Trump Leads Biden By 5% and Harris By 8% in 2024

    We have a new poll from McLaughlin and Associates that shows Donald Trump would regain whether he takes on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in 2024.

    Donald Trump (R) 49%
    Joe Biden (D) 44%

    Donald Trump (R) 50%
    Kamala Harris (D) 42%

    This poll was done November 11-16 among 1000 likely voters.

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    1. Ameister says:


    2. Ameister says:

      Rittenhouse is making a big mistake doing an interview with Tucker. He needs to drop off the radar now.

    3. Tgca says:

      Response to stoopid comments from last thwed.


      I have read and followed Dershowitz for decades.

      I don’t agree with his politics. Never did.

      His legal analysis is superb though. He reminds me more of a libertarian in that regard.

      Stop making things up too. You have no idea why people support Dershowitz. Have you tried asking the ?

      Again, you conjure things up in your wee lil’ demented brain.

      You seem to go out of your way to remind people how much you hate a Trump, why? To fit in with your woke friends and family?

    4. mnw says:

      So far it doesn’t seem as if the protests have spiraled into the usual leftist violence. LE looks able to contain & channel. Those 2 idiots Ritt killed would be alive if LE had been commanded properly & given enough resources.

      I don’t agree about Ritt not going on Tucker. Not doing that might be construed as an admission of some sort. He also signed up to do some sort of documentary for Carlson, I believe, as well as the interview. I hope he gets a big payday out of it.

      I DO think he should avoid controversy unrelated to his own trial & start a real life.

    5. Tgca says:

      From last thwed.

      790. MNW

      I don’t think Dershowitz changed politically. He still supports liberal causes. He just does not support liberal quacks who have gone off the deep end.

      He stated he voted for Biden in 2020.

    6. Cash Cow TM says:

      Trump should declare he is not running in 2024.
      But he won’t.

      Trump has too much negative baggage.
      Like Hillary.

      Trump’s biggest flaws are
      1. his inarticulate mouth,
      2. his thumbs that needlessly incite,
      3. his flame throwing and carpet bombing directed at any D or R who does not agree with him 100%,
      2. His brain.

    7. mnw says:


      I dunno, seems to me like he’s a long way from where he used to be. He clearly hates on his old buddies about Israel, Palestine & what he perceives as antisemitism within the DEM party’s highest echelons. I think he’s deeply troubled about demographic change, too.

    8. jason says:

      Babylon Bee

      “AUSTIN, TX—Beto O’Rourke posted a video announcing his bid to enter, then lose the Texas race for Governor, marking the first high-profile candidate from the Democratic party guaranteed to get crushed by a gazillion votes.

      “Today I’m throwing my hat in the ring, and announcing my bid to run for governor of Texas,” said Beto in a video that showed him riding a kick scooter through a Waffle House parking lot. “Together, we can rise and fight the Republican incumbent until he squashes me like a tiny bug and forces me to bow out.”

      Beto was in good spirits following the announcement, saying he wasn’t about to disappear into irrelevance despite the growing list of failed races for U.S. Senate, U.S. President, City Council, Book Club President, Skateboard Team Treasurer, Whataburger Chief Janitor, and Mom’s Favorite Son Named Beto.

      Political strategists from both parties agree Beto has the best chance to lose against Texas incumbent governor Greg Abbott, citing his consistent track record and inability to have even the slightest grasp on reality.

      Following the announcement, Beto O’Rourke immediately got to work writing his concession speech.”

    9. jason says:

      He needs to drop off the radar now.”

      Why exactly? Sounds like Bitter who wants him to become a hermit.

      He was acquitted. He should be able to go and say whatever he wants.

    10. mnw says:

      Ritt’s lawyer makes the same obvious point I did– that if there was ANYTHING linking Ritt to white supremacists or websites, we’d know about it.

      The left has had nearly a year & a half to find & show evidence of that.

    11. jason says:

      Trump should declare he is not running in 2024.
      But he won’t.”


      If nothing else, it triggers those with TDS.

    12. jason says:

      hat if there was ANYTHING linking Ritt to white supremacists or websites, we’d know about it.”

      Biden called him a white supremacist.

      I hope he sues the crap out of him, even if it has to wait until he is out of office.

    13. Tgca says:

      7 MNW

      I think Dershowitz is taking the same approach Bill Maher is. They both claim to be classic liberals but complaining their party is being taken over by radical leftists who don’t represent traditional liberal Democrats.

      Dershowitz has also been supportive of Israel too even though many Dems have moved against Israel over the last decade.

      That I agree on. I had many acquaintances who fit that bill and feel lost because the Dems have been taken over by leftist loons.

      The fact that he voted for Biden is proof positive his politics have not changed.

      I’m not sure he expected Biden to go this far left either but neither did many Dems who voted for Biden, hence, his approval ratings sinking from failed radical policies.

    14. jason says:

      Trump’s biggest flaws are
      1. his inarticulate mouth
      I think Trump is pretty articulate, even if I don’t always agree with what he says
      2. his thumbs that needlessly incite,
      MSNBC talking point
      3. his flame throwing and carpet bombing directed at any D or R who does not agree with him 100%,
      I don’t agree with some of his attacks, but it probably got him elected President and helped him serve out his term
      2. His brain.
      MSNBC talking point

    15. Tgca says:

      Watch Dershowitz interview on Newsmax if you can catch it.

      He makes the case why Ritt can sue MSM and political pundits who spread lies about him and equates it with his own civil lawsuit out there against the MSM.

      He also doubts any civil suits against Ritt will be successful because of the background and actions of these perps that will fine into play.

      Remember, there are videos of the pedophile going all crazy that night threatening people and we now have a few witnesses claiming under oath he threatened people so why jurors would want to reward a violent attacker is beyond me. All it takes is one kick to head to seriously kill or permanently damage someone and those videos definitely show these folks were not treating Kyle with kid gloves.

    16. Tgca says:

      Trump is still by far the most popular GOP candidate. I have no doubt in my mind if he ran in 2024, after 4 years of Biden/Harris, he would win unless Biden was to totally move to the center and advocate for common sense the next 3 years and work with the GOP in Congress too which I think will not happen.

      I also don’t see any other Dem that could replace Biden in 2024 that would beat Trump.

      Remember, some voters moved to Biden after 4 years of Trump but now have buyers remorse and poll after poll shows that.

    17. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      There have been several polls showing Trump beating Biden in 2024. It makes sense for Trump to run if he has such good polling numbers. A lot of people are now looking back favorably on the Trump economy, and a lot of his policies. Many people are likely to hold their noise and vote for him because of the total malaise Biden has caused. I want an experienced fighter who is willing to directly take on the leftists in 2024, and not Mr. Nice Guy.

      The Democrats are going to attack and disparage whoever the Republicans nominate; the worst Republicans now are the ones who drool all sorts of politically correct platitudes in the hope the leftists will view them as nice people and not attack them. They come across as weak and vacillating — and voters are not going to want that in 2024.

      The nation is in shambles now are Biden’s attempt to impose socialism. I did not support Trump in 2016; but will in 2024.

    18. VictrC says:

      Hello everyone…

      Got through the 700+ posts on the last page, caught up on lots of internal fights, et al

      I am pretty speechless. The ignorance of the left, Hollywood and far left liberals amazes me. They honestly are ignorant of just how wrong they are, their polices are, etc. They have not a tolerant bone amongst them.

      Changing the subject a bit, flying home from the Middle East someone on the plane, from the GCC, asked me why so many of our politicians hate our country, mentioning squad members AOC and the “brother marry-er” (direct quote). He also asked me if they were from America, I said the brother marry-er is not, and AOC parent migrated to the USA. He was aghast. He said, if someone comes to my country and we extend kindness and a better life, and they then say how awful our country and people are, we would immediately ship them back…at best.

      These people hate America, plain and simple.

    19. jason says:

      Hey Vic good to see you.

    20. jason says:

      The nation is in shambles now are Biden’s attempt to impose socialism. I did not support Trump in 2016; but will in 2024.”

      That is it in a nutshell.

      If Cash Cow prefers to think it is about Trump’s “inarticulate mouth” so be it.

    21. Tina says:

      Sd has a good point about the favorable trump economy. We were doing well with low inflation. The pre covid 2020 numbers don’t lie.

      Btw, gas jumped another 10 cents here. (Week over week). To $4.85 a gallon.

    22. jason says:

      DO think he should avoid controversy unrelated to his own trial & start a real life.”

      I don’t agree with this or Bitter’s advice that he become a hermit and live out the rest of his life cowering in fear of BLM and Antifa.

      I think he should be front and center telling his story about how he was almost railroaded by woke interference in the judicial system. I think he should write his book, do interviews, and sue the crap out of those that defamed him as a murderer and as a white supremacist before and after the trial.

      Should he become a Fox News or Newsmax contributor? No. He should continue his plans of going to nursing school.

      But “avoid controversy”? No. Hide? No. Allow BLM and Antifa to rule his life? No. Succumb to woke culture? No.

    23. Victrc says:

      Jason…good to see you as well!!

      Look, there’s no doubt the squad and far leftists are trying to push the nation towards socialism because in their ill informed minds they think that America is inherently bad and the rich need to slow penalized for being successful.

      I saw someone pushing CRT who stated, the United States was formed by stealing land and killing indigenous people, founded by white supremecists(sic) and built on the back of slaves. White Americans need to acknowledge their shame.


      Btw I got into a bit of a discussion with someone about how the “west” was stolen from Mexico. I pointed out that none of the territory of the US was part of “Mexico” before the Spaniards explored it, and even they didn’t settle it die 200 years. It only became quasi important when the French were in Louisiana. At the time of Texas independence there were only 7,000 “Mexicans” living in Texas vs 20,000 white settlers.

      The west was part of new Spain and Mexico for about 80 years, and sparsely populated. The Aztec empire never went within 400 miles of the current USA.

      Another fun fact, the Aztecs were just as much conquers as Cortez. They were nomadic, terrorizing, then defeating tribes like Olmec and Toltec, imprisoning and making them slaves, as well as performing human sacrifices with them up until the 1500’s.

      But yes, Columbus was horrible. (Sarcasm off)

    24. Gordon Allen says:

      #23. Be careful, or Merrick Garland’s FBi, assisted(urged on)by Big Tech, will be knocking on your doors soon and threatening “re education camp”(jail) for incendiary comments and terrorist sympathies.

    25. jason says:

      “With a majority of likely voters believing President Joe Biden is “incompetent,” a sizable majority want him to undergo a cognitive test and release the results to the public.

      In a new McLaughlin & Associates survey shared with Secrets, 59% said they want the president to take the test and release the results. Just 33% said no.”


    26. mnw says:

      The only riot was in Portland, & it was smallish– just one arrest & minor property damage (ANY is way too much). Everywhere else, LE limited it to protesting only, going by a quick scan of FOX live updates.


      I too noticed that Maher & Dershowitz seem to be making a similar political migration. Dersh is an old man, & I suspect he’ll vote for the GOP in 2024, but I have no hard evidence of that.

      Israel-related issues seem to be a hot button for him, & I can’t imagine he’s been pleased with Biden’s first year in that regard. It’s surprising that he voted for Biden last time, even after Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem, though.

    27. Bitterlaw says:

      Today is the 157th Lafayette-Lehigh game. The rivalry dates back to 1884. Walt said that the 1914 game was great.

    28. Bitterlaw says:

      I saw part of an interview between Cuomo and one of Rittenhouse’s attorneys. Cuomo actually asked if he thought the law regarding self-defense should be changed to make it easier to convict defendants like Rittenhouse. He looked surprised that such a stupid question was asked but just said no.

    29. mnw says:

      There was a bit more rioting & light property damage than I had thought. Nothing much compared to last summer, tho.

      Tucker Carlson interviewed Ritt at night DURING his trial. That surprises me.

    30. jason says:

      The only football rivalry I care about is Army-Navy.

      And screw the swabbies.

    31. jason says:

      In my view Maher is a total despicable scumbag for saying the the 9/11 terrorists who flew planes with innocent people into buildings with innocent people were not cowards.

      I don’t care if he becomes Mother Teresa or a rightwing icon, I won’t forgive him for that, I don’t watch him or care what he says or writes.

      For me, that one comment forever relegated him to the trash dumpster of contemptible media figures.

    32. jason says:

      I did Lafayette-Lehigh on the same day during my obligatory college visit tours.

      I remember the Lehigh campus being fit for a mountain goat, millions of steps and steep inclines, I don’t remember anything about Lafayette except they did seem to take the rivalry with Lehigh seriously.

    33. ssq says:

      Tucker Carlson interviewed Ritt at night DURING his trial. That surprises me.”

      I don’t see why, he probably had to be in the courtroom during the day.

    34. jason says:

      My favorite TV/media lawyer is Jonathan Turley.

      Sue me.

    35. jason says:

      Time for Kyles’ Law?


    36. mnw says:

      I don’t watch ANY of them. I’ve never seen Tucker Carlson’s show– except for snippets on the ‘Net. That’s where I get news– online. I’ve never seen Maher & don’t plan to.

      I DID watch an hour or so of Greg Gutfeld’s show one time only when it was new, out of curiosity, & I didn’t think it was funny.

      But for the NHL, I’d never turn TV on.

      I DO plan to watch Tucker Carlson & Rittenhouse on Monday night, though. I’d rather see Ritt’s chief trial counsel on with him, however. How interesting is any kid, really… unless it’s Mozart or Charles Lindbergh?

    37. jason says:

      If Rittenhouse comes across like he did in the trial he will be fine.

    38. mnw says:

      Biden’s JA in AZ is 42/55, according to a new RV poll from OH Predictive Insights, conducted earlier this month.

      Sen. Kelly must be concerned. Wonder how eager he is to back BBB.

    39. jason says:

      I have watched portions of Gutfeld a few times as I channel surfed and saw it was on.

      The wrestler guy with the big belt is pretty funny.

      More entertaining than the hard core left late night shows with Colbert, Kimmel, etc.

    40. jason says:

      Wonder how eager he is to back BBB.”

      He will vote for it, bet on it.

    41. Tina says:

      So, BLM (Antifa) is defending 3 Whites.

      I guess All lives now matter

    42. Tgca says:

      26. MNW

      I would be surprised if Dershowitz became a GOPer because he’s always had these views I hear him voice today.

      I always thought he was a practical old fashioned liberal on other matters but never a lefty loon so not sure if he’ll ever feel comfortable in the GOP either.

      He has been a staunch supporter of Israel and gets it.

      Again, I may not agree with him on many of his politics but I agree with him generally on his view of the law. He reminds me of the liberals I grew up with and not these quacks today.

      To think many years ago he sat on the board of the ACLU is funny because they’ve moved sooooo far left now that he doesn’t recognize them.

    43. Tgca says:


      What happened to Portland?

      Bunch of hippy-like radical lefty freaks.

      Blame it on the parents!

      They’ve gone downhill steadily for 20 years.

      They’ve replaced Berkeley as the freaks of the west.

    44. Tgca says:


      I think Maher’s 9/11 comment was stoopid, insulting, and purposely provocative.

      But Jadon has said worse about tofu in his absurd defense of bacon, not to mention all the inflammatory things he has said of Wobbie so being the forgiven Catholic I am, I can forgive both Jadon and Maher for their highly insensitive comments.

      Unfortunately, Bitter will not forgive such comments because he evidently practices a different version of Catholicism then I do.

      That being said, I also think Maher, when he’s not purposely trying to bait folks and being provocative is also reasonable in many of his classical liberal views over the years compared to the radical lefties today being raised in places like Radnor.

    45. jason says:

      Speaking of bacon, I made too much for breakfast (I apologize for the difficult concept of too much bacon) but you have to remember I also had scrapple, ham and sausage.

      But it is not going to waste, I am going to have some nice half pound cheeseburgers for lunch that will love to have 4 strips of slab bacon strategically laid on them.

      My wife plans to crumble a couple slices on a salad, what a terrible thing to do with perfectly good bacon, but some people are just cruel that way.

    46. mnw says:

      I suspect there are a number of DEM senators who will vote for some of Manchin’s proposed changes to the BBBl. Just window-dressing for what look like difficult reelection campaigns.

      Once Manchin signs off, all DEMS will vote for it.

      I’m sure they’d like to go back to AZ & NV & elsewhere and say, “See? I stood with Manchin & cast some tough votes.. I’m no party hack.”

    47. jason says:

      I have this horrible tofu joke I’m afraid to post…

      It’s really tasteless.

    48. Tgca says:

      Again, let’s not prop up Kyle here. I still think he used extremely poor judgment in his actions and it’s clear his parents are lacking in parental responsibilities and good parenting skills for a kid seeming to crave belonging or being part of something when you look at his social media.

      It doesn’t make them bad people but it does make you question how he got in this situation.

      My concern for him now is he’s a young impressionable kid with a lot of focus in the spotlight and he has no grounded adults to assist him. He is ripe for being used by special interests too like that nitwit Greta “how dare you” Thunberg.

      I grew up with a lot of folks like this where poor parenting led to kids getting into situations they should never have been in from day one.

      Defending himself is totally appropriate and he did the right thing. Going out of state overnight to violent protests and brandishing weapons is not something any underage teen should be doing.

    49. mnw says:


      I never got over Maher saying that “Trump’s mouth is just a c**kholder for Putin’s d*ck,” either.

    50. Tgca says:


      Well clearly you’re not a good Catholic then!

    51. mnw says:

      Juan Williams has stated that “the law would’ve treated Rittenhouse differently if he was black, I think.”

      I completely disagree. Same result, but likely faster.

      Plus, if Ritt was AA, I suspect the Distilled* Attorney would have sent it to the GJ with no recommendation to true bill or no true bill it– a complete jump ball. Then the DA could claim, “We did our job. The GJ made the decision that it was self defense, not me.”

      When I was a state prosecutor, on rare occasions we would send a proposed indictment to the GJ with no recommendation. We would invite the def and the alleged victims to come in and tell their stories under oath, directly to the GJ. Rare, but not unprecedented. This was done on a handful of seemingly close cases.

      *not a typo; just a VERY old joke.

    52. Gordon Allen says:

      MN. Has Manchin said he will offer amendments,and can he to a reconciliation bl?
      I believe the CBO scored it at a 2.5 Trillion amount,a Trillion over his number. By itself that’s an issue.

    53. jason says:

      still think he used extremely poor judgment in his actions”

      I have never agreed with this MSN talking point.

      In hindsight, even he agrees with the obvious that it would have been better for him if he hadn’t gone there, after all he could have gone to jail for the rest of his life.

      But at the time he made the decision, he wanted to help protect the city from being burned down, so I don’t fault him for that.

      So I have always disagreed with the “he shouldn’t have been there” meme. He had every right to be there, and since his intentions were good, he certainly had more right to be there than the rioters and looters did.

      I am also skeptical of Tgca’s “poor parenting” BS. Rittenhouse does not have any particularly troubled past with crime or drugs, and I saw an interview with his mother, seemed like a perfectly normal parent.

      Had he been my son, I would have told him to avoid riots. I would not have allowed him to take any of my weapons or my car. But frankly, when he was almost 18 he could easily have taken a car and one of my weapons to a riot if he chose to do so. Would it have made me a “bad” parent?

    54. Tgca says:


      Juan Williams has gone looney over the years.

      He was once a more level-headed Dem but now everything with him is about race. Makes me wonder if he always felt this way and hid it or it’s a recent transformation with all this woke BS.

      My response to Juan would be when you start stepping up and recognizing all the violent and abusive behavior by AA and Latino men against gays, then I’ll join your pity party.

      For the record, AA and Latino men have historically been the biggest physical threat in society to gay men and still are to this day.

    55. jason says:

      Has Manchin said he will offer amendments,and can he to a reconciliation bl?”

      He doesn’t have to offer any amendments, it is not how this will work.

      He will say I will only vote for it if x, y, and z is taken out (or changed) and if the total amount is less than x amount.

      They will make the changes to get his vote and then it will go back to the House for another vote, and the House will have to take it or leave it.

    56. jason says:

      Schumer is not going to have Manchin offer amendments, because he knows any amendment Manchin offers will pass with at least 51 votes, highly embarrassing.

      They are going to have to redo the bill in a way that is acceptable to both Manchin and Sinema, no way around it.

      Now will Manchin and Sinema cave? Possible.

    57. jason says:

      Btw, coal prices at record high in WV. Mines are reopening, wages are high, business is booming.

      I have a feeling that at least on coal, Manchin is not caving.

    58. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      45. “Speaking of bacon, I made too much for breakfast”

      Is that possible?

    59. Tgca says:


      Sorry Jadon!

      Any parent letting their underage kids go to violent protests, and we all know that these protests have that violent element, especially allowing overnight unsupervised travels as a teen is concerning and a reflection of poor parenting.

      With respect to his family, unfortunately, they have had legal and financial struggles including tenant eviction, unpaid child support, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, recurring unemployment, and absent fathering so we know it’s not a stable environment for a young impressionable boy.

      This does not make them bad people as much as unfortunate and irresponsible parents. I know because my family also faced these challenges frequently but I also know from these experiences such parents usually lack good parenting skills.

      I grew up with many teens that just did what they wanted to even if they did not get into major legal problems. It was generally because their parents lacked parenting skills, including my own parents so I’m not trying to put him down as much as explain his circumstances.

