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    I was going to post a new poll but it seems a little out of place with what is going on in Ukraine….

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    1. Cash Cow TM says:


    2. Cash Cow TM says:


      Read your Dad’s obituary.
      It was great.

      Well done.

    3. Wes says:

      Liberals are trying to say Trump is responsible for what Putin is doing. I’ve been responding with this quote from every liberal’s wank job:

    4. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Am surprised at the open opposition to Putin’s actions in Russia:

      “And more than a hundred municipal deputies from Moscow, St Petersburg, Samara, Ryazan and other cities signed an open letter to the citizens of Russia, urging them not to take part or stay silent.

      “We, the deputies elected by the people, unreservedly condemn the attack of the Russian army on Ukraine,” the letter read. “This is an unparalleled atrocity for which there is and cannot be justification.””

    5. Bitterlaw says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 24, 2022 at 8:49 pm
      CDM – I will answer your question and then pose one to you. I already said what should be done but Biden won’t do it. NATO should immediately make Ukraine a member of NATO. Cruise missiles should have obliterated Russian units as soon as they crossed into Ukraine. A No-Fly zone should be imposed over Ukraine. Use Poland as the staging area. All of the stupid policies that curtailed US oil and natural gas production should be ended.

      I am infuriated by this because I visited Russia, Ukraine and Moldova before the Soviet Union collapsed. Odessa is beautiful. Moldova was filled with wonderful people. But the young people I met had a quiet fear and resentment of their Soviet masters. The thought of their freedom being taken away is sickening. I take it personally.

      So here is my question- Why are you not outraged? I am not foolish enough to pretend anybody at HHR can stop this war. The efforts to minimize the importance of Putin’s aggression is both naive and insulting to the Ukrainian people.

    6. Bitterlaw says:

      2 – Thanks, Cash Cow. However, my brother wrote it. I will really have to hit it out of the park with my eulogy on Monday.

    7. Tgca says:

      The US has economic and strategic interests all over the world and not just in Europe.

      The US must pick its battles and weigh costs and benefits.

      The US gambled in Iraq and paid a great cost with no great benefit. Iraq2 brought ill will upon the US and ushered in a new front of terrorism that has spread throughout the world and gained sympathy and significant financial funding and recruitment while stereotyping the US among many in the world, including it’s supposed allies, as an invader of a sovereign country for no justifiable cause.

      Ukraine is not a significant strategic issue for the US. Let Europe handle it. If this turns into WW3, fine, the US can ramp up military support, until then, the US should provide only ancillary support because Russia cannot win a war against a united Europe.

    8. Tina says:


      Quote Tweet

      · 1h
      Officials believe President Putin was surprised by the amount of intelligence and information that the U.S. had gathered about Russia’s threat to Ukraine, and was not prepared for the Biden administration to make so much of that information public.

    9. Bitterlaw says:

      So the US should let this war spiral until it becomes World War 3? I disagree.

    10. Bitterlaw says:

      Impeach? Why? It was the only intelligent move Biden made. Let Putin wonder how much more we know.

    11. JeffP says:

      9. I guess we will see after all these years how effective NATO will be…this is not the former Yugoslavia civil war.

    12. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      3. Liberals are trying to say Trump is responsible for what Putin is doing. I’ve been responding with this quote from every liberal’s wank job:

      Wes, that is a great response. There is an article in the current issue of National Review about how it was Obama who disarmed and left the Ukraine defenseless. So now after Obama disarmed the Ukraine; Obama’s VP is going to allow Putin to go in for the kill:

    13. Tgca says:

      Romney is also suggesting Trump was responsible for the Ukraine invasion. See link below where he is quoted about America 1st isolationism being the cause for the Ukraine crisis.

      He’s trying to take a victory tour that he was right when he was 10 years too early based on guesswork and there was no actionable strategy to take against Russia in 2012 that the world would have supported. My guess is any action taken against in Russia in 2012 would have escalated the situation.

      That’s like saying in 1925 Germany was a threat to the world so action was needed to be taken in 1925 against Germany.

      Guessing someone may cause trouble later with no REAL evidence to support action today is poor foreign policy.

      Think Iraq. The case was made to move against Iraq because they would become more of a danger in the future. How did that work out?

    14. Tgca says:

      The US should let Europe handle its own territorial crisis and provide ancillary support only, especially since separatists in Ukraine are welcoming Russia’s interference.

      If the US really wants to lead and address the Ukraine issue then it needs to be prepared to send in US troops on the ground to defend its strategic interests in Ukraine, with or without European support, and also be prepared to directly attack Russian military capabilities in Ukraine which Russia would declare an act of war by the US.

      If there is no will to do that, then it doesn’t seem like much of a strategic interest worth defending directly.

      I think the US should defend Taiwan with troops if it comes to that but not Ukraine. The strategic interests are very different.

    15. Tina says:

      Snake Island (Black Sea) has fallen.

      Btw, where is Hunter in all od this?

    16. Tina says:

      A big error. As was allowing the pipeline.

      Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS
      NATO has no business inviting Ukraine into membership. This is Russia’s backyard. Biden failed to recognize this geopolitical reality.

    17. Tina says:

      Quittens is a problem, he enabled Biden.

    18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      5.”The thought of their freedom being taken away is sickening. I take it personally.”

      Bitter, I agree with you. But after the initial “shock and awe” attack, the Russians with about 184,000 troops, are in a situation of having to try and occupy a nation the seize of Texas, with a population of over 40 million. We don’t know what the ultimate outcome will be. I am surprised at level of opposition to the invasion that is now taken place in Russia this early.

      At his point, believe we should continue to send arms to the Ukraine, while also move a large number of U.S/NATO troops into the Baltics, Poland & Romania, which are NATO members.

    19. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      16. This is Russia’s backyard. Biden failed to recognize this geopolitical reality.

      Alaska is in Russia’s backyard. Should we give it back?

    20. Tina says:

      This does not help at all:

      Finaly Dmity attacked Joe Biden’s mental decline: Gentlemen when planning sanctions, check those who generate them for Alzheimer’s illness. Just in case… As a partner, I suggest that you do not behave like an irresponsible gamer, disavow the statement about “Alzheimer’s sanctions”

    21. Tgca says:

      NATO dilutes itself and can lead to infighting among members if it invites all into its realm that may not have similar cultures, beliefs, and goals.

      Last thing we need is another UN-type organization dictating rules among its members and who can’t agree with each other.

      I can see half of NATO members refusing to support its goals if its membership is too large.

      Why not expand the G8 to G35 too if everyone gets a voice?

    22. Tina says:

      Wow, if true. Sounds like trump though. Xi made no move against Taiwan.

    23. Tina says:

      Trump told Xi and Pooty poot that he would destroy their capitol cities, if they moved against Taiwan or Ukraine.

      This is blunt, as he told Mullah Merkel that she was an idiot for wanting the Russian pipeline.

    24. Tina says:

      Jeff Carlson
      Replying to
      Cuts to the heart of the matter. Putin was not going to allow NATO facilities along his borders.

      Which gets back to the primary question. We knew this so why were we holding out false hope of NTO membership?

    25. Robbie says:

      Josh Campbell
      Former US presidents on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

      Clinton: “Brazen violation”

      GWB: “The gravest security crisis on the European continent since World War II”

      Obama: “A brazen attack on the people of Ukraine, in violation of international law”

      Trump: “That’s pretty smart”

      – MAGA daddy has spoken. Putin is smart. That means Jason fraud and the rest of the MAGA goon will support Putin.

    26. Robbie says:

      Glad to see Tinfoil is back and spreading Russian propoganda.

    27. NYCmike says:

      “The efforts to minimize the importance of Putin’s aggression is both naive and insulting to the Ukrainian people.”


      Just to be clear, the only person I know minimizing Russian aggression was Gordon.

      The simple fact is the minute Biden was inaugurated, the die was cast for this to happen. Putin, as Robbie pointed out, was quite savvy to use the “peacekeeper” ruse to enter, and then kept going. I have agreed with most of what you and jason say we should have done, but yet you both keep ignoring the most important thing – Biden won’t do the correct thing. Come back to the real world, both of you.

      The Ukrainian people were let down by us, but also have had historically corrupt governments which did not govern well. Putin bided his time until he got the right person in the Oval Office.

      Iran deal is next, and I can only hope Taiwan is prepared.

    28. NYCmike says:

      #27 would make any liberal progressive/Antifa type very proud! That level of taking something out of context is worthy of a NY Times Pulitzer!

    29. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie – I have not engaged in the same running battle with you as others have done. You weaken any arguments you may have by refusing to find fault with or even mention that Biden is President.

    30. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – You are lying when you say that I am ignoring that Biden won’t do the correct thing. I have said it repeatedly.

    31. Tina says:

      Josh Cambell was Comedy’s gopher.

      Fetch me a bottle of water and a donut.

      What does the gopher have to say about granting Russia the pipeline?

      And allowing for the incursion,

      And stating just last year, the biggest nati9nal security threat was global warming?

    32. Tina says:

      What is the logic of blaming Pooty poot for Ukraine, while, at the same time, doing a mullah deal with him (Iran) and global warming?

    33. mnw says:

      On Tucker tonight, there were sone fascinating guests. They hypothesized about simple measures Biden’s [handlers] COULD have taken to deter the invasion.

      For example, apparently the DOD mothballed Apache helicopters, Warthogs, & F-15 fighters on the eve of the invasion! This “worthless” military equipment could’ve given Putin heartburn about invading– if joined with ‘military assistance personnel”*–

      *think Claire Chenault & the Flying Tigers.

    34. Tina says:

      Mnw, this is embarrassing for our great military.

      The leadership is a joke. Fatzo Millie Vanilli should be axed

    35. NYCmike says:


      If you believe Biden won’t do what is necessary, then please stop accusing those who acknowledge the real world situation as those who would appease Putin and Russia.

      If you are able to do that, I will apologize for saying you are ignoring the fact that Biden won’t act correctly.

    36. NYCmike says:

      As mentioned earlier, that was a wonderful obituary. Good luck to you on Monday, I’m pretty sure you will do a great job.

    37. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      20. “Russian Politician and Director of Space Program Calls latest Sanctions by Joe Biden the “Sanctions of Alzheimer’s”

      Probably sums the situation up quite well. The Russians knew Biden is senile, and took advantage of it. Will the Chinese do the same?

    38. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Speaking of mental health issues, shouldn’t Robbie get treatment for his Trump obsession. Maybe Robbie is afraid to criticize Biden because he is afraid someday he and Biden will be in the same mental treatment center together.

    39. NYCmike says:

      -This is a Tucker Carlson segment – someone let me know what they disagree with.

    40. MichiganGuy says:

      Bitter sorry to hear about your dad. My prayers are with you and your family. As for Ukraine it’s too late. It’s part of Russia now like it or not. We should however be putting more troops in Russia’s next targets which are the countries surrounding Ukraine especially Poland. Let’s try to be proactive for once.

    41. Country Dick Montana says:

      Bitter. I try to only get outraged at things that I can control. I have no control over this, just as I have no control over election fraud if I got outraged about everything with which I disagree or find wrong I would stay in a state of perpetual outrage. That leads to madness, I.e. Robbie.

    42. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      25. “Cuts to the heart of the matter. Putin was not going to allow NATO facilities along his borders.”

      Estonia and Latvia are on Russia’s borders, they are part of NATO. Lithuania and Poland, also part of NATO, are on the border of Soviet Kaliningrad and Belarus, which Putin now controls.

      Tina, were you the one who posted this alleged conversation between Trump and Putin? Am curious about its source:

      Trump: If you move against Ukraine while I’m president,” Trump is said to have told the Russian leader, “I will hit Moscow.”

      Putin reportedly scoffed, “No way,” leading Trump to say, “All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.”

    43. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is the attitude at Red racing Horses since the Russians did not accomplish 100% of its first day objectives. The RRH poster is the #1 eeyore on the site.

      February 24, 2022 at 10:19 pm
      After a day of fighting in Ukraine, we might have to stop thinking of this as “Biden’s Afghanistan”, as its no longer a sure thing that Putin’s forces will even win conventionally. There’s a very good chance Biden gets a triumphant FP win on the back of Ukrainian troops right now.”

      R, 31, CA-19. Less Liz Cheneys and Chip Roys please.

    44. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The demonstrations in Russia are spreading. Here is a video of one in St. Petersburg. This doesn’t exactly help Putin’s strong leader image:

      I wonder if Belarus will break into massive demonstrations again.

    45. Tina says:

      Breaking Russian forces have entered Kyiv.

    46. Tina says:

      Daily Wire
      · 11m
      Zelensky Appears To Take Shot At Biden: ‘The World’s Most Powerful Forces Are Watching From Afar’

    47. jason says:

      en please stop accusing those who acknowledge the real world situation as those who would appease Putin and Russia.”

      Zzzzz… pretending Biden ISN’T President IS not acknowledging the real world situation.

      You have been advocating for appeasing Putin here for weeks along with your fellow isolationist and now you want to say Bitter is wrong?


    48. jason says:

      16. This is Russia’s backyard. Biden failed to recognize this geopolitical reality.”

      BS. Under this theory all of Europe and China are Russia’s “backyard”.

      16. This is Russia’s backyard. Biden failed to recognize this geopolitical reality.”

      Really ignorant. The purpose of NATO is exactly to be at Russia’s borders. NATO is already on “Russia’s border” with many countries, Ukraine is no different. What a crock of crap.

    49. jason says:

      Wrong quote.

      “Putin was not going to allow NATO facilities along his borders.”


      Really ignorant. The purpose of NATO is exactly to be at Russia’s borders. NATO is already on “Russia’s border” with many countries, Ukraine is no different. What a crock of crap.

    50. jason says:

      I already said what should be done but Biden won’t do it. NATO should immediately make Ukraine a member of NATO. Cruise missiles should have obliterated Russian units as soon as they crossed into Ukraine. A No-Fly zone should be imposed over Ukraine. Use Poland as the staging area. All of the stupid policies that curtailed US oil and natural gas production should be ended.”

      I agree with this.

    51. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason – You have said it yourself that you go to war with the President you have. We did. Mike, mnw, Gordie, or anyone else here that you and Bitter lash out at did not start this war. We at HHR have absolutely no influence whatsoever over the events that occurred. This is totally on Putin and the other world leaders.

      Fission takes less energy than fusion. The USSR fell apart. Putin will not rebuild it. He might make himself a regional nuisance that will put a world of hurt on the places he attacks, but there will be resistance and a lot of it. And what will he get. My main worry is that after his little unhinged speech the other day where he was channeling his inner Robbie, that he starts seeing no exit for himself and decides to take the world with him. One can hope that the generals and oligarchs are more sane than he.

    52. jason says:

      NATO dilutes itself and can lead to infighting among members if it invites all into its realm that may not have similar cultures, beliefs, and goals. ”

      More intellectual dishonesty from Tgca.

      NATO already has “diverse languages, cultures and beliefs”, ranging from Turkey to Georgia to France to Poland to Latvia to Albania to Norway.

      Nothing “different” about the Ukraine.

    53. jason says:

      Fission takes less energy than fusion. The USSR fell apart. Putin will not rebuild it. He might make himself a regional nuisance that will put a world of hurt on the places he attacks, but there will be resistance and a lot of it. And what will he get”.

      Zzzzzz…. Neville Chamberlain would be proud of this rosy, optimistic and completely deluded theory.

      Putin IS trying to rebuild the Soviet Union, contrary to the appeasement morons here who said “oh, all he wants is to protect some Russian speaking enclaves”. Give him that and he will happy.

      In case you haven’t noticed, he is currently at the doorstep of the capital of a sovereign country trying to “demilitarize it” so he can install a puppet regime just like the old days where Russian had puppet regimes throughout the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtan.

    54. Sheeple,Jr. says:


      Smart move by him because Jackson has already been vetted. It may disappoint Lindsay Graham who lobbied for Childs.

    55. Gordon Allen says:

      NY Mike.
      I can’t let that go
      I have favored every anti Russian move,including opening our own energy spigot as Larry Kudrow calls it.
      EXCEPT sending US Forces into the Ukraine, which is insane.
      No one here ,except Jason perhaps, supports that.

    56. Gordon Allen says:

      And I don’t think Putin can overrun all Ukraine AND occupy it with the forces at hand. Putin recognizes that, which is why he wants to “blitzkrieg ” Kiev and install a pliant government. He knows a long term occupation is something he can’t handle

    57. Country Dick Montana says:

      Putin can try to rebuild it all he wants. It will not happen. He has neither the resources nor the manpower to pacify huge chunks of land. I am not saying that he is not dangerous, he is.

      You have stated everything that we “should” be doing. I have not seen a single person here disagree with anything you have said you don’t want troops on the ground in Ukraine either, so there is further agreement. But we went into this with the President we have. There in lies the difference. Most realize that the current administration is not going to do anything. And I believe that is by design.

    58. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – These 13 Ukrainian soldiers should be made honorary Philly A-holes. Posthumously.

    59. jason says:

      Mike, mnw, Gordie, or anyone else here that you and Bitter lash out at did not start this war”

      No, as a matter of fact, they thought it would never happen as long as Putin was appeased and got some free territory that wasn’t his.

      The kind of thinking that Putin is taking advantage of.

      The kind of thinking that is going to cost the US trillions later. The US is already moving thousands of troops back to Europe, along with air power and all kinds of equipment and weapons systems.

      Do you think this is free?

      Confronting Putin now will be less costly in lives and money than later. You read it first here.

    60. Country Dick Montana says:

      Putin is not taking advantage of anything except The Biden Administration’s fecklessness and a weak Europe. People in the US were tired of endless wars while Trump was President and Europe was just as weak as it is now. Putin didn’t do anything.

      This is all on Biden.

    61. jason says:

      I have favored every anti Russian move,including opening our own energy spigot as Larry Kudrow calls it.
      EXCEPT sending US Forces into the Ukraine, which is insane.”

      You are a pathological liar.

      You wrote all this appeasement nonsense and now trying to lie your way out of it.

      “Putin does NOT have the conventional capability( which is too expensive to maintain) to launch major offensive operations against any sizeable defending force; Crimea didn’t have that anyway. Ukraine, which has a 250,000 men, and an indigenous armament industry, is too tough a nut to swallow whole for him like Crimea”

      “As Russian tanks have yet to roll past Ukraine’s 2,500 tanks into Kiev,and are unlikely to today ( or ever?)

      “Trouble for Putin in Kazakhstan, requiring some troops.
      Might be a break in Ukraine crises.”

      “I imagine Putin’s end game is likely( albeit not certain) having a commitment not to extend NATO to include Ukraine , and thus Nato troops on his doorstep there.As Germany for sure would oppose that, as would probably the Eastern European states as well,that’s giving nothing(already likely) for nothing.
      At the risk of sending Jason into orbit, the difference is China does have the capability to seize Taiwan whole, and has sworn publicly to ,one way or the other, have Taiwan submit to China’s political control during Xi’s lifetime.
      Putin has not said that about Ukraine. One risks a real war, the other not so much unless everyone is crazy.”

    62. jason says:

      “As Russian tanks have yet to roll past Ukraine’s 2,500 tanks into Kiev,and are unlikely to today ( or ever?)”

      Hey Neville Allen, ask for your magazine money back.

    63. jason says:

      Putin can try to rebuild it all he wants. It will not happen. ”

      Delusional theory based on hopes and a prayer contrary to all existing facts.

      The only way it will not happen is if we speak the only language Putin understands.

      Military action and power.

    64. Wes says:

      I agree, CDM. Liberals keep trying to pin it on Trump. Well, four years before Trump became President, the Left all parroted what Obama quipped to Romney about Russia’s being a threat from another era.

      Four years later, when Trump upset Hillary, suddenly Russia became a major threat again. Trump never backed down from his saber rattling during his Administration, and Putin made no moves.

      Once Biden was in office and showed weakness in international event after international event, Putin knew there would never be a better time and attacked the Ukraine.

      Liberals are wishcasting this debacle onto Trump. No dice. They dismissed Russia as nothing of concern when it was convenient under Obama, tried disingenuously to use Putin as a bogeyman under Trump, and watched as their own increasingly weak and detached President failed multiple times internationally, thus leading to Putin’s decision to attack now.

      The Left’s attempts to retroactively pin this Trump are unbelievable as they are shameless.

    65. Wes says:

      …pin this on Trump…

    66. Tina says:

      Don’t forget, under Biden, until last year, the #1 national security issue, was global warming.

      Not Pooty poot or the Ccp.

    67. jason says:

      This is all on Biden.”

      So what? Would it make any difference if it was all on Trump or Obama.

      This is also the problem with NYC’s sophomoric analysis that it is ok for Putin to recreate the Soviet Union because Biden is weak and incompetent.

      The interest of the US in containing Putin now and the Soviet Union before transcends who is President.

      You confront crises in the order they present themselves and with the President you have. You don’t wait for a “better” President. Putin certainly won’t.

    68. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason I am not going to to argue with you. If you think that Putin is some kind of Superman who can reconstruct the whole of the USSR then I will respect that opinion. I am of the opinion that he has neither the monetary resources, time, or even backing of all of his supporters to do that.

      I will be open to being shown the facts that he is actually rebuilding the Soviet Union…if they are indeed in evidence.

    69. jason says:

      The Left’s attempts to retroactively pin this Trump are unbelievable as they are shameless.”

      This is true. They forget Obama told Romney the Cold war over than Russia was not longer a threat.

      Now they want to say because Trump “praised Putin’s personality” (a mistake, btw) Putin took that as a signal to invade the Ukraine, a logic only a deluded moonbat could love.

      CDM is correct that this is on Biden. The disagreement is on what it means and what should be done.

    70. Country Dick Montana says:

      We are confronting it. With the President we have. In the way he wants it to be confronted.

      What more would you like for us here at HHR to do?

      The only difference any of us can make would be to suit up and go fight Russians. I am a little old for that and so are you.

    71. jason says:

      I will be open to being shown the facts that he is actually rebuilding the Soviet Union”

      He just invaded the Ukraine from Belarus, in other words he used a sovereign country ex USSR to invade another country ex USSR.

      He is threatening other ex USSR countries as not really “sovereign”.

      If you don’t think that is trying to recreate the Soviet Union you are very naive.

    72. Tina says:

      Is the President awake?

    73. Country Dick Montana says:

      Mrs CDM is asking me to put down the cell phone and give her a hand.

      It is always a pleasure to discuss things here…and tag on Robbie. Mrs CDM is a a retired mental health professional. She is not sure that Robbie is mentally it’s but she thinks he is at the very least extremely immature.

    74. Tina says:

      And it’s happening again. NATO weaponry in the hands of the Russians,

    75. mnw says:

      46 Sheep

      I’d say that’s not typical of RRH, & that RRH doesn’t HAVE any common consensus about Ukraine– the posters there rarely discuss it in fact, in my experience.

      42 NYC

      I’ve been watching Tucker for the first time ever this week. He has some thought-provoking guests that you don’t see elsewhere. Tucker says he gets called “traitor” a lot. At least here we only get called “Nevilles” so far.

    76. Tina says:

      Maybe the useless gop-e will start asking the Biden Administration about the 23,000 Americans trapped in Ukraine.

      We still have 1,000 hostages in Afghanistan,

    77. Tina says:

      Maybe Biden’s Beotch and Goober can speak about this.

      More concerned with Ukraine than the porous southern border.

      No concern about China/Fentanyl coming across it.

    78. jason says:

      Biden got played by China?

      ” Over three months, senior Biden administration officials held half a dozen urgent meetings with top Chinese officials in which the Americans presented intelligence showing Russia’s troop buildup around Ukraine and beseeched the Chinese to tell Russia not to invade, according to U.S. officials.

      Each time, the Chinese officials, including the foreign minister and the ambassador to the United States, rebuffed the Americans, saying they did not think an invasion was in the works. After one diplomatic exchange in December, U.S. officials got intelligence showing Beijing had shared the information with Moscow, telling the Russians that the United States was trying to sow discord — and that China would not try to impede Russian plans and actions, the officials said.”

    79. jason says:

      I’ve been watching Tucker for the first time ever this week. He has some thought-provoking guests that you don’t see elsewhere. Tucker says he gets called “traitor” a lot. At least here we only get called “Nevilles” so far.”


      Don’t you love it when people praise those that confirm their own biases?

      “Thought provoking” is hilarious. mwn is “thought provoked” by people who think like he does.

      And I don’t think people who want to appease Putin are traitors, just isolationist morons who fail to learn the lessons of history.

    80. jason says:

      More concerned with Ukraine than the porous southern border.”

      More convoluted logic.

      That is is ok to invade the Ukraine because the US is not securing its own borders.


      I will make it simple for you. The US should secure the southern border. It should also impede Putin from recreating the Soviet Union.

      Intellectual multi-tasking.

    81. Phil says:

      More worried about China and Taiwan. Ukraine is gone, doesn’t mean I like it. Looking back, it was a done deal the moment this demented dolt entered the WH. China smells weakness and Biden has flat out exhibited it over and over. When is it a better time to move on Taiwan than the window they have with this jelly spined weakling in the WH? The only question is the timing. Won’t happen before the Party conference in November when the current leader gets his unprecedented term extension…..but it will happen in the next three years.

      This guy is a disaster. Worse than I ever even thought he would be.

    82. jason says:

      Mrs CDM is a a retired mental health professional. She is not sure that Robbie is mentally it’s but she thinks he is at the very least extremely immature.”

      Amoral Scumbag has been very consistent over the years.

      The M.O. hasn’t changed, or the talking points.

      But the game is up, now he is recognized for what he always was, a troll.

    83. Phil says:

      ….oh, and this revisionist garbage coming from the left that Trump is to blame for Ukraine is laughable. Pure garbage.

    84. jason says:

      Not so pessimistic about Taiwan.

      China has to figure out how to invade it without destroying it.

      A destroyed Taiwan is worthless to China, a liability not an asset.

      The long game for China on Taiwan is to keep gaining political and economic power and isolating Taiwan until it forces it to capitulate.

      It will only launch a full scale military assault as a last resort.

    85. Phil says:

      Robbie has always been a delusional obsessive Never Trump nutcase. The only difference now is that with his 14 month silence on Biden he has lost all plausible claim to any credibility. As Jason has said he is nothing but a troll. Probably all he ever was.

    86. Wes says:

      Ever since Obama became President, Phil, the Left’s MO has been the following:

      It’s always someone else’s fault.

      Biden is President as Putin invades Ukraine. They have to blame someone to try to midday the waters. Unfortunately Trump gave them a talking point by opening his mouth; nonetheless, that makes the attempt no less ludicrous.

    87. jason says:

      It seems like the protests in Russia are growing.

      They will grow more when the body bags start arriving.

      The more the Ukrainians can hold out the better even if the Russians win out in the end.

    88. Wes says:

      Muddy, not midday.

      Autocorrect is weird and schizophrenic.

    89. Phil says:

      No doubt the Chinese would prefer gaining Taiwan without a costly invasion. Sort of the Hong Kong model of domination. One thing for sure. If they don’t take the invasion route it will be because of the calculated cost of such an invasion, not any fear of any action Biden will take. They aren’t worried about him nor should they be.

    90. Phil says:

      What’s the latest on redistricting in NC, Wes? Is the state Supreme Court really going to get to draw the map?

    91. Robbie says:

      POLITICO Playbook
      DONALD TRUMP has repeatedly told RICK SCOTT he’d be great as Senate GOP leader and should challenge MITCH MCCONNELL.

      – Jason fraud – “If Rick Scott is good enough for Trump, he’s good enough for me. I absolutely loved his plan to tax poor people. MAGA!”

    92. Wes says:

      The latest I’ve seen is that there’s been an agreement on a map that actually isn’t bad for the GOP, Phil.

      Who knows with those clowns on the NCSC though?

      They’re on the way out anyway. Everyone in the state is fully cognizant of the direction of the political winds here. That means Republicans will just push through a better map in 2023.

      The map I saw as the likely consensus pick has at least the potential to go 10-4 this year.

    93. Phil says:

      Good to hear, Wes. Wish my own state’s GOP had some balls. Republicans will get the extra seat under the new map but should have picked up three. Republicans control every lever of power including all seats on the highest court. After NY redistricting it’s frustrating watching Republicans cede power in state after state.

    94. Wes says:

      From what I understand, Phil, Henry Cuellar is facing ethics problems along with a well-funded far-left challenger who, if nominated, would make that seat much more competitive for the GOP than it has been with Cuellar on the ballot.

    95. Tina says:

      Goober will rush to confirm her, as part of the Potomac 2 step.

      Chad Pergram
      A) Graham: If media reports are accurate, and Judge Jackson has been chosen as the Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Breyer, it means the radical Left has won President Biden over yet again.

    96. Tina says:

      India is not helping us here either. We had great relations with India under Trump.

      Samuel Ramani
      · 5h
      BREAKING: India is figuring out how to establish a rupee payment mechanism for trade with Russia to soften the blow of Western sanctions

    97. Phil says:

      Right, Wes. Cueller has been targeted by the administration for leaving the open borders reservation. Purely a vindictive move. Should he lose the primary, Republicans have a shot in November. Latinos in that district are pissed about the border. Something the left didn’t count on.

    98. DW says:

      Regardless of redistricting results, the GOP needs to field a credible candidate in EVERY district that isn’t north of 80/20 Dem. Edward Durr in New Jersey was not an accident. It would be a stupid mistake to not field candidates in places where wins might not be normally expected.

    99. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #98- Wes
      FWIW, I agree with your analysis about NC redistricting. (I have to leave but some news just broke about a NC Supreme Court decision/motion on

    100. Wes says:

      Do you have proof Graham will support her, Tina? All indications I’ve seen are that Graham will vote against her, if for no other reason than that Biden chose her over the person Graham recommended.

    101. Bitterlaw says:

      The person standing in front of the Russian convoy was brave. Too bad that no country had an A-10 to fly over that convoy. All of the vehicles would be flaming wrecks in one pass.

    102. Cash Cow TM says:

      In the unedited audio I heard of the Ukrainians on Snake Island telling the Russian warship to GFY I think I heard them say:

      “…in the immortal words of so many posters on Hedgehog Report, GFY!

      Those Ukrainian solders had some big balls.

      May they RIP. 🙁

    103. Tina says:

      Drat memo to have them declare Covid over.

      Gop -e will let them too.

    104. Wes says:

      One of the two Deadender golden boys in the OH-Sen primary has begun trying to walk back a moronic statement:

    105. Tina says:

      Not sure how this “leak” helps Him

      The New York Times
      · 5h
      The U.S. met with China over three months to present intelligence showing Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine and to urge Beijing to help avert war, U.S. officials said.

      Chinese officials rebuffed the U.S. and shared the information with Moscow.

    106. Wes says:

      I know Graham voted for her for the lower court, Tina. I also know Graham pushed for a different nominee this time and has only criticized her since Biden selected her.

      It’s almost as if this is not the same vote as the last one.

    107. jason says:

      DONALD TRUMP has repeatedly told RICK SCOTT he’d be great as Senate GOP leader”

      Fine with me, Amoral Scumbag. I like Rick Scott AND McConnell,

      GFY. I now you preferred Skeletor and the Gillum for Senator and Governor of FL, sorry you were so disappointed.

    108. Tina says:

      Lol, there are more holes here with this list of exemptions on sanctions.

    109. jason says:

      I don’t think Graham will vote for her, but she might get some GOP votes.

    110. jason says:

      Vance is a deadender moron, wes, that is why NYC hopes he will be the nominee.

      Chuck Schumer ready to send him another autographed picture.

    111. Tina says:

      Hopefully, everyone realizes now why we did not have a foreign policy debate in 2020.

    112. Robbie says:

      Allan Smith
      Statement from right-wing network Newsmax: “Newsmax strongly opposes Putin, his unprovoked attack on a sovereign and democratic nation, and has strongly criticized Fox News’ top host Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin and Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.”

      – A real conundrum for MAGA world. Support a Trump loving network like Newsmax, or support pro Putin host Tucker Carlson, a MAGA world hero?

      I’m sorry this is happening to you Jason fraud.

    113. Phil says:

      Hopefully Ohio GOP voters make a sensible choice.

    114. mnw says:

      I can’t stand Vance.

      I read his autobio & was impressed. But he made a bunch of scurrilous attacks on Trump– not one but several. However, when faced with the daunting challenge of winning a GOP primary, he did a 180! And now Vance is out-Trumping Sean Hannity.

      Thank God for GOP primaries, or else we’d have GOPe & nothing but.

      Now, Vance has flip flopped (& humiliated himself) on Ukraine.

      I trust this guy less than Kinzinger & Cheney. Those two have been more honest about what they believe than Vance has.

      I doubt Vance has any core beliefs, & again I read his autobio, so I’m going by more than just the recent headlines.

      Imo, Vance has tremendous Arlen Specter/Lisa Murkowski potential. I hope GOP voters in OH see through him. They already gave us the mailman’s son, though, so maybe Vance is for them.

    115. Tina says:

      Hmm, like South Carolina, OH disappoint.


      The Rooster

      The Mailman

      Palin 2.0

      The Oh Rino Governor now and failed Senator.

      Tim Scott seems to be the best of the lot in SC, however.

    116. Tina says:

      Don’t underestimate Joes ability to f things up.

      Barack Obumbler
      · 2h
      JUST IN – Biden admin presented China with intelligence on Russia’s troop buildup in hopes Xi would step in.

      Chinese officials rebuffed the U.S. and apparently shared the information with Moscow.

    117. Wes says:

      Who is the “Mailman’s son”?

    118. mnw says:

      This Kari Lake, GOP candidate for AZ governor, is one fire breathing ultra conservative!

      WOW! She could start a GOP Squad!

      If she wins, she’s instantly going to be the left’s new #1 bogeywoman.

    119. mnw says:



      When he ran for POTUS, he must’ve reminded everybody of that about 4 million times.

    120. jason says:

      I’m sorry this is happening to you Jason fraud.”

      I support both Newsmax and Tucker Carlson because we need voices for conservatism.

      I don’t agree with his position on Ukraine, as is pretty obvious from my posts.

      I am sorry Biden’s agenda is not working out so well for you, is it?


    121. Tina says:

      Kasich is also know as karate chop (h/t DW)

    122. jason says:

      Wow, there is a deadender mnw doesn’t support?

      Who knew?

    123. jason says:

      NYC is going to be insulted.

      He thinks deadender supporters should be united.

    124. Tina says:

      This does seem like trump. But I wonder if somebody in his admin could confirm that, such as Pompeo.

      Jack Posobiec ??@JackPosobiec·2hTrump told Putin to his face he would bomb the Kremlin if Putin invaded Ukraine

      Remember that

    125. Tina says:

      Biden’s sanctions do nothing to stop or halt the sales of Russian energy.

      They are toothless.

    126. DW says:


      Putin has not yet withdrawn his troops, so new additional sanctions introduced today will further cripple Russia.

      Starting today, no more holiday greeting cards will be allowed out of the USA bound for Russia.

    127. mnw says:

      I always thought the idiotic term “deadender” was used here to mean a “conservative zealot who can’t win if nominated.”

      Vance is no conservative activist. He’s a complete opportunist with no fixed principles of any kind.

    128. Tina says:

      Miranda Devine
      Incredible poll coming up from
      : Democrats care more about defending Ukraine’s border against Russia than America’s border against illegal migration – by a massive margin.The opposite for Republicans. Also only 31% of all voters think Biden is handling Ukraine well

    129. Phil says:

      Unfortunately, Tina, there is even a segment of establishment Republicans who are far more invested in Ukraine’s borders than our own….some of them post regularly on this site.

    130. Wes says:

      I used the term “Deadender” for any kind of non-serious GOP political candidate who will either compromise the electoral prospects of a better candidate or be a guaranteed loser in a winnable race if nominated, Mnw.

      Usually that is synonymous with more conservative candidates, but as an unelectable grifting gadfly who’s merely jumping on a bandwagon to try to win votes after expressing opposite views in the past, Vance qualifies, I would say.

    131. Phil says:

      Vance does indeed qualify. I wouldn’t trust that guy as far as I could throw him.

    132. jason says:

      I always thought the idiotic term “deadender” was used here to mean a “conservative zealot who can’t win if nominated.”

      Nah, I don’t think the word “conservative” was ever mentioned to describe deadenders… or zealot.

      So maybe you are the idiot.

    133. Bitterlaw says:

      Is the Father of all bombs more powerful than the Mother of all bombs? I am proud of the Ukrainians for making the Russian military bleed for every inch of territory.

    134. jason says:

      I used the term “Deadender” for any kind of non-serious GOP political candidate who will either compromise the electoral prospects of a better candidate or be a guaranteed loser in a winnable race if nominated, Mnw.”

      Seems like a good definition.

      But then wes is an erudite guy who didn’t learn English in the one room school house on the Altiplano.

    135. Tina says:

      Phil the 31% aPproval on Ukraine is alarming. That is what caught my eye. The warmongers failed to make a case. Given the embarrassments in Iraq under Mute 43 and the collapse in Afghanistan under Biden, it’s not surprising.

    136. Tina says:

      Trump was right about Afghanistan. It was stupid to give up Baghram. 1 hour to China.

      But we no that Millie Vanilli and company are compromised by the Ccp.

    137. Tina says:

      And zelensky went mute over the phone call.

      Raheem J. Kassam
      · 1h
      If the left hadn’t impeached Trump over *that* phone call, Zelenskyy would’ve probably helped root out the rabid Biden-linked corruption, Trump would still be president, no invasion of Ukraine would’ve happened, and Zelenskyy would have more than 24 hours left in office.
      Show this thread

    138. jason says:

      And zelensky went mute over the phone call.”

      Actually, no.

      He said he didn’t feel pressured and there was no quid pro quo.

    139. jason says:

      If Zelenskyy had said anything bad about the call Schiff would have called him to testify.

    140. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – GFY. Don’t mess up Tina’s Twitter narrative with facts.

    141. jason says:

      Is the Father of all bombs more powerful than the Mother of all bombs?”

      It used to be, but that was before the Me Too movement.

    142. Tina says:


      Arming Taliban and now Russians.

      · 2h

    143. jason says:

      Jason – GFY. Don’t mess up Tina’s Twitter narrative with facts.”

      Did you notice this gem?

      “The warmongers failed to make a case.”

      The isolationists, peace in our time and Nevilles have been proven wrong about EVERYTHING, but somehow the problem is the “warmongers”.

    144. Tina says:

      He went mute for months.

      Zelensky and his aides kept quiet about the hearings, not wanting to get dragged even deeper into the political brawls of their most important ally. So in a roundtable interview with TIME and three other publications on Nov. 30, he addressed not the question at the heart of impeachment–what Trump wanted–but only his own motivations. “Look, I never talked to the President from the position of a quid pro quo. That’s not my thing,” he said. “I don’t want us to look like beggars. But you have to understand. We’re at war. If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness. It’s not about a quid pro quo.”

    145. Tina says:

      July 2019 perfect call

      November 2019, zelinsky comments.

      Three months of silence.

    146. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina would oppose giving any weapons more modern than the Kentucky long rifle to anybody.

      It is unfortunate but the real world sucks. Ukraine is putting the weapons to good use defending their nation.

    147. Tina says:

      Bl. Is babbling like an idiot.

      I said no problems with weaponry and supplies, but no troops.

    148. jason says:

      I said no problems with weaponry and supplies, but no troops”

      Nah nah, that dog won’t hunt.

      You were fine with giving up the Ukraine so Putin can recreate the Soviet Union.

      Now own it, no revisionism BS.

    149. jason says:

      Tina supposedly had “no problems with weaponry” yet she rushes here to post Russian propaganda about ‘capture Javelin missiles” and make an asinine comparison with Afghanistan.

    150. Tina says:

      Jason lies. I disagreed with sending I troops. You and bitterlaw disagreed, which is fine.

      I feared weaponry falling into the Russians hands, as apparently is happening.

    151. jason says:

      There is no comparison with Afghanistan.

      The Ukrainians are fighting bravely to defend their homeland against invasion and using the weapons provided them. Nothing like the Afghan army.

      It is possible some of the weaponry might be captured in a war, that is what happens in battle.

      But the comparison is absolutely shameful.

    152. jason says:

      disagreed with sending I troops. You and bitterlaw disagreed, ”

      Another despicable lie.

      I never advocated for sending ground troops, neither did Bitter.

    153. jason says:

      Tina is free to have her war on facts, I am free to call on the BS.

    154. jason says:

      Tina, you were ok with giving up the Ukraine to Russia.

      It might happen.

      Now own it.

      No revisionism BS.

    155. Tina says:

      Not giving up, but realize the situation is not ideal.

      You are a liar as you clearly wanted of a military intervention than what others did.

      Own it Beotch.

    156. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina supported sending weapons. She is now saying that we are arming Russians because some weapons were captured. You either support sending weapons knowing they could be captured or you don’t support sending weapons.

    157. Tina says:

      NPR Poll: would you describe President Biden’s first year in office as a SUCCESS or FAILURE?

      Success 39% / Failure 56%
      Indies: 28/56
      Whites: 34/61
      Black: 63/28
      Latino: 37/56

      58% of Suburban voters also describe first year of Biden’s presidency as

    158. Tina says:

      I don’t want weapons in the hands of the Taliban. China, or Russians period.

      Yes, it is happening, unfortunately.

    159. Bitterlaw says:

      I absolutely wanted and still want NATO and the US to intervene militarily in the ways I stated. I did not advocate boots on the ground.

    160. jason says:

      You are a liar as you clearly wanted of a military intervention than what others did.”

      Absolutely, I wanted more of a military intervention.

      But you don’t have to lie and say I advocated for sending ground troops.

      I clearly outlined what military options the US should entertain.

      You are Putin’s “beotch”. You own it.

    161. jason says:

      You either support sending weapons knowing they could be captured or you don’t support sending weapons.”

      Don’t confuse Tina more, she is already very confused.

    162. Tina says:

      Putins beotch.

      Do I get stupid points?

      You are as bad as Dottie.

    163. Bitterlaw says:

      You can’t have it both ways, Tina. If you supported sending weapons then the risk is some get captured. Or maybe you only wanted to send useless junk.

    164. jason says:

      Yes, it is happening, unfortunately”

      What is really happening is that everything you said was wrong.

      But feel free to keep digging a bigger hole.

    165. jason says:

      Do I get stupid points?”

      No, only A-holes get points.

      But you get to own it.

      Maybe Putin will send you an autographed picture for your bedside table.

      “Thanks for being my patsy. Love. Vlad”

    166. Tina says:

      Know, everything I said was correct.

      Zelinsky went mute for months on the perfect call.

      The Ukraine military would not sustain for more than a week. (Dod said 96 hours)

      Arms would start falling into Russian hands.

      All true and documented.

    167. Tina says:

      And I will take back the boots on the ground, if that is not what you and bitterlaw said.

      You and bitterlaw want a more robust military response by us.

    168. Tina says:

      And Russia needs to be very careful.

      They are hitting commercial ships in the area.

      That is an act of war and would encourage other parties ro get involved.

    169. Tina says:

      He is also threatening Finland and Sweden.

      This situation could soon get a lot bigger.

    170. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Wes and Others:
      The four Democrats on the NC Supreme Court have decided on the Congressional Redistricting Map and have made the current 8(R)-5(D) map a 7(R),6(D) and 1(Swing) according to RRH.
      Do you agree with RRH’s assessment?
      I believe that the Dem Judicial hacks on the Court have intentionally screw-d the GOP. There is nothing in the NC Constitution which calls for proportionality which is the standard used by the NC Court. If the GOP sues the NC Supreme Court in Federal Court, the lawsuit has high odds of failing since SCOTUS is loath to interfere with intra-State matters like this. See PA last year.
      If the GOP grabs the NC Supreme Court next year and retains majorities in both legislative chambers, can a redistricting re-do be done for 2024 and beyond?
      Here is the new map:

    171. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Take a look at this new NPR/ Marist Poll released today. Smile!

    172. jason says:

      You and bitterlaw want a more robust military response by us.”

      Finally a true statement.

    173. jason says:

      The Ukraine military would not sustain for more than a week. (Dod said 96 hours)”


      All the isolationist Nevilles here were all about how Russia could never conquer the Ukraine with only 150k troops.

    174. Tina says:

      The gop e will rush her nomination through.

      Michelle Hackman
      In 2019, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson blocked the Trump administration from implementing a policy to deport anyone found in the country who had illegally entered in the previous two years

    175. jason says:

      How about charging Putin with war crimes at The Hague?

      Just a nuisance of course, but they did convict Milosevic

    176. jason says:

      How about some comments from the Nevilles that didn’t age well?

      Drum roll….

      “mnw says:
      January 20, 2022 at 11:10 am
      I see Russia occupying (“invading,” if that is your preference) the easternmost 20%-25% of Ukraine.”

      Gordon Allen says:
      January 28, 2022 at 5:01 pm

      100,000 is absurdly small to contemplate a large scale scale invasion of a country the size of Ukraine, which alone has an Army w Reserves much larger than that.
      Other than Joe Biden, you’re the only one promoting the Russia conquering Ukraine meme.
      What company you keep;you, Joe Biden, and Jen Psaki.or are you even aware of that
      Stick with your girlie magazines.”

