Trump Leads Biden By 4%, GOP Leads Dems By 8% for 2022

    We have a second public national poll since the huge Republican victory in Virginia last Tuesday that shows Donald Trump with a lead over Joe Biden. The latest poll from Suffolk University and USA Today has Trump up by 4% over Biden. Even more scary for Democrats the generic congressional ballot now has Republicans with an 8% edge over Democrats in 2022.

    Donald Trump (R) 44%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 40%

    Republican 46%
    Democratic 38%

    This poll was done November 3-5 among 1000 registered voters.

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    1. jason says:

      Let’s go Brandon!

    2. jason says:

      I missed the MVP/Homecoming King argument.

      Had I been here, I would have agreed that the Homecoming King and Queen should be live persons. You can honor the memory of people without woke BS.

      Sue me.

    3. JeffP says:

      That generic number is unbelievable…but maybe it’s that bad for the crazy communists.

      Trump is not going to run against Biden. I would think Harris in a poll would be Trump up by 6-8 points.

    4. jason says:

      AOC and the squad really gave Manchin an opening I hope he takes, although I doubt it.

      But if he votes against BBB, and the moonbats have a meltdown, he can say hey your hero AOC voted against the bipartisan bill, what’s the problem?

    5. Tina says:

      · 12h
      The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) is not planning to contribute any significant financial help to party candidates looking to unseat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis next year, Politico is reporting.

    6. jason says:

      I don’t know any moms who only drink beer OR only drink wine.”

      Yeah, we know you live a sheltered existence.

      Try to get out more, maybe meet some beer drinking deplorables. They won’t bite you.

    7. Tgca says:

      This is getting scary. My ally Jadon and me are agreeing on too many things lately against the HHR wokesters, HHR fascists, and now HHR folks who think the long-term future success of the GOP is based on winning back white suburban female voters who don’t like when anyone posts mean tweets.

      Perhaps we need to mix it up a bit here.

      Hmm….OK! I got it!

      Reagan could not fill Obama’s shoes because he acted his way through 8 years while Obama was a real inspirational and transformative president.

      Ok. That should do it! That should break the alliance.

    8. Tina says:

      Where are Lilttle Mitchie and the house minority losah? Is the. chinese Chamber of Commerce “encouraging” them to be silent?

      Quote Tweet

      New York Post
      · 10h
      White House says DOJ will determine amount of payouts to migrant families

    9. Tgca says:

      It’s funny now that you mention it Jadon.

      When I lived in San Francisco, I don’t think I ever saw a woman buying a 6-pack of beer but I saw many filling their carts with wines at Whole Foods and elsewhere.

      In the deplorable burbs of Jersey, I don’t ever think I saw women putting bottles of wine in carts but they definitely purchased beer.

      Maybe it’s just anecdotal and not really relevant.

    10. jason says:

      Ok. That should do it! That should break the alliance.”

      Tgca wants to disagree with me.

      Bitter wants to agree with me.

      Such is the life of an HHR legend.

    11. Tina says:

      Ok, I admit to the wines, the beer, and the limoncello, tgca.

      Just one San Franciscan

    12. Bitterlaw says:

      From prior thread.

      I was in a Delco bar last night in Clifton Heights. Deplorable-fave bar. Some women drank beer. Some had wine. I saw a few drinking shots. I was there with my wife and a friend who is a lawyer who also works there as a bartender.

    13. Tgca says:


      So white privileged women hanging in deplorable bars drinking wine are trying to pass off as deplorables now? Why are these elitist Bishes sooooo desperate to show everyone that they’re really like the rest of us…that is until they go home to their protected no minorities welcome gated communities.

      This is sooo wokish. Trying to show everyone you really feel their pain and relate to them by trying to hang with them. Like all the Antifa losers rushing to join BLM rioting.

      It reminds me of all the f*g hags that used to go to gay bars and thought they were really like gay men too because they hung in gay bars and also sucked the D. …only they didn’t get it. They had a vagina so they really weren’t homos.

    14. Scooterboy says:

      If we are looking at an R + 7-8 environment a year from now, (a big if), what kind of gains would that look like in the House and Senate?

    15. Tgca says:

      203 from last thwed

      Are you seriously trying to compare the Radnor high school students of the greatest generation during WW2 to the Radnor woke students of today?

      Students today believe capitalism should be dismantled in favor of socialism and also believe gender is based on how you “feel” at any given time and that history needs to be rewritten and all those offensive statues removed with the Founding Fathers erased from history because they were racist.

      If you are, then you’re much f*ckin’ DUMBER and DUMBERER than anyone here realizes and the wokeness has eaten your brain dude.

    16. Tgca says:

      How many Radnor students today are willing to give up their iPads, iPhones, Macs, gaming, and Starbucks privileges to fight for freedom over seas and protect American interests with expecting nothing in return?

      Like yourself, I think they would cower in a second and sell out their nation at the 1st sign of conflict rather than give their life for their country.

    17. jason says:

      An R +8 would be huge. Definitely would flip the Senate too.

    18. Wes says:

      2010 was R+8 and resulted in a 63-seat gain in the House that year. I don’t know if it would result in a similarly large gain this time, but Republicans would probably pick up about 40-45 seats in that scenario.

      In the Senate, I would assume Dems would automatically lose all their marginal seats–NH, GA, AZ, and NV–while CO and possibly IL moved to the edge of play. I can’t see Dems losing any of their other seats.

    19. Tgca says:

      If the GOP is +8 in 2022, the House will be wiped out with Dems by at least 40+ lost seats and the Senate at potentially 5 (AZ, GA, NH, NV, CO) losses

      …and if Biden is still screwing up badly, 2024 is worse for Dems, as I could see at least another 7 senate seats (AZ, MI, MT, OH, VA, WI, WV) and possibly a few more (MN, NV, PA) if things are still really really bad with Biden.

      Not likely that even Biden could screw up enough to lose 15 senate seats over 2 years but it’s wishful thinking and the best case scenario but it could be up to 10 over a two year period with current conditions.

      We shall see.

    20. Tgca says:

      Not to count what would happen at the state level if there is an R+8 advantage. It would feel like 1994 again across the board where the GOP also gained like 10 governorships too.

      Remember, not a single GOP lost their House race in 1994 and the Speaker was unseated as well. It was the most remarkable election in my life time. I did not sleep all night and went to bed like around 10AM the next day because I was enamored following every detail.

    21. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Archbishop of Canterbury issued an apology:

      “I unequivocally apologise for the words I used when trying to emphasise the gravity of the situation facing us at COP26. It’s never right to make comparisons with the atrocities brought by the Nazis, and I’m sorry for the offence caused to Jews by these words.”
      Laura Kuenssberg
      Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby’s here at COP too – tells me leaders will be ‘cursed’ if they don’t reach agreement in next fortnight, and suggests failure to act would be possibly more grave than leaders who ignored warnings about the Nazis in the 30s

    22. Wes says:

      GWB cost Republicans 14 Senate seats over two elections, Tg. Carter cost the Dems 15 seats over two elections. Hoover cost Republicans 19 seats over two elections. Woodrow Wilson cost Dems 17 seats over two elections.

      It’s not at all out of the realm of possibility Biden can cost his party 15 seats over two elections.

    23. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It’s amazing how many carbon emissions Biden created to attend a conference so that he could engage in the presidential snooze.

      “US president Biden turned up to the event with a full motorcade of 4x4s, motorcycle outriders and limousines.

      Side streets around the event are said to be “choked up” with chauffeur-driven cars and vans, many with their engines idling.

      Car fumes contain a number of harmful gasses including carbon dioxide, which is bad for the environment and contributes towards climate change.

      A number of world leaders have also been spotted getting in and out of gas-guzzling motors.”

    24. Tgca says:


      I know but that’s why I said things will need to stay really bad given the states the seats will be up in 2022 and 2024. Clearly, CA and NY are not in play even if Biden got down to 5% approval rating. Some states just seem out of reach in this day and age based on how far left some states have moved in the last 10+ years.

      If I had to guess today, all else equal, I think probably Dems lose at least 10 senate seats through 2024 but it’s a long way off so who knows what can happen.

      Clinton looked like he was done in 1994 but came back to a 2nd term. Granted, Biden does not have Clinton’s appeal or intellect but these are crazy times where people get to pick their gender depending how they “feel” at varying times of the day and the Dems seem fully behind that where 10 years ago it would have been ridiculed.

    25. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So the nitwit Biden administration,with it’s anti-oil and gas policies, including stopping drilling and pipelines, is blaming the current energy shortages on oil and gas companies “not flipping the switch.” This is total babbling insanity.

      Energy Secretary Granholm:

      “We are in a slightly beneficial position, well certainly relative to Europe, because their choke hold of natural gas is very significant. … But we have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have, which is that the oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires.”

    26. Bitterlaw says:

      I was in a bar with local residents, not Eadnor residents beyond me and my wife to visit a friend. The local residents were drinking beer and/or wine.

      Not many people serve in the military. Of course, you trashed the young men and women who enlisted in the military or accepted appointments to the service academies. You also chose not to serve. You really are a clown.

    27. Bitterlaw says:

      Radnor. Not Eadnor.

    28. Gordon Allen says:

      BTW the recent Suffolk Poll for USA today(ie leftist) has it Trump 44, Biden 40.Of course it had Biden at 38% approval too.

    29. Gordon Allen says:

      BTW the recent Suffolk Poll for USA today(ie leftist) has it Trump 44, Biden 40.Of course it had Biden at 38% approval too.

    30. Gordon Allen says:

      Sorry. Thought we were still on the previous thread. Jeff P; Harris was at 28 % approval, TEN points less than Biden. Trump, would crush her in a poll.
      Sorry to dampen your day.

    31. jason says:

      Bitter hardest hit. NYT explains why beer moms and wine moms are not the same.

      “Republicans have never had a demographic stronghold as reliable as Black voters have been for Democrats, a group that delivers as many as nine out of 10 votes for the party. But some Democratic leaders are now sounding the alarm: What if rural, white voters — of which there are many — start voting that reliably Republican?…

      Many of the ideas and issues that animate the Democratic base can be off-putting in small towns or untethered to rural life. Voters in Bath County, many of whom are avid hunters and conservative evangelicals, have long opposed liberal stances on gun rights and abortions. Some Democrats urge the party to just show up more. Some believe liberal ideas can gain traction, such as universal health care and free community college. Others urge a refocus on kitchen-table economics like jobs programs and rural broadband to improve connectivity. But it is not clear how open voters are to even listening…

      Rural, white voters in the past in the North had historic ties to the labor movement and an affinity for the Democratic Party. Increasingly, Mr. Winter said, those voters are more akin culturally to their neighbors to the South than to their local cities and suburbs.”

    32. jason says:

      Bitter went to a bar and reportedly saw a real life deplorable mom drinking beer.

      Rumor is next weekend he is going to the Philadelphia zoo to see the new baby elephant, supposedly it is very cute.

      I am glad Bitter is getting out more.

    33. jason says:

      Of course, when I suggested Bitter try a big tent strategy in his congressional race by trying to attract more working class people he was horribly offended and accused me trying to “make him run like he was in Alabama”.

    34. DW says:

      The commie elites are already calling for Edward Durr to resign because he isn’t qualified. Laughable. The guy can drive a truck and sounds intelligent when interviewed. That is far better than AOC right out of the gate, and AOC is in the US Congress.

      Durr believes in government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people, while liberal elitists believe in government ABOVE the people, WITHOUT the people, and AGAINST the people.

    35. Tina says:

      Do we have a translation for this? I may have missed this yesterday.

      Joe Biden Explains the Higher Consumer Prices: “People’s Supplies or Materials That End Up Being on Our Kitchen Table or in Our, Our, Our Fam, Our Life, Guess What? There Close Those Plants”

    36. DW says:

      35 – nothing easier. Here is the translation:

      YOU ARE TOAST! May God help you.

    37. jason says:

      As the official HHR translator, so appointed by myself, let me help.

      “I am completely gaga”

    38. DW says:

      I defer to jason…mine was more of a commentary/application rather than literal interpretation.

    39. jason says:

      “On Saturday morning’s The Cross Connection, MSNBC viewers got a triple helping of racist comments as frequent guests Roland Martin and Elie Mystal took aim at whites. After Mystal claimed in the show’s first hour that blue-collar whites only care about “using their guns on black people and getting away with it.”


    40. jason says:

      That would make a good campaign ad for “blue collar whites” next year.

    41. jason says:

      These people hate blue collar whites almost as much as Amoral Scumbag does.


    42. Phil says:

      Yeah. Almost….but not quite.

    43. Bitterlaw says:

      I saw a real life deplorable mom drinking wine. My Jewish Trump-voter Republican wife drank beer.

      Jason hardest hit.

    44. Phil says:

      Is Corey still in hiding?

    45. Bitterlaw says:

      The Philadelphia Zoo’s elephants were moved to a elephant refuge in another state years ago. Their enclosure at the zoo was too small and could not be expanded to give them enough room. Another lie jason could have easily avoided. Like the York Wawa.

    46. DW says:

      Bitter…the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk also lost its elephants to stupidity several years ago. About 20 years ago they had built the elephants a nice enclosure, complete with a sun shade area, tire-swing to play with and plenty of room to run around.

      But stupid people decided it wasn’t enough room for them, so they had to be removed…this despite the fact that the two elephants always just stood right by the gate where they put the food instead of running around and using the space they had.

    47. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – My favorite land animal is the elephant. Second favorite is the giraffe.

    48. Tgca says:

      Did Bitter take a selfie with the deplorable drinking wine so he can show his friends and neighbors in Radnor who will gasp in surprise and exclaim:

      Look at you Bitter! You actually got up close with one of those vile deplorables Trump supporters. What’s next? Shopping at Walmart?

      …as they all have a good laugh.

    49. Tgca says:

      Elephants are beautiful animals, as are giraffes but rumor has it Bitter is often seen walking about with donkeys in Radnor.

    50. Bitterlaw says:

      Most of my friend in Radnor are Republicans who voted for Trump. They drink beer and wine. All have college degrees and many have graduate/professional degrees.

    51. Bitterlaw says:

      Wait. I forgot my 2 Trump voting friends who did not finish college but own landscaping businesses and beach houses.

    52. Tgca says:


      More proof Bitter surrounds himself with the Radnor privileged woke class.

      His friends have college degrees and own beach houses. No Walmart shoppers here folks.

      …but Bitter and his Radnor friends will occasionally stop to take a selfie with a deplorable in a bar.

    53. Bitterlaw says:

      The landscapers have the beach houses. Not the other friends.

    54. jason says:

      Bitter says some of his best friends are deplorables.

    55. jason says:

      Funny. Last year most of Bitter’s friends and neighbors were Trump haters that voted for Biden because they “could afford to pay more taxes”.

      I admire someone that can makes friends fast.

    56. jason says:

      “What’s next? Shopping at Walmart?”

      Let’s not get carried away.

      But Bitter to say he knows people who shop at WM in 3, 2, 1….

    57. jason says:

      Another lie jason could have easily avoided.”

      Sorry. I meant the baby rhino.

    58. NYCmike says:

      Live next to a CD where one of the 13 Republicans voted YES. Not sure why she voted Yes, as I can see a lot of her voters being turned off by that vote, and deciding to sit out the next election. The people who would have been turned off by a NO vote won’t vote for her anyway, so I’ll assume that it benefited the city contractors who donated big to her campaign.

    59. NYCmike says:

      In regard to the vote, and the various reasons why people think it was good or bad………the “good” reasons make me think back to 2004, when a Republican Congress helped pass a new entitlement program, so as to take that issue “off the table”…..long-term, how did that work out?

      On the other hand, all of the Republican Senators who voted YES made it much harder for the House to remain unified.

    60. Tgca says:

      I wonder if Bitter was referring to me as one of his friends who owns a beach house and voted for Trump. Hmmm…

      Jadon says I own a beach house so I’ll take his word for it.

    61. Tgca says:

      Alyssa Milano: Giving Birth was ‘Very Reminiscent of Being Sexually Assaulted’

      Maybe she should of thought of that before getting knocked up.

      I’m sure her kids will one day look back at this comment about how much their mom appreciated their birth. Most moms accept the challenges of labor to appreciate the joy it brings to their life.

      Alyssa sees it as a burden akin to rape.

      Got it!

    62. Tina says:

      Political Polls
      Biden Job Approval

      COVID-19 pandemic:
      Approve 43%
      Disapprove 50%
      Approve 31%
      Disapprove 60%
      Approve 18%
      Disapprove 67%
      Climate change:
      Approve 32%
      Disapprove 50%
      Foreign policy:
      Approve 29%
      Disapprove 57%

      , 1,000 RV, 11/3-5

    63. NYCmike says:

      ” Most moms accept the challenges of labor to appreciate the joy it brings to their life.”

      -Had a debate with my sisters, wife and other lady friends…….what is more painful, women giving birth, or a guy getting kicked in the nvts?

    64. Tgca says:


      Skank Alyssa Milano further says:

      “I remembered at one point really not enjoying the fact that lots of people had access to my vagina,”

      Well, perhaps you should stop acting like a Hollywood Ho and refrain from sharing access to your vagina with everyone.

    65. NYCmike says:

      Has anyone ever heard of a guy asking to get kicked in the b*lls again?

    66. Bitterlaw says:

      I shop at Walmart, Kmart and Target. GFY.

    67. NYCmike says:

      “It’s OK to be white.” posters found in English city, sparking a police investigation……..the fact that the police think the same way as “CG” is downright frightening!

    68. jason says:

      Jadon says I own a beach house so I’ll take his word for it.”

      I think you clarified that. It was a house on the water in FL but it wasn’t a beach house.

      I interpret that as it was a beach house but there wasn’t much sand between the house and the water.

    69. Tgca says:

      Study Claims Majority of Workers Would Turn in Coworkers for Not Getting Vaccinated

      Another reason I won’t work or live in Radnor. Damn woke rats!

    70. jason says:

      On the other hand, all of the Republican Senators who voted YES made it much harder for the House to remain unified.”


      The reason so many Rs voted for it was because it was a bi-partisan bill. If the Rs helped craft it and signed off on it you would expect them to vote for it.

      If this bill had gone to the House right after the senate passed it would have passed with probably 20-30 R votes at least, it was a slam dunk. But the progressives decided to tie it to the bigger bill and it became a lot more controversial than originally and lost R votes in the House.

      Most of the Rs that voted for it had announced their support long ago and were just being consistent. Anybody with half a brain understands this bill was going to pass anyway, almost half the senate R caucus voted for it and it always had R votes.

    71. NYCmike says:

      “Anybody with half a brain understands this bill was going to pass anyway, almost half the senate R caucus voted for it and it always had R votes.”

      -Yet, you felt the need to comment on it in the last thread, just like I commented on it in this one.

    72. jason says:

      I shop at Walmart, Kmart and Target. GFY.”

      Tgca, what do you say? Shall we make Bitter an Honorary Deplorable?

      He shops at WM. He has been to a deplorable bar and saw a woman drinking beer. He knows some deplorables.

      He doesn’t go to Sheetz but no deplorable is 100% perfect.

    73. jason says:

      Yet, you felt the need to comment on it in the last thread, just like I commented on it in this one.”

      Translation: I am trying to make less sense than Biden.

    74. NYCmike says:

      Back to “translations”……an A-Hole has one job to do, and life is good when it does it well!

    75. jason says:

      Has anyone ever heard of a guy asking to get kicked in the b*lls again?”

      Politically yes, you do it all the time.

    76. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzz I have been to Sheetz in Sheetz territory. Not sure where the exact Shertz/Wawa Line is. Maybe Reading.

      Keep pretending that beer and wine define women’s political leanings. Have you listened to country music? Many female singers have songs about drinking both. Is country music not “deplorable” enough for you?

    77. jason says:

      Keep pretending that beer and wine define women’s political leanings.”

      I didn’t come up with it but I think in general it is pretty accurate.

      I think everyone here understands the difference except you.

      I think it is even better than soccer moms.

    78. jason says:

      There is a saying “I have champagne tastes but a beer wallet”.

      Wine is considered more upscale than beer, always has been. Sure there is cheap wine and expensive beer, but in general everyone understands that in general it holds true.

      So Bitter can take his elitist BS and GFH.

    79. jason says:

      That sentence had too many generals, but so does the Army.

    80. Tina says:

      Well another perry mason moment in the Rittenhouse case.

      Look at the end of the clip, prosecutors facepalm. Their witness made a critical admission.

    81. Bitterlaw says:

      You are a clueless moron. No points for truth. Most women drink both.

      Here is a country song about wine for you. GFY

    82. Bitterlaw says:

      78 The reason your post was so general is because it is BS.

    83. jason says:

      Bitter is the only that didn’t get the meaning of beer moms vs. wine moms.

      Give it time.

    84. jason says:

      Btw, Bitter is whining because he thinks I invented the term, since Gordon Allen gave me credit for it.

      But I can’t take credit for it.

      Here is how it went, and it was even a Dem that was quoted:

      “Wine moms won’t save us. Need the beer moms,” said Irene Lin, who is managing Outagamie, Wisconsin, County Executive Tom Nelson’s Senate campaign”


      “Jason : “wine moms” is a nice turn of phrase indeed. I think I’ll plagiarize its use myself in place of “soccer moms’ going forward as I know Bitter doesn’t like that description.
      We both know we’re really talking about the same subset of voters, but with a better handle. Congratulations.”

      I will start using it from now, I agree it is more accurate even than “soccer moms”.

    85. jason says:

      Let Bitter “war against the beer moms” begin.

    86. Bitterlaw says:

      The study in 69 was not conducted in or mention Radnor.

      Why would I have a war against beer moms when the moms I know drink beer AND wine. I think beer mom and wine mom are stupid and inaccurate descriptions. If you believe it is true, you must believe most college students are conservatives because a lot more of them drink beer than wine.

    87. Gordon Allen says:

      Everybody knows exactly who/what is meant by “soccer Mom’s” and now “wine Moms” in the political context. EVERYBODY
      And EVERYBODY knows they can’t be a primary target demo going forward for the GOP. EVERYBODY.
      Stop this childish argument about beer and wine.
      EVERYBODY knows that REALLY classy people prefer quality Gin in a perfectly chilled Martini, far superior to wine and beer, and THATS the demo to go for. Don’t know a single leftist Martini drinker.

    88. Bitterlaw says:

      Shaken vs Stirred Martini Debate to resume in 3…2…1…

    89. Wes says:

      Let’s all take a moment now to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the release of one of the greatest albums of all time–Led Zeppelin IV:

    90. Wes says:

      Let’s all take a moment now to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the release date of one of the greatest albums of all time–Led Zeppelin IV:

    91. jason says:

      u must believe most college students are conservatives because a lot more of them drink beer than wine.”


      You are confused.

      We are not talking about college students.

      We are talking about moms.

      Working class people tend to drink beer more than wine. Just look at the commercials.

    92. Wes says:

      Speak for yourself, Jason. I have what would be classified as a working class job even though it pays well, yet I drink more wine than beer.

    93. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason is the Deplorable Whisperer. What does Mrs. Jason drink?

    94. Wes says:

      Speaking of “deplorables,” when will Chicon be back to express contempt for Trump supporters by calling them “knuckle draggers” and pretend I think that way about them?

    95. lisab says:

      “I remembered at one point really not enjoying the fact that lots of people had access to my vagina,”

      Well, perhaps you should stop acting like a Hollywood Ho and refrain from sharing access to your vagina with everyone.

      she meant while giving birth, now while being a “ho”

    96. Tina says:

      Fox sports and the fossils convicted him yesterday.

      Daily Caller
      · 36m
      State Farm won’t cut ties with Aaron Rodgers after his recent comments about being unvaccinated: “We respect his right to have his own personal point of view.”

    97. Tina says:

      Did Putzaki write this?

      · 38m
      Why the inflation we’re seeing now is a good thing

    98. DW says:

      “Led Zeppelin IV”

      Never heard of it.

    99. jason says:

      Speak for yourself, Jason. I have what would be classified as a working class job even though it pays well, yet I drink more wine than beer.”

      Very good wes. We are speaking in general terms.

    100. lisab says:

      I shop at Walmart, Kmart and Target. GFY.”


      there are no kmarts in pa

    101. jason says:

      What does Mrs. Jason drink?”

      Strictly mescal.

    102. jason says:

      there are no kmarts in pa”

      He drives hundreds of miles to shop in one because he heard deplorables like it.

    103. jason says:

      wes is a rare bird.

      A self declared deplorable that doesn’t like Trump.

      There are exceptions to everything.

    104. lisab says:

      He drives hundreds of miles to shop in one because he heard deplorables like it.

      he probably meant he shops at sears 🙂

    105. jason says:

      Where is Tgca?

      We want him to be here for Bitter’s “Honorary Deplorable” Award.

    106. jason says:

      he probably meant he shops at sears”

      Rumor has it he also loves the deplorable grilled cheese special at Woolworths….or the pressed ham.

    107. NYCmike says:

      I actually made money on Sears stock a decade or so ago.

      Thank the Lord I took the quick increase and got out.

    108. Gordon Allen says:

      Bitter I like both. NO ONE can tell the difference.

    109. NYCmike says:

      Did anyone mention the raid on Project Veritas employees by the can’t-be-touched-government-investigative-department-called-FBI?

    110. Tina says:

      Yes, mentioned it.

      The fib is out of control,,even maybe more so with the Commie Ag.

      Rs have gone mute on this one.

    111. Country Dick Montana says:

      Ripple and MD 2029 don’t really count as wine. Although I am sure that there are some moms that do drink it.

    112. jason says:

      How the Atlantic defines wine moms…

      “Frequently, “wine mom” is used these days to refer derisively to a married suburban woman with center-left ideological views.

    113. NYCmike says:


      How about Carlo Rossi Paisano?

      Awesome st-ff!

      Pair it with osso bucco – perfection!

    114. jason says:

      8 reason you might be wine mom.

      “According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of a Wine Mom is “Women who are in the older crowd (sometimes mothers) that sip wine throughout the night and sometimes post on social media about it. Their posts are abnormally sincere, with comments made by fellow wine moms, relatives, or other parents. The main focus of a wine mom is to stay classy and share intriguing quotes.”

    115. jason says:

      osso buco..”

      NOW we are talking.

    116. jason says:


    117. NYCmike says:

      #80 – clip about Rittenhouse trial – if you read what Yahoo has about that witness’s testimony, it says something totally different than what that clip showed.

      I fear the fix is in on that kid.

    118. jason says:

      Ripple and MD 2029 don’t really count as wine”

      Merlot and rosé don’t meet my definition of wine either. I don’t drink white wine.

      Actually beyond Cabernet, Malbec, Carmenere, and Pinot Noir, the drier and heavier the better, I lose interest fast. I like some Spanish Riojas. Italian Brunello or Barolo.

    119. jason says:

      I read where the witness (survived being shot) admitted he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse and only then did Rittenhouse shoot him.

    120. jason says:

      I fear the fix is in on that kid.”

      Might be, but the judge seems to be fair.

    121. DW says:

      Good news in the last Virginia HoD race that has not been called. District 85, Republican held onto the lead on Friday, 14,240 to 14,093.

      Then just now they posted the provisional ballot data, and while the Dem incumbent got a bit closer, its not enough:

      Karen S. Greenhalgh (R) 14,270
      Alex Q. Askew (D-Inc) 14,143

      The Republican gained 30 votes, and the Dem gained 50 votes.

    122. jason says:


      “We only pay $100,000 to the families of American soldiers who lose their life in the line of duty.

      “But the Biden administration is planning to send $450,000 to migrants who crossed our border illegally and were deported.

      — Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton) November 4, 2021

    123. DW says:

      If Rittenhouse is found guilty of murder given the evidence and testimony presented thus far, then no one will ever be able to defend oneself ever again with a firearm.

      I recall years ago reading the account of a young mother whose husband died of cancer, and two scumbags attended the funeral, learned enough about the woman to then show up a few days later where she lived. They intended to break in and violate her. There was 911 audio that went with the story, as the woman kept asking the operator if it was okay to shoot them. Finally they broke through the door and she sent the first one of them directly to hell, with her first shot, but the second one got away.

      In today’s climate, she would be guilty of murder.

    124. NYCmike says:

      You are probably better off picking a better wine, jason.

      The Carlo Rossi Paisano is a cheap jug of table wine. When I was 27 or so, a friend cooked up dinner, others brought the dessert, and I brought the wine, the 2 jugs of Carlo Rossi and then other more expensive bottles. They made fun of me at first, but an hour later, after both jugs were gone, there was too much laughter to worry about how much it cost!

    125. NYCmike says:


      That jail time which you spoke about with Mr. Vito may be coming more quickly than we thought.

