Budd Best Against Beasley in NC

    We have a new poll from Emerson College for the state of North Carolina that shows Republicans may have to pick the right candidate if they hope to hold the seat of outgoing US Senator Richard Burr.

    Ted Budd (R) 50%
    Cheri Beasley (D) 43%

    Mark Walker (R) 47%
    Cheri Beasley (D) 42%

    Marjorie Eastman (R) 44%
    Cheri Beasley (D) 44%

    Cheri Beasley (D) 43%
    Pat McCrory (R) 41%

    This poll was done April 2-4 among 1047 registered voters.

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    1. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    2. Wes says:

      I’m skeptical of any result showing Beasley ahead. Initially I favored Walker, but now I’m undecided as Walker has failed to gain traction. In what little TV I’ve watched, Eastman is the only candidate with any ads up. Regardless of the nominee, I don’t expect Dems to put up much of a fight for this seat. They’re going to have a major fight on their hands trying to hold onto their two seats on the NCSC. Local Dems also seem largely deflated after coming so close but still losing after putting up a big fight against Trump and Tillis here in 2020.

    3. Tgca says:

      Thwee! Bishes!

      Thwee I thay!

    4. NYCmike says:

      “NYC – I decided to listen to Mark Levin. I expected him to be easy on Putin or wary of escalation. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him blasting those who fear escalation with Putin and said that NATO and the US must use force to defend Ukraine. He was not calling for attacks on Russian soil. He called for the Polish MiGs to be immediately sent to Ukraine. He compared Zelensky to Churchill.”

      -Not surprised by that at all.

      Once again – you, Levin, and I agree what SHOULD be done…….and then we look up, President Biden is in the Oval Office, and so far, it has not been done.

    5. GF says:

      Color me skeptical that the GOP loses this, or any other, Senate seat this Fall that it already holds. PA will likely be the closest, but I think we will still hold.

      Governor races, OTOH, I think we may blow several unless the wave grows big enough to haul some of our garbage candidates over the line after all. Granted, we don’t have nominees yet, but I’m not really impressed with anyone challenging a Dem incumbent so far.

    6. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      BREAKING: There is a good chance the current Israeli rump government will fall. CG is sad. To wit:

    7. Wes says:

      In news that will surprise exactly no one, yes, corruption exists in New Jersey:

      In other news, the Earth revolves around the Sun, and Bob Menendez is a scumbag.

    8. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 5, 2022 at 9:08 pm

      Wow. A new shaft? They must be close now. I mean, they wouldn’t have a show last for years and not find treasure.”

      What is the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?

      Last night they found a dowel that possibly did not belong to a another treasure seeking expedition. It was heavy and sunk when put in a pail of water, to great excitement. According to everyone on site, this was very significant.

      This is the kind of find that encourages the Lagina brothers to invest another $5 million, so I am excited too.

    9. jason says:

      Hey GF, long time no see.

    10. jason says:

      Once again – you, Levin, and I agree what SHOULD be done”

      Poor NYC, desperate to agree with someone who is not a Putin Appeaser, as the idea of appeasing Putin looks stupider by the day.

      But sorry, no can do, anyone who thinks you have to wait for a new President to confront Putin’s now clear strategy of “Nazi cleansing” of Ukraine is a moron.

      I only agree with morons in extreme cases.

    11. jason says:

      Sacramento mass shooter was ten year sentence convicted felon in 2018, paroled in 2021 over the objection of the DA.

      “As shown by Inmate Martin’s pattern of conduct, he is an assaultive and non-compliant individual and has absolutely no regard for his victims who are left in the wake of numerous serious offenses. He has no respect for others, for law enforcement or for the law.

      “If he is released early, he will continue to break the law.”

      But hey, Senator Toomey, the problem is law abiding gun owners, let’s blame them.

    12. jason says:

      Desperate, huh? “I need a plan”?

      “Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., who faces a competitive reelection this fall, declined to say whether she would support retaining the Trump-era ban but said more needs to be done.

      “I need a plan, we need a plan,” she said in a brief interview. “There’s going to be a surge at the border. There should be a plan and I’ve been calling for it all along.”

    13. jason says:

      Sorry 64%, not 74%.

    14. jason says:

      Send it to me, I will forward it, tks.

    15. jason says:

      If you are interested in seeing how much Ukrainian territory Russia is occupying, Al Jazeera has a good map. Add it all up an its a lot of territory.

    16. jason says:

      Map is outdated with the pullback from Kiev, but the rest is probably current.

    17. DW says:

      Stolen elections have consequences.

    18. Phil says:

      RINO Bill Cassidy certain to run for Louisiana governor.

      Good luck, Bill. You don’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell….but getting frauds like him and Burr out of the Senate will be sweet. He’s another Never Trumper POS.

    19. jason says:

      here is a good chance the current Israeli rump government will fall. CG is sad.”

      Good riddance to a “right wing government” propped up by far leftist parties.

      Bring back Bibi.

    20. jason says:

      We will have the pleasure of getting rid of “all legal gun owners are criminals Pat Toomey” too.

    21. jason says:

      DW says:
      April 6, 2022 at 10:31 am

      Stolen elections have consequences.”

      Depends on to whom you are speaking with.

      Look at all the “conservatives” here that want to “move on” from a stolen election so there are exactly no consequences and so elections will continue to be stolen.

    22. Phil says:

      Bring back, Bibi.


      ‘Right wing government” propped up by left wing parties is exactly what happened.

    23. jason says:

      Cracker Jacks are now Cracker Jills.

    24. jason says:

      Come June 11th, Massachusetts will marvel over the Anthony S. Fauci Integrated Science Complex.”

      Fauci doesn’t get another medal, but he gets a building named after him.

    25. DW says:

      Speaking of Israel, the announcement last week of the discovery of an inscription found on Mt. Ebal that dates to circa 1200 BC that twice mentions the Hebrew God Yahweh has stirred up controversy, because Mt. Ebal is in the disputed ‘west bank’ area, and Israelis are seeing the discovery as a title deed to this land.

    26. jason says:

      Is there really any doubt Jews were on the West Bank before Palestinians? Heck, up to 1967 the West Bank wasn’t even Palestinian, it was part of Jordan.

    27. jason says:

      Amazing video. Biden is wandering around lost and ignored while Obama shakes hands and greets people. Trying to become relevant, he reaches over and puts his hand on Obama’s shoulder. Obama swats it away and continues what he is doing.

    28. jason says:

      Looking at it again, he doesn’t swat Biden’s hand but he shakes his shoulder and dismisses it.

    29. Phil says:

      That video was indeed pathetic.

      If this half wit wasn’t such an SOB I’d probably feel sorry for him.

    30. jason says:

      Sorry, AOC, but we don’t have 12 years.

      Joy Behar announced that if Rs win the House and Senate in 2022, it “will be the end of our country”.

    31. GF says:

      Good morning, Jason;

      I stop by here fairly often, but because I’m operating on a mobile device, it’s hard to scroll through 1200-1700 posts to sustain a conversation. The site won’t open on my government laptop any longer; perhaps the Mobbies got to the Feds.

      Lots of polls lately, but almost none make the front page here. I’m hoping the Wizard will pick up the pace as the campaign season wears on…

    32. jason says:

      Eric Swalwell announced that if Rs win in November, “it will be the end of voting as we know it”.

    33. jason says:

      I am sure the government doesn’t think HHR is woke enough, but have they read Bitter’s posts?

      Hey Ma….

    34. jason says:

      Eric Swalwell announced that if Rs win in November, “it will be the end of voting as we know it”.

      Actually, if Rs won and did something about voter fraud he might be right, it would be the end of voting as he knows it.

    35. Phil says:

      Yeah, big IF. Republicans doing something about voting fraud?

      Fat chance. The GOP is, and always will be, the party of stupid. Voter fraud is only a problem if ALL the elections are stolen. As long as Democrats don’t try and steal 100% of them, we good.

    36. jason says:

      Voter fraud is only a problem if ALL the elections are stolen. As long as Democrats don’t try and steal 100% of them, we good.”

      We can call that the Bitter Law of Elections.

    37. DW says:

      Headline: Republicans Target Record 72 Democrat-Held Districts for Midterms

      Party of stupid. Did Edward Durr mean nothing last year?

      GOP should get a name on the ballet in every single race, and get credible candidates on the ballot in every district that isn’t a deep blue urban cesspool.

    38. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      72% of voters think Ukraine should keep fighting until Russia completely ends its invasion.

    39. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Only 14% of voters believe that, In negotiating for an end to the war in Ukraine, Zelenskyy should be willing to give up Ukrainian territory to Russia.

    40. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Russian soldiers have been looting houses of people across the villages in the Borodyanka area taking away everything, valuable and not.

      “Paintings, chairs, baby carriages, and even easter baskets – they took everything,” said Zoya Chkheidze, a resident of Leonivka, a village 25 km to the north of Borodyanka.

      According to her, the Russians covered their tanks with stolen rugs.

      “They even took teapots, shovels, axes,” she went on.”

    41. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “India has “unequivocally condemned” killings in Ukraine’s Bucha and supported calls for an independent investigation into the “deeply disturbing reports”.

      Images of mass graves and bodies of civilians reportedly executed in the Kyiv suburb have shocked the world.

      India’s condemnation at the UN meeting is the strongest statement it has made since Russia invaded Ukraine.

      Delhi has so far abstained from UN votes condemning Russia’s actions.”

    42. jason says:

      Only 14% of voters believe that”

      They are all here at HHR.

    43. jason says:

      “Russian soldiers have been looting houses of people across the villages in the Borodyanka area taking away everything, valuable and not.

      “Paintings, chairs, baby carriages, and even easter baskets – they took everything,” said Zoya Chkheidze, a resident of Leonivka, a village 25 km to the north of Borodyanka.

      According to her, the Russians covered their tanks with stolen rugs.

      “They even took teapots, shovels, axes,” she went on.”

      CDM says just chill, you know Vlad, he loves those pranks, probably will return everything tomorrow.

    44. Teegeeceeaye says:

      Images of mass graves and bodies of civilians reportedly executed in the Kyiv suburb have shocked the world.”

      Did you hear Zelenstalin put an opposition leader under house arrest?

    45. jason says:

      The Russians have now lost 450 tanks. Normally you would have about 31 tanks in a Russian tank battalion, so that is the equivalent of losing about 15 battalions.

      Of course the losses spread out among many battalions it doesn’t mean 15 battalions were wiped out.

      Still, it is a lot of tanks.

    46. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “April 6 (Reuters) – Russia edged closer to a potential default on its international debt on Wednesday as it paid dollar bondholders in roubles and said it would continue to do so as long as its foreign exchange reserves are blocked by sanctions.

      The United States on Monday stopped Russia from paying holders of its sovereign debt more than $600 million from frozen reserves held at U.S. banks, saying Moscow had to choose between draining its dollar reserves at home and default.”

    47. Wes says:

      Once again Walker leads Warnock, this time by 49-44:

      Kemp and Perdue both lead Abrams though Kemp has the larger leadof of the two.

      Honestly I’m not even sure why Perdue is in the race except as an ego boost. As far back as 2014, he was known for fairly lazy campaigning. He did manage to edge Jack Kingston out in a fluke in the runoff but spent the next several months in a dogfight with Michele Nunn until almost all national races broke open for Republicans in September and October. I’ll give him a mulligan on having to face Ossoff in a runoff since Democrats heavily targeted the state while a Libertarian kept him from 50%. The runoff itself was the result of GOP stupidity in both retaining and modifying the state’s runoff law. They should have changed it after 2008 or 2018.

      After the first round though, Perdue didn’t open up an outstate campaign office to drive rural and exurban voters to the polls and pulled a Matt Rosendale in a high-profile planned debate with Ossoff. Of course Ossoff used this unforced error to his advantage.

      Now Perdue has Trump’s endorsement. Fair enough, but as we’ve seen multiple times in the past, a candidate can’t just coast on an endorsement alone. Perdue has tried to do just that after initial polling showed him beating Kemp. Meanwhile, Kemp has campaigned hard and shored up his right flank on electoral reform while aiming barbs at the current Administration for undercutting the livelihoods of average Georgians. This has been enough to vault Kemp into consistent but varying leads.

      More and more, Perdue looks like a Georgian version of Jon Cornyn: a bored rich guy who looked at politics as a way to amuse himself but lacked the necessary skills for any permanence in his political career.

      At least Herschel Walker has taken Trump’s endorsement and done something with it, becoming the frontrunner in both the primary and the general. I hope Walker keeps up the good work and sends the loathsome Raphael Warnock home in November.

    48. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag, who should be supporting a deserving black conservative like Walker, instead calls him a turd.

      That is because Walker will likely actually be on the ballot.

      Dangerous. Could win.

    49. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Pope Francis condemns massacre of Bucha, calls UN impotent. At his weekly audience, the Pope held up a Ukrainian flag. He called the cruelties against civilians in Ukraine horrendous. He added that the world is witnessing “the impotence of the International Organizations of the United Nation” in Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

    50. DW says:

      “Images of mass graves and bodies of civilians reportedly executed in the Kyiv suburb have shocked the world.”

      Its just mischief. I heard that somewhere.

    51. jason says:

      Another problem is that Governor is a state executive position which is harder to “nationalize”. Perdue would have a better chance unseating Kemp as a senator than as governor.

      I dislike Kemp for his role in the 2020 election so I prefer Perdue but I don’t live in GA. If I did, I would probably consider local issues and I might have a different view of Kemp based on that.

      I think Perdue made a mistake. Had he run for the Senate, he would have probably defeated Walker in the primary and would have a good chance of beating Warnock in a better year for Rs.

    52. jason says:

      Tgca will say the Communist Pope is supporting Zelensky because he is a fellow communist.

    53. jason says:

      Its just mischief. I heard that somewhere.”

      Vlad is such a stinker!

    54. Wes says:

      That’s why I say Perdue lacks the political skills for a long political career, Jason. He’s not a strong campaigner and makes poor decisions.

      I wish Jack Kingston had won the 2014 runoff. He wouldn’t have made all the mistakes Perdue has made recently.

    55. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason’s recent accusations of wokeness are a truce violation. However, as a member of the triad of non-appeasers (me, Jason and SDC), I shall not resume hostilities in the Woke War at this time.

    56. jason says:

      Zzzz… they are not accusations of wokeness if you follow it with “hey Ma”.

    57. Tgca says:

      Awesome points brought up by Matt Gaetz where he rips General Austin a new one when the Woke General gets angry and tries to turn the tables on Gaetz as they discussed the failures in Russia, Afghanistan, and against China because the military focus is on CRT and pronouns instead of strategy.

      “The fact that you’re embarrassed by your country. I’m sorry for that.”

      “I’m embarrassed by YOUR leadership! I’m not embarrassed for my country. It’s disgraceful that you would sit here & conflate your failures with those of uniformed service members.”

    58. jason says:

      Bitter hasn’t said yet nobody cares about the Communist Pope’s comments on Bucha because it does not refer to Catholic Doctrine. He is busy today so I will fill in.

    59. jason says:

      Did Tgca just call Milley black?

      Racist bastard.

    60. jason says:

      Tgca obviously cannot tell one woke General from another.

    61. Tgca says:


      This is the 1st time I’ve seen the Woke General lose his cool like that before Congress.

      He walked into a trap whether it was planned or not.

      To tell a CongressCritter that you’re sorry they appear embarrassed by what the military is doing when you’re being legitimately being criticized for what the military leadership is doing is like calling the CongressCritter un-American and suggesting he is embarrassed by and does not support the men and women and other THINGS serving in the military.

      It was a very STOOPID thing to say, and Gaetz effectively ridiculed the Woke General and put the focus on the Woke General’s leadership and not the men and women serving in the military.

    62. jason says:

      Biden throws Mom under the bus.

      BIDEN: “I’m so sick and tired. I was raised by a dad. Not a joke.”

    63. Tgca says:



      I meant Austin, as I noted elsewhere in my posts. I have Milley on my mind because of this pic I have posted on my fridge.

      A total catch.

    64. jason says:

      Joe Biden jokes about World War 3.

      “If I gotta go to war, I’m going with you guys.”

      Talking to union members.

    65. Tgca says:

      Now this has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

    66. jason says:

      I meant Austin”

      I know, they look alike, both have a lot of service ribbons on their chests.

    67. Tgca says:


      Well, maybe Milley has like .005% AA blood.

      I defer to Senator Warren on this topic.

    68. Bitterlaw says:

      No point in discussing certain topics with Jason since there will be no actual discussion.

    69. Tgca says:

      This is UUUUUGE!!!

      DC Judge acquits Jan 6th protestor of all charges.

      FINALLY!!! Common sense saves the day.

      McFadden said that, based on video of the scene, that assertion was at least “plausible” and that prosecutors failed to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. “People were streaming by and the officers made no attempt to stop the people,” said the judge, an appointee of President Donald Trump.

    70. Tgca says:


      No worries. I can discuss wokeness with you if you want…or we can discuss ABORTION.

    71. Tgca says:


      So I’m wondering if the DOJ will appeal the Jan 6th case that was dismissed.

      My understanding is they have hundreds, over 800 of similar cases of low offenses like trespassing yet to go to trial.

      Will this make the DOJ think twice about pursuing them, especially if the GOP takes over in Nov and they know the GOP will be all over them for this and other issues.

      The DOJ and FBI have had a number of setbacks tje last few years with IG reports and investigations going against them and Durham looks like he’s doubling down as well so this could be very difficult times for these federal bureaucrats the next two years.

      I’ll let the REAL criminal lawyers opine here but it seems if some protestors are acquitted and others are not, the “not” group may have grounds for appeal, especially if we get different judges with different rulings on nearly similar facts within the same jurisdiction. I believe these are all in the same jurisdiction too.


    72. Meldrim says:

      Jason, according to both official and media sources, the four Republican candidates combined to get *65.3%* (!) of the vote in the CA-22 special election:

      To put things in perspective, that Central Valley district gave President Trump only 51.6% in 2020.

      While I don’t think that Republicans in 2022 will outperform 2020 Trump numbers by 13.7% in every district, it does appear that a Republican tsunami is starting to form.

      BTW, Democrat Congressman Filemón Vela, who already had announced his retirement at the end of his term, resigned from his TX-34 CD last week, triggering a special election that Gov. Abbott scheduled for June 14 (i.e., Flag Day, and President Trump’s birthday). The special election will be held under the current lines (the ones used in the 2012-2020 elections), which has a population that is approximately 85% Hispanic and traditionally Democratic (giving Romney and Trump around 38% in 2012 and 2016) but that swung heavily towards Trump in 2020 (giving him 47.5%, only 4% behind its vote for Biden). TX Republican redistricters played it safe this cycle, shoring up GOP incumbents but not risking VRA lawsuits by creating additional “fajita-strip” CDs that stretch from the border to GOP areas further north, and the TX-34 was made a lot more Democrat than in 2020 (the 2020 Trump percentage for the redrawn district dropped to 41.7%). Congressman Vicente González from the adjoining TX-15, who had a close call in 2020 and saw his district made a couple of points more Republican in redistricting, decided to run in the TX-34 once Vela announced his retirement, and is favored to win against GOP challenger Mayra Flores (both won their respective primaries without a run-off), but he’s not going to run in the special election (which would require his resignation from his TX-15 seat, at least if he’s going to take that seat for the rest of this Congress). Former Cameron County Commissioner Dan Sánchez will be the Democrat candidate in the special election, but he’s going to get beaten like a red-headed stepchild riding a rented mule, since there’s no way that an 85%-Hispanic district in South Texas that gave Trump 47.5% in 2020 is going to come close to voting for a Democrat, particularly against an energetic young Mexican-American woman like Mayra Flores ( And, after Flores wins the special election and becomes the incumbent, don’t count out an upset win for her under the new district lines this November. She’d have to outperform Trump’s 2020 showing by around 8%, which certainly could happen under the current political environment.

    73. Bitterlaw says:

      Nothing to discuss. I am not woke and you burned the ABORTION bridge last year.

    74. Meldrim says:

      I hadn’t seen a photo of Dan Sánchez (the Democrat running in the TX-34 special election) until now. My word. The Democrats aren’t even going to try to win this election. Does this look like a guy that can win against the GOP’s hot tamale?

    75. Wes says:

      Meldrim, what did you think about my analysis of NC-Sen and the Kemp-Perdue primary?

    76. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “New York Times: Pentagon trains small group of Ukrainian soldiers to operate portable armed drones. Pentagon officials reportedly said on April 6 that the soldiers are on a pre-scheduled educational assignment in the U.S. and are being trained on how to use Switchblade drones. The U.S. included 100 Switchblade drones for Ukraine as part of a $800 million military aid package to Ukraine.”

      “Blinken: for every Russian tank Ukraine has 10 anti-tank systems. During an interview with NBC, U.S. Secretary Antony Blinken said in response to a question about the possibility for a protracted war in Ukraine that the U.S. and its allies have provided or will soon provide Ukraine with “10 anti-tank systems – 10 for every single Russian tank.” Blinken also said that while it may take time, there is “no scenario” in which Ukraine does not win.”

    77. Tgca says:

      So now Bitter has become pro-choice because I’m pro-life and he does not want to be on the same side of the aisle with me? I feel bad now.

      I wonder if that means if Jadon goes woke then…oh forget it!

    78. Tgca says:

      The world has gone MAF!

      The White House on Wednesday defended the idea of giving smartphones to illegal border crossers, to help them stay in touch with ICE officials.

      How about we give these lawbreakers monitored ankle bracelets instead of Smartphones?

      No wonder Apple supports illegal immigration.

    79. Tgca says:


      MAF = MAD

    80. Bitterlaw says:

      I am still pro-life. I have no desire to discuss ABORTION or anything else with you. Both can be true.

      You ended our previous relationship and you know how and why. So does everybody at HHR. Move on and talk to your Zelensky hating friends.

    81. Tgca says:


      Stop spreading rumors!

      I don’t date straight guys.

      …unless you’re one of the 20% of LGBTQIA2S+ at HHR. We know they exist because studies show that.

      In fact, another recent study by JWT showed less than 50% of teens 13 – 20 identify as straight.

      The world is turning GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

      Pretty soon we’ll be saying “Don’t Say Straight!”

    82. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      ““It’s stunning,” said military historian Frederick Kagan of the Institute for the Study of War, who says he knows of no parallel to a major military power like Russia invading a country at the time of its choosing and failing so utterly.”

    83. Bitterlaw says:

      83 is why you are a clown. I used to think some of your posts were funny. Then you revealed your vicious side. It must be difficult for you without lisab cheering you on. It’s cold that she left her pet poster behind.

    84. Meldrim says:

      Wes, I agree with you that a poll that shows Beasley ahead of McCrory strains credibility. The GOP sample appears to be much friendlier to Budd-Walker voters than to McCrory (establishment) Republicans, and I’m guessing that many Budd voters get their kicks out of telling pollsters that they would leave the ballot blank rather than vote for soneone like McCrory. I think that, at the end of the day, whoever wins the GOP primary will beat Beasley in the general, and it won’t be particularly close. With 35% now being enough for primary winners to avoid a run-off, looks like Budd will be punching his ticket to Congress on primary day.

      Regarding GA, I agree that Perdue has run a lackluster campaign, but I don’t think that it’s true that he’s always been a bad campaigner. In 2914, he beat Jack Kingston (who had been my preferred potential GOP Senate candidate for almost two decades) fair and square, and not only did he beat the Spawn of Nunn convincingly in the general that year, he got over 49% of the vote in the general in 2020. But that’s all ancient history, and I expect Kemp to beat Perdue this year with no beed for a run-off, and then to send Abrams to the ash heap of history.

      As for Herschell Walker, he has been nimbler in his run that I had feared, although he has many more obstacles to overcome. The media will try to destroy him, and he can’t let them do it–this is when he really needs to dig down into his faith and not let the media define him. Warnock will be throwing his huge campaign chest at him in negative ads, since he won’t be able to point to anything possible that he has done in the Senate, but if Herschell doesn’t crack he’ll end up winning with 55% or so. 2022 will not be kind to Democrats nationwide, and GA won’t be an exception.

    85. Tgca says:


      I see that “decades of rage” is boiling up inside you. So much hate. Can’t let go because you feel wronged and you lack the capacity to forget or move on, whatever is most applicable.

      I did not realize LisaB and me live in your head rent free like Trump does in Wobbie’s head.

      As Jadon would say, you reap what you sow.

      Anyways, I’m not here to argue with you but if you prefer you can NEVER refer to any post I make and I will respond in kind.

      Let’s see if you’re up for that or if you wish to continue because you can’t let go or move on.

      …and for the record, my post accurately refers to published studies on the LGBTQIA2S+. Now whether they’re to believed…that’s another story.

    86. Tgca says:

      The context of this text to the FBI from Sussman, Clinton/DNC lawyer, is very damning, especially the last sentence.

      He makes a point he’s not representing any client and he just wants to help the FBI. I seriously doubt that has any credibility, especially given the urgency of his text. It sounds more like he was trying to mislead them into taking action sooner than later.

      I’m still perplexed how the FBI fell for this crap knowing what law firm he was with and who they represented.

      “Jim – it’s Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss,” he texted Baker on Sept. 18, 2016, according to the new court filing. “Do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m coming on my own — not on behalf of a client or company — want to help the Bureau. Thanks.”

    87. mnw says:

      Wes & Meldrin

      GA’s new election integrity laws need to be factored into your discussion, too– same which cost Atlanta the All Star Game. GA in 2022 is going to be much harder to steal than it was last time.

    88. Tgca says:

      Oh this is rich!

      Hillary Clinton: ‘People Should Go Around Saying Gay All the Time’ to Puncture the ‘Cruelty’

      This coming from the folks that gave us “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” are now telling us it’s ok to tell…and tell it all the time too.

      She’s also the person who said in 2000, at the age 52:

      Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman. But I also believe that people in committed gay marriages, as they believe them to be, should be given rights under the law that recognize and respect their relationship.”

    89. Tgca says:


      So what changed with Hillary?

      Could it be the polls and public opinion changed and it was now safe to go with the flow?

      …or is it because all of a sudden at age 66 in 2013, when SCOTUS took up the gay marriage case, she changed her stance, because she had an eye-opening experience?


    90. jason says:

      Hope springs eternal. And I hope this guy has life insurance.

      “The source who distributed Hunter Biden‘s laptop to congressmen and media has fled the US to Switzerland, saying he fears retaliation from the Biden administration.

      Jack Maxey gave a copy of the hard drive from Hunter’s abandoned laptop in the spring of 2021.

      He also gave copies and material from it to the Washington Post, New York Times, and Senator Chuck Grassley in his role as ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee – but he claims they all sat on it for months.

      For the past two weeks, Maxey has been in hiding in Zurich, working with IT experts to dig out more data from the ‘laptop from hell’.

      Maxey, a former co-host of ex-Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon’s podcast the War Room, claims he and his colleagues have found ‘450 gigabytes of deleted material’ including 80,000 images and videos and more than 120,000 archived emails.

      He said he intends to post them all online in a searchable database in the coming weeks.”

    91. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “I don’t understand why people are taking Russian polls even semi-seriously. It’s not clear that respondents feel as though they can be honest. Also not clear polling firms feel as thought they can be honest when there’s no free press”

    92. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “So, yes, in sufficient quantities I believe the Switchblade 300 is an absolute game changer in the Ukrainian war. It essentially allows a single Ukrainian soldier to precisely kill a soft-skinned vehicle (and/or a Russian soldier) from about 6 miles away every 30 minutes or so.

      While the success rate of the drone is unknown, even if it is just 50% then the UAF could take out 500 supply vehicles with Switchblades in just a few days. These weapons will also have a devastating impact to the morale of the Russian army and as a result might even cripple the resupply effort without having to kill all the vehicles.

      I expect Switchblade Operator to become a favorite role of Ukrainian soldiers, similar to the role of Bayraktar Drone Pilot. I also expect Ukraine will be asking the US for another batch of 1000 munitions every few days until the conflict is over. I’m not sure what the current US stockpiles look like, or how quickly they can be manufactured, but I wouldn’t bet against either US stockpiles or manufacturing.”

    93. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      After the Afghanistan debacle, General Milley once again proved how clueless he is by his 72 hour prediction below. Some of us were pointing out the Ukrainians would fight, and would not be easy to defeat:

      “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley predicted in early February that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could take Kyiv in just “72 hours,” a far cry from the monthlong conflict Russia and Ukraine are now engaged in.

      Milley delivered the dire prediction for Ukraine to Congress during closed hearings on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3, saying Ukraine would likely lose 15,000 troops compared to Russia’s 4,000.”

    94. Tgca says:

      Utah Gubbernor declares his personal pronouns in townhall meeting when asked.

      “Thank you so much Gabby for that question. And my preferred pronouns are he, him, and his. So thank you for sharing yours with me,” Cox said in the town hall…

    95. Tgca says:

      Riot-ravaged Kenosha elects first Republican leader in decades

      Republican state Rep. Samantha Kerkman defeated Democratic Clerk of Circuit of Courts Rebecca Matoska-Mentink with more than 51 percent of the approximately 29,000 votes cast. It was the first time since at least 1998 that a Republican has won the seat…

    96. Tgca says:

      MD. Gubbernor Mr. Potato Head on Trump asking Russia for dirt on Biden. The last sentence about politics is laughable as if it’s the 1st time politics used by a current or ex elected official.

      “It doesn’t surprise me that Trump would make that statement, but it’s about the worst possible thing you can do when all these atrocities are taking place in Ukraine and Putin’s aggression is what the focus is,” Hogan said.

      “For a former president to try to drag politics into that is just completely unacceptable,” he added.

    97. Meldrim says:


    98. jason says:

      “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley predicted in early February that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could take Kyiv in just “72 hours,” a far cry from the monthlong conflict Russia and Ukraine are now engaged in.

      Milley delivered the dire prediction for Ukraine to Congress during closed hearings on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3, saying Ukraine would likely lose 15,000 troops compared to Russia’s 4,000.”

      I find this prediction really strange for a general to make.

      It is one thing to be wrong about how fast the Russians would overrun Ukraine, you could be wrong in that assessment. But to predict a 4-1 casualty rate in favor of the Russians when they are attacking defended positions is going against everything I learned about warfare.

      You can’t have it both ways. A 3 day “win” for the Russians would involve a complete meltdown and capitulation of the Ukrainian military, in which case they would not have 15,000 dead. But if they stood their ground and fought, there is no way an attacking tank and infantry force on entrenched positions would inflict a 4-1 kill rate, certainly not in 3 days.

    99. jason says:

      Hey Sheep

      Interesting article.

      A couple years ago I would know for sure as I was very involved in local politics and attended a lot of meetings and knew a lot of local officials and politicians. No longer.

      Biden is horrendously unpopular in this area, no doubt, there are billboards “Biden Economics $6 gas and empty shelves” and “I won’t confiscate MY salary, I want to confiscate YOURS”. Almost every gas pump has a Biden “I did this” sticker.

      I am pessimistic more R registrations will have an effect as long as Dems control the election process supported by the PA Supreme court. Realistically to overturn this system designed for fraud Rs need to flip 2 PA Supreme court to go from 5-2 D to 4-3 R and win the AG race.

    100. jason says:

      Dang, this will trigger Neville Allen, who doesn’t want to offend Putin.

      Cher calls for the US to “cut Putin’s balls off”.

    101. Cash Cow TM says:

      NC Congressman Ted Budd married one of Walt’s former students, Amy Adams, who is a WV gal. Walt is friends with her parents.

    102. Cash Cow TM says:

      Rhine River cruise is good but two troubling things.
      Poor internet connection, and I have seen no cows in Europe.

    103. DW says:

      “South Carolina House Passes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes from Women’s Sports”

      Good. There are NCAA sports for men, NCAA sports for women, and so if some group wants to start a new gender called ‘transgender’ then they should start their own division of NCAA sports and then wait and see how many people show up at their games.

    104. jason says:

      Hey Cow, ask Walt if the Rhine has changed much since the last time he crossed it with Attila the Hun in 451 AD.

    105. Wes says:

      I agree, DW.

      It’s ridiculous how men who fail at sports with other men can claim to be women and dominate sports against actual women.

    106. Tgca says:


      Hateful Transphobic post!!!

      Just because a trans athlete towers over all competitors at 6’1 and 190 pounds with an arm span the size of a 747 and walks around the locker room with junk hanging out that’s different from all the others swimmers in the locker room does not mean IT has a competitive advantage over biologically born females.

      Besides, last time I checked, people here posting about Lia are not biologists so how do they know what defines a woman?

      This is just plain hateful bigotry.

    107. Tgca says:


      So Philly is going Republican?

      All Philly or will the few bad parts remain Democrat?

    108. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      All of Philadelphia and throw in Pittsburgh too! THINK BIG!!!

    109. jason says:

      On the other hand, as a 90-lb scarecrow, if Tgca transgendered any woman would beat him at anything…so there is that.

    110. Tgca says:

      Poll: JD Vance Gains in Ohio Senate Race, Tied with Gibbons and Mandel for Lead at 18% each. Timken dropped to 9%.

      Take it is for what it’s worth.

    111. jason says:

      All Philly or will the few bad parts remain Democrat?”

      It is possible that Bad Philadelphia will stay D but Rittenhouse Square will go R.

      Of course, the votes will still be counted as 95% D.

    112. Tgca says:


      Doubtful. I got metal in me. Part bionic now, and eat enough tofu to keep my hunky frame and drink enough organic maple syrup to run the engines for hours on end.

      Even Michael Phelps fears getting in the pool with me.

    113. jason says:

      I don’t think it is worth much.

      “The Protect Ohio Values PAC poll”?


    114. Tgca says:


      So all the homeless people hanging and sleeping around Rittenhouse Square are switching to the GOP too?

      That’s brilliant outreach on behalf of the GOP.

      The GOP should target the Trans vote next.

      Baby steps I thay. Baby steps.

    115. jason says:

      “Protect Ohio Values . About Us. We’re a network of grassroots conservatives committed to electing a Senator who will stand for and defend Ohio’s values in Washington, DC. We believe J. D. Vance is the right man for the job and we are signing up supporters and raising funds to demonstrate a groundswell of support in the Buckeye State”

    116. jason says:

      Even Michael Phelps fears getting in the pool with me.”

      This is most probably true.

    117. Tgca says:


      We will just have to wait and see.

      Ohio has a history of fraud in elections too so the rightful winner may not be the confirmed winner.

      Remember, in 2004 when Bush stole the presidency from Kerry by fraudulent means in OH where exit polls expected Kerry to win.

      Even MODERATE politicians like John Conyers and Sheila Jackson lent their voices and Congressional clout to substantiate these claims.

      …and Robert Kennedy, Jr., another MODERATE even wrote an article in Rolling Stone questioning the integrity of the 2004 election.

      So clearly there is concern over stolen elections in OH. We will just have to wait and see and watch what happens in North Carolina to accurately gauge any 2022 election fraud in OH.

    118. Bitterlaw says:

      Most of Philadelphia’s Republicans live in South Philadelphia and Northeast Philadelphia. Rittenhouse Square is in Center City and solidly Dem (mostly upper class, professionals). You would think our Philadelphia experts from afar would know that.

    119. jason says:

      It doesn’t matter how many Rs there are in Philadelphia or how many people vote R.

      It only matter who counts the votes and how they are counted.

      You would think people who are “experts from within” should know that.

    120. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt taught Amy Adams? Cool if it was the actress. Semi-cool if it was a regular Amy Adams.

    121. Wes says:

      I know Tgca is jealous because instead of the slop he pretends to like, I had a huge pile of crispy bacon–yes, a pile of tasty, crunchy pure bacon–for breakfast this morning.

      It was so tasty and yummy and smelled so good I couldn’t help devouring the whole plate.

      Of course Tgca will have to content himself with that subhuman slop known as tofu he starves himself with.

      If only he hadn’t committed to starvation with his unbalanced diet of rabbit food…

    122. jason says:

      Propaganda works.

      Alexander doesn’t see the irony about “involved in other countries’ business” comment.

      “If America didn’t supply weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis, then there would be no deaths of our young guys,” Alexander Chernykh, who lost his 22-year-old son, Luka Chernykh, a corporal in military intelligence, said in a phone interview. “My personal opinion is we should just whack America with a nuclear bomb and that’s it, so that they stop getting involved in other countries’ business.”

    123. Bitterlaw says:

      I guess she was not elected in a Dem area.

      Philadelphia is officially 7-1 in favor of Dems. In reality, it is worse since the Independents are almost all Dems, too.

    124. jason says:

      I cooked 6 pure pork country sausages this morning, 3 for me and 3 for my wife. Alas, she only ate one and not being one who believes in waste, I had 5.

      Nothing goes with bacon like country sausage.

    125. jason says:

      Wow, there is no voter fraud in Philadelphia because one R got elected in 25 years?

      Brilliant reasoning!

    126. Bitterlaw says:

      My doctor said my blood pressure is 122/70. Since I am alive, I will assume that is good.

    127. jason says:

      Of course, if we all vote R in the next election, all these voter fraud issues will be resolved.

      I read it here at HHR.

    128. jason says:

      That is pretty good BP.

    129. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason already knows most voter fraud in Philadelphia is in Dem primaries (effectively the GE) and high level and Presidential races.

    130. Bitterlaw says:

      Perhaps Jason can share the name of the poster who said the next election will fix everything. I did not say it since it is not true. I do know that if Republicans stop voting, there is 100% chance nothing will ever be fixed.

    131. jason says:

      Jason already knows most voter fraud in Philadelphia is in Dem primaries (effectively the GE) and high level and Presidential races.”

      Ah, now we have evolved to “good voter fraud” and “bad voter fraud”.

      The contortions Bitter goes through to deny reality are epic.

    132. Tgca says:

      Yes, Center City is where the upper class and the 68+ genders of the LGBTQIA2S+ live and congregate.

      It’s also where the homeless line the streets for money and nap in Rittenhouse Square.

      It’s a very diverse area except politically.

    133. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason, FYI during the offensives of 1941/42 the Germans, who were attacking, inflicted a 4-1 kill rate against the Russians, and an overall 6-1 “permanent loss rate”( sometimes more), which includes POW’s of course. It is possible therefore to do so.
      But the Germans were exceptionally good at war then, and the Russians not so good( as I predicted would be the case) now at conventional war.
      Which is why they were never a conventional threat to NATO(as I also predicted) , and are still less today. A boogeyman made of straw in conventional terms; also with 6000 nuclear weapons which aren’t. This has always been the concern, and should be.

    134. mnw says:

      Here are some of the changes GA has made to its election laws since 2020:

      1) Third party groups sending out (or handing out) requests for absentee ballots to voters must now make it clear that they are not govt entities, and not affiliated in any way with a govt agency.

      2) Drop boxes must be located at voting sites only.*

      3) Voters requesting absentee ballots must now list an ID # from a state-issued document on the absentee ballot application, such as a DL #, or other state-issued ID #.

      4) Early voting days have been reduced in number.

      5) The SoS’s role as head of the state election board has been changed/reduced. The legislature now selects & appoints a non-partisan person to that position, and “non-partisan” is explicitly defined– no political contributions in the last two years; never ran for public office, etc..

      6) Pollwatchers will have greatly increased access to polling sites, and more opportunities to challenge ballots for irregularities. The handling of such challenged ballots has also ben changed, to make sure that they aren’t counted before the challenges can be considered.

      Now, time for some cheap, stupid cynicism! I’ll get the ball rolling! “The system is so corrupt that none of these changes are worth anything at all. Fraud will be even worse in GA in 2022 because (reasons). It’s useless to try to reform & improve election integrity laws, because DEMs will always manage to block such changes. Better just not to vote at all.”

      The Democrats withdrew the All Star game from Atlanta because of unhappiness over these reforms. But that was probably just a head fake, right? It will be interesting to watch Tank defend her part in getting the ASG moved from Atlanta to Denver, with all the economic loss that caused to Atlanta.

    135. mnw says:

      * as opposed to crack houses.

    136. Bitterlaw says:

      Perhaps Jason can explain why a Dem candidate in a race for city council, State Rep or State Senate race would need to cheat in a General Election where 80%+ of the voters are Dems.

      Maybe when I ran for Congress, I really received 13% of the vote instead of 12%

    137. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon always leaves out that he also predicted Russia would never invade Ukraine.

    138. Tgca says:

      Woman wants to get out of jury duty because she’s unavailable in July due to family birthdays, and she needs to see her sugar daddy daily too.

      The look on the judges face is comical. Watch the video.

      ‘First of all let me clarify myself, July second is my birthday, July Fourth is my son, and the 18th is my other son. And again, I need to figure out something. I have my sugar daddy that I see every day.’

      The judge replied: ‘I’m sorry?’ Bristol replied: ‘My sugar daddy.’

      The judge, looking increasingly confused, said: ‘I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about.’

      ‘Well I am married and I have my sugar daddy. I see him every day.’

    139. jason says:

      Jason, FYI during the offensives of 1941/42 the Germans, who were attacking, inflicted a 4-1 kill rate against the Russians, and an overall 6-1 “permanent loss rate”( sometimes more), which includes POW’s of course. It is possible therefore to do so.”

      Zzzz… Neville Allen still reading the wrong magazines and comparing apples to oranges.

      It has nothing to with “how good the Germans were vs. the Russians”, it had to do with Russian military strategy at the time.

      Stalin had plenty of cannon fodder, and he was ready to sacrifice 10 Russians to kill one German, no problem. There was no worry about sacrificing lives, which is not the case of the Ukrainians. There are other differences to in the terrain and in the quality of training and equipment but basically the strategy was the determinant.

      Neville Allen should get a refund on his magazines quickly if he thinks the Russia vs. Ukraine is anything similar to to Germany vs. Russia in WWII.

      And btw, the only significant “prediction” Neville Allen made here was that the Russians would not invade. When it comes to being wrong about this war, Neville Allen wins all the medals.

    140. jason says:

      Perhaps Jason can explain why a Dem candidate in a race for city council, State Rep or State Senate race would need to cheat in a General Election where 80%+ of the voters are Dems.”

      Zzzzzz… maybe Bitter can explain if Dems are ballot harvesting and allowing for illegal ballots of all types why they wouldn’t have the whole ballot filled out instead of only the race they want to cheat on.

    141. jason says:

      Also there was not a lot of incentive for Russians to be taken prisoner by the Germans.

      “Approximately 2.8 million Soviet POWs were killed by the German armed forces and other special units between June 1941 and February 1942, mainly through deliberate starvation and exposure to the elements. It was one of the most shocking acts of human atrocity in history.”

    142. Phil says:

      Come on, bitter. It’s about the margins and you know it. It’s not whether a Democrat candidate needs to cheat in Philly to win some city council seat. It’s about squeezing out another thirty or forty thousand fraudulent ballots in Philadelphia to win statewide races……but you know that.

    143. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Peskov: ‘We have had significant losses.’ The Kremlin’s spokesman “Dmitry Peskov admitted that Russia had “significant losses.” According to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Russia had lost around 18,900 soldiers since launching a full-scale invasion on Feb. 24. NATO estimates that up to 40,000 Russian troops have been killed, injured, captured, or gone missing within the first month.”

    144. Phil says:

      …..and this is the Russian military that supposed to instill fear in the west?

    145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      What we are seeing in the Ukraine is a 20th century version of an armored attack being destroyed by 21st century technology.

    146. Bitterlaw says:

      It is the Russian military that is slaughtering thousands of Ukrainians. That should be enough to care about to seek its defeat.

    147. Phil says:

      Putin’s conventional military reminds me of Saddam’s Republican Guards. Ten feet tall……on paper. As we’ve seen for the last month, how the military actually performs is what counts. It’s all that counts.

    148. Tgca says:


      Jadon sympathizes with Russians.

      What a Stalin stooge

    149. Tgca says:

      Ukrainians hate black people!

      Racist damn ex-communists.

    150. Phil says:

      Everyone “cares” that Russia meets defeat in Ukraine. My problem is the Bill Krystol’s of the world who keep pushing the theme that that Putin’s military is some God awful threat to Europe or even the US. That’s laughable, but then Krystol along with the boys at the Lincoln Project never met a war they didn’t want to directly be involved in. They’ve pushed that nonsense.

    151. Robbie says:

      Sahil Kapur

      This lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is brought to you by the Georgia Senate runoffs.

      – Thanks Trump. Jason fraud pumps his fist in the air and yells “MAGA!”

    152. Phil says:

      Joe Biden nominated her. Joe Biden in the WH brought to you by the thousand dollar Biden donor. You are a clown, Robbie, and you continue to make a fool out of yourself. Seek help.

    153. jason says:

      Robbie says:
      April 7, 2022 at 3:07 pm

      Sahil Kapur

      This lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is brought to you by the Georgia Senate runoffs.

      – Thanks Trump. Jason fraud pumps his fist in the air and yells “MAGA!”


      Amoral Scumbag’s President nominates KBJ but it’s Trump’s fault?

    154. Albertus Magnus says:


      President Trump and his family practically moved to Georgia a month before the two Senate run-offs in Jan 2021.

      If anyone is to blame for this loss, it is the Lin Woods and his crazy faux-MAGA ass that told people to protest the election results by staying home.

    155. Tgca says:

      Russia suspended from UN Humans Rights Council, only the 2nd country to be suspended after Libya.

