Laxalt Leads Three New Polls in NV

    Time for a new post and we will focus on the state of Nevada where Republican Adam Laxalt appears to be the best chance (even moreso than the surging Herschel Walker) of picking up a US Senate seat for Republicans. Here are the latest numbers from Rasmussen Reports, WPA Intelligence, and CBS News/YouGov.

    US SENATE -NEVADA (Rasmussen Reports)
    Adam Laxalt (R) 48%
    Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-inc) 43%

    US SENATE -NEVADA (WPA Intelligence)
    Adam Laxalt (R) 45%
    Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-inc) 43%

    Adam Laxalt (R) 49%
    Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-inc) 48%

    The Rasmussen Reports poll was done October 13-17 among 707 likely voters. The WPA Intelligence poll was done October 16-18 among 500 likely voters. The CBS Nes/YouGov poll was done October 14-19 among 1057 likely voters.

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    1. Tina says:


      Maybe bl and Wes can apologize for their error about Elaine chao.

    2. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Today is the first day of early voting in Nevada. Here is the insufferable Jon Ralston:

      Jon Ralston
      No red wave yet but a nasty Vegas wind could affect turnout on the first day.

      This is a very low number.
      Quote Tweet
      Jessica Hill
      Clark County Public Information Administrator Dan Kulin let me know that as of about 11 a.m., 2,111 people participated in in-person early voting in the county.

    3. Phil says:

      Don’t listen to that hack Ralston.

    4. Bitterlaw says:

      Chi – McConnell disappoints me at times. He and both R Senate Candidates in Alaska are better than any Dem. Both can be true.

    5. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina – I am sorry for accusing you of making stupid and unwarranted accusations of corruption against McConnell’s wife. It was another poster who made stupid and unwarranted accusations against McConnell’s wife.

      Feel better?

    6. Bitterlaw says:

      Look at all those red polls.

      Gordon hardest hit.

    7. Tina says:

      Thanks Bl. I was more concerned that someone impersonates me as it was a relatively light posting day for me.

    8. Gordon Allen says:

      BL. Your leftist hero can’t stop the tide coming in despite his hopes and best
      We both know he’s a Hogan,Kinzinger ” Republican ” ( aka not one),so why the love affair? Did you guys double date at some point?

    9. Bitterlaw says:

      Dave never took Democrat money in his profession. You did. You are the one who helped advance Democrats’ policies, not Dave.

      Dave posts polls. That does not make him my hero.

    10. Bitterlaw says:

      Just saw an ad with Mastriano at a QAnon conference. Also had images of Hitler. It’s a long way since the ads with Shapiro eating sabbath dinner with his family.

    11. jason says:

      I am ok with McConnell as leader and Murkowski as R senator.

      If the true believers 100% litmus testers have the votes to get rid of them, let’s see them.

    12. Phil says:

      Yeah….and don’t forget Romney. Yes sir! Another ok winner.

    13. Bitterlaw says:

      I want the Senate back. If McConnell is the Majority leader, fine. If another Republican is majority leader, fine.

    14. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      David Brooks’ column in today’s N.Y. Times — “Why Republicans Are Surging” — lists what he says are Democratic weaknesses:

      “It’s hard to win consistently if voters don’t trust you on the top issue,” the economy.
      “Democrats have a crime problem” — voters see it as a major problem.
      “Democrats have not won back Hispanics” after movement to Republicans in 2016 and 2020.
      “The Jan. 6 committee and the warnings about MAGA fascism didn’t change minds.”
      “The Republicans may just have a clearer narrative. … G.O.P. candidates are telling a very clear class/culture/status war narrative in which common-sense Americans are being assaulted by elite progressives.”

    15. Phil says:

      Brooks is right on every point.

    16. Bitterlaw says:

      Did Brooks have any comments on the Padres-Phillies game?

    17. GF says:


      Many thanks to the Phillies for a great game, I just your boys to take one more from the Padres.

      Not sure I’ll stick around for the WS, but if the Phillies make it, best of luck against Houston (I almost never root for the AL unless the NL team is one in particular dislike).

    18. Phil says:

      Houston? WS?

      They got to get there first.

      Never count your chickens.

    19. GF says:


      I have no desire to see the Astros in the WS, but given their record and that the Yankees would have to win the next four straight, it’s highly likely that the NLCS winner will end up playing in Houston.

    20. Tina says:

      Trump will start WW 3

      Reality: Armya 101st Airborne Division in Europe for the first time since WW2.

      Gop-e grifters are mute.

    21. Bitterlaw says:

      GF – The Padres are like vampires. They just keep coming until you take them out. I hope the Phillies win today but no guarantee they will.

    22. Skippy says:

      North Carolina:

      Early Voting/In Person after first 3 days:


      44% Democrats
      29% Republicans


      39% Democrats
      32% Republicans

    23. jason says:

      I want the Senate back. If McConnell is the Majority leader, fine. If another Republican is majority leader, fine.”

      That should be the goal.

      But the true believer 100% litmus testers prefer to wage war on McConnell and Murkowski.

    24. jason says:

      Armya 101st Airborne Division in Europe for the first time since WW2.”

      Is there a problem with the 101st Airborne being in Europe?

      A friend wants to know.

    25. jason says:

      Brooks can GFH. This is the government, president, and agenda he wanted. Same for the Biden Troll and Amoral Scumbag.

    26. jason says:

      STACEY ABRAMS: “Yesterday, we saw record turnout for early voting. Yes, we should be excited. But let’s remember what that means—it does not mean voter suppression does not exist.”

    27. jason says:

      Go Boris!

      “Hasta la vista” to “I’ll be back”: BoJonator 2.0 looking more likely

    28. Phil says:

      Murkowski not a true believer.

      No sh*t?


    29. jason says:

      Joy Reid attributes a possible DeSantis win in Dade County to the Proud Boys.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      chris evans
      Ron DeSantis is so popular among Florida Latinos, he may win blue county Miami-Dade, something a Republican governor has not done in 20 years.

      Joy Reid

      ‘This wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Proud Boys have all but merged with the Miami Dade Republican Party. Sociopolitically, Florida is basically morphing into Brazil.”

    30. jason says:

      DeSantis has been governor for 4 years.

      But now there is a new scandal

      According to this devastating hit piece by the MSM, in college DeSantis mispronounced the word “Thai”.

      Yes, sorry but evidently true, since it is a third hand account.

      “According to a friend, DeSantis would tell dates he liked Thai food, but pronounced it ‘thigh.’ If they corrected him, Finch wrote, he would find an excuse to leave. ‘He didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him.”

    31. jason says:

      I don’t see how DeSantis survives this.

    32. Phil says:

      Too much to ask McConnell not to give speeches on the Senate floor attacking Trump for January 6th?

      Nothing like having the Republican leader in the Senate give the Republican base the middle finger. Real helpful, Mitch. I’m sure Schumer appreciated it. The Republican base did not.

      How’s that go? Oh yeah. No free lunch.

    33. Phil says:

      Baris says both Rubio and DeSantis will carry Dade County.

      Suck it, Joy.

    34. jason says:

      News you won’t see Amoral Scumbag posting.

      “T20 World Cup 2022: India beat Pakistan by 4 wickets in last-ball thriller
      With the help of Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 82 off 53 runs, the men in blue defeated Pakistan by 4 wickets in their Super 12 match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. Earlier, Pakistan set a target of 160 runs for India with half-centuries from Shan Masood and Iftikhar Ahmed. Arshdeep Singh and Hardik Pandya took 3 wickets each for India whereas Haris Rauf and Mohammad Nawaz took 2 each for Pakistan.”

    35. jason says:

      Nothing like having the Republican leader in the Senate give the Republican base the middle finger. Real helpful, Mitch. I’m sure Schumer appreciated it. The Republican base did not.”


      Let’s see if the “base” has enough votes to replace him, since this is what they want to judge his remarkable career in the Senate by.

    36. jason says:

      “There is a reason that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency used a late-night Friday news dump to release the September border apprehension numbers. The news is bad. A record-high number of border encounters occurred. The records show the highest number of encounters during the month of September in Department of Homeland Security history.

      The number of illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border rose to 227,547 in the month of September. This brings the number of border encounters to more than 2.3 million for fiscal year 2022. There were 20 known or suspected terrorists arrested at the border in September. The total number of terror watchlist arrests at the southern border for fiscal year 2022 is 98. For reference, the number of terror watchlist arrests at the border for the last five years was 26 combined.”

      No worries, NYC will soon be here to declare WE ARE WINNING!

    37. Skippy says:

      At this point in 2020 mail votes in Florida 49% Democrats to 30% Republicans.

      Currently in 2022 it’s 42% Democrats to 38% Republicans.

      Red Wave.

    38. Phil says:


      Of course not. The base doesn’t control the swamp. So sure, Mitch can give the finger to the rank in file voter all he wants.

      Feel better?

    39. Phil says:

      Red wave? Probably. In Florida? Certainly. An increasingly Republican state.

      Still, I wouldn’t get too bogged down in early voting numbers.

    40. jason says:

      Feel better?”

      Yes, thanks.

    41. jason says:

      Skippy is always wrong, so I wish he wouldn’t make any predictions.

      Of course, one day he will have to be right, so let’s hope it is this time.

    42. jason says:

      Did you pro-life people know the real reason you oppose abortion? No?

      Someone at Predictit explains it:

      “Capitalists LOVE the religious right-wing and their “pro-life” positions because it means more women will be forced to give birth to exploitable workers unlikely to be born in loving, financially-secure circumstances.”

      Who knew?

    43. jason says:

      Maybe this guy could then explain why conservatives oppose open borders.

    44. jason says:

      This is what our universities are turning out…

      “Every AZ republican running is an election denier who wants to end the US Constitution, end our laws, and end 240 years of peaceful transfers of power”

    45. jason says:

      Scary that this guy actually believes this…

    46. Phil says:

      If you defeat Democrats at the polls that is somehow “destroying democracy”

      Apparently democracy only exists when Democrats win and maintain power.

      Got it?

    47. Phil says:

      Philadelphia DA Krasner freed a convicted murderer last week who is now wanted in a new murder.


      Fetterman loves Krasner. Also terrific. Let’s see. Who do we like better, this guy or the LA DA?

    48. Tgca says:

      In reference to Bitter’s uninformed post 5.

      Unwarranted accusations?

      I suggest you go and read the DOT IG report documenting her ethical violations and corruption, referring her for criminal prosecution to the DOJ. That is not something an independent IG does without much consideration on a cabinet Secretary and the wife of the GOP senate leader (at the time of the investigation).

      Below are some highlights from the IG report.

      The IG, in December 2020 under the Trump admin, forwarded to two separate DOJ departments covering areas of violations, referrals of criminal prosecution for Chao for violations of her use of office, mostly from 2017 and 2018. The DOJ acknowledged the reported violations but refused to open an investigation in both instances.

      These ethics violations and abuse of powers included numerous occasions, over 14 times in one area of abuse where she had her staff work to benefit her family, both personally and their shipping business. They have numerous emails where her staff contacted other agencies and departments requesting favors on her behalf and they name numerous high level staffers and directors coordinating these efforts for her.

      In one instance, the department facilities were used to invite over 100 guests of her father to a DOT event celebrating the DOT’s 50th anniversary including the Chinese. The personal guests of her father accounted for about 20% of the 500+ invited guests. Her staff planned the itinerary for her fathers guests and got them private transportation on Amtrak from NYC to DC and met with AMTRAK management and did a walk thru on the accommodations and coordinated payment for the reservations and itinerary.

      In a number of instances, it was found she was using the DOT’s public affairs and media resources to assist her father’s memoir publications and promote her family’s shipping business, including high level individuals outlining media and public relations strategy event planning and events in China and elsewhere for her family.

      In another instance, she got the DHS to approve the entry into the US and work permit of someone her sister requested as a favor to the family run charity.

      In another instance in an annual trade event in China, she directed her staff to include her extended family, including in-laws of her family who run her father’s transportation business, in the planning of the trip to China and participation in the official events and attending high-level meetings during the trip.

      They also found a number of examples where she was tasking her staff to do work that was personal in nature.

      There were also issues surrounding favorable grants to certain people in her home state of KY as well but they could not conclude on this because of lack of detailed evidence of the contacts coordinated mainly by one person who did not document any of the dealings in meetings on these grants.

      Post 5
      Tina – I am sorry for accusing you of making stupid and unwarranted accusations of corruption against McConnell’s wife. It was another poster who made stupid and unwarranted accusations against McConnell’s wife.

    49. Tgca says:

      One can argue that many politicians and political appointees abuse their power and that is true…and many get away with it unfortunately, usually those well-protected while others, usually lower ranking CongressCritters and staffers have been prosecuted for similar or lesser violations.

      None of this changes that she apparently abused her power, both routinely and excessively for personal gain, according to the IG report.

      …and it’s hard to believe that her husband, wielding great power in DC was not a factor in whether the DOJ would go after her.

      Do you think if this was a MAGA CongressCritter like Matt Gaetz or Marjorie Taylor Greene that they would not be prosecuted?

    50. Tina says:

      He gave up in. July. Quit.

      BOOM! Kari Lake: “Mitch McConnell Needs to Wake Up – Republican Party is Not About Elites Like Mitch in DC”

    51. Tgca says:

      51. Tina


      But Mitch doesn’t want to relinquish power he’s had for eons. He may be on the opposite side of the aisle then the Dems but he still ran in circles with them and closer to them than many in the GOP.

      Remember, Mitch referred to Biden as a REAL FRIEND in the past. I think that’s more than senate congeniality. I think it’s how he really feels.

      Biden is a friend. MAGA republicans are a necessary evil Mitch feels he has to deal with.

    52. Bitterlaw says:

      49 had many words. Noticeably absent were the words “prosecuted”, “convicted” or “removed from office.” She was good enough for Trump. Take it up with him.

    53. Tgca says:


      So I’m glad to see Bitter supports Hilary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and a host of other libs accused of ethical violations and abuse of power but were INNOCENT because they were NEVER officially prosecuted.

      Bill Clinton was NEVER prosecuted either so he clearly NEVER violated any ethics or rules of law.

    54. Tgca says:

      Bitter supports corruption in the GOP but complains about corruption by the Dems.

      I PROVED Chao is corrupt using the IG report that references the evidence.

      The fact the DOJ chose not to prosecute her when there was a clear paper trail of favors for her family is evidence that is not questionable.

      When you have emails coordinating events for your father and family business in violation of the law, that is corruption whether you are prosecuted or not.

    55. jason says:

      I PROVED Chao is corrupt”


    56. Tgca says:

      Bu the way, OJ Simpson is innocent and had nothing to do with Nicole Simpson’s murder because he was not convicted.

    57. jason says:

      Remember, Mitch referred to Biden as a REAL FRIEND in the past.”

      Zzzzzzzzz….they were in the senate together for decades.

      This is all you got?


    58. Tgca says:


      Do you believe the IG report or not?

      Do you believe an independent IG investigation with documents in writing requesting favors or directing people to do illegal activities is corruption or not?

      Do you believe an IG making two criminal prosecutions during a Republican administration indicates serious corruption or not?

      If you don’t, then you have absolutely no credibility EVER accusing Dems of corruption again unless they are CONVICTED.

      Bill and Hillary were NEVER convicted so they CANNOT be corrupt. I hope you agree to that logic now.

    59. Tgca says:


      My reference to Mitch as a betrayer of his role for the GOP.

      Do you seriously believe Mitch respects the millions of MAGA supporters over the likes of his Dem cronies he shares power with in DC?

    60. Tgca says:


      Criminal prosecution referrals I meant.

    61. Phil says:

      Mitch respect the millions of MAGA supporters?

      Only a moron would buy that one.

    62. Cash Cow TM says:

      I know nobody else bothers to do this, so I will.


      MSN 10 top stories

      –8 out of 10 were ANTI-TRUMP, ANTI GOP


      AOL (59 headlines)

      hope you are sitting down for this…



      AOL musta said they were not drinking the Dem kool-aid today.
      Expect SEVERE repercussions from the Dem powers.

      AOL will soon be SOL.

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      I believe that OJ murdered 2 people. He was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a racially biased jury. Juries generally do not find you innocent. They find you not guilty.

    64. Cash Cow TM says:

      “A bit over two weeks out from the Nov. 8 midterm election, that leaves Republicans in a strong, though by no means certain, position to win at least the six seats they need in the 435-member House to claim a majority. And while many of the toss-up races mentioned early in summer 2022 could still go either way, a bunch have moved decidedly in a GOP direction (while a handful has shifted toward House Democrats).

      Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District

      Democratic Rep. Tom O’Halleran for much of the 2022 cycle has seemed like a dead man walking politically. O’Halleran is running in a new northeastern Arizona district that in 2020 would have voted for former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden 53.2% to 45.3%. Behind the scenes, O’Halleran complained the House Democratic campaign apparatus wasn’t supporting his reelection bid against retired Navy SEAL Eli Crane. But now, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending nearly $700,000 in ads attacking Crane, and O’Halleran’s internal polling shows him remaining competitive.

      California’s 22nd, 27th, and 45th Congressional Districts

      Democratic Assemblyman Rudy Salas is trying to run against party type in his bid to defeat Republican Rep. David Valadao in the 22nd Congressional District, talking up his support for the oil and gas industry. Valadao has shown political resilience in House bids over the past decade but is still running in a southern Central Valley and Eastern Bakersfield district that would have backed Biden over Trump 55.3% to 42.3%. The race remains effectively a tossup.

      In the 27th Congressional District, covering Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and Palmdale in northern Los Angeles County, former Assemblywoman Christy Smith remains in a pitched battle against GOP Rep. Mike Garcia. The race is a microcosm of the national political environment, with Garcia stressing economic issues and Smith talking up abortion rights, a major issue for Democrats across the country after the Supreme Court’s June 24 Dobbs decision effectively making it a state matter rather than a national right. The district does have a decided Democratic tilt, as two years ago it would have backed Biden over Trump 55.1% to 42.7%.

      The 45th Congressional District race has taken an ugly turn, with charges of anti-Asian bias flying back and forth between the campaigns of Republican Rep. Michelle Steel and Democratic rival Jay Chen. Over the summer, Steel, who emigrated from South Korea, accused Chen of mocking her accent when he said, “You kind of need an interpreter to figure out exactly what she’s saying.” Chen said he was referring to a written transcript of her town hall and her convoluted policy positions.

      Steel a few weeks later sent a mailer to Vietnamese American voters in Orange County portraying Chen, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, as a communist sympathizer — because a decade ago, on the Hacienda La Puente school board, Chen voted to adopt a free Chinese-language program offered by the Chinese government.

      The back-and-forth barbs are particularly sensitive in a district, straddling Orange and Los Angeles counties, that has a plurality of residents who are Asian Americans. In the 2020 presidential race, Biden would have beaten Trump 52.1% to 46%.

      Colorado’s 8th Congressional District

      The national political atmosphere, which now seems to favor Republicans, will likely have a big influence on this race for the new northern Denver suburbs and Greeley area seat. The Democratic nominee is state Rep. Yadira Caraveo, a practicing pediatrician and daughter of Mexican immigrants. The Republican nominee is state Rep. Barbara Kirkmeyer, who was previously a Weld County commissioner.

      In 2020, Biden would have taken the district over Trump by 50.8% to 46.3%. But an internal poll from Caraveo’s campaign has her lagging behind Kirkmeyer by 46% to 44%. Another 12% were undecided in the Oct. 11-16 telephone survey of 600 likely voters in the district, by national Democratic firm Global Strategy Group.

      Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District

      In a state with big-name races like the blistering contest between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican nominee Herschel Walker, a Georgia football hero, this is the state’s only competitive House seat. Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop, first elected to the House in 1992, is running for reelection for this southwestern Georgia district against Chris West, an attorney and officer in Georgia’s Air National Guard.

      Voters in the 2nd Congressional District in 2020 would have voted for Biden over Trump 54.7% to 44.4%. Yet an Oct. 17 Insider Advantage poll showed Bishop leading West only narrowly, 47% to 44%.

      Illinois’s 17th Congressional District

      Democratic nominee Eric Sorensen, a former television meteorologist, would seem to have an advantage in this new, north-central Illinois district running from Rockford to Quad Cities and Bloomington. After all, in 2020, its voters favored Biden over Trump 52.7% to 44.9%. But in an increasingly tough political environment for Democrats, the Republican nominee, attorney and Army Reserve officer Esther Joy King, stands at least an even-money chance of nabbing the seat.

      Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District

      This is a premiere midterm House contest, with Republican state Sen. Zach Nunn trying to unseat Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne. The Des Moines and southwestern Iowa district would have supported Trump over Biden 49.3% to 48.9%. With Republicans on offense nationally against the Biden administration agenda, Nunn has to be considered the favorite.

      Kansas’s 3rd Congressional District

      Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids is vying for reelection against former state GOP chairwoman Amanda Adkins. Two years ago, Davids beat Adkins 54%-44%, with Biden winning by an identical margin over Trump in the suburban Kansas City seat. The district’s new version makes it more politically competitive than previously — in 2020, Biden would have won by a narrower 51%-47% margin. The race could go either way on Election Day.

      Maine’s 2nd Congressional District

      Democratic Rep. Jared Golden is leading Republican nominee Bruce Poliquin, who held the sprawling northern Maine seat from 2015-19. Golden is up 47%-39% against former Rep. Poliquin, per a Pan Atlantic Research poll of 400 likely voters, conducted Oct. 7-15. Republicans will point to the survey’s small sample size in dismissing the finding, but the race does seem to be trending Golden’s way. Still, this is a split-ticket district. Golden, in 2020, won another House term as the district backed Trump over Biden 51.6% to 45.5%.

      Michigan’s 3rd, 7th, and 8th Congressional Districts

      Democratic meddling in the 3rd Congressional District Republican primary seems to be paying off. Ahead of the Aug. 2 GOP contest in which freshman Rep. Peter Meijer sought to keep his seat, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee boosted Gibbs with a $435,000 ad buy. Meijer was among 10 Republicans who in 2021 voted to impeach Trump. Democrats saw Gibbs as far less appealing to an independent-minded, newly drawn House district in western Michigan, a traditionally conservative territory that is now much more politically mixed.

      The Democratic nominee, attorney Hillary Scholten, has the upper hand in this race. The district in 2020 would have supported Biden with 53.3% of the vote to 44.8% for Trump.

      In the Lansing and northwestern Detroit exurbs 7th Congressional District, Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin has $3.68 million more on hand than her GOP challenger, state Sen. Tom Barrett. Still, that hardly guarantees a win in one of the nation’s closely balanced House districts. In 2020, Biden would have narrowly beaten Trump there 49.4% to 48.9%. FiveThirtyEight gives Slotkin a 72% chance of winning, but a lot can change by Nov. 8.”

    65. Tgca says:


      So Bitter is in essence saying:

      OJ was not CONVICTED by a racially biased jury.

      Elaine Chao was not CONVICTED because a politically motivated DOJ chose not to prosecute her for crimes they usually prosecute other low level people in gubbermint for.

      Thanks for clarifying.

    66. Cash Cow TM says:


      “In the neighboring Flint and Tri-cities 8th Congressional District, Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee is trying to stave off a challenge from Republican nominee Paul Junge, a former local newscaster and Trump administration official. Biden in 2020 carried the district by a slim 50.3% to 48.2%. FiveThirtyEight gives Kildee a 78% chance of winning, but this race isn’t over.

      New Hampshire’s 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts

      The eastern New Hampshire 1st Congressional District is the quintessential swing seat. From the 1974 to 2022 elections, Republican candidates won the seat 13 times, while Democrats were victorious in 12. At its most competitive point, the district switched parties in four straight elections from 2010 to 2016.

      Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas on Nov. 8 faces GOP nominee Karoline Leavitt, a former aide to House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (NY). Pappas was first elected to the House in 2018, and under the slightly-tweaked district lines, voters there would have backed Biden over Trump 52.2% to 46.2%.

      Leavitt, 25, is a vocal election denier.

      “I believe President Trump won the election, but I recognize that President Biden was certified, which is why I’m running for Congress — to fight against his agenda,” Leavitt said upon launching her congressional campaign in June 2021. Leavitt has maintained that stance throughout the 2022 campaign when pressed by reporters.

      Polls have consistently shown Pappas, 42, with a single-digit lead over Leavitt, who, if she wins, would be the youngest female House member ever. Pappas also has $1.61 million more on hand than Leavitt.

      Next door in the western and northern New Hampshire 2nd Congressional District, Rep. Annie Kuster (D) is likely to defeat Republican nominee Robert Burns, a former Hillsborough County treasurer. Kuster’s task got easier when Burns won the GOP nomination over relatively centrist rivals. Burns believes abortion should be against the law, a stance that doesn’t play well in New Hampshire, a state with a deep libertarian strain even when backing Democrats. The district would have gone for Biden over Trump 53.6% to 44.7%. A series of polls over the past six weeks show Kuster up by double digits.

      New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District

      Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski’s campaign has $1.63 million more on hand than his Republican opponent, former state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. Still, Malinowski is widely considered the underdog in this race. Though the southwestern New York City suburbs and exurbs district backed Biden over Trump 51.1% to 47.3%, Kean seems likely to benefit from the strong Republican tilt of this election year. He also has high name recognition as a son of a former governor, even if that’s been of limited help in his three, previously losing congressional bids. FiveThirtyEight gives Kean a 71% chance of beating Malinowski.

      New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District

      The Democratic nominee in this redrawn southern New Mexico and western Albuquerque seat, former Las Cruces City Council Gabe Vasquez, is turning into a Republican opposition researcher’s dream.

      Vasquez is campaigning as a centrist in a tightly contested race. But some of his deleted tweets show him attacking the oil and gas industry, rationalizing rioting in summer 2020, and comparing the Trump administration to the Ku Klux Klan.

      Not surprisingly, Republican Rep. Yvette Herrell is aggressively reminding voters about this. Herrell won the seat in 2020 in a district that gave a majority of its vote to Trump. But the new version means voters there would have given Biden 51.9% over its 2020 vote to 46.1% for Trump. After the Vasquez Twitter revelations, she’s got to be considered a favorite heading into Election Day.

      New York’s 18th and 19th Congressional Districts

      Democratic Rep. Pat Ryan, who won an August special election, is seeking a full two-year House term in the Upper Hudson Valley 18th Congressional District. Ryan in that race emphasized his support for abortion rights, but it’s unclear if that issue will match frequent talk about inflation and high gas prices by his Republican opponent, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. Ryan at this point appears to have the upper hand, with FiveThirtyEight giving him a 64% chance of winning.

      It’s also an open seat fight in the southwestern upstate New York 19th Congressional District. The Democratic nominee is an attorney and former congressional aide, Josh Riley. He’s running against Republican Marc Molinaro, who lost that House special election to Ryan in the neighboring district. Molinaro is a familiar name on the ballot, as Dutchess County executive and the 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee. This is one of the nation’s tightest House races and could go either way. In the 2020 presidential race, Biden would have beaten Trump in the district 51.3% to 46.7%.

      Nevada’s 1st, 3rd, and 4th Congressional Districts

      If Republicans have a strong enough election night, Democratic Reps. Steven Horsford and Susie Lee and Dina Titus all could lose. In districts in and around Las Vegas, the trio face, respectively, Republican challengers Sam Peters, April Becker, and Mark Robertson. Biden beat Trump in all three districts, but not by overwhelming margins. Titus previously lost in the 2010 Republican wave, as did Hosford four years later. Both came back to Congress by winning open seats, but the rising red tide 2022 cycle makes both of them vulnerable, along with Lee.

      North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District

      Former Yale University football star Bo Hines, a graduate of Wake Forest Law School, who Trump backed in the competitive Republican primary, will face Democratic state Sen. Wiley Nickel. The southern Raleigh suburbs district in 2020 narrowly backed Biden over Trump, 50.1% to 48.4%. Still, North Carolina’s overall Republican tilt, and the likelihood of a strong GOP election night, means Hines has the edge.

      Ohio’s 1st, 9th, and 13th Congressional Districts

      In the Cincinnati-area 1st Congressional District, Rep. Steve Chabot looks like one of the few endangered House Republicans in an otherwise strongly GOP year. The newly redrawn district would have voted for Biden over Trump 53.5% to 45%. The Democratic nominee is Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman. An internal poll released by his campaign, taken Oct. 13-16, showed him leading Rep. Chabot 49% to 46%.

