governor’s race.

    332. Jeff G. says:

      DeSantis first has to win reelection, and by a healthy margin, to be a contender in 2024. He has to succeed in that before Trump would even slightly harbor a notion of not running.

    333. Phil says:

      DeSantis was first elected in a very Democratic year.

      Democratic registration has continued to shrink in Florida.

      Florida election laws are solid in regards to election integrity. Unlike Pa. there is no mechanism for Democratic voter fraud.

      Democrats have two blah challengers.

      All signs point to a comfortable DeSantis reelection.

    334. Tgca says:

      I’m with Huma!

      Sexual assault should not be taken lightly and folks should not try to mock it when there is convincing evidence it occurred.

      I just remembered today that some guy touched me in the gym in San Francisco on Saturday, July 10, 2004 at 10:45AM. He was trying to squeeze by me between the weight benches and his lower armed rubbed against my buttocks.

      I quickly turned around and looked at him in a startled manner and evidently he realized my disinterest and he said sorry in a very embarrassed manner and briskly shuffled away. But I knew at that point I had been sexually assaulted.

      I must have suppressed this sexual assault all these years but it only came back to me after reading Huma’s story. Even though I forgot about it all these years, I now clearly remember it as if it happened yesterday.

      Though I never saw this guy before that assault or again, probably he avoided the gym after sexually assaulting me, I remember he had green eyes, with a slight scar over his left eye, a small birthmark on his right elbow, short light brown hair, was like 5’11, 175 pounds, lean build, was wearing black Champion shorts, white Adidas ankle socks, white Nike sneakers, white Nike sleeveless T-shirt that had a slight red stain as if tomato stain did not fully wash out, and he was wearing a Kenneth Cole black watch and he was carrying the June/July 2004 Men’s Fitness magazine.

      Repressed memories happened folks. I know!

      Huma must be believed!

    335. jason says:


      “New – In a key sign of the challenges facing Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders told House progressives he backs their position against moving ahead with the infrastructure bill until the larger economic package moves through the House at the same time, per two sources”

    336. jason says:

      I am with the progressives.

      The boondoggle is not big enough.

      Vote it down.

    337. jason says:

      Let’s give DeSantis more time to see if he really will be the best choice for 2024 instead of anointing him now.”

      Agreed. Way too early for that.

    338. Tgca says:



      Besides, Trump may still be installed as the legit POTUS by year-end and that changes everything. I know it was supposed to happen in Aug but I heard it might now be Nov.

      With the way things are going for Biden, he might want to turn it all, over to Trump anyways…then the Dems can blame it all on Trump as part of their 2022 and 2024 elections strategy.

    339. Meldrim says:

      Unless DeSantis loses reelection in 2022 (which looks increasingly unlikely) or refuses to run for president, I will support him for the presidency in 2024. His track record in Congress and the governorship is clear and convincing (not that I agree with everything that he has said or done), and he also is the potential GOP candidate best suited to getting to 270 electoral votes. Donald Trump should continue to use his bully pulpit, but should not run for the presidency again.

    340. Phil says:

      DeSantis is the candidate who has demonstrated a belief in Trump’s policies with the backbone to stand up for those policies. He does it without Trump rough edges and thus is far more 2024. Right on policies with an excellent chance to win.

      Now maybe someone will come along that is better…but I’ve yet to see anyone. One think for sure. I don’t want another noodle spine like Nikki Haley.

    341. mnw says:

      355 Meldrin

      I hope Trump won’t run again, although I’m not optimistic. I’m as MAGA as you can get, but his negatives are too high. DeSantis is very impressive. He’s politically adroit– offering unvaccinated, fired police officers $5000 to move to FL is ingenious. That’s one example.

      (YOU probably just like him because he’s an Old Blue, I suspect.)

    342. Phil says:

      Anyone see Hawley’s beatdown of Garland yesterday? Wow

      Ten minutes of sheer brutality.

    343. Gordon Allen says:

      Stagflation is officially here. 10 months of Biden. Didn’t think anybody could do that if HE TRIED. I was wrong.
      Jimmy Carter where are you when we need you?

    344. lisab says:

      i can’t thin of a time when the middle class did well, that the wealthy did not do very well

      we need to stop that

    345. lisab says:

      i can’t **think** of a time when the middle class did well, that the wealthy did not do very well

      we need to stop that

    346. jason says:

      A rising tide lifts all boats.

      I am fine with the wealthy doing well. They are the ones that invest in things that bring about wealth to the middle class.

    347. lisab says:

      Anyone see Hawley’s beatdown of Garland yesterday?

      overdone i think

      but garland also f’d up.

      he should have said, “this was not a political plot to target the thousands of concerned parents across the country who were just expressing their concerns … we were told that a few nut cases threatened some school board members, and we sent a few fbi agents to look into those few cases. had we not done so, and someone got hurt, we would have been negligent”

      of course … that likely would not have been true

    348. lisab says:

      I am fine with the wealthy doing well.

      well biden doesn’t like you then … that was his quote

    349. Tina says:

      Gdp 2020 3rd quarter was over 33 percent.

      We are now at 2% for 3rd quarter 2021.

      And GDP Now shows only 0.2

      We are in twubble.

    350. lisab says:

      now he is talking about climate change spending …

      he is spending all our money for years to come in this speech

    351. lisab says:

      school children breath polluted air every day from the diesel school buses

      he wants to build 500,000 electric charging stations across the country!

    352. Tina says:

      Jeffp, #340.

      Yeah, an obvious set up.Agitators not arrested (leaders of the oath keepers because they are fib informants).

      Several folks in all black breaking windows. Never arrested and never targeted for arrest by Wrong Wray.

      I can spot the fib imbeds in that crowd.

    353. lisab says:

      he wants to close down more pipelines … they leak methane

    354. lisab says:

      biden is awake in this speech … not stumbling over words …

      what did they give him?

    355. lisab says:

      we are going to replace lead water pipes?!!!

      does anyone have lead water pipes anymore?