      I like to forget this period of my teens but when I was between 14 and 16, I frequently stayed out all night and sometimes away for days at a time crashing at places and hanging with people much older than me with access to liquor and drugs and sex though I never did drugs myself.

      I went where I wanted and when I wanted. No one told me what to do. I often cut school to do things I wanted to do and did not hide it. I lived on my own at 16 renting a room in an attic of a two-story house to be close to a job I had and was drinking with adults frequently getting into bars after work with them because they did not card in Newark.

      When I was 17, I told all I was moving to LA and booked a trip to move there. My brother, from 15 onwards through his late teens lived with a man in his late 20s who fed him drugs and alcohol and God knows what else. I had teen relatives that were unsupervised and had a drunken fest that resulted in a violent conflict and the death of one teen.

      None of this would normally happen with good parenting and that’s why I think Kyle’s situation is unfortunate.

      So I generally know when looking at a kid’s MO if they’re from a troubled family or there is bad parenting involved.

      I also watched his mom, and she reminded me of white trash, and my mom in particular, who played the poor tortured mother in spite of apparent poor parenting.

      White trash is more about poor, uneducated, ignorant people than bad people so I’m not questioning whether she’s a good person but instead whether she’s a good parent. There’s a big difference. You can be a law abiding citizen and still be a bad parent.

      Sorry! Watching this kid and his family brought back memories I usually don’t like to recall but it’s all too common among young men with absent fathers and poor parenting to put themselves into situations that often they later regret.

    60. Cash Cow TM says:

      True story.

      Walt picked up son from work (he volunteered to work today and work 7 instead of his usual 6 days a week).
      A fellow worker (Black guy in late 20s) picked Walt son up at home before 8 this morning to give him a ride to work.

      On the way to work, Walt’s son asked his friend what he thought of the Ritt verdict. The Black fellow said “it is messed up when Ritt kills two Black guys and is acquitted of all charges.”

      Walt’s son said he was flabbergasted that his Black friend thought the two WHITE people killed were BLACK and simply responded, “Yeah, that’s messed up.” He did not bother to give his friend the true facts…

      I wonder what % of people in the U.S. think the two shot and killed were Black.

      We need a poll on that.

    61. Wes says:

      RRH has its annual Turkey of the Year Awards out. This one in particular made me laugh:

      Eric Adams for being the only person who actually wants to live in New Jersey.

      See, Bitter? Everyone but you, the dishonorable Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and Eric Adams knows the Sewer State is nothing but a festering boil on the armpit of the United States.

    62. jason says:

      Tgca, your long post is very interesting but I see very little that seems to apply to Rittenhouse.

    63. Cash Cow TM says:

      Posted on Facebook
      “Think about this:

      I have watched the whole Rittenhouse case.
      I didn’t know that Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow up, with people all around.
      I didn’t know that the Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed.
      I didn’t know that Kyles Dad, Grandma and Friends all lived in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he resided with his Mom part time in Illinois.
      I didn’t know that Joseph Rosenbaum knocked him down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head. I didn’t know that Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard.
      I didn’t know Gaige Grosskreutz, a felon in possession of firearm, aimed his gun at Kyle first, as he admitted on the stand.
      I also didn’t know that in the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17 (which was why the gun charge was dismissed).
      I didn’t know that Kyle did not cross state lines with a gun he wasn’t supposed to have. The rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do.
      I also didn’t realize that Rosenbaum was a 5 time convicted child rapist and that Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater. I didn’t know that Grosskreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record also.
      IF THE MEDIA DID THEIR JOB… we would ALL have known this!”

    64. DW says:

      Cow…I said same yesterday…need an on-the-street poll where they ask average people if Ritt killed one or two black men. See how many out of 100 say it was actually NONE.

    65. jason says:

      I wonder what % of people in the U.S. think the two shot and killed were Black.

      We need a poll on that.”

      Seems like in England everyone does…

    66. jason says:

      I also didn’t know that in the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17″

      I want to correct this, it only applies to long rifles. Under WI law, the weapon Rittenhouse was carrying was classified as a “long rifle”, a point the defense did not dispute when the judge threw out the weapons charge.

    67. mnw says:

      64 Cow

      Agree about the media not doing what honest journos are expected to do.

      However, worse than the media were the state and county law enforcement commanders & supervisors who let violent street thugs run amok, instead of having overwhelming force in place from the gitgo. WHY are they ALWAYS taken by surprise by BLM/Antifa mobs?

      (I realize you touched on this point when you mentioned that the “police were told to stand down.”)

      I don’t think MO Gov. Parsons would’ve let this kind of thing go on for very long.

    68. Cash Cow TM says:

      “When Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late 2017, coverage of the bill by CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, et cetera was so misleading that I often felt like slamming my head against the wall. They succeeded in wrongly convincing millions of Americans that the bill was a tax hike for the middle class, which shows that they failed to do their jobs.”

      “The Associated Press announced the House passage of the bill with a tweet saying “House passes first rewrite of nation’s tax laws in three decades, providing steep tax cuts for businesses, the wealthy.”

      So we polled people and found that most Democrats, probably acting on the media’s cue, materially misunderstood what the bill did:

      “A full third (33 percent) of Americans think the bill raises taxes on middle-class families in 2018 … Only 28 percent answered correctly, saying the bill cuts taxes on most middle-class families … Democrats were much more likely to have been misled here: 51 percent said 2018 taxes will be higher for most middle-class families, while only 9 percent of Democrats correctly answered that the bill cuts middle-class taxes this year.””

    69. DW says:

      Everything I have read since yesterday’s verdict has confirmed that this trial was all about establishing the inalienable right for the media and leftist politicians to spread outright lies to foment radical groups to freely riot without having to face any opposition or criminal charges, and then be allowed to publicly lynch anyone who tried to stop them.

      That’s what this case was about.

    70. GF says:

      jason says:
      November 20, 2021 at 9:46 am
      The only football rivalry I care about is Army-Navy.

      And screw the swabbies.

      Concur on the matchup, but them’s fighting words.

      Our fight song is the only one that specifically mentions booze; I’d like to see the Army be so bold. ?

    71. Wes says:

      At the end of Terminator (1984), Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is talking to an old man and his grandson and says, “I know,” when told a storm is coming.

      That’s an appropriate analogy as Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) is the next senior Democrat in the House to run for the exit doors:

    72. Tgca says:


      I see a desperate teen wanting to fit in and going to great lengths to be part of something without a stable father figure in his life and in a less stable environment with a mom who seems to not be in control of him and he’s made a terrible decision.

      An underage unsupervised teen should not be at violent protests trying to play hero. He’s lucky this was WI. If he were in many other states, he would most likely have gotten a guilty verdict due to demographics.

      He’s an adult now so it does not matter but still 18 is a very immature age and I think he’s very impressionable and needs adult guidance now, especially with all this spotlight he will receive over the next year.

      Who is going to be his rock and guide him?

    73. Tgca says:



      I truly believe the MSM wants to stir the pot and see violence in the streets because it dies two things for them:

      1. Help boost ratings
      2. Provide them a platform and audience to spew their lefty BS.

      I doubt they care about these people.

    74. jason says:

      18 years olds can grow up fast, even without stable father figures. Inner character helps.

    75. jason says:

      Our fight song is the only one that specifically mentions booze; I’d like to see the Army be so bold. ?

      I will give you that, most Navy guys I knew could “drink to the foam”.

    76. jason says:

      Even if it wasn’t the last night ashore.

    77. jason says:

      Maria Shriver
      · 19h
      I’m trying to take a beat to digest the Rittenhouse verdict. My son just asked me how it’s possible that he didn’t get charged for anything. How is that possible? I don’t have an answer for him.”

      Well, maybe tell him the truth. He was charged with 5 counts, including murder and reckless endangerment.

    78. Tgca says:

      Ok. I was feeding my fish some tasty tofu snacks and the little guy jumped right out of the tank and smack onto the floor with a big thud. He was not moving so I quickly picked him and put him in the tank and now he’s swimming about fine.

      I hope it did not cause any lasting damage or a concussion because he’s only like 2 inches long so his fall was like 20 stories for him.

      I couldn’t believe it! He gets very excited when I go to feed him and he must have jumped up in excitement. It happened so fast I did not see it. I just heard the wet smack on the floor.

      He’s a beautiful very friendly and engaging guy. He looks like this:

    79. jason says:

      Tgca’s fish was trying so hard to get away from the tofu that he jumped down 20 stories.

    80. jason says:


      I see a desperate teen wanting to fit in and going to great lengths to be part of something without a stable father figure in his life and in a less stable environment with a mom who seems to not be in control of him and he’s made a terrible decision.”

      I see this as delusional trash talk.

    81. Wes says:

      Um, Tg, when your fish literally tries to commit suicide because of the slop you’re feeding it, that should tell you something.

    82. Tgca says:


      Damn! I got Jadon pegged!

      I knew he was going to claim my fish tried to commit suicide because of the tasty food I feed him. He loves brine shrimp so he gets it usually once a day with other occasional high quality food.

      I have come to realize fish can be quite engaging and have their own personalities. This guy is very friendly and loves to engage me. I also have one very shy betta but he’s gotten used to me. It took him like 2 weeks to come to me for food. He still is a bit shy.

    83. jason says:

      I would jump off tall buildings myself to escape Tgca’s food.

    84. Tgca says:


      No more trash talk than people hypothesizing on behaviors of the three perps.

      Kyle should never have been at a violent protest as an underage teen. PERIOD!!!

      This was a police matter. It is not up to a teen to arm himself to try and protect businesses and play hero. That’s just plain stoopid behavior and any parent fine with that exhibits poor parenting.

      Had he not been armed, they probably would have killed him for his interference.

      Over 30+ people have died in these protests the last year. It’s not a place for underage people. These protests quickly involve into violent events.

    85. Tgca says:


      Involve = evolve

    86. jason says:

      Tgca is just jealous he didn’t get one of my half pound cheese burgers with 4 slices of thick slab bacon.

      No, I didn’t forget the veggies, sliced jalapenos and pickles.

    87. jason says:

      This was a police matter”


    88. jason says:

      I think Rittenhouse had every right to be there and try to protect the businesses and put out fires.

      Poor parenting? Zzzzzzz…..

    89. jason says:

      The police isn’t going to protect you, that is delusional talk.

    90. jason says:

      Tgca can’t even parent a poor fish, so I would not take his human parenting skills very seriously.

    91. Tgca says:

      Kyle also disregarded curfew so he was knowingly breaking the law.

      Again, he had a right to defend himself once it escalated to where it did but he should not have been there in the 1st place. He behaved immaturely and recklessly in that regard.

      In large part, he brought this on himself and will have to live with those nightmares he claims he has for the rest of his life.

      He did similar to what George Zimmerman did. He inserted himself into a situation instead of minding his business and then it escalated badly.

      He’s lucky the cops were there because if others were armed sooner or later he would have been chased down and most likely put down.

      I hope his lawyers or someone have given him a good reprimand on this so it should NEVER happen again.

      The message should be you are lucky to get off. Now go live your life and keep out of trouble and grow the f*ck up and stop trying to play hero because next time you may not be so lucky.

    92. Tgca says:


      He had every right to break the law by disobeying curfew and going there? REALLY?

      You would be ok with that if your teen children did that?

      If you give him that right then it only seems fair to argue others have the right to break curfew and go cause mayhem to support their causes as well.

      Police did not want him there! They were not asking for assistance. Police don’t ask for the help of children.

      He had no right to take this on his own.

      I still believe he should have been charged with some lesser charges such as breaking curfew if for no other reason to let him know he is partly responsible for this.

    93. jason says:

      What a load of BS.

    94. mnw says:


      I watched the Newsmax Dersh interview, bc you recommended it. I thought he made a lot of sense.

      This has nothing to do with Dershowitz:

      I see Rittenhouse as a classic police wannabe. He was once a police cadet. It’s too bad he couldn’t confine himself to the usual training routes that lead to becoming an ACTUAL sworn LE officer.

      He once lived with his mother in a homeless shelter. I bet he was attracted to the authority of a badge, & the respect it traditionally commands. I don’t know whether he’s bright enough to have qualified.

      Dershowitz is spot on that he had no business going to Kenosha, but good judgment is something I don’t expect to encounter in many 17-yr-olds.

    95. mnw says:

      If I had a kid who wanted a career in LE, I would suggest joining the military with a deal to get MP/SP experience, assuming he/she didn’t want to get a college degree with a LE major first. Right now, I’m very glad my own kids’ ambitions DON’T run in that direction.

      The Border Patrol is a clever entree to federal LE employment. It makes an excellent launch pad. I’d try to skip local, municipal/county jobs & go straight to something that pays better.

    96. Tgca says:

      What part is BS?

      Kids should start breaking laws and disobeying police and going out and trying to play hero?

      He’s an immature kid. He should have been nowhere near a violent protest.

      Bringing a gun like that to a protest itself is highly questionable. It is clearly visible and makes you a target.

      Again, he did not deserve to be attacked but he behaved immaturely and stoopidly and should share responsibility in the escalated situation.

    97. Tgca says:

      95. Mnw

      I agree. I’ve seen this over and over.

      I myself used bad judgment and acted out as a teen hanging with adults, not going to school, drinking and staying away from home for long periods at a time. I was very fortunate to never have been involved in any bad situations even though others I know did end up there. It’s the one period of my life I look back on in shame because I put myself in that situation simply because I was acting out as a stoopid teen.

      I’ve known a few people who did stoopid things as teens and paid dearly for it, including murder. I gave an example earlier of a family teen death resulting from poor decisions and bad parenting.

      Both my brothers had police records as teens and were in and out of jail. Every instance they brought on themselves including butting in where they did not belong and getting tangled up in local turf wars that escalated to street violence.

      Kyle strikes me as someone that did not fit in with others, as supposedly he was bullied at school per one complaint his mom file with police and he then left the school. It appears he wanted so badly to be part of something with an absent father figure so he became obsessed with law enforcement.

      His social media posts clearly showed his immaturity.

      You’re right, many younger kids go through an official route, whether ROTC or some other avenue to be part of a law enforcement effort where Rittenhouse was hanging with adults trying to play hero cop and anointing himself claiming it was part of his job. He had no such job! It was conjured up in his head.

      He is lucky he did not get killed, Hopefully, he learns from this as a terrible lesson and people don’t use him as a pawn like they use that ugly ass Greta “how dare you” Thunberg because he seems like a dupe to easily follow others in an attempt to belong.

    98. Wes says:

      You know, Tg, you and I butt heads a lot, but I’m going to say 98 is easily among the most thoughtful, insightful, well-argued posts I’ve ever seen in all my 16 years on this blog.

      I’m not being facetious or hyperbolic at all.

      Well done.

    99. Tgca says:

      Damn! This is good stuff!

      Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake.

      I don’t drink alcohol and have not for 20+ years but when I did, my drink was bourbon.

      I bought this cake for an event I was going to go to but instead decided against it so I decided to try it out.

      You can really taste the bourbon and after 2 small slivers I was like WHOAH! I’m gonna get a buzz here and not sure how my liver will react after being alcohol clean for 2 decades.

      It’s not sweet, it’s soft buttery and bourbony.

    100. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The last thing you need when dealing with a violent demonstration is a wanna-be-cop kid with a gun. If they had not been pre-occupied, am sure the police would have disarmed him.

      Last year, BLM demonstrations marched into my neighborhood the night after they had done major damage in Downtown San Diego. I got texted by a police friend they were coming.

      The businesses had already locked up, and along with local residents, had taken security measures. A lot of use were standing outside our buildings, to prevent vandalism. No one was armed except the police, who were out in force. As it turned out, the demonstrators were peaceful and there was a friendly interaction between demonstrators and local residents. The police and the BLM demonstators had agreed after the previous night’s violence to work cooperatively to prevent a repeat. Thankfully, San Diego did not have the real violent radical element that exists in Portland and Seattle. Still several areas in San Diego did suffered major property damage.

    101. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sounds like the proper outlet for Rittenhouse would have been to join the military, assuming he was mentally fit to serve. It would have made more sense they trying his crazy lone ranger act. I agree that he was acting in self-defense, and not guility of any crime — but that does not excuse his dumb conduct.

    102. jason says:

      Crazy lone ranger act?

      Zzzzz…he was actually part of a group that was trying to help out.

      I have no problem with “him being there”.

      My problem is with the rioters and looters being there.

    103. jason says:

      The last thing you need when dealing with a violent demonstration is a wanna-be-cop kid with a gun. If they had not been pre-occupied, am sure the police would have disarmed him.”

      More BS.

      “wannabe cop with a gun”….great MSNBC talking point.

      Actually there is evidence the cops thanked the people who were trying to protect the businesses.

    104. jason says:

      but that does not excuse his dumb conduct.”

      This is where we are at in our woke society.

      Looters and rioters get a pass. Someone trying to extinguish fires is “dumb”.

    105. jason says:

      I have a completely different view. I think Rittenhouse had every right to be in Kenosha.

      Sue me.

    106. jason says:

      “At approximately 1:30 pm today a weapon accidently discharged at ATL’s security screening area. There is NOT an active shooter at the airport. APD is on the scene. More information about the situation will be made available on our social media channels.

      — Atlanta Airport (@ATLairport) November 20, 2021”

    107. jason says:

      Also I think all the amateur psychologists here that purport to know exactly what Rittenhouse’s motives were and “that he was attracted to authority” “absent father figure” and blah blah blah is all a pile of steaming horsecrap.

    108. jason says:

      If people here directed their vitriol against Rittenhouse to the people actually responsible for the violence, destruction and death in Kenosha we would be much better off as a society.

    109. Tgca says:

      Ok this is a little off topic and probably more self therapeutic but here’s why I get frustrated with this whole Rittenhouse situation.

      Though I get annoyed with stoopid teen behavior due to immaturity, I also have a soft spot for teen boys in unstable environments without a male father figure.

      These kids are so at risk and the reason we see so many of them go bad. No one seems to care about these boys who within the course of a year could alter their entire life forever for the worst.

      It’s very hard to get through to them too because they struggle with who they want to be and what they need to be to fit in, as no one wants to be a loner scorned by society.

      That’s why I believe a reliable male role model is needed for young boys in an unstable environment because I do often think there’s a very short window of time to save them until they are lost. For some, a military career can be a stabilizing life saver for others not, like one brother who was discharged dishonorably due to behavioral issues.

      Both my brothers were not bad kids despite many suggesting it was in our blood because of our latin genes. In fact, my oldest brother was out scraping up nickels and dimes at local food markets on the weekend all day by carrying groceries to cars and bringing that money home to my mom to feed us when he was younger than 10 because of an absent father and gubbermint benefits that did not pay enough to support us. Other than in the movies, I’ve never personally known a young kid to do that of his own free will, as corny as it may sound.

      But by the time he was a mid-teen, he quit school, was into drugs and petty crime, and fathered a child we never even met. It went down hill from there and he spent time in prison for assault, spent time in a mental hospital for attempted suicide and then got cancer and died by 23.

      This is what I think of when I see these young lost kids that society does not care for. Though my brother was scorned and hated for being a lowlife by some, especially in our extended family, I prefer to remember him as the kid who brought home change so we could eat as opposed to the bully petty criminal he later became.

      I admit he did not turn out to be such a good person but he started out as one in my view and I always wonder what he could have achieved if we had a stable environment and a reliable father figure.

      I think he came to terms with his life deeds before he passed because a few weeks before that he chose to get his 1st Holy Communion in the hospital which for us Catholics is of great importance for forgiveness and acceptance so for that I was grateful…and during the months leading up to his death, I noticed a great change in him as well which I sense was his act of contrition so I believe he may have made up for in death and found peace for what otherwise escaped him during his short life.

      So in my view, we have to find a way to protect our boys at risk or many will continue to rot away…and when I look at Rittenhouse it brings back a flood of memories of so many I know that went down the wrong road as teens and young men.

      This is a life changing moment for Rittenhouse so I hope it does good for him.

    110. Tgca says:


      I strongly disagree.

      He has classic behavior symptoms screaming out for attention to belong.

      Too bad he did not have parents that could better protect and guide him.

      There is absolutely no excuse for an underage teen to be going to violent protests, breaking curfew, and taking it upon himself to play cop. This is bad parenting in my view.

    111. jason says:

      As usual Tgca resorts to facts not in evidence to try to bolster his point.

      “Police did not want him there! They were not asking for assistance. Police don’t ask for the help of children.”


      “Binger asked Schroeder to bar a video that shows police telling Rittenhouse and other armed militia members on the streets that they appreciated their presence and tossing Rittenhouse a bottle of water. The prosecutor said the video would transform the trial into a referendum on police procedure that night when it isn’t relevant.”

    112. jason says:

      He has classic behavior symptoms screaming out for attention to belong.”

      Zzzzzz… amateur sandbox psychology 101.

      And wrong.

    113. Tgca says:


      Looters and rioters don’t get a pass. They should be arrested and prosecuted but as the saying goes, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

      These are two distinct issues.

      My concern is that other impressionable young boys with daddy issues may emulate this behavior, thinking it could bring them the recognition, attention, and respect they crave and behave accordingly.

    114. jason says:

      We have a completely different view on this.

      Time to move on.