    126. DW says:

      125 – yep. I told Vito that I fully expect to die in prison, because its going to be illegal to hold to Christian faith. Bitter promised to provide defense counsel, but I don’t think it will help.

    127. jason says:

      The Carlo Rossi Paisano is a cheap jug of table wine.”

      Maybe I will cook the osso bucco in it while I drink the Cab.

    128. NYCmike says:

      “Maybe I will cook the osso bucco in it while I drink the Cab.”

      -Good plan.

      Let me know when I need to set the table.

    129. Bitterlaw says:

      This is only a few blocks from my office. I’m sure jason will stop by before the show.

    130. Tina says:

      I see he does not respect the court.

      Election Wizard
      · 1h
      Biden White House tells businesses to proceed with vaccine mandate despite court-ordered pause. – CNBC

    131. Tina says:

      Look at the Rittenhouse Prosecutor.

      He had another bad day, or has a major headache.

    132. Cash Cow TM says:

      Fact: Hack “Black Jack” Pack’s lax ax act lacked; Mack Backrack cracked, jacked, sacked and whacked it.

    133. DW says:

      133 – I doubt it will overturn anything. The ballots are all optical mark recognition…not sure how they could add any more ballots at this point.

    134. lisab says:

      is that bob dylan tour sponsored by kmart?

    135. jason says:

      This is only a few blocks from my office. I’m sure jason will stop by before the show.”

      I don’t go anywhere that requires mask or Covid testing except planes and airports.

    136. Chicon says:

      Hi, Wes, you elitist, you. The votes of knuckle draggers count just as much as the faux intellectuals.

      Keep that fire brewing!

    137. Wes says:

      Ah. I see Chihuahuacon took the bait and started nipping at my ankles with idiotic accusations just as I expected.

      Keep projecting, Chihuahuacon.

      You’re the one who created the pejorative and decided to keep trying to project your own contempt onto me.

    138. Tina says:


      · 11h
      Joe Scarbrough Suggests Support For Long-Term Mask Mandates: ‘It’s Been Really Nice Not Having the Flu’

    139. Wes says:

      Just for perspective, Chihuahuacon calls Trump voters knuckle draggers. Somehow in the little bitch’s (note: a bitch is a female dog–i e, Chihuahuacon) twisted sense of reality, I’m the elitist though.

    140. jason says:


      Dang, that’s a Tina quality nickname.

    141. jason says:

      Some morons will wear masks for the rest of their

      Bet on it.

    142. Wes says:

      It fits, Jason. The little bitch nips at my heels more than my cousin’s pet Chihuahua. She feels the need for attention, so she growls and snarls to try to get a rise out of me. She just can’t take it when I hit back and point out how she’s trying to project her elitism onto me.

    143. Chicon says:

      Wes says I nip at his heels, yet it is he who brings me up out of nowhere months after the original bait was tossed in the water. That has to have been the best bait of all time, since Wes still has seizures about it months later, with no prompting. And I am the little dog….

      Anyone who reads your drivel here knows you are loaded to the gills with contempt and anger. Ask for your money back from the anger management classes, my friend.

    144. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is not easy to do. You have to have a special talent for incompetence to achieve poll numbers this low:

      Congress Job Approval:
      Approve 12%
      Disapprove 75%

      1,000 RV, 11/3-5

    145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      We were the only #Poll to show
      @PhilMurphyNJ in a close race with late deciders breaking against him.”

      In both New Jersey and Virginia the Trafalgar poll once again, like in 2020, was about the most accurate poll.

    146. Wes says:

      Heh, Chihuahuacon. You’re a liar. You frequently pop up for no purpose but to snipe at me. You even debuted on a thread I hadn’t yet contributed to to make a puerile personal attack on me. You can dish it but can’t take it when I return the favor–just like the little bitch you are.

    147. Tgca says:


      Sorry I was not the Honorary Deplorable Award presentation for Bitter yesterday.

      I was at Walmart yesterday afternoon and spent over $320 as we good deplorables should do.

      I then went to Aldi’s which also gets a good deal of deplorables.

      Then finally, off I went to Trader Joe’s which gets some deplorables.

      So again, sorry I missed this very important recognition for Bitter.

      Tonight I will go to Whole Foods but only after I shower and put on clean clothes to ensure there’s no stench of deplorables on them or I might be denied access.

    148. Tgca says:

      Looks like Wes went all WESCON 3 on Chicon yesterday.

      Chicon can take it though.

      Just remember Chicon

      Stocks and stones! Sticks and stones!

    149. Tina says:

      Racist reporter speaking to dumb phuq.

      Tom Elliott
      · 17h
      Reporter @AprilDRyan to @PeteButtigieg: “Can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways? … Can you talk to us about how that could be deconstructed?”

    150. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The Battle of Seattle is over in the City Attorney’s Race.
      Liberal Ann Davison has defeated the Moonbat by about 10,000 votes or 4%.
      On the morning after Election Day, Davison was up by 21%.
      There is something seriously flawed in places where a majority of ballots are allowed to be received and counted after Election Day.

      That said, Seattle has become basically unlivable!

    151. Tgca says:

      Alan Dershowitz is correct!

      Any vax mandates should come from Congress because of the far reaching impacts on society.

      An executive order for such a harsh intrusive measure impacting hundreds of millions with such grave impact on the economy and over peoples lives with the ability for them to earn a living, travel, or practice basic freedoms under the Constitution in a non-emergency environment should not sit alone with any one president, especially one that appears to be in significant mental decline.

      This is no longer an emergency, and there has not been one for over a year. If it were, we would not have maskless folks at concerts, stadiums, and sitting in restaurants eating.

    152. Tgca says:

      Damn! I woke up to artic temps this AM. Like 63 degrees. Brghhh!

      Its 66 now and will get to 80 today so that’s decent.

    153. Chicon says:

      150 – another projection by Wes. He says I pop up for no reason other than to snipe at him. Yet it was he that brought me into the conversation yesterday by sniping at me for no apparent reason. You have issues, little man.

      That year old bait still works Ma.

    154. Meldrim says:

      #155, Tsla, that’s one difference between statist nanny-staters like you and people who believe in limited government like me. You like it when the government tells private citizens what they have to do so long as the word “business” is used (“that tailor won’t make me special assless chaps for Juneteenth–police, shut down his business!”), whereas I recognize that the federal government, irrespective of whether it’s the legislative or executive branch, has enumerated powers, and that, even when taking into account the Necessary and Proper Clause, forcing businesses to employ only vaccinated employees is not one of them. Conservatives oppose government-imposed vaccination mandates even if its done at the state level (where at least the government has police power and thus can make a claim that it *could* do so), and with even more force if it’s being done (unconstitutionally) by Congress; your only objection is that Biden is doing it without checking in with Schumer and Pelosi first.

    155. Tgca says:


      Fascist bigot Mildred tries to make the case THEY is a conservative by being allowed to discriminate at will against others THEY don’t like.

      Fascist Mildred claims THEY hate the gubbermint because THEY family came from some chithole country where the gubbermint acted like fascists and imposed tyranny on the critters of that chithole place just like Mildred is now trying to do in the US.

      Meldrim just does not see the irony that THEY is also acting as a fascist – just THEY’s fascism is based on a different bigoted ideology than the fascists from THEY’s chithole country.

      I suggest Mildred and rest of THEY’s fascist wanna-be family leave the US so we don’t have to litter our gene pool further with THEY’s fascist beliefs.

    156. Wes says:

      I see the resident Chihuahua is still yipping for attention. She must be somewhere in this compilation:

      Now go on, girl. I’m sure your owner needs to let you outside to leave another pile in his yard while growling and barking futilely at someone walking down the street.

    157. Wes says:

      In any event, I just found out Chris Sununu (R-NH) plans to make a major announcement about his political future in about a half hour. Republicans are hoping he plans to challenge Maggie the Moonbat. He would be the first major recruit for a Senate seat in the 2022 cycle.

      Let’s hope.

    158. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Former Senator Max Cleland(D-GA) has passed away at 79. RIP

      He was a great patriot, but as a Senator too liberal for my taste.

      November 9, 2021 at 9:13 am
      RIP: Former Senator Max Cleland (D-GA) died today at age 79.

    159. Chicon says:

      Wes, it appears you referred to me as a girl in an effort to demean and degrade. You must think that women are “lesser” beings to men. I am not surprised, since I read here that you have a long history of treating women as targets for you to prey upon.

    160. Wes says:

      I remember the Chambliss-Cleland race, Sheep. Cleland was far too much of a Daschle foot soldier in a state at the time trending heavily GOP.

      Ironically had the GAGOP not stupidly reversed the election law that had let Cleland win his 1996 Senate bid with 49% of the vote, then Dave Perdue would still be in the Senate, and Schumer wouldn’t be Senate Majority Leader.

      One would have thought the GAGOP would have learned from Chambliss’ political NDE in 2008.

    161. Meldrim says:

      Tsla, you’ve been living off the government dole your entire life, including by claiming oppression at every turn and threatening private businesses to sic the government at them, and you want your Daddy Government to continue to tell citizens what to do. Well, GFY.

      I understand why you’re more worried about mean business owners that you’re sure are dying to discriminate against you (when they just want you to pay for the tofu and dog food with your EBT card and let them go on to the next customer) than you are about an oppressive government, because Daddy Government is what has allowed you to retire at 40, but people who just want to work, raise their family and worship God don’t have that blind trust in the government that you have.

      And when you celebrate how correct Alan Dershowitz is when he claims that it should be *Congress*–that magical body that paid for your schooling, passed affirmative-action laws that allowed you to monetize your “victimhood,” gives you SSI so that you don’t have to work, etc.–that should impose mask mandates on businesses with more than 100 employees and to medical facilities irrespective of size, you once again prove that you hate individual freedom and was the government to tell businesses what to do. Poor little Tlsa, he just wants Daddy Government to take care of him forever and protect him from those meanies.

    162. Wes says:

      Oh, no, Chihuahuacon, I didn’t refer to you as a girl at all. I referred to you as a bitch and explicitly made the connection to female dogs because at this point, you’re nothing but an ankle-biting bitch barking at me for attention.

      You get what you deserve.

      I mean, with such a low level of reading comprehension, you must have thought I was elevating you to the status of a girl when I was in fact doing the exact opposite.

    163. Meldrim says:

      #165, Wes, the GA legislature was concerned that Democrats would go back to winning Senate elections with 48% in the high-turnout general election by having the Libertarian take 4% away from the Republican; forcing a lower-turnout run-off a few weeks later had worked spectacularly well for the GOP, until it stopped working in January 2021 when many conservatives stayed home “to own the libs.”

    164. Wes says:

      I understand that, Meldrim, but that very mentality forced both Saxby Chambliss and Dave Perdue to go to runoffs because Libertarians held them to 49% of the vote. Chambliss survived; Perdue did not.

      Of course had the Republicans not also insanely moved the runoff to January rather than December when GA had always held its runoffs till 2014, Perdue still might have survived since Dems didn’t seriously start gaining traction till mid December.

    165. Wes says:

      I’m not wading into the mask mandate debate, but, Meldrim, why do you keep calling Tgca Tsla? Is it because of autocorrect?

    166. DW says:

      I encourage everyone to watch the two episodes from the Hornblower series called Mutiny and Retribution.

      These episodes are an allegory for the Biden administration.

      The Plot:

      British warship The Renown sails from Portsmouth, England on a mission to cross the Atlantic (allegory for Biden’s term in office), and destroy enemy ships blocking a trade route in the Caribbean. The captain is one James Sawyer (Biden). Almost immediately upon departure, the four Lieutenants (Dem Party leadership) and crew (Americans) come to realize that their captain is battling a rapid onset dementia.

      As they advance across the Atlantic, the captain keeps ordering the crew be given a double helping of rum. The Lieutenants are horrified as the crew needed to be preparing for battle, but they were constantly drunk and disorderly.

      The Lieutenants would like for the ship doctor to declare the captain unfit for command, but the doctor is too loyal and himself frequently drunk.

      Compounding the problem, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Lieutenants, who were new to the ship, come to realize that 1st Lieutenant Buckland (Kamala Harris), who would assume command if the captain was declared unfit, was himself an incompetent buffoon, incapable of making decisions and he despised by the crew.

      A few weeks out from their destination in Jamaica, the Lieutenants are meeting in secret to discuss their options when the captain is informed of possibly mutinous activity going on. In the subsequent search through the hold to find the Lieutenants, the captain falls through an open cargo hatch, hitting his head, and is now rendered incapable of command.

      The Lieutenants desperately try to sober up the crew and prepare for what’s coming, but just before they arrive and attack, the captain wakes up and resumes command, and orders the lower three of the four Lieutenants arrested and secured in the hold, keeping the incompetent Buckland by his side.

      It dawns on the three imprisoned Lieutenants too late that what the captain intends to do is die in battle and take the whole ship with him in death.

      Captain Sawyer orders the ship to sail directly into the harbor, right up to the big fortress guns. As the shells start splintering their ship, blood and guts are thrown all over the place as casualties mount. The demented captain orders return fire, but the crew keeps telling him that they cannot angle their ships cannons up enough to reach the fort.

      Angry at the disobeyed commands, the captain pulls out his pistol and starts senselessly firing at the fort.

      Then the ship runs aground, leaving them at the mercy of the enemy guns.

      Here is where the allegory to the Biden Administration breaks off from the plot, because in real life, there is no 3rd Lieutenant Hornblower to save the day.

      But this is exactly what Biden intends…he is literally running the ship of state aground, and there is no way to mutiny, and the 2nd in command is a hated buffoon, and the American people are the casualties.

      May God help us.

    167. Wes says:

      Apparently Sununu will run for reelection. That’s a huge disappointment.

    168. Wes says:

      Since Sununu decided to skip an easy bid for Senate, maybe Republicans can convince Kelly Ayotte to run. She ran well ahead of Trump in 2016 and lost only because of an Indy spoiler. The NHGOP can do worse than she.

    169. Meldrim says:

      Wes, three things:

      1. GA was forced to hold the runoffs in January because the stupid UOCAVA requires something like six weeks for Americans overseas to receive their ballot before they vote and January 5 was the earliest date on which they could set for the election.

      2. Tsla is a more appropriate name than Tgca for that poster.

      3. Regarding Sununu, that’s an absolute bummer. I hope that Bitter’s old classmate Kelly Ayotte runs then; she should be favored to win the general if the political environment is even close to what it is today, but it won’t be a slam-dunk as it would have been with Sununu.

    170. Meldrim says:

      Wes, I hadn’t seen your #173; obviously, I agree with you.

    171. Wes says:

      There must have been some change in requirements then, Meldrim, since GA moved the runoff back to December this year.

    172. Waingro says:

      I think Ayotte is our best bet in NH. Hope she runs again.

    173. Bitterlaw says:

      Massive Comcast/Xfinity outage today. Do not worry. I have moved to my phone for posting. GFY

    174. Wes says:

      That’s three people in agreement, Wain. Maybe Bitterlaw can forward our request to Kelly.

    175. Cash Cow TM says:

      Biden administration looking to close down a gas/oil pipeline from Canada into Michigan.

      There there ARE no leaks, Envirowhackos say it MIGHT leak.

      So, I guess the Biden admin, will also take a look at shutting down all bridges in the U.S. since they MIGHT collapse.

      And all tall buildings in the U.S. since the MIGHT collapse (like the one in FL actually did).

      All cut down all trees since they MIGHT fall over and injure someone.

      And ground all plane since they MIGHT crash.

      And ground all Tesla autos since they MIGHT catch fire.
      WTF is wrong with people?

      Goats and chickens are smarter than these f-ing people who supposedly have larger brains.

    176. Bitterlaw says:

      I will advise Kelly that she has the support of blog posters outside of New Hampshire. Just need NYC to not support any Libertarians in the race.

    177. Wes says:

      You tell ’em, Walt!

    178. jason says:

      HHR is an interesting place.

      Meldrim is the first fascist I have heard of that claims to believe in “limited government”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    179. jason says:

      Sorry I was not the Honorary Deplorable Award presentation for Bitter yesterday.’

      Yes, sorry you missed it, but it was very deserving.

      He drives out of state to shop at Kmart even with gas at $4 a gallon because he read deplorables shop there.

      He went to a bar and was actually in the same premises as some beer moms.

      He knows two deplorables that do landscaping.

      He went to a Cracker Barrel. Ok, he can’t spell it yet, but he went somewhere associated with the work “cracker”.

      Again, very deserved.

    180. Meldrim says:

      #176, Wes, I found this explanation for why GA couldn’t hold the run-offs in December 2020 (at least not prior to Christmas; maybe the GA Legislature preferred Jan 5 to Dec. 29):

      “One of the biggest changes came in 2012, when a court ordered Georgia to lengthen the runoff period for U.S. Senate and House contests to nine weeks. The decision aimed to provide more time for members of the military and Georgians living overseas to cast absentee ballots — it’s also why the upcoming Senate contests are being held in January.”

      Maybe the reason why the nine-week requirement couldn’t be accommodated prior to Christmas was because it was going to take longer to certify the run-off candidates because of COVID delays or something. I would think that the court order is still in effect.

    181. jason says:

      “Bitterlaw says:
      November 8, 2021 at 12:25 pm

      I shop at Walmart, Kmart and Target. GFY.”

      Tgca, the closest Kmart to Bitter is 84 miles, so he drives 168 miles just to show he is not an elitist country club suburbanite.

      We might have to up his award to Deplorable Emeritus.

    182. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason continues to ignore the fact I saw women drinking wine in that Delco bar.

      I tried to get Jason approved to be an Honorary Radnor Resident but his willingness to accept living in a mediocre school district far from civilization will require further consideration. I said he was educated in a one room schoolhouse surrounded by llamas so education was never a priority for him. He might need to answer the essay portion of the application. In English.

    183. mnw says:

      I think shutting down a second pipeline will be politically toxic.

      I thought Biden would get a small popularity bump up as a result of his recent trip to the climate meeting in Europe. I’ve seen no evidence of that

    184. Tgca says:


      Mildred, who got into school on affirmative action instead of merit chastising someone else for receiving gubbermint aid as a child is funny.

      I worked all through college, nearly full-time and got a combination of loans and scholarships based on my grades and study area and not ethnicity, and not one penny came from my family…and I paid every penny of my loans back decades ago.

      We did not have all the minority scholarships back then that people like you benefited from today by claiming your skin tone, surname, or chithole country your family came from.

      Other than scholarships, I have never received any gubbermint benefits. Never collected unemployment either.

      When I am old enough, I will get social security, and be eligible for Medicare as well, but I’ve paid into that more than most people as a high wage earner so it’s a return on earnings withheld by the gubbermint and not a handout.

      Being on welfare as a child was not because I chose to be but because my lowlife spic father from Puerto Rico, which is stereotypical of many, but clearly not all Latin men, did nothing to provide for his children – the fact so many Latinos seek welfare. I’m sure you and your family can relate to that aspect of your Latin heritage.

      As for US gubbermint benefits, I’m sure your family received its share when it came here from your chithole country unless you came with suitcases of US cash which questions why your family fled the chithole place to begin with and why you were a target of the fascists – can we say corruption please?

      Face it Mildred! Fascism is part of your culture and its in your blood and why you wish to impose it on others here now but it won’t work because the vast majority of REAL conservatives are against the fascist ideas you propose so stop pretending to be a conservative. You’re NOT! Fascists are NOT conservatives.

    185. Tgca says:


      Mildred claims to be for limited gubbermint but THEY and THEY’s family have benefited from it greatly after leaving some chithole country.

      It appears Mildred is for limited gubbermint for others but not for THEY family. That’s what THEY means.

    186. Tgca says:

      REAL conservatives, not the fakes like fascist Mildred, believe gubbermint needs a safety net for the most vulnerable (poor, sick, elderly) but it should be common sense need-based only and encourage and provide opportunities to become self-sufficient where possible.

      We don’t let our elderly and poor suffer and starve, regardless of their politics.

      We also have laws to protect the most vulnerable because we know from history that it is in the nature of those that can to take advantage of those most vulnerable – think child labor abuses in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

      We do not need laws for everything but we need common sense laws to protect the most vulnerable even the folks like Mildred’s family who came to Amerika for a better life because otherwise THEY’s family would still be stuck in a chithole country doing God knows what to survive.

      So Mildred can thank people like ME who believe in a gubbermint safety net for the most vulnerable, otherwise, THEY would be turning tricks to get dinner nightly or selling young family members to the highest bidder.

    187. jason says:

      “his willingness to accept living in a mediocre school district”

      Bitter, Honorary Deplorable, doesn’t have any kids in school and neither do I.

      But he keeps repeating how good the woke Radnor schools are as if that has any relevancy.

      Besides, Radnor is 84 miles from Kmart where he says he shops, he needs to move closer.

    188. Wes says:

      I have to admit I enjoy watching Meldrim and Tgca fight.

    189. Wes says:

      I just noticed Tgca drifted into Ebonics lingo in 191.


    190. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      With respect to the 2020 NH Senate contest, please tell me why former Senator Sununu could not stage a comeback?
      Hassan(D) is eminently beatable by the ex-Senator or Ayotte. MH has done nothing distinguishable in her Senate career and has voted 100% Yes on all the far left legislation.

    191. jason says:

      I said he was educated in a one room schoolhouse surrounded by llamas so education was never a priority for him.”

      How is that for elitist claptrap?

      As if I had a choice where I was educated as a child.

      However despite my humble beginnings that Bitter mocks I have undergraduate degrees and a master’s from top universities so I hardly qualify as thinking “education is not a priority”. Plus my kids attended private schools which I am sure were as good or better than Radnor’s woke public schools.

      So Bitter can GFH again.

    192. jason says:

      Ex-Senator Sununu must be older than the hills.

      Ayotte was a good senator, but I am wary re-threads, they don’t seem to do well.

      But in a wave year, she could win.

    193. Wes says:

      I think if John Sununu, Jr, had been interested in returning to the Senate, Sheep, he probably would have run in 2014 to avenge his loss to the other NH Moonbat. He decided against it and deferred to Scott Brown, who promptly lost.

      As such, I think the other Sununu just isn’t interested.

    194. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason often jokes about the little schoolhouse and now he is offended. I love this place. He sent his children to private schools. I sent mine to public schools. Who is the elitist?

    195. Tgca says:

      Kmart used to be a decent store but then got God awful the last decade or so. They closed the one by me in Fort Lauderdale. Thank God!

      The people working there were the worst trained I’ve ever come across in retail with an angry entitlement attitude. You’d think they were fascist Mildred’s relatives or something from some chithole country thinking they’re entitled to a better job when they can’t even handle working at KMart.

      Personally, I like Ross and Walmart though Ross is much smaller. I find people working at those deplorable stores are generally more helpful than KMart losahs even though it all depends on location too. I’ve met some very helpful folks at Walmart’s in more rural areas than in the cities.

    196. Wes says:

      John Sununu, Jr, will be 57 next year. That’s not too advanced an age to run for Senate.

    197. Tgca says:


      Well, I’m conversing with some Latin dude claiming THEY is scarred by a chithole country treatment of THEY family so I gots to bring it down a level or two. How else do you expect these welfare queens to understand anything?

      …and because I’m a nice, kind, sweet, loving, cuddly, humble dude, I’m being respectful to use Mildred’s preferred pronoun of THEY.

    198. jason says:

      I just noticed Tgca drifted into Ebonics lingo in 191.”

      Tgca is a downtrodden minority, so I think that is appropriate he sometimes reverts to his ghetto roots.

      I sometime write my posts in Quechua before I realize the mistake.

    199. Gordon Allen says:

      Biden 40-59 in Rasmussen,
      PPI year over year at an astounding 8.6%.Transitory my butt.. Inflation is accelerating. I
      guess the “climate summit” and “infrastructure” bill haven’t wowed the deplorables, or pretty much anybody.
      Nobody can be this clueless, or out of touch. The only rationale conclusion is there is behind it all a conscious desire to “burn it all” to the ground, and destroy the historical America, and build up from the ruins a new Marxist/Socialist one party state in its place.
      But we’re rid of Trump’s abrasive personality, and mean tweets. My God how stupid some people are,to include the “wine moms/soccer moms” idiots.

    200. jason says:

      Ok, too many Sununus.

      I thought we were talking of John Sununu who worked in the GHWB administration, now 82.

    201. DW says:

      204 – a key to the plan will be to strip voting rights from all people (i.e. Christians) who refuse to go along with all the woke stuff and trans-gender insanity.

      That will be the key to rebuilding the socialist utopia while still holding faux-elections.

    202. jason says:

      I sometime”

      Sue me, I could have written it correctly in Quechua or Spanish.

    203. jason says:

      Jason often jokes about the little schoolhouse and now he is offended. ”

      Not offended.

      You are the one who looks like an ass by stating that I don’t care about education because I went to humble schools as a kid.

    204. jason says:

      ‘he sent his children to private schools. I sent mine to public schools. Who is the elitist?”

      The elitist is the one that reminds us with 5 posts a day on how Radnor has the best school system in PA, repeated now for 500+ posts.

      In how many posts have I mentioned my kids attended private schools? Maybe 3 times in 15 years.

    205. jason says:

      Yes, run another Sununu again, many people will be confused like me and just vote on name recognition.

    206. jason says:

      I haven’t been to a Kmart in years, I think the last one around here closed about 5 years ago.

      Maybe Bitter, Honorary Deplorable, can explain if he drives 168 miles to one because of the prices or just because he enjoys shopping with deplorables.

    207. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #204- GA + Wes, SoHope etc
      A new High Point University Poll has Biden’s No. Carolina approval/disapproval at 37%/55%, respectively among Registered Voters.

    208. Wes says:

      No surprise, Sheep, since Biden couldn’t even win this state last year. I’m expecting Republicans to get a favorable call early on Election Night for this seat next year.

    209. Wes says:

      Well, Kelly Ayotte won’t be back for a rematch with Maggie the Moonbat next year.

      At this point, I have to ask this:

      What the hell is Rick Scott doing?

    210. Tina says:

      Rick Scott is finding the Alaska Porker and BFF of Frankenstein.

    211. jason says:

      Looks like Jabgate could be big….the Miami Herald’s new scandal:

      “So apparently @GovRonDeSantis has stopped saying the word “vaccine.” During a press conference against vaccine mandates, he keeps referring to it as “the jab.”

      Other speakers are also referring to it as “the jab.”

    212. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      #Trump only spent 5 days of his presidency more underwater than Biden is now (hint: during the height of the #Russiagate narrative)

    213. Tina says:

      Cn and n said inflation is good.
      · 4h
      JUST IN – U.S. Producer Price inflation jumps 8.6% year over year in October, matching the largest increase on record.

    214. lisab says:

      U.S. Producer Price inflation jumps 8.6% year over year in October, matching the largest increase on record.

      only for white males

    215. lisab says:

      Maybe Bitter, Honorary Deplorable, can explain if he drives 168 miles to one because of the prices or just because he enjoys shopping with deplorables.

      attention kmart shoppers …

      deplorable wine is on sale in aisle 3

    216. Tina says:

      The crooked cop, who I believe is related to the mayor and the prosecutor tried to argue that Rittenhouse was not being chased, Video says otherwise.

    217. jason says:

      THIS is how the GOP could eventually regain the suburbs.

      Unfortunately, too little, too late, but it is a great idea.

      The same should be done in the MSM, there should be a massive investment by wealthy people to counter the Marxist propaganda.

    218. jason says:

      I like it that they are doing this in the liberal bastion of Austin.

    219. jason says:

      deplorable wine is on sale in aisle 3″

      I think Bitter is more interested in the big sweater selection on Aisle 9.

    220. Wes says:

      Unfortunately, Jason, Bolduc has a biography more impressive than the man himself. He ran a blustery, lackluster campaign and failed miserably in the primary last year. Republicans can do better.

    221. SoHope says:

      Just finished 3 days in Cairo. It was amazing! Waiting at the airport to head to Luxor next.
      It’s a shame about NH. It would suck to miss out on getting the Senate because of NH recruiting. Our bench is pretty weak. Beyond Sunnunu and Ayotte.

    222. jason says:

      Hey, there is no problem with voting in PA.

      VBM strikes again.

      “Red mirage” is right. LOL.

      Where is Jul to urge “all hands on deck” in PA?

      “Republicans in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania ended up flipping two school boards and picking up seats on at least three other local school boards after election officials finished counting thousands of defective mail-in ballots over the weekend.

      But several GOP candidates who thought they’d won when initial vote counts were reported last week were overtaken when the additional mail-in ballots were added to their opponents’ columns.

      National Review reported last week that multiple printing defects involving more than 20,000 mail-in ballots led to confusion about the outcome of dozens of races in Montgomery County, outside of Philadelphia, and put a damper on Republican optimism there.