      93 countries totaling about 1.7 billion population voted Yay

      24 countries totaling about 2.0 billion population voted Nay

      58 countries totaling about 4.2 billion population abstained

      So who are these abstaining countries representing 53% of the world population? Some big and surprising ones below but mainly from Africa, Middle East, and parts of Asia and South America.

      South Africa

    156. jason says:

      See Amoral Scumbag wanted Trump to lose the election so he would not appoint conservative SCOTUS judges.

      But he blames Trump for the fact Biden appoints liberal SCOTUS judges.’

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    157. jason says:

      If anyone is to blame for this loss, it is the Lin Woods and his crazy faux-MAGA ass that told people to protest the election results by staying home.”

      Sorry, nobody in GA cared about Lin Woods, a Democrat who supported Obama.

      “In 2017, Wood contributed $12,600 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Evans, who was eventually defeated in the primary by Stacey Abrams. Evans and Wood have worked together in private practice.

      Additionally, Wood donated $100 in 2014 to Perdue’s Democratic opponent Michelle Nunn, $2,300 in 2008 to Barack Obama, and $1,000 over two donations in 2009 and 2010 to Georgia Win List, a pro-abortion Democratic group.

      Voting records showed that Wood voted by mail in the 2020 and 2016 general elections, and requested Democratic primary ballots in the 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2018 elections.”

      But many Rs did care that their votes were disenfranchised by the scumbag Georgia SOS, a never Trumper, and Brian Kemp, spineless wonder.

      Blame them, not Trump, who actively campaigned for both Loeffler and Perdue.

    158. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Real wages are declining and real disposable income has declined for 7 months in a row. The idea among some folks on here that voters are silly to be concerned about inflation and that Actually The Economy Is Great But The Media Won’t Tell You is ridiculous.

    159. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      What do DEMOCRATS think will be the 2024 outcome that’s best for America?

      Biden re-election: 57%
      Trump re-election: 19%
      Someone else: 22%

    160. jason says:

      This lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is brought to you by the President, party and agenda that Amoral Scumbag supports and has not being able to say ONE word against in 16 months.

      I fixed it for Amoral Scumbag.

    161. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Maybe I am wrong but weren’t you ready to justify US and NATO military action against Russian forces inside Ukraine? If so, what changed? Russian atrocities are mounting.

    162. Tgca says:

      Why the F*CK would McConnell do this? It’s a slap in the face to McCarthy and House Republicans.

      …and folks think Mitchie should still be in the GOP leadership? REALLY?

      The ringleader of the establishment Republicans, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), announced on Thursday a donation to Democrat ally Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) reelection campaign.

    163. Wes says:

      Tg, I’m grilling Angus burgers tonight–yes, Angus BEEF burgers–for dinner. I’m making mine rare but the rest medium rare.

      Come on over. I’ll save one for you. It’ll taste infinitely better than the rabbit food slop you torture yourself with. We can sit around and devour them along with some Cabernet Sauvignon. Afterward I’ll treat you to a Brickhouse Maduro cigar.

      Sound good?

    164. Phil says:

      Bitter, no. I have always been in favor of supplying all the weapons that Ukraine requests – including the fighters out of Poland. I have also continually said sanction the hell out of Russia including Russian oil. I also favored a NATO NFZ over Moldova although I’ve changed my mind on that one – that’s because after watching the weak ass Russian military I don’t believe Putin has the military juice to try anything there.

      I don’t favor direct US or NATO military action inside Ukraine. I don’t want Americans coming home in body bags over non NATO member Ukraine. I also don’t want to risk WWIII unless Putin threatens the United States. If that happens, I’m all in.

    165. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – He might eat the cigar. It’s not much different than his “food.”

    166. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil. If Nato were “involved” our Air Power alone would be sufficient to turn the tide conventionall”y,w no ” body bags” needed.
      Many are obsessed w ” boots on the ground “,an archaic notion.

    167. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Ok. So murder, rape and destruction has to be on the right side of a line in Europe to be stopped. Got it. Russia IS threatening the US and NATO now. If the Polish MiGs are shot down on the way to Ukraine or destroyed on the ground in Poland, a NATO base or US base in Europe, will you be all in?

    168. Bitterlaw says:

      Nobody is calling for boots on the ground.

    169. Gordon Allen says:

      If I were 100% certain of Nato approval,and thus air bases,AND the war would NOT escalate to nuclear weapons,which I’m not,I’d go for it.
      But Putin will not accept defeat,and removal from office,without going at least tactical nuclear.
      That’s where I draw the line here at the risk,which every sentiment American should.
      If anybody read ANYTHING here they would know Russian declaratory policy calls for first use of nuclear weapons in those exact ccircumstances.

    170. Bitterlaw says:

      So Putin wins. Just say it.

    171. Bitterlaw says:

      Putin will have nukes as long as he is in power. I guess he can do whatever he wants. Right, Gordon?

    172. Phil says:

      ‘’Russia is threatening the US and NATO now.”

      No they aren’t.

    173. Phil says:

      Do what he wants?


      He can’t attack NATO or the US.

    174. Bitterlaw says:

      And if Russia attacks NATO and the US? It will still have nukes. Ready to escalate then, Phil?

    175. Phil says:

      Of course. If you are attacked you retaliate. That’s the essence of deterrence.

      We haven’t been attacked so what’s the problem?

    176. Bitterlaw says:

      If you don’t think murder and rape of civilians, shelling nuclear plants, seizing territory of a sovereign nation, and creating a refugee crisis in the heart of Europe is a problem, we don’t speak the same language.

    177. Phil says:

      Who said it wasn’t a problem, bitter? You really pulled that one out of your ass.

      What the hell do want, exactly? I’m for sanctions and pouring in military assistance. You want to go to war? Is that it? If so, just spit it out. If not, kindly spell out what exactly you want the US to do beyond sanctions and arming. Specifically.

      You say nobody wants troops on the ground. Ok, tell us what exactly you do want beyond what’s being done. I’ll hang up and listen.

    178. Bitterlaw says:

      Who said it wasn’t a problem, bitter? You really pulled that one out of your ass.

      Actually, Phil, you just said it wasn’t a problem:

      We haven’t been attacked so what’s the problem?

    179. Bitterlaw says:

      Ok, tell us what exactly you do want beyond what’s being done.

      I want what I wanted the night the war began – a No FLy Zone over Ukraine, missile strikes and air strikes on Russian units inside Ukraine and immediate membership of Ukraine in NATO. I stand by all of it.

    180. Phil says:

      Good Lord. Then you are insane.

      That’s WWIll

    181. Bitterlaw says:

      You did not say it was insane when I said it more than a month ago. You will always find a reason to back down from Putin. I honestly don’t believe you would support military action against Russia even if it attacked a NATO country. Putin has nukes, you know.

    182. Phil says:


      Fortunately nobody is going to buy your policy insanity, bitter. Not me, not NATO, not the US government…either party.

      Thanks for not running for Congress. You don’t need to be anywhere close to any position of responsibility.

      You’re a nut.

    183. Bitterlaw says:

      Thanks for being a pussy, Phil. Putin needs friends right now. Your plan lets him continue the savage attack on Ukraine. I’ll

    184. Bitterlaw says:

      At least Putin knows where you stand. Or no.

    185. Phil says:

      If you don’t opt for war with Russia you’re a friend of Putin and a p*ssy.

      Got it. Good grief.

    186. jason says:

      Phil writes dozens of posts about how the Russians are weak militarily, can’t fight their way out of a paper bag, are not a threat to anybody, blah blah blah.

      At the same time he thinks we should crap our pants every time Putin says boo, we should let Putin kill as many Ukrainians and invade as many countries as he wants because we should be VERY afraid of the consequences of standing up to him.

      I love it here.

    187. Phil says:

      Yeah. I love it here too. Support sanctioning the hell out of Russia and giving them everything they ask for….and get called a “friend of Putin”


    188. jason says:

      Sorry, Phil, you can’t have it both ways.

      Your primary worry and concern is appeasing Putin, not what is happening in the Ukraine and to its people.

      Bitter is right, we don’t speak the same language.

    189. Phil says:

      I’ve stated on multiple occasions if he moves on NATO we hit him with everything we have.

      So no, my concern is not appeasing Putin.

    190. Phil says:

      ….but he’s not moving on anyone. Not with that military. He’s getting his ass kicked by Ukraine.

    191. Albertus Magnus says:

      You folks fighting over the Russian-Ukraine conflict are missing two things, in my opinion.

      1) It seems that many are trying to make one country lilly-white and the other the devil. Neither country nor leader is some innocent, pro-freedom, pro-democracy hero. Putin is a Russian nationalist and who trying to not rebuild the USSR but to rebuild the Russian Empire that exists in pre-Bolshevik Russian history/mythology. That places him at odds with the current make up of Eastern Furope.

      2) Zalensky is a crook who has sold out his country to globalist forces. While Ukraine is indeed the victim in this current conflict, that country’s leadership had sold them out long before they were invaded and have been the enabler of every recent globalist plot to undermine freedom in the West.

      We are NOT the policemen of the world. Putin is no ally of the US but the globalists are an active, powerful, enemy of our country and are OUR bigger threat.

      We should provide weapons and financial assistance to the Ukraine but the idea of empowering them beyond self-defense by admitting them into NATO or sending American troops into this situation is destructive and counter to American interests and freedom.

    192. Bitterlaw says:

      So “globalist” Ukraine is the real threat? Wow. Just wow.

    193. Albertus Magnus says:


      Globalist Ukraine is a threat to AMERICA. Russia is a threat to her neighbors. Which AMERICA is not.

      What is hard to understand?

    194. Gordon Allen says:

      On non war related news has anyone noticed the approval spike for Biden on Rasmussen?? He’s up to 43-55,his ” best” in a while!

    195. jason says:

      This is the side Albertus Ignoramus is on.

      “KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A missile hit a crowded train station in eastern Ukraine that was an evacuation point for civilians, killing dozens of people, Ukrainian authorities said Friday after warning they expected even worse evidence of war crimes in parts of the country previously held by Russian troops.”

    196. jason says:

      Zalensky is a crook who has sold out his country to globalist forces.”


      What a crock of crap.

      But the Putin Appeasers have no shame and are really scraping the bottom of the barrel of excuses.

      Half the Putin Appeasers attack Zelensky for being a Ukrainian Nationalist, the other half for being a “Globalist”.

      While nationalist is closer to the truth, neither would be justification for Putin’s invasion and war crimes.

    197. jason says:

      seems that many are trying to make one country lilly-white and the other the devil.”

      Ahh, the old fake equivalency BS.

      No, there is a clear right and a wrong here.

      Trying to pretend there isn’t to cover up for Putin’s war crimes might get you quoted on Russian state TV or on Tucker Carlson’s show but it doesn’t make it true.

    198. jason says:

      Globalist Ukraine is a threat to AMERICA.”


    199. jason says:

      So no, my concern is not appeasing Putin.”

      Sure it is. It is all you talk about.

      You kneel before the altar of isolationist dogma and ignore everything else.

      No free lunch.

    200. Gordon Allen says:

      AM is in favor of sending all requested military and economic aid to Ukraine,the universal posture of all of Nato.
      That makes him an “appeaser” of Putin??
      That means the entire world is but Jason and Bitterlaw ( from the safety of their coaches)
      Don’t think so.

    201. Phil says:

      You kneel before the altar of isolationist dogma and ignore everything else.

      Oh brother.

      If you’re able to can the snark for a minute why don’t you explain what exactly it is about my position that gives you that idea. Be specific.

    202. Bitterlaw says:

      Please remember to include SDC with me and Jason as those who see the danger of Putin’s aggression. SDC is too busy working the news desk to engage in all the fights but his contribution is great.

    203. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This is why the GOP is known as the Stupid Party. It defies credulity that Moscow Mitch would allow this to go forward. My Senator, Thom Tillis(R-NC), has always been a bum on the immigration issue. UNREAL!!!

    204. Chicon says:

      Well done explanations of both sides of the war debate.

    205. jason says:

      f you’re able to can the snark for a minute why don’t you explain what exactly it is about my position that gives you that idea. Be specific.”

      Absolutely. You ask you shall receive.

      Half of your posts are about how weak Putin’s military is and how they are no threat to anybody so just ignore the situation.

      The other half is how we need to fear getting involved militarily because Putin is such a huge military power so just ignore the situation.

      So your posts are 100% ok with the war crimes and slaughter of Ukrainian civilians because all that matters to you is isolationist dogma.

      Why don’t you just state the truth that you don’t care about war crimes and the fact millions of people are being displaced and the sovereign nation of Ukraine is being destroyed.

      At least it would be honest. But Bitter is right, you are too much of a pussy to say what you really mean.

    206. jason says:

      Hey Chicon, long time no see.

      How goes it?

    207. jason says:

      That means the entire world is but Jason and Bitterlaw”

      Neville Allen must be a “globalist”.

    208. Phil says:

      I care. The question is entirely what to do about it. I finally got it out of bitter what he wants to do. Go to war with Russia. Now, if that’s your position, spit it out. Moment of truth here. Well?

    209. jason says:

      Sheep, do you think we are winning on immigration?

      Biden wants to start admitting 18,000 people a day at the Mexican border.

      What exactly about the idea of a bi-partisan immigration bill do you oppose?

    210. jason says:

      I finally got it out of bitter what he wants to do. Go to war with Russia.”


      We finally got out of you “the moment of truth”.

      You are fine with Putin’s aggression and its consequences. Period. The rest is fluff to try to mask what you really think.’


    211. Phil says:

      You man up. What do you want to do about it? It’s a simple question. Answer it.

    212. jason says:

      You man up. What do you want to do about it? It’s a simple question. Answer it.”

      Keep digging your isolationist hole, Phil. I have been clear from the beginning what I would do.

      I would have imposed a NFZ BEFORE the Russians invaded. I doubt they would have invaded if that had been done, but I would have also said any Russian troops outside their current positions would be fair game to missile attacks just to make sure the invasion would never happen.

      Now I would impose a NFZ over most of the Ukraine not occupied by the Russians. This would allow for refugees to move freely without fear of air attack and give the Ukrainian military areas to stage operations and regroup without fear of air attack. I would provide Ukraine immediately with advanced anti-missile systems like Patriots and with advanced offensive missiles that would allow Ukraine to strike staging areas within Russia. I would offer any country willing to give planes to Ukraine with replacements. So if Poland wants to give MIGs to Ukraine we offer to replace them with more modern US aircraft. We draw a line in the sand and say if Russia uses any chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in Ukraine we will attack with airpower and missiles any Russian forces inside Ukraine.

      Unlike you, I am not afraid to say what I really think.

    213. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t want WW3. I want the Russian military out of Ukraine. They leave? Conflict ends.

    214. jason says:

      Breaking news.

      New Jersey Wahwahs are going to be testing “street tacos”.

      Bitter hardest hit. Will start whining that Wahwah is becoming like Sheetz and catering to the riffraff.

    215. jason says:

      I don’t want WW3. I want the Russian military out of Ukraine. They leave? Conflict ends.”

      That will trigger the Putin Appeasers. That would hurt Putin’s feelings, very dangerous.

    216. Phil says:

      Outside of the NFZ over most of Ukraine there isn’t a single thing there you have listed that I have disagreed with, not one….and even regarding the NFZ I have stated on more than one occasion it should have been done as a deterrent before the invasion. I think I can probably dig those up for you if I get the time.

    217. jason says:

      Gun permit applications soar in Philly in the midst of increasing crime wave.

      Thank God the crime wave is only in Bad Philadelphia. In Good Philadelphia it is just a crime ripple.

    218. Bitterlaw says:

      Wawa serves all people. Jason should know that since he pretended to go to one even though he really did not.

    219. Bitterlaw says:

      So Phil supports the US giving Ukraine missiles to strike targets in Russia but opposes the US striking targets in Russia and thinks Putin will see the difference? Hmmmmmm.

    220. Wes says:

      I like how inflexible each side is in this debate.

      According to people on one side, the other wants to appease Putin.

      According to the latter side, the former wants WWIII.

      It’s like a microcosm of the cavernous divide in American politics in general these days.

    221. Phil says:

      Yeah, there is a difference. The difference being he would be the one to have to make the decision to directly engage the US. Would he? His move. In the meantime he gets hit with the missiles regardless.

    222. jason says:

      Heh, as usual the appeasers want to “agree” with me.

      Sorry Phil, we are not on the same side. Your dogma trumps any empathy for Ukraine and its people.

      That is your choice. I don’t have a problem with it unless you are dishonest about the consequences of your position.

    223. jason says:

      I like how inflexible each side is in this debate.”

      I think there is a right and a wrong here.

      So I am fine with “inflexible”.

    224. jason says:

      Wawa serves all people. Jason should know that since he pretended to go to one even though he really did not.”

      Zzzzz…. I can see Bitter now talking to his Biden supporting friends and neighbors.

      “Did you see Wahwah is serving deplorable food now? What is this world coming to”

    225. Phil says:

      “Consequences of my position”….which happens to be in line with the specifics you itemized.

      I love it here.

      As far as the “wanting to agree with me” part, the idea that I have any interest in “being on your side” is a good one.

    226. Tgca says:

      As the EXPERT, I will settle this.

      We all agree Russian should never have invaded Ukraine and had there been a NFZ from day one from a coordinated Europe, Pootin would have realized he’d be in a very tight spot with ALL his neighbors plus some against him, and most likely would not have invaded.

      But we are past that point due to weak European and US leadership which miscalculated and could have stopped it because it sent the message to Pootin he could get away with an invasion.

      So what do we do now?

      If we put in a NFZ, which I’m fine with if it’s a coordinated European effort then that means we will have to act and that means shooting down Russian jets, killing Russian soldiers, and attacking their capabilities.

      That will lead to war or Russia backing down. I see no other option.

      The most recent UN vote shows the world is pretty much split on this. You can’t just look at country count but by region since many of the 93 countries that voted against Russia are small regional countries that don’t want war, and who blames them. Much of Africa, Asia, and some of South America appear to either be on Russia’s side or not willing to take action against them so that is a problem.

      So the only REAL option I see is a strong top priority diplomatic solution for both sides to feel pressure to end this. Parts of Ukraine, the Russian areas, will probably need to be given their autonomy. Russia needs to pull out ASAP.

      I see no other way to end this at this point.

    227. jason says:

      wes is right about the chasm in American politics

      Psaki Says Sex Reassignment Surgery, Puberty Blockers for Kids Is ‘Best Practice,’ States Preventing It Will Be Held Accountable”

      You will be held accountable if you oppose mutilation of children.

    228. jason says:

      As far as the “wanting to agree with me” part, the idea that I have any interest in “being on your side” is a good one.”

      Good, that is settled then. We are not on the same side.

      “there isn’t a single thing there you have listed that I have disagreed with, not one”

      I was worried that meant we were on the same side, glad we cleared it up.

    229. Phil says:


      Saw that. I can’t believe she said that. Well, actually, I can given who they are. Pathetic.

      Anyway, enough of this for one day. I have a sick puppy to get to the vet and then plan on streaming the Masters on ESPN1. Long day ahead.


    230. jason says:

      Parts of Ukraine, the Russian areas, will probably need to be given their autonomy”

      So Tgca thinks the reason Putin has become a pariah in the world, wrecked the Russian economy, incurred at least 10,000 dead and 40,000 wounded or captive, lost 50 aircraft and 500 tanks and tens of billions in other equipment was to get “autonomy” for an area they already occupied?

      It is a theory, but I don’t believe it.

    231. Tgca says:

      Amerika is on a destructive path I never thought I’d live to see.

      A good portion of the country is literally willing to change its core and indoctrinate children to its radical beliefs so they think and vote as expected by the far left, and they flood the country with illegal aliens to help dilute the votes.

      Corporations, MSM, education, politicians, judicial activism, are all aligned to this because they all find benefits in it.

      How can we withstand all this all? Can we really survive this if action is not taken soon?

    232. Tgca says:


      I don’t believe Pootin went into Ukraine to solely liberate the Russian territories already at war with the rest of Ukraine.

      I think he used it as an excuse for his bigger plans which have now failed.

      However, that being said. If he has to stop this war, he needs to have a way out. Realizing his larger plan failed, the autonomous state of those regions gives him a way out, even though we all know it’s BS.

      We can’t have a Ukraine in constant civil war continuing after this so to me that’s logical and benefits all in the long run.

      Ukraine gets peace and to run its own country without outside influence.

      Russian aligned territories finally get their freedom from Ukraine.

      Russia gets out of Ukraine and pretends it won when we all know it failed and will be less likely to try this again on such a scale.

      Tensions will still exist but war can be avoided for the near future.

      It’s not perfect but probably the best we can hope to get.

    233. Wes says:

      Tg, I’m cooking pud bi gra prow (Thai ground BEEF) for dinner tonight. It’s going to taste great. I’ll save you some. Would you prefer it with or without the Thai spices?

    234. jason says:

      If the Russians withdraw to the pre-war borders ok with me.

      They will still have to be liable for reparations and Putin will still have to be accused of war crimes.

      If Putin can sell that at home as a win he is one heck of a salesman.

    235. Tgca says:

      New Jersey Model Curriculum: ‘Gender Identity’ Lessons for 1st and 2nd Graders

      This is sick! It’s shameful what the left is doing. They’re going to confuse and mess with kids minds.

      How is this different than communist indoctrination in school or the anti-Israel indoctrination in certain Muslim countries?

      Westfield NJ is an upperclass elitist leftist community where the school kids hang at Starbucks drinking their $6 drinks in the town center.

    236. jason says:

      Note wes doesn’t offer to save me any Thai beef since he knows I would actually take him up on it.

    237. Wes says:

      Well, I’m trying to get Tg to expand his horizons past horrible-tasting slop by offering him some tasty carnivorous meals, Jason.

    238. Chicon says:

      213 – Hello, Jason. Things are okay. How are you and Lupita?

      Interesting results in some of the local and special elections this week. Looks positive for November, despite the rantings to the contrary by Amoral Scumbag.

    239. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt once dated a girl named
      Lily White.

      Walt has dated women with about every imaginable name.

      But Walt says he never dated any girl
      named Pud Bi Gra Prow.

    240. Bitterlaw says:

      When you are as old as Walt….too easy.

    241. Cash Cow TM says:

      Enjoyed visiting Strasbourg, France this morning. Pretty city.

      Only saw one homeless person (or possibly
      a dead homeless person since he sat motionless the whole time). And two old women panhandling. And saw storks and stork nests. And their Notre Dame cathedral there.

    242. Cash Cow TM says:

      We said on second thought a drunk girl he picked up at a bar…
      When he asked her name it kinda sounded like
      “Pudbi Graprow”, so maybe he has been with ground beef girl.

    243. Cash Cow TM says:

      WALT said..not We said.

    244. Wes says:

      You probably did date one when serving in Genghis Khan’s army, Walt.

    245. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt said Helen of Troy was overrated. Worth launching 1000 ships? He said 250 on her best day.

    246. Wes says:

      I heard Walt had a vendetta against Troy because a Trojan girl rejected him once, so he slipped Paris a few drachmas to pick Aphrodite knowing Hera and Athena would take none too kindly to being runners up.

      That was a hell of a revenge plot, Walt.

    247. Cash Cow TM says:


      The Amy Adam’s Walt had as a student married Ted Budd.

      The only god or goddess Walt has been in contact with lately is Thor’s revenge.

      (Viking cruise ship equivalent to Mexico’s Montezuma’s revenge.)

    248. Cash Cow TM says:

      Speaking of wood,

      who is taking care of Tiger Woods’ wood?

      (Morning or otherwise)

    249. jason says:

      “10 children were killed at Kramatorsk station when a missile hit a crowd fleeing the Russian advance.

      “For the children” was written on the side of it.”

      But hey, the Putin Appeasers will say “buhhh, Zelensky is a globalist”.

    250. Bitterlaw says:

      Are you saying killing children is a problem? Not a popular position at HHR.

    251. Wes says:

      Well, Bitter, raping children isn’t exactly a problem in New Jersey going by voting patterns up there.

    252. Bitterlaw says:

      I have not been a resident there since 1986. None of my friends or family voted for him.

      Been to any wedding receptions at any North Carolina death camps (a/k/a plantations) lately. I don’t understand glorifying that past.

    253. Tgca says:

      Who are these Pootin appeasers at HHR?

      Please name them and present facts to their appeasement?

      If they are truly appeasers, you must have some hard evidence of this so please share so all can see.

      Otherwise, this sounds like the typical leftist smearing of people as RACISTS when they are unable to influence others to their viewpoint.

      In other words, it’s a deflection to try and gain the upper hand in a debate or shut down opposing viewpoints.

      If this were a court of law addressing a slander case, we would expect hard facts to prove these accusations, and Jadon would be selling Lupita to pay damages because he has repeatedly and falsely claimed in writing that people are Pootin appeasers.

    254. Wes says:

      Never been to a plantation in my life, Bitter. Come to think of it, I’ve never lived in a state represented by a Senator charged with or tried for corruption either. ::Cough:: Harrison Williams, Bob Torricelli, and Bob Menendez::cough::

      I seem to have hit a nerve though. Why do you feel the need to defend the Sewer State’s penchant for corruption and Epstein-style debauchery with whataboutism?

    255. Tgca says:

      I have never been to a wedding in North Carolina but I’ve been to weddings on stolen lands from Jersey Native Americans. These people were forced off their lands, killed, abused, and treated no better than slaves for the most part.

      They’ve never received the appropriate reparations. The loss of Native American land by white settlers has little comparison in the western world in the last 100 years other than Jews being forced to flee certain countries in the 1930s.

    256. Tgca says:


      People from New Jersey area were brought up to ignore their dirty laundry while attacking others It’s a very ethnic defense too. Italians, Irish, Latinos will often throw stones at others while they live in their own glass houses.

      Just watch most shows or movies involving people in the NYC metro area where they try to capture the culture and you will find this behavior more so than you see in other parts of the country, at least that’s been my experience and I’ve been to 75%+ of the states and lived in various areas of the country.

    257. Gordon Allen says:

      FWIW,published Russian doctrine,not just Putin bluster,calls for the use of tactical nuclear weapons on adjacent territory should a conventional military defeat threaten near Russia’s borders.
      This has been dubbed their “escalate to de escalate doctrine”.
      At a guess a lot more than 10 or 30 Ukrainian people will be killed in such event.
      I think a reasonably sane evaluation of this prospect should be part of a reasonable discussion.
      For one,I’m not willing to run even a modest risk of a nuclear war for Ukraine . If that makes me an ” appeaser” to some people here,fine.
      I am an American firster, not a
      Ukranian firster.

    258. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – I don’t defend any of the terrible, evil and corrupt things in New Jersey. I do defend people who had nothing to do with those terrible, evil and corrupt things. I never supported or voted for those things when I lived there. My family did not. Almost 50% of New Jersey voters voted against Menendez and you claiming they bear guilt for him is absurd.

    259. Bitterlaw says:

      I know magazines lag behind. I wonder if Gordon received the issues that said Russia DID invade Ukraine yet. Less than 2 months ago, he said Russia would never invade Ukraine. The use of the word “never” strikes again.

    260. Wes says:

      266 comes from someone who despises Southerners for the sins of people from 160 years ago.

      Consistency isn’t your thing, Bitter.

      People who live in New Jersey know what kind of scumbag Menendez is right now. They either vote for him or choose to live in the state he represents as he’s raping kids, taking kickbacks, and publicly threatening federal prosecutors for charging him after escaping prison because of a hung jury. That clearly shows the evil Menendez engages in doesn’t bother anyone in that state all that much–if at all.

    261. jason says:

      Neville Allen again with the BS…

      OMG, don’t piss Putin off, he has nukes.

      Give him what he wants.

      Neville Allen is not an America firster, he is an America laster. He is Putin firster.

    262. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzz. So everybody in New Jersey had to quit their jobs and move to another state when Menendez got elected or they deserve scorn from Wes (who still refuses to say slavery is evil).

    263. Phil says:

      Just checking in to see if I’m missing anything.



      And more appeaser.


      Back to the Masters.

    264. jason says:

      Neville Allen thinks allowing Putin to blackmail the West by threatening nukes lessens the risk of nuclear war.

      It actually increases it. Putin doesn’t respect weakness. The appropriate response is “if you use nukes, we will turn Russia into a sea of glass”.
      Now THAT is language Putin understands and respects.

      If Putin gets his way in Ukraine by threatening nukes, there will be no stopping his aggression.

    265. Wes says:

      Many, if not most, of the people living in the Sewer State lived there when Harrison Williams and Bob Torricelli were under federal investigation for corruption, Bitter. They know their Senators are the most corrupt lot of people in the country. They just don’t care.

    266. jason says:

      Tgca says:
      April 8, 2022 at 1:43 pm

      Who are these Pootin appeasers at HHR?”

      You are one of them. You showed your true colors by your fake equivalencies between Ukraine and Russia, in a pathetic and despicable attempt of “what aboutism” to justify Putin’s aggression and war crimes.

      You cannot differentiate right from wrong, so you support the wrong side.

      Next question?

    267. jason says:

      This has been dubbed their “escalate to de escalate doctrine”.

      Zzzzzzz… Neville Allen really is worried about Putin’s doctrine.

      How about this…about Putin start worrying about our doctrine instead of crapping our pants every time he threatens us with his doctrine.

    268. jason says:

      Two Whitmer “kidnappers” acquitted, hung jury on the other 2.

      Pretty clear these guys were not the sharpest tools in the shed who were entrapped by the FBI, seems like the jury saw it that way too.

    269. Cash Cow TM says:

      What? They hung the jury?

    270. jason says:

      Tiger shot a – 1 yesterday, pretty impressive. Of course the sports MSM immediately concluded he was a contender for the tournament, which of course he isn’t. At 46, even if he wasn’t playing recovering from horrific leg injuries for the first time in like 18 months he would be a huge underdog, the oldest player to ever win. In fact, of all the Majors ever played, only 4 players over 46 or over have won.

      Now he has bogeyed 4 of the first 5 holes and reality has set in.

    271. jason says:

      Cash Cow TM says:
      April 8, 2022 at 3:13 pm

      What? They hung the jury?”

      That will teach them.

    272. Tina says:

      The fib got caught here.

      Election interference and entrapment. They must be dealt with by the r congress.

      Julie Kelly ??
      · 1h
      After 18 months with the judge ruling in their favor on nearly every issue, the DOJ did not get a SINGLE CONVICTION in the alleged plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

    273. Tina says:

      We are all appeasers because we don’t want to start ww 3 over a corrupt country and a dumb sheot pooty poot. These same warmongers don’t care about our border

      Continue with the technicam assistance, training and weapons

    274. Tina says:

      And if necessarily kill the fib budget.

      We don’t need them as Biden’s goons

    275. Tgca says:

      Hung jury? If the jury is indeed hung, I bet I can guess what ethnicity the jury is made up of. Just saying.

    276. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Ukraine’s General Staff: More than 80% of Russian troops in some units refuse to fight. Commanders reportedly refuse to accept applications for the dismissal of military personnel, even from those whose contracts have already expired.”

    277. Phil says:


      Putin’s powerful military.

      Absolutely terryfying.

    278. Tgca says:


      As expected, you provided no proof of appeasement.

      Like the Liberals using RACIST, you throw the appeasement term around simply because you did not like my post on questioning whether we should fully trust Zelenskyy or not, comparing him to the same approach that should have been taken with Stalin as an ally during WW2, work with him to defeat Germany but don’t put trust in him beyond the collaborative goal.

      That is not proof of appeasement. It’s common sense!

      I have called on a coordinated NFZ from day 1 so I don’t understand how that could be appeasement either. Appeasers don’t support potentially going to war with those they appease.

      Do you really understand the definition of appeasement?

    279. Phil says:

      We’re all appeasers, baby!

      Man, you should have been here last night. It was an appeaser, friend of Putin, Putin stooge fest.

    280. Tgca says:

      I think the information on the war coming directly from both Ukrainian and Russian leaders should be taken with a grain of salt without obvious proof. There is misinformation or propaganda on both sides which is typical in war.

      I do not believe any of these extreme reports from either side without independent verification. A number of them have already been debunked or walked back.

      Both sides are adept at using misinformation, as that’s what communist and corrupt countries are good at.

      There are a number of stories I read recently about the propaganda war in efforts to raise morale on one side and lower it on the other.

      This has nothing to do with taking sides or right or wrong. It has to do with war strategy. I neither condemn or praise the propaganda, just accepting it is a fact of war.

    281. Tgca says:

      I think we should take a poll at HHR and see if all regular posters will opine that those in disagreement with Jadon are appeasers.

      Not that it will matter though. Just curious to see if others here think having a different view on solutions to the war equals appeasement.

    282. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A good commentary on the possibility of Putin going nuclear:

      “But every day the war goes on, Putin gets weaker. Ukraine should not be able to resist, NATO should not be united, American economic warfare should not be so powerful. Putin is growing more desperate. He has mumbled about nuclear weapons, the sign of utmost desperation. But he knows he and anyone he may love will die in a nuclear exchange. Even if he is prepared to commit suicide rather than capitulate, he knows that the order to launch must go through several hands, and each of those hands knows that the counterstrike will kill their loved ones. Therein lies the weakness of nuclear war: Retaliating is one thing, initiating another. Putin trusts few people, and he doesn’t know how reliable anyone would be in this situation – nor what the Americans might do if they saw preparation for a Russian launch.”

    283. Phil says:


      Naw. Don’t care.

    284. jason says:

      An appeaser who needs a poll from other appeasers to somehow show he is not an appeaser.


    285. jason says:

      having a different view on solutions to the war”

      You mean surrender and capitulation?

      Wow, what a great solution.

      I am surprised Tgca has not been invited yet to be on Russian TV.

    286. jason says:

      Frankly, I thought Secret Service agents would be more expensive..

      “To win over agents, suspects alleged gifts included rent-free apartments (40k a year) + iPhones + flat screen TV. One suspect offered to buy “two thousand dollar assault rifle for a Secret Service agent assigned to the First Lady’s protective detail.”

    287. jason says:

      Btw, I don’t need polls to support my convictions.

      I am glad my fellow A-hole has the courage of his convictions also even if we don’t agree.

      When you are weak and don’t know right from wrong like Tgca you need “reinforcement” from people who think like you.

    288. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Ukraine will be offered EU membership:

      “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Ukraine on Friday, visiting Bucha before meeting President Zelensky in Kyiv
      She has indicated that the EU is ready to offer Ukraine a fast track to membership
      “Russia will descend into economic, financial and technological decay, while Ukraine is marching towards the European future,” von der Leyen said”

    289. jason says:

      I think the information on the war coming directly from both Ukrainian and Russian leaders should be taken with a grain of salt without obvious proof. There is misinformation or propaganda on both sides which is typical in war.”

      Typical fake equivalency.

      “Both sides” are bad blah blah blah.

      Sorry, there is only one side that is wrong here.

      The side that invaded a sovereign country, is committing horrendous war crimes, displacing millions of people and causing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

      But no, Tgca is not covering for Putin with this “both sides are bad” narrative.

    290. jason says:

      without obvious proof.”

      Who wants to bet there will NEVER be enough proof of Putin war crimes for Tgca?

    291. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      298. Much of what I post is either from the BBC or been repeated by the BBC and Western journalists. The reports coming out of the Ukraine have been reliable.

    292. Tina says:

      When is the fib going to be placed on trial for kidnapping plot against governor dim whit.

    293. Phil says:

      You know the answer to that one, Tina.

    294. jason says:

      More “propaganda” for Tgca to ignore.

      30+ killed at Ukraine train station with missile painted with “for your children” on it.

    295. jason says:

      he reports coming out of the Ukraine have been reliable.”

      No SDC, it is all “communist and corrupt” propaganda.

    296. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Finland Hit by Cyber Attack, Airspace Breach as NATO Bid Weighed
      Cyber attack toppled ministries websites, some other services
      Russian state airplane may have breached Finnish airspace”

    297. jason says:

      Ukraine will be offered EU membership”


      Neville Allen wants to know if it was “cleared” by Putin, you know he has nukes.

    298. Meldrim says:

      In the mid-to-late 1990s, I often made late-night visits to the Wawa in New Haven, where not only did they prepare and serve Wawa hoagies and Wawa hot dogs, but they also prepared and served Taco Bell-branded burritos, tacos, etc. The crowd included some students but was mostly sketchier townies. I don’t know if Wawa stopped serving food to deplorables at some point over the past quarter century, but back in my day it certainly served a deplorable clientele.

    299. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russians may be planning the end of the special operation:

      “April 8 (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Friday that what it calls Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine could end in the “foreseeable future” since its aims were being achieved and work was being carried out by both the Russian military and Russian peace negotiators.”

    300. Phil says:

      End of the special operation?

      Damn. I wanted a war.

    301. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So a long-term consequence of Putin’s invasion will be the Ukraine becomes an almost immediate member of the EU. Although it might not become part of NATO, assume there will be close cooperation with European militaries. Putin has created his own worst nightmare.

    302. jason says:

      Incredible testimony on how the left funded a lot of the election shenanigans in PA in 2020.

      “A July 2020 email exposes the beginning of these efforts, with The Voter Project’s Gwen Camp introducing Delaware County’s Christine Reuther to CSME’s Solomon, saying they had “both been hearing about the other’s operations” and “want[ed] to get everyone together to talk about the potential for an official partnership.” According to the testimony, Camp copied Jessica Walls-Lavelle, a special advisor to the chief of staff on election reform in Wolf’s office, on that email, along with The Voters Project lead Pennsylvania strategist Kevin Mack.

      In August, other emails show the governor’s staffer, Walls-Lavelle, reaching out to additional blue counties. Solomon passed the good news to his Delaware County contact, Reuther, telling her, “We’ve invited Chester, Montco, and Bucks to apply! They’re on it!”

      Another email from August shows Camp, a consultant for The Voters Project, contacting a representative in Lackawanna County, telling the recipient that Camp is working with Jessica Walls-Lavelle, who is “with the Governor’s Office.”
      Activists Push for Ballot Trafficking Dropboxes

      All five counties lobbied by the left-wing activists, with an assist from Wolf’s office, ended up breaking heavily for Joe Biden, which likely explains why, when Solomon saw in August 2020 that Montgomery County had applied for a $1.2 million grant, he exclaimed, “the third largest county in the state, Philly suburbs!” Solomon then asked his colleagues whether they should turn this “into more of a plan.”

      In an email response, Solomon’s cohort noted that the application “raised polling place consolidation as a possibility.” “We should ask what resources they need to make that not happen,” the email continued, suggesting: “Could we push them to use more than 5 dropboxes with more money? Maybe pointing out that Delaware County is using 10 times as many?”

      Of course, Bitter will ignore all this and say to keep voting R, this will all go away soon.

    303. jason says:

      Phil says:
      April 8, 2022 at 5:46 pm

      End of the special operation?

      Damn. I wanted a war.”

      No, you wanted capitulation. No moving of goalposts.

    304. jason says:

      but back in my day it certainly served a deplorable clientele”

      You are old.

      Bitter only goes there for that coffee that first gets eaten by certain animals and are then excreted for extra flavor.

    305. Phil says:

      Wait a minute.

      That’s BS. 2020 was the most fair election in US history.

      I read it in the Philadelphia Inquiror.

    306. jason says:

      So a long-term consequence of Putin’s invasion will be the Ukraine becomes an almost immediate member of the EU. Although it might not become part of NATO, assume there will be close cooperation with European militaries. Putin has created his own worst nightmare.”

      All well and good, let’s see how much of the Ukraine is left and in what condition to be Putin’s worse nightmare.

    307. Phil says:

      No , you wanted capitulation.

      Sure I did. All us Putin stooges wanted it. Lol

    308. jason says:

      That’s BS. 2020 was the most fair election in US history.

      I read it in the Philadelphia Inquiror.:

      I read here that in 2022 and 2024 it will be even fairer if we just keep voting R.

      See, your legally cast R ballot will maybe count almost 10% as one of the illegally cast ballots in “ballot trafficking dropboxes”. This is fantastic.

      Maybe if I register to vote again it will be fixed.

    309. jason says:

      Hey Bitter, had you seen this?

      March 17, 2022

      Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was formally charged Thursday with drunk and careless driving stemming from a car crash over the weekend in her hometown of Scranton.

      According to the criminal complaint, when the officer arrived at the scene of the incident and approached Kane’s black 2021 Audi, he could smell a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage.” The officer, Ryan Seprish of the Scranton Police Department, said Kane, who was chewing gum, denied that she had been drinking, and said she had come out to pick up her sister from “a local establishment.”

    310. jason says:

      No Will Smith at Oscars for 10 years?

      I will retaliate by not watching.

      That will teach them.

    311. jason says:

      BIDEN: “I was in the the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping, traveling with him, that’s when I traveled 17,000 miles when I was Vice President. I don’t know that for a fact.”

    312. jason says:

      “Biden says that the reason Americans are viewed as “the ugly Americans” is because “we think anything is possible.”

    313. jason says:

      Joy Reid calls Senator Tim Scott a barking dog racist.

    314. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on March 15: “NATO has been supplying the neo-Nazis in Ukraine with powerful weapons and extensive training on how to use them.”

    315. Bitterlaw says:

      Meldrim – Wawa serves everybody. The Wawa across from Bryan Mawr hospital serves surgeons, nurses, plumbers (I know because the name is on the truck), students, and deplorable. Its headquarters is in Delco. I have no idea what the coffee is like since I NEVER drink coffee. I tasted it once as a child and thought it was horrible. Never tried it again.

    316. jason says:

      I wonder who is more brainwashed. Tgca or MTG.

    317. jason says:

      I have no idea what the coffee is like since I NEVER drink coffee.”

      Ma, that coffee flavored bait works.

    318. Bitterlaw says:

      323 Greene is a complete moron. She is as whacked out as AOC but probably lacks her bar tending skills.

    319. jason says:

      plumbers (I know because the name is on the truck)”

      Bitter has seen a deplorable, he recognizes him because of his truck.

      This is pretty momentous, it’s nice Bitter is venturing out more and even experiencing interactions with the lower classes.

    320. Bitterlaw says:

      I have never been entrapped for a very simple reason – I have no interest in breaking the law.

      I am not saying that law enforcement does not try to entrap people. But if you are inclined enough to break the law, should I feel bad you got tricked into it? For example, if somebody answers a fake ad to hire a hit man, is it entrapment or just effective police work? I have no desire to hire a hit man or storm a building so I won’t be arrested for trying it.

    321. Bitterlaw says:

      Interesting that the Deplorable Whisperer calls plumbers lower class. They probably make more than I do and work shorter hours. But they have useful job skills and I don’t.

    322. Bitterlaw says:

      I have 2 friends who are landscapers. Neither one went to college. Neither one ever invited me to their beach houses.

    323. jason says:

      For example, if somebody answers a fake ad to hire a hit man, is it entrapment or just effective police work?

      Depends. If its just an ad it is entrapment in my view. You are offering money to entrap someone who would not be killing anyone, you are in effect creating a criminal.

      But if it is an investigation of a suspected hit man ring and you set up a sting operation to capture them, that is effective police work.

    324. jason says:

      I don’t call them lower class. I was making the point that is what the elitist suburban snobs call them.

    325. jason says:

      I think the Michigan morons were entrapped. As the defense alleged, it seems like these guys were just big talkers who the FBI enabled and encouraged to come up with some harebrained plan.

      For that reason I am glad they were acquitted. They got lucky they didn’t end up with a big sentence.

    326. Bitterlaw says:

      Sorry, A-hole. You called them lower class.

      Why are you trying to stir up trouble? Us warmongers need to stay united.

    327. Bitterlaw says:

      If the FBI reads HHR, I hereby request that they try to entrap me into some illegal plan. I won’t do it but it would be nice to be asked.

      I used to be proud that I would never cheat on my wife. Then I realized nobody is interested anyway.

    328. jason says:

      Looks like the government’s case was a real clusterf-ck.

      “The acquittals and mistrial came one year after the first sign of trouble in the case. In March 2021, federal prosecutors dumped one of their lead informants, Wisconsin felon Stephen Robeson, and indicted him on a federal gun crime.

      Prosecutors accused him of working as a double agent, offering to finance attacks and use a drone to commit domestic terrorism.

      The Robeson scandal would be followed by more warning signs. FBI Agent Richard Trask served as the FBI’s public face in the Whitmer case, testifying in federal court about the investigation, until he was arrested in July, accused of beating his wife after a swingers party, fired and convicted of assault.

      Defense lawyers raised more questions about two other FBI case agents — including one accused of trying to profit off the case by creating a cybersecurity firm — while insisting government informants, especially Chappel, invented the conspiracy and entrapped the defendants.

      “To me, this was a signal. A rogue FBI agent trying to line his own pockets with his own cybersecurity company and then pushing the conspiracy that just never was,” Caserta lawyer Michael Hills told reporters. “Never was, never was going to be. Our governor was never in any danger.

      “I think the jury, even though they didn’t get all of it,” Hills added, “they smelled enough of it.”

    329. jason says:

      If the FBI reads HHR, I hereby request that they try to entrap me into some illegal plan. I won’t do it but it would be nice to be asked.”

      But what if you were poorer and stupider? What if you really needed the money?

      That is the problem with entrapments, they prey on vulnerable people.