    115. Tgca says:


      You’re taking that out of context. The sheriff himself said they passed water out to anyone there so it was not meant as a gesture of gratitude. I guess they were trying to be as friendly as possible to reduce the mayhem because they knew all eyes were on them.

    116. Tgca says:


      Agreed. My view is right. Yours is NOT!

      Now…onto the virtues of tofu over bacon…

    117. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not believe in redemption so I will never forget or forgive Tgca’s vicious comments, lies, and stupid comments (and he should not forget or forgive mine). I am sorry that he had such a difficult start in life and he should be proud of the success that resulted from his hard work. Both can be true.

      I am glad that his brother found peace towards the end of his life.

    118. Tgca says:


      I’ve never been one for pride, as I prefer logic and sensible rationale over desire but I will admit I am glad my chosen path in life has led me to HHR and blessed my existence with so many characters here, especially my good friend Bitter.

    119. Tgca says:


      I see Bitter is showing some humility admitting he’s made vicious comments, lies, and stoopid comments.

      Baby steps. Baby steps.

    120. DW says:

      “My problem is with the rioters and looters being there.”

      AND…the fact that no one with a badge or wearing a uniform was doing their job to stop the rioters and looters.

    121. jason says:

      You’re taking that out of context”

      “shows police telling Rittenhouse and other armed militia members on the streets that they appreciated their presence”

      You said police did not want them there.

      There is a video of the police saying they appreciated their presence.

      You were wrong.

    122. jason says:

      AND…the fact that no one with a badge or wearing a uniform was doing their job to stop the rioters and looters.”


    123. Bitterlaw says:

      We will never be friends. You burned that bridge, buried the ashes, and then buried the shovel.

    124. Tina says:

      The Wall Street Journal
      · 5h
      U.S. Covid-19 deaths this year surpassed the known toll from 2020, with the Delta variant and low vaccination rates important factors in the higher count, infectious-disease experts say

    125. Tgca says:


      STOP IT!

      Don’t say such things!

      I know you don’t mean them.

      You know have I have nightmares.

      I couldn’t bare it if we were not buddies.


    126. jason says:

      Bitter and Tgca buried the hatchet into each other’s backs.

    127. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The British green dreams of wind energy may make some pension fund insolvent. Biden would love to take the U.S. along the same route:

      “It confirms that the UK’s newest offshore wind farms remain high-cost operations. Indeed, the academics who produced the report have said the forthcoming Dogger Bank wind farms will be unprofitable, and are essentially worthless, with a value of around minus £1 billion in current terms.

      Remarkably, the findings have not been disputed by the developers.

      The findings, however, are just the visible tip of a very large iceberg of unprofitable offshore wind projects that are threatening to hit pension funds that have invested in similar renewable energy schemes.”

    128. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The British green dreams of wind energy may make some pension fund insolvent. Biden would love to take the U.S. along the same route:

      “It confirms that the UK’s newest offshore wind farms remain high-cost operations. Indeed, the academics who produced the report have said the forthcoming Dogger Bank wind farms will be unprofitable, and are essentially worthless, with a value of around minus £1 billion in current terms.

      Remarkably, the findings have not been disputed by the developers.

      The findings, however, are just the visible tip of a very large iceberg of unprofitable offshore wind projects that are threatening to hit pension funds that have invested in similar renewable energy schemes.”

    129. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sorry for the double post. The 1st one initially went into moderation. This is the first time I have seen a post that went into moderation come out of it.

    130. jason says:

      It’s ok.

    131. jason says:

      It’s ok.

    132. jason says:

      I am relieved.

      “President Biden and members of his inner circle have reassured allies in recent days that he plans to run for reelection in 2024, as they take steps to deflect concern about the 79-year-old president’s commitment to another campaign and growing Democratic fears of a coming Republican return to power.”

    133. Bitterlaw says:

      Stop it.

    134. Bitterlaw says:

      Stop it.

    135. mnw says:

      FOX & Carlson say they didn’t pay any money to Ritt or his family for the Monday interview, or for the documentary FOX plans to stream.

      FOX also denies doing any of the “workarounds” sometimes used to avoid appearing to pay for interviews, i.e., paying to use photos furnished by the interviewee or the family.

    136. jason says:

      GFY. GFY.

      I am lazy.

    137. DW says:

      HHR is slipping. Badly.

      Yesterday Biden had a colonoscopy, and I was the only one…me of all people!…who attempted to make some sort of joke about it. This is outside my skillset, and no one laughed. But I felt someone had to step up and try it.

    138. Tina says:

      Rich “The People’s Pundit” Baris
      · 29m
      It’s very early in the field and can change. I’d be surprised if it didn’t at least tighten more than this.

      But currently, Donald Trump is running stronger against Biden/Harris than Republicans are running against Democrats on the Generic Ballot.

    139. jason says:

      Woke NBA issues statement:

      “Our thoughts are with the families of those whose lives were taken in this tragedy. The right to peacefully protest is a bedrock of our democracy and the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition remains committed to preserving that right for all. Any forms of vigilantism in our society are unacceptable.”

    140. jason says:

      But currently, Donald Trump is running stronger against Biden/Harris than Republicans are running against Democrats on the Generic Ballot.”

      Damm, that is going to trigger the TDS morons here.

    141. Bitterlaw says:

      138 DW – Thanks for filling the void. The A-holes should have stepped up on that issue.

    142. jason says:

      Ouch…actually have journalists?

      “John Malone, the biggest shareholder of the company that’s about to take over CNN, said he “would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists.”

    143. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      133. If Biden does run for re-election, he may lose in the Democratic primary:

      2024 National Democratic Primary Poll:
      Biden 24%
      M. Obama 16%
      Harris 13%
      Buttigieg 8%
      Ocasio-Cortez 5%
      Abrams 4%
      Klobuchar 3%
      Newsom 2%
      O’Rourke 2%
      Booker 2%
      Manchin 2%
      Gillibrand 1%
      Cuomo 1%
      Hickenlooper 1%
      Kaine 1%
      Patrick 0%
      Steyer 0%
      McLaughlin & Associates ~ 450 LV

      After the Afghanistan debacle, most the world wrote Biden off as completely incompetent and mentally incapable.

    144. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      While Biden has failed miserable to end the coronavirus epidemic, he did have one medicinal success — his presidency extinguished this board’s infestation of trolls.

    145. Wobbles says:

      I will be back.

      Just waiting for some good news for Biden.

    146. jason says:

      The Dems don’t have much of a bench, Geezus.

    147. jason says:

      So is Jimmy Hoffa really under the New Jersey bridge?

    148. Bitterlaw says:

      So a lesbian who doesn’t want to have sex with a penis attached to somebody who claims they are a woman are “sexual racists.” Got it.

    149. mnw says:

      No idea where Jimmy’s final resting place is, but…

      Hoffa’s daughter was an Associate Circuit Judge in St. Louis County, MO until she retired. I never met her. People I like & respect spoke highly of her, though. She was described to me as modest & soft-spoken. She’s in her ’80s now.

      I heard Jimmy Hoffa speak once, informally to a small group, in the rotunda of a law school. His major theme was what azaleas lawyers are, and how it was therefore fit and meet that the average teamster union member made more money than the average lawyer, because truckers work harder. He appeared at the law school as one condition of his release from prison, IIRC. He seemed angry to have to be there, and he was anti-charming.

      There are TWO movies about Hoffa I liked, one starring Robert Blake and the other better-known one starring Jack Nicholson.

    150. JeffP says:

      Richard Baris tweets a few minutes ago…update on his pollling.

      “It’s very early in the field and can change. I’d be surprised if it didn’t at least tighten more than this.

      But currently, Donald Trump is running stronger against Biden/Harris than Republicans are running against Democrats on the Generic Ballot”

      “Perhaps tomorrow will be different. I seriously doubt it after tonight. As of now, the rematch is a bloodbath. Trump would crush Biden and pulverize Harris is the election was today.”

      “ I’m not sure this is so much about Donald Trump as it is about the economy and cost of living.

      People lamented tonight and it was sad to hear some, somber even. They’re afraid and their hurting, and there is a general sense that it would’ve been different.”

    151. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Kamala Harris Instructed To Stop Answering All Her Phone Calls With ‘Did He Die?’


    152. lisab says:

      “I saw someone pushing CRT who stated, the United States was formed by stealing land and killing indigenous people, founded by white supremecists(sic) and built on the back of slaves.”

      well, in fairness, that is not entirely untrue

    153. lisab says:

      In my view Maher is a total despicable scumbag for saying the the 9/11 terrorists who flew planes with innocent people into buildings with innocent people were not cowards.

      he meant they were not fearful of dying

      don’t confuse evilness of purpose for being a coward. the germans (and russians for that matter) on the eastern front were terribly cruel and evil enemies, who often killed civilians, but it would be a mistake to think they ran away from fighting other soldiers

    154. lisab says:

      Police did not want him there! They were not asking for assistance. Police don’t ask for the help of children.

      He had no right to take this on his own.

      have to disagree …

      the whole point of individual rights is that you do NOT need permission from the government to do something unless the government has passed some law or regulation to that effect

      it was of course unwise to go there

      but he had every right to go there

    155. Tgca says:


      Not when there was a curfew. Anyone breaking curfew was violating the law. The curfew was put in place in an attempt to reduce violence and chaos.

    156. lisab says:

      Not when there was a curfew.

      they did not enforce the curfew

      laws should apply equally to all

      if the government is not enforcing their edict, it is null and void

    157. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Like when your uncle killed that girl but stayed in the Senate?

      I’m trying to take a beat to digest the Rittenhouse verdict. My son just asked me how it’s possible that he didn’t get charged for anything. How is that possible? I don’t have an answer for him.

    158. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      NBC: You’re not qualified to participate in your children’s education
      ED MORRISSEY Nov 19, 2021 9:31 AM ET

      AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
      Welcome to Bizarro World, otherwise known as NBC “Think”. In an essay NBC published last night from Christina Wyman, parents want to have children “indoctrinated” while schools want to free their minds. Wyman decries parental resistance to progressive pedagogy, arguing that parental involvement in education is as dangerous as it would be to have parents in the operating room.

      No, I am not kidding:

      While the political climate and national involvement in school districts give the phenomenon a broader platform and have more serious ramifications, this behavior is nothing new. Parents have always tried to interfere with curricula, as I observed when teaching middle school in the mid-2000s. Even then there was no shortage of parental input about the content of my instruction, from books to test questions. Part of the problem is that parents think they have the right to control teaching and learning because their children are the ones being educated. But it actually (gasp!) doesn’t work that way. It’s sort of like entering a surgical unit thinking you can interfere with an operation simply because the patient is your child.

      “Teaching, too, is a science. Unless they’re licensed and certified, parents aren’t qualified to make decisions about curricula. In fact, parental interference can actually hinder student advancement.

    159. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Senate Ratings Changes:

      #AZsen: Leans D to Toss-up
      #GAsen: Leans D to Toss-up
      #NVsen: Leans D to Toss-up

    160. jason says:

      In my view Maher is a total despicable scumbag for saying the the 9/11 terrorists who flew planes with innocent people into buildings with innocent people were not cowards.

      he meant they were not fearful of dying”

      He didn’t mean that and if he did it would be even worse.

      People that fly planes with children on them and kill thousands of people are the ultimate cowards.

      The fact they are willing to commit suicide to do so doesn’t mean they are not cowards. It just means they are despicable cowards not willing to face the consequences for their actions.

    161. jason says:

      The curfew was put in place in an attempt to reduce violence and chaos.”

      Puhhhleeeze, what BS.

      Were the rioters and looters obeying any “curfew”?

      As lisab correctly points out, nobody was enforcing any curfew. The curfew was not being enforced against the rioters and looters, but it was being enforced against Rittenhouse?

      Let’s get real.

      Rittenhouse had every right to be there.

    162. jason says:

      don’t confuse evilness of purpose for being a coward.”

      I am not confused, you are. You are saying somehow suicide is a an act of courage if it is committed during an evil act. It is not.

      Suicide bombers are despicable cowards.

      If you commit suicide and sacrifice yourself in order to save the lives of others, THAT is courage.

      By elevating the 9/11 terrorists to “courageous people” to fit his “I hate America” narrative, Maher forever tagged himself as the ultimate loathsome POS that he is.

      He can rail against wokeness all he wants, to me he will always be scum.

    163. Tgca says:

      It’s a poor excuse to say if others are doing it you can too when it comes to violent protests.

      Bottom line is that any parent that is ok with their underage teen going to violent protests in light of what’s been happening the last year with 30+ deaths at these riots is part of the problem to begin with and is not properly guiding their children. The goal of a parent should not be to put your child in harms way.

      These are angry out-of-control, often violent kids at these protests. Why would any parent want to send their child to such a place?

    164. Tgca says:


      I disagree.

      The purpose of calling them cowards is meant to demean them. I think you can demean them legitimately in many ways but if someone purposely goes into a situation knowing they will lose their life, whether for good or bad is not a coward.

      So unless you wish to redefine the term coward I would say technically cowardice does not apply to them.

      A suicide mission is not an act of cowardice. It takes incredible willpower or desperation to take your life but it’s not cowardice.

      I would think the Japanese do not consider their WW2 kamikaze pilots as cowards as one example.

    165. Bitterlaw says:

      Lupita watches the Tgca-Jason fight.

    166. Tina says:

      Kid runs from Biden, who tried to do his touching and sniffing,

    167. Tgca says:

      Cook Report shifts 3 senate races from Dem to toss-up, AZ, GA and NV.

      Of course we already knew that but it should worry Dems if this becomes the main stream view.

    168. Tina says:

      Gop -e continues to be mute on the corrupt fib, which has become the Drat police force.

      ohn Solomon
      · 46m
      Amid bias rebuke, FBI raids homes of GOP election clerk, conservative activists in Colorado | Just The News

    169. jason says:

      Bottom line is that any parent that is ok with their underage teen going to violent protests

      Why would any parent want to send their child to such a place?”

      More lies.

      No evidence his parents “were ok with it” and even less that they “sent him there”.

      If you have to tell these lies to support your position you must have an awfully weak position.

    170. Tina says:

      Rittenhouse has more of a right to be there then the protesters, who more than likely crossed state lines,

      Rittenhouse dad resided in Kenosha.

      Just saying.

      Yes, stupid that he was there, but stupidity is not a crime.

    171. jason says:

      A suicide mission is not an act of cowardice.”

      Sorry, I think it is the ultimate act of cowardice.

      The 9/11 terrorists who flew innocent people on planes and killed innocent people in buildings were despicable cowards.

      Suicide in the name of evil is not courage.

      By elevating terrorists to “courageous people”, Maher forever became a scumbag in my view.

      If you think he is right, we are really on opposite sides.

    172. Tgca says:

      Dr. Fauci says children from 6 months to 5 years old may be able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by the spring of 2022.

      Any parent stoopid enough to give their babies an experimental vaccine not widely tested is crazy and should not be complaining if their kid gets severely sick or dies from it.

      Why in the world would you experiment with your baby when the risk to them is otherwise nearly nil.

      Tens of thousands have died from these vaccines and many more thousands have suffered debilitating illnesses.

    173. Tina says:

      Here is the lady that helped flip some school boards.

      Her home was raided by the Fiib even though Commie Ag said that parents had nothing to fear.

      Where are Goober and Quittens?

    174. Tgca says:


      Your issue seems to be with glorifying the terrorist acts. I agree with you there but it is still factually incorrect to say their cowards.

      Willingly giving your life for any reason, good or bad, is not an act of cowardice. It takes great courage, willpower, or desperation to willingly give your life and none of those fit the definition of a coward.

      Coward definition:

      a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

    175. Tgca says:

      The danger with appropriating a term for one side is that it can be equally applied elsewhere.

      A large portion of the world, probably well over a billion, at least a majority of Muslims, believes the Americans who invaded Iraq or Afghanistan are cowards too.

      Does that apply as well?

    176. jason says:

      Yes, stupid that he was there, but stupidity is not a crime.”

      I don’t even really agree with the “stupid” part.

      His motives and intentions for going there were good. Nobody else that went there for the same reason, to protect businesses and render assistance, and there were hundreds, got into the trouble he did.

      Things got out of hand, so it is easy to say well “he shouldn’t have been there in the first place” AFTER the fact. I am sure Rittenhouse himself agrees and he has said so.

      Had Rosenbaum not chased him to initiate everything he would just have been one more of the group of people who went there to help and nobody would have ever heard of him.

    177. jason says:

      a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.”

      Yeah, like accountability for your actions.

      Suicide terrorists are the ultimate cowards.

    178. jason says:

      In the case of Tgca’s fish, however, who tried to commit suicide because of the food he was offered,it was not an act of cowardice. Suicide as a necessity to escape an even great peril is not cowardice.

    179. mnw says:

      Yeah, the Kamikaze pilots were real chickens*t p*ss**s. U.S. sailors on ships near Okinawa ALL called them that.

      Why is it relevant that Ritt’s father lived in Kenosha? He didn’t go to his dad’s house. He went to a car lot.

    180. jason says:

      Why is it relevant that Ritt’s father lived in Kenosha? He didn’t go to his dad’s house. He went to a car lot.”

      What is relevant is the fact he did have ties to Kenosha, so the charge that he was some kind of out of state vigilante is complete BS. His father lived there, he worked there, he hung out there, his friends lived there, so it is perfectly reasonable to think he might have an interest in not seeing the city burned down.

      But even if he had never been there, he only lived 17 miles away, so it would still have been reasonable to think he might want to volunteer there.

      Any way you look at it, the “he didn’t belong there” is complete BS. He certainly belonged there more than those that came to riot, loot, and burn.

    181. Bitterlaw says:

      Comparing the 9/11 attackers to American troops invading Iraq and Afghanistan? Absurd.

      Were the buildings shooting back? The passengers on one plane did fight back and the were heroes.

    182. jason says:

      U.S. sailors on ships near Okinawa ALL called them that.”

      Whatever you think of kamikaze pilots, they were combatants in a war trying to kill other combatants. They weren’t flying planes full of innocent people into a cruise ship full of innocent people.

    183. jason says:

      elieves the Americans who invaded Iraq or Afghanistan are cowards too.

      Does that apply as well?”


    184. jason says:

      If a US soldier in Iraq dons a suicide vest and detonates himself in a market in Iraq I will be more than happy to call him a coward.


    185. Tgca says:


      George Zimmermans intention were good as well. He thought he was stopping a potential criminal by playing toy cop.

      It is not up for kids to protect our streets.

      If that’s the case, a bunch of white kids can arm themselves and go down to poor crime-ridden neighborhoods and try to protect people there from gang activity.

      See how that will work out.

    186. Tgca says:

      I think you need to learn the definition of a coward.

      I am not defending their actions. I’m just saying it is not a cowardice act to put yourself in severe danger knowing you will lose your life.

    187. Tgca says:


      So the passengers on the other planes were cowards because they didn’t fight back? Is that your point?

    188. Tgca says:

      So if a US soldier eats his own bullet or blows himself up to avoid being captured and tortured then he’s a coward? Is that your point?

      Stop with this ridiculous posturing that if others “do some things” they’re cowards but if Americans “do some things” similar they’re heroes.

      Face it! We stand by our troops and think of them as heroes. Other countries think they’re cowards for killing civilians in the course of war. It’s simply a matter of opinion and not fact depending which side you’re

      I’m not passing judgement. I’m just saying you’re distorting the definition to fit your narrative, and someone else can equally do so.

    189. jason says:

      Tgca, maybe Bitter is right after all.

      You might really be a real sick puppy.

    190. jason says:

      George Zimmermans intention were good as well. He thought he was stopping a potential criminal by playing toy cop.”

      Exactly. And that is why he was acquitted.

    191. jason says:

      So if a US soldier”

      Tgca is now equating 9/11 terrorists with US soldiers?


    192. jason says:

      We stand by our troops and think of them as heroes. Other countries think they’re cowards for killing civilians in the course of war>

      Best non-sequitur of the year.

      We are not talking about troops or wars.

      We are talking about whether people who fly planes full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people are cowards or not.

      I think they are the ultimate cowards. You think they are courageous.

      Like I said, we are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

    193. jason says:

      So if a US soldier eats his own bullet or blows himself up to avoid being captured and tortured then he’s a coward?”

      No. I already gave the example of your fish, and said suicide to save people or escape an even greater peril is courage.

      Flying innocent people into buildings is not courage, it is cowardice.

      Hope it is clear to you now.

    194. Phil says:

      For the first time in years I watched MTP this morning. Chuck Todd is a real leftist POS. The way he phrased his leading questions, his constant over and over references to “the right” whenever referring to any position not associated with the extreme left… was nauseating.

      I won’t be watching again. I don’t know what I expected. Maybe a little journalistic integrity. Yeah, riiiiiight.

    195. Tgca says:


      I’m explaining the viewpoints of many around the world as an example and not as so someone who agrees with them.

      If you want to say the terrorists are cowards, then by YOUR definition they are but not by traditional definitions.

      To me, this is a semantics debate not one of morality.

      As I noted before, close to probably half the world if not more would view American soldiers as cowards or worse because they see them as the enemy who have gone in and killed many of their people so all I’m saying is that then you legitimize their viewpoint as well to refer to Americans as cowards by bastardizing the true definition of “coward.”

      I’d be okay with calling the terrorists evil, scum, or any other foul derogatory word but I do not agree they are cowards.