      Gordon Allen says:
      January 24, 2022 at 3:56 pm
      Does anybody begin to get the idea the” fix” is in re Ukraine?
      If the Russians have been” ready for weeks” why the delay? So more weapons can be delivered to Ukraine.Ship to Black Sea, troops to Bulgaria?
      Something doesn’t smell right”

      Now for a comment that DID age well.

      jason says:
      January 29, 2022 at 11:33 am
      Also, despite what Neville Allen learned while playing Call of Duty and reading magazines, 100k troops on the Ukranian border is a significant commitment of ground forces.
      The Russians have about 1 million active duty personnel, but that is all branches. Russia is a huge country, only slightly less than the US and Canada combined so they have military assets spread throughout vast distances. From eastern Russia to the Ukrainian border is over 4000 miles.
      A force of 100k well trained ground troops adequately resupplied and supported by air power is not “insignificant”.

    177. jason says:

      Other than Joe Biden, you’re the only one promoting the Russia conquering Ukraine meme.”

      Bitter, can we frame this on in the A-hole Club parlor?

    178. jason says:

      7% of Republicans think Biden’s first year was a success?

      There are more Amoral Scumbags and Biden Trolls than we thought.

    179. Wes says:

      Tina isn’t exactly well versed in contemporary politics. Here’s a refresher for you, Tina, since you’re unaware of the current makeup of the US Senate.

      Currently there are 50 Republicans, 48, Democrats, and 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats in the Senate. Since the Constitution says the Vice-President has the tiebreaking vote in the Senate, the current Veep–Kamala Harris (D-CA)–cast the organizational tiebreaking vote on 1-20-22, thus giving Democrats a nominal majority in the Senate and making Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Senate Majority Leader–a position Bitterlaw for some reason believes Jefferson Davis once held despite its not being created till the Wilson Administration about 60 years after Davis left the Senate.

      As such, Democrats control the Senate currently. With the removal of the filibuster from Supreme Court nominees in 2017, Republicans have no ability to stop Democrats from confirming her unless the junior Senator from New Mexico is unable to make it to Washington for the confirmation vote.

      Thus, Republicans of any stripe won’t be pushing her nomination through, though Democrats will.

      You’re welcome.

    180. Wes says:

      1-20-21, not 1-20-22.


    181. Tina says:

      Don’t worry, we will get a “respectful “hearing from Goober et al.

      Push her through

    182. DW says:

      Apparently, the Ukrainians have successfully attacked a Russian air base.

    183. Tina says:

      This may work actually.

      · 4h
      The sanction nobody is talking about. Russian users who attempted to visit pornhub were quite literally cockblocked by a message that told them that the content has been stopped along with a Ukranian flag and message of Ukranian support #Ukraine #UkraineRussia #UkraineInvasion

    184. Wes says:

      You haven’t explained how Graham in particular or Republicans in general will push her through, Tina, but here’s Lindsay Graham in his own words regarding the nomination:

      “If media reports are accurate, and Judge Jackson has been chosen as the Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Breyer, it means the radical Left has won President Biden over yet again,” Graham posted on Twitter on Friday morning. “The attacks by the Left on Judge Childs from South Carolina apparently worked.”

    185. Wes says:

      Danny McBride, Joe Cunningham, and Jim Clyburn are probably Graham’s only three constituents who support her, so I don’t see why Graham has any reason to back off his statements and support her confirmation–especially since Biden chose her over a different nominee Graham expressed a preference for.

    186. Tina says:

      No way is the gop-e going to obstruct or delay Her appointment.

      This is the same guy that Voted to appoint her to the Dc appeals court, not a lower court by any stretch.

    187. Wes says:

      How exactly will they do that, Tina? Explain please. Despite their best efforts, Democrats couldn’t delay or obstruct Gorsuch or Kavanaugh.

      How will the GOP-E–a nebulous term that seems to change members depending on the person being discussed–block her nomination if Democrats couldn’t block Trump’s nominees despite vicious opposition?

    188. Tina says:

      · 41m
      NEW: @ABC / @washingtonpost

      Biden Approval on Russia/Ukraine
      Approve 33%
      Disapprove 47%

      48 percent — also said that they believed America’s leadership in the world had gotten weaker under Biden

      1,001 Adults / Feb 20-24

    189. Tina says:

      We will get a respectable hearing.

      Don’t worry

      No bimbos a la Kavanaugh.

      Senators stalked in the elevators.

      Protestors in the capitol who all went free (un charged for disrupting proceedings or “parading.”

    190. Bitterlaw says:

      It is 2022. The domestic focus should be on taking back the House and Senate. If delaying the inevitable confirmation of the judge to SCOTUS helps achieve those goals, do it. If not, it is a waste of time.

    191. Tina says:

      Dw that is great news about that attack as well as the retaking of an airport and a Russian platoon surrendering near chernihiv.

    192. Wes says:

      Tina still hasn’t explained how Senate Republicans–who don’t control the Senate–will push Biden’s nominee through.

    193. Wes says:

      Tina also doesn’t understand the difference between “respectful” and “respectable.”

    194. DW says:

      The longer it goes on, the worse it is for Putin. And the protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg continue–further giving Putin problems he didn’t expect to have. I don’t think Putin can send everyone to Siberia to rot in a prison camp.

    195. DW says:

      Here is how Russia is minimizing the photo-ops of dead Russian soldiers on the ground:

    196. Tina says:

      The sanctions have to be a lot stronger. The ones from yesterday had so many wholes, Swiss cheese would be proud.

      They can start by banning Russian energy.

      Won’t happen.

    197. DW says:

      Sanctions won’t work until Biden allows us to produce our own oil, to be self-sufficient and enough left over to export to our allies.

    198. Tina says:

      Yup, being energy independent was a big chip.

      Biden gave it away.

    199. Tina says:

      Hopefully the gop-e holds hearings on the covid china lab leak. Cruz has made promises. Hopefully the ccp are punished.

    200. Wes says:

      In response to a humorous post by GF describing the nature of the GOP primary to replace resigning Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), another RRHer posted this lengthy definition:

      A (usually) gas-powered personal conveyance vehicle containing multiple actors dressing in garish costumes for the purposes of entertaining, or possibly terrorizing, small children at festivals and occasionally birthday parties?

    201. Tina says:

      Pornhubs sanctions are probably more devastating than Biden’s Swiss cheese sanctions.

    202. Wes says:

      This is good news for Katie Britt. It’s not such good news for egotistical, divisive megalomaniac Mo Brooks:

    203. Tina says:


      John Sitkiewicz
      Feb 24
      So a whole bunch of foreign policy bozos have just figured out that Putin stood down during the Trump admin because he couldn’t figure him out? Thought he was nuts enough to go nuclear? Welcome to the party…

    204. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Further proof that Biden was never serious about sanctioning Russia. Fully expect Biden to withdraw sanctions against the NordStream pipeline by the end of the year.

      In Afghanistan we found out Biden was like a dog that couldn’t hunt. In the Ukraine we found out the Biden was still a dog that couldn’t hunt, but liked to bark.

      “The U.S. and U.K. unveiled a fresh round of sanctions aimed at crippling Russia’s economically for its attack on Ukraine, the worst security crisis in Europe since the end of World War II.

      However, the Biden administration defended its decision not to sanction Russia’s energy sector, with an official saying it was reluctant to disrupt an area “where Russia has systemic importance in the global economy.””

    205. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      There are now indications how much of the eastern Ukraine Putin plans to take:

      “Carlo Masala, professor for International Politics at Bundeswehr University Munich, said Russia had so far not tried to send troops to western Ukraine in numbers.

      “The Russian military build-up, no matter if it is 160,000 or 200,000 troops, is not enough to occupy Ukraine for any long period of time,” he said.

      “I am still sure that Putin’s main goal is seizing Donbass … and a land corridor to Crimea, splitting these areas off from Ukraine and establishing a tame government in Kyiv.””

    206. Tina says:


      “where Russia has systemic importance in the global economy.””

      And/Or Hunter Biden gets some income from.

    207. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      NATO should move it’s forces into the city of Lvov in western Europe, on a humanitarian “peacekeeper” mission. The Russians appear to not be planning to occupy it. Let Putin know our actions are totally peaceful, and limited to only the western area of the Ukraine.

    208. Phil says:

      Regarding the Marist PBS poll.

      I just looked at the internals where Biden is 39/55 approval.

      This is a D+7 poll.

      I can assure you that the mid term electorate will NOT be anything like D+7. That’s laughable. A mid term election electorate anything like that is a delusional Democratic wet dream. Hell, it was only D+1 in the 2020 presidential election. I expect based on Gallup’s latest party ID polling for it to be Party ID as D+0 as the very best case for Democrats. Given the fact that indies are breaking Republican almost 2-1, I believe this lousy 39/55 polling number actually overstates Biden’s approval number. If your at 39% with a D+7 sample you are in a heap of trouble.

    209. Tina says:

      From that same poll.

      A majority of Americans polled — 59 percent — also said they believed that the Russian president moved on Ukraine because Putin saw weakness in President Biden, while 41 percent said that it was not a factor in Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

    210. Phil says:

      Richard Baris just tweeted that “the dirty little secret” is that most establishment Republicans would prefer that Democrats win the midterm elections and remain in power than have Trump Republicans gain power.

      I got news for you Richard. It ain’t a secret.

      It’s why I no longer consider myself a Republican.

    211. Tina says:

      Phil, me neither.

      They hate me. I hate them.

      It’s mutual.

    212. mnw says:

      220/221 Tina

      That’s an RV poll, too. When the LV screens start to be applied, Biden & the DEMs are going to do even worse, presumably.

      38 JA is a new low for that Harvard-Harris poll– which is online interactive, so I don’t consider it very important. Nor is The Hill any friend to the GOP, & the poll director is Mark Penn, a longtime DEM operative– and the poll is STILL dreadful for Biden! — even worse than Rasmussen is today.

    213. Tina says:

      Right, mnw.

    214. mnw says:


      I’ve been complaining about The Wise Men at RRH characterizing the MO Sen GOP candidates collectively as “a clown car,” & they’ve gotten sensitive about doing that.

      They seem to have given up trying to persuade their posters that “clown car” is not a form of ridicule.

    215. Wes says:

      You’ve never been a Republican, Tina.

      Honestly I doubt that rumor –especially since Baris apparently doesn’t source it.

      Does anyone honestly believe Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy for instance wants Democrats to remain in power?

      Besides, if these unnamed eeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment” Republicans are so concerned about Trump Republicans, there are these things Mikey and the Tea Party hate called primaries to weed them out. Since Herschel Walker–a Trump ally who’s thus far acquitted himself well in his bid to take on and defeat Raphael Warnock–is the most prominent Trump Republican with a legitimate chance to win in November, I have a hard time accepting the veracity of what Baris says.

      I do know so-called ::chuckle:: grass-roots ::chuckle:: Republicans in the Tea Party movement were openly advocating on social media for Democrats to win the 2014 midterms. Those are probably the kinds of people feeding Baris his dubious statement.

    216. Wes says:

      I don’t mind the accepted RRH definition of a clown-car primary, Mnw. It’s a primary featuring a large number of candidates, most little known, with no clear frontrunner.

      That pretty much describes the current state of the current OKGOP Senate primary, so I see no problem with the description.

    217. Tina says:

      I was a lifelong Republican until 2006. Always voted R, even for Rinos (Schwartznkennedy)

      Fed up with a 1,000 points of liberalism.

      The Bushies and their wars.

      The open borders

      The sell out to the Ccp.

    218. mnw says:

      Tina & Phil

      The blogs are chock-a-block full of rumors today that the REALLY bad polls for Bidan still haven’t dropped yet!

      This is getting to be like a Mel Brooks movie:

      “Things could be worse.”

      “HOW? HOW could things POSSIBLY be worse?”

      “Could be raining.” (sound of thunder is heard)

    219. Tina says:

      Mnw, I would believe that,

      However, they have to prop him up for the Sunday shows. Do Drat plus 11 or something.

      That hill poll result below is devastating to Biden and the jebots.

      NEW POLL: 62 percent of voters say Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president

    220. Wes says:

      Well fair enough, Tina. You left the GOP the same year I did–and apparently in response to the same incompetent dolt.

      Still, you act as if you’re the arbiter of what’s a good or bad Republican and immediately declare lifelong loyal Republicans to be RINOs for the slightest perceived apostasy, real or otherwise, to your conception of the GOP.

      You’re hardly in a position to make such absolute declarative statements.

    221. mnw says:


      Then “clown car” does NOT by even your definition fit the MO Sen GOP field, because 4 of the candidates hold or have held important elected offices, and God knows Greitens is “well known.”

    222. Tina says:

      And I looked for some article or somebody to rebut those statements in post #26 about Trump threatening Pooty poot and Xi. I did not find anything.

      It could likely be true as he did threaten the Iran and Mentally ill.

      The teeet to mentally I’ll was his best. My nuke button is bigger and it works.

    223. Wes says:

      You do know “most” is not the same as “all,” I hope, Mnw. I hope I’m not going to have to link to to explain the difference to you.

    224. Tina says:

      Yes, Wes, my statements are just my opinion, as are yours.

      We left for the same or similar reasons, which suggest that we think more alike than not.

      And you are one of the reasons why I keep coming back here.

    225. Tina says:

      You and the free legal advice from Bl, who hates me, but is still my favorite attorney.

    226. mnw says:


      You do know 4 serious candidates (AG Schmitt; Rep. Hartzler; Rep. Long and former Gov Greitens) out of 6 total means “most” are NOT clowns, I hope. Look up “most” as long as you’re linking to Funk & Wagnalls.

      Also, The Wise Men seem to do that sneering “clown car” thing mostly about crowded GOP primaries, I’ve noticed, & rarely about the DEMs.

    227. Phil says:

      The problem I have Wes is that for every Cotton in the Senate there has been a Chuck Hagel. For every Hawley there has been a Jeff Flake…..and don’t get me started on Murkowski, McCain….Republicans who had no trouble stabbing conservatives in the back. You can’t even count on Cassidy or Burr.

      Thune will take over for McConnell. I’ve never once in the last year heard him even once mention the disgrace on the border.

      You can’t count on Republicans. Period.

    228. Phil says:

      Outside of Manchin from a Trump plus 45 state, name me once where Democratic Senators have not marched in lock step on any issue or vote in the Senate.

    229. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      You never answered my post #180 above regarding the ridiculous decision made today by the Democrat majority on the NC Supreme Court vis-a-vis Congressional redistricting.
      As I predicted, the decision has been appealed to SCOTUS, which, in my opinion, will fail to hear the case.

    230. Tina says:

      Is thune a better replacement than McDonnell?

      Or just musical chairs?

    231. Phil says:

      Guess we add NC to Illinois, NY, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan as Republican redistricting disasters. Add Ohio where the Republicans controlled the legislature got screwed by their own Republican controlled Supreme Court.

      States where Republicans control things like Florida, Texas, Missouri Republicans have laid back and let Democrats have their way.

      Never count on Republicans to fight for anything. If you do, you are a fool.

    232. Phil says:

      Thune is McConnell’s hand picked successor, Tina. I had high hopes for him when he was first elected. He’s worthless. Total DC swamp creature. Do you ever see him lead on any conservative cause? Nope. We have a Senator from our own state just like him. Cornyn.

    233. Tina says:

      Thanks, Phil.

      Seems like a shuffling of chairs on the Titanic

    234. Phil says:

      Exactly, Tina. The beat goes on.

    235. mnw says:

      Phil & Tina

      You make a lot of good points about the spineless GOP leaders, but… at least they aren’t “deadenders”!

      I confess I still have a warm spot in my heart for Thune, though, because at least he took out that execrable POS Tom Daschle.

    236. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      All reports are saying that the Ukrainians are putting up one heck of a fight:

      “Russia facing strong resistance, says UK defence ministry
      Ukraine has been able to hold on to key cities despite repeated assaults from Russian military forces, says the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

      The statement said Russian forces were making gains from multiple fronts to try to encircle the capital city of Kyiv, but faced “strong resistance” from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

      Russian forces have also made an amphibious landing in an area between the cities of Mariupol and Melitopol, located in southern Ukraine, says the MoD.”

      A common comment now heard in Britain is: “if Trump were president, this would not have happened.”

    237. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has just been speaking to the BBC’s Today programme – he says all the objectives Russia aimed to gain control of in the first day of its assault remain in Ukrainian hands.

      Those Russian forces active in Kyiv are special forces units and paratroopers but the main Russian armoured columns remain some way north of the city, he said.

      He praised Ukrainian resistance.

      “What stands in front of Ukraine is days and weeks of utter brutality but they are doing an amazing job,” he said.”

    238. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina – I don’t hate you. We disagree on some issues. I don’t plan on ever going to California but if I did and was near you, I would have a drink with you. Well, I would drink soda and you can drink limoncellos.

    239. Tina says:

      Yes better news today.

      Up to 3,000 Russians killed (per Ukrainian reports),

      Russians running out of food and gas, and stuck on roads.

      Ukrainians putting up stiff resistance.

    240. Tina says:

      I too have a soft spot for Thune.

      He beat daschle.

    241. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden is getting tough:

      “Biden addressed the world and outlined the steps he’d take to stop Russia from rampaging through Eastern Europe.

      “Listen, folks, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this, today I directed my social media manager to unfollow Putin on Twitter,” said Biden. “That Putin guy is a major internet influencer and we need to hit him where it hurts. We have no other choice. God have mercy on us.”

      Biden then directed his staff to “unfollow” President Putin on Twitter, warning that if Putin doesn’t stop what he’s doing, he will also “unfriend” him on Facebook.”

      Babylon Bee

    242. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The current status of the southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol is being disputed after Russia’s defense ministry claimed its forces had captured it.

      A video posted to social media appeared to show a Russian flag flying above a police station in Melitopol. However, James Heappey, a British armed forces minister, told the BBC Saturday that Russian forces had failed with their objective.

      “We can’t see anything to substantiate” the claim, he said.””

    243. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Ukraine’s defence ministry says it has shot down one of Moscow’s troop carriers near Kyiv, killing a large number of Russian paratroopers.

      The BBC has not independently verified these claims and the Russian defence ministry is yet to comment on the reports.

      The defence ministry in Kyiv wrote in a Facebook post that Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets intercepted a Russian IL-76 MD troop carrier at around 00:30 local time (22:30 GMT) on Saturday as it was trying to land paratroopers in the Kyiv region.

      According to specifications released by the manufacturer, the plane can carry up to 167 soldiers, as well as a crew of 6-7 people.”

    244. Tina says:

      Richard Grenell
      Really late.

      You’ve been telling the world that a bloody war was coming but waited to provide serious support until the war started.
      Quote Tweet

      Ned Price

      United States

    245. Tina says:

      Grenell just slammed the department of socialist state. They are just now sensing more weaponry.

      Should have been sent days ago.

    246. Tgca says:


      Russia to retaliate with devastating sanctions against the US that will be calculated to be very painful. Not sure what the details are yet.

      Good luck finding caviar in NY, DC, San Francisco, et al.

      The elites and MSM are going to be so pissed! Not only will Joy Behar not be able to travel to Italy, she can’t get her caviar either.

      Maybe this will be the wake-up call that turns the elites against Biden.

    247. jason says:

      Damm, the Putin appeasers here might not get their autographed pictures.


    248. jason says:

      It’s not such good news for egotistical, divisive megalomaniac Mo Brooks”

      Be careful wes, your friend Mikey will have a conniption or at least a hissy fit.

    249. jason says:

      I can see it now. If you don’t think a moron like Mo Brooks should be anywhere close to the Senate you must “be against the primary system”.

    250. Robbie says:

      Erick Erickson
      This is appalling. The guy Marjorie Taylor Green with is a David Duke type anti-Semitic racist who defends Hitler. Nick Fuentes should be shunned, not embraced.

      – Marjorie Taylor Greene is Trump’s favorite member of Congress and she is a favorite of many in this forum.

      If you support Greene, you support white nationalism. Trump supports Greene so he supports white nationalism.

      These two idiots are who many in the HHR forum want to lead the party in 2022 and 2024. Many of you are idiots.

    251. jason says:

      Mo Brooks is the Joe Miller of Alabama.

      Yeah, the Joe Miller who praised East Germany as a “model for border security” due to success in keeping illegal immigrants out, neglecting to mention nobody had actually tried to get into East Germany, and that their only concern killing people trying to leave.

    252. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag still ignoring Biden to talk about MTG?


    253. jason says:

      If you support Greene, you support white nationalism. Trump supports Greene so he supports white nationalism.”

      Zzzzzz… anybody who is not a Democrat supports white nationalism.

    254. jason says:

      “Trump is a white nationalist” is the talking point of the far left.

      Good to see Amoral Scumbag has dropped all pretenses and embraced his true leanings.

      The truth will set you free.

    255. jason says:

      “David Duke”


    256. Phil says:

      Robbie gets more unhinged every day. White nationalism?


    257. Tgca says:

      I’m not sure who we should root for in this conflict but make no mistake, regardless of ruthless political corrupt actors named Volodymyr or Vladimir, evil sounding names to me, above all:

      Ukrainian Lives Matter

      Let’s Go Volod!

      Let’s Go Vlad!

      Hmmm…I think I’ll just sick with:

      Let’s Go Brandon!!!

    258. jason says:

      We are all white nationalists here at HHR?

      Bitter, we should give everyone honorary points.

    259. jason says:

      Remember when Amoral Scumbag used to rush here to post the latest CNN and MSNBC poll showing Trump’s numbers would result in a GOP midterm disaster?



    260. Phil says:

      Keep the posts flowing, Robbie.

      You are a leftist clown, but you are entertaining us.

    261. Tgca says:

      If you support Jeb Bush, you support SEXUAL ASSAULT!

      Jeb Bush is the son of GH Bush

      GH Bush groped a young woman.

      Yes, grabbing or fondling a woman’s butt is sexual assault.

      In this day and age, sneaking a peak at a woman’s cleavage or derrière is sexual assault so clearly a pervert like GHB grabbing women is sexual assault.

    262. Bitterlaw says:

      Bitter, we should give everyone honorary points.

      I never understood being “proud” of your race. You didn’t choose it. You did not do whatever great things people of the same race did. If you get credit for their achievements then you also have to accept blame for their failures. All people suck to some degree.

    263. Tgca says:

      …and women in America complaining about My Body, My Choice don’t know chit!

      Men in Kenya rounded up and forced into public circumcisions after wives squeal on them.

      This is Penile Genocide!!!

      Imagine having someone not medically trained perform a forced procedure on you in the outdoors with no sanitary conditions. Some have ended up in the hospital thereafter.

    264. Tina says:

      And the GOP-e accepts this?

      Pelosi equates Russian invasion of Ukraine to GOP ‘assaults on our democracy in our own country’

    265. Tgca says:

      All people suck?

      In my community, some people suck better than others…and that’s considered important.

      I wonder if the 20% of HHR posters that are LGBTQIA2S+ are proud to be LGBTQIA2S+. Hmmm…

      I’m proud to be guardian of 38 sea creatures, 1 canine, and about 130 plants.

    266. Tgca says:

      Ok. It’s Saturday and that means…it’s time to go shopping for tofu.

      Gawd! I hope the stores are not all sold out. I hate when that happens.

    267. jason says:

      Don’t worry, nobody is rushing out to buy tofu.

      However, I have loaded up on bacon because you never know, there could be a shortage any time.

    268. mnw says:

      There are credible reports today that the U.S. has finally persuaded Germany to agree to exclude Russia from SWIFT.

      62% in the Harvard-Harris poll agreed that Biden’s Afghan debacle emboldened Putin.

      (I don’t have much use for Harvard-Harris, but still)

    269. Tina says:

      I wonder if China Biden still feels that the #1 national security threat is Global Warming?

    270. mnw says:

      282 correction:

      62% agreed that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump was president.

      (which is even WORSE for Biden than what I misquoted)

    271. Tina says:

      I cannot wait until this warmonger and Russian hoaxer is primaried.

      Liz Cheney
      · 22m
      As Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep Paul Gosar speak at this white supremacist, anti-Semitic, pro-Putin event, silence by Republican Party leaders is deafening and enabling.

      All Americans should renounce this garbage and reject the Putin wing of the GOP now.

    272. Tina says:

      Illia Ponomarenko@IAPonomarenko · 11hRussian losses now, according to ??Ukraine’s military.
      14 airplanes
      8 helicopters
      102 tanks
      536 armored cars,
      15 artillery pieces,
      1 BUK-1 system,
      3,500 killed, nearly 200 taken prisoner

    273. DW says:

      Russia will ask where the bodies are for proof of those Ukrainian kill numbers. Remember they have mobile crematory units to hide their dead.

    274. DW says:

      I thought the press was supposed to stay neutral and just report on the battle and not take sides and join the fight–the Associated Press no less has taken sides, no doubt for Russia:

      “Hundreds of casualties were reported during overnight fighting in Kyiv by the Associated Press”

    275. Cash Cow TM says:

      I asked Walt if he was white.
      He said yes.

      I also asked him if he was a nationalist.
      He said yes.

      So that makes Walt a white nationalist.

    276. Cash Cow TM says:

      Mrs. Walt came back this morning from her week in the Virgin Islands on a gal pal trip.

      She has had to do retraining of Walt.

      So far this morning he did some laundry, vacuumed and Swiffer-ed the floors.


    277. Cash Cow TM says:

      Anxiously awaiting more news from what is happening on the battlefronts in Ukraine.

      Saw some videos this morning…including some of Russian tanks and armored vehicles that had run out of fuel and they and their crews were left behind by the rest of the invaders and dead in their tracks in the road.

      I am pulling hard for the Ukrainians.
      I want them to give Putty poot a huge bloody nose while taking as few casualties themselves as possible.

      I admire their spunk.

    278. Cash Cow TM says:

      Has anyone gone to the CDC site to see what countries they do not recommend traveling to because of the Covid?

      Answer: Practically every country in the world except a few “sheit” holes of countries that nobody 8in their right mind would ever want to go to anyway.

    279. DW says:

      Cow, I saw the same report and was about to post it here. If Russia is running out of fuel, it suggests three things:

      1) Ukraine is effectively cutting off supply chains.
      2) Russia has not been able to capture Ukrainian sources of fuel.
      3) Putin didn’t have a really good plan going into this.

    280. DW says:

      Wonder if Russia really believes that anyone actually believes their propaganda. They have admitted that some of their planes have ‘crashed’ which is a different spin on it than admitting they were ‘shot down’

    281. jason says:


      “It is now confirmed — Ukrainian military has delivered a strike on a Russian airfield in Millerovo, Rostov Oblast
      A number of enemy aircraft have been destroyed.”

    282. mnw says:

      285 Tina

      The ONLY reason I don’t send her primary opponent a contribution is, Cheney’s reelection chances are already hopeless, imo. So I’m hoarding $ to send where they are actually needed– after the primaries.

      I’m not even donating to Vicky Hartzler, because I want every penny to go to defeating a vulnerable DEM.

      Btw, I think Hartzler is doing fine & is the probable nominee for MO Sen. I saw an amazing ad for her during the Tucker Carlson show– the ONLY political ad. It was an attack on the destruction of women’s sports and it was a work of art! Hartzler used to be a girls’ track team coach. I notice a few other GOP candidates are beginning to employ this issue also.

    283. jason says:

      It is possible the Russians had a plan to take Kiev (that’s how I spell it GFYS) quickly to install a puppet regime, gain hold of the media, and end most organized opposition.

      IF that failed and there was not a good plan B, the Russians could get bogged down fighting a lot of skirmishes where they eventually prevail but that don’t advance the cause of overthrowing the government.

      In any case taking Kiev now might no longer attain that goal, Zelensky could move the “capital” to another city and continue to tell the Russians to pound sand.

    284. jason says:

      Saw some videos this morning…including some of Russian tanks and armored vehicles that had run out of fuel and they and their crews were left behind by the rest of the invaders and dead in their tracks in the road.”

      I saw one where the Ukrainian civilians ask the stranded Russian soldiers if they needed a tow back to Russia, and the Russians actually laughed.

    285. Tina says:

      There supply chains are likely exhausting. The Ukrainians news to hold off. This leaves the forced already in stuck and sitting ducks.

      It be nice if Swift was taken away and Russian energy.

    286. Tina says:

      She is bad news. She has lied about the Russian hoax, the Russian bounty hoax; and falsely claims that she is the r head of the j6 faux committee.

      They should pull her but luntz Tenant is weak

    287. Robbie says:

      – Keep the faith, Jason fraud. Mike Lindell says he has documents that prove Trump won the 2020 election 82 million votes to 68 million votes.

    288. Tgca says:

      After going to 6 stores, I finally found a store that had not run out of tofu but they did have a limit of two quantity to purchase due to high demand.

      It did not escape my keen eye that every one of these stores were not out of bacon and there were no assigned purchase limits.

      Hmmm…very telling…very telling indeed.

    289. Tgca says:

      To show my solidarity with corrupt Ukraine, tonight I will be making Tofu Kiev or should it be Tofu Kyiv?

      Either way, it will be quite tasty.

    290. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag upset Mike Lindell has 100 times more integrity and is 1000 times more successful in life than he is.

    291. jason says:

      Mike Lindell employs 1500 people in MN.

      Amoral Scumbag is a blood sucking parasite.

      Take your pick.

    292. Phil says:

      Hey, Robbie. You and Liz get a room. It’s on me. I left word at the front desk.

    293. mnw says:

      300 Tina

      CNBC reports this morning that Germany has agreed to exclude Russia from SWIFT, with some exceptions– to allow German payment for Russian natural gas exports.

      This is a major change in Germany’s previous position on SWIFT, per CNBC.

      Yes, it’d be wunnerful if Germany cut off all energy imports from Russia too, but that’s not realistic. We can’t expect Germany to devastate its own economy. That would be asking Germany to bear a hugely disproportionate part of the sanctions’ cost. What Biden has announced is certainly NOT equivalent to that sort of economic sacrifice here in the U.S.

    294. Wes says:

      Basically what you’re trying to tell us, Tg, is that you went to six stores looking for slop and finally found one that had some in stock.

      Good to know.

    295. DW says:

      Now there is a video of a Russian tank swerving to run over a civilian in a car. Not good optics for Putin. Even though the car was squashed as though in a car compactor, the driver survived with minor injuries.

    296. Wes says:

      I saw that, DW. Putin is a thug, so it’s no surprise Russians are doing such things under him.

    297. DW says:

      Its the type of video that would be played if there are any war crimes trials forthcoming. I mean it was clearly an old man in a civilian car, not at all a military target.

      This is the first large scale war in the social media age. Not sure how that is going to impact the war and its the aftermath.

    298. jason says:

      “from its own stockpile, the German government will send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine. The government has also authorized the Netherlands to send Ukraine 400 rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

      “The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a statement. “It threatens our entire post-war order. In this situation, it is our duty to do our utmost to support Ukraine in defending itself against Vladimir Putin’s invading army. Germany stands closely by Ukraine’s side.”

      A government spokesperson said the weapons will be delivered “as soon as possible.”

      Ukraine has borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania to the East, so not that difficult to deliver this st-ff.

    299. DW says:

      It is becoming more and more obvious that this war is not going as Putin had planned. He was hoping for a rapid change in government to a pro-Russia puppet ruler.

      But now what can Putin do, given Ukraine still has a presence in the air, and is still holding on to major targets on the ground?

      Putin cannot give up and withdraw. Showing weakness is never an option to them.

      Putin has no choice but to press ahead no matter how ugly it looks and how bad the quagmire will become for him.

      But this choice is going to wear away the patience of the world leaders and countries–very quickly. And so he will risk the destruction of his own economy, the ire of his own people, and strengthen the hand of west-leaning nations around him, the very opposite of his objective.

      Kudos to the brave Ukrainians who did not just roll over and put up the white flag. This is a country where the men are men.

    300. DW says:

      And if somehow Ukraine prevails, watch Biden jump in right at the end to try and take credit for it, so he can improve his horrible poll numbers.

    301. mnw says:

      Germany also announced today that it will send lethal military equipment to Ukraine “in the near future,” & that it will permit other European nations to transship arms provided by Germany as well, i.e., Estonia can now give Ukraine howitzers originally provided to Estonia by Germany.

      ALL of this furious activity to aid Ukraine could & should have been undertaken long ago.

      The next POTUS ought to set aside private time five days a week to discuss “what if/early warning” contingency planning with a handful of people he/she really trusts. NOT a yuuge Hollywood production with the Joint Chiefs & the CIA… ending with a commitment for some new study. A tiny group to work AROUND those bureaucracies.

      I read a sickening story recently about how the U.S. had mothballed a bunch of F-16s & Warthogs, taken directly from active duty & parked out in the desert near Tucson, the week before Russia invaded! It makes you wonder if anybody has any common sense.

    302. Wes says:

      It makes you wonder if anybody has any common sense.

      Let me help you out here, Mnw. That’s a no–at least in this Administration.

    303. Robbie says:

      Michael McFaul
      For decades, Putin has exported Putinism, building ties with leaders and people around populist, orthodox, nationalist ideas. He had successes: Orban, Salvini, Le Pen, Trump, Tucker, Bannon etc. This horrific war is now breaking this “illiberal international.” Good.

      – I’m sorry this is happening to all of the populist snake oil salesmen and those they duped.

      Actually, I’m not sorry. Every one of you deserve to marinate lying crap you fell for and pushed over the last six or seven years.

    304. Tina says:

      Is he awaken? He should have done this on day -10.

      Marshall S. Billingslea
      · 1h
      As @POTUS meets with his NSC, I presume they will be discussing that he is now largely isolated on the matter of SWIFT. Hopefully they will now do the right thing.

      Partial de-SWIFTing of only select banks will not work; needs to be all of them, w/ sanctions on the Central Bank.

    305. Tina says:

      Joe Rogan is great.

      When a guy like that says that…I’m like are you making money because of this? Like why are you saying that? By the way, you look like sh*t. If you are eating those plant-based burgers or whatever the f*ck you’re doing. You’re obese. A guy like that telling people about…he has got these breasts and this gut and I’m like this is crazy you are one of the richest guys on earth. You have access to the best nutrients, you can have an amazing trainer, you can be in phenomenal shape and you’re giving out public health advice. You are giving out health advice and you’re sick. Literally like a non-athlete trying to coach professionals. Like what the f*ck are you talking about. How are you giving any health advice when you look like that.”

    306. DW says:

      Putin and his thugs are out there making more friends tonight:

      “A Japanese-owned cargo ship with 20 crew members onboard was struck by a Russian missile in the Black Sea. A Moldvovan ship was also shelled by a Russian warship, causing serious injuries.”

    307. jason says:

      Every one of you deserve to marinate lying crap you fell for and pushed over the last six or seven years.”

      Hilarious for someone who fell for Biden and his agenda.

    308. Phil says:

      Hilarious doesn’t begin to describe it, Jason.

      pathetic, out of control, unhinged.

    309. jason says:

      This is the guy who fell for Michael Avenatti.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    310. Phil says:

      Harris Poll

      62% say Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump were still President. That even includes 38% of Democrats.


    311. jason says:

      I am sure it doesn’t include Amoral Scumbag.

      He actually believes this far left trash.

      “For decades, Putin has exported Putinism, building ties with leaders and people around populist, orthodox, nationalist ideas. He had successes: Orban, Salvini, Le Pen, Trump, Tucker, Bannon etc.”

      Amoral Scumbag calling me a populist or nationalist is really a joke.

      Few, if any, have been more opposed to “nationalism” here than I have.

    312. Tgca says:


      Wobbie forgets Bush in the marinade.

      Who can forget GWB was DUPED by Pootin:

      “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. .?.?. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

    313. Tgca says:

      Speaking of marinade, I’m letting tofu soak in a chili garlic sauce overnight so I can have a spicy tofu feast tomorrow.

      While people clear out the shelves in the supermarkets of tofu, the bacon just sits there going bad.

    314. Tom says:

      316. mnw – Remember, these are the same military geniuses that abandoned Bagram air base for Kabul airport.

    315. Wes says:

      While people clear out the shelves in the supermarkets of tofu, the bacon just sits there going bad.

      I’ll take things that aren’t actually happening for $1000, Alex.

    316. jason says:

      Tofu is so popular where I live its not even on the shelves at all.

      On the other hand, there are like 8 brands of scrapple and about 12 brands of bacon. Not to mention souse, blood pudding, headcheese and all those other delicious PA Dutch foods.

    317. Tina says:

      ruth Gazette@Truth_Gazette·1hWho’s ready to watch Trump’s @CPAC speech tonight at 7:00?


      ?Tune in to @RSBNetwork’s coverage:

    318. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      As mm sure others will recall, prior to Russian attack on the Ukraine I said:

      1.) The Ukrainians will fight;
      2.) This could blow up in Putin’s face.

      Both appear to be happening. Putin is facing fierce resistance from the Ukrainians, and his invasion force estimated at about 180,000 may not be sufficient to overpower a nation the size of Texas with a population of over 40 million. He apparently thought his special forces could immediately take control of the Ukraine, and they have been decimated in many places.

      For those who favored appeasement or indifference to this attack; they should remember: “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.” Finally, the NATO nations are taking some responsibility and actually taking more effective action. Even Germany is now sending military aid and appears to support cutting off Russian access to SWIFT. But this has been a total disgrace. Not since the Munich in 1938 has the West exhibited such weakness.

    319. Tgca says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
      Ha! Ha! Ha!


      During an interview with MSNBC on Saturday, Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) argued that President Joe Biden has handled the crisis with Russia and Ukraine “masterfully.” And that while “We should have provided more to Ukraine,” “that’s not President Biden’s fault, that’s the fault of prior administrations.”

    320. Tgca says:


      See! Even the Amish love tofu.

    321. Tina says:

      Lauren #SeizeTheYachts Windsor
      · 33m
      Hey, Donald Trump, Russia didn’t invade another country under your watch because they were waiting on you to dismantle NATO first

    322. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Its a bit late, but at least its coming:

      “The US State Department said it will send $350m (£261m) in weapons – including Javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft systems and body armour.
      The German government said it would supply Ukraine with 1,000 anti-tank grenade launchers and 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles on an emergency basis.
      The Dutch announced deployment of 50 Panzerfaust-3 anti-tank weapons and 400 rockets.
      The two countries are also said to be considering sending a joint Patriot air defence system to a Nato battle group in Slovakia.
      Earlier, Nato began deploying more of its forces to Eastern Europe “to respond quickly to any contingency”.”

    323. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is the clown who flew to Iceland on his private jet to accept a climate award:

      “Former Secretary of State John Kerry was excoriated by critics Thursday for expressing hope that Russian President Vladmir Putin would help the world “stay on track” with fighting climate change despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces.

      Kerry’s comments came during an appearance Wednesday on BBC Arabic, in which Biden’s climate envoy also lamented the potential “emissions consequences” from the war in Ukraine and worried the attention of large countries would be “diverted” from fighting climate change because of the conflict.”

    324. Tina says:

      There is a second result from the Harris poll, perhaps even more alarming.

      · 7m
      NEW: @HarrisPoll/ Harvard Caps Poll

      Would Vladimir Putin be Invading Ukraine if Donald Trump were President?
      62% NO / 38% YES

      59% of Americans believe Putin invaded Ukraine because he believed Joe Biden was weak

    325. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden’s polling numbers have fallen from their already low numbers in two polls. This is a new low for Biden in the Harvard/Harris poll:

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 38%
      Disapprove 55%.
      @Harvard@HarrisPoll, 2,026 RV, 2/23-24

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 40%
      Disapprove 58%.
      1,500 LV, 2/22-24

    326. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Wow! Wasn’t Bolshevik Bernie only a few days ago talking about the Ukraine being in Russia’s sphere of influence? How fast the Putin appeasers seem to be changing their tune:

      “Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday called for the U.S. and its allies to impose heavy sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and other oligarchs in the country as he condemned Moscow’s escalating military aggression toward Ukraine.

      “Vladimir Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine is an indefensible violation of international law, regardless of whatever false pretext he offers,” Sanders (I-Vt.) said in a statement. “There has always been a diplomatic solution to this situation. Tragically, Putin appears intent on rejecting it.”

    327. Tgca says:

      Geez! What would Judi Dench’s “M” think of this pandering political hack heading MI6?

      Is the next James Bond destined to be a black trannie?

      “LGBT+ rights” are the most important “values and hard won freedoms” distinguishing “us” from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Richard Moore, chief of MI6, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, wrote on Friday.

    328. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russian websites hacked — playing Ukrainian music:

      “Six Russian government websites are currently down, according to the Kyiv Independent.

      That list reportedly includes the official sites of the Kremlin and Russia’s media regulatory agency.

      The outlet attributed its reporting to sources at Ukraine’s state telecommunications agency.

      State TV channels have also been “hacked to play Ukrainian songs”, it says.

      The Anonymous hacking collective has taken credit for the attacks, but this has not been independently confirmed.”

    329. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Hostomel, Kyiv Oblast: Column of Russian special forces defeated near Hostomel “Kadyrovites,” named so for the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. According to Channel 24 sources, the Ukrainian military blew up an echelon of 56 tanks that included General Magomed Tushayev, who was killed.”

    330. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump’s description was completely on point:

      “Former President Donald Trump said he is angry and saddened as an American and slammed President Biden’s “weakness” as Russia invaded Ukraine Wednesday night. Trump told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have been “satisfied” with Donbas but sensed “weakness” from Biden and went for all of Ukraine.

      “It’s a terrible thing,” Trump said of the invasion. “The way it started, I don’t believe he wanted to do this initially. I think he wanted to do something and negotiate it and just got worse and worse. And then he saw the weakness. You know when it really started, I think, with the weakness in Afghanistan. The way they pulled out of Afghanistan. I really believe that’s where he started thinking he could do this.”

      Maybe concerned troll should get his facts straight.

    331. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Hope this is true:

      Snake Island defenders who told the Russian navy ‘go f**k yourself’ may still be alive, Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service says.

      As previously reported, on Feb. 24, Russian forces fired from naval weapons and combat aircraft on Ukrainian soldiers and captured the island.

    332. mnw says:

      348 SDC

      I think Trump has it right. There was much that could’ve been negotiated, but not after it started.

    333. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      According to some sources, which Fox News along with other news agencies quoted, Putin may not have the military resources to carry out a protracted war.

      The assumptions Putin was under that he could occupy the Ukraine quickly were incorrect. I agreed with Gordon, in saying the Putin did not have enough troops and military assets focused on Ukraine to occupy the country.

      This may blow up in Putin’s face, literally.

      French President Macron was in contact with the Belarus president trying to get him to withdraw his support of Putin. He was almost toppled by a popular revolt two years ago.

    334. Tina says:

      At cpac, trump also said the obumbler Biden gave the Ukrainians blankets, I gave them javelins.

      The Jebot will be here tomorrow lying and spreading more Russian hoaxes.

    335. Tina says:

      Yikes, Xi Biden down to 37% approval in latest wp poll.

    336. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A major mistake by Putin was focusing on Biden, who he saw as weak and mentally challenged. He should have been focused on the Ukrainians, who have endured a horrible history and are now hardened and tough. They also have a fatalistic streak, so will fight against the odds.

    337. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      353. Great comment: “Weakness does not poll well”.

    338. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is a city considered part of the eastern area populated by Russian speakers:

      “Russian troops have broken through into the center of Kharkiv, Oleh Sinehubov, the head of the regional government, posted on Facebook at 7:35 a.m. The Ukrainians are waging street battles with the Russians”

    339. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Finland just closed a major air route to Russia.

      “Finland and Ireland have announced they too will close their airspace to Russian planes.

      It is not yet known when the measures will take effect.

      Finland shares a 1,300-kilometre (800-mile) border with Russia – meaning a main westbound route from Russia will be closed.

      Other countries such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Poland and the UK, have already made similar decisions.”

    340. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A smile to start your day courtesy of a new ABC/ Washington Post Poll. You know it pains these liberal organizations to release this poll.YES!!

      ABC News/Washington Post poll: Republicans lead Democrats on the generic ballot by 7 points, 49-42.

      That lead expands to *thirteen* points among voters who are certain to vote, 54-41.

      ABC/WashPost Poll 2/24
      Biden Approval 37% Disproval 55%

    341. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Are you ready to lead the charge for the Hedgehog Report Posters come Tuesday when the 2022 Midterm Election Season starts with full primaries in your State of Texas?! I and others will soon follow you into battle in NC and elsewhere!

    342. Tina says:

      WSJ of leftists wants Trump to explain now he would have handled the crisis differently. I am sure the National Retreat Online will soon parrot WSJ.

      I don’t think it’s up to trump to explain anything. He is not the coc. The coc has been asleep for a while and fled home to Delaware. The fact remains under his Presidency, Russia took no territory. This is a sharp contrast to two of his predecessors (mute and the obumbler) and his successor, Xi Biden.

      Whatever his team did worked.

      Weakness does not poll well and Biden’s number are falling.

    343. Gordon Allen says:

      #351. Yep. And that comprises 80% of all Russian ground combat power.
      Maybe the British won’t have to abandon Dunkirk again after all.
      Hope the Ukranians
      don’t run out of ammunition or fuel

    344. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Koryukivka, Chernihiv Oblast: A crowd of unarmed people in the city of Koryukivka stepped out in front of Russian tanks, halting their forward movement, Novoye Vremya reported. The news site posted a mobile phone video of stationary tanks in front of a big group of civilians. A second video showed the crowd slowly walking towards the tanks that were backing up.”