      Democrats also are feeling good about their chances in the Toledo-area and northwestern Ohio 9th Congressional District, even though Trump would have prevailed over Biden there 50.6% to 47.7%. Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, first elected in 1982, faces self-proclaimed ultra-MAGA supporter J.R. Majewski. He made news two years ago when he used paint to transform his yard into a giant “Trump 2020 banner.” Majewski touted his military record, but House Republicans largely cut him loose from financial support after it became clear he embellished his Air Force career accomplishments.

      The Akron- and Canton-area 13th District is a true tossup. It would have backed Biden over Trump 50.7% to 49.9%. But Republican nominee Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, an attorney, and Miss Ohio USA in 2014, is running a strong race for the open seat. She faces Democratic nominee Emilia Sykes, a state representative and former state House minority leader.

      Texas’s 34th Congressional District

      GOP Rep. Mayra Flores’s bid for a full term is being watched closely by both parties to see if heavily Latino south Texas really is going red. Flores became a Republican phenom over the summer by winning a special election for the seat along the Gulf Coast between Brownsville and Corpus Cristi, with a portion turning inland into the rural portions of the state. Now, though, Flores is running in a new House district with a bluer hue, in the Eastern Rio Grande Valley. Biden would have prevailed over Trump there 57.3% to 41.8%. Flores faces Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez on Nov. 8, in one of two lawmaker-vs.-lawmaker races.

      Virginia’s 2nd and 7th Congressional Districts

      Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria’s campaign has $2.59 million more on hand than her Republican opponent, state Sen. Jen Kiggans. But Luria is still in a tough reelection fight for a suburban Hampton Roads seat where voters would have gone for Biden over Trump 50.1% to 48.2%.

      Luria is a member of the House Jan. 6 committee, which has subpoenaed Trump over his actions on Jan. 6, when supporters of the then-president ransacked the Capitol in a bid to overturn the 2020 election.

      The district has one of the largest contingents of active-duty military personnel and pits two female Navy veterans against each other. Luria is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and was a Navy officer for 20 years, operating on combat ships. Kiggins is a geriatric nurse practitioner and was previously a naval aviator for 10 years.

      Washington’s 8th Congressional District

      Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier’s campaign has $1.89 million more on hand than her GOP opponent, attorney Matt Larkin. But in a tough political environment, the relatively low-profile Schrier could face electoral trouble in this sprawling seat, covering eastern Seattle suburbs and part of central Washington. It backed Biden over Trump 52% to 45.3%, but the more rural parts of the district could spell trouble for the Democratic incumbent, where support for Republicans runs strong.


      As expected, a swath of House races has emerged as competitive late in the 2022 cycle. This gives House Republicans a new batch of late-in-the-game targets, while Democrats have largely been forced to play defense.

      Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District

      This southern Minneapolis-St. Paul suburbs district is becoming a concern for House Democrats. A pair of recent polls showed Democratic Rep. Angie Craig leading Republican rival Tyler Kistner by a single point. Craig’s campaign does have $2.53 million more on hand than Kistner, a Marine Corps. Reserve officer. Biden would have won here by 52.5% to 45.4%.

      Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District

      Recent polls show an effectively tied race between Democratic Rep. Susan Wild and Republican nominee Lisa Scheller, a former Lehigh County commissioner and wealth businesswoman. That means Democrats are playing defense in this Lehigh Valley district, which went for Biden over Trump by a hair, 49.7% to 49.1%.

      Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District

      House Republicans are heavily invested in winning this open seat race, in part because they’re currently shut out of seats in New England. GOP nominee Allan Fung, a former Cranston mayor, has consistently led in recent polls against the Democratic nominee, state Treasurer Seth Magaziner. No Republican has won a House seat in Rhode Island since 1992, so a Fung victory would likely be part of a red wave, or at least a strong election night.”

    67. Tgca says:


      …and what is your evidence that the OJ jury was racially biased?

      Is it because the majority of them were black?

      Would you say the same about a majority white jury, as is often the case, that convicts black defendants?

      I would bet the majority of AA would not agree with your – how did you say in post #5 – stupid and unwarranted accusation.

    68. Cash Cow TM says:

      So there are 34 House seats in the close category in the two posts I cites from a news article above

      If there is a Red Wave, then I suggest about 30 of those 34 go GOP in November.

    69. jason says:

      I don’t see any evidence Elaine Chao is “corrupt”.

      The “investigations” did not lead to any charges and Tgca’s “interpretations” of the investigation are garbage to start with.

      In the end, Tgca is resorting to his old political bias BS he uses all the time here to justify attacking people who don’t agree with his politics. He doesn’t like McConnell so his wife must be ‘corrupt”.

      McConnell is no “betrayer” to the GOP, he has served effectively and honorably for decades, that is why he is still in the leadership.

      Disagree with his policies if you want, but attacking his integrity and his wife’s because you don’t like his votes or whatever is just partisan trash talk.

    70. Wobbles says:

      Make it 730, just ordered my copy.

      “Missouri Democratic congresswoman Cori Bush released a book last week, and it was anything but “highly anticipated.”

      The New York Post describes Bush an “anti-police socialist who stoked BLM riots in 2020.” But the dust jacket on her book — The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America — probably says she’s an “inspiration” or some other lie.
      Perhaps unsurprisingly, her supporters don’t appear to be avid readers.

      According to NPD BookScan which tracks book sales, Bush’s new waste of paper sold just 729 copies.

    71. Bitterlaw says:

      Elaine Chao was not CONVICTED because a politically motivated DOJ chose not to prosecute her for crimes they usually prosecute other low level people in gubbermint for.

      No. That is what you are saying. I simply pointed out that she was never charged, tried or dismissed from her position.

      This is why you are a sad little clown.

    72. Tina says:

      How,come Cn and n won’t talk to warnuckles tenants?

      Ray Long

      Hear what Herschel Walker’s high school teacher thinks about his candidacy – CNN Politics

    73. Tina says:

      Piglosi’s message is Russian hoaxer appeoved:

      “When I hear people talking about inflation, we have to change the subject.”

    74. Tgca says:


      Neither were the Clintons so they are not corrupt!

      Neither was OJ convicted so he did not commit tje murder.

      That’s your logic you’re applying so I’m applying it to those you feel differently about.

    75. Bitterlaw says:

      Would you say the same about a majority white jury, as is often the case, that convicts black defendants?

      Now? It depends on the case but probably not.

      A jury in the Jim Crow era (in all regions and not just the South)? More likely. All white Jury judging white defendants accused of crimes against blacks? Even more likely. Do you want to watch Mississippi Burning? here is one of my favorite scenes:

    76. Tgca says:


      Did you read the IG report?

      Do you think the emails from her staff getting favors done were just a misunderstanding?

      Do you think a politician using their office to continuously promote their family and their business is NOT corrupt?

      You’re feint HYPOCRITICAL if you seriously believe Chao was not corrupt in these routine dealings.

    77. Tgca says:



      Where due that come from?

    78. jason says:

      I love it when someone making an irrational and fabricated point says they are applying “logic” to it.

      Bitter is right, Tgca IS a clown.

    79. Bitterlaw says:

      Neither was OJ convicted so he did not commit tje murder.

      You really don’t understand our legal system. Most white defendants in the South were found not guilty of killing blacks under state law by white juries. You really believe that none of those defendants committed any murders?

      So, EXPERT, do you think OJ killed Nicole and Ron?

    80. Tgca says:

      Sorry, but according to the documents the IG is referencing, including verbatim content of emails, there is more evidence of Chao’s violations then Clinton’s.

      At least with SOME of Clinton’s actions you’d have to suspend all sense of rationality to believe her actions were not intentional. You don’t have to do that with Chao. Her staff and the emails document her favors – stupidly mind you.

    81. jason says:

      I doubt what Chao did is any different from what anybody else in those positions does. You might think that is wrong from a taxpayer’s view, but if you are going to prosecute that then there is not going to be too many people left in government.

      I didn’t see Tgca complaining when Michelle Obama took huge entourages all over the place at taxpayer’s expense. I am sure that was ok because it wasn’t McConnell’s wife.

      Let’s be clear here. Tgca’s rants on McConnell and his wife are partisan garbage.

    82. Tgca says:


      I understand our legal system.

      I’m challenging you by playing Devil’s advocate.

      Do you think Hillary Clinton is corrupt?

      Do you think the Clinton Foundation was a front for pay for play?

      If you say yes, then you have no credibility because the audit trail on Chao is greater than that of Clinton so how you can think one is guilty if corruption and the other is not, is illogical.

    83. jason says:

      Also, all this trash talk that Chao is a Chinese agent is similar garbage.

      Nobody was more anti-Chinese than Trump, and he appointed her to his cabinet.

      I doubt he would be appointing “Chinese agents”.

      But again, if you want to whine about Chao, take it up with Trump. He appointed her.

    84. Bitterlaw says:

      I’m challenging you by playing Devil’s advocate.

      No. You just don’t understand the legal system.

    85. jason says:

      Do you think Hillary Clinton is corrupt?

      Do you think the Clinton Foundation was a front for pay for play?”


      And I don’t need any “IG report” for that.

      I know a political hit piece when I see one.

    86. Tgca says:


      I agree with your 1st paragraph and noted that in a previous post. I think she got favorable treatment, like other high profile people in the past.

      My point is that if it were a lesser known or unconnected person, the probability of a DOJ criminal investigation would be likely, as we have routinely seen with lesser known people in the past.

      None of this changes the facts though, she purposely violated laws. Others have gone to jail for what the IG uncovered in her office.

    87. Gordon Allen says:

      Shows how smart DeSantis is. He got rid of those girls with the old pronounce Thai trick.
      Great foresight, as it saved him for Casey,who is a politi Ian’s wife dream come true.
      She’s poised,articulate,and smart and not at all hard to look at. If you designed a First Lady from the ground up,she’d be it.
      With a background in TV news journalism somewhat like Kari Lake,but prettier.
      That ” Thai” restaurant trick works every time

    88. Tgca says:


      I think any individual in gubbermint, GOP or Dem, should be treated as any ordinary citizen if they break the laws.

      Hell, I’d be fine with the DOJ prosecuting Michelle O for violating laws too. If the statute has not run, arrest that Bish tomorrow.

      You either prosecute all violators of these laws or none of them.

      Purposely violating these laws whether you get away with the crimes or not, goes to one’s character and evidences their arrogance and corruption.

      So we can both agree Michelle and Elaine are both corrupt and got away with crimes or violations because of the positions their husbands hold.

      TYVM. That was my point.

    89. Tgca says:


      Have you read the IG report?

      It was not a political hit piece. I read it. 40+ pages. Well documented with evidence and emails, and the investigation was performed during Trump’s admin by a career investigator in the department for nearly 20 years (hired during GWB era) with no known political axes to grind from my internet search.

    90. BayernFan says:

      They’re all corrupt. Every one of them.

    91. Tgca says:

      Bitter accusing a jury of being racist without any proof other than his FEELINGS

      …and Jadon accusing others not prosecuted of corruption as being corrupt without any direct evidence

      …but when presented with a well-documented evidenced IG report by an apparently non-partisan investigator showing emails from and statements from violating parties, because it’s against a GOP politician, it’s considered crap.

      If that’s not HYPOCRISY, then I don’t know what is.

    92. Tgca says:

      91. Bayer

      I’m not sure every politician is corrupt but I do believe many lose their way when they go to DC and get sucked into the DC corruption and then behavior corruptly, at varying levels.

      My only point is that mere “nobodies” routinely get convicted when they do such crimes and violations but the political elite of both sides get away with it quite often.

      Alan Dershowitz is correct when he says we often have two systems of justice in the US.

    93. Tgca says:


      No, as usual, your IGORENTZ and arrogance proves you wrong.

      You claim the OJ jury was racially biased. What’s your proof? Be specific to those allegations.

      I’m telling you right now, you say that to most AA people and you’ll get an earful.

      It comes across as a RACIST and BIGOTED conclusion without any proof just like unfounded offensive comments about Jews and Catholics you often get offended by and claim are bigoted.

    94. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca must not have paid attention during the OJ trial and the aftermath.

      He has not told us whether he thinks OJ murdered 2 people.

    95. Phil says:

      Kari Lake challenges to debate Katie Hobbs on the View.

      God, I love this this woman.

      Won’t happen of course but it reinforces the messaging that one candidate is fearless and the other is an absolute wimp.

      Perceptions matter in campaigns and perceptions have established deep roots in this particular campaign.

    96. Tgca says:


      I watched the OJ trial daily, as I was working remotely that year so I probably saw more evidence presented then you. I actually have an OJ legal pad memento too.

      I thought OJ was guilty due to the overwhelming body of evidence presented and the number of sheer coincidences that would have to be overcome for him to be innocent.

      Unlike you did though with the jury, I did not judge him based on skin color with no other facts.

      You disparaged a jury due to their race with no corroborating evidence.

      You are EXACTLY the kind of person many minorities are concerned about when it comes to the justice system.

      You make these comments and you’re a lawyer too – albeit an unsuccessful low level ambulance chaser type of lawyer who has been let go routinely at work, or so I hear.

    97. Tgca says:

      So today we have settled the issue and we can all now agree that we must believe in the integrity of the justice and investigatory powers of the gubbermint EXCEPT when those powers document criminal acts and violations by Republicans then it’s all garbage and a hit job.

      Got it!

      Later ladies.

    98. Chicon says:

      Boris has pulled out….

    99. Wes says:

      So basically, Phil, Kari Lake is the exact opposite of what Matt Rosendale was in his race against Jon Tester.

    100. Phil says:

      Yeah, Wes. That’s a pretty darned good comparison.

    101. Robbie says:

      Nick Riccardi

      DeSantis backs O’Dea in #cosen after Trump slammed the R nominee for saying he wanted someone else running for President in 2024

      – This won’t make Jason fraud happy. Trump spoke against O’Dea so that means O’Dea is unacceptable.

    102. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is really unhinged with the polls…LOL

    103. Hugh says:

      From Jon ralston

      Another very slow day in Clark County — only 5,464 had showed up by 3 PM to vote in person. (23K showed up on Day 2 in 2020.) This is where Dems need to build a firewall, so they better hope the mail ballots are hugely in their favor (as they were in 2020) or it’s red wave time.

    104. Skippy says:

      I can’t wait until Trump leaves the National political scene. I will support whomever is the closest competitor to Trump in GOP Nomination race.

    105. jason says:

      o today we have settled the issue and we can all now agree that we must believe in the integrity of the justice”

      Blah, blah, blah…

      Once again Tgca makes up a bunch of crap and then decides people agree with him…


    106. jason says:

      I can’t wait until Trump leaves the National political scene”

      I can’t wait until Skippy stops making asinine statements.

    107. jason says:

      I will support whomever is the closest competitor to Trump in GOP Nomination race.”

      I am sure Trump is scared considering Skippy’s long record of supporting losers.

    108. Phil says:

      You better hope Trump dies then because he will be the nominee…unless the Soviet like Democrats are able to throw him in prison…which seems to be their plan BTW.

    109. jason says:

      Trump spoke against O’Dea so that means O’Dea is unacceptable.”

      Funny, I thought Amoral Scumbag only opposed those that Trump supported.

    110. Phil says:

      No. Amoral Scumbag is entirely consistent. He speaks out against any Republican who happens to be on the GE ballot. Candidate appears on the ballot who has an R by his or her name, Robbie opposes them. He always finds a reason.

    111. jason says:

      Some real journalism here. MSNBC “interview” with Biden.

      “Mr. President, I’ll be honest. I’m scared,” Capehart started by saying. “Millions of Americans are scared. They’re concerned about the concerted attacks on democracy, on voting, and how that’s going to impact the midterm elections. We’re seeing everything from Governor DeSantis’ election police force arresting people for alleged violations of voter fraud, we’re seeing election workers quitting because of threats,” Capehart cried to Biden.

      “Can our democracy survive when the Republican Party is–it only cares about power?” Capehart asked.

    112. Phil says:

      Was that a satire piece from the Babylonian Bee or was that a real interview?

    113. Skippy says:


      You need to relax buddy.

      Trump is unfit and conservatives need to move on for 2024.

    114. jason says:

      Was that a satire piece from the Babylonian Bee or was that a real interview?”

      It wasn’t a satire piece but as you can see it was not a real interview either.

      Of course, Biden still made an ass of himself even with the puffball questions.

    115. jason says:

      You need to relax buddy.

      Trump is unfit and conservatives need to move on for 2024.”

      I am very relaxed. I will support the R nominee in 2024.

      Will you?

    116. jason says:

      I thought Trump was unfit in 2016 too.

      But I got over it based on the evidence.

      Skippy should too.

    117. jason says:

      What Trump policies did you specifically disagree with, Skippy?

      I will be happy to list mine. I think his AFL-CIO trade agenda and stupid trade wars and tariffs was asinine, and his anti-NATO stances were self defeating and short sighted, to name 2. I think his belief that deficits are not important just print more money is idiotic.

      I think he was great on judicial appointments. Fighting wokism and the dishonest MSM. Energy independence. Funding the military. Deregulation. Taxes. Providing economic opportunity for minorities, and the economy in general. I even give him a C for effort on immigration.

      I would gladly accept another terms of all that.

    118. Skippy says:


      I will support GOP nominee. But I will definitely go against Trump during the process. I also will spend my time on this site discussing politics and not attacking other posters unlike some others.

    119. jason says:


      No free lunch here.

      If you are afraid of being attacked for what you write, better find somewhere else to post.


    120. Skippy says:


      I agreed with most Trump’s policies. A few of them were off the mark. Raising tariffs on China didn’t do anything but tax Americans.

      But the reality is Trump is unfit. He has the emotionally stability of an 8 year old. I don’t want that for the next Presidency and we don’t need Trump to win in 2024.

    121. Skippy says:


      You go right ahead and attack posters if you want. I spend time way more time reading comments than typing them and I for the most part skip over your comments.

      So carry on.

    122. jason says:

      Btw, I agree with Bitter that the OJ jury was racially biased. It was without a doubt prejudiced against the police.

      Both the defense and prosecution knew this, that is why Shapiro had Cochran and Clark had Darden. Of course, Cochran was a lot better than Darden.

      My view has always been that OJ was both guilty and framed. I never believed the “bloody glove” on OJ’s property, I think that (and other evidence) was planted by Furhman or some other cop to help make the case a slam dunk.

      The fact some of the evidence was tainted was cleverly used to impeach all of the overwhelming evidence against OJ. Plus the prosecution was incompetent and Darden committed prosecutorial suicide when he let OJ try on the glove. “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit” was great TV, but ignored mountains of other evidence.

      The biggest mistake by the prosecution was trying to use every bit of evidence hoping some would stick including DNA that ended up being iffy. They didn’t need to. Murder convictions have happened on a lot less than what they had. They should have picked 3 or 4 items and run with that. By introducing 50 items, they risked contaminating the whole case when the defense successfully cast doubt on a few of them.

    123. jason says:

      But the reality is Trump is unfit. He has the emotionally stability of an 8 year old.”

      Zzzzzz…. is that why he was a pretty good President?

      Who do you think is really “mature”? Joe Biden.

    124. jason says:

      and I for the most part skip over your comments”

      Damm, Skippy is a mind reader.

      He answered every one of my comments without reading them.


    125. jason says:

      and we don’t need Trump to win in 2024″

      Maybe not. Maybe yes.

    126. Skippy says:

      Tyler Kistner is an extremely effective candidate in MN CD-2.
      Pretty excited about his chances this November.

    127. Tgca says:


      Once again Tgca makes up a bunch of crap and then decides people agree with him…

      Gawd! We have such diversity at HHR.

      We have really smart and clever people like me…

      …then we have really STOOPID people like Jadon who can’t tell satire and when he is being mocked just like Bitter can’t tell when he is being challenged by someone playing Devil’s Advocate to get him to support his RACIST conclusions which he never did. It’s his feelings, like when he felt depression is weakness in the face of otherwise scientific facts.

    128. Skippy says:

      Biden is not fit to be President.
      Trump is not fit to be President.
      Trump won in 2016.
      Hillary lost in 2016.
      Biden won in 2020.
      Trump lost in 2020.
      GOP nominee must win Presidency in 2024.

    129. Tgca says:


      My point was two-fold on the jury.

      1st, what is the basis for his conclusion for claiming the jury was racially biased other than the member make-up by skin color? Provide the evidence or theory please as opposed to just “feelings.”

      2nd, the vast majority of convictions of AA throughout history, and through this day are generally by majority white juries if you look at demographic make-ups so why are those juries not also racially biased in their decisions since studies show the justice system is much harsher on AA than any other group so couldn’t AA likewise make the same argument Bitter is making and will Bitter accept that as well, or does he only feel majority AA juries are biased and not majority white juries?

    130. Paul says:

      I will support Democrats in this cycle because they support a stronger stand against Putin. That’s the ONLY issue I care about.

      My daughter also gets loan forgiveness which I also like… but that is not nearly as important.

    131. jason says:

      Paul you support Dems every year because you are a Marxist turd.

      Stop lying.

    132. jason says:

      Nancy is no dummy….

      NANCY PELOSI: “When I hear people talk about inflation…we have to change that subject!”

    133. Paul says:

      I will vote for the GOP nominee if they are someone along the lines of Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger. Otherwise, the Democrat has my vote.

    134. Paul says:

      Name any Marxist policy of the current Democrats? I stand up against Marxists.

    135. jason says:

      then we have really STOOPID people like Jadon who can’t tell satire and when he is being mocked just like Bitter can’t tell when he is being challenged by someone playing Devil’s Advocate to get him to support his RACIST conclusions which he never did.”


    136. jason says:

      Name any Marxist policy of the current Democrats?”

      Let’s make it easy.

      Can you name one that isn’t?

    137. Bitterlaw says:

      So when Tgca makes a fool of himself, he is just playing Devil’s Advocate. Got it.

      Jason and I agree on the OJ jury. Is he somehow feeling my feelings? A-holes are not THAT close.

      Still waiting for the sad little clown to say whether he thinks OJ murdered 2 people.

    138. Tgca says:

      Personally, the one thing I did not like about the jury, and that came out afterwards was that it was reported there was an acquittal celebration and that some jurors attended the celebration. I don’t know if it was ever proven true but if it was, that would be highly inappropriate for jurors to do, especially given the circumstances.

    139. Bitterlaw says:

      And still no answer about whether Tgca thinks OJ did it.

    140. Paul says:

      Jason is a marxist-cock-sucker who support Putin. He can go to hell.

    141. Paul says:

      OJ is guilty.
      Putin is guilty.
      Trump is guilty.
      Simple, stupid.

    142. Paul says:

      Republicans support the loan sharks with their cock-sucking student loans.

    143. jason says:

      1st, what is the basis for his conclusion for claiming the jury was racially biased other than the member make-up by skin color? Provide the evidence or theory please as opposed to just “feelings.”

      Sure. The jurors were interviewed over the years and they were pretty unanimous that the Rodney King verdict and their suspicions about the police were influential in their decision. They saw it as revenge against the system.

      Btw, one of them gave Simpson a black power salute as he left the courtroom. Do you think this juror would ever vote to convict?

    144. Tgca says:

      So challenging you to prove your RACIST views is making a fool of one self? You do realize the vast majority of AA would take offense to your comment without some proof?

      Where is your proof the jury was racially biased? Be specific.

      …and so you concede the same can be said of majority white juries convicting AA too right?

      You dodge the questions Bitter “Katie Hobbs!”

    145. GF says:


      Following up on last night’s exchange, many thanks to your team for dispatching San Diego to the ash bin of 2022 sports history. The locals down there all gave me the stink eye when I told them that their team, while decent, lacked the pitching power necessary to go up against a world class outfit. They all kept talking about their two or three clutch hitters consistently coming through. Well, there it is, maybe they can try to win more than seven games above .500 next year and not rely on the sordid multi-round wild card nonsense that only gives the owners more money without meaningfully enhancing the game.

      Good luck in the next round, wherever it may be!

    146. jason says:

      Republicans support the loan sharks with their cock-sucking student loans.”

      There you go.

      Loans are a fundamental part of the capitalist system. It is what allows people to buy homes, start businesses, get higher education.

      Nobody is forced to take out a loan. But when you do, you sign a commitment to pay it back. The money is then used to fund other loans.

      But a little Marxist turd like you think the Government has money and should give everyone everything for free.

      Thanks for making my point.

    147. Bitterlaw says:

      I was going to post the articles about the black power salute but wanted to save Tgca from making 200 posts that a black power salute has nothing to do with race.

    148. jason says:

      support the loan sharks”


      “Student loan debt in the United States totals $1.748 trillion, with the average borrower owing $37,667.1
      Most student loan lenders are large institutions, such as international banks or the government.
      Aside from federal loans, most student loans are held by the lender, a quasi-governmental agency like Sallie Mae, or a third-party loan servicing company.
      The federal government fully guarantees almost all student loans.”

    149. jason says:

      Where is your proof the jury was racially biased? Be specific.”


    150. jason says:

      Jason is a marxist-cock-sucker who support Putin. He can go to hell.”

      I support Putin?

      Bitter, just give me the key to the points vault.

    151. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca must have missed all the discussion after the OJ verdict about how the jurors were more concerned about proving the LA Police were racists than whether OJ was guilty.

      Still no answer on whether he thinks OJ did it. Why no answer?

    152. Tgca says:


      Thank you for at least posting your support though I think others can challenge it as well because it is a one-sided view.

      By the way, that same juror you reference said a few years back in an interview that he now believes OJ is guilty but they failed to make the case in the evidence and he rationalized his fist pump. Believe him or not.

      I think you can make an argument that jurors can want to acquit a defendant but only do so if they feel the evidence warrants it.

      The “glove” scene destroyed the prosecution’s case. You can’t have science and forensics say it proves something than the jury sees the glove is not even close to fitting.

      I think he was guilty but I do believe if the jurors really felt that one scene destroyed the case, then they were justified in their conclusion.

    153. Tgca says:

      I did not miss that.

      What you miss is the jury seeing a cop on the stand admit to racist remarks in a city known for racist police targeting AA for decades and getting away with it. That destroyed his credibility as an investigator and witness, and rightfully sowed doubt of planted evidence which to this day still may be the reason the glove did not fit.

    154. jason says:

      Nah. Furhman gave the jury the out the needed. The glove did too.

      A non-biased jury would have convicted him.

    155. Tina says:


      Biden on His Unconstitutional Student Loan Bailout: “It Passed. I Got it Passed by a Vote or Two”

    156. Tgca says:


      As usual, you make a fool of yourself again by making incorrect statements not supported by fact.

      Go read post 97 you RACIST MORON.

    157. Tgca says:


      I disagree. A non biased jury would have to ask why such a crucial piece of evidence failed in court so badly.

      Furhman, who I actually am not against, as I understand his past outbursts of being on the streets daily with such crime viewing people the way he did – it does change you to see the things he saw daily as an officer.

      But it also shows doubt in the case when someone like him was involved in the policing. To AA, those are two major reasons to doubt all else.

    158. Tgca says:


      …and one could argue that non-biased juries would probably not have as many guilty verdicts against AA that we have traditionally seen with majority white juries as well

    159. Wes says:

      Literally every black person I’ve heard discuss the OJ Simpson trial says he killed those people. That’s anecdotal, but I see no evidence blacks think the evidence didn’t prove OJ was the murderer.

    160. Tgca says:

      By the way, on the fist pumping, it’s not just a sign of black power but a sign of support, congrats or salutation. Where I grew up, AA and even many Latinos routinely punch their fist in the air as acknowledgement of recognition or in salutations.

      This seems to support the claim the juror made about his fist pump commending OJ on his success. Maybe it was wrong to do that but whites interpreted as a black power gesture which may not have been the case here.

      The AA community has gone through many changes in its cultures over the years from how they refer to themselves (black to AA) to how they use language (wheels to whip) to how they greet (changing hand gestures over generations).

    161. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – I was called a racist moron by a sad little clown. I will need some of those points you took from the fault.

    162. jason says:

      Dammit, easy come, easy go.

    163. jason says:

      By the way, on the fist pumping, it’s not just a sign of black power but a sign of support,”

      It was a Black Power salute.


    164. Tgca says:


      You were called a RACIST MORON because you behaved like one with your insulting bigoted statements with no justification after repeated requests.

      You whine about others posting unfounded comments on Jews and Catholics ALL THE TIME but you did the same on AA.

      At least Jadon provided what he believed was evidence of a biased jury even though I don’t think his evidence made the case.

    165. jason says:

      but I see no evidence blacks think the evidence didn’t prove OJ was the murderer.”

      Neither did the jury.

      Many of them have since stated they thought he was guilty.

    166. jason says:

      Paul says:
      October 23, 2022 at 8:39 pm

      OJ is guilty.
      Putin is guilty.
      Trump is guilty.
      Simple, stupid”

      Paul is obviously a deep thinker.

    167. jason says:

      The OJ jury thought he was guilty.

      They wanted to send a message.

      I would call it racial bias.

      Others can call it what they want.

    168. Tgca says:


      I suggest you go read history on the meaning and use of that gesture in the AA community.

      You’re looking at it from a non-AA viewpoint.

      So can we also assume whites using the OK sign with their fingers also represents white supremacy?

      See it goes both ways even though I think it’s silly to put beliefs in both gestures to just mean one thing and relate it to race.

    169. Tgca says:


      But you leave out the part where they say they think he may have done it but the evidence did not prove it or the witnesses had major problems.

      The glove scene devastated the case, as did Furhman. He was not credible after his past history came to light.

      I can think someone is guilty but if the evidence is shoddy or questionable, I should not convict on it because those are the jury instructions from the judge – follow the evidence.

      It’s not about your personal belief but what the evidence says.

      If you tell a judge you ignored the evidence and based your conclusion otherwise, that’s a case for a nullifying the decision and retrial.

    170. Paul says:

      Jason, the marxist-cock-sucker can go to hell. Clearly he has no quality comments to add to this site.

    171. Paul says:

      OJ was a Putin-cock-sucker. RIP.

    172. Bitterlaw says:

      I did provide the basis. Do you ever tire of being a sad little clown?

    173. Paul says:

      He took the vax and now he’s dead.

    174. Tgca says:


      There is bias in the legal system all the time by both juries and judges, as well as prosecutors.

      Look what’s happened to Durham trials. He’s failed miserably between the juries and the judge.

      So distant observers should not just get hung up on one case if they believe bias existed.

      There is routine bias of many kinds in the justice system, especially against the less fortunate in society.

    175. Paul says:

      I want to make hickies on a woman’s fupa.

    176. Tgca says:


      The two black people Wes knows are Republicans I heard.

    177. Paul says:

      Maybe even Tina’s FUPA. But I bet she’d slap me.

    178. jason says:

      Paul, take your meds and f-ck off.

    179. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      154. I agree with Tgca on this one.

      The prosecution had to prove its case, and they did a very poor job. In reviewing the evidence prior to trial, one of the defense attorneys immediately realized that the glove was too small to fit OJ. Why did no one from the prosecutor’s office come to the same realization?

      It’s also likely the defense counsel had learned of rumours that Fuhrman was believed by some to plant evidence. So the defense was just waiting for their opportunity to pounce and show the glove did not fit OJ by having him attempt to put it on. In California the standard of proof in a criminal case is it has to be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt” — your not going to be able to meet that standard of proof after the glove fiasco. There were other issues with the prosecution’s case as well.

    180. Paul says:

      Putin has kidnapped all the workers at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. They are being sent off to Siberia. Hell with PUTIN.

    181. Paul says:

      Let’s focus on ridding the world of Putin. Then we can go on with our little partisan squabbles, okay. And let me kiss Tina’s Fupa.

    182. Tgca says:

      Before OJ’s civil case and subsequent incarceration for robbery conviction, there was a 40% to 50% difference in belief of his guilt between AA and whites that ranged from roughly 20%/60% to 30%/80% per polls. That variance has now dropped over time, most likely due to his other legal issues and imprisonment, and probably sprinkled with generational differences too.

      Google it!

    183. Tgca says:


      Homos unite!

    184. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At least Paul, if he ever gets prosecuted in a criminal case, has the insanity defense

    185. Tgca says:

      Now in the CA bakery case, I have mixed feelings.

      I’m ok with people refusing to do things against their will, especially if they’re being targeted by activists purposely to harass them and there are no local ordinances requiring certain rules in order to publicly operate an establishment.

      But I’ve never agreed that baking a cake is an art or creative anymore than a chef preparing a meal because each cake and meal can be prepped separately and not exactly the same.

      Try telling a trained chef he’s not artistic or creative but bakers are and see the response you’ll generally get.

      If a baker can deny someone a cake, then why can’t a chef deny to prepare a meal for gays celebrating as well.

      That’s always been my issue on these baker cases.

    186. Paul says:

      Where is that other womanly poster that claimed to be a utopian socialist or such, but was really a Trump supporter? She was a school teacher in Minneasota. Haven’t heard from her lately.

    187. paul says:

      Oh… Lisab!!!
      That’s her name.

      I’m a little drunk. I hope no one notices.

    188. Tgca says:


      I just found out Loretta Lynn died a few weeks ago. I had no idea.

      I like a good deal of her heartfelt music and I greatly admire her rags to riches story and humbleness she always seem to have, as well as being someone many women in country music looked up to as a mentor.

      R.I.P to a great performer and good woman

    189. Paul says:

      Dixon wins in a landslide.

    190. Paul says:

      Although I’m kind of hot for the current Michigan governor to be honest.

      Did I mention I’m a little drunk.

    191. Tgca says:


      A little drunk?

      How old are you?

      Liquor is the Devil’s brew. Shame! SHAME!

      Just remember:

      Lips that touch wine shall never touch mine.

    192. Paul says:

      She’s got those wide child-bearing hips that I’m looking for.

    193. Paul says:

      I’m 52. But there is always a chance at another litter. And that Michigan governor’s got something about her.

    194. Paul says:

      I can’t say these things on twitter or facebook or my wife will find out I have a secret infatuation with Gretchen.

    195. Phil says:

      Dixon tied in Michigan. More evidence of what we are seeing nationally.

      I can assure you that Democrats don’t want the governorships of Michigan and Wisconsin in the hands of Republican governors in 2024. Why? Makes it hard to steal votes when Republicans are in charge of the election machinery of each state.

    196. jason says:

      Skippy is trying to jinx Dixon…

    197. Tgca says:


      I know what you mean about hips.

      I had a thing for Nathan Lane for the longest time.

      What a man!

      The movie The Birdcage gives me a woody to this day.

      But shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

    198. Robbie says:

      Hey, Jason fraud. Your MAGA daddy just sent out the bat signal to start attacking DeSantis. Go get him, fraud.

    199. Phil says:


    200. jason says:

      Good decision on the baker case, especially considering it is CA.

      The gay couple were not refused service, they could have bought a ready made cake. The owner had no obligation to bake a cake that violated her religious beliefs.

    201. Paul says:

      Nathan Lane just doesn’t cut it for me. But whatever works for you. 🙂

    202. Paul says:

      I had an junior high infatuation with a girl that resembled Gretchen. So, I can’t quite shake the big Gretch. I thought she should have been veep.

    203. jason says:

      Your MAGA daddy just sent out the bat signal to start attacking DeSantis”

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, did he call him a total bum, a clown and a Trump clone?

      Or was that you?

    204. Tina says:

      What the phuq is Karl Robot doing?

      Govs race.
      Quote Tweet

      Karl Rove is running ads in PA that say Josh Shapiro isn’t as extreme as Fetterman

      They’re actually attacking Fetterman to boost Shapiro

      Doesn’t even mention Mastriano or Oz

      The Establishment backstab is in full swing
      Show this thread

    205. jason says:

      I am sure Gretchen Witch would only sleep with a Marxist.

      So Paul does have an advantage.

    206. jason says:

      Karl Rove is running ads in PA that say Josh Shapiro isn’t as extreme as Fetterman

      They’re actually attacking Fetterman to boost Shapiro”

      Huh, saying someone is not as extreme as Fetterman is not really a “booster”.

    207. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Tgca says:
      October 23, 2022 at 10:25 pm
      Just remember: Lips that touch wine shall never touch mine”

      So that’s why Paul is drunk.

    208. jason says:

      BIDEN on his student loan debt bailout: “It’s passed. I got it passed by a vote or two.”

      I must have missed this vote.

    209. jason says:

      I’ve just signed a law that’s being challenged by my Republican colleagues.”

      Biden then described the “law” he said he signed, saying if you have a Pell Grant you qualify for “2,000…excuse me…$20,000 in debt forgiveness.” If you don’t have a Pell Grant, Biden said, “You just get 10,000 written off. It’s passed. I got it passed by a vote or two…It’s in effect.”

      So let’s see.

      There is no law. He didn’t sign any law. It didn’t pass. It didn’t pass by a vote or two And it is not in effect.

      But Amoral Scumbag is here to attack Trump.

    210. Phil says:

      Karl Rove doing what Karl Rove does. No surprise. He’s pulled this nonsense before.

      I guess the Republican Governor’s Leadership fund freezing out Mastriano $$ wasn’t enough for Karl and his establishment click. He had to take out the hatchet and finish the job.

      Real subtle, Karl…but it’s what the Bushie wing does. Really pissed that they no longer control the party.

    211. Tina says:

      The ads are stupid.

      Wtf is the fat circus clown that phuqed up Ga in 2020 with a great assist from Biden’s Beotch?

    212. Phil says:

      You got to love Biden down the campaign stretch. He becomes his usual lying self but now the lying is on steroids.

    213. Tina says:

      Is Biden’s Beotch even engaged in the midterms?

      I see that McCarthy is trying his best.

    214. Phil says:

      Surprised Karl’s ad group hasn’t shown up in Arizona to sabotage Kari Lake. Oh well, he still has a couple of weeks.

    215. Tina says:

      I am sure that the serpent head will be in Arizona next. You see the Rs running are just too extreme. We need mush.

    216. Paul says:

      Dark Brandon does what is necessary, Phil. I’m good with that. Tina: glad to see you.

    217. Paul says:

      Serpent head is moving along nicely.

    218. Paul says:

      Is LisaB still around? Or did something happen?

    219. Paul says:

      And is Polaris still at 30,000 feet?

    220. Tina says:

      Tied race now Dixon has big mo over the fib supported candidate, dimwhit .

      ? MICHIGAN: Dixon and Whitmer are now ???? in the polling at 48% in Michigan Governor Race

      (D) Whitmer 48% (=)
      (R) Dixon 48%

      Sept 28:
      (D) Whitmer 51% (+6)
      (R) Dixon 45%

      ? ????’? ?-????? ????? ?????? ?????

    221. Wes says:

      I’m no fan of Rove, but honestly I don’t know his strategy in PA isn’t a good one. Mastriano has been doomed for months now while Oz has climbed into at worst a tie with Fetterman. Since Shapiro is Governor-elect in all but name, it actually might make sense to create a schism between Fetterman and Shapiro by telling moderate Shapiro supporters Fetterman is extreme. That can have the effect of facilitating ticket splitting and getting Oz across the finish line.

      Of course had Mastriano not been the Dems’ handpicked candidate and run an absolutely wretched campaign that’s been going nowhere for months, maybe the GOP wouldn’t have triaged him. Too bad for him.

    222. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A new Marist Poll has the Ohio Senate race dead even at 47%. Two things caught my eye:
      1- The PID is R+3. In 2020, it was R+8.
      2- College educated is 40%. In 2020, it was 35%.

    223. Phil says:



    224. Tina says:

      Jonathan Turley
      I recently wrote a column contesting Biden’s off-base boast that the Supreme Court and a lower court declared that they were “on Biden’s side” on his massive loan forgiveness. Now, the President has made an even more bizarre boast that he actually got the plan passed in Congress.

    225. jason says:

      I think the governors race in PA is a lot closer than wes thinks. Shapiro is the favorite, but he is going to get trounced in rural PA like Biden did. Philadelphia will probably save him, but I don’t think this will be a blowout.

    226. jason says:

      I haven’t seen Rove’s ads, but I don’t think it a good idea to separate Oz and Mastriano, because they need each other’s votes. Oz needs the strong Mastriano vote in rural/exurb/small counties in PA (there are a lot of them) and Mastriano needs suburbans more prone to vote for Oz to vote for hm too.

    227. DW says:

      Bongino headling: “Biden Pledges Support for Gender Surgeries for Minors During Interview With Dude Pretending to Be a Woman”

      God help us. We have arrived at the point where the President of the United states favors the surgical mutilation of children, castrating young boys and double-mastectomies for girls. Truly sick and disgusting.

      As I keep saying, the reason they are going down this rabbit hole is to establish the precedent that young children have the maturity to make these kinds of decisions, and if they can make this decision, then they are mature enough for consensual intimate relationships with adults.

      Crime out of control.
      Inflation out of control.
      War against gas and oil.
      Critical race theory in schools.
      Kids belong to government, not parents.
      Open borders.
      Weakened Military.
      Threat of nuclear holocaust.

      What is the Democratic Party answer to these problems THEY created?

      Abort your unborn children.
      Mutilate the genitals of your children so they will never reproduce or enjoy intimate relationships when they grow up.

      If America sends these evil villains back to power in two weeks, the nation is truly over and done with.

    228. Wes says:

      Heh. I know Tina is furious because Murkowski endorsed Peltola, but I’m willing to bet Gateway Pundit never told her Palin intends ranking Peltola second.

      I guess only certain Republicans are to be criticized for supporting Democrats:

    229. Wes says:

      I haven’t seen any evidence Mastriano is going to get closer than a high single-digit loss, Jason. He’s run the exact kind of campaign Democrats were probably hoping for when they pumped money into the primary to boost him and, unlike Oz, has shown no upward trajectory. Part of that is the fact that Shapiro is a stronger candidate than Fetterman who actually knows how to campaign rather than coast into office on a ticket with another candidate. Part of it is that Mastriano has just done nothing to really move the needle in his direction.

      It may be a 7- or 8-point loss for Mastriano, but I’ll be surprised if it’s closer than that.

    230. Phil says:

      Doesn’t give Murkowski a pass, Wes.

      That woman has been stabbing Republicans in the back for years. I could see McConnell helping fund her if it was just Murkowski vs a Democrat in the race. From impeachment votes, confirmation votes on Biden appointments, and her dreadful votes on judges the woman is horrible. No $$ for Masters in an absolutely winnable race but millions for Murkowski makes me sick.

    231. Paul says:

      DW you are lying or listening to a lie from Bongino. Go to hell with your lies.

    232. Paul says:

      DW is an amoral scum-cock-sucker. Go to hell, DW.

    233. Paul says:

      I’d mutilate a liar like DW.

    234. Phil says:

      Knock it off, Paul.

    235. DW says:

      I find it ironic that years ago on HHR I kept posting on this topic for a while, pointing out the direction that was headed with surgical mutilation of children.

      Someone got angry with me and spouted off how it was just hormone therapy so the kid could decide later which way to go. But this would never happen where they would do an irreversible surgery on a minor.

      That rebuttal did not age well.

      So here we are. Irreversible surgeries being done on boys and girls, not changing their gender, but DESTROYING the one gender they have. No boy will ever be given, by a surgeon, the ability to become a woman and birth a child. No girl will ever be able to fertilize the egg with sperm.

      These atrocities must be stopped.

    236. Paul says:

      I hate liars. I hate communists.

    237. Paul says:

      I have never heard of irreversible surgeries like that DW. More lies.

    238. Paul says:

      Stop being a commie-cock-sucker, DW.

    239. DW says:

      Paul, I won’t respond to you with the same hateful rhetoric you spew at me. Instead, I call on you to repent. You can get help with your problems. You don’t have to go on living like you do full of hatred toward others. Please get the help you need before its too late.

    240. Paul says:

      You could stop lying.

    241. DW says:

      Paul, please educate yourself. Just last week there was a story in the news about a girl who received double-mastectomy and now regrets it. These surgeries are happening. I don’t know if you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or Satan himself. But I urge you to call out God for help and find some kind people in a church who will point you to the solution to your problems.

    242. Phil says:

      Meds, Paul.

      Take them.

      That hate is going to eat you alive.

    243. DW says:

      If anyone wants to find lies, how about the lie that a surgeon could turn a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy?

    244. Paul says:

      My daughter has a ton of transgender friends. I know what I’m talking about, DW. STOP YOUR LIES AND GO TALK TO JESUS.

    245. Paul says:

      No surgical procedure is allowed on anyone under 18. Biden is against surgical procedures on anyone under 18. STOP YOUR LIES, DW.

    246. DW says:

      And yet you have not pointed out a single thing that I said that was a lie. Not one.

      Your daughter has plenty of friends who are boys pretending to be girls and girls who are pretending to be boys.

      yet none of them will every truly become the other gender, because it is not medically possible to truly make a boy into a girl, or a girl into a boy. I know it pains you to hear this reality, but it is the reality.

    247. DW says:

      Paul, now you are lying. I just saw the story last week about the girl who was under 18 and received a double-mastectomy and now regrets it.

      Get help.

    248. Tina says:

      Nope, I don’t care who she endorses.

      I care about $$$ Mitchie sent to her campaign.

      When it could be better used, say in Arizona.

      Nice try, but you are 0-2.

    249. Tina says:

      I also believe the pa governors race is close.

      Claiming the Drat is a moderate, as Robot insists is wrong.

      There is a large crime wave in Pa because of the drats policies.

      There is nothing moderate or less radical than Shapiro.

      He is the male version of Hobbs.

    250. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Emerson & Siena both have Abbott(R) +9 in TX. How many House seats will the GOP gain in TX?

    251. Paul says:

      DW: You lied about what Biden said. GO TO HELL WITH YOUR LIES.

    252. Paul says:

      I had a dream about you last night.

    253. Paul says:

      DW: The story wasn’t true. They don’t do double mastectomies on anyone under 18. Stop believing what you see on the internet.

    254. Tina says:

      And winning the pa governors race is critical.

      I believe the Governor picks the “sec of state.”

      There will be even more mail ballot fraud potentially if Shapiro wins it.

      It is also good to win the race for 2024, whoever R gets it.

    255. DW says:

      I did not lie about what Biden said. And the story was true.

    256. Tina says:

      Cry Dave, cry.

      Quote Tweet

      Dave Wasserman

      House rating change: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D) moves from Lean D to Toss Up at @CookPolitical as Dems admit the DCCC chair is now in serious danger in #NY17. Full analysis:

    257. Paul says:

      DW: you did lie about the Biden quote. I don’t trust someone who lies.

    258. DW says:

      From the news story:

      States like Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, and others have put bills in place that would prevent state funds from going to pay for sex changes, or to make illegal sex changes for children. Mulvaney believes this is wrong, and so does the President.

      “Do you think states should have a right to ban gender affirming health care?” Mulvaney asked.

      “I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that,” Biden said.

    259. Phil says:

      Sheeple, there are three congressional races in south Texas in play – 15, 28, 34.

      15 is a probable R pickup. 28 is Cuellar’s district and he is a slight favorite. 34 is the seat Flores won in the special election. Unfortunately the newly drawn district is about 4 pts more Democratic and will be a tough hold. Flores is an excellent candidate and still has a shot.

      Every other district in Texas is a hold for both parties.

      Beto, of course, is toast. Abbott by 9.

    260. DW says:

      The last 9 polls of the NV senate race show a Laxalt lead in all but the USA-Today/Suffolk poll. Silver gives him a 54% chance of winning.

      I know Nevada has a history of being Lucy pulling the football away from the GOP, but this time I think Charlie Brown kicks it.

    261. Tina says:

      Aka “summer polls”.

      Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit”
      The “model believes Republicans will outperform” and “stand by for major ratings change” you’re seeing today are all part of the scam.

      It’s the cover your ass phase we’ve now moved into.

      Scam artists.

    262. Paul says:

      I agree. I don’t think the states should have the right to ban that for adults. As Biden said. GO TO HELL< DW

    263. Phil says:

      Baris has done everything he can possibly do to try and clean up the polling industry. He makes fun of the university and media sponsored pollsters constantly….and you should hear what he says on a daily basis about Nate Silver and his poll selections. Shreds him.

    264. Phil says:

      Biden yesterday:

      “My legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round”

      Okeeeey, Joe.

    265. Paul says:

      I hate Putin.

    266. Phil says:

      Maybe Joe meant you only get to shoot eight bullets during a round of golf.

    267. SoHope says:

      This Paul guy has a screw loose

    268. SoHope says:

      There are a number of articles documenting elective top surgeries being done on minors. This one doc in Miami gladly admits to 1 or 2 a month and has done them as young as 13 and 14 because of “extreme distress about her chest”.

    269. Phil says:

      A hard leftist who “hates commies”

      Who knew?

    270. Paul says:

      I hate Republicans who don’t support Ukraine.

    271. Paul says:


    272. DW says:

      It is bizarre, Paul ADDS words to the quote to change it, and then agrees with it, and then says I am lying.

      The legislation is pending in several states to ban surgical mutilation of children, and Biden said states should not have the right to ban anything.

    273. Robbie says:


      Trump Blasts Ron DeSantis for Endorsing Colorado GOP Senate Nominee: ‘A BIG MISTAKE!’

      – The marching orders have been sent. Donnie’s telling his worshippers it’s time to go after DeSantis. I have no doubt his loyalists in this forum will comply.

    274. Robbie says:

      Republicans who don’t support Ukraine aren’t Republicans. They are isolationists, populists, and Trumpists.

    275. SoHope says:

      And Paul, I know a number of trans people too. I also know a guy that has tattooed his eyeballs. If a doctor wanted to provide that service for kids and society wanted to treat it like a 9 year old getting her ears pierced at Claire’s then they are Nucking Futs and so are you if you agree with it.

    276. DW says:

      Thanks SoHope for the link. Honestly its hard for me to google these tragic stories. To think we live in such a society that would do these things to children.

    277. Paul says:

      Kari Lake wants to remove Arizonian votes. Kill Kari Lake.

    278. Phil says:

      The guy who can’t even vote for his own home state GOP candidate for governor drives by to school us on what makes you a Republican.

      Love this place.

    279. Paul says:

      I and Biden agree with you.

    280. Phil says:

      Kill Kari Lake.

      Lovely, Paul. You sick MF. LOL

      Oh, and make that GOVERNOR Kari Lake.

    281. jason says:

      Republicans who don’t support Ukraine aren’t Republicans. They are isolationists, populists, and Trumpists.”

      F–k off, despicable scumbag, you are not a Republican so GFY.

    282. SoHope says:

      Leftist: Ban conversion therapy where a therapist tries to convince a kid not to act of homosexual urges!

      Same leftist: You have no right to ban gender affirming top or bottom surgeries or chemical castration for kids!

    283. Paul says:

      I despise her almost as much as Putin. LOL.

    284. DW says:

      Paul: “I don’t trust someone who lies.”

      Paul, its good to not trust yourself. I truly hope you can get help for your problems.

    285. jason says:

      Donnie’s telling his worshippers it’s time to go after DeSantis.”


      Let me know when Trump calls DeSantis a total bum, a clown and a Trump clone.

      Until then, go back to your leftist cesspools where they love your talking points.

    286. Tina says:

      Joe seems to be having multiple issues lately, Phil.

      The elevator ain’t reaching the top floors,

    287. jason says:

      I know Nevada has a history of being Lucy pulling the football away from the GOP, but this time I think Charlie Brown kicks it.”

      There are serious issues. The COVID driven rules making it easy for fraud have been made permanent.

      Laxalt and Lombardo will have to overcome the MOF.

    288. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag preferred an avowed Communist and drug addict over DeSantis.

      That is all you need to know about his pretense of now supporting him.

      If DeSantis is the nominee, Amoral Scumbag will be here quicker than a horsefly on bullcrap to regurgitate EVERY Dem talking point against him.

      Bet on it.

    289. Paul says:

      The same nation that blew the GOP out over Watergate in 1974 by 17 pts and 49 seats now can’t even keep the party of January 6 out of power because of inflation. (Which was TWELVE percent in ’74.) Shameful.

    290. Paul says:


    291. Paul says:

      Jason Commie: Just stop it.

    292. Phil says:

      Jason is a communist? Riiiiiight
      Uh, Paul, I got to ask. Just exactly what is your definition of “commie” that you like to throw around all over the place?

      Are you 10?

    293. Tgca says:

      Here’s a pro-tranny story from the liberal New Yorker that did a story on a girl who transitioned to a boy and had a double mastectomy at 16 back in 2013.

    294. Phil says:

      January 6th
      Gender change
      no cash bail
      open borders

      Terrific platform

      As Nancy says, “when inflation is mentioned we need to change the subject”. That ought to do it alright. Yep, Nancy, change it to the above items. You go, girl. Winners.

    295. Tgca says:

      Here’s a recent NYT story about a Miami teen who had a double mastectomy at 17. The NYT trans friendly story talks about this double mastectomy as a TREND in under-aged teens.

      In trying to quantify these surgeries in minors, the NYT points to 203 such surgeries it identified in 2021.

      Here’s a clip from the article.

      Dr. Gallagher, whose unusual embrace of platforms like TikTok has made her one of the most visible gender-affirming surgeons in the country, said she performed 13 top surgeries on minors last year, up from a handful a few years ago. One hospital, Kaiser Permanente Oakland, carried out 70 top surgeries in 2019 on teenagers age 13 to 18, up from five in 2013, according to researchers who led a recent study.

    296. Tgca says:

      287. SoHope

      I use that analogy all the time.

      Caleefawnyuh passed legislation banning conversion therapy and also passed a law allowing Child Services to step in and take kids from parents if they don’t allow them to transition so the state can take over transitioning.

    297. Paul says:

      Phil doesn’t care about America. GO TO HELL. I’d be happy to throw overboard transgenders and abortion, just save democracy and fight against Putin.

    298. Jeff G. says:

      The anger and desperation of the trolls is unprecedented for HHR. A giant red tsunami must be coming.

    299. DW says:

      Thanks Tgca for the links. I have to laugh though when I see language like “a story on a girl who transitioned to a boy…”

      Did she actually become a boy? No. This is the stuff of Disney cartoon movies. In the real world, no team of surgeons and pharmacists can turn a girl into a boy.

    300. Tgca says:

      I am not a fan of trannies. Most I’ve ever encountered were seriously disturbed, druggies, prostitutes, or had severe emotional issues. I came across them in San Francisco.

      Now I’m sure there are many trannies that are not in this category but just watch the videos of these folks and you will see behaviors that are quite disturbing.

      One can make the chicken and egg argument here that most trannies appear disturbed because they’re pushed there by society not addressing their needs but my personal experience is that most are just f*cked up in the head from whatever that makes them think they’re of the opposite sex and cling to the tranny movement.

    301. Tgca says:

      It is biologically inexplicable that a species would have such a significant portion of its self being tranny. The fact that recent studies show a sharp increase in trannies in teens but not adults suggest this is a cultural trend and not a scientific anomaly.

      Some will argue that this is not an anomaly but just the timing is right for trannies to cone out. I don’t but that either without further studies by non-partisan groups. Sorry! Studies by medical groups performing transitioning are not reliable because they’re self-serving. Note those groups don’t do studies on de-transitioning.

      My personal view are many of these kids that THINK they’re really of the opposite sex have issues that need support and compassion. I’m not sure surgeries will get to the root underlying causes though and there have been numerous reports of fully surgical transitioned people having regrets and de-transitioning as well.

      In addition, we have no idea of the long-term effects of hormonal treatments on young teens on such a large scale, not to mention toon psychological impacts.

    302. DW says:

      Even a softball interview on MSNBC cannot go right for Biden:

      “I think it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine. I think that’s totally legitimate,” Biden said. “I think the best way to make a judgment is to, to, you know, watch me, you know, am I slowing up? Am I, don’t have the same pace?”

      “You know, I, could be, I’m a great respecter of fate,” Biden continued. “I could get a disease tomorrow, I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow. But I, you know, in terms of my energy level, in terms of how much I’m able to do, I think people should look and say, ‘is he, is he still have the same passion for what he’s doing? And if they think I do, and I can do it, then that’s fine.”

    303. Tgca says:

      Lastly, there is a growing movement on transracial people too. So should we say that peoples genetic code identifying them as white is indeterminate of their race when they really feel they’re black?

      What’s the difference between transgenderism and transracialism? They’re both a feeling one is in the wrong body and DNA doesn’t tell their full story.

      Should white people who are transracial be allowed to compete for AA scholarships or giving quotas and affirmative action and receive any reparations that some states are pushing?

      Good luck with that Dems. It will result in AA abandoning the Dems in mass if Dems push transracial equality like transgender equality.

      Where does all this draw the line?

    304. Tgca says:

      This is what the trannies want to push as normal now?

      Trans comedian strips naked and plays keyboard with penis on Friday Night Live on Channel 4.

      The crowd goes wild applauding.

      Vile and sick to try and normalize this behavior.

    305. Tina says:

      This sounds believable. /s

      Jesse Rodriguez

      DOJ announces 1:30pmET news conference with AG Garland today. They say it’s to discuss “significant national security cases addressing malign influence schemes and alleged criminal activity by a nation-state actor in the United States.”
      6:49 AM · Oct 24, 2022

    306. Tgca says:


      I saw that Tina.

      My sources tell me they will be announcing indictment of Trump based on new evidence that shows he took from the WH a pencil and withheld it from reporting to the National Archives

    307. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Paul needs to attach a breathalyzer to his computer keyboard.

    308. Tgca says:

      Paul says he dreamt of Tina last night in 254.

      Details please!

    309. Tgca says:

      I think Bitter dreams of me. It’s all good though.

      We’re running in abandoned buildings in Newark playing hide and seek, climbing through broken windows and up dilapidated stairwells and snacking on lead paint chips, as well as exploring down along the banks of the Passaic River littered with car batteries and watching the green sludge drift by as we look for the occasional dead body to float by.

      These are the dreams boyhood memories are made of.

    310. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      CNN just released some polls with expected results. To wit:
      1- PA— Shapiro(D) +11 & Fetterman(D) +6
      2- WI– Evers(D) +2 & Johnson(R) +1
      3- MI— Whitmer(D) +6

    311. Robbie says: ?? ??
      ALASKA. Ex-Gov Sarah Palin (R) says she will rank US Rep Mary Peltola (D) – her own opponent – second on her ranked choice ballot, ahead of businessman Nick Begich (R).

      – Remember when NYCmike said Palin shouldn’t drop out after she lost the special election this Summer and she was still the best choice? I do.

      Turns out Palin is the political suicide bomber most of us thought she was. Now, she’s going to vote for a Democrat.

      No wonder NYCmoron loves her.

    312. Tgca says:

      317 Wobbie

      Murkowski is doing the same.

      Should Murkowski drop out as well?

    313. Chicon says:

      Remember when Robbie used to post actual content?

      Me, either…..

    314. Tgca says:

      SCOTUS approves Senator Graham request not to testify in GA election interference prove until further notice.

      Clarence Thomas issues a temporary order preventing Lindsey Graham from having to testify in the Georgia election-interference probe. This is not a ruling on the merits — it is an “administrative stay” while further briefing at SCOTUS continues.

    315. Tgca says:

      I think the gay senator from South Carolina has a good argument before SCOTUS because he argues that Fulton County is infringing upon the rights of Congress under the speech and debate clause of the Constitution.

      Since when does a senator from one state have to answer to a county prosecutor in another state when he’s exercising his constitutional right?

    316. Tina says:

      So confused here. Bondo Barr said that the geo tracking is not accurate with respect to the mules. However, the fib just testified it is not junk. We note the following:

      On October 13, 2022, FBI Special Agent Jennifer Banks testified in the criminal prosecution of the Oath Keepers in USA v. Stewart Rhodes, et al, Criminal Case No. 1:22-cr-00015, that the same geolocation data underlying True the Vote’s and Dnesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” movie of widespread voter fraud in the November 3, 2020, presidential election IS ACCURATE and reliable.

    317. Cash Cow TM says:






      10 on sports


      Internal memos at MSM and AOL indicate they are discussing whether or not they want to continue to be part of the disinformation plan of DNC.

      The media is looking at real polls and can see that a big red wave is coming and they fear they might lose “credibility” among readers if they continue to prop Biden and Dems.

    318. DW says:

      We have posted this data before, but here it is again, updated with the relative application to the 2022 election. The key data point is the RCP average for the incumbent, when the race features an incumbent running for re-election. The data below shows the state, the incumbent, the RCP average that incumbent received in the polling just before the election and then the outcome. Note there are several outliers due to unusual circumstances:


      CO: Gardner 39.5 – Lost by 9.3
      AZ: McSally 44.8 – Lost by 2.4

      ME: Collins 42 – Won by 8.6 –outlier
      MI: Peters 44.4 – Won by 1.7
      NC: Tillis 45 – Won by 1.8
      GA: Perdue 46.3 – Won by 1.8. (lost runoff later)
      MN: Smith – 45.3 – Won by 5.3
      IA: Ernst 47.2 – Won by 6.6
      SC: Graham 47.5 – Won by 10.3
      MT: Daines 48 – Won by 10
      TX: Cornyn 49 – Won by 9.8
      NH: Shaheen 55 – Won by 15.7


      IN: Donnelly 44 – Lost by 5.9
      MO: McCaskill 46.2 – Lost by 6
      NV: Heller 46.7 – Lost by 5
      FL: Nelson 48.8 – Lost by 0.2
      ND: Heitkamp 43.5 – Lost by 11

      WV: Manchin 46 – Won by 3.2
      MT: Tester 49 – Won by 3.1
      OH: Brown 49.6 – Won by 6.4
      NJ: Menendez 51 – Won by 10.6
      TX: Cruz 51.3 – Won by 2.6
      MI: Stabenow 52 – Won by 6.2
      WI: Baldwin 52.4 – Won by 10.8


      NH: Ayotte 47.1 – Lost by 0.2

      PA: Toomey 43 – Won by 1.6
      WI: Johnson 44.3 – Won by 3.4
      MO: Blunt 46.8 – Won by 2.8
      NC: Burr 47 – Won by 5.7
      CO: Bennet 48.2 – Won by 5.7
      FL: Rubio 48.5 – Won by 7.7
      AZ: McCain 49.5 – Won by 12.6


      NC: Hagan 44.1 – Lost by 1.7
      AK: Begich 43.8 – Lost by 2.2
      CO: Udall 44 – Lost by 2.5
      AR: Pryor 41.2 – Lost by 17

      KS: Roberts 42.8 – Won by 10.8 –outlier
      VA: Warner 48.5 – Won by 0.8
      NH: Shaheen 48.8 – Won by 3.2
      KY: McConnell 49 – Won by 15.5


      MA: Brown 47 – Lost by 7.5

      MT: Tester 47.3 – Won by 3.7
      NV: Heller 48 – Won by 1.2
      PA: Casey 48.2 – Won by 9.1
      AR: McCaskill 48.3 – Won by 15.7
      OH: Brown 50 – Won by 6
      FL: Nelson 50 – Won by 13


      WI: Feingold 45 – Lost by 4.9

      NV: Reid 45.3 – Won by 5.6 –outlier
      CO: Bennet 46.3 – Won by 0.9
      WA: Murray 48.3 – Won by 3.8

      Several races are outliers for a variety of reasons. Outliers aside, every time an incumbent running for re-election polled below 43 in the RCP average, the incumbent lost.

      Every time an incumbent polled higher than 48.8, the candidate was victorious.

      So the range of danger for incumbents is 43 to 48.9.

      Here is the record of incumbents, wins/losses when they polled in this range, going back to 2010:

      Wins: 23
      Losses: 12

      Breaking it down into smaller chunks:

      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      So you can see how the gravest danger is to be sitting at 43 or 44 in polling. But there is 30% chance of losing all the way up to 46.9. Here is where they stand today:

      GA: Warnock 46.5
      NV: Cortez Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 46.5
      FL: Rubio 47.7
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      NH: Hassan 49.7
      WA: Murray 50
      WI: Johnson 50.7
      CT: Blumenthal 51

      With FL, OH, and WI seemingly in the safer territory, that gets the GOP to 48. Statistically, we would expect at least one out of GA, NV, and AZ, and given the polling we would probably get NV to get us to 49.

      Then I don’t see a GOP loss in NC, so that’s 50. Getting 51 is where it gets a little harder. Oz in PA appears to be the best path to 51. Otherwise we would need NV or GA. But talk of defeating Hassan, Bennet, Murray or Blumenthal has no historical parallel going back to 2010, based on the RCP data.

    319. Tgca says:

      N.Y. Law Allowing Early Counting of Absentee Ballots struck down as unconstitutional, as it should be. Votes should not be counted weeks in advance of am election. This is a game ripe for voting abuse.

      New York’s plan to start counting absentee ballots early hit a roadblock Friday when a state judge ruled the law unconstitutional.

      Saratoga County Judge Diane Freestone said the law clashes with an individual’s constitutional right to challenge ballots in court before they’re counted.

    320. DW says:

      “Otherwise we would need NV or GA”

      Typo, of course I meant AZ or GA.

    321. Gordon Allen says:

      But doesn’t the RCP ” data” come to a considerable extent from college poll/ MSM polling averages.
      I for one think they are incomparably WORSE than 2010,or ever for that matter.
      Hassan at 50 simply doesn’t square with what I hear in NH for example.
      I think the Dems are more vulnerable than you; we’ll see.

    322. DW says:

      Sure, Gordon, the RCP average is based on the polling, but I am just comparing apples to apples, and so far, there has never been in incumbent polling at 49 or higher who went on to lose. Hassan may or may not truly be at 50, but if she loses, it will be the first time since 2010 someone with her RCP average lost.

    323. Tgca says:

      Newsmax TV reporting Rubio canvasser attacked in Hialeah, FL last night for passing out voting info. Both victim and perp are Latinos. The perp was arrested and now in jail for violation probation too and has long wrap sheet. Victim was injured and hospitalized but expected to be fine.

      Hialeah is a majority Latino community of approx 225K people a few miles northwest of Miami that is nearly 96% Latino.

      It is reported the perp told the victim he was not allowed to pass out voter info in his neighborhood. If true, he could also be charged with election interference in addition to assault.

    324. Tgca says:

      OMG! These Bishes are crazy!

      In support of the environment, climate change activists suggest feeding your pets insect diets instead of meat diets.

      Adopt smaller pets like rodents instead of dogs too.

      Choose small breeds if you must have dogs.

      So what I’m hearing is organized genocide of dogs, specifically larger breeds and forcing them into unnatural diets that could have detrimental impacts on their health and life span.

    325. Gordon Allen says:

      I get that.
      But my view is polling is more corrupt than ever now,and garbage in garbage out.
      Although not favorability polls,nor incumbents the CNN polls above make my point. Junk

    326. Tgca says:

      Garland’ news conference is pushing story of Chinese intelligence officers caught trying to interfere with DOJ investigations against DOJ probe into Huawei. He’s trashing China as trying to interfere and harm Amerika by stealing our technology and data and bribing others and trying to undermine US democracy. FBI calls China a authoritarian and aggressor nation trying to spread aggression around the world.

      This is BS!!!

      This “China is a threat to US democracy” is a distraction.

      Where’s the F*CKING indictment of Trump?

      Why are we wasting time on China as an authoritarian regime threatening world democracy and stability when we know Trump took pencils from the WH without disclosing it to the National Archives.

    327. Tgca says:

      THWEE. THWEE THWEE Bishes.


    328. SoHope says:

      NBC news was playing around me this morning and they kept referencing a poll that apparently shows that the #1 issue voters are concerned with is “threats to democracy” then they proceeded to talk up Jan 6th and Trump’s over due library books. Please tell me democrats and their shills at the MSM continue to be this naive.

    329. Tgca says:

      Universities, Hollywood, and Jadon hardest hit by DOJ trashing China as an authoritarian and aggressor nation trying to undermine our democracy and aggressively spreading its authoritarian rule around the world by using bribes of people and companies and placing people in universities and companies to infiltrate and destabilize our nation.

      FBI director Wray specifically, calls for anyone at companies or universities to seek out FBI if they’re feeling infiltrated, bribed or under pressure from China influences.

      I might call Director Wray to look into Jason’s trips abroad and his sycophantic love affair with China.

      Does anyone really know where Jadon is traveling? Is Jadon a Chinese double agent?

    330. Tgca says:

      So we have a major news conference on China threatening the US justice system and democracy and being an authoritarian aggressor nation around the world, and one STOOPID reporter asks about whats the status of the Mar-a-lago investigation.

      These radical lefty MSM are unbelievable!

      We are about to escalate world tensions with China and possibly impact Taiwan, and the MSM is worried about Trump taking pencils from the WH without notifying the National Archives.

      Then the MSM wonders why they are mocked and not trusted.

    331. Tgca says:

      I’m hearing rumors LeBron James is furious about this China bashing by the DOJ and is urging the NBA to take a knee and break out into the Chinese National Anthem at future games to show support and solidarity with China.

    332. Phil says:

      These MSM polls are a hoot.

      So CNN has come out with a blockbuster poll that has Fetterman well ahead by 6. Big developement, right?

      So why am I laughing?

      Because I know better.

      You have to know enough about polling to ignore junk. SSRS does the polling for CNN just as it did in 2020. Want to know what their last poll said about Pennsylvania two wks before the election? Biden took the state by 1.2 pts. What do you think their final spread was? Guess.

      Biden by 10.

      Total and complete crap.

      BTW, they didn’t know how to poll Florida either. Biden by 4. Uh, sorry CNN/SSRS. Just a tad off. Trump carried the state by 3.3

      It was polling malpractice. When you miss that badly and your misses are always in one direction, you either:

      *don’t know what you’re doing


      *you know what you’re doing and don’t care. The end justifies the means.

      CNN using the same polling firm and playbook. Nothing ever changes.

      Baris will be in the field polling Pennsylvania within the week. I don’t know what he’ll find or who will be leading. What I do know is that whatever it is he will be right. He was within a point in Pa in 2020.

    333. NYCmike says:

      What was Robbie yammering about?

      If Palin is pushing for the Dem to be 2nd choice, then both her and Murk should be taken out to the woodshed and spanked…….I’ll do Palin, you can take Murk, Robbie.

    334. Phil says:

      Oh, and just for fun, I’ll throw in Michigan. CNN/SSRS says Whitmer by 6 over Dixon.

      Trump lost Michigan by 2.4 pts in 2020. CNN/SSRS last poll eve of the election had it…..wait for it….Biden +12.

      When you always miss that badly and it’s always in the same direction….Sampling error? Yeah, lets just call it a sampling error. LOL

    335. Tina says:

      No strings is not popular.

      The Washington Post

      A group of 30 House liberals is urging President Biden to dramatically shift his strategy on the Ukraine war and pursue direct negotiations with Russia, the first time prominent members of his own party have pushed him to change his approach to Ukraine.

    336. Phil says:

      Oh, and I can play this game all day. Johnson by just one in Wisconsin says CNN/SSRS.

      2020 – Biden won the state by less than half a point. CNN/SSRS had it at Biden +8.

      When your misses are drastic and all in one direction state after state it’s garbage.

    337. DW says:


      Murray 48%
      Smiley 42%


    338. DW says:

      With no new data other than the above mentioned WA Senate polls, Silver goes back to 44% chance of a GOP senate, and so the Dems go back to slightly favored.

    339. Phil says:

      Silver probably took into consideration those ridiculous CNN polls and I think I just got through explaining their track records in each state. Silver’s problem is that he picks and chooses which polls he chooses to give credibility to.

      He has an agenda and manipulates polls and poll numbers. It’s all by design.

    340. Tina says:

      Pittsburgh area trump voters on the j6 hoax.

      Watch this clip

    341. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Didn’t McConnell just pull funding from the Senate race in New Hampshire? Well lo and Behold, Insider Advantage just released a poll of that race showing Hassan(D) 48% and Bouldoc(R) 47%.
      Nice move, Moscow Mitch!

    342. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Scott Rasmussen’s just-released Penn. Poll:

      Pennsylvania (Rasmussen): Senate: Fetterman (D) +2 | Governor: Shapiro (D) +3

    343. Gordon Allen says:

      What’s the over/under on the Fetterman/ Oz debate…on how many drugs they have to pump into Fetterman?

    344. DW says:



      Hassan 48
      Bolduc 47

    345. Tina says:

      Rasmussen Reports

      PA Biden v Trump:

      “If the 2024 presidential election was held today, and the main candidates were President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump, who would you vote for?”

      – All Voters –
      41% Joe Biden
      47% Donald Trump
      7% some other candidate
      2% wouldn’t vote
      2% not sure…

    346. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The Liberals on are using the early vote in Georgia as an indicator that the Democrats will romp. I guess it is based on the AA vote.
      Yet with over 1 million votes cast the Racial breakdown does not show this. AA’s comprise about 31% of Ga’s registered voters. Here is the most recent report on Voting By Race:

      550,543 White 54.9%

      326,388 Black 32.5%

      16,151 Hispanic 1.6%

      19,121 Asian 1.9%

      91,009 Other 9.1%

    347. Tina says:

      Bootless is upset. This guy is a grifter.

      Max Boot ????

      If the current trends hold up, Republicans are likely to take over at least the House and quite possibly the Senate, too, along with many state offices.

      This is how democracies die, both at home and abroad.

    348. Tina says:

      These Russian hoaxer and national retreat guys said it was all about trump. They supported Biden

      Now they are upset that the Rs willl take control.

    349. DW says:

      and with that NH poll a new update to the key chart for incumbent viability:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010:
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 46.5
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 46.5
      FL: Rubio 47.7
      NH: Hassan 49.3 (was 49.7)
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50
      WI: Johnson 50.7
      CT: Blumenthal 52.5 (was 51)

    350. DW says:

      So the New Hampshire poll drops into 538, and Silver doesn’t budge the senate forecast.

    351. Phil says:

      NH tied.

      Sorry, Bolduc. Mitch says no money for you, pal.

    352. Robbie says:

      The New York Times

      Tom Brady, who’s been the subject of public affection from Donald Trump for years, is now said to be on texting terms with Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida.

      – This won’t make MAGA daddy happy. He’s been desperate to get Brady’s attention for years. He even tried to pimp his daughter, Ivanka, to him.

      I can see the orange fumes all the way from here.

    353. jason says:

      I listened to an interview with Bolduc on Hannity. He was quite articulate and stayed away from any crazy sh-t.

      I am not sure why Trump hasn’t endorsed him, he was definitely more Trumpy than Morse.

      At this state don’t know if would help or hurt, Bolduc might have nailed down the Trump base anyway.

    354. jason says:

      Has Trump called DeSantis a clown, a total bum or a Trump clone yet?

    355. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag quoting the NYT?


    356. Phil says:

      Come on, Robbie. Tom Brady is on texting terms with DeSantis….and you feel that somehow won’t make Trump happy?

      That’s all you got today?

      You’re going to have to do a little better than that.

    357. Tina says:

      Texting terms.

      Lol, Russian hoaxer having a bad day, along with bottless.

      Democracy is at stake.

    358. jason says:

      Biden says he is ok with children being subject to sexual mutilation.

      Amoral Scumbag comes here to talk about Tom Brady texting DeSantis.

    359. jason says:

      Universities, Hollywood, and Jadon hardest hit by DOJ trashing China as an authoritarian and aggressor nation”

      Tgca now a big fan of the DOJ?

      Who knew?

    360. jason says:

      Remember when NYCmike said Palin shouldn’t drop out after she lost the special election this Summer and she was still the best choice? I do.”

      Zzzzz… why didn’t Begich drop out, she had more votes than he did.


    361. Chicon says:

      Tom Brady? Smells like desperation out of Fly Boy. Love it.

    362. jason says:

      Anything to deflect from his icon hero Joe Biden.

    363. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag claims to like Ducey (a lie, he would never support him as a candidate).

      But he could learn something from Ducey, who calls Hobbs the “weakest candidate for Governor in the nation”.

      “Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who is also the chair of the Republican Governors Association, expressed his thoughts on the battle to be his successor in a recent interview with Pluribus News last week.

      Ducey said that Democrat Katie Hobbs is not nearly as strong of a contender for the office when compared to Republican Kari Lake.

      “In Arizona, the primary’s over. We certainly have the superior candidate in Kari Lake,” Ducey said. “Katie Hobbs is possibly the weakest Democrat nominee in the nation. And I really sense the race, the party coming together, and independents seeing a much stronger candidate against the sitting secretary of state.”

      When asked about his support of Lake’s primary opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson, and his disagreement with Lake over the 2020 election, Ducey reasserted that it’s time to focus on the general election.

      “Listen, the primary is over. I think Kari is focused on what she’s going to do as the next governor of Arizona,” he said.

    364. Skippy says:

      I don’t think the low expectations game is going to work for Fetterman in tomorrow nights PA Senate debate. Dr. Oz will just need to show enough empathy towards his opponents health situation and let the debate play out. It will become obvious to the remaining undecided voters that Fetterman is not fit to serve the public in such an important seat.

    365. JeffP says:

      ??? ????: Marc Ronchetti holds ?-????? lead over Michelle Lujan Grisham in New Mexico Governor Race

      (R) Ronchetti 47% (+1)
      (D) Lujan Grisham 46%

      ? Trafalgar Group | 1,077 Likely Voters
      ? 10/19-21 | D48/R36/I16 (D+12)


    366. Tina says:


      Governor Ron DeSantis: “I know that Charlie’s interested in talking about 2024 and Joe Biden, but I just want to make things very, very clear. The only worn-out old donkey I’m looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.”

    367. Cash Cow TM says:

      Biden Job Approval

      All LV screens
      -25 June
      -16 Now
      -17 June
      -11 Now
      -13 June
      -14 Now
      CBS news
      -16 July
      -10 Now
      -5 Sept
      -8 Now
      -27 July
      -19 Now

    368. DW says:

      NEW HAMPSHIRE POLL with @7News


      @Maggie_Hassan 48%
      @GenDonBolduc 45%
      4% undecided


    369. Cash Cow TM says:

      Real Clear Politics

      Currently has

      PA – GOP hold
      NH – Dem hold (despite adj. poll avg=Bolduc +2.2)
      NV – GOP Pick Up
      AZ – GOP Pick Up (desp. adj. poll avg=Kelly +1.0)
      GA – Dec. 6 runoff
      NC – GOP hold
      FL – GOP hold
      WA – Dem hold (Murray +9.5)
      WI – GOP hold
      OH – GOP hold

    370. NYCmike says:

      -Main reason I don’t care much for the Yankees anymore……the management, and the fans, never learn.

    371. Tgca says:


      Not a big fan of the DOJ leadership.

      As I noted in my previous posts, why are they wasting time on China as an authoritarian and aggressor state that threatens American democracy when they can be indicting Trump for taking pencils from the WH to Mar-a-lago and hiding it from the National Archives?

    372. NYCmike says:

      -Tell me again how much of a “showboater” Cruz is.

      Let’s see Mitch, Thune, or anyone else from “leadership” go on The View and put those ladies in their proper place.

    373. NYCmike says:

      That said, circle the wagons and kick Dem arse!

      55 Senate seats or bust!

    374. Tgca says:

      Yellen: ‘Not Positive’ Inflation Has Peaked, It Will ‘Come Down over the Next Year or Two’

      Oh goody! We only have a year or two more of rising prices before inflation subsides. I’m sure everyone can hold out until then.

      Thanks Yellen! Very informative. What would we do without you?

    375. Bitterlaw says:

      376 Zzzzzzzzzzz. Any Red Sox or Mets fan would get the treatment or worse than Cruz received. Fans don’t like visiting fans in any stadium.

      I only saw a few Padres fans at Friday nigh’s Phillies game. I did not see any issues because the Phillies won and they were fans of a team we don’t play often.

    376. SoHope says:

      DeSantis decapitated Charlie Crist and then pissed all over his lifeless corpse on live TV. Call Geneva because we may have just witnessed a war crime.

    377. Tina says:

      Christopher F. Rufo ??

      Biden’s closing argument for the midterms is to promote puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, mastectomies, and vaginoplasties for minors—a position that is opposed by 79% of voters. Bizarre move to make radical gender theory his final pitch.

    378. Tgca says:

      Another study released on tranny teens surgical procedures.

      The number of chest reconstruction surgeries on transgender children has increased dramatically in the past three years, rising from 100 to 489, the Daily Mail reports.

      The Mail, citing a study by Vanderbilt University, reported there were 489 “top surgeries” — or chest reconstructions — in 2019 compared to just 100 in 2016 for trans youth ages 17 and younger.

      The average age of teens receiving the surgeries was 17, but 5.5% were younger than 14.

    379. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “BREAKING: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman mocks US President Biden in private, making fun of the 79-year-old’s gaffes and questioning his mental acuity, according to people inside the Saudi government. – WSJ”

    380. jason says:

      “DeSantis destroys Crist for supporting gender surgeries for minors:

      “If you’re a 15 year old, you can’t get a tattoo in the state of Florida. Yet we’re saying you can get a double mastectomy?”

    381. JeffP says:

      After what amounts to a bloodbath coming for the Woke Commie Dems all eyes will surround Mr. take the air out of the room for good or bad Trump. I for one am not excited about the possibility of him running again.

    382. Wes says:

      This is, I’m sure, not the look NC Dems want right now:

      Pass the popcorn.

    383. Skippy says:

      North Carolina after 5 days of in person/one stop EV:
      (Monday EV votes have been tabulated)

      2020: D/R 43%-30%

      2022: D/R 39%-32%

    384. Gordon Allen says:

      Cash Cow:
      So RCP is looking at basically GOP pick up of 2 to 3 seats.
      I’ll take it,although I’m still hopeful for New Hampshire.

    385. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Boy, the insufferable Jon Ralston is eating crow this morning. It could not happen to a more despicable Liberal parading as a journalist in Nevada.
      Yesterday, he confirmed to his audience that Monday’s mail-in votes would be consequential and tilt the Governor’s and Senate races toward the Nevada Democrats. It never materialized.
      Ralston has apologized and asked for time for his “guarantee” to happen. The Liberal Twitter nutroots will have none of it and are excoriating Ralston. Popcorn please!

    386. Skippy says:

      Walker is surging post-debate…as he takes the lead in Georgia!

      Let’s go!!!!

      48.9% to 46.9%

    387. Gordon Allen says:

      Needs to reach 50% to avoid a runoff.

    388. Tina says:

      Kemp can help walker. Did he endorse him yet, or just the ticket?

      Good to see that result.

    389. DW says:

      and an update on the key incumbent indicators:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      AZ: Kelly 45.8 (was 46.5)
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      GA: Warnock 46.8 (was 46.5)
      FL: Rubio 47.7
      NH: Hassan 49.3
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50
      WI: Johnson 50.7
      CT: Blumenthal 52.5

    390. Tina says:

      Her Thighness Says “Right-Wing Extremists” Have a Plan to “Literally Steal the Next Presidential Election”. I thought elections could not be “stolen.”

    391. DW says:

      Oz has this.

      PA-SEN:(CBS Poll)
      John Fetterman (D): 51%
      Mehmet Oz (R): 49%
      Pure tossup.

    392. Bitterlaw says:

      I hate early voting and voting by mail. Always did. Always will.

    393. Bitterlaw says:

      Absentee ballots were acceptable for those unable to vote in person – old/ill, service members, etc.

    394. Phil says:

      I voted yesterday in person first day of early voting in here Texas.

      My wife voted absentee by mail. She cannot see so I read her the ballot, filled in her choices and we mailed it in. We had to request the ballot and provide valid reason.

      What is an absolute walking fraud disaster is vote by mail where ballots are simply mailed out to everyone as in some states. Multiple ballots are sent out to God knows who, no signature validation. Drop boxes? Ballot harvesting by third parties? Give me a break. It’s a joke. Call it what it is. Obvious open invitation to massive fraud.

      Florida, Ohio, Texas and there are some others have systems in place to assure a valid election. Nevada and Pennsylvania were examples of states in 2020 that simply lost their minds.

    395. Phil says:

      …..I shouldn’t say “lost their minds”

      The Democratic hacks running the system in states like Nevada knew exactly what they were doing.

    396. DW says:

      Morning Insult out with their generic ballot rescue poll to give Dems hope, so they will keep voting. Dem +2, 47/45

    397. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I wonder if our own neurotic Paul will tell these Democrats “to go to hell” over their Ukraine policy?!

    398. Chicon says:

      Sheeple, Paul cruised past neurotic awhile ago.

    399. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – I hope your wife is doing as well as she can. You are lucky to have each other.

    400. Phil says:

      Appreciate it, bitter. We’re managing ok.

    401. Bitterlaw says:

      Good thing she did not want to vote for Beto. It would place you in a difficult position.

    402. Phil says:

      Lol. Agreed, bitter…..but on the other hand, if she were so predisposed politically to do something like that we probably would never have even made it to a second date.

    403. Will says:


      What is the website you followed during the previous general election for NC early voting statistics?


    404. DW says:

      East Carolina has a new poll with Warnock up 2, but its dated older than the trafalgar.

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      AZ: Kelly 45.8
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      GA: Warnock 47.0 (was 46.8)
      FL: Rubio 47.7
      NH: Hassan 49.3
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50
      WI: Johnson 50.7
      CT: Blumenthal 52.5

    405. jason says:

      MSM says you would love Joe Biden if you could only meet him.

      Vomit alert!

      One handshake, one hug and one selfie at a time. If President Joe Biden could greet every American this way, longtime allies say, his approval ratings would soar.

      Biden has never been at his best in big speeches, where his delivery can be stilted, his stories sometimes meandering. It’s the end of his speech that often marks the beginning of Biden’s favorite part of an event — the rope line, in the parlance of political operatives. He whirls around, scans the crowd and zeroes in on his first target for a one-on-one connection.”

    406. Tgca says:

      Seize, not freeze: EU outlines plans for Russian assets

      So EU wants to change laws to seize Russian assets now.

      1st, this is a very bad precedent because once it’s done for Russia, it can be done for any country or company they have a conflict with over any matter, and it allows targeted countries to do the same.

      2nd, EU is not directly at conflict with Russia so why would they have a right to seize their assets?

      3rd, the fact that the EU can’t legally do this now and need to change their laws to do this is very telling.

      4th, no quicker way to have companies pull their money and assets from the EU then by giving the EU the power to seize assets at their whim of some EU court or majority vote of EU members.

      5th, this can become a bargaining tool in future conflicts, including for the US. Imagine if this law were in place in 2003 and the EU nations voted or an EU court decided to seize all American assets because it invaded Iraq and wanted to pressure US. See how that works?

      6th, by seizing assets of a country it’s not directly in conflict with, it has the potential to escalate war and cause retaliatory tactics. Russia could seize assets by force as well, perhaps airplanes in airspace for example.

      Instead of these short-sighted tactics, why not do what the EU should have from day 1 which is try to bring the parties together to resolve issues?

    407. jason says:

      Hey livingthedream, are you from NC?

    408. jason says:

      The Putin Brigade is against seizing Russian assets?


    409. DW says:

      Carville: Republicans Are Proposing Social Security and Medicare Cuts, Democrats Need To Run On A “Gift” Like This

      Hey James, how about BIDEN’S cuts of Social Security benefits, when he changed the value of $1.00 to be only 0.83c with his inflation?

    410. jason says:

      which is try to bring the parties together to resolve issues?”


      That would be “nice” before the invasion.

      Now the issue that needs to be resolved is to get the Russians out of Ukraine by whatever means necessary.

    411. jason says:

      The Dems run every two years on scare tactics that Rs are going to end Social Security and Medicare, both lies.

      I am not sure anyone who is not already a moonbat actually believes this.

    412. jason says:

      y seizing assets of a country it’s not directly in conflict with, it has the potential to escalate war and cause retaliatory tactics.”

      Ah yes, the old we have to tremble in fear and surrender unilaterally to the Russians because they have nukes.


    413. Tgca says:

      What a dumbass skank!

      When the election prospects don’t look for Dems, radical lefties like this skank suggest the world monitor our elections and has guests that claim we have “threats to our elections that are pervasive, dire, and include violence.”

      What countries would she suggest? Cuba? Venezuela?

      But when Dems are in the lead, the elections are secure and fair.

      See how that works.

    414. Tgca says:

      So I guess Jadon will support the EU if it seized the assets of the US if the US enters into a conflict the EU is against.

      Good to know.

    415. jason says:

      Russia is bombing civilians with the express intent to kill them. They are sending cruise missiles and drones into residential areas for the express purpose of causing deaths and terrorizing innocent civilians.

      That type of genocidal behavior should put their assets at risk.

      And btw, the Russians were already seizing assets of foreign companies in Russia.

      Of course Putin little lapdog and sycophant Tgca is absolutely fine with that.

      Tgca fist pumps Putin:

      “May 26 (Reuters) – Russia is advancing a new law allowing it to take control of the local businesses of western companies that decide to leave in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, raising the stakes for multinationals trying to exit.

    416. jason says:

      Tgca praises his darling Putin for seizing assets.

      But Russian assets should be immune because Russia has nukes.

    417. jason says:

      Move over, Trump.

      Yahoo headline:

      “Is Kari Lake the most dangerous person in America”?

    418. jason says:

      So I guess Jadon will support the EU if it seized the assets of the US if the US enters into a conflict the EU is against.”


    419. Phil says:

      Seize assets, don’t seize assets. Who gives a flying F?

      We have an election in two weeks…..that effects every American – directly. Plenty of time to discuss Ukraine. That stalemated war will be around for years. Bigger fish to fly right now.

    420. Phil says:

      Is Kari Lake the most dangerous person in America?

      How predictable was this one?

    421. jason says:

      Phil reporting from the isolationist bunker in Texas.

    422. jason says:

      In the debate Crist said DeSantis shut down schools, but he, as Governor, “never did that”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    423. Phil says:


    424. Livinthedream says:

      Yes Jason

    425. jason says:

      The election is important.

      Defeating the Russians is important.

      Both can be true.

    426. jason says:

      Welcome to HHR, livingthedream and thanks for the update.

    427. Tgca says:


      Who said anything about trembling or nooks.

      It’s you’re deflection when you can’t make a cogent argument for why the EU creating a law to seize another country’s assets it’s not in conflict with is a horrible short-sighted decision.

      Like I said, under this scenario, the EU could have made a case to seize US assets going into Iraq War 2 arguing that the VAST majority of the world, 98% of nations, was against the US invasion and did not support it, and that the UN refused to support it as well and the US could not get more than 3 votes on the UN Security Council so they never sought that vote due to an expected humiliating rejection.

    428. Brandon says:

      Cygnal Ohio Tracking Poll

      Vance: 48%(+1)
      Ryan: 44%(+1)

    429. Phil says:

      I think Vance wins by 5 or 6.

    430. Phil says:

      So Nicole Wallace thinks we need other nations to monitor our elections.

      These people are nuts. So desperate.

    431. Tgca says:

      Jadon upset because again, he’s on the wrong side of history.

      How many times do we have to prove Jadon wrong in his support of corruption? Dr. Fow-chee, Zelenskyy, China, incompetent doctors who hock scams on the internet and lose their medical licenses, lying US president who started a phony war to expand capitalism in the Mideast, etc.

      The American public is tiring of Ukraine and doesn’t really care about it and doesn’t want to be their ATM any longer. They feel they’ve done more than their fair share but it’s time to focus on more important issues at home. Even the Dems are now pushing back on their favorite corrupt dictator Zelenskyy.

      Look for cuts in aid to Ukraine in 2023 if Ukraine doesn’t accept US strings.

    432. jason says:

      HILLARY CLINTON: “Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”

      I thought we had the safest and most secure elections.

      What happened?

    433. jason says:

      Look for cuts in aid to Ukraine in 2023 if Ukraine doesn’t accept US strings.”

      Translation: look for cuts in aid if we don’t accept unilateral surrender to Putin.

    434. Tgca says:


      Yep! But she doesn’t say which nations.

      Maybe Cuba, as they did offer such oversight at one point I recall.

      Maybe Ukraine. – because they’re so good at fair and corruption free elections.

    435. jason says:

      doesn’t really care about it and doesn’t want to be their ATM any longer. ”

      Actually polls show strong support for Ukraine and continued military assistance.

      Sorry, but keep making excuses for Putin and supporting his genocide in Ukraine.

    436. Tgca says:


      The tides are against you.

      If we can put strings on countries in the Middle East to seek our support in an effort to strive for peace, we should be able to do it in Ukraine as well.

      Goose-Gander argument.

    437. jason says:

      Maybe Ukraine. – because they’re so good at fair and corruption free elections.”


      The country that is corrupt and doesn’t have free elections is Russia.

    438. jason says:

      If we can put strings on countries in the Middle East to seek our support in an effort to strive for peace, we should be able to do it in Ukraine as well.”

      Zzzzz… not sure we put any “strings” on Israel’s right to defend itself, and we certainly should not put any “strings” on Ukraine on their right to defend itself.

      And of course, nobody is against “striving for peace”

      As the prime minister of Finland was asked on how peace could be achieved, she said it is very simple, the Russians should get out of Ukraine.

    439. Tgca says:


      Polls show support in general but not continued spending like a drunken sailor in lieu of spending on American needs.

      Read the fine print. It’s the reason Congress, on both sides are changing their tune. They see the pushback from the American people.

      Again, expect strings and tough talk with Zelenskyy going into next year.

    440. Phil says:

      Actually, the country that is becoming increasingly corrupt and with diminishing “free elections” is….right here.

      I think I’ll worry about that one.

    441. Tgca says:


      Ukraine has the right to defend itself and kick Pootin’s butt back to Russia but at some point if it’s a long drawn out war with no resolution, it’s not up to the American taxpayers to fund it with no significant strategic interest in that region.

      There needs to be compromise to end this war. Crimea is gone! Ukraine ain’t getting it back unless they defeat Russia.

      The two other Russian supporting areas that Ukraine has been in a civil war with should be allowed to be independent states as they already have declared themselves as a few years back.

      Continued war over these areas is not worth it.

      Sacrfices were made in the Middle East. They will need to do the same in Ukraine if they want continued US support, otherwise, cut them off from US aid.

      We’re not here to provide welfare to them for the next 25 p+ years of a regional conflict.

    442. jason says:

      “Nevada’s Democrat Congresswoman Susie Lee, embattled in District 3, was served a blow from her allies. The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has cut $1.4 million from slated ad buys for Rep. Lee. Taken with the House Majority PAC (HMP) cuts of $600,000, Lee’s two-week total losses in advertising is $2 million.”

      Evidently 600k of this money is going to NY-17 to prop up Sean Maloney, chair of the DCCC.

      I wonder what vulnerable Dems think of Maloney diverting funds from them to save his own ass.

    443. Tgca says:

      Yesterday, the US finally recognized its biggest threat – China!

      I think the announcement was purposely timed before the elections to try and show the US us is strong on foreign policy and not China’s little Bish.

      The acknowledgement of the threats outlined, which we already knew of, are late in coming from the gubbermint but at least we’re putting focus on those areas that are major strategic interests to the US.

    444. jason says:

      MSM pretty quiet about the St Louis school shooting.

      Perhaps because the perp doesn’t fit the narrative?


    445. jason says:

      Yesterday, the US finally recognized its biggest threat – China!’


      Tgca believes in “Deep State” and attacks the corrupt DOJ. Well, not really.

      Garland makes a bombastic announcement as an obvious deflection and diversion from the the bad polling the Dems are suffering and Tgca swallows it hook, line and sinker.

      All of a sudden, Garland is Tgca’s hero and God’s Gift to AGs.

      The hypocrisy is astounding.

    446. Tgca says:

      Brittney Griner’s appeal has been denied by a Russian court.

      Griner will begin her nine-year prison sentence on drug charges. The U.S. government has declared Griner as wrongfully detained.


      She violated the laws of another country. Does this mean if the US convicts foreign citizens of drug violations in the U.S. and sends them to prison, they are WRONGFULLY DETAINED?

    447. jason says:

      There needs to be compromise to end this war. Crimea is gone! Ukraine ain’t getting it back unless they defeat Russia.

      The two other Russian supporting areas that Ukraine has been in a civil war with should be allowed to be independent states as they already have declared themselves as a few years back.”

      So your “compromise” is to return to the pre-invasion borders?

      Fine with me, I already said that would be an acceptable solution.

      But you think the Russians have sacrificed at least 50,000 dead and 100,000 wounded, lost 8000 pieces of equipment and over 100 warplanes and helicopters costing tens if not hundreds of billions, become the pariah of most of the world, damaged their economy, etc. to get exactly what they had BEFORE the invasion?


    448. jason says:

      I agree with Tgca on Griner.

      The facts of the case are not in dispute. She had the drugs. She admitted to it.

      You can argue whether 9 years is excessive or not, but the “illegally detained” is BS.

    449. Tgca says:


      As usual you try to deflect with LIES!

      I do not support Garland but I am glad DOJ has FINALLY decided to focus on REAL threats to the US instead of parents challenging school boards on CRT and tranny rights.

      We all know you’re a China sycophant and you’re projecting your anger from Garland going after China at me but that’s to be expected by China supporters,

    450. jason says:

      Maybe while she is in jail Griner will appreciate more the country she hates so much.

    451. jason says:

      Tgca says he does not support Garland but says I support China.

      He took the bait and made my point.

    452. jason says:

      Nobody here is actually more pro-Taiwan here than me.

      I have clearly supported the US defending Taiwan militarily if China tried to invade.

      Let’s see when push comes to shove whether the Putin sycophants and lapdogs will actually support the US defending Taiwan, or will they come up wit some excuse like “it’s too far away” or “China has nukes”.

    453. Phil says:

      Was the shooter in St Louis black? Also baffled about the lack of coverage regarding St Louis.

    454. Tgca says:


      I do have SOME-maybe a tad bit- of compassion for Griner and they’re clearly making an example of her but gubbermint do this all the time.

      I always recall the US making an example of Leona Helmsley in her tax fraud case. It was excessive compared to others but unfortunately that’s the price if arrogance celebrities sometimes.

    455. Tgca says:


      Actually, you took the bait by getting your panties in a wad because of Ukraine.

      You’re always a sucker for kissing up to Ukraine and China, two of the most corrupt countries in the world.

      At least I’m on record for calling out Russia as corrupt and starting an illegal invasion but you NEVER admit the corruption of Ukraine and China.

    456. Tgca says:

      Jadon reminds me of Jan Brady.

      Instead of MARSHA! MARSHA! MARSHA!


    457. jason says:

      Corruption in Ukraine pales in comparison with Russia.

      And in any event, it is not relevant to the fact the Russians have illegally invaded Ukraine and are killing, torturing, raping and exiling hundreds of thousands of civilians and displacing millions.

      “Corruption” is a good red herring for the Putin Appeasers and lapdogs to justify Putin’s actions.

    458. Tina says:

      Breaking : Judge Quashes DOJ and Merrick Garland’s Subpoena Harassing Alabama Eagle Forum Over Trans Legislation

    459. Gordon Allen says:

      The military in both the Trump and Biden Administration’s have for 6 years now in their posture statements have unequivocally identied China as the primary enemy and” “pacing threat”( their words) in their budgets and programs.
      This is undisputably true.

    460. Tgca says:


      I don’t think anyone here excuses Russia’s behavior or denies they Illegally invaded Ukraine or that Russia is corrupt.

      I think we all agree that’s a given so we don’t need to constantly point that out.

      But we do need to point out the Ukrainian gubbermint and Zelenskyy corruption because a few of you here refuse to acknowledge and accept it and deflect on it constantly.

    461. Tgca says:

      Corruption matters in Ukraine because we are funding them so we need to ensure the money we give to them is properly accounted for.

      We just saw the US got taken to the bank in billions in COVID fraud both by Americans and foreign actors.

      There has been a history of fraud by foreigners with aid we provided them so it’s not unreasonable to expect accountability.

      It’s also not unreasonable to expect strings attached to the welfare we provide Ukraine, especially if it’s continuously ongoing. If they can’t accept these strings, then we should cut off their aid. They are not ENTITLED to aid, it’s a gift of good gesture to help resolve a conflict, and we are putting the US at risk by coming to their aid so a little gratefulness instead of arrogance is also expected.

    462. Tgca says:

      Ouch! Newsom’s wife is essence outed as a WH*RE!

      Considering Newsom is the pig that slept with his campaign manager’s wife, it sounds like a match made in Heaven.

      As reported, the last two paragraphs below tells you everything you need to about women like Newsom’s wife in Hollywood.

      “…if she wasn’t married to the governor of California, “she’d be just another bimbo who slept with Harvey Weinstein to get ahead in Hollywood.

      “Look at my client,” Weinstein attorney Mark Werksman told the jury…”He’s not Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Do you think these beautiful women had sex with him because he’s hot? No, it’s because he’s powerful.”

      “Transactional sex … it may have been unpleasant … and now embarrassing,” Werksman said. “[But] everyone did it. He did it. They did it.”

    463. Brandon says:

      Cygnal North Carolina

      Budd: 46.9% (+3.2)
      Beasley: 43.1% (-0.9)

      Significant change from their September poll.

    464. Tgca says:

      Dr. Fow-chee and his sycophants hardest hit! A little late but better late then never.

      NY Supreme Court orders reinstatement of fired Unvaccinated NYC public workers with backpay.

      ‘Unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious, about compliance not public health.’

    465. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a televised address from the oval office, President Joe Biden called for calm across the nation by falling asleep on national television. Millions of Americans witnessed the leader of the free world slowly nod off mid-sentence and grumble in his sleep as he slowly slipped out of his chair and out of the view of cameras.

      “This is true leadership,” said CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “Biden is calling on all of us to take a deep breath and relax — something we all need right now. A powerful and inspiring statement from the President.””


    466. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Corruption” is a good red herring for the Putin Appeasers and lapdogs to justify Putin’s action”

      Totally agree. Putin appeasers like to make blanket allegations, but do not provide actual factual evidence.

    467. jason says:

      They are not ENTITLED to aid,”

      Aid to Ukraine is in OUR INTEREST too.

      That is always ignored by the Putin Appeasers.

    468. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Nate Silver is now admitting the Republicans are gaining, and now rates the Senate a “toss up”

      “But the main reason why I think of the race for control of the Senate as a toss-up — rather than slightly favoring Democrats — is because there’s been steady movement toward the GOP in our model over the past few weeks.”

    469. Hugh says:

      New Ras poll on Nevada. Very good news for the gop

    470. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Georgia Senate:
      Walker (R) 49% (+2)
      Warnock (D-inc) 47%
      Oliver (L) 5%

      Georgia Governor:
      Kemp (R-inc) 52% (+7)
      Abrams (D) 45%
      Hazel (L) 3%

      @realDailyWire1,076 LV, 10/21-23

    471. jason says:

      Max Boot has really gone to the dark side.

      “If the current trends hold up, Republicans are likely to take over at least the House and quite possibly the Senate, too, along with many state offices.

      This is how democracies die, both at home and abroad.”

      So this mean if American democratically elect Rs in November, democracy dies?

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    472. Phil says:

      San Diego. Nate Silver has no model. He’s a fraud with “his models” There are none. Baris has invited him to fly down to Florida and go through all Baris’s methodologies and numbers. Total access. Silver has refused and refuses to include any of Baris’ polls in any of his “models” Totally blocked Baris’ critiques on his twitter feeds and continues to use left leaning polls while making “adjustments” on the few polls with good track records he does use like Trafalgar.

      538 is a total joke. Just ask Senators Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, and Joe Donnelly – oh wait, they aren’t in the Senate anymore. What do you know. Hell, ask Governor Andrew Gillum who he had winning by over four points. I could go on and on.

    473. jason says:

      How to lie with stats.

      “This is bad for republicans: Wisconsin early voting number show republicans with just 28.6% of the vote with hundreds of thousands of votes already cast. That’s down from them having 40% of the early vote at this time in 2020”

      The problem? Dane and Milwaukee start EV earlier, so these numbers are actually not that bad. Red counties will be starting this week and next week.

    474. Phil says:



    475. jason says:

      Was the shooter in St Louis black?”


    476. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I just voted straight R, which I have never done in my life. I voted today for every kid I admitted to a psych facility, tutored in classes when schools were closed, cried with over missed opportunities, and to prevent a mandated vaccine. I voted for kids today!!!

    477. jason says:

      Heh, Dem Putin Brigade backs down quickly.

      Tgca and the rest of the Putin Sycophants hardest hit.

      “The Progressive Caucus has now withdrawn the Ukraine letter in its entirety, saying it was the released by staff without vetting. “The letter was drafted several months ago, but unfortunately was released by staff without vetting,” writes Pramila Jayapal in a just released statement. “As Chair of the Caucus, I accept responsibility for this.”

    478. Jeff G. says:

      Putin is evil, and we should be supporting Ukraine. We should also have competent oversight of the funds being sent to Ukraine to ensure all of the money is being used for its intended purpose — destroying and expelling the Russian invaders.

      Does this make me a Putin appeaser?

    479. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      485. Perhaps the Democrats far left Marxist faction forgot to let Putin review the letter first.

    480. Phil says:


      Most definitely

    481. Gordon Allen says:

      Ukraine is corrupt.
      Russia is corrupt,and the aggressor.
      None of the above are decively relevant at this point in determining US National interests,which is and should be the controlling factor for US policy.

    482. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      386. I made the same argument in earlier posts. Better fiscal oversight will actually assure the money is properly spent for the Ukraine’ defense

    483. jason says:

      Jeff G. says:
      October 25, 2022 at 1:54 pm

      Putin is evil, and we should be supporting Ukraine. We should also have competent oversight of the funds being sent to Ukraine to ensure all of the money is being used for its intended purpose — destroying and expelling the Russian invaders.

      Does this make me a Putin appeaser?”

      If you are asking it probably does.

      People who aren’t Putin appeasers are 100% sure they are not.

      Ok, seriously now.

      If you are committed to assisting Ukraine in defeating the Russians and your only concern is that the money is well spent, I don’t think you are a Putin appeaser.

      If like Tgca, you want to make excuses for Putin by red herrings like “well Zelensky is corrupt too” and use that as a despicable reason not to confront Russia;’s illegal invasion and war crimes, then you would be a Putin appeaser.

      I think you can sleep well.

    484. jason says:

      None of the above are decively relevant at this point in determining US National interests,which is and should be the controlling factor for US policy.”

      Well said. Corruption in Russia and/or Ukraine is absolutely secondary to our national interests.

      I would add that confronting Russia’s expansionist policy and aggression toward former Soviet Republics, NATO and other European countries and Putin’s goal of recreating the Soviet Union or a “Greater Russia” is of paramount interest to the US.

      So of course we want to ensure Ukraine is not annexed by Russia, but doing so is not only for Ukraine it is in OUR national interest.

    485. Robbie says:

      Two weeks to go. Here’s my best guess. Not a final prediction.

      House – Republicans get between 235 and 240 seats.

      Senate – Republicans get at least 51 seats.

      Walker -goes to a runoff
      Oz – wins
      Laxalt – wins
      Masters – loses
      O’Dea – loses

      I also think Katie Britt is going to be a star. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in a leadership role down the road.

      Governors – This is where a lot of pickup opportunities will be left on the table.

      NV looks like the best and maybe only pickup opportunity.

      OK could be a loss. Stitt pissed off the tribes, but my guess is the dynamics will eke him across the finish line.

    486. jason says:

      I have no problem in fiscal oversight in funds for Ukraine, especially as it relates to the Dems loading it with extraneous pork not directly related to Ukraine’s defense.

      My problem is the isolationist morons using it as an excuse to DENY aid to Ukraine.

    487. jason says:

      AMoral Scumbag’s assessment is actually fair, I give credit when it is due, now 2 weeks before the election he abandons his Rs are doomed and Dems will prevail meme.

      Of course, he has changed his tune and as usual tries to CYA.

      But after 2 years he was able to post something without mentioning Trump or attacking Rs

      I also see he refuses to acknowledge that “bad candidate” Lake is going to win too.

    488. Chicon says:

      Look, Robbie gave some cold, emotion-less analysis!

      Lol, jk. Does he think, that after years of ranting like a lunatic, anyone could really take him seriously? His “analysis” carries little to no weight.

    489. jason says:

      I think Masters is going to win too. I think Lake will win comfortably and I just don’t think there will be enough ticket splitters to doom Masters.

      But I wouldn’t bet on it.

    490. Jeff G. says:

      Jason, I suppose we are in agreement.

    491. jason says:

      ol, jk. Does he think, that after years of ranting like a lunatic, anyone could really take him seriously? His “analysis” carries little to no weight.”

      Of course not, because as soon as this cycle is over he will start again with the same tired old BS.

      But his analysis was fair and not loaded with the usual BS, so I give him credit for it even if it is not sincere.

    492. jason says:

      If Walker goes to a runoff he probably wins.

      He will probably get the majority of the L voters that choose to vote in the runoff.

    493. jason says:

      Jeff G. says:
      October 25, 2022 at 2:19 pm

      Jason, I suppose we are in agreement.”

      Great. Few people have gone wrong agreeing with me.

      Well, maybe my wife when she agreed to marry me.

    494. Jeff G. says:

      I went to early vote in NC on Sunday.

      I waited patiently about 25 minutes in line — an amount of time that would probably be considered vote suppression to Stacy Abrams.

      I put in my vote for Ted Budd and Republican judicial candidates.

      All local races are pointless for me since I’m in dark blue Durham County and most of those races had Dems running unopposed anyway.

    495. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      493. I am in agreement with Robbie’s predictions regarding the House and Senate.

      It is quite a turnaround from his usual doom and gloom. From spouting propaganda to now facing reality.

      The huge issue the Democrats face now is who in 2024 will be the Democratic presidential candidate?

    496. Jeff G. says:

      SDC, it doesn’t matter who the Dems run. The Republicans will steal the election anyway. Hillary said so …

    497. Wes says:

      The Ras minus the Ras has both Laxalt and Lombardo leading:

      I hope the NVGOP does win these.

    498. Wes says:

      Robbie, NV and WI both look like pickups at this point. NM and MI are newly competitive. OR is a potential sleeper. Even NY is looking potentially promising. MD and MA are guaranteed losses, but we already knew that.

      I’m certainly not predicting it, but the GOP could go +4 in governorships. Right now I’d say +1 or +2 is more likely.

    499. DW says:

      “Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Responds to the NFL Possibly Pulling the Super Bowl From Arizona if She’s Elected”

      Maybe its time for Republicans to stop watching the NFL and stop buying its merchandise.

    500. jason says:

      One can hope…

      NYT Nate Cohn: “If every district finishes 7 points better than 2020 presidential election result (GOP+3) — Republicans would come away with 259 districts — an almost ??-???? ???? and the LARGEST Republican majority since the Great Depression”

      A narrow GOP majority will fuel Dem whining that it was due to “voter suppression”. A 50 seat blowout will render this as even more nonsensical.

    501. jason says:

      Looks like the cut and paste went awry.

      where the question marks are put in +50 seat gain

    502. jason says:

      Bolduc up to 30% on Predictit.

      Even Silverhack moved him to 23% chance.

    503. Skippy says:

      Colorado Secretary of State Office:

      172K voted

      33% Dem
      30% Rep
      37% IND

    504. Wes says:

      That’s good news, Skippy. If O’Dea can get a substantial victory among Indies, he’ll have a shot at unseating Bennet.

    505. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Apparently the NRSC has reversed course and is back on the air in NH:

    506. Tgca says:


      I provided extensive background with resources of Ukraine corruption going back years months ago so don’t give me BS about not substantiating the allegations.

      You questioned the sources which were various European news agencies, as well as US sources, including state department talking points well before the war.

      Elections in Ukraine were questionably challenged as rigged even before Zelenskyy and his relationships and dealings with corrupt oligarchs have been documented as well, including his hiding assets offshore and funneling money to interests in his wife’s name. His court system is a joke and one of the main reasons reform has failed in Ukraine and he has squashed serious oversight of them. He personally took over all the country’s media so that it is 100% in his control. These are not things honest people of integrity do.

      Do the research! Even the Federalist has covered Ukraine corruption. Are you going to now say they’re also making chit up?

      Your love obsession with Zelenskyy clouds your judgment. He has continued the corruption in Ukraine that has existed for decades and other than Russia, Ukraine is listed as the most corrupt country in Europe. Just ask the Biden’s if you don’t believe official sources on this.

    507. Tina says:


      Kari Lake Tells Gender Confused Katie Hobbs, “Try To Milk A Bull”

    508. Tgca says:


      Numerous times people have addressed the national interests of Ukraine to the US. They are minimal compared to other issues we have out there on the world stage.

      Sure! If WW3 starts in Europe, that is an issue but it’s not a probable event at this time or in the foreseeable future unless provoked by either side in the near future.

      We are at more risk of going to war with China over Taiwan than Russia at this time unless STOOPID politicians in Europe escalates things with Russia.

    509. Tgca says:


      Yes Jeff G!

      You are an APPEASER because you don’t agree with the very few here that believe Ukraine gets as much money as it wants no matter what with no exceptions or questions asked about where the money goes and even if any war crimes are committed during the war with Russia.

      You take the position of many of us here. Pootin should be kicked back to Russia. Strings should be attached to our aid. But that is just APPEASEMENT talk.

    510. Tgca says:


      Just like his fawning worshipping of Dr. Fow-chee and being a China sycophant, Jadon is NOW slowly changing his tune and nuancing his position on Ukraine aid because he sees the tides are against him.

      Go back and read his posts months ago. Any talk of accountability on aid was mocked. Now he slowly moves to it surreptitiously like Nate Silver does in his election polling but we all see through it.

      Hey! I’m glad that Jadon is finally agreeing that Ukraine should be held accountable for US aid.

      Next up. Get Jadon to acknowledge that without some compromise, the Ukraine war may never end, whether it be Russia keeps Crimea or the two areas at Civil War in Ukraine that declared their independence a few years back become independent states.

    511. Tgca says:


      So they realize the failure of McConnell and team’s strategy.

      Good to know.

    512. Tgca says:

      Mitchie humiliated in AL just like Cheney, who he supported in both words and contributions, was humiliated in WY by GOP party.

      When one of the most GOP states calls out the GOP senate leader, that is NOT trivial.

      Alaska Republican Party votes overwhelmingly to censure Sen. Mitch McConnell for attacking Republican Kelly Tshibaka

    513. Wes says:

      Tg, how does a rebuke by Republicans in Alaska humiliate McConnell in Alabama?

      I’m definitely curious about that one.

    514. Phil says:

      It doesn’t. McConnell doesn’t give a sh*t what the little people think.

      His contribution to the Republican campaign? To publicly remind voters how crappy the Republican Senate candidates are…in addition to withholding money from Winnable races in Arizona and NH.

      Establishment swamp creature and he’s not even subtle about it. Has total contempt for what now constitutes the Republican base. Not country club enough for him anymore. You can say the same for the George Bush, Karl Rove, Romney etc.

    515. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow has been doing some heavy thinking (mental ruminating).

      This election highlights the difference between the two major parties.

      On the one hand, you have the Rs–which is basically a party of common sense and FACT-based thinking (yes, you do have a segment of Rs who go off on non-fact based tangents). But most adherents to the R philosophy are rooted in seeing problems, finding factual evidence of it and using facts to devise proposed solutions to those problems. Rs see problems of inflation, war on fossil fuels, screwed up foreign policy, crime, govt. over taxation and overregulation, crisis in schools, having secure election processes, etc.

      On the other hand, others subscribe to the D message and issues wrapped with FEAR AND FEELINGS of what is HIGH ON THEIR LIST of warped priorities.


      –Climate change!
      You HAVE TO FEAR that the world will end tomorrow, due to climate change! So, we must ban all fossil fuels NOW! (Ignoring factual evidence that such a policy has horrid consequences to everyone).

      To D followers, most problems in America are rooted in deep racism among whites (despite mounds of evidence to the contrary). And
      racism is even invisible to the white racists themselves! So, we must have hiring quotas, affirmative action, blacks getting preferential government appointments )UN ambassador, VP, SCOTUS, press secretaries, CRT in schools, woke indoctrination sessions in schools and the workplace, drop standards in schools so a larger number of minorities are not getting Fs or Ds, must force whites to “take a knee for George Floyd”, excoriate any white who ever used the N word (but give Blacks who continually use the N word a pass).
      –Elections and voting!
      Ds say “They” (Rs) are trying to disenfranchise you! Jim Crow .2! Put you back in chains! The Rs stole the 2016 presidential election (and the last GA governor’s election too)!
      Why shouldn’t non-citizens have the right to vote. They work here and pay taxes.
      Appeal to fear and feelings rather than facts.
      –Women’s rights!
      you all know the drill here…
      Ds CARE about women.
      Rs do NOT CARE about women.
      –We need to protect our democracy!
      Now who would be opposed to this highly emotive phrase.
      But FACT is, we have never HAD a democracy–we have a representative republic.
      And Ds want everyone to believe (AND FEAR) that if the Rs gain power they will institute a fascist dictatorship and cancel all elections!



      –Secure southern border?
      Rs say we got a big problem: 3 million illegals entering in one year, 100 on those CAUGHT on terrorist list, many others with criminal records, massive amts. of fentanyl, costing lots of taxpayer dollars, etc.

      Dems say: GOP is just racist anti-immigrants! These immigrants just want to come here for a better life. We need to educate, house, feed, provide medical care for them. Ds say Rs are uncaring and unfeeling regarding illegal immigrants.
      Rs look at stats and are increasingly petrified of the blatant crime statistics and surge and daily shooting by the score (occurring in large measure in large D run cities). We need to be tough on crime!

      Ds say: our criminal justice system is racist and discriminatory against minorities, so we need to have no cash bail, lighter sentences, decriminalize and legalize all sorts of drugs, close prisons, throw lots of money at studies and counselling and if you are against these things then YOU HAVE NO FEELING, NO COMPASSION for the unfortunate persons arrested for crimes they committed. WE need to be tough on police who are all out of control!

      Plus, the Ds say all the crime is caused by gun owners (despite facts to the contrary like the NY City subway creeps who PUSH (not shoot) people onto the tracks or others elsewhere who just sucker punch and beat innocent people senseless with their fists.
      –Plummeting Student school performance and lack of parental say in schools and what goes on there?

      Ds say Rs don’t CARE about students feeling for such things as learning how to participate in a protest, how students can change their gender identity, understand student rights, importance students feeling “good” about themselves (so in many school districts kids get 50% for just showing up). It is more important for kids to feel good about themselves, not have to confront failure, be taught empathy and concern and compassion for others, etc.
      Dems say you Rs just do not LIKE Biden.
      Dems say “big whoop. lot of other countries are also having inflation. Do you Rs blame that on Biden?”
      Dems say “Biden is addressing inflation. He got the Anti Inflation Act passed in congress.
      (IGNORING the FACT that the name of the bill is laughably false and the reality of the bill is that is causes MORE govt spending and MORE INFLATION.

      To Ds, the solution to inflation which causes families to suffer is to PROVIDE FAMILIES WITH MORE GOVT MONEY AND PROGRAMS–WHICH CAUSE MORE INFLATION!

      Ds SAY TAKE IT FROM THE EVIL, RICH, HATEFUL CORPORATIONS, because they are the ones taking advantage of consumers!





    516. Cash Cow TM says:

      In NV Sharron Angle vs. Dirty Harry Reid U.S. senate race back in 2010

      How in the hell could Angle be ahead in 12 OF THE LAST 14 POLLS BACK THEN (end of Sept through election day) BY AVG. OF +2.7 AND lOSE
      TO REID WHO WON BY 5.6%?

      Angle was ahead 1n 7 of those 12 polls by +3 and +4

      8.3% swing!!

      Only two polls Reid was ahead was in
      a PPP poll 10/9 (Reid +1) and a Suffolk poll 10/11 (Reid +3)

    517. Hugh says:

      So usually ralston is posting every 20 minutes on Twitter. Now crickets. Must be a dem disaster in Nevada.

    518. Skippy says:

      Colby Itkowitz
      A source familiar with negotiations says Fetterman camp wanted journalists in the debate room to independently see how the closed captioning was working in real time. The source says Oz’s team blocked the request.

    519. Tina says:

      The Alaska Republican Party on Monday voted to censure Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for making allegedly misleading statements about their favored candidate for Senate and endorsing Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

      Epoch timed

    520. jason says:

      Any talk of accountability on aid was mocked”

      Zzzzz.. I was mocking the Putin Brigade using this as a red herring to deny aid to Ukraine.

      I have no problem with “accountability” except when it is used like “corruption” as an excuse to shill for Putin.

      Besides Jeff already said he and I were in agreement.

      “Jeff G. says:
      October 25, 2022 at 2:19 pm

      Jason, I suppose we are in agreement.”

      So GFY.

    521. jason says:

      Get Jadon to acknowledge that without some compromise, the Ukraine war may never end”

      I already proposed a compromise. Russia retreat to the pre-invasion borders.


    522. jason says:

      I am not going to watch the debate but Oz should be prepared for this:

      1. Assume Fetterman has seen the questions in advance.

      2. Assume the moderator will be hostile and he will be debating 2 on 1.

      3. Assume audience will be hostile.

    523. Skippy says:

      “I don’t know why locking up criminals is so important to you” – Kathy Hochul #NYGovDebate

      Holy Snap!!

      That will be in an Ad by end of day tomorrow!!

    524. jason says:

      Silverhack still CYA little by little every day.

      Now has Rs at 46% to pick up Senate.

    525. jason says:

      Silverhack still CYA little by little every day.

      Now has Rs at 46% to pick up Senate.

      He has moved Oz to 41% and Walker to 47%.

    526. Bitterlaw says:

      It’s showtime!

      Closed captioning is on screen for candidates.

    527. Tina says:


      Greg Price

      Zeldin: “This governor still has not talked about locking people committing any crimes.”

      Hochul: “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

    528. Tina says:

      Sorry, skippy got it first.

    529. Bitterlaw says:

      Fetterman opens with “Good night, everybody.” Seriously.

      When asked what qualifies him for the Senate, Fetterman said Dr. Oz is s liar.

    530. Bitterlaw says:

      Oz says he is running to fix crime and the economy. Refers to support from wife of murdered police officer, Daniel Faulkner.

      Fetterman claims he did not pay his taxes because he was trying to help students.

    531. Bitterlaw says:

      Boom! Fetterman says Oz has 10 houses. Oz responds he paid for all of them while Fetterman bought his for $1 dollar from his sister.

    532. jason says:

      Bitter has a cast iron stomach for this st-ff.


      I am watching Deadliest Catch.

      The Northwestern with Captain Sig Hansen is in some kind of trouble.

    533. jason says:

      I read Ralston’s blog for entertainment purposes.

      The guy goes through extreme convolutions to justify his shilling for the Dems.

      Really pathetic and pitiful, almost painful.

    534. Bitterlaw says:

      On minimum wage issue, Oz says let markets decide since real world wages are already over $15 Fetterman demands.

    535. Cash Cow TM says:

      IF this poll is accurate,
      we are doomed as a nation and a species.

      I am going to ask God to beam me up.

    536. jason says:

      Fetterman tanking on Predictit.

      One comment:

      Fetterman’s campaign manager needs to type on the screen “WALK OFF STAGE”

    537. Bitterlaw says:

      Moderator asks Oz if he supports Federal abortion ban. He said no because it is a state issue. Moderator did clarify that Oz supports exceptions. Oz would vote no on any Federal abortion law.

      Fetterman calls Oz a liar.

    538. Bitterlaw says:

      Fetterman won’t release medical records. Will rely on 1 page letter from doctor.

      Oz says he did not make money from weight loss products.

    539. DW says:

      Did Fetterwoman re-affirm his desire to be called Fetterwoman?

    540. Bitterlaw says:

      Both candidates are “Mr.”. Maybe Lieutenant Governor takes to long to say.

      Fetterman claims he supports fracking. Moderator showed statement where he said he never supported it. When asked to explain it, he was silent for 15 seconds and just repeated he supports fracking.

    541. DW says:

      Silver moves the chances for GOP senate from 46 back down to 45. No new data. He just has a magnetic pull that draws the number toward the Dems unless the GOP has constant new data pulling it their way.

    542. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – No. However, I view “Fetterwoman” as just a failed attempt at humor to get female votes.

    543. NYCmike says:

      “Zzzzz… not sure we put any “strings” on Israel’s right to defend itself, and we certainly should not put any “strings” on Ukraine on their right to defend itself.”

      -Until Trump, every US President would always hammer Israel when they responded with overwhelming force to the terrorist attacks by the PLO and Hamas/Hezbollah etc.

      Trump was the first President in my lifetime to say to Israel “Take the gloves off, I won’t interfere.”.

      That is one of the main reasons we saw the September/October 2020 signing videos for the Benjamin (oops, sorry “CG”) Abraham Accords, because Trump finally set conditions on the Palestinians/Arab countries which were based upon reality.

    544. Bitterlaw says:

      Fetterman – China is biggest threat

      Oz – Multiple threats – China, Iran nuke deal, Russia

    545. DW says:

      I credit Bitterlaw for the fortitude in being able to watch these debates. I couldn’t do it.

    546. NYCmike says:

      Robbie – in your predictions, you stated we will leave opportunities on the table?

      Which ones are you speaking about?

      I predict we will win AZ, NY, MI, WI, OR, MN, KS, possibly NM and PA. Republicans will lose in MD and MA.

      Senate, we are shooting for 55.

    547. Bitterlaw says:

      Oz says he will support Trump if he runs. Then comes over the top and asks why he won’t apologize to Black man he pulled a shotgun on.

      Fetterman says everybody knows he defended his community. Will support Biden if he runs.

    548. NYCmike says:

      I also predict that despite all Guamanians going to cast their ballots on the same day, that it will not flip over.

    549. Bitterlaw says:

      Oz is walking fine line of not beating up Fetterman.

    550. Bitterlaw says:

      Oz supports vocational education.

      Fetterman agrees.

    551. Bitterlaw says:

      Fetterman does not support expanding SCOTUS but supports ending filibuster

      Oz does not support expanding SCOTUS and opposes ending filibuster

    552. Bitterlaw says:


      Fetterman has been knocked down but will fight for everybody

      Oz asks are you happy with where America is heading because he is not.

      Final question

      Eagles or Steeler in Sunday’s game between Eagles-Steelers. Fetterman said Steelers. Oz said he will be at the game supporting Eagles and sang Eagles fight song.

    553. Ken says:

      Fetterman makes biden look smart .

    554. Bitterlaw says:

      No post debate handshake. I think Oz should have gone over to Fetterman and make him be the douche.

    555. Tina says:

      Joe Scarfarce is off the fetterman express? Says he leaves a bad impression.

      I bet the Russian hoaxer is still on it.

      Let’s see what Mika Does to poor Scarfarce

    556. Tina says:


      John Fetterman: “I support fracking and I don’t I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking”

    557. Tina says:

      Charlotte Alter

      I spoke to Fetterman recently, and I expected him to be very bad tonight. But he was much much worse than I expected (and much worse than in our one-on-one conversation.)

    558. DW says:

      Biden: “Just finished watching Joe Fetterman. He’s a skilled debater, sort of reminds me of me.”

    559. Bitterlaw says:

      531 There was no audience. If Fetterman had questions beforehand, he sucked at answering them. Moderators were fair but critical of both candidates.

    560. jason says:

      Geezus, sounds like it was bad.

      FETTERMAN: “How can a man, you know, with with 10 gigantic mansion has am willing to talk about willing wage for anybody? Imagine a signal mom trying with two children trying to raise with them.”

      “Moderator: “You say that you will hold big corporations accountable for what you call price gouging. How will you do that?”

      Fetterman: “Exactly. Dr. Oz has never seen an oil company he wouldn’t swipe right on.”

      Fetterman: “Here’s what I think we need to fight about inflation here right now. That’s what we need to fight about inflation right now because its a tax and Dr. Oz couldn’t understand what that’s like.”

      Q: “Has the Biden administration overspent?”

      Fetterman: “Here’s what I think we have to fight about inflation here right now.”

    561. jason says:

      I know I am biased but I would like to think if Fetterman was a R I would say he was unfit too.

    562. Tina says:

      Mika won’t be happy.

      See new Tweets

      Joe Scarborough

      John Fetterman’s ability to communicate is seriously impaired. Pennsylvania voters will be talking about this obvious fact even if many in the media will not.
      5:34 PM · Oct 25, 2022
      ·Twitter for iPhone

    563. jason says:

      There was no audience. If Fetterman had questions beforehand, he sucked at answering them. Moderators were fair but critical of both candidates.”

      I said Oz should be prepared for such contingencies.


    564. Tina says:

      Fetterman also interrupted Oz’ closing remarks,

      What an arse.

      At least the moderator cut him off.

    565. Bitterlaw says:


      Fetterman exceeded expectations by not dying during the debate. His main argument was “the Oz rule” – if Oz is on tv he lies. He yelled that Oz wanted to cut Social Security during Oz’s closing argument.

    566. jason says:

      AXIOS reports that the NRSC will dive in again in the #NHSEN Race with $1M spending, as recent polling and internals are showing a tight race”

    567. Tina says:

      Kathy Hochul on firing unvaccinated healthcare workers: “I would do it all over again”

    568. Skippy says:

      General Stockdale (Perot’s VP) no longer holds the worst debate performance in modern politics.

      Holy Smokes!!!

      Fetterman might have just put PA GOV race in jeopardy for Democrats as this will depress the Democratic Party base voters.

      Fetterman’s family should be ashamed of themselves for putting their loved one in this position.

    569. jason says:

      So what are the grades, Bitter?

    570. Tina says:

      No incorrect. He opened the debate by saying “good night.”


      Fetterman opened the debate by referring to his health as the “elephant” in the room.

      “I had a stroke. He’s never let me forget that,” the Democratic candidate said.…
      Show this thread

    571. jason says:

      Heh, Skippy made a good point.

      I see Mastriano with a nice gain on Predictit.

    572. Tina says:

      Fetterman and Hochul had disastrous performances tonight.

      Trying to see about Michigan .

      It’s the fib’s candidate vs Tudor.

    573. Cash Cow TM says:


      “Grief-stricken wild monkey gives human friend final kiss at funeral…”


    574. Tina says:

      Fetterman is an example as why early voting should not exist.

    575. Bitterlaw says:


      Fetterman exceeded expectations by not dying during the debate. His main argument was “the Oz rule” – if Oz is on tv he lies. He yelled that Oz wanted to cut Social Security during Oz’s closing argument. Fetterman hit his talking point but he made 2 statements that will piss off Dems – He supports fracking (but diesn’t) AND he opposes expanding SCOTUS but also would end filibuster which will lead Dems to expand SCOTUS.

      A-Dr. Oz. He started off talking too fast in order to get all his attacks in. He hit Fetterman on crime, drug legalization, and inflation. He did not take it easy on Fetterman. Best or worst line depending depending on who you support – “John, during the primary debates, back you were willing to debate…”. Not sure how many people watched but Oz did well.

      Personally, I wish Fetterman did not have a stroke and had to endure 5 debates. Fetterman was overmatched but his fans will just blame the stroke. He would have been crushed prior to the stroke.

    576. Wes says:

      Early voting had to exi, Tina. Otherwise, back in 2000, Bitterlaw wouldn’t have been able to see an inarticulate, mendacious, drunk-driving jingoist barely stumble across the finish line to the presidency.

    577. Bitterlaw says:

      586. Zzzzzzzzz Wes voted for GWB, too. Twice.

    578. George says:

      Tudor Dixon very impressive. In watching the debate replay she relentlessly throws jabs at Whitmer all night long. She doesn’t take any guff from Whitmer and gives it right back. Lake, DeSantis, Whitmer and Dixon would be an impressive stable of governors in key states.

    579. George says:

      Correction – replace Youngkin for Whitmer.

    580. Cash Cow TM says:

      From RedState

      article about crisis brewing in PA over mail in ballots where they are going to ignore the law that says a mail in ballot must be dated.

      ” …that Democrats in the state don’t even try to pretend they have a real legal case. Instead, they simply claim that a technical violation of the law shouldn’t matter, which is an emotional argument if anything.”


    581. Tina says:

      First Scarfarce and now Coooomoo,


      Fetterman opened the debate by referring to his health as the “elephant” in the room.

      “I had a stroke. He’s never let me forget that,” the Democratic candidate said.…
      Show this thread

    582. Cash Cow TM says:

      Tudor Dixon

      Hope she never divorces and remarries some man with the last name Sedan or Roadster.

      “Two-door Sedan”
      “Two-door Roadster”

    583. Wes says:

      You’re the one who claims to despise DUI and early voting, Bitter.

      Yes or no question.

      If you had a reset button, would you eliminate early voting sans excuses like business trips or other such occurrences from 2000 to now?

      Remember, I said I want a yes or no answer.

    584. Bitterlaw says:

      Now this is jaw dropping.

      Not sure why they added subtitles. I like how the announcer let the sound of the crowd tell the story for a few seconds. I heard it in my car and started honking the horn.

    585. JeffP says:

      Tudor Dixon is an extremely sharp and naturally beautiful woman. Wow.

      Winning Governor elections in WI, NV, NM, PA, MN and MI would be huge in 2024 elections.

    586. Hugh says:

      The always pompous ralston is playing a mime right now. Nevada must be awful.

    587. JeffP says:

      Tudor definitely has a charisma about her. A sweeter Kari Lake. She comes across exceptionally on the screen. I guess her acting and tv news background helps her. Wow what a contrast to the Wicked Wretch of the Midwest.

    588. Bitterlaw says:

      Yes. And I would still vote for GWB for President since he could never make me vicariously liable if he was involved in a drunk driving accident.

      My explanation has been the same for years. Wes knows that. Wes has also consistently downplayed DUI for everybody but GWB for years.

    589. Bitterlaw says:

      I have been against early voting since I first learned of it.

    590. Hugh says:

      The insufferable Jon ralston has become a mime. Nevada must be a disaster for the dems.

    591. NYCmike says:

      Wes argument about DUI’s and Bitterlaw are even more pathetic than his Schumer argument – just stop. You are like the kid on the playground who is an only child and constantly tries to get attention by being a dweeb.

    592. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – Now that the Yankees and Mets are out, you can join the Phillies bandwagon. Houston is a better team but the Phillies fight to the last out.

    593. NYCmike says:


      Like the makeup of the Phillies team. Harper is a tough, hard-nosed winner, reminds me of Chase Utley.

      Good luck.

    594. NYCmike says:

      I do wonder what the heck went on with Girardi. I thought he was a good fit for them.

    595. John says:

      Must of been an awful night for John Fetterman…even the panelists on CNN are shaking their heads in regards to his display and performance….even having one member of the group saying that the Dems should shelve Fetterman out of the spotlight for a while.

    596. jason says:

      Mod: “Why haven’t you released your medical records?”

      Fetterman: “My doctors believe I am ready to be served.”

      Mod: “Why won’t you release the records?”

      Fetterman: “My doctor believes I am fit to be serving and I believe that is where I am standing.”

    597. Phil says:

      Houston is probably the better overall team IMO, but I’ve been impressed by the Phillies. I’ve not paid much attention to baseball this year, but the Phillies are peaking at exactly the right time. I’ve seen some of their playoff games, and they have a couple of excellent starters and that guy Harper is a monster at the plate. The way he’s hitting right now he could carry them. This could go 7 games. Thing about baseball is that it always boils down to who has the best pitching on a given night. It could be anyone’s series. To tell you the truth, the way the Phillies are playing they frighten me a lot more than the Yankees. Phillies are in a groove right now.

    598. Tgca says:

      Due to his condition, I believe we need to show Fetterman some compassion regardless of his politics.

      I think it’s time the family seriously consider euthanizing him.

    599. Cash Cow TM says:

      Hey, hey Putin
      What do you say?
      How many tanks
      did you lose today?

    600. Wes says:

      Aw, damn. Little Mikey’s crying because I needled Bitter about GWB’s DUI.

      Have Mommy burp you, change your diaper, and put you to bed, Mikey. You’re clearly not ready for the internet.

    601. NYCmike says:

      I’m not crying because you needled Bitter.

      I’m asking you to grow up, because it’s not remotely funny, or intelligent, and I thought you could do better.

      You’ve proven me wrong.

    602. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      #GASen #Poll (10/21-23)




    603. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Wes, SoHope, Jeff et al:
      Here is a just-released Marist Poll of our State, No. Carolina. Highlights:
      1- Budd(R) +4 with LV’s and dead even with RV’s.
      2- The Generic Ballot is R+2 with LV’s

      This must have really freaked the college snowflakes at Marist to show a GOP candidate in the lead!

    604. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Wowsa, watch this 30 second clip from last night’s Penn. debate and tell me who is more lucid most of the time; Biden or Fetterman? Fetterman should not get within 100 miles of the Senate! Pity the USA!

      P.S.- jason, have you decided whether you will vote on Nov. 8th?

    605. Gordon Allen says:

      The Democrats have virtually without exception been terrible in debates this Fall.

    606. Skippy says:

      First day of early voting in Louisiana:

      47% Dem

      40% Rep

      2020 first day of early voting in Louisiana:

      53% Dem

      32% Rep

    607. SoHope says:

      I think Budd wins by 6 or 7.

    608. Bitterlaw says:

      Fetterman was not a good debater or intelligent before the debate. Ironically, the stroke gave him an excuse for people who did not see him debate previously.

    609. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Rescue Poll from Politico/Morning Consult. The CGB goes from D+1 last week to D+5 this week. It is a Registered Voter Poll. Many more to follow.

    610. Wes says:

      I saw this gem of nonsensical political analysis on RRH:

      The controversy over Don Bolduc getting or not getting additional dollars won’t impact the race. The premise of “the more you spend the better you do” is an old one that really doesn’t hold up. That might make sense for products but voting for the House and Senate is largely determined based on which party you prefer in this election. Don Bolduc is going to win if more people who prefer Republicans this time vote. Old time political consultants make a living telling candidates the opposite. Of course, if you have it, spend it. What else are you going to do with the campaign funds?

      This is even true for governor’s races. Those aren’t entirely based on the partisan vote. If there’s an incumbent the races are a referendum on the incumbent. Tudor Dixon hasn’t spent any money on ads but may do well because people are disappointed with Gretchen Whitmer.

      While, yes, to an extent, it’s true people will vote for the party they prefer, the poster seems unaware of non-aligned voters who in close races, can determine the difference between a winner and a loser. Obviously if a candidate is in a safe place for his party and has no absolutely disqualifying issues to deal with, spending won’t much matter.

      On the other hand, if someone is locked in a tight race in a marginal area, every penny spent is going to matter. It’s simply absurd to think otherwise–especially since spending doesn’t only go to ads. Campaigns use their money for voter contact in many forms besides ads as well as for GOTV efforts. Only someone who’s literally never worked on a campaign can try to push the idea that campaign spending is just an ancillary part of the process.

    611. SoHope says:

      The move for the PAGOP is as follows:
      “That debate made me angry. Not angry at John Fetterman. Don’t get me wrong…on policy he is terrible for PA. We have never had a more extremist candidate running for statewide office in the history of the . I am angry at the PA Dems. I am angry at those in his campaign and the media that had access to him over these months that hid what we all saw last night. John is a very sick man and I feel for him. But I am mad as hell that the political operators in his campaign, the democratic party, and many in the media in there thirst to hold power lied to all of us and used this poor man.”
      ***See if we can parlay this into winning the governors race

    612. Wes says:

      Good luck on the gubernatorial race up there, SoHope.

      Mastriano would have to run something remotely resembling a campaign to beat Shapiro.

    613. Wes says:


    614. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      UNF(University of North Florida) Poll came out yesterday but was embargoed until now:(H/T: RRH)

      DeSantis 55-41
      Rubio 54-43
      Moody 50-36
      Simpson 44-39

      Final polls in 2018 were Gillum +6 Nelson +1

    615. DW says:


      The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued and emergency ruling that will allow the Democratic Party to replace John Fetterman on the November ballot with his wife who now runs in his place.

      All ballots already cast for Mr. Fetterman will now count toward Mrs. Fetterman, the high court ruled in a unanimous decision. “It is critical in a Democracy that voters have a legitimate selection of choices for United States Senator,” said Judge Luna See, who wrote the opinion.

      More to follow.

    616. Wes says:

      Judge Luna See?


      Of course you could have made it believable, DW, by saying JUSTICE Luna See, since that’s the title for judges on Supreme Courts.

    617. DW says:

      sorry Wes, no coffee yet this morning.

