Trump Dominates Biden Nationally By 13%, Leads in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI

    Need something to talk about at your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? We have a new national poll and a poll of five swing states that shows Donald Trump could easily win another term in 2024. The national poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Donald Trump with a 13% lead over Joe Biden in a rematch of 2020 while a new memo from Fabrizio, Lee and Associates has Trump ahead of Biden in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

    PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Rasmussen Reports)
    Donald Trump (R) 45%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 32%

    PRESIDENT – ARIZONA (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 51%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 43%

    PRESIDENT – GEORGIA (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 48%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 45%

    PRESIDENT – MICHIGAN (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 53%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 41%

    Donald Trump (R) 51%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 45%

    PRESIDENT – WISCONSIN (Fabrizio Lee)
    Donald Trump (R) 52%
    Joe Biden (D-inc) 42%

    The Rasmussen poll was done November 22-23 among 1200 likely voters. The state polls were all done November 11-16 among 600 likely voters in each state.

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    349 Responses to “Trump Dominates Biden Nationally By 13%, Leads in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI”

    1. Wes says:

      Biden is like Oliver Cromwell’s son.

      I guess we should call him Tumble Down Joe.

    2. DW says:

      Meanwhile…Hillary comes out to tell us we are all gullible, not realizing Biden’s accomplishments.

      I understand his destructive accomplishments completely. It takes a unique talent to so quickly destroy the robust economy we had under Trump.

    3. DW says:

      If I recall correctly, Fabrizio Lee is not a right-wing pollster either.

    4. Tgca says:


      Cuatro maricons!

    5. Tgca says:

      Cinco Pootahs!


    6. Tgca says:

      610 last thwed

      The 3 men in GA AND Rittenhouse should’ve just stayed home and watched Wheel Of Fortune, and everything would’ve been fine.

      Yeah! Blame Vanna White! If she only looked as hot as she was in the 80s then crime would be down.

    7. Tgca says:

      Well! Well! Well!

      Let’s see how Dr. Fow-chee and the HHR fascists spin this.

      Vaccines Do Not Lower ‘Long COVID’ Risk

      COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in protecting against serious illness, but they do not protect against “long COVID” in people who become infected despite vaccination, new data show.

      For six months, researchers tracked 9,479 vaccinated individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 and about the same number of infected patients who had not been vaccinated.

      But other complications of the virus, including the syndrome of lingering symptoms known as long COVID, occurred at similar rates regardless of vaccination status,

      In people over age 60 with breakthrough infections, vaccines protected against COVID-19 complications only weakly or not at all,…

    8. Tina says:

      And Putzaki says skip the Turkey. Save $$$.

      Election Wizard
      · 4h
      NOT PARODY: CBS segment on #Thanksgiving suggests families have drinks and “hors d’oeuvres in the garage” while everyone takes a Covid rapid test and waits for the results before going inside…

    9. Tgca says:

      This video is amazing!

      A 16 week old baby, the size of a teaspoon, with a developed brain and heart being active in the womb.

      I think science will one day prove the atrocities committed on 50+ million babies here in the US unlike anything ever seen in history’s numerous savage wars in was barbaric and evil.

      How anyone can watch this video at 16 weeks and think ABORTION should be legal.

      Anybody seeking an ABORTION should watch this video to see what they are destroying.

    10. NYCmike says:

      “The 3 men in GA AND Rittenhouse should’ve just stayed home and watched Wheel Of Fortune, and everything would’ve been fine.”

      -Not so sure about that in the Kenosha case.

      After Rittenhouse defended himself from the mob, the mob became less of a mob……..and all of a sudden there was order in that city again……not calling Kyle a hero, but his actions really brought the curtain down on the leftist rioters.

    11. mnw says:


      He should have never BEEN in Kenosha, in front of some car lot, during a riot, where he thus put himself in a position in which he had to defend himself.

      It’s not the job of some 17-yr-old wannabe cop to “restore order” and “bring the curtain down.” That’s what the police & National Guard are supposed to be doing.

      I have 2 sons Rittenhouse’s age (appx). Thank God they have better sense, at least so far. As Rittenhouse said appx 10 times on Tucker Carlson, “I thought I was going to die.” And for WHAT? To protect some car lot you have no connection to?

      I realize others have opposite opinions about the course of action he chose. I look at it through the perspective of a parent of teenage kids. I want them here with me tomorrow, not dead for nothing, in front of a car lot.

    12. Bitterlaw says:

      Philadelphia hits 500 murders so far this year.

      Jason hardest hit since he expected it would be 5000 by now.

    13. Tina says:

      Another miss by wrong Wray and the Fib.

    14. jason says:

      All the murders were in the “bad” part of town, so they didn’t really happen IN Philadelphia.

    15. Tina says:

      Daily Mail US
      · 4h
      EXCLUSIVE: Waukesha massacre suspect was convicted for threatening to bomb the Nugget Casino in Nevada

    16. jason says:

      I realize others have opposite opinions about the course of action he chose.”

      You rannngggggg….?

      I am glad there are young people willing to do the right thing.

    17. jason says:

      That’s what the police & National Guard are supposed to be doing.”

      Zzzzzz.. but they weren’t “doing”, were they?

    18. jason says:

      And for WHAT? To protect some car lot you have no connection to?”

      If everyone thought that way, we wouldn’t have much of a country.

    19. JeffP says:

      8. Tina…Peppermint Patti says disgusting stuff and is the worst at spin in the history of the WH. She is not cool.

      These crazies have lost thier f in mind.

    20. JeffP says:

      Richard Baris has Trump and GOP way ahead too. The media can no longer hide the lib craziness from the uninformed independent voter.

    21. Bitterlaw says:

      All of the murders were IN Philadelphia. Almost all of the murders were in bad neighborhoods. Both can be true.

      One murder was 2 blocks from my office so that was not in a bad neighborhood. Of course, Jason could not name 4 bad neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

    22. CG says:

      North Philly?
      South Philly?
      West Philly?
      East Philly?

    23. jason says:

      I am sure Amoral Scumbag will be by soon to discuss these polls.

      After all, he was always the first one here to post any poll showing Biden ahead of Trump.

    24. jason says:

      Of course, Jason could not name 4 bad neighborhoods in Philadelphia.”

      Philadelphia is a crime ridden, drug ridden, corrupt cesspool.

      Bitter disagrees.

    25. jason says:

      The Biden Troll is here?

      Must be triggered by Biden’s poll numbers.

    26. Tina says:

      Horrible numbers for Ccp Biden. Prolly needs to retire with nurse ratchet and watch Crack pipe paint.

      Rich “The People’s Pundit” Baris
      · 1h
      Joe Biden’s approval rating handling the coronavirus pandemic—the one issue that held up his overall approval—is now solidly underwater at 43.4%, with 54.2% disapproving.

      Highest disapproval is immigration and border at 62.8%.

      Economy and Jobs: 38.5/58.7

    27. Bitterlaw says:

      South Philly is not a bad neighborhood. It is one of 2 areas where you will find significant numbers of Republicans. There is no area known as East Philly.

    28. Tina says:

      All lives matter. Well said by the dad of Aubrey. Look at the race baiters behind him, un sharpton and lawyah Crump.

    29. NYCmike says:


      How is your health? Are you doing well?

      Physically, that is.

      I see mentally you are still with Robbie on the JEB!2016 Cruise To Nowhere Sane.

    30. Bitterlaw says:

      Everybody must be out celebrating with their hometown friends. Except for Jason since his hometown is really far away. On a mountain.

    31. NYCmike says:

      jason celebrates, with a meal for 10, alone.

    32. DW says:

      Biden and his cronies up and down the Democratic Party are putting the Babylon Bee out of business. It is now virtually impossible to use satire or hyperbole, because they are actually doing these things in real life.

    33. Bitterlaw says:

      Based on the evidence I saw, the Rittenhouse and Arbery juries reached the right verdicts.

    34. mnw says:


      I agree about Rittenhouse verdicts, but I don’t know enuf about Arbery trial to have an opinion. Except that I think two of them were guilty of some form of criminal homicide. The third one, I just don’t know.

    35. CG says:

      Been through a lot but hanging in there.

    36. CG says:

      Correct verdict in both cases.

    37. CG says:

      For the record, Biden completely and utterly sucks as President.

      Trump remains a disgrace to humanity.

      Both are true.

    38. Bitterlaw says:

      A Robbie-CG schism? Nobody saw that coming.

    39. CG says:

      I have disagreed with Robbie on plenty for years. Not sure I understand the reference.

      For one thing, Robbie has had periods of not being Never Trump.

      Me? not for a single minute of a single day.

      But I guess I have to share the distinction with Walt and lisab of being the only three people who have stated (on here at least) that they voted against Trump both times.

    40. Bitterlaw says:

      I thought Walt did not for President in 2016 and 2020. Cash Cow can explain.

    41. CG says:

      did not vote for Trump then. Same thing basically.

    42. Bitterlaw says:

      Trump is a bad person. Unfortunately, in the real world, when the choices were Trump or Hillary and then Biden, the only choice for those of us who care about the future of America was Trump.

    43. CG says:

      Many people voted for neither in 2016,Obviously, enough people disagreed with you to vote for Biden over Trump the second time, after Trump demonstrated himself in office, just because he was not Trump. The idea of Trump having anything to do with the “future of America” was unacceptable.

      Biden has his own problems now with those voters because he misread the electorate, but clearly the Republican Party needs to move away from Trump moving forward, as the recent results from Virginia and other places show.

    44. CG says:

      By your standards, you would have to vote for TGCA to be President against a Democrat.

    45. Phil says:

      Trump’s policies were excellent. They fit in fine with America’s future. Biden’s? Not so much.

    46. Tgca says:

      Trump,is NOT a bad person. What evidence is there that Trump us a bd person. Those are MSM talking points.

      Obnoxious, thin-skinned, mean tweeter, in-your-face…YES…bad person…NO!

      Define “bad person.”

    47. CG says:

      Quite a character witness for Trump is heard from.

      Do you agree Bitterlaw, or would you vote for Tgca to be President if he were the Republican nominee?

    48. Bitterlaw says:

      If Tgca ran as a Republican, I would vote for him over any Democrat.

    49. CG says:

      So, he could go on television and say you are a child molester, mock the death of your niece, call you a terrible parent and say your teenage daughter should be locked up as a domestic terrorist and yet you would still vote for him to be President…

      I guess Ted Cruz knows how you feel.

    50. Bitterlaw says:

      If you are on your third wife because you cheated on the first two wives, you are a bad person to me.

    51. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca is a vile scumbag. But in the real world, sometimes you have to vote for a vile scumbag. Real world means terrible choices.

      Plus, if he said all those things, I could sue him or beat the crap out of him and then vote for him.

    52. CG says:

      You’d make him President, so he would have Secret Service, Executive Privilege, etc, and you wouldn’t be able to do any of that. But we all know you do not exactly care about your own fate.

      You are fine with a “vile scumbag” being your Master. When it comes to self-dignity, you literally have no floor. Sorry if I come across as judgmental.

      (deep down I do not actually believe you would vote for Tgca. I am not even convinced you voted for Trump. You want approval here though from the crowd.)

    53. Tgca says:

      I agree with MNW on Rittenhouse.

      Underage teens should not be out playing toy cop.

      If it’s ok for him to go and do the job of law enforcement then it’s ok for ALL people to act as law enforcement and insert themselves in ANY matter they think requires law enforcement and that would be detrimental to the justice system.

      It is not the job of a kid to take the law into his own hands.

      If Ritt or other teens got killed doing what he did, I guarantee people here would be up in arms about it and blaming parents for poor judgment.

      Any parent that knowingly lets their kids go and do what Ritt did is not fit to be a parent. It’s that simple! What sane parent would put their child in harms way like that.

      He is neither trained or skilled in handling the situation as is evident by what happened because they turned on him to attack him and he had to run. I have not seen any videos there where armed police were chased down by punks like Ritt was because he made himself an easy target.

    54. CG says:

      mnw is right on Rittenhouse. (Gee, I never thought I’d have to say something like that.) Rittenhouse was clearly not guilty of what he was charged with, but he is no hero, and is lucky to have made it out alive. I hope he shuns the immediate spotlight and uses this opportunity to make something out of his life.

      Let’s just hope mnw does not return to the topic of Chuck Connors.

    55. Bitterlaw says:

      I want approval from the crowd? At HHR? Have you read any of the posts here about me in the last few years?

      My votes supported Trump. As for voting for a Master, I live in America. I only vote for President.

    56. Tgca says:


      Ditto Bitter!

      I think your a whiny scum that judges others but excuses the same behaviors in your own little sphere of life.

      Tell us again how you think Trump is scum for cheating on his wives when you admit cheating on your girlfriends. Cheating is cheating no matter who does it and when.

      Tell us again how you don’t like liberals and they’re bad for our country when you raised such a liberal who will do just as much damage to our way of life as those liberals you like to rag on.

      Tell us again how you mocked people for depression as weak but now admit it’s an illness ONLY because it impacted your family which is the same as saying you can care less when it happens to others but when it happens to you it’s a different story.

      You’re a HYPOCRITE and I will call you on it over and over.

    57. CG says:

      I am diagnosing you as a masochist. Since you would make Tgca President after all the things you believe he has done to you, there is really no other way to classify it.

      He probably is searching for a gimp mask and a ball gag in your size.

    58. Bitterlaw says:

      Corey – Your lectures are zzzzzzzzz. You voted for an imbecile like Biden to become President. That action waived your right to claim you care about the future of America.

    59. CG says:

      For the record, cheating on a wife is worse than cheating on a non-married partner. Neither are admirable, but one is worse at least according to the Bible, etc.

      Nonetheless, #59 is a post from someone that Bitterlaw says he would make President in front of Joe Manchin.

    60. CG says:

      Over 81 million people voted for Biden over Trump. Personally, I would not vote for Biden again, but what you state is really dumb.

      You are saying that you are writing off for good over 81 million Americans. Good luck winning elections ever again if you do not want to even attempt to win people over.

      If you have your way (and again, I don’t think you mean even 25 percent of this), then obviously Terry McAuliffe would be about to become Governor of Virginia.

    61. Cash Cow TM says:

      “But I guess I have to share the distinction with Walt and lisab of being the only three people who have stated (on here at least) that they voted against Trump both times.”
      Walt voted for another R instead of Trump in the 2016 Primary.

      Walt voted in Presidential GE 2016 but did not vote for Trump and did not vote for Hillary.
      Walt voted for someone other than Trump in the 2020 R primary.

      Walt voted in 2020 GE but did not vote for Trump and did not vote for Biden.

