Election Night Thread – Virginia

    The polls are closed in Virginia as of 7pm EDT and the vote counting begins….

    Posted by Dave at 7:00 pm
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    1. Wes says:

      Go, Youngkin!

    2. Tgca says:

      Dos Bebe! Dos!

    3. Tgca says:

      Tres pootahs! Tres!

    4. Wes says:

      Dave, can we get some links for results?

    5. mnw says:

      RRH slow as Joe on a treadmill with ankle weights. Must be a lotta political junkies trying to get their fix.

    6. Meldrim says:

      Let’s Go Youngkin!

      Let’s Go Sears!

      Let’s Go Miyares!

      Let’s Go Republican Candidates for Delegate!

      And Let’s Go Brandon!

    7. Greymarch says:

      First person who posts a link to the real-time vote tally wins a Scooby snack. We need real-vote counts pronto!!!

    8. Greymarch says:

      We need real-time vote tallies. First person to post a link to real-time counted votes wins a Scooby snack!

    9. Meldrim says:

      VA election results:

      From VA Department of Elections:

      From DailyKos (who are moonbats, but know how to count):

    10. Tgca says:

      From last thwed 271.

      Bitter’s privilege showing again. He’s suggesting games not inclusive to all.

      Some of us don’t drink alcohol so why should we have a drinking game only?

      No bacon eating games either! Some of us don’t eat meat.

    11. Tgca says:

      After the 2020 election fraud, I have vowed I will not be making any predictions until either 99% of the vote is in or 24 hours after the polls closed. I find that will be a better and most fair process.

    12. Wes says:

      If this CNN exit is remotely accurate then TMac needs to go ahead and concede:

    13. jason says:

      Some of those early county numbers are brutal….

    14. jason says:

      Tazewell Youngking 1479 McAuliffe 179

    15. Wes says:

      It looks as if the Republicans are all running about the same. Youngkin may have coattails.

    16. Wes says:

      RRH must have a hamster in a rolly ball powering their server tonight.

    17. Meldrim says:

      “Tazewell Youngking 1479 McAuliffe 179”


      Jason, in America, our Constitution prohibits the granting of titles of nobility.

    18. Cash Cow TM says:

      111 precincts of 2855 reporting
      For information on absentee returned statistics click here:

      Absentee Return Statistics

      Candidate Votes Percent
      Glenn A. Youngkin
      Republican 52,445 50.46%
      Terry R. McAuliffe
      Democratic 50,802 48.88%

    19. mnw says:


      They said they were having technical problems– that was 20 minutes ago. It’s even worse now.

    20. BennSue says:

      Fairfax already saying no results until after 8pm

    21. jason says:


      McAuliffe 374
      Blanding 6
      Youngkin 0

    22. mnw says:

      Nate Cohn tweets that based on ED pcts in so far, it looks like a tie to him.

    23. jason says:

      Jason, in America, our Constitution prohibits the granting of titles of nobility.”

      The A-hole Charter allows it.

    24. Barrett says:

      A lot just came in for Loudon county, and Youngkin is outperforming past republicans there by a sizeable %. Definitely definitely good.

    25. Meldrim says:

      Portsmouth is overwhelmingly D overall, and has some overwhelmingly black precincts, but 0 votes for Youngkin out of 380 cast sounds a bit … sketchy.

    26. jason says:


      McCauliffe 38k 55%
      Youngkin 32k 45%

    27. Tina says:


      Plumbing issue?

    28. Meldrim says:

      Jason, so “Youngking” has been elected to the A-Holes? Will his induction allow him to serve concurrently as governor of VA?

    29. jason says:

      McCauliffe only ahead by 8 in Prince William

    30. Barrett says:

      @Jason #27 – Those are VERY good numbers. Fox News was saying earlier for Youngkin to get traction, that wanted to see 41 or 42% for Youngkin in Loudoun.

    31. BennSue says:

      Arlington/Fairfax only about 1/3 in

    32. BayernFan says:

      Where can we see county results?

    33. BayernFan says:

      Found em. Duh.

    34. Tina says:

      Uh huh

      Reid J. Epstein
      · 14m
      Some news from Virginia: Fairfax County is delayed in counting and reporting its early vote totals, which the county had promised to make public by 8pm. Unclear how late they will be.

    35. BennSue says:

      20% in McAuliffe 52% Youngkin 47%

    36. Wes says:

      It looks as if TMac is missing his targets everywhere.

    37. BennSue says:

      McAuliffe leading by ~25k votes

    38. Meldrim says:

      Do the Loudon and Prince William results include the in-person early votes and the already arrived mail-in votes (which supposedly would be counted first)? If so, having Youngkin at 45% is *far better* than anyone would have predicted–he might even come close to carrying those suckers!

    39. BayernFan says:

      19% in

      GOP. 57%
      Dem 43%

    40. Barrett says:

      Youngkin up by a lot in Winchester with 11% in. I’m there a lot, it’s a pretty liberal place.

    41. BennSue says:

      26% votes in ~300k votes Youngkin 51% McAuliffe 48%

    42. jason says:

      Yeah, 74-26 for McAuliffe but that is EV

    43. EML says:

      Loudoun County 83% reporting and McAuliffe up by 6 points where Biden won by 25.

    44. Barrett says:

      HAH! NBC’s map is broken. Not showing results properly per county.

    45. Cash Cow TM says:

      In VA House of Delegates,
      early votes show the following districts may be possible flips for the GOP:


    46. jason says:

      Kornacki spinning furiously

    47. Tina says:

      Kyle Becker
      · 8m
      Breaking: Fairfax County, Virginia has announced that they are *RE-SCANNING* ballots and will be releasing their vote totals later tonight.

    48. jason says:

      Loudon is really bad for McAuliffe

    49. Uncle Sam says:

      Loudoun County with 77% in Youngkin outperforming Trump by 10% – huge for Youngkin

    50. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Youngkin up by a lot in Winchester with 11% in. I’m there a lot, it’s a pretty liberal place.”

      Winchester is in the Lower Shenandoah Valley just S. of the WV’s far eastern panhandle. Winchester is within Frederick County VA which is pretty conservative.

    51. Cash Cow TM says:

      Commonwealth of VA election site

      Glenn A. Youngkin 319,471 58.15%
      Terry R. McAuliffe 225,939 41.13%

      Princess L. Blanding
      Liberation 3,672 0.67%

    52. phoenixrisen says:

      Those Loudon and Prince William county margins are catastrophic for MacAuliffe. Still always to go but he has to make up a lot of ground

    53. Barrett says:

      @Cash Cow

      Winchester went for Biden in 2020, 51.6% of the vote. I’m glad to see it back in the red column.

    54. EML says:

      Henrico 83% reporting. McAuliffe up by 9. Biden won by 29.

    55. DW says:

      I warned you all about Fairfax.

    56. BennSue says:

      ~33% in
      1M votes
      Youngkin 53.5%
      McAuliffe 45.8%

    57. Cash Cow TM says:

      Newest update from Commm. of Va election site:

      Glenn A. Youngkin
      Republican 457,620 58.34%
      Terry R. McAuliffe
      Democratic 321,315 40.96%
      Princess L. Blanding
      Liberation 5,025 0.64%

    58. EML says:

      84% reporting in Lee County, the furthest SW county in VA. Youngkin up by 80. Trump won by 69.

    59. Meldrim says:

      I read somewhere that the votes that Loudon has reported do *not* include mail-in votes. If that’s true, that’s a bummer, and might mean that Loudon isn’t being as helpful as I thought. Nate Cohn of the NYT is saying that Youngkin is maybe 2% above where he needs to be to break even; given that Sears and even Miyares are trailing Youngkin by less than 1%, I’d take that 2% victory.

      And Cow noted 10 potential GOP HOD pickups. I predicted that the GOP would net 9 seats, but, hey, I’d take 10. : )

    60. jason says:

      Youngkin killing it in VA Beach

    61. BayernFan says:

      Fair fax will find the votes for TM to win.

    62. Bitterlaw says:

      CNN reports that TMac issued letter to supporters that “win or lose” they fought a hard campaign.

    63. Meldrim says:

      I didn’t think it possible that Youngkin could squeeze even more votes out of SW VA than Trump did, but he appears to be doing so. Unbelievable. There are a lot of pissed-off voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    64. phoenixrisen says:

      These numbers across the board look awful for MacAuliffe. But, NOVA reporting to come in late.

    65. Barrett says:

      #64, the entire state is furious. Between all of the ridiculous covid mandates, telling parents how to school their children, and the transgender rape scandal, it is hard to picture a Democrat win. They are on the wrong side of history here.

    66. Tgca says:

      Is Youngkin doing better in Loudon County or Loudoun County?

      I hope he does great in both counties tonight. Every little bit helps.

    67. Greymarch says:

      We now have enough info…

      Youngkin wins this race, unless the dems hold onto the Fairfax vote for several hours, create thousands of dem votes, throw-out thousands of GOP votes, and McAuliffe wins Fairfax by an even wider margin than Biden did.

      Only voting-fraud in Fairfax can save McAuliffe now.

    68. EML says:

      HOD district 28 – 66% reporting. Biden won by 10.5%. The Democratic incumbent is currently down by 14%

    69. phoenixrisen says:

      That would be huge if the GOP picked up the Virginia House as well. They just might do it.

    70. Cash Cow TM says:

      From Daily Kos site

      Loudoun county
      84 of 101 precincts in
      67,554 McA
      60,326 Youngkin

      So right now McA over Yonngkin
      by 52.6% to 46.97%

    71. Uncle Sam says:

      Fairfax feverishly printing more ballots.

    72. BennSue says:

      40% in
      Youngkin 54.9%
      McAuliffe 44.4%
      ~130k vote lead for Youngkin

    73. EML says:

      94% reporting in York County. Trump won by 6. Youngkin up by 18.

    74. Meldrim says:

      This is FABULOUS news for Youngkin out of Loudon, from someone who really knows his stuff (Henry Olsen):

      Youngkin trails in Loudon by only 5.6% *after* they counted the mail-ins; and the 15 ED precincts left portend to help him narrow the margin even more. I don’t think that Fairfax (the county, not the outgoing rapist Lt. Gov.) can manufacture enough votes to steal it.

    75. EML says:

      Chesterfield County (Richmond). 83% reporting. Youngkin up by 11. Biden won by 6.

    76. phoenixrisen says:

      Politico reporting 42% in, Youngkin up 13, 173K vote lead.

    77. EML says:

      City of Danville 100% reported. Biden won by 22. McAuliffe by 7.

    78. phoenixrisen says:

      If this trend continues, this looks like Youngkin will win by 5-9 points.

    79. Phil says:

      Yes about Loudoun County. Baris says the goal was to keep it about 5 or so to hit the target. Youngkin appears to have done that.

    80. Cash Cow TM says:

      I am surprised that the R candidates for AG and LT GOV are doing almost as well as Youngkin.

    81. Barrett says:

      Tgca, Youngkin is definitely doing better in Loudoun county than Loudon county.

      But yes, I misspell it frequently.

    82. Meldrim says:

      #78, Wes, you beat me to it, and with a much shorter URL.

    83. Meldrim says:

      #78, Wes, you beat me to it, and with a much shorter URL.

    84. Tgca says:

      66. Barrett

      Agreed! Specifically, the cover up of the teenager’s rape in school by the Dems was by far one of the worst political strategies I recall with even an ex-POTUS weighing in and trying to distract from it for political purposes. A guy with two daughters too!

      I get there’s politics and spin is par for the course but you don’t try to spin rape of a child and then have an aggressive prosecutor try to go after the father for passionately advocating for justice for his raped daughter.

      That is complete madness!!!

    85. BennSue says:

      DrudgeReport Headline:



    86. EML says:

      82 – Agree, Cash Cow. CW was maybe some backlash against McAuliffe specifically for the Parents should stay out of their kids education comment, but Republicans are winning across the board.

    87. phoenixrisen says:

      Youngkin base performing very well and it certainly looks like the indies are heavily in his corner. Fairfax is funny.

    88. Uncle Sam says:

      Grim faces on MSNBC now – Plouffe sounding very somber. Karnacki I looking for any glimmer of hope.

    89. Tina says:

      Looks like the Obumbler and his Fraudulency inflamed people over the child rape coverup.

    90. phoenixrisen says:

      Fairfax starting to trickle in, 7% reporting, 72-28 Mac.

    91. Tina says:

      Keep an eye out for Sleaze Lawyah, Mark Elias.

      Jackie DeFusco
      · 42m
      NEW INFO: @TerryMcAuliffe’s campaign says a portion of the early votes in Fairfax County need to be rescanned and there is no set timeline for that yet. His staff says that could delay the results.

    92. Meldrim says:

      Cow, I suspected that Sears and Miyares would run close to Youngkin’s numbers, but not *that* close! And, as you noted, the HOD looks excellent as well. If things hold, it will be a rejection of the Democrats writ large, not merely McAuliffe.

    93. phoenixrisen says:

      Mac up in Loudoun by 11 with 93% reporting, has improved somewhat on his margin.

    94. phoenixrisen says:

      Youngkin up statewide with 187K votes with 50% reporting.

    95. marc says:

      Im ready to call it.

      Glen Youngkin has won the Virginia Governor race.

    96. phoenixrisen says:

      From what I can tell, Mac’s margins are not what they need to be, most notably in Prince William County. Still a ways to go.

    97. marc says:


      Winsom Sears has won the Virginia LT.Gov race.

    98. Marc says:


      Jason Miyeres has been elected Virginia AG.

    99. EML says:

      Youngkin seems to be running 15%+ ahead of Trump across the board.

    100. phoenixrisen says:

      Youngkin up by 195K vote margin.

      Northam had a 138K net vote advantage in Fairfax and 28K net vote advantage in 2017 when he won. I don’t see how Mac wins this unless he overperforms Northam in a crazy way.

    101. Wes says:

      60% in. TMac is down by 212k.

    102. EML says:

      HOD district 12. 80% reporting. Biden won by 5.5. Democratic incumbent losing by 20.

    103. Uncle Sam says:

      Dave Wasserman
      I’ve seen enough: Glenn Youngkin (R) defeats Terry McAuliffe (D) in the Virginia governor’s race. #VAGOV

    104. marc says:


      GOP will hold majority in Virginia House of Delegates..52 or 54 seats..

    105. Ken says:

      Maybe biden can nominate Mac for Secretary of education

    106. DW says:

      Lucy is promising Charlie Brown she will really hold the ball this time. Charlie looking it over….stay tuned….

    107. phoenixrisen says:

      Youngkin up 216K with 54% reporting. Loudoun 98% reporting, Prince William 65% reporting and Mac only up 6 points. This one is over. Youngkin wins.

    108. Wes says:

      When Wasserman calls it for a Republican, it’s time to rest easily.

    109. Meldrim says:

      Dave Wasserman has called it for Youngkin. It’s all over except for the crying.

      Youngkin, Sears and Miyares all will win! The House of Delegates is the only question mark.

      Now on to New Jersey!

    110. marc says:

      Its over folks, the numbers arent there for TMAC, in NOVA and he is under performing in AA districts.

    111. Tina says:


      It’s ovah.

      Political Polls
      · 4m

      Glenn Youngkin (R) defeats Terry McAuliffe (D) in #VAGOV


    112. phoenixrisen says:

      DW, you uncorking the alcohol your way yet? 😉

    113. Skippy says:

      Congrats Youngkin, his family, and to all those who worked on his campaign.

      Great victory for Virginia and the Nation!

    114. Cash Cow TM says:

      VA House of Delegates races:

      So, R are still doing well in trying to unseat D incumbents in districts:


      Rs also doing well in these open ( think) seat districts:
      10 (in NOVA)

    115. EML says:

      HOD district 72. 86% reporting. Biden won by 16. Democratic incumbent down by 4.

    116. Tina says:

      Glad he beat that vile pos, mcawful.

    117. DW says:

      I will wait … its not over…seen this movie so many times. Fairfax still too much out…

    118. EML says:

      Walt – 10, 21, and 91 are Dem incumbents

    119. Wes says:

      Seriously, DW. Wasserman is a Dem hack. He called it for Youngkin. Come down off the ledge. It’s over.

    120. marc says:

      If these Virginia numbers are applied nationwide the Democrats majority in Congress is now on life support. GOP could make some surprising pickups next year.

    121. BennSue says:

      52% in
      ~1.6M votes
      Youngkin 54.7%
      McAuliffe 44.5%
      ~195K vote lead

    122. Wes says:

      66% in. Youngkin up 199k.

      The Fat Lady has sung, received her ovation, and gone to the dressing room.

    123. phoenixrisen says:

      Fairfax 32% reporting, Mac up 65-36 in Fairfax. DW, there is not enough there.

    124. Meldrim says:

      DW, the Democrats can’t steal it *now*, they’d embarrass Wasserman. The “impossible” has happened. Try not to get too depressed. : )

    125. Tgca says:

      84. Barrett

      I was not poking fun at you.

      I noticed one poster here with an extremely high IQ has been posting the county name incorrectly all week while THEY make an effort to correct the posts of other people even though THEY posts are riddled with frequent errors.

      I saw one post last week where THEY referred to the county incorrectly like 3 or 4 times. Clearly, not a typo but an ignorance of VA geography and politics, that is, if you repeatedly misspell the county name so therefore it’s legitimate to question THEY entire post, both form and substance me thinks.

      It’s like someone repeatedly referring to New Jersey as New Jersy or California as Californa.

      Again, I usually ignore posting grammar or Engwish errors of others here because I understand it’s an informal posting environment but I could not help myself. Sorry!

      But enough with mocking fascists HHR posters! Tonight I do not wish to distract from what appears to be the jolly spirits of many here.

    126. phoenixrisen says:

      Pretty awful for McAwful (hi there Tina) to be only up 80K votes.

    127. BennSue says:

      DecisionDesk has called it for Youngkin.

    128. EML says:

      Let’s just see what the Republican majority in the HOD is going to be.

    129. Tgca says:

      Ok. Can I offer my VA predictions now or should I wait another hour?

    130. DW says:

      delegates – DIstrict 12

      Ballard, Jason (R) 10,555 60.29%
      Hurst, Chris (D-inc) 6,953 39.71%

      This Hurst is the one caught driving the car last night while his accomplice was vandalizing Ballard signs.

    131. Greymarch says:

      Youngkin needs to build a lead so large, that even if ever registered voter in Fairfax voted for McAullife, Youngkin would still win. Once Youngkin gets to that kind of lead, I will believe he has won.

      That “delayed” Fairfax vote is not a coincidence.

    132. Phil says:

      Baris just says it will be between a 2 and 3 pt. Win for Youngkin.

      His final poll was Youngkin by 2.9.

      The guy knows what he is doing.

    133. Barrett says:

      129. Tgca

      I know! I was mostly poking fun at myself. Having moved from MD to WV, I get called out a lot for a different accent.

      All good!

    134. Marc says:

      With Sears elected has LT. GoV the GOP in Virginia only needs to pick up 1 seat for a majority.

    135. phoenixrisen says:

      Fairfax County only county in Virginia to miss the 8 p.m. early voting state law deadline. Sure, that’s not a coincidence.

    136. phoenixrisen says:

      Still seeing quite a bit of vote still to be counted in multiple GOP counties

    137. Barrett says:

      If Fairfax county swings the election, I’ll be shocked. I’ll also claim obvious election fraud.

    138. Wes says:

      With 69% in, Youngkin is up by 213k. TMac is done–as if we didn’t already know.

    139. mnw says:

      I didn’t make a prediction, but I thought it would be WAY more than 2-3%– more like 4-5%.

      So the legacy media will report a tie tonite– each party won one, so no tea leaves. Just the usual off-year pattern. DEMs are actually pleased with the result.

    140. Tina says:

      The socialist son is looking for a silver lining.

      Bill Kristol
      · 10m
      brb — looking for silver linings…

    141. jason says:

      Nobody has called NJ yet.

    142. Wes says:

      Fairfax is 54% in. TMac is ahead there by 80k votes.

      If Democrats managed to get 214k out of the remaining 46%, then I’d jump on the stolen election bandwagon in a second.

    143. phoenixrisen says:

      218K vote lead for Youngkin, 63% in.

    144. jason says:

      jason says:
      November 1, 2021 at 5:13 pm

      Go big or go home.

      Youngkin 53-46-1

    145. DW says:

      Still staring down Lucy holding the football…she assures me I will kick it this time….

    146. Barrett says:


      My two cents

    147. BennSue says:

      DEMS crowing about winning OH House seat

    148. phoenixrisen says:

      With the result in VA, I have to wonder if NJ will be tighter than poll indicated. Still expect to see Murphy.

    149. Barrett says:

      Shoot I pulled a Cory…

      53.0 to 46.5 to 0.5

      That’s much better

    150. mnw says:

      145 Tina

      How you feeling? Any side effects?

      I’m about to get a booster shot myself.

      We could have a lot of FUN pointing out “silver linings” to Capt. Cuck!

      I’ll start:

      Hey, Bill! Youngkin put that “boy-in-a-dress rape” thing in the rearview mirror! You’ll NEVER have to worry about that hurting McAuliffe ever again!

    151. phoenixrisen says:

      Wes, the eye popper there is the GOP is leading in 15 house delegate races up for grabs. Last I saw, 4 have been called for the GOP. Could be a really big night.

    152. Wes says:

      That’s a D+infinity seat, Ben. Obviously Dems were going to win it.

    153. Cash Cow TM says:

      VA House of Delegates

      R’s looking good to oust D incumbents in district:

      2 (close one)
      [10 is off the table now]
      63 is another close one
      [67 is now off the table]
      73 another close one
      [91 looks like the D will prevail]
      93 another close one
      [94 the D has retaken the lead]

    154. Tina says:

      Mnw, feeling a bit better, but #3 was the worst for me.

    155. phoenixrisen says:

      227K lead now for Youngkin, 64% reporting. 2/3 Fairfax still outstanding

    156. Gordon Allen says:

      Tina. Was that the Moderna shot and booster??

    157. NYCmike says:

      I think Youngkin may pull it out with 52%.

    158. mnw says:

      153 Benn

      Wes beat me to it. OH-11? That there is an AA vote sink!

      OH-11’s mirror image would be a GOP CD in the piney woods country of northern Mississippi.

      160 Tina

      Glad to hear u r feeling better.

    159. lisab says:


      you can read the fraser book in a couple of nights. it is one of the great war memoirs. he was a novelist, so he was able to make the book very readable.

      although he was fairly liberal, he was one of those who came out in favour of the atom bomb

      he basically says at the end of that book, “a lot of people were dying in that war, and while i am sorry civilians died, but the bomb saved a lot of other civilians from dying, and a lot of soldiers, including my friends that i served with, and who are you to say our lives were not worth as much as the civilians in those cities? if you did not fight in that war, gfy”

      to paraphrase

    160. EML says:

      Don’t count out VA 10th yet Walt. The Republican just cut the lead to 51-49. Less than 1K votes now.

    161. Barrett says:

      Tina, glad to hear you are feeling well. I just got my 2nd pfizer shot. I was down and out for 3 days from the side effects.

    162. EML says:

      Can the OGs tell me who BennSue the Dem cheerleader is? Sounds like ProudObamacon.

    163. Cash Cow TM says:

      60 precincts of 250 reporting
      For information on absentee returned statistics click here: Absentee Return Statistics
      Candidate Votes Percent
      Glenn A. Youngkin
      Republican 62,440 30.92%
      Terry R. McAuliffe
      Democratic 138,269 68.47%

    164. Barrett says:

      NBC saying 70% of Fairfax County is in

      Youngkin still has comfortable state lead.

    165. JeffP says:

      Okay I am going to say it…DeSantis needs to run. One takeaway from VA…Trump is toxic.

    166. Uncle Sam says:

      Sabato: A member of Mcauliffe’s staff says it’s a “bloodbath”.

    167. NYCmike says:

      If Republicans win all spots + the legislature, can they push to enact Florida-type voting reforms?

    168. phoenixrisen says:

      58% reporting in Fairfax, only 94K vote lead for Mac. Toast.

    169. Wes says:

      Where’s Gatorjoel? He told us TMac would win easily.

    170. NYCmike says:

      Desantis needs to win in 2022, correct?

      A year is a long time. I hope he is prepared for the onslaught.

    171. Tina says:


      #1 minor side effects.

      #2 nothing.

      #3 I was mauled. Feeling a bit better.

    172. Cash Cow TM says:

      169 above is for Faifax county

      Here is Loudoun county
      100 precincts of 101 reporting

      For information on absentee returned statistics click here: Absentee Return Statistics
      Candidate Votes Percent
      Glenn A. Youngkin
      Republican 73,210 44.82%
      Terry R. McAuliffe
      Democratic 89,347 54.69%

    173. Wes says:

      Unclear, Mikey, since Dems still run the VA Senate.

    174. JeffP says:

      173 YES the state might stay Red. The numbers in Virginia Beach are staggering.

    175. phoenixrisen says:

      Yeah, I agree Jeff. As much as I love the results that Trump got for this country, the majority of people don’t like him. Might not be fair but that is fact and that translates at the voting booth. DeSantis if the GOP nominee would be a formidable candidate.

    176. NYCmike says:

      “Desantis needs to win in 2022, correct?”

      -Meaning he is up for re-election next year?

      I am aware he would have to win any electoral contest to continue being a viable candidate for the Oval Office.

    177. Cash Cow TM says:

      Newport News
      45 precincts of 48 reporting

      For information on absentee returned statistics click here: Absentee Return Statistics
      Candidate Votes Percent
      Glenn A. Youngkin
      Republican 16,843 44.43%
      Terry R. McAuliffe
      Democratic 20,599 54.34%

    178. Tina says:

      Jack Posobiec ??
      · 10m
      BREAKING: Biden just declined to take a call from Terry McAuliffe, per WH official

    179. BennSue says:

      Looks like a R sweep across VA

      EML, I’m not a Lib or PO; I was being sarcastic about the OH result. I’ll try to make it more clear in the future.

    180. JeffP says:

      DeSantis will win in 2022 and he is strong leader. He fights back with style.

    181. Gordon Allen says:

      This is one of the few reports of side effects from the Pfizer. I’ve heard plenty from Moderna shots, including my son in law. My wife and I have had all three with no effects at all.
      Shows how variable the vaccines are, as is the virus itself, depending on each individuals body chemistry/
      Quite peculiar.

    182. phoenixrisen says:

      #184 OUCH! Frigid Joe is not happy. He knows the infrastructure bill is toast.

    183. NYCmike says:

      #181 – Unfortunately, I agree that Trump’s time has gone, and many of my friends feel the same way.

      Hopefully, he will sit down and see that stepping aside for another may be the thing to bestow legendary status on his name.

    184. EML says:

      Walt – Biden won Newport News by 33%

    185. JeffP says:

      184 That’s hilarious…Tina. I like Jack a lot. Hope you feel better soon.

    186. BennSue says:

      72% in
      ~ 2.24M votes
      Youngkin 54.25%
      McAuliffe 45.09%
      ~206k vote lead

    187. jason says:

      BREAKING: Biden just declined to take a call from Terry McAuliffe, per WH official”

      Isn’t Biden in Europe its like 3 AM there.

      Biden is sound asleep.

    188. Cash Cow TM says:

      Virginia Beach
      85 precincts of 103 reporting

      Glenn A. Youngkin
      Republican 52,339 58.65%
      Terry R. McAuliffe
      Democratic 36,188 40.55%

    189. Gordon Allen says:

      DeSantis will win comfortably here in Florida in 2022.You can book it.

    190. Wes says:

      DDHQ calls VAAG for Miyares. That’s a sweep.


      A Latino beat a guy who wore blackface and was part of a cabal to cover up a rape.

      Deliciously appropriate.

    191. JeffP says:

      Yep…Trumps negatives are just too dang high. He ran against Hillary, the Queen B.

    192. jason says:

      Unclear, Mikey, since Dems still run the VA Senate.”

      Yes but there is a Dem that votes with Rs sometimes.

      So there could be some 20-20 ties.

    193. phoenixrisen says:

      Ciatrelli only 40K down, 21% in, down 6 points in NJ. Not bad.

    194. Barrett says:

      For what it’s worth, I’ll be mailing DeSantis a check in 2022.

      Share some of the massive wealth we have here in WV!

    195. Bitterlaw says:

      So far, it looks like Youngkin has held Trump voters AND done better with suburban voters than Trump did.

    196. mnw says:

      Biden today: “We’re going to win!” (as he downplays his effect on results in VA gov)

      FOX hasn’t called, btw. I read Sean Trende’s tweets as quite cautious still.

    197. EML says:

      NYT has not yet called any of the tight HOD races, but they show Republicans leading in: 12, 21, 28, 31, 51, 72, 73, 75, 83, 85, 91

    198. GF says:

      Good Evening, all!

      Been out looking at land to build on, no signal for the most part, but I was able to do quick uploads intermittently. Needless to say, I’m quite pleased. Granted, id like the margin to be bigger, but once Fairfax et al finish up, I’ll be close to my predicted margin, methinks, and that HoD spread is looking better every minute.