      Initial results on election night showed 100 percent of precincts reporting, leading many candidates to believe they’d won, and local news outlets to report the same. Republican candidates initially appeared to sweep eight school board elections, local GOP officials said.

      But in some cases those initial results turned out to be a “red mirage.”

      What the results actually showed was 100 percent of in-person votes were counted. There were still more than 20,000 mail-in ballots outstanding, out of more than 220,000 total ballots cast. The mail-in ballots were, overwhelmingly, a boon to Democrats in Montgomery County.”

    223. jason says:

      “after election officials finished counting thousands of defective mail-in ballots over the weekend”

      And some people wonder why I want no part of this.

    224. jason says:

      Waiting at the airport to head to Luxor next.”

      You will be impressed with Luxor, no video or picture does it justice. Truly majestic.

    225. NYCmike says:

      “And some people wonder why I want no part of this.”

      -Most people I know want no part of such an electoral system either, but view giving up as surrender to evil……I guess that suits your personality……

    226. NYCmike says:

      “You will be impressed with Luxor, no video or picture does it justice. Truly majestic.”

      -Agreed! That was one of the best casinos in Vegas!

    227. SoHope says:

      If we are coming close in Montgomery County then that’s a sign that the Dems are in trouble
      Biden 62.6%
      Trump 36.4%

    228. jason says:

      Remember some moron that said here that there could be no fraud in PA because Rs “swept” the Judicial races.

      Not so fast… of the Rs, Drew Crompton, is now down 12k votes based on “late, late, late, late vote by mail”.

    229. SoHope says:

      Really excited…doing a sunset felucca cruise on the Nile and a sunrise hot air balloon ride over valley of the kings.

    230. jason says:

      f we are coming close in Montgomery County’

      Zzzzzz…. close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

    231. jason says:

      Most people I know want no part of such an electoral system either,”

      Ok, so NYC’s friends are smarter than he is.

      Why is this not a surprise?

    232. jason says:

      but view giving up as surrender to evil…”

      Yeah, NYC doesn’t surrender to evil, he only does what he can to ensure it prevails.

      Chuck Schumer thanks him.

    233. jason says:

      Really excited…doing a sunset felucca cruise”

      I had to read that twice lest I get excited myself.

    234. SoHope says:

      If Montgomery Co goes like Loudon Co. Ill take a low double digit loss and take the statewide win

    235. Waingro says:

      Ayotte announces she won’t be running for Senate. Hassan can now breathe a big sigh of relief. That’s probably a leans D to likely D race now.

    236. Meldrim says:

      Tsla, you can’t go two seconds without whining about how you’re an oppressed minority, using it as an excuse for everything, including semi-literacy. And you whine about how you need Daddy Government to protect you from those mean businessmen who won’t give you what you want. And we’re supposed to believe that you didn’t take advantage of your “underprivileged status” as a Latino (who only knows three words in Spanish, all three being curse words that he learned from some Newark neighbor) and as “7% black” (those constant DNA tests pay for themselves!) to obtain school admissions and jobs? And a person like you does not retire to South Florida at 40 or whatever because of a health condition and not sign up for disability in order to keep up with your fabulous lifestyle (and periodic DNA tests to see if there’s another “disadvantage” that you can claim).

      And the fact that you assume that the Cuban side of my family was on the dole for a single day even though they arrived in America with only $15 per person, or that affirmative action had anything to do with my academic and professional achievements, just goes to show that that’s how you view life and the role of government.

    237. Meldrim says:

      “I just noticed Tgca drifted into Ebonics lingo in 191.”

      We, Tsla only does that 7% of the time, but he’s studying hard for his next DNA test and hopes to break 10%. And he speaks Woke “English” the other 93% of the time.

    238. Meldrim says:

      #243, Waingro, it’s waaaay to early to say that the NH Senate race leans D, much less is likely D. Had it taken place last week, Hassan would have lost to a random truck driver with an R next to his name. And, while we don’t know what the exact political environment will be like in NH a year from now, chances are that it will not be good for Democrats.

    239. GF says:

      Ayotte has not yet said anything publicly, let’s wait for her to make it official instead of relying on Twitter “sources.”

    240. GF says:


      Wes, I suppose it could be argued that Hoover cost his party about 40 Senate seats over four cycles since he started with 56 in 1928, and the GOP caucus got whittled down to 16 by 1937 before they started climbing out of that deep hole, only getting back up to 51 thanks to Truman blowing the ‘46 midterm, and then losing 9 seats in 1948. If only the election were in 1949, that recession could have saved quite a bit of Republican bacon. 😉

    241. Tgca says:


      Unlike Jadon, my 1st school in Newark was state of the art at the time and newer than other Newark schools so I never experienced the “school hut” environment like Jadon.

      I feel fortunate for my EDUMACATIONAL experiences because this is where I became multi-lingual in a number of important languages, and became familiar with words like “dis” and “dat” and “baffroom” to name just a few that allowed me to blend in and effectively communicate in diverse surroundings.

      Overall, I also enjoyed my school experiences at the youngest of ages, and I and was lovingly referred to as “Casper” by my darker skinned friends.

      So it does not depend on where you went to school but rather the quality of the EDUMACATION you receive. I think I received a good diverse EDUMACATION in Newark that I would not have otherwise received going to schools elsewhere.

      Thanks to my Newark EDUMACATION, I became multilingual at varying levels. In addition to “White” English, I can converse in Ghetto very well, Spenglish to a small degree, Jersey White Trash excellently, and Jersey Sign Language (JSL) superbly which I only use when I’m driving.

      So again, a quality EDUMACATION is not necessarily determined by zip code but by the depth of the useful knowledge you accumulate and master.

    242. Waingro says:

      “Ayotte has not yet said anything publicly, let’s wait for her to make it official instead of relying on Twitter “sources.”

      No she released a public statement:

    243. jason says:

      Ok, Joe…

      Gas prices are up, exceedingly high,’ Biden continued. ‘That’s why I have the attorney general taking a look at whether or not these gas companies are gouging people.’

    244. jason says:

      They are giddy over at Dkos about Sununu not running…

    245. jason says:

      Best comeback of the month

      “If Ted Cruz had kids that age, the chances that they would be unvaccinated are exactly zero. Zero. So, this is another moment of just abject stupidity of a United States senator.” — @SteveSchmidtSES on @DeadlineWH

      — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) November 9, 2021

      Ted Cruz:

      The pedophiles at @ProjectLincoln need to stop talking about my children.

    246. GF says:

      250- I had not seen that yet. Looks like a “no,” but the lack of a firm “no” also leaves her wiggle room, b/c she can work to elect Republicans at home and still run for Senate.

    247. Meldrim says:

      #254, GF, I’m usually a glass-half-full kind of guy, but I don’t see Ayotte’s statement as anything other than a polite hard pass. Maybe she would have run for governor had Sununu run for the Senate (as had been rumored), but she won’t be running for the Senate in 2022.

      But your optimism reminds me of this:

    248. GF says:

      It’s not optimism, I don’t care if she runs as she does not represent me. I’m just looking at it in pure black and white terms. She probably won’t, but the door is left slightly ajar. I would do the same were I in her shoes.

    249. Tgca says:


      Wow! It appears Mildred admits THEY family is a bunch of welfare criminal ho’s that came over on the Mariel Boatlift, which by the way spiked crime in their settling communities, and THEY has the gall to criticize others. REALLY?

      Mildred claims THEY family only received one day of benefits. Yeah right! I’m sure of that – one day + many years, not including the cost of high crime THEY’s family brought upon us.

      …and it’s not my view of the role of the gubbermint in providing you benefits and affirmative action to succeed, it’s my VIEWING of all the ways your kind come to the US to take advantage of our generosity because your kind could not make it in a chithole country due to your kind’s own corruption and criminal acts.

      Let’s not forget Cuba went from one corrupt dictator to another. It just appears Mildred’s family was on the losing side of one dictator and now THEY wants to bring that same dictatorship to the US.

      I always love when it’s easy to point out lies and hypocrisy of fascists.

    250. jason says:

      Seems to me Ayotte issued a firm no, I don’t see the door being slightly ajar.

      I would rather GF be right, but I don’t see any ambiguity in her statement.

    251. jason says:

      Mildred admits THEY family is a bunch of welfare criminal ho’s”

      Too bad Meldrim is not an A-hole, that would be worth some points.

    252. jason says:

      So ok, maybe poor ole Meldrim is a fascist offspring of a bunch of welfare criminal whores, but rumor is he loves puppies and has a soft spot for kittens too.

    253. Meldrim says:

      Tsla still can’t read English. All of that taxpayer money for nothing! Well, not for “nothing”; he learned enough to get his Daddy Government goodies and now is keeping several South Florida “health food” stores afloat by using his EBT card there.

    254. Meldrim says:

      This take on the BIF vote makes more sense than most of the ones that have been flying across the Internet during the past few days:

    255. Country Dick Montana says:

      Certainly NH has to have truck drivers. What’s the problem?

    256. Tgca says:


      Oh Mildred!

      At least I make an effort to study for tests to succeed based on the merits of knowledge, as opposed to seeking affirmative action to get into schools and taking seats away from better qualified candidates.

      Tell us again how THEY’s family later lost everything it unfairly gained supporting the Bautista dictatorship that ruined Cuba with its fascism that led to the rise of another horrible Dictator Castro who then punished THEY’s family for their evil deeds against Cubans in the chithole country before THEY’s family fled on the Mariel Boatlift, bringing crime and fascism to Amerika.

      Please tell us. It’s an interesting story. I’d like to compare it to decent Cubans that came to America to escape fascism.

    257. Tgca says:

      Hey Mildred!

      Tell us again how unvaccinated people should be discriminated by businesses because limited gubbermint protects the discriminated.

      Is that the Batista economics running through your blood where THEY’s kind criminally raped the hard working people of Cuba before another fascist kicked THEY’s family butt for crimes against the Cuban people.

      …or did you get that from reading your favorite book Mein Kampf?

    258. Tgca says:

      Auto correct keeps coming up with some interesting replacements for Batista and Mein Kampf.

    259. GF says:

      Seeing trickles online that Mehmet Oz aka “Dr. Oz” is looking at running to succeed Pat Toomey, as a Republican no less. Given the sh*tty field that has formed in PA, why the heck not?

    260. Tina says:

      Durham getting close to Biden’s inner circle

      Jake Gibson
      · 1h
      Breaking –
      Biden WH National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, is “foreign policy advisor”referred to in the indictment of former Hillary Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, per well-placed sources.

    261. jason says:

      Yeah, Meldrim, I see it the same way on BIF as the NR article.

      I think those 13 Rs strengthened the hand against BBB rather than weakened it.

      By making it bipartisan, they took away the strongest card the Dems had to try to bully Manchin and Sinema, that “Rs will block anything”, and they weakened any push to eliminate the filibuster for the same reason.

    262. Meldrim says:

      Tsla claims that he studied for tests in order to succeed on the merits. The only test that he could pass was his DNA test (but he’s studying even harder to see if he can get an even better grade next time). And he has never left the side of his lifelong friend “Wilfredo.”

      And, again, assuming that someone like me needed affirmative anything to accomplish anything, or that a family such as mine received anything from the U.S. government other than open arms to the American Dream, just shows that Tsla only knows grifters and panhandlers like himself and has never met honest and decent folk.

    263. jason says:

      Tsla only knows grifters and panhandlers like himself and has never met honest and decent folk.”

      If these guys were A-holes we would be handing out a lot of points today.

    264. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – We don’t keep that many points in stock. That is why A-holes remain tightly closed to outsiders.

    265. jason says:

      Yes, I have nightmares about a situation where anybody who wanted to penetrate the A-hole community would be allowed to do so.

    266. jason says:

      Eighty-one percent (81%) of voters want all voting machines made in the United States. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that just 8% are opposed and 11% are not sure.”

      Frankly, I don’t care if they are made in China, it’s not the hardware you have to worry about, it is the software and the people who run the election system.

    267. Tgca says:


      Mildred likes to mock others posts because THEY expects all at HHR to always be prim and proper like THEY in THEY’s bow ties, shiny black shoes, and wired rimmed glasses, with THEY’s neatly coiffed hair.

      …hence, the reason Mildred has replaced Bitter as the prissy fashion icon at HHR…sorry Bitter…you’re just a boring ole’ sweater wearing metrosexual now compared to Mildred.

      Mildred strives to write THEY’s posts as if they were THEY’s personal statement for THEY’s affirmative action application to school. Remember, the white liberals of yesteryear that are today’s fascists expect “da minority” affirmative action applicants to at least try and speak like white liberals in the right setting so as not to embarrass them so I guess that’s why Mildred is such a stickler and likes correcting others’ posts at HHR.

      Unfortunately, Mildred’s HHR posts are littered with spelling and grammar errors, as previously pointed out with numerous examples, and THEY doesn’t seem to know the difference between “to” and “too” as one example even after SUPPOSEDLY receiving an Ivy League EDUMACATION. Hmmm…

    268. Tgca says:

      Mildred’s family members of criminal ho’s are now decent people?

      Who knew?

      Reminds me of the old joke when a guy is bragging over how classy and sexy his wife is and all the men envy him and are captivated and mesmerized by her – how she dresses exquisitely, how she smells wonderful from her expensive perfumes – guys simply can’t resist her.

      Guy 1:
      Men are so attracted to my wife because of her class and sex appeal, and she knows how to dress and always smells wonderful.

      Guy 2:
      Really, you don’t say.

      Guy 1:
      Yep! No man can resist her.

      Guy 2:
      Is that so.

      Yep. …and she only uses the best perfume too and always smells divine.

      You know what my wife puts behind her ears to drive men crazy with her sex appeal?

      Guy 2:
      Her ankles?

    269. GF says:

      Scott Brown is up to something, not sure what, maybe just making himself available to help his wife’s run at NH-1:

    270. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt said since Ayotte has passed on running, he thought about moving to NH and run for Senate. Only ten counties to campaign in. but Walt decided to pass since he does not know how to speak New Hampshire-ese.

    271. jason says:

      Walt is being modest. Someone who spoke Sumerian as a child and has learned and forgotten over 240 languages could learn New Hampshirese.

    272. jason says:

      A heartbeat away from the Presidency…

      “Vice President Kamala Harris asked NASA if it could use its satellites to track trees “by race” in various neighborhoods as part of “environmental justice” during a recent display on climate change, leading many to ridicule the vice president online and even giving rise to a “Black Trees Matter” hashtag.”

    273. DW says:

      SAN FRANCISCO–The San Francisco city council passed a new ordinance today to de-criminalize rape when it involves forced entry into homes.

      Council president Eileen Dover remarked, “Residents clearly want these sort of open relationships with their friends and neighbors, and so just like we decriminalized pot, we have further advanced progressive ideals today, as we move closer toward the sort of society that best repudiates our narrow-minded past.”

      When asked about age limitations on those raped, Dover said, “We joked about that question during deliberations. Some members were a bit squeamish about this idea, but we thought it best in the end to leave this question open to the discretion of the rapists.”

    274. jason says:

      Babylon Bee;

      “Good News For Dems: Biden And Harris Now Polling At 66% Approval If You Combine Their Numbers”

    275. Bitterlaw says:

      Rape is a narrow-minded concept?

      As my grandmother used to say, I am glad that I am closer to leaving this world than entering it.

    276. DW says:

      Bitter, it getting really hard these days to write up hyperbole involving California. What is satire today becomes reality tomorrow.

    277. Tina says:

      Where are the Rinos?

      The Federalist
      · 1h
      White House Tells Businesses To Ignore Court Blocking On Vaxx Mandate

    278. jason says:

      It’s sad when you read st-ff like that and actually can believe it could be true.

    279. jason says:

      The Rinos are at the same location as the last true conservatives. Out of power.

    280. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Bitterlaw & jason:

      1- Dr. Oz is seriously exploring running for the 2022 Senate seat in PA as a Republican. Do you have any thoughts? I am curious what Mrs. Bitterlaw thinks. She is a good weathervane for the White Suburban Woman in the PA suburbs.
      2- In the PA supreme Court Election, the Republican candidate who had an approximate 200,ooo vote lead on election eve, has had his lead shrink to about 30,000 votes. Is there any cause for concern? How many votes remain to be counted?

    281. jason says:

      200k was probably outside the MOF, so I think Brobson is safe.

      But Crompton for the Commonwealth Court is toast, his lead was only about 130k. The other R Stacy Wallace is safe.

      Sullivan Superior Court is safe, her lead was larger.

    282. jason says:

      I know nothing about Dr. Oz. Parnell was the best candidate, but someone is up to dirty tricks.

    283. jason says:

      Gov. Wolf to Let Pa.’s School Mask Mandate Expire”

      Should never have been instituted in the first place.

    284. jason says:

      Radnor wine moms hardest hit.

      ‘Global wine production is forecast to fall to one of the lowest levels on record in 2021 due to the extreme weather conditions in Europe, the International Organisation for Vine & Wine (OIV) has predicted.”

    285. Bitterlaw says:

      My Jewish Republican wife voted for Trump in 2020. At home she usually drinks wine. In restaurants, she drinks wine OR beer.

      Jason hardest hit.

    286. Bitterlaw says:

      I have not consumed alcohol since I had 2 beers in Montreal in 2015. I had one beer in London in 2005 because I thought I could not go to a pub and not have a beer. Then I realized it is very possible to go to a pub and not drink beer so I did not repeat it.

    287. Wes says:

      Wish me luck, guys. I received a request to contribute to a horror anthology a couple of guys I know are editing. I’m about 20% of the way through my story (5,000-word minimum). I should be done and ready to submit by Friday.

      Needless to say, my posts on here will be minimal till then.

    288. jason says:

      Sounds like Parnell is getting screwed but it might not matter.

      “Parnell’s attorney broached text messages from October 2019 when Parnell first reached out to Snell about his possible congressional run and asked for her support. Parnell’s attorney began reading through messages from the 15-page document, revealing texts from Snell blackmailing Parnell.

      “Write up an agreement that gives me the house and that you will pay the mortgage until the kids are done with school, and you have my full support. I will even door-knock for you,” Snell’s text message read. Snell also told Parnell she wanted a job on his campaign. She then said in a message later that month that she had been offered a job with Lamb’s campaign team. This, Snell admitted in testimony, was a distortion of the truth and that the job she was offered was not with Lamb’s campaign but rather a job that supported it. She admitted she was “probably” being “a little bit snarky” because Parnell’s company’s cofounder had allegedly fired her from her job.”

    289. jason says:

      So Parnell is a wife beater and child abuser, but if she gets the house then she will knock on doors for him?

    290. Cash Cow TM says:

      List of billionaires in 2021 in America include the following Black persons:

      ($5.2B) Robert F. Smith
      ($3.7B David Steward
      ($3.0B) Alexander Karp
      ($2.6B) Oprah Winfrey
      ($1.6B) Michael Jordan
      ($1.3B) Kanye West
      ($1.0B) Jay-Z
      ($1.0B) Tyler Perry

      Of the other Black billionaires in the world:
      –3 are from Nigeria ($11.5, $6.1B, and $4.8B)
      –1 South Africa )$3.1B)
      –1 Zimbabwe ($1.4B)
      –1 Canada ($1.5B)
      –1 United Kingdom ($1.1B)
      Only 8 of the 665 Billionaires in the U.S. are Black, while Blacks comprise 12.2% of the population.

      This is due to____?___

      Of the 15 Black billionaires in the world
      53% of them are in the U.S.

      This is due to ___?___

    291. Cash Cow TM says:

      “How many millionaires are there in the United States?

      We estimate that there are 15,298,070 millionaire households in the United States, or roughly 11.89% of all households.

      Note this data – and subsequent stats – include the value of any primary home.

      8,046,080 US households with $2 million or more in net worth. That is roughly 6.25% of all US Households.

      Around 1,456,336 households in America have $10 million or more in net worth. That’s 1.13% of American households.

      somewhere around 97,287 households with $50,000,000 or more in net worth. With $100,000,000? Somewhere around 34,507. That’s somewhere around .07% and .03% of the country, respectively.”
      I asked Walt where he was on the millionaire list.
      He laughed and said, “Maybe the one-half a million in net worth list.

    292. jason says:

      Walt has had centuries to accumulate wealth and only has half a million?

    293. Meldrim says:

      Wes, good luck with your writing. “Remember, a writer writes.”

    294. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Across the 20 metro areas with the largest Black populations (where sample sizes are larger), 15 registered a larger estimated rise in median Black income than median white income.”

      And this is due to __?___.

    295. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Walt has had centuries to accumulate wealth and only has half a million?”

      Walt said he had accumulated and lost many fortunes during his long life.

      –One fortune was lost when dinosaurs ate his wealth.

      –One was lost when Pangea separated.

      –One was lost when Vesuvius blew her top.

      –Walt’s heavy futures investment in Biblical Egypt’s wheat crop got wiped out by the locust when Moses was trying to get the pharaoh to let the Jewish people leave.

      –Then there was the damn Mongol hordes and other invaders that sacked Europe and took his wealth…

      …He is still rambling and droning on about other misadventures that cost him fortunes.

    296. Bitterlaw says:

      Unfortunately, Walt lost a lot of his fortune to fires in Rome, Alexandria, London, and Chicago. Shipping a lot on Titanic also hurt.

    297. jason says:

      The dinosaurs ate Walt’s gold?


    298. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes- That’s great news. Maybe you can use HHR for inspiration. Some themes:

      Tina and the Scary RINO!

      Attack of the llamas

      Robbie and the Mean Tweeter

    299. jason says:

      Why Rs are in trouble in PA unless VBM is reversed.

      Delco County Supreme Court ballots
      Election Day
      R 58k
      D 51k

      D 27k
      R 6k

      Election Day
      D 73k
      R 76k

      D 58k
      R 13k

      Election Day
      D 101k
      R 93k

      D 82k
      R 16k

      Hard to win with those numbers.

    300. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The world is finding Biden “strange”:

      (Bloomberg) — While President Joe Biden has been “jaw-boning” OPEC nations to pump more crude, the rest of the world finds it odd that the leader of the top oil producer isn’t paying more attention to domestic shale, said oil historian Daniel Yergin.

      “There’s a basic antagonism and lack of interest — indifference — to the industry, although it has 10.5 million people work in it,” Yergin, vice chairman of IHS Markit Ltd., said in a Bloomberg Television interview on Monday. “The rest of the world is saying this is really strange.”

    301. Tgca says:

      Writing is a great creative outlet. It doesn’t matter how well you write as long as you can tell captivating stories.

      Some folks are great technical writers but lack that ability to capture the imagination that holds people to a story.

      Others are great story tellers that capture your attention to the last page but may lack good technical writing skills.

      That’s why there are editors! I worked in the advertising world, in the finance area, very early in my career so I worked with creative folks who let good editors make their work presentable.

      I used to write a lot of stories in high school and college honors and creative writing classes so when an acquaintance asked me to write a script for a porn movie he was directing, I did not hesitate.

      I deIivered the script within a day and was very proud of my work. I only used 9 words for a 40 minute script.


    302. Phil says:

      I was hoping for a NH senate win to cancel out a lost seat in Pa.

      Maybe Republicans can talk Kelly Ayotte to reconsider and run.

      Arizona and Georgia are very winnable while Wisconsin is looking like a very tough race for the GOP. Maybe 50-50 on that one.

    303. Tgca says:

      I also tried doing a bit of Haiku once too. Wasn’t my thing at all.

      Poetry has never been a fav of mine either. There was a coffee shop by me in the 90s in San Francisco that did poetry readings on like Tuesday nights.

      I was more of the Andrew Dice Clay type of poet.

      Jack and Jill went up the hill
      each of them had a quarter
      Jill came down with 50 cents
      but they didn’t go up for water

      Little Miss Muffett sat on her tuffet
      Eating her curds and whey
      Along came a spider and sat down beside her
      …and she BEAT IT TO DEATH with her spoon

      There once was a man named Dave
      Who kept a dead wh*re in his cave
      She was ugly as chit and had only one t*t
      But think of the money he saved

    304. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Step away from the Pennsylvania predictions. Please.

    305. Tgca says:


      Being gay has never been more popular.

      Study: 39 Percent of Adults Aged 18-24 Years Old Identify as LGBT in America

      That’s means nearly half of the parents at HHR gots ‘dem some homo kids!

      The study also finds nearly 30% of this same group report a mental illness and nearly 50% of teens 13-18 report mental illness.

    306. jason says:

      Phil – Step away from the Pennsylvania predictions. Please.”

      Phil, don’t let Bitter bully you into not telling the truth about PA.

      Let him keep his head in the sand.

    307. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Some easy questions for you to answer.

      True or False?

      In 2016, Phil said a Republican Presidential nominee would never win PA.

      True or False?

      In 2016, Trump was the Republican nominee for President and won PA.

    308. Bitterlaw says:

      The main PA Dems for Senate are a biker and a doctor who loves mandates and shutdowns. Not formidable if there is a Red Wave.

    309. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So after disappearing for two weeks, this is Newsom’s explanation:

      “Trick or treating with his four children on Halloween trumped an international stage devoted to climate change, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday in explaining why he abruptly canceled plans to attend the United Nations gathering in Scotland.”

    310. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      318. The question many are privately wondering about in California is whether Newsom fell off the wagon again. He attempted to evade confirming he formally entered a treatment program in the past:

      “My problems with alcohol are not an excuse for my personal lapses in judgment,” he was reported stating at the time. “Upon reflection with friends and family this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that I will be a better person without alcohol in my life.”

      Several news outlets went on to report Newsom had entered a rehab program.

      In an interview with the Bee, Newsom says that he sought counseling from Mimi Silbert, president of the Delancey Street Foundation, a rehabilitation center Silbert confirmed requires participants to abstain …”

    311. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Scott Rasmussen has done grim predictions for the Democrats:

      “If Republicans capture the House and/or the Senate next year, Biden can wave goodbye to the rest of his agenda. Indeed, if Republicans capture both chambers in a midterm partisan wave, they would be able to work together to pass legislation that puts Biden in an awkward position.

      Over the slightly longer term, things get even worse for Democrats.

      The Senate class up for election in 2024 represents a potential disaster for Democrats, with at least 10 Democratic-held seats in competitive states, including in Montana, Ohio and West Virginia.”

    312. Bitterlaw says:

      Diabetes is on the rise. Type II is generally for fat bastards.

    313. Gordon Allen says:

      Ras still 40-59 and minus 28.
      CPI at 6.2 % and rising. Just what we need is 3 Trillion more transfer payments! Anybody for 10 % inflation?
      We are led by insane Marxists. Those who voted for Biden should be begging for forgiveness from us for Ruining the country. SHAME on you.

    314. DW says:

      322 – the tragedy of America is the 40% who approve of Biden. They need their heads examined. Were they dropped when they were a baby?

    315. jason says:

      Jason – Some easy questions for you to answer.

      True or False?

      In 2016, Phil said a Republican Presidential nominee would never win PA.

      zzzzzzz…you didn’t predict he would win PA either, did you?

      True or False?

      In 2016, Trump was the Republican nominee for President and won PA.

      zzzzzz…Trump won by less than 50k votes in a year with a lot less opportunity for fraud than now.

      So Phil’s pessimism is entirely justified. Your head in the sand “everything is normal” approach is what is asinine.

    316. Wobbles says:

      Those who voted for Biden should be begging for forgiveness from us”

      My candidate was Michael Avenatti.

      Don’t blame me.

    317. Bitterlaw says:

      I did not say “everything is normal” but the lie continues.

      I did not think Trump would win PA in 2016 but I did say it would be very close because there was no other reason for Hilary to be in Philadelphia the night before the election.

      Never has only one meaning and should be avoided or It makes the person who used it look foolish when it is wrong.

    318. jason says:

      Actually I was one of the few here that gave Trump a chance in PA in 2016 and I explained it before the election.

      My theory was that I was seeing an incredible amount of signs for Trump in blue collar and rural areas where there had been few for Romney, while there were few signs in the Harrisburg suburbs in places where there had been many for Romney. I said if these working class areas go for Trump in a big way and those R voters in the suburbs still vote for him, he would win.

      MD thought I was crazy.

    319. jason says:

      I did not think Trump would win PA in 2016 but I did say it would be very close”

      Translation: I was wrong too.

    320. Phil says:

      I just have one question.

      Has the Pa legislature done anything, anything at all, to fix the pseudo electoral system that was used in 2020?

      If not, then no, the Republican senatorial nominee is royally screwed nect November.

    321. Bitterlaw says:

      Translation of Jason’s translation:

      I was wrong about Trump winning PA in
      the 2016 election. Phil was also wrong but jason will give him a free pass for his stupid prediction that PA would NEVER vote for a Republican for President even though it was disproved within months of making it.

    322. Tgca says:

      It has appeared the defense has really done a good job of getting the witnesses in the Rittenhouse case to contradict themselves or show they lied, one witnessing actually admitting he lied, and another witness stating he chased and 1st pointed a gun at Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse shot him.