    62. Bitterlaw says:

      My daughter does not go to rallies or condone violence. The fact that you condemn her repeatedly instead of coming right at me confirms that you are a vile scumbag.

      Cheating on a high school girlfriend violated no vows. Trump violated his repeatedly. But you know nothing of marriage vows despite being able to get married now.

      Your detailed comments about the strangulation of my niece forever marked you as the lowest person to ever post here.

    63. Tgca says:


      I have no desire to run for political office so voting for me is moot.

      As for Bitter, you’re correct!

      He constantly seeks approval of others and is obsessed with being admired or regarded positively by others. He conjures up an image of evidently what he wants to be in life but has not attained.

      It’s why he supports wokeness, to get the approval of those around him.

      It’s also appears to be his obsession with being denied being in the military simply so he can say he was in the military and hope people would respect him for that when the military did the right thing to reject him because the risk his medical condition posed to any unit he served in active combat…though I admit it he could have served in an inactive administrative role but I guess he saw no glory in that.

      All those desires to be looked on with attention smacks of his insecurity.

      Even LisaB suckered him into appearing at a local board meeting one night that he then went on for weeks talking about what praise he got in his community for it.

      Clearly, he yearns to be more than he is and is not satisfied with his life…yet he has the gall to mock others.

    64. CG says:

      Would you send him a campaign contribution too?

    65. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Rasmussen Reports
      In a rematch, Biden would only get votes from 69% of people who voted for him last year.
      Trump – 83%

    66. Bitterlaw says:

      I have not sent anybody a campaign contribution since 2012.

    67. CG says:

      Knowing what we all know now about Denny Hastert when he was a coach, the Bitterlaw standard would be that a person still must vote for him over any Democrat.

      Because there is literally no crime or action anybody can do as long as they are technically a Republican that does not demand a specific action to support them over a Democrat.

    68. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown knows that there is no ability for a diabetic to enlist in the military for any position.

      My comments at the meetings were my own. Tgclown remains silent in public but is so brave when he types.

    69. Tgca says:


      I am not condemning your daughter. Her political choice is hers. But you mock and put down other liberals when you raised one.

      If you can’t see the HYPOCRISY in that, I don’t know what else to say.

      Perhaps if you were silent on liberals then you wouldn’t be called a HYPOCRITE for raising one.

      For the record, I don’t think being a liberal makes you a bad person but I do think it leads you to choices in this day and age that are detrimental to the core values of America, freedom, and democracy.

      You keep trying to twist this into me putting down your daughter so you can gain sympathy which is your MO.

      I refuse to let you judge others HYPOCRITE!

    70. Bitterlaw says:

      It’s always fun when the self-hating Jew appears to issue his BS diagnosis.

    71. CG says:

      There are ways for insulin dependent diabetics to before a board and be granted a waiver to serve. There is no issue at all for diabetics serving who do not use insulin.

      Perhaps more should be done to make it possible for those who require medication to serve in the military.

    72. CG says:

      Tgca unfairly attacks Bitterlaw’s daughter and Bitterlaw is a hypocrite.

      Both can be true.

      If they ran against each other for public office one day, Bitterlaw would be in the front row at a rally with an Elect Tgca sign though apparently.

    73. Tgca says:


      I told you before and will tell you again. You mock others family’s including mine, including my dead brother, I will take it back at you.

      …and let’s not forget you mocking LisaB for losing her child in pregnancy and then pretending you did not remember it when you were called on it.

      I DON’T believe you forgot because you seem to remember every other detail about others here.

      So if it’s ok for you to mock the loss of a child and my dying brother, expect the same.

      So keep arguing the topic and I’ll keep repeating my rebuttal.

      As others have told you here, you reap what you sow.

      So GFY!

    74. CG says:

      You don’t believe the “self-hating Jew” thing. You are just butthurt to be called out. I am actually trying to help you here.

      Remember, your children were born Jewish under Jewish law, but you chose to make sure they were not raised Jewish but as members of a different religion. That is certainly your right as an American though but not exactly a plus for the Jews.

    75. Bitterlaw says:

      You keep bringing up my daughter, not me. You do keep putting her down. Everybody sees it. She knows I disagree with her views and we argue over it. That does not make me a hypocrite.

      As for being a hypocrite, why don’t you tell us that beautiful story about how you helped your brother find his faith again? I will be in New Jersey tomorrow. Should I visit his grave for you? How many decades has it been since you were there? Tell us again how you are a good Catholic who believes in forgiveness. Should I visit your mom, too? You obviously never forgave her.

    76. CG says:

      The point Bitterlaw might be that even though you might argue about politics now (as parents and children often do), she may one day have different views or want to vote for Republicans.

      Or are you going to be consistent and say that because she voted for Biden, she has lost any ability to ever have any say about the future of America?

    77. Bitterlaw says:

      You supported anti-Israel candidates for President over Donald Trump- the most pro-Israel President in American history.

      My children were not raised Catholic and you know that. They can choose whatever religion they want or no religion.

      Since the faith of my children is such a vital concern for you, how many Jewish children did you bring into this world?

    78. Tgca says:


      Bitter mocked me regarding my dead brother who suffered from cancer before I mocked him for his hand in his niece’s death. I never mocked her personally, but instead how his family played a role in her situation. There’s a record of it here and I have posted it before with dates and times to show the timeline.

      Bitter mocked LisaB, knowing she lost a child in pregnancy and claimed he did not remember that.

      Bitter mocked people with depression for years as weak people and now takes offense when he is called on that mocking because of what happened to his niece.

      Bitter mocks others for being liberals but raised a liberal daughter so I remind him of that hypocrisy.

      Bitter supports wokeness but criticizes others for supposedly having contradictions or standing up to do the right thing.

      Bitter likes to play victim but routinely attacks others.

      I just give it back to him so I don’t think its unfair when I bring it home to him.

    79. Bitterlaw says:

      She was not old enough to vote in 2020. She hates Biden as much as I do.

    80. CG says:

      Joe Biden has many bad policies, but he is not anti-Israel. Trump is not the most pro-Israel President in history.

      Of course though, as an American, my loyalty is to America and it is anti-Semitic of you to suggest otherwise.

      We also know that at least 77 percent of Jewish Americans voted for Biden in the last election. You seem willing to say to them that they are not Jews. That would also be quite anti-Semitic.

      For my entire voting life, up until 2016 when I did not vote for every Republican for every office and 2020 when I voted for a Democrat for the first time for any office I was part of the minority of Jewish-Americans voting Republican and the left would be the ones with the “self-loathing” nonsense. If Trump were not the Republican nominee, many more Jewish Americans, such as myself would have voted Republican. That should be something to consider moving forward.

      Now, you have have stated on here in the your children were baptized as Catholic and that you took them to church, etc.

      This has nothing to do with you being a bad parent or Christianity being anything “bad.”. I am sure you are a good parent. You are just a tremendous hypocrite.

    81. Bitterlaw says:

      The fact that you say I had a hand in the death of my niece is why you are a vile scumbag. I will always regret that I did not do enough but that is not for you to judge. You continually go after my family because you have no relationship with yours.

      Repost your description of the death of niece and what you claim were my worst posts. Corey can judge.

      215 901-2041. But you’re not man enough to call.

    82. Tgca says:


      You lack comprehension moron! No wonder it’s been said you’re not distinguished in your profession and can’t keep a job.

      I have no problem with your daughter being a liberal. I have a problem for you condemning other liberals but not condemning your daughter. That’s HYPOCRISY!

      If you don’t want to be called on it, then stop condemning others for being liberals.

      As for my brothers grave, I visited it in 2020 before leaving Jersey. So you make a fool of yourself suggesting I’ve not been there in decades when you have no clue.

    83. CG says:

      Different polls say different things in regards to the Jewish vote in 2020. It was not part of the national exit poll.

      The number for Biden might be as low as 61%. I thought 77% in one poll seemed high. Nonetheless, a clear majority of Jewish-Americans voted for Biden.

      Republicans should try to win more Jewish votes in the future.

    84. Wes says:

      All right.

      I’ve come on here to see a fight I don’t want to see.

      I’m out.

      Have a good night, everyone.

    85. CG says:

      Besides the claim about Biden, who would have been another “anti-Israel” candidate that I supported “over Trump?” It was stated as a plural.

      Who was the other one(s)?

    86. Bitterlaw says:

      I will ask my Jewish wife if I am anti-Semitic and get back to you. I did not say my children were baptized because they were not. They go with me to Mass on Christmas. So does my wife. I have attended Yom Kippur services with her in the past when we lived in Philadelphia on Penn’s campus. She does not belong to a synagogue. If she did and wanted me to attend Shabbat or high holy day services, I would.

      So, how many Jewish children do you have? It is a fair question since you criticized me for not rating them to be Jewish. Which is ironic since their Jewish mother did not raise them to be Jewish, either.

    87. Bitterlaw says:

      Hillary was beholden to the Democratic Party which only loves Israelis willing to surrender to terrorists.

    88. Tgca says:


      Here’s me proving you a liar.

      I said nothing about me having anything to do with my brother finding his faith. Show me where I made that claim.

      YOU LIED!

      Below is my only post on this in 110 of the last thread. It says nothing about me being involved in that decision. It is me reporting what he did. I had nothing to do with it. I think it was probably someone in the hospital because my mom is not Catholic and I was not church going at that period in my life.

      I think he came to terms with his life deeds before he passed because a few weeks before that he chose to get his 1st Holy Communion in the hospital which for us Catholics is of great importance for forgiveness and acceptance so for that I was grateful…and during the months leading up to his death, I noticed a great change in him as well which I sense was his act of contrition so I believe he may have made up for in death and found peace for what otherwise escaped him during his short life.

      I just proved Bitter to be a LIAR!!!

    89. Bitterlaw says:

      I will continue to condemn liberals AND argue you with my daughter about politics. What would you have me do to condemn her?

      You have absolutely no concept of what it means to be a parent. Note that I said parent. Not teacher, doctor, guidance counselor, clergy, etc. Parent. It is a role you do not have and probably don’t want to have.

      I say I would vote for you over a Democrat and you attack me.

    90. CG says:

      Well, it’s their Mom’s fault too, but she doesn’t post here. We have discussed this years ago.

      As for how many children I have, it’s not really any of your business. You should not dig for information that is not offered by others on the internet. You did have to apologize to lisab for mocking her as being childless without knowing certain facts.

      Be sure though that any children I have had or might bring into the world in the future will be raised Jewish. That is something that would be agreed upon beforehand and irregardless of the religious background or beliefs of another parent.

      But just remember, just like not everybody is able to serve in the military, not everybody is able to bring children into the world.

    91. CG says:

      I never supported Hillary or even considered voting for her. So, who else was there?

      But in 2016, you were agreeing with jason that she was better on foreign policy issues than Trump.

    92. Tgca says:

      Oh please! You’re idiotic view that it takes bravery to call someone vs debate then on the internet is moronic.

      I have NO desire to speak to you!

      I get you’re desperate to talk to people because all your best buddies are tucked away fast asleep at this time but I have no desire to share my number with you so you can constantly call and text me looking to chat.

      Damn f*ckin’ stalker.

    93. Bitterlaw says:

      Actually, you proved you are a bad Catholic. I believed your statement you were “grateful” meant you had a role in his acceptance of faith.

    94. CG says:

      “I say I would vote for you over a Democrat and you attack me.”

      Does that say more about you or him?

      Perhaps you would open a beehive and expect not to be stung.

      But it seems like you enjoy the stinging.

    95. Bitterlaw says:

      I did not agree with Jason that Hillary was better on any issue than Trump. Produce those posts.

    96. Tgca says:

      93. CG

      You make a good point.

      Years ago, I worked with a woman who got married when she was like very late 30s or very early 40s.

      I remember teasing her about oh wait until you start having children then you’re in for it, and to my surprise she got all tense and defensive and stated not every can have children.

      I learned from that experience, don’t assume all who marry can have children.

      Evidently, it was something that made her uncomfortable and defensive probably because it weighed heavily on her.

    97. CG says:

      Well, jason at least said that Hillary was more attuned to his foreign policy beliefs than Trump.

      This is also when jason referred to Trump repeatedly as a fraud, a con-man, and a Klansman.

      If I call the number, would I be able to briefly speak to the Mrs to see if she will personally confirm that she voted for Trump? I won’t do so without approval.

    98. Bitterlaw says:

      Corey – Have you forgotten that you are a joke here? I am about the only person who does not routinely trash you here.

    99. CG says:

      Seems to me you are the only one “trashing” me here at all. But maybe if you beg for help enough, someone will provide the backup.

      Unlike you, I really do not care.

      You have many reasons to be mad at Tgca, despite the fact that you tell him you would elect him President, but he is correct that you very much crave approval and want to be viewed as an internet martyr.

    100. Tgca says:


      You assumption, if it was really an assumption you now claim, resulted in you making false statements. Thus I stand by my conclusion: YOU LIED!!!

      I don’t see how any of that proves me to be a bad Catholic either.

      Again more judgment from you when you know little of my history of faithfulness to the Catholic religion.

      You just say chit without knowing facts.

      This is why you argue with so many here but play victim claiming “this den of vipers has chosen you to pick on.”

    101. Bitterlaw says:

      You can talk to me. Why would she talk to you? She can’t understand why I have posted here for more than 17 years (but she did enjoy having lunch with Walt and his wife). Years ago, some idiotic college student called her to say I was mean on the internet. She told him to never call again but gave me the number. I spoke with him and discussed his issue with me. My identity is the worst kept secret on the internet. Anybody can find me. And unless you changed your e-mail address I still have it. You have mine.

    102. Tgca says:


      I don’t recall trashing Corey here routinely. I know we had a few heated disagreements over the years but probably not more than a few so that is not “routinely trashing.”

      I don’t routinely point him out or call him a joke either.

      Thats another lie of yours so don’t include me in your “made-up” assessment please.

      You just make chit up Bitter!

    103. Bitterlaw says:

      You condemn me for not believing in redemption or forgiveness which you claim that you, as good Catholic, practice. Yet, you admit you have no relationship with your mom. That is not very forgiving and certainly not what you claim good Catholics must do.

    104. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown must think that he is the HHR spokesman. Tina, Phil, DW, Jason, and lisab routinely mock Robbie and CG as a package deal of Democrat supporters.

    105. CG says:

      I don’t remember yours. Mine is the same, but honestly, I do not think there is anything that needs to be discussed via email. Yes, I would know how to “find you” on the internet if I wanted to, and I used to be very concerned when you talked about suicide on here and worried that I might one day feel guilty for not trying to do something to warn anyone, but that’s not my burden. I have my own problems to focus on. I genuinely hope you get any help you might need.

