Hogan Will Not Run for US Senate in MD

    From WBAL:

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Tuesday that he will not run for the U.S. Senate, rebuffing an aggressive recruitment push from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who saw the term-limited governor as the GOP’s best chance to win in the deep-blue state.

    Hogan announced his decision during an unrelated afternoon press conference in the governor’s mansion, explaining that he could not finish his term as governor effectively and run for the Senate at the same time.

    “I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate,” Hogan told reporters. “I sincerely appreciate all the people who have been encouraging me to consider it.”

    That’s too bad as we do need more Republicans like Larry Hogan as the face of the party. But as popular and great a Governor as he has been for Maryland, even I would be skeptical he could win a statewide federal race as a Republican in Maryland, especially against an incumbent Democratic US Senator who hasn’t done much to really anger voters enough that I see them crossing party lines to vote against him and or Hogan.

    While Hogan was no doubt a great candidate in 2014 and has been a popular Governor since being elected, even I can admit he did have an advantage of taking on a terrible Democratic candidate in 2014 who took the race completely for granted coupled with it being a GOP wave year in 2014. Then four years later, with Hogan holding approval ratings close to 70%, Democrats basically conceded defeat before the General Election began by nominating a gadfly candidate while most of their top potential candidates sat out knowing the race would be easier with an open seat instead of a popular incumbent.

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    1. mnw says:


    2. Wes says:

      Not entirely unexpected, though I would have loved to see Hogan beat that entitled schmuck, Chris van Hollen–unlikely as that outcome may be.

    3. Bitterlaw says:

      HHR RINO hunters to celebrate 100% chance hard core leftist will cruise into Senate rather than the unacceptable Hogan.

      Time for Dave to seize this opportunity and run for the Senate.

    4. Tina says:


      Quote Tweet

      U.S. Capitol Police
      · 3h
      This morning a U.S. Representative complained about one of our vigilant officers.

      Chief Manger stands by his officer. Here is why:

    5. NYCmike says:

      “That’s too bad as we do need more Republicans like Larry Hogan as the face of the party.”

      -Too bad he won’t be a Senate candidate, as he may have been the best chance, but this statement needs more information to back it up.

      Wissing, what has he done in Maryland that is so amazing that he should be one of the faces of the national Republican Party?

    6. CG says:

      “what has he done in Maryland that is so amazing that he should be one of the faces of the national Republican Party?”

      Won elections.

    7. NYCmike says:

      “Won elections.”

      -Trump won an election.

      What did you do for him?

      Or do you want to make Biden the face of the Republican Party as well? He “Won elections.” in the blue state of Delaware, then **nationally**.

      Perfect candidate for you.

      His policies, which are no surprise to most sentient beings on HHR, are all yours!

    8. Country Dick Montana says:

      Hogan is the some of a former congressman. What is it about politicians progeny always joining the family business?

      I want to see him run for the GOP nomination just to see him drop out before the NH primary.

    9. Tina says:

      REAKING: Castro Jr says Canada needs mandates ‘to avoid further restrictions’ in response to calls for freedom..He will soon pull a Fidel and lash out at the truckers.

    10. Tina says:


      U.S. Capitol Police
      · 3h
      This morning a U.S. Representative complained about one of our vigilant officers.

      Chief Manger stands by his officer. Here is why:

    11. NYCmike says:


      Biden won your vote.

      Make him the face of the GOP.

      OR, do you, and the majority of the country, prefer the policies that had been in place with the prior administration?

    12. Tina says:

      The Republicans are going to let the drats white wash all of this.

      “The Science Has Changed” – Communist Doctor on CNN Explains Why She Now Supports Lifting Pandemic Restrictions and Mask Mandates (VIDEO)

    13. NYCmike says:


      Double post.

      Put down the limoncello and go get a sandwich.

    14. CG says:

      “Trump won an election.”

      Oh, you must be one of those who think that Trump is still the President.

      When last on the ballot, Trump lost bigly, underperforming other Republican candidates on the same ballot from coast to coast.

      And you want him to be the face of the Republican Party.

    15. Country Dick Montana says:

      FBI, USCP, NSA. Zero them all out. Star by deputizing red state LEO to protect congress then have a truth commission to get to the bottom of federal LEO corruption. Good people will snitch to get their federal jobs back. Spying on citizens and political foes is unamerican. The entire civil service should be disbanded.

    16. NYCmike says:

      “Oh, you must be one of those who think that Trump is still the President.”

      -No, he isn’t in the White House, and Biden was sworn in, so I’ll deal with reality.

      On that score, did Biden really get 81 million votes?

      Were there no rules broken in Wisconsin, Michigan, PA, Georgia, AZ etc etc? Why the media blackout of all the stories coming out in the last 6 months? Have you ignored them as well?

    17. NYCmike says:

      Still waiting on those “Republican” policies put in place by Hogan that give him the gravitas to be one of the faces of the GOP nationally.

    18. Tina says:

      We have Biden’s police force, the Fib.

      And now piglosis police force, the capitol police.

      Luntz tenant is hiding, has he commented?

      Newt would not put up with this sheot. I don’t think Paulo Ryano would either,

    19. NYCmike says:

      Paul Lepage “Won elections.” in a blue/purple state……should he be a face of the Republican Party nationally?

    20. NYCmike says:

      “CG” stands with Trudeau, like his choice for President, Biden/Harris.

    21. Country Dick Montana says:

      Biden has done for the GOP what Obama did for gun sales. This has always been my point. I would rather have dyed in the wool AOC democrats than statist GOP. Let the people get a good look at what the Dems want to do then perhaps they will find that fighting for their freedoms instead of asking for it from an omnipotent federal government is worthwhile.

    22. NYCmike says:


      -Compare Hogan to DeSantis.

      Then tell me whose face to use.

    23. NYCmike says:

      3….2…..1….until some A-Hole writes “Send A Message!”

    24. Tina says:

      Why? I think an investigation into the China virus origins and Fraudci should be the lead investigations.

    25. CG says:

      Better LePage than Trump, that’s for sure. Better anyone than Trump.

      LePage was of course helped twice by a split opposition and only having to win by a plurality. Let’s see how he does this year.

      Somehow, you believe that Hogan twice winning in one of the most heavily Democrat states in the country, including a landslide reelection, and continuing to have among the highest approval ratings of any elected official in the country is a bad thing politically.

      The main thing about politics is that you have to win elections, but that matters less to “deadenders” including those who cannot accept the fact that Trump lost and needs to be done with.

    26. Tina says:

      The new j 6 commission should investigate the following


      Crybaby Adam Klunkzinger

      The capitol police(the one who murdered Ashley and the capitol police chief.


      Put them all under oath,

    27. NYCmike says:

      “Somehow, you believe that Hogan twice winning in one of the most heavily Democrat states in the country, including a landslide reelection, and continuing to have among the highest approval ratings of any elected official in the country is a bad thing politically.”


      I want to know what policies he put in place that other states would want to adopt.

      He won elections, wonderful.

      I stated “-Too bad he won’t be a Senate candidate, as he may have been the best chance, but this statement needs more information to back it up.”

      What policies would he highlight for the nation as Senator from Maryland which would make him “a face of the Republican Party”?

    28. Tina says:


      The door unlocked is a lie as a staff member was in there.

      Kyle Griffin
      · 2h
      Republican Troy Nehls went on a Twitter rant this morning, accusing the Capitol Police of “illegally” entering his office.

      Capitol Police said his office door was open, and that if a Member’s office is “left open and unsecured,” USCP officers are directed to “secure the office.”

    29. NYCmike says:

      “Better anyone than Trump.”

      -This means that you support all of Bidens policies, as he changed all of the ones which the prior administration had in place.

      “CG” is a Biden-Boy!

    30. CG says:

      That makes as much sense as saying you are a Schumer supporter, which you recoil against when mentioned.

      Do you not agree that there is someone out there that would be a better President than Trump or Biden? I sure do. You seem to be loyal to Trump and Trump only. That is hardly patriotic. At least I can admit when I regret a specific vote.

      Is Hogan the best choice? Personally, I would prefer someone more socially conservative like a Liz Cheney or an Adam Kinzinger, but it is hard to argue that Hogan has to be successful politically to do as well as he has done in Maryland. If he has been that popular in Maryland, it would seem to indicate that he could do very well in the states you need to win to get to 270, which certainly does not need to include Maryland.

      But to some, anyone who is not Donald Trump is a “liberal” or a “RINO’ or a “commie.”

    31. NYCmike says:

      “CG” prefers Biden/Harris policies to the ones that Trump/Pence had in place…….but he is a “conservative Republican”.

    32. Tina says:

      Election Wizard Articulated lorry
      Daily Mail: Hunter Biden was working with a Chinese oil company in Kazakhstan that is now under US sanctions and a former Kazakhstan prime minister now accused of treason to broker a lucrative pipeline deal, laptop emails reveal.

    33. NYCmike says:

      “Do you not agree that there is someone out there that would be a better President than Trump or Biden? I sure do. You seem to be loyal to Trump and Trump only. That is hardly patriotic. At least I can admit when I regret a specific vote.”


      Stated several times I’m not sure if I would vote for Trump over DeSantis in a primary. If Trump keeps yapping about 2020, he will lose again. If he looks forward, and speaks only about 2024 and changing Biden/Harris policies, he has a chance to win, as do a number of other Republicans.

      Of course, you would vote for Biden again, because you prefer his policies to the policies Trump had in place.

    34. NYCmike says:

      “That makes as much sense as saying you are a Schumer supporter, which you recoil against when mentioned.”

      -I don’t recoil against this, I laugh at it.

      I never supported Chuckie, his policies are the same as Biden, whom you voted for, and I prefer the policies which Trump had in place to Bidens, which you don’t.

    35. CG says:

      “If Trump keeps yapping about 2020, he will lose again”


      Do you really think he is capable of anything else? Does anyone really think he is going to change? If not, everything else is irrelevant.

      So get off that sunken ship while you still can.

      You seem to be fixated on me. That’s fine. I won’t vote for Biden again, but I am definitely never going to vote for Trump. You seem to admit he is destined to lose, yet you are willing to go right into that deadend.

      No Republican is going to be elected President, without winning over or back many who voted for Biden The good news is that many of those voters (like myself) had voted Republican many times before Trump and voted for other Republicans at much higher levels than Trump, even while Trump was on the ballot.

      There is literally nothing politically dumber than thinking Republicans need to stick with the loser Donald Trump.

    36. NYCmike says:

      I don’t idolize politicians like you do. Their policies are what count, not their personality.

      Grow up and rid your heart of that hatred. That will harm you more than any long-term illness you are battling……by the way, how are you dealing with that with Covid? You said you had a long-term illness, but I forget what it is. I hope you did OK with Covid, and hope that the #TrumpShot helped you out.

    37. CG says:

      From the Clinton years onward, when I became fully politically conscious, I have always felt that character matters above all else. Almost all Republicans believed that at one point. I will continue to believe it.

      I have not had Covid. I hope you have been vaccinated also.

    38. NYCmike says:

      #37 – whomever wins the Republican primary in 2024 will get my vote.

      ANYONE, including Trump, will be much better for the country both short-and-long-term. I would include Hogan in that list.

      You, of course, being the little child you are, would take his ball and go home if your preferred candidate doesn’t win the primary.

    39. Tina says:

      I will vote for Hillary,


    40. NYCmike says:

      “I have not had Covid. I hope you have been vaccinated also.”

      -Had Covid, not vaccinated. Got through it with a little blip.

      Wife (not vaccinated) and child (college-age, chose to get vaccinated) had it also, took Ivermectin, was able to fight through it, and took care of both of us for the 3 days we were a little under the weather.

    41. CG says:

      If somebody other than Trump wins the 2024 Republican nomination and a jealous Trump tells people to oppose them, I have a seriously hard time believing you will not join Trump in opposing them.

      Of course,several others here have said they will never vote again, no matter what, because Trump lost.

    42. CG says:

      Sounds like your kid has most of the brains in the family. Hope for the future.

    43. NYCmike says:

      Also, friend of mine has a son, is a P.A. in rural PA, said that the hospital son is at is independent, and the person in charge has a regimen of either Ivermectin and/or hydrochloroquine for all of their patients. NONE have died, and NONE have needed a ventilator/respirator (not sure which). Vitamin D has also been used extensively.

      Doctor is also NOT against the vaccine, has told his staff to get it if they want to, but that they do not have to…….which is a departure from the Biden/media narrative which “CG” voted for and supports.

    44. NYCmike says:

      “Sounds like your kid has most of the brains in the family. Hope for the future.”

      -He is now being threatened with having to get a booster, and he realizes that his parents warnings should have been heeded, as that was one of our arguments against him getting it….the state will not relent that easily.

      Have you looked at what is going on in Israel? How many boosters are they up to – 4?

      It’s clearly not a vaccine like we got when we were kids…..of course, the #TrumpShot is good for some, like “CG”, and I am glad you think it helped you.

    45. CG says:

      I would think being vaccinated is a better option than getting sick, putting others at risk, even unknowingly, and then taking a bunch of medicine,

      But I don’t pretend to understand the reasoning why you have chosen to just not get vaccinated.

    46. NYCmike says:

      “If somebody other than Trump wins the 2024 Republican nomination and a jealous Trump tells people to oppose them, I have a seriously hard time believing you will not join Trump in opposing them.”

      -This is stupid, even for you.

      Grow up.

    47. CG says:

      Threatened by whom and at what consequence?

    48. CG says:

      Why do you think it is not the same sort of vaccine than what we all got as kids? Or a flu shot today perhaps?

    49. Tina says:

      There is a an alternative to ivermectin orhydrochloroquine, if your state does not allow it.

      Quercetin (vitamin), with zinc and vitamins c and d.

    50. Tina says:

      Mitchie, at the same time, asks the “terrorist”. to vote for a Republican.

      Jan Wolfe
      · 2h
      McConnell calls Jan. 6 a “violent insurrection” and says the RNC shouldn’t have censured Cheney and Kinzinger
      Show this thread

    51. NYCmike says:

      “putting others at risk,”

      -Right there shows that you willingly ignore the science. Vaccinated people spread it just like unvaccinated people do…..again, check the countries like Israel and Singapore where 90+ of the population got vaccinated but the virus keeps virusing.

    52. Tina says:

      They should be removed, both the warmonger/Russian hoaxer and crybaby,

    53. CG says:

      in 10 words or less, what is your rationale for choosing not to get vaccinated?

    54. Tina says:

      Yes, the Covid vaccine prevents transmission and you won’t die if you take it.

      Jebot aka Russian hoaxer aka Amoral Scumbag

    55. NYCmike says:

      “Threatened by whom and at what consequence?”

      -College, you dingbat. And thrown out of class for that semester……right now, has a doctors note which will last for 30 days, since he had covid. After that, we will see what the school policy is.

    56. NYCmike says:

      “in 10 words or less, what is your rationale for choosing not to get vaccinated?”

      -It does NOT work like a normal vaccine.

    57. NYCmike says:

      It is like a flu shot, which was never mandatory.

    58. DW says:

      53 – read the story about the island nation Kiribati. They kept Covid out through December 2021, and decided to finally open the border a little, allowing some people back in. They were 3x vaxxed, quaranteed before getting on the plane and after getting off, went through multiple tests, etc., but as soon as they were cleared and released onto the island, BOOM. Covid.

      It cannot be stopped. So there is NO RISK by anyone failing to jump through anyone’s mandated hoops.

    59. CG says:

      There would seem to be more to the story. One class only?

      Obviously, there would be educational options other than a government school, that relies on taxpayer subsidies, but I doubt that is over a booster since you said he got vaccinated or that there are no other options such as regular testing or remote learning.

      But you made it seem like “the state” is going to lock him up or something.

    60. Tina says:

      There was central planning by capitol police, fib, and other gubment ops.

      Federalist does make some good points, however

      The Jan. 6 Select Committee is investigating an event that has already been investigated by federal law enforcement. The FBI – which seized banking, phone, social media, and geolocation records from the more than 700 people they arrested and charged – found no evidence of any central coordination or organization. Moreover, investigations demanded by Democratic House members into Republican House members, conducted by both the inspector general of the Capitol Police and the Government Accountability Office, have turned up nothing.

      Despite this, the Select Committee insists there was some sort of central planning. In an attempt to harass as many people as possible to prove law enforcement wrong, they have issued huge dragnets for the personal emails, text messages, location records, and social media posts of a secret list of people that includes private American citizens who had nothing to do with entering the Capitol. They have likewise breached centuries of protocol by demanding the private phone records and testimony of their own House colleagues.

    61. NYCmike says:

      I also worked through the pandemic, going into hospitals, and did not get it.

      I took precautions when needed.

      I take vitamins.

      I keep myself in pretty good shape.

      I eat pretty good, and try to get enough sleep.

    62. CG says:

      A Covid shot is not mandatory either.

      Do you think it is less safe than a flu shot or a measles shot or a mumps shot, and all sorts of shots that are mandatory if you wanted to send your kid to public school for instance?

    63. Tina says:

      Check Israel for more for the story,

      Highest vax rates, highest number of cases.

      More vaxxed infected with Omnicold.

      They are using the vax as a therapeutic and not a true vaccine.

    64. CG says:

      I still do not understand your specific rationale for not getting a shot.

      Do you think it has no benefits and Trump is just lying about that?

    65. Tina says:

      Yes, the Covid shot is less safe than the flu

      More than 543 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through February 3, 2022. During this time, VAERS received 12,122 preliminary reports of death (0.0022%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA clinicians review reports of death to VAERS including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records.

      Now how many died from the flu shots?

    66. NYCmike says:

      #61 – what the heck are you speaking about?

      The school he chose to go to -they changed policy after he was already accepted and planned on going.

      Of course he has other options. That’s not the point. He is just as much a risk to others as a vaccinated person who gets covid.

      Also, not sure what “state” has to do with it. I have friends whose kids go to private schools, and they have similar mandates.

    67. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Wes and SoHope:
      Our State has turned into a Banana Republic politically.
      Now the NC State Board of Elections has voted itself the power to decide if Madison Cawthorne(R) should be disqualified from the 2022 ballot due to some arcane provision of the Fourteenth Amendment regarding insurrection. When did the BOE become a Constitutional Court in defining the sections of the US Constitution and the guilt or innocence of someone?

      NC-13; The NC State Board of Elections to hear case that Cong. Cawthorn may be disqualified to run for Congress due to his involvement on 1/6/21 by using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment…(H/T: RRH)

    68. NYCmike says:

      #66 – If you don’t understand “-It does NOT work like a normal vaccine.”, not sure what I can do to help you.

      Go get your booster every 3 months.

      I’ll go with my current regimen of vitamins, sleep, good food, other precautions.

    69. CG says:

      Nobody has died strictly because they got vaccinated. That’s just lunacy. People die every day for lots of reasons. They died before the vaccines. There is not a connection.

      As for “others at risk”, the science shows that those who are vaccinated, even if they get Covid, are extremely unlikely to have to be hospitalized. At various points, hospitals were overrun with people who had Covid, nearly all of them unvaccinated, that puts the public health system at risk and others at risk, who need to be hospitalized for any reason.

    70. CG says:

      It’s not every three months.

      But if that’s the only thing that bothers you, why not just get one shot? It’s better than nothing.

    71. NYCmike says:

      “Do you think it has no benefits and Trump is just lying about that?”

      -It does have benefits, like a flu shot.

      Those individuals who have comorbidities, as far as I have seen, benefit from getting the shot and necessary boosters. My mom has received 2 boosters, I believe. She is almost 90. Great.

      I made the personal decision, along with my wife, that we did not need it, don’t like that all liability for any side effects has been taken away from the makers, and the censorship of opposing viewpoints has further proven that this is more about control than health.

    72. NYCmike says:

      “It’s better than nothing.”

      -I don’t need it.

      I have a 99.99% chance of surviving it.

      I’ll take those odds.

      What comorbidity do you have? Why do you think you need to get this shot?

    73. CG says:

      I do not see the argument that it does not work like a normal vaccine.

      There is a relatively new virus that keeps mutating that is going to require boosters as they continue to produce more effective vaccines. It will probably wind up a once a year thing like the flu shot.

      I have not heard the argument previously that “vitamins, sleep, and good food” are going to stop someone from getting sick if infected. But maybe RFK Jr thinks that.

    74. CG says:

      Personal decision? Sure.

      Sounds like quite a risky gamble though. A lot of people have gambled similarly and come to regret it. I just still do not understand your rationale. If needles scare you, just say so.

    75. NYCmike says:

      “Nobody has died strictly because they got vaccinated. That’s just lunacy. People die every day for lots of reasons. They died before the vaccines. There is not a connection.”

      -If this is the case, then why does the media censor discussions about the VAERS data?

      You really are a Biden/Harris Democratic bot.

    76. Phil says:

      NC has become a joke.

    77. Tina says:

      Those are adverse effects from the shot. Stats from the cdc. You are spreading covid disinfo.

      Now find the data on flu shots deaths from adverse reactionsb

    78. CG says:

      Another obvious reason to want to see more people vaccinated is that will be the best way to put masks behind us all. It will be much harder for government to mandate masks if vaccination rates and all the benefits that come with it are higher.

      But maybe you like wearing masks. Frankly, I do not think I should have to wear a mask forever to protect you for your personal choice because you somehow think you will get through Covid just fine no matter how many times you get it.

    79. Tina says:

      And VAERS is underreported because the gubment lies.

    80. CG says:

      I don’t know what VAERS is. Never heard of it. Considering the source that presented it here, I would be a bit skeptical of whatever it is.

      Do you truly believe people are dropping dead solely because of the Covid vaccine?

      if so, what percent of people do you think that happens to?

      You already said that 99.9 are odds you like. Maybe the odds of someone dropping dead solely from a Covid shot (if you really think that is happening) would be worth it.

    81. NYCmike says:

      “I do not see the argument that it does not work like a normal vaccine.”

      -Measles mumps rubella chicken pox smallpox

      Those diseases have just about been eradicated OVER TIME, as the VACCINES worked, despite it taking much longer to get the whole population vaccinated.

      This “vaccine”, which is made differently, is dealing with a coronavirus, which itself is different from those other diseases.

      “CG”, I am glad you are happy you got it.

      I don’t need it.

      Thanks anyway.

    82. Tina says:

      Yup the Russian hoaxer is a covid hoaxer.

      Words from fraudci and bideb

    83. Phil says:

      You don’t have to wear a mask period. Oh wait. You live in Illinois. My bad.

    84. NYCmike says:

      -Seriously, you never heard of VAERS?

      That in and of itself is a clear sign that the media/government is not reporting everything to the people of this nation…..and “CG” supports that censorship.

    85. CG says:

      What adverse effects? A mildly sore arm is likely for a few days. Even a mild case of Covid is probably a bigger inconvenience.

      Besides that I had no reaction at all to the first two, but then did get a bit sick the day after the booster, which surprised me, but it passed pretty quickly, as it does for at least “99.9%.”

    86. Tina says:

      I heart masks mandates and passports.


    87. Tina says:

      12000 deaths from the shot a year and change.

      Now compare it to the flu vaccine.

      You will see how less safe it is.

    88. CG says:

      Is this is a serious argument in Trumpland?

      People are dropping dead *because* of the vaccine?

      Is that what happened to Betty White and Sidney Poitier?

    89. NYCmike says:

      I never really appreciated how much of an unthinking robot you are, “CG”.

    90. DW says:

      I don’t wear masks, and I did not get the shots, and I don’t plan to get the shots. I already had covid (either the original or delta, not sure) and I got better just like any common cold. I took a lot of vitamin C, D, and zinc, and I had started running last year to build stronger lungs.

      The only time I have worn a mask was when I absolutely had to in order to get into a building, and I wore an N95 mask, because if I was going to have to wear one, I wanted to at least wear a real mask, not these flimsy cloth ones that only serve to make lemmings feel virtuous.

    91. NYCmike says:

      “Besides that I had no reaction at all to the first two, but then did get a bit sick the day after the booster, which surprised me, but it passed pretty quickly, as it does for at least “99.9%.””

      -Good For You!

      But I don’t need it.

      Or do you want to force me to get it, like the nice little fascist up north, Trudeau?

    92. CG says:

      Nobody is going to force you to get it, but if the gamble works out badly for you or your wife, please don’t ask me to be overly sympathetic.

      Is that a deal? I’d probably still feel bad though.

      We can agree to disagree that thousands of people are dying because they got the vaccine and they would be alive today if they did not get the vaccine.

      Signing off for now. Goodluck.

    93. Tina says:

      You said it was safer than the flu shot which is wrong.
      You will not find 12000 deaths in a year and change from the flu vaccine

    94. Tina says:

      You said it was safer than the flu shot which is wrong.
      You will not find 12000 deaths in a year and change from the flu vaccine.

      Take it if you want to or not

    95. NYCmike says:

      “Is this is a serious argument in Trumpland?”


      The best conversations I have had about the vaccine are the private nurses who I have met…..all of them black……they are private nurses so they don’t have to follow the rules of the corporate masters at the city hospitals who design their covid policies to generate higher revenue$$, hence why they rarely use Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine…….hopefully they will come over to Trumpland in the next election with their votes!

    96. NYCmike says:

      “please don’t ask me to be overly sympathetic.”

      -Just like a woke little college liberal, too high of an opinion of your worth to others.

      Stay well. Grow up.

    97. NYCmike says:

      From that conversation with “CG”, I would say that he will NOT vote for DeSantis and/or any other Republican who did not take the same Covid stance as Fat Boy Pritzker in Illinois.

      How dare DeSantis give parents control over their children?!? Unconscionable!

    98. NYCmike says:


    99. NYCmike says:

      I would also add – I have an open mind in regard to Hogan – but if you say “That’s too bad as we do need more Republicans like Larry Hogan as the face of the party.”, please elaborate as to why you think that.

      Put some meat on that bone. Even Tgca is wanting.

    100. Wes says:

      Hogan would be fine as a Senator from Maryland, but I see no reason to believe he would be a worthwhile national face for the party.

    101. Wes says:

      Put some meat on that bone. Even Tgca is wanting.

      It’d be the first food fit for a human he’s eaten in at least a decade.

    102. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “So get off that sunken ship while you still can”

      If I ever sail over the Titanic, will drop a note with this recommendation.

    103. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – I read your posts about Hogan. You clearly do not believe in the 1% Rule. Hogan would be a disappointment from Alabama. He is better than any Democrat in Maryland.

    104. NYCmike says:

      “He is better than any Democrat in Maryland.”

      -That is what I said.

      “-Too bad he won’t be a Senate candidate, as he may have been the best chance,……”

      The words after that have to do with Wissing making the claim he should be a “face of the Republican Party”.

    105. Tgca says:

      VAERS has been around for 30 years and was established by the CDC and FDA to track potential issues with vaccines. They claim it’s the best way to get info to study though it’s subject to bias due to self-reporting. They do acknowledge it’s under-reported significantly as well but it’s still better than having no information at all since they have no other mechanism to track follow-up health issues with vaccines.

      The fact that many do not know about VAERS and that there have been over 20,000 reported deaths and hundreds of thousands of side effects reported on VAERS should concern anyone.

      It is true that not everyone that dies after a vaccine can attribute the death to the vaccine but there is a statistical significant spike in reporting that warrants investigation. Just like we do with other anomalies that arise related to anything from lowering alcohol drinking ages to access to drugs, there are correlations to consider here that should not be easily dismissed.

      There are a number of studies reported in prestigious medical journals throughout the world concerning risks of the vaccines and preventative steps as well. That is why some countries have stopped vaccinating younger people because the risks outweigh the benefits.

      In addition, we know that the vaccinated can carry a significant viral load and infect others. Again, studies validated this and it’s reported in medical journals, as well as admitted to by the CDC now which was a 100% reversal of what they thought before late spring of 2021 which was the unvaccinated don’t spread COVID which we now know is 100% false – and the science did not change, they erroneously hypothesized the vaccination would significantly reduce the spread and not cause illness and they were wrong.

      Vaccinated people in some areas outpace the unvaccinated with respect to testing positive and becoming sick with COVID, and that makes sense as well because vaccinated people are more likely to let their guard down thinking they’re protected when they may not be fully protected. The vaccinated can spread COVID to the unvaccinated and even other vaccinated high risk groups like the elderly or those with compromised immune systems.

      The fact that many are not aware of this and just go with MSM talking points is concerning because they are putting themselves and others at risk by their lack of awareness and education on COVID.

    106. Tgca says:


      Should we not be overly sympathetic for the nearly 700,000 deaths annually from heart disease due to personal choices and behaviors such as bad eating habits, obesity, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, etc?

      What about cancers, many are environmentally related caused by behavioral choices?

      Should we not be overly sympathetic to those that get STDS, some that can kill you because people do not practice safe sex?

      If you’re gonna attribute behaviors to one disease, then it is fair to attribute it to many diseases.

    107. NYCmike says:

      “VAERS has been around for 30 years…”

      -“CG” is 12, so I’ll forgive him for not knowing.

    108. Tgca says:

      Hogan can be a GOP Senator of a liberal state if he can be elected, highly unlikely though today.

      He’s not the future of the GOP. In fact, my guess, he would probably vote more Dem-lite to keep his job in a Dem state.

      That’s ok! Better to have a Dem-lite senator than a liberal one but Hogan is no conservative.

    109. Tina says:

      Bl everybody has said the same. Fine for Maryland not fine as an R on a national ticket.

    110. Wes says:

      Fine for Maryland not fine as an R on a national ticket.

      Tina, can you put down the limon ello and translate this for me?

    111. Tina says:





    112. Tgca says:

      I just recently read another study about to be published, in the NEJM I believe that discusses concerns on the long-term unstudied effects of vaccines.

      Some of these studies concern themselves with months after the fact that the mRNA is still found in muscle and blood, long after it should be gone and immunity established.

      Another recent study pointed to the damage it may due on immunological benefits we inherently have to certain cancers.

      These vaccines have not been studied long-term or on various health issues either. We do not know if this vaccine has long-term impact on people with immunological issues. That’s why it should between a patient and doctor to decide their risk of the vaccine.

      We don’t know the effect of them on developing fetuses as well.

      There is still much to learn and there is a coordinated effort in the US to block interest in this information and label it as disinformation.

      Since when did challenging new scientific methods become disinformation or not following the science?

      The cornerstone of medical science has always been peer review and challenging conclusions not yet proven.

      I say go back and look at what happened in the late 50s and early 60s with Thalidomide. It successfully treated nausea in pregnant women but then lead to thousands of severely disabled babies and took nearly a decade before it was discontinued use in pregnant women.

    113. Tina says:

      I don’t know why a “real conservative” aka
      Is concerned about the vax status of another individual.

      Get it if you want it and don’t get it if you don’t want it.

      The end.

    114. Tina says:

      Ny is basically correct. The vax weakens after a few months. You basically need a booster every 3 to 5 months.

      Israeli doctors have stated this numerous times

    115. Tgca says:

      One simple question for the so-called “conservatives” who voted for Biden in 2020.

      If Trump runs in 2024, he will probably run against either Biden or Harris, based on what we know today.

      Given the devastation we’ve seen with the Biden administration, who would these “conservatives” vote for in 2024, Biden/Harris or Trump?

    116. Tina says:

      I say he does not run. I could be wrong.

      Age is a factor.

    117. Tgca says:


      The problem with these constant boosters is we don’t know the long-term effect on the human body.

      Just like antibiotic overuse can weaken future immunity because of antibiotic resistance, overuse of anything can have negative impacts if not properly studied. We know that with many medications all too well. For example, we know cortisone injections can only be done a certain amount of times in arms and shoulders until it starts decimating tissue over time, as well as causing other medical issues beyond the injection site.

    118. Tina says:

      Exactly tg

      And they lie.

      Pfizer ceo said that the vax is effective against omnicold. Then it comes out that it offers no protection.

    119. Tgca says:

      I think age is not a factor for Trump because he is so energetic, assuming he does not go downhill quickly.

      I think Trump enjoys the attention but not the daily requirements and expectations of administering the presidency since he is more of a high level strategist than an administrator.

      I think he will prefer to be kingmaker over running again and really having at most 2 years to do significant accomplishments before the lame duck period kicks in for a POTUS that cant run again.

    120. Tina says:

      We shall see tgca.

      It’s slim pickings between him and de Santis.

      The rest seem to gop-e.

    121. Tgca says:


      Prior to the pandemic, I read a medical thriller about a virus that spread quickly and killed via a cytokine storm which basically triggers your immune system to overreact and it ends up killing healthy tissue and organs in a short time and can’t be stopped.

      There is risk here with mRNA technology because it basically acts as a messenger to communicate to ribosomes to build “things” such as proteins used in the body. If the mRNA is altered or defective, it can over or under communicate and result in serious protein synthesis damage by ribosomes.

      Studies show certain neurological diseases have higher levels of damaged mRNA so that’s why some of us with immunological or neurological disease could be at higher risk of using mRNA technology that doesn’t necessarily behave as intended.

      Again, they have not studied this enough on various health issues to determine if its safe or not in the long term fir certain health conditions, and mRNA was supposed to degrade quickly after injection but some studies are finding remnants of it existence months after the mRNA injection.

    122. Tgca says:


      That’s horrible! Sounds like ignorant security staff.

      I carry a doctors note that states for medical reasons, I need to have tofu treats available for ingestion on short notice.

      Never had a problem yet.

    123. Tgca says:


      Lori Lightfoot has got to be one of the dumbest leaders in this nation.

      She acknowledges rise in crime but says it’s because young people are stuck in remote learning and commuting crimes out of boredom. That’s her explanation to a rise in carjackings.

      Can you believe this chit?

    124. Tgca says:

      This is a worthy cause instead of just giving spare change or donating meals to the homeless.

      Who at HHR wants to start this program in their community? Come on man! Be a good sport!

      Take in the homeless to that spare room, or refurnished basement or let them use your den or sleep on your sofa, or maybe double up the kids in a room and free up another room for a good cause. Even a cot in the garage is better than nothing.

      I would do this in a heartbeat but I’m overcrowded as it is with 1 dog, 41 fish, and 89 houseplants.

      Bay Area calls on homeowners to help house homeless residents
      Would you open up your rental property or spare bedroom?

    125. NYCmike says:

      -Just to remind “CG”, these are the policies you supported, because Trump…..

    126. Bitterlaw says:

      As a Type 1 diabetic, I carry soda and/or candy at all times in case my blood sugar crashes. I only had an issue with security one time. I bought a soda to carry on a plane. Security made me toss it even though I had a receipt from where I bought it 25 feet from the guard. After I was cleared, I bought 2 more sodas at a stand inside the checkpoint. No problem.

      The guards were wrong. However, the fan could easily have purchased food when he got to the stadium so the excuse that his blood sugar would crash before he could get food is weak.

    127. JeffP says:

      I subscribe to Substack emails for Dr Malone and Alex Berenson and they have been very helpful in processing Covid and vaccines…I even read Naomi Wolfs articles on individual Liberty which are phenomenal for a classic liberal. I have tracked the statistics from several countries including Vaers data, as well as other data Berenson and Malone post and it is shocking…it’s tragic what is happening.

    128. JeffP says:

      650K Maricopa ballots with no chain of custody…duh…yes and about several other major commie led counties in MI WI PA GA NV too…that is the whole scam…the movie D’Souza has coming out has the video of the ballot harvesting and drop boxes. That’s the big lie. And your damn right they will try it again.

    129. JeffP says:

      I am skeptical of another Trump run in 2024 too. His role as lead cultural warrior and his influence as king maker is his best way forward I think. Trump has been an important person in highlighting corruption in government and the danger of the neocons, exposing fake news media and has exposed RINOS like no ever has. He has great instincts for these things and isn’t afraid to expose it. That is his strength. His weakness is his pettiness and narcissistic tendencies… It would be far more advantageous and impactful to have someone like DeSantis for 8 years than Trump for 4.

    130. JeffP says:

      Trump biggest asset is he is not bought by China, big tech and is not beholden to the elite power structures and big corporations.

    131. jason says:

      “HHR RINO hunters to celebrate 100% chance hard core leftist will cruise into Senate rather than the unacceptable Hogan.”

      NYC jumped on that one like a horsefly on fresh crap.

      Good bait.

    132. jason says:

      I see the Biden Troll was here to try to sell the Biden Agenda he voted for.


    133. Tina says:

      The Biden troll will soon jump (back to Hillary).

    134. Tina says:

      Deep down, the York terrier is sad.

      Byron York
      Biden job approval dips below 40 percent for first time in RealClearPolitics average of polls: 39.8% approve, 54.4% disapprove.

    135. DW says:

      The Branch Covidian cult member Elizabeth Warren being sued by Publisher because Warren tried to censor their book on COVID

    136. wobbles says:

      Biden job approval dips below 40 percent for first time in RealClearPolitics average of polls: 39.8% approve, 54.4% disapprove.”

      I know, I know, in the ole days I would have been here in a tenth of a nanosecond to post this about Trump.

      Now, however, let me say that 39% is wonderful and stellar if you account for all the right wing propaganda against our magnificent, competent and effective President.

    137. Tina says:

      Xi Biden’s approval rate is so bad, he is passing out crack pipes.

    138. Tgca says:

      I think the RNC should censure Mitch McConnell and then GOP folks should ban together and go to his home and drag him and his commie supporting wifey out and imprison them, so then he can see what a real insurrection is like. *extreme sarcasm*

      Clearly, no one here would do that or seriously suggest that but he has now turned on the GOP base by stating an insurrection occurred on Jan 6th.

      He is now aligning himself with Pelosi, Cheney, and the Dems. Look for this video to be played over and over during election season by Dems having the GOP leader in the senate accusing the GOP of mounting an insurrection. The MSM will love this. This will put every GOP candidate on the spot to defend their allegiance to the US.