      All the legal analysis I’ve seen reported has stated the prosecution’s case fell apart with its own witnesses having huge credibility issues or admitting to lying or chasing after Rittenhouse.

      Just awhile ago, the defense has decided to put Rittenhouse on the stand to testify. WHY?

      If the overwhelming consensus was that the defense decimated the prosecution’s case, why would you then offer up the defendant to testify and risk giving the prosecution an opportunity.

      I’m perplexed by this.

      Below is a live link to the trial

    323. Bitterlaw says:

      I think Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. I think he should have stayed home instead of looking to be a hero. Both can be true.

    324. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe he wants to testify. It is probably a bad idea. Both can be true.

    325. Tina says:

      Adam Shaw
      · 52m
      78% say migrants should be sent back to Mexico
      67% say Biden was wrong to end the Trump-era “Remain-in-Mexico”
      54% say Biden admin creating an open border
      68% say stricter policies are needed at the border
      73% say the surge is a crisis that needs to be dealt with immediately…

    326. Tina says:

      Putzaki said we don’t have inflation.

      It must be the Russians cooking thee books on the CPI.

    327. jason says:

      I think Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. I think he should have stayed home instead of looking to be a hero. Both can be true.”

      Zzzzzz… another sad and pathetic attempt to stay on the fence and try to play it both ways.

      Bitter, as an attorney, should know that whether Rittenhouse “should have stayed home” or not is irrelevant to whether he was justified in shooting people attacking him and threatening to kill him, and advancing on him with a drawn gun.

      I notice Bitter doesn’t say anything about maybe the rioters and looters should “have stayed home” too.

      The hypocrisy is astounding.

    328. DW says:

      Those who died in the sinking of the Titanic should have stayed in England where it was safe jason. They bear some of the blame getting for getting on the boat.

    329. jason says:

      I think it is a good idea he testifies exactly because of what Bitter said above.

      The self defense aspect is pretty clear, but the prosecution is making a big deal of the “why was he there”.

      By putting him on the stand, you can bet the prosecution is going to try to paint him as a vigilante trying to be a hero, like Bitter is.

      Only he can put that to rest, he can say he was concerned about all the burning and looting and thought he could help protect private property, and that none of his actions as described by video or witnesses suggest he went there to try to kill anybody.

      The only problem would be if there are texts or social media posts that contradict that, like “I am going down there to shoot some rioters”, but I think if there was the defense would not put him on the stand.

    330. Tgca says:

      The judge did everything in his power to make sure he understood the risks and went into great detail with examples of what could be brought up against him. It appears the judge may have been concerned that he really really really needed to understand testifying was a risk. Perhaps he dumbed it down because of his age as I’ve not seen a judge go to that level of trying to simplify it in other cases I’ve seen video from.

      If he gets caught in a trap and gets convicted, it’s his own fault then.

      The prosecutor is probably going to throw everything he can at him and I doubt an 18 year- old kid with wannabe hero issues is ready for that. Everything I’ve read and seen on this kid suggests he’s desperate to be part of something and that he does not come across as either very intelligent or mature for his age, and he’s had some minor run-ins before that included altercations.

      He lives with his mom and sounds like he does not have a stable father figure in his life either from what’s previous been reported.

    331. jason says:

      I was wrong about Trump winning PA in
      the 2016 election. Phil was also wrong..”

      Finally we get truth. How difficult was that?

    332. Bitterlaw says:

      I really need to learn Quechua since Jason does not understand English. I said he acted in self-defense. Inherent to that statement is that he should not he convicted.

      If he goes into the Annals he will find my posts during the 2020 riots that the rioters should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    333. Bitterlaw says:

      340 Jason’s careful editing will NEVER change the absurdity of Phil’s 2016 prediction that a Republican Presidential candidate would NEVER win PA – a prediction that was disproven in the year he made it.

    334. jason says:

      If he gets caught in a trap and gets convicted, it’s his own fault then.”

      I just don’t see what the trap could be.

      This is not a complicated case. It is on camera.

      That was the problem with the Chauvin case, only in reverse, no matter what the extraneous circumstances were, there was always the video of him kneeling on the guy’s neck for 15 minutes.

      The prosecution overreached with the murder charge. Nothing Rittenhouse can say changes the video.

      I think in the end the defense looks at the jury, and says, you saw the video and you heard the testimony of the survivor. You saw Rosenbaum chase Rittenhouse down. You saw Huber beat him with a skateboard. You heard the last person to be shot testify he advanced on Rittenhouse with a drawn gun. That is your evidence.

    335. Tgca says:


      There was one item reported by legal analysts where he supposedly observed looters at a CVS and was stated as wishing he had a gun to shoot them. Now whether that will be allowed or not or is truthful is another thing. It’s just more information that can be presented against him and he can be asked about.

      He also has had more than one physical altercation with others so they could build a case of violence and provoking fights if it’s allowed by the judge.

      As one legal analyst stated, just like the prosecution’s witnesses, if he gets caught in one little lie or contradiction, that can lead to jurors doubting him in other areas as well, just like with the prosecution’s witnesses.

      I think this kid comes across as a bit desperate and wants to be a hero, and I think it’s a mistake to put him on if the prosecution has already blundered with its witnesses.

      It’s a uuuuge risk with little reward if the general consensus is the prosecution hasn’t made its case.

      After all, he is on trial for murder.

    336. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason to ignore that Tgca said Rittenhouse had “wannabe hero issues” in 3…2…1…

    337. jason says:

      Jason’s careful editing will NEVER change the absurdity of Phil’s 2016 prediction that a Republican Presidential candidate would NEVER win PA”

      Except that it wasn’t absurd, was it? You didn’t think it would happen either, that is how “absurd” it was.

      What is ABSURD is your unrealistic and naive assessment of what is going in PA and the country and your asinine belief that it is all normal and the next election will fix it.

    338. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Are you really this stupid. I did not think Trump would win PA in 2016. Phil predicted that a Republican would never win PA. That included 2016 and every Presidential election conducted in the future.

      Is there a word for “never” in Quechua? Does it mean what it means in English?

    339. jason says:

      Jason to ignore that Tgca said Rittenhouse had “wannabe hero issues” in 3…2…1…”

      Zzzzzzzz… what I said is that his motivations are irrelevant to the case because there is a video and there is testimony.

      Without the video the prosecution could allege his intentions were to go to Kenosha to kill people.

      But if that was the case, he would have stood his ground against Rosembaum before shooting him. He would have shot Huber before Huber struck him with a skateboard. He would have shot the third person before he pointed his gun at him.

    340. jason says:

      I did not think Trump would win PA in 2016. Phil predicted that a Republican would never win PA. That included 2016 and every Presidential election conducted in the future”

      So you were both wrong in 2016 and he was right in 2020. I don’t know what you predicted in 2020. If you predicted Trump would lose PA, you guys are 2-2.


    341. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason will not find a post where I said what is going on is normal or will be fixed in the next election. He will make some stupid post that I have said it in hundreds of posts while not presenting a single one. If there are hundreds of posts, producing one should be easy.

    342. jason says:

      The bottom line is that Phil’s predictions are a lot more realistic than Bitter’s rosy predictions, and the only reason Bitter keeps harping on them is that Phil’s well reasoned predictions don’t fit Bitter’s narrative.

    343. jason says:

      He will make some stupid post that I have said it in hundreds of posts while not presenting a single one.”

      Nice attempt at “pre-emption” but that dog won’t hunt.

      That is the main point of your hundreds of posts. That you have seen it all before, it is always reversed and all this will pass, no worries.

      But who knows, maybe you will be right. Stranger things have happened.

    344. Tgca says:

      I do think this kid seems troubled and that may lead him to do stoopid things but I also agree with my ALLY Jadon that the issue here is whether he had a right to protect himself from harm. Both can be true.

      My only concern is if some of the reports are true, it could influence the jury that he provokes others into deadly situations and that could influence them against him.

      I just don’t think it’s worth introducing risks if you already did harm to the prosecution.

    345. jason says:

      There was one item reported by legal analysts where he supposedly observed looters at a CVS and was stated as wishing he had a gun to shoot them. Now whether that will be allowed or not or is truthful is another thing. It’s just more information that can be presented against him and he can be asked about.”

      Hearsay is not allowed in court.

      He also has had more than one physical altercation with others so they could build a case of violence and provoking fights if it’s allowed by the judge”

      He is 17. “Altercations” and murder are very different things.

      As one legal analyst stated, just like the prosecution’s witnesses, if he gets caught in one little lie or contradiction, that can lead to jurors doubting him in other areas as well, just like with the prosecution’s witnesses.”

      This is true. He should not lie. He doesn’t have to.

      Because of the videos, I don’t see this as that big a risk or gamble.

      Sue me.

      If I am wrong, and he self destructs on the stand, I will be the first to admit it.

    346. lisab says:

      I do think this kid seems troubled and that may lead him to do stoopid things

      given the situation, he should be troubled. if he was not troubled, that would be a bad sign. if a 17 year old kills someone in a riot and doesn’t have mental health issues, it would be the sign of a sociopath

      it is perfectly natural to suffer from ptsd in the circumstances he was placed in

    347. Bitterlaw says:

      He should not testify. He is going to get roasted. Maybe that is the plan. Make the prosecutor look mean. However, if the prosecutor is smart, the strategy is to speak in a quiet tone and seem sympathetic while roasting him.

    348. Tgca says:

      355. Lisa

      I’m talking about how this kid seems to be a troubled youth leading up to this event based on this and other reported altercations and incidents. I’m not talking about his state of mind after the event.

      He seems to go looking for opportunities to insert himself in from what’s reported, as well as his own answers in testimony of being involved in events.

      I agree that this is not related to guilt of murder while he’s protecting himself but remember, there are other charges too such as reckless endangerment of others and illegal possession of firearms.

      I’m wondering if his mom has control over him in all of this because he’s testifying about all these weapons he has access to using, staying out all night with friends, traveling out of state, etc. I know a messed up teen when I see one and this kid seems a bit messed up and has an obsession with guns and being a hero. Some of the pics and posts they showed on his social media are disturbing for an underage teen.

      This is not what most parents would allow of teens that are 16 and 17.

      Again, I hope he gets off because I think he did defend himself but I also agree with my good friend Bitter that perhaps he brought some of this on himself by trying to play hero. The more I read and see of him, the more I think of a younger version of George Zimmerman, who I also rightfully believed defended himself.

    349. lisab says:


      i agree his mom and dad let him down. it is one thing to let a 17 yo go to a concert, quite another to let him cross state lines to go to a riot.

    350. Tgca says:

      I think the prosecution just lost this case, as the jurors appear to see that the judge is angry with the prosecutor and the judge keeps interrupting the prosecutor on issues the defense should be objecting to but are not.

      The legal analysts keep complaining the defense is being too passive and not objecting and they’re lucky this judge has been very active in defending the defendants rights.

      The judged removed the jury twice and ripped into the prosecutor from crossing the line.

      The judge literally raised his voice and yelled at the prosecutor like 3 separate times, and told him not to talk back to him. He basically told him he has the possibility for a mistrial too now because he violated the defendant’s 5th amendment rights in front of the jury.

      It was really bad. All legal analysts watching were shocked how the judge ripped him. The judge was furious because he felt his pretrial rulings were being ignored and his facial expressions are obvious.

    351. Tgca says:


      Not only leaving the state but he’s got social profiles with pictures of guns.

      He’s driving around without a license on numerous occasions.

      He’s staying out over night.

      He’s been involved in altercations.

      None of this is about guilt for murder but this is not normal behavior for a teen. He seems to be reaching out and no one’s there to see he needs guidance.

    352. jason says:

      I think tgca is full of it here. Nobody deserves to be charged with bogus murder charges, sorry.

    353. lisab says:

      Nobody deserves to be charged with bogus murder charges

      i thought you knew he was a cis-gender white male kmart deplorable?

    354. Tina says:

      The issue with the case is that Rittenhouse should not have been charged. It should never have gotten to trial.

      However, the Wisconsin Mayor, prosecutor, lead police officer are all related and are corrupt Drats.

    355. Bitterlaw says:

      I am not watching the trial so I defer to Tgca’s report. The defense is probably letting the Judge do the dirty work. When the judge rips the other side, sit back and let it happen.

    356. Tgca says:


      My ally Jadon is drinking again and misunderstanding my point.

      I do not believe the kid should be charged with murder. I think it’s all BS.

      However, I do think this kid is troubled and is putting himself in bad situations and it appears his mom has no control over him.

      He was not an adult and should not be doing some of tje thongs he was doing. Come on man. Driving around without a license on a number of occasions is one simple example of that.

    357. Tina says:

      The judge exploded because the prosecutor made a fatal remark about Rittenhouse right not to speak. A constitutional right,

      The judge said,”I was astonished when you began his examination by commenting on the defendant’s post arrest silence. That’s basic law. It’s been basic law in this country for 40 years, 50 years.”

    358. Tina says:

      Rani Molla
      · 3h
      Searches for “how to send a resignation email” rose 3,450% on Google in the past 3 months
      Show this thread

    359. Tina says:

    360. Tgca says:


      It’s more than that Bitter. The defense has not objected on a number of items that it appears the judge waited for them to object to and then he only intervened when the defense did not. The defense had no way of knowing how the judge would react or would intervene by their failure to object.

      It appears both the defense and prosecutors have had missteps here but with the judge siding more with the defense.

      It appears the judge is worried about this kid testifying to begin with and trying to give him as much leeway as possible to protect his rights.

      Other legal analysts are questioning not only the defense putting him on the stand but not objecting timely. They argue another judge may not have been so active and that could have hurt the defense. So they’re arguing the defense is too passive.

      But fortunately, the prosecutor is being accused of trying to violate and question the defendants 5th amendment rights in front of the jury. That is what 1st set the judge off in a yelling fit.

      The 2nd time was violating the judge’s pretrial orders of what was allowed in the case. The prosecutor argued with the judge for like 4 minutes why he decided to bring it in and the judge was angrily like “GFY, that’s not your choice. I’m the judge, not you! You come to me 1st and ask, you don’t disregard my orders.” Not literal words but his sentiments portrayed. The judge was visibly angry and stuttering, and then it was clear he was trying to compose himself afterwards.

      Legal analysts are calling for a mistrial with prejudice.

      The jury may have been biased in favor of the defense watching some of the judges interruptions too. He did excuse the jury twice before yelling at the prosecutor. Though it’s clear from the judges tone and facial expressions during interruptions by the judge with the jury present. In one instance, he appeared to mock the prosecutor as testifying himself.

      We will see what happens.

    361. lisab says:

      is it bad when the judge tells the prosecution

      “i don’t believe you”?

    362. DW says:

      NJ – State Senator Sweeney (D-Inc) has conceded defeat to Edward Durr.

    363. Tgca says:

      It appears the defense has requested a mistrial with prejudice.

      Not sure what prejudice has to do with it. I did not hear any inflammatory race or bigoted remarks. NOT everything is about race and bigotry. Geez!

      Defense attorney Corey Chirafisi asked Judge Bruce Schroeder to declare a mistrial “with prejudice,” which would prevent prosecutors from bringing the charges again. That provision, Chirafisi claimed, was necessary to prevent prosecutors from deliberately ruining their own case to get “another kick at the cat.”

    364. jason says:

      It doesn’t really have anything to do with prejudice in a discriminatory sense but instead in this case it means “permanently”.

    365. jason says:

      I doubt it will be dismissed with prejudice, but the murder charges should be thrown out.

    366. DW says:

      Its a circus.

      If Rittenhouse is found guilty of murder, then no one will ever be able to defend oneself with a firearm again without worrying about life in prison.

    367. Bitterlaw says:

      Where is our Federal Prosecutor? Come on, mnw! Weigh in on this case.

    368. Tina says:

      A preview of the 2022 ads. I am paying $4.65.

      RNC Research
      Joe Biden: “Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?”

    369. Tgca says:



      HHR folks really have no sense of UMOR!

    370. Tgca says:

      This is the point Rittenhouse breaks down on the stand and unable to speak through uncontrollable sobs starting at 2:40 mark.

      Again, this is so sad. This should have never happened. We are letting these riots in the streets occur because of spineless politicians not doing their jobs with appropriate policing and controlling mobs and then they lead to unnecessary violence and deaths.

    371. Tina says:

      Translation needed.

      RNC Research
      BIDEN: “How many times have you driven your kids to the parking lot of McDonald’s and sat there going off the McDonald’s internet so you could hear?”

    372. Tgca says:

      I expect the left will make much mockery of his uncontrollable sobbing and breakdown so look for memes and videos.

      I felt really bad for him at that point because clearly he was in distress reflecting on that moment when he was surrounded on all sides by attackers.

      I don’t think I ever sobbed so uncontrollably but could imagine doing so if Whole Foods decided they would no longer carry organic tofu.

    373. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      According to Rasmussen polling, Biden at 50% strongly disapprove. Only 20% strongly approve.

      “Tuesday shows that 40% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-nine percent (59%) disapprove.

      The latest figures include 20% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 50% who Strongly Disapprove.”

    374. DW says:

      BIDEN: “How many times have you driven your kids to the parking lot of McDonald’s and sat there going off the McDonald’s internet so you could hear?”

      Translation: You are toast. May God help you.

    375. jason says:

      I read the transcript of Rittenhouse’s testimony.

      Seems like he handled himself very well and had great answers.

      The best:

      “Everybody you shot at that night you intended to kill, correct?” Binger asked as he began his cross-examination Wednesday.

      Rittenhouse repeatedly refuted this characterization, saying, “I didn’t intend to kill them; I intended to stop them from attacking me.”

    376. jason says:

      Surprisingly a pretty fair account by Yahoo.

      Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand to testify at his murder trial on Wednesday, crying so hard at one point that the judge called a break to allow the defendant to collect himself.

      Before breaking down in tears, Rittenhouse had said he was not looking for trouble when he went armed with a military-style assault rifle to downtown Kenosha, Wis., on Aug. 25, 2020, before he fatally shot two people and wounded another during a chaotic third night of protests following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

      Rittenhouse, who was 17 years old at the time, has said he intended to provide first aid and protect a local business from rioters.

      When he returned to the witness stand, Rittenhouse proceeded to recount his version of the events that led him to fire his gun on four people that night, insisting that he acted in self-defense against multiple attackers.

      He said he was walking with a fire extinguisher toward the parking lot of a local business to put out a fire when he heard someone scream, “Burn in hell!”

      “I replied with ‘Friendly, friendly, friendly!’ to let them know I’m just here to help,” he said.

      Shortly after that, Rittenhouse said, Joseph Rosenbaum, a protester who Rittenhouse said had verbally threatened him earlier in the evening, came running toward him, while another protester, Joshua Zaminsky, approached with a gun and told Rosenbaum, “Get him — kill him!”

      Rittenhouse’s face became red as he choked back tears, explaining that he tried to run but was “cornered” by the two men. He said that Rosenbaum, who was unarmed, threw what he now knows was a plastic hospital bag toward him, but at the time, Rittenhouse said he thought it looked like a metal chain he’d seen Rosenbaum carrying around earlier in the night. Rittenhouse said he pointed his gun at Rosenbaum while continuing to run but that the protester was not deterred and lunged at him with arms outstretched, grabbing the barrel of his gun as someone else fired a shot “directly behind me.”

      He then shot Rosenbaum four times. He said he initially attempted to help him but was “in shock” and, with someone else tending to Rosenbaum, decided that “the safest option” was to turn himself in to the police.

      “I didn’t do anything wrong. I defended myself,” he said.

      Rittenhouse said that as he ran toward the police, “there was a crowd — not a crowd, a mob — chasing me.” The prosecution has argued that several people ran after him after he shot Rosenbaum because they believed he was an active shooter and were trying to prevent further bloodshed.

      One of those people was Anthony Huber, who Rittenhouse said hit him in the neck with a skateboard. Rittenhouse said he became lightheaded and stumbled to the ground. While he was on the ground, another man who has never been identified jumped toward Rittenhouse and began to kick him in the face.

      “As his boot is making contact with my face, I fired two shots at him,” Rittenhouse said. “He would have stomped my face in if I didn’t fire.”

      The shots missed the unidentified man, but at the same time, Rittenhouse said, Huber ran up, hit him in the neck again with his skateboard and grabbed his gun.

      “I can feel it pulling away from me; I can feel the straps coming off my body,” Rittenhouse said. “I fire one shot,” hitting Huber in the chest, killing him.

      Rittenhouse said he was then approached by a man named Gaige Grosskreutz, who he remembers stood so close to him that “our feet were touching.” Initially, Rittenhouse said, Grosskreutz had his arms in the air, a pistol in one hand, but then he pointed the pistol at Rittenhouse, who was still on the ground.

      “That’s when I shoot him,” he said. Asked why he fired only one shot at Grosskreutz, severely injuring his bicep, he said, “He’s no longer a threat to me.”

      Rittenhouse said that when he finally reached a police officer and told the officer what happened, he was told to “go home.” Eventually, he returned home to Antioch, Ill., and his mother drove him to the Antioch Police Department to turn himself in that night.

      Throughout the trial, Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger has sought to dismantle Rittenhouse’s claims to self-defense by presenting the teenager as an outsider who “contributed to the chaos” that unfolded in Kenosha that night, falsely presenting himself as an EMT and carrying an illegally possessed firearm that he was eager to shoot.

      “Everybody you shot at that night you intended to kill, correct?” Binger asked as he began his cross-examination Wednesday.

      Rittenhouse repeatedly refuted this characterization, saying, “I didn’t intend to kill them; I intended to stop them from attacking me.”

      At another point in the cross-examination, Rittenhouse acknowledged that one of the main reasons he chose to have a friend buy an AR-15 for him as opposed to another type of gun was that “I thought it looked cool.” But he rebuffed Binger’s attempt to link his interest in the rifle, and the way he went about using it, to his experience playing first-person-shooter video games.

      “It’s just a video game,” said Rittenhouse. “It’s not real life.”

    377. jason says:

      The guy who kicked Rittenhouse in the face and survived the 2 shots aimed at him is one lucky SOB.

    378. Tgca says:


      Getting kicked in the face and assaulted by a mob is no reason to use deadly force.

    379. jason says:

      MSNBC or CNN?

    380. jason says:

      The Rittenhouse prosecutor is just flailing. He just asked Rittenhouse (a firehouse cadet) why he ran toward a fire with an extinguisher.

      Rittenhouse: “It was a fire?

    381. jason says:

      Statement should be in quotes.

    382. jason says:

      “Prosecutor asks Kyle Rittenhouse why a man with a handgun pointed at him is a threat when he has an AR-15.

      How is this real?”

    383. NYCmike says:

      “NJ – State Senator Sweeney (D-Inc) has conceded defeat to Edward Durr.”

      -Kind of disappointed, as I wanted to get a look at those 12,000 ballots they “found”!

    384. NYCmike says:

      Stomach turns over when I see that poor stupid kid going thru this. He never should have been there, but he definitely should not be on trial now, at least not for what he is charged with.

      That said, absolutely amazing how well Kenosha behaved AFTER Rittenhouse The Hero defended himself!

    385. jason says:

      He never should have been there”

      The rioters and looters had even less reason to be there.

    386. jason says:

      The prosecutor must be asking stupid questions because he wasn’t ready for Rittenhouse to be on the stand?

    387. jason says:

      I think an idiot is someone that masturbated on a Zoom call.

      “The good news for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he’s not on trial for being an idiot,” Toobin said. He continued, “He’s on trial for homicide and in that respect I mostly agree with Joey that this is a tough case for the prosecution because it does seem like he has a plausible case of self defense.”

    388. jason says:

      Despite Tgca’s gloomy predictions, I don’t see anything that shows putting Rittenhouse on the stand damaged his case.

    389. lisab says:

      He never should have been there”

      ok … but is it his right to be there?

      do free citizens have a duty to run from a mob?

      if antifa or blm start burning down your neighborhood, are you required to flee because you might provoke them?

    390. lisab says:

      i say, no

    391. lisab says:

      are there places blm “should not be”?

    392. lisab says:

      as a liberal … i totally get the idea it was very unwise of rittenhouse to go there given the unchecked riots

      but i see that as a problem too …

      shouldn’t the cops have blanket arrested anyone there after curfew? and or told the mob to disperse?

    393. NYCmike says:

      “The rioters and looters had even less reason to be there.”

      -No doubt.

    394. NYCmike says:


      It was more about his age, not the situation of defending the city.

      If he was there with a unit directed by adults, with someone in charge, like a paramilitary unit or something, I would have no issues with him being there. Also, the fact that he wasn’t always with someone else makes me think it wasn’t well planned out.

    395. jason says:

      Alan Dershowitz:

      “Rittenhouse HAD to testify”

    396. lisab says:

      ” makes me think it wasn’t well planned out.”

      mmmmmmmkayyyyyyy …

      am i required to make a plan before i go to a public place?

      is my right to freely travel to a public going to be legally curtailed because i might offend someone by my presence?

    397. Tgca says:

      EVERY legal analyst in this case and other cases I’ve seen stated you NEVER put a murder client on the stand when you’re winning, as you open your client to many challenges you don’t wish to have. This was the consensus by numerous legal analysts watching this case, including other former prosecutors as it was being streamed.

      The prosecutor bombed big time and his own witnesses failed him so he appeared ill-prepared and the defense is lucky the judge saved them a few times because it could have gone very different with another judge.

      It appeared the prosecutor was not prepared for Rittenhouse to be on the stand and it was speculated that he was trying to drag this out to lunch so he could then prepare because it was not expected the defendant would testify and the defense called him at the last minute as a surprise to all.

      The defense did not do a good job either. They we’re missing key objections and the judge stepped in a number of times. That was the main point of legal analysts.

      This should never have gone to trial but it did so chances are Rittenhouse will not be convicted for murder. He could still be found guilty of reckless endangerment and illegal possession of arms or whatever the exact charge they are using on him possessing the firearm he was not legally able to have.

    398. lisab says:

      if the city decides, “this is out of control, no one is allowed in this area from sundown to sunset”, or whatever time is appropriate …


      it is enforced for all people, ok.

      but why does it seem there are some people more equal than others?

    399. Tgca says:

      I’m surprised Dershowitz believes a defendant who appears to be winning a case has to testify as he is usually very cautious with protecting defendants from unnecessary challenges.

      Perhaps this prosecutor and defense were not ready for the big time.

      It’s been reported this prosecutor has a pretty good success rate and has been in front of this judge a few hundred times over the years.

      It’s also been noted that most of the cases they found on this prosecutor were not complex criminal cases, like misdemeanors. No murder ones that were noted. Could be he does not have experience with murder cases either, especially when he was corrected on “hollow bullet ” comments he made.

      I’m sure a lot will come out on this later as it was a disastrous day for the prosecutor, as the judge definitely saved the day for Rittenhouse.

    400. Tgca says:

      Toobin is an IDIOT to remind others about idiotic behavior as he will NEVER live down his own IDIOTIC behavior.

      CNN puts itself in a bad position by having him as a legal analyst to question others’ behaviors because it will always come back on him as the “pot calling the kettle black.”

      He is the wrong person to question the behaviors of others. The internet is exploding making fun of him again today.

    401. Tgca says:

      Here we go again.

      Fed judge in Austin overrules TX Governor on school mask bans.

      A federal judge Wednesday ordered a halt to the enforcement of Texas’ ban on mask mandates in the state’s schools.

      U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel ruled in Austin the ban ordered by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott violated a federal law protecting disabled students’ access to public education. The nonprofit advocacy group Disabled Rights Texas argued Abbott’s ban prohibited accommodations for disabled children particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

    402. Cash Cow TM says:


      But…there are several hundred thousand mail-in absentee ballots that still have to be processed.

    403. GF says:

      Can we stop addressing Rittenhouse as a “boy” or child? He’s not 9, he’s 17, and he stood up not only for his own rights, but those of others as he stepped up to protect their property from the wanton destruction that children twice his age or better wanted to visit upon the innocents in their rage and bloodlust. The only “boys” that night were in Antifa garb; Kyle Rittenhouse is twice the man any of those thugs could ever hope to be. He may have some maturing to do to round off his rough edges, but this “kid” gets it. As for him breaking down and sobbing, I invite any of you to kill another human being and not be impacted by it. Lord knows I’ve spent years talking to professionals to dispel the guilt that comes with that.

      And Lisa is absolutely correct; law enforcement should have been on the scene dispersing that crowd. If they were overwhelmed, then the responsibility was on the Governor to call in the National Guard to assist. Barring any show of force like that being present, it falls to citizens to protect themselves by whatever means they have available. If any individual in power is responsible, it’s Gov. Evers for not ordering his fellow traveling goons to either stand down OR send in the troops and LE after them.