    196. jason says:

      but I do not agree they are cowards.”


    197. jason says:

      But hey, I read here at HHR that this not a problem, just keep voting R and it will all go away.

      Let’s just “move on” from 2020.

      “By the numbers: Just 37% of Republicans said they have confidence that the next presidential election will be open and fair — down from the 72% who said so in the 2019 poll.

      The share of Republicans who said elections in America are usually fair was 61% in 2019 but just 38% now.

      Republicans’ confidence that mail-in ballots would be accurately cast and counted in the next election plunged from 63% in 2019 to 33% now.”

    198. Tgca says:

      Tooooooo Hundwid bishes!

      Tooooooo Hundwid I Thay!

    199. Tgca says:

      So I assume we can move on to more worthy topics now that it appears probable Jadon will not be watching Bill Maher or buying his books.

      I suggest we discuss how switching to eating tofu bacon can help reduce the risk of dementia.

    200. Tgca says:

      196. Phil

      Does that surprise you?

      That’s why I gave up watching these shows years ago.

      I used to watch all these political shows back in the 90s and would tape like 3+ hours daily – PBS News Hour, Crossfire, Hannity & Colmes, Lou Dobbs, etc and then watch them while using my Nordic Track for 2+ hours – remember that nice little fold up gadget you could get for anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

      I got a good work out on the machine and got my heart rate up both with exercise and yelling at stoopid liberals on TV.

      Those were the days when you had dumb classic libs on TV instead of the commie radical loons of today.

      Now I sit in a recliner chair eating tasty vegan snacks watching clips on my iPad.

    201. Tgca says:

      I’ll have you know my fish is alive and appears to be doing well too. He’s swimming around and begging for more vegan snacks.

      I think he got so anxious yesterday and couldn’t wait for the vegan snack that he jumped from the tank hoping to catch the vegan snacks in mid-air – think Flipper.

    202. Tgca says:

      Now the looting moves to the privileged white woke suburbs.

      Walnut Creek is an upperclass neighborhood in the east bay about 30 miles from San Francisco.

      This is what people like those in Radnor get for going woke!

    203. Bitterlaw says:

      I have no idea what the passengers on the other planes did before the cowards murdered them by flying into buildings. I know the passengers on flight 93 were heroes because I know they did fight back.

    204. Tgca says:


      30 miles = 20 miles

    205. Tgca says:


      Yes, it is reported some passengers fought back.

      I’m sure there were also some who might have wanted to talk it through and understand the feelings of the terrorists just as we did see in some of the protest gatherings after the attack.

      I remember seeing some protests around NYU calling for peace and not war and trying to understand why people would do this to us. What did we do to provoke this attack? Need to look at both sides I guess.

      I remember in particular one Asian Bish going on about this.

      Maybe she was an NYU student from Radnor.

      I don’t know.

    206. Tgca says:


      One man’s coward = another man’s freedom fighter.

      It’s all relative depending where you live for most.

    207. jason says:

      I guess it is worth it for the global warming cause.

      “A former college professor was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday for allegedly starting four wildfires in Northern California earlier this year that threatened to trap firefighters as they battled a massive fire nearby, federal prosecutors said.”

    208. Cash Cow TM says:

      Been doing some Cow research on the Roman Empire.
      Did you know Roman Emperor Octavius had a sister?

      But she was very dis-interested in political matters.

      She was Oblivius.

    209. jason says:

      Walt is always trying to impress with people he met.

    210. Bitterlaw says:

      It was not just “reported” that the passengers fought back. They DID fight back. You can listen to the phone calls and voice recorder. WTF is Tgclown’s problem? He does not think terrorists are cowards and now casts doubt on the heroism of the passengers of Flight 93.

    211. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt was offered immortality in exchange for not telling what really happened in the Garden of Eden. He took the deal.

    212. Robbie says:

      I see the usual suspects are indulging themselves in fake polls put out by the clown pollster Trump and Dick Morris use.

    213. Tgca says:


      You again mischaracterize my post. I heard those tapes a long time ago.

      Go back and read my statement.

      You don’t understand the English language and the definition of coward.

      It makes you feel good to call them cowards just like it makes Muslims feel better to call Americans who use force in wars in their countries as cowards those that word does not apply in either case.

      Both are bastardizing the definition of the word coward.

      Cowardice is not about morality. I posted the standard definition earlier. Go back and read it.

    214. Tgca says:


      Those that = though that

    215. mnw says:

      I’d like to see Scott Walker run again for governor, or for senator, depending on what Ron Johnson does.

      There’s no indication that he’s even thinking about either race, but he was always a crafty political strategist, & he undoubtedly senses the best opportunities he’ll ever have looming up. I would think the double whammy of Kenosha & concerns about education would suit a Walker campaign very well.

      On a somewhat related topic, Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears was fabulous on CNN today, educating the viewers about CRT– Sears says the debate about whether CRT is actually being taught or not “is just semantics,” that it IS being taught out there in the real world of VA schools.

    216. mnw says:


      I think “coward” is just the worn pejorative to use to describe suicide attackers.

      It changes the standard, historical meaning of the word coward (“someone who is afraid to speak or act”) to something new– “someone I hate who did something despicable.”

    217. mnw says:

      218 sb “wrong pejorative”

    218. Bitterlaw says:

      I read your statement exactly as you intended. You said it was “ reported” some passengers fought back. Why not just post “some passengers fought back.? Because you wanted to cast doubt where there is none.

    219. Robbie says:

      Republicans have two paths they can follow between now and 2024. They can shun the Mad King as Youngkin did and win substantial victories in 2022 and then win the presidency with a candidate like DeSantis and as many as 60 Senate seats in 2024. A sane party that values winning and controlling the levers of power would do this.

      On the other hand, Republicans can follow the path Jason fraud and the other MAGA idiots want and renominate a twice impeached loser who provoked a riot and lost to a man who crapped in his pants at the Vatican. A crazy party that indulges in conspiracies and ridiculous vote audits would do this.

      Unfortunately, Republicans will choose the second option because winning is of little importance to people like Jason fraud. What matters is blind devotion to a man who lost the presidency, the House, and the Senate in one term. An accomplishment not done since Hoover. What matters to Jason fraud and many others in the forum is convincing themselves Republicans can never win again so why not nominate Trump.

      We could win with DeSantis in 2024, but we’re going to lose with Trump. And what makes this both funnier and sadder is Jason fraud and the gang will demand we renominate Trump in 2028 as well.

    220. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie – Setting aside the “we could win” part of your post since there is little “we” in you and HHR, your argument would be stronger if you ever criticized Biden’s failed policies and actions.

    221. Tgca says:


      I doubt every passenger fought back. That makes no sense to me. My experience in life has taught me that often there are always those that feel there is another way to solve conflict.

      We saw that with American protestors right after 9/11 who were afraid America would attack back and they wanted to avoid that in favor of another way.

      Again, it appears it makes you feel better to think things that you may not no full details about.

      Kudos to those that fought back but I would guess on a plane full of people, there were probably some that did not fight back and hoped for a solution otherwise.

    222. Tgca says:


      Actually, Youngkin’s campaign worked with the Trump team and was endorsed by Trump and Trump worked to turn out the vote for Youngkin in VA.

      Without Trump, Youngkin would not have won.

    223. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      214. Robbie, I don’t believe Redfield & Wilton ever worked for Trump.

      “In a new poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 44 percent of respondents said they’d vote for Trump, if he is a candidate in the 2024 presidential election, while 39 percent said they’d vote for Biden. According to the poll, 7 percent said they’d vote for a third-party candidate and 7 percent said they didn’t know who they’d vote for.

      * * *

      The poll’s findings come as Biden has received low approval ratings for his handling of the presidency. In a Quinnipiac poll released on Thursday, 36 percent of Americans said they approve of his handling of the presidency while 53 percent said they disapprove. The 53 percent who said they disapprove of Biden’s presidency was the lowest number recorded in a Quinnipiac poll throughout his presidency.”

      Besides Redfield & Wilton Strategies, polls by Selzer & Co, Suffolk, Emerson, as well as McLaughlin have also found Trump beating Biden.

      Am sure by 2024 you’ll be on your 10th Biden mandated coronavirus booster shot, so will have something to fondly remember about Biden’s total disaster of a presidency.

    224. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      221. “We could win with DeSantis in 2024, but we’re going to lose with Trump. And what makes this both funnier and sadder is Jason fraud and the gang will demand we renominate Trump in 2028 as well.”

      Who is “We.” If you were a Republican then why have you not criticized Biden. Care to do it now? Like almost all Republicans, do you admit that Biden has been a disaster as a president?

    225. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown criticizes me for thinking things I may not “no” full details about and then speculates that flight 93 was filled with Quakers and peace activists.

      Jason – He is sick. Trust your A-hole on this.

    226. Tgca says:


      The guy with addiction and mental illness running in his immediate family accuses someone of else of being sick.

      The irony.

    227. Tgca says:

      Bitter is the same guy who believes in all the cowboy and Indian movies where cowboys are heroes and Indians are bad too.

      He has to always find ways to justify his “feelings.”

    228. Bitterlaw says:

      I am confident that in 17+ years of posts, including many posts about movies and TV shows, that I have not commented on cowboy and Indian movies.

    229. Bitterlaw says:

      Wait. I may have said I did not finish Dances with wolves because it was so long and boring.

    230. Bitterlaw says:

      My family is filled with several generations of alcoholics. My niece killed herself because she could not beat her depression and anxiety. Tgclown’s respect for terrorists and disrespect towards the heroes of flight 93 is sick. All 3 can be true.

    231. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Every indication is that all passengers on Flight 93 acted in unison, and their courage likely saved the U.S. Capitol building. Their sacrifice deserves a lot more recognition that it has up to now received:

      “For approximately 20 minutes, passengers and crew relayed information about their hijacking…and received word of the grim news on the ground. Planes had, by this point, struck both of the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. The passengers knew they were staring down a similar fate.

      Passenger Jeremy Glick told his wife Lyz that passengers were voting on whether or not to storm the cockpit in an attempt to take back the plane.

      “I have my butter knife from breakfast,” he reportedly joked.

      Burnett told his wife that the passengers were going to wait until they were above a rural area before attempting their action.

      Flight attendant Sandra Bradshaw boiled water, to throw on the hijackers.

      Those on the flight who couldn’t get through to their loved ones left heart-wrenching voicemails instead. Flight attendant CeeCee Lyles called her husband, told him she loved him, and asked that he take care of her children.

      “Are you guys ready?” one of the passengers, Todd Beamer, could be heard saying to the others while on a call with a telephone operator. “Let’s roll.””

    232. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – Tgca is going to need to review your complete family history and medical records before considering the validity of post 233.

    233. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Beto’s announcement in Texas that he was running for Governor was a dud according to this new Dallas Morning News Poll. 39% of Texans say they would cast their ballot for him and this pollster is VERY Dem.- friendly.. The PID is R+3.

    234. Tgca says:


      I have no need to respond to HHR fascists.

    235. Cash Cow TM says:

      Someone mention cowboy and Indian movies?

      I LOVE them.
      In MOST the Indians are savages who cause trouble and get their hats handed to them in the ensuing battles.

    236. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      236. I suggest we abide by the code of conduct stated by another poster:

      “Why don’t you ignore all my posts, and I’ll ignore all of yours. Let’s give it a try.”

    237. Bitterlaw says:

      I have no need to respond to HHR fascists.

      A good idea since SDC just bitch=slapped you and your disparagement of the heroes of flight 93.

    238. Tgca says:


      I never said I respected terrorists or disrespected 9/11 victims. I knew one 9/11 victim and had friends that list about 10 others so I probably have more connection to 9/11 than you ever will other than for you to make yourself part of their story because of your desire to be “hero boy” because of your inferiority complex.

      Again, that’s you making up stoopid chit as usual.

      You sound like your woke friends at CNN and MSNBC.

    239. Tgca says:


      SDC did no such thing because I’d quickly put the hypocritical homo fascist in his place just like I put you in your place with your “hero boy” wannabe inferiority complex.

    240. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown is flailing now. He posted repeatedly that the 9/11 murders were not cowards. He diminished the heroes of flight 93 by saying it was only “reported” they fought back. Those were his posts and have nothing to do with me.

    241. Tgca says:

      Well! Well! Well!

      I wonder if our HHR fascists will cry over this study.

      UK STUDY — Vaccinated Adults under 60 are dying at 2X Times the rate of the Unvaccinated…

    242. Bitterlaw says:

      We’ll put it to the HHR Jury.

      Tgca says the 9/11 terrorists were not cowards.

      Agree or Disagree?

    243. Wes says:

      Even more so than usual, HHR looks like this these days:

    244. Tgca says:


      Fake poll.

      Let’s do that poll in the Middle East or with many Dems and see what happens.

      After all, any legitimate valid poll should give similar results, riiiiiight?

      My point is that you either need to ask for the definition of “coward” to be changed or accept that your definition is not the official definition and use other words to describe the terrorists.

      You are factually incorrect by the standards of the English language.

    245. Bitterlaw says:

      246 Objection overruled. The Jury can resume deliberations.

    246. Tgca says:

      You prove yourself to be no different than the DailyKOS, BLM, Antifa and MSM crowds by choosing select talking points to please your narrative.

      Perhaps we should take an HHR of your wokeness too.

    247. Tgca says:

      More proof Rittenhouse is naive and immature. He claims he actually supports BLM in Tucker interview.

      Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted by a Kenosha, WI jury on multiple charges, including murder, told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson that he actually supported peaceful demonstrations and the Black Lives Matter movement.

      I’m not a racist person,” he continued. “I support the BLM movement. I support peacefully demonstrating. I believe there needs to be change. I believe there’s a lot of prosecutorial misconduct, not just in my case but in other cases.

    248. Tina says:

      He supports BLM.


    249. Tina says:

      Funny, how the jebot, who fell hard for the Russian hoax, never mentions the covid body counts anymore.

      Maggie Haberman
      · 7h
      U.S. Covid-19 Deaths in 2021 Surpass 2020’s – WSJ

    250. Tina says:

      The Skateboarder was confronted by a real HISPANIC about his announcement.

      The man tells Beto, “I’m a native Texonian… Don’t come back. Adios! I’m here to tell you don’t come back… No means No! You done lost twice.”

    251. Tgca says:

      250. Tina

      BLM is an organization built on divisiveness and left-wing politics. Look at their agenda and their founders as an example.

      I happen to think all lives matter and the focus should be helping those that are underprivileged and NOT those simply because of skin color.

      I think anyone that supports the BLM platform is a useful idiot just as I think anyone that supports white only organizations are useful idiots.

    252. jason says:

      Does anybody here really think Amoral Scumbag would vote for DeSantis?

      Before you answer, remember he supported a communist like Andrew Gillum against DeSantis in Florida because DeSantis was a “Trump clone”.

    253. jason says:

      Jason – He is sick. Trust your A-hole on this.”


    254. jason says:

      they can shun the Mad King as Youngkin did”

      Of course, everyone knows Youngkin did not “shun Trump”. If he had he would not have garnered the massive numbers he got in the rural and exurban areas.

      It is fun living rent free in Amoral Scumbag’s head. Even more fun that he says the Republican party will follow “MAGA” Republicans like me, when I am not even a Republican and don’t even vote.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    255. Tina says:

      The Jebot was anti desantis the last time.

      We know the game the fake conservative plays.

    256. jason says:

      Tgca says the 9/11 terrorists were not cowards.

      Agree or Disagree?”


      You have to be pretty sick if you don’t think someone who flies a plane full of innocent people into a building full of people is not a coward.

    257. Tgca says:

      When I 1st read the headline, I thought that will lose him a lot of support if he aligns himself with a radical left group because he sounds like a useful idiot.

      But then I read the 1st few sentences and it quoted him as supporting BLM protesting peacefully, and I was like, well that is different then what the headline suggests because I also think they or any group have the right to protest peacefully within limits of the law.

      But then I read further and it indeed quotes him as saying he supports the BLM movement.

      So if he supports them protesting peacefully, I’m fine with that. If he supports their movement itself, I think he’s then a useful idiot because that movement is divisive.

      So unless he’s taken out of context or the report is inaccurate, it is disappointing to hear he supports the BLM.

      Either way, that has nothing to do with his self defense but I guarantee you many will no longer support him if he’s a supporter of BLM.

    258. jason says:

      The Jebot was anti desantis the last time.”

      The M.O. has not changed in 15 years. He only supports Rs until they actually get on the ballot.

      Then he supports the Democrat.

    259. jason says:

      I don’t support the BLM movement, but I support their right to protest peacefully.

      I think that is what Rittenhouse probably meant too.

    260. jason says:

      Jason fraud and the gang will demand we renominate Trump in 2028 as well”

      Bitter, it seems like I have been promoted to gang leader.

      Eat your heart out and gimme some points.

    261. jason says:

      “We could win….”


      Of course Bunu used to say “we could win with Ron Paul” too, he thought he was a conservative and a Republican”.

      There is no “we” here, Amoral Scumbag.


    262. Tgca says:


      No, it’s not sick! Now you’re suggesting there is a medical ailment because someone does not agree with your preferred words.

      You guys sound like the preferred pronoun freaks now,

      It’s technically incorrect and improper English to say they were cowards.

      I provided the definition of coward before. I suggest you use other terms that accurately describe their actions but you refuse.

      They may be evil, rotten, and many other terms but calling them cowards is not accurate.

      Coward has a specific meaning which implies fearfulness or inability to go through with an act that is dangerous or causes yourself harm. That is not an accurate description of what they did.

      Accurately describing what they did is not the same as praising them either. That line of reasoning makes you Gus sound like the MSM that you so much despise for purposely distorting issues.

    263. Bitterlaw says:

      Gang leader is too generic. Too bad you don’t lead a mob or cabal.

    264. Tgca says:


      I addressed that in 259 but that’s not what he is quoted as saying, and it should not be assumed he meant that either.

      I think it’s fair that he clarify that point because I do think probably half his supporters would be disappointed if he now says he supports BLM.

      Tucker Carlson should have immediately followed up on that in the interview because that is a key point, and if he didn’t, then his reporting is as shoddy as he accuses others of in the MSM.

    265. Tgca says:


      You forgot the 2nd party of the poll.

      Bitter is woke or supports the woke view and/or talking points or appears sympathetic to the woke cause.

      Agree or disagree?

    266. Tgca says:


      Party = part

    267. Bitterlaw says:

      The Jury has already seen the videos of my speeches. The charges of wokeness were dismissed.

    268. jason says:

      Somebody drove a car through a Xmas Parade in Waukesha. Many injured.

    269. jason says:

      Bitter, Tgca says he wants to be a terrorist loving scumbag like Maher.

      What the hell, let him.

      Let’s move on.

    270. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      November 21, 2021 at 7:31 pm

      Gang leader is too generic. Too bad you don’t lead a mob or cabal.”

      Jealous, huh?

    271. Tgca says:


      It’s too early to tell but I saw a post saying it’s 3 AA men who drove the car and that two in the crowd are dead.

      I’m not sure if this is accurate.

    272. Tgca says:


      I never said that. Both you and Bitter are saying things I did not say. I can see why you want to move on because you’re caught in a lie.

      You both constantly complain others post things you did not actually say but then you both do the same thing.

      Glad I proved you both 100% incorrect.

    273. Tgca says:


      The charges we’re never dismissed.

      You have been accused of this by many here frequently and just recently as well.

      You can’t dismiss your own charges.

    274. jason says:

      I think it’s fair that he clarify that point because I do think probably half his supporters would be disappointed if he now says he supports BLM.”

      Whatever. Rittenhouse is free to support whatever he wants and I wouldn’t be “disappointed” if he supports BLM.

      Also, I am not his “supporter”. I think he had every right to be at the protest, I think his motives were good, and I think he acted in self defense. I don’t agree he is “stupid”, “dumb” or “lacking good parenting”.

      That wouldn’t change whatever his views are.

    275. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca said terrorists are not cowards and compared them to American military members. His words. Not mine.

    276. jason says:

      Glad I proved you both 100% incorrect.”

      Bitter, Tgca has proved we are both correct.

      I think we can leave at that, nothing more to be said.

    277. Tgca says:


      I did not say or imply his support of BLM should change anything related to his trial. I just stated I bet a large portion of his supporters would be disappointed. We will see what happens after the interview airs Monday.

    278. Tgca says:


      No! You and Bitter both need to look up the meaning of “coward” in the dictionary, otherwise, you give credence to others that say American in uniform are cowards as well because you bastardize the definition of coward.

    279. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca is worried we are insulting terrorists.

    280. jason says:

      The 9/11 terrorists that killed 3000 people are th ultimate cowards.

      I am sorry if that offends Tgca.

    281. jason says:

      I just stated I bet a large portion of his supporters would be disappointed.”


      What changed?

    282. jason says:

      Personally, I could care less what Rittenhouse thinks of BLM.

      And I don’t know why Tgca, who has spent hours trashing Rittenhouse, should care either.

    283. jason says:

      Rightwing candidate comes in first in Chilean election (28%), followed by leftist aligned with the communists (25%). Populist comes in third (13%), center right party fourth (13%), followed by center left party in fifth (12%) .

      Top two go to runoff December 19.

      I hope the rightist wins, but it will depend on how the almost 50% of voters that didn’t vote for the top 2 vote.