      I’m merely skeptical that she voted for Trump in 2020. You said she did not in 2016. You are right that she should not be brought into any HHR drama since she clearly has avoided it.

    106. CG says:

      I think lisab at least likes me better than you. That might be a sore spot.

      But you can have Tina. It’s ok.

    107. Bitterlaw says:

      Well, this was an unexpected night of fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

    108. Bitterlaw says:

      She voted for Trump in 2020 because she knew Biden would be a disaster. She grew up in Delaware and knew he was a dangerous joke.

      My address is easy to find. So is my car. My cat is 17 and does not go outside for more than a few minutes. He is deaf so don’t call him. He will come up to you.

    109. Bitterlaw says:

      Lisab turned vicious. You can have her.

    110. Tgca says:


      I mock you for your asinine belief that people can’t be redeemed or forgiven, especially for war of words, as opposed to violence and abuse.

      I have no relationship to my mom because she’s a vampire. She sucks the life out of everyone and will never change. My understanding is none of her family has a relationship with her either other than she occasionally calling them to complain.

      Being a good Catholic does not require you stay in an abusive relationship.

      She chose a man over her kids and that man abused her kids for years and she stood by and ignored it or took part in it.

      Tell me why I should stay in contact with a woman who refuses to except her man split my head open when I was 5 or routinely beat me to the point of bruises and blood as a child with belt buckles and extension cords or banged my head against walls and floors or kicked me down a block life a dog trying to crawl away from him in front of neighbors or requiring me to stand on my knees for hours facing a wall on a wooden floor and kicking or punching me if I leaned backed.

      That’s not me being a bad Catholic, that’s me being a sound person getting away from abuse.

      If you expect I need to be in contact with such people then you really don’t understand anything about people.

      Again, you judge on things you can’t comprehend.

    111. Tgca says:

      DeBlasio advocating for banning unvaccinated from public transportation.

      The HHR fascists HEART DeBlasio

      We know vaccine mandates work — New York City is proof of that. Now let’s go even further.

      I’m urging @GovKathyHochul to institute an MTA vaccine mandate. Let’s do what we can to keep our city, our residents, and our workforce safe.

    112. lisab says:

      to answer some speculation above

      i did not vote for trump either time, but had my only choice been

      biden or trump

      i would have voted for trump. i am one of the few people here who did not like biden. many thought he was incompetent and/or a fool and/or just plain wrong in his political beliefs

      i thought he was a bad person.

    113. NYCmike says:

      “You are fine with a “vile scumbag” being your Master.”

      -Considering that Biden and this administration are much more willing to impose health mandates, ban fracking, ban pipelines, mandate whats taught in schools, it looks like “CG” likes the “Master”-type, but doesn’t want to face the reality of his choice.

      As for pro-Israel, which President was more pro-Israel than Trump?

    114. NYCmike says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to all!

      Enjoy the higher prices which “CG” voted for……you know, so that Trump couldn’t be our “Master” anymore!

    115. lisab says:

      yes, safe to say i “like” corey over bitterlaw

      i may not agree with corey on much, but i don’t have to agree with someone to “have a beer” with him

    116. lisab says:


      i am sorry you were abused


      try to keep in mind bitterlaw only has one house in radnor and his mercedes is exactly the wrong shade of silver

      so he has suffered too

    117. Bitterlaw says:

      My Jeep is 11 years old. I like it. I hope to keep driving it for another 10 years at least.

    118. Bitterlaw says:

      I used to get along with lisab. Then she turned vicious.

      It is ironic that Tgca criticizes me for a post I apologized for when he continues to constantly bring up a very painful memory for lisab as a weapon against me.

    119. Bitterlaw says:

      Mr. Good Catholic believes in redemption and forgiveness but wages a constant war against me and my family.

      Let’s see how HHR views us. Neither one of is ever leaving (although Tgca promised to leave and then returned a few hours later). If you could get rid of one of us and never see another one of our posts, who would it be?

    120. Bitterlaw says:

      Enjoy the holiday. Despite the best efforts of our enemies, foreign and domestic, we still live in the greatest nation on Earth.

    121. jason says:

      Well, jason at least said that Hillary was more attuned to his foreign policy beliefs than Trump.

      This is also when jason referred to Trump repeatedly as a fraud, a con-man, and a Klansman.”

      Hillary should be in jail.

      I never called Trump a Klansman, GFY.

      The Biden Troll is here still talking about what I said in 2015, so he doesn’t have to talk about Biden’s disastrous Presidency?

      How about what I have said for years since 2016? Based on his actual performance in office, not on what he said during the primaries?

      Donald Trump was a great president. The election was stolen from him, he would have been 1000 times better than your man Biden I would be fine with him running and winning in 2024.

    122. jason says:

      but clearly the Republican Party needs to move away from Trump moving forward, as the recent results from Virginia and other places show.”


      The Biden Troll thinks he somehow is part of the “Republican Party”, and that people that voted for Biden’s agenda should be giving advice to the party.

      I don’t think any shrink can help with that kind of delusion.

      CG should be giving advice to his own party, they need it more than Republicans.

    123. mnw says:

      Fwiw, a Thanksgiving observation:

      I just saw a clip of HRC’s Tuesday interview with Maddow. What she said was unremarkable (for her), but what WAS remarkable was her appearance. She looked like absolute hell. Shocking deterioration since I last saw her about a year ago.

      And she was coughing. REALLY coughing… like someone with a severe lung condition, NOT like someone with a cold or the flu.

    124. jason says:

      I did not agree with Jason that Hillary was better on any issue than Trump. Produce those posts.”

      Not to mention the Biden Troll is lying about my positions, as usual.

      I always made clear Hillary was “not a better person than Trump” despite my criticism of him. I also made clear she would be a disaster if elected. I never agreed with the Biden Troll’s assertion that Hillary was a non-partisan moderate compromiser, and always pegged her for the dogmatic hard core radical leftist that she really is.

      I also made clear I agreed with Trump on the vast majority of issues, except for some foreign policy aspects and trade.

      I still disagree with Trump on trade and some aspects of foreign policy.

      It doesn’t mean I don’t think he was a very fine President.

    125. jason says:

      It’s always fun when the self-hating Jew appears to issue his BS diagnosis.”

      Yeah, it is hilarious the self loathing Jew, who twists himself into a pretzel trying to explain why he supports a party that hates Israel and is full of anti-semites, actually has the chutzpah to say what Bitter did with his children is not “good for Jews”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    126. mnw says:

      Remember Omarova? She’s Biden’s nominee for Currency Controller. She’s the Lenin prize winner* who studied in Moscow. At her confirmation hearing, Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) started his questioning of her by asking politely, “Should I address you as ‘Comrade’?”

      She’s toast. 5 DEM senators have announced they’ll vote ‘no’ on her nomination. So having been embarrassed by her on national television, Biden will have to withdraw the nomination (or watch her be defeated by the full Senate, which would be worse).

      All of this is by way of asking, when she was under consideration for the appointment, didn’t ANYONE in Biden’s inner circle stop to think, “This is krazy! The optics of this are going to be awful, & she may not get confirmed even if we bite the bullet & go ahead with her nomination anyway?”

      What WERE they thinking about? This kind of makes all the other Biden fiascos easier to understand. There’s nobody at the top with any common sense.

      *(she was also a shoplifter way back when)

    127. Tgca says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to all at HHR except for the HHR fascists and Bitter.

    128. Tgca says:

      Today is a day to be thankful so I will do that.

      I’m thankful that I got to the store before they ran out of tofu so I can make my famous TG Tofu Roast.

    129. Tgca says:

      UK School Asks Pupils to Wear ‘Yellow Badge’ to Show They Are Mask-Exempt

      The school was horrified to learn that some thought there was a comparison to Nazi Germany and that the school intended no offense by this.

      Mind you this is an elite school where annual tuition is over $40,000 annually and they just had no idea of the history of asking people to identify themselves with a yellow badge so others know who they are. Really?

    130. Gil says:

      Happy Thanksgiving too ALL at HHR. May peace and goodwill rule throughout the kingdom Dave created today.

    131. JulStol says:

      Stirring up trouble with others while claiming moral superiority after voting for an administration that caused the death of 13 Americans in uniform & is inflicting economic hardship on millions in the name of social progress…right, then. Still, have to remember he’s going through a difficult time personally. Thoughts & prayers…

      Happy Thanksgiving, all.

    132. mnw says:

      addendum to 130:

      The 5 DEM senators who’ve announced ‘no’ on Omarova for Currency Controller are: Tester; Sinema; Warner; Hickenlooper; & Kelly.

      To me this is another speck of evidence that DEMs, particularly those up for reelection in battleground states, are trying to create separation from Biden, i.e., “My record shows that I have voted against him when I disagreed with him. I’ve always been a strong independent vote for [MT; AZ; CO; VA]. I’ve never been a rubber stamp.”

      Or, as Wes prefers to put it, “rats leaving the sinking ship,” which I think is still a little premature at this point.

      But what a fascinating self-inflicted wound this woman’s nomination has been!

      She once said she would like to see “oil & gas companies go bankrupt.”* At her hearing, she said that this comment was “taken out of context”; that she “misspoke”; and that she “actually believes the opposite” of that.**

      *Manchin hasn’t announced ‘no’ yet, but what are the odds?

      ** “taken out of context” & “misspoke” are contradictory explanations where I live. The first indicates her comment was used in a misleading way; the second indicates that she simply made a mistake in saying it which she now regrets.

    133. Tgca says:


      But did Omarova say “NEVER?” If she did not then it’s ok.

      If she did say NEVER and she’s now changing her tune, she’s a COWARD!

    134. Cash Cow TM says:


      “Fertilizer shortage sparks fears of higher food prices…”
      Cow will get right on alleviating this.

      It is the patriotic thing to do to help your country.

    135. Cash Cow TM says:

      Happy Turkey Day to everyone.
      For the love of God, cand we have ONE DAY on no personal attacks on each other.

    136. Cash Cow TM says:

      Was reading the Cow Bible last night.

      In the Book of Malachi there was an interesting story.

      God directed Malachi to go to a place with two wells. One was called Plentiful and the other was called Enough. Names were appropriate since the first well gushed forth lots of water and the other had just a small output.

      Many nonbelievers visited and drank from the wells as they journeyed by. These included the non-believing Moabites, Azurites, Troglodytes and Transvestites.

      God appeared in a cloud and spoke to Malachi telling him to poison the Plentiful well. Malachi did so, but thought why not poison the other well too–and started to do so.

      God spoke from the cloud and told Malachi:


    137. Cash Cow TM says:

      Crap. Well Enough.

    138. Tgca says:

      Doctors Reveal Benign Polyp Removed from Joe Biden’s Colon

      …after further review, it was later reported the benign polyp was his brain but the MSM is silent on the matter.

    139. mnw says:


      When pressed by senators at her confirmation hearing about her lifelong expression of communist/radical views, Omarova explained it ALL away: “I had no choice about where I was born., Senator.”

      So there!

      Bearing in mind that she’s been nominated to be the top U.S. bank regulator, it’s also sorta eye popping that she once said, “Banking is an a**h**e industry.”

    140. Tgca says:

      Tomorrow is Black Friday peeps! Though I find that term insensitive and offensive…but I digress… the busiest shopping day of the year, or “looting” day for those in Caleefawnyuh.

      Later I’ll post my desired Xmas gifts for those of you who like to plan your shopping ahead. If you’re planning gift cards for me, please take into consideration inflation and up the ante in the pot. TYVM!!!

      Here in Floreedah, I’ll be rushing to the Home Depot early in the AM for a new garden hose so I can water my 40+ patio plants without getting drenched by a leaky hose.

      I might even by some more wood. Have you Bishes seen the price of wood lately? I’m building my own wrap around plant boxes too so I can house another 50+ plants.

    141. Tgca says:

      143. MNW

      Yeah. Total commie skank! I hate commie women 2nd only to common men…not sure about the 68+ other commie genders though.

      The fact the WH won’t pull her nomination at this point and is still defending her is a sign the cantankerous old fool will not budge…with the assistance of his staff managing him, or the WH doesn’t want to admit another failure in light of all the other bad news with the administration.

    142. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      How does Politico refer to Buttigieg as “omnipresent” when he spent a massive amount of time absent from his job on maternity leave. The Democrats are in a pretty pathetic position if Buttigieg is the heir apparent.

      “At 39, he is one of the most omnipresent and newly-powerful members of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet. But he says he’s not thinking about what comes next, even as he’s buzzed about as a potential Biden heir.”

    143. mnw says:

      He’ll pull it. Better late than never. Anyway, it doesn’t even have the votes to get out of committee.

      “First loss is the best loss,” accountants like to say. THIS administration prefers “twisting slowly in the wind” instead.

      This episode would’ve been even more fun if he’d nominated her for a cabinet position. Not enuf voters have ever even heard of the OCC.

      How savvy would a WH staffer need to be to have foreseen that this nomination would be a disaster, however minor?

    144. mnw says:


      Next to Biden & Harris, Buttigieg would probably be Orange Man’s top opponent of choice, I suspect. Godzilla Meets Bambi.

      Trump’s T’giving message was pitch perfect too, imo: “America, our best days are still ahead!”

    145. Tgca says:

      Ok. I’m all for recognizing those that give back to their communities but this is plain STOOPID and smacks of political opportunism and trying to capitalize on this kid with extremely bad judgment. Often CongressCritters, left and right just have no sense of dignity.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene has submitted House Resolution: “To award a Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse…”

      The left is using this kid as the poster child infringing on minorities rights to protest and for stricter gun laws.

      The right is using this kid as the poster child for gun advocacy and incompetent lefty mayors.

      Neither is right.

    146. Wes says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to all.

      Walt, I will honor your request and make no personal attacks against other Hedgehoggers regardless of how much they deserve them today.

    147. Cash Cow TM says:

      Thank you, Wes.

    148. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sen. Kennedy: “The reason gas prices are going up is because the oil’s in Louisiana and Texas and the dipsticks are in Washington, D.C.”

    149. Tgca says:

      For Wes’s commitment to peace, I will be sending him some of my famous Thanksgiving Day Tofu Roast with a side of seaweed and sprouts salad and a bottle of Kombucha.

    150. Wes says:

      I appreciate the sentiment, Tg, but I have turkey, ham, stuffing, deviled eggs, chocolate cake, yams, and pumpkin pie to enjoy today.

      Ergo, I will have to pass on your generous offer to send me slop to eat.