    404. NYCmike says:


      I didn’t mean it in a bad way to call Kyle a “boy” or “child”. My own son was 16 at the time, and I was looking at the situation through the lens of would I have gone with my son to such an event??

      If I had gone to help people defend that place, I would have sent my son with my wife to safety, at that point.

    405. Tgca says:


      I disagree strongly. 17 is a teen, legally still a child. He seems to have some issues in desperately wanting to belong or be involved or be a hero in issues a 17 year-old should not be involved in an unsupervised manner, especially since he seems to have an unusual interest or obsession with guns at a young age including pictures on his profile of posing with automatic weapons. I saw the picture and his caption was “I just wanna be famous.” This should be alarming to any parent.

      Unfortunately, he comes from a broken family and it appears his mom may not have had control over him and his dad was absent from his everyday life, being divorced from his mom with past alcohol, drug, and domestic violence issues that previously involved the law.

      Too often young men get lost on this road without a constant father figure and a single mom who has no control over them, as his mom was previously struggling financially, as has been reported as well.

      Underage teens should not be traveling out of state with weapons they are not of legal right to own or operate with the intent of playing cop.

      I agree he defended himself and should not have been charged with murder but he may be guilty of reckless endangerment and other lesser charges against him.

      The fact that others were at the riots causing mischief and crime is not relevant to his case. If he is violating the law by breaking curfews, driving without a license, illegally possessing a firearm, crossing state lines as a minor overnight with weapons, etc then there is something seriously wrong here.

      It is not the responsibility of a teen to go and protect others’ property in another state. That is absurd! To encourage that in “teens at risk” borders on encouraging vigilante behavior.

      Too often we see people try to take it upon themselves to get involved where the law enforcement should be that ultimately leads to bad outcomes. This reminds me of the George Zimmerman case where the ‘wannabe cop” evidently created an environment that led to a death that would otherwise not have occurred if he just minded his business.

      Kyle Rittenhouse is NOT a hero! He appears to be a desperate or troubled teen who became a victim of a violent assault but he put himself in that situation and we should be asking where his parents are that they allow him these unsupervised freedoms at such a young age.

      Too often these situations lead to unfortunate outcomes so let’s hope this is a hard lesson to him and that he gets the right mentorship to have a good life.

      I ask if it is normal for any parent to let their underage teen son engage in these same activities, especially since teen boys are often at great risk in this day and age.

    406. Tgca says:

      I grew up with a number of very of troubled teens that due to poor parenting got themselves into the wrong crowds and situations at times.

      I had one family member that ended up in jail for manslaughter because of a night of underaged drinking, smoking pot and being unsupervised that led to an unfortunate violent altercation and a resulting death of another family member teen.

      Male teens, especially minorities or those from broken homes are at greatest risk in our society. Many of them are lost and act out to belong because they don’t have much else going on. We need to better protect these at risk groups and get them on the right track or these types of incidents will continue.

    407. GF says:


      I’m not saying that he’s not troubled, hence why I believe that he still has maturing to do. But when the chips are thrown down, and my choice is between Kyle Rittenhouse and the jerkoff school cop that abandoned those kids at Parkland, who do you think I’m going to want in the foxhole with me?

      I refuse to accept that 17 year olds should be coddled as children, this is how we get 35 year old men playing video games and not tending to their families. My grandfather was conscripted at 15 and fought the Russians on the Eastern front (he missed the beginning of the Galician campaign, but stayed there until he went to the Italian front and participated at Caporetto). He joined the cavalry and eventually became a Captain in the army before he went to a Soviet gulag for three years. Now, I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, much less a “child,” but American kids are being done a disservice when we don’t expect them to grow up on schedule and be prepared to become functioning adults the day they turn 18.

      It used to be that an 18 year old MAN would go to the local factory or mine once they graduated HS, and became self supporting young men, usually married within a couple of years and a child on the way. I scoff at the idea that the p*ssies being thrown to the wolves by out me sh*tty educational system can do that, I know because I’ve seen them in uniform.

    408. Tgca says:


      I don’t disagree with any of that.

      I think young men need a structured or trustworthy mentor to help set them on the right path but one mob against another mob is also not the answer when we have law enforcement that is responsible for keeping order.

      I also agree that an 18 year-old today may not be as mature as 18 year-old decades ago that was expected to become responsible instead of playing video games but again, I blame the parents mostly for not taking the time to instill in their children the appropriate values and guidance.

      But I also think teens and young men are our greatest risk in society and we should find ways to help them channel their energy positively.

    409. jason says:

      “Rittenhouse is from Antioch, Illinois, a 20-mile drive from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was absolutely not “abandoned” to anything except the white supremacist militia ideology that told him shooting Black protesters was a virtuous pursuit.”

      It is comments like this by the MSM that show how lucky Rittenhouse was none of his attackers were black.

    410. jason says:

      I’m surprised Dershowitz believes a defendant who appears to be winning a case has to testify as he is usually very cautious with protecting defendants from unnecessary challenges.”

      He said it is more common for self defense cases to testify, as the jury wants to hear the defendants make the case themselves.

    411. Bitterlaw says:

      Thank you to our Veterans – Marv, GF and Jason – for their service and sacrifice in defense of liberty. I apologize if I missed any other HHR Veterans.

    412. Phil says:

      I want to add my appreciation for the veterans on this site and throughout the nation. Thank you for your service to our nation.

    413. Bitterlaw says:

      Also thank you to Walt who has served in every American conflict going back to the French and Indian War. He said Washington really F’ed up in starting that war.

    414. jason says:

      Kyle Rittenhouse is NOT a hero!”

      Nobody here said he was.

      But neither do I agree with the “he is an idiot” and “shouldn’t have been there” memes.

      I agree with GF. People his age join the Marines and go to war. They get jobs, some get married and start families. He is no “child”.

      It seems to me he embarked on a mission he thought was going to be helpful to the community. There is no evidence he intended his mission to be shooting anybody. In the end, he put himself in a position where he was on the street with a gun surrounded by hostiles bent on harming him. So he might have been reckless and made some wrong decisions that put him in that position. He might have thought his AR-15 afforded him more protection than it did. Had he not known how to use it, and using an AR-15 does require training, he would have been dead.

      He and others did “have a right to be there”, and people like him probably did a lot of good preventing fires and protecting businesses. Doesn’t make them heroes or idiots.

      It is easy to be critical of the parents. But when my sons were 18 if they had decided to take a car and some of my weapons to a riot, they could have easily done so. Yes, I would hope they were educated such they wouldn’t do that, but in reality I couldn’t have stopped them. Anymore than I could have stopped them from joining the Marines.

    415. Phil says:

      Rittenhouse is not an idiot?

      Wait a second! Are you sure? No less an authority on idiocy than Jeffrey Tobin says he is!

    416. jason says:

      I watched and interview the other day with the mother of one of the Columbine killers Sue Kleebold. She is a motivational speaker now. She said the one question she gets at every meeting, every airport, anywhere she is recognized is “how could you not have known”. She says she didn’t know.

      Sue was from a prominent and very wealthy Jewish family in Ohio. She was highly educated. So was her husband, a geophysicist. They were opposed to firearms in the house. They had an older son who was in college and “normal”.

      I always believed the parents were morons. How could your kids buy an arsenal and assemble bombs in the basement, post threatening social media posts, etc. without the parents knowing.

      After watching the interview with Sue Kleebold, I changed my mind. The depth and intensity of her son’s dark side was not predictable.

    417. jason says:

      Sources: Manchin may delay Biden social spending plan over inflation”

      Hope springs eternal.

    418. Phil says:

      Joe Scarborough went off on the judge this morning over his “conduct” presiding over the trial. Lol

      What the hell happened to Joe Scarborough anyway? P*ssy whipped by his leftist wife?

    419. Tgca says:

      I agree the radical left and many in the MSM want to crucify Rittenhouse because they perceive his politics are not theirs. I bet you if he were a minority with different politics they would be saying otherwise and showing sympathy and compassion for him defending himself against white thugs.

      I agree a parent can’t know everything their child is doing but evidently there were signs there from past issues. Some parents, regardless of race or class, make an effort to be more involved in their children’s lives so I think that is a factor too. I know of some parents who monitor what their children watch, social media, computer usage, extracurricular activities, etc to ensure they have an understanding of what’s going on even though it may cause some conflict with their kids at times. It’s called good parenting. But often being a single parent without a father figure for a teen boy can make that difficult as well.

    420. Tgca says:

      Ok. What’s up with these auto spelling corrects?

      I go to type in “radical left” and it replaces “radical” with “Radnor” before I’m done typing the words.

      Honest, no chit!

      Does Apple know something we don’t?

    421. jason says:

      Manchin will love this:

      “U.S. climate envoy John Kerry predicts the U.S. will cease burning coal by the year 2030”

    422. Tgca says:


      I saw that last night.

      The Biden BBB plan has a contingency for that because Biden is always prepared with contingencies (think Afghanistan).

      BBB has a provision to fund training for coal miners to become computer programmers.

    423. Tina says:

      The jebots and looms are upset with the judge’s cell phone ring tone.

      They are sick.

    424. DW says:

      IPSOS/Reuters resorts to just polling ‘Adults’ to see if they can get Biden job approval in the black…but its still 46/49.

      A much better barometer is the likely voter samples of Rasmussen and Susquehanna, showing Biden 41/58 and 36/52.

    425. jason says:


      Reminds me of when Dukakis told IA farmers to plant Belgian endive.

    426. jason says:

      I think it is unfair to Biden to just poll in the US.

      He should be evaluated by his global approval rating, and supposedly he has high approval ratings in Namibia, Madagascar and Tuvalu.

    427. jason says:

      BLM promises “bloodshed” in NYC if anti-crime police units return”


    428. Dylan says:

      The GOP still has no coherent strategy to counter the MSM and Big Tech. Lawsuits that are going to take years to resolve? Pah-leese Check out yahoo news or MSN news—on line–every story is AT WORST neutral on Biden and most are negative on GOP. This is how most of the electorate gets its news. the old guard leadership doesn’t “get it.”

    429. Marv says:

      # 420 Bitterlaw,

      Thank you sir. It was my honor.

    430. Tgca says:

      Ah! A wet dream for the HHR fascists.

      This guy just me be their 2nd favorite fascist to come out of Austria.

      Segregation: Austria Threatens to Lock Down Unvaccinated Citizens

      “I don´t see why two-thirds should lose their freedom because one-third is dithering,” Schallenberg said. “For me, it is clear that there should be no lockdown for the vaccinated out of solidarity for the unvaccinated.”

    431. Tgca says:


      Per Apple auto correct

      May = me

      Radical = Radnor

    432. jason says:


      “Binger: “I asked you why you brought the gun. You said you needed it for protection. I said, ‘Protection against what?’ You said that you didn’t think you needed protection. I’m confused. Can you help me understand why you’re telling us you needed a gun for protection but you didn’t think you needed protection?

      Rittenhouse, who is apparently lightyears ahead of Binger in IQ: “I brought the gun for my protection but what I was saying is I didn’t think I would have to use the gun and end up defending myself.”

    433. jason says:

      “I don´t see why two-thirds should lose their freedom because one-third is dithering,” Schallenberg said.”

      Dang, Meldrim and the other HHR fascists are going to have an orgasm.

    434. Tgca says:

      Be a good witness? Really? Why? LA won’t prosecute them anyways…but you may be arrested and prosecuted for assaulting a robber assaulting you just to punish you for not complying with LAPD guidelines when being robbed.

      LAPD Advises City Residents to ‘Cooperate and Comply’ with Robbers

      Point five on the release says, “If you are being robbed, do not resist the robbery suspects; cooperate and comply with their demands. Be a good witness.”

    435. Tgca says:

      Well, this deplorable is off to Walmart.

      I might stop by Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods too and see all my socialist white comrades with dreadlocks, tattoos and nose rings.

    436. Meldrim says:

      Jason, GFY. I have stated repeatedly and unambiguously that I oppose COVID vaccine mandates from any government. If you’re upset that a private business won’t let you walk in when in violation of the rules that the owners put in place, then boo f’n hoo, take your business elsewhere. I will support private businesses over Big Government every day and twice on Sunday, and while I hope that vaccine-mandating businesses go bankrupt for their stupidity, I won’t sic government brownshirts on them like you and your Sendero Luminoso crew want to do.

    437. Meldrim says:

      In case anybody here had any doubts about this, we’re going to need a better GOP candidate to jump into the NH Senate race:

      This line says it all:

      “He was a lousy candidate when he was sane,” one NHGOP insider told NHJournal. “Running as a lunatic isn’t much of an improvement.”

    438. jason says:

      Bitter will be here later.

      It is a 5 hour round trip to the nearest Kmart, hopefully with good traffic.

    439. jason says:

      Jason, GFY. I have stated repeatedly and unambiguously that I oppose COVID vaccine mandates from any government.”


      But you favor the same fascist vaccine mandates by private businesses under the misguided theory that they should have the right to demand papers and discriminate against the unvaccinated and those with natural immunity.

      Once a fascist always a fascist.

      “then boo f’n hoo, take your business elsewhere\”

      Yeah, that worked out great for the Jews in Nazi Germany, didn’t it?

    440. jason says:

      Meldrim, who is enamored with the Nazi “show me your papers” meme, accuses me of being a Sendero Luminoso communist.

      Actually, maybe when Meldrim’s dream comes true, when all businesses are government owned, it will be a lot easier to implement his fascist “show me your papers” fantasy.

      Every business owner will have the “freedom” to discriminate. Those that don’t, boo hoo, will be sent to re-education camps, so of course they have what Meldrim calls “choices”.

    441. jason says:

      If you’re upset that a private business won’t let you walk in when in violation of the rules that the owners put in place”


      – No Jews allowed
      – No Republicans allowed
      – No foreigners allowed
      – No Christians allowed
      – No Blacks allowed

      What is the problem? Aren’t business owners allowed to make up their own “rules’?

    442. jason says:

      The chief Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday that climate change and China are “equally important” threats to the United States, adding that it “doesn’t do anybody good” to make a “relative” assessment of national security issues”


    443. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The Rittenhouse Judge is quite the character!

      Jack Posobiec ??

      The judge just broke for lunch and said “Let’s hope our Asian food isn’t stuck on one of those ships along the Long Beach harbor”

    444. jason says:

      Awwwwww…Stevie finds out there is no honor among thieves…

      “After fake-Charlottesville stunt, Lincoln Project’s Steve ‘Generational Wealth’ Schmidt runs away from group he founded. Dirty trick was ‘recklesslessly stupid,’ ‘dishonest,’ ‘cheap,’ says Schmidt. I had nothing to do with it! Not me! Learned about it on the news, just like you!”

    445. jason says:

      Actually, I think it was a good stunt IF the participants had been honest about who they were from the outset.

      Then the headline would have been “Lincoln Project shows up to Youngkin event to showcase racism or whatever”.

      But by retweeting their own stunt and allowing it to be retweeted as something that it wasn’t, THAT was the dishonest stupidity.

    446. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Is there any health condition/disease for which you would give any discretion to a business owner?

    447. NYCmike says:

      Hmmmm, no answer to #456 yet…….something stuck in the A-Hole?

    448. jason says:

      Jason – Is there any health condition/disease for which you would give any discretion to a business owner?”

      No. If you can’t run a business without discrimination you shouldn’t be running a business.

      And let’s get real. The percentage of businesses where the owner has to physically be in the business AND cannot protect himself in any manner AND has some sort of high risk condition AND cannot have someone else handle exposure with customers is very small.

      Plus we know “show me your papers” doesn’t really work anyway, vaccinated people can spread the virus too. So if you are that much at risk, you shouldn’t be exposed to customers at all.

      “Show me your papers” should not be an option for “protection” of anyone that interacts with customers.

      I know, you are always on the fence and want to have it both ways. But discrimination is always reprehensible and despicable.

    449. jason says:

      But if you want the short answer:


    450. jason says:

      Hmmmm, no answer to #456 yet…….something stuck in the A-Hole?”

      Damm, HHR is a tough place.

      You don’t even get 2 minutes to answer.

    451. jason says:

      If you’re upset that a private business won’t let you walk in when in violation of the rules that the owners put in place”


      – No Jews allowed
      – No Republicans allowed
      – No foreigners allowed
      – No Christians allowed
      – No Blacks allowed

      What is the problem? Aren’t business owners allowed to make up their own “rules’?

      Btw, where is the answer to this?

      Isn’t NYC going to say “if its a health issue then its different and its ok”?

    452. jason says:

      So Bitter I answered your question, now answer mine.

      Is it ok for businesses to demand to see your papers to enter or not?

      Yes or no?

    453. Bitterlaw says:


    454. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 36%
      Disapprove 52%
      800 LV, 11/1-9

    455. jason says:

      Ok so we finally agree.

      A-holes can stretched but not broken.

    456. DW says:

      Biden Job Approval:

      Approve 100%
      Disapprove 0%

      11/3-10/2021, Sample of 500 likely voters who work for CNN.

    457. jason says:

      This prosecutor is really something. “Biased against rioters”.

      “Prosecutor: “Your videos that you have captured of these incidents that you call ‘riots’ they’re very slanted against the people who are rioting. You characterize them as ‘Antifa, BLM rioters.’ Correct?”

      : “Because they are rioting in the footage, yes absolutely.”

    458. NYCmike says:

      “Is it ok for businesses to demand to see your papers to enter or not?”

      -Every person delivering must have a Bill Of Lading to get in……I must be a fascist!

    459. NYCmike says:

      Businesses can demand certain dress codes.

      Dress codes aren’t fascist.

    460. Bitterlaw says:

      I forget where Jason came down on the gay wedding cake issue.

    461. Tina says:

      The prosecutes is trying to get a mistrial.

      So they can re try the case.

      They know they lost.

    462. lisab says:

      I forget where Jason came down on the gay wedding cake issue.

      he was in favour of allowing the baker to not bake a wedding cake for homosexuals

    463. DW says:

      The idea that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been there is just as irrelevant to the trail as is the fact that one of the men who died was a registered sex offender and the other a domestic abuser.

    464. Tina says:

      The jebots want to disqualify the judge for praising veterans (Vera s Day) as court started

    465. Tina says:

      The protesters should not have been there. The police should have done something, but listened to the partisan Drat mayor and stood down.

      I know many in the National Retreat Online and the Russian collusioners don’t see it that way,

    466. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      470. Agree NYCMike, there are are no civil rights protections for not being vaccinated (with the possible exception of a religious or other limited exemptions). In fact would assume almost all posters on this board have been required to take mandatory vaccinations to attend school, and possibly other times in their lives as well. A Supreme Court ruling about century ago upheld the right of a town to require all its residents to be vaccinated for smallpox:

      Here is a online legal summary of where things stand now:

      “In general, two key Supreme Court decisions speak to the authority of state and local officials to issue vaccine mandates. Generally, these decisions concluded that these governments may tell people to get vaccines, unless they belong to an exempt group, or face a penalty. In 1905, the Supreme Court ruled in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts that under a state law local health authorities could compel adults to receive the smallpox vaccine. Henning Jacobson refused a free smallpox vaccination that was mandated by the city of Cambridge; he was fined five dollars as a result. Jacobson argued the vaccination law violated his 14th Amendment due process rights.

      Justice John Marshall Harlan, writing for court’s majority, concluded that states under their general police powers had the ability to enact vaccine laws to protect citizens. Police powers allow a state to pass laws to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. “It is for the legislature, and not for the courts, to determine in the first instance whether vaccination is or is not the best mode for the prevention of smallpox and the protection of the public health,” Harlan wrote.

      The second decision, Zucht v. King in 1922, arrived at a similar conclusion. San Antonio, Texas, excluded students from public and private schools who were not vaccinated for smallpox. This included the challenger in the case, Rosalyn Zucht. Her attorneys argued the vaccine policy violated Zucht’s 14th Amendment due process rights. Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in the Court’s decision that “long before this suit was instituted, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, had settled that it is within the police power of a state to provide for compulsory vaccination.”

      I disagree with governmental vaccine mandates, and have posted often about why I believe the current vaccines have failed in their intended purpose. But the law regarding the ability of government to mandate vaccines is what it is.

    467. lisab says:

      do you know how many veterans have used guns?

    468. Cash Cow TM says:

      More from the book Cow is writing:

      “I was an EXPLORER riding a BRONCO along with a TRAILBLAZER on a COLT and a RANGER atop his MUSTANG in a CARAVAN on an EXPIDITION–a JOURNEY–trudging through the FRONTIER. We had missed the TORNADO, but were caught in an AVALACHE. We were on EDGE. There was no JOY and I knew we had to BOLT from this REGAL mess –to ESCAPE. I was not CAVALIER, but could not FOCUS. Were we on the EQUATOR, the EQUINOX or EVEREST? I knew we must ENDEAVOR to ESCAPE. A SUNBEAM of light exposed a VIPER–which we shot with a DART!”

    469. Cash Cow TM says:

      On the “Man-made Glowbull Warming issue…

      Has any of the crack(ed) MSM done a study of comparing the pollution levels of:

      –a typical 1970 car or truck with a typical 2021 car/truck/SUV?

      –a typical coal fired power plant in 1970 vs. a typical coal fired power plant today

      –other comparisons of major man-made pollutants then and now?

    470. NYCmike says:

      ““In general, two key Supreme Court decisions speak to the authority of state and local officials to issue vaccine mandates.”

      -State & local is key here, to me. The federal government should NOT be involved in mandates of this kind. I would also add that the state or local government should pass legislation, not have the executive office issue diktats from “CG”‘s house.

      And as Meldrim has stated MANY times, his comment had to do with individual restaurant owners without any support from the state. jason and Tgca keep projecting their bigotry onto him.

    471. NYCmike says:

      “he was in favour of allowing the baker to not bake a wedding cake for homosexuals”

      -Just to clarify……wasn’t the issue if the baker would do a special order for the couple? I thought they were free to buy anything that the store made in the normal scope of their business, but any extra details they would have to work out for themselves.

      Please correct me if incorrect. (I feel like I have asked this question before).

    472. Bitterlaw says:

      The baker made wedding cakes. He would not make one for a wedding between 2 gay people. I supported the baker’s decision.

    473. Tina says:


      The Columbia Bugle Flag of United States
      Prosecutor: “Your videos that you have captured of these incidents that you call ‘riots’ they’re very slanted against the people who are rioting. You characterize them as ‘Antifa, BLM rioters.’ Correct?”

      : “Because they are rioting in the footage, yes absolutely.”

    474. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      481. Unfortunately I may have sparked that diatribe.

      I brought up a friend of mine who is in his mid-70’s and has some health issues. He owns a restaurant, and now requires proof of vaccination for indoor dining, but not for the outside patio areas. Accusations were made this was a civil rights violation, which was not true as the courts have consistently found it is not a civil right to be unvaccinated.

      Agree, state and local governments should be authorized to make the decisions. The federal government should keep out of it. Given massive shortcomings of the present vaccines, any government requirement that they be mandated borders on the absurd.

    475. NYCmike says:

      Looked it up. This says the baker would have sold them anything he made in the course of normal business, but would not do a custom job.

      “Craig and Mullins visited Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, in July 2012 to order a wedding cake for their return celebration. Masterpiece’s owner Jack Phillips, who is a Christian, declined their cake request, informing the couple that he did not create wedding cakes for marriages of gay couples owing to his Christian religious beliefs, although the couple could purchase other baked goods in the store. Craig and Mullins promptly left Masterpiece without discussing with Phillips any of the details of their wedding cake.[2]:?2? The following day, Craig’s mother, Deborah Munn, called Phillips, who advised her that Masterpiece did not make wedding cakes for the weddings of gay couples[2]:?2? because of his religious beliefs and because Colorado did not recognize same-sex marriage at the time.[3][2]:?1–2?”

    476. Victrc says:

      Happy Veterans Day to my fellow HHR Vets. God. Less you for your service to our amazing country. Without y’all our great Republic would never have been…or still be the greatest nation ever.

    477. NYCmike says:

      -Greta Thunberg may be producing clones of herself!

      “How dare you!” they all shouted!

    478. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      482. -Just to clarify……wasn’t the issue if the baker would do a special order for the couple?

      That is my impression too, and I believe the baker was completely within his rights to refuse to do so.

    479. Tina says:

      Hopefully, the Republican leadership does something.
      · 23m
      JUST IN – White House was “actively engaged” with the National School Board Association before it sent a letter to the Biden admin asking the FBI to investigate outspoken parents and likening them to domestic terrorists (NY Post)

    480. Wes says:

      Just checking in for a moment:

      Happy Veterans’ Day to all our veterans on here.

    481. lisab says:

      most wedding cakes are special orders, they are not off the shelf items

      the baker normally provided that service to other couples

    482. lisab says:

      that is, it was not a case that the baker did not bake wedding cakes, and the baker said, “sorry, i don’t bake wedding cakes”

      it was a case where the baker regularly baked wedding cakes — to the couple’s specs — and refused to on religious grounds

      had the baker just not been in the business of baking wedding cakes, it would not have been an issue at all

    483. Tgca says:

      Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow veterans at HHR.

    484. Tgca says:

      I don’t recall the exact language but Kennedy made it clear in the opinion that they ruled for the baker NOT because it was his protected religious right to discriminate in baking cakes but because the city discriminated against his religious rights by being hostile to his religion and holding him to standards that others groups were not held to during the review process that ensued due to his refusal to bake cakes for gays.

      Baking a cake is no more art than a chef preparing a wedding party dinner so if you agree with the baker then you must agree a restaurant can refuse to serve gays as well based on their religious beliefs.

      Had the bakers been gay and refused to bake a cake for a very religious couple, the SCOTUS decision would have come down the same way had the city treated them hostile to their views as well. The decision NEVER gave a green light to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

      My view has always been that when you are provided a license to operate a business, then you must comply with local and states laws to continue operating that business unless you can show you are discriminated against unfairly; you don’t get to pick and choose which laws to follow.

      Below is a legal summary of that opinion from SCOTUSblog.

      Although Phillips prevailed today, the opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy rested largely on the majority’s conclusion that the Colorado administrative agency that ruled against Phillips treated him unfairly by being too hostile to his sincere religious beliefs. The opinion seemed to leave open the possibility that, in a future case, a service provider’s sincere religious beliefs might have to yield to the state’s interest in protecting the rights of same-sex couples, and the majority did not rule at all on one of the central arguments in the case – whether compelling Phillips to bake a cake for a same-sex couple would violate his right to freedom of speech.

    485. Tgca says:

      I’m a devout Catholic but I do not agree with religious freaks that twist and bend individual passages in the Bible to their needs where they interpret it in extreme context.

      Where in the Bible does it say you can’t bake a cake for gays?

      Phillips was using Bible passages against homosexuality to extrapolate to his personal conjured up beliefs and how he thought they applied to him.

      One can easily use other Bible passages to conjure up interpreted beliefs so they could:

      Discriminate against other religions
      Deny women rights
      Enforce slavery
      Deny divorced people rights
      Engage in polygamy
      Take young adolescent girls as wives
      Beat children
      Sacrifice animals in public
      Take vengeance on another
      …the list goes on and on

      We have laws that basically say “we will not tell you that you can’t choose and practice your religion but there are limits in which you can practice religion” if it conflicts with local, state, and federal laws for the good of society.

      There is a lot of gray here that the courts usually have to interpret.

    486. Wes says:

      With Sununu out, Republicans seem to be coalescing around a solid B-list candidate:

    487. Cash Cow TM says:

      Fishing the Intertube, I found this as a partial answer to my question I posed in #480 above.

      “According to the EPA, cars are getting cleaner and cleaner. New cars today are capable of emitting 90% less air pollution on a per-mile basis than the unregulated models of 1970, and every year they are getting “cleaner”. The EPA has found that each year, the average car causes over 600 pounds of air pollution. Transportation sources (including highway and off-highway vehicles) now account for 77 percent of national total carbon monoxide emissions. Motor vehicle exhaust contributes about 60 percent of all carbon monoxide emissions nationwide. Approximately 3.8 grams of volatile organic compounds are emitted by every car every day, even when they are not driven.”

      …oookaay, if you say so…

      1 gram (g) is equal to 0.03527 ounces,
      so 3.8 grams would equal 0.134026 ounces of “volatile organic compounds” each day.

      So, in 365 days, a car today will produce 48.9 ounces of “volatile organic compounds” which 3.05 pounds/yr.

      Since cars today emit 90% less pollution, that means the average (pre-enviro regulated) car in 1970 produced about 30.5 pounds of these “volatile organic compounds (if Cow quick math is right).

      So part of the answer as to amount of pollution per year emitted by average cars is:


      in 1970: 30.5 pounds per year
      in 2021: 3.05 pounds per year.

