Open Thread Tuesday – Supreme Court

    If I can’t put up an open thread for the news today, then I might as well close up shop….

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    1. Tgca says:

      Uno Bebe! Uno!

    2. Tgca says:

      Rachel Maddow says SCOTUS ABORTION ruling will fundamentally change lives for daughters, granddaughters, and women.

      Let’s not forget about the sons, grandsons, and men too please – who can’t be guaranteed an ABORTION under the Constitution any longer either.

      Women are NOT the only ones that have ABORTIONS!

      Remember peeps…ABORTION is a critical healthcare right to the LGBTQIA2S+

      Rachel says:
      “It would fundamentally change us as a country. It would fundamentally change the relationship between women and the government. It would fundamentally change the future for… all our daughters and granddaughters, and women that come after us.”

    3. Tgca says:

      Will liberal CongressCritters call for peaceful protests today that storm the Supreme Court and tar and feather conservative justices?

      Will Twitter allow hate speech against conservative justices?

      Will Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger call for a May 3rd Committee or will they say storming SCOTUS in attempts to STOP the overturning of Roe v. Wade is not a threat to democracy?

    4. SoHope says:

      Ready to watch some leftist heads spin?

    5. Wes says:

      Personally I’m pro choice, but since we have empirical evidence in the form of the sound defeats of such initiatives in MS and SD even the most conservative states won’t ban all abortions, I’m fine if the Court scales back Roe v. Wade.

      Access to abortion for women seeking it won’t change if Roe v. Wade goes by the wayside, so although the Dems will engage in their typical Chicken Little rhetoric, aside from a possible increase in fundraising for some liberal office seekers, I don’t see much of an effect on upcoming elections.

    6. jason says:

      Agree with wes, I consider myself pro-choice I think abortion should always be legal up to a certain point, say a 20 week limit, but in any case abortion will still be available to different degrees varying by state which is fine by me.

    7. SoHope says:

      I’m pro-life but a realist. RvW and Casey were bad ruling that were justical work-arounds to take the place of legislation that overruled state legislation in violation of the 10th Ammendment. Judges rule on constitutionality not on how good or bad a low is. Whether you are pro-life or pro-abortion, RvW and Casey take state authority and give it to the feds by enshrine a non-enumerated power. Now some states will have unlimited abortion, others will do 20 weeks, some with do 15,10, and a few may do complete bans. Move to a state with your values….thats federalism.

    8. jason says:

      Took a quick look at Predictit to see if the SCOTUS leak did anything to the House and Senate election predictions.

      Which party will control the House in 2022?

      R 85% (+1)
      D 16% (-1)

      Which party will control the Senate in

      R 75% (NC)
      D 27% (+1)

    9. jason says:

      Took a look at the OH senate primary too.

      Vance 73% (+4)
      Dolan 22% (-1)

    10. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      It appears that Democrats have done a flip-flop on the Alito abortion opinion. Pelosi,Schumer et al keep saying that it is an attack on women’s health. Shouldn’t the correct nomenclature be not women’s health, but BIRTHING PEOPLE’s health?

    11. jason says:

      PA senate primary

      Oz 57% (-2)
      McCormick 40% (NC)
      Barnette 8% (+1)

      PA gov

      Mastriano 63 (+10)
      Barletta 31 (+8)
      White 14% (NC)
      McSwain 9% (NC)

      I think we are going to have to live with Mastriano as the candidate for Gov in PA. Like Bitter I would prefer McSwain, then White then Barletta.

      But as Skippy will soon find out, you don’t always get what you want.

      IMO, Mastriano will struggle to beat Shapiro, but he will energize the Trump base. If more moderate Rs come out for Oz and vote for Mastriano also, then he might eke it out.

    12. Wes says:

      Is anyone else going to weigh in with his personal views on abortion and expectations of the outcome of a Roe v. Wade repeal?

    13. Phil says:

      So are the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rewrite election rules still in effect for November – drop boxes, mail in ballots, lack of signature verification, questionable ballot chain of custody, and all the rest?

      If so, why are any of you wasting your time on any speculation of November outcomes? I can tell you the outcomes right now.

    14. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      An excellent chance of a Republican Congressional pick-up in NYS!(H/T:RRH)

      “According to Spectrum News/NY-1 reporter Bob Hardt, NY-19 Congressman Antonio Delgado (D) will be nominated by Governor Kathy Hochul (D) as New York’s next Lieutenant Governor.

      This will open NY-19, creating an excellent opportunity for Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro (R) to flip that seat Republican. It is not yet clear when Congressman Delgado will resign from Congress, which Democrats may run in his stead or whether there will be a special election under current lines to fill the vacancy.”

    15. Wes says:

      I saw that, Sheep. If Republicans win that special and the one in TX, Pelosi will have the smallest House majority since Dems held on with the votes of socialists after the 1916 elections. Like that majority, this one too is soon to be swept away.

    16. jason says:

      So are the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rewrite election rules still in effect for November – drop boxes, mail in ballots, lack of signature verification, questionable ballot chain of custody, and all the rest?”

      Yes, nothing changed, that is why I want no part of this process.

      Sure, Rs could win anyway by overcoming the MOF, but the system is a Dem partisan designed joke where legal voter’s ballots are diluted by illegal votes.

      There is no such thing as “one man one vote” in PA, it is “one man, less than one vote”.

    17. jason says:

      So are the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rewrite election rules still in effect for November – drop boxes, mail in ballots, lack of signature verification, questionable ballot chain of custody, and all the rest?”

      I hate people that have a life and have something better to do than speculate….


    18. jason says:

      Huh.. let me fix that….and pour myself another coffee.

      “If so, why are any of you wasting your time on any speculation of November outcomes? I can tell you the outcomes right now.”

      I hate people that have a life and have something better to do than speculate….


    19. jason says:

      I don’t think CDM votes, who else here votes in PA?

      Maybe Bitter and the rest can get together and try to cobble together one vote.

    20. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – I am personally opposed to abortion with the exceptions of rape, incest and maternal health. I think it is cold-blooded killing of a human. That said, over time I accepted that not everybody agrees with me and I expect that it will always be legal to some extent in almost every state even if Roe is overturned. The issue should have always stayed with the states. If it is legal, I don’t want to pay for it.

    21. Phil says:

      Looks like packing the Supreme Court is back on the table, but not really. It would take Manchin to do it so by muking the filibuster so it ain’t happening. Instead, Schumer intends to pass legislation to codify Roe v Wade. That will be shiny object Democrats will focus on the next six months to take eyes off inflation, crime, illegal immigration. Actually, he knows that won’t get by the filibuster as well but it’s all about the issue to mobilize the left for November. Schumer jumped all over it this morning.

    22. DW says:

      I am of course pro-life, but its also true Roe vs Wade was always an overreach, and extreme leftists did the pro-choice cause no help by extreme and needless behavior. Cheering while watching a baby getting its brains sucked out or having its limbs torn off.

      Most people would have been content had the ruling been limited up to a certain number of weeks. But the whole thing has been about rewarding irresponsibility and so the far left insisted you must be free to be irresponsible up to the moment the head pops out when you can still jab the baby with a knife, stick in a suction tube and suck its brains out.

      Then some, Obama included, kept saying crazy stuff like if a baby doomed to be slaughtered suddenly zipped past the hands of her executioners, and was born alive, that the intent to kill should not be frustrated, and so the baby should still be killed. That is insane in the ears of anyone with a functioning brain.

      The truth of the matter is that the radical left is alone responsible for keeping the pro-life movement alive with the left’s crazy overreach. Had they been more sensible and content to give up partial birth abortion and late term abortion, they could have effectively killed the pro-life movement.

      So now their overreach is being rewarded by the pushback. Let the states decide. Anyone who still wants to slaughter their own child for their own convenience can go to a state where it is legal and commit this heinous act.

      But then the rest of us will be free to live in a place that values life.

    23. jason says:

      Dems might be making a mistake running on abortion, if that is their plan for 2022.

      Most Americans don’t believe abortion be legal in all cases without any restrictions, most believe it should be legal under certain circumstances.

      Also national polls on abortion don’t take in account that abortion on demand is much more popular in San Francisco and NYC than it is in swing states, so if a poll showing say 50% support abortion on demand nationally could mean it is 80% in CA but only 35% in OH.

    24. DW says:

      “more popular in San Francisco”

      This is an important point. The congressional districts that most strongly favor abortion are the ones that are going to vote 95% Dem against any opponent anyway.

    25. Robbie says:

      This leak most likely came from a liberal clerk who was aghast at the likely outcome and saw a chance to become a hero or heroine to the liberal left. Effectively, a Joan of Arc moment which guarantees endless TV and book opportunities for that person.

      I suppose it’s possible this came from Breyer himself. He is retiring after all, but he’s an intuitionalist so I seriously doubt it. Maybe Sotomayor leaked it. Unlikely as well, but she was notably far more prickly than usual in the January oral arguments. In retrospect, that probably should have told us something.

      That said, if this draft does foreshadow the ultimate verdict, this will be the first major loss on an impactful issue suffered by the liberal justices in a long time. Who’s to say they didn’t flip out and do this? Maybe they just got used to winning, despite being in the minority, and didn’t like how it felt to lose?

      However, we should not discount this was done at the behest of John Roberts. He is arrogant enough and conceited enough to do this. He wants Roe overturned on his timetable and he wants to be the author of the ruling. He wants a ruling he authors to be the crown jewel of the “Roberts Court” era.

      It would not shock me at all to learn several years from now Roberts did this to show Kavanaugh and Barrett it was a mistake. And honestly, this leak may work. I have no reason to believe Kavanaugh or Barrett will stand up to the pressure. That’s why, had I been choosing in 2018 and 2020, I’d have picked Amul Thapar and Joan Larsen, but that’s water under the bridge now.

      Regardless, whatever draft the Court is reviewing now almost certainly looks far different than what was leaked. It’s probably been softened and I would not be shocked to learn it no longer holds a majority. I think it’s entirely possible Roberts “wins” on this issue and convinces one or two to join him in upholding Mississippi’s law while preserving Roe.

    26. Robbie says:

      One other thought. It’s also possible this was leaked by a conservative clerk to show what the ruling would have been had several supposedly conservative justices not flaked out at the last moment.

    27. jason says:

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, f–k off, nobody cares who you would have picked as SCOTUS, if truth were known it was probably Lawrence Tribe and Barack Obama.

      Go back to MSNBC or whatever leftist sh-thole you hang out at, and try to find something about Trump to regurgitate later.

      Or go genuflect before your life size poster of Biden again.

    28. jason says:

      The congressional districts that most strongly favor abortion are the ones that are going to vote 95% Dem against any opponent anyway.”


    29. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag wrote a lot of drivel and garbage to come to the following brilliant conclusion:

      The leak could have come from any of a variety of sources!


      These Biden bots get smarter by the day.

    30. jason says:

      Sorry Skippy, but the 11 AM exit polls look really good for Vance.

    31. jason says:

      Ok, enough of this abortion BS, let’s get back to Ukraine.

      Yesterday, Neville Allen assured us Putin was no threat to Iceland, although the foreign minister of Iceland said “Thank God we belong to NATO”.

      Of course, Neville Allen doesn’t know the difference between Ireland and Iceland so there is that.

      I would raid the A-hole Emergency Fund to send Neville Allen a map, but it is being reserved to fund a wellness check on lisab.

    32. Bitterlaw says:

      Of course, Robbie ignores the biggest irony of all. Neither Hillary nor Biden would have picked conservative Justices so his alleged wish list is irrelevant. Trump made the picks and the overturn of Roe may be the result.

    33. Bitterlaw says:

      The disappearance of lisab would be alarming if she wasn’t vicious and unpleasant.

    34. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag supports conservative picks for SCOTUS as long as they are not actually the picks.

    35. jason says:

      “ROME — Pope Francis said that NATO “barking” at Russia’s door may have led to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine”

      Communist Pope is another Putin appeaser?

      What a surprise.

      Of course Bitter will say what the Pope says is not relevant because it has nothing to do with church doctrine.

    36. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag uses brilliant investigative skills to nail down the SCOTUS leak in his post above.

      We have:

      1)This leak most likely came from a liberal clerk

      2) I suppose it’s possible this came from Breyer himself.

      3) Maybe Sotomayor leaked it

      4) we should not discount this was done at the behest of John Roberts.

      I think Amoral Scumbag forgot Harvey the Rabbit.

    37. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzz What the Pope says about world events and political issues is relevant because he is a world leader and head of state. What the Pope says about world events and political issues is completely irrelevant to whether I believe Jesus rose from the dead and the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus.

    38. jason says:

      Surprisingly (for me) the probability of a Vance victory is not affecting the prediction that the seat is safe for Rs in Ohio.

    39. jason says:

      “It’s about Ohio”

      Wow, that is some pretty “deep sh-t”.

    40. Tina says:

      Don’t worry. The marshall of the sc will now investigate the leak. We are all safe.

    41. jason says:

      Frankly, my main problem with Vance was that I didn’t think he was the best candidate for the GE.

      But the guy is Marine, Yale law school, author, venture capitalist who raised $93 million for his firm in 2020. He is media savvy having been, lo and behold, a CNN contributor.

      He called Trump “America’s Hitler” in 2016, but I also called Trump a lot of things I later changed my mind on, so I give him a pass on it.

      I guess if Trump can forgive him, I can too.

    42. Phil says:

      Should be interesting tonight. Because of Trump’s endorsement look for Vance to do best in working class counties of Mahoning and Trumbell in the NE portion of the states along with the Appalachian Counties in Southeast Ohio. The other candidates to do better in suburban counties like Warren.

    43. jason says:

      Incapro Associates noon exit polling results for OH

      Vance 34
      Dolan 22
      Mandel 18
      Gibbons 11
      Timken 4

      Sorry Skippy

    44. jason says:

      Don’t worry. The marshall of the sc will now investigate the leak. We are all safe

      The butler did it.

    45. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason. I’ve been to both Ireland and Iceland, have you? I’m 91% Irish btw.
      Surely you know typos and that awful autocorrect hit the best of us…and you too.
      As the Russian feet can barely stay afloat in the neighboring Black sea,I think everyone here knows both are safe.
      Incidentally,can you outline the threat scenario by Russia for both Ireland and Iceland? It will become mandatory reading for all 3 service academies.

    46. jason says:

      Jason. I’ve been to both Ireland and Iceland, have you?”

      Yes, and I even know the difference between them.

    47. jason says:

      Luckily for Iceland and Ireland, the people there seem a lot smarter than Neville Allen. They understand Russian aggression poses a threat to every country in Europe.


      “DUBLIN – Most citizens of Ireland want to boost military spending and nearly half want to join NATO in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a new poll.

      The findings by pollsters Red C, published in Sunday’s Business Post newspaper in Dublin, suggest sharply shifting public attitudes on Ireland’s official policy of neutrality.

      It found that 48 percent now want to join NATO versus 39 percent opposed, a record high for this question. As recently as January, a similar poll found only 34 percent support for joining the transatlantic military alliance.”


      In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iceland’s foreign minister this week expressed relief that her country is part of the NATO alliance.

      “Thank God, we’re part of NATO,” because the North Atlantic island nation without an army can no longer “take peace for granted,” Thórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörd Gylfadóttir said at the Wilson Center on Thursday.

      She added, “how long ago and far away” it seems when Iceland, a nation of a little more than 350,000, turned over the chairmanship of the eight-member Arctic Council to Russia in 2021.

      It was also the time new Secretary of State Antony Blinken first met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Iceland to discuss ways to ease tensions between the two nuclear powers.

      Less than a year later, the Kremlin “decided to invade Ukraine because its leaders are threatened by our values” of human rights and democracy, she said.

      “Everything has changed now” in Iceland, from its view of itself and the Arctic, to how it sees the region’s place in the world. For the first time, “we actually have a discussion about foreign policy,” brought on by the invasion.

      The foreign minister said Icelanders recognize “they are in a strategic location, it’s in our DNA.

    48. jason says:

      Surely you know typos and that awful autocorrect hit the best of us…and you too.”

      You are a compulsive liar.

      I typed in Ireland ten times. Autocorrect doesn’t change it to Iceland. Besides, you repeated “Iceland” more than once, so it was not a typo either.

      Your ignorance knows no bounds, especially since you are always willing to double down on it.

    49. jason says:

      I’m 91% Irish btw.”

      Zzzzz…that makes you as much of an expert on Ireland as your magazines make you an expert on geopolitics.

    50. jason says:

      Does the “marshall” of SCOTUS actually have any “investigative” powers or resources?

      Do any of our brilliant attorneys here know?

    51. jason says:

      And I thought my full name Jason Apocatequil Hukllawarqusun Llamaykikunata Llamaykunawan was complicated.

      But then the foreign minister of Iceland showed up:

      Thórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörd Gylfadóttir

    52. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 11:02 am
      Hey Amoral Scumbag, f–k off, nobody cares who you would have picked as SCOTUS, if truth were known it was probably Lawrence Tribe and Barack Obama.

      – Have you got a Stacy Abrams bumper sticker on your car yet since MAGA daddy wants her to win, you miserable piece of pond scum?

    53. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 11:19 am
      Of course, Robbie ignores the biggest irony of all. Neither Hillary nor Biden would have picked conservative Justices so his alleged wish list is irrelevant. Trump made the picks and the overturn of Roe may be the result.

      – I can like the justices chosen and absolutely hate the sorry, worthless scumbag who chose them. Both can be true.

    54. Tgca says:


      I’m like 8% AA but in essence I’m 100% AA and entitled to full reparations since RACISM has always been rampant in this country and those with even the slightest AA ancestry were discriminated against as if they were 100% AA.

    55. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 11:25 am
      Amoral Scumbag supports conservative picks for SCOTUS as long as they are not actually the picks.

      – I support conservative justices and absolutely hate that scumbag Trump. You, on the other hand, would absolutely allow Trump to drag a certain appendage of his across your face because you are a shameless fraud.

      Have you got your Stacey Abrams bumper sticker yet, you hack?

    56. Tgca says:

      I also have Irish grandparent heritage but I’m not a drunk or spousal abuser so ancestry alone does not make a person.

    57. Robbie says:

      Robbie says:
      May 3, 2022 at 1:17 pm
      Bitterlaw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 11:19 am
      Of course, Robbie ignores the biggest irony of all. Neither Hillary nor Biden would have picked conservative Justices so his alleged wish list is irrelevant. Trump made the picks and the overturn of Roe may be the result.

      – I can like the justices chosen and absolutely hate the sorry, worthless scumbag who chose them. Both can be true.

      – And by the way Bitter, if you didn’t notice, I’m using the formulation you’ve perfected in this forum over the last six years.

    58. mnw says:

      New WPA poll:

      “Kris Kobach Dominates In Race For Kansas Attorney General”

      52%; more than all others combined.

    59. jason says:

      A vote for Brian Kemp in this primary is a vote for Stacey Abrams. And I’ll tell you, I don’t believe Republicans are gonna go out and vote in a general election for Brian Kemp”

      What Trump actually said. His opinion is Kemp is a weak candidate for the GE, anyone can disagree, including me.

      What lying Amoral Scumbag pretended he said:

      “since MAGA daddy wants her to win”

    60. jason says:

      If I lived in KS I would register just to vote for Kobach’s opponent.

      But I guess as Kansas AG the damage he can do to R candidates elsewhere is limited. Maybe he will just do what he normally does, cause Rs to lose in KS.

    61. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Have to admire Trump, he is fearless in speaking the truth:

      “On Earth Day this year, however, a loud dissenting voice was heard. Speaking at a Heritage Foundation event in Florida, Donald Trump attacked climate-change catastrophizing.

      “One of the most urgent tasks, not only for our movement but for our country, is to decisively defeat the climate hysteria hoax,” Trump declared. Fearmongering about the climate is destroying America’s economy, weakening our society, and eviscerating the middle class, Trump argued. “It’s helping fuel runaway inflation.””

    62. jason says:

      Have you got your Stacey Abrams bumper sticker yet, you hack?”


      Have you taken your Biden stickers off your crop duster yet?

      Amoral Scumbag, who has the morals of floating turd, has the chutzpah to call Trump a “worthless scumbag”.

      You have to love it here.

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      57 Romney supports overturning Roe and investigating who leaked the draft Opinion. Not sure why Jason took issue with either statement.

    64. jason says:

      Have to admire Trump, he is fearless in speaking the truth”

      No wonder Amoral Scumbag hates him.

      Amoral Scumbag has been at war with the truth here for over a decade.

    65. jason says:

      Romney supports overturning Roe and investigating who leaked the draft Opinion. Not sure why Jason took issue with either statement.”

      Can you show me where I took “issue with either statement”?


      Then GFY.

    66. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      China has gone from a one-child policy to a three-child policy. Leftists are horrified at the return to traditional gender norms:

      “China’s rapidly aging society and plunging birth rate poses a host of challenges for its leaders, including a shrinking number of young workers and an increasingly unstable pension system. Beijing is steadily pivoting toward pro-natalism as a strategy to mitigate these risks. In 2016, the Chinese government scrapped its harsh one-child policy, and in 2021 it began introducing policies aimed at actively encouraging childbearing. The experience of China’s East Asian neighbors, however, indicates that such measures are unlikely to succeed in raising fertility rates. And the Chinese Communist Party’s re-embrace of traditional gender norms under General Secretary Xi Jinping is likely to turn the clock back on women’s rights by decades and exacerbate root causes of China’s cratering birth rates.”

    67. jason says:

      With men now giving birth, it will be easier to get to the three child policy.

    68. jason says:

      My point was that Romney is a unprincipled and cheap media hack and he can GFH whatever he says. I didn’t comment on his statement one way or the other.

    69. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Has the Pagan God failed the leftists:

      WASHINGTON, D.C.—After gathering at the steps of the Supreme Court and chanting all through the night in support of abortion, a crowd of worshippers are still having a hard time getting their pagan god Moloch to hear them.

      “We’ve chanted, and danced, and even cut ourselves with knives, but still, Moloch is silent,” said protest leader and male feminist Skeeve Rapenburg. “Why does he not hear? Why won’t he send down fire from the sky and consume this infernal SCOTUS building? MOLOCH! HEAR US!”

      Babylon Bee

    70. Bitterlaw says:

      I thought your GFH was a comment on what he said.


    71. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      You can call Romney media hack, but the fact is he is taking on the leftist media by opposing abortion and supporting the repeal of Roe vs. Wade.

    72. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      By the way, I am pro-Choice, but believe abortion policy is a legislative matter.

    73. Robbie says:

      Zeke Miller
      CDC restates recommendation for masks on planes, trains

      – Anyone who was paying attention knew the CDC had no intentions of letting the mask mandate on planes and buses expire on May 3. And here, they showed they never had any intention of doing so.

      No doubt, Jason fraud wants to give Fauci another presidential medal of freedom for this.

    74. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 1:38 pm
      57 Romney supports overturning Roe and investigating who leaked the draft Opinion. Not sure why Jason took issue with either statement.

      – Because Jason fraud is a fake tough guy. That’s why. He’ll be on whatever side MAGA daddy tells him to be.

    75. Tgca says:


      Two of the critical posters in Romney’s tweet sarcastically inquire:

      Critical Poster #1:
      Have you ever been pregnant?

      Tg Response:
      No! Not that I’m aware of though it’s a possibility since we now know men can get pregnant and give birth too according to liberals if you FOLLOW THE SCIENCE.

      But it doesn’t matter because ABORTION is not about only who is pregnant because only about 6% of the eligible birthing population between ages 15 and 44 get pregnant each year and either carry the baby to full term or ABORT. Which means if being pregnant is the decisive factor of determine ABORTION, then the opinion of 98.7% of the remaining population not pregnant in any given year does not matter since they will not be pregnant and potentially give birth. So what’s your point?

      Critical Poster #2:
      Have you ever been poor?

      Tg Response:
      Yes! Extremely poor, to the point some believe I was raised eating lead paint chips off the walls that is responsible for my charming personality.

      Would I have been better off being ABORTED than being poor?

    76. jason says:

      My point was Romney is a unprincipled and cheap media whore and he GFH whatever he says. I didn’t comment on his statement one way or the other.”

      No doubt Amoral Scumbag will vote for Biden again so Biden can appoint Fauci again.

    77. Tina says:

      Quittens statement is better than the Maine Chicklets statement.

      They should say there needs to be an investigation of the leak and we don’t get involved with the sc decisions/process for making their decisiom.

      Hope the 5 justices in support apparently are being protected.

      The mostly peaceful protesters will soon launch.

    78. jason says:

      You can call Romney media hack, but the fact is he is taking on the leftist media by opposing abortion and supporting the repeal of Roe vs. Wade.”

      Romney has always been pro-life, he is not “taking on the leftist media”.

      In fact, he would step on his mother’s neck if it got him on MSNBC.

    79. CG says:

      Mitt Romney remains the MVP of the entire United States government.

    80. jason says:

      Huh…. wrong quote.’

      Here we go.

      No doubt, Jason fraud wants to give Fauci another presidential medal of freedom for this.”

      “No doubt Amoral Scumbag will vote for Biden again so Biden can appoint Fauci again.”

    81. jason says:

      The Biden Troll, who voted for the entire Biden Agenda including infanticide, has arrived.

    82. Tina says:

      Murkowski her confidence in the court has been rocked.

      Once again Rs attacking conservative justices, rather than targeting who,leaked.

    83. CG says:

      Pro-choice fraud jason is of course a liar as everyone here, regardless of their own views, knows.

      The only part of the Biden Agenda I voted for was making Donald Trump an ex-President. At least we got that much.

    84. jason says:

      I remember when the Biden Troll stated here that abortion was VERY important to him. He was very critical of my position that abortion should always be legal in the first trimester.

      Until he voted for the guy and the party supporting partial birth abortion and killing babies outside the womb.

    85. Tgca says:

      Pro-choice = legalized murder. If you’re for ABORTION, you’re for legalized murder. It’s that simple!

      Roe v Wade was decided in a time when little was known about fetal development and the science of it. It’s akin to how severe AA discrimination and slavery were viewed from a legal standard.

      Two large recent international studies show the fetus is most likely able to feel pain or be self aware of pain at 23 weeks based on the nervous system development to varying degrees.

      Based on historical scientific knowledge of fetuses and healthcare, more often than not science has been surprised by knowledge accumulated over the years not otherwise expected.

      We know that during an ABORTION, the fetus goes into massive shock as it is burned and ripped apart alive which clearly is self-awareness, regardless to the level of physical pain it feels which I doubt is none at all.

    86. jason says:

      No doubt Amoral Scumbag will vote for Biden again so Biden can appoint Fauci again.”

      The Biden Troll was always a pathological liar.

      He voted FOR THE ENTIRE BIDEN AGENDA, and that’s what we got.

    87. Tina says:

      Let’s hope Bushie does not go,wobbly.

      Souter 2.0 is a disaster.

    88. jason says:

      I can’t cut and paste today.

      “The only part of the Biden Agenda I voted for”

      The Biden Troll was always a pathological liar.

      He voted FOR THE ENTIRE BIDEN AGENDA, and that’s what we got.

    89. CG says:

      I remain staunchly Pro-Life, but the awfulness of Trump weighed above all else to me and many other Pro-Life voters, which is why Trump lost.

      So, hopefully the Republican Party will move from Trumpism going forward.

    90. CG says:

      jason will never vote again so being an American is no longer part of his agenda.

      Being a coward is.

    91. jason says:

      If you’re for ABORTION, you’re for legalized murder. It’s that simple!”

      Zzzzzzz… so wes, SDC, and jason somehow are for legalized murder?

      The kewl thing is that only I get points (sticks tongue out at wes and SDC).

      I would limit it to 20 weeks except to save the life of the mother. That is still within the 23 weeks your study says a fetus can feel pain.

    92. jason says:

      jason will never vote again so being an American is no longer part of his agenda”

      And the Biden Troll will continue to vote for Democrats because he thinks somehow it is bad for Trump.

      The Biden Troll voted for the entire Biden agenda that is disastrous for America, but I am no longer an American?


    93. jason says:

      jason will never vote again so being an American is no longer part of his agenda”

      The sheer arrogance and chutzpah of someone who supported the Biden Agenda actually giving advice to the Republican party.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      Amoral Scumbag and the Biden Troll actually believe they represent the Republican Party.

      There is no shrink that can cure that kind of delusion.

    94. CG says:

      “Biden Troll” literally makes no sense factually. I disagree with Biden on most everything and do not expect to vote for many if any Democrats in the future.

      jason has expressed his preference for numerous Democrats over Republicans over the years in races across the country and had a long list of Republican candidates he said he could never vote for. For me, that was Trump.

      Biden is the only Democrat I have ever voted for, and it was purely an anti-Trump vote. I wouldn’t vote for Biden again though.

    95. Tgca says:

      I’ve always said that someday science will prove that the largest atrocity ever of mankind will be ABORTION.

      It is estimated well over a BILLION babies have been ABORTED the last 50 years.

      Nothing historically comes close. Not even the aggregate deaths in all the wars in human history. The Holocaust and slavery deaths have nothing on ABORTION. They are insignificant blips in comparison, as horrendous as they were themselves.

      To me, nothing in society is more EVIL and brutally cruel than ABORTION. I challenge anyone to provide another instant.

      Any woman that has ever had an ABORTION, murdered her child, regardless of their rationale for their choice.

    96. Wes says:

      Tgca and former Hedgehogger AuH2ORepublican are the exact kinds of people who kept their own side of the abortion argument from ever winning anything for decades with their intransigence and easy-to-demagogue rhetoric.

      Congratulations, Tg. You and others like you enabled people who want every possible abortion to happen with no restrictions up to and including the loathsome PBA procedure to get their way.

      With friends like you, who on your side of the abortion issue needs enemies?

    97. CG says:

      That “well over a billion” figure is quite a statement. Where does it come from?

    98. EML says:

      All I want is an honest conversation on abortion. But we can’t have an honest conversation because the leftist position is blatantly dishonest. “Pro choice” is nonsense. Women have a choice.

      The choice is whether or not to engage in sexual activity. If you make that choice, then you choose to accept the consequences, which may include pregnancy, an STD, emotional attachment, etc. Saying that you’re pro-choice is BS propaganda. Just admit what you really believe…that women can murder their child to avoid the consequence of their choice. That’s what you really believe, but you dare not say that out loud because you know that it makes you a terrible human being.

    99. jason says:

      I remain staunchly Pro-Life”

      No, you voted for the person and the party advocating for partial birth abortion and infanticide.

      Own it.

      No free lunch.

      You are not pro-life, not a Republican and not a conservative.

      You are a miserable little turd that is never happy even if you got what you wanted.

      Enjoy Biden’s Presidency and whatever it entails, no “I only voted for this or that BS”.

    100. Wes says:

      All right, so a woman who has a miscarriage commits murder, Tg?

      A miscarriage is an abortion triggered by the woman’s body.

    101. CG says:

      Donald Trump would be for partial birth abortion if it worked for his political advantage.

      I do not think anybody should be single issue voters though.

    102. Tgca says:


      Yes! If you support ABORTION, you support legalized murder, regardless of your ignorance on the details.

      Have you ever seen an ABORTION? I have watched horrific videos of complete ABORTIONS.

      It is MURDER!!!

      If it was done outside the body, it would be treated as murder but because it’s done inside the body, it’s not MURDER and up to host?

      So if a surrogate mother decides to kill a fetus, is that OK too? After all, she is just a host and not the biological parent.

    103. CG says:

      Based on his other rhetoric here on issues, “Amerika, etc” I am inclined to believe that TGCA is pretending to be Pro-Life in order to discredit the position, but who knows.

    104. EML says:

      97 – exactly correct, tgca.

      You know how people right now are looking back at the colonial time period and demonizing everyone and everything for slavery, completely ignoring the historical context? Same thing will happen with abortion and this time period.

      At some point in the future, medical advances will make abortion irrelevant. Our descendants will look back at us and condemn each and every person for the despicable act of abortion.

    105. jason says:

      EML, I am entirely comfortable being pro-choice, where did you get the idea I cannot say it aloud.

      I think abortion should always be legal for the first 20 weeks. I oppose abortions on viable fetuses, partial birth abortions and killing babies outside the womb. I support reasonable restrictions such as parental consent and waiting periods.

      If that makes me a “terrible human being” in your eyes, so be it.

    106. EML says:

      102 – Wes, I know you’re better than that and that you know that there is a huge difference between a woman having an involuntary miscarriage and voluntarily murdering her child via abortion.

    107. mnw says:


      The nicknames you use prevent me from understanding many of your posts. I suspect I’m not the only one, either. Do you realize that?

      I have no idea who “Bushie” & “Souter 2.0” ARE.

    108. Wes says:

      EML, how honest are you being? Do women impregnated by rapists choose to have sex with their attackers? They wouldn’t be rape victims if they did.

      Are their pro-choice people who are radical and want the maximum number of abortions to occur because of their distorted view of things?


      I personally identify as pro choice, but I believe in reasonable restrictions like not allowing abortions after a certain number of weeks and restricting abortion access to victims of rape and incest. I also vehemently oppose PBA because that’s an absolutely barbaric procedure.

      That means I personally take umbrage with your blanket characterization given your stated goal of wanting an honest discussion on the issue.

    109. Wes says:

      You’re right, EML. I do. I was intentionally being absurd to point out the absurdity of Tgca’s bombastic post.

      I would have thought you would have picked up on that.

    110. Tgca says:

      Miscarriage is not ABORTION and it’s not willful and it does not result in the extreme cruelty inflicted upon a fetus.

      It is estimated up to 75% of miscarriages happen even before a positive pregnancy result is known which means it is happening before advanced development of the nervous system or when a BIRTHING person knows they’re pregnant.

      It makes no scientific sense that human biology has evolved to miscarriage once a fetus is able to distinguish a level of pain or self-awareness.

    111. jason says:


      Did the Biden Troll’s candidate just admit a fetus is a child?

      BIDEN: “The idea that we’re gonna make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court I think goes way overboard.”

    112. CG says:

      I am staunchly Pro-Life, but a woman who has an abortion in order to save her own life (not some broad “health” concept which could mean all sorts of things) is a different situation. That is not murder.

      Also, while reasonable people can disagree when it comes to pregnancies resulting by rape, if you believe in a culture of responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions, that would have to also make it a different situation.

    113. Tgca says:


      Evidently CG is IGORENT.

      I have always been and will always be pro life and anyone posting here for nearly 20 years knows that, as I have a long history of being against ABORTION, including personal reasons.

    114. Wes says:

      I’m glad I don’t seek medical advice from you, Tg, since another term for miscarriage is spontaneous ABORTION:

    115. EML says:

      Once again, wes, you are being dishonest by bringing up cases of rape. 99.99% of abortions are not for cases of rape. They are cases where women made a choice to engage in sexual activity, then didn’t want to deal with having a child, so murdered him. That’s what you believe in. But fine, I’ll say in the 0.01% of rape cases, women can have an abortion.

    116. jason says:

      The Biden Troll’s candidate is confused.

      Eliminating Roe vs. Wade does not outlaw abortion.

      In fact CA is introducing a bill that states abortion is a right under CA state law, and Roe does not interfere with that in any way.

    117. EML says:

      107 – jason, obviously you are not comfortable witg it. You are still calling it “pro choice” which is BS nonsense. You are “pro women murdering children to avoid the consequence of their choice”.

    118. Tgca says:


      If ABORTION is not murder, then what is it?

      How would you describe the ripping apart of a fetus piece by piece and burning it alive with saline solutions so that it goes into massive shock?

    119. jason says:

      I am staunchly Pro-Life”


      Only when “convenient” and doesn’t interfere with TDS.

      “Staunch” my ass. You voted for partial birth abortion and infanticide, that was the agenda you supported.

      Own it.

    120. CG says:

      Clearly the consistent position for those who believe abortion is murder would be to support a national effort to outlaw all abortion (except perhaps in the case of rape and the life of the mother) via federal legislation or Constitutional Amendment.

      Indeed that was the platform position of the Republican Party for generations, before the platform was changed to “whatever Trump says this week.”

    121. Wes says:

      You characterize everyone who identifies as pro choice as this:

      Just admit what you really believe…that women can murder their child to avoid the consequence of their choice. That’s what you really believe, but you dare not say that out loud because you know that it makes you a terrible human being.

      I’m the one being dishonest though.

      If you want to know why your side of the abortion debate never won a single victory on the issue for decades, look no further than your own hyperbolic rhetoric.

    122. EML says:

      If you really believe that you are on the right side here, then embrace it. Say what you mean. You believe that if a woman engages in sexual activity and gets pregnant, she has a right to murder the living human being inside her body so that she can avoid the consequence of her decision.

      Calling it “pro choice” is fluff to avoid calling it what it really is. That’s how I know I’m on the right side and you’re on the wrong side.

    123. jason says:

      jason, obviously you are not comfortable witg it”

      Zzzzz… I am perfectly comfortable with it.

      But if you prefer I will say I am “pro women aborting fetuses up to 20 weeks gestation”

      I don’t consider fetuses 20 weeks “children” like you do, that may be the difference. In my view, a “child” is someone who can survive outside the womb, until then it is a fetus.

    124. CG says:

      We can see by this discussion that this is a matter of division among people “on the right” which is precisely what the left-wing wants to see happen.

      They certainly need something to work in their favor for the 2022 elections.

      What I find harder to understand is a pro-choice person like jason telling a Pro-Life person such as myself that I am not Pro-Life enough, just as how as an agnostic he tells Bitterlaw that he is a bad Catholic for going to Mass.

    125. Tgca says:

      I have always made it clear that the only REAL exception I believe of ABORTION is the life of the mother because chances are such a deadly situation will not only result in the mothers death but the fetus as well so it’s generally a statistical decision of survival of both versus just the fetus.

      As for woman’s health. Hogwash! Woman’s health can be defined as temporary depression, embarrassment, economic pressure, etc.

      As for rape! I still think it’s murder. Numerous people are born from rape, and probably a significant portion of the population born 500+ years ago was from forced or coerced sexual relations that are defined as rape today.

      These may be hard choices and I acknowledge but I always err on the side of protecting the fetus in them.

    126. jason says:

      ou believe that if a woman engages in sexual activity and gets pregnant, she has a right to murder the living human being inside her body so that she can avoid the consequence of her decision.”

      Wow, how dishonest can you get?

      But I see we moved the goal posts from “children” to “living human being”.

      How about the right word for it, fetus (after 9 weeks btw, before that it is not even a fetus, it is still embryonic).

      “In human prenatal development, fetal development begins from the ninth week after fertilisation (or eleventh week gestational age)”

    127. EML says:

      I didn’t even come here to talk about abortion, so I’m done. I came here to talk about the primaries today. The GOP is on the verge of nominating strong pro-life women in 4 winnable congressional districts tonight: IN-01, IN-09, OH-09, and OH-13. Don’t screw this up.

    128. Wes says:

      I will agree late-stage abortions performed once the fetus develops its nervous system and becomes viable are indeed murder, Tg.

      I don’t agree at all in the very early stages of a pregnancy.

      Who knows though?

      Maybe if people like you and EML didn’t engage in the kind of divisive, bombastic rhetoric you’ve employed on this thread, you might have won some victories on the issue decades ago and prevented some abortions from occurring.

      That ship left port long ago though.

      You know, SoHope and I have radically different views on abortion, but I can’t find much fault with his position.

      He stated his beliefs clearly and succinctly without the Old Testament-style rhetoric you’ve been employing. That I can respect.

      You read like a parody.

    129. EML says:

      Again, wes, you have to choose your words wisely to avoid admitting to what you actually believe in. You think it’s ok for women to murder their children to avoid having to live with the consequences of their decision. It’s fine. Embrace what you believe.

    130. Tgca says:


      20 weeks was a number pulled out of the hat 50 years ago when there was little to no detailed scientific knowledge of fetal development. Science has advanced significantly since then and shown we know much more now.

      Youngest known survival of fetuses outside the won have been between 22 and 24 weeks. The youngest being just under 22 weeks.

      ..and my suspicion is with the advancement of science, we may see earlier survival rates soon.

    131. jason says:

      ike jason telling a Pro-Life person such as myself that I am not Pro-Life enough, just as how as an agnostic he tells Bitterlaw that he is a bad Catholic for going to Mass.”

      Two lies in one sentence, not a record for the Biden Troll by any means.

      I didn’t say you weren’t pro life enough, I said you aren’t pro life AT ALL since you support Biden’s Agenda, which includes partial birth abortion and infanticide. You could have chose not to vote for Trump or Biden if your objection was Trump, but you chose to support Biden’s agenda. Own it.

      And I never said Bitter is a bad Catholic for going to Mass and I never told him not to go to Mass.

    132. CG says:

      I am glad some here are showing compassion to the innocent victims of abortion.

      I wish even more people would show the same compassion and understanding of the importance in trying to save the innocent victims of all ages of Vladimir Putin’s tyranny.

    133. jason says:

      We can see by this discussion that this is a matter of division among people “on the right”

      A Biden supporter who thinks he is “on the right”.

      HHR is really fun.

    134. jason says:

      understanding of the importance in trying to save the innocent victims of all ages of Vladimir Putin’s tyranny.”

      You better leave now before you get called a warmonger.

      Putin is more popular here than he is in Russia.

    135. Wes says:

      I literally posted restrictions on abortion I would support, Tg. Maybe you should look past your own rhetoric and read what I actually said.

    136. CG says:

      In his heart of hearts, Joe Biden probably believes abortion is horrible and morally wrong, but for his entire adult life he has been a slave to his political party. He should feel shame over that.

      Donald Trump is somebody who has probably paid for or coerced more abortions than the combined number of people who still post on this board. Does anybody truly think Donald Trump gives a damn about any unborn child?

    137. Wes says:

      Err, EML.

      I’m so used to responding to Tgca I posted his name rather than the handle I was responding to.

    138. CG says:

      I am not a “Biden supporter.” I am part of the clear majority of American voters who cast a vote for Biden. The reason why I did so have been clearly stated.

      Like many of those voters, I am very disappointed with his Presidency. If the Republican Party wants to win elections in the future, they will have to win back Biden voters.

      Others, who voted for Trump, now insist they will never vote again because their loyalty is to one flawed person, and not their country.

    139. Tgca says:

      I said nothing about religion in my posts Wes. You’re making things up. My opposition is not because of religion. It’s because it’s a living fetus. It’s about science over social behavior.

      Stop trying to move the goal posts because you lack knowledge about fetal development or can’t reason an intelligent consistency on the issue.

      Why is it that in many instances assaulting a pregnant woman that leads to a fetal injury or death can be additionally prosecuted and result in imprisonment because the fetus has been injured or killed? Various states and countries have successfully prosecuted under these circumstances and it has been upheld by the courts.

      It makes no sense that a mother can inflict the same harm on a fetus and not be prosecuted but if someone else does it, they can be prosecuted. It’s inconsistent and short-sighted thinking.

    140. jason says:

      HhR is great.

      EML, after a long hiatus, shows up to call anyone who doesn’t agree with his definition of a fetus is a murderer and then leaves.

      I call it drive by murder calling.

    141. EML says:

      Still here, numbnuts. Had to drive to school to pick up my kids, who I didn’t murser, because I’m not a terrible excuse for a human being. Plan to be here when the results start rolling in.

    142. jason says:

      they will have to win back Biden voters”

      Zzzzz… f–k off.

      The R party doesn’t need or want your vote.

      You can keep supporting Biden’s agenda, it is where you belong.

    143. CG says:

      jason, a non-voter, wants everyone to be like him and have no one vote.

      I think he has an agenda of wanting to see Democrats waltz in unopposed. The gig is up.

    144. jason says:

      EML, I am glad you are back, we will have to disagree on what constitutes “murder”.

      We can still agree Olive Garden sucks.

    145. CG says:

      Is taking someone to Olive Garden a crime?

    146. jason says:

      Democrats waltz in unopposed.”

      Heh, from someone who voted for and supported Biden’s agenda.


    147. Tgca says:

      Again, science strongly suggests there is no basis for murdering fetuses.

      ABORTION is all about social behavior and not the science.

      If fetal survival outside the womb between 21 and 25 weeks have been documented in the past, how can you justify burning and ripping apart a fetus up to 20 weeks?

      We are not talking a clump of indistinguishable cells here in a petri dish. We are talking about advanced developed fetuses in the form of a human being that science will most likely soon be able to save outside the womb much earlier than 20 weeks.

    148. jason says:

      Is taking someone to Olive Garden a crime?”

      Legally no, but you wouldn’t want to do it to someone you like.

      And Olive Garden does massacre food, so some would consider that criminal.

    149. CG says:

      I would never make the accusation that somebody who voted for Trump supported all or even any of Trump’s agenda. Voting is a very personal thing.

      jason’s hypocrisy has no limits.

      But I am fine in “owning” Biden if it meant getting rid of Trump. So be it.

      Do people want to live in the future or the past though? A party hung up on Trump’s 2020 defeat, following the significant Republican electoral losses that preceded it under Trump, is not going to be in position to win anything in the future.

    150. Wes says:

      It’s settled. Tgca would rather call pro-choice people murderers and give people he disagrees with political fodder than do anything productive on issue.

      That’s to be expected.

    151. CG says:

      And to think it was only a few days ago on here, when the word “murderer” was bandied about incessantly regarding President George W. Bush…

    152. Wes says:

      Olive Garden is an abomination. I would lock Tgca in a room with only liver pudding to eat and water to drink before I’d commit the crime against humanity of taking him to Olive Garden.

      I just couldn’t live with my conscience if I ever treated anyone to Olive Garden.

    153. Tgca says:


      Again Wes spewing nonsense because he cannot defend a rational decision that supports ABORTION.

      I have always thought Roe v Wade should be overturned.

      I have also always advocated financial support for unexpected pregnancies to give the fetus a chance and help the mother. We waste more money on other programs that make no difference to our society so we can afford to protect the unborn.

      These are solutions. The fact that I cannot myself make them happen is not a failure if offering workable solutions.