      Mitch can no longer be defended. He has become the useful idiot of the left and the MSM.

      He should be removed from GOP leadership ASAP.

      The Senate GOP should issue a condemnation of his outrageous remarks and demand an apology for offending the vast majority of the GOP.

      There was NO insurrection! People did not storm the gubbermint armed and run politicians out of town or imprison them or attempt to do so. No one was charged and convicted of insurrection. All charges to date are pretty much related to trespassing and minor vandalism, much less than what the Dems supported with BLM and Antifa for over a year.

      McConnell is a traitor to the vast majority of the GOP for holding a press conference stating insurrection occurred by the GOP.

    139. DW says:

      New headline:

      “Democrat Leaders Nationwide Suddenly Sour on Mask Mandates as Elections Approach”


      Branch Covidian cult prophets and high priests hold convention to debate the short term merits of widespread enforcement of the first of their two sacraments.

    140. Tina says:

      And Biden’s Beotch will let them get away with it.

      Nick Freitas
      · 20h
      After years of Democrat Governors using executive fiat to indefinitely suspend our civil liberties, the American people have had enough.

      Now watch as many of the same Dems try to gaslight the public by claiming that they’ve never supported lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates.

    141. Tgca says:

      146 DW

      Stop it! You need to follow the science dude!

      It is an established fact that the science and the severity of COVID infection varies by state. The COVID viruses residing in each of these states have separately adapted so that the science must also vary by state. Just like there are cultural differences and accents that vary by states, the COVID viruses are different by state as well. For example, it is well known the COVID viruses in NYC and northeast NJ are the rudest of all COVID viruses.

      The science says COVID is no longer a major threat in NJ as of Feb 7th so masks can be disregarded there in most cases.

      The science says COVID is no longer a major threat in NY as of Feb 10th so masks can be disregarded there in most cases.

      The science says COVID is no longer a major threat in DE as of Feb 11th so masks can be disregarded there in most cases.

      The science says COVID is no longer a major threat in CA as of Feb 15th so masks can be disregarded there in most cases…except in schools where evidently the CA COVID virus appears to purposely target children and union teacherrs.

      The science says COVID is no longer a major threat in CT as of Feb 28th so masks can be disregarded there in most cases.

      The science says COVID is no longer a major threat in OR as of Mar 31st so masks can be disregarded there in most cases.

      We should applaud the efforts by gubbernors in trying to protect their people, and put the GOP science aside because we know that GOP science is not as reliable as the Dem science.

    142. Tina says:

      Follow the Political Science on Covid.

      His Fraudulency’s poll numbers are in the toilet, so Muh Covid has ended. Fraudci gets a medal.

    143. DW says:

      New headline:

      “CDC Refuses to Update Mask Guidance, Won’t Say When It’ll Ever Change”


      The sacred Scriptures of the Branch Covidian cult will never be changed or modified, despite any pressure for updated translations or alterations.

      The mask sacrament is a core, integral component of the cult and will not be rescinded, though temporary abstinence will be permitted to allow faithful Branch Covidian members to breath freely while voting for Branch Covidian high priests and holy prophets.

    144. DW says:

      New headline:

      “Psaki: The CDC Moves at the Pace of Data and Science”

      Interpretation: The data and science have already confirmed that everyone will eventually become members of the Branch Covidian cult.

    145. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Leana Wen’s 180-Degree Reversal on Masks

      Three weeks ago, she called for tightening mask policy. Now she says it should be up to individuals.”


      Leana Wen has become a Branch Covidian apostate! Appropriate measure are forthcoming to deal with such apostates. Wen does not speak for any Branch Covidian high priest or holy prophet, and this misinformation will be corrected in the days to come. Pay no attention to this obvious fraud, whose mind has somehow been twisted against the scientific data embraced by all Branch Covidians.

    146. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “California to Extend COVID Paid Sick Leave”


      Californians make really good members of the Branch Covidian cult. They are loyal, fierce in their defense of Branch Covidian doctrines, and will unquestionably accept any teachings that come from Branch Covidian high priests or holy prophets. Why can’t more people be like Californians?

    147. jason says:

      Mitch McConnell is now a RINO commie traitor?

      I hope there will be at least one last true conservative to turn off the lights before becoming a RINO himself/herself.

    148. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Biden gives update on fight against Covid.

      After briefing reporters today about the situation in Ukraine, President Biden, acting High Priest of the Branch Covidian cult updated reporters saying, ‘Ung this do know not crumble, est wiff em, sniff em, do not fumble. Green bought too much bring in with it, um, it, uhm Obama, see can do lower then higher, this day then tomorrow, no, with sorrow–I mean borrow.'”


      None needed. The words of the high priest of the Branch Covidian cult need no interpretation.

    149. Tina says:

      Biden’s Beotch says otherwise.

      Kyle Griffin
      · 4h
      Republican Ted Cruz says it’s a “mistake” to use the word ‘insurrection’ to describe the events of Jan. 6. He says the word is “politically-charged propaganda.”

    150. jason says:

      I agree with Cruz.

      But I don’t have 100% litmus test for every issue.

      Jan 6 was a protest by tens of thousands that got out of hand by less than a thousand people who trespassed and even fewer that actually caused property damage. The only person killed was a protester.

      It was not an insurrection, it was not sedition, it was not domestic terrorism.

      McConnell is wrong. But it does not make him “a useful idiot of the left” or a “traitor to the GOP” any other of the hyperbole Tgca’s silly tantrum accuses him of.

      I find it hilarious that people who attack McConnell for not being “conservative” enough give Donald Trump, who was never a conservative, a pass.

      The hypocrisy is astounding.

    151. Tgca says:

      Mitch McConnell just did enormous damage to candidates going into an election by holding a press conference and siding with Pelosi and Cheney, claiming there was an insurrection on Jan 6th.

      He gives Dem candidates cover to deflect from Biden’s failures and video footage for the MSM to use 24/7 when election comes around.

      I can see it now. ”Even Mitch McConnell agrees the GOP engaged in insurrection and tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power to the rightful winner of a presidential election, an unprecedented act in our nation’s history. Roll the tape please.”

      Great way to help the GOP Mitch!

      How is this different than Cheney stirring up insurrection BS in 2021 that got her booted from the leadership instead of supporting GOP candidates?

    152. Tgca says:

      Why is it that Liz Cheney is a useful idiot to the left for espousing insurrection BS but MCConnell says the same thing and he’s not a useful idiot to the left?

      Double standard.

      Evidently, the Senate leader believes the GOP tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power. HIS words! Is he also referring to the nearly 150 GOP CongressCritters who voted to object to counting tje electoral votes for Biden?

      This has nothing to do with being conservative, as it’s hard to argue Liz Cheney is not conservative. This has to do with betrayal and false accusations that damage the GOP and play into the hands of the left and MSM going into an election.

      I’m not saying Mitch is a RINO. I’m saying he has betrayed the GOP when he should have known better.

      Time for him to step down as leader if he believes his party, including nearly 150 congressional critters tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

    153. Phil says:

      Mitch isn’t a RINO but he’s an electoral drag. The base doesn’t’ trust or like him…..nor should they. Baris did an entire podcast today sharing his polling on McConnell. His Republican numbers were in the toilet. Really bad with Republicans. He was good on judges. That’s it. When is the last time you’ve heard him utter a word about the border. Establishment all the way and has nothing good to say about the base. This will be his last term, but unfortunately his successor is Thune who also is an establishment creature and has nothing but disdain for the base. He, Thune, Romney, Liz look down on the Republican base. I have little use for any of them and that includes my own Senator John Cornyn.

    154. Tina says:

      There were other issues that Mitchie could have talked about, such as Covid deaths, or the house spying gate.

      You don’t give ammo to the drats, put down your base, and then have the balls to ask for the vote of “insurrectionists.”

      He and Luntz tenant are terrible.

    155. Tina says:

      It’s almost as if they knew something was up.

      Julie Kelly Flag of United States
      Liz Cheney hired a retired Secret Service agent to accompany her to the Capitol on January 6.

      Adam Kinzinger told his wife to stay home and he brought a gun to the Capitol on January 6.

      Almost like they knew something would go down…

    156. Tgca says:


      It’s a fake argument to rebut criticism of what Mitch said about Jan 6th stating it’s all RINO accusation BS.

      It’s similar to people calling you a racist when you bring up issues they don’t like. It’s deflection!

      I don’t think Mitch or Liz are RINOs in the traditional sense but they have both betrayed and slandered the GOP with their lies. Liz was removed from leadership for her behavior. Mitch should also be asked to step down for making the same claims as Liz, as he can no longer confidently lead in the Senate.

      You are correct. He is a drag on the party.

    157. Tina says:

      Regarding J6, the Rs need ro investigate

      Ashley’s death at the hands of a trigger happy, and unqualified officer.

      Who opened the capitol doors. They open from the inside out.

      Who broke the glass. Who is lookout man and Ray Epps.

      How many fib and gubment types were involved.

      And why Piglosi refused extra security (national guard).

    158. Tina says:

      Yup, great in judges, but other than that horrible.

      Lost two Georgia senate seats because he refused to do stimulus.

      Bailed out Biden from stimulus (contradicting his original position).

      Bailed out Biden on splitting bills.

      Is basically pro mask and vax.

      Calls his base insurrectionists, while demanding money.

    159. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval

      538 Average:
      Approve 41.3%
      Disapprove 52.6%
      RCP Average:
      Approve 39.8%
      Disapprove 54.4%

    160. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      2022 Generic Congressional Ballot:

      538 Average:
      Republicans 44.5% (+1.9)
      Democrats 42.6%

      RCP Average:
      Republicans 47.6% (+4.0)
      Democrats 43.6%

    161. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The worst thing the Republicans can do is to keep regurgitating Jan 6th. Voters are concerned with what is happening now, and Biden is not handling the current economic and coronavirus issues very well.

    162. Tgca says:


      Tell that to Mitchie who just gave the Dems and the MSM video footage and campaign talking points to use in the election against those of the 150 GOP CongressCritters who voted to protest the Biden certification process.

    163. JeffP says:

      169 SDC Exactly…and it’s connected to the stolen election discourse as well. I am just as upset about the injustice and corruption as anyone else. However, the GOP has a great opportunity to have the solutions to offer to all the concerns that are impacting people’s lives…Education being the prime example. The GOP can own that issue for the first time in decades. That’s why Trump whining about the steal is a huge negative as well. I have serious doubts the messaging will be clear and consistent. When they are the majority the issues can be addressed at committee level…but the DOJ is corrupt as hell and won’t do anything anyway. It’s a waste to litigate over and over.

      Mitchie is the enemy of the people.

    164. JeffP says:

      The GOP based on the issues that matter have an opportunity to be the ruling majority for an extended period of years if they truly lead. The MSM has been crippled and people are waking up to the reality of the radical left. It is seen in the poll numbers with independent voters.

    165. Gordon Allen says:

      Jeff P. Agree that nominating Trump is to revisit 2016 and 2020 all over again. And this from someone who became a strong Trump supporter,and who feels a ” steal” did take place . Everytime I hear him he relentlessly goes backward in his comments. On to DeSanti

    166. Tina says:

      I guess this is the latest “scandal”. And useless Rs,
      Ike Thune, jumped on it like flies on sheot.

      · 3h
      EXCLUSIVE: While Trump was in office, staff in the White House residence periodically discovered wads of printed paper clogging a toilet — and believed the president had flushed pieces of paper, @maggieNYT scoops in her forthcoming book, “Confidence Man.”

    167. Tina says:

      I am sure that Putzaki will say something “intelligent” about the 7.5% inflation.

      The fed is late to,the party and needs to start increasing.

      This will continue to get out of hand otherwise.

    168. Tgca says:

      The lying, incompetent Dr. Fow-chee, who only 31% of the country trusts now, says:

      ‘full-blown’ COVID-19 pandemic is almost over in US

      Now wait for him to change his mind AGAIN and suggest more boosters or restrictions soon and then claim the SCIENCE CHANGED.

      I hope the GOP are able to fully investigate and get him prosecuted for lying to Congress and funding illegal research.

    169. Tgca says:


      Oh Tina! STOP being so negative on inflation.

      Don’t you know inflation is good because it means you have to pay more for services and products which then provide more revenue to businesses and taxes for the gubbermint.

      People make more money if prices go up. It’s simple economics!

      What so bad about that?

      This is what capitalism should be!

    170. Tgca says:

      I love this clip of the MSM in desperation trying to label the Freedom Convoy. Listen to these folks over and over try to use key words to label the protestors. So far it ain’t sticking.



      Threat to democracy!



      Hostage taking!



      Violent protestors!

      Attempt to globalize Trumpism!

      Swastika flags!

      Confederate flags!

      Taking food from homeless!

      Endangering children!


    171. Tgca says:

      So the WH has two new important initiatives it’s pushing, Crack Pipe distribution to address racial inequity and de-escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

      Originally, it was thought Hunter Biden could lead the Ukrainian effort due to his vast knowledge and experience with Ukraine but now they feel his skill and experience are better focused on the Crack Pipe distribution to address racial inequities and Kamala will take the lead on the Ukrainian issue.

      I feel much relief knowing that the WH has chosen wisely on the most qualified experts to lead these initiatives.

    172. JeffP says:

      Let’s Go Canadian Truckers! Lil Justin is being undressed publicly. Davos and globalist leaders are not going to be happy with him. I sure hope this spreads to Europe. My wife and I have a trip to France to make and she has been told by her doctor to not get the vaccine.

    173. Tina says:

      Please do not make fun of China Biden.

      The crack pipe is the only pipeline he believes in.

    174. JeffP says:

      Gordon…173…I like Trump as RINO killer in chief. He could make a huge impact cleansing the GOP of the China beholden, globalists, and establishment types. Build the America First agenda in the candidates he supports and weed out the Romney’s and Murkowskis etc…easier to achieve than being President. He would only have three years…then lame duck…not enough time to impact the administrative state Bush and Obama built. 8 years of Desantis minus more Rinos would be the best way forward from what I can see. The FIB, DOJ, DHS and Military need complete overhauls that would take an 8 year run. A person can dream.

    175. Tom says:

      183. Tgca – Why not send the crack pipes to Russia and solve two problems at once?

    176. DW says:

      New Headline:

      New Biden Nuclear Hire Is Drag Queen Who Discusses Sex With Animals and Calls Fauci “Daddy Fauci”


      The Branch Covidian cult is expanding! Everyone will be assimilated.

    177. NYCmike says:

      “8 years of Desantis minus more Rinos would be the best way forward from what I can see. The FIB, DOJ, DHS and Military need complete overhauls that would take an 8 year run. A person can dream.”

      -If I could plan it, Trump/Desantis would run and win in 2024. Then, in February 2027, during the SOTU address, Trump says he will immediately retire, takes off his suit coat, hands it to the VP who will be sworn in as President on LIVE TV, while Trump walks out up the middle aisle after being handed a driver and a red MAGA hat.*

      *Someone please confirm that DeSantis would potentially be able to run for 2 terms after serving out the remainder of Trumps term.

    178. NYCmike says:

      “Gordon…173…I like Trump as RINO killer in chief.”


      Sorry, but weren’t you here in 2020 speaking about how bad Trump was…..unless I have you confused with someone else?

      Also, we don’t need any “killer”‘s on HHR, even metaphorically.

    179. Country Dick Montana says:

      Unless Trump moves to another state he and DeSantis cannot be on the same ticket. Same reason Dick Cheney moved from Texas to Wyoming.

    180. NYCmike says:

      -Just to be clear, because I did not see the news yesterday that much, McConnell went along with calling Jan 6th an insurrection, and then A-Hole jason said NOTHING about that, except to reply to those posters who didn’t think McConnell should have done that? Is that correct?

      jason has to be some sort of troll if he doesn’t understand that position is a terrible one to take for McConnell. What reasons would he have to stand with Pelosi & Schumer on that? Why would jason stand with Pelosi & Schumer in cheering on McConnell and that position?

    181. NYCmike says:


      Yes, you are correct, forgot about that restriction for the Pres and VP

    182. Wes says:

      Actually, CDM, both members of a presidential ticket can be on the same ticket; however, one of them would be ineligible for their home state’s EVs. In a close race like 2000 or 2004, that would likely result in a President of one party and a Veep of another.

    183. Tina says:

      To be fair,Biden’s bitch has always said that “insurrectionists” were involved with J6.

      Biden’s Beotch errred because he said that it should be investigated and he had no trouble with the House Un Select Committee doing so. This is where no Rs serve on the committee because they were removed by Piglosi and they are spying on folks.

      There is a valid legal argument that needs to be decided by the courts as any subpoenas issued are technically illegal.

    184. JeffP says:

      NYCMike 190 No that was not me…I definitely supported Trump in 2020…at 10:30 pm on election night I thought he was going to win and when they stopped counting votes an hour later I knew it was over for him. In 2016 I initially did not trust him. I try to stay objective about him now.

    185. Tina says:

      Another “insurrectionist”. I am sure the Fib will investigate this.

      Charlie Spiering
      One protester on the route of Biden’s trip to Culpeper, Va has a sign reading “Build Crack Better”

    186. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Morning Consult once was one of Biden’s better polls. Oh wait, it still is. Biden’s Morning Consult approval is above the RCP average.

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 41%
      Disapprove 51%

      45,000 Adults, 2/3-9

    187. Tina says:

      Cn and n has just indicated that Biden’s polling is in complete collapse.

      Every issue he is terrible, including handling the China virus.

    188. Tina says:

      Well past due but the gop-e and the Chinese chamber of commerce will sheot themselves.

      Truckistan Amb. Poso ?
      · 2h
      BREAKING: Senator @SenRickScott says it’s time to end China’s Most Favored Nation trade status and return them to the pre-2001 trade relationship

    189. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A major issue overhanging the 2024 presidential election is the age of the likely candidates. Keep in mind the average male life expectancy in the U.S. is 76 years.

      Trump will be 77 years old, and Biden 81 years old. Biden is clearly in mental decline, and despite his claims to the contrary, is very unlikely he runs again or get the nomination if he does.

      Trump, if elected, will be 78 years of age when he takes office, and 82 when his term ends.

      At this point, am beginning to believe DiSantis might be a better choice as the presidential candidate, with Trump still active as party leader and elder statesman. It would be better if a younger person was in charge of actual administration and executive duties of the Presidency. After watching Biden’s mental decline, am not sure voters will be supportive of another elderly president.

    190. DW says:

      I am all in on DeSantis. With him at the top of the ticket, and Trump going around red states to stump for him, it may not matter who the Dems run, especially if gas is $10 a gallon and a loaf of bread is $15.

    191. Wes says:

      I agree, SDC.

      DeSantis has both executive and legislative experience and has been an effective Governor of one of the largest and fastest growing states in the nation. Biden–or any Democrat–will have a hard time attacking DeSantis’ record while DeSantis has also proved adept in responding effectively to a media onslaught.

      He just feels like the best candidate for Republicans to run in 2024.

    192. Wes says:

      After much wheeling and dealing, Kansas Republicans have overridden Laura Kelly’s veto of the congressional maps. Naturally the loathsome Marc Elias is threatening to sue. Unfortunately for the Dems, if the KSSC tries to create an extraconstitutional standard for forcing a redraw, most of the Dems on the Court are up this year, meaning Republicans will have even more of an incentive to turn out and vote them out of office.

    193. Phil says:

      Anything current to report on NC? Just thinking about Democrats plunking Republicans on redistricting again is depressing.

    194. Wes says:

      Republicans are looking at an appeal to the federal courts while also openly contemplating impeaching some of the Dems Justices, Phil. Personally I’d prefer the first option be successful because if Republicans have to go for the nuclear option of impeachment, Dems in a few decades when they control the Assembly again, may trump up impeachment charges against GOP Justices and cite the current Assembly’s actions as precedent.

    195. Phil says:

      What a disaster redistricting has been for Republicans in state after state. Outmaneuvered in state after state. NC might rank as the worst after NY.

    196. Gordon Allen says:

      I agree with Wes re DeSantis.
      The Atlanta Fed has 1st quarter GDP at .07!
      Inflation is at 7.5 % and rising.
      If Republicans can’t win in thar environment, start a new party.

    197. DW says:

      New Headline:

      Fauci: A Fourth-Dose May Be Required for Some


      The arch-bishop and holy prophet of the Branch Covidian cult re-affirms ongoing practice of the second sacrament of the cult. Don’t let that word ‘required’ fool you. He’s not one to just make suggestions.

    198. DW says:

      New Headline:

      Biden’s Visit to Virginia Met With “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Build Crack Better” Signs

      Biden’s interpretation:

      “So far as I know, Brandon has been fully vaccinated, so I agree with Let’s Go Brandon–a faithful member of the Branch Covidian cult.

      I only know of the two sacraments, masks and shots, but if Crack is a third sacrament…I better check with the Branch Covidian arch-bishop and high-priest to see if I have been overlooking the importance of Crack.”

    199. Tgca says:

      The only problem I see with DeSantis running in 2024 is whether Trump will hog the spotlight or be a drag on him if Trump can’t contain himself.

      While on the campaign trail, DeSantis can’t be responding about Trump said this or that today and what do you say Gubbernor? DeSantis will have to be his own man and not parrot Trump either.

      I still think Trump probably does not want to run in 2024 and risk losing. By staying the current course, he can be kingmaker and keep bellowing the 2020 election was stolen from him.

      It could get a bit tricky having them both competing for the messaging that gets all the media attention. Trump’s messaging can’t be overshadowing DeSantis’s messaging.

    200. Tina says:

      Republicans will have to soon come out with some kind of agenda.

      Biden lite won’t cut it.

      That includes wanting open borders and amnesty.

      They continue to be scared of Biden, especially Biden’s
      Beotch and Luntz tenant

    201. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      We will know when the possibility of a DeSantis candidacy gets serious when concerned troll starts doing fly-bys to take shots at him.

    202. Tom says:

      213. Agree that they need a positive agenda, and they have a lot to choose from, but “I’m not Trump” worked well for Biden. So I believe a positive agenda and “I’m not Biden” will be an effective strategy in 2024. Having said that, I don’t believe Biden will be running in 2024.

    203. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. DeSantis is plenty smart enough to do that.
      He’s very smart and knows the media game well.
      His wife was in the media herself, and also quite smart

    204. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Josh Caplan
      · 17m
      Biden to NBC: “American citizens should leave [Ukraine] now.”

    205. Bitterlaw says:

      I think DeSantis would be a great candidate. If Trump does decide to run in the primary I hope he decides it serves no purpose to try to destroy DeSantis in the process. Trump has a good record to run on. DrSantis also has a good record to run on. Of course, the most important factor for DeSantis should be his wife’s health.

    206. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The joke of Bernie Sanders referring to himself a “Democratic Socialist”. He is a Marxist and a Commie:

      “Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., urged his colleagues to see the Russia-Ukraine situation from the side of the Kremlin, noting that just as the U.S. seeks to protect its interests in the West, Russia may only be looking to do the same in its part of the world.”

    207. Tina says:

      I am not picking anyone yet for 2024. Let’s first get through 2022.

      Bl does make some good points though.

    208. SoHope says:

      Just watched Shut In the movie from Dailywire. I was really good 4/5 stars.

    209. NYCmike says:

      -jason will be here soon to defend this…..please remember, this is data collected WITHOUT a warrant, with ZERO safeguards to keep it from being used nefariously by those with access at any time in the future. As with ALL government programs, it probably started for a good reason, but has gone off the rails.

    210. Wes says:

      Tgca says:
      February 10, 2022 at 6:18 pm
      The only problem I see with DeSantis running in 2024 is whether Trump will hog the spotlight or be a drag on him if Trump can’t contain himself.

      While on the campaign trail, DeSantis can’t be responding about Trump said this or that today and what do you say Gubbernor? DeSantis will have to be his own man and not parrot Trump either.

      If Trump causes this scenario, Tg, then it’s a reflection on him rather than DeSantis.

    211. Tgca says:


      This should be terrifying to every American. The CIA should not be collecting data on Americans within the US. That is not their charter and an enormous violation of our rights.

      We should all expect our most personal information may be stored in some data warehouse at this point.

      I guess they now have access to all my secret tofu recipes. There’s goes my plans for my cookbook. F*CK!!!

    212. jason says:

      -jason will be here soon to defend this….”


      Maybe we should eliminate the CIA along with the FBI.

    213. jason says:

      jason has to be some sort of troll”

      I love the scent of fresh points in the morning.

    214. jason says:

      why would jason stand with Pelosi & Schumer in cheering on McConnell and that position?”

      NYC is such a stupid pathological liar….

      Republican Ted Cruz says it’s a “mistake” to use the word ‘insurrection’ to describe the events of Jan. 6. He says the word is “politically-charged propaganda.”

      jason says:
      February 9, 2022 at 7:09 pm

      I agree with Cruz.”

      Does that sound like “cheering” to the moron?

      And of course, it is hilarious that the guy who fights the hardest here to ensure Chuck Schumer is majority leader accuses me of “standing with him”.

    215. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Biden: I Would Not Send Troops to Rescue Americans Fleeing Ukraine”


      “I am not sure that those trapped in Ukraine are fully members of the Branch Covidian cult.”

    216. jason says:

      I don’t think DeSantis should run if Trump does, I think Trump would beat him and destroy his viability in the party in the process. The idea that Trump would go “light” on DeSantis is wishful thinking, it is not his style.

      And the minute DeSantis goes negative on Trump he kills his chances in the GE even if got the nomination.

      I think DeSantis is a viable candidate ONLY if Trump endorses him.

    217. Wes says:

      I think DeSantis should run if he wants regardless of what Trump does.

      If Trump wants to launch internecine warfare on the most prominent Governor in the nation opposing the excesses of the Biden Administration, then that’s a poor reflection on Trump.

      Alternately if Trump and DeSantis both run, rather than creating a circular firing squad, both candidates can create competing positive visions for their putative presidencies. That would make far more sense than tearing each other apart and making it easier for Dems to hold the White House in 2024.

    218. DW says:

      And now Communist Canada has frozen the funds donated to the truckers by the alternative GiveGoSend platform. Its just raw, open, unashamed communism going on for all to see.

    219. jason says:

      I don’t think Trump worries about what “is a poor reflection” on him.

      And I don’t think “create competing positive visions”, while certainly laudable, is not realistic in the real world, it just doesn’t happen.

      A primary between would be a circular firing squad, and lose-lose. If Trump won, the most likely scenario, it would probably damage DeSantis for future runs. If DeSantis won, less likely, he could not win the GE without the support of the Trump loyalists.

      Just my view, I won’t be voting for either one in the primaries and probably not the GE either. My advice for DeSantis is to support Trump if Trump runs, not run against him. I just don’t see how Rs will benefit from that.

    220. jason says:

      Should say “I don’t think competing positive visions” is realistic.

    221. jason says:

      And btw, despite all the DeSantis cheering here, I have yet to see a poll where DeSantis does better in a GE than Trump does.

    222. DW says:

      At least the US hockey team thumped communist China 8-0, crushing them and all the American traitors playing for the commies.

    223. Tina says:


      The Columbia Bugle Flag of United States
      Yet Republican Leadership fears a direct confrontation with Biden over substantive issues. Like the border. Or the pandemic. So they send snarky tweets instead.

      The regime has never been weaker but Republicans refuse to pounce.

    224. Tina says:

      Has Luntz tenant even commented on Piglosis spy gate?

      I mean using the capitol police to investigate Rs may be an issue.

      Unless, Luntz and Biden’s Beotch approve of such tactics against conservatives

    225. Tina says:

      I cannot support Biden’s Beotch and Luntz’ tenant for leadership any longer.

      No money to the Rnc.

      I will continue to make contributions to candidates that are pro border enforcement, candidates who will punish China (enemy #1) against warmongering, and promotes domestic manufacturing

    226. Tina says:

      When will Justine Truedope go full Fidel?

      Like father, like son.

    227. Tgca says:

      I must say it disheartens me that folks here can’t disagree without all these personal attacks and name calling. It tears me up. *sniffles*

      That being said, I think it’s wishful thinking that people competing in a primary are going to be cordial. Politics is a dirty game and the point is to win, and if that means discrediting or destroying your competition, that’s the way it goes. Happens all the time.

      Trump would be unmerciful to DeSantis or anyone else that seriously challenged him in a primary, and that would also bring out the defense in others even more against Trump.

      Think how Marco treaded lightly with Trump until it came down to the wire. I think DeSantis would have to do the same and then be on the losing end.

      Like it or not, Trump sucks out all the air when he’s in a room.

      Besides, DeSantis has built his success off of Trump. For the most part, in Florida, if you like DeSantis, you love Trump and I don’t see many in the GOP choosing DeSantis over Trump or appreciating DeSantis attacking Trump.

      So unless Trump’s fortunes dwindle soon, and it appears not, DeSantis is going to be playing 2nd fiddle to Trump. That’s the reality.

    228. Tgca says:

      I would not say the CIA should be disbanded but there should be criminal probes of them and prison terms if any of these recent allegations are true.

      I do not take kindly to people infiltrating my personal data and stealing my tofu recipes.

    229. Wes says:

      It’s a good thing the GOP isn’t the monarchy you think it should be, Jason. The Republicans nomination will be open in 2024, so regardless of what you think, DeSantis has every right to run. If Trump wants to run against him and go full negative to destroy him, that’s fair enough. It would be interesting to see what viable line of attack Trump would have against DeSantis. There doesn’t seem to be one at the moment, and I doubt the Trump default attack of putting a pejorative adjective in front of a first name is going to be effective this time because DeSantis isn’t the same kind of lazy candidate as Crooked Hillary or Low-Energy Jeb. What line of attack exactly would Trump use? Is he going to say DeSantis nearly lost to a crack addict in 2018? Good luck with that.

      If Trump wants to launch into a series of Ben Nelson-style attacks against a viable opponent that have the potential to damage his own personal standing, fine; but DeSantis has no obligation to bend the knee to Trump. If Trump is petty enough to try to undermine DeSantis in the general should the Florida Governor win the primary, then clearly Trump was undeserving of the nomination in the first place.

      The fact is that DeSantis has a right to run if he wishes. Donald Trump should not be a factor in his decision. If Trump can’t take the prospect of a viable opponent and goes scorched earth to beat DeSantis or cost him the general election, I don’t see how that hurts DeSantis down the road.

    230. Country Dick Montana says:

      About January 6, I believe that Marco Rubio said it best:

      “The Government was not going to be overthrown by a guy in a Viking hat and a speedo.”

      That is what the GOP should be saying.

      The people that want to vote GOP because it is their “team” can do so. Don’t think for one minute that the GOP politicians are interested in anything except power, just like their DEM counterparts.

      Best thing to happen is vote out all establishment GOP, let the DEMS do their worst then fight back.

      It is simply not worth voting at the federal level anymore.

    231. Tina says:

      The uni party is scared if this happens.

      Mary Margaret Olohan
      on the possibility that we will see trucker convoys in the USA: “I’m all for it. Civil disobedience is a time-honored tradition in our country, from slavery to civil rights, you name it. Peaceful protest, clog things up, make people think about the mandates.”

    232. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” make people think about the mandates.”

      I like the idea that it make the elites think about who feeds them and supplies the energy to keep them warm.

      A national strike by all real working people would be great.

    233. Tina says:

      A national strike would bring the uni party to its knees.

      They will go full Fidel.

      The problem is deep down R leadership likely supports vax mandates, like they support the Ccp, open borders, and war mongering.

    234. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Schoolchildren Erupt in Celebration After Being Told They Don’t Need to Wear Masks Anymore”


      Local priests in the Branch Covidian cult need to do a better job of brainwashing the children, and so maybe we need to start masking them within the first hour newborns enter the world.

    235. jason says:

      The fact is that DeSantis has a right to run if he wishes.”


      Nobody says he doesn’t have the right to run.

      What I said was I didn’t think he SHOULD run if Trump runs, which is completely different.

      Your own words:

      “If Trump wants to run against him and go full negative to destroy him, that’s fair enough. It would be interesting to see what viable line of attack Trump would have against DeSantis.”

      If Trumps runs and DeSantis runs against him, this is what will happen, whether you think it would be effective or not. It is not Trump’s style to play nice and DeSantis will be forced to retaliate.

      I just don’t see how that will help Rs win in 2024 if the two most viable names in the party destroy each other or even just try to.

      So again, DeSantis has every right to run. I would advise him not to run against Trump.

    236. Tina says:

      Ontario declares state of emergency.

      Castreaus son will go full Fidel soon.

    237. jason says:

      don’t see how that hurts DeSantis down the road.”

      I am not to sure about that. Normally losing doesn’t help.

      Nixon lost a GE and was renominated, but normally if you lose a GE it is difficult to come back.

      Nixon was helped by the fact he lost very narrowly (if he lost at all), same with Trump now.

      Also my fear is not so much that Trump would try to undermine DeSantis if he lost the nomination o him, more like this type of fight would make it difficult to unite the party.

      In 2016 Trump won despite a divided party because he was able to replace people like me (and you) with a coalition of voters outside the R party’s normal base. I doubt DeSantis can attract the same coalition that Trump can, so he needs a united R party to win.

    238. Tgca says:


      Jadon is correct in my EXPERT opinion.

      DeSantis or any GOPer can run but you have to look at it strategically for the party. What do the voters want and does setting up an in-party civil war beneficial to the party?

      I can definitely tell you GOP support for DeSantis would decrease significantly enough to potentially harm in a GE if he goes all out war with Trump. The GOP is now a Trump party, at least for the next few years until it’s made over with another GOPer with significant clout.

      About 70% of the GOP feels Trump was cheated from an election and they would love to see him prevail again. I doubt the vast majority of the party wants to see DeSantis elected over Trump at this time, and that could change but it is what it is today.

      Every respectable poll I recall seeing shows Trump annihilating DeSantis.

    239. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Ontario declares state of emergency.”


      It’s always an emergency until all obstacles to the advance of the Branch Covidian cult are fully removed.

    240. Tgca says:

      DeSantis is young and has much time still. He would have to win re-election 1st in Floreedah, an expected outcome thus far, and then he would have to start the campaign process in early 2023 for POTUS shortly after his 2nd gubbernor term begins.

      DeSantis should learn from Lil Marco. He was a star nationally, and once beloved in FL, but then he got whooped in the 2016 primaries, and he has never recovered from that butt kicking to this day. DeSantis deferred to Lil Marco and chose not to run for his Senate seat after Lil Marco’s humiliating Floreedah primary defeat.

      Not sure DeSantis would do much better against Trump than Lil Marco.

    241. Tgca says:

      If you like South Park, you’ll like this. Funny indeed!

    242. jason says:

      Best thing to happen is vote out all establishment GOP, let the DEMS do their worst then fight back.”

      That won’t work either.

      As we can see, if you give Dems total power they will make structural changes that make “fight back” impossible.

      I was listening to Jesse Kelly show while driving last night and he said something I agree with.

      “we are graduating 4 million college students a year. Nothing will change if you are putting that many communists a year into the workforce/society”.

      He has a point. Yeah, not all are communist, but the majority are products of the far left academia.

    243. jason says:

      I can definitely tell you GOP support for DeSantis would decrease significantly enough to potentially harm in a GE if he goes all out war with Trump.”

      Yep, therein lies the problem.

      Trump will be the nominee if he wants.

      A DeSantis war with Trump could weaken Trump and damage DeSantis permanently.

      I want an explanation on why that would be good for the GOP.

    244. jason says:

      I would like to see a convoy 50 miles long move from CA to DC.

      No “civil disobedience” needed, go the speed limit.

      The optics would be awesome, millions waving fro.m overpasses.

    245. jason says:

      Defund the police!

      “PHOENIX (AP) — Five Phoenix police officers were shot and wounded in an ambush after responding to a report of gunfire inside a home early Friday, including four who were shot while trying to take a baby to safety, police said.

      Four more officers were injured by shrapnel or ricocheting bullets.”

    246. Phil says:

      Another tragic incident in Phoenix.

      Fortunately for the left they control the MSM and all the social platforms. There won’t be any coverage of this or anything else that conflicts with their agenda. Crime, the border…..crickets.

      Business as usual. Nothing to see here.

    247. jason says:

      This guy is supposed to be a “sane” Dem…

      “New York could fire up to 3,000 unvaccinated city workers on Friday, the New York Times reported. That is less than 1% of the city’s overall workforce but would still represent the most drastic cut tied to a coronavirus vaccine mandate. Mayor Eric Adams has said he would prefer not to make the move, but he observed that, by remaining unvaccinated, workers are “quitting.”

    248. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “New York could fire up to 3,000 unvaccinated city workers on Friday, the New York Times reported. That is less than 1% of the city’s overall workforce but would still represent the most drastic cut tied to a coronavirus vaccine mandate. Mayor Eric Adams has said he would prefer not to make the move, but he observed that, by remaining unvaccinated, workers are “quitting.”


      Eric Adams has just been promoted from Priest to regional Bishop and Prophet in the Branch Covidian cult. Classifying those who refused to take the second sacrament of the cult as ‘quitters’ was a brilliant move.

    249. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Biden Calls Lester Holt a “Wise Guy” for Bringing Up Past Claims Inflation Would Be Temporary”


      Those who wish to move up and be promoted within the ecclesiastical structure of the Branch Covidian cult need to be careful as to what they say about less important doctrines.

    250. NYCmike says:

      “This guy is supposed to be a “sane” Dem…”

      -This guy, as a police office, fought Mayor Giuliani every step he took when Rudy turned around NYC. He is an empty suit. The media told the voters exactly what the voters wanted to hear, hence why I will have to change my HHR tagname within the next year or 2.

    251. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “California Debates Vax Mandate for ALL Workers”


      Let there be no doubt as to the location of the ‘Mecca’ of the Branch Covidian cult.

    252. Tgca says:



    253. Tgca says:



    254. Tgca says:

      OMG!!! Was this Walt?