    488. Cash Cow TM says:

      From EPA site:

      “The U.S. vehicle pollution control under the Clean Air Act is a major success story by many measures:

      New passenger vehicles are 98-99% cleaner for most tailpipe pollutants compared to the 1960s.

      Fuels are much cleaner—lead has been eliminated, and sulfur levels are more than 90% lower than they were prior to regulation.

      U.S. cities have much improved air quality, despite ever increasing population and increasing vehicle miles traveled.”
      COMPARISON 1980 to 2019:
      –GDP in the U.S.: up 182%
      –Vehicle miles travelled up 114%
      –energy consumption: up 28%
      –CO2 emissions: up 15%
      –aggregate emissions (six common pollutants) DOWN 71%
      Let me repeat that. DOWN 71%.

      So says the U.S. EPA
      “Compared to 1970 vehicle models, new cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are roughly 99 percent cleaner for common pollutants (hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particle emissions). New heavy-duty trucks and buses are roughly 99 percent cleaner than 1970 models.”
      “levels of lead in the air decreased by 94 percent between 1980 and 1999.”

    489. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Los Angeles, particulate pollution has declined almost 60 percent since 1970, extending life expectancy …”

    490. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Hey, Greta Thuneburg:

      “Today, on average, the PM 2.5 pollution that Americans are exposed to is only about one-third what it was in 1970.”

    491. Cash Cow TM says:

      Nitrous oxide emissions in U.S.:

      1970–27 million tons.
      2020– 8 million tons.
      GOOD JOB, America!

    492. Cash Cow TM says:


      2005: 6,007 million metric tons
      2020: 4,575 million metric tons
      23% reduction of CO2 in 15 years.
      DESPITE population growth, increase of GDP, etc.

    493. Cash Cow TM says:

      ” The number of deaths attributable to air pollution in the United States have dropped significantly in the past 30 years. In 1990, an estimated 103,700 lives were cut short due to air exposure, and by 2019 this figure had fallen to 60,200. PM2.5 pollution levels in the U.S. have been in decline since 1990. Particulate matter is the main cause of pollution related deaths.”

      This is a 42% drop in estimated deaths due to air pollution.

      42% DROP in 31 years.

    494. Cash Cow TM says:

      Hey Gretta!
      Read this.

      “China and the United States are the largest polluters in the world by far, having released 10.6 and 4.7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, respectively.

      Despite being the second-largest polluter, U.S. emissions have declined 16 percent since 2010. In comparison,

      China’s carbon dioxide emissions have increased by almost 25 percent.”

    495. Cash Cow TM says:

      What does the Intertube say about how much pollution is caused by each passenger vehicle in the U.S.?

      –3.05 pounds/yr. of “volatile organic compounds”

      OR it could be:
      –“The EPA has found that each year, the average car causes over 600 pounds of air pollution.”

      OR it could be:
      “The average passenger car emits 0.78 pounds of
      CO 2 per mile driven.”
      [which is 234 pounds/year for avg. car driven 12,000 miles/yr.]

      OR it could be fifty million other answers different answers you find on the Intertube.

      Cow gives up search.

    496. jason says:

      And as Meldrim has stated MANY times, his comment had to do with individual restaurant owners without any support from the state. jason and Tgca keep projecting their bigotry onto him.”

      Each time I think Schumer’s little lapdog b-tch could not debase himself further, he surprises once again.

      You have to be one sick bastard to make someone opposed to fascist “show me your papers” practices into a “bigot”.

    497. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Trump had said this, the liberal press would be screaming in outrage:

      “President Biden referred to the late baseball player Satchel Paige as “the great negro” before correcting himself during his Veterans Day address at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday.”

    498. jason says:

      NYCmike says:
      November 11, 2021 at 3:12 pm

      Businesses can demand certain dress codes.

      Dress codes aren’t fascist.”

      The stupidity of this false equivalency is astounding.

      Saying you cannot pee in the salad bar or walk in naked or masturbate at the table is not a mandate and is not discriminatory against any group of people. Offensive behavior is one thing. Fascist discrimination against unvaccinated persons or those with natural immunity by demanding papers to enter is another.

    499. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin is swimming ominously around the struggling Biden walrus, and will soon strike — will it be in the Ukraine? Baltics? Caucasus? He is not going to miss the opportunity presented by a demented U.S. President.

    500. jason says:

      lisab says:
      November 11, 2021 at 4:08 pm

      I forget where Jason came down on the gay wedding cake issue.

      he was in favour of allowing the baker to not bake a wedding cake for homosexuals”

      Not exactly how I worded it, he shouldn’t have to bake a special cake that went against his religious beliefs no matter who it was for.

      Which is different than saying he should be allowed to discriminate against gays entering his shop or buying whatever he normally has available for sale.

    501. Tgca says:

      NYC is an idiot to compare dress codes with papers requiring someone’s health status so they can be discriminated against.

      With Christmas around the corner, maybe his wife can get him a special addition of Mein Kampf.

    502. lisab says:

      or buying whatever he normally has available for sale.

      he normally made wedding cakes

    503. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Am sure most have seen the picture of Tuvalu’s representative to the Glasgow climate summit standing in the water to show how sea level rise will impact his island. He actually has nothing to fear:

      Looks great, totally misleading: Tuvalu’s foreign minister wades into water for climate speech
      But actual science shows Tuvalu ????????? land area 2.6% because of more accretion than loss from sea level rise.,

    504. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      516. The question marked word was “increased”. It was highlighted in the text, so posted as question marks.

    505. NYCmike says:

      You boys keep bringing up specific religions, colors. creeds, etc.

      Meldrim spoke about a health issue, which is not a protected class under the law, and he also specifically stated it wasn’t a state mandate he spoke of, but an INDIVIDUAL requirement to the one restaurant, similar to the scenarion laid out by SDC…….but you guys are welcome to keep projecting your bigoted attitudes onto others…..that’s fine.

    506. NYCmike says:

      I didn’t compare dress codes to anything.

      I made a statement that there are dress codes which discriminate against those who don’t abide by that dress code.

      In your world, there must be some fascist st-ff going on there.

      How about those restaurants that open ONLY for dinner on a Friday, totally racist towards observant Jewish people.

    507. jason says:

      I made a statement that there are dress codes which discriminate against those who don’t abide by that dress code.”

      Yeah, and barring people from peeing on the salad bar discriminates against people who pee on the salad bar?

      You really are one dumbass of a moron, geezus.

    508. lisab says:

      Gas prices in Finland today. Premium costs 2.039 euros per litre. Thats $8.849/gallon

    509. jason says:

      You boys keep bringing up specific religions, colors. creeds, etc.”

      No, we keep bringing up that fascism is fascism and discrimination is discrimination.

      Not that difficult to understand unless you are a moron.

      Oh wait….

    510. NYCmike says:

      Got it.

      Dress codes are anti-fascist.

      Health codes are white supremacist racist fascism.

    511. jason says:

      How about those restaurants that open ONLY for dinner on a Friday, totally racist towards observant Jewish people.”

      Hello? Are you really that stupid?

      That is not discrimination, anymore than restaurants that are only open for lunch aren’t discriminating against people who eat dinner.

      We are talking about demanding papers and barring entry to a certain group of people. THAT is discrimination.

      I am really amazed someone that (falsely, I know, anybody who is Chuck Schumer’s lapdog is not a really a conservative) thinks its ok to demand papers to enter a restaurant. You could at least pretend to be on the right side.

    512. jason says:

      Health codes are white supremacist racist fascism”

      Health codes? LOL.

      What health code? Now a restaurant owner can invent a “health code”?

      Fascism really is on the loose!

    513. Tgca says:


      Actually, ADA protects many health conditions including chronic stress and immunocompromised diseases including HIV, caused by a virus like Covid-19 so you are WRONG that the law doesn’t protect health issues.

      In fact, it is quite possible ADA protections could be extended to serious Covid-19 conditions in the near future because ADA generally will not cover temporary illnesses like the cold or flu but do cover more serious or permanent conditions caused by the flu such as lung damage which is also the case with Covid-19.

      HIPPA also protects people who get flu shots under an employer or private health insurance program so an employer can’t disclose any related information on flu illnesses of employees, and thus it is likely that will extend to Covid-19 at some point if people are treated under employer or private health plans even though POTUS is directing mandates that may temporarily deny such protection because of a ridiculous EMERGENCY EO that is not an actual emergency when tens of thousands attend stadium events or congregate in public.

      But we are NOT talking about a health condition, we are
      talking about PROVING you are vaccinated against a health condition and they are two different things, especially since vaccination DOES NOT provide protection against transmission of Covid-19.

      You are requiring a discriminating double standard here.

      Private businesses are NOT the legal authority on determining health policy. That is a governmental and legal issue to protect the good of society or we would be back to sweatshop days of having children work under horrendous unsafe conditions because business owners want to keep costs down for higher profits.

      Regardless of what you say, private businesses should not have the say-so in making healthcare decisions impacting the public because that is a VERY dangerous precedent and would result in inconsistent and potentially deadly ramifications.

      If you can’t understand this, you really are the moron and idiot many here claim you are.

      So GFY you fascist POS!

    514. Tgca says:

      The HHR fascists make the same argument racists made against AA in the 1950s.

      According to SCOTUS Justice Thurgood Marshall, bigots claimed separate facilities were not unreasonable in order to protect whites from diseases AA carried and could transmit to whites.

      Marshall argued it was not difficult to win against those racist arguments because AA cooked and cleaned and cared for the children of whites so if AA were allowed in your home then why did they need separate facilities because clearly they would most likely also spread disease in white’s homes caring for white families.

      This is the same argument being used by private businesses in the HHR fascist view. They are claiming the right to exclude people from fully participating in society because those people MAY transmit a disease even though its been proven, and even the CDC recognizes, both vaccinated and unvaccinated can equally transmit Covid, and at the same viral level as well.

    515. Cash Cow TM says:

      CO2 emissions from power plants in U.S.

      Year 2000: 5,776,410 kilotons of CO2
      Year 2018 4,981,300 kilotons of CO2
      (2018 was an actual INCREASE over each of the
      ANNAUL DECLINES for the preceding 4 years0

      A 14% decrease in 18 years.
      The PER CAPITA CO2 emissions in U.S.:

      A 25% DECREASE in 18 years.

    516. jason says:

      HHR fascists hardest hit.

      “The CDC admits that it has no documentation of an unvaccinated Covid recovered person spreading Covid.”

    517. Tgca says:

      I think we have proven over and over here the HHR fascists have made themselves look like bigoted idiots without an understanding of discrimination or health issues and related the law.

      These three HHR fascists can band together like the hateful bigoted Axis of Evil during WW2 and time will prove them ignorant bigots!

      Two of them in minority classes that would whine and scream discrimination if the fascist discrimination was against their protected minority classes.

    518. Cash Cow TM says:

      U.S. EPA says:

      “From 1995-2020, annual emissions of SO2 from power plants fell by 93 percent and annual emissions of NOX from power plants fell by 87 percent. In 2020, sources in both the CSAPR SO2 annual program and the ARP together emitted 0.79 million tons, a reduction of 11 million tons, or 93 percent, from 1995 levels.

      In 2020, sources in both the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) NOX annual program and the ARP together emitted 0.74 million tons, a reduction of 5.1 million tons, or 87 percent, from 1995 levels.”

      COMPARE 1995 to 2020 U.S. Power Plant air emissions:

      2020 SO2–FELL by 93% as compared to 1995 levels
      2020 NOX–FELL by 87% as compared to 1995 levels
      2020 CO2–FELL by 23% as compared to 1995 levels

      2000 SO2–11.2 million tons emitted while generating 2.48 Billion Mwh of power

      2018 SO2–0.79 million tons emitted while
      generating 2.36 Billion Mwh of power

      “Washington, D.C. February 25, 2021 – New EPA data shows that greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants plummeted 38 percent from 2005 to 2020, even more rapidly than the goals in the Obama-era Clean Power Plan and achieved more than a decade early.”

    519. Cash Cow TM says:

      Thanks to EVERYONE involved in the Cow Research Team who did the research and made the sharing of the data on U.S. automobile and power plant air pollution emissions possible.

    520. Cash Cow TM says:

      Based on the research of trends in air pollution levels, I think we can all agree that air pollution is racist.

      And the fact that the sun rises in the EAST (or on the RIGHT as you look at a map) shows that the sun is a right-wing, radical, hater of people of color.

    521. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Paul Krugman says voters shouldn’t be mad at Biden because he has no control over the price of gasoline, but that’s absurd: the US is the world’s largest producer of oil; Biden froze new oil/ gas leases in January; and he may open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices.

      One issue that seems to have influenced voters Tuesday was the price of gasoline — over which Biden has no control. Here’s US gas prices and the world price of oil (divided by 42 to make it a price per gallon)

    522. Tgca says:

      Karma? Maybe, maybe not.

      Canadian Cardiologist Who Said He ‘Won’t Cry at Funeral’ For “Selfish” Unvaccinated People Suddenly Dies in His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab

      He also posted derogatory comments about Americans, tweeting that we should call the vaccines “antibody guns” so Americans will start lining up for them.

      For a medical professional who is supposed to dedicate his career to saving lives and helping others, his posts shows he has no compassion and probably was in the wrong profession.

      I can see why many are showing him no compassion now in his death and some thinking this is karma or his comeuppance.

      His posts are forever memorialized for all to see and he will not be remembered fondly by many, and for that I feel sorry for his family that his arrogance and lack of compassion may cause them further pain while they grieve, as a good deal of folks do not mourn his passing because he came off as a d*ck.

    523. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Newsom, who has made climate change an integral part of his platform, had reportedly been preparing for the trip to Scotland for weeks.

      But in late October, his office issued a statement saying he had scuttled the trip, citing “family obligations.””

      So Newsom’s huge moment as a climate crusader, which could have laid the foundation for his political future, was schuttled because of his children’s request to go trick or treating on Halloween? And his Halloween night adventure was so strenous, he subsequently disappeared for two weeks to recover?

      Even the liberal media is having problems spinning this story in Newsom’s favor.

    524. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Both China and the U.S. are suffering from power blackouts. China is going to do something about it:

      There are still people who say nuclear energy has no future but China just announced it will spend nearly a half trillion dollars building 150 new reactors over the next 15 years. That’s more than the rest of the world has built over the last 35 years.

    525. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Breaks my heart! She’s like a cold that languishes! Sen. Lisa Murkowski(RINO-AK) will run for re-election. Her Kavanaugh NO vote is unforgivable!

    526. DW says:

      496: Of course you are confusing the interpretation of specific genres within the Scripture text. Narrative genre in Scripture is descriptive in nature, not prescriptive. These accounts describe what happened and illustrate, indirectly, truths directly taught elsewhere in Scripture. But because King David was a polygamist, does not mean that the Bible commends polygamy. The narrative genre describes what David did and how he lived, not offering it up as an example of how we should live.

      The more didactic portions of Scripture, law codes in the Old Testament, and the teachings of Christ and the Apostles in the New Testament are the genres that will provide the body of doctrinal truth upon which Christian faith is based.

      Most of the things you listed come from the narrative portions where bad people actually did these things, not that the Scriptures encouraged them–quite the reverse:

      Deny women rights
      Enforce slavery
      Engage in polygamy
      Take young adolescent girls as wives
      Beat children
      Take vengeance on another

      Now as to the last three things on the list:

      “Discriminate against other religions”

      Well, yeah, its a book about the Judeo-Christian faith, and Jesus said, “I am the Way, The Truth, and The Life…” So there is no other way to heaven. Man-made religions of the world are false, though the ethic found in Scripture is to treat people of other religions at a personal level with compassion so as to reach them. This is different from other religions where they are taught to reach them or kill them.

      “Deny divorced people rights” –Not sure where this comes into play. I cannot think of any narrative examples of this. But the clear teaching is that while God hates divorce, it is permissible in the situation where there is a non-Christian spouse who wishes to leave the marriage or where one party is engaged in fornication.

      “Sacrifice animals in public” — Absolutely they did this in the Old Testament. God commanded it so the Israelites would understand the serious nature of sin. But with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, this practice was ended.

      Finally, coming to the question of sexual relationships outside of marriage of a man and a woman, the Bible speaks to this in the DIDACTIC portions of the text. The teaching is clear and direct that homosexual activity is wrong, as is fornication (sex between a man and a woman outside of marriage). You may disagree, and that’s your right to do so, but your disagreement is with what the Bible clearly teaches. So someone who follows these Biblical teachings is a Christian–a Christ follower, not a “religious freak.”

    527. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe a Deadender won’t run in the Alaska GOP primary this time.

    528. Bitterlaw says:

      A DW-Tgca fight to start the weekend? Nice.

    529. Bitterlaw says:

      My view on religion is simple. Believe what you want. Don’t ask me to believe what you believe. If you need to blow people up for not believing what you believe, your beliefs must suck.

    530. DW says:

      Bitter…I am not interesting in fighting. Its a political blog. I have nothing personal against Tgca, and only wished to provide clarity on what the Bible says and doesn’t say. Too many people read the Bible as though it is all one genre, and thereby draw false conclusions.

    531. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – If Tgca wants to fight, it does not matter if you want to respond.

    532. DW says:

      Joe Biden called Satchel Paige “The Great Negro” of baseball.

      I am sure BLM folks will pour out into the streets in protest to the slur.

    533. jason says:

      Tgca knew someone called Jesus when he was a kid so I don’t know if I would argue with him.

    534. jason says:

      Did he say he was a “clean Negro”? Obama might get jealous.

    535. DW says:

      547 – no he didn’t specify, so the descendants of Paige will be outraged, because Biden’s slur suggests Paige was dirty, not clean.

    536. jason says:

      Maybe a Deadender won’t run in the Alaska GOP primary this time.”

      You mean like a guy who thinks East Germany is a model for “border protection?” because they shot everyone trying to get out and nobody was trying to get in?

    537. jason says:

      The rules have changed in AK however. There is no more party primary

      It is a ranked choice process top four candidates make it to the November ballot.

      It is possible that Murkowski and Tshibaka both make it to the November ballot, split the vote, and the Dem wins (unless 2 Dems also make it and split their vote too).

    538. jason says:

      Murkowski and Tshibaka should make a deal that whichever gets the least votes of the two in the “jungle primary” drops out.

      But of course they won’t.

    539. jason says:

      Poor Kinzinger, can’t sleep at night, there is a Trump monster under the bed.

      “I now believe that Trump could run again. My kind of dark possibility is that Trump runs in 2024, and it’s him against Kamala, and he wins.”

    540. jason says:

      The depth of the TDS is so profound that a “conservative Republican” would prefer a communist like Kamala to Trump.

      But anyone doubt that Amoral Scumbag and the Biden Troll would be here justifying their support for Kamala?

    541. Tgca says:


      My point is that religious freaks, and yes….as a Christian, I call people who interpret the Bible to extremes or purposely use it to discriminate against others or bring harm to them as religious freaks. Think the Westboro Baptist church.

      These types have a littered history for centuries with examples of using the Bible as an excuse to discriminate and bring harm to others and even wage wars.

      You cannot deny that, and it still goes on today.

      I agree there are parts of the Bible that are descriptive stories that are different from the word of God but I also know people use those stories as an excuse to bring harm to others so let’s not kid ourselves.

      Our society has legal doctrine to protect religious rights but only up to a point and not at the direct expense of the rights of others under the law.

      Regardless of what the Bible says, gay marriage and relationship status have local, state, and federal protected rights and the Bible or anyone’s interpretation should not violate those rights.

      That is what is at issue here. I think Philips is a religious freak! He will probably eventually lose unless the courts decide it’s ok to discriminate because someone believes something from the Bible which then opens the door for other religious freaks violating others’ rights like what radical Islam uses to defend Sharia Law since the Christian Bible is not the only religious right protected under the Constitution.

      Philips was provided a privilege to operate a business and therefore has to comply with the laws of that jurisdiction that allows him that privilege unless he can show it is violating his basic rights or else that privilege should be revoked. Operating a business is NOT a right, it’s a privilege in the US and those laws have been with us for a long time to protect the greater good of society.

      As legal scholars have made clear, the intent of the SCOTUS baker decision was NOT to say he had a right to discriminate based on religious grounds using his business license but instead it gave him relief because he was treated badly based on his religious views by the city council, and that was the correct decision in my view. The case had nothing to do with the right to bake a cake or not and it looked pretty clear that Kennedy was not coming down on agreeing on that issue with Philips.

      My view is if Philips refuses to make cakes for gays under a business license, then he should have his business license revoked and go somewhere else where those laws don’t exist. This crap about baking cakes is an art is absurd! If baking a cake is art because it’s an individual creation, then so is ordering a meal at a restaurant with specific instructions. Again, it’s absurd! Otherwise, every person who ever baked a cake or prepared a meal for someone is an artist.

      Like it or not, under US law, gay marriage is equal to heterosexual marriage. A straight couple married for 40 years have no more rights under the law then a gay couple married for 3 years. They are equal in the eyes of the law. Religious freaks have to accept that or they should be treated punitively if they discriminate against others just as those that discriminate against religious rights should be treated punitively.

    542. Tgca says:


      Jadon is correct.

      I did know Jesus when I was a kid. He later went to prison for robbing a church’s alms box and he also impregnated an underage girl. But as long as he sincerely repents, he will be forgiven…except by Bitter.

      I think Jesus would be appalled at Philips and ask him why baking a cake is so offensive.

      Jesus hung out with hookers, thieves and tax collectors, and since studies prove nearly 20% of people are of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, then it’s a rational conclusion that some of those apostles were limp-wristed as well.

      …and I’m sure Jesus would have hung out with lawyers too so that is proof positive he loved all types regardless and felt no one had the right to cast stones no matter how despicable those people were in the eyes of society.

    543. DW says:

      Jesus explained why he hung out with them (hookers, thieves and tax collectors)…it was because he came to help the sick–those who needed rescue, not to try to impress those who viewed themselves as self-righteous.

      I am not commenting on the cake issue, but clearly if one follows the teaching of Scripture, and its crystal clear statements on sex being sin outside the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman, then the one who follows these Biblical teachings is not a religious freak at all.

      I am not here to condemn you Tgca, as I am a sinner myself. But simply to point out what the Scriptures teach, and that there is a message of hope and redemption for everyone who trusts in Christ.

    544. Tgca says:

      By the way, there is no way to prove any of the words of God actually came from God himself or whatever of the 68+ genders exist. They are all stories related by man written down in the Bible many centuries ago.

      We who read the Bible choose to believe in it out of faith but we cannot know for certain if the doctrine is actually true word for word.

      Moses came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments from God so I guess Philips can refuse to bake cakes for those:

      That do not honor their parents
      Have cheated on their spouses
      Have had premarital sex
      Have lusted over others
      Don’t set aside Saturday or Sunday to worship or thank God
      Who have uttered the words Goddamit or Jesus f*ckin’ Christ – which is one of the 1st phrases Sewer State Catholics learn from parents
      Who are Buddhists or atheists that don’t believe in God

    545. DW says:

      Well, you cannot ‘prove’ as in Scientific observation, video recordings, etc., anything that happened in ancient times that was documented.

      However, Paul instructed Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”

      And Peter spoke of Old Testament prophecy saying, “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

      So the Bible itself claims these words were inspired, literally ‘breathed out’ by God. You can believe or not believe that God did this, but the Scriptures say that He did…the Bible is not ambiguous on this question at all.

    546. jason says:

      My view is if Philips refuses to make cakes for gays under a business license,”

      Sorry, Tgca is wrong here.

      He will make cakes for gays, just not custom cakes the way they want it if it is contrary to his religious beliefs.

      A car dealership cannot discriminate against gay people buying cars. But they can refuse to take an order to deliver a car in rainbow colors if its not part of their inventory.

    547. jason says:

      so I guess Philips can refuse to bake cakes for those:”

      He isn’t refusing to bake cakes.

      That is the problem with your logic. He is refusing to bakie a custom cake that is contrary to his religious beliefs.

      I am sure a gay person can buy any cake they want from this shop.

    548. jason says:

      I also take exception to calling Phillips a “religious freak”.


    549. Tgca says:


      I agree on the value of the Bible. I read it myself frequently and have a few scattered around the house with those little frilly tassels on favorite sections, and I even carried a miniature one in my briefcase in case I need to condemn and lecture senior management when they acted unGodly. I’m sure they appreciated me saving their souls…but I digress.

      I disagree with people using the Bible to justify certain actions which appear extreme. Philips is one of those people in my view.

      For the record, I defended him in the SCOTUS case, which I thought was the correct decision, because the city was hostile to him because he was religious instead of focusing on the conclusion he reached because of his religious views.

      I disagree with his conclusion and think it’s cherry picking because why not then deny cakes based on other grounds as well, especially any of the Ten Commandments.

      Lastly, I also find it repulsive that some radicals in the gay community go hunting down these people purposely to concoct hysteria and ruin their lives.

      In the end, we have to balance religious freedoms with laws that are meant for the good of society.

      God will determine who is and who is not right at some point but my guess that baking cakes for gays is not a major concern of God in the grand scheme of it all and unlike Bitter, God forgives.

    550. jason says:

      Should be 100%.

      “Fifty-seven percent (57%) believe it is accurate to call inflation a tax on the poor. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 23% disagree and 20% are not sure.

      Sixty-one percent (61%) of Republicans view inflation as a tax on the poor. So do 56% of Independent voters and 55% of Democrats. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of White voters share that view along with 56% of Hispanic voters and 50% of Black voters.

      A survey conducted last month found that 59% of voters nationwide believe increased government spending leads to inflation. Only 14% disagree.

      That survey also found that just 22% of voters want Congress and the President to increase federal spending next year. Thirty-nine percent (39%) want spending to be cut and 21% would like it to remain about the same. That finding reflects a marked change from a year ago when just 14% of voters wanted the government to stop spending more money.”

    551. Bitterlaw says:

      There are gay cars? I did see 2 guys in a pink VW Golf convertible once but never realized the statement they were making.

    552. Tgca says:



      I think you need to go back and read the court case and briefs and other related information, as they included information on this.

      His business included making custom cakes for weddings, as well as offering standard cakes for sales. Almost every cake made for a specialized event such as a birthday, wedding, ir anniversary are customized with a message. That was the issue here. He would do it for some and not others.

      It is not a major inconvenience to bake a cake that says “Happy Wedding Day to Jack and John” anymore than it is to customize cakes that say “Happy Wedding Day to Jack and Jane.”

      No one is arguing he would not sell them an uncustomized cake.

      Your car example doesn’t pass the test either since that would require a much more specialized manufacturing and ordering process including finding vendors to manufacture or offer such features which often are significantly more costly,

      Replacing names on a cake or message is not such a major inconvenience.

    553. DW says:

      Furthermore, I affirm that there have been many misrepresentations of Christianity down through the ages. Even during the life of the Apostles–Paul wrote to the Galatian churches a very harsh letter because they had invented their own gospel message and left the truth.

      Paul also wrote to the church at Corinth because they had lost their way on many points.

      The core message of Christianity is that ALL are sinners…no one can make it to heaven on the strength of their works. The invitation is there to repent of one’s sins, and trust Christ for salvation. I am not going to ‘put down’ or call names someone who is guilty of what the Bible calls sin, because all sin equally causes one to fall short. Every sinner equally needs the same work of mercy and grace that only Jesus Christ offers.

      So if I was to meet you in person Tcga, I would appeal to you to embrace Christ and receive His gift of salvation, and I would not ridicule you, because I am a fellow sinner in need of the same rescue.

    554. Tgca says:


      Sorry! I think Philips is a religious freak. I think anyone that goes way overboard beyond rational thought with religion is a religious freak even if they have good intent. If putting a message on a cake that is not deemed offensive or unethical by society’s standards offends him so much then he should probably find another profession in this day and age and not seek the privilege allowed him under the laws to operate a business in which those laws try to balance the good of society because he could easily refuse to bake a cake for a mother who has a child out of wedlock as well.

      I would like to know if Philips refuses to bake cakes for anyone that violates any of the Ten Commandments as well instead of just cherry-picking homosexuality.

    555. DW says:

      “not deemed offensive or unethical by society’s standards”

      See that’s the problem. This man wasn’t following society’s standards. His conscience was bothered by what God’s standard says about it. There are all kinds of things that are ‘legal’ by society’s standard that I personally would not want to be involved in, and that’s okay. We don’t all have to celebrate what others do. That’s the nature of a free society.

    556. Tgca says:


      I have already embraced Christ and have all my life, hence, the reason I practice my Catholic faith to the best I can even though we have a communist chitty Pope at this point.

      I accept we all sin and will always sin but I can’t fathom that Christ is going to say that being a homo alone bars you access to Heaven while a repeated adulterer can step right up and enter through the pearly gates.

      I just don’t accept that and that makes no sense to me.