    151. mnw says:

      Sen. Kennedy is good with quips. Witty. I doubt he writes his own material, though, but who knows. I suspect the premise of a gagwriter on his staff.

      Or perhaps the GOP senators have a ‘gagwriter pool,’ which they can all use as needed.

    152. mnw says:

      155 sb “PRESENCE of a gagwriter”

    153. Bitterlaw says:

      Nice to see JulStol return. Glad he is doing well.

    154. SoHope says:

      It’s nice to be back home enjoying Thanksgiving with the family. If Biden isn’t the candidate for 2024 I can’t help but think Kamala Harris has to be the nominee unless a more dangerous Outsider comes into play like Michelle Obama are Oprah

    155. Chicon says:

      Happy Thanksgiving, Wes.

      Same to the rest of you.

    156. lisab says:

      lets all remember to thank brandon this thanksgiving

    157. Tina says:

      Happy Thanksgiving, gang,

    158. mnw says:

      To you also, Tina.

    159. Bitterlaw says:

      I hope everybody – and I mean everybody – had a good holiday.

    160. jason says:

      My wife said a 20 lb turkey for 2 was way too much.

      Ok, so she finally was right, bound to happen sometime.

    161. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Elizabeth Warren in 2019: Ban oil lease and fracking

      “As part of the transition to cleaner energy, Warren’s vowed to prohibit new oil drilling leases for offshore and federal land, and she’s said she would ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, entirely.”

      Elizabeth Warren in 2021: Investigate energy companies for not supplying enough natural gas to the U.S.

      “Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday called on energy companies to explain “their decisions to export record amounts of natural gas while imposing massive price increases” on consumers, accusing them of “corporate greed” while Americans struggle to pay their bills.
      Warren sent letters to 11 energy companies, including Exxon Mobil XOM.N, ConocoPhillips COP.N and Occidental Petroleum OXY.N.
      “The cause of rapidly rising energy prices for consumers and manufacturers is clear: some of the nation’s largest and most profitable oil and gas companies are putting their massive profits, share prices and dividends for investors, and millions of dollars in CEO pay and bonuses ahead of the needs of American consumers and the nation’s recovery from the pandemic,” Warren wrote in letters sent to the companies and posted on her website.”

      Someone needs to explain to Warren the economic concept of supply & demand; not that a socialist would care.

    162. jason says:

      I hope everybody – and I mean everybody – had a good holiday.”

      Zzzzzz…..sorry, I don’t give out passes for Thanksgiving.

    163. Bitterlaw says:

      164. But if you eat leftovers tomorrow, it’s really like a 20 pound turkey for 4.

    164. Tgca says:

      Oh my Gawd! I am so stuffed. I must have eaten like 3 pounds of tofu roast. I can hardly move.

      Gluttony is a sin!!!

      Shame! Shame!

      Forgive me Oh Lord!

      …but how could any mere mortal resist.

    165. Tgca says:

      Suck it Biden!

      Big 3 Automakers, Unions Agree Not to Require Vaccine, Will Require Masks

      General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler announced Wednesday they will withhold Vaccine mandates for thousands of employees, but will require on-site masking after negotiations with the UAW,…

    166. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Maybe so-called Israel–Biden supporter, Corey, can explain this reprehensibly dangerous betrayal by the Biden/ Obama Administration against the Abraham Accords. The basis for this article is the claims by the United Arab Emirates, not Israel.
      In Corey’s World, Trump’s abrasive personality is much worse than placing the USA and Israel in danger via appeasement toward the World’s #1 Terrorist State.
      Corey is such a loser!

    167. jason says:

      Hey, the Biden Troll voted for the Biden agenda, now he has to defend it. As a self loathing Jew, he will be here later to tell us the Abraham Accords are bad for Israel and to whine that you called Iran a terrorist state.

    168. SoHope says:

      There once was a guy from Nantucket
      Who saw Joe Biden and said *uck it
      He flipped him the bird
      The reporters conferred
      And said this Brandon guy sucks it

    169. jason says:

      164. But if you eat leftovers tomorrow, it’s really like a 20 pound turkey for 4.’


      My wife will try to say a 20lb turkey is too big for 4 too, but you have cut her argument in half.

    170. jason says:

      Great limerick SoHope!

      And we thought only Walt had poetic talents.

    171. jason says:

      For the love of God, cand we have ONE DAY on no personal attacks on each other.”

      For the love of God, is that day finally over?

    172. mnw says:

      170 Sheep

      That link contains ominous information. Biden has made weakness his guiding principle, & our adversaries have taken notice.

      Weakness begets wars, which start because the aggressors thinks they can win, as Victor Davis Hanson has pointed out.

      Military disaster (if you exclude the Afghanistan withdrawal) is about the ONLY fiasco Biden’s clique hasn’t explored yet. So it’s overdue.

    173. Tgca says:

      I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and took the opportunity to decolonize their holiday events by doing a land acknowledgment.

      As you know, unless you’re full-blooded Native American, you are benefitting from the past genocide of and living on stolen indigenous land so the least you could do during Thanksgiving is acknowledge that.

      As DC Public School District Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee, noted in an email sent to parents, Thanksgiving can be “difficult for many” and that’s why “decolonizing” Thanksgiving is important.

      Below is a resource to assist you in making a land acknowledgment with some key points but the link offers much greater depth.


      Start with self-reflection. Before starting work on your land acknowledgment statement, reflect on the process:

      Use past, present, and future tenses. Indigenous people are still here, and they’re thriving. Don’t treat them as a relic of the past.

      Do your homework. Put in the time necessary to research to learn about those indigenous people the land belongs to.

      Correct pronunciation for the names of the Tribes, places, and individuals that you’re including.

      Use appropriate language. Don’t sugarcoat the past. Use terms like genocide, ethnic cleansing, stolen land, and forced removal to reflect actions taken by colonizers.

      Use past, present, and future tenses. Indigenous people are still here, and they’re thriving. Don’t treat them as a relic of the past.

      Land acknowledgments shouldn’t be grim. They should function as living celebrations of Indigenous communities. Ask yourself, “How am I leaving Indigenous people in a stronger, more empowered place because of this land acknowledgment?” Focus on the positivity of who Indigenous people are today.

    174. mnw says:

      176 SoHope

      You could say that in Nantucket, Biden’s JA has fallen to a single digit.

    175. NYCmike says:

      #135 – Good summation, Jul.

      Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

    176. Tgca says:

      This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

      No educator should have to endure discrimination of ideas, especially in a collegiate setting.

      Trans professor at Old Dominion University forced to resign just because THEY advocated for:

      destigmatizing pedophilia and urging people to refer to child sex predators as “Minor Attracted People”

      not ostracizing pedophiles for their urges

      giving pedophiles child-like sex dolls to help satisfy their urges to have sex with children.

      understanding pedophiles don’t “choose” who to be attracted to children, so they shouldn’t be considered “immoral.”–woke-professor-who-defended-pedophiles-resigns-after-petition-goes-viral

    177. mnw says:

      Trump’s Thanksgiving message, emphasizing hope, optimism & better days ahead, was perfect, imo. Quite a contrast to the subliminal message communicated for the last year by the new regime!

      If Trump could just stay on that positive message, I’d like the GOP’s ’24 prospects just as much as their ’22 prospects. He won’t, & he can’t, though.

      Two things I take for granted, rightly or wrongly: 1) Trump WILL be the ’24 nominee, whether you love it, hate it, or just prefer somebody else, and 2) Biden’s name is never going to be on a ballot again, which is why Trump v. Biden h2h polls don’t interest me very much.

    178. jason says:

      I support Native Americans by playing in Indian casinos.

      Fauxcahontas cannot b-tch about me, I have contributed thousands to tribes in many states.

    179. jason says:

      I only consider Trump is a lock for the 2024 race IF he runs.

      I am still not convinced he will run. He is 75 now, will be 77 by the time the 2024 campaign rolls in, 78 when he takes office.

      Running and being President is hard work, he might not want to spend a good chunk of his remaining years doing that. Yes, I know power trumps everything, but I put the odds of him running only at 50/50.

    180. jason says:

      If Trump could just stay on that positive message”


      I have always disagreed with the notion Trump would be better if he wasn’t Trump.

    181. jason says:

      Dow down 1000 due to “new variant”.


    182. jason says:

      There are always going to be “new variants”, so there will always be new excuses for new lockdowns and restrictions.

      I am sure the HHR fascists are very excited.

    183. Tgca says:

      Woke Salvation Army Asks Donors to Offer ‘Sincere Apology’ for Whiteness: Christians Must ‘Evaluate Racist Attitudes’

      I will show my apologetic nature by no longer donating to the Salvation Army in the future.

    184. Tgca says:

      The Salvation Army says:

      We recognize that it is a profound challenge to sit on the hot seat and listen with an open heart to the hurt and anger of the wounded. Yet, we are all hardwired to desire justice and fairness, so the need to receive a sincere apology is necessary. We are also imperfect human beings and prone to error and defensiveness, so the challenge of offering a heartfelt apology permeates almost every relationship.

      I agree with the last two sentences.

      As someone who has been hurt, angered, and wounded by many at HHR without any provocation, I desire justice and a sincere apology is necessary to make me feel better.

      I understand it’s difficult for many here to accept their wrong-doing so I’ll be patient and give you all 24 hours to craft a “sincere heartfelt” apology.


    185. Tina says:

      Stock ,asker down almost 1,000.

      Fraudci variant.

    186. mnw says:

      OPEC said today that since the U.S. is releasing oil from its Strategic Reserve & selling it to China & India, OPEC plans to consider new production CUTS.

      Trump wanted to increase our Strategic Reserve when oil prices were low, but the DEMs in congress were too smart to fall for that. /s

    187. Tina says:

      Sounds like we are going past $5 /$6 a gallon here by spring.

    188. Hugh says:

      I always gave generously to Salvation Army. No more. Let the Christian hating woke crowd support them. Should work out well.

    189. mnw says:

      193 Hugh

      Ditto. That’s painful for me, because I always admired that organization above all other charities.

    190. Tina says:

      I guess travel bans are no longer racist and xenophobic.

    191. mnw says:


      I’m sure Psaki can explain why Trump’s travel ban was bad, racist, but Biden’s travel ban is good, fair to all.

      But I doubt the msm will push her on this.

    192. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Mark Kelly (D-Inc) 40% (+1)
      Republican candidate 39%

      ~ 713 RV ~ 11/1-11/8

    193. Wes says:

      I just watched the Twilight Zone episode Person or Persons Unknown, written by the late, much lamented Charles Beaumont.

      A man wakes up in his bed next to his wife and soon finds out no one knows who he is. At the conclusion of the episode, he wakes up again next to his wife, who this time recognizes him–only to receive another shocking case of mistaken identity.

      It’s not one of the best episodes in the series, but it does hold up well. The open-ended nature of the episode is probably its strongest feature. There’s no resolution to the events. We have to determine based on the little evidence in the episode if Dave Gurney is insane, is suffering from a string of alcohol-induced nightmares, is slipping through a series of alternate realities, or has become the plaything of a capricious supernatural force that continually resets his life.

      The screenwriter, Charles Beaumont, was a master of macabre writing that fit well into the series. He wrote eight short stories that eventually became Twilight Zone episodes, whether scripted by him or someone else. This was an original teleplay he wrote for the series, though had he written it as a short story, it wouldn’t have been out of place in his work.

      The Twilight Zone was the quintessential series that delved into the weird and the gothic. Episodes like this, working as they did as parables for uncomfortable themes like alienation and isolation, secured the show’s place as one of the greatest programs ever aired.

    194. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Florida is reporting the lowest amount of coronavirus cases per capita in the nation after Gov. RonDeSantis was widely criticized by media outlets for his handling of the virus.

      The Sunshine State reported a daily average of 1,393 coronavirus cases as of Friday, six per 100,000, which was a two percent decrease over the last two weeks.”

      As we approach 2022, we can correctly state that Fauci and Biden are basically clueless about how to address the coronavirus, and are at this point are just babbling inanely.

    195. mnw says:

      202 SDC

      That’s not a fair comparison! Everyone knows that Florida has disproportionately fewer seniors!

      Biden & Fauci are just following the science.

    196. Tgca says:

      I own the complete Twilight Series.

      A few years back I watch them all in order.

      I saw many reruns when I was a yoot growing up in the Sewer State.

      There are too many interesting episodes to chose a favorite but definitely the bookworm as the last person on earth, the gremlin attacking the plane, and the woman that has surgery to look normal all come to mind as favorites.

    197. Bitterlaw says:

      It is unfortunate that the Salvation Army has decided to alienate so many donors on the basis of race. Like others here, I admired its charitable works and thought that it provided much needed support, especially spiritual support, to those in crisis. I never examined its religious beliefs in detail and assumed it is based in Protestant beliefs. I used to donate to the red kettles and enjoyed the bell ringing. The irony of the new position on race is that many of the members in both the city and suburbs are black while all races donated.

      I will redirect my donations to Catholic Charities, pediatric cancer and suicide prevention groups. I will continue to buy food for homeless individuals rather than give them money.

    198. SoHope says:

      I sent an email to my local Salvation Army office letting them know my disappointment with their decision to get involved with woke racist politics.

      They seem to have chosen to chase leftist money and think they can do more good by addition through subtraction. Good luck with that when the left dollars they are chasing dry up due to the Salvation Army not being sufficiently woke enough on LGBT issues.

    199. jason says:

      I don’t give money to the Salvation Army except for pocket change for the poor bastards ringing the bell outside of stores in the freezing cold.

      Sorry, now not even that.

    200. jason says:

      Here is their “Eastern US” contact if you want to send them a message.

    201. jason says:

      Rival gangs fighting over Black Friday deals shoot each other up in Durham, NC mall.*

      Nobody was killed.

      *Not the official cause, just my guess.

    202. mnw says:

      I plan to communicate my unhappiness with the SA by putting a written note in the return envelopes they include with their mail solicitations.

      Because I’ve been a small but consistent donor for more than 20 years, I get a FR solicitation from the SA at least every 2 weeks.

      So… they’re going to get a lot of protest notes about their new wokeism from me, but no more checks.

      What I always liked about SA, ironically, was what I perceived as the immediate and direct help they extended to all comers, with no agenda whatever– altho they make the Gospel available to anyone who wants it.

      I might take a look at St. Jude Children’s Hospital instead, or a local homeless shelter.

      I don’t feel at all good about cutting ties with the SA, but I won’t support ANY cause that wants to make my kids feel bad about being white– or my grandkids if I should ever have any.

    203. Tgca says:


      I used to give money to many organizations, as well as donations of clothes and household goods too. Now I throw things out or give them away.