    356. lisab says:

      everyone gets free internet!

      and it won’t cost anything

      and will reduce the deficit!

      and not raise taxes on anyone making over … ummmmmmmm … $10

      minimum tax on all corporations of 15%

    357. lisab says:

      we are screwed!

      this is going to completely change the usa


    358. jason says:

      Way too early to endorse DeSantis.

      It’s no use worrying about “Trump’s negatives” (mostly driven by the partisan MSM) if you cannot find someone that will duplicate the coalition that Trump put together to win in 2016 and (arguably) in 2020.

      At the moment there is only one person that can do that, and his name is Donald Trump. In a head to head matchup against Trump, DeSantis’ numbers are pretty weak, which shows he has not yet inherited Trump’s base.

      IF DeSantis wins convincingly in 2022 and continues to be a popular governor he will certainly be the front runner if Trump doesn’t run.

      But at the moment, like or not, it is Trump’s party.

    359. jason says:

      McAuliffe tells Latinos to have bigger families so there will be more Dem votes.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    360. jason says:

      minimum tax on all corporations of 15%”

      I think it is only those with earnings over $1 billion.

    361. jason says:

      I should say “only”.

    362. phoenixrisen says:

      DeSantis is a shoe-in to win the nomination in 2024 if Trump does not run. He’s by far the best candidate and his resume is incredible. Also, Melania does not want DJT to run either if you all remember in the first few months post election day last year.

      Not back to watching this spectacular train wreck of watching the infrastructure fiasco blow apart with my tub of popcorn 😛

    363. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason FWIW some here unnamed have accused me of being a Trump acolyte, and count me as one who thinks he won in 2020 against overwhelming odds.
      But in a Florida primary goes to DeSantis OVER Trump,and among some I’ve talked to I’m not alone.
      Among other reasons,he’s too old. One 78 year old President is enough. We need a more youthful Trump to run.
      DeSantis has been a Congressman for 6 years,and Governor for three,which will be 6 in 2024. That experience stacks up well with many Presidential candidates. Too many years would make him a professional politician.
      Looking at his itinerary lately,I’m now sure he’s running in 2024, in part because I don’t think he wants to be a forever politician. This is whether Trump runs or not

    364. jason says:

      But in a Florida primary goes to DeSantis OVER Trump,and among some I’ve talked to I’m not alone.”

      Zzzzzz….show me a poll that says that. I bet there is none.

      And show me one national poll where DeSantis is within 30 points of Trump.

      Last poll I saw had Trump at 58% and DeSantis at 9%.

      You really want to contrast DeSantis’ record, not even through his first term yet, with Trump’s record as President.

      Let’s get real here.

      DeSantis is no Donald Trump, and he is not even a ‘youthful” Trump.

    365. jason says:

      ‘that experience stacks up well with many Presidential candidates.”

      Not against Trump, who has actually been President.

      Whatever. I just think the whole DeSantis talk is way premature. I doubt I will be voting for either one so I will probably be agnostic during the primaries.

      But I can tell you this. If DeSantis runs against Trump in a PA R primary, he will be decimated.

    366. jason says:

      Not back to watching this spectacular train wreck of watching the infrastructure fiasco blow apart with my tub of popcorn ?

      Is it really blowing up? Would be great.

    367. jason says:

      “If a vote on the BIF is held today, I’m a no,” said Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.)

      “I feel a little bamboozled because this is not what I thought was coming today”

      They can only lose 3 Dem votes.

      But there are some Rs who said they would vote for it, so maybe they will save the Dems.

    368. Tina says:

      Looks like Cheney aka Neocon Karen and Krasslesszinger are upset with Tuckers J7 series.

    369. jason says:

      Btw, DeSantis doesn’t even beat Pence if Trump doesn’t run.

      “of course, the 2024 Republican presidential primary contest is still years away and it’s possible that Trump ultimately decides against a run.

      When he wasn’t included in the lineup of potential presidential contenders, Pence took the top spot among Republican voters with 32 percent support in the poll. DeSantis’s support rose to 20 percent, putting him in second place, while Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bypassed both Haley and Rubio to take third place, with 14 percent support.”

    370. jason says:

      is a NO on BIF because of immigration provisions not being in reconciliation”

      Ok, that’s 2.

    371. Tina says:

      Jonathan Turley
      · 8m
      McAuliffe may be preparing to challenge any win by Republican Glenn Youngkin. He has given $53,680 to the Elias Law Group. McAuliffe does not appear disturbed by Elias’ highly controversial career or his possible exposure in the Durham investigation…

    372. Wes says:

      I guess McAuliffe doesn’t know the VASC has a GOP majority. He must be anticipating a loss if he’s doing this.

    373. Phil says:

      Yeah, that isn’t exactly a confident move by McAuliffe. Just add it to the bucket of behaviors by him on the campaign trail which indicate his internal polling isn’t exactly comforting.

    374. jason says:

      That fast, huh?

      reports that Thursday morning, President Biden met with House Democrats and said the fate of “the entire Biden presidency will be decided in the next couple of days by what House and Senate Democrats do” on his Build Back Better agenda”

    375. jason says:

      The problem with that statement is that if it does get blown up, Biden has already declared his Presidency over.

    376. mnw says:

      The education controversy has traction, Zero to the contrary notwithstanding.

      Rasmussen Reports (the daily presidential tracking poll Rasmussen) states that 67% of adults with children or grandchildren in schools are either very or somewhat concerned about schools teaching controversial subject matter. The corresponding figure for adults without kids/gkids in schools is 57%.

      These results are UNIFORM for all subsets of adults, including AAs.

    377. jason says:

      Reminds me of “firings will continue until morale improves”.

      The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach announced Monday that containers moved by trucks will have nine days before fines start accruing and containers scheduled to move by rail will have three days.

      In accordance with these deadlines, carriers will be charged $100 for each lingering container per day starting Nov. 1.

      “The terminals are running out of space, and this will make room for the containers sitting on those ships at anchor,” explained Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero in a statement announcing the measure.”