      The Bible was written more than a millennia ago and it’s no doubt that the times had much to do with what is stated and how it’s stated in the Bible so I don’t generally refer to it literally and also don’t go overboard with interpreting it, especially as it pertains to others.

    557. DW says:

      “I can’t fathom that Christ is going to say that being a homo alone bars you access to Heaven while a repeated adulterer can step right up and enter through the pearly gates.”

      I agree with you that this is a false understanding. Both of these examples the Bible calls sin, and both will cause one to fall short of Heaven.

      One of these is not more impressive to God than the other. However each of these can be forgiven and covered by the sacrifice of Christ, so that by His grace anyone guilty of any sexual sin can be forgiven and enter heaven.

      And my guess is that every person has been guilty of some sexual sin. Jesus said that if in your thoughts you lust after someone you are guilty of sin…that’s the point…ALL need the same repentance and the same trust in Christ for salvation.

    558. jason says:

      Replacing names on a cake or message is not such a major inconvenience.”

      Silly red herring.

      Nobody is arguing whether it is an inconvenience or not and neither is the baker.

      The point is does making this type of custom cake violate his religious beliefs. It is clear that it does, and that is why he should not be compelled to make it.

      And frankly, it would not be that difficult for a dealership to paint a car in rainbow colors. But I think it is fine if they refuse to do so.

    559. Tgca says:


      I agree. But he is operating a business under a license that is a privilege that comes with certain societal rules. We are all required to follow rules we don’t like at times, if we wish to participate in society’s privileges.

      If he feels that strongly, then he should accept it willingly if his license is revoked. He can’t have it both ways and say I follow the Bible over the laws of the land but then whine over not being allowed his rights under the law. There are many instances where gubbermint and courts agree that the Bible cannot supersede the laws of the land because it would be detrimental to society.

      If he is allowed to make such judgments and bypass laws, then why not others based on their views?

      Can businesses refuse to serve an unmarried woman with a child because she is deemed an offense from someone’s view in the Bible? Where does it stop?

      I agree it may not seem fair to him but we have to have a balance in society and I don’t think his case is of great merit and would impose on his ability to practice his faith otherwise.

    560. Tgca says:


      Then you must accept a religious person who objects to an unmarried woman with a child out of wedlock can refuse to bake her a cake or serve her in his business because it offends his religious beliefs.

      The same with atheists. They are an affront to the religious so they should be able to deny them services simply because they disagree with their religious or in this case Bob-religious view.

    561. mnw says:

      472 Tina

      Risky business for the prosecutor to try to get a mistrial. They come in 2 flavors– with & without prejudice.

      Also, if that happens, I could see the judge filing a Bar disciplinary committee complaint against the prosecutor for violating the ethics rules, i.e., making reference, in front of the jury, to the def having once asserted his 5th Amend rights. The trial judge may do that anyway.

    562. jason says:

      Then you must accept a religious person who objects to an unmarried woman with a child out of wedlock can refuse to bake her a cake or serve her in his business because it offends his religious beliefs.”

      Zzzzzz… what a crock.

      Nobody is saying anything about “serving her in his business”.

      He has to serve her, he just doesn’t have to make her a custom cake that says “marriage is the work of the Devil”.

    563. Tgca says:


      There you again auto correct.

      Non = Bob just like

      Radical = Radnor

    564. DW says:

      The Christian in this world is here to serve others. That’s what Christ did. But there is a difference between serving others and celebrating the sins of others. Nowhere in the New Testament do you see Christ or His apostles celebrating sins.

      Now we can argue about when it crosses the line and it goes from serving others to using one’s creative talents to help someone celebrate their sin. That’s the point of this issue, and each person in a free society can decide when one’s conscience cannot allow them to do something.

    565. jason says:

      “They are an affront to the religious so they should be able to deny them services simply because they disagree with their religious or in this case Bob-religious view.”

      Yes, he doesn’t have to bake a cake that says “God is evil” either.

      I am glad you are working so hard to support my point.

    566. Tgca says:


      No! You just misinterpret my view and fail to in essence separate church and state issues here.

      I think this religious freak goes way overboard, as if it will somehow drive him mad if he puts a wedding message on a cake for gays that would otherwise not be an issue for straights, especially with nearly 70% of the US now approving of gay marriage.

      No one is asking him to bake a cake that is against societal decency or that’s degrading to others or spawns hate. It’s a wedding message similar or exact to messages on other wedding cakes.

      If he can’t comply with laws, he should lose his license to practice and go elsewhere.

      I would say this as well if gays refused to serve religious people or Muslims refused to serve Jews or vice versa arguing for their freedom of speech and the right to hate and not associate with a group which is permissible (freedom of speech that is) under the Constitution.

      Having the right to practice your faith and feel a certain way does not give you the right to violate laws.

      I say the same with ABORTION. As much as I hate it, if the rights of Planned Parenthood were violated by a business such as a lessor in contradiction to laws, I think the offender should be held liable under the law.

      In general, the freedom to religion is not a greater right to the freedom of speech so analogous examples are appropriate such as the refusal to bake a cake for an interracial couple.

    567. DW says:

      The question isn’t the standard of societal permission. Its a question of a person being forced to celebrate what he believes is sinful on the standard of what God has withheld permission.

      Society permits Amish people to drive cars, but we don’t force them to drive cars, even though the roads would be safer without the buggies.

      We don’t force vegetarians to eat meat, even though society gives them permission to eat meat.

      We don’t force people to smoke cigarettes, even though society gives people permission to do so.

      People above 18 years old are free to enter roadside adult bookstores, but we don’t force people to shop there. If I was a sign maker, I would not make a sign for such a store, because my belief is that these places exploit women in a way that God calls sinful.

      If someone does not wish to use their talents and abilities to celebrate something their faith tells them is wrong, then they should be free to not celebrate and free to not contribute toward that celebration.

    568. Tgca says:


      Your post is valid but it misses the issue where committing actions under one’s faith infringes on the rights of others. That’s where the courts must balance religious beliefs with the good of society and it has done so in the past a number of times.

      Can a restaurant refuse service to women with children out of wedlock in violation of state or local discrimination laws because they interpret their religion tells them these women are violating basic teachings in the Bible?

      Can a man engage in polygamy, regardless of local and state laws because the Bible has a rich history of polygamous relationships including where God has supposedly blessed such relationships?

      Can a man enter into relationships with a young girl under the legal age limit because it is widely practiced in the Bible?

      By disallowing these acts based on religious beliefs, are religious rights being violated that should overrule state and local laws?

    569. Tgca says:

      I am against persecuting religious folks for practicing their religion unless they engage in religious actions that violate reasonable laws that exist for the good of society. I’m not talking about laws purposely implemented to deter religious rights.

      There is inherent conflict with the Bible and laws in society and the courts must weigh them and resolve where possible and err on the side of protections for the good of society or else we could end up with Sharia like laws one day, and believe me, if religions had their way, they would implement their desires over laws. The current Pope is an example of someone who would do that if he could.

    570. Tina says:

      Consumer sentiment plunges to a 10 year low.

    571. Tgca says:

      There is also a difference between being forced to think a certain way. For example, making signs for a store that exploits sex and one that is about the fundamental to exist in a relationship acknowledged and accepted by society are vastly different.

      The baker case is a few years old but now that gay marriage is well-accepted in society by over two thirds, there is no reason to deny services to them anymore than there is to denying services to an interracial couple.

      It’s just plain discrimination!

      If a baker can discriminate against making cakes based on religious grounds then a baker can discriminate against making cakes for an interracial couple as well under freedom of speech. You can’t force people to put aside their religious views anymore than you force people to put aside their bigotry.

      The courts have long held it is legal to have speech that is repugnant and unpopular and that is why the KKK and other hate groups have rights to protest.

    572. Tina says:

      Ed Durr is a hoot.

      “I told him, you know, if he ever needs anything, just give me a call, because I’m his representative now,” Durr, who is reported to have spent only $153 on his primary campaign, responded.

    573. DW says:

      Again, you appeal to narrative Biblical genre as though it was didactic genre. Narrative describes what people did, and though sometimes the text will say, “what so-and-so did was displeasing to the LORD” often it does not, and it presumes the reader knows enough of didactic Scripture to know either way.

      No one has a right to force someone to custom decorate a cake a certain way. All of the cakes for sale in the store were available for purchase by anyone.

      As as sign maker, I cannot be forced to make a sign for a client that says obscene things so as to encourage motorists to pull off the road and go into an XXX building.

      And if you drive around in Amish country, those buggies absolutely infringe on the rights of others to freely drive about in these rural areas at the speed limit.

      Allowing a cake decorator to not squeeze custom frosting out of tube is in no way going to lead to Sharia law.

    574. jason says:

      It’s a wedding message similar or exact to messages on other wedding cakes.”

      I doubt it is the same or there wouldn’t be an issue.

      I am sure the gay couple can buy any cake the baker usually makes with whatever messages are usually on it or there would not be an issue.

      The baker should not be compelled to disseminate any “message” that is contrary to his religious beliefs. Period.

    575. Bitterlaw says:

      I think if the gay couple had wanted a cake for any other occasion, he would have made it. A gay wedding violated his religious beliefs. A cake for Arbor Day, July 4th, etc. would not.

    576. jason says:


      That is why Tgca is full of crap when he keeps pretending the baker “is refusing to serve the gay couple” or “not complying with laws”.

      He is refusing to decorate the cake in a manner that violates his religious beliefs.

      It doesn’t make him a religious freak, that is way over the top character assassination.

    577. jason says:

      Let’s say the baker belongs to a sect that views llamas as sacred.

      I want my bday cake in the shape of a llama, which violates his beliefs.

      It it really “discriminatory” that he refuses to bake a cake in the shape of a llama, when I could buy any other cake in the shop or any other shape that I want?

    578. jason says:

      It’s ok, Bitter, don’t fret and don’t get offended.

      The elitist suburban GOP “strategists” don’t give a damm about any of what is in that article.

    579. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I want blue collar Democrats to become blue collar Republicans. But you know that.

      Are you saying we are not getting the llama cake? GFY

    580. Tgca says:

      Violates his freedom of religion?

      Then it’s ok for a Muslim baker to deny Jews a wedding cake because it would violate his freedom of speech which is he detests Jews and believes they should not allow to marry and make more baby Jews.

      Then it’s ok for a racist to deny a wedding cake for an interracial couple because it would violate his beliefs that interracial marriages are wrong and such beliefs are allowed under freedom of speech.

      Glad we settle that people are ok to discriminate as they please as long as they can hide their beliefs under freedom of speech or religion.

      I guess that will be news to the courts too then.

    581. mnw says:

      The new AK U.S. Senate election scheme sounds like a very confusing horror show. God only knows what it will produce.

      Possibly the DEMs, one or both, will drop out & endorse Murk. That’s essentially how she survived last time.

      Hopefully those who can spot deadenders will identify them for the rest of us before the jungle primary, instead of after it has already happened. Is this woman Trump endorsed a deadender, in their view? If so, we need to know BEFORE she says something stupid about abortion or rape.

    582. mnw says:

      Jack Citronella/Cinderella is very impressive. I hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

    583. lisab says:

      the individual employee should be able to refuse

      that is actually long established. you cannot force an artist to perform for you, even if they agree to perform for others. as a baker decorating is a creative art, so — were i queen— he could refuse.

      but the business must provide the service they advertise. that may mean the quality will be lower. not all artists have the sane talent.

    584. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – Ciaterrelli ran a great campaign. I hope he runs again for some office.

      We had many HHR trial experts comment on the Rittenhouse case. As a Federal prosecutor, how do you see the case?

    585. lisab says:

      Then it’s ok for a Muslim baker to deny Jews a wedding cake

      an individual baker? yes

      a public business that advertises wedding cakes? no

    586. jason says:

      Possibly the DEMs, one or both, will drop out & endorse Murk. That’s essentially how she survived last time.”

      That is not what happened. Last time she won easily (44%) by beating deadender Joe Miller (29%) running as a Libertarian, an Independent (13%) and the Democrat (12%). In the primary she got 72% of the R vote. It should be noted the Dem (Metcalfe) later became a Republican and lost a R primary for the AK state senate in 2020.

      In 2008 she won as a write in (40%) against the deadender Republican Miller (36%) and a Democrat (24%).

      None of the Dems endorsed Murkowski either year.

    587. lisab says:

      did the white house ask nicely?

    588. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Can a man engage in polygamy, regardless of local and state laws because the Bible has a rich history of polygamous relationships including where God has supposedly blessed such relationships?”

      The answer to that question now is yes. I know many polygamists, and like them. The laws that prohibited polygamy have largely been repealed. Still I would support the right of a bakery to not make them a wedding cake.

    589. jason says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I want blue collar Democrats to become blue collar Republicans.”

      Zzzzzzzz to you. I knew you would be offended.

      You “want”, but you are not willing to support any strategy that actually does it.

      So in my view, it is the same as “don’t want”.


    590. jason says:

      Then it’s ok for a Muslim baker to deny Jews a wedding cake”

      We already put this dumb tired old argument to rest.

      The gay couple could buy a wedding cake. They just couldn’t order a cake that represented or disseminated a message that violated the baker’s beliefs.

      But yes, the Muslim baker could deny a Jewish couple a Kosher cake. Or say he doesn’t do cakes with the Star of David on them.

    591. Bitterlaw says:

      You are not even willing to register to vote so your assessment of strategy is invalid.

    592. mnw says:


      I haven’t followed the trial it that closely. However, I thought the initial charging decision was a clear & obvious mistake, & nothing I’ve read about the trial or the testimony has changed my opinion in the slightest about that. I believe in forming a very clear idea of what happened first, based on a thorough police investigation, before getting within a country mile of an indictment. A glimpse into the obvious, I’m sure, but the Kenosha prosecutor didn’t DO that.

      Still, I have no idea what kind of zoo parade the jury may be (or not be).

      I thought a braver trial judge would’ve just dismissed it with prejudice after the prosecutor made reference, in front of the jury, to the defendant having invoked his 5th Amendment right to remain silent.

      A triple murder trial is the Big Leagues– it’s not supposed to be a second year law school class moot court. If the prosecutor messed up on the big stage, then hold him responsible like an adult and be done with it.

      Did you have any observations to share? Or u, Meldrin?

    593. Wes says:

      Just skimming these comments, I see I have no need to be here for Hedgehoggers to be at war with each other.

      Carry on.

    594. jason says:

      I don’t agree with Murkowski on a lot of her votes, but I sure am eternally indebted to her for preventing deadender Joe Miller from becoming a senator.

      This is a guy who actually thinks East Germany is a model for “border control” because nobody wanted to get in and they shot anybody that wanted to get out.

      A complete moron.

    595. jason says:

      I see I have no need to be here for Hedgehoggers to be at war with each other”

      Yeah wes, you think you are special?

    596. mnw says:

      My recollection of Murk’s most recent reelection is that, once it became clear it would be Miller or her, & that the DEM had no shot at winning, most of the AK DEMS tacitly supported Murk.

    597. jason says:

      You are not even willing to register to vote so your assessment of strategy is invalid.”


      If you are not registered to vote you cannot have an opinion?


    598. DW says:

      This sort of thing happens in the medical profession all the time. An unmarried male patient sits in the room, the doctor walks in, the guy asks the doc for a drug to help him perform sex better–and the doc says he won’t give him the prescription, that he would need to get it from another doc.

      And that is just one example in the medical profession. This sort of thing happens all the time.

      I don’t have in this country an inalienable right to always have everyone around me accommodate everything to my personal advantage, and to be compelled to celebrate whatever I am doing.

      There are times you have to waste 10 minutes driving 15 miles per hour behind an Amish buggy.

      There are times you walk past someone who is smoking a cigarette even though you cannot stand the smell.

      You may pay for a flight, but find that the only movie playing on the screen on the back of the seat in front of you is something you find offensive.

      You might buy a cake and ask the baker to decorate it a certain way, and he says, I can’t do that, so you get a different worker to do it.

      All of this is called being a grown-up in a civilized society.

    599. jason says:

      My recollection of Murk’s most recent reelection is that, once it became clear it would be Miller or her, & that the DEM had no shot at winning, most of the AK DEMS tacitly supported Murk.”

      Possible some Dem voters did that, the Dem did not endorse her. But she won the R primary convincingly and if you consolidate the R vote in AK you are going to win.

      Miller only got 35% when he was on the R ticket in 2008, hard to see how he was going to get more than 30% on the Libertarian ticket.

    600. jason says:

      You are not even willing to register to vote so your assessment of strategy is invalid.”

      This is as stupid as when the Biden Troll said I could not have an opinion on the communist pope because I wasn’t Catholic.

    601. Wes says:

      Poor Joe Miller. He failed at winning a Senate race against a write-in. Seriously how bad must a major-party candidate be to lose to a write-in? (As an aside, when Howard Dean–Mr. 39% himself–was still posting here, he blamed Murkowski for costing Miller that seat–as if every winning candidate for office isn’t responsible for denying an opponent a chance to hold the office.) Having lost, Miller then spent two months trying to win an election he had lost at the ballot box in court. The courts finally ruled Miller wasn’t trying to ensure voter integrity but just wanted to win by any means necessary and ordered him to reimburse the state for his legal shenanigans.

      Then Miller lost the 2014 primary to Dan Sullivan.

      Then Miller went full Aaron Day in 2016 and spitefully ran to try to keep Murkowski from winning by running as a Libertarian. She won anyway.

      I really can’t have sympathy for someone as narcissistic and power hungry as Joe Miller.

    602. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason with more stupid “normal” posts. I did not say he can’t have an opinion. I just said it was invalid since he refuses to even vote. As for the post that started this, I have repeatedly said the GOP must expand and this includes working class, rural and minority voters. Jason refuses to admit that.

    603. Cash Cow TM says:

      Did Biden Press Sec. Jen Peesaki do a presser today?

      Someone called Pisaki “Little Red Lying Hood” in our local newspaper comment section.
      I thought of HHR’s tina, who is good at nicknames.

    604. lisab says:

      You might buy a cake and ask the baker to decorate it a certain way, and he says, I can’t do that, so you get a different worker to do it.

      the problem was the bakery did not ask a different worker to do it

      they should have said, “our regular baker is not available, you so you can wait until we can get a cake decorator, or choose a plainer style cake that one of our other employees can manage”

      for example, when i got my house painted, i had to wait until there was an opening, i couldn’t demand they do it on my schedule

    605. Cash Cow TM says:

      Does any normal person care a hoot about Brittany Spears conservatorship court case, etc.?

      Sure gets a lot of news coverage.
      Comparing air pollution numbers from 1970 to 2021 from vehicles and power plants in the U.S? not so much.

    606. jason says:

      I did not say he can’t have an opinion. I just said it was invalid”


    607. jason says:

      Jason with more stupid “normal” posts. ”

      Bitter gets triggered when I mention things he thinks are normal.

    608. Bitterlaw says:

      I get annoyed when you lie and claim that I think things are “normal” when I NEVER said they are normal. In fact, I said they are not normal. Why don’t you take issue with my actual posts rather using your fake translations?

      F you and your llama cake.

    609. lisab says:

      Why don’t you take issue with my actual posts rather using your fake translations?

      you do that quite frequently,

      you are just upset jason is doing that to you

    610. Tgca says:


      I agree. I’m talking about a service one provides to others as part of THEIR business operations. An employee or someone who does it on an occasional non-required timeframe is not at issue here. I believe that was addressed in the original SCOTUS decision background information too, as to whether it was occasional or part of the business operations.

      I agree this is a gray area because you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t since either way someones rights get impacted unfavorably but my view is based on whether you are provided a license, a privilege and not a right, to operate and that it is contingent in complying with related laws of the jurisdiction.

      If no license is required or no such discrimination laws exist, then I totally agree denial can be be appropriate.

    611. Tgca says:


      Agreed! I addressed that in post 627.

    612. Tgca says:


      You’re missing the point and SCOTUS seemed to be open to addressing that in the future. Go read the decision again.

    613. DW says:

      I don’t have in this country an inalienable right to always have everyone around me accommodate everything to my personal advantage, and to be compelled to celebrate whatever I am doing.

      There are times you have to waste 10 minutes driving 15 miles per hour behind an Amish buggy.

      There are times you walk past someone who is smoking a cigarette even though you cannot stand the smell.

      You may pay for a flight, but find that the only movie playing on the screen on the back of the seat in front of you is something you find offensive.

      You might buy a cake and ask the baker to decorate it a certain way, and he says, I can’t do that, so you get a different worker to do it.

      And if the baker is running his own shop and there is no other worker, then you can buy the generic cake, and decorate it yourself, or you can hire someone else to decorate it, or you can go somewhere else to buy the whole thing.

    614. Wes says:

      Youngkin won by +63k. Not bad for someone most people considered to be a sure loser just a month before Election Day.

      Now onto recapturing the VACD and VA Senate and unseating Tim Kaine in 2024.

    615. Tgca says:

      SCOTUS has yet to rule on this issue of the baker. In fact, it appeared Kennedy might have had a different view on the specific issue as has been widely reported on by legal experts, after reading his decision.

      It makes n sense that Kennedy would push to legalize gay marriage and go against many of the arguments people make in favor of the baker’s religious rights but then invite discrimination of gays based on claims of religious rights.

      The issue is can a bakery that specializes in making cakes provide services to straight couples but deny that EXACT same service to gay couples and offer them a lesser service because they think gay marriage is wrong? If the city or state has compliance rules against discrimination, then he should comply or have his business license revoked. It’s that simple!

      If a standard cake says happy wedding day for straights and he refuses that same cake for gays, that’s discrimination! I’m not saying force him to make the cake, I’m saying then revoke his license because he does not meet the spirit of the community because he is now infringing on others’ rights which are to be treated fairly as others are treated.

      Business licenses do NOT have to be issued as many gubbermint decide zoning and what licenses to grant.

      For example, if they only want one bar within certain limits, they can do so. The same with types of restaurants. They may decide only one pizza parlor in town. They can decide they do not want an adult bookstore in their town. These are longstanding rights that are for the benefit of the community.

      So if the city decides it does not want a baker who discriminates, they can refuse him a business license.

      To me, that’s what the city should do. Take away his license because he’s violating long-held discrimination laws as defined by the city and force it into the courts. Don’t get into a discussion of his religion rights. State these are our laws and if you violate then, we close you down. That simple! Let the courts handle it.

      With 70% gay marriage acceptance in society today, I doubt courts will go in his favor and argue it’s not a gross abuse of his religious rights and overrides him as they would other extreme religious interpretations.

      My gut is he will not prevail in the courts arguing his personal belief for refusing to abide by local laws that have long been allowed and applied to other businesses should supersede the best interests of rules meant for the good of society.

    616. Tina says:

      And Republicans in leadershi are mute.

    617. Tina says:

      Paging the Rino leadership.

      Greg Price
      The FBI hid footage of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting, the DOJ coordinated with the NSBA to label parents terrorists, the FBI raided Project Veritas and leaked their comms to the New York Times, and the DOJ indicted Steve Bannon for something Eric Holder and Lois Lerner never were

    618. Tgca says:


      Polygamy is illegal at the federal level and you can’t receive federal benefits for having multiple wives. You don’t get to count them as deductions on your tax returns and those marriages are not recognized in other states, as polygamy is still illegal in all 50 states.

      The perverts in UT just reduced the charge on polygamy significantly to a level so it’s nothing more than a minor infraction which sends an awful message to and about women.

      It doesn’t surprise me that one of our HHR fascists, SDC, appears ok with polygamy, as I’m sure he’s also fine with open relationships in the gay community that are also partly responsible for the continued spreading of HIV and other STDs in this day and age to the extent that it’s estimated anywhere from 15% to 20% of gay men are currently HIV+ when it doesn’t have to be that way at all if they had any sense of self-respect and decency for their community.

      Being nice has nothing yo do with it! I’m sure many members of NAMBLA are considered nice too but what has that got to do with values and decency in society?

      It would not surprise me if SDC is in an open relationship himself with his fascist views and excuses for why women should be degraded with polygamy in this day and age.

    619. Tgca says:

      My good friend Bitter must think I’ve got multiple personalities, as he has alluded to in the past.

      I fight for the homos for the rights to get their cakes baked!

      I fight against the homos for being radically liberal sycophants and irresponsibility in the continued spread of HIV among gay men.

      I fight gay fascist like SDC who thinks it’s ok to ask for someone to provide papers on their medical status to enter a restaurant but who would be horrified if someone asked him for proof he is HIV negative or taking a Truvada to reduce risk of HIV transmission.

      I fight for the rights of Cubans and America to keep pressure on dictatorships like Cuba to push for freedom for Cubans but then attack fascists like Mildred who claims THEY is of Cuban descent who believes papers are required to enter a restaurant like fellow fascist SDC…only Mildred is a straight Latin fascist who would probably institute locking up gays after putting the unvaccinated in prison.

      What can I say? I’m diverse in my allegiance.

    620. Tgca says:

      Ok. Time to make some tofu dinner. Yummee!

      Have fun kiddies!

    621. Cash Cow TM says:

      Why does a duck have tail feathers?

    622. Cash Cow TM says:

      If you went to the library to find a book about Pam non-sticking cooking spray, where would you look?


    623. Cash Cow TM says:

      China threatening to take Taiwan,
      Russia threatens same with Ukraine.
      Biden just passes some gas
      And worries about acid rain.

    624. jason says:

      I fight for the homos for the rights to get their cakes baked!”

      I love it here.

    625. Tgca says:

      HHR fascists going to be so passed!

      Looks like 5th circuit appeals court affirms hold on vax mandate sighting grave constitutional concerns and it being overly broad and OSHA grossly exceeding its authority, now ordering OSHA not to issue any more rules.

      I’m trying to find actual decision but this definitely looks like it will go to SCOTUS next.

      2nd link below has more detailed info on the order issued today.

    626. Tgca says:


      I thought you might like that line…PERVERT!!!

    627. mnw says:

      I’m surprised the Rittenhouse defense is submitting a bunch of lesser-includeds, which the judge has indicated he’s inclined to give. As the judge correctly told Rittenhouse, “If I give these, it lessens your chances of being convicted of the most serious charges, but increases your chances of conviction. Do you understand that?”

      I’m sure the defense attys will tell the def that it’s entirely his decision, & that the judge explained the strategic situation to him correctly. I guess the kid doesn’t want to go for all or nothing.

      All he had to do was stay home.

    628. Tgca says:

      So this appears to be a perm halt on the vax that replaces the temporary ruling last week but it doesn’t rule on the final fate of the mandate but for now it’s stops it.

      …and it ignored the request by Biden to wait so they consolidate all mandate challenges in one appeal setting based on a judicial lottery.

      Ha! I guess they ain’t falling for that crap and letting it end up in the 9th circuit.

      The court used very strong language too in their reasoning.

      The court said:

      The requirement is a mandate …and that it “grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority,”

      “ Rather than a delicately handled scalpel, the Mandate is a one-size fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers) that have more than a little bearing on workers’ varying degrees of susceptibility to the supposedly ‘grave danger’ the Mandate purports to address,”

      … the ruling imposed a financial burden on businesses and potentially violated the commerce clause of the Constitution.

      “The Mandate imposes a financial burden upon them by deputizing their participation in OSHA’s regulatory scheme, exposes them to severe financial risk if they refuse or fail to comply, and threatens to decimate their workforces (and business prospects) by forcing unwilling employees to take their shots, take their tests, or hit the road,”

      The court halted the policy, scheduled to take effect Jan. 4, and ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration not to take further steps to implement or enforce the mandate.

    629. jason says:

      All he had to do was stay home.”


      All the rioters and looters had to do is stay home. They are the ones that were burning buildings and they are the ones that attacked Rittenhouse.

      I am tired of this “he shouldn’t have been there” BS.

      Rittenhouse worked in Kenosha and his father lives there. Maybe he didn’t like the idea of it being burned down. He only lived 20 miles away, despite being “across state lines”.

      The circumstances that occurred were unforeseen. Rittenhouse acted in self defense. He didn’t go there to shoot anybody.

      It’s easy to get sidetracked on the “well he shouldn’t have been there” but that is really not material to the case and is basically a prosecution talking point.

    630. jason says:

      -No such thing as the Deep State!”

      The truth will set you free!

    631. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca fights for the right of gays to get cakes?

      Not exactly Rosa Parks on the bus but he certainly cares about the issue.

    632. jason says:

      If Tgca wins I will go to bat for the llama cake.

    633. Tina says:

      What will the Rs do about the deep state?


    634. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden may not be able to win the Democratic primary in 2024 if he runs again.

      2024 National Democratic Primary Poll:
      Biden 40%
      M. Obama 20%
      Harris 10%
      Abrams 6%
      Newsom 4%
      Booker 4%

      ~ 426 LV ~ 10/8-10/10

    635. jason says:

      I hear the R party is doing nothing about the Tooth Fairy or Bigfoot either.