      Under Wes’ logic, I guess he is responsible for the deaths in Ukraine because he has done NOTHING productive to stop those deaths.

    154. CG says:

      Logically speaking, how would a woman prove that a pregnancy was “unexpected” in order to qualify for the government funds you would want to offer.

      I appreciate the desire to help innocent babies and the mothers who raise them but couldn’t paying a woman for being pregnant cause some other problems?

      It sounds a bit a socialist, does it not?

    155. Tgca says:


      Yes! I believe GWB was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands knowingly so that raises it to the level of murder.

      We now know that GWB and cronies falsified information and misled the world to unnecessarily go to war, and hundreds of thousands died because of that.

      When others around the world do it, we call it murder so why not when GWB does it?

      If he had simply calculated wrong and made errors, I would not call, it murder but he instituted a false pretense for the war so he is responsible for its atrocities as well since he knew the risks from the onset.

    156. mnw says:

      SoHope & EML

      Good to see you posting here again.

    157. CG says:

      And would you allow pregnant illegal immigrants who might otherwise abort their babies access to this government funding?

    158. CG says:

      My view is that George W. Bush was among the best Presidents America has ever had and he has been missed terribly for the past 13 years.

    159. Tgca says:

      156. CG

      I am talking about cases where an ABORTION is the chosen route due solely to economics. There are other situations where economics is not the case people choose ABORTION.

      I was just noting some solutions but not all.

      I also strongly believe in education as well. I think many have ABORTIONS without the full knowledge of the science behind it that I think would otherwise change many minds on the matter if they knew the science.

      Programs to save lives is not anymore socialistic then providing welfare to the needy or social security and Medicare to the elderly.

      It is money worth spent in our society as opposed to many wasteful programs.

      We just don’t tell tell people if you can’t afford lifesaving programs that’s your tough luck.

    160. CG says:

      I don’t think a plan of paying taxpayer money to women for getting pregnant would work or be sensible. It would lead to people getting pregnant just to get paid in some circumstances.

      We are a compassionate society and have a safety net for those who truly need it, but what you suggest would be best done through the efforts of private and religious charitable institutions, as so many continue to do, and that would also include protecting all life, including babies being carried by or born to non-citizens.

      Marjorie Taylor Green for example considers those church-based efforts to be “Satanic.”

    161. Tina says:

      Please do not make fun of the Marshall of the Sc. She exists.

      Back in the day, the jebots/Russian hoaxers wanted the Marshall of the Sc to arrest Trump.

    162. Tgca says:


      I voted for GWB twice and always thought he was a decent man even if I did not agree with him on all issues.

      I supported the Iraq war as well based on what we were told.

      But later on when the evidence came out about the lies, and even his own SoS Colin Powell admitting he regretted it and shared behind the scenes information about the misinformation, I could no longer support GWB.

      Had GWB apologized and admitted it was a mistake, I could accept that but to this day he takes the positions that the end justifies the means which I can’t accept.

      That’s like the Japanese justifying Pearl Harbor or Pootin justifying the Ukraine invasion. All built on lies and deception for personal gain.

      Hundreds of thousands died that would otherwise not have died, including 4,000+ US soldiers.

      GWB has never accepted ANY responsibility. At least Colin Powell and some others did later acknowledge that they made serious errors and regret their decisions.

      I don’t know how someone who caused hundreds of thousands to die unnecessarily because of their lies and manipulation for personal gain can sleep at night.

    163. Tgca says:


      I am not suggesting just giving them money. I’m suggesting safety nets for those with serious economic needs.

      I know all too well growing up around welfare the incentive of cash payments alone because often it does lead to more pregnancies among the poor.

      I believe there are many programs that could help and I strongly support programs by churches that do a great deal of good work in their communities to help out regardless of faith.

      I did not say it would be easy but it is better than the horrific practice of ABORTION.

      I believe one day science will show what a great horror ABORTION was on our country that will make slavery pale in comparison.

    164. CG says:

      Nobody “lied” about WMD. Intelligence was wrong, the same intelligence many nations had.

      Regardless, overthrowing the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do for the national security of the United States and for global humanitarian reasons.

      Mistakes were made in the execution of the war after Saddam was toppled. GWB took responsibility for the failures in intelligence and the strategic errors in the war. He suffered great political damage because of it while other politicians would have done whatever they thought they needed to do just to be popular Those mistakes were largely corrected by the surge late in the Administration after so many others, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, wanted to cut and run.

      No person or President is perfect, but the bottom line is that George W. Bush was responsible for the liberation of millions of Afghani and Iraqi people and thanks to those efforts and the bravery and success of our Armed Forces, there were not terrorist attacks on the soil United States after 9/11/01, as most expected to happen.

      George W. Bush liberated people and saved lives. No American President, even the truly horrible ones, deserves to be called a “murderer” for doing what they thought was necessary to protect the country.

    165. CG says:

      If you feel so strongly about this issue, you should maybe donate money or time to crisis pregnancy centers or other charities that help people in situations like that.

      They tend to do better jobs in serving the needy than the government ever can.

    166. Bitterlaw says:

      So, what did I miss?

    167. CG says:

      168. The Pennsylvania candidates’ filing deadline?

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    168. Wes says:

      Tg, I haven’t posted a single comment about Ukraine on here. You, however, have been engaging in ridiculously bombastic rhetoric on the abortion issue that undermines your position rather than helps it for hours now.

      You’re virtue signaling to make yourself feel better rather than actually doing anything about the issue you claim to care strongly about.

      Own it.

    169. EML says:

      Liverpool into the Champions League final.

    170. CG says:

      RIP Norm Mineta

    171. mnw says:

      171 Tina

      Well, at least I now know who Souter 2.0 is. But who is “Bushie”?

    172. CG says:

      Obviously, “Bushie” has to be Bret Kavanaugh.

    173. CG says:

      When Tina references “Beotchy”, like in the previous thread, she means Amy Coney Barrett. “Gorsucks” is easier to decipher.

      Clearly, Tina is not a fan of Republican nominated Supreme Court Justices. Must be something she picked up from “Gateway Pundit.”

    174. Tina says:

      Mnw, Bushie is Kavanaugh,

      I would not have picked him, but supported him going through the bs rape allegations.

      I think he can go wobbly though.

      He is not Thomas, Alito, or Gorsuch.

      Anything coming from Mute 43 is suspect.

    175. Tina says:

      The Russian hoaxer is back.

      Any updates on trump Russia?

      How many donations to her Thighness 2024?

    176. CG says:

      How quickly we forgot which President put Alito on the Court (and the one who put Clarence Thomas there)

    177. Tina says:

      Has Senator John Croneyn spoken out against the sc leak?

    178. CG says:

      I do know the the Supreme Court voted 9-0 against Donald Trump’s ridiculous attempt to overthrow the last election.

      Kudos to Clarence Thomas for not being beholden to his nutcase wife.

    179. Tina says:

      How quickly we forget the same trash that gave us

      1,000 points of liberalism,


      The Iraq War

      Afghanistan bungling

      The cia and fib wrecked.

      The worst economic downturn since the depression.

    180. EML says:

      Polls in Indiana close in 1 hour. Who we got for IN-01?

    181. Tina says:

      Forgot Souter 2.0 (as Chief Justice).

      So, how many Hillary 2024 donations have you made?

    182. CG says:

      Has Mark Leyva ever lost a primary?

    183. CG says:

      I have not researched which IN 1 candidate would be least objectionable but I not that Blair Milo’s website states she is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan.

      She also mentions Richard Lugar, which will maker he unacceptable to many.

    184. Tina says:

      Is she really this dumb?

      Arthur Schwartz
      · 40m
      Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal: SCOTUS does “not have the right” to alter policy.

    185. CG says:

      It is a tenant of conservatism that a Court is not supposed to make policy. i am glad Jayapal seems to be coming around to the theory.

      Of course, Roe v. Wade is not federal legislation that was ever passed by Congress or signed into law, so this is a very different matter.

    186. Phil says:

      Manchin and Sinema reaffirm support for the filibuster.

      Left loses their now losing their minds over it. Going bananas. Primary them!!

    187. Tina says:

      Dr. John Ocasio-Nolte
      Last time Democrats were this angry was when Lincoln took away their slaves.

    188. EML says:

      Here we go

    189. Tgca says:

      Wes has yet to inform me, what as an individual private citizen, I alone could do to change the outcome of ABORTION in the US. Believe me, if I had such power, I would have made that change long ago.

      I challenge Wes to show us any one individual decision he has made that changed the outcome of an issue in the US before he lectures others on such actions.

      Wes just does not like taking responsibility for supporting the mass MURDER and slaughter of babies.

      I get it! Who wants to admit that but that is what it is.

      I don’t blame Wes personally for the MURDER and slaughter of babies but he does try to justify his support if it.

      I also suggest Wes tell us what replacement words he wants us to use in place of MURDER and slaughter to describe the MURDER and slaughter of ABORTED fetuses.

    190. Tgca says:


      I suggest CG go and read what Colin Powell and his chief of staff later admitted to about the intelligence and the intent of the war.

      Powell later admitted that Cheney’s office put together the UN presentation but asked he do it because he had the most credibility to present it.

      Powell later admitted that he was told the evidence was supportable when it was not.

      Powell later admitted that it made no difference in the end because GWB had already made up his mind to invade before presenting any evidence and listening to any counter evidence.

      The evidence was mainly from US sources and shared with other US allies but we now know it was manipulated.

      France and Germany and others did not buy into the evidence the way the US did and were against the war and sat it out. The evidence was refuted by others who turned out to be correct, especially the aerial footage which was bogusly interpreted.

      The US could not get the vast majority of its allies to support it.

      This was much more than making strategic errors which are understandable and forgivable un war. This was about manipulation of data as an excuse for war against a nation that posed no major direct threat to the US or it’s interests.

      The removal of a dictator at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives that also destabilized a region and actually helped terror recruitment grow is not justification for invading a country.

    191. Wes says:

      I’m going to be honest with you, Tg.

      You’re a joke.

      You’re a thin-skinned virtue signaler who’s crying like a little bitch because I called you out for not doing a goddamn thing about the issue you claim to care about while thinking engaging in hyperbolic distracts from the fact that you’re just a keyboard warrior.

      Now whenever I return I know I’ll see at least one post worded like something a third grader would post from you simply because you have such an inferiority complex you just can’t take the fact that I called you out for your armchair quarterbacking on an issue you don’t actually intend to do a damn thing about.

    192. CG says:

      Colin Powell definitely never called President Bush a “murderer” or as far as I know ever spoke negatively about him in any public way the rest of his life.

      Powell did move towards the Democrats over domestic issues and supported them exclusively after leaving office, so you need to keep that in mind in citing him.

      Powell was correct in the blistering comments he made about Donald Trump. Do you agree?

    193. Meldrim says:

      “Also national polls on abortion don’t take in account that abortion on demand is much more popular in San Francisco and NYC than it is in swing states, so if a poll showing say 50% support abortion on demand nationally could mean it is 80% in CA but only 35% in OH.”

      Jason supports the Rdelbov Curve!

    194. Tgca says:


      Wes calling someone thin-skinned is a joke. Here’s the guy who goes all WESCON 1 in 5 seconds or less on a routine basis when others don’t agree with him.

      Practice what you preach!

      You still have not explained why my positions are incorrect. I provided stats and science why ABORTION is not justifiable.

      You provide no rationale at all to defend ABORTION other than how you feel but without telling us why you feel that way.

      Maybe it’s because you hide behind ABORTION because according to other posters here in the past, you forced it upon emotionally crippled women you took advantage of. If that is true, that says more about your refusal to address the issue as well as your moral character, and you’re not worth debating on this issue.

      ABORTION is a convenience for many men to avoid responsibility. I feel differently on the matter.

    195. Wes says:

      That didn’t take long. You soiled your diaper and did exactly what I predicted, Tg.

      You couldn’t be more predictable with your whiny elementary school level posts if you tried.

      Feel free to drop another deuce in your diaper and come back with yet another self-righteous, poorly constructed post, Tg.

    196. Tgca says:

      195. CG

      Nice way of ducking the issue. Whoever said Powell called GWB a murderer?

      Powell and his team later admitted the evidence was misleading and used for a specific desired outcome to their regret.

      GWB to this day has NEVER regretted or acknowledged the lies and manipulation.

      GWB and team knew the evidence was not trustworthy and were crossed examined by other experts on it, specifically the phony aerial interpretations but refused to accept other input because according to Powell, they already decided on the invasion before the evidence was shared or critiqued.

      You leave out those pertinent facts.

      So what else would you call someone who knew hundreds of thousands would die but went to war base on misleading and manipulative data anyway?

    197. Tgca says:

      Nice try Wes.

      Name-calling without addressing the points.

      Please explain to us the rationale for ABORTION as a practice. I think this is like the 4th time I’m asking.

      Will you post more insults or give a rational or scientific explanation for your support of it.

    198. CG says:

      Because even if you disagreed with the U.S. policy when it came to Iraq, then, or in retrospect, calling GWB a “murderer” is beyond the pale and in line with Code Pink leftist extremists.

      There were never any “lies” told. It is a fact that Saddam had WMD and had used them in the past, including on his own people. He presented a threat to the United States (and to our allies) in various other ways. Everyone believed he still possessed WMD, and Saddam himself was probably among. He was given every opportunity before the war to cooperate with UN inspectors and did not.

    199. Tgca says:

      Wes thinks a procedure that is estimated to have violently slaughtered over a billion worldwide in the last 5+ decades, more death than all accumulated wars is a justifiable practice he can support but won’t tell us why it’s justifiably supportable.

      I provided stats and scientific evidence of why it can be argued unnecessary. Wes just calls people names.

    200. CG says:

      If the United States is responsible for all the abortions that occur or have occurred worldwide, does TGCA’s moral conviction lead him to believe we should invade those countries and overturn their governments?

      What about the ones that have nuclear weapons?

    201. EML says:

      State Sen Erin Houchin out to the early lead in IN-09. We don’t need 77 year old ex-Congressman Mike Sodrel winning this primary.

    202. mnw says:

      For those who cite to The Gateway Pundit:

      “The Timing Was Intentional.” SCOTUS leak Intended to ruin premier of documentary film “2000 Mules”!

      Please remember this before ever again leaning on this joke outfit to support your argument.

    203. Tgca says:


      Saddam developed and 1st used his WMD in the 80s against the Iranians with support and funding from the US. That is a known FACT! So why did Reagan or Bush Sr. not attack Saddam on those grounds alone in the 80s?

      To suggest that GWB and friends just made an honest mistake in Iraq 2 is bull.

      Powell and his chief of staff have more credibility than GWB and Cheney and have contradicted them publicly and in congressional testimony.

      Lawrence Wilkerson, retired colonel and Powell’s chief of staff testified to Congress about the real reason the GWB admin invaded Iraq and it wasn’t about WMD.

      He also later stated that Powell relied on falsehoods he was unaware of in information presented as evidence to the UN, and that he himself regretted being part of “HOAX presented to the American people.”

      Those are his words. Google them!

      We now know the Iraq War was perpetrated on lies.

      That’s why I believe GWB is responsible for those hundreds of thousands of deaths. It was not an honest mistake or bad strategy. It was purposeful falsehoods to achieve a desired goal that failed.

    204. EML says:

      I forgot how long it takes to count votes. With 12.5% reporting, Erin Houchin leads Mike Sodrel 40.4%-24.7% in IN-09.

    205. CG says:

      Leftist conspiracy nonsense galore.

      If you look up Lawrence Wilkerson, you can see how he blamed the “Jewish lobby” for the Iraq War. He says the U.S. fought Saddam because we are controlled by Israel. Colin Powell should have kept far away from him.

    206. Tgca says:

      203. CG

      What are you smoking?

      I have said nothing about the US being responsible for worldwide ABORTIONS or invading those countries.

      I simply point out that ABORTIONS are the worst aggregate atrocity committed on mankind by far, and nothing comes close, and we should stop it.

      I also believe it is wrong and people do not look at it scientifically or rationally but rather emotionally.

      It is MURDER! I gave examples where under case law, harming or killing a fetus by others is a punishable crime but if the mother ABORTS the fetus it is fine. That is crazy and makes no sense.

      The fetus is either MURDERED or harmed, or it is not. You can’t make excuses depending on who does it and why to determines if it’s justifiable or not.

    207. Skippy says:

      Early votes are counted first in Ohio.

      Incredibly unrepresentative of final results.

      Polls closed in 5…..4………3………2….and…….

    208. CG says:

      You keep bringing up a dubious and irrelevant statistic about worldwide numbers. I do not think it would be an accurate estimation, but it’s not relevant to a U.S. policy debate anyway. Why not keep the focus on “America first” at least.

      I think most Pro-Life people even if they agree with some of your premises would ask you to shut the hell up on the topic because you aren’t helping the cause.

      Just my two cents.

    209. jason says:

      Who cares what the Biden Troll says to shill for Biden?

      I am worried about Skippys record..still 100%?

    210. jason says:

      The Biden Troll..adam schiffs b-tch, accuses others of leftist conspiracies?

      The chutzpah is astounding…

    211. Skippy says:

      Not the greatest turnout numbers in Ohio. Well below 2018 numbers.

    212. EML says:

      The early vote in IN-01 has Jennifer-Ruth Green near 50%.

    213. Tgca says:

      CG suggesting someone is buying into leftist conspiracy when he advocated for and supports the most radically left presidential administration ever is funny.

      Who is being duped here? Really?

      I am aware that Colin Powell and some around him moved towards becoming anti-Trump or Obama supporters but these were all Republicans at the time of the Iraq War serving a Republican administration. I find it hard to believe they’re all lying and wouLd testify to Congress under false pretense.

    214. Skippy says:

      Early votes coming in…Dolan with small lead but in counties he should win. Again, early votes not representative. Impossible to decipher.

    215. Skippy says:

      Little bit more clarity.

      Vance & Dolan basically tied with early voting. Vance will take the lead with EV…but Dolan’s surge should up with Election Day votes.

    216. EML says:

      2% in
      Dolan 26.9%
      Vance 25.8%
      Mandel 21.2%

    217. EML says:

      IN-09 – 25% in
      Houchin 36.8%
      Sodrel 25.6%
      Barnes-Israel 23.8%

    218. Tgca says:

      Again, I always liked GWB and was never a big fan of Powell but I do believe Powell and his staff on these matters about Iraq. It would have been easier for them to just stick to the claim it was an honest mistake. They have stated they were misled by the intelligence gatherers. My gut feel is that is why they came out on it later. They felt betrayed. Though I still think they have responsibility as well. Powell, a man of his stature and experience should have known he was being duped at least to some level.

      I find it of great disappointment that GWB would let himself be misled by Cheney and friends as well but it appears it was the case.

    219. EML says:

      OH-Sen – 6% reporting
      Vance moves into the lead

      Vance 27.0%
      Dolan 22.6%
      Mandel 21.7%
      Gibbons 15.7%

    220. Skippy says:

      Gibbons early voting strength in some of these counties has stung Dolan IMO.

      But overall Dolan is still in the game vs Vance. We will see shortly if ED surge came through for Dolan.

    221. Tgca says:

      Dubious statistics?

      Those numbers are out there for all to see by various sources, both gubbermint and private. We know in the US alone about 50+ million ABORTIONS have occurred since Roe v Wade and now less than half of what they used to be but it doesn’t change the aggregate deaths over time.

      Perhaps you should take a math course some time and learn how to count.

      …and please don’t lecture me on taking positions. You support the most radical leftist ever president who is doing ENORMOUS destruction to our country.

      You are no CONSERVATIVE to support Biden. That’s like a Satanism claiming he supports Christianity.

    222. Tgca says:

      Ok. Time to make a veggie dinner feast fit for a King.

      Play nice.

    223. Skippy says:

      Vance doing better than expected in many metro areas.

    224. Skippy says:

      Here comes the Election Day votes surge from Dolan.

      It’s starting to come in…but will it be enough?

      Vance is not doing poorly anywhere.

    225. jan says:

      U.S. SENATE
      Updated May 3, 2022, 4:59 PM
      AP estimates
      9.3% of votes counted
      AP estimates less than 35% of votes have been counted.
      J.D. Vance
      21,776 votes 25.6%
      Matt Dolan
      19,487 votes 22.9%
      Josh Mandel
      18,706 votes 22.0%
      Mike Gibbons
      13,094 votes 15.4%
      Jane Timken
      8,987 votes 10.6%

    226. EML says:

      IN-09 – 55% reporting
      Houchin 36.8%
      Sodrel 26.4%
      Barnes-Israel 21.9%

    227. Skippy says:

      Vance only received 30% of the absentee vote in Butler..his home.

      He is doing well everywhere with early true weakness but no real blowout wins either.

      Did Vance bank away enough votes to hold off Dolan?

    228. EML says:

      Total votes so far in Ohio
      Republicans ~120K
      Dems ~98K

    229. jason says:

      Good spin free posts from Skippy.

    230. Meldrim says:

      I’m a die-hard Cubs fan like Blair Milo, and I think that she’s the cutest candidate running in Indiana this year (, but Lt. Col. Jennifer-Ruth Green is the clear choice in IN-01:

      Green is still leading Milo 49%-19% (aren’t they going to keep counting votes there?).

    231. Skippy says:

      Only 6 counties have not reported their early votes.

      One of them being Hamilton County.

    232. Skippy says:

      Vance will have around 4500 vote lead heading into the dropping of Election Day votes.

      We will know very shortly if this will be a long night or Vance won with 3-4% margin.

    233. Robbie says:

      Seems like a good portion of the vote in Ohio came from today. If that’s the case, it should be good for Dolan since he was clearly rising over the last few days. Looks very close.

    234. Cash Cow TM says:

      “But overall Dolan is still in the game vs Vance. We will see shortly if ED surge came through for Dolan.”

      Why would there be a surge in people with Erectile Disorders voting for Dolan?

    235. mnw says:


      Why not post at some other site where everybody doesn’t hate your guts?

      Do you have no friends anywhere else, at all?

      Why would you think anyone here cares what you think?

    236. Gordon Allen says:

      Goodness! Posts about something other than Putins powerful naval,ground and air forces overwhelming Iceland and Ireland.
      Hallelujah!! The comedy show over..for a few hours.
      The Supreme Court should issue its decision promptly,and not wait till June on their way out of town( obviously the plan). May as well Lance the boil now before some people get hurt.
      This will not hurt the GOP when the reality hits home that their respective states get to decide.
      I think surprisingly few people know that.

    237. Skippy says:

      No Election Day vote surge for Dolan.

      Vance has this won.

      The numbers of GOP votes vs DEM votes is staggering.

      Vance will be Ohio’s next Senator.

    238. jason says:

      Mandel is killing Dolan in rural Ohio he is second to Vance not Dolan….these small counties are heavily R and add up to a lot of votes. That being said i expected vance to hit 30% ..he is just over 26 ..

    239. Robbie says:

      mnw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 8:34 pm

      Why not post at some other site where everybody doesn’t hate your guts?

      – Why not eat my crap, tough guy?

      Oh, and I hate your populist loving guts as well.

    240. Robbie says:

      Portman’s decision to stick with Timken cost probably Dolan the votes he needed to win.

    241. Skippy says:

      No votes from Hamilton County at this time of night is inexcusable. No early votes..nada.

    242. EML says:

      233 – I agree, Meldrim. I think both Jennifer-Ruth Green and Blair Milo are good candidates, but a female black Republican elected to Congress makes Dems heads spin, so I am in for Ms. Green.

    243. Bitterlaw says:

      237 If you spend more than 1 hour voting, seek immediate medical attention.

    244. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt said in all his years, he can
      never remember such an onslaught on

      judicial system
      law enforcement
      education system
      immigration system
      institution of marriage and the family
      institution of the church
      Revisionism of American History
      the moral system
      the Constitution
      Free speech
      Capitalism and the free enterprise system

    245. EML says:

      DeWine gets the checkmark, still over 50% as of now.

    246. Phil says:

      Looks like the pollsters got this one right. Narro4 4-6% win for Vance.

    247. EML says:

      Ohio total votes so far
      R – 200K
      D – 130K

    248. Robbie says:

      Trump grifter Brad Parscale managed to fill his wallet with plenty of Renacci’s money in the primary race.

    249. EML says:

      In OH-13, former Miss Ohio Madison Gesiotto Gilbert ahead of her nearest opponent 41.7%-15.3%.

    250. Skippy says:

      Still 0% of the vote in for Hamilton County (Cincinnati) and only 10% of the vote in for Cuyahoga County.

    251. Tina says:

      Wasserman calls it for Vance.

    252. Skippy says:

      Vance Election Day voting was strong. No decline from Early Voting.

    253. mnw says:

      Can I see the hands of everyone here who is interested in Robbie’s posts, predictions, and opinions?

      I’m not.

      Anybody? Anybody at all?

      Even one poster?

    254. Robbie says:

      Oh, no. mnw isn’t interested in what I have to say. Whatever will I do?

      Maybe I should have spent the last six years humiliating myself by sucking on Trump like he did.

      Choke on it, tough guy.

    255. mnw says:

      I still don’t see any hands, so far.

      Not even ONE poster here is interested in the wit & wisdom of Robbie?

      Nobody at ALL?

    256. EML says:

      You gotta hand it to Wobbly. Been trolling this insignificant site for the past 15 years as a Democrat posing as a Republican. Dedication.

    257. jason says:

      Amazing is it not, same shtick all the way, M.O. never changes.

    258. EML says:

      Skippy’s propaganda is failing. Dolan down to 3rd, behind Mandel (my preferred candidate). Looks like Trump got Vance over the line.

    259. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – I feel safer knowing Robbie is connected even remotely to at least this part of reality. If he disappears completely, watch out.

      I just don’t understand why he never mastered hating Trump as a person but appreciating him as President – at least to the extent he saved the US from PresidentHillary. It is possible to do both.

    260. jason says:

      Everybody here knows Amoral Scumbag’s game, and nobody cares what he says or thinks, because it is all lies and regurgitation from whatever left wing cesspools he hangs out in.

    261. jason says:

      Vance at 30% now.

      Trump won Ohio by 500k votes, hard to see the candidate he endorsed losing. But Mandel, Gibbons and Timken also ran close to Trump. Dolan claims he is a Trump supporter and voted twice for him but tried to play it both ways.

    262. Bitterlaw says:

      Insignificant site? GFY

    263. jason says:

      Can I see the hands of everyone here who is interested in Robbie’s posts, predictions, and opinions?

      Maybe the Biden Troll will raise his hand.

      He also thinks he represents the R party, same kind of delusion.

      They both think Rs should trade in the working class and minority vote trending R to “win them back”.

      No thanks.

    264. jason says:

      I am not going to give Skippy a hard time because contrary to Amoral Scumbag he didn’t come here to spin the results.

    265. mnw says:

      “looks very close,” my adz, btw.

    266. EML says:

      Insignificant site? GFY
      Obviously I’m here now, so that in and of itself makes it not insignificant, but the rest of y’all…

    267. EML says:

      IN-09 – 75% reporting
      State Sen Houchin 37.0%
      Ex-Congressman Sodrel 26.0%
      Army vet Barnes-Israel 21.3%

      Female pro lifer looks to be the winner. Wes devastated.

    268. EML says:

      Ohio total votes so far
      R – 500K
      D – 250K

    269. Phil says:

      Ohio, Pa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa

      Midwestern working class states where the Trump endorsement is a difference maker.

      I think that’s obvious.

    270. EML says:

      32 year old Max Miller wins the primary in OH-07. The Trump-backed candidate forced out 2 incumbent Republican congressmen, Bob Gibbs and Anthony Gonzalez.

    271. Wes says:

      Can you find proof I’m devastated or even care about the results in IN-9, EML? I’ll wait.

    272. jason says:

      mnw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 9:18 pm

      “looks very close,” my adz, btw.”

      Yeah, I noticed that “spin” too.

      Soon he will be here spinning for Ryan as the greatest candidate in the history of Ohio… stay tuned.

    273. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow was also rooting for Howie Mandel. 🙁

    274. jason says:

      My Vance +10 prediction is looking ok, he is up exactly 7 at the moment.

    275. Robbie says:

      Matt Dolan
      JD Vance and I have debated our differences, and in this hard fought campaign he was successful. Just as I will never quit fighting for Ohio, I now pledge to unite our party and endorse JD Vance to be our next U.S. Senator.

      – Good for him.

    276. phil says:

      Anyone else see the video of a stumbling crying out of control Elizabeth Warren today? Pocahontas was soooo angry!

      Quite entertaining.

    277. Robbie says:

      EML says:
      May 3, 2022 at 9:03 pm
      You gotta hand it to Wobbly. Been trolling this insignificant site for the past 15 years as a Democrat posing as a Republican. Dedication.

      – LOL. The HHR clown car pulled into the parking lot tonight and EML got off the bus.

    278. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 9:05 pm
      Amazing is it not, same shtick all the way, M.O. never changes.

      – If anyone’s had the same shtick for all of these years, it’s you. A fake internet tough guy who demands allegiance to whatever view you have.

      In 2008, you were convinced McCain was running a great campaign and falling gas prices and a fake tape peddled by Larry Johnson would get McCain the win. Whatever happened to your idiot running mate Howard Dean?

    279. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 9:08 pm
      I just don’t understand why he never mastered hating Trump as a person but appreciating him as President – at least to the extent he saved the US from PresidentHillary. It is possible to do both.

      – Oh, I mastered it. I just refused to believe conservative judges meant I should turn a blind eye to havoc and destruction Trump brought on the party. That idiot cost us the House, Senate, and presidency in just one term.

      You decided policy success meant the idiocy of Trump was ignorable. Well, the voters didn’t agree with you and they won’t again in 2024.

    280. Skippy says:

      Uniting behind Vance.

      Let’s get it done.

    281. jason says:

      Damm, Amoral Scumbag remembers what I thought in 2008?

      I can’t even argue, I don’t even remember who Larry Johnson.

      But I am not surprised Amoral Scumbag was shilling for Obama in 2008, he doesn’t support any Republicans actually on the ballot.

    282. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 9:11 pm
      Everybody here knows Amoral Scumbag’s game, and nobody cares what he says or thinks, because it is all lies and regurgitation from whatever left wing cesspools he hangs out in.

      – Always remember the leader of the Fauci fan club calls me an amoral scumbag because I objected to Trump screwing a dirty skank porn star while is third wife was at home nursing the newborn child she just delivered.

      Jason fraud is screwed up worthless person. In other words, perfect for this forum.

    283. jason says:

      havoc and destruction Trump brought on the party”


      The only havoc and destruction he brought on was Amoral Scumbag’s “party”.

    284. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 9:59 pm
      he doesn’t support any Republicans actually on the ballot.

      – If Trump is on the ballot, I will never support him. He’s a fraud, a loser, and an idiot. Actually, I just described you. No wonder you love Trump. He’s you.

    285. EML says:

      State Sen Erin Houchin gets the check in IN-09. Welcome to congress Ms. Houchin.

    286. Bitterlaw says:

      At least Robbie admits Trump had policy successes. It has been a long road but I think my approach is helping to cure his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    287. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 10:02 pm
      havoc and destruction Trump brought on the party”


      The only havoc and destruction he brought on was Amoral Scumbag’s “party”.

      – Jason fraud thinks it’s no big deal MAGA daddy cost the party the presidency, the House, and the Senate in just four years. The only other Republican to do that was Hoover.

      Yet another example that shows Jason fraud is an idiot.

    288. jason says:

      dirty skank porn star”

      Awww, NOW you say that.

      She was your paragon of virtue along with your other heroes, Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti.

      Anyway, Amoral Scumbag ignores Trump’s presidency because of a supposed one night stand ten years before he was even President? Really? LOL

      This is the same guy who has Michael Avenatti as his moral compass.

    289. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      May 3, 2022 at 10:03 pm
      At least Robbie admits Trump had policy successes.

      – I never said he didn’t have policy successes. But his rank stupidity and psychotic behavior blurred all of that for the voters. No one noticed because all they saw were the mental breakdowns and conspiracy theories on Twitter. Unfortunately, the loony bin in the forum refused to acknowledge that.

    290. jason says:

      If Trump is on the ballot, I will never support him.”

      Zzzzz… you have the morals of a floating turd, Trump has 100 times more integrity than you will ever have.

      And everyone here knows you would never support ANY Republican actually on the ballot.

    291. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie’s dream was 8 years of Hillary as President. Robbie claims he supports conservative judges. Both can’t be true.

    292. jason says:

      I will put Trump’s morals and character up against Amoral Scumbag’s any day of the week.

      Trump didn’t spend 15 years here with the same lying and fake M.O. everyone has caught on to.

    293. Phil says:

      Fraud, loser, and an idiot

      Same thing Robbie says about every GOP on the ballot in any GE.

      I forgot why he didn’t vote for the Republican governor of his state. It was something. He always has an excuse.

      …and then he pretends to be worried about the prospects for the GOP

      Fraud, loser and idiot actually describes himself.

    294. jason says:

      Both can’t be true.”

      It’s not. Amoral Scumbag is a lying POS.

    295. jason says:

      The game is up. Nothing this lying POS ever says here will be believed or taken seriously. Not that it ever was, actually.

    296. Tgca says:


      Ok. I rarely agree with Robbie but I must admit he comes up with some good defensive lines.

      Eat My Crap Tough Guy!

      That is a funny and quite the catchy phrase.

      DeSantis should tell Disney that!

      Too bad Trump did not use that one on Hillary in the debates.

      Eat My Crap Bish!

    297. Tgca says:

      Thwee Hundwid Bishes!

      Thwee Hundwid I thay!

    298. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t know Robbie in the real world so I can’t judge his morals or character. I suspect that, unlike Trump, he has not been married three times or mocked POWs.

    299. NYCmike says:

      “I remain staunchly Pro-Life, but the awfulness of Trump weighed above all else to me and many other Pro-Life voters, which is why Trump lost.”

      -“CG” says he is Pro-Life….then votes for Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer.

      Abortion on Demand.
      War in Ukraine.
      Iran Deal.
      Israel being isolated more and more.
      Planned Parenthood using taxpayer money.
      Hyde Amendment thrown away.
      Infanticide ignored.

      Yup, real pro-life voter right there!

    300. jason says:

      Vance up 8.1% over Mandel.

      jason sprains arm trying to pat himself on back, Vance +10 looking increasingly doable.

    301. NYCmike says:

      “CG” is filled with so much hatred for Trump that he thinks that at least 4 years of killing babies is worth it……nice guy right there…..

    302. jason says:

      I don’t know Robbie in the real world so I can’t judge his morals or character.”

      Fifteen years of the same lies and falsehoods, I think his character is well established.

      And being married 3 times does not necessarily impugn anybody’s character.

    303. NYCmike says:

      “Female pro lifer looks to be the winner. Wes devastated.”


    304. jason says:

      “CG” is filled with so much hatred for Trump that he thinks that at least 4 years of killing babies is worth it…”

      Yeah, I made the same point.

      The guy who used to say abortion was a main issue for him votes for the guy and the party that advocates for partial birth abortion and killing babies that survive outside the womb.

      I mean, you REALLY have to be able to sell out your morals to do that.

    305. Tgca says:

      DeSantis calls breach of SCOTUS draft decision an attempt to influence and intimidate the justices.

      He calls it Judicial Insurrection.

      Will Liz C. and Adam K. agree? Will they call for a Congressional investigation?

    306. NYCmike says:

      “Choke on it, tough guy.”

      -Robbie, are you MD’s brother? Or sister?

    307. NYCmike says:

      “Yeah, I made the same point.”

      -I saw your comments. Just wanted to get on the record. A person with that much hatred in his heart can be dangerous.

    308. Bitterlaw says:

      When you cheat on Wife 1 and Wife 2 on the way to Wife 3, it impugns your character.

    309. Tgca says:


      “Choke on it tough guy” is amusing but “eat my crap tough guy” is by far the most amusing post of the day me thinks.

    310. NYCmike says:

      “When you cheat on Wife 1 and Wife 2 on the way to Wife 3, it impugns your character.”

      -When you don’t do anything of the sort when you are President, and you also make sure your family doesn’t make corrupt deals with foreign countries, most voters realize that Trump wasn’t that bad compared to most people who resided in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    311. Tgca says:

      312 Agreed!

      But let’s face it, people of power often do these things. I think it’s part of narcissism and what motivates them to seek higher office or power.

      Half of US presidents have been either cheaters or had children out of wedlock…and those are the ones we know of, not to mention the slew of CongressCritters also caught over the years.

      Same with most of the corporate movers and shakers going back 200 years. Whether it’s Trump, Gates, Kennedy, Jobs, Bezos, Rockefeller, etc, all these guys were narcissistic and had ethical lapses but considered to have been successes in other ventures.

    312. Bitterlaw says:

      I wonder if Mrs. NYC knows her husband condones cheating on spouses. Another free pass for Trump.

      NYC – I think Trump AND Biden both have no character. They are just flawed in different ways.

    313. jason says:

      When you cheat on Wife 1 and Wife 2 on the way to Wife 3, it impugns your character”

      I don’t see it that way.

      Trump has a stable long term relationship and successful children who admire him and support him.

      I would say his family situation is a lot better than Biden’s.

    314. Tgca says:


      Half of 20th century I meant to say but don’t doubt it goes back further too.

      21st century too if you throw in Trump and Clinton.

    315. jason says:

      Bitter’s fake morality about Trump is hilarious.

      He knows nothing of Trump’s marriages but feels superior anyways because he has only been married once.

      I don’t judge Trump on how “faithful” he was, I know that as President and years before he seems to have a stable and successful marriage with Melania.

      He has kids that admire, love and support him.

      Has “no character” my ass.

    316. Bitterlaw says:

      Damn. Mrs. Jason and Mrs. NYC better watch out. Their husbands condone cheating on wives.

    317. Tgca says:

      Considering studies show up to 40% of married men have cheated in their lifetime, I say many politicians and corporate titans are in good company of one another when it comes to cheating on spouses.

      Most here probably have a friend or family member that has cheated on their spouse but probably is not aware of it because it’s not something most admit or brag about considering the consequences.

      I’ve seen this personally, along with co-workers over the years too.

      I still think LA senator Vitter was the classic hypocrite who called out Clinton for cheating but then was himself found to be a cheater himself…and with prostitutes.

    318. Bitterlaw says:

      I know Trump cheated on at least 2 wives. I have not cheated on my wife. Yes. I am superior to Trump in that regard.

      Being faithful to your spouse is incredibly easy. Don’t touch any body part not attached to yourself or your spouse. NYC and Jason have different standards.

    319. jason says:

      I don’t Trump is more or less moral than the average politician.

    320. jason says:

      I don’t condone or condemn Trump because I don’t know what the circumstances of his marriage were.

      And Bitter doesn’t know either.

    321. NYCmike says:

      “Damn. Mrs. Jason and Mrs. NYC better watch out. Their husbands condone cheating on wives.”

      -Or maybe my wife is also mature enough to judge a President by how they ACT while in the office elected to, and allow GOD to judge him for his past transgressions?

    322. Tgca says:

      319. Agree!

      I don’t condone cheating but we don’t always know the circumstances.

      I’ve given this example a few times. A guy I know of many years ago got married and then his wife decided after a couple of kids she no longer wanted intimacy. His friends teased him because they knew that he had no intimacy with his young wife for years.

      Is cheating in that situation wrong when a spouse refuses intimacy but otherwise wants to stay married for other reasons?

      Should a husband divorce his wife or leave her simply because she won’t put out and uproot the life of the young children?

      To expect a young guy who married the woman he loved to then give up all intimacy for the rest of his life because his wife just does not want it seems unreasonable.

      Not everything is black and white.

    323. NYCmike says:

      Oddly enough, my wife can also overlook his personality to see the many achievements he made while President…..and would council those voters who hate Trump (“pro-life” “CG”, looking at you) to “grow up, little boy”.

    324. Bitterlaw says:

      The most important circumstances of his marriages was that he was married. He did not get divorced twice because he was faithful.

    325. Bitterlaw says:

      326 It is very simple. He should divorce her and then do whomever he wants OR not divorce her and not cheat. Next question. If his wife accepts him cheating, their marriage is a sham. At that point, they are just roommates.

    326. Tgca says:

      …and Trump is correct in that many wealthy men are the target of women for security and attention, not just love, and that’s fine if that is their arrangement.

      Does anyone really believe Marla Maples married Trump when he was close to 50 and she was in her 20s or Melania who married Trump when he was around 60 and she was early 30s married strictly for love knowing Trump’s background and that he divorced Ivana when she hit her early 40s?

    327. jason says:

      False morality.

      And maybe they WERE just roommates. Maybe the marriage was over. Maybe they had an open marriage.

      But whatever, Trump has a great family. And btw, it seems like he gets along fine with his ex-wives too.

      “No character” my ass.

    328. Tgca says:

      So Bitter is ok with upsetting the lives of young children in what is often a devastating event for them that can lead to many psychological and behavioral issues simply because there is NEVER an excuse for married people to cheat.

      As for saying staying together is a sham, that is absurd!

      There are many reasons a spouse may lose the desire to be intimate which include physical and mental issues even though they may still love their spouses.

      Life is not so simple!

      Emotional and mental health often play a role in these situations.

    329. Tgca says:


      Hey warmonger, we have to STOP agreeing!

      Men that can stay friends with their ex or have great relationships with their kids after divorce should not be considered lacking moral character because they had affairs.

      Often there are complex reasons why people have affairs. It’s not excusing or defending them but rather explaining them.

      I would say Trump has probably been a better father than many men who remained married and did not cheat because his relationship with all his kids seem exceptional, and they seem to accept him for his flaws but respect and love him dearly without exception and harbor no resentment to his various marriages.

    330. Tgca says:

      How many people can say the genuine camaraderie we see between the Trump kids of 3 marriages is normal?

      I have not seen that in my personal life. Most I’ve known with different mothers who grew up separately from their half-siblings did not seem to have strong bonds with their half-siblings.

      So clearly, Trump has done something right there by his kids and ex wives such that his relationships with them all are strong and keeps the peace.

    331. jason says:

      99% in Vance +8.4

      “jason says:
      May 1, 2022 at 10:18 am

      1- Jane Timken
      2- J D Vance
      3- 10%


    332. jason says:

      So clearly, Trump has done something right there by his kids and ex wives”

      Yep, in the end that is more important than how many times you were married.

    333. Tgca says:

      Chief Justice Orders Investigation of Supreme Court Leak in Case Overruling Roe v. Wade

      Oh goody!

      Perhaps Roberts should bring in outside counsel to investigate.

      I wonder if Mueller is available. Hmmm…

      Then in 2 years we’ll find out that someone did something but it can’t be proven so though they’re not guilty, they’re not innocent either.

    334. NYCmike says:

      Jane Timken with 6% of the primary vote…….Wes, call your office…..

    335. NYCmike says:

      -Bitterlaw/jason to reflexively defend the FBI for no good reason in 3…..2…….1……

    336. NYCmike says:

      Also interested to know why the Supreme Court case is a 5-4 decision…….can the usual suspects tell me how “conservative” Chief Justice Roberts is… he more “conservative” than “CG” who sees abortions as no big deal compared to a President Trump?

    337. Tgca says:

      If the decision ends up 5-4 with Roberts on the side of the left, it will finally remove any doubt he is a conservative justice between this and the Obamacare decision, two of the most significant decisions to conservatives in decades. Perhaps he should be labeled a moderate but conservative seems a stretch.

      Roberts appears more concerned with the image of the court then the court’s role of upholding the Constitution.

      Ironically, under his leadership, the court has become more divided, political and reputationally damaged then ever before so clearly his focus and priorities do not seem to be working.

    338. Gordon Allen says:

      I understand Robert’s favors a ” compromise”( typical) upholding the Mississippi law, but not flatly rejecting Roe.
      The furor might move him to make it 6-3( I hope) to make it more decisive.
      But get the decision published ASAP.

    339. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Anyone who wants to teach a graduate course in “Eeyoreism” need only read last night’s Red Racing Horses’ below blog about the Ohio and Indiana elections. You will be an instant expert. It is truly mind numbing!

    340. Gordon Allen says:

      Wonder of wonders.
      I agree Trump is no more immoral than your average politician.
      Actually, I tend to agree w Jason on most domestic issues. It’s his obsession w Putin’s alleged might that loses me.
      And China.

    341. jason says:

      Zzzzzz…. everyone wants to agree with me.

      These attempts to besmirch my reputation have been tried before and I have overcome all such attacks.

      Heck, NYC agreed with me once and I didn’t kill myself, so nice try Neville Allen.

    342. jason says:

      Sheep, checked out your link. Yeah, some comments there didn’t age well.

      “I think Trumps Endorsement of Vance came TOO LATE!”

    343. jason says:

      What is really funny is that some of those guys read HHR too.

      jason says:
      May 3, 2022 at 12:28 pm

      Incapro Associates noon exit polling results for OH

      Vance 34
      Dolan 22
      Mandel 18
      Gibbons 11
      Timken 4

      Sorry Skippy”

      chicagocon May 3, 2022 at 11:50 pm

      That noon exit poll from Incapro Associates turned out to be pretty good.
      Conservative in Chicago

      Log in to Reply
      strawdog May 4, 2022 at 12:04 am | In reply to chicagocon

      Funny. He really sucked me in. I’m embarrassed. I didn’t make the “Inca” connection.
      R; MO-3

    344. jason says:

      But can we give Incapro Associates a big hand please?

      Vance 34 Actual 32
      Dolan 22 Actual 23
      Mandel 18 Actual 23
      Gibbons 11 Actual 12
      Timken 4 Actual 6

      Thank you, thank you.

    345. jason says:

      Reminds me of the time DW sucked Mr. “from 30,000 feet Polaris” in….

    346. jason says:

      Good. UK is basically telling isolationists and Putin Appeasers that they will not pressure Zelensky to make any territory concessions to the Russians.

      The Russian strategy changed from regime change to let’s see how much territory we can annex. The new strategy needs to be as unacceptable to the US and NATO as the old one.

      “Wallace reinforced Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’s view that Russian forces must be pushed out of “the whole of Ukraine”, saying Britain would support Ukrainians in “both diplomatic efforts or military efforts”.

      Asked if the UK would help Ukraine win back its territory, the Defence Secretary told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We’re prepared to help Ukraine stand by its sovereignty and defend itself however long that may take.”

    347. jason says:

      Investors at Predictit have taken notice that Trumps endorsement helped Vance win in OH.

      OZ takes big jump in odds…

    348. mnw says:

      339 NYC

      I don’t think leaking the SCOTUS opinion is a federal crime. Hence, there isn’t any suspected crime to be investigated. That is the opinion of really smart book lawyers, btw, which includes about 1/3 of The Wise Men at RRH. The others are neurosurgeons.

    349. DW says:

      jason, nicely played. I got a laugh out of your exit polling.

      Yes, I will never forget when Polaris came to the defense of the Paladin/CFP poll, which coincidently showed results he liked.

    350. Tina says:

      Robert’s was also pro vaxx mandates.

      A big disappointment and another negative point to Mute 43.

    351. jason says:

      I don’t think leaking the SCOTUS opinion is a federal crime.”

      I saw this FWIW


      That depends on the origin of the leak and whether any crimes were committed in obtaining the document, such as hacking into a unauthorized computer.

      Drafts of Supreme Court opinions are not classified documents like national security files, said University of California, Berkeley criminal law professor Orin Kerr, meaning their disclosure would not automatically trigger a criminal investigation. But even a leaker with authority to handle a draft opinion could potentially be charged with stealing or converting federal government property for their own use, he said.”

    352. Tgca says:

      Leaking SCOTUS decisions should be a crime especially if the intent is to intimidate or influence outcomes of final decisions.

      If we prosecute those trying to bribe or influence judges or juries due to the damage it does to the justice system, then attempting the same influence over the highest court certainly should warrant similar criminal treatment.

      SCOTUS is supposed to help balance the Congressional and Administrative arms of gubbermint so if SCOTUS can be manipulated or controlled against their will, that is a serious issue for democracy and the rule of law.

    353. Tgca says:

      I’m glad Roberts is on top of this and will get to the bottom of this leak.

      I feel relieved knowing this and now I can sleep at night.

    354. Robbie says:

      Marcy Kaptur’s district went from Biden +40 to Trump +3 so of course the Republican primary voters decided to nominate this guy.

    355. Phil says:

      Yeah, I’m sure Roberts is really interested in the source of this leak. LOL Considering the small circle that had access to the opinion it wouldn’t be hard to find the leaker. I’ll be shocked if they follow up on this beyond lip service. I have as much confidence in Roberts’ “investigation” as I do in the FBI. Roberts is now part of the DC cocktail circuit. He doesn’t want to jeopardize that.

      BTW, has anyone else noticed that Democrats have completely changed the word “leak” to it was just a “report”. There was no leak of the opinion. It is just a report of the opinion. Nothing to see here.

      What a joke.

    356. Bitterlaw says:

      The SCOTUS story reminded me of the book and movie The Pelican Brief. Book was ok. The movie sucked. Strange since Grisham’s A Time to Kill was excellent as both a book and movie.

    357. mnw says:

      Regarding Robbie

      He drop by a couple of times a week to tell all of us here what absolute fools & suckers we all are, & a lot of other deranged hate-filled names, and then AFTER doing that… he expects that the posters here want to discuss his OTHER posts as if he were a normal person?

      Folks, thats nuts. He thinks he can spew his contempt all over everyone here, & then… influence us? or persuade us? or WHAT, exactly?

      If he was a pure troll like Trump Is Pete Wilson (TIPW), at least I’d understand what he’s doing. However he trolls just like TIPW, and he’s every bit as hateful as TIPW, but then occasionally he still wants to be one of the guys… and gave normal discussions?

      I just detest him. Simple as that. We have an enormous sample of his work to judge him by.

      You go ahead & feed him if you want.

    358. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is only back with the same old tired m.o. because an election is coming and he wants go make sure that all his dem friends will win and all Rs on the ballot will lose.

      As was pointed out nobody here except maybe the BIden Troll cares what he thinks. He likes to be mocked for being a scumbag loser so allow him his pathetic pleasure.

    359. mnw says:


      Great news for YOU!

      Former Miss USA Madison Gilbert won the GOP primary last night in OH-13!

      She’s a hot tamale AND cute as a button.

    360. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes can now sleep well. Judas Priest will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    361. Phil says:

      Baris had a good podcast on the Ohio and Indiana primaries last night.

      His bottom line? Tim Ryan has absolutely no chance against Vance in November. None. Zip Went county by county and made the case that Trump was the only Republican who could have carried Ohio the last two elections. Republican elites like Carl Rove just don’t get the midwest. They subscribe to the we have to write off the working class voter and be moderate and appeal to the suburbs. In short, the Robbie model. It’s a loser. Romney and McCain got crushed in the midwestern states – Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa. Statistically, it’s not even arguable….and of course, no GOP candidate can get to 270 without the midwest.

      I used to believe guys like Rubio and Romney were the way to go in a presidential election. I supported Rubio in 2016 for that reason. Boy, was I wrong. The elections of 2016 and 2020 prove it. Trump is you option if you want to get to 270. Numbers don’t lie.

    362. mnw says:

      Baris & Emerson both misunderestimated Vance’s victory margin by 50%– they both had Vance +4 and he won by +8 and change the last time I looked.

      Baris even walked back his own (Trafalgar) poll the day before the election. The way I interpreted the last thing Baris said before the primary, it sounded very much as if he expected Dolan to win.

    363. Tgca says:


      Numbers don’t lie?

      There are 3 types of lies:

      Damned Lies!! …and

    364. Phil says:

      Baris didn’t poll the Ohio Primary.

    365. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters would approve of a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, including 32% who would Strongly Approve. Forty-five percent (45%) would disapprove of overturning Roe v. Wade, including 35% who would Strongly Disapprove.”

    366. Phil says:

      Good find, San Diego.

      This seems to be what Democrats are now hitching their wagon to for November. This poll would indicate it won’t move the needle. But I get it. They are desperate to find something, anything, that they can hang their hat on to distract from inflation, crime, and the border.

    367. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Given Putin’s pathetic performance in the Ukraine, his attempts to intimidate Finland are a joke:

      “A Russian army helicopter violated Finland’s airspace on Wednesday, the defence ministry said, as the country mulls a potential Nato membership bid that it hopes would be speedy. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Wednesday that should Helsinki apply, alone or together with neighbouring Sweden, she hoped the application process would be completed as quickly as possible. Helsinki is holding talks with key members of the alliance to obtain security guarantees during the application period, which could last several months, Marin told a joint press conference with Nordic leaders in Copenhagen”

    368. Phil says:

      OMG. The Putin invasion of Finland has already begun. Quick. Send in the American troops before it’s too late!

    369. mnw says:

      Then it was Cahaly. My error. But the info about the Trafalgar poll is correct.

    370. mnw says:

      Biden disses “the MAGA crowd.”

      Well, at least there IS a crowd, Joe. You couldn’t draw 20 people if you gave out thousand dollar bills.

    371. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Russia ‘Will Lose’ Say Panicked Soldiers as They Refuse To Fight Ukraine

      Russia “will lose” its war against Ukraine, panicked soldiers from a Kremlin-backed breakaway region in Georgia who fought for Russia in Ukraine said after they retreated from the front line.

      The group of South Ossetian soldiers made the remarks to the region’s president, Anatoly Bibilov, after returning from combat, complaining about a lack of weapons, intel, and command. An excerpt of their conversation was obtained by Russian independent media outlet MediaZona.

      South Ossetia is a breakaway region in Georgia whose independence was recognized by Moscow in 2008.”

    372. Phil says:

      Yeah, kind of tough sledding for Putin’s unstoppable military machine in Ukraine. Maybe Russia needs to just skip over Ukraine and go straight into Poland and Finland. I’m sure those nations will be easier marks.

    373. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Now the pharmaceutical industry is getting down to the serious business of monetarizing the epidemic:

      “But the FDA leaders stressed that “society is moving toward a new normal” where Covid boosters are administered alongside flu boosters annually.

      The time-sensitive task for this first season of the new normal comes as Congress has yet to sign off on additional funding that would pay for the boosters, potentially opening the door for a commercial market where Americans have to pay for their shots.”

    374. Tina says:

      · 15m
      Biden Job Approval (net: -21)
      Approve 35%
      Disapprove 56%

      Independents (net: -43)
      Approve 22%
      Disapprove 65%

      28% – Texas
      30% – Ohio
      31% – Georgia
      31% – Nevada
      33% – Arizona
      33% – Pennsylvania
      37% – Michigan
      40% – New Hampshire

      @Civiqs / 05/03/2022

    375. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is very likely American, British and other NATO troops will be stationed in Finland during the period between Finland submitting it’s NATO application and its becoming a member:

      “Noonish, Finland—Armored vehicles kicked up tails of dirt as fatigue-clad soldiers, their faces freshly daubed in camouflage paint, crouched in the pine forest here Wednesday, part of a sweeping military drill before Finland prepares to break decades of defense policy and applies to join NATO.

      More than 3,000 Finnish troops are taking part in the two-week exercise alongside hundreds of American, British, Estonian and Latvian soldiers, shadowed by growing fears that Russia’s war in Ukraine could spread to other parts of Europe….”

    376. mnw says:

      380 Tina

      Those are the worst I’ve ever seen for Biden.

      The DEM Sen incumbents in GA; NV; NH; & AZ are looking at steep odds indeed if these #s look the same in Nov.

      Same for the open Sen seat in PA.

      He’s in THE TWENTIES in TX?

    377. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Ukraine says it destroyed Russia’s Izyum command center, killing 200 but just missing Russia’s top general
      MAY 1, 2022

      Ukrainian officials said an attack on a key Russian command center in the eastern city of Izyum on Saturday evening killed about 200 Russian troops, including Maj. Gen. Andrei Simonov, but just missed hitting the chief of the general staff of the Russian military, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, who had just concluded a secret visit to the army and airborne command center. Earlier, unconfirmed reports suggested Gerasimov was wounded”

    378. jason says:

      “Baris & Emerson both misunderestimated Vance’s victory margin by 50%– they both had Vance +4 and he won by +8 and change the last time I looked.”

      +8.4 to be exact.

      None of you jealous bastards complimented me on pretty much nailing the results for all top 5 contenders.

      Not that I come here seeking recognition, I am not upset or anything that my brilliant forecasting skills were ignored.


    379. Tina says:

      Mnw, it’s ugly for his Fraudulency.

      Fed just raised rates by one half.

    380. jason says:

      Went county by county and made the case that Trump was the only Republican who could have carried Ohio the last two elections.”

      Yep, I made that point many times.

      This is good analysis Phil.

      “Republican elites like Carl Rove just don’t get the midwest. They subscribe to the we have to write off the working class voter and be moderate and appeal to the suburbs. In short, the Robbie model. It’s a loser. Romney and McCain got crushed in the midwestern states – Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa. Statistically, it’s not even arguable….and of course, no GOP candidate can get to 270 without the midwest.

      I used to believe guys like Rubio and Romney were the way to go in a presidential election. I supported Rubio in 2016 for that reason. Boy, was I wrong. The elections of 2016 and 2020 prove it. Trump is you option if you want to get to 270. Numbers don’t lie.”

      I was wrong about Rubio too. Rubio would not have won PA, WI, OH or MI in 2016. He would have made NV, CO and NM closer but not enough to win.

      Trading the working class vote in order to get “Biden voters” like the Biden Troll is political suicide. Let the Amoral Scumbags and Biden Trolls and Never Trumpers keeping voting for Dems. Keep the working class and Hispanic and black voters trending R. That is the future of the party, it isn’t the Biden Troll.

    381. jason says:

      I guess the market expected the rate hike, Dow up 800.

    382. jason says:

      Ukraine says it destroyed Russia’s Izyum command center, killing 200 but just missing Russia’s top general”

      This is old news from the weekend. There is good video of the attack online.

    383. Gordon Allen says:

      371. I think the numbers will get better when the reality sets in that each states voters control events. That is Not that widely understood. BTW Rasmussen has had Biden at 42-44 approval all week; dramatically better than the numbers Tina has.

    384. jason says:

      These people are really sick…

      “f–k off with your respectability politics. I am pro-abortion. PRO. ABORTION. if I don’t want to be pregnant? vacuum that sh-t out of me like a dental assistant with my saliva”

    385. jason says:

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      In 2016 Evan McMullin ran as the “only pro-life candidate for President”, accusing Trump of being pro-abortion and against overtuning Roe v. Wade.

      His platform promised to “appoint justices that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

      Now he opposes it.

    386. Wes says:

      That’s a ghoulish statement in 390, Jason. I’m unabashedly pro choice, but I can’t even try to justify such a statement as you quoted.

    387. jason says:

      The Biden Troll can be so proud of the agenda he voted for….

      “Joe Biden claims that overturning Roe vs. Wade will lead to states banning LGBT children from being in the same classrooms as “other children.”

    388. Wes says:

      Can Biden please explain how Roe v. Wade has anything at all to do with trannies?

    389. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Latest Economist/You Tube poll regarding Ukraine:

      Do you think each of the following courses of action is a good idea or a bad idea for the U.S. to engage in?

      Good idea. Bad idea. Not sure:

      Imposing economic sanctions on Russia 68% 14% 19%

      Sending financial aid to Ukraine 65% 17% 18%

      Sending weapons to Ukraine 62% 18% 21%

      Supporting allowing Ukraine to join NATO 55% 16% 29%

      Sending soldiers to Ukraine to provide help, but not to fight
      Russian soldiers 35% 38% 27%

      Sending soldiers to Ukraine to fight Russian soldiers 20% 57% 23%

      Sending troops to NATO ally countries in eastern Europe 52% 20% 28%

      Conducting cyber attacks on Russia 38% 33% 29%

      Enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine 41% 27% 31%

      Instigating a coup in Russia 26% 38% 36%

      Banning Russian imports 60% 17% 23%

      Supporting allowing Sweden and Finland to join NATO 61% 11% 28%

    390. DW says:

      The Mets’ calf-pen back in action today. In just a couple innings these relievers took a 0-0 game and turned it into a 9-1 game.

      Mets have a good team, but if they don’t get a bull pen, the Phillies are going to win the division.

    391. Phil says:

      None of those numbers are the least bit surprising to me, San Diego. About where I thought they would be.

    392. Phil says:

      No, Wes. Biden can’t explain it. There is no rational explanation. It’s idiotic. Absolute desperation and everyone can see that. Easily see it.

    393. jason says:

      Wes says:
      May 4, 2022 at 3:50 pm

      Can Biden please explain how Roe v. Wade has anything at all to do with trannies?”

      Peter Doocy just asked Psaki that question….she was stumped.

    394. Cash Cow TM says:

      why are so many Mets batters getting plunked by the opposing pitchers?

    395. Meldrim says:

      #401, I suspect that more users of Predictit are betting on Trump-endorsed Congressman Alex Mooney winning in WV-02 because they saw how Trump’s endorsement helped Vance in OH.

    396. jason says:

      Could be, Oz took a jump too.

    397. Phil says:

      That’s probably it. I can see it in the Pa race for sure.

    398. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      397. Agree, Phil. The polling numbers are about the same as in prior polls.

    399. Wes says:

      Someone on RRH said if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, Republicans are unlikely to win the NCSC back.

      Right, because as we know, overturning a 40-year-old ruling that will affect not a single abortion procedure in this state will somehow mask all banana republic-style leftist rulings that have caused Tarheels to sour on those black-robed tyrants in Raleigh.

      I’ve made no secret of my pro-choice leanings, but I’m sticking with an all-GOP ticket. There are a lot more important issues at stake than this, and most Americans seem to agree with me.

    400. Wes says:

      Err, 50-year-old ruling. Sorry.

    401. mnw says:

      380 Tina

      Addendum to your poll collection:

      CNN/SSRS released today; 1000 adults (not even RVs; how long before they start using an LV screen?); “modeled, representative” sample; online & cell phone.

      Biden JA 41/59 (-18) That’s worse for Biden than Rasmussen.

      I DID mention this was from CNN, right?

    402. DW says:

      Wes, I have said it before, that the worst enemies of the pro-choice side of things have been the far left whackos who cheered while watching arms and legs getting torn off during a late-term abortion…and Obama saying the baby that slips through too quickly and is alive and well should be killed. Such absurdity has kept the pro-life movement alive.

      Had the pro-choice side been willing to even compromise just a little, so no late term abortions, and no partial-birth abortions…then probably the whole thing sort of melts away as an issue for a majority of Americans.

      If you cannot make up your mind after so many weeks, then you gotta have the baby. That seems reasonable. But no, these extremists demanded that there is an inalienable right to be irresponsible and procrastinate a decision right up to the moment the baby pops out. That’s not reasonable. Most people get it.

    403. mnw says:


      I saw that at RRH. Unusually stupid, even for that place.

    404. Bitterlaw says:

      400 Because they would get fined if they started throwing at Mets fans.

    405. Phil says:

      Mnw. Thanks. I hadn’t seen that poll.


    406. Wes says:

      DW, both sides have their extremists.

      Some pro choicers are really pro abortion and literally want not only the option of abortion but also the facilitation of it in every instance. They quite honestly won’t be happy if a woman contemplating an abortion chooses to have her baby.

      That’s an extreme position I refuse to take although I’m pro choice and see no reason to change my position.

      On the other hand, some people on the other side of the issue want no exceptions at all even in stances of violent rape. It was this kind of extremism that led Todd Akin and Dick Mourdock to make the ridiculously out of touch remarks that torpedoed their Senate campaigns.

      That’s an extreme position most Americans find as appalling the opposite position demanding every possible abortion even if the mother elects against it.

      Unfortunately rhetoric on both sides of the issue is highly charged and polarized. We saw that yesterday with some posters on here. It would be much better if people closer to the center on the issue could get together and craft compromises that, for instance, would retain abortion rights in certain instances while outlawing the most egregious forms of abortion such as PBA.

      That may happen if Roe v. Wade is overturned. It may also be that hyper partisan advocates on each side will further ramp up their rhetoric and force further polarization on the issue.

    407. Robbie says:

      Joe Szymanski
      Yes there is a Madison Cawthorn sex tape. No I will not tweet it. It is probably revenge porn.

      – Now, I understand why Trump likes him.

      In all seriousness, the hits he’s taken over the last month or so have to spell doom for his primary campaign, right?

    408. Bitterlaw says:

      The first copy of my book is being shipped to my house. I wonder what it would cost to advertise it in Dave’s old 1776 slot.

    409. mnw says:

      414 Robbie

      “In all seriousness,” why don’t you just shut up?

      I challenge you to name even one poster here who cares what you think about anything.

    410. Tina says:

      The Russian hoaxer is now pushing sex tapes, after promoting porn lawyah?

    411. jason says:

      You know how Amoral Scumbag pretends he would support DeSantis even though we know it is just another of his usual lies.

      Well just remember this post, here is what he really thinks of DeSantis. He was actually willing to support a communist like Gillum over DeSantis.

      “Scooby77 says:
      October 24, 2018 at 10:33 pm
      Robbie, that race has vexed me from the start. Surely a seat we can’t afford to lose, and really shouldn’t. It would be like us having a seat in NY or CA.
      – If you’re referring to FL, I think nominating a total bum for governor has really hurt Scott. Just as the TX and TN governor races should help Cruz and Blackburn, I think DeSantis, a clown, is really hurting Scott.”

    412. Wes says:

      I don’t see any evidence Robbie supported Gillum in that post, Jason. He thought DeSantis was a poor candidate who was hurting Rick Scott’s attempt to unseat Bill Nelson. He was clearly wrong, but nothing in the post indicates support of Gillum unless there’s more you didn’t copy and paste.

    413. jason says:

      Sex tape? Zzzzzz….

      Is it with a minor or a dead llama?

      If not, most people in America have sex.

    414. Wes says:

      Katie Hill had to resign from Congress because of the most boring sex scandal I’ve ever heard of, Jason.

      I don’t think a sex tape will eliminate Cawthorn in his primary, but his series of self-inflicted wounds has seriously hurt his standing to the point where Thom Tillis is openly supporting Cawthorn’s opponent and spending money to eliminate the Congressman.

      Cawthorn’s clearly doing himself no favors right now.

    415. jason says:

      Katie Hill was having sex with an employee, completely different. The woman was a campaign staffer, so there was the issue of workplace abuse. She was also accused of having sex with her male finance director

      Hill admitted the relationships were inappropriate.

      House rules forbid lawmakers from having sexual relationships with staff.

      Apples and oranges.

    416. jason says:

      I think Tillis should mind his own business.

    417. Albertus Magnus says:


      Totally agree. Smartest thing you have said in a week.

    418. jason says:

      I guess it could have been worse. He could have said in a month.

    419. jason says:

      Tillis should be spending money to defeat Democrats, not Republicans.

    420. Skippy says:

      Kathy Barnette just had her best night of her campaign. She was fantastic at the debate and had a unbelievable memorial moment when answering the question what would it take to get more Black Americans to vote for GOP candidates.

      Finishing strong.

      Lead by faith.

    421. Wes says:

      Well, Jason, why don’t you and Albert E-mail Tillis and tell him to mind his own business?

      I’m sure he’ll listen attentively and act accordingly.

    422. Tina says:

      Absolutely good strategy.

      Jonathan Swan
      · 1h
      Straight after winning his primary JD Vance goes on a rampage against Karl Rove on Tucker.

    423. Tina says:

      Notice how swain omits the portion where he also goes after the Drat Senator.

    424. Tina says:

      I guess stating that Rove outsourced jobs, enriched himself, and got us involved in stupid wars is “going on a rampage.”

    425. mnw says:

      429-431 Tina

      I watched that.

      Vance also explained how his was a victory of the little guy over big GOPe dark money!

      Billionaire Peter Thiel personally contributed $15 million to Vance, including $1.5 million in the last 3 days before the election.

      I hope Vance wins, & I expect him to, but I thought that interview was an insult to my intelligence. And Carlson never asked Vance about Thiel’s money, either.

    426. Tina says:

      I don’t care much for Carlson and Hannitys interviews. The guests are generally fine,

    427. Phil says:

      Boy, the NC GOP really has a couple of winners in Burr and Tillis. What a couple of slugs. Fortunately Burr will be gone soon. Warner’s poodle as I call him. And no, Wes, no point in emailing Tillis. He doesn’t give a damn about what anyone outside of his DC cocoon has to say. He’s kind of busy right now anyway. Working hard to sell out the border.

    428. Big Joe says:

      Hey all, I just dropped by here to congratulate TGCA on the elevation of ABORTION into the national spotlight.

      Congrats, bro! You wanted it for so long and we wouldn’t bite. You earned it. 😀

      Big Joe

    429. Bitterlaw says:

      Welcome back, Big Joe.


    430. Big Joe says:

      A vintage HHR welcome. Thks Bitter!

      Big Joe

    431. NYCmike says:

      “Hey all, I just dropped by here to congratulate TGCA on the elevation of ABORTION into the national spotlight.”

      -Do most Democrats know that the issue simply goes back to each state to deal with?

      Or do they really think the Supreme Court abolishes abortion if they get rid of Roe & Casey?

    432. Tgca says:

      Yo BJ


      I’ve waited years for this time…ever since I was a poor Puerto Rican African gay American ghetto urchin subsisting on little more than lead paint chips and dancing in bars for nickels from drunk PR women.

      My wait is finally over. My struggles have not been in vain.

      Everyone has their time in the Sun and this is MY TIME!

      Ain’t nuttin’ more important than ABORTION. NUTTIN’!!!

      Inflation, Ukraine-Russia War, stolen elections, Madison Cawthorn sex tapes, …

      Blah! Blah! Blah! More like little passing fads soon to be forgotten.

      They all pale in comparison to the BIGGEST humans rights violations evah!


      Praise Lord Jesus!

      Save these babies from being violently slaughtered and murdered by their moms…sorry…I mean pregnant people.

    433. mnw says:


      Anxiety in Bluzland tonight, & Leddy got hurt in Game 1, too.

    434. mnw says:

      439 NYC

      Anxiety in Bluzland tonight, & Leddy got hurt in Game 1, too.

      The times that try men’s souls, eh?

    435. Tgca says:

      Though regulation of ABORTION goes back to the states, I think there will still be reduction to ABORTIONS due to access issues in certain states.

      ABORTIONS in the US have declined about 50% from the early 80s when annual ABORTIONS were 1.2M to 1.5M, depending on what source you use, to about 600K to 800K annually in very recent years.

      This is great progress but still violently MURDERING hundreds of thousands of babies annually is too much to stomach.

    436. Wes says:

      NYCmike says:
      May 5, 2022 at 1:00 am
      “Hey all, I just dropped by here to congratulate TGCA on the elevation of ABORTION into the national spotlight.”

      -Do most Democrats know that the issue simply goes back to each state to deal with?

      Or do they really think the Supreme Court abolishes abortion if they get rid of Roe & Casey?

      Why don’t you ask the guy you voted for for Senate four times, Mikey?

    437. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin’s eastern offense remains stalled (BBC):

      “Ukrainian defenses have largely stalled Russian advances in Eastern Ukraine. Russian troops conducted a number of unsuccessful attacks in Eastern Ukraine on May 4 and were unable to make any confirmed advances. Russian forces attacking south of Izyum appear increasingly unlikely to successfully encircle Ukrainian forces in the Rubizhne area. Ukrainian forces have so far prevented Russian forces from merging their offensives to the southeast of Izyum and the west of Lyman, Slovyansk, and Kramatorsk, as Russian forces likely intended.”

      Despite incredible odds, the Ukrainians are still holding out in the Maripoul steel plant. History will remember the defenders’ heroism.

    438. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      California doesn’t have a water problem, it has plenty of it in the Pacific Ocean. We have a dumb politician problem. Here is the solution:

      “Israel has two more desalination plants in development, one of which is aimed to be operational by 2023. They will have a combined capacity of 300 MCM per year.”

      “Upon completion of the seventh facility, desalinated water will cover up to 90% of Israel’s annual municipal and industrial water consumption.”

      San Diego County gets almost 10% of its water from one desalination plant. A plan to build another desalination plant in Huntington Beach in Orange County is running into opposition from the ecofreaks.

    439. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC has never voted for a Democrat to be a Senator from New York.

    440. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Of course, the always-confused Big Joe thinks differently. He gets off on the smell of dead babies in the morning if it’s to his political advantage.

    441. EML says:

      Turnout in Ohio Senate primary, 2018 vs 2022

      Democrats – 613K (Sherrod Brown unopposed)
      Republicans – 768K

      Democrats – 510K
      Republicans – 1.06M

      Hello, Enthusiasm Gap

    442. jason says:

      I noticed that.

      I am sure the Biden Troll and Amoral Scumbag are crushed.

    443. jason says:

      Hey Big Joe, long time no see, welcome back.

    444. jason says:

      Why don’t you ask the guy you voted for for Senate four times, Mikey?”


      NYC opposes Dem policies, he just believes in electing Dems that will impose those policies.

    445. jason says:

      NYC has never voted for a Democrat to be a Senator from New York.”

      You know this for a fact?

      I am actually impressed, Bitter is not only a big player in Good and Bad Philadelphia politics, he has access to voting records in NYC.

      Given NYC’s ardent efforts over the years to ensure Schumer as majority leader, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did vote for him.

    446. jason says:

      Don’t count Cawthorn out just yet, sex tape or Tillis notwithstanding….

    447. jason says:

      Democrats are fooled by the polls that show a majority of Americans favor abortion. A majority favor limited access to abortion, which is different.

      According to Gallup, only 13% of Americans favor abortion in the last trimester, and less than 50% in the second trimester. Only in the first trimester is there a majority approval.

    448. Big Joe says:

      “Of course, the always-confused Big Joe thinks differently. He gets off on the smell of dead babies in the morning if it’s to his political advantage.”

      I so missed this place. 😀 😀 😀

      Big Joe

    449. Big Joe says:

      #451, Jason-
      “Hey Big Joe, long time no see, welcome back.”

      Thanks, Jason.

      Big Joe

    450. Big Joe says:

      “Of course, the always-confused Big Joe thinks differently. He gets off on the smell of dead babies in the morning if it’s to his political advantage.”

      How many points?

      Big Joe

    451. jason says:

      Sorry Big Joe, I am not sure your A-hole application was ever approved.

      Only A-holes get points.

    452. jason says:

      So Big Joe, since you don’t normally feel compelled to spin the Dem party line here, what is your view of the Walker-Warnock race in GA?

      The bettors at Predictit have it at 60-40 Walker.

    453. jason says:

      Of course, the always-confused Big Joe thinks differently. He gets off on the smell of dead babies in the morning if it’s to his political advantage.”

      And sorry, we don’t do soft landings….

    454. DW says:

      Wes…agreed on Akin and Mourdock.

      Bitter, I have good news for you. The Mets are about to be swept by the Phillies in a four game series. Following the Mets all these years one can tell when they are about to implode, and that moment is now. They had won each series up to their home four game set against the Braves and went 2-2.

      In fact, the Mets are a .500 team since April 27th. The bats are cooling off, the calf-pen still cannot get anyone out, and the Phils are set to bounce back having lost three in a row.

    455. Tgca says:

      The Madison Cawthorn tape was not a sex tape!

      He was goofing around naked in a bed pouncing up and down on another guy who was under the covers and squealing in high pitched shouts while other people in the room were laughing and filming it.

      Very sophomoric and immature behavior you expect from yoots but it wasn’t a sex tape.

    456. Tgca says:

      Adam Sh*t says:

      don’t care how the draft leaked. That’s a sideshow. What I care about is that a small number of conservative justices, who lied about their plans to the Senate, intend to deprive millions of women of reproductive care. Codifying Roe isn’t enough. We must expand the court.

    457. Tgca says:

      So the Chithead from Caleefawnyuh thinks trying to influence SCOTUS or force it’s hand is a sideshow?

    458. Marv says:

      Hi Folks,

      I noticed that last night a bigger fence was erected and now
      surrounds the Supreme Court building. Perhaps the Dobbs (Roe) opinion will be issued before the weekend. I hope so, the court should get this over with as soon possible.

      Anyone else have thoughts on the issue?

    459. Phil says:


      Trump 50 Biden 36

      Trump carries Men by 29
      Trump carries women by 12
      Trump carries Hispanics by 8
      Trump carries Indies by 19
      Trump gets 20% of the black vote.

      Have a good morning, Robbie.

    460. Tgca says:

      Chinese spy Fang Fang’s boyfriend, Eric Salwell says:

      Republicans would not be content with “banning abortion,” and also want to ban marriage between people of different races.

      I guess that will be news to Clarence Thomas who is married to a white woman or McConnell married to an Asian.

    461. Tgca says:

      466. Marv

      I have absolutely no views on ABORTION. I keep them to myself.

    462. Marv says:

      Hi Tgca,

      I was just curious as to what folks thought about the court issuing the opinion soon, rather than waiting until June. Delaying the issuance seems to be causing more problems for both sides and the court itself.

    463. jason says:

      I guess Thomas and McConnell will have to get divorced in order to achieve this R goal.

    464. jason says:

      Marv, issuing it sooner would be a win for the leaker and admitting they are acting under pressure.

      My personal view is they should do what they normally do and not change their normal procedure.

    465. Tina says:

      Hi Marv.

    466. jason says:

      This is how radicalized the Dems have become. Tim Ryan Dem senate candidate in Ohio was supposed to be a “moderate Dem”. He used to call himself pro-life. Now..

      “BAIER: [crosstalk] Congressman, my question — my question was about any limits to abortion at any point. You know — late term, anything?

      RYAN: Look, you’ve got to leave it up to the woman, because —

      BAIER: So “no” is the answer.”

    467. Marv says:

      Hi jason,

      A decision as momentous as the repeal of Roe would normally be the last opinion issued before the end of the term of court. The timing of the leak is curious, perhaps the court was finalizing the opinion and preparing for an early release. Eventually, both the leaker and the specific motive will be discovered.

    468. jason says:

      Any Democrat HAS to run on unrestricted right to abortion and infanticide.

    469. Tina says:

      The pedo project to get involved in Ohio senate.

    470. Marv says:

      Aloha Tina,

      Mrs Marv and I plan a visit to the Mai Tai Bar next spring.

    471. jason says:

      and preparing for an early release”

      I don’t see any evidence of that. The fact a draft was still circulating at this late stage would argue against it.

    472. DW says:

      Hi Marv,

      The jet is your this weekend if you need it.

      With all the fussing and fuming by the left over the pending ruling, almost lost in the shuffle is the fact that anyone wishing to get an abortion could still get one after this ruling.

      Last I checked, abortion ‘doctors’ did not travel to a woman’s home to do the abortion, the woman had to go to the abortion clinic.

      The only difference after this decision is the clinic might be a bit further away.

      But the decision is a huge win for state’s rights.

    473. Marv says:

      479 jason,

      Maybe so, but the Alito draft was written in February, so the timing of the leak is curious. It was just speculation on my part as to the leaker’s motive.

    474. Marv says:

      Hi DW,

      With cost of Jet A1 as high as it is, I think we should ground the jet for awhile. I’ll schedule the pilots for some simulator time so that they maintain the FAA proficiency requirements.

      As for the Dobbs decision, basically I’m for anything that inflames the left. The entertainment value is priceless.

    475. Tgca says:


      If Marv is going to force me to share my private views on ABORTION and this decision, here goes.

      If the court has already completed its decision process, then I think it’s ok to release it but I don’t think they should feel compelled to succumb to public pressure and act sooner.

      This is an unprecedented action AGAINST the court and therefore may require special consideration.

      I do think either way, the Court needs to announce they are implementing very strong controls to ensure the Court’s decision process is not impeded in any way.

      If not already done, they should implement review of all social media of clerks before and during their clerkship to filter out those that may be a risk to the Court just like many companies do during their hiring process.

      Usually, these radicals have been involved before in activities that demonstrate their extremism.

      I also think criminal legislation should be advanced to prosecute anyone that attempts to interfere with the Court by bullying or influencing just like we do with juries and justices in trials.

    476. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – The Phillies are built to score 10 runs or 2 runs. They will underperform until August and then go on a run to miss the playoffs by 1 game. Book it.

    477. Marv says:


      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree with you on the penalties
      My preference is that the court finalize and issue their opinion sooner, rather than later.

    478. Tgca says:


      Damn Russian inflation!!!

      Dow falls nearly another 1,000 again today wiping out comeback gains.

    479. Tgca says:

      …and Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my RACIST and BIGOT friends at HHR who want to ban interracial and gay marriages in addition to having women seek back alley ABORTIONS.

    480. Bitterlaw says:

      If the Decision is final in outcome, I would release it now as a GFY to the leaker. I would prefer it to be 6-3. Maybe this stunt will lead to that.

    481. Tgca says:

      This is a story people should reflect on. It’s not an easy or comfortable topic to discuss but it is an important one.

      Children born of rape or unplanned pregnancies can rejoice for their gift of life when all to often the alternative is simply to ABORT.

    482. Robbie says:

      Lonna Bauer
      Apr 30
      Huge news. We pray it’s so accurate. Between Mon. 2 May and Thurs. 5 May there is expected to be a removal of Joe B. and return of Trump to the US Presidency this is big.
      -High level.

      – Congrats, Jason fraud. I guess your view the election was stolen from Trump was right. How are you and your Q buddies going to celebrate?

    483. DW says:

      “They will underperform until August and then go on a run to miss the playoffs by 1 game”

      What always amazes me is how these teams talk about these early games in April and May as though they are just a sort of pre-season, then in August while teams are trying to make a run, or trying to hold on to first place, they talk about THOSE games as REALLY important!

      As though games in August and September count for more value in the standings than games that were played in April and May.

    484. Marv says:

      Hi Bitter

      In Brown, Chief Justice Warren waited until he could get a 9-0 decision. If Roberts really cared about the integrity of his Court, then the decision should be 6-3. Roberts could write some watered down concurrent opinion, but he should side with the majority.

    485. Gordon Allen says:

      Marv. Couldn’t agree more.
      And do it quickly. No law says it has to wait until June.
      The draft opinion goes back to February.
      We’ll see what Robert’s is made of definitively

    486. Marv says:


      To prove your point about the value of early games, I submit this for discussion………the 1951 Dodgers lost on Opening Day. Any true baseball knows the importance of that loss.

    487. Bitterlaw says:

      Marv – 9-0 would be ideal but the 3 libs would not go for it.

      Warren was a flaming liberal but Brown was absolutely the right constitutional decision.

    488. Marv says:

      Hi Gordon,

      Perhaps there is some hope for Chief Justice Roberts. He did, after all, whack Schumer around pretty explicitly yesterday.

    489. Marv says:


      Yes, 9-0 was the right call. Friday afternoon would be a good time to release the Dobbs opinion. Probably won’t happen though.

    490. Tina says:

      Is Souter 2.0 one of the 3 libs?

      So confused.

      With that said, will Lucy pull the football away?

    491. Big Joe says:

      #459, Jason-

      “Sorry Big Joe, I am not sure your A-hole application was ever approved.

      Only A-holes get points.”

      Yeah yeah, I’d be so far ahead of the pack by now but somehow my application always gets conveniently left behind … 😀

      Me asking for an a-hole application review is like TGCA begging for an ABORTION discussion. Well at least TEEJ struck gold so there’s hope.

      Big Joe

    492. Big Joe says:


      Big Joe

    493. Bitterlaw says:

      Roberts is a conservative, Tina. A few of his Decisions are not. Both can be true.

    494. jason says:

      How are you and your Q buddies going to celebrate?”

      The only place I see “QAnon” is on far left sites and here at HHR by Amoral Scumbag. No, that is not a coincidence.

      I cannot think of even one thread where we discussed QAnon here.

      I would venture 90%+ of Republicans don’t even know what it is let alone subscribe to it.

      It is not a surprise that Amoral Scumbag would regurgitate Dem talking points about “Q” here, he regurgitates all their other talking points.

    495. jason says:

      Yeah yeah, I’d be so far ahead of the pack by now but somehow my application always gets conveniently left behind … ”

      The A-hole Admissions Committee is well known for its tight adherence to established rules and procedures, we will do a search in the annals to see what happened to your application.

      Phil was here for over a decade before he was admitted, so there is precedent for long waits.

    496. Tgca says:

      There is a difference between believing in conservative causes and actually voting on them.

      Roberts has voted with the libs on extremely important high profile cases like ObamaCare.

      He appears more concerned with his image and perception of how he manages the court then voting as a conservative on key decisions.

      Voting conservatively on cases that most don’t know or care about is the easy way out. It’s the votes on the high profile tough cases that matter most.

      CG and Robbie are professed conservatives too but did they advocate for the conservative choice in their votes?

      So I agree with Tina, Roberts has failed as a conservative court leader. My hope is that he will step aside as Chief Justice if the GOP takes the WH in 2024.

      He has been a poor leader of the court because his priorities are in the wrong place: Image over the Law.

    497. jason says:

      Big Joe, you can be sure there is no discrimination due to you being a Dem, what is important is you meet at least 127 of the 140 criteria for being an A-hole.

      We have admitted a female, Wvally, and a handicapped (?) person, Scooter (deaf), not to mention an Incan (jason, who according to Corleone is not even part of Western Civilization). So the A-hole community is quite diverse.

    498. Bitterlaw says:

      The A-holes are very diverse. All are welcome to apply. Except Mets fans. Not repeating that mistake.

    499. Phil says:

      Yes, over a decade wait for me….but it was worth the wait. You must prove you are not just a real turd but also that you can take sh*t. Most of all that you are mean enough to throw it around at everybody and in a callous and turd like way. I think my formal application was in limbo for over a year and a half. It was frustrating at the time, but I’m glad the membership process is thorough. We don’t want any nice guys slipping in through the cracks. It would taint the entire club. We have high standards for lowlife applicants.

    500. Bitterlaw says:

      Roberts was wrong on Obamacare. He has been strong on religious liberty and the 2nd Amendment.

    501. Robbie says:

      Liz Charboneau
      Kari Lake thinks that the SCOTUS draft was leaked to distract the media from Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie,,,,

      – Jason fraud, any thoughts?

    502. jason says:

      Jason fraud, any thoughts?”

      Sure, I hope Kari Lake is the new governor of AZ.

      You can support the Dem, you always do.


    503. jason says:



    504. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is working hard trying to absorb everything over at his left wing cesspool sites.’

      Let’s see. Cawthorn. QAnon. Lake.

      Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency which he supports unconditionally?


    505. jason says:

      My hope is that he will step aside as Chief Justice if the GOP takes the WH in 2024.”


    506. jason says:

      Roberts was wrong on Obamacare. He has been strong on religious liberty and the 2nd Amendment.”

      And hundreds of other cases where he voted for the conservative position.

      Let’s compare his voting record to Biden’s nominee in about a year if you think Roberts is not a conservative.

    507. jason says:

      Here is why Amoral Scumbag wants to start attacking Kari Lake.

      She is the odds on favorite to be on the ballot.

      That is the kiss of death for any R as far as Amoral Scumbag is concerned.

    508. jason says:

      Don’t forget.

      Amoral Scumbag claims he supports DeSantis for President.

      You believe it?

      “If you’re referring to FL, I think nominating a total bum for governor has really hurt Scott. Just as the TX and TN governor races should help Cruz and Blackburn, I think DeSantis, a clown, is really hurting Scott.”

    509. jason says:

      How about Amoral Scumbag’s sordid campaign here against Kavanaugh that went on for weeks, when he regurgitated every Dem canard against him.

      Why? Because he thought that if Kavanaugh was rejected it would be “bad for Trump”. He was willing to risk tanking a conservative nomination for SCOTUS because of TDS.

      Here is one his comments from that time that didn’t age well.

      • Robbie says:
      September 27, 2018 at 12:04 pm
      As I said 11 days ago on Sunday September 16, if Republicans give this woman a public hearing, it will almost certainly sink Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
      Well, this has been a disaster. Kavanaugh will be out by tomorrow. Saturday at the latest.”

    510. Phil says:

      Robbie’s kind of Republican –

      Anyone associated with the Lincoln Project

      The REAL Republicans.

    511. Tgca says:

      You miss my point.

      Roberts is more concerned with his image than standing up against public opinion and doing the right thing under the Constitution. It’s like saying he was conservative on all issues except slavery.

      That is why he is a weak Chief Justice. Under his leadership, the court has become more partisan, political, and now we see leaks of opinions in attempts to influence the court.

      A strong Chief Justice would be able to work among varying judicial philosophies on the court and have the respect of the jurists and their teams but still uphold the integrity of the court.

    512. Meldrim says:

      I wouldn’t want Roberts to write the Opinion of the Court in Dobbs; what I would like is for Roberts to sign on to Alito’s opinion, making it a 6-3 holding, and then write separately to express his view that it was not necessary to overturn Roe and Casey in order to uphold the MS law because banning abortion at 15 weeks does not constitute an “undue burden” on the right to abortion as set forth in Casey.

    513. Phil says:

      Joy Behar proposes women go on sex strike to oppose Roe v Wade overturn.

    514. Tgca says:

      522. Phil

      I saw that yesterday.

      My guess are most men would be fine with going on a sex strike if it involved Joy Behar.

    515. mnw says:


      If Joy went on a sex strike, would anyone notice?

      On to another subject, to wit Kari Lake…

      Judging by what she says NOW, she’s the most MAGA, Trumpier-than-Trump candidate extant.

      Judging by her lifetime record of political donations, who she’s endorsed in the past, and her reported political opinions, she’s ObamaBernieGirl.

      You have to take things on faith with a lot of these born-again
      MAGAs, just as many of us had to do with Trump himself not so long ago.

      On to another subject, Part II…

      RAS reports today that Trump would beat Biden 50-36 in a h2h matchup. If only Biden was going to be on the ballot.

    516. Tgca says:

      I think if people looked at the week by week development of a fetus they would know by the 15th week the baby is moving its limbs and joints, organs, nerves, and muscle are developed and continue maturing, scalp is starting, bones are hardening, the baby is producing waste and by week 20 they have toenails, thickened skin, it’s heart is pumping blood, hearing starts to develop, the digestive system is working, the gender of the baby is apparent, the baby goes through stages of being awake and sleep and is aware of external stimuli, noises, and can feel movements of the mother or touch and the baby is very actively moving. At this stage growth slows down as fine-tuning and development occurs for a number of weeks before growth spurts happen again.

      The babies between 15 and 20 weeks are more active and self-aware than many people confined to bed with an illness or paralyzed.

      But ABORTION is generally legal up to 20 weeks and most people have no idea of the life in them that they are killing.

      I cannot fathom how any human being can support this. Perhaps if they were better educated of the life in them at the point of ABORTION, they may choose alternatively but ABORTIONISTS specifically fight against this education or showing them ultrasounds because they know probably most would walk away if they saw what their baby was doing at this stage.

    517. Wes says:

      I don’t think Hogan belongs on your list, Phil. He’s no fan of Trump and isn’t shy about saying that, but then he represents a state where Trump took 33% of the vote in 2020. Hogan isn’t going to appear in a MAGA hat and sing Trump’s praises simply because of the electoral reality in Maryland. Sorry.

      On the other hand, Hogan has fought for GOP positions on spending and taxes in his state and even won some fights despite the fact that Dems can override his vetoes. He also fought Dems hard on redistricting and won resoundingly there, preserving the only GOP House seat in the Terrapin State and getting another one to competitive status–all this in a state where the deck was overwhelmingly stacked against him.

      He didn’t run for Senate, and like many I found that a disappointment. Even so, he would have been running against a popular incumbent in a state that has stampeded overwhelmingly to the Left over the past 30-40 years. Like Roy Cooper, he probably didn’t want to finish his time in politics with a likely loss.

      All that said, Hogan is in no way a spineless wonder like the others you mentioned. He’s fought for GOP principles on fiscal issues more than, say, Charlie Baker and has won and lost in those fights; however, he can claim some victories at least in a state where the fix is usually in for the Dems.

      He was never going to be a Trump supporter in any way, but then had he been, he would either have been a former Governor but 2019 or a completely ineffective Chief Executive by now.

    518. Tina says:

      Another Trump scandal debunked.

      Kristina Wong ??
      · 11m
      Documents at Mar-a-Lago Marked ‘Classified‘ Were Already Declassified, Kash Patel Says… via @BreitbartNews

    519. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      SDC & jason et al:
      Stop with these dangerous leaks unless it is your plan to start a full scale war between Russia and the USA. Remember that silence is golden when it comes to intelligence matters. Unfortunately, Russia could think that retaliation against the USA is now justified. Oy vey!

    520. Bitterlaw says:

      I now own the only copy of my book in print. Start the bidding, my-era.

      Or you can wait a few days until it goes on sale. If lisab appears, I will send her a copy even though she will just say it sucks.

    521. Bitterlaw says:

      Damn it, Sheeple. Now Phil is going to agitate for the US to stop aiding Ukraine or Putin might get peeved.

    522. Bitterlaw says:

      My-era should be mf-ers. The filter is unknowable.

    523. Tina says:

      Where can I buy a copy and what is the name, bl?

    524. Phil says:

      I’m fine with arming, training, and providing intelligence to Ukraine, bitter….but you know that. What puzzles me is why in the world broadcast the sharing of the intelligence on the sinking of the destroyer Just do it. Why boast about it?? What possible interest does that serve?

      I don’t think it’s all that hard to figure out. This is entirely for domestic political consumption. No other logical explanation. None. This administration is shameless. The Biden administration is desperate for anything in the way of credit they can get…..for anything. Inflation, crime, the border… all sucks for them going into the midterms. This is about politics and nothing more.

    525. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina – I will post a link when the publisher gives it to me. Or you can send your address to Dave and he can give it to me and I will send you a copy.

      It’s called Run It Out. Somebody must want to read a novel about breast cancer and little league baseball.

    526. Tina says:

      Stupid to boast about it, I assumed we were helping.

      Unless his Fraudulency wants us involved in a shooting war.

    527. Bitterlaw says:

      I think it is good strategy. Let Putin wonder what we are NOT telling him. Livestream satellite coverage so he can watch his troops destroyed in real time.

    528. Phil says:

      I’m sure Putin doesn’t need any live streaming to know his troops are being destroyed. It’s pretty obvious to everyone.

      Sucks to be him. Sucks to be Russia. Big bad Russia. The most overhyped conventional military since Sadaam’s Republican Guards.

    529. Phil says:

      We’re not going to get involved in a shooting war, Tina. No need to worry about that. The Russians are being dismantled by a third rate military power with no Air Force. Being bled daily. All without the loss of a single American life.

    530. Bitterlaw says:

      Thousands of murdered Ukrainians and millions of refugees would disagree with you, Phil.

    531. Bitterlaw says:

      At least 1 American veteran who volunteered to fight in Ukraine was killed. Brave man who sacrificed his life to save others and fight evil.

    532. Tgca says:


      I hope the US is not stoopid enough to be sharing intelligence with Ukraine so it can attack Russian fleet because that is a direct act of war and makes the US an accomplice on attacks on Russia and the Russians would be justified in doing the same against the US under the rules of war.

      This is not an American war! We can take sides and assist with supplies just like the Russians have done in the past but it crosses the line if the US actually assisted in the attacks on Russia.

    533. Phil says:

      Not worth dead Americans unless Russia is a real threat to our national interest, bitter (our NATO allies would qualify) With each passing day it becomes more and more clear that’s just not the case.

      If an individual American wants to go fight for Ukraine in a war with Russia then he can get after it. More power to him – but no ordering American soldiers to die for Ukraine. No American President should ever give such an order and I’m confident no President would. Thank God.

    534. mnw says:

      As posted earlier, RAS today says Trump would beat Biden by 14%.

      In that poll, Biden’s JA is 42%, but only 28% want him to run for reelection.

      That means there are many millions of voters who 1) like Biden but 2) want him to get the hell out.

    535. Tina says:

      Trump wanted the bomb the Mexican cartels.

      Now, that I can get behind

    536. NYCmike says:

      “NYC has never voted for a Democrat to be a Senator from New York.”

      -That is correct.

      The first Senate election I voted in, 1988, I left blank, as the Republican had no chance against Moynihan, but I didn’t vote for Moynihan either. After that, I have voted for the Republican candidate each time. D’amato was the only victor for all of that time, in 1992. Chuckie took over in 1998. NY city/state deserves its reputation for having stupid voters!

    537. Phil says:

      I have an incredibly hard time imagining Biden running again, mnw. He’d be 82 with even more diminished mental faculties and even more frail – possibly much more frail. Mainly, however, he’d get creamed and he knows it.

      He ain’t running.

    538. NYCmike says:

      “Trump wanted the bomb the Mexican cartels.”

      -Clear and Present Danger……saw the movie.

    539. mnw says:

      546 Phil

      I agree. I didn’t say otherwise.

    540. Tina says:

      Regarding the cartel bombing, The ny slimes and trumps first defense secretary are upset apparently, as are the jebots.

    541. NYCmike says:

      “Joy Behar proposes women go on sex strike to oppose Roe v Wade overturn.”

      -Wouldn’t that make Roe not needed?

      If the women who want Roe to be the law of the land don’t have sex, they won’t need abortions.


    542. Tina says:

      However, despairs (esper) and the slimes “scoop” is not new.

      They must have forgotten about this:

    543. NYCmike says:

      “My hope is that he will step aside as Chief Justice if the GOP takes the WH in 2024.””

      -My hope is that a Republican President takes over in 2024 and gets to replace Kagan and Sotomayor so that Roberts will be a mere nuisance, but that is pretty far-fetched. Bigger worry is that Thomas and Alito are getting older every day.

    544. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t believe you, Phil. I expect that no matter who is attacked, you would make excuses. “Not one dead American for Estonia!”

    545. NYCmike says:

      Of course, when there are “Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie who would rather have a Democrat elected than Trump……….

    546. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      528. “SDC & jason et al:
      Stop with these dangerous leaks unless it is your plan to start a full scale war between Russia and the USA.”

      Do you really think Putin doesn’t know that NATO is actively involved in providing the Ukrainians logistic and technical support? That NATO is all but launching and targeting the drones and missiles that are wiping out his forces. No one is fooling anyone here. Putin knows he is indirectly in a war with NATO and allied nations throughout the globe. What’s he going to do — nuke the world? Any sign of a Russian launch and Putin gets vaporized.

    547. Phil says:

      Doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, bitter. Putin isn’t in any shape to attack anyone. He isn’t attacking Estonia or anyone else. He doesn’t have the ability to attack any NATO member nations. That’s just a fact. The last eight weeks have proven that. The last couple of months have been real eye opening to the entire world with regards to Putin’s big bad military.

      The argument that Americans must die or Putin is somehow going to move into any NATO country isn’t flying.

      He has the nuclear capability to attack and threaten other nations, but lacks the conventional power. Of course, if he loses his marbles and does that he’s toast.

      Putin is in a box of his own making. Sucks for him.

    548. Tgca says:


      What’s he gonna do?

      Perhaps go tit for tat against American interests that will get Americans killed at some point.

      The arrogance of the Ukrainian propagandists being so nonchalant with American lives daring the Russians to retaliate.

    549. Wes says:

      NYCmike says:
      May 5, 2022 at 9:45 pm
      Of course, when there are “Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie who would rather have a Democrat elected than Trump……….

      What about “Republicans” like you who would rather see Democrats win Senate seats rather than Republicans, Mikey?

    550. Phil says:

      ….and I agree with SDC that, of course, Putin knows that NATO is actively involved. He just absolutely lacks the ability to do anything about it beyond nukes….and, as SD rightly says, that would be him committing suicide.

      As I said, he’s in a box.

      My only comment was that the Biden Administration allowing the Pentagon to boast about the intelligence sharing on the sinking of the destroyer was that it had to do with domestic politics. No other purpose was served.

      It’s the Biden administration being the Biden administration before the midterms.

    551. Phil says:

      Wes, should be interesting watching McConnell and the Republican elites in DC on the Ohio race. They hate Vance. He’s From the unwashed Trump wing and is going to be elected with or without the help of the Republican establishment…..and they don’t like it. If they didn’t need the seat to get the Senate majority they’d be working behind the scenes to elect Ryan. Some may be doing it anyway.

    552. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      529. Agree Phil. As Teddy Roosevelt said: “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far”

      Then again, it was Trump who once told Putin to his face that he would nuke him if he invaded the Ukraine. Putin did not dare invade.

    553. Phil says:

      SD, if you are still here, what do you think about the McMullen challenge to Lee in Utah? Can’t remember for sure but I think I remember you saying you voted for him in 2016 before he showed his true colors. Seems he’s going all in courting the Democrats in that state. Think he has a chance?

    554. NYCmike says:

      -Link to Tucker show. Definitely doesn’t want United States involved in war between Ukraine and Russia.

      Calls Ukraine corrupt – does anyone dispute that?

      Last, and most important, does NOT show any support for Russia and Putin, nor has he ever since this war started.

      As for telling Putin and the public we helped with intelligence and drones and other stuff – idiotic.

      What are we, 7th graders? Keep your trap shut, especially if you are using clandestine operatives. Why give any fuel to a maniac? Let him wonder and make wild accusations with no proof, maybe the Russian people will wake up and get rid of the whole lot of them.

    555. Phil says:



    556. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      562. Phil, I don’t know what to make of it. Only 15% of Utah voters are Democrats versus 50% Republican, so the Democrats endorsing an independent makes some sense.

      I think Lee will win, as McMullin is sort of underwhelming. A lot of hardcore Democrats will not vote for him. On the other hand Lee’s polling is underwhelming, he is under 50%.

      Utah has a young population, and a lot of tech, and seems to be gravitating to younger Republicans like Gov. Cox, who defeated former Gov Huntsman. Like Romney, Lee might now be a relic of the past generation. But Lee should win comfortably this time — above 60%.

    557. mnw says:

      563 NYC

      I thought Joe Kent was very impressive on Tucker tonight. Did you catch that interview segment?

      I sent Kent a small contribution. He’s running in WA-03, against the execrable Herrera-Beutler (R-inc), one of the last remaining RINO impeachers. Most of the others have gone, or are going, where Cheney & Kinzinger are going. I liked what he said about U.S. involvement in UKR. I thought he made a lot of sense. (Kent is a former Special Forces officer.)

      From what I saw when I googled Kent, he seems to be the best bet to take out that woman, altho still a long shot, because WA has stacked the deck with their runoff system– Kent won’t be able to get a clean shot at her in a GOP primary.

    558. NYCmike says:


      Only see the clips I post from Youtube. Getting paperwork done allows me to watch some st-ff but not the live broadcast.

      I don’t know anything about the WA race.

    559. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      New mask mandate:

      Masks should be required in all public places because some people are ugly.

    560. jason says:


      BIDEN: “25 out of every 100 children in grades kindergarten through senior in high school speak Spanish…and we’ll conquer and honor and lift up all those folks who in fact, are, have gotten in the way.”

    561. jason says:

      Joe Biden to the First Lady of Mexico: “Thank you very much, Madam President.”

    562. Wes says:

      Phil says:
      May 5, 2022 at 10:20 pm
      Wes, should be interesting watching McConnell and the Republican elites in DC on the Ohio race. They hate Vance. He’s From the unwashed Trump wing and is going to be elected with or without the help of the Republican establishment…..and they don’t like it. If they didn’t need the seat to get the Senate majority they’d be working behind the scenes to elect Ryan. Some may be doing it anyway.

      Phil, do you honestly think MITCH MCCONNELL of all people wants a Democrat to win that seat? That’s pure paranoia on your part. I do hate to say that, but it’s true.

      For one thing, J. D. Vance isn’t from the Trump wing. He’s an opportunist who made no secret of his loathing for Trump and Trump’s voters till he decided to run for Senate and had an eleventh-hour conversion to Trumpism for convenience’ sake. If you don’t believe me, look him up.

      Back to McConnell, he has his personal preferences in primaries based on who he believes is most electable in a given race, but there’s no evidence he ever abandons a candidate strictly because of ideological dislike of that person. He will abandon someone who renders himself unelectable as Christine O’Donnell and Roy Moore did, but that’s only a logical result of the candidate’s shortcomings.

      In short, you’re approaching this from a warped perspective. Would McConnell prefer if another candidate than Vance had won that primary? Probably. Is he going to work to see Vance lose? Absolutely not. There’s exactly no evidence McConnell is worried about anything but hitting 51 seats and above in the Senate. He may not like the personal ideologies of various candidates and Senators, but exactly nothing indicates McConnell prefers a Democrat in any of those seats or will abandon a candidate who isn’t rendering himself unelectable.

    563. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Some South Ossetian soldiers brought in by the Russians to fight in the Ukraine have fled. They reveal how badly disorganized the Russian military is in the Ukraine:

      “The news outlet cited Bibilov as asking the group of soldiers who returned to the region whether they believed that Russia will ultimately lose the Ukraine war.

      “Yes, we think they will lose,” one soldier responded.

      Others described unbearable conditions of service, broken equipment and lack of command on the front line.

      The South Ossetian soldiers recalled the moment they were deployed to areas 800 kilometers (500 miles) away from where they were supposed to be.

      They also told Bibilov that artillery fire missed targets by 2 kilometers (one-and-a-quarter miles), but officers in command brushed off complaints of incorrect coordinates, while troops faced constant shelling due to inadequate battlefield intel.

      Bibilov at one point appeared to criticize the soldiers for requesting weapons.

      “You probably don’t know this, but a lot of guys have already come to me, asking to be sent [to the front], and they’re not talking about money or ‘Give us weapons,'” he told the group.

      One soldier claimed that 99 percent of the equipment they were given did not work, while another said three out of 10 tanks could not shoot.

      “We warned: our machines don’t work, don’t send us there [to the front]. From another squadron, the guys said that their guns weren’t able to shoot. They were ordered, ‘Just go,'” the soldier recounted.

      One soldier said, “We were deceived at every step…no one was scared here, we were just deceived at every turn.”

      Another said the soldiers left Ukraine because they did not want to be “cannon fodder.””

    564. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Europeans are as strongly in support of the Ukraine as Americans. Whatever happened to all those Euro-pacifists.

      “Survey: About two-thirds of EU citizens approve financing military equipment for Ukraine. According to the recent survey coordinated by the European Commission, 33% of respondents “fully approve” and 34% “tend to approve” financing the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine. The survey also shows that 8 in 10 respondents approve economic sanctions against Russia.”

    565. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Wes and SoHope;
      I early voted today in the NC GOP primary. For Senator, my vote was cast for Pat McCrory. I’ve met him twice and received good vibes. Also, he was an excellent Mayor of Charlotte and Governor.
      If Ted Budd prevails, he will receive my enthusiastic support.
      For Congress, Chuck Edwards received my vote over Madison Cawthorne. My patience for Cawthorne’s actions has dried up. He could have been a star with a great political future, but, instead, decided to be a character from the movie,”Animal House”! He needs to mature and then try again.

    566. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Taiwan may be a beneficiary of the strong Ukrainian resistance:

      “Ukraine’s tenacious defence has inspired the Taiwanese and re-energised international support for the small island democracy.”


    567. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      574. Madison Cawthorne’s situation reminds me of Aaron Schock. Get your personal issues resolved before entering politics. Politicians make lousy soap opera stars.

    568. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I believe you have missed the point from a number of us at HHR regarding the leaking of intelligence information in the European War.
      First, I hope the Ukrainians neutralize as many Russkies as possible with US intelligence
      Second, “Loose Lips Sink Big Ships”. Leaks like those from yesterday could drag the USA into a shooting war that few Americans want.
      I believe your children are of conscription age. Would you like to see them conscripted to fight in such a war?
      Third, how soon you forget the false story from early 2020 about the Russians placing bounties on American soldiers in Iraq. Until disproved, the outcry in this Country was profound and many Americans found retaliation justified.

      The leakers of US intelligence should STFU!!! They are putting in unnecessary danger many American lives.


    569. EML says:

      Mets improve their record in games where they are losing by 6 or more runs going into the ninth inning. They are now 1-330. Good job Phillies.

    570. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Bitterlaw and jason:
      I wonder if your “good friends” Big Joe and Tim believe that doxxing Supreme Court Justices is an acceptable practice by Democrats. Joe Biden, their new Messiah, has not condemned these actions.

    571. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      577. What Biden and others NATO leaders should be advocating right now is that there should be peace talks, and all sides need the agree to a cease fire. In the meantime the U.S. will continue to provide arms to the Ukraine so that the country can defend itself from Russian aggression.

    572. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I could not agree with you more. But instead of giving the Russkies an “off ramp”, the war is being escalated by all sides.

    573. Wes says:

      I haven’t decided whom I’m voting for in the Senate primary yet, Sheep. I personally like McCrory, but he has only spotty success statewide, having gone 1-3 in races for Governor. I don’t begrudge him the first loss because Obama had organized the state in a way I’d never seen before and swept Dems up and down the ballot into office. His second loss is one I feel causes his future viability into office. I know he was the casualty of the so-called “Bathroom Bill,” but as an incumbent with both Trump and Burr winning alongside him, he lost despite his universally praised hurricane relief efforts right before the election. Then he spent two months trying to overturn the election and couldn’t even get the NCSBE–which, because he was Governor, had a GOP majority at the time, to return him to the Governor’s Mansion.

      McCrory would be a reliable vote in the Senate, but honestly he seems to lack the skills for political longevity statewide. I would vote for him if he’s the nominee enthusiastically; however, I don’t regard him as the best candidate in the race.

      Ted Budd will almost certainly be the nominee, and the hapless Cheri Beasley will lose to him by double digits, taking down Jimmy Ervin and the Dem nominee to replace Robin Hudson with her. I’m fine with that as I feel Budd will have more potential to ward off strong Dem challenges in future years not leaning so heavily Republican as 2022 is.

    574. jason says:

      But instead of giving the Russkies an “off ramp”, the war is being escalated by all sides.”

      Zzzzz…..every time I hear about “escalation” I have to laugh.

      There is only one side “escalating” this war: the Russians.

      They invaded a sovereign country, they are occupying a sovereign country, they are displacing millions of people, they are killing tens of thousands of civilians, they are shelling residential areas, schools and hospitals, they are destroying the Ukrainian infrastructure and economy.

      The only “off ramp” they should be given is immediate withdrawal to pre-war borders.

    575. jason says:

      I hope the US is not stoopid enough to be sharing intelligence with Ukraine so it can attack Russian fleet because that is a direct act of war”

      Awww, Tgca feels bad the Russian ship was sunk.

      I notice the Putin Appeasers don’t the US to share intelligence with Ukraine. Really?

      Of course they should be sharing intelligence. They should make available satellite and other intelligence showing where EVERY Russian military unit is in Ukraine and where it is heading. Every ship on the Black Sea. Every troop movement in Russia towards Ukraine.

      “Act of war” my ass. You don’t think Russia shares intelligence with enemies of the US?

    576. Bitterlaw says:

      Russia can end this war today. Just leave Ukraine. Remarkably simple and I don’t subscribe to any magazines.

    577. jason says:

      Wes says:
      May 5, 2022 at 10:04 pm

      NYCmike says:
      May 5, 2022 at 9:45 pm
      Of course, when there are “Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie who would rather have a Democrat elected than Trump……….

      What about “Republicans” like you who would rather see Democrats win Senate seats rather than Republicans, Mikey?”

      Yeah, I noticed this astounding hypocrisy.

      When NYC stops working tirelessly to elect more liberal Democrats to the Senate, I will believe he is “concerned” about it.

    578. Bitterlaw says:

      Sheeple – I hate echo chambers. Big Joe and Tim are not bomb-tossing leftists or trolls. They represent a nearly extinct branch of the Democratic Party. And they are also not a-holes.

    579. jason says:

      If this Gallup Poll is correct, 43% of women in the US describe themselves as pro-life.

      Also most people in the South and Midwest describe themselves as pro-life.

      Hard to see how there is any great “majority” that will vote based on abortion as the main issue.

    580. Wes says:

      Abortion becomes the main issue people vote on only if Republicans nominate clones of Akin and Mourdock, Jason.

    581. jason says:

      Tim was the king of false equivalencies, worse than Bitter. But you could have a civil conversation with him.

      Big Joe is a Dem, nobody is perfect, but he doesn’t come here to regurgitate talking points or attack anybody. He is a long time poster and not a troll. Plus he is a nice guy and has a sense of humor.

      Given all that, I don’t understand why he is still a Democrat given how radicalized and woke the party has become.

    582. jason says:

      Abortion becomes the main issue people vote on only if Republicans nominate clones of Akin and Mourdock, Jason.”

      Right, or go around calling people “murderers and baby killers” like Tgca if you think first trimester abortions should always be legal.

      Because in fact a strong majority of Americans do agree with that, about 2/3.

    583. jason says:

      This should make a good campaign ad if the Dems want to run on abortion:

      REPORTER: “Does [Biden] support any limits on abortion?”

      PSAKI: No

      REPORTER: “Does the president support abortion until the moment of birth?”

      PSAKI: Yes

    584. jason says:

      Truly disgusting.

    585. DW says:

      Bitter…after my prediction yesterday that the Phillies would sweep the Mets, because the Mets’ bats were cooling off and the Phillies were due to bounce back….

      I checked the 8th inning score last night and saw its 7-1 Phillies.

      So I start writing in my mind—how I will come here and ask why it is I don’t just bet on baseball and make a fortune. Then an hour later I double-checked to see what the final score was…and it was 8-7 Mets.

      A good reminder of why baseball is better than football. 7-1 lead with three outs left is the equivalent in football of a 49-7 lead with a few minutes left. In football, the quarterback just takes a knee to run out the clock. In baseball you have to get all 27 outs. The pitcher cannot take a knee with 2 outs to go.

    586. Wes says:

      Baseball is also the sport that strikes or tries to strike every five minutes, DW, because for some reason, $30k/at bat just isn’t enough money.

      It’s hard to get invested in a sport filled with such overpaid crybabies.

    587. DW says:

      Wes, you are not wrong at all. Its a kids game and the egos are huge….along with the salaries.

    588. Tgca says:

      Glad to see Jadon agrees that it is justifiable for Russia to assist one of the US enemies to sink an American warship or blow planes out of the sky or fly planes into NYC skyscrapers.

      Maybe Russia can coordinate with Iran a strike the American SoS or SoD while they’re visiting Europe in retaliation for the assassination of Iran’s General Salami.

      It’s not an act of war, just part of sharing information with the side you’re on is what Jadon says.

      This is how dangerous warmongering thinking gets us into situations that get American soldiers killed.

      There should be a line you don’t cross unless you’re willing to go to war. That is the point.

    589. jason says:

      Tgca’s silly post could have been written by Putin.

      Like most of his posts.

    590. SoHope says:

      I’m usually a pragmatist in politics (pick the most conservative person that can win). But I’m giving Kathy Barrett a second look in the Pennsylvania senate race. There is a lot to like. Also some to be careful with.

    591. Wes says:

      That’s the line where pro choice morphs into pro abortion, Jason. Biden has a history of being a party lackey. Dems have decided any slightest restrictions on abortion are simply too much. Thus, Biden parrots that line. As I pointed out the other day, that’s the same kind of extremism Akin and Mourdock exemplify on the opposite side of the issue.

    592. jason says:

      Glad to see Jadon agrees that it is justifiable for Russia to assist one of the US enemies to sink an American warship”

      I do agree, actually. The US would certainly be prepared for that.

      You can bet that if for example the US went to war against Iran, that the Russians would share intelligence with Iran.

      The US shared intelligence with the UK in the Falklands War against Argentina.

      Russians shared intelligence with Arab countries in their wars against Israel.

      The US should continue to share intelligence with Ukraine, absolutely.

    593. Tgca says:


      Because most people know little of the weekly development of babies and ABORTIONISTS fight against education on these matters to those seeking ABORTIONS because they know educated people would have great hesitation.

      See my post in 525 where I describe the functioning fetus at varying weeks. Often these babies are more active and functioning then invalids or comatose patients in a hospital kept alive by machines but it’s ok for such babies to be murdered but not unresponsive patients?

      If you’re fine with turning a blind eye to that, it’s ok but it’s still murder, especially since laws exist about fetal homicide in committing a crime or assault but not a crime if the mother murders her baby.

    594. Phil says:

      Wait, Psaki said what?

    595. Tgca says:


      So Jadon says if Russia helps Iran plan an attack of 9/11 style on the US then that is just normal ally support and not an act of war on the US by Russia.

      Got it!

    596. jason says:

      But I’m giving Kathy Barrett”

      It’s Barnette.

      I don’t see it. She is not well known and has no money. In my view, her inexperience and lack of gravitas of any sort make her a prime candidate for self destruction in what is going to be a nasty campaign.

      I didn’t watch the debate but the general consensus seems to be she was rude and talked over the other candidates.

      I think if Rs want to win this race they need to go with Oz or McCormick, who have different strengths while Barnette has very few strengths outside being a minority.

      Barnette should run for a lesser office like Congress I think the Senate is a bridge too far so to speak.

    597. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – I thought even the Phillies could hold a 7-1 lead in the 8th. Players have to play but I don’t think Girardi will last the season.

      I don’t bet on sports except for the $5 March Madness pool in my wife’s office. I know Wes has had success betting on sports.

    598. Phil says:

      I hope Budd doesn’t turn into Burr over the years.

    599. jason says:

      So Jadon says if Russia helps Iran plan an attack of 9/11 style on the US then that is just normal ally support and not an act of war on the US by Russia.”

      Zzzzzz… 9/11 was a terrorist attack, nobody is saying you should support terror.

      But you can bet if the US goes to war against Iran, for example, the Russians would share intelligence.

      And the US would not view that as “an act of war”.

    600. Tgca says:

      Nobody is against sharing information because it happens all the time. We are currently supporting Ukraine with weaponry.

      But there’s a difference in sharing information and colluding in specific attacks on targets of another country and naively believing that is not an act of war.

    601. Phil says:

      Agree on Barnette. She’s an election risk.

    602. jason says:

      I hope Budd doesn’t turn into Burr”

      There has to be a joke in here somewhere.

    603. Phil says:

      Nobody on here has a problem with sharing intelligence. Act of war or not. Do it but shut up about it.

    604. Tgca says:


      Posters by that disagree with warmongers are called “silly” or “appeasing” by people who can’t defend or influence others to their viewpoint and are on par with the radicals that call other RACISTS.

    605. jason says:

      My wife is voting for Oz. Undecided now on Gov and Lt Gov. I am tempted to suggest she vote for Mastriano, who I don’t like, just to give him a big win since he seems inevitable.

      She gets irritated when I ask her if she thinks her vote will count as 2/3 of a vote or 1/2 of a vote.

      Bitter are you voting for Saccone for Lt Gov?

    606. Albertus Magnus says:


      No worries. Of the three top GOP senatorial candidates in NC, Budd is the only one who is truly conservative.

      Walker is solely a religious conservative. Sold out his supporters in 2014 when he made all kinds of promises to win the primary and then went to Congress and did the exact opposite.

      McCrory is a disgusting RINO POS that most GOP voters dont support for anything since his first term as governor. Would be better suited running as a moderate DEM than a Republican.

      Budd will win this primary by double digits.

    607. jason says:

      Nobody on here has a problem with sharing intelligence. Act of war or not. Do it but shut up about it.”

      THAT I can agree with.

    608. jason says:

      McCrory is a disgusting RINO POS”


    609. Tgca says:


      Jadon believes bombing a village with a foreign general is not deemed a terrorist attack by that country?

      Good to know.

      So if Iran lobs a missile into a European hotel where the US SoS or SoD is staying, then that’s not a terrorist attack. It’s fair game. Tit for tat.

    610. Phil says:

      As I said last night, boasting about helping sink the destroy all was for domestic political consumption. There was no good reason for it. It was the Biden administration being the Biden administration before the midterms.

    611. Wes says:

      I can understand supporting Budd, AM, but smearing McCrory as a “RINO POS” is ridiculous. He was never that and certainly didn’t govern that way. I made the case already for why I think he wouldn’t be particularly strong statewide; nonetheless he’s nothing like the libel you tossed out about him.

    612. Phil says:

      Just nominate the electable candidate. I just looked it up and was shocked to see Beasley lost her statewide race for her Court seat by just 400 votes. How in the hell did that happen?

      Yikes! No wonder Democrats cleared the field for her. Gulp

    613. jason says:

      There is only ONE reason Tgca is whining about the US sharing intelligence with Ukraine.

      It hurts Putin and helps Ukraine. ‘

      THAT is the problem.

      Let’s get real and honest.

    614. jason says:

      Jadon believes bombing a village with a foreign general is not deemed a terrorist attack by that country?”

      Hello? Are you complaining about Ukraine killing Russian generals who are INVADERS of Ukraine and are in Ukrainian territory with the help of US intelligence?

      No, that is not a “terrorist” attack.

      And no, killing terrorists is not a terrorist attack either.

    615. Phil says:

      Looks like another Russian war ship has been hit with a Neptune missile and badly damaged and still afloat “for now” Reportedly, the crew is being rescued by helicopter.

      Putin’s military continues to bleed.

    616. Phil says:

      Of course the war continues to bleed us as well. Fourteen billion so far. Another 33 billion to be approved shortly…..and of course whatever we spend after that. That’s 50 billion just so far. All of which we will simply print since we don’t have it. Not exactly conducive to harnessing inflation.


    617. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #621- Phil
      Unfortunately, NC Republicans have not taken Judgeship votes seriously over the last decade or so. Additionally, a boatload on money was poured into Beasley’s campaign in 2020.
      Senate races are a much different kettle of fish that the NC GOP takes seriously.
      Do not concern yourself about the NC Senate race this year unless Wes tells you to do so.

      Lastly, Pat McCrory is a fine, conservative gentleman.

    618. Phil says:

      Wes continues to be my go to guy on everything NC.

    619. Wes says:

      Sheep is right, Phil. Beasley made it close because Dems poured a ton of money into the state while Biden and Cunningham came close in their respective races. Those events had an effect on the race but weren’t enough to help Beasley survive. Democrats cleared the field for her simply because of woke politics, not because she’s some kind of juggernaut of a candidate.

      The outcome of the race isn’t in doubt.

    620. Albertus Magnus says:


      Ive had dealing with many of the legislative and NC administrative leaders over the last 15 years for my work and as the advocacy chair for our statewide association.

      McCrory was never a heart-felt conservative. Ever, I always voted for him when he got the GOP nomination, but many of the cultural issues that help define what conservatism is, he was not one of us.

      Tillis was a POS who went to the highest bidder. When he was speaker of our house, he always supported our association’s issues but it was always based on campaign support. I dont have to deal with him now that he is in Washington, but one of of the first things his wife did was the old Clinton trick, start up a foundation. He is a reliable conservative about 50% of the time.

    621. Wes says:

      Had Republicans taken judicial races as seriously as they’ve taken every other race recently, Dems wouldn’t have won a majority on the NCSC this past decade. Dems used to be pretty moderate on the courts, so Republicans like targeted other races. Once the Dems became partisan radicals disregarding the State Constitution as they saw fit to help their party, the NCGOP retaliated. Republicans now hold a 10-5 majority on the Court of Appeals and would have a majority on the NCSC had another Dem been up in 2020. Dems will soon be in the minority on the NCSC though, and sanity in our judicial branch will be restored.

    622. Phil says:

      I’m not really worried about NC or Ohio. I even feel good about Wisconsin.

      Pa has always been the problem. The Dem nominee lt governor is a loon – and of course all the fraudulent votes under Pa “law”.

    623. Wes says:

      There’s just one problem with your analysis, AM:

      You’re clearly a partisan hack for Ted Budd. Whatever McCrory’s private views, his actual governance has always been conservative. He’s not a “disgusting RINO POS” or a “moderate Dem” or any other libel you want to throw at him.

      You like Budd. That’s fine. I think Budd is going to win both the primary and the general handily. I haven’t committed to voting for him, but I have no problem with his nomination. Making scurrilous, unfounded attacks that don’t actually hold up under scrutiny against another candidate isn’t exactly the way to help Budd unite the party after the primary and take the race completely off the table against Beasley.

    624. Tina says:

      Has Biden’s Beotch or Luntz tenant said anything? Be nice if there were lawsuits filed.

      Thomas Massie
      · 18h
      I am cosponsoring @RepBoebert’s legislation to eliminate the creepy new DHS “Disinformation Governance Board” (DGB). I assume the DGB is going to be tasked with spreading disinformation.

    625. mnw says:

      633 Tina

      Who are they?

    626. mnw says:

      Youngkin has lured Boeing’s world HQ from Chicago to Virginia.

      That’s a big get.

      Youngkin continues to impress and shouldn’t be overlooked in the discussion for movin’ on up.

    627. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Russia says it will not use nuclear weapons:

      “Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the Kremlin has insisted.

      Foreign ministry spokesman Alexei Zaitsev told reporters the use of nuclear weapons by Russia – a risk that Western officials have publicly discussed – was not applicable to what Moscow calls its special military operation in Ukraine.”

    628. Gordon Allen says:

      What’s up with Rasmussen, other than Biden?
      I looked today and he was 45-53(-18),the best in a very long time.
      There has been a slight uptrend there for awhile now,despite chaos and concerns everywhere.
      Has he changed his sample?

    629. jason says:

      “Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the Kremlin has insisted.

      Didn’t they also “insist” for months they had no intention of invading Ukraine?

    630. jason says:

      Of course the war continues to bleed us as well. Fourteen billion so far. Another 33 billion to be approved shortly…..and of course whatever we spend after that. That’s 50 billion just so far.”

      Cheap, actually.

      Let Putin win in Ukraine and the new Cold War build-up will cost trillions.

      Think of it this way. It is 4% of the “small” infrastructure bill and it actually accomplishes something.

    631. jason says:

      I looked today and he was 45-53(-18),the best in a very long time.”

      Neville Allen’s magazines are as weak in math as they are in military strategy….

    632. jason says:

      Youngkin continues to impress and shouldn’t be overlooked in the discussion for movin’ on up.”

      Too early for 2024 but who knows after that….

      Maybe Trump and DeSantis will destroy each other, a Dem will win, and Youngkin would become a front runner for 2028?

      Or Trump runs and wins.

      If Desantis runs and wins then Youngkin would probably have to wait for 2032, but he would only be 64 then.

    633. Tina says:

      Mnw, I have not read anything from the gop e leadership about doing away with the ministry of truth.




    634. Tina says:


      Trump-Backed Alex Mooney LEADS David McKinley by 15 POINTS in a new independent poll by Metro News West Virginia

      WV 02 GOP Primary
      Alex Mooney 48% (+15)
      David McKinley 33%

      April 27-May 4 / 350 LV

    635. DW says:

      Reviewing the 9th inning from last night…the Phillies gave up 7 runs in just 26 pitches.

      It was a classic case of the Manager saying, hey, I got a 6 run lead, so lets put out there a pitcher who stinks but needs an opportunity to turn things around.

      By the time the guy gets pulled its too late for the closer to stop the bleeding and salvage the win.

    636. Phil says:

      Putin isn’t winning anything in Ukraine.

      Absolutely stuck in the mud and bleeding 24/7. His military gets weaker each and every day with no meaningful gains. Actually, none that I can see.
      What an incredibly horrible decision to invade Ukraine. Total miscalculation. Right up there with Hitler’s invasion of Russia, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia but on a smaller scale.

      As for nuclear weapons, he loses either way he goes. He’s not getting the job done conventionally. So go nuclear? Ok then, bye bye St Petersberg. That’s certainly not a win. He’s in a box of his own making. Of course, with Biden in the WH maybe Putin feels he just gets a strongly worded letter of condemnation. LOL

    637. Phil says:

      Wow, is that poll legit, Tina?

    638. Phil says:

      7 runs on 26 pitches? Sounds like batting practice.

    639. mnw says:

      643 Tina

      I don’t know. I don’t follow that story closely. I think it’s funny that so many Americans learned the word “Orwellian” thanks to Biden.

    640. Meldrim says:

      #643, with Mooney up over McKinley 48%-33% among LVs and the primary only four days away, it looks like Mooney has it in the bag. Quite a turn of events over the past two weeks.

    641. mnw says:

      NYT runs an anti-Greitens, anti-Trump editorial today. Probably a boost for Greitens in the MO GOP primary:

      “Greitens Tests the Limits of Trump’s Scandal Survival Playbook”

    642. Tgca says:


      So Jadon agrees again.

      Iran considers US attacks on its personnel terrorist activities so if Iran retaliates and kills American diplomats or military personnel, then that is NOT terrorism either.

      Tit for tat I guess when you both sides engage in unnecessary war.

    643. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason moron. Try again.
      I thought everyone here new the number in the paragraph stood for the strong approval/strong disapproval number,separate from approve/ disapprove one.
      I guess everyone but you. I’ll have to dumb it down especially for you.

    644. Gordon Allen says:

      Everyone here please research Air Force Magazine/ Air Force Association and Proceedings/ US Naval Institute, known as primary sources of defense information world wide.

    645. Tgca says:


      Notice Jadon and warmongering friends don’t source their resources for their views.

      I would like to know what resources they rely upon.

      Professional magazines and books are generally authored by subject matter experts in the field and usually the people paid to give guidance and are sought out for opinions, whether you agree with their particular views or not.

      Who is paying Jadon and friends for their views or asking their opinions?

    646. Gordon Allen says:

      BTW. Tom Clancy, an avid reader of Proceedings and Air Force Magazine( where he got most of his “secret info”) got his start through a favorable book review of “Hunt for Red October” in Proceedings, read by President Ronald Reagan.
      Sure. Just “magazines” Laughable, if not sad.

    647. Bitterlaw says:


      $20 for new members

      That’s right. For only $85 you can become an expert and predict that Russia will NEVER invade Ukraine. No military service required!

    648. Gordon Allen says:

      TGCA. I was about to ask that, but feared getting moderated again by our leader.
      Thats because they have none, and can resort to only pejorative comments.
      I assure you I have been at world class symposiums run by these organizations, and once sat next to Colin Powell, when he was Adjutant for Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, during a sponsored speech by Weinberger in the early 80’s.
      I know enough, and then some, to know someone utterly without any actual defense knowledge. There are at least two here.

    649. Gordon Allen says:

      #654I’ve been at high level symposiums sponsored by these organizations, once sitting next to Colin Powell, then military adjutant to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, in the early 1980’s during the nuclear freeze movement. I was a frequent speaker at debates on that topic; Weinberger was the featured speaker at the luncheon.

    650. Gordon Allen says:

      #658 Duplicate. I thought I was again getting moderated. Sorry

    651. Meldrim says:

      Gordon Allen reminds me of the 12-year-old George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life” bragging to young Mary about how he had been nominated for membership in the National Geographic Society and had been permitted to subscribe to a magazine available only to explorers like himself.

    652. Gordon Allen says:

      Bitterlaw. See above. These are the equivalent of The American Bar Association publications. And the AFA Association does a HECK of a lot more than that.
      It is so sad to find someone so jealous, and so uninformed, and willing to show it.
      Weinberger level people,or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs ( Orlando symposium March 2022)types go to luncheons on defense issues sponored by you and Jason. Who knew?? I missed them. darn. keep digging your hple
      I get a discount for being a 40 year member

    653. Gordon Allen says:

      PS. you AGAIN misrepresented my [position.
      For the 1010 nth time I said PUTIN COUlD NOT SUCCEED in an invasion of Ukraine with only 150-190,000 troops. I WAS RIGHT ON. really sad

    654. Bitterlaw says:

      My source is called “the real world.” In the real world, Finlandand Sweden are reversing decades of defense policy by joining NATO. Even an expert like you should see that they know Russia is a military threat. In the real world, Putin’s forces killed thousands of Ukrainians, made millions of refugees, destroyed the Ukrainian economy, and holds large areas of Ukrainian territory, and the troops are still there. You predicted none of what actually happened.

      The American Bar Association? Zzzzzzz. I never joined because I don’t fund liberal groups.

    655. DW says:

      Nature had mercy on the Phillies, postponing the game tonight to give them another day to recover from their meltdown last night. A Saturday double-header instead.

    656. Bitterlaw says:

      DE – You are becoming a true Mets fan. GFY

    657. Wes says:

      666: the Number of the Beast.

    658. DW says:

      If you convert Kamala D. Harris into Hebrew letters you get:


      Then if you add the vowel pointing, two kamatz, a tsere, a hiriq, and two segols, and then add up the numerical total of these letters and vowels, the total is:


      Just saying. Of course the Bible seems to indicate the Beast is male, but these days, that wouldn’t stop Kamala from qualifying.

    659. DW says:

      Bitter–I can honestly say I felt sorry for Harper in his post-game interview.

    660. Bitterlaw says:

      I always thought the Beast was either Hillary Clinton or Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

    661. Wes says:

      I always thought the dishonorable Robert K. Menendez was the Beast. That would actually make sense since New Jersey is both a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth and a lake of fire.

    662. DW says:

      Jerry Jones calculates to 560 in Greek and falls short in Hebrew too.

    663. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzz Not worth it.

    664. Bitterlaw says:

      Try Jerral Wayne Jones. That is his full name.

    665. Tgca says:

      So Bitter admits he has no resource to point to in supporting his views but his own “thoughts” even though he is not a subject matter expert in foreign policy or military matters. That is fine but it also seems illogical he would criticize someone like Gordy who actually relies on subject matter experts for his viewpoints.

      To me that’s like saying, I don’t need to be presented with any evidence or facts, I just go with what I “feel.”

      Which do you think most people would find a reasonable approach?

    666. Phil says:

      Well, if Putin is going to invade Finland, he probably needs to do it soon. You know. While he still has a navy. LOL

    667. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      32% of voters give Biden an excellent or good rating for his handling of economic issues, unchanged from December

      50% rate his handling of the economy poor

    668. DW says:

      Robert Menendez is 743. Close, but too much.
      Jerral Wayne Jones is 650, very close.

    669. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      676. If Putin invaded Finland now he would find American troops in the country.

      “More than 3,000 Finnish troops are taking part in the two-week exercise alongside hundreds of American, British, Estonian and Latvian soldiers, shadowed by growing fears that Russia’s war in Ukraine could spread to other parts of Europe….”

      The U.S. and NATO have agreed to provide security guarantees to Finland and Sweden for the interim period between when they submit their applications and formally become members.

      Finland definitely will apply; Sweden most likely will also.

    670. mnw says:

      677 SDC

      CNN/SSRS poll today says that “Republicans have a narrow lead” on the GCB.

      Uh-oh, “narrow” doesn’t sound very good. 1 point? 1.5 points? 2 points?

      No. The “narrow lead” is GOP +7.

      This poll was taken after the Dodd draft opinion leaked, & finds “little change so far” in public opinion about the election.

    671. jason says:

      Trump-Backed Alex Mooney LEADS David McKinley by 15 POINTS in a new independent poll by Metro News West Virginia”

      Good. McKinley tried to play both sides against the middle, hope he loses.

    672. jason says:

      For the 1010 nth time I said PUTIN COUlD NOT SUCCEED in an invasion of Ukraine with only 150-190,000 troops”


      You said he would never launch a full scale invasion with that many troops “unless everyone was crazy”.

      Ask for a refund for your magazines and video games.

    673. jason says:

      Anyone thinking McKinley will win can make a killing at Predictit.

      This is a district where Biden has 9% approval. Trump got almost 70% of the vote in WV probably more in this district. With all due respect to Gov. Justice and Sen. Manchin, it seems logical to me that the Trump endorsed candidate would win.

    674. jason says:

      Biden reminisced of the good old days when he would lunch with “real segregationists” in his visit to Ohio.

      “Even back in the old days when we had real segregationists — like [James] Eastland and [Strom] Thurmond and all those guys — at least we’d end up eating lunch together,” said Biden.

      Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown just stared at Joe Biden.”

    675. Skippy says:

      Dr Oz running into some bad luck tonight as his outdoor event with Trump will be dampened with rain. Rain will not let up all night and Oz might have needed a good push from Trump to hold off Barnette. They still have enough time to hold another rally before Election Day on May 17th, but tonight’s rally will have much less impact as expected.

    676. jason says:

      Did he forget Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd?

    677. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      680. Talk about living in an artificial bubble. Am going to enjoy the leftist meltdown in November.

      Even in California am seeing voters getting tired of dealing with rising crime, homelessness, and inflation and high costs. Yet am not seeming any effective opposition to Democratic Party control developing yet. It’s like people are numb, they know everything is going wrong, but are not seeking the change things.

    678. jason says:

      Yeah it is raining cats and dogs here.

      But I don’t think the size of the crowd matters. It will be covered heavily in the news that Trump is stumping for Oz.

      In any case I don’t think Oz will have any trouble “holding off” Barnette.

    679. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      684. Recently Jill Biden went on a diplomatic tour of Europe. Maybe we are going to be in a Woodrow Wilson situation again, with the wife of an incapacitated president running things.

    680. jason says:

      Gordon Allen reminds me of the 12-year-old George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”

      Neville Allen probably has his grade school “Perfect Attendance” certificates framed on the walls of his house along with his magazine membership “diplomas” anybody can get with a subscription.

    681. jason says:

      Biden probably doesn’t know he is incapacitated, but Jill certainly does.

      What does that say about her?

    682. Tgca says:

      It’s currently 86 in south Floreedah with 67% humidity and nice breeze with sunny skies.

      I got all decked out in my Floreedah short sleeve blue shirt, blue shorts, and blue crocks to walk my dog around the lake.

      Sometimes I think that maybe I should not have retired early because it can be very frustrating having to deal with all this sun and blue skies and leisurely walks and afternoon naps, not to mention sitting around reading or watching movies in the afternoon.


    683. mnw says:

      To identify the SCOTUS leaker, SOP would be to call potential witnesses before a fed GJ & offer them use immunity– your testimony can never be used against you as long as it’s truthful.

      There are a small number of possible suspects from what I’ve read– appx 12. That there are so few suspects is encouraging; there’s no need to investigate 100 people.

      Courts are usually very generous to the govt, & defer to the GJ as to whether a fed crime may have been committed or not.

      The SCOTUS marshal (or whatever he/she’s called) seems an unlikely LE agency to attempt this kind of thing.

    684. Tgca says:


      She’s an opportunistic SKANK out for herself only to later find out history will judge her hubby as an incompetent buffoon who was not mentally fit to be in office.

      Did I get that right?

    685. Tgca says:

      I read today that the SCOTUS has more modern equipment now that not only tracks emails and assigned phones but also photocopying and printer logs.

      This is what many companies do today, as I noted the other day so it should not be hard to track down the culprit unless they were extra sly.

      The only way they could get around such tracking is if they took pics on their phones and then downloaded it offsite but even then, that could be traced if folks are asked to have their phones reviewed or computer logs show unusual access to draft documents (last accessed by ID, time and date).

      I guess they could also have swiped an extra printed copy sitting around and walked out the door with it but I’d find it hard to believe SCOTUS is that lax to leave draft decisions about where others like maintenance, security, or cleaning departments can walk about and see it but one NEVER knows.

    686. Meldrim says:

      #690, “Neville Allen probably has his grade school “Perfect Attendance” certificates framed on the walls of his house”

      I’d prefer the Punctuality award.

    687. Albertus Magnus says:

      #632 Wes

      I am hardly a Budd partisan hack.

      If anything, I am a single issue prolife voter.

      McCrory as governor lost the support of a lot of the GOP base. I SUPPORTED him in his rel-election campaign.

      However, he alienated so many conservatives in NC during his first term, that when the GOP won a historic number of statewide elections in 2016, he was defeated.

      Those are the facts. Make of it what you will.

      The problem seems to be you dont think like a typical conservative. There are certainly conservatives, like yourself, who are pro-killing-kids. And that may be true of some other states. But here in NC? No sir, MOST conservatives in NC are both economically AND culturally conservative.

      Again, those are the facts. Which is why when the Club of Growth started running ads across the state highlighting McCrory’s OWN statements, he went from a double digit lead in the GOP primary to a double-digit deficit.

      McCrory may be YOUR preferred candidate. God bless you, sir. However, the same GOP base that rejected his re-election bid in 2016 is the same GOP base that is going to reject him again this year.

      That is, if you want the facts.

    688. Skippy says:


      Lots of booing as well when Oz spoke at his “rally”.

    689. Wes says:

      You’re a joke, AM. I’m pro killing kids, and McCrory is my preferred candidate somehow.

      You may actually want to learn reading comprehension. You’re an idiot engaging in libel because you have some kind of personal vendetta against a caricature of a politician you created in your head.

      It’s literally impossible to take your rants seriously.

    690. mnw says:


      How about this?

      Stick a hard copy of the draft opinion in your briefcase or coat. (The draft copies are numbered & then circulated in hard copy form to judges & their clerks, I’ve read.) Copy it somewhere after you leave work. Return the hard copy you took home with you the next day, to wherever you got it from.

      Doesn’t sound esp “sly” or high tech.

      The draft opinion wasn’t weapons grade plutonium from the Lawrence Livermore Lab. How much & how often do you think employees leaving at the end of the day are searched? My guess would be “none” and “never.” I’m sure there’s a metal detector in the morning, but that’s about it. At the end of the day, you can leave by a side door & avoid even the metal detector.

      I’m basing these guesses on going in & out of fed courthouses for many years as an employee, including the 7th CCA in Chicago a lot of times.

      The post-9/11 security system was never intended to prevent what happened. There’s a helluva lot of legal papers moving in and out.

    691. jason says:

      It seems the problem for the leaker is being charged with “stealing” the draft, rather than “leaking”.

      “Somebody took something that belongs to the Supreme Court and gave it to someone else without authorization. That seems problematic,” said American University law professor Stephen Wermiel, an expert on the high court.

      The statute — Title 18, Section 641 of the US Code — makes it illegal to swipe “any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof, or any property made or being made under contract for the United States or any department or agency thereof.”

      If the value is less than $1,000, the maximum sentence is one year in prison but if it’s more than that, the punishment tops out at 10 years.

      South Texas College of Law professor Josh Blackman — who wrote Monday night that “Heads must roll” over the leak — called Alito’s draft “priceless” but both he and Wermiel said they didn’t know how to affix a dollar value to it.

      University of California, Berkeley law professor Orrin Kerr tweeted a link to a 2016 article in the Columbia Law Review titled “Prosecuting Leakers the Easy Way” that cited Section 641.
      Whoever is behind the leak can be punished for the act.

      Kerr also cited a 1995 ruling from the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit which “held that information can be a thing of value” under the statute.”

    692. Albertus Magnus says:


      Anyone who labels themselves as pro-choice, is for allowing others to kill their kids.

      Not sure what I misread as you suggest. Didnt you label yourself as pro-choice?

    693. EML says:

      Does liking Bitter’s FB post about his new book entitle me to a free copy? I think that’s how onlyfans works.

    694. Bitterlaw says:

      AM – I am pro-life. I think abortion kills a baby. I think that pro-choice is disingenuous. The choice kills a baby. Hiding behind the word choice is like Confederates owning slaves but saying they support states’ right. The right to what? To own slaves.

      With that said, while I disagree with Wes and Jason, I accept that they are sincere in their beliefs on a very difficult subject. Single issue voters tend to be unhappy with General Election results.

    695. Bitterlaw says:

      EML – I can give you a free copy at the Olive Garden of your choice.

    696. Tgca says:


      I notice when Wes does not agree with someone he says they’re a joke, or can’t be taken seriously, or they post childish posts, …

      This is a trend just to deflect and shut down others by name-calling.

    697. Tgca says:


      I already noted the other day they could take a hard copy out the door but were there controls around those hard copies is tje question?

      Did they print it and walk it out the door?

      Did they have their own copy that they copied off site?

    698. mnw says:

      They had access to their boss’ hard copy. It was numbered. They snuck it out overnight. It never went missing.

      Ask a federal law clerk how hard that would be.

    699. Skippy says:

      Mr. Clean Borders didn’t have a very good night.

    700. NYCmike says:

      #709 – SeriouslY? Wow, Dr Oz suits his name……”Pay No Attention to the midget behind the curtain!”.

    701. NYCmike says:

      That is the person who can win PA in November according to jason and others? Why is that? What are the reasons to think that he is the conservative Republican who can get elected?

    702. Skippy says:



      I’ve never seen anything like this before. Complete total collapse of Dr Oz at his own rally.

    703. Tgca says:


      My point is the gubbermint has weak controls to allow something like this to happen.

      They could learn thing or two from corporate America that spends a good deal on controls and security to protect highly confidential documents.

      Any boss that leaves a highly confidential document around for others to pick up is incompetent.

    704. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzz. NYC gave a free pass to a big donor to Planned Parenthood and hardcore leftist Senators while also supporting government healthcare but has a problem with Dr. Oz.

      Dr. Oz can self-fund, is a great communicator with years of tv experience, and is running ads with conservative messages.

      I like McCormick because he can also self-fund but he is going to get hammered for being a hedge fund millionaire with deep ties to China.

    705. mnw says:

      I watched it live on Hannity. I didn’t see what the anti-Oz posters here saw. Not at all.

      Oz’ intro & short speech looked normal to me.

      I’m not a particular Oz enthusiast. I guess if I voted in PA, I’d vote for Barnette. Basically I’m for whoever can hold the seat.

      I thought Trump’s attacks on Toomey & McConnell were cringeworthy & unnecessary.

    706. Albertus Magnus says:

      #704…Bitter, I remember you were prolife from conversations years ago. It is a good indication of your good soul.

      And, yes, Bitter, I have no doubt that Wes is sincere in his belief that killing kids should be legal. I also believe that Hitler, Torquemada, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, were also sincere in their beliefs. Just means they are not double-minded but rather have no problem justifying the worst possible atrocities.

      #706 TGCA

      I have noticed that as well over the years. However, to many in this group on this website, that is considered an example of wittiness rather than the absence of the ability to refute the arguments of the one they are attacking.

      Wes is one of the better posters here, in my opinion. But not only is that not saying much considering the who the most obnoxious of the posters here are but also he simply is just more right in his analysis that almost anyone from out of state when considering NC politics. But he is frankly just a little above average if you put him against people who actually live here.

      Said with respect toward everyone.

    707. NYCmike says:

      “NYC gave a free pass”

      -Assuming you are speaking about Trump?

      I did NOT vote for Trump in the primary, and you know that. Freely admit I was wrong about Trump.

      OZ looks like a person who is trying to be someone he is not. Very inauthentic. That’s bad for a politician.

      That is something you can’t say about Trump.

    708. Tina says:

      I am sure the gop -e are appalled.

      Media breathlessly reporting that Mark Esper’s new book has the “shocking” “explosive” revelation that President Trump asked if we could knock out the drug factories in Mexico with Patriot missiles. Is it just me, or doesn’t that actually sound like a very good idea?

    709. NYCmike says:

      My comment referred to that 1 clip, and to the people who say someone like Barnette can’t win but that OZ can. Self funders have collapsed before, and commercials only go so far.

      If OZ wins, I’ll support him against the Dem, but don’t write off the other, lesser-known candidates without looking at the whole picture.

    710. NYCmike says:

      Then again, if Skippy continues to be so one-sided, I’ll have to root for OZ to be the candidate, to see if he votes for him or does like a RINO and takes his ball and goes home.

    711. mnw says:


      A judge and her law clerk aren’t typical of “the government.” They tend to have a familial relationship.

    712. Phil says:

      Just saw an interview with Robert Cahaly who runs the Trafalgar Poll.

      He has Oz a couple of points over McCormick with Barnette a point or two behind him. He has it very close. Said Barnette is moving up and moving up at the right time. She could win.

      Oz is Trump’s candidate.

      McCormick is McConnell & Rove’s candidate (establishment)

      Barnette is, I’m not sure. She seems sincere, but untested. You don’t know how she would perform in a GE.

      Oz and McCormick are beating the hell out of each other. They better keep an eye on Barnette.

    713. mnw says:

      Salena Zito wrote today in the Washington Examiner that if Mastriano wins the PA GOP nomination for governor, she expects the GOP will lose both houses of the legislature; 2 or more Congressional races; & perhaps the U.S. Senate race too.

      “He’s that bad,” Zito writes.

      He’s leading in the polls, & the election is a week from Tuesday, although 40% are undecided.

      I would hate to start the GE down one Senate seat in PA a half hour after the polls close. The DEMs are doing a McCaskill/Akin thing, according to Zito, & trying to get Mastriano nominated.

      Maybe we’re paying too much attention to OZ & not enough to this other guy.

    714. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – This week, he gave an interview to a conservative podcast. I heard the clip. He went off on the hosts and accused them of being liberals because they asked him about attending a conference with proponents of QAnon theories. If he can’t handle a legitimate question from a conservative on a podcast with few listeners, he will likely implode during a debate.

      QAnon is complete BS. Every Republican candidate should run away from it.

    715. mnw says:

      I knew nothing about Mastriano. Zito wrote that he wears spurs everywhere he goes. That would be very strange in TX. In PA, I would take it as a sign he’s nuts.

    716. Bitterlaw says:

      Mastriano’s no exceptions for any abortion will be a challenge.

      Barnette has a similar position but has a compelling reason. Her mother was raped by a family member when she was 11. Barnette will not back down when Dems try to attack her.

      One of her opponents in the primary, Carla Sands, has attacked her for talking about race. Barnette responded that she is indeed black and then said people can fact check it. Sands main issue appears to be that she is a Christian and Dr. Oz is not.

    717. mnw says:

      “No exceptions” sounds like political suicide to me.

      I was surprised by how shrill & vituperative Trump sounded tonight. He really needed to go after McConnell, Toomey AND… Alec Baldwin?

      I haven’t read a novel in 25 years, but how do I buy a copy of yours, please?

    718. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – I will post a link soon.

    719. mnw says:

      OK, thx.

    720. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Switzerland has abandoned neutrality and sanctioned Russia:

      “Swiss people are realising that they are part of this European family of liberal democracies. This is a fight between systems, the one that we are in, and the autocratic, kleptocratic system of [Russian President] Putin.”

      “We really need a debate about whether we have to protect our [democratic] system with weapons”,
      That’s a view shared by most political parties and most members of the Swiss government, which moved after a brief hesitation to adopt all the EU’s sanctions against Russia”

    721. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Gordon has read a recent issue of Air Force Magazine, he will discover that the U.S. and Finland are already talking of coordinated activities involving Finnish F-35 jet fights and Alaska based U.S. F-35 jet fighters in the Artic. This is a threat to Putin’s northern Artic sea passage, through which Russia ships LNG and other commodities to Asia.

    722. jason says:

      Mastriano will be hard to beat in the primary.

    723. jason says:

      Then again, if Skippy continues to be so one-sided, I’ll have to root for OZ to be the candidate, to see if he votes for him”

      Skippy doesn’t vote in PA.

      I make fun of Skippy always being wrong but he was gracious on the night of the Ohio primary and said he would be supporting Vance for the GE.

      I assume he will do the same if Barnette loses in PA.

    724. jason says:

      I see a lot of Mastriano/Oz lawn signs around, so Trump’s endorsement is helping OZ with the Trump base.

      In this case I would prefer Mastriano lose and Oz win.

      Regarding Zito’s prediction, not so sure about that. Mastriano will bring out a massive R vote in the areas where most of the R legislature delegates come from.

    725. jason says:

      I don’t approve of Trump’s gratuitous attacks on Rs when there is no upside to it. Certainly that is the case regarding GWB and McConnell.

      I certainly don’t mind him going after Alec Baldwin.

      And “All gun owners are criminals Toomey” certainly deserves to be slammed. Good riddance to another spineless worthless media whore. I actually once worked to get this guy elected, I wish I could have that time back.

    726. Phil says:

      Yep. Toomey indeed turned out to be another Republican establishment media whore. Culminated with his ridiculous vote in the Senate to convict Trump in the second sham impeachment trial. He joins Burr, Romney, Cassidy, and Sasse as “principled conservatives” pulling that nonsense. Burr and Toomey did so as they went out the door. So brave. Sasse has been an on and off media whore who unbelievably maintains the 2020 election was “fair and square”. LOL Romney we all know is the king of media whores who rivals McCain in that category. Pretty high bar. Cassidy now wants to be governor of Louisiana. Fat chance, buddy.

      …but yeah, Toomey on guns was the ultimate betrayal. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    727. jason says:

      That’s the kind of password an a-hole would come up with.

    728. Bitterlaw says:

      Good thing Wes is not an A-hole. Being compared to Hitler, Stalin and Mao because he is pro-choice would have given him a full year’s worth of points.

    729. mnw says:


      How much, if any, damage do you think Mastriano could do to down ballot GOP nominees in PA?

      I think the prospect is really alarming, based on Zito’s article yesterday. However, the majority view among The Wise Men is that the only casualty of M’s nomination would be M himself.

      The timing of M’s nomination couldn’t be worse, because of the Dobbs leak. Great time to nominate a “no exceptions” pro-lifer in a reddish state– when abortion has suddenly become a hot campaign issue.

    730. Bitterlaw says:

      Mnw- Not sure. Dems will make him the running mate of every candidate. He was at the Jan 6th rally so the Dems will portray him as the leader with a torch in one hand and an AR-15 I’m the other. He could help himself if he could STFU and not take the bait. But he won’t.

    731. mnw says:

      I hadn’t known he was at the J-6 rally. I’m forming a mental image of a real 100%-pure loon. If this guy gets nominated, I never again want to hear about how stupid MO Republicans are.

      Looking at several months of PA Gov polls at RCP, nobody else seems to have emerged from the pack. And now it’s very late.

      The Mastriano situation causes me additional anxiety about Greitens possibly being nominated.

    732. jason says:

      Too much hand wringing over Mastriano.

      I don’t think he is the best candidate, but he is hardly going to tank the entire R ticket.

      He is actually pretty popular in many areas of PA, certainly in York Co.

    733. Bitterlaw says:

      The Dem will be Josh Shapiro. He is running ads about being home for sabbath dinner with his family on Friday night. He is a flaming lib but he will play the moderate standing against the dangerous Trump mob.

    734. jason says:

      Mastriano is a good speaker and has charisma.

      I think he is too right wing for PA and will have difficulty attracting Indies.

      But he would deliver a massive Trump base vote so I don’t see how he hurts down ballot races, might even help.

      If I were voting I would vote for Barletta because he is the only one that could possibly defeat Mastriano.

      I give Mastriano about an 80% chance however.

    735. Bitterlaw says:

      He is a wildcard. I think he is likely to lose as Governor. If the Dems were smart, they would nominate Lamb. They are not smart so it will be Fetterman. Fetterman is crazy enough that maybe Mastriano can win.

    736. Phil says:

      I just have one question. Will the unsecured drop boxes still be all over the state and mail in ballots with little or no voter ID still be in place. If so, why bother who the Republican candidate will be?

    737. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The biggest upset EVER in the Kentucky Derby. A 78-1 horse(Rich Strike) won in a great race! Watch it.

    738. Skippy says:

      First long shot to come in 1st place in May is Rich Strike.

      Won’t be the last.

    739. Tina says:

      Disgusting. The protesters are outside the homes of Kavanaugh and Roberts.

      Tim Murtaugh
      Jen Psaki, Joe Biden has no position on whether Supreme Court justices should be targeted with protests at their homes.

    740. Phil says:

      Wouldn’t bother me at all if Barnette came from behind to win. Trump’s boy Dr Oz doesn’t do it for me nor does McCconnell’s hedge fund boy. She’s as deserving of the nomination as any of them. Has worked hard for it. She’s also the least likely to turn into another DC Republican elitist. Hell, give her a shot at it.

    741. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      A recent Fox News poll (April 28-May 1) regarding the Ukraine.

      Unlike those on the board who are not particularly concerned about what is happening in the Ukraine, in the Fox News poll an “overwhelming majority, 85%, say what happens in the war matters to life in the U.S.” — 51% say it matters a great deal.

      Answers to the questions continues to show Americans strongly support providing aid to the Ukraine:

      Does what happens in Russia-Ukraine matter for the U.S.?
      Yes 85%; No 14%

      Should the U.S be doing more to help the Ukrainians fight Russia?
      Yes 62%; No 31%

      Likelihood Ukraine survives Russian invasion?
      Likely 71% No likely 24%

      Ukraine President Zelensky’s job of responding to Russian invasion/
      Approve 72% Disapprove 12%

      80% of U.S. voters are “extremely or very concerned about the invasion of the Ukraine” making it a top concern”.

    742. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So Biden initially was trying to make Ukraine a second Afghanistan, and get them to surrender. Anyone surprised? If Trump had been in office, tens of thousands s of lives would have been saved:

      “GEN. KEANE: There is a policy shift [from the United States]. Initially, first couple of weeks, [there was] limited support for the Ukrainians in terms of arms and ammunition, very specific. … And based on very good sources that I had, the Biden administration was putting pressure on Zelenskyy to make a deal, take a settlement. Zelenskyy and his troops did extraordinarily well. And as a result of that, … the Biden administration began to shift to helping Zelenskyy defeat the Russians inside of Ukraine – actually using the word “to attain victory.” And then [it] went all out to get ammunition and supplies, not just out of the United States’ depots, but organized 40 other countries to do much the same. So the policy, yeah, it has shifted.”

    743. Phil says:

      Likely Ukraine survives the Russian invasion?

      Likely 71. Unlikely 24

      Here’s the thing. If you asked that question eight weeks ago the numbers would have been reversed.

      What changed?

      That’s an easy one. Simply, everyone has now gotten a load of Putin’s mighty military in action. It’s been on display for ten weeks now.

      No one is impressed. Nobody. It’s actually been embarrassing for Putin.

      Putin would have had a lot more leverage if he had just not invaded Ukraine and simply continued to rely on the false hype of Russian military might. Instead, Putin struck and now all have gotten to see perception wasn’t reality when it came to the capabilities of Putin’s military. Very underwhelming.

      That’s actually an understatement…..hence the 71/24 numbers we see two months after the invasion.

      Putin’s bark was scary………….but that was before the world got a clear look at the real capabilities, or lack of, by the Russian military. Not so scary any longer.

    744. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      756. Agree Phil. Now Putin is having to deal with the incompetence of his military, for which he is responsible, and several of his hysterical Russian supporters are threatening nuclear attacks on Britain and elsewhere. Making it worse is Putin is clearly ill. Putin has made sure he has no rivals, so who knows who will be the heir apparent.

    745. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      757. If we cannot get a peace agreement, let’s at least try and get a cease fire.

    746. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Robbie, as a fellow Kentuckian, why would your fellow Statesmen do something like this that would make you so sad?

    747. jason says:

      Should the U.S be doing more to help the Ukrainians fight Russia?
      Yes 62%; No 31%

      Put me on the yes column. A lot more.

    748. jason says:

      757. If we cannot get a peace agreement, let’s at least try and get a cease fire.”

      A cease fire just cements the Russian territorial gains, now occupying thousands of square miles of new Ukrainian territory, in some cases 150 miles in from the border in Eastern Ukraine.

      Any peace agreement should at least force the Russians to return to the pre-invasion borders.

    749. jason says:

      I lost my ass on the Kentucky Derby.

      I could have made it back if I had bet on Skippy’s candidate when she was at 5%, now at 30%.

      No, I don’t believe she will win the primary and I don’t think she is a good candidate for the GE but her chances are better than they were 2 weeks ago.

    750. jason says:

      Hell, give her a shot at it.”

      No thanks, I think this is a winnable seat with Oz or McCormick, not with Barnette.

      As far as I can see, she has nothing going for her besides “I am a Black Republican”. Outside of that she has a few appearances on Fox News and that is it.

      Lynn Swann tried that in 2006, ran for Governor and got trounced.

      Maybe Oz or McCormick are not fire breathing conservatives, but they are certainly better than John Fetterman.

    751. jason says:

      Bitter, I think you can do better than this:

      “Two new books featuring Washington political royalty debuted as huge flops, suggesting there is limited interest in anything beyond a focus on presidential politics.

      The latest failure is Meghan McCain’s memoir, Bad Republican, released April 26. According to an NPD BookScan provided to Secrets, it sold just 244 copies in the first few days.

      A book agent said the low sales were a surprise considering the celebrity status of the former View star and outspoken daughter of former Sen. John McCain.

      And then, there was the equally disappointing first-week sales of just 250 copies of the biography of Jill Biden, Jill: A Biography of the First Lady, by two Associated Press reporters.

      A publishing industry insider said that there remains a healthy appetite for books about the presidency, especially those on former President Donald Trump.”

    752. jason says:

      Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

    753. Phil says:

      I think this is a winnable seat.

      Depends. Goes back to my question. Are there still going to be wall to wall drop boxes across the state and lax voter ID mail in ballots? If the Pa Supreme Court rewrite of election law is still in effect then forget it. We’ve seen this movie before. I don’t care how many times jelly spined media whore Republicans like Sasse scream about “fair and square” elections. You want an up and up election? Move to Florida or Texas. You aren’t going to get it in states like Pennsylvania. You may get the lead until they quit counting in Philly in the middle of the night and see how many “ballots” they need. As I said, we’ve seen this movie before.

    754. jason says:

      After over 25 years my wife still expects a present on Mother’s Day and still gets mad when I say “you are not my mother”.

      Then she will say would it hurt you to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day anyway and I say “Happy Mother’s Day”. That still doesn’t seem to make her happy though.

      She doesn’t know that I secretly text our kids to make sure they don’t forget.

    755. jason says:

      Depends. Goes back to my question. Are there still going to be wall to wall drop boxes across the state and lax voter ID mail in ballots?”

      Yes, although York County has removed its only drop box, and some counties are following suit.

      However, they are mostly red counties, so the drop boxes will continue in the areas most likely to have fraud.

    756. jason says:

      God killed his son, why can’t I?” asks a protester outside the Basilica of St Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan, NYC on Saturday. The protester was holding a bundle of baby dolls as part of her protest. “

    757. Phil says:

      Ok then. Add Pennsylvania to Nevada as states that we now know are done before any GE ever takes place.

    758. Tgca says:

      Happy Mudders Day to all you Mudders!

    759. Tgca says:

      God did not kill his son.

      The Jews killed his son!

      …but they are forgiven, as God’s chosen people.

      Just like we all forgive each other at HHR no matter what.

    760. Tgca says:

      As part of my gender fluidity today, I am celebrating Mudder’s Day with a breakfast feast of vegetarian Egg Foo Yung.


    761. Tgca says:

      I think it’s interesting that we see all these soy boys protesting against the ABORTION decision, specifically those with signs and/or chanting:

      No Utee-ris, No Opinion.

      If that is the case, why are biological males WITHOUT a utee-ris opining on and protesting the Court’s decision?

      I thought if you didn’t have a utee-ris you need to just STFU because you can’t have an opinion on ABORTION.

      I’m confused.

    762. Tgca says:

      For some reason, HHR is blocking the official spelling of Utee-ris.

      I think this lends to the idea that we still live in an archaic patriarchal society where the control of the female reproduction anatomy is dictated by others and you can’t even use the official word for Utee-ris without shame because someone, most likely a male – perhaps Dave W. in this case – is deciding it’s use is not permissible.

      However, notice at HHR, there’s no restriction or shame assigned with the expression or control of male anatomy here.


      This is sooooo wrong. It’s DISCRIMINATION!!!

    763. mnw says:

      AL Sen GOP primary poll

      New poll from McLaughlin Associates (500 LVs; 5/3-5/6)

      Britt 38 (rounded)
      Durant 27 (“)
      Brooks 22 (“)

      Durant recently made some remarks to a business group which supports his candidacy, about the need for increased legal immigration. This disturbed me.

    764. Tgca says:

      Theven! Theven! Theven! Bishes!

      Theven! Theven! Theven! I thay.

    765. mnw says:

      776 addendum

      Britt rounded sb 39, not 38.

      This is a small sample poll, but IF accurate it shows a dramatic shift in the race, i.e., toward Britt & away from Durant.

    766. mnw says:

      The AL primary is 5/24. If no candidate gets a majority in the first round, AL has a runoff election a month later.

      In my observation, in runoff elections, voters who voted for a candidate who was eliminated in the first round vote in much smaller numbers in the runoff. So it isn’t a very useful exercise to say, “Who will Brooks voters vote for in the runoff?” Likely nobody.

      Brooks is bitter about almost everything.

    767. Phil says:

      Britt will do just fine.

      Durant is McConnell and Rove’s candidate.

      Just no to Durant.

      Make that a hell no.

    768. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Leftist Alliance in Finland, which was formerly the Finnish Communist Party, was not surprisingly the only major Finnish political party opposed to Finland joining NATO. However, that just changed, as a part of the party is now supporting NATO membership.

      “The Left Alliance on Saturday said it would stay in Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s (SDP) government should Finland move to seek membership in Nato.

      The party made the announcement following a meeting of its party council and parliamentary group on Saturday.

      Officially, the party does not support Finland joining the military alliance. It previously outlined that it can only work in coalitions keeping Finland outside of defence alliances.

      Education Minister Li Andersson, Left Alliance party chair, however, said the party will back its government ministers approving a Nato application if one is put forward by state leadership.

      Andersson said she felt it was important to emphasise that Left Alliance members can oppose as well as support Nato.

      “The Left Alliance used to be quite unanimous on this issue [Finnish Nato membership], but there are now two distinct camps within the party and many are unsure of their position,” Andersson said.”

    769. Phil says:

      I just looked at some stuff on Britt. I didn’t know she was the former CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce Business Council of Alabama. Good.
      Another squish on illegal immigration. I also didn’t know that a number of Never Trumpers were hosting fund raisers for her. Red flags. Also, large contributions from several “Republicans” that contributed to Phil Bredsen’s Tennessee Senate campaigns as well.

      I obviously didn’t do my homework. I’ll just shut the hell up about Alabama since I obviously had only had a very superficial knowledge of Britt.

      My bad.

    770. Phil says:

      Putin’s invasion continues to be more of a disaster every day – militarily, diplomatically (see Sweden and Finland), economically……we could go on and on. He has significantly weakened Russia in just about any category you could name. Got a big bark but his bite gets weaker by the day.

      As I’ve said over and over, this guy got waaaay in over his skis when he went into Ukraine. He’s in a box of his own making now. His military has only one card to play to stave off defeat – that’s the nuclear one which isn’t practical considering the retaliation that would occur. Sooo, he’ll continue to stay bogged down in the swamp of his own making steadily getting bled to death. Expand his reach into other countries? You got to be kidding. Unfortunately, his continued stalemate bleeds US dollars by the month. Fifty billion so far. You can’t just keep printing money forever, but that seems to be the plan.

    771. Phil says:

      Baris is currently polling Georgia. He said he will know more this evening but right now with preliminary numbers it’s looking like Kemp will be at just under 60%.

      In other words, Perdue is toast.

    772. Skippy says:

      “As far as I can see, she has nothing going for her besides “I am a Black Republican”. Outside of that she has a few appearances on Fox News and that is it.”

      Unbelievable shallowness. You got to be kidding me. Barnette has been at every single debate…unlike Oz. Barnette has been having events every single day for weeks Barnette has received the endorsements from Pro Like, 2nd Amendment rights and Veterans Groups all in the last 4 days. Barnette has pounded the pavement with her grassroots effort and this is how you describe her and her campaign?

      What the bleep is wrong with Jason?

      Barnette was asked a question in last debate involving her race…and she tied it up in a nice bow with her concluding remarks.

      Barnette might now win on May 17th but to describe her campaign in the manner in which you did is disgraceful.

    773. Tgca says:

      As an EXPERT on all things, except all things gay to which I defer to LisaB, I approve of Phil’s post on Pootin.

      Pootin definitely miscalculated and is in a bind and has shown the world his military was seriously lacking, at least in this effort against Ukraine.

      It’s kinda like the Emperor Has No Clothes and an obvious exposure I doubt Russia wanted exposed. Kinda like Saddam Hussein was exposed as no serious threat.

      Russia is no longer feared as a conventional war threat to most, though clearly any warring aggressions are never something to be nonchalant about.

    774. jason says:

      Skippy, I think Barnette is a lightweight.

      If she wins, I will not vote for her but will hope she wins.

      I am just giving my view on who I think the best candidate for the GE, I think it is Oz followed by McCormick.

      Feel feel to disagree. Neither of us will be voting in PA in November.

    775. jason says:

      For some reason, HHR is blocking the official spelling of Utee-ris.”

      I know the reason, it goes back to Eph who used to use it all the time until Dave banned it.

    776. mnw says:

      Barnette is “no abortions, no exceptions” from what I read. I think that might be suicidal in a purplish state.

      If Barnette is the Senate nominee and Mastriano (also “no abortions, no exceptions”) wins the primary for governor… in a post-Dobbs environment, 2022 could be an extinction event for the GOP.

    777. Skippy says:


      You don’t have to like her..or vote for her.

      But to say the only thing going for her in this campaign is she is a Black Republican and she has done nothing else is disgraceful and you should be ashamed of yourself. Barnette has worked her ass off.


      She doesn’t millions, she doesn’t have fame but at least she has fought the good fight for conservatives long before she entered the race.

      You have no idea how shallow sound right now do you?

      You got serious issues.

    778. Skippy says:


      And supporting abortion rights at 9 months right before birth is not political suicide in PA as in the Democratic Nominee?

      Give me a break.

    779. mnw says:

      Post-Dobbs, this is not a good time for a candidate to be perceived as extreme at EITHER end of the abortion opinion graph, imo.

    780. mnw says:


      So a Barnette-Mastriano ticket sounds like a winner to you, then?

    781. Tgca says:

      I see the gay senator from SC is furthering his warmongering status by suggesting Russia be declared a terrorist state and Pootin a war criminal.

      I’m sure that will help diffuse the situation with Russia and it’s allies.

      I’m ok for labeling countries as sponsors of terrorism or terrorist states as long as it’s done consistently.

      I think it’s ok to designate Russia a terrorist state if we also do so with China, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia, and a host of countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

    782. jason says:

      And by the way, Skippy, I was not criticizing Barnette’s campaign, I really have not followed it.

      By not “bringing anything to the table” I meant I don’t see what she brings besides an interesting background and the fact she is a Black Republican.

      There are instances of “grass roots” campaigns winning elections.

      I just happen to prefer candidates with resources and name recognition over those without resources and without name recognition, all other things being equal.

      In this case Oz and McCormick are “conservative” enough for me, so I don’t find any compelling reason to support Barnette. If anyone asks my opinion I will say vote for Oz. I don’t expect a huge amount of people asking for my opinion, my friends are mostly voting for Oz, some are voting for McCormick. I have yet to meet a Barnette voter, but there are still 9 days to go.

      Hope it is clear now.

    783. jason says:

      I’m sure that will help diffuse the situation with Russia and it’s allies.”


      With Putin Appeasers, it always about “diffusing things with Russia”, not “angering Putin”, not “provoking the Russians”.

      Russia is the aggressor here committing war crimes. Graham is absolutely right, Putin is a war criminal and Russia is a rogue terrorist state killing tens of thousands of civilians, raping and pillaging, and displacing millions.

      Let’s stop appeasing Putin and start calling it what it is. State sponsored war crimes and terrorism.

    784. jason says:

      But to say the only thing going for her in this campaign is she is a Black Republican and she has done nothing else”

      You know when Skippy is losing an argument when he feels compelled to lie his head off.

      Where did I make ONE comment on Barnette’s campaign? I said nothing about her not working hard or whatever. Nothing.

      My comments were strictly about what she brings to the table as a CANDIDATE.

    785. jason says:

      She doesn’t millions, she doesn’t have fame but at least she has fought the good fight for conservatives long before she entered the race. ”

      Ok so you admit she has no resources and no name recognition.

      We agree.

      Nobody here has denied she is a “conservative”.

      Sometimes that is not enough to win a competitive race in a competitive state.

    786. jason says:

      Here, this will make Skippy happy. Barnette tied for second at Predictit, a long way from the 5% she had 2 weeks ago.

    787. Phil says:

      So did the Pa Supreme Court sign onto ballot harvesting?

    788. Tgca says:


      Jadon, our resident supporter of killing babies, still struggles with Engwish and the definition of APPEASER.

      It’s not about upsetting Russia, it’s about finding a workable solution to end a war that’s killing thousands of civilians and soldiers instead of prolonging it further.

      Designating Russia an official terrorist state will prolong the war and unnecessary carnage.

      It’s not about being sympathetic to Russia but instead finding a way to get them to stop the aggression.

      But simple warmongering minds can’t fathom that. They just want more war.

    789. jason says:

      it’s about finding a workable solution to end a war”


      You don’t want any “workable solution”, you want unconditional surrender and capitulation.


    790. jason says:

      So did the Pa Supreme Court sign onto ballot harvesting?”

      Of course.

    791. jason says:

      It’s not about being sympathetic to Russia but instead finding a way to get them to stop the aggression.”

      This delusion is common among Putin Appeasers the idea that if you fail to condemn their actions they will be more likely to stop the aggression.

      Nothing could be farther from the truth. Appeasing Putin won’t discourage his aggression, it will encourage it.

      Putin will understand being deemed a war criminal and Russia being termed a terrorist state. Pussyfooting around and pretending otherwise? He will laugh at the stupidity.

    792. jason says:

      This is akin to the theory that if you are nice to terrorists they will stop being terrorists.

      Never worked.

    793. jason says:

      Jadon, our resident supporter of killing babies,”

      But simple warmongering minds can’t fathom that. They just want more war.”

      I love it here.

    794. jason says:

      I saw this comment on Predictit. I could have written it myself.

      “Barnette has a three-pronged campaign theme as to why she should be elected to the Senate:

      1. I am African-American
      2. I am a woman
      3. I am the product of a rape

      That assures me that she is highly qualified to deal with trillions of dollars in the annual budget, the allocation of funds to military defense, and negotiating with our NATO allies regarding the defense of Western European countries.”

      Skippy to say I am attacking “her campaign efforts” in 3, 2, 1..

    795. Phil says:

      So did the Pa Supreme Court sign on to ballot harvesting?

      “of course”

      No wonder you don’t intend to vote. I don’t blame you one damn bit. Waste of time voting in a fraudulent election…..and why help legitimize an illegitimate process where the outcome is cooked?

    796. jason says:

      Well, Phil, I could vote and be happy with 2/3 of a vote. Or maybe 14/38ths.

      It all depends. Maybe Bitter and I could vote and together we would cancel out one fraudulent vote.


    797. Bitterlaw says:

      So far, my inheritance consists of a 17 year old cat named Donald Trump. Seriously. Years ago, one of my brother’s friends had to give away his cat so my dad took him in. The cat is Donald Trump.

      We brought him to our house today. My 17 year old cat has not seen him yet. My son’s dog seems uninterested in him. Peace will either reign or there will be cat blood spilled by tonight.

    798. Wes says:

      I just read what Albertus Parvus had to say about me. That’s exactly why I called him a joke and said it’s impossible to take his posts seriously.

      Then again, if I had his extreme, politically untenable position and outright libeled a Senate candidate from my own party with no evidence backing up my claims, I would try to deflect by comparing someone to history’s worst mass murderers too.

    799. Bitterlaw says:

      Too bad you are not an A-hole, Wes. You would have won 2022 without even trying after making the mass murderers Hall of Fame. Huge points haul.

    800. mnw says:



      So fresh. So original. Do you REALLY “laugh out loud!” whenever you type that?

      Or is it just your shorthand way of explaining that you have no ability to express your thoughts?

    801. Bitterlaw says:

      Yeah. No way you can trust a tv host who donated heavily to Planned Parenthood, advocated for government health care, and made donations to hard core core leftist Senators.

      But that was Trump. Dr. Oz doesn’t carry that baggage.

    802. Bitterlaw says:

      I try not to post LOL since my children told me “only old people” use it.

    803. Bitterlaw says:

      Donald Trump (cat) has staked out a position under a desk on the second floor. Original cat, Sid, has established a position in the basement. Dog seems afraid of both.

    804. Albertus Magnus says:


      Quit being a vain moron.

      McCrory, while governor, refused to enforce the legal regulations on abortion providers in NC. That is a fact.

      Do you deny saying you are pro-choice? If you are, you are saying that a mother should be able to kill her kid.

      Not sure what else to call it except an atrocity.

      You have built a meager reputation among a few here who simply dont know NC politics. You express yourself well so you are able to dazzle the ill-informed-regarding-NC politics with cogent posts that are, at best, above average politic opinions that dont reflect any type of real NC political analysis.

      Then you attack anyone who calls you out on your smoke-and-mirror opinions.

    805. Wes says:

      You’re an idiot, Albertus Parvus.

      I’m sorry even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, you won’t get your fantasy of having guns shoved in raped women’s faces, but, hey, everyone has to have a fetish, I suppose.

    806. Phil says:


      Not sure what you have against Wes’s analysis of NC politics. In the fourteen or fifteen years I’ve been here he’s been spot on with his predictions. He may have been headed for one miss on the 2020 senate race but with Cunningham’s sex scandal, in the end he got that one right as well. When a guy has his track record, I tend to listen. His track record speaks for itself.

    807. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Just the news Putin wants the day before his WWII Victory Parade:

      “Institute for the Study of War: Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv Oblast will likely advance to Russian border in coming days or weeks. According to a recent report by the U.S. think tank, the Ukrainian counteroffensive northeast of Kharkiv is making significant progress with a likely advance to the Russian border in the coming days or weeks. “Given the current rate of Ukrainian advances, Russian forces may be unable to prevent Ukrainian forces from reaching the Russian border, even with additional reinforcements,” the report reads.”

    808. mnw says:

      815 BL

      I could name quite a few born-again MAGAs. You just have to hope they won’t do a 180 after they’re elected. Trump didn’t. I’m willing to give Oz & all the others who talk the talk the benefit of the doubt until shown otherwise.

      Kari Hall (R), running for AZ gov, is the most Saul-to-Paul candidate of them all.

    809. Albertus Magnus says:


      Your refusal to refute my facts then resort to ridiculous attacks show who is an idiot.


      Not saying he sucks as as poster when it comes to writing his posts or his predictions. However,there are very few pundits in NC who cannot match his record or surpass it. Cunningham in 2020?

      SORRY. NC was a STRONGLY GOP WAVE election in 2020.

      We had HISTORIC wins in NC on the GOP side in NC in both 2016 and 2020. Few REPUBLICANS in NC thought Cunningham would win in NC after the middle of October.

      Guess what? I predict that DEMS will sweep California in all races in 2024. Boy what a pro I am.

      And i didnt question his punditry, which I called above-average for aware North Carolinians. It is his ANAYLSIS of why the state votes the way it does, not how it votes in the end, that needs work.

      Just saying.

      McCrory lost the GOP base in 2016 when he ran for re-election. He was the ONLY statewide major GOP candidate to lose. Those are facts. And McCrory did it by selling out his base and losing their support.

      I supported him because he was better than Cooper. But people who UNDERSTAND Tarheel politics could have told you that McCrory lost his relection due to that sellout.

      Wes understands better than 90% of experienced out-of-state self-appointed pundits and is average within our state.

      Again, look it all up and see.

    810. Tgca says:


      I can relate to Barnette.

      I too am an AA although be it a Caucasian AA.

      I too am a woman – at least at times depending on the time of day and my gender fluidity and how I FEEL.

      I too am a product of rape since birthing people generally enter into sexual relations to have children because of the expectations and demands in a patriarchal dominated society where birthing people have historically had little choice over their bodies, as evidenced by a number of experts in gender studies who see pregnancy as a form of rape contract on birthing people by the patriarchal class in exchange for security and the necessities in life.

    811. Phil says:

      SDC, I see Putin getting increasingly desperate since he can’t afford to back down. He may be forced to announce a mobilization tomorrow just to avoid a military humiliation. It’s now even in the realm of possibility that he looks at the tactical nuke option – sort of the escalate to deescalate option that’s been talked about. Still, I strongly doubt he goes down that road. Very small chance even with his desperation. It would just be waay too costly.

      Maybe by now we can finally quit hearing about Putin’s military being this grave threat to Europe. He plainly isn’t. In fact, he’s in quite a pickle. Sucks to be him.

    812. Phil says:

      I’m anxious to see how the WV congressional primary turns out Tuesday. No real polling on it.

    813. Tgca says:

      823. Albertus


      Predicting winners in NC is about as difficult as picking winners in Caleefawnyuh or NY or the Sewer State. I have successfully picked the senator and Gubbernor and presidential winners in all these states in both primaries and GE the last 20 years.

    814. Cash Cow TM says:

      WV CD 2

      McKinley vs. Mooney

      6 months ago, McKinley had a 15 point lead over Mooney.

      I think Mooney’s negative (and misleading) attacks on McKinley have has some impact.

      In early May, another poll showed a similar lead of about 15 points for Mooney over McKinley.

      Here is another poll toward the end of March:

      North Star Opinion Research (done for WV CofC)
      March 23, 2022
      400LV R and Unaffiliated voters

      Head to Head:
      46% McKinley
      39% Mooney
      15% undecided


      “Pollsters found that McKinley would lead Mooney 38 percent to 33 percent in a five-way race — a 5-point difference. Another 25 percent of respondents were undecided.”

      “According to the poll, McKinley is strong across the electorate, leading among both absolutely certain and very likely voters (45 percent to 40 percent and 51 percent to 34 percent, respectively), and among both registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters (45 percent to 39 percent and 49 percent to 40 percent, respectively).” (independents can vote in R primary]


      I STILL say McKinley will win over Mooney in the 5-way primary on Tuesday. The other 3 candidates will split 5% of vote.
      I do not know ANY WV newspapers that have endorsed Mooney.

      OTOH, McKinley has been endorsed by the newspapers in many of the population centers in CD2 including:

      –Kingwood (Preston county)

      Only other major newspapers in CD2 in population centers that have yet to endorse (and they may choose not to) are:
      –Moundsville (McK territory in nothern panhandle)
      –Morgantown (liberal newspaper in Monongalia county and in McK current CD)
      –Martinsburg (right of center daily paper in Berkeley county–part of Mooney’s old CD–in the Ogden newspaper chain hdqtred. in Wheeling)
      –Charles Town (Spirit of Jefferson, a weekly in Mooney’s home county of Jefferson)
      –Shepherdstown (a liberal weekly also in Jefferson county)
      Morgan Messenger (conservative weekly paper in Berkeley Springs, Morgan county, in the Mooney’s old CD in eastern panhandle

      McKinley also endorsed by:

      –Gov. Justice
      –Former Trump SOS Mike Pompeo
      –U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (who has cut ads supporting McKinley)
      U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito has NOT endorsed but has recently spoken highly of McKinley
      –many current and former city and county officials in many of the 27 counties and various towns and cities in the new CD2
      –McK. also endorsed by WV Chamber of Commerce
      –WV Manufacturers Assoc.
      –WV Gas and Oil
      –WV Business and Industry Council

      Mooney has been endorsed by Trump.
      Mooney has endorsement of some gun groups, but both McKinley and Mooney have A ratings from NRA

      Both have high ratings from Right to Life.

      McKinley has been a sponsor of 25 bills that passed congress.

      Mooney has been a sponsor of zero bills that have passed congress.

      Cow previously predicted a 10 point win by McK.
      Still stand by that.

      52.5% McKinley
      42.5% Mooney
      5 points split among other 3 candidates.

      We will know how right or wrong Cow is after the votes are counted Tuesday night.

    815. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow was in Clarksburg TV viewing area the past 3 days and the amount of TV ads for both McK and Mooney was surprising. Both candidates really going after each other.

    816. Wes says:

      You compare me to mass murderers because of my pro-choice position and then have the audacity to call my response to your idiocy “ridiculous”?

      Seriously, Albertus Parvus?

      First of all, Republicans didn’t have historic gains in NC politics in either 2016 or 2020. They mostly held what they had those years. Admittedly that was a victory, but realistically the results were not significant gains. Indeed the 2016 elections were marred by the loss of an NCSC seat. I would think someone who’s deadset on impugning my analysis of elections would at least do enough research to know what he’s talking about.

      McCrory didn’t lose in 2016 because of “losing the conservative base” as you say. He was the casualty of the so,-called “Bathroom Bill,” which became unpopular in the state and caused enough voters to want a divided state government to give Cooper a win. Thanks to them and you for giving the Dems a 6-1 majority on the NCSC by the way. They couldn’t have done it without your help.

      You’re a one-issue voter whose obsession with an issue you’re at the very extreme of colors your analysis of things. Abortion is about the least important issue out of any major issues to me. I’m pro choice, but honestly I wouldn’t encourage a woman to get an abortion and simply don’t care enough to cast a vote on it unless Republicans are stupid enough to nominate someone like you for any office.

      You can continue to fantasize about terrorizing raped women who contemplate abortions via government agents–which is, quite honestly, your position on the issue–but you’ll get nowhere with your disgusting desire. That’s exactly as things should be.

    817. EML says:

      Hi Cow,
      I just can’t get behind a 75 year old running for Congress. Make no mistake, I’m not exactly a Mooney fan, but it’s time for McKinley to hang it up. The Trump endorsement will get Mooney over the line.

    818. Albertus Magnus says:


      Anyone who is so-called “pro-choice” supports policies than have lead to over 63 million murdered kids in this country alone since Roe vs. Wade. That isnt worse than what Hitler, Stalin or Mao did? And you believe you arent supporting an atrocity?

      Most Tarheels OPPOSED men or women being able to go into opposite sex bathrooms. Sick minds want men in bathrooms meant for women, much less girls. Sick and perverted minds only would think such a thing should happen.

      iN 2016, GOP reelected every statewide GOP incumbent except McCrory. INCLUDING veto-proof majorities in both chambers of our legislature….FIRST TIME SINCE ReConstruction.

      In 2020, we won a MAJORITY

    819. Albertus Magnus says:

      Of the COUNCIL of State races, first time since Reconstruction.

      You are simply a simpleton who is a big fish in this small pond. Get you in a room full of North Carolinians who are active in the GOP and you would be immediately recognized as a well-spoken neophyte with a tempermental personality who enjoys your popularity among those who are ill-informed about politics in NC.

      cUNNINGHAM IN 2020? You have GOT to be kidding me.

    820. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      825. Am not sure Putin would risk attempting a general mobilization, which would likely be unpopular due to the casualties Russia is taking — and the poor outcome of the “special operation” so far.

      What I am reading is Putin wants to show off his weaponry as a threat to the west. So expect a lot of big missiles and grandiose rhetoric.

    821. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      834. Russians are already experiencing the grief that comes from high casualties. It is really tragic, and now Putin wants to propose a general call-up?:

      “WhatsApp audio message recorded by a woman residing in the city of Aleysk in Russia’s Altai region some 3,500 kilometers east of Kyiv, the home base for the 35th Brigade.

      In the voice message, an unidentified woman weeps telling her fellow WhatsApp group member that the local “tank brigade” was “totally destroyed in Ukraine.”

      In particular, she mentions that “just 18 out of 150 guys survived,” probably meaning one of the brigade’s formations was destroyed by Ukrainian troops. Besides, the speaker says the first batch of 45 coffins, mostly young people from the town and villages nearby, were coming to Aleysk on the day of the recorded voice message.”

    822. Phil says:

      Yeah, doubt mobilization by Putin. Wouldn’t go over well.

      Putin is screwed.

      Big bad Putin.

    823. Tgca says:

      DeSantis did not really win the 2018 FL gubbernor election, he just held the seat so it was not really a significant gain for the FL GOP. Clearly, they could have done better!

      Tell that to Disney!

      …and to the MSM and libs who seem to target DeSantis 24/7 to the extent the NYC Dem mayor is advertising billboards against FL laws instead of dealing with NYC crime.

      I can see how DeSantis, the GOP fav behind Trump for 2024 was not a significant gain for the GOP in the 2018 election.

    824. mnw says:

      834 SDC

      When all those new 155mm self-propelled howitzers are put into action, hard to see how things get BETTER for mother Russia.

      I’ve read that NATO* has recently contributed 100 of those, & trained UKR crews to operate them. From what I’ve read, these guns have a 40-mile range. NATO/U.S. is also providing counter battery systems too, i.e., the kind that return fire on target almost instantly.

      But as Dr. Kissinger, who is 99 (!), pointed out yesterday, none of the nations in Europe wanted war in 1914, but things just… got out of hand. I’d like to see a negotiated settlement SOON, painful though that would be for UKR. I don’t discount the possibility that Putin, if desperate, might use tactical nukes– to establish Russia’s negotiating position and his seriousness of purpose!

      *even The Netherlands coughed up 5 of them

    825. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline jumped 15 cents over past two weeks to $4.38 per gallon. California’s average sits at $5.82, according to AAA.

      Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said Sunday that the current price sits just a nickel below the highest average price in history — $4.43, set on March 11.”

      If Trump was president, and when he is again, U.S. oil production will explode, and prices will fall. This is an artificial shortage in large part caused by Biden’s anti-fossil fuel policies.

    826. Tgca says:


      SDC must be a Russian APPEASER too now because in 835 he posts:

      Russians are already experiencing the grief that comes from high casualties. It is really tragic,…

      Is this empathy for the Russians?

      Sooner or later everyone at HHR is an APPEASER.

    827. jason says:

      McKinley might have a lot of endorsements, but he doesn’t have Trump’s.

      In a state that went 70% for Trump, and probably more than that in that district, I would go with the guy that Trump endorsed.

      I don’t think Cow is thinking rationally on this one, elections don’t always go the way you want.

      My money is on Mooney, pun intended.

    828. Tgca says:

      We could have avoided this war if only European politicians had the courage to take a REAL stand early on instead of just giving speeches.

      Why must the world constantly suffer wars because of the incompetence and idiocy of the Europeans?

      Over 100 years and they’ve stilled learned nothing about deterrence and diffusing these situations.

    829. Phil says:

      Yeah, my money would be on Mooney as well. Trump’s endorsement in a state like WV trumps all the county and other local endorsements (no pun intended)

    830. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      838. So what does Putin nuke? The Ukrainians are like a insurgent army spread throughout the Ukraine. Many are very near Russian soldiers. Putin consider Kyiv the birthplace and cradle of Russian civilization, is he going to going to nuke it?

      What about the radiation that will blow into Russia? Oh, and what if the Ukrainians in response send a missile into a nuclear power plant near Moscow in retaliation? Putin may threaten, but he is not insane.

    831. mnw says:

      I also read a lengthy article published online in the ISW (Institute for the Study of War) journal.

      It explained in great detail that the Russian conscripts fighting in UKR are almost all from small districts in southern Russia and Asia, and often from ethnic Asian minority groups. The article said NOBODY from St. Petersburg or Moscow was fighting in UKR (except for senior officers).

      The article was well-sourced.

      That doesn’t sound to me like the A-team.

    832. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The NATO military leaders are meeting on May 19. Finland and Sweden have been invited for the discussion on the Ukraine:

      “The meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session (MCCS) will enable the 30 Allied Chiefs of Defence to meet and discuss issues of strategic importance to the Alliance. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will join the Chiefs of Defence for the first session to address the geostrategic context and preparations for the Madrid Summit in June. The second session will be dedicated to Russia’s war in Ukraine, with the Chiefs of Defence from NATO Partner Nations Finland, Sweden and Ukraine joining the discussions.”

    833. Phil says:

      So what does Putin nuke?

      Good question. It absolutely is an insurgent army throughout Ukraine. Tactical nukes couldn’t be used in this kind of war. I suppose he could nuke Kiev….but that would be sheer madness. obliterating a civilian population? That would invite the wrath of God on Putin. He wouldn’t even survive politically within his own country – even if he could find someone to carry out such an order.

      Perhaps he could use tactical nukes on supply and weapons depos in Poland….but that would invite a war with NATO and he’d get nuked in kind….and then he’d have the same problem warding off a coup.

      Yep. Nukes are out.

    834. jason says:

      “Russians are already experiencing the grief that comes from high casualties. It is really tragic,…”

      Is this empathy for the Russians?”

      Zzzzz.. I have empathy for the Russian people too, many are also enduring hardships as a result of this war not to mention those who have lost family members.

      I have traveled extensively in Russia, I found a lot of nice, welcoming people. Many people I met in the early 2000’s were excited about living in a freer society and being able to engage in private business.

      But unfortunately, in a controlled society like Putin has engineered, it is very unlikely this will lead to any type of sustained backlash against the government.

    835. Bitterlaw says:

      A negotiated peace that leaves Russian troops in possession of Ukrainian territory is a victory for Putin. How can people not see that?

    836. jason says:

      I am against making any decision on “settlements” based on the threat of nukes.

      Once you do that, you open yourself to eternal blackmail, a never ending slippery slope.

    837. jason says:

      How can people not see that?”

      And a “negotiated settlement” based on threats of nukes is even worse.

    838. Bitterlaw says:

      People don’t fear Putin as a conventional threat but are willing to let Putin negotiate a settlement that screws Ukraine because he has nukes. Giving in to Putin because he has nukes means he will keep making threats. When does it end?

    839. Phil says:

      I don’t think you negotiate a settlement with Putin allowing him to hang on to any territory in Ukraine he’s gained so far. Why? Simple, because he doesn’t have any leverage. Why give him anything when he’s getting bled to death? He’s in the middle of a meat grinder. Unless Ukraine is losing (they’re not) Putin has no negotiating leverage. Don’t give him a damned thing. If he threatens nukes, call his bluff. Just tell him “you aren’t winning and if you don’t withdraw you’ll continue to suffer. Everyone can see you aren’t winning a conventional war. Use nukes and you’ll get nuked back. No deal for you”

      Putin got himself into this and there’s no reason to give him an off ramp where he walks away with any territory.

      We have him right where we want him and the beauty of it is that he’s in this lousy position without a single loss of American life, it sucks to be Putin right now. Really sucks.

    840. Phil says:

      So Pennsylvania is an absolute tossup.


    841. jason says:

      Russia bombs school, 60 feared dead.

      Tgca to make excuses for Putin and make some kind of false equivalency in 3,2, 1…

    842. Phil says:

      Total margin of error race.

      That should be quite an election night.

    843. jason says:

      We saw this in Ohio with the supposed “Dolan surge” that wasn’t really real, he ended up coming in third.

      I won’t be surprised if Barnette comes in third too.

      Let’s see if the Barnette surge is real.

      Also probably hundreds of thousands of votes are already in, so if they reflect a big Oz lead, Barnette would need a big election day lead to win.

      We will know soon enough.

    844. jason says:

      So far Oz and McCormick are ignoring Barnette.

      If they start attacking her instead of each other we will know they think the threat is real.

    845. jason says:

      I am sorry I didn’t bet Barnette when she was 5 cents….

      A $500 bet would have netted $10k if she won.

    846. Wes says:

      Look, Albertus Parvus, you are an absolute moron. You started this idiotic tirade by accusing me of being like history’s dictators and then, like the braindead twerp you are, took umbrage because I pointed out what your real agenda.

      As far as Cunningham, I was saying for months Cunningham was an overrated candidate who would find a way to lose even though he rode high for most of 2020. You’re too stupid to actually look at those posts, but other people can confirm what I said.

      Republicans already held four posts on the Council of State going into 2016 by the way. They would have held all but three posts after 206 had McCrory held on, but, hey, since you want to take credit for costing McCrory reelection, you clearly wanted Cheri Beasley to be Chief Justice.

      Own it.

      You’re a fool with a fetish for using the government to impose your will on other people. Your mindless, simplistic posts don’t impress me, and I can’t help laughing at your abject hypocrisy in your attacks on me only to take umbrage when I respond in kind.

    847. Tgca says:


      Jadon traveled extensively to Russia.

      Perhaps Durham needs to be made aware of this.

      I smell a RAT!!!

    848. mnw says:

      Not much of a Trump Bump for Oz in Trafalgar.

    849. Bitterlaw says:

      I would vote for Bochetto because I know him and have been friends with his wife for 30 years. I even have a case against her right now However, it will be too close to throw away a vote on him.

    850. Tgca says:


      Normally I would agree but Ukraine was already at Civil War with 2 of its regions that declared independence and were more aligned with Russia.

      If we go back to pre-Russia attack status, does that Ukrainian civil war continue?

      Those people are at odds with the rest of Ukraine and doubtful there will be lasting peace so does Europe avoid continued fighting by recognizing those independent regions as part of a settlement?

      Does Ukraine really lose anything if it lets those regions go?

    851. Tgca says:


      I agree with the warmonger.

      Settlement should be based on the long-term best interest of all parties and not fear of the NOOKYOOLER War card.

      There’s a difference between playing that card to get a desired outcome and serious threat of such a war occurring, and they should both be addressed differently.

    852. Tgca says:


      Children losing their lives is always tragic and there should be severe accountability for any attack on children.

      I just wish Jadon felt the same compassion for the tens of millions of babies murdered annually by their moms.

      By 20 weeks, these developing babies have human form with their limbs and organs developed and experiencing movement, as well as experiencing periods of being awake and asleep and capable of hearing at certain levels.

      Babies have survived outside the womb as early as 21 weeks, the earliest on record, yet in the US ABORTION can be as late as 20 weeks.

      Now tell me how that is a false equivalency you warmongering infanticide/feticide supporter!

    853. Albertus Magnus says:


      It is obvious that you are a narcissitic moron who loves the adulation you get from some here.

      If you think that believing that killing kids is ok and those of us who think that laws should protect them from being butchered is wrong, you are just an evil, sick man.

      EVERY abortion stops a kid’s beating heart. Deal with what YOU openly support.

    854. Tgca says:

      So Roberts is concerned about SCOTUS’ reputation of the perception of playing politics by himself playing politics with decisions instead of voting on the constitutionality of the issues at hand.

      This only enforces my belief that Roberts is more concerned with appearances than constitutional issues and has done more damage to the court than any Chief Justice in recent history.

      Roberts is reportedly trying to convince Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh to join him in supporting the compromise.

      Although Roberts is not a backer of abortion rights, he is a defender of the Supreme Court’s reputation, which he insists is downgraded when the public believes its decisions are a reflection of the justices’ political background

    855. Tgca says:


      It doesn’t only stop a beating heart, it rips apart the baby and burns it alive with saline solutions.

      I can’t think of a more horrible, undignified, uncaring death.

      If people were educated on the development of babies they would know that this is already a human being significantly developed by 13, 15, or 20 weeks when the vast majority of ABORTIONS occur, and ABORTIONISTS do all in their power to ensure such information is not shared for selfish reasons.

      It is not a clump of cells indistinguishable from a human being at the point of the vast majority of ABORTIONS. It’s a significantly developed human being that is continuing developing, even more viable then many in hospitals on life support.

      I can’t fathom how any educated person on baby developing can support such a heinous act.

    856. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Right now I would like to see a cease fire in the Ukraine. Then discussions can take place. At this point I am not seeing any area of the Donbas wanted to be part of Russia, other than possibly areas of the east that Russia already controlled. The population of the rest of Donbas and Kharkiv has fought the Russians as hard as the rest of the Ukraine.

      A cease fire is not a settlement, it’s purpose is to stop the bloodshed and slaughter, while the parties talk. Ukraine will still be receiving NATO weaponry, and will be in a stronger position if fighting breaks out again.

    857. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is the Finnish President who makes the initial decision of whether or not Finland joins NATO. The decision has to be ratified through the a Parliamentary process.

      The current President of Finland is from Finland’s conservative party, which is strongly pro-NATO. His view of Russia are somewhat negative:

      “In an interview with The Washington Post in January 2022, Niinistö stated that he could not speak to Putin’s intentions regarding the frozen relations between Russia and the West, but cited what he described as Finnish “wisdom” on experiences in dealing with Moscow. “Finns certainly learned the wisdom that a Cossack, that means a Russian soldier, takes all that is loose. You have to be very, very, clear, where the fixed line is.” When he was asked to shed light on his thoughts about Putin after the Russian attack to Ukraine on 24 February 2022, Niinistö replied: “The masks have now been taken off, showing only the face of war.”

    858. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin’s greatly anticipated Victory Day speech was a total dud. Putin’s out of options;

      “Vladimir Putin tells a huge military parade in Moscow’s Red Square that Russian troops in eastern Ukraine are “defending the motherland”
      He says the invasion of Ukraine – what he called a “special military operation” – was necessary and had been provoked by the West
      But he does not make any major announcement related to the war, including declaring victory or full-scale mobilisation”

    859. Phil says:

      Putin is out of options.

      Mighty Putin.

    860. Gordon Allen says:

      #847. Phil
      Ukraine is not an insurgent campaign like Afghanistan.
      At this point it’s more a conventional force on force war. The large infusions of weaponry to Ukraine are inconsistent with a guerrilla effort

    861. Gordon Allen says:

      Speaking of re-enforcements, would somebody please send some to the Stock Market??

    862. Phil says:

      I didn’t mean it was a fully insurgent campaign. Yes, there are definite battle lines. You are absolutely right. Mostly, that is what it is. Still, he can’t use nukes on the front lines without killing Russian troops as well. Putin is in a pickle. Putin chose poorly. Sucks to be him.

    863. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is a description of the Ukrainian small group, insurgency like attack strategy:

      “Instead of assaulting heavy Russian formations of large tanks and artillery directly, the Ukrainians used light, maneuverable forces to take advantage of Russian vulnerabilities and achieve victory. Using handheld weapons operated by small groups, the Ukrainians have regularly disabled Russian tanks and trucks. This has not only weakened the Russian forces in the field but also kept their logistics lines stretched, limiting Russian access to the fuel and ammunition required to keep up a constant attack. (The number of Russian vehicles that have been abandoned intact but without fuel is particularly striking.)

      In using light forces this way, the Ukrainians have shown that even in a conventional war between states—as opposed to an insurgency—a smaller force can engage the conventional forces of a larger and more technologically advanced enemy and fight them to a standstill.”

    864. Bitterlaw says:

      I am sure the families of murdered Ukrainians, the raped Ukrainians, and the millions of refugees are reassured by Phil’s dismissal of Putin as a threat.

    865. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      It is important to key in mind that in territory the Russians purported control, the areas they actually occupy are limited:

      “Russia may hold Ukrainian territory, but it has no hold on the population. Occupied Ukrainians have not rallied to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cause as happened to some extent in Crimea and in Donetsk and Luhansk in 2014. Furthermore, the almost entirely road-bound Russian forces only truly control the towns that they occupy, the roads they sit on, out to the range of their main tank guns.”

    866. Meldrim says:


      Phil says:
      “May 8, 2022 at 10:08 am
      Ok then. Add Pennsylvania to Nevada as states that we now know are done before any GE ever takes place.”

      Phil is a moron. He has made these types of absolutist statements before, and when the “impossible” happens despite his assertions that the syste is rigged he sticks with the same fatalism and insists that GOP victories are impossible because the system is rigged. And when Republicans do well in NV and PA he will claim that Democrats let them win those particular elections but surely will rig the nect election to shut them out: The only explanation for the result that, like Vizzini, he deems “inconceivable” that Phil will refuse to consider is that, just maybe, how people vote has a bearing on the election results. Maybe Baris (the only person to whom he will listen” can do an intervention and explain that Phil’s “predictions” of “the Democrats will win every election in NV and PA by creating an unlimited number of fake votes, except the ekections that they don’t want to win because, you know, they sometimes want Republicans to win major races, is not only stupid, but goes against everything that Baris has seen and experienced in polling and elections.

      Phil, as Lawrence of Arabia said, nothing is written. How people vote will largely determine who will win those elections. The cheating that may take place in NV and PA is nothing compared to the cheating that has taken place in California since 2018, and Republicans still won four very close congressional elections in districts that the Democrats had stolen from Republicans in 2018, despite the Democrats controlling the voting and vote-counting processes. Your problem isn’t that you don’t know enough, it’s that so many of the things that you “know” are simply not true.

    867. Phil says:

      Threat to anything outside of Ukraine, bitter. Putin’s military isn’t capable of even expanding beyond where they are now in eastern Ukraine. Your we need to go to war to prevent Putin from overrunning Europe is nonsense. Nobody buys that any longer if they ever even did. People have eyes.

      There will be no war with Russia over Ukraine.

      No dead Americans. When are you going to accept the fact this is a good thing? A VERY good thing.

    868. Meldrim says:

      I also think that Mooney will beat McKinley in WV-02. I think this not because Trump endorsed him–Trump’s endorsement of Perdue in GA will not result in his victory, and GA’s Republican primary voters are no less supportive of Trump than those in WV–but because Mooney was found to be up by 15% in an indeoendent poll taken last week. I think that polls should be taken with a grain of salt (and some with several grains of salt), but a 15% poll lead with relatively few undecideds a week before the primary makes it pretty much a done deal.

      Cow has forgotten more about WV politics than I ever will learn, but his consistent predictions of how this primary would turn out have not proven to be correct. Mooney has successfully parlayed his more conservative voting record–and it has consistently been more conservative than McKinley’s according to the well respected American Conservative Union, which has been rating votes for many decades–and his endorsement from President Trump to an insurmountable lead in a district that was 2/3 new to him and only 1/3 new to McKinley. Perhaps Cow is correct tvat Mooney’s campaig has been dirty pool, but at this point I can’t imagine that Mooney will win by less than double digits.

    869. Phil says:

      The WH was stolen in 2020, Meldrim. You want to ignore that inconvenient fact then be my guest. We won in four congressional districts in California even with cheating! Oh goodie! See. They can cheat and we can still win some elections. Guess what? We had it stolen in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. If you choose to ignore what happened in those five states during the last election then you are the moron. I don’t know what to tell you. But yeah, keep on whistling past the graveyard.

    870. jason says:

      Money isn’t everything, and grass roots campaigns do sometimes prevail.

      Having said that, here is the challenge for Barnette in the primary and the GE.

      Spending on radio and TV:

      Kathy Barnette campaign: $`151k

      Mehmet Oz campaign: $12.24M

      David McCormick campaign: $10.22M

    871. jason says:

      The WH was stolen in 2020, Meldrim. You want to ignore that inconvenient fact then be my guest.”

      Phil, Meldrim’s theory is that fraud is not a problem and should be accepted and nothing should be done about it because SOMETIMES Rs prevail anyway. Under his logic, because elections were stolen in the past, there is no reason to believe it will happen again.

      It’s a theory I don’t subscribe to myself, I call it the Ostrich Head in Sand Election Theory.

    872. Phil says:

      Didn’t realize Barnette was running on such a shoe string. Obviously she was going to be heavily outspent.

      Jason, made a good point yesterday that a lot of Oz’s votes were already banked before the Barnette surge. That may be what gets him over the line.

    873. jason says:

      Putin’s military isn’t capable of even expanding beyond where they are now in eastern Ukraine”

      Bitter, I think we are making progress.

      Phil admits the Russians have invaded large parts of east Ukraine. He has yet to admit that the havoc and death and displacement and destruction wrought in all of Ukraine is not something any other country wants to endure.

      We just have to convince him, like every country in Europe is convinced, that the fact he invaded Ukraine militarily and taken over Belarus politically and militarily makes him a threat to all of Europe and consequently the US.

      Baby steps, baby steps.

    874. jason says:

      The cheating that may take place in NV and PA is nothing compared to the cheating that has taken place in California since 2018″

      Phil, you nailed it with “whistling past the graveyard”.

      Maybe the “cheating wasn’t as bad” in NV and PA, but it was enough to ensure Biden won NV by 30k (2%) votes and PA by 85k (1%) votes.

    875. Phil says:

      There is one very prominent Russian oligarch that has escaped sanctions by the Biden Administration. That’s one who has ties to Hunter Biden. That’s probably just a coincidence, right?

    876. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – If Putin is not a threat to anything outside of Ukraine, why are Finland and Sweden joining NATO? What do you know that their governments don’t know?

    877. Tgca says:

      Ok peeps!

      Enough with all this silly Ukraine-Russia BS and political primaries.and GE

      This is an ABORTION site.

      Get back to things that really matter.

    878. Meldrim says:

      Mastriano appears to be a Q-anon acolyte who is now trying to hide it, and some of his issue positions are intentionally inflammatory. I think that Jason’s term of “deadender” certainly applies to Mastriano. I find it mindblowing that so many conservatives in PA would rather nominate Mastriano than Lou Barletta, who has been proven down-the-line conservative and leader for decades (remember when he was the anti-illegal-immigration mayor of Hazleton who won an allegedly “safe” Democratic seat in 2010?) but is still only 66 years old, but I guess that spelling out “TRUMP” on the very lawn on which he previously had spelled out Q-anon propaganda is deemed by PA conservatives as a better calling card than Barletta’s conservative record as nayor. (And, yes, I know that Barletta lost the U.S. Senate race to incumbent Bob Casey in 2018, but it was freaking 2018, the worst or maybe second-worst off-year electoral environment for Repubkicans in the past 48 years.)

      But I see little evidence that Kathy Barnette is a deadender, or that her primary opponents would be superior to her in the general election. While advocating for abortion laws without an exception for rape and incest is risky in a state such as PA that is moderately pro-life, Barnette is the one candidate who can get away with that without much political fallout because she herself was conceived by the rape of an 11-year-old by a 21-year-old relative; and her GE opponent, Lt. Gov. Fetterman, has a position on abortion (allowing it at any tine prior to birth) that is far more extreme than that. And Barnette’s other issue positions are pretty standard GOP views. As for her low name ID and its effect on her fundraising, believe me, it is nothing that winning the GOP Senate nomination in a good GOP year wouldn’t change. How high was the name ID in VA for Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares prior to winning the GOP nomination for their respective positions?

      Dr. Oz is no conservative (irrespectively of what he copy-pasted onto his website) and was deemed by no other than Mike Pompeo (who was both head of the CIA and Secretary of State in recent years) as someone who is too close to Erdogan’s regime in Turkey to be a U.S. Senator. I have no problem with McCormick, but the trend has not been his friend in the polls, and it appears that many PA Republicans see him as insufficiently conservative. Barnette is peaking right before the primary and has a real chance of becoming the non-Oz alternative for primary-day voters.

      Of course, none of this matters, because Phil already declared the Democrats the winners of every race in PA and NV this November.

    879. Tgca says:

      So these scum go into a Catholic Church on private property and try to disrupt mass and refuse to leave and are then pushed out by Parishoners.

      Psaki to say we have a long history of peaceful protests in the US that is part of our democracy.

      So protesting at the Capitol, a public building is insurrection and illegal but protesting a religious ceremony on private property is fine?

      The Catholic president is silent on interrupting religious ceremonies.

      These people are truly lost souls.

    880. Meldrim says:

      I can tell you one thing, not trying to win elections on our side makes it a lot easier for the other side to steal elections.

      Jason, if the 2022,PA results are already baked in the cake because Democrats can create unlimited fake votes and steal the elections irrespective of how people vote, why are you saying that nominating Oz would give the GOP a better chance of holding Toomey’s Senate seat than if the party nominated Barnette? Shouldn’t GOP odds of winning be 0% irrespective of whom the GOP nominates? Because that’s what Phil says.

    881. jason says:

      why are Finland and Sweden joining NATO?”
      Maybe they don’t want to “win” a war against Russia like Ukraine is.

      You know where you “win” by losing large parts of your territory, have 20%+ of your population exiled or displaced, have your cities, schools and hospitals shelled, your citizens tortured and raped and tens of thousands killed, your economy ruined and your infrastructure, airports and bridges and roads and power plants destroyed.

      They see this and think you have to be one heck of an isolationist fool to think “Russia is not a threat”.

    882. Tgca says:

      Other than the grammatical errors in Meldrim’s 893 post, I agree with him (Im assuming his preferred pronoun) on Barnette.

      One can go from obscurity to rockstar over night with the right message and political climate so it should not always be name recognition that drives voting preference.

      I guess the real question is whether the conservatives in PA feel Dr. Oz is worth their vote and will he support them in the long run on issues that REALLY matter or will he turn out to be another faux conservative that betrays them on issues that REALLY matter?

      Is it better to just have another GOP senator in the column to vote with you on non-critical issues over a senator that will vote with you on critical issues?

      Time will tell.

    883. jason says:

      ason, if the 2022,PA results are already baked in the cake because Democrats can create unlimited fake votes and steal the elections irrespective of how people vote,”

      Zzzzzz…. Meldrim lies about what I said and then attacks the lie?

      Don’t you love HHR?

      I didn’t give Oz 0% of winning, never said that. I said I viewed him as the strongest GE candidate for Rs. Whether he can overcome the MOF or not is an open question. If the election is close enough, he will lose due to fraud. You will say, oh well, that’s ok, because at least Rs won here, here and here

      I just don’t subscribe to your silly theory that we should accept and ignore fraud because SOME Republicans win despite fraud.

    884. jason says:

      I can tell you one thing, not trying to win elections on our side makes it a lot easier for the other side to steal elections.”

      I can tell you one thing, those that ignore fraud because they think it can never happen again make it a lot easier for the other side to steal elections.

    885. mnw says:

      893 Meldrin

      Did you read Salena Zito’s weekend article about Mastriano? It’s consistent with your post, but she describes him as far worse than even you do.

      As for Barnette, she has also not spoken out in favor of exceptions for ectopic pregnancy, or even to save the life of the mother.

      A Barnette/Mastriano ticket (“no exceptions”) should scare the PA GOP, but apparently it doesn’t. The Wise Men at RRH have assured me that such a ticket will be just fine, & one of them invited me to shut up about what I (and more importantly Zito) see as a potential political disaster.

    886. jason says:

      Is it better to just have another GOP senator in the column to vote with you on non-critical issues over a senator that will vote with you on critical issues?”

      Wrong question. Is it better to have a senator that you might not agree with 100% of the time than a senator that will vote against your interests 100% of the time.

      Whatever you think of Oz, he is not going to vote to overturn the filibuster, he is not going to vote for HR1 or BBB. He is going to vote for conservative judges and he is going to vote to protect PA’s mining industry.

      The Dem is a far left moonbat that would probably be one of the 10 most radical senators on the Dem side, despite the competition.

      If you think Barnette is a better candidate for the GE fine, we can disagree. But if you support her just because she is “more conservative” then you just want to do the Mikey Maneuver, send a message.

    887. Tgca says:

      Let’s be real, there was no evidence of fraud in PA, as much I want to believe it and evidence suggests.

      Had there been fraud in PA, we would have seen fraud in NC as well because as goes NC goes, the entire country goes.

      I know this is true because I’ve been told by a self-anointed political guru at HHR.

    888. jason says:

      A Barnette/Mastriano ticket (“no exceptions”) should scare the PA GOP, but apparently it doesn’t.”

      It certainly scares me. I wouldn’t vote for either of them in the primary.

      But you have to remember abortion is not going to be the main issue people vote in November in PA.

    889. jason says:

      Has anyone seen 2000 mules yet?

      I haven’t, but from what I read it makes a compelling case.

    890. Tgca says:


      I’m not sure many conservatives would agree with your view.

      I get your point about having another GOP seat in your column that you can rely on for some votes but to many conservatives who have been continuously misled in the past by faux conservatives, it is the critical issues that they worry most about like ABORTION or illegal aliens. It’s not an overall voting percentage test they care about.

      After all, one could say not voting is self-defeating as well. Would you rather have your vote count some of the times or NEVER count because you refuse to vote? That appears self-defeating as well.

      See the connection?

      Now can we get back to ABORTION please?

    891. Tgca says:

      No! I’ve not seen 2,000 mules.

      But I did see a mama duck with 10 little baby chicks marching down the street yesterday. Soooooo cute!

    892. Tgca says:

      Take it for what it’s worth. Basically a 3-way tie with Oz, Barnette, and McCormick per new 3-day poll.

      According to the new Trafalgar Group poll, Trump endorsed Oz was at 24.5 percent, Barnette was at 23.2 percent and McCormick was at 21.6 percent in the race to be the nominee for the seat of retiring GOP Senator Pat Toomey.

      The survey was conducted between May 6 and May 8. The poll consisted of 1080 likely 2022 GOP primary voters, had a response rate of 1.44 percent and a margin of error of 2.99 percent.

      Pundits theorized that Barnette is surging due to her recent debate performance and Oz was falling due to his heavy negatives with Republican voters.

    893. jason says:

      This dog is not a Putin Appeaser!

      “Volodymyr Zelensky presented Ukraine’s famous mine-sniffing dog Patron and his owner with a medal on Sunday to recognise their dedicated service since Russia’s invasion.

      The Jack Russell terrier has been credited with detecting more than 200 explosives and preventing their detonation since the start of the war, quickly becoming a canine symbol of Ukrainian patriotism.

      Ukraine’s president made the award at a news conference in Kyiv with Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister. Patron barked and wagged his tail, prompting laughter from the audience. Mr Trudeau patted his pockets as though looking for a dog treat.”

    894. jason says:

      After all, one could say not voting is self-defeating as well. Would you rather have your vote count some of the times or NEVER count because you refuse to vote? That appears self-defeating as well.”

      Tgca finally makes a fair point.

      I understand that if my votes only counts for 2/3 of an illegal vote it is still more than zero. The reason I will still not vote is because I don’t want to be part of such a system, where legal votes are diluted by illegal votes.

      But I still think if you are a conservative, you should prefer Dr. Oz as senator than Fetterman, even if he won’t vote 100% the way you want him. My point that Fetterman will vote 100% against the interests of conservatives still stands.

      One vote in the senate could be the difference between codifying abortion or not, passing HR1 or BBB or not, removing the filibuster or not.

    895. Phil says:

      Oz is better than any Democrat in the Senate. Much better.

      The good news is that the GOP primary will be on the up and up. Democrats can’t steal that one nor would they bother. They’ll wait until November – so they don’t much care who the Republican is who wins the primary.

    896. mnw says:


      Grammatical errors HERE? At HHR? Say it ain’t so.

      That’s like passing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500.

      I can ignore those, but all the never-ending cliches (LOL!; Zzzzz; I love this place!; You can’t make this zh*t up!, etc) are a much greater irritation.

    897. jason says:

      Barnette’s surge seems to be waning at Predictit

      Oz 56 (+6)
      Barnette 31 (-2)
      McCormick 20 (-3)

      Still, 31 is a lot better than 5….

    898. jason says:

      I can ignore those, but all the never-ending cliches (LOL!; Zzzzz; I love this place!; You can’t make this zh*t up!, etc) are a much greater irritation.”


      Feel free to create your own blog where you can censor what everyone writes.

      I am sure it will be really popular!

      Until then, GFY.

    899. Tina says:

      If reports are true, justice Alito has been moved and is in hiding.

      The Biden administration waited 5 days to condemn threats and protests against the justices.

      Will they arrest those protesters that demonstrated in front of the homes of sc justices? There is a federal law against that.

      I am sure the fib and don’t won’t do sheot.

    900. Tina says:

      Has Biden’s beotch or Luntz tenant even remarked on Alito and his family being moved?

      Isn’t this a threat to democracy, or more of a threat than Maga grandparents parading in the capitol, after they are welcomed in by some cops?

    901. Tina says:

      The jebots here did the same.

      Jerry Dunleavy
      · 3h
      NEW: Disinfo Governance Board director Nina Jankowicz promoted false Trump-Russia collusion claims— including sharing debunked Alfa Bank claims in 2016 & praising Schiff’s 2017 speech reading discredited Steele Dossier claims into the congressional record.

    902. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #908- jason
      I saw the video about Patron. I had a Jack Russell Terrier for 14 years who passed in late March of this year.
      My Jack was a truly iconic and amazing dog and at least three Memorials are being made for him.
      Generally, Jacks are super smart, loyal, handsome, mischievous and full of energy. Patron is truly a Jack in appearance and behavior.
      If I adopt again, it will be another Jack. His energy would keep me youthful.

    903. jason says:

      it is the critical issues that they worry most about like ABORTION or illegal aliens. It’s not an overall voting percentage test they care about.”

      Ok, let’s use your examples.

      Fetterman will 100% vote for abortion on demand, partial birth abortions, and infanticide by allowing viable fetuses to be killed after birth.

      He will also 100% vote for open borders and citizenship for all illegal aliens.

      Oz may not vote 100% the way you want on abortion or immigration, but he certainly won’t vote for any of these things. Let’s say he votes for a 20 week limit, is that better than unrestricted abortion up to full term? Let’s say he agrees with a DACA program leading to citizenship for Dreamers, would that be better than citizenship for 15 million illegals and open borders?

      So on “critical issues” Oz is still a lot better than Fetterman.

      The problem with trying to get all or nothing means you often get nothing.

    904. jason says:

      Sheep, never had a Jack terrier.

      Sounds like a great dog, sorry that he passed away, but at 14 I bet he had a great life.

    905. Meldrim says:

      Jason, when moron Phil wrote “Ok then. Add Pennsylvania to Nevada as states that we now know are done before any GE ever takes place,” you agreed with what he wrote. So it was you who put Phil’s words in your mouth. And that means that you do did say that any Republican, including Oz, would have a 0% chance of winning the general in 2022. Or do you interpret “Pennsylvania [is] done before any GE ever takes place” in a way that does not mean that the election is a fait accompli?

      “I just don’t subscribe to your silly theory that we should accept and ignore fraud because SOME Republicans win despite fraud.”


      Who said anything of the kind? I don’t think that we should accept or ignore fraud, but rather than we should win elections and adopt laws that make it harder for Democrats to cheat. For example, by taking advantage of the current electoral environment, we can win back the NV governorship and state legislature and adopt Texas-style election-integrity laws (which have the Phil Seal of Approval, but I won’t hold that against them) and elect up to three new GOP congressmen that can fight for election integrity at the federal level (and certainly wouldn’t make things worse by voting for any of those Democrat bills to make cheating easier).

      Pointing out fraud is quite responsible and smart; fatalism in the face of contrary evidence is idiotic.

    906. Tgca says:

      A little too late from the Lil Red Riding Hood skank.

      They wait until folks trespass on private property and interrupt church masses and fire bomb a pro-life clinic before walking back “passionate” protests comments.

      Is that like the passion shown by Antifa and BLM in 2020 when they burned down neighborhoods and killed people?

    907. Meldrim says:

      BTW, even if Oz is as fake of a conservative as I believe that he is, I obviously think that he’d be better than any Democrat that could be elected in OPA, so of course I’d support him in the general election. And if he ends up being a Turkish traitor, the Senate can always expel him and there would be a special election in 2024 (with a temporary senator appointed by the governor, who hopefully will be Barletta).

      Of course, I think that Pat Toomey has been a far better senator than any Democrat over the past 12 years, which does not seem to be a very popular opinion here even among those who say “Oz is better than any Democrat in the Senate. Much better.”

    908. DW says:

      From my angle, it looks like the war in Ukraine has a HUGE number of losers, and no winners.

    909. jason says:

      fatalism in the face of contrary evidence is idiotic.”

      Said by a person who is very “fatalistic” about fraud.

    910. Tgca says:

      I am not opposed to Oz.

      As an EXPERT in all things except all things gay to wish I defer to LisaB, I’m simply pointing out the inconsistency and defeatism in Jadon’s argument.

      Electing Oz is better than electing a Dem who will vote 100% of the time against GOP interests. Valid argument.

      Well, refusing to vote is also voting against GOP interests. If many disillusioned by the 2020 PA election outcome due to voter fraud thought like Jadon, the GOP would have 0% of winning statewide elections in PA.

      0% GOP winning elections = 100% elected Dems voting against GOP interests.

      So how does one reconcile these two? They result in the same outcome.

    911. jason says:

      Of course, I think that Pat Toomey has been a far better senator than any Democrat over the past 12 years, which does not seem to be a very popular opinion here”

      Toomey is an unprincipled ass that turned against the people that elected him so he could ingratiate himself with the MSM and the gun grabbing lobby. By voting for Trump’s impeachment against the wishes of 95% of the people who elected him and by adopting Dem talking points on guns and attempting to criminalize law abiding gun owners (41% of PA households own guns), he showed his true colors.

      But if you ask me would he have been more likely to support conservative causes over the last 12 years than someone like Fetterman, I would agree.

    912. Tgca says:

      What a nice thief!

      Dude steals lawnmower but only after mowing front and back lawns of property he stole lawnmower from.

      Lawnmower recovered but thief still on the run with another outstanding burglary warrant to his name.

      I think we should have a Thief Appreciation Day to recognize the kindness of thieves.

    913. Tina says:

      Barnett e claims she has only spent $2 million on her campaign vs the $60 million spent by oz and the other top 3 candidate.

    914. jason says:

      Electing Oz is better than electing a Dem who will vote 100% of the time against GOP interests. Valid argument.

      Well, refusing to vote is also voting against GOP interests.

      So how does one reconcile these two? They result in the same outcome.”

      There is nothing to reconcile. I don’t disagree that my refusing to vote is against the GOP’s interests.

      I refuse to participate in a process that I think is flawed and corrupt. It is a matter of principle.

      If you can’t vote for OZ because it is a matter of principle, fine. My objection was to the point that there was no difference for conservatives between Oz as senator and Fetterman as senator.

    915. Tgca says:

      Well, 1st we had Arlen betray conservatives in PA.

      Then we had Toomey betray conservatives in PA.

      Will Oz be the next PA GOP Senator to betray conservatives in PA?

    916. jason says:

      Barnett e claims she has only spent $2 million on her campaign vs the $60 million spent by oz and the other top 3 candidate.”

      I hope she sees that as a problem.

    917. jason says:

      Will Oz be the next PA GOP Senator to betray conservatives in PA?


      Here is the alternative.

    918. Tgca says:


      Your point is taken but it is equally valid point that giving up voting is essentially helping elect Dems which seems to frustrate some here.

    919. jason says:

      Bong-Bong Marcos wins landslide victory in the Phillipines.

    920. Tgca says:


      I read Fetterman’s bio you posted. He got his start in politics by winning mayor by a single vote.

      Was that your non-vote that elected him?

      See! Voting…or not has consequences.

      Perhaps he NEVER would’ve been if just one or two more people would had voted.

      I see he’s a social Justice Warrior. How nice.

      I notice his bio says nothing about tranny rights so I think he could be attacked on that front by Oz.

      It seems odd a Dem is running for Gubbernor without making tranny rights front and center in his campaign.

    921. jason says:

      Your point is taken but it is equally valid point that giving up voting is essentially helping elect Dems which seems to frustrate some here.”

      Participating in a fraudulent system designed to help Dems get elected essentially helps elect more Democrats.

    922. jason says:

      It seems odd a Dem is running for Gubbernor”

      He is running for the Senate.

    923. jason says:

      Was that your non-vote that elected him?”

      I doubt it unless he ran for mayor of Bittersville.

    924. jason says:

      Maybe I can run for mayor of Bittersville as Bang-Bang Jason.

    925. jason says:

      Mr. Putin, speaking in Moscow’s Red Square on Russia’s most important secular holiday, marking the anniversary of the Soviet victory in World War II, restated his past claims that attacking Ukraine was “inevitable” and “the only correct decision.” He said Russian troops in eastern Ukraine were fighting “on their land,”

      Why there cannot be a “negotiated settlement” when it is obvious the Russians are just trying to annex parts of Ukraine.

    926. mnw says:

      Whoops, there it is:

      Trafalgar PA GOP gov:

      Mastriano 27.6
      Barletta 17.6
      White 15.1
      McSwain 14.4

      (others omitted by me)

      Never tell me gain that the voters in MO are stupid.

    927. Tgca says:


      Sorry! I meant senate. He’s running against Oz.

      It is now time for my afternoon nap.

    928. Tina says:

      den Approval Rating Near Lows: IBD/TIPP Poll

      Biden Job Approval
      Approve 39% (-3)
      Disapprove 47% (+4)

      Approve 27% (-2)
      Disapprove 58% (+7)

      The Economy: Independents
      Approve 15%
      Disapprove 58%

      +- from April

      May 4-6 / 1,320 A

    929. jason says:

      The MSM beclowns itself once again.

      Their version for the firebombed office in WI. A fire broke out?

      “A fire broke out Sunday at the office of an anti-abortion group in Madison, Wis., where “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” was written on the wall.”

      Sorry, mnw, but you can’t make this sh-t up.

    930. Tgca says:

      Claiming the voters of MO are stoopid is absurd and offensive!

      I think that designation should be more accurately allotted to MO population in total.

    931. jason says:

      Speaking of MO, big surge for Greitens at Predictit.

      Looks like the ex-wife accusations are backfiring bigly.

      I have thought that might be the case from the beginning.

    932. Phil says:

      ‘’A fire broke out”


      Just like an SUV slammed into a Christmas parade.

      No leftist actual people are ever involved.

      Exactly right. You can’t make this sh*t up.

    933. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #947- jason The jump at PredictIt for Greitens is solely due to an internal poll released by his campaign showing him about +10 over Hartzler.(See the comment section at PredictIt for the polling data.)

    934. mnw says:

      Greitens internal released today:

      Greitens 26
      Hartzler 19
      Schmitt 14
      Long 7
      Und 27

      (others omitted by me)

      This result isn’t outlandish, although there’s not much info on the internals. Claims it’s 800 LVs.

      MO AG Schmitt seems improbably low to me. He’s been up on paid TV a lot lately. He was on Tucker Carlson last week also.

    935. Robbie says:

      Who wouldn’t want to nominate a man who sexually and physically assaulted his mistress and his wife as senator? Having to resign as governor is a good thing, right? Eric Greitens, a Steve Bannon fraud, is perfect for today’s Trump party.

      The NRSC used to get involved in primaries and do what it could to prevent idiot candidates like Greitens, but no more. Now, we’ve got moron Rick Scott running the show and doing everything he can to screw things up like offering his own tax plan.

      The best part of the way Rick Scott is operating is he thinks he’s going to use the NRSC as a springboard to a presidential run. LOL.

    936. Robbie says:

      I’m going to laugh my rear end off when Mastriano wins the PA gov primary and then endangers the entire slate of Republicans running in November.

      Only Jason fraud, an idiot, thinks nominating a “stop the steal” idiot the right way for the party to go.

    937. Tgca says:


      So Robbie is going to laugh his butt off that the GOP loses in PA?


      Robbie will be celebrating with glee that the GOP loses in PA but he claims he really is a conservative.

      These kind of statements by Robbie gives credence to those here who claim he is a Dem troll that really supports Dems over the GOP.

      Why else would Robbie laugh at GOP losses? Sounds like something the radical left does when the GOP loses and not a conservative.

    938. jason says:

      I’m going to laugh my rear end off when Mastriano wins the PA gov primary”

      So Amoral Scumbag is rooting for Mastriano.

      Meanwhile, here is what jason said.

      “I think we are going to have to live with Mastriano as the candidate for Gov in PA. Like Bitter I would prefer McSwain, then White then Barletta.

      But as Skippy will soon find out, you don’t always get what you want. ”

      Mastriano is my 4th choice.

      Evidently Mastriano is Amoral Scumbag’s first choice. Somehow, it must be bad from Trump.

    939. jason says:

      Who wouldn’t want to nominate a man who sexually and physically assaulted his mistress and his wife as senator?”

      BS. There is no evidence he physically assaulted anybody.

    940. jason says:

      Actually, ANY R on the ballot in PA will be attacked by Amoral Scumbag.

      He is attacking Mastriano because he views him as the winner. If it was Barletta, same thing.

      All the R candidates for governor and senate in PA believe the election was stolen.

      You can be sure Amoral Scumbag will endorse the Dem no matter who the Rs nominate. And not only in PA. He already called all the R senate frontrunners “turds”.

    941. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag knows there are no R senate candidates who will win in ANY state if they attack Trump. NONE.

      And that is what Amoral Scumbag wants, candidates who will “shun” Trump and therefore commit electoral suicide.

      It makes it easy for Dems to win.

    942. Phil says:

      Well, you got to say this about Robbie. He’s consistent. He’s never met a Republican nominee for anything he liked. Not a one.

    943. jason says:

      Here is what the Greitens poll did for him on Predicit.

      At least he is still the underdog.

    944. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag will endorse this guy for Senator in Ohio.

      BRET BAIER: My question was about any limits to abortion at any point. Late-term, anything?

      TIM RYAN: Look, you got to leave it up to the woman.”

      Why? Because his opponent was endorsed by Trump.

    945. jason says:

      “A big-shot Hollywood lawyer reportedly paid off Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes — which a source told The Post amounted to more than $2 million — as President Biden’s notoriously troubled son awaits the results of a Delaware grand jury’s investigation into his personal finances.

      Kevin Morris, an entertainment attorney and novelist who earned a fortune representing the co-creators of “South Park” and won a Tony Award as the co-producer of “The Book of Mormon,” footed Hunter Biden’s overdue taxes totaling over $2 million — more than twice what was previously reported, a source familiar with conversations between the two told The Post.”

      I wish I knew some big time lawyers to help foot Lupita’s feed bill, which has been rising leaps and bounds.

      The only big shot lawyers I know of are Bitter, mnw and Meldrim.

      Will any of them llama up (get it, pony up, llama up?).

    946. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – To be fair, Tina likes almost no Republican candidates or office holders, either.

    947. Wes says:

      Wrong, Phil.

      Robbie had a huge JEB! fetish back in 2016. He’s never forgiven Republicans for not nominating JEB!.

    948. Robbie says:

      The Trafalgar Group
      #PAGov ‘22 #GOP Primary #Poll shows Mastriano lead #PApol









      11.3% Und

      – If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that the Republican Party has simply given up. How hard would it be for respected Republicans in the state to say Mastriano is wrong? Answer: not very. Yet, the best we can get is an Internet column from Salena Zito warning about the dangers of nominating a clown like Mastriano.

      It’s the abdication of trying.

    949. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 9, 2022 at 1:22 pm
      Meanwhile, here is what jason said.

      “I think we are going to have to live with Mastriano as the candidate for Gov in PA. Like Bitter I would prefer McSwain, then White then Barletta.

      – Translation: Jason fraud is for Mastriano, but doesn’t want to look as if he is so long as it appears Mastriano will lose. Jason fraud is a “stop the steal” sympathizer.

    950. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is a moron.

      How can I be “for Mastriano” if I listed him 4th out of 4?

      But absolutely, I am certainly a “stop the steal” sympathizer, always have been from day 1.

      Guilty as charged!

    951. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 9, 2022 at 1:25 pm
      Who wouldn’t want to nominate a man who sexually and physically assaulted his mistress and his wife as senator?”

      BS. There is no evidence he physically assaulted anybody.

      – Jason fraud going to bat for Eric Greitens is really just the “chef’s kiss” of his transformation into a Trump worshipper.

      Here’s Greitens wife saying she and her children were physically abused by Greitens.

      And of course, let’s not forget the reasons why Greitens resigned as governor. His sexually deviant behavior with his hair dresser may be ok with ultra Trumpists like Jason fraud, but not with the rest of voters.

      But hey, MAGA.

    952. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 9, 2022 at 1:33 pm
      Well, you got to say this about Robbie. He’s consistent. He’s never met a Republican nominee for anything he liked. Not a one.

      – You’re correct in one aspect. I’m consistent in my hate for Trump, his scummy preferred candidates, and those who always find a way to excuse everything he does.

      Also, you’re consistent in that you’ve never really cared too about policy over the years. You’re almost solely animated by your notion that someone is always out to screw you over.

    953. Robbie says:

      Wes says:
      May 9, 2022 at 2:25 pm
      Wrong, Phil.

      Robbie had a huge JEB! fetish back in 2016. He’s never forgiven Republicans for not nominating JEB!.

      – And he would have been an infinitely better nominee and president than twice impeached Trump was. Most importantly, he wouldn’t have lost in 2020 to a comatose opponent who can’t eat solid food.

    954. jason says:

      How is this for an idea, different from Amoral Scumbag’s old “brokered convention” BS where a few party big shots decided who should run.

      McSwain, White, Corman and Barletta agree that the the guy who has the best chance to defeat Mastriano (Barletta) should be the only candidate to face him and the other 2 will drop out.

      Will never happen, but that is the way to try to stop Mastriano, not smoke filled back rooms. Barletta, McSwain, White and Corman combined have twice the votes Mastriano has.

      Forget Gale, he is a mini-Mastriano, so he only takes votes from Mastriano.

      As for Gerow, he seems like a good guy, another compelling story. Adopted by missionaries as a child in Brazil. He seems to have more road side signs than anyone else, but has no chance.

    955. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      May 9, 2022 at 2:37 pm
      Amoral Scumbag is a moron.

      But absolutely, I am certainly a “stop the steal” sympathizer, always have been from day 1.

      Guilty as charged!

      – And that’s undisputable evidence you’re a clown.

    956. jason says:

      And he would have been an infinitely better nominee”

      He would have lost in a landslide to Hillary.

      Infinitely better nominee how exactly? Unprepared, clueless, horrible body language and the completely wrong message for the times.

      How a guy who spent 250 million for 4 delegates would have been a “better nominee” is hilarious.

      JEB was the biggest turkey of a “front runner” in the history of primaries.

      Of course, Amoral Scumbag actually said “he would clear the field”, he “would suck up all the money and endorsements”, and that Rubio would never dare run against him. None of that was true, what you saw was a implosion of humongous proportions.

      Yet Amoral Scumbag is still looking for “Jeb’s real killer”.

    957. Wes says:

      Would he really, Robbie? He came from the ultimate damaged political brand and never substantively differentiated himself from his enormously unpopular brother. Democrats would have had a field day reminding voters of GWB had Republicans nominated JEB!.

    958. Wes says:

      To be fair, Jason, had JEB! offered me $37.5 million to vote for him at the convention, I would have done it since I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.

    959. jason says:

      Here’s Greitens wife saying she and her children were physically abused by Greitens.”

      Yeah, she said it.

      And now, lo and behold, she was lying.

      But you, an Amoral Scumbag fell for it.

      “Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens will get to look at his ex-wife’s telephone records from the days before she filed explosive allegations of child and spousal abuse against the Republican Senate candidate.

      In an order dated April 28, Associate Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider overruled Sheena Greitens’ motion to quash subpoenas for her phone logs and text messages. In the same order, Schneider denied Eric Greitens’ request for phone records for his former campaign manager, Austin Chambers, and Sheena Greitens’ sister, Catherine Linkul.

      The order was posted Thursday on Casenet, the state’s online court record system, and did not include any information about Schneider’s reasoning for the decision. Schneider ruled two days after hearing oral arguments from Gary Stamper, Eric Greitens’ attorney; Helen Wade, Sheena Greitens’ attorney; Kurt Schaefer, attorney for Chambers; and David Niemeier, attorney for Linkul.

      Eric Greitens is seeking phone records in an effort to prove Sheena Greitens conspired with his political enemies, including former presidential adviser Karl Rove and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to write the affidavit that contains the abuse allegations and to make sure they were well-publicized.”

    960. jason says:

      To be fair, Jason, had JEB! offered me $37.5 million to vote for him at the convention, I would have done it since I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.”

      Me too.

      So for a cool $320 million or so, he could have had 6 delegates.

      A 50% increase!

    961. Phil says:

      Oh yeah. I had forgotten about Robbie having the hots for Jeb. How could I? Three delegates. About twenty million a delegate if I remember right. Ol illegal immigration is an act of love Jeb. Robbie was scarred for life when Jeb didn’t get the nomination handed to him on a silver platter. After all, like Hillary, he was entitled. His name was BUSH by God! How dare the Republican base not bow down and worship him.

      Robbie’s just never been the same since Trump made Jeb his b*tch during those primary debates. It made Robbie absolutely insane. He’s never recovered…..and for six years has been obsessed with everything Trump. It’s all he thinks or posts about. Nonstop. Worse than the leftist clowns on MSNBC. He’s turned into Nicole Wallace – Joy Reid – Joy Behar all rolled into one. Very sad sad case.

    962. jason says:

      Phil, he was a lying fraud years before that, but got away with it.

    963. jason says:

      Bong-Bong Marcos cleaning up…

      “As of 1:17 a.m. Tuesday, the unofficial tally of partial results showed Marcos with 28,306,439 votes and his closest competitor, Vice President Leni Robredo, with 13,520,678 votes. The figures were based on 88.67% of votes transmitted.

      The presidential race has shaped into a two-way race between the former senator and his archrival Robredo.

      Sen. Manny Pacquiao got 3,078,281 votes, Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko’ Domagoso had 1,743,593 votes, and Sen. Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson got 823,071 votes, according to the partial and unofficial tally.”

    964. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 9, 2022 at 3:00 pm
      Oh yeah. I had forgotten about Robbie having the hots for Jeb. How could I? Three delegates.

      – How’d your guy, Rubio, do? Remember how Chris Christie gutted the “Republican Savior” on the debate stage? Remember how he called Trump a conman and then begged to speak on his behalf at the convention? Remember how he wanted to do comprehensive immigration reform in 2013? Wow, what tough and principled guy Little Marco was.

    965. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 9, 2022 at 3:00 pm
      Robbie’s just never been the same since Trump made Jeb his b*tch during those primary debates. It made Robbie absolutely insane. He’s never recovered…..and for six years has been obsessed with everything Trump. It’s all he thinks or posts about. Nonstop.

      – And do you know why I post about Trump all of the time? Because he remains the most influential and destructive force in Republican politics.

      Have you forgotten Republicans lost control of the House, the Senate, and the white House during his presidency? The only other to do that was Hoover. What a great comparison.

      Have you forgotten how Trump cost Republicans the two Georgia Senate seats because he spent two months crying and lying about an election he lost? Every time you look at Ketanji Brown Jackson, just remember Trump made her possible because he sabotaged Republican control of the Senate in January 2021.

      And have you forgotten that you told me in February 2021 there was no need to worry about Trump anymore because no one you knew was interested in voting for him again? Yet, here we are on the precipice of another presidential election and he’s the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination. And he’ll be the favorite in 2028 when he runs again as well.

      So if you’re fine with Trump endorsing clown candidates or kneecapping candidates who could actually win like Ducey in Arizona, fine. I’m not and I’m going to continue to talk about him because he is, sadly, the only thing that matters in Republican politics.

      And whether you want to admit it or now right now, you’ll be totally onboard with Trump in 2024 and every crazy, insane thing he says or does.

      Yeah, I’m focused on Trump because Trump still matters unlike you guy Rubio.

    966. Phil says:

      Yep, Rubio got gutted as well. Turned out to be a good thing since neither Rubio or Bush would have carried Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania and gotten to the WH. Trump could and did. Saved the country from Hillary.

    967. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 9, 2022 at 3:16 pm
      Yep, Rubio got gutted as well. Turned out to be a good thing since neither Rubio or Bush would have carried Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania and gotten to the WH. Trump could and did. Saved the country from Hillary

      – LOL. I love this revisionist, pro Trump history. Because Trump won states against a long time politician and candidate with a likability rating lower than 45%, that meant Jeb and Rubio wouldn’t have won. It simply makes no sense.

      Truth is Rubio would have won more than 50% of the vote nationally in 2016 because he would have won the contested states by larger margins than Trump and lost the other states by smaller margins than Trump. Why? Rubio wouldn’t have spent the election pissing off voters by attacking Gold Star families or the Access Hollywood tape.

      And I say all of this as someone who saw through Rubio’s shtick from day one. He was and remains an overrated politician. Look at the way he was faded away since 2016. Still, that would have been more than enough in 2016 to beat an old hag like Hillary.

      The attempts to rercon Trump’s unexpected vitory in 2016 into some sort of masterpiece or that he was the only one who could’ve won is the worst and saddest kind of Trump worship there is.

    968. mnw says:

      Mastriano & voter fraud in PA:

      The GOP has working majorities in both houses of the PA legislature.

      If the PA GOP nominated an electable candidate for governor, instead of the Q-Anon-linked guy who always wear spurs wherever he goes, the GOP would be in a position to strengthen election integrity through legislation.

      GA did it. FL did it.

    969. Phil says:

      No establishment Republican would have garnered the working class votes necessary to carry Wisconsin, Michigan, Pa or Iowa and probably not Ohio. That’s not “revisionist history”. That’s mathematical fact.

      You really want me to go over the Midwest state by state numbers for W, MCCain, and Romney? Dismal. Oh, but Rubio would have been different. Yeah, riiiiiight.

    970. Tina says:

      $6.05 a gallon and Goober is talking about another $33 billion for Ukraine and regime change in Russia.

      The gop-e suck.

    971. Tina says:

      Investors Business Daily

      New low for the jebots Biden.

      39%. A poll of adults.

    972. DW says:

      I still think this is the most clever line in response to the DEMs freakout over Roe:

      Democrats have never been this unhinged since Republican Abraham Lincoln took away their slaves.

    973. Robbie says:

      Trump is beatable in the 2024 primary. Very beatable, in fact. His support right now is based mostly on high name ID, but his standing is a mile wide and an inch deep. All it would take is a credible candidate in something close to a one-on-one race. DeSantis immediately comes to mind. Maybe Cotton. It couldn’t be another 2016 where 15 others run and leave Trump to get 35% and win.

      Yet, Trump is going to be the runaway nominee. Why? Because everyone in the party is scared of him. No one wants to challenge him because no one in the party is willing to risk their own careers. Nikki Haley has already demurred and so will the others. They’re already jockeying for 2028. Haley might also be angling for VP in 2024 under the belief it gives her a head start on 2028, but ask Pence how much that spot was worth.

      What I find so humorous about all of this is people like Haley, DeSantis, and others think Trump is going away after 2024. Wrong. Trump, after he loses in 2024, will do just what he’s done the last two years. Make clear he’s going to run again in 2028. And he’ll continue to command the loyalty of the base just as Marianne Le Pen has done in France. Losing doesn’t matter to cults. Only cyanide laced Kool-Aid ends them once and for all.

      Trump wiped out a generation of Republican talent in 2016. Rubio, Cruz, and Walker were all leading lights (to some anyway) and now none of them will ever get anywhere close to the presidency. They’re done. Finished. Now, Trump’s set to do the same to people like Haley and DeSantis. Haley’s time has probably already passed, but not DeSantis’.

      If DeSantis is going to run for president, 2024 is worth the risk. The reasons that have made him popular with the party (pushing back on covid restrictions and woke corporations) will still be alive in people’s minds. But if he passes on 2024, the issues that made him a star will have faded once 2028 rolls around. Trump will still be dominant after three nominations (Jason fraud will continue to say Trump win 2020 no matter what) and DeSantis will be just another guy who’s been out of office for two years.

      The country is ready for a new generation of leadership. I hope DeSantis sees that, but I suspect he’ll pass. Chris Christie 2012 should serve as a cautionary tale to prospective candidates who always think waiting is better, but he won’t.

    974. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 9, 2022 at 3:34 pm
      No establishment Republican would have garnered the working class votes necessary to carry Wisconsin, Michigan, Pa or Iowa and probably not Ohio.

      – Still buying that Robert Baris nonsense I see.

    975. Meldrim says:

      #925, jason says:

      May 9, 2022 at 11:20 am
      fatalism in the face of contrary evidence is idiotic.”

      Said by a person who is very “fatalistic” about fraud.

      Au contraire, I think that we certainly can do things to reduce election fraud and to make it much harder for Democrats to steal elections with impunity. It can’t be done if we aren’t in power, though, so I do not advocate for claiming that participating in elections is futile because “Pennsylvania [is] done before any GE ever takes place.” Fatalism does not mean ignoring a problem (which is what you falsely accuse me of doing), but rather believing in a fait accompli unmovable by the acts of men (which is what I correctly diagnosed as the position shared by you and Phil):

      fatalistic [ feyt-l-is-tik ]


      1. demonstrating a belief that all events are inevitable, so one’s choices and actions make no difference

    976. Phil says:

      Baris has the polling to back it up.

      Again, go ahead and review the state by state midwestern state numbers for Bush, McCain, and Romney. Romney got waxed in Iowa by 6, Michigan by 10, Wisconsin by 7 and Pa by 6, Ohio by 4. McCain was even worse in each state. Look it up. It ain’t rocket science.

    977. Phil says:

      ….or just look at the exit polls from each of those states. Again, it ain’t rocket science.

      …or just compare the working class County returns in counties such as McComb (Michigan) Trumbull & Mahoming (Ohio), Lackawanna & Erie (Pa) 2016 & 2020 vs 2004 – 2012.

    978. mnw says:

      991 Meldrin

      See post 984.

      Why is fixing vote fraud in PA so impossible? Looks like the only thing missing is a GOP governor.

      Intercourse fatalism.

    979. Meldrim says:

      #994, mnw, of course it isn’t impossible. It is impossible to do, however, if Republicans decide that the Democrats are guaranteed to win every election in PA (i.e., fatalism) and so there is no point to contest any elections there.

    980. NYCmike says:

      “– Still buying that Robert Baris nonsense I see.”

      -What do you mean, the “nonsense” that was within 1-2% points in most of the states which decided the Presidential race?

    981. NYCmike says:

      “But you, an Amoral Scumbag fell for it.”

      -Look on the bright side, Robbie, this means you woke up to live another day!

    982. NYCmike says:

      “I refuse to participate in a process that I think is flawed and corrupt. It is a matter of principle.”

      -Idiotic statement.

      You think it, as do many people. At this time, it can’t be proven.

      If you had real principles, you would fight to make sure you could prove that you were correct about that election being stolen, by getting out and voting and making sure others did the same……but, as a coward, you take the easy way out.

    983. NYCmike says:

      “Speaking of re-enforcements, would somebody please send some to the Stock Market??”

      -Personally, I would like another 20% decrease, as I just came into some extra ca$h…….hopefully those that are older have adjusted their portfolios already.

    984. NYCmike says:


    985. EML says:


    986. Gordon Allen says:

      Thankfully we started lessening our exposure to stocks about a year ago( as I advised others here to do then).
      Our current ” economic leadership” is by far the worst its been in my lifetime.
      But still….Yikes!

    987. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 9, 2022 at 4:04 pm
      Baris has the polling to back it up.

      – Baris is a bought and paid for Trump apparatchik. There’s a reason he appears on Steve Bannon’s podcast. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn at some point in the future he’s another Research 2000.

    988. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Approval RCP Average 4/20 – 5/3
      41.0 Approve
      52.3 Disapprove -11.3

      Biden’s polling remains dismal. The Democrats realize he will not be re-elected but they do not have a replacement candidate who is any more electable.

    989. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      May 9, 2022 at 6:24 pm
      “– Still buying that Robert Baris nonsense I see.”

      -What do you mean, the “nonsense” that was within 1-2% points in most of the states which decided the Presidential race?

      – I guess Baris is about to become the new “but Rasmussen” at HHR.

    990. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “CNN’s White House correspondent M.J. Lee this week told us, “Kamala Harris has tested positive for COVID . . . She is not considered a close contact of President Biden.” Why would she be close to Biden? He wants her advice about as much as he wants Ben Shapiro’s.”

    991. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Real Clear Politics polling Average: Trump vs. Biden

      RCP Average 4/19 – 4/27
      Trump 45%
      Biden 44.2%

    992. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “In the survey, the Wall Street Journal reported that 52 per cent of respondents said they don’t think Mr Biden will make an attempt at being re-elected in November 2024, compared with the 29 per cent who believed the contrary.”

    993. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Democrats clearly are heading for a major defeat in the 2022 midterms. With Republicans running Congress, Biden’s leftwing agenda is likely to be blocked. In 2024 it is unlikely Biden will run again; given his declining mental state he may not be able to even remember his own name. There will likely be a brutal primary battle to determine who will run in his place.

      No wonder concerned troll is focused on stopping Trump in the Republican primary. However, all the current polling is showing Trump with a commanding lead in GOP primary in 2024.

    994. NYCmike says:

      “– I guess Baris is about to become the new “but Rasmussen” at HHR.”

      -I didn’t mention anyone else, Robbie.

      If Baris is “nonsense”, show their work.

      Post their polls from November 2020, and then compare them to other polls.

      Let’s see it.

    995. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Actually, there is a new frontrunner in the 2024 Presidential Race:

      “A new poll conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute shows the Ukrainian President leading both Republicans and Democrats in the race for the White House.

      According to the poll, Zelensky is the first choice of fifty-one per cent of Americans, followed by President Biden at twenty-three per cent, Donald J. Trump at seventeen per cent, and Senator Josh Hawley at half of one per cent.
      Davis Logsdon, who supervised the survey, said that Zelensky’s showing in a U.S. Presidential poll was the strongest ever for a Ukrainian politician.

      “The fact that Zelensky was not born in the U.S. was not seen as an obstacle to his becoming the nation’s President,” Logsdon said. “And, though he does not speak fluent English, that has not historically been an obstacle either.”

    996. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is pretending that he would support DeSantis as if we had not seen this M.O. many times before.

      Lest anyone be fooled Amoral Scumbag called DeSantis a Trump clone, a clown and a bum.

      Nobody is fooled.

    997. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag really thinks that a candidate that couldn’t get more than 4 delegates after spending more than 250 million was a viable GE candidate.

      You have to be mentally ill to think that. Jeb was a horrible candidate with nothing to offer but platitudes and guaca bowls who would have decimated by Hillary.

      I am a fan of Rubio, but Rubio would not have won in 2016, not even close. Might have marginally done better than Trump in a few states like Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, but he would never have won the blue collar vote Trump won in OH, MI, PA, and WI. not in a million years. He would just have lost by less than Jeb.

      Only Trump could have won in 2016, and I didn’t even vote for him, so was hardly a fan myself.

      But of course Amoral Scumbag knows that.

    998. jason says:

      “I refuse to participate in a process that I think is flawed and corrupt. It is a matter of principle.”

      -Idiotic statement.”

      Heh, I understand NYC thinks having principles is “idiotic”.

      As he is someone always willing to sell out his “conservative principles” whenever convenient, this is no surprise.

    999. Phil says:

      Hey Robbie. Stick to something you know something about. Baris appears on a lot of podcasts. So what. That’s your counter?

      His numbers and history speak for themselves in both 2016 & 2020. Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio? On the number. 2020 Florida. Three and a half points. On the number. He also nailed both the Georgia Senate races on the number. Oh, and the Virginia governor’s race? Two points. On the number. You’d know all that if you bothered to do any research.

      Did you bother to look at those working class County numbers I cited you? Of course you didn’t. Instead of looking at any of the statistics you prefer to park your lazy ass down in front of the computer and mouth out a bunch of drivel based on absolutely nothing. No stats. No historical numbers. Zilch.

      Do some research before you show up here with a bunch of superficial “analysis” based on nothing. Until then, arm yourself with some real stats. Something a little more substantial than what podcasts a pollster appeared on. Otherwise, you’re just wasting my time.

    1000. Bitterlaw says:

      Cat update. The cats have hissed at each other on the steps from the first floor to the second floor. Original cat hangs out in finished basement. New cat prefers the office. Dog does not understand why the cats don’t want to play with her.

    1001. jason says:

      Wow, Bitter’s house has two floors AND a finished basement?

      Those country club Republicans sure know how to live.

      I better he has indoor plumbing too.

      Sniff, no I am NOT jealous, GFYs.

    1002. NYCmike says:

      “As he is someone always willing to sell out his “conservative principles” whenever convenient, this is no surprise.”

      -It’s good you use the “quotation marks” around conservative principles, as I am pretty sure our definitions don’t match.

    1003. Bitterlaw says:

      Cats just swatted at each other before I separated them. It is not going as planned.

    1004. mnw says:


      Leddy went out with an injury in the first game. His absence has hurt, plain for all to see.

    1005. NYCmike says:

      But I see your goalie playing like he has been there before!

    1006. mnw says:

      I saw where Trotz is gone.

      I generally oppose firing a previously successful coach. The Blues did that to Ken Hitchcock, who won the Cup with Dallas. My thought was, “We KNOW Hitchcock can win, so he must not be the problem.”

      If the Blues are ever dumb enough to part ways with Berube (thanks, Philly!), he’ll get 8 or so head coach offers the next day.

    1007. NYCmike says:

      Not sure what happened there. They had a terrible start this year, mainly due to the fact they played the first 2 months of the season on the road, which is the ownership’s fault. Haven’t heard any reasons for the firing yet.

    1008. mnw says:

      Have you read about the ongoing comic opera with the Yotes?

      They signed a contract to play their next 2 seasons at ASU– in a venue that seats 5100.

    1009. Tina says:

      The GOP is monitoring the intimidation of SCOTUS judges like they’re monitoring the border.

      But no worries!

      Somewhere Lindsey Graham is furiously typing a stern letter and Ronna is sending a bazillion Donate to WinRed emails.

    1010. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Latest Finnish poll shows 76% favor joining NATO, with 12% against. If the Finnish President and government support joining NATO, the percentage favoring joining NATO rises to 82%.

    1011. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      Without national mobilization, I think the Donbas is the last major offensive the Russian military can attempt given the current state & availability of forces. Whether it succeeds, or fails, the Russian military will be largely exhausted in terms of offensive potential.

      Replying to @KofmanMichael

      The overwhelming advantage Ukraine Warriors have is what we in the UK call. B–LS. The Ukrainian warriors are what we all should aspire to be as Men, Women & children. Their deaths are ours.

    1012. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Perhaps Biden’s mental issues are genetic, and run in the family:

      “Biden’s sister invites Meghan Markle to join the Democratic Party because she would ‘of course’ make a good presidential candidate: She defends President’s gaffes as ‘truths’ and confirms he WILL run again in 2024”

    1013. Bitterlaw says:

      Update – After several skirmishes, the new cat has been placed in solitary confinement.

    1014. jason says:

      -It’s good you use the “quotation marks” around conservative principles, as I am pretty sure our definitions don’t match.”

      Truer words have never been spoken.

      Your conservative principles blow around like a flag in a windstorm, and are circumstance and personality driven, and they always have “exceptions”. You have zero core values.

      My conservative principles are consistent and don’t depend on who is President, what the talking point of the day is or what conventional wisdom dictates.

      Yes, they certainly don’t match.

    1015. jason says:

      Cat fight at Bitter’s house seems serious.

      I would volunteer to help but I am a deplorable whisperer, not a cat whisperer.

    1016. DW says:

      THIS is what a LEADER looks like:

      Headline: Gov DeSantis Signs Bill Mandating “Evils of Communism” Be Taught in Florida Schools

    1017. Phil says:

      Biden will be giving remarks on the economy later this morning.


    1018. Robbie says:

      Republicans in Pennsylvania watched what Republicans did to themselves in Colorado and Arizona and said, “Let’s do that here!”.

      A ticket featuring Mastriano and Barnette would feature an endless supply of stupid and idiotic soundbites. But hey, send a message.

    1019. jason says:

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, you support Biden and his agenda because it somehow is “bad for Trump”.

      Nobody cares about your lies and fake endorsements and tired old memes.

      Take your “advice” for the R party back to DKos or whatever left wing cesspool you hang out in and GFY.

    1020. Bitterlaw says:

      If a llama fight breaks out I know the right person to call.

    1021. jason says:

      Headline: Gov DeSantis Signs Bill Mandating “Evils of Communism” Be Taught in Florida Schools

      This is the guy Amoral Scumbag calls a clown, bum and Trump Clone.

      Meanwhile his icon Biden destroys the country.

    1022. jason says:

      Llamas don’t fight nice. They don’t just spit, they bite and kick too. They will knock you down and stomp on you.

      Just a warning for anyone thinking they want to steal Lupita.

    1023. jason says:

      Despite Barnette’s surge, I still don’t see her winning the nomination. I think she is another “Dolan”, in the end Trump’s endorsement will make the difference.

      Mastriano looks like a lock, however. Maybe because there are more Mastriano signs around here than there are people.

      I know the conventional wisdom is that he would lose big to Shapiro, but I am not so sure. With Oz on the ticket Mastriano might get a lot of votes he won’t get with Barnette on the ticket.

      Shapiro-Fetterman is a weak ticket too.

      I hope Rs don’t try to compete in weakness with Mastriano-Barnette.

      I would like to see a Barletta-Oz ticket since White or McSwain are not contending.

    1024. jason says:

      Funny that Politico calls Barnette “ultra- MAGA” when Trump didn’t even endorse her.

      Gotta love the MSM.

    1025. Phil says:

      Ultra MAGA with no Trump endorsement. LOL. Yeah, I noticed that.

      Sounds like something Robbie would push, alright.

      The MSM is so predictable.

    1026. Tina says:

      $40 billion Ukraine package.

      Wow. Will Biden’s beitch bid it up more?

    1027. jason says:

      Spend billions on Ukraine now, save trillions later if you let Russia win.

    1028. Tgca says:


      Sounds like the weaker sex to me.

    1029. Wes says:

      This, along with his other scandals, is probably going to torpedo Henry Cuellar and ensure Republicans elect his successor:

    1030. Wes says:

      I can’t begin to say how glad I am Madison Cawthorn’s not my Congressman:

    1031. Tina says:

      Complete dereliction of duty by the gop e leadership.

      Julie Kelly ??
      The problem isn’t that Biden/Garland/Monaco DOJ isn’t charging unlawful SCOTUS protesters.

      The problem is the GOP has been silent as Biden/Garland/Monaco DOJ destroys the lives of Biden protesters for January 6.

    1032. Wes says:

      Hey, Mnw, I just checked the market indices. Do you think Dan from RRH is still crowing about how “well” the S&P is doing now?

    1033. jason says:

      SAKI: “I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted a year ago” that inflation would soar to record highs.”


      Let’s see. The DOJ is run by a partisan Dem and the prosecutions are run by partisan Dems. The judges overseeing the cases in DC are partisan Dems. The jails in DC are run by partisan Dems.

      How is the GOP leadership going to keep the “lives of protesters from being destroyed” exactly?

      Seems like a typical case of “elections have consequences” to me.

    1034. jason says:

      Hmmm …wrong quote

      The problem is the GOP has been silent as Biden/Garland/Monaco DOJ destroys the lives of Biden protesters for January 6.”

    1035. jason says:

      Psaki is next:

      “I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted a year ago” that inflation would soar to record highs.”

      Actually, there were lots of predictions that huge amounts of government spending and free money was going to cause high inflation.

      Because it always does.

    1036. mnw says:

      1049 Wes

      I pimped him about that yesterday, & surprisingly, The Wise Men didn’t instantly delete my post.

      I think you mean “Dave,” not Dan, however.

      The posts The Wise Men DO delete have no rhyme or reason to them– kind of like Dave Wissing’s Robo-censor here at RRH. THAT random & incomprehensible.

    1037. mnw says:

      AL GOP Sen primary:

      A new poll of 400 LVs from some outfit I never heard of has Britt leading Durant & Brooks by 7 points: 27-20-20.

      A month ago, the same outfit had Durant ahead.

    1038. Wes says:

      You have to remember, Jason, in the Tinaverse, Republicans are responsible for all bad things that happen. Democrats are never responsible for their own actions.

      Tina gets all her information from Gateway Pundit, whose contributors make their money off blaming literally everything on the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment.” Biden could start WWIII tomorrow by nuking Australia, and Gateway Pundit would have an article up an hour later claiming Mitch McConnell was responsible. Tina would then post the article here and proceed to parrot the allegation that McConnell was responsible for what Biden did.

    1039. mnw says:

      Sen. Robert Casey drops all pretense of being pro-life. He’s announced that he’ll support Schumer’s doomed bill to codify Roe.

      PA seems like the motherload of elected officials I detest.

    1040. Meldrim says:

      #1,045, Wes, if moonbat Jessica Cisneros beats moderate Blue Dog Henry Cuellar in the TX-28 Democratic Party runoff, the district indeed could be ripe for the picking for the right GOP candidate. As redrawn for 2022, Biden beat Trump by only 52.8% to 45.8% in the district, and if the GOP trend in South Texas continues (Trump’s vote percentage in the old TX-28 increased from 38.5% to 47.2% from 2016 to 2020), I am confident that a Hispanic conservative Republican would defeat a Hispanic “progressive” Leftist Democrat in that 78%+ Hispanic (almost all of which is Mexican-American) district. I am not too sanguine, however, about GOP chances if the party’s nominee is Anglo conservative Sandra Whitten (who as of March 31 had raised only $58,000, had only $1,000 in the bank, and who got crushed by 19.3% by Cuellar in 2020 while Trump lost to Biden by only 4.4% in the district) instead of Mexican-American conservative Cassy García (a native Laredan and Ted Cruz field-office director who had raised $219,000 and had $115,000 in the bank as of March 31).

      So the May 24 run-offs–for both parties–could determine how good GOP chances will be of winning the seat in November.

    1041. jason says:

      Casey is a despicable fraud.

      So you are pro-life and you support Schumer’s bill?

      Which by the way does NOT codify Roe vs. Wade it legalizes abortion up to the day of birth.

    1042. jason says:

      You have to remember, Jason, in the Tinaverse, Republicans are responsible for all bad things that happen.”

      Not only that, they have extraordinary powers where they can ignore the fact they are in the minority and just do what they want unchallenged.

    1043. jason says:

      Schumer’s bill goes way beyond Roe v. Wade.

      That is why Murkowski just announced she is not voting for it.

    1044. Wes says:

      I guess I should have clarified, Meldrim. I was assuming Garcia would win the GOP primary. I don’t think Whitten is the right candidate for this seat.

    1045. jason says:

      Schumer’s bill will not even get 50 votes.

      Again, he will force Kelly and Hassan and Cortes-Mastro to vote on a bill legalizing a form of abortion only like 13% of the public agrees with.

    1046. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag and the Biden Troll’s candidate:

      Biden on responsibility for inflation: “We’re in power… We control all three branches of the government. Well, we don’t really.”

    1047. DW says:

      Biden blamed Putin for high gas prices.

      Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board responds:

      “This is absolutely true. Anyone who says anything else will be subject to prosecution and detention.”

    1048. NYCmike says:

      “You have to remember, Jason, in the Tinaverse, Republicans are responsible for all bad things that happen. Democrats are never responsible for their own actions.”

      -Idiotic statement…….and very funny that he is addressing jason with it…..

    1049. Phil says:

      As far as Tx-28 I think Cueller hangs on in the primary but it could be close. The candidate who finished third in the first round is even more moonbat than Cisneros. I know, hard to believe. Assuming most all of her support goes to Cisneros it could be a nail biter. Still, I think enough Democrats will vote for Cueller simply because they fear the seat will be gone in November if Cisneros wins. Just enough to put him over. As far as the Republican primary Garcia will win. If Cueller should lose on the 24th, Garcia will win in November.

    1050. Wes says:

      Well, hey, Schumer fanboy, maybe you should read Tina’s posts sometime. They always start the same few ways:

      1) Republicans are happy Dems did x.

      2) Republicans will do nothing to stop Dems from doing x.

      3) Republicans supported x Dem proposal.

      4) Republicans are silent when Dems do x.

      Even when Tina has to make something up–like claiming McConnell praised a Dem bill when he actually said he was happy Republicans managed to get some of their priorities in a bill passed by Congress–she finds a way to say Republicans are responsible for what Pelosi and your favorite Senator shepherd through Congress.

    1051. Wes says:

      Phil, Cuellar has a number of things hurting his renomination and reelection efforts. Dems may be in a damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation in that district.

    1052. Wes says:

      Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY) will resign.

    1053. Wes says:

      I wish Dave had emoticons on this site so I could post a facepalm to accompany this.

      Biden attacks Senator Rick Scott–of Wisconsin!

    1054. Tina says:

      Clown show. Did he even address the Antifa protests at the homes of the justices of the Supreme Court?

      What is the final amount going to be $50 billion?

      · 56m
      .@LeaderMcConnell”: “I had a chance to call the president last week and request that the Ukraine package more by itself and quickly…He called back in about 15 minutes and agreed…I think we’re on a path to getting that done.”

    1055. Tina says:

      Gop e priorities are Ukraine and the grift.

      No mention of the economy, baby formula shortages, the open border, inflation, and the fib failing to arrest the protesters.

    1056. Tina says:

      CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe: Earlier today, anticipating your remarks, he said, and I’m just quoting here. He said that the best thing that, the most effective thing that Joe Biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created, is resign. He’s the problem.

      Joe Biden responded, “Resign, that’s a good idea.”

    1057. Tina says:

      Totally illegal if we had a balanced Fib and Doj. Threatening judges who have not made a decision.

      RNC Research
      · 28m
      Psaki on far-left activists targeting Supreme Court justices’ homes: “So I know that there’s an outrage right now, I guess, about uh protests that have been peaceful to date and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes”

    1058. Skippy says:

      Insider Advantage/FOX 29 PA GOP Senate Poll

      Oz 22.5%
      Barnette 20.9%
      McCormick 18.5%

    1059. Tina says:

      JUST IN: InsiderAdvantage/FOX 29 poll shows Oz leading tight US Senate race in PA ahead of Barnette, McCormick

      Mehmet Oz 22.5%
      Dave McCormick 18.5%
      Jeff Bartos 4.9%
      Carla Sands 4.7%
      George Bochetto 1.3%
      Sean Gale 1.3%
      Undecided 26%

    1060. Tina says:

      Skippy got it.

    1061. mnw says:

      AL Sen GOP primary:

      Another one, from Cygnal this time:

      Britt has an 11-point lead over Brooks & Durant, who are essentially tied. Brooks is actually a point or so AHEAD of Vance, for the first time that I can ever recall.

      So, runoff. Britt v. somebody.

    1062. Meldrim says:

      mnw, I was just about to post that AL poll that you mentioned in #1,079:

      Britt is at 32% with Mo Brooks at 21% and Durant at 20%. That’s the second poll in the last few days showing Britt clearly making the run-off while Durant and Brooks duke it out for the second spot. Mo Brooks appeared dead as recently as a week ago, but Durant’s drop in support has been a Godsend for him. Will Trump endorse Brooks again now?

    1063. mnw says:

      The AL GOP Sen primary is May 24th.

      I’ve always thought that Durant & Trump would’ve been a match made in heaven. Durant met with Orange at Mar-a-Lago, but nothing seems to have come of it. Time is now very short. I doubt T will endorse (again) at this late date.

      Britt is awful, esp on all things immigration, as you would expect from the Chamber of Commerce candidate.

    1064. Meldrim says:

      #1,069, Wes, apparently the resignation by Tom Reed (who already was retiring) is effective today. A special election for the remainder of the term will have to take place in the “old” NY-23 (not that we have any idea how the new NY-23 will look) and I expect that whoever is the GOP nominee will hold the seat comfortably.

      The NY special election that may result in a GOP gain is in NY-19, where Antonio Delgado will be resigning soon to become Lt. Gov. Republican Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, who is running for Congress for the regular November election irrespective of how the district ends up being drawn, surely will run in the special election, and I’m pretty certain that he’ll win in a district that gave Trump 50.8% in 2016 and 48.3% in 2020.

    1065. Wes says:

      Given Trump’s track record with endorsements in AL, Meldrim, he’d probably be wisest to stay silent on the Senate primary.

    1066. Meldrim says:

      “I am horrified and disgusted by what’s happening right now at our Southern border. A nation without borders is not a nation. The Biden Administration and congressional Democrats have abandoned the primary responsibility of government: to defend our nation from foreign threats.

      As of April, U.S. Border Patrol reported that the number of criminal aliens encountered so far this fiscal year is up 140% over the entirety of last year – and that was still with five months to go. The same month, total Border Patrol encounters at the Southwest border were up 944% year-over-year.

      The statistics are like this across the board and underscore that we have a security and humanitarian crisis on our hands. Border Patrol has reported not only encountering known international gang members in these numbers, but two Yemenis on the FBI’s terrorism watchlist were also apprehended trying to cross the border recently.

      I resolutely believe we must put a stop to this siege and build the wall.

      Not only is the Biden Administration ignoring our immigration laws, they’re also disregarding the law of nature. We lock our doors and our cars; people build fences around their houses and neighborhoods. So why shouldn’t Americans be entitled to a secure border that upholds safety and controls who is coming in?

      Securing the border of the United States will take a combination of physical infrastructure, technology, personnel, resources, and closing legal loopholes that are routinely exploited. We must empower the Department of Homeland Security to comprehensively fix the problem.

      The Biden Border Crisis is also unfair to those that come to America the right way – legally – in pursuit of the American Dream. I support legal immigration that promotes growth for Alabama families, jobs and communities.”

    1067. Wes says:

      I’m guessing Britt said that, Meldrim.

    1068. Wes says:

      Well, going by early voting for the NC primaries, Republicans are holding their own while Dems are getting no mileage out of the Roe leak:

      That’s not a surprise really. NC is a right-leaning state, and abortion isn’t a huge deal to most voters. Inflation, gas prices, and the left-wing authoritarianism of the NCSC are much more salient issues, and Republicans are supremely motivated to turn out and express their displeasure with how Dems are running things in the country.

    1069. Meldrim says:

      #1,085, Wes, you’re correct. She doesn’t sound “awful” to me.

    1070. Tina says:

      Musk indicates that he will remove the Twitter ban on trump.

      ACLU agrees with musk.

      Trump says he will not return

    1071. Tina says:

      What has pooty poot done to baby formula production?

    1072. Robbie says:

      What spot will Mastriano give Q in his general election campaign?

    1073. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A just-released FOX News Poll of the Penn. Senate race shows, Oz, McCormack and Barnette within two pts. of one another with 18% undecided.

    1074. EML says:

      I am just ever so barely outside of Tom Reed’s district (I’m in the small sliver of Tioga County, NY that is in Claudia Tenney’s district). I’ve always thought he was a good guy, although he clearly has some demons.

      I like Claudia Tenney as well, and she has announced that she is running in Reed’s old district (although the lines in NY are not yet sealed). But I’m not thrilled with the carpetbagging situation. Tenney is from Utica and has represented only a sliver of Reed’s old district and the distance from Tenney’s home of Utica and the western portion of Reed’s district (Jamestown) are hundreds of miles apart.

      The future of this district is probably former Binghamton Mayor Rich David, who is now running for state Senate. He will most likely move up to Congress in the next few years.

    1075. Phil says:

      Looks like the Fox Poll is exactly in line with Trafalgar.

      Anyone’s ball game next Tuesday.

      Total uncertainty at this point.

    1076. Tina says:

      Biden: “The number one threat is the strength, and that strength that we’ve built is inflation.”

    1077. Phil says:

      Saw that video, Tina. LOL

      …….but but but no more mean tweets.

    1078. EML says:

      My opinion on PA-Sen, although nobody asked for it: all of the potential Republican nominees are fundamentally flawed. Unfortunately, better candidates did not get involved in this race.

      I’m not sold on Dr. Oz running on name recognition and a Trump endorsement. My gut feel is that whoever wins the nomination will indeed win the general in 2022, but then get routed in 2028 after Trump or DeSantis wins the presidency in 2024. So for that reason, I am fully on board with Kathy Barnette getting the nomination and sending leftists into a tizzy that a conservative, pro-life, black, Republican, woman is in the Senate.

    1079. EML says:

      30 minutes until polls close in WV. Is this the end of West Virginia Democrats? 5 of 100 legislative districts voted for Biden.

      I expect Alex Mooney to beat David McKinley in the realm of:
      50 Mooney
      40 McKinley
      10 other

    1080. Bitterlaw says:

      In PA, McCormick’s newest ad features his brother and mom holding guns and saying he supports the 2d Amendment. I usually think it is not a good sign if you need to highlight your mom endorses you.

    1081. Bitterlaw says:


    1082. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar
      Mastriano up 12(!) and nearing 30 percent of the GOP vote. What a disaster for Pennsylvania Rs, especially given how much Biden’s own numbers have tanked in the state.


      The dog that hasn’t barked in the PA governor’s race is Trump. He’s thrown around endorsements like they’re candy, but not in this race.

      Why? Because Trump almost certainly is sympathetic or quietly supportive of Mastriano’s lunatic BS.

    1083. EML says:

      The biggest race of the day is Nebraska-Gov. Rooting for the pig farmer. Anyone but Herbster.

    1084. Bitterlaw says:

      Nobody at HHR who lives in PA has said they want Mastriano to be the nominee. Of course, Robbie ignores that.

    1085. EML says:

      Democrat Wobbly doesn’t even know how to troll correctly. Republicans will win PA across the board in the PA this year. The problem is in 2024, 2026, and 2028. This year is in the bag.

    1086. EML says:


    1087. mnw says:

      Britt & immigration

      She talks the talk, but she has served as the top C of C official in AL. The C of C is the Great Satan on immigration & always has been. Britt is the C of C’s candidate in this race.

      She has not spoken out against amnesty or sanctuary cities.

      “I support legal immigration that promotes growth for Alabama families, jobs and communities.” What immigration might THAT be, Katie? This is what the C of C actually cares about. The rest is eyewash.

      Anyway, I’ll hope for the best if she wins. They’re a lot of GOP nominees that are late to the MAGA party– Vance; Oz; Kari Hall in AZ; now Britt.

      All any of us deplorables can do is reserve judgment, & remember that Trump himself didn’t become Trump until he was a senior citizen.

      Britt doesn’t fare as badly on the NumbersUSA candidate scorecard as I expected she might– probably because she has very little by way of record to evaluate.

    1088. Meldrim says:

      #1,104, EML, from your keyboard to God’s eyes.

    1089. Wes says:

      Mnw, you do know Numbers USA was founded by a racist liberal, I hope.

    1090. jason says:

      Mooney 2092
      McKinley 2033

      6% in

    1091. jason says:

      I hope Mooney wins, I don’t like fence straddlers like McKinley.

    1092. jason says:

      I think Britt is best candidate in AL, but I think Durant would win too.

    1093. Wes says:

      I think Brooks would win this year too. The problem is that Brooks has the charisma of a cement parking barrier and would probably force Republicans to allocate resources to his race they could more profitably spend elsewhere.

    1094. Phil says:

      All three would win in Alabama.

    1095. Wes says:

      This year, yes, Phil. Brooks would need the national GOP to shore him up though, and Brooks has the clear potential to be a future Fob James or Roy Moore.

    1096. Meldrim says:

      The liberal Democrat (as recently as ten years ago) TV anchorwoman who is now a MAGA Republican gubernatorial candidate in AZ is Kari Lake, not Kari Hall.

    1097. jason says:

      McKinley 3750
      Mooney 3465

    1098. Wes says:

      Slow counting in WV-1. McKinley now leads narrowly.

    1099. jason says:

      These results are mostly from McKinley’s old district, so not too impressive.

    1100. Meldrim says:

      Wes, they’ve counted a lot more from McKinley’s current CD than from Mooney’s. Mooney seems to be hanging in there pretty well in those McKinley counties so far (e.g., down by only 48%-41% in Monongalia), and he’ll clean up in the Eastern Panhandle when it comes in (he has crushed McKinley in what little has come in from Berkeley and Jefferson counties).

    1101. Wes says:

      Thanks for the info, Meldrim.

      On a side note, I noticed one of the candidates in the primary is named Hercules. If I lived there, I probably would have voted for him just because of my love of Greek mythology and Ray Harryhausen movies.

    1102. Meldrim says:

      In what little has come in from the Eastern Panhandle so far, Mooney leads McKinley by 42% in Jefferson County and by 82% (!) in Berkeley County. That’s leading *by* 42% and 82% (in the latter case, he leads 87%-5%).

    1103. Wes says:

      Well, technically Hercules is Roman mythology, but he’s a borrowed character from the Greek demigod Heracles.

    1104. Meldrim says:

      #1,120, Wes, that Hercules is a she, not a he. Rhonda Hercules:

    1105. Wes says:

      Is she a strongwoman, Meldrim?

    1106. Phil says:


      Haven’t seen a contested election county count like that ever. Looks like a Philly Democratic precinct.

    1107. Wes says:

      Mooney is up by 90 votes now.

    1108. jason says:

      McKinley is toast, just not doing well enough in his own areas.

    1109. Meldrim says:

      Rhonda Hercules’s campaign logo featured Hercules knocking down two pillars (Gibraltar and Ceuta?):

    1110. jason says:

      Feel sorry for Walt, seemed like he had a lot emotionally invested in this race, but I don’t think he was looking at it rationally.

    1111. Wes says:

      The Fat Lady seems to be gargling for McKinley. I guess getting Manchin to endorse him wasn’t a sound strategy.

    1112. jason says:

      Mooney was endorsed by Trump, McKinley by Manchin and Justice.

      Looks like Trump is still the top dog in WV.

    1113. jason says:

      I guess getting Manchin to endorse him wasn’t a sound strategy.”

      It probably didn’t hurt, but getting endorsed by a Dem senator is not the same as getting endorsed by Trump.

    1114. Phil says:

      Jason, two thirds of the new district comes from McKinley’s old district. He has the advantage with that going in. For him to still lose wouldn’t say much for Manchin’s endorsement. Of course I don’t know why he thought a Manchin endorsement would mean much in a Republican primary closed to Democratic voters.

    1115. Wes says:

      Manchin voted to remove Trump from office, Jason. Republicans probably didn’t much care for that, I imagine.

    1116. Phil says:

      Good point, Wes. I hadn’t thought of that.

    1117. jason says:

      Herbster supporters in Nebraska say it would be hard to swallow a Pill win.

    1118. Meldrim says:

      McKinley had the geographic advantage, but Mooney had the more conservative voting record and could point to McKinley’s votes for a January 6 commission and for the billion-dollar infrastructure bill. But, yeah, Trump’s endorsement certainly helped Mooney; Manchin’s endorsement of McKinley didn’t hurt him (Manchin is fairly popular among WV Republicans), but, as I said when McKinley was boasting about it, it was a sign of desperation for a candidate who knew that he was down quite a bit.

    1119. jason says:

      Yeah, a good point. Not sure how fresh that is in people’s minds but who knows.

    1120. jason says:

      Jason, two thirds of the new district comes from McKinley’s old district. He has the advantage with that going in.”

      His problem is he winning that 2/3 by a small margin and losing the 1/3 by a big margin.

      The math is not working for him.

    1121. Phil says:


      Losing counties by 82 points will do that.

    1122. Tina says:

      Dumb Arse.

      Daily Wire
      · 2h
      Mitch McConnell Claims ‘We All Agree The Most Important Thing Going On In The World Right Now Is The War In Ukraine’

    1123. Tina says:

      I bet lints tenant will say Ukraine

      Rep. Mike Waltz
      Taking out paramilitary cartels who terrorize our country seems like a legit debate worth having.

    1124. Meldrim says:

      Mooney led in Berkeley County by 82% in the very early going. McKinley has done better with more votes coming in … but is still down by 53%. And Mooney leads in Jefferson County (the other big Eastern Panhandle county) by 52%. Mooney is up districtwide by around 12%, and I don’t think his percentage margin will be lower than that.

    1125. Bitterlaw says:

      I guess that Tina does not think a brutal war that has left thousands of murdered Ukrainians and millions of refugees is a big deal. Or she is waiting for Gateway Pundit to say it is a big deal.

    1126. jason says:

      I think McConnell is right.

      Sue me.

    1127. Meldrim says:

      Brooke County is in the Northern Panhandle (which McKinley has represented for a dozen years). 85% of the estimated vote is in, and Mooney leads by 5%. Overall, Mooney is down by very little in McKinley’s old CD.

    1128. jason says:

      Big win for Rs in NY redistricting.

    1129. jason says:

      50% in

      House 2

      A. Mooney
      D. McKinley

    1130. Bitterlaw says:

      For the first time ever, I went to Gateway Pundit. No need to go back. Tina is almost a moderate there.

    1131. Meldrim says:

      Jason, I thought that you meant that the NY special master had come up with his map and that it was a big win for the GOP. I see that you mean that the federal judge ruled that the primary could be pushed back, which would permit the new map (due by May 20) to be used. Certainly good news, but I really didn’t expect that last-ditch Democrat lawsuit to prosper.

    1132. Wes says:

      Herbster is a distant third in NE-Gov.

    1133. jason says:

      Once in awhile I follow a link to Gateway Pundit.

    1134. jason says:

      Wes, over at Redstate they think the NY decision is a big deal, and their proof is that Marc Elias is really pissed and having a hissy fit, so ther is that.

    1135. Phil says:

      AP finally called WV. Took them long enough.

    1136. Phil says:

      Marc Elias can kiss my ass. Glad to see he lost that one. Still, he’ll have to be content with owning NC cycle after cycle.

    1137. Wes says:

      Not after 1-1-23, Phil.

    1138. Cash Cow TM says:

      Mooney will win over McKinley.

      McKinley did not do well at all in his old CD.
      I never expected that.

      Last I looked, the other 3 R candidates in WV CD2 were getting 11%. Cow predicted the 3 would get a totaL of @ 5%, so there is that.

      Cow was very wrong.
      Go ahead, rub it in.

    1139. Phil says:

      Mooney up 15 pts with 81% in.

      If I ever run for office, remind me to never seek a Democratic endorsement if I’m running in a closed Republican primary.

    1140. Phil says:

      Let’s hope, Wes.

    1141. jason says:

      Walt was sure McKinley would win by 10, looks like he lost by 13.

      Walt hasn’t been this wrong since he backed Marc Anthony against Octavian in the battle at Actium.

    1142. Wes says:

      It’s effectively a guarantee at this point, Phil.

    1143. Phil says:

      I think you’re right, Wes. I just never thought they’d pull off the fast track this cycle. Didn’t think they’d have the time. Seems nothing is ever out of reach for Democrats.

    1144. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt hasn’t been this wrong since he bet on Goliath over David.

    1145. Phil says:

      Mooney now up 16 with 86% in….all McKinley counties are completely in. Final margin should be about 18 when all is said and done.

    1146. Phil says:

      Rumor Walt also had $$ on Carthage in the Punic Wars.

    1147. Wes says:

      Walt thought a Stegosaurus could start from a kneeling position and win a fight with an Allosaurus. He was lucky there were no other humans to bet.

    1148. Meldrim says:

      The Nebraska gubernatorial primary may end up being as close as people thought: with a third of the vote in, state Senator Lindstrom leads with 35.4%, pig farmer Pillen trails with 29.6% and Herbster is at 24.1%. Herbstaer has been gaining as the rural vote comes in, and he’s doing surprisingly well in Sarpy County (just south of Omaha). Fortunately for Lindstrom (who is doing best in cities and big towns), Pillen has been keeping the Herbster rural vote down.

    1149. jason says:

      Rumor has it that Walt had a side bet that Jesus would be a girl.

    1150. jason says:

      Wow, Mooney up by 20.

    1151. jason says:

      Has Amoral Scumbag started using “Ultra Maga” yet?

    1152. Meldrim says:

      #1,169, Jason, I think that it’s about time that we started referring to Alex Mooney as Leon Czolgosz.

    1153. Meldrim says:

      Meanwhile, in Nebraska, 52.4% of the vote is in, and pig farmer Pillen has taken the lead with 32.9%, followed by Senator Lindstrom at 29.6% and Trump-endorsed nogoodnik Herbster at 27.2%. It’s anyone’s guess who will win.

    1154. Phil says:

      Pillen with the edge. Lindstrom’s % has steadily fallen as the rural vote has come in. Pillen and Herbster are dividing that vote. Possible Herbster catches Lindstrom for second.

    1155. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow had many conversations with Walt about the primary election.

      Walt convinced Cow that McKinley would win big in his old CD1 counties.
      That did not happen.

      Walt also convinced Cow that McK would get @ 33% of votes in the 5 counties in Mooney’s old CD 2 that became part of the new CD2.
      That did not happen.
      I should have gone with Mooney for the win.
      After all his name is MOO-ney!

      GFY. 🙂

    1156. Cash Cow TM says:

      WV Legislature primary notes:
      This is the first election here where there were 100 SINGLE member districts.

      In the olden days (when Walt served in the WV legislature), the turnover was about 22 to 31 new members of the 100 member House of Delegates every 2 years.

      This was due to the House redistricting, some House members deciding to retire and not run for reelection, run for the State Senate, or run for some other county or state office,…OR incumbent Delegates losing in the May primary or GE in November.
      AS OF TODAY, there will be 33 or 34 NEW delegates (non-incumbents) elected to the 100 member House of Delegates.

      Some new districts had 2 R or 2 D incumbents running in the same single member district, or will have a D incumbent facing an R incumbent facing each other in the GE.

      On the State Senate side, there are 34 State Senators and 17 are on the ballot this year.

      Senate District 1–the D incumbent lost the primary.

      Senate District 12–the D incumbent retired so no incumbent on the ballot.

      Senate District 13–The D incumbent retired so no incumbent on ballot.

      Senate District 14–The R incumbent retired so no incumbent on ballot.

      Senate District 16–A Dem was appointed to fill a D vacancy about 5 months ago. She decided to not file to run in 2022. The R candidate for WV Sente who won the primary tonight 55-45 (against a political newcomer) was the guy who Walt beat in 2012, and then lost to in 2012, and then Walt beat again in 2014. Walt retired and then this guy ran and won close GEs to that House seat in 2016, 2018, and 2020. THEN, this guy changed his party affiliation from D to R.

      The current D (appointed incumbent senator) has changed her mind after the Primary filing deadline passed and wants to run for the Senate and has been selected by the Dem executive committee to be on the ballot in November to face Walt’s former foe in the GE.

      He is a pro-abortion R, but so is the D incumbent he will face in the GE.

    1157. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I will briefly take you from the land of wild boars to the land of reindeers. Finland has begun the process of applying for NATO; expect the Finnish President to make a recommendation on Thursday.

      “Finnish parliament’s defence committee recommends NATO membership
      The recommendation comes ahead of Finland’s official decision on whether to join the transatlantic military alliance.”

    1158. jason says:

      Anybody surprised the Finns are smarter than the isolationists and Putin appeasers and those that think “Russia is not a threat”?


      Me neither.

    1159. jason says:

      In the end it was fairly close in NE but the pig farmer won by 3.

      Jim Pillen 85,526 33.3%
      Charles Herbster 78,104 30.4
      Brett Lindstrom 66,680 26.1%

    1160. EML says:

      Disaster averted in Nebraska. Pig Farmer won.

      I predicted Mooney would win by 10 but in the end, the margin is 18.6. Poor showing from McKinley. WV will again be sending a Hispanic to Congress, unlike those racist Democrats in places like Massachusetts, Maryland, and Oregon.

    1161. EML says:

      2018 vs 2022 primary election voters

      2018 – NE Gov
      Rep – 170K
      Dem – 92K

      2022 – NE Gov
      Rep – 250K
      Dem – 93K

    1162. EML says:

      2018 vs 2022 primary election voters

      2018 – WV-02
      Rep – 36K
      Dem – 47K
      [In all 3 of WV’s congressional districts, more Democrats than Republicans voted in the primary]

      2022 – WV-02
      Rep – 81K
      Dem – 39K

    1163. EML says:

      Soon-to-be Governor of Nebraska and former Pig Farmer Jim Pillen didn’t even have a wikipedia page until yesterday.

    1164. Gordon Allen says:

      # 1177.
      Straw Man (lie) 1,177.

    1165. jason says:


      Reporter: “Why do you believe so many Americans believe your administration is not doing enough to combat inflation?”

      Biden: “They’re not focused…”

      Not Amoral Scumbag and the Biden Troll, of course, they are already focused on Biden’s agenda.

    1166. Wes says:

      People who were following politics in 2010 will remember the infamous corrupt Delaware witch, Christine O’Donnell. Although O’Donnell entered the general election as a hopeless underdog to the “bearded Marxist”–now-Senator Chris Coons–Dems wanted to make sure she stayed that way. To that end, Bill Maher released video of her from his defunct late-’90s show, Politically Incorrect. The most infamous these showed O’Donnell talking about “dabbling in witchcraft.”

      In a poorly thought out attempt to counter her own statements emblematic of her absolute failure as a candidate, O’Donnell released the notoriously ridiculous “I’m not a Witch” ad.

      Now I’m getting to my point with this rambling opening. One of the lines O’Donnell used in the ad was “I’m not a Witch. I’m you.”

      Well, Kathy Barnette is using the “I’m you” part in her latest ad in the PA-Sen primary. Maybe I’m thinking a bit too deeply into this, but when I see a would-be Senator use a line no one should ever say in another political ad after O’Donnell’s unmitigated disaster of a Senate campaign, I immediately become gun-shy about that person’s electoral prospects and think Republicans need to look at another potential nominee.

    1167. jason says:

      jason says:
      May 11, 2022 at 7:05 am

      Anybody surprised the Finns are smarter than the isolationists and Putin appeasers and those that think “Russia is not a threat”?

      Neville Allen:

      Straw Man (lie) 1,177.”

      I guess ole Neville thinks he is smarter than the Finns.

      Of course, he said the Russians would NEVER invade, so take it with a grain of salt.

    1168. jason says:

      Barnette has great self implosion potential, it’s one reason I would not want her nominated.

      I still think she is polling better than her her actual vote will be, but we will know in a week.

      She is now almost caught up with Oz at Predictit, reflecting the polls. I still wish I had put $200 on her at 5%, a cool $4000 return if she won.

    1169. Wes says:

      In happier news, if a new poll by Ivan Moore for AK-AL is accurate, Sarah Palin will go down to ignominious defeat in the race to replace the late Don Young (RIP).

      Although Palin narrowly leads the first round with 19%, successive rounds in this inordinately complicated system AK has see her eliminated with Nick Begich (R surprisingly given his family) as the ultimate victor. Ivan Moore has released some wildly inaccurate polls before–most infamously showing Mark Begich up by 6 against Dan Sullivan right before Sullivan won–but because Palin is effectively a bored celebrity candidate at this point whose presence in Congress would be an unnecessary distraction, I’m hoping this is right:

    1170. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #1180- EML
      I’m glad that you are posting again at HHR. If I remember correctly, the last time you posted here prolifically, you and your wife had just had a baby. I hope your family is doing well.

      Keep in mind two footnotes to your post in #1180:
      1- I read that in the month prior to election day yesterday, about 10,000 Nebraska Democrats had switched over to the Republican Party solely to vote for Lindstrom/ against Herbster.
      The aggregate GOP vote and margin last night would have changed modestly, but would still be more than 2:1 over the Dems.
      2- I reviewed Lindstrom’s voting record and he is a true RINO, much in the mold of Charlie Baker in Massachusetts.

      Voters in NE were very smart last night in choosing a true conservative Republican without character baggage in the Governor’s race and booting Fortennberry in his Congressional race,

    1171. Phil says:

      You trust Begich?


    1172. Phil says:

      Agree about Lindstrom.

      Nebraska Republicans dodged a bullet.

    1173. Wes says:

      Largely because all signs indicate Begich is the black sheep of his family and a legitimate conservative Republican, Phil:

      Begich was running against Young before Young died and was actually staking out positions to Young’s right. Besides, Palin herself is a turncoat who endorsed left-wing candidate Bill Walker over her own former LG in 2014. There’s more evidence Begich will be a reliable conservative in Congress than there is to indicate Palin will be.

    1174. Phil says:

      Just as long as he doesn’t turn into another Lisa Murkowski.

    1175. Wes says:

      Eh. I’m no fan of Murkowski, but she isn’t quite as bad as popular perception of her would indicate. She campaigned hard for Dan Sullivan for instance and has announced her opposition to Schumer’s abortion bill.

      She could lose if Republicans would get a competent opponent for her. Joe Miller was not such a creature by any measurement, and Tshibaka would rather tell people how she won’t vote for McConnell to be Majority Leader than spend her time detailing what she plans to do for Alaskans.

      Maybe at some point, a worthwhile candidate will emerge to beat Murkowski and replace her with an actually electable right-leaning Republican. So far I haven’t seen one on the horizon.

    1176. Robbie says:

      It’s funny and sad to watch Republicans in PA scramble in the last seven days of the race to try and stop Mastriano. Honestly, it was abundantly clear two months ago Mastriano was going to be a real force in the primary, especially with a crowded field. Maybe they should have thought about stopping him then rather than with a week to go.

      I know the power of parties is weaker than it once was, but they still have the institutional and financial ability to shape races if they’re proactive. But since Trump’s primary win, the party apparatus has given up on making a concerted effort to get the best candidate though the primary.

      Trump could’ve been stopped in late 2015 if the other candidates had gone against him, but they chose to ignore him under the belief he would peter out and they could pick up the pieces. Mastriano could’ve been knocked out two months ago if the RGA and other candidates had aimed their fire at him. Instead, they mostly hoped political gravity would assert itself. Wrong.

    1177. Bitterlaw says:

      Because Robbie hates any Republican who can win a GE, maybe Mastriano has a chance.

    1178. jason says:

      It’s funny and sad that Amoral Scumbag is here to whine about PA so he doesn’t have to ever mention Biden’s disastrous Presidency.

      Besides, I doubt there will be any “brokered conventions” in PA to stop Mastriano.

      Whatever you think of him, he would be a lot better than Josh Shapiro.

      That is the bottom line.

    1179. Chicon says:

      Robbie, cheer up; there’s always hope that your boy Biden will retain the House and Senate. On second thought….that ain’t gonna happen. No wonder you have Alec Baldwin-level anger issues.

    1180. jason says:

      Also, the “Trump could have been stopped in 2015” BS fortunately didn’t happen, since no other R was going to beat Hillary. I was wrong about that at the time, but contrary to Amoral Scumbag, I am willing to admit it.

      Plus, the only way to have stopped Trump is if Hapless Jeb had dropped out earlier (or better yet, not even run) instead of spending $40 million on negative attacks on Rubio who he thought was his competition. Had he dropped out and endorsed Rubio, and allowed all the resources to be focused on Rubio instead of him ($250 million wasted) maybe Rubio could have prevailed, only to lose later.

      Maybe we should thank Jeb for staying in and ensuring Trump’s win.

      Thanks Jeb!

    1181. Phil says:

      “Trump could have been stopped in late 2015 if the other candidates had gone against him”

      Yeah, Robbie, and then Hillary would have been elected President since none of the other candidates would have beaten her. I can see where that is still weighing on you.

    1182. Robbie says:

      Salena Zito asked some basic questions of Kathy Barnette and the answers were vague at best.

      Fair to wonder if Barnette has embellished a lot her resume. Not lied, but embellished.

    1183. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      May 11, 2022 at 10:47 am
      Because Robbie hates any Republican who can win a GE, maybe Mastriano has a chance.

      – When you’re not puking up your “two things can be true bit”, you go with this weak sauce.

    1184. Robbie says:

      Chicon says:
      May 11, 2022 at 10:50 am
      Robbie, cheer up; there’s always hope that your boy Biden will retain the House and Senate. On second thought….that ain’t gonna happen. No wonder you have Alec Baldwin-level anger issues.

      – I have epic anger issues with frauds like Trump who left the party in ruin in January 2021 and his sycophantic supporters like you.

    1185. Tina says:

      Inflation chart. The number one issue is the economy, contrary to Biden’s Beotch

    1186. Tina says:

      Two years for the bureaucrats to figure this one out?

      Study: COVID more likely to spread in small, indoor events than big, outdoor gatherings

    1187. Tina says:

      Yikes, first she takes money from the club for chinas growth and now this?

      Kathy Barnette
      · Jul 14, 2020
      #BLM #DefundThePolice…

    1188. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      May 11, 2022 at 10:57 am
      “Trump could have been stopped in late 2015 if the other candidates had gone against him”

      Yeah, Robbie, and then Hillary would have been elected President since none of the other candidates would have beaten her. I can see where that is still weighing on you.

      – LOL. This is retconning at its worst. Because Trump accidentally won against the most unpopular politician of her generation, that somehow means Trump was the only one who could win. I know this has become gospel in the First Church of Trump, but it’s heresy.

      Rubio, a political phony if there ever was one, had a much higher favorability rating than Hillary or Trump in 2016. He also performed far better in head-to-head matchups against Clinton than Trump ever did. Just as importantly, he was from a younger generation and the contrast between sad, old Hillary and the much more youthful Rubio would have been a real boon for him.

      Also, Rubio wouldn’t have had to deal with Access Hollywood, the multiple allegations of sexual misdeeds, or attacking a Gold Star family. Those were all things you thought were awful at the time.

      The sooner you stop paying attention to that bought and paid for, pro-Trump huckster Baris, the better you off will be. I would’ve thought the fact he’s a regular on Steve Bannon’s podcast would be enough to make people realize he’s not worth the trouble, but maybe Steve Bannon is viewed as a political sage in this forum?

      What’s fantastic, though, is we’ll get to have this conversation for another six years because your boy Trump is going to be the prohibitive favorite to be the nominee in 2024 and, after he loses, he’ll be the favorite to be the nominee in 2028 as well. Cults only end with cyanide laced Kool-Aid, not election defeats.

    1189. Tina says:

      Grocery Store Prices Up 10.8%, Most in Nearly 42 Years as Americans Face Higher Prices on Hamburger Meat, Baby Food, Chicken, Bacon, Soup, and Coffee… via

    1190. Robbie says:

      I meant to write this earlier, but condolences to Jason fraud. I saw his guy Herbster lost in Nebraska last night. I know Jason fraud has a soft spot for Republican candidates who have been credibly charged with sexual misdeeds. Jason fraud was a huge good ole Roy Moore fan, he continues to defend Eric Greitens, and, of course, he’s Trump’s biggest fan. So seeing Herbster lose must have been tough. Sorry, fraud.

    1191. jason says:

      Bob Casey is a such a scumbag liar.

      “the real question of the moment is: do you support a categorical ban on abortion?” he said. “During my time in public office, I have never voted for — nor do I support — such a ban.”

      He uses this fake argument to vote for Schumer’s bill.

      As if Schumer’s bill was not allowing for abortion up to the day of birth.

    1192. jason says:

      Jason fraud was a huge good ole Roy Moore fan”


    1193. jason says:

      This from the guy who was here 24/7 touting Michael Avenatti as a paragon of virtue and moral compass of the nation.

    1194. jason says:

      Also, Rubio wouldn’t have had to deal with Access Hollywood, the multiple allegations of sexual misdeeds, or attacking a Gold Star family. Those were all things you thought were awful at the time.”

      No, YOU thought they were awful.

      I never gave “Access Hollywood” the time of day, even in my most anti-Trump days. Or your hero porn star Stormy.

    1195. mnw says:

      Obviously you guys love him & want more. He must be having the best wet dream of his life. So many people paying attention to HIM! And taking his keyboard diahrrea SERIOUSLY!

    1196. jason says:

      Note that Rubio, Romney and DeSantis are Amoral Scumbag’s favorite heroes now.

      Of course, it was different when they were on the ballot.

      Amoral Scumbag was here trashing and lying about Rubio 24/7 here during the 2016 campaign, even though Rubio destroyed Jeb in 9 debates in a row.

      He was here 24/7 trashing Romney for 2 years, nothing was ever too low, his family, his wife, his dog, his business, his religion… Amoral Scumbag regurgitated every left wing canard against Romney he could find.

      DeSantis? When DeSantis was actually on the ballot Amoral Scumbag called him a Trump clone, a bum and a clown. He endorsed a drug addict communist for FL governor against DeSantis.

      That is why you can’t believe anything somebody with the moral compass of a floating turd writes here.

    1197. Gordon Allen says:

      # 1204. Soon to be followed by concerns over a recession which on current trends is an extreme likelihood 2022/23, if not sooner.

    1198. jason says:

      . I saw his guy Herbster lost in Nebraska last night.”

      I actually have not had ONE post about Nebraska or Herbster until last night.

      But Amoral Scumbag seems sorry he didn’t win so he could keep post MSM stories about him in the hopes it my help the Dems in November.

      Sorry it didn’t work out.

    1199. Jeff G. says:

      #1217 Sooner.

    1200. Phil says:

      “Baris is a bought and paid for pro-Trump huckster”

      LOL Where to begin? All he does is just nail elections – many right on the number. I cited some of them yesterday – Ohio, the Georgia Senate races, Florida 2018 & 2020, Virginia this cycle but you just glossed over that. Figures. He also was within the margin of error in every battleground state 2016 and 2020. Oh, and slightly underestimated Trump’s number in just under half of them. Pro-Trump huckster indeed.

      Nope, Robbie prefers those MSM polls. My favorites were the NYT/Siena Poll that had Biden up 11 in Wisconsin or my all time favorite, the ABC/Washington Post Poll Biden +17 ten days before the election. Hey, but the results don’t matter, do they Robbie? The heads of those illustrious polling organizations didn’t appear on a Bannon podcast. Yep, that’s good enough for our boy Robbie. Numbers be damned.

      BTW, Robbie, did you bother to look at those midwestern state working class counties 2008-2020 I cited for you? Of course you didn’t. Those numbers don’t jive with your Jeb and Rubio would have swept the rust belt drivel.

      This is way too easy. Quit while you’re behind, Robbie. You are out of your depth, and you’re a fool.

    1201. mnw says:


      Salena Zito’s piece in the Washington Examiner today is terrifying.

      Barnette is a blank slate & refuses to answer even the most basic questions about who she IS, questions which all candidates are routinely asked:

      Where did you graduate from college?

      Where were you an adjunct professor?

      Where have you worked? WHAT “financial industry” firms?

      Did you receive an honorable discharge from the Army? Could we see your DD214?

      Crickets across the board. Barnette’s campaign emailed Zito that Barnette was “too busy” to respond to these questions.

      She’s trying to run out the clock before anyone finds out anything about her. And the Club For Growth is spending $1 million in the final week to help her win the GOP primary.

      Also, it appears that she & Mastriano have joined together in an informal alliance of sorts– campaign signs touting BOTH of them, etc.

      The PA GOP is about to buy a cat in a sack. All of this is eerily reminiscent of COD in DE.

    1202. jason says:

      Steve Schmidt, a pathological liar and Lincoln Project scumbag, who went from McCain’s campaign manager in 2008 to endorsing every Democrat in the ballot since, now says he has “been lying about McCain’s affair with a lobbyist”.

      Of course, it begs the question do you believe anything someone who says he has been lying for 16 years? And who was covering for sexual predators at the Lincoln Project.

      But it serves Meghan and Cindy McCain a lesson for throwing in their support for the Lincoln Project scumbags. I hope it starts a nasty fight between them.

      Of course I care about the rumor that McCain had an affair with a lobbyist as much as I cared about Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy. Zero.

    1203. jason says:

      Mnw is a little too pessimistic about PA.

      Mastriano will be hard to beat in the primary.

      But Barnette hasn’t won yet.

      I agree she is a train wreck looking for a place to happen, but the train is not on the track yet.

    1204. Bitterlaw says:

      Dave McCormick is holding a rally on Friday night in Radnor. If Jason leaves now with his fastest horse, he should be able to make it.

    1205. Phil says:

      Too many unknowns for Barnette. Could be a bad GE candidate.

      Would be easier in Democrats, however. They won’t have to produce as many fraudulent votes in November.

    1206. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #1221- mnw et al
      From Red Racing Horses:

      “Don’t know about all of the questions, but the answer to where she was an adjunct is “Judson University” from 2009-2016. Given that it is in Illinois, I bet it was as an online adjunct.

      She lists Troy State for her undergraduate degree and Fontbonne University for her MBA.

      If I can find this in 30 seconds with Google, I’m not sure why the “reporter” can’t.”

    1207. Tina says:

      First it was Rasmussen that was bought and paid for, ow baris.

      Only politico and NBC polls are trusted by the Russian hoaxer.

    1208. mnw says:

      1226 Sheep

      She LISTS that, but her campaign refuses to CONFIRM it! Ditto for an honorable discharge, & all the other questions she was “too busy” to answer.

      Did you actually read Zito’s article, or just cherrypick the posts at RRH?


      Zito is among the most GOP-friendly political commontaters in America, btw.

    1209. Tina says:

      Barnette has issues.

      The support of Antifa is a non starter.

      Those loons got away largely unscathed. No prosecution for the 50:secret service agents injured and there attempts to breach the White House. Thanks to Bondo Barr.

    1210. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Bad News from Florida regarding Congressional redistricting.
      A Rick Scott appointed Judge rules the Florida Congressional redistricting map unconstitutional. The below article is unclear as to whether it applies to the whole map or just one Congressional district in the North.
      Let’s hope the appellate process vacates this decision.

    1211. DW says:

      Phil, I don’t bother to engage him in conversation. Dave Wissing wisely has the NAME of the poster listed FIRST on each entry, making it easy to just scroll by and only read comments from relevant posters.

      The poster in question is a classic Pecksniffian, who constantly engages in pecksniffery. This term was coined from the Charles Dickens’ character Seth Pecksniff in the novel Martin Chuzzlewit.

      The definition of pecksniffery: “Hypocritical or sanctimonious behaviour or language.”

      If you watch the BBC adaptation of this story the character plays out exactly the behavior displayed here on HHR.

      Everything Pecksniff does is wrapped in deceit, even times when it is to his advantage to be honest and straightforward, he must be deceitful and hypocritical.

      He is constantly scheming and wronging everyone around him, and then sanctimoniously ‘forgives’ others who call him out for his own wrongdoing and hypocrisy.

    1212. Phil says:

      No, Robbie trusts ALL the MSM polls. They were horrible in 2016 and 2020. They absolutely stunk……but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the directors of all those polls didn’t appear on a Bannon podcast. THAT’S Robbie’s criteria. Such in depth analysis. LOL

    1213. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag was here for years saying that if Trump could not get over 45% approval it was fatal.

      Biden is mired in the mid 30’s but Amoral Scumbag thinks that is not a problem, absolutely stellar!

      The problem is the candidate for governor in the Nebraska primary!

    1214. Tina says:

      Breitbarts Nolte claims that trump is 58-1 in endorsements. Not sure if this is true

      I don’t pay much attention to trumps endorsements, nor do I think he is even running in 2024.

    1215. DW says:

      Thankfully, Dickens ended the story with Pecksniff fully humiliated, bankrupted because of his own greed, loss of all relationships, publicly shamed for theft, and left with nothing.

    1216. jason says:

      If Jason leaves now with his fastest horse, he should be able to make it”

      Is this an invitation, obviously we (me and horse) will need a place to stay.

    1217. Meldrim says:

      1,230, Sheeple, I doubt that the FL Supreme Court will rule that the Florida Fair Districts Amendment requires that the state have a 200-mile-long gerrymandered district that connects black-majority Gadsden County and the 35%-black city of Tallahassee with black neighborhoods in Jacksonville so as to create a district in which blacks are around 45% of the voting-age population instead of drawing compact districts that are respectful of political and geographic boundaries. The Florida Supreme Court has only one justice remaining who voted to invalidate the 2012 congressional maps, with the other justices who had voted that way replaced by strict constructionists appointed by DeSantis.

      But even were the Florida Supremes to rule that a 45%-black district spanning North Florida needs to remain in place, it would result in districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 being redrawn (to be made 3R-1D instead of 4R-0D) but would not affect the rest of the state, meaning that the map would be 19R-9D instead of 20R-8D.

    1218. Skippy says:

      Lots of dishonest shots being thrown at Barnette with 6 days to go until ejection day.

      And that’s ok…bring it on.

      Barnette’s support will be tested, needs to be tested.

      Let’s go Kathy!!

    1219. Meldrim says:

      Tina, see the Tweet (which includes a clip from the summer of 2020) that Skippy linked in #1,238. Kathy Barnette was *not* a supporter of Black Lives Matter or Defund the Police or any of that Leftist crap. And Barnette specifically mentioned Antifa as one of the main culprit of the vandalism, looting, arson and other violence that took place. I don’t know who sold you a bill of goods about Barnette, Tina, but you swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

      There may be reasons not to support Barnette for the U.S. Senate, but being a supporter of Black Lives Matter or Defund the Police are not among them, because that’s the opposite of where she stands.

    1220. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Not only are you welcome to stay in my house, you will also receive the gift of a 17 year old cat.

    1221. Bitterlaw says:

      There are rumors in PA that Lou Barletta is going to drop out of the Gov race tomorrow and ask his supporters to vote for Dave White in order to stop Mastriano. If true, I wonder if McSwain will do the same thing.

    1222. Bitterlaw says:

      Meldrim – Tina always believes the worst about Republicans. Except for Trump (who is not really a Republican)

    1223. Phil says:

      Can someone please explain to me why Schumer is insisting on a vote today which expands legalization of abortion all the way to birth? Support for unlimited abortion until time of birth polls at about 19%.

      Do Democratic senators running for re-election from Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Georgia want to defend a yes vote on that?

      Politically speaking wouldn’t it be smarter to vote on a bill to codify Roe v Wade as it is. It would be filibustered just like the bill he’s bringing up today but at least it would bring along Manchin, Collins, and Murkowski and get to 52 votes. It would also have triple the public support. The vote today maxes out at 49 Senate votes.

      He’s hanging his most vulnerable Senators out to dry and for what?

      All I can think of is that the Democratic Caucus is terrified of the progressive left….or maybe they ARE the progressive left.

    1224. Tina says:

      Be nice if he produced such videos. He also quesrioms her military service, which I won’t do.

      John 1776 Cardillo
      People, I get that Barnette’s video under the hashtags comes off as pro police.

      Now watch the other videos where she calls cops racist and demands justice for George Floyd.

    1225. Tina says:

      Bl, no dog in pa. It seems like there are lot of less than ideal candidates, including Dr. Awful Oz.

    1226. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina – Trump endorsed Dr. Oz but you say he is awful. Interesting. A Tina-Trump schism.

    1227. Tina says:

      Why did Porter vote for this crap? Is it non inflationary?

      Sarah Ferris
      · 4h
      NEW: After Rep. Katie Porter gave emotional speech to fellow Dems about skyrocketing grocery bills, she said it felt like the first time it sank in with some colleagues

      One told her it’s not coming up in polls. Her response: “You don’t know what to ask”…
      Show this thread

    1228. Tina says:

      Bl, as indicated, I don’t pay attention to trumps endorsements.

      Don’t care.

    1229. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The link below contains the new documentary”2002 Mules”. It’s an 1 1/2 hour movie.

      There are scenes that are jaw dropping.

      Anyone who sees the movie and then believes that the 2000 election was the safest and fairest election in history is a delusional fool! The manipulation of the American voting system and the “see no evil” of authorities to stop it brings the USA close to “Banana Republic” status.

      Enjoy and curse this film.

    1230. Tina says:

      Good question.

      Rep. Matt Gaetz
      · 3h
      Just a year ago, we lost a war against goat herders waving rifles. Members of Congress are now recklessly asserting that we are at war with Russia.

      If we are at war, then why not vote on an AUMF?

      We are sleepwalking into a war, and the American people are left in the dar

    1231. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      OOPS! Here’s the link to this important film:

    1232. Tina says:

      Sheeple, the politico fact checker deemed the geo tracking used to track them is not reliable.

      He deemed the geo tracking reliable when the cdc illegally tracked the movement of Americans during the lockdown.

    1233. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Wes and SoHope:
      Emerson Polling has Budd(R) +7 over Beasley(D) in the 2022 NC Senate race.

      Republican Ted Budd LEADS Democrat Cheri Beasley by SEVEN POINTS in North Carolina Senate General Election poll by Emerson College

    1234. Wes says:

      That’s no surprise, Sheep. Beasley has the double whammy of an unpopular Dem President and her unsavory history as a left-wing activist Justice to drag her down.

      I expect Budd to get the check mark within an hour of poll closing time in November.

    1235. Tina says:

      Joe Kent for WA-3
      Last night the GOP, w/ 57 courageous exceptions, showed us exactly what they’ll do with the majority – continue the managed decline of our nation.

      We have time to fix it, stop giving to the GOP & primary ever single republican who voted for the 40 billion.

    1236. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Hi Tina:
      So selective reliability. I’m not surprised.
      In “2000 Mules”, there is tons of hard forensic evidence and the assumptions by the filmmaker are restrictive and conservative.

    1237. Tina says:

      (He will be primary if a lot of folks).

      So, we are up to $50 billion given so fae?

    1238. Tina says:

      Yup, sheeple, selective indeed .

    1239. Tina says:

      So, the media is telling us that is great news that inflation dropped from, 8.5% to 8.3% for the past 12 months,

      But the 8.3% figure was worse than expectations.

      Also, during the survey, gasoline prices fell (most of April). They have quickly increased.

      So, next months survey will likely be even worse.

      Misery index is almost 12%.

    1240. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Do you plan to vote Cameron(R) for Governor next year in KY? If not, why not?(Too MAGA?)

    1241. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Regardless of how you feel about Penn. GOP candidate Barnette, you have to be upset about what Wikipedia has now done to her and the absurd reason why.

    1242. Tina says:

      I retract my comments on Barnette, skippy. The tweets from Greg Kelly, Carrillo, and others appear weak.

      Her wiki page deletion is terrible.

    1243. Tgca says:

      Oh puhleez!

      Trump governed pretty much as a conservative POTUS, more so than all other presidents since Reagan.

      So he gave money to Dems to grease his business dealings in the past. That’s smart business and happens everyday. I see it in Corporate America all the time.

      Trump also gave equal, if not more to the GOP, as I previously documented in a post in the past with contributions at the federal and state levels by years.

      Trump was NEVER ideological. He was always about how to get to a desired outcome.

      Reagan supported Dems for 3+ decades and campaigned for libs of his day against the GOP. He idolized FDR and voted for him 4 times and was a UUUUGE supporter of the New Deal, and often referred to FDR in speeches later on. Reagan supported the Dem party until 1962, and also signed the largest tax increase in CA history.

      It took Reagan 30+ years to move from liberal to conservative and then another 10+ years to fine tune that conservatism before becoming POTUS so it’s hypocritical to worship Reagan as a late comer to conservatism but criticize Trump for it.

      None of this should take away from Regan’s accomplishments but there is more myth than man of Reagan at HHR and by many conservatives just like there is for JFK.

      Do your research! Know the facts about both Reagan and Trump, the two greatest GOP president of the last 100+ years but neither perfect in their roles.

    1244. jason says:

      Barnette is a train wreck looking for a place to happen not because of any tweets against her, but because she is in way over her head.

      If you want to win the senate race in PA, then you should be hoping Oz wins this primary.

      The good news is he probably will.

    1245. Meldrim says:

      #1,1261, Sheeple, that Daniel Cameron is running for governor of KY in 2023 tells us one thing: Mitch McConnell will be running for reelection in 2026. If McConnell was going to retire, he would have told his protégé Cameron to keep his powder dry and run for reelection as AG (where he’d be a shoo-in) and then run for his Senate seat in 2026.

    1246. jason says:

      Trump also gave equal, if not more to the GOP, as I previously documented in a post in the past with contributions at the federal and state levels by years.”

      Tgca wants to rewrite history again with his scurrilous and dishonest attacks on Reagan, but not on my watch.

      Sorry, that dog won’t hunt. He gave more to Democrats. Fact. A “Republican” who gave more money to Democrats, think about it.

      He even the score somewhat after 2012 when he started donating more to Rs, but he still in total gave more to Democrats.

      Trump funded Democrats like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Hillary and other Dems for decades. He contributed to the Democrat Senate Committee to elect more Democrats. And it wasn’t to “build in Manhattan”.

      Reagan was an ideological conservative, a visionary. Trump is a conservative by convenience, when it fits his needs. And he was a conservative visionary for decades before becoming President. Trump was still contributing to Schumer until like 2010, let’s get real.

      The difference is yuuuuuge.

      I give Trump credit for a lot of accomplishments. But when he comes to conservative icons, he is no Ronald Reagan.

    1247. Wes says:

      Tgca, Reagan last supported a Democrat for office in 1950. He began drifting rightward during the ’50s and supported Ike for President. He may have switched to the GOP only in 1962, but he had been shifting away from them for over a decade.

      Also, Trump contributed money to Tom Daschle. Explain to me how supporting a Dem Senator from 1500 miles away helped Trump grease his business deals.

    1248. Skippy says:

      She is in way over her head?


      Because she is not a millionaire nor was endorsed by a former President?

      Barnette has conducted herself in a professional manner during this campaign. She has ran hard and strong for months. Her debate performances and messaging has been effective.

      Way in over her head?

      Why would anyone say this?

    1249. Wes says:

      I agree, Meldrim. McConnell is the most powerful person in Bluegrass politics. If intended retiring, he would tell Cameron to stay in the House past the 2024 elections.

      I wonder when McConnell plans to retire though or if he plans to go the Robert Byrd/Ted Kennedy/Dan Inouye route and stay in the Senate till he dies. He already took the record for longest-serving Senator in KY history in January 2009. He’s just extending his lead at this point. If he runs and wins twice more, then he can beat Robert Byrd’s record of Senate service in June 2036–assuming Chuck Grassley doesn’t hit that milestone before him.

    1250. jason says:

      Oz again leading at Predictit after a brief Barnette lead.

      Maybe people are coming to their senses and realizing she is a loose cannon.

      Now that she is no longer irrelevant, hopefully the other candidates will hit her with some ads to expose her weaknesses, which are many.

    1251. jason says:

      Way in over her head?

      Why would anyone say this?”

      What is her qualification, exactly? That she lost one congressional race big time?

      She should be running for local office, not national.

    1252. Meldrim says:

      “If intended retiring, he would tell Cameron to stay in the House past the 2024 elections.”

      Wes, Daniel Cameron is the state AG, not a U.S. Representative. The nest statewide election in KY is in 2023, so if McConnell was retiring he’d tell Cameron to run for reelection that year (where he’