      DW, relax and crack open some bubbly, no way 2/3 of Fairfax can manufacture enough to overcome a 223k spread. Just not possible without obvious fraud.

      Marv, saw your earlier post, I retired from active duty January 1st, 2017, after 20 years and three months. I also retired from an unhappy marriage shortly afterward, and am pleased to say that wife 2.0 is absolutely marvelous and has provided me with the ultimate joy in life, a happy, healthy and very smart little boy of 11 months now. Could not be happier.??

    199. phoenixrisen says:

      Youngkin up 221K with 71% reporting.

    200. Scooterboy says:

      Ciattarelli only down 6 with 22% reporting.

    201. Wes says:

      Mnw, when DDHQ and Wasserman call it, it’s over. Fox still wants ratings. I don’t know why Trends is cautious to

    202. EML says:

      NJ Gov has tighten here a bit. From Murphy +12 to +6.

    203. Tina says:

      But Mcawful made that huge error about blaming parents.

      He brought up trumps name a lot during the last week or so.

      I am not for or against st any R candidate for President in 2024.

      I am waiting to see. Trumps age is a concern though.

    204. Tina says:

      Dw, needs to have some limoncello.

      If I did not have China virus light symptoms, I would be down for some.

    205. phoenixrisen says:

      Ciattarelli down to 33K, down only 5 points, 22% reporting. If he carries the NW and SW collars like Christie did, he might have a chance.

    206. JeffP says:

      Trump will be toxic in some races in 2022 as well. A huge boon in others. Problem is I doubt he plays it smart. But again he is buddy’s with Kevin the Luntz lover and and golfing buddies with Lindsey Graham.

    207. Tina says:

      She is as insane as the mslsd beotch.
      · 57m
      This is INSANE.

      MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: “Critical Race Theory, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump insurrection endorsed Republican.”

    208. phoenixrisen says:

      This NJ is tight, a lot tighter than I thought it would be in the early going.

    209. dennis says:

      Ciattarelli only down 4% now

    210. mnw says:

      207 Wes

      Oh, I agree. It’s over, obviously. But it’s interesting to see who the holdouts are, though.

      Remember how FAST FOX called AZ for Biden? Not much interest in delaying the call for ratings purposes THERE, was there?

    211. Bitterlaw says:

      GF – It is remarkable how an 11 month old can teach you what really matters. They are also remarkably uninterested in politics.

    212. Cash Cow TM says:

      Fairfax county
      60 of 250 precincts in

      Mca has a net gain of @70,000
      Could McA get another 200,000+ margin there?

    213. JeffP says:

      In NJ the lockdowns and mandates might make this race close? Taxes? What is the issue driving this?

    214. Tina says:

      Faux is a mess,

      It’s largely unwatchable.

    215. Dylan says:

      Does the Republican have a chance at an upset in NJ based on the returns?

    216. Tina says:

      Economy is the sheots.

      That is what is driving this, in addition to anti lock downs, against crt, for parents in education, and illegals running wild all over the place.

      The country is the sheots now.

    217. mnw says:

      204 Chief

      I enjoy your posts at RRH. Man, they have some condescending leftist jerks over there.

      Sincere thanks for your service, too.

    218. Tina says:

      Oh, and $4.75 a gallon gasoline.

    219. BennSue says:

      DRUDGE calls it for Youngkin

    220. Tina says:

      Oh, and $4.75 a gallon gasoline.

      $70 for 3 lbs of ribeye steaks.

      I can go on and one.

    221. Tina says:

      Mslsd is more unhinged. I hope they have their scripts

      Joy Reid: Trump approved Glenn Youngkin’s campaign focused singularly on race in the closing weeks.

      Decision Desk: Virginia votes for first black female Lt Gov in history, a Republican.

    222. Scooterboy says:

      New Jersey is getting closer. Almost tied.

    223. Cash Cow TM says:


      79 of 250 precincts in

      McA nets @ 80,000

      160,000 more gain there for McA??

    224. DW says:

      The reason none of the networks have called it, is because they know what Fairfax is capable of.

    225. BennSue says:

      Baris “NJ Gov very close right now”

    226. Barrett says:

      Wow, what’s going on in NJ? Guess they were tired of the mandates and inflation too…

    227. Tina says:

      Yah think?

      Dave Wasserman
      · 2m
      Needless to say, tonight’s results are consistent w/ a political environment in which Republicans would comfortably take back both the House and Senate in 2022.

    228. mnw says:

      226 Tina

      Biden has been like a divine intervention for big U.S. coal companies, though! These are the best years the industry has EVER had, & it’s all thanks to Joe! I’m sure Manchin is grateful, too.

      I saw the oil & natural gas super cycle coming, but… I forgot about coal, unfortunately.

    229. Tina says:

      Matt Walsh
      I want to thank the Loudoun County school board. None of this would have been possible without you. Tonight’s result was your handiwork. Congratulations!

    230. EML says:

      Fairfax is 81% reported per NYT. Youngking still up by 8 points.

    231. JeffP says:

      226 Tina…Sheot…I see. I am buying steaks at Sams Club and cutting them in half so I can still enjoy…but much cheaper here in Indiana…gas at Costco or with a Speedway point discount is low $3 a gallon. It still sucks.

    232. Wes says:

      Walt DDHQ says TMac is up 108k in Fairfax with 88% in.

      That looks like a fait accompli.

    233. Bitterlaw says:

      Murphy ran against Trump and the Texas abortion law. Ciaterrelli ran against Murphy.

    234. JeffP says:

      With Jersey close I have to go watch Baris on You Tube.

    235. EML says:

      60% reporting in the open seat in OH-15. Trump won by 14. Republican Mike Carey currently leads by 17.

    236. Cash Cow TM says:

      city of Richmond, McA will prob gain an additional net of 8,000 in precincts not yet counted.

      The big Kahuna is Fairfax outstanding.

    237. jason says:

      Tapper calls NJ race a “nail biter”.

    238. Bartman says:

      Tough for Murphy……no one in NJ was prepared to cheat.

    239. jason says:

      160,000 more gain there for McA??


    240. EML says:

      Murphy ahead by 1% with 1/3 reporting. Granted, I have no idea where these votes are being reported from. Too busy watching VA.

    241. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Wes says:
      November 2, 2021 at 9:40 pm
      Walt DDHQ says TMac is up 108k in Fairfax with 88% in.

      That looks like a fait accompli.”
      Good to know.

      The Commonwealth of VA and Daily Kos sites must not be as current.

      Of course, Fairfax might rescan those 20,000 early votes five more times. 🙂

    242. jason says:

      Fairfax is 81% in.

    243. EML says:

      Republican now down 625 votes, ~1.5%, in HOD 10.

    244. jason says:

      Most of Essex is not in….so a lot of votes there for Murphy.

    245. jason says:

      Buffalo Mayor race, write-in is defeating Dem socialist.

      Abolish police dept losing in Minneapolis.

    246. DW says:

      The networks are admitting there is election fraud…because they are not calling VA, when only fraud can save the Dems.

    247. Bitterlaw says:

      CNN is actually focused more on New Jersey than Virginia.

    248. BennSue says:

      Ciattarelli leading now

    249. Cash Cow TM says:


      Daily Kos is showing for Fairfax:
      203 out of 250 reporting (81%)

      234K McA
      125K Youngkin

      So I guess McA could net another @ 25K-30K there.

    250. Bitterlaw says:

      Way too early but if Ciaterrelli could win or keep Bergen county close, Murphy is seriously wounded.

    251. phoenixrisen says:

      It’s not so much as Ciattarelli is leading, but he’s leading in Bergen County which is surprising. Still quite a bit of vote out in Bergen and Essex but this race is really interesting.

    252. mnw says:


      That’s useful info. I forgot all about those.

      The thing about radical mayors & city councils (Minneapolis; Portland) is, if given a free hand they will turn those cities into urban deserts. Maybe people are beginning to FEAR that outcome, if they own homes or businesses there? I would’ve sold out long ago myself, even for pennies on the dollar.

      I’m a big believer in getting out while the getting is good.

    253. DW says:

      Youngkin’s lead starting to shrink.

    254. Cash Cow TM says:

      Youngkin margin shrinks to @172,000

      52.9% to 46.4%

    255. phoenixrisen says:

      DW, no vote left in Loudoun, Fairfax and Prince William are mostly in, and there is still some rural vote out in mulitple GOP counties. 173K vote lead. It’s a done deal.

    256. Hugh says:

      Fox again is embarrassing. Called az with no votes in. This will not be close. They should try to get some credibility with their base and call this. However they are a mess. Why I barely watch them anymore

    257. EML says:

      OH-15 is a Republican hold.

    258. mnw says:

      261 Tina

      I like it! Trying to fit in with her new team. Talking the talk and walking the walk.

    259. phoenixrisen says:

      Fairfax 100% in. It’s over.

    260. mnw says:

      264 Hugh

      Agreed. I noted that earlier to Wes, who thought FOX was delaying the VA call to hold viewers. Well. FOX sure didn’t try to hold viewers with their incredibly premature AZ call.

      I read where FOX PROMOTED the guy who made the early AZ call, btw.

    261. EML says:

      Should be noted that McAuliffe won Fairfax by 29 while Biden won by 42.

    262. Cash Cow TM says:

      Daily Kos site indicating Fairfax vote is all counted in the current state total.

    263. DW says:

      I have seen Fairfax at 100% before, and then thousands more votes come in.

    264. DW says:

      Youngkin lead down to 134,000

    265. phoenixrisen says:

      132K vote lead. Most of VA has reported, just some residual vote left that will probably gain Youngkin some more votes. He looks to win by 4-6 points.

    266. EML says:

      They are at 412ish K votes DW, in line with the expected turnout from the 600K presidential election votes.

    267. Cash Cow TM says:

      Youngkin winning margin slipping to

      Make that 52.3% now…

      133,000 margin.

    268. jason says:

      Sliwa getting some votes in NYC.

    269. BennSue says:

      Is Ciattarelli really going to pull this off?

    270. Bitterlaw says:

      Murphy needs to do better in Mercer (Trenton), Camden and Bergen Counties.

    271. BayernFan says:

      Her comes the Virginia steal

    272. DW says:

      279 – Yep…Lucy poised to pull the football away again.

    273. phoenixrisen says:

      It’s going to be really tight. Essex still hasn’t reported practically anything but as Bitter just pointed out, he is doing very well, particularly in Bergen County.

    274. mnw says:

      FOX sez Youngkin has “clear advantage.”

      FOX has been worthless since Roger Ailes was forced out.

    275. Bitterlaw says:

      Bergen County has the most voters.

    276. EML says:

      A little disappointing news on the night. NYT has called HOD 72 for the Democrat. Suburban Richmond district that Biden only won by 6.

    277. Cash Cow TM says:

      Youngkin at 51.69%

      117,000 margin

    278. DW says:

      Youngkin dangerously close to the margin of fraud threshold.

    279. Bitterlaw says:

      With 40% counted, Ciaterrelli has 55% of the vote in Bergen County.

    280. Bitterlaw says:

      If Ciaterrelli holds on tonight, he will probably win. Dems got so used to winning they might not have geared up to cheat.

    281. phoenixrisen says:

      Mac pulls a Clinton. Refuses to concede to his supporters.

    282. EML says:

      If Ciaterrelli holds on tonight, I will eat my hat.

    283. DW says:

      289 – Of course…delay…delay…wait. See what Fairfax can do for you.

    284. Meldrim says:

      DW, you’re a clown. It’s over. Your entire reason for living–claiming that Democrats will steal every election–has been shattered. But you can pretend that nothing happened and come back next year to predict that Democrats will steal every election, and if they do win a close one you can claim victory. In the meantime, Youngkin, Sears, Miyares and a majority of Republican HOD candidates all won, so GFY. Some people are actually happy about tonight’s results and don’t want to hear Baghdad Bob with his stupid alternate universe.

    285. Bitterlaw says:

      EML – But would you eat at Olive Garden?

    286. phoenixrisen says:

      Newsmax seems to be ahead regarding reporting results compared to what I see online.

    287. DW says:

      292–I have just seen this happen in Virginia so many times in statewide elections. I will believe it when I actually see it.

    288. mnw says:

      Youngkin to address supporters any moment. Will be interesting to see if “Let’s Go Brandon!” breaks out.

    289. EML says:

      Bitter – I’d rather eat the rotten pumpkins sitting outside than eat an Olive Garden.

    290. Bitterlaw says:

      Jake Tapper and Map Guy say TMac could still win but they “don’t see it.”

    291. EML says:

      91% in, Youngkin lead up to 121K

    292. jason says:

      Me too. I would almost eat a dinner made by Tgca before I would eat at Olive Garden.


    293. BennSue says:

      Youngkin ahead by ~112k votes
      Only ~350k votes left
      McAuliffe would need better than 2-1 to cover the gap.

      Republicans BIG winners in VA

    294. jason says:

      Sliwa at 30% in NYC, remarkable.

    295. mnw says:

      Thank G O D we’re not going to have another one of those “We’ll have to wait until ALL the mail-in ballots arrive next Friday before we’ll know who won!” nights.

    296. phoenixrisen says:

      Essex is still hanging out there but Ciattarelli with a 66K vote lead. That’s a pretty big margin to make up.

    297. dylan says:

      Even if Youngkin holds on–which seems likely, isn’t it a little disconcerting that it’s this close given how epically awful the national dems are? You have to ask if there is gonna be anything worth saving by 2024–its not like “ok, inflation can now get under control” and prices go back to what they were

      Sliwa would be a great mayor. What the hell do the people in NYC want

    298. EML says:

      With 99% of precincts reporting, 29 year old Republican Jared Kraham is leading Democratic city councilman Joe Burns by 55-45 in the race for Binghamton, NY mayor.

    299. mnw says:

      RRH posters say:

      1) PA Supreme Court now has GOP in the lead.

      2) VA AG race is now down to R +1.8, which is considerably closer than Youngkin’s emerging margin of victory. If u want to worry about one slipping away, that might be it, not Gov.

    300. Tina says:

      Democracy is in peril. Insurrectionist. Where is the neocon Karen?

      Quote Tweet

      Terry McAuliffe
      · 17m
      Folks, not everything is counted and we’re still waiting for a lot of votes to come in. And we want to ensure every Virginians’ voice is heard.
      Show this thread

    301. Bitterlaw says:

      Murphy has to hope Essex County comes in strong. However, there are some Red Counties that have not reported yet.

    302. Tina says:


      · 17m

    303. Meldrim says:

      DW, I know that you’re still shellshocked from past elections (Warner beating Gillespie in 2014 was particularly brutal), but just take it easy and wait a while and you’ll be able to “see it” and thus believe it. I’m a lifelong Cubs fan, and I died several times during Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, but I sucked it up and was able to see the Cubs finally win one. So take it easy and, instead of posting every ten minutes how Fairfax County will produce more McAuliffe votes than it has voters, post how good it would be for Youngkin actually to win. After a few posts like that, you might be able to be happy when the last holdout network calls it for Youngkin.

    304. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Been working late, and just saw the election results. The Democrats are going to go into the panic mode — their pretend world is over; they can no longer hold up Biden like a mannequin and pretend he is competent and not suffering from dementia. The 2022 election is going to be ugly.

    305. NYCmike says:

      How can you watch Baris?

    306. BayernFan says:

      Michelle Wu is a DEMOCRAT

    307. JeffP says:

      313 Baris packed it up about an hour ago. Bummer on NJ.

    308. Cash Cow TM says:

      McA had the following largest NET votes over Youngkin in these places:

      121K Fairfax county
      50K Arlington co.
      45K Richmond
      24K Alexandria
      24K Henrico co.
      17K Loudoun co.
      15K Hampton
      14K Roanoke co.
      12K Charlottesville
      12K Albemarle co.
      11K Newport News
      10K Norfolk
      10K Portsmouth

    309. phoenixrisen says:

      NJ looks good, but the outstanding vote out there seeing what remains looks to be a 50/50 race. It’s going to be really close.

    310. Bitterlaw says:

      JeffP- Why are you down on NJ?

    311. Phil says:

      Not trying to be an alarmist but Youngkin’s lead has now slipped to 57000 votes and it’s happening with no dumps out of Fairfax, Arlington or Richmond.

      Where exactly are these votes coming from?

    312. BayernFan says:

      Democrats WILL steal both Virginia and New Jersey.

    313. DW says:

      319—that’s what I have been asking for 15 years.

    314. dylan says:

      So in the best possible national environment in years, Younkin will either barely win or barely lose. Takeaway–there is no hope for this country, Comrades.

    315. phoenixrisen says:

      I’m wondering the same thing Phil. Where did 60K net votes for McAuliffe materialize out of thin air?

    316. Phil says:

      No, seriously, Democrat votes keep dropping but the percentage of the vote that is in isn’t moving.

    317. Phil says:

      Out of thin air is exactly right.

    318. Barrett says:

      I’m seeing the same garbage too…another election that is being stolen. Why aren’t the numbers for Fairfax moving?

    319. EML says:

      NYT, at least, has the Frederick County results reversed. It’s not 25K McAuliffe, 11K Youngkin, it’s the other way around.

    320. NYCmike says:

      Maybe that was the plan all along – get everyone saying one thing really early so they go to bed, and then BOOM! we all wake up in the morning and the results are in, Surprise the Democrats won everywhere!

    321. Ameister says:

      Jack for New Jersey!!!!!

    322. Tina says:

      Denatured of 2020.

      Was told no voter fraud,

    323. phoenixrisen says:

      Youngkin starting to trickle some net votes, picked up 1K. Still wanting to know where that 60K net vote dump came from on the map for Mac.

    324. Phil says:

      99.6 of Fairfax in but McAulliffe keeps picking up tens of thousands of votes.

      Make it stop.

    325. EML says:

      And……they just fixed it. Youngkin back up by 89K.

    326. Barrett says:

      I’m looking at Chesterfield and Rockingham for a respectable sum of Youngkin votes yet to come in.

    327. NYCmike says:

      Where is Wes to tell remind us that there isn’t any fraud?

    328. Scooterboy says:

      Are they really gonna steal Virginia?

    329. NYCmike says:

      Friend from Minnesota just texted me that they still have a police department in Minneapolis.

    330. phoenixrisen says:

      Okay, Youngkin back up to 86K vote lead. It could be one of those count Mac’s votes first and report, then count Youngkin’s, and report. Seen that before.

    331. BennSue says:

      R-E-L-A-X. Youngkin has got it. The interesting race is now in NJ for the Governor.

    332. Tina says:

      The Reckoning ? Retweeted

      Bergen County went D+16 in 2020.

      They are R+7 tonight.



    333. phoenixrisen says:

      Seeing quite a good amount of GOP vote still left in some VA counties. That got a little scary there for a bit.

    334. Cash Cow TM says:

      Commonwealth of VA shows:
      @93% of precincts in

      Youngkin up 51.05% to 48.25%

      86,000 margin

    335. phoenixrisen says:

      WOW. 97% of Bergen in and Ciattarelli is up 5 points. He’s going to win Bergen. Amazing.

    336. mnw says:

      There was a tabulation error in Frederik County– they had the totals for Youngkin & McAuliffe reversed. That’s why Youngkin has suddenly jumped back up to an 86k lead, per RRH.

    337. Bitterlaw says:

      I reported 2 weeks ago I only saw 1 Murphy sign in my hometown in New Jersey. It is amazing how poorly Murphy did in Bergen County.

    338. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Jennifer ‘pro-voting’ Rubin
      · Sep 16
      The @BillKristol endorsement will be big. Trust me.…

    339. NYCmike says:

      One note about NJ – one of our drivers came in late this morning, because he had to make sure and vote. Said there was a long line, lot of people who looked very serious.

      He voted for the first time in 2020, now he is up to speed on lots of different subjects regarding Jersey.

      Sorry I didn’t check in more with him the last couple of weeks.

    340. Phil says:

      Tabulation error?

      Ok, but you can understand why I’m a little paranoid.

    341. mnw says:

      348 Phil

      Yes, definitely! Me too.

    342. Tina says:

      Yup, always a tabulation error.

      Always, and it’s an “error” that always favors one side over the other.

    343. dennis says:

      Essex county is now 90% in. Up onlu .8 now but still up!

    344. mnw says:

      Olsen, not Ted, the other Olsen, says NJ guv is really in play, fwiw.

    345. Meldrim says:

      The only things left to be decided in VA are a dozen or so HOD seats that will tell us the size of the GOP majority.

      As for NJ, I keep reading that some of the big Democrat counties have yet to report mail-in votes. If that’s the case, it would be reminiscent of how well the GOP was doing in NY in 2020 only to have the rug pulled out from under them; conversely, in 2020 NJ counted all of the mail-ins first and the GOP started creeping up when they finally started counting the ED vote. In any event, if mail-ins remain uncounted in Democrat counties, then Murphy will win.

    346. Tina says:

      “Tabulation error”

      · 11m
      VA Update: Looks as though there was a tabulation error that switched a narrow GOP win to a Dem win, thus changing control from 51R-49D to 50R-50D. That race is almost certain to go to a recount. Our call was made before that tabulation error was recognized.…

    347. Cash Cow TM says:

      In NJ, is Citranella really ahead?

    348. JeffP says:

      318 Bitterlaw…should have clarified…bummer no Baris commentary on NJ vote coming in. NJ is looking interesting for sure. Reminds me of when Chrispy Cream won.

    349. Bitterlaw says:

      Salem County should be for Ciaterrelli and has reported no votes.

    350. dennis says:

      Gop up in all the PA court races.

    351. Meldrim says:

      Henry Olsen. Very serious and knowledgeable analyst, and one of the few who predicted the working-class realignment towards the GOP. If he says that Ciattarelli is still in it, then maybe there aren’t as many mail-in ballots outstanding as I feared.

    352. Phil says:

      Wait, did the HODs flip? Haven’t seen any data on the legislative races in Va.

    353. SoHope says:

      I think NJ is going to be a 2 point dem win….close but no cigar

    354. EML says:

      Phil – just about all of the competitive legislative races have not been called (at least by NYT) despite Republicans being up in many of them.

    355. JeffP says:

      358 Does that mean success in voting law violations in the courts in PA?

    356. Bitterlaw says:

      SoHope – Don’t be so certain. Murphy lost Bergen County. Stunning.

    357. Meldrim says:

      Phil, there are some *very* close HOD races still outstanding. The GOP will have at least 51 seats (out of 100) in the House, but could get to 55 or more.

    358. Cash Cow TM says:

      Practically every jurisdiction in VA still has 1 precinct still out.

      a few have 2 or 3…

      Hopewell has 10 precincts and none are reported.

    359. Meldrim says:

      #363, JeffP, the Democrats will stiill have a majority in the PA Supreme Court.

    360. Phil says:

      Excellent news on the HOD front. That’s a minimum of +6….not a bad night’s work!

    361. JeffP says:

      Bergen County result a 20 point swing from a year ago. Trump is toxic in the burbs. That is a huge story tonight. Wow.

    362. Phil says:

      So the Minneapolis abolish the police proposition went down 56-44.

      Apparently there are limits to liberal insanity.

    363. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Folks, heard from a TOP GOP lawyer in VA tonight that the Fairfax County thing had to do with an out of date/defective memory card. Both sides signed off on re-scan &it was witnessed by GOP lawyers in the room the whole time. Ain’t over till its over, but looks good for Youngkin!”

      Please note the statement: “was witnessed by GOP lawyers in the room the whole time”

      This is how you prevent election fraud; have observers and attorneys present to observe how the ballots are safeguarded and counted. And you inform the election offficals your observers will be present well in advance of the election. If they object, you get a court order forcing them to allow it. Trump’s campaign did not do so, and was faced with all sorts of new rules because of the pandemic.

      Rather than whining about it; it sounds like the Virginia Republicans got on top things. I would be more impressed if posters referred to the need for Republicans to take steps to prevent fraud, rather making helpless predictions that an election will be stolen.

    364. EML says:

      Youngkin lead back up to 94K

    365. mnw says:

      The Wise Men at RRH (Moshem; other mods) aren’t at all hopeful that GOP wins the NJ guv race– extremely pessimistic, in fact. They’ve got persuasive numbers to back their take on the race up, too, imo.

    366. JeffP says:

      Thank God on Minneapolis. I loved living there in the late eighties. Except in January and February.

    367. Barrett says:

      I don’t think Republicans will win the governorship in NJ tonight.

      But I do think it will give Democrats something to really worry about for a year.

    368. Skippy says:

      VA Exit Polls shows Youngkin won Hispanic vote by 9%.

      In 2017 VA GOV race GOP candidate lost Hispanic vote by 67-32.

    369. Dylan says:

      Hopefully this kills the infrastructure and the reconciliation bills Please lord make it so

    370. EML says:

      I’m not pessimistic, I’m realistic. Something about Ciattarelli being up in Burlington with only 40% reported doesn’t sit right with me.

    371. Tina says:

      Lil Benji makes sense tonight.

      Ben Shapiro
      Condolences to VA on becoming radically racist again according to the media…by electing by electing a black female lieutenant governor and a Cuban-American attorney general, rejecting racial essentialism in schools, and replacing a Dem governor who wore an actual KKK outfit.

    372. Wes says:

      So after a brief scare followed by confident predictions Dems WOULD still VA-Gov, Youngkin is expanding his lead with fewer and fewer places for TMac to catch up.

      Good to know.

    373. mnw says:

      With 93%+ in for VA GOV, & Youngkin up by 98k… I wonder what it would take for FOX to CALL THE RACE?

      Kinda different from their AZ itchy trigger finger.

    374. Tina says:

      Bill hennam of faux says they cannot call it because too many early mail ins are out.

    375. Hugh says:

      Youngkin will gain net votes going forward. Fox continues to be pathetic and I’m glad I hardly ever watch them. They continue to stick their finger in their viewers eyes

    376. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Today I received this blog E-mail from a Democratic friend of mine. It was about Republicans who refuse to vote because of election fraud:

      “Ladies and gentlemen,

      There’s buzz in the media about the off-year election in 2022, as well as about the general election in ’24. The thrust of the buzz is anxiety in the media that a lot of Republicans believe that the elections will be rigged. Even today a quarter of them are convinced that “there’s hard evidence of election rigging/tampering in 2020″. As a result, goes the buzz, they won’t vote.

      Would that be so wrong that we should worry?”

    377. Tina says:

      ABC News Politics
      NEW: 54% of voters in Virginia said monuments to Confederate leaders on government property should be left in place, according to exit poll results.

    378. mnw says:


      We’ll be lucky if we even save Thomas Jefferson.

    379. Meldrim says:

      #371, SDC, amen.

    380. Tina says:


      Reporting NOW per Newsmax! Mail in voting in New Jersey hasn’t been counted and won’t be until tomorrow ?????

    381. phoenixrisen says:

      It looks like Ciatrelli will win. 89% of Essex is in. Salem and Sussex counties haven’t reported anything. Burlington sitting at 40% reported, still 23% left outstanding in Cumberland.

    382. Tgca says:

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’d be surprised if Trump runs again. He is in the best position to be in currently as people turn against Biden and the “I told you so” or “miss me” memes continue.

      I think Trump likes being king maker and running on a story of a stolen election and more and more seemed to have come to that conclusion over time with nearly 40% of the country and 70% + of the GOP agreeing. He risks undoing that storyline if he runs again and loses or it’s close.

      Besides, if he won, he has barely 2 years to make an impact before the post Trump era begins.

      Let’s face it! I don’t think Trump ever enjoyed the daily administrative process of running the office. He enjoys the constant campaign mode of crowds instead feeding his ego and he can still do that without harming his legacy, as he is still immensely popular with the GOP.

    383. JeffP says:

      388. Crap I’m going to bed. Night y’all.

    384. phoenixrisen says:

      That is remarkable. MAGA base + suburban voters is going to be tough for the Democrats to overcome.

    385. Marv says:

      #390 Tgca,

      I think you’re spot on correct in your analysis.

    386. BayernFan says:

      NBC calls it for youngkin

    387. The Godfather says:

      CNN and MSNBC called it for Youngkin

    388. DW says:

      CNN calls it for Youngkin

    389. Marv says:

      CNN calls it for Youngkin!

    390. VictrC says:

      Ladies and Gents

      It’s a good night for the good guys. Let’s hope that Ciatrelli holds on.

      I think I have to agree that it would be best if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, but helps to rally the troops to the polls. I think the bench is pretty deep right now, and of course, there will be either a woman or person of color (or both) on the ticket to help.

      I am not as convinced as some here that his ego will allow him to just walk away. I am hoping…but, Trump is Trump.

    391. Bartman says:

      Fox News still looking for their nads. Everyone else calling VA for Youngkin.

    392. DW says:

      Fox News is a bunch of morons.

    393. DW says:

      DailyKos calls it for Youngkin

    394. Phil says:

      Of course, it didn’t take Fox five minutes to call Arizona.

      I thought Fox fired that guy they had heading up their election desk in 2020.

      Must have replaced him with Chris Wallace.

    395. Marv says:


      Nice win in VA. Good job.

    396. phoenixrisen says:

      Fox was the last to call it for Youngkin LOL!!!