    330. Tgca says:


      Not hardest hit!

      You just MISCOMPREHEND Engwish!

      I did not say atrocities were not happening. We all know they are happening.

      I said there is propaganda on both sides. I noted some of the stories originally reported were later debunked on BOTH sides.

      If you choose to just believe the side you favor, that is fine but people actually involved in peacemaking and bringing folks to the table to end this war don’t have that luxury of just trusting one side or peace will not prevail. It defeats the points of negotiations.

      Thank God you’re not in a position to make military or foreign policy decisions!

      You’re about as competent as Biden with all your Big Talk but no workable solutions.

    331. jason says:

      I tried to entrap Bunu into joining the Palestinian Flotilla that was going to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

      That was good entrapment.

    332. Tgca says:


      Knowing right from wrong is not the issue here. We all agree Pootin was wrong to invade Ukraine.

      It is an issue of how to best resolve this and get the war ended ASAP to save lives.

    333. Tgca says:

      …and as for right vs wrong, you’re a HYPOCRITE!

      Explain to us why you are pro-choice.

      Is it right or wrong to kill babies? 40 to 50 million worldwide annually die, nearly the equivalent of all Ukraine’s population and not a peep out of you over such injustice.

      You are out of touch with the vast majority of conservatives on ABORTION so don’t preach right or wrong when millions of babies are violently slaughtered annually in horrible deaths where they go into massive shock as they are burned alive and ripped apart.

    334. jason says:

      It is an issue of how to best resolve this and get the war ended ASAP to save lives.”

      Zzzzz…. we can see how you want to “save lives”… by defending Putin’s war crimes and comparing Zelensky to Stalin and swallowing Russian propaganda hook line and sinker.

      You really are a despicable excuse of a human being.

    335. jason says:

      I will put that on your Putin excuse list.

      Tgca is ok with Putin slaughtering tens of thousands of Ukrainians and displacing millions because jason thinks abortion should be legal in the first trimester.

      It is a new low in false equivalencies.

    336. jason says:

      If you choose to just believe the side you favor”

      Yeah, I don’t believe Russian propaganda like you do.

      Sue me.

    337. Tgca says:


      Oh puhleez! Because we won’t agree with your Biden approach of Talk Big but offer nothing that will solve the war?

      You were shown to be a fool on Dr. Fow-chee, after months of defending him and calling him awesome, and saying you’re a big fan and then you conveniently went silent as the evidence against his incompetence and lies came out, and the majority of Americans no longer rely on him or trust him.

      You accuse Robbie of supporting Avenatti but you did the same thing with Dr. Fow-chee so you have lost all credibility about judging character of others.

    338. jason says:

      You are out of touch with the vast majority of conservatives on ABORTION”

      Is that some kind of indictment?

    339. jason says:

      You accuse Robbie of supporting Avenatti but you did the same thing with Dr. Fow-chee.

      Another really stupid false equivalency.

      But sorry, the abortion one is better.

      Try again.

    340. Tgca says:


      Show one post where I said I believe Russian propaganda. I specifically noted both sides in war use propaganda.

      You make chit up when you can’t defend your positions.

      It’s your MO and everyone here knows it!

      You’re more like Biden than you realize.

      Talk big and offer no solutions and then lie your ass off and call others names and blame them.

    341. jason says:

      We already know you think because I defended Fauci’s ROLE under Trump it is ok for Putin to slaughter Ukrainians.

      You need new material.

    342. Bitterlaw says:

      So Jason thinks it is ok to plan to break the law if you are poor and/or stupid? That should pretty much empty the jails.

    343. jason says:

      Talk big and offer no solutions”

      Zzzzz…. your “solution” is for Russia to win and your hero Putin to prevail.


    344. Tgca says:

      So Jadon admits he favors ABORTION that kills tens of millions of babies annually but he’ll lecture others about what’s right versus wrong.

      That’s comical!!!

      REAL conservatives don’t believe in violently slaughtering babies but you do.

    345. jason says:

      So Jason thinks it is ok to plan to break the law if you are poor and/or stupid? That should pretty much empty the jail”

      No, I think it is wrong to try to entrap vulnerable people that would otherwise NOT break the law.

      I think it is wrong to pay people to break the law just to entrap them.

      However, legitimate sting operations to capture/uncover existing criminal operations are fine with me.

      So I am against the police offering money for someone to steal a car and then arresting them for it. That is entrapment.

      If the police offer money for a kilo of cocaine and someone shows up to sell it, fine with me, not entrapment. If you have a kilo of cocaine, you are a criminal.

    346. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca claims that we all believe it was wrong for Russia to invade Ukraine. But only 3 of us define an acceptable solution requires ALL Russian troops out of ALL of pre-war Ukrainian territory.

    347. jason says:

      in violently slaughtering babies but you do.”

      Zzzzzz.. you know I am against late term abortions and partial birth abortions, and any abortion of a viable fetus.


    348. Tgca says:

      Jadon spins comments with LIES instead of responding to them with what people actually posted.


      Because he can’t defend his LIES!

      We all know he was a Dr. Fow-chee fan too but went silent after the facts came out. Again, poor judgment at determining character.

      Jadon better hope the good doctor is not convicted of breaking laws and lying to Congress because then he’ll never live down the Avenatti comparisons and humiliation though he’ll try and spin it.

    349. jason says:

      But only 3 of us define an acceptable solution requires ALL Russian troops out of ALL of pre-war Ukrainian territory.”

      Tgca can’t live with that. It would humiliate his hero Putin. Horrors.

    350. jason says:

      Jadon better hope the good doctor is not convicted of breaking laws and lying to Congress”


    351. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Apparently U.S. & U.K. intelligence services discovered Putin was planning to invade the Ukraine and install a puppet government in Kyiv in early 2021. The confronted Putin about it in December 2021.

      “A crucial moment came in early November when CIA Director William Burns travelled to Moscow – to warn that Washington knew what was being planned. The trip was not kept secret. The first time some Russian officials were told that their country might be seriously intending to act against Ukraine was when they heard it from the director of the CIA, one official says.

      The next stage was to make some of the intelligence public. One individual involved in the discussions, who like others spoke on condition of anonymity, recalls times where it was asked: “What is the point of knowing all of this, if we can’t do something with it?”

      In Washington, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines – who briefed allies at Nato in November – and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan are credited with pushing for the release of material. Experts on declassification, trained to understand the risks, began to work round the clock to establish what could be shared.”

    352. jason says:

      Let’s see if Tgca criticizes Trump, the guy who actually appointed Fauci, if he gets indicted for lying to Congress.’

    353. Tgca says:


      Ukraine was already in a civil war with regions that declared their independence from Ukraine.

      It is not feasible to seek a peaceful solution to end a war with those regions being forced to go back to Ukraine because then it will be a forever civil war with no peace and Ukraine will still have war that could be escalated and spill over into Europe.

      A likely compromise to end war will be independence for those regions.

    354. jason says:

      pparently U.S. & U.K. intelligence services discovered Putin was planning to invade the Ukraine and install a puppet government in Kyiv in early 2021.”


      The Putin Appeasers and isolationists here have assured us Putin just wants a tiny slice of Ukraine and has no ill intentions against anybody.

    355. jason says:

      It is not feasible to seek a peaceful solution to end a war with those regions being forced to go back to Ukraine because then it will be a forever civil war with no peace and Ukraine will still have war that could be escalated and spill over into Europe.”

      Zzzzzz…..what drivel…let me repeat my post above.

      “So Tgca thinks the reason Putin has become a pariah in the world, wrecked the Russian economy, incurred at least 10,000 dead and 40,000 wounded or captive, lost 50 aircraft and 500 tanks and tens of billions in other equipment was to get “autonomy” for an area they already occupied?”

    356. jason says:

      A likely compromise to end war will be independence for those regions.”

      If Putin just wanted independence for those regions he would just have invaded them.

      You really LOVE Russian propaganda, what a tool.

    357. Tgca says:


      Trump realized Dr. Fow-chee was BS and side-lined him after about 6 months and wanted to fire him but was talked out of it by the GOP due to the election and threatened by Republican senators that it could lead to more impeachment during election season in Oct and Nov so the decision was to fire Dr. Fow-chee after the election.

      This was all reported in the news quite well, and Trump’s own actions toward the GOOD DOCTOR showed he lost favor.

      You NEVER came to such a conclusion and remained a Dr. Fow-chee groupie showing your bad judge of character, just like that other doctor you were hocking here at HHR until I proved to you he was a fraud and that he had his medical license revoked and you never brought it up again.

      Maybe you just got bad judgment with doctors because you’re more impressed with credentials then competence.

    358. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      361. Assume U.S. & U.K. advised the Ukraine about the potential invasion, an helped with the military planning to counter it. Also the Ukraine was provided critical military supplies such as drones & missiles, and training in their use, likely beginning in 2021. The Russians military rushed into a what in some ways resembled a trap — a well equipped Ukrainian military with the technological weaponry that could counter the Russian tank columns.

    359. Tgca says:


      As I stated earlier, and you know this, Pootin uses that as an excuse but it’s not the reason he invaded Ukraine. No one seriously believes Pootin was doing this for the good of those regions. He was using it as an excuse in hopes of bigger gains, and he failed so now he’s looking for a way out.

      But the WHY does not matter now.

      What matters is to get a lasting peace, that issue still needs to be addressed as well or there will be no lasting peace in that region with or without Russian interference.

      Perhaps you should read a little more about international issues.

    360. Tgca says:

      Ok. Time to watch a movie before bed now that I’ve done my deeds of correcting Jadon tonight.

    361. jason says:

      Putin bans all Russian soldiers from social media.

      Tgca, you can stay here even though you consider yourself a “Putin soldier”.

      No worries.

    362. jason says:

      Trump realized Dr. Fow-chee was BS and side-lined him after about 6 months and wanted to fire him but was talked out of it”

      Damm, sounds like Trump made a serious mistake, huh?

    363. jason says:

      You NEVER came to such a conclusion and remained a Dr. Fow-chee groupie”

      Zzzzz… nobody here opposed lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates more than I did.

      BUt of course, you know that.

    364. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      365. The Russian speaking city of Kharkiv and the Donbass regions that are still part of the Ukraine have fought the Russians as hard as the rest of the Ukraine. They don’t want to be absorbed into Russia.

      Maybe the residents of the Donbass should be allowed to vote in a plebiscite. The UN could conduct and supervise the vote.

    365. Bitterlaw says:

      If you are willing to steal a car for money, you are a criminal. Not entrapment.

      But on to more important things. I am pro-life. I am opposed to abortions with very few exceptions that occur every rarely (rape, incest, maternal health and extreme fetal abnormalities such as a baby who would be born without a brain). I also think Putin is a KGB killer, his war against Ukraine had NO justification, he will continue to be a threat to NATO, the US and the world unless he is decisively defeated in Ukraine ( no Russian troops in Ukraine, all Ukrainian territory restored), he is a war criminal, and Russia must be forced to pay reparations. Anybody who disagrees with crushing Russia in this fight because it has nuclear weapons is surrendering to Putin and rewarding him for his war.

    366. jason says:

      61. Assume U.S. & U.K. advised the Ukraine about the potential invasion, an helped with the military planning to counter it. Also the Ukraine was provided critical military supplies such as drones & missiles, and training in their use, likely beginning in 2021.”

      Not sure Ukraine was expecting that massive of an invasion, I think they were expecting something like happened in Crimea, a move into a separatist area.

    367. jason says:

      If you are willing to steal a car for money, you are a criminal. Not entrapment.”

      Not if you never intended to steal a car.

      What is your definition of entrapment then?

    368. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      375. The intelligence agencies discovered that Putin’s was clearly intending to take Kyiv and install a puppet government. His goal was to absorb the Ukraine into a greater Russia.

    369. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      377. Here is the BBC link with the story:

    370. jason says:

      Looks like Bitter doesn’t know what entrapment means.

      “The defense mounted an entrapment defense at trial, accusing the FBI of engaging in the barred investigatory practice. Jurors who find authorities tricked or cajoled targets into committing crimes they showed no predisposition to commit were supposed to return with not guilty verdicts.”

    371. jason says:

      Jurors who find authorities tricked or cajoled targets into committing crimes they showed no predisposition to commit were supposed to return with not guilty verdicts”

      Exactly what I said above.

    372. jason says:

      The intelligence agencies discovered that Putin’s was clearly intending to take Kyiv and install a puppet government. His goal was to absorb the Ukraine into a greater Russia.

      Oh, I believe that was the plan.

      Just not sure that Zelensky actually believed it would happen when it did.

      But maybe he did and that is how he escaped being killed.

    373. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Ukrainians are still pushing into Russian occupied areas:

      “Ukrainian troops have made progress retaking territory in western Kherson, an occupied city near Crimea, and they now threaten Russian control of the city
      Russian troops withdrawing from the northern city of Kharkiv are laying minefields as they go, in anticipation of Ukrainian…”

    374. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “S&P cuts Russia’s foreign currency rating to ‘selective default.’ The rating agency said on April 9 that Russia was unlikely to honor its obligations to foreign bondholders. Earlier in April Russia made Eurobond payments in rubles instead of dollars, and S&P believes bondholders are unlikely to convert them into dollars.”

    375. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      jason & Bitter:
      After reading the below expose regarding the 2020 election partnership among State and local governments and Big Tech in Pennsylvania with respect to mail-in balloting, then to deny the election was rigged in your State in favor of the Democrats would be equivalent to denying that the earth is round! The conduct of the Democrats was shameless and, in my mind, criminal based on the 2000 SCOTUS decision in Gore v. Bush.
      These shenanigans occurred in other Swing States.

    376. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A true heroine. RIP at 107. Thank you for your long life that was well lived!

    377. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Has anyone else noticed how quickly the Sacramento mass shooting stories disappeared once the shooters were identified as AA’s who were prematurely released from prison because of California’s soft on crime protocols?

    378. Tgca says:

      Buttigieg: Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law Will ‘Kill Kids’

      Mayor Butt defending that THING he’s married to saying the FL bill will kill kids. Evidently he knows this because he’s a teacher.

      I want to know the rationale and statistical source for that statement, and why he was not challenged on it by the MSM.

      Is he suggesting a bunch of 1st to 3rd graders will now kill themselves because of this law? I did not know these young kids followed the news on politics so closely.

      Also, funny that fat skank Ana Navarro tries to cozy up to Mayor Butt saying she’s sorry he’s the butt of jokes because of his paternity, not realizing she just made him a butt of another joke by referencing that to those of us who refer to him as Mayor Butt.

    379. Tgca says:


      The earth is round? REALLY?

    380. jason says:

      jason & Bitter:
      After reading the below expose regarding the 2020 election partnership among State and local governments and Big Tech in Pennsylvania with respect to mail-in balloting, then to deny the election was rigged in your State in favor of the Democrats would be equivalent to denying that the earth is round! The conduct of the Democrats was shameless and, in my mind, criminal based on the 2000 SCOTUS decision in Gore v. Bush.”

      Notice that Bitter ignored this completely. But he knows it will all go away in 2022 if we just keep voting R, so no problem.

    381. jason says:

      Has anyone else noticed how quickly the Sacramento mass shooting stories disappeared once the shooters were identified as AA’s who were prematurely released from prison because of California’s soft on crime protocols?”

      What Sacramento mass shooting?

    382. jason says:

      Maybe mnw and other great legal minds can opine on this, I didn’t think of this angle. Bitter is excused if he doesn’t know what a conspiracy is like he didn’t know what entrapment was.

      If 2 people in the conspiracy are acquitted, does that complicate a conspiracy charge on the other 2?

    383. Phil says:

      I noticed. Standard operating procedure and no surprise.

    384. jason says:

      Forgot to reference the quote my question was based on:

      “Harris and Caserta were released after the not-guilty verdicts were confirmed. Fox and Croft were kept in custody until prosecutors decide whether to try to take them to trial again. That may not be an easy decision. A conspiracy, by definition, generally requires the group of people in question to all be conspiring together. When half of them are flatly acquitted, it lets some of the air out of the conspiracy balloon. And the prosecutors will have egg on their faces if they take a second bite at this apple and wind up with another hung jury.”

    385. jason says:

      Good assessment of the battlefield situation in Ukraine.

      Because Ukraine is such a big country, the shaded areas occupied by the Russians looks small, but if you look at the scale you will see the Russians are occupying areas in the south over a 100 miles deeps into Ukrainian territory and several hundred miles long.

    386. jason says:

      Here is just the map if you don’t want to bother with the assessment.

    387. jason says:

      That battlefront along southern and eastern Ukraine is over 1000 km (600 miles) long. It is 460 miles to drive from NYC to Cleveland on I-80.

    388. Phil says:

      Putin’s military weaker by the day.

      Bad move going into Ukraine. Exposed the Russian military. That doesn’t help Putin’s leverage anywhere. Big bad Putin was better off when the perception existed that his military was some kind of juggernaut.

    389. jason says:

      Zzzzz… Phil still trying to pretend Putin is not a threat to justify it’s ok for him to continue to slaughter Ukrainians and commit war crimes.

      And of course, if Putin’s military is so weak, why is Phil so afraid of standing up to him?

      You can’t have it both ways, sorry.

    390. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason should find any post where I said that the next election will fix everything or STFU. Of course, he often makes things up but can never find any post that supports his lies.

      Maybe he can explain his theory how only Democrats voting fixes anything.

      As for entrapment, Jason thinks it is ok if you agree to commit a crime and attempt to commit it as long as you are poor.

    391. jason says:

      Boris Johnson goes to Kiev to meet “Stalin”. I am impressed.

      Tgca hardest hit.

    392. jason says:

      As for entrapment, Jason thinks it is ok if you agree to commit a crime and attempt to commit it as long as you are poor.”

      Nah, nah, no moving goal posts.

      Here is what you said.

      “If you are willing to steal a car for money, you are a criminal. Not entrapment.”

      Here is what juries are are instructed to do:

      “Jurors who find authorities tricked or cajoled targets into committing crimes they showed no predisposition to commit were supposed to return with not guilty verdicts.”

      Admit you were wrong or GFY.

    393. Phil says:

      His military IS weak. That’s no longer in question. No threat to anyone beyond Ukraine. If we are going to have Americans come home in body bags it needs to over an actual threat.

    394. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Ukrainians are now regaining territory in the south. They may take back the city of Kherson. They continue to hold Odessa,and amazingly Maripoul. Apparently Russian troops are also withdrawing from the south as well as from north. The south may present the Russians with logistic problems, and they may be overextended.

      “Ukrainian soldiers hope to liberate the people of Kherson with a fresh assault on the strategic port city in a matter of days as Russian troops continue to withdraw to the east.”

    395. jason says:

      What I actually said, nothing about being poor. The being poor part only referred to the fact poor people desperate for money are more vulnerable to entrapment.

      If you are willing to steal a car for money, you are a criminal. Not entrapment.”

      Not if you never intended to steal a car.”

    396. jason says:

      No threat to anyone beyond Ukraine.”

      Damm, that was quick goalpost moving.’

      And of course, that is wrong too.

    397. mnw says:

      374 BL

      I can’t really sign off on that one.

      For entrapment to be a valid defense, the elements under federal law are inducement & lack of predisposition. Of the two, lack of predisposition is by FAR the more important.

      Case law gives the govt tremendous latitude on inducement. The govt has been permitted to use all kinds of law enforcement strategies in this regard.

      The nub, though, is predisposition. Would the inducement standing alone be sufficient to induce an ordinarily law abiding citizen to commit a crime? If not, there is no entrapment.

      An ordinarily law abiding person would NOT, for example, steal a car or get involved in murder for hire just because the govt advertised an opportunity (i.e., “the inducement”) to commit these crimes. Predisposition is a jury issue.

      An entrapment defense is generally considered a very tough sell for a defendant.

      On a somewhat related subject, it’s quite possible to charge ONE defendant all by herself with criminal conspiracy, i.e., if she is alleged to have acted with unindicted co-conspirators. It is NOT necessary that two or more people be indicted in order to sustain a conspiracy charge. One is enough, if the indictment alleges that she acted with other (unindicted) co-conspirators. The unindicted co-conspirators need not even be identified by name, although generally they are named.

      I paid no attention whatsoever to the MI case. I’ve skipped every article about it, & I don’t know (or care to know) the fact pattern.

    398. Bitterlaw says:

      If you know something is illegal, how can you be tricked into doing it since you already know you should not do it?

    399. Tgca says:

      Jadon hardest hit!

      Bitter confirms Jadon makes things up and lies.

      Something we ALL already know.

    400. Phil says:

      No threat beyond Ukraine.

      An irrefutable fact.

    401. jason says:

      Maybe he can explain his theory how only Democrats voting fixes anything.”

      Zzzzz,… maybe Bitter can explain why he thinks it is ok his vote is diluted by illegal votes and (if counted) is worth less than a Dem vote.

      Bitter whines when I accurately describe his position but has not yet said how you “fix” anything besides “keep voting R”. The logical conclusion is that he thinks voting R will fix everything.


    402. jason says:

      No threat beyond Ukraine.

      An irrefutable fact.”

      No, irrefutable drivel.

      If that is the case, why do you think Finland and other countries are revising their views on joining NATO?

      Seems like they think Russia is a threat.

      Your isolationist dogma makes you blind to reality.

    403. Tgca says:

      Juries don’t necessarily vote the same way, and I don’t believe you can use as evidence in court of the acquittal of others to substantiate your clients innocence, because the jury is supposed to weigh the facts presented in their verdict and not what happened in another case with other defendants and fact patterns.

      But I’ll let the lawyers debate that.

      The halls of justice have many convictions in cases where some involved in a scheme are convicted and others are not.

      It depends on the charges and evidence presented against each defendant.

    404. jason says:

      If you know something is illegal, how can you be tricked into doing it since you already know you should not do it?”

      Let me post it again.

      “Jurors who find authorities tricked or cajoled targets into committing crimes they showed no predisposition to commit were supposed to return with not guilty verdicts”

      If you are induced into doing something illegal that you are not predisposed to do, it is entrapment.

      What is it about that instruction that tell jurors they should not return guilty verdicts don’t you understand?

    405. Bitterlaw says:

      Mnw – Here is a law school-type question.

      Joe knows John has a new car. He is approached by an undercover police officer. The officer asks “Do you own this car?” He says, “No.” “I will pay you $500 now if you will break into the car and drive it to this address. I will pay you $500 when you deliver it.”

      I say it is not entrapment because Joe knows he does not own the car and he agrees to steal it to deliver it to somebody else who does not own it for money.

    406. jason says:

      Juries don’t necessarily vote the same way, and I don’t believe you can use as evidence in court of the acquittal of others to substantiate your clients innocence, because the jury is supposed to weigh the facts presented in their verdict and not what happened in another case with other defendants and fact patterns.”

      Talk about drivel. A fine example of if you don’t know what you are talking about, you should keep your mouth shut.

    407. Phil says:

      So Putin after his outstanding success against the powerful Ukrainian military is going into Finland next? Did you get that from Alexander Vindman?

    408. jason says:

      I say it is not entrapment because Joe knows he does not own the car and he agrees to steal it to deliver it to somebody else who does not own it for money.”

      You can “say” what you want. However that is not how it seems juries are instructed to consider it.

      mnw above said:

      “For entrapment to be a valid defense, the elements under federal law are inducement & lack of predisposition. Of the two, lack of predisposition is by FAR the more important.”

      Lack of predisposition. If Joe had no predispostion to steal John’s car and was tricked or cajoled into committing a crime he should not be convicted.

      Pretty clear.

    409. jason says:

      o Putin after his outstanding success against the powerful Ukrainian military is going into Finland next?”

      Seems like the Finns are a lot smarter than Phil.

    410. Tgca says:

      Phil is correct!

      There is no proof or evidence of a Russian threat beyond Ukraine at this time.

      Finland joining NATO, something it probably should have done before, does not mean it’s proof Russia is a threat to Finland.

      I think Finland is just taking the opportunity now because of Russia’s apparently weakness, whereas before, Finland probably felt such a move was more provocative.

      Russia does not have the military or economic means to now go after Finland when it can’t even find success in Ukraine.

      I think all the world has seen the weakness of Russia’s military and others are now feeling more bold and don’t fear Russia as much as they did before and that’s why you see them being voted off the UN Human Rights council by most of their neighbors.

    411. jason says:

      “It depends on the charges and evidence presented against each defendant.”

      This is why I come here.

      This brilliant legal reasoning by Tgca Expert is so profound!

    412. jason says:

      I think Finland is just taking the opportunity now”


    413. Phil says:

      The Fins joined NATO? Must of missed that.

    414. jason says:

      There is no proof or evidence of a Russian threat beyond Ukraine at this time.”

      I am sure the people in Moldova don’t agree. The Swedes and Finland don’t agree. Belarus certainly does not agree, although too late for them. Other former Soviet Union Republics don’t agree.

      All the NATO countries beefing up their military certainly don’t agree. Even senile Biden who is sending tens of thousands of US troops to Europe doesn’t agree.

      It must hurt Tgca and Phil that even Biden is smarter than they are.

    415. Phil says:

      We get it. Europe is in great jeopardy……but at least we know Pennsylvania is safe from the Russian hordes. Jason and Bitter are manning the walls against Putin’s Russian hordes.

    416. jason says:

      The Fins joined NATO? Must of missed that.”


      What I really said.

      “If that is the case, why do you think Finland and other countries are revising their views on joining NATO?”

      Do you really want to challenge me on the fact Finland is considering joining NATO?

    417. jason says:

      Jason and Bitter are manning the walls against Putin’s Russian hordes”

      We are screwed. Bitter doesn’t even own a gun.

      I know, I have enough for both of us, but can he use one?

    418. Tgca says:


      Are you a lawyer or juror specialist?

      So you’re saying there are no cases where some defendants were acquitted and none convicted? Juries always follow what other juries do? Is that your point?

      Can you opine on the rules of evidence regarding these cases?

      Do you even know what evidence was presented against the individual defendants in this case and explain why some were acquitted but others were not?

      Is your reasoning that if some get acquitted, then all get acquitted? If so, why could the jury not get to an acquittal on the other two defendants?

      At least, I acknowledge there is a possibility of risk still for both the prosecutors and the defendants where you suggest it’s a forgone conclusion.

    419. Phil says:

      I took a glance at the map and assessment of the Ukrainian daily battle situation referenced by Jason. Not looking so good for the Ruskies…..but I’m sure he’ll be moving into other countries any day now all while his forces are stymied everywhere in Ukraine or in full retreat. Must be all that Ukrainian air power.

    420. Phil says:

      Can we use one? Probably not legal in Philly.

    421. jason says:

      Phil says:
      April 9, 2022 at 11:31 am

      Can we use one? Probably not legal in Philly.”

      Good thinking. I will send Bitter to disarm the Russians before they can enter Philly on account their weapons will not be legal in the city.

      The Russians will whine and say but there are plenty of illegal weapons in Philadelphia, but Bitter will say no, only in Bad Philadelphia.

      This will confuse the Russians who will then disarm.

    422. jason says:

      Is your reasoning that if some get acquitted, then all get acquitted? If so, why could the jury not get to an acquittal on the other two defendants?”

      You are a moron.

      What I asked the lawyers here (not you), was whether IF there are 4 people in a conspiracy charge and 2 are acquitted, does that complicate the CONSPIRACY charge against the other two in a new trial.

      My question was limited to the conspiracy charge only, but you were too stupid to understand that.

    423. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason will never find a post where I said it is ok to dilute my vote. He will also never explain how Republicans not voting does anything but elect Democrats.

    424. Phil says:

      Inner city Philly impossible for Putin to take. He’ll be severely outgunned by the brothers with their illegal weapons. Should roll through the woke white Philly suburbs with little opposition, however.

    425. jason says:

      To make it easier for Tgca to understand, what if Bitter and jason were entrapped by federal agents in a conspiracy to steal the A-hole Endowment Fund.

      At trial, jason is acquitted but Bitter looks shadier and the jury is hung.

      If the prosecution wants to retry Bitter, will the fact his co-conspirator was acquitted complicate the case against him.

      I did not actually render an opinion, I asked the question.


    426. jason says:

      Jason will never find a post where I said it is ok to dilute my vote.”

      Zzzzz… I certainly will never find one where you you are outraged or think anything should be done about it. Yesterday I posted evidence and crickets. I would say acceptance means you think it is ok to have your vote diluted.

    427. jason says:

      “Should roll through the woke white Philly suburbs with little opposition, however.”

      Putin will finally be received with flowers in Radnor just like he thought would happen in Ukraine.

    428. jason says:

      I guarantee my vote won’t be stolen or diluted in 2022.

    429. jason says:

      A conservative speaker would be barred from speaking there but…

      “A convicted cop killer invited to speak at SUNY Brockport claimed that black people are facing genocide in America, and stated that while he “abhors violence” he “loves self-preservation” urging his audience to take action to “ensure our survival” “by any means necessary,” adding “We take nothing off the table.”

      The announcement of the event featuring Jalil Muntaqim, who was found guilty of murdering two police officers in 1971, to speak on campus sparked protests, outcry, and a resignation from former adjunct professor and retired Brockport police chief Daniel Varrenti.”

    430. jason says:

      GOP House judiciary showing some balls?

      Tina will be revoking some RINO licenses.

      Julie Kelly ??
      · 21h
      The FBI entrapped innocent men in 2020 in order to produce damaging headlines for Donald Trump while millions of Americans were voting for president.

      A crime bigger than Russiagate.

      Hi @JudiciaryGOP

    431. mnw says:

      414 BL

      I dunno.

      Whether or not there is predisposition is heavily fact-driven. If a defendant raises an entrapment defense, the govt can then present extrinsic evidence on the issue– which would otherwise be inadmissible. How clean are the def’s hands, exactly? Not just in regard to the facts of the charged offense, but BEFORE the charged offense occurred?

      In your hypo, I’d need to know more about Joe. Did the UC cop draw Joe’s name out of a hat, or what? Why did the officer target Joe, & not somebody else?

      On an unrelated note: I’m watching baby foxes cavort in my backyard, about 4 feet from my chair, while mother fox keeps a close watch. The Nature Channel has come to me.

      Did the def respond to any OTHER previous inducements to commit a crime? Does the def have previous criminal convictions?

      You can’t really answer the question of whether there was predisposition in a vacuum, i.e., by confining the evidence to ONLY what the def knew about the charged offense.

      In your hypo,

    432. jason says:

      mnw forgot to add his billable hours, he can watch foxes and issue legal opinions at the same time.

      Bitter owes $250.

    433. jason says:

      “Dwayne Haskins, a standout at Ohio State before becoming Washington’s first-round pick and playing in Pittsburgh, died this morning when he got hit by a car in South Florida, per his agent Cedric Saunders. Haskins would have turned 25 years old on May 3.”

    434. mnw says:


      Where are you?

      We have really important things to discuss, i.e., 2nite’s Isles/Bluz game.

      “whether or not a def is predisposed to commit a crime” is a JURY ISSUE. It’s easy to forget that, in a discussion of whether or not a def was entrapped. The JURY decides that, NOT the court, & NOT a learned legal treatise on the entrapment defense.

      Predisposition/entrapment is kind of like beauty– it’s in the eye of the beholder.

    435. Cash Cow TM says:


      How can you guarantee tee your vote won’t be stolen?

      Even if you choose to not vote, how would you ever know if someone else said they were you and actually did cast a vote.?

    436. Cash Cow TM says:

      When he was in Strasbourg France yesterday I got a sneaking suspicion Walt managed to cast a vote for LePen.

    437. Cash Cow TM says:

      Last night we had 2 inches of snow here in the Rhine River Valley.

      Been cold today.
      Walt ate a scone.

      It was not a kidney scone.

      The server dropped a tray of the round scones and Walt said “Look. It’s the rolling scomes!

    438. jason says:


      How can you guarantee tee your vote won’t be stolen?

      Even if you choose to not vote, how would you ever know if someone else said they were you and actually did cast a vote.?

      True, I could be ballot “harvested”.

      I was going to say “if I am not registered, nobody can vote for me” but then I thought about all the illegals and dead people and imaginary people who voted.

      Cow is right. My vote can be stolen.

    439. Bitterlaw says:

      435. Zzzzzzzzz. If I respond to jason’s posts he types, “Ma…..”. If I don’t respond, he twists that to mean I disagree. If I agree with what Jason posts, he says I don’t agree.

      Not sure why he is trying to sow discord with me when we agree on the most important issue of the day – Ukraine.

    440. jason says:

      he JURY decides that, NOT the court, & NOT a learned legal treatise on the entrapment defense.”

      But within this constraint right? The burden was on the prosecution to prove they were not entrapped, not the other way around.

      “The defense mounted an entrapment defense at trial, accusing the FBI of engaging in the barred investigatory practice. Jurors who find authorities tricked or cajoled targets into committing crimes they showed no predisposition to commit were supposed to return with not guilty verdicts.

      Prosecutors had the burden of proving defendants weren’t entrapped. At trial, they sought to show that not only were the men predisposed to joining the kidnap plot but that they discussed such schemes before the FBI sting began.”

    441. jason says:

      Seems like it is a heavy burden to “disprove entrapment” by the prosecution as opposed to making defense “prove” entrapment.

    442. jason says:

      Not sure why he is trying to sow discord with me when we agree on the most important issue of the day – Ukraine.”

      Ok, fine, but since you don’t think elections in PA are important I don’t want to hear any crap about not voting anymore.

    443. jason says:

      If I agree with what Jason posts, he says I don’t agree.”

      I have to be careful.

      You have noticed NYC and Tgca try to say they agree with me too, which is really scary.

      Just taking normal precautions.

    444. jason says:

      Predisposition/entrapment is kind of like beauty– it’s in the eye of the beholder.”

      I get the feeling that is how a lot of lawyers feel about all aspects of the law.

    445. mnw says:

      I never encountered an entrapment defense in 40 years. Neither did anyone else I worked with, as far as I know.

      Anything that looks hinky or doesn’t smell right doesn’t get charged.

      In BL’s post 414 hypo about the stolen car, in real life a prosecutor would spew coffee if somebody presented that for indictment.

      The Wise Men at HHR have their House state of play projections up, fwiw. Their most likely scenario seems to project a GOP majority of +8 appx, & that’s assuming the GOP wins ALL the tossups. The DEMs governed quite easily with a majority that small, but the GOP wouldn’t be able to. Too many opportunities for RINOs to be bipartisan heroes!

    446. jason says:

      In BL’s post 414 hypo about the stolen car, in real life a prosecutor would spew coffee if somebody presented that for indictment.”

      And if I was on the jury for that case I would vote to acquit in a nanosecond.

    447. Wes says:

      Mnw, the RRH Wise Men have almost always made predictions that are far more friendly to Democrats than the election results ultimately are.

      I would bet that pattern will continue this year.

      As for the GOP’s having an ungovernable majority with only an eight-seat gain, yes, more liberal Republicans will sabotage their agenda at times. So too will the Freedom Caucus, whose members far too often are far more concerned with blustering and preening about unattainable legislative goals than with actually accomplishing anything. Republicans need a majority big enough to eliminate–or at least dilute–the influence of both groups.

      Democrats have no such problems since their members are lock-step lemmings 100% of the time unless given permission by leadership to strategically go off the reservation when their votes aren’t needed so as to have something to crow about back home until the locals finally get tired of the hypocrisy.

      Former Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) is my personal favorite example of a Dem lemming masquerading as a conservative. When Nelson ran for reelection in 2006, right-leaning commenters on a host of sites–including the idiot who ran the now-defunct Right Pundits–couldn’t slobber over how awesome Nelson was fast enough. One would think he was the Son of God. Of course in early 2010, Nelson promptly sold them out, and all his erstwhile supporters were conveniently nowhere to be found to adulate his greatness. It was strictly coincidence, I’m sure.

    448. jason says:

      However, most of the current “RINOS” like Cheney and Katco and Gonzalez and Kinzinger etc. will be gone.

      Of course, under Tina’s theory, anyone is only one comment or one vote away from being a new RINO>

    449. jason says:

      Of course in early 2010, Nelson promptly sold them out, ”

      Literally bought off to vote for Obamacare.

    450. Bitterlaw says:

      I do think elections in PA are important because there is no potential way to change anything if only Democrats vote. At least my vote counted last year in the statewide judicial elections. Have to start somewhere. If only Democrats vote, only Democrats win.

    451. Phil says:

      The over under on House gains this year is about R+18, Wes.

      Not that many gettable seats for Republicans after picking up 13 last cycle….combined with crap redistricting in states like NC, NY, Illinois…..BTW, does the GOP legislature in NC ever get tired of being butt raped by the NC Supreme Court? Seems to be a tradition now.

    452. Bitterlaw says:

      In my hypo, I would vote to convict Joe if he accepted the $500, broke into the car and drove it to the address given to him because Joe had the INTENT to steal the car, accepted money to steal the car, and drove it to where the theft would be completed.

      Sue me.

    453. Phil says:

      Mark Elias gets a hard on whenever he hears the words North Carolina.

    454. Bitterlaw says:

      The weather is perfect today but this morning’s rain soaked the field and my game is cancelled. I am pissed and will fight all of you.

    455. Wes says:

      Elias won’t be too happy with the makeup of the NCSC next January, Phil.

      The Dem majority was precarious before, but Republicans have been fired up since the redistricting ruling.

      Were I Jimmy Ervin, I’d forego drafting even a hint of a victory speech and start on my first draft of a concession speech immediately. He was responsible for flipping the NCSC to the Dems several years ago because of GOP mishandling of his election. Now he’ll be responsible for seeing Dems become powerless in the NC judiciary.

    456. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Russian invasion of Ukraine is what has caused both Finland and Sweden to consider joining NATO. They both now see Putin and his craziness as a threat.

      Finland is expected to apply soon, and already Russia is attempting to intimidate Finland:

      “Finland Hit by Cyber Attack, Airspace Breach as NATO Bid Weighed

      Cyber attack toppled ministries websites, some other services
      Russian state airplane may have breached Finnish airspace.”

    457. mnw says:

      456 Wes

      RRH doesn’t see “an 8-seat GOP GAIN,” they see an 8-seat GOP MAJORITY.

      A handful of Cheney/Kinzinger-type Republicans would effectively control the House if the GOP majority is only +8, & the DEMs will be doing CARTWHEELS of joy.

      I’ve read DEM commentary in which they tell each other, probably rightly, that they can “mitigate the damage enormously” if the new GOP majority can be held to less than +20.

    458. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      465. A spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry has issued another warning to both Sweden and Finland warning them not to join NATO.

      Russia repeated its threat of retaliation on Saturday (12 March) if Sweden and Finland ever decide to join NATO, warning of “serious military and political consequences”.

      “It is obvious that [if] Finland and Sweden join NATO, which is a military organisation to begin with, there will be serious military and political consequences,” Sergei Belyayev, head of the Russian foreign ministry’s European department, told the Russian news agency Interfax.

      “[It] would require changing the whole palette of relations with these countries and require retaliatory measures,” he added, echoing a threat made by Russia the day after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February.”

    459. Wes says:

      RRH might want to take a remedial math class, Mnw, since the House has 435 members. Barring a vacancy or an Independent in the mix, Republicans can’t have an eight-seat majority in the House. To get to numbers approximating an eight-seat majority though, Republicans would have to win eight or nine seats; thus effectively RRH is predicting an eight-seat gain.

    460. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It was Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine that caused Finland, and also Sweden, to consider joining NATO.

      “Just over two months ago, the prospect of Finland joining NATO was virtually unthinkable to most in the northern European country. It had grown closer to the military alliance over the last three decades but resisted the idea of becoming a full-fledged member.

      That all changed when tens of thousands of Russian troops rolled across Ukraine’s border in late February.

      Now, top Finnish leaders are edging closer to joining NATO, buoyed by a drastic turnaround in Finnish public opinion that went from opposing the move to supporting it virtually overnight.”

    461. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Russians are threatening to destroy Finland if it applies for NATO membership.

      “Russian lawmaker Vladimir Dzhabarov said this week that it is not likely ‘the Finns themselves will sign a card for the destruction of their country’, threatening a repeat of the Ukraine invasion which was sparked in part by its desire to join NATO.

      Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov added yesterday if Finland and Sweden joined NATO then Russia would have to ‘rebalance the situation’ with its own measures in another thinly-veiled attack.

      NATO is looking to immediately approve Finland’s application so that NATO’s protective shield applies, and there is no time gap that Putin can use to create mischief during the application review process

    462. mnw says:


      I did the math myself, by aggregating the RRH numbers of Safe R; Lean R; and all Tossups.

      I do note that RRH has some tossups that everybody else rates as Lean R, i.e. Axne in IA & Malinowski in NJ.

      On another topic, I have an impression that Hartzler may be making progress in her race for the MO Sen GOP nomination. I base that on news stories about the Boone County Lincoln Day candidates’ appearances. Hartzler was there & got a warm greeting from the crowd of 200. (Boone County is in her district.) Surprisingly, MO AG Schmitt skipped the event, and it goes without saying that Greitens wasn’t there. News stories say the crowd giggled when he was invited to step up & speak.

    463. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Ukrainians & NATO allies have been preparing for a Russian invasion since 2014. The Ukrainian success was the result of excellent planning, and smart surveillance:

      “Over the next years, the U.S., U.K., Canada, Poland, Lithuania and other NATO allies opened training centers in western Ukraine, including for special operations forces.

      That training and battlefield experience against the Russians and their separatist proxies in Donbas allowed commanders of small, dispersed units to think for themselves, overturning the old Soviet model of top-down leadership that has paralyzed Russian units and forced top generals to venture to the front lines, where several have been killed.”

    464. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is a link to the Politico story the quote above is from. It’s about the general heading the Ukrainian forces:

    465. Hugh says:

      460. Take the over. The gop will net over 40 seats.

    466. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Really? So Tucker Carlson thinks a nation teetering on brink of default is doing fine?

      “Biden keeps telling us these energy sanctions are going to crush Putin, but they haven’t. That’s clearly not true. Putin’s fine. The ruble has almost completely recovered since the day Russia invaded.”

    467. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      475. Standard & Poor seems to disagree with Carlson:

      BOSTON — The credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has downgraded its assessment of Russia’s ability to repay foreign debt, signaling rising prospects that Moscow will soon default on external loans for the first time in more than a century.

      S&P Global Ratings issued the downgrade to “selective default” late Friday after Russia arranged to make foreign bond payments in rubles on Monday when they were due in dollars. It said it didn’t expect Russia to be able to convert the rubles into dollars within the 30-day grace period allowed.

    468. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar
      #PASEN breaking: President Trump endorses Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania primary, as the celebrity surgeon has been stalled in primary polls. Oz won the endorsement over Republican Dave McCormick, who also sought Trump’s backing.

      – Hey, Jason fraud. Your hero, MAGA daddy, just endorsed the TV huckster who is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. SEND A MESSAGE!

    469. Robbie says:

      When are you dopes going to figure out Trump isn’t the least bit interested in the future or well-being of the Republican Party? He’s only interested in himself.

      Trump doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about any of you or your concerns. He’s a fraud who’s out to line his pockets and people like Jason fraud and tinfoil are just easy marks for him.

      Just like 2010, Republicans are going to squander a chance to win the Senate. This time it will be because the fat, orange fraud pushed a bunch of idiot candidates on the party and you dopes fell for it.

      What’s better is every single regular poster in this forum (other than me) is going to vigorously support the twice impeached Trump in 2024 and claim that anyone who refuses to support and/or vote for Trump is actually some sort of liberal in disguise.

    470. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie- My 94 year old dad with dementia knew Joe Biden is President. Why don’t you?

    471. Phil says:

      That’s because Robbie is the liberal in disguise….although giving a grand to the Biden campaign doesn’t really disguise it all that well, does it.

    472. Bitterlaw says:

      When Russia attacks Finland, Phil will say it is not a problem, Tgca will say Finland is corrupt, and CDM will sit it out.

    473. Dylan says:

      Dr Oz is hardly a COD or an Akin or a Mourdock or Roy Moore Yeah, he’s not a “real conservative” but i don’t think he spells guaranteed doom in PA I could see him winning

    474. Bitterlaw says:

      Dr. Oz has embraced Trump in his ads. He supports firing Fauci.

    475. Bitterlaw says:

      The Ten Commandments is on ABC. This movie is 4 hours long and they totally left Walt out of it?

    476. mnw says:

      I wish Trump would cease & desist. I’m fearful he might endorse in MO or AL, although I don’t expect him to. He’s kind of gotten to be a loose cannon in the 2022 election cycle.

    477. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is just upset that Trump was 100 times a better President than his man Biden.

    478. jason says:

      I am fine Dr. Oz. If I was voting I would probably vote for him in the primary.

    479. jason says:

      Whatever you think of Dr. Oz, he is much more of a Republican and a conservative than Amoral Scumbag.

    480. jason says:

      I wish Trump would cease & desist. I’m fearful he might endorse in MO or AL, although I don’t expect him to. He’s kind of gotten to be a loose cannon in the 2022 election cycle.”

      I bet he gets more votes for Republican candidates than he loses them.

      By miles.

    481. Phil says:

      He absolutely will.

    482. Cash Cow TM says:

      Ship underway.

      Seeing castles today.

      Have yet to see any Rhine River alligators.