      Here is an update the metric I have been tracking as to the RCP average for incumbents:

      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      AZ: Kelly 45.8
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.0 (was 46.5)
      GA: Warnock 47.0 (was 46.8)
      FL: Rubio 49.3 (was 47.7)
      NH: Hassan 49.3
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.7
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7 (was 52.5)

    618. Wes says:

      Fetterman’s campaign is now saying the closed captioning was error riddled and threw his debate performance off:

      Say hello to Senator Oz. It’s all over but the shoutin’. I imagine there will be a lot of that.

    619. jason says:

      P.S.- jason, have you decided whether you will vote on Nov. 8th?”

      I am voting.

      Bitter and I have an agreement whereby if I vote it is possible (not probable) our 2 votes will count as at least one vote for the R ticket. We will try to ignore the possibilities that our votes will not count at all, will be diluted by illegal votes, or even will be cast as D votes.

    620. jason says:

      “It is unfortunate that Mr. Fetterman is now criticizing the closed captioning process employed by Nexstar during tonight’s debate,” Nexstar communications chief Gary Weitman said in a statement. “Both candidates agreed to the technical set-up for the closed captioning process weeks ago, which was implemented at the request of the Fetterman campaign. Both candidates were offered the opportunity for two full rehearsals with the same equipment used in tonight’s debate; Mr. Fetterman chose to do only one.

      Weitman explained that Nexstar had ensured the closed captioning process was effective and that the system functioned properly during the debate.

      “In fact, Nexstar’s production team went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the effectiveness of the closed captioning process, and to accommodate several last-minute requests of the Fetterman campaign,” he said. “The closed captioning process functioned as expected during rehearsal and again during tonight’s debate. We regret that Mr. Fetterman and his campaign feel otherwise.”

    621. jason says:

      All ballots already cast for Mr. Fetterman will now count toward Mrs. Fetterman, the high court ruled in a unanimous decision. “It is critical in a Democracy that voters have a legitimate selection of choices for United States Senator,” said Judge Luna See, who wrote the opinion.

      More to follow.”

      The Judge also said that Mrs. Fetterman will get an extra 5% votes to account for the fact she is starting late in the game and it is needed to level the playing field.

    622. Wes says:

      I wonder if Fetterman will grab a shotgun and chase down a black jogger again to try to prove he’s fit enough to be a Senator.

    623. DW says:

      Insane that the Fetterman campaign didn’t refuse the debate with a statement like this:

      ?Mr. Fetterman has demanded that he have the opportunity to stand up for Pennsylvanians in the debate, but his cautious doctor refused to clear him to do the debate, saying ‘while Mr. Fetterman’s recovery is robust and he will be fully ready the day he is sworn in, he is not quite ready to endure the rigors of the debate.'”

      That’s not a great look, but it would have been far better than the look they allowed last night.

    624. jason says:

      Matt Walsh:

      “The Democrats have settled on their closing argument:

      “Vote for us so that we can c-astrate children, use your money to pay for abortions, and put p-rnography in the schools. If you don’t vote for us then you are a Nazi and democracy will die.”

      Fascinating political strategy.”

    625. Phil says:


      This from Baris last night on decision by the the NRSC to withdraw funding in NH and now resume it:

      “Frankly, the NRSC spending strategy is borderline incoherent. You cannot jump on and off the air, withdraw support when media/university polls scare you out, then reenter to return fire. That is defense – and defense is a loser in politics. Fundamentals should dictate strategy. The only early polling number in a late primary state like NH the NRSC should have paid attention to was the consistently underwater approvals and negatives on “deserve re-election” for Maggie Hassan”

    626. Wes says:

      Good luck with that.

      I’m willing to bet Democrats have settled on a poor closing argument to make in the home stretch.

    627. jason says:

      I just found out that the HHR Deep State does not allow the word p-rnography.

    628. Wes says:

      I don’t disagree with Baris, Phil. Consistency would have been the best strategy, but Republicans have decided to prop Bolduc up in the final days. That gives him at least a theoretical chance to beat Hassan in 13 days.

    629. Phil says:

      If Pennsylvania still goes to the polls and elects this vegetable anyway that state will be a laughingstock. However I do have enough confidence in Pennsylvania to believe that they will not do that. Pennsylvania voters are not WV stupid.

    630. jason says:

      Not sure I agree with Baris here.

      You can’t fund every race, or even every competitive race, at the same level.

      If the goal is to retake the senate, and you don’t have unlimited funds, you have to make decisions and divert the resources to the races you are most likely to win to achieve your goal.

      The NRSC might have missed the boat in NH but their spending strategy is not incoherent.

    631. Ken says:

      It looks like my prediction of 40 plus house seats 5plus senate seats is correct, go cry rinos and never Trumpers who post on this site

    632. jason says:

      Wes says:
      October 26, 2022 at 9:04 am

      I wonder if Fetterman will grab a shotgun and chase down a black jogger again to try to prove he’s fit enough to be a Senator.”

      Maybe this time he will pull the trigger to prove he has good eye to hand coordination?

    633. jason says:

      What are the 5 senate seats the GOP will gain, Ken?

    634. Wes says:

      DW, that guy on RRH is doubling down on saying money doesn’t affect outcomes in politics.

      How can even an amateur psephologist be so ridiculously obtuse?

    635. jason says:

      PA is a hold, not a gain.

      If Rs gain GA, and AZ, that is three.

      I assume NH is one of Ken’s gains.

      Which are the other two?

      CO? WA? CT?

    636. jason says:

      If Rs gain GA, and AZ, that is three”

      Sorry that is two.

      which are the other three?

    637. Wes says:

      There are so many problems with 643 I don’t even know where to begin to respond.

      I’ll just leave it to others.

    638. jason says:

      DW, that guy on RRH is doubling down on saying money doesn’t affect outcomes in politics.”

      That is why I don’t post there.

      I would last 2 minutes there having to suffer an idiot like that.

    639. DW says:

      I can see the argument that you cannot fund every US House race, but wow, in the senate, if you are a major party, you HAVE to fully fund each and every race that is the least bit competitive, knowing you you won’t win them all, but you gotta win enough to move the needle. And when the control over the last several decades always seems to hover around 52/47 or tighter, you have to get all you can every time.

    640. Wes says:

      I would guess NV is the other gain, Jason, since Cortes Masto looks done.

    641. Phil says:


      When do the Democrats formally replace Fetterman on the ballot with his wife? They are polling as we speak. You know they are. Anyone want to guess how those hacks on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would rule? LOL

      Actually, with early voting already haven taken place even those hacks couldn’t justify pulling that. It’s too late. When NJ replaced Torricelli in 2002 it was well before anyone had cast a single vote.

      My guess is that if Fetterman’s polling numbers crash they will spend the next two weeks running on the promise that a vote for Fetterman is a vote for the Democratic governor appointing a replacement for Fetterman once he is elected. It’s all they’ve got now.

    642. jason says:

      It is possible that a red tsunami will sweep the country and Rs will win CO, NH, CO, CT, and WA.

      56 seats.

      If it happens I will send Ken 5 lbs of scrapple.

    643. Wes says:

      I would guess NV is the other one, Jason, since Cortes Masto looks done.

    644. jason says:

      Whoops, forgot about NV.

      So Ken only needs GA, AZ, NV, NH and CO to get to +5.

    645. Wes says:

      How did I double post?

      Oh, I changed a word while typing. That still doesn’t explain how essentially the same post popped up twice. Sometimes HAL is weird.

    646. Wes says:

      I can honestly say I’d like to see the GOP get to 56 seats in the Senate–which would be their biggest majority since Hoover was President–but I see that now as more an unlikely possibility than the certainty Ken thinks it is.

    647. Phil says:

      Wes, Ralston is really twisting himself into a pretzel with his Nevada early voting analysis commentary, Wes. MSNBC loves that guy.

    648. DW says:

      Here is my order right now for the senate:

      RCP just moved NC to Lean R from Tossup. So starting with 48, which include NC, OH, and FL:

      49 – Wisconsin – Johnson
      50 – Pennsylvania – Oz
      51 – Nevada – Laxalt
      52 – Georgia – Walker
      53 – Arizona – Masters
      54 – New Hampshire – Bolduc
      –obviously much less likely:
      55 – Colorado – Bennet
      56 – Washington – Smiley
      57 – Connecticut – Levy

    649. Chicon says:

      Wes, I agree that gaining 5 seats is a tall order. However, I do like the exuberance shown by Ken and others.

    650. SoHope says:

      Ron DeSantis should toss a million or 2 at the NH & AZ race…maybe reach out to Trump and ask him to double it. Say something like I don’t know about you but I’m not tired of winning yet and I want us to win the Senate

    651. Phil says:

      Guys, I think 53 is at least 50% doable. I believe 52 is the floor. Hold Pa and Wisconsin and add Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona = 53. NH was doable. That one is a crying shame. Democrats should thank their lucky stars that Mitch did them a solid – and don’t tell me Mitch didn’t have a hand in that one.

    652. jason says:

      Uh oh, could be a game changer…

      “Fetterman traveling to Delaware. He will have debate and speaking lessons. Brandon thinks he can turn him around.”

    653. SoHope says:

      I don’t know if the PA Dems will try to pull a Jean Carnahan or if it’s possible with Fetterman still being alive.

    654. Phil says:

      …and yes, Trump could throw a million or so into NH and if he doesn’t that would be on him. A million in a state like NH would go a long way in a short time.

      You don’t leave winnable seats on the table. That’s inexcusable. The Party of stupid never fully plays to win. I’ve never understood it. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t have any inclination at all – ever – to ever hold back. Every move they make is calculated to win.

    655. SoHope says:

      Trump’s PAC is losing money faster than he is raising it. DeSantis who is actually running a campaign is the opposite.

    656. Brandon says:

      I think no such thing.

    657. DW says:

      Its a tall order SoHope. How could they get Fetterman dead, hold the funeral-campaign-rally, get his wife on the ballot, and already cast votes transferred to her, all in under two weeks? New Jersey could do it, but not sure about PA.

    658. jason says:

      In McConnell’s defense, I think he was personally pessimistic about the Senate. So he decided to invest in Walker and Oz and Laxalt while hanging Masters and Bolduc out to dry. Yes, the fact he doesn’t like their politics might have had something to with it, but I think the real problem was McConnell relied too much on the summer polls.
      I think the idea that he doesn’t want a majority is asinine, he is in his 80’s of course he wants to be majority leader.

      In the end, Rs might leave some seats on the table. If they do, McConnell will deserve part of the blame. But saying it is intentional is MDS.

    659. DW says:

      Democracy Corpse (D) 10/19 – 10/23

      Generic Ballot

      GOP 50
      DEM 48

    660. jason says:

      Come on Brandon. Aren’t you a teacher?

      Give it the ole college try.

    661. Tgca says:


      I disagree. I worked with a number of peeps from both PA and WV, specifically the Philly area. Those in WV are vastly more intelligent than the majority of the scum, perverts, and criminals that occupy Philly. Listen to folks from Philly talk. It’s not just their uneducated stoopid-sounding accents, they really are stoopid.

      Philadelphia is worse in education than Newark. That’s all you need to know.

      Philly has a bunch of gays and radical elites in the good part of Philly that support child mutilation in the name of transgenderism and any other leftist agend, and the rest of the city is crime-ridden, IGORENT ghetto people that cant read or write, never mind speak in a manner you can understand.

    662. Phil says:

      Jason, oh, I don’t think for a minute McConnell doesn’t want a majority. He absolutely does. He just would prefer a majority WITHOUT Masters and Bolduc. Truth be known I think Mitch would prefer not to have Trump endorsed Vance either but he needs that one to get to 51.

    663. jason says:

      I don’t know if the PA Dems will try to pull a Jean Carnahan or if it’s possible with Fetterman still being alive.”

      Nah. Too late.

      And of course the Dems aren’t making the case Fetterman is impaired.

      They are making the case he is fine.

    664. jason says:

      Pennsylvania voters are not WV stupid.”

      Fetterman should get like 20% of the vote, representing those that would prefer a mushroom in the Senate rather than a R.

      Everyone else should realize he is unfit.

      But even in the worst circumstance he will get 45% of the vote, more likely more than that.

      So don’t get ahead of yourself.

    665. jason says:

      I wonder how Connor Lamb feels this morning.

      Supposedly he was on CNN dutifully saying Fetterman won the debate.

    666. Phil says:

      Yeah, Lamb being a good little hack….and CNN dutifully gives Lamb the platform to do so.

      It won’t matter.

    667. Phil says:

      Agree with Jason that Fetterman will still get more than 45% which is in itself ridiculous – but I think he still loses by two or three.

      Baris will be in the field in Pennsylvania at the end of the week.

    668. DW says:

      Wow, if Fetterman ‘won’ the debate, then Messala won the chariot race against Ben Hur.

      (for those too young to remember the 1959 film starring Charlton Heston as Ben Hur, Messala, the evil villain, gets thrown out of his broken chariot on the last lap as Hur wins, and is gruesomely trampled under horses and chariots and dies in agony.)

    669. jason says:

      I put up an OZ sign.

      So far two cows have moseyed over to take a look. Both moved their heads up and down. Obviously more intelligent than most of the herd.

    670. SoHope says:

      Can Josh Shapiro even make a statement about appointing a replacement for Fetterman if he is elected and needs to resign? Would that help or undermine?

    671. Tgca says:

      Philly Inquirer staffer says Fetterman won debate.

      More proof that Philly people are STOOPID!

    672. jason says:

      (for those too young to remember the 1959 film starring Charlton Heston as Ben Hur, Messala, the evil villain, gets thrown out of his broken chariot on the last lap as Hur wins, and is gruesomely trampled under horses and chariots and dies in agony.)”

      His chariot was rigged to cut Ben Hur’s chariot wheels, right?

    673. Phil says:

      Would that help or undermine?

      Well, right this second Democrats are going with “it’s not a problem, he’s fine” If they are going to switch to “if he is elected he will risign” that obviously contradicts the first strategy.

      They can’t have it both ways.

    674. Phil says:

      ….and BTW, you can bet your bottom dollar Democrats are polling as we speak to decide which strategy to employ going forward. We should know one way or the other by tomorrow if they switch strategy to option two. As I said, it all boils down to their polling results.

    675. SoHope says:

      I agree Phil…it’s too late for half-measures.

    676. DW says:

      “His chariot was rigged to cut Ben Hur’s chariot wheels, right?”

      Yes, all the chariots had wood-spoked wheels, and Messala’s chariot axle had metal blades mounted on them to act like drill bits that chewed away at the wheels of competitors to destroy their chariots.

      Earlier in the race, Messala had used this technique to take out a chariot whose drivers was gruesomely trampled under another chariot and killed.

      In the climactic moment, Hur got his wheels lodged ahead of Messala’s axle to stop the damage, and then Messala stopped whipping his horses and started whipping Hur, as the two chariots were locked together.

      Finally Hur manages to grab the whip, pull it out of Messala’s hand and started whipping him back. Then Hur’s chariot wheel acted like a pry bar to rip the wheel off Messala’s chariot, resulting in Messala’s being thrown under a trailing chariot and crushed to death.

    677. Phil says:

      Democrats will do whatever needs to be done in Pennsylvania going forward. Why? Because they are Democrats and winning is their whole reason for being…but that is especially true in Pennsylvania. They are now desperate. Why? They can’t get to 50-50 control of the Senate without holding Pennsylvania. Their whole senate control depends on this one race…and everyone knows it.

    678. Wes says:

      There’s a longstanding rumor that a stuntman died during the filming of that scene, DW.

      It didn’t actually happen.

    679. DW says:

      This chariot race in Ben Hur is one of the best Hollywood scenes ever filmed. Ever. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it.

    680. Wes says:

      PA-Sen would be a pickup, not a hold, Phil.

    681. DW says:

      Wes, that is correct. The scene shows ‘Heston’ which is really the son of famed stuntman Yakima Canutt who is thrown over the front of the chariot. They thought they killed him. But he survived with no serious injury. So they kept the scene, cutting to Heston climbing back in.

    682. DW says:

      Here is why they do the Registered Voter rescue polls with under two weeks to go in the election:

    683. Wes says:

      Right, DW. He had a gash on his cheek and required four stitches. That was it.

    684. Phil says:

      I know, Wes. I am assuming Democrats will lose Nevada. Democrats will have to pick up Pennsylvania to make up for that loss to get back to 50-50. That’s their only shot at getting to 50 again.

    685. jason says:

      Bob Casey with cognitive issues too?

      Senator Bob Casey:

      John Fetterman’s “message came through very clearly…his answers were very direct.”

    686. Gordon Allen says:

      UNF poll in Forida:
      DeSantis 55-Crist 41.
      DeSantis is on his way to a 1,000,000 vote plus margin.
      Two years ago Trump won by 3.5% and 370 ,000 votes.
      That’s TRIPLE Trump’s margin if it holds.
      I think that will be noticed
      DeSantis outperforms overwhelmingly among the ” working class”, even though some thing he doesn’t appeal to them.

    687. SoHope says:

      PA Senate is a hold….PA Gov is a pickup

    688. jason says:

      Would that help or undermine?”

      Vote for a guy who might have to be replaced?

      Not sure that helps.

    689. Phil says:

      Baris on at noon Eastern time with Inside the Numbers. I can just hear him now on the Morning Consult Registered Voter poll two weeks out from the election. It will be brutal.

    690. Phil says:

      Baris says DeSantis and Rubio will carry Dade County so a DeSantis 10 point statewide victory is absolutely possible.

    691. DW says:

      Here are my percentages on the GOP’s chances for each race:

      49 – Wisconsin – Johnson 95%
      50 – Pennsylvania – Oz 90%
      51 – Nevada – Laxalt 75%
      52 – Georgia – Walker 55%
      53 – Arizona – Masters 45%
      54 – New Hampshire – Bolduc 30%
      –obviously much less likely:
      55 – Colorado – O’Dea 10%
      56 – Washington – Smiley 10%
      57 – Connecticut – Levy 5%

    692. jason says:

      DeSantis outperforms overwhelmingly among the ” working class”, even though some thing he doesn’t appeal to them.”


      I guess reading comprehension problems are common to those who get all their information from magazines and video games.

      Nobody questioned whether DeSantis could win FL in the GE, you moron. The point was whether DeSantis would have the same blue collar appeal and support Trump has in the swing states of the midwest and the rust belt.

      So far the polling does not indicate DeSantis would automatically inherit this vote. It doesn’t mean he won’t or can’t. And it is possible he could have more appeal among other groups to compensate for it.

      So GFY and if you want to make a comment about “some think” at least quote them accurately.

    693. jason says:

      Silverhack still has Oz at 41% chance. But he is upped the Rs senate takeover chance back to 46%.

    694. Wes says:

      SoHope says:
      October 26, 2022 at 10:53 am
      PA Senate is a hold….PA Gov is a pickup

      Almost certainly and not likely respectively, So hope.

    695. jason says:

      Here are my percentages on the GOP’s chances for each race:

      49 – Wisconsin – Johnson 95% ok
      50 – Pennsylvania – Oz 90% ok
      51 – Nevada – Laxalt 75% 80%
      52 – Georgia – Walker 55% 60%
      53 – Arizona – Masters 45% 50%
      54 – New Hampshire – Bolduc 30% 40%
      –obviously much less likely:
      55 – Colorado – O’Dea 10% 20%
      56 – Washington – Smiley 10% ok
      57 – Connecticut – Levy 5% ok

    696. Phil says:

      Baris on DeSantis and the working class:

      “If he faced Trump in a primary DeSantis would probably carry college graduates over Trump by a couple of points. Trump would carry working class voters over DeSantis by about 30”

      So no, DeSantis would never have the same appeal with working class voters as Trump. Not even close. That’s probably why Robbie has thrown in with DeSantis (for now). We know what Robbie thinks about working class voters.

    697. Wes says:

      I think 5% might be a little high for Levy.

    698. jason says:

      Predictit gives Mastriano a 22% chance vs. 78% for Shapiro.

      A little low, I put it at about 70-30.

      Mastriano does have a strategy, it is not correct to say he doesn’t, it is the Trump strategy of 2016 which worked in PA. He is trying to get such a massive vote out of red PA that it won’t matter what happens in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties. That happened in 2016, when Hillary did get the Obama vote out of Philly, 500k net lead, and in Montco and Delco too, but got swamped in rural/small county PA.

      I see problems with this. In the first place Mastriano is not Trump. Second, Shapiro is a better candidate than Hillary. Third, Trump had a lot more money in ads.

      Mastriano’s best hope is that turnout will be low in Philly and Allegheny due to disenchantment with Biden, and high in the rest of the state because of enthusiasm for him.

      It is going to take a real red wave to sweep him in. If Oz can win by 8 or so Mastriano has a chance.

    699. Phil says:

      Mastriano and Oz. Different coalitions. Mastriano will run better in the rural areas than Oz. Oz will run better than Mastriano in Pittsburg and Philly.

    700. Phil says:

      After watching debates from Georgia, NY, Michigan, Ohio and the Masters debate in Arizona does anyone still wonder why Katie Hobbs absolutely refuses to debate Kari Lake.

      It would be a bloodbath.

    701. Tgca says:


      The bigger question is did Ben Hur support young teens taking puberty blockers and having their genitalia mutilated so they could feel free to express their true individuality?

      My gut feeling is no, besides back then it was common to marry off those as young as 11.

    702. Wes says:

      You just explained why Mastriano will lose, Jason. He’s employing a strategy that barely worked against a significantly more unpopular politician than Shapiro.

      So much would have to break his way at this point for Mastriano to win it’d nearly be the equivalent of nailing three holes in one back to back.

    703. Phil says:

      Baris tweet:

      “Inside the Numbers live at 12:00 EST on Rumble. Exploring the dynamic of debates in 2022 and why NEW POLL RESULTS continue to change our forecasts across the country”

      Tune in. Should be interesting.

    704. Gordon Allen says:

      Among the “working” class here the actual numbers disprove that totally. As in overwhelmingly so.
      And will when people get to know DeSantis in other parts of the Country, which they now don’t.
      Among other things, DeSantis actually comes from working class roots, as opposed to Trump, who doesn’t.

    705. jason says:

      Objective journalism from CBS.

      “During the first and only debate between Pennsylvania Senate candidates Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz, the pair shared fiery exchanges on abortion rights, the economy and character”

    706. Tina says:

      I did not realize that Little Shapiro won’t debate Mastriano.

    707. DW says:

      And now a second rescue poll…this time Economist/Yougov

      Another REGISTERED voter poll

      Dem 46%
      GOP 42%

    708. jason says:

      And will when people get to know DeSantis in other parts of the Country, which they now don’t.
      Among other things, DeSantis actually comes from working class roots, as opposed to Trump, who doesn’t.”

      So Neville Allen admits that I am right, DeSantis does not have the same working class appeal that Trump does. Whether it is because he is not as well known could be a legitimate reason, but doesn’t change the facts.

      Nobody ever claimed Trump was working class, you idiot. The point was that his policies appealed to them and they voted for him. If only working class candidates won then we would have the Kennedys, would we. Or John Kerry. Or Rick Scott, worth over $200 million.

    709. jason says:

      Wouldn’t have the Kennedys.

    710. Tgca says:


      Comparing apples and oranges here. After 2 years of Biden, I suspect Trump would also be way ahead of where he was in FL in 2020 if he were also running today.

      Trumps favorable are very high in the GOP.

    711. phoenixrisen says:

      It is safe to say if Democracy Corps, a Democratic pollster shows the generic R+2, then this is definitely going to be a bloodbath for Democrats on Election Night. The rescue polls from Yougov and Politico are funny but desperate.

    712. jason says:

      You just explained why Mastriano will lose, Jason. He’s employing a strategy that barely worked against a significantly more unpopular politician than Shapiro. ”

      I am skeptical of the strategy myself, and explained why.

      However, Mastriano’s chances are much better than a hole in one, let alone 3 of them.

      Mastriano has tied Shapiro closely with Biden. Biden is unpopular in PA.

      My wife doesn’t like Mastriano. She is still voting for him because she likes Biden less.

      Mastriano will need just about every R and a lot of indies to do the same, vote for him albeit

      We will know soon enough if that happens.

    713. Will says:


      What is the site you referenced during the last general that had early voting information down to the precinct level? It was great.

    714. Tgca says:

      717. Gordy

      Hillary Clinton came from working class roots and she could not connect with them in 2016.

      Trump may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he worked among the working class in real estate and construction for decades.

      He was very popular in his TV show with the working class that tuned in to watch him regularly fire people.

    715. Wes says:

      For some reason, I can’t post the link on here, Will. Google Carolina elections vote tracker. It should be the first link to pop up.

    716. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      Here is the honest flyer that Democrats should be sending out to voters:

      In the last two years, your Democratic Party has worked tirelessly for you:

      * We are winning the war against fossil fuels!
      * we are winning the war to get p-rn into grade school curriculum!
      * We are winning the war to sterilize children through surgical mutilation!
      * We are winning the war against police!
      * We are winning the war to forgive all student debt!
      * We are winning the war to destroy American border security!
      * We are winning the war to destroy retirement savings!
      * We are winning the war to demonize white people through CRT!

      But there is so much work left to do! Vote for Democrats on November 8 so we can:

      * Win the war to get slavery reparations!
      * Win the war to get climate reparations!
      * Win the war to get rid of automobiles!
      * Win the war to eliminate heating oil and coal!
      * Win the war to empty every prison!
      * Win the war to abort every pregnancy!
      * Win the war to transition every person’s gender!

    717. Tgca says:


      DeSantis is a known quantity around the country, as he gets more coverage than any US Gubbernor. He is NOT an unknown.

      DeSantis has yet to prove he can connect with the working class in other states, as evidenced by polls of whom their choice for 2024 GOP POTUS nominee.

      Trump also has a record of fighting for the working class so he has the loyalty vote. No POTUS since FDR has fought for the working class as much as Trump.

      If you think they will easily abandon Trump for promises by DeSantis, then you don’t understand working class people.

      Trump single-handedly moved the white working class vote from the Dems to the GOP by actively embracing them. He is a rock star to them and that’s why he packs them in crowds like no one else.

    718. jason says:


      Arizona: Sen. Kelly tied with Masters 47-47%

      Florida: Sen. Rubio leads Demings 51-44%

      Wisconsin: Sen. Johnson leads Barnes 51-46%

      Nevada: Sen. Masto narrowly trails Laxalt 48-49%

      New Hampshire: Sen. Hassan leads Bolduc 50-44%

    719. jason says:

      That poll spooked the bettors at Predictit.

      Masters has his first lead ever there.

    720. jason says:

      What happened to EML btw?

    721. jason says:

      I guess his “return” was short lived.

    722. DW says:

      jason, link to those polls?

    723. DW says:

      wow, those are Data for Progress (D) polls!

    724. DW says:

      Last Data for Progress was Johnson + 2, now Johnson +5

      They were Kelly +1, now tied
      They were Hassan +7, now +6

    725. jason says:

      Darrell Brooks convicted on all 76 counts.

      Took the jury 3 hours, probably because it took that much time to vote on each count.

    726. Chicon says:

      739 – probably an hour filling out the paperwork alone.

    727. jason says:

      Supposedly Gloria Allred is trotting out an “anonymous woman’ who will say Walker paid for an abortion.


    728. Wes says:

      If the previous allegations about paying for abortions didn’t disqualify Walker, why do the Democrats think one more will?

      We’ve reached the point of diminishing returns on this. What Walker did or didn’t do is factored in at this point. Bringing forth another woman isn’t going to shake up the race.

    729. phoenixrisen says:

      DW, looks like AZ is now a pickup given Masters is trending upward and has momentum going into Election Day. You’re right, that is a bad omen for Kelly in that the poll is a Dem pollster. Watch out for NH, CO, and WA now. The wave is coming for those states. Will it breach those incumbents’ walls? I’ll put it this way. It will be at minimum, like for them what Warner had to endure on Election Night 2014 in that he barely survived against Ed Gillespie in Virginia.

    730. DW says:

      Update on senate incumbent key indicator:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      AZ: Kelly 46.0 (was 45.8)
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.0
      GA: Warnock 47.0
      FL: Rubio 49.6 (was 49.3)
      NH: Hassan 49.3
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.7
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7

    731. DW says:

      743 – and I suspect there is a shy Latino vote in AZ that will not show up in polls.

