Walker Tops Warnock By 1% in GA, Kemp Better Against Abrams Than Perdue

    Could have today’s poll from Quinnipiac University showing Republican Herschel Walker ahead of Democrat Raphael Warnock in the state of Georgia and giving Republicans a lead in a pickup opportunity in the US Senate and costing Democrats their majority been the impetus for Steve Breyer to announce his retirement today?

    US SENATE – GEORGIA (Quinnipiac)
    Herschel Walker (R) 49%
    Raphael Warnock (D-inc) 48%

    GOVERNOR – GEORGIA (Quinnipiac)
    Brian Kemp (R-inc) 49%
    Stacey Abrams (D) 47%

    David Perdue (R) 48%
    Stacey Abrams (D) 48%

    This poll was done January 19-24 among 1092 registered voters.

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    80 Responses to “Walker Tops Warnock By 1% in GA, Kemp Better Against Abrams Than Perdue”

    1. Bitterlaw says:


    2. Bitterlaw says:

      Typo – Kemp has 49%

    3. NYCmike says:

      “Let’s rewind to 2010. Mike Castle voted not once, not even twice, but three times against all incarnations of Obamacare. Mikey still backed grifting Deadender Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell won the primary and turned the DEGOP into the biggest joke in the nation. The party still hasn’t recovered from that election, and Chris Coons has been a reliable Schumer lapdog for years. Don’t pretend you want Republicans to govern as conservatives when you’re going to support Deadenders to try to help Schumer get more votes in the Senate anyway, Mikey.”

      -Let’s rewind and watch the original, instead of Wes’s remake.

      I supported COD deciding to enter a primary against Castle. She won. The majority, 53%, of Delaware Republican primary voters voted for her, which means I then supported her in the general election.

      If Castle had won the primary, I would have supported him in the general election.

      REPEAT: “If Castle had won the primary, I would have supported him in the general election.”

      My support for the primary system had nothing to do with Castle’s defeat. What did lead to his defeat was his push for legislation to try to deal with climate change/global warming, a BIG GOVERNMENT boondoggle in the making, as well as a primary electorate that wanted a more resolute stance against Obama and the Democrats.

      As for his votes against Obamacare, they obviously did nothing to stop Obamacare from passing.

      One other note: Castle declined to support the Republican nominee after his primary loss, similar to other “Republicans” who refuse to support the party’s candidate if their primary choice loses.

      Once again, Wes is a person who claims to support the primary system, but then whines and takes his ball to go home when it turns out badly.

      If I could go back in time, what I would do is tell Castle to shut his trap, win the primary by bashing Obama and the Democrats, and wait to push BIG GOVERNMENT legislation until after he gets elected, at which time I would hope that enough other Republicans could keep it from becoming law.

      I am finished with my “furious” response to Wes-lie.

    4. NYCmike says:

      More interested to see a poll from Trafalgar instead of Quinnipiac.

    5. Wes says:

      Mikey pretends to forget O’Donnell had not only run as a write-in after losing the ’06 primary but had threatened to do so if Castle beat her. Thus Castle had no obligation to her.

      Thanks for playing, Schumer bot.

    6. Bitterlaw says:

      I used to think the ad with Dukakis in the tank was the most embarrassing ad. Then COD had to run an ad declaring that she was not a witch.

    7. NYCmike says:

      “Mikey pretends to forget….”

      -WEs-lie again.

      I didn’t forget. I didn’t even know that.

      You’re unhinged. More likeness to a Democrat.

    8. NYCmike says:

      “Then COD had to run an ad declaring that she was not a witch.”

      -Can’t disagree with that.

    9. NYCmike says:

      -Unfortunately, despite the huge outpouring of support for the 2 police officers gunned down by the useless POS, I will bet that they will keep electing these types of politicians.

    10. NYCmike says:

      -Let’s see if “CG” defends Youngkin here.

      If he is consistent, he won’t, as Acosta is doing the same thing to Youngkin that he did to President Trump.

    11. Wes says:

      Heh. Mikey is fine with O’Donnell’s refusing to be a team player but attacks Castle for responding in kind.