      Many of the charities are run by those pushing socialists agendas so I’m less inclined to give.

      When I last moved, I gave quite a bit of good high quality real wooden furniture like bedroom sets, desks, etc, as well as exercise machines to people instead of charities or had it hauled away for refuse.

      I see no reason to be a useful idiot for charities that wish to insult you.

    204. mnw says:

      I think woke charities & corporations live in a smug, self-satisfied cocoon, & they think knuckle draggers can’t read. And even if we can read, they think we’re too stupid to take action in response to their woke insults.

      I’ll bet the SA is going to be genuinely shocked by the fury headed their way. Watch for some sort of attempt at a walkback, but it’s going to take a month or two before the SA realizes what the’vey grabbed onto.

    205. jason says:

      Woke charities are committing suicide.

      Democrats, at least politicians, don’t really believe in charities that much, they think the government should take of people, not private entities.

      Truth be known, if Democrats had a choice most would do away with the charitable gift tax deduction.

    206. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid crisis…”

      You might think this is from the Babylon Bee.
      BUT it is a DRUDGE headline.

    207. Tina says:

      WSJ piece is wrong. Xi Biden has done worse. Trump only had the vaccine for 2 months+/-

      The Wall Street Journal
      Nov 26
      : Joe Biden has done no better than Donald Trump in defeating Covid despite the benefit of vaccines, better therapies, and more clinical experience

    208. mnw says:

      Tucker Carlson said Friday that Kamala’s popularity “is at Jeffrey Dahmer levels.”

      Very funny, but I wonder how many today even know who Jeffrey Dahmer was.

      Carlson also called attention to a statement by the Fed Governor in STL who recently said, “A Thanksgiving dinner with poultry costs $1.42. A soy-based Thanksgiving dinner costs $.66 and has more protein.” Marie Antoinette lives!* Tucker asks, “Since when did it become the Federal Reserve’s job to tell us what to eat?”

      * Poor Marie Antoinette got a bad rap on the cake thing. She was just a silly, harmless person, & the victim of judicial murder.

    209. SoHope says:

      Whether it’s SA, Delta, Nike, Coke, the NFL, MLB, Hollywood, ect I think conservatives need to stand up and vote with our wallets as much as we can when institutions go woke. I get it that others may be more selective on if they boycott (like BLaw and others). That’s fine but I see the pressure building and the NFL in particular are seeing how badly the f-ed up.

    210. Cash Cow TM says:


      Shepherd University (WV) playing Notre Dame in the Division II Super Region I football playoffs.

      Notre Dame ranked 6th in nation.
      Shepherd U. ranked 8th.

      Half time: SU 21, ND 14 (ND scored with 2 seconds left in the 1st half) ;(

      Both teams are 11-1.

      Winner of this game will face either New Haven or Kutztown.

      SU led by QB Tyson Bagent (Martinsburg WV high school grad). Bagent is NATION’s leading passer and a Harlon Hill candidate.

      Notre Dame also has a candidate in LB Guam Lee.

      It is being broadcast on TV10 (local WRNR radio and TV)

    211. jason says:

      I bet when Walt watches football he reminisces about when he used to watch the gladiators fighting to the death.

    212. jason says:

      Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid crisis…”

      And has Tgca apologized for hoarding and consuming huge amounts and causing the crisis?


    213. Cash Cow TM says:

      Football game update:

      tied at 24.

    214. jason says:

      Speaking of turkey, we are on diminishing returns here.

      The 20 lb turkey has gone through a couple leftover phases. Sandwich phase. My “let’s not let it go to waste” wife is talking about a hash phase followed by a soup phase.

      I am officially declaring a return to beef,lamb and pork, because as Confucius sagely said “man cannot live by turkey alone”.

    215. NYCmike says:

      jason is killing me! Sister hosted Thanksgiving this year, great time, but we ended up having 2 extra couples and kids with us, so the only leftovers went to the host family and mom and single brother! Haven’t had a lick of turkey since 6PM Thursday night!

    216. lisab says:

      “A Thanksgiving dinner with poultry costs $1.42. A soy-based Thanksgiving dinner costs $.66 and has more protein.”

      it is part of the global warming fix

      meat based diets are very inefficient ways to get food

    217. NYCmike says:

      “meat based diets are very inefficient ways to get food”

      -So you give it up, and the rest of us will eat “inefficiently”.

    218. lisab says:

      make sure you wear a mask while posting


      i assume everyone has gotten their 6th booster from the umbrella corporation

    219. Cash Cow TM says:

      Mother cruncher…

      SU up 31 to 27.

      49 seconds left.

      On 4th and 6 on about the SU 25 yrs line, ND throws jump ball in double coverage and it is complete at 5 yard line.
      28 seconds to go.
      ND scores and takes the lead.


    220. Cash Cow TM says:

      On an unrelated note,

      CDC is now reporting 102% of all deaths in U.S. are due to COVID.

    221. Cash Cow TM says:

      SU takes kickoff and gets a 25 yard runback.

      First play: pass complete to the ND 20 yard line.

      10 seconds left.

      Pass play..time expired..


      RAMS WIN!
      RAMS WIN!
      RAMS WIN!

    222. Tgca says:

      Philly surpasses murder record set in 1990 with 501 murders thus far this year.

      …filthy, smelly, crime-ridden woke city and the stoopid mayor blames it on the lack of strict gun laws in PA like they have in Boston and NYC.

      Yeah! It’s all those people who went through background checks and have concealed weapons licenses and those that bought their guns lawfully shooting up Philly.

    223. Cash Cow TM says:

      Official clock:

      1.9 seconds left.

      Don’t go home yet…

    224. Tgca says:


      HHR fascists don’t care if it’s a meat-based diet or vegan diet. They only care about seeing people’s vax papers before allowing them to eat.

    225. lisab says:

      boston has had over thirty murders this year!

    226. Tgca says:

      Hey, if the scum are killing one another then I’m fine with that but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

    227. Wes says:

      meat based diets are very inefficient ways to get food

      They seem more efficient to me than wearing down teeth on cellulose.

    228. Tgca says:

      Luckily, I got a nice set of white, clean, straight chompers.

      I’m not a vegan and consume eggs and dairy products in moderation often like cheese, sour cream, and ricotta so I get plenty of calcium and I’ve been taking high quality vitamins and other supplements for decades too even before becoming a vegetarian.

      If you look hard enough, you’ll find studies against every food group and cuisine type. There’s tons of research against red meat and pork diets, as well as salads, fruit, legumes, wheat, juice, pasta and starchy foods, etc.

      A lot of research is based on grant money to find something different than other studies find but the big question is do they stand the test of time?

      Atkins was an example of a quack selling unhealthy diets to people and products filled with junk and telling people to eat all protein and fat without taking into consideration inflammation disease caused by highly acidic diets not properly balanced.

      If most people just eat in moderation and balance their diet, they will be just fine but that is not the world we live in where folks are bombarded with trends in diets. Most trends are the same as 30 years ago, they just repackage and rebrand it to make money off the unsuspecting.

    229. Cash Cow TM says:


    230. Bitterlaw says:

      Kutztown is less than an hour from me. Is Cash Cow road tripping?

    231. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Is Cash Cow road tripping?”

      But I watch the games when they are on TV.

    232. jason says:

      Haven’t had a lick of turkey since 6PM Thursday night!”

      See, that is why you need to get a turkey at least twice as big as what you THINK you will need.

      That way these tragic situations won’t arise.

    233. jason says:

      Kutztown is an unfortunate name…

      Slightly better than a town 40 miles or so down the road from here in MD called Opossumtown.

    234. Bitterlaw says:

      Why would somebody lick a turkey?

    235. jason says:

      Walt hasn’t been this excited since watched David beat Goliath.

    236. Wes says:

      Having finished watching The Twilight Zone series, I naturally turned to Rod Serling’s other anthology series, Night Gallery.

      I can see why Night Gallery isn’t so popular as The Twilight Zone, though the later series isn’t without merit.

      Pickman’s Model, the first episode I watched today, is an example of this.

      It’s a loose retelling of an H. P. Lovecraft short story of the same name from the 1920s. As is standard for Night Gallery, the episode opens with Rod Serling in the creepy titular gallery pointing to a picture that will be significant in the story.

      We then get an unusual storytelling device of a frame story within a frame story as two men are discussing finding paintings by the late artist Richard Upton Pickman. This then leads to the main action as Pickman is teaching an art class and, much to his chagrin, has a student become infatuated with him.

      The story has a good setup as Pickman tells the student to draw what she sees. He then loses his job and encourages her to stay away from him.

      Naturally she’s too headstrong and idealistic to listen and finds Pickman’s house in a dilapidated part of north Boston. Pickman tries to get her to leave before having a confrontation with the subject of one of his paintings.

      The secondary frame story then picks up again as the two men from the beginning look through Pickman’s house and decide to open a sealed well in the basement they believe holds missing pictures Pickman painted.

      I understand why the episode differs from the Lovecraft story. Lovecraft wrote his entire story as one side of a discussion between an unnamed narrator and someone named Eliot. We never see what Eliot says and have to infer his part of the conversation from the narrator’s statements. The ending is fairly predictable given what we’ve learned thus far but is still fairly creepy.

      That style of storytelling wouldn’t really work for an episode of a TV show, so the script opts for the frame story. Most of the episode is creepy as people unfamiliar with the Lovecraft story won’t realize exactly why Pickman is eager to brush off the advances of his beautiful student.

      Unfortunately in its final few minutes, the slow burn of the story becomes frenetic, and the pacing is completely thrown off as Pickman becomes a Last Action Hero in contrast to his earlier portrayal as he tries to save the girl.

      The final reveal is a mixture of elements from the short story and the short Lovecraft novel The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, which Pickman has a small role in as a creature similar to the subjects of his paintings. I appreciate the attempt at adding broader mythology to the story even if the development isn’t perfect.

      Overall, this is a decent episode but one emblematic of why Night Gallery isn’t as successful as The Twilight Zone. It feels more superficial than something Serling would have let air on the Zone and fails to fully pay off at the end. It sets up some truly dark elements but doesn’t follow through with them in the Aesop’s fables vein that would have been present a decade earlier in a Serling series. This is probably a result of the fact that Serling hadn’t the full creative control over Night Gallery as over The Twilight Zone.

      I do recommend Night Gallery for fans of the gothic and the macabre, and it has some truly outstanding episodes, one being the directorial debut of Stephen Spielberg. It never achieved the same level of cultural impact as The Twilight Zone though, not only because Serling had less control over it but because his stable of writers from his earlier show, including such greats as Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson, were either absent altogether (in the case of Beaumont because of his death in 1967) or incapable of contributing significantly to the series because their careers had made them in-demand writers too busy to submit scripts.

      It is a series worth watching but one nowhere near as engaging as its predecessor.

    237. Tgca says:

      HHR fascists would love this.

      Canadian landlord with many properties wants to require vax to live in their properties.

      … Strategic Group COO Tracey Steman said that the company was “very proud” of the mandatory vaccination policy.

      1st you can’t eat unless you show us your papers and now the next logical step is to show us your papers or we’ll evict you.

      What’s next? Unvaccinated concentration camps?

    238. jason says:

      Tgca, remember, it is “freedom” for private businesses to discriminate against people. Show me your vaccination papers, show me your yellow star, show me your DNA, show me your party card, it is all good in the name of “letting business owner run their own business”, right?

      These tenants have the “freedom” of living under a bridge just like the Jews in Nazi Germany had the “freedom” of not entering stores that barred Jews.

    239. Tina says:

      They are like used car salesmen.

      Jordan Schachtel @
      Anyone who claims to be a public health expert is a fraud. It’s that simple. There is no such thing as a public health expert.

    240. Tina says:

      Fraud alert

      This Week
      · 2h
      Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s “really too early to say” whether Americans can expect new lockdowns or mandates to combat omicron variant.

      “We just really need to, as I’ve said so often, prepare for the worst.”

    241. Tgca says:


      I was fortunate to have the opportunity to flee the NYC Metro area for Floreedah before the fascists take full control and start rounding up the unvaccinated and putting them in unvaccinated ghettos and concentration camps based on tips from the vaccinated rats ratting out the unvaccinated.

      We know our HHR fascists would gladly turn in the unvaccinated for as little as a pat on the head for being a good role model advocating personal freedoms of business owners or better known as business owners who favor discriminating for profit.

    242. Tina says:

      · 3h
      Kyle Rittenhouse has filed a $60 million defamation lawsuit against the View’s Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. Let the games begin ???

    243. Meldrim says:

      So I see that Dave posted some very good news regarding GOP prospects in the 2024 presidential elections, and I thought “the comments today must be interesting and celebratory.” And the first three were.

      But then the illiterate scumbag Tsla showed up for the fourth post, and kept posting vitriol. Let me translate his posts #4 and #5 from misspelled gutter “Spanish” (which, not being Hispanic himself, he must have learned from his Hispanic neighbors in the mean streets of Newark):

      “Four! Four fags!”

      “Five Whores! Five!”

      Apparently, Tsla felt the need to announce with whom he spent his Thanksgiving, and to do so in the coarsest way possible.

      He then proceeded to insist upon the Leftist (and uneducated) definition of “hypocrisy,” claiming that a person who proclaims certain moral principles and fails to live up to them is a “hypocrite.” As literate people know, hypocrisy is a pretense of having moral or religious beliefs or principles that one does not actually possess. For example, Larry Flynt was a hypocrite when he feigned outrage that a prominent conservative had a sexual indiscretion (say, Jim Bakker or Larry Craig), because Flynt didn’t think that adultery or homosexual sex was sinful at all, and he was just pretending to possess such moral principles.

      Alinskyites like Tsla have tried to co-opt the word “hypocrite” to claim that it was the likes of Jim Bakker and Larry Craig who where hypocrites, not Larry Flynt. Literate, educated and civilized people know, however, that Bakker and Craig were not hypocrites but sinners, meaning that they failed to live up to God’s standard which, as devout Christians, they had adopted as their own.

      Tsla does not believe in matrimony–or long-term relationships not involving pets, for that matter–so he cannot comprehend how cheating on one’s wife is markedly different from having two-timed one’s girlfriend, because the level of commitment is far lower in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship than in a marriage. But even if they were exactly the same, Bitter didn’t say that he was proud of having cheated on his girlfriend or that there’s nothing wrong with what he did. Bitter is a sinner, as we all are, and he failed to live up to his moral principles when he cheated on his girlfriend. Despite what immoral Leftists like Tsla would have you believe, that does not mean that Bitter is a hypocrite when he proclaims his moral principles.