    345. jason says:

      Neville Allen and the other appeasers were wrong that 150k+ troops were not enough for Russia launch a full scale invasion with the goal of regime change and installation of a puppet government, and that the Russians weren’t really going to invade with that “few” troops.

      The appeasers and peace in our time morons were also convinced all Putin wanted was to grab a slice of the Ukraine to give to the Russian speakers and he would be happy, just go ahead an give it to him. After that, he would just stop trying to re-create the Soviet Union, no worries.

      Nobody ever claimed that many troops would be able to occupy all of the Ukraine indefinitely. It is obvious now that Putin’s strategy was a lightning strike to replace the government of the Ukraine with a pro-Russian puppet. Whether that effort succeeds or not doesn’t change the objective.

      I think Neville Allen has a good case to request his money back from his magazines.

      BTW, speaking of appeasers and Putin stooges, has anyone heard from Bernie Sanders lately? Does he still think we should be looking at this from the ‘Russians side’?

    346. jason says:

      “Wow! Wasn’t Bolshevik Bernie only a few days ago talking about the Ukraine being in Russia’s sphere of influence? How fast the Putin appeasers seem to be changing their tune”

      Oh, I see now Bernie Sanders has changed his tune.

      What say the HHR appeasers?

    347. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is going to be devastated.

      “Brian Stelter, who spent most of the last half decade trying to cost other people their jobs, has told several people that be thinks he’s going to lose his job at CNN.”

    348. Tina says:

      Ukraine government indicates that 4,500 Russian soldiers have died,

      Kharkiv is still in Ukrainian control as Russia’s attack on the 2nd largest city was repelled.

    349. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russian-speaking Kharkiv has been successful stopping the Russian attack. It’s been confirmed by civilians in the city.

      “Ukrainian forces have regained control of the key city of Kharkiv, the regional governor has said.

      In a post on Telegram, Oleh Synyehubov said: “Control over Kharkiv is completely ours!

      “The armed forces, the police, and the defence forces are working, and the city is being completely cleansed of the enemy.””

    350. jason says:

      Kharkiv should have been a relatively easy target for the Russians, if they really can’t take it it means their problems elsewhere will be even worse.

      We also haven’t heard much about the large amphibious assault in the South that would threaten Odessa.

    351. jason says:

      Hey, Amoral Scumbag, instead of scouring left wing sites so you can troll here, how about a worthwhile cause?

      “Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba echoed Zelensky’s sentiment, tweeting Sunday that “Foreigners willing to defend Ukraine and world order as part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, I invite you to contact foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine in your respective countries.”

      “Together we defeated Hitler, and we will defeat Putin, too.”

    352. Tina says:

      According to reports I monitor, the quality of some of the Russian troops is poor. Young conscripts, who don’t know where they are or why they are there.

      They continue to run out of fuel.

      So they appear to be having issues with logistics and supply chains, and soldiers.

    353. Tina says:

      Trump on the Taliban leader from his cpac speech.

    354. jason says:

      Ukraine government indicates that 4,500 Russian soldiers have died,”

      Even a 1000 would be remarkable for 3 days fighting.

    355. Phil says:

      Ukraine is doing a good job in the propaganda war. Getting their message out just fine. That’s important. Do I think they have killed 4500 Russians? No, but the message is out there good and strong and that’s not insignificant.

    356. jason says:

      The US had 148 killed in the entire first Gulf War.

      Different environment of course but in modern warfare 1000 casualties would be a lot.

      In 20 years of combat operations in Afghanistan the US had about 2000 battlefield deaths, and 500 of those were in the worst year for US casualties (2010).

    357. jason says:

      Right, in Russia there will be rumors of 4,500 dead even if the number is probably a lot lower.

    358. jason says:

      Russian puppet wants war “expanded”, I hope he volunteers for the front line.

      “Ramzan Kadyrov, the pro-Kremlin leader of Russia’s Chechnya region, called on the Russian military Sunday to expand its military offensive in Ukraine.

      “The time has come to make a concrete decision and start a large-scale operation in all directions and territories of Ukraine,” Kadyrov said in a statement on his Telegram account. “I myself have repeatedly developed tactics and strategies against terrorists, participated in battles. In my understanding, the tactics chosen in Ukraine are too slow. It lasts a long time and, in my view, are not effective,” he said.

      Added Kadyrov: “Full coordination of the actions of the military, competent alignment of forces and a decisive assault. That’s it! Nothing else is needed.”

      Kadyrov has been accused by international and independent observers of gross human-rights violations in his home territory and beyond. He leads sizable paramilitary forces that — while formally a part of Russian security structures — have personal loyalty to him.”

    359. Phil says:

      That ABC poll is brutal.

      Clown Robbie doesn’t post polls any longer. Wonder why.

    360. Tina says:

      Another bad number in the Washington Compost poll.

      75% rate the economy as not so good or bad.

      Look for the jebots to come full force from the basement to defend the demented one.

    361. Tina says:

      New poll:

      NEW: @Civiqs / February 25

      President Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 34%
      Disapprove 55%

      Approve 23%
      Disapprove 64%

      White: 28/63
      Black: 63/18
      Hispanic: 45/42
      Other: 38/52
      Under 35: 25/5

    362. Gordon Allen says:

      4500 would indeed be a huge number from a starting point of 150-200,000 tops. Especially when the rule of thumb generally is there are 3-4 wounded for every soldier killed. That would imply a total casualty count roughly equal to 10 % or so of the original force.
      As a comparison that would mean for Barbarossa in June 1941 a casualty count of 300,000 plus( out of 3,300,000) for the Germans in 3 days; it wasn’t even close 30,000 , never mind that number.
      That figure (4500 kia)is impossible, although I have a low regard for Russian combat capability apart from their nuclear forces.
      I am most surprised(pleasantly) by the apparent ineffectiveness of the Russian Air Force to date. It should have been a decisive factor against the Ukranian forces.
      For sure as I expected there is no way the Russians will ever be able to pacify/occupy successfully all of Ukraine, even if they defeat the Ukranian Armed Forces ultimately.
      Glad Zelensky hasn’t insisted on maintaining gun control for his citizens. Hope his ammunition and fuel hold up.

    363. jason says:

      The 28% among whites is scary for the Dems, because that is a national number, it includes whites in blue states where his approval is going to be higher. To average out to 28% means he is under that in a lot of other areas.

    364. jason says:

      It seems Ukraine does not have strong gun control since it was reported “gun stores were very busy”.

      In any event arming the population is effective in urban areas. It means Russian troops have to advance very slowly, compounding their supply problems.

      “Business brisk at Kyiv gun shops as Ukrainians rush to buy arms

      Threat of invasion, and draft law giving Ukrainians permission to carry firearms, leads to long queues inside weapons stores”

    365. Phil says:

      Something we should all keep in mind about Biden’s polling. Biden’s support was never deep. By that, I mean he has no base that is really devoted to him. He got most all of his support from being the default I’m not Trump candidate. Even Hillary had a core constituency that really believed in her and were devoted. Biden has a bunch of people who voted for him but they were mostly indifferent to him. No core support to build around. None. Zero. As far as being able to build one, forget it. He is burdened by the fact he lacks the cognitive ability to persuade and articulate.

      He’s fu*ked.

    366. Phil says:

      Beto worried about Ukrainians being allowed to purchase and carry “weapons of war”.

    367. jason says:

      Unfortunately, 4500 is out of the question.

      As Neville Allen correctly points out, it would imply a huge number of wounded that would require a massive evacuation effort all on its own.

      But again, even 1000 dead would be an extraordinarily high number for 3 days of fighting the Russians can’t afford to have 300 killed a day. At the worst of the Vietnam War, 1968, the US had approximately 46 combat deaths a day, and that is with over 500k troops involved.

    368. jason says:

      The media is going to go all out for Biden’s SOTU.

      It will be the greatest speech in the history of mankind.

      Stay tuned.

      Amoral Scumbag will be here the next day telling us how he had massive orgasms several times during the speech.

    369. jason says:

      Beto worried about Ukrainians being allowed to purchase and carry “weapons of war”.”

      He will join Kerry in a presser, Kerry is worried how this invasion is going to impact climate change.

      Fauci will join them, he is concerned about this “distraction” from Covid.

    370. jason says:

      Chancellor @OlafScholz
      just made a super strong statement at the Bundestag. Military expenditure to more than 2% of GDP, thoroughly strenghtening the Bundeswehr, building new LNG terminals to break free from Russian gas.”

      Originally the Germans had offered 5000 helmets, now they are sending 1000 anti tank weapons and 500 Stingers.

    371. Robbie says:

      Carl Quintanilla
      “The election was not ‘stolen,’” Mr. Barr writes. “Trump lost it.” Mr. Barr urges conservatives to look to “an impressive array of younger candidates” who share Mr. Trump’s agenda but not his “erratic personal behavior.”

      ?(via ?@WSJ)

      – Oh, man. I’m sorry this is happening to you, Jason fraud.

      Bill Barr calls MAGA Daddy “erratic”.

    372. Robbie says:

      Wendy Rogers
      The West is trying to deplatform and debank Russia. This is just as wrong as invading Ukraine.

      – One of Trump’s favorite state legislators. He endorsed her.

    373. Tina says:

      Is our President awake?

      It’s like he has disappeared since Friday?

    374. jason says:

      Russians blew up a natural gas pipeline in Kharkiv.

      John Kerry just sent him an autographed picture of himself with the caption “Thanks Vlad, for helping the cause”.

    375. jason says:

      Bill Barr calls MAGA Daddy “erratic”.


      This from someone who ignores Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive impairment.

    376. jason says:

      One of Trump’s favorite state legislators. He endorsed her.”

      Wow. A state legislator says something stupid.

      Is this all you got?

    377. jason says:

      Barr urges conservatives to look to “an impressive array of younger candidates” who share Mr. Trump’s agenda but not his “erratic personal behavior.”

      I am perfectly willing to look at impressive arrays of younger candidates who share Mr. Trump’s agenda.

      I am sure Mr. Trump will be endorsing them too.

    378. Phil says:

      No polling to post this morning, Robbie?

    379. Tgca says:

      Good morning.

      It’s Sunday folks. The Lord’s Day.

      Just because we have chaos and hatred spreading in Europe doesn’t mean that we have to have it here at HHR.

      I think it would be nice if people would look beyond their differences and take a moment to say something they appreciate about others here. Jesus would approve, as it’s the Christian thing to do.

      Perhaps Jadon can tell us what he appreciates of Wobbie and vice-versa. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    380. jason says:

      Hey Tgca, GFY.

    381. Phil says:

      Ok. I’ll bite.

      I appreciate the entertainment Robbie’s descent into madness has been providing us of late.

      How’s that?

    382. jason says:

      Ok, ok.

      Something nice.

      I appreciate it when the morons here are less moronic than on average.

    383. Tgca says:

      Oh no!

      This should shake Pootin to his core.

      The International Judo Federation has suspended his honorary presidency.

      Russian president Vladimir Putin has been suspended as honorary president of the International Judo Federation (IJF), the sport’s governing body announced on Sunday, because of his invasion of Ukraine.

    384. mnw says:

      358 Sheep

      The last WaPo poll in Nov. had the GOP +10 on the generic, so GOP +7 in this latest poll is actually an improvement for Biden.

      Someone at RRH noted that 40% of IA DEM state legislators are not seeking reelection, & that NO DEM in a district Trump carried is seeking reelection in IA.

    385. Tina says:

      The only good thing Bondo Bush Barr did was Durham.

    386. Gordon Allen says:

      In conventional war terms Russia is, and has been a hollow threat. I’ve maintained this from Day 1, with some ridicule. The Red Army of Stalin’s time, or the Cold War is LONG gone, as Russia doesn’t have the money to support it. As is , apparently, the Russian Air Force.
      As I have repeatedly stated Russia’s main priority has been on non conventional nuclear forces, and on cyber warfare, hypersonic weapons etc. We DO have a lot to worry about there, and ARE falling behind due to the age of our systems and low priority.
      Even should the Ukranian Armed Forces be largely defeated( not a sure thing), there is not a chance he can afford to sustain a long occupation.
      The notion of Putin over running Europe with conventional forces was always a farce. He made a mistake in going “all in”, instead of a limited strike against the eastern regions only so as to annex them. or leveraging a non Nato admission pledge from Ukraine. He has bitten more than he was ever able to chew.
      The “good” thing is he seems to have awakened the Europeans, even Germany, as their Chancellor just pledged to boost defense spending to 2 % (FINALLY). and they’ve acquiesced to using the SWIFT sanctions.
      I would not be surprised if Putin isn’t getting heat from so folks around him about what the end game is.
      The fact he upgraded the alert status of his nuclear forces today according to reports is both Scary, and encouraging, as it indicates a hint of desperation. One does worry(I do) though about Putin’s mental state .

    387. Tina says:

      2022 Congressional Generic Ballot

      Republicans lead by DOUBLE DIGITS in 2022 generic Ballot in 3 Major polls that sampled Certain to Vote Americans

      Rasmussen Poll: Republicans +13 (LV)
      ABC / WP: Republicans +13 (LV)
      Trafalgar Group Poll: +12 (LV)

    388. Phil says:

      Yeah, Putin overrunning Any part of a NATO country with conventional forces was always a fantasy. You couldn’t do that without control of the air and they just are outgunned dy NATO there. Badly outgunned. Their advantage lies in their tactical battlefield nukes. Politically, that’s a no go.

    389. mnw says:

      Germany has certainly gotten a wake up call!

      Scholz (Merkel’s successor) has announced that Germany will make an emergency appropriation of 100 million Euros to upgrade its defense capabilities, & that going forward Germany WILL meet its commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defense.*

      Trump spent 4 YEARS trying to get Germany to meet its 2% commitment to defense spending. Putin accomplished it in 4 DAYS.

      *(for the first time since Jesus was born)

    390. Tina says:

      Germany and Italy also just closed their airspace to Pooty poot,

    391. Robbie says:

      Sadie Gurman
      “There is no question he changed after the election; he lost his grip — he stopped listening to his advisors, became manic and unreasonable and went off the rails,” Barr writes. “The absurd lengths to which he took his ‘stolen election’ claim led to the rioting on Capitol Hill.”

      – Sorry the MAGA Daddy fans have to learn this about their dear leader.

    392. mnw says:

      404 Tina

      No, TWO good things! He also signed my credentials back when he was Deputy Asst AG for Administration.

    393. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It appears Putin’s putting his nuclear deterrent on “special alert” is an attempt to intimidate NATO into not providing military equipment to the Ukraine. Also, Germany has just committed to a major increase in its military spending.

      Meanwhile, major demonstrations are resuming in Russia. Putin has clearly overplayed his hand; he now looks foolish and desperate.

    394. Tgca says:



      Russia does not have the capability to win a conventional war in Europe because it is not only outnumbered but also doesn’t have the financing or supply chain to fund a long-term strategy, and could easily get wrecked financially if full-force sanctions are implemented.

      This is why I believe this has always been a European issue to lead on. If Europe stands up to Pootin without the US in a leadership role, it will send a message to Russia for decades to come, as well as deter other tyrants they can seriously win a conflict in a united Europe.

      That could also deter China from its aggressive expansion to see a united front by other Democratic or semi-democratic countries against a bully.

      The US should let Europe lead on this and show their united strength, as opposed to the US coming in and saving the day. The US should play a support role only unless it sees that it’s interests are losing the battle against Russia.

    395. mnw says:

      412 SDC

      I’m sure getting Germany to boost its defense spending is not what Russia wanted!

    396. Tgca says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Romney: Biden Has Done ‘Extraordinarily Well’ Working with Our Allies

      I think he means Biden has made the smart move to let the Big Boys in Europe handle this so Biden doesn’t do or say anything stoopid to jeopardize the situation, as Biden has been nowhere to be found.

      Where has Biden been the last few days?

      Look for Lil’ Red Riding Hood to be quoting Romney in her news pressers on Monday praising how Biden has led on the Ukraine strategy fighting fir freedom and democracy while the GOP supports a ruthless dictator like Pootin.

    397. Tina says:

      Mullah Murkel was a disaster for Germany.

      The Jebot’s Beotch.

    398. Tina says:

      Yes, Biden has resumed the Basement diplomacy.

      I am sure Quittens was a useful tool on the Sunday show.

    399. Robbie says:

      Wendy Rogers
      Zelensky is a globalist puppet for Soros and the Clintons.

      – MAGA Daddy’s favorite state legislator.

      This is the kind of filth Trump wants in the Republican Party and many in this forum are fine with it.

    400. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Sweden will send military aid to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons, helmets and body armour, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said.

      “Sweden is now proposing direct support for Ukraine’s armed forces. It includes 135,000 field rations, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 body shields and 5,000 anti-tank weapons,” Andersson told a news”

    401. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Turkey’s foreign ministry hassignalled that it intends to block Russian warships from passing through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits that lead to the Black Sea, a shift in Turkey’s formerly neutral position where officials underlined alliances with both Russia and Ukraine.”

    402. Tgca says:


      Ummm…Zelensky and the Ukrainian gubbermint are no heroes to real free democracy. They are corrupt! They may not be dictators of the sort we find in certain countries but make no mistake, they are as corrupt as they come.

      Trudeau is also a puppet for the Soros, Clinton, and Obama ideologues, but what has that got to do with taking sides in a war?

      I am sure the US and Trump would defend Canada tomorrow if it were invaded by Russia even though the current gubbermint of Canada are lefty radicals in bed with Soros and his ilk.

    403. mnw says:

      There’s an article in The Federalist that perfectly summarizes my own view of the war in Ukraine: “How the West Could Have Prevented the Russo-Ukraine War But Chose Not To,” by John Davidson.

      The West misled Ukraine into thinking it would get more military support than it ever would, while the U.S. (in particular) urged Ukraine to take a hard line with Russia.

      Viable “off ramps” for both Russia AND Ukraine were never seriously considered. Those missed opportunities for a negotiated settlement look damn good now. (Trump implied as much at CPAC, btw, although he was circumspect. He said IIRC, “Russia would’ve settled for the Donbas but for Biden’s weakness.”)

      Ukraine is going to end up with a bad outcome, when it could’ve had a significantly better one.

    404. Tgca says:


      Meanwhile…GWB looked into Pootin’s eyes and saw his soul…riiiiiiiiight?

    405. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Finland is considering whether to send weapons to Ukraine directly, Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen said on Sunday, in what would be a departure from its long-standing policy of not allowing weapons to be exported to war zones.

      The minister also said that Finland, which is not a NATO member and shares a long border with Russia, had given the green light to Estonia to send previously Finnish-owned field guns to Ukraine.”

    406. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

      “Donald Trump won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll on Sunday, with 59 percent of respondents saying they would vote for the former president in the 2024 presidential primary.

      Florida governor Ron DeSantis was runner-up with 38 percent of the vote, according to the poll conducted at CPAC by secret ballot. Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo trailed with 2 percent.

      Ninety-seven percent of CPAC attendees said they approve of Trump, with 83 percent saying they strongly approve.

      Meanwhile, in a poll of potential 2024 candidates without Trump, DeSantis’s support jumps to 61 percent. Pompeo received 6 percent of the vote, as did Donald Trump Jr. “

    407. jason says:

      38% is a very decent showing for DeSantis.

    408. Tgca says:

      Kudlow agrees with me, as he should. Thanks Larry!

      You want to hurt Russia, hurt them financially. What is the best way to do that? Let America compete for energy again and eat away at Russia’s profits in its only significant industry so it can’t fund foreign invasions.

      Kudlow makes the point that when oil prices were high, $100+, Russia was making money and throwing it’s weight around. Think 2008 and 2014, when oil prices were very high and that is when Pootin invaded other countries.

      When oil prices were much lower, Russia did not have profits to fund their foreign invasions. That doesn’t mean Russia can’t cause trouble in times when their economy is slower but it does mean they can’t fund big escapades that will worsen their economy.

      This is simple! Hit Russia where it hurts the most to incentivize less radical bullying behavior.

    409. Tina says:

      That is too easy,tgca.

      But buden is working really hard according to Quittens,

    410. Tgca says:


      It is a decent showing for DeSantis…and that’s before I provide him with any endorsement.

      Don’t misunderestimate my significant political clout with the vegetarian and vegan wing of the conservative base.

    411. Wes says:

      Don’t misunderestimate my significant political clout with the vegetarian and vegan wing of the conservative base.

      All two of them?

    412. Tgca says:

      So when will we here that Biden should be nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize for MASTERFULLY handling Ukraine and doing it EXTRAORDINARILY WELL.

      Maybe this has to wait until 2023 since official nominating deadlines have passed. The Nobel Committee can also nominate but not sure if they’re restricted to regular deadlines.

      Biden could win this hands down! Maybe win 2 years in a row too!

      1st, in 2021, he single-handedly ended the 20-year war in Afghanistan in a peaceful transition, and now in 2022, he has brought together the world to fight off Pootin’s aggression.

      These are the good deeds that the Nobel Peace Prize are meant to reward.

      John Kerry could also be a nominee as well since he’s pushing against war to benefit the climate, and everyone knows without climate change, wars are inevitable because climate change is the root of all wars.

    413. mnw says:

      What Kudlow said makes sense. In addition to hurting Russia:

      The war is going to add to inflation here in the U.S., i.e. oil & natural gas prices are going to rise even more. (This is a glimpse into the obvious). Increasing U.S. production of these commodities would counteract the inflationary pressure somewhat. (ANOTHER glimpse into the obvious).

      So, increase production; hurt Russia; help with inflation too? Nah!!

    414. jason says:

      Don’t misunderestimate my significant political clout with the vegetarian and vegan wing of the conservative base.”

      Would that be the same person?

    415. Tgca says:

      432. MNW

      The war is going to add to inflation in the US?

      I think you meant that the war was the cause of the inflation, at least that’s what the MSM reports.

      Inflation has nothing to do with Biden’s policies, it’s those other countries.

    416. jason says:

      But buden is working really hard”

      If Buddha and Biden join forces it could be formidable.

    417. Tgca says:

      You’d be surprised at how many closet vegetarians and vegans are conservatives. I think it’s way more than the 20% of LGBTQIA2S+ posters at HHR.

      Don’t take us for granted and MISUNDERESTIMATE our political clout is all I’m saying.

    418. mnw says:

      The CPAC poll must’ve been a big disappointment to the MSM.

      It was a secret ballot poll too. So if there was a lot of latent “dump Trump” sentiment out there, it would’ve shown up.

      (an earlier version of this comment got moderated– it passeth all understanding what the problem was)

    419. jason says:

      You’d be surprised at how many closet vegetarians and vegans are conservatives.”

      I think its more like how many vegetarians and vegans are closet carnivores.

    420. jason says:

      I knew a vegetarian that fed sliced turkey to his dog.

      One day I caught him popping a slice of turkey into his mouth, and he sheepishly said “just checking it out to make sure I am not giving the dog anything spoiled”.

      I said uh-huh….

    421. jason says:

      I have a feeling that within every vegetarian there is a voice clamoring for real food and a nice grilled rare or medium rare porterhouse.

    422. Tgca says:

      Clearly Jadon is projecting here.

      We all know he, – *I’m assuming that’s his preferred pronoun so I apologize in advance if I mis-gendered him* – yearns to escape those unhealthy obesity-packing greasy Poison Pork dishes the wifey forces on him, wishing for some of my Tasty Tofu dishes but he’s just afraid to admit it. Old people are stubborn like that.

      Me thinks Jadon is a closeted tofu lover. He’s like the closeted 20% of HHR posters who are afraid to admit they’re LGBTQIA2S+.

      I get it! Change is hard…especially really hard for old people struggling with obesity and off the chart cholesterol levels but one has nothing to fear but fear itself.

      Once one starts a tofu diet, ain’t no turning back as you discover thousands of healthy Tasty Tofu recipes that will melt away the fat and start one a healthy lifestyle path.

    423. Tina says:

      The war will add additional inflation.
      It was already approach8ng close to 10 percent.

    424. Wes says:

      Last I checked, Jason doesn’t eat meat in the form of tofu whereas Tgca eats faux meat in the form of risible beyond meat.

      Tgca is the one projecting his desire for something he denies himself onto others.

      Speaking of eating real food, I thoroughly enjoyed that rare ribeye I had last night.

    425. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Gas prices continue to rise in California:

      “The average price of a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline in the greater San Diego area has risen to $4.842, according to statistics compiled by AAA. That’s the highest it’s ever been, and the 10th time in 12 days that San Diego has topped its previous record.”

      The statewide average is right behind San Diego at $4.820, which is also a record.

    426. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A good summary:

      Jonathan Marcus
      Defence analyst, Exeter University, UK

      Military success for Russia has so far been limited. This was a half-baked and poorly executed operation. The latest fighting in Kharkiv repeated earlier mistakes, with lightly armed forces entering the city and heavier weaponry deployed in small packets.

      Mr Putin chose speed over preparation. He did not secure full air superiority. His advancing armoured units did not secure their lines of communication, leaving the logistics convoys vulnerable to attack. Russian soldiers when confronted by ordinary Ukrainians seem confused and uncertain.

      Mr Putin’s invasion met an unexpected level of resistance. His Ukrainian opposite number galvanised his people and spread Ukraine’s message far and wide.

      The invasion has prompted a seismic change in German foreign and defence policy along with that of the EU. Arms supplies to Ukraine will continue to flow. Finland and Sweden may end up even closer to Nato

    427. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden is a total loon.

      Biden claims he’s made things better but people are “psychologically” unable to “feel happy.”

    428. Phil says:

      The American people are psychologically unable to appreciate what Joe Biden has done for them.

      Yeah, Joe. That’s it.

    429. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At Kyiv’s request, EU countries will send “fighter jets” to Ukraine to fight off Moscow’s invasion by countering Russian air and land assaults, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said.

    430. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Von der Leyen: Ukraine is “one of us and we want them in.” In an interview with Euronews on Feb. “President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, when asked about whether or not Ukraine should be given candidacy for EU membership, said that there are many topics on which the EU and Ukraine already work closely together and “indeed over time, they belong to us, they are one of us and we want them in.””

    431. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This may spell the end of the NordStream pipeline, and is great opportunity for the U.S. to export more LNG. However the loon Biden is doing every he can to limit U.S. natural gas production. At a critical time in U.S. history the U.S. has one of its worst presidents ever.

      “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday announced that Germany will construct two port terminals for liquefied natural gas (LNG) to reduce its energy dependency on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

      “We have made the decision to quickly build two LNG terminals in Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmshaven,” Scholz told parliament in an emergency session set up a short notice to respond to the conflict in Ukraine.”

    432. mnw says:

      448-50 SDC

      Pity about all those F-16s* & Warthogs that were mothballed a week or so before Russia invaded. They were taken out of active service because they’d reached their “sell by date, (like hot dog buns), but there was nothing at all wrong with them.

      I’ve read that the Warthog is STILL the world’s best tank killer. Might’ve come in handy– if we had people of normal intelligence in charge.

      I have to admit it– Germany is making up for lost time.

      * (the F-16 is a “fighter jet,” & much esteemed from what I’ve read. It’s not state of the art, but… I doubt Ukraine cares much about that right now)

    433. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      451. Totally agree. The F-16 was one of the most amazing fighter jets ever built. They are still in use today, and they can be upgraded to utilize modern technology. The pilots I know who have flown them love them.

    434. mnw says:

      $97.29 tonight. $100/bbl tomorrow?

      I wonder if Biden can break 30% JA? Not too long ago, 40% was thought by many to be his floor.

    435. jason says:

      This essay was to appear in the Russian media.

      It is clear that Putin’s goal is a recreation of the Soviet Union, as I have stated many times.

      ‘So, the same essay appeared on Saturday in at least three Russian outlets, including Sputnik. Then it disappeared without notice. You can read the version here; I’ve provided some key snippets below.

      A new world is being born before our eyes. Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has ushered in a new era – and in three dimensions at once. And of course, in the fourth, internal Russian. Here begins a new period both in ideology and in the very model of our socio-economic system – but this is worth talking about separately a little later.

      Russia is restoring its unity – the tragedy of 1991, this terrible catastrophe in our history, its unnatural dislocation, has been overcome. Yes, at a great cost, yes, through the tragic events of a virtual civil war, because now brothers, separated by belonging to the Russian and Ukrainian armies, are still shooting at each other, but there will be no more Ukraine as anti-Russia. Russia is restoring its historical fullness, gathering the Russian world, the Russian people together – in its entirety of Great Russians, Belarusians and Little Russians. If we had abandoned this, if we had allowed the temporary division to take hold for centuries, then we would not only betray the memory of our ancestors, but would also be cursed by our descendants for allowing the disintegration of the Russian land.

      Now this problem is gone – Ukraine has returned to Russia. This does not mean that its statehood will be liquidated, but it will be reorganized, re-established and returned to its natural state of part of the Russian world. In what borders, in what form will the alliance with Russia be fixed (through the CSTO and the Eurasian Union or the Union State of Russia and Belarus )? This will be decided after the end is put in the history of Ukraine as anti-Russia. In any case, the period of the split of the Russian people is coming to an end.

      And here begins the second dimension of the coming new era – it concerns Russia’s relations with the West. Not even Russia, but the Russian world, that is, three states, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, acting in geopolitical terms as a single whole. These relations have entered a new stage – the West sees the return of Russia to its historical borders in Europe . And he is loudly indignant at this, although in the depths of his soul he must admit to himself that it could not be otherwise.

      Because the construction of a new world order – and this is the third dimension of current events – is accelerating, and its contours are more and more clearly visible through the spreading cover of Anglo-Saxon globalization. A multipolar world has finally become a reality – the operation in Ukraine is not capable of rallying anyone but the West against Russia. Because the rest of the world sees and understands perfectly well – this is a conflict between Russia and the West, this is a response to the geopolitical expansion of the Atlanticists, this is Russia’s return of its historical space and its place in the world.”

    436. jason says:

      The problem is that Putin is overestimating the desire of the Ukrainians to be part of a “Greater Russia” as second class citizens.

      The Soviet Union broke up in 1991, anyone under 40 in the Ukraine is not really going to remember Soviet rule, much less yearn for it.

      By trying to conquer it by force and destroying its economy and infrastructure, not to mention the human death toll, Putin has now destroyed any hope the Ukrainians would want to be part of Russia.

      And the puppet government idea, even if successful initially, was probably not going to work long term. Very few countries would recognize it, and internal opposition would require a permanent stationing of Russian troops. Ukraine would be more like an Iron Curtain country, not a Soviet Union country like it was before.

    437. jason says:

      At Kyiv’s request, EU countries will send “fighter jets” to Ukraine to fight off Moscow’s invasion by countering Russian air and land assaults, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said.”

      They have to be planes the Ukrainians can fly. F-16’s would take too long to be operational.

    438. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      454. Putin’s own version of Mein Kampf.

      He forgot to mention in the 1930s, while part of Russia — Stalin deliberately starved to death millions of Ukrainians in what is known as the Holodomor. The Ukrainians I know hate Russia. It in part explains the current level of resistance to the Russian invasion.

      China has territorial claims to large areas of eastern Russia. They have had violent border disputes in the past. If the right moment arises, would not be surprised if the Chinese assert their territorial claims again.

      The question is will Russian oligarchs and military leaders turn on Putin? If so, he may go the way of Khrushchev

    439. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin the Conqueror is threatening more attacks:

      “Finland’s ambassador to the U.S. boasted about his country’s strong military and said he didn’t see an “immediate threat” after a Russian official suggested military action if the Nordic nation were to join NATO.

      Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Finland and Sweden would “face some military and political consequences” if they joined.

      “We are not in a position that we will get scared because of one statement,” Ambassador Mikko Hautala told Fox News. “We have one of the best armies in Europe.”

      “We have strong defense,” he added. “We have really good international partners.”

    440. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      There is a prediction there will be a run on Russian banks:

      “Russia woke up to its markets in turmoil as waves of economic sanctions and the liquidation of stakes in Russian state-owned companies furthered its economic isolation from the international business community.

      The rouble plummeted by 30% in opening market hours on Monday, pushing Russia to double its interest rate from 9.5% to 20%. The Russian currency hit a new, record low after it emerged over the weekend that some of the country’s banks will be banned from using the Swift international payment system.”

    441. Gordon Allen says:

      458; Your lips to God’s ears

    442. Gordon Allen says:

      457 re Putin/ Khruschev

    443. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      460. A petition signed by 50,000 Finns has been delivered to the Finnish Parliament requesting Finland join NATO. The Parliament is required to consider it with that many signatures.

      Meanwhile Finland is sending arms to the Ukraine. NATO has indicated that if Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO, they would be quickly approved.

      “Citing a government source, news agency STT reported on Monday afternoon that Finland’s government has made a unanimous decision to send arms to Ukraine.

      The news agency said that the military gear in question included firearms and ammunition.

      Members of the government will discuss the matter at a press conference scheduled for Monday evening, which will be attended by Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP), Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) and Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen (Cen).”

    444. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “According to Rasmussen, Finland and Sweden are Nato’s closest partners.

      “If Finland and Sweden applied for membership, we could decide on it overnight. You could be a member the very next day because you meet all the necessary membership criteria,” said Rasmussen, who was Nato Secretary General from 2009 to 2014.”

    445. jason says:

      “Now this problem is gone – Ukraine has returned to Russia. This does not mean that its statehood will be liquidated, but it will be reorganized, re-established and returned to its natural state of part of the Russian world”

      There is no appeasing Putin, hope the lesson is learned (it won’t be).

    446. Wobbles says:

      I wonder if Biden can break 30% JA? Not too long ago, 40% was thought by many to be his floor”

      I am not worried unless he goes under 20%.

      I know I said anything below 45% was fatal, but that was Trump.

      Biden’s low numbers are not his fault, he can’t be blamed if the American people don’t understand what is best for them.

    447. mnw says:

      Emerson OH SEN GOP primary today:

      Gibbons 22

      Mandel 15

      Vance 8

      Timken 6

      This is the first time I can recall seeing Gibbons in the lead, fwiw. He’s self-funding & apparently getting his money’s worth.

    448. jason says:

      Actually it is the second poll with Gibbons ahead.

      Hard to fathom Timken doing so badly.

      I think Gibbons, Mandel or Timken would win the GE, Vance is the only one that puts the seat at risk.

    449. jason says:

      Here a couple organization offering aid to the Ukraine that seem legit, as they have a history of providing aid. I worry about fly by night “send money to the Ukraine” sites popping up.

      I made a donation to each one.

    450. jason says:

      Stephen Miller found the stupidest take on the Russian invasion…

      Will be hard to beat.

    451. Cash Cow TM says:

      Various people reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


      Al Gore: “All the fire and smoke from the war is doing severe damage to the air quality and advancing global warming. I urge immediate end of Ukrainian resistance and to nation offer any help to oppose Russia.”

      AOC: “This war shows how racist the U.S. is. First, you have a white Russian dictator Putin who invades a neighboring white country Ukraine. Then some in the U.S. want to send U.S. troops–who are more Black and Brown than white–to go fight in Ukraine. Yes put Black and Brown people in harms way during a white on white fight.”

      Nancy Pelosi: “We have the entire Democrat staff here at the capitol hard at work to prove that Donald Trump is to blame for the war.”

      Joe Biden: “Did somebody invade something?”

    452. Tgca says:

      For those wishing to help in Ukraine, I’ll be setting up a donation site ASAP. Send as much money as you can and I will ensure it gets to the needy in Ukraine.

      Time is of the essence so don’t delay and don’t be cheap either.

    453. DW says:

      “There is no appeasing Putin, hope the lesson is learned (it won’t be).”

      Exactly. Russia and its leadership absolutely will not be shown up on the world stage.

      This is part of what made the miracle on ice 42 years ago so special. It wasn’t just that there was a huge upset in a sporting event, it was that the Soviet team had to go home with the loss–and there was no propaganda available for them to cover that loss. Soviet goaltender Tretiak said that for four years people were constantly asking him why they lost.

      “The US team is depending a little too much on Jim Craig. He is making too many good saves…ERUZIONE SCORES!! MIKE ERUZIONE!!!”

      “…the puck is still loose…11 seconds, you got 10 seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow up to Silk, FIVE seconds left! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? YES!!!”

      It was great for Mike Eruzione.
      It was great for Mark Johnson.
      It was great for Al Michaels.
      It was great for the American people.

      BUT most of all, it was DEVESTATING to the Soviets.

    454. DW says:

      Cash…we could keep this going…adding more items:

      Al Gore: “All the fire and smoke from the war is doing severe damage to the air quality and advancing global warming. I urge immediate end of Ukrainian resistance and to nation offer any help to oppose Russia.”

      AOC: “This war shows how racist the U.S. is. First, you have a white Russian dictator Putin who invades a neighboring white country Ukraine. Then some in the U.S. want to send U.S. troops–who are more Black and Brown than white–to go fight in Ukraine. Yes put Black and Brown people in harms way during a white on white fight.”

      Nancy Pelosi: “We have the entire Democrat staff here at the capitol hard at work to prove that Donald Trump is to blame for the war.”

      Joe Biden: “Did somebody invade something?”

      Northern VA School boards: “We are okay with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine so long as they were all wearing their masks to stop the spread of Covid.

    455. mnw says:

      New USA/Suffolk poll out today, & it’s just as bad for Biden as RAS is: JA -18. (RAS is -19)

    456. Tgca says:

      Dictators will always lie, deceive, and manipulate. This is why they control the press in their countries.

      Nothing new here.

      But to be fair, we see this in the western countries too to varying degrees. The US politicians often lie, deceive, and manipulate to achieve their goals and more often than not, depending on the party affiliation of the politicians, a willing press goes along with it.

      So when it comes to lying, deceiving, and manipulating, I see no difference in Pootin and many politicians. The difference here is he has establish complete control to forge his evil agenda.

      Let’s be real here folks, if the radical left could get away in the US with what Pootin does, they would.

      So a pox on both the houses of Pootin and corrupt politicians everywhere.

    457. DW says:

      Al Gore: “All the fire and smoke from the war is doing severe damage to the air quality and advancing global warming. I urge immediate end of Ukrainian resistance and to nation offer any help to oppose Russia.”

      AOC: “This war shows how racist the U.S. is. First, you have a white Russian dictator Putin who invades a neighboring white country Ukraine. Then some in the U.S. want to send U.S. troops–who are more Black and Brown than white–to go fight in Ukraine. Yes put Black and Brown people in harms way during a white on white fight.”

      Nancy Pelosi: “We have the entire Democrat staff here at the capitol hard at work to prove that Donald Trump is to blame for the war.”

      Joe Biden: “Did somebody invade something?”

      Northern VA School boards: “We are okay with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine so long as they were all wearing their masks to stop the spread of Covid.”

      California judges: “The war in Eastern Europe demonstrates all the bad consequences of toxic masculinity. To prevent the same sort of problem here, we have issued an emergency injunction that when all boys reach the age of 13, they be subjected to female hormone treatments.”

    458. DW says:

      Al Gore: “All the fire and smoke from the war is doing severe damage to the air quality and advancing global warming. I urge immediate end of Ukrainian resistance and to nation offer any help to oppose Russia.”

      AOC: “This war shows how racist the U.S. is. First, you have a white Russian dictator Putin who invades a neighboring white country Ukraine. Then some in the U.S. want to send U.S. troops–who are more Black and Brown than white–to go fight in Ukraine. Yes put Black and Brown people in harms way during a white on white fight.”

      Nancy Pelosi: “We have the entire Democrat staff here at the capitol hard at work to prove that Donald Trump is to blame for the war.”

      Joe Biden: “Did somebody invade something?”

      Northern VA School boards: “We are okay with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine so long as they were all wearing their masks to stop the spread of Covid.”

      California judges: “The war in Eastern Europe demonstrates all the bad consequences of toxic masculinity. To prevent the same sort of problem here, we have issued an emergency injunction that when all boys reach the age of 13, they be subjected to female hormone treatments.”

      Bill Clinton: “Does Russia allow their women in the military yet?”

    459. Tina says:

      Where is the jebots’ Biden?

      It’s been several days now that he has been off the radar.

    460. DW says:

      Al Gore: “All the fire and smoke from the war is doing severe damage to the air quality and advancing global warming. I urge immediate end of Ukrainian resistance and to nation offer any help to oppose Russia.”

      AOC: “This war shows how racist the U.S. is. First, you have a white Russian dictator Putin who invades a neighboring white country Ukraine. Then some in the U.S. want to send U.S. troops–who are more Black and Brown than white–to go fight in Ukraine. Yes put Black and Brown people in harms way during a white on white fight.”

      Nancy Pelosi: “We have the entire Democrat staff here at the capitol hard at work to prove that Donald Trump is to blame for the war.”

      Joe Biden: “Did somebody invade something?”

      Northern VA School boards: “We are okay with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine so long as they were all wearing their masks to stop the spread of Covid.”

      California judges: “The war in Eastern Europe demonstrates all the bad consequences of toxic masculinity. To prevent the same sort of problem here, we have issued an emergency injunction that when all boys reach the age of 13, they be subjected to female hormone treatments.”

      Bill Clinton: “Does Russia allow their women in the military yet?”

      Jeb Bush: “The Russian military is amazing. Please clap!”

    461. Tgca says:

      The fact that POTUS is not heard from days while we have an international crisis going before SOTU suggests they have him in an induced coma to prep him for the speech.

      My gut feeling is they’re giving him the works, including a face makeover, hair plugs, and pumping him with numerous vitamins and elixirs.

    462. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “After some soul-searching, neutral Switzerland will adopt all EU sanctions against Russia.

      There will be no exceptions: five oligarchs have already been banned from entering Switzerland, the bank accounts of all 336 people on the EU’s list, including Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov, will be frozen with immediate effect.

      Swiss banks are believed to hold billions of dollars in Russian funds.

      The country’s air space is closed to Russian aircraft, while Swiss airlines have cancelled their flights to Russia.

      Make no mistake, this is a huge step for Switzerland, which has often agonised over what being neutral actually means.”

    463. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The European Union (EU) has said it will provide fighter jets to Ukraine as part of a €450 million ($502.3 million) support package of lethal aid. European foreign ministers agreed to the package, along with an additional €50 million in nonlethal equipment,”

    464. Tgca says:

      I don’t trust the Swiss. They are despicable! They collaborate with terrorists, dictators, and Nazis to shield their funds and identities from the world at the cost of victims of atrocities so they can earn a pretty penny.

      F*ck the Swiss! I could care less if Pootin takes aggression on them. Actually, I hope he does, just to teach the Swiss a lesson of what it’s like to take a cowardly neutral position but then expect to benefit from the sacrifices of other nations.

      The Swiss are no worse than pedophile pimps!

    465. Tina says:

      This is alarming. The gop-e is asleep on this.

      Rep. Gallagher Press Office
      · 1h
      Rep. Gallagher: “I don’t think most Americans understand that the Biden admin is relying on Russia to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program…If this admin announces an Iran deal brokered by Putin, that will be billions of dollars for Iran and a massive win for Putin.”

    466. jason says:

      This is alarming. The gop-e is asleep on this.”

      Zzzzzzzz…. elections have consequences.

    467. jason says:

      Tgca says:
      February 28, 2022 at 10:26 am

      For those wishing to help in Ukraine, I’ll be setting up a donation site ASAP. Send as much money as you can and I will ensure it gets to the needy in Ukraine.

      Time is of the essence so don’t delay and don’t be cheap either.”

      This is a scam.

      The money will be spent on tofu and organic maple syrup.

    468. jason says:

      Come on Tgca, stop beating around the bush.

      Let us know how you really feel about the Swiss.

    469. jason says:

      Not a fan of the Swiss myself, but less for the reasons Tgca gave and more because of important things like food and drink.

      Fondue? Puhhhhhhleeeze, a bunch of pansies sitting around a bubbling pot sticking little morsels of st-ff in the pot? Let’s get real. Let’s throw a 40 oz Holstein porterhouse on the grill if you want to call it eating.

      And what do they drink with it? Fizzy sweet white wine, barf.

      Entertainment is some 50 year old dudes on mountaintops still wearing short pants and blowing on big horns and yodeling, zzzzzzzzzz…

      Ok, they have cool pocket knives and the chocolate is ok, but I can get that on Amazon Prime.

    470. Tina says:

      Biden looks so feeble and why is wearing a mask?

    471. Tgca says:


      YES! I will send much tofu to Ukraine to feed the displaced and hungry victims.

      They will be eternally grateful for the American generosity that really makes a difference, as opposed to Sean Penn offering to do a documentary or Hunter Biden offering his consulting services to rebuild their devastated energy infrastructure.

    472. Tgca says:


      He looks like a little kid counting his steps walking and trying to keep from falling. It’s a bizarre walk.

      My guess is he kept repeating to himself:

      Don’t fall! Don’t fall! Don’t fall!

    473. mnw says:


      Another one bites the dust:

      Rep. Ted Deutsch (D-inc; FL-22) announced his retirement today. This district’s PVI is D +6, as presently drawn.

      The Wise Men at RRH seem to think redistricting won’t change this district’s lines much, but that the open seat might be a “reach seat” for the GOP in a red tsunami.

      (If you ever think you’re just feeling too damn happy, there’s a cure for that: RRH)

    474. Wobbles says:

      I used to rush here to excitedly report every GOP retirement in 2018 because I thought it meant more seats for the Dems.

      I hope you like the sound of them crickets.

    475. Wes says:

      Supposedly Van Taylor (R-TX) has been having an affair. Honestly I doubt anyone cares.