    378. Meldrim says:

      #357, mnw, I didn’t go to undergrad at Yale, so I never got indoctrinated in Eli culture. And, besides, while DeSantis is a Yalie, he went to That Other Law School.

      DeSantis is very smart, is extremely well read on the issues, and is remarkably politically astute. He was a terrific U.S. Representative with a 100% conservative voting record, and ran a masterful gubernatorial election campaign in a very tough year for Republicans nationally to pull off the upset. Looking at the exit polls and his tiny margin of victory, it is apparent that he would not have won had he not made a direct appeal to the most heavily Democrat constituency in Florida (and America, for that matter): black women, who had given GOP presidential nominees around 5% of the vote during the prior three elections. DeSantis targeted that group by relentlessly advocating for school choice, knowing that it is black moms that are most affected by failing public schools in poor neighborhoods, and the CNN exit poll showed him winning 18% of the black female vote (see Although some have questioned CNN’s sample and believe that DeSantis didn’t get as high as 18%, but, had he gotten even half of that number, the vote swing towards him was larger than his margin of victory. Seeking votes from people who don’t generally vote Republican propelled Donald Trump to victory in 2016, and DeSantis has proven that he has that same ability but without all of that baggage.

    379. Wes says:

      A liberal on RRH predicted TMac will win with 53%, Phil. Even if TMac does win–and honestly given the contrast between the campaigns, I don’t see why no one has moved this race at least to Tossup if not Lean Youngkin at this point–he’s highly unlikely to get a majority. At this point, 53% is a pipe dream.

    380. Meldrim says:

      #394, what could go wrong?

    381. jason says:

      #394, what could go wrong?”

      Yeah, fining the supply chain and raising their costs is going to do wonders for inflation and prices to the consumers.

    382. mnw says:

      395 Meldrin

      Yes, the man has proven that he’s shrewd. There are enough data points now to draw that conclusion, imo.

      I admire Cotton & Crenshaw equally as much, btw.

      Barring a health crisis, I expect Bad Orange Man to be the ’24 nominee, though.

    383. Wes says:

      Lower your expectations, Jason.

    384. Wes says:

      Fallout from the Godfather continues as Governor Hochul (D-NY) will have a far-left primary challenge:

      Lee Zeldin must be salivating about now.

    385. mnw says:


      We need to root for Queen Latifah, then. I wonder if the GOP in VA has quietly tried to help the Queen, as DEMs in MT helped that old loon who though Trump was squishy soft on the 2nd Amendment.

    386. jason says:

      nd DeSantis has proven that he has that same ability but without all of that baggage”

      Sorry, gross exaggeration. In the first place FL is a state where the Hispanic vote is much more R than other states, so it is not surprising DeSantis did better than average, and I am skeptical that he got 18% of the female black vote. If he had gotten that much he would have won easily, not by less than 1%.

      DeSantis is no Donald Trump, and saying he has the “same abilities” is speculative BS and putting the cart before the horses.

      DeSantis has like 10% preference among GOP voters. Let’s not anoint him as a future Trump just yet.

      At the moment there is only one Donald Trump.

    387. jason says:

      Lower your expectations, Jason.”

      I am cutting down one slice of bacon a day.

      Except Sundays.

    388. Meldrim says:

      #396, Wes, I agree with you, the VA race is looking more and more like it should be Lean Youngkin (or at least Tilt Youngkin). The one thing that gives me pause is that, in the final polls before the 2017 VA gubernatorial election, Emerson had Northam up over Gillespie by only 3%, Monmouth had Northam by by only 2%, and three different polls from GOP-affiliated pollsters had Northam up by only 1%–plus Rasmussen had the race tied–and Northam ended up winning by 9%. That being said, Northam did not appear to be as desperate during the final two weeks before the election as McAuliffe has been.

    389. Tina says:

      Hmm, Ron Klaipeda, cos, is he kind of admitting that there will be a 2nd Trump Admin?

    390. jason says:

      Communist Pope says capitalism and free markets cause starvation.

      I think that must be the problem in North Korea.

      “The fight against hunger demands we overcome the cold logic of the market, which is greedily focused on mere economic profit and the reduction of food to a commodity, and strengthening the logic of solidarity”

      Bitter to be offended and whine that it doesn’t matter that the Pope says because it wasn’t part of the doctrine of the Church and that any attacks on the Communist Pope are an attack on his right to go to Mass.

    391. Wes says:

      Northam also had the dynamic of Trump as a rallying point for Dem voters in NoVA, and Gillespie had bungled the messaging on the Latino gang issue. Those worked in Northam’s favor and turned what probably was legitimately a close race into a comfortable victory.

      I’ve already moved the race into my Lean R Pickup category. Literally everything I’m seeing says TMac has lost control of the race and has no idea of how to reverse course.

    392. Wes says:

      I wouldn’t mind it if Republicans took a page out of Joe Donnelly’s 2010 reelection campaign and began highlighting Princess Blanding as the “true liberal” in the race, Mnw.

    393. Meldrim says:

      #401, Wes, I expect the Democrat gubernatorial primary in NY to become a battle royale among Hochul, Tish James, that NYC Public Advocate, and a couple of other candidates, with no one having a clear advantage … and for Andrew Cuomo to jump into the race just before the April 7 filing deadline. There are no runoffs in statewide races in NY, so Cuomo could win with 25% or so. Meanwhile, Zeldin will be sitting in his beach chair, sipping a lemonade and saying “how ya like them apples?”

      BTW, former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is still in the race, but, with Lee Zeldin already having secured the Conservative Party endorsement, Astorino should consider running in a different race. If NY ends up with a relatively competitive congressional district based in Westchester County, I hope that Astorino runs there.

    394. Wes says:

      I agree, Meldrim. Astorino would be better suited for a House seat. Zeldin feels like a better statewide candidate. With Democrats primed to have a divisive primary, Zeldin is better positioned than Astorino to capitalize and return the GOP to statewide office in the Empire State for the first time in two decades.