      I wish that when I visited HHR I would find a good discussion of electoral polls and conservative political discussions, but, apparently, people on the dole have so much time on their hands that they adulterate every thread. Sad.

    244. Tgca says:


      I understand people have different views and hold steadfastly to them.

      However, The VIEW hosts come across as the stoopidest, dumbest, and most IGORENT people on current events.

      I just saw a recent clip where Behar is arguing that it’s not true that the vaccinated can spread Covid in spite of massive news coverage of this and even the CDC and Dr. Fow-chee acknowledging it…and to think this idiot was once a high school teacher.

      But let’s not forget when Whoopi praised Jill Biden and said she’s a great doctor, a helluva doctor and should be Surgeon General.

    245. Robbie says:

      Clay Travis
      Fauci says you need to prepare for more covid lockdowns, guys.

      – How many more presidential medals of freedom should we give Fauci, Jason fraud?

      Maybe Fauci can be Trump’s running mate in 2024 since they’re both your heros.

    246. Tgca says:


      Mildred is back!!!

      …and the Bish is triggered, like any good fascist during Thanksgiving weekend. Oh the injustices I tell ya!

      Evidently Mildred has not posted here long enough to know the long standing joke I have with certain posters using purposely misspelled words or provocative comments in Spinglish.

      He sounds like Whoopi Goldberg in post 255.

      Can we say stoopid IGORENT fool that doesn’t get it!

      As my ally Jadon would say “Hey ma! We got another one…”

      Meanwhile, the fascist who is all bitter that THEY fascist dictator loving family had to leave a chithole country to come to America to live off the American people after their fascist dictator of choice was replaced with another fascist dictator whines and tries to act like THEY is one of the 68+ gender types who believes in freedom while THEY is ok with discriminating and demanding papers from people to eat.

      We have always discussed more than polls here going back 15+ years. We discuss the underlying ideas that contribute to political ideology like Mildred’s love of fascism or Mildred’s family living off the American people but Mildred may not understand that simple concept as one using THEY minority status to get THEY’s EDUMACATON instead of earning it on the merits of real talent. I wonder what non-Hispanic White or Asian was denied access to university so Mildred could be awarded a minority seat. Hmmm…

      But hey! Good for Mildred! She fits in with many on the fascist side in that respect. Take as much handouts from the gubbermint and then rail against others for doing the same.

    247. Tgca says:


      Mildred claims hypocrisy is really not HYPOCRISY and the word is being bastardized by…well…hypocrites themselves.

      Usually that’s what hypocrites say so it’s not an unexpected defense Mildred makes since we all know Mildred is a HYPOCRITE too based on THEY’s fascist beliefs.

      Hypocrite definition:
      a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

      So if you cheat on someone you’re supposed to be faithful to and then condemn others for cheating, is that not hypocrisy?

      I’m not condemning the sin of cheating, as I previously discussed a few times, people cheat for various reasons. I’m condemning the cheaters for condemning other cheaters without having insight into why the cheating occurred.

      It’s like one hooker calling another hooker a whore and claiming they’re not a whore because they need the money but the other hooker is a whore.

      It hypocrisy!!!

    248. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      It appears that Goodwill Industries has joined the Salvation Army in the anti-America Club of Non-Profits.

    249. Tgca says:

      Mildred accuses Jadon and Bitter of adultery for adulterating the thweds. A quick review of the last few thweds show Jadon and Bitter post the most which is consistent with HHR history the last few years.

      We actually had a similar discussion about a year ago I believe, and the results by a count of posts were the same. I believe Bitter received the gold medal and Jadon the silver, hence, the long-standing rivalry.

      Why is Mildred attacking long-time posters for posting on topics other than poll results?

      Mildred says we can only discuss polls here and not any underlying political ideology or views that drive polls though that has been going on at HHR for nearly two decades.

      Again, Mildred’s fascist upbringing shows where THEY is deciding single-handedly what the topics at HHR should be.

      Apparently, Mildred only wants to discuss “conservative” topics, like requiring vax proof so people can eat.

      Boy! What a REAL conservative that Mildred is by telling us what we can discuss in a public forum and who is allowed to eat.

    250. Meldrim says:

      More unintelligible ghetto talk from the Woke Leftist Tsla. He’s like Rosie Perez coupled with illiteracy. And he never learned what adulteration is–the soft bigotry of low expectations strikes again. But, hey, it keeps him unemployable, so he still gets those disability payments from Daddy Government every month.

      Poor Tsla has been living off victimhood, affirmative action and handouts his entire life and can’t fathom a person getting into college based on his grades and test scores. He’s like the man in the parable of the cave, only with tofu and dildos.

    251. Meldrim says:

      #259, that’s a two-fer for Tsla. He gets to impose his Woke oppression agenda on yet another company, and he’s one step closer to his dream of his Daddy Government taxing all non-profits (he believes that tax exemptions that they receive are the equivalent of the welfare on which he’s lived his entire life) so that only Daddy Government can direct charity.

      As for me, I think that it’s a terrible decision for Goodwill, and I won’t be donating to them, but private companies, including private charities, have the right to be stupid. I hope that it hits them where it hurts and that they see the error of their ways.

    252. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown equates cheating on a high school girlfriend with cheating on somebody with whom you exchanged vows of fidelity in front of clergy, family, friends and God. The first is bad. Cheating on your spouse is inexcusable.

    253. Meldrim says:

      Oh, and Tsla keeps accusing my immigrant grandparents of living off welfare because he figures that if *he* lived off handouts when his parents were U.S. citizens then surely those Cuban immigrants must have been on the dole and not, you know, worked and saved. My grandparents never asked for or received a dime from the government, although they did accept the scholarship that a Catholic school offered to their children (who thus avoided the government-school indoctrination that led to Tsla turning out that way). Once again, Tsla’s illiterate ramblings prove that “el ladrón juzga por su condición.”

    254. Meldrim says:

      #263, Bitter, Tsla doesn’t even understand the concept of marriage, much less marital vows. But he doesn’t actually believe that you cheating on your girlfriend is all that bad anymore that he believes that adultery is bad; he just wanted to call you a “hypocrite” because he’s ignorant and despicable and not smart enough to engage in a debate.

    255. Tgca says:


      As if we’re to believe that Mildred’s fascists family that left Cuba for supporting one fascist over another didn’t accept gubbermint handouts when they got to America.

      Sure Mildred! We believe you.

      So tell us again how it’s conservative to deny food to people without papers you lil’ fascist Bish!

    256. Wes says:

      Cheating on your spouse is inexcusable.

      It worked out pretty well for Harding, Roosevelt, JFK, Johnson, Clinton, and Trump, Bitter.

    257. Wes says:

      Tg, the regime in charge of Cuba is communist, not fascist.

      You could at least get your terminologies right.

    258. Tgca says:


      I agree there are degrees to morality as there are degrees to crime but my point is that you are overly critical and judging others for similar behaviors you indulged in yourself.

      God has nothing to do with cheating. Many atheists get married too so witnessing oneself in front of family, friends, and God proves nothing.

      Under your logic, if a guy has a high school sweetheart for years, acknowledged by his friends and family, then it’s ok to cheat on her because he’s not married to her. I’m sure the millions of unmarried ladies will agree with that logic.

      …and for the record, I thought you said you cheated on girlfriends (plural) during high school and college so if that’s true, that makes your excuse even more pathetic.

      Cheating is cheating! Whether you cheat on someone, you cheat on a test, you cheat someone of something they otherwise deserve. It’s all cheating and morally wrong.

      Now for us that actually believe in forgiveness, we can accept cheating is morally wrong and move on but for those like you who do not follow the teachings of Jesus, forgiveness is not an option so you have no right to invoke God’s name otherwise because you’re exactly the type of person Jesus condemns for condemning others.

      So let’s not make a religious argument when YOU do not follow a major core basic message of Christianity and Jesus which is about forgiveness and redemption.

      Hence, the reason I point out your hypocrisy.

    259. Tgca says:


      Wes, I’m aware of the Cuban regime but their acts were fascist in nature and though there are technical differences between the two, with respect to dictatorship, they differ very little.

      Please see the definition of fascism below and tell me where it did not apply to Cuban dictators.

      Fascism definition:
      a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    260. Tgca says:

      As I posted a number of times before, nearly half of US presidents have been accused of or were adulterers or had children out of wedlock…and those are the ones we know of of, including Republican presidents.

      …and let’s not forget the CongressCritters of both parties, their scandals of infidelity are numerous.

      This is the problem with the “righteous” preaching by those like idiot Mildred trying to make an excuse for Jim Bakker, who in addition to his hypocrisy, was a fraudster who went to jail for defrauding his religious flock…some great role model of Mildred I see.

    261. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgclown is a man at war with himself:

      I agree there are degrees to morality

      Cheating is cheating!

    262. Tina says:

      Catturd ™
      The Biden regime says 70 to 80% of the USA is vaccinated.

      We now know there’s been more COVID deaths this year under Biden than last year when there was no vaccine.

      You only need second grade math to see this doesn’t add up.

    263. Bitterlaw says:

      Now for us that actually believe in forgiveness, we can accept cheating is morally wrong and move on but for those like you who do not follow the teachings of Jesus, forgiveness is not an option so you have no right to invoke God’s name otherwise because you’re exactly the type of person Jesus condemns for condemning others.

      So let’s not make a religious argument when YOU do not follow a major core basic message of Christianity and Jesus which is about forgiveness and redemption. – Tgclown

      The irony of a vile scumbag lecturing me about anything is both sad and laughable. Vile scumbag (VS) loves to bring up a terrible post that I made about lisab’s tragedy – a post that I apologized for immediately. Yet, VS has NEVER apologized for his moment by sickening moment speculation on the death of my niece. He has NEVER apologized for his claim that I “had a hand” in her death. Now, I would never accept such apologies because VS can never redeem himself after those posts. However, if he wanted others at HHR to accept his absurd claim to be the moral judge of others, he should at least make the effort.

      Tgca’s declarations about marriage vows are as empty and meaningless as his views on parenting. He has never been married or a parent so he should stick to areas about which he does have personal knowledge like being a vile scumbag.

    264. Bitterlaw says:

      I personally do not believe in forgiveness or redemption. I respect those who do in their own lives. They are better people than I am.

    265. Bitterlaw says:

      To be clear, Tgclown is not a better person than I am. The rest of you are.

    266. Tgca says:


      I am not at war with myself or anyone else.

      I am stating a viewpoint.

      You know darn well my comment about “degrees of morality” is a valid point. It is immoral to cheat. It is immoral to rape and murder as well.

      Would you equate them as equivalent levels of immorality, therefore requiring equitable treatment by society?

      As a lawyer, you should know the law looks at crimes differently depending on severity. We do not sentence people for stealing candy bars from a store to the same level as we sentence people that murder store owners in cold blood.

      If you can’t understand that, then you have a serious issue, and as many have stated here, you need professional help.

    267. Tgca says:


      Here goes with the name calling again when you can’t debate the merits of an issue. This is your MO whenever you can’t defend a point you made. Calling me names all you want does not boost the quality of your defense. It’s merely a deflection.

      I am not implying I am more moral than you because that’s an absurd position for most anyone to make, as we all have been morally deficient at times, in thoughts and actions.

      I’m challenging you on you judging others for actions you yourself have engaged in.

      If you cheated, whether on one or many, whether married or not, whether 25 years ago or yesterday, it is still cheating and as we know, cheating causes harm and pain to others whether it involves a marriage license or not so you trying to excuse it away is absurd.

      Now if you argued that it offends you Trump cheated in his life, just like you did, and it’s not excusable for him to cheat, just like you did, I would not have an issue with your comments.

      People in glass houses should not throw stones.

      I suspect if you were in the crowd when Jesus told others who have not sinned to cast the first stone, you would pick up stones and start winging them at the accused and then argue that your sin was DIFFERENT and that’s why you can cast stones.

      There in lies your hypocrisy that I challenge you on.

    268. Bitterlaw says:

      So many words by you and not one on the worst post you ever made.

    269. Bitterlaw says:

      Happy Hanukkah!

    270. Tgca says:


      Here you go again trying to ingratiate yourself with people and win them over to your side by being disingenuous. Let’s put everything to a vote of character is your motto.

      Suggesting to the crowd that they’re all better than us so you can score brownie points with them by admitting your flaws while attacking others is childish. I suspect this routine tactic of yours is in hopes of folks saying “oh no, you’re a good person so don’t think that about yourself.” More attention seeking BS from you as usual.

      This is another of your tricks in your MO that fail miserably but you’re too stoopid to see that we all see through it and either ignore it or mock you for it.

      Poor Bitter! The tortured soul at HHR.

      Your attempts at gratuitous flattery doesn’t fool people and makes you only look more deceptive and manipulative because it’s not an earnest statement from you.

      If you really thought you were not as good as others at HHR, you would go away and not post and fight with people here routinely but we know you really don’t think that. It’s another part of your pity act.

    271. Tgca says:


      There you go again.

      Can’t defend your position on hypocrisy so change the subject that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

      Let the pity party begin.

    272. Bitterlaw says:

      So VS takes issue with me believing that Trump is a bad person for being married 3 times because he cheated on the first 2 wives. He even condemns me for cheating on prior girlfriends but never cheating on my wife. He claims all cheating is bad but Trump is not bad for cheating.

      Malnourished brains are sad, indeed.

    273. Bitterlaw says:

      I am better than you for one reason. No matter how bad any of my posts were, I never described somebody’s death in moment by moment derail and then blamed another poster for that death. You did that. Everybody at HHR knows it and remembers it. Keep ignoring what you posted while lecturing me.

    274. Bitterlaw says:

      If the posters of HHR had to ban one poster, would it be Tgca or me? Neither one of us is leaving but it would be interesting.

    275. Bitterlaw says:

      282 When are you going to admit your flaws? You are the ultimate attention whore. Nobody cares about your slop diet. Nobody cares that you are gay. Nobody cares about your twisted and incorrect Spanish expressions. Except for Meldrim but that is because he has an issue with bad Spanish.

      I know that nobody cares about basketball or softball but I post anyway without screaming look at me with every word. If I thought people really cared, I would lie about my record.

    276. Tgca says:



      Keep thinking you’re better than me or Trump or others.

      It’s the delusional mental illness you suffer.

      You’re the one dwelling on your niece, and using her as a crutch when you’re losing debates like tonight where once again, you bring her up in an unrelated discussion.

      Everyone here also knows the horrible things you said about me nursing a dying brother while I was a teen in high school and watching him slowly die. You think people think highly of you for that? What did you do for your niece? I cared for a dying sibling. Tell us again what difference you made in your niece’s life?