    284. Tina says:

      I did not know that Iraq Hayes and no nuts even worked for faux.

      IT Guy
      Meanwhile there was good news today. Two of the most irrelevant trucon pundits in history left
      in protest. I can almost hear Tucker’s signature laugh in the comment below.

    285. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Jung Hoon Lee , US Army veteran,
      It is the opposite of bravery for the strong to kill the helpless. Shooting fleeing innocents in the back or to attack only those you know can not fight back is the act of only the basest of cowards.
      I don’t know what things are like in the Muslim world, but in Asia and the western nations an honorable warrior fights only other warriors.
      An armed fighter who has only enough courage to attack unarmed children or defenseless women is beneath contempt.

    286. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is a video of comments from of Fauci, Biden & Bill Gates saying that if you get vaccinated you will not get infected or be able to infect others.
      Have any of them ever admitted how wrong they were? Can they be trusted now?

      @JamesMelville, Nov 19
      It’s all on record. The misinformation is coming from them. Never forget that.

    287. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      288. Can anyone watch the short twitter video in post 288 and not tell me the vaccine episode over the last year has not been a total debacle.

      And whatever happened to Biden’s promise last year to investigate the origin of the virus at the Wuhan lab. If the virus has been genetically engineering, and subject to “gain of function” manipulation; isn’t that important to know to effectively address the pandemic?

    288. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Besides Robbie, who would support this clown for President? The Democrats are on the run, but GOPe’s like him cannot say enough bad things about their own Party.

      Tina– the two false conservatives who resigned from FOX News because it aired the Carlson Jan. 6th series are Jonal Goldberg and Stephen Hayes. My prediction is that both will be all over CNN reporting how bad FOX is!

    289. DW says:

      The Civil War II in America continues, as a radical leftist from Milwaukee drives out to the GOP dominated Waukesha, and plows through their Christmas parade wounding 40 and killing at least 5, including children.

      Kamala Harris waiting for confirmation of info to determine if she should congratulate or condemn the driver.

    290. Gordon Allen says:

      RAS the same. Guess the House passing BBB didn’t move the needle.

    291. jason says:

      I saw this headline on Yahoo.

      “Lions penalized between quarters after lineman insulted Jadeveon Clowney’s mother in Browns loss”

      The pussified and woke NFL has become a joke.

      “Waaaahhh,ref, he called my mother a bad name”

      “Well, he said nyahh, nyahh, nyahh, first”

      Some people still enjoy watching this garbage, each to his own.

      I thought I might miss the NFL, so far I haven’t spent even a nanosecond missing it. And reading stuff like this, I am so glad I don’t contribute to it anymore. Well maybe because I have a cable subscription I still do, but Gold Rush and Wicked Tuna is so much more interesting than woke and pussified football.

    292. jason says:

      It is the opposite of bravery for the strong to kill the helpless. Shooting fleeing innocents in the back or to attack only those you know can not fight back is the act of only the basest of cowards.”

      Exactly. Ultimate cowardice.

    293. jason says:

      Besides Robbie, who would support this clown for President? The Democrats are on the run, but GOPe’s like him cannot say enough bad things about their own Party.”

      With everything that is going on in the country, Sununu’s big concern is Paul Gosar’s cartoon?


      Maybe it IS best he stay in NH.

    294. jason says:

      You reap what you sow…

      “When Brooks was identified, the immediate question became how someone who was charged with multiple felonies, including with domestic abuse assessments, was let out of jail on just a $1,000 bond two days prior. The answer to that question is becoming clearer as we learn about the prosecutor’s office that handled those cases.

      Apparently, ADA John Chisholm, whose office handled Brooks’ latest bout with the law, is a big proponent of far-left, activist DA George Gascon. RedState has covered the repercussions of Gascon’s awful, crime-promoting policies in the past. Chisholm is also a big promoter of cash bail, sometimes called “bail reform,” which has routinely put violent criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.”

    295. DW says:

      297 – Its sickening. At what point does sanity ever return? Its not clear yet if this scum acted on a reaction to the Rittenhouse case, but when you have no less than Kamala Harris and the leftist media egging these people on, at what point does it become shouting FIRE in a crowded theater?

    296. jason says:

      Let’s see what the motive is. Some in the MSM are pushing a narrative that maybe he was running away from another crime where he was involved in a knife fight.

      Hard to believe that, it seemed to me he was intentionally running people over, not even honking to warn them.

    297. jason says:

      “Online court records showed a person named Darrell Brooks, with a birthdate making him 39, has two open criminal cases in Milwaukee County. In one case, filed Nov. 5, he is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, reckless homicide, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and battery. Records show $1,000 bond was posted on Friday.

      In the other case, filed in July 2020, Brooks is charged with reckless endangering and illegal possession of a firearm.”

    298. DW says:

      wait…reckless homicide? And he gets out on $1,000 bond?

    299. DW says:

      5 dead, and surgeons right now are probably wrestling with decisions to amputate arms and legs of survivors, and this guy was just let out on $1000 after a long rap sheet including reckless homicide.

    300. DW says:

      President Trump has already sent out condolences to the people of Waukesha.

    301. mnw says:

      RE: bail for the WI psycho:

      Most here probably know this already, but federal law provides for pretrial detention upon motion of the govt, if a magistrate determines that a def is a danger to the community (or some other things).

      I’m often amazed at the kinds of defs who make bond in state cases.

    302. jason says:

      Seems like the DA in WI was a disciple of Gascon in LA.

    303. mnw says:

      Red State columnist Bonchie reports that he was “Soros affiliated” also.

      I hope that cases like this one will redpill voters about electing leftwing DAs. There have been a couple of elections lately where that seems to have occurred, plus the recall attempt in SF, too.

      Police won’t do their job if they think the elected DA won’t back them up.

      My favorite argument for pretrial detention, which I’m sure I must’ve used at least hundred times:

      “Your Honor, if you look at this def’s criminal history, he finds himself in the unhappy position of having to argue, ‘I know I disobeyed the orders of all those OTHER judges who took a chance on me, but I promise I’ll obey YOURS!’ “

    304. Cash Cow TM says:

      Where are the 19 missionaries held for ransom in Haiti?

      Has the Biden admin already secured their release and Cow missed it?

    305. mnw says:

      Dershowitz is suing CNN over what he claims was libelous reporting concerning his defense of Trump. He has now offered to assist Rittenhouse’s attys if they decide to sue CNN.

    306. DW says:

      Cow…2 of them were released over the weekend. The others remain in grave danger.

      Given they are Christians, the Biden Administration will no doubt cheer their execution.

    307. DW says:

      Ghoulish Illinois Democrat Says Waukesha Rampage Is “Karma” for Rittenhouse Verdict

      This piece of #@$% mocked the families and victims saying the driver was operating the SUV in ‘self-defense’

    308. jason says:

      Wow… if we hadn’t become a banana Republic he would be forced to resign.

    309. DW says:

      its just more evidence jason that we literally are in a civil war. When the POTUS says he’s angry over the Rittenhouse verdict, and the Vice POTUS says she is angry and it means ‘there is work to do,’ then it shouldn’t surprise us that a Dem in Illinois would mock what happened in Waukesha last night. And you know this Dem is very well aware of the fact that Waukesha is predominantly Republican.

      The first shots of this Civil War were fired by a leftist at the Republican baseball practice, nearly killing Steve Scalise. Never forget the pathetic left-wing media coverage of that event.

      That was our warning that they were all for the marxist side of this civil war.

      Now this Illinois Dem will not be held accountable. The Dems and the leftist media will continue to stoke anger to get more events like last night.

    310. Tina says:

      So, he is a BLM and a child trafficker.

      Hates Donald Trump.

    311. DW says:

      313 – and remember that one of the things that was called for is to take their anger to the suburbs. Waukesha is exactly that.

    312. Tina says:

      And nothing from China Biden on the tragedy.

      Trump gave a statement.

      Biden should be up, right?

    313. DW says:

      “Dr. Michael Meyer of the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin says of the 18 injured children his facility is treating, 10 are in its intensive care unit.”

      Expect more deaths and dismemberments.

    314. mnw says:

      Don’t candidates running for DA or State’s Atty ever campaign on a Law ‘n’ Order platform any more?

      It used to be quite the thing circa 1968. I predict it will make a comeback soon.

    315. DW says:

      Of those 10 in ICU, six are in critical condition, three are in serious condition and one is in fair condition.

    316. DW says:

      And if Dem party leadership cannot bring themselves to censure that Illinois Dem who mocked the killings in Waukesha, then may God help us.

    317. DW says:

      I admit I am a bit emotional about this. Maybe I need to step away for a while. There are probably parents right now in that children’s hospital debating whether or not to donate their child’s organs and turn off the machines due to irreversible head trauma, while a Democrat official in Illinois mocks them.

    318. mnw says:

      I didn’t know until just now that the defs on trial in GA for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery are also under federal indictment, for a hate crime murder.

    319. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar
      Big #PASEN news: “Pa. Senate candidate Sean Parnell has lost his custody battle after abuse claims by his estranged wife”

      – One of Trump’s great endorsements. He really has a knack for finding the worst of the worst. It will be fun watching Jason fraud defend this.

    320. Tgca says:


      She looks like your typical white suburban woke female from Radnor or something. You know, the voters we have to win back to the GOP.

      I’ve noticed a lot of these woke white suburban Bishes always have that same look and similar hairstyles like Jen Psaki. This look has been around for years as I worked with many of these wokesters in Corporate America and they’re all libs.

      I think like white conservative racists with their “ok 3 finger” sign to secretly identify one another from afar, these woke liberal women secretly identify one another from afar with their hairstyles.

    321. mnw says:

      323 Tg

      Being media director for the Du Page County Democratic committee doesn’t exactly put her in the big leagues.

    322. Tgca says:


      You are seriously ill.

      This is what you worry about? A custody battle while the country falls to Hell.

      US soldiers die in Afghanistan due to incompetence and not a peep from you but a guy loses a custody battle in court and you’re all happy simply because Trump endorsed him.

      Trump also endorsed Youngkin too, remember?

    323. Tgca says:

      324 MNW

      I still think there’s a secret signal being sent by these white woke suburban women with what I’ll call the Radnor woke hairstyle.

      James O’Keefe should investigate.

    324. Phil says:

      Robbie drives by with another shot at Trump.

      Eleven months of Biden’s assault on America and this moron thinks everything is still about Trump.

      You can’t make this sh*t up.

    325. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is “concerned” about Sean Parnell…..

      He is not “concerned” about is “abused” wife saying if he gave her the house she would knock on doors for his campaign.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    326. jason says:

      Trump also endorsed Youngkin too, remember?”


      And don’t forget, the guy Amoral Scumbag “endorsed” for President is the same guy he called
      “a Trump clone”.

      I think Amoral Scumbag is unhinged with Biden’s low poll numbers.

    327. mnw says:

      Hey, Phil

      What is your feeling about Abbott’s reelection chances? I saw a UT poll today in which he trails McConaughey by 2 points. He seems to be an airhead– he admires Beto. Any clue about whether McC is likely to run?

      Does TX have a runoff system, or will it be Abbott against whoever the DEMs nominate??

    328. Phil says:

      Abbott is a lock, mnw.

      I’d be shocked if the actor runs for anything. So far, all he’s done is run his mouth.

      No runoff system in Texas in the GE. Perry won his second term with a plurality in a four person race.

    329. mnw says:

      331 Phil


    330. jason says:

      So you can discharge a weapon at a TSA security point at a major airport and still run away with it and not get caught.


      “A passenger awaiting a search at the Atlanta airport’s main security checkpoint reached in his bag and grabbed a firearm, and it went off, causing chaos among travelers, officials said.

      The passenger ran with the gun from the checkpoint and escaped out an airport exit, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said. Authorities described the discharge as accidental.

      Police said later they had issued a warrant for the arrest of the passenger, 42-year-old Kenny Wells, who they identified as a convicted felon.”

    331. Bitterlaw says:

      Today is the 58th anniversary of the assassination of JFK by a man who acted alone. I am sure our older posters remember where they were when they heard the news. I was born in 1968. My parents tried to describe the mood in the country but I am sure it was even worse.

    332. mnw says:

      The set design for Carlson’s interview with Rittenhouse is interesting.

      It’s very stark. Looks like they filmed it in a warehouse somewhere. Just the two men sitting almost knee-to-knee, in straight-backed chairs, it looks like.

      I’m sure all of this was all purposefully chosen. Maybe the intended message is, “We’re talking about something really serious tonight. This is not a typical celebrity interview in a studio with a desk and plush chairs or a couch.”

    333. mnw says:


      I was in HS. I was driving back to school from an orthodontist appointment & thus heard the news on the radio before anyone else at the school. So I told people in the cafeteria.

      Most people then & now said it felt like a death in the family, which I didn’t. There was also a yuuge amount of silly blather about how “We’re all responsible,” because of “the climate of violence”… or something.

      I never felt responsible. Because I was nowhere near Dallas that day.

    334. jason says:

      Today is the 58th anniversary of the assassination of JFK by a man who acted alone.”

      Yep, Lee Harvey Oswald. A third rate commie sympathizer.

      No second shooter, no grassy knoll, no CIA, no Mafia, no conspiracy.

      All those theories made a lot of movies and sold a lot of books and padded the pockets of a lot of ‘experts”.

      But in the end, it was just Oswald with a rifle in the book depository and a good vantage point over Dealey Plaza.

    335. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – Thank you for those details. I did not know much about “the climate of violence” discussions you reported.

    336. DW says:

      Apparently the DEM who mocked the children in Waukesha getting slaughtered has received an e-mail from higher up the Dem food-chain, and was instructed to resign. New headline:

      “Dem who used Rittenhouse case to mock Waukesha tragedy has resigned”

    337. mnw says:

      Here is an opportunity for a rare photo indeed: 335, 338 & I all agree about something!

      I thought “Case Closed” by Gerald Posner was irrefutable. After that book was published, anyone who still questions Posner’s conclusions is way out in Oliver Stone territory. The book DID cause all the conspiracy buffs to shut up, but alas only for a short while.

      People resist believing that one little nobody can do something so important to the entire world.

      A personal note: I made my living on criminal conspiracies. What happened in Dallas in 1963 was never recognizable to me as being one. The JFK assassination is a Rorschach test– people see what they think they see.

    338. Tgca says:


      I recall telling my friends after Trump won in 2016 that the concern I had was that all of a sudden celebrities would be touting a run for office as if it’s another notch on their belt.

      However, when it comes down to it and they’re faced with immediately half of the country criticizing them for their politics and they have to open up their entire life to scrutiny beyond what they’re used to with a celebrity press, they often back down.

      Remember, Oprah, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Ashley Judd and others were supposedly shoe-in candidates that backed out after realizing they not only probably would not win but they would have scrutiny they’re not used to either tarnishing their image forever.

    339. mnw says:


      I didn’t know ANY of those ego-bloated celebs had ever considered running for office.

      I’ve never figured out why anybody cares who celebs (Cher! Streisand!) vote for, either.

    340. DW says:

      Earlier they said the dead in Waukesha included children. Now they are saying:

      “The five deceased victims range in age from 52 to 81.”

      This probably means those six children in critical condition appeared dead to those triaging the scene…so they are probably gravely injured.

    341. Tina says:

      So, the BLM was not fleeing another crime scene, as claimed by Cn and n.

      It was an intentional act of murder.

    342. Tina says:

      His sentence is excessive. He also has mental issues. He was non violent.

      He will be getting new counsel.

    343. DW says:

      The five deceased victims are 81-year-old Wilhelm Hospel, 79-year-old Virginia Sorenson, 71-year-old LeAnna Owen, 52-year-old Tamara Durand, and 52-year-old Jane Kulich.

    344. Tina says:

      Those two former faux news opinion writers, Iraq Hayes and lying No soulberg lied again,

      Faux was not renewing their contracts for 2022.

      They were fired.

    345. lisab says:

      “Aaron Rodgers can’t have an opinion on his health. He isn’t a doctor. Anyways, now we go to Big Bird who has a special message for you on vaccines.”

    346. DW says:

      Yeah…not a good look….

      DuPage Democrats
      We are deeply saddened by the tragedy in Waukesha. We are aware of statements made by a former member of our organization and find them to be incredibly insensitive and not in alignment of who we are as an organization. Our organization does not support hate in any form

    347. lisab says:

      As lisab correctly points out, nobody was enforcing any curfew. The curfew was not being enforced against the rioters and looters, but it was being enforced against Rittenhouse?

      this is especially important for those who don’t want a protected class in our society. if laws are selectively enforced, then our personal liberties are under attack.

      in the past, voting laws were sometimes selectively enforced against black people, for example, having a requirement the person could read and write before voting was often only enforced against black voters, and white voters were not tested at all.

      originally, not allowing laws to be selectively enforced was directed at keeping a noble class out of the usa.

      today however, certain political beliefs will make you exempt from some prosecutions, while others that do the same “crime” will face punishment.

    348. lisab says:

      A personal note: I made my living on criminal conspiracies.

      i think there was probably a criminal conspiracy involving jfk being shot

      but i doubt it will ever be known what it was

      it could be as simple as the fbi fk-ed up the investigation, so they pushed some inconvenient evidence under the rug

      that is, i’m not saying the cubans or the mafia or the russians etc killed him, or that there was two gunmen or anything specific like that,

      but they had oswald, he got killed, lbj wanted the case closed so … the fbi closed it, and thus it looks suspicious.

      it will be interesting to see the evidence that comes out that has been kept secret by the government.

    349. jason says:

      This is going to cost the taxpayers in Milwaukee some money…

      “BREAKING: The Milwaukee Co. District Attorney says Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks should not have been released on such a low cash bond earlier this month. They are conducting an internal review”

    350. mnw says:

      346 Tina

      He pled guilty & got a sentence within the applicable Guidelines sentence range, which are presumed reasonable. That doesn’t look like very promising grounds for appeal, to say the least.

      As for a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, there’s a similar problem– at his change of plea colloquy, the court would’ve explored all of his defense counsel’s actions with the defendant on the record. The shaman would’ve told the judge that he was satisfied with his lawyer; that his lawyer did everything the def asked him to do, etc. In addition, it’s rare to prevail on an ineffective assistance claim (the bar is set very high), & EXTREMELY rare to prevail if you pled guilty & got a Guidelines sentence.

      I agree that a 41-month sentence is brutally harsh & tremendously excessive given what he did.

    351. jason says:

      The five deceased victims are 81-year-old Wilhelm Hospel, 79-year-old Virginia Sorenson, 71-year-old LeAnna Owen, 52-year-old Tamara Durand, and 52-year-old Jane Kulich.”

      Not surprised. I had read that the victims were part of the “Dancing Grannies”, so that was a good clue.

    352. DW says:

      355- I read that some of the six children in ICU have ‘serious’ head injuries. They also spoke of broken bones, and six went right into surgery last night, and two more this morning.

      Praying God will spare them.

    353. mnw says:


      Rorschach Test.

      I’m curious if you read “Case Closed”?

    354. jason says:

      The shaman has already served almost a year, and won’t he be eligible for early parole/release for good behavior and all that BS?

      How much longer does he actually have in jail?

    355. jason says:

      i think there was probably a criminal conspiracy involving jfk being shot”

      Do you have ANY evidence of a criminal conspiracy?

      The evidence against Oswald is overwhelming. The evidence of a conspiracy is non-existent.

      Why wouldn’t the case be closed.

    356. Tina says:

      Mnw, i agree with your statements.

      41 months seems excessive, as you indicated.

    357. mnw says:

      A defendant can receive up to 15% “good time” under the federal system. Almost all defs earn that reduction.

    358. Tina says:

      Look who popped up.

      Mitt Romney
      · 1h
      Admirable—and difficult—decision by two people of character and conscience.…

    359. jason says:

      but they had oswald, he got killed, lbj wanted the case closed”

      Those are facts but they don’t add up to any conspiracy.

      Oswald shot Jfk. Ruby shot Oswald. LBJ wanted to move on.

      Ruby was Jewish and a Kennedy admirer. He belonged to the “Yiddish Mafia”, not the Italian Mafia. There is nothing that ties him to any conspiracy, nothing.

    360. lisab says:

      The evidence against Oswald is overwhelming. The evidence of a conspiracy is non-existent.

      that is incorrect, there is lots of evidence

      but that does not mean two (or more) people chose to murder jfk

      for example, jfk’s brain is missing. it was evidence. also, all of the secret service logs of who came and went at the white house are missing — most likely because women of certain flexible morals were visiting, various other documents also are missing.

      the likely suspect is rfk. he and his pals made anything that would make jfk look bad disappear.

    361. mnw says:

      So that looks like the shaman’s actual sentence, after good time, will be 34.85 months, & “time served” would then be deducted from the 35 months.

      There are a lot of wrinkles to that– if you complete certain in-custody programs,* you can earn a further sentence reduction.

      *for example, successfully completing the federal in-custody drug treatment program gets you another year off– but there’s a lot of demand for it! So there’s a waiting list.

    362. jason says:

      Admirable—and difficult—decision by two people of character and conscience.”

      I don’t think Romney would know much about character and conscience.

    363. jason says:

      for example, jfk’s brain is missing.”