    395. Phil says:

      Lets’s see, Wes. You said a lib had McAliffe winning with 53%? That’s a lefty pipe dream. I agree with you. As the high priest of Republican pessimism on this sight even I find that 53 number to be laughable. Northam only got 54 vs a much weaker candidate who ran a mediocre campaign. I think Youngkin is in a really good spot actually, based on all the across the board polling. I’m more concerned about fraud than anything else. No polling out there that I’m aware of has shown either candidate crossing 50. Most not even close to it.

    396. mnw says:

      What the RNC could’ve done in VA is to have organized a Pro-Princess independent PAC & run some last minute ads. Starting maybe 10 days before the GE, when it would be too late to spread the word that GOP donors were behind the curtain.

      Too late for that now, though.

      RE: Donnelly. Sky Queen did the same thing.

    397. Wes says:

      What McCaskill did was a little different from what Donnelly did, Mnw. She ran ads during the GOP primary. Donnelly ran ads touting the Libertarian during the general election. The Libertarian got 3% of the vote, and Donnelly beat Walorski with a 1% plurality.

    398. Wes says:

      I’m sorry. The Libertarian got 5% in that race. Donnelly beat Walorski 48-47. Republicans then redistricted Donnelly out of his seat so Walorski could win regardless of a Libertarian spoiler in 2012. Unfortunately Donnelly managed to get a promotion thanks to his opponent. Thankfully he didn’t survive the GOP’s fifth and final crack at him.

    399. Meldrim says:


    400. mnw says:

      That Mourdock comment, to wit that ‘pregnancy from rape is God’s will’ (appx, going from memory), came out of nowhere. He had a track record & never said anything squirrely before that.

      Republican men running for office should avoid talking about rape completely.

    401. Meldrim says:

      The HHR robot (what was it that Cash Cow used to call it) won’t let me submit my post. I’ll try to break it down into separate posts and see if that works.

    402. Meldrim says:

      Wes and mnw, I agree that Republicans should promote Mrs. Blanding (who is no Myrna Loy, BTW) as much as is possible without leaving any fingerprints. If there is low black turnout *and* 10% of blacks vote for Blanding, there is no way that McAuliffe can win. (Even with Blanding at nowhere near that level of support, things are looking dicey for McAuliffe.)

    403. Wes says:

      Walt calls the HHR robot “HAL” after the villain from 2001: A Space Odyssey (excellent movie by the way), Meldrim.

    404. mnw says:

      419 Meldrin

      It’s just too damn late now, though.

      3rd party candidates tend to underperform their polling. As election day gets closer, some of those voters decide not to “throw their vote away.”

      Mrs. B is no Myrna Loy? What does that make Tank Abrams? Or Cora Bush (D-MO-1)?

    405. Meldrim says:

      #420, thanks, Wes, that was it. “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave [Wissing].” But I thought that it was Walt’s bovine friend/campaign advisor who had come up with the name.

    406. mnw says:

      RRH rates all the VA races either Likely D or Lean D– guv (leans); row offices; & House of Delegates.

    407. jason says:

      That Mourdock comment, to wit that ‘pregnancy from rape is God’s will’ (appx, going from memory), came out of nowhere. He had a track record & never said anything squirrely before that.”

      LOL, mnw loves them deadenders, said the same thing about Akin. Always an excuse.

      It didn’t come “out of nowhere”. These morons were insulated from their stupidity until they actually had to compete in a stressful high stakes national race and face a hostile MSM. THAT is when their weaknesses appear.

    408. Meldrim says:

      mnw, my reference to Myrna Loy was due to Princess Blanding’s name reminding me of Loy’s character’s name in a 1948 movie whose name, apparently, HAL will not countenance. I’ll keep trying to post my vignette.

    409. Meldrim says:

      The movie’s name is Mr. Blanding Dreams His Dream House. Can I say that, HAL?

    410. Meldrim says:

      OK, leaving the S out of “Blandings did the trick. I’ll try to resubmit with that knowledge.

    411. Meldrim says:

      Wait, the problem wasn’t Blandings, it must be B-U-I-L-D-S. It went through when I messed up and wrote “Dreams” instead.

      Let’s see, Mr. Blandings B-U-I-L-D-S His Dream House.

    412. Wes says:

      I preferred Myrna Loy as the daughter of Boris Karloff’s version of Fu Manchu, Meldrim. She was a great actress, although a flaming liberal.

    413. Meldrim says:

      My favorite role by Myrna Loy was her portrayal of Nora Charles in the Thin Man movies. She was pretty much the ideal wife, yet very independent, and she played the role with absolute ease. Her role in Blandings is up there as well (the scene in which she explains the *tiny* change that she made to the construction plans is a classic).

      It’s weird how Loy was given almost exclusively “exotic” (usually Asian) roles in silent movies and early talkies.

      And, yes, Loy was a Democrat at a time in which (seemingly) most prominent actors were Republicans. Have you heard of the Hollywood for Dewey Rally held by David O. Selznik and Cecil B. DeMille in 1944? The actors, directors and producers who attended reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood of the day.

    414. Tina says:

      His Fraudulency is making us look really awful.

      The Wall Street Journal
      · 29m
      The U.S. is in talks to offer immigrant families separated at the border in 2018 about $450,000 a person in compensation, people familiar with the matter say

    415. Meldrim says:

      BTW, I’m giving up on trying to post my story about Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. It involves a scene that shows how everyone in America was so sure that the GOP would capture the White House in 1948 that it was a punchline to a joke.

    416. GF says:

      Myrna Loy was a big pinko, no doubt. Gloria Swanson was a committed vegetarian, almost vegan, such as that existed at the time. But at least she was a staunch Republican (who apparently didn’t mind fooling around with leading Dems like Joe Kennedy, Sr.).

      WRT the Cooch, it was only a 2.5% loss. I still think he could have squeaked out 48% at the expense of Sarvis had Cruz not immolated the Federal Government in a show of antics that accomplished nothing. At least we’ll get to take TMac out this time. We actually have a decent shot at sweeping all three races as well as taking the lower house. A pity the Senate is not up this year.