      Republicans impeached Bill Clinton because of events connected to his affair with Monica Lewinsky. It backfired spectacularly but purged the House GOP of sanctimonious hypocrites Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston.

      Despite cheating on his wife while she was pregnant, Donald Trump became an icon of conservatism and of course served as President.

      Loathsome Congressman Scott Desjarlais (R-TN) has never lost a primary or general election despite his affairs and attempts to force his mistresses to have abortions.

      The only Congressmen or congressional candidates illicit affairs have ended the careers of have recently have been Cal Cunningham (D-NC) and Tim Mahoney (D-FL)–because of the hypocrisy of courting values-oriented voters while conducting an affair.

      Unless something more than the allegations I read surfaces, I don’t think Taylor suffers much if at all because of this.

    476. Phil says:

      Van Taylor was one of 35 Republicans who joined with House Democrats to establish a January 6th Commission.

      I don’t care what happens to him.

    477. jason says:

      Put Amoral Scumbag on suicide watch.

      “The survey said that not only do Republican primary voters want Trump to run for a third time, 66%-22%, but it also found that Trump would beat Biden, Clinton, and Harris.

      In fact, pollster John McLaughlin predicted an “electoral landslide,” telling Secrets, “Trump would win the needed battleground states by an even higher margin” than in 2020.”

    478. Phil says:

      I’ve been waiting all day for $1000 to Biden Robbie to post the latest Twitter stuff from Biden stooge Alexander Vindman.

      Should be soon.

    479. Tina says:

      This polling firm was always Drat friendly.


      Biden Approval: 37% approve / 52% disapprove
      GOP: 6/92
      Dem: 73/13
      IND: 32/53
      Men: 32/53
      Women: 42/47
      White College: 55/41
      White No College: 24/67
      Under 35: 28/50
      White: 35/57
      Black: 50/30
      Hispanic: 37/44

      Sample: D29/R25/I46

    480. Wes says:

      We have another poll indicating Gibbons has vaulted past Mandel into the lead in the–err, self-propelling land-based vehicle featuring a large number of people in flashy (and sometimes frightening) clothes, wigs, and makeup–OH-Sen primary.

      I used that rather Stephen Donaldsonesque lengthy description to avoid offending Mnw, who has expressed umbrage with the more compact terminology both here and at RRH.

    481. jason says:

      Russia might run out of tanks….

      ‘Germany, which had come under intense criticism for refusing to export weapons to Ukraine during the military buildup, reversed its position and said it would send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles to Ukraine.

      Sweden, an EU member that is not in NATO and has historically maintained a neutral position in global conflicts, said it will send 5,000 anti-tank weapons, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 body shields and 135,000 field rations — as well as $50 million in funding directly to the Ukrainian military.

      Denmark will transfer 2,700 anti-tank weapons and allow volunteers to join a foreign brigade to fight with Ukraine.

      Belgium is sending an additional 3,000 machine guns and 200 anti-tank grenade launchers, Zelensky tweeted Sunday.

      Hungary said it would not provide arms to Ukraine but committed to sending 100,000 liters of fuel and 28 tons of food, according to Ukrainian authorities”

    482. Wobbles says:

      I’ve been waiting all day for $1000 to Biden Robbie to post the latest Twitter stuff from Biden stooge Alexander Vindman.”

      I was told Michael Avenatti will also be making a statement critical of Trump, so just waiting so I post both of them together.

    483. jason says:

      Has anyone noticed Amoral Scumbag stopped talking about Fauci just about at the same time the MSM did?

      I am sure it was a coincidence.

    484. Tgca says:


      Don’t compare what Bill Clinton did in the White House workplace to others having affairs outside their office. There’s a major difference!

      1st, Clinton engaged in sexual acts in the workplace, a fireable offense in almost any company or gubbermint office, even back in the 90s,

      2nd, he engaged in a sexual relationship with an employee in his office that ultimately reported up through him, again, a fireable offense in almost any environment.

      3rd, he engaged in sexual acts with an employee while conducting business on the phone, again a fireable offense in almost any environment.

      4th, he lied and misled authorities under oath and ultimately lost his law license for it.

      Over the years, I’ve known of a few executives fired for having sexual relationships with their employees in their teams, one impregnating an employee and another in charge of the Human Resources organization of all places. There is little tolerance for such behavior in the workplace and this behavior can lead to sexual harassment and costly legal lawsuits and that’s been pretty much the workplace rules back to the 80s.

      Had Clinton’s affair been outside any of these situations, it could strongly be argued it should not have been a major issue for him politically.

    485. Phil says:

      Avenatti’ a statement from Cell Block C will be a little later in coming as it will have to be cleared through the warden’s office.

    486. Tgca says:

      As for presidential precedence, it is estimated close to half or more of US presidents have had affairs, children out of wedlock, or engaged in other serious behaviors unbecoming POTUS going back 200 years, and that’s not even getting into elected gubbermint officials at both state and federal level.

      …and this equally applies to both parties.

    487. Wes says:

      4th, he lied and misled authorities under oath and ultimately lost his law license for it.

      I’m sure Clinton was broken up about losing a law license in a state he never lived in again after leaving the White House after becoming a multimillionaire making speeches at $400k a pop, Tg. I can’t imagine how broken up he is about that.

      In any event, Americans were the ultimate arbiters of the success of his impeachment. The results of the 1998 elections were a resounding no to impeachment and removal. In the 106th Congress, Republicans managed to fail to remove him from office on either count, losing one by a margin of 50-50 and the other by a margin of 45-55.

      The only people to lose their jobs in Washington because of Clinton’s impeachment were Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, both of whom resigned in disgrace after their own affairs became public knowledge.

      Even Fred Thompson (R-TN)–a well-known lawyer and actor who had served as a counsel during the Watergate hearings–found insufficient grounds to vote for conviction on one of the charges.

      It was clear Republicans had chosen the wrong hill to die on during the Clinton impeachment. It did him no political damage. His numbers actually went up to the point of his leaving office with a number of roughly 65%. He’s remained one of the most popular former Presidents since, so clearly his peccadilloes with Lewinsky were something Republicans were foolish to attack him on.

    488. Tgca says:

      It appears some US localities are banning Russian products, particularly vodka.

      I say we need to go further to send a message to Mother Russia, that Bish!

      The city of Moscow, Idaho needs to be held accountable for the Russian aggression, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida. I even heard there’s a small town in South Dakota called Tolstoy. These communities need to be shunned and locked down.

      In addition, all establishments serving alcohol should immediately ban both Black Russians and White Russians drinks, the former being an insult to people of color, as if you’ll ever find black folk in Russia and the latter being a typical elite white supremacist drink.

      …and as much as this pains me to say as a dog lover, all Siberian Huskies in the US should be rounded up and euthanized.

      We must show the Russians we mean business and disassociate ourselves from all things Russian.

    489. jason says:

      Tgca, I just paper over wes’ continued (and failed attempts) to excuse Clinton’s criminal acts and lying under oath as “events connected to his affair”, as if that was any kind of justification.

      We have beaten that dead horse too many times.

    490. jason says:

      Personally, I am only drinking Grey Goose martinis in protest.

      Ok, ok, I don’t drink Russian vodka anyway, but this means even if Biden doubles the price of Grey Goose I am still not switching to Stolichnaya at half the price.


    491. jason says:

      so clearly his peccadilloes with Lewinsky”‘


    492. Wes says:

      Jason, two numbers say all that needs to be said about Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky:



      There’s really nothing else to say after that.

    493. jason says:

      The fact Clinton wasn’t convicted of course doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been convicted and gone to jail.

      Politics and the MSM saved him, he was guilty as hell.

      And of course, his crimes and lying under oath had nothing to do with ‘peccadilloes”, the canard that Clinton’s impeachment was ‘about sex” is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated by the Dems and the MSM.

    494. Wes says:

      You’re just upset because Clinton beat GHWB soundly in 1992, left office with an unusually strong popularity rating, and has continued in his post presidency to be far more popular than the incompetent moron who succeeded him.

      It’s all right, Jason. Your personal wish saying of failure on him will never affect him in any way, though you’ll probably suffer from a number of ulcers because of the failure of your wish to see harm done to him.

    495. jason says:

      Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky’


      Hilarious, but of course Clinton wasn’t charged with any ‘affairs with Lewinsky” was he?

    496. Wes says:

      You can stamp your feet, soil your diaper, and suck your thumb all you like over this, Jason. It has no effect on reality and won’t change a thing.

    497. jason says:

      The Clintons are both amoral, despicable, common scumbag criminals.

      Nothing changes that.

    498. Wes says:

      Was the impeachment connected to the affair with Lewinsky or just some random occurrence, Jason?

      As I recall, the affair was the core event leading to the impeachment charges–which failed spectacularly in case you forgot.

    499. jason says:

      though you’ll probably suffer from a number of ulcers because of the failure of your wish to see harm done to him.”

      Zzzzzzzz.. very few things are more irrelevant to me than Bill Clinton.

      I am sorry he didn’t get convicted and thrown in jail, but just the fact he was not able to elect Al Gore and we got 8 years of a fine president like GWB was consolation enough.

    500. Wes says:

      Be that as it may, Jason, Clinton is still enormously popular and will continue to be.

      Your crying about it can’t change that, much to your unmitigated chagrin.

    501. Tgca says:


      Historically, Clinton’s reputation has been tarnished by his sexual scandals and impeachment for lying under oath so it did impact his legacy. He is not highly regarded by the American public outside the very left of the left, partly too because of the continued scandals associated with him and Hillary, whether it be their corrupt foundations or his Epstein trips.

      People don’t look to Clinton as a president they aspire to be like or respect or want in office, as they do with Reagan, Obama, and Trump, all of who still have high positives with political leaners in their party or a significant portion of Indys so I say his sexual escapades wrecked his place in presidential history.

      Impeachment was only part of the issue too. Perhaps if he had been more focused on his job, we could have averted 9/11 too.

    502. Wes says:

      A fine President like GWB?

      I’m beginning to think you must be doing more than drinking to come to that lunatic conclusion.

      Of course had Nader not been lobbying hard for votes in Florida, we would have been spared eight years of an absolute buffoon like GWB in the White House.

    503. jason says:

      he affair was the core event leading to the impeachment charges”

      That is like saying Hitler’s hatred of Jews was the core event leading to the Holocaust.

      The fact is none of the charges had anything to do with any affair.

      The charges were lying under oath (perjury to a grand jury) and obstruction of justice.

      Read up a little on it before you say something stupid.

    504. jason says:

      Of course had Nader not been lobbying hard for votes in Florida”

      LOL, that is another dead horse beaten to death.

      Gore lost FL because he got fewer votes.

      I am sorry you get ulcers blaming butterfly ballots and Nader voters and loose for Gore’s loss.

    505. jason says:

      Loose chads.

      Ah yes, and SCOTUS too.

      All those reasons to whine about.

    506. jason says:

      Democratic Socialists of America are real clowns.

      “DSA reaffirms our call for the US to withdraw from NATO and to end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict,” the DSA said in a statement.

      “While the failures of neoliberal order are clear to everyone, the ruling class is trying to build a new world, through a dystopic transition grounded in militarism, imperialism, and war. Socialists have a duty to build an alternative.”

    507. Wes says:

      You’re right, Jason. Gore got fewer votes in Florida than GWB–because Nader split his vote by running hard in the state.

      Anyway, in 2001, Clinton left office with a 66-29 rating. Eight years, later, GWB left office with a 34-61 approval rating.

      Sorry to intrude on your fantasy with reality.

    508. Tgca says:


      Revisionist history.

      Here’s one article that rejects this Nader nonsense. There are others.

      Exit polls in Florida, conducted by MSNBC show that Nader drew almost equally between Gore, Bush, and “None of the above,” meaning his presence there may have been a total wash.

    509. DW says:

      Bill Clinton never got 50% or more of the national popular vote.

    510. Wes says:

      Sure, Jason. It’s revisionist history that a hardcore liberal like Nader took more votes from the Democratic Party nominee than from anyone else.

      You’re engaging in a tiny bit of–nay, a massive amount of–your own revisionist history by making that ridiculous argument.

    511. Tina says:

      BDW@BryanDeanWright·42mSomewhere in America right now, there’s a Democrat happily taking a COVID test made in China after dumping out their Russian vodka in solidarity with Ukraine. ?

    512. Wes says:

      That’s true, DW, but he also ran in two elections where an unusually strong third-party candidate ran. That distorts the results.

      Even Michael Barone–no liberal but one of the greatest election analysts ever–has said Clinton would likely have cleared 50% both times had Perot not been in the race.

    513. Tina says:

      Dementia claims Republicans are trying to ban black votes “from even counting”

    514. DW says:

      and I knew Wes would bring up Barone. We have had this discussion a few times before. Its a debatable point, though I fault Bush 41 for not taking the race seriously. I would fault Bush 41 more than credit Clinton for the 1992 race.

      But clearly Perot split the vote with Bush far more than he split the vote with Clinton, as Perot was so much more like Bush than he was Clinton.

      Ross Perot must have received Christmas cards from Bill and Hillary every year until his death.

      1996 was a bit different in that Perot wasn’t nearly as strong, but his resume matched Dole’s much more than it matched Clinton’s.

      I would agree that in 1996, without Perot, Clinton exceeds 50%. But I disagree on 1992.

    515. Tgca says:

      I recall the 2000 election details pretty well.

      1st, the Gore campaign tried to cherry-pick where to count votes instead of the entire state. Even the Dem appointed FL Supreme Court Justice shot that down and opined his concern with that approach. I believed over 80% of the FL Supreme Court was appointed by Dems at that time.

      2nd, the Gore campaign tried to exclude the military votes that frequently come in later but they lost on that strategy too.

      3rd, the absurd claims that one can decide the intent of the voter by analyzing others they voted for in a ballot because the voter chad was hanging or there was no vote for president strategy lost as well.

      4th, it was estimated the GOP lost a few thousand votes in the heavily GOP panhandle which is an hour back time zone than the rest of the state and not all had voted there yet but the MSM called the election for Gore, disenfranchising some of those voters.

      5th, SCOTUS did not decide the election for GWB, they decided the clock had run out and there was no more time for challenging the election without missing the statutory certification requirements. This could have been avoided had the Gore campaign just agreed to recounting the entire state and not fighting in court for 2 months to cherry picking counting only. They chose a bad biased strategy.

      6th, statisticians at the time pretty much agreed it was not statistically possible to overcome the deficit if all votes were recounted, assuming no significant fraud, which there was none.

      7th, a number of news organizations did recounts after the election into 2001, and in all but one of those, GWB still prevailed without much change in the voting deficit.

      8th, GWB took a hit after the DUI accusation just days before the election so who knows how many votes he lost there that counteracts the silly theory that Nader gave the election to GWB story when others believe it was pretty much a wash if impactful at all.

      There are other pertinent facts too that showed Gore was NEVER going to prevail in FL given the facts and circumstances at that time.

    516. Tina says:

      / February 27

      President Biden Job Approval
      Approve 35% (=)
      Disapprove 54% (-1)

      Independent voters:
      Approve 24%
      Disapprove 63%

      White: 28/63
      Black: 63/18
      Hispanic: 45/42

      Highest approval: Hawaii 51/40
      Lowest approval: West Virginia 18/75Hi

    517. Tgca says:

      GWB’s approval rating has soared since he left office. In 2018, he polled at 61% approval compared to 66% for Obama.

      Most of his approval increase has ironically come from Dems (54%) and Indys.

      I would bet if this poll was done today, he’d have a lower score from the GOP and a higher one from the Dems.

      This is similar to other reports about how he is viewed after being out of office for 10+ years.

    518. Cash Cow TM says:

      If Pooty Poot launches nukes at the U.S. I guess that means a CDC ordered mask mandate.

      Man oh man, 2022 makes me long for the good old days of Covid dominated 2021.

    519. jason says:

      “There are other pertinent facts too that showed Gore was NEVER going to prevail in FL given the facts and circumstances at that time.”


    520. jason says:

      Also you could claim Buchanan took thousands of votes from GWB.

      But same issue, not definitive proof they would have voted for GWB.

    521. jason says:

      In the end saying Nader threw the election to Gore is nonsense perpetuated by sore losers.

    522. Wes says:

      Eh, Jason’s just a depressed drunk because Bill Clinton survived and flourished after impeachment while that incompetent moron Jason wants to take up the ass–yes, Jason, your homoerotic feelings for GWB have been apparent for years–has rightly gone down in history as one of the worst US Presidents ever.

      It doesn’t change the fact that Nader cost Gore the election.

    523. mnw says:

      536 Tina

      I favor setting Hawaii free and restoring it to full sovereignty as an independent nation state under Queen Liliuokalani’s heir apparent, whomsoever that may be– her great, great, great grand nephew once removed for all I care.

      If that is impractical, then Japan once expressed great interest in it, circa 1941. Perhaps they would still like to have it?

    524. Cash Cow TM says:

      Wondering how much diesel fuel a Russian tank consumes.

      Cannot find how long they can travel on one tank of diesel. Anybody have such info?
      From the intertube, it says the T-80 consumes
      “…8 liters per kilometer. By comparison, the diesel T-72 consumes just 2-4 litres per 1 km.”

      Most of the footage I have been seeing if current war clips (active Russian tanks and Russian tanks that have been destroyed by Ukraine) is of T-72s.

      Russians have 2,000 in active service and 7,000 in storage.

      The Russian T-80 can use diesel, regular gas or kerosene. “In emergencies, fuel oil, natural gas, water gas, alcohol, ship fuel and even crushed coal can be used.”

      The Russian also have a T-14 tank that “…is capable of shooting up to ten rounds per minute and can hit targets at a distance of up to seven kilometers. For comparison, the American ‘Abrams’ tank can fire only three rounds per minute and has a range of just 4,600 meters.”.

      I have seen them in Ukraine as well.

    525. Cash Cow TM says:

      What sized fuel tank is on a Russian tank?

    526. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes voted for GWB twice. His condemnation will never erase that.

    527. Bitterlaw says:

      Eulogy delivered. Taps played. Dad buried.

      I’m back full time. GFY.

    528. Phil says:

      Been meaning to tell you how sorry I’ve been to hear about your dad, bitter.

    529. Wes says:

      You voted for a drunk driver for President twice, Bitter.

      Your virtue signaling about your faux hatred of DUI offenders will never change that.

      GFY, Bush worshipper.

    530. Wes says:

      On a different note, Bitter, I’m sorry about your having to bury your dad. I lost a relative too recently. It doesn’t get any easier regardless of how many times we experience it.

      Best wishes.

    531. JeffP says:

      Biden says no nukes and no WW3…now I am a lot more concerned than before. At least I am safe distance from a major US city.

    532. Bitterlaw says:

      Thank you, Wes. I’m sorry for your loss as well.

      As for your reverence for Bill Clinton, I don’t understand. Despite our battles, I consider you to be an honorable man of character. Clinton was trash with no morals or character. I don’t see how you could have anything but contempt for him.

    533. Phil says:

      No troops in Ukraine…..but let’s enforce a no fly zone? As if shooting down Russian aircraft isn’t going to risk the introduction of tactical nukes. Are some of these people insane?

      Adam Kinzinger needs to absolutely shut the hell up. What an irresponsible moron.

    534. Bitterlaw says:

      Thanks, Phil. He was 94. Quite a run fueled by cigarettes and beer.

    535. Phil says:

      ….of course, I guess Kinsinger knows his political career is over so I guess he figures what the hell. May as well have WW III.

    536. Phil says:

      Yeah, bitter. I think I told you a similar thing with my dad. He was 82, dementia etc. Doesn’t make it any though does it.

    537. Bitterlaw says:

      No. It does not make it easier. But my Dad was lucky in one way. As he lost his his grip on today, he had his delusions and fictions. My mom and niece were alive within his reality.

    538. Tina says:

      The crier is a joke. Kaputzinger has been tweeting hoax after hoax.

    539. Meldrim says:

      One of the best things about being a gin drinker is that I never have to buy liquor from Russians.

    540. jason says:

      I am a big vodka drinker, but for all the Russian vodka fame, I am not a big fan of any of them. Grey Goose is French, Tito’s is Texan, Ketel One is Dutch, Chopin is Polish, all are really good. You don’t need Russian.

    541. Phil says:

      Bourbon guy myself.

    542. jason says:

      Jason’s just a depressed drunk”

      Nothing like late night points.

    543. jason says:

      GFY, Bush worshipper.”

      No points, because since I think GWB was a fine President, I would not be insulted.

    544. jason says:


      Biden called his UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield the wrong name, calling her “Linda Greenhouse,”

    545. Tgca says:

      Actually, GWB was stopped for driving too slow. It is reported his Blood Alcohol Level was .10 which is equivalent to about 3 to 4 drinks within an hour for someone in the 180 pound range which it appears he was probably within at 30 years old.

      There is no excuse for that behavior but he accepted it and changed his life around after that experience. Hardly a definition of a drunkard!

      As for drinking and driving, statistics state 43% of adults have admitted to driving under the influence with a higher rate for men, in the mid 50s. I’m not sure it’s that high across the board, but based on my experience with people in my yoot, that sounds pretty accurate.

      I would gather many here have gotten behind the wheel being slightly intoxicated at some time in their yoot as well, thinking they weren’t impaired when most likely they were.

      Often people think they are fit to drive when their blood alcohol level is high enough legally to be a DUI while they are not aware of how impaired they actually may be leading them to falsely believe they are not in DUI territory when they actually are.

    546. Tgca says:

      Green tea guy here!

      What do I win with all these drunks at HHR?

    547. JeffP says:

      I really like the America First issues Trump brought to the table …but after watching some of his CPAC speech which was excellent…I am still burned out by him.

      Not that it’s important or really matters.

    548. Tgca says:

      I’m not a big fan of GWB anymore since he sold out to the left and the Clinton’s the last few years, as well as finding out his administration was much less candid about things they knew before rushing into Iraq War 2.

      However, as a person, you can’t even compare Clinton’s character and escapades to those of GWB.

      Clinton was credibly accused of both abusing many women over decades and raping at least one woman. Then there’s the whole Epstein coincidences…numerous times mind you. This is not even getting into the numerous monetary scandals of his and Hilary.

    549. Tgca says:

      568 Jeff

      Burned out by Trump?

      Please ‘splain!

    550. mnw says:

      Germany’s about face on energy AND military spending is truly remarkable. They’re stopping the scheduled closure of coal powered plants AND nuclear reactors.

      France has announced it’s going to build 12 new nuclear plants, IIRC.

      I’m hoping one collateral consequence of Russia’s invasion will be to reinvigorate nuclear power production. It really is a no-brainer… but our own govt has no brain.

    551. Bitterlaw says:

      As somebody who never had even one drink before driving, I don’t understand the need to drink if you are going to drive. Every drink is a choice.

    552. mnw says:

      MO has had a nuclear reactor in Callaway County, near Jefferson City, for 30-40 yrs (I think– too lazy to look up).

      I bet 80% of Missouri voters don’t even know it’s there.

      I think the American public could be persuaded to try nuclear energy again, if the spineless GOP had the courage to advocate it.

      You may recall that nuclear energy was run out of town over (supposed) fears that underneath Yucca Mountain in NV wasn’t a safe place to store spent fuel. And that no safe method could be devised to transfer spent fuel there, either.

    553. Tgca says:

      I have often driven with a 20 oz size of green tea sweetened with organic maple syrup, with another 20 oz back-up in my Stanley thermos.

      Luckily, I’ve never been pulled over. Whew!!!

    554. Tgca says:

      South Florida has a couple nuclear power plants both next to very populated areas near the ocean. No problems here.

    555. Cash Cow TM says:

      From what I have been able to see of the fighting in the last 24 hours, the poor Ukrainians are taking a lot of casualties.

      But they are still fighting and inflicting a lot of damage to the invading Russians’ equipment and personnel. A shame the Ukrainians cannot hit that 17-mile-long convoy heading W and S to encircle Kiev.

      Putin is one demented sonofabithch.
      Have to say another prayer for the Ukrainians and ask for some divine intervention.

    556. Tina says:

      I wonder whose Twitter feed is battling for the biggest hoaxer?

      Cringeshaw, Donut Vindman, or the Cryer?

    557. JeffP says:

      Kamala Harris so damn annoying.

    558. JeffP says:

      570 IDK just his demeanor and self importance…its getting old…I use to laugh at him and think he was funny…I guess I am not in the mood for it. Wake me up in 2023.

    559. JeffP says:

      I am going to follow SOU address on Twitter and reading the HHR comments…I can’t listen to Biden for two minutes without getting frustrated because he can’t talk… not to mention seeing Harris and Nancy ugly faces for an hour. Odds are it’s the shortest SOU?

    560. JeffP says:

      I missed a word…

      Kamala Harris IS so damn annoying.

    561. Wes says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 28, 2022 at 10:11 pm
      As somebody who never had even one drink before driving, I don’t understand the need to drink if you are going to drive. Every drink is a choice.

      The only problem with this, Bitter, is that despite your virtue signaling about how heinous DUIs are, you still voted for the only drunk driver to become a head of state in history.

      English has a word for that starting with “h.”

    562. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This will become a classic military quote:

      “Zelensky has received plenty of plaudits for his wartime leadership. The president, who is still in Kyiv, responded to a U.S. offer to evacuate him by publicly stating “I don’t need a ride, I need ammo.””

    563. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Add to the problems listed below.
      The Spring thaw is rapidly approaching in the Ukraine. What is known as “Rasputitsa” happens. Travel becomes near impossible because of muddy conditions. It will get uglier soon for the Russian invaders

      “Overstretched Russian forces could struggle to hold Ukraine at current levels, expert predicts. “The Russian army is overextended and in a precarious position if Ukraine becomes a protracted war,” Seth Jones, vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said in a social media post. “Assuming 150,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine and a population of 44 million, that is a force ratio of 3.4 soldiers per 1,000 people. You can’t hold territory with those numbers,” Jones said.”

    564. NYCmike says:

      “Overstretched Russian forces could struggle to hold Ukraine at current levels, expert predicts.

      “The Russian army is overextended and in a precarious position if Ukraine becomes a protracted war,” Seth Jones, vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said in a social media post.

      “Assuming 150,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine and a population of 44 million, that is a force ratio of 3.4 soldiers per 1,000 people. You can’t hold territory with those numbers,” Jones said.”

      -Didn’t Gordon say this, and jason said he doesn’t know what he is talking about?

      Time will tell…….I’ll also remind you that Gordon disagreed without name-calling, for the most part, while the Philly A-Hole had his usual M.O.

    565. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Kudos to Elon Musk:

      Ukraine conducts successful test of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet system.

      Speeds reached over 200 megabits per second. SpaceX CEO
      provided Ukraine with the system to make sure that Russian forces aren’t able to take down Ukraine’s internet connectivity.

      Also, Belarus has decided not to send troops into Ukraine in support of the Russians.

    566. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Hopefully, like the Serbian butchers, Putin is eventually overthrown and put on trial for war crimes:

      “Zelensky: Launching a rocket at the central square of Kharkiv is an outright, undisguised terror.

      After that, Russia became a terrorist state. No one will forgive.”

    567. Gordon Allen says:

      #585. Thanks. The Germans had the better part of 200,000 troops,not counting Italians and Croatian troops and never ” pacified the remainder of Yugoslavia in WW2,in much smaller land area.
      Even though they overran Yugoslavia in 10 days,April 6-16,1941

    568. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin is pushing Finland into NATO. Finland’s parliament is about to debate it:

      “HELSINKI, Feb 28 (Reuters) – For the first time, more than half of Finns are in favour of their country joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), according to a poll commissioned by public broadcasting company Yle.

      Out of 1,382 adults, 53% said Finland should join the defence alliance, 28% said no and 19% were indecisive, the poll data showed.”

    569. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Ukrainian pilots have arrived in Poland to start the process of taking control of fighter planes they expect to be donated by European countries, a Ukrainian government official told POLITICO.

      The potential transfer of older Russian-made planes to be used in combat against Russian forces could be the most significant moment yet in a wave of promised arms transfers over the past 24 hours that includes thousands of anti-armor rockets, machine guns, artillery and other equipment.”

    570. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      589. “Putin is pushing Finland into NATO.”

      Actually, U.S. Marines and the Finnish military have been training together in Finland for several years. Joining NATO will just make it official:

      “Arrow 19 is an annual Finnish multinational exercise held to exercise platoon-to-battalion-sized mechanized infantry, artillery and mortar field training skills incorporating live-fire exercise of Finnish Armed Forces.

      The exercise brought mechanized forces from four nations together at Pohjankangas, Niinisalo, Finland. U.S. Marines from 2nd Marine Logistics Group and 2nd Marine Division stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. U.S. Soldiers from 4th Squadron, 2D Cavalry, U.S. Army Europe, participated in the exercise along with The Royal Lancers, a British army armored intelligence unit, and an Estonian contingency of armored intelligence also took part in the exercise.”

      In Finland all able-bodied males are required to undergo military training and serve in the military reserve for most of their adult lives.

    571. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes says being against drunk driving is virtue signaling. I will leave it to Wes to explain why he supports drunk driving.

    572. Wes says:

      I didn’t say I support drunk driving, Bitter. I applied your logic accusing me of virtue signaling for not watching the SJW preaching of the NFL to your posts. Then I pointed out your blatant hypocrisy in claiming to have “zero tolerance” for DUIs despite your having proudly voted for literally the only DUI offender ever elected to be a national head of state twice.

    573. jason says:

      “Ukrainian pilots have arrived in Poland to start the process of taking control of fighter planes they expect to be donated by European countries, a Ukrainian government official told POLITICO.”

      Good. Those mile long convoys of Russian troops and equipment should be sitting ducks, no way to defend a 20 mile long convoy.

    574. Bitterlaw says:

      You also voted for him twice. And you do minimize DUI, which is odd since you were hit by a drunk driver.

      I noticed you did not explain your reverence for the amoral Bill Clinton. Why is that?

    575. jason says:

      -Didn’t Gordon say this, and jason said he doesn’t know what he is talking about?”

      No, you are pathological liar.

      Neville Allen said 150k troops were not enough to launch a full scale invasion, that the Russians were saber rattling, at that what happened would never happen.

      Nobody disputed you couldn’t hold ALLL of Ukraine with 150k troops.

      Now stop lying and GFY.

      “Gordon Allen says:
      January 28, 2022 at 5:01 pm

      100,000 is absurdly small to contemplate a large scale scale invasion of a country the size of Ukraine, which alone has an Army w Reserves much larger than that.
      Other than Joe Biden, you’re the only one promoting the Russia conquering Ukraine meme.”

      I hate to be the only that was right along with Joe Biden, but the fact is there were others here that didn’t believe the “give Putin a piece of Ukraine and he will be happy” BS.

    576. jason says:

      Neville Allen also called this a “phony crisis”.

      • Gordon Allen says:
      January 28, 2022 at 5:01 pm
      100,000 would be a normal exercise number within Russia’s border. Finland wouldn’t be concerned.
      If that’s the real number this is a phony crises.”

      And then his fellow isolationist peace in our time moron came up with this gem that Bernie Sanders would love. Give Russia 25% of the Ukraine and everyone will be happy.

      mnw says:
      January 20, 2022 at 11:10 am
      I see Russia occupying (“invading,” if that is your preference) the easternmost 20%-25% of Ukraine.’

      Note that if Russia invaded 25% of sovereign country it wouldn’t really be an “invasion”, it would be an “occupation”.

    577. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      597.”100,000 is absurdly small to contemplate a large scale scale invasion of a country the size of Ukraine”

      Actually, this may be a true statement. As Talleyrand once said: “It is worse than a defeat, it was a blunder”.

    578. jason says:

      As somebody who never had even one drink before driving, I don’t understand the need to drink if you are going to drive. Every drink is a choice.”


      Bitter, as you probably know, having a drink and driving is not drunk driving.

      There is no “need” to drink and drive. I have alcohol with pretty much every meal, but I don’t drive impaired. I have never had an accident or a DUI.

      And don’t give me the ‘even small amounts of alcohol cause some level of impairment” BS, so do hundreds of drugs and physical and visual impairments people use and have while driving.

      If you are under the limit, you are safe to drive, that is the standard.

      Anything else is sanctimonious BS.

      The ‘there is no need to have a drink” sounds a lot like “there is no need to have 5 guns or a semi-automatic rifle” we hear so much from the anti-gun nuts.

    579. jason says:

      Actually, this may be a true statement. As Talleyrand once said: “It is worse than a defeat, it was a blunder”.

      It could be. But it certainly was enough to launch a full scale invasion.

      Also, it depends on how well your plan is executed and carried out.

      But the idea that Putin was just carrying on an act has been put to rest. So has the idea that he only wanted a few “Russian speaking enclaves”.

    580. jason says:

      Is anyone here besides Bitter going to have the stomach to watch Biden’s SOTU?

    581. Wobbles says:

      Me, me, me.

      I have read some of the MSM reviews that have been leaked, that it was (is) the greatest speech in the history of mankind, possibly the universe.

      There is some controversy that the speech God gave
      “Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made” could have been more momentous, but I am sticking with Biden.

    582. jason says:

      Great video of a Russian helicopter being shot down over the Dnieper. Put the sound on, the excitement of the Ukrainians is evident, even if you don’t know what they are saying. But you do understand ‘YES” when the helicopter is hit. That type helicopter has a crew of 3.

    583. jason says:

      So what is going to happen?

      In my view, Putin cannot afford to “lose” this war. Losing in the sense he gives up and pulls back his troops. I don’t see that happening.

      I see him consolidating most of eastern and northern Ukraine and a chunk near Crimea before declaring victory. Enough to try to install a puppet government over most of the Ukraine’s population.

      It now looks like to take Kiev he is going to have to destroy a large part of the city and cause a humanitarian crisis of massive proportions. But hard to install a puppet without the capital.

      Putin is cornered. He lost the propaganda war. He lost the economic war, this is going to cost the Russian economy big time. He needs a military victory at all costs.

    584. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      604. Agree. Putin is cornered, and he knows his initial attack failed. It is one reason he went bonkers and threatened nuclear war. Putin is only a few weeks away from mud season, which will hinder any further assaults.

      If you look at a map, Russian forces are only occupying or in battle in not more than 10% of the Ukraine.

      Don’t think Putin expected the major backlash and sanctions, which are pretty crippling. The gas and oil cutoff is devastating; China may pick up some of the slack — but at present there is inadequate pipeline capacity, and shipping LNG is seasonal along the northern passage route.

      When will the Russian oligarchs and military leaders decide they have had enough and oust Putin?

    585. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      The West is going after Russian oligarchs’ luxury yachts. A Ukrainian yacht mechanic got there first.

      MARCH 1, 2022
      The U.S. and Europe effectively cut off Russia’s economy Monday as a way to push Russian President Vladimir into abandoning his increasingly bloody invasion of Ukraine. Even Switzerland, a favorite home for the money of ultra-wealth Russians, said Monday it will comply with the EU sanctions and asset freezes of certain oligarchs close to Putin. The measures are hitting everyone in Russia, but they are aimed at Putin’s inner circle.

      The White House on Saturday announced a new transatlantic task force “to identify, hunt down, and freeze the assets of sanctioned Russian companies and oligarchs — their yachts, their mansions, and any other ill-gotten gains.”

      Russian oligarchs own some of the world’s most expensive yachts and private jets, and they apparently want to keep them. “Some of Russia’s wealthiest are moving their boats to other locations, potentially with the hope they can avoid having those items seized,” CNBC reported Monday. One Ukrainian mechanic on a Russian super-yacht docked in Mallorca, Spain, took matters into his own hands on Saturday, Spain’s Ultima Hora reported.

      The mechanic, Taras Ostapchuk, saw a video of Russian missiles striking an apartment complex in Kyiv and decided to sink the $7 million yacht, the Lady Anastasia, he said is owned by a Russian arms tycoon, his boss. “I told myself: ‘What do I need a job for if I don’t have a country?'” he told Ultima Hora. He opened two valves in the yacht to let in water, then told fellow crew members so they wouldn’t drown, Ostapchuk told a judge after police arrested him,

    586. jason says:

      I think Putin didn’t expect the Europeans to do more than their usual toothless protestations. I think he underestimated Zelensky’s power to sway public opinion in Europe, which is now reflected in the tougher stance taken by many countries.

      Let’s face it, portraying the Ukrainians as “Nazis” was a tough sell….. but so is “defund the police” and look how many people in the US accept it.

    587. jason says:

      The yacht didn’t really sink, but salt water did get into the engine room causing extensive damage.

    588. Cash Cow TM says:

      Certainly to God the U.S. could engage in covert operations to damage the road the 20 mile long Russian convoy from Belarus is using.

      Special ops?
      Cruise missiles?

      Slow em down.
      Or degrade them.

      Hope the Ukrainian pilots now training in Poland with planes they are giving them are quick learners.

    589. Cash Cow TM says:

      Biden needs to call together the U.S. oligarchs.

    590. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      607. Americans support tougher sanctions on Putin:

      “A majority of voters say President Biden is too lenient with Russia as Moscow undertakes a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released Friday.

      Sixty-four percent of registered voters in the survey said Biden is “too lenient” with Russia, while 31 percent said he handles Moscow “just right.” (5% felt to harsh).”

    591. Tina says:

      Good move allowing Kim Reynolds (Iowa Governor) to provide the response to the State Of Disunion.

    592. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      609. Certainly to God the U.S. could engage in covert operations to damage the road the 20 mile long Russian convoy from Belarus is using.

      Special ops?
      Cruise missiles?

      The weather forecast is a lot of snow. Putin in anger will threaten to nuke God.

    593. Tina says:


      2024 Presidential GE Poll (Iowa):
      (R) Trump 53% (+15)
      (D) Biden 38%

      Senate (Iowa)
      (R) Grassley 53% (+14)
      (D) Finkenauer 39%

      Governor (Iowa)
      (R) Reynolds 55% (+17)
      (D) DeJear 38%

      2/20-2/22 / 610 LV

    594. Tina says:

      Tom Cotton@TomCottonAR·12m?Biden put a new pause on oil and gas leases in America?—the same day Russia invaded Ukraine!

      Biden is banning American energy production but importing oil from Russia that is funding Putin’s invasion.

    595. Phil says:

      I would think a slow moving 40 mile convoy would be a sitting duck. NATO air power would absolutely annihilate it. It would be a catastrophic event for the Russians and would end any prospect at all of Putin taking the capital and the country. Total humiliation. Think The Iraqi road of doom retreat from Kuwait in 1991.

      The problem, of course, is we can’t do that with a nuclear power like Russia run by an out of control dictator who feels cornered. He would no doubt respond with tactical nukes aimed at NATO bases and who knows after that. Guys like Kinzinger are insane with their no fly zone talk. Sure, it would absolutely be effective…unfortunately would start WW III.

    596. mnw says:

      Oil (WTI) is $104/bbl at this writing, but there is good news elsewhere on the inflation front: the price of a kilo of fentanyl has declined 50% since 2017.

    597. Phil says:

      Kudos to Biden for driving down the cost of fentanyl. Brilliant border strategy.

      Atta boy, Joe.

      Joe did that.

    598. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      616. Let’s not forget the Ukraine is now taking possession of a lot of military aircraft delivered by Europe. And some foreign pilots are voluntaring as mercenaries. A large line of vehicles in the snow are very vulnerable to attack by the Ukrainian air force.

      Putin knows any sort of use of tactical nuclear weapons would be suicide. He would immediately be taken out in a military strike from the West. There is also a point his generals and those around him decide to end his antics. Russia is now being humiliated. I believe that Putin will not be Russian leader in the not to distant future. He totally botched this invasion.

    599. Country Dick Montana says:

      First part me state that I am pleasantly surprised by Germany’s actions in supporting Ukraine. Secondly, the Europeans are finally stepping up against an opponent that they dwarf both in terms of population, economic might and in the case of England and France a capable military.

      Putin is a dead man walking and he knows it. The only question remains is who and what will he take with him? Will his generals do his will when he tells them to use tactical nukes or start and end WW3.

    600. Gordon Allen says:

      The Ukranians are claiming the Russians are using vacuum bombs now,a real war crime weapon.
      Putin increasingly seems desperate and willing to stop at nothing to ” win”,no matter the cost; for failure may mean his personal end.Scary

    601. Tina says:

      Breaking News

      The jebots and Cn and n declare Biden’s SOTU the best evah.

    602. Bitterlaw says:

      I plan on continuing my yearly tradition of watching the SOTU address that I started during Carter’s term. It is a dirty job but that’s what A-holes do.

    603. Phil says:

      Would it be stupid for Putin to use nukes? Absolutely. Irrational? Absolutely? …. but we aren’t dealing with a rational individual here. You can’t risk a direct military engagement with him. Not over Ukraine. Now, if he moves on a Nato country – say the Baltic countries for example, that’s a whole different ballgame. We would have no choice but to hit back and hit back hard. No question. No fly zone or troops in Ukraine? No way….and that’s not being weak. It’s being rational.

    604. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      We now have keyboard warfare:

      “Ukraine has created what is describes as an “IT army” to defend against Russian hackers and to launch counter operations against cyber threats.

      Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been accompanied by cyberattacks targeting the country’s services and infrastructure, including DDoS attacks and destructive wiper malware campaigns – leading to the Ukrainian government calling for volunteers to aid with cybersecurity. But it has also asked for support in conducting offensive cyber operations back at Russia.”

    605. mnw says:

      624 Phil

      Do you think it might help if the U.S. were to shoot down some Russian planes over Ukraine (“no-fly zone”)?

      That’s what a couple of the manly-man posters here say they want. A war between the U.S. and Russia, in other words. That way we can find out if Putin is just a-jokin’.

      On another topic, Oil (WTI) is up 11.5% since yesterday’s close. Biden’s gonna suspend the federal gas tax, though. That’ll fix the problem.

    606. Tina says:

      John Roberts
      · 1h
      More and more American officials are asking why the U.S. is still buying oil from Russia

    607. Bitterlaw says:

      Bombing a Holocaust memorial? I wonder how much Israel wants to donate to help Ukraine. Of course, a lot of Ukrainians assisted the Nazis in killing Jews so maybe Israel stays out.

    608. Tina says:

      Maybe someone can ask Millie Vanillie, Xi Biden, or the one whose trip to Europe was to prevent war (the VP) about this:

    609. Gordon Allen says:

      624/626. That’s as good a way to actually have a nuclear war with Russia as any.
      At the risk of being accused of being “Neville” again, choosing to knowingly risk a nuclear war is the definition of insane.
      Especially given Russian doctrine, and the state of Putin’s mental health being uncertain. Dr Strangelove never appealed to me much.

    610. jason says:

      Biden needs to call together the U.S. oligarchs.”

      Neville Allen is busy trying to get his magazine money back, sorry.

      But instead of remodeling his pool, he will donate the $1 million cost to the cause.

    611. jason says:

      At the risk of being accused of being “Neville” again, choosing to knowingly risk a nuclear war is the definition of insane.”

      Zzzzz… so let’s let Putin recreate the Soviet Union and give him most of Europe because he is threatening nuclear war?

      Wow, Putin doesn’t even need an army, the Nevilles will just give him everything based on his threats.

      It’s a new low for the isolationist morons.

    612. Tina says:

      Yes, won’t help much at all.

      The Wall Street Journal
      The U.S. and other producers are set to release oil from their emergency stockpiles as crude prices surge, amid supply concerns after Russia invaded Ukraine, explains

    613. jason says:

      I hope France doesn’t take Neville Allen’s cue and surrender over this.

      “Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former prime minister and now deputy chairman of its security council, was quick to respond on Twitter.

      He said: “A French minister said today that they have declared an economic war on us. Watch what you say, gentlemen! And don’t forget that in the history of mankind, economic wars have often turned into real wars.”

    614. jason says:

      The correct response to threats of nuclear war by Putin is not scurry away like scared rabbits but to remind the Russians they would be turned in a sea of glass if they used any nukes.

    615. jason says:

      But yeah, we can believe Biden actually won WI by 20k votes…

    616. Gordon Allen says:

      635. Now I KNOW you’re insane. This isn’t Cuba 1962, which was near us geographically and thus more vital to us, and when we had overwhelming nuclear superiority over Russia.
      Neither applies here(in some ways the opposite, especially regarding tactical nuclear weapons), and Putin may not be Khruschev at this point either.
      Maybe your life means that little to you, but to most sane people nuclear war is not a game board exercise, and threatening nuclear War against a guy like Putin over Ukraine, a non Ally/non Nato Ally, is truly nuts. Please tell me you really didn’t mean what you said; otherwise are their white coat guys around.??
      Russia has more megatonnage available than us, and we’d be turned into glass too. Seriously??

    617. Tina says:

      The supply and logistics issues are coming into play here for Pooty poot. They may roll Ukraine eventually, but the occupation of it is another matter

      ABC News
      BREAKING: The Russian forces charging toward Kyiv haven’t made progress in the last day as they face Ukrainian resistance and low food and gas supply, a senior U.S. defense official says.

    618. Wobbles says:

      I believe Biden won AZ by 10k votes, GA by 12k votes, WI by 20k votes, NV by 30k votes and PA by 80k votes.

      Every news source I read believes it too.

    619. Wes says:

      The more I see of him, the more impressed I am with Herschel Walker. Walker skipped an event MTG would be at after she attended a pro-Putin rally…

      … meanwhile, in a completely tone-deaf move, Dave Perdue will be there.