    364. lisab says:

      don’t get me wrong, i am not saying oswald was not guilty

      i’m simply saying not everything was done properly

      and they had their guy, and he was dead, soooooo … move on.

    365. jason says:

      most likely because women of certain flexible morals were visiting, various other documents also are missing.”

      So what? They covered up his affairs.

      None of that proves any conspiracy related to his assassination.

    366. lisab says:

      if you ever watch the police radio tape synced up with the shots on the zapruder film

      it is … eeeek

    367. jason says:

      “time served” would then be deducted from the 35 months.”

      So he might be out in less than 2 years.

      Still outrageous.

    368. lisab says:

      None of that proves any conspiracy related to his assassination.

      it was a conspiracy, and related to the assassination … just not about the murder

      it was the clean up after the murder

    369. jason says:

      i’m simply saying not everything was done properly”

      I won’t disagree, still does not prove any conspiracy.

      The reasons for “not doing thing properly” can be many.

    370. mnw says:

      368 lisab

      I’ve never seen a case where everything was done properly. I’m sure there must have been some.

      Again, did you read “Case Closed”? If not, why not?

    371. jason says:

      Jackie kept the autopsy from being performed in Dallas according to TX law, she wanted to take the body with her back to DC.

      That is an example of things not done right, but the reasons were other than a conspiracy.

    372. lisab says:

      I won’t disagree, still does not prove any conspiracy.

      The reasons for “not doing thing properly” can be many.

      removing evidence from jfk’s murder case would get you prison time

      it is likely it was rfk and his buddies

    373. mnw says:

      Yes, I calculate he should be out in less than 2 years. Perhaps less, because of what I said previously about custodial program opportunities. Also, most defs (not all) are eligible to serve their last year in a halfway house, where you can leave the prison facility to go to a job.

      We often observed that, “They always find a way somehow to let them out earlier than we expected.”

    374. jason says:

      I have never seen ANYTHING, and I have watched just about ever documentary, movie, book and report on the Kennedy assassination, with even a shred of evidence that Oswald was not the only shooter and that he was in any kind of conspiracy.

      The theory that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy to me is one of the best promoted hoaxes of all time, just because of the sheer number of people who believe it without any evidence to support it.

    375. lisab says:

      there is also some evidence that lbj and hoover knew rfk cleansed things

      and did not care

      lbj wanted the kennedy’s out, and that was the price he was willing to pay

      that is, he HATED jfk & rfk, but all the creepy stuff jfk and rfk did, would have crushed the dems politically, soooooooooo …

      lbj let it all get white washed

    376. lisab says:

      as i said, i don’t necessarily think there was a conspiracy to murder jfk

      oswald was a marine with a rifle, and thus a very dangerous person

      it was not an impossible shot, just difficult

    377. jason says:

      it is likely it was rfk and his buddies”

      The Kennedy’s were all scumbags.

      They had a lot of skeletons in the closet and outside the closet.

      But again, when you look at the Kennedy assassination in isolation, you just keep coming back to Oswald as the sole shooter and acting alone.

    378. lisab says:

      They had a lot of skeletons in the closet and outside the closet.

      understatement of the year

      ted kennedy was the runt … even at being icky

    379. jason says:

      it was not an impossible shot, just difficult”

      Nah, it was not that difficult. He was a trained marksman, he had a good vantage point, and the car was moving slowly. He only missed the first shot because there was a lamp post in the way.

    380. lisab says:

      there is a great book — in the sense of being well documented — called kennedy babylon

      it makes me think biden is a better president than jfk

      some of the things jfk and rfk did make me wonder how the usa survived the early 1960’s

      to say they were extremely irresponsible is a vast understatement

      (and then nixon … yikes … once reportedly drunkenly ordered a nuke strike on north korea, but that is another story)

    381. jason says:

      Now there was something strange about how Officer Tippit got shot.

      Over an hour later, quite a distance from Dealey Plaza, Tipitt pulls alongside Oswald who is standing in the street. Presumably he recognizes Oswald as resembling the description that was put out, but in a city the size of Dallas there would be thousands of guys with that description. He steps out of his car and Oswald shoots him 4 times.

      Tippit was one unlucky bastard.

    382. DW says:

      Here is the statement from the White House on Waukesha travesty:

      The White House said in a statement that it “reached out to state and local officials to offer any support and assistance as needed.”

    383. DW says:

      The Waukesha killer was also a convicted sex offender from Nevada, who was on the run.

    384. mnw says:

      I could never understand how ANY judge would willingly set a bond for a def with a documented history of bond jumping &/or failure to appear. Sometimes state judges may have no discretion, I suppose.

    385. lisab says:

      bond jumpers are either the very wealthy or the very poor, at least when it comes to visible assets, such as illegal aliens

      the dems are beholden to both

    386. lisab says:

      it’s too bad the cops in minneapolis did not stop the riots in the poor part of town, and shoo the rioters over to france avenue.

      if the very wealthy were at risk, the riots would have stopped on day 1

    387. Wes says:

      DW says:
      November 22, 2021 at 5:25 pm
      The Waukesha killer was also a convicted sex offender from Nevada, who was on the run

      That puts him on top of the list of potential Senate candidates from New Jersey whenever Menendez or Booker retires.

    388. Wes says:

      lisab says:
      November 22, 2021 at 4:32 pm
      They had a lot of skeletons in the closet and outside the closet.

      understatement of the year

      ted kennedy was the runt … even at being icky

      I don’t know. Did RFK or JFK ever commit DUI manslaughter and attempted rape?

    389. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt said he studied a lot about the JFK assassination.

      He knows a lot about it…but Walt said it is no use trying to discuss it on HHR where there are lots of people who think “Oswald acted alone and there was no conspiracy.”
      Then he gave a wry and knowing grin, and shook his head slowly.

    390. Wes says:

      Where were you when JFK was assassinated, Walt?

    391. Cash Cow TM says:

      Say, when Biden either resigns, is removed, croaks, or whatever during his term…or the big wigs in the D party ease him out the door who exactly WILL the D big wigs turn to to run for president in 2024?

      Certainly not Karamela.

      Coumo the Molester is now off the list.

      How about CA Gov. Newsom?
      Michelle, My Bell?


    392. Tgca says:



      Walt knows things not detailed in the Warren Report but won’t say.

    393. jason says:

      I think Walt is confusing the JFK assassination, where there was no conspiracy, to the Julius Caesar assassination, where there was a conspiracy.

      This is entirely understandable considering how close these events were during his lifetime.

    394. Wes says:

      To be fair, 2,000 years is only a tiny fraction of 4.5 billion. I can see why Walt got the two events confused.

    395. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt said Cain was framed for the murder of Abel.

    396. Bitterlaw says:


    397. Cash Cow TM says:

      Longer response to Wes is “in moderation”


      Walt said he had his 16th birthday on September 18 and was a senior in high school. He was president of the Sr. class and he and another fellow classmate were excused from class that late morning/early afternoon to put up part of the Sr. Class project gift to the school (scenic pictures and a big eagle over the 6-door entrance of the gym).

      The other fellow (who went on to become a doctor) had gone to the office for some needed supplies and he came back and said “The President has been shot!” Walt said, “Come on Pete. You should not make a joke like that.” Pete said it was true!

      They went back to class (Problems of Democracy) and almost immediately the principal came over the intercom and made the announcement. Everyone (teachers and students) sat in stunned silence. They then piped in the live radio broadcast covering what was happening in Dallas. Soon, they announced the president has di.ed.

      Walt heard of nobody at his school cheering upon learning this tragic news. Some of the girls had tears coming down their faces.

      When the bell rang to change classes, everyone shuffled off in silence to their next class where they continued to listen to live events out of Dallas and did so until the end of the school day. From what he remembers, it was eerily silent the rest of the day at school–in class or in the hallways during class changes, and even leaving school at the end of the day.

    398. Cash Cow TM says:

      The much longer “in moderation” comment Cow tried to post included not just the JFK assassination event.

      Walt also droned on about how “this bumpkin from a little hamlet in WV also happened to be visiting in D.C. when the Cuban Missile Crisis broke out in 1962..”

      …”and in 1968 in D.C. on 14th Street at the International Safeway the evening of MLK’s assassination”…

      …”and back to D.C. a week after that and viewed the smoldering ruins of various sections of D.C. when the Shepherd College baseball team was scheduled to play D.C. Teachers College…

      “Cow, did I ever tell you the coach made me the captain of the baseball team when I was a senior, blah, blah, blah…”

    399. jason says:

      Supposedly my village heard of the assassination by short wave radio. Everyone was very sad.

    400. Tina says:

      Rittenhouse looking at options to sue China Biden for defamation.

      Maybe Crackpipe can help the big guy with paintings, unless the Ccp bought the paintings.

    401. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      November 22, 2021 at 8:03 pm

      Walt said Cain was framed for the murder of Abel.”

      He also said Noah’s Ark smelled like a barn.

    402. mnw says:

      The Tucker & Kyle Show: random musings

      1) A lot of pillows, slippers & towels were likely sold tonight.

      2) Rittenhouse might’ve made a good cap. He was once a police cadet. He has a certain presence.

      3) I didn’t see Ritt’s testimony at trial. He’s more intelligent-seeming & articulate than I had expected.

      4) I had never seen a Tucker Carlson Show all the way through before tonight.

      5) Judge Jeannine is too hot-eyed for my taste– she was brought in to wrap the show during the last 5 minutes.

      Rittenhouse said he’s taking classes at Arizona State. Wonder how he ended up there? Were I he, I certainly wouldn’t have mentioned it on national TV.

      I’m hoping the national electorate will soon be entering a Law ‘n’ Order phase. How can you possibly be watching everything that’s been happening, & not be thinking enough is enough?

    403. mnw says:

      407 sb “made a good COP”

    404. Tina says:

      Trump light, lol

      Miranda Devine
      Kyle Rittenhouse on the media.“The lies they can get away with spreading is sickening. It’s a disgrace to this country” #TuckerCarlson

    405. mnw says:


      Dershowitz said today he would assist Rittenhouse’s civil lawyers if Ritt sues CNN– as Dersh himself is doing.

    406. Tina says:

      I wonder if he will also help if/when he sues Biden.

      Biden made those statements, while running for office.

      He was not President.

      He could b/k Joe.

    407. jason says:

      Rittenhouse said he’s taking classes at Arizona State.’

      They have a well known nursing school.

    408. lisab says:

      soooooooo … what is everyone doing for

      indigenous people genocide day?

    409. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      413. Am giving thanks that civilization was brought to a new land formerly experiencing cannibalism and savagery, where live children were buried with dead chiefs so they would have servants in the afterlife.

    410. Tgca says:

      It has been reported a number of times that Ritt is taking non-credit classes at Arizona State on line. He has not been admitted to any program the school stated.

      This came up during the trial and the school publicly commented on it because some in the MSM claimed he was misleading just like when he claimed he was an EMT, and he isn’t.

      I think the school did not want to get embroiled in this so they responded publicly.

      Rittenhouse, 18, said on the stand that he is a college student at Arizona State University studying nursing.

      ASU confirmed that Rittenhouse enrolled as a non-degree-seeking online student for the session that started in mid-October of this year.

      “Kyle Rittenhouse has not gone through the admissions process with Arizona State University and is not enrolled in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation,” university spokesperson Jay Thorne wrote in an email.

    411. Tgca says:


      Skank complains after horrible mocking tweets of the WI parade terror attack.

      It never ceases to amaze me that people put themselves out there for the world to see via Twitter and then complain when it goes viral and backfires.

      This is why I only post only neutral statements so as not offend anyone.

      She whines:

      Nobody cared about me like my whole life. My mom used to leave me for hours at a time alone in my play pen. I’ve put out music for 20 years nobody gave a sh**. Why do people all of a sudden care about a stupid remark? I can’t believe my 15 minutes of fame is for this sh**.’

    412. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      380. “oswald was a marine with a rifle, and thus a very dangerous person..”

      Oh really? A lot of people seem to think having Marines around increases their personal safety. However, they will drink all your beer.

    413. Tgca says:

      These people are crazy Bishes!

      NYT Says Unvaccinated Kids Must ‘Eat Quickly’ on Thanksgiving

    414. Tgca says:

      I’m wondering if the HHR fascists would be open to a compromise that instead of being denied to dine in a restaurant, the unvaccinated can instead be sectioned off with a timer set on their table to eat quickly and leave…and charged extra gratuity as well too,.


    415. Tgca says:

      Three punks try to rob man in Philly. The punks were armed with guns but so was the guy. He fired on them putting two in the hospital where one later died.

      The 1st link is the news report with details.

      The 2nd link is the actual video of the event.

    416. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      CDC Director Rochelle Walensky: “To give you a sense of what lockdowns were able to do in other countries, and I mean really strict lockdowns, in China their death rate is 3 per million.”

      This fool actually believes China tells the truth. Of course she strongly denied the virus came from a lab leak earlier this year. Maybe Hunter Biden is advising Walensky about how wonderful China is handling the coronavirus.

    417. jason says:

      I will translate for Walensky:

      “Communism is great”!

    418. jason says:

      Walensky believes China only had 100k cases in 2 years, about as many as the US has each day.

      It claims less than 5000 have died, fewer than died in Uruguay which has 3 million people.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    419. DW says:

      Rittenhouse explained how whenever an attacker put up his hands and backed away, he didn’t shoot. He really showed a great deal of poise, given his age and the situation he was in. Some kids would panic and just start spreading bullets everywhere to clear the personal space.

      The first guy he killed was also spewing the N-word so frequently that other rioter distanced from them.

      Strange how most people still think Ritt killed two black guys….wonder why they think that??

    420. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      424. It is hard to believe anyone could be dumber than Biden, but Walensky may have risen to that honor.

    421. jaichind says:

      What the PRC pulled of is real even if the numbers might be off due to meteorological differences of them only counting infections only if they are symptomatic. The issue is their strategy only works in a society that has high social cohesion and trust in the government. That clearly is not the case in the USA and we can thank the Left for the current low level
      of social cohesion in the USA.

    422. DW says:

      CBS Apologizes for “Oversight in Language” After Claiming Rittenhouse Went to Kenosha “Armed for Battle”

      A little late maybe? And for every 99 persons who saw the original lie, 1 person sees the correction.

    423. Chicon says:

      426 – the Chinese people have a high level of trust in their government?

      C’mon, man….

      Your colors are shining through.

    424. Tgca says:

      Police say Brooks attack on parade not a terrorist attack.

      REALLY? What would you call it when someone deliberately mows down a crowd of civilians they don’t know at a public event?

      What was his rationale for such violence?

      Are the police being PC so as not to offend?

      Police Chief Dan Thompson said that there was no evidence the bloodshed on Sunday was a terrorist attack or that the suspect, Darrell Brooks Jr., knew anyone in the parade. Brooks acted alone, the chief said.

      Brooks had left the scene of the domestic disturbance before officers arrived, and he was not being chased by police at the time of the crash, according to the chief.

      He has been charged with crimes 16 times since 1999 and had two outstanding cases against him at the time of the parade disaster — including one in which he was accused of deliberately running down a woman with his vehicle.

    425. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca just wants Brooks to be labeled a terrorist so he can say Brooks was not a coward.


    426. DW says:

      AOC says….

      “Brooks got out of jail with the excessively high amount of $1000 bail. Its a shame too because up to this point he had only run down one woman with his vehicle.”

    427. Tgca says:

      I don’t think Brooks action has anything to do with cowardice.

      Look up the definition!

      Clearly you got your EDUMACATION in NJ.

      His deeds were malicious and evil. I hope he meets the most painful and deadly fate is prison.

    428. Cash Cow TM says:


      “Why Was This Ancient Tusk 150 Miles From Land, 10,000 Feet Deep?”
      Walt said he knows why…

    429. DW says:

      As much as we might want to see the spectacle of Biden being sued by Rittenhouse for slander…its one of those things like the “lost liberty hotel” after the Kelo decision, that is fun to think about but will never happen.

      All Biden would have to do is say he was repeating what was reported in the news, and CNN would gladly fall on the sword for him to bail him out.

    430. Tgca says:

      Funny video of kidnapping rapist trying to escape diving out a window to only bounce off it.

    431. Tgca says:

      Detailed background with history of pedophile and violence by the 3 Ritt perps who got their due.

      Bitter to say it doesn’t matter what they did because you love your kids unconditionally.

    432. Robbie says:

      Ellen Carmichael
      On Tucker, Rittenhouse says that Lin Wood and John Pierce kept him in jail needlessly while they raised $1M+ in his name. He says they used him as he rotted in jail for 87 days, subjecting him to media interviews and falsely framing him as a member of an “unorganized militia.”

      – A year ago, Jason fraud thought Lin Wood was one of the great legal minds of our time because he believed the laughable notion the election was stolen from Trump.

    433. jason says:

      The election WAS stolen.

      Lin Wood is a Democrat just like Amoral Scumbag.

      As usual Amoral Scumbag has his facts wrong.

      “Wood contributed $2,000 to Ken Hodges, a Democratic Georgia appeals court judge, in 2018, as well as $2,600 that same year to Democratic state senator Zahra Karinshak.

      In 2017, Wood contributed $12,600 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Evans, who was eventually defeated in the primary by Stacey Abrams. Evans and Wood have worked together in private practice.

      Additionally, Wood donated $100 in 2014 to Perdue’s Democratic opponent Michelle Nunn, $2,300 in 2008 to Barack Obama, and $1,000 over two donations in 2009 and 2010 to Georgia Win List, a pro-abortion Democratic group.

      Voting records showed that Wood voted by mail in the 2020 and 2016 general elections, and requested Democratic primary ballots in the 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2018 elections.”

    434. jason says:

      In fairness to the MSM, if Brooks was white and had driven into a BLM parade, no one would accuse him of being a terrorist, right?

    435. jason says:

      I guess Amoral Scumbag really believes Trump lost in GA by 12000 votes.

    436. dylan says:

      Lin Wood is a shameless self-promoter and I doubt he is “really” a member of any party other than the “I look good in the mirror” party. That said, the measure of success for a lawyer is victory in the courtroom. We don’t know how much he secured for Sandman but we DO know he and Sidney Powell had ZERO success in any of their election suits. So by that measure he is a bag of hot air with nothing more than “just wait and see what is coming.” Enough already Lin.

    437. jason says:

      Now 11 months into Biden’s disastrous Presidency, Amoral Scumbag is still talking about Lin Wood…

    438. jason says:

      Lin Wood seems to be the Gloria Allredge of politics.

    439. Dylan says:

      443–Exactly (It’s Allred btw) And the Press is in on it too—Gloria loves giving her press conferences but you NEVER EVER hear any coverage of what came of the suit or the claim–I suspect a lot of the suits (probably the vast majority) were either dismissed on summary judgment, never filed, or settled for nuisance value. That gets no coverage.

    440. Bitterlaw says:

      Because Tgca is not a parent, his opinions on parenting are worthless. However, I want HHR to rest assured that if my children did abuse children or commit acts of violence, I will turn them in to the police.

    441. jason says:

      White man kills two white rioters in self defense, black people get a day off?


      “Democrats Suggesting Businesses Give Black Employees a Mental Health Day After the Rittenhouse Verdict”

    442. jason says:

      Yes, AllRED, how could I forget.

    443. DW says:

      446 – insane. People should never forget that the left intended a public lynching of Rittenhouse from the very start. Recall that the police chief right after the riot said that these were peaceful protestors. The fix was in.

      Funny how what few police were there moved through the streets in an armored vehicle for a peaceful protest.

    444. mnw says:

      So Parnell is out.

      Now what?

    445. jason says:

      Dr Oz?

    446. jason says:

      Parnell was the best candidate. He came within 10k votes of beating Connor Lamb in a swing district, without VBM would probably have won.

      The other candidates are B candidates, maybe Oz would bring some star quality.

      Color me skeptical he could win. I thought Parnell might have a 30% chance.

    447. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The issue is their strategy only works in a society that has high social cohesion and trust in the government. That clearly is not the case in the USA and we can thank the Left for the current low level”

      What utter nonsense. Yes we saw how the Chinese government enforces “social cohesion” in Hong Kong. I suppose you have never been able to talk to someone from China who would trust you to speak confidentially. This is reminiscent of those who used to give glowing reports of Stalinist Russia.

    448. DW says:

      452 – its like when the late Rev. Billy Graham came back from Moscow during the cold war to proclaim that there was religious freedom in the USSR.

      He never once spoke to the underground church while there, just visiting the puppet state church the USSR propped up for the visit.

    449. Cash Cow TM says:

      Here is a bad idea.

      NYCity poised to give non-citizens rights to vote in city elections, etc.


      “Until school boards were disbanded nearly two decades ago, New York City was among the places that allowed noncitizens to vote in school board elections, a right that exists in San Francisco. Several towns in Maryland and Vermont also grant noncitizens some municipal voting rights.

      Of the estimated 808,000 adult New Yorkers who are lawful permanent residents, or green card holders, or have work authorization, about 130,000 are from the Dominican Republic; those from China represent another 117,500 people, according to the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. Those eligible must be residents of New York City for 30 days and otherwise eligible to vote under state law.”

    450. jason says:

      I bet if you took a poll among Dems at least half of them would support non-citizens voting for President.