      I was very surprised by this. Very surprised indeed.

    255. NYCmike says:


    256. NYCmike says:

      I would assume JerseyMike, but I am in litigation with the sub shop to see if they will allow it.

    257. DW says:

      For once a good headline:

      Despite Ontario Court Order, GiveSendGo Promises Donations Will Flow To Freedom Convoy

      GiveSendGo, the Christian crowdsourcing company, is pushing back against an Ontario court that issued a ruling earlier Thursday evening that effectively froze access to monetary donations to truckers and other Canadians participating in the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, Canada, and elsewhere, through a government order.

      GiveSendGo tweeted Thursday evening that Canada has “absolutely zero jurisdiction” over how they dispense their funds and that all donations on, including the Freedom Convoy, will go to their intended charities.

    258. Tgca says:


      If litigation doesn’t go your way, try


    259. NYCmike says:

      Funny! That made me smile!


    260. DW says:

      New Headline:

      Seth MacFarlane Describes Oscars Decision to Not Mandate Vaccines “A Colossal Abdication of Responsible Management”


      Seth MacFarlane has just qualified for the promotion to regional Bishop and prophet of the Branch Covidian cult.

    261. Tgca says:

      I think non-vax should flood the streets on Oscar night and block access and stick all those celebs in their limos in traffic. Let them stream and accept their awards from their limos.

      Give them a dose of their own medicine for once.

    262. NYCmike says:

      Great idea!

    263. Tina says:

      Fidel’s son, Justin Truedope, just blamed us for truckers protest.

    264. Wes says:

      In the first non-internal poll in OH-Sen, Mike Gibbons narrowly leads the pack.

      I’ve never thought Mandel was credible given his erratic history in his previous bids for Senate, as underscored buty his middling polling in his own internals. I’ve been behind Timken for awhile now, but I’ll be fine with it if Gibbons can finally end Mandel’s q uixotic and failed string of Senate runs.

    265. Tina says:

      Follow duh $$$

      Quote TweetThe New York Times@nytimes · 25mCoronavirus booster shots lose much of their potency after about four months, raising the possibility that some people may need a fourth dose, new CDC data suggest.

    266. Tina says:

      I think the Clinton Groupie owes an apology to NYC Mike about the vaccines effectiveness.

    267. jason says:

      I am skeptical Mandel will not be the nominee. But the poll did push him ahead of Mandel at Predictit.

      What will happen now is Gibbons will be the target of all the others, I hope he is prepared.

      I think Mandel, Gibbons or Timken can win, only Vance would put this seat at risk.

      Timken is not getting any traction, let’s see if she can still generate a bump before the primary.

    268. Wes says:

      jason says:
      February 11, 2022 at 12:19 pm
      I can definitely tell you GOP support for DeSantis would decrease significantly enough to potentially harm in a GE if he goes all out war with Trump.”

      Yep, therein lies the problem.

      Trump will be the nominee if he wants.

      A DeSantis war with Trump could weaken Trump and damage DeSantis permanently.

      I want an explanation on why that would be good for the GOP.

      I like how Jason thinks Republicans should just discard primaries now and opt for coronations.

      I guess the GOP should just go full Paulbot now and eliminate voters from the candidate selection process.

      Why are you afraid of having Trump earn the nomination, Jason? He already proved he can do it once, so logically you shouldn’t be trying to order potential candidates not to exercise their rights and run if they choose.

    269. jason says:

      Btw, wes mentions Mandel’s failed candidacy, but let’s not forget Gibbons came in a distant second against Renacci in the 2018 primary.

      Gibbons has two things going for him. He is unabashedly pro-Trump and has deep pockets. And he is a self made man so to speak, he didn’t inherit his millions.

      I don’t believe we had a president that did more for this country in my lifetime than Donald Trump did,” Gibbons said.”

      Against him he has the fact he was endorsed by Rand Paul.

    270. jason says:

      LOL, wes takes somebody else’s quote to attack me.

      But yes, I think a primary war between Trump and DeSantis would not be good for the GOP.

      Wes, you can disagree and say you think it would be, but it doesn’t mean I am against primaries.

    271. jason says:

      you shouldn’t be trying to order potential candidates not to exercise their rights and run if they choose.”

      Hilarious, since I never said DeSantis doesn’t have the right to run.

      I just think it would be a bad idea for DeSantis to challenge Trump. I don’t see an upside for him if he did that. Most likely he would get trounced, but even if he didn’t he would be badly damaged.

      You can disagree. What you can’t do is lie and say I don’t think DeSantis has the right to run. He has every right.

    272. jason says:

      hy I will have to change my HHR tagname within the next year or 2.”

      I suggest you honor your icon and call yourself ChuckieSchumerMike.

    273. jason says:

      Why are you afraid of having Trump earn the nomination, Jason?”

      Also, wes is under the delusion I want Trump to be the nominee.

      I think he is the strongest primary candidate. I also think the GOP needs the coalition he used to win in 2016 and come within 42k disputed votes in 2020. I think that coalition should be the future of the GOP, Trump or no Trump.

      I would be fine with the idea that Trump doesn’t run and DeSantis becomes the front runner. I don’t see anybody beating him who is not named Donald Trump.

      My point is that IF Trump runs, he is likely to win the nomination.

      If you have any information that suggests the contrary, please share it.

    274. jason says:

      I like DeSantis a lot. He has good political instincts, he is charismatic, he is not afraid to take on the left and the cancel culture and the woke culture. He has done a good job in Florida.

      But he doesn’t have the R party, or at least its voters, in his hands like Trump does.

      Maybe Trump won’t run and this will all be moot, and DeSantis will have a clear shot at the nomination and the Presidency.

      He might well be a stronger candidate than Trump in the GE if he plays the right cards, including having Trump’s support.

      But I don’t see him beating Trump in the primaries or surviving a war with Trump without being damaged goods.

    275. Tgca says:

      Pitting the two most current popular contender GOPers against each other in a primary so that they become enemies is not smart strategy.

      Trump fights hard and dirty, and splitting GOP voters to take sides is not the best strategy when both are really needed for the party.

      I think many Trump loyalists would abandon DeSantis if they believe he was disloyal to Trump and by extension, disloyal to them, as they see Trump as being deserving of his 2nd term that was denied him rightfully.

    276. DW says:

      I have absolutely no interest in the outcome of the Super Bowl, but will pull for Cincinnati only because OH is a red state, while California is a cesspool of communism.

    277. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Trump is healthy and decides to run, then I do not believe DeSantis should run. Trump would have the advantage as he could campaign on restoring prosperity and a strong economy — as it existed in his first term. Republicans still strongly support Trump. The worst thing that could happen for the Republicans would be a primary between Trump and DeSantis.

      My vote would be for Trump, because of his economic record during his first term, and also believe having a strong, if sometimes erratic, leader would restore the country’s standing in the world.

      The question is whether Trump’s age will become a factor? Clearly during the primary Biden was showing signs of mental decline, which since then have only gotten worse. If there are any similar issues with Trump; he should not run. It is an issue to be wary about when a candidate is close to 80 years of age.

    278. Skippy says:

      As Tim Scott’s Unofficial Official Message Board 2024 Presidential Campaign Manager I say bring on Donald Trump, DeSantis and everyone else.

    279. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Tgca says:
      February 11, 2022 at 2:58 pm
      OMG!!! Was this Walt?

      I was very surprised by this. Very surprised indeed.


      It was not Walt.
      Did have some resemblance though.

    280. Tina says:

      It was the only “pipeline” Biden wanted to build.

      Daily Wire@realDailyWire · 40mRepublicans Introduce ‘HUNTER Act’ To Ban Federal Government From Buying Crack Pipes

    281. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Carville’s take on the midterm elections:

      “Carville said, “We have to wait and see when the committee comes out. I suspect their findings will be intriguing and devastating. But people are going to know by then. People want an election about their lives. They don’t want an election about a former president. They don’t want an election about any of this. If you show them substantial policies that improve people’s lives and you run on that like we did in 2018, you will be successful.””

    282. NYCmike says:


    283. NYCmike says:


    284. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A comment in Der Spiegel from an elderly woman who now lives in Germany, but is from the Ukraine:

      “DER SPIEGEL: Ms. Alexievich, how do you see things? Should Germany provide defensive weapons to Ukraine?

      “Alexievich: Of course. Ukraine must emerge victorious from this conflict; that is vital for democracy in Ukraine and Belarus. I was once in Ukraine at a time when refrigerator trucks were driving the roads of this country full of the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers who had fought in Donbas. It is a time-worn tradition that people come out of their homes and kneel at the edge of the road. It was a harrowing sight. These boys were just shot down by the Russian mercenaries. I think that German politicians who didn’t arm them with weapons then should know about such scenes so they understand what they should do now.”

    285. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      301. Svetlana Alexievich. She was born in 1948 in Ukraine and grew up in Belarus. She was part of the Belarusian revolution that formed in 2020 prior to the presidential election that year and continued afterward. Alexievich won a Nobel Prize for Literature.

    286. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Americans divided on how many #COVID #boostershots they are willing to take:

      39.7% Three or more
      11.6% Two
      17.8% One
      30.9% None

      According to @trafalgar_group/

    287. jason says:

      “The worst thing that could happen for the Republicans would be a primary between Trump and DeSantis.”


      “Pitting the two most current popular contender GOPers against each other in a primary so that they become enemies is not smart strategy.

      Trump fights hard and dirty, and splitting GOP voters to take sides is not the best strategy when both are really needed for the party.

      I think many Trump loyalists would abandon DeSantis if they believe he was disloyal to Trump and by extension, disloyal to them, as they see Trump as being deserving of his 2nd term that was denied him rightfully.”

      You guys are right, but wes will soon be here to with denying DeSantis’ “right to run”, “you don’t want Trump to earn the nomination” and “you are against primaries” nonsense.

    288. jason says:

      Ukraine must emerge victorious from this conflict”


    289. jason says:

      Obama, the featured keynote speaker during the caucus’ virtual messaging summit Thursday, told lawmakers to “take the wins you can get” and it “doesn’t help to whine about the stuff you can’t change,” according to two sources familiar with the conversation. ”

      He is wrong.

      I think Dems should run on ‘mandates yesterday, mandates now, mandates tomorrow”, “defund the police”, “inflation is good” and “parents have no role in education”.

      Go big or go home.

    290. jason says:

      Does everyone understand? In my role of HHR educator, I hope I can make this clear.

      Supply chain disruptions due to unnecessary, stupid, and draconian COVID-19 policies and mandates: good (so your Peloton was late?)

      Supply chain disruptions due to protesting truckers: bad (lives are being affected!)

    291. Tina says:

      Quote TweetRyan Tully@Ryan_M_Tully · 13hThe US is working WITH Russia to rollback sanctions on Iran at the very same time Russia is about to invade #Ukraine. It’s no wonder Russia took this pic and put it out.…

    292. jason says:

      I asked Amos if he was worried about the supply chain problems.

      I said well cars, computer chips, electronics, household goods, even food.

      He said “what kind of food”?

      I said well, meat, eggs, pasta, pet food, canned goods, produce…

      He said “No”

    293. jason says:

      Joe Biden:

      “Look, again, slight digression: Inflation is up. It’s up. And coming from a family when the price of gas went up, you felt it in the household, you knew what it was like, it matters.

      “But the fact is that, if we’re able to do the things I’m talking about here, it’ll bring down the costs for average families. It’ll bring down the costs for average families. I don’t know why they keep moving all that, but the fact is: They keep down the costs for average families.”

    294. Tgca says:


      Someone that understands!

      Here are some facts peeps!

      Eating meat is racist and misogynistic!
      We all know that animals of color and female animals are often the most desired by meat eaters.

      Eating meat is gender based oppression!
      We all know the toxic male gender oppresses the the LGBTQI2AS+ community and the 68+ other genders identified by science.

      Eating meat is a defense of masculinity!
      We all know that bating liberal men as soy boys is a fear of being emasculated of one’s own toxic masculinity.

      Eating meat was weaponized by white supremacists and part of the neo-Nazi messaging!
      We have many examples proving this, have you ever seen a KKK member or anyone in Texas, outside Austin, eat tofu?

      Meat eaters like the anti-abortionists forget that the one quality of non-existence is not being aware of existence!
      I have absolutely no idea WTF that means but it sounds about right to me.

    295. mnw says:

      Federalist/Susquehanna poll, taken first week of Feb; 800 voters:

      GOP +6 on generic;

      Biden JA = 42/52 (-10);

      Fwiw, in 2010, when the GOP led the generic by just under 7 pts, the GOP gained 63 seats.

    296. jason says:

      We all know that animals of color and female animals are often the most desired by meat eaters.”

      Uh oh, is eating Black Angus racist?

    297. jason says:

      Title of article at DKos….no, not a joke, the author actually advocates this. A product of our educational system.

      “Unlimited paid time off is a disability justice issue that needs to be taken seriously”

    298. Tgca says:

      It’s a bearable 82 degrees and sunny out in south Floreedah right now so I guess now that I’ve done my Sat house chores, I can force myself outdoors for a bit.

      Besides, my auto sensors are telling me tire pressure is low so it’s a good excuse to get out and about instead of playing peekaboo with the fishies all afternoon.

    299. DW says:

      USA defeated Soviet Kanada 4-2 in Hockey. Next up is Germany.

    300. Tina says:


      Drat criminals (pushed by the jebots) spied on President trump.

    301. jason says:

      Tgca grows his own sushi.


    302. Wobbles says:

      Drat criminals (pushed by the jebots) spied on President trump.”

      That is because Trump was surrounded by criminals.

      I know this because truth tellers like Avenatti, Cohen, and Schiff told me.

    303. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – There is anew episode of Oak Island coming up. This could be it!

    304. jason says:

      I can’t think of a more deserved outcome….

      “The poll shows that, in the last five years, interest in the league has fallen off by more than a third. As many as 38% of men and 29% of women became less enamored of the woke league. People also watched fewer games this season, but 52% of those polled plan to watch the big game on Sunday”

    305. jason says:

      Jason – There is anew episode of Oak Island coming up. This could be it!”

      I guess it depends what it means.

    306. jason says:

      I no longer get excited when the guy with the metal detector exclaims “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and they cut to a commercial.

      You watch the gecko or the emu for 5 minutes and then the guy comes back and says “this could be a button from a uniform’!

    307. Tina says:

      Hans Mahncke@HansMahncke · 8hHoly moly! New Durham filing. Rodney Joffe and his buddies at Georgia Tech monitored Trump’s internet traffic *while* he was President of the United States.

    308. Tina says:


      Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia: Durham

    309. jason says:

      Bodes really poorly for the future. It’s not like academia is like 5 to 1 far left. It is like 9.5 to 1.

    310. jason says:

      The pressure to shut down Durham is going to be enormous on Garland and Biden. The MSM will help.

      The only positive is that Garland and Biden are both on the defensive on other issues, so they are not dealing from a position of strength here.

    311. Tina says:

      I don’t see how they can stop Durham probe, as the illegal spying continued into his administration

      Which federal officials were involved with spying on the President. How long did it happen when he was President?

      It is treasonous and would appear to include Rhodes, Monaco, and Elias.

    312. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Listened to the Donald Trump interview on Fox News. Trump was sharp and very articulate; he was careful what he said and did not say. Agree with him that the Afghanistan fiasco is what emboldened Putin to create the present Ukraine crisis. Also agree with Trump that if he was still president, it would not have happened. He is such a contrast to the declining mental state of Biden. At this point, am seeing Trump fully competent to run again in 2024.

    313. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The predominately Russian speaking city of Kharkiv is near the Donbass, and the Russian border. Am sure those who want to appease Putin would willingly give it to Russia. According to the BBC, the residents would object:

      “Kharkiv was always pro-Ukrainian,” said Boris Redin, an avuncular lifelong “Kharkiver” who has operated a kind of pro-Ukraine protest tent opposite the local government building since 2014. “But it has become more pro-Ukrainian since the war started, like every city,” he said. “If the Russians want to attack us, they are our guests, we are not afraid.”

      Kharkiv would be a logical destination for the Russians if they rolled over the border nearby, but Vladimir Putin’s troops could face a grinding resistance from the population. Many have enrolled in volunteer battalions and trained to fight, and two weeks ago the city’s streets filled with protesters again, this time chanting “Kharkiv is Ukraine” and “stop Russian aggression”.”

    314. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason hardest hit as MSM finally does it’s job and criticizes Biden.

      Oh. Wait. It’s the British MSM doing its job. The American MSM is still covering for Biden. Never mind.

    315. jason says:

      Sniff…I started reading that post and it looked like points….and then it was all cruelly taken away.

    316. jason says:

      If the Russians want to attack us, they are our guests, we are not afraid”

      mnw hardest hit, he thinks if you are “Russian speaking” then you have to go back to the Soviet Union.

    317. jason says:

      To be fair to Lester Holt, he did pretend for a brief moment he was an actual journalist and asked Biden about that report.

      Biden said he disagreed with it, and of course that was it.

    318. jason says:

      mnw and Bernie Sanders should get a room.

      Sanders ranted on the senate floor about how all American interventions were failures just like mnw did here. Since several of these interventions were to keep countries from going communist, one could see why Sanders objected. Even a hard core fellow Marxist like Dick Durbin was force to stand up and disagree.

      Sanders also said, as any true Stalinist, that we should look at things from the Russian’s perspective.

      Of course, the Russians know they have nothing to fear from NATO, a defensive alliance. They are not worried that Ukraine in NATO is a “threat” to them. Their problem with NATO is that they view it as an impediment for Russian expansion and aggression.

    319. jason says:

      I won’t be watching the SB but I expect Bitter to give us updates on all the woke ads.

      Go Broncos!

    320. jason says:

      Half the ads will be advising Bitter on how not to be a racist.

      The other half will claim it’s too late, Bitter is already a racist.

    321. Tgca says:

      I’m not watching the woke Super Bowl either. No sense in watching a game that does not include Tom Brady.

      The half-time show is mostly a bunch of 50+ year-old rappers who haven’t been around in decades.

      I think it looks silly for 50+ year-old men to get up and run around on a stage like they’re 25 again. Mind as well have Madonna rolling around the stage at 60+ singing Like A Virgin. I just don’t get it!

    322. Tgca says:

      So Poland is allowing US peeps to evacuate from Ukraine BUT they must have a vax passport and negative COVID test?

      So what’s the alternative? We turn you back into a country if it goes to war because you don’t have a vax?

      I hope this is not true! If so, Amerika should abandon any support of Poland going forward.

    323. Tom says:

      Haven’t watched the NFL since the Raven’s shameful display in London and won’t be watching the SB. Viewership is down for the NFL, MLB, and NBA. In addition, the Olympics have been a bust. I saw that the cost of a SB ticket was down to $3,000 from $8,000. I wonder when the economics are going to kick in. Why would any business spend the money?

    324. mnw says:

      You know who else* is skeptical about U.S. military intervention/covert involvement in Ukraine besides mnw?

      Bernie Sanders!

      You know who else wears pants besides mnw?


      *(Sanders, mnw… AND Tucker Carlson, AND Rand Paul, AND Pat Buchanan, etc. Communist sympathizers every one, just like Bernie is. Not a dime’s worth of difference among all of ’em)

      Since Viet Nam, most U.S. military interventions abroad (some extremely obscure– Somalia, anyone?) have failed to achieve their original goal because the U.S. never found a viable long term host ally. Ukraine may be different. I hope it is. I also hope we don’t have to find out.

    325. Tgca says:

      341. MNW

      I believe it’s important for the US, as a world leader to actually lead, not just in business but in peacemaking and conflict resolution as well, especially when we have international threats or genocides on the horizon.

      However, a big part of the problem today is war has become a big business and subject to corporate eagerness and greed. There are those that look to make money off of international conflict and push American policy to intervene so they can make more money or gather power.

      I think the US needs to get back to forcing the hand of the UN and NATO member countries to do their fair share.

      The US should not have to lead peace efforts in Europe. They should be part of the support but it should be regionally led BEFORE the US is expected to get in the drivers seat.

    326. Tgca says:

      Sanders has communistic leanings.

      It’s funny how the Dems accused Trump of Russia ties when Sanders has been more closely aligned with Russian political ideology and he was the one who spent time in Russia decades ago.

      Has anyone suggested Sanders is a Russian tool? That’s a rhetorical question to note the idiocy of Sanders and his political beliefs.

    327. mnw says:


      The Biden Admin & the DOD are saying that the U.S. is withdrawing all remaining U.S. troops (military trainers) from Ukraine; and that it will confine U.S. response to a Russian invasion to military equipment aid to Ukraine, & severe economic sanctions against Russia.

      Assuming that’s TRUE, then I don’t disagree with that policy, or with any of the more hawkish posters here, to the extent I can remember their posts.

      At the moment, my greatest fear is that the Biden regime is NOT being truthful, & that it may be planning some sort of covert operation(s) in the event of an invasion. That I would strongly oppose, because I don’t see anything good coming from it.

      Based on recent history, the American public will likely lose patience with any covert U.S. involvement in Ukraine after the first 15 minutes. I’m also concerned that China will use any bogged down U.S. involvement in Ukraine to increase its aggression toward Taiwan.

    328. Tgca says:

      344. MNW

      I think Biden will do whatever helps distract him from his current troubles at home, assuming it does not offend the far left.

      I think the far left would oppose any kind of military action so I think Sleepy Joe is stuck in a bad position.

      Also, I think Russia and other pantries view Biden as weak so they do not fear any escalated US opposition from him other than empty words.

      We will see what Russia does because this could bring them a good deal of unwanted attention in Europe as well.

      Russia does not have the resources, manpower, or economic cover to start a regional war without consequences but maybe they dint care. Who knows?

    329. Tgca says:


      Pantries! REALLY?

      Countries not pantries!

    330. jason says:

      You know who else wears pants? Goebbels.

      Since Viet Nam, most U.S. military interventions abroad (some extremely obscure– Somalia, anyone?) have failed to achieve their original goal because the U.S. never found a viable long term host ally. Ukraine may be different.”

      He would be proud of this lie, repeatedly over and over in the hopes someone might believe it was true.

      To the contrary, most US military interventions have been highly successful. Grenada. Panama. 1st Gulf War. Haiti. Kosovo. All achieved their objectives. Other are less clear but at least partially successful including Iraq and Afghanistan.

      I hope the US DOES engage in covert operations (and not so covert) if the Russians invade. Appeasement never works and isolationism that allows for Putin to recreate the Soviet Union will be more costly in money and lives than standing up to Russia NOW.

    331. jason says:

      Based on recent history, the American public will likely lose patience with any covert U.S. involvement in Ukraine after the first 15 minutes.”

      Fortunately we have elections and don’t govern by referendum.

      Biden should do what is right, not politically expedient. He should ignore the isolationists on the left and the right.

      No, I am not optimistic.

    332. Wes says:

      Other are less clear but at least partially successful including Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Explain exactly how Iraq was “partly successful” when Saddam’s phantom WMDs–our reason for going there–never surfaced while terrorists ran rampant in the country for years, destabilizing the region and undermining confidence in the GWB Administration till Americans finally had enough and turned heavily toward the Democrats for relief from the boondoggle Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld had created.

      It looks like nothing but the colossal failure it was to me.

    333. Wes says:

      jason says:
      February 13, 2022 at 3:22 pm
      Based on recent history, the American public will likely lose patience with any covert U.S. involvement in Ukraine after the first 15 minutes.”

      Fortunately we have elections and don’t govern by referendum.

      Biden should do what is right, not politically expedient. He should ignore the isolationists on the left and the right.

      No, I am not optimistic.

      Unfortunately in 2003, Bush didn’t ignore the jingoists on the Right. Look where that got us.

    334. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      jason & BL
      Here is GOP Senate candidate McCormick’s first campaign ad. It will be played during the Super Bowl.
      IMO, it’s an OK ad, production-wise, but effective for the GOP base. What say you?

    335. Tgca says:

      I do agree in hindsight that Iraq War 2 was a mistake that led to the rise in the Middle East terrorist cells that more quickly spanned out to the rest of the world and have gained them sympathy and support because GWB, Cheney, and Powell misled and lied about aspects of that war, and destroyed any sympathetic goodwill the US achieved from 9/11.

      Perhaps this terrorist spread would have happened sooner or later due to a changing tech world that makes connecting and funding radicals easier but there is no doubt the GWB presidency, followed by the weak Obama presidency helped expedite such spread of worldwide terrorism through their incompetence.

      Iraq War 2 was always about GWB trying to win one and make his daddy proud, and hundreds of thousands died due to his naive belief that he was going to democratize and westernize the Middle East.

      I don’t think he’ll ever live down his total humiliation of the Mission Accomplished photo op. History will look back at such naïveté and arrogance as an enormous mistake.

      This is why GWB will never be more than a mediocre president at best in history. Luckily for him, there’s Carter, Biden and a few other failures that will keep him from the lowest rung of failed US presidents.

    336. Tgca says:

      President Biden made clear that the United States would respond swiftly and decisively, together with its Allies and partners, to any further Russian aggression against Ukraine,” the White House statement said.

      I believe Biden on this threat! They will swiftly tweet and send a letter to Russia how they condemn his actions. Putin will use the letter as training paper for his new puppy.

    337. mnw says:

      Hawley has just endorsed Rep. Vicky Hartzler in the MO GOP Senate primary.

    338. Bitterlaw says:

      Team Fluff (Snoop Dogg’s team) beat Team Ruff (Martha Stewart’s team) in Puppy Bowl XVIII. The winning team had a player named Wes.

    339. Bitterlaw says:

      351 It is a good ad. Not sure it sets him apart enough.

    340. Tina says:


      Expedited Fed meeting tomorrow.

      .50 increase?

    341. Bitterlaw says:

      Did everybody leave because Hillary is spying on HHR? Maybe Deep State got them. Or the Easter Bunny?

    342. Tgca says:


      This Super Bowl sucks! I’m not watching it but I just know it sucks.

      I know things.

    343. Phil says:

      Anyone see a single celeb at the Super Bowl wearing a mask?

      Me neither.

      Elites. Don’t you just love em?

    344. Tgca says:


      Nope! Did not see any celebs at Super Bowl with masks on because I’m not watching it…

      …but I know hundreds of celebs are there not wearing masks.

      I just know it!

      I know things.

    345. Tina says:

      Heck no.

      The Recount@therecount · 12hGov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) says he would consider a 2024 presidential run: “We’re certainly gonna take a look at it after January of 2023.”

      “I believe that there is a pretty large lane of sane Republicans and they’re looking for a voice.”Show this thread

    346. Phil says:

      Hogan considers himself a sane Republican?


      Yeah, Larry. You be sure and run. Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Maybe you can team up on the ticket with the mailman’s son. Another RINO with the same distorted view of “sanity”.

    347. Tgca says:


      I would sit out the election rather than vote for Hogan, even if it meant a Biden 2nd term or Kamala 1st term. I would not be a useful idiot for someone to betray conservatives.

      Hogan will sell out conservatives for a Dem-lite GOP to get through his version of GOP accomplishments which will not matter or benefit most conservatives. Maryland GOP does not represent the vast majority of the conservative agenda., and Hogan will not fight for true conservatism but rather throw conservatives breadcrumbs.

      Hogan will fight for a slice of the money and power in DC that is divvied up amongst the Dems and GOP at the expense of the people, all while proclaiming through his lies and deception to fight the good cause for conservatives.

      There comes a point where you decide whether to support a cause or accept it is lost and move on. A Hogan GOP is a lost cause to me. The conservatives are better off starting a fringe party and taking their chances than join a Hogan GOP.

    348. Phil says:

      Hogan would be a screaming no for me as well. Fortunately, he’d have about as much chance of being nominated as Bugs Bunny.

    349. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post believes she has the ideal VP candidate to run with Hogan:

      “That, in turn, suggests an unusual approach: Run from the start with a running mate, such as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), or agree to be her running mate.”

      Now that is a slate that concerned troll will swoon over.

    350. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      365. I thought Bugs Bunny had already announced he/her/rodent was already running as a Democrat?

    351. Wes says:

      I actually haven’t a problem with Hogan. You’re not going to get a Tate Reeves (R-MS) in MD. He will never be a viable presidential candidate though. Liz Cheney (?-WY) has increasingly become a puppet of the Left as her TDS has consumed her. She would be a catastrophic choice on a national ticket for the GOP.

    352. Meldrim says:

      Larry Hogan is fine as governor of MD, and I would have enthusiastically supported him had he run against Van Hollen for the U.S. Senate from MD. But he would be absolutely unacceptable to more than 80% of Republicans were he to run for president (or were a GOP presidential nominee to attempt to designate him as his runningmate). A 50% conservative would be great for MD, but would not come close to what Republicans nationally would expect.

    353. Wes says:

      Well, I guess the Sewer State is going to have another corrupt child rapist in office soon:

    354. jason says:

      Hogan would be “endorsed” by Amoral Scumbag.

      Not that he would actually vote for him.

    355. jason says:

      You could do an interesting experiment.

      Give Hogan $250 million and see if he can get more than the 4 delegates Jeb Bush got.

    356. Gordon Allen says:

      Meldrin. 80% unacceptable is generous.
      Combined,Cheney,Hogan,and Kinsinger would be lucky to get 5% in a Florida primary

    357. Tgca says:

      Maryland is a chithole state and we don’t need their faux conservative leaders like Hogan at the national level.

      Hogan’s ego is as big as his belly. He thinks because he’s a Dem-lite Republican in MD that it somehow translates to national recognition of conservative success.

      Look at me! I got elected in a Dem state so that proves I can govern nationally and get things done.”

      If Mr. Potato Head were to run as a real conservative in MD, he would not have been elected. It’s that simple! …

      …and it’s fine for the few GOPers in MD that he gave them some hope for the political filth they have to endure but he’s not appealing at the national level.

    358. jason says:

      CNN and MSNBC will jump right on this…

      “Per FBI verbal request, CIA provides the below examples of information the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE fusion cell has gleaned to date,” the memo continued. “”An exchange [REDACTED] discussing US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.” [….]

      On top of that, that intel revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed then-President Barack Obama on Clinton’s “plan” to tie Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server” before the election.

      “We’re getting additional insight into Russian activities from [REDACTED],” Brennan’s declassified notes, which were first obtained by Fox News in October 2020, read. “CITE [summarizing] alleged approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.”

    359. jason says:

      The problem with Hogan and the rest of the Never Trumpers is that they could have opposed Trump without going to the dark side.

      By buying into the Dem narrative because it suited their short term purposes, they burned their bridges with the vast majority of R voters, and there is no coming back.

      Hogan could have staked out an alternative R vision from Trump’s without throwing in with the Adam Schiff narrative.

      Hogan is either extremely deluded or extremely arrogant if he thinks he is a viable R candidate. Or both.

    360. Wobbles says:

      I think Hogan is one of the best R candidates I would never vote for.

    361. jason says:

      Yes, end the stupid tariffs and trade war with China.

      It won’t happen because the Dems are as enamored with the AFL-CIO agenda as the AFL-CIO “conservatives”.

      The only thing I disagree with in the article is that the stupid tariffs and trade wars were “well intentioned”.

      “Another more immediate solution, as was recently acknowledged by Senator John Boozman (R-AR), who is the ranking member on the Senate Agriculture Committee, is something that business leaders across the country have been clamoring for over the past several years: lifting the harmful tariffs that remain in place on imports from China.

      These tariffs, which former President Trump initially implemented as a means of punishing China for its numerous trade malpractices, have proven to be an enormous burden for businesses, manufacturers, farmers, and other industries stateside. Tariffs are taxes that U.S. importers, not China, pay to the U.S. government to purchase the goods they need to run their business. As the tariffs have gone up, so have operating costs for businesses in various sectors across the U.S. As we all know, these costs are ultimately passed on to the consumer.

      These costs have only been exacerbated as businesses work to recover from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing global supply chain crisis. Many businesses are still reeling and now, at a time when they are most vulnerable, they are still forced to pay the costs of tariffs on the things they need just to keep their doors open.

      Some leaders in the Biden administration have signaled they understand how lifting those tariffs could provide relief from inflation. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has on two separate occasions spoken about the ways tariffs raise prices for businesses and consumers alike, recognizing that lifting the tariffs could provide some much-needed relief.

      President Joe Biden and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai should do the same and end a trade conflict that, while well-intentioned, has ultimately backfired on American businesses, workers, families, and consumers. Lifting the tariffs is a measure they can take without needing to go through extended fights on Capitol Hill. This action would provide an immediate boost to struggling businesses — that the vast spending packages still being debated in Washington haven’t. The administration would be wise to act now.”

    362. Tgca says:


      Common sense school agenda.

      You listening Loundon County Virginia?

      Save the world! Spare a cow! Eat tofu dammit!!!

      A school in the UK has decided to ban all meat options from its lunch menu over fears surrounding climate change.

    363. Tgca says:

      Rare hemorrhagic fever found in Britain…

      Awaiting Dr. Fow-chee’s guidance on this changing science.

      We need to halt ALL travel NOW and shut down the economy ASAP, as well as institute vote by mail ONLY in order to transfer more power to politicians and stop this from spreading because it is fatal 1% of the time.

    364. DW says:

      New Headline:

      DC to End COVID Vax Mandate One Month After Implementing It


      California is the mecca of the Branch Covidian cult, and sometimes there are bumps in the road while trying to establish a second mecca in another location. Branch Covidian prophets are certain this is but a temporary setback.

    365. DW says:

      New Headline:

      Boston Apologizes for “Accidentally” Emailing Out Names of Unvaxxed Employees


      Prophecies are no accident. When a Branch Covidian prophet speaks, the oracle must be published–in this case, a list of infidels who have still refused the second holy sacrament of the Branch Covidian cult.

    366. Tgca says:

      In post 130, I asked the heartless so-called conservatives and Christian’s at HHR to consider a program being implemented in the SF Bay Area:

      Bay Area calls on homeowners to help house homeless residents
      Would you open up your rental property or spare bedroom?

      Well, evidently one good-hearted person in Utah did open their home for a homeless man to take a shower and…

      …he slit her throat.

    367. Tgca says:

      Oh…and before I forget

      Happy VD Bishes!!!

    368. DW says:

      New Headline:

      Connecticut’s Absurd COVID Order Endangers Nursing Home Patients — Again


      “Human sacrifice is always a cool part of any cult, and the Branch Covidian cult is no exception. We cannot afford to keep these useless old people alive anyway, as they should have been euthanized years ago to help with the overall carbon footprint and consumption of resources.”

    369. NYCmike says:

      If Hogan was to run in the primary, and then win it, I would vote for him in the general election………..of course, if the primary electorate had lost that much of their collective minds…………….

    370. Tina says:

      Where is Beotch Cheney aka Warmonger about the threat to democracy from Hillary and her ilk that spied on Trump before and during his presidency.

      Where’s crybaby, Biden’s Beotch, and Paulo Ryano?

    371. Tina says:

      Yes, a sane Republican

      Pro Covid mandates and lockdowns.

      Open borders

      Pro Ccp.

      When can we nominate him?

    372. Tina says:

      I say Hogan will be Jeb 2.0.

      Trump will destroy the slob.

    373. Tina says:

      My #390 assumes both will run.

      I doubt Trump will run

    374. Tina says:

      Truedope has started going full Castro.

      BREAKING: Premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan oppose Trudeau decision to invoke the Emergencies Act on the truckers

    375. DW says:

      O Kanada.

    376. DW says:

      New Headline:

      U.S. Closes Embassy in Kyiv


      This closure will do nothing to stop the growth of the Branch Covidian cult.

    377. Tgca says:

      390. Tina

      I don’t think resorting to derogatory comments on personal appearance of a politician you dislike do you justice in making your point and adding credibility to your concerns. I think your “slob”comment, no matter how accurate, is unwarranted. Take the high road is my recommendation.

      Personally, I think there is more than enough to judge Mr. Potato Head on his record without resorting to personal appearance commentary.

    378. jason says:

      Trudeau thinks he is a little Napoleon reincarnate.

      What a pathetic figure.

    379. Phil says:

      Trudeau is indeed pathetic. Unfortunately, like all elites he feels he can get away with anything with the media in his hip pocket….and he’s probably right.

    380. NYCmike says:

      “What a pathetic figure.”

      -But he knows he can probably win again because the opposition isn’t very organized, nor are they very vocal against the Wuhan-inspired-tyranny…….typical establishment-conservative party-types.

    381. NYCmike says:

      #397 – and the continued major media blackout definitely helps him, just like it helps Democrats in the U.S.

    382. NYCmike says:


    383. Tgca says:

      This is unbelievable! Based on the article below and it’s link to gubbermint releases, this is shocking.

      Some departments in the US gubbermint are dangerously approaching the tactics used by Nazi Germany in the 1930s to foment hate and desired group think, and target those it viewed as enemies to its power by utilizing branches of gubbermint, academia, and the media to ostracize them in society…and now we have attempts to use the courts and force businesses as well to desired behavior by openly maligning certain groups as enemies of the state, and taking away their livelihoods.

      This is all being done in the pretense for the benefit to society when it’s actually about power and fortune for a select few

      Americans are responsible for this because they let this indoctrination happen, mostly by ignoring secondary education even though it’s now being pushed at the primary education level as well, in attempts to create group think in children as young as possible, regardless of their parents views.

      Many parents are creating the next generation of Nazi-like leaders without even realizing it. Many children of today are at risk of being the accomplices and minions of fascists tomorrow just like we saw in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

      Compare where we are today to 2012 or 2014 and the significant change in society that has occurred since then and the brazen openness by the far left to set the national agenda. By 2030, our society could be under complete domination of far-left and fascist ideology towards many groups if we are unable to stop this madness.

    384. jason says:

      Let’s Go Brandeau!

    385. jason says:

      typical establishment-conservative party-types.”