    397. Dylan says:

      I want fox off the air!!!

      And bring out the guillotines!!!

    398. Tgca says:

      I loved Winsome Sears speech. What an adorable charismatic woman!

    399. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Virginia was a great victory, but New Jersey is the shocker! The Democrats are threatened even in deeply blue states. Believe your going to see a lot of Democratic politicians move in the direction of being more independent, like Manchin and Sinema. The far left is toxic, and Biden clearly has very little popular support. He’s more than a lame duck, he is a lame old coot.

      The Democrats can’t blame Putin’s little green men. Biden has enriched Putin by trying to limit U.S. oil and natural gas production. Now Putin has almost a monopoly on supplying Europe with natural gas; while sleepy Joe pursues his green dreams. Biden’s incompetence has earned Putin billions.

    400. GF says:

      HoD majority still in reach; HD-63 just flipped Red late in the game on VPAP.

    401. Dylan says:

      407–yes but……when will there be real justice done for what these people have done to this country ?

    402. mnw says:

      I guess FOX was afraid that if they waited any longer to call it, McAuliffe would’ve conceded while FOX still had it “undecided,” & that would’ve made them look ridiculous.

      FOX sux.

    403. Tgca says:

      I was on the phone with my buddy for 3 hours tonight as we watched this all play out.

      My view is that the big winners in the Dem party tonight are Sinema and Manchin. They can now argue that they have been and are the voice of reason in the party and the Dems need to pause a bit if they don’t want an earthquake in 2022.

      I won’t be surprised if Crazy Nancy sees the writing on the wall and says it’s time for her to pass the baton and bow out in or before 2022 election.

    404. mnw says:


      “What happens in Virginia will largely determine what happens in 2022 and 2024!”

      Your lips to God’s ear, you (bad word beginning with a “c”)!

    405. phoenixrisen says:

      Something is off in Sussex County, NJ. No way Murphy wins that county. That has to be a mistake. GOP candidate has won by a 60-40 margin going back several election cycles in that county unless there has been some sort of wacky demographic shift.

    406. Tgca says:

      In 1994, after Clinton got knocked down to size, he immediately pivoted to the center and went into crisis mode to salvage his presidency. He accepted his butt whooping and made an effort to work with the GOP.

      Biden is nowhere as smart or politically savvy as Clinton so I don’t know if Joe’s handlers are going to do the same or dig in further into his radical lefty agenda.

      I can see Biden arguing TMac lost because he and the Dems didn’t fully embrace his agenda, and had they done so, there would’ve been a Dem victory tonight.

      We will see tomorrow how they embrace this loss in a well established Dem state.

      But I think his agenda is in jeopardy as Dems in Congress, as well as in state offices throughout the US realize the precarious situation they are now facing as the 2022 election approaches.

    407. phoenixrisen says:

      Yeah, this is really weird. In 2017, there were 40K votes cast in Sussex County, NJ which was a decent year for Murphy and he lost by 20 there. It showing that 100% reporting and only 10K people have voted. Doesn’t look right at all.

    408. Tgca says:

      I’m happy folks did not dismantle the police in Minneapolis but I’m still shocked it was 58-42. This should be 90-10 at worst. Who in their right mind wants to dismantle the police? You mind as well vote to rid the state of all jails housing heinous criminals and set them free.

    409. phoenixrisen says:

      Okay, Sussex has corrected. Big jump for Ciattarelli. WOW. Ciattarelli takes Burlington County. I’m calling this for Ciattarelli. 40K vote lead, only 10% left in Essex and 5% in Union. Not enough vote there. Holy cow.

    410. phoenixrisen says:

      And just like that, Murphy gets a 15K net vote dump I have no idea where it came from. Ciattarelli with a 25K vote lead with 85% reporting.

    411. michael corleone says:

      Jack is trailing Murphy on ACE. NJ is over. Bull s##t mail in ballots are doing it. You know, those ballots that are cast outside of the presence of elections officials. All the Rs want to run from Trump, but we have a really problematic elections system.

    412. Tgca says:


      GOP flips TX house seat in special election in deep Dem Latino district (73% Latino) in San Antonio where Beto previously won by 20 points and Biden won by 14 points. Even if this is only temporary, it’s not a good message for Dems in TX.

    413. Wes says:

      Ciattarelli is down 217 votes. He made it close. I’ll give him that.

    414. phoenixrisen says:

      They must count the mail-ins last in Jersey. A little disappointing but Virginia was a monster win tonight.

    415. Phil says:

      With regards to the flipped Texas seat in South Texas, I’m now thinking no way Beto is running for governor – the environment is toxic it for Democrats. Beto running again and losing once again makes him a punch line in this state….sort of like Wendy Davis. I don’t care if the guy WAS “born to run”. Lol

    416. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Expect the approval of more COVID-19 booster shots in 2022:

      “Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in 2021 is quickly becoming the best-selling medical product of all time in terms of annual sales.

      The company on Tuesday reported its quarterly earnings and re-upped its yearly guidance on its Covid-19 vaccine sales, saying the company anticipates $36 billion in 2021, up from its $33.5 billion estimate in July. The company expects to deliver a whopping 2.3 billion doses of its vaccine in 2021, but it expects to manufacture 3 billion doses in total by the end of December.”

    417. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Virginia 2020 —> White women
      50% Biden (D), 49% Trump (R)

      Virginia 2021 —> White women
      57% Youngkin (R), 43% McAuliffe (D)

      A 15-point swing to the GOP with this group.

      (via @NBCNews Exit Polls)

    418. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      David Rubaskin:
      “Right now, Democrats don’t look like they’re for anything, only against Trump. That may have been an effective message in 2018 and 2020 when Trump was a presence in everyone’s life, but he’s not now. What Democrats’ new message should be, I don’t know. But the mishegas on Capitol Hill, where the contents of the Build Back Better agenda seemingly change hourly, doesn’t seem to help.”

    419. Gordon Allen says:

      Barris and Trafalger polls dead on. Think Dave Wissing will give them more credit in the future??

    420. Wes says:

      To me, the results in VA show the need for limiting early voting times. VA had six full weeks of early voting with the events that turned the tide toward Youngkin occurring late in the process.

      The people who cast their ballots all the way back in September couldn’t make a truly informed decision on their next Governor.

      Thankfully the Dems’ overreach woke the GOP up late in the game and caused them to turn out in force for Youngkin and his ticket mates while suburbanites who hadn’t cast ballots yet kept the Dems from running away with the results.

      Youngkin and Republicans should address the lengthy early voting timeframe as part of a package of election reform upon taking office.

    421. Bitterlaw says:

      This count has Ciaterrelli up 1200 votes. I heard on the radio he may be up by a few dozen votes with nearly 100% in. I hope he pulls it off.

      Youngkin won and Ciaterrelli may win because they held Trump’s voters AND recaptured significant numbers of suburban voters. I heard that was not possible but they did it.

    422. Skippy says:

      Murphy (D): 49.66% (1,176,253 votes)

      Ciattarelli (R): 49.59% (1,174,587 votes)

    423. jason says:

      Wow my prediction almost worked out

      Ciatarrelli 50.02-49.98

    424. Wes says:

      Murphy up by 1,666 votes. I hope Ciattarelli can chop 1,000 votes off that total. It’d make Murphy’s final margin wholly appropriate.

    425. jason says:

      Youngkin won and Ciaterrelli may win because they held Trump’s voters AND recaptured significant numbers of suburban voters. I heard that was not possible but they did it.”

      You missed Ari Fleisher’s analysis yesterday.

      He said exactly what I said, that the GOP has to become the working class party while still attracting enough suburban votes, but that the GOP is no longer a suburban party.

      Youngkin still lost the suburbs in massive fashion, Fairfax was 2-1, and only won because he not only held on to Trump’s base but he actually outperformed Trump in some red counties and lucked out that McAuliffe self imploded on the school/parent issue.

      But you are right, a lot of establishment Rs will read this as “forget Trump, let’s fight for the suburbs”, a suicidal strategy.

    426. DW says:

      Charlie Brown, eyes the ball…Lucy is fidgeting, she releases all but the index finger holding the ball…Charlie takes a deep breath…he’s been here so many times before.

      With a sudden lurch, Charlie starts lumbering toward the ball…Snoopy appears out of nowhere and right behind Lucy he starts barking at her, and while she whips her head around, suddenly BOOM!!! The ball sails through the air, Charlie hollers “I did it! I did it! Watching it sail through air, Charlie waits…and…IT’S GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!

    427. Wes says:

      I’m actually impressed with how well Ciattarelli ran. He was a consistent underdog who has apparently come within an eyelash of winning. He’s going to lose, but given the odds stacked against him, he has nothing to feel sorry for.

      If the Biden Administration continues to melt down into 2024, Cuccinelli may be a credible Challenger for Menendez. He may also want to take a look at running for Governor again in 2025.

    428. jason says:

      Damm, wes now endorses Cuccinelli?

      Wonders never cease.

    429. jason says:

      “Republican wins seat on Pa. Supreme Court, AP projects

      Republican Kevin Brobson edged out Democrat Maria McLaughlin to win a spot on Pennsylvania’s highest court, ending a contentious race marked by negative ads and big campaign spending.”

      Still 5-2 Dems but a win is a win.

    430. Wes says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding Cuccinelli, Jason, but I looked up the numbers for Fairfax County from 2017 to 2021:

      Northam won Fairfax 68-31 over Gillespie and got a 138k-vote advantage.

      TMac won Fairfax 65-35 over Youngkin with a 130k-vote advantage.

      That’s a seven-point swing in margin and a raw vote gain of 8,000 votes. It’s overall not huge but does show Youngkin displayed strength in the VA suburbs Trump and other Republicans lacked. Other counties in the area showed similar swings. It seems the opposition’s margin on its home turf may make the difference between a win and a loss.

      I would actually encourage Republicans to build on the foundation Youngkin has laid out.

    431. Phil says:

      How was the Supreme Court ever 6-1 anyway?

      Oh wait, it’s Pennsylvania.

    432. Wes says:

      Ironically NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney–just about the only sane Democrat in that glorified cesspool–may lose to a truck driver who personally spent only $153 on his campaign:

    433. jason says:

      “I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding Cuccinelli, Jason,”

      If you think he should challenge Menendez, I consider that an endorsement.

    434. jason says:

      How was the Supreme Court ever 6-1 anyway?

      Oh wait, it’s Pennsylvania.”

      It was 5-2, a R retired.

    435. Wes says:

      Oh, I just saw that. Autocorrect must have sneaked that in somehow since I’ve typed only Ciattarelli on this thread.

    436. Tina says:

      We owe the school rape cover up in Va and THE COMMIE Ag targeting parents that show up at school meetings protesting CRT.

      I also think that many parents saw what their children were being taught during school zoom and became increasingly alarmed.

    437. Wes says:

      Heh. 23 years after losing reelection because of singing a song gloating about impeaching Clinton despite representing a Clinton-won district, former Congressman Mike Pappas (R-NJ) can now claim to be a State Senator-elect from the Sewer State.

    438. Tgca says:

      I don’t think this was about Trump not being on the ticket that propelled the GOP success last night. I think this is all about Biden and the crazy chit the Dems are doing, especially in schools. I think parents had enough. The Loudoun rape incident in VA got tons of visibility with the school trying to hide the rape of a girl due to trans politics. That to me was an unbelievable act of stoopidity! Hiding teen rape for political gain is evil.

    439. michael corleone says:

      A few observations:

      1. Mail in ballots are the scourge that keeps on giving. In NJ, they have a week left of voting so long as ballots are post marked for yesterday. The ballot is cast without supervision and post marked by who the f knows, and will be counted for a week. We need to ban no-excuse mail in voting in all the red states.

      2. PA Supreme Court: it wasn’t a 6-1 D majority. We just replaced a conservative last night to keep it 5-2.

      3. VBM is going to kill us in the uncalled NJ leg races.

    440. DW says:

      Last night some here were spiking the Virginia football on the 10 yard line, and at the same time jabbed at me for insisting on running the football all the way into the end zone.

      But now looking at the shrunken margins, you all can see I was right to wait until the end. Fairfax is capable of any evil, and you know that CNN would not have called it, without the obligatory phone call from the contact in Fairfax who said, “that’s it, we ain’t got any more.”

      But again, I point out that the media confirmed last night that there is election fraud, by their long delay in calling it…they only remaining question was whether Fairfax would invent 50000+ ballots, so they couldn’t call it based on that.

    441. jason says:

      It’s overall not huge but does show Youngkin displayed strength in the VA suburbs Trump and other Republicans lacked.”

      Yes, but look at the map. He won because he had massive margins in the rural and exurban counties, working class and deplorable areas.

      There are a lot of votes in the suburbs. Even losing Fairfax big, Youngkin got 150k votes there. He got 73k votes in Loudon while losing by 10 points. They can’t be ignored.

      But the GOP has to choose what kind of party it wants to be. I agree with Fleisher that the future of the GOP is as a working class party as its base, not the suburbs. The strategy for the suburbs should be to as competitive as necessary to win. Even with the huge school controversy helping him Youngkin still lost Loudon decisively.
      So you want to get 44% in Loudon, 35% in Fairfax, but any “suburban strategy that would win back these counties” would not be compatible to hold on to the gains Rs have made with blue collar/working class/rural/exurban voters.

    442. jason says:

      Wes says:
      November 3, 2021 at 8:49 am

      Oh, I just saw that. Autocorrect must have sneaked that in somehow since I’ve typed only Ciattarelli on this thread.”

      I know what you meant, was just giving you a hard time.

      It’s what I do.

    443. jason says:

      Last night some here were spiking the Virginia football on the 10 yard line, and at the same time jabbed at me for insisting on running the football all the way into the end zone.”

      Not me. I think you were entirely right to be suspicious.

      In the end Princess Blanding got 23k votes. Add those to McAuliffe’s total and he is only down 50k, within the MOF.

    444. DW says:

      451 – jason that’s a good reminder that had there been a Libertarian on the ballot in VA, McAwful would celebrating a win.

    445. jason says:

      Anyone doubt VBM irregularities was what gave the Dems the win in NJ?

    446. Tgca says:


      Uh oh! I wonder if the grammar Nazi Mildred may get all over Wes for his posting errors even though Mildred’s own posts are routinely riddled with errors . Evidently THEY did not realize VA has Loudoun County and not Loudon County, as THEY repeatedly posted this week so that’s why I ignored anything THEY said about VA politics.

      If you’re too STOOPID to realize what county you’re trying to post politics about, how can anyone take your political posts seriously? Sad!

      I think Mildred made a fool of herself enough this week correcting others’ posts but then having THEY repeated posting errors pointed out. So much for that high IQ and it’s a good thing THEY got that minority quota acceptance to school instead of relying on understanding the Engwish language.

      But at least Mildred will be happy if Murphy takes the lead today so more fascist Covid requirements can be implemented at “private businesses” that allow discrimination against people.

    447. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      427. Nate Silver rated Trafalgar the 2nd most accurate poll in 2020. Silver’s most accurate poll was Atlas Intel, a Brazilian polling firm. Several Harvard grads are involved in running it, and it primarily focuses on Latin America.

      Both Trafalgar and Atlas Intel also correctly predicted the Democrats would narrowly win the Georgia Senate run-offs in 2021.

    448. Wes says:

      I think Trump did a huge favor to Youngkin by not being directly involved in the race, Tg. TMac tried and failed to connect Youngkin to Trump, but without anything concrete, the former Governor had nothing to stoke the flames of Trump resentment in the DC suburbs. That’s why Youngkin was able to run so much better there than Trump and Gillespie.

      Now obviously no Republican is going to be able to do currently what Bob McDonnell did in 2009 and actually carry NoVA. Being inoffensive to the voters there though and actually working hard to get votes Republicans largely ignored from 2013 to 2020 though went a long way toward helping Youngkin, Sears, and Miyares win statewide.

      Trump lost Fairfax by 251k votes. That’s a staggering number in the state’s largest county and took VA right off the table for him. Youngkin lost it by 130k and won statewide. Obviously Biden was a factor there, as was outrage over the rape scandal. Not having Trump serve as a manifestation of the area’s Bogeyman was clearly a factor as well. That’s why Youngkin stayed away from Trump while TMac tried to link the two.

    449. Tina says:

      Lt Governor elect, Sears, is amazing. No wonder the presstitute s kept her hidden. This is the futur pe R party. Working class and minorities. No more country club beers selling out to China.

    450. Tina says:

      But the socialist son was telling us how great the drats and his Fraudulency were.

      Bill Kristol
      · 10h
      The swing against Democrats in VA and NJ is a reminder our politics is nationalized. If a president isn’t doing well or is viewed as not doing well, his party won’t do well. And if his party also controls Congress, and they all don’t seem to be doing well…? Yikes.

    451. Tina says:
      White Female Suburban Voters Nov. 2020:
      “I don’t like Donald Trump and his mean tweets.”

      White Female Suburban Voters Nov. 2021:
      “These Democrats are nut-jobs.”

    452. Tina says:

      This is on point.

      Joseph Ford Cotto
      The VA race shows how Trump can cooperate with GOPers who do not carry his banner, so long as they do not eschew him. Such a partnership will be very much necessary next year and well beyond. Kudos to Trump and Youngkin for setting the template. It is what the Dems feared.

    453. Wes says:

      I nominate Kristol for the “No S hit, Sherlock” Award of 2021.

      I apologize to DW if he finds my choice of wording offensive. I don’t care if the rest of you do.

    454. Tina says:

      Well cn and n has ditched talking about the election results.

      They have shifted to “quanon” (no clue what this is) and the return of jfk jr.

      The next R President must delegate this company to the back of the press corps.

    455. DW says:

      no offense Wes! Its a great day.

    456. Tina says:

      Onto other news briefly, Rittenhouse will go free. The Fib had this videotape and refused to turn it over to his defense until recently. Moreover, they have other video that they destroyed.

      He was clearly hunted down and had to shoot. Self defense.

      Yes, he likely should not have been there, but still he should never have been charged.

    457. Wes says:

      Here’s an irony:

      TMac and Blackface Herring were on the successful Dem 2013 ticket in VA. Eight years later, they were on the ballot again together–and lost.

      I wonder how many woke liberals are upset a Latino beat a blackface-wearing white man who was part of a cabal to cover up the rapes of two teenage girls.

    458. Gordon Allen says:

      Appears at first glance Youngkin seems to have won, or close to, the Hispanic Vote. The Hispanics, the largest “minority” bloc( more than Blacks0 are peeling like an onion away from the Democrats.
      A gold mine lies there electorally.

    459. Wes says:

      It certainly is a great day, DW. You must be thrilled to know the Commonwealth is finally taking some steps back toward sanity after a decade plus of trending into liberal lunacy.

    460. Gordon Allen says:

      Youngkin appears to have carried the Hispanic vote. Hispanics are peeling from the Democrats like an onion made ready for Dinner.
      An electoral gold mine lies there.

    461. DW says:

      Indeed Wes…Charlie Brown finally kicked the football before Fairfax Lucy pulled it away.

      Still, though, its shocking to me that 49% of Virginians vote for insanity.

      Clearly the in-school rapes, in the context of how it happened and the cover-up was the last straw, and it shocked the entire state, not just northern VA.

      But still 49% just shrugged their shoulders over these rapes and voted D anyway.

    462. Wes says:

      I like this quip from RRH:

      Winsome Sears is supposedly the Black face of white supremacy.

      Mark Herring and Ralph Northam are the white faces of blackface.

    463. jason says:

      How did that work out?

      Jennifer ‘pro-voting’ Rubin
      · Sep 16
      The @BillKristol endorsement will be big. Trust me.…

    464. Wes says:

      As I noted above, DW, I think that was probably because of the six-week early voting period. A lot of people had banked votes in ignorance before the loathsome actions the Dems were engaging in became public knowledge.

    465. jason says:

      Speaking of Kristol…

      Bill Kristol
      brb — looking for silver linings…

      Bill Kristol
      Replying to @BillKristol
      …update–haven’t found many yet…

    466. DW says:

      But Virginia desperately needs election reform…its insane that it took 5 hours to get to 95% reported in. The votes are scanned into machines. But they act like they have to chisel the results onto stone tablets and then deliver the tablets to Richmond via horse-drawn wagon.

      I was talking to an elderly relative who back in the 1980s was an election official in New York state, and this was back in the manual voting machines. They would have the results all counted and reported within the hour of polls closing–without the aid of computer tallying.

    467. Tgca says:

      Northern VA is really DC so I don’t expect any GOPer to gain ground permanently there at this point. It appears people are pissed and expressing it at the ballot box much like in 1994 so we’ll see if that extends nationally in 2022 or if the Dems will wake up and try to mitigate such a disaster by moving to the center over the next year.

      The point is that this was a repudiation of the Biden regime pushing voters way too far. My gut feeling is that if Biden had not proposed such extreme measures these last few months and the Loudoun teen rape had not been outed with such fanfare, TMac would have prevailed.

      I haven’t seen all the exits yet but I can’t imagine that even the stoopid soccer mom types could stand for trans politics trumping teen rape but I won’t count them as loyal voters in the long-term.

    468. jason says:

      oungkin appears to have carried the Hispanic vote. Hispanics are peeling from the Democrats like an onion made ready for Dinner.
      An electoral gold mine lies there.”

      Nah, forget them. Let the Rs chase brainwashed elitist moonbats in the suburbs, that is the future of the party.

    469. Country Dick Montana says:

      So you want to get 44% in Loudon, 35% in Fairfax, but any “suburban strategy that would win back these counties”

      These are not typical suburban counties, especially Fairfax. Not every suburb has the degree of federal employees and contractors that the DC suburbs have, and their natural inclination is to vote DEM. That said, we are for the working class.

    470. Tgca says:

      468. Gordy

      I saw that last night along with the TX seat flip in a 73% Latino community. Good news that followed the Trump success.

      My concern is ensuring you keep these groups for the long-term. I’m very distrusting of the white suburban soccer mom voters because they are more fickle in their voting depending on their “feelings” at any given time. The fact that it takes teen rape and CRT to force them into reality is what I find unbelievable. I know some voters like this and I just can’t fathom such stoopidity!

    471. jason says:

      I haven’t seen all the exits yet but I can’t imagine that even the stoopid soccer mom types could stand for trans politics trumping teen rape but I won’t count them as loyal voters in the long-term.”

      Of course not. But the “suburban strategy” elitists will not read it that way. The message they will get is “the suburbs are coming back to the GOP”, I already see it all over the MSM and the GOP leadership will eat it up like maggots on roadkill.

      I can see them all backslapping each other and yelling “f–k the deplorables, happy days are here again”.

    472. DW says:

      And…just to make sure we don’t forget…Glenn Youngkin is a first-time candidate who has never run for any office before.

      On paper, he is one of those throw-away candidates, because someone has to run. Had Biden been successful as POTUS, and had the school board not covered up the rapes, Youngkin does his job, takes the 54/44 loss, and goes on with his private sector life.

    473. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      476. Hispanic voters in California, like Asian voters, are increasingly voting Republican:

      “If exit poll numbers hold, Newsom will have seen an eight percentage point drop in support among Latino men. The shift might not seem sizable, but it carries a clear warning: Latino men have been moving steadily to the right. Their growing support of Donald Trump in Texas in 2021 and their recent drift away from Newsom fits a larger trend.”

      Like with European immigrants in the early 20th century, as people work hard and enter the middle class, they reject socialist politics.

    474. Phil says:

      I’m curious as to where any of you are getting that Youngkin carried the Hispanic vote in Virginia. I just looked and the exits showing it 68-31 McAuliffe. Actually, that surprised me. Polls had shown Youngkin would do much better. The overall point is valid, regardless. Republicans can make inroads into the working class Hispanic demographic. I think the south of San Antonio Texas state House seat that flipped last night is a case in point. Of course, some of that is due to the problems of illegal immigration in my state. South Texas Hispanics don’t like Joe’s open border policy at all.

    475. Cash Cow TM says:

      Winning margins in VA

      50.68% Gov. Youngkin
      50.82% Lt. Gov. Sears
      50.48% AG Miyares

      Color me amazed how well Sears ad Miyares did.

    476. Tina says:

      “When I joined the Marine Corps, I was still a Jamaican. But this country had done so much for me, I was willing, willing, to die for this country.”

      Winsome Sears, lt gov elect VA

    477. DW says:

      Sears, “I have been black all my life!”

      She is what liberals fear the most. A successful person of color whose achievements are attributable to hard work within the framework of this land of opportunity, instead of government entitlements.

    478. Cash Cow TM says:

      Looks like the Rs inn the 100 member VA House of Delegates will be @ 54 (or more?).

      I think this is a flip from D to R in that legislative body.

      I think Ds still narrowly hold the State Senate.
      No State senate races in VA this year.

    479. Tina says:

      Compare her to the Somali that married her brother.

    480. Tina says:

      Mcawful has finally conceded.

    481. Tgca says:

      Van Jones says Youngkin is the Delta variant of Trumpism. Same disease different variant. In other words, Van Jones is nervous about GOP political gains

      What I find idiotic is Cooper using the word “dangerous” with regard to Trump. That’s insulting to half the country. Would he use that word with Obama or Biden?

      Host Andersen Cooper said, “That’s implying that Youngkin is more dangerous than the president — former president.”

      Jones said, “No, no. Easier to spread.”

    482. jason says:

      Trump lost Fairfax by 251k votes. That’s a staggering number in the state’s largest county and took VA right off the table for him. Youngkin lost it by 130k and won statewide. Obviously Biden was a factor there, as was outrage over the rape scandal. Not having Trump serve as a manifestation of the area’s Bogeyman was clearly a factor as well. That’s why Youngkin stayed away from Trump while TMac tried to link the two.”

      I don’t agree with some of this. You can’t compare raw vote totals between a Presidential election and an off-year election. It is true however, that as a percentage Youngkin did about about 7 points better (35 vs 28) but 550k votes were cast in 2020 and 440k in 2021 so we shouldn’t compare 250k with 130k because the turnout was lower.

      And Youngkin didn’t exactly stay away from Trump. He ran as a “Trumper” in the primaries, which helped him win, and he stated voter integrity was the number 1 issue and that he wanted an audit of the voting machines.

      He didn’t reject McAuliffes Trump, Trump, Trump, attacks he just ignored them. He let McAuliffe run against Trump instead of him, figuring correctly it helped him with Trump’s base and didn’t cost him much elsewhere.

      I don’t disagree he ran a smart campaign, but let’s get real, without Trump’s strong endorsement he would not have won.

    483. Cash Cow TM says:

      I think the Ds need to turn the “We are running against Donald Trump” page.

      Not working.

      When will the emergency meeting of the National Democrats hold their emergency meeting?


      Will Kim be there to serve sandwiches?
      Will Scooter be asked to park the cars?

    484. Meldrim says:

      Phil, when Fox News first reported its exit-poll results yesterday evening, they included 5% of the electorate being Hispanic and Yongkin winning that segment by 54%-45% (a 9% margin). But when I go to the exit poll now, it appears to have been updated at 10:00 p.m. last night and, while still showing Hispanics at 5% of voters, showed Youngkin carrying them by 55%-44% (an 11% margin):

      I don’t know what exit poll you’re seeing that has McAuliffe carrying Hispanics by 68%-31%, but given the overall election results that seems very much wrong.

    485. Tina says:

      It’s not working because trump is not running things any longer.

      By all standards, we are worse off since his Fraudulency took over.

      Gas prices


      Economic growth

      # of Covid deaths (despite the vaccine).

      Foreign affairs (left folks in Afghanistan).

      Begging opec to pump oil.

      Targeting parents for protesting at school board meetings.

    486. Meldrim says:

      Cow, I predicted that Youngkin would win by 3%, Sears by 2% and Miyares by 1%. Currently, Youngkin’s victory margin is 2.13%, Sears’s is 1.79% and Miyares’s is 1.06%. Not too shabby.

      I also predicted that the GOP would pick up 9 HOD seats for a 54-46 majority. I don’t know where you saw that it looks like the GOP will get to 54, but I hope that’s correct.

    487. Meldrim says:

      I think that the main takeaway from last night’s elections in VA and NJ is that the GOP can win even in inhospitable places when our candidates support a Trump agenda with Trump-like energy but without Trump’s tone or last name. I think that it’s evidence in favor of my theory that Ron DeSantis–who has the characteristics that I described above–is the candidate that would hit the sweet spot for the GOP in the 2024 presidential elections. But those elections are still three years away and we don’t have to decide that now.

    488. jason says:

      More likely the HOD will be 51-49

    489. jason says:

      Will Kim be there to serve sandwiches?
      Will Scooter be asked to park the cars?”

      Kim wasn’t really hired for the sandwiches.

      That is what got Scooter into trouble.

    490. jason says:

      Maybe DeSantis can “inherit” Trump’s voters. I think the verdict is still out on that, however, so I think any DeSantis bandwagon is premature.

    491. Tgca says:

      Looks like some Dems are going to dig in and insist they still have the right message for voters but that the message is just not getting across because of the MSM.