      Trying to find situations where I can use what German phrases I know:

      Auchter liber

      * Sgt Schultz said it a lot on TV show Stalag 17

    483. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Is it too late to register to vote in the Republican primary? Or will Democrats dilute your vote in the primary, too?

    484. Gordon Allen says:

      The chances of Putin invading Finland are about those of him overrunning and occupying Ukraine: none, and perhaps less (which somebody predicted). Total horse manure.

    485. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon also predicted that Russia would never invade Ukraine. Finland is F’ed.

    486. Skippy says:

      Trump reasons for endorsing Dr. Oz might be the most childlike, embarrassing thing I have yet read for the former President. Trump endorsed Oz because he has been on TV for years. Good God almighty what a dope.

      It’s time for Republican Party to get back to being the Conservative party,

      I endorse Kathy4Senate in PA GOP Senate primary.

      Not because I agree with all of her stances…I don’t.

      Not because she is most likely to win the GOP primary race…because she most definitely isn’t.

      Because she is a conservative who has spent years actually living in the state she wants to represent, and she has been to every debate, BBQ dinner and parade in Pennsylvania running for Senate seat for over a year.

      It’s time to dump Trump.

      GOP a Conservative party once again,

    487. jason says:

      I bet Trump is a lot more conservative than Skippy, and Trump is not a conservative/

    488. jason says:

      Jason – Is it too late to register to vote in the Republican primary? Or will Democrats dilute your vote in the primary, too?”

      I haven’t been a registered R since 2016. I have no interest in voting in R primaries.

      And of course, if you don’t think your vote is diluted by illegal voting you are living in an alternate universe.

    489. jason says:

      GOP a Conservative party once again”


      Translation: I want a little small tent party that is always going to lose elections.

    490. jason says:

      And btw, Kathy Barnette is a deadender moron who will be lucky to get 5% of the vote.

    491. jason says:

      By endorsing a complete zero for the Senate, Skippy shows he has no interest in actually winning elections.

    492. jason says:

      I guess a lot more countries don’t believe the assessment that “Putin is not a threat”.

    493. Robbie says:

      Trump endorsed a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, and pro-trans candidate for Senate, but you boneheads are going to claim Trump’s the only true conservative in 2024.

      Oh, and MAGA Daddy also called Putin savvy and a genius. You guys are easy marks for him.

    494. Robbie says:

      Douglas Lukasik

      Sean Parnell of all people turns on Trump.

      Again, Trump is like Leslie Chow from The Hangover. Absolute madness that is going to bring you down at some point.

      We should have “shot him in the trunk” (Hangover 3) before he started shooting us in the back.

      – Jason fraud, “Trump is the greatest endorser of all time. MAGA forever! Anyone who stands against Trump is a Marxist Leninist.”

    495. Phil says:

      Robbie should be thrilled then. He gave a grand to the Presidential candidate who supports all of that.

      Can’t make this up.

    496. Robbie says:

      Douglas Lukasik

      You could look at this more maliciously. Trump – a total POS – wants Republicans to lose.

      – Some people are finally wising up to what I’ve known for six years. Trump is scum.

    497. Tgca says:

      Oh no!

      Ukraine killing Russian prisoners against Geneva Convention rules! Ukraine vows to investigate murder caught on video. UN condemns any act of war crimes and also states any acts should be looked into.

      Our resident Ukraine propaganda minister at HHR to report it as fake news, though it’s been reported by some of the news organizations like BBC, and not the 1st report of beating and shooting Russian POWs.

      We expect Russians to do this but Ukrainians?

      We need to start a Go Fund Me page for the Russians.

      Jadon and Bitter to give generously.

    498. Tgca says:


      Who ever said Trump is the only true conservative?

      I always thought Trump was a moderate and not ideological. He swings both ways to get results, and has done this his entire business career as well. You work within the system to accomplish goals or you get nothing done.

      As POTUS 45, he governed as probably the 2nd most conservative POTUS in 100 years but I would not say he is ideologically conservative.

      We’ve also had conservatives like the Bushes govern in a manner not conservative on many issues.

      That’s the difference!

    499. Robbie says:

      Trump on Oz Endorsement: When you’re in television for 18 years. That’s like a poll. That means people like you.

      – According to MAGA Daddy, this means we should nominate Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen Degeneres for Senate seats as well. After all, they’re pro-abortion, pro-gun control, and pro-trans just like Dr. Oz. I guess MAGA Daddy is for all of those things as well. Enjoy nominating him and watching him lose in 2024, easy marks.

    500. Tgca says:


      Oh, and MAGA Daddy also called Putin savvy and a genius. You guys are easy marks for him.

      …and GWB said he looked into Pootin’s eyes and got a sense of his soul and determined Pootin was trustworthy.

    501. Tgca says:

      Again, I see Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz as strategic and not ideological. He thinks Oz can win and keep a PA GOP seat so that’s his choice for the seat.

      Many may not agree with Dr. Oz but you also have to consider the climate and demographics of PA.

      Just like Susan Collins is probably the best fit the GOP will get for Maine where other conservatives could not get elected there.

      PA is a bit of a challenge because you have done rural more conservative areas but it’s offset by sone larger Dem cities so a Dr. Oz night make sense for some.

      So unless you have a personal reason you could not support Dr. Oz, then I think it’s fine for that area.

    502. Tgca says:

      Fauci Predicts ‘Uptick’ in COVID, Floats Indoors Mask Requirement

      Of course he does!

      This guy can’t stand not getting prime time slots on TV anymore.

      He’s furious with Pootin because the Ukrainian War is stealing his thunder.

      …and he HATES Zelenskyy too because Hollywood has replaced the Good Doctor with the corrupt Ukrainian as their newest socialist/communist hero.

    503. mnw says:

      RE: PA Sen & Trump’s Oz endorsement:

      This is a useful article published today, but it doesn’t specifically address the PA senate primary. It’s about the changing PA electorate:

      “Pennsylvania’s Dramatic Shift Rightward,” by Salena Zito, appears in Washington Examiner, but has been aggregated at just about every conservative site & blog, including Powerline; Lucianne; and RCP (which is NOT conservative, of course).

    504. jason says:

      You could look at this more maliciously. Trump – a total POS – wants Republicans to lose.”

      Hilarious from a Biden supporter!

      Amoral Scumbag has descended into the depths of mental illness.

    505. jason says:

      My wife is voting for Dr Oz in the primary. I never did convince her that her vote no longer counts as much as an illegal vote.

    506. BayernFan says:

      It’s macron vs LePen in round two as leftist parties are shellacked.

    507. Tgca says:


      You shouldn’t be voting anyway!!!

      You’re illegal alien…ummm…I mean undocumented alien…ummm…I mean undocumented person or whatever your preferred noun or pronoun is.

      I forget who, but someone here outed you years ago and wanted you deported.

    508. mnw says:

      515 BF

      Good to see you posting here again.

    509. Gordon Allen says:

      Check RED State re DeSantis getting rock star greeting at UFC event in Jacksonville.
      He is 100% running in 2024. And the author is right about Trump being too old.
      DeSantis isn’t doing thT because he expects to lose. He isnt.

    510. jason says:

      KAMALA HARRIS on Pell grants: “Um, we have definitely extended the — and I, it’s something that I think we need to keep doing, awareness about what we have to do on Pell grants, and I can follow up with you on specifically what we’ve been doing.”

    511. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      CBS News poll about the Ukraine: April 5-8th

      U.S. Sanctions on Russia should be
      Increased 74%
      Kept As Is: 21%
      Decreased 5%

      Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: U.S. should
      Keep economic sanctions on Russia 78%
      Send weapons and supplies to Ukraine 72%
      Send U.S troops to protect allies 63%
      Send U.S. troops to Ukraine 25%

      What if? Would Support U S. Military Action in Ukraine
      If Russia attacks NATO ally 69%
      If Russia used nuclear weapons 68%
      If Russi used chemical weapons 61%

    512. jason says:

      Check RED State re DeSantis getting rock star greeting at UFC event in Jacksonville.”

      Wow, DeSantis is popular in FL?

      Who knew?

    513. jason says:

      If Russi used chemical weapons 61%”


    514. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      520. CBS poll — continued —

      Reason Ukraine Matters to U.S. Interests:
      Stopping Russian Aggression 87%
      Protected Ukrainian Lives 85%
      Protecting NATO allies 82%
      Protecting Democracy 77%

    515. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      520 CBS poll — continued–

      Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Among World Leaders, Biden should take:
      More of a leadership role 41%
      Less of a leadership role 25%
      Approached about right 34%

    516. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The CBS poll: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling the economy:

      Approve 37%
      Disapprove 63%

      Do you approve of disapprove the way Joe Biden is handling inflation

      Approve 31%
      Disapprove 69%

      Do you approve of disapprove the way Joe Biden is handling crime

      Approve 39%
      Disapprove 61%

    517. Gordon Allen says:

      Half the fans were from Georgia.
      I was right about Putin being unable to defeat and occupy Ukraine with only 150,000 plus troops,and being zero threat to Nato- and you wrong.
      I’m flat saying DeSantis will defeat Trump and win the Presidency. I like being 2-0.
      PS I think Trump was robbed in 2020. But his stick is getting as old as he is. Both can be true.

    518. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Robbie’s posts just get more and more bizarre. Hey Robbie, Biden is now president. As a self proclaimed loyal and true Republican, Robbie, what do you think of Biden? Right now, your failure to speak about the Biden presidency makes you comic relief on this board. Why waste your time? Who is the Republican alternative you are supporting?

    519. Dylan says:

      Does anyone find it weird that with all the playback of the video of Biden with the “Himalayan foothills/ Xi Junping/ 17000miles” they never show the end of the clip and whether he was able to put any of that jumble in context. I want to see the end of it!

    520. Chicon says:

      527 – Robbie is not the moron he used to be; he’s now far worse. He really shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

    521. jason says:

      I was right about Putin being unable to defeat and occupy Ukraine with only 150,000 plus troops”

      No, you were wrong because you said he would never invade.

      So there is no greater “being wrong” than that.

      And of course nobody ever claimed Putin could “occupy Ukraine” with 150k troops, what I said was that 150k troops was certainly enough to launch an invasion.

    522. Wes says:

      We’re now on month 15 of Robbie’s refusal to acknowledge Biden is President and a major problem for the country.

    523. jason says:

      Half the fans were from Georgia.”


      Did you take a poll?

    524. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      526. Gordon, sounds as if your position has evolved a bit from this previous post:

      Gordon Allen says:
      March 27, 2022 at 3:07 pm
      “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. ”
      How do they help the situation in the slightest? The Russians are sitting in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, devastating urban areas, de populating Ukraine, and the Ukrainians have no offensive capability to oust them with NATO unwilling to intervene.
      “Defensive weapons won’t do it . It appears in fact that Western hopes entirely reside in sanctions hurting Russia sufficiently to cause a political change in Moscow; issuing verbal insults and threats won’t help that, as Putin will probably use them to rally Russian national feelings, and drive him into further dependency on China economically and politically.
      It is increasingly hard to see how this ends well, especially for the Ukrainians

    525. jason says:

      ’m flat saying DeSantis will defeat Trump and win the Presidency. I like being 2-0.”

      I doubt there will be a Desantis vs. Trump nomination fight, which would only help elect a Democrat.

      There would be no “winner” there. The most likely result would be a damaged Trump and a destroyed DeSantis, or less likely, a damaged DeSantis and a destroyed Trump.

      While I agree DeSantis should be the future of the party, not Trump, I still am unconvinced DeSantis is a better candidate for the GE. I don’t see him pulling the blue collar vote in the midwest or making the same inroad into the black and Hispanic vote that Trump does. And I don’t see him as that big a draw in the liberal suburbs either, maybe marginally better than Trump. All this could change in a year, but I think DeSantis should concentrate on a big re-election win in Florida first.

      Having said that, I would be happy with either one as President. Contrary to Amoral Scumbag, who would never vote for DeSantis in a million years, he actually supported a communist like Gillum for Governor against DeSantis, who he called a “Trump clone”.

    526. jason says:

      Gordon, sounds as if your position has evolved a bit from this previous post”

      His positions “evolve” more than Obama’s….

    527. jason says:

      We’re now on month 15 of Robbie’s refusal to acknowledge Biden is President and a major problem for the country.”

      The problem is Trump, Fauci and jason.

      Not necessarily in that order.

    528. mnw says:

      The Tinkerbell tendency:

      If we all close our eyes and WISH really hard, then maybe Tinkerbell will come back to life! And DeSantis will run against Trump! And DeSantis will… WIN!

      Now, let’s all close our eyes and WISH!

      I admitted I was dead adz wrong in predicting that many, if not most, in Russian-speaking eastern UKR would either be neutral or actually support Russia in the event of war. I was wrong. Saying that makes me feel better!

      Gordon should stop equivocating, & just say “I was wrong in predicting Russia would not invade UKR.” You’ll feel better too, Gordon! Try it.

    529. Phil says:

      ‘We’re now on month 15 of Robbie’s refusal to acknowledge Biden is President and a major problem for the country”.

      Well, Wes, to be fair, he’s trying to protect his thousand dollar investment.

      Totally obsessed in his hatred for one man.

      Robbie is mentally ill. The drive by Trump posts are getting even more frequent and evermore shrill.

      Truly bizarre….and sad.

    530. Tgca says:

      I live in Floreedah!

      I have a few other friends here that are conservative leaning as well.

      I know if it came down to Trump vs DeSantis in a primary, I would vote Trump. I’m pretty sure one of my other friends would too.

      Not sure about the others but I will ask.

      DeSantis is a protege of Trump. It would be foolish and a mistake for him to challenge Trump in 2024. He would alienate a good deal of the Trump voters he needs to win in those states where blue collar workers supported Trump such as MI, WI, and PA.

      DeSantis is intelligent and a gifted speaker but he does not have the same relationship with those that would crawl over glass to vote for Trump, even more so now that Trump has continued to fight the establishment, Big Tech, and the MSM and 60+% of the conservative voters believe the 2020 election was stolen.

    531. jason says:

      I admitted I was dead adz wrong in predicting that many, if not most, in Russian-speaking eastern UKR would either be neutral or actually support Russia in the event of war..”

      It was an easy mistake to make if you don’t realize that “Russian speaking” is not limited to some areas in Eastern Ukraine, this map shows that there are a lot of majority “Russian speaking” areas in Ukraine, so loyalty to Ukraine (or Russia) doesn’t have much to do with the language.

    532. jason says:

      I agree with Tgca, it happens.

      Rs are going to need the Trump base to win in 2024, whether it is Trump or Desantis.

      A “war” between them would be disastrous in my view.

      Right now, the party is 90-10 Trumpers vs. Non-Trumpers. A Trump-DeSantis war would change that equation and make it much more divided.

    533. jason says:

      I have a few other friends”

      Tgca has friends? Probably has never invited them to dinner.

    534. Tgca says:

      DeSantis has to ensure he doesn’t falter if we go into a recession either. He could end up like Christi. Riding high in his 1st term and sinking in his 2nd term.

      Housing is a huge issue in different parts of Floreedah like Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale areas, as well as others.

      Rents have nearly doubled in some places and Floreedah has no rent control so if you’re on a month-to-month or your lease is up now, your F*CKED!

      Landlord are raising rents and forcing people to move because they get more from people moving here from places like NYC or they rent them as Airbnb.

      My neighbor got a $1,000 monthly rent increase. Another one got an $800 monthly increase. This is typical of complaints down here. This all happened within the last 8 months due to the pandemic and out of staters moving and pushing up prices in Floreedah real estate.

      Working class families forced out of decent neighborhoods now have to move far away or into not very good neighborhoods because they can’t afford the rent increases.

      The average two bedroom apartment in Fort Lauderdale in a decent neighborhood is now in the $3,000 range. The chitty crime-ridden neighborhoods get much less. 3 bedrooms go for over $4,000. I saw a 4 bedroom house in my neighborhood going for $7,500. It’s a basic house. Nothing great!

      South Floreedah has a lot of service jobs and is not like NYC or San Francisco with professional high paying jobs.

      This could all come back on DeSantis as people will blame local and state leaders for being forced to move because rents are now unaffordable for many.

      This may force the state politicians to act soon or we could see an exodus of working class people out of Floreedah.

    535. jason says:

      Ukraine killing Russian prisoners against Geneva Convention rules!”

      We will add this to the list of excuses of the Putin Appeasers. Ok for Putin to invade a sovereign country and commit horrendous war crimes because perhaps some Ukrainian soldiers violated the Geneva convention.

      And to the list of false equivalencies, the Russians are murdering hundreds if not thousands of civilians in cold blood, but the Putin stooge compares that to an unconfirmed report some Russian prisoners were executed by Ukrainians.

    536. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      People forget that Zelensky himself is a Russian-speaker, and championship the cause of Russian-speaking Ukrainians:

      “In his startling run to become Ukraine’s next president, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has enjoyed a key advantage over his rivals: strong support from the country’s Russian-speaking regions.

      Despite vowing to keep Ukraine on a pro-Western course, Zelensky has polled particularly well in areas of the country where Russian speakers make up large parts of the population.

      A native Russian speaker himself from the central city of Kryvyi Rig, Zelensky appears on track to deal an upset defeat to incumbent Petro Poroshenko in Sunday’s second round of voting.”

    537. Tgca says:

      House prices have gone through the roof here too. Highest increase in the US.

      Less than 2 years ago you could get a 2 BR house in a decent working class neighborhood for about $300K. Now they average $550K+ and I’ve seen some asking $600K+.

      Townhomes were going for under $300K and most are $475K+ now.

      …and these are the working class ones without all the amenities.

      It’s crazy! This is what happened in Caleefawnyuh in 2006 thru 2008 before the housing collapse and foreclosures went through the roof.

      Floreedah got hit very bad in the 2008 recession and it’s housing market collapsed so I’m wondering if that will happen again.

    538. Tgca says:

      So I think DeSantis could be in a very different position in 2 years if we have a major recession or the housing market crashes.

      People are finding it hard to find workers for local service establishments because they are moving away and can’t afford the rents.

      Most single food servers or store clerks cannot afford to pay $2,000 for rent. …and there are very few studios in south Floreedah compared to other big cities.

    539. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      544. In World War II, after German Nazi SS Troops executed many U.S. and allied soldiers after they surrendered, it became routine for U.S. and Allied troops to kill the German S.S. troops they captured. In several instances, American troops, upon seeing the horror of Nazi concentration camps, lined up the SS prison guards along the wall and shot them.

      I don’t condone it, but I can understand the anger of Ukrainian troops against the Russians because of the war crimes they are committing

    540. Wes says:

      SDC, when the Allies liberated Dachau, they turned the Nazi guards over to the prisoners. The results weren’t pretty.

    541. Tgca says:

      Killing prisoners is a war crime. If this persists on both sides, both can be charged with war crimes.

      Understandable or not, killing prisoners has been called out for war crimes for nearly 100 years.

      It has nothing to do with being for or against an invasion or who started the war.

      Americans that committed atrocities in Iraq were prosecuted, and rightfully so.

    542. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      549. At Dachau believe it was both prisoners and Allied troops:

      “American soldiers executed dozens of German guards at the Dachau WWII concentration camp after screaming: ‘Let’s get those Nazi dogs!’

      The US troops opened fire on 50 members of the SS and the Wehrmacht with a machine gun after lining them up and saying: ‘Take no prisoners!’

      One commander shot dead four other Germans and became so hysterical that his own colonel had to hit him with the butt of his gun to stop him battering a fifth.”

    543. Tgca says:

      Zelenskyy was unpopular and lagging in polls before the Ukraine war.

      This is revisionist history.

      He was also at war with regions that declared themselves independent of Ukraine.

      This Ukraine propaganda is getting ridiculous.

      We have our own Tokyo Rose at HHR that posts nothing but Ukraine propaganda that it’s winning garbage and beating down Russia daily, which if it were the case, Russia would be out of Ukraine and Zelenskyy would not be begging for weapons and intervention from other nations daily, and thousands would not be homeless and dying.

      I think this propaganda hurts the Ukrainian cause because it enforced the message it’s not a serious war for the world to worry about and Ukraine can handle it just fine.

      I think we should look for hope in Russia losing but these posts are absurd because they are one-sided propaganda. I want to see balanced reporting so we can decide how to best help. These posts suggest we don’t need to help.

      It’s like Hollywood posting about all the wonderful things the libs are accomplishing that are making our society greater.

    544. Tgca says:


      ..and those American soldiers were then war criminals by international standards and should have been held accountable, no matter how many years passed just like Nazi criminals were hunted for decades.

      This is not something Americans should be proud of their military personnel doing.

      You don’t kill prisoners because we don’t want to set a precedent of acceptable war time behavior.

      If it’s ok for Americans to kill prisoners, then it’s ok for American prisoners to be killed and no one should fret over it because then it’s just acceptable as part of war.

      What is supposed to set America apart from its enemies is we believe in principles of freedom and judgment by juries and not by vigilantes.

    545. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “On December 31, 1945, Colonel Charles L. Decker, deputy judge advocate for the European Theater, closed the file without charges. “It appears that there was a violation of the letter of international law in that the SS guards seem to have been shot without trial,” he admitted, but found extenuating circumstances. “In the light of the conditions which greeted the eyes of the first combat troops to reach Dachau,” he wrote, “it is not believed that justice or equity demand that the difficult and perhaps impossible task of fixing individual responsibility now”

    546. jason says:

      Killing prisoners is a war crime. If this persists on both sides, both can be charged with war crimes.”

      Fake equivalency by Putin’s little lap dog.

      Maybe some Ukrainian soldiers would face charges if it can be proven they executed prisoners.

      Different from the Russian leadership and military which is targeting civilians and populated areas.

      But of course Tgca knows that, he just can’t help shilling for the Russians.

    547. jason says:

      Zelenskyy was unpopular and lagging in polls before the Ukraine war.”

      Wow, brand new excuse by the Putin Appeaser.

      Zelensky was “unpopular”.

      Well, he is certainly popular now, Tgca hardest hit.

    548. jason says:

      but these posts are absurd because they are one-sided propaganda.”

      Zzzz… there are not “two equal sides” here.

      There is right and there is wrong.

      The aggressors that invaded Ukraine and are destroying the country, killing and displacing its people and engaging in atrocities against civilians are wrong.

      The Ukrainian defenders of their country are right.

      There is no moral equivalency here no matter how much Tgca has his head up Putin’s ass.

    549. jason says:

      Tgca wants to compare widespread deliberate killing and atrocities against civilians with possible isolated violations of the Geneva convention on the battlefield.


    550. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      557. Apparently the BBC is an unreliable news source.

    551. Bitterlaw says:

      If Ukrainian soldiers killed Russian POWs, prosecute them under applicable laws. Putin is a KGB killer with the blood of thousands of murdered Ukrainians and the suffering of millions of Urkrainian refugees on his hands. Both can be true.

    552. jason says:

      Apparently the BBC is an unreliable news source.”

      Tgca only believes in TASS.

      That destruction of Bucha was all “staged” too.

      Ukrainians blew up the whole city to make Putin look bad.

    553. mnw says:

      The atrocities in Bucha require independent, neutral forensic investigation before I’m buying into these allegations 100%.

      There are some perfectly legitimate questions about what happened.

    554. jason says:

      If Ukrainian soldiers killed Russian POWs, prosecute them under applicable laws. Putin is a KGB killer with the blood of thousands of murdered Ukrainians and the suffering of millions of Urkrainian refugees on his hands. Both can be true.”

      But the fact they are both true but Tgca think it is equivalent is pretty sick.

    555. jason says:

      Scheffler wins Master’s almost wire to wire. Even missing two 2 foot putts in a row on the last hole.

    556. jason says:

      The atrocities in Bucha require independent, neutral forensic investigation before I’m buying into these allegations 100%.

      There are some perfectly legitimate questions about what happened.”

      That’s fine, although what happened seems pretty clear. But the deliberate targeting of civilian areas, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, the killing of civilians, and the displacement of millions is not in doubt.

    557. jason says:

      “You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you.” — Hillary Clinton on Saturday

      And people whine Trump doesn’t move on….

    558. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      #Ukraine: “I am horrified by the images of civilians lying dead on the streets & in improvised graves in the town of #Bucha,”
      . “It is vital that all efforts are made to ensure independent & effective investigations into what happened in Bucha.”

      At this point, the UN Human Rights Commission should go into the Ukraine and be given the power to investigate potential war crimes by both sides.

    559. jason says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t really believe the UN Human Rights Commission is impartial enough for that. Remember until this week Russia was actually a member, and Trump had pulled out of it previously.

    560. Robbie says:

      RNC Research
      FAUCI: “We may need to revert to being more careful and having more utilizations of masks indoors”

      – Hey, Jason fraud. Another presidential medal of freedom for your boy, Fauci? You putz.

    561. jason says:

      Venezuela and Cuba actually have seats on the commission

    562. jason says:

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, doesn’t Fauci work for your man Biden?

    563. jason says:

      We’re now on month 15 of Robbie’s refusal to acknowledge Biden is President and a major problem for the country.”

      Maybe he will acknowledge any power Fauci has was given to him by Biden?


    564. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A summary of where things stand in the Ukraine from the Foreign Policy Research Institute:

      “Russia may hold Ukrainian territory, but it has no hold on the population. Occupied Ukrainians have not rallied to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cause as happened to some extent in Crimea and in Donetsk and Luhansk in 2014. Furthermore, the almost entirely road-bound Russian forces only truly control the towns that they occupy, the roads they sit on, out to the range of their main tank guns.

      Russia is changing tactics due to its failure to the win the war quickly via a coup d’main of Kyiv. Russia has turned to air and artillery bombardments to destroy urban resistance and avoid further losses of its armored and infantry forces. These tactics to surround, shell, and starve cities into submission conquered Grozny and Aleppo, but face a different environment in Ukraine.

      Russian forces used siege tactics in Chechnya and Syria against relatively small numbers of lightly armed insurgents who had no air defenses. Even then, the sieges of Grozny and Aleppo took many weeks, even months, to complete. In Ukraine, Russia has not one Grozny or Aleppo to conquer but multiple fortified cities whose supply lines have not been cut (except Mariupol) and whose forces have abundant supplies of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. The Russian military will be hard-pressed to resupply the large amounts of ammunition needed for multiple sieges. After six weeks of fighting, it has expended immense amounts of precision-guided munitions, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and other ordnance, which cannot be quickly replaced.”

    565. Tgca says:


      I don’t think anyone here disagrees Pootin is responsible for many deaths in his roles over the years. God knows how many.

      I don’t think anyone disagrees Pootin should be tried with war crimes either but doubtful it will happen in today’s world politics.

      Well, maybe GWB might disagree because he looked into Pootin’s eyes and got a sense of his soul and that he could be trusted and was only trying to do right by his people and his country. I think I paraphrased that pretty much correctly but y’all can Google it for GWB’s actual statement.

    566. Tgca says:

      Listen, I always thought it odd that you could bomb and shoot people dead but once they surrendered, it was a hands-off policy.

      However, that is what we’ve abided since the late 1920s just as we banned chemical weapons as well.

      Of course not all countries will abide but what I think makes America special, as the melting pot of the world, is we strive to do right by common decency for all even if we often fail at it.

      We don’t tolerate abuse or killing POWs under any circumstances and we have military protocols for prosecuting Americans that do this. Hopefully, this is what sets us apart from our enemies.

      If it’s ok for the US or it’s allies to do this even in limited circumstances, then we are no better than our enemies and we can’t expect American POW to be treated any differently then.

      At the end of the day, most people fighting on both sides of these types of regional wars are not evil. They are sent in to do a job and if they fail to do so they themselves may be subject and treated as enemies just like the US would do if it’s soldiers refused orders or betrayed their country. So like it or not, they have a job to do and hopefully most don’t do it in the most malevolent and evil way.

      It’s these leaders that send the young to these impossible situations, and history is always written by the winners.

      I bet you if Germany prevailed in WW2, we would see a very different history.

    567. Tgca says:



      Now there’s a word not in popular use since the 80s.

      All things come back in style at some point.

    568. Wes says:

      Using that word was part of the reason Al D’Amato lost to Mikey’s favorite Senator, Tg.

    569. Bitterlaw says:

      Much of the history of the Civil War was written by the losers (The Lost Cause)

      Tgca is trying to equate the possible actions of a few Ukrainians with the certain actions and directives to target civilians by Russia.

    570. Bitterlaw says:

      My book should be published in one month. I don’t expect it to sell any copies but maybe somebody will like it.

    571. jason says:

      I plan to waste no time reading it.

    572. jason says:

      Tgca is trying to equate the possible actions of a few Ukrainians with the certain actions and directives to target civilians by Russia.”

      Anything to deflect from Putin’s war crimes.

    573. jason says:

      If I like it I will keep it.

      If I don’t like it I will send a few copies to people I don’t like.

    574. Bitterlaw says:

      I get 100 copies. The A-hole Library could use a book.

    575. Tgca says:

      How am I deflecting from Pootin’s war crimes when I called him out for the invasion and devastation he’s causing and believe he should be held accountable for but won’t because of a weak worldwide political leaders. China engages in atrocities as well and Americans turn their head to it because it’s good business.

      Whether it’s 10 or 1,000 or 100,000, causing the deaths or displacement of people is wrong.

      I guess Jadon can add a new word to his vocabulary he must learn the meaning of, the 1st being what “appeaser” means and the second being “deflecting.”

    576. Tgca says:


      I want a signed copy please.

      An inspirational inscription would be nice.

    577. Tgca says:

      I will remember the next time Americans are tortured in one of the 3rd world chithole countries that its only a select few people that are responsible so forgive and forget.

    578. Tgca says:

      Ok. Maybe I’m a hateful bigot but I think this is sick. It’s not the 1st time I’ve seen stories of criminals identifying as ludicrous beings given their birth origin.

      Transgender killer who has changed from male to female now says she identifies as a baby and demands nappies, baby food and a dummy in her prison cell

    579. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Mark Levin said Sunday that he is “ashamed” of the United States’ response to Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine, adding that the country will look back with regret and wonder “why didn’t we do more” to stop the bloodshed of innocent civilians.

      The “Life, Liberty & Levin” host delivered an impassioned monologue on his show over the weekend, where he spoke out against Putin defenders and isolationists who’ve warned the U.S. against taking action to defend the Ukrainian people.”

    580. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From the Wall Street Journal.

      The U.S. forced Ukraine to give up it’s nuclear weapons in exchange for “security guarantees”, which proved meaningless. This is a disgraceful moment in U.S. history:

      “Immediately after Ukraine signed its final agreement to renounce nuclear weapons in 1994, the country’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk, grimly remarked: “If tomorrow Russia goes into Crimea, no one will raise an eyebrow.” As we now know, that isn’t all Moscow would attempt to reclaim. Recently released archival documents demonstrate how American officials, adamant about the country’s denuclearization, ignored the sentiments of Ukraine’s postcommunist leaders, who were desperate to secure their new country.

      Vladimir Putin’s carnage in Ukraine and threats of nuclear escalation cast a haunting shadow over the Budapest Memorandum, the accord that occasioned Mr. Kravchuk’s remorse. By its terms, Ukraine forfeited an inherited Soviet nuclear arsenal in exchange for Western pledges of aid and “assurances” from Russia, the U.S. and the U.K. that its borders would remain intact. Disarmament experts hailed the pact, but it invited Mr. Putin’s revanchism.”

    581. Tgca says:

      I somewhat agree with Levin but not totally.

      If the US really feels Pootin is a serious threat then it’s sitting back and not doing much to address the serious threat. Providing weapons is not enough to contain a serious threat. Would we just supply weapons if Canada or Mexico were invaded? Action needs to be taken to combat a serious threat.

      Europe and the West failed Ukraine because it’s all talk and no action. A NFZ from day 1 probably would have ensured no invasion but the West could not agree on a strategy.

      This shows weakness of the political elite with their talk but no action.

      I don’t think Russia is a serious threat to the West and this war has shown it. So unless Russia decides to use its nuclear capability, I don’t see how it can expand itself when it can’t even conquer the poorest country in Europe.

    582. Tgca says:

      Elon Musk not joining Twitter board.

      Something is amiss here.

      Twitter CEO issues statement eluding to background checks and input by board members on their business must be in best interest of company suggests they don’t like or want Musk telling them how to run their company but Musk will do it anyway as majority shareholder.

      Background check? Really? As if we don’t enough about him already. No need for that comment. Seems like a poor attempt at character association because he’s already spoken out about needed changes.

      Also, they contradict themselves saying they think it’s best for the company he’s not joining after saying they offered him a seat on the board.

      Let’s see what Musk says of all this.

    583. Tgca says:


      Character assassination not association.

      Stoopid iPad!

    584. jason says:

      This is mainstream media…Michael Isikoff..

      “Patrick Ho hardly seemed the profile of a big-time international fixer. A short, pudgy man, affectionately known to friends as “Fat Ping,” Ho had been a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist and a Hong Kong government minister. Yet in the fall of 2017, after landing at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, he was arrested by FBI agents and charged in an audacious plot to dole out millions of dollars in bribes to African leaders in exchange for major energy contracts that appeared to advance Chinese government interests.

      What emerged in his indictment and later trial and conviction in federal court was a revealing portrait of Chinese influence peddling that included allegations that Ho arranged to broker arms deals — including the sale of rocket and grenade launchers — to countries in war zones in Africa and the Middle East.

      There was one noteworthy detail, however, about Ho’s global wheeling and dealing that went unmentioned in federal court documents or Justice Department press releases at the time. During the same period that he was being pursued by the FBI for his role in the global bribery scheme, Ho and his boss, Ye Jianming, a billionaire oil tycoon with past ties to a front for the People’s Liberation Army, had entered into a business relationship with two members of the Biden family — President Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the president’s brother, James Biden.

      As Yahoo News first reported, when Ho was arrested by agents at JFK, the first call he made was to James Biden. (The president’s brother later told the New York Times that he believed the call was intended for his nephew Hunter.) At the time, Ho’s connection to the Bidens was unclear. But emails on a damaged laptop that Hunter Biden left at a computer repair store in Wilmington, Del. — many of which have since been authenticated by the Washington Post and the Times — as well as bank records and other documents uncovered by Senate Republican investigators, reveal a high-dollar money trail that flowed from Chinese interests to Hunter and James Biden and which now appears to be at the heart of an ongoing Justice Department criminal investigation. (George Mesires, a lawyer for both Hunter and James Biden, did not respond to requests for comment from Yahoo News.”

    585. jason says:

      I don’t see how it can expand itself when it can’t even conquer the poorest country in Europe.”

      Heh, the Putin Appeasers are hilarious. Goal posts are moving fast.

      The new buzzword is “conquer”?


      The Russians don’t need to “conquer” anything. There aim is to recreate a Greater Russia/Soviet Union by any means available. The purpose of the Ukraine invasion is to install a puppet government loyal to the Kremlin, not militarily conquer or occupy the entire country. Plan B will be to annex as much of the Ukraine as possible. They installed a puppet regime in Belarus by military and political intimidation. They are doing the same in the “stans”.

      I am not a great fan of Levin, but he is 100% right here:

      “where he spoke out against Putin defenders and isolationists who’ve warned the U.S. against taking action to defend the Ukrainian people.”


    586. jason says:

      How am I deflecting from Pootin’s war crimes”

      By making ludicrous and fake equivalencies, by repeating Russian propaganda incessantly, by pretending there are two equal sides, by failing to differentiate right from wrong, and by pretending Zelensky is as bad as Stalin or Putin.

      Next question?

    587. jason says:

      Putin appeasers hardest hit.

      “Finland and Sweden set to join Nato as soon as summer”

      I guess they disagree with the assessment that Russia is “no threat”.

    588. Tgca says:

      Jadon still hasn’t learned the definition of “appeaser.”

      He also needs to look up the word “equivalent.”

      Bottom line from Jadon, if you don’t agree with him you’re an APPEASER DEFLECTING with fake EQUIVALENCIES.

    589. jason says:

      Wrong, Tgca is a an appeaser deflecting with fake equivalencies whether I agree with him or not.

    590. Tgca says:



    591. jason says:


      “the policy of acceding to the demands of a potentially hostile nation in the hope of maintaining peace”

      Damm, that really hit the target.


      “equal in value, measure, force, effect, significance, etc.”

      Another direct hit.

    592. Tgca says:

      Words Jadon misinterprets. Many more to be added so be patient please.


    593. jason says:

      Although frankly, making excuses for war crimes and atrocities qualifies for “appeasement” too.

    594. jason says:


      “to attack or blame another person rather than accepting criticism or blame for your own actions:
      When someone deflects, they are trying to feel less guilty, avoid negative consequences, and put the blame on others.
      The guilty person deflects their guilt onto the person who is accusing them or onto another person.”


    595. Tgca says:

      Too bad the definitions Jadon posted don’t apply in the posts he incorrectly uses these words in.

      Jadon sounds like a transgender defining what a woman is by altering its definition in an application of his choice.

    596. jason says:

      Seems like maybe Musk is the one who decided not to join the Twitter board.

      We will find out soon enough.

      I actually hope he develops an alternative, but I guess he would want to sell his stock first.

    597. Tgca says:

      Jadon thinks someone who believes Pootin should be defeated and a NFZ against him initiated is an APPEASER.

      That’s like saying a man with a penis who feels like a woman is a woman.

      Can we start a GoFundMe for Jadon to take some Engwish classes on proper use of Engwish words please?

    598. Tgca says:

      Well, time to go and do fun things and let Jadon dominate HHR today with numerous posts attacking others that don’t agree with him and cuddling up to those that do agree with him, as he misuses Engwish words in his posts.

      Jadon has only 40% of the posts so far, more than double than anyone else but that should increase by the end of today.

    599. Phil says:

      Let’s see. Biden administration will be lifting Title 42 next month. That means we are in for half a million per month pouring across the border. Let that soak in. Even the Biden administration acknowledges this is going to occur….and they love it.

      Bottom line. They don’t care. This is their opportunity to change the demographics in one fail swoop.

      I’m interested to know how blatant the transporting of these “immigrants without papers” to destinations across the country will be. Chartered buses to wherever they want to go? They are already to be provided with free phones. 9t’s already pretty blatant.

      The masses are already making their way to the border.

      This will be an epic invasion.

    600. DW says:

      Which is the true headline?

      1) Homeless Person Now Identifies as Oil Executive, Demands Car and Wages

      2) 3’6″ Midget Identifies as 6’4″ tall Baseball Player, Demands MLB contract

      3) “Trans” Inmate Now Identifies as Infant, Demands Diapers and Baby Food

      4) “Trans” Woman Identifies as a Maple Tree, Demands Compensation for Her Sap.

    601. Tgca says:



      Do I win?

    602. jason says:

      Jadon thinks someone who believes Pootin should be defeated and a NFZ against him initiated is an APPEASER.”

      Nah, I think someone who posts hundreds of posts making fake equivalencies between Putin and Zelensky and war crimes is an appeaser.

    603. jason says:

      The masses are already making their way to the border.

      This will be an epic invasion.”

      NYC will be here bleating WE ARE WINNING and proposing a 50% cut in legal immigration in 3, 2, 1….

    604. Tgca says:

      Conservatives are screaming estimates of up to 18,000 daily can illegally cross the border once Title 42 is lifted and sends out an ALL WELCOME NOW message.

      It’s all poppycock! That’s only like 6.5M annually or 11.2M in the remainder of Biden’s term. It’s not that much really. Only like 300% the population of LA or 140% the population of NYC.

      But who cares? It’s more important to secure Ukraine’s border than the US border from illegal aliens.

      Which one will impact and change America the greatest?

      Move all the new immigrants to TX and Floreedah and give them voting rights to ensure Dems win electorally for the next 50 years needing only like 25% or so states.

    605. Phil says:

      Actually, Biden couldn’t have asked for a better political gift than Putin and the Ukraine. Domestic politics wise he should be grateful – any diversion he can get from out of control inflation, open borders that are fixing to absolutely explode, rampant crime we see daily, day by day drip drip and stench of his son’s dealings, his increasingly unpopular woke policies in schools and society in general, his disastrous and unpopular energy policies, his dementia….

      Hell, Joe. Send Putin a thank you card.

    606. Tgca says:



      Stoopid conservatives are taking their eye off the ball of what is most important to Americans.

      The Ukraine war is not a dire situation as much as what’s going on in our own country.

      Ukraine has been keeping Russia at bay pretty much on its own without any intervention force from others. Imagine if we just would have done a NFZ from day 1.

      …but maybe that’s the Dems plan, sacrifice Ukrainian lives by refusing a NFZ so the war continues to get tranny and CRT legislation passed all while letting in as many illegal aliens as possible.

    607. Phil says:

      I’m saying the war in Ukraine gives the Biden administration some bit of cover to continue enacting their leftist agenda. In that respect, it’s allowing them to help take advantage of Putin’s invasion in a strictly political sense. It’s useful.

      Never let a crisis go to waste.

    608. Tgca says:

      This is brilliant!

      I can see Musk is going to be a UUUUUGE thorn in the side of Twitter’s management.

      Musk also started a poll on his Twitter account – which has more than 81 million followers – asking whether the firm’s San Francisco headquarters should be converted to a homeless shelter as “no-one shows up (to work there).” The poll got more 300,000 votes in an hour, with 90% answering yes.

    609. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Senator Chuck Grassley(R-IA) is the King!

      Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer (D-IA) cannot appear on Iowa’s June 7 Democratic primary ballot because she did not submit enough valid signatures on her nominating petitions. Finkenauer was the leading Democratic candidate for #IASen & this will most likely end her campaign.(H/T: RRH)

    610. DW says:

      1) Homeless Person Now Identifies as Oil Executive, Demands Car and Wages

      2) 3’6? Midget Identifies as 6’4? tall Baseball Player, Demands MLB contract

      3) “Trans” Inmate Now Identifies as Infant, Demands Diapers and Baby Food

      4) “Trans” Woman Identifies as a Maple Tree, Demands Compensation for Her Sap.

      #3 is correct, but all of them are equally stupid.

    611. mnw says:

      619 Sheep

      The probable DEM nominee for AZ guv (Hobbs) is one of the more terrifying leftists I’ve ever seen– & she’s AZ SoS too. As Wesley Clark famously said, she favors abortion “right up until the head comes out of the womb.”*

      The Trump-endorsed, almost-certain GOP nominee (Kari Lake) seems to alarm the other side just as much. She’s perhaps the most MAGA candidate of 2022.

      Should be quite a mudrasslin’ spectacle.

      *(this is my interpretation & summary of what she’s said about abortion, not Hobbs’ actual words)

    612. Tgca says:

      620. DW

      See 611

      I WON!!!

      I WON!!!

      I WON!!!

      Ummm…so what did I win?

    613. DW says:

      You won, but you also looked at the Bongino report page and saw the headline.

    614. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden does not appear to be gaining in the polls because of the Ukraine. If anything, it is making him look ineffective as a world leader.

      “President Biden’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest point in the latest CBS News and YouGov poll.

      “Biden’s approval rating ticked down to 42 percent in early April, according to the poll, which CBS News said is its lowest yet. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they disapprove of the way Biden is handling his job as president.”

    615. Tgca says:

      623 DW

      Bongino? What’s that? A cheese? Is it like Parmesan or Pecorino Romano?

      …and for future reference, please inquire 1st before using pronouns like “you” as that may not be the pronoun of choice for Zie, depending on the time of day. TG has posted before regarding TG’s gender fluidity and desired related pronouns. It’s offensive to disregard desired pronouns.

      For example, Zie was the pronoun of choice through 1PM but now it’s vamp as vampself is feeling vampy right now.

      For future reference, here are links to most useful pronouns. Vamp pronouns have a separate list in the 2nd link.

      Thank YOU for being respectful.

    616. Phil says:

      San Diego, with regards to the CBS poll, it’s even worse than it looks for Biden. The CBS poll is now done by the You Gov poll organization uses a ridiculous sample. Biden got to 42% with a sample that is roughly D+6. They don’t weight strictly by Party ID but when your final sample comes up with that number it’s completely ridiculous. Richard Burris has commented extensively on the Party ID sample of these media polls. He doesn’t himself hard poll for Party ID but he says that any poll that currently doesn’t come up with a sample of at least even Party ID is way overstating Democratic numbers.

    617. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From BBC. incompetency is resulting in massive loss of Russian tanks:

      “According to Oryx’s figures, half of the tanks Russia have lost have not been destroyed or damaged by the enemy but have been captured or abandoned.

      Experts put this down to logistical failures, and incompetence by Russian troops.

      “You’ve seen pictures of Russian tanks being dragged off by Ukrainian farmers’ tractors,” says Prof O’Brien.

      “Some of those tanks were abandoned because they ran out of fuel. That’s a logistical failure. Some got stuck in the spring-time mud, because the high command invaded at the wrong time of year.”

      Tractors tow away an abandoned missile launcher in Ukraine
      “Russia’s ground forces are made up of a lot of conscripts and recruits. That makes them, in world terms, a low- to medium-quality fighting force,” says RUSI’s Nick Reynolds.

      “Many tanks have been abandoned because of bad driving. Some have been driven off bridges. Others have been driven into ditches so that the tracks have come off. The ability of the troops to use their equipment has been lacking.

      “But often, soldiers have simply abandoned their vehicles and fled. So the will to fight has also been lacking.”

      The Ukrainian government has even issued instructions on how citizens should turn in abandoned military vehicles.

      Authorities also confirmed that anyone who found such “combat trophies” did not need to declare them for tax purposes.”

    618. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      For all intense purposes, Finland and Sweden are now part of NATO. U S. Marines regularly train in Finland:

      “An Estonian diplomatic official and an official in the U.K.’s NATO delegation told Newsweek that The Times report was accurate. The Estonian official said both Sweden and Finland participated in a NATO meeting last week.”

    619. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      All Finnish males are required to become part of the Finnish military at age 18. They report each year for annual training. The Finnish military reserve has about 900,000 members. Add active duty military, and Russia would face a Finnish military of over one million troops, equipped with modern weaponry.

      “The Finnish Defence Forces is based on a universal male conscription. All men above 18 years of age are liable to serve either 165, 255 or 347 days. Yearly, about 27,000 conscripts are trained. About 80% of Finnish male citizens complete the service.”

    620. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Finland’s currently utilizes F/A-18 fighters in it’s air force. However it has ordered 64 F-35 fighters, which have stealth features. A squadron of U.S. Marine aircraft regularly are stationed in Finland during Marine training in Finland.

      “Karelia Air Command will host a squadron-level visit of United States Marine Corps (USMC) F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighters and KC-130 tanker and transport aircraft at Rissala Air Base from 2 to 20 June 2021.”

      For all intense purposes, Finland is already a member of NATO. Becoming an “official” member is just a formality.

    621. Gordon Allen says:

      Has ” stealth features”
      You might say that!!
      Buying the F35 is a real big deal

    622. Wes says:

      In Tina’s universe, every Republican not named Donald Trump is either a RINO or one step from becoming a RINO. Here’s an actual RINO who’s actively undermining his party:

      Rarely do I say this, but I’d actually like to see Sununu lose. They two previous Sununus who held elective office must be appalled at the actions of the current one.

    623. Tgca says:

      Finnish males are required to serve?

      What about Finnish females?

      They should serve too but my guess is they’re not required to serve because Finland is unable to define what constitutes a female.

      Finland needs to hire more biologists.

    624. mnw says:


      Now you know how I felt about Spencer Abraham.

      EVERYBODY eventually encounters a bridge too far. For some, it’s Kris Kobach.

    625. mnw says:

      The ABC/IPSOS poll released yesterday shows a 20-point (!) 55-35 enthusiasm gap in favor of the GOP.

      IIRC, ABC polls have not generally been GOP-friendly by any means.

    626. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      631. You might say that!!
      Buying the F35 is a real big deal.

      Agree, particularly since the Russian northern fleet base on the Kola Peninsula and also St. Petersburg are both within 100 miles of the Finnish border.

    627. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      633. Women can voluntarily serve in the Finnish military:

      “A total of 1,588 women have signed up for voluntary military service in Finland this year. The number of applicants is the second highest in the country’s history, with the record set at 1675 female volunteers last spring, according to a press release by the Finnish army.

      The last date to apply for recruits was 1 March. Volunteers could apply online for the first time. Finland’s Defence Forces have trained over 11,000 women in the reserve over the years.”

    628. Wes says:

      Isn’t it amazing how Finland is such a sexist country, SDC? The Finns force men to sign up for the military but leave military service as an option for women.

      Finnish men should protest and demand equality with their female counterparts.

    629. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Is there really any doubt Finland is already part of NATO? They are just going to make it official:

      Story by Lance Cpl. Scott Jenkins
      2nd Marine Logistics Group

      Finnish soldiers teamed up with U.S. forces and other partner nations to participate in exercise Arrow 19 in Finland from May 6- 17.

      Arrow 19 is an annual Finnish multinational exercise held to exercise platoon-to-battalion-sized mechanized infantry, artillery and mortar field training skills incorporating live-fire exercise of Finnish Armed Forces.

      “It is important to create and foster international relationships between partner warfighters,” said 1st Lt. Robert Locker, communications officer with 2nd Transportation Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force.

      The exercise brought mechanized forces from four nations together at Pohjankangas, Niinisalo, Finland. U.S. Marines from 2nd Marine Logistics Group and 2nd Marine Division stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. U.S. Soldiers from 4th Squadron, 2D Cavalry, U.S. Army Europe, participated in the exercise along with The Royal Lancers, a British army armored intelligence unit, and an Estonian contingency of armored intelligence also took part in the exercise.”

    630. mnw says:

      I’ve been following what Zelensky says for long enough now to draw the conclusion that he doesn’t respect Biden.

      Obviously, Z can never SAY that, or even IMPLY it, but it seeps out anyway.

    631. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      638. Like some other European countries, Finland may be social democratic and appear liberal politically, but it’s underlying culture remains conservative.

    632. Wes says:

      I know, SDC. I was just making fun of the feminists who call everything sexist when it suits their purpose.

    633. jason says:

      We have to get Scarborough off the air if he is going to say things like this.


      “Let me say it slowly for my Democratic friends in Washington D.C. Black voters are more conservative than you are, white woke leaders in Washington D.C. Hispanic voters are more conservative than you are, white woke leaders in Washington D.C. Asian American voters are more conservative than you are, white woke voters in Washington D.C. and they’re more conservative on crime, they’re more conservative on education, they’re more conservative on ‘these woke issues.’ Get off of Twitter!”

    634. jason says:

      EVERYBODY eventually encounters a bridge too far. For some, it’s Kris Kobach.”


    635. jason says:

      I’ve been following what Zelensky says for long enough now to draw the conclusion that he doesn’t respect Biden.”

      On 60 minutes he said Biden has done more for Ukraine than any other President.

      I don’t know if he was referring to the arms or Hunter’s and Joe’s business deals.

    636. Wes says:

      For me, before Sununu, Mourdoch was the bridge too far. Anyone who actively uses his religious beliefs as a way to justify rape is someone who doesn’t deserve to be in office.

    637. jason says:

      I would probably have voted for Mourdoch and even Akin, two certified morons. But better than Donnelly and Skyqueen. Buck. Sharron Angle was a complete idiot but I sent her a check to get rid of Harry Reid.

      Heck I would even have voted for Jeb Bush and then taken 30 showers.

      But, yeah, there are bridges too far. COD. Or that AK imbecile Joe Miller. Kris Kobach. Ron Paul. Roy Moore.

      Chris “99% of sexual assault claims are fabricated” McDaniel.

      Although in fairness McDaniel also said “I am not even sure Janet Reno is a woman”.

    638. Wes says:

      Donnelly is the only Democrat I would ever have voted for for Senate after Mourdock made his idiotic statement–or, rather, Mourdock is the only Republican I would have voted against for Senate.

      Senate seats are gold because of the length of the terms and the influence the Senate has on the nation in national policy and the composition of the judiciary. For me to say Mourdock was unacceptable says a lot.

    639. jason says:

      I wouldn’t have voted for any of the Dems either, certainly not Donnelly, another flaming liberal masquerading as a moderate. I am glad he is history.

    640. jason says:

      So Philadelphia reimposed masks?

      Bitter might be able to tell us if this is all of Philadelphia or is it just Bad Philadelphia?

    641. Wes says:

      I’m not saying I would have been eager to cast a ballot for Donnelly. I wouldn’t have had any choice after what Mourdock said. I wouldn’t even have voted for Coons even though I despised O’Donnell. I simply would have left the ballot blank. What Mourdock said meant I would absolutely have voted to defeat him.

    642. Tgca says:

      HA! HA! HA! HA!
      HA! HA! HA!

      MSNBC hosts and guests complaining DC politicians are too elitist woke white folks and are not talking the issues that mean most to minorities who are more conservative and care about crime, inflation, food and gas prices more than woke issues.

      This is too much!

      Hosts Joe Scarborough with guests DeBlasio, Sharpton, etc think they need to run more moderate like Biden did or conservative like Eric Adams…conservative? REALLY?

      I can’t contain myself as they freak out now.

      Since when has MSNBC hosts and guests complained about wokeism? They were pushing it!!!

      These clips are too funny!

    643. Wes says:

      Well, time to watch Santo contra las Mujeres Vampiro (1962), aka, Samson vs. the Vampire Women.

      If I kill myself in the next 90 minutes, you’ll know why.

    644. jason says:

      Elon Musk:

      “Netflix just waiting for war to end to make a movie about a black Ukraine guy falling in love with a transgender Russian soldier.”

    645. jason says:

      Good luck wes.

    646. Tgca says:

      I think masks should be required in Philly when outside so you don’t have to suck in the putrid air. Walk along streets in Center City during rush hour in the AM or PM and you will know what I mean.

      The stench of filth from alley way garbage bins and people sleeping on the street living in squalid conditions is enough to make you embrace masks.

      I worked in NYC for years and took the subways and used the Port Authority when they had a lot of homeless too but the stench was never as bad as what I’ve experienced in Philly.

    647. jason says:

      but the stench was never as bad as what I’ve experienced in Philly”

      This was Bad Philadelphia right?

      Bitter says even the septic tanks smell like roses in Good Philadelphia.

    648. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      After a heroic defense, Mariupol is about to fall:

      “In an emotional Facebook post, Ukraine’s 36th Marine Brigade has said today will “probably be the last fight” in Mariupol.

      Written by Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynsky, the post said: “We have been defending Mariupol for 47 days since the beginning of the war.

      “We were bombed from planes, we were fired upon from artillery, tanks, and other firearms. We defended ourselves with dignity, doing the impossible.”

      It continues to say that “resources tend to run out” and without them, the “enemy” has gradually pushed Ukrainian forces back to the Azovmash plant – a steel works on the outskirts of the key port city.

      The Russians “surrounded us with fire” and are “now trying to destroy us”, the post continued.

      “Nobody wants to talk to us anymore because we are written off,” it said.”

    649. Phil says:


      Legislature caves on DeSantis veto of redistricting map.

      Says they now will defer to DeSantis redistricting map,

      What does that mean?

      It means instead of the 18-12 gift originally given to Democrats by the RINO R leadership in the Republican State Senate in the name of “fairness”, we will be looking at 1t least 20-10 and probably 21-9.

      That’s how it’s done, boys!

      Take notes NC GOP. Take notes Michigan GOP. Take notes Ohio GOP.

      DeSantis. I love this guy! He actually fights.

    650. Phil says:

      Say what you want. Ukranian soldiers are tough SOBs.

    651. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      648. Hope I spoke too soon, but under the circumstances am amazed how long Mariupol has held our:

      “It is likely that tens of thousands of people have died during Russia’s bombardment of the port city of Mariupol, Zelensky says
      Mariupol’s deputy mayor Serhiy Orlov says Ukrainian forces are holding out against Russia in the besieged city
      He also denies reports about a marine brigade in the city running out of ammunition and facing a “last battle.”

    652. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      On Saturday night the local Episcopal Cathedral where I live in San Diego put on a “Benefit Concert for the People of Ukraine.” About 400 people attended. Ukrainian songs and music were played; it was a very inspiring event.

    653. Phil says:

      I believe Rich Barris has a poll in the field in Georgia.

      I don’t know what it will show. Whatever the results are they will be money.

      He knows how to poll and his past results speak for themselves.

      I’ll post results when I get them Wed. I believe his last poll in February had Hershel up +4. Lets see if that holds this round.

    654. jason says:

      BIDEN: “If you commit a crime with a ghost gun, expect federal prosecution.”

      Anyone who commits a crime should expect prosecution.

      But I doubt anyone robbing a convenience store with a ghost gun is going to face “federal” prosecution.

    655. Phil says:

      Actually first said federal prostitution…must have been thinking about Hunter.

    656. Phil says:

      Wait. Did I say thinking?

      Biden? Thinking?


    657. jason says:

      BIDEN: “You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment passed.”

      Huh, no.

      Not true then. Not true now.

    658. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil. DeSantis never bluffs, or caves,ever.
      He’s as tough and determined as Trump, but younger,smoother,and much more focused.

    659. Phil says:

      Absolutely, Gordon.

      I’d go to war with him any day.

      One of only a few GOPers I would say that about.

    660. mnw says:

      I googled “Hershel Walker,” & limited the search to “Last 24 hours.”

      Here are the first 5 stories that popped up:

      1) Atlanta Journal and Constitution: “HW’s No-Show Looms Large Over GOP Senate Debate”

      2) NBC: “HW’s Fiction And Why People Lie About Disprovable Things”

      3) MSNBC: “HW’s Awkward FOX Interview Is Hard To Watch”

      4) Georgia PBS: “Experts Say HW’s U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Bears Further Scrutiny”

      5) Yahoo! Life section (today): “WTF Is HW Talking About?”

      Even Trump never got worked over like this.

    661. Bitterlaw says:

      In the PA Democrat Senate Primary, Fake Moderate Connor Lamb is slamming John Fetterman as a Socialist.

    662. jason says:

      Great move by DeSantis. I do understand that you need to protect R seats for future elections where there is no “red wave” coming so you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin, win a lot of marginal districts now only to lose them the next election.
      But there was no reason to give the Dems 12 seats in FL. The Dems net around what, 32 seats in CA and 11 in NY and Rs would only net 6 in FL?

      But DeSantis is no Trump, no matter how many times Neville Allen tries to compare them. Right now Trump crushes DeSantis in every R preference poll, and DeSantis does not have the same inroads into the blue collar vote and minorities that Trump has, so the comparison is foolish.

      DeSantis should concentrate on crushing the Dem in November and continue to do a good job in FL.

    663. mnw says:

      670 correction

      sb Herschel, not “Hershel”

      (Obviously my typo shows I didn’t follow his gridiron career very closely.)

    664. jason says:

      I saw the first Connor Lamb yard sign in York Co. today, among a sea of Mastriano signs.

      I will soon give my endorsements for PA governor and Senator in the R primary for those who believe their vote will count and/or not be diluted by illegal votes.

    665. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason. Want to bet money,or your reputation ( such as it is) on Trump??
      I remember being called a Trump Sycophant here.Guess no

    666. Phil says:

      Redistricting in my state by the Republican legislature was smart. They focused on shoring up their weaker suburban districts plus making the additional seat garnered in the last census Republican as well.

      I also believe the GOP will flip one of the South Texas Democratic districts.

      The delegation will go from 23R-13D to 25R-12D with no prospect of any R seats flipping Democratic.

    667. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      RCP Average 3/18 – 4/10
      Approval 41.4%
      Disapproval 53.8%

      These polling numbers are dismal; Kamala Harris’s numbers are worse; and the Democrats have no other candidate on the horizon that has any popular stature.

      In the midterms the Republicans will likely take both the Senate and the House.

      As time goes on, Biden’s mental decline is likely to increase. Before the 2024 election he may be so mentally incapable that the issue of his remaining in office may come to a head.

      And the Democrats are deeply divided between left and far left factions.

      No wonder Robbie’s post are cowardly hit and run jobs. He flees in terror so he doesn’t have to comment on Biden or the Democrats.

    668. mnw says:


      The “left faction” is about to get a LOT smaller!

    669. jason says:

      Jason. Want to bet money,or your reputation ( such as it is) on Trump??”

      Zzzzz…..I don’t care if it Trump or DeSantis, most likely I won’t vote for either one.

      I am just stating a fact, DeSantis is no Donald Trump and a destructive primary between them would most likely damage Trump and destroy DeSantis or even vice-versa, but either outcome would be bad for the R party.

      You are free to disagree.

    670. Phil says:

      He doesn’t have to comment on Biden or the Democrats.

      Give Robbie time. Biden has only been in office 15 months.

    671. Bitterlaw says:

      Having worked in Center City for almost 30 years and lived there between 1994 and 2002, I will call out Tgca as a complete liar.

    672. Phil says:

      DeSantis should concentrate on crushing the Democrats in November and continue to do a good job in Florida.

      Pretty sure that’s probably his plan.

    673. jason says:

      Also, despite Neville Allen’s adulation of DeSantis, I have not yet seen a poll where he is not crushed in the primaries by Trump and have not seen a poll where he does better than Trump against Biden or Kamala.

      Maybe this will change. But right not that is where it stands.

    674. jason says:

      DeSantis should concentrate on crushing the Democrats in November and continue to do a good job in Florida.

      Pretty sure that’s probably his plan.”

      That would be the smart plan.

    675. jason says:

      Sniff, I can see a fight coming between Bitter and Tgca.

      What areas of Philadelphia stink the worse.

      I hate fights where I don’t have a dog.

    676. jason says:

      Yes, the “sniff” was intentional, GFYs.

    677. jason says:

      Amos uses natural fertilizer in his fields around here.

      They smell, huh, natural.

    678. Bitterlaw says:

      No fight. I am in Center City 5-6 days a week. Tgca…is not.

    679. Meldrim says:

      DeSantis’s congressional redistricting map isn’t 20R-10D or 21R-9D, it’s 22R-8D, with an outside chance of eventually being 23R-7D (if the GOP can flip Deutch’s heavily Jewish and Hispanic coastal South Broward CD, which I don’t think will happen this year unless a prominent Cuban (or Venezuelan) Jewish Republican jumps in).

      DeSantis’s map goes Back to the Future with a St. Pete/Tampa FL-14 for Castor that is heavily minority and overwhelmingly Dem, like the one that she represented from 2003-2013, leaving three GOP-leaning CDs surrounding it (so a Democrat won’t succeed Crist). Orlando-area Dems are packed into the CD that Val Demings is vacating in her quest to be the Jamie Harrison of 2022 and into Darren Soto’s CD, so the retiring Stephanie Murphy will be replaced by a Republican. Republican Carlos Giménez’s CD is a couple of points less GOP than before, and María Elvira Salazar’s CD (which would have been harder for her to hold) is around 5% more Republican than before, but both of those Cuban CDs will stay in the GOP column at least for the next couple of cycles (and, unless Hispanics forget the lessons of 2016-2020, for the entire decade. And the black-plurality Tallahassee-to-Jacksonville gerrymander was unpacked, so a Republican will replace Al Lawson (who surely will sue).

      And all of it was done with regularly shaped districts that, with few exceptions, respected county lines when possible (check it out: I don’t think that the FL Supremes will strike down such map pursuant to the “fair districts” amendment–the 2012 map was struck down 5-2 because the four liberal justices (joined by a moderate justice) went for an NC-style power-grab, but the SCOFL currently has 6 conservatives and 1 moderate and won’t object to such reasonably drawn districts–and it is unlikely that federal courts will rule that a state must draw a misshapen black-plurality district combining black populations 200 miles away (and, if they do, they won’t stop the map from being used in 2022).

      So I hope that the FL House and Senate do approve DeSantis’s map and that we hit back at the Democrats for what they did in NY (although the NY map was far more gerrymandered than what DeSantis drew for FL).

    680. Bitterlaw says:

      Was this posted already?

      If true, the use of chemical weapons by Russia might finally be a “problem” even Phil has to recognize.

    681. Phil says:



      Man, that’s even better. Go for it.

      I wasn’t aware DeSantis had submitted a map yet. Full speed ahead.

    682. sane_voter says:


      Jared Moskowitz is running for the Deutch seat. Of course the Dem lean of the seat is currently unknown. IF the lean is similar this Nov., it will be hard to beat him if he wins the Dem nomination (I expect him to be the nominee). Moskowitz was nominated by DeSantis for Director of the Florida division of emergency management in 2019, and appeared to work well with him and got plenty of good press during his tenure as director.

    683. mnw says:

      addendum to post 635:

      The enthusiasm gap is WORST among young voters. That’s like a death sentence for DEMs, if it doesn’t change, & that’s the demo for which the enthusiasm factor has been decelerating the fastest, too.

      Go play some more video games, little ones! SLEEP! SLEEP!

    684. Meldrim says:

      #676, GOP redistricters in TX were smart to give Democrats newly safe seats in each of DFW (making Allred’s TX-32 safely Dem), Austin (a new CD for Doggett, while keeping a heavily Dem Austin-to-San Antonio Hispanic-majority CD) and Houston (having Fletcher’s TX-07 dip into heavily Dem parts of Fort Bend County) in order to protect the GOP-held suburban CDs surrounding them (plus create a new West Houston TX-38 for black Republican Wesley Hunt, who ran several points ahead of Trump in TX-07 in 2020).

      That being said, those TX redistricters were way too meek in dealing with rural Texas. Coming into 2022, there were nine rural CDs in West Texas and South Texas: (i) four overwhelmingly GOP CDs that were 30%-50% Hispanic (all four held by Anglo Republicans), (ii) four traditionally Democratic but GOP-trending (all giving Trump between 47%-52% of the vote in 2020), overwhelmingly Hispanic CDs in the Rio Grande Valley (three held by veteran Hispanic Democrats and one by a freshman Hispanic Republican), and (iii) one safely Democrat and overwhelmingly Hispanic CD in El Paso (held by the Hispanic Democrat who replaced Beto). Republicans made minor modifications to those nine districts, with the only relevant changes being (i) Republican Tony Gonzales’s West San Antonio-to East El Paso TX-23 being made a bit less Hispanic and a bit more Republican, (ii) the TX-15 that Republican Mónica de la Cruz came within 3% of winning in 2020 what would have been the biggest upset of the past 10 years was made around 2%-3% more Republican, (iii) moderate Democrat Henry Cuellar’s TX-28 was made a few points more Democrat, thus reducing our odds of picking up the seat (although if Ted Cruz regional office director and Laredo native Cassy García wins the GOP run-off against the nobody who got clobbered by Cuellar in 2020 she would have a so-so chance of beating Cuellar and a better-than-even chance of beating Cuellar’s moonbat challenger Jessica Cisneros), and (iv) the Brownsville-based TX-34 becoming much more compact and much more Democrat, turning it from an excellent GOP takeover opportunity (as will be proven when Mayra Flores wins the June 14 special election under the current lines) to a longshot (albeit not impossible for Flores as the incumbent) bid. That’s a GOP gain of 1 seat (2 if we win two dice rolls in TX-28) when, had the GOP left the CDs as they were, it would have given the GOP a 3-seat pickup. That’s not smart redistricting.

      Because West Texas and South Texas Hispanics have such a low turnout rate, and because nowadays the Democrats’ advantage among rural Hispanic voters is far lower than the GOP’s advantage among rural Anglo voters, it would have been possible for the GOP to turn those four Anglo-controlled (albeit 30%-50% Hispanic), heavily GOP CDs, four 65%-85% Hispanic, electorally marginal CDs, and one heavily Hispanic Democrat CD into *eight* over 60% Hispanic and over 55% Trump CDs and a single Anglo Republican CD (taking in Lubbock, Amarillo and Wichita Falls). Instead of keeping all but the fringes of El Paso within a heavily Democrat CD (with its eastern fringe in TX-23), splitting El Paso down the middle, with one CD being combined with Odessa and rural counties to the north and the other taking in Midland and rural counties to its south would create two Republican CDs and 0 Democrat CDs in that part of the state. The TX-28 could go north from Zapata and Webb County and become too Republican for even Cuellar to hold. The TX-23, instead of going all the way to El Paso, could go south from West San Antonio to Starr County and stay as Hispanic and Republican as the CD that they drew for Gonzales. And instead of having three slightly Dem-leaning “Fajita Strip” districts stretching from Hidalgo and/or Cameron Counties on the border to Republican areas (with quite a few Hispanics) further north, they could have drawn four GOP CDs that would be over 60% Hispanic.

      So TX redistricters, instead of drawing a 25R-13D (or, if we’re lucky, 26R-12D map, could have drawn a 28R-10D map that actually would have increased the number of Hispanic-majority CDs by three and thus avoid the coming lawsuit from Democrats claiming that not drawing any new Hispanic CDs when the state’s population growth was driven largely by Hispanics is a violation of the VRA. Now *that* would have been the sort of map that I would have liked TX Republicans to draw.

    685. Meldrim says:

      #692, sane voter, the Deutch CD is about 4% more Republican under DeSantis’s map than under the current lines. I agree that Moskowitz, assuming that he wins the primary (where he will be strongly favored), would be tough to beat. But given the dynamics that we will see this November, I think that a prominent Hispanic Jewish Republican could give him a run for his money. Unlikely, sure, but it’s the sort of district where we may regret later that we didn’t challenge in 2022. In any event, if Democrats keep driving observant (and pro-Israel) Jews away from the party, the seat could become competitive later in the decade even if Moskovitz wins this November.

    686. Phil says:

      IF Putin uses chemical weapons, what exactly are the consequences?

      You think Biden is going to do anything about it? Of course he won’t. You know it, I know it, and most importantly, Putin knows it.

      I’m pretty sure Putin believes he can weather a strongly worded protest from our half wit in chief.

    687. Phil says:

      Headline from the Babylon Bee:

      BLM Leaders Call For Renewed Protests This Summer After Finding A Fantastic Beach House on Zillow

    688. Bitterlaw says:

      Don’t turn into NYC, Phil. What SHOULD the US do if Russia uses chemical weapons.

    689. Phil says:

      Not my call obviously, bitter….but here goes

      1) You could go the Biden approach like Syria. A bunch of words but essentially nothing.


      2) Go in with NATO and attack Russia militarily in Ukraine bringing on a full scale war with a mad man who feels cornered.

      Great choice. Lose Lose situation.

      ….all brought on because Biden was perceived to be too weak to detour an invasion in the first place.

    690. Bitterlaw says:


    691. Phil says:

      I’ll say this…I would almost guarantee the European nations in NATO (see Germany and France in particular) wouldn’t lift a finger militarily and we’d need those bases. I’d bet Putin’s calculation is that Europe would not help militarily in any significant degree….which makes it more likely he’d use chemical weapons in the first place.

      My guess is, sadly, Ukraine would ultimately be on their own.

    692. Bitterlaw says:

      Attacking Russian units in Ukraine is the best choice. It does not have to lead to a wider war. It would prevent future Russian attacks on Eastern Europe.

    693. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      698. What SHOULD the US do if Russia uses chemical weapons.

      According to the recent CBS News poll:

      “If Russia used chemical weapons”, 61% would favor “direct U.S. military action.”

    694. Phil says:

      You’d need NATO to do that, bitter and I just have no faith in Europe. They’d try and weasel out….especially Germany who is leveraged by energy needs.

      Bad situation all the way around.

    695. mnw says:

      A Pentagon spokesperson said tonight that the Pentagon could not confirm that Russia had used chemical weapons, btw.

    696. Tgca says:

      I guess I imagine the stench walking into Patco subways coming up and down the stairs a number of times.

      I guess I imagined the stench walking into Septa down by Lombard street I believe, the one and only time I took that line but often walking past it other times and seeing vagrants hanging outside it.

      I guess I imagined the smell walking past the alleyways with garbage bins seeping garbage smell near Jefferson Hospital when going to doctor appointments.

      I guess I imagined the smell of the homeless hogging the benches in Rittenhouse Square.

      I guess I imagined the smell from the passed out man lying in the middle of the sidewalk with his pants halfway down and penis hanging out his pants.

      I guess I imagined the smell from the same homeless woman setting up her bed in the closed store archway at 8PM walking to my hotel every night.

      I guess I imagined the smell of the homeless man sitting outside Starbucks on Walnut asking for money when seeing my doctor nearby.

      I guessed I imagined the smell from a few of the garages I parked at in Center City.

      These are the things I’ve seen or smelled on the Philly streets in Center City walking about to and from my hotel or doctor offices, and one of the reasons I chose not to lease an apartment in the area because I thought some of the streets were dirty and smelly.

    697. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If it is proven the Russians engaged in chemical warfare, then NATO should move into western Ukraine with its center around Lvov to establish a safety zone. There are no Russian troops there, and it is part of the Ukraine, so Russia has no right to object.

      Poland, Baltics and other NATO countries would support it. Believe UK, and even Germany might. It’s a humanitarian and peace-keeping mission. And I am tired of this, oh but it might offend Putin routine. At this point, a line needs to be drawn.

    698. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Truss: UK working with partners to verify details of possible chemical attack in Mariupol. “Any use of such weapons would be a callous escalation in this conflict and we will hold Putin and his regime to account,” said U.K.’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. The U.S. also expressed concern over the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, although they cannot confirm it yet and will continue “to monitor the situation closely,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in a statement on April 11.”

    699. NYCmike says:

      “If true, the use of chemical weapons by Russia might finally be a “problem” even Phil has to recognize.”

      -Bitterlaw STILL doesn’t get it.

      As Phil pointed out, Biden is the issue.

      Tell us what SHOULD be done, Bitterlaw. Phil and I would probably agree with you………then your job will be to get Biden to do it.

      I predict, once again, that he will NOT do what SHOULD be done!

      Prove me wrong, Brandon!

    700. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      709. Trump would have resolved things with one phone call to Putin. A “stop or else” call from Trump did not mean just seizing some oligarchs yachts. Wasn’t it Reagan’s slogan: “Peace through strength”.

    701. Wes says:

      Twenty years ago, Republicans dominated Colorado politics. Over the course of the Second Bush Administration, the COGOP devolved into a rump party. During the Obama Administration, the COGOP reversed course somewhat, most notably electing Cory Gardner Senator in 2014.

      Now we have a level of nonsense not seen in a state party since the DEGOP descended into rant and nominated Christine O’Donnell for Senate in 2010:

      Regardless of how well Republicans do nationally this year, I’m absolutely expecting the COGOP to have a long night of losses in November.

    702. Gordon Allen says:

      12 month inflation at 8.5%. March 1.2%,or an annualized rate of around 15%!!!
      Just WOW!
      Between the border w Mexico, and inflation,we have TWO monumental crises going on in the US

    703. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – I have repeatedly posted what should be done since the night the war started. I think I made the first post stating that the war began. You hide behind Biden so you never say what you think should be done.

    704. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      1) Inflation higher than expected at an annualized 8.5%
      2) Here is the first Biden Rescue Poll I have seem in a long while courtesy of IBD/TIPP; 42/43 approval/disapproval. The data makes no sense since Biden is underwater with Indies by 22 pts.

    705. jason says:

      NYC has repeatedly said nothing can be done because Biden is President.

      I think we got it by now.

    706. Wes says:

      IBD is a right-leaning newspaper. I don’t know why its pollster would try to rescue Biden. It seems counterintuitive.

    707. jason says:

      The excuse “nothing can be done” because Biden is President is a stupid as all the other excuses.

    708. jason says:

      IBD is a right-leaning newspaper.”

      Wes, IBD is very left wing.

      Don’t be fooled by the title, it just sounds right leaning.

    709. jason says:

      Sorry, was confusing IBD with Business Insider, which is left wing.

      wes is correct.

    710. Wes says:

      When I had a subscription to IBD back in the mid-2000s, it was definitely right of center. It may have changed since then, but everything I read in it was at least right Libertarian if not outright conservative. Liberals were even writing in asking if they could pay extra just for the raw business numbers sans the political content.

      It may have changed since, but it was definitely on the right end of the news spectrum at the time.

    711. jason says:

      Tell us what SHOULD be done, Bitterlaw. Phil and I would probably agree with you”


      Both Bitter and I have written extensively on what should be done here for weeks.

      NYC “agrees” with us but wants to wait for a more “competent” President to do anything.

      Just another convenient way to say he is ok with what Putin is doing just like all the other Putin Appeasers.

    712. jason says:

      Yep, Business Insider is a propaganda tool for the Dems, not IBD.

    713. jason says:

      As Phil pointed out, Biden is the issue.”


      The issue is that Putin invaded a sovereign country, is slaughtering tens of thousands, displacing millions and destroying Ukraine both physically and economically (new report shows their economy is taking a 50% hit).

      THAT is the issue, not Biden.

      Pretending the issue here is Biden is just an excuse to let Putin do what he wants.

    714. Tgca says:

      Biden should use chemical weapons on Russia.

      He already said we would respond in kind if they used them which suggests the US already has chemical weapons available for its use.


    715. jason says:

      The problem with the IBD poll is that it leaves out 15% of respondents. Biden approval is 42% but disapproval is 43 with 15% undecided? Undecided is way too high for a approve/disapprove question, this is not a rocket science question.

    716. jason says:

      “If Russia used chemical weapons”, 61% would favor “direct U.S. military action.”


    717. jason says:

      He already said we would respond in kind”

      He said that but it is not what he meant, and it was clarified later.

      The US won’t use chemical weapons in the Ukraine, any response would be with conventional weapons.

      You read it here first.

    718. jason says:

      Putin appeaser will be proud.

      “A Polish government special commission has reinforced its earlier allegations that the 2010 plane crash that killed President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others in Russia was the result of Moscow’s assassination plan.

      The latest of the commission’s reports, released Monday, alleges that an intentional detonation of planted explosives caused the April 10, 2010 crash of Soviet-made Tu-154M plane that killed Kaczynski, the first lady and 94 other government and armed forces figures as well as many prominent Poles.

      Their deaths were the result of an “act of unlawful interference by the Russian side,” the commission’s head Antoni Macierewicz told a news conference.

      “The main and indisputable proof of the interference was an explosion in the left wing … followed by an explosion in the plane’s center,” said Macierewicz, who in 2015-2018 served as defense minister in Poland’s right-wing government.”

    719. jason says:

      I think Phil is wrong that US would not have access to bases in Europe.

      “Very strong words from Poland’s PM Morawiecki:

      – Macron needs to stop calling Putin all the time.

      – The Russians are criminals.

      – Russia is committing genocide.

      – The sanctions are too weak. Time to ramp them up significantly.”

    720. jason says:

      I love it;

      “Macron needs to stop calling Putin all the time.”

    721. Gordon Allen says:

      I believe the US eliminated its chemical stockpile years ago,along w most of our deliverable tactical nuclear weapons.
      Biden zeroed out the nuclear sea launched crises missile( tactical nuclear inhis

    722. Tgca says:


      Words have meaning, especially from POTUS, as they can reverberate and cause worldwide impacts and spur actions not intended, hence, the reason presidents are very careful in what they say and usually vet wording with their team thoroughly on such important topics.

      Are you suggesting Biden is careless in what he says and made a “blunder” in his statement? I find it hard to believe POTUS would go so far off topic on very concerning issue as chemical weapons.

      That is not characteristic of a politician with decades of service and so much foreign policy experience.

    723. Tgca says:

      So I have a lefty acquaintance in NJ who told me the economy is booming and Biden has created the best job market EVAH, more jobs created under him then all previous presidents combined with low unemployment.

      I think he got that from Cher and Barbra Streisand who posted similarly.

      So here’s my question, if this job market is soooop great and the best EVAH, then why does the WH keep extending student loan deferrals and the left is asking for debt cancellation because of payment inability for those in default?

      You would think all these debtors could afford to pay back their loans in the GREATEST ECONOMY EVAH!!!


    724. Wes says:

      He’s from the Sewer State, Tg. People up there think corrupt, child-raping Senators are the ideal politician.

      Would you expect anything else?

    725. Tgca says:


      Brooklyn subway station attack. Multiple shot. Unexploded bombs found.


    726. Tgca says:


      Is Wes saying Jersey people are stoopid people who blindly follow politicians and believe what they are regardless of politician’s actions?

      Besides, it’s not only Jersey people. Cher and Barbra Streisand tweeted it too so it does deserve some thoughtful response.

    727. Wes says:

      Combined, Cher and Streisand have roughly enough brain matter to fit in the bottom of a thimble.

      Since Sewer Staters take their word as gospel, it’s just another strike against the people of that overblown cesspool.

    728. Tgca says:

      Restaurants are cutting Surf and Turf options from their menus due to high prices from inflation. Damn Pootin!!!

      Tofu is less expensive than beef so they should just switch to Surf and Tofu me thinks to keep customers happy.

    729. Wes says:

      Thankfully, Tg, most people haven’t adopted your rabbit food diet. We’ll continue to eat our absolutely delicious steaks and burgers, thanks.

    730. Tgca says:

      738. Wes

      You know it’s highly offensive to gay men to disparage the likes of:

      Barbra Streisand
      Lady Gaga

      After all, you dont have to be a college graduate, or in Chers case, a high school grad to garner great success and share words of wisdom to the masses on Twitter.

      This could get you in deep trouble with Human Resources so I’d be careful there as it’s not very inclusive and could be deemed Hate Speech and chauvinistic to speak ill of these successful celebrity mental giants.

    731. Wes says:

      Mental Giants in the same way Vulcan and his men were giants in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), Tg?

      Giants in the same way the titular antagonists of Superargo and the Faceless Giants (1966) were giants?

    732. Wes says:

      Giants in the same way Colossus from Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie (1985/2012) was a giant?

    733. Tgca says:


      I dunno Wes.

      These ladies are celebrity royalty, followed by millions on Twitter and sought out for their input by the MSM and given prime time slots at the bully pulpit in public protests addressing issues of great national importance.

      It’s why they share their politics at their concerts, to better educate and inform.

      Gay men retweet their posts feverishly.

      Hard to argue with the masses, don’t ya think?

    734. Wes says:

      Quite easy when empirical evidence contradicts them, Tg.

    735. Wes says:

      Cortes Masto is down 40-43 and 39-40 against her two main potential rivals in NV.

      Republicans may finally win this seat for the first time in 42 years.

    736. hugh says:

      So Rasmussen is using a +2 dem favorable voter turnout. I dont believe that. Trafalgar is saying more like even. That I believe.

    737. Tgca says:

      Inflation now officially the largest spike since 1981 despite Biden creating the greatest economy EVAH per Cher, Barbra Streisand, and people who live in Jersey.

      Damn you Pootin!!!

      The Labor Department said Tuesday that its consumer price index jumped 8.5% in March

    738. Tgca says:


      HOLY CHIT!!!

      NY Lt. Gov. Benjamin Arrested in Campaign Donation Scheme. He was chosen by Gubbernor Hochul to fill her seat after Cuomo resigned.

      He was an advocate for criminal justice reform too. HA! HA!

      The U.S. Attorney’s office said Benjamin was arrested on charges of bribery, honest services wire fraud and falsification of records.

    739. Tgca says:

      Hochul proclaimed of her Lt. Gubbernor last week.

      I have utmost confidence in my lieutenant governor,” Hochul said during a Thursday press conference. “This is an independent investigation related to other people and he’s fully cooperating. He is my running mate.”

      Cuomo must be licking his lips.

      Now Cuomo can ask, what’s worst, me making a few women uncomfortable with some jokes or unintended offensive comments or Hochul’s corrupt administration she hand-picked and stood by even after allegations surfaced?

    740. jason says:

      Are you suggesting Biden is careless in what he says and made a “blunder” in his statement? I find it hard to believe POTUS would go so far off topic on very concerning issue as chemical weapons.”

      Yes, the WH immediately corrected it to state Biden did not mean “in kind” regarding chemical weapons, but “in kind” meaning the US would respond.

      I find it strange you don’t think Biden is capable of such blunders, they happen every day.

    741. Skippy says:

      Obviously not a scientific poll by any measure but big momentum is on the side of Kathy4Senate.

      Let’s go!!!

    742. jason says:

      Some comments don’t age well.

      “I have utmost confidence in my lieutenant governor,” Hochul said during a Thursday press conference. “This is an independent investigation related to other people and he’s fully cooperating. He is my running mate.”

    743. jason says:

      Poor Kathy. Being endorsed by Skippy is like being endorsed by Just Fill Out the Census on the Dem side.

      The kiss of death.

    744. jason says:

      He was an advocate for criminal justice reform too. HA! HA!”

      Smart, might save him some time…

    745. Phil says:

      Biden is indeed the problem. I don’t recall Putin invading anything while Trump was in the WH.

      He had a green light with this weak kneed half wit in the WH. The window of opportunity that Putin dreamed of.

    746. mnw says:

      Grietens update:

      The elected prosecutor in STL got off with a reprimand for her misconduct during Greitens’ trial. I’m disappointed, bordering on bitter, about this surprise outcome.

      However, Greitens’ Snoopy-like happy dance isn’t getting as much publicity as it otherwise would have, if the Bar Grievance Committee hearing hadn’t fizzled out and ended with a whimper.

      I would’ve been hanged, drawn & quartered if I’d done what Kim Gardner did, btw.

    747. Gordon Allen says:


    748. Gordon Allen says:

      Wissing has definitely imposed censorship factors into his algorithms

    749. Gordon Allen says:

      In a very long, and detailed post, with specific reference to official US policies of many years standing, with not a single mention of an individual, offensive word, or even mention of religion. moderation!!!
      Because I pointed out well known armament limitations of the US Government going back to Nixon, and the Alliance(Nato) limitations on unitary action by any member state imposed thereby which are a public record. Obviously there are restrictions on some positions by some posters

    750. Phil says:

      President Biden briefed on NYC subway shooting.

      Oh goodie.


      Why bother?

    751. mnw says:

      761 Gordon

      Based on my own experiences with being moderated, I suspect the robot censor didn’t like you taking so long to COMPOSE your post, because that makes it suspect SPAM.

      Just a hunch. The robot censor also doesn’t like lengthy posts (“a very long and detailed post”) very much, either. Probably better to split lengthy posts in half, & post each half separately.

      I doubt very much that your moderated post had anything to do with its content, or with restrictions on you or the subject matter.

    752. Skippy says:


      Supporting a candidate is not the same thing as predicting who is going to win the race.

      Obviously Kathy Barnett is a super long shot to win PA GOP primary race. But Trump just supported a long standing liberal for PA Senate race in Dr. Oz.

      No thanks.

      Keep in mind as well…you call my support a kiss of death but I was the first one on here who supported the current Virginia Governor and said he would win the general election while you and Trump were still obsessed with losing the 2020 election because of massive fraud…which of course is not true.

      Clinton lost in 2016.
      Trump lost in 2020.

      Some of us are not consumed with fighting the last political war.

      It’s time to support and vote for conservatives in GOP.

      Kathy Barnett is not the perfect candidate but much better than China supported McCormick and liberal TV host Dr. Oz.

    753. mnw says:


      It is frustrating & infuriating to put a lot of thought into a post, & then find out you wasted all that time, with no explanation. Just… because.

    754. Phil says:

      Looks like Mayor Adams may need to put up a few more come to NYC billboards in Florida. Lol

    755. Phil says:

      Manchin publicly says the Biden administration needs to stop with the Putin price hike nonsense.

    756. DW says:

      Biden still pushing to re-instate the Covid shots mandate:

      This political genius must think its a winning campaign issue for this fall’s elections.

    757. jason says:

      Obviously Kathy Barnett is a super long shot to win PA GOP primary race. But Trump just supported a long standing liberal for PA Senate race in Dr. Oz’

      So Skippy is supporting a candidate that can’t win while Trump is supporting a candidate who can.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    758. DW says:

      And its important to call it what it is…a Covid shot mandate. It is NOT a covid vaccination shot.

      When you get a vaccine it means you cannot get the illness you were vaccinated against. There is NO COVID VACCINE anywhere in the world.

    759. jason says:

      Trump were still obsessed with losing the 2020 election because of massive fraud…which of course is not true.’


      Did you read the posts above on PA fraud?

      No? Didn’t think so, doesn’t fit your lying narrative.

      You are no conservative, stop pretending. You are about as conservative as Amoral Scumbag.

    760. jason says:

      Keep in mind as well…you call my support a kiss of death but I was the first one on here who supported the current Virginia Governor and said he would win the general election while you and Trump ”

      More lies. And don’t forget the reason Youngkin won was that he made voter integrity a key part of his platform.

      Also, Trump endorsed him. I guess that means Youngkin is not a conservative?

    761. jason says:

      Some of us are not consumed with fighting the last political war.”

      Translation: fraud is ok as long as it is against a candidate I don’t like.

    762. Phil says:

      Look for the Democrats to go full tilt to prepare the midterm battlefield. That means all in on mail in ballots…..and all the other BS things that stole the 2020 elections.

      They have to. It’s all they got. Anything to hold on to power. It’s how they roll.

    763. jason says:

      Dr. Oz on the issues.

      If they are “liberal” fine with me. I like that kind of “liberal”

    764. Phil says:

      …..and anyone who poo poos the Democratic vote stealing efforts is a moron.

    765. Tgca says:


      Jadon is just being all sour grapes.

      It is well known that Biden brings DECADES of political experience to the WH and is a unique communicator like no president EVAH before. Can you honestly name one president that has been more prepared for the role the role of president than Biden? Name just one!

      Biden won in a landslide during a crisis in our nation. It is well acknowledged that people trust his experience and admire his integrity and see him as a natural born leader, one who was well-liked in political circles on both sides of the aisle too. Even Lindsey Graham said, “you could not meet a nicer guy” – not to mention the obvious which is that Biden is beloved and respected by a significant majority of Americans that turned out an unprecedented number of votes for him.

      Biden’s foreign policy experience alone will impact the US in a manner that will be spoken of for decades to come. He is not someone you wish to tangle with on the world stage either, and when he speaks, people really listen very closely to what he says.

      Biden is credited with bringing back the country from the brink of disaster as well as responsible for the greatest job creation spur EVAH, as it’s reported he has gotten unemployment down to 3.2%.

      …and that’s why Biden is president!!!

    766. Phil says:

      Sounds like you lifted that from the Babylon Bee.

    767. Tgca says:


      I’m auditioning for Jen Psaki’s replacement.

    768. Phil says:

      That a was impressive. You got the job.

    769. jason says:

      Sorry, Putin already hired him for his propaganda department.

    770. jason says:

      ..and anyone who poo poos the Democratic vote stealing efforts is a moron.”

      Yep, and Skippy fits the bill.