    732. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      In order for the Economist/YouGov Poll to get to a CGB of D+4 from last week’s R+1, it had to do the following:
      1- After weeks of showing Indies favoring the GOP by 8-12 pts., it is now only R+1.
      2- 6% of Republican voters say they are unsure how they will vote. Dem unsures are 2%
      3- The PID is 40.3%(D) & 27.1%(R)

    733. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      NBC News: Sen. Robert Menendez, the powerful democratic chair of the Senate foreign relations committee from New Jersey, is under federal criminal investigation according to two people familiar with the matter and an advisor to the Senator.

      Reported w/

      It doesn’t much matter because he is not up for re-election and the Governor of NJ is a Democrat

    734. Phil says:

      Baris on his podcast today:

      Spent a lot of time going over the questionnaire he is constructing for the Pennsylvania poll he will be polling. Said he was dragging his heels a bit polling that state wanting to put the debate in the rearview mirror a bit before getting in the field. Lot of technical polling methodology talk. Way over my head.

      A few tidbits he did drop. Has been in the field in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona

      Nevada – Laxalt expanding his lead a little bit (was 2.2 pts in his last poll). Said that Lombardo in the governor’s race might even win by a tad more than Laxalt. He was running slightly behind Laxalt in last poll.

      Wisconsin – race is over and it’s a bloodbath for Democrats. Johnson expanding his lead. Had it over 3 in last poll. Governor’s race is closer but R absolutely up. Democrats well behind on the generic ballot in that state. They will get wiped out in state legislative races.

      Made the statement that he won’t be returning to poll Wisconsin or Nevada and “when we release our results you will see why”

      Arizona – Masters in the process of taking the lead. Doing better recently with consolidation of older moderate Republicans which he needed to do. Said in the past had thought Masters might need Lake to win by about 5 for him to win. Now thinks she could win by 4 or even 3 and that might be enough.

      Someone asked him about Vance in Ohio. Said he loved polling Ohio (he nailed the Trump by 8 in both 16 and 20). Has not polled it this cycle because he didn’t need to. Said Vance will win by 5 or 6. Went into the history of the media and university polling of that state. He knows how to poll Ohio. They do not. Obviously.

      said he will poll Georgia soon.

      As I predicted he blasted the usual suspect registered voter polls just released – Morning Consult & You Gov. Said both releasing registered voter polls at this point is criminal. Also, both polls relying waaay too much on internet panals loaded up on college and post college graduates skewing heavily Democratic. Said those polling outfits know that’s a problem but don’t care.

    735. Wes says:

      No, Sheep. It doesn’t matter because he’s in New Jersey. Those disgusting idiots sent that corrupt child molester back to the Senate by double digits already despite knowing full well of his crimes.

    736. Hugh says:

      Who is more vile than Gloria Allred? I hope the religious right of which I suspect I am one needs to understand that anyone is better Then a minister who thinks it’s OK to abort a baby after birth.

    737. jason says:

      Someone on Predicitit define Silverhack in a nutshell.

      June-Sept: DEMS GONNA WIN BIG
      Early October: It’s getting closer
      Late October: It’s a tie, anything can happen
      November: See I told you anything could happen and something did happen.

    738. DW says:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      AZ: Kelly 46.0
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5 (was 46.0)
      GA: Warnock 47.0
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      NH: Hassan 49.3
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8 (was 50.7)
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7

    739. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      When you want to keep the power on, you give up the green fantasy:

      “Germany Is Dismantling A Wind Farm To Make Way For A Coal Mine

      A wind farm is being dismantled in western Germany to make way for an expansion of an open-pit lignite coal mine in a “paradoxical” situation highlighting the current prioritization of energy security over clean energy in Europe’s biggest economy.”

    740. DW says:


      800 LV

      Moore Information

      Warnock 42%
      Walker 46%

    741. DW says:

      753 – excellent.

    742. Will says:

      Thanks Wes. Thats the one.

    743. Tgca says:


      Last I heard, EML was teaching a Latino cultural program to Latinos so they can better understand and embrace their heritage and realize that they are more genetically inclined to vote GOP.

      I applaud EML’s mentoring my people on their descent so we can better embrace our full potential and know how we should behave civically and vote.

    744. Will says:

    745. Gordon Allen says:

      BTW the UNF poll had Rubio up 11 over Demmings. So much for the Demmings ” threat” threat”.
      CBS/ You Guv with a D + 13 to get to aD+4??
      They don’t even try anymore, do they?
      Yet,we’re supposed to believe them?

    746. Tgca says:


      Clearly this was a racially biased jury against an AA man. The jury consisted of 10 men and 6 women (depending how you define WOMAN), all of whom were WHITE!

    747. Skippy says:

      Colorado’s Secretary of State:

      After Day 1:

      Dem 33%
      Rep 30%
      Ind 37%

      After Day 2:

      Dem 33%
      Rep 30%
      Ind 37%

    748. Tgca says:

      745. DW

      Did you confer with EML on the shy Latino vote?

      As our subject matter expert on Latinos, I prefer he weighs in on this before we put any stock in that assessment.

    749. DW says:

      My only questions on that Waukesha massacre conviction:

      1) Does Wisconsin have the death penalty?
      2) If so, is there a very slow and painful method?
      3) Can he get a cell with the same men who took care of Jeffrey Dahmer?

    750. Tgca says:


      I see Wes is warming up to NJ since he’s referring to it by its legal name instead of the Sewer State.

      Could we see a visit to the Garden State by Wes in the near future? Maybe summer vacation at the shore?


    751. NYCmike says:


      Governor races: 26-10
      Senate races: +4, hoping to get +5
      House: 245

    752. Wes says:

      Cheeseheads are basically LisaB’s kind of people with a fetish for saving murderers’ lives, DW. Wisconsin has no death penalty.

    753. Wes says:

      I would rather be flayed alive and fed to a pack of starving hyenas than ever set foot in the Sewer State again, Tg.

    754. DW says:

      The house races are the hardest to predict. How many Edward Durr candidates are lurking, ready to come out of obscurity into fame?

      That had to be one of the greatest political upsets in history.

      The guy filmed one ad on a cell phone, spent a few thousand bucks, and on election night gathered his grandchildren around with a few pizzas just so they could see Grandpa’s name on the TV screen a few times, and by the end of the night he had taken out 3rd most powerful Democrat in NJ.

    755. Wes says:

      DW, Chris Scarver–who killed Jeffrey Dahmer–is in solitary. He won’t be able to kill Wisconsin’s most recent mass murderer.

    756. DW says:

      Wes, its hard to get my mind around the idea there can be absolutely no death penalty.

      If you remember the gruesome details, one little girl whose body was smashed to pieces went into surgery asking the doctors if they could glue her back together.

      So we are just left to hoping that the cons who offed Jeffrey Dahmer are still there in the big house and can take care of this guy too?

    757. DW says:

      Wes, hopefully other cons will take care of this guy. Convicts have their standards too.

    758. Wes says:

      The rumor is that the guards let Scarver walk off alone with Dahmer and his other victim because without a death penalty, that was the only way to ensure Dahmer would die.

    759. DW says:


      Illinois Senate – Salvi vs. Duckworth
      The Hill/Emerson

      Duckworth 49
      Salvi 39

      Illinois Governor – Bailey vs. Pritzker
      The Hill/Emerson

      Pritzker 50
      Bailey 41

      Not exactly a robust showing here on the part of the Dems.

    760. DW says:

      Wes, an old buddy of mine spent years as a prison guard.

      They are a tough lot.

      Sometimes they bend the rules, just because they need to.

      Sometimes the dirtiness of the profession rubs off on them.

      I don’t think it would bother my sense of morality if one of the guards in this instance had a little accident that somehow ended the life of Mr. Brooks.

    761. JeffP says:

      ??? ????: Kari Lake holds ?? ????? lead over Katie Hobbs in Arizona Governor Race

      (R) Kari Lake 54% (+11)
      (D) Katie Hobbs 43%

      ? Insider Advantage
      ? 10/11-17 | 550 LV | MoE ±4.2%…


    762. DW says:

      Jeff that one should have had a BOOM!

    763. DW says:

      same poll has Kelly 45/43 over masters

    764. jason says:

      same poll has Kelly 45/43 over masters”

      Wow, that is a lot of undecided.

      And most won’t go for the incumbent.

      Give Master 2/3 of them and he gets to 51%.

    765. Wobbles says:

      Did you hear me say Kari Lake is a bad candidate?

    766. DW says:

      Update: Adding some others as I don’t want to take anything for granted:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 46.8 (was 46.0)
      GA: Warnock 47.0
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      NH: Hassan 49.3
      IL: Duckworth 49.5 (newly added)
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0 (newly added)
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7 (newly added)

    767. Sheeple,Jr. says:


      ??? ????: Herschel Walker holds ? ????? lead over Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate Race

      (R) Herschel Walker 47% (+3)
      (D) Raphael Warnock 44%

      | D41/I20/R39
      ? 946 LV | 10/24-25 | MoE ±3.2%

    768. jason says:

      Tgca will like this story.

      Crab 1 x Chna 0

      “A man in China fell seriously ill after eating a live crab in an apparent act of revenge when the creature pinched his daughter.

      The 39-year-old man named Lu, from Hangzhou in China’s south-eastern Zhejiang province, was angered when the crab nipped his daughter with one of its claws and decided to get his own back by eating it, local media reported”

    769. Tina says:


      Lake +11


      October 11
      (R) Kari Lake 49% (+3)
      (D) Katie Hobbs 46%

      October 25
      (R) Kari Lake 54% (+11)
      (D) Katie Hobbs 43%

    770. Wes says:

      That reminds me, Jason.

      Tg will be incredibly jealous of my lunch today. I had a 22-oz porterhouse cooked rare with Yuengling to drink.


    771. Wes says:

      Lake should be able to pull Masters across the finish line with her.

    772. jason says:

      New scandal not making much of an impression at Predictit.

      There is a big picture of two big buns with nothing in it. “My Exes had Abortions”


      – Wonder where the woman was wronged. They said he drove her to get what she needed.

      – Is it even a campaign without an appearance from Allred?

      – His son already said that. How is another random woman going to change anyone’s mind?

      – The last abortion hoax didn’t work, this one is even less believable

    773. jason says:

      I had a 22-oz porterhouse cooked rare with Yuengling to drink.”

      Damm….makes my dinner coming up of inch thick smoked pork chops look like one of Tgca’s desiccated tree bark meals.

    774. DW says:

      RCP has moved Duckworth to Likely D

    775. DW says:

      IL: Pritzker (D) moved by RCP to Lean D

    776. jason says:

      Silverhack moved Oz from 41% chance to 40% and the Senate from 46% chance to 45%.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    777. Wes says:

      You know, I just had Robert Palmer play in my YouTube rotation:

      He was a musical genius. Too bad he died relatively young at 54.

    778. Tina says:

      Jeff had the Lake poll first.

      My bad.

    779. DW says:

      Tina, he was disqualified because he forgot the necessary BOOM

    780. Tina says:

      Peter Thiel makes a contribution to Masters

      NEW FEC F24
      $3,738,383-> #AZSEN

    781. Wes says:

      It took him long enough.

    782. Bitterlaw says:

      On the plane to Las Vegas. If anything happens to me, GFY and Go Phillies!

    783. Tina says:

      I am sure the nurse put him to bed.

      Kelly O’Donnell

      .@presssec says she tried to find out if the president watched the Pennsylvania Senate debate but was not able to get an answer during his busy day.

    784. DW says:

      Fly safe Bitter, if anything happens I will become a Phillies fan for life in your honor.

    785. DW says:

      IPSOS released a poll of ADULTS and found a generic ballot Dem +2


      13 days before election day.


    786. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – Nobody should endure that pain with only a rare break. Just cheer them on for the WS.

    787. DW says:

      Its okay Bitter, I don’t mind the risk. Besides its not as hard as getting a “Bitterlaw” tatoo on my forearm or something like that.

    788. Tina says:

      JUST IN: 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump to Hold a Rally with Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Saturday November 5

    789. Tina says:

      The PA Sos warns of delays in counting thr votes.

      Wants ann “accurate” count.

    790. JeffP says:

      Tina had my back with the BOOM on the Lake +11!

    791. Gordon Allen says:

      DW. That surprises you… why?
      Pollsters are generally as corrupt as the MSM and Government.
      Meaning almost completely.

    792. JeffP says:

      Of course after that debate…PA SOS giving cover for another PA steal. Did they ever prove those water main breaks in Fulton County when they sent everyone home for the GA steal? Don’t think so.

    793. Tina says:

      Trump Florida rally 11/6

      With Desantis?

    794. Gordon Allen says:

      Tina: I doubt it. Trump knows a total GOP sweep in Florida is on the way,and he wants to claim some credit for it.
      DeSantis has no interest in sharing credit for something largely his creation.
      But for form’s sake it’s possible.

    795. jason says:

      DeSantis owes his win against Gillum to Trump. That is a big debt. He will be at the rally.

    796. jason says:

      Bolduc is a moron.

      He should have taken the money. He won’t be the deciding vote on McConnell anyway.

      “On Friday, McConnell’s super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), pulled $5.6 million from New Hampshire’s Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc. The cash withdrawal came two days after Bolduc gave an interview with Politico, maintaining his opposition to McConnell for another term in leadership.

      “I have said no to that question, and I’m not backing off,” Bolduc told the magazine about the prospect of voting for McConnell.”

      If loses, he can pat himself on the back while Hassan goes back to the Senate.

    797. jason says:

      There are bigger issues at the moment than deciding who to vote for for Leader.

      Win the election and then worry about it.

      I think Masters learned his lesson, he is taking in all the money and support he can, he never said another word about McConnell again.

      Bolduc evidently didn’t get it.

    798. jason says:

      Comment at Predictit:

      “Dems in smoke-filled room, panic in the air:

      “Let’s claim Walker demanded a woman get an abortion!”

      “We already did that, you idiot. We need something better.”

      “It was twins. A double-abortion!”

      “I like it. I like it a lot.”

    799. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Scary Dunleavy ??

      NEW: Grassley & Johnson tell the U.S. attorney handling the Hunter Biden case that “we are transmitting to you 200+ pages of records relating to the Biden family’s connections to the Chinese regime and persons connected to its military & intel elements.”

    800. jason says:

      Isn’t it funny that attack Walker for paying for an abortion are the same that scream “women are going to be forced to give birth”.

    801. JeffP says:

      Distancing himself from McConnell might play well with independent voters in NH. We will see in 13 days.

    802. JeffP says:

      814 I though the same thing. The Woke Commie Dems can keep up with their own con job without looking like hypocrites regarding about everything.

    803. JeffP says:

      *can’t keep up with their own con…

    804. Gordon Allen says:

      Trumps unpopularity in 2018 was an absolute albatross for DeSantis.
      He won in spite of Trump not because of of him…in the General.
      Trump was helpful in the Primary but DeSantis had been an ardent supporter of Trump during 2017 and 2018 on TV.
      DeSantis has been the reason Florida has become a Red State, not Trump.

    805. jason says:

      DeSantis has been the reason Florida has become a Red State, not Trump.”

      BS. Trump won FL in 2016 after it went twice for Obama.

      He won it in 2020 by a sizeable increase in his margin, so “albatross” is a crock of crap. In 2018 DeSantis ran as close as he could to Trump in both the primary AND the general. That is why Amoral Scumbag was here calling him a Trump Clone. He was, but nothing wrong about that.

      He moved Latinos to the R party. He moved working class people in FL to the R party.

      Trump get the credit for moving Florida to red, DeSantis gets credit for keeping it red and hopefully expanding it in 20222.

    806. jason says:

      Distancing himself from McConnell might play well with independent voters in NH. We will see in 13 days.”

      I just don’t see NH voters deciding on who to vote based on McConnell, with so many other issues around.

    807. jason says:

      Neville Allen is a moron who thinks he has to belittle Trump to promote DeSantis.

    808. jason says:

      Fauxcahontas worried?

      “I came here because Oregon is dangerously close to flipping red’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigns for Tina Kotek in Portland

      …”I didn’t come here because I believe this is a safe seat. I came here because Oregon is dangerously close to flipping red, and we have 17 election days to keep that from happen,” Sen. Warren told the crowd.”

    809. jason says:

      Musk shows up at Twitter headquarters carrying a kitchen sink.

    810. wvally says:

      The is the most stable site on the entire internet I swear. You can drop off the face of the earth for 2 years and come back to the exact same crew. Love you all so very much.

      Jeff G. says:
      October 24, 2022 at 11:19 am
      The anger and desperation of the trolls is unprecedented for HHR. A giant red tsunami must be coming.

      Unprecedented? I’ve gotta disagree with you on point 1 Jeff this thread is a walk in the park. But it’s definitely feeling like a red tsunami’s on the way.

      Phil, I’ve got to disagree w your WV snark. ; ) We’ve had a pretty sane & secure existence here these last few years watching most of the country get steamrolled by insanity. I’ve observed with sad pity, heart breaking for my country, but still relief that I’m mostly insulated from the insanity of the left and left-appeasers. It’s a blessing to be here.

    811. Tina says:

      Desantis was going to lose to the bathroom floor guy,

      Remember the Russian hoaxer.

      Trump helped him.

      Trump,gained seats for the Rs in the senate.

    812. jason says:

      So happy our only female A-hole is here.

    813. jason says:

      Not only the same crew but the same arguments!

    814. Wes says:

      Whether Trump helped DeSantis is a point worth debating, Tina. He manifestly did not help Republicans gain seats in the Senate. They won seats because from 2000 to 2012, they lost a net of 11 Senate seats in that class and were down to 8. All but one of those seats were in states Democrats hadn’t carried for President for literally decades.

      Republicans gained Senate seats that year because with their string of losses, they had no more seats to give up. Even with that, their gain was only +2.

      You need to lay off the revisionist history.

    815. jason says:

      I just figured out what Musk meant by the sink.

      Well someone figured it out.’

      “Let that sink in”

      Get it?

    816. wvally says:

      I don’t even want to think about the state of the clubhouse j. Hope you boys have been good while I was away.

    817. jason says:

      DeSantis ran as close as he could to Trump as he could and he won. So I think Trump helped him win the governorship in FL. Not sure the senate analogy works here.

    818. jason says:

      I don’t even want to think about the state of the clubhouse j. Hope you boys have been good while I was away.”

      It depends what “good” is.

    819. wvally says:

      “Not only the same crew but the same arguments!”

      The EXACT same arguments. Gives me the warm & fuzzies.

    820. Tina says:

      Trump’s personal investment in the Senate sealed the deal. He crisscrossed the country, hitting some states multiple times — all the while delivering sound bites that Republican hopefuls used to promote themselves and bash their opponents.

    821. jason says:

      Trump won Florida in 2016 by 110k votes.

      Trump won Florida in 2020 by 370k votes.

      I think DeSantis was smart to be a “Trump Clone” as Amoral Scumbag called him.

    822. jason says:

      The EXACT same arguments.”

      See, when your arguments are as brilliant as mine, there is no need for much change.

    823. Tina says:

      Let’s not revise the 2018 midterm with respect to the senate and exaggerate how strong Desantis was at that time.

      Desantis has governed well since then.

    824. Tina says:

      Oh no. Lexalt is “down” 15. University of nv

    825. Tina says:

      The Trump Fl tally appears to be for Marco Rubio/house candidates.

      Looks like it will be in Miami.

    826. Tina says:

      The fib backed candidate is a serial liar.

      Corey A. DeAngelis

      Gretchen Whitmer: “Mrs. Dixon says I kept students out longer than any other state .. kids were out for 3 months.”
      Show this thread

    827. wvally says:

      Does she really call her “Mrs.” Dixon?

    828. wvally says:

      “It depends what “good” is.“

      If you kept the llamas out and Bitter never OD’d on Coke I’d call it a win.

    829. NYCmike says:

      “Gives me the warm & fuzzies.”

      -Cheap date.

    830. NYCmike says:

      “See, when your arguments are as brilliant as mine, there is no need for much change.”

      -Until the Republican congressional leadership agrees with me, then jason says he agrees with the congressional leadership.

    831. jason says:

      If you kept the llamas out and Bitter never OD’d on Coke I’d call it a win.”

      Since Bitter is in Las Vegas, what happened at the A-hole Clubhouse stays at the A-hole Clubhouse.

      Thank God for Bitter’s trip.

    832. jason says:

      I am safe, I doubt the congressional leadership would ever agree with NYC.

    833. NYCmike says:

      #846 – except they already called for more safeguards to be put on Ukraine spending to make sure they knew where the money went, just like several people wanted months ago.

    834. jason says:

      #846 – except they already called for more safeguards to be put on Ukraine spending”


      “After House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested last week that Republicans might pull back funding for Ukraine next year if they take the majority, the GOP leader has worked behind the scenes to reassure national security leaders in his conference that he wasn’t planning to abandon Ukraine aid and was just calling for greater oversight of any federal dollars, sources told CNN.

      McCarthy told key Republican national security committee members – some of whom reached out to McCarthy – that his comments that Ukraine wouldn’t get a “blank check” in a Republican majority were being taken out of context, the sources said. Rather, McCarthy told his members he was simply saying that a GOP-led House would not automatically rubber-stamp a request from the administration for additional Ukraine aid.”

      Sounds like McCarthy got some blowback from his caucus. But in any case, I don’t have any problem, with not rubber stamping administration requests especially if there are items that don’t relate to Ukraine’s defense.

      Looks like your little excuse for denying aid to Ukraine is not going to work.

      Better luck next time.

    835. jason says:

      Nobody is against oversight and accountability.

      But everyone except Putin Appeasers and lapdogs understand when the “oversight and accountability” is just being used as an excuse to deny the aid.

      It’s very transparent.

    836. NYCmike says:

      “Nobody is against oversight and accountability.”

      -Great! The same guy who investigated Afghan waste is available, so I am sure he can be assigned, and you will be happy with it!

      As for the Ukraine aid, I am thrilled with the real-life lessons that we are learning from the US-supplied weapons. They seem to be as good as advertised, and it is wonderful to see the Ukrainians driving the Russkies back to their border.

    837. NYCmike says:

      “Looks like your little excuse for denying aid to Ukraine is not going to work.”

      -Yup…..just make cr*p up when you know you’re wrong! Typical jason move!

      Oh well, at least he is voting!

    838. jason says:

      Looks like my missile was full on target.

      NYC complaineth too much.

    839. SoHope says:

      In 2018 Trump helped DeSantis in the primary but hurt him in the General.

    840. jason says:

      Oh well, at least he is voting!”

      Sorry, not voting to make Schumer majority leader…

    841. jason says:

      In 2018 Trump helped DeSantis in the primary but hurt him in the General.”

      Don’t think so. He actually did better than Rick Scott.

      Trump helped DeSantis both in the primary AND the GE.

      If Trump was unpopular he wouldn’t have doubled his margin from 2016 to 2018 in FL.

    842. NYCmike says:

      #853 – that missile must be Russian-made, as the Republicans have moved to my position.

      Thanks, I appreciate it!

    843. Bitterlaw says:

      I landed. GFY

    844. NYCmike says:

      “In 2018 Trump helped DeSantis in the primary but hurt him in the General.”

      -I would think that Trump both helped and hindered him in 2018.

      Trump helped with the simple fact that he increased the number of Republicans in the state.

      Trump hurt in that he is such a lightning rod that the media made it a referendum on Trump, instead of a choice between a solid candidate and Robbie’s chosen commie of the month.

    845. NYCmike says:

      “I landed. GFY”

      -Ok, no gambling IN the airport! Right to the buffet table!

    846. NYCmike says:


      Keep hearing great things about The Mob Museum! Check it out!

    847. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is one of the sharpest guys in politics. Everyone is smarter after listening to him or reading what he writes. Then again he’s probably just “an outlier” like all those
      Ben Domenech
      I meant what I said tonight with @BretBaier – I think Republicans could win 40 House seats. Mitch could end up with a 3 seat majority. This thing is breaking against the Democrats in a devastating way that could sweep out every Gen X leadership figure they had.

    848. jason says:

      Bitter, if you get near a roulette table, put $100 on 29.

      If it hits you get $3500, split two ways $1750 for each of us.

      If it doesn’t hit try another table.


    849. SoHope says:

      Bitter, the girlfriend and I are going to Vegas as well on Nov 8th. Staying on the Strip also doing tour of Grand Canyon.

    850. jason says:

      If 29 doesn’t hit try 36, 14 or 6.

    851. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      849. Below is exactly what any reasonable interpretation of McCarthy’s comments meant — there needs to be more accountability of how Ukrainian aid is spent — the Democrats and others have claimed he is trying to cut-off aid. This is false. Discussed this point with Paul several days ago.

      “McCarthy told key Republican national security committee members – some of whom reached out to McCarthy – that his comments that Ukraine wouldn’t get a “blank check” in a Republican majority were being taken out of context, the sources said. Rather, McCarthy told his members he was simply saying that a GOP-led House would
      not automatically rubber-stamp a request from the administration for additional Ukraine aid.””

    852. jason says:

      Et tu, CNN?

      Cardiologist/medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner:

      “Fetterman’s residual neurological injury is substantial. Much greater than his campaign has led the public to believe. It’s more than just processing hearing. It’s incredibly sad to watch.

    853. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The best way to win at gambling is not to do it.

    854. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Lucianne Goldberg RIP

      She founded a great website—

    855. Gordon Allen says:

      DeSantis doesn’t need me to promote him; he does that well enough by himself.
      Trump went from 120 to a 370,000 margin.
      DeSantis went from 35 to likely over a 1,000,000.
      DeSantis will likely triple trump’s margin.
      Trump’s approval rating in fall 2018 in Florida was in the mid 40’s.That was NOT helpful.
      DeSantis to my recollection ran on state issues and virtually never mentioned Trump in the gubernatorial race.
      DeSantis was Trump before Trump was Trump, having served two terms in Congress before Trump even entered politics. His record was Trumpian from the start, a populist Conservative non establishment type.
      Trump was never a good candidate, barely beating a terribly unlikeable Hillary Clinton and losing to an utterly hapless candidate as the Incumbent.
      Trump was an excellent President, and with another term could have become a Great one.
      I think all the above are pretty well established facts and/or the Record,
      The Opinion part from me is: DeSantis will be a much better GOP candidate in 2024 than Trump, and will be the nominee.

    856. DW says:

      SUFFOLK – Generic ballot

      Republicans 49
      Democrats 45

    857. DW says:

      With yesterday’s NH poll, Hassan now moves into the RCP territory where she is polling in the range where there have been 13 wins and 3 losses. Remember no candidate since at least 2010 has lost when the RCP average was 48.9 or higher.

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 46.8
      GA: Warnock 47.0
      NH: Hassan 48.7 (was 49.3)
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    858. DW says:

      Rescue polls work. If it wasn’t for CNN and CBS\YouGov showing Johnson up only 1 in Wisconsin, RCP would color it light red and move it to Lean R. As it is, the ranking stays Tossup. Many simply look to RCP for the state of any race, and report on it as such.

    859. DW says:

      Sen. Coons: Fetterman Debate “Was Hard To Watch,” “His Answers Were Halting And He Didn’t Understand The Issues”

    860. DW says:

      More rescue polling to depress Republican interest and turnout:

      Pennsylvania – Franklin and Marshall

      Fetterman 49
      Oz 45

      Shapiro 58
      Mastriano 36

    861. Hugh says:

      Moe on that poll is 7% and pre debate

    862. Wes says:

      I’m surprised Schumer is close to 50%. He hasn’t fallen below 65% since ousting D’Amato in 1998. I’m guessing a combination of fatigue with him and Hochul’s lackluster reelection campaign is dragging him down. It won’t be enough to come close to beating him of course.

    863. Wes says:

      As of right now, I think Republicans hold all their seats with PA being the closest at ~4% for Oz.

      Meanwhile, I think Kelly (AZ) and Cortes Masto (NV) are doomed at this point. I’m conflicted on whether Walker and Warnock go to a runoff, but I expect Walker to win in that instance–or in an outright victory not needing a runoff. I say both Hassan (NH) and Bennet (CO) survive by closer than expected margins as does Murray (WA).

      Thus, I have the GOP going to 53-45-2 in the Senate. That would actually be a great night. Of course Republicans will be on offense in 2024 with the makeup of the Class 1 seats being 21D-10R-2I, so the GOP will only expand on its numbers then.

    864. Wes says:

      That just makes him a lock to win reelection by double digits in 2024, Ameister.