      Evidently, they are ignoring the lessons learned in 1994 so I say please continue to dig in with the Dem platform, as that will benefit the GOP in 2022.

      Julian Castro on the VA race last night:
      Youngkin has shown Republicans that they can launder dog whistles through huge unregulated platforms, driving base turnout—even while distancing from Trump.

      Democrats need to better control the narrative—with our own wedge issues and with a positive, forward-thinking message.

    492. Cash Cow TM says:

      “I also predicted that the GOP would pick up 9 HOD seats for a 54-46 majority. I don’t know where you saw that it looks like the GOP will get to 54, but I hope that’s correct.”


      This morning I went to the Commonwealth of VA election site and scrolled down through the results for the 100 HOD races.

      Cow did a quick count and saw 54 Rs leading and 2 other races where the Rs were close.

      Admittedly, in a number of those there were still one or two precincts still not counted.

      I will take any number 51R or higher to put a brake on the D whack-a-doodle agenda.

    493. Tgca says:

      This site says VA HOD will be 52-48 GOP. 7 seat pick up.

    494. Cash Cow TM says:

      The Ds blowing the racist dog whistles in VA did not work as planned.

      But Cow believes Ds will continue that strategy till the “cows come home.”
      Ds will always believe fear trumps facts and is a huge motivator to important segments of their base and will build that into any campaign.

    495. DW says:

      One of the VA HoD flips was Dem incumbent Chris Hurst, who was caught vandalizing his Republican challenger’s campaign signs.

    496. Meldrim says:

      “One of the VA HoD flips was Dem incumbent Chris Hurst, who was caught vandalizing his Republican challenger’s campaign signs.”

      Yeah, it’s a shame when that happens.

    497. Meldrim says:

      I don’t think that DeSantis, or anyone else, can “inherit” Trump’s voters–he would have to earn them–but if even a relative moderate such as Youngkin could improve upon Trump’s margins in many blue-collar areas then I think that DeSantis would be able to hold his own. But, as I said, 2024 is three years away.

    498. Cash Cow TM says:

      There is a time lag on consequences of current D agenda and policy.

      Big support for D agenda of “Defund the Police” and then months later people realize the negative consequences of that and voters put the brakes on it.

      Big support to “End Racism” and then months later the woke wake up and see how pushing goofy Critical Race Theory in schools where teachers tell kids they are evil because they are white is a bad cure for ending racism.

      Big support for “Gay and Trans Rights” and then months later people see the negative results and consequences of putting these “rights” in practice and how serious negative consequences erupt.

      Big support for “Vaccine Mandates!” and then we see people being drummed out of the military, losing jobs at hospitals and heath care facilities and police and fire and garbage workers, etc. nd the resultant negative consequences this entails for the “customers” and public in general.

      Big support for MASSIVE government social spending proposals but then we see the impact of that on huge spike in inflation and the wheels start to come off as to the amount of support the voters/public gives to massive social spending to enact new and expensive programs.

      I HOPE the big support for proposed economy-killing legislation to “End Climate Change” will fade as people begin to UNDERSTAND the FACTS and the negative consequences of that and how it will harm them in the pocketbook and that countries like China, India and in developing nations in Africa, etc. will NOT be complying with the job killing “rules” to “improve air quality etc.” and thus any effort by the U.S./Euro whackos to unilaterally “solve” and control “climate change” is idiotic X 10.

      But I fear this will not happen because for 30-40 years we have fed school kids minds with garbage about “Man-Made Global Warming” and the “EVIL corporations that stay up all night figuring out ways to poison everyone in the world.

      Though teacher Walt did, most teachers and schools do NOT teach balance of facts on the climate issue and how the growth of the petro-chemical industry (yes FOSSIL FUELS!) beginning in the 1970’s have been of prime importance in growing and increasing the world food supply–particularly in third world/developing countries and also helping to lift many of the people in those countries out of poverty and starvation.

      Instead, we raise generation after generation of IGNORAMOUS know-it-alls like “Greta” (the eviro-whacko 15-year-old from Sweden or wherever) who became the poster spokesperson for ending “Man-Made Global Warming”.

    499. Meldrim says:

      #501, I that that what that site says is that, if the current vote margins hold, it will be a 52R, 48D HoD (7-seat GOP pickup), not that it’s their final projection. There are several races with very close margins, though, including some in which the Democrat is only slightly ahead. I had read earlier that the GOP had nailed down its 51st seat, but seeing those vote numbers I’m not sure if 51 is guaranteed. Hopefully it will be in the 52-54 range.

    500. Robbie says:

      Yesterday was a smashing success for the Republican Party. The wins looked like the wins Republicans had in 2014. They won back suburban areas and ran up big margins in the rural areas. That was the recipe for the party’s huge wins in 2014.

      Most importantly, Republicans won these victories without the help of Mad King Donnie. Yesterday showed the party doesn’t need Trump and his conspiracy theories marauding through the electorate to win. Youngkin did everything he could to stay away from Trump and refused to even be seen with him. And the result? He won. Maybe running on Confederate war monuments in 2017 wasn’t such a great idea?

      The wins and surprise strong showings across the country wouldn’t have happened unless the suburbs had swung back to Republicans. Jason fraud, a moron, said Republicans shouldn’t worry about the suburbs and should just focus on rural areas. Well, we all knew Jason fraud was wrong, but yesterday was yet another confirmation. Youngkin wouldn’t have won without the suburbs.

      Republicans are well positioned to win 2014-style victories in 2022 and 2024, but only if Trump stays away from the national scene. Republicans should realize it’s time to tell Trump to GTFO and don’t come back. The more that lunatic recedes from the national scene, the better things get for Republicans.

      The Republican Party now faces an important choice. It can nominate candidates like Youngkin (aka traditional Republicans) in 2022 and 2024 and win, or it can please the morons and nominate idiots like Trump and lose. It’s really that simple. Every gain made yesterday and every gain that’s on the table in 2022 can be wiped away by the return of the twice impeached moron who lost to a guy who crapped in his pants at the Vatican last week.

      If you’re still all-in for Trump after yesterday, then you’re in favor of losing.

    501. Marv says:


      I’m all in on Trump’s basic policy prescriptions.

      I’m also a very big fan of America’s Governor DeSantis.

    502. Country Dick Montana says:


      $1000 to Biden Campaign
      $500 to ActBlue

      Ain’t that right you Tiger you

    503. mnw says:

      Last night was a bad night indeed for identity politics.

      That TX state House seat in San Antonio that flipped blue to red? Biden carried it by 14 points, & it’s 75% Hispanic (however THAT may be defined).

      Youngkin carried Hispanic voters outright, apparently, at least going by multiple reports.

      Winsome Sears victory statement about “black voters are tired of being manipulated” was outstanding. As an ex-Marine, she’s not just posing with that automatic rifle, either!

      We all tend to repeat stuff here, so I might as well get on the board: The GOP can appeal simultaneously to upscale suburban voters and working class voters. Both are motivated by (justifiable) economic anxieties and by unease over DEM excesses.

      On another topic, NJ must terrify DEM moderates in the House, I would think. They’re not stupid– they know that a red wave like last night would wipe them out next year.

      I look for no change whatsoever in DEM policies, btw. They’re hard-wired to their radical leftist program, imo.

    504. Tgca says:

      I disagree with the comments about we need a Trump who isn’t a Trump. I think if the election was today, Trump would win decisively. I also think if folks knew in 2020 how Biden would govern, Trump would have further prevailed in 2020 more so than he already did.

      That’s the problem with politics and a Dem sycophantic MSM. People are not realistic in expectations. They believe the BS spoon fed them until they realize it’s garbage. But few ever seem to learn the lesson and are often tricked over and over by MSM and PR firms crafting palatable deceptive messages to use on them.

      Think the stoopid white suburban soccer moms who vote based on their “feelings” as opposed to what’s ultimately in their best interests. The fact they’re changing their minds just a year later is proof positive of the politically unserious nature of these dingbats.

    505. Tgca says:


      Robbie is so wrong. It’s been reported Youngkin campaign collaborated with Trump to energize the VA MAGA vote without energizing the Nova Dems by stomping in the state. Youngkin ran on a winning Trump platform.

      Trump is more popular than ever in the GOP.

      The AA community did not stay home in VA because Trump was not on the ticket.

      The increased Latino support of Youngkin did not occur because Trump was not on the ticket.

      Trump was instrumental in the Youngkin win last night.

      It is absurd to suggest Youngkin is your typical Bush Republican. He ran as a Trump Republican and that’s why the Trump supporters came out for him.

      My guess is if Youngkin was a Bush Republican, TMac would have easily prevailed last night.

      The gay conservative Bill Kristol’s endorsement of TMac was disastrous for you Bush Republicans.

      Your TDS is distorting your ability to reason.

      Trump won big last night as the GOP has embraced his messaging about the Dems and are fighting back.

    506. mnw says:

      as expected, is all about: “Last night doesn’t hurt passage (of reconciliation). It accelerates it.”

      The DEMs’ are saying they got punished for intra-party squabbling, & for taking so long to pass their spending bills.

    507. Phil says:

      No more words of wisdom from Robbie. Thanks. Don’t send Biden a thousand bucks and then lecture everyone in the Republican Party on strategy. Robbie is as much a Republican as Pelosi.

    508. Meldrim says:

      Hey “R”obbie, did you read the exit poll results from yesterday? CNN asked voters whether Confederate monuments should be removed or left in place, and VA voters preferred that they be left in place rather than removed by a 53% to 41% margin. So sometimes things aren’t as simple as you assume while looking down from 30,000 feet in the air.

    509. DW says:

      Wow, that would be terrific if the Dems refuse to listen to the few sane minds among them, and refuse to learn the lessons of last night. Go right off the cliff Dems, and watch the bloodbath in 2022.

    510. Greymarch says:

      There are going to be at least a dozen GOP candidates who want a shot at dementia-Biden. There are three we know are definitely going to run:

      – DeSantis

      – Nikki Haley (my pick of the definite pols who will run)

      – Mike Pence

      Others likely to run:

      – Marco Rubio (my pick no matter who runs on the GOP side. Rubio’s my boy.)

      – Ted Cruz

      – Josh Hawley

      – Tom Cotton

      – Marsha Blackburn (doesnt stand a chance in hell of taking the nom, especially considering Haley is such a stronger female candidate.)

      – Kristie Noem of ND (see directly above. No chance in hell for same reason)

      – Plenty of others that are not immediately coming to my mind.

      Anytime the presidency is open, or we have a weak president, the opposing party always has more candidates than a typical presidential election year. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point, there are 20 GOP candidates who have tossed their hats into the ring.

    511. DW says:

      518 – It won’t be Biden running for re-election. No way. His handlers will push his half-rotted corpse out there to mumble what is on the teleprompter, that he is so great that he was able to get 8 years’ worth of work done in 4 years, and so its now time to step aside and let Kamala continue the greatness.

    512. Tgca says:

      I’ve not heard from Biden and team yet but I’m interested in what spin they put on this.

      Again, Sinema and Manchin got a lot of cover last night and now both look like the voice of reason for the Dems.

      If the Dems continue with pushing through this radical agenda, me thinks they will have a disastrous 2022 so the GOP should let them do as much damage to themselves as possible.

      Biden may not be cognitively able to grasp this but his handlers now have a decision to make. Do they change course or continue forging forward with a radical agenda that 2 of the leftist states in the country rejected in many ways last night?

    513. DW says:

      NJ update

      Jack Ciattarelli (GOP) 49.6% 1,178,393
      Philip Murphy (Dem) 49.6% 1,177,928

    514. Tina says:

      Biden called a lid. Was caught looking tired and not there upon return,

      Press Secretary also called a lid.

    515. Cash Cow TM says:


      My prediction (and really hope) from the barnyard is the Ds do NOT alter current direct and instead double down on insanity. One election cycle cannot change the spots on the current D animal we all (except Robbie) have grown to loathe. The Ds did not suddenly become who they are–this took place over the several decades. It will take a generation of sanity where the U.S and states re led by competent and effective NON-Ds to make that happen.

      The Ds are locked in to identity politics, racism / race-baiting huckster-ism, anti-Jewish/pro-ISIS/Hamas/muzzy terrorist, fostering fear/hate, whites-are-evil division, take it to the streets violence, open borders, pro-abortion, pro-criminal, destroy ‘big business’ (corporations), big-and-bigger government must be Your God, and continue to be “all in” for the whackadoodlism of cancel culture and woke-ness lunacy to fundamentally alter and destroy the typical/traditional culture (importance of family unit, religion, schools, military, legal system, sports, free enterprise, personal responsibility, individual liberty, patriotism and pride in U.S., bad actions have bad consequences, etc.) that in America worked to make America the greatest nation ever seen yet on this earth.

      They will say that in VA and NJ in 2021 they stumbled on “messaging” and need to make improvements there for 2024.

      Hence, they will be “shocked and dismayed” at the bloodbath in 2024.

      And Cow will be overjoyed and doing backflips!

    516. Greymarch says:

      Just imagine the optics of Nikki Haley on the debate stage with stumbling Uncle Joe. She wouldnt even have to open her mouth for the American people to believe she should be the next president. When she does open her mouth, the contrast to Biden will be shocking. She’s damn good politcian, and doesnt crack under pressure.

      In fact, she would have such a huge advantage on that debate stage, she would need to be a bit careful of being over-confident, and making Biden look sympathetic by mercilessly humiliating him. Haley will kick Biden’s but, yet keep it respectful at the same time. At least, I think that’s what Nikki’s handlers would push her to do.

    517. Cash Cow TM says:

      In #523 above, should have said
      “bloodbath in 2022 and 2024”.

    518. GF says:

      521- I just saw that, apparently, Hudson counted the Early Vote twice (wonder why?);

      I want to believe, but I know that NJ is just a bridge too far.?

    519. Ameister says:

      Jack for New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!

    520. Tina says:

      Hopefully, Ms. Romney whatever, gop chairperson, has lawyahs dispatched.

      Steve Kornacki
      · 33m
      The early vote was double-counted in Hudson County. It has now been fixed, bringing Murphy’s total down by 10,732 and Ciattarelli’s by 2,842. Ciattarelli goes back up in the statewide tally:

      Ciattarelli (R): 1,177,803 (49.6%)
      Murphy (D) 1,177,108 (49.6%)

    521. mnw says:

      Citrus-sally is back in the lead, per The Wise Men.

    522. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag drove by to write a pack of lies.

      Must be unhinged with McAuliffe’s loss.

    523. Ameister says:

      Imagine that . Right in Bobby menendez
      Back yard. Stay tuned more to come folks

    524. jason says:

      Most importantly, Republicans won these victories without the help of Mad King Donnie.”


    525. phoenixrisen says:

      #521 — Wow, razor thin. This is obviously in recount territory. Have no idea what New Jersey recount laws are.

    526. GF says:

      Right on cue, North Jersey reports more EV/mail ballots, which seem to have broken 4-1 Dem, so Murphy has a .6% lead, 1.2M to 1.185M.

    527. jason says:

      Most importantly, Republicans won these victories without the help of Mad King Donnie.”


      “The wins looked like the wins Republicans had in 2014.”

      That party went the way of the dinosaurs and is not coming back.

    528. Ameister says:

      No automatic recount. Participants may request

    529. Tgca says:


      Running and winning are two very different issues.

      Rubio is no way ready to seriously run again. He barely generates news anymore. His time as boy wonder has passed. Maybe in 12 years if he accomplishes something meaningful but I doubt he’ll get any traction in 2024. The GOP can do much better than this political dud.

      Haley is weak and not trusted by the most loyal of MAGA supporters. Trump just embarrassed her again recently with unflattering remarks. She’s too much like Rubio.

      Pence is another dud! No enthusiasm and viewed as a traitor by many on the GOP side. If he got the nomination, I would write in another candidate. He’s too weak to be POTUS.

      Noem is 3rd tier and not ready for the big time as recent events consistently demonstrate. Not even VP material. Maybe Cabinet Sec of Interior at most.

      I doubt Ted will run again but who knows. I don’t think he can win due to personality issues but probably the smartest of the bunch.

      Hawley could be a VP but not ready for the top spot yet.

      I really think DeSantis is the only one at that list capable of winning in 2024. Like it or not, each side starts out with about 45% regardless of how bad things are so the real race is for that 10% swing vote.

    530. phoenixrisen says:

      #534 — That…does not pass muster. The counting of mail in ballots can begin 10 days prior to Election Day so those mail in ballots would have been counted, though there could still be a trickle of mail-ins to come in post election day that had an election day post mark. One would think it would be easy to commit fraud but apparently mail-ins are required to be cross-referenced with a voter database. Problem is as we saw in 2020, we saw a number of voters, most particularly in Michigan, who cast in a mail in ballot that were deceased or were no longer in state. Too many loopholes. Mail-in voting should not be legal but in the Covid era, Dems use this to their advantage.

    531. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Robbie is an odd duck among other things. The GOP wins big yesterday and in his long rant in above #508, he states that the GOP is at a crossroad and must pivot away from Trump. Not a word about how awful Americans perceive the Democrats’ agenda and behavior. I would bet that the Jan. 6th and all the other other investigations backfired on the Donkeys.

      Robbie, Trump has good policies and instincts, fights back against dark forces like the Democrats and MSM and jazzes the conservative base. Why not incorporate all the aforementioned items into a wider, tougher and more expansive Republican Party?!

    532. mnw says:

      Biden has actually ticked UP at RAS today– about 2 points. Maybe the foreign trip helped. Voters usually like that.

    533. phoenixrisen says:

      Tricia Flanagan (R-NJ)
      We need to know EXACTLY what happened at 1:54am in Bergen County #NJ
      8:14 AM · Nov 3, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

      Bergen County had 219K+ voting with 100% of precincts reporting and Ciattarelli having 52% of the vote. Then at 1:54 a.m., out of nowhere was a 42K vote dump that swung Bergen to Murphy, Murphy taking the lead with 51% of the vote. 223K voted in Bergen County in 2017 and now 261K vote in 2021? This stinks of shenanigans.

    534. Ameister says:

      Guaranteed both sides file in superior court for a recount if
      They lose. This one will take weeks. Somerset republicans can
      Hold their own. Chris Christie warming up in the bullpen.
      This is gonna be fun. Murphy has never reached out to anyone
      He has no strong support other than the north jersey machine
      Sheila Oliver, menendez et al. More than likely Jack loses but he rattled the s’h##t out of em. That said he has a shot

    535. phoenixrisen says:

      Yeah, then we have the Hudson County double count which thankfully was caught. But there is some stuff going on here. Have to see it play out.

    536. jason says:

      Nikki “You must feel my pain? who?

      Sorry, I used to be a fan, but she lost me with all the pandering and waffling and trying to play all sides.

    537. Meldrim says:

      #541, that could have been the mail-in vote being reported. If Bergen hadn’t reported it yet, yeah, that would be a big drop for Murphy.

    538. Meldrim says:

      “Like it or not, each side starts out with about 45% regardless of how bad things are so the real race is for that 10% swing vote.”

      That assumes that the electorate is static. Betting people on our side to turn out to vote was one of Trump’s biggest electoral achievements, and we need our 2024 nominee to help gin up conservative turnout. As a political consultant in the South once quipped, “there ain’t nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow line and dead possums.” Now, that doesn’t mean that we concentrate solely on throwing red meat at conservatives (it’s a political expression, Tgca; I guess that we can throw raw tofu at vegetarian conservatives), but getting a high turnout among conservatives is an important component of what we’ll need to do in order to win in 2024. Youngkin certainly proved that one can motivate conservatives to vote while attracting enough moderates to win even in a state like Virginia.

    539. Meldrim says:

      In #546, “Betting people” should have been “Getting people.”

    540. Tgca says:


      Most nationalized races are almost always decided by those swing voters. I’m not talking about a race in Aleebamma or Caleefawnyuh. Turnout is often baked into the formula. Whether it’s 45% of 1 million voter turnout or 45% of 10 million voter turnout, as it’s unusual to have an enormously lopsided electorate turnout in this day and age on a national level.

      Last night Dem turnout was down but Youngkin apparently got a lot of the stoopid white suburban soccer moms back to the GOP too but only after a girl got raped to make the point how misplaced their voting ideology was previously.

      Trump could have found a cure for cancer and you’d still see 45% of Dems vote against him. Same with the GOP. It’s just how divided the US is now.

    541. mnw says:

      Manchin making really interesting noises today!

      Referencing both VA (“unbelievable”) and NJ, he said that last night was “a warning” that “we need to slow things down.”

      Why is Sinema less visible & vocal lately, I wonder.

    542. Meldrim says:

      #548, nope. Turnout makes a huge difference in elections. And if Republicans and Democrats were each guaranteed to get 45% in VA and fight it out over the “swing” 10% then Trump wouldn’t have been held to 44% there in 2020. Youngkin won by getting almost all of the Trump 2020 voters to turn out in 2021 (while a higher percentage of Biden voters stayed home) *plus* getting a good number of Biden voters to vote GOP; getting a higher percentage of that “swing 10%” wouldn’t have come close to winning it for Youngkin had there been a huge turnout among Leftists.

      John McCain and Mitt Romney appealed to that “swing 10%,” but it wasn’t enough to compensate for the depressed turnout among conservatives as compared to the massive turnout among Leftists when Obama was on the ballot. We need a candidate that both excited the base enough to ensure a high conservative turnout and appeals to enough swing voters to put him over the top. My position is that Ron DeSantis can do that, as he proved when he won the 2018 gubernatorial election in closely divided FL under a terrible political environment; there might be some other good potential GOP candidates out there as well.

    543. Robbie says:

      Douglas Lukasik

      I want to be clear on one thing. The overarching theme of the future of US politics is determined by two items: (a) whether the GOP is saddled with another Trump run; and (b) whether Dems can get rid of the dreams of progressive utopia ensconced among their ruling class.

      – Jason fraud thought bubble- “Heresy! Trump is the greatest living human being of our time. It would be an honor to have him lose again as the Republican nominee. I will saddle myself to him for as long as he can draw breath. Screw the suburbs.”

    544. Tgca says:

      549. MNW

      I think last night gives cover to Sinema and Manchin going forward. The most radical in the left will never accept any compromise but since they are nothing more than the squeaky wheel getting the oil, many less radicals Dems must be worried today how this will impact their races in less than a year.

      So Sinema and Manchin now look like the voice of reason compared to most in their party.

      Will Schumer try to attack and alienate them now? Doubtful?

      Will Crazy Nancy call them out? Maybe but she is not sitting pretty now and will have to decide soon if she wants to be around for another bloodbath on her watch.

    545. Tina says:

      This pertains to Wisconsin voter fraud in 2020.

      Margot Cleveland
      BREAKING: Racine County Sheriff’s Office sends felony criminal referral for WEC commissioners to prosecutor’s office.

    546. Tgca says:

      550. Mildred

      You’re missing the point. Of course turnout matters. No one is against that in itself, as has been noted many times here over the years about the importance of turnout.

      What I’m saying is the base is about equal on both sides in this divided nation so most close races are decided by that 10% or so of swing voters. That’s pretty much well accepted truism in politics these days.

      Does every point have to be spelled out to you in detail so you can comprehend? Geez!

      What’s your IQ again?

    547. Tgca says:

      I only had like 4 hours sleep last night and I ran out of vegan snacks so I’m cranky! I plan to take a nap in about an hour.

    548. DW says:

      The lead of Jason Miyares, in the VA Atty General race has just jumped up to 45k from 37k.

    549. Meldrim says:

      Hey, Jason, ask Amos whether this guy is a real Amish or one of the English posing as one:

    550. Cash Cow TM says:

      “mnw says:
      November 3, 2021 at 1:19 pm
      Biden has actually ticked UP at RAS today– about 2 points. Maybe the foreign trip helped. Voters usually like that.”

      Maybe some voters think Biden has fled the U.S. and is not coming back.

    551. Tgca says:

      NJ updated about 2 min ago according to NYT.

      Philip Murphy*. 1,200,938 49.94%

      Jack Ciattarelli. 1,185,951 49.32

      I’m really hoping Jack pulls this out because I really want to watch Jadon gobble down one of my vegan burgers, tofu crispy fries, followed with a seaweed salad, and kale juice and a tofu pudding. Yummee!

    552. Cash Cow TM says:

      Looks like in NJ Cindarelli will come up short.

    553. Meldrim says:

      #554, you’re a moron, and apparently you’ll always be one. Going for the mushy middle is why RINOs fail, but, sure, keep believing that the GOP base will always turn out no matter what. Dumbass “moderate.”

    554. jason says:

      558. The haircut looks legitimate.

    555. jason says:

      Cindarelli is good, Cow, Tina would be proud.

    556. jason says:

      Another NFL player stupidly throws away his career and probably most of his life.

      Was making $4 million a year.

      “Police say Henry Ruggs III was driving 156 mph. This wasn’t an accident. It was an inevitability.

      Henry Ruggs III was out to kill someone on Tuesday morning in Las Vegas.

      Drunk at more than twice the legal limit and hauling his Corvette down a residential street at 156 miles per hour with his girlfriend by his side, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, he was a loaded weapon looking for a victim or victims.

      He found one, a 23-year-old woman in a Toyota RAV4 who was driving down Rainbow Boulevard, located about 5 miles west of the famed Strip, at 3:39 a.m.”

    557. lisab says:

      I saw that last night along with the TX seat flip in a 73% Latino community. Good news that followed the Trump success.

      in other news, the dems have decided to stop illegal immigration!

      pelosi: 73 fk-ing percent! wtf schumer! you told me they would blindly follow us!

    558. lisab says:

      Referencing both VA (“unbelievable”) and NJ, he said that last night was “a warning” that “we need to slow things down.”

      Why is Sinema less visible & vocal lately, I wonder.

      manchin also said that a deal was possible by thanksgiving


      “Sinema, on the other hand, is quietly reassuring Democrats that she’s essentially on board with what Biden has laid out and cut a deal on prescription drugs Tuesday after being pilloried for rejecting earlier proposals.”

    559. lisab says:

      i think the dems know

      they have to pass the spending bills or they won’t be able to next year

    560. Meldrim says:

      BTW, what made the GOP’s Texas house pickup last night so extraordinary was not that it was a 73% Hispanic district, but that it was a 73% Hispanic district *in San Antonio* (or at least partly in San Antonio and the rest in close-in suburbs in Bexar County). Especially since Trump’s historic performance in South Texas in 2020, we have gotten used to Hispanic Republicans winning elections in South Texas areas in which the Hispanic percentage is even higher than 73% (the McAllen mayoralty comes to mind), but the City of San Antonio did *not* see a big shift towards the GOP in 2020. As has been mentioned, it’s a district that Biden carried by 14% in 2020 and Beto by 20% in 2018, so it was not where one would expect a GOP surge. It’s also *not* on the border (San Antonio is quite a bit to the north), so there must be factors other than Biden’s flustercluck in the border that led to Representative-elect Garza winning.

      The Working-Class Realignment that Trump started in 2016 among white Anglos and that expanded to rural Hispanics in 2020 may now be reaching urban Hispanics as well. Democrats should be soiling their pants around now.

    561. Meldrim says:

      lisab, you are assuming that there are 2018 House Democrats and 50 Senate Democrats that *want* to pass those spending bills. How many House Democrats in competitive districts saw what happened last night and decided that they want no part of a huge reconciliation package? Maybe they still want to pass the BIF (bipartisan infrastructure bill), but not if it means jumping on the hand grenade that the Progressive Caucus is throwing their way (the “Build Back Better” plan). Four measly House Democrats, or a single Senate Democrat, can sink the whole thing. If the Progressive Caucus doesn’t go along with the BIF without the BBB being tied to it, then I don’t think that the Democrats are going to pass a damn thing.

    562. Tina says:

      Jennifer ‘pro-voting’ Rubin
      · May 11
      Replying to @Redistrict
      rarely disagree but VA is not going to elect a Trump R governor. period. It’s bluer than PA, Mich and New England

    563. Tgca says:


      Now Mildred! Your Latin passion is getting the best of you again. Chill out Bish! Have some pasteles and a mojito or two as well.

      I am not talking about moderating conservatives views to win swing voters. I’m talking about how you appeal to them to win races, as there will almost always be a segment of the electorate that are swing voters and rarely does either major party have a clear majority in nationalized elections.

      If you rely solely on your base to win elections and ignore indys that can be influenced to your view, that will rarely win you races.

      I’m sorry if you’re struggling with Engwish comprehension. It must be very hard with your high IQ.

    564. Tina says:

      Jeff Charles, Critical Race Pimp
      · 3h
      BREAKING: Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin sends a fruit basket with a ‘thank you’ card to the Lincoln Project.

      “It’s the least we can do. After all, they were instrumental in helping us defeat Terry McAuliffe,” said a Youngkin aide.

    565. DW says:

      1,658,450 Miyares
      1,613,093 Herring

      45,357 ahead for Miyares. Still no call of the race/

    566. Meldrim says:

      #572, Tsla, you’re making the same argument as Robbie yet are to stupid to understand it. So go play with your 12-inch dildos and leave the thinking to the literate grownups.