      Translation: so let’s support deadenders and elect more liberals.

      Send a message!

    386. Cash Cow TM says:

      Public service announcement.
      Walt hates the cost of cell phone service.

      Walt has his cell phone service (3 phones) thru (now T-Mob.ile).

      Last summer, bill was getting too high–$165/mo.
      Walt goes in to talk to them (as they are switching).

      They say we can give you same unlimited text, phone calls, messages for $145 per month and give you new phones. Were there for a long time while they punch buttons on their laptop, and magically we save $240./yr. as mo. bill drops from $165 to $145.
      Walt goes back in today since he got a mail offer for 2 lines for senior citizens for $55/mo. (son has the other phone). They say that it would cost you more /mo. for the $55 dal plus the cost for a separate line for 3rd phone.

      BUT…they can give you same service for all 3 phones for $120/mo.

      THEN after you go to that T Mo.bile plan, come back the next month and we can give you the same service for all 3 phones for $105/mo. (automatic pay).

      So Walt cools his heals while they punch buttons for 25 minutes and is now saving another $300/yr.

      AND when Walt goes back in another month or so he will switch to the $105/mo. plan and save more money.

      From $165 per month to
      a new $145/mo.
      to now $120/mo. and soon to
      go to $ for phone cell service for 3 phones. unlimited everything.

      In less than 6 months time.

      If he goes back 5 or 6 more times, they will be paying him for having their phones.

    387. Tgca says:

      Did Walt hang at this bar back in the day?

      Oldest pub in Britain closes after 1,229 years

    388. NYCmike says:

      If you have any other reason why the conservative party can’t defeat this wimp, please let me know…….

    389. Tgca says:


      The pub is named:

      Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

      I did not know they had gay bars back in the 790’s.

      P.S. I am not suggesting Walt bats for the other team either because it is a well known fact that many straights go to gay bars for the music and dancing.

      FYI. The pope back then was Pope Adrian 1. I’ll have to check my book of Popes since I don’t recall this dude but he was Pope for 23 years.

    390. NYCmike says:

      “Survived the Black Death but couldn’t outlast Boris Johnson”

      -And Boris is supposed to be from the less-liberal party!

      jason to spew “Send a message!” in 3….2…1…..

    391. NYCmike says:

      In better news, this guy Durham should get some sort of medal when he is through with this……..but first I hope he gets some good scalp!

    392. NYCmike says:

      -Linked from Instapundit, where it said:

      “NOWADAYS, THIS COMMERCIAL FOR RADIO FREE EUROPE could be for Breitbart or OANN or Fox . . . or InstaPundit:”

      “CG”, should we all hear both sides? Or will you continue to support the side that agrees with Big Tech censorship and college speech codes?

    393. Tina says:

      Castros kid at 16% approval in Canadastan.

      John Cardillo@johncardillo·6hCanadians wouldn’t vote for Trudeau again: ‘The PM has looked weak’

      “A new Maru poll showed that only 16% of Canadians would vote again for Trudeau as prime minister.”

      He has no support whatsoever so of course he’s going full tyrant.

    394. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina – You probably explained it at some point. I don’t feel like researching it. Why do you refer to Trudeau as Fidel Castro’s son?

    395. jason says:

      -And Boris is supposed to be from the less-liberal party!

      jason to spew “Send a message!” in 3….2…1…..”

      NYC prefers the Marxist and flaming anti-semite Jeremy Corbin because Johnson does not meet his 100% litmus test for “conservatives”.


    396. jason says:

      Why do you refer to Trudeau as Fidel Castro’s son?”

      I don’t speak for Tina, but if she means ideologically I think she has a point.

    397. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      It appears that redistricting in No. Carolina will be very disappointing for the GOP. Democrats and Republicans may very well agree to a 7(R), 5(D), 2(Swing) map. Currently, the Republicans have 8 seats and the Donkeys 5.(NC gained an additional seat in 2020.) The map tossed by the NC Supremes had the GOP with 10-11.
      Maybe Wes or SoHope can inform us if NC allows mid-decade do-overs, like Ohio does, with respect to redistricting.

    398. Wes says:

      NC redistricted a few times last decade, Sheep, the last time because Elias sued to get the results the Democrats wanted. Once the NCSC turns over next year, I imagine the Assembly will go for another round of redistricting.

    399. Bitterlaw says:

      Nobody is fighting with me. GFY

    400. Cash Cow TM says:

      KEWY QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY1. Why did the asshats that be change the name of spelling of Kiev to Kyiv?

      2. Why do furnace filters, which have maybe $1 of materials in them, cost $20 at Lowes?

      3. Since it is inflation adjusted, Walt wants to know how big his monthly Social Security check increase will be starting in January 2023?
      (Walt said he got a significant increase in 2022.)

      4. What are the odds that the MSM will start to cover the findings of the Dunham investigation into the eyepopping activities of the Hillary Clinton campaign?

      5. What is the line in Las Vegas on whether Rooshians invade Ukraine on Wednesday?

    401. DW says:

      Cash Cow, having grown up on a dairy farm, I always wanted to know, why do cows work so hard to get through the fence when the grass is just as green on both sides?

    402. Tina says:

      But, the Wall Street Leftist Journal, National Retreat Online, and Paulo Ryano assured us that this was not the case.

      wsj.comOpinion | Trump Really Was Spied OnDurham says techies linked to the Clinton campaign had access to White House and Trump Tower internet data.

    403. Tina says:

      Bl, in addition to sharing the same ideology, look at young Fidel and Truedope.

      They look like they are related.

    404. Tina says:

      Ron Klain, who should be Ron Canned, is providing advice on how to “tame” inflation.

      Imagine a White House Official providing such advice.

    405. jason says:

      Nobody is fighting with me. GFY”

      Sounds like the coffee from beans extracted from Borneo mongoose turds Bitter bought at Wah-Wah had to much caffeine.

    406. mnw says:

      422 Tina

      The PPI (producer price index) surged 9.7% from one year ago, the BLS announced today. That’s .10% below the PPI’s 12-yr high.

      Also, consumer prices in Jan. “unexpectedly” surged 1%, compared to .04% in Dec.

      So there’s a lot of taming to be done. If the fed goes all hawkish on interest rate hikes, as many expect,* we may be looking at stagflation a la Jimmy Carter.

      * I don’t. I think the fed will tolerate the inflation.

    407. jason says:

      Why did the asshats that be change the name of spelling of Kiev to Kyiv?”

      Good question.

      I have been to Kiev, never heard of Kyiv.

    408. jason says:

      we may be looking at stagflation a la Jimmy Carter.”

      Bring back the “misery rate”….

    409. jason says:

      I guess you have to click on the states to see the individual results, but for those too lazy Biden’s approval in WV is 16%.

    410. jason says:

      What is interesting about the state approval polls is that young people seem to approve of Biden even less than 65+.

      Maybe because their lives have been the most disrupted?

    411. Gordon Allen says:

      # 418(5): they better hurry because it’s getting close to midnight, Ukraine time(Wed).
      A deal seems out there, if Putin accepts it. Ukraine will offer (seems like they already have)a moratorium on any request for Nato membership, and “transparency” on Nato maneuvers and military equipment delivery’s: and Russia withdraws it’s forces from the border, and agrees to further talks on the “disputed ” border areas in East Ukraine.
      If this is correct, this “deal” sounds like it was baked in the cake from the start, and the histrionics by Biden were of the “Wag the Dog” variety, as I mentioned weeks ago.
      Whether this flies, or something close to it, will soon be known.Biden can only cry wolf so many times, and Putin can’t keep his forces forward deployed forever either.

    412. Tina says:

      Mnw, the misery index, which reached 11.48% in 1/22.

      It has been double digits since 4/21 due to the rise in inflation.

    413. Tina says:

      Arrest this idiot

      J Michael Waller@JMichaelWaller · 20hNational Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is simultaneously at the epicenter of the Ukraine World War III hysteria while under investigation by Durham for being at the epicenter of the fake Russia collusion narrative.

    414. mnw says:

      424 correction:

      sb “compared to .40% in Dec.,” not .04%. In other words, over twice as much in Jan. as in Dec.

    415. Tgca says:

      The internet has numerous memes out there comparing Trudeau to Castro because they look similar, and now Trudeau is acting like a dictator. I’ve seen a number of pics, here are just two I googled.

    416. mnw says:

      Another DEM announced she won’t seek reelection today. Rep. Rice from Long Island. The PVI is D+4, so the open seat could be in play.

      More importantly, that makes a total of 30 DEMs who’ve announced they’re leaving the House this year (so far), the most since 1992, according to RRH.

    417. Tgca says:


      The arrogance of Trudeau comes back to haunt him after being asked a few years back what country he admired most while answering China and then taking that opportunity to mock former Canadian PM Harper.

      Trudeau acknowledged he had great admiration for China’s dictatorship that allowed them to turn their economy around on a dime and start investing in green technology.

      So it appears Trudeau is now trying to follow the China authoritarian ruling strategy to achieve his goals. If he can rule Canada as a dictator, he can get things done I guess.

      Now you know why Trudeau is mocked as being Castro’s son.

      Admiring China as a dictatorship is up there with those that admire Hitler, not for his heinous crimes but because they viewed him as an efficient leader who could mobilize support and bring Germany out of immediate destitution in the 1930s.

      Yes, people out there have made these arguments in the past just like Trudeau admires dictatorship China getting things done and libs admiring Castro for Cuba’s excellent education and healthcare system.

    418. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “AOC Believes America’s Crime Wave Is Due to the Child Tax Credit Ending”


      There are rare instances like this one, where the two sacraments of the Branch Covidian cult cause irreversible brain damage, but the vast majority of Branch Covidian members are happy and healthy.

    419. NYCmike says:

      “The arrogance of Trudeau comes back to haunt him….”

      -How soon does a new election have to be held? If not this year, this will blow over and he will be re-elected. Canada is done.

    420. Tgca says:

      I think the queen had to give up some of the royal Crown Jewels in this settlement.

      Breaking — Prince Andrew reaches settlement in Epstein rape case…

    421. Tina says:

      Yet no official gubment press release? Just more anonymous officials

      The Associated Press@AP · 3hU.S. intelligence officials allege a conservative financial website with a significant U.S. readership is amplifying Kremlin propaganda. Officials said Zero Hedge, with 1.2 million Twitter followers, published articles created by Moscow-controlled media.

    422. Tina says:

      Great job gop-e. · 27mBREAKING: The Senate has confirmed radical abortion activist Robert Califf to be FDA commissioner. The vote was 50-46 with multiple Republicans (Murkowski, Collins, Romney, etc) voting for confirmation.

    423. Tgca says:

      NCAA allows Thomas to compete for National Championship

      They claim that changing rules now would be UNFAIR.

      REALLY? They are worried about being unfair to Thomas?

      Complete lunacy! Forget about being unfair to women and Title IX as long as the tranny’s feelings are considered.

      I hope this selfish scum gets his comeuppance! He is purposely using the PC useful idiots to otherwise benefit where before he was like the 400th ranked US swimmer.

      I think all the females should just quit a meet or two. Refuse to go in the water. Humiliate him and the radical libs that support this craziness.

    424. jason says:

      How soon does a new election have to be held? If not this year, this will blow over and he will be re-elected. Canada is done.”

      I surprised NYC wants an election in Canada. I am sure the Conservatives in Canada are not “conservative” enough for his 100% litmus tests, so he will prefer Trudeau.

      Send a message with Corbin and Trudeau!

    425. Gordon Allen says:

      A poll in Canada today allegedly finds Trudeau with 16% approval rate .
      Nixon on August 9,1974 was at 23%.
      Bugs Bunny would be at 16%/ or better.

    426. Tina says:

      Nancy Ognanovich@NOgnanovich · 35mNEWS: #Senate GOP Leader #McConnell predicts passage of CR to fund government before week’s end, averting crisis.

      `We’ll process a few amendments before doing the short term CR,” Mitch tells reporters. “I think it’ll all be worked out. There’s no danger of a gov’t #shutdown”

    427. jason says:

      If anyone thinks a government shutdown now would be a good thing, let me know.

    428. jason says:

      Ukraine will offer (seems like they already have)a moratorium on any request for Nato membership, and “transparency” on Nato maneuvers and military equipment delivery’s: and Russia withdraws it’s forces from the border, and agrees to further talks on the “disputed ” border areas in East Ukraine.”

      A horrible deal only the Chamberlains and isolationists will love.

      Win-win-win for Putin, lose-lose-lose for everyone else.

      Give Putin veto power on who joins NATO: brilliant

      Talks about “disputed borders” when there are no “disputed borders”? brilliant

      Share NATO maneuvers and weaponry info with Putin?: brilliant.

      Putin gets everything he wanted so he can continue to recreate the Soviet Union.

      Biden and his isolationist moron allies get “peace in our time”.

    429. Tgca says:

      President Biden: To The Citizens Of Russia, We Are Not Your Enemy

      …but this buffoon will tell a third of the American people they are the enemy of the state because we won’t take the jab.

      Go figure.

    430. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      RIP to P.J. O’Rourke, a wonderful political satirist! He was 74.

    431. Bitterlaw says:

      I never drink coffee. I like the smell but not the taste.

    432. jason says:

      PJ endorsed Hillary

      If you want to call it an endorsement.

      “lies and empty promises,” and said, “She’s wrong about absolutely everything, but she’s wrong within normal parameters.”

    433. jason says:

      Biden says he put a dead dog on a Republican woman’s doorstep while serving as a Delaware county official” Maybe that is where Eric D-ndero got the idea of cr-pping on lawns….

    434. DW says:

      455 – what next? Will they arrest Canadians who fly the flag upside down?

    435. Tina says:

      Dw, they arrested a 76 year old man for honking his horn.

      He is an insurrectionist, according to Warmonger Cheney.

    436. Tgca says:

      Canadian banks can refuse you access to your money if they SUSPECT you’re involved in protests.

      Canadian banks can now freeze assets WITHOUT a court order if they SUSPECT you of protesting or supporting protestors.

      Canadian banks that suspect people are involved in protests are required to REPORT them to the gubbermint.

      This is what Canada now calls FREEDOM!!!

      Nazi Germany ain’t got chit on Canada!

    437. Dylan says:

      So Trudeau and Gavin have poll numbers in the crapper? Who here thinks these two aren’t gonna win their next elections ?!? I say there is a fairly good chance Newsome wins next year because the GOP is not viable in CA. And yet the same mouthpieces keep saying “we are winning” Charlie Sheen style…..

    438. Cash Cow TM says:

      “DW says:
      February 15, 2022 at 11:16 am
      Cash Cow, having grown up on a dairy farm, I always wanted to know, why do cows work so hard to get through the fence when the grass is just as green on both sides?”
      The same reason why people climb mountains.

      Because it is there.

    439. Cash Cow TM says:

      Federal govt spending in the past decade or so has usually been about 20%.
      (20% of GDP is federal spending.)

      In 2020 and 2021 fed. govt. spending has been 40% of GDP each year.

      Think about that…

    440. DW says:

      USA to play Slovakia in Mens Olympic hockey. If they win, they will play the winner of the Communist Canada or Socialist Sweden match.

    441. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      By huge margins, it appears that last night San Francisco has recalled all three of the very Liberal School Board Members on the ballot. A RAY OF HOPE!

    442. Gordon Allen says:

      My understanding is the offer described was made by Ukraine through Germany.
      Biden can’t and shouldn’t tell Ukraine what to do in their own interest.
      Nato isn’t accepting any change from its long standing posture that anyone can apply.
      Since 2008 BOTH France and Germany have publicly said they would oppose Ukraine being admitted( and others privately) Therefore it is and has been a dead letter from the start.
      Essentially this is a freeze on the existing situation.
      I’m not sure what Putin gets out of such a deal after all this huffing and puffing,and that he will take it.
      Other than those who lust for war for its own sake keeping the status quo is preferable to war for any sane person.
      But we’ll see. But ultimately this is between Ukraine and Russia.

    443. Tina says:

      Chris Rugaber@ChrisRugaber·43mUpcoming Fed rate hikes already having an impact: With mortgage rates pushing above 4% for 1st time in 2 years, mortgage applications dropped 5.4% last week from the previous week. Refinance applications down 9%, new purchase applications slipped 1%, according to @MBAMortgage.

    444. jason says:

      But ultimately this is between Ukraine and Russia”



    445. Cash Cow TM says:

      You can rearrange the letters in “waste” to also spell “sweat.”

    446. jason says:

      But ultimately this is between Ukraine and Russia”

      The shallowness and stupidity of this statement is hard to fathom, but I guess it is normal for a moron who gets his information from reading magazines and playing video games.

      The idea that Russia should be allowed to invade any of the former Soviet Union republics because after all “it is between Russia and them” is profoundly ignorant from a geopolitical context.

      The territorial integrity of the Ukraine and of the other former Soviet Republics is in the interest of the US and Europe, as is opposition to the recreation of the Soviet Union.

    447. Cash Cow TM says:

      With all the talk about vaccine mandates, it reminded Walt that one of his old girlfriends was Maxine Vandate.

    448. Tgca says:

      Most people accumulate knowledge through newspapers, magazines and books, including those here so I do not believe that is something to ridicule.

      So unless they work in a very narrow field, most professional experts expand their knowledge through the written medium, especially through professional magazines on hot topics of the day, more so than from actual experience they encountered personally. This is how people are generally educated in the professional world after college and expand their knowledge. They learn from the experiences of others communicated through the written medium.

      Most in academia develop and share their knowledge through the written medium, and it is this accumulated knowledge through the written medium that many get their lofty gubbermint, think tank, and corporate leadership positions without prior experience.

      Think of many in various leadership levels in gubbermint cabinet level departments; they came from academia, think tanks or other jobs where they accumulated knowledge through the written medium. These people get posted to positions like Secretary of State, Department of Education, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, etc without actual work experience in those areas.

      How else do you expect people to become subject matter experts if they are not accessing information from the written medium?

      I know this because I AM AN EXPERT!!!

      LisaB became an Expert on all issues gay, not because she is gay but because of her accumulated knowledge of gays through the written medium…and what goes on in Provincetown too of course.

    449. Meldrim says:

      Trafalgar poll of PA Republicans has Mehmet Oz leading the Senate field with 27%, with 16% for Dave McCormick, 15% for Carla Sands, 9% for Kathy Barnette, 7% for Jeff Bartos, and 2% or less for each of the other candidates.

      My order of preference is Barnette, McCormick and Sands, but I’d take whichever one of them can bounce Dr. Oz from the top spot. Dr. Oz is benefiting from the divided field, and if a couple of other Republicans drop out his chances of winning would drop substantially, but, unfortunately, we’re probably going to hear one of the candidates call on the others to drop out, with the others saying “no, you drop out,” and it will make it all the more difficult to stop Dr. Oz from winning the nomination.

      It’s a shame that primary run-offs never caught on in the North; this would be a very different primary if, for example, 40% was required to win without a run-off (that’s what they had in NC until they lowered it to 35% a few years ago) and, otherwise, the top-two go on to a one-on-one run-off.

    450. Tgca says:

      This is very catchy musical satire.

      Why wasn’t this guy in the Super Bowl halftime show?

    451. jason says:

      McConnell: the President should be devoting all his efforts to prepare Ukraine for war.”


      Too much focus on appeasing Putin, not enough on preparing for the worst outcome, not just hoping for the best.

    452. DW says:

      Ukraine is like a 50 foot domino. If Putin pushes it over, it will crush the 1 foot dominos of Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and all the stans in Asia.

      At least we can look forward to USA vs USSR olympic hockey games once again.

    453. Phil says:

      My gas station of choice was 2.99 a gallon for regular four weeks ago. Last week it went to 3.05. Last Saturday it was 3.09. This morning? 3.29.

      Thanks, Joe.

    454. jason says:

      including those here so I do not believe that is something to ridicule”

      Nobody is ridiculing learning from textbooks. Newspapers? Yes, I would ridicule that.

      The point here is that Neville Allen claims to have expertise in military affairs due to affiliation with a couple military associations, which is BS, especially since he exhibits monumental ignorance of anything connected to geopolitical issues and limits himself to bleating simplistic isolationist slogans like “this should be between Russia and the Ukraine”.


    455. jason says:

      I don’t know what Meldrim has against Dr. Oz, but I would vote for him if I voted in the primary, which I don’t.

      If not him, McCormick. In my view the others are also rans.

    456. jason says:

      Ukraine is like a 50 foot domino. If Putin pushes it over, it will crush the 1 foot dominos of Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and all the stans in Asia”

      That is between Putin and Moldova, Putin and Belarus, Putin and each of the stans.

      Peace in our time!

    457. NYCmike says:

      “This morning? 3.29.”

      -Next week, MSNBC & CNN will be going after “price gougers”!

    458. DW says:

      New Headline:

      “Misery Index Right Behind Its Highest Levels in Late 2009”


      The misery will finally end when every last person in America has taken both sacraments in the Branch Covidian cult.

    459. Tina says:

      $4.89 here, Phil.

    460. Phil says:

      Holy cow! For regular, Tina?

    461. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A just-released Quinnipiac Poll has Biden’s approval/disapproval among Adults at 35/55,respectively. BOOM!!

    462. jason says:

      The eco terrorists are crazy. They want to destroy the economy for 30 years to possibly see benefits in 2048.

      “A downside to this, however, is that investment in a low-carbon future is front-loaded. As the U.S. economy shifts away from fossil fuels, the costs mount in the near term while the benefits accumulate later on. Assuming the U.S. adopts immediate climate measures, it would take until 2048 for the benefits to GDP and job growth outweigh the costs, meaning the process would defy short-term horizons and be subject to political and economic pressures until then.”

    463. jason says:

      The White House COVID-19 team announces COVID is no longer a “crisis.”

      Damm, the MSM will now have to talk about Jan 6 100% of the time?

    464. mnw says:

      484 Sheep

      The Qpac generic at R+2 seems inconsistent with Biden’s JA being at -20. One of the two must be off?

      Btw, The Wise Men at RRH think the imminent TX primaries will be a big tell for November.

    465. DW says:


      “Democrats Who Pushed Russia Hysteria Go Silent on Durham Revelations”

      Prior headline:

      “Democrats blame Governor-elect Youngkin for failing to prepare Virginia for snowstorm–ten days before he is sworn in”

      The headlines are basically the same.

    466. Tgca says:


      WellGood For You too!

      I think it’s fine to debate the quality of the information (is it well balanced) or the source of the info (are the members qualified in the subject matter) but not the medium. Associations are just as good a source of information as books, newspapers, and magazines, and often better in my experience too because of subject matter resources they provide.

      Everyone here gets their information on current affairs from newspapers, magazines, books, TV, internet, etc so I do not see the difference in the medium.

      Most of the DC so called Experts on the left and right belong to groups, think tanks and associations that push certain agendas and offer training, publications, seminars, and support on the related subject matter.

      I belonged to certain industry associations in my career where information was shared via publications, websites, and seminars. Most professionals belong to such associations, and many offer licenses or certificates for knowledge-based training they design themselves.

      How is that different from associations Gordy belongs to if they are staffed with experienced professionals in that field?

      Are ex-military personnel in a military association any different than lawyers or accountants or engineers or medical professionals in an association?

      STOP association snobbery! It’s dividing our country!

    467. Tgca says:


      Texas is going blue!!!

      AOC said so.

      So be afraid, be very afraid.

    468. Bitterlaw says:

      As somebody who has visited Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia, I think Moldova and Ukraine need to tell Russia to F off. They are independent nations and Russia can suck it.

    469. Phil says:

      Texas will turn blue.


      I have a pretty good handle on my state’s politics.

      I can assure you, Beto and his nut jobs on the left are doomed in November. They should move to California where they still have a shot.

    470. Tina says:

      J6ers are still in jail for “parading.”

      Rachel DrozeTV@RachelDrozeTV · 1hThe $100,000 cashiers check has been officially given to the clerks office to pay for @BLMLouisville activist Quintez Brown’s release. @LouCommBailFund is paying. Brown is accused of shooting at Louisville mayoral candidate @RunWithCraig.

    471. Tina says:


      Yup, regular.

      Bound to skyrocket as we transition to the spring formula.

    472. Tina says:

      How did the secret service miss the pipe bomb outside dnc hq?

    473. Meldrim says:

      #478, Jason, what I “have against” Dr. Oz is that he’s pro-abortion, anti-gun and pro-big-government, plus he’s a lightweight with no pertinent experience.

      Maybe he can do a 180 like Donald Trump did after he was elected to office, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    474. Wes says:

      Oz sounds like the kind of guy Mikey in his quest to help Schumer become Senate Majority Leader for life would endorse, Meldrim.

    475. Tina says:

      So what happened to the Muh Russian invasion of Ukraine?

      It was supposed to be today.

      Another intelligence failure? I am sure the GOP-e will dump more $ into the broken intelligence agencies.

    476. Bitterlaw says:

      Dr. Oz sounds pretty Trumpy.

    477. Tina says:

      Fidel Jr is vile.

      SHOCK VIDEO: PM @JustinTrudeau answers a question from Conservative MP @MelissaLantsman, a Jewish woman and descendent of Holocaust survivors by saying Conservatives stand with swastikas.
      This is beneath Trudeau and his office and he should

    478. Bitterlaw says:

      I have not decided on a PA Senate candidate.

    479. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Alina Black, a mother of two in Portland, Ore., sought a therapist who specialized in climate anxiety to address her mounting panics. “I feel like I have developed a phobia to my way of life,” she said… New York Times”

      Too bad she doesn’t live in the good old days – going hungry when there were poor crop yields; having to go out in subzero weather to collect or cut firewood; seeing one or more of your children die of infectious diseases. Oh and by the way, after about a month or two, milking cows and goats every day get monotonous.

    480. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin has a new poodle, or maybe dachshund:

      “He (Putin) also welcomed a decision by Gazprom’s board to nominate former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to join its board of directors last month

      Schroeder is also a board member at Russia’s top oil producer Rosneft ROSN.MM and head of the shareholders’ committee of Nord Stream AG, the operating company of the existing pipeline.

      “I believe this will be beneficial for our cooperation,” Putin said.

      Scholz said with regard to Nord Stream 2, he did not want to comment further on “the private commercial pursuits of a former chancellor”.”

    481. Cash Cow TM says:


      Rise and shine, you mofos.

    482. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      It appears to me that the third major European War in just over a Century is imminent. Buckle up! Russia has booted the USA Deputy Ambassador in Russia.

    483. Tgca says:

      All this news is soooooo depressing.

      Now New Zealand threatening to call out military on peaceful protestors.

      This is all about asserting power and forcing the will of the people to whims of a select few.

      The world is starting to look like Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Power grabs by elites, turning people against one another, finding groups to scapegoat for failed gubbermint policies, using brute force, nationalizing media against those that question authority, etc.

    484. Tgca says:

      It’s times like this when I seek other outlets to prove there is still a great deal to be grateful for and happy about in these trying times.

      Last night, I made my delicious homemade tofu veggie soup. I started with a veggie broth made of fresh organic blended broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash and strained broth from cilantro, Italian parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil, and sage.

      Add some tri-colored carrots, minced cauliflower and garlic, baby colored corn, sliced zucchini, celery, and cubed tofu. Simmer for about 5 minutes so veggies are firm and not soggy, and then let stand for 10 minutes for the savory flavors to blend as the kitchen fills with the Heavenly aroma of a vegetarian feast fit for royalty.

      Ladle a few spoonfuls into a wooden bowl and sprinkle with black pepper and a smidgen of Parmesan cheese and let your palate explode in ecstasy as you down each spoonful.

      So despite all the unrest and evil lurking in the world today, peace and joy can still be found in a bowl of homemade organic vegetarian tofu thoop!

      The world would be a much better place if people just spent more time preparing and eating delicious tofu dishes.

    485. Tgca says:

      Well! Well! Well!

      It appears the scum cyber computer contractor hired by the FBI and who spied on Trump during his WH days, per Durham’s latest court filing, has a checkered past involving fraudulent promotional direct mail marketing scams that goes back to the 1980s that resulted in him having to settle with states to refund monies after numerous complaints generated federal and state authorities to look at his business.

      He later was a board member of another company also involved in fraudulent schemes that had to pay millions in restitution.

      How did someone with a history like this pass an FBI background check and get hired with access to the office of POTUS?

      Could the FBI be any more incompetent?

    486. Gordon Allen says:

      509.The FBI is BOTH utterly incompetent and Venal. One is bad. TWO is off the charts.

    487. mnw says:

      From Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s (R; MO-4) new 30-second campaign ad released yesterday:

      “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women. As Missouri’s senator, I will not look away while woke liberals destroy women’s sports.”

      This is a wedge issue that the GOP has largely failed to use to date.

    488. NYCmike says:


      I read it somewhere else, and have not confirmed it yet, but supposedly there are 7 House Republicans looking to make amnesty an issue in November… Hartzler’s wedge issue may have to wait…..I’m hoping the comment I read was an incorrect one, and that there is no way that any Republican would push an amnesty bill at this specific time.

      Time will tell.

    489. NYCmike says:

      “Could the FBI be any more incompetent?”

      -Not sure if incompetence is the real issue.

      I think they are pretty good at their jobs, but are politicized from the top down. If any other Republican becomes President and gets a chance to pick the head of the FBI, they better look as far away as possible from any federal department to find the replacement, and that person better be a very independent-minded person, in every which way.

      Of course, I may need to write a screen-play to find such a person……but a person can dream!

    490. mnw says:

      512 NYC

      That would certainly be counterintuitive, given that the RNC is planning to beat Biden over the head with all things immigration in November. It sounds more like something the Squad would come up with.

    491. Wes says:

      This is what I did when I read the post about the travesty Tgca euphemistically calls a “meal”:

    492. NYCmike says:

      “Too bad she doesn’t live in the good old days – going hungry when there were poor crop yields; having to go out in subzero weather to collect or cut firewood; seeing one or more of your children die of infectious diseases. Oh and by the way, after about a month or two, milking cows and goats every day get monotonous.”

      -So true. People have no clue how easy they have it.

    493. Bitterlaw says:

      Avocados rotting in Mexico

      I will take stories that have no impact on me for $400.

    494. Phil says:

      I guess the Republican impeachment of NC Supreme Court Justice option isn’t going to happen. I didn’t think they had the balls. Democrats win again in NC redistricting. The NC GOP legislature loses….again.

      Disappointing….but typical GOP.

    495. mnw says:

      516 Tg

      I’ve read about a typical rural housewife’s typical day before electrification!

      What we call “electric irons,” they called “the sad irons”… for good reason. Washday Monday must’ve really been something. You bring in wood to boil water. Wash the clothes by hand. Run them through a hand wringer, and then fire up those sad irons!

      And have you ever seen an antique toy stove… with a coal shuttle hanging on the side of it? The coal shuttle wasn’t just there for decoration.

    496. Tina says:

      The Fib has its own fan club here.

    497. Tina says:

      Meet the ambassador to Germany next to a person dressed as a suicide bomber.

    498. Tina says:

      Biden’s Beotch will not see to this.

      Ted Cruz
      NO REPUBLICAN SENATOR should leave town this afternoon.

      Schumer is panicking right now because Dems WILL LOSE THE VOTE on my amendment &

      The only way Dems win the vote is if Rs skip town.


    499. Wes says:

      I like how Tina has already declared what McConnell will do before anything has actually happened.

    500. NYCmike says:


      What is that about?

      Or should I ask Wes, who seems to know what Tina is speaking about…..?

    501. Tina says:

      The senate needs to pass the cr to fund the gubment,

      The cr has money for vax mandates and mandates on kids.

      If the senate passes cruz’ amendment, it goes back to the house. The house is out of session, however, so a shutdown becomes more likely.

    502. Tina says:

      Deep down, the gop e loves vax mandates and open borders.

      Look for the Potomac 2 step here to prevent a shutdown.

    503. Tina says:

      Here is an opinion piece on the vax mandates in the cr by actual conservatives.

      Chip Roy
      The American people (and Canadian Truckers) are right! Thank you, friend.
      Quote Tweet

      Kevin Hern
      · 9m
      .@RepChipRoy is right. Overreaching COVID-19 policies have been a disaster for our country. It’s time for them to go. I strongly encourage all of my colleagues in the Senate to vote against any measure that funds vaccine mandates.

    504. Tgca says:


      I strongly disagree the FBI is good at their jobs. Being good at your job implies getting things done competently.

      It does not matter if it’s top leadership or field reps. The FBI is tarnished and distrusted more now than ever due to the shenanigans that have come out of the FBI.

      They need new leadership and accountability enforced for bad behavior at every level, and it needs to be severely punitive to keep trust in a vital law enforcement agency.

      A host of these characters should be fired, prosecuted, and have their pensions reduced.

      If you commit criminal acts or fraud while vesting in your pension, it should be reduced by such related time or more. For example, if the illegal acts go back 10 years, then you forfeit vesting in those 10 years because you should have been fired as of the start of the illegal activity, had it been known at the time, and then you would have otherwise, not vested for those additional years.

      Hit them hard and where it hurts most. That is how you change bad behavior.

    505. Tina says:

      Chip Roy
      · 38m
      URGENT: Call your Senator. Tell them to a) stay in town and vote (do not leave), b) vote for the three amendments to defund vax mandates, end school mask mandates, & balance budget, c) at minimum vote against the CR if mandates not stripped. #DefundVaxMandates #EndMaskMandates

    506. Wes says:

      White supremacists in San Francisco, huh?

      I don’t know, but I doubt it.

    507. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – We have a gay vegan conservative. Is anything really shocking?

    508. Wes says:

      We also have a socialist vegetarian from Massachusetts who doesn’t vote for Democrats, Bitter.

      Those are still more believable than white supremacists in San Francisco.

    509. Tina says:

      Quittens and Goober went AWOL?

      Chip Roy
      On Mandates… Lee Amendment dies 46-47. Now 1) not one Republican should vote to fund this government continuing mandates against the people – hold them accountable. 2) The 4 Republicans who were absent need to be identified and embarrassed. #DefundVaxMandates

    510. Tina says:

      And regime change

      enjamin Weingarten
      Republicans may win by default in November, but it’s disgraceful outcomes like these that further expose the yawning chasm between the uniparty establishment and the actual base. It can’t persist forever. There needs to be a whole lotta primarying

    511. NYCmike says:

      ” 2) The 4 Republicans who were absent need to be identified and embarrassed. #DefundVaxMandates”

      -Come on, Tina! We already know that some posters will start coming back hear saying “Deadenders!”, “SEND A MESSAGE!” and “I never vote against incumbents, because as an incumbent they know how to win.”.

      The fact that some supposed Republicans are fine with elected representatives (in this case, a Senator representing various states interests) from their preferred political party of choice NOT BEING AT WORK and being unable to fulfill their obligations is disgusting, and another one of the reasons why this country is in its current state.

    512. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Strengths” is the longest word in the English language that contains only one vowel.

      And, no, you cannot rearrange those letters and spell some other word.

    513. NYCmike says:


      You bring a wealth of value to this site!

    514. Tgca says:


      YES! San Francisco Mayor Breed, an AA woman who grew up in the Western Addition public housing in San Francisco and supported this recall is a known white supremacist and that’s why she was elected mayor of San Francisco, it’s 2nd AA mayor after the Great Willie Brown.

      Everyone knows Breed supports white supremacy!

    515. Tgca says:




      An English language word with only one vowel and much longer than “strengths.”

      Another is:


    516. Tgca says:

      A very long English language word with no vowels is:


    517. Tgca says:

      …and a very long English language word with only one consonant in it is:


    518. Tgca says:


      I forgot:


    519. Tina says:

      I may just pull a jason and not vote this cycle. Stand down and let the chips fall.

      Had enough of the gop-e.

      Phuq them all.

    520. Tina says:

      Fidel Jr. has started arresting the insurrectionists.

      This time the leader who was walking the streets in Ottawa.

    521. Tina says:

      Chip Roy
      Word on the Street?
      leadership was coordinating with Schumer and giving green light when votes could occur. This was all staged. What you see is all a show. You will have to take back America yourselves… you cannot count on GOP “leadership.”

    522. Tina says:

      The Columbia Bugle ??@ColumbiaBugle · 2hSo we couldn’t defund the vaccine mandates because Burr, Inhofe, Romney and Graham couldn’t be bothered to show up.

      Is Lindsey Graham even back in this country from his trip to Israel?…

    523. Tgca says:


      Highly insensitive to some but very funny video on Trudeau.

      Mel Brooks couldn’t have done it better.

      Sometimes we have to laugh at the ridiculousness in life.

    524. Bitterlaw says:


    525. Cash Cow TM says:

      Rumor in the barnyard about Kamala Harris being sent to Europe to “resolve” the crisis of Russia’s impending invasion of Yoo-Krane.

      The word in the yard is that Biden sent her there with a set of kneepads to meet with Pooty-Pooty and offer to perform a Lewinski on him in exchange for pulling back the trupes.

      Rumor started by the peacocks.

    526. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      In the liberal California area I live, maybe close to 50% of people continue to wear mask indoors, despite the mask mandate being lifted for the vaccinated (which the vast majority of people are). Someone correctly pointed out that “for Democrats masks are their version MAGA hats.”

    527. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From the liberal SFGate:

      “Speaking on Monday, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen said that cloth face masks have “no place” in the fight against the Omicron variant of Covid-19, likening to them “facial decorations.”

      “Don’t wear a cloth mask,” she said.”

    528. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “U.S.—The nation is preparing to celebrate what has become a beloved annual holiday: Two Weeks To Slow The Spread Day, to be held in March every year.