    771. Tgca says:

      Ok! Fess up Bishes!

      Whose daughter is this?

      I know that someone at HHR is the proud father.

      No judgment here. Just wanna know.

    772. DW says:

      “Massive Fraud” was not needed to steal the 2020 election. Key states were selected (OH was not one of them) where huge Dem run cities exist (Cleveland was not one of them), where they were easily able to supply the needed ballots to put Biden over the top.

      WI – Milwaukee
      PA – Philly
      MI – Detroit
      GA – Atlanta
      AZ – Phoenix

      Not that complicated at all. The states move together. Ohio and Florida had no attempt at theft and Trump won going away. These other states suddenly stopped counting in the middle of the night, and then started back up when they were sure they had enough.

      Not that complicated really.

    773. Phil says:

      Nope. Wasn’t complicated at all.

    774. Tgca says:


      I think you would have more credibility if your list included a North Carolina city but it does not so it’s not likely fraud occurred in the cities you listed.

      As has been noted here before, if voter fraud really did exist enough to sway an election, it would have occurred in North Carolina as well because as goes North Carolina, goes the US.

    775. DW says:

      NC went to Trump. The Dems did not attempt the same fraud in NC because they already had enough with WI, PA, MI, GA and AZ.

      And again, people try to talk up the huge margin of Biden victory, but the reality is very little needed to be done in each of these five states to flip the outcomes.

      Those who refuse to see the 2020 election was stolen simply are people who do not want to admit that they live in a country where such things can happen.

    776. Wes says:

      Budd leads a newpoll:

      Whoever wins will beat Beasley in the general, so that’s not a concern. At least Budd isn’t going the David Perdue route and assuming Trump’s endorsement is tantamount to nomination.

      As expected, Biden is down big here while Cooper sports positive approvals.

    777. Phil says:

      Wes, Budd a huge improvement over Burr. God, what happened to that MF? Burr was Warner’s poodle when Burr was the actual chairman in committee…and then the impeachment vote. Good Lord.

      I hope you are right about the GE. The fact that Cunningham was on his way to a two to four point victory in the last GE before the sex scandal still scares the crap out of me about NC.

    778. Robbie says:

      Maggie Haberman
      Trump is running, barring a significant change, and all the private laughing at him + lack of standing up to him by other Rs isn’t going to change that

      – Jason fraud wipes the drool from his mouth, pumps his fist in the air, and yells, “MAGA! Let’s lose again in 2024!”

      I know all of you easy marks for Trump are going to say you’re not for Trump and you never hear anyone talk about Trump running again, but each and every one of you will get behind him in 2024 because you’ll all say he’s the only thing that can stop socialism.


    779. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin is attempting to intimidate Finland. He has all but guaranteed that Finland and Sweden join NATO.

      “Russia is moving military equipment including missiles systems towards its border with Finland, unconfirmed video appears to show.

      Unverified footage appears to show defence missiles being driven along a road that leads to Finnish capital Helsinki.

      The apparent escalation comes after Moscow warned Finland against joining NATO, with the traditionally neutral country saying it was considering applying to join the bloc.”

    780. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      790. Gutless Robbie does another fly-by. Robbie, who are you supporting in 2024?

    781. Phil says:


      Since when was Robbie interested in stopping socialism”? Was it when he wrote a check to the Biden campaign for $1000?

      ….but yeah. WE’RE the frauds.


    782. mnw says:

      Russia has taken lately to talking about the need to denazify Latvia, & to protect Russian-speakers in Latvia.

      Latvia has been doing some of the same things that UKR did, i.e., requiring that all public school instruction be taught in the Latvian language only.

      There are numerous countries in NATO which have sizable Russian-speaking minorities. NATO & these countries themselves need to demonstrate both the capability and the will to defend themselves to the last ditch.

    783. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      There is a reason Robbie dreads the 2024 election:

      RCP Polling Average 2024
      Trump 45.4%
      Biden 41.7%

    784. Wes says:

      Phil, Cunningham lost. Beasley lost in that same cycle. Despite spending hundreds of millions here, Democrats couldn’t win either the presidential race or the Senate race in 2020.

      Biden lost the state and has seen what little standing he had in the state erode. Beasley couldn’t get her vote out when Biden wasn’t toxic while she was an (appointed) incumbent.

      What makes you think a state that’s already rejected her and soured further on the President of her party would elect her to the Senate?

      I’d seriously like to know the answer to that question.

    785. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      794. My impression from Estonia was the local Russian population was not fond of Putin. The Russian population in Estonia is economically doing much better than their neighbors in Russia.

      “Estonia, as well as the neighboring Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania, have populations that reflect that mix and the tense geopolitics. Many here describe three camps among Russian speakers. About a third entirely oppose Russia’s war in Ukraine, while a middle group says it desires peace but expresses a sense of confusion among vacillating reports from Western news media and Russian propaganda sources. A small minority support Russia’s invasion.”

    786. mnw says:


      I don’t doubt that for a minute.

      The nations at risk have got to walk the walk now, not just talk the talk. ANY sign of weakness invites aggression. So does lack of military preparedness.

    787. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      797. Teperik has been monitoring the behavior of Estonia’s Russian speakers on social media since February 24. In Narva, he says, a “small, but real group of pro-Putin residents with toxic views” is coexisting with a large group of residents who are largely indifferent to the current events.

      But the war has been the catalyst for a new group of ethnic Russians to publicly assert their pro-Ukraine and pro-Western European identities. “Russian speakers who support Ukraine have gained visibility,” says Teperik. “They have gained more courage.”

      “This is important,” he adds, because it is not only about Ukraine but about an “important shift in values of freedom, democracy versus supporting autocracy.”

    788. Wes says:

      Gilbert Gottfried has passed.


    789. Phil says:

      Wes, the fact that she got elected state wide in the first place along with the fact that the Democrats elected the solid majority on the Supreme Court. It’s killed the GOP there. Allowed them to redistrict and get two slamm dunk seats last cycle and looks like another possible this cycle. Cunningham did indeed lose – but lead by 3-5 in every single poll up until he got caught with his d*ck out four wks before the election. Then, and only then did his poll numbers move south. He was on his way to the Senate.

      I don’t think Beasley wins in this environment. Would be shocked if she comes within five points. Don’t think NC is on the table at all.

      I am cautious about Pennsylvania. Voter fraud that there isn’t any of that under NC state law. Don’t forget. You and I have a friendly bet on the Senate race there. St Jude’s gets paid either way.

    790. Wes says:

      Beasley never won statewide, Phil. When Mark Martin resigned as Chief Justice in 2019, Roy Cooper appointed her to replace him. She turned the Court into a liberal circus and not only lost but took all other Dem judicial candidates down with her despite the fact that Cooper won reelection and Biden and Cunningham came close in their races.

      She’s nothing to be afraid of.

    791. Phil says:

      I will say this about Pa. Both Baris (who I really respect) and the guy who runs the Susquehanna Poll in Pa seem to think Republicans hold Toomey’s seat, so there’s that.

    792. Phil says:

      Got it, Wes. Should have done my research. I stand corrected.

    793. Wes says:

      Democrats won control of the NCSC because the Republicans in the General Assembly kept making mistakes with the judicial election process like putting one of the Dem Justices in the GOP slot on the ballot in 2016.

      Republicans finally learned from their mistakes in 2020 and will have a majority on the Court again next year.

    794. Skippy says:

      Reason why Youngkin won was because Trump endorsed him?


      Trump was telling republicans not to vote in 2021 elections 2 months prior to Virginia’s governor ejections.

      As for Kathy Barnette not being able to win the general in PA and Dr. Oz can?


      Jason and Trump are all for supporting liberals who have played a character on TV as long as they win an election.

    795. Phil says:

      One last question on NC, Wes. Does the primary process in NC require a majority or can Budd win with a plurality? In other words, is there a runoff?

    796. Wes says:

      There is a runoff threshold, Phil, but it’s never been as stringent as in other states.

      It used to be 40%. Recently the threshold changed to 30%. That makes the likelihood of a runoff slender.

    797. Wes says:

      I just looked Beasley up because I thought I might have been wrong about her never winning statewide, Phil. She did win twice in statewide judicial races, both times when races were nonpartisan before Republicans became serious about contending for the judicial elections.

      After the Assembly made elections partisan so Republicans could tie their Dem opponents to the national party, she became a casualty of the increasing right lean of the state.

      She never won a Chief Justice race though as Republicans ousted her and her protege, Mark Davis, in 2020.

    798. Cash Cow TM says:

      I really do not like Hal.

      He has put my comment in purgatory.

      Because he can…


    799. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cliff notes version of my post Hal ate:

      In Amsterdam (end of cruise).

      Will be here for next 2 days doing things.

      (GFY, Hal)

    800. mnw says:

      810 Cow

      See 761 & 763 above.

      It’s nothing personal!

    801. mnw says:

      799 SDC

      If I were running any of the countries that have substantial Russian-speaking minorities, cracking down on using Russian in schools would be the LAST thing I would EVER do!

      I would try to woo them to political pluralism, & not do anything to excite their anxieties about being in a minority.

      Latvia has ALSO placed Latvian Russian-speakers under various civil disadvantages– i.e., barring anyone who hasn’t lived in Latvia for a minimum number of years* from running for office, or competing for govt employment. Oh so wrong!

      Left alone, Russian-speakers WILL assimilate as time passes; certainly the next generation will. As you say, ethnic Russians have realized they’re better off economically in their new countries already.

      *(an obvious attempt to disqualify Russian-speaking Latvian citizens– many of whom moved to Latvia to escape Russia! This is called “irony.” Welcome, neighbor!)

    802. jason says:

      ut each and every one of you will get behind him in 2024 because you’ll all say he’s the only thing that can stop socialism.”

      Hmmm….makes sense to me.

      But I am glad Amoral Scumbag has finally admitted he has no interest in stopping socialism.

      The truth will set you free.

    803. jason says:

      For Skippy, fake conservative.

      Trump’s endorsement of Youngkin.

      “Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin for winning the Republican nomination for Governor of Virginia. Glenn is pro-Business, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Veterans, pro-America, he knows how to make Virginia’s economy rip-roaring, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement! Glenn is running against Bill Clinton’s longtime enabler, Terry McAuliffe. Terry McAuliffe was the Clintons’ bagman in more ways than one, from the cover-ups to the get-rich-quick schemes, and his deals with Communist China look suspicious. He was responsible for many of the problems Virginia currently has. Virginia doesn’t need the Clintons or the Communist Chinese running the state, so say no to Terry McAuliffe, and yes to Patriot Glenn Youngkin!”

    804. jason says:

      If I were running any of the countries that have substantial Russian-speaking minorities, cracking down on using Russian in schools would be the LAST thing I would EVER do!”

      Sounds like mnw favors allowing Russians to form to 5th columns in the Baltic States unchallenged.

      I don’t agree. The local language should be the primary language in schools, not Russian.

      I also think it is smart that Latvia restricts govt service to people living a certain number of years in the country, that reduce infiltration by Russian agents and spies.

      These countries cannot afford waiting “generation” for Russian to assimilate. It is a question of short term survival.

      It is funny that conservatives who are critical of immigrants to the US for not “assimilating” quick enough think it is ok for Russians in the Baltic countries not to assimilate.

    805. Phil says:

      Bird craps on Biden during speech.

      Patriotic bird. Spoke for all of us.

      From corn pop to corn poop.

    806. jason says:

      The bird heard this and just couldn’t take it…

      BIDEN: Putin “has a burning tundra. Literally. It’s burning. The permafrost is burning. He’s got a problem, and he’s caused, we’re not gonna let him cause that problem to spread of the rest world.”

    807. Skippy says:

      Trump saying the most important thing Republicans can do in 2022 & 2024 elections is to sit them out into 2020 election has been solved.

      What a dope.

      Trump endorsed Youngkin after the man won the GOP VA GOV nomination. How bold of Trump…LOL!

      I’m a fake conservative because I’ve been pro life my whole adult like and I know tariffs are a tax on the American people unlike unfit Trump?

      The GOP Presidential nomination winner for 2024 will come out of the anybody but Trump lane of the race.

      Thank God.

    808. Tom says:

      811. Cash Cow how’d you like the Viking cruise? We did the Rhine one several years ago and were hooked. Have done two more since (Baltic and Australia/New Zealand) and have a Danube one scheduled for October. We’ve done other cruise lines and found Viking is head and shoulders above.

      On another note, Biden sucks, Putin suck, Harris sucks, and Pelosi sucks.

    809. Bitterlaw says:

      I heard Walt was disappointed that there were no real Vikings. He said those guys really knew how to party (as long as they did not burn YOUR village).

    810. Tom says:

      822. Yeah, definitely “Viking Light” with all the wine a cheese tasting events.

    811. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At least in Estonia, which I am familiar with, after some initial anti-Russian actions after independence, Estonians and Russians are beginning to reconcile and be friendly to each other. Estonian Russians she how much better their living standards are in Estonia, versus those in Putin’s Russia.

    812. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      824. There are efforts by the Estonian government to improve its tie with the Russian community with former Prime Minister Jüri Ratas learning Russian to better communicate with them. Former President Kersti Kaljulaid is also considered to be a defender of the interests of the Russian-speaking minority, having previously moved to Narva in order to “better understand the people and their problems”. The younger generation is better integrated with the rest of the country such as joining the military via conscription and improving their Estonian language skills.

    813. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Less than 5% of Lithuania’s population is Russian.

      2-3% of Latvia and Estonia’s populations are Ukrainian.

    814. Tgca says:

      Oh my Gawd!

      Jadon and Wes are gonna be sooooo jealous.

      I went to dinner tonight with friends at a Thai restaurant.

      I had:
      Veggie spring rolls with peach sauce
      Tofu and vegetable soup
      Stir fry basil and veggies and tofu with fwied wice.

      It was deewishious!!!

      My tummy is sooooo happy right now.

    815. mnw says:

      825 SDC

      Sounds very farsighted, & and excellent strategy, too..

      I had pointed out that I thought Latvia should be emulating Estonia in regard to assimilating its Russian-speaking minority– NOT discriminating against them, & placing them under civil restraints.

      As far as language laws go, I could see making Latvian (or Estonian) a required second language in HS, & also requiring students to pass a test in the local language to get their HS diplomas. BUT… outlawing instruction in Russian altogether is just idiocy. So is denying Russian speakers (“new citizens”) the same right everybody else has to run for public office.

    816. Tgca says:

      NY Gubbernor Hochul says:

      <iI have accepted Brian Benjamin’s resignation effective immediately. While the legal process plays out, it is clear to both of us that he cannot continue to serve as Lieutenant Governor. New Yorkers deserve absolute confidence in their government, and I will continue working every day to deliver for them.


      While the legal process plays out? REALLY?

      She really released that as a public statement?

      Two NY gubbernors and one Lt. NY Gubbernor resigns within 15 years. What’s going on in NY?


    817. Tgca says:

      It’s official peeps!

      50% of US states are now Constitutional Carry states.

      Brian Kemp Signs Bill Making Georgia 25th Constitutional Carry State

    818. Wes says:

      Tg, New York saw how corrupt the Sewer State is and decided to emulate its cesspool of a neighbor.

    819. NYCmike says:

      Robbie, I’ll say one thing for you – you are a uniter! EVERYONE can see what a wacko you are!

    820. mnw says:


      I was VERY impressed with the speedy young Mr. Barzel on Sunday night. I’m not used to seeing the Isles play. I guess everyone else already knew about Barzel, but he was new to me.

      Nick Leddy so far has been everything the Bluz hoped for and more, btw. The day he arrived he started getting heavier than expected ice time, and was also put on the power play unit, because somebody got injured.

    821. jason says:

      I could see making Latvian (or Estonian) a required second language in HS,”

      So the official language of the country should a “required second language”.

      That is like saying we should teach English as a second language in California schools.

    822. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Great title of Financial Times article:

      “Biden and Ukraine: from climate champion to oil price panic”

    823. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      828. When the Soviets took over Latvia after WWII there was a massive genocide of Latvians. They brought in Russians to replace them, and tried to wipe out Latvian culture. So I can see the Latvian sensitivity. It’s Latvian culture that should predominate, with tolerance of the Russian minority.

    824. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Two NY gubbernors and one Lt. NY Gubbernor resigns within 15 years. What’s going on in NY

      Politics as usual.

    825. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Estonia exist because Finns need a place to buy cheap liquor. Ferries are crowded with Finns crossing the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn to load up. It is amazing how much booze an elderly Finn can carry.

      Not that Finns drink a lot, but Khrushchev used to say Finnish President Kekkonen was the only person who could drink him under the table. The all night binges between Finnish and Russian leaders were legendary. Relations between the countries were good back then.

    826. Cash Cow TM says:

      DRUDGE has a link up where someone is studying personality traits of A**holes.


    827. Cash Cow TM says:

      Tom et al,

      Viking Rhine river cruise was very good.
      Walt said his favorite part was touring Cologne where Agrippa, mother of emperor Nero, was born and lived.
      Walt said she was a character, as was that little pipsqueek Nero.

    828. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The Brooklyn subway shooting will disappear from media coverage in 3…2…1. Here’s proof:

    829. DW says:

      The Mets are off to a decent 4-2 start. Could easily have been a 6-0 start if they had a bull pen instead of a calf-pen.

      Despite injuries and DeGrom being out, their starting pitchers have given up only 4 earned runs in six games. 3 of these 4 were by Scherzer who won his start.

    830. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – The Phillies are built to win by hitting homeruns. I was hoping the Mets’ bullpen would collapse again last night. It did not.

      I heard that the main reason there are so many Mets fans at Phillies games is that it is easier for many fans to drive to Philadelphia than deal with the traffic getting to and from Citi Field.

    831. jason says:

      Walt now calls Nero a pipsqueak?

      When Nero was in power rumors are he was a big fan.

    832. Bitterlaw says:

      But there’s no problem yet. I read it at HHR.

      In other news, Sweden wants to join NATO. Suck it, Putin.

    833. DW says:

      Apparently rape is just mischief now.

    834. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The just-released Weekly Politico/Morning consult Poll shows the following:
      1- Biden Approval/Disapproval- 41/55
      2- Congressional Generic Ballot- 43(R) & 40(D)

    835. Gordon Allen says:

      11.2 % PPI/1.4 % month over month. The latter is above 17% (!!!)annualized.
      This is incredible. The Fed has to tighten to a degree a recession is likely to boot.
      I don’t think everybody here realizes how grave a threat this is, along with a literally open border, (and crime rampant). If the GOP can’t capitalize on these three issues it should go into bankruptcy as a political party. Seriously, and I think capitalize in a MAJOR way.

    836. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon – Biden and the Dems can spin it any way they want. Voters still have to drive, eat (except Tgca), and buy things. The soaring costs have to be tied to Dem policies by the GOP. Keep it simple – Remember when gas was $2 a gallon and milk was…..What changed? The Democrats took over the White House and Congress. Fix that.

    837. jason says:

      I guess this story is going nowhere on the MSM….

      NYC subway shooter in a drunk rant he posted on YouTube almost a month ago talking about how white people and black people should have no contact with each other and that white people are angry that black people are no longer slaves”

    838. jason says:

      Apparently rape is just mischief now.”

      CDM will be here soon to advocating for a time out for that little scamp Putin, always up to something.

    839. jason says:

      In other news, Sweden wants to join NATO. Suck it, Putin.”

      I guess the Swedes are smarter than the Putin Appeasers who think Russia is “no threat” to Europe.

    840. jason says:

      If the GOP can’t capitalize on these three issues it should go into bankruptcy as a political party”

      It already bankrupt ideologically. So doesn’t have far to go.

    841. jason says:

      Me no talk good. It’s already bankrupt ideologically.

    842. jason says:

      Ok time for my endorsements for R primary in PA, for those who think their vote counts and is not diluted by illegal votes.

      For PA Senate, Dr. Oz. Ignore the BS that he is a liberal, read his positions on the issues. He can self fund and will have cross party appeal. If you think he is a liberal based on his past comments but voted for Trump, think about it.

      For PA Governor, Lou Barletta. A re-thread, but Mastriano will have difficulty attracting enough support from Indies to win. I actually prefer Dave White or Bill McSwain as stronger GE candidates, but they are too far back in the polls.

      My wife, who thinks her vote counts, will be supporting this slate. I asked Amos if he was supporting Dr. Oz, he said he never heard of him but it was a strange name for the English.

    843. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason’s wife’s vote counts more than Jason’s non-vote.

    844. jason says:

      Jason’s wife’s vote counts more than Jason’s non-vote.”

      Ah, so Bitter is ok with the fact his vote is diluted.

      Thought so.

    845. jason says:

      Bitter, what percentage of an illegal vote would your vote have to reach before you thought it was a problem?

      80%? 50%? 25%? 10%?

    846. jason says:

      The left is so disappointed.

      Police say the suspect is a male Black.” Damn. Damn. Damn.”

    847. jason says:


      Replying to @Toure
      It’s rare that a domestic terrorist is Black, though. Nearly all have been white males shooters.”

      and then again, hope springs eternal

      Replying to

      Or perhaps a ‘false flag’ operation carried out by a mask-wearing white supremacist? The smoke canister gives it away. There still is a contingent who believe they can start a race war. Let’s wait and see how this all plays out.”

    848. Bitterlaw says:

      I am not ok with it. You will never find a post where I said I am ok with it.

      Your non-vote dilutes the value of my vote, too. Own it.

    849. Phil says:

      Fortunately, Philly Democrats only cheat in primaries so all is good.

    850. Bitterlaw says:

      The Dems need to manufacture a vote to dilute my vote. Jason is making it easy for them because they don’t have to manufacture a fake vote to counter his non-vote.

    851. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil knows that is not what I said. What I said is that most fraud is in local primaries because the primary is effectively the GE. I never denied there is fraud in other elections. Obviously not enough in 2016 to elect Hillary or in 2021 to prevent the GOP from winning a PA Supreme Court race.

    852. Phil says:

      Hillary got blindsided in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pa. – didn’t think she needed massive fraud. Well, in 2020 the Democratic hacks on the Pa Supreme Court made sure that couldn’t happen again, didn’t they. It was a mail in ballot fest. Drop boxes galore and of course the diluted the signature matching regulations.

      It worked beautifully.

      However, I’m still voting, bitter……but only because I happen to live in a state that runs an up and up election. The Pennsylvania election system is a joke. Nevada and Pennsylvania would make Venezuela proud.

    853. Tgca says:


      BS! I still have to drive like 5 miles a week back in forth to various stores looking for tofu which keeps selling out.

      I think I put almost a thousand miles on my car the last year.

    854. Tgca says:

      I don’t see the problem here if you’re factoring in deaths as the ranking.

      More babies have died from ABORTION than any war EVAH! Not even close in comparison.

      Depending on the data source it’s 50M to 73M ABORTIONS annually (WHO estimate). Over a billion cumulatively since the 70s.

      Abortion is a horrible death too, generally, either being burned alive through saline solutions or ripped apart by suction and tools.

      I could not imagine a worse death so if people don’t think it is comparable to the Holocaust, they are correct. ABORTION is much worse if you go by accumulative deaths.

    855. Phil says:

      Producer Price Index record 11.2% year over year.

      1.4% for the month, also a record.

      That’s the wholesale level. Meaning we will see it on the shelves going forward.

      Kamala admits prices going up and the American people should be thrilled that we have an administration that acknowledges that. Oh goodie. Thanks, Kamala. That’s comforting.

    856. Robbie says:

      Zeke Miller
      WASHINGTON (AP) — AP Source: CDC to extend travel mask mandate for two weeks to monitor uptick in COVID-19 cases.

      – Hey, Jason fraud. Another presidential medal of freedom for your boy Fauci? You hack.

    857. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie – Seriously. Why won’t you even acknowledge that Biden is President?

    858. Tgca says:


      Hack? Meh!

      I like Putz better.

    859. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Dr. Oz is going to be interviewed by Dom Giordano on WPHT at 12:30. It can be live-streamed, too, if 1210 AM signal does not reach York.

    860. Tgca says:

      The new Amerika, at least in Caleefawnyuh.

      Basics products under lock and key now.

      This is what happens when criminals run the streets thanks to leftist politicians who wish to defund the police and not prosecute theft.

      Oh wait! Hollywood celebs, MSM, and other libs to tell us people are stuffing bags of hair and facial products and walking out the store without paying because they can’t afford the basic necessities so they have to steal 15 cans of shaving gel just to survive.

    861. Phil says:

      Come on, bitter. You know why Robbie doesn’t mention his boy in the WH even though he contributed a grand to the half wit’s campaign. It’s a little too inconvenient for him to engage on the subject of half wit Biden. I mean, what could he possibly say? Corey doesn’t have a lot to say on the subject either I see.

      BTW, Robbie is focused like a laser on stopping socialism. Ha Ha Ha

    862. Phil says:

      Baris has teased the results of his Georgia poll he just completed. Said Walker continues to lead. Leads in all sections outside the Atlanta metro area. Democrats down statewide on the generic ballot 45-37.

      Should have complete results when he releases them.

    863. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      a just-released Quinnipiac Poll of registered voters has Biden at 35% approval and 55% disapproval.

    864. Wes says:

      You must give Biden credit, Sheep:

      He’s aiming for that GWB level of low popularity and will be damned if he doesn’t make it there.

    865. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Perhaps Robbie can provide a list of Biden’s accomplishments as president? I am at a loss to think of a single one.

    866. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Latest poll from Finland. 68% in favour of NATO membership, 12 against. If President and the Government would recommend it, then 77% are in favour, 11 against. In short: SUPPORT for NATO is OVERWHELMING!

    867. Phil says:

      List of Biden’s accomplishments?

      That would be the world’s shortest post.

    868. DW says:

      SanDeigo…Biden has had many accomplishments, depending on what vision you have for America.

      1) He has turned our military into a woke mess.
      2) he has jacked gas prices several dollars a gallon.
      3) He has destroyed a tremendous amount of wealth.
      4) He has opened our borders so the most violent criminals from other countries can pour in and rape and kill our children.
      5) He has made the USA a laughingstock around the world.
      6) He has emboldened (encouraged!) Putin to invade Ukraine resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands.
      7) He has loaded our courts with activists instead of judges.
      8) He is destroying the energy industry on his path to eliminate fossil fuels and send us back to the bronze age.
      9) He has abandoned support for growing democracies around the world.
      10) He has finished off the public school system which is now indoctrinating kids that whites are evil, and each kid can change gender without parents knowing.

      I could go on and on, but to many people in the country, these are ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

    869. DW says:

      Bitter…the Phillies are about to take on the Mets’ calf pen, down 4-1. I predict the Phils will win the game 5-4 on a walk off.

    870. mnw says:

      Walker is absorbing the most sustained, vicious, coordinated attack blitz from the MSM that I can ever remember having seen– literally worse than the treatment Trump got in 2020. WORSE than that. I’m not exaggerating.

      So if Walker can walk through THAT firestorm, & still be ahead outside the MOE, & not be losing support, then I’ll like his chances in the GE.

      The Sen race in AZ is still surprisingly tight– surprising to me anyway. I thought the AG (Brnovich) was a cinch to be the GOP nominee, but not. Kelly (D-inc) is essentially tied with his GOP competitors in the latest polls that I saw. Kelly is trying to distance himself from Biden on various issues, i.e., immigration policy; energy.

    871. Wes says:

      Biden has one noteworthy accomplishment, SDC:

      He made Trump look sympathetic with the way Biden has run this trainwreck euphemistically called an Administration.

    872. DW says:

      Okay, the Mets scored again, so the walk-off will be 6-5.

    873. mnw says:

      Biden is a uniter, not a divider, just like he promised. Want proof? Just look at the GOP!

    874. Wes says:

      The Dems will go all out against Walker, Mnw, because having a conservative black Republican oust a liberal black Democrat would be a sign of a loosening of their stranglehold on the black vote.

      I’m not sure Kelly can successfully distance himself from Biden after being his lapdog for over a year. Kelly himself is weak. He was the frontrunner all the way against the absolute worst GOP nominee for Senate in AZ since the ’80s and managed to underperform polls with a weak three-point victory. He’s likely doomed in the current environment once Republicans choose their nominee.

    875. DW says:

      Okay, Alonso just hit a three-run homer. So now the walk-off will be 9 to 8.

    876. mnw says:

      Here is the treatment Walker is getting right now, all on the SAME day. I know I posted this before, but I thought it was startling. I googled “Herschel Walker within last 24 hours,” & these are the headlines from the FIRST FIVE stories that came up:

      1) AJC: “HW’s No-Show Looms Large In GOP Debate”

      2) NBC: “HW’s Fiction And Why People Lie About Disprovable Things”

    877. Phil says:

      Ok, here are the numbers from Baris on Georgia –

      Walker leads 46.7 – 41.8

      Walker dead even among indies

      Leads by 2 in the Atlanta suburbs.

      This is exactly where the race stands as of now. Baris doesn’t miss especially when it comes to Florida and Georgia. He’s politically right but his polling is always on the mark regardless. For example, he called the Senate runoffs in Georgia on the number two years ago. The guy knows what he’s doing.

      I’m thinking the Republicans net one Senate seat, and 20 House seats nationally.

    878. DW says:

      And the predicted Mets calf-pen meltdown has begun. Bottom of 6th, still nobody out and the Phils have scored twice. Now 8-3 Mets. I know Alonso’s blast would have a bad effect on the thinking of the calf-pen. They won’t take it seriously until it is 8-6.

    879. mnw says:

      (split in 2 posts to ward off moderation)

      3) MSNBC: “HW’s Awkward FOX Interview Is Hard to Watch”

      4) GA PBS: “Experts Say HW’s U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Bears Further Scrutiny”

      5) Yahoo! (Lifestyle section): “WTF Is HW Talking About?”

    880. jason says:

      Yes, as soon as they apply, they should be under NATO protection.

      “As Helsinki and Stockholm mull whether to make it official, a key question is whether and how they will be protected from potential Russian aggression in the period between expressing interest and actual membership, which could take many months.

      Russia has warned of “serious military-political consequences” and “retaliation” should the two countries join. Although Finnish leaders have mostly downplayed the threat, the country is preparing for a range of possible responses from Russia, from serious to mostly symbolic, said Henri Vanhanen, a foreign policy expert and adviser to Finland’s National Coalition Party.

      Given the performance of Russian forces in the field, that sounds like an empty threat. Even if it’s not, NATO will almost certainly establish mutual defense status well ahead of official admission:

      Vanhanen expects that NATO will find ways to “signal that Sweden and Finland are protected” in the interim, such as making a political commitment to ensuring safe accession or stepping up military cooperation in some way.

      “If they give us the signal that we are welcome, it is in their interest that this happens as smoothly as possible,” he said. “It would be a huge blow to NATO if their open-door policy is undermined.”

      Stoltenberg said last week he was “certain that the alliance will find ways to address concerns about the period between potential application and ratification,” but he declined to offer specifics on what is being discussed.”

    881. jason says:

      WASHINGTON (AP) — AP Source: CDC to extend travel mask mandate for two weeks to monitor uptick in COVID-19 cases.

      – Hey, Jason fraud. Another presidential medal of freedom for your boy Fauci? You hack.”

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, isn’t Fauci working for “your boy” Biden?

    882. jason says:

      WASHINGTON (AP) — AP Source: CDC to extend travel mask mandate for two weeks to monitor uptick in COVID-19 cases.

      – Hey, Jason fraud. Another presidential medal of freedom for your boy Fauci? You hack.’

      If they stay away from Greitens, Vance, Bolduc and Blake Masters they could net 3.

    883. jason says:

      whoops, wrong quote

      I’m thinking the Republicans net one Senate seat, and 20 House seats nationally.”

      If they stay away from Greitens, Vance, Bolduc and Blake Masters they could net 3.

    884. DW says:

      Now 8-3 in bottom of the seventh, and the Phillies have two on, nobody out. Mets will need a lot more than 8 runs if they want to have any chance

    885. Wes says:

      Walker is up by 4.9. That’s better than his last showing against Warnock. As long as Walker keeps doing what he’s doing, Warnock should fall fairly early in November just as Max Cleland did 20 years ago.

    886. Phil says:

      Vance is the only GOP candidate who could blow it in a Trump state like Ohio. Same with Greitens in Mo.

      NH goes to Hassan. Guess what. she’s suddenly a border hawk now. LOL…..until the election is over of course.

    887. DW says:

      Now 8-4, as the Phils will score two more runs before the Mets’ calf-pen wakes up and takes this seriously.

    888. DW says:

      Now 8-5 Mets. The calf-pen melting down even faster than I predicted.

    889. Phil says:

      I’m thinking Johnson holds on in Wisconsin. Democrats steal Pennsylvania (again) and Nevada. Republicans can eek out Arizona if they nominate the right candidate. Walker hangs on in Georgia.

      Plus one.

    890. Phil says:

      Big bag Putin threatens Sweden and Finland about joining NATO.

      My question. Threaten them with what exactly?

      That military?

      I’m sure pilots in both nations would enjoy the turkey shoot.

    891. DW says:

      Regardless the outcome today, the Mets’ starters have given up only 5 earned runs in their first 7 games. 4 of these given up by Scherzer.

    892. jason says:

      I think without fraud both Oz and McCormick can beat Fetterman. Hopefully the Dems won’t nominate Connor Lamb, a flaming moonbat posing as a moderate.

    893. jason says:

      he Dems need to manufacture a vote to dilute my vote. Jason is making it easy for them because they don’t have to manufacture a fake vote to counter his non-vote.’


      Bitter thinks the Dems are bothered about manufacturing votes?


    894. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 13, 2022 at 10:44 am

      I am not ok with it. You will never find a post where I said I am ok with it.”

      BS. You don’t ever write about it or comment on it. I won’t find a post where you are not ok with it either.

      All you do is attack those who point out the fraud, and then write 10 defensive posts.

      Your “solution’ is just keep voting R and expect it to resolve itself by the next election.

      Frankly, you are part of the problem. The Dems love people who just say “move on, nothing to see here”.

    895. jason says:

      Big bag Putin threatens Sweden and Finland about joining NATO.

      My question. Threaten them with what exactly?’

      Heh, fortunately I guess Sweden and Finland have leaders who understand the threat Putin poses, they are not going to be listening to Phil’s isolationist delusions.

    896. jason says:

      So Putin invades Ukraine, a country the size of Texas with 40 million people, using less than a quarter of his military. In this invasion he has occupied thousands of square miles of Ukrainian territory, displaced 20% of the population, killed tens of thousands, laid siege and inflicted terrible damage to major cities, destroyed huge amounts of infrastructure, and cut the Ukrainian economy in half, an unmitigated economic disaster.

      Yet according to Phil, other countries bordering Russia have nothing to worry about, Putin’s military is not competent enough to pose a threat.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    897. Gordon Allen says:

      PhiI. I think you’re too pessimistic.
      Unless the GOP does its dead turtle imitation, all the swing states go GOP
      The Democrats are that unpopular.
      But the dead turtle is a possibility too.

    898. jason says:

      Phil is natural pessimist.

      I am sure he wants to be wrong on this.

      But it all depends on the candidates. Red tides don’t lift all deadender boats.

    899. Skippy says:

      Dr. Oz before suddenly becoming a conservative politician talks in favor of China’s Communist Government Lockdowns.

    900. Meldrim says:

      Here are the numbers for DeSantis’s new congressional map:

      Definitely 20-8 in 2022, and likely at least 20-8 for the rest of the decade; and with the three Broward/Palm Beach Jewish CDs having given Trump 41%, 43% and 40%, respectively, it is possible for the GOP to flip one or more of those districts before the next round of redistricting if the South Florida Jewish vote keeps trending Republican.

    901. jason says:

      A: 33-54 (18-43)
      New Quinn Poll brutal (strong)

      RV: 35-55 (20-45)
      I: 26-56 (11-42)
      Men: 29-59 (14-48)
      Women: 37-50 (21-39)
      White: 31-59 (17-49)
      W Men: 29-63 (15-52)
      W Women: 32-56 (20-47)
      White 4-year college: 52-42 (30-35)
      White no college: 20-67 (11-56)

    902. jason says:

      Dr. Oz before suddenly becoming a conservative politician talks in favor of China’s Communist Government Lockdowns.”

      Zzzzz…. Skippy the Fake Conservative neglects the fact in March of 2020 just about everyone thought lockdowns might work, including Trump. Very little was known at the time.

      WHat Dr. Oz really thinks:

      “In a statement provided to the Washington Examiner, Oz said he opposed government-mandated closures of businesses and schools and had harsh words for Beijing.

      “China lied to the world about COVID-19, what they were doing, what was working to contain the virus, and where it originated, and they should be held accountable for those lies,” Oz said. “I am opposed to shutdowns and lockdowns. I am for getting businesses open and students fully in the classroom.”

      “Unlike most of our government leaders, I understand the truth and data,” he added. “Special interest groups have tried to keep schools and America closed, and I’ll speak out about these misguided decisions and put our businesses, our schools, and our communities first.”

    903. Skippy says:

      That is what Dr. Oz really thinks?


      Only after he decides to run for Senate in a state he doesn’t live in and in a party he has no past connections with other than be friendly to Trump’s Wives.

      Before he became a politician who could easily fool people like Jason?….not so much.

      Enough Conservatives in PA will stay home if Dr. Oz is thr candidate in Nov.

    904. Wes says:

      The real question about the upcoming elections is how hard Mikey, Hannity, and Levin will work to help Democrats hold the Senate. They worked their asses off to that end along with Rush Limbaugh in 2010 and 2012. Thankfully real Republicans took over in 2014, 2016, and 2018 and defeated the Deadenders’ aims.

    905. jason says:

      Enough Conservatives in PA will stay home”

      Well, at least we know Skippy will be voting.

    906. jason says:

      The real question about the upcoming elections is how hard Mikey, Hannity, and Levin will work to help Democrats hold the Senate.”

      Don’t forget Skippy the Fake Conservative. He is supporting a deadender for the PA Senate and will refuse to vote for someone that could actually win. I am not voting either, of course, but at least I have an excuse. Preferring a moonbat like Fetterman to Dr. Oz is true deadender st-ff.

      But yeah, Mikey is facing a challenge on how to keep Schumer Majority Leader. He hasn’t been posting much, must be working overtime to ensure candidates that can’t win get nominated.

      Or maybe he is trying to get a vote in the Senate for Cotton-Perdue 50% reduction in legal immigrants (as 18,000 illegals cross the border each day).

    907. Phil says:

      Putin’s military just got evicted from the Kiev area by the Ukranians who have zero air cover.

      They aren’t invading anyone.

      ….but at least if they try Jason won’t have to lose much more sleep over them. There won’t be much left of them.

    908. jason says:

      Yeah, if Putin invades Finland and inflicts the same amount of damage Phil will be here to say the Finns “evicted the Russians” and “won”.

      I think the Finns are going to say, thanks Phil, with “wins” like that, who needs losses. We are joining NATO.

    909. jason says:

      Skippy the Fake Conservative and pathological liar says Dr. Oz has “no past connections to PA”.

      “Dr. Oz lives in Pennsylvania, votes in Pennsylvania, and has his medical license in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz grew up in the Greater Philadelphia region, less than 5 miles from the PA border. He went to school in Pennsylvania, met his wife and got married in Pennsylvania, and 2 of his children were born in Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, where his wife’s family has lived for a hundred years”

      Dr. Oz is rich guy that probably owns several homes. He has lived in NJ where he has a mansion but he obviously has ties to PA also.

    910. Phil says:

      If Putin invades Finland.

      He isn’t invading Finland or Sweden or Poland or anywhere else. Get real.

      He’d love to. People in hell want ice water too. Not capable.

    911. Phil says:

      Boy, the left is in full melt down mode over the DeSantis redistricting map

      IT’S UNFAIR!!

      …NY’s redistricting map? Crickets..

    912. Phil says:

      I just upped my Republican House gains to 25. Thanks Governor DeSantis.

    913. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil#926: That’s pretty obvious.

    914. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Russian military has been anything but competent. From the BBC:

      “Russia had amassed a force of around 190,000 troops for this invasion and most of those have already been committed to the battle. But they have already lost about 10% of that force. There are no reliable figures for the scale of either Russian or Ukrainian losses. Ukraine claims to have killed 14,000 Russian troops, though the US estimates it is probably half that number.

      Western officials say there is also evidence of dwindling morale among Russian fighters, with one saying it was “very, very, low”. Another said the troops were “cold, tired and hungry” as they had already been waiting in the snow for weeks in Belarus and Russia before they were given the order to invade.

      Russia has already been forced to look for more troops to make up for its losses, including moving in reserve units from as far afield as the east of the country and Armenia. Western officials believe it is also “highly likely” that foreign troops from Syria will soon join the fight, along with mercenaries from its secretive Wagner group. A senior Nato military official said this was a sign it was “scratching the bottom of the barrel”.

      Russia has struggled with the basics. There is an old military saying that amateurs talk tactics while professionals study logistics. There is evidence that Russia has not given it enough consideration. Armoured columns have run out of fuel, food and ammunition. Vehicles have broken down and been left abandoned, then towed away by Ukrainian tractors.

      Western officials also believe Russia may be running low on some munitions. It has already fired between 850 and 900 long-range precision munitions, including cruise missiles, which are harder to replace than unguided weapons. US officials have warned Russia has approached China to help address some of its shortages.”

      And looking at occupation maps of the Ukraine, assume any colored areas the Russians hold are limited to areas there are actually Russian forces.

      But somehow Russia is also going to invade Finland? Whose active military and well-trained reserve amounts to 1,000,000 men/women, and which has a modern air force and weaponry? Oh and Finnish terrain is a tangle of lakes and swamps.

    915. Gordon Allen says:

      SDC. Also obvious
      Putin,however evil,is more Mussolini than Hitler in terms of his capability.

    916. Phil says:

      Exactly….but the Bill Krystol types
      along with the Lincoln Project morons would like us to believe that big bad Putin has the military capability to actually go into European countries. Finland would kick his butt. He knows it better than anyone.

      I prefer to worry about real invasion threats that are actually going to happen – like the one we’re about to get on the southern border in five weeks.

    917. Bitterlaw says:

      909. And you think you are part of the solution by doing nothing but type? I agree there is fraud. Should I kiss your ring.

      I also never post about international fishing treaties, either. I have strong opinions but don’t share everything.

    918. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      931. Had not thought about that Gordon; your right, Putin does look a lot like Mussolini now.

    919. Bitterlaw says:

      Democrats really love non-voting Jason.

    920. Phil says:

      Democrats wouldn’t worry about Jason even if he did vote. They’d just crank out another fraudulent ballot in Philly to count him out. Take them about twenty seconds to fill one out.

    921. Bitterlaw says:

      Shouldn’t Putin have been trying to take out “Decision-making centers” since the beginning of the war? I don’t subscribe to Gordon’s magazines but that seems pretty Invasion 101.

    922. Robbie says:

      Hey, Jason fraud. Scott Gottlied says when the CDC ends the mask requirement on planes, Fauci plans on making people wear masks during boarding and deplaning.

      Another presidential medal of freedom for you hero Fauci, you worthless Trump ball licking idiot?

    923. SoHope says:

      Ukraine just sunk the Russia Black Sea Fleet flagship with a missle strike. 500+ sailors on board.

    924. Bitterlaw says:

      WTF, Robbie? Why does Biden keep Fauci around? Oh, wait. He has to. Same asTrump had to.

    925. Phil says:

      Hey, Robbie. How come your half wit guy in the WH doesn’t get rid of Fauci then?

      Asking for a friend. LOL

    926. Bitterlaw says:

      SoHope – Every story I saw said the ship was damaged. I did not confirmation it sank. I hope it does.

    927. Phil says:

      Me too.

    928. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Robbie, I know this will make you happy. If Trump is elected in 2024 he definitely will get ride of Fauci. Why do you continue to drool over Biden who loves Fauci(since you never criticize Biden)?

    929. Phil says:

      He’s protecting his $1000 investment.

    930. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Why do Democrats want you to hate Putin? Has Putin shipped every middle class job in your town to Russia? Did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic that wrecked your business? Is he teaching your kids to embrace racial discrimination? Is he making fentanyl? Does he eat dogs?

      No I hate Putin for the same reason I hated Hitler. I hope Carlson has ended his admiration for Putin. I never watch him now.

    931. Phil says:

      Putin should be hated.

      I also hate those elites who are did all those things Carlson is speaking of.

      Both can be true.

    932. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russia has become the first Navy in history to lose their flagship to a country with a navy.”

      I am totally stunned! The Moskva is (was)the premier Russian battleship. It would have been like the enemy sinking the battleship Missouri in WWII.

      Putin has to be totally humiliated now.

    933. NYCmike says:


      With all due respect, Carlson does NOT admire Putin, and has never expressed admiration for Putin.

      That statement is aimed at voters and is trying to get them to see Democrats as the root of the problem. Putin is a tyrant. If Trump was still in office, he would not have invaded.

      Democrat policies are the main cause.

    934. NYCmike says:

      Still waiting for Biden to do the things that SHOULD be done…….meanwhile, Ukraine is sinking ships and taking the fight to the Putin-directed invaders…..WOW!

    935. NYCmike says:

      jason is still posting drivel, I see.

      Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so get your boots on.

    936. NYCmike says:

      Skippy won’t vote for anyone if OZ wins the primary.
      Jason won’t vote at all.

      Yup, takes one to know one.

    937. NYCmike says:

      Meanwhile, I will support whichever Republican candidate gets through their primary, while the ones who say I am a Schumer ally bad-mouth Republicans, and vow to stay home for the general election unless their preferred candidate wins the primary.

      (A-Hole) Children and their temper tantrums, will they ever grow up?

    938. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The Moskva was the warship that reportedly told Ukrainian border guards to surrender Snake Island, off Ukraine’s coast in the Black Sea.

      Audio emerged of the sailors telling Russian forces to “go f–k yourself” in response, which the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said was authentic.”

    939. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Even if the Russian version of what happened to the Moskva is accurate – that it was an accident, rather than a Ukrainian attack – Ukrainians will say the warship was only following the instructions it received from Snake Island…

    940. Phil says:

      Flagship disabled. Hmmm

      Part of the terrifying Putin war machine.

    941. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is now being reported it has sunk! Wow! Meanwhile Slovakia is threatening to give the Ukraine some MIG aircraft so it can do even more damage.

      “MOSKVA – Now sending a morse signal of SINKING!

      Replying to
      Russia denies:
      “Russian missile cruiser Moskva is not sinking but has been transformed into a submarine within hours!””

    942. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Pro-Russian Telegram channels are reporting that Moskva was hit by Ukrainian missiles — dropping the earlier pretense that was just some random fire — and sank.

      The account cites the Russian Ministry, and says the ship’s crew was evacuated.

    943. jason says:

      With all due respect, Carlson does NOT admire Putin, and has never expressed admiration for Putin. ”


      Tucker has had his head way up Putin’s ass from the get go.

      Why do you think he is featured on Russian TV?

      Because he parrots Russian propaganda pretty much verbatim.

    944. Phil says:


      Even better.

    945. jason says:

      Supposedly Ukrainians blew up a bridge while a Russian convoy was crossing it. Here is the aftermath.

    946. Phil says:


    947. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      BREAKING: Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva successfully intercepts two Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles

    948. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Captain of the Moskva, Admiral Sinky McBoaty is brother of legendary Russian armored regiment commander Colonel Tanky McLeggy who was run over by his own troops.

    949. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      …all new Russian ships will have glass bottoms. Why, so they can see the rest of their fleet

    950. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      JUST IN:
      “Elon Musk discloses to buy all Twitter stock outstanding he doesn’t own for $54.20, an 18% premium”

      Twitter shares just skyrocketed to $52/share. Will there be a bidding war? I say yes since Daddy Warbucks’ Liberals will try to hold on to the Company.

    951. Skippy says:

      Who says I won’t vote for Republican nominee in PA Senate general election?

      When did I state this?

      The primary should be a contest…not a rubber stamp of pushing the liberal candidate through just because he has spent more time on TV than anyone else.

      Dr. Oz was never pro life before he decided to run.

      The guy is not a conservative. Has never fought the conservative fight. Has never been attacked by liberals and stood up for conservative ideals.

      Dr. Oz is a fraud.

    952. Gordon Allen says:

      The Russians are making the Italians in WW2 look like Napolean’s Army.
      And these guys are a threat to attack Nato??
      The Easter Bunny is real then.

    953. Skippy says:

      New PA GOP Senate Primary Poll just released:

      Dr. Oz 16%
      McCormick 15%
      Barnette 7%

      With learners:

      McCormick 21%
      Dr. Oz 17%
      Barnette 11%

      Dr. Oz has horrific FAV/UNFAV numbers in this néw poll among GOP primary voters. 27% FAV to 39% UNFAV.

      Large percentage of Republican primary voters have yet to make up their minds heading into a huge televised debate.

    954. Skippy says:

      2nd tab of the Franklin/Marshall PA Senate Primary Poll:

    955. jason says:

      Dr. Oz is a fraud.”

      Skippy would certainly know one.

    956. jason says:

      And these guys are a threat to attack Nato??
      The Easter Bunny is real then.”

      Same guy who predicted the Russians would NEVER invade Ukraine.

      Seems like the Swedes and Finns believe their own eyes, not Neville Allen’s magazines.

    957. jason says:

      Who says I won’t vote for Republican nominee in PA Senate general election?

      When did I state this?”

      “Enough Conservatives in PA will stay home if Dr. Oz is thr candidate in Nov.”

      Ahh, I get it now, I forgot Skippy is not a conservative.

    958. jason says:

      Skippy is going to get rich!

      He is supporting a candidate with a 2% chance of winning the nomination.

      50 to 1 baby! $800 investment returns $40,000

      I am thinking could Skippy ALWAYS be wrong, maybe a fake conservative squirrel can find an acorn?

    959. jason says:

      REAKING: Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva successfully intercepts two Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles”

      Yes, according to TASS, Captain has been promoted for destroying 2 Ukrainian missiles, there is 100% certainty they cannot be used again.

    960. jason says:

      Sweden’s Prime Minister has already decided to join Nato, with her government planning to submit Sweden’s application at the Madrid summit of the security alliance at the end of June, the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper has reported.”

      Maybe Neville Allen can offer the Swedes his old magazines, might change their minds.

    961. DW says:

      Headline: Even Beto O’Rourke Is Blasting Biden’s Latest Effort at the Southern Border

      When you lose Beto….

    962. jason says:

      No tigers available?

      “Four men have been arrested after one of the accused’s phones was discovered to contain a video of them gang-raping a Bengal monitor lizard at the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashthra, India.”

    963. jason says:

      Tanks: 505
      Armored fighting vehicles: 297
      Infantry fighting vehicles: 263
      Armored personnel carriers: 97

      Imagine a parade with all this hardware driving by and then going over a 1,000 ft cliff.

    964. Phil says:

      Beto had no choice.

      He’s going to get killed. Not Wendy Davis killed but beaten soundly.

    965. Skippy says:

      Do you know the difference between “enough conservatives will stay home” vs my personal vote in the general election?

      Good grief man get a hold of yourself.

      I don’t live in PA. I will hope whomever wins the PA GOP Senate primary race wins the general.

      Dr. Oz is sinking after all that money…after his huge advantage in name identification. He just isn’t liked by conservatives in PA.

    966. Skippy says:

      And again Jason I don’t judge a value of a candidate based upon odds of winning primary race. You are a front runner..fine…you will support a liberal just as long as he is famous and is supported by Fox News and Trump.

      Some of us believe in the cause of Conservatism.

      Some of us don’t…like you.

    967. mnw says:

      981 Skippy

      Based on what I’ve read, McCormick is just as bad as Odds.

    968. Phil says:

      Baris says he expects Republicans to hold Pa if that’s any comfort. He’s not polled it, however. He will at some point following the primary.

    969. mnw says:


      I appreciate your polls about Baris.

    970. jason says:

      And again Jason I don’t judge a value of a candidate based upon odds of winning primary race.”


      Barnett has like a 2% chance of winning the R primary so what makes you think she would have a chance to win the GE?

      You are a “conservative” working hard to elect a moonbat like Fetterman.

    971. jason says:

      I don’t live in PA.”

      I gather that if you think Barnett is a viable candidate for either the primary or the GE.

      Thank God. Too bad for whatever state you are actually voting for deadenders.

    972. jason says:

      you will support a liberal just as long as he is famous and is supported by Fox News and Trump”

      Oz is no liberal.

      And “support” is iffy since I won’t be voting or contributing to him.

      I merely stated my view that he is the best R candidate for the GE if the Rs want to keep the seat. Having said that, McCormick is also a good candidate that can win.

    973. jason says:

      So Skippy, who is your “conservative” candidate for 2024?

      Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger or Adam Schiff?

    974. Skippy says:


      In no particular order:

      Senator Tom Cotton

      Senator Tim Scott

      Governor/Ambassador Niki Haley

      Senator Marco Rubio

      There are probably others in the non Trump/Nationalist lane I would support…will see how is fleshes out. I will vote for Trump over Democratic nominee in 2024. But I will support and vote for someone other than Trump in primary race.

      All this deflection however isn’t working Jason. Dr Oz is a liberal you like because he has high name ID, money and is supported by Trump. For many of us that is not good enough.

    975. Skippy says:

      This is you Dr. Oz.

      You praised Communist China’s tactics when it came to their shutdowns due to Covid.

      And now you deny it…you can’t admit where you stood before you ran for office how do we know you won’t run from fighting for conservatives and freedom in the future?

      Dr. Fraud.

    976. Bitterlaw says:

      Skippy would rather have a hard leftist like Fetterman (his big issue is legal if pot plus the usual leftist stuff) win than Dr. Oz. Got it.


    977. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason. Man,you lie like a MSM/ Democrat.
      Point to ONE thing I’ve said to oppose Sweden or Finland joining Nato. Tha
      Or ONE thing I’ve opposed with respect to aiding Ukraine,other than direct US military involvement, because the foremost reason is we CAN’T independent of Nato,which fact you’ve never objectively disputed btw.
      If Nato did decide to militarily involve itself the US could and should- and I am certain it won’t
      Do you dispute that?
      Your outright lies and falsehoods bring shame to you and this site.

    978. Gordon Allen says:

      A problem for those who advocate unilateral US military involvement is that Alliances, and in this case NATO, as often as not CONSTRAIN, or inhibit the prospect of unilateral US action, rather than facilitate it.
      In many scenarios, including this one,that is the case. Sometimes you can have one(Allies), and not the other(scope for unilateral action)if that is feasible to begin with.
      It also might obligate you to military action when your own national interest might not be served.
      Like anything it can be a double edged sword.
      This plainly was one part of Trump’s ambivalence about it.

    979. Skippy says:

      Bitterlaw would rather we all support a liberal for GOP Senate seat instead of fighting for conservative principles.

      What are even doing then?…let’s just fold up the grand old party and give it to Hollywood snake oil salesmen liberals like Dr. Oz.


      Here you have Oz with all the money, name ID and Trump’s support and look at his current numbers. All the advantages yet he is sinking because he is a liberal and you all call other candidates deadenders?

      Nice way again to deflect and stop all debate on who should be the GOP PA nominee.

      It’s too bad your candidate Oz is a shrinking ship.

    980. Chicon says:

      Elon Musk launches a hostile takeover of Twitter. DOJ and the SEC launch a joint investigation of (former darling of the left) Tesla.

      I’m sure it is a coincidence, because there is no swamp, right?

    981. Bitterlaw says:

      I have always wanted the most conservative candidate who can win the General Election to be nominated. Nominating the most conservative candidate who will lose the General Election is absurd and only elects Democrats.

    982. Bitterlaw says:

      I support the most conservative candidate who can win the General Election. Supporting the most conservative candidate who will lose the General Election is absurd and only elects Democrats.

    983. Bitterlaw says:

      997 was released from moderation when I posted 998. Maybe it was released like Barabas.


    984. Bitterlaw says:


    985. mnw says:

      And you thought the Dr. Odds endorsement was dreadful?

      NBC just reported that Trump will endorse Vance.

      Odds AND Vance. I’m throwing up in my throat.

    986. jason says:

      oint to ONE thing I’ve said to oppose Sweden or Finland joining Nato”

      Zzzzz… great straw argument.

      I didn’t say you opposed Sweden and Finland joining NATO, I said Sweden and Finland understand that Russia is a threat to them and they are better off in the alliance.


    987. jason says:

      Yeah, the Vance endorsement is a bummer. Horribel candidate.

      I thought the Oz endorsement was smart.

      You can’t win them all.

    988. jason says:

      Skippy would rather have a hard leftist like Fetterman (his big issue is legal if pot plus the usual leftist stuff) win than Dr. Oz. Got it.


      Heh…classic deadender.

    989. jason says:

      All this deflection however isn’t working Jason. Dr Oz is a liberal you like because he has high name ID, money and is supported by Trump. For many of us that is not good enough.”

      No, I like him because I think he is certainly conservative enough on the issues I care about and can win the GE.

      Same with McCormick btw.

      Barnette? No, she is a deadender who would be crushed by Fetterman just like she will be crushed by Oz and McCormick.

    990. Bitterlaw says:

      Barrette has a compelling personal story as a black conservative. She won’t win.

    991. Bitterlaw says:


    992. Skippy says:

      Barnette has been fighting for conservatives causes for years. She served this country in uniform.

      She is a deadender because she is not a millionaire with high ID numbers at beginning of race?

      She is not exactly in my wheelhouse….but she is the best in the field. McCormick, as I mentioned before, is my second choice. I donated money to Barnette and will again in her coming up fundraiser.

      Dr Oz never fought the liberals on any issues that I know of before deciding to run for Senate in a state he doesn’t live in….this is good enough for Jason.

      But not for many Conservatives.

      Dr Oz will struggle getting a big turnout among conservatives in the general. He is not well liked….not trusted.

    993. Wes says:

      Trump endorses Vance?

      Mikey must be creaming his pants right now because the worst candidate possible for OH-Sen just got a potential break in the clown car fight to replace Rob Portman.

    994. Meldrim says:

      Why is it taken as an article of faith that Barnette would lose to Fetterman in the general while McCormick and Oz would win? She would motivate conservatives, is good on TV, and would benefit from the same anti-Democrat political environment as the other potential Republican nominees. There are plenty of reasons why a particular candidate would have a difficult time winning a primary–less money and lower name-ID being the most obvious–yet being viable (and even good) candidates in the general. To give an obvious example, Mark Walker is a huge longshot to win the GOP Senate nomination in NC, but if he were to win the nomination, he would be the prohibitive favorite in the general. Winning a major-party nomination for a winnable race opens up a whole world of fundraising not previously available to a candidate who is deemed to be unlikely to win the primary.

    995. Meldrim says:

      BTW, I wrote post #1,010 before I saw Bitter’s or Skippy’s posts 1,006 to 1,008, but I wouldn’t have changed a word in my post even had I read them. I honestly don’t know why she’s considered a deadender.

      That being said, I prefer McCormick, not because I like him on the issues as much as I like Barnette, but because he’s got a head start on fundraising and name ID and I think that he’d be more difficult to tar as “too extreme for PA.”

      I think that nominating Oz would be a Hail Mary play for the GOP in a year in which we have plenty of time on the clock and just need to get a couple of more first downs to get into field-goal range and win. Sure, Oz could win support from a wider range of voters than the other candidates, but he also could blow the race altogether. I’d be willing to take that risk is this was 2018, but not in 2022.

    996. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Mud season in the Ukraine is beginning. Tank manueverability will be impaired. This is the worst time of year for the Russians to begin an offensive.

      “Officials said torrential rain in eastern Ukraine was also having an effect, making it harder for Russian forces to operate off road, and slowing down their ability to mass troops.”

    997. Phil says:

      They weren’t doing so hot before the mud. LOL

    998. Skippy says:


      Yep, we don’t need no Hail Mary play and bet on a liberal in Oz when we have other alternatives.

    999. Robbie says:

      Ben Jacobs
      Trump endorsed candidate for Governor of Nebraska facing allegations of groping/sexual misconduct from eight different women including a state senator

      – I’m shocked. Jason fraud assured me Trump only endorses the best people.

      Can’t wait to watch all of the easy marks tell me in 2024 Trump is our only hope.

    1000. Cash Cow TM says:


      In the last @ 5 days it has been troubling that I have not seen lots more current videos of Ukrainians blowing up Soviet (Klingon) military hardware. I got great joy out of seeing those daily during the first 30+ days of the war. I now see almost NO new videos of the Z ad V tanks, etc. getting sent to hell.

      Now on FB, all I am seeing is lots of Klingon videos showing how the Klingon invaders are doing well, capturing Ukrainians, etc.

      Of course I am heartened by the news about the Klingon flagship getting hit and damaged badly.

      I fear for the brave Ukrainians who have fought and resisted the evil that beset them and the scorched earth attacks the Klingons have/will unleash on them. Got a bad feeling of what is to come. Hope it is wrong and the Russians continue to behave militarily like the 3 stooges and get their @$$ handed to them.

    1001. Cash Cow TM says:

      After seeing the tulip gardens, taking canal boat ride and walking tours of Amsterdam (including the red light district) we are heading for home tomorrow morning.

      Walt said he remembered when Mr. Amster built the first dam here.

    1002. Cash Cow TM says:

      Russia reporting that the Muskova (ship that the Ukes hit with Neptune missiles) has now sunk while being towed back for repairs.

      So I leave you with this good news.

      Tomorrow connections for me to HHR will no doubt be spotty.

      Try to keep the infighting, name-calling, insults
      and GFYs here to a minimum.

    1003. Tina says:

      This is alarming. Cognitive decline. No clue what China Biden is doing here.

    1004. Phil says:

      ‘Can’t wait until all the easy marks tell us Trump is our only hope”



      The guy who sent a grand to Biden uses the word “our” side?

      There ain’t no “our” you fraud. You are on the other side and always have been. Stop making a fool out of yourself day after day.

      Tell you what, Robbie. Instead of whining about who others endorse, why don’t you address who you not only endorsed but who you financially supported for President. Explain that and then get back to us. On second thought, do us all a favor and just don’t get back to us at all.

    1005. Bitterlaw says:

      Did Robbie really donate $1000 to Biden or is that just something he seems capable of doing?

    1006. Phil says:

      He actually did.

      That coupled with the fact that he never seems to support a Republican actually on the ballot.


    1007. Wes says:

      I know Tg wishes he were eating at my house today. I’m making homemade pizza topped with pepperoni, salami, sausage, chicken, ground beef, and jalapeños.


    1008. Wes says:


    1009. Bitterlaw says:

      Russia builds incredibly ugly warships.

    1010. Meldrim says:

      Have a nice flight, Cow. I hope that they give you a nice feedbag instead of a facemask.

    1011. NYCmike says:

      Just checking in – as usual, the people who are the most vocal about supporting the primary system are those most likely to bail on a nominee for the general election if it isn’t the one they voted for in the primary – S A D ! but typical of that type of personality.

    1012. NYCmike says:

      Max Boot, a favorite of Robbie and “CG”, said that Musk owning Twitter would be bad for democracy because he says we neem more content moderation, not less…….

    1013. NYCmike says:

      Has Baris done polling on any “deadenders” to back up what some people are saying that they won’t win the general election?


    1014. Bitterlaw says:

      1027. Zzzzzzzzzz. I always support the winner of the GOP primary in the GE. Hated Trump in 2016. I think I voted for Kasich in the PA primary because he was the last candidate left besides Trump by then and Trump was going to get the nomination anyway. Or I wrote in Christie. Trump got the nomination and my support in the GE.

    1015. jason says:

      I’m shocked. Jason fraud assured me Trump only endorses the best people.”

      jason says:
      April 14, 2022 at 2:33 pm

      Yeah, the Vance endorsement is a bummer. Horribel candidate.”

      Amoral Scumbag really needs psychiatric help.

      But I don’t think there is a shrink alive than can fix that kind of TDS.

    1016. mnw says:


      Very impressed with Matt Barzal a couple of nights ago. First time I noticed him, because the Bluz so rarely play the Isles. Also, Nick Leddy is working out even better that the Blues hoped he would, so far.

      I heard an announcer say that all the shuffling around the Isles did at the start of the season really hurt them.

    1017. Bitterlaw says:

      April 14th is a pretty rotten date. Lincoln was assassinated and Titanic hit an iceberg. April 15th sucked more because Lincoln died, Titanic sank AND taxes are usually due.

    1018. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1025. Russia builds incredibly ugly warships

      Agree the Moskva looks odd with all the missile silos added to it. But in it’s day it was one of the most impressive and beautiful battleships in existence. Although I am strongly pro-Ukraine. It is sad to see such a storied ship go to the bottom.

      Then you consider all the young Russian lives that have been lost in this war. I hope and pray someone takes Putin out.

    1019. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – It seems like Russian designers say, “Anything else we can add on? Missiles? Sure. Guns? Why not? Torpedo tubes and mines? Hell, yeah.”

    1020. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Just had an earthquake in San Diego. Seemed shallow and was relatively short. But it was a good shake. Hopefully no damage elsewhere.

    1021. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1038. 4.6 earthquake in Ensenada, Mexico. In California you never know when a massive one is going to hit.

    1022. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1036. Bitter, I am afraid I am getting my battleships mixed up. The Moskva I was referring to was a massive battleship with a helicopter deck that was the pride of the Soviet fleet in the late 20th century. Thought it had been modified into the missile warship that was sunk. Instead it was scrapped, and the ship sunk was originally built to look like it was when it was sunk.

    1023. Cash Cow TM says:



    1024. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A friend sent me two videos of how effective Stinger missiles were in the Ukraine. They are amazingly accurate; the Ukrainians were blowing multiple helicopters out of the sky in a matter of minutes.

    1025. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      In China there is opposition growing to the COVID lockdown.

      Maybe Fauci should issue a statement of support for the Chinese health officials he is so chummy with:

      “Police also reported arrests of citizens who were “venting off dissatisfaction” and using “inappropriate language” related to the pandemic.

      As the resentment simmers, authorities are trying to control the public message, often with censorship of online complaints.

      On April 5, videos of a protest against lockdowns in Langfang, a city near Beijing, were quickly removed from Weibo.

      Last week, Shanghai announced a crackdown on “rumours”, threatening to shut down offending social media chat groups.

      But pushback from the public can yield results.

      Last month, students at Sichuan University in the city of Chengdu forced university authorities to lift a campus lockdown after protesting, the South China Morning Post reported.

      State media warnings have at times added fuel to the fire.

      Thousands of social media posts used a Weibo hashtag for a report by the official Xinhua news agency about police cracking down on COVID-related misinformation to post criticism of the government’s coronavirus response.

      By Friday, it had racked-up over half a billion views.”

    1026. Wes says:

      I guess Harvey the Rabbit was having fun at Biden’s expense, Jason.

    1027. Phil says:

      This kind of acting lost type scene with Biden is getting more and more frequent. The media is having to work overtime to ignore it.

    1028. jason says:

      Actually possible he will not endorse any of them, but Greitens seems unlikely.

    1029. jason says:

      Hard to look at that video and not think there is a problem.

    1030. Phil says:

      Thing is, with all the problems America’s are struggling with and most concerned about – domestically, inflation, crime, open borders to the dangers in the foreign policy arena – these kinds of scenes just erode any confidence anyone would have in this guy.

      …..and here’s the rub. It will only get worse. It gets worse daily.

      Americans look up and realize we have all these problems and no leader. Just this half wit.

    1031. Gordon Allen says:

      Putin is Mussolini, as I’ve noted before, leader of a corrupt state whose ambitions far outrange it’s real capability. The Russians have to pick up their game to rival the Italians.
      The preposterous notion this rag tag outfit was a threat to overrun Europe and Nato has to be seen now as farce.I said so from the get go.
      As the Secretary of the Air Force said at the Air Force Association symposium in Orlando(not just “magazines”) his 3 highest priorities in order are China, China, and China. “UNLIKE RUSSIA, China with a GDP 10 times that of Russia, has the economic means to challenge the US in every military domain “Kendall, AFA April p20.
      On that score we might have gotten a temporary break with China’s absurd Covid lockdowns likely stalling their economy for a time.
      But the fixation with an evil but overly puffed up Putin, leader of a generally backward state ( albeit with nuclear weapons), as a prime threat to the US and Europe has to be reigned in to scale, and a clear eye kept on our primary long term threat here.
      Even if he sells us cheap sneakers and sweat suits in the name of “free trade”, and offers corporate America cheap labor and “sales opportunities”.

    1032. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It appears Russia is about to go into default on its debt. Even Putin acknowledges things are grim. From Wall Street Journal:

      “President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that Western sanctions have stymied Russia’s energy industry, the country’s economic engine, and that it will need to reorient oil and gas sales from markets in Europe to Asia.

      “The most acute [problem] is associated with a disruption of the logistics of export deliveries,” Mr. Putin said Thursday during a government meeting. Mr. Putin said banks from “unfriendly countries,” which includes the European Union, are delaying the transfer of payments.”

    1033. Phil says:

      So how do Democrats get rid of this guy? Seriously, they have a VP who is clearly out of her depth. VPs aren’t supposed to poll this horribly.

      What’s Joe going to be like in 4, 5 or 6 months. Do they just hide him in the WH basement? That’s going to be impossible to spin. Can they talk him into resigning? And let word salad cackling Kamala take over? That isn’t going to work.

      Houston, we have a problem.

    1034. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon always leaves out that he said Russia would never invade Ukraine.

      As for Russia being a military threat, I will defer to Finland and Sweden over somebody who never served in the military but likes to join Associations.

    1035. mnw says:

      OH Sen GOP primary poll:

      Trafalgar (Robert Cahaly):

      Mandel 28
      Vance 22.6
      Gibbon 14.3
      Timken 7.5

      (others omitted)

      Obviously, this was taken before Trump’s supposed endorsement of Vance, assuming the NBC report of Trump’s forthcoming endorsement of Vance is accurate.

      If Trump tops off his wretchedly bad endorsements of Dr. Odds & J.D. Vance by endorsing Greitens in MO TOO (as some have speculated he might), then I’m done with Trump forever.

    1036. Phil says:

      Can we please dispense with the Russia invasion threat to Finland and Sweden illusion?

      Putin should just concentrate on keeping his flagships from being sunk.

    1037. DW says:

      “being sunk”?
      I thought it was just a mechanical failure that they lost the ship. I mean Putin would not lie, right?

    1038. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Russians just lost a major battleship, and the Ukrainians are blasting Russian helicopters and aircraft out of the sky with NATO weapons. So far their Donbass offensive is stalled. And the Spring muddy season has begun. And they are about in financial default.

      They are now demanding the U.S. stop furnishing the Ukrainians weapons:

      “Washington Post: Russia warns US to stop arming Ukraine. The Washington Post reported on April 15 that it had received a copy of a diplomatic note sent by Russia to the U.S. In the note, Russia claimed that U.S. and NATO shipments of the “most sensitive” weapons to Ukraine could bring “unpredictable consequences.””

    1039. Phil says:

      Yeah, things are going swimmingly for Putin in Ukraine. Further Russian invasions imminent.


    1040. DW says:

      “While being towed… towards the destined port, the vessel lost its balance due to damage sustained in the hull as fire broke out after ammunition exploded. Given the choppy seas, the vessel sank,” the Russian defence ministry said.

      So Russia builds it’s war ships with paper thin hulls so its own ammunition could puncture it? In WWII some of the Japanese carriers lost at Midway floated for days with infernos raging on the deck before they finally succumbed.

      But this Russian ship just ‘lost it’s balance’? That sounds like how Guam could lose its balance and flip over.

    1041. mnw says:

      RAS today has GCB at R+8.

      Biden’s JA at 41/57 (-16).

    1042. jason says:

      Can we please dispense with the Russia invasion threat to Finland and Sweden illusion?”

      Heh, it is no illusion to the Finns and Swedes as they rush to join NATO. I guess they are not interested in any “Russian failures” like the one that has killed tens to thousands of Ukrainians, displaced 20%+ of its population, occupied large areas of the country, destroyed its infrastructure and cut its economy in half.

      Of course, we heard from the isolationists that Putin would never invade Ukraine.

    1043. mnw says:

      FOX News:

      “Ohio Republican Central Committee, Many GOP County Chairs Urge Trump Not to Endorse in Senate Race”

    1044. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “CNN: First flight of $800 million in new military aid for Ukraine from US expected in next 24 hours. According to an undisclosed senior defense official, the material will be picked up at the border by Ukrainians. The White House announced the new package, which includes 11 helicopters, 18 Howitzer cannons, and 300 Switchblade drones, on April 13.”

    1045. jason says:

      Even if he sells us cheap sneakers and sweat suits in the name of “free trade””

      I love it when wealthy gated community pampered elitist “AFL-CIO conservatives” like Neville Allen who can afford $1000 sneakers and $2000 designer sweat suits sneer at free trade because it provides “cheap” goods to the great unwashed deplorable masses.

      If they can’t or don’t want to pay 4 times more f–k’em, the little people shouldn’t expect to afford these things anyway.

    1046. jason says:

      “Ohio Republican Central Committee, Many GOP County Chairs Urge Trump Not to Endorse in Senate Race”

      He can endorse anyone he wants except Vance.

    1047. jason says:

      You won’t see Amoral Scumbag mentioning this. His problem is that Walker is endorsed by Trump, thus he is a “MAGA turd”.

      “Democratic senator Raphael Warnock asked a Georgia judge on Tuesday to seal his contentious child custody dispute from the public, arguing that because he is “currently running for reelection” his opponent could use the case to “gain some political advantage,” according to a court motion obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

      Warnock made the request in a joint motion with his ex-wife, Oulèye Ndoye, following renewed media attention on their divorce. Warnock and Ndoye said in the filing that there is an “overriding interest that is likely to prejudice the parties and their minor children if hearings relating to modification of custody is not closed.” The motion says Warnock is a “public figure serving in a political office” and “is currently running for reelection for said political office.”

    1048. jason says:

      Let’s see if the Dems are against divulging any of Walker’s records because “he is running for high office”.

    1049. Gordon Allen says:

      How about a simple question?
      Does anybody think Russia has the wherewithal/capability to invade Finland and Sweden?
      If the answer is yes, explain where Putin is hiding it, and why?
      If no, then why the angst??
      Desire without ability always creates frustration and failure.
      Russia has shown itself weaker and less threatening than some here relentlessly promote( actually by a lot) Some here told everyone that months ago was the case.
      Whose afraid of the big bad bear now??
      Now, the dragon is another matter.

    1050. Phil says:

      Putin isn’t invading Finland or Sweden, Jason.

      I mean, invade with what exactly?

      Please stop.

    1051. jason says:

      Fortunately the Finns and the Swedes are smarter than Phil and Neville Allen and don’t want to “win” any wars against Russia like Ukraine is “winning”.

    1052. Phil says:

      Musk’s next move should be interesting.

      He’s planned for the poison pill without a doubt.

    1053. jason says:

      After Neville Allen predicted the Russians would NEVER invade Ukraine I don’t any other countries are going to be listening to his “advice”.

    1054. Phil says:

      Yeah, those countries are scared sh*tless I’m sure.

      I’ve listened to Russia Russia Russia for the last six years from the likes of Adam Schiff, the usual gaggle on CNN, Lincoln Project…..

      Enough already.

    1055. jason says:

      Finns much smarter than Phil…

      “Survey: Majority of Finns consider Russia a significant military threat
      Eighty-four percent of Finns consider Russia to be a significant military threat, according to a recent values and attitudes survey from the Finnish Business Policy and Forum (Eva).”

      President of Finland in PBS interview, says he does not doubt the Russians would attack Finland militarily.

    1056. mnw says:


      I don’t want to TEST Russia’s capabilities. I want to bolt & triple lock the door, is what I want.

      Public opinion from what I’ve read was lopsidedly against joining NATO in UKR, Finland & Sweden back when the USSR collapsed.

      It was stupid to operate on the assumption that the new Russian Federation could be trusted more than the USSR. Bulgaria & Estonia realized that immediately.

    1057. Phil says:

      Again, attack with what?

      The Soviets never attacked in the hay day of the Soviet Union when they actually had a military. They’re going to move now when what’s left of their army is tied down in the Ukraine? Again, how exactly are they in a position to attack Finland? Frankly, I’d just as soon they try it. That would be the end of Putin once and for all and we wouldn’t have to hear about him again.

      …but hell, join NATO, don’t join NATO. I couldn’t care less. I would if he had the means. He doesn’t. Putin is a bully and a turd….but he’s a bully without the means.

    1058. Phil says:

      Would I trust Russia? Hell no. Fortunately, their bark is way more than their bite. Putin’s military gets degraded by the day. His economy takes a hit by the day. His invasion has been a disaster. Further, going forward the performance of his military, or lack of, makes it harder to make demands than before the invasion. The image Russian military strength has taken a huge hit. He’s a tyrant…but he’s a tyrant with limited military prowess when it comes to invasion outside of Ukraine. Very limited. Putin has done this to himself. F him.

    1059. Phil says:

      You want to know why Putin went into the Ukraine?

      Two words. Joe Biden.

      Putin spent six months building up 200,000 troops on all sides of the border with the Ukraine. Biden didn’t do sh*t. He held back on arming Ukraine to the teeth. Think Trump would have held back? Uh, no. There is a reason Putin waited out the four years Trump was in office.

      Want to talk about appeasers? Look no further than the Biden administration. The real appeasers.

    1060. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At the present time Russia does not have sufficient available forces to even attempt to attack Finland. So despite Putin’s blustering: Finland will become a member of NATO, possibly in June, without attack.

      Sweden is taking more time, and is now on a different track.

    1061. DW says:

      There is a long history with Finland and Russia. Back in the 1980s I recall reading the account of a Russian university prof who had had enough of communism and decided to literally HIKE out of Russia.

      He packed his backpack and took the train as far north-east as possible, going way up to Murmansk I think it was…near the Artic ocean. His assumption was that the Soviets would not bother to patrol the border because in those extreme conditions nature makes as a good a border as any.

      Hiking west, he came to the border with Finland and was shocked to discover a tall fence, with raked sand, and a regular military patrol. He had to craft long sticks to use as stilts, and cross over using a stream to not mar the raked sand, and cross over the fence at a time between patrols.

      Then, once in Finland, he had to keep hiking all the way to Sweden because if he was found out in Finland, the Finnish government would arrest him and return him to captivity in the Soviet Union.

      He didn’t know if he was being chased by the authorities throughout his long hike, but as it turned out, he was, but he kept just enough ahead of them to make it out.

      It was a fascinating read.

    1062. DW says:

      The Mets built a 10-1 lead today on great hitting and excellent starting pitching, then its the ninth inning so they hand the ball to Reid-Foley, and so far he has allowed 2 runs and three hits. This guy has an ERA of 15.43. Why not just release the guy and pickup someone from waivers or something? Bring back Bartolo Colon. Anything.

      The Mets have a great team, but they cannot score 10 runs every game to make up for the terrible calf-pen they have.

    1063. DW says:

      So far the Mets’ starters have given up SIX earned runs in the first EIGHT games. Not too bad. And DeGrom hasn’t yet thrown a pitch.

    1064. Skippy says:

      PA GOP Senate Race


      Dr Oz 22.7%

      McCormick 19.7%

      Barnette 18.4%

      Sands. 11.2%

      Bartos 7.7%

      Bouchetto 2.5%

      Gale 0.8%

      Undecided 17%

    1065. Skippy says:

      Kathy Barnette is now in position to make a run at Dr. Oz.

      The incredible money, Name ID and Trump’s endorsement advantage Dr. Oz has enjoyed over Kathy Barnette has not been enough for him to pull away.

      Huge debate on April 25th.

      Buckle up.

      The little conservative engine that could in Kathy Barnette is going to take this race all the way down to the wire.

      Let’s go!!

    1066. Tina says:

      Musk is doing more than the grand old uni party is doing.

      I remember when during the lockdowns, Alameda County would not let him reopen his plant. He reopened it and told the leftists that to arrest him and not his employees.

    1067. jason says:

      Damm, Skippy missed the chance to bet on Barnette at 50-1.

      But 12-1 is still good odds.

      Go for it.

    1068. jason says:

      The little conservative engine that could in Kathy Barnette is going to take this race all the way down to the wire.”

      Skippy is a lighter version of Amoral Scumbag.

      Nothing is more important than TDS, he wants Fedderman as Senator because somehow that would be bad for Trump.


    1069. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russia now appears to be accepting the inevitable:

      Russia’s foreign ministry said earlier Friday that the choice was up to Finland and Sweden.

      “But they should understand the consequences of such a step for our bilateral relations and for the architecture of European security as a whole,” spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement.

    1070. Skippy says:


      Why would you think I would want Fedderman to win the senate seat in PA?

      What is wrong with you?

      You act this way anytime someone disagrees with you.

      I’ve donated money to Barnette. She is not exactly my type of candidate but she is the best one in my opinion in this race and more and more people are flocking to her candidacy despite her disadvantages in money, TV Ads and name ID.

      Barnette has big momentum on her side…she is getting into position to shock the political landscape in Pennsylvania.

    1071. Phil says:

      Baris released a little more information regarding the Georgia Poll he took at the beginning of the week.

      He said Biden is at 36% in Georgia. Makes it much easier for Walker (who leads by 5)

      He didn’t poll the governor’s race. He has contracted to poll that in the very near future. His only comments regarding a Kemp – Abrams race in the fall is that he’s not sure how it would come out. He says his polling a couple of months indicate there is about 25% of the Georgia Republican base that can’t stand Kemp. He’s anxious to see how much that hurts him in the GE.

    1072. jason says:

      Fortunately, Barnette is not getting the opportunity to lose the GE.

      Skippy is going to have to look for another Senate race to throw away for his TDS.

      Btw, I don’t know a lot about Barnette, but she seems to have a compelling life story and I admire AA’s that are willing to go off the reservation and run as Republicans. She has been clear she thinks Trump’s presidency was positive for AAs. Perhaps she can use the recognition she garners in this run to try for Congress or another office in the future.

      This race seems above her pay grade so to speak.

    1073. jason says:

      she is getting into position to shock the political landscape in Pennsylvania.”

      Have you bet on her at Predictit?

      12-1. Put $800 and you could get $9600. Yesterday it was $40,000 so you already lost $30,000.

    1074. Skippy says:


      Why is this race above her pay grade but it’s line with Dr. Oz?

      Have you watched any of the PA GOP Senate debates?

      That would be a no, correct.

      I don’t support nor agree with the liberal Dr. Oz candidacy for Senate but I’m not going to question the motives of everyone who does support his candidacy.

      Barnette is a conservative who was fighting for conservative causes and this serving this nation in uniform well before she entered the race.

    1075. jason says:

      I think the biggest problem Barnette has is that Skippy predicted she will win.

      Normally, that is the kiss of death.

      The guy he predicted would beat Trudeau is not even head of the Tories in Canada anymore.

    1076. jason says:

      Why is this race above her pay grade but it’s line with Dr. Oz?”

      Well, because Oz has massive name recognition, money, and a compelling life story of his own.

      Calling him a liberal is just stupid TDS rhetoric that only helps the Democrats.

      Dr Oz is no liberal. Have you read his position on the issues?

      No, didn’t think so.

    1077. jason says:

      Also, I am hardly an Oz “supporter”.

      I think he has the best chance of winning the GE, which is different.

      I am perfectly ok with McCormick, who can also win.

      I am not voting for either one.

    1078. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      There is no indication of any advance by the Russians in the Donbas. The battle line that was established in 2014 is fortified after eight years of fighting.

      “Ukraine repels 10 enemy attacks in the east. In the attacks, Russia has lost three tanks, several pieces of artillery, and an armored personnel carrier, according to Ukraine’s military estimates. Another six Orlan-10 UAVs were reportedly downed.”

    1079. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Anyone surprised?? Do you think the Brits are the only foreign special forces in the Ukraine?

      “The SAS, Britain’s famed special forces corps, has been training Ukrainian soldiers on the ground in the Kyiv region, Ukrainian military sources have told The Times of London.

      Officers from two battalions told the newspaper on Friday that SAS troops led training sessions last week and the week before.

      One commander said the trainers showed how to use NLAWs, a type of British anti-tank missile.

      The report of serving British soldiers on the ground in Ukraine for the first time has not been confirmed by the UK Ministry of Defence.”

    1080. Cash Cow TM says:

      BACK HOME!

      Amsterdam airport…

      Had to go through THREE back and forth cheese mazes.

      FIRST one to get luggage checked and get plane ticket was over an hour to get through.

      SECOND back and forth cheese maze took over an hour to get through to go through security. Our boarding time for the 12 noon flight was 11:10. We had yet to go through the security check by that time.

      THIRD back and forth cheese maze line only took about 20 minutes.

      Then a sprint clear across the airport to get to our gate. We got there with about 10 minutes to spare.

      Uneventful flight home and arrived about 4:30 p.m.

    1081. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Do you think that you know more about Russia’s intentions and military capabilities than the leaders of Finland and Sweden?

    1082. Cash Cow TM says:

      Going to bed, Fred.

      Catch you all in the morning.


    1083. jason says:

      Phil – Do you think that you know more about Russia’s intentions and military capabilities than the leaders of Finland and Sweden?”

      Phil knows the Russians have no military capabilities but is scared to death to stand up to them.

    1084. jason says:

      Walt whines about air travel but forgets the first time he rowed across the Atlantic on a Viking boat.

    1085. Phil says:

      I believe their capabilities” have been front and center for the world to see over the last five weeks.

      Has Kiev fallen yet? The mighty 47 mile convoy. Blah blah

      Getting their asses handed to them by a third rate power.

      ….but yeah, they’ll be moving into Finland next. With what I don’t know. I’ll keep asking and maybe you guys can think of something.

      I’m fine with standing up to a threat. Just need to show me one.

    1086. Phil says:

      Big redistricting win for the GOP in Wisconsin today.

    1087. Bitterlaw says:

      Interesting to note that Phil claims the Russians are not a threat because of the events of the last 5 weeks. Why? Because it was during the same 5 weeks that Finland and Sweden began moving closer to NATO membership.

    1088. Phil says:

      Those are legislative districts BTW.

    1089. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil claimed that if Russia attacked a NATO member, the US and NATO should hit back with everything they had. Does anybody doubt that if Finland and Sweden become members of NATO and Russia attacks them that Phil will have a reason for the rest of NATO and the US to not fight Russia?

    1090. Phil says:

      Musk reportedly talking to other investors going in with him on Twitter.

      Basically telling the Twitter board to take their poison pill and stuff it.

      I’m loving this.

    1091. Phil says:

      Members of NATO? Sure. Why would you doubt that, bitter? Because I don’t support war involving a non NATO member country? You don’t see the difference? Of course you do.

      But let’s keep our eye on the ball. There will be no invasion of a NATO country by Putin. Ain’t happening. He’d need something to invade a NATO country with. You haven’t shown me what that is.

      I almost wish he’d do it, however. He’d get clobbered and it would be ugly as hell….but at least at that point you and Jason would sleep well knowing the Big Bad Putin beast was crushed. No more Putin Freddy Krueger like dreams. You guys would finally get some rest.

    1092. Phil says:

      Looks like Disney has thrown in the towel on the Florida “don’t say gay law”. When asked about the law today a Disney spokesman had “no comment”. They now seem happy to just shut up and have the whole thing go away. Really stupid the way Disney played this. Also notice none of the other corporations ever got involved in this.

      Disney got waaaay out over their skis on this. Really dumb.

    1093. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil obviously forgets that he was initially afraid of confronting Putin and his nukes. Now, Putin is not a threat. Which is it?

    1094. jason says:

      Putin is no threat but Phil craps his pants every time he is mentioned.

    1095. jason says:

      The Putin Appeasers will be proud.

      “Kyiv sank ‘Moscow’ and the Russians are furious. In response to the sinking of the warship ‘Moskva,’ state TV pundits and hosts propose bombing Kyiv, destroying Ukraine’s railways and making it impossible for any world leaders to visit in the future.”

    1096. Phil says:

      Phil craps in his pants every time Putin is mentioned.


      Putin Putin Putin Putin

      He’s coming for all of us! Adam Schiff said so!

      Did you guys ever answer the question of where the Putin beast was going to get the military to move into Finland with? Hopefully not the same army that just got run out of the Kiev theater. Maybe he’ll have more luck besieging Stockholm.

    1097. Phil says:

      ….or Helsinki

    1098. Phil says:

      …or Warsaw

    1099. mnw says:

      Speaking of Disney:

      the most woke, leftwing capitalist outfit in the country is Penzeys Spices. I’ve been thinking for years about shipping all their half-empty little spice bottles back to them, but it’s too much trouble.

    1100. Phil says:

      Not worth the trouble, mnw.

    1101. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1118. Agree with Phil. The Russians are now hunting for new troops to start their eastern offensive in the Donbas. They are reportedly looking at conscripts and troops in Syria and Georgia and other places. It is uncertain if Russia will prevail in the Ukraine.

      They cannot start a second war now with Finland, which has a well-trained military/reserves of about 1,000,000 men, and modern jet
      aircraft and weaponry.

    1102. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump is taking a hard line against Russia. But never fear, those who want to appease Putin still have Bernie:

      “Trump elaborated on his comments later in the interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, saying, “This is a genocide that’s taking place.”

      “We have the strongest, most capable nuclear anywhere in the world because of what I did,” Trump said, reiterating his claim that Putin would not have invaded were he in office.

      Trump said the U.S. has a more powerful nuclear arsenal than Russia and that “people shouldn’t be pushing us around.””

    1103. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The mighty Russian military at work:

      On April 8th, Russia sent a MiG-31 to fly near Finland as warning to not join NATO….

      it crashed

    1104. Skippy says:

      Hillary Clinton, one of the smartest people I know, is absolutely right..”

    1105. Skippy says:

      Dr. Oz.

      Watch the whole show.

      This is the real Oz.

    1106. jason says:

      Skippy, did you bet yet? Your deadender is paying 10-1. Get all your friends to invest, everyone will be rich.

      I am thinking of betting $10 myself, if she wins I will be able to afford lunch at Wahwah.

    1107. jason says:

      They cannot start a second war now with Finland,”

      Straw argument. Nobody is claiming Putin will invade Finland NOW, just that Russia IS a threat to Finland and Sweden, as the leaders in both countries understand.