    417. GF says:

      Myrna Loy was Jewish, likely affecting her partisan leanings. Al Jolson was a big time Republican, but he was a political minority in his community.

    418. Wes says:

      Hollywood started to turn Left during the Roosevelt days. For instance, Henry Fonda switched from GOP to Dem in 1936. Even Cecil B. DeMille supported Roosevelt’s 1936 reelection–though DeMille subsequently repented and never again supported a Democrat for any office.

      Orson Welles–my favorite actor of all time–burst onto the scene in the late ’30s as a New Deal Democrat. Ironically William Randolph Hearst–the not-so-subtle target of Welles’ satire in Citizen Kane–attacked Welles’ liberal political leanings, though Hearst himself had served as a Dem Congressman. As far as I can tell, Welles never disregarded his left-wing political ideology, though the few statements I can find from him about Reagan don’t reveal any particular antipathy toward the Gipper and seem more or less accepting of the fact that Reagan was President.

    419. Wes says:

      We’ll disagree there, GF. I think the race was close because of the steadily deteriorating environment for the Dems during Obama’s second term. Cuccinelli didn’t run a very good campaign and had split the party with his megalomania. Even had Sarvis not been on the ballot, I think TMac would have won simply because Cuccinelli had done everything possible to undermine himself even before Cruz decided to showboat.

    420. Wes says:

      Well, Meldrim, I guess the Godfather won’t be running again after all.

    421. mnw says:

      Mourdock had held statewide elective office before he ran for Senate, and won the GOP primary. I believe (just going by memory) he was a nuclear engineer. He never said anything outlandish.

      How anyone could spot him as a squirrel based on that record beats me, but in any event no-one did.

    422. Tina says:

      Darren J. Beattie Globe with meridians
      Liz Cheney and Merrick Garland will not like http://Revolver.News next 1/6 bombshell

      Absolutely can’t wait to drop this MOAB

    423. jason says:


      Sen. Joe Manchin, asked by @tedbarrettcnn
      to clarify whether he supports the framework, said he needs to see the legislative text first

      “We haven’t seen the text yet. Everyone has to see it. I don’t think anybody could say they could support it until they see the text.”

    424. mnw says:

      Welles always said that Kane was inspired by THREE people, not just one: Hearst; Pulitzer and Chicago utility magnate Samuel Insull.

    425. jason says:

      How anyone could spot him as a squirrel based on that record beats me, but in any event no-one did.”

      Most voters in Indiana correctly spotted him as a squirrel, that is why he lost big in a red state.

      I also note he wasn’t exactly doing well in the polls against Donnelly even before he self imploded.

    426. Meldrim says:

      Wes, don’t be so sure. Cuomo will explain that he’s being indicted for the crime of being Italian, and he’d have a good shot of getting 25% in the primary even while under indictment, so he still might run. Cuomo is going to want to exact revenge on Tish James and Kathy Hochul, and beating them in the Democrat primary–and then forcing them to endorse him so as to keep Lee Zeldin from being elected, or else tar them as fake Democrats and Trumpism enablers–would be the sweetest revenge possible.

    427. Wes says:

      Pulitzer and Insull were gone by the time Citizen Kane premiered, Mnw. The segments of the movie dealing with satirizing them are comparatively small. Hearst was the clear primary inspiration. Because of his outrage, Hearst had the movie blackballed and snubbed at the 1942 Oscars.

      This had the ripple effect of costing Welles control of his forthcoming projects such as The Magnificent Ambersons (1942). Welles wouldn’t start to recover his career until The Stranger (1946). He began filming many of his projects overseas to prevent Hollywood moguls from mangling his vision. Even as late as 1958, Hollywood was still damaging Welles’ projects when the studio disregarded his Director’s Cut of Touch of Evil and destroyed his artistic vision of the film. Fortunately in 1998, the excised footage from the movie was restored, and Welles’ intended version of the film is the only readily available version.

    428. Wes says:

      If anyone wants to watch a great movie about the filming of Citizen Kane and the fallout from it, I recommend RKO 249 (1999) starring Liev Shrieber as Welles.

    429. Wes says:

      RKO 281*. I’m not sure why or how I typed 249.

    430. mnw says:


      I just quoted what Welles himself SAID.

      My favorite scene is the sweating opera conductor. Second is Kane smashing his mistress’ glass knick knacks, while the servants stand behind him politely waiting to clean up the mess.

    431. Wes says:

      Read what I said, Mnw. The parts dealing with Pulitzer and Insull are comparatively small. Hearst was the primary target. That doesn’t mean Welles didn’t make any dogs at them. It just means they were secondary to the attacks on Hearst.

    432. mnw says:

      IN voters spotted Mourdock as a squirrel after his rape gaffe, not before. Very few voters have precognition.

    433. Wes says:

      My favorite scene in the movie is when Kane is walking down the hallway with mirrors on either side. We see endless reflections of Kane representing his broken and fractured psyche at this point in his life.

    434. mnw says:

      I read what u said, Wes. I thought others might be interested in what Welles said.

    435. Meldrim says:

      #435, GF, Myrna Loy was not Jewish; she was a Methodist of Welsh, Scottish and Swedish descent. From her Wikipedia page:

      Loy was born Myrna Adele Williams on August 2, 1905, in Helena, Montana,[3][4] the daughter of Adelle Mae (née Johnson) and rancher David Franklin Williams.[5] Her parents had married in Helena in 1904, one year before Loy was born.[6] She had one younger brother, David Frederick Williams (d. 1982).[7] Loy’s paternal grandfather, David Thomas Williams, was Welsh, and emigrated from Liverpool, England to the United States in 1856, arriving in Philadelphia.[8] Unable to read or write in English, he later settled in the Montana Territory where he began a career as a rancher.[9] Loy’s maternal grandparents were Scottish and Swedish immigrants.[10][11] During her childhood, her father worked as a banker, real estate developer, and farmland appraiser in Helena, and was the youngest man ever elected to serve in the Montana state legislature.[12] Her mother had studied music at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, and at one time considered a career as a concert performer, but instead devoted her time to raising Loy and her brother.[13] Loy’s mother was a lifelong Democrat, while her father was a staunch Republican.[13] She was raised in the Methodist faith.[14]

      The Wikipedia bio is heavily footnoted and sourced; you can read the sources of the information by clicking on the footnotes here:

    436. Wes says:

      How is what I said incompatible with what Welles said, Mnw?