      I seriously wish Jack Kingston had won the 2014 Senate runoff. Kingston would never have made the blunders Perdue has made over the past couple of years that first contributed to his loss to a political lightweight and now are compromising his bid for the governorship.

    620. jason says:

      Russia has more megatonnage available than us?

      You really worried about that.

      That is why you want to surrender to Putin?

      You really are a moron.

    621. jason says:

      but to most sane people nuclear war is not a game board exercise, and threatening nuclear War against a guy like Putin over Ukraine, a non Ally/non Nato Ally, is truly nuts.”

      Hey moron, Putin is the one threatening nuclear war.

    622. Gordon Allen says:

      While we’re at it, who was the one who doubted Putin’s conventional capability to overrun and 0ccupy Ukraine(me) with his invincible Army of 150,000, which would then ostensibly overrun Eastern Europe afterwards. The latter was you.
      You seriously are sounding deranged, as well as ignorant.

    623. Tina says:


      Rachel Vindman ?@natsechobbyist · 4h.@RepStefanik You have the blood of Ukrainians on your hands. When you hold your new baby I want you to think of the mothers of @Ukraine who will never see their children again because you abdicated your responsibility to hold Trump accountable for his extortion.

    624. jason says:

      Hey Neville Allen, if you show fear when Putin threatens you with something, do you think he will respect you or be encouraged?

    625. jason says:

      While we’re at it, who was the one who doubted Putin’s conventional capability to overrun and 0ccupy Ukraine(me) with his invincible Army of 150,000,”

      Hey moron, I thought you said Putin would never launch a full fledged invasion with “that few troops”.

      Or was it another moron who wrote this?

      “Other than Joe Biden, you’re the only one promoting the Russia conquering Ukraine meme.”

    626. SweatyToothedMadman says:

      Former Rep. Fletcher Thompson and former Sen. Mack Mattingly would make more formidable candidates for Georgia governor.

    627. Tina says:

      Btw, has her husband, Donut Vindman, gone to the front lines yet?

      Maybe take the warmonger Cheney and her bodyguard and the cryer with him.

    628. Gordon Allen says:

      Sakes alive!!! But don’t threaten back, like two schoolboys in a playground, about nuclear war yourself. And challenge someone feeling cornered.
      There is nothing more dangerous than an animal cornered.
      At least I know you always wanted a War with Russia from the start. You must really have a miserable life.
      Does ANYBODY on this Site want to risk nuclear war at this point over Ukraine? How about we take a poll?

    629. jason says:

      Another comment by Neville Allen that didn’t age well.

      Gordon Allen says:
      January 28, 2022 at 5:01 pm
      100,000 would be a normal exercise number within Russia’s border. Finland wouldn’t be concerned.
      If that’s the real number this is a phony crises.”

    630. Country Dick Montana says:

      So back to the original question. Is Biden wrong to say no to the no fly zone or should we commit American air power and pilots to enforce it?

      IMHO it doesn’t look like the Russians can conquer the Ukraine, let alone rebuild the old USSR. The Europeans are doing a great job without us.

    631. jason says:

      Sakes alive!!! But don’t threaten back,”


    632. mnw says:


      I’m surprised the GA SEN race seems to be almost dead even– Walker ahead of Warnock by MAYBE 1-2 points.

      Hopefully Walker will do better after pollsters start applying an LV screen.

    633. Wes says:

      The campaign hasn’t really started in earnest yet, Mnw, and I’d be willing to bet the acrimony in the gubernatorial primary is having an effect.

      Since Walker has emerged as the frontrunner in the Senate primary, has avoided making any major mistakes, and has consistently led Warnock, I’d imagine Walker starts putting daylight between himself and Warnock after the primary.

    634. mnw says:

      As far as I know, the market correction IN COMBINATION WITH inflation hasn’t been much discussed in the financial press.

      Think about it. You’re paying more for everything, while you simultaneously watch the real value of your IRA (and/or your life insurance policy) SHRINK.

      I doubt voters are going to appreciate that one-two gut punch.

    635. NYCmike says:

      “Kudos to Elon Musk:”

      -3 cheers!

    636. Tina says:

      Tell me this is a hoax:

      Q: “What’s going on in Ukraine?”

      Kamala: “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so basically that’s wrong.”

    637. jason says:

      Damm, only $5000 to stay quiet?


    638. jason says:

      At least I know you always wanted a War with Russia from the start.”

      Bitter, I should get points for this, not because it is any great insult but just for the magnitude of the lie.

      I love the war with a capital “W”, it must mean a really Big war.

    639. jason says:

      So back to the original question. Is Biden wrong to say no to the no fly zone or should we commit American air power and pilots to enforce it?”

      Too late now with Russian planes already over Ukraine, where you necessarily force a confrontation.

      However it could have been implemented before any hostilities, by a multinational force, where if the Russians wanted to violate it THEY would be initiating the confrontation.

      It might have even kept the invasion from happening.

    640. jason says:

      I see the plan to have NATO countries donate planes fell through due to logistical problems.

      Too bad.

      I wonder if the Ukrainians have any combat capable planes left.

      They had about 30 operational MIG 29s and 60 Sukhoi 24, 25, 27.

    641. jason says:

      Take it with a grain of salt, especially from a Never Trump scumbag like Allahpundit. But the pictures of the Russian soldiers seems legit.

    642. jason says:

      Kamala: “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so basically that’s wrong.”

      If she was speaking to 5 year olds I think she did fine.

    643. Cash Cow TM says:


    644. jason says:

      Wow, basically this means the basic laws of economics are not longer valid.

      “Psaki says policies to expand U.S. energy production are “not policies that would address the issue” of surging gas prices and foreign energy dependence.”

    645. jason says:

      More supply does not result in lower prices.

      More domestic production does not reduce foreign dependence.

      Of course, the Dems have already clained BBB is not inflationary so there is a consistency here.

    646. jason says:

      66% of Americans believe Putin intends to invade other countries vs. 20% who do not.

      Thank God only 20% are complete idiots.

      Oh well, 20% is not a bad base to try to sell some almost dry swampland in Florida.

    647. Country Dick Montana says:

      It looks to me that they already initiated the confrontation, so apparently they were not afraid to do that. And what if they did in fact try the NFZ and got a plane shot down? Based on what we are seeing it would have escalated very quickly.

      We keep getting back to what should have been done. It wasn’t. In some respects the reaction of the Europeans and resistance of the Ukrainians surprised everyone. We now know that Putin is not Superman, in fact he will likely be dead soon, and that the Russian armed forces really don’t live up to the reputation. And now perhaps the EU has grown a pair. That can only help the US in the long run.

      I think that Europe has this one under control for the time being. We need to concentrate on the real threat which is China.

    648. jason says:

      It looks to me that they already initiated the confrontation, so apparently they were not afraid to do that. ”

      It would have been different to start a confrontation if there was a multinational enforce no fly zone BEFORE hostilities started.

      “And what if they did in fact try the NFZ and got a plane shot down?”

      Then it would be on them, wouldn’t it?

      “I think that Europe has this one under control for the time being.”

      Wishful thinking. The US is still the only military superpower, the Europeans don’t have anything under control without the US.

      “And now perhaps the EU has grown a pair. That can only help the US in the long run.”

      The only thing I agree on. The public will approve of more military spending, and more people in Finland and Sweden will want to join NATO. That does shift some of the burden (and cost) from the Us.

      “We need to concentrate on the real threat which is China.”

      No, we need to concentrate on whatever threat presents itself, “concentrate on China” is a cheap isolationist talking point.

      But it will be interesting to see if all the isolationists here will actually be willing to go to war with China over Taiwan. Color me skeptical.

    649. jason says:

      Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Sunday “there are dead and wounded among our comrades,” without offering any numbers, but adding that Russia’s losses were “many times” fewer than those of Ukraine’s forces.

      Konashenkov also said that since the start of the attack Thursday, the Russian military have hit 1,067 Ukrainian military facilities, including 27 command posts and communication centers, 38 air defense missile system and 56 radar stations”

      Damm, who knew the Ukraine had 1067 military facilities?

    650. jason says:

      but adding that Russia’s losses were “many times” fewer than those of Ukraine’s forces.”

      Sounds like a Psaki theory.

      Unless the Russians had succeeded in attacking massed Ukrainian forces or barracks full of soldiers, this is unlikely.

      Actually since many Russian convoys and forward positions have been ambushed, and the Russians are attacking fortified positions and urban areas, it is more likely that so far the Russians are sustaining more military casualties than the Ukrainians, even if the Russians are succeeding in degrading the Ukrainian defenses.

    651. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason, we will have to agree to disagree. What Putin would or would not have done if there was a multinational force (which there was NEVER going to be) is pure speculation. He invaded a country and that is on him. When he got punched in the face what did he do? He escalated. He was going into Ukraine. You and Biden were both correct on that. It remains to be seen if his troops can pacify and occupy a hostile populace.

      I have made it clear my previous line of work. Russia is about the only area with substantial reserves of oil and gas in the world that I have not worked in. I have worked everywhere else. Save the isolationist stuff for someone else.

      And China is a biggest threat in terms of economic and military might than Russia will ever be. And they are just as efficient at killing their own people, if not more so than the Russians. They are the only power that can take us on and they get no pass from me.

    652. Tina says:

      KING: Trump leads Biden by FIVE POINTS in 2024 Presidential GE Poll by Democracy Institute

      Trump 48% / Biden 43%
      Trump 50% / Harris 40%
      Trump 49% / Clinton 42%
      Trump 48% / Buttigieg 43%

      Republicans lead by TEN POINTS in 2022 Congressional Generic Ballot

    653. Cash Cow TM says:


      In anticipation of the SOTU speech tonight, I have been popping popcorn all afternoon.


      1. See how I, Joe Biden, united NATO.

      2. If it was not for the nasty Republican leaders in Washington, I could unite America with my BBB plan!

      3. To increase my standing in the polls, I promise to have more circuses and give out more bread. The cost of the free bread and free circuses will be covered by my son, who is donating the proceeds of his remarkable and expensive paintings for one year.

      4. To lower gas prices, I will issue an EO to roll back the federal excise tax to 0/gallon for the next 6 months.

      5. Oh and I did what Trump could not do. I conquered COVID.

      6. To lower crime, I am creating a task force headed by VP Harris to investigate the causes of crime, which I am sure will be “racism” and “free enterprise system excesses”, and the failure to enact Joe Biden’s Build Back Better.

      7. On illegal immigration, I am issuing an EO declaring there is no illegal immigration problem.

      8. Same with the illegal drug problem.

      9. On military spending, I am keeping it the same paltry % of federal spending that it is now.

      10. I also want to try hard to unify America but must say it makes it hard for me to do that when those damn Republicans want to take the votes of all Blacks in America away.

    654. Meldrim says:

      From #614:

      2024 Presidential GE Poll (Iowa):
      (R) Trump 53% (+15)
      (D) Biden 38%

      Senate (Iowa)
      (R) Grassley 53% (+14)
      (D) Finkenauer 39%

      Governor (Iowa)
      (R) Reynolds 55% (+17)
      (D) DeJear 38%

      2/20-2/22 / 610 LV

      If one crunches the numbers, it is clear that Iowa Democrats have a real opportunity to win the governorship and U.S. Senate race in 2022 and to carry IA in the 2024 presidential election. Reynolds, who is 62 years old, leads in the poll by 17%; Trump, who is 13 years older than her (75), leads by only 15%; and Grassley, who is 13 years older than Trump (88), leads by only 14%. Given the clear correlation between increased age and decreased lead, Iowa Democrats would be down by only single digits if the GOP nominates a candidate who is 127 years old. Now, it may seem unlikely that the GOP would nominate a candidate (much less three of them) who is 127 years old, but, lest you forget, Joe Louis was 127 years old when he fought Rocky Marciano, so the possibility can’t be ruled out. Hope springs eternal for Iowa Democrats!

      (BTW, in the seven presidential elections between 1988 and 2012, inclusive, IA voted for the GOP presidential nominee only once, in 2004, when G.W. Bush carried the state by less than 1%. It now leans so strongly Republican that Democrats won’t even contest the state in 2024. In politics, things can change in an awful hurry.)

    655. Phil says:

      I have to admit, color me unimpressed with the Russian military both on the ground and in the air. I realize it’s early but the Russian military looks fully incapable of controlling the Ukraine even if they succeed in overthrowing the government there….and they’d get their ass handed to them if they moved on Europe in any conventional invasion. They’d be able to initially cause havoc with the Baltic states before being pushed back. Allied control of the air would be decisive almost immediately. Russia would be a threat with its tactical nukes but using those would be suicide and Putin knows it.

    656. Tina says:

      Let’s see how Biden’s beotch and the grand old retreat help out Biden

    657. Wes says:

      Polls have closed in Texas.

    658. Cash Cow TM says:

      Oh, and I predict Biden will:

      11. say how good the economy is doing (not mentioning that inflation is costing each family this year $3500 more dollars in what they purchase)

      12. And will gush and pat himself on the back for appointing the first Balck woman to the SCOTUS (and not mentioning that it is Paul Ryan’s sister-in-law) and somehow turn that into an attack on republicans.

      13. and I predict the MSM will be fawning over his speech as one of the best ever.

      Not sure he mentions his view on mask mandates.

      Hope the MSM does fact checking on his speech.

      What was Trump’s A/Not approval rating one year into his presidency.

    659. Bitterlaw says:

      And so it begins,,,

    660. DW says:

      How can anyone watch that buffoon?

    661. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Russian troops in Crimea refuse to take part in Ukraine invasion. According to the Center for Defense Strategies, citing their sources among the marine personnel in Crimea, members of Russia’s 810th Detached Marine Brigade are in a “demoralized state” and have refused to take part in the conflict.”

    662. Cash Cow TM says:

      DW, Somebody has to do it.

      Bitter and Cow drew the short straws.

    663. Bitterlaw says:

      We will be ok.

      He really just said that.

    664. Cash Cow TM says:




      –A POUND OF UKRAINIAN PEOPLE…oops Ukrainians are pound for pound a proud people


      (just kidding on the last one 🙂 )

    665. Bitterlaw says:

      And he is already on to his post-Covid economic plan. Schumer stood up to clap too soon.

    666. Bitterlaw says:

      Raced on to infrastructure.

    667. JeffP says:

      Kamala Harris IS so damn annoying.

    668. JeffP says:

      How long will this last? Under an hour?

    669. Cash Cow TM says:




      (here comes BBB…)




    670. JeffP says:

      The stuttering and poor enunciation is always painful to listen to.

    671. Wes says:

      Well, hell, here’s something that interested me more than whatever Biden is babbling about tonight:

      Earlier today, I watched 1972’s Frankenstein ’80, a low-budget Italian exploitation film inspired by salacious adult comics of the time and of course using the name of Mary Shelley’s famous creation to attract audiences. Despite its title, it’s unrelated to the similarly titled Boris Karloff film Frankenstein 1970 (1958).

      The plot, such as it is, has a doctor developing a serum to help in organ transplants by overcoming foreign tissue rejection by the body. Dr. Otto Frankenstein steals the serum and uses it to create a monster appropriately named Mosaic.

      This is primarily just the backstory though as Mosaic is both libidinous and murderous and begins brutally murdering a number of women including a butcher, a prostitute, and a stripper. Although the movie came out before the heyday of slasher flicks, it contains strong elements the Italian version of such films, the giallo, featuring much nudity and violent death.

      That it revels in the kind of exploitation flick it strives to be is almost its only redeeming quality as it is tediously paced, poorly acted, badly lit, and full of cheap special effects. Nonetheless, it does have a certain low-budget charm and does feature some (rather crude) early work from ET designer Carlo Rambaldi.

      It’s hard for me to give any kind of impassioned criticism to movies like this. It strives to be exactly what it is and has no pretensions of anything deeper than the video nasty it is. It became a largely forgotten movie almost immediately after release, but for fans of ’70s exploitation flicks–especially the Italian variety–it’s probably worth watching. Its vague connection to Frankenstein is the only thing that makes it stand out even slightly from similar films, but fans of the genre will probably find it somewhat enjoyable if only for its determination to give them everything they’re looking for in this kind of flick.

    672. Bitterlaw says:

      In a bid for the AFL-CIO conservatives, Biden pushes another isolationist trade war.

    673. Cash Cow TM says:




      (he is sounding like a white nationalist)

    674. Cash Cow TM says:



      (type one diabetic little kid)


    675. Bitterlaw says:

      Going after the diabetic vote.

    676. NYCmike says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      March 1, 2022 at 9:32 pm
      In a bid for the AFL-CIO conservatives, Biden pushes another isolationist trade war.”

      -Yes, because there is so much evidence of a bad economy from 2017-March 2020…….

    677. Cash Cow TM says:





      –TAX THE RICH!



      it will lower the federal deficit

      go after people defrauding government


    678. Phil says:

      George P Bush in a real battle to make the attorney general runoff with Paxton. Running about 3500 votes behind Eva Guzman for the second place spot.

      W has done his family member no good with his Never Trump antics over the past four or five years.

      Bush name in Texas doesn’t mean crap anymore.

    679. Cash Cow TM says:






    680. Bitterlaw says:

      703 Damn. That was quick.

    681. Bitterlaw says:

      Maybe Biden can bust out some old Whip Inflation Now buttons.

    682. Cash Cow TM says:






    683. Cash Cow TM says:

      but we can do better tomorrow.

      here comes his view on dealing with crime….

    684. Cash Cow TM says:


    685. NYCmike says:

      “703 Damn. That was quick.”

      -Certain responses I have in a queue waiting for the A-Holes to say something stupid.

    686. Cash Cow TM says:





    687. Cash Cow TM says:

      you make the best ice cream


    688. Cash Cow TM says:



    689. Cash Cow TM says:



    690. Cash Cow TM says:


    691. JeffP says:

      62 minutes

      And MAGA is trending on Twitter…LOL

    692. Cash Cow TM says:

      I am disappointed that there was no
      tv shots of Sen. Manchin.

      No mention by Biden of WV.

      No mention of anything about cows.
      Or what Biden proposed to help cows.

    693. Phil says:

      I’m glad I didn’t have to watch that!

    694. Bitterlaw says:

      The Ukraine Ambassador was probably thinking, “Thanks for nothing, Joe.”

    695. Cash Cow TM says:


    696. Cash Cow TM says:

      ABC now mentions Joe Manchin.

    697. JeffP says:

      If looks could kill….Best picture I saw on Twitter was Justice ACB and her death glare when Biden mentioned abortion rights.

      I have only seen that look on a woman’s face when she finds out her husband has messed around on her.

      I saw picture of Manchin he was not happy at all. I think he might bolt the Dems after mid terms.

    698. Cash Cow TM says:


      Read my cow lips.
      Manchin will never switch from D and become an R.

    699. Bitterlaw says:

      If you like Biden, you liked the speech. If you don’t like Biden, you did not like the speech.

      He really raced through his remarks on Ukraine (because he is weak) and spent most of the speech on domestic issues. It felt like he spent more time talking about insulin than the war.

    700. Cash Cow TM says:

      Stay tuned for the Republican response.

      And also AOC is going to give a response.
      Tha ought to be a hoot.

    701. Cash Cow TM says:

      R. Gov. Kim Reynolds to give the Republican response next.

      Will she be conciliatory?

      Or rip Joe a new A$$ hole?
      (and point out where his actions do not latch his words tonight)

    702. Cash Cow TM says:

      Who decided that the Gov. of Iowa would give the response?

    703. Wes says:

      Some topless TikTok chick is probably going to a runoff in the GOP primary for TX Railroad Commissioner.

      Why the hell not?

      Things can’t get any weirder in our politics, I guess.

    704. Phil says:

      Cuellar trailing AOC’s moonbat by about 4% in the 28th.

    705. Tina says:

      Munchkin sat with the Rs.

    706. Cash Cow TM says:

      Gov. Reynold’s response:

      1. disastrous withdraw from Afghannystan.

      2. Russian invasion of Ukraine

      3. Biden shutting down U.S. fossil fuel production

      4. trillions more in federal spending pushes inflation

      5. for last year Biden administration has been ignoring the issues facing Americans

      6. Americans tired of the political elite telling everyone what they can say, do, wear.

      7. violent crime problem, liberal DAs


      9. Difference between how R and D governors dealt with COVID

      10. Parents matter.

      11. Biden refuses to secure the border.

      12. Iowa just cut its income tax to 3.9%–half of what it was X years ago

      13. Need energy independence

      Ok…I have heard enough…she is doing ok.

    707. Cash Cow TM says:

      Tina says:
      March 1, 2022 at 10:42 pm
      Munchkin sat with the Rs.

      They said Manchin told them beforehand that he was going to do that in the spirit of bipartisanship.

    708. Tina says:

      Don’t worry luntz tenant will talk to boebert tomorrow.

    709. Cash Cow TM says:


    710. Cash Cow TM says:

      I swear if I was Biden, I would have selected the people to fill the #2 and #3 slots at Sec. of State (to help Blinkin)…I woud have searched the entire country to find two people with the last name of
      Winkin and Nod.

      Because of the old nursery rhyme that starts off:

      “Winkin, Blinkin and Nod one day
      sailed off in a wooden shoe…”

    711. Phil says:

      Putin may encircle Kiev but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.

      Well, in Joe’s defense, that is probably right.

    712. Tina says:

      Lol, Kampala mouthed “Ukrainian” when Biden said “Iranian.”

    713. jason says:

      CNN says Biden’s speech “matches their lowest speech reaction since 1998”.

      “A 71% majority of Americans who watched President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address had a positive reaction to the speech, according to a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, with a more modest 41% reacting very positively.
      That’s a less enthusiastic reception than Biden received for his joint address to Congress last April, when 78% had a positive reaction and 51% reacted very positively. Both Donald Trump and Barack Obama also saw higher enthusiasm for their speeches during their second years in office: 48% of those who tuned in for Trump’s 2018 State of the Union were very positive, as were an identical 48% of those who watched Obama’s 2010 address. Biden’s 41% on that metric matches the previous low in CNN’s speech reaction polls dating back to 1998.”

    714. Phil says:

      Looking at the primary numbers from Texas primary tonight.

      I’ll post the total numbers when the returns are complete in the morning. Just a little preview. I’ll just say that if I was a Texas Democrat tonight I’d put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger. Yeah, the numbers are that bad.

      Beto, I know you were born to run but you really picked a bad cycle to run in. Very bad.

    715. Phil says:

      Cuellar catching up in the 18th. Down 48.2 to 47.2.

      Looking like a runoff with something like 70% of precincts in.

    716. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #743 & 744- Phil
      It appears that Cuellar(D) is 9 votes short of winning his Congressional primary outright against Cisneros, an AOC clone.
      Republican Congressman Van Taylor has been forced into a run-off. Why?

      As an aside, the SOTU Address was a nothingburger served cold. For the second time in a row, Pelosi embarrassed herself, this time by being drunk, Party and Country by making a spectacle of herself. She deserves to be expelled from Congress if the GOP wins the House in November.

    717. jason says:

      “Bitterlaw says:
      March 1, 2022 at 9:32 pm

      In a bid for the AFL-CIO conservatives, Biden pushes another isolationist trade war.”

      No worries. All Trump has to do is propose more tariffs and trade wars and they will be back in the fold.

    718. New York City says:

      Bitter is a liar. I oppose tariffs so I oppose Biden’s bad tariffs. I support Trump’s tariffs because they are good tariffs. Hope it is clear now.

    719. jason says:

      “West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D) poured cold water on President Biden’s attempt to revive the core elements of his Build Back Better agenda, questioning the president’s claim that passing a $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion spending package would “lower costs” for most Americans.

      “They just can’t help themselves,” Manchin quipped when asked by reporters after Biden’s State of the Union speech whether he was surprised by the president’s effort to try to use the moment to try to revive his stalled climate and social spending plan.

      “I don’t know where that came from,” he joked.

      “Nothing’s changed,” he said.

      Manchin also sounded skeptical about Biden’s claim that his Build Back Better plan will fight inflation by lowering costs.

      “I’ve never found out that you can lower costs by spending more,” he said.

      I guess Manchin doesn’t want to rewrite the basic laws of economics.

    720. jason says:

      There was no fraud?

      “The special counsel investigating suspected irregularities in Wisconsin’s 2020 election has found that 91 nursing homes in the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Dane, Kenosha, and Brown had voter turnout rates ranging from 95% to a 100% in 2020 — as compared to overall nationwide participation rates of 67% in 2020 and 60% in 2016.”

    721. DW says:

      If you haven’t yet HEARD the clip of Kamala explaining the situation in Ukraine, here it is:

      Stunning is that fact that a few places she seems to pause to collect her thoughts so she can get the details right.

      “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so basically that’s wrong.”

    722. mnw says:

      751 DW

      Of all the things the DEMs do, talking to me as if I were a child has always infuriated me the most.

      Pelosi has been doing that for decades. She always opens her eyes really wide when she does it– “Johnny, do you need to go the bathroom?” kind of tone.

    723. DW says:

      FDR, Dec. 7, 1941:

      “Japan is a country in Asia. It exists to the west of an island called Hawaii. Japan is a bigger country. Japan decided to invade a smaller island called Hawaii so basically that’s wrong.”

    724. DW says:

      Churchill explained WWII in Europe:

      “Germany is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called France. Germany is a bigger country. Germany decided to invade a smaller country called France so basically that’s wrong.”

    725. Bitterlaw says:

      Today is Ash Wednesday. I will give up saying GFY for Lent.

    726. Tgca says:

      752. MNW

      With all due respect, that’s a very misogynistic post.

      You know someone has lost their argument when they have to resort to condescending characterizations or mocking someone’s appearance, body language or the way they speak.

      Nancy’s eyes look “wide open” is an optical illusion. It’s just a side effect from all the Botox. I don’t think it has anything to do with condescension on her part.

    727. DW says:

      Truman explained the Korean War:

      “North Korea is a country in Asia. It exists next to another country called South Korea. North Korea is a bigger country. North Korea decided to invade a smaller country called South Korea so basically that’s wrong.”

    728. DW says:

      Walt explained the Persian-Babylonian war:

      “Babylon is a country in the middle-east. It exists next to another country called Persia. Persia is a bigger country. Persia decided to invade a smaller country called Babylon so basically that’s wrong.”

    729. Phil says:

      Texas Primary:

      Beto ran virtually unopposed

      He garnered 918,000 votes. Total Dem vote for governor was 992,000 votes.

      Abbott garnered 1,260,000 votes. Total Rep vote for governor 1,778,000 votes.

      Abbott has 61 million in the bank.

      Good luck, Beto. LOL Born to run, baby!

      George Bush’s grandson made the attorney general runoff but trailed Paxton by 20 points.

      Cuellar took the lead vs the AOC moonbat and the two will be in a runoff.

      Of note, in the Dallas suburban counties of Collin and Denton Republicans more than doubled the total Democratic vote. Trump carried them by 6 and 8 points. Just saying…

      Run Beto Run

    730. Tgca says:

      …and so it begins people, the Lenten season, where we devout Catholics must humble ourselves, self-reflect and seek reconciliation with our Lord Jesus through acknowledgement of our faith and making personal sacrifices.

      I know this is a difficult time for many Catholics but I will show my reverence and challenge myself with great sacrifice during this time.

      This year I will give up Brussels sprouts and peas. It will be an enormous challenge but I am dedicated to achieving that goal and ask the Dear Lord to give me the tenacity and strength to prevail in this difficult task until Holy Thursday, 43 days away.

      As Satan and his wicked flock attempt to weaken my faith and lead me off my reconciling faithful path, I will not be deterred by the wicked and their vile enticements. My resolve is strong, as I will evidence with neither a morsel of Brussels sprouts or peas passing my lips during Lent.

      Hear ye all sinners and followers of Christ at HHR, pray for me and yourselves during the Lenten season that our faith remains strong and join me in sacrifice whether it be Brussels sprouts or peas or a sacrifice of your own choice to show we are all united in our faith in Christ, Our Savior. Amen Bishes!!!

    731. Bitterlaw says:

      I would suggest that Tgca give up tofu but he is barely hanging on now.

    732. Tgca says:

      Anyone wanna go treasure diving?

      U.S.-Bound Ship Carrying Luxury Vehicles, Electric Cars Sinks Mid-Atlantic

      Over 1,000 luxury vehicles (Porsches, Bentleys) along with electric vehicles worth $155M is reported lost.

      We could retire quite handsomely on that salvage.

    733. Tgca says:

      Christ wants us to atone for our sins and self-reflect during Lent but he is not asking the impossible or outrageous acts from us.

      Hence, giving up tofu is extreme and one mind as well expect someone to leave their family to isolate in the wilderness or give up all sustenance for the Lenten period.

      That is not what is being expected during Lent when we already make great sacrifices that challenge us daily, like giving up Brussels sprouts and peas.

    734. Tgca says:

      I hate to use the Lord’s name in vain but CHRIST! What is wrong with this guy? Bumping heads like little children is not presidential material.

      He is not well!

      Could anyone imagine doing that at work…or anywhere as an adult?

      Also, notice he wears no mask in a crowded room, getting as close as you can with others when the other day he was wearing a mask to walk across the WH lawn by himself.

      Crazy chit I tell ya!

    735. Robbie says:

      DeSantis/Reynolds 2024

    736. DW says:

      762 – read the story…it was ELECTRIC cars on board that apparently caused the fire that sunk the ship. These batteries on these cars are clearly not safe, and now they are polluting the ocean at the bottom.

    737. jason says:

      Zzzzzzz…. does anyone really think Amoral Scumbag would vote for DeSantis?

      Don’t forget Amoral Scumbag called DeSantis a “Trump clone” and endorsed his opponent, an avowed Communist, as Governor of Florida.

      We all know Amoral Scumbag’s M.O….. he supports Republicans until they are actually on the ballot, then switches to the Democrat.

    738. jason says:

      I thought of giving up steak for Lent.

      Everyone knows it is the thought that counts.

    739. Phil says:

      Robbie’s usual pledge of support for a Republican until they actually appear on an actual ballot.

      The beat goes on. Groundhog Day.

    740. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag must be hoping against hope Biden will turn things around.

      If not he might have trouble with his usual predictions that Rs will lose everything.

      Well, there is always Bogo Pogo, he can sulk there if things get too bad for the Dems.

    741. jason says:

      DeSantis/Reynolds 2024″

      This is the first post in over a year Amoral Scumbag has not talked about me, Trump, or Fauci.

      Sniff…. cruel world.

    742. Tgca says:

      766. DW

      I’m not sure they’ve proven the electric cars caused the fire, they are hypothesizing it absent any other plausible explanations. It could have been sabotage or just plain ole spontaneous combustion.

      As for electric cars, we know there are issues with battery safety and also the environmental challenges with disposing of them.

      When I was a yoot in the bee-you-tee-ful city of Newark, folks would work on their beat up cars down by the highway and dump the batteries and oil containers into the Passaic River.

      I think they now discourage that behavior now.

      Believe it or not, in the very early 20th century, folks would swim in the Passaic River, not sure anyone without a biohazard suit would do that these days.

    743. mnw says:

      DeSantis will never run against Orange, imo. DeSantis is FAR and AWAY the second choice of Trump voters at present.

      If DeSantis were to run against Trump, he’d have to kiss THAT goodby.

    744. jason says:

      Be careful mnw.

      wes might say you are denying DeSantis’ “right to run”.

      In my view, a Trump vs. DeSantis fight would doom both their chances in 2024 and would pretty much end Desantis’ national politics career.

    745. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      March 2, 2022 at 10:52 am

      I would suggest that Tgca give up tofu but he is barely hanging on now.”

      Can’t he get special dispensation from the Pope, you shouldn’t have to fast if you look like a cross between a scarecrow and a hat rack.

    746. Tgca says:

      As an EXPERT in all things, except all things gay, to which I defer to LisaB as an Expert, I agree on the sentiment that a Trump vs DeSantis primary would be devastating for DeSantis.

      Primaries should be open and free but there are lines the devout supporters do not expect to be crossed as a sense of respect and protocol. We would not expect a sitting VP to challenge a sitting POTUS in a primary is one example.

      DeSantis is a disciple of Trump and it would be considered MAGA blasphemy for DeSantis to challenge Trump for 2024 because the vast majority of the GOP base pretty much believes Trump was denied a 2nd term by cheats and fraud in the 2020 election so there is still much devotion and loyalty to Trump at this time.

      All else equal, and ignoring age limitations, if Trump chose not to run in 2024 but chose to run in 2028, it would then be legitimate for DeSantis to challenge Trump in the 2028 primary due to the passage of time and that Trump passed on a 2024 run.

      There is still much raw emotion over the fraud committed in the 2020 election so I could see how DeSantis would lose to Trump in a primary in a landslide and pretty much alienate the MAGA crowd and doom his political future.

    747. Tgca says:

      Theven! Theven! Theven! Bishes!

      Theven! Theven! Theven I thay!

    748. mnw says:

      Moldova: the next big small thing:

      This tiny country’s situation is uncannily like Ukraine’s: borders Russia, like Ukraine; Russia already occupies a Russian-speaking sliver of Moldova, which no country but Russia regards as legitimate, much like Ukraine with Donets; not a NATO member, but closely affiliated with NATO (gulp), & future NATO membership is being openly discussed, like Ukraine before the invasion.

      The language of the majority is Romanian, & Moldova is historically tied to Romania, which is a NATO member. Moldova serves as a useful buffer between Russia & Romania.

      The U.S. ambassador says Moldova is at risk of imminent invasion. Sound familiar?

      The U.S. & NATO don’t have any obviously good choices regarding this mini-state.

    749. Robbie says:

      The Recount

      Absolutely perfect: Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya peddles Trump’s Big Lie.

      “… with the support of the United States, where the legitimately elected president of the country was overthrown.”

      – Congratulations, Jason fraud. You and the Russian ambassador to the UN agree on something.

    750. Tgca says:


      Jadon and the Russian ambassador are in agreement?

      Ok…but not as much as Wobbie is in agreement with Biden and the Dems…but hey…who’s counting?

    751. mnw says:

      Has anybody else been following the story about the special counsel in WI investigating election irregularities there in 2020?

      It’s a lengthy report, being released in sections.

      One thing everyone can easily grasp: the special counsel finds it most suspicious that the turnout in 91 WI nursing homes was 95%+ !

      That’s not possible– it reeks of fraud. I visited my own mother in one of those (an upscale one) every day for 5 years. 95% of the residents were NOT capable of casting a legitimate vote, nor of requesting a ballot.

      In those WI nursing homes, something dirty happened.

    752. Phil says:

      mnw, the election was stolen in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia. Period. More than likely Pa as well.

    753. jason says:

      Jadon and the Russian ambassador are in agreement?

      Ok…but not as much as Wobbie is in agreement with Biden and the Dems…but hey…who’s counting?”

      If the Russian ambassador thinks Trump won AZ, WI, and GA we do agree on something. If he likes vodka that would make two things.

      Does he agree with Amoral Scumbag about supporting the Biden agenda?

    754. jason says:

      The U.S. & NATO don’t have any obviously good choices regarding this mini-state.”

      Sure they do.

      Announce right now not one inch of Moldova.

      If the Russians come even close to their border immediately institute a no fly zone.

      Better yet, admit Moldova to NATO immediately.

    755. jason says:

      But I thought the isolationists were convinced all Putin wanted was a sliver of the Ukraine. What happened.

    756. DW says:

      This will look good at Putin’s war crimes trial:

      “Russian paratroopers landed in Kharkiv and conducted a raid on a Ukrainian military hospital after an aerial assault on the city, leading to heavy clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces. A local official later claimed that Ukrainian forces still controlled the hospital.”

    757. DW says:

      Attacking a hospital, along with the video of the tank running over a civilian car, and the videos of rockets striking civilian apartment buildings should be enough for Putin to swing from a rope after being found guilty.

      But he would first have to be arrested, then if it went to trial, he would probably off himself before being found guilty but certainly before a public hanging.

    758. mnw says:

      When tempers on HHR have finally cooled regarding Ukraine, I’d like to explain how I think Ukraine, the U.S. & NATO could (& should) have achieved a better result than the one they’re going to get.

      As for Moldova, Russia already occupies about 10% of it. The similarity to Ukraine is really uncanny.

      Would the no-fly zone apply to the “limited incursion” area of Moldova, which Russia already occupies, or just to unoccupied Moldova?

      Personally, I think informing Russia that the U.S. intends to shoot down their aircraft, in an area of Moldova which Russia has occupied for several years now, is a really bad idea.

      There are no happy choices, as stated. Arming up Moldova on an urgent basis might make sense. Ukraine’s air force, before the invasion, consisted of a few hundred Russian-built aircraft, apparently.

      The U.S. sent more troops & equipment to Romania (NATO member) after the Ukraine invasion. So far, so good. The whole security situation for NATO nations in eastern Europe needs to be evaluated holistically– not piecemeal. Perhaps that’s being done.

      In retrospect, leaving nations like Ukraine & Moldova OUT of NATO, but WITH some kind of wishy-washy assurances, seems like a terrible idea.

    759. jason says:

      Would the no-fly zone apply to the “limited incursion” area of Moldova, which Russia already occupies, or just to unoccupied Moldova?”

      The Russians would be free to fly their normal routines into the the limited incursion area. However, no build up of military aircraft to attack Moldova. In any case, no aircraft over the unoccupied Moldova.

      The purpose is defensive, not offensive, so no need to threaten the enclave, just say it will continue to be handled by diplomatic means.

      The best solution is to admit Moldova to NATO.

      Let’s see if the Russians really want to go to war with NATO over Moldova. I doubt it.

    760. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The latest Quinnipiac poll shows strong support for the U.S. troops being involved in defending NATO countries.

      Americans think 66 – 20 percent that Putin has intentions to invade other countries beyond Ukraine.
      If Russia invades a NATO country, Americans say 70 – 21 percent that American troops should get

      Support has increased for President Biden’s decision to deploy thousands of troops to Eastern Europe to
      support U.S. allies in NATO. Americans now support the decision 70 – 21 percent. In a February 16, 2022
      Quinnipiac University Poll, they supported it 54 – 36 percent.
      “American support for defending NATO countries surrounding Ukraine grows dramatically, but
      Americans cast a wary eye on the possible consequences. By more than three to one, they see Russia expanding its attack, and register deep concern over the darkest possible scenario, a nuclear attack on NATO and/or the
      United States,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

      Americans give President Biden a negative 37 – 52 percent job approval rating with 11 percent not
      offering an opinion. That’s compared to a negative 35 – 55 percent job approval rating in Quinnipiac University’s February 16, 2022 poll.

    761. Phil says:

      One thing we’ve learned through all that the Russian military ain’t no great shakes. They can’t even establish air superiority over Ukraine.

      Can you imagine what NATO air power would do to their 40 mile convoy? It would be an smoldering ash heap inside of half a day. NATO air power would make short work of any Russian invasion force.

      Not worried about any Russian advance on Europe.

      Worry about China.

    762. Wes says:

      I didn’t see this coming:

      In the wake of of revelations about his affair–and accompanying salacious texts–Van Taylor has dropped out of the runoff for his seat in Congress.

      I guess Taylor figured three months of airing of his dirty laundry would fatally compromise his standing with voters as well as add strain to his marriage, which may already be heading for divorce. Effectively Republicans have their first freshman Congressman in March this year.

    763. Phil says:

      Taylor voted to certify the fraud election.

      Good riddance. He can join Liz and Kinzinger in political retirement. Bye Bye.

    764. Tina says:

      According to Putzaki, Biden did not have “time” to mention the 13 servicemen killed in Afghanistan.

      You just cannot make this sheot up.

    765. jason says:

      There is a good video in this article, towards the bottom “the crap gets real”.

      It shows a Ukrainian soldier with a Javelin missile launcher calmly talking and laughing as he approaches what looks like a serious firefight and where you can see som “Ruski” vehicles burning.

    766. jason says:

      Russians admit to 500 dead and 1500 wounded.

      So we know it is probably at least double that, meaning they are losing at least 200 KIA a day.

      That is a lot of body bags to take back to Russia.

    767. Tgca says:

      Illinois Speaker indicted.

      What’s going on with all this corruption in Illeenoys? Geez!

    768. Tgca says:

      Is Amerika getting dumberer?

      This is really unbelievable. Watch it through the end.

      I bet these folks have degrees from Harvard too!

    769. Bitterlaw says:

      As somebody who has been to Moldova, I say admit it to NATO now.

      For everybody opposed to no-fly zones, how far West do you want to let Russian aircraft kill civilians before it is acceptable to shoot them down? Warsaw? Helsinki? London?

    770. Bitterlaw says:


    771. Tgca says:

      My only concern with expanding NATO is whether it will dilute it and lose the common goals and result in just another organization where it’s members don’t see eye to eye or follow through on its agenda because of cultural differences.

      Will we see a NATO where some members refuse to support important resolutions economically and resource wise if they don’t agree with it?

      Will it become in essence useless like the UN where it turns it’s head away from much corruption and scandal or has dictators lead human rights commissions?

    772. jason says:

      NATO is a defensive military alliance, one for all, all for one.

      I don’t see the problem if it has 25 members or 30 members if it has a common goal

      Members should abide by the rules just like any other organization.

      The UN has no common goal, and comparing it to the UN is not a serious comparison.

      Admit Moldova NOW!

    773. jason says:

      For everybody opposed to no-fly zones”

      Bitter, the isolationists want to have it both ways.

      On one side, they say Russia is weak militarily, not a geopolitical foe, doesn’t want to recreate a Greater Russia/Soviet Union, worry about China instead, blah, blah blah.

      On the other, we need to NOT confront Russia in any way, be very careful, we can’t have no fly zones, we can’t respond to their threats to use nukes, we have to be profoundly scared of ticking them off, because they are formidable!

      The isolationists are wrong on both counts, btw.

    774. jason says:

      I am sure supporters of Biden’s agenda like the Biden Troll and Amoral Scumbag understand this.

      “NBC asks Kamala Harris if Biden will sanction Russia’s oil and gas industry.

      Harris responds: “As it relates to what we need to do domestically as well as what we need to do in terms of this issue generally, we have, as the president said, reevaluated what we’re doing”

    775. jason says:


      “Ukrainian anti-corruption authorities: No need to declare captured Russian tanks, equipment as income.

      The National Agency for the Protection against Corruption has stated that captured Russian tanks and equipment do not need to be declared to tax authorities”

    776. Phil says:

      We should absolutely not directly engage in combat with Russia in Ukraine. Send arms, do sanctions sure. Absolutely.

      As far as engaging Russians in a NATO country, absolutely. Hit them with every conventional weapon we have.

      I think that is the overwhelming consensus on this board. I don’t see any disagreement.

      However, Russia isn’t going to invade any NATO country with their military. Their military would be devastated. Not in the least impressed with what I’ve seen of it so far. Watching them so far in Ukraine has been a real eye opener. NATO’s air force would chew them up and spit them out. Their only choice would be a humiliating defeat or go tactical nukes, Not an option because they’d know it would be suicidal. Russians would kick Putin to the curb if he tried anything like that.

      Europe is secure.

    777. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I would place a 100-mile no fly zone along the borders of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. It would be for the purpose of protecting refugees and civilians. It would not involve any sort of offensive measures into the Ukraine. Would move to get the U.N. to also approve it. On what grounds could Putin object to a clearly humanitarian measure?

    778. Bitterlaw says:

      So we should let Russia attack and kill as many civilians as possible as long as they are not NATO civilians. Got it.

    779. Phil says:

      You want to go to war with Russia over Ukraine because that is what you will get.

      I’m more concerned about American lives and I’m not ready to see Americans come home in body bags over Ukraine.

    780. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Do you honestly believe that Putin will stop at Ukraine? He is already threatening Moldova. Moldova will not be able to stand against a Russian attack.

    781. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin growls at us like a cowardly dog. If we face him and challenge him, he will back away. If we run from him, he runs after us, snapping at our heels. Time to stand firm — Reagan did so and it caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. American weakness now could restore it.

    782. Phil says:

      He’s got all he can handle with Ukraine now, bitter. Did you see his own casualty report the Russians put out today? Weapons are pouring in by the hour and he’s paying a heavy price and that price gets steeper by the day. We could no doubt wipe that convoy off the face of the earth with air power in a day or two….but then Putin is going to have to turn to his only military option. Tactical nukes and then you are really, really looking at massive casualties. He’d either do that or have to withdraw with his tail between his legs. I’m not sure he’d choose that. Give the Ukranians all the intel they need, stingers or whatever to defend themselves. Let them do it. Youcan’t risk nuclear war over a country that is not in our national interest. Not when you are talking nukes.

    783. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      812. I agree with Phil that it would be much better for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians than NATO. It would humiliate Putin and his grand plan to recreate the Soviet Union. Saying that, NATO should pour in supplies, and do believe areas along the borders where refugees are present should be no fly zones. Seeing refugees murdered close to the border is unacceptable. Plus I would not put it below Putin to bomb in areas of adjacent countries.

    784. Tgca says:

      If the goal of US intervention is to protect civilians from dictators and tyrants, then the US should intervene in every regional war in the world to protect civilians at risk.

      Why are the civilians in Europe any more important than the civilians in Asia, Africa, or South America?

      Favoring intervention when European civilians are at risk but not other civilians of the world gives credence to the complaints that the US intervention is racially selective.