      Putin’s plan of recreating the Soviet Union is a threat to Europe, NATO and the US. That is a factk whether the Russians achieved their objectives in Ukraine or not. The Russian “failure” has resulted so far in destroying 50% of Ukraine’s economy (not a rich country to begin with), displaced 20%+ of its people in a massive humanitarian crisis, killed tens of thousands of Ukrainians, and resulted in thousands of square miles of occupied land.

      Nobody else wants to “win” such a war with Russia, even if Phil keeps bleating “Putin, Putin, Putin” with his appeasement and isolationist BS.

      Phil still hasn’t explained why if he thinks the Russians are so weak, why he craps his pants whenever someone suggests standing up to Putin.

    1108. jason says:

      On April 11, The National Post reported that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has authorized to send $500 million in weapons, including armoured personnel carriers, to help Ukrainian forces during Russia’s unprovoked onslaught.”

      Nice. Considering Biden is sending $800 million, $500 from Canada with 38 million people and less than 10% of the US GDP, it is a significant contribution.

    1109. jason says:


      Let’s go Kathy!”

      Have you bet yet?

      Deadender “surging” alert!

    1110. jason says:

      Make that $500 million from Canada.

    1111. jason says:

      My llama Lupita endorsed Dr. Oz too.

      I showed her three pieces of paper, one with Oz, one with McCormick and one with Barnette so she could pick.

      She ate the sheet with Dr. Oz’s picture first.

      Sorry, Skippy, but the llama vote in PA is solidy in Dr. Oz’s corner.

    1112. jason says:

      I actually thought McCormick was the favorite. But the Trump endorsement does seem to have helped Oz, this is a very conservative area and I see a lot of Oz yard signs popping up.

      My wife is voting Barletta and Oz. I think that is actually the strongest ticket.

      If the “true conservatives” later want to sabotage Oz’s candidacy with the “liberal BS” let them enjoy Fedderman as their senator. They will deserve him.

    1113. Gordon Allen says:

      There goes Jason again w his invincible 150,000 Putin storm troopers again
      A country with the GDP of Italy CANNOT afford sufficient conventional forces to be a threat to Europe and Nato.
      Full stop.Period.
      You’ve seen what their best shot is:
      Holding on in Ukraine is it.

    1114. Phil says:

      80% of Americans don’t want a war with Russia over non NATO member Ukraine. See polls. I guess there’s a whole bunch of us who are “crapping in out pants” as you keep repeating over and over……but yeah I’ll try one more time to explain it to you.

      People die in war. If American sons and daughters are going to come home in body bags it better be because they are fighting some kind of threat to America. There isn’t one. If the big bad Putin military poses a threat to America or our NATO allies who we have pledged to defend by treaty then yeah, militarily get directly involved. They don’t.

      One last time, not going to support the loss of one American life over a strategic non threat. If you have been following the Russian military debacle in Ukraine and think Putin has the actual ability to reconstitute the Old Soviet Union or anything else you’re blind. Their ineptitude and lack of ability to achieve even the most basic tactical (let alone strategic) objectives has been right out there in the open in Ukraine.

      The American people don’t support going to war over Ukraine. Deal with it. The idea that pouring weapons and military supplies into Ukraine is somehow “crapping in our pants” is laughable. You are out of the mainstream on this, not me.

    1115. Bitterlaw says:

      Skippy – If Dr. Oz is such a liberal, why did he not just run in the Dem primary? He would have crushed Fetterman and Lamb and have an excellent shot at being the next Senator from PA.

      It is different than when Trump chose to run as a Republican rather than his true self as a Democrat because he did not want to face Hillary in the Dem primary.

    1116. Bitterlaw says:

      Fortunately, the leaders of Finland and Sweden do not subscribe to Gordon’s magazines.

    1117. Phil says:

      …..and holding onto Ukraine ain’t going so hot for them. Just in case you haven’t noticed.

    1118. jason says:

      Holding on in Ukraine is it.”


      Goal post moving alert.

      This from someone who said Russia would NEVER invade.

      Neville Allen promises that whatever country Putin invades next will definitely be “the last one” cross my heart and hope to die.

    1119. jason says:

      Bitter, note that the Putin Appeasers have moved the goalposts.

      They ignore the carnage and destruction in Ukraine so they can pretend little pussycat Putin is really no threat to anyone else.

      They gloss over the displacement of 10 million people and the shelling of urban areas and the war crimes so they can shill for Putin, aw shucks, he is incompetent, why should anyone worry.

      These were the same morons who said all Putin wanted was a little slice of the Donbas and if he got it he would be happy forever.

      It’s a case of isolationist dogma over anything else.

      Phil and Neville Allen and the rest of the appeasers want to ignore what is actually happening because so they can justify surrender and capitulation in the name of “peace in our time”.

    1120. jason says:

      Skippy – If Dr. Oz is such a liberal, why did he not just run in the Dem primary?”

      Skippy knows Dr. Oz is no liberal.

      He wants to run a deadender against Fedderman because then he can come here and gloat about “Trump’s candidate losing”.

      When you have terminal TDS, this how your mind works.

      That is why I call people like Skippy fake conservatives. He can live with a moonbat like Fedderman as long as he thinks that it is somehow bad for Trump.

    1121. Phil says:

      Jason, there probably isn’t anyone on this forum that I’ve been more aligned with on political issues than you…..but on this one you and I will just have to agree to disagree. You’ve given your rationale for your position and I just gave you mine in the above post.

    1122. jason says:

      Fortunately, the leaders of Finland and Sweden do not subscribe to Gordon’s magazines.”

      I hope they don’t read HHR either, they might believe CDM that Putin is just a mischievous prankster or Phil that he is completely harmless, couldn’t hurt a fly.

    1123. Annie says:

      Yikes, Obama, Biden and CIA have made Ukraine the 3rd most corrupt Country in the World. Putin invaded Ukraine 100% due to Biden and CIA actions! Strange Putin did not invade during the Orange Fella uh! Just 2014 and 2022 during Obama/Biden and Biden/Harris.

      Libtards want you to think Ukraine is some innocent peaceful democracy. In reality, its a dictatorship populated by Nazis!

    1124. Phil says:

      I guess Senator Feinstein has outlived her usefulness to Democrats. They obviously want her out. Too bad they aren’t quite ready to oust the half wit in the WH. Of course, that’s because with Cackling Kamala in the wings they don’t have much of an option.

    1125. jason says:

      You’ve given your rationale for your position and I just gave you mine in the above post.”

      You don’t have any “rationale”. You have a dogmatic position that ignores the facts.

      You are twisting the truth to fit your dogma.

      You should just say what you really think. You don’t care what Russia does in Ukraine and you don’t care what happens to the people there. It is far away and you don’t think it is important.

      That is the true consequence of your rationale. So just be honest instead of beating around the bush with the “Putin is no threat” nonsense.

      Everyone in a position of leadership on both sides of the Atlantic understand Putin IS a threat to Europe, NATO and the US. You can put all the blinders you want on and ignore the fact Putin just invaded a sovereign country of 40 million people and engineered a catastrophe of immense proportions, but anyone with an ounce of understanding of geopolitics realizes this is not just about Ukraine or the Dombas, it is about territorial and economic expansion and the recreation of a Greater Russia, with huge military and economic implications for the West.

    1126. jason says:

      In reality, its a dictatorship populated by Nazis!”

      LOL, Russian propaganda works.

      Someone should inform Annie Zelensky is Jewish.

    1127. jason says:

      Ukraine the 3rd most corrupt Country in the World”


    1128. Annie says:

      Biden and CIA gave Zelensky a $35 million dollar manshion in Florida. CORRUPT!!

    1129. Phil says:

      You aren’t getting your war, Jason. You and Bill Krystol will have to look elsewhere.

      No Americans are going to die over Ukraine. That’s a fact.

      Deal with it.

      ‘Dogma” my ass. LOL

    1130. jason says:

      Senator Daines touring evidence that Putin is not a threat.

      The HHR Putin shills hardest hit:

      “Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., became the first U.S. senator to visit Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, touring the mass graves in the city of Bucha and reporting “indisputable evidence of Putin’s war crimes.” He traveled with Rep. Victoria Spartz, R-Ind., who was herself born in Ukraine.

      “While meeting with leaders in NATO countries bordering Ukraine, I was invited to meet Ukrainian officials in Kyiv and Bucha and see firsthand the butchery and war crimes committed by Putin,” Daines said in a statement. “There is indisputable evidence of Putin’s war crimes everywhere—the images of shallow mass graves filled with civilians, women and children are heart-wrenching.”

      Daines told Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Thursday, “I’ve seen a lot of horrific things over the years in terms of storm damages and accidents. I’ve never seen anything like this. I mean, these were children. These were children who were murdered.”

      He went on: “It’s atrocities. It’s war crimes… there’s an irrefutable case being made right now for the war crimes of Vladimir Putin and the soldiers who committed them.”

    1131. jason says:

      Biden and CIA gave Zelensky a $35 million dollar manshion in Florida. CORRUPT!!’

      Wow, Zelensky is even more my hero now than before.

      You mean right now he could be sitting around the pool in his $35 million home in FL instead of being at high risk of being assassinated or hit by a missile in Ukraine?

      What a man!

    1132. jason says:

      Phil has swallowed Russian propaganda hook, line and sinker.

      And of course the canard that if you want to stand up to Putin’s aggression and atrocities “you want WWIII” is a favorite lie of the appeasers.

      I could believe this from Tgca, I am surprised Phil has sunk that low.

      According to Phil, the Russians are weak and no threat to anyone. So why would Putin want to go to war with with the US?

    1133. Phil says:

      ‘Swallowed Russian propaganda hook line and sinker”

      Heard that line from Adam Schiff for six years now. It’s beyond old.

      80% of Americans are appeasers for not wanting to go to war with Russia. Either directly go to war with Russia over a non NATO country or you are a Russian stooge. Blah blah blah

    1134. jason says:

      Russia says it will retaliate for the sinking of the flagship, an attack they claim never happened.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    1135. jason says:

      Either directly go to war with Russia”

      BS. Appeaser drivel.

      Nobody advocates “going directly to war with Russia”.

      If the Russians are as weak militarily as you say they are, they certainly are not going to risk any war with the US or NATO over Ukraine.

      You can’t have it both ways.

    1136. jason says:

      I think just about 100% of Americans don’t want war with Russia, btw.

    1137. Phil says:

      When two sides are killing each other it’s a war. That’s not “appeaser drivel” it happens to be a fact. It’s not having it both ways. Putin is too weak to move beyond Ukraine. Does it mean he’s going to withdraw from Ukraine with his tail between his legs if the US hits him. Of course not. You’d get your war and dead Americans.

      Again, it’s academic anyway. We’re not escalating in Ukraine. NATO doesn’t support it nor do the American people. So why keep pounding the drums? You are way out of the mainstream over this. You and bitter can call everyone in the world “appeasers” all you want, but very few buy into your getting involved in a shooting war in Ukraine. Putin moves on a NATO country all bets are off. He won’t. Why? You know why. They’d get their asses handed to them….and it would be beyond ugly.

      You want to worry about an invasion? Stick around May 23rd. You’ll get one….a real one. Guaranteed. That’s one I’ll worry about – not some imaginary Putin invasion of Finland.

    1138. Gordon Allen says:

      There’s no point in arguing about Putins conventional weakness.
      It’s been on full display for all to see.
      But what makes me curious is this obsession with a bumped up Mussolini,with equivalent economic resources, and a blind eye to China which has exponentially greater resources?
      Russia,Russia,Russia seems not only to belong w the Democrats, but some here too.
      That’s Real appeasement.

    1139. jason says:

      and a blind eye to China which has exponentially greater resources?”

      So we are to believe those who turn a blind eye to Putin’s aggression and war crimes are going to stand up to China?


    1140. jason says:

      Putin is too weak to move beyond Ukraine. Does it mean he’s going to withdraw from Ukraine with his tail between his legs if the US hits him. Of course not.”


      I love appeaser logic.

    1141. Cash Cow TM says:

      WV news
      U.S. House of Representatives–CD Primary

      This race is basically between two current sitting Republican congressmen who are now in same CD since WV had to go from 3 CDs to 2 CDs.

      Although there are 5 candidates in the R primary, the top two contenders are Congressman Alex Mooney and Congressman David McKinley.

      Whoever wins the primary will be the presumptive favorite in the GE.

      Mooney endorsed by:
      –Club For Growth
      –Gun owners of America

      McKinley endorsed by:
      –WV Gov. Justice
      –WV Contractors Association
      –WV chamber of Commerce

      Mooney says:
      –McKinley is hooked to Biden’s liberal agenda (which is false).
      –McKinley is evil for voting for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill (which will build lots of stuff in WV)

    1142. Cash Cow TM says:


      posted before I wrote everything.

      Here is rest on Mooney Vs. McKinley in WV CD 1 primary.
      BOTH have a+ ratings from NRA
      BOTH have 100% rating from Right to Life

      Mooney slams McKinley for voting for the Jan. 6 commission.

      McKinley says he voted with Trump 92% of time–higher % than Mooney’s votes.

      McKinley slams Mooney for violations of use of campaign funds by House Ethics Commitee.

      [There is supposedly a SECOND HEC investigation into Mooney about financial things, but they are not going to release info until AFTER the May primary.]

      Mooney slams McKinley for not supporting veterans because he voted for red flag orders bill that “would confiscate personally owned firearms of the U.S. military.”

      McKinley cites 6 instances where he supported veterans and voted YES, but on those same bills Mooney voted NO.
      –VA benefits for veterans exposed to agent orange
      –assistance for homeless veterans
      –mental health funding for veterans
      –child care for vets getting treatment at VA
      –smoother transition for vets leaving military
      –expanded Gi benefits for Nat. Guard and reserves

    1143. jason says:

      Voting for the Jan 6 commission would be a deal breaker for me.

      I hope Mooney wins.

      Right now bettors favor Mooney slightly at Predictit.

    1144. Cash Cow TM says:

      WV CD 2 Part 3

      Mooney vs. McKinley

      NEW CD (has about 1.4 million population)

      McKinley lost one rural county from his current CD, gained 6 new counties, keeps 21 counties that was in his old CD

      Mooney lost 11 counties including Kanawha (Charleston), Putnam (bedroom county of Kanawha and Cabell [Huntington]), and 9 other smaller rural counties. Mooney KEEPS 6 counties from his old CD.

      Biggest cities in McKinley’s old (and now new) district include Weirton, Wheeling, Parkersburg, Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg.

      McKinley is from Norhtern panhandle (Ohio county)
      while Mooney is from Jefferson County in the Eastern Panhandle.

      Biggest cities in Mooney’s old (and now the new) district are Martinsburg, Charles Town, Ranson Shepherdstown, Elkins.
      FINANCIAL situation:

      McKinley has $1.6 M in campaign war chest
      Mooney has $2.3 M.

      In first quarter of 2022, McKinley reports he has $1.03M Cash-on-Hand and has raised $598,000 so far. McK raised more than $466,000 in last reporting cycle. Mooney had raised $189,000 in same period.

    1145. NYCmike says:

      The more people that jason calls “Putin stooges” the more I think the media is lying about something.

      I want plenty of weapons to flow into Ukraine so they can fight the Russian invaders. Kind of like when the whole mess was going on in Serbia/Yugoslavia area, arm them all and let them have at it on equal terms!

      I also want to know why you can’t say truthful things which happen to be bad about Ukraine. Why does the A-Hole not want truthful things to be reported about Ukraine? If the CIA gave him something, why is that?

      What is the A-Hole trying to hide up there?

    1146. NYCmike says:

      Another question:

      Why, according to the “smarties”, is Kathy Barnette a guaranteed loser in the general election?

      Has she shown a penchant for sticking her foot in her mouth? Financial issues? Ethics issues? Racism?

    1147. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Voting for the Jan 6 commission would be a deal breaker for me.”


      The vote where 35 GOP house members including McKinley) voted to authorize the Jan. 6 commission was in May.

      When it came back again for a vote, only 2 GOP House members (Kinzinger and Cheney) voted for it.
      McKinley did not vote for the final version of the Jan 6 commission.

    1148. jason says:

      I also want to know why you can’t say truthful things which happen to be bad about Ukraine.”

      Are you sure they are truthful or is it Russian propaganda.

      Besides, Ukraine is the country that has been invaded, the country where 10 million people have been displaced, the country that has had 50% so far of its economy destroyed, that has major population centers being shelled into rubble, that has had tens of thousands of its citizens killed, has thousands of square miles of invaded territory, and has seen huge parts of its infrastructure damaged and destroyed.

      I don’t see how ‘bad things about the Ukraine” are really relevant at this point, maybe you should save them for when the Russians have left? But if you feel compelled to say “bad things”, go right ahead.

    1149. jason says:

      McKinley did not vote for the final version of the Jan 6 commission.”

      Why did he vote for the first one. He knew it would be a partisan circus if the Dems ran it.

      Seems like a good reason to support Mooney.

    1150. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The polling has consistently shown strong support for providing aid to the Ukraine, 74% of Americans want U.S. to increase its aid to the Ukraine.

      Americans even favor direct U.S. military involvement under certain conditions:

      If Russia attacks NATO ally: 60% support;
      If Russia uses nuclear weapons: 68%;
      If Russia uses chemical weapons; 61%

      Likewise, I am hearing and seeing strong support for providing increased aid to Ukraine among the public.

      Even Trump is showing anger regarding the situation: “Trump said the U.S. has a more powerful nuclear arsenal than Russia and that “people shouldn’t be pushing us around.””

    1151. jason says:

      Usually people who want to say “bad things about Ukraine” seem to want to pretend there is no right and wrong here, or to promote some false equivalency between Putin and Zelensky.

      Maybe NYC will be different.

    1152. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow gives McKinley her endorsement.

    1153. jason says:

      I have something bad to say about Russia.

      Let’s compare it to whatever is “bad” about Ukraine.

      “The UN has warned that the lives of 2.7 million people with disabilities in Ukraine are at risk.

      Many people with disabilities are trapped in their homes and have no access to medication or food.

      Very few recorded refugees are disabled, indicating most were forced to survive inside the war-torn country.

      The United Nations has warned that the lives of 2.7 million people with disabilities in Ukraine are at risk due to Russia’s invasion.

      The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities statement said people with disabilities “have limited or no access to emergency information, shelters and safe havens, and many have been separated from their support networks.”

      It added that “there are ongoing reports that many people with disabilities, including children, are trapped or abandoned in their homes, residential care institutions and orphanages, with no access to life-sustaining medications, oxygen supplies, food, water, sanitation, support for daily living and other basic facilities.”

      The committee also notes that women with disabilities are at a heightened risk of rape and sexual violence by Russian forces.

      Russia has previously bombed a care home for disabled people.

      While more than 4.8 million people have fled Ukraine due to the war, the UN committee notes that very few of these people — or even those who are internally displaced — are disabled, indicating few have been able to leave their homes.”

      A spokesperson from the US Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, helping evacuate people with disabilities from Ukraine, told The Independent that there is a “lack of wheelchair support” and a “big lack of transportation.”

    1154. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1147. “Libtards want you to think Ukraine is some innocent peaceful democracy. In reality, its a dictatorship populated by Nazis!”

      For some reason, the theme from the Twilight Zone goes through my head when I read this post.

    1155. jason says:

      Why, according to the “smarties”, is Kathy Barnette a guaranteed loser in the general election?”

      Nobody said guaranteed loser. She has little name recognition and little money. I would say 90% of Rs in PA never heard of her before she ran, and probably 60% still don’t know her. Obviously if she won the nomination that would change somewhat, but there are two candidates with massive capacities to self fund and with much better recognition, including one endorsed by Trump and who is a popular TV personality.

      Who would you think has a better chance in the general?

      Right, it was what I said too.

    1156. Phil says:

      That’s the polling alright, SD…..but in Jason’s book that’s not enough. They’re all still ‘appeasers”. Apparently, the US is just crawling with “appeasers”, Jason’s favorite word.

      Apparently Jason and bitter are the only ones brave enough to confront Putin…..from the safety of their couch of course.

    1157. Cash Cow TM says:

      One big criticism against Mooney is that he is never seen here in the CD. Plus, he came here from MD a few months before election to run when CD2 was an open race and in a crowded field won the primary. He did well in the Charleston/Kanawha County area which won him the primary.

      Not true of McKinley. For decades has been a higher up in WV GOP matters, former chair of WV State GOP, etc.

      AND he is very visible in his CD (personal appearances and radio shows) over the years and is even more visible in this part of the NEW CD than is Mooney–WHO LIVES HERE!

    1158. jason says:

      “Cow gives McKinley her endorsement.”

      Did Walt ordered her a ballot?

      I am sure it would be available.

    1159. jason says:

      Trump said the U.S. has a more powerful nuclear arsenal than Russia and that “people shouldn’t be pushing us around.””

      I thought Neville Allen said we shouldn’t threaten Putin back because OMG, he has nukes.

    1160. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow feels miserable.
      Sinus drainage and sore throat.
      Doing yardwork (weed pulling, trimming) this afternoon did not help matters.

      Going to take more medicine…and then hop on Facebook for a brief while and then start the draft of my poem I am going to write about my recent trip to Europe.


    1161. jason says:

      Funny how Phil, who used to pride himself as an independent thinker, now uses “most people in America agree with me” to justify appeasing Putin.

      Somehow I think this is going to come back to bite him in the future, I have taken note of it.

    1162. jason says:

      So Cow, why do you think out of 212 Republicans in the House, McKinley voted for the Dem kangaroo Jan 6 commission?

    1163. jason says:

      Should say of the 212 Rs in the House, why was McKinley one of the 35 who voted for the Jan 6 kangaroo commission?

    1164. jason says:

      I have a feeling if Mooney wins, that vote is going to play a big part of it. Let’s see.

    1165. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1183. Alpha dogs think differently.

    1166. Phil says:

      I’d still like to know how “we are appeasing Putin” but I guess that’s going to remain some deep dark secret.

    1167. jason says:

      Kind of like when the whole mess was going on in Serbia/Yugoslavia area, arm them all and let them have at it on equal terms!”

      You would have thought that we could at least agree that the Russians are the aggressors and the Ukrainians the victims, but I guess not.

      I guess Tucker Carlson’s ideas are not just popular on Russian State TV, they are popular here at HHR too.

    1168. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil is against 1 American soldier dying for Ukraine. He is allegedly all in for many American soldiers dying if there is an attack on Poland. Same region of Europe. Same strategic threats. I don’t believe that Phil would support a military response by the US if a NATO country was attacked. He will always find an excuse or justification.

      By the way…Lent is over. After 40 days…GFYs.

    1169. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The news has recently come out that British special forces are in the Ukraine training the Ukrainians in the use of anti-tank weapons. It does not seem to have provoked any particular concern. My hunch is U.S. special forces may be there as well.

      I watched some videos recently of four Russian helicopters being shot down by missiles in what I can only describe as a turkey shoot. Likewise drones are raining destruction in Russian tanks, whose mobility is now impaired because it’s now what is known as the “mud season” in the Ukraine.

      So far Putin has not been able to gain much territory in the Donbass, and the heroic defense of Maripoul continous against all odds.

      People talk of Putin using nukes. Where? Putin considers Kiev the cradle of Russian civilization. Is he going to nuke it? If he nukes in the east, the radiation will blow into Russia and could reach Moscow.

      If he nukes western Ukraine, it could spread into NATO countries, then I believe Putin will be taken out — and will make peace with whoever his successor is.

    1170. Phil says:

      Except that bitter knows very well there will be no attack on Poland. Nobody but nobody believes that….including you, bitter. Attack with what exactly? Bitter has no answer to that one.

      Sooooo….I don’t have to worry about the one American soldier dying in Poland now do I.

      You aren’t getting your American war in Ukraine, bitter. The American people don’t want one and neither does NATO.

    1171. Bitterlaw says:

      Putin warned America from shipping weapons to Ukraine. Poland is a staging area. You don’t think Putin would launch cruise missiles to take out those weapons before they make it to Ukraine?

      Are you going to answer my question? Why and how do you know more about Russia’s military capabilities and intentions than the leaders and populations of Sweden and Finland?

    1172. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not want a war with Russia. I do not fear a war with Russia. Both can be true.

    1173. Phil says:

      ‘’Putin warned America from shipping weapons to Ukraine”


      Putin isn’t attacking Poland or any other NATO country because he doesn’t have the military to go toe to toe with NATO. He’d get his ass whipped. Putin’s disaster in Ukraine ought to tell you that much.

    1174. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It’s hard to claim the U.S. is not a participant in the war in the Ukraine since we are providing the arms and equipment; training the Ukrainian military; and providing daily intelligence to the Ukrainians which helps them each day plan their attacks. Having our military advisors located on adjacent countries soil next to the Ukraine does not mean we are not actually participating in the Ukrainian war. It is why Putin now is demanding we cease helping the Ukrainians.

    1175. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil- The war did not go as Putin expected. The war has been a disaster for Ukraine – cities destroyed, thousands or tens of thousands of Ukrainians killed, nuclear plant shelled and shut, large areas of Ukraine occupied, and economy devastated. Incase you missed it, the Russian military is still in Ukraine.

    1176. Phil says:

      Yeah, they are still in Ukraine….the parts they haven’t been evicted from. Namely, Kiev.

      Regardless, that hardly means the can take on NATO. They can’t….and Putin knows it.

    1177. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Given all the technology involved in the Ukraine war, the NATO countries in effect are combatants. Perhaps a new term “keyboard combatant” should be used. A drone or missile strike can be planned and directed from a foreign country. Satellites can provide critical information needed to launch attacks. We are entering a whole new world regarding warfare.

      What we are seeing is Russia fighting a 20th century war, and Ukraine/NATO fighting a 21st century war.

    1178. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil refuses to answer how he knows more about Russia than the Finns and Swedes do.

    1179. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – Sshhhhhhh. Don’t tell Phil. We can’t risk confronting Putin.

    1180. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      General Staff: Russia postpones military rotation in Syria due to war in Ukraine. Ukraine’s General Staff added that due to a lack of troops, the Russian military command has been working to recruit the military reserve force to sign short-term military contracts – from 3 months to up to a year.

    1181. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Finland and Sweden are already for all intense purposes in NATO, all they are will be doing by “joining” is signing the papers.

      “Allies practise air interoperability with Finland and Sweden:

      NATO Allies and partners Finland and Sweden, have had a week of intensive cooperation in the skies over Estonia in the just-concluded exercise Ramstein Alloy. The regular NATO exercise focused on real-world scenarios faced by NATO’s Air Policing personnel deployed in the Baltic region.”

    1182. Phil says:

      Oh, God. The imaginary Russian invasions of Finland and Sweden again. It never stops.

      Putin’s army, what’s left of it, is bogged down in Ukraine and yet Finland, Sweden, and now Poland are now somehow in grave danger of a Russian invasion. We don’t know where Putin is supposed to get this invasion force, but apparently that question isn’t going to ever be answered on this site. It’s a secret.

      But I give up. Worry your ass off, bitter if you want. Done with this topic. They’ll be no American or NATO direct military intervention in Ukraine. Keep screaming appeasement all you want. The west will continue flowing supplies and weaponry into Ukraine, and the Russian military will continue to struggle and be degraded slowly day by day. If you think that’s somehow appeasement then whatever. That’s where this is and it ain’t changing.

    1183. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil won’t answer the question because he knows he can’t. He knows the prediction that Russia would never invade Ukraine was as stupid and wrong as his other “never” prediction. Fortunately, Finland and Sweden are smarter than Phil. Unlike Phil, they know Russia is a threat. Thousands of murdered Ukrainians prove Russia is a threat whether or not Phil is too blind to see it.

    1184. Bitterlaw says:

      Sleep well, Phil. Pull the covers over your head and pretend the world is a safe place.

    1185. jason says:

      Yep, Phil will sleep contented in his little protected island world. What happens far away is irrelevant. Isolationism forever!

    1186. Phil says:

      Yeah, we get it boys. Putin is coming to get all of us. Keep pounding those drums.


    1187. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil thinks he knows more about Russia than the leaders of Finland and Sweden do.

    1188. Phil says:

      Thank God we have the two modern day Paul Reveres bitter and Jason.

      The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!


      Hell, I hope Sweden and Finland do join NATO. Then maybe bitter will be able to rest easy. Oh wait. What about Poland? Oh MY God What about Poland?!

    1189. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil won’t answer.

    1190. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil- Why would Finland and Sweden want to join NATO if Russia is not a military threat to them? They were not interested for decades. Why now?

    1191. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1214. Some Finns want to act aggressively:

      “Speaker of Parliament Matti Vanhanen (Cen) has told Yle he does not consider comments made by Jussi Halla-aho (Finns) about the need for military intervention by Western nations in Ukraine to be appropriate.

      Halla-aho — the new chair of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs committee — said on Tuesday that Western military intervention in Ukraine cannot be ruled out. He also told the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper that he believed such an intervention was inevitable, and should therefore be carried out sooner rather than later.”

    1192. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Hallo-aho tends to be controversial:

      The Russian launch procedure does not depend on one man. If Putin seriously tries to launch nuclear weapons, I am pretty sure someone will administer a 9mm tranquilizer via the back of the head.

    1193. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I believe there is common ground in the discussion regarding whether Russia is a military threat to Finland. In the long-term everyone agrees Russia is a threat to Finland. However,in the short-term, while Russia is preoccupied in the Ukraine, it is temporarily not a threat — as it does not have the ability to invade Finland with it’s military is fighting in the Ukraine.

    1194. Bitterlaw says:

      Russia does not have to invade Finland to be a threat. Missile strikes, naval attacks on shipping, attacking airports and planes, cyber attacks, etc are military options short of invasion.

    1195. Bitterlaw says:

      Happy Easter to those who believe. Have a good day to the rest.

    1196. jason says:

      I believe in the Easter Bunny.

    1197. jason says:

      In the long-term everyone agrees Russia is a threat to Finland. However,in the short-term, while Russia is preoccupied in the Ukraine, it is temporarily not a threat”

      Yes, people who are not Putin Appeasers believe that.

      Also, there probably are other countries that were on Putin’s list before Finland, that is probably true too. Moldova and the Baltic States and the “stans” come to mind.

      But the fact Putin is unlikely to invade Finland during the war with Ukraine does not mean he is not a a threat.

      The Finns and Swedes know this even if the Putin Appeasers don’t.

    1198. Phil says:

      The Biden Administration has quietly resumed 2AM flights of illegals from the border to locations around the country.

      This half wit and his leftist puppeteers are determined to erase the border. They have effectively done that.


    1199. jason says:

      Elections have consequences.

      Where is NYC to proclaim ‘WE ARE WINNING” and to propose a 50% reduction in legal immigration?

    1200. jason says:


      The name does suggest A-hole potential…

    1201. jason says:

      Maybe if Hispanic voters do turn against the Dems in 2022 and beyond the Dems might think twice about their strategy to add voters through illegal immigration.

      Hope springs eternal.

    1202. Phil says:

      Ukraine’s effect on Biden’s approval numbers is interesting to me. Initially, I believe they felt there would be a rally around the flag Presidential bump that Biden could rely on. Biden war leader blah blah blah. Maybe even allow Biden to even claim that inflation is mostly due to Ukraine. The media would go all in and help. Well, the electorate isn’t buying it. He’s underwater on Ukraine. That’s how bad it is for this half wit. His overall approval numbers continue to tank. It’s a somewhat distraction from inflation, crime, and the border, but unfortunately for Biden, people are reminded every day of economics that effect their family every time they check out at the grocery store. That reminder is 24/7.

      ….and there is nothing Democrats can do about it. Biden can’t be dumped because cackling Kamala is in the wings. They are stuck.

    1203. Phil says:

      Perhaps it’s time to parachute Biden into Kiev for a photo op. The puppeteers need some PR. I’d suggest doing it on May 23rd.

      They’ll need the distraction.

    1204. Wes says:

      Currently watching Gojira tai Gigan (Godzilla vs Gigan).

      It certainly has the weirdest looking daikaiju I’ve ever seen:

    1205. Bitterlaw says:

      I asked the Wizard for a new thread.

    1206. jason says:

      We need more room for the Putin Appeasers to make more excuses for him.

    1207. Gordon Allen says:

      Hitler and the entire German military leadership believed Lend Lease to Britain,and then agreeing to Russia receiving it ,and conveying w the Royal Navy were de facto Declarations of War.

    1208. Gordon Allen says:

      Seems identical to what is happening today.
      No doubt Putin thinks the same.
      But his missile inventory must be radically reduced by now

    1209. Gordon Allen says:

      Putin doesn’t have the money to re equip his forces for quite awhile,as apparently they expected to need only 3or 4 days of expenditure.
      Finlanders can sleep well at night for the indefinite future.
      Buying F35’s BEFORE joining NATO officially says it all.

    1210. Phil says:

      Finlanders can sleep well for the indefinite future

      ….but, sadly, Jason and Bitter will continue to toss and turn.

      Meletonin, guys. It works really, well. Try it.

    1211. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil sleeps very well knowing Ukrainians are still being slaughtered.

      Considering that Gordon said Russia would NEVER invade Ukraine, ever other prediction is worthless.

    1212. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here are the details of the Finnish F-35 jet purchase. It’s one of the largest purchases of F-35s of any nation. Finland is close to St. Petersburg and the Kola Peninsula location of the Russian Northern Navy base, so Finland joining NATO has to be a major concern:

      “Finland announced at the end of last year that it wanted 64 F-35s to replace its older F/A-18s. The $9.44 billion Finland deal was notable because Lockheed beat out multiple competitors from five different defense firms. The Finns will receive weapons and maintenance in the contract.”

    1213. Phil says:

      Phil does sleep well, bitter.

      Since bitter didn’t get much traction on the ridiculous notion that Sweden and Finland were in danger of a Russian invasion, I see he’s now moved on to the Phil doesn’t care if Ukrainians get slaughtered slant.


    1214. Phil says:

      Now for a more interesting topic. I read this morning that the Biden administration is in the process of putting together a student debt relief package.

      Seems that with President Half Wit’s recent crap numbers in the under 35 demographic he’s down to attempted bribery to get that group back on board. Gee, that’s subtle….and just what the government needs – more debt financed by more printed money.

      That’s great, Joe. Should really help with inflation. LOL

      It isn’t going to work of course. I doubt it’s going to be that popular with the working class. Damn, you think? Seems he’s found a way to drive that demographic’s number down as well.

    1215. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil- Find the post where I said Russia was going to invade Finland and Sweden or GFY. I listed other types of attacks. Of course, you and Gordon expected that Russia would never invade Ukraine so maybe you don’t understand what an invasion is.

    1216. jason says:

      Sad that Phil has now become a pathological liar like the rest of his Putin Appeasing friends.

      Phil should be honest and just say what he realy thinks, that he doesn’t care how many people are slaughtered in Ukraine, it is all far away and he feels safe in his little Texas bunker.

      Then we can dispense with this Putin is not a threat to anybody nonsense.

    1217. jason says:

      Buying F35’s BEFORE joining NATO officially says it all.”

      I guess Neville Allen’s magazines haven’t told why the Finns think they need F35’s.

    1218. jason says:

      I think the only way Phil and Neville Allen can deal with the fact they didn’t believe Putin would invade Ukraine is to now be ok with Putin invading Ukraine.

      The fact Putin DID invade Ukraine kind of shot to hell the theory that he was no threat to anybody, so the new narrative of the Putin Appeasers is that ONLY the Ukraine is threatened, but not really very much at that.

    1219. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t think Phil wants to appease Putin. I think he wants to ignore him. The world does not work that way.

    1220. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Finland required all males upon reaching age 18 to have military training, and become members of the military reserve. They annually report for reservist training.

      The Finnish military annually produces a video for reservists. The 2020 video “Battlefield” was about how Finland dealt with a hypothetical (Russian) foreign invasion. It’s an epic video, very realistic of what might happened.

      It has been viewed by millions and featured on military blogs and channels in the U.S.

      Here a link to the video. It is in Finnish with English subtitles. It is about 18 minutes long.

    1221. jason says:

      Ignoring what he is doing is the same as appeasing him. Isolationists think that if you stick you head in the sand it will be safe. It doesn’t work that well for ostriches either.

    1222. Bitterlaw says:

      I guess the Finns don’t read HHR.

    1223. Phil says:

      Right, bitter. Found it. missile strikes, attacks on shipping, attacking airports and planes, cyber attacks.

      One tiny question. To what end exactly? What exactly would all that that get Putin? Territory? Nope. What exactly?

      Explain it to us.

      You can’t.

    1224. Bitterlaw says:

      To what end? Get Finland to go back to being quiet and deferential to Russia.

      Now. I have answered your questions. Answer mine. Why are Sweden and Finland turning towards membership in NATO after decades of not doing so?

    1225. Phil says:

      To go back to being quiet?

      Are you serious? Lol. So Putin thinks Finland is going to curl up in a fetal position and take that? Putin doesn’t believe that and neither do you….so no, you need to do better than that.

      Deferential to Russia? Sheesh

    1226. jason says:

      Interesting video.

      While Phil craps his pants in his bunker the Finns prepare for a Russian attack.

      They obviously don’t believe Putin is “not a threat”.

    1227. jason says:

      Phil would make Neville Chamberlain proud.


    1228. jason says:

      Bitter is correct.

      Putin wants Finland in its sphere of influence, they want it to cut its ties to the West and submit to Russian domination.

      All part of the “Greater Russia” dream.

    1229. Phil says:

      You boys keep pounding those war drums. You have about twenty percent of the country behind you and none of our NATO partners. Uphill climb, but keep on trucking. The west is full of Neville Chamberlains. Who knew?

    1230. Phil says:

      ….then I guess we’ll see the missile attacks on Helsinki begin pretty quick. Ya’ll got a date?

    1231. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil is starting to be like Robbie and refusing to answer my very simple question.

    1232. Phil says:

      Why wouldn’t they join? What’s the downside? Another layer of security and it costs them nothing.

      ….but they still might not if Putin threatens to unleash his powerful military on them. Right? The all powerful, ten foot tall Russian military. The same Russian military that got completely evicted from Kiev. Finland must be terrified.

    1233. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil knows more about Russia’s military and intentions than the leaders of Finland and Sweden but won’t explain how. He is to Putin as Robbie is to Biden.

    1234. Bitterlaw says:

      Why do they need security if Russia is not a threat? Phil wants it both ways – Russia is not a threat BUT we can’t risk a confrontation with Russia.

    1235. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Did you notice how Phil minimizes the devastation wrought by Russian forces in Ukraine? Thousands of civilians murdered. Millions of refugees. Rape and misery. Economic devastation. All minimized by Phil. Sad.

    1236. Phil says:

      You aren’t getting your war, bitter. There is virtually no support for what you want to happen. The US is just full of “Neville Chamberlains”

      …..and Putin isn’t attacking Sweden or Finland. Try to relax.

    1237. Phil says:

      I know, bitter. Riiiiight. Eighty percent of the American people don’t give a sh*t about the suffering in Ukraine. What a wretched bunch these Americans.

    1238. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Actually polls show Americans are very supportive of the U.S. providing military aid to the Ukraine. They do not want troops on the ground, but would support even that if Russia used chemical or nuclear weapons.

    1239. Phil says:

      Exactly, SD, as I said last night, if Russia goes chemical or nuclear all bets are off. 60-65 percent will support direct military action in Ukraine….and that includes me.

      Whether that includes President Half Wit I don’t know. He’s weak but maybe public opinion would have an effect. Hopefully it would. It seems to be all he cares about.

    1240. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      From the Pew poll:

      “Large majorities also favor keeping large numbers of U.S. military forces in NATO countries near Ukraine in response to the conflict (77%), a position shared by 75% of Republicans and 81% of Democrats.

      However, most Americans (62%) say they would oppose the U.S. “taking military action even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.” About a third (35%) of Americans say they would favor military action in this scenario. Comparable shares in both parties (36% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats) say they would favor military action even if it risks nuclear conflict with Russia.”

      Given the technology now of warfare, am not seeing a need for U.S. military in Ukraine. They can coordinate drone and missile attacks from neighboring NATO countries. Putin is beginning to realize this — and attacking U.S
      weapons support. You can coordinate a drone or missile strike from Poland almost as easily as from Ukraine with satellite data.

    1241. Phil says:

      True. Modern warfare in its advanced state has changed things. We don’t talk about that enough. One reason Putin is taking it on the chin is that his armor is getting destroyed by remote control and it’s not being controlled from right there on the battlefield. It’s hundreds of miles away in Poland, Germany….and who knows….maybe Florida.

    1242. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1265. It reminds me of the horse charges against tank formations.

      There not on You Tube yet, but the Stinger and other missile attacks on helicopters I have seen videos of look like turkey shoots. Not to mention the Ukrainians sunk the Russians leading battleship in the Black Sea with missiles. And am not seeing Russia’s big Donbas offensive yet. The Russian cannot even finally completely take Maripoul. Then you have Putin completely withdrawing from the Kyiv vicinity and northern areas he occupied. Add to that Putin’s financial default — when does Rasputin made an appearance?

    1243. jason says:

      Jason – Did you notice how Phil minimizes the devastation wrought by Russian forces in Ukraine? Thousands of civilians murdered. Millions of refugees. Rape and misery. Economic devastation. All minimized by Phil. Sad.”

      If he doesn’t minimize it he can’t justify why he is appeasing Putin. By saying Putin is no threat to anybody he puts dogma over principle and common sense.

      Same strategy as Tgca, who minimizes it by pretending there is no right or wrong and Zelesnky is Stalin.

      Both “strategies” are despicable and shameful.

      Compounded by the canard that those who want to stand up to Putin want “war with Russia”.

    1244. jason says:

      He is to Putin as Robbie is to Biden”


    1245. mnw says:

      When I read the comments at HHR, I react against all the appalling “appeaser” name calling.

      When I read the comments at Ace of Spades, & other conservative blogs, I react against all the appalling anti-UKR baloney.

    1246. jason says:

      .then I guess we’ll see the missile attacks on Helsinki begin pretty quick”

      Hey, Phil watched the video?

      Very good.

      Seems like Finns are undergoing a lot of preparations to confront “not a threat’.

    1247. jason says:

      against all the appalling anti-UKR baloney”

      There is plenty here too, all you have to do is read Tgca’s and NYC’s posts.

    1248. Phil says:

      On the battlefield, Putin is taking it on the chin….and this is with no Ukrainian Air Force.

      I can only imagine what would happen to Putin’s armored columns if he tried to move on a NATO nation. NATO air power would absolutely annihilate his armor on the ground. Think the Highway of death during the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait. It would be a massacre.

    1249. Phil says:

      ….and Finland would make a Russian invasion hell on Putin. NATO would make it worse than hell. Putin’s military is no match for NATO. Putin knows this and he’s sure aware of it after his “experience” over the last six weeks in the Ukraine.

      Putin is a bad dude, but let’s just say his military has, let’s call it, limitations. Big ones.

    1250. jason says:

      I can only imagine what would happen to Putin’s armored columns if he tried to move on a NATO nation. NATO air power would absolutely annihilate his armor on the ground.”

      Zzzzz…. BS and self serving ridiculous drivel.

      It is stupid to assume the Russians are going to use the same tactics everywhere.

      And of course no other county wants to “win” against the Russians like the Ukraine is “winning”, by having its country destroyed.

      Thanks Phil, but no thanks. You may believe Putin is no threat to anybody while you sit in your bunker in TX and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist, but I am sure none of the countries in Europe that feel threatened by Russia believe your simplistic rosy scenarios.

    1251. jason says:

      Funny how Phil thinks the Russian military is weak and incompetent and no match for Finland or NATO but at the same time is just fine with Putin’s aggression and war crimes in Ukraine and craps his pants in fear every time someone suggests actually standing up to Putin.

      The hypocrisy is astounding.

    1252. jason says:

      Putin is a bad dude”


      “Bad”? That’s the most you can bring yourself to say about him, huh. Wow.

      Yeah, just a little mischievous scamp.

      But for heavens no, don’t anger him or stand up to him, that would cause WWIII.

    1253. Phil says:

      Oh no, Putin will change tactics. Lol. so NATO is in trouble now?

      Yeah, but I’m the one afraid of Putin.

      You can’t make this sh*t up.

    1254. Phil says:

      The Russian army that just got pushed out of the Kiev theater by an outnumbered Ukrainian force with no air power whatsoever is now capable of rolling into Poland against western air power…..because they’ll change tactics or something.


    1255. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil: Putin would resort to his ” little green men” tactic as in Crimea. Poland should tremble at the thought for sure.
      It’s useless to argue rationally with someone intent on a US war w Russia,and is irate it won’t happen.
      There are other big things to worry and argue about.

    1256. Tgca says:

      I think Jadon and his Tokyo Rose in southern Caleefawnyuh should move to Ukraine and work in the Ukrainian Ministry of Propaganda.

      It’s funny how Jadon and friends are more concerned with the fate of Ukraine than the US. Jadon will again, by far, post here more than anyone else and give up on his own country by refusing to vote but yet rant night and day of a regional war that will have a comparatively small impact on the US, regardless of the outcome absent of the use of NOOKYOOLER capabilities.

      The US open borders situation has the ability to drastically change the US for the worst and forever change the character and freedom of our nation and these HHR folks worry more about defending a country that is holding off its aggressor in a regional war instead of defending their own country. All while China is amass