      Nobody wants to hear this BS about your niece or my brother, as a number have stated before about their displeasure with these posts but you constantly bring it up to invoke sympathy on your part when debating unrelated points.

      Earth to Bitter! People here could care less about your niece or my brother and don’t dwell on it so why keep bringing it up? They were initially respectful like when someone says a distant relative died but then they move on with and life and don’t give it a second thought.

      But No! You won’t let it go even though a number of times you’ve said you would not bring up your niece anymore but yet constantly still do.

      You want everyone to share and relive your tragedy because you’re not happy unless you’re miserable and playing out drama. I swear you must be related to my mom. But guess what? People here not interested in all this drama about dead relatives, yours or mine.


    277. Tgca says:


      Oh Geez! Here we go again with your sophomoric requests of others?

      Why can’t you defend yourself? Why do you need others to come to your rescue?

      More drama and pity from you.

      People here would also remember that you accused and insulted us all a number of times as being a pit of vipers that chose to make you the guy they pick on.

      Why do you continue to post here if it’s a pit of vipers picking on you?

    278. Bitterlaw says:

      I said that I thought it must have been very difficult for you and praised you for caring for him.

      Tell us again what difference you made in your niece’s life?

      More of the blame from Tgca. Truly a vile scumbag and he just keeps addin to his record of low posts.

    279. Bitterlaw says:

      Why do you continue to post here if it’s a pit of vipers picking on you?

      I have been here for 17+ years. Somebody has to counter your vile and ridiculous posts.

    280. Bitterlaw says:

      Earth to Bitter! People here could care less about your niece or my brother and don’t dwell on it so why keep bringing it up?

      Because I will never let people forget your vile post. Never. It defined you. All of your efforts to claim you are a good Catholic who forgives people and believes in redemption can never redeem you after that post.

    281. Tgca says:


      Ha! More pot calling the kettle black here.

      We know everything about your life because you post it constantly. My posts came up in reference to issues we were discussing and relating stories or joking instead of rushing in daily to tell us about your pitiful life and how brave you are to walk the streets with a briefcase full of canned Woke Cokes in Philly – you know, they city where you’re from.

      You’re the one on social media bragging about being forced going to school boards and how everyone was so enamored with that they want you to run for POTUS in 2024.

      You’re the one with the ego talking about running for Congress to serve as Nancy’s lil’ GOP Bish!

      You’re the one telling us all about your kids and your best friends on Snapchat.

      You have no humility whatsoever.

      People here acknowledge all the time about you trying to please your friends and neighbors with wokeness.

      So excuse me if I laugh at your post.

      Again, you sound like the prostitute calling another one a whore!

      You just don’t see how ridiculous you sound.

    282. Tgca says:


      Excuses! Excuses!

      I suspect it because you have nowhere else to go and post your drama.

      Again, I show you to be a fraud. You attack all here as vipers but then you still want to be around them daily.

    283. Tgca says:


      Just as they will never forget when you attacked my brother’s death first that led me to give you a taste of your own medicine.

      You keep leaving that part out as if your niece’s death is of greater importance in the world than the suffering and death of others. Well, sorry, it’s not! People die horrific deaths all the time. You don’t have the market on that. Death is relative to each person.

      Remember, people know what you said too. Mocking a teen and his dying brother suffering from cancer is ok in your book you think?

      More delusion from you.

    284. Bitterlaw says:

      your best friends on Snapchat.

      You made up that lie as a not too subtle accusation of my relationship with player. Keep digging the hole deeper. Your vile nature is just confirmed with every post.

      I am not from Philadelphia. My hometown is Ridgewood, New Jersey. I explained in detail the years I lived in Philadelphia (1994-2002) and when I moved to Radnor. (2002-present). Keep digging, VS.

    285. Bitterlaw says:

      People die horrific deaths all the time.

      But only you ever posted a vile moment by moment detailed post about how my niece suffered and how I played a role in her death.

      Remember, people know what you said too. Mocking a teen and his dying brother suffering from cancer is ok in your book you think?

      I never mocked the death of your brother. Find the post or leave.

    286. Tgca says:


      I presented to you the mocking post before and then you excused it away as usual when people call you on your BS.

      You just mocked my brother again in post 78 above regarding “beautiful story” when I talked about him finding religion with a priest before he died in the hospital in another post that had nothing to do with you…and you got your facts wrong in your mocking as well, pa and I proved you a LIAR in post 91 and then you tried to excuse that away too.

      … why don’t you tell us that beautiful story about how you helped your brother find his faith again?

      It’s what you do! You excuse away your behaviors but attack others for theirs. So whether it’s me, Trump, Wes, Jadon, LisaB, …the list goes on and on…you’re always judging others by standards you don’t keep yourself.

      You can’t help yourself and like most delusional and mentally disturbed people, you pretend you did not behave in the manner you did.

      As others here have suggested numerous times, why don’t you seek professional help…but you won’t…you love the pity and drama.

    287. Bitterlaw says:

      “beautiful story”

      It was a beautiful story. You are a vile scumbag. Both can be true.

      and you got your facts wrong in your mocking as well, pa and I proved you a LIAR

      How can I be a liar if you admit that I got my facts wrong? Lying would require knowing the correct facts and misstating them to make people believe a false conclusion. You admitted that I did not know the correct facts.

    288. Tgca says:

      Thwee Hundwid Bishes!

      Thwee Hundwid I thay!

    289. Bitterlaw says:


    290. Tgca says:

      Anyways, I have plans for 8:30 with friends so thanks for entertaining me with your delusions this evening. Maybe we can catch up in a few hour hours and you’ll provide me the opportunity to expose your BS more.

    291. mnw says:


      No Matt McC. Abbott will have Beto all to himself… crunch crunch!

    292. mnw says:

      Newsweek: “Salvation Army Donors Withdraw Support Over ‘Wokeness’ Initiative”

      That didn’t take long.

      I feel like I’m clubbing a baby harp seal, but I’m done. Got an SA return envelope going back tomorrow, and it contains a note of sad, regretful protest… but no check.

      The SA didn’t stumble into this. They HAVE to have known there would be a backlash… and decided to accept it.

    293. Bitterlaw says:

      Clubbing a baby harp seal? WTF. Yesterday, there were posts about licking turkeys. HHR is really going to the dogs.

    294. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Robbie says:
      Fauci says you need to prepare for more covid lockdowns, guys.

      – How many more presidential medals of freedom should we give Fauci, Jason fraud? Maybe Fauci can be Trump’s running mate in 2024 since they’re both your heros.

      Robbie have you lost your mind? A little reality please. It is Biden and the Democrats who swoon over Fauci, and support more lockdowns. The Republicans, including Trump, are critical of Fauci. Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow all but worships the man.

      Robbie, you have a problem, the Democrats are the party of more lockdowns and Fauci worship. Haven’t you been listening to the Democrats who attack Republicans for not supporting lockdowns? Trump said Fauci was “the king of “flip-flps” and moving the goalposts to make himself look good as possible.” If disagree with Fauci, your agreeing with Trump.

    295. Tgca says:

      Dr. Fow-chee is digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole and I suspect he will be either forced to resign, or face a GOP Congress next year, if they are elected.

      If a GOP-controlled Congress pushes the DOJ to prosecute him for lying to Congress, and they refuse, I think the DOJ will lose further credibility.

      It is very clear he has lied to Congress and he is trying to argue his way out of it by changing long-held definitions. The DOJ has prosecuted others for far less.

      See the video clip in the link below and the smugness and arrogance where he purposely insults the GOP senators and Congressional investigations referring to it as theater and anti-science which I believe is his strategy to deflect the serious charges against him.

      He argues that they can’t attack the science so they attack him instead and that is in fact attacking science and how dangerous that’s for the future of science.

      He claims he is saving lives and the GOP senators are telling lies when asked about a number of US senators raising concerns about him.

      Then he laughs and brings up Jan 6th mockingly because GOP senators suggest he be prosecuted for lying to Congress.

      If anyone can watch this video and defend Dr. Fow-chee at this point, I don’t know what to say. This man is about as corrupt as bureaucrats can be and he is mocking Congress for trying to do their oversight role in a serious matter.

    296. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      306. Fauci attempted to cover up his involvement in providing U.S. funding for gain of function research at the Wuhan lab. To successfully address the coronavirus, it was critical to investigate whether a genetic mutation introduced into a virus sample at the lab resulted in a more virulent viral strain, and whether it escaped the lab. Fauci should not have engaged in what amounted to a cover-up of the U.S. financing and involvement in Wuhan lab research, and then come out and initially strongly denied that there was any possibility that COVID-19 originated and escaped from the Wuhan lab. Fauci’s deception may have delayed essential research.

      It was not until Nicholas Wade, a former New York Times, Science & Nature journal editor, wrote his excellent article in May 2021, that the Wuhan lab leak theory finally got serious consideration. Biden even ordered an investigation, which we have subsequently heard nothing about. Wonder if there were any Chinese buyers of Hunter Biden’s paintings — you have to admit Hunter has found an ingenious way to obtain miscellaneous funds.

      As far as Fauci, he needs to resign immediately, and there needs to be an investigation of his deceptive conduct; likewise, Biden’s failure to pursue the issue of whether the virus was a lab created mutant is another example of his incompetence.

      Don’t you agree Robbie? You posted some very intelligent thinks about the coronavirus last year; are you now pulling back because of your support of Biden?

    297. lisab says:

      fauci is pretty much untouchable

      he is the deepstate

      almost impossible to fire

    298. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      309. The tide may be turning; MSN ran a story critical of Fauci (below is a quote). Biden’s coronavirus strategy has been a disaster; he may need to throw Fauci under the bus. Fauci’s failure to reveal his Wuhan lab actions may be a good excuse:

      “The disclosure that the NIH did indeed fund gain-of-function research further undermines Dr. Fauci’s standing to direct the U.S. response to the pandemic. His attitude had already infuriated a not-insignificant segment of the population. And even before the disclosure that his statements to Congress and to Senator Paul about the NIH’s role were inaccurate, Democratic strategists told Newsweek that Biden could do himself and the country some good by finding a less polarizing figure to oversee the closing chapters of the pandemic. “If you can take some of the political poison out [of COVID] in an election year, it’s a big win,” says Ryan Pougiales, Deputy Director of Politics at Third Way, a centrist Democratic think tank.

      Some senior public health officials in the Biden administration are already taking a different approach to Fauci’s when talking about the pandemic. In interviews this past summer, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky discussed the current guidance on vaccine booster shots without setting off a backlash from skeptics and opponents. Her measured tone and transparency about scientists’ uncertainty offered an alternative to Fauci’s black-and-white presentation of the issues.

      President Donald Trump, who clearly disliked Dr. Fauci and disagreed with his guidance, could not have fired him without intense criticism and charges that he simply didn’t want to hear the truth about the virus, vaccines, masks or lockdowns. President Biden isn’t constrained by that concern. The new revelations about U.S. taxpayer support for the Wuhan lab research raise more questions about Fauci’s credibility and give Biden more freedom to move forward.”

    299. jason says:

      “Organizations including MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition intend to gather on December 1 to “get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off campus.”

      “Even with a not-guilty verdict from a flawed ‘justice’ system — Kyle Rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims,” the groups’ Instagram statement reads. “Join us to demand from ASU that these demands be met to protect students from a violent, blood-thirsty murderer.”

      Those demands include that ASU withdraw Rittenhouse’s enrollment, put out a statement condemning “racist murderer” Rittenhouse and white supremacy in general, and redirect funding from campus police to the ASU Multicultural Center.”

      Let’s see if ASU is going to kick out all other student charged with crimes and acquitted if they kick out Rittenhouse.

    300. Wes says:

      Only in 2021 America can the deaths via self-defense of three white men by a white kid be racist.

    301. jason says:

      President Biden isn’t constrained by that concern”

      I think he is.

      In the Trump administration, Fauci was only the Covid God because the MSM anointed him so. In reality, he was just one more member of the task force on Covid and never had the power to set policies.

      In the Biden administration, he IS the Covid God and does have power to institute policy.

      As such, he is even more entrenched, and the odds of Biden firing him are nil in my view. He is not going to listen to any “third way centrist think tank”.

      Fauci wants mandates and lockdowns. The MSM wants mandates and lockdowns. Powerful combination.

    302. jason says:

      The Tgca-Bitter fight is boring.

      The main problem with the argument is that neither side actually said any of the really horrible things that are taken for granted as being said by the other side.

      For example there was months of Bitter saying Tgca called him a sexual predator when he never did. Now Tgca is saying Bitter mocked his brother’s death, which he never did.

      No, I am not upset I don’t have a dog in it, GFYs.

    303. jason says:

      As for me, I think that it’s a terrible decision for Goodwill, and I won’t be donating to them, but private companies, including private charities, have the right to be stupid.”

      Meldrim our little HHR fascist is still pining for the policies of the Third Reich? Stores have the “freedom” to exclude Jews because Jews always have the “freedom” of not having to shop?

      Private companies have the right to be stupid, they can open a snow blower distributor in Death Valley. Charities have the right to go woke and accuse their donors of being racist.

      Do they have the right to discriminate against the non-vaccinated and those with natural immunity? No. Do they have the right to “show me your vaccination papers, show me your yellow star, show me your DNA, show me your party card, etc”. No.

    304. Bitterlaw says:

      314 Jason must have blocked out or forgotten the post where Tgca described what my niece experienced as she strangled and lost consciousness as well as saying I had a hand in causing it.

    305. Tina says:

      Fauci now wants Ted Cruz to be “investigates.”

      The Rs must promise to investigate Fraudci, if/when they take power.

    306. Tina says:

      How soon will Little Mitchi cave regarding the Cr?

    307. Meldrim says:

      This podcast should be of interest to those interested in the proper role of the judiciary or in NC politics (particularly Wes, who is interested in both and who, IIRC, mentioned this controversy about a month ago):

      The NAACP and the Democrats want to strike down two popularly enacted constitutional amendments (I believe that around 55% of voters approved them in the 2018 referenda), one reducing the highest maximum state income tax allowed to 7% and the other requiring voters to show a photo ID, because the state legislature that proposed the amendments was later ruled by the state supreme court to have been elected pursuant to “gerrymandered” districts. Even worse, the NAACP and the Democrats are attempting to force the recusal of two Republican NC Supreme Court justices from participating in such case, based on contrived reasons (one was a legislator when the amendments were proposed, and the other is a son of the state Senate’s pro tempore (who is, ex officio, a nominal plaintiff in the case)), so that the Democrats’ 4-3 majority in the SC can become 4-1 and thus permit the Supreme Court to strike down the constitutional amendments while permitting Democrat Justice Sam Ervin IV, up for reelection in 2022, to vote against striking them down and thus keep his slim reelection hopes alive. The podcast goes into detail about each of these issues, and I believe that one of the more recent episodes (I haven’t gotten to it yet) also discusses the possibility of the state House impeaching Democrat justices (which automatically removes them from the bench temporarily while the Senate considers whether to remove them permanently, which is similar to how itmpeachment works in NY) if those justices outrageously force the recusal of two Republican justices.