    636. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – How can you doubt the existence of the super powerful secret Deep State? Sure, it failed at the number one job of being secret but it’s not easy being nefarious.

    637. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden’s popularity is still in free fall. Earlier in the year, it was thought the liberal media would prevent Biden’s job approval going below 50%. Can they hold the line at 40%?

      “Forty percent (40%) of voters nationwide now approve of the way President Biden is performing his job. That’s down three points from three weeks ago and down seven points from mid-October. The latest Scott Rasmussen survey finds that 55% disapprove and 4% are not sure.”

    638. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If there is a Deep State is there also a Shallow State?

    639. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe the Shallow State was the less intrusive nefarious group. There is speculation that it is responsible for missing socks in the dryer.

    640. Bitterlaw says:

      Gay fascist could be worth points.

    641. jason says:

      Sure, it failed at the number one job of being secret”

      I know.

      If it is so deep, how does NYC know about it?

      Ok, ok, maybe Chuck Schumer told him. He would know.

    642. Tgca says:


      Actually, I’m for the rights of gays to get their cakes baked.

      Think about it. Let it sink in.

    643. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe not being secret is how they stay secret.

    644. NYCmike says:

      “If there is a Deep State is there also a Shallow State?”

      -Shallow state?

      Let me introduce you to our friend, jason.

    645. jason says:

      I wonder if the the Deep State has a governor. After all, it is a State.

    646. Tina says:

      Where is the R leadership? Pathetic and weak.

    647. Tgca says:

      Is there a fascist state?

      Let me introduce you to NYCmike.

    648. Bitterlaw says:

      Is it one of the 57 states Obama mentioned?

    649. Tgca says:

      Thix Thix Thix Bishes!

      Thix Thix Thix I thay!

    650. jason says:

      Yeah, takes a “deep thinker” to believe in the Deep State.

    651. Tgca says:


      I meant…

      Thix Thix Theven Bishes!

      Thix Thix Theven I thay.

    652. Bitterlaw says:

      If HHR was around in the 1980s, Tina would probably rip Reagan for demanding Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” instead of tearing it down with his bare hands.

    653. Tina says:

      The drats don’t fool around. Hold illegal hearings with Rino tools. Hi.d people in contempt, rear it tot the Fib (nazi like police force).

      Then “justice” indict political people or raids conservative journalists.

      While Mitchie and Botox McCarthy quake.

    654. Tina says:

      The next R President must abolish the Fib and end the departments of energy and education.

    655. Bitterlaw says:

      Ok, Tina. Let’s say you get your wish. Who will be investigating real Federal crimes and terrorists when there is no FBI?

    656. Tina says:

      I don’t want the Fib arresting Maga grandparents or investigation Russian hoaxes, or garbage door pulls, Bl.

      If you are proud of that record, own it.

    657. Tina says:

      Garage door pulls*.

    658. Tina says:

      And the fib cannot solve

      Who planted bombs at the dnc/Rnc hq.

      They instigated the Russian hoax

      They were involved in J6.

      They missed 9/11.

      Should we on with their pattern of waste, fraud, abuse?

    659. Bitterlaw says:

      Don’t be like Jason and invent posts I did not make. You chose not to answer the question of how you would replace the FBI. If you want absolutely no Federal law enforcement, just say it. I am not talking about the parade of horrible you mentioned. Is there a role for the Federal government in law enforcement or not?

    660. Tina says:

      Yes. But not the fib given it’s pattern of waste, fraud, and abuse.

      I never said you di anything.

      I just said if you are proud of that “record,” own it.

    661. jason says:

      Tina has no idea what the FBI really does, so that might explain it.

    662. Tina says:

      I do know that they missed 9-11.

      I do know that they sent 15 investigators to examine a garage door pull.

      I do know they were embedded at the J6 encouraging rioters to “riot.”

      I do know they sparked the Mi Governor hoax.

    663. Tina says:

      Yes, I do.

      They sent 15 people to investigate a garage door pull (aka nascar race hoax).

      They hid evidence favorable to Rittenhouse.

      They sparked J6.

      They hatched the Michigan Governor kidnapping hoax.

      They hatched the Muh Russian hoax.

    664. jason says:

      I don’t know how good the FBI record is.

      But I do know they are involved in about 100000 more things than what Tina lists above.

    665. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe Tina worked for Deep State. I wonder if they get all Federal holidays or do they get more?

    666. Tina says:

      That is their recent record, and you are proud of that?

      How good was their record at,preventing 9-11 or Iraq?

      Not so,good.

    667. Tina says:

      If they are going to be used as the police force for the drats, it’s well past time to defund them.

    668. jason says:

      The FBI employs over 35000 people. Are they all in the Deep State?

      Elections have consequences. That is the problem with the FBI.

    669. jason says:

      Great, we are defunding the police AND the FBI.

      Criminals should be ecstatic.

    670. Tina says:

      Does Ga Governor Dumb phuq or the “secretary of the Soviet state” know what happens here?

      Is this true?

    671. Bitterlaw says:

      Encouraging rioters to riot? If somebody did not want to riot, they would not. If I went to a protest and 20 people encouraged me to enter Congress and I did not want to enter Congress, I would tell them to F off and stay outside. FBI Agents are not Jedi.

    672. Wes says:

      So, Tina, what secret handshake does the Deep State use to identify members?

    673. Tina says:

      Yup, elections have consequences line is something Mitchie and Botox think for sure.

    674. Tina says:

      They are tasked to prevent rioting Bl, not encourage it.

      If there were no fib participants on J6, Wray would have said so.

      But you are proud of their r3cent record?

    675. Bitterlaw says:

      Iraq? I had no idea that the FBI also controlled the UN and the intelligence agencies of France, Germany, the UK and Israel. Deep State better watch out for the FBI.

    676. Tina says:

      The only good news this evening, until Souter 2.0, the Bushie, and the beotchy side with the drats in the Sc.

    677. Bitterlaw says:

      I am not proud of abuses by any agency, including the FBI. Are you ashamed of the FBI when they track down missing children and take down sex traffickers?

    678. Tina says:

      Bl,, you do know Fuhrer Mulehead testified that their were Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

      Mulehead, who was a special agent in SF, was the .fib director at the time.

      He also missed Aq threat and the twin towers.

    679. Tgca says:


      Drunk NFL Player Kills 23-year-old And Her Dog in Fiery 156mph Crash… Blames Her Death on “Slow” Firefighters

      She burned alive and they all stood by trying to console this loser while she burned alive. Watch the video.

      He was drunk with 2x legal level.

      Then his lawyers try to blame it on a slow responding fire department.

      I hope he gets life in prison for this. No excuse for such reckless behavior.

      156 mph and drunk? REALLY?

    680. Tina says:

      That is vile and disgusting.

    681. Bitterlaw says:

      No amount of FBI agents could get me to riot. As I said on January 6th, the people on the steps and grounds outside Congress were protesters. The people who went inside were trespassers. The people who broke things were criminals.

      And save the “Bitter supports BLM but not Trump supporters” lie. My posts during the BLM and Antifa riots were very clear that they needed to be put down with overwhelming force and criminals had to be prosecuted. I am also not comparing BLM and Antifa to the January 6th protesters.

    682. Tgca says:


      I swear sometimes my good friend Bitter is really stoopid!

      We don’t need the FBI or police to do that work.

      Local community peace officers representative of the community’s diversity can handle it.


    683. Bitterlaw says:

      I forget how Tina came up with her stupid nicknames but it’s her gimmick so might as well let it slide.

    684. Tina says:

      During the BLM riots, what ever happened to the 50+ injured Secret Service agents? Did the justice department prosecute any?

      What is the difference, if any between them and the black uniformed ones that broke windows at the capitol.

      Seems like the fib would be interested in arresting those that injured the secret service agents or the “men in black”

    685. Tina says:

      Don’t worry beotchy, the Bushie, and Souter 2.0 will help the drats keep Biden’s vaccine mandate n

    686. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      658. Gay fascist could be worth points.

      Bitter, I live in a liberal neighborhood and get called that all the time.

    687. Tina says:

      I cannot believe the judge even allowed this “video” in. It looks like a big blob or blur and goes against the “missing” Fib video. In short, prosecutors manipulated the video,

      IMO Judge erred here.

      Jack Posobiec ??
      Rittenhouse Trial Day 9: Prosecution Big Win On “Provocation” Jury Instruction Saves Chance At Conviction

      This is why the “unicorn” evidence of the drone video and the “enhanced” images from that video have been so important to the State –

    688. Tgca says:

      I admit I would storm the capitol and riot if it were an important enough issue you were willing to risk your freedom or die for…like tofu rationing by Congress.

    689. Tina says:

      How many of the hairy women that had the protest in the capitol,during the Sc hearing for the useless Bushie were arrested for parading in the capitol?

    690. Tina says:

      If they were arrested, how many nights did they stay in jail?

      But elections do matter.

    691. Tina says:

      Do we forget thst one of them “invaded” the elevator of thst useless R Senator during the same hearing?

    692. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is huge. The twitter censors would likely have taken down the tweet if it did not reference an actual study. As I started saying several months ago, studies were showing the current vaccines have no benefit in preventing infection. If the vaccines are not reducing viral load, also wonder about their therapeutic benefit — although the stats seem to indicate the benefit exists. Maybe the vaccines block a component of the virus that induces illness?

      “No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant”

    693. jason says:

      “No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant”

      HHR fascists don’t care.


    694. jason says:

      Fascists have strange accents.


    695. Skippy says:

      The vaccine helps the immune system of the body to fight off the protein part of the virus which is like the pitchfork of the Covid virus which breaks down the human cells so the virus can easily spread the overwhelm the human immune system.

      The Covid Vaccine is like giving your body the Instruction Manuel on how to create its own protein which matches the Covid protein. Your body, after taking the vaccine shot, creates the purity em and then your body fights and defeats the protein. This sets up your body’s ability to defeat the protein quickly if you should get infected by the Covid virus.

    696. jason says:

      NEW YORK (AP) — A former “Apprentice” contestant who accused former President Donald Trump of sexual assault dropped her defamation lawsuit against him Friday.

      Summer Zervos sued the then-president in New York state court in 2017, saying he damaged her reputation when he said she and other women alleging sexual assault and harassment were making things up.

      Friday’s filing said the case was dismissed and discontinued with prejudice, meaning Zervos could not file the same claim in state court in the future. The filing also said each party is responsible for their own costs.”

      If saying the other side is making things up is defamation then the courts would only be handling this type of case.

    697. jason says:

      I would certainly have some iron clad cases here at HHR to litigate.

      I would hire Bitter but he is one of the offenders.

    698. jason says:

      Here is the 5th Court decision. In shorts, cuts OSHA a new a-hole.

    699. jason says:

      Disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is reportedly considering a bid to reclaim his old position as the state’s attorney general.

      “People in Cuomo’s orbit are tossing it out there,” a person familiar with the situation told The New York Post on Friday. “They’re floating it … and gauging people’s reactions.”


    700. jason says:

      How many of the hairy women that had the protest in the capitol,during the Sc hearing for the useless Bushie ”

      Sounds like Tina would prefer Merrick Garland to the “useless Bushie”.

      Each to his own.

    701. jason says:

      Since I seem to have the floor by myself here, this is my take on last night’s argument.

      I think the “Deep State” is a stupid and ridiculous conspiracy theory. I think defunding or dismantling the FBI is a reckless, dangerous, and shortsighted idea.

      Having said that, I think it is very true that not only the FBI, but other agencies like the CIA and NSA and departments, even the DOD, have become overly politicized and populated with people who have pursued political agendas to the detriment of their real missions.

      But the institutions should be more important than the individuals that run them. Why would the agency that replaces the FBI be less politicized if the people that are filling it are just as politicized?

    702. Tgca says:


      Why would the agency that replaces the FBI be less politicized if the people that are filling it are just as politicized?

      Simple answer!

      Rid the nation of hyper partisan aggressively trained weaponized gung-ho group of people who do not culturally represent the communities they are assigned to protect and replace them with locally based unarmed culturally diverse socially-minded peace officers trained to listen and diffuse situations in a non-threatening manner that will help criminals feel less threatened and better understood. That would go a long way to changing the view of the toxic masculine culture of law enforcement today.

      A properly trained peace officer can build a rapport with suspects and listen to them and understand why they are robbing that bank or murdering that defenseless young woman or drug trafficking or pedophiling and encourage them with other more positive ways to channel those internally driving hostile feelings instead of pointing a gun in their face like the gun-toting wannabe hero guy itching to unload his gun into those who have fallen off the path in life and then go get a drink with his buddies to high five and celebrate the unnecessary loss of someone who just needed a bit more help after being let down by society.

      Sure! Initially, there would be more crime and casualties among peace officers would sky rocket with people afraid to leave their homes (helping to reduce Covid transmission mind you) as society adjusted to the dissolution of the FBI and transitioned into a locally trained peace officer program but think of the money taxpayers would save on long drawn out cases and lawsuits and reduced incarcerations.

      There needs to be a balance in society and something has to change because the current system is just not working.

    703. Bitterlaw says:

      I agree with 720.

      Jason hardest hit.

    704. jason says:

      Zzzzz…. many have tried to besmirch my reputation by agreeing with me, all failed.

    705. jason says:

      I nominate 721 for best parody post of the day.

    706. jason says:

      Can’t you just see Bitter on the shrink couch?

      Shrink: so what is the problem?


      “There is this guy on the Internet I desperately want to agree with although I don’t agree with him and when I say I agree with him he points out I don’t agree with him which triggers me because I want him to say I agree with him although I don’t agree with him”

      Shrink: Just to let you know, there is a 50% surcharge for really difficult cases.

    707. Bitterlaw says:

      Bitterlaw: He posts as jason.

      Shrink: Oh. Today’s session is free. He just changes his mind to pretend people don’t agree with him.

    708. jason says:

      I don’t know which I believe in less.

      The Deep State or free shrink sessions.

    709. jason says:

      Seen on the Internet:

      “Somewhere in Georgia, Jimmy Carter is happy that he lived long enough to know he wasn’t the worst president ever.”

    710. mnw says:

      U of M Consumer Sentiment Confidence Index hit a 10-yr low for November, on Friday.

      However, if consumers were really scared, they wouldn’t be quitting their jobs in record numbers, imo.

    711. jason says:

      Where is Amoral Scumbag?

      It’s been what, at least a week since he drove by to talk about me and Trump.

      Yes, I do take it personally, GFYs.

    712. Tgca says:

      Ok. It’s a partly cloudy day with patches of blue sky and current temp of 84 here in south Floreedah with an expected frigid low of 66 late tonight.

      I did venture out into my wrap-around patio to rotate my hanging plants and chat with them a bit so they’re all feel treated equally and none feel discriminated against, as I can see it hurts their feelings if they don’t get equal access to the sunnier areas. I know this because they just tend to droop when they’re feeling underappreciated.

    713. Tgca says:

      I’m not one to whine or complain but I admit it does take a lot out of me being a dad and spreading my attention towards:

      64 house plants
      22 patio plants
      34 fish
      2 aquatic snails

    714. mnw says:

      The Rittenhouse jury of 20 (including 8 alternates) includes only one person of color. Not clear if the one ‘person of color’ is a regular juror or an alternate. The jury appears to have 11 women and 9 men, once again including the 8 alternates.

      A Scott Rasmussen poll found Democrats and Republicans sharply disagree about whether the def is guilty.

      I read that the defense attys had a bad falling out with their volunteer jury consultants, & ended up not using them.

    715. Bitterlaw says:

      James Buchanan was the worst President. GFY

    716. Bitterlaw says:

      Visited the Little League Museum in Williamsport. Very interesting. Lots of history going back to 1940. There was one very sad video. It was about the 9 year old girl killed during the shooting that also wounded Rep. Giffords. She was a huge baseball fan and played on a team with boys and 1 other girl. Her grandfather was a former manager of the Phillies. Interviews with her teammates were difficult to watch. Her league named a field for her.

    717. Bitterlaw says:

      Also saw the first official home plate from a little league game and GWB’s seat from when he visited a little league World Series game.

    718. jason says:

      However, if consumers were really scared, they wouldn’t be quitting their jobs in record numbers, imo.”

      Without knowing exactly who is quitting, not sure that is correct.

      Many may just be retiring early. Others are relying on the generous “safety net”. Or maybe striking out on their own.

    719. Tina says:

      Mnw, it’s the first time that the drats are “concerned” with the border.

      Rittenhouse “crossing” state lines, which is factually incorrect. His dad lives in Kenosha.

    720. jason says:

      Tgca’s fish have the shortest lifespans in the aquatic world.

      They die quickly on a diet of dried maple syrup pellets.

    721. Cash Cow TM says:

      “We know Fulton County ordered 1,058,210 “Emergency” ballots. Fulton County and Gabriel Sterling affirm the reason that the ballots were ordered, and both claim they were never needed. They are now planning to destroy those ballots, but for some reason only have 284,901 to destroy. Which begs the question:

      Where are the missing 773,309 ballots?”


    722. Tina says:

      Trump won two cases yesterday. Cohen suit was dismissed.

      Trump to seek monetary damages from Cohen.

    723. Tgca says:

      Just going through my DNA relatives and the vast majority of 1,500+ relatives are Latin with Latin names and mostly in NJ, NY, and Puerto Rico. Some post pics so not much resemblance, as clearly I got the looks in the family from what I see though there are quite a few hot female 2nd and 3rd cousins.

      What happened to all my white trailer trashy relatives?

    724. Tgca says:

      Oh…and I can confirm, Jesus is a 2nd cousin of mine too. He looks a little different than his pics on the internet and he’s sporting shorter hair and a really good tan as he sits in a bar with a beer at his hand.

    725. Wes says:

      Well, with my story nearly complete and ready to submit, I decided to take a break from the writing process for the evening and watch Korkarlen (The Phantom Carriage), a Swedish fantasy/horror movie from 1921 that was a hefty influence on the legendary Ingmar Bergman of Det sjunde inseglet (The Seventh Seal [1957]) fame.

      It’s so far interesting and atmospheric with surprisingly convincing special effects for a film from the 1920s.

      I have to say given what I’ve seen this far, if I weren’t already a fan of silent European Expressionist films from the 1920s, I certainly would be after this one.

    726. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe Tgca can ask his cousin about gay wedding cakes.

    727. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Unfortunately it does not appear the therapeutic benefit of vaccines last long-term. Which is why booster shots are being pushed so hard. The “science” behind this is being made up as we go along. Which is fueling a major backlash. Fauci has babbled himself into irrelevancy.

      “half of Israel’s seriously ill patients who are currently hospitalized were fully vaccinated at least five months ago. Most of them are over 60 years old and have comorbidities. The seriously ill patients who are unvaccinated are mostly young, healthy people whose condition deteriorated quickly.”

    728. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      President Biden Job Approval ABC News/Wash Post
      Approve 38,
      Disapprove 57

    729. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 27% of Likely U.S. Voters say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate for election in their state who was endorsed by Biden. Fifty-one percent (51%) would be less likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by Biden. Twenty percent (20%) say a Biden endorsement would not make much difference.”

    730. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is a 5 engine BARF ALERT!!! It makes me very worried about our Country’s ability to fight future wars. The USMC has gone “woke”. Maybe this dotard Marine General should conclude that the retention problem has been caused by the feminization of the USMC whose rank-and-file want to be warriors. To me personally, this is as depressing as it gets. FIRE THEM ALL!!

      General tells NPR that the Marine Corps is ‘reinventing itself to reflect America’

    731. Phil says:

      The Chinese are laughing their asses off.

    732. wheelz91 says:

      Holy Hell—

      From that ABC/Washington Post poll:

      Generic Ballot: 51R-41D (Highest R lead in the history of the poll, dating back to 2000)
      Among 8 Battleground States (AZ, FL, GA, NC, NH, NV, PA, WI) the generic ballot extends to R58-D35 (R+23). Among the rest of the country, the GCB is 49R-42D (R+7).

    733. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #752- Phil
      Agreed. Our military brass spends its time naming ships after culture warriors of the 1960’s and ’70s like harvey Milk, Malcome X, Ceaser Chavez etc while the Chinese spend theirs building state-of-the-art aircraft carriers!

    734. Meldrim says:

      Youngkin campaign advisers explain how he was able to win the governorship. It can be summed up in one word: outreach.

    735. Meldrim says:

      Cuomo’s people hinting at a run for AG probably is a trial balloon to see how people react to him running for office next year as he considers whether to jump into the gubernatorial election. With Kathy Hochul, Tish James, Jumanee Williams, (probably) Bill di Blasio and perhaps other running in the Democrat primary, Cuomo would need only around 30% of the vote to win the nomination. Unlike in NYC mayoral elections, there are no run-offs in NY gubernatorial primaries, and Cuomo may have a lane to make his comeback next year.

    736. Tina says:

      Tom Bevan
      New WaPo poll: Biden approval sinks to 38% (new low), GOP leads in generic ballot by TEN points (51 to 41) among registered voters.

    737. Tina says:

      I re posted the wp poll, but others got it first.

    738. Tina says:

      Catturd ™
      The Biden regime’s only concerns are global warming, Jan 6th, vaccines or else, and everyone is a racist.

      Just in case you’re wondering why we have runaway inflation, gas prices, and the economy is in the toilet.

    739. Tina says:

      2024 Iowa General Election Poll:

      Donald Trump 51% (+11)
      Joe Biden 40%

      ~ 658 LV ~ 11/7-11/10

    740. Tina says:

      “Medical advice controversy”

      · 15h
      Aaron Rodgers cleared to play on Sunday, only days after COVID diagnosis and Joe Rogan medical advice controversy

    741. jason says:

      I would rather have Catturd’s opinion than Amoral Scumbag’s.

      Sue me.

    742. Wobbles says:

      I would have stomped on my mother’s neck to be the first to post these polls here if there were about Trump.

      Since they refer to Biden, I am on vacation in Bogo Pogo and don’t have Internet at the moment.

    743. Gordon Allen says:

      I’m biased,but Florida increasingly is less and less a real battleground state.
      It won’t be in 2022 or 2024.

    744. jason says:

      Yeah, FL becae kind of Ohioed, but for different reasons and different demographics.

      Elections have consequences, just think how narrowly DeSantis and Scott won. Non-Cuban Hispanics are shifting to the GOP, it helps that Venezuelans and Nicaraguans basically are ideologically opposed to the far-left regimes in their home countries.

    745. mnw says:

      The new Selzer IA poll is bad for Biden in absolute terms, but his JA is actually UP 2 points since her previous poll in September.

      The lone DEM in the IA congressional delegation, Rep. Axne, looks to be a 2022 Spotted Owl, for those of you who’re old enough to remember that shorthand term for endangered species.

    746. Meldrim says:

      Fun fact: FL has voted for the same candidate as OH in 22 of the past 24 presidential elections (all but 1992, when FL narrowly voted for Bush while OH voted for Clinton, and 1944, when FL voted for FDR while OH narrowly voted for Dewey when its governor, John Bricker, was the Republican VP nominee). That’s 22 of 24 elections starting in *1928*.

      That being said, I think that it is too soon to say that FL no longer is a battleground state. Republican statewide victory margins have continued to be very tight , and we don’t want to make the same mistake that Democrats made with PA, MI and WI, states that they considered “safe Democrat” in the 2016 presidential election despite having given the GOP presidential candidate 47%-48% as recently as 2004.

    747. jason says:

      Bitter hardest hit.

      “Republican advantages in the two core groups of non-college-educated white men and women are more than 20 points broader now than in 2018. And another heartening result for Republicans is among Hispanics: They favor Democrats, but by just a 15-point margin, 49-34%. (This result is among all Hispanics, not just those registered to vote, for an adequate sample size. All other vote-preference results are among registered voters.”

      Since the 15 pt advantage among Hispanics includes ALL Hispanics, not only those registered to vote (yet) the spread is likely even narrower for RVs.

    748. Bitterlaw says:

      Another lie about me. I have said since my earliest posts at HHR starting in 2004 that the GOP must increase its share of the number of minorities and working class voters. He knows this but can’t escape his lies at this point.

    749. jason says:

      China, India and Brazil refused to go along with “phasing out” coal, instead agreeing to “phasing down”.

      That is 40% of the world’s population and 3 of the 6 most populous countries.

      So while the US damages its economy, these other economic powers will continue to fuel their economies with cheap coal while the US prices itself out of world markets.

    750. Gordon Allen says:

      Meldrin. Wait for the margins in 2022. You might reconsider. The Republican Party leadership here is all hands on the wheel,and far from complacent.
      That’s why it’s heading where it is in Florida.

    751. jason says:

      GOP must increase its share of the number of minorities and working class voters.”


    752. jason says:

      Bitter even hardest hit.

      “Rural and working class whites are now voting for the GOP in almost the same #’s as blacks for Democrats. Look at the %’s that Youngkin ran up in rural VA. He won 45 counties by more than 70%, and 15 by more than 80%.”

      But hey, let’s focus on “winning back” all of Bitter’s family, friends and neighbors who voted for Biden because, according to Bitter, “they could afford higher taxes”.

    753. Bitterlaw says:

      Can you read. I did not say what you claim I said. Not one person in my family voted for Biden. Almost all of my friends voted for Trump.

      I know that you were devastated by Youngkin’s victory that proved that the GOP can retain and increase support from Trump’s base as well as reach suburban voters but your lies are tiresome. Youngkin did better with deplorable than Trump. That hit you hard.

      Keep lying about and disregarding my posts. I’m off to coach basketball.

    754. Tina says:

      I read that Rs outnumber Ds in Florida, after recent registration gains.

      Desantis is also doing well.

      I have not yet backed anybody for 2024.

      I definitely would not back CNN Liz Cheney (aka the Neocon Karen; any Bush; or Crying Klinkerzr for 2024.

    755. jason says:

      Keep lying about and disregarding my posts.”

      You spent years here mocking and disparaging the working class vote.

      I did not say what you claim I said.”

      Yeah, you did. I will find those posts if I have nothing else better to do. Stay tuned.

    756. jason says:

      I know that you were devastated by Youngkin’s victory”

      This is someone that accuses others of “lying”.

    757. mnw says:

      The GOP is polling well among working class voters; suburban women; and rural voters right now.

      This is called a rising tide floats all boats.

      However, I wish Trump would lay off attacking Republicans, excepting only those in Congress who voted for impeachment. The only glimmer of hope DEMs have at the moment is when Trump attacks some GOP incumbent seeking reelection.

    758. Bitterlaw says:

      You are pathetic, Jason. Go find the posts where I mocked working class voters. Why would I do that when I said the GOP must increase the number of working class voters?

    759. Tgca says:

      The fact that Youngkin did better with deplorables and suburban skanks than Trump has to do with VA folks being angry as Hell and not that he has a better message than Trump.

      He has the same message as Trump! He purposely ran to court Trump voters too and collaborated with the Trump team to do that.

      Like CA, NJ, and NY, many GOP leaning voters there are not as enthusiastic about turning out for the GOP if they feel it goes no where anyway. No one expected Trump to realistically win VA in 2020 so my guess is the increase in VA GOP voters in 2021 was not about the candidate but about the issues.

      Youngkin is no Trump and my gut feel is that this could all turn around in 2025 if voters don’t remain as angry and if the GOP controls Congress in 2022 or the WH in 2024.

      The 2021 and 2022 elections are about massive anger and not ideological or party allegiance.

      Biden is making the same mistakes Clinton did in his 1st two years, only worse me thinks, when Clinton then got a shellacking in 1994.

      Had Tmac pushed back on the CRT and education issues in VA, and taken a moderate approach, he would have won. He made a colossal strategic error of minimizing CRT and rape in schools.

      Stop trying to argue Youngkin is the new face of the GOP. He is not! He was fortunate to be in a very good place at a very good time, as well as having an issues focused campaign with Trump pushing his supporters to embrace Youngkin.

      Same with the NJ gubbernor race being so close. Many of these angry voters will go right back to not voting or leaning Dem in future elections if their anger subsides.

      Angry voters do NOT equal permanent voters!!! We’ve seen this time and time again.

      The 1994 election proved that and the GOP lost about 4% of the national vote in 1996 it had won in 1994 and then it pretty much stayed even nationally between the two parties the next few years until 2002.

    760. Tgca says:

      When did Bitter last go to Walmart?

    761. Gordon Allen says:

      The electorate is angry,and why milktoast,get along Republicans WILL NOT do it. They show not the slightest passion or fire in the belly.
      The ideal GOP candidate is
      Trump without being named Trump,with modest variations depending on the political electorate locally.
      Working class and minorities are there for the taking in terms of growth,but country club Republicans, and everyone but Bitterlaw knows who they are,have no answer to getting them