      I’d like to know.

    437. Wes says:

      Seriously, Mnw, I’m trying to understand how pointing out one target of satire is primary while two others are secondary is incompatible with saying Welles targeted three people in the movie.

    438. mnw says:

      I never said it WAS, Wes!

      I just thought others might find what Welles said interesting! I like to DO that.

    439. mnw says:

      I’m glad Trump isn’t going to VA. But I wish Trump hadn’t teased that he might. McA pounced on that, predictably.

      Ynk avoiding ALL GOP surrogates seems shrewd.

    440. Tgca says:

      371. LisaB

      Yes. There are many lead water pipes still out there. A number of states have regulated incentive programs to encourage replacing them as some water pipes go back 60+ years in many communities. Some much older, 80+ years.

      I replaced my home pipes just last year due to some bellies and they were original pipes from the mid 1950s but there were no cracks found during inspection.

      Some homes have partial pipe replacements within the house but what runs out to curb stops can be old lead pipes.

    441. GF says:

      She’s not Jewish? Well, nobody’s perfect, but a bloody Methodist to boot, eh? I’ll take Wiki’s word for it, I won’t waste time researching a G-_d damned Marxist who helped put FDR into office.

      I saw something about her and Judaism at one of the Hollywood museums, hence the perceived connection. It’s been too long, my ex wife used to drag me to stuff like that.

    442. Tgca says:


      Thank San Francisco for any free internet. Years ago they advocated it as a basic human right.

    443. Tgca says:


      Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has more energy and spunk then anyone his age and most 20+ years younger. Does he ever sleep?

      Joe Biden is an old septuagenarian while Trump is a very young septuagenarian. That does not mean overall healthier but it does mean these active old folks can keep you on your toes.

    444. Meldrim says:

      “Well, nobody’s perfect”

      As for what you saw in a Hollywood museum regarding Loy and Judaism, it probably was related to her outspoken opposition to the Nazis well before the U.S. entered WWII. As this article states, she was “good for the Jews”:

    445. Tgca says:

      Floreedah is Trump country!

      Outside the liberal enclaves like Broward County, they love Trump in Floreedah.

      I think if it came down to Trump and DeSantis actually running and not hypotheticals, Trump would easily prevail in Floreedah primary.

      Trump decimated Rubio in the primaries in Floreedah in the 2016 primaries and that was an untested political Trump against a Floreedah home boy well-liked politician among the GOP.

      I think folks would prefer a Trump/DeSantis 2024 ticket over a DeSantis/?? 2024 ticket…but time will tell.

    446. Tgca says:

      I think as time has gone on and more info has come out on state audits and Jan 6th BS, that has raised Trump’s stock even more with the GOP and the Indy’s, at least with respect to whether there was election fraud with nearly 40% of the country now believing fraud occurred that cheated Trump from the re-election victory.

      We will see if that % holds over time but for now I think Trump is as popular as ever with the GOP base and the more the Liz Cheney’s of the world work with the Dems to try and “get Trump” the more his stock will raise.

      I think most of the GOP and a significant number of Indys would love to give Trump a 2nd chance given what he achieved the 1st time around, especially with what we’re currently seeing with Biden.

    447. Tgca says:

      389. Tina

      I’m shocked that Sharpton would play the race card.

      Who would have THUNKED that Al would stoop so low.

    448. Hugh says:

      Something is up in VA. Take a peak at predictit. For the last week I could not figure out why tmac was not losing ground.

    449. Wes says:

      To be fair, GF, had Hoover not mishandled the aftermath of Black Thursday, then the 1930-’31 recession would probably have proved short lived with the economy mending by early 1932 at the latest. Roosevelt probably would then likely have opted for reelection or retirement rather than facing a President who could claim to have shepherded the country back to prosperity. Loy’s vote would have made no difference then.

      Of course had Smith not convinced Roosevelt to return to electoral politics in 1928, then Democrats would have nominated a less transformational candidate in 1932 and almost certainly not established the 62-year stranglehold they enjoyed on our politics from 1933 to 1995.

    450. Skippy says:

      Youngkin (R) 53
      McAuliffe (D) 45

      Youngkin also leads among RV’s by 1 point. MoE +/- 3 points. Massive shift from the last poll in this series, which had McAuliffe up five points. Election is Tuesday.


    451. Tgca says:


      I’m concerned if these containers sit on the docks in SOCal for more than 10 days, the tofu could spoil.

      Good thing I’m living in the southeast and my tofu is regional and organic.

    452. Wes says:

      Tgca is concerned slop will spoil.

      Ay Dios Mio…

    453. Skippy says:



      FOX News VA Poll

    454. Wes says:

      Youngkin over TMac 53-45 in a new poll?

      Hey, Phil, maybe that liberal on RRH was right about 53% after all.

    455. Wes says:

      I’m wondering…

      Has the fat lady started gargling yet in VA?

    456. Tgca says:

      F*ck this communist Pope! POS child predator protector lecturing us on “doing the right thing.”

      …and I’m a practicing Catholic too.

      I have a book on all the Popes up through John Paul II and not all Popes were good decent men. Pope Pius XII during WW2 comes to mind with regards to the Jews as well. I get it was complicated but for a man of God to be silent so he did not offend German Catholics or the Nazi was atrocious.

    457. Meldrim says:

      The new Fox News poll has Youngkin up by 53% to 45% among likely voters, but has Youngkin only up by 1% among registered voters (which shouldn’t surprise us given the energized Republican base and languid Democrat base). The prior Fox News poll had McAuliffe up 51% to 46% among likely voters and by a whopping 52% to 41% among registered voters, so the movement towards Youngkin is unmistakable.