      “This time of year we like to come together to remember the historic day two years ago when we put on masks and locked ourselves down, trusting that the lockdown would be over in just two weeks,” said local man Paul Christof as he stared out his window longingly, his three masks securely in place. “This year, I’m going all out with a Zoom party with no more than five of my closest friends—I mean, closest, figuratively speaking, of course. We’ll be literally far apart, because I want to stay home and stay safe, and I don’t want grandma to die.””

      from Babylon Bee

    529. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Below are Putin’s demands. It is not just the Ukraine. Putin wants to restore the Iron Curtain. Of course Bernie Sanders would be perfectly fine with it happening since Eastern Europe and the Baltics are within “Russia’s sphere of influence.”

      “In the absence of will on the American side to negotiate firm and legally binding guarantees on our security from the United States and its allies, Russia will be forced to respond, including with military-technical measures,” the foreign ministry said.
      “We insist on the withdrawal of all US armed forces in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Baltics,” it added.”

    530. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Breaking: Now this is a depressing way to start the day.
      The new Iran Nuclear Agreement has been finalized with penalty provisions against the USA if it withdraws from the deal in the future.Also, lots of cash to the Ayatollahs.

    531. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      OK-05 Democratic candidate Abby Broyles became intoxicated at a sleepover over the weekend and used racially tinged slurs against one pre-teen, verbally attacked another, and then finally threw up in the shoes of another

    532. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Explain to me again why I should vote Republican?!

      This news on top of Romney,Graham, Burr and another GOP Senate doofus “conveniently” missing important COVID votes yesterday are very disheartening!

    533. Tina says:

      Remember, when these same Rs wanted the Mulehead investigation to be respected.

      John – Cancel The Left- Cardillo
      ‘Forty-six Senate Republicans demand AG Garland respect independence of Durham investigation’

      “The only Republican senators to not sign the letter were Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and Bill Cassidy.”

    534. Phil says:

      Cassidy continues to disappoint. His impeachment conviction vote wasn’t a one time thing. Not a guy you can trust.

    535. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Republican Congressman Jim Hagedorn(MN-1) has passed away at 59..

    536. Phil says:

      Was anyone sick?

      I know that was a rhetorical question, Tina.

      Just more evidence that only fools can count on the GOP.

    537. Tina says:

      Phil, they never miss an opportunity to disappoint.

    538. Phil says:

      Actually, Tina, I misspoke. Disappointed in Cassidy isn’t really the right word. There shouldn’t be any expectations with guys like he and Romney. They can’t be counted on for anything. Cassidy is a former Democrat who switched parties when Louisiana became redder. Opportunist, not an ideological conversion. He votes the party line just enough to stay in office. There was no excuse not to be present and cast a vote on the floor. Zero excuse.

    539. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      After Cassidy was re-elected last November, he said two things that raised my eyebrows about him. To wit:
      1) He said his model legislator was Susan Collins and
      2) In his next term, he wanted to do deals with the Democrats.

      Remember, that he was a loud YES on Trump’s second impeachment a few days after his appearance on Face The Nation in which he was an unequivocal NO.
      After his vote, he was censured by the Louisiana GOP and said he did not give a hoot about what his fellow Cajons thought about him. His nickname in LA is “Psycho”!

    540. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      About half the gas stations in my area have gas over $5.00 a gallon. The the average is about $4.90 a gallon. San Diego always has some of the highest gasoline prices in Southern California.

    541. Tina says:

      In addition to high gas prices, have you seen the prices for cars around here?

      One dealer wants msrp plus $14,000 for,a minivan.

      Almost all are adding $1,500 to $3,000 above msrp for other makes and models.

    542. Tgca says:

      I agree with Tina and Phil on these GOPers that missed an important vote.


      Perhaps if you wish to ensure Senators are present to vote just slip in the amendment something about changing their salary or benefits, then you see how present they’ll be.

    543. Wes says:

      Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN) has passed. RIP.

    544. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is the just-released Trafalgar Group National Poll with Biden’s approval/disapproval at 39/58, respectively.

    545. Phil says:


      ……in a D+4 poll.


    546. Phil says:

      29/65 among indies

      Even more brutal.

    547. Tgca says:


      U.S. Surgeon General tests positive for Covid

      Looks like someone’s been bending the rules and not listening to Dr. Fow-chee.

      Update: my 5 year old son, my wife Alice, and I have all tested positive for COVID-19. Our son has a runny nose and low grade fever but is otherwise eating, drinking, playing with his sister, and watching his favorite cartoons.

      He’s letting his infected son play with his daughter? This is child abuse! He’s putting her in danger.

      Sorry but that 5-year old super spreader son needs to be quarantined so he does not infect others. Throw him in one of those cages on the southern border used to house illegals…ummm…I mean undocumented people until we know he is no longer a risk to society.

      This kid needs to be scorned by society and taught a lesson and have his superspreader @ss locked down for at least 2 weeks.

      I don’t want any kiddie COVID chit around me!

    548. Tgca says:


      Sorry! Here’s the link on US Surgeon General COVID super spreader family.

      I was so horrified seeing this that I forgot to post the link.

    549. Wes says:

      It’s a David Cronenberg film festival for me today. I just finished watching The Fly (1986). Now I’m watching Rabid (1977). Next up will be Scanners (1981). After that, I’ll watch Videodrome (1983).

      I don’t know, but I may have off tastes in movies.

    550. NYCmike says:

      “It’s a David Cronenberg film festival for me today.”

      -My son went off to college this year, which has allowed the wife and I to catch some extra shows/movies here and there. I thought you just had a son in the past 5-10 years……how do you find the time?

    551. Wobbles says:

      Here is the just-released Trafalgar Group National Poll with Biden’s approval/disapproval at 39/58, respectively.”

      Let me be the first here to post that Trump threw away a mattress tag in 1986.

    552. jason says:

      Inhofe is now a communist Marxist RINO too?

      I think the true conservatives better get an automatic system to turn off the lights, there is not going to be anyone left.

    553. NYCmike says:

      Nothing says stalwart conservative Republican like “I’m not at work today because some donors who want federal $$ were giving me big check$ in another location.”

    554. jason says:

      Tina says:
      February 17, 2022 at 7:56 pm

      I may just pull a jason…”

      Bitter, maybe we should start giving out role model points too….

    555. NYCmike says:

      And once again, jason goes after some blog poster with no power instead of the elected representative who “defends” our freedoms from tyranny…….by missing work……just like MD, he plays a tough guy on the internet but wimps out when it counts.

    556. NYCmike says:

      “I think the true conservatives better get an automatic system to turn off the lights, there is not going to be anyone left.”

      -True conservatives?

      I’m just expecting they show up for work and vote!

    557. jason says:

      Only one senator scores farther to the right ideologically than Inhofe, and that is Cruz (who was also promoted to RINO).

      Time to turn off the lights.

    558. jason says:

      but wimps out when it counts”

      As opposed to NYC, who is always there, steadfast and loyal to Chuck Schumer.


    559. jason says:

      “Ohio GOP Senate candidate: My male competitors are overcompensating for their tiny weiners”

      wes’ favorite OH senate candidate doesn’t explain how she knows….

    560. jason says:

      Looks like Inhofe missed about 400 votes out of 9000 in the last 20 years.

      Let’s replace him with a Dem liberal who will represent OK and vote for Chuck Schumer as majority leader. I am sure the liberal will “show up for work” more than Inhofe.


    561. jason says:

      and once again, jason goes after some blog poster with no power”

      Not a fan of Gatewaypundit. But I think he has power, after all don’t you read him?

    562. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin is now saying Sweden cannot join NATO. So assume those who want to appease Putin are fine with letting him decide which European countries are able to be part of NATO and which are not.

      “In an interview with the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet, Russia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, instructed Stockholm and other capitals on what kind of foreign policy they are allowed to implement.

      Tatarintsev criticized NATO for being aggressive and made it clear that “those looking to become new NATO members must give up on the idea. It is an overriding matter of principle.””

    563. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Former GOP Govs. Reed and Meskill could help GOP comeback in New England by winning Maine and CT governorships.

    564. Tgca says:

      Missing 400 of 9,000 votes translates to about 4.44% annually, assuming the missed votes are evenly spread and not distorted by an event or two. That seems like a lot of votes to miss to me.

      As an analogy, in the professional work force, the average days worked per year after vacation and holidays are factored out is about 230 days. Missing 4.44% of that time is equivalent to about 10 missed work days a year. Generally, that is a lot of work to miss. Many companies offer anywhere from 6 to 10 paid sick days off a year but even with those limits, it is highly discouraged to take that many off on a routine basis.

      I once had an employee who tried to use her 10 slotted sick days every year and the trend showed she got sick most often on Mondays and Fridays – funny how that works. We put her on notice that sick days are truly for sick events and not to be used up because they exist for emergencies. Many companies monitor high sick time usage to ensure it’s not abused.

      I’ve had a few employees abuse sick time and they always were under performers. I don’t ever recall top performers abusing sick time.

    565. Tgca says:

      In Corporate America, if you missed an important event without an extremely good excuse and the company lost a major opportunity because of it, you would be held accountable, probably fired or removed from the position, and rightfully so.

      The GOP senators that missed that very important vote should be ashamed! They claim to fight for the conservative cause but then missed the opportunity to stand up for the cause when they had the chance.

      Theses senators are not dumb and are aware of the vote schedules and what issues to vote on. They evidently take for granted that their constituents don’t follow these details, and did not take the time to be there to make a difference for the conservative cause.

      If any of these senators later try to get up and criticize the Dems for passing this or similar legislation, I hope they get called on it by the national press and admonished by their GOP peers for being hypocrites.

      They failed the people on this vote. There was no valid reason for that.

      Shame on them.

    566. Tgca says:

      New survey shows 21% of US Gen Z adults (born 1997 – 2003) are gay. That would make the gay community the largest growing minority Gen Z group in the US, surpassing Latinos.

      FYI. Women are no longer considered a minority group.

      OH CHIT!!!

      Amerika is not turning red, blue, or purple it’s turning PINK!!!

    567. Tgca says:

      Biden says he’s convinced Putin has decided on Ukraine invasion.

      Ok, in order to protect the credibility of our national security apparatus and the office of POTUS, I’m hoping Russia invades Ukraine and starts a war so Biden and our national security folks are proven right and we don’t look like IDIOTS throughout the world.

      I’m ok with a world war as long as it shows Biden and US national security has not lost credibility.

      We have to have our priorities straight (a.k.a. gayly forward for Gen Z readers) if we wish to continue as a super power and world leader.

    568. Tgca says:


    569. Tgca says:



    570. jason says:

      The average senator misses 2.5% of the votes, that is for both parties.

      Personally I don’t think missing 400 of 9000 votes is a lot, since probably the vast majority was inconsequential.

      As was this vote, btw, since the House would never go for it and Biden would veto it.

      Wake me up when Inhofe misses a really consequential vote.

      Until then, all the whining and hand wringing about his missed vote is just cheap political posturing.

    571. jason says:

      So assume those who want to appease Putin are fine with letting him decide which European countries are able to be part of NATO and which are not.”

      YOu can bet they are.

      They are also fine with Putin recreating the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union.


    572. Tgca says:



      Biden’s and US national security credibility are at stake here.

      Russia needs to invade Ukraine as we were promised. We need to go to war with Russia.

      Prove we are right about Putin. Kinda like GWB – to show his daddy he could finish the job in Iraq.

      Biden needs his “Mission Accomplished” moment to show the world not to F*CK with the US.

    573. Tgca says:

      I just don’t get these men interested in adolescent boys!

      But I don’t get lotsa things either – like why people don’t eat tofu daily so maybe it’s just me.

      Facebook exec caught in pedophile sting.

      I saw part of the video. Creepy interview.

      I’m ashamed he’s gay too but I guess any guy into male adolescent boys is gay whether they admit to it or not.

      He was also associated with an LGBT volunteer organization in a leadership role so I assume they’ll be canning his butt too – well, not literally, figuratively I mean.

    574. Cash Cow TM says:

      this is startling!


      Some pigeons just flew in from Washington D.C. They were on a ledge outside a window at the white house and “claim” to have peeked in and listened in on Biden’s team working on the SOTU address. They flew into the barnyard here and were talking to the ducks and chickens here.

      Here is what they “say” they saw and heard about the draft SOTU speech:
      They said Biden wants the SOTU address to be Biden reset 3.0 and it will include these things and statements:

      “My fellow Americans, I come before you today to tell you what you already know–America is in a sad shape. Part of that fault is due to actions taken by me and other Democrats. Our country is also screwed up because of political bias of Big Media (BM), journalists, asshats like the women on “The View”, and due to so many Americans being Asshats and spewing hatred toward other Americans for having opposite views than theirs on everything from soup to nuts. this needs to STOP!

      Folks, we have forgotten that we are ALL Americans. Well, except for the couple million a year pouring over our southern border every year.

      I am now in charge, and I am ready to ACT. And as my son Hunter always said to me, “The buck stops here.”

      I am here to rectify the current horrible situation in America and to usher in what I will call a “Brand New Day!”

      The “Bran New Day” chants will hopefully replace the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants.

      I am issuing eleventy thousand executive orders immediately that will, among other things, do the following:

      1. An immediate depolitization of the DOJ, FBI, Dept. of Education, and the CDC and firing of the Asshats in each agency who have been complicit in the politization of those agencies.

      2. I am issuing an EO to ban mask mandates.

      3. I am firing Faucci.

      4. I am ordering the DOJ to immediately begin an investigation of the Hillary Clinton campaigns involvement in the spying on candidate Donald Trump.

      5. I am restarting construction of the Keystone pipeline.

      6. I am creating an independent non-partisan group to investigate every charge of election fraud, election procedures, mail in ballots, chain of custody issues that violated State law, etc. of the 2020 presidential election. We MUST either decisively prove or disprove the allegations of a stolen election in order to move forward and not have the ghosts of the past cloud our future.

      7. I am ordering the southern border wall to be immediately built, I’m sending in the U.S. army to beef up the border, and I’m reinstituting the policies President Trump instituted to curb illegal immigration.

      8. I’m issuing an EO to force the breaking up of control over social media by those who currently own and run these social media platforms.


      Now I would like to address the social turmoil within our country. We have always been a country that allowed varying views and opinion. But now we have become a nation of fragile pansies who demand others to comply to our view and are “offended” by all sorts of things and demand those things we are “offended” by be changed and done away with. Some misguided people are offended by someone flying an American flag, wearing a MAGA hat, someone not wearing a mask, not getting vaccinated, etc., etc. etc. To those people I say “GFY!” and “suck it up buttercup”!
      You Asshats need to Quityourbitchin’!

      For those in our country who are quick to claim false victimization and with flimsy or no foundation play the victim card, the racists card, the sexist card you will be fined $10 for each offense.

      I will institute the same $10 fine for every instance of race baiting. Do you hear me news reporters, Jessie Jackson, and others?
      I myself, Joe Biden will put the first $10 in due to my incredulously inappropriate statement some time back where I said the new GA voting integrity law that was passed was “Jim Crow 2.0”. That was false and hurt rather than helped rational debate on voting integrity.

      And I might add…to the Black community, WTF is the deal with you? So much Asshat-ism is going on when Black communities think that police officers are out to shoot persons of color. Too many communities go off halfcocked and riot at the drop of a hat and burn, loot, maim and murder and do tens of millions of dollars in damage under the pretext of “demanding social justice.”
      You gotta stop doing this, man!

      Fines will also be imposed on everyone who says or writes–even on social media–the term “man-made global warming”.

      All these fines will be used to offset the cost of building the wall on the southern border.

      I have also ordered Press Secretary Psaki to immediately begin to always tell the truth and be nice to reporters.

      Finally, I know I used the term “asshat” and “asshat-ism” a lot in this speech. It is hard to specifically define “asshat-ism”, but it is like porn.ogra.phy. You know it when you see it.

      I Joe Biden want to go down in history as the president who declared war and eradicated Asshat-ism in America!

      My fellow Americans, pledge with me to end Asshat-ism in America. Help me make America Asshat free!

      “Be a cook cat
      Don’t be an Asshat”.

      Good night and may God Bless this great nation.”


    575. Tom says:

      Very entertaining Cow. If only.

    576. Tina says:

      Meanwhile, in Canadastan:

      A lady trampled by a police horse has died.

    577. Cash Cow TM says:

      On an unrelated topic, Walt tells me he actually met William Shakespeare.

      Said it was way back.
      Walt said he was behind Shakespear at the checkout counter at the feed store there in Jolly ol’ England.

      I asked Walt what Shakespeare bought and Walt told me it was “BARDseed.”

      And then Walt laughed, slapped his knee and said to me, “You get it, Cow? You get it?”

    578. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Tom says:
      February 18, 2022 at 8:38 pm
      Very entertaining Cow. If only.”

      Yeah. If only.

    579. Cash Cow TM says:


      Should have been
      “Be a COOL cat,
      Don’t be an Asshat”

    580. Tina says:

      I thought it was 2/16?

      Quote Tweet

      Kelly O’Donnell
      · 4h
      President Biden now: We have reason to believe Russian forces will attack in the coming days..specifically the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

    581. NYCmike says:

      So jason thinks that forcing Democratic Senators to vote FOR or AGAINST certain issues isn’t worth it, even in an election year when the Republican Party, with some luck, could maintain either the status quo or gain a few seats……..and his reasoning is that the House won’t go for it or Biden will veto it……and this guy says I support Chuckie Schumer?!?!

    582. Cash Cow TM says:

      Did Pootin and the Rooshins get there panties inn a wad just because the Ukranianites changed the spelling of of Kiev to Kyiv?

      If so, just change the spelling back and Pooty-Poot will withdraw his forces!

      Or is Pu=ooty-Poot somehow all upset over the Dumbass Region of Ukraine and the fighting by the separatists there?

    583. jason says:

      So jason thinks that forcing Democratic Senators to vote FOR or AGAINST”


      What I think is that if 100% litmus testing morons like you don’t think Cruz or Inhofe are conservative enough for the Republican party you should just turn off the lights.

    584. jason says:

      orcing Democratic Senators to vote FOR or AGAINST certain issues isn’t worth it,”


      These communist traitor RINOS because of one statement or one vote need to be replaced by liberal Dems who will make sure Chuck Schumer is majority leader.


    585. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “If the elections for Congress were held today, would you vote for the Republican candidate or for the Democratic candidate?”

      GOP Candidate – DEM Candidate
      DEM: R17% – D77% or D+60
      IND: R46% – D24% or R+22
      GOP: R89% – D7% or R+82
      All Voters: R50% – D37% or R+13

    586. Phil says:

      Yikes. R+13?

      Look for another half dozen or so Democrats to announce their retirement.

    587. Wes says:

      I’m skeptical even under current circumstances, Republicans can get +13 in November. That would mean Democrats drop below 170 seats in the House and end up just a little above 40 in the Senate.

      It’s possible, I suppose, but I’m thinking in November, Republicans will more likely be at +8–which will give them a substantial victory–than at +13–which would make 2022 the equivalent of 1894 for this century.

    588. jason says:

      Rs will probably sacrifice a lot of seats because of deadender candidates and moronic RINO hunters who think Ted Cruz and Jim Inhofe are communist traitors.

      And misplaced priorities…

      “forcing Democratic Senators to vote FOR or AGAINST”

      Grandstanding BS when you know the vote is not going anywhere and calling the second most right wing Senator ideologically a RINO because he missed the vote.

      Chuck Schumer should send NYC another autographed picture.

    589. Phil says:

      Baris says we should temper our House expectations for two reasons. While he says Republicans will take over the House, don’t expect anything like the 62 seat gain in 2010 or the 54 seat wave in 1994.

      1) Redistricting is a disaster in NY, Illinois etc. Democrats have erased Republican district after district. Even in states that have Republican legislatures like Florida, NC, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Texas Republicans have refused to respond. Republicans love to beat themselves. It’s what they do. They are idiots and Democrats laugh all the way to the bank. Democrats net double digit seats overall trough redistricting alone. That’s just flat out absurd. NC Republicans for example seem to enjoy taking it in the a$$. Expect Democrats to net 11 0r 12 seats overall through redistricting alone.

      2). There aren’t the number of seats available to take like 1994 and 2010 when Democrats had huge majorities.

      Expect a good night to be a net of 20 to 25 seats. The pathetic Republican effort on redistricting will really bite Republicans in 2024 and the rest of the decade when the political winds are not so favorable.

    590. Wes says:

      Countervailing that, Phil, Nate Silver is saying redistricting won’t be the saving grace Dems were expecting, Phil.

    591. Phil says:

      My state has Republican control of every lever of power and chose not to use it. Same with Florida….and don’t get me started on states like NC where Republicans were out maneuvered (again). It’s a joke. Republicans are morons. Democrats laugh.

    592. jason says:

      I agree with Phil that R expectations should be lower.

      But is seems like GOP took a more long term view and instead of maximizing the number of seats it could get in 2022, it shored up a bunch of marginal seats for a future where maybe the outlook is not as “rosy” as 2022.

      So while I agree with Phil that 50 seats is unlikely, I don’t agree it will necessarily bite Rs in 2024.

    593. Tina says:

      I am supposed that Putzaki has not cited the same as this bright Senator.

      Quote Tweet

      · 16h
      INFLATION: At Tuesday’s Senate Democratic press briefing, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) said the GOP has failed to offer solutions to inflation, stating, “Republicans have done nothing to lower costs, they have proposed nothing to lower costs.”

    594. jason says:

      The Dems say more spending will reduce inflation, a concept that defies all laws of economics and that maybe only Paul Krugman would seriously support.

      We have a supply chain problem where basically demand is greater than supply.

      So if you increase demand by giving away money how is that going to reduce inflation?

      The Fed obviously thinks more money in the system will worsen inflation, so they are raising interest rates.

    595. jason says:

      I can think of several things that will lower costs.

      Lower taxes.
      Less regulation.
      Free trade.

      I doubt Debbie Downer likes any of them

    596. Cash Cow TM says:

      Has Pee-Saki said yet that we all have t lower ur expectations about the degree of influence of the Biden administration on foreign affairs?


      Speaking of which, the view from the Cow is that Putin seems to have three choices:

      1. continue to sabre rattle kuntil the U.S./Ukraine cave and give him ost of what he wants.

      2. Invade Ukraine (which could have lots of negative consequences like that movie “Ransom of Red Cloud”).

      3. Not invade and mock Biden and U.U. intelligence
      for being clueless and trying to scare up an international false flag to deflect American attention to all the failed and disastrous policies of the Biden admin.

      Cow thinks it will be door #2/

    597. Wes says:

      You shouldn’t talk badly about the Senator Mnw brags about having helped beat Spence Abraham, Jason.

    598. Tgca says:

      I think if Biden was a stronger leader he would simply reach out to Russia and Ukraine and say let’s sit down and discuss this situation and work out our differences over a tasty vegetarian tofu dinner.

      Tofu has many health benefits and is known to bring people together.

      Jesus broke bread with people and spread kindness and peace…and he did it without any butter or jam too.l

      Biden can bring the world together and avoid war with a delicious vegetarian tofu feast.

      All it takes is a a bit of will.

    599. Tgca says:

      Pup rescued by Good Samaritan after canine guardian shot on road.

      Cute pup but I think the canine guardian needs to be charged with animal neglect and abuse when he recovers. Look at the dog’s front nails. Too long for a dog. That causes pain and discomfort and San lead to infection.

      Evidently she’s neglected. She should be confiscated from him and euthanized so she’s no longer abused…or maybe given a nail trim.

    600. Tgca says:

      Now this should terrify Putin.

      Kamal Harris: Russia To Face ‘Unprecedented’ Financial Penalties If Ukraine Invaded

    601. jason says:

      You shouldn’t talk badly about the Senator Mnw brags about having helped beat Spence Abraham, Jason.”

      Sorry, right, I don’t want to interfere with “the message”.

    602. Phil says:

      Well, this is rich. Senator Debbie Stabenow says Republicans have done nothing to curb inflation.

      Hey, Deb. I didn’t know Republicans had been in charge of anything over the last 13 months. I could have sworn Democrats were in charge of the WH and both houses of Congress……but yeah, those Republican policies.


    603. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From a financial prospective, Putin is a fool. Russia depends on energy exports for half it’s budget. Three quarters of Russian gas is sold to Europe.

      “About a third of the gas consumed in Europe originates from Russia. But January’s exports to the European Union by Russia’s state-owned energy major Gazprom fell 40% from a year earlier to 5.8 million tons.

      By just looking at January’s numbers, U.S. gas exports can cover between 70-80% of Russian deliveries to Europe. But when using 2020 as the baseline, the year before Russia tightened supplies, U.S. gas exports to Europe would equate to roughly 40% of Russian supplies to Europe if volumes are maintained at January’s level.”

    604. Gordon Allen says:

      Yes, but the price has ballooned. Russia has entered into deals with China that could make that up.The London ECONOMIST says right now Russia’s revenues are up,a product of the geo-political tension.
      Actually, the best economic move likely for Russia is to keep the tension up, drive up energy prices in the process, while getting other markets.
      Of course carried far enough that will make Russia potentially reliant on China as a customer, which will make XI happy.
      Putin is indeed a fool for not realizing that China long term is Russia’s greatest threat and acting accordingly. But he is at heart a unreformed KGB agent.

    605. jason says:

      Tgca would have been proud of me for expanding my breakfast food choices. Faced with a decision on whether to have Philadelphia style scrapple or the local scrapple, I deep fried three thick slices of each. Alas, only one type of slab bacon and one type of country sausage to go with it. And Tgca would have loved my veggie omelet, it had onions, mushrooms and cheese in it.

    606. jason says:

      My definition of vegetarian:

      Someone who hasn’t tried deep fried scrapple.

    607. Tgca says:

      Triple-Jabbed Queen Elizabeth II, 95, Positive for Coronavirus

      Apparently, both Charles and Camilla were also COVID infected and were in close contact with the Queen, as access to her is very limited these days.

      What this story eludes to but fails to state is that:

      It appears that perhaps Prince Charles and Camilla attempted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, most likely to gain access to the throne. I guess they’re tired of waiting around.

    608. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      636. In part I agree regarding the issues that Russia would have relying on China as the primary buyer of its natural gas. Assume China would beat down the price, and continue to buy gas from Australia and Qatar to provide leverage in forcing the price down.

      Putin would go from him having Europe over the barrel, to China having him over the barrel. Also, currently there is not sufficient pipeline capacity to get very much more Russian gas to China. More is being built, but it will take years to complete. Russia is able to send some LNG to China by an Artic route — but it is seasonal and Russia would need a much bigger fleet of tankers.

      I believe Putin got himself in over his head. He expected Biden to totally fold, and Europe to not
      cooperate with the U.S. on sanctions. Surprisingly, that did not prove to be the case, although the U.S./Europe cooperation now appears to be tentative at best at this point.

    609. jason says:

      Prince Charles is a woke moron, the Queen should pass him over in favor of Prince William, who seems to have his act together as does his wife.

    610. Tgca says:

      It’s just a mere coincident that now two suicides, for very high profile prisoners in a pedophile sex scandal involving the Uber wealthy and powerful in which the prisoners could name names, occurred when the cameras were off. Hmmm…

      Ghislaine Maxwell should start a reality prison series where the cameras are running 24/7. Just saying…

      Jean-Luc Brunel, the French modeling agent accused of procuring over 1,000 women and girls for Jeffrey Epstein, was discovered hanging in his Paris prison cell Saturday morning while “security cameras were reportedly not working.”

      The Daily Express reports that the apparent suicide occurred in a section of the prison “where the security cameras were reportedly not working.”

    611. Tgca says:


      So replace an older woke moron with a younger woke moron.

      Got it!

    612. Wes says:

      My definition of vegetarian:

      1) masochist

      2) poor hunter

    613. jason says:

      Putin is not in over his head.

      I think the economic concerns are being overplayed here.

      Neville Allen may be an isolationist idiot but he is right that Putin is an “unreformed KGB agent”.

      As such, he believes the interests of the state and the regime are much more important than the welfare of the people, so he will willingly pursue his dream of rebuilding the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union even if it translates to hardship for the Russian people.

      In my view he has already won. War or no war he has already bullied Europe and the US isolationists into being afraid of him and granting him concessions he should never have gotten.

      Now he is making even more outlandish demands about the US removing all presence from Europe and who he wants in NATO.

      Appeasement never works.

    614. Bitterlaw says:

      Which scrapple was better?

    615. jason says:

      So replace an older woke moron with a younger woke moron.”

      William is not as woke as his father, he obviously thinks Harry is a pussy whipped moron.

      Plus you can have Kate Middleton as Queen or Camila.

      It’s not even close.

    616. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 20, 2022 at 10:04 am

      Which scrapple was better?”

      Dammit, I actually like the Habbersett scrapple from Philly the best, GFY.

      “Pork stock, pork, pork skins, cornmeal, wheat flour, pork hearts, pork livers, pork tongues, salt, and spices”

      But for PA Dutch meats in general, you can’t beat Dietrich’s. Their pickled pig snouts and lamb tongues are to die for.

    617. jason says:

      Tgca, you can order online from Dietrich’s if you ever want to ditch desiccated tree bark and tofu for real food. I recommend the smoked jowl bacon, it is porkier than regular bacon.

    618. Tgca says:

      Scientific expert, distinguished medical professional and widely quoted professor Bill Gates, who never earned a collegiate degree in any of these fields or any other field, predicts another pandemic is on the way.

      Since I am an EXPERT, I will also utilize my great knowledge and experience to make a few predictions of my own to better prepare society for what is to come.

      It will rain in Florida within the next year

      An earthquake will occur in Caleefawnyuh sometime in the future

      A Hollywood celebrity will accuse the next GOP presidential nominee of being a bigot, misogynist, racist, or white supremacist

      NBA sport celebrities will support China while accusing the US of having a racist white privileged history

      CNN will promote a story that will turn out to be false

      Don Lemon will claim he is being silenced because he is a gay black man if he loses his job at CNN due to a civil judgment against him in his sex assault case

      The View will interview Hilary Clinton and discuss how Trump should be convicted of crimes and was in collusion with Russia

      Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, or any The View hosts will say something really stoopid not based in fact

      I have a very accurate record in past predictions so I am willing to bet my future predictions will also be highly accurate.

    619. Tgca says:

      Royal author claims Prince William is most woke. I agree. Harry is stoopid woke, following his skanky wife Meghan Markle for money.

      William and Charles suffer (or pretend to) from white guilt and push every leftist agenda. They are both truly woke because they do it regardless of money. They do it to stay relevant and appease others.

    620. Phil says:

      VP Harris on the case in Europe. Boy, that’s comforting.

      Did I mention she got 81 million votes?

    621. Wes says:

      Does the most woke out of a family of insular elitists really matter?

      They’re all a bunch of pampered leeches representing the nadir of of what was once the most powerful royal family on the planet.

    622. Wes says:

      Ah, yes. The worst Veep since Dick Cheney is saber rattling. She’d do her best work convincing Putin to stand down on her knees. Opening her mouth to speak just isn’t something she’s good at.

    623. Phil says:

      Yeah, Wes…..but she got 81 million votes, uh, ballots anyway.

    624. Phil says:

      ….of course, pudding brain himself could have gone to Munich. Another comforting thought. 81 million votes. Lol

    625. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      651. How does the following exhibit ‘white guilt and a leftist agenda’? I think it’s a great idea.

      “Prince William set up a prize to fund the following.

      Five innovators a year over the next decade will receive over £1,000,000 to help promote their work addressing environmental challenges.

      Announcing the scheme William commented: “I felt very much that there’s a lot of people wanting to do many good things for the environment and what they need is a bit of a catalyst, a bit of hope, a bit of positivity that we can actually fix what’s being presented.”

    626. jason says:

      I have nothing against support for environmental issues.

      Protecting the environment is fine with me.

      Using “climate change” as a vehicle to implement socialism is not.

    627. Tina says:

      Dr. John Ocasio-Nolte
      The first time I started to believe Russia might actually invade Ukraine is when I heard Kamala was being flown in to stop i

    628. jason says:

      I think Kamala gets her info from the same magazines and video games as Neville Allen, same “deep’ analysis.

      “Kamala Harris in Munich:

      “I mean, listen guys, we’re talking about the potential for war in Europe. I mean, let’s really take a moment to understand the significance of what we’re talking about.”

    629. Phil says:

      Don’t worry, Tina. Ukraine is safe. Kamala has a proven history of protecting borders.

    630. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      653. Actually people seem to admire Queen Elizabeth II.

      “Queen Elizabeth II Beats Oprah in ‘Most Admired’ Women List 2021

      Queen Elizabeth II was named the third most admired woman of 2021 in a global survey—one place ahead of Oprah Winfrey.

      The monarch, 95, was the highest ranking non-America woman and only royal on the list, put together by pollsters YouGov based on 42,000 survey respondents across 32 countries.”

      I believe William will be an excellent King. Prince Charles needs to go away. Harry and Meghan are total trash, which is why they moved to California.

    631. jason says:

      Yes, I certainly admire the Queen.

      And I think William should be King.

      Sue me.

    632. Tgca says:

      Prince William is a modern day version of his dad and mom without much of their baggage played out publicly…at least yet.

      So far he comes without the baggage of Charles growing up and being neutered and finally breaking free of the Royal chains and the extreme histrionics and manipulative drama of his mother Diana.

      But make no mistake, William is still a lefty apologist and in bed with the global elite pushing socialism. He would be a Caleefawnyuh Dem if he were an American. It’s the way he was raised by two pathetic parents who lived out their lives in the media always looking to angle and manipulate others.

      None of the current royals represent the decency and commitment that the Queen has in her life.

    633. jason says:

      Harry and Meghan are total trash, which is why they moved to California”


    634. Tgca says:

      THIX. THIX. THIX BIshes!

      THIX THIX. THIX I Thay!

    635. jason says:

      Harry wasn’t always woke. He volunteered for Afghanistan when he knew he would certainly be a feather in the Taliban’s cap if they succeeded in killing him.

      Meghan must really have hidden talents.

    636. Tina says:

      Mario Fratto for Congress
      · 2h
      Replying to @JackPosobiec
      Joe Biden is Bill Kristol’s favorite president.

    637. Robbie says:

      This is big weekend for Jason fraud and the other pro-Trump phony conservative populists. Trump’s good buddy, Putin, is about to invade Ukraine unprovoked. Will mad king Donnie campaign in 2024 that Ukraine was a dictatorship like Tucker Carlson said the other night?

      Now, we find out Trump is partnering with the brutal Saudi regime’s alternative golf tour and MAGA Daddy wants to host one their tournaments in an effort to hurt the PGA Tour. What a guy! Burkas for bogies?

      No wonder Jason Fraud and the rest of the phonies on populist right love Trump so much. Who wouldn’t want to unconditionally support a moron like Trump who loves Putin and wants to put on a golf tournament with a repressive country that killed a journalist with a bonesaw?

      And, yes, when Trump is the nominee in 2024, every other person in this forum who claims not to be a big Trump fan will support him unconditionally and will excuse away every single thing he does because that’s how frauds operate.

    638. Tgca says:


      Very true.

      I always thought Harry was the most down to earth normal Royal but then he bought into the whole “get richer” schemes and made the mistake of marrying a slutty C-rated Hollywood actress that turned him against his family.

      I still believe someday he will ditch that skank and go crawling back to the royal family.

      William will continue on the legacy of his dad and mom, lefty socialists who want to remain relevant in today’s world by appeasing all and pushing socialism, as if somehow that will excuse his privileges.

      I doubt we will ever see someone with the character and sense of duty of Queen Lizzie again in our lifetime.

    639. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason you play video games.I’ve never had one.Zero.
      At a suggestion so that you might have a remote idea of what you talk about, for $50/yr each you can join the Air Force Association and US Naval Institute and get monthly issues of Air Force Magazine and the Proceedings from the USNI.I recommend the annual Air Force Almanac, and US Naval Review, which give precise budget figures annually for every major program of the services, and a 5 year look back for comparison.
      Every plane, missile, bomb ,ship, submarine and R and D program is listed and described, as to it’s current inventory, performance, mission role, characteristics, and service life for both services. I have the last 10 years(Almanac and Naval Review) issues in my library.
      I encourage everyone here to at least get one years subscription to both, and you will know 1 a LOT about National Security from military leadership , civilian National Security consultants and Strategists, and weapons designers who write for for both publications.
      2 You will know for certain what an ignoramus and fraud Jason truly is, who has nothing but negative personal comments to offer for anything of substance.
      Jason, I am so tired of your BS. How about spending a $100 or so and actually learning something. Otherwise, STFU

    640. Phil says:

      Seriously? Robbie still spouting the same nonsense about Trump~Putin fraud.

      I didn’t see Putin invading Ukraine on Trump’s watch. Yep. Just another drive by from Biden’s $1,000 donor. Mr Republican who never gets around to actually voting for the Republican on the ballot.


    641. Tgca says:


      Robbie complaining about Trump building a golf course when the Bush clan and friends have made millions off warmongering and hundreds of thousands of deaths of US military personnel and innocent foreigners.

      If it were up to the Bush’s and Cheney’s, they would have us tied up in military conflicts forever as a constant revenue stream.

      War is Big Business!

    642. Wes says:

      Robbie, your TDS has reduced you to posting nonsensical pablum and word salad.

      Seek help.

    643. Phil says:

      Amen to that, Wes.

    644. Tina says:

      One would think if Pooty poot and Trump were good friends, why did Pooty poot not “invade” Ukraine when Trump,was President?

    645. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      670. Lets analyze the latest concerned troll fly-by.

      So Trump was a great friend of Putin? If this was the case, then why didn’t Putin invade the Ukraine while Trump was president? Could it because Trump would not have tolerated it? Lets remember when the Russians overreached in Syria, Trump bombed them and killed upwards of one hundred Russian mercenaries?

      Then lets discuss the Saudis. Robbie, you are aware that Biden recently all but begged the Saudis to supply the U.S. with more oil. A good thing about Trump’s energy policies were that we were actually competitors with the Saudis, but Biden wants to destroy the U.S. energy industry, and make us dependent again on Mideast oil.