      Again, I have no problem with US intervention if it escalates to where important strategic US interests are significantly threatened but if not, then regional conflicts should be handled regionally, at least with respect to American military intervention.

    785. Phil says:

      If it was truly necessary to protect refugees I could go as far as a no fly zone on the western border of Ukraine. No problem with that at all. Not sure Putin would be trying to bomb refugees fleeing Ukraine though. No military advantage in it for him and the PR would be atrocious – and boy, he doesn’t need any more bad PR. That dude has a boat load of trouble.

    786. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      807. “I would place a 100-mile no fly zone along the borders of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. It would be for the purpose of protecting refugees and civilians. It would not involve any sort of offensive measures into the Ukraine. Would move to get the U.N. to also approve it”

      There is precedent for U.N. established “safe areas”. The U.N. was involved in establishing them in Rwanda, and later in Bosnia during the Bosnian War.

      Six were established in Bosnia. They were known as the “UN Safe Areas”. Russia may try and object or veto the safety zones — but it would make Putin look like a war criminal he really is — as am sure the U.N. discussion would focus on the war crimes he is committing. Let’s put Putin in the international hot seat and hold him accountable for his actions. The atrocities in Srebrenica resulted in the Serbian leader being convicted of war crimes and put in jail. Putin needs to know the former Serbian leader needs a cell mate.

    787. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. Yes the caveat being or us having Treaty obligations, which might be synonymous with strong national interest.
      BTW the Atlanta Fed 1st quarter GDP estimate as of March 1 is 0% growth; this with inflation at 8%.

    788. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Zelensky: ‘Russia’s friends- North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, Belarus and no one else.’ Following a United Nations General Assembly meeting in which 141 countries called on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky highlighted that only those four nations voted against the resolution. Zelensky said Russia will have no other friends because it “does not know how to live in peace.””

    789. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “JP Morgan: Russia risks default on public debt. Russia is to pay off more than $700 million in government bonds this month, and the impact of sanctions and frozen assets will make this difficult, writes Reuters citing the bank’s internal memo. Russia’s total public debt is $40 billion.”

    790. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is reminiscent of Reagan’s strategy to destroy the Soviet Union. Reagan got the Saudis to flood the world with oil, which reduced the price so low it crippled the Soviet economy. They could not match the U.S. major increase in defense spending.

      Putin’s Russia is dependent on energy sales for income. Dry up his income stream, and he is in deep financial trouble.

      “Italy has halted its share of the financing for the Arctic LNG 2 project, as Western companies and countries continue to sell their stakes in Russian energy projects, even absent of energy-related sanctions.

      Tankers carrying Russian LNG to Europe have changed course, oil majors such as Shell, BP, and Exxon have pulled out of Russian oil projects at great expense, and now, Italy has suspended its financing for the Arctic LNG 2 project, owned by Russian gas producer Novatek.”

    791. Bitterlaw says:

      Ok, Phil. Because Russia has nukes, it can attack any non-NATO country it wants. Got it.

    792. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      821. Not only that, but Putin can also demand Alaska back and $100 billion a year payments from the U.S.

    793. jason says:

      I am sorry to see Phil join the “Putin can do whatever he wants because he has nukes” crowd.

      Peace in our time! Appeasement!

      It has worked so well over the course of History, let’s try it with Putin.

    794. jason says:

      Putin growls at us like a cowardly dog. If we face him and challenge him, he will back away. If we run from him, he runs after us, snapping at our heels. Time to stand firm — Reagan did so and it caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. American weakness now could restore it”

      Excellent post.

      Or we can back down and let Putin threaten us with nuclear war and recreate the Soviet Union, which will cost a lot more in money and lives than standing firm now.

    795. Country Dick Montana says:

      Bitter, you claim that you wanted to serve. If you truly believe that this war is vital to our interests, then you should go. Regardless of your age and disability I am sure the Ukrainians would give you an AK47 or Javelin.

      I am content to wait it out. My prediction was that Putin would be dead by the end of the week, it may take longer but shortly he will no longer be of this earth.

    796. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Let’s not forget that purportedly when Putin threatened to invade the Ukraine, Trump responded that he would nuke Moscow. Putin might have looked at Trump and thought “this guy is crazy enough to do it”.

    797. JeffP says:

      811 Completely agree…

      Biden is a feckless leader. Corrupt as hell.

      Kamala Harris is annoying as hell and her abilities to lead are about good as a teenage slut. She is so over her head.

      They are both hoping this Ukraine issue goes away ASAP and doesn’t escalate. They don’t give a damn and are in over their heads.

      Our best hope is Putin is removed from within.

    798. Bitterlaw says:

      Sure, CDM. I will check the flight schedule to Ukraine.

      “Content to wait it out” really means “I’m fine with dead Ukrainians.” Just say it.

    799. jason says:

      “military advantage in it for him and the PR would be atrocious – and boy, he doesn’t need any more bad PR. That dude has a boat load of trouble.”

      Zzzzzz…. does Phil really think Putin cares about “bad PR”?

      He is bombing population centers, including a Holocaust memorial. He is causing a refugee crisis of millions of people. He just lost the UN vote 141-4, only Belarus, N. Korea, Syria and Eritrea didn’t vote to expel him from Ukraine.

      He is not worried about “PR”. He is actively seeking to recreate the Soviet Union, and as soon as he is able to overthrown the Ukranian govt he will move on to Moldova and elsewhere.

      The isolationists here were wrong that Putin was just saber rattling with 150k troops and would never invade, maybe only the separatist enclaves.

      They are even more wrong that Putin only wants the Ukraine, and that appeasing him is the way to go.

    800. jason says:

      My prediction was that Putin would be dead by the end of the week, it may take longer but shortly he will no longer be of this earth.”

      That is fine, hope it happens. If it does, and Putin is not replaced by another Putin, that would be a way out.

      But you don’t react to this kind of crisis by “hoping your opponent dies”.

    801. JeffP says:

      Great strategy yesterday… publicly announcing postponing nuclear weapon testing…

    802. jason says:

      Content to wait it out”


      Give CDM the “Neville Chamberlain Award” for the week.

      Sorry Neville Allen, there is always next week.

    803. jason says:

      f you truly believe that this war is vital to our interests, then you should go.”

      Shameful BS, intellectual dishonesty of the worst kind.

      The implication here is that Bitter cannot advocate for standing up to Putin because he cannot fight himself.

      When CDM writes something that stupid, you know he has no more cogent arguments, and has just devolved into the worst of isolationist talking points.

    804. jason says:

      I served in the military.

      I hope it is ok for me to be opposed to Putin recreating the Soviet Union.

      With CDM’s blessing, of course.

      But maybe it isn’t, maybe in order to express that opinion I have to fly to the Ukraine with my AR-15.

    805. Tgca says:

      If Europe is so serious about stopping Pootin then they should take more extreme measures instead of casting useless votes at the UN. Severe action is needed from Europe 1st! That will rally the world around them.

      Shut down Russian oil sales. Tell their own citizens they need to make sacrifices to avoid further Russian aggression in Europe. This could cause their economies to shut down but isn’t that worth a new Mother Russia swallowing up its neighbors? If Europe shut down for a pandemic, it should be willing to shut down here as well. Buying Russian oil is what’s funding this aggression.

      Talk is cheap! Let Europe lead with actions NOW! Evidently their current diplomacy isn’t working.

      No American intervention with troops until Europe acts and is willing to sacrifice its own.

    806. Tgca says:


      Jadon going to Ukraine as a mercenary is not a bad idea.

      It’s an opportunity for him to earn some extra bucks, as I understand the mercs get paid very well.

      It would also save the lives of countless swine in PA with Jadon abroad brandishing his AR-15.

    807. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason, you can have whatever opinion that you want. I won’t even call you names over it. This is an opinion site.

      Bitter I am just as heartbroken over dead Ukrainians and those that have lost their homes and belongings. I want to see Putin and most of his oligarchs dead and the money used ti rebuild Ukraine. On any given day there are wars both page and small happening in the world. There are people suffering due to totalitarian governments. Virtue signaling on a blog doesn’t change any of that.

    808. Tgca says:

      If this is true, then this gives further credence that China is no friend to the West and is our biggest threat since China’s economic clout and impact on US interests is much greater than Russia’s.

    809. jason says:

      CBS has its priorities straight, pun intended.

      “Transgender acceptance in Ukraine is not widespread, and changing legal documents to match gender requires a long process with psychiatric examinations. CBS News spoke with one woman in Kyiv who is now battling a “war within a war” amid Russia’s invasion”

    810. jason says:

      Jason, you can have whatever opinion that you want.”

      Thanks, man, very generous of you.

    811. jason says:

      Jason, you can have whatever opinion that you want.”

      See Bitter, all you have to do for that “privilege” so generously granted by CDM is serve in the military.

      Sorry you don’t qualify.

      And of course, the guy CDM so much wants to appease and grovel before doesn’t extend that privilege to his citizens or those he wants to conquer. But who cares, no sense opposing it, will never happen here.

    812. Country Dick Montana says:

      Anytime Jason. You don’t even have to ask.

    813. jason says:

      t would also save the lives of countless swine in PA with Jadon abroad brandishing his AR-15.”

      Zzzzzz…. I eat most North Carolina swine, GFY.

    814. Phil says:

      Putin can demand Alaska back and billions in payments because it has nukes? Where the hell did you get that?


      Although, if he wants California I’d consider it.

    815. jason says:

      “and impact on US interests is much greater than Russia’s.”

      What a load of horse crap.

      If you have two types of cancer, do you only treat one because one is worse than the other?

      The idea that it is ok to let Putin invade any country he wants to recreate the Soviet Union because China is also a geopolitical adversary is asinine beyond belief.

      I have a feeling the isolationist who keep bleating “Russia ok, China bad” will turn tail and fold like cheap suits the minute it comes to confronting China over Taiwan too.

    816. Country Dick Montana says:

      Appease and grovel?? That is actually pretty funny.

    817. jason says:

      Putin can demand Alaska back and billions in payments because it has nukes? Where the hell did you get that?”

      Seems like a reasonable assumption to me, if you are afraid to confront Putin’s aggression because he has nukes.

    818. Phil says:

      Nothing reasonable about it.

      What is it about “hitting Russia with everything we have if he moves on NATO makes you think I’m afraid to confront Putin over Alaska ? I guess that was some kind of trying to use an absurd example to illustrate a point but come on.

      That’s so apples and oranges it’s nonsense.

    819. Tgca says:


      I in no way believe in appeasing Russia. I just want to see Europeans step up and sacrifice their own before the US does since it’s on their borders.

      As of now, no country in the world, including the US is making any serious sanctions enough to stop the Russian aggression. It’s all talk and these sanctions are not hurting Russia enough to stop its invasion. If Ukraine and other nations fall to Russia, then it’s on Europe for failing to act swiftly and timely.

      If the US and Europe are really serious, they could stop the Russian aggression within days by stopping all oil purchases and instituting no fly zones. Short of that or direct military conflict, it’s all posturing and Pootin knows it, and the Ukrainians are on their own unless wiser heads prevail in Russia and cast out Pootin.

      Wake me up when there are real consequences to Russia. Until then, I’ll spend my time gathering new tasty tofu recipes.

    820. jason says:

      Appease and grovel?? That is actually pretty funny.”

      That is your position. Own it.

    821. jason says:

      What is it about “hitting Russia with everything we have if he moves on NATO makes you think I’m afraid to confront Putin over Alaska ?”

      Wow, Phil will make a stand on AK?

      Give him a medal.

    822. Gordon Allen says:

      Totally nonsensical comparisons unrelated to reality.
      What is real is that Putin is not now, and will be even less. a conventional threat to Nato. NONE. He can barely subdue Ukraine, and likely can’t occupy it fully. He will go broke if he tries, and fail.
      As a factoid the British and French, members of Nato, have nuclear deterrents of their own(8 SSBN’s, with 128 nuclear missiles) so it’s not all om us anyway/
      Putin is overrated as a threat to the West( short of his nuclear arsenal), and has over reached.
      Sure would be nice if he had an “accident”, tripping and falling out of a Kremlin window though. Probably no such luck, but one can hope.

    823. Phil says:

      Just for clarification, what specifics do you stand up to Putin types actually propose for Ukraine? Be specific please.

    824. jason says:

      If Ukraine and other nations fall to Russia, then it’s on Europe for failing to act swiftly and timely.”


      The ignorance oozing from simplistic turd of an analysis this is incredible, like Russia taking “over the Ukraine and other countries” is not an issue for the US.

      It’s like telling your leg that if it does not provide enough circulation to your gangrenous foot, it’s on your leg if the foot has to be cut off.

    825. Phil says:

      Specifics please?

    826. jason says:

      Putin is overrated as a threat to the West”


      So there is no reason to appease him and grovel before him.

      I thought we were afraid of him, according to your previous post, “he would kick our ass” if we intervened.

      I am glad we put that to rest.

    827. jason says:

      Specifics please?”

      We should have imposed a no-fly zone over the Ukraine BEFORE hostilities started and let Putin decide if he wanted a wider war over the Ukraine.

      According to Neville Allen, no chance of that since his military sucks and he is no “threat”. Without air support, there would have been no invasion.

      NOW we should organize a massive military and humanitarian airlift that will both give the Ukrainian military advanced weapons to fight the Russians and alleviate the refugee situation. We should encourage the NATO countries that have planes Ukrainian pilots can fly to cede them, we will replace any that are lost. We should supply them with long range missiles that can attack concentrations of Russian forces from long distance, there are plenty of areas in the Ukraine to launch them from.

      We should impose a no-fly zone over Moldova and any other non-NATO country that requests it.

    828. jason says:

      And contrary to Neville Allen’s opinion that Putin should be allowed to threaten us with nuclear weapons unchallenged, we should be clear that any use of nuclear weapons in the European theater will turn Russia into a sea of glass. THAT is language Putin understands. Letting his threats go unchallenged will always be a sign of weakness in his view and encourage him to more aggressive stances.

    829. Gordon Allen says:

      Fox Business ( Stu Varney show) reports rumor Putin will declare martial law in Russia tomorrow.
      Whether in whole country or only parts?
      Wow if true
      There must be real issues there if it is.

    830. JeffP says:

      Remember when Biden called it an incursion? Token sanctions for Russia? Then after the Russian early attempt to take Kiev was under way Biden offered to give Zelenskyy a ride out of Ukraine? Why didn’t the US arm the Ukraine earlier?

      One thing Biden and Putin didn’t expect was Ukraine resistance and Zelenskyy leadership.

      They are both evil corrupt liars.

    831. jason says:

      At Predictit, the odds of the Rs winning the House are at 84%, and 77% for the Senate.

      I am not convinced the Senate odds are that high.

      A lot could still go wrong. Walker could self destruct in GA, although so far he is doing well. Vance could win the OH primary, although not likely. Brnovich could lose the primary to deadender Blake Masters, although not likely.

      Rs sacrificed winnable seats in NH and MD, although still a chance in NH.

      I currently give Rs a 60% chance not 77.

      84% seems reasonable for the House.

    832. jason says:

      A coup in Russia would be an ideal solution.

      Not likely because he has surrounded himself by a protected elite who have a lot to lose if he goes. It is purchased loyalty but it is effective. It doesn’t really matter if he is popular or unpopular, people don’t give up privileges for the greater good, not human nature.

      Saddam Hussein had the same system, allowing him to stay in power even if a vast majority of the population suffered as a consequence. As long as the protected elite supported him, he was good to go. Erdogan in Turkey survived a military coup for this reason also.

      So the elite is not going to overthrow him. More likely a coup would come from less senior officers in the military that would rebel against their superiors and the movement would spread.

    833. jason says:

      Remember when Biden called it an incursion?”

      Biden invited Putin to invade the separatist regions, on the theory shared by many of the isolationist Nevilles here that it would satisfy Putin and avert a wider crisis.

      Putin, as I predicted, had bigger fish to fry and said thanks Joe, but I am going for the whole shebang. Which is not only the Ukraine.

    834. jason says:

      The US and Europe should also start a massive propaganda and information onslaught directed at the Russian people.

      Remind them of all the body bags coming back and all their hard earned money wasted in destroyed equipment in the Ukraine.

      Ask them how much more they are willing to spend on goods and services and how much a hit on quality of life do they want to endure for the dream of a Greater Russia.

    835. JeffP says:

      Anyone buying Potassium Iodine pills? I am,

      Thanks Joe….Let’s Go Brandon!

    836. JeffP says:

      It will be interesting to see what Finland does regarding NATO.

      The EU and UK is far more important now in this crisis with Zeros VP in the WH.

    837. Phil says:

      The only reason the House is as low as 84% is the lousy job Republicans have done on redistricting. What a joke.

      The Senate? 60 seems about right. Baris has credible polling showing Walker up by 4. I trust his polling in Georgia. He’s not a homer. His polling before had showed Democrats winning both Senate runoffs narrowly. He says Walker is in good shape and he expects Walker to win. NH? A wasted opportunity. Nevada, will have to overcome the Democratic laws that codified mail in voting and ballot harvesting. Ohio? Vance won’t win the primary so I’m optimistic there. Most vulnerable Republican seat is Pa hands down. Arizona is 50-50 but should have been a slam dunk. Weak candidates. Map for Republicans will look a lot better in 24.

    838. JeffP says:

      I watched a press conference Sunday on Sky News when the EU announced a few countries were sending fighter jets to Ukraine. Within 24 hours it was withdrawn. Why?

    839. jason says:

      “Voice of America (VOA) said Russian officials threatened to block their Russian-language website in the country unless it halts coverage of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

      In a statement on Wednesday, the American state-owned broadcaster said Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor claimed VOA’s Russian site,, “contains false messages about terrorist attacks or other kind (sic) of information of public concern.”

      Roskomnadzor also demanded that VOA remove a news story published about the second day of the Russian invasion, which the news service called “factual” reporting.

      “Any attempts to interfere with the free flow of news and information are deeply troubling. We find this order to be in direct opposition to the values of all democratic societies,” acting VOA Director Yolanda López said in a statement.

      “The Russian people deserve unfettered access to a free press and, therefore, we cannot comply with the Roskomnadzor’s request,” López added.

    840. jason says:

      I am sure the Putin appeasers are fine with this, after all, it is not our problem and it will never happen here.

      Btw, this includes calling the war a war and calling the invasion an invasion.

      “This week, lawmakers proposed a 15-year prison sentence for people who post “fakes” about the war, and rumors are swirling about soon-to-be-closed borders or martial law. The Education Ministry scheduled a video lesson to be shown in schools nationwide Thursday that described the war against Ukraine as a “liberation mission.”

    841. jason says:

      Republican senator call HHR isolationists liars.

      “The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is just the first step of Vladimir Putin’s plan to reassemble America’s Cold War enemy, U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo told members of the Boise Metro Chamber on Thursday. “He has made it absolutely clear that his objective is to reconstruct the U.S.S.R.,” Crapo said during his speech before 150 people at The Riverside Hotel. “He has never agreed that Ukraine was not a part of Russia.”

    842. JeffP says:

      THIS IS THE WORST…Daily Mail…Let’s Go Brandon! What a f in loser.

      President Joe Biden suggested the Capitol riot inspired Putin to invade Ukraine and divide the West and then falsely claimed rioters killed five cops on January 6.

      ‘Vladimir Putin was counting on being able to split up the United States,’ Biden said in a speech in Superior, Wisconsin.

      ‘Look, how would you feel if you saw crowds storm and break down the doors of the British Parliament and kill five cops, injure 145? Or the German Bundestag or the Italian Parliament?’ he asked.

    843. Country Dick Montana says:

      He can start rebuilding the the old USSR after he gets his troops and equipment out of Ukraine. That might be a while or it might not be.

      I am old enough to to really remember the old USSR. I remember McCarthyism and the Red Scare. I can remember when Xhina was a joke. With the exception of Duck and cover drills I don’t remember them having a huge effect on us. I mean with the exception of having to occasionally go in and knock off some South American dictator who was getting a little too cozy with the USSR.

    844. jason says:

      “The House passed a resolution on Wednesday to declare support for Ukraine’s sovereignty in the face of the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, while urging an “immediate cease-fire.”

      Lawmakers in both parties voted near-unanimously in favor of the resolution, 426-3. The only votes in opposition were from three Republicans: Reps. Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Matt Rosendale (Mont.).”

      Massie and Gosar are morons, surprised at Rosendale.

    845. jason says:

      I am old enough to to really remember the old USSR. ”

      You are certainly old enough to have forgotten the lessons of History.

      Appeasement of despots like Putin never works.

      “He can start rebuilding the the old USSR”

      The invasion of the Ukraine IS part of rebuilding the old USSR.

    846. Phil says:

      From what I’ve seen of Putin’s military so far he’s not reconstituting the Soviet Empire or anything else.

      Invading NATO countries? With that military? Don’t make me laugh. Conventional military invasion of Poland for example would be military suicide.for Prussia. They’d get their asses handed to them. He’d have to escalate to tactical nukes to even the military balance and of course that would result in a like retaliation. His destruction. He knows that.

    847. Phil says:

      Russia, not Prussia. Lol

    848. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason you forgot “when he gets his troops and equipment out of Ukraine.” He can’t even do that.

      And I remember history. The USSR was an order of magnitude stronger than Russia is now. Putin a conscript army can’t even roll over a smaller opponent that is halfway depending on citizen soldiers. Keep him there for a while. It will keep him from making more mischief.

    849. mnw says:

      “Moldova Prepared to Defend Against Attack From Russia and Belarus,” according to their ambassador to the U.S.

      Well… it’s a lot easier to arm up & prepare before the invasion starts. All the equipment now pouring into Ukraine could & should have been delivered way back when.

      I’m surprised and impressed by all the changes taking place among our erstwhile European allies. Prior to Ukraine, I’d written most of those govts off as supine, useless and anti-American (with a few obvious exceptions). Looks like Ukraine has concentrated their minds wonderfully.

      Russian leaders must be aghast at what’s happening in western Europe all of a sudden– Finland’s legislature debating NATO membership (Finland!); Germany honest-to-God getting re-arming. Lots of other stuff too.

    850. jason says:

      Almost feel sorry for these guys. But they probably voted for Putin.

    851. jason says:

      Anyone buying Potassium Iodine pills? I am”


      PT Barnum was right…

    852. jason says:

      It will keep him from making more mischief.’


      Did you look at the news? How much more mischief is ok with you?

      “The number of refugees fleeing across the borders of Ukraine has reached a grim milestone, the U.N. said, as Russia’s siege of key cities across the country extended into Thursday, with Moscow saying it now controls a city in southern Ukraine.

      The U.N.’s top refugee official said on Wednesday that 1 million people have now fled across the borders of Ukraine since Russian forces invaded a week ago.”

      Are you really that stupid? Actually, don’t answer, it is rhetorical.

    853. jason says:

      Also let if be recorded CDM has just termed the invasion of a sovereign country of 40 million people, the bombing of civilian populations and the displacement of a million refugees in just one week as “mischief”.

      Truly disgusting. The intellectual dishonesty is astounding.

    854. Tgca says:


      It’s not ignorance. It’s reality!

      No one is saying the US doesn’t have a dog in the fight or have risks, because anytime Europe and Australia, or parts of Asia, Africa, and South America are destabilized, that is a risk for the US as well.

      We are saying the US is not here to lead in policing the world. The Europeans can handle this without US boots on the ground if they acted promptly. Their combined military and nukes are capable of offsetting Russia easily.

      Thus far, the Europeans engaged in weak diplomacy and half-ass sanctions so if it escalates, it is their fault for not better planning the threat in their own backyard.

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you if someone is banging at your door with a gun that you don’t try and negotiate with them to stop and then wait until they break the door down to run to get your gun and load it for defensive measures. Such stupidity lies at your feet then because you grossly mishandled the threat.

    855. jason says:

      I don’t normally agree with mnw on anything, but his point is well taken that if there is one silver lining in all this, it is that it has awakened many of the European countries living in the same delusion and prompted them to unify in purpose start taking steps to beef up their military and confront Russia for the threat it is.

    856. jason says:

      You could have stopped at “No one is saying the US doesn’t have a dog in the fight or have risks”

      That part was right. The rest is drivel.

    857. jason says:

      Wasserman worried?

      “After last night, Republicans likely have a full slate of Latinas contesting three Rio Grande Valley seats:

      #TX15 Monica De La Cruz
      #TX28 Cassy Garcia (pending runoff)
      #TX34 Mayra Flores

      Rs already favored in #TX15, but all three could be in play in a total Dem collapse.”

    858. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason. Can you tell me what it is you trying to accomplish? You throw around insults at people here as if they will make a bit of difference.

      I have no quarrel with your opinions on the matter of this particular war. We have differences with regard to whether or not Putin can put together the old USSR. Judging by what I have seen in Ukraine it isn’t going to happen. Now he might choose to totally obliterate it and he certainly has the ability to do that. But what does he gain. He would still have to go full Stalin and pacify it.

      Nobody here invaded Ukraine. Most think it is horrible due to the deaths or are ambivalent. No matter where we sit on the issue there is nothing that anyone here can do about it.

    859. Tgca says:


      It is a contradiction to call for a massive propaganda campaign aimed at the Russian people if, as in 862, one also believes Pootin is so insulated and protected by money and the military, that like Saddam and Erdogan, that the vast majority of the people will suffer no matter what because Pootin can still rule over them with fear.

      What use is a propaganda campaign then if the people are powerless against Pootin? A propaganda campaign in Iraq, North Korea, and Iran as well serves no real useful purpose if the dictators lead with an iron fist and are well-protected.

      I’m not saying I disagree about using propaganda, I’m saying it makes no sense to call for its use if you believe, it will not matter.

    860. Tgca says:


      Another political vote that means nothing! As about as impactful as the UN vote.

      Vote on a measure that actually has teeth to it and will make a difference please.

      The Ukrainians don’t need votes to say Pootin is a bad bad person. They need votes from countries to support actions to reverse Pootin’s actions and stall any further ones.

    861. Country Dick Montana says:

      Nordstream 2 AG just laid off all 106 employees. Of course most of them are Swiss.

    862. Tgca says:



      If the US wants to do something to stop Pootin, then the US needs to act.

      It needs to stop purchasing Russia oil!

      It needs to protect Ukrainian airspace!

      It needs to confront the Russian military!

      It needs to decide if it’s ready to go to war with Russia over Ukraine!

      It’s that simple!

      Anything else here from the US is just all useless talk. No action. America looks weak if it pounds it’s chest but takes no serious action.

      If people in the US want to stop Pootin, agree to war because all the speeches, political resolutions, and weak sanctions have done nothing so far to deter Pootin and things have significantly worsened in Ukraine.

      Failure to act by Europeans and US will lead to Pootin’s victory.

    863. jason says:

      Jason. Can you tell me what it is you trying to accomplish? You throw around insults at people here as ionf they will make a bit of difference.”

      Frankly, I think your disgusting depiction of this war as “mischief” in order to minimize Putin’s role and ambition is much more an insult to anyone’s intelligence than any insult I could make.

      There is no free lunch here, and if you want to grovel before Putin and spew isolationist drivel based on hopes and prayers and short of facts and pretend the recreation of the Soviet Union is not a problem be my guest. I am going to call you on it whether it “makes any difference” or not.

    864. Tgca says:

      French President Macron Expects Worst Is Yet to Come in Ukraine

      No chit Sherlock!

      It’s because the Europeans have done nothing to really stop it.

      Don’t complain about the situation if you’re not willing to REALLY do anything about it.

      Perhaps we need another speech at the UN or another resolution from American politicians. The Ukrainians can’t wait for that because they know that’ll put the fear in Pootin!

    865. jason says:

      The isolationists here act like Putin has been defeated.

      Far from it. He has more troops in the Ukraine every day. He is forcing millions of Ukrainians to leave. The major cities of the Ukraine are under siege. Sections of the country are already being annexed. Its infrastructure is being destroyed, its economy ruined.

      The Ukraine is not “winning”, it has survived a week of fighting at great cost.

      What has happened is the initial plan of decapitating the Ukrainian govt quickly and installing a puppet government has not gone as planned. Russians losses in lives and equipment are greater than expected.

      But saying that the Russian military has been defeated is fantasy, as well as saying they have to leave the Ukraine before attacking anybody else. They could attack Moldova from within the Ukraine, since Moldova does not border it.

    866. jason says:

      I’m not saying I disagree about using propaganda, I’m saying it makes no sense to call for its use if you believe, it will not matter.”

      I didn’t say it didn’t matter. I think it will matter a lot.

      What I said was that it would be difficult for Putin to be overthrown because of the structure of elites that surround him.

      But making a dent in his popularity, which supposedly is higher that 60% would certainly matter. Anything that weakens his power is positive.

    867. Country Dick Montana says:

      Dang, that hurts. I might not be able to sleep tonight.

      But you go ahead and blog things to death. I am sure the powers that be will be calling you soon to ask for advice.

    868. jason says:

      Nobody here invaded Ukraine. Most think it is horrible due to the deaths or are ambivalent”

      Wow, what brilliant thinking.

      It is ok for Putin to invade the Ukraine since nobody here participated in it?

      “Ambivalent” is just great. But I certainly believe you are ambivalent.

      I think Bitter had it right when he described you position as

      “Content to wait it out” really means “I’m fine with dead Ukrainians.” Just say it.

      Why don’t you just say it. The truth will set you free.

    869. jason says:

      I might not be able to sleep tonight.”

      I believe it.

      After all, just a little “mischief” shouldn’t take away anyone’s sleep.

    870. jason says:

      But you go ahead and blog things to death.”


      I see you are still here.

    871. Tgca says:

      Buh-bye Ukraine.

      Not Your Wingman: Western Nations Deny Plans to Provide Fighter Jets to Ukraine

      European nations including Poland, Great Britain, and NATO tell Ukraine they’re on their own; no military support.

      No military jets to be given to Ukraine!

      No fly zones are off the table!

      Now tell me why Pootin will not continue on and how the Europeans just gave Pootin a victory. Only the Ukrainians can save themselves.

      Any new Russian spread of dominance and Cold War is thanks to the Europeans now.

    872. Tgca says:


      Actually, from its latest actions, it appears Europe is willing to wait it out and are fine with the deaths of Ukrainians.

      Americans whining about this should be willing to send their kids over to fight on behalf of Ukraine now since the Europeans have given up and told Ukraine they’re on their own.

    873. jason says:

      I am sure the powers that be will be calling you soon to ask for advice.”

      Nah, my days of giving advice are over. I used to participate in strategy meetings, help formulate policy papers for campaigns, write letters to people in congress and government, all that good st-ff.

      Now I just blog to death and call out the Putin appeasers and isolationists like you on their naive and self defeating views.

    874. jason says:

      The fighter plane issue is a little more complex than “Europe doesn’t want to give Ukraine jets”

      As I posted before, the planes are not the same as used by the Ukrainians require training and maintenance and logistics support not available in the Ukraine.

      If the European countries did not want to provide the planes they wouldn’t have come up with the plan.

    875. jason says:

      That being said, I think they should train the Ukrainians in a crash program (no pun intended) and turn them loose on the Russians.

    876. Country Dick Montana says:

      Yes I am still here. But I will let you stew in your own juices for a while.

    877. jason says:

      Llama stew is good, but lamb is ok in a pinch.

    878. jason says:

      Any new Russian spread of dominance and Cold War is thanks to the Europeans now.”

      How convenient!

    879. Phil says:

      I don’t see Putin posing a threat to Europe. The former Warsaw Pact Eastern European countries are in no danger – not because Putin wouldn’t move to go after them if he could – he just doesn’t have the military to pull it off. NATO air power would wipe out any invasion force – and Putin knows it. Russian convoys would be wiped out. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. As I mentioned yesterday any 40 mile long convoys would. be toast in a matter of hours.

      We can disagree over Ukraine but let’s quit with the we have to stop Putin scare tactics. Stop him from what?

    880. jason says:

      Yes I am still here.”

      Good, I am looking forward to giving you some more examples of Putin’s “mischief”.

      I am actually surprised your intellectual dishonesty even allowed you to say “mischief” lest it be construed negatively by Putin.

      Are you sure it is not too strong a word?

      Some pictures of the “mischief”…

    881. jason says:

      Stop him from what?


    882. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. You are also wildly over rating Putin’s conventional, and economic ,staying power.
      He’s at full stretch defeating the Ukranians, and occupying it if need be. We’ve seen the actual limits of his real strength, and to a degree he is the Wizard of Oz, mostly bluster. Ukraine is not that strong militarily and is giving him more than I imagined, and from the beginning I was sceptical of his conventional strength, as my repeated posts show.
      I might have even over rated Russia myself, especially it’s Air Force.
      Putin has a GDP the size of Italy, or Spain, and has no potential to enlarge or improve his non nuclear military strength. His nuclear forces are formidable, but their use is largely only defensive in extremis. He can destroy, but not control, much more.
      This sadly doesn’t help the Ukranians much. They are an innocent victim of geography and history, both sometimes mean mistresses. In the long run they will eject Putin, and be a major contributor to his downfall .which I think is certain.
      But he doesn’t have anywhere close( technological eras factored out) to Hitler’s offensive potential, and he is not another Hitler( except perhaps in temperament), and can’t/won’t conquer Europe, or even Eastern Europe.

    883. jason says:

      I don’t see Putin posing a threat to Europe. ”

      Neville Chamberlain said that about Hitler.

      He was wrong too.

    884. jason says:

      or even Eastern Europe.”

      Brilliant said by the same guy who said there was no way Putin was going to launch a full scale invasion of the Ukraine.

    885. Phil says:

      Poland, Hungary, Germany? Where exactly?

      Good luck with that.

      Oh, wait. Alaska. I forgot. Lol

    886. Tgca says:

      Go back and read the article. It’s being reported the European nations are now backtracking and the offer of fighter jets appears off the table, as is the no-fly zone. See the quote from GB PM Johnson below.

      So like I said, Europe is NOT prepared to fight the good fight. They are prepared to write letters, give speeches, and pass resolutions that do NOT deter Pootin, all while still purchasing Russian oil to fund Pootin’s aggression.

      Translation: Europe is responsible for letting Russia spread aggression because they refuse any meaningful intervention, and any expansionist Russia and Cold War is on them.

      Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson flatly denying the possibility of UK aircraft enforcing a so-called “no-fly-zone” over Ukraine.

      “As I said to (Ukrainian President) Volodymyr Zelensky a couple of times, unfortunately, the implication of that is the UK would be engaged in shooting down Russian planes, it would be engaged in direct combat with Russia,” Johnson said during a press conference.

      “That’s not something that we can do or that we’ve envisaged. The consequences of that would be truly very, very difficult to control,” he concluded.

    887. Tgca says:

      913. Gordy

      I’m not suggesting Russia will be successful in their campaign, I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here stating that whatever happens is on the Europeans hands because they refuse to act NOW when it is most meaningful.

      I agree if the Ukrainians put up a good fight, that hurts Russia economically but Pootin has staked all on this and I don’t see him backing out soon because he will be humiliated, even if his nation faces great losses but we will see.

      My suspicion is Pootin will try to cling to power knowing if he backtracks now he looks weak. My guess is Pootin may want things to escalate with Europe as a chance to back out saying he did it to avert a large scale European war so he looks like he backed out to get peace and not because he was defeated by Ukrainians.

    888. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Corey will be delighted with this news:

      The Israeli newspapers are saying that the new nuclear agreement with Iran will be finalized within 36 hours. The Russian interlocutor to the negotiations has confirmed.
      The details are sketchy, but it is reprehensible that Russia, Iran and China know what’s in the deal, but the US Congress has been shut out.
      I understand that Republican Senators will try to force the Administration to submit the deal as a Treaty requiring a 2/3 vote of the Senate. They will not succeed currently, but who knows about next year.

      In my opinion, this is clearly an Impeachable offense. Add it to the list.

    889. jason says:

      The Biden Troll is a self loathing Jew who will sell out Israel in a nanosecond if he thinks it helps Biden’s agenda.

      No President was more supportive of Israel than Trump, especially after Obama/Biden who were unabashedly hostile to Israel, but the Biden Troll was here trying to defend Biden as not really being anti-Israel.

    890. jason says:

      Go back and read the article. It’s being reported the European nations are now backtracking and the offer of fighter jets appears off the table”

      Ahh so you admit there was an offer.

      In the first place Boris Johnson was never part of the plan, nor were British warplanes.

      Second, it was only Migs from ex-Iron Curtain countries, and it was determined the logistics didn’t work out.

      How that became “Europe is responsible for Russian aggression” is unmitigated BS.

    891. Proud Obamacon says:

      If you support Trump you support Putin the tyrannical war criminal.


    892. Tgca says:


      You’re missing the point. Europe is abandoning Ukraine by failing to offer any assistance or sanctions that would actually deter Pootin.

      It’s as if they have given Pootin a green light to the invasion.

      Europe is not serious about stopping Pootin but yet grandstanding with speeches and resolutions while still funding Pootin’s escapade by buying his oil.

      In essence, Pootin has won! Only Ukraine can overcome Pootin. Europe cannot be counted on here. Hence, the reason the US should not put one American life at risk when Europe will not.

    893. Phil says:

      No. Definitely Europe has never exactly been noted for their profile in courage mentality.

    894. DW says:

      Ukraine is going to fall. So far Phew-tin has only been sending in little-trained, new conscripted soldiers to be fodder. Once he sends in the real troops with the real weapons, Ukraine is toast. Very tragic.

    895. jason says:

      Mayor Lightfoot claims to have the biggest d-ck in Chicago…

      “According to the lawsuit, Lightfoot went on to accuse King and Smyrniotis of making “some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your d–ks with the Italians seeing whose got the biggest d–k … I am trying to keep Chicago Police officers from being shot and you are trying to get them shot. My d–k is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest d–k in Chicago.”

      The mayor, Smyrniotis claims in the lawsuit, went on to defame him personally, making “rude, insulting, false, and disrespectful statements” that he “lacked an ability to perform his job duties” by, among other things, asking: “Where did you go to law school? Did you even go to law school? Do you even have a law license?”

    896. Proud Obamacon says:

      If you b*tch about gas prices going up 18 cents , then you support Putin.


    897. Phil says:

      Ukraine is going to fall.

      Unfortunately. You are probably right.

    898. jason says:

      Proud Obamacon says:
      March 3, 2022 at 3:38 pm

      If you support Trump you support Putin the tyrannical war criminal.


      Hey, Roadkill Maggot is back to shill for Biden’s disastrous Presidency?

      Putin was afraid of Trump, he is not afraid of Biden.

      Come on, Roadkill Maggot, admit you miss Trump, who was a real President and not cognitively impaired.

    899. Phil says:

      Yeah. That’s it. All of us support Putin.

      Go away, troll.

    900. jason says:

      If you b*tch about gas prices going up 18 cents”

      How about like 2 dollars or more since Biden curtailed domestic oil production so he could give Putin $700 million a day.

      Who is supporting the tyrannical Putin, Roadkill Maggot?

    901. jason says:

      o far Phew-tin has only been sending in little-trained, new conscripted soldiers to be fodder. Once he sends in the real troops with the real weapons”

      We have been told here by the isolationist morons that Putin has no real troops with real weapons.

    902. jason says:

      Europe is not serious about stopping Pootin but yet grandstanding with speeches and resolutions”

      Zzzzzzz….. so is the US.

    903. Tgca says:


      I saw that earlier and thought of a crude remark to throw back in Lightfoot’s face but I would not post it here out of respect for our posters.

      Ok…maybe I will.

      As if you’d know what to do with a big d*ck or any size d*ck you perverted f*ckin’ rug muncher!

    904. Phil says:

      BTW, my local gas station was 3.25 a gallon day before yesterday. Yesterday it was 3.35. Went by this morning. 3.59!

      I don’t like it. Guess that means I support Putin.

    905. Tgca says:



      My point is people should stop whining about this Ukraine mess and Pootin trying to put Mother Russia back together unless they’re willing to make the REAL necessary sacrifices to kick Pootin back to Russia which is directly engage Russia in conflict to thwart their aggression and/or stop all oil purchases from them.

      If Europe or the US are not willing to do that, they are just politically grandstanding with empty words that don’t matter here. Action matters!

    906. Proud Obamacon says:

      Aight so Jason still a moron. Complains when ppl rightfully call out Trump’s derangement but he has no problem calling Biden “cognitively impaired”.

      Complains about gas prices going up 18 cents but also complains about importing oil to keep prices from going out of control.

      Jason wants it both ways . Same as always – a MORON

    907. Nancy Phucking Pelosi says:

      ason wants it both ways”

      I want it both ways with Roadkill Maggot and Putin….. Oh yes.

    908. jason says:

      but also complains about importing oil to keep prices from going out of control.”

      Hey Roadkill Maggot, there was an easier way to keep prices from going out of control (which they are btw) and that was to keep Trump’s energy independence policy.

      It is Biden that is giving Putin 700 million a day to “keep prices under control”.

    909. jason says:

      Complains when ppl rightfully call out Trump’s derangement but he has no problem calling Biden “cognitively impaired”.

      Trump wasn’t deranged, but Biden should be in a nursing home.

    910. jason says:

      Roadkill Maggot is confused.

      18 cents?

      Huh, the price of gas when Biden took office.

      “The national average price of a gallon of gasoline for the week of Jan. 18, 2021, was $2.38”

    911. Wes says:

      Hey, PO, we wouldn’t have to import oil from people like Putin if Biden hadn’t interfered with domestic oil production.


    912. jason says:

      My point is people should stop whining about this Ukraine mess and Pootin trying to put Mother Russia back together unless they’re willing to make the REAL necessary sacrifices”

      I think we have to stop Putin from recreating the Soviet Union, so I am willing to make the “necessary sacrifices”

      I have kids military age, so it not something I take lightly.

      Meanwhile, I will continue to point out the fact stopping Putin now will be cheaper in lives and money than it will be later.

    913. jason says:

      Hey, PO, we wouldn’t have to import oil from people like Putin if Biden hadn’t interfered with domestic oil production.


      Roadkill Maggot was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    914. Proud Obamacon says:

      Didn’t take long for Jason to transform into his alter ego Nancy P Pelosi . He is incapable of having a rational debate . Truly a deranged fellow.

    915. Proud Obamacon says:

      Woulda Coulda Shoulda . Wes and Jason still creaming they pants over Trump’s oil policy. Idiots, you know Biden was elected to move away from that policy, destructive to the environment and not sustainable for the long term. Yall either too stupid to understand this , or yall just put your head in the sand and worship your orange felon no matter what! Country chose to move on . Accept it MORON

    916. Proud Obamacon says:

      Hey, PO, we wouldn’t have to import oil from people like Putin if DUMBASS TRUMPERS DIDN’T B*TCH ABOUT GAS PRICES GOING UP 18 CENTS.

      There corrected it for ya LOLL

    917. JeffP says:

      881 just a minor addition to my two week survival kit. LOL

      I spend more time reading and watching UK a news…they are more realistic about nuclear realities with Putin.

    918. Wes says:

      Proud Obamacon says:
      March 3, 2022 at 5:05 pm
      Hey, PO, we wouldn’t have to import oil from people like Putin if DUMBASS TRUMPERS DIDN’T B*TCH ABOUT GAS PRICES GOING UP 18 CENTS.

      There corrected it for ya LOLL

      Can someone try to make sense out of that idiotic post for me?

    919. Proud Obamacon says:

      Seeing as it’s a simple sentence at a 5th grade level, I’m not surprised you can’t understand it LOL!!!

    920. Wes says:

      Oh. I understood it completely. You’re an idiot trying to cover for Biden by trying to make a cause and effect out of two unrelated things. The problem is that the underlying premise is as idiotic as any of the rest of your inane drivel.

    921. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The WI Supreme Court with one Republican Judge joining the three Court Liberals voted 4-3 to accept the Democrat Governor’s Congressional Redistricting Map and not the Legislative produced Map. I’m not sure how this will affect the balance of the State’s Delegation in DC. Stay tuned!
      Again, why do I vote for Republicans?!

    922. Meldrim says:

      “After last night, Republicans likely have a full slate of Latinas contesting three Rio Grande Valley seats:

      #TX15 Monica De La Cruz
      #TX28 Cassy Garcia (pending runoff)
      #TX34 Mayra Flores

      Rs already favored in #TX15, but all three could be in play in a total Dem collapse.”

      The redrawn TX-15 gave Trump 50.93% in 2020 (a big jump from how that area had voted in prior elections), and two largely unknown Democrats will fight it out (and spend what little money they have) in a run-off, so Mónica de la Cruz is the clear favorite there. R pickup.

      In TX-28, the Dems will have a run-off between scandal-tarred incumbent Henry Cuellar (arguably the least liberal Democrat in the House) and AOC-endorsed moonbat Jessica Cisneros; Cuellar beat Cisneros one-on-one in the 2020 primary (under the old lines) by a little over 3.5%, and led in the 2022 primary by a little over 1.5%. If Cuellar wins the primary, he will be favored over either former Ted Cruz aide Cassy García or her Anglo run-off contender Sandra Whitten in the overwhelmingly Hispanic CD that gave Trump 45.8% (the best GOP result in those counties since time immemorial), but an upset could not be ruled out, particularly if the ongoing FBI investigation into Cuellar’s dealings with foreign-government officials goes somewhere. If Cisneros wins the run-off, however, I think that Cassy García would be a slight favorite, since Cisneros would be ill suited to stopping the GOP surge in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, particularly when the GOP candidate is also Mexican-American; even Sandra Whitten would have a chance against Cisneros, but clearly the GOP’s best bet in that CD is to nominate a Latina.