    308. Meldrim says:

      #315, Jason, I see that you still have not learned that generalized discrimination against Jews in Nazi Germany was imposed by the government on private businesses, and that businesses that did not comply were vandalized or eventually shut down by the government. I assume that schools in the Altiplano did not provide substantive and accurate education on the horrors of Nazi Germany, but I would have thought that you would have read up on the subject during your years living in America.

      I am wary of government power, not, generally speaking, of private-business power (unless there’s a monopoly or a coordinated oligopoly). Businesses have the right to be stupid, and we can disabuse them of their stupidity with our words and actions. I saw in a post here that the Salvation Army has seen the light and is abandoning its Wokeness (Tsla hardest hit), and that’s how a free society should deal with private businesses.

      And I remain 100% opposed to any government mandates, whether at the federal, state or local level, regarding vaccination, masking or whatnot.

    309. jason says:

      Jason, I see that you still have not learned that generalized discrimination against Jews in Nazi Germany was imposed by the government on private businesses”

      Sorry, as we say in Texas, that dog won’t hunt.

      Had you been in Nazi Germany in the 30’s you would have approved of “private businesses” discriminating against Jews, consistent with your approval of private businesses demanding papers now and discriminating against certain groups of people now.

      No free lunch here at HHR.

    310. jason says:

      Businesses have the right to be stupid”


      Translation: they have the right to “show me your vaccination papers, show me your yellow star, show me your DNA, show me your party card”

      Too bad they didn’t teach our resident fascist the difference between stupidity and discrimination in law school.

      One room schoolhouse on Altiplano 1 x Law school 0

    311. jason says:

      How soon will Little Mitchi cave regarding the Cr?”

      Tina, do the Dems need Little Mitchi to raise the debt ceiling?

      Yes or no?

    312. jason says:

      Jason must have blocked out or forgotten the post where Tgca described what my niece experienced as she strangled and lost consciousness as well as saying I had a hand in causing it”

      Probably because there is no post where he actually says you caused your niece’s death just like there was never a post where he called you a sexual predator.

    313. jason says:

      “jason, I see that you still have not learned that generalized discrimination against Jews in Nazi Germany was imposed by the government on private businesses, and that businesses that did not comply were vandalized or eventually shut down by the government.”

      The intellectual dishonesty of this post is astounding.

      Now the resident fascist is claiming the reason he supports discrimination by private businesses is that if they don’t discriminate, some states/localities (such as NYC) will fine them/shut them down.

      BS. Meldrim supports fascism by private businesses whether there is a government mandate or not, there are dozens of posts to prove it.

    314. Tgca says:

      If a business has the right to be stoopid, then they also have the right to say no service to AA or Hispanics too.

      After all, gubbermint should not infringe on business rights to be stoopid with those pesky Civil Rights laws.

    315. Tgca says:


      Yep. He must have forgotten that post along with you mocking my brother’s death 1st as well.

      If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    316. Bitterlaw says:

      From 81:

      I mocked him for his hand in his niece’s death.

      Jason hardest hit.

    317. Meldrim says:

      “fascism by private businesses”

      Jason, as I’ve explained before, that’s an oxymoron. But if you insist on ignorantly referring to a supporter of free enterprise and individual liberty as a “fascist,” then I can’t stop you, because I support freedom of speech even for crybabies who want their Daddy Government to coerce those meanies into serving them ice cream instead of having to drive a block to another ice cream store.

    318. Tgca says:

      Mildred says The Salvation Army is abandoning its racist policy.

      Oh really? Think again.

      It was just reported on Sat that they are defending that policy because they claim it was meant to be internal and it’s all taken out of context.

      They released the statement below so unless they have changed their minds in the last 24 hours, for which I see no evidence of on the internet, they are trying to excuse their behavior away but they are NOT abandoning it. They claim, they are clarifying it but they have not yet disavowed their position.

      The Salvation Army argued the new guide was meant to encourage discussion about racism among members of the Salvation Army. The organization denied attempting to indoctrinate or tell its donors what to think, reminding people that the guide was meant for internal use.

      “The Salvation Army has occasionally published study guides on various complex topics, including race, to help foster positive conversations and reflection among Salvationists,”

    319. Tgca says:

      Ok. Bitter wants to continue the pity party and blame others for attacking him but he was the one telling us early on that he and his family were also to blame for her death, including his mom who is dead so I don’t get where that comes from but he is entitled to his beliefs.

      We can drop this but Bitter won’t but I will continue to challenge him on his deceit and manipulative lies about me so this could could go on for another 3 weeks so HHR should be prepared to see Bitter and me go back forth on this absurd issue.

    320. Meldrim says:

      In 271, Woke idiot Tsla, in his risible attempt to hide his unmatched ignorance of things that literate and civilized people learn by the age of 12 by claiming that Cuba has a fascist, not a Communist, system of government, provided an accurate definition of “fascism” that he got from and that proves that there is no such thing as “fascism by private businesses” (Jason hardest hit):

      “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

      Jason, is each ice cream shop a “governmental system”? Even if we leave out the “emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism” part (although I agree that nationalism is a necessary component of fascism), it is clear that private businesses cannot be “fascist” unless we all join Wokesters like Tsla and Jason who want to pretend that words no longer have meaning.

    321. jason says:

      into serving them ice cream instead of having to drive a block to another ice cream store”


      Is that what happened in Nazi Germany?

      The Jews “just walked to another store”?

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      What if all the business owners in the area are fascists like Meldrim”

      I suppose people can just make ice cream at home. If they are allowed to shop for the ingredients. Or if they are allowed to shop online without showing some kind of papers.

    322. Meldrim says:

      #330, Tsla, I know that reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, but please note that it was mnw who posted the headline “Newsweek: “Salvation Army Donors Withdraw Support Over ‘Wokeness’ Initiative”.” I assume that mnw didn’t read the article that went with the headline, since he wouldn’t have posted a misleading headline on purpose.

      Thanks for letting me know that the Salvation Army isn’t actually walking back from its Wokeness initiative yet, but merely kept it underground. I won’t be leaving money in their kettles until they fully cease pushing the Tsla narrative that racial, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities are all victims of oppression whom society should judge at a lower standard and who require the protection of Daddy Government.

    323. Tgca says:


      Mildred is losing on arguments so THEY keep referring to people as stoopid which is THEY’s MO but it is THEY that we often have to correct for posting errors and lack of understanding history.

      I agree Cuba is a communist nation and I NEVER said they were not. What I said was it’s leaders have been fascists and provided a dictionary term to prove it.

      If you do not think Castro was a fascist then I don’t know what to say to you because many have long referred to him as one.

      Clearly, not all communists are fascists but in this case, it’s undeniable.

      Are you going to tell us next that Saddam Hussein was not a fascist dictator too?

      Fascism definition again. Please tell me how this does not fit in this case.

      Fascism definition:
      a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    324. Tgca says:

      334. Mildred

      You posted in 320 I “was hardest hit.” That is what I was referring to THEY. How was I hardest hit?

      Apparently, you’re letting your jealousy of me cloud your judgment and just throwing out insults that end up backfiring on you.

      I notice that’s trend with you, especially when it comes to me and my ally Jadon correcting you.

    325. mnw says:

      334 Meldrin

      RE: Newsweek & SA:

      What did I post that was misleading?

    326. Meldrim says:

      Jason, in Nazi Germany, the *government* imposed restrictions upon Jews that all businesses had to follow under penalty of law. When the federal government, or a state or local government, were to mandate private businesses to make, or coerce private businesses into coercing, vaccination or masking a requirement for employment or service, I am 100% in opposition and consistently and clearly have said so.

      What has your panties in a bunch is when a private businessman, out of his own volition, sets health rules for entering his own business, and you want Daddy Government to regiment it and every other private business. Do you know what literate people call a system in which the government regiments all business and commerce as you want U.S. state governments to do? Yes you do, since you read Tsla’s post that provided the dictionary definition of “fascism,” as well as my post that provided it as well.

      If private businessmen, without government mandate or coercion, wish to impose stupid health standards for working or entering into their businesses, then they should be free to do so, and you and I would be free to go instead to a business that does not impose such stupid standards. Even in ultra-Woke San Francisco you would have businesses taking advantage of their competitors’ stupidity by permitting unvaccinated and unmasked people to work and shop at their facilities; that’s why Leftist governments impose *mandates* instead of permitting businesses to make their own decisions. Are you telling me that all business owners in York County, PA are such Woke sheep that, absent a state or local mandate, would require employees or customers to be vaccinated and masked?

    327. Tgca says:

      Looks like all those people living under fascists have to do is go somewhere else to be served…or maybe they can just move out of those countries with fascist dictators.

      It’s just so easy. After all, many Jews left Germany. Even Einstein left so if he could, everyone else could have left as well.

      So STOP blaming the FASCISTS!

      People have choices dammit!

    328. mnw says:

      334 Meldrin

      RE: Newsweek & SA:

      What did I post that was misleading? I went back & read the article.

      On a somewhat related topic, a blog called Blue State Conservative publishes a list of woke corporations which BCS suggests conservatives should boycott. They update this list regularly.

    329. Meldrim says:

      #336, Tsla, you are the Wokest Leftist on HHR; not even the trolls believe the crap that you spew about how all white people (even Mitt Romney!) are racist and how you need your Daddy Government to protect you from America’s racist and homophobic society because you’re an oppressed and disadvantaged homosexual, half-Hispanic hexadecaroon (according to your periodic DNA test–you’re still hoping for results that provide you with an even better scam opportunity). You are so Woke (and illiterate, of course) that you use Woke gender terms to describe the people that you envy the most: male heterosexuals. So of course you would have been hardest hit had the Salvation Army abandoned its Wokeness–how could they be allowed to provide aid to people in need instead of doling it out based on the “oppressed person” characteristic that have been your meal ticket your entire life?

      Oh, and if you still don’t understand how Saddam Hussein was a fascist and Fidel Castro was a Communist, well, there’s nothing that I can do about it (paying taxes to try to educate you sure didn’t work).

    330. Tgca says:

      Health and safety laws for businesses are a role of the gubbernint and not business owners, otherwise, we’d be back to the days of poor health and safety conditions and child labor, accidents, deaths, etc.

      It’s such a ridiculous argument to leave it up to business to dictate the health and safety of each business. There would be no standardized practices and they lack the knowledge to address all the potential issues that could arise.

      If businesses can set their own health and safety rules then:

      A restaurant doesn’t have to worry about cleanliness or the quality of food they sell or how it’s prepared or the safety of the equipment.

      Hospitals don’t have to worry about procedures to protect patients and medical professionals and take precautions.

      Apartments don’t have to worry about addressing poor living conditions and asbestos and mold treatment can be dictated by landlords.

      Shall we go on?

      Very simple-minded thinking regarding businesses and health policies.

      To this day, many businesses are caught with unsafe health conditions, especially smaller ones, and most would violate as well if not for health and safety laws.

      No one is defending laws that are unduly burdensome but I would NEVER trust a business to be the decider of what health and safety precautions to implement. They CANT be trusted to do the right thing and we’ve seen that time and time again.

    331. Tgca says:


      Mildred again distorting and lying and name-calling because THEY is losing the argument.

      So tell us again how you would implement your FASCIST rules on people who just want to eat. What color papers should they have to make it more convenient to identify them?

      Tell us again please.

    332. Meldrim says:

      mnw, I referred to the Newsweek headline that you posted as being “misleading” because of what Tsla posted later (I cleaned it up a bit to make it intelligible):

      “[The Salvation Army] released the statement below so unless they (sic) have changed their minds in the last 24 hours, for which I see no evidence of on the internet, they (sic) are trying to excuse their behavior away but they (sic) are NOT abandoning it. They (sic) claim, (sic) [that] they (sic) are clarifying it but they (sic) have not yet disavowed their position.

      The Salvation Army argued [that] the new guide was meant to encourage discussion about racism among members of the Salvation Army. The organization denied attempting to indoctrinate or tell its donors what to think, reminding people that the guide was meant for internal use.

      “The Salvation Army has occasionally published study guides on various complex topics, including race, to help foster positive conversations and reflection among Salvationists,”

      So if the Denver Gazette is correct, then Newsweek’s headline indeed was misleading, perhaps purposely so. But, as I said, I don’t doubt that you were unaware at the time that you posted Newsweek’s headline that it was misleading.

    333. Tgca says:


      School teacher Mildred wants to correct everyone but THEY can’t distinguish between “to” and “ too” in THEY’s posts and with repeated misspellings.

      This is what affirmative action in EDUMACATION for fascists gets you folks.

      So Mildred now trying to blame MNW because I corrected THEY in THEY’s post.

      What shallowness that Mildred can’t even accept THEY were wrong in THEY’s post but now THEY has to push the blame to MNW so all at HHR can see it really wasn’t Mildred’s fault. It was that darn MNW who had his facts wrong that Mildred tried to use to mock The EXPERT on but failed at.

    334. mnw says:

      By pointing out that their woke document was “for internal use only,” the SA does seem to me to be trying to distance itself from it.

    335. Tgca says:

      Ok Kiddies. Off to the races I go. Later.

      Hopefully, my ally Jadon will be around to EDUMACATE Mildred on fascist history because THEY is really having a difficult time understanding it.

      Just remember, Jews could have gone elsewhere to get ice cream so they have to stop whining about the Holocaust.

    336. Meldrim says:

      #343, Tsla, there wasn’t a single lie in my post. In fact, I gave you the benefit of the doubt regarding you being half-Hispanic despite my doubts about your claim that your father was Puerto Rican (yet you learned absolutely no Spanish, apart from bastardized versions of curse words that you picked up on the streets of Newark). But you, indeed are a Social Justice Warrior wanting Daddy Government to force everybody to pretend to celebrate you, and, as such, a Woke Leftist.

    337. Tgca says:

      346 MNW

      Mildred says they’re abandoning it.

      Mildred is blaming you because THEY relied on your post and it backfired when THEY tried to mock me and I corrected THEY with proof.

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