    451. jaichind says:


      Trust of gov in PRC (80%+ and sometimes 90%)

      Same survey for USA (30% 40% trust level for various government institutions)

    452. DW says:

      Anyone who believes the results of any poll of Chinese citizens accurately resembles what the people really feel, must be smoking some really strange dope.

      I actually know some people who have spent considerable time in China. You don’t rock the boat against the gov’t unless you want to be arrested and have who knows what happen to you.

    453. jason says:

      “Looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing,” said Boyd.


    454. jason says:

      I thought the term looting was used when people are looting, but I guess that is no longer the right interpretation.

    455. Tina says:

      Dollar Tree raising prices on most foods to $1.25.

    456. Tina says:


    457. Bitterlaw says:

      I have heard her interviewed and she is a very good speaker. Of course, she will be attacked as a racist and being anti-woman even though she is black woman.

    458. Tina says:

      It would be a battle to see who tells the truth more

      The Ccp vs the Amoral Scumbag, who fell for the Russian hoax.

    459. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag, a devoted follower of his paragon of virtue Michael Avenatti, has the chutzpah to come here and whine about his fellow Democrat Lin Wood.

    460. Wes says:

      Actually, despite what Jason says, Lin Wood is a member of the South Carolina Republican Party:

    461. jaichind says:


      Totally agreed that the level of trust in PRC regime could very likely be artifical. My narrow point is that the same factors that generate those poll results also will be able to generate social cohesion even if artificial and that what worked for them is just not possible to be replicated in the USA.

    462. Tina says:

      So, the U..S. releases some of its energy reserves, and oil prices close even higher.

    463. DW says:

      One of the Waukesha victims is an 8 year old boy with severe head injury…already has had one brain surgery, and they are checking for brain function and brain stem function.

      They are asking people to pray for a miracle. But sounds like unless they get one, the death toll will move from 5 to 6.

    464. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – My experience is that there is brain function or there is not. “Checking” means there is not. I hope I am wrong. Devastating and horrible for the family.

    465. DW says:

      The 8 year old’s older brother also sustained a head injury but is expected to fully recover.

    466. Tgca says:

      According to Bitter’s logic if you don’t have kids, then you can’t give advice and guidance on children.

      I guess that will come as news to many child therapists and doctors who are single with no kids…educators too.

      I guess Catholic schools and churches should not allow any priests or nuns to teach or guide children because they don’t have kids.

      I guess this extends to marriage counseling too. If you’ve never been married, you can’t provide marriage counseling.

      Bitters lil’ brain can only make very simple associations like you can only opine on kids if you have kids even though many educators and therapists deal with hundreds to thousands of kids in their lifetime compared to 2.1 kids like most parents.

      But we expect such nonsense from someone that argued for years that depression is not an illness but just a weakness.

    467. Tgca says:


      Evidently Bitter has limited to no brain function with his simplistic view of the world.

    468. Bitterlaw says:

      When you have been up all night with an infant screaming and throwing up with an ear infection and are waiting for the pediatrician to see your child, you can express an opinion on parenting. GFY.

      Reread 445. I said “parenting.” I did not say teaching or guidance or educating. GFY again.

    469. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown to equate walking dogs and killing fish to raising children in 3…2…1…

    470. jason says:

      Actually, despite what Jason says”

      I quoted the article that shows he was a Democrat at least until 2018.

      “Wood contributed $2,000 to Ken Hodges, a Democratic Georgia appeals court judge, in 2018, as well as $2,600 that same year to Democratic state senator Zahra Karinshak.

      In 2017, Wood contributed $12,600 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Evans, who was eventually defeated in the primary by Stacey Abrams. Evans and Wood have worked together in private practice.

      Additionally, Wood donated $100 in 2014 to Perdue’s Democratic opponent Michelle Nunn, $2,300 in 2008 to Barack Obama, and $1,000 over two donations in 2009 and 2010 to Georgia Win List, a pro-abortion Democratic group.

      Voting records showed that Wood voted by mail in the 2020 and 2016 general elections, and requested Democratic primary ballots in the 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2018 elections.”

    471. jason says:

      According to Bitter’s logic if you don’t have kids, then you can’t give advice and guidance on children.”

      Hey consider yourself lucky.

      He said I couldn’t have political opinions because I don’t vote.

    472. Tgca says:


      Not at all. My dogs are better fed and behaved than most children so clearly parents can learn a thing or two from me.

      My fish were diseased as evident by the fish in the same tank only died but not in the other aquariums, and I recently found out one store I frequented stop selling fish for a few weeks due to a disease outbreak. I no longer buy fish from that store.

      If you knew anything about fish, you would know that it is not unusual for fish to succumb to disease the 1st few months after purchase because you’re never sure what you’re getting and one fish can transmit infection to other fish very easily.

      But you would not know that because all you do is watch cat videos on YouTube when not watching woke sports.

    473. Wes says:

      Notice the difference between the words “is” and “was,” Jason.

      Lin Wood IS a Republican. That’s why he ran for SCGOP Chair (and lost badly).

      He WAS a Democrat, at least going by his contribution and voting history. That is no longer the case, as evidenced by his failed run in SC this year.

    474. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown reminds me of a gay guy in law school who said that he understood women and their way of thinking because he had been “penetrated.” He was roasted by the women for being a jackass.

    475. mnw says:

      Without knowing anything except the most basic stuff about the 2022 PA Sen election, I just don’t accept that the GOP nominee for an OPEN seat in THIS year will be a decided underdog.

      That’s just too counterintuitive.

      Barnette seems intriguing, after glancing at BL’s link.

      I think it’s fascinating that Beto is presenting himself as a born-again border hawk, and it’s not an SNL skit or the Babylon Bee. I suspect lots of other DEM candidates who’re facing competitive GEs will try to achieve separation from Biden before it’s all done.

    476. Wes says:

      Rats will always abandon a sinking ship, Mnw.

    477. mnw says:

      So Cook moved GA, NV, & AZ from lean DEM to tossup couple of days ago.

      I’d guess GA is more than likely Lean R by now. Walker is well-loved by UGA fans (which is a LOT of voters). All he has to do is not make a campaign-destroying gaffe, & so far he hasn’t.

    478. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – I trust your opinion on politics more than I trust Tgca’s opinions on parenting.

    479. Wes says:

      I’m withholding judgment on Walker till the actual campaign starts, Mnw. He’s untested in any kind of race, much less a competitive one, but I agree thus far he has done nothing to damage his own campaign.

      Warnock has far more baggage than Walker, so as long as Herschel does the yeoman’s work of both highlighting that and creating a positive image for himself, GA should see a new Senator in just over 13 months.

    480. Tgca says:


      Bitter raises a radical lefty child that supports BLM and Antifa and then has the chutzpah to question others on knowledgeable parenting.

      Hey Bitter! How many in your immediate family think Rittenhouse was justifiably defending himself?

      I would trust Robbie’s opinion on politics more than I trust Bitter’s knowledge of depression and getting people proper help.

    481. DW says:

      More accounts from the horror in Waukesha keep coming out…


      “My family is safe but many are not,” Montiho continued.

      “I held one little girl’s head in my hand, she was seizing and she was bleeding out of her ears. I held her mother as she collapsed.”

      “Please pray.”

      MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Friends and families of the roughly 50 people, including many children, hit by an SUV that sped through a Christmas parade in a suburban Milwaukee downtown say they suffered life-threatening injuries, with some clinging to life.

      A young girl who is a member of a dance troupe struck by the SUV, a moment captured on cellphone video, woke up Monday and told doctors, “just glue me back together,” according to her GoFundMe fundraising page organized by a family friend.

      “No child or parent should have to endure this amount pain and suffering,” the girl’s mother, Amber Konhke, posted Tuesday afternoon.

      Jessalyn is “fighting for her life,” according to the fundraising account established by family friend Oscar Luna. She lost a kidney, broke her pelvis and has damage to her liver and lungs, Luna said.

      Julia, who was also marching with her dance team and whose last name also isn’t given, “is in the fight for her life,” suffering from brain trauma after being hit, her fundraising page established by family friend Jen McCarthy says.

      Brothers Tucker and Jackson Sparks were among three sets of siblings hospitalized after being struck by the SUV, and they remain at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, according to an online fundraiser organized by a cousin.

      Tucker, 12, has head injuries but is recovering, and Jackson, 8, suffered a more serious brain injury and “needs a miracle,” according to Alyssa Albro, the niece of the boys’ parents, Aaron and Sheri Sparks.

      “The entire family is devastated,” Albro wrote. She said the boys’ parents are at their bedsides.

      Aidan Laughrin, a senior at Waukesha South High School, was hit while performing with the marching band, suffering fractured ribs, according to an online fundraiser.

    482. DW says:

      All this because Milwaukee refused to raise the bail to be more than $1000 on a guy who clearly was a danger to society.

    483. Tgca says:


      So some stoopid gay guy in law school makes an idiotic remark and Bitter thinks all gays think like that. Clearly, no bigoted stereotyping there I see from the simple-minded woke ambulance chaser.

      But I’m sure these same women would think Bitter is a complete moron if they heard him espousing his IGORENT UNEDUMACATED view that depression is a weakness and not a medical issue since women are more than twice than likely to suffer depression than men.

      Actually, Bitter with his “earth is flat” scientific mentality sounds a lot dumber than the gay guy me thinks.

    484. Bitterlaw says:

      All of the members of my family agreed that Rittenhouse should not have been convicted of anything.

      Keep attacking my daughter, scumbag. It just reveals who you are and highlights how much you hate women. Don’t pretend you don’t hate women. To you, they are either skanks or “bishes.”

      Does anybody at HHR think you know anything about being a parent? You don’t but if anybody wants to come to your defense, have at it.

    485. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t think all gay men think that way. I said that one did and it was just as stupid as you thinking you know anything about being a parent.

      I changed my opinion on depression. You know that. You also know why. You are truly the lowest scum to ever post here. That includes Chekote, IP, Donder0, Knova, and a few others.

    486. DW says:

      And with all that happened in Waukesha by this obvious criminal who should have never been released on bail, AOS says bail is too high, and her komrade says…

      Rep. Tlaib A-OK With Human Traffickers Being Released In Prison Reform Bill

      Anyone who says these people are not trying to destroy our society are simply not paying attention.

      They are evil.

    487. DW says:

      8 year old Jackson Sparks has now been confirmed dead in the wake of the Waukesha terror attack.

      This was the one mentioned earlier where they were trying to find brain activity.

    488. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So despite Biden’s begging; OPEC+Russia has refused to hike oil production. So Biden is raiding our national reserve. Perhaps the solution should be allowing more oil drilling in the U.S? As they say, you can give a person knowledge, but you cannot make him think:

      “OPEC+, which includes Russia, has resisted requests from Washington and other consumer nations for swifter hikes, sticking to its plan of gradually raising output by 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) each month since August.

      The White House said on Tuesday that the United States would release 50 million barrels of crude from strategic reserves.”

    489. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Does anyone seriously believe Chinese citizens will honestly answer a survey about their feelings toward the Chinese government when they are being surveilled and socially rated? Bureaucrats like Walensky who praise Chinese lockdowns apparently have no problem with this sort of state control:

      “China’s ‘social credit’ system ranks citizens and punishes them with throttled internet speeds and flight bans if the Communist Party deems them untrustworthy.

      * * * *

      The exact methodology is a secret — but examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games, and posting fake news online, specifically about terrorist attacks or airport security.
      Other potential punishable offenses include spending too long playing video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases, and posting on social media.

      The punishments can come in a few forms, like travel bans, slow internet, and being banned from higher education.”

    490. Tgca says:


      Ooooh! I hit a raw nerve, eh mate?

      I am not attacking your daughter. I don’t even know her nor do I have any desire to because of her views, as I know enough libs already. I’m more interested in meeting an Eskimo, or Pygmy or someone representing a group that I haven’t met before.

      But I am attacking you for attacking others to point out your hypocrisy Mr. Woke.

      You evidently raised a lefty child but attack others here for not being a parent because in your small mind one has to be a parent to understand kids which is such an idiotic statement.

      What the Hell do you know about Japanese kids, AA kids, Latin kids, gay kids, kids without both parents?

      You know about privileged white kids from Radnor with leftist views, I’ll give you that and that’s about it.

      As I said, many child therapists and other people involved with helping kids spend more time with children then you ever will and they are not parents so that itself shows the stupidity of your comment.

      It’s such an IGORENT thing to say so that is why I will point out your failure for raising a radical lefty…not that you’re the 1st conservative to be in that unfortunate way but when you mock others implying you know about kids because you’re a dad, be prepared to defend your failure as a dad for adding another liberal person to the world that wants to destroy our way of life…because that’s what liberals want and the reason you CLAIM you never vote for them.

      Now stop whining like a little bish!

      …and I don’t hate women! I mock liberal and woke women. There’s a difference moron.

    491. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      491. “I don’t think all gay men think that way.”

      Is there a distinction between what people with blue eyes versus brown eyes think; or people with brown hair versus black hair? People don’t think alike because of their sexual orientation.

    492. Tgca says:


      You should have never had that opinion on depression to begin with in the 1st place. It was IGORENT and condescending and just plain stoopid in this day and age, just as moronic as people who claim the earth is flat.

      It makes me wonder what other stoopid out of touch opinions, you have in addition to your wokeness that you will not accept as a truism either.

      Your condescending manner was mocking to anyone who ever experienced depression

      …and by the way, women are more than two times as likely than men to suffer depression so who shows contempt for women more than you with your decades of IGORENCE Bish!

    493. Tgca says:


      Evidently Bitter thinks all gay people think alike.

      I’ve never known a gay man to say anything as stoopid as Bitter claims a gay man said in law school. If anything, most gay men have no desire to understand women.

      What if a straight men said something equally stoopid? Would Bitter preface and point out he was straight or just point out he was a man idiotically commenting on women?

      It appears Bitter purposely made that ridiculous analogy because of an attempt to slight gay thinking against me thinking it would score points and instead showed himself to be a bigger idiot than we already know the wokester is.

    494. Tgca says:


      If it pisses you off, then I’m glad to be in your “HHR Lowest Scum Club” just as I am glad to be a Deplorable or a bigot because I don’t subscribe to woke thinking like you and your spawn and the hypocrites in Radnor.

      I say that puts me in good company compared to where you sit.

    495. mnw says:

      Dollartree (DLTR) is now DollarTwenty-Five Tree:

      “The company considers now to be the appropriate time to move away from our $1.00 price point….”

    496. Tgca says:

      Israel reporting:


      They’re referring to the boosters as “immuno- erosion.”

      The health director of the largest hospital in Israel says there is no medical evidence to justify a 3rd vaccine or further boosters.

      I wonder how long it will take the rest of the world to catch up to this scientific evidence now.

      Is this why Pfizer does not have to disclose data on the vaccines for another 55 years?

    497. Tgca says:

      501 mnw

      I saw that today and chuckled.

      What is next? $5.75 below?

    498. Bitterlaw says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      November 23, 2021 at 5:34 pm
      I don’t think all gay men think that way. I said that one did and it was just as stupid as you thinking you know anything about being a parent.

      From that post, we get this:

      Tgca says:
      November 23, 2021 at 6:47 pm

      Evidently Bitter thinks all gay people think alike.

      Tgca completely takes the opposite meaning of what I said and claims I said it.

    499. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca says:

      I am glad to be a Deplorable

      Seriously? Mr. EXPERT? The man who studied every science in school and is a better medical expert than Dr. Pitch? Mr. Retired from a never defined career where he was an expert witness on every possible business and tax case as well as being a super executive for unknown companies in unknown fields? LOL

    500. Bitterlaw says:

      Your condescending manner was mocking to anyone who ever experienced depression

      I will be visiting my wrong opinion’s grave on Thursday. You truly are the lowest of the low.

    501. Bitterlaw says:

      People don’t think alike because of their sexual orientation.

      I never said that they did. Tgca said that I did. He was wrong.

    502. Tgca says:


      That’s walking back your comment after I called you on it because there’s no relevancy to the situation at hand.

      Why would you need to refer to a comment a gay man said about women? It has nothing to do with what we were discussing. You’re just trying to stereotype a gay man to make a point against another gay man and instead you fell flat with it.

      Just like you walk back your woke BS here and your ridiculous claims for years that depression is not an illness and just a weakness.

      You can walk back it all, you want dude but it’s all BS.

      Now go drink some Coca-cola and him the Black National Anthem.

    503. Bitterlaw says:

      Ooooh! I hit a raw nerve, eh mate?

      Apparently, Tgca is not only a Deplorable. He is now Australian.

    504. Bitterlaw says:

      Why would you need to refer to a comment a gay man said about women?

      Because it was an example of a comment as stupid as you thinking that you know anything about being a parent.

    505. Tgca says:


      STOP using the unfortunate death of your niece as a crutch to accept responsibility for your IGORENCE on science and your condescending mocking of others who correctly advised you on depression over and over, as if you knew better than thousands of doctors and medical professionals.

      You not only tarnish her with using her as a scapegoat to deflect your stoopidity but you further insult those who suffered from depression, especially those with chronic depression.

      Own your stoopid IGORENCE Bish!!!

    506. Tgca says:


      I did date an Australian once but not a Pygmy one. I guess he left a lasting impression, as I do often use that expression.

    507. Tgca says:


      Bitter upset because, like many here, I don’t state exactly whom I’ve worked for because it’s nobody’s business.

      I stated numerous times I have worked in the finance field in various management positions analyzing and reporting data, as well as having done tax work decades ago while considering the tax profession as a permanent career.

      Apparently, Bitter is upset I chose to retire early and live in Floreedah while he’s stuck in the crime-ridden filthy smelly city of Philly as an ambulance chaser where he tells people he’s from…only 6 miles away that is.

    508. Tgca says:

      …and yes, I’m proud to be a deplorable.

      I love Walmart…and all the discounts stores that no one in a Radnor would ever be caught dead in for fear of shame and being ostracized by their neighbors because they care so much how others see them.

    509. Bitterlaw says:

      STOP using the unfortunate death of your niece as a crutch

      Unfortunate death? That’s not how you characterized it when you described it in vile and sickening moment by moment detail. Why don’t you post it again in case some people forgot what a scumbag you are?

    510. Bitterlaw says:

      Deplorables don’t eat tofu. Case closed.

    511. DW says:

      Bitter—still sorry for your loss. Its terrible.

    512. SoHope says:

      Sunday I was pickpockets in Turkey and my passport stolen. Had to delay my return and go to the consulate and go through a 2 day process of getting a temporary emergency exit passport. It was either that or try and sneak across the border and see if Biden would give me $450k. Not sure I made the right choice.

    513. SoHope says:

      I’m ok with the Always Trump/Never Trump/Sometimes Trump Civil War here on HHR. I’m ok with poster’s obsessions with sweaters, restaurants, GWB, abortion, stripper boots, salmon colored jackets, Bunu’s Ron Paul fetish, ect but dammit guys these gross attacks about deceased family members or coaching children are too f-ing much.

    514. Bitterlaw says:

      SoHope – I have tried to steer clear of this kind of fight. The last round was ugly and brutal. Tgca has now decided that my children are fair game and my role as a parent is a legitimate topic of discussion. I could escalate this even further but know it will do nothing but bring me down to Tgca’s level and HHR does not want to see it.

      I will step back but there is a limit to what I will tolerate.

    515. Bitterlaw says:

      I’m sorry that you were robbed. However, isn’t that part of the experience of visiting Turkey?

    516. Cash Cow TM says:


      Bummer that you got your wallet/passport lifted in Turkey. Sorry for all the difficulty that caused you.

      And so close to Thanksgiving, too.

    517. SoHope says:

      BL, It was most definitely an authentic Turkey experience. Cairo was a gritty adventure, Luxor was nice with beautiful tombs and temples. Athens was beautiful as well as the islands and food and women, Nafplio was quaint, Cappadocia was grandiose, and Istanbul was nice with surprisingly good party culture, good expat representation, more beautiful and a surprise twist at the end. Almost 3 weeks have passed. I would hardly change a thing (except put my passport in my front pocket). However I am very glad to be going home.

    518. SoHope says:

      Istanbul *more beautiful women

    519. Bitterlaw says:

      It sounds like an amazing trip. My daughter would love to see Istanbul. I saw the Taken movies. No way is she going without me and I’m not ready to go.

    520. SoHope says:

      Yeah, no way I’d let my daughter go alone even though I’m 99.99% sure she’d be safe at a well rated hostel. I’m super protective. She’s 14 now so it’s not like I’ve got to face that reality soon.

    521. SoHope says:

      Thanks Walt, luckily it was just my passport. The consulate was very helpful even though the process was lengthy and confusing.

    522. lisab says:

      I saw the Taken movies. No way is she going without me and I’m not ready to go.

      i don’t know who you are. i don’t know what you want. if you’re looking for ransom, i can tell you i have radnor money but what i also have are a very particular set of skills. skills i have acquired over a very long career — well ok … with a bunch of breaks when i was laid off repeatedly — skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. if you let my daughter go now, that will be the end of it. i will not whine to you, i will not bitch and moan about my life to you. but if you don’t, i will look for you, i will hire someone competent to find you and i will bore you to death with inane woke drivel, while wearing a sweater

    523. Dylan says:

      Watching Trump on Hannity I like the content but….he’s doing a reprise of his first debate performance Way too hit and aggressive Oh boy He’d be so much better than Biden but the soccer moms ……sigh

    524. Bitterlaw says:

      I always carry my wallet in my left front pocket. What else do men put there?