      TX-34 is the most Democratic of the three CDs, and one that was made much more Democratic in redistricting than it had been in 2020. Even there, though, Trump got a not-too-shabby 41.71%, and if the swing towards the GOP in South Texas continues unabated it might sweep in Mayra Flores (who won her primary convincingly) as well. The Democratic candidate is Vicente González, who came close to losing to then-unknown and underfunded Mónica de la Cruz in the adjoining TX-15 and decided to move to the easier district when TX-34 incumbent Filemón Vela announced his retirement. González is the clear favorite here, but we should keep an eye on this district.

    923. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Add: Here is what the RRH geniuses say about the WI Map decision:

      March 3, 2022 at 5:47 pm | In reply to GerGOP
      Least change map. Very likely 6R-2D in 2022 but later in the decade best case for Dems is 4-4.

      March 3, 2022 at 5:50 pm | In reply to GerGOP
      It moves CD-1(Paul Ryan’s old seat) further to the left, but for the most part it really doesn’t hurt the GOP too much.

    924. Proud Obamacon says:

      “cause and effect out of two unrelated things”

      Oh rly wesley? So when Biden bans oil imports from Russia and prices go up, those are two unrelated things? I love this place. I just bookmarked your post LOL Love da comedy show .. err I mean freak show here! LOLLLLLL

    925. Meldrim says:

      #952, the Dem governor’s plan in WI was very similar to the current map, although it does make the GOP-held WI-01 more marginal. The GOP likely will pick up WI-03 (which the GOP drew as a Democrat CD in 2012 only to see it swing heavily towards Trump in 2016 and 2020) anyhow, and should hold WI-01 as well, giving it a one-seat pickup. However, it is preposterous that the Wisconsin Supreme Court would select the map proposed by the Democratic governor over the far more compact map drawn by the GOP legislature and vetoed by the governor; hopefully, the GOP will win back the governorship this November and redraws the districts next year.

    926. Meldrim says:

      The RRH geniuses are correct that the WI-01 may turn Democrat later in the decade, but I fail to see what that fourth Democrat CD would be. The Democrats are going to lose WI-03 this year, and they won’t be getting it back until rural areas start voting Democrat again (so don’t hold your breath).

    927. Wes says:

      Gas prices went up because Biden reversed Trump-era domestic energy production policies, PO. Then we had to start importing from people like Putin.

      Now you’re saying Jason and I caused the rise in has prices because we criticize Biden for his stupidity. I wish I had the power to affect gas prices. I’d make them lower than they are.

      You truly are an absolute moron.

    928. Wes says:

      Anyway I’m off to grab some cigars. Someone else can deal with that mindnumbed moron.

    929. Proud Obamacon says:

      wesley you should probably go back and read the posts again. You are the true moron.

      Try to separate yourself from your fantasy of having a threesome with Scalia and Trump , then maybe you’ll be able to comprehend a simple 5th grade level sentence. MO-RON!

      Hey, take MORON as a compliment. Buy your MORON t-shirt and support McCarthy LOL What a bunch of clowns we have here LOLLLLL

    930. Country Dick Montana says:

      So I go away for a few minutes and find that Paul apparently has been allowed to use his computer again and comes back as his PO persona.

      So recapping:

      PO likes higher fuel prices which means:
      Higher gasoline prices
      Higher food prices
      Higher electric and heating prices

      Those are all necessities.

      Who has the the least income and Is hurt by higher prices for necessities?

      The Poor

      The Poor are disproportionately people of color

      PO wants higher fuel prices
      PO wants the Poor to suffer
      PO wants POC To suffer. Which makes PO…

      You know.

    931. Proud Obamacon says:

      wesley tags in Captain Dick who starts off by twisting the premise and then building a strawman.

      Nice try Captain Dick, try again if you want any of my time sport.

    932. Phil says:

      Paul loose on the family computer again.

      3.59 a gallon down the street.

      Thanks, Joe.

    933. Proud Obamacon says:

      3.59 a gallon down the street.

      Thanks, Putin.

      There, had to make another correction LOL

    934. Country Dick Montana says:

      Sorry Paul would love to chat but I don’t talk to people who wish to hurt the poor, especially the POC poor. Feel free to refute any of the above when you get back from the Klan rally.

    935. Proud Obamacon says:

      LOL Captain Dick with a classic troll drive-by.

      Make something up.
      When called out on it, bolt!

      LOL heres today’s tally for MORON of the day

      Gold: Captain Dick
      Silver: wesley
      Bronze: Jason

      Standings are changing by the minute as seen by Captain Dick’s jumping way up to the TOP! LOLLLL

    936. Phil says:

      It was 2.19 a gallon on Inauguration Day. You know, the day before Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline. Uh, that wasn’t Putin….but thanks for playing.

      So much for your “correction”.

      Go away. You’re out of your depth.

    937. Country Dick Montana says:

      Phil, let’s be a little realistic, a better barometer of gas prices would be right before COVID, say December 2019. I think it was in the order of $2.80 a gallon. That was a healthy price in a booming economy. It is probably closer to $3.80 now with no end in site.

    938. Bitterlaw says:

      Proud Obamacon appears to remind us he’s a dope. Of course, why would somebody proud of Obama support Biden? Obama was a flaming leftist but competent. Biden will end up in Jimmy Carter/James Buchanan territory on the list of Presidents.

    939. Country Dick Montana says:

      Of course under Joe’s energy policies it will be stagflation again.

      Hey, Joe, the 70’s are calling!

    940. dylan says:

      Gas at my local station was up .40 overnight 5.39 from 4.99. How on earth are we gonna make it to 2024 for the love of all things holy . . .

    941. Phil says:

      CDM, I’ll defer to you on what should be a stable & fair price at the pump. You’ve got a long career in the business.

    942. Proud Obamacon says:

      Phil makes a bid for biggest MORON of the night. Phil knows damm what we talkin about and thats the jump in gas prices since Putin’s invasion.

      Putin invades, gas prices go up, Trumpers cream themselves blaming Biden. Trumpers blame Biden for importing gas from Russia to keep prices manageable. Biden will ban the imports. Prices will go up more. Trumpers will blame Biden after criticizing the very imports that keep prices from rising. DOES.NOT.COMPUTE! LOGIC was never the strength of yall Trumpers LOLLL

    943. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Phil Stewart
      · 36m
      BREAKING – Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine is on fire, says mayor of local town

    944. Phil says:

      Hey, dumbass. Gas prices were waaaay up before Ukraine. They had gone up far more from the time Biden took office until the start of the Ukraine crisis than they’ve gone up since the invasion.

      Facts are stubborn things. Now run along.

      You’re going to love election night.

    945. Bitterlaw says:

      Since we are just stating opinions, here is mine. Failing to stop Russia now will cost more European and American lives in the future. People who are afraid that Putin will use nukes need to ask themselves a difficult question – If Putin is willing to use nukes now, why would he not use nukes in the future?

    946. Tina says:

      Maybe the gop-e, the warmongers, and Millie Vanilli can first examine what went wrong in Afghanistan. Why was the retreat ugly?

      Figure out why you lose war. .

    947. Proud Obamacon says:

      Phil continues his gaslighting … sure gas prices jumped 18 cents last week because of the Keystone pipeline .. weak chit, Phil. You jump to 2nd place.

      BIGGEST MORON of the night rankings
      Gold: Captain Dick
      Silver: Phil
      Bronze: Jason

      And while yall just b*tch and whine about Biden, right now your hero Putin is shelling the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

    948. Bitterlaw says:

      I guess Jason gets some points for only ranking third on PO’s list.

    949. Tina says:

      I didn’t even place in the top 3.

      Do I get fourth place?

    950. Phil says:

      Not worried about Ukraine any longer, PO. Your vegetable in chief is sending Kamala back to Europe again. The world breathes a sigh of relief.

      BTW, A lefty accusing others of gaslighting. Lol You can’t make this sh-t up

    951. Bitterlaw says:

      Good thing that Putin is so afraid of Biden or he would have invaded Ukraine.

      Oh. Wait.

    952. Wes says:

      Notice the legerdemain PO engages in:

      Gas prices have consistently risen since Biden took office, but PO has to focus strictly on the most recent jump and blame Putin to try to deflect from what Biden has done.

    953. Bitterlaw says:

      I do give credit to PO for one thing. Unlike Robbie, at least PO knows that Biden is President.

    954. Country Dick Montana says:


      To be lifted on the shoulders of Giants; Wes and Jason!

      Truly a “Rudy” moment. Better than the 1980 US Hockey Team.

      I’d like to thank my dear wife, Mrs. CDM. Of course where would I be without Bitter and Phil’s support. Thank you all!

      (Sniffle, Sniffle)

    955. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM is a lucky bastard. I didn’t make the list.

    956. Country Dick Montana says:

      Bitter, you were instrumental as a worthy sparring partner. I know that sometimes I hit harder than I should but you forced me to look deeper into myself and come up with that something extra.

      This has got to be better than those A-hole points I have heard so much about.

      It was you bitter you got me here. Your Mickey to my Rocky.

      And PO still wants poor POC to suffer.

    957. JeffP says:

      Putin is shooting rpg and mortars around the biggest nuclear reactor in Europe…

      The man has lost it…if you don’t think he would use nukes your naive.

    958. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The NYT Reporter is correct. Putin was afraid of how Trump would react to a Ukraine invasion; after the Afghanistan debacle, Putin knew Biden would do very little:

      “Trump said Tuesday that Putin’s aggressive actions in Ukraine would never have happened while he was president.

      “I know [Putin] very well. Very, very well [and] … this never would have happened … had I been in office, not even thinkable,” Trump said.

      “New York Times reporter Peter Baker said, “[Trump] said yesterday ‘this wouldn’t have happened when I was president,’ or somehow he was too tough … It is a good question whether President Trump was volatile enough that President Putin didn’t know how he would react to, you know, something more aggressive in Ukraine”

    959. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The year 2021 was the big gas price rise in San Diego:

      Posted Tue, Dec 21, 2021
      SAN DIEGO, CA — If you’ve done any traveling by car in the months leading up to Christmas, you’ve likely noticed higher-than-normal gas prices in and around San Diego.

      Are we in for any relief at the pumps this Christmas? A little, but motorists will still be paying an average of $1.19 more per gallon than they did a year ago, according to a recent report by AAA.”

    960. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      991. Gas prices were in the $4.60 a gallon range in January 2022, and now are going into the $4.90 a gallon range. They rose by an average of $1.19 a gallon in 2021.

    961. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I mentioned before I have neighbors from a Russian-speaking area of the Ukraine, and I did not know how they leaned politically. They now have signs in their windows saying: “Glory to Ukraine.” which is the Ukrainian freedom slogan. I sent them a supportive message.

    962. Wes says:

      Liberals are working furiously to give OBAMA credit for the relatively low gas prices under Trump and blame the current spike on anything and anyone other than Biden.

      I’m sure in eight months, voters will see things exactly that way. 🙄

    963. Bitterlaw says:

      Would it be ok if NATO destroyed every Russian soldier and weapon that is attacking 6 nuclear reactors? It seems like a defensive move to avoid a nuclear disaster that could poison millions of people.

    964. NYCmike says:

      “Since we are just stating opinions, here is mine. Failing to stop Russia now will cost more European and American lives in the future. People who are afraid that Putin will use nukes need to ask themselves a difficult question – If Putin is willing to use nukes now, why would he not use nukes in the future?”


      The problem, once again, is Biden, not the Republican elected reps or Tucker Carlson or the posters on HHR speaking about not wanting to get involved.

      Why is it that you can’t see how incompetent our President is? He is the sole reason that Putin is acting like this RIGHT NOW!

      Of course it will probably mean something worse later on, but Biden does not know how to fight back. He is useless…..and I would also say probably not the one making the real decisions.

    965. NYCmike says:

      “Would it be ok if NATO destroyed every Russian soldier and weapon that is attacking 6 nuclear reactors? It seems like a defensive move to avoid a nuclear disaster that could poison millions of people.”


      Do you really think Biden is concentrating on that, or is he preparing to sign the Iran Deal instead?

      “CG”, this is your chosen President.

    966. BayernFan says:

      Ukraines troops are in the plant. They are ok with Russians shelling them bc if the cores are destroyed by Russia they hope it will…

      1. Induce NATO to get involved and/or

      2. Hinder Russia’s movement to the north toward Kiev as Russia seeks to cut off and encircle Ukraine’s forces in the East.

    967. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      People are just not understanding Putin’s brilliant strategy. If Russian troops damage the Ukrainian nuclear plant, the wind will blow the nuclear cloud and debris into Russia. The Moscow sky will glow in the dark, so Russia saves on electricity use at night.

      Never doubt the brillance of Putin’s strategic thinking — look how well the invasion is going.

      Lindsay Graham should not have said it publically, but probably billions of people worldwide are hoping someone terminates Putin’s life.

    968. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      995. “Would it be ok if NATO destroyed every Russian soldier and weapon that is attacking 6 nuclear reactors?”

      The key is to get as much weaponry to the Ukraine as possible. They are fighting hard, and have a large population base of 44 million people for soldiers.

      As far as air power, there was a large mercenary air force that battled Russia when it invaded Finland. Count Von Rosen was a leader in that effort. Make the planes available, and mercenary pilots will volunteer to fly the planes for the Ukraine.

    969. NYCmike says:


    970. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So San Diego had record hot and cold temperatures all in the same month Is it global warming or global cooling? Why don’t we cut the difference and call it “weather”

      “San Diego experienced the 10th warmest February on record for average high temperature and the 10th coolest February for average low temperatures, what some meteorologists call a “long thermometer.”

    971. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The Times: Volodymyr Zelensky survives 3 assassination attempts in days Two different groups have been sent to kill him, yet both have been thwarted by anti-war elements within Russia’s Federal Security Service, according to the Times’ sources.”

    972. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “As we just reported, a new law in Russia is set to punish “fake” information with jail sentences of up to 15 years.

      On Thursday, one of Russia’s last independent news outlets TV Rain stopped broadcasting indefinitely after coming under pressure for its coverage of the invasion.

      “The channel, also know as Dozhd, ended its final broadcast by showing staff walking off set.

      Russia’s telecommunications regulator accused the channel of “inciting extremism, abusing Russian citizens, causing mass disruption of public calm and safety, and encouraging protests”.”

    973. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Rumor is that Putin may be about to declare martial law in Russia. His toadies closed down an independent TV station, and the last newscast showed the TV crew walking out of the studio.

      The fact Putin just about caused a nuclear disaster that would have heavily impacted Russia is not going to go over well.

    974. Bitterlaw says:

      I post what should be done. I know Biden won’t do it. Both can be true.

    975. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is being weakened by poor communications and low morale among undertrained soldiers given rations that are seven years out of date, claim defence intelligence experts.

      Analysts are baffled by Vladimir Putin’s military tactics so far, saying they lack planning and that the 40-mile convoy to Kyiv appeared “an incredibly stupid thing to do”.

      Russia’s warfare weaknesses could be in part down to poorly trained troops, many of whom are still conscripts, said James Rands of Janes, a trusted defence intelligence agency.”

    976. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1006. We’re at the point that if Putin was taken out by an anonymous missile or drone, Russia would be overjoyed and no one who be too concerned over who did it

    977. Tina says:

      Any polling from the State of Disunion Speech?

      Seems bad because I could not find anything.

    978. Bitterlaw says:

      Good morning, Tina. Do you ever sleep?

    979. Tina says:

      Morning bl, I am on travel and at a hotel.


    980. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1009. Biden’s popularity has risen a few points, but he is still in the low 40s.

      Trump has realized his failure to strongly criticize Putin was a major mistake, and has opened up on him.

      There is a large Episcopal Cathedral near where I live. It often has colored lights on its exterior reflecting holidays, etc. Noticed a light pattern I had never seen before– then realized it was the Ukrainian flag. Likewise buildings in San Diego’s Balboa Park are now illuminated with the Ukrainian colors. Am amazed at the level of support I am seeing and hearing for the Ukrainian cause.

      Now that Putin almost created a nuclear plant nightmare, opposition to Putin in only going to get stronger. Those who feared a nuclear war have a more present danger to worry about letting Putin have full rein in the Ukraine. The bozo may target more nuclear plants. Appeasing Putin is increasingly looking like a bad idea.

    981. jason says:

      Can’t wait to see what “mischief” CDM will say that “mischievous” Putin is up to today.

      Maybe he will suggest a “time out” for Putin for shelling a nuclear power plant.

      Or maybe Putin needs to sit in the corner for five minutes for every 100 civilians are killed.

      Or maybe he will just send a “bad, bad Putin” text to the Kremlin for every 10,000 new refugees fleeing Ukraine.

    982. jason says:

      Appeasing Putin is increasingly looking like a bad idea.”

      Ya thinks?

      Tell it to the Putin appeasers here.

    983. jason says:

      There won’t be a revolution unless the price of vodka goes up.

      “The uncertainty of the financial future is spooking businesses that rely on imports. A mid-level employee at a wine importer in St Petersburg says they used to receive overseas shipments daily before the war.

      “On average, wine prices have already gone up 30-60%,” he said, asking to be quoted anonymously because he isn’t authorized to speak to reporters. “With some wines, 100%.” Retailers who had already bought bottles from the importer on credit before last week, at the dollar-ruble rate prevailing them, now have to figure out how much to mark up the bottles in accordance with the new exchange rate, he said.

      And if they can at all, people want to leave, Anna said. “I have colleagues who want to move to Georgia or Armenia,” she said. “Because otherwise we’re sitting here waiting for the internet to be cut off, for borders to be closed, and then we’ll become like North Korea. The world considers us its enemy, but our own state also considers us its enemy. Everything is broken, and we don’t know what the future is.”

    984. jason says:

      Any oligarch that left his yacht vulnerable to seizure when there was like 2 months warning that Putin might start a war was an idiot.

      Note that Putin’s yacht left Germany 2 weeks before the invasion and is now safely docked in Russian waters.

    985. jason says:

      Putin’s salary is $140k a year.

      His yacht costs about $10 million a year to maintain.

    986. Tina says:

      Do Pawn Hannity and Goober agree?

      The Spectator Index
      BREAKING: Prime Minister of Lithuania says calls for NATO no-fly zone in Ukraine are ‘irresponsible’

    987. jason says:

      Truth be known, he probably didn’t tell the oligarchs when he was going to invade because if they all started hiding their yachts the cat would be out of the bag.

    988. Tina says:

      Breaking : NATO rejects no fly zone

    989. Tina says:

      Don’t worry we are safe.

      Kampala may head to Warsaw and Bucharest.

      She is a foreign policy expert.

    990. jason says:

      I am not a big fan of Hannity, but I am glad he has not taken the isolationist view and is not into appeasing Putin like some of the other so called conservative talk show hosts. I heard part of his show on the radio last night, and was surprised to see how he was having none of the peace in our time BS.

    991. jason says:

      The no fly zone in the Ukraine should have been implemented before hostilities started. But it is not too late to make sure it is implemented in Moldova or whatever country is next on Putin’s list before any invasion.

    992. jason says:

      Kampala may head to Warsaw and Bucharest.”

      She will explain that Russia is a bigger country than the Ukraine so it is wrong to invade it.

      The leaders of Poland and Romania will smile and nod and then tell their aides “what an idiot”.

    993. Country Dick Montana says:

      Jason is just jealous because old PO awarded CDM the GOLD and Jason only got BRONZE. (Of course it might have been that I was awarded all 10’s from the Russian judges…a little Olympic humor to lighten up the day.)

      We notice that PO disappeared after that and it went down like this:

      “Paul, what have we told you about using the computer at the nurses’ station when we aren’t here. Now go back to your room. The orderly has your meds and little ice cream so you can sleep.”

    994. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      It appears that Florida has finalized its Congressional Redistricting Plan. Currently, the State’s delegation is 16(R) & 11(D). That would move to 18(R) & 10(D).(FL added a seat in redistricting.)

      “FL Redistricting: Today the house will pass plan 8019. The Senate President calls House map “constitutional” & says he “doesn’t see any reason” why Senate shouldn’t pass it.
      IMHO DeSantis should just sign it. At this stage I don’t trust the courts.” (H/T: RRH)

    995. jason says:

      yet both have been thwarted by anti-war elements within Russia’s Federal Security Service, according to the Times’ sources.”

      I am skeptical the Russians warned Zelensky, I think he is trying to sow dissension within Russia with that statement.

      If it was true the Russian Federal Security Service had warned him, Zelensky would not have announced it, that would just end the “cooperation” and get those informers killed.

    996. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      PA-Sen: TargetPoint polled the Republican primary for the Free Beacon:

      McCormick – 25%
      Oz – 19%
      Sands – 11%
      Bartos – 10%
      Barnette – 5%


      Oz 32-40
      McCormick 32-17

      Just Oz vs. McCormick: 56-26 McCormick


      Barletta – 17%
      Mastriano – 14%
      McSwain – 7%
      Corman – 6%
      Martin – 3%
      Other – 8%

      BL & jason: Have you yet to decide?

    997. jason says:

      Jason is just jealous because old PO awarded CDM the GOLD and Jason only got BRONZE.”


      Roadkill Maggot sure knows how to hurt a guy.

      But I will get my revenge when I put him like last in my “dumbest troll ratings”.

    998. jason says:

      Not registered to vote but if I was I would vote for Oz.

      For Gov McSwain would be the strongest GE candidate. Mastriano is a deadender.

    999. Country Dick Montana says:

      “But I will get my revenge when I put him like last in my “dumbest troll ratings”.”

      That will leave a mark.

    1000. jason says:

      A lot of ads out calling Oz a RINO due to prior statements over the years.

      Same people paying for those ads ignored Trump was a Dem for most of his life, funded Schumer, Reid, and Hillary for years and stated he was in favor of socialized medicine and partial birth abortion.

    1001. jason says:

      Russia has “no ill intentions towards its neighbors,” Vladimir Putin insisted a short time ago in a call for re-normalization of relations.”

      Damm, the isolationists were right.

      Putin IS not a threat.

    1002. Phil says:

      He has plenty of I’ll intent. Just not the military to pull off invading a NATO country. He’d do it if he could without a doubt.

    1003. Phil says:

      When is the Pa primary?

    1004. Cash Cow TM says:

      The Cow has repeatedly asked Walt for a no-fly zone in the barnyard.

      The flies are pesky.

    1005. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      UPDATE to #1026: From Ron DeSantis

      I will veto the congressional reapportionment plan currently being debated by the House. DOA.

    1006. Phil says:

      Damn, a Republican who actually won’t give away the store on redistricting. Who knew there actually was one out there.

    1007. jason says:

      When is the Pa primary?”

      No idea. Gone are the days I would be heavily involved in it.

    1008. jason says:

      SCOTUS says go ahead and execute Boston bomber.

      Of course, Biden won’t.

    1009. jason says:

      We need to do a welfare check on lisab.

    1010. Bitterlaw says:

      Damn. I was hoping that if nobody mentioned lisab that she would stay away. It’s like when the announcer mentions a pitcher has a no-hitter going and the next batter hits a home run.

    1011. jason says:

      Bitter is just too cheap to allow A-hole Club funds to send me to MN.

    1012. jason says:

      Of course, lisab could be on vacation in the Cayman Islands so it would make sense to check there first.

    1013. jason says:

      Never Trump moron Rick Wilson wants the US to send 3 squadrons of A-10 Warthogs to the Ukraine.

      I would have supported this a year ago, but now there is a minor problem…

      “A-10s are complex weapons platforms and each one requires experienced ground crews, air support, spare parts, aviation fuel, weapons, and most importantly, experienced pilots, just to get off the ground”

    1014. Phil says:


      Saw that, Jason. What an ignorant fool this guy is. Absolutely ignores the massive support infrastructure required for A-10s. Just boggles the mind how incredibly uninformed this guy is. He’s been spouting nonsense for the last six years. This is the latest and probably the dumbest.

    1015. jason says:

      Meanwhile, Biden getting rid of non-woke military personnel.

      Sad. These are people who volunteered to serve their country.

      “The Marine Corps announced Thursday it has discharged 873 Marines, as of March 1. Only six religious exemptions have been granted. At least three of the Marines were already in the process of leaving the military.

      The Navy announced this week it has separated 419 sailors. The service has not approved any religious exemption requests.

      The Air Force said it has separated 188 active-duty Airmen. It has approved 17 religious exemptions.”

    1016. jason says:

      Give the Ukrainians lots of Javelins, Stingers and attack drones. Sniper rifles so more Russian high level officers can be killed like Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky who was shot by a sniper.

      Share intelligence and satellite pix on Russian troop movements.

      That will be enough to sustain a lot of Russian casualties.

    1017. jason says:

      Follow the science.

      “March 3 (UPI) — Drinking alcohol,with meals, particularly wine, may reduce a person’s risk for Type 2 diabetes, a study presented Thursday during the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology, Prevention, Lifestyle & Cardiometabolic Health Conference 2022 found.

      Consuming alcohol with meals was associated with a 14% lower risk for Type 2 diabetes compared with alcohol intake without eating, the data showed.

      The benefits of alcohol drinking with meals in terms of Type 2 diabetes risk were most pronounced among the participants who drank wine, as opposed to other types of alcohol, the researchers said.”

    1018. Wes says:

      Yet another reason to enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon.

    1019. Wes says:

      If only someone could find a health benefit of smoking Maduro and Oscuro cigars…

      The dearth of healthy outcomes won’t stop me from enjoying them, but, hey, it’d be nice to point to some therapeutic benefits.

    1020. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – When you smoke cigars, you are unable to go scuba diving. Therefore, cigar smoking prevents diving accidents and sharply reduces the risk of shark attacks.

    1021. jason says:

      Probably smoking cigars is relaxing, so it lowers your blood pressure and improves quality of life.

    1022. Tgca says:


      Agreed! People smoke to relax. It’s therapeutic.

      A pack of cigarettes a day has very healthy relaxing benefits for Type A personalities.

    1023. jason says:

      I only smoke about a half dozen cigars a year, usually if someone offers me one, used to smoke more but fell out of the habit as years went by. Liked Partagas from Dom. Rep.

    1024. jason says:

      The Nation’s Elie Mystal calls the Constitution ‘trash’ on #TheView and even Joy Behar looks confused”

      Why? Doesn’t she believe the Constitution is a “living document”?

    1025. Wes says:

      Partagáses are among my favorites, Jason. Unfortunately since the label change, the company has started changing the blend around and making the quality more variable than before. They’re still good cigars, but currently I prefer the Kristoff GC–which has less variance in its blend–to them.

    1026. Meldrim says:

      From 1,047:

      “The Marine Corps announced Thursday it has discharged 873 Marines, as of March 1. Only six religious exemptions have been granted. At least three of the Marines were already in the process of leaving the military.

      The Navy announced this week it has separated 419 sailors. The service has not approved any religious exemption requests.

      The Air Force said it has separated 188 active-duty Airmen. It has approved 17 religious exemptions.”

      So President Zelensky is emptying his countries prisons to increase the number of able-bodied men to fight the Russian invaders, while President Biden discharges close to 900 patriotic Marines merely because they will not obtain a vaccine that does not substantially reduce their odds of obtaining and spreading a virus that is not particularly serious for the USMC demographic and that, in any event, is on the way out. One of those presidents takes national security seriously, and it ain’t ours.

    1027. jason says:

      VCIOM poll: 68% of Russians approve (22% oppose) of the “special military operation” in Ukraine.”

      Not surprising, state run poll and dissent is not allowed.

      Another poll, calling it a “war” got 59-34.

      Still somewhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 Russians don’t approve, not insignificant.

    1028. jason says:

      Also, the longer it takes the fewer people will approve. The more casualties the fewer people will approve. The more effects on the economic situation the fewer people will approve.

    1029. Tina says:

      Dr. John Ocasio-Nolte
      Biden White House pushed back on Lindsey’s insanity and said there will be no no-fly zone in Ukraine.

      First time they’ve done the right thing about anything. I hope they stick to it.

    1030. Tina says:

      Sad, if true.

      Jeff Carlson
      In 2017, McCain & Paul Ryan also met in DC w/Andriy Parubiy, co-founder of the Social-National Party of Ukraine.

      The ideology of Parubiy’s SNPU, which he co-founded in 1991 with Tyahnybok, was radical nationalism and neo-nazism.

    1031. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzz Ryan and McCain were Neo-nazis? No.

      Of course, Tina was ok with Trump’s meetings and donations to Reid, Schumer, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood for years.

    1032. Tina says:

      Nope Bl. It just goes to show you that our “experts” don’t know who they are meeting with.

    1033. Tina says:

      The neocons also met with a.q., in addition to neo nazis.

      Now, they want ww3.

    1034. DW says:

      Putin believes he has the inalienable right to invade other countries and replace their governments.

    1035. Tina says:

      Didn’ t Obama Pond Scum make this same statement yesterday?

      he Post Millennial
      · 3h
      Psaki: “The reason why the price of gas is going up is not because of steps the president has taken, they are because president Putin is invading Ukraine”

    1036. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      NPR/Marxist Poll: Biden’s Ukraine policy:

      “Americans are split on whether Biden’s approach has been about right (46%) or too cautious (43%). Just 6% said he has been too aggressive.

    1037. Hugh says:

      In a week our demented presidents polls will be right back where they were. As Ras said he had good polling one day after his speech and then it went right back to where it was. Biden is following and all but the deranged left knows it. Wait until he cuts a deal with Iran. He’ll be skewered including by some dems.

    1038. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Former President Donald Trump described Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as a “holocaust” and urged an end to the fighting there, in an abrupt shift from his recent praise for Russia’s president.

      In an interview Wednesday with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Trump said Russia has to “to stop killing these people” and suggested that a deal could be struck with Russia to stop the fighting.

      “We’re watching a holocaust. We’re watching something that I’ve never seen before, the way that they’re going to go in — they’re blowing up buildings with children, with women, with professionals, with people — think of just people,” Trump said.

      “They’re blowing up indiscriminately, they’re just shooting massive missiles and rockets into these buildings and everybody is dying?.””

    1039. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Gas hit an average cost of $5.00 a gallon today in San Diego. The Democrats war on oil and gas production should be a huge issue in the next election.

    1040. Phil says:

      I am reassessing my views on Ukraine.

      Caution is fine. It is a huge consideration. It is and should not be the only consideration.

      Watching the rape of Ukraine by this MF is not something I or anyone else should have to tolerate – caution or no caution.

    1041. Phil says:

      Question becomes what can and should be done at this point to stop this bastard.

    1042. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil- That attack on a nuclear facility proves that Putin MUST be stopped. I prefer that NATO provide the troops but the US can not allow Putin to destroy Europe. His threat to use nuclear weapons would be absurd except he might do it.

    1043. Cash Cow TM says:

      Boys and Girls,

      I see no off ramp for Pooty Poot.
      the ONLY off ramp to allow Poot Poot to declare victory is for Ukraine to capitulate, Russia sets up puppet regime and leaves, and 2 days later Ukrainians overthrow puppet and bring back the real leaders.
      But that scenario will never happen.
      Pooty Poot only understands force.
      He is willing to do anything possible to attain his objective. He is like a person sitting in an armwrestling contest and when he starts to lose he either uses his foot under the table to kick his opponent in the gonads, or worse…has a gun in his other hand under the table and shoots his opponent in the stomach.

      What are the options for the U.S./NATO/moral countries?

      1. walk away and let Ukraine get decimated and massacred. And then eventually watch Moldavia be destroyed by Rooshian troops. And who know what eastern European country next.

      2. continue to TRY to supply defensive weapons to Ukrainians but not provide any ground or air assistance.
      (and cross your fingers under the false hope that Putin will tire of increased Rooshian casualties to armor and men and simply EVENTUALLY leave with tail between legs. Ignores fact that Putin not going to leave.)

      3. If #2 above fails, then support Ukrainian insurgents to fight for years against Rooshians in ambush attacks for years and years and years to exact toll on Rooshky occupiers.
      (and watch Putin tighten the screws on and attack and kill whole cities and towns of citizens claiming they are combatants.)

      3. negotiate with Putin.
      (Putin not going to negotiate–ever)

      4. U.S./NATOs launches surprise attack on Russian convoys, armor, troops INSIDE Ukraine with cruise missiles and drones. Tell Putin to pull his surviving troops out now, or the next round of cruise missiles will obliterate what is left of his and his stooges armies inside Ukraine. AND… declare no fly zone over Ukraine to Russian aircraft. AND if Russian aircraft enter Ukraine air space they will be destroyed and cruise missile attacks will totally obliterate the Russian base from which they took off. And if Russia even opens one nuke silo door one inch we will hit Putin with everything we got.
      (unpleasant, but really the only choice that will defeat the Russians in Ukraine and save Ukraine from utter devastation.

      Other than the above we can hope for:
      5. Putin to suddenly have massive stroke and die.
      (very unlikely)

      6. Russian army/people/oligarchs remove Putin.
      (very, very unlikely)

      7. Putin on his own decides he has made a mistake and pulls out.
      (will never happen)
      I know we are going to run with #2 and #3 above and wail and gnash our teeth rather than #4 above.
      But Putin has pushed all his chips and is “ALL IN” even if he comprehends that it will be a long–and for Russia–a painful slog, but he wins in the end.

      He is a bully who uses the nuclear threat to keep the west at bay while he commits atrocities day after day.

      If Trump or Biden or whoever committed unprovoked attacks on Canada or Mexico and targeted civilians, and someone came to their defense and and Trump or Biden ordered a nuke response which would lead to destruction of everyone I would like to think the U.S. military leaders would refuse to carry the “fire nukes” order out. I HOPE the same would be true in Russia.

      I say we stand toe to toe with him and do #4 and call his bluff. Somebody needs to be the sheriff and do the morally right thing. We either have to do it now, or will be forced to do it later. Or else just raise the white flag and let the nut job and other nut jobs do anything they want anywhere to anybody.

    1044. Bitterlaw says:

      Time for a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine’s cities and military facilities. When it is in place, send a massive airlift of weapons and supplies to every Ukrainian airport. Tell Putin to turn that massive military convoy around or the Ukrainians will take it out with all the new weapons.

      That is what should be done. NYC to remind us Biden is an incompetent pussy who won’t do it in 3…2…1…

    1045. Cash Cow TM says:

      I shared what I wrote with Walt and he said:

      “F… it.
      Sounds good to me, Cow.
      I’m not sure how much longer I want to
      be around in this F-ed up world that has
      gone insane on so many levels.

      But Cow, have you stopped to think what
      negative impact your proposed course of
      action would have on global warming?”
      And then he tilted his head back and laughed and laughed and laughed.

    1046. Bitterlaw says:

      The only way to avoid a larger war is defeat Russia in Ukraine. The real world sucks.

    1047. Phil says:

      Moldova. An immediate no fly zone. Putin will not move on any NATO country. His forces would be wiped out by NATO air power. He knows that. Moldova is not a member of NATO so Putin counts on that preventing any attacks on his forces moving on that nation. The time to initiate a no fly zone over that nation is now, before he strikes. It immediately makes an attack on that nation impossible. Again, NATO nations are in effect already no fly zones. They are safe. I have no desire to see Moldova suffer the same rape as Ukraine. No fly there – now.

    1048. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – We have had many battles on many issues. I am glad to see that you agree with me and Jason that bold and decisive action to stop Putin is needed now.

      Moldova should be admitted to NATO immediately. I think that NATO should immediately declare that Ukraine is now under its protection because it will not risk a nuclear catastrophe caused by Russian forces. Call Putin’s bluff. He crossed the line with the attack on the nuclear facility.

    1049. Bitterlaw says:

      We also appreciate that Cash Cow is willing to support stopping Putin.

    1050. Phil says:

      I think my proposal for a no fly over Moldova is a good idea. It would be a very proactive step in my opinion.

      Unfortunately, from everything I’ve seen from NATO so far, they just aren’t going to go for it – so we can probably wave bye bye to that nation. All that would prevent that being another takeover is for Putin to show some self restraint. Yeah, Putin self restraint. Good luck with that.

    1051. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – I have not called you names. Now that Russian troops are targeting civilians and Putin is willing to cause a nuclear disaster, are you still willing to “wait it out.”

    1052. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – A strong President would have sent an aircraft carrier just south of Istanbul to remind Putin our navy can go anywhere it wants.

    1053. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Trump were president, he might have moved forces into an area of western Ukraine including Lvov and told Putin not to cross the line into this western zone. It is certain Trump would have reacted harshly and responded aggressively; unlike Biden he would not stand for being humiliated.

      The Democrats always accused Trump of being in conspiracy with Putin. Yet the Democrats weakness is what assured and strengthened Putin resolve to invade the Ukraine. He did not dare to do it under during the Trump presidency.

    1054. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – Trump would have almost certainly implemented a no-fly zone.

    1055. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At this point, with the nuclear plant fiasco, NATO needs to stand up to Putin and tell him because of his irresponsiblity in about causing a nuclear accident, a no fly zone is going into effect. Putin would not use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine in response, as the radiation would be blown into Russia. He is in a weak position now, as the opposition to the war is so strong in Russia that he is considering instituting martial law.

    1056. Phil says:

      One thing for sure, there will be no help from Biden or his weak kneed administration. None.

      What is likely now is that Russia won’t stop until the entire country of Ukraine is brutalized and under Putin’s thumb.. It’s bumpy but Russia will be relentless. Zelinski will probably be eliminated.

      Add Ukraine to Biden’s list of failures.

      ……but, hey, no mean tweets.

      Good job America.

    1057. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Will go back to Gordon’s point, 190,000 Russian troops is an insufficient number to occupy a nation of 44,000,000 people the size of Texas. Putin may be over his head. A huge issue is providing sufficient weaponry to the Ukrainians. The volunteers are arriving.

      “Over 66,000 men returned to Ukraine from abroad since the war broke out.

      “Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov reported the number, and interpreted it to mean they are returning to take up arms and “protect the country” from Russian forces.”

    1058. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I think some of you are missing the key component of why Joe Biden is soft on Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.
      Hunter Biden has yet to receive his reward from the latter two countries and Russia has the goods on him.

    1059. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It’s time to stop the nonsense and
      show some courage. People are tired of the Putin appeasers:

      “Poll: Around 74% of Americans – including Republicans and Democrats – said the United States and its NATO allies should impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll completed on March 4. An equally bipartisan 80% of Americans said the United States should stop buying Russian oil.”

    1060. Country Dick Montana says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      March 4, 2022 at 10:21 pm

      CDM – I have not called you names. Now that Russian troops are targeting civilians and Putin is willing to cause a nuclear disaster, are you still willing to “wait it out.”

      Bitter – It is not my choice to wait it out or not.

      The pictures of his 50 foot long conference table, mining nuclear plants, ordering the killing of civilians and other war crimes indicates to me that he is no longer rational. He has two choices that is win or die.

      Before this is over we will see nuclear weapons either used offensively or as a last FU to the world when Putin is killed or kills himself. He has loyalists who will turn the keys because at this point they know that they are war criminals too so they have nothing to lose. Why not take take it out on those who thwarted the goal of establishing Greater Russia.

      I have no issue with a NFZ over Moldova if it is established before hostilities. We and the rest of the civilized world will have to continue sending arms to Ukraine and hope that they can continue to degrade the Russian military and weaken Putin. And Ukraine will never be pacified.

      I said it before, everyday there are wars large and small going on in the world. Everyday there are countries that kill and disappear their own citizens (North Korea and China) and threaten their neighbors. Should we protect them too? Should we establish NFZ’s over the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to protect the 12 million Uygurs. Can you tell me the difference?

      There is nothing that anyone here can do. If by some miracle Biden says we will stop importing Russian gas and let my guys do their job and produce reliable American energy, then I will come out of retirement and help with that. And that is more than anyone else on this site can or will do to defeat Russia.

    1061. Tgca says:


      I agree that the US can’t get involved in every atrocity in the world because we would end up being at war constantly. So unless the UN or NATO agree to police every atrocity in the world with its members help, the US should decide wisely where it treads.

    1062. Tgca says:

      Polls on NFZ are silly because people also say they don’t want Americans to go to war over Ukraine. A NFZ is essentially an act of war because you have to enforce it. In other words, US military would have to be prepared to engage Russia in combat.

      Ask the American people if they’re ready for that.

    1063. jason says:

      I wonder what “mischief” CDM thinks Putin is up to today.

    1064. jason says:

      BIDEN: “How do we get to the place where Putin decides he’s going to invade RUSSIA…”

      I guess it makes sense since he thinks Ukraine is part of Russia.

    1065. jason says:

      Polls on NFZ are silly”

      Translation: I don’t agree with the results.

    1066. jason says:

      It’s time to stop the nonsense and
      show some courage. People are tired of the Putin appeasers”

      Tucker Carlson has admitted to being wrong on Putin and the invasion.

      I have yet to see one of the isolationist appeasers here admit they are wrong.

      So far all we have is CDM trying to paper it all over by calling this “mischief”.

      Maybe CDM got Putin’s memo that it is forbidden to call it a “war” or even a “military operation” so just to make sure he doesn’t piss Putin off he is going with “mischief”.

    1067. jason says:

      Should have said it is forbidden to call it a “war” or “invasion”.

      Special military operation is ok, but I am sure Putin is fine with “mischief”.

    1068. Tgca says:

      Oh no!

      Now Putin is really f*cked!

      The gay senator from South Carolina is going to put the fear into Pootin now by asking the Senate to officially call Pootin a “very bad person.”

      Lindsey Graham says he will introduce a resolution declaring Putin a war criminal

    1069. jason says:

      I am reassessing my opposition to the NFZ.

      As Bitter and Cash Cow have pointed out, we cannot allow for the massacre of millions of Ukrainians and consequent attack on the next “domino”.

      I suggest a NFZ for most of southern and western Ukraine, call it “non-contested” or “safe haven” areas. That will allow the Ukrainians to get supplies and mount counter attacks from this area.

      In other words, do not shoot down Russian planes providing support for their troops in the field, only within a certain NFZ.

    1070. Tgca says:

      Ask the American people if they’re willing to send their children to go to war with Russia.

      It’s a simple question.

      If they say yes, fine. Let’s go. The US can enforce a NFZ and shoot down Russian jets that violate the NFZ.

      If they say no, fine. We continue to support Ukraine but let Europe do its job before we intervene in a declaration of war.

    1071. Phil says:

      Way to go, Lindsey,! I’m sure Putin will back off now!

    1072. jason says:

      officially call Pootin a “very bad person.”

      I am sure CDM will object.

      But he will go along with “mischievous”

      If Putin kills another 10000 civilians, maybe “miscreant”.

    1073. Phil says:

      If? I think you mean when.

    1074. jason says:

      Ask the American people if they’re willing to send their children to go to war with Russia.”


      Sorry, not the way it works. We are not a country governed by referendums.

      Presidents are elected to make decisions, to do the right thing. We don’t poll every issue to see how the wind is blowing.

      I would call it a “humanitarian NFZ”. Let the Russian be the first to actually engage US or NATO planes.

    1075. Tgca says:


      In other words, more useless posturing that won’t REALLY help end the conflict if the US is not willing to fully engage since Russia will ignore it or perceive it as another weakness and act of cowardice to stand up to Mother Russia.

      Perhaps the US should offer a resolution to call Pootin a “very bad bad man” too since that might help end the conflict by embarrassing him.

    1076. jason says:

      Ask the American people if they’re willing to send their children to go to war with Russia.”

      This is BS because a NFZ is not declaring war on Russia.

    1077. jason says:

      In other words, more useless posturing that won’t REALLY help end the conflict if the US is not willing to fully engage since Russia will ignore ”

      Ignore it at their own risk.

      After the NFZ is established, any Russian planes over that area will be shot down.

    1078. Tgca says:

      You miss the point.

      I’m not asking for a referendum. I’m responding to the naïveté that posting polls should dictate our actions on an NFZ or not without asking in the poll the real question which is if they support the US going to war with Russia over Ukraine while the Europeans sit back and do little. My gut tells me you would get a different answer from the poll

      The NFZ should have been done a week ago led by Europe but they lack the guts to do it with even Great Britain saying it was off the table.

      If Europe refuses to do a NFZ, then it is not for the US to do it unilaterally unless the US is prepared to declare it is at war with Russia, something Europe has not been prepared to declare.

    1079. Tgca says:

      I suspect Russia would disagree with that declaring a NFZ with the threat of shooting down their planes is not an act of war against it.

      What happens when they violate the NFZ? Shooting down their jets is not an act of war? The Russians retaliating by attacking European, US, or NATO planes is not an act of war?

      I support a NFZ. It should have been done from day one.

      I just think it should come from a European led coalition and not the US leading it.

    1080. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1110. The American people were asked, and the Reuters poll showed 74% supported establishing a no fly zone over the Ukraine.

    1081. Tgca says:

      I think it rude to post using large numbers without appropriate form.

      10000 civilians can easily be misread.

      Please use commas in the future. It’s easier on the eyes.

      10,000 civilians.

      See! That’s better.

    1082. Phil says:

      No, the US won’t do a NFZ unilaterally.. the progressive leftists pulling Biden’s strings are more interested in other priorities – like freeing up billions to Iran while they drive toward a bomb. The Russians are “helping” the US with that one. Lol

      …..and our European allies reversing course on a NFZ or anything else? Don’t make me laugh.