      Oh by the way Robbie, you forget to tell us what you think of Biden as a president? Apparently you supported him — do you think he is doing a good job?

      We both have a similar a low opinion of Tucker Carlson; it one thing to not want the U.S. to be involved in the Ukraine — but saying dumb things like Carlson does is inexcusable.

    646. Tina says:

      Ukraine is not our problem. It is a cesspool of corruption.

      Fine to arm and train them, but that is it.

      I a, more concerned with the price of gas.

      It just hit $5.02 a gallon and it’s still winter.

    647. Tgca says:



      No American troops on the ground needed in Ukraine. The Europeans should step up 1st if it comes to boots on the ground.

      Russia is not a long-term threat to the US. Annoyance? Yes! Significant threat? NO!

      There are no major concerns of Russia ushering in a new Cold War with the clout it had in its past glory days.

      China is the most immediate threat to the US, economically and militarily. That’s where we need to focus our efforts in containment.

    648. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It was a mistake for me to be so critical of Prince Harry. He served honorably in Afghanistan; and was justifiably angry when the press disclosed his whereabouts, requiring him to be withdrawn from the war zone:

      “Working as an Apache co-pilot, Harry reportedly showered the militants with bullets as injured troops were airlifted to a secure location.

      Sarah Zenetis, the mum of Christopher ‘Tripp’ Zanetis, told The Sun : “Prince Harry came in with his protection squadron and blew the enemy to pieces.

      “They provided enough cover for Tripp to get his men loaded on the helicopter. I believe there were Taliban members killed.”

      Harry appeared to separately confirm such a mission had taken place, saying he had fired on the Taliban during operations to support ground troops and rescue injured Afghan and Nato personnel.

      “If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game, I suppose,” he said. “Take a life to save a life … the squadron’s been out here. Everyone’s fired a certain amount.””

    649. Tgca says:

      Military service does not translate into being a good person or excuse radical leftist, socialist, and communist ideas.

      We have had many people who served their country admirably but then go on to engage in behaviors not one would associate with admirable military service and commitment.

      My view is you respect the work they do but not necessarily who they are if their personal actions reflect contrary to what is expected of military personnel.

      Many in the US military support radical leftist causes. Probably north of 25% but that does not take away from their service itself.

      I can separate the two.

    650. Tgca says:

      Canada starting to eat it’s own.

      Alberta Premier will launch a Court challenge of the Trudeau government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, because it is:

      – unnecessary
      – disproportionate
      – violates natural justice
      – intrudes into provincial jurisdiction
      – creates a dangerous precedent.

    651. Tgca says:

      THIS IS BS!!!

      Breaking — Putin and Macron agree to halt escalations in Ukraine…

      America’s credibility is on the line here. Biden and National Security experts promised us Russia would invade Ukraine. It was inevitable.

      We need a war to restore US intelligence credibility…and to make lotsa money for elites in both parties pushing contracts with companies that profit from war.

    652. mnw says:

      I don’t play poker, but I don’t think you’re supposed to show your cards to everybody before they’re played, are you? Aren’t you supposed to HIDE them?

      Biden mentioned very casually yesterday that ejecting Russia form SWIFT, the international financial transfers banking system, would “probably not” be among the “initial” sanctions imposed on Russia if it invades Ukraine.

      Apparently this was something Russia was really concerned about– until Biden told them they had nothing to worry about.

    653. Tom says:

      686. You don’t want to annoy the Russians, they might launch an unprovoked attack against a neighboring country. Oh, wait…

    654. jason says:

      Putin about to invade the Ukraine under Biden’s watch but Amoral Scumbag is talking about Trump?


    655. jason says:

      How about spending a $100 or so and actually learning something.”

      According to Neville Allen, you can become an “expert” on anything for $100.

      In his case, I guess you get what you pay for.

      I bet Tgca is really insulted, he had to study for years and years to become an expert on all those fields.

    656. jason says:

      No wonder Jason Fraud and the rest of the phonies on populist right love Trump so much.”

      I guess I have been promoted to “populist right”?

      I don’t think the populist right people would care to have me in their ranks if they read my posts, I can be accused of a lot of things but “populist” is not one of them.

      Amoral Scumbag is unhinged with Biden’s bad poll numbers.

    657. jason says:

      Russia is not a long-term threat to the US. Annoyance? Yes! Significant threat? NO!

      There are no major concerns of Russia ushering in a new Cold War with the clout it had in its past glory days.”

      I disagree completely. Russia is not only a long term threat but a short term as well.

      A de-stabilized Europe is a huge threat to the US both economically and geopolitically.

      And if you let Russia continue its current strategy you will get into a Cold War situation again and that will be much more expensive than confronting Putin now.

    658. jason says:

      The “China is the real threat” meme is irrelevant.

      You confront threats as they happen, not as you want them to happen and not with whom you would rather have dealing with them.

      Right now we have to contain Russia and we have to do it with Biden.

    659. jason says:

      Hey Bitter, send me $50, I will share the magazines with you and we can become experts like Neville Allen for $50 each instead of $100.

    660. jason says:

      I a, more concerned with the price of gas.”

      I would be more concerned with the territorial integrity of the Ukraine.

      Do you think the price of gas will drop if the Russians invade?

    661. jason says:

      Damm, Amoral Scumbag is so out of things to talk about Trump that he is whining about gold courses in Saudi Arabia?

      Btw, hasn’t the Saudi regime been supported by EVERY R and D President, not only Trump?

    662. jason says:

      Gold courses?

      Well the Saudis ARE rich…

    663. Tgca says:


      I am not insulted by Gordy’s knowledge.

      Many professionals share knowledge through associations where they charge fees and put out professional journals, and provide training and seminars.

      I am insulted by you though referring to me as an “expert” when I’m actually an “EXPERT.”

      There’s a big difference!

      For the record, LisaB is an “Expert” in all things gay which is a step above an “expert” but not nearly as esteemed as an “EXPERT.”

    664. Wes says:

      I thought Lisa was an expert in all things flat chested and devoid of meat.

    665. Tgca says:


      I did not say a destabilized Europe is not a threat.

      I don’t think we’re anywhere close to a destabilized Europe with Russia but if it gets there, it goes to my point that Europe needs to step up with troops on the ground before the US does, and even before that to avert such a level of concern.

      The world is much smaller and very different than 30 years ago. Russia has lost much of its bullying clout and would harm itself immensely if it attempted to destabilize Europe.

      Where would Russia sell its life blood commodity, oil, then if it goes all Nazi Germany in Europe? It will only isolate itself further and starve itself to the point it can’t fund a massive invasion army.

      Our main focus should be on containing China because there is no other country capable of doing so in the regions China is attempting to dominate.

      China is by far the biggest threat to the US, both economically and in foreign affairs.

    666. Tgca says:

      Gordy’s subscriptions to professional military organization is no different than the professional organizations in medicine, finance, accountancy, engineering, law, hi-tech, psychology, etc.

      They all provide subscriptions for professional guidance via books, magazines, and seminars on their respective fields using people in the field to share their thoughts and ideas.

      I can tell you a CPA or CMA or CIA license is if no more value in educational resourcing than being associated with a military association providing similar content.

    667. Tina says:

      China unleashed a virus on the world. They are a threat. Look at the numbers they killed indirectly,

      Russia would be contained as they are a regional power.

      Amoral scumbug/jebots need to explain why Russia made no moves against us under Trump.

      The last incident was when we took out Russian mercenaries in Syria that threatened our position. I remember the Clinton Groupie indicating the incident was a fake.

    668. Tina says:

      Regional power dependent on high energy prices.

      You take it away and they are weaker.

    669. Tina says:

      Has the GOP-e even mentioned anything about Kanadaatan?

      I mean it’s setting the stage for what liberals will do to us, if successful.

    670. Wes says:

      Mace may have her problems, Tina, but her opponent was the only Republican since 1978 to lose that seat. Maybe Trump should back a better candidate against her in the primary?

    671. Tina says:

      Just STFU.

      Quote Tweet

      Dan McLaughlin
      · 5h
      People Right & Left sneering at Ukraine as not our concern are – besides engaging in motivated reasoning to justify inaction – betraying a sense that it isn’t *really* part of Europe. Then again, some Europeans thought that way about the Balkans in 1914.

    672. jason says:

      I mean it’s setting the stage for what liberals will do to us, if successful.”

      Actually they are already doing it.

    673. jason says:

      I am insulted by you though referring to me as an “expert” when I’m actually an “EXPERT.”

      Tough sh-t.

    674. jason says:

      People Right & Left sneering at Ukraine as not our concern”

      Yep, unfortunately there is a coalition of isolationists from the left and right willing to bury their head in the sand and think they can appease Putin by surrendering the Ukraine and other “dominoes”.

      Sad when Republicans who used to understand the role America plays in the world now just repeating Bernie Sanders talking points about Russia and “endless wars”.

    675. Tgca says:



      This is what happens when the conservative movement switches sides with the progressives and now the conservatives represent the classless working class and other peons in society, as opposed to the well-mannered, well-educated, sophisticated, elitist class, now represented by the libs.

      *sigh*. I guess we just have to deal with it.

    676. Tgca says:


      Amerika has pretty much lost its de facto leadership role in the world going back to the early 2000’s, compounded with many bad decisions and appeasements the last 20 years – except of course when they want our money, then Amerika is worth listening to but only after they squeeze us for every nickel and dime needed to prop up and fund foreign gubbermints and initiatives – and still then they betray us.

      Welcome to the 21st century of Amerikan foreign policy supported by Corporate Amerika and the MSM.

    677. jason says:

      Maybe Amerika, wherever that is.

      I am talking about America.

    678. Bitterlaw says:

      693 We could just save the money and argue why it makes sense to allow Putin to put the Soviet Union back together.

    679. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      One reason that Biden scoured the world to find alternative sources of natural gas for Europe, rather than encouraging increased U.S. production, is because Biden is seeking to appease the far left by ending natural gas and fossil fuel production in the U.S.

      Here are the actions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with its new Biden Democratic majority, after Biden appointed a new chair:

      “Natural gas companies seeking to build pipelines and LNG export facilities will be subject to more scrutiny over their anticipated greenhouse gas emissions, under sweeping policy changes by the U.S Federal Energy Regulatory Authority (FERC) approved today:

      FERC approved the new policies over the objection of the agency’s two Republicans, who say the agency has overstepped its congressional mandate to ensure the approval of needed gas infrastructure. Republicans and gas industry officials worry the sweeping changes will add uncertainty and new litigation risks for projects that already take years to permit and can cost billions of dollars to build.

      “This new certificate policy approved today is the mother of all legal weapons,” Republican commissioner Mark Christie said as part of his dissent. “There is no question that it will be wielded against every single natural gas project, making the cost and uncertainties of even pursuing a project exponentially more daunting.””

      Meanwhile Qatar will grow its LNG output by 40% with a north field expansion project, expected to come online by 2026. Thanks to Biden, we may soon become dependent on Mideast oil and gas again.

    680. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      713. The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and the far leftists tried to get Congress to agree to give Alaska back to Russia and Putin.

    681. DW says:

      “I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and the far leftists tried to get Congress to agree to give Alaska back to Russia and Putin.”

      Are you kidding? You must not be anything close to woke. We don’t ‘give’ Alaska back to Russia, we pay damages to Russia in excess of 100 billion dollars while deeding the state over to Putin, asking forgiveness for exploiting the natural resources of Alaska that should have belonged to Russia all along.

    682. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Our main focus should be on containing China”

      After the U.S. backed down in Afghanistan, then backed down against Russia in the Ukraine, do you really think China would take U.S. opposition seriously? It is clear the U.S. is now a paper tiger? China knows the difference between a dog that just barks, and one that can bite.

    683. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval:

      Approve 39%
      Disapprove 58%

      1,078 LV, 2/13-15

    684. Phil says:

      There will be no war in Ukraine. Our VP is on the case. She is rock solid. Putin doesn’t want to cross her….and he really doesn’t want to provoke President Pudding Head. He got 81 million votes you know.

    685. Cash Cow TM says:

      I have decided to to make, producer and star in a motion picture.

      I will name my movie “Apocalypse Cow”.

    686. Tgca says:

      FERC can revert back to policy changes once a GOP POTUS takes office because the protocol is for the party in power in the WH to assign the FERC chairmen and the rules say the balance of the 5 Commission team can never have more than 3 Commissioners from one party. It has been longstanding respectful protocol for the Chairmen of the party that loses the POTUS election to step down so the new president can appoint a new Chairmen from the winning POTUS party so the balance is reshifted to 3-2 in favor of the WH party in power.

    687. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Standing up to the bully often attracts unexpected support. This raises the issue of China’s desire to import more Russian natural gas. China already had long-term contracts with Qatar to get natural gas. Also China claims Russian land near it’s border should be part of China

      “China’s more explicit warnings in recent days against a Russian invasion of Ukraine show how Beijing is walking a tightrope, trying to build up a partnership with the Kremlin while preventing its relationship with Washington from becoming outright hostile.”

    688. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      723. China is now investing billions of dollars in helping Qatar expand it’s natural gas infrastructure, And has signed long-term contracts to purchase Qatari natural gas:

      “China Tightens Its Grip On Qatar With New LNG Contract

      Another new long-term contract for Qatar to supply China with liquefied natural gas (LNG) was signed last week, this time between QatarEnergy and Guangdong Energy Group Natural Gas Co for one million tons per annum of LNG starting 2024 and ending in 2034, although it can be extended. “We are pleased to enter into this long-term supply agreement with Guangdong Energy Group and look forward to establishing a successful and mutually rewarding relationship,”

      The Chinese will buy some natural gas from Russia, but it will always be a secondary source. The Russians tend to be difficult and unreliable trading partners.

    689. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      719. “There will be no war in Ukraine. Our VP is on the case. She is rock solid.”

      I agree Phil. As Kamala Harris has so articulately stated:

      “It is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day.”

    690. Wes says:

      Since it’s President’s Day, I figured I’d post some presidential (and vice-presidential) trivia:

      1) How many Presidents held no elected office before becoming President?

      2) Who holds the record for most runs for President?

      3) What Vice-Presidents served under different Presidents?

      4) What Vice-President later appeared on an unsuccessful national ticket?

      5) How many Vice-Presidents later served as President?

      6) What former President and Vice-President after leaving office was considered by his most prominent political rival (though not ultimately chosen) at a convention in the former Veep/President’s home state?

      7) What two Vice-Presidents had as their primary political affiliation the opposite political party from that of the President they served under?

      8) Who was the first President (or former President) to openly contemplate breaking the two-term tradition established by Washington?

    691. Wes says:

      And one more:

      9) What back-to-back presidential candidates later served back-to-back as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

    692. mnw says:

      Biden plans to shut down Trump’s “anti-intellectual property theft” unit within the DOJ, according to powerlineblog.

      Anything that says Trump on it, it has to be destroyed. Kind of like the Khmer Rouge and their “Year Zero” program under Pol Pot.

    693. Phil says:

      The leftist ideologues pulling President Senile’s puppet strings are absolutely destroying America. Open borders, rampant and open crime, runaway spending, ridiculous wokeness, blatant tech censorship on social platforms, classroom indoctrination……I could go on and on. As one of my leftist acquaintances told me – “yeah, so what. It’s happening. Deal with it”

      Fortunately, we have the Republican Party pushing back on all this. Yeah, riiiiiight.

    694. jason says:

      The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and the far leftists tried to get Congress to agree to give Alaska back to Russia and Putin.”

      I am sure Neville Allen will say it is a small price to pay for peace in our time. The Russians will then stake claim to the Yukon, but as Neville Allen says, that would be between the Russians and the Canadians.

      Besides, there are Russian speaking people in Alaska so there is that.

    695. Phil says:

      Putin no doubt being detoured by our new and improved woke and diverse military. China also shaking in their boots.

    696. Tgca says:

      Who holds the record for the most runs for president in GE or primary but never makes it because people just can’t stand her fat ugly cackling corrupt self-pitying lying ass?

    697. Tgca says:

      Who was the only president to ever win two consecutive terms but not serve their second term?

    698. Tgca says:

      What president started a war based on lies to prove his loyalty to his daddy and significantly misunderestimated the results and further destabilized a country that allowed the onset and exportation of a well-funded and energized terrorist network that has now taken hold in many areas throughout the world with the risk of sooner or later accessing nookewler weapons.

    699. Tgca says:

      What president overcame major discrimination disadvantages from his mother getting knocked up before her 18th b-day by a 24 year-old foreign student she met in a Russian class at college who was still married to another woman, and then had his dad run out on the family, only to be raised by his bigoted white grandparents?

    700. Tgca says:

      Who was the only president that smoked but never inhaled and popularized the use of cigars for means other than smoking?

    701. Tgca says:

      It was not too long ago that Americans loved Canadian Justin Trudeau and hated Canadian Justin Bieber.

      Now it appears Americans like Canadian Justin Bieber and hate Canadian Justin Trudeau.

      Finally! Americans are getting their priorities right.

    702. Tina says:

      Yossi Gestetner
      POTUS Bush: Putin attacked Georgia.

      POTUS Obama: Putin annexed Crimea.

      POTUS Trump: Putin behaved.

      POTUS Biden: Putin recognizes 2 Ukrainian regions as independent from Ukraine.

    703. Phil says:

      Yes, Trump clearly failed on foreign policy.

    704. Tina says:

      I cannot believe that sending Kampala did not work. /s

    705. Bitterlaw says:

      Russian troops inside Ukraine. I wonder what Gordon’s journals will say in their March issues.

    706. Tina says:

      This was the partition/incursion referenced by Biden last

    707. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      745. The question is how far Putin will go into the Easter Ukraine. The 140,000-180,000 troops Russia has on Ukraine’s borders are not enough to occupy all of the Ukraine, but they do pose a threat to Kiev and may prevent Ukraine from shifting troops to its eastern border regions.

      At this point will Putin be satisfied with occupying the Donbass? Or will he seek to move into other areas and towards Kharkiv and Mariupol? Perhaps he will try and create a land link to the Crimea? A lot may depend on the level of Ukrainian resistance.

    708. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      747 “Eastern” Ukraine

    709. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The irony here is Putin’s actions can be directly attributable to Biden’s weakness in the pull-out from Afghanistan. Biden should now be under attack for what is happening; however, the Republican Party’s appeasement wing and the Tucker Carlson’s types have run an effective interference for Biden.

    710. mnw says:

      2/21/20 (exactly 2 years ago today):

      “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why– it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe to toe with him.”

      Joe Biden

    711. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      750. The irony is Trump is correct when he says that Putin never would have dared attack the Ukraine if he were president, because he knows Trump would have gone toe to toe.

      Remember several years ago how so many board posters where horrified Trump took out Iranian terrorist General Soleimani. You would have thought Trump took out their grandmother.

      Putin knew that you don’t mess with Trump, but that he can push Biden around. He also reads the U.S. political tea leaves and, realized Biden would likely be gone after 2024. So Putin had to act now.

    712. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Donald Trump’s social-media platform, Truth Social, has launched, in a limited form, on the US Apple App Store.

      The app had similarities to Twitter, commentators noted – Mr Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube last year.

      And some early users had difficulties registering accounts.

      Project lead and former congressman Devin Nunes said it was expected to be fully operational by the end of March.

      Some of those trying to register had been told: “Due to massive demand, we have placed you on our waitlist,” the Reuters news agency reported.

      Created by the year-old Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), Truth Social had previously been made available to about 500 beta testers.”

    713. Phil says:

      Very true, SDC. In fact, I’d take it further. From the Chinese prospective they have what I call the ‘Biden window’ to take Taiwan. With Biden/Harris in the WH, why waste the opportunity to seize Taiwan? When are they ever going to be presented with a weaker American administration? The time will never be any better. I mean, Joe is only going to be in office for so long.

    714. Cash Cow TM says:

      So who wins the Russia will invade Ukraine of date XXX?

      Did they invade on 2/21/2022 (Ukraine time) or on 2/22/2022?

      Cow actually had 2/22/22 in the pool.
      I studied all the maps and figured Pooty-poot would invade the Donuts (or is it Donetz?) section of the Dumbass area of Ukraine.

    715. Cash Cow TM says:

      In worst case scenario, the Ukrainians could give up the Dnieper River area, the Dniester River area (and any other river areas that start with Dn….) and fall back to western Ukraine in the Carpathian Mts. and hold the area from Mt. Kamula in the north to the Carpathian Nation Park.

      Cow thinks that is their only shot.

    716. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      755. I doubt Putin will try and occupy, at most, more than an eastern area of the Ukraine. Keep in mind the Ukraine is the size of Texas and has a population of 40 million. The Ukrainians have been very willing to fight and have a large military.

      What Putin is doing is very dangerous his own survival. There are a lot of Ukrainians who live in Russia, and a lot of Russians with ties to the Ukraine. If there are atrocities, civil unrest could erupt. Just a few years ago there were major demonstrations in the Russia in support of Putin opponent Navalny.

      Likewise, millions demonstrated in neighboring Belarus against the existing government in 2020-2021. They almost brought the government down. They could take to the streets again in support of the Ukrainians.

      Then Putin has to worry about Russian oligarchs, who run things in his country, and will be hit hard with financial sanctions. And just ask Tsar Nicholas II how unpleasant it becomes when the Russian army becomes disgruntled.

      I could be wrong, but I see Putin trying to occupy the Donbas, and some adjacent territory. He may try to obtain a coastal connection through Maripol. But doubt he will go much beyond. His forces in Belarus are strategically placed so that the Ukrainians must keep some of their military in the area to protect Kyiv.

      Since the Germans seem to be pretty rotten allies right now. Perhaps the solution would in exchange for Putin leaving the Ukraine alone, we give Putin East Germany back.

    717. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Düsseldorf-based defense company Rheinmetall said on Wednesday that it would stick to a 2011 contract with Russia and complete what experts billed as the world’s most modern military training center in Mulino.

      The German firm said it was fully aware of the current political conflict over Crimea, but insisted it had to meet its contractual obligations with Moscow and finalize a combat simulation center where up to 30,000 soldiers could be trained annually.

      During the presentation of a full-year earnings report on Wednesday, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger told reporters he hadn’t received any signs yet from the government in Berlin that the project had to be stopped.”

      Assume within a relatively short time, Germany will announce it is moving forward with the NordStream pipeline again.

      There is a reason Trump detested these types of European “allies”.

    718. Tina says:

      Germany halts Nord 2 certification.

    719. Tina says:

      Would be nice to hear the justification.

      Kurt Schlichter
      · 12h
      I think the populist right is asking very good questions which I have yet to hear an answer to. What is the American interest in Ukraine that justifies whatever action we intend to take? What are our strategic objectives? Why would we imagine Biden is competent to achieve them?…

    720. DW says:

      New headline:

      Bidenflation Sends Rents Soaring 20% in America’s Biggest Cities


      Biden blames ‘Big landlords’ and their greed.

    721. DW says:

      “Nearly Two Million Kids Left Public Schools From 2020-2021”

      Hundreds of millions too few, but I will take it.

    722. Dan says:

      Sorry to steer you away from your blatantly anti-American efforts to absurdly blame President Biden for what Putin is doing against democracy but on the domestic front, Youngkin is already underwater in Virginia and his various proposed policies are not favored.
      From a Virginia poll:
      (Posting information is not trolling, btw.)

    723. jason says:

      Russian troops inside Ukraine. I wonder what Gordon’s journals will say in their March issues.”

      I hear that Neville Allen, after investing $100 to become an “expert” in isolationism, is now going to invest another $100 in white flags, he figures they will come in handy in the future.

      I also hear his gated community wants him to take down his “Why Surrender Tomorrow if you Can Surrender Today” banner on account it is 3/4 of an inch too big and the color does not match the approved HOA Color Code.

    724. jason says:

      (Posting information is not trolling, btw.)”

      Hey Dan troll, after sorting through dozens of polls showing the Biden Presidency as an absolute train wreck you find some obscure university poll that you do like to post here?

      I call that trolling.


    725. jason says:

      Canada votes 185-151 for fascism.

    726. DW says:

      Not to mention jason that Virginia has been a blue state for years now, and so Dan feigns shock that a Republican governor doesn’t get favorable poll numbers in a state shackled to the communist Peoples Republic of Northern Virginia.

      Beside, you get one four year term in Virginia, so you get things done and you don’t have to worry about the polls for re-election.

    727. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Jason and DW;
      Dan neglects to mention that Gov. Youngkin is underwater by 2 in a D+6 poll, while his Messiah, Dimwit Biden, has an approval/ disapproval rating of 40/53 in the Commonwealth.
      I say that Dan is in desperation mode. What say you?

    728. jason says:

      Dan is just upset he got caught in the snowstorm that Youngkin created and then did nothing about before he took office.

    729. jason says:

      Not sure what the GFU I posted above means.

      If anyone can think of something clever, go at it.

    730. DW says:

      Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard landed a punch in an argument after his team was defeated by Wisconsin…worst of all, he wasn’t wearing a MASK when he threw the punch!!

    731. Tgca says:

      Radical lefty Bob Beckel died yesterday at 73. I saw this last night and thought maybe I should say something nice about him but I could not think of anything so:

      Good riddance to bad rubbish!

      One of the most deceitful lying partisan manipulators of the left over the years…not that any exist on the right, of course. If he were younger and trans, he could have been part of the squad.

    732. jason says:

      Beckel had reputation (undeserved) of being some kind of “straight shooter” when really he was a partisan hack.

      As a political operative, he ran Mondale’s campaign and to his credit Mondale won MN by 12k votes.

    733. Tgca says:


      Agreed! Beckel was partisan which is expected and fine for any political consultant but he was also a manipulative liar and pushed some of the most radical outrageous BS.

      He was Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Don Lemon before they were themselves.

    734. DW says:

      Here is a great example of a local priest of the Branch Covidian cult shutting down a parent trying to question the wisdom of the Branch Covidian arch-bishops and prophets.

      Only the infidel heretic is seen in the video, but part way through you hear the courageous voice of the Branch Covidian priest who calls in the security guard to defend herself against the charge of hypocrisy. Truly outrageous. Priests and prophets of the Branch Covidian cult do NOT have to do what they require others to do.

    735. DW says:

      but all satire aside, that link in 776 is scary. These communists in power, even on local school boards, think they are gods and they think they alone have the inalienable right to control everything you do, and when they are called out for their hypocrisy, they call in the police to drag you away and silence you.

    736. Tgca says:

      Now Alan Colmes was an example of an old-time liberal I rarely agreed with but at least he was not outrageously manipulative and a liar like Beckel. He also came across as a decent guy and was good-humored.

      Colmes passed away years ago but not sure he would fit in with todays libs because he’d probably not be lefty or hatefully caustic enough for them.

    737. DW says:

      But its only a matter of time before homeschools and private religious schools are outlawed, because the students not indoctrinated in the commie public schools are the only hope for the future of America.

    738. DW says:

      I was recently chatting with someone whose friend is in the field of speech therapy for children who struggle to develop their speech skills. Apparently one of the keys for these children working through their issues is watching the mouth movements of their teachers and adults. But with all these teachers wearing masks the last two years, we can expect a spike in cases of speech problems among children. Another unintended outcome of the first sacrament of the Branch Covidian cult.

    739. Tgca says:



      I would hate to think if this pandemic happened while I was being schooled as a child in the bee-yoo-tee-ful city of Newark.

      I would have missed out on becoming proficient in ghetto because it was not something I learned at home.

      Where else would you learn to say “dis dat bafroom etc.?”

      My life could have been forever changed.

    740. mnw says:

      RE: the late Bob Beckel:

      I have kind of a Missouri-specific grudge against Beckel. After the 2000 election, he looked into the FOX News cameras on one of their panel talk shows & observed brightly that some of the MO GOP electors could probably be BRIBED to switch their votes from Bush to Gore!

      The outcry from MO was so fierce that Beckel later claimed he had just been joking. There was talk of a libel suit. Beckel was clearly NOT joking.

      However, Beckel WAS always drunk, so that’s a more plausible explanation for his bibulous slander. It was an open secret that he was often drunk while was on the air, and that his colleagues tried to cover for him.

      I pray for his soul and hope the good Lord will disregard my entreaties on his behalf.

    741. Tgca says:

      I’ve decided to disassociate with ALL gay people prospectively so I’ll be ignoring 20% of the folks here at HHR.

      A gay friend I’ve known for 25+ years recently tried to lecture me on how the Dems are trying to do right by the people and how Biden has created all these jobs while the GOP just clings to Trump who destroyed our economy and who should be in jail. He is looking forward to Clinton running and winning AGAIN, without the Russian interference.

      I was accused of repeating FAUX News talking points which is interesting since I NEVER watch any network news and get my news from multiple print sources instead of sound bites on TV…and I rarely read the Fox News site.

      I was reminded how all these injustices in society have been remedied by Dems over the decades while the GOP is the party of greedy billionaires.

      I guess those GOP sycophantic billionaires like George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, Oprah, Mrs. Steve Jobs, Sergei Brin, etc are in cahoots with the GOP to line their pockets at the expense of the poor.

    742. Wes says:

      Beckel once claimed Barney Frank (D-MA)–who short-circuited the GWB Administration’s investigation into the pending subprime housing bubble by using the tired Dem canard of “racism!” because Frank’s boyfriend was connected to the subprime lenders–was the person who had done the most to alleviate the housing crisis.

      Beckel was a joke whose overtly partisan analysis I could never take seriously given how divorced from reality it usually was.

    743. mnw says:


      The DEM billionaires are non-greedy.

      Couple of new polls today. Emerson & Gallup, & one for AZ guv. The first 2 are dreadful for the DEMs in general, as u mite expect. Emerson (I think) is the one showing Trump +4 on Biden, which is less than I would’ve expected, however.

      The AZ guv poll shows Lake, the Trump-endorsed probable GOP nominee, ahead of the probable DEM nominee by +2, which again is less than I would’ve guessed. It’s an LV poll, too. Lake is VERY Trump-y, it must be said, & I assume she will shade toward the center after she wins the GOP primary.

    744. Robbie says:

      Candace Owens
      I suggest every American who wants to know what’s *actually* going on in Russia and Ukraine, read this transcript of Putin’s address. As I’ve said for month— NATO (under direction from the United States) is violating previous agreements and expanding eastward. WE are at fault.

      – Candace Owens is a favorite of Trump and that means she is, therefore, a favorite of Jason fraud.

      She says the US and NATO are at fault. I guess that means Jason fraud thinks that as well. Glad to know he, Trump, Putin, and Tucker Carlson are all on the same page.

    745. NYCmike says:

      “Putin knew that you don’t mess with Trump, but that he can push Biden around. He also reads the U.S. political tea leaves and, realized Biden would likely be gone after 2024. So Putin had to act now.”


      Which is why every comment I made regarding Ukraine starts with “Biden is President….” and ends with “that’s great, A-Holes. I agree with what you think should be done, except you are living in a fantasy world where, I repeat, Biden is President.”.

    746. NYCmike says:

      Candace Owens should stick to college campus cultural issues. I would not go to her for advice on Ukraine.

      On the other hand, she actually thinks about other topics besides Trump and jason, which shows she has more brain cells than Robbie.

    747. Tgca says:

      Jewish radical snowflake Canadian MP thinks “Honk Honk” by Canadian truckers is an acronym for Heil Hitler. I’m not sure why she believes it’s an acronym but who knows with these loons.

      She believes their protests have nothing to do with the pandemic but instead is related to a “darker, deeper, uglier” threats to Canadian democracy.

      Ooooooh! I guess it’s vast wide-spread trucker’s conspiracy.

    748. NYCmike says:

      Robbie and “CG” – how thrilled are you both about Trudeau’s actions up in Canada? Those pro-Trump truckers were so disgusting, weren’t they?

    749. Wes says:

      A “darker, deeper, uglier” threats to Canadian democracy, huh?

      As opposed to Trudeau’s heavyhanded attempts to break the truckers, I presume?

    750. Phil says:

      Robbie now 14 months into Biden’s term. Still waiting to hear his first grain of criticism of his boy.


    751. Tgca says:

      786. MNW

      Regardless, I have absolutely no respect for the vast majority of gays who blindly follow liberal group think.

      A large proportion of the gay community are some of the most condescending, bigoted, IGORENT people you will ever meet that routinely pass judgment on others but call it hate speech when others do the same to them.

      I have literally met at least a 1,000+ gay critters in my lifetime, and whenever politics came up, I would estimate 95% of them subscribe to the liberal group think policy and bend themselves into pretzels defending it, even the highly educated gays.

      This has always been astonishing to me and defies common sense why one group would so lopsidedly endorse one political culture.

      …and this is why I will be ignoring 20% of the posters at HHR who are gay.

    752. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Enough of the hand-wringing over gerrymandering! To the victors, go the spoils.

      Twas always thus and always thus will be.

    753. Tina says:

      What about the gop-e?

      Jack Posobiec ??@JackPosobiec · 3hBREAKING: 65% of Democrats approve of Trudeau’s crackdown on freedom protestors, freezing of bank accounts

    754. Cash Cow TM says:

      I see Biden is not yet up from his daily early afternoon nap.

      When he addresses the nation, I predict he will be tough on the Russians, To wit:

      1. Order all restaurants in the U.S. to pull Russian dressing from their menus and no longer serve Russian salad dressing until Russian troops pull out of Ukraine.

      2. Direct officials in Idaho to immediately change the name of Mocow, Id.

      3. Ban the use of the terms Russian roulette, “rushin’ to judgement”, and “rushin’ around” from use in the U.S.

      4. Rename the Russian sage plant.

    755. Cash Cow TM says:

      at 2:20, CSpan is showing a live shot of the empty presidential podium awaiting Biden for the 1 p.m. speech.

    756. Cash Cow TM says:

      I heard Biden is going to offer to give Denmark and Fiji to Pooty Poot in exchange of him pulling his troops back home.

    757. Cash Cow TM says:


    758. Cash Cow TM says:


    759. NYCmike says:


    760. NYCmike says:

      Dang that Cow!

    761. Cash Cow TM says:


    762. Cash Cow TM says:


    763. Tina says:

      Biden’s Beotch is calling it the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

      At the same time, Biden’s Beotch loves the invasion of our southern border.

    764. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Russians ACTIONS’

      “We have no intention of fighting Russia”

      “Putin got approval of his actions by the Russian duma [sses].”

      “Secretary Abe Lincoln?”

      “will BLUNT U.S. gas prices”?

      No use yet of the word “INVASION”

      Lots of talk about what Russia said and did…
      little talk of specifics of what actions U.S. is taking NOW…except we will move with clarity, and unity.

      Thank you very much.

    765. Tina says:

      Why is Xi Biden slurring his words?

      This presser is a sheot fest.

    766. Cash Cow TM says:

      Watching cccpSpan on TV.

      Rooshin Federation President [of the U.N. meeting?] speaking.

      The Rooshins have taken over the U.N.

    767. Cash Cow TM says:

      lots of blah, blah, blah at the U.N. meeting.

      People are “concerned”

    768. Cash Cow TM says:

      I think the various nations’ representatives at the U.N. are mad enough to pass a sternly worded resolution!

    769. Cash Cow TM says:

      Talking about the Donuts and Lou Hants regions of Ukraine.

    770. Cash Cow TM says:

      Russian presiding officer thanked the female speaker for sharing her briefs.

      Which I thought was funny since ‘briefs’ also means underwear.

    771. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      787. Robbie, Candace Owen is entitled to express her own opinions — as stupid as they are.

      You are assuming they are Trump just came out with a statement, reaffirming that Putin “would have never done during the Trump Administration what he is doing now” and calling the present sanctions against Putin “weak.” It should again be noted that Putin did not dare move against the Ukraine while Trump was president, he waited until a powder puff Democrat was in office.

      From the Independent, a UK newspaper:

      “Former president Donald Trump broke his silence about the crisis in Ukraine to slam the Biden administration, saying Moscow’s decision send troops across its border would not have happened during his administration since he knows Russian President Vladimir Putin well.
      “I know Vladimir Putin very well, and he would have never done during the Trump Administration what he is doing now, no way!” Mr Trump said in a statement from his Save America PAC. Mr Trump faulted President Joe Biden for letting Russia become rich because of higher gas prices.
      “The weak sanctions are insignificant relative to taking over a country and a massive piece of strategically located land,” he said.
      “Now it has begun, oil prices are going higher and higher, and Putin is not only getting what he always wanted, but getting, because of the oil and gas surge, richer and richer.””

    772. Cash Cow TM says:

      Black woman is U.S. ambassador to U.N.

      She has not dropped the race card yet.

    773. Cash Cow TM says:

      I hope Linda Thomas-Greenfield (U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. ends her speech with:

      …”so Russian troops can all be withdrawn and then the people of Ukraine can all say, we are free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almight we are free at last.”

    774. Cash Cow TM says:

      Ironic that it just so happens that the the Russian Ambassador to the U.N. is currently the president of the U.N. right now and conducting the meeting at the U.N.

      The Albanian Ambassador to the U.N. is now chiming in. I bet Pooty-poot is shaking in his boots to know that Albania is not pleased with the Russian aggression.

      I think the representives from Elbonia and HoochiKoochi Land are soon going to speak.

    775. Cash Cow TM says:

      U.N. talking heads meeting is boring.
      I am reminded of the BeeGee’s song”
      “It’s only words, and words are all I have…”


      This U.N. live meeting is so boring.
      Makes cow sleepy.
      Anyone got any No-Doze?

    776. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Most of the commentary on the Putin speech has been that it came across as unhinged. Putin likely did not expect the level of opposition he is facing to his Ukraine gambit. After watching Biden swoon over the Taliban, and flee Afghanistan with his tail between his legs, he may have expected the same in the Ukraine. Plus a weak German government had just been installed, that included the pacifist Green Party. The Green Party has wanted to kill the NordStream project, and Putin just gave them an excuse to do so.

    777. DW says:

      42 years ago today. It happened. No one expected it. Not the players, not the coach, and certainly not the USSR.

      “The US team is depending a little too much on Jim Craig, he’s making too many good saves…ERUZIONE SCORES! MIKE ERUZIONE!!”

      …ten minutes later in the third period…

      “…the puck is still loose…ELEVEN seconds…you got TEN seconds…the countdown going on right now! Morrow up to Silk FIVE seconds left in the game! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? YES!!!”

    778. NYCmike says:

      **chills** up the spine, DW!

    779. NYCmike says:

      -DeSantis, Hawley and Cotton not speaking, while Gabbard, Trump Jr and Kimberly speak at good times……Trump is not doing himself any favors by being vindictive, especially to people who will support him if he runs again……hard for the zebra to change his stripes.

    780. Bitterlaw says:

      I am now an orphan. GFY

    781. DW says:

      And Al Michaels did the right thing and muzzled the microphones for over a minute, just allowing the pictures to tell the story, finally as the teams were concluding their handshakes, Michaels spoke again…

      “No words necessary…just pictures!”

    782. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The U.S. has done well in exporting natural gas to Europe:

      “The United States became Europe’s largest source of LNG in 2021, accounting for 26% of all LNG imported by European Union member countries (EU-27) and the United Kingdom (UK), followed by Qatar with 24%, and Russia with 20%. In January 2022, the United States supplied more than half of all LNG imports into Europe for the month.”

    783. DW says:

      Sincere condolences Bitter. Praying for you.

    784. NYCmike says:

      Godspeed, Bitterlaw.

      I hope you realize that both your parents will live forever, that you have not been orphaned, they are only in a different place.

      Condolences to you and your family.

    785. DW says:

      Mike Eruzione is always remembered for his game winning shot against the Soviets, but less remembered are the two times in the game Mark Johnson scored to tie the game back up.

      The first was the hustle play at the end of the first period, exploiting the lethargic Soviets who had assumed the period was over, allowing Johnson to score with 1 second left.

      The second was the end of the US powerplay in the third period when Silk was tripped and just threw the puck forward in desperation, right to the Soviet defender. Johnson could have given up on the play but stayed with it in case the Soviet player made a mistake. He did. He allowed the puck to bounce off his stick right to Johnson and in the net to tie it 3-3.

      But Jim Craig was the hero. Stopping 36 out of 39 Soviet shots. The USA scoring on 4 out of only 16 shots.

    786. DW says:

      And one of the common mistakes people make in talking about the miracle on ice is the idea that the Soviet coach was crazy for pulling Tretiak at the end of the first period for Vladimir Myshkin, as though Myshkin was some slouch, just because Tretiak was the greatest goaltender in the world.

      The reality of it is that the Soviet coach made the right call. Tretiak allowed the first USA goal to be scored on a very long slapshot that he should have easily gloved. Then the second goal he allowed in was completely inexcusable. A shot from just beyond center ice that he re-directed right to Johnson to score with one second left.

      Myshkin allowed no goals in the second period, and then third period he allowed the tying goal and the winning goal, but the first was the one where the it was the fault of the defender to not control the puck. Myshkin had no time to prepare or adjust to the fact that the defender was going to lose it right onto Johnson’s stick. Then the Eruzione goal was just a great shot, using the defenseman as a screen.

      Both Soviet goaltenders allowed two goals each, but by far, Myshkin played a much better game than Tretiak.

      But people still say the Soviets lost because they pulled Tretiak.

    787. CG says:

      Sorry for your loss, BL

    788. Robbie says:

      Sahil Kapur
      Trump says Putin’s military move on Ukraine is “genius.”

      “Putin is now saying, ‘It’s independent,’ a large section of Ukraine. I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper… We could use that on our southern border.”

      “Here’s a guy who’s very savvy.”

      – This is what Jason fraud and the other Trump populists think. Putin is the good guy.

      Sure, dimwit Donnie definitely would have been tougher on Putin. He’d have been calling Ukraine’s president a dictator just like Tucker does.

    789. DW says:

      And had the great Al Michaels not set the standard for the best call in sports history with “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? YES!” more people might remember his terrific call at the end of the gold-winning game against Finland, “THIS IMPOSSIBLE DREAM COMES TRUE!”

    790. Wes says:

      Sorry to hear about your dad, Bitterlaw.

    791. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Meh. The late Jack Buck’s call of Kirk Gibson’s homerun in the ’88 World Series remains epic: “I don’t believe what I just saw!”

    792. Bitterlaw says:

      Thank you for the condolences. It was very sudden. My brother called me this morning and I was able to see him before he died. I asked him where he hid the treasure and he said nothing. Maybe those guys from History Channel can dig up the yard when they finish on Oak Island.

      94 years of beer and cigarettes was a good run.

    793. DW says:

      The late Bob Murphy’s call of the 1986 world series game six is also epic:


    794. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Bitter, sorry to hear of your loss. At a time beyond this temporal life you will be reunited.

    795. Tgca says:

      796. Tina

      Do 65% of Dems approve of freezing bank accounts of BLM and Antifa rioters…ummm…I mean protestors and their supporters too?

    796. Tina says:


      Don’t blame me for even higher gasoline prices, which further “fuel” Pooty poot.

    797. Tina says:

      Add crack pipes as infrastructure.

      ACT For America
      Things Biden has built back better:

      1. Taliban
      2. Soviet Union

    798. Tina says:

      Is this parody? Only the dumb arse jebots and their ilk believe this.

      The Democrats
      · 1h
      Vice President @KamalaHarris’ trip to Munich helped strengthen our relationships with our allies and partners worldwide.

    799. NYCmike says:

      ““Putin is now saying, ‘It’s independent,’ a large section of Ukraine. I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper… We could use that on our southern border.”

      “Here’s a guy who’s very savvy.””


      I heard Trump say this, on the radio, this afternoon, with Clay & Travis, I believe.

      Trump is correct. Putin is savvy.

      Trump also said that Putin wouldn’t have done this if Trump was still President, and he is correct there as well……of course, Robbie and “CG” will ignore that and keep rooting for Russia’s best friend, President Biden, who helps Russia put a billion $$ in their pockets on a regular basis.

    800. Tina says:

      Well, he is “savvy.”

      Got Xi Biden’s permission for an incursion (into the 2 Russian provinces.

      But no more mean tweets.

    801. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      C’mon guys. The best call ever was by NY Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges when Bobby Thompson hit his game winning home run in 1951 in a one game playoff against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here you go:

    802. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” Very good indeed.

    803. DW says:

      Vin Scully had some pretty good calls too…like when Mexican pitcher Fernando Valenzuela completed his no-hitter, Scully said, “if you have a sombrero, throw it to the sky!”

    804. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Nobody called a HR better than Vin Scully: “Away back, away back… she’s gone!”

    805. jason says:

      Very sorry to hear about your Dad, Bitter.

      I hope you find some solace that as you said, “he had a good run’.

    806. jason says:

      she says the US and NATO are at fault. I guess that means Jason fraud thinks that as well. Glad to know he, Trump, Putin, and Tucker Carlson are all on the same page’

      Damm, Biden’s poll numbers are really doing a job on Amoral Scumbag’s logic.

      If Candace Owens says something it means I agree with Trump, Putin and Tucker on everything?


      I like Candace Owens. I don’t agree with her on NATO.

      And as everyone who reads my posts knows, I never agreed with Trump on NATO either.

    807. jason says:

      I asked him where he hid the treasure and he said nothing.”

      Hmmm….. I think I know what that means.

      It has to be Oak Island.

      The Knights Templar, the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Blackbeard, the Vikings, the Mafia, etc.

      None of them have admitted to burying treasure on Oak Island either.

      Follow the logic.

    808. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Thank you. He was probably one of the last people alive who started smoking during FDR’s third term.

    809. Tina says:

      Bl, sorry to hear this.

      Thoughts and prayers.

    810. NYCmike says:

      “And as everyone who reads my posts knows, I never agreed with Trump on NATO either.”

      -Yet, Trump, along with NATO, was unified in their opposition to Russia………..and Russia didn’t make any moves while Trump was in office…..

    811. Cash Cow TM says:

      Mr. Bitter,

      Deep condolences for the loss of your Dad.
      For most of us, our parents were our first heros.

      Regardless of their age, it still hits hard when they pass.

      Walt’s Mom was 94 when she passed. He was still in legislative session, had his phone turned off and got the sad call from the doctor right after the legislature adjourned some hours after she passed. He cried.
      Bitter, cherish the memories of good and happy times, and be comforted that your Dad is now whole in mind and body and free from suffering things of this world, and one day you will be reunited with your loved ones.

    812. Meldrim says:

      Bitter, sorry for your loss. Your father’s in a better place now.

    813. jason says:

      Yet, Trump, along with NATO, was unified in their opposition to Russia………..and Russia didn’t make any moves while Trump was in office…..”

      Unfortunately Trump weakened NATO with his stupid rhetoric.

      WHile this is not the reason (yet) for Putin’s moves, it doesn’t change the fact his reckless rants about ending NATO over who pays what was really, really asinine.

    814. jason says:

      Also, I don’t think Trump should be commenting of every move Biden makes on the Ukraine.

      There is only one President at a time.

      Finally I really disagree with this premise>

      “Which is why every comment I made regarding Ukraine starts with “Biden is President….” and ends with “that’s great, A-Holes. I agree with what you think should be done, except you are living in a fantasy world where, I repeat, Biden is President.”

      Yep, that is right. Biden is President, and we don’t get to choose which President deals with what crisis.

      What should be done should not hinge on who is President.

    815. Cash Cow TM says:

      Watch “Why Would Russia Invade Ukraine? #shorts” on YouTube

      Anybody ever heard this talked about?

      After Russia seized the Crimean peninsula back in 2017, the Ukrainians cut off the big water supply canal to the Crimea.

    816. jason says:

      Biden is going to screw this up.

      Rs can run on it in November and in 2024.

      But Trump should not be trying to micromanage the issue.

      I give Obama credit for keeping his mouth shut during most of Trump’s presidency.

    817. jason says:

      fter Russia seized the Crimean peninsula back in 2017, the Ukrainians cut off the big water supply canal to the Crimea.”


    818. Bitterlaw says:

      Thank you for the continuing condolences. I believe he is at peace with my mom and niece. With good beer and cigarettes.

    819. NYCmike says:

      “But Trump should not be trying to micromanage the issue.”

      -Agree with this.

    820. NYCmike says:

      “Unfortunately Trump weakened NATO with his stupid rhetoric.”

      -He did no such thing.

      They were united against Russia, which is their mission. His words did nothing to harm the relationship. If he had been re-elected, NATO would have kept following the lead of the nation which should be in charge of it, instead of being beholden to the freaking Germans and their business interests.

    821. Cash Cow TM says:

      How come we never hear anything anymore about
      Jiminy Cricket?

      I always like him.
      He always cheered me up.

    822. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Cow, Jiminy Cricket succumbed to AIDS in 1991.

    823. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      I erred re: Jiminy’s demise. The cricket kicked it due to a fatal case of rickets.

    824. Tina says:

      Trump asked for more contributions from the euro weenies that refused to pay it.That is not weakening nato,,which is pretty useless to begin with.

      This is 100% on Xi Biden. He allowed and encouraged Pooty poot.

    825. JeffP says:

      Name two things Trudeau and Putin have in common? Both WEF Forum of Young Global Leaders. Another…tyrannical ego maniacs.

    826. JeffP says:

      I am far more upset and concerned about Canada than Russia…and it’s not even close.

    827. jason says:

      “ABC’s David Muir defends Biden refusing to take questions: “President Biden there in the East Room not taking any questions, likely given the gravity of the moment the world is facing.”


    828. JeffP says:

      Must read…

      As a therapist who has deprogrammed clients for over 30 years leaving various cults, the occult, legalistic and spiritual abusive Christian churches, and abusive family systems this is an excellent description of how distorted reality is used to control and brainwash.

    829. JeffP says:

      I just listened to Kamala Harris “Listen guys” press conference in Europe…if she ever becomes President we are even more screwed as a country than we are now. I am not referring to her past behavior.

    830. JeffP says:

      Jordan Peterson’s tweets to Trudeau are hilarious…he just told him to F off. He is much better than Trump at mean tweets.

    831. mnw says:

      Ukraine is about 60% baked into the cake by now, unfortunately. The U.S./NATO don’t have many options remaining, & none of the ones they do still have are likely to deter whatever it is Russia intends to do.

      I would hope our military planners would take Ukraine as a profound wake up call. The obvious play, imo, is to immediately beef up the Baltic NATO members’ defenses, plus those of Romania and NATO’s southern flank.

      Unlike our situation with Ukraine, we have a mutual defense alliance with those nations. We might have to go to war to defend them. Deterrence there is a matter of national survival– our OWN.

      Putin’s recent comments about the Baltic states are very ominous.

      The U.S. & NATO still have an opportunity to make sure those doors are securely locked– that Putin can see there is no opportunity there. That was/is not the case with Ukraine.

    832. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      876. U.S. and other NATO countries are moving forces into the Baltics now:

      “President Joe Biden on Tuesday ordered an additional 800 U.S. troops, more than 30 helicopters and as many as eight F-35 fighter jets now in Europe to NATO countries on the alliance’s eastern flank as Russian troops begin to move into Ukraine.

      The roughly 800 U.S. troops will deploy to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to “reinforce and reassure our NATO allies today in response to Russian admissions that it will not withdraw its forces from Belarus,” the president said..”

    833. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      876. Finland is in close proximity to the Baltics, and can serve as a logistic staging area for NATO:

      “The Ukraine crisis has strengthened Finland’s transatlantic relations with the United States. In an agreement reached late last year, Helsinki agreed to buy six F-35 Lightning II Strike Fighters with its maintenance and support package by 2030 from the United States. It also will purchase update long-range guided rocket systems from Washington to improve air and ground defense.

      “We need the high-end capability” and continued conscription into its reserve forces for defense,” Pulkkinen said..”

    834. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      878. The quoted article incorrectly said Finland was only buying 6 F-35 fighters. Finland is buying 64 F-35 fighters.

    835. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So according to Tucker Carlson, President Biden’s support of the Ukraine has something to do with Hunter Biden’s debts. What a total piece of human s—.

      “So with every day, we move closer to some kind of conflict with Russia, a conflict that could easily spin out of control given that the people running us have no fine motor skills, the administration assures us this has nothing at all to do with ripping Joe Biden’s personal debts to Ukrainian oligarchs. Not at all. It’s completely and totally unrelated.”

    836. Tgca says:

      No one wants additional destabilization in Europe but the US should not be leading the effort to address a European conflict between pro-Russian territories in Ukraine and Russia. That is best left to the Europeans to address.

      This is where the US meddling can lead to long-term ownership of a conflict that probably is not going to subside anytime soon, especially since it is doubtful the US can offer any real lasting solution in a very corrupt country where a portion of its population wants independence from it.

      Just as I oppose a territory being unwillingly occupied by an invader, I’m not a fan of forcing a territory to remain where it does not want to belong because that usually does not have a long-term beneficial outcome. The world is constantly changing and fighting the change when it’s inevitable seems counterproductive to me in the long run.

      It’s a pickle to be in but the US should provide ancillary support to the European position and not be in the drivers seat of this conflict. Europe needs to step up as it’s at their doorstep.

      The US needs to keep its eye on China, a much bigger threat to its world status and world peace that could more easily get out of hand if there is no focus there.

    837. Tgca says:

      This a a weak argument.

      Criticizing the GOP for criticizing Biden as weak does not play into Putin’s hand in the way they’re suggesting.

      Putin already realizes Biden is weak and there is great division in the US so the GOP feigning support for Biden is not going to fool anyone that the US is strongly united on the Ukraine issue because it’s not, and a good deal of that has to do with lack of confidence in Biden in the US that many believe led Russia to this moment in time.

      It’s the chicken and egg argument.

      Putin is politically savvy and sly enough to know that Biden’s overall weakness in the US and being hostage to the far left plays to his benefit. With approvals in the 30s and low 40s in the US, Putin senses Biden’s weakness and will take advantage regardless of what the GOP says of Biden.

      Russia will always push the envelope as far as it can but senses with Biden he will be much less to retaliate effectively as others might.

      These critics wanting to prop up Biden are living in an outdated world where they think a fake show of US unity will fool Putin. We are dealing with a much more media savvy Russia then 40 years ago.

    838. JeffP says:

      Tucker was being sarcastic regarding Hunter Biden.

      Ukrainians are great people… government is as corrupt as ours… that’s his point I think.

      The whole Russia advance is theater for Biden and years in the making for Putin gaining losses from USSR collapse…it’s Europe’s problem first and foremost. Russia and China play the long game. US is fractured beyond repair anytime soon. Why? Everything woke turns to sh*t.

      The GOP with Independent support have the opportunity of a generation to lead going forward for a few election cycles…as the progressive agenda and wokeness is being rejected by a large portion of the electorate. The question is will they take advantage of it?

    839. jason says:

      ut the US should not be leading the effort to address a European conflict”

      Profoundly disagree.

      US should be leading the effort to contain Putin’s effort to recreate the Soviet Union.

      Calling this some “pro-Russian territory conflict” is head in the sand and isolationist trash.

      The kind of argument that plays right into Putin’s hands.

    840. jason says:

      “So according to Tucker Carlson, President Biden’s support of the Ukraine has something to do with Hunter Biden’s debts. What a total piece of human s—.’

      Really. What a moron.

    841. jason says:

      The US needs to keep its eye on China”


      Putin thanks you and will send you an autographed picture.

    842. Tgca says:


      You can profoundly disagree all you wish.

      The US should NOT be leading the effort over an ethnic territorial dispute going back 100+ years in Europe.

      Europe should lead on this. The US should partner with the European-led solution if it’s in US interest.

      Enough of the US war-led solutions costing American lives.

    843. Tgca says:

      It’s amazing how some here are for getting involved in disputes with little US interest but ignoring the elephant in the room.

      China is recognized as the largest threat to US world leadership and economics. No other country comes close to it.

      People who rant over Russia but support China are no different than the Big Tech and celebrities selling out the US for earning potentials in China.

      Some things are more important than money.

      China leading the world is the most dangerous concern we have now.

    844. Bitterlaw says:

      Would HHR be ok if parts of Arizona and Nevada declared themselves independent and Mexican army peacekeepers moved in?

      Somebody to post yes and give them California, too, in 3…2…1…

    845. Wes says:

      Walking Dead–or, as I prefer to call it, Bitterlaw’s Bandwagon–will end in a month. What will you do then, Bitter?

    846. Phil says:

      I’m just thrilled that Joe and Kamala managed to find a border they give a sh*t about.

    847. Phil says:

      I suspect Taiwan’s days are numbered.

      No, China’s overall threat to America is much more serious than Russia’s and it’s not close. This is not to say we ought to look the other way as Putin rolls into Ukraine. As a practical matter, however, we are severely limited on what we can do. Sanction the hell out of Russia and make them pay as large an economic price as possible but at this point we can’t stop it beyond direct military confrontation. That isn’t happening in a non NATO country nor should it.

    848. DW says:

      All this foreign policy stuff, sanctions, etc., will only work if we get energy independent again. Get our own oil, so much that we can be the leading exporter of oil, or we have little bartering power against Russia and China.

      But Biden hates oil and gas, and promised to get rid of it during the last debate, but few indies and those on the left wanted to believe him.

    849. Phil says:

      Agree completely, DW. Being energy independent gave us leverage. Biden deliberately gave that up the first year of his administration….and Putin took full advantage.

    850. Bitterlaw says:

      890 Probably watch some other show based on a book or comic book I never heard of. I will never understand how I am a bandwagon fan when the first time I heard of The Walking Dead was when I saw the first commercial for the show. Maybe Wes can give me a list of comic books that might turn into movies or TV shows.

    851. Tgca says:


      If Arizona and New Mexico had territories where the population along a border (assuming US citizens and not illegal aliens) were predominantly of Mexican origin and internationally, whether recognized or not, labeled itself independent of the US and more aligned with Mexico instead of the US, and those territories refused to abide by the laws and customs of the US, then we would have to decide among a few realistic options.

      1. Force those territories into sovereign compliance by brute force, having a permanent US occupying force there, in other words, federalizing state lands for decades to come.

      2. Forcefully remove those territorial inhabitants elsewhere so that the US keeps the land and/or re-populates it with willing US citizens.

      3. Agree to let the territories secede from the union and start their own country or join Mexico.

      4. Ignore the issue and let the territories do as they wish without regard to US law or sovereignty, as if they were separate countries anyway, as the US stood by and did nothing but reiterate its sovereignty that had no real impact on the territories anyway, similar to Taiwan vs China currently.

      I don’t think a Civil War is worth the land unless the land is determined to be of such great strategic importance that we are willing to forcefully remove, and kill or imprison millions of US citizens, if necessary, to achieve the goal.

      If people seriously wish to become independent of the US or part of another nation, it’s a no-win situation for the US.

      But there is no situation in the US currently that equates to Russian domineered territories in the Ukraine that wish to be independent or part of Russia so it is a moot point.

      But hey, if CA or NY wanted to secede from the US, fine by me.

    852. Phil says:

      I’d help them pack.

    853. Tgca says:

      892. Phil


      Not much we can do currently. This is not worth going to war with Russia for, especially for those territories already claiming independence from Ukraine and allegiance to Russia.

      It sucks but what else can we do?

      If Russia dig its heels in, are Europe and America willing to have WW3 and have thousands or hundreds of thousands of deaths militarily, not counting millions of displaced or dead citizens as collateral damage? I think not.

      America would probably be willing to go to war over Taiwan but doubtfully Ukraine.

      It is what it is. Sometimes, there’s just no easy way out.

    854. Tgca says:

      Now I need to go shopping to get some Baby Bok Choy to go with my tofu tonight.


    855. Tina says:

      This is 100% uni party and deep state bs.

      Biden allowed for the incursion. Sure, he was not supposed to make it publicly known, but he is stupid minded.

      Now team uni is all upset. This team is so “concerned” about Ukraines border, a corrupt nation, and are not upset with our wide open southern border.

    856. Tina says:

      And China is the #1 enemy,

      They unleashed a virus to the world, without punishment.

      Russia is a regional power at best.

    857. Country Dick Montana says:

      Our response to any actions by China should be to send their 350,000 “graduate students” back home. The majority are men and there is a 112 male to 100 female ratio in that age group. Then let China deal with the fallout. The added bonus would be crushing the woke colleges that educate them for full tuition.

    858. mnw says:


      I knew about the previously announced U.S. troop reinforcement in the Baltics, but it struck me as being a mere gesture.

      The U.S./NATO need to take a holistic approach to a major defense upgrade there AND on NATO’s southern flank.

      I suspect Putin will soon turn his attention from Ukraine to Romania, etc.

      If the U.S. is going to guarantee to defend all these new NATO members, then we damn well better treat it as a matter of life and death.. for the USA and for the pre-1989 NATO member states.

      We made the commitments already. I’m not sure the U.S. public thought much about the implications.

    859. Wes says:

      Tgca says:
      February 23, 2022 at 11:20 am
      Now I need to go shopping to get some Baby Bok Choy to go with my tofu tonight.



    860. Wes says:

      You should try a rare porterhouse or ribeye accompanied by red wine and followed by a Maduro or oscuro cigar, Tg.

      That’s Heaven.

      In fact I think that’ll be dinner for me tonight.

    861. DW says:

      Interesting…Miracle on Ice defenseman Jack O’Callahan was asked if the team and its win over the Soviets helped bring down the USSR. He instead gave credit to Reagan for bringing down the Soviets…start at 22 minutes…

    862. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      As a recent Rolling Stone article pointed out, the Russian speaking areas of eastern Ukraine have been switching their allegiance to the Ukraine:

      “It was a scene in the heart of east Ukraine that might come as a nightmarish surprise for the Kremlin’s ideologists, whose job is to win over this part of the country to Moscow’s side. After eight years of conflict, the Russian-speaking east of Ukraine does not want anything to do with Putin-backed separatism. Kharvkiv, a city that’s home to 69 universities with more than a dozen independent theater companies, great museums, and talented designer schools wants to keep its international airport, independent media, banks, and foreign tourists. On the other side of the so called “dividing line,” just 200 miles away, Ukraine’s breakaway cities of Luhansk and Donetsk have lost most of these basic signs of a thriving and free society.”

    863. Tgca says:

      Slaughtering animals for consumption is not only cruel and racist (more accurately speciesism), it leads to drastic climate change.

      We have less than 12 years on earth before these climate impacts are irreversible.

      Wine! NEVAH! Alcohol is the Devil’s brew.

      Lips that touch wine, shall never touch mine!!!

    864. Wes says:

      Tgca just made half the state of Florida run to the liquor store with that comment in 908.

    865. Bitterlaw says:

      I have always defended how Dave runs HHR. However, it would be nice to get a new thread. I was not an orphan when this thread started 2 weeks ago.

    866. Tina says:

      Joe is China and Russias bff.

      Peter J. Hasson
      · 12m
      NEW: Biden DOJ ending national security initiative aimed at countering China amid complaints about bias. @JakeBGibson and @RonnBlitzer report:

    867. Tgca says:

      Stoopid people never learn.

      Whoopi Goldberg: Right Supports Authoritarian Putin But ‘We Can’t Even Get You to Wear a Mask’

      Does that logic apply to Dems wanting to protect the Ukrainian border but not the US border?


    868. mnw says:

      912 Tina

      That shocks me. I shouldn’t be shocked by anything these fools do at this point, but that one is a new low.

    869. DW says:

      914…shocked by anything? How about this one:

      Breaking: In a deal approved by the IOC, the Biden Administration has reached a deal with Russia to be announced tomorrow, on the 42nd anniversary of the United States winning the gold medal in the 1980 Olympic hockey competition, where the USA will surrender the teams’ gold medals to the Russians, and amend the official records giving the Russians credit for winning the gold.

      In exchange, Putin has agreed to a delay in the Ukrainian invasion.

    870. Phil says:


      Not a good day for the left

      Manhattan case against Trump circles the drain

      Trudeau throws in the towel on his Emergency Act.

    871. Phil says:

      Guess the walls weren’t closing in on Trump after all.

      How many times over the last five years has that Never Trumper fantasy fallen apart?

      Robbie weeps……again.

    872. mnw says:


      The NY AG’s criminal investigation into all things Trump has always been a more worrisome hassle than the Manhattan DA’s.

      Looks like Trudeau didn’t like the way things were going for him.

    873. Phil says:

      Trudeau suddenly decides the emergency ten’t such an emergency all of a sudden.

      ….more like the polls in Canada have suddenly turned upside down for him and his authoritarian power move.

    874. DW says:

      How many of these commie leaders amongst us lay away at night desperately hoping that covid will put out a new variant, or that some other crisis will arise so they can continue to take away everyone’s freedoms.

    875. Phil says:

      Literally every one of them.

    876. Robbie says:

      Big moment for Jason fraud and the other deadbeat Trump populists. Their idea of a tough, strong leader, Putin, may launch the biggest military conflict in Europe since WWII.

      Putin is savvy and a genius. Trump said so.

      MAGA, BABY!!!

    877. Tgca says:


      Ummm…you know that Joe Biden, a Democrat you supported is now president….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

      What does this have to do with Trump?

      We need a vaccine for TDS. Pharma can make a killing with it, especially with annual boosters.

    878. Phil says:

      Hey, dumbass. Putin didn’t move on Ukraine until AFTER Trump was gone. A bit of an inconvenient fact for you to take in I know. He waited until your boy destroyed our energy independence. I’d say you didn’t get much for your thousand bucks.

    879. Country Dick Montana says:

      In his own way old Robbie used to lie but do it in an almost sane way.

      This Robbie is over the top nuts.

      Good thing is that although he is a pilot, he is not an ATP which is what is required for flying for airlines. So we don’t have to worry about his unglued self flying 737 into the ground.

      $750 to Biden Campaign
      $500 to ActBlue

    880. Tina says:

      Christie is a disaster. Incompetent slob.

      Quote Tweet

      Ally Mutnick
      · 3h
      New: @GovChristie, who co-chairs GOP redistricting efforts, slams his party for letting Ds win so many key state Supreme Court races in OH/NC/PA

      “We allowed Barack Obama & Eric Holder to outmaneuver the Republican committees in those states & the RNC”

    881. Bitterlaw says:

      And the war has started.

    882. Phil says:

      Yeah, and President is not doing anything in response. Oh wait, he’s been out of office for 14 months.

      81 million votes, BABY!

    883. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not want US troops in Ukraine. The US and NATO should be lighting up Russian targets near Ukraine with cruise missiles.

    884. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The question is how much of the eastern Ukraine will Putin occupy. This is a wakeup call to Europe and NATO to take the Russian threat seriously.

      Tragically, the catalyst for this disaster was Biden’s demented withdraw from Afghanistan. Putin realized how weak Biden was. As Trump correctly pointed out, Putin would never have dared to do it while he was president.

    885. Phil says:

      Russian targets “near Ukraine”

      Can you be more specific where you mean “near Ukraine”, bitter? You mean in Russian territory?

    886. Bitterlaw says:

      Watching BBC. Ukraine’s UN Ambassador is roasting the Russian Ambassador and daring him to answer for Putin’s war.

    887. Phil says:

      You are right on the money, San Diego.

    888. Bitterlaw says:

      Sure, Phil. Blow up every Russian target that is poised to strike Ukraine INCLUDING IN RUSSIAN TERRITORY. Seems like a good motivator for Putin to back the F off.

    889. Tina says:

      Tragic, the commander in chief is asleep.

      We need a speech right now, not tomorrow.

    890. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – But Russia is not really a threat. I read it at HHR.

    891. Phil says:

      Well, that could cause Putin to back off


      Cause him to use tactical nuclear weapons against NATO targets.

      Very dangerous game.

    892. Tina says:

      Trump is partially right. He did not mention the pipeline given to Russia by Xi Biden.

      Byron York
      Trump calls
      to talk Ukraine: ‘This is something that should have never happened. It would have never happened during my administration…It really started with the weakness in Afghanistan. I really think this is when [Putin] started thinking he could do this.’

    893. Tina says:

      Where is dearth Vader (secretary of dufus) and Gen Millie Vanilli.

      Watch the same American equipment soon be in the hands of the Russians,

    894. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Biden presidency is now completely discredited. Never has the U.S. been this badly humiliated since the Iranian hostage crisis. Biden’s valiant attempt to call Putin names has come to naught.

    895. Tina says:

      Well, Biden did allow for an incursion. He stated it in January.

      It’s on tape.

    896. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      939. Tina, the Ukrainians will fight. They have been doing so since 2014. The problem is they are outgunned.

      If Trump was president, he would have evened the scales.

    897. Tina says:

      Trump is on Laura Ingrahma program.

      While POTUS 46 is asleep.

      Not a good look here.

    898. Bitterlaw says:

      Nukes? Putin is an evil KGB thug. He is not insane.

    899. Tina says:

      Can they un sedate potus 46? The cocktails may be too powerful.

    900. Tina says:

      Yes they will fight, but it looks like Russia went for a decapitation strike.

      Ukraines Air Force is useless, some in military will abandon, and U.S. weaponry will be abandoned.

    901. Tina says:

      Don’t worry, the UN is meeting.

      Peace is at hand.

    902. Bitterlaw says:

      NATO should make Ukraine a member tonight whether it asks to join or not.

    903. Phil says:

      Today Ukraine. Tomorrow Taiwan.

      The Biden window of opportunity. Time to move on all fronts while Biden is in office.

      Hey, did you know Biden got 81 million votes? No more mean tweets, baby!

    904. Bitterlaw says:

      Would you prefer that Ukraine not have the best weapons in the world to fight back?

    905. Tina says:

      I prefer said weaponry not falling in the hands of the Taliban, the Russians, and China,

    906. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From BBC

      Putin: Russia has no plans to occupy Ukraine
      In his televised address to the Russian people on Thursday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country has “no plans” to occupy Ukraine.

      In his remarks announcing a “special military operation”, Putin said that the Ukrainian people would be able “to choose freely” who runs the country

    907. Cash Cow TM says:

      Oh my.

      Pity the poor Ukrainians.

      I do hope they make it painful for the invading Rooshans.

      would hate to see all that equipment the U.S. sent them in the last month fall into the Rooshians hands.

      I bet t4he Ukrainians are very happy about those 5000 helmets the Germans sent them.

    908. Cash Cow TM says:

      Are Martha Ratzass and the other American reports still in UKraine?

      Are they reporting anything?
      Hope they are safe…

    909. Bitterlaw says:

      So you support the complete defeat of Ukraine without giving them the tools to fight. The problem with your idea is that the US military should NEVER be deployed anywhere because some weapons could be captured.

    910. Cash Cow TM says:

      I bet in the nedt4 week or so the UN comes up with a sternly worded resolution condemning the invasion by the Rooshians.

    911. Tina says:

      Yes, the un will provide a statement after consuming $600 bottles of vino.

    912. Tina says:


      Joe Biden

      United States government official
      · Feb 21, 2020
      Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why — it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.

    913. Bitterlaw says:

      Putin threatens the West. Either he is stopped now or all of Ukraine and every country with a Russian border is at risk.

    914. Tgca says:

      Not one American soldier should set forth in any conflict in Ukraine until the Europeans step up to do so and defend their own region. They have more than enough manpower to do so. The US should provide logistic support and supplies only.

      Russia is NOT acting in a way that is a direct threat to the US. This is a regional conflict related to separatist territories more loyal to Russia than Ukraine in a very corrupt country and that is why Putin is taking advantage of the situation. It is not a conflict targeted at the US.

      Should the US step into every conflict around the world?

    915. Bitterlaw says:

      I remember Odessa as a beautiful city.

    916. jason says:

      Putin threatens the West. Either he is stopped now or all of Ukraine and every country with a Russian border is at risk.”


    917. jason says:

      Should the US step into every conflict around the world”

      It should “step” into this one, we will deal with the other ones on a case by case.

    918. jason says:

      I do not want US troops in Ukraine. The US and NATO should be lighting up Russian targets near Ukraine with cruise missiles.”

      I agree. We don’t need troops on the ground in Ukraine.

      Hit every Russian convoy inside the Ukraine with cruise missiles.

    919. Bitterlaw says:

      The citizens of Taiwan should be very nervous right now. If the West fails Ukraine, is there any doubt that China will be emboldened to start attacking Taiwan?

    920. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – The US should livestream every satellite image of Russian units to prove we know where they are and how they can be taken out. Tell the Russians to look up and smile as the missiles start landing around them.

    921. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Right now it appears Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine’s air power, and maybe missiles. They apparently are active around Maripoul, so likely are looking at occupying at least an area of the eastern Ukraine.

    922. Tgca says:

      A this point, the US should not step in, if by step in it means putting American lives at risk.

      Let the Europeans cough up their own folks to step in for now.

      The US should also not be lobbing missile at Russian targets. Again, let the Europeans do that.

      If we justify the US lobbing missiles at a Russian-led conflict into another sovereign country then it would have been justifiable for Russia to lob missile at the US when the US invaded Iraq.

    923. Phil says:

      Taiwan is toast. There is no way in high hell this weak kneed President is going to stop anything. The Chinese now have their confirmation that there won’t be any real response to a Taiwan invasion. The only question is the timing of the invasion, not if it will happen.

      Again, the Biden window of opportunity.

    924. Phil says:

      You start bombing Russian soldiers and Putin could retaliate on NATO targets with tactical nukes. Would he? Who knows. Hell of a game of chicken.

    925. Tgca says:


      Agreed! But I find it crazy that Putin would decide to go that far.

      It would immediately turn the world against Putin.

      I doubt Russia would want to get into a nuclear conflict they can’t win.

    926. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Russia’s defence ministry has denied attacking Ukrainian cities – saying it is targeting military infrastructure, air defence and air forces with “high-precision weapons”, the country’s state agency RIA citied the ministry as saying.”

    927. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russian President Vladimir Putin announces a “military operation” in Ukraine’s Donbas region

      He urges Ukrainian soldiers in eastern Ukraine to lay down weapons and return to their homes


    928. Tgca says:

      Scumbag Romney insinuates Trump is also responsible for Putin’s actions now because of an America First policy.

      I guess Romney prefers an America Last policy so that he and his cronies can make money from the suffering of others by building war machines to sell around the world. Yes! That’s what America should keep doing. Building weapons to trade with its partners to feed the pockets of Romney’s friends.

      “Putin’s impunity predictably follows our tepid response to his previous horrors in Georgia and Crimea, our naive efforts at a one-sided ‘reset’ and the shortsightedness of ‘America First,’” Romney said in a statement released on social media Wednesday evening.

    929. NYCmike says:

      Once again, Bitterlaw and jason say correctly what should be done, but forget to end the comment with “……of course, we have Biden in the Oval Office.”

    930. NYCmike says:

      Romney is so politically tone deaf that he almost makes JEB look palatable. He was correct in 2012, but there is ZERO reason to blame Trump at this time.

    931. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Unconfirmed reports on Twitter appeared to show a huge seaborne landing by Russian forces in the Black Sea port of Odessa, involving large landing craft and helicopters”

      Odessa is on the coast of western Ukraine.

    932. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      977. I do have to agree with Romney that it was Obama who first dismissed the Russian threat, and bears some responsibility for what is happening now:

      “The Utah senator, and failed presidential candidate, also took a shot at former President Barack Obama who beat him in 2012 for the presidency.

      ‘The ’80s called’ and we didn’t answer,” Romney said, referring to a moment in the 2012 presidential debate when Obama dismissed his concerns about the threat that Russia posed to the world.”

    933. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Ukrainian armed forces has posted a statement saying that Russian military began “intensive shelling” of its units in the east of the country.

      Russia also launched missile strikes on Boryspil airport near Kyiv and several other airports, the statement said.

      It said the Ukrainian air force is fighting off an air attack by Russia.

      The statement denied reports about Russian paratroops in the southern port city of Odesa.

    934. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “No one could have anticipated” …. the southern border surge, the rapid collapse of the Afghanistan army, the surge in crime, the failures of covid mandates, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the inflation …. there seems to be a pattern here. I think we know who is missing the “red flags”.”

    935. Tina says:

      Quittens shouLd ask if our President is now awake?

    936. Tina says:

      Polina Ivanova
      Russia is pushing through Ukrainian defence lines and across the border north of Kyiv, military says

    937. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Florida Senate – Rubio vs. Demings Univ. of North Florida Rubio 46, Demings 34 Rubio +12
      Florida Governor – DeSantis vs. Crist Univ. of North Florida DeSantis 55, Crist 34 DeSantis +21
      Florida Governor – DeSantis vs. Fried Univ. of North Florida DeSantis 55, Fried 32 DeSantis +23
      Texas Governor – Abbott vs. O’Rourke The Hill/Emerson Abbott 52, O’Rourke 45 Abbott +7
      Florida Governor – Democratic Primary Univ. of North Florida Crist 27, Fried 19, Taddeo 4, Freeman 4, Lionheart 1 Crist +8

    938. DW says:

      Welcome to World War III

      At least there are no more mean tweets.

    939. JeffP says:

      Blitzkrieg is a little shocking for sure. Russia and China are playing us as they play the long game together. The US is a divided weak and woke country…and our leaders are immature corrupt buffoons. If lived in Europe I would be so pissed.

    940. jason says:

      Maybe the Neville Chamberlains, isolationist and peace in our time morons here at HHR learned a valuable lesson that appeasement never works with despots like Putin?


    941. jason says:

      Once again, Bitterlaw and jason say correctly what should be done, but forget to end the comment with “……of course, we have Biden in the Oval Office.”


      This is as stupid as peace in our time.

      What has to done has nothing to do with who is President, you don’t get to pick which President deals with what crisis.

    942. jason says:

      Bitter, Neville Allen’s magazines assured us that the Russians didn’t have enough troops for a full scale invasion.

      I hope he can get his $100 back.

    943. Phil says:

      Unfortunately, at this point it matters very much who is in the WH.

      Next up, Taiwan.

    944. Phil says:

      It may not matter who is in the WH as to what needs to be done, but who is actually there determines what will be done.

    945. jason says:

      Trump’s idiotic rhetoric on NATO and support for isolationist trade policies definitely weakened our alliances.

      If there is a wider war Trump will bear partial responsibility for a weaker NATO and fractured alliances.

      But he is not responsible for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the weak response to the threat of an invasion is on Biden and the coalition of appeasers on the right and left that thought Putin would be satisfied with a slice of the Ukraine.

      The morons here and in the WH who thought this was about “Russian speaking enclaves in the Ukraine” should feel like idiots. Trump is not responsible for their stupidity.

    946. Phil says:

      Just read a column stating that the real reason Putin didn’t move on Ukraine was that he felt Trump would unilaterally just abandon NATO. Lol. It read like something written by Robbie.

    947. Phil says:

      Guess while I’m out and about I’ll top off the old gas tank. We all know where the price of gas will be in the next couple of days.

    948. DW says:

      I just fueled up at $3.26. I doubt I ever will again at that price.

    949. jason says:

      Putin last night:

      “We are not going to impose anything on anyone by force.”

      Some here will believe him.

    950. Phil says:

      That’s what I paid three days ago, DW. I don’t even want to think about what it will be by the end of the weekend.

    951. Phil says:

      No one at this point could actually believe that, Jason.

      Looking forward to Robbie’s morning drive by. Should be a hoot.

    952. ken says:

      Finally!! Biden issued a strong warning those Russian troop better be wearing face masks or else!!

    953. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      jason & Phil:
      An article I read said that Putin and Xi “feared” Trump because of his unpredictability. The assassination of Iran’s Suleimani sobered the two of them.
      In my opinion, Putin and Xi and other US adversaries salivated when they saw Milley’s white rage presentation and Biden’s dangerous emphasis for the military to place a lot of its emphasis on social engineering and climate change and NOT winning wars.

    954. Phil says:

      Sheeple. Totally agree.

    955. Tina says:

      5.02 here


      But no more mean tweets.

    956. DW says:

      Putin might as well take out the USA. What would stop him?

      Biden would issue a statement demanding Putin stop the attack for the following reasons:

      1) He is not yet done implementing woke ideology.

      2) There are too many American children yet to be mutilated under the guise of gender selection.

      3) The US oil industry has not yet been fully destroyed.

      4) CRT isn’t yet being taught in every American school.

      5) Every violent terrorist in the world hasn’t yet gotten across our open border.

    957. Tgca says:

      Trump did not weaken the NATO alliance. Thaw absurd!

      Inaction and politics weakened the Nato just as it does in the US.

      Failure to act and talking Big is what weakens alliances because nobody fears words, they fear action.

      Yeah, let’s send a letter to the UN or give a speech because that really intimidates foes when they know no action will be taken to support the written or spoken words.

      This current situation has nothing to do with Trump or Obama. It has to do with Biden!

    958. JeffP says:

      1001 I second Phil and agree completely.

      I travel to Europe two to three times a year. Masculinity is still embraced and celebrated in many EU countries like Hungary, Italy, Greece, Portugal, etc…it’s palpable. The women are feminine and tough…and very attractive because they are not overweight and take care of themselves. Ukrainians are probably the same. The woke stuff is not embraced to the extent it is here. Putin understands how weak we have become and definitely has the upper hand. He threatened going nuclear if we got in his way…that tells you how emboldened he has become to our weakness.

    959. JeffP says:

      I think what’s interesting is all the Neocons waking up to the fact they don’t control the narrative anymore.

    960. jason says:

      Trump did not weaken the NATO alliance. Thaw absurd!”

      Sure he did.

      His idiotic rants about terminating the alliance strengthened it?

      Let’s get real.

      This current situation has nothing to do with Trump or Obama. It has to do with Biden!

      I agree that blaming Trump for the invasion of the Ukraine is just trying to deflect blame from Biden.

      But Obama does have responsibility since he was on board with “Russia is not a threat” and “the Cold war ended years ago” narrative that encouraged Putin.

    961. Wobbles says:

      Looking forward to Robbie’s morning drive by. Should be a hoot.”

      I think this all the fault of Trump, jason and Fauci.

    962. mnw says:

      1001 Sheep


      The assassination of the terrorist leader served as a cautionary note for Russia & China, while the Afghanistan debacle had the same effect on them as the sound a wounded fish makes has on a shark.

    963. Phil says:

      Hopefully, Ukraine is as costly as possible for Putin.

      That said, we at this point can only do so much with economic sanctions. We’re not going to war over this.

      Taiwan could possibly be the trip wire for military conflict. On the other hand, doubt Biden will use the new woke US military even then.

      Neither Russia nor China respect weakness.

    964. Robbie says:


      @newsmax Host Suggests Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is Fake: ‘Smells Fishy to Me’

      – Now, I understand why so many Trump worshippers who post in this forum love Newsmax.

    965. Robbie says:

      Steve Bannon and Erik Prince Praise Putin and Russia For LGBTQ Intolerance: ‘Putin Ain’t Woke’

      – The Trump populists are for Putin.

    966. Robbie says:


      MariaBartiromo 2/13: Is the Russia-Ukraine conflict “a ruse” to distract from the Durham investigation?

      Bartiromo 2/16: “Was this a ruse… to take everybody’s attention away from what Hillary Clinton did?”

      – The Tokyo Rose of Trumpism.

    967. Robbie says:


      WATCH: Trump Blames Russia Invasion of the ‘Rigged Election’ Because Of Course He Did.

      – Of course, Donnie did that and that means Jason fraud and the other Trump populists feel the same way because it’s heresy for a Trump supporter to speak against or contradict the words of their MAGA daddy.

    968. Country Dick Montana says:

      Dude. Get help. Seriously.

    969. Robbie says:


      NBC’s @mitchellreports warns Ukraine ‘Likely Going to be Defeated in Days’

      – Will Trump ride in the victory parade through the streets of Kyiv with Putin?

    970. Phil says:

      Robbie, you are one sick puppy. Quit making a fool out of yourself.

    971. Tina says:

      Jack Posobiec ??@JackPosobiec·14m“Do not underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”

      – Barack Obama

    972. Tina says:

      The threat to Taiwan from China is even more of a concern.

      9 Chinese aircraft enter Taiwan airspace today.

      Xi says Taiwan is not Ukraine. Taiwan has always been a part of China.

      Joe has phuqed up the world.

      But no more mean tweets

    973. Tina says:

      Do the jebots know if Joe is awaken?

      Did the cringe grifter wake him up!

    974. Country Dick Montana says:

      Robbie can’t embarrass himself. He is mentally ill. He used to lie and troll before, but the last year or so has seen a serious decent into madness. As I said yesterday the good thing is he is not an ATP, therefore does not and nicer has flown for any airline so taking a 737 into the ground with 160 innocent passengers is pretty much not going to happen. Now a Cessana 310 and a couple of passengers is a possibility.

    975. Tina says:

      Lol. The jebots and neocon artists are blam8ng trumps election.

      Twitter should suspend these accounts for spreading hoaxes.

      Garrett M. Graff
      · 4h
      One thing worth keeping in my mind today: There’s a straight line from Russia’s attack on the US election in 2016 to 1/6 to today’s new invasion of Ukraine. The chaos that Russia unleashed with the election of Trump weakened us to the point Putin feels confident invading Europe.

    976. jason says:

      Obama told Medvedev: “This is my last election. And after my election, I have more flexibility.” What was Medvedev’s response? “I’ll transmit that to Vladimir.”

    977. DW says:

      The communists who run Wikipedia have already edited the page on Ukraine, removing its status as an independent country and now show it as a province of Russia.

    978. jason says:

      The chaos that Russia unleashed with the election of Trump”

      The Russians elected Trump?

      Who knew?

    979. Tgca says:

      I still do not believe this current Ukraine situation can be blamed on Trump or Obama.

      Yes, Obama sent signals to Russia but then Trump came along and made sure Putin understood there would be consequences so believing Putin is now reverting back to relying on what he expected of Obama makes no sense.

      If you go back far enough you can blame Carter. Russia did not fear Carter but feared Reagan and Bush 1 would act agains Russia, then they did not fear Clinton but then they feared Bush 2 but then they did not fear Obama but then they did fear Trump and now they don’t fear Biden.

      Putin is behaving the way he is because he does not fear Biden. It’s that simple!

      Trump, Obama, Bush2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan and Carter are not to blame…and neither are Ford, Nixon, …Lincoln or Washington.

      This is ALL on Biden!

    980. Tgca says:

      Why stoopid people should keep their mouths shut.

      GWB, who led an unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Iraq calls Putin an authoritarian for leading an unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

      George W. Bush Condemns ‘Unprovoked and Unjustified Invasion of Ukraine’

    981. DW says:

      Russia has now seized control of the Chernobyl disaster site.

    982. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – Good news. Wiki still has Ukraine as an independent country.

    983. jason says:


      “John Kerry fears Russia-Ukraine war will distract from climate change”

    984. jason says:

      Like clockwork

      “I think this all the fault of Trump, jason and Fauci.”

      “Donnie did that and that means Jason fraud and the other Trump populists”

    985. Bitterlaw says:

      Where is Gordon? We need to tell us Russia is not a threat and can’t occupy territory.

    986. jason says:

      I think Neville Allen is busy trying to get him magazine money back.

      I heard his gated community is mad at him for burning his video games in his back yard.

    987. Tina says:

      Xi Biden has spoken, no US forces in Ukraine.

    988. Phil says:

      Wait. John Kerry said what?

      Good God. Kerry’s problem is Putin’s attitude on climate change?

      Just shoot me.

    989. Bitterlaw says:

      I thought the story about Kerry was from the Babylon Bee. It’s not. Wow.

    990. jason says:

      Biden: if we don’t act now, Putin will be emboldened.


    991. Robbie says:

      Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn just issued a statement blaming Biden because he “ignored and laughed at Putin’s legitimate security concerns, and legitimate ethnic problems in the Ukraine,” … while we continuing “to demonize Russia.”

      In other words, one of the heroes of the Trump movement has become a member of the “blame America First” crowd.


    992. jason says:

      This guy wanted to be President.

      “I hope President Putin will help us with respect to what we need to do to stay on track with the climate,” Kerry said.

    993. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag ignores Kerry’s lunacy while attacking Michael Flynn?

      Amoral Scumbag has serious mental problems.

    994. Tgca says:

      White House releases partial transcript of Biden-Putin call today where Biden told Putin:

      Why are you invading Ukraine?

      It’s causing us inflation now.

      You’re making me look bad here.

      Come on man!

      If we were in high school, I would take you behind the gym.

    995. Tina says:

      Has Xi Biden woken up?

    996. JeffP says:

      BIDEN: “He [Putin] wants to reestablish the former Soviet Union. That’s what this is about.”

      No sh*t Sherlock.

      Boris sounded much more confident and resolute.

      Bidens self grandiosity was shameful. And he could hardly talk.

      Not surprising no mention of the Keystone Pipeline…what a loser.

    997. mnw says:

      I may have missed it, but I don’t think any poster here favors U.S. armed intervention in Ukraine. I also don’t think any poster here is opposed to military assistance to Ukraine.

    998. Tgca says:

      Wobbie is our Whoopi Goldberg!!!

    999. Tina says:

      Can we invoke the 25th amendment for the choka chip ice cream president?

    1000. jason says:

      Boris Johnson:

      “We have to end Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas.”

      Well, yeah.

    1001. jason says:

      I may have missed it, but I don’t think any poster here favors U.S. armed intervention in Ukraine.”

      I guess you missed some of the posts.

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 23, 2022 at 10:36 pm

      I do not want US troops in Ukraine. The US and NATO should be lighting up Russian targets near Ukraine with cruise missiles. ”

      jason says:
      February 23, 2022 at 11:40 pm

      I agree. We don’t need troops on the ground in Ukraine.

      Hit every Russian convoy inside the Ukraine with cruise missiles.”

    1002. Tina says:

      This is WEAK

      Kristina Wong ??@kristina_wong · 21mBiden on sanctions: “Let’s have another conversation in another month or so to see if they are working.”

    1003. JeffP says:

      Hey Robbie…FYI…the Neocons have lost credibility and the narrative. Foreign Policy is a whole new ball game from the Cold War days…some just don’t realize it yet. But China…they get a free pass from the Establishment…wonder why?

    1004. Tina says:

      Does anybody remember when orange man chastised Germany about the pipeline?

      Remember, how upset the jebots and their ilk were?

    1005. jason says:

      BIDEN: “He [Putin] wants to reestablish the former Soviet Union. That’s what this is about.”

      Yep, I guess the Neville Allen’s, isolationists and peace in our time morons are absolutely shocked that Putin doesn’t really give a damm about “Russian speaking enclaves”, he wants to recreate the Soviet Union.

      What a surprise!

    1006. JeffP says:

      1049 The Keystone Pipeline and offshore drilling could solve the problem. Why don’t they?

    1007. Tgca says:

      Russians take over Ukraine’s top tourist attraction.

      Russian Forces Trying to Seize Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

      Imagine if Trudeau invaded the US and took over Disneyland. This is soooooo wrong.

    1008. jason says:

      Note to General Flynn.

      There are no “legitimate Russian concerns” when it comes to NATO.

      NATO is a defensive alliance that never claimed to be interested in territorial expansion of any kind.

      Russia is bent on territorial expansion based on invading, subverting and annexing territory.

      Who exactly is a “threat” to whom?

    1009. jason says:

      The Keystone Pipeline and offshore drilling could solve the problem. Why don’t they?”

      Climate change idiocy.

    1010. JeffP says:

      General Flynn Statement….

      It is doubtful that our U.S. Administration will change its failed foreign policy and instead, they will make weak attempts to triple down on leveraging this extremely serious situation in Europe to continue to distract from problems here at home.

      Starting with shutting down the Keystone pipeline and America’s energy independence while and enabling Russia and Germany (read Europe) to reopen the Nordstream pipeline, one has to wonder
      about the discussions in the Oval office that came to these conclusions.

      Describing America as a systemically racist nation, the appointment of Marxists and other radical ideologues to positions of power, allowing millions to surge across our southern border, attempts to federalize and take over our election systems and processes, implementing racist CRT in our schools, our military and across our government, all along, raising the national debt closing in on $30 Trillion dollars, spending us toward extinction, all for left-wing causes.

      Let us not forget the Afghanistan disaster, the myriad lies about COVID, a certain Biden owned laptop, and a fraudulent presidential election that has massive amounts of evidence coming out daily…all while China gets a pass.
      It is extremely difficult to trust this administration as they lie with a straight face to the American people daily.

    1011. Tina says:

      General Flynn is right.

      Plus Biden authorized this incursion in 1/22.

      I bet he coordinated this with Pooty poot.

    1012. JeffP says:

      1059 Tina…this administration is unbelievably awful in every way. I shudder to think of Kamala in the drivers seat.

    1013. mnw says:

      I don’t pretend to understand this especially well, but from what I’ve read in the financial press, the only potential sanction Russia was thought to fear was being excluded from the SWIFT bank transfer system.

      Biden announced today that Russia would not be excluded from SWIFT. He said “the sanctions we’ve announced today are BETTER than excluding Russia from SWIFT.”

    1014. jason says:

      General Flynn should stick to this rhetoric.

      Describing America as a systemically racist nation, the appointment of Marxists and other radical ideologues to positions of power, allowing millions to surge across our southern border, attempts to federalize and take over our election systems and processes, implementing racist CRT in our schools, our military and across our government, all along, raising the national debt closing in on $30 Trillion dollars, spending us toward extinction, all for left-wing causes.”

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, where do you disagree with this?

    1015. Tina says:

      This is bad all around.

      Ukraine, despite all the $ given to it by us, cannot stop this.

      This is Afghanistan 2.0. Russians will own the weaponry as will the Chinese.

      We need to audit who got the $$$.

    1016. jason says:

      “He said “the sanctions we’ve announced today are BETTER than excluding Russia from SWIFT.”

      Smells like BS, but I didn’t read exactly what is being proposed….

    1017. Tina says:


      The bottom line is we had 4 years of peace and prosperity under Trump.

      Only to be destroyed in 14 months by Xi Biden and the jebots.

    1018. jason says:

      Here is why….”better than Swift” my ass…

      “EU officials tell me: At this point Germany and Italy are the main opponents for disconnecting russia from swift and this “key to decision” depends on them. And they are pressured to agree.”

    1019. Tina says:

      Afghanistan 2.0

      Kristina Wong ??@kristina_wong·14mUS Defense Official: Russia Intends to Decapitate Ukrainian Government… via @BreitbartNews

    1020. jason says:

      Not sure what great prize Chernobyl is.

    1021. Tgca says:


      BS Tina!

      I read this all started because Putin and Trump were aligned with the same goals and Biden has upset those plans so now Putin is acting out of desperation.

      Let’s be clear, Biden inherited this mess from Trump!

    1022. Robbie says:

      Russian TV is now showing Trump’s praise of Putin to justify their invasion.

      Trump is the ultimate useful idiot. MAGA!

    1023. Tgca says:


      Whoopi is back!

    1024. jason says:

      Yep, I have been saying this for weeks. It was cheaper to act sooner than later.

      “Russia triumphant in Ukraine will doom America to years, even decades, of rearming and guarding Europe – at a time when we must focus on the economic and military threats from China. America’s military is already overstretched. Look ahead. A Russian sweep in Ukraine puts the Baltics, and even Poland, at risk.

      Sadly, being Commander-in-Chief is clearly out of Biden’s comfort zone. Biden’s military response has been pathetic. I wager the a-ha moment for Putin in plotting his invasion of Ukraine started with the fall of Kabul, as the world watched Biden fumble the military response. Biden fired no one after the Afghanistan debacle so Putin realized he’d face a weak team.

      Biden had weeks to put US military deterrence in action using strong statements and crafted military deployments. Again he failed.”

      and yes, Biden should do this.

      “Here today, it’s not too late for the U.S. and NATO to help Ukraine fight off Russia and deny Putin the win. Specifically, the U.S. and NATO need to commit military assistance to Ukraine. Ukraine needs combat aircraft surveillance, position tracking of Russian forces, and cyber defense right now. Ukraine needs help striking Russian tanks and invasion forces while they come down the highways. With help, Ukraine can put up a tough fight as they did in 2014 and 2015. Remember Russia’s ongoing war in eastern Ukraine has already claimed 14,000 lives.”

    1025. jason says:

      Russian TV is now showing Trump’s praise of Putin to justify their invasion.”

      Amoral Scumbag ignores Biden’s disastrous Presidency, gets his information from Russian TV.

      Did they show Obama saying Russia was not a threat?

      Did they show GWB saying “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy”


    1026. mnw says:

      Of course “better than SWIFT” is BS.

      It sounds like Schumer saying, “We’ve got something better than [insert any popular GOP proposal here]”

      Any time I hear a DEM say, “we’ve got something better than…” I prepare to throw up.

    1027. Tina says:

      I forgot that mute 43 said that about Pooty poot.

      I do remember Bushie driving Pooty poot around at his ranch.

      I don’t recall Bushie telling Pooty poot that an incursion was ok.

    1028. jason says:

      Trump is the ultimate useful idiot.”

      Nah, doesn’t hold a candle to Amoral Scumbag.

    1029. Tina says:

      Madcow and the jebots are aligned.

      Very bad take here.

      · 7h
      .@MaddowBlog: Why didn’t Russia invade Ukraine during Trump’s term? Perhaps because Putin was so pleased to see Trump pursuing goals in line with Moscow’s agenda.

    1030. jason says:

      Any time I hear a DEM say, “we’ve got something better than…” I prepare to throw up.”

      You must keep vomit bags really handy, you will need them.

    1031. Tina says:

      Sheot show

      Quote Tweet

      Steve Herman
      · 58m
      @pdoocy : Did you under-estimate Putin?
      @POTUS: “I didn’t underestimate him.”

    1032. jason says:

      Perhaps because Putin was so pleased to see Trump pursuing goals in line with Moscow’s agenda.”

      I bet Madcow can’t come up with even one of such “goals”.

      And btw, Trump praised Putin’s personality and his style, but I never saw Trump praise Putin’s “agenda”.

      But Amoral Scumbag and Madcow will lie about it anyway.

    1033. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar

      Covering #SC01 primary between Rep. Mace and Trump-endorsed Katie Arrington.

      Asked Arrington her reax to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

      Arrington: “It’s sad to see Rep. Mace praying for the lives of Ukrainians vs. having a backbone back in January to certify the election”

      – I think MAGA world has found its new heroine!

      How much money are you going to send to Arrington, Jason fraud?

    1034. Country Dick Montana says:

      Germans are going to German. Why are we even allied with them?

      With the exception of the price of filling up the boat and truck, what is happening there has no effect on me.

      Let the Europeans deal with it and if Putin can rebuild the USSR then more power to him. The last one fell apart and putting it back together will be extremely difficult.

      We need to concentrate on the real threat that is China. Of course Biden is still the President so good luck with that.

    1035. jason says:

      @pdoocy : Did you under-estimate Putin?
      @POTUS: “I didn’t underestimate him.”

      Straight face?

      Damm, have to admire that.

    1036. jason says:

      We need to concentrate on the real threat that is China.”

      Nah, we need to deal with the threat at hand and that is Putin.

      I am all in favor of defending Taiwan against China, but frankly Europe is a lot more important to the US than Taiwan. Not even close.

    1037. jason says:

      How much money are you going to send to Arrington, Jason fraud?”


      How much money are you sending to Liz Cheney, Amoral Scumbag?

    1038. mnw says:

      FOX Business (“markets” section) has a useful article about SWIFT.

      I didn’t know Iran had been excluded from SWIFT previously, & that this action apparently caused Iran considerable pain.

      It’s disgusting that Biden/the EU can’t accomplish this– it bespeaks a lack of seriousness of purpose. (“We’re just kidding, folks!” Wink, wink)

    1039. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason are you saying that the EU with a population and economy several times larger than Russia, not to mention nukes, cannot defend itself?

      Russia is a nuisance to us, I believe that China is ultimate an existential threat the the US. Taiwan isn’t the issue, although it would likely hurt if it were to fall.

    1040. jason says:

      So Amoral Scumbag, still waiting for you to tell me what you disagree with on this statement on General Flynn.

      I already told you where I disagreed on this statement on the Ukraine.

      Let’s have it.

      “Describing America as a systemically racist nation, the appointment of Marxists and other radical ideologues to positions of power, allowing millions to surge across our southern border, attempts to federalize and take over our election systems and processes, implementing racist CRT in our schools, our military and across our government, all along, raising the national debt closing in on $30 Trillion dollars, spending us toward extinction, all for left-wing causes.”

    1041. jason says:

      Jason are you saying that the EU with a population and economy several times larger than Russia, not to mention nukes, cannot defend itself?”

      Yes, I think its in our interest to defend Europe against Putin.

      A Europe under the domination of a new Soviet Union would relegate the US to an isolated third class economic power.

      Calling Putin’s effort to recreate the Soviet Union a “nuisance” is horribly misguided and naive.

    1042. Country Dick Montana says:

      The question was not should we defend them it was can they defend themselves given the larger population and much much larger economy. If they cannot I posit that it is then a question of will on their part.

      Putin has 2 things that give him power. Oil and nukes. He won’t use one of those, and we can control the price of oil if our politicians had the nads. One needs a lot of money to go empire building. Same today as it was in the 1700’s.

    1043. Tina says:

      Malcom Nance an “intelligence official” says that Chernobyl powers N. Ukraine.

    1044. Tina says:


      Daily Wire
      · 1h
      REPORTER: “Are you urging China to help isolate Russia?”

      BIDEN: “I’m not prepared to comment on that at the moment.”

    1045. Phil says:

      I’d be a lot more worried about the Putin threat to Europe if Germany actually was.

      What’s the matter with them anyway?

    1046. jason says:

      The question was not should we defend them it was can they defend themselves given the larger population and much much larger economy.”

      The answer is no because Europe is not a “country”, the numbers you give are a total for dozens of disparate nations, none of which are comparable to the US either in military technology or power.

      Israel is surrounded by hostile countries with larger aggregate populations and economies, but even together they can’t defeat it.

    1047. Tina says:


      Russian forces close to Kiev.

    1048. mnw says:

      In addition to reinforcing the Baltic states, NATO damn well better shore up Romania & Bulgaria. I know I’ve said this before.

      This is serious skit. Unlike Ukraine, NATO is committed to defending ALL these new NATO members with every means at NATO’s command, including nuclear weapons.

      So the means to deter, and the willingness to deter, needs to be bright line obvious. I don’t think it has been. Otherwise, why was it necessary to rush troops to the Baltic states AFTER the Ukraine crisis started? Why wasn’t that done earlier?

      It will be interesting to see if the invasion of Ukraine motivates the NATO nations to increase defense spending or not. I’m inclined to put my money on “not.”

    1049. Tina says:

      Ukraine is falling quickly.

      We had Afghanistan as a template.

      The weaponry and training was a waste.

      We need an investigation as to where $$$ went.

    1050. Country Dick Montana says:

      None of the single European countries need to have the military might of the US, only that which exceeds Russia. France and the UK could probably hold their own one on one with Russia. If Russia tried to invade Europe it would not be one country, one would hope, fighting back. Again, if they have no will to defend themselves given the nukes and military hardware available then I don’t want to see a single drop of American blood shed for its defense.

      Israel could take on Russia and anywhere else primarily because they have the will. Not to mention great hardware.

    1051. Bitterlaw says:

      It will not change the outcome but at least Ukraine fighting back.

      How many more helicopters and tanks could have been taken out by NATO (including the US) when they were bunched together when the invasion began?

    1052. DW says:

      The greatest concern among American teachers unions and school boards–did the Russian invaders remember to wear their masks so as to not spread Covid into Ukraine?

    1053. Cash Cow TM says:


      Biden has announced he is sending 20 planeloads of BLM demonstrators to Ukraine to start riots against the Russian invasion.

      He is also sending 20 planeloads of environmentalists from the U.S. to organize protests against the Rooshians and the war because it is helping to cause global warming.

    1054. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1108. There already are protests in Russia:

      “Police in Russia arrested nearly 1,400 people at anti-war protests staged in cities across the country after President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, an independent monitor said.
      “More than 1,391 people have already been detained in 51 cities,” said OVD-Info on Thursday, which tracks arrests at opposition rallies.”

      * * *
      Jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who used to mobilise Russia’s largest protests against Putin, is serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence in a penal colony outside Moscow.

      A number of Russian activists called on social media for people to take to the streets after Putin launched the offensive on Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday.

      One petition, started by a prominent human rights advocate, Lev Ponomavyov, garnered over 150,000 signatures within several hours and 289,000 by the end of the day.

      More than 250 journalists put their names on an open letter decrying the aggression. Another one was signed by some 250 scientists, while by 194 municipal council members in Moscow and other cities signed a third.”

    1055. DW says:

      1109 – and Putin got a good laugh out of all that.

    1056. Meldrim says:

      Inhofe’s resignation won’t take place until Dec. 31, so his successor will be elected in a special election this November.

    1057. Tina says:

      Just the News
      · 7m
      In a rare interjection on his successor’s policies, former President @BarackObama warned Thursday that the Biden administration’s economic sanctions on #Russia may boomerang and create higher energy prices back home.
      #JustTheNews #RussiaUkraineCrisis

    1058. JeffP says:

      I can’t get the name Pooty poot out of my head…

    1059. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      As the U.S. learned in Iraq, it is one thing to use a “shock and awe” campaign to overpower a country — but occupying and pacifying it is another matter.

      The U.S. is learning the hard way that electing a weak, woke president, with strong pacifistic tendencies was a disastrous decision. I cannot think of one positive accomplishment of the Biden administration.

      Compare the current situation to the Reagan presidency. Reagan stood up to the Soviet Union, strengthened the U.S. military, and held the line against any further Soviet aggression. He also unleashed massive U.S. economic growth (which was greatly helped by the U.S. resuming its position as a dominant world power). The result was the Soviets could not respond effectively and collapsed as a result of its own weakness.

      At this point, the U.S. & Europe need to strengthening NATO, which should be placing troops and weaponry in the Baltic nations, Poland and Romania. Sweden and Finland should be encouraged to join NATO as well. It appears Finland is strongly considering it now. NATO needs to stand firm, or all will be lost.

      The U.S. should also provide military support to Taiwan, including stationing U.S. troop on the island.

      For those who think the U.S. can run and hide and pursue an isolationist policy — it can’t. This isn’t the 19th century anymore. The world economy is too interdependent. For example, Taiwan is responsible for manufacturing 92% of the world’s most advanced semiconductor chips. China would love to get control of the world’s chip manufacturing.

    1060. Tina says:

      Pooty poot was the nickname that Mute 43 gave to Putin.

      I cannot take credit.

    1061. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1112. Obama: “There may be some economic consequences to such sanctions, given Russia’s significant role in world energy markets,” the former president said in a statement a few hours after Joe Biden imposed sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s regime for its military assault on neighboring Ukraine. “But that’s a price we should be willing to pay to take a stand on the side of freedom,”

      What rubbish! This is the same loser who as president said U.S. energy prices would need to “skyrocket” to encourage the use of renewable energy, and that the U.S. was at peak oil, was about to run out. The fracking revolution destroyed Obama’s socialist energy dreams.

      The U.S. easily has the ability to become energy independent again, with lower energy prices, just remove the ridiculous Biden restrictions on oil and gas production.

    1062. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At one time the poster named Robbie could at least make sensible statements. Now all we get is bizarre drivel. Add to that, the fact he won’t criticize or even mention Biden. He has gone from “Trump derangement syndrome” to “Trump insanity syndrome”.

    1063. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Study: Meat Consumption is Positively Associated with Life Expectancy

      In the study, Dr. You and co-authors examined the overall health effects of total meat consumption in 175 countries around the world.

      The researchers found that the consumption of energy from carbohydrate crops (grains and tubers) does not lead to greater life expectancy, and that total meat consumption correlates to greater life expectancy, independent of the competing effects of total calories intake, economic affluence, urban advantages, and obesity.

    1064. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      LOS ANGELES (AP) — A $1.2 billion program intended to quickly build housing for Los Angeles’ sprawling homeless population is moving too slowly while costs are spiking, with one project under development expected to hit as much as $837,000 for each housing unit, a city audit disclosed Wednesday.

      A lot of funds from these type of programs in California are taken to fund administrative agencies & bureaucrats.

    1065. Tgca says:

      Taiwan and Ukraine are two different issues, both geographically and economically.

      The US has no direct economic interest in Ukraine requiring it to LEAD an effort against Russia. Hence, the US should have a backseat at the table and let Europe lead.

      There should be NO American boots on the ground in Ukraine until Europeans step up and defend their own territories…and the US should not directly attack any Russian military support either. Let Europe do that!

      Europe has significant military resources to combat and overwhelm Russia in any ground or air war if it came to that.

      No American should die for Ukraine until Europeans commit resources.

      This is not isolationism! This is wise regional foreign policy administration. Separatist territories want to be independent of Ukraine and align more with Russia so the US should not step into that situation directly because it could be like stepping into a civil war.

      Oil prices are going to rocket regardless of who has a conflict with Russia. My guess is the oil market would get even more nervous if they thought the US and Russia would have a direct ground conflict.

      We have a direct and significant economic interest in Taiwan so we should defend them.

      China will not win any direct conflict with the US because we would shut down all their technology and access to world resources.

      Make it criminal for American companies to do business with China if we were at war with China.

      My guess, is China realizes this and is not willing to go to war with the US at this point unless they REALLY believed they could beat the US.

      China would be isolated by the world. Yes! A major global recession would hit but China would hurt much greater than others, especially since they already have economic bubbles they protect through propping up their currency and masking debt.

    1066. JeffP says:

      Jordan Peterson mean tweets…He is fighting the invisible demons of his own juvenile imagination @JustinTrudeau

      Few words big effect. He has been on a roll the last week.

      1114 I think your correct on Taiwan but I think it might be too late. Not to mention Biden is a loser.

    1067. Bitterlaw says:

      Reports are that Russian bombers are approaching Kiev. Fortunately, Russia is not a threat. I read it at Europe.

    1068. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1122: Ukrainians are fighting:

      “All day long the Russian troops have been trying to take over an airfield at Hostomel, on the northern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

      This airfield is of strategic importance: if captured it could become a springboard for the Russian army into Kyiv.

      Judging from verified videos, at least two Russian helicopters were shot down over it. Journalists from CNN filmed a group of Russian paratroopers landing there while the Bellingcat investigative website said it had intelligence that 18 war planes with reinforcements were heading towards it from Russia.

      Later in the evening it became clear that a heavy battle for Hostomel was raging and Ukrainian forces were using both airstrikes and artillery.

      By 11pm Kyiv time (21:00 GMT) an official statement was released, saying that the airfield was back in the Ukrainian hands.”

    1069. Country Dick Montana says:

      Bitter, you seem very upset about this. What would you like the people on this site to do to stop the war? Tell me what could we in this site done to prevent it?

      You act like Gordon and anyone that doesn’t agree with you caused it.

      Except for gas prices how has this affected you. Btw the Ukrainians are fighting and there are protests in Russia. While he might win, it’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows for Putin. He is fighting for his life. All down or lose the generals will take care of him.

    1070. Bitterlaw says:

      Not sure how HHR was autocorrected to Europe.

      The US has vital economic and strategic interests in a stable Europe. How far West can Putin move before he goes far enough to require a military response? Latvia? Lithuania? Estonia? Moldova? Poland?

    1071. JeffP says:

      Ron DeSantis CPAC today…He is true leader and touched on every issue we are concerned about domestically. It really is amazing what has happened in Florida.

    1072. JeffP says:

      1116 Article 5 will trigger if Putin moves west. The response needs to be massive though. It is scary to consider.

    1073. Country Dick Montana says:

      Never start a land war in Asia

    1074. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – I will answer your question and then pose one to you. I already said what should be done but Biden won’t do it. NATO should immediately make Ukraine a member of NATO. Cruise missiles should have obliterated Russian units as soon as they crossed into Ukraine. A No-Fly zone should be imposed over Ukraine. Use Poland as the staging area. All of the stupid policies that curtailed US oil and natural gas production should be ended.

      I am infuriated by this because I visited Russia, Ukraine and Moldova before the Soviet Union collapsed. Odessa is beautiful. Moldova was filled with wonderful people. But the young people I met had a quiet fear and resentment of their Soviet masters. The thought of their freedom being taken away is sickening. I take it personally.

      So here is my question- Why are you not outraged? I am not foolish enough to pretend anybody at HHR can stop this war. The efforts to minimize the importance of Putin’s aggression is both naive and insulting to the Ukrainian people.

    1075. Cash Cow TM says:


    1076. Tgca says:

      The US has economic and strategic interests all over the world and not just in Europe.

      The US must pick its battles and weigh costs and benefits.

      The US gambled in Iraq and paid a great cost with no great benefit. Iraq2 brought ill will upon the US and ushered in a new front of terrorism that has spread throughout the world and gained sympathy and significant financial funding and recruitment while stereotyping the US among many in the world as an invader of a sovereign country for no justifiable cause.

      Ukraine is not a significant strategic issue for the US. Let Europe handle it. If this turns into WW3, fine, the US can ramp up military support, until then, the US should provide only ancillary support because Russia cannot win a war against a united Europe.

    1077. Tina says:

      Remember when we had a president that did pressers?