    12. Tina says:

      I guess Wyoming is too far to fundraise.

      Mitt Romney To Fundraise For Liz Cheney At Vaccine-Mandated Event
      Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney will fundraise for endangered Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney at a Virginia event in March.


    13. Tina says:

      Brian Kemp is toast. I wonder who scored higher on the SAT.

      Him or Jabba Abrams?

    14. Tina says:

      Maybe, Acosted needs to read a book.

      Dc is more comparable to the Soviet Union. In Dc, one has to show papers to eat.

    15. NYCmike says:

      “Heh. Mikey is fine….”

      -No, that’s another Wes-lie.

      She was an idiot to do something like that.

      I would look for Castle to be better than her.

      Ride the pole, Wes.

    16. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      But, but….California is so woke, and we love Fauci and “follow the science.” And we have a high vaccination rate. How can this have happened?

      “California exceeds 8 million coronavirus cases, adding 2.5 million since New Year’s

      California has now surpassed 8 million cumulative coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic, the end result of weeks of unprecedented spread fueled by the highly infectious Omicron variant.

      The milestone, equivalent to roughly 1 out of every 5 residents having been infected at some point, comes amid growing signs that Omicron has finally peaked — but not before tearing through California’s communities. Since New Year’s Day, 2.5 million coronavirus cases have been reported in California. That’s fast approaching the entire statewide caseload reported all of last year: 3.1 million.”

    17. Gordon Allen says:

      Here we go again with Wissing and his Quinnipiac polls . You know those reliable, high quality polls of yore. Add 7 points to the Republican, at least, this far out from the election. Perhaps more

    18. Bitterlaw says:

      Dave has posted polls from many different pollsters since I started here in 2004.

      We are all waiting for Gordon to start his superior blog.

    19. Gordon Allen says:

      Bitter you don’t have to. You’ve got your own here: were you and Wissing roommates at one time??.
      Never gave it a thought,although I have 9000 viewers it seems on Quora a month.
      I’d want better quality control though.

    20. Tina says:

      Ryan James Girdusky
      In the last three years, I’ve been told Americans needed to send troops to Venezuela, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Hong Kong…

      Everywhere besides the US border

    21. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t agree with all of Dave’s posts. It is his blog and he can post what he wants. Both can be true,

      I don’t even know what Quora is but I am glad you are enjoying your golden years.

    22. Phil says:

      Secure the Ukrainian border. US border? Naw.

    23. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      All GA Republicans are in good shape against their Democrat opponents according to an AJC Poll:

      JAN 13-24, 2022
      University of Georgia Survey Research Center
      872 RV Warnock
      Black Warnock +5
      U.S. Senate Ga.
      JAN 13-24, 2022
      University of Georgia Survey Research Center
      872 RV Warnock
      Walker Walker +4
      Governor Ga.
      JAN 13-24, 2022
      University of Georgia Survey Research Center
      872 RV Abrams
      Perdue Perdue +4
      Governor Ga.
      JAN 13-24, 2022
      University of Georgia Survey Research Center
      872 RV Abrams
      Kemp Kemp +7

    24. Wes says:

      So I’m guessing Mike Castle was an apostate for telling your lunatic friends Barack Obama is an American citizen, Mikey?

      To recap, voting three times against Obamacare and making multiple cases against the ACA rendered Mike Castle unacceptable to Mikey and Company.

      Being an unelectable grifter who defied the will of the others, ran as a write-in after losing the ’06 primary, and threatened to do so again if Mike Castle won the 2010 primary meant Christine O’Donnell was perfectly acceptable to Mikey and the rest of the talk radio lemmings.

      Castle needed to be a better person. O’Donnell was above reproach.

      Makes perfect sense to me. 🙄

    25. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Correction to above #24.

      It’s a U of GA Poll.
      Here is the new AJC Poll which shows similar results.

      Sorry for the confusion. Will I be disowned by any Hedgehoggers?

    26. Wes says:

      Only if you promise to vote against the signature issue of the Democrats and claim a Dem President is actually an American citizen, Sheep.

      As we saw in 2010, that’s an abomination to the Mikey crowd.

    27. DW says:

      Biden signed an order this morning to forgive all student loan debt, but only if the student borrower meets these conditions:

      1. The student must prove full vaccination status against Covid19 with all the booster shots currently recommended.

      2. The student must agree to indefinitely wear masks in public and private.

      3. The student must be a registered member of the Democratic Party, or in states without party registration swear allegiance to the Democratic Party.

      4. The student must agree to serve 20 hours per month of community organizing for Democratic Party candidates.

      5. The student must agree to undergo gender change therapy, and then only engage in sexual activity with the same gender.

      6. The student must agree to commit acts of vandalism against the private property of any qualifying 503c Christian charitable organization.

      7. The student must never use an internal combustion engine, limiting transportation options to public transportation, bicycles, or fully electric cars.

      8. The student must live on property with both government approved solar panels and wind mills.

      9. The student must agree to only watch MSNBC or CNN.

      10. The student must agree to publicly denounce and then shun any relatives, family or friends who attempt to interfere with any of the above stipulations for student loan debt forgiveness.

      Once forgiveness is granted, any student caught in violation of the agreement will be required to repay the entire debt, plus interest compounded hourly.

    28. Tom says:

      DW – None of those should be a problem for most students coming out of our universities in the last 20 years.

    29. DW says:

      29 – you caught the humor of it.

    30. Chicon says:

      Good Lord, Wes, look in the mirror. What has happened to you?

    31. Tgca says:

      A break from silly political debates.

      You decide which is more appealing to you.


      …or this:

    32. Tgca says:

      Damn wiki communists. Screwed up my post.

      33 should be a choice of×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/tofu-landscape_annotated-7e94b7a2cf104d2cba22c8cf6ad7e970.jpg


    33. Tgca says:


      Evidently there is discrimination going on here and Dave is blocking appealing pics.

      Damn racist blog!!!

    34. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      17. A Quinnipiac poll showed Biden with one of his lowest approval ratings. However, agree the polling firm has a Democratic bias , and it’s polling often reflects it:

      “President Biden’s job approval rating has tumbled to 33 percent in the latest Quinnipiac University poll, a whopping 17 percentage-point drop? from February and an indication of American voters’ deep dissatisfaction over his administration’s response to rising inflation and a resurgence of COVID-19.”

    35. DW says:

      Biden has already locked in that he will pick a black woman to be on the SCOTUS.

      Winsome Sears and Candace Owens probably not on his short list.

    36. DW says:


      Good Grief!

      I’ve Killed it! Everything I touch gets ruined!

      Isn’t there any one who can tell me what Christmas is all about?

      I’m going to take this little tree home and decorate it–I will show them, it really will work in our Christmas play.

      The childhood voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins has died by suicide at age 65. It sounds like he really did have pantaphobia–fear of everything.

    37. Bitterlaw says:

      I saw that. Very sad news. The Charlie Brown Christmas show was the best of all the Christmas cartoons. Apparently, the network wanted Charles Schultz to remove the section about the birth of Jesus. He told them it was staying in or he would not allow it to be shown.

      He was also asked to remove black characters from the daily strip to avoid controversy in the South. Again, he said it would run as he drew it or he would drop that newspaper.

    38. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt heading to PA this afternoon to caravan with his niece moving his sister from PA to NH.
      Plan is to leave PA as soon as movers finish loading.

      Then Walt, niece and sister head north toward NH, but plan to spend night in motel rooms on NY/PA
      border. Due to impending snowstorm that will hammer New England, might have to stay 2 nights at the motel, then make the rest of the trip to NH.

      Walt is taking Cow for ballast.
      He says it will be a fun trip.
      Cow has reservations and trepidations.

    39. Tom says:

      Tgca – that’s a tough choice. If the tofu comes with a spicy pepper relish it would help my decision.

    40. Bitterlaw says:

      Cash Cow – Don’t go. Walt remembers the Donner party. He will eat you before he eats his family.

    41. Tina says:

      31 percent? Where are the jebots?

      I wonder if they want her thighness to be the 2024 nominee.

    42. DW says:

      40 – Also, CBS stipulated that the Charlie Brown Christmas special MUST have a laugh track. Schulz said no. People didn’t need to be told when to laugh.

      CBS’ experts were so frustrated by Schulz’ interference and demands, and the underfunding for the special that when they previewed it, they howled with scorn, saying that this would be the very first AND LAST time it would ever be shown.

      “Experts” are not always right.

    43. Tgca says:

      42. Tom

      You can have your tofu anyways you wants – raw, nude, or spiced up.

      It’s all good.

    44. DW says:

      All you need to know about the impact of A Charlie Brown Christmas, is this, from wiki:

      “The popularity of the special practically eliminated the popularity of the aluminum Christmas tree, which was a fad from 1958 to 1965, when the special portrayed it negatively. By 1967, just two years after the special first aired, they were no longer being regularly manufactured”

    45. DW says:

      And of course Lucy’s quip about Christmas being “run by a big eastern syndicate” was Schulz’s jab at the cartoon syndicate that ran his comic strip.

    46. Tgca says:

      I just realized I have not been totally inclusive here at HHR and left out some folks.

      So for those 20% of you HHR dudes – you know who you are – pick your poison.


      …or that:

    47. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that 55% of Likely U.S. voters believe Democrats in Congress are too liberal on most issues. Sixteen percent (16%) think congressional Democrats are too moderate, while 20% think their policies are about right.”

    48. DW says:

      Biden isn’t “woke” enough in his decision to appoint a black female to the SCOTUS.

      He should have gone all the way…a black who was born a man, transitioned to a woman, who is bisexual, hates whites and Christians, is not a US citizen, is covered head to toe with tattoos, has at least 50 body piercings, cannot speak intelligible English, hates America, has a long history of drug abuse and other addictions, and has an open mind to pedophilia and beastiality, and other things that won’t make it through Dave’s filter.

      Anything short of this means Biden is a panta-phobe and needs to become woke.

    49. Meldrim says:

      #51, so Michelle Obama then?

    50. Wes says:

      Tgca says:
      January 27, 2022 at 2:50 pm
      42. Tom

      You can have your tofu anyways you wants – raw, nude, or spiced up.

      It’s all good.

      I need to find a porcelain god to pray to.

    51. Tina says:

      Tgca, maybe right with the tofu.

      With the supply shortages at the store, real meat is sold out.

      Fake meat is plentiful.

    52. jason says:

      “On Wednesday, appearing on MSNBC, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said she would like Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s replacement to “consider the impact … on people in our country so that they are not making decisions just based on” the law.”

      There you have it.

    53. jason says:

      Here we go again with Wissing and his Quinnipiac polls”

      Feel free to leave anytime and start your own blog.

      I am sure you will have a lot of hits from people interested in your ‘superior quality polls” i.e. that only reflect what you want to hear.

    54. Wes says:

      Last I checked, QU is its own polling organization. Wissing has nothing to do with their decision making. As the proprietor of a polling website, he simply posts them because of relevance to the blog’ raison d’etre.

    55. DW says:

      Quinnipiac was never a ‘gold-standard’ but we can easily forget that many years ago, their polls were actually pretty decent. Then somewhere along the way, they became a Dem cheerleader.

    56. Gordon Allen says:

      So some here bieve Quinnipiac is a legitimate unbiased polling firm,and a disclaimer isn’t warranted rd their polls??
      Just wow!.

    57. Tina says:

      Who to believe?

      Jack Posobiec Flag of United States
      BREAKING: Ukrainian president had to correct Biden multiple times on their call today when he insisted Kyiv was about to be ‘sacked’ by Russian forces. At one point he even asked Biden to calm down.

    58. Cash Cow TM says:

      Checked into hotel mear Harrisburg PA and am now at a diner getting supper. They did not have hay on the menu.

      Wt’s car is 2/3 FULL. Will shoehorn the rest of the. Ones in in the morning.

      Then we head into the snowstorm on way to NH.

    59. Meldrim says:

      My theory about Quinnipiac polls is that, not only are they biased in favor of Democrats, but that their quality decreases proportionately as they get farther away from New Haven.

    60. jason says:

      So some here bieve Quinnipiac is a legitimate unbiased polling firm,and a disclaimer isn’t warranted rd their polls??”