      For the sake of comparison, the final Fox News poll of VA in 2017 had Northam ahead of Gillespie among likely voters by 48% to 43% (a 5% margin), which underpredicted Northam’s victory margin (which was 9%) by 4%. If this year’s final poll similarly overpredicted the GOP margin by 4%, then Youngkin would win by 51% to 47%.

      This poll may sound too good to be true, but it’s only because we’re not listening hard enough.

    458. mnw says:

      Skippy is right!

      The new FOX poll is worth a BOOM!

      That right there is a 12-point swing, from McA + 5 to YNK +7. I had to read it 4 times to make sure I had it right.

      And FOX polls are no friend whatsoever to GOP candidates, either, as those here know. I bet the DEMs are tweeting to each other, “Well, of course! Because it’s FOX! What else would you expect?” Well… I would’ve expected more bad news for the GOP, bc that’s what FOX regularly brings us.

      Really startling turnaround!

      I hope the Reconciliation can be slowed down until Wed. morning– maybe the whole damn thing will collapse, if the new FOX poll proves accurate.

    459. Tgca says:

      James running in NY gubbernor race smacks of corruption. She personally led a campaign to force Cuomo out of office and now she wants to run to fill his seat? I think many Dems and Indys would have a problem with that.

      Waaaay too soon for her to seek political office at that level and I bet there would be a very strong contingent of white vote against her, especially NY Italians.

      I think it would be horrible opportunistic politics and could give Cuomo an appeals issue on any criminals charges brought against him and might even cause complaints to disbar James or at least censure her and that would not be good publicity, especially already running against a female gubbernor with a year on the job.

    460. mnw says:

      The first time I really started to believe Ynk would win was in the last 2 days, from looking at the size of McA’s “crowds” vs. Ynk’s.

      The turnout at the Old White Men Can’t Dance event with Biden about brought me out of my chair. There were 150 people there, including press, to see POTUS in person!

      McA can’t draw flies, even if you covered him in maple syrup.

    461. SoHope says:

      Virginia runs on Youngkin

    462. phoenixrisen says:

      Can’t say I am surprised at that Fox News Poll on the VA governor’s race though the margin does surprise me. I knew Youngkin had all the momentum when previous polls showed the race tied. Late breakers swinging for Youngkin or voters having an appalled OMG at TMac’s recent bizarre and desperate statements and ads. If Youngkin wins by a margin like that, Dem congressmen in DC will start running for the hills and not vote on anything in an election year for the most part.

    463. mnw says:

      Know where Youngkin has had his BIGGEST turnaround in this new FOX poll?


    464. Tina says:

      I guess Mitchie and the Bakersfield oil slick are awol.

      · 2h
      UNACCEPTABLE Report says Biden admin considering payments of 450k per person 2ppl who crossed the border ILLEGALLY Those are taxpayers dollars We should not be paying anything to ppl who break our laws

    465. Tgca says:

      I was not a big fan of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

      Now Myrna Loy was another story. She was great in the Thin Man series though her tipsy wife got a bit old in latter movies.

      She was superb in Best Years of Our Lives, one of my favorite movies and one of the best movies ever to come out of Hollywood that included another fav of mine, Theresa Wright, who also starred in two other great films The Pride of the Yankees about Lou Gehrig and Mrs. Miniver, the latter being another exceptional WW2 movie.

    466. Tina says:

      Is fox reputable?

      Don’t get me wrong.

      But weren’t they the worst?

      No double The punk is in trouble, he continues to lash out against parents. The obumbler appeared, but it did not seem to help. When he got to trump, he started stuttering.

      His Fraudulency appeared the other day but at the beginning some were chanting for Trump.

    467. Tina says:

      And if one watched the obumbler and his Fraudulency, they were both visibly angry.

      The obumbler said that we were all racist if you opposed crt.

    468. Hugh says:

      Fox News polls are not great. They have been left leaning.

    469. Wes says:

      I’m down to the last two Japanese horror movies I plan to watch: Jigoku (1960) and Kwaidan (1965).

      Suggestions on which I should watch first?

    470. Phil says:

      Baris who had the race tied at this time last week 46-46. He has continued to poll this wk and will have his final numbers out tomorrow.

      From his Twitter account thirty minutes ago:

      “Looking at final interviews it’s very clearYoungkin has momentum in the final days of the campaign. Among independents his lead has grown and even including Indy leaners McAuliffe is stuck at 38%. Youngkin now taking a majority”

      Again, Baris will release his final numbers tomorrow.

      It’s not just the FOX poll, boys and girls.

    471. mnw says:

      The fat lady sings… Dies Irae for Terry tonight.

    472. Tina says:

      Well, if Barris shows it, then I will be fully sold.

      Just cannot buy faux and their sheott.

      No doubt the punk is flat lining,

    473. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. Don’t think you’re right about DeSantis and Trump in Florida: not from Trump voters I’ve talked to.
      But we’ll see as Trump used to say

    474. Wes says:

      Here’s TMac’s campaign’s funeral dirge, Mnw:

    475. Wes says:

      I guess funeral dirge is redundant, but whatever.

    476. Meldrim says:

      I just realized that, if the Fox New poll is even close to being correct, then not only will Glenn Youngkin be the next governor of VA, but Winsome Sears will be its next Lt. Governor, Jason Miyares will be its next AG, and the GOP will take back the House of Delegates.

    477. Wes says:

      Of course this could also be TMac’s campaign dirge. It’s one of my personal favorite apocalyptic songs:

    478. Phil says:

      Baris had the AG race deadlocked a week ago, so yeah, Miyares will no doubt be the AG winner. My guess is we are probably looking at a Republican House of Delegates as well although I am not sure what the Democratic margin is now. I believe it is slim.

    479. mnw says:


      I had been thinking of the Dies Irae in Mozart’s Requiem, but Verdi’s may be even better.

