Walker Leads Warnock By 3% in GA

    Time for a clean thread and it comes in the form of a new poll from co/efficient that claims Herschel Walker is up by 3% on Raphael Warnock in the state of Georgia.

    US SENATE – GEORGIA (co/efficient)
    Herschel Walker (R) 47%
    Raphael Warnock (D-inc) 44%

    This poll was done October 24-25 among 946 likely voters.

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    1. JeffP says:


    2. JeffP says:

      I hate mail in voting…and lazy a** voters don’t have a clue or care about the corruption involved.

    3. JeffP says:

      I hope OZ has a team of excellent lawyers in place. I think PA Woke Commie Dems are going to try and steal this thing.

    4. Gordon Allen says:

      For those tired of obsessing over the Ukraine War, and the 2024 election, a great article in Powerline( a wonderful site with great links) entitled 3.8 Trillion for….what?
      The subject is the Green energy boondoggle, which has on net produced absolute zero for 3.8 Trillion Dollars on it’s own terms.
      Personally I think it has been a gigantic loss by choking off fossil fuel development, at catastrophic cost in economic and national security terms.
      But it hasn’t moved the needle at all in terms of “transitioning” in percentage terms to Green in the last 10 years.

    5. Sheeple,Jr. says:


      #AZSen moves back to Toss Up from Lean D after a spate of tightening private polling has alarmed Dems.

      The overall environment in AZ boosting GOPers, even weaker candidates like Masters

    6. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This would be a pick-up in the House:


      4% undecided

    7. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      A new Suffolk/USA Poll shows:

      “On a generic ballot, one naming parties but not individual candidates, those surveyed now support the Republican congressional candidate over the Democratic one by 49%-45%, a turnaround since the USA TODAY poll taken in July, when Democrats led 44%-40%. The findings stoke GOP hopes of gaining control of the House of Representatives in the Nov. 8 elections, and with that, new powers to confront the Democratic White House.”

    8. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Should we pay any mind to this new Franklin & Marshall Poll of Penn.? To wit:
      1- It is a Registered Voter Poll
      2- In the Governor’s race, Shapiro is +22. He was +10 in September.
      3- The poll was conducted over a two week span ending October 24th
      4- The PA CGB is R+5.
      5_ Fetterman leads by 4 over Oz(R).
      6- PredictIt has not moved on this poll.

      To answer my above question–Hell No.

    9. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      As an add-on, the last F&M Poll was Woke. If you remember, it listed 5 choices for gender!

    10. Phil says:

      Sheeple, I always like to look at the history of pollsters. In 2020 Franklin and Marshall consistently had Biden up in Pennsylvania 6-8 pts. Their last poll settled at 6. Biden won by 1.

      In 2016 F&M had Hillary up 11 in their final poll. As we all know, Hillary lost the state.

      Garbage in, garbage out.

    11. DW says:

      With yesterday’s NH poll, Hassan now moves into the RCP territory where she is polling in the range where there have been 13 wins and 3 losses. Remember no candidate since at least 2010 has lost when the RCP average was 48.9 or higher.

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 46.8
      GA: Warnock 47.0
      NH: Hassan 48.7 (was 49.3)
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    12. DW says:

      Sen. Coons: Fetterman Debate “Was Hard To Watch,” “His Answers Were Halting And He Didn’t Understand The Issues”

    13. DW says:

      Rescue polls work. If it wasn’t for CNN and CBS\YouGov showing Johnson up only 1 in Wisconsin, RCP would color it light red and move it to Lean R, and with it show the GOP at 49 states.

      As it is, the ranking stays Tossup. Many simply look to RCP for the state of any race, and report on it as such.

    14. DW says:

      Another October surprise is that for many Americans who get their healthcare coverage through their employer, and that employer follows the standard calendar, right now is when they have their open enrollment and they are finding out right now how much the cost of healthcare is going to skyrocket starting January 2023.

    15. Phil says:

      Baris is in the field in Pa. He said on his podcast yesterday that he is asking two debate questions – did you watch the debate?… and who won?…and asking them AFTER he asks who the respondent is voting for. The man is a professional and didn’t want the debate questions to influence the important voter preference question…hence, asking the debate question last.

      I subscribe to his locals site. Late last night he had some VERY encouraging things to say about what he is seeing. I’ll share this much. He said a huge 53% watched the debate and Oz won the debate a little over 3–1. I won’t share his last comments on what he is saying about his first round of responses collected because it’s just a third of what will be his final sample. His podcast “What are the odds” will be on tonight and perhaps he will be inclined to publicly share what he shared with his Locals audience regarding how the poll is going for Oz.

    16. jason says:

      The cows have shown definite interest in my OZ sign.

      I would register them to vote except it is too late.

      Gertrude Stoltzfuss has shown the most interest, followed by Emma Stoltzfuss.

    17. Gordon Allen says:

      Obviously the ones who thought Fetterman won are Fetterman voters.

    18. Phil says:

      One last thing on Pennsylvania. We all know damn well Democrats have been furiously polling over the last 24 hours to determine the effects of the debate on the race. Should get a feel for what they are finding simply by their pitch today. Are they going to stick with the ridiculous Philly Inquirer Fetterman won that debate? If the polling shows that isn’t flying (which it won’t) will they continue to go with Fetterman is a victim, continue with the closed caption wasn’t working right, or pivot and go big with hinting that Fetterman will promise to resign and Shapiro will appoint another Democrat if voters will only vote Fetterman.

    19. Phil says:

      If that’s the case, Gordon then Fetterman is in big trouble since Baris’ early numbers are showing only 20% believe he won the debate.

    20. DW says:

      Phil, its shaping up to be Mrs. Fetterman. Remember a week or so back when Biden was with them he let slip that she was going to make a great senator.

      Biden was told the plan, but he was talking off script and let it out.

      So the message will be vote for Fetterman, and when he cannot continue, his courageous wife will take over the seat.

    21. DW says:

      Even Silver does not respect the Franklin/Marshall poll of PA. He posted the poll, and when the senate forecast updated for PA, nothing changed.

    22. Phil says:

      F&M isn’t a serios poll. 388 repondents? Margin of error +/-7? Even so, it’s way beyond even that.

    23. DW says:

      There is a Dem at RRH who is complaining that RCP doesn’t post all polls. They have not posted the F&M ‘poll’ of PA.

      Of course Silver posted it, and Silver posts a bunch of high-school kids who do a poll via phone texting. But Silver doesn’t post the highly reliable Big Data polls, because of his blood feud with Richard Baris.

    24. Phil says:

      No, he doesn’t post the reliable Big Data polls because they are accurate, and he dislikes the results.

    25. Tina says:


      ??? ????: Herschel Walker holds ? ????? lead over Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate Race

      (R) Herschel Walker 48% (+5)
      (D) Raphael Warnock 43%


      ? 1,053 LV | 10/23-24 | MoE ±3%

    26. DW says:

      RRH talking about Biden calling the rabbi in NY_17 asking for an endorsement for the embattled Dem congresscritter. The Rabbi refused.

      jason, it seems that Biden also called your cows, asking them to support Fetterman. That’s why they stand over your Oz signs moving their heads up and down.

    27. Tina says:

      Look for the Russian hoaxer to be here.

      Hoaxer hates walker

    28. Tina says:

      All we need is Hee Haw to endorse Walker.

      Not the “ticket.”

      If he has done so already, great, I missed if,

    29. jason says:

      Hey Bitter, just because you are in Vegas doesn’t mean you can slack off on early morning posting.

      Set the alarm for 4 AM and GFY.

    30. Tina says:

      Well played.

      Josh Kraushaar

      #PASEN: Oz statement on debate(s): “We’re sorry to hear that the Fetterman campaign was unhappy with how the closed captioning system that they requested was working on Tuesday. We’re happy to do a second debate any time.”
      6:42 AM · Oct 27, 2022
      ·Twitter Web App

    31. jason says:

      I don’t own any cows.

      Lupita the llama is ignoring the sign. She could be a closet (barn) Fetterman supporter.

    32. jason says:

      Tina, this is the best I could find.

      “The governor supports and intends to vote for Herschel Walker and the entire Republican ticket,” Tate Mitchell, Kemp’s spokesman, told the Washington Examiner. “Our campaign remains laser-focused on building the resources and the ground game necessary to deliver Republican wins up and down the ballot and bring hardworking Georgians relief from the disastrous Biden agenda that Stacey Abrams supports and Raphael Warnock has voted for 96% of the time.”

    33. jason says:

      However, the Lt. Governor is a Never Trumper who wrote an editorial against Walker. A real a-hole.

    34. DW says:

      Goes to show how incompetent Biden is. He calls these cows asking for support, and didn’t even realize they weren’t Jason’s cows.

    35. Tina says:

      I wish that hee haw would be more direct.

      He can help.

      I don’t hate hee haw and would vote for him.

      I would not vote for the lt Governor or secretary of state.

      Would leave those boxes blank.

    36. jason says:

      I would vote for the ghost of Karl Marx before I voted for Ratburger.

    37. jason says:


      “Socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York said Latinos are leaving Democrats because they didn’t pass immigration reform but also claimed Republicans are winning because they’re anti-immigrant.”

    38. Bitterlaw says:

      I am on a tour bus headed to Hoover Dam. GFY

    39. DW says:

      Thanks for checking in Bitter—laid up all night worrying that I would have to become a Phillies fan.

    40. Tina says:

      That’s a nice tour, Bl.


    41. Hugh says:

      BL. That is a great tour. I also highly recommend valley of fire.

    42. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – It might be too stressful for you. The Mets are kind to their fans and end their season early.


    43. DW says:

      The best thing the Mets did for the Phillies is own them so overwhelmingly in the early months of the season…so much so that they got their bad manager fired, and the new one made the difference.

    44. jason says:

      I am on a tour bus headed to Hoover Dam. GFY”

      Hoover Dam?


      Are you going to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to see if you can catch a glimpse of Pawn Stars like Rick Harrison or Chumlee?

    45. jason says:

      When in Vegas I never go outdoors. I stick to gambling tables, bars and buffets until its time to leave.

      Why would you want boring tours like Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon when you have beautiful cas-nos that have air conditioning, skimpily clad cocktail waitresses, free drinks, to die for buffets and gambling?

    46. jason says:

      Once I said wtf, I will sacrifice a few hours and play a round of golf at the Wynn.

      But then when they told me the green fee was $500. Plus I had to rent clubs and a golf cart.

      So not only was I losing money by not gambling, I had to shell out another $500+?

      No way in hell.

      So I headed back to the tables and lost $1000.

    47. SoHope says:

      Bitter, in 2 weeks we are going to Vegas. Going to do Grand Canyon while we are at it. Staying at Luxor. Going to live at the craps table and the GF probably slot machines.

    48. jason says:

      SoHope, the Grand Canyon has canyons and cliffs and a river running at the bottom. Nobody ever won a dime on that tour.

      I would stay at the craps table.

    49. Wobbles says:

      “Charlie Crist
      Governor candidate, FL
      We’re up against the biggest and most dangerous threat to our democracy this November: Ron DeSantis.

      The time to stand up & fight is now. Can you help us build our grassroots power by getting 50K RTs on this so we can take him down in 22 days?”

      I just cut him another check. I know I said I am for DeSantis, but unfortunately he is actually on the ballot at the moment.

      I will support him after he is off the ballot, then of course once he is back on the ballot I won’t be able to do that.

    50. jason says:

      Bitter, you missed our female A-hole last night.

      I can’t wait to show her the A-hole Clubhouse improvements.

      The framed picture of Lupita in the parlor is a nice touch. I know there was a rule no women in the parlor but wasn’t that just because we didn’t have any A-hole women?

    51. Tina says:

      “Real conservative”

      Interesting: GOP Rep. Liz Cheney endorsing SLOTKIN and doing a campaign event w/ her Tuesday

    52. Tina says:

      Desantis has replaced trump as the “biggest threat.”

    53. Tina says:

      Jabba says that you need to social distance for the cameras

    54. jason says:

      Liz Cheney has really turned into a loathsome creature.

      Sad because I think the R party needs people like her that are not isolationists and protectionists and understand the geopolitical role the US has and that its interests go far beyond its borders.

      She is consumed by such a hatred for Trump that she is aligning herself with people who in fact despise her even more than her former colleagues.

      Does she really think Slotkin, a far left moonbat, respects her? She will use the endorsement, and if she wins, she will go back to voting against everything Liz Cheney has professed to believe in her whole life. Privately she will say what every Dem is thinking, thanks for the support now GFY.

    55. jason says:

      Stacey Abrams while in a crowded room maskless: “if you’re over 18 you gotta socially distance [outside] FOR SOCIAL MEDIA”

      Is it ok to stay if you are 17 1/2.

      A friend is asking

    56. Greymarch says:

      Is Oz gonna defeat Fetterman? Fetterman is an absolute mess. I think all of PA finally knows this. The question is: does PA care if Fetterman’s brain is mush?

    57. Jeff G. says:

      Grey, Missouri voted for a dead guy in 2000.

    58. Tina says:

      See new Tweets

      Jeff Carlson

      Senate Minority Report:

      “Substantial evidence demonstrating that
      the COVID-19 pandemic was the result of a research-related incident has emerged.…
      11:09 AM · Oct 27, 2022
      ·Twitter Web App

    59. DW says:

      Warnock slippage…

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 46.8
      GA: Warnock 46.2 (was 47.0)
      NH: Hassan 48.7
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    60. Bitterlaw says:

      Does anybody need Nevada or Arizona mail-in ballots?

    61. DW says:

      and with the Warnock slippage, now Laxalt is #52:

      49 – Wisconsin – Johnson
      50 – Pennsylvania – Oz
      51 – Georgia – Walker
      52 – Nevada – Laxalt
      53 – Arizona – Masters
      54 – New Hampshire – Bolduc
      –obviously much less likely:
      55 – Colorado – O’Dea
      56 – Washington – Smiley
      57 – Connecticut – Levy

    62. DW says:

      60 – laying all over the ground?

    63. phoenixrisen says:

      Gah!! GOP with 40% support of Latinos and 21% support of blacks? Wow. If that verifies on Election Night we may be looking at an unprecedented wave never seen before.

    64. phoenixrisen says:


    65. jason says:

      The question is: does PA care if Fetterman’s brain is mush?”

      Dems won’t care. Not a single one. And there are like like 600k more registered Dems than Rs in PA (this is down from 2020, when it was 670k, and down from 2016 when it was 890k).

      So we need some Indies to care.

      An interesting stat. Since 2008, 536k Dems have switched registration to Republican, and 326k Rs have switched to Dem. Of course some of this could be just to vote for someone in a primary.

    66. DW says:

      Bitter, just pick them up off the ground, fill them out and put them in drop boxes. Remember, we were told that once the ballots are cast they are all valid, no fraud.

    67. jason says:

      Hey Phoenix, you know the rules.

      BOOMS have to be incorporated into the original message.

      This important rule change was implemented during the fabled golden era of the Bitter-jason Administration, in order to correctly determine credit for the original BOOM and keep BOOMS from being stolen or misappropriated.

    68. jason says:

      Jeff G. says:
      October 27, 2022 at 2:19 pm

      Grey, Missouri voted for a dead guy in 2000.”

      Zzzz… in NJ dead people have been electing dead candidates for years…

    69. phoenixrisen says:

      Yeah, I admit it jason. I screwed up ?

    70. jason says:

      I believe in redemption. Bitter doesn’t.

    71. jason says:

      Don’t look now, but Silverhack moved the R chances in the senate to 47%.

      He now has both Laxalt and Walker winning, so he is giving the GOP at least 51 seats, so why are the chances still 47%.

      Oh wait, he is a shameless hack.

    72. JeffP says:

      63…-I would love to know the Muslim polling in the Detroit Area. Some anecdotal reports it’s swinging heavy to GOP and Tudor Dixon.

    73. jason says:

      “Kari Lake
      Governor candidate, AZ
      AFTER accusing my team of coordinating a Watergate style break-in of her office, Katie Hobbs has now flip-flopped and DOES NOT want to talk about the crime

      This comes AFTER arrest was made and NO political motivation confirmed.”

    74. NYCmike says:

      “More rescue polling to depress Republican interest and turnout:”

      -They have also used these polls as “proof” after an election to explain why they should be able to accept and count “votes”, aka duplicate ballots.

    75. Dylan says:


    76. Tina says:

      Seems like he said somethig about being in danger

      SCHUMER TO BIDEN ON HOT MIC: “It looks like the debate didn’t hurt us too much in Pennsylvania…”

    77. Phil says:

      Tweet from Baris who is a day and a half into his Pennsylvania polling:

      “Without a doubt Fetterman has been damaged by his debate performance. I don’t care what most others claim to see, both campaigns acknowledge it and now I see why. Dr Oz is performing much better among voters with 4 year degrees, particularly with independents”

      I have two takeaways. One is that if Baris didn’t see a particularly strong trend here he wouldn’t be publicly tweeting this half way through his current polling. My second takeaway is that if Oz is doing significantly better with voters with 4 year degrees I imagine he is doing much better in the suburban counties like Montgomery and Delaware – counties he needs to cut into the Democratic margins in order to win statewide.

      I know some of you may get tired of me posting stuff from Richard Baris. If so, GFY. If the trolls can keep running up here with their joke polls from the likes of Quinnipiac and quotes from leftist hacks like Ralston, I can bring in information from the most accurate pollster out there for the last six years.

    78. jason says:

      Nobody is tired of it, Phil, except maybe Amoral Scumbag.


    79. Gordon Allen says:

      I think we’re going to get 53% of the Hispanic vote, 25 % of the Black vote,and 50% plus of the Asian vote in Florida.
      None of them ” working class” though.

    80. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Putin backs down from his nuclear threat:

      MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday denied having any intentions of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine but described the conflict there as part of alleged efforts by the West to secure its global domination, which he insisted are doomed to fail.

      Speaking at a conference of international foreign policy experts, Putin said it’s pointless for Russia to strike Ukraine with nuclear weapons.

      “We see no need for that,” Putin said. “There is no point in that, neither political, nor military.”

    81. Phil says:

      Yeah, that’s right. I believe Robbie called him something along the lines of a Trump worshipping MAGA clown or words similar. As I recall, Robbie likes to use the term “clown” a lot. If Baris is a clown he’s a clown that knows how to poll based on his past record.

    82. DW says:


      OZ +2 INsider Advantage!!

    83. DW says:

      in my haste to get the BOOM I mistyped…OZ by 3

      Fetterwoman 45
      Oz 48

    84. Phil says:

      Not surprised, DW.

    85. Wes says:

      Sean Patrick Maloney insults his own constituents:

      I would have to look, but I believe no Chair of either the DCCC or NRCC has ever lost, though the Republican running the NRCC barely scraped by in 2006 and subsequently retired. If Republicans take out Maloney, then that’s a sign of an earthquake rather than simply a tsunami.

    86. DW says:

      Woah! That insider advantage was mostly BEFORE the debate because it is dated the 25th–so most of the calls must have been before…some could have been during the debate. But wow! Baris is right again!

    87. Wes says:

      As of right now, I think Republicans hold all their seats with PA being the closest at ~4% for Oz.

      Meanwhile, I think Kelly (AZ) and Cortes Masto (NV) are doomed at this point. I’m conflicted on whether Walker and Warnock go to a runoff, but I expect Walker to win in that instance–or in an outright victory not needing a runoff. I say both Hassan (NH) and Bennet (CO) survive by closer than expected margins as does Murray (WA).

      Thus, I have the GOP going to 53-45-2 in the Senate. That would actually be a great night. Of course Republicans will be on offense in 2024 with the makeup of the Class 1 seats being 21D-10R-2I, so the GOP will only expand on its numbers then.

    88. DW says:

      Wes, I largely agree with your assessment. 53 is critical given Collins and Murky’s eagerness to reach across the aisle.

    89. Phil says:

      Agree with your R at 53, Wes. That seems the most likely. I expect you are exactly right on about Georgia and what happens in the event of a runoff. For one thing, the runoff is something like Dec 5th or so. That January 5th runoff last cycle was brutal for Republican turnout. The one prediction I disagree with you on is the closest race being Pa. I think Arizona will claim that distinction.

    90. Wes says:

      I wasn’t saying PA will be the closest race overall, Phil. I was saying it will be the closest GOP hold.

    91. NYCmike says:

      “Wes, I largely agree with your assessment. 53 is critical given Collins and Murky’s eagerness to reach across the aisle.”

      -Don’t forget Mitt-ens…….

    92. Phil says:

      Sorry, Wes. I misread.

    93. Tina says:

      Walker and Oz now appear to have leads.
      Masters is on the brink of breaking through in AZ.

    94. Bitterlaw says:

      Dems in PA probably know Fetterman himself is unimportant. They expect Shapiro to win easily. If Fetterman is elected they will then push him out for a replacement.

    95. Tina says:

      Where are the fact checkers?

      Quote Tweet

      Greg Price

      Biden: “The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over $5 when I took office.”

      The price of gas was $2.33 when Joe Biden took office.

    96. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Chuckie Schumer(D-NY) was caught on a hot mic today.

      “It looks like the debate didn’t hurt us too much in Pennsylvania as of today, so that’s good…we’re picking up steam in Nevada…The state where we’re going downhill is Georgia. It’s hard to believe that they will go for Herschel Walker.”(H/T: RRH)

    97. Gordon Allen says:

      Wes. I agree. I’ve been saying for quite awhile the GOP will be at 52 or 53 in the Senate.
      Also,at least 240 GOP House members.

    98. Cash Cow TM says:


      11 anti TRUMP anti GOP headlines

      6 anti TRUMP anti GOP headlines

      (and 4 headlines on gays/transexuals, 5 if you count the one about Liz Cheney bashing Republicans)

      17 headlines on famous people in movies, TV, Hollywood, etc.

    99. NYCmike says:


    100. NYCmike says:

      In regard to that bust tour of Hoover Dam, has anyone been on that?

      I’ve driven there myself, and looked around, thought that was awesome. Does the bus tour get you access to other parts?

    101. Tina says:

      Schumah seemsed nervous sheeple.

    102. NYCmike says:

      “In regard to that bust tour of Hoover Dam,”

      -That should be “bus” tour…..the bust tour is at the hotel pool…….

    103. DW says:

      48% GOP chance for senate now at Silver’s page.

    104. Skippy says:


      Colorado Secretary of State:

      2022 after 3 days of voting:

      Dem 33%
      Rep 30%
      Ind 37%

      2020 after 3 days of voting:

      Dem 40%
      Rep 25%
      Ind 35%

    105. Skippy says:

      49 Wisconsin: Johnson
      50 Pennsylvania: Oz
      51 Nevada: Laxalt
      52 Georgia: Walker
      53 Arizona: Masters
      54 Colorado: O’Dea
      55 New Hampshire: Bolduc
      56 Washington: Smiley

      Looking at GOP ending up with 53 Senators will interesting numbers coming out of Colorado thus far in mail voting per party registration that may sending signals 54 is not out of reach.

    106. Tina says:

      Byron York

      Salena Zito: John Fetterman’s condition was a ‘secret well-known to journalists with personal access to him since late July & to those who have observed him failing to comprehend anything his supporters say to him on the rope line.’ But many stayed quiet.

    107. Tgca says:


      Sad because I think the R party needs people like her that are not isolationists and protectionists and understand the geopolitical role the US has and that its interests go far beyond its borders.

      ABSOLUTELY NOT! The GOP does NOT need more people like Liz Cheney. The party has moved on from the neo-cons, pushing democracy via invasions and wars so they can line their pockets.

      The GOP needs more politicians like Trump. I’m not talking personality, I’m talking common sense getting back to basics and not being the world’s ATM while balance foreign policy with the needs of everyday Americans who are suffering.

      The US should push and influence in world affairs but it should not have to lead them all. Ukraine is a perfect example where Europe should step up and lead in the effort because it’s in it own backyard.

      No more debacles like Iraq War 2 which was a miserable failure resulting in destroying a country’s infrastructure, exporting terrorism worldwide, and setting US diplomacy and trust back, to the point the US is not trusted on the world stage by most. The US has not recovered to this day from the Iraq War 2 failure and it’s used as an example to be thrown in our face anytime we try to push an agenda in foreign policy.

    108. Skippy says:


      New Trafalgar Poll – Nevada Senate (10/21 – 10/24)

      Laxalt 49.8%

      Cortez 45.6%

    109. DW says:

      So much for Chuck U Schumer saying Dems are picking up steam in NV…the steam is between his own ears.

    110. DW says:

      CA_09 and NM_03 at RCP both go from lean D to tossup

    111. DW says:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 46.2
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.4 (was 46.5)
      AZ: Kelly 46.8
      NH: Hassan 48.7
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    112. Tina says:

      The Nv governors race looks good.

      Lombardo at 50.9 vs 44.1 for Sisosuck.


    113. Tina says:

      #CASen #Poll (10-23-10-25) Shows unexpectedly close race with two weeks to the #2022Midterms


      40.0% Mark Meuser
      11.1% Undecided

    114. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Nevada Senate:
      Laxalt (R) 50% (+4)
      Cortez Masto (D-inc) 46%
      Scott (L) 3%
      Nevada Governor:
      Lombardo (R) 51% (+6)
      Sisolak (D-inc) 44%
      Davis (L) 3%

      1,100 LV, 10/21-24

    115. Phil says:

      Anyone seen Zeldin’s just released ad on crime?


    116. Wes says:

      Warnock must be furious to know Schumer has already telegraphed Walker will win.

      For the record, Schumer is one of the best vote counters in Congress. See his performance as DSCC Chair in 2006 and 2008 as a clear example.

    117. Wes says:

      A Democrat on RRH is saying 2022 will be a neutral D to slightly R year. Of course he declared 2014 would be neutral year too. I’m not exactly sure he doesn’t let his partisanship dictate his opinions of electoral outcomes.

    118. Tina says:

      So Dementia has made the following claims today:

      Real wages are up.

      Gas is lower than we he took office,

      Inflation is down.


    119. Phil says:

      Seems with Rasmussen’s Nevada poll yesterday, Trafalgar’s poll just released, and with Baris’ comment last night that “we won’t be going back into Nevada to poll again and when we release our just completed poll you will see why”……all of that makes me wonder how Schumer can come out and say they are “picking up steam” in Nevada.

    120. Wes says:

      Maybe they’re picking up steam because with no planned future polling, Republicans won’t have another data point to say Cortes Masto is doomed, Phil?

    121. DW says:

      If the GOP ends up with 53 or 54 senate seats, we might look back at today as the day the dam broke wide open.

    122. Tina says:

      The msm is attacking Abe Hamadan (R candidate for AG) for expousing “white supremacy views.”

      Abe will be the first, non white AG in Arizona, when he is elected

    123. Tina says:

      Abe Hamadeh (Az AG)*

    124. JeffP says:

      Baris tonight has Masters up +2 in Maricopa. That’s looking good too.

    125. Dylan says:

      Wes—-I know we have talked about the impossibility of Da Nang D going down in CT but….if the OR governor goes to GOP could you see any scenario Wyden loses? Fun to smoke political crack sometime and think what if…..

    126. jason says:

      For the record, Schumer is one of the best vote counters in Congress”

      Yeah, but he didn’t count very well on the filibuster.

    127. Gordon Allen says:

      Funny those who oppose ” isolationism” and ” protectionism” in the GOP support Trump who some argue was and is both.
      I guess it depends on one’s definitions.

    128. Tina says:


      Trump likely to be reinstated on Twitter this Monday.

    129. Bitterlaw says:

      Gordon – For me, Trump was always a means to an end – Stop Democrats. His isolationism and protectionism would be disqualifying for me in a competitive primary. However, the 2016 primaries were effectively over by the time it got to PA. I did not vote for Trump in the primary. He got my vote in 2016 and 2020 because Clinton and Biden were unacceptable and dangerous to America’s future.

    130. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The logical conclusion which the Democrats refuse to admit. The research was indirectly funded by the U.S. grants, which Fauci knew about and has attempted to cover up.

      “WASHINGTON—The Covid-19 pandemic that has killed millions worldwide “was most likely the result of a research-related incident” in China, and not natural transmission of a virus from animal to human, a new report by Republicans on the Senate health committee concludes.

      The study cites details about the early spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus, which causes Covid; the fact that no animal host has been identified nearly three years into the pandemic; and troubled biosafety procedures at labs in the Chinese city of Wuhan to buttress its conclusion.”

    131. Bitterlaw says:

      Watching tv in Las Vegas. Democrats in Nevada are running on one issue – abortion.

      In Congressional ads, both sides attack each other BUT they are not strident and don’t their voices. They are the nicest attack ads I have ever seen.

    132. Phil says:

      To expand on What Jeff was sharing regarding Maricopa County (Phoenix) – Baris found Masters has now been up three days in a row in Maricopa. That’s very big. The county is just under 60% of the statewide vote. Biden carried it by 2 points in 2020 and the state was essentially a tie. Baris said Kelly cannot seem to get past 47 there in the county. He said Masters has definitely taken the lead in Arizona. Apparently, from what I gathered, Baris is conducting a day by day tracking poll in Arizona through Election Day and isn’t going to release a standard two of three day poll.

    133. jason says:

      Funny those who oppose ” isolationism” and ” protectionism” in the GOP support Trump who some argue was and is both.
      I guess it depends on one’s definitions.”


      I have opposed Trump’s isolationism and protectionism from the get go. I never supported his stupid tariffs and trade wars or his AFL-CIO agenda. I stated many times here his anti-NATO rhetoric was self defeating and harmful to the interests of the US.

      I support Trump on a lot of other important issues and on balance I think he was a good President.


    134. Tina says:


      Rick Scott says Bolduc will win,

      Slams Biden’s Beotch for funding the Ak Sea Porker.

    135. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Fetterman’s wife is a total loon if she thinks anyone will believe this story:

      “Fetterman’s Wife Calls Swimming in America ‘Very Racist’

      Gisele Barreto Fetterman, the wife of Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, said, “Historically, swimming in America is very racist.”

      One of the points of contention Tuesday night during a debate between her husband and Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz was how many mansions each man has and how they had afforded them.

      Gisele Fetterman’s comments were an attempt to contextualize why she and her husband own a mansion that Oz alleged Fetterman had received for a dollar. “And while we did not want the mansion, that mansion came with a pool I wanted. And the dream was to make this a public pool and turn it into the people’s pool and ensure that young people across Pennsylvania could learn how to swim and water safety and kind of work to right some of the wrongs,””

    136. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!
      11:45 AM · Oct 26, 2022

      Oct 26
      Replying to
      Meeting a lot of cool people at Twitter today!

    137. Wes says:

      Dylan if (a) Wyden made some kind of misstep that made George Allen’s macaca comment look like a politically brilliant statement and (b) Jo Rae Perkins weren’t the GOP nominee, then you might have a scenario where Wyden loses.

      Neither of those is the case, so Wyden wins with ease.

    138. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Another leftist tech firm is in trouble. This time Facebook.

      “Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw his personal fortune drop this week as the company’s stock dropped in response to an abysmal quarterly report and has now seen his estimated net worth decline by 12 figures.

      The Facebook founder’s fortune plunged by $11 billion on Thursday as his company’s stock value dove, bringing his net worth to $38.1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Zuckerberg has lost more than $100 billion over the last 13 months as his company spends incredible sums to pursue his vision of the internet through the metaverse.”

    139. Phil says:

      Baris tonight on Pennsylvania:

      He’s still polling but did share some tidbits. With the responses today – the percentage who watched the debate or portions of is up to 63%. Yesterday the percentage saying Oz won the debate was 61%. Today it is 70% with less than 20% saying Fetterman. The 4 year college grads go for Fetterman by only two points. That is terrible for Democrats. Associate degrees or some college going for Oz by 15. High School or less going for Oz by almost 30.

      Doesn’t sound like Uncle Fester is going to Washington.

    140. NYCmike says:

      “Gordon – For me, Trump was always a means to an end – Stop Democrats. His isolationism and protectionism would be disqualifying for me in a competitive primary.”

      -Please define “isolationism” and “protectionism” for me.

      September/October 2020 saw Trump hosting Israel and Arab countries signing economic agreements.

      It saw the United States having a positive relationship with Russia, No Korea, while taking away their ability to cause mayhem.

      It saw Iran and Venezuela being isolated and weakened.

      It saw a world which was recognizing that China should not be trusted (we are once again seeing that after 2 years of Biden doing everything in his power to prop them up).

      It saw Trump warning NATO countries, most specifically Germany, NOT to depend on Russian energy sources.

      It saw Saudi Arabia becoming more open, while also allowing them to be more independent from us, which allowed us to step back and exert our power without having to use our military.

      Keep yapping about tariffs and the rest. The country club Republicans will repeat it for you, but we all see how soon they are forgotten. They are, and always will be, simply a bargaining position for Trump. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but in the end he will be looking to create more opportunities for commerce for American citizens…….which is what we want.

    141. Paul says:


    142. NYCmike says:

      In honor of Paul, I used “HATER” as my opening salvo for Wordle.

    143. Wes says:

      One word for you, Paul:


    144. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Far leftist against Putin:

      US House candidate, MN-05
      I am amazed at the nerve that some people have to not be upset with the country literally waging war, but at the country defending itself and those helping them do that.

      I was even told by one of these people tonight, “it’s America that started the Russia war”, seriously wtf.

    145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The big question for pundits several weeks before the election: Would you rather be Herschel Walker or Dr. Oz?

      Republicans probably will need to win *one* of the PA/GA Senate races to win the majority.

    146. Gordon Allen says:

      NYM. Exactly.
      These achievements were made without getting into forever wars.
      Reagan as well. My point is that to some if you don’t push for direct military involvement w long commitments you’re labeled ” isolationist”.
      That’s flat wrong

    147. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      BREAKING: Reuters is reporting that Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal and chief content moderator Vijaya Gadde, who got Twitter to ban Trump and well as censor the Hunter Biden story, have all been FIRED.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Elon Musk

    148. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The first rescue polls of the day courtesy of Nate Cohn and the NY Times/Siena:

      NYT House Polls

      Kansas 3rd: 55-41 Davids (D)
      NV 1: 47-47 Titus(D)/Robertson(R)
      NM-02: 48-47 Vasquez (D)
      PA-08: 50-44 Cartwright (D)

      Real Clear Politics has the NM-2 and PA-8 races as Lean Republican and the other two as Toss-Ups

    149. jason says:

      The country club Republicans will repeat it for you,”

      Did I get called a “country club Republican”?

      Bitter, send the points as soons as it dawns in Vegas.

    150. jason says:

      Would you rather be Herschel Walker or Dr. Oz?”

      Personally I would rather be Oz. No, not being racist, Walker does seem to get a lot of action, but Oz has 10 houses and a lot more money.

    151. jason says:

      -Please define “isolationism” and “protectionism” for me.”

      Damm, I have only done this, what, hundred of times.

      But, yeah, I realize NYC’s reading comprehension is worse than Fetterman’s, so no problem.

      Trump is a doctrinaire crony capitalist who has been an isolationist for 40 years. If you read his interviews over the decades it is one thing he is consistent on.

      A trade policy based on the failed 70 year old AFL-CIO agenda of stupid tariffs and trade wars is protectionist. Tariffs and trade wars are just another tax on American consumers and just another way you cede foreign trade opportunities to competing countries. If you want to tax your own consumers, tariffs are the most inefficient way to do it.

      A foreign polity based on the concept that your alliances are not in your own interest too leads to Trump’s asinine and self defeating attacks on NATO. Trump did have some foreign policy successes, I did support his overtures to N Korea and his intervention in Syria and against ISIS, but he should never promised to pull out completely from Afghanistan, that was a mistake that later led to the fall of the country and Biden’s disastrous pull-out. Trump’s understanding of America’s geopolitical role in the world was simplistic and sophomoric. That is why I call it isolationist.

      Hope it is clear now.

    152. jason says:

      Ah yes, the Abrams Accords ( I forgot what NYC called them, something stupid) were certainly a foreign policy achievement I give Trump credit for.

    153. Tina says:

      What is bitter even doing out west. I thought he would not come this far. Sf is only an hour and change away via flight.

    154. DW says:

      On 10/3 Trafalgar Group finished their poll of NY that had Hochul up only 2. After that poll there were five more, all done by pollsters accustomed to showing good results for Dems: Marist, Schoen Cooperman (D), Siena, Quinnipiac, and SUSA. That last one was finished back on 10/18. Since then, silence. No polls. Only Siena got it to double-digits, but with Quinnipiac at just +4 and SUSA at +6, it makes one wonder if pollsters are now afraid of this race and what it might do for morale nationally to show a Republican leading the NY Gov race. 10 days now since any poll.

    155. jason says:

      Here we go. 250k ballots mailed out in PA with no signature verification.

      Bitter to say don’t worry about it in 3, 2, 1..

    156. jason says:

      Zeldin is going to kick ass in upstate NY. If he can run up good margins in Nassau and Suffolk on Long Island he could eke it out.

    157. jason says:

      What is bitter even doing out west”

      Last I heard he was watching TV in his hotel room.

    158. jason says:

      Joy Reid on Herschel Walker, Tim Scott: Lindsey Graham Showed Republicans Don’t Want A “Thinking Black Senator”

    159. Tina says:

      Nothing to see there with the ballot fraud.

    160. jason says:

      Wick Insights (post-debate)

      U.S. SENATE:
      Oz (R): 47.6%
      Fetterman (D): 45.9%

      Shapiro (D): 49.2%
      Mastriano (R): 43.3

    161. jason says:

      Looks like Mastriano trails Oz by about 5.

      So look at that number as what Oz would have to win by to give Mastriano a chance.

    162. DW says:

      jason, do you have a link to go with that?

    163. Phil says:

      Hasn’t been released yet but later today Rasmussen will release their weekly generic ballot numbers. Republicans have grown their lead from +3 to +7 – 49-42. The poll has the usual Dem +2 electorate.

    164. jason says:

      I copied it from Predictit. As far as I know, Wick is legit.

    165. jason says:

      Pretty devastating ad against Whitmer on school closings.

    166. Phil says:

      Mastriano won’t win this. He never had any money to even get on the air. Oz is doing exceptionally well in Pittsburg for a Republican. He’s in the low 40s there. Trump only got to 39 in Allegheny County. Mastriano is running around 32 or so there. Same story in Philly. Mastriano running considerably worse than Oz. Oz doing ok in places like Delaware and Montgomery County for a Republican. Mastriano getting wiped out there. This all according to Baris’ current tracking numbers. The problem is 4 yr degree voters. Oz is competitive with them. Mastriano is not.

    167. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      BREAKING: Paul Pelosi hospitalized after assailant attacks him in his San Francisco home.

      (My guess is that the local police will claim that the attacker was wearing a MAGA hat and is a climate denier!)

    168. Phil says:

      Pelosi’s home in SF home invaded. Nancy not home but husband violently assaulted.

      What do you bet they blame it on Republican right wingers intent on destroying our democracy?

    169. jason says:

      Mastriano has to get at least what Trump got in Allegheny, Montco and Delco, for sure. Because I think he will get what Trump got in red PA.

    170. Phil says:

      Yes. Paul didn’t get a good description of the criminals because they were wearing masks but no doubt remembered they were all wearing red MAGA hats.

    171. jason says:

      It will get more MSM coverage than the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh.

    172. Phil says:

      Yeah, for sure red Pa isn’t the problem for Mastriano. The good news is that Oz has upped his numbers in rural Pa closer to Mastriano.

    173. DW says:

      Gov. Hochul responds to news of the Pelosi break-in:

      “Don’t pay any attention to this, as these are just teenagers with baseball bats who were probably on the way to the ball field at 3:00 am. Such young people add color and diversity to every community.”

    174. Phil says:

      Tom Bevan at RCP updates his projections this morning.

      Republicans pick up

      Net +30 in the House

      Net +3 in the Senate

      Net +3 in governor’s races.

      Seems pretty spot on to me.

    175. jason says:


      Jazz Shaw
      First full day of Elon’s Twitter. Testing… Testing…

      The vaccines don’t stop you from catching COVID.
      Men cannot have babies.
      If you have to show your ID to get on a plane you should show it to vote.
      Joe Biden has obvious cognitive issues.
      (hits “Tweet” and holds breath)
      7:09 AM · Oct 28, 2022

    176. jason says:

      For the First Time in 20 Years, 30-Year Mortgage Rates Hit 7 Percent”

    177. hugh says:

      Looking at NV. Dems are getting excited about their so-called fire wall. My analysis is that EV is way down in Clark county. You would think it would be tracking closer somewhere between the 2018 and 2020 numbers, since dems so embraced EV. It is not, its below 2018. Since most reps vote on election day, it seems to me that this indicates dem enthusiasm is way down. Assuming a fairly normal turnout for an off year election I think it will not be close. Particularly if you figure the independent vote will be more rep than in 2020 or 2018. Any thoughts??

    178. hugh says:

      final comment. I will be very disappointed if we only pick up 30 house seats.

    179. jason says:

      Over at DKos they are angry that Fox treats a break-in and an assault as a “crime story”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      “Count on FOX to spin this as a ‘crime’ story. Would not be surprised if it had political motivation, but we will need to wait and see. If so it should be a sh-tstorm but the media is a right wing cesspool these days.”

    180. jason says:

      Looking at NV. Dems are getting excited about their so-called fire wall.”

      That is because fame Dem hack Ralston is claiming that.

      He is the NV version of Nate Silverhack, Dems will always win until they don’t.

    181. jason says:

      Yes, Ralston assumes Indie vote will be 50/50.

      So his theory is that IF Dems keep their registration advantage in the ballots returned/EV, IF there are no crossovers, and IF Indies are evenly split, then Dems will win.

      It is not a reasonable assumption this cycle.

    182. DW says:


      c/o efficent

      New Hampshire

      Hassan 45%
      Bolduc 45%

    183. DW says:

      jason, someone needs to tell Ralston, if ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ where candy and nuts…

    184. hugh says:

      So why does fox news constantly quote the most left leaning poorly done polls? Just saw they showed the F and M poll showing shapiro up 20 pts.

    185. DW says:



      Kuster 43%
      Burns 44%

    186. jason says:

      Yet he will get over 40% of the vote…

      Mandela Barnes: ‘God, Country, and Guns’ Rhetoric as Dangerous as ISIS Terrorists

    187. jason says:

      So Karl Marx’s mini-me is worried Twitter would do to him what it has done for years with conservatives…


      “Robert Reich
      I thought I’d leave these here. Just in case, hypothetically, the new potential owner of Twitter decides to bar videos critiquing billionaires and the system that enables them.”

    188. DW says:

      New poll shows NH senate tied and another new poll shows Oz +2, and Silverhack moves the GOP’s chances from 48% to 47%. You cannot make this stuff up.

    189. jason says:

      Silverhack moves R chances down to 47% and Oz down to 41% and Walker to 52%.

      He did move Masters up to 31%.

    190. Cash Cow TM says:


      –8 anti TRUMP, anti GOP headlines

      –7 anti TRUMP, anti GOP headlines
      (many headlines left over from yesterday)

    191. SoHope says:

      Proof Charlie Crist really loves trains

    192. Cash Cow TM says:

      Most interesting headline (been up 2 days on AOL) is

      “No U.S.-born Black Player expected
      in World Series”


      I would have expected by now:

      –NAACP has called for a national strike.

      –BLM would have begun riots in 100 largest cities in U.S. to provide looting opportunities

      –Joe Biden and Traci Abrams hold a joint press conference on prime time T.V. to denounce racism 2.0

      –teachers encourage students to wear black arm bands and have school walkouts

      –“The View” and others in MSM to cover this issue and largely blame Trump

      –democrats to proclaim there was a right-wing conspiracy that determined the outcome of the baseball playoffs that led to this situation of these two teams facing one another in world series

    193. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Kuster 43%
      Burns 44%”
      Could be Kuster’s last stand?

    194. Phil says:

      Baris and Barnes last night on Nevada:

      They have Laxalt as 56% chance to win. Why this low? They say it will be the closest of Nv, Pa, Ga, and Arizona. To begin with – of those four states in 2020 it was Biden’s best state.

      1) Polls in Nevada tend to be a bit friendly to GOP because Nevada has a 6% Asian population that votes 65-35 Democratic and it’s hard for pollsters to reach. Baris didn’t poll the state in 2020. However, he did add that when he did poll it in 2016 he hit it right on the number at Hillary + 2.5….so there’s that. I think Baris currently has it at Laxalt just below +3

      2) Fraud. It’s the same corrupt system as 2020. Ballot harvesting is legal by third parties. Mail in ballots out to everyone. Barns lives in Vegas and practices law there. He said he has received four ballots in the mail so far. One for him and three others with names he’s never heard of. Laxalt will have to win outside the margin of fraud. Nevada is the most corrupt voting system in the US….more so than Pa.

    195. jason says:

      Of course, I never saw a frying pan with only 3 slices of bacon. My bacon is fried in a huge pan that holds at least 12 thick cut slab bacon slices.

    196. DW says:

      The NH_02 was supposed to be the hard one. NH_01 was supposed to be the easier flip…that’s why I chose the rare BOOM on a house race.

    197. Phil says:

      Baris also from last night:

      nothing surprising –

      *said he reviewed his numbers from Florida and it’s a bloodbath.

      *just finished polling Wisconsin again…said Johnson has expanded his lead from 3 in last month’s poll to 5 – with room to grow to 6. That race is over and has been.

    198. DW says:

      Phil, that’s probably what Chuck U. Schumer was referring to when he said Nevada was picking up steam…he meant the ballot harvesting.

    199. Bitterlaw says:

      The Grand Canyon was amazing. Walt said it was only the Above Average Ditch when it started out.

      The Hoover Dam was ok. Not worth a special trip. It was an interesting diversion on the way back.

      We did not win money yesterday. I think the key is to bet more to win it all back.

    200. DW says:

      But for the Morning Insult and Communist/YouShove rescue polls, this would a total bloodbath in the average:

    201. GF says:


      You didn’t enjoy the “dam tour?” Are they still cracking that lame joke?

    202. DW says:

      What people often don’t realize about the Grand Canyon is that its all flat desert plateau all around, and you just walk up to the edge, and woah!

      Totally different than a mountainous area that gradually drops down into a canyon.

    203. DW says:

      Slingshot Strategies

      Hochul 48%
      Zeldin 42%

    204. jason says:

      Oh no…

      Gisele and Tom Brady breaking up.

      They have agreed to pay each other $500k a month in alimony, so nobody will be starving.

    205. Bitterlaw says:

      GF – Best damn DSM jokes ever.

      DW – Where we were you did have to go up mountains to get to it. But there were idiots too close to the edge.

    206. jason says:

      What people often don’t realize about the Grand Canyon is that its all flat desert plateau all around, and you just walk up to the edge, and woah!”

      The Indians have built (were paid to have it built) an attraction where you actually walk out b beyond the ledge.

      Bitter, you definitely want to pay $70 or so to do that, the Hualapai Indians need the money.

    207. jason says:

      Ralston is out with his AM update.

      He says the Dems could win, unless the Rs win.

      To arrive at this conclusion, he uses about 1000 words of BS and conflicting data.

    208. GF says:

      $70 to take a stroll on that thing? And you’re not even allowed to take your cell phone to take a photo? What a ripoff!

    209. jason says:

      Figure another $30 for a picture and $25 for lunch and its only $125.

    210. jason says:

      Fox 10 in AZ calls the election for Hobbs.

      I guess that settles that.

      And I was so optimistic too.

    211. Wobbles says:

      Ha, ha.

      I told you Lake was a bad candidate.

      Kamala/Hobbs 2024!

    212. Tgca says:

      Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady announce divorce, ending 13-year marriage

      YES!!! Now’s the time to make my move on Tom. I really admire and respect him and think he’s a great decent guy and we’d make a good match.

      How much is he worth again?

    213. jason says:

      I think Tgca and Tom might make a good couple.

      They both like rabbit food.

    214. jason says:

      I hear Tgca was outside Brady’s house this morning when Tom was overheard asking his gardener “Do we really need a scarecrow out on the lawn”?

    215. DW says:

      no crisis goes to waste…

      Apparently they are now claim the invader yelled, “Where is Nancy?” Before attacking Paul Pelosi.

      Why didn’t they go all the way and have the invader yell “Where is Nancy? Be sure to get a picture of my MAGA hat!”

    216. DW says:

      New Data for Progress (D) generic ballot:

      Democrat 45%
      Republican 49%

    217. Tina says:

      I thought bolduc and masters and lake were bad candidates?

      Bad candidates equals trump candidates

      I read it here.

    218. Tgca says:


      Maybe once Tom and I get settled, we’ll have a little soirée featuring a vegan feast in our Miami digs and invite HHR posters to come down and rub elbows with all our famous friends.

      We might even invite Trump.

    219. Tgca says:

      Toooo! Toooo! Toooo! Bishes!

      Toooo! Toooo! Toooo! I thay.

    220. jason says:


      Rand Paul
      US Senate candidate, KY
      No one deserves to be assaulted. Unlike Nancy Pelosi’s daughter who celebrated my assault, I condemn this attack and wish Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery.”

    221. Cash Cow TM says:

      Shame about the attack on Pelosi’s husband at their home.

      Perhaps they were after Nancy’s ice cream.

      Walt said threats against elected officials and their families has been common for some time.

      Walt said he and other state legislators at various times got death threats.

      I figure it was a lone wolf type thing, like the nut who shot the Republican Congress members during softball practice. I doubt there was some big conspiracy “by the Trump fascists.” But I am sure that is what we will all hear from msm.

      Lot of unstable people out there.

      Over 1,800 threats against congressmen recently.

    222. jason says:

      The attacker is a “hemp jewelry maker” and “Castro nudist protester” from Berkeley.

      Might be a challenge to transform him into MAGA, but I am sure the MSM will try.

    223. DW says:

      jason…saw that, an anti-war Berkeley type. Must be a huge disappointment to the media. They had it all written up and ready to go, instead they have to run…

      “In the news tonight, homelessness expected to be on the rise in 2023, should Republicans take control of congress…”

    224. Tgca says:

      Jadon hardest hit!

      On 9/25, I reported on being the proud papa of what now appears to be 8 baby Endlers. Jadon wished death on my babies but it did not happen, and despite what Paul says, none of them have gone to HELL either.

      They ALL survived Jadon’s vile hopes and are in their teen stage now and will reach full maturity in another month. From what I can see, at least 4 of them are male. I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to tell for certain.

      On top of that, I also have 5 new little babies that have “come out of the plants” and are joining the community swimming about. They’re sooooo tiny and cute, darting all around trying to hang with the big guys…and gals.

      So it looks like I’ve doubled my Endler family in a month with about 20 now. This could easily get to 75 in the next few months so I’m going to have separate the males and females into separate tanks soon.

    225. jason says:


      Some people survived the Holocaust too, but most died.

      The chances of any of Tgca’s fish surviving more than a few weeks are slim.

    226. Tgca says:

      Jerry Lee Lewis passes away… For real this time…

      R.I.P. Minor Attracted Person.

    227. DW says:


      Fetterwoman 45%
      OZ 48%


    228. jason says:

      The cops “observed” this?

      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was “violently assaulted” with a hammer in their San Francisco home early Friday morning by a man who was reportedly looking for her.

      At a press conference, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said officers were dispatched to the Pelosi home at approximately 2:27 a.m. local time. When they arrived, they observed Paul Pelosi, 82, and the suspect, identified as David Depape, struggling to gain control over a hammer.

      “The suspect pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and violently assaulted him with it,” Scott said. “Our officers immediately tackled the suspect, disarmed him, took him into custody, requested emergency backup and rendered medical aid.”

    229. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt is in a dither.

      Went to town to run errands.

      Go to sewer department to pay bill ($114 this month) and have them read outside meter because they give you a discount on how much water you use for fish pond, flower watering and lawn watering, car washing, etc., that does NOT go into the sewer.

      Like last year, I asked them: “what is the discount/gal. on documented water that does NOT go into the sewer” and got the same answer as last year.


      “Oh, we don’t know. There is some SORT OF SEWER discount.”


      ME: “Isn’t there an info sheet you can give me to tell me what the discount is?”
      [last year, they never told me the discount rate, only said it was a total of what was credited to the sewer bill.]

      Them: “NO. You can call us next week and we will let you know.”


      Then go to Wendy’s to get a single burger with just lettuce and mayo and I say “that is all.”

      Them: “Do you want to make that a meal?”

      ME: “No.”

      Them: “That will be $5.34. Pease pull up.”

      I pay, they give me my sack and I drive 5 miles home.

      Look for plumber’s tape for 15 minutes to use on water meter before I reinstall it to faucet and hose.
      Can’t find my roll of plumber’s tape.

      Then go in house to eat my Wendy’s sandwich and find NO SANDWICH!

      Instead I have a cup of CHILI!

      Eat a boiled egg, Lebanon balonga sandwich, half a banana and a piece of cherry pie instead of my missing Wendy burger.


      Now, have to go BACK TO TOWN to Wendy’s and get that part of the day straightened out.

    230. Gordon Allen says:

      Governor DeSantis to campaign with and for Lee Zeldin in NY on Saturday.
      But he’s not running in 2024. Uh huh

    231. Cash Cow TM says:


      Police say the guy who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer gave them a fake name.

      They now say the guy with the hammer was
      Trini Lopez.

      (“If I had a hammer, I’d hammer out a warning,
      If I had a hammer…”


      Too soon?

    232. Cash Cow TM says:

      The hammer guy at Pelosi house is a Canadian.


    233. DW says:

      Did the guy purchase the hammer at a Hammer Show?

    234. Wes says:

      Maybe the guy was cosplaying as Charles Martel at a local SCA meeting:

    235. Cash Cow TM says:


      Electric power generation by Appalachian Power
      in WV:

      2,900 MW – John Amos Plant (Coal)
      1,320 MW – Mountaineer Plant (Coal)
      ..780 MW – Mitchel Plant (NatGas)
      ..665 MW – Darden Plant (NatGas)
      ..515 MW – Ceredo Plant (NatGas)
      ..101 MW – Beech Ridge (Wind)
      …81 MW – Brammwell (Hydro)
      …15 MW – Winfield (Hydro)
      …14 MW – London WV (Hydro)
      …14 MW – Marmet (Hydro)

      WV also has other electric generation by
      Allegheny Power, Potomac Edison and others.
      Their production stats would show the same type of thing regarding production by coal, NatGas, Hydro and wind.

      Big bulk is coal, then NatGas.
      And some more wind and hydro plants.
      One wind farm is owned by a power company in Florida. That company put in those 100+ wind towers due to fed regulations requiring X amount of investment by electric utility companies be spent on alternative energy sources.

      Whenever I drive by them, anywhere from 10% to 33% of the windmill on the towers are NOT turning.

      Sometimes due to low wind, sometimes due to the windmills SLOWLY unwinding the cables inside the towers due to the cables getting twisted. they also shut down if the wind speed is ABOVE a certain wind speed.

      As far as I know, none of the windmill towers in WV has yet caught fire–as has been true of windmill towers in other states.

      Environmentalists do not like windmills due to the detrimental effect on the viewshed, lots of birds fly into the towers and die, and the lifespan of the towers is about 25 years and there usually are not enough provisions put into the contracts to cover the cost of removing them if the power company chooses not to replace them when they become obsolete

    236. Cash Cow TM says:

      OH BOY!


      I am going to GLARE menacingly at them thru the back window.

    237. Wes says:

      Well, at least Walt’s familiar isn’t going to ask for a burger.

    238. Cash Cow TM says:

      Right, Wes.

      But I might just coat the side of their building and drive thru window with loads of warm, steamy milk from my utter.


    239. jason says:

      Walt probably forgot about the good ole days when if he wanted a burger he had to go out and spear a mammoth.

    240. Tgca says:

      This is not funny peeps!

      People are being assaulted in their homes by violent people.

      Congress needs to act NOW. We need to pass laws to protect our citizens – screw the ILLEGAL aliens, they can fend for themselves.

      I propose CongressIonal common sense legislation that should get bi-partisan support:

      Ban hammers sizes over 16 inches. They’re just not needed!
      Ban hatchets! There’s no reason for these killing tools.
      Minimum age requirement of 21 to purchase a hammer.
      Require a background check to purchase hammers.
      Flag hammer purchase without nail purchases to local authorities as a potential weapon.
      Have credit card companies flag codes for hammer purchases that can have that information reported to local authorities.
      Implement a national Red Flag law on hammers.
      Require a permit to carry or use a hammer in public.
      Ban the sale of hammers among private citizens.
      Create a national database of hammer owners.
      Ban hammers on public property, specifically schools and areas where children congregate.
      Limit the number of hammers an individual can own.
      Require hammers be securely stored to protect children from accessing them.
      Monitor social media and report instances of posters obsessed with hammers or posting pictures of themselves with hammers.

      I’m sure there are other common sense ideas to reduce hammer violence but this should be a start.

    241. Wes says:

      When Walt was feeling particularly hungry and wanted to feed his whole tribe for the harsh winter, he went straight for the Beast of Baluchistan.

      The tribe didn’t starve at all that winter. Of course I’m sure the fact that Walt was the only person to return from the hunt helped.

    242. DW says:

      my updated list and percentages:

      49 – Wisconsin – Johnson 95%
      50 – Pennsylvania – Oz 80%
      51 – Georgia – Walker 80%
      52 – Nevada – Laxalt 60%
      53 – Arizona – Masters 55%
      54 – New Hampshire – Bolduc 40%
      –obviously much less likely:
      55 – Colorado – O’Dea 20%
      56 – Washington – Smiley 15%
      57 – Connecticut – Levy 5%
      58 – Illinois 2%
      59 – Oregon 1%
      60 – New York 1%

    243. DW says:



      Walker 48
      Warnock 45

      Kemp 52
      Abrams 43:

      Prior poll was Warnock +2, which will now be replaced in RCP average for a huge swing

    244. Robbie says:

      Insider Paper

      BREAKING: The intruder who assaulted Speaker Pelosi’s husband tried to tie him up, CNN reports citing sources. When the police arrived, the assailant said he was “waiting for Nancy”

      – This is the future the MAGA morons want. Politics ruled by fear, intimidation, and violent retribution. The idiot who attacked Pelosi’s husband posted videos from Mike Lindell about a stolen election and frequently mentioned how good the January 6 riots were.

      This is Trumpism in its mature form. It’s gross and it’s nasty and it’s violent. It’s devoid of any substance. It’s just guttural and primal. The knuckle draggers and the mouth breathers who want more of Trumpism are the problem.

      Jason fraud and the rest of the circus clowns may want more Trump, but he’s a twice impeached loser who has created his own gang of violent idiots. They’re the ones who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” (and no, January 6 wasn’t just some pushing and shoving) and this idiot is cut from the same cloth.

      And before the usual suspects play their “what about” game (NYCmoron for one), Bernie Sanders was soundly rejected by Democrats in 2020 after one of his insane supporters tried to kill Scalise and many others. In Republican politics, this will somehow benefit Trump because so many idiots think violence is an effective solution.

    245. Wes says:

      Don’t get overly excited, but Walker may win without a runoff.

    246. DW says:

      The intruder at the Pelosi home was a Berkeley anti-war nut. Nothing to do with MAGA voters.

    247. DW says:

      From the news story about the intruder:

      According to Mission Local Columnist Joe Eskenazi, “My sources also name the suspect in this morning’s hammer attack on Paul Pelosi as David DePape, born 1980, of Berkeley. He would appear to be a former Castro nudist protester. Things appear set to be bizarre for a while.”

      Not exactly the profile Robbie was hoping for.

    248. DW says:

      But I suppose Robbie’s arrival today is just in time to celebrate Walker taking the lead in the GA senate race. In fact, after RCP drops the old Insider Advantage poll for this new one, and if they drop the old ECU poll from the average, they might move GA Senate to Lean R.

    249. DW says:

      And there it is. Walker in lead. They kept the ECU poll in the average, so not Lean R yet.

    250. DW says:

      Update to the incumbent metric:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 46.0 (was 46.2)
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.4
      AZ: Kelly 46.8
      NH: Hassan 48.7
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 50.0
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    251. Tina says:

      He is also a nudist or was.

      He was arrested in his undies.

      Seems like the police know him well.

    252. Tina says:

      Peloton and the intruder both had hammers.

      These details are strange as phuq.

    253. Tina says:

      Hammers and tying up

      Sounds like a sexx act gone wrong.

    254. Ken says:

      40 plus in house and senate plus 5 , take it to the bank, all you rinos can go cry. Poor Robbie and company , but hey you stil got biden

    255. DW says:

      NY_22 – Dem internal – Global Strategy Group (D)

      Conole 45%
      Williams 43%

      Not exactly a show of strength to release an internal showing you up only 2.

    256. Cash Cow TM says:

      Well, Walt went back to the north end of town to Wendy’s to return the chili and get his money back for the sandwich he paid for.

      He let me off at their back door and I deposited a big pile from my read end to cover the rear door in case they decided to flee from Walt out the back door.

      I hear Walt Kick in the front door and yell
      then we stopped by Lowe’s on the south end to get a bucket of vole and mice killer bait. They were out.

      Had to go back over to the north end to Family Farm and Fleet where Walt got the killer bait ($28).

      At BOtH stores walt put me on a leash to let me come in as his “emotional support animal” and in BOTH stores there were lots of people with DOGs who barked and barked at me.

      Scared more poop out of me.

      Cleanup on aisle 4!

      Seriously, they should not allow people to bring dogs into stores to scare the “emotional support” cows, llamas, horses, ostriches, snakes, etc.

    257. Cash Cow TM says:

      Hammer guy” was in his underwear??
      Maybe “hammer guy” was at Pelosi’s house hooking up with Paul for a night of “pleasure”.?

      Maybe the hammer was a s-x dldo toy?

      Maybe it was a lover’s spat?
      I know if I was married to Nancy I would be driven to want to have some other person on the side to satisfy my sexual needs.

    258. Cash Cow TM says:

      Halloween jokes:

      What is it like to be kissed by a vampire?

      ANSWER: A real pain in the neck.

      Why is it so easy to fool a vampire?

      ANSWER: Because they are real suckers.

    259. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The Paul Pelosi story gets weirder and weirder. Bonchie at Red State has a thought:

      “So the police were called for a well-being check. The fight over the hammer broke out AFTER they got there. And the assailant was arrested in his underwear.

      I’m sorry, it’s up to the authorities to be fully transparent here. You can’t blame people for looking at that sideways.”

    260. DW says:

      And they keep stressing how healthy and well and recovered Mr. Pelosi is…after…being attacked with a HAMMER?

      Definitely sounds like they know a whole lot more than they have revealed.

    261. Steant1965 says:

      I’m sure the breaking of the glass door triggered an alarm which sent the police to the Pelosi home. I would bet Pelosi grabbed a hammer when he went to see what the broken glass was about. I think it’s as simple as that.

    262. Tina says:

      It’s weird.

      It’s sf. There is necked folks running around some streets.

    263. Tina says:

      It would be nice if desantis endorses mastriano.

      So far Crickets.

    264. DW says:

      Regardless, its clear the intruder was a nut, and Robbie once again made a fool of himself by too quickly trying to tie this to Trump, hoping it was a MAGA voter.

    265. DW says:

      Apparently the attacker with the hammer was a member of the Green Party.

    266. Tina says:

      Please don’t tell me the Russian hoaxer fell for Maga hammer .

    267. Gordon Allen says:

      Tina: has Mastriano asked him to?

    268. Skippy says:


      2022 After Day 4:

      Dem: %33
      Rep: %30
      Ind: %37

      2020 After Day 4:

      Dem: 39%
      Rep: 25%
      Ind: 36%

    269. Cash Cow TM says:

      BTW, Walt told me the crew working
      inside at Wendy’s reminded him of the
      bar scene in that Starwars movie.

      Nobody wearing anything resembling
      a Wendy’s uniform or part thereof.
      Low of grunge clothing, one worker
      bagging up Sammiches was
      wearing a 1950s fedora,
      lots of piercings.

      A strange looking lot.
      and tattoos.
      No, there were not costumed up for Halloween

    270. George says:

      Rich Baris:
      Major Senate Forecast Change:
      now has a 65% chance to defeat
      , buoyed by fundamentals, and soon-to-be released new polling in which we found a strong REP environment up and down the ballot in the Peach State.
      4:49 PM · Oct 28, 2022
      ·Twitter Web App

    271. Wes says:

      Endorsing Mastriano at this point would be pointless. Everyone knows he’s going to lose.

    272. Tina says:

      Underwear attackers house. Lol, look for the fib to scrub this.

    273. Tina says:

      Very weird.

      Demian Bulwa

      David DePape reportedly told Paul Pelosi he would wait in the home for Nancy Pelosi:

      “RP stated there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.”

    274. Tina says:

      I think pelosi brought home a male prostitute.

      This is just not adding up, if these reports are true.

    275. JeffP says:

      I agree Y’all this is sketchy. Tina I think your guess is correct based on these reports verified by police too.

    276. Tina says:

      Jeffp, it will,all come out, one way or the other,

      They tied to hide his dui and it came out weeks later.

    277. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      The Trafalgar Group
      New #GenericBallot @trafalgar_group #Poll (10/25-27) shows similar to earlier this month w/ #GOP slightly increasing margin:

      48.2% #GOP
      42.4% #Dem
      8.9% Und

      See Report:

    278. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      268. “Apparently the attacker with the hammer was a member of the Green Party.”

      He is probably a vegan. Might be another case of someone going bonkers after eating too much tofu. There should be a warning label.

    279. Bitterlaw says:

      Just saw an ad by an anti-Democrat group hammering funding for the war in Ukraine.

    280. Tina says:

      Maga Thor assaulted pelosi.

      -Russian hoaxer

    281. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Just saw an ad by an anti-Democrat group hammering funding for the war in Ukraine.”


      They are also HAMMERING about the hammer guy being paid by TRUMP to do in Nancy.

      I think I might get HAMMERED tonight if the Phillies do not come back.

      BTW, when the police arrived at the Pelosi home was Paul Pelosi HAMMERED?

      I bet the MSM does not really HAMMER into this 42-year-old guy in his underwear…

    282. NYCmike says:


      I don’t think I ever had that, but I know that Robbie must have been drinking earlier!

      Bitterlaw – you heading to The Mob Museum? Let me know how it is if you do.

    283. Tina says:

      Bitterlaw went to the Ethel M Chocolate Fsctory in Henderson.

    284. Tina says:

      Biden. We went to all 54 states in 2018.

    285. Cash Cow TM says:


      20 Richest Billionaires Have Lost Half Trillion Dollars…

    286. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag really is a loathsome despicable bottom feeder.

      When Rand Paul was attacked by a leftist, crickets.

      When Scalise was shot by a leftist, crickets.

      When BLM burned down businesses and attack government buildings and police, crickets.

      When a leftist tried to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh, crickets.

      When a leftist tried to stab Lee Zeldin, crickets.

      The only time Amoral Scumbag is “outraged” is when he was here to spout Dem talking points about Jan 6 and now when some crackpot from Berkeley attacks Pelosi’s husband, it is Mike Lindell and Trump’s fault.

      Mike Lindell and Trump never encouraged ANY violence of any kind.


    287. jason says:

      Here is who Amoral Scumbag thinks is “MAGA”

    288. Phil says:

      Ditto on amoral Scumbag.

      We’ve all noticed his pattern. So predictable. What a piece of work that guy is. Noticed he hasn’t dropped by lately to tell us again how awful Trump’s picks Hershel Walker and Kari Lake are. Wonder why.

    289. Cash Cow TM says:

      John Fetterman’s wife says swimming is “very racist”.

      aol news

    290. Cash Cow TM says:

      Meant msm news.

    291. jason says:

      So far there is nothing about a break-in, and the suspect was in his underwear. The fight over the hammer, evidently Paul Pelosi’s hammer, happened AFTER the police had arrived. The 911 call is also kind of strange.

      I have a theory, but I am not going to air it without more info.

      It will be interesting to know if this person was known to Paul Pelosi.

    292. jason says:

      Tina says:
      October 28, 2022 at 9:40 pm

      Biden. We went to all 54 states in 2018″

      Zzzzzz…. he came up short. Obama said there were 57 states.

    293. Bitterlaw says:

      Walked 5+ miles on the Strip today. A lot of busty young women wearing wings or feathers wanting to let you take pictures with them for money. I passed. I did want to ask them about their life choices that lead them here but they would probably want to charge for that, too.

    294. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      #NVSen #Poll (10/21-24)



      2.5% Scott
      2.1% Other/Und

    295. Chicon says:

      Is 4.2% outside the margin of fraud in Nevada?

    296. Gordon Allen says:

      #300. We’re about to find out.
      In PA as well

    297. JulStol says:


      Sue Nami vs MoFra round 2 (electric boogaloo)

      The 2010 veterans know.

    298. Wes says:

      Remember Nevada has a None of the Above option on its ballot. That’s something pollsters should factor in when polling the state.

    299. jason says:

      “ABrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo says the campaign hasn’t made the same investments in absentee turnout that it did in 2018 because of new restrictions on the ability of third-party groups to send out pre-filled absentee ballot applications.”

    300. jason says:

      I guess they are also restricted from “returning pre-filled applications”

    301. jason says:

      MAGAs are making progress. They now live in “hippie collectives”.

    302. Tina says:

      Yes, Maga hammer lives in a collective,

      Look at the Maga flags and the Maga photo attached to the window.

      Maga is bad

      -Russian hoaxer

    303. Tina says:

      It is common for burglars to enter a home in their underwear.

      -Russian hoaxer.

    304. Tina says:

      Then you have Dementia “blaming” Rs for the attack on Pelosi.

      This happened last night, when he almost fell off a stage and Vp Venn Diagram had to warn him.

    305. jason says:

      Biden gets one right….

      JOE BIDEN: “…all Republicans voted against when they opposed the Inflation Act.”

    306. Tina says:

      This is a bit of a head scratcher. Not an attorney, but Maga Hammer was charged with Elder Abuse 368 PC.

      Elder abuse under penal code 368 pc comes in many forms and can be perpetrated by family members, friends, caretakers or nursing home facilities.

      This suggests that MAGA Hammer and Pelosi knew each other.

    307. jason says:

      Evidently Paul Pelosi had a male passenger when he was caught for DUI. The passenger was “not identified”. Could it be this guy.

      See, anybody can indulge in conspiracy theories.

    308. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag:

      Violence is justified when against conservatives, they deserve it.

      But if some kook attacks a Democrat, it is Mike Lindell’s fault.

    309. Tina says:

      Maga Hammer in his birthday suit. Notice the headband and who he supports ( ca state Senator).

    310. DW says:

      Not much is yet known, but given what we do know:

      1) The guy knew who lived there (where’s Nancy?)
      2) The guy was a member of the Green Party
      3) The guy was involved in nudist group
      4) The guy was from Berkeley

      So if there was a political slant to the attack it was from the FAR, FAR left, and this was a battle in the civil war within the Democratic Party between the Far, Far Left (the attacker) and the far left (Pelosi).

    311. jason says:

      Warnock must be a licensed pilot. Who knew?

      Obama: “Some of you may not remember, but Herschel Walker was a heck of a football player… does that make him the best person to represent you?… let’s say you’re at the airport & you see Walker & you say, Hey, there’s Herschel, Heisman winner. Let’s have him fly the plane!”

    312. Tgca says:

      I worked in Berkeley for 4 months. What a chithole place!

      The foul smelling white druggie freaks with dreadlocks, the fat ugly girls with piercing and blue/green/orange hair that got passed around to any druggie dude available, and the gay male prostitutes with every imaginable STD littered downtown Berkeley hanging out and begging for money all day.

      That’s how I remember Berkeley. Back in the late 90s.

      Yeah! There were some nicer areas with quaint little homes but these were the elder hippies left over from the 60s or radically left professors.

      The picture of Paul Pelosi’s boytoy’s home brought back bad memories.

    313. Tgca says:

      Another radical gay lefty freak from San Diego….oh what a surprise, as if San Diego does not have enough gay freaks already.

    314. Tgca says:

      Simply put, North Carolina’s Senate seat isn’t a lock for Republicans. In fact, it’s the most tightly contested race in the country. The most recent polling shows Beasley trailing by a single point,

      … the North Carolina Senate race is set up to be a nailbiter,

      The North Carolina Senate race hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, but keep an eye on the Tar Heel State on Nov. 8 – the sparks are going to fly.

      This from a rookie kid who just graduated from college in 2020 and who claims he knows NC.

      I’ll leave it to Wes to opine on this article.

    315. Phil says:

      I know Wes will get a kick out of that steaming pile of BS article.

    316. Tgca says:


      Blast off!

    317. Will says:

      From reviewing the Carolina vote tracker site, it appears the early vote turnout in NC is 5-600K less than this point in the 2020 general election. In my county, the vote number so far is 14K less than in 2020.

      Interesting? Meaningless? Reflects that Dems less motivated?

    318. Cash Cow TM says:


      –13 anti TRUMP, anti GOP

      –4 anti TRUMP, anti GOP

      MSM is still all in to smear Rs to held Ds in the election. But clearly, AOL mogul big wigs have decided to throw in the towel.

    319. Gordon Allen says:

      Are their any sources for some of the salacious inferences to the Paul Pelosi matter.
      The WSJ news article suggested the assailant had numerous ” right wing” comments on Social media,including some of the ” election conspiracy” type.
      I don’t believe the WSJ news people are much different than the Washington Post,as opposed to the editorial page.
      But it should be easy to find out if this guy was a Green Party guy or not.

    320. Will says:


      actually looks like NC early vote is 1 million less than at this point in 2020.

    321. Tgca says:


      This rookie kid calls NC senate race a toss-up race.

      The RCP average is 4.5 and the 4 polls the last 3 weeks show Bud ahead by 4 to 6 points.

      Mitchie needs to pull money from AZ to send to NC ASAP me thinks.

    322. BayernFan says:

      322…. Midterm turnout is always significantly less than presidential turnout.

    323. Tina says:

      You can read about the Pelosi matter here

    324. Tina says:

      The lady they intervieeed says that his politics was left wing until recently. However, I don’t she says “until recently.” She just does not know.

    325. jason says:

      It doesn’t really matter what the guys politics are, he is obviously a kook.

      From what we know, he was not even armed, the hammer was not his. If he had been armed, of course the NRA would be blamed.

      For Amoral Scumbag to blame Trump or anybody else for what went on in this guy’s twisted mind is really despicable.

    326. jason says:

      Another thing, there is really no evidence this guy went there to kill Nancy or Paul Pelosi as claimed by the MSM. He was unarmed and obviously had spent some time there before and after the 911 call. Maybe the altercation was triggered by the arrival of the police. It stands to reason that if his motive was to kill Paul Pelosi he would have brought a weapon could have done it before the police arrived.

    327. DW says:

      There is something we need to keep in mind when we talk about some of these tight races in deep blue areas (NY, OR, NM Gov races for instance).

      When these unusual voting events happen–where old habits are broken up, there is always a shyness in the polling that leads up to it. People are very slow to admit that they are abandoning their usual practice (just thoughtlessly voting Dem), to vote out of the need to actually save their wallets, and vote R.

      We saw this in 2016, with the huge, unexpected shifts in PA, MI, and WI. The polling didn’t real show it coming, unless you listened to a new lone wolf pollster called Trafalgar Group.

      But now we are in 2022, and if there is another one of these realignment shifts, in much deeper blue territory, we would expect the polling shyness to be even stronger. Who would want to admit openly of such a shift in voting, especially with the fear of a weaponized social media and FBI.

      I remember one anecdote from 2016 shared on CNN election night coverage, where Jake Tapper talked about being in the Philly area, asking a guy at a bar how he was going to vote, and the guy was a leaner. A leaner? Tapper then explained how the guy leaned in close and whispered to him, I am going to vote for Trump.

      I sense there are a lot of leaners out there, voters who have seen 1/4 of their retirement savings vanish in just 2 years of Biden, who have seen the price of gas double, food prices skyrocket, and the party who did this only offering the solution of abortions, CRT, criminal rights, weak foreign policy, and the normalization of trannies.

      I am not predicting we will win all these deep blue state races, but it should not shock us if, for instance, Bolduc wins by a few points in NH or if the NM Governor race flips to the GOP. These states in particular do not have massive population centers that can adequately fire-wall against the rise of ‘leaners’ who will whisper their way into the booth and vote R, maybe for the first time.

      New York seems like a long shot. But there are enough leaners who have admitted to pollsters their shift to the point where Zeldin is polling close. Are there enough quiet leaners to put him over the top? We will know a week from Tuesday.

    328. DW says:

      Good points jason. Why bring nothing to a hammer fight? Then get the hammer from the victim to then try to kill him?

      This guy was a hard drug user, and homeless. He as about as far away from being a MAGA Trump supporter as you can get, yet Robbie fell for the story wish-casting that it was an opportunity to attack Trump.

    329. Tina says:

      The Sf police claim he entered through the rear door.

      I am sure someone “entered’through the rear door.

    330. jason says:

      Now they say when police knocked on door, someone opened it and let them in.


      POLITICO reported earlier Friday that Pelosi had been able to dial 911 after telling the intruder he had to use the restroom and then called from inside, where his phone had been charging.”

      It seems that there was no violence going on until the police showed up.

    331. Phil says:

      Not a bad post, DW. Not sure about NY but that one is now possible. A less blue state like Michigan could easily be in range. In fact, Baris said yesterday the Dixon surge is real and Whitmer is absolutely in trouble. He has not personally polled Michigan himself, but he pointed out that the history of public polling in Michigan has been about 6 pts too Democratic than on Election Day.

      One to watch.

    332. Tina says:

      The sf pd had two pressers. There are inconsistencies between the 1st and 2nd pressers.

      Maybe the 2nd is corrrect but they left several questions.

      Did he break in. How did he enter from the rear?

      Why did pelisi call for a welfare check

      Why was the intruder taken away in an ambulance (overdose?)

    333. BayernFan says:

      I bet entering from the rear started the fight.

    334. Bitterlaw says:

      Report on Nevada and Arizona ad wars – Almost every Dem ad is focused on abortion. What would they have to run on if SCOTUS had not ruled on it in June?

      GOP ads make Joe Biden every Dem’s running mate.

    335. Wes says:

      That RCP article is strictly a rally-the-troops article offering false hope for Beasley supporters.

      NC-Sen may have been tightly contested before Budd started matching Beasley in the ad wars, but that ended months ago. Democrats haven’t invested here despite Beasley’s admittedly spirited campaign because they have to invest in their own vulnerable seats elsewhere and can’t afford to transfer money to a longshot Senate race in a state Biden couldn’t carry.

      Beasley loses. Jimmy Ervin loses. Republicans regain the NCSC and restore sanity to Tarheel judicial politics. It won’t be all that late a night here.

      Democrats grouse about the results and claim NC will flip next time.

      I’ve seen it all before. It will be no different this time.

    336. DW says:

      It was good of Bitter to travel all the way out there for a first-hand report.

      Congrats on the Phillies winning the World Series. No way the Astros can recover from that meltdown.

    337. GF says:

      “I bet entering from the rear started the fight.”

      Yeah, you usually have to get permission for that; just casually slipping in and pretending it was an accident won’t cut it.

    338. GF says:


      I didn’t watch or listen to the game, just flew in from Pearl Harbor and was tuckered out. However, I just saw the box score, that was an impressive comeback.

      Superior pitching wins the day, the Padres would have been steamrolled.

    339. Wes says:

      Pelosi’s attacker “entered through the rear door,” huh?

      Maybe if Pelosi had been more careful about whom he let enter that particular aperture, this wouldn’t have happened.

    340. Phil says:

      Astros hit Phillies in the mouth…and Phillies took the shot and hit them right back. Astros with their pitching weren’t used to that. Frankly, I laughed at all the post Astros sweep of the Yankees media adulation of the Astros….like they were somehow the reincarnation of the ‘27 Yankees. It was laughable. If you look at the Astros lineup there are a lot of outs in it. Overrated team outside of their pitching.

    341. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – The Phillies are usually the team that blows a lead in terrible fashion. This team is never out of it. Their first playoff game against the Cardinals they were down 0-2 in the 9th. They responded by scoring 6 runs.

      They take their cue from Bryce “we ain’t losing” Harper and JT Realmuto. JT was interviewed last night after his game running HR in the 10th “We are in every game until we run out of outs.”

      One game at a time.

    342. DW says:

      There are past examples where the World Series was won in game 1. 1988 when Kirk Gibson hit that walk off homer against Eckersley, that ended the Series. It was over. The only at bat by the hobbled Gibson.

      That’s what happened last night. I blame the Mets for letting the Phillies get this far. If the Mets had stunk earlier in the season against the Phillies, then Joe Gerardi would not have been fired, and they wouldn’t have had the managing to get to the World Series.

    343. Tina says:

      Pelosi should have learned the following:

      Don’t drink and drive.

      Don’t pick up drug addicts/street people/prostitutes.

    344. jan says:

      Just as an FYI, a Trump PAC is releasing $20 million to help mid term candidates. The money is going to ad buys in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There are also rallies planned right up to Election Day, the most important one, IMO, is one in PA.

    345. Tina says:


      According to FEC filings, Trump’s Save America PAC gave $20 million to MAGA-Inc, which supports Trump’s candidates.
      The money is going to ad buys in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

      MAGA-Inc has already raised over $32 million despite filing its article of organization just one month ago.

    346. Tina says:

      Dang, Jan got it before me.

    347. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

      “The Man Who Attacked Paul Pelosi Is a ‘Psychotic, Homeless Addict’ With No Discernible Political Agenda

      Neighbors described DePape as a homeless addict with a politics that was, until recently, left-wing, but of secondary importance to his psychotic and paranoid behavior. “What I know about the family is that they’re very radical activists,” said one of DePape’s neighbors, a woman who only gave her first name, Trish. “They seem very left. They are all about the Black Lives Matter movement. Gay pride. But they’re very detached from reality. They have called the cops on several of the neighbors, including us, claiming that we are plotting against them. It’s really weird to see that they are willing to be so aggressive toward somebody else who is also a lefty.”

    348. jason says:

      Shameless Dem hack Ralston is really spinning hard.’

      “All of these numbers have gotten better for the GOP since I last modeled because of the addition of the rural numbers. If the Dems are losing bits of their base to the GOP or None of the Above, it’s probably game over. It’s harder to tell in a non-presidential year because of ticket-splitters and tribalism is not quite as easy to predict.

      But smart Dems have said to me all along that if they don’t turn out their base – as they did in 2018 – they are going to be wave-vulnerable. It doesn’t look like that yet, but we have mails to go…

      I always hear talk about this time about Ds cannibalizing their vote and the Rs saving their high-propensity voters for Election Day. That may well be true, but it has rarely happened in the past that Election Day has overcome whatever the two-week period indicated. It was only 11 percent of the vote in 2020 and it is usually only about a third of the vote. (Dems won Election Day in 2018, but again, Trump was president.) Could this year be different?

      Bottom line: I think the Dems have reason to be happy because these do not look at all like red wave numbers after a week. But Repubs also must be content that after a week, the mail is not as voluminous as 2020 and the Dem margins also are not as great. That is: It’s close.”

    349. jason says:

      Shameless left win rag says Abrams loss is really a win…

      “Regardless of the outcome in November, Stacey Abrams has amassed the influence and financial strength to play a long game statewide and nationally—more than a dozen Democratic officials and operatives have told Axios.”

    350. Phil says:

      So that’s the best hack Ralston can do this cycle?

      If I were a Democrat I wouldn’t be exactly thrilled with that.

    351. DW says:

      When partisan political handicappers resort to saying “It’s close” what they usually mean is “We’re losing, but I