      Hey moron, why don’t you start your own blog and put “disclaimers” on polls you don’t like.

      What a freaking idiot.

    61. jason says:

      Neville Allen is a polling expert.

      Rumor is he subscribes to Pollsters Review.

      It has a lot of insider information not readily available to people who can’t afford the $18 a month subscription.

    62. Gordon Allen says:

      So you think Quinnipiac is a bona fide pollster?? hmm
      What does everyone else think??
      Jason, I think you would argue with my Maltese, who is literally the most loved creature in the neighborhood. Because that’s who you are.

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason would argue with a dog? I will give points only because it was so unique.

    64. Tina says:

      Will Mitchie and Luntz’ tenant ask for the call transcript?

      CNN In Meltdown Mode Over Biden-Ukraine Phone Call Fiasco

    65. NYCmike says:

      I am assuming that phone call is fake, or else I am positive that jason would make a comment about it……amirite?

    66. Tgca says:

      This makes me sad and wonder if the US is destined to fall into a civil war at some point.

      Washington State residents do not want Navy Seals training in their parks even though they’ve been doing so for over 30 years because of the ideal benefits the parks provide to their training.

      It is unbelievable to see how ungrateful these people are, worried that the Seals presence somehow sends a bad message and makes them uncomfortable.

      Yet I bet if any of these people were in foreign territory and their lives were at risk, they’d expect our military folk to risk their lives to save them.

      What has America become?

    67. Tina says:

      Zelenskyy is likely trying to figure out who is behind the U.S. effort to create war using his country. Is it the State Dept, CIA, Pentagon or White House? Or is it a combination of them plus Senate/House foreign affairs committee?

      That’s what life is like for a U.S. “ally”.

    68. jason says:

      So you think Quinnipiac is a bona fide pollster?”

      Yes. They are real and they do polling.

      Do I think they reflect the general leftwing bias against Rs that most MSM pollsters do?


      Is this a polling site where polls are posted, not censured or subject to ‘disclaimers” and where people should decide on their own what polls they believe more than others?


      Are you a certified moron?


      Now GFY.

    69. jason says:

      Jason would argue with a dog? I will give points only because it was so unique.”

      I love points, but truth is I argue with Lupita all the time.

      Also sometimes with Amos’ cows, who don’t seem to understand the concept of property rights very well, could be communists.

    70. jason says:

      I am assuming that phone call is fake, or else I am positive that jason would make a comment about it……amirite?”

      Zzzzzz….Chuck Schumer’s lap dog and biggest supporter here is whining about Biden?

      PS: I am using the criteria for what 99.9999% of people qualify as “support’, not Bitter’s criteria that you can’t support a candidate unless you vote for him, send him money, or whether your support single handedly swung the election in his/her favor.

    71. Tina says:

      Let’s see if The Biden Beotch and Frank Luntz’ tenant demands the transcript and call recording.

      I bet they will continue to enable him.

      They are on the same team when it came to Afghanistan and Ukraine. War at all costs. Have to defend ukraines border, while wanting amnesty and illegals to pour in ours. They also like the illegal drugs and the traffickers.

    72. Tina says:

      · 38m
      Ukrainian President Zelensky meeting with foreign media now. He says regarding the Russian threat and call with Biden yesterday, “I’m the president of Ukraine and I’m based here and I think I know the details better here.”

    73. Tom says:

      Haven’t been following the thread today so apologies if this is old news:

      PA court just ruled PA’s mail in balloting law unconstitutional. No voter fraud here, move along.

    74. Wes says:

      Ted Cruz backs Dave McCormick (R-PA) for Senate. McCormick actually seems like the best get in that clown car primary the PAGOP has going. Although Cruz himself has a number of issues that have hurt his standing with TX voters, he does seem to have an eye for electable candidates in other races, having backed Glenn Youngkin early for VA-Gov last year. This could be a turning point in that race. We shall see.

    75. DW says:

      I don’t know how the economy can survive the inflation going on. A new pair of eyeglasses that used to cost $120 now $280.

      People can cut back on going out to eat, but you gotta see what you are doing.