Moore Crushing Cox By 22% in MD Gov Race

    Despite their own Governor having a job approval ratings consistently above the 60% level and sometimes even above the 70% level, Republicans in Maryland decided back in July they would rather go with the Donald Trump-backed candidate of Dan Cox instead of Hogan’s preferred choice of Kelly Schulz. even in the heat of the primary, just about everyone outside the Trump/Cox orbit was predicting that it would be a disaster for Maryland Republicans. Now we have a new poll out this morning from Goucher College that shows what a disaster it will be as Democrat Wes Moore holds a 22% lead over Cox.

    Wes Moore (D) 53%
    Dan Cox (R) 31%

    So instead of going with the electable Kelly Schulz and having an extended at least 12-year run in the Governor’s mansion, the Maryland Republicans will go back into the political obscurity they have lived in just about my entire cognizant life. This poll was done September 8-12 among 748 likely voters.

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    1. Bitterlaw says:


    2. Tgca says:

      Dos Bebe! Dos!

    3. Tgca says:

      Evidently Schulz was NOT electable to GOP primary voters. I get it’s frustrating when your preferred candidate doesn’t win but the people spoke and Schulz lost by a large margin in the primary even after serving in high levels in Hogan’s administration.

      Evidently Schulz was not the candidate the people either liked or trusted the most.

      Voters get to chose regardless if some don’t like the choice or if some view it’s the best electable choice. Without such choices, we would not have a democracy, if simply we had heir apparents chosen by a select few.

      Perhaps Schulz should use the time to reflect on where she failed to engage or energize people to support her. Perhaps it’s her personality or messaging or just a poorly run campaign but the loss is clearly on her regardless of Hogan and others trying to mock voters and defend why she should have been the heir apparent.

    4. Phil says:

      Bill Kristol tweet this morning:

      “After six years of marinating in disinformation and political thuggery, the threat now extends beyond himself (Trump)”

      Ah yes, the “threat”. Ok, Bill. So it’s time to extend more persecutions to supporters of Trump? Seems that’s already well into motion by the Biden Justice Dept. Not enough for you Bill? More subpoenas? More raids? More phone confiscations? More censorship? Must deal with the “threat”.

      I’m not worried though. Our DC Republican establishment have our back. LOL

    5. Wes says:

      All polling for the statewide races has Democrats in the mid 50s in MD. That’s actually a drop from most recent previous showings–except for Governor of course, which Hogan won by a comfortable margin in 2018 despite the national tide.

      I don’t expect any Democrats running statewide in MD to get a favorable call more than 15 minutes after polls close, but if the current polling is accurate, Biden has done some damage to his party even in the Terrapin State and robbed them of the 30-point victories Democrats normally get there.

    6. Wes says:

      To become politically viable in MD again, Republicans will have to either become competitive in the DC suburbs or find a way to carve out the area of MD from Baltimore to DC and put them into a new state with DC. At that point, the combined Gold Coast and Western MD would be able to outvote Annapolis and make MD GOP again.

      Unfortunately I see no scenario for that’s occurring.

    7. Phil says:

      Charlie Cook, Democratic hack who runs the Cook Political Report with a long article this morning which in essence goes all in on how “close” Florida is. He cites a bunch of garbage polls from the summer showing how “close” the governor’s race really is and how Rubio is just barely ahead in the Senate race. Toupee Charlie wants us to believe that DeSantis and Rubio are somehow really in jeopardy – he then goes on to project this Florida “closeness” as an indicator of some sort of Democratic resurgence nationwide.

      Florida isn’t “close”, and I suspect Charlie knows it. More gaslighting from the “political pros” Cook, Sabato, Silver. The guy just glides by the swing in Hispanic vote, Republican registration gains of 300,000 statewide, Bidens lousy approval numbers, history of results of presidential first term results of midterm elections….and on and on.

      Hey Charlie, wonder why DeSantis is giving away his campaign chest to other candidates?

      The fun thing is how Cook projects a complete false “analysis” of Florida nationwide.

      Garbage in, garbage out. Same old same old. We will get another month of this kind of drivel.