    1083. Tgca says:

      The American people were asked a fluff question that doesn’t get to the heart of what is needed to institute a NFZ.

      I would bet if you asked the American people if they were willing to get into a military conflict with Russia, you’d get a different answer.

      A NFZ is useless unless you’re willing to enforce it with deadly force.

      The devil is in the detail.

      It’s like asking Americans if they support a woman’s right to choose vs a woman’s right to abort her baby at 9 months.

      Details matter when making a commitment.

    1084. Tgca says:

      But I’m not worried!

      American politicians will make more speeches and call for resolutions that will say “very bad” things about Pootin as they continue to purchase his oil at higher prices that funds the aggression against Ukraine.

    1085. jason says:

      Europe do its job”


      This BS is the same as “let’s focus on China and give the Ukraine to Russia and let Putin recreate the Soviet Union” narrative.

      We have an interest is a stable Europe, which is why we have NATO.

      Contrary to what the isolationist morons say, this is not only a “European problem”.

    1086. Tgca says:

      It’s always great to start the day with a good laugh.

      Carville on Ukraine Invasion: Biden Was Born to Be President at this Moment. He’s gotten nothing but praise for the way he handled this.

      The link is out there but it won’t let me post it here.

    1087. jason says:

      The American people were asked a fluff question”


      They were asked the right question for a real situation.

      You want to ask them a hypothetical question “do you want an all out war with Russia”, but that is a bogus question because nobody wants an all out war with Russia.

      I doubt a NFZ will bring all out war, don’t you believe the meme that the Russian military is not that formidable? You think Putin is going to invade Finland in response to a NFZ, that would be the most obvious non-NATO country to attack at the moment.

      I think if the Russians contest the NFZ at worst there will be dogfights over the Ukraine.

      Tgca, what do you think a poll of the Russian people would be if you asked them do you want an all out war against the US and Europe?

    1088. Tgca says:


      That’s not what people are saying. That is a gross misinterpretation.

      We are saying Europe should lead this effort and not have the US do it because it’s on the European home front.

      If anyone here thinks the US should unilaterally go in and employ a NFZ when European nations and NATO refuse to do so then you should accept the risks of the US starting a war with Russia for which I guarantee you history will label as the US started WW3 with its overzealous actions that would ultimately alienate us with a good deal of the world like in Iraq 2: “I want to Make My Daddy Proud War.”

      It’s a pickle to be in but the US should not lead this effort or act unilaterally.

    1089. Phil says:

      Yeah, James. Biden is the Churchill of our time.

    1090. jason says:

      Please use commas in the future. It’s easier on the eyes.”

      YOU use commas and GFY.

    1091. Tgca says:


      Then if you think it’s not a problem then why not have the US he,p end this conflict by going in and unilaterally instituting a NFZ NOW with or without Europe and NATO.

    1092. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I believe the American people are able to understand what will result if a no flight zone is established. Also the U.S. is an active partner with the Europeans in NATO. This is a NATO issue, not just a European issue. There will not be a no fly zone unless both the U.S. and NATO agreed.

      As far as saying the Ukraine is just a European problem. You could make an argument that 9-11 was just a U.S. problem, and the Europeans shouldn’t have gotten involved. They did and fully supported the U.S. NATO remains a critical alliance that counters both Russia and China.

    1093. mnw says:


      Isles v. Bluz today, eh?

      I regret, for your sake, that the Isles seem destined to miss the playoffs this year. Imo, the Note are a good team but not an elite team. I can’t see them making a deep playoff run right now.

    1094. Tgca says:


      As for Americans fully understanding the implications of NFZ, I strongly disagree. If they did, there would not be other polls that show Americans do not want military engagement over Ukraine at this time. You can’t have a NFZ without the high risk of military intervention.

      I actually support NFZ. I just don’t support the US leading it or doing it unilaterally.

      You fail to recognize that European nations and NATO made it clear NFZ is off the table so it useless to poll Americans on it unless the US is willing to go it alone.

      As for saying it is a European problem, you show ignorance. I repeatedly have said in my posts here the US has a strategic interest in Europe but needs to determine if it wants to go it alone.

      This is nothing like 9/11. Don’t insult the victims of 9/11 with such ignorance. This should be more like Iraq 1 where the US built a coalition to address the invasion of another country not like Iraq 2: “The Make My Daddy Proud War” where most of the world was against the US going it alone that resulted in significant repercussions to the US to this day.

      So my point is the US needs to make clear whether it will go it alone since Europeans have behaved cowardly to date, as invasion in their own back yard has occurred and thousands are dying.

    1095. Tgca says:

      I would further argue, most Americans cannot speak to what a NFZ would entail and the fact that European countries and NATO currently refuse to support it.

      A more value-added poll would include inquiries such as should the US go it alone if Europeans and NATO refuse a NFZ. That is what would be telling of Americans true commitment to a NFZ.

      So much for polling.

      Mind as well poll Americans if gays should be treated fairly in schooling or ask them if schools should require all students and teachers attend diversity training to include historical content on the treatment of gays and how to remedy such treatment.

    1096. jason says:

      Let’s make it short and sweet.

      Tgca doesn’t like the results where 74% of Americans favor a NFZ, so he comes up with BS “alternative questions”.


    1097. Tgca says:


      I’ll correct it for you.

      Yes! Americans favor a NFZ.

      No! Americans do not favor a US unilateral NFZ not supported by Europe and NATO.

    1098. jason says:

      I think the way to go is a NATO led “Humanitarian NFZ” over a section of the Ukraine, not all of it.

    1099. jason says:

      Time for a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine’s cities and military facilities. When it is in place, send a massive airlift of weapons and supplies to every Ukrainian airport. Tell Putin to turn that massive military convoy around or the Ukrainians will take it out with all the new weapons.

      That is what should be done. NYC to remind us Biden is an incompetent pussy who won’t do it in 3…2…1…”

      I like it.

    1100. Bitterlaw says:

      The argument based on “would you be willing for your child to die in a war in …” is weak. No parent is willing for their child to die for any reason. The question should be, “If your child is willing to die fighting for…will you support their decision?”

      If my children said they were going to Ukraine to fight, it would terrify me, and I would worry every second they were away. But I would support them and be proud of their decision to stand against tyranny. If they died, it would devastate me and I would not recover from it but I would still be proud of them.

    1101. jason says:

      Excellent post, Bitter.

      I would add that when you sign up for the military you don’t get to choose where, when and how you might be in harm’s way.

      You don’t get to decide which conflict is just or fair or even warranted, and it is irrelevant to you how many people support or oppose your mission.

    1102. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I actually agree that a no fly zone could not be done without European support. The logistics and air bases involved would require European nations being involved.

      It should be noted that the U.S. is already indirectly responsible for shooting down Russian aircraft and especially helicopters.

      “The U.S. has also reportedly sent Ukraine hundreds of Stinger anti-aircraft missile defense systems, which can be deployed by ground forces to shoot at targets in the air.

      Kagan said it’s harder to take down Russian aircraft with the anti-aircraft systems, but they can “absolutely become a nightmare for Russian helicopters.””

    1103. Tgca says:

      71% of Americans do not favor sending troops to Ukraine. Q10 response in CBS News poll through early this week.

      Another recent poll, Ipso, states 63% Americans want no US direct military involvement in Ukraine.

      Americans are still reluctant to send troops to Ukraine or to have the U.S. use air strikes to support the Ukrainian army (both 37%). They are far more willing to have the United States provide Ukraine with weapons (71%).

      …and even another poll, CNN, 58% of Americans do not believe military action should be used if the sanctions on Russia fail. In other words, buh-bye Ukraine!

      If economic sanctions do not stop Russian military actions in Ukraine,” the majority of Americans, 58%, oppose the U.S. using military action to stop Russia, the CNN poll found. However, 42% are in favor of U.S. military actions.

      All these polls clearly show the significant majority of Americans want no part of a military intervention to stop Russia’s aggression…at least not now.

      Personally, I find that sad but understandable. Ruling out nukes, a united Europe could defeat Russia but they refuse to act so why should the US then act, and by act, I mean act unilaterally?

    1104. Tgca says:


      At least we can agree here.

      I’m glad you’re coming around to my EXPERTize on all things, except all things gay to which I defer to LisaB. Europe or NATO need to lead the drive here while the US supports the effort vigorously where needed, and if that at some point means US military invention because war breaks out in Europe, so be it.

    1105. jason says:

      71% of Americans do not favor sending troops to Ukraine.”

      Fluff poll.

      Two can play that game.

    1106. jason says:

      I didn’t agree with anything even close to “Europe should lead the effort”, GFY.

    1107. Tgca says:


      I don’t think most people have a problem sending their children to war for valid causes so that’s not at issue here, but I do think they have reservations about sending their children to war in a territory if the US has to act unilaterally and the territorial nations in Europe and NATO act cowardly and refuse to engage the enemy themselves.

      It is not the job of the US to sacrifice its own children for war when Europe refuses to do the same here unless it is of the utmost vital interest for the US to act alone.

    1108. Tgca says:


      Of course you agree with me, you just don’t realize it.

    1109. jason says:

      Of course you agree with me, you just don’t realize it.”

      Absolutely. And my lunch of inch thick pork chops with sauerkraut sauteed with bacon chunks and bacon fat and loaded potato (yes more bacon) is probably tofu, I just didn’t realize.

    1110. Tgca says:

      Let’s say Europe continues to be cowardly and the US goes it alone to implement a NFZ. If that led to escalation with Russia and reverberated into the European security and economy, who do you think the vast majority of Europeans would blame?

      Yes! Blame America for its “cowboy” style approach. My gut feeling is that many in Europe are not willing to do what it needs to stop Pootin in this aggression if it means a severe economic impact or security risk from a direct conflict with Russia. They’d probably let Russia have Ukraine at that point.

      How soon we forget the lessons of Iraq 2: The Make My Daddy Proud War.

    1111. Tgca says:


      No. You are not delusional about your greasy unhealthy diet. That we can agree on as well.

      You’re just delusional that the wifey is trying to off you with such a vile unhealthy diet.

      I see Mrs Jadon took her wedding vows of “for better or worse” very seriously, and she is working on the “better” part…that is, what’s “better” for her, and her only.

      Clearly, Mrs. Jadon does not suffer from mental midgetry as others in the family do.

    1112. Phil says:

      Logistically, a NFZ (or any variation of it) can’t happen without cooperation from Europeans. We would need to operate out of NATO allied bases. They aren’t going to allow that.

      End of story. It’s pathetic but not going to change.

      Europeans can give speeches over the evils of Putin but unless they decide to put up there will be no NFZ. Europeans aren’t even going to allow it over Moldova which probably means they’re next….but don’t worry. When Moldova is gone the Germans will issue a strongly worded statement….and Biden will sanction another oligarch.

    1113. jason says:

      Let’s say Europe continues to be cowardly and the US goes it alone”

      Straw argument

      Obviously, the NFZ wouldn’t really be feasible without European support, so it is moot.

      But let’s face it, the actual implementation of the NFZ would be mostly the US doing the heavy lifting.

    1114. jason says:

      You’re just delusional that the wifey is trying to off you with such a vile unhealthy diet.”

      Is that why she offered me a third pork chop?

      These mothers were huge, I almost couldn’t finish the third one.

      I think Tgca is wrong, he doesn’t understand my wife is just a generous soul who only ate 1 pork chop so I could have 3.

    1115. jason says:

      WNBA champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia and could face up to 10 years in prison after customs officers found “vapes” containing hashish oil in her luggage back in February, reports say. ”

      Our first POW. I hear Biden is proposing to trade Zelensky for her.

    1116. ssq says:

      Zelensky plays basketball?

      Who knew?

    1117. Wes says:

      So, if Jason’s wife is trying to kill him with a high-cholesterol diet, can we assume Tgca is trying to kill himself via malnutrition with his sparse diet that would barely feed a rabbit?

    1118. jason says:

      And it begs the question, which way would you rather go?

      I rest my case.

    1119. jason says:

      I hope this is true. But since it is a NYT article, take it with a grain of salt.

    1120. jason says:

      That video of the Russian pilot is pretty humiliating.

      One minute you are flying high over the Ukraine in a super jet (that model is one of Russia’s latest) and the next you are kneeling in a muddy field with your arms over your head answering questions at gunpoint.

    1121. jason says:

      There is mention in that article on the Russian pilots being shot down that most seem overweight.

      Interesting if true.

    1122. jason says:

      The guy in the field seems normal, but the other pilot and the dead navigator do seem a little chunky.

    1123. Gordon Allen says:

      Flicking from the last post up I found something I agree with Jason on in terms of reality.
      A NFZ is impossible without Europeans allowing us of their bases, which they won’t.
      That by itself would seem,apart from other issues, somewhat marginal given the Russian Air Force seems as much a paper tiger,or more than its Army.
      Everyone here still overrated Putins strength,both military and economic.
      He’s pushed already to his limits,and will fail ultimately in Ukraine, and then in Russia.
      But the Ukranians are in for a rough time in the meantime.

    1124. Tgca says:


      Agreed! All this silly NFZ talk has been nothing but talk.

      Until the Europeans REALLY stand up to defend their own neighbors it’s a mere waste of time.

      I support a NFZ.

      I do not support political posturing and meaningless sanctions while thousands are at serious risk of dying.

    1125. jason says:

      I hope Neville Allen was able to get his $100 back from the magazines that guaranteed him there would be no invasion.

    1126. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon- Russia military targeted a nuclear power plant with 6 reactors. Do you still want to underestimate the threat?

    1127. jason says:

      Neville Allen will probably call it “mischief” like CDM did.

    1128. Meldrim says:

      #1,162, Jason, I thought that Porkins had been killed trying to blow up the Death Star.

      But the pilot standing to Putin’s right (from ur perspective) wasn’t fat; he was picked for that spot because he’s very short and makes the supposedly 5’7″ (but more likely 5’6″) Putin look average-sized. Bashar al-Assad is around 6 foot 2 and 1/2 inches, so Putin needed to do something so as not to look like a midget.

    1129. Gordon Allen says:

      Bitterlaw: stick to opining about law. Please
      Putin has immense power to destroy, if only through his nuclear power, and his LIMITED conventional power.
      But there is a VAST difference between Destroying, and physically controlling something. If that isn’t obvious, discussion is pointless.
      Putin is a bad guy, who if he had the power, would over run Europe. That’s a given, but that he does not, escapes many. he is reaching his apex, like dictators do, and only downhill is in his future.
      Force/space ratios alone indicates he can’t defeat Ukraine, and subdue it long term, as do economic limitations. And his failure to do so will be his Waterloo.
      It is tragic that we have an idiot in the WH, who isn’t willing to unleash our decisive weapon. If we increased our energy production to trump levels, Putin would have no hope. But your suburban housewives were too affected by his personality. What Rot!!
      Putin has reached, if not exceeded, his real power, and barring a political collapse of the West, faces defeat and doom long term.
      Let’s see how it plays out. But the victims will be many, and unnecessary
      Like your sudden pal Jason, what would you suggest exactly, and how would that save the situation??
      We all wait with breathless anticipation.
      PS If I were Zelensky. I would urge a no fly zone too.
      Not because the Russian Air Force has been that decisive, but because that would guarantee a full scale war between the West and Russia. Good for him.
      But I’m not the president of Ukraine, but a citizen of the United States. I await your pearls of relevant wisdom.
      PS getting intellectually in bed w Jason is a mistake. I’m surprised you don’t know that. Seriously, if you have concrete, positive thoughts, and analysis, please let us hear them.

    1130. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon, please stick to reading magazines. I said before the war started that Ukraine should have been granted admission to NATO. When it started, I said missile strikes should have obliterated every unit crossing into Ukraine. The US should have sent satellite images to Putin and Ukraine that confirmed that we know where every soldier and weapon is located and told the Russians to look up so everybody could see their faces as they were taken out.

      Putin does not need Ukraine occupied. He needs to destroy its military and economy so he can pretend he stopped a threat that never existed. Ukraine was never going to invade Russia.

      His next target will be Moldova. That country should also immediately join NATO and be given NFZ protection.

    1131. Bitterlaw says:

      Of course, Gordon told us that Russia was not going to invade Ukraine. He leaves that off his military expert resume.

    1132. Tgca says:


      In my EXPERTise of all matters, except all matters gay, to which I defer to LisaB, I agree for the most party with Gordy.

      Can Pootin do immense damage that results in significant infrastructure destruction and human carnage without going NOOCYOOLUR? Of course he can! …and he could do it because no one in Europe is standing up to him.

      If Russia had to go to war in a conventional manner with a united Europe, Pootin would get his ass slammed harder than the 20% of HHR posters that are members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

      If the WEST would show some REAL courage and actually challenge Pootin with NFZ and sanctions that could have immediate and lasting pain, this aggression would stop within days.

    1133. Tgca says:

      Can we PUHLEEZ STOP calling for NFZ in Ukraine. It’s silly at this point.

      Europe and NATO took it off the table so talking about it makes as much sense as talking about getting Hillary Clinton to run for POTUS as a Republican.

      …and for the record, Gordy probably learns more from magazines and book resources published by professional specialized service organizations made up of retired or ex-military professionals than most could get from their news on the internet or listening to the MSM.

      I would ask anyone here attempting to ridicule Gordy to list their source of information on Ukraine and military strategy.

    1134. Country Dick Montana says:

      “I would ask anyone here attempting to ridicule Gordy to list their source of information on Ukraine and military strategy.”

      I have been kind of curious about that myself. I doubt that you get an answer, or at least one that doesn’t include “Zzzzzz.”

      BTW Bitter, you asked me a question last night and I answered it for you this morning. It included questions of their own. I assume it was an adequate response for you.

    1135. Wes says:

      I just found out veteran Scream Queen Veronica Carlson, star of many Hammer movies, died recently in South Carolina.


    1136. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon – I stand by all these posts. Of course, you went silent for a long time after the invasion you were certain would not happen started.

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 23, 2022 at 10:25 pm
      And the war has started.

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 23, 2022 at 10:56 pm
      Sure, Phil. Blow up every Russian target that is poised to strike Ukraine INCLUDING IN RUSSIAN TERRITORY. Seems like a good motivator for Putin to back the F off.

      Bitterlaw says:
      February 23, 2022 at 11:13 pm
      NATO should make Ukraine a member tonight whether it asks to join or not.

    1137. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – I saw your response. To me, it was a list of reasons to do nothing and feel nothing about Ukrainian suffering. Are there other conflicts in the world? Sure. Are there any other conflicts threatening to tear Europe apart? No. That is the difference.

      You have your opinion. I have mine. I don’t recall when or why we became antagonists.

    1138. jason says:

      Bitter, CDM thinks this is all “mischief” by Putin, a sordid and despicable definition to make what Putin is doing palatable and justify his isolationist dogma no matter what.

      Neville Allen got his view that Putin would never invade from his $100 investment in magazines, urges others to have positive thoughts and analysis.

      I love it here.

    1139. Country Dick Montana says:

      I didn’t know that we were antagonists. That is news to me. I just have a different perspective.

      You’re comments are the “should do’s.” There is no person here that disagrees that the Ukrainians are suffering. There is no person here that given the opportunity if they could take care of Putin. But the “should do’s” aren’t happening.

      I am not going live in a state of perpetual outrage from things over which I have no control. Do that and you end up like Robbie. It does not mean that I am not sympathetic to the plight of ordinary Ukrainians. It doesn’t mean that I don’t admire their grit and determination, their desire for freedom and willingness to fight for it to the death.

      I have made it plain what the eventual end game is. Putin dead (or exiled…still dangerous.)After seeing what you have seen in Ukraine, do you really believe that he can rebuild Greater Russia? He might lash out with nukes and go out in a blaze of glory. Again, nothing that I can do about that, and I live close to 3 prime targets. Makes me wish that I had stayed in Western PA

      At the end of the day what you and a couple of the others want is 100% agreement with your point of view. I am sorry, you won’t get it from me. I can’t speak for anyone else so they will have to speak for themselves

    1140. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) asked Mr. “Zelensky what was one thing he needed most, according to two people on the call. The Ukrainian president replied with the need for jet fighters. He also brought up instituting a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but said, through a translator, “if you can’t do that, at least get me planes,” according to a person on the call.”

      There is no reason this cannot be done. There are a lot of fighter planes the Ukrainians have been trained to fly in Eastern Europe in nations that now are part of NATO.

    1141. Tgca says:

      So should US military intervention be based on economic security (e.g. Europe is a trading partner of ours) or humanitarian (e.g. we don’t care about no chithole country in Africa or Asia but white Europe is different)?

      Seems like the goal posts are now moving when earlier some argued US intervention was the right thing to do because it’s just not right to leave people to die.

      Somehow the people in Africa and Asia the last few decades are of less importance or not worth saving compared to the white people in Europe.

      I think this is an interesting consideration people base what they view as aggression the US should intervene in or not.

    1142. Tgca says:


      Agreed! I do not recall anyone here appeasing Pootin. Folks here seem to differ on the approach to deal with the situation…and of course, I provide the correct and optimal solution but I digress.

      I am for a NFZ but American politicians and Europeans refuse to do it and are grandstanding with speeches which they’ll use in their next campaign for re-election.

      Reminds me of the stories of Jews in the late 1930s where some spoke of their atrocities but didn’t lift a finger to help when it mattered most.

      As Nancy would say:

      Let them eat ice cream!

    1143. Tgca says:

      I am also against every nation just being given NATO status. What’s the point of NATO then?

      If everyone joins, it’ll become like the PC in-fighting nearly worthless bureaucratic UN.

    1144. Tina says:

      Seems like it’s getting ugly out there

      Gas reached $6 in Sf.

    1145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “JPMorgan and the global banking lobby group, the Institute of International Finance (IIF), have both warned there is a significant rise in risk that Russia could be headed for its first external debt default. read more

      March 16 is the first of several payments, with another $359 million due on a 2030 bond due on March 31 . The first principal payment is due on April 4 when a $2 billion bond matures read more .


      In theory, Russia has ample reserves to cover debt. In practice, the asset freeze has shrunk what the central bank has available to make payments.

      Second, executing payments will be trickier after sanctions limited Moscow’s access to the SWIFT global payment systems. And finally, asset freezes undermine Russia’s ability to defend its currency, raising the cost of servicing foreign debt.”

    1146. Dylan says:

      1182–when does the electorate in CA say ENOUGH?

    1147. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1159. “Everyone here still overrated Putins strength, both military and economic.
      He’s pushed already to his limits,and will fail ultimately in Ukraine, and then in Russia.
      But the Ukranians are in for a rough time in the meantime.”

      Agree with Gordon. Russia is exhibiting what a clown show its military is in the Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin is in panic, making random threats in all directions. Worse for him, Russia is near default on its debt. The worse it gets, the more shrill Putin becomes. Likewise, with Putin failing to occupy the Ukraine, am not seeing him in any position to go into Moldavia or any other neighboring country any time soon. Putin’s greatest fear right now might be that someone will come through his door and put a bullet in his head.

    1148. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “NBC: US in talks with Poland to supply Ukraine with fighter jets. The U.S. and Poland are working together to provide Polish Russian-made warplanes to Ukraine and replenish Poland with U.S.-made jets, according to NBC’s source in the White House.”

      Rumblings are foreign pilots with experience flying Russian designed jets are stepping forward.

    1149. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    1150. Bitterlaw says:

      He said that when the most powerful weapons were muskets and cannon with limited range..

    1151. Gordon Allen says:

      SDC. Yes.
      Amazing how some here think Putin is 10 feet tall.
      He’s an SOB,but not a 10 foot tall one. And never has been.

    1152. jason says:

      Can’t wait to see what the Putin appeasers will come up with today.

      I predict CDM will say Putin is a mischievous cuss and a bad boy, but what can you do, he was raised that way. Maybe there is still a chance he will mature and taking things that aren’t his.

      Tgca will say he supports a NFZ as long as someone else implements it and that in any case there is suffering elsewhere in the world, so we shouldn’t care that it is happening in the Ukraine too.

      Neville Allen will say he hasn’t gotten the $100 he invested in expert analysis telling him the invasion would never happen, but that his lawyers are working on it.

      NYC will say yes, something should be done, but since Biden is President nothing can be done.

    1153. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon – I don’t know how often your magazines are published. Did you get one that suggests that giving free reign to a tyrant who shelled a nuclear plant is a bad idea?

      I agree that Putin is not 10 feet tall. His victims are still dead. Both can be true.

    1154. jason says:

      Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      Yep, those here that think appeasing Putin by giving him the Ukraine and Moldova and whatever he wants to recreate the Soviet Union is buying a little “temporary peace” are essentially emboldening our enemies and setting us up for much wider wars and costs in lives and resources in the future.

      Appeasement never works. History teaches like Putin view it as weakness to be taken advantage of.

    1155. jason says:

      I knew we would have new material from the isolationist morons this morning.

      “Putin is not 10 foot tall”.

      A new low in appeasement stupidity, I guess this intellectually vapid statement is part of what Neville Allen claims to be “expert analysis”.

    1156. jason says:

      Gordon – I don’t know how often your magazines are published.”

      That might explain it. The USPS has experienced delays, so it is possible Neville Allen hasn’t received the one that says the invasion that would never happen did in fact happen.

      So he is still talking about Putin as a paper tiger and hasn’t been informed that Russia now occupies large swatches of the Ukraine, has the major cities under siege, is shelling bombing Ukraine’s civilian population and infrastructure, and is causing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions for millions of people.

      We might have to tolerate things like “Putin is not 10 ft tall” until he gets the new issue.

    1157. Tgca says:

      Jadon has yet to offer any workable solutions to the Ukraine crisis given the current facts and circumstances which is that Europe and NATO are being p*ssies and refusing to do what needs to be done to save Ukraine and institute a NFZ.

      America should not go it alone unless it is willing to accept it is willing to declare war on Russia over this. Does America think the rest of the world will stand behind it or blame it for escalating a war in Europe?

      My position is not appeasement. I support a united European-led offensive on Russia’s aggression. But the reality is Europe and NATO are not willing to do much but wait and see. European leaders have stated they believe implementing a NFZ will escalate the matter and will be construed as an act of war.

      Perhaps Jadon should write Great Britain, France, and NATO a letter to convince them otherwise.

    1158. Tgca says:

      Others mocking Gordon here for his source of information have yet to inform us the credible sources of information they rely upon to offer their opinions on Ukraine.

      …and relying on my EXPERTise doesn’t count here.

    1159. jason says:

      “He’s pushed already to his limits,and will fail ultimately in Ukraine, and then in Russia.
      But the Ukranians are in for a rough time in the meantime.”

      Don’t you love this isolationist BS?

      Do nothing, let the Ukrainians have a “rough time” (this fits in well with that “mischief” meme) because one day Putin will get his just comeuppance.

      I actually don’t discount this possibility. Putin is making himself a pariah, it is possible there will be enough Russians not willing to endure the sacrifices required to recreate the Soviet Union, maybe younger people not that familiar with the “Glory Days” or have heard from their parents that it was not that glorious.

      Despite what the economic isolationists say, the world IS much more globalized than it was in the 80’s and Russia is much more dependent on foreign goods and materials than it was, so it is possible it will once have to choose between “arms and butter” and butter will win again.

      But you can’t bet on Putin self destructing later you have to confront him now.

    1160. jason says:

      and relying on my EXPERTise doesn’t count here.”

      Wow, that poses a challenge.

      Outside of nutrition and gayness, I pretty much rely on Tgca for all my information and opinions.

    1161. Bitterlaw says:

      Russia DID invade Ukraine. Gordon needs better sources.

    1162. jason says:

      America should not go it alone unless it is willing to accept it is willing to declare war on Russia over this. ”

      Gets the non-sequitur award of the day.

      Why should the US declare war on Russia?

      Also, I never said the US “should go it alone”. I made clear any NFZ would forcibly require at least the cooperation of other countries, what I disagree with it that it has to be “European led”.

      I think the US should take the leadership role, do we really want our forces under a European command. The US should be in the lead role coordinating the efforts of a multinational force.

    1163. Tgca says:

      The words of Jefferson and Franklin are as true today as they were in their time. Weaponry availability should not change our moral code or practical words to live by.

      If it does, then it goes against the argument of intervening in any conflict whatsoever since why should we defend any nation or their people if there is a risk of the other side deploying very destructive weapons?

      Should one also stand by in San Francisco or NYC if an elderly Asian woman is being pummeled by a young racist AA thug just because he might be armed and do you harm?

      Is this what we want to teach our future generations, better to be safe than sorry, regardless of the consequences to others?

    1164. Tgca says:


      So here we go again with the US has to lead ever effort in the world to ensure it gets done right. If that’s the case, why don’t we just tell the world the UN and NATO are not needed, Amerika is the answer!

      The American arrogance that only the US can lead it to do it right is why the US is no longer respected by many and is instead often seen as an agitator of conflict.

      How did that work out in Iraq 2: The Make My Daddy Proud War, where to this day, most of the world sees the US as the unnecessary aggressor responsible for an unnecessary war and carnage?

    1165. Phil says:

      The things that need to be done to prevent Putin from swallowing up Moldova all depend on European cooperation. They refuse to go along with any of them. Zero. None. So Moldova is Putin’s as well if he wants it. No one on this site that I can tell wants to sit back and do nothing as Putin invades that country. Would Biden stand by and watch it happen? Of course he would as would our “European allies”

      The only line drawn by NATO against Putin is his going into NATO membership countries – which he isn’t capable of doing anyway. So the big red line drawn by NATO countries is a line drawn against a threat that doesn’t exist in a practical sense.

      Big damn deal.

    1166. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – You have explained exactly why Moldova must be made a member of NATO.

    1167. jason says:

      Jadon has yet to offer any workable solutions to the Ukraine crisis”

      And this gets the biggest lie of the day award.

      I know, I know, early still, but this one will be hard to beat.

      I have offered my view of what courses of action should be taken long before the invasion, including strongly disagreeing with those that said Russia would never invade with “only” 150k troops.

      I repeatedly said appeasing Putin was not going to work, and that those offering him a slice of the Ukraine in exchange for preventing a full scale invasion were going to be sorely disappointed.

      As far sources for my views, I have traveled extensively both in Russia and the Ukraine. I have been to the major cities in the news now except Khirkiv. While this does not make me an expert, it did give me first hand insight debunking Putin’s claim that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people”. They are not. Everywhere I went in the Ukraine people showed a strong national identity, and their rejection of being part of a “Greater Russia” was very evident. So the isolationist view that it is ok to give the Ukraine back to Russia because it is “part of it” I can report first hand is false.

      But the issue here is not who is more of an “expert”. The data on military strengths and capabilities is a google check away.

      Basically, the difference of opinion here has to do with geopolitics. There is a profound schism between what we view as the role of the US is in the world and what its interests are. We saw a version this played out during the Trump presidency between the free traders and the AFL-CIO conservatives. Now we have have the isolationist peace in our time it is not our problem we are tired of endless wars, etc vs. those that believe a stable Europe and strong alliances and aggressive push back on any attempt at Russian expansion.

      So in the end, it is much more of a philosophical difference between those that view the US as some sort of self sufficient island and those that see its interests as extending far beyond its borders. I mock Neville Allen’s magazine expertise because he really thinks it gave him superior expertise, when in fact he was profoundly wrong about the outcome.

      Oh, Tgca, don’t forget to GFY.

    1168. jason says:

      Amerika is the answer!”

      The correct spelling is America.

      And yes, as the only real superpower in the world, the US should take a leading role in confronting a despot like Putin.

      That does not mean we do not need NATO, that is stupid conclusion.

    1169. Phil says:

      Exactly, bitter……but NATO won’t invite that country to join because it might provoke Putin. That in itself is an act of appeasement.

    1170. jason says:

      if there is a risk of the other side deploying very destructive weapons?”

      Ah, yes, let’s let Putin recreate the Soviet Union because “there is a risk of very destructive weapons”.


    1171. jason says:

      International Cat Federation bans Russian cats from competitions”

      Putin really screwed now.

    1172. Phil says:

      Recreating the Soviet Union would require retaking the Baltic states. They are members of NATO so that isn’t happening. Moldova is a different story, however. Europe’s message to Putin on Moldova seems to be – ok, be my guest.

    1173. jason says:

      “Another member on the call tells me Zelenskyy said Poland is ready to send planes (specifically MiG’s, which Ukrainians can fly – since they cannot fly F14s) – but the US “has not signed off because of fear it would be see as an escalation”.

      I thought Tgca said the Europeans were the problem.

      Oh well, wrong again.

    1174. jason says:

      Recreating the Soviet Union would require retaking the Baltic states.”

      Not really. The Baltic states were actually a very small part of the Soviet Union.

      If Putin can take the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia and a few other “stans” he will have pretty much the Soviet Union back.

    1175. Tom says:

      The Russian army has been shown to be a paper tiger with the Ukraine invasion. They have struggled mightily in spite of a huge numerical advantage in armament, which is also being badly depleted.

      Under the circumstances, I can’t imagine Putin would be stupid or crazy enough to attack a NATO nation. He’s evil, manipulative, and arrogant, but not stupid or crazy.

      I also can’t imagine that he would go nuclear and risk the total annihilation of Russia when he knows that the West has no interest in invading Russia.

    1176. jason says:

      These countries have a lot of resources and the Ukraine is the “breadbasket of Europe”.

      The Russians will milk these countries dry to the benefit of Russia like they did in the past and with the Iron Curtain.

    1177. Phil says:

      I think Poland is a lot more ready to stand up to Russia than the other European countries. Unlike France, Belgium and Britain they know what it’s like to actually live under Russian domination. But yeah, the Biden administration does the appeasement dance just fine on their own.

    1178. jason says:

      Under the circumstances, I can’t imagine Putin would be stupid or crazy enough to attack a NATO nation.”

      I agree for the time being, but he can do plenty of damage without attacking a NATO country. Of course, his plan is exactly to become strong enough to threaten NATO countries and Finland and that involves consolidating a large part of the old Soviet Union first.

    1179. jason says:

      I am sure if Biden signed off on it Poland would go ahead with the planes.

    1180. Phil says:

      Immediate NFZ over Moldova. That’s an actual deterrent. If Putin then moves on that country it’s he who is escalating and would cause direct military engagement. His choice.

      It won’t come to that, however. Europe and Biden don’t have the balls. A NFZ over Ukraine BEFORE the invasion was the proper deterrence strategy. No NFZ over Moldova is just repeating the same mistake we made with Ukraine.

    1181. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Poland has denied the report that it is ready to supply military aircraft to Russia.

    1182. Tgca says:


      Statements of should’ve would’ve could’ve is NOT a solution.

      Opinions of why we should stand up to Pootin and disagreeing with others here on what failure to do so would result in is NOT a solution.

      A solution entails a rationale plan of action that can be reasonably implemented and expected to have a high rate of success.

      Currently, there is no such solution since our European and NATO Allie’s have vetoed any necessary actions that would really make a difference in the Ukraine crisis.

      So I stand my ground that my vile swine-slaughtering good friend Jadon has NOT offered any workable solutions to this crisis.

      It does not mean his ideas are not reasonable, as many of them are since they reflect my EXPERT advice. It just means they are NOT a solution given the current environment.

    1183. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      For you attorneys(BL & mmnw) and all others, this is a great read.

      In my opinion, Cyrus Vance and his prosecutors wanted an indictment against Trump, period. They were overzealous in their pursuit and wanted The Donald’s scalp. The new Manhattan DA, Bragg, was a lot more skeptical whether guilt could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt since there was little evidence of intent or motive. Trump is not 100% in the clear on this matter.

      What do you think?

    1184. Phil says:

      ‘Currently, there is no such solution since our European and NATO Allies have vetoed any necessary actions that would have really made a difference”

      This is true.

      I would add that Biden is fine with their veto. Total weak ass.

    1185. jason says:

      swine-slaughtering good friend Jadon”

      Tgca would love my lunch.

      It is 65 degrees here, perfect for some baby back ribs on the grill. And some country sausages as appetizer of course.

      I had two perfect racks (one for me, one for her…wink) marinating in jason’s world famous yet secret spice mix, the aroma is already wafting through the house.

    1186. Tgca says:


      The world is changing and the US is a declining superpower, and it appears there are many that would rather Amerika NOT have that role anymore. Hence, the dangers of the US trying to force that self-annointed role on the rest of the world is also seen by many supporters of Russia, China, Iran, and a significant portion of the member UN countries as the US being an arrogant aggressor state.

      Now that we have that factual view of the US by many out of the way.

      The US should defer to leaders in the affected territories and have them lead efforts because that’s what partners and alliances do. They work together to defer to local support instead of one dictating to the others.

      Dictating the shots from thousands of miles away is NOT what the US should be doing unless it is of such vital interest that the US is willing to give the finger to the rest of the world and go it alone…and again, I ask you how did that work out in Iraq 2: The Make My Daddy Proud War?

    1187. Phil says:

      One last thing. Don’t think China isn’t watching the west’s reaction to the aggression in Europe. They are taking it all in. Not good for Taiwan. We will know more after the CCP meetings in November. Not saying they will invade Taiwan. It would be terribly messy. Still, it’s more of a possibility with Biden in office and with the no reaction of the west to Putin.

    1188. jason says:

      I would actually love to be able to slaughter my own swine. There is nothing like being able to use the whole carcass to make all kinds of sausages, head cheese, scrapple, etc.

      I have even proposed buying a live pig rather than raising one, but I got the “you are not spilling pig blood and guts all over MY yard”….a gross injustice since half the yard is technically mine.

      So the idea has been vetoed, the only livestock I get are the llamas, and that only because I have claimed it as a cultural requirement.

    1189. Tgca says:



      Why would I love being in frigid weather chowing down on unhealthy greasy salty artery-clogging filthy slop which will do nothing but ensure a comfortable early retirement for the widow Mrs. Jadon?

      I’ll stick with my blue sunny sky and 80 degree weather with egg whites and spinach topped with green salsa. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    1190. jason says:

      nd it appears there are many that would rather Amerika NOT have that role anymore”

      No argument there. Plenty of “those” here.

      And of course, that is one of the reasons the “US is a declining world power”, exactly because of the “thousands of miles away” does not affect us BS.

      And of course we have a completely different view on the Iraq war and its reasons and results.

    1191. jason says:







    1192. jason says:

      I really don’t begrudge mrs. jadon’s comfortable early widowhood if the price to pay for extending my life was having to eat eggs whites and spinach for Sunday lunch.

    1193. Tgca says:


      Many of those that do not want to see the US as a superpower unfortunately include our supposed Allie’s like France, Canada, and well, probably pretty much every European state except maybe GN and Poland…but hey…give them time too.

      Yes. I’m sure we can agree nearly 20 years after the Iraq 2: Make My Daddy Proud War that misled the American people, in retrospect, it did not make the US safer or significantly benefit the Middle East.

      However, it did make lots of money for Cheney and friends though so at least there’s that.

    1194. Tina says:

      Too bad, no American president now, or gop e is willing or smart enough to pit China against Russia.

    1195. Tgca says:

      I would like to know the strategic benefit of the US going it alone in Ukraine if our European Allie’s refuse to do so.

      What direct benefit does the US have to gain in going it alone?

      The only direct interest I see in Ukraine is for the Biden family.

      I suggest if you wish to ensure prosperity for the Biden family that instead of a military intervention in Ukraine, you invest in Hunter Biden art.

      That has 3 substantial benefits with no downside

      1. The Biden’s deservedly get to rack up more cash from their abuse of power

      2. No lives are lost in military conflict.

      3. Mrs. Jadon will have substantially valuable assets to ensure she is well-provided for in her widow years.

    1196. jason says:

      What direct benefit does the US have to gain in going it alone?”

      The benefits are many, but I already said I don’t see a NFZ happening without at least the cooperation of other countries in NATO.

      So take your straw arguments and GFY.

    1197. jason says:

      Communist News Network makes big decision.

      “This just in from a CNN spokesperson: “CNN will stop broadcasting in Russia while we continue to evaluate the situation and our next steps moving forward.”

      Reason given: Mission Accomplished.

    1198. jason says:

      All dissent now forbidden in Russia, all opposition media shut down, so if it wasn’t a complete dictatorship it is now.

      Putin appeasers ecstatic.

    1199. jason says:

      “The Bond Bar in San Francisco has renamed the Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, lime, and crushed ice in a copper mug) to the Kyiv Mule.”


      Neville Allen will soon be here to warn we should cease such provocations because Putin does have nuclear weapons.

    1200. Tom says:

      Do you serve Freedom Fries with a Kyiv Mule?

    1201. jason says:

      Yes. I’m sure we can agree nearly 20 years after the Iraq 2: Make My Daddy Proud War that misled the American people, in retrospect, it did not make the US safer or significantly benefit the Middle East.”

      Sorry if we disagree, the US and the world is a lot safer without Saddam Hussein.

      Saddam invaded Iran, causing a million deaths including use of WMD. Saddam invaded Kuwait causing tens of thousands of deaths. Saddam caused the greatest ecological disaster of all time when he set fire to 700 oil wells. Saddam killed 300,000+ of his own people including use of WMD. Saddam lobbed SCUD missiles into populated areas of Israel and Saudi Arabia with the express purpose of killing civilians. Saddam financed terrorism in Israel by rewarding families of suicide bombers. Saddam used billions in humanitarian aid and food for oil program to build palaces, starve his people and rearm Iraq, including refusing inspections and coming clean on WMD.

      If you think the Middle East and the world is not better off without him, be my guest.

    1202. jason says:

      Frankly, I would never drink a Moscow or Kiev mule.

      Why you would waste good vodka by contaminating it with ginger beer is beyond me.

    1203. jason says:

      hat misled the American people,”

      If the American people were “misled”, then so was every intelligence agency in the western world, every world leader in the West, and every major US politician on either side of the aisle.

      GWB and the intl community gave Saddam plenty of chances to come clean. He gave him plenty of chances to resign and avoid military action. Saddam chose to fight it out.

      We have rehashed this many times. There is never going to be agreement on the Iraq war.

      I believe it was a necessary war. I agree that there were mistakes in conducting the war, but in my view the mistakes were related to not enough involvement, it was a mistake to not keep overwhelming force in the country until it was completely pacified, the “surge” wouldn’t have been necessary if GWB had kept enough boots on the ground.

      But if we want to rehash the Iraq War, always happy to do it. I never miss a chance to remind everyone GWB was the right man at the right time for both 9/11 and the Iraq War.

    1204. jason says:

      Video of captured Russian soldier, obviously very hungry, given food and allowed to call home by local Ukrainians.

    1205. jason says:

      Russian soldier is holding on to that sandwich and hot tea for dear life.

    1206. Gordon Allen says:

      The price of gasoline hit $3.99/gallon at some stations in SW Florida today
      Yikes was that fast.Can’t imagine what it is in California
      Prices sustained at that level( or higher will surely cause a recession, and a 10% CPI soon.

    1207. jason says:

      “More than 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees have arrived in neighboring countries since Russia launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, according to UN refugee agency data on Sunday.

      What they’re saying: It’s the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi.”

      CDM to rush here to post “aw shucks, just a little more mischief by Putin, can’t we just move on”?

    1208. Gordon Allen says:

      Just a question. Please no polemics
      As the Russian Air Force has been largely AWOL,and is not the principal source of Russian firepower right now,explain to me how NFZ changes anything on the ground?
      It appears to me to be in practical effect another ” feel good” proposal with little practical effect , even were it possible without air bases.
      Well,except for one.

      Putin would get hit harder if we again put the pedal to the metal on US energy production, and universally stopped ass purchases of Russian energy( and Iranian).
      Putin would immediately know that he could never afford to continue his war,and have no chance of sustaining an occupation of Ukraine.
      And we don’t need foreign approval for doing so.
      The real enemies of freedom,and supporters of Putin are the GREENIES here in the US.
      How about declaring war on them here?

    1209. Tom says:

      And the Biden administration is currently negotiating with our good friend in Venezuela, Felix Maduro, to pump more oil for the US. Dios Mio, these people are clueless to the damage they are doing to the US.

    1210. Tgca says:


      Yep! Russia has now become Canada!

      It’s sad! 🙁

    1211. Tina says:

      Donut Vindman has case key said that The Ccp is not relevant to the ongoing war in ukraine,

      However, Russia has switched to Chinese card systems,

      Seems like the deep state/Russian hoaxers is often wrong.

    1212. Tina says:

      It’s not just Venezuela.

      They are negotiation with the Iranians.

      The plan is to flood us with Iranian oil.

      The deal has been negotiated with Russia ironically.

    1213. Tgca says:


      This is the hypocrisy that some see in American policy. I’m not saying it’s right but it is a view a good deal of the world holds, especially outside western culture.

      Russia invaded Ukraine because it claimed it’s liberating Ukrainian people and the region from dictatorship and ultimately ensuring Russia’s safety as well.

      The US invaded Iraq because it claimed it’s liberating Iraq’s people and the region from dictatorship and ultimately ensuring the US’ safety as well.

      There is a legitimate view to why a good portion of the world sees the hypocrisy of the US here acting as an aggressor and unprovoked going in and pretty much devastating a country and its people and forcibly removing its leadership.

      In hindsight, we know the intelligence used in the Iraq 2: Make My Daddy Proud War was manipulated