    567. Tgca says:


      Thanks for making my point Mildred!

      As I posted very early this AM while you were fast asleep dreaming about carding people for Covid vaccinations in restaurants, this was a swing to the GOP because it was able to find common ground and appeal to enough in this majority Latin district to vote for the GOP candidate.

      I doubt this district all of a sudden embraced the GOP platform. But they evidently connected on some level. That’s a good thing though it may not be a lasting trend there but it works in the GOP favor for now.

      Comprende papi!

    568. Wes says:

      Hm. Meldrim vs. Tgca?

      I need some popcorn.

    569. jason says:

      Supposedly the remaining vote in VA trends R and Youngkin will end up winning by more than 2%.

      So Miyares will win too.

    570. jason says:

      So go play with your 12-inch dildos”

      That small?

    571. jason says:

      lisab, you are assuming that there are 2018 House Democrats ”


      I know its Halloween but 2018 Dems is too much of a horror show.

    572. Tgca says:


      Hey Mildred!

      Who is Tsla?

      Does THEY live in Loudon County VA or Loudoun County VA?

      Literate grownups? Hmmm…

      …like those that evidently don’t know the difference between “to” and “too?”

      Seems like someone needs a refresher ESL course.

      Mildred post 575

      “…you’re making the same argument as Robbie yet are to stupid to understand it. “

    573. jason says:

      rarely disagree but VA is not going to elect a Trump R governor. period. ”

      Rubin says Youngkin is Trump. Amoral Scumbag says Youngkin “ran away from Trump”.

      Two pathological liars.

    574. Tgca says:


      Why is Mildred fixated with dildos?

      Must be one of those Latin DL guys.

    575. Tina says:

      Two pathological liars, who play for the same team.

    576. Tina says:


      Ticker symbol for Tesla.

    577. jason says:

      Hm. Meldrim vs. Tgca?

      I need some popcorn.”

      Estos dos cabrones me están cansando….

    578. lisab says:

      How many House Democrats in competitive districts saw what happened last night and decided that they want no part of a huge reconciliation package?

      they jumped on the obamacare hand grenade

      although they might lose in 2022, they will win in the long run — or at least they think so

    579. Tgca says:

      Is it me or has anyone noticed all the errors in Mildred’s posts?

      I’ve noticed quite a few since THEY anointed THEYSELF as the grammar Nazi at HHR but I’m starting to worry THEY IQ is not really as high as THEY claims when THEY keep making basic errors like the rest of us mere mortals.

    580. mnw says:


      I’m reading Manchin much differently than you do, based on the totality of what he’s said over the last 2 weeks or so. Today, it sounded (to me anyway) as if he’s more recalcitrant than ever.

      I don’t read ANYTHING into “a deal is possible.”

      What do YOU make of him calling VA “unbelievable” today? Business as usual?

    581. lisab says:

      pelosi will have vote this week

    582. Tgca says:

      What’s your IQ?

      See where you fit. See where your fellow HHR posters fit.

      They don’t call me Smarty Pants for nuttin’ but Mildred says I’m a moron.

      IQ RANGE:

      Idiot – 0 thru 25

      Imbecile – 26 thru 50

      Moron – 51 thru 70

      Stoopid – 71 thru 84

      Average – 85 thru 114

      Above average – 115 thru 129

      Intelligent – 130 thru 144

      Highly Intelligent (Smarty Pants) – 145 thru 159

      Genius – 160 thru 179

      Reserved for Mildred and Marilyn vos Savant – 180+

      Please note my understanding is that Mildred has petitioned the Guinness Book of World Records for a category specific only to THEY above all others but Guinness has not yet responded on whether they will create such a special designation for THEY.

    583. Tgca says:

      585. Tina

      Hmmm…I’m confused why Mildred would be posting about Tesla in 575.

      Oh well, what do I know? I’m just a moron!

      I’m sure Mildred with THEY high IQ has good reason to…or is it too?…hmmm…I should ask Mildred the difference.

      To? Too? Two? Tu? Tutu *giggles* Hmmm…

      No worries though. I’m happy in my little moronic simpleton world and will just go get another vegan cookie and leave all this smart stuff to Mildred since THEY IQ is sooooooo high.

    584. DW says:

      Right now its…

      Youngkin 50.87%
      McAwful 48.45%

      Gap: 2.42

      Trafalgar’s final poll: A gap of 2.3

      That’s called spot on folks. The gold standard.

    585. Tina says:

      She is my favorite R

      Curtis Houck
      · 40m
      .@WinsomeSears DESTROYS @JoyAnnReid over her calling Republicans white nationalists: “I wish Joy Reid would invite me on her show. Let’s see if she is woman enough…She talks about white supremacy. Does she know that I ran against a white supremacist?…I’m waiting for you.”

    586. Tgca says:


      So VA is now a red state because Youngkin got roughly 51% of the vote. That means 51% of the VA voting electorate is GOP now because turning out your base is all that matters in elections.

      We don’t need no stoopid swing voters in elections. Only the base matters.

      NJ is almost a GOP state with roughly 49.3% of the voters voting GOP this cycle. Only have to convince .71% more voters to vote GOP and we have turned NJ from blue to red.


    587. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow shakes head.

      Biden runs in 2020 as a moderate, uniter, problem solver, get things done guy.

      From day one Biden administration operates as whackadoodle, divider, not able to unite Americans nor solve problems. Biden can’t get other whackadoodle Ds in congress to pass the real infrastructure bill, or abandon the trillions of social “infrastructure” bill plus other issues where her cannot get congress to get the monkey wrench out of the gears.

      Voters in VA reject Ds all up and down the ticket.
      Chickens coming home to roost.

      Dems cannot connect the dots.

    588. Cash Cow TM says:

      And the reasons why the D ruling class will double down on their agenda is that MANY of the whackadoodles in congress are elected in insular House districts where there is no fear of them being defeated.

    589. Cash Cow TM says:


      So happy for you that VA went red in 2021.
      Past history in VA elections have been depressing for sure.

    590. mnw says:


      “DEMs cannot connect the dots.”

      Oh, I think they DO!

      DEMs today = the river in Egypt.

    591. Cash Cow TM says:

      Did you ever notice that they use the same video of lightning flashes in the night sky on all the various “Wagon Train” TV old episodes.

      I think they use the same video clips for many other western shows as well.

    592. DW says:

      The sun shown brightly today in southeast Virginia.

    593. mnw says:

      Quite a contrast between Lt. Gov.-Elect Winsome, the ex-Marine, and St. Louis’ very own Rep. Cori Bush, who brags about having lived in her car– until she got elected to Congress.

    594. Meldrim says:

      Tsla, sorry, I don’t speak Ghetto. Learn to read, learn to write, and then you can rise to the level of Robbie, whose political positions you emulate.

    595. Tina says:

      Contrast her and the Somali, who married her brother, mnw,

    596. DW says:

      and with the Atty General seat, the Virginia GOP has completed the hat trick…the three top races, after not winning ANY statewide race since 2009!

      But CNN thinks is racist dog whistles.

    597. Meldrim says:

      “Contrast her and the Somali, who married her brother, mnw,”


      mnw, I had no idea that you were Ilhan Omar’s brother …. : )

    598. Wes says:

      Just a nitpick since I used to be involved with a Marine:

      Marines consider the term ex-Marine offensive. Those who have left the Corps are former Marines.

    599. Tina says:

      Cher is melting down, this tweet makes little sense.

      · 18h

    600. DW says:

      …and ‘retired Marine’ is good too…You can take the Marine out of the Marines, but you cannot take the Marines out of the Marine.

    601. mnw says:

      609 Tina

      That IS perfect.

      I notice that the talking heads who lecture me about racism all the time are usually whiter than freshly fallen snow.

    602. GF says:

      605- DW, while we knew it was a done deal, it’s good to see the howling hyenas admit it. Congrats on real representation, and for now having a majority of all legislative seats again; the HoD will be able to single-handedly appoint the next state court justice without taking the Dem Senate into consideration.

      And Winsome Sears is awesome; I want her to be the face that beats down the pinkos on the network shows, but they won’t allow her to come on outside of Fox, of that I am certain. I do think it is too early to talk about Youngkin on the ’24 ticket (in either spot), but as of this minute, I am all for him being in the next GOP Cabinet in 2025 b/c this woman needs a promotion, if for no other reason than to annoy the Dems and their media lapdogs.

    603. Meldrim says:

      #611, correct, Wes (“once a Marine, always a Marine”), provided that they were honorably discharged and then continued to act honorably. I don’t believe that former Marines take offense at, say, Lee Harvey Oswald being referred to as an ex-Marine.

    604. Meldrim says:

      #613, yes, “retired Marine” too.

    605. Meldrim says:

      Last night was a terrific election night in Long Island as well:

    606. Tgca says:


      Mildred says THEY don’t speak no ghetto Bish! Fair enough.

      Evidently Mildred don’t speak no Engwish eedur.

      No worries! I will teach Mildred ghetto, LisaB can teach him gay lingo, and we’ll get him enrolled him in some ESL classes and all will be just fine and dandy.

      Ok papi?

    607. GF says:

      For those concerned that the margin was too narrow for comfort, I would ask them to consider that this is what six weeks of early voting allows for, that people cannot make informed decisions like those who vote on Election Day. While many of the early voters were clearly rabid Dem partisans, I am sure that more than a few would have switched had they known what the know now. This would likely have boosted the new HoD R majority from 52 up to perhaps 57 or 58.

      Same for NJ.

    608. Tina says:

      Mnw, they will claim she is not black/ not black enough soon.

    609. Meldrim says:

      Whatever, Agador.

    610. Wes says:

      Agreed, GF. I made that exact point up thread.

    611. mnw says:

      610 Meldrin

      You smoked me out about my sister there.

      Story about Faulkner in Hollywood:

      They asked him at a story conference if he had any ideas for “a cute meet for boy and girll” in the next Gable/Lombard movie. You know, guy at race track asks gal to remove her hat so he can see the ponies better, and… they fall in love.

      The story goes that Faulkner said, “Well… what if boy and girl are brother and sister?”

    612. Tgca says:



      I would not want people say I’m an ex gay either because I no longer congregate with those type of peeps. It’s offensive! I prefer to refer to that time as just a phase.

    613. Wes says:

      Republicans won all judicial races in PA yesterday. Someone forgot to tell the Dems to steal those elections.

    614. Meldrim says:

      Currently, Youngkin is up by 2.47%, Sears by 1.92% and Miyares by 1.42%. If Youngkin’s margin can rise above 2.50% without Miyares’s margin reaching 1.50%, then my predictions will have proven to be correct (thanks to rounding): Youngkin 3%, Sears 2% and Miyares 1%.

    615. mnw says:

      I read something interesting at RRH about NJ.

      There is a group of orthodox rabbis in NJ (“Vaad”), which is a big deal in NJ politics, apparently. The Vaad endorsed Murphy a month before the GE, because they thought Citronella was hopeless. The RRH mod thinks the Vaad would have endorsed the R if there was even ONE poll showing he had a pulse.

    616. DW says:


      Election officials in Fairfax, VA have reported an additional drop of 75,000 ballots not reported last night, and most of the votes were cast for the three Democratic candidates in the top three races.

      Apparently a janitor noticed a plumbing problem in the building, and upon investigation, the sewer pipe was packed full of the missing ballots.

    617. Meldrim says:

      mnw, you probably know this already, but when Omar married her brother it wasn’t because they were an incestuous couple, it was so that he could stay in the U.S. and go to college. Omar was “married” (not legally, but supposedly married according to Islamic law) to some other Minneapolis Somali, and had a couple of kids with him; then her “husband” said “I divorce thee” three times and she legally married her brother (who was not a U.S. resident because their family were a bunch of grifters who claimed to belong to other Somali refugee families, with Omar going to America and her brother to the UK), then her brother moved to North Dakota or something for college while she *moved back in with the “ex-husband” who had renounced her, and she had a couple more kids with her “ex-husband” while legally married to her brother; and when her brother quit college and moved back to the UK, she divorced him and legally married her “ex-husband” (on whom she later cheated with some white Christian, which apparently is the only thing that she has done that has drawn criticism from Minneapolis’s Somali community). What a piece of work.

    618. William says:

      Youngkin has a very slim lead when looking at all Virginia suburb counties

    619. Meldrim says:

      #628, mnw, that is why one always should run to win, and seek to be seen as having a chance to win. While I suspect that Ciattarelli did pretty well with Orthodox Jews in the election despite what the Vaad did, he certainly would have cleaned up with that demographic had he received the endorsement. I think that it was in the village of Kirias Joel (famous for the Establishment Clause SCOTUS case) where Gore won with over 90% in 2000 but then Bush won with over 90% in 2004 because the rabbis endorsed Gore-Lieberman (one would suspect because of his runningmate) over Bush but then endorsed Bush over Kerry.

    620. jason says:

      Somebody forgot to tell Dems to steal those elections:


      Translation: ah yes the new version of there can’t be fraud in other states because supposedly there was none in NC. If Rs win any election anywhere there can be no fraud anywhere.

      Hard to decide which version is more asinine. I call it a tie.

    621. Meldrim says:

      This won’t convince anyone who believes that Democrats steal all elections (except when they don’t), but I’ll share this anyhow:

    622. DW says:

      The mother of all red herrings…no one argues that Dems steal ‘all’ elections. But there are times when the evidence points to a theft. Nixon was robbed on his first try against Kennedy. Al Franken stole the senate seat in MN. Al Gore tried to steal the 2000 election, but came up short.

      In 2020, we had the FIRST time in electoral history where prior to the election, real ballots were literally all over the place without provenance, controls, and so forth, making the possibility for new forms of fraud to be committed like never before, and then key states have Dem strongholds suddenly stop counting on election night, the fake plumbing problem in GA, and on and on…until they get the narrowest of margins in the key states…so their moribund dementia patient could be declared winner…yeah, I am going to be suspicious of a theft.

    623. Phil says:

      They don’t steal all ell elections.

    624. Phil says:

      They don’t steal all ell elections.

    625. Wes says:

      You’re a liar and hypocrite, Jason. You know that. I know that. Everyone else here knows that. You declared you wouldn’t vote in PA again because Democrats would steal the elections. A year after you made that declaration, Republicans swept every judicial race in the Commonwealth.

      That’s why you had to react as if I shot your dog when I mentioned election returns that completely obliterate the very premise of your decision to take you ball and go home.

      Now post your required LOL followed by a fact-free response to what I said.

    626. Wes says:

      Your, not you, before ball.

      I wish Dave had an editing function.

    627. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      611. “Marines consider the term ex-Marine offensive. Those who have left the Corps are former Marines.”

      Agree, however, have a problem with the term “former” Marine (unless there was a switch in the branch of service). Once a Marine, always a Marine. There are active Marines and veteran Marines.

    628. Cash Cow TM says:

      “jason says:
      November 3, 2021 at 2:41 pm
      Cindarelli is good, Cow, Tina would be proud.”


      Last night, I tried ‘Citranelli’ but go no reaction.
      So I decided to go with “Cinderelli”–but misspelled it.

    629. Meldrim says:

      #641, Cow, I thought that Citranelli was good. It would be useful for a state like New Jersey to have a governor that can repel bugs.

    630. mnw says:


      I’ve known for a long time that Omar’s “bromance,” when you cut to “What is all this really all ABOUT?” was… immigration fraud.

      The MN-based Power Line blog has been covering that for years. Power Line did a lot of original research on it, btw.

      NJ & Citronella:

      When u say “always run as if you intend to win,” there’s a chicken-and-egg problem there: You can’t raise money if your candidacy is considered hopeless, and you can’t develop a credible “winner walkin’ home” persona without money.

      Matt Rosendale suffered yuugely from this same problem when he ran against Tester.

    631. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Cow, I thought that Citranelli was good. It would be useful for a state like New Jersey to have a governor that can repel bugs.”


    632. Tgca says:


      Evidently Wes is terrified of being called out by the grammar Nazi at HHR.

      This is what I’m talking about folks. Stop letting fascist behavior fill you with fear.

      You have nuttin’ to fear but fear itself!

      Some words of wisdom I developed sometime back and share with folks.

    633. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow asked the sheep across the road why they thought Hala Ayala lost the race for VA LT Gov.

      They said they thought it was because she had too many A vowels in her name.
      And Cow agrees with Wes that Ayala was not very good looking. I give her a rating of 5 or 6 on looks. She is no Kristie Noem or Nicki Haley.

    634. jason says:


      Biden says Americans are “confused” after brutal election losses for Democrats

    635. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt told me that in his opinion, Ayala was not nearly at hot as those two females that came to his door on Halloween dressed as female cops.

    636. Meldrim says:

      #648, once a HoBo, always a HoBo ….

    637. jason says:

      You declared you wouldn’t vote in PA again because Democrats would steal the elections. ”

      Never said that. Baldfaced lie. I have given my reasons here many times.

      I said I would not take part in an election process that I view as fraudulent and where nobody is doing anything about it. I didn’t say Rs could never win an election in PA, I said the election was stolen in 2020 and the mechanisms to allow that to happen are still in place. So because I think my vote is diluted and disenfranchised due illegal ballots, I don’t vote, whether Rs win or lose.

      You know that is what I said. But instead you do what you usually do, lie your head off to support your fake narrative.


    638. Ameister says:

      By far the best one of last night. This guy spent 153 bucks on dunkin and paper fyers and took down senste president Steve

    639. jason says:

      wes is always willing to dig a deeper hole, and goes for asinine statement #3.

      I guess the fact Rs swept the judicial races in PA by more than the MOF means there could not have been fraud in 2020.

      What a brilliant conclusion.

    640. Dylan says:

      Is there no reasonable path for Jack in NJ?
      Too much fraud?

    641. Meldrim says:

      Unless there was a massive tabulation error or two, I don’t see how Ciattarelli possibly could win. Almost all of what is still outstanding is from heavily Democrat areas. The national GOP really dropped the ball on this one–had it provided funding for Ciattarelli he might have pulled off the upset (and perhaps pushed enough GOP senate and assembly candidates over the top to capture one or both houses of the legislature).

    642. jason says:

      So I decided to go with “Cinderelli”–but misspelled it.”

      It is good because he is the Cinderella candidate.

    643. Dylan says:

      654–That’s really disappointing. I hate playing “what if’s” especially when we got so close but WTF is the nation GOP doing if not trying to win stealth races that are doable. How out of touch are these people? Where is the pushback against vote by mail? I dont see any cohesive plan of attack.

    644. Cash Cow TM says:

      When questioned by a reporter today, Biden said:

      “…And no governor in Virginia has ever won when he’s of the same party as the sitting president.”

      Never ever?
      Which is true UNLESS you go WAY BACK to 2013 when (D) Obama was president and a (D) by the name of Terry McAuliffe was elected VA gov.

      Or back to 1973 when (R) Nixon/Ford was president and (R) Mills Goodwin won VA governorship.

      Or back to 1969 when (R) Nixon was president and
      (R) Linwood Holton was elected governor of VA

      Or back to 1949 when (D) Truman was president and
      (D) John Battle was elected VA governor.

      Or back to 1945 when (D) FDR was president and (D) William Tuck won the governorship.

      Or back to 1941 when (D) FDR was president and (D) Colgate Darden won the governorship

    645. Ameister says:

      Probably no path for jack.,there was a 45 k bote dump in bergen county at 2 am that put mutohy up but I hvnt heard i
      Anything more nor hv I heard if jack is going to file for a recount

    646. Meldrim says:

      Jason, what is the Margin of Fraud in PA? Is it different than the one in VA? And how does it work–is there no fraud at all under most circumstances, but if the Republican seems poised to win by less than the MOF then Democrats jump out and cheat? That doesn’t sound very practical, since cheating over several days is harder to catch than is furiously creating fraudulent votes at 3:00 a.m. on election night. So do they always cheat in a similar way, creating, say, 100,000 fraudulent votes, hoping that it will be enough to defeat the Republicans? If so, did they miscalculate how many phony votes they needed to create to win those statewide judicial races in PA, or did they not care about winning judicial races? It doesn’t seem as if Democrats “create enough fake votes to win” when they sometimes lose important elections narrowly, so something else must be going on.

      Or maybe Democrats tend to cheat as much as they can, and only sometimes get away with it, meaning that it isn’t that the system is rigged so that Republicans cant win. I sure think that if PA Democrats could cheat willy-nilly that they would have stolen PA for Hillary and McGinty in 2016.

    647. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Meldrim says:
      November 3, 2021 at 7:58 pm
      #648, once a HoBo, always a HoBo ….”


    648. Meldrim says:


      Former Congressman Dick Swett (D-NH) *wishes* that his last name were Tuck (not that Dick Tuck would get that many fewer chortles than Dick Swett).

    649. Cash Cow TM says:

      Murphy knocked Jack off.

    650. Tgca says:


      True story!

      Years ago as a student, we had an older school employee named Richard Cox but he went by the name Dick.

      When you’re a teen dude and you know someone with the name Dick Cox, it can provide endless moments of humor and jokes among friends.

      Ah! To be young and stoopid again.

    651. jason says:

      “Sure think that if PA Democrats could cheat willy-nilly that they would have stolen PA for Hillary and McGinty in 2016.”

      I will ignore most of the garbage and drivel that preceded this and go for the really monstrously stupid.

      So you are really comparing the VBM, EV and absentee system the Dems implemented in 2020 that makes fraud much easier with 2016?


    652. jason says:

      If so, did they miscalculate how many phony votes they needed to create to win those statewide judicial races in PA, or did they not care about winning judicial races?”

      I guess this is also so stupid I will address.

      It’s not a question of “calculation”. The system the Dems put in allows for countless VBM ballots with no verification. It allows for ballot harvesting, illegals voting, out of state voting, you name it.

      So it is really that someone manufactures votes based on how many are needed, although that will happen if it is close enough, there is no control in Philadelphia. The totals ALREADY REFLECT a certain number of illegal ballots, certainly more that 80k in 2020, there were millions of ballots floating around.

      My point is that with this VBM system, EVERY election is already tainted, whether the Rs win or not.

      Not that hard to understand, unless you are really naive.

    653. Tgca says:

      Thix Thix Theven Bishes!

      Thix Thix Theven I thay.

    654. jason says:

      Should say it is not really that someone manufactures…

    655. jason says:

      Or maybe Democrats tend to cheat as much as they can, and only sometimes get away with it, meaning that it isn’t that the system is rigged so that Republicans cant win.”

      This is the only part that is not complete garbage.

      Yes, the system is designed to get as many illegally cast ballots as possible, which means that Rs will have to win by more than the fraud.

      So if an R ends up winning by 20k votes, it doesn’t mean “Rs can win close elections”. It probably wasn’t that close to begin with.

    656. mnw says:

      Biden said 2day that the reports that he plans to give illegal alien families $450000 are “garbage.”

      So there’s that.

    657. jason says:

      But he didn’t disavow the payments, only the amount.

    658. jason says:

      Derek Carr: Henry Ruggs III needs to be loved right now”


    659. lisab says:

      Yes, the system is designed to get as many illegally cast ballots as possible

      it is not that simple.

      there are places where the election officials are honest.

      for years massachusetts was pretty much on the level.

      back when they had paper ballots they used to have a big crowd of observers watch as the machines were opened and the ballots were counted. of course massachusetts was pretty much a blue state, but they actually took it seriously.

      since 2000 that may not be so true, but they have had a lot of R governors

    660. lisab says:

      I guess the fact Rs swept the judicial races in PA by more than the MOF means there could not have been fraud in 2020.

      has a republican recently beaten a democrat in a hotly contested election

      a.) in a state where the voting system was controlled by the dems

      b.) by less than 1/2 a percent?

      c.) has the vote count ever stopped with the dem candidate ahead by thousands, and then in the middle of the night had thousands of votes added to the rep candidate’s total with no votes or very few added to the dem candidate’s total?

    661. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – Stop picking on Jason. He is still in shock that his belief that there is no common ground between deplorables and suburban voters was shattered last night. Candidates CAN appeal to Trump’s base AND suburban voters. Youngkin did better in almost every county in Virginia than Trump. It is not a choice between focusing on one group or the other. It is about getting as many votes from every possible group.

    662. mnw says:

      The My Pillow guy and Larry Sabato look so much alike, I can’t tell them apart.

    663. Wes says:

      I have to admit, Meldrim, watching Jason turn himself into a pretzel to explain his contradictory beliefs about electoral fraud was a sight to behold.

    664. Gordon Allen says:

      Until very late in the day the Democrats thought VA was in the bag with an honest vote might be an explanation
      Until late October I never thought youngkin could win

    665. Meldrim says:

      #677, LOL! But Sabato has a worse toupee.

    666. Tgca says:

      Let’s not kid ourselves about the VA outcome. This was because many white liberal parents were horrified by CRT and covering up rape in school, followed by crazy woke chit pushed by the Biden team.

      I would bet anyone’s life here that many of these voters will go right back to supporting Dems in future elections, especially those white suburban women voters.

      VA is not a red or even a purple state anymore than NJ.

      Having lower turnout in certain groups or people pissed at those they usually vote for is not a winning formula for future GOP elections.

      There is not much difference in CA, VA, NJ these days and until people wake up, these states will continue to embrace most lefty politics even if they periodically support GOP candidates as a form of retaliation.

    667. DW says:

      So Biden thinks voters were confused, and Dems in denial think it was just a communication problem.

      Hello? You just had the long-time Democrat incumbent State Senate president in New Jersey ousted by a truck driver who spent $153 on his campaign!!!

    668. DW says:

      And anyone who doubts can just watch Edward Durr’s campaign ad, and then ask if Durr won because of his political skills or because people were absolutely ticked off at Democrat Leadership.

    669. DW says:

      Edward Durr is the AOC of the right. The difference is Durr has some brains.

    670. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      I am forwarding Edward Durr’s campaign ad to every Democratic Party incumbent who feels overconfident of a win next year.

    671. Tgca says:


      Agreed! That was anger and not ideology.

      Don’t get me wrong, the GOP can benefit from these temporary shifts so one should not complain when such gifts are bestowed but we often see the same on the other side where GOP base may stay home or vote against leaders they’re pissed at so it works both ways.

      I prefer to build a lasting relationship with folks as opposed to periodically having them temporarily side with you because of their frustration with others because my experience is that they will not be with you in the long run – think the stoopid “feely” types white suburban women voters. They are fickle and unreliable voters even if they occasionally assist.

      I just don’t want the GOP to get too cocky because it is probably more likely than not VA will revert back to its Dem support over the next couple of years once this CRT and student rape concerns die down.

      Think Chris Christie – did he really have any lasting impact in NJ or was it just a blip? One can argue that once he was booted the state actually went much further left.

    672. DW says:

      “Think Chris Christie – did he really have any lasting impact in NJ or was it just a blip?”

      When I first read it, I thought I saw “blimp.”

    673. Meldrim says:

      “Think Chris Christie – did he really have any lasting impact in NJ or was it just a blip?”

      When I first read it, I thought I saw “blimp.”

      DW, as Bitter would say, “both can be true.”

    674. Meldrim says:

      “Think Chris Christie – did he really have any lasting impact in NJ or was it just a blip?”

      When I first read it, I thought I saw “blimp.”

      DW, as Bitter would say, “both can be true.”

    675. Tgca says:


      You people at HHR say the meanest things.

      I would NEVAH comment on or poke fun at someone because they’re obese.

      I treat my fat friends at HHR no differently than anyone else.

    676. Meldrim says:

      “Think Chris Christie – did he really have any lasting impact in NJ or was it just a blip?”

      When I first read it, I thought I saw “blimp.”

      DW, as Bitter would say, both can be true.

    677. Meldrim says:

      Wow, HAL sure fooled me that time, saying that my comment hadn’t gone through.

      Speaking of comments stopped by HAL, I don’t believe that I was able to post something about the movie Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House that included a bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey trivia. Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke chose the name “HAL” for the sentient computer because each of its letters precede the letters in “IBM” (plus, it’s not only pronounceable but also a real (nick)name).

      BTW, I agree with those Hedgehoggers that have expressed that 2001: AQ Space Odyssey is an absolute yawner of a movie.

    678. Tgca says:

      Seems like we have folks at HHR that suffer from palilalia in addition to those that suffer from obesity.

    679. DW says:

      In 2017, New Jersey’s largest teachers’ union sought to unseat Steve Sweeney, so it spent about $5 million, and yet Sweeney won by 18 points.

      Edward Durr spent $153 in 2021, and he ousted Sweeney by 4 points.

      Wonder what the difference was?

    680. jason says:

      It is not a choice between focusing on one group or the other.”

      Translation: f–k the deplorables, we don’t need them. We can win without them. We only need country club Republicans, if we can get them back!

      Youngkin found a niche issue (which I think is the right strategy) in education which allowed him to make modest inroads into the NOVA suburbs, but he still lost them decisively. He lost white college educated women by 68-32, while winning white non-college educated women. Had he not held on (and even expanded) Trump’s lopsided wins in dozens of smaller rural, exurban and “deplorable” counties he would have been decimated.

      But I knew people like Bitter, who hate the idea of Republicans becoming a party of the working class, would see Virginia as an excuse to go back to what Amoral Scumbag calls the “R party of 2014”.

      I am not optimistic the R party will listen to people like me, the leadership is mostly composed of people who think like Bitter.

      But yes, the R party has to decide on what electorate it wants to focus on. It can’t be all things to all people. It’s either a working class party with a strong coalition of blue collar and small businesses owners (including Asians, blacks and Hispanics), rural and exurban voters with a niche strategy that appeals to a portion of the suburbs that is not leftist or it is a party that focuses on a suburban “recovery” strategy.

    681. Tgca says:


      So I decipher this as the GOP needs more people that eat bacon regularly instead of watching woke sports.

      That it?

    682. jason says:

      Full disclosure: I was part of that “R party of 2014”. I believed that was the way to go. I left the R party because I didn’t agree with mindset that nominated Trump. I always said Trump was a symptom, not the cause, of the change. I never agreed with many of the things that attracted deplorables to the R party, such as isolationist and protectionist policies. I am in interventionist, I supported all the “endless wars” and still do, I think the US benefits from stability in the world and as the only super power it does have a role as the “world’s policeman”.

      But I have evolved, as Obama would say, at least as what I view would be a winning coalition for Republicans in the future. I don’t have to agree with all of what it entails to think it is a winning strategy.

    683. jason says:

      “If prefer to build a lasting relationship with folks as opposed to periodically having them temporarily side with you because of their frustration with others because my experience is that they will not be with you in the long run – think the stoopid “feely” types white suburban women voters. They are fickle and unreliable voters even if they occasionally assist.

      I just don’t want the GOP to get too cocky because it is probably more likely than not VA will revert back to its Dem support over the next couple of years once this CRT and student rape concerns die down.”

      Good luck with that. The Bitters of the world are salivating like Pavlov’s to use the VA results as an excuse to pretend the GOP doesn’t need a long term strategy, it can go back to, as Bitter says
      “it is about getting as many votes from every possible group.

    684. jason says:

      So I decipher this as the GOP needs more people that eat bacon regularly instead of watching woke sports.”


    685. jason says:

      So I decipher this as the GOP needs more people that eat bacon regularly instead of watching woke sports.

      That it?’



    686. jason says:


    687. jason says:

      mnw says:
      November 3, 2021 at 9:30 pm

      Biden said 2day that the reports that he plans to give illegal alien families $450000 are “garbage.”

      So there’s that.”

      The ACLU just called him a liar, said such negotiations are going on, but maybe “Biden wasn’t aware of them”.

    688. Bitterlaw says:

      The long-term solution IS about getting votes from as many groups as possible. Are you really this desperate to fight? Why is it not possible for Youngkin’s strategy to work moving forward in other elections? He did not break from Trump. He held Trump’s base and found issues that also resonated in the suburbs.

    689. Tgca says:


      Agreed! Anyone thinking that Youngkin has a long-lasting winning formula for converting VA libs to perm GOP voters are stoopid.

      Youngkin ran a very good campaign and focused on issues but that alone was not enough to win in the lib VA environment. Tmac ran a character assassination campaign only, ignoring voter issues, and then mortally wounded himself in the debate regarding parents keeping out of school decisions.

      Youngkin was incredibly lucky too, not only with the Tmac remark on education but that the teen rape story broke when it did and resulted in the student conviction days before the election, both of which received much media coverage because that got enormous focus in VA that helped propel him to victory.

      Finally, Trump energized his supporters to support Youngkin as well. My understanding is there was a specific coordinated strategy between Youngkin and Trump teams where they discussed regularly the best way for Trump to support Youngkin without energizing Nova voters

      This was all good but I doubt it will be long lasting anymore than Christie in NJ.

    690. Tgca says:


      Oh no! I noticed a grammar error after I change sentences.

      Will the grammar Nazi get me before THEY get someone violating restaurant Covid vax requirements?


    691. jason says:

      “The long-term solution IS about getting votes from as many groups as possible. ”

      Wow, what a brilliant, deep, well thought out long term strategy.

      I wonder how many night Bitter stayed up to devise something so innovative and consequential.

      Maybe he can present it at the next R convention.

    692. jason says:

      and found issues that also resonated in the suburbs.”

      Yes, but that is a niche strategy, which I support.

      Where is the future of the party going to be?

      It should decide.

      “It’s either a working class party with a strong coalition of blue collar and small businesses owners (including Asians, blacks and Hispanics), rural and exurban voters with a niche strategy that appeals to a portion of the suburbs that is not leftist or it is a party that focuses on a suburban “recovery” strategy.”

      I think it should be the former. I know you disagree. So be it.

    693. Tina says:


      Dachenko arrested, part of Russian hoax that the Jebots fell hard for.

      Jeff Carlson
      WAPO citing Durham spokesman in Danchencko arrest.

      Reporting that Danchenko indictment expected to be unsealed later today

    694. jason says:


      ?There are a lot of armed people on the streets of New York and in the subways late at night right now. Aren’t there?” Alito asked. “All these people with illegal guns, they’re on the subway, they’re walking around the streets. But the ordinary, hard-working, law-abiding people I mentioned, no, they can’t be armed.”

    695. jason says:

      Don’t listen to him, probably a racist.

      What went wrong?” Newshour host Judy Woodruff asked Carville.

      “What went wrong was this stupid wokeness,” said Carville. “Don’t just look at Virginia and New Jersey. Look at Long Island, look at Buffalo, look at Minneapolis, even look at Seattle, Washington. I mean, this defund the police lunacy, this ‘take Abraham Lincoln’s name off schools, people see that.”

      Carville said the woke left has had a “suppressive effect” for Democrats in races across the country. “Some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something,” he continued. “They’re expressing language people just don’t use and there’s a backlash and a frustration at that. Suburbanites in northern Virginia [and] New Jersey, you know, pulled away a little bit.”

    696. DW says:

      And there it is…AP calls the NJ state senate district #3 race for Edward Durr

      With his victory, you have to wonder how many impossible-looking races next year will go unopposed.

    697. mnw says:

      712 DW

      And I await the list of as-yet-unannounced DEM retirements with great interest, too. Speculation today that Steve Cohen (D-TN) will be next– he’s not raising any money.

      I’ll bet there will be others. Not that she’s retiring, but Luria’s VA CD had an appx 15% blue-to-red swing Tuesday. Spanberger similar in VA– she won by about 1.5% last time, I think.

    698. mnw says:

      test; HAL

    699. jason says:

      Are you really this desperate to fight? ”

      You started it by attacking me in #676

      We have very different ideas on what the R party strategy for the future should be and what kind of winning coalition it should try to assemble.

      Why not leave it at that.

    700. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason knows I never proposed that the future of the GOP was to focus on the suburbs but he continues to lie. I proposed what Reagan called the Big Tent and what may now be called the Youngkin Strategy. Hold Trump’s base and identify issues like education and public safety that appeal to Trump’s voters and suburban voters.

    701. Bitterlaw says:

      716 We really don’t disagree. You are just being an A-hole.

    702. jason says:

      Sorry, Bitter, I don’t know why you want to agree with me.

      I have spelled out exactly what I think the R party should focus on and what I think a winning coalition for the future would be. Every time I do so you disagree or mock it.

      So why not agree that we have very different ideas.

      “He is still in shock that his belief that there is no common ground between deplorables and suburban voters was shattered last night.”

      Does that sound like we agree? Not to mention it is a complete lie about my position.


    703. jason says:

      I proposed what Reagan called the Big Tent and what may now be called the Youngkin Strategy”

      You don’t want a big tent, quite to the contrary, your strategy will limit the tent and lose the gains Trump made with working class and minority voters. I am the one proposing a big tent, not you.

      And there is no Youngkin Strategy, Tgca above shreds that BS to pieces.

      Youngkin was given a gift when McAuliffe said parents shouldn’t be involved with schools, and he smartly explored the opportunity. The rape scandal helped too.

      In the end he won by 70,000 or so votes.

      He “didn’t win back the suburbs”, I am sorry you believe Amoral Scumbag’s BS. He did marginally better in the suburbs, and he lost college educated white women by more than 2-1. You might think that is the future of the party, I don’t.

    704. Bitterlaw says:

      I also want to maintain and increase the gains Trump made with working class voters and minorities. It is possible to do that and also get suburban voters lost to the Dems. They goals are not mutually exclusive.

    705. DW says:

      How about we just reach out to all voters who are tired of being called names because they know the difference between a boy and a girl, and voters who have had enough of being called a racist when they are not, and voters who want to fund the police so they will have safe communities, and voters who want freedom instead of all the endless lockdowns and forced vaccines. And voters who want a say in the education of their children, and voters who want leaders who will put the American people first, instead of leaders who want to fund with taxpayer dollars every Tom-Fool money hole scheme all around the world.

    706. Bitterlaw says:

      I agree with DW.
      Jason to say I do not agree with DW in 3…2…1…

    707. lisab says:

      Translation: f–k the deplorables, we don’t need them. We can win without them. We only need country club Republicans, if we can get them back!

      noooooooooooo … don’t be silly …

      they cannot win without deplorables …

      but they will focus on pleasing their country club members because they think deplorables have no alternative but to vote for them


      they really want to be invited to their neighbors’ cocktail parties

    708. jason says:

      I agree with DW.
      Jason to say I do not agree with DW in 3…2…1…”


      Dw, Bitter will say he agrees with you but get ready to be called a “virtual signaler” if you attack woke culture.

      You haven’t been around so I thought I would warn you.

    709. lisab says:

      How about we just reach out to all voters who are tired of being called names because they know the difference between a boy and a girl,

      i was just in a meeting, which i really don’t have any say in because it was about high school ap courses

      but, did you know that ap math courses have a lot of privilege associated with them?

      it is mostly white and asian students, so we need to be mindful of that. 🙂

      (sometimes i just want to say, can’t you just fking teach math and shut up? seriously, if there is one subject that anyone can learn it should be math)

    710. jason says:

      they cannot win without deplorables …

      but they will focus on pleasing their country club members because they think deplorables have no alternative but to vote for them”

      Right, that is the strategy, but it doesn’t work.

    711. Tina says:

      Poor Fiona,

      Jack Posobiec ??
      BREAKING: Trump impeachment witness Fiona Hill implicated in criminal Steele Dossier operation

    712. Tina says:

      It would be nice if the two dummies in leadership get off their arses and demand he resign,

    713. lisab says:

      at noon, two white supremacists, (i.e. two cis gender white males), board an eastbound train in washington dc going 60 miles an hour for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

      at the same time, at the same station, five oppressed people of colour pan-sexuals, board a north bound train going 45 miles an hour — because people of colour have slower trains. how far apart will the trains be at 2:20 pm, and how much should the two white males be taxed?

      show all work

    714. lisab says:

      i thought of listing my pronouns as buffy/xena/nikita

      but they wouldn’t find it funny

      and i’d probably get reprimanded

    715. lisab says:

      speaking of impeachment,

      when do you think the dems will impeach trump again?

    716. Tina says:

      The noose is slowly going around her Thighness.

      Hans Mahncke
      Just finished reading the Danchenko indictment. It’s bad, really, really bad. And it all goes right back to Hillary Clinton. Will take some time to fully digest.

      Personally, the thing I am most happy about though is that
      has been fully exonerated. Long overdue.

    717. jason says:

      lisab nailed exactly what is wrong with Bitter’s “strategy”, I put in quotes because it is an insult to strategy.

      The idea that you try to out woke and out pander the liberal suburban voters and you still try to keep the working class coalition because “they won’t have anyone else to vote for is proven to be a losing “strategy”.

      The idea that you don’t have to focus on anything, just “try to get the most votes out of each group” is a losing “strategy”.

      The Dems have a winning strategy. They divide people on race, gender, class, ethnicity, etc., and assemble enough aggrieved special interest groups to win.

      The GOP has to decide what is the base of the party. Is it the working class, small business owners, blue collar workers both white and minority, rural and exurban voters or is it the “well educated” suburban elites?

      Once you decide that, you can see how you can expand the appeal. But we have already tried the suburban elite route and the “you deplorables have no choice but to vote for us”. I think it is time to do it the other way around. Consolidate a working class base and then expand your appeal to suburban voters with targeted policies that appeal to non-brainwashed leftists. But it can’t be by luck like Youngkin did, those gifts don’t happen every day. But perhaps education does have legs, some suburban parents are waking up to the garbage being fed their kids.

    718. Bitterlaw says:

      Did Youngkin out pander and out woke the liberal suburban voters to get elected? No. He attacked woke culture AND attracted voters in the suburbs while also keeping Trump’s voters.

    719. Meldrim says:

      #731, lisab, assuming that the privileged train is going true east and the oppressed train is going true north, at 2:20 p.m., the privileged train would be 140 miles east of DC and the oppressed train would be 105 miles north of DC. That would create a 3-4-5 right triangle whose hypotenuse measures 175 miles, so the distance between the two trains at 2:20 p.m. would be 175 miles. Each of the two privileged white passengers would be taxed at the rate of 40% for the portion of their respective estates that exceeds $11.7 million, given that the eastbound train would have gone off the Jersey Shore into the Atlantic Ocean, killing everyone on board, thus making the respective estates of the two privileged white passengers subject to the federal estate tax.

    720. jason says:

      Bitter hardest hit:

      “Whites without a college degree, representing 36 percent of voters, went for Youngkin, 76 percent to 24 percent.”

      But screw them, lets go for the white suburban women with college education that went against Youngkin 68-32.

      Maybe we can get it down to 60-40.

    721. jason says:

      speaking of impeachment,

      when do you think the dems will impeach trump again?”

      Liz Cheney will charge him with treason, and Pelosi will have to bring up another impeachment vote on the grounds the last one didn’t have all the information.

    722. Meldrim says:

      That Jason-Bitter fight was tedious a year ago and it’s even more tedious today. I already provided the answer further up in this thread:

      “I think that the main takeaway from last night’s elections in VA and NJ is that the GOP can win even in inhospitable places when our candidates support a Trump agenda with Trump-like energy but without Trump’s tone or last name.”

      That’s it. There is no need to invoke a Woke agenda, or even to change the Trump agenda, so long as one adopts a different tone. The Trump agenda actually resonates with many suburban voters had they been willing to listen to it, but they unfortunately tuned out Trump because they didn’t like his tone. Youngkin proved that we can get those voters once again without losing the working-class voters that have swarmed to the GOP since Trump descended from that escalator.

    723. Tgca says:


      TG hearts LisaB!

      Yes, if one thing can unite us all, it should be the love of math.

    724. jason says:

      That Jason-Bitter fight was tedious a year ago and it’s even more tedious today.”

      There is no fight, except when he pretends he agrees with me.

      With have completely different ideas on what the GOP’s strategy should be for a winning coalition.

      I don’t know why he can’t accept that.

      And btw, I don’t agree with your “answer” either.

      The Trump name dwarfs any other name in the party by leaps and bounds. I don’t see how you ignore his “last name”. Tone, maybe, but I think that is way overplayed too.

    725. DW says:

      BREAKING: California Circuit Court Judge C. Ima Krook has issued a ruling that gives federal legislators until the end of 2021 to pass meaningful campaign finance laws aimed at getting all the dirty money out of politics.

      Judge Krook confirmed her ruling today was in response to the unexpected defeat of Democratic Party incumbent Steve Sweeney on Tuesday, who was forced from office by the questionable spending of $153, of which $66 went to buy Dunkin donuts for challenger Edward Durr’s campaign staff.

      Judge Krook also ordered a separate investigation into who received the remaining $87 that fueled Durr’s campaign.

    726. Meldrim says:

      I’m not saying that we should ignore the Trump name, I’m saying that running a candidate not named Trump would be helpful. If a candidate named Youngkin can advocate for a Trump agenda but not get blocked out by voters who were turned off by Trump, and it results in VA giving him 6% more of the vote than it gave Trump, why not run someone for president who advocates for a Trump agenda but whose last name isn’t Trump (and has a different tone)? And, as I said before, Trump’s energy was an important part of his success, and we shouldn’t be running milquetoast candidates who don’t respond to attacks, but Youngkin fought back in his own way, and he won.

    727. Tina says:


      Techno Fog
      One of the other Danchenko/Steele Russian “sources” –

      Was expecting to be rewarded w/ a job in the Hillary Clinton State Department.

      This is worse than we imagined.

    728. Tgca says:


      It wasn’t a Trump message without Trump that gave Youngkin a win, it was the education issue. That issue is not just a Trump issue but an issue for most parents, regardless of political ideology.

      The Youngkin win was propelled over the finish line by many with a one voter issue – education.

      Most of those voters that switched sides to support Youngkin will go back with the Dems after the education crisis passes which I think it will now that we’ve seen a national backlash in many other local races as well, and that’s probably got Dems scared, at least in most places except for the most liberal enclaves.

      We’ve seen this time and again where libs may temporarily support a GOP candidate but not permanently embrace the GOP message.

      When people are pissed, they take it out on those they perceived are part of the problem and in this case that was Tmac because he was perceived as siding with the educators after his disastrous self- inflicted mortal wound.

      Had Tmac taken a more centrist Dem approach on the education issue, he would have been victorious.

    729. Gordon Allen says:

      735. I agree with you on the definition of the future GOP base. Oddly, the parties are doing 180 degree flips, as the Democrats are becoming the “gentrified party”(formerly the GOP), and the Republicans becoming more like the old Democrat party. That’s how things go, and we need to adapt.
      From the base we can add on “gentrified” votes based on national and personal security issues, policies favoring economic growth, opposition to extreme wokeness etc and gladly accept them into our coalition. But they are no longer the base.
      One area of discord though would be your concept of “free trade”; this is popular among the gentrified set.But I can assure you it absolutely is not with the future “base”
      I would suggest we try “fair” trade, rather than “free” trade as part of the program. And unyielding opposition to the Communist Party of China.Sorry about that. But you and lisa B are on the right track.

    730. Tgca says:

      …and again, I think the support in the VA GOP areas are more about anger with the Biden and radical libs than for embracing Youngkin. It was Trump who energized them to go out and vote for Youngkin because Trump is using the Biden failures as a battle cry for waging war on his behalf and cementing his belief that 2020 was stolen and payback should be a Bish.

      I see this like 1994. People are angry with many policies and those voters reluctant to turn out before are more inspired to turn out now but I’m not sure they’ll be reliable voters in the future either.

      There are many that support a candidate but just don’t make the effort to vote for various reasons unless they’re really pissed.

    731. DW says:

      Update from Virginia HoD District 85.

      The official VA results page has 1 precinct still outstanding with these results:

      Karen S. Greenhalgh (R) 14,202 50.31%
      Alex Q. Askew (D-Inc) 14,000 49.59%

      However, the AP page had all precincts reporting, with a larger vote count and a narrow lead of 96 votes for Askew. My presumption was they were shown the results that had not yet been posted to the official VA site.

      Now the AP has retracted that last precinct and shows the same results as the VA page. This gives more hope that the Republican challenger might just flip this seat.

    732. mnw says:


      What part of my summary of “Rigged” upset you? How would you summarize it differently?

      I didn’t think the part you referenced about Jimmy Carter was central to her viewpoint– I thought it was an introduction to her evidence & conclusions about 2020.

      So that you don’t have to go hunt for it, & in case you don’t remember, this is how I summarized the book (appx):

      1) The COVID-related new voting procedures introduced in 2020 were conducive to fraud, i.e., the drop boxes; the expanded time periods to vote by mail, etc. made cheating easier.

      2) Zuckerberg contributed $470 million to local election boards in urban areas. Big city election authorities used this money to “expand voter outreach,” by hiring dozens of Democratic activists to get out the vote in “underserved,” low income, predominantly AA areas. This led to massive vote harvesting.

      3) Based on published reports about vote harvesting irregularities, together with statistical comparisons of previous elections, Hemingway concluded that there was probably enough fraud to change the results in several states, because the 2020 election was so close.

    733. Wes says:

      Of course Youngkin got breaks that helped him win…just like a certain candidate in 2016 named Donald Trump. Does anyone honestly think if Hillary didn’t have teams of ethical baggage and had campaigned as hard as Trump did in the closing days, she wouldn’t have won? If so, E-mail me for a good deal on some seafront property at the Martian south pole. You’ll love the offer I have waiting for you.

      It’s almost as if winning campaigns are a mixture of solid campaigning, good candidates, and lucky breaks that result in victories.

      Imagine that.

    734. Tina says:

      Looks like .Durham has in his cross hairs, Team fuhrer Mueller.

    735. DW says:

      Youngkin certainly caught some breaks. The party that thinks its a good idea to allow a boy to put on a dress so he can go into the girl’s bathroom at school, and then that boy rapes girls, and then the school board of the same party covers up the rapes, and then McAwful tells parents to shut up and they have no right to question what is taught in school…..yeah, that’s a HUGE political break for Youngkin.

      But still, Youngkin proved skillful in his own right…but so did Ed Gillespie.

      So you do have to have skill, and catch a break.

      And sometimes the breaks are so huge, you can spend $66 out of your $153 at Dunkin Donuts and take out the state senate president.

    736. Tina says:

      Primary another Rino. Kent is great.

      The Trafalgar Group
      · 1h
      Our @trafalgar_group #poll of likely ‘22 Top-Two Primary Election WA Congressional District 3 voters (10/31-11/01) shows @JaimeForUSRep, a Republican House member who voted to impeach #DonaldTrump, now trailing @joekent16jan19 See Report:

    737. mnw says:

      I suspect that the biggest issues in the 2022 election will concern the economy & the free-floating economic anxiety resulting therefrom.

      That cuts across many different subsets of voters, including upscale suburban women and working class voters.* There is no reason the GOP message about Biden’s economic disasters won’t resonate with everybody.

      *it’s always necessary to carve out AAs, because they’re a special challenge for the GOP, though.

    738. Tgca says:

      All parties strive for a big tent approach but what does that really mean?

      Is the GOP really looking to attract trans and expand on the rights trans want?

      Is the GOP looking to attract that segment of the AA community that advocates for reparations or disavowing our history, good or bad?

      Is the GOP looking to attract those yoots that believe we should shift funding from police and the military towards free college?

      The big tent approach is attractive in speeches but it does not really work in the real world.

      A party has to have basic core beliefs it adheres to 1st and above all else before it can determine what it’s tent really should look like.

      Yes, there is room for differing views on issues but to say that let’s use the big tent approach to invite all has NEVER worked and it will NEVER work as long as there are differences in core beliefs.

      I can tell you, as a gay man, I find it difficult to fit in either party. For me personally, I value a more conservative approach in individual and religious rights but I don’t subscribe to many in the GOP who wish to define many social issues only one way. Same thing on the left. I refuse to accept that I must follow a certain mantra to fit in.

      So in the end, I’m an independent since 2006 that tends to lean to the GOP on most issues but not all.

      I think both parties have a long way to go to embracing areas outside their comfort zone, – and yes, this means differences in race, ethnicity, and culture – before they expand their tent but I just don’t see that happening unless you identify what core basic ideological principles you agree with 1st.

    739. Bitterlaw says:

      738. Jason is not arguing with me. He is arguing with a caricature of me he created. I never said to alienate or give up on any of Trump’s voters. I specifically said the GOP needs to keep them and appeal to more of them.

    740. Meldrim says:

      Tina, one can’t “primary” Jamie Herrera Beutler in WA, at least not in the way that one can in most other states (excluding CA and LA, and now AK, I guess). In WA, as in your home state of CA, all candidates run on the same “primary” ballot, and the top-two finishers, irrespective of party, go on to the general election in November. So while Kent would go on to the run-off against a Democrat if Trafalgar’s poll (for a hypothetical primary six months away in a not-yet-drawn district) is exactly correct, the likelier result of a primary with Herrera Beutler, Kent and a Democrat (which would not include all of those other Democrat candidates, much less “other Democrat”) would be either a runoff between Herrera Beutler and the Democrat or a runoff between Kent and Herrera Beutler, with Herrera Beutler being the prohibitive favorite either way. That’s the biggest problem with the “jungle-primary” system in WA and CA, which IMHO is a violation of the First Amendment Freedom of Association of members of political parties, who should have the right to nominate their standard-bearer for the general election. Alas, SCOTUS ruled to uphold such jungle primary (after previously having struck down CA’s old “blanket primary”).

    741. Tina says:

      Kyle Rittenhouse case.

      Prosecution witness just derailed the case.

    742. Tina says:

      I use primary in a basic sense.

      Get rid of.


    743. Tgca says:

      Wes and DW

      I agree that Youngkin ran a good solid campaign with focus on the right issues, and I made that clear in earlier posts. I applaud that, but that would not have been enough in VA me thinks. He needed more and got it. Good for him.

      I’m glad he got the breaks he did and that Tmac screwed up. I’m just saying don’t expect that to always be the case, and I would bet, unless he does extraordinary things or the Dems continue to flounder big time, his 2nd time around, should he choose to run, may not be as easy, especially as a defending incumbent in a lib state.

      I’m very distrusting of many of the crossover voters he got staying with him or the GOP after this education issues fizzes which I think may just happen as Dems wake up and realize it’s not worth it for them in the long run.

      The percent of AA and trans in their voter base that want this is just not worth alienating others and independents. I think that is the lesson of the 2021 election cycle.

    744. Tina says:

      Looks like Durham is setting his sight on conspiracy charges against Fuhrer Mueller (the folks that were on his team), in addition to Team Hillary,

      Imagine how hard the jebots fell for the Russian hoax.

    745. Tina says:

      Dachenchos 5 counts against him, total 39 pages.

      That seems like a lot of pages, mnw.

    746. jason says:

      738. Jason is not arguing with me. He is arguing with a caricature of me he created.”

      BS. I stated many times what I view as the winning coalition for the GOP.

      You always disagree and mock it, not your caricature.


    747. Tgca says:

      Like it or not. Trump has redefined the GOP for some prescribed period of time into the future. How long that lasts, who knows but he is pretty much the face of the GOP now and the party embraces him greatly.

      Trump and Reagan have both had great influence in the GOP more than any of their predecessors.

      Trump is becoming more popular and appreciated out of office, as often the case with politicians, especially in difficult times. Polls show people would embrace him now if they could do so after just 10 months of Biden. Now that may change over time but I think many now have buyer’s remorse with Biden.

    748. mnw says:

      764 Tina

      I just tuned Durham out some time ago– perhaps wrongly.

      I read a story today that Trump’s fierce opposition to Ducey is a big factor in Ducey declining to run for AZ Senate, despite GOP leaders begging him to do it.

      So now, imo only, we’re getting away from “Trump’s baggage; Trump can’t win” to Trump actively hurting the GOP by discouraging a promising potential challenger in AZ.

    749. jason says:

      I would suggest we try “fair” trade, rather than “free” trade”

      I don’t. Free trade is free trade.

      “Fair trade” is not “free trade”, it is code for tariffs and trade wars and the AFL-CIO agenda.

      I already said I don’t agree with everything the new GOP base believes in, and isolationism and protectionism is one of the things I agree with. Nor do I agree with non-interventionism or the “endless war” BS.

      But I still think if the GOP wants to win in the future, the base of the party should not be the “gentrified” votes.

      See, I probably identify more with the gentrified personally. But contrary to Bitter, I have transitioned into understanding that the GOP can’t survive by focusing on the suburban vote, and that “wanting to hold on to Trump’s base” is not enough. The party has to make the jump so to speak, there is no in between.

    750. GF says:

      At the risk of triggering more internecine A-Hole warfare, I am in partial agreement with jason RE: Free vs Fair trade. However, I would add that trade with any Communist nation is never truly free, and given their use of de facto slave labour, it is always OK to punish them, be it tariffs or anything else. I’m not fond of the liberal use of tariffs in general, but the Reds deserve no quarter from us.

    751. Wes says:

      Well, let’s look at another candidate you laud, Tg: Donald Trump.

      You can basically say the same thing you said about Youngkin about Trump–except for one thing.

      Trump didn’t even get a bigger coalition of voters than Hillary. It’s only the unique nature of the US presidential election–comprising as it does electors chosen from each state determined by that state’s number of congressional representatives–that let Trump beat Hillary, who should never have been viable as a presidential candidate with her Ted Kennedy-level sleaze.

      It’s almost as if Youngkin was, like Trump, good enough to seize on his opponent’s missteps and able to win under the rules in place.

      Now whether Youngkin can cause the VAGOP to rebuild and become competitive beyond 2021 again is unclear at this point. Certainly the fact that Youngkin basically got a straight ticket vote for his fellow Republicans in VA down to the legislative level is encouraging.

      Unlike the winning Bob McDonnell ticket of 2009, the Youngkin-led ticket showed a different face for the VAGOP to the electorate beyond the generic white male Republicans are often stereotyped as. That may help Republicans crack Dem-friendly minority voting blocs in the Commonwealth. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on in the future.

      In any event, the VA results from Tuesday are encouraging. Nothing that resulted in Youngkin’s victory is atypical of winning coalitions throughout history. Republicans had a good candidate who adroitly navigated his attempts to appeal to a broad enough coalition of voters to win and used his opponent’s missteps to his advantage.

      Now of course Biden made things easier for Youngkin by melting down almost immediately after taking office, but then the VADP also took advantage of a favorable political environment when they began rebuilding in 2001. Certainly if things continue deteriorating under Biden, the GOP will continue to benefit nationally, but Republicans have a chance now as demonstrated by Youngkin’s win to build a sustainable governing coalition if they take advantage of the Dems’ missteps and provide an appealing message for the future.

    752. jason says:

      GOP by discouraging a promising potential challenger in AZ”

      Trump probably doesn’t think Ducey did enough to prevent the election from being stolen in AZ, anyone with half a brain knows Biden didn’t win by 10k votes.

      In my view, Ducey is a good candidate, but I don’t blame Trump for being angry at him.

      Even if Trump did endorse him, there are probably many Rs in AZ that won’t forgive him for not protecting the integrity of the election.

      I think Ducey poisoned the well so to speak.

    753. Wes says:

      To be fair, Mnw, Mark Brnovich is in the race to challenge Mark Kelly. Brnovich himself is a solid candidate, so Ducey’s declining the race doesn’t mean the AZGOP has no top-tier recruit for that race.

    754. jason says:

      Trump didn’t even get a bigger coalition of voters than Hillary”

      Maybe, but he got a much better coalition than Romney or McCain because the coalition he built was strong in the rust belt/upper Midwest.

      Despite Youngkin’s narrow win, I doubt Rs are favored to win Presidential races in VA, unless maybe it is a Kamala Harris they run against.

      But they will be competitive in PA, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin if they can keep Trump’s coalition.

    755. Wes says:

      Republicans have released their NCCD map
      It locks in 10 Republicans, gives Dems 3 seats, and creates one marginal but right-trending district.

      Ironically Dems in the ’90s screwed themselves out of a chance to influence this map by pointedly refusing to give the Governor a veto of congressional maps when the GOP-controlled State House began pushing to let the Governor have a veto in 1995. As noted on RRH, Roy Cooper was one of the Dems who refused to let the Governor have a redistricting veto.

      That’s karma for you.

    756. jason says:

      I agree with wes, I actually think Brnovich, who hasn’t burned his bridges with Trump, is the better candidate.

    757. mnw says:

      Ducey’s JA is quite good– a helluva lot better than Trump’s.

      It isn’t that GOP leaders (Sen. Scott) are asking Trump to ENDORSE Ducey. All they want is for Trump to agree to shut up about Ducey if he runs for Senate– & Trump refuses to commit to that.

      (Hopefully I’m not going to be accused of being insufficiently MAGA. I gave to Mr. Orange until my eyeballs bled.)

    758. Tgca says:

      Theven Theven Theven Bishes!

      Theven Theven Theven I thay!

    759. mnw says:


      There’s a special thread up now at RRH about the NC map. as you probably already know.

      I admire the NC GOP for going for the gold. DEMs are whining about the apparent new NH map too.

    760. Tgca says:


      The political environment or angst that Trump ran under in 2016 during an Obama presidency is nothing like we see today with Biden. They are not comparable. People were no where as angry or concerned with Obama as they are with Biden.

      Trump resonated with many ignored in the Dem party for a long time (working class men) and they have now become loyal MAGA supporters and that led Trump to eke out wins in MI, WI, and PA that I seriously doubt any other GOPer could accomplish in 2016. Trump was the only one in that GOP group that could beat Hillary me thinks.

      Youngkin eked out a win by getting libs angry about education on to his side but they are not necessarily ideologically in agreement with him otherwise so I doubt they will be long lasting supporters.

      Trump has changed the GOP as Jadon has noted. I doubt that will happen with Youngkin in VA but if he does it, great!

    761. Wes says:

      As I noted before, Tg, VA had a six-week early voting period that long predated the problems that plagued VA Dems. It’s not hard to argue that distorted the final margin between Youngkin and TMac since many voters had already banked votes for the Dem ticket before everything began collapsing around TMac.

    762. lisab says:

      #737 ok smarty-pants

      the average (arithmetic mean) number of gender identities of a group of 15 social justice warriors is 40. if 6 additional social justice warriors are added to the group, then the average number of gender identities of the 21 social justice warriors is 44. What is the average number of gender identities of the 6 additional social justice warriors AND why is it Trump’s fault?

      (show all work)

    763. jason says:

      At the risk of triggering more internecine A-Hole warfare, I am in partial agreement with jason RE: Free vs Fair trade. However, I would add that trade with any Communist nation is never truly free, and given their use of de facto slave labour, it is always OK to punish them, be it tariffs or anything else. I’m not fond of the liberal use of tariffs in general, but the Reds deserve no quarter from us.”

      It’s ok GF, no A-hole war in the making.

      I think if you don’t trade with the country with 25% of the worlds population and the fastest growing consumer market in the world someone else will. You are not punishing China, you are punishing yourself.

      The issues that most AFL-CIO conservatives mention as reasons not to have free trade, such as patent violations, dumping, etc. are not really related to the concept of free trade, they are mostly legal issues that should be treated separately on a case by case basis.

      I have never seen a good excuse not to believe in free trade.

    764. Wes says:

      Tg, Mark Warner won in 2001 and began rebuilding the VADP because of missteps by the Jim Gilmore Administration. The setup was nearly identical. It’s too soon to say if Youngkin can be as transformational as Warner was, but it’s also too soon to dismiss the possibility.

    765. Wes says:

      By the way, I just looked at the new NCCD map. I’m officially in NC-4 under this map.

    766. jason says:

      As I noted before, Tg, VA had a six-week early voting period that long predated the problems that plagued VA Dems.”

      It’s a fair argument, but the actual volume of votes in the first three weeks was relatively small, maybe about 300 or 400k out of the 1.1 million EVs.

      And the people who voted first were probably the most partisan.

      No doubt this cost Youngkin some votes, but not sure it was very significant.

    767. jason says:

      All they want is for Trump to agree to shut up about Ducey if he runs for Senate– & Trump refuses to commit to that.”

      I am fine with that.

    768. jason says:

      (show all work)

      Bummer, I was just going to copy Meldrim’s.

    769. jason says:

      Trump has changed the GOP as Jadon has noted. I doubt that will happen with Youngkin in VA but if he does it, great!”


    770. Wes says:

      300k to 400k is a 1/4 to 1/3 of the early vote, Jason. That’s not an insignificant percentage. Without party registration–which VA doesn’t have–it’s impossible to say how of the EV was partisan Democrats vs. partisan Republicans. Since there was a clear shift to Youngkin later among softer Dems and a big shift among Indies, it could well have been worth two or three points.

    771. Wes says:

      I’m watching the pontification by the armchair redistricters on RRH. They’re never satisfied with any GOP map, even if it gives Republicans a better than 2-1 advantage in a congressional delegation.

    772. Tina says:

      Who on “our side,” will sell out? You know because his Fraudulency is in the 40s, we have to have “bipartisanship.”

      had Pergram
      · 46m
      A) A senior Democratic leadership aide to Fox on where both the infrastructure & social spending bill stands: “It’s a sh*tshow.”

      Fox is told is is increasingly possible the House doesn’t do either bill for several days.

    773. Tina says:

      Poor Fiona,

      Sean Davis
      Durham’s indictment today notes that not only did Fiona Hill introduce Danchenko to Christopher Steele, in February of 2016 she also introduced Danchenko to “PR-Executive-1,” rumored to be Democrat operative Charles Dolan.

      Hill told Congress she knew nothing about the dossier.

    774. Tina says:

      Poor Fuhrer Mulehead and his attorneys, such as Unwiseman.

      Destroying Federal property by wiping phones, pro longinf the conspiracy.

    775. jason says:

      300k to 400k is a 1/4 to 1/3 of the early vote, Jason. That’s not an insignificant percentage.”

      No, but the turnout was 3.3 million, so you are talking about a shift in 10-12% of the vote.

      I doubt it would have changed the end result as much as 2 or 3 points.

      But let’s say McAuliffe had won by 20k votes, it could have cost Youngkin the election.

    776. Tgca says:


      Tmac made his outrageous education statement in the Sept 29th debate, 5 weeks before the election and it got constant coverage from there on in.

      The father of the teen raped 1st was removed from the June 22nd school board meeting so this issue has been getting local attention all summer as it was reported in VA newspapers and online after his conviction in mid-August because he was initially charged for disrupting the board meeting and resisting arrest, and then it really hit the MSM in early October after the 2nd rape was reported and again the s hoop board was targeted so these were already hot button issues going on in VA even if you had not heard of it until October.

      It would not be correct to say that VA voters were not aware of this and other issues related to education before voting started. Local issues travel faster than national news of them do.

    777. Wes says:

      You know, I don’t care for Manchin, but I can’t fault him here:

    778. Tgca says:



      It appears we are going back to the old days where political bosses made the decisions and politicians had to kiss the ring if they wanted to succeed.

      I’m not necessarily in agreement with that approach but Trump does have a lot of influence in a party he has largely shifted so like it or not, that’s the price that is paid for allegiance to king makers.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will seek to damage those that he sees that have not been loyal to him, as he is not one to take the high road when he feels he’s been harmed. That’s natural as we all know politics is a vicious game. Trump is just more vocal about it than predecessors who may have worked behind the scenes to ruin careers and influence their choices.

      I don’t agree with it but it’s part of politics on both sides. We see this in Corporate America too. I can’t tell you how many execs I have seen on the losing side during executive management changes. I’ve been there myself though I’ve been lucky never to be pushed out, probably because I’m an EXPERT in all things except all things gay for which LisaB is an Expert.

      People of power crave allegiance. I think for the next few years folks will have to decide how to manage Trump if they want his endorsement or don’t want him to derail them politically.

      Bush and Obama have done this too but in a much more subtle way.

    779. Tgca says:

      Sometimes I start posts and put aside and get to them later so they may be out of date or not flow as well.

      Like today, I took a 2.5 hour nap on this overcast rainy afternoon in Floreedah. I will pay for that later tonight I gather.

      Early retirement is tough and not all cracked up to what they say. Maybe I should go back to work. I could check receipts at Costco or Walmart part-time instead of afternoon naps.

    780. NYCmike says:


    781. DW says:

      I finally figured out what’s going on with Virginia and how it seems each district still has one precinct that has not reported. Each district has three non-precincts as follows:

      1) AB – Central Absentee Precinct (absentee ballots)
      2) EV – Central Absentee Precinct (early in person)
      3) PE – Central Absentee Precinct (Post-election)

      Ballots can arrive up through Nov 5th.

      Will be very interesting to watch. For instance, the Republican in HoD district 85 holds a 202 vote lead over the Dem incumbent.

      The Dem won the absentee vote, ballots arriving and counted before election day, at a clip of 2176 to 959.

      So with all that’s left is these absentee ballots that arrived late, there would need to be 522 late ballots that arrive, and if they have the same distribution as the earlier absentees, then it would be enough for the Dem to win, closing the current gap of 202 votes.

    782. Tgca says:

      I think this is funny. NYers throwing trash into De Blasio’s residence because they’re pissed about mask policy impact on garbage collection in the city.

      I’m sure these are all those NYC Republicans too.

    783. Tgca says:

      Tell me something I don’t already know please.

      Scientists Say Urban Living Makes You Stupid

    784. Meldrim says:

      Wes, I don’t love the approved NC congressional districting map. They could have drawn a real 11-3 map (this one is likely 10-4 with the chance of maybe making it 11-3 later in the decade) with less county splitting and with less of a chance of it being struck down under the VRA. Moreover, some of the GOP CDs are not quite as comfortably Republican as they could have made them.

      This is what I wrote on October 7 about the map that I would have adopted, in contradistinction to the map that had been proposed back then (which was worse than the map that they adopted today):

      Yes, many of the rural districts in NE NC with fairly large black populations are politically marginal, but Bertie, Hertford, Northampton, Halifax, Edgecombe, Warren and Vance counties are both heavily black and heavily Democrat. Those counties can be appended to slightly GOP-leaning Granville and overwhelmingly Democrat Durham and Orange counties to create an overwhelmingly Democrat CD that, because Orange is overwhelmingly white, would leave the black percentage at around 38%-40% (which is where the courts wanted it so that it neither “packed blacks into a single district and thus limited their ability to influence elections” nor “split blacks into several districts and thus failed to permit them to elect the candidate of their choice.” Some rural parts of Orange would have to be left out so as to make the population the required 745,671, and I don’t know exactly how those areas voted, but I’m 99% certain that the district that I described would have given Trump between 27.2% and 27.3% in 2020 and between 26.1% and 26.2% in 2016 and would have give Romney around 28.7% in 2012.

      Drawing an urban Charlotte NC-12 also would be around 38%-40% black, and would keep its black congresswoman safe. The third Democrat CD can be centered in Raleigh and its most Democrat suburbs in Wake County, and would be maybe 30% black. That is better than drawing two Dem districts in Wake/Orange/Durham and inviting a sure lawsuit by adding white rural counties to the black-influence NC-01.

      Splitting Fayetteville that way is completely unnecessary and would make it easier for the NC Supreme Court to strike down the map as a political gerrymander (which it did to the 2014 map). They should keep Cumberland County (which includes Fayetteville) whole and attach it to all of Sampson, Duplin, Onslow and Carteret counties and part of Pender County, which would be a GOP district with a fairly regular shape. That CD would have given Trump almost 54% in 2020 and around 53.3% in 2016, and would have given Romney around 51.5% in 2012.

      Guilford (Greensboro and High Point) does need to be split up, but it should be two ways, not three ways, with High Point being included in a district that goes west into Forsyth County (Winston-Salem) and counties to the north and west (but not Democrat Watauga) and the other 80% of Guilford being in a district with heavily GOP Randolph and Davidson counties. Both CDs would have given Trump between 53.3% and 53.6% in 2020 and around 53% in 2016 and would have given Romney between 53.1% and 53.3% in 2012, and would be very reasonably shaped and respectful of county and city boundaries.

    785. Tgca says:

      Me thinks Manchin is already feeling emboldened to publicly buck his party on lib sacrosanct issues and further be a thorn in their side.

      Manchin on Gas Prices: We Should Do More Drilling and Production in the U.S., ‘I’m Not Depending on OPEC’

    786. DW says:

      801 – I think that this sore loser Dem is just blowing smoke. I didn’t hear of any county with such a find.

      He got only slightly less votes in 2021 than he got in 2017 when 5 million was spent against him.

      So there is no treasure trove out there to save him, unless there is fraud.

    787. mnw says:


      Kind of like when Etheridge jacked up that little twerp wannabe journo, eh? Vicarious satisfaction.

    788. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar
      Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate appears with Nazi sympathizer and QAnon-linked activists at campaign events – CNNPolitics

      – Jason fraud pumps his fist in the air and yells “MAGA”!

    789. Tgca says:



      You’re looking beyond ridiculous at this point!

      You’re like the dumped girlfriend that can’t let go and spends the rest of her life trying to make her ex pay and people dread being around her because she’s stuck in the past playing victim constantly.

      Does it hurt you that much that Trump took out Jeb and destroyed the Bush’s legacy and remade the party in his image?

      You are not a serious poster here any longer. You’ve become a joke because of your obsession. Trump has 90%+ approval rating in the GOP.

      Let it go! Get some help dude!

    790. NYCmike says:

      Is “CG” OK? I would think he is jealous of Robbie’s calls for help disguised as comments towards jason.

      Or was it Robbie that secretly said “Let’s Go Brandon!” on that Southwest flight??

    791. Tina says:

      The Russian hoaxer is mad.

      His pal, Danchencko, got arrested.

    792. Tina says:

      Do the two dummies and Rona money hoarder have a plan?

      The Columbia Bugle Flag of United States
      · 2h
      11 Senators so far have pledged to use all the tools at their disposal, including blocking cloture on any continuing resolution, to block Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate.

      Let’s get some more! Call your Senator this week!…

    793. Cash Cow TM says:

      The Whack-A-Doodle list of Constitutional rights:


      1. All persons of any of the many genders have a right to an abortion–and control over all issues that involve their body, except everyone must accept mandated COVID 19 vaccines and mask mandates.

      2. All persons have a constitutional right to food.

      3. All persons have a constitutional right of a guaranteed income–whether they are employed or not.

      4. All persons have a constitutional right to have the government provide them free or subsidized housing, heating, insurance of any kind, and education from pre-K through PhDs

      5. All persons have a constitutional right to be offended by people who make public speeches and say things they do not like, as well as be offended by statues, American flags, people wearing maga hats or crosses (remember, the KKK burned crosses to try to intimidate others) and to demand removal of any speaker or items that offends them.

      6. All persons throughout the world have a constitutional right to enter the U.S. at will and automatically derive all benefits of U.S. citizens.

      7. All person have a constitutional right to march, riot, attack police, commit arson, destroy public or private property, and loot stores wily-nilly if any person of color (regardless of facts of the situation) anywhere in the U.S. dies while involved in an action by a policeman.

      8. All person on the left have a constitutional right to say about a president with whom they do not agree that “he is not my president”; but persons on the right do NOT have the right to say that about a president with whom they disagree.

      9. All persons on the left have a constitutional right to play–at will–the “racism”, “white privilege”, or “sexism” cards.

      10. All persons have a constitutional right to live in a gun free zone and no persons, including the military and police, have a right to possess any gun or firearm.

      Can anyone think of any Whackadoodle constitutional rights they want that Cow has left out?

      Your help is welcome!

    794. Tom says:

      814. liberals are strong advocates of their rights, and they don’t care which one of yours they have to violate to achieve theirs.

    795. Wes says:

      It looks as if the Montana Commission will approve the GOP map.

    796. Meldrim says:

      #817, that’s good to hear. This means that the GOP almost certainly will gain in MT the seat that they are losing in WV.

      I would have drawn the line a little more diagonal to the extent county lines permit (so that the Trump percentage in each district was closer to the other), but the MT legislature doesn’t get the final say, and if MT Republicans thought that the map that they submitted to the Commission was likelier to be adopted, then I defer to them.

    797. mnw says:

      I bet Rosendale runs against Tester again in MT– this time as an incumbent congressman, with a magnitudes better FR potential.

      Perhaps Tester will try to re-invent himself as a moderate, Joe Manchin type DEM in the meantime. Biden’s energy policies must give Tester heartburn.

    798. lisab says:

      HPV vaccine cuts risk of cervical cancer by nearly 90%

      i think we all know where this is going

    799. Meldrim says:

      “#737 ok smarty-pants”

      So I take that to mean that I would pass Woke Algebra II in Minnesota?

      “the average (arithmetic mean) number of gender identities of a group of 15 social justice warriors is 40. if 6 additional social justice warriors are added to the group, then the average number of gender identities of the 21 social justice warriors is 44. What is the average number of gender identities of the 6 additional social justice warriors AND why is it Trump’s fault?”

      The original group of 15 SJWs have a combined 600 gender identities (given that the mean is 40), and the larger group of 21 SJWs have a combined 924 gender identities (given that the mean is 44), so the 6 new SJWs must have a combined 324 gender identities (924 minus 600), which yields an average (mean) of 54 gender identities per new SJW. This is Trump’s fault because, pursuant to Trump’s Law of Causality, which holds that “everything is Trump’s fault.” Q.E.D.

    800. mnw says:

      Last time, the freshman DEM rep in NM campaigned heavily on how pro-oil industry she was, & on how much she differed from her DEM party colleagues on energy policy– and she lost anyway.

      So… Tester. Hmmm.

    801. Meldrim says:

      That last sentence should have read “This is Trump’s fault pursuant to Trump’s Law of Causality, which holds that “everything is Trump’s fault.”

    802. Meldrim says:

      BTW, Wes, when the Democrats and Republicans submitted maps to the Montana Commission, they all made sure to keep Western Montana’s “face” (I call it “Biden sniffing Idaho’s hair”) together in one of the CDs. It would have been better for the GOP to draw the boundary right under Biden’s nose (so that Deer Lodge and Silver Bow counties aren’t in the same CD as Missoula), but perhaps keeping Biden’s Face together was one of the prerequisites of the Montana Commission. : )

    803. mnw says:

      Yuuge slobbo Tester is the ONLY DEM left still holding statewide office in MT.

      The GOP has two-thirds of the state senate, & was one seat shy of having two-thirds in the state house last time I looked. (Somebody could’ve died or gone to prison, I suppose.)

      In other words, Tester is the last DEM standing in MT. There’s a pattern there.

    804. Wes says:

      Rosedale had his shot at Tester and failed. Denny Rehberg was the last MTGOP Congressman to run for Senate after losing. He failed the second time too. Republicans need to run an opponent against Tester who won’t run away from the first debate of the cycle next time.

    805. Wes says:


    806. jason says:

      Funny how Amoral Scumbag picked me to represent MAGA here.

      He still has nothing to say about Biden, still quoting CNN talking points about Nazis and QAnon.

    807. jason says:

      I don’t know if Rosendale is the best candidate but is there anyone better?

    808. Wes says:

      I myself am wondering if Robbie is unaware the 20th Amendment changed the expiration of presidential terms to January 20th following the election year, meaning Biden took office over nine months ago.

    809. Wes says:

      Maybe Gianforte, Jason. He can outspend Tester and, as evidenced by his body slamming a reporter, can fight.

    810. Tgca says:

      820. LisaB

      Annually, AIDS kills relatively close to the same percentage in the gay community as Covid kills in the adult American population so why not mandate all gay men take Truvada which is known to significantly reduce HIV transmission.

      It appears most of the gay community is for forced vax mandates so it’s only fair to mandate gay men also take a medication that is considered relatively safe and would significantly protect the gay community and reduce AIDS over time.

      It’s a small price to pay to reduce HIV transmission and I’m sure the gay male community would be opened to being forced to take substances into their body for the good of the community because it’s not only about their bodies but protecting the gay community at large since HIV still infects about 1/2 % of the community every year with 20,000+ cases and about 10,000 deaths too.

    811. Cash Cow TM says:

      On this day in history (minus one)…

      SEVEN YEARS AGO on Nov. 4, 2014 Walt made his POLITICAL COMEBACK by defeating the guy who defeated him two years earlier in 2012 in WV HOD race by 3,270 to 2,936 for Walt (R). (The 2012 vote total included 730 Straight Party D votes–about 300 HIGHER SPV than the same D guy got in 2010 when Walt won by 560 votes. [Walt got about 240 SPV in 2012]).
      In 2014 Walt won by a 55% to 45% margin
      and a vote of:

      1,965 Walt
      1,626 other guy

      Just as he was gracious in his defeat in 2012, Walt was gracious in his victory in 2014…

      …and the rest is history…GFY

    812. Wes says:

      Tim Fox might be a good pick. He has credibility with the MAGA crowd because of his support of TX’s lawsuit against PA over the 2020 election. More importantly when Republicans were losing almost every other statewide race in MT in 2012, Fox won.

    813. GF says:

      That kid was a twerp, Walt; you should have told him to GFH, along with the Dem minority in the legislature.

    814. jason says:

      Yeah, maybe Gianforte although didn’t he just get elected Governor.

    815. Gordon Allen says:

      Watched the Tucker Carlson first 30 minutes, with Kimberly Strassel of WSJ as guest discussing the filings by John Durham today.
      It is/was breathtakingly stunning how far and wide this Russia hoax conspiracy went. Other than the fact it seems to be leading straight at Hillary Clinton and her campaign, it beyond any question at all involved a Deep State inter agency supported plot against trump at both high and mid levels in the Government, clearly working in tandem with the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
      If this isn’t what normal people would call a Deep State Cabal, I have no other description I can come up with to describe it.
      President Desantis on January 20, 2025, for his own survival, has to starting at 1 pm clean house BIG TIME in the intelligence/law enforcement community, and if need be seek approval for authority to fire into the Civil Service, and /or shut down agencies and start over-putside Washington dC. Or he too will have no chance. It is a company town for the Democratic party.
      I can see now why it took Durham so long to get going; he’s almost certainly working his way up the food chain.
      I hope he has excellent, faithful body guards.

    816. Wes says:

      Gianforte and Tester are both up in 2024, Jason. Governors have passed on reelection before to run for Senate. See David Pryor in AR in 1978.

    817. Cash Cow TM says:

      “…Walt; you should have told him to GFH, along with the Dem minority in the legislature.”

      The Dems were in the MAJORITY back then.
      Walt was getting elected and reelected in a heavy D district in PID.

      Walt’s election in 2014 was when the Rs gained control for first time in over 80 years in WV.

    818. jason says:

      AOC says McAuliffe lost because he wasn’t far left enough.

    819. Wes says:

      84 years to be exact, Walt. The WVGOP collapsed in 1930 because of the Depression and never truly began recovering till the Obama Administration.

    820. Tgca says:

      It was 41 years ago today that Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th president of the US.

    821. Wes says:

      I’d say TMac lost because he went too far left, Jason. Had he run on his record as Governor, I don’t think Youngkin could have outmaneuvered him, though Biden’s unpopularity would have kept TMac from a blowout.

    822. Tina says:

      Gordon, Durham is picking off those on the outside, and then. Will get the ones on the inside.

      Thst is when his Fraudulency will direct the Commie Ag to fire Durham.

    823. jason says:

      Babylon Bee:

      McAuliffe Blames Loss On Low 3AM Ballot Turnout

    824. jason says:

      Durham has to get someone to turn.

    825. jason says:

      Indiana School District Science Coordinator

      “Yes, we told principals at the beginning of the year to lie to parents and tell them we weren’t using CRT in schools. Yes, we continue to lie.”

    826. mnw says:

      HAL got me. Thus is what I tried to post:

      Matt R. is an incumbent now. He won an open, AL seat, i.e., a statewide race, in ’20. He won statewide once before, too, for Insurance Commissioner.

      In 2024, hw willmhave been in Congress 6 years. His name rec & fundraising ability should be much greater.

      Tester will be about 70 in ’24. We’ll see if he wants to endure another grueling race or not. As I said, time has not been kind to the Montana Democrats in recent years.

    827. Wes says:

      He’s still Matt Rosedale, Mnw. He was able to beat token Dem opponents, but Tester is on a different level from that. Also, with three exceptions only in Senate history, running retreads against Senators who’ve previously beaten them has been a losing proposition.

    828. jason says:

      Tester’s image as a “moderate” and “Montana farmer” has probably exceeded its shelf life.

    829. jason says:

      I have a feeling Rosendale would be tough to beat in a primary.

    830. Wes says:

      Maybe, Jason, but I’d prefer it if Republicans nominated someone who already proved he wasn’t able to get the job done by running away from a debate like a scalded dog and running such a lackluster campaign Tester was able to achieve a majority of the vote for the first time ever.

    831. Wes says:

      I don’t know, Jason. Rosendale got 48% in the primary despite his name ID against split opposition in 2020. He won’t represent the whole state after January 2023. Nothing about him screams field clearer.

    832. Tina says:

      The radicals obstructed munchkin in the parking lot.

    833. Cash Cow TM says:

      Ted Cruz on Twitter.

      “So @JoeBiden wants to give $450k to every illegal immigrant.

      And Hunter Biden paintings “sell” for $500k each.

      Perfect solution: give a Hunter Biden painting to every illegal immigrant.”
      Who said Ted Cruz is not a problem solver!

      Cruz gets Cow’s vote!

    834. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I spend a lot of time in Montana. Its in a very anti-Biden mood, particularly on energy. Tester is no Manchin, he has been playing along with Biden. Recently he did come out against a carbon tax, along with Manchin. Still I doubt he will be re-elected if he runs again. The small-town western Democratic politics that used to work in the western states is over — woke Democrats demand conformity, and Tester made a bad decision to support Biden in early 2021 when he perceived him to be popular. Its to late for him to claim he is an independent, like Manchin. If anything, Manchin’s independence shows what a Biden lacky Tester has been.

      Several decades ago, Democrats used to win regularly in Utah. Frank Moss, Gunn McKay, Wayne Owens, Bill Orton, and the last one Ben McAdams. Now it is likely the Utah Republican delegation will remain totally Republican for the forseeable future. Montana could head in that direction.

    835. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Robbie has become the board’s zombie poster. He does a brief zombie post about nothing relevant to the board discussion, then does a quick zombie retreat.

      Quoting CNN, a cable news source that has lost over 50% of its viewership this year from last year, doesn’t exactly provide any credibility to what he says. Robbie claims to be a loyal Republican, yet refuses to criticize Biden, one of the most disastrous Democratic presidents in modern history. His brief cameo posts have become a source of entertainment.

    836. Tina says:

      Shh, don’t tell little Eli.

      Quote Tweet

      Eli Lake
      · 11m
      Durham is building the case that Democrats manipulated the FBI and the public during Russiagate.

    837. mnw says:

      What is the most fun mnw has ever had with his pants on?

      Seeing Claire McCaskill sitting there with three other hasbeens on MSNBC!

      Ahhh! Was it good for you too, Sky Queen?

    838. mnw says:

      When Rosendale ran for the open MT AL House seat in 2020, he had to win a 6-way GOP primary.

      In that GOP primary, NOT the GE, he was endorsed by Steve Scalise; Keven McCarthy; Jim Jordan; Ted Cruz; the Crow Tribe of MT; and some fella named Trump.

      Apparently those guys don’t have Wes’ talent for identifying sure losahs.

      Rosendale won the 6-way GOP primary with 48% of the total vote, & then won the GE handily.

      I erred when I said Rosendale had previously won a statewide election as Insurance Commissioner. He was the elected State Auditor, not Insurance Commissioner.

    839. Cash Cow TM says:

      Based on all the DRUDGE scare headlines and articles over the past several months of large percentage of COVID vaccinated people in this place or that place in the U.S. getting COVID 19, it seems that the vaccine is not as great as it was thought.

      So why is there not more pushback on vaccine mandates based on this data.

      I know the science points to the fact that vaccinated people are less likely to get covid than unvaccinated people. And I read somewhere that vaccinated people are just about as likely to spread covid as unvaccinated people.
      Shouldn’t all this be discussed on TV news programs as policymakers weigh the pros and cons of covid?

      SDC brought up the point that the covid vaccine was not working as well as anticipated a few days ago but it garnered no discussion.

    840. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      When I was young I voted Democrat.
      Now I vote Republican.
      When I am dead, I will vote Democrat again.

    841. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Democrats have not been so angry since Republicans took their slaves and freed them.

    842. Wes says:

      As I recall, Mnw, in the biggest election of his life–against Jon Tester, no less–Rosendale started the general election campaign by running away from a debate and failing to highlight the numerous left-wing votes Tester cast as Senator. Beating some Democrat no one had ever heard of is an accomplishment Rosendale can claim. Beating the far-left senior Senator of the state is not.

    843. Gordon Allen says:

      I’m not sure the AG can fire a Special Prosecutor Tina. But trying to/doing so will blow the lid off

    844. Tina says:

      Jewish Deplorable
      · 8h
      MSNBC guest on @WinsomeSears:

      “There is a black mouth moving but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.”

    845. NYCmike says:

      “SDC brought up the point that the covid vaccine was not working as well as anticipated a few days ago but it garnered no discussion.”

      -According to jason and Tgca, we are all statist fascist commie totalitarians, so the point is moot.

      Good Morning!

    846. DW says:

      These leftist radicals are the racists. They continue to demonstrate how much they hate whites, and they continue to show how they are racists against blacks because they presume them to be so stupid and unintelligent that they all will fall for the race baiting.

    847. Gordon Allen says:

      Tina. Its clear who the racist loons are. MSNBC is one of their hdgtrs.

    848. jason says:

      Meghan Markle is calling senators on behalf of paid family leave.

      I saw 2 reactions:

      Thune: I don’t think senators care what Meghan Markle thinks.

      Collins: I am more interested in what the people of Maine think.

    849. jason says:

      -According to jason and Tgca, we are all statist fascist commie totalitarians, so the point is moot. ”

      No, not all, just the fascists that think its ok for businesses to demand papers and discriminate.

      Most of us here know that it is disgusting and morally reprehensible.

    850. jason says:

      SDC brought up the point that the covid vaccine was not working as well as anticipated a few days ago but it garnered no discussion.”

      NYC as usual is confused. The fact the vaccines are less effective and that vaccinated people transmit the virus too is one more reason the fascists are wrong.

      Plus there is the fact people who have had the virus are much less likely to be infected, what is the reason for the fascists to discriminate against them?

      “The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to a large Israeli study. The newly released data show people who once had a SARS-CoV-2 infection were much less likely than never-infected, vaccinated people to get Delta, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalized with serious COVID-19”

    851. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      New TX poll from the Texas Tribune/YouGov:
      1- Abbott up 9 on the fake Latino, Beto
      2- Biden’s approval/ disapproval underwater by 20 pts.
      George P. Bush and Matthew Dowd are NOT doing well.

    852. NYCmike says:

      Fantastic bait, Ma! Let’s whip up another batch of that!

    853. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Following voting laws is for little people!A boo-boo by PA Gov. Tom Wolf(D):

    854. jason says:

      I’m not sure the AG can fire a Special Prosecutor Tina. But trying to/doing so will blow the lid off”

      What he can do is not release the report when it is issued, the report goes to the AG.

      But that would stink to high heaven.

    855. DW says:

      A hack on CNN suggested that part of the demise of Steve Sweeney might have been lingering damage from four years ago when over 5 million was spent against him by the teacher’s union.

      Uh….Sweeney WON that race by 18 points!

    856. jason says:

      Amazing… but I guess you should follow the science.

      “The White House’s @K_JeanPierre
      : Firing thousands of truckers & other frontline workers over Biden’s vax mandate won’t affect the supply chain.”

    857. jason says:

      As votes come in from rural areas Youngkin is actually increasing his margin somewhat now up by about 2.5 points.

      Youngkin 1,673,949 50.85%
      McAuliffe 1,595,151 48.46%
      Princess 22,764 0.69%

    858. DW says:

      Quick update on the Virginia HoD races.

      Four races remain uncalled as we await the late mailed ballots that would have been postmarked by election day, but had through today to arrive.

      All four are DEM incumbents trying to hang on.

      Districts 10 and 21, the Dem is currently leading by 600+ and 200+.

      Districts 85 and 91, the Republican challengers are leading by 202 and 272 votes.

      No one knows how many ballots are late like this…but obviously the best chances of more pickups are 85 and 91.

    859. DW says:

      And just like that…Edward Durr has a wiki page.

      I am surprised they allowed it.

    860. jason says:

      You don’t have to go to law school to know you don’t ask a question in court to which you don’t know the answer.

      “Prosecutor: You have no idea what Rosenbaum was thinking or doing.

      : “He said f–k you and then reached for [Kyle Rittenhouse’s] weapon.”

      This exchange will be taught in law school for decades. The prosecutor set himself up to get destroyed.”

      And this was the prosecution’s witness….

    861. DW says:

      883 – ouch. I recall once being on a jury, and even the public defender was quite skilled. I remember he asked his witness, the defendant, a string of boring, useless questions, and it lulled the jury to sleep–and when no one but me was paying attention, he suddenly asked the guy if he robbed the bank, and the man quickly said no, and the exchange was over before the rest of the jurors looked up at the defendant to see his body language as he told that lie.

      I remember thinking…wow, that was slick!

    862. Cash Cow TM says:


      The initial allotment of funds that states have spent so far from the American Rescue Plan championed by Democrats and President Joe Biden. Large cities have spent 8.5 percent. Many state and local governments reported they were still working on plans for their share of the $350 billion they received as part of the pandemic relief package.”

    863. jason says:

      Why Rs are not winning the suburbs anytime soon.

      And this is Texas AND donating to the Lincoln Project counted as to Republicans.

      “The overwhelming majority of employees at ten of the top Texas universities who contributed campaign money throughout the 2020 election cycle donated to Democrats, a Campus Reform investigation has revealed.

      Using publicly available data from the Federal Election Commission, Campus Reform analyzed the donation records of the employees of the universities in Texas for the 2020 election cycle.

      In total, employees donated $4,980,230 to Democrats and less than $500,000 to Republicans.”

    864. mnw says:

      The Rittenhouse prosecutor’s bad Q & A suggests lousy, perhaps non-existent, witness prep before trial.

      I could teach a 6th grader to carefully interview her OWN witnesses prior to trial. There is no excuse for being surprised, unless your own witness has intentionally hidden in the weeds in order to sabotage your case– which is very rare.

      The bigger problem is not that your witness will surprise you, but that your witness will forget what he said before. That is why you have someone on your trial team review the Q & A with the witness ONE FINAL TIME right before she testifies.

      I’ve had witnesses admit on the day of trial that, “I didn’t tell you everything because I was too embarrassed. Is it important that I had sex with the defendant?”

    865. jason says:

      There is a new FBI video of the shooting that was not available previously, if the witness saw it or read about it or was told about it he might have changed his testimony to fit it. Evidently this video shows Rosenbaum chasing Rittenhouse and not the other way around as claimed by the prosecution.

      Supposedly the prosecutor was visibly angry at the answers, so obviously this is not what he expected.

    866. Robbie says:

      The Florida Republican Party has been the best run in the nation since the days of Jeb Bush. The party has won every governor’s race since 1998 and now the DGA has made clear it won’t invest big sums of money in the state in 2022. While it’s not a free pass for DeSantis, he’s in great shape to win re-election.

      Meanwhile, the Arizona Republican Party was taken over by Jason fraud’s MAGA moron friends and the results have been predictable. Chemtrail Kelli Ward runs the show and the state party just spent the better part of year on a laughable election audit that showed (shocker) Biden still won.

      Unfortunately, Jason fraud’s MAGA dope friends in Arizona have also spent the last year doing everything they can to turn Arizona into a Democrat state. They, along with the twice impeached moron, torpedoed Ducey’s potential Senate run against Kelly because he wouldn’t overturn the election. And now, Trump and Chemtrail support the lunatic candidacy for governor of a woman who wants Democrats thrown in jail for “stealing” the election in Arizona and who hangs around with neo Nazis and QAnon supporters. (Did JFK Jr. come back to life the other day, Jason fraud?).

      Republicans can be like Florida and win or they can be like Jason fraud and Arizona and lose. Not a hard choice for sane people, but it is a hard choice for very online idiots like Jason fraud.

    867. Gordon Allen says:

      #872.A smart move actually not to waste money here. They won’t win anyway.

    868. Tgca says:

      NYC is a complete moron if he can’t understand the difference between the efficacy of a vaccine and demanding to see papers on whether or not you have taken the vaccine.

      Transmitting a disease to others and getting sick from it are two different things you fascist IDIOT!

      Another recent study was released that showed there is basically no difference in transmitting the virus and the viral load transmitted between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

      That being the case, what is the justification for a business owner to restrict access only to the vaccinated?

      I hope any business that advocates for this personal choice to discriminate suffer immensely and goes bankrupt.

      They deserve it because they are behaving the way Germans behaved in the 1930s by targeting a select group of people and blaming them for the woes of society when those people are no more responsible for such woes than the German populace as a whole.

      If NYC, SDC, and Mildred can’t understand this it just shows what fascist idiots they are as they try to shift blame to a select group which is exactly what Biden is doing – falsely blaming a select group when the science repeatedly states otherwise.

    869. mnw says:

      Being visibly angry, as opposed to merely angry, would be of a piece with failing to spend enough time with a witness to prepare him properly.

    870. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      November 5, 2021 at 10:40 am
      Why Rs are not winning the suburbs anytime soon.

      – This just shows how stupid Jason fraud is. Exit polls showed Youngkin won the suburbs and Republicans won the suburbs in New Jersey and in the PA judicial races. In fact, Republicans won the suburbs everywhere on election day.

      Jason fraud’s problem is he’s become a very online idiot. Of course, that’s what happens when you read sites like RedState or Gateway Pundit. Your brain turns into jelly and you believe ridiculous things like Sidney Powell says or become wedded to an insane position that the suburbs can’t be won when they were, in fact, won just days ago.

    871. NYCmike says:

      Robbie flies a plane?!?!

    872. NYCmike says:

      I thought he would be better suited for Spacex…….because he is O U T T H E R E ! ! !

    873. jason says:

      Exit polls showed Youngkin won the suburbs ”

      Poor Amoral Scumbag is delusional

      Arlington Co (D+54) Change from 2020 R + 0.7

      Fairfax Co. (D+29.8) Change from 2020 R + 2.6

      Prince William Co.(D+17.5) Change from 2020 D +0.3

      Loudon Co. (D +10.6) Change from 2020 R +4.7

      Youngkin didn’t win the suburbs, he did marginally better.

      GFY and go back to watching MSNBC you lying POS.

    874. Tgca says:

      It has been reported that a good number of illegal aliens coming to the US are not necessarily current on vaccinations and that has led to outbreaks of certain diseases in the US we’ve not seen for decades, and that can be very concerning for many that are immunocompromised.

      To protect others, should folks be required to show proof of all vaccinations and not just Covid?

      Should people of Hispanic descent be specifically targeted because they are by far the largest groups of illegal immigrants that we see these outbreaks occur in?

      “Hello. Thank you for coming to our restaurant tonight but before we seat you we need to see your Covid vax card. Oh good, it looks in order. TYVM. I noticed your last name is of Hispanic origin so can I also please see if you’re current on other vaccinations. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re not racist and we don’t discriminate, we are just being extra cautious because of news reports regarding outbreaks of certain diseases due to lack of vaccinations of people of Hispanic origin, and we need to protect the health of ALL our customers. I’m sure you understand. I’ll be right back to check your other vaccination proof after I sit these 2 couples with Irish and Italian last names since they just showed proof of Covid vaccinations.

    875. jason says:

      In fact, Republicans won the suburbs everywhere on election day.”


      I got the red herring now. “Election day”.

      Except unfortunately VBM, EV and absentee all count.

      GFY again.

    876. Tina says:

      George P. Bush and Matthew Dowd are NOT doing well.

      Rumor is a bush in Texas is toxic.

    877. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag has now completed what, 10 months of ignoring Biden’s disastrous presidency to talk about me and Trump.

      It’s great that I live rent free in his tiny brain, I am honored, but the poor bastard should expand his horizons a little, just a suggestion.

    878. jason says:

      Rumor is a bush in Texas is toxic.”

      Are tumbleweeds ok?

    879. Tina says:

      Jason and mnw, here is a link to the prosecutor not doing his homework. It’s “his” witness.

    880. jason says:

      Republicans can be like Florida and win or they can be like Jason fraud ”

      It is hard to see anyone more pro-Trump than DeSantis and other elected officials in FL so I am fine with Rs “being like Florida”.

      Trump won big in Florida, so yeah, I think Republican be like FL all day long.

      I thank Amoral Scumbag for pointing that out.

    881. Tgca says:

      I think it’s time we start carding anyone that looks or acts gay too and ask for proof of HIV status before letting them eat or work in restaurants. Though there is very little chance of transmitting HIV to others outside intimacy or blood contact, it is possible in very rare instances, and people with HIV are also more succeptible to other health issues including carrying and transmitting infectious diseases due to immunocomprimization with higher infecting loads that they could pass along to others.

      It’s for the protection of ALL. I’m sure gay men will understand. After all, nearly 1/2 percent of gay men are infected with HIV annually and it’s estimated that at least up to 15% and possibly closer to 20% of the gay male adult population is HIV+, many not knowing either.

      We must all do our part to protect the community so show us proof of your HIV status please if you’re gay.

    882. mnw says:

      903 Tina

      There’s no excuse for that, & it’s even more astonishing that it happened in a very high profile case– the biggest case that prosecutor will ever try. THIS is what everyone will remember him for.

      There is precedent– the OJ prosecutors didn’t do their homework, either. Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book about that– “Outrage: The 5 Reasons Why OJ Simpson Got Away With Murder.”

    883. Tina says:

      Yes, please. This is great. Jeb 2.0.

      Quote Tweet

      Josh Caplan
      · 20h
      CNN: Rep. Adam Kinzinger isn’t ruling out 2024 presidential bid

    884. Tina says:

      Mnw, Andrew Brwnca suggests convincingly that this should never had made it to trial.

      Prosecutor wanted a scalp.

    885. Tina says:

      Law of Self Defense
      State witness Lackowski: “There were genuine protestors, then there were a-holes.”

      Judge Schroeder: “Hey, you’re in court.”

      Lackowski: “Sorry.”

      You can take the man out of the Marine Corp. … . 🙂


    886. Tina says:

      A holes in Kenosha, Wisconsin. What were they doing outside of Philly?

    887. Tina says:

      This is another state witness, more helpful to the defense, Here, he is under cross by Rittenhouse’s lawyer:

      Law of Self Defense
      Attorney Chirafisi plays video, man shouting about Rittenhouse, “CRANIUM THAT DUDE!”


      Law of Self Defense
      Attorney Chirafisi: As Kyle running towards police line [after first shooting of Rosenbaum], hear any shouts?

      Lackowski: I heard people shout, “Get him!”

    888. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – Barring a recount, I lost our bet on the New Jersey Governor’s race. You can post the charity where I should make my donation or send it by FB message. I knew I should asked for points on the bet since Ciattarelli would have covered.

    889. mnw says:

      908 Tina

      I’ve thought that from the beginning, altho often the elected prosecutor makes the wretched, very awful, BAD charging decision, and some poor schlub who works for her gets stuck trying the pos.

      I still think Ritt had no business whatsoever driving from IL to Kenosha, right into the middle of a big honking riot. And I don’t give a damn WHAT his intentions were. Only a great, brainless fool would do that.

      Btw, If you think I get flamed here, by far the WORST abuse I’ve EVER received has been at another conservative site (Ace of Spades)– for daring to criticize young Saint Kyle, patron saint of the Second Amendment..

    890. jason says:



      “McAuliffe’s loss is a victory for all Americans,” said Gabbard in a tweet. “Why? Because it was a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders. This benefits us all.”

    891. Tina says:

      RNC Research
      · 2h
      Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughs when asked about Biden’s plans to bring gas prices down.

      “Ha ha ha. That is hilarious!”

    892. Tgca says:

      James Carville is pissed!

      At least he’s honest on the “wokesters.”

    893. Tgca says:


      I would go with PETT – People for Eating Tasty Tofu, not to be confused with PETA – People for Eating of Tasty Animals.

      PETT is a great organization working to reduce climate change by reducing meat consumption because we know the more meat you eat, the bigger the turds…I mean tides which impact billions of people living along coastlines.

    894. Tgca says:

      Looks like Haley would fit in with the HHR fascist club.

      She’s advocating for testing older politicians for cognitive abilities. Does that extend to bureaucrats too? What about justices? What about military leaders? At what age would Nikki like testing to begin?

      The problem with this discriminating thinking is that it immediately labels the elderly as potentially incompetent.

      You don’t think that will be sending a subliminal message to voters and putting older candidates at election disadvantages?

      Now I agree that certain jobs may require more agility and quick cognitive responses, as we do not expect a 75 year-old football player, construction worker, or combat pilot for the safety of themselves or others but should that be the case with politicians too?

      Cognitive decline varies greatly in people and at varying ages. There are many that show such declines in their 50s while others may not show that same level until their 70s. Even people of the same age may have significantly varying cognitive declines due to many factors including genetics, health, diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.

      If you are concerned that because politicians play such a crucial role in society that they should be tested then not why test ALL of them because cognitive ability is not the only concern to worry about regarding mental health. There are other issues that could impact the ability of politicians to reason properly and timely.

    895. DW says:

      At noon eastern time, (43 minutes ago), the polls finally closed in Virginia, on the reception of late ballots postmarked by 11/2.

      So they should be running these ballots through the machines and posting results at any time now.

    896. DW says:

      …or being government employees, maybe they have already packed it in for the weekend, and we won’t know until sometime next week.

    897. DW says:

      If my Virginia HoD GOP challenger holds on to win, it will mean every race on my ballot was won by who I voted for, with the exception of VA Commissioner of Revenue.

    898. jason says:

      I still think Ritt had no business whatsoever driving from IL to Kenosha, right into the middle of a big honking riot. ”

      BS, what a crock of crap.

      It’s a free country. There is no law against that.

      Whatever reason he had for being there is his business, not yours.

      The issue here is not why he was there, but whether he acted in self defense or not.

      That is the only thing that matters whether you think he is a brainless fool or not.

    899. lisab says:

      5. All persons have a constitutional right to be offended by people who make public speeches and say things they do not like, as well as be offended by statues, American flags, people wearing maga hats or crosses (remember, the KKK burned crosses to try to intimidate others) and to demand removal of any speaker or items that offends them.

      actually, that pretty much is a constitutional right

    900. mnw says:

      I wish he were your son. Then you could visit him in jail & attend his murder trial.

    901. Scooterboy says:

      Might have already been posted here.

      From Emerson–Biden approval cratering with Blacks:

      “The drop in approval is greatest among Black/African-American voters, moving from 72% approval in February to 52% approval in November. Hispanic support dropped from 56% approval to 50% approval.”

    902. Scooterboy says:


      2022 Generic Congressional Ballot
      Republicans 49%
      Democrats 42%

      1,000 RV | 11/3-11/4
      Sample: D38/I30/R33 (W)

    903. lisab says:

      #21 So I take that to mean that I would pass Woke Algebra II in Minnesota?

      not so fast …

      a room contains a group of randomly selected people … each having one of the uniformly distributed gender identities recognized by ny city.

      how many people must be in the room before the probability of two people sharing the same gender identity is greater than or equal to 50%? and … name three ways global warming causes covid.

      (show all work)

    904. jason says:

      Let the fruit war begin.

      GENEVA (Reuters) – Taiwan raised a trade complaint against China at a World Trade Organization meeting over Beijing’s moves to block imports of two types of fruit from the island, its council of agriculture and two other sources said.

      The fruits in question are sugar apples, also known as sweetsops or custard apples, and wax apples, both Taiwan specialities which do not really resemble apples.”

    905. jason says:

      I wish he were your son. Then you could visit him in jail & attend his murder trial.”

      If my sons were wrongly accused of something I would certainly support them.

      The murder charge is a joke. If you want to accuse him of bad judgment, fine, he has a lot of company.

    906. Tgca says:


      I agree with Jadon on Rittenhouse.

      I get that had he not been there then he would not be in legal jeopardy now but the same can be said of any protest. Think Jan 6th. Many people who committed no crime other than trespassing (which is debatable as well now since we’ve seen videos where police are waving people into the building) are defending themselves legally or got fired from their jobs.

      People travel to protests all the time to let their voices be heard. They often get arrested for minor offenses too like trespassing or refusing to disperse and are rarely prosecuted. They go to DC, NYC, etc.

      The alternative is for people not to exercise their constitutional rights to protest and let perceived injustices in society go unchallenged.

    907. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag and country club suburban elite Repubicans hardest hit.

      “The loyalties and voting habits of the entire electorate are in flux. It isn’t just minorities who are becoming unmoored from Democrats. It’s suburban women who had been deserting the Republican Party in droves. It’s white working-class voters switching to the Republican Party. Young, urban professional blacks don’t feel the same pull as their parents to vote for Democrats and there are signs they could become “persuadable.”

      The old verities simply aren’t cutting it for most Americans. The world is changing too rapidly and voters are looking for a “safe harbor” to shelter in place until the storms pass. For some, it’s the Republicans they feel more comfortable with. Others prefer Democrats.

      What all this churning of the electorate has done is allow minorities — specifically Hispanic minorities — the freedom to find their own political conscience. It’s not exactly a “leaving the plantation” moment as much as it is a “Declaration of Independence.”

      The R party should take advantage of these new dynamics instead of chasing after the “suburban women abandoning in droves”.

    908. Tgca says:


      Fruit war? REALLY!!!

      I take great offense to that phrase.

      In 2021, we still see derogatory comments towards gays. UNBELIEVABLE!

      Men of Latin descent in particular are known to have such bigoted views of gays and are stuck 30 years behind the rest of us.

      How would Latinos feel if the conflict between two Latin countries were referred to as the “rice and bean” or “taco” wars?

    909. Tina says:

      Emerson College Polling
      · 2h

      Do you approve or disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president?

      41% approve
      50% disapprove
      8% unsure

    910. Tina says:

      14,000 Americans left stranded in Afghanistan.

    911. Gordon Allen says:

      Is that generic Emerson poll legit 49-42 R? If that were close to true GOP would gain 50-60 seats and the Senate easily.
      That’s hard to believe it’s so good

    912. Wes says:

      Well, Bitter, I take no solace in the fact that Sewer Staters reelected Murphy. That said, I send all my charitable contributions to St. Jude’s. That’s where I would like you to send your donation.

    913. DW says:

      Was the Sweeney / Durr race in New Jersey even an option on the betting sites?

      If it was, and someone plunked down a few hundred bucks on Durr…must have been quite a payout.

    914. Wes says:

      Honestly Sweeney was probably the only moderating influence on NJ politics. His replacement is likely to be an extreme leftwinger. I’m not sad to see Durr win, but the Sewer State probably will be.

    915. DW says:

      Wes, from what I read, Sweeney recently was just rubber-stamping whatever Murphy wanted, unlike the days he worked with Chris Christie.

    916. Wes says:

      I hadn’t followed it recently, DW, but everything I’d read indicated Sweeney hadn’t been enamored of the extreme liberalism Dems were propagating. If he were going along with what Murphy wanted despite his history as a moderate in the state, that probably explains why Durr beat him.

    917. Wes says:

      Phil Murphy has accomplished what no Democrat in New Jersey had managed since 1977: reelection as Governor. I looked up Brendan Byrne, the last Dem Governor of the Sewer State to win reelection. He won reelection because he refused to be bought.

      Fast-forward 44 years, and Byrne, who died in 2018, would be unelectable precisely because he wasn’t corrupt.

    918. mnw says:

      Every day the 2 spending bills are delayed strengthens the hand of those in Congress who oppose them.

    919. lisab says:

      pretty shocking the bills haven’t passed

      pelosi is not usually kind to those that defy her

      this is getting embarrassing

    920. lisab says:

      obviously the bills are not big enough

      way too watered down

    921. lisab says:

      citizenship for everyone now!!!


      to the barricades!!!!!

    922. DW says:

      The video above taken from the body cam of the officer who pulled over Chris Hurst (D) and his girlfriend the night before Hurst lost his bid for re-election to the Virginia House of Delegates.

      Its too funny. Hurst ignores the officer’s questions, then it turns out his license was suspended, and then Hurst gets all arrogant and condescending. Then claims he is only doing what the other side is doing, and then lectures the officer about letting me do my job and you do your job.

      The officer pleads with him, you are supposed to represent us! Then Hurst asks the officer if he is going to vote for him.

    923. DW says:


      In Virginia HoD 85th district race, the final late ballot tally is in, the Republican gained 38 votes, the Dem incumbent gained 93 votes…NOT ENOUGH to close the prior gap of 202 votes…SCORE ANOTHER FLIP!!

    924. Wes says:

      Great to hear, DW. Let’s hope Youngkin can continue to rebuild the VAGOP.

    925. DW says:

      Wes, it puts the VA HoD at 51 GOP seats right now, and it looks like we are going to get another flip, district 91, for a 52-48 advantage.

      There will be recounts, etc, but it looks good.

    926. Wes says:

      Random question I saw on Facebook:

      What book can you not get into everyone else seems to love?

      Of course I said James Joyce’s Ulysses. It’s tedious, pedantic, and overblown. I’ve never understood the fascination with it. It was a great treatment for insomnia in college though.

    927. Wes says:

      Glad to hear, DW. A 52R-48D House of Delegates means Republicans will control the appointment of the next Justice to the VASC.

    928. Meldrim says:

      Wes, St. Jude’s is a great charity; I’ve been a monthly donor for years. They treat (and usually cure) children with cancer from all over the country (and even some international patients), provide their families with a place to stay in Memphis while the kids are getting treated, and don’t charge the families a penny for the treatments.

      As for Ulysses, I’ve previously expressed that I liked it very much. Yes, some parts can be hard to understand, and one has to accept that one won’t get everything at which Joyce was hinting, but it is an extremely rewarding book.

    929. DW says:

      Republican challenger in HoD district 21 came up 309 votes short against the Dem incumbent.

      Just one Hampton, VA batch of late absentees to come in against District 91. A bit nervous because the pre-election absentees went hugely for the Dem. Right now a 238 vote lead for the Republican.

    930. Wes says:

      I didn’t find it hard to understand at all, Meldrim. I just found the whole book underwhelming. I do enjoy literature from the general time period–Nostromo by Joseph Conrad being my second favorite novel for instance–but I always thought Ulysses is what sheltered academics think makes a good book rather than what actually is a good book. Of course I feel the same way about Hemingway. His work’s great for academia but feels lifeless and preachy to me.

    931. Meldrim says:

      Wes, you are correct that, since VA Supreme Court vacancies are filled by the vote of a joint session of the state legislators, and Democrats control the state senate by 21-19, a 52R-48D HoD would give Republicans 71 votes and Democrats 69 votes. The question to which I don’t know the answer is what would happen if the HoD ends up 51R-49D and there’s a 70-70 vote to appoint a justice. Would the Lt. Gov. get to break such deadlock? I would think that Sears wouldn’t be able to break that tie because she only can break ties in Senate votes (not Senate+House votes), but I’ve seen stranger things in state constitutions.

    932. DW says:

      DONE…the Republican challenger holds on by just under 200 votes in HoD district 91.

      52 to 48 advantage.

    933. Wes says:

      I remember a few days ago when some posters were saying the Dem majority in the VAHOD might be unassailable because of the 55-45 margin, DW. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

      Now I want Republicans to win the VA Senate in 2023, but I also want them to avoid idiocy like the ill-conceived 2012 ultrasound bill.

    934. Meldrim says:

      #957, great news! 52 HoD seats is 2 fewer than I had predicted–two GOP challengers came within less than 1% from winning as well–but I’ll take it.

    935. Scooterboy says:

      For the first time ever, Republicans have passed Democrat’s in party registration in Florida

      Thanks Scott Pressler.

    936. Bitterlaw says:

      Great charity, Wes. I will do it this weekend.

    937. Tgca says:


      Don’t forge $5 tot PETT too please.