    8. Wes says:

      The first time I heard of Charlie Cook was in my formative political years during the second Helms-Gantt race in 1996. Cook apparently had some kind of personal problem with Helms that year and all but declared Gantt would win. Later, he scaled his statement back to say NC-Sen would be a “pretty safe bet for an upset” that year.

      Helms won 53-46, a nearly identical margin to John Kerry’s 52-45 victory over Bill Weld for MA-Sen (round numbers of course). Cook had never gone out of his way to declare Weld would beat Kerry that cycle.

    9. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil. Using 2020 as the baseline The GOP gain in registered voters in Florida is 330,000,and from 2018 nearly 500,000.

    10. Phil says:

      I know, Gordon….and Hillary carried Dade County by 30 points and still lost the state. This time? Either Democratic candidate’s ceiling is to carry Dade by two or three points and that’s being generous – yet good old Charlie still wants us to believe that Florida is going to be touch and go.

      No, it isn’t, Charlie. Wonder why he thinks the DNC and Democratic Governor and Senate Campaign Committees aren’t putting money into Florida? Do they just lack Charlie’s brilliant insight? Could it be that they’ve seen their own internal polling for a year now and are not taking summer garbage college polls seriously? Hmmmm

    11. Tom says:

      3. Tgca – Although Hogan was the best we could hope for here in MD, he alienated a lot of conservative voters like me with some of his attempts to appease the left (which is impossible to do). I felt he could have just kept quiet rather than voicing his dislike of Trump and sucking up to democrats. He thinks he’s positioning himself as a centrist, but doesn’t understand that there is no center any more.

    12. Phil says:

      Beto down by 11 in the latest poll out of Texas. Yes, it’s a college poll (UT Tyler) so I don’t give it any more credence than the college polls I constantly rip – except the fact that if Beto can’t do any better than that in a university poll it isn’t exactly encouraging. Beto won’t lose by 11 but he won’t get closer than 5 or 6 on election day either.

    13. Phil says:

      …and Beto, like in his Senate run is raking in tens of millions of dollars from the coastal progressives. It won’t do him any good. For one thing Abbott is sitting on sixty million of his own in the bank and can advertise all he wants. Secondly, I just watched Beto’s first ad. The pitch? Abortion, baby. It shows a Republican guy telling us he’s a “lifelong” Republican but because of the Supreme Court decision on abortion he is all in on Beto. LOL ridiculous. Also, I’m sure those Catholic Hispanic voters in Texas that Beto needs are lining up to vote for Beto over abortion. To say nothing of the fact that there aren’t any Republican men (or women) who are concerned about abortion and are chopping at the bit to support Beto over it. He is appealing to a voter group that doesn’t exist.

    14. Tina says:


      Tom Elliott
      Asked about FedEx confirming that we’re already in a recession, the Biden Admin’s ?@HBoushey? says it’s not their fault, citing Covid, Ukraine, & Puerto Rico losing electricity because of “climate change”

    15. Bitterlaw says:

      At the Fetterman office down the hall from my office, they had a delivery of yard signs. Not sure why they need signs in Center City as this is an 8-1 Dem stronghold.

    16. Tgca says:


      I’d hang an Oz sign on their door.

    17. Tgca says:

      11. Tom

      Agreed! He’s a RINO opportunist. I’d love to see him run in a GOP primary just to get booed frequently and then be forced to drop out within a couple of weeks when he realizes the GOP can’t stand the fat slob and he is unelectable nationally.

      These RINOs that love deep throating the lefties have delusions of grandeur thinking they are actually of relevance outside their circles.

    18. Phil says:

      Hogan isn’t running for the Republican nomination. Hell, he didn’t even opt to run for the Senate. The two percent of primary voters that would even consider him are all in Liz’s lane. Maybe they divide it up at one percent a piece. Liz, Hogan, Kasich, Christie……all laughable but boy does Chuckie Todd love each and every one of them. I might even throw Nikki Haley in there with the rest of those losers.

    19. Bitterlaw says:

      Not sure who hates more Republicans – Tina or Phil.

    20. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Rich Baris has a good point when he calls Nate Silver(538) a fraud. In a nanosecond, 538 will move its numbers toward the Democrats based on an obvious agenda poll. It takes a seismic shift for Silver to move a notch toward a Republican.
      As an example, believe it or not, in the Arizona Governor’s race,538 has Hobbs'(D) chances of winning at 60% and Lake(R) at 40%.