    525. mnw says:

      With Kyle on live for his first post-trial interview last night, & Mr. Orange live on Hannity 2nite, FOX’s ratings for the week should be pretty… special, one would think.

      That My Pillow dude who looks like Larry Sabato likely sold a lot of slippers, towels, and sheets, too.

    526. mnw says:

      531 addendum:

      Tucker/Rittenhouse drew 4.9 million viewers last night, over twice MSNBC’s & CNN’s combined total. The show topped CNN’s audience by 549% (not a typo).

      FOX also stomped in the demo advertisers love, too– viewers in the 30-50 age bracket.

      My Pillow sez, “Thx, Kyle!”

    527. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Now Fauci is talking about the possibility of boosters shots every six months. Yet there still has been no investigation announced by the Biden administration of the origin of this virus at the Wuhan lab, and what has caused the virus to be so virulent.

      “Dr. Fauci on Monday said he thinks there is a “reasonable chance that the durability of protection following the third dose will be longer than the durability of protection” following a single-dose J&J vaccine or a two-dose Moderna or Pfizer regimen.

      “If that’s the case, then we may not need to get boosted every six months or so,” he added. “But if [vaccine effectiveness] does wane, which I hope it doesn’t, then we will address it. In any case, we will find out that data, we will make it public and we will act accordingly.””

    528. Tgca says:

      Oh please! I will bring it back to you Bitter whenever you attack me. I’ve told you that in the past. You don’t like it! Don’t attack people and stop playing the victim like you always do when they attack you back.

      I’m over the dead niece crutch too. That won’t play with me anymore. If only your brother knew how you use her to emote sympathy he’d be ashamed of you I would bet.

      You insulting me as not being a parent and making gay slurs when you have failed as a parent is fair game. I’m not attacking your daughter, I’m throwing her politics in your face which we only know about because you shared it here. She stands for everything you’re against but you criticize others for so that makes you a hypocrite, and I will call you on that hypocrisy just like when you criticize people who cheat on their wives as if you’re such a virtuous person but recall you admitted you cheated on girlfriends in the past…again you’re a hypocrite!

      Now go whine to everyone here how you’re the victim. I don’t give a chit. I hope it raised your blood pressure a bit…and I will bring it back to you every time you start with the BS.

      Now you have a nice night.

    529. NYCmike says:

      “I always carry my wallet in my left front pocket. What else do men put there?”

      -Wallet on your left?!?! That proves you are a commie!

      Mine is on my front right.

    530. Bitterlaw says:

      Timing is everything. If COVID had hit in March 2017, we would have vaccines that were not rushed by politics. If it hit in March 2021, Trump would be in his second term.

    531. NYCmike says:

      “…… but dammit guys these gross attacks about deceased family members or coaching children are too f-ing much.”

      -Amen to this.

      Hopefully the 1 person who consistently keeps going there will get tired of making an arse out of himself.

    532. Bitterlaw says:

      I am right-handed. It would be awkward on the right.

    533. Bitterlaw says:

      My phone is in the right front pocket. It is thinner than the wallet.

    534. Tgca says:


      If you have something to say to Bitter, say it to his face fascist.

    535. Bitterlaw says:

      540 Well, the “1 person” checks in.

      In other news, why does somebody who killed 6 people get bail? Maybe WI requires 10 bodies before bail is denied.

    536. Tgca says:


      Bitter now aligns with both fascists and wokesters and thinks he’s a conservative. Laughable.

      NYC is 2nd only to Robbie as the village idiot at HHR and Schumer’s Bish. Bitter kids himself he has the experience and character to run for Congress so he can be Pelosi’s Bish.

      NYC and Bitter, a match made in Heaven as Dem’s useful idiots and useful Bishes.

    537. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown calls Romney a racist, accuses people of white privilege, and thinks terrorists who murder innocent men, women and children are not cowards but thinks he is a conservarive. LOL

    538. Bitterlaw says:


    539. Bitterlaw says:

      Conservative. Autocorrect must have the night off.

    540. Tgca says:

      Bitter coaches and raises future BLM and Antifa supporters to take away our rights and implement commie ideas.

      Bitter supports a commie Pope and won’t criticize his radical ideas.

      Bitter refuses to fight wokesters and supports putting money in their pockets by consuming their products.

      Bitter prefers the company of and worships lefties in crime-ridden cities like Philly while mocking conservatives because they choose to live in decent rural communities.

      Yeah! That’s sounds like a real conservative to me.

    541. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The shock that takes place when a leftist realizes Americans dislike his political views:

      Hadn’t seen this poll, but whoa, if only 35% of Democratic voters think democracy is facing a major threat (71% of Republicans do, by contrast!) that speaks to a major disconnect between Democratic elites and rank-and-file voters.

    542. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Once again, Trafalgar the most accurate poll:

      NJ Governor Final Result
      (D) Murphy 50.9% (+2.6)
      (R) Ciattrarelli 48.3%

      In 2020, Biden won NJ +15.9%
      Murphy underperformed Biden by +13.3%

      Most accurate Pollster:
      had Murphy +4% (just D+1.4% error)

      Lest accurate:
      had Murphy +11%
      (D+8.4% error

    543. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trafalgar also most accurate poll in Virginia race:

      2021 VA Gov race Final Result
      (R) Youngkin 50.7% (+2.3)
      (D) McAuliffe 48.5%

      VA Gov Most Accurate Pollsters
      1. Trafalgar (R), Nov 1 Poll
      Youngkin +2.3% . No error
      2. Insider Advantage (R) Nov 1
      Youngkin +2 (D+0.3 error)
      Nov 1
      Youngkin +3 (R+0.7 error)

    544. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden decreases domestic energy production and then is forced to tap into the oil reserves because gas prices are thru the roof.

      He is to blame for the rising gas prices. His policies are a disaster for us.

    545. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A horrible scandal is developing!!

      “White House Whistleblower Claims Strangers Drag Him From Place To Place And Make Him Sign Papers And Read Words On Monitors And He Hardly Gets Any Ice Cream.”

    546. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I am done posting, now you can return to your regularly scheduled cat fight.

    547. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown claims to be a good Catholic but does not understand that Popes are not elected by lay persons or remain in office by virtue of “support” by the laity. I have criticized the Pope’s political statements. If Tgclown goes to Mass, he exhibits the same “support” that I have.

    548. DW says:

      Only in America can we find a situation where a white man shoots and kills a child raping white man who was violently attacking and using the n-word like crazy, and BLM people are outraged at the shooter.

    549. Wes says:

      You can always do what I did, Bitter, and go atheist. Having no religious beliefs is easier than being subject to the vagaries of church leadership.

    550. Bitterlaw says:

      I hope that everybody has a great Thanksgiving. I do intend on fighting with anybody until Friday. GFY.

    551. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – I told you that I do not believe in atheism.*

      *That was a joke.

    552. Bitterlaw says:

      556 should say I do not intend to fight with people until Friday. Maybe there is a Bittercorrect function that makes my posts hostile.

    553. jason says:

      I hear WahWah is offering oscellated turkey sandwiches at $50 each for the suburban elites.

      This turkey is only found in the Yucatan Peninsula and is very rare.

    554. jason says:

      The HHR fascists are going to have an orgasm.

      “GOP Gov. Sununu: Telling a private business that they can’t fire unvaccinated workers is pure communism”

    555. Tgca says:

      I will also not be available to insult and mock Bitter and point out his hypocrisy during TG holiday since I have a glorious vegan feast to prepare for like 35 people.

      If anyone wants my tasty tofu roast recipe that’s bound to make you a favorite with your friends and family for years to come, let me know.

    556. Tgca says:

      Pelosi purchases $25M oceanfront home in Floreedah.

      So much for that global warming she’s worried about with rising sea levels that will flood her $25M home.

      I think DeSantis should call a special session to deny her state access.

      Who the f*ck wants that skank here?

      Bitter to get all fired up because I referred to Pelosi as a skank and claim I hate women because I degrade stoopid liberal women.

    557. Tgca says:

      I’m wandering if Pelosi is trolling Trump or just hoping to be invited to his Mar-a-lago parties. Hmmm…

      On the serious side, I find it interesting Pelosi would be buying a spacious home in Floreedah. Is this a sign she will not be running for re-election?

      I don’t think it looks good for a Caleefawnyuh liberal politician to be buying property in Floreedah because her constituents are not a fan of deplorables or anything to do with Floreedah.

    558. Tgca says:

      I don’t know whether to laugh or bang my head against the wall in frustration over the stoopidity of people.

      Do they realize how this sounds to a reasonable person?

      Anyone wishing to be euthanized now has to first present proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid, as per the new guidelines issued by Germany’s euthanasia association.

    559. Cash Cow TM says:

      Well, well, well…

      News reports on Biden releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserves…it now comes out that:


      Will not be used in the U.S. by U.S. consumers.

      To CHINA!

      Who gives us:
      –boat loads of fentanyl
      –threatens Tiawan
      –ignores US. copyright and patent laws
      –blows up sh!t in space



      It is “sour” oil–meaning it has high sulfur content and is more expensive to refine in the U.S. But we all know China and India are not as picky about refining oil to take out the impurities when burned.



      In I am sure there is no coincidence if China sends Biden a sniffable video of China tennis star ‘Pung Shwea’.


      I am sure it is a coincidence that Hunter Biden will soon announce he sold another of his indecipherable 8X11 “paintings” for $3.2 Million dollars–or maybe it was YEN?
      Hunter said “it was an ‘OIL’ painting”…and then tilted his head back and laughed maniacally.

    560. Phil says:

      China and India….LOL

    561. Bitterlaw says:

      Wawa is not elitist. It is headquartered in Delco. Many of the stores also sell gasoline.

    562. Phil says:


    563. mnw says:

      There is something almost obscene about demonstrating in front of a courthouse, chanting for guilty verdicts, WHILE THE JURY IS DELIBERATING, imo. Ugh.

    564. lisab says:

      Walmart opens new ‘Loot!’ section in all of its San Francisco-area stores

    565. lisab says:

      wheel of fortune forced to raise the price of vowels due to inflation

    566. lisab says:

      dollar store changes its name to 10 dollar store

    567. Robbie says:

      Gabby Orr
      Some GOP officials are annoyed the RNC is still covering part of Trump’s legal bills. Bill Palatucci, a New Jersey committeeman, said his Oct. request for more $ ahead of the gubernatorial election was rejected.

      “We sure as heck could have used $121,000”

      – Jason fraud “I support the RNC giving money to Trump to pay his legal bills rather than helping candidates win races. Winning doesn’t matter. Only Trump matters. MAGA!”

    568. Gordon Allen says:

      Say it ain’ so! Pelosi here in Florida??
      Just when things were looking up here. DRAT

    569. Tgca says:


      No worries Gordy.

      Nancy is gonna become a DeSantis Democrat.

      Look for her to endorse him from her Floreedah becach house.

    570. Tgca says:


      Wobbie upset about dumping money in NJ congressional races that Republicans can’t win.

    571. mnw says:

      There’s a new OH Predictive Insights poll that looks to me to be lousy for Kelly in AZ. His JA is -1, which is not what an incumbent wants to see. Also, his JA is down 4-5 points since their last poll in Sept.

      The state AG is leading the GOP Senate primary with 27%, but it’s a fractured field with lots of Und.

      (The poll also shows Biden right where you’d expect him to be in AZ– beneath the deep blue sea.)

    572. jason says:

      If anyone wants my tasty tofu roast recipe that’s bound to make you a favorite with your friends and family for years to come, let me know.”

      The silence is deafening.

    573. jason says:

      support the RNC giving money to Trump to pay his legal bills rather than helping candidates win races.”

      Hilarious, since I have yet to see Amoral Scumbag actually support a Republican on the ballot.

    574. jason says:

      Some GOP officials are annoyed the RNC is still covering part of Trump’s legal bills. Bill Palatucci, a New Jersey committeeman,”

      Wow, Amoral Scumbag found a Never Trump “committeeman” in NJ, I am sure that took hours of work.

      Of course, he still hasn’t noticed Biden’s disastrous Presidency for the last 11 months, must be too well hidden.

    575. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie is like the Japanese soldiers who did not know Japan surrendered and hid in the jungle for 25 years. Somebody should tell him that Biden is President now.

    576. lisab says:


      well biden has finally released robbie from the strategic troll reserve

    577. jason says:

      And btw, I don’t have any problem with the RNC paying part Trump’s legal bills, if that is standard practice.

    578. Tgca says:

      Ewww! This commercial grossed me out.

      Norway outs Santa as a homo in new commercial that ends with Santa sucking face with some guy.

      Evidently, Norway is celebrating that Santa has been unfaithful to Mrs Claus after like 100+ years.

      I say Mrs. Claus divorce his fat ass and hope she gets the oceanfront home in Floreedah too. …and I hope Rudolph and friends come out with an “all tell” book too.

      Doesn’t surprise me that a fat old man parading around in red pajamas is on the other team but the commercial conveniently makes Santa thin because fat Santa would be insulting and stereotyping old gay men.

      Gay rights groups and LGBT advocates raved about the ad and its “strong and moving message of inclusion,”

      Nooooooooo! It’s not a message of inclusion as much as it’s a message of indoctrination.

      The LBGTQIA2S+ community is ecstatic to try and ruin another tradition with gay propaganda.

    579. jason says:

      Robbie is like the Japanese soldiers who did not know Japan surrendered and hid in the jungle for 25 years. Somebody should tell him that Biden is President now.”

      For years he couldn’t process new information because Jeb took over his whole brain, which as we know has extremely limited capacity.

      Now it is taken up by Fauci, Trump, jason and MAGA, so there is really no room for anything else.

    580. mnw says:

      I expect verdicts in the GA trial before COB today, just because that’s what juries DO before holiday weekends.

      (I’m wrong a lot.)

    581. jason says:

      Robbie is like the Japanese soldiers who did not know Japan surrendered and hid in the jungle for 25 years. Somebody should tell him that Biden is President now.”

      Ma, who knew turkey bait worked….maybe we can get it patented.

    582. jason says:


      Wawa is not elitist. It is headquartered in Delco. Many of the stores also sell gasoline”

      Ma, who knew turkey bait worked….maybe we can get it patented.

    583. jason says:

      I have as much interest in the gay Norwegian Santa commercial as I do in Tgca’s tofu recipe.

      I am sure both are disgusting.

    584. Tgca says:

      I’m thinking it’s about time we all accept the inevitable.

      Not only was Santa a homo, but Jesus was gay too…or at least bisexual at a minimum.

      A fresh look at the times clearly demonstrate a man with long hair in long dresses and moccasins running around 24/7 with 12 other single guys who have no interest in women is most likely gay.

      It’s amazing how just 4% to 5% of the population are so influential in society.

    585. jason says:

      One of the three guys charged with murder in the GAa case filmed the incident.

      Had he not, I doubt they would have been charged with murder.

    586. DW says:

      Here is a multiple choice question as to the possible reasons why you have not seen the social media posts of the Waukesha killer on the left-wing news media:

      A) You don’t watch left-wing media.
      B) The Waukesha killer posted stuff about killing white people.
      C) Both A and B.

    587. Bitterlaw says:

      I think the self-defense claims will be defeated by the video. They will be convicted of something less than first degree murder.

    588. Tgca says:

      CBS contributing psychologist suggests addressing conflict over TG get together.

      “…families have drinks and “hors d’oeuvres in the garage” while everyone takes a Covid rapid test and wait for the results before going inside: “You can make it playful, make it fun, and then be able to enjoy the holiday.”

      People actually get paid for spouting this crap?

      WTF would pay her for her advice?

      If someone told me to go in a garage and have hors d’oeuvres while awaiting my Covid test, I’d sneeze and cough all over the hors d’oeuvres and then make a scenic departure that I was going home to have my tofu roast.

    589. Tgca says:


      Nah! He would just claim his posts were hacked like Joy Reid did when she got busted with recurring homo-bashing posts.

    590. jason says:

      I think the self-defense claims will be defeated by the video. They will be convicted of something less than first degree murder.”

      They picked the wrong year for their neighborhood protection act.

      But I don’t see why the father and the other guy are charged with murder, the argument that they are accessories because they intended to commit a crime along with the perpetrator seems like a stretch to me.

    591. jason says:

      Three guys rob a convenience store, the clerk gets killed, yeah, all three are guilty of murder.

      But in this case I just don’t see how you can charge the other two participants with murder if you believe they weren’t trying to kill the victim, merely restrain him. And considering the various opportunities during the chase where they could have shot him, I don’t believe that was their intention.

      But contrary to the Rittenhouse case, I do think the accused instigated the situation, thereby negating the self defense claim (if GA law is similar to WI).

    592. DW says:

      MSNBC calls the Waukesha terror attack an ‘accident.’


    593. Bitterlaw says:

      If the jury finds it was a felony to chase/restrain him then they can be charged with his death that resulted from a felony. It is a harsh law.

    594. Bitterlaw says:

      The verdict is going to be announced very soon.

    595. DW says:

      Guilty across the board.

    596. Bitterlaw says:

      I did not follow this trial as closely as the Rittenhouse trial. From what I heard in testimony, it was proper to convict them of felony murder. Citizens arrest and self-defense were very weak defenses in this case.

    597. Tgca says:

      I just checked my toe nails. They are properly trimmed and not dirty.

      Thank God! In case I get stopped by a cop or something, especially if passing through GA.

    598. Tina says:

      · 2h
      2024 National General Election Poll:

      Donald Trump 45% (+13)
      Joe Biden 32%

      @Rasmussen_Poll ~ 1,200 LV ~ 11/22-11/23

    599. Tgca says:

      Thix Theero Thix Bishes!
      Thix Theero Thix I Thay!

    600. Tina says:

      So true.

      It’s January 2023. The GOP has retaken the House and Senate. They accomplish nothing. Cuck McCarthy is Speaker, and McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader. Conservatives are outraged, wondering why there are so many RINOs. I lean in and whisper, “should’ve replaced Ronna.”

    601. Tgca says:

      Any update on the Waukesha WI Christmas parade accident?

    602. Tgca says:

      Reports of Biden resigning in the air as NYT acknowledges Covid deaths under his tenure exceed those of Trump’s tenure…and that’s with a vax program in place.

      Last year, during the second presidential debate, then-candidate Biden blamed President Trump for the coronavirus related fatalities in the United States.

      “220,000 Americans dead,” Biden said. ”If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this — anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

    603. mnw says:

      The 3 men in GA AND Rittenhouse should’ve just stayed home and watched Wheel Of Fortune, and everything would’ve been fine.

    604. DW says:

      As of Tuesday at around 6 p.m., six children remained in critical condition, three in fair condition and four in good condition.

      Those with traumatic head injuries are not likely to improve, including the one girl who it was said began bleeding out of her ears and was convulsing immediately after impact. Praying for miracles for these kids.

      MSNBC knows very well Waukesha is a Republican stronghold, and they know very well this was not an accident. And they know very well the guy posted social media calls for killing white people.

    605. DW says:

      “The 3 men in GA AND Rittenhouse should’ve just stayed home and watched Wheel Of Fortune, and everything would’ve been fine.”

      Perhaps…but what if that dumpster fire was not put out because Rittenhouse was not there…and it did blow up the gas station, and the explosion caused more casualties than the child rapist and the domestic abuser?

      We will never know.

    606. Tina says:

      · 1h
      NEW: Big Data Poll @Peoples_Pundit

      2024 Presidential GE:
      (R) Trump 45% (+8)
      (D) Biden 37%

      (R) Trump 43% (+17)
      (D) Biden 26%
      (R) Trump 45% (+11)
      (D) Harris 34%

      (R) Trump 42% (+17)
      (D) Biden 25%

      November 2021, 2411 LV……

    607. mnw says:


      Certain kinds of citizens need to get up in the morning and repeat three times, “I am not a cop! I am not a cop! I am not a cop!” before they brush their teeth.

      LE, because of inept politicians, didn’t or couldn’t do their job properly in Kenosha, but that fact notwithstanding… “I am not a cop!”

      Btw, the 3 men in GA were vigilantes if ever there were any, imo. I don’t think Ritt was. The worst aspect of vigilance committees is, they have a very poor CID section (Criminal Identification Division) & usually get the wrong man.

    608. DW says:

      614 – and apparently this was the alleged same mistake committed by the second two men Rittenhouse shot, and the jump-kick man whom he shot at and missed.

      They heard the shouts that Rittenhouse had shot someone, and pursued him, not knowing the facts of what happened, and learned the hard way that a skateboard is no equal match against a rifle.

      Of course none of us know what went on in the minds of these people, but after Rittenhouse rightly killed the child rapist in self defense, the others decided to play cop instead of fleeing in the opposite direction Rittenhouse was going, and it ended badly for two of them.

    609. Tina says:

      No issue with the Rittenhouse verdict , or the 3 men in Georgia verdict.

    610. Cash Cow TM says:

      NEW TREAD…

    611. DW says:

      Meanwhile…Hillary comes out to tell us we are all gullible, not realizing Biden’s accomplishments.

      I understand his destructive accomplishments completely. It takes a unique talent to so quickly destroy the robust economy we had under Trump.