      I know I repeat myself, but this could POSSIBLY kill the reconciliation, if they can’t do it before Wed. morning. That cold, clammy hand of DOOM around swing district DEMs’ hearts. I can dream.

      The DEMs will talk about NJ on Wed, but they will KNOW– something wicked their way comes.


      HOD may be a bridge too far? In any event, it will be great to see the RRH predictions for VA look silly.

    480. JeffP says:

      Hopeful regarding VA. Hopefully enough of a fraud proof margin. I agree Barris confirmation would be awesome to hear.

      How about the State House and Senate? A sweep would be awesome. They have to get proper voting laws and measures in place to protect election integrity if so. Same in WI, GA, MI and PA (long shot) next year. It looks like AZ is on its way now.

      How is Covid impacting the voting in VA? Chain of custody?

    481. Phil says:

      Maybe not a flip of the House of Delegates, I just looked it up and it is 55-45 presently so not so slim. Probably some gains, however.

    482. Wes says:

      The State House is 55D-45R, Jeff. If Youngkin wins by a big enough margin I imagine Republicans can flip at least six seats.

      The State Senate isn’t up until 2023.

    483. Wes says:

      Republicans lost 23 seats in 2017 and 2019, Phil. Regaining 1/4 of them hardly looks impossible if Youngkin wins handily.

    484. Phil says:

      Could happen, Wes. A good chunk of those seats were lost in suburban NOVA. Interestingly, a part of the Baris tweet I didn’t quote hinted at Movement in NOVA toward Youngkin. Not surprising given the education controversies in places like Loudoun County.

    485. GF says:

      Phil, Loudon is shifting hard because unlike other areas in the state where CRT is merely annoying parents, in Loudon, the schools are aiding and abetting child rape and having concerned parents arrested.

    486. Cash Cow TM says:

      VA Governor’s race update:

      FREE: [no subscription needed]


      For a week or so, Cow has seen a Youngkin TV ad running many times and highlighting the difference between Youngkin’s tax policy proposals vs. McA.’s state tax proposals.

      Youngkin want to remove the State sales tax on food and other tax reforms as well saving the typical VA family over $1,000/year.

      Youngkin says McA’s tax policy will cost the avg. VA family $5,400 more per year.

      This is one of 3 or 4 various TV ads that Youngkin has up often. The other TV ads are on other topics, like education, etc.
      McA. has NOT put up and TV ads challenging the validity of Youngkin’s TV ads, NOR explaining what his (McA.) tax policy is.

      But McA continues to have Amer. Fed. of Teacher ads up often (paid for by AFT), and other TV ads, and TV ads saying he is pro education, and TV ads trying to demonize Youngkin by saying (more or less) That Youngkin is Trump 2.0. Problem is, Youngkin is GOOD on his TV ads–likeable, personable, upbeat, positve–and does NOT come across as anything LIKE the mean orange man Trump.

      And McA is running ads featuring former president Obamba (D–Kenya) exhorting folks to vote for McA because McA shares the same values as Obamba including woman’s right to choose, etc.

      And TV ads quoting the Wash. Post editorial the implies that if Youngkin is elected governor then VA is headed to the stone age.
      Just from what Cow is seeing, Cow CLEARLY thinks McA is on the ropes.

      And playing defense and trying to put out fires…

      OTOH, Youngkin seems to be the energizer bunny always a step ahead of McA.

      Very telling that it has been a week or more and McA has NOT…NOT come out with any TV ads refuting Youngkin’s TV ads about differences between the candidates on state tax policy and how McA’s ta policy would be harmful to VA families.

    487. Tina says:

      Yikes. Looks like Turleys story is true.

    488. Tina says:

      Tyler O’Neil
      · 40m
      EXCLUSIVE: Team @TerryMcAuliffe emails reveal effort to “kill this” @FoxNews story. The campaign did not take kindly to questions about @JonathanTurley’s suggestion that hiring Marc Elias suggests McAuliffe might plan to challenge the election results.…
      Show this thread

    489. Cash Cow TM says:

      I do expect McA’s margin of victory within the specific counties of Fairfax and Loudoun to be much lower in # and % than what McA is hoping for, and less of a margin that he probably got when he previously won the VA governorship.

      If Youngkin should actually WIN Loudoun county, then I would say McA loses statewide.

      We will soon see if I am right or not.

      What I do NOT have a good handle on is how the vote will turn out in Newport News/VA beach region…

      I think Youngkin will do splendidly in the Shenandoah Valley and South western VA.

      And we all know the D strenghths of Richmond and NOVA in the last 20 years…

    490. JeffP says:


      It appears that @FoxNews is giving @TuckerCarlson a platform to spread the same type of lies that provoked violence on January 6. As @FoxNews knows, the election wasn’t stolen and January 6 was not a “false flag” operation. @rupertmurdoch @jayawallace @Suzannescott @SpeakerRyan

      Hail Mary…love the tweet to Paul Ryan. Wow.

      I have a friend who was in DC for the rally on Jan 6th…walked over to the Capital out of curiosity. Had tons of video of suspicious people…inciting the crowd…etc….knew it was a setup…filmed activity on his phone…got out of town that night… played it on his You Tube channel of 30K followers. It was taken down within an hour. He passed it on to Epoch TV.

    491. TIna says:

      Yup, a big set up by an out of control Fib.

      The fat slob at justice failed to reign in the Dib.

      Oath keeper leaders not arrested.

      Plus all those skinny dudes all in black breaking windows, They we’re first to enter untouched.

    492. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca- I do not like you. You burned every bridge and I will never forget or forgive some things you said. However, you also should never forget or forgive some things I have said. I read more than I post now. It gives me time to think.

      I noticed that in the context of discussing vaccine passports you often compare it to forcing gay men to prove they are not HIV+. That deadly scourge must have taken so many of your friends and people you cared deeply about. It must have been a very scary time. I am sorry you had to endure that. I know people still get infected but at least there are treatments that can prolong lives. I would not wish that disease on anybody.