    21. Phil says:


      John Kasich – actually spoke at the 2020 Democratic Convention on behalf of Joe Biden

      Liz Cheney – what can I say about her? Pelosi’s “Republican” point gal on the Jan 6th committee. Seems her Republican constituents didn’t care for her much either.

      Yeah, the REAL Republicans, baby! May as well add “Republicans” Joe Scarborough and Adam cry me a river Kinzinger to the list as well.

    22. Phil says:

      Silver has Fetterman currently beating Oz by six. Kelly winning re-election by over 5.

      Anyone want to make a bet he’s right? Anyone? Lol

      I doubt Senators, Nelson, McKaskill, or Donnelly would. Three more of Nate’s slam duck favorites who, shock of all shocks, aren’t in the Senate any longer.

      What an absolute fraud.

    23. jan says:

      Apparently Peter Thiel is once again donating money to Masters, as well as the Heritage Foundation. But, compared to Kelly it’s chump change. Nevertheless, Masters has come to within 2 pts of Kelly, which is considered a “tie” of sorts. McConnell, though seems to be unquestionably unhelpful to not only Masters but other Trump endorsed candidates, in funding their campaigns. It’s said he feels these candidates winning may endanger his leadership position in the Senate. Politics is such a dog eat dog sport!

    24. Phil says:

      Masters will have to figure out the money himself. He won’t get any help from McConnell.

    25. Wes says:

      That last part about McConnell’s refusing to help Trump-backed candidates is a blatant lie easily disproved by a Google search, Phil. I realize you hate McConnell passionately, but you’re better than that:

    26. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – If McConnell gave away all of his money to Senate candidates, Phil would be pissed he did not also sell his car and wedding ring to donate more.

    27. Wes says:

      Of course Donald Trump–who endorsed Masters and has $115 million in a SuperPAC for spending on elections–has spent exactly nothing in Arizona. It’s 100% on McConnell though when the former President has nine figures worth of money he outright refuses to spend on his own handpicked candidates.

      Everything is McConnell’s fault even if others who could–and presumably should–have the motivation to step forward refuse to do so.

    28. Wes says:

      Of course Blake Masters could have kept his mouth shut and not antagonized McConnell. Neither Oz nor Walker felt the need to attack McConnell, and both have benefited from his financial support.

      For everyone who thinks McConnell is evil for not throwing money at Masters, I have a question for you:

      If someone punches you in the nose and a week later asks you for money, are you likely to give it to him.

      That’s essentially what Blake Masters did. Now all of a sudden, Masters is reaping what he showed. How exactly is McConnell at fault here?

    29. Albertus Magnus says:

      #25 and #27

      You are exactly right about Trump. I dont like it when the GOPe doesnt go all in on winnable races and I dont like it when Trump and others raise money for elections but really are just hoarding it for themselves.

      Trump was the best president of my lifetime. If he runs again, I expect to support him IF he shows he is going to try to overcome his inner Yankee and stop being crass for crassness sake. Otherwise, DeSantis is my choice.

      However, I am sick and tired of the 2020 election BS, when we have 2022 to win. And he really needs to tell Junior to STFU.

    30. jan says:

      A lot of people neither like nor trust McConnell. Being a seasoned politician he was able to get many judicial nominees through the system. However, there are numerous stories how both he and his Chinese wife have exploited their positions in Congress for self gain. As for helping R senatorial candidates- one minute he says they are a weak bunch, and will not contribute much to gaining control of the Senate. A few weeks later he is all smiles and making the rounds with Walker, Oz and Budd. Personally, I think the leadership positions, in both the House and Senate, could benefit from some reshuffling.

    31. Wes says:

      Really, Jan?

      You’re going to criticize a long-term member of Congress for self-gain while in office? I hate to tell you, but while politicians of both parties may feel they have the best interests of others at heart while in office, they’re all there for self-gain. They don’t spend millions of dollars, run hundreds of ads, and spend thousands of hours crisscrossing their constituencies because they don’t hope to get some kind of benefit out of elected office.

      That’s one of the most bizarre criticisms of McConnell I’ve ever heard when it’s applicable to literally all politicians.

    32. Phil says:

      You’re right, Wes. I hate McConnell passionately…but then he isn’t fond of me or people like me. He’s firmly in the Bush – Karl Rove camp. I have no use for he and his Never Trumper establishment types. None.

    33. Bitterlaw says:

      If Trump was the best President of his lifetime, Albert must have been born after Reagan’s Presidency ended.

      As for Jan’s accusation, I did not know anything about McConnell’s wife. Not really interested in her, either.

    34. jan says:

      So, because many long-term members of Congress abuse their positions for self gain it’s not ok to single out McConnell for being a part of that racket? Sorry, I disagree.

      Then there is Elaine Chou’s lucrative family business ties in China, posing possible instances of conflict of interest when considering sanctions on China etc. fundamentally, except for his ability to finesse creating more conservative courts, I am not a fan of McConnell, and think he has helped Biden achieve his horrific goals more than hindered it.

    35. Bitterlaw says:

      I couldn’t help myself. I know it is Wiki do suspect. McConnell’s wife was born in Taiwan. She last served in Trump’s Administration. Not likely to be a nefarious Chine secret agent.

    36. Phil says:

      Tweet from our “Republican” friends at the Lincoln Project:

      Mark Kelly a patriot. A true public servant and America proud.

      Lol. I guess these are the ‘Republicans” I’m supposed to love.

    37. Tina says:

      When does mitchie sign off on the cr and omnibus bill?

      How much for Ukraine. $15 billion seems low.

    38. Tina says:

      Mitchie packed it in. There are no excuses for giving up in July when the garbage polls are cranked out.


    39. Phil says:

      Wow. Just saw some clips from Fetterman’s rally yesterday in Scranton. Watching him try to address the crowd made me cringe. Ugly.

    40. Albertus Magnus says:


      Reagan was great but Trump was great and transformational.

      Trump’s SCOTUS picks were MUCH better than Reagan’s. Trump’s were 100% perfect on LIFE issues, Reagan gave us O’Connor and Kennedy.

      Trump was much better on economic issues, especially when it comes to trade and looking after working people. And both Reagan and Trump had GREAT

    41. Phil says:

      I’m sure Rove told Mitch those summer polls were legit, Tina…..and, in spite of what we know about the history of summer polling Mitch was still dumb enough to believe them. Oh, hell. McConnell probably knew better. He seemed happy to believe them – here the helpful public comment. He couldn’t wait to get out there and publicly trash those lousy Republican candidates. Funny how Mitch can speak out publicly on that but it’s crickets when it comes to the actions of the Biden Justice Dept. Why is that anyway?

    42. jason says:

      Maybe Kelly Shultz should have courted the Trump base that voted for Cox. Maybe by agreeing with Hogan’s gratuitous and unnecessary Trump bashing she alienated a lot of voters she needed in the primary and in the GE.

      What a novel idea!

      I think Hogan was the best Republicans could hope for in MD.

      But he attacked Trump to ingratiate himself with the MSM, there was no other reason for it.

      Both can be true.

    43. jan says:

      #29. Albertus

      I agree with much you said in that post. IMO, Trump managed to execute some of the greatest policy changes in my lifetime, too, despite 24/7 investigations and obstruction from the Dems and their media allies. However, Trump was certainly not flawless, exercising poor judgement and a thin skin in over reacting to those he considered opponents.

      Maybe he also should be giving monies to people endorsed by him, which would please Wes. But, no one knows what his plans are for the future or the funds he’s collected. In the meantime candidates he’s backed are being enormously helped by his endorsement, as well as follow-up rallies given on their behalf.

      Should Trump run in 2024 i probably would vote for him, again. However, I think DeSantis would be a great, if not greater, person to run….especially against Newsom, who said today he would “unequivocally” run if Biden didn’t seek re-election.

    44. Albertus Magnus says:


      Because I want unity in the party for 2024, that part of my brain definitely wants DeSantis. However, I prefer Trump on economic and foreign policy issues over DeSantis. But DeSantis TALKS THE TALK,, WALKS THE WALK and does it with a smile.

    45. jason says:

      Trump was great on energy independence, judicial appointments, taxes, deregulation, fighting the partisan biased dishonest MSM, funding the military, and at least attempting border control.

      I think his overtures towards North Korea were worthwhile and partially successful.

      I think his AFL-CIO agenda of stupid trade wars and tariffs sucked. I think his attacks and failure to support NATO and its mission were sophomoric and self defeating and showed his understanding of geopolitics to be weak.

      His personality cost him a lot of support and had he been able to control himself better his Presidency would have been a lot more successful.
      Still, I think COVID and the resulting downturn in the economy and the Dems gaming and defrauding the electoral process was more instrumental in his loss in 2020.

      In all, I give him a B+ as President, same as GWB. I give Ronald Reagan an A+.

    46. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Tom Beven of Real Clear Politics assails Silver/538:

      “The Kelly +15 is an online poll, and the Kelly +20 is by a PAC run by the ant-Trumper Joe Walsh which you don’t even grade. But fine, if you want to use those polls to justify being the only outfit to rate this race “likely Dem,” be my guest.

      Five polls out since labor day are Kelly +1, Kelly +20, Kelly +6, Kelly +2 and Kelly +15. So, yes, lots of disagreement but averages out to a pretty big lead for Kelly.…

    47. Tina says:

      Charles “Zeke” Goldblum was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man with garden shears in a parking garage in downtown Pittsburgh and later trying to hire a hitman to kill his accomplice in the brutal murder. As lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, Senate hopeful John Fetterman voted to set Goldblum free in 2019 and said he was “happy” when the killer was released from prison last year.

    48. jason says:

      How much for Ukraine. $15 billion seems low.”

      I agree.

      The Ukrainians are using the weapons well. They deserve a vote of confidence.

      I prefer $30 billion.

    49. Tina says:

      I say $60 billion.

      Just because.

      And more illegals here

    50. Tina says:

      Sen. Marsha Blackburn

      The White House told 60 Minutes Joe Biden was not speaking on behalf of the U.S.

      So who was Biden speaking for?

    51. Phil says:

      Let me get this straight. Nate Silver makes the case that Kelly has the race well in hand because he likes the “average” of five polls when two of the five making up that “average” are he knows outrageous +15 and +20? Huh? Seems that would kind of invalidate that average would it not? Well, yeah, Nate. I guess if you throw into the average two fantasy polls out of the 5 that would kind of bulk up the average. Yep. That will steep up that average alright – and then to use that totally invalid “average” as your evidence Kelly is in good shape is nuts. I mean, who uses two polls that you know are completely invalid to skew an average and then claim the average is evidence Kelly is well ahead? LMAO.

      ….and Nate is supposed to be the statistics guy? Oh brother.

      I have a prediction. Nate Silver is going to look like even more of a fraud the day after this election than he did in 2016, 2018, and 2020. Mark my word.

    52. Phil says:

      ….and the +15 and +20 polls Silver cites to get the “average” he relies on to get the seat to “likely Democrat” aren’t even polls that Silver has ever recognized in his ratings of polls.

      You can’t make this up. Just more evidence of what a fraud this guy is.

    53. Tgca says:

      I would give both Trump and Reagan an A-. I would give GWB a C+. Clinton a B and Obama a D. Clearly, Biden gets an F.

    54. Bitterlaw says:

      Reagan A+
      Trump A-
      Bush 1 A-
      GWB B+
      Clinton D-
      Obama D-
      Biden F

    55. Country Dick Montana says:

      Reagan was a C his second term. He was not all there.
      Bush 1 gave us “read my lips” and Souter. He gets a C-
      Clinton had a balanced budget and prosperity. He gets a B
      Bush 2 is harder. Probably a C up to 9/11, an A in the immediate aftermath. His second term was a D
      Agree with Obama and Biden. Trump was a B.

    56. Bitterlaw says:

      Clinton was a dirtbag. His “prosperity” was based on a tech bubble that he did not cause. He was at least smart enough to get out of the way.

    57. NYCmike says:

      “I think his AFL-CIO agenda of stupid trade wars and tariffs sucked.”

      -Never once did this agenda include ONLY union jobs, so the AFL-CIO line is b*llsh*t.

      “I think his attacks and failure to support NATO and its mission were sophomoric and self defeating and showed his understanding of geopolitics to be weak.”

      -In terms of keeping the peace, the reality shows that Trump’s policies worked, and there is no reason to think that those policies towards Russia, NATO, Ukraine and the ability to keep Russia penned in its little box would have changed if he had won in 2020. The only reason Russia invaded Ukraine was because Biden became President, and very likely because of what went on in Afghanistan.

    58. Country Dick Montana says:

      Maybe if more of our politicians got out of the way we could all be prosperous.

    59. NYCmike says:

      “Bush 1 gave us “read my lips” and Souter. He gets a C-”

      -Just read the other day that Ken Starr had been Bush’s 2nd choice behind Souter……can anyone else confirm that?

      If so, makes the choice of Souter even more terrible!!

      Then again, he did pick Justice Thomas, so have to give him some leeway…..C- is a good mark for him.

    60. NYCmike says:

      “Maybe if more of our politicians got out of the way we could all be prosperous.”

      -You were just put on an FBI list……(but I agree with you)……

    61. NYCmike says:

      Did Robbie come by to talk about how bad a candidate Dr. Oz is, or was he too busy pointing out that garden shears are a “mostly peaceful” tool?

    62. Tina says:

      This is not likely to happen in the senate with mitchie and the corrupticons.

      The Intercept is noted with the following headline: “House Republicans Planning to Investigate The Chamber of Commerce if They Take Majority.”

    63. NYCmike says:

      Will Wissing cast his ballot for Republican Dan Cox?

    64. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Contradicting Biden’s comments was bizarre. It’s the type of confusing nonsense that resulted in the Afghan fiasco.

      Why not just leave Biden’s comments on the table. Or add to them by pointing out how effectively drones and missiles are in taking out ships and military facilities in the Ukraine. An effective tech warfare campaign could send a Chinese invasion fleet to the bottom before they were even within sight of Taiwan.

      “During an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Biden said that the U.S. would send American service members to defend Taiwan “if in fact there was an unprecedented attack” by China.

      White House officials told the television program, however, that the president’s comments did not represent a change in U.S. policy, and that there is no official commitment to mount a defense of Taiwan. White House Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell then denied that this contradicts what the president said during the interview last night.

      This is the fourth time that Biden has, since the beginning of his presidency, vowed to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, only for White House officials to subsequently walk back his comments.”

    65. Phil says:

      “Why not just leave Biden’s comments on the table”

      Good question. Seems like it would be a deterrent to leave it….and that would be a good thing.

    66. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      On rating the recent Presidents

      Reagan A
      Bush C
      Clinton B-
      Little Bush F
      Obama D-
      Trump B
      Biden D-

      As everyone is aware, I tend to favor a more aggressive foreign policy. But Little Bush’s invasion of Iraq was just plain stupid, built on claims that were false. His ineffective occupation of Iraq was even worse.

    67. Wes says:

      I’ll rank Presidents starting from the first one of my lifetime:

      Carter F
      Reagan A-
      GHWB C
      Clinton C+
      GWB F-
      Obama D-
      Trump B-
      Biden F-

    68. Wes says:

      I can’t take any list that gives GWB a positive rating seriously.

    69. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Hard to think of more of a pot-calling-the-kettle-black situation than Gavin Newsom calling someone else attention-starved. Like DeSantis, he’s trying to run a 2024 presidental campaign while dozens of his colleagues are in tight midterm races.

      Governor candidate, CA
      Hey @GovRonDeSantis, clearly you’re struggling, distracted, and busy playing politics with people’s lives. Since you have only one overriding need — attention –let’s take this up & debate. I’ll bring my hair gel. You bring your hairspray. Name the time before Election Day.”

    70. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is another example as to pollsters placing their thumbs on the scale.
      I give you a new Siena College Wisconsin Senate poll which shows Democrat M. Barnes +1 over incumbent Republican R. Johnson. How is this possible you ask since Johnson is net +4 with Independents and receives 2% more Democrat crossovers than Barnes receives of Republican crossovers?
      EASY!!! The 2020 CNN Exit Poll shows that the Party ID in WI was 38%(R) and 33%(D), or R+5. In the Sienna WI Poll, the PID is flipped with the Democrats at 32% and the Republicans at 27%, or D+5. Once again, dishonest polling.
      Only 538 will believe this dog excrement!

    71. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Bitterlaw and jason:
      This reminds me of Katie McGinty(D) claiming the same thing when she ran for the Senate against Gun Grabber Pat Toomey(R) in 2016. The WI Police Chief says WHAT?!

    72. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes voted twice for GWB. Remember that when assessing his F- grade.

    73. DW says:

      AJC Polls
      Walker: 46%
      Warnock: 44%

      Kemp: 50%
      Abrams: 42%

      Jones: 43%
      Bailey: 33%

      Biden approval: 37%

    74. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Liz Cheney is quite the rube! She needs professional counseling. From Politico:

    75. Phil says:

      Sheeple, Wisconsin is done. Baris just finished polling it. He gave a sneak preview of the results and although he couldn’t yet release Johnson’s margin (Big Data Poll paid for the poll and he isn’t authorized to release the actual numbers as yet) he said Johnson is well up with independents. He also said It will be a net plus Republican voting electorate. He said the only question was whether Johnson can pull the Republican across the finish line in the governor’s race. That one is within the margin of error. He hinted the Senate race is not. Flat out said Johnson will win in Wisconsin.

      Baris is simultaneously polling Nevada. This one he could be more specific about because he’s paying for the poll. Should release the final poll tomorrow. Stated that Laxalt will win. Up 16 points with independents. Doing very well with Hispanics and actually tied with Mastro in Clark County. Furthermore, said the undecided were giving Biden less than a 30% approval rating. That’s a bad sign if you are the Democratic incumbent wondering which way the undecided will break. Flat out said Mastro was done.

      As far as other polls of Wisconsin and Nevada he said they are going to have to get on board with reality pretty soon or look like fools.

    76. DW says:

      Phil, so if we hold WI and flip NV, and if Oz can finish off Fetterwoman for a hold, then Walker hold on in GA for a flip, then we are good.

    77. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #74 & 76-SDC & Phil
      Good AJC Poll for Walker and Kemp. The last AJC Poll had Walker down 3.
      Walker has now had small leads in 4 of the last 5 GA Senate polls. Guess which one had him behind, yes, Quinnipiac by 6. The Quinn polls are absolute frauds!

    78. Phil says:

      Yes, it will be Republicans +2 in the Senate. Masters has a very good shot in Arizona still. Colorado is more of a long shot but that one isn’t done yet either. I think Bennett only won by three points in 2016. He’s not particularly popular in his state. Not counting on that one but Democrats have to spend a lot more heavily in Colorado than they had hoped.

      Regardless, Republicans get the Senate.

    79. Phil says:

      Yeah, Sheeple. The Quinnipiac Poll was a complete joke. That’s another poll that will need to get on board soon or look like fools.

      Walker’s personal popularity is very good in Georgia. One thing to remember. We are in the middle of football season and people are nuts about their Georgia Bulldogs – currently #1 in the nation. SEC football is a religion in the South. You think that doesn’t rub off on Hershel Walker who is a living legend in that state? Don’t underestimate that factor. It counts. Walker will win in Georgia.

    80. Tgca says:

      Oh chit! DeSantis is in trouble now.

      On top of MA state senator and CA Gubbernor calling for the DOJ to open an investigation into DeSantis for human trafficking and a host of other violations of law, even Texas is turning on DeSantis.

      Texas Sheriff Opens Criminal Investigation into Ron DeSantis over Martha’s Vineyard

    81. DW says:


      Juanita Fetterwoman Voted To Free Murderer Who Hacked Innocent Man to Death With Garden Shears in 1976

    82. Phil says:

      Ok, Baris has released the Wisconsin poll. Johnson up 49.2 – 46.

      Johnson leads with indies 52-39.

      Here’s why it looks rough for the Democrats. Of the 4.3 undecided, over 51% strongly disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Only 2% strongly approve. LOL. Which way do you think those voters are going to break?

    83. Tgca says:

      DeSantis needs to be very careful now.

      State AG Leticia James from NY and GA Fulton County DA Fani Wilson also have DeSantis in their cross hairs.

      I’m also hearing rumors Berkeley and West Hollywood will be opening investigations into DeSantis.

    84. Phil says:

      The sheriff in Bexar County is a well known complete Party hack.

      Good luck with that investigation. lol. Can you say desperation.

    85. Wes says:

      Voting for GWB was the worst damn mistake I ever made in my life, Bitter. If I had it to do over I’d be on Team Gore and/or Team Kerry with exactly no regrets.

    86. Tgca says:

      As I alerted y’all with my EXPERT guidance a few months back, DeSantis is just like Trump – a very in your face dude who will pick fights and does not like to be challenged or called out. He’s just as narcissistic as Trump and can’t let things go so expect continued fireworks between him and the left…which is not necessarily a bad thing because like Trump, he’s good at one-liners and zingers that make the left look foolish.

      This will inevitably lead to investigation after investigation of him as well should he be fortunate enough to win the presidency in 2024. It will be a Trump 2.0 presidency. Guaranteed!

      The left will stop at nothing. NOTHING I thay!

      The left wants to pick the GOP nominees and want spineless people they can push around and manipulate like Mitt and Mitchie.

    87. Phil says:

      I wouldn’t go so far as to have voted for Gore or Kerry, Wes but I too regret that vote for Bush. Really regret it.

    88. Wes says:

      How exactly does a Sheriff in Texas have jurisdiction to investigate the Governor of Florida for an incident involving Massachusetts.

    89. Tgca says:


      If Gore had won, we’d be living in a world of clean energy and the world would be saved instead of the less than 11 years we have left.

      If Kerry won, we’d have no more wars or conflict. He’d talk and bore people to death until they gave up or committed suicide.

      Luckily, growing up in Newark, I enjoy a polluted world and constant violence so I would not have voted for either of them.

    90. Wes says:

      I have no qualms about saying I would both vote for and work to elect GWB’s presidential opponents, Phil. I loathe him that much.

    91. Tgca says:

      89. Wes

      Stop being IGORENT!

      Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    92. Phil says:

      He doesn’t.

      Something along the lines of a handful of the migrants were in Texas before they ended up in Florida and then on to Martha’s.

      Like I said. Pure desperation. The guy is making a complete and utter fool of himself….but it shows one thing. What DeSantis did is scoring.

    93. Tgca says:

      The problem with voting for Gore or Kerry, they would have made the country much worst off and we’d be closer to the liberal Utopian society from the irreparable damage they would have inflicted. We’re still on that road but the more we can defer it, the better.

      …and we’d probably still end up in a war somewhere because Kerry was for the war before he was against it.

      GWB crimes were at least offshore. That may sound horrible but it’s true.

    94. Tgca says:


      It reminds me years ago when San Francisco peace mongers involved in local politics thought we did not need WMDs to defend ourselves. They claimed enough people owned guns to defend the nation.

      Yes, get out your pistols and shoot at those incoming Chinese planes dropping bombs on you from 10,000 feet above.

    95. Bitterlaw says:

      I have never regretted voting for a Republican. The Democrat is always worse.

    96. Tgca says:

      It’s ironic how Iraq defined both Bush presidencies which I believe were below average. Saddam may have had the last laugh though historically, unfortunately at the costs of thousands of US soldiers and a million + others.

      The 1st Iraq War was the only good thing to come from Papa “Groper” Bush’ presidency, as he failed miserably in all other major areas and gave us Clinton. Remember “Read My Lips?”

      The 2nd Iraq War destroyed Baby Bush’ credibility and presidency, as well as trust in American foreign policy that has not recovered to this day. Remember “Mission Accomplished?”

    97. DW says:

      Bitter is right. The Republican is always better, though I am not a fan of the Bushes. And for a Mets fan and a Phillies fan to agree together on anything means it is absolutely sure.

    98. DW says:

      The Mets even helped the Phillies last night by beating the Brewers. Scherzer threw 6 perfect innings but was not allowed to continue to try for a perfect game because he just came off the DL.

    99. Bitterlaw says:


      DW – I am sorry that the Phillies did not hold their end of our deal. They got swept by the Braves. The Mets should be able to sweep the Brewers.

    100. DW says:

      Its okay Bitter, I am sure that your only consolation that the Phillies were swept by the Braves was that it didn’t help the Mets any, and so I won’t take that away from you.

      I don’t think the Mets will hold off the Braves anyway, and they will have to settle for the wild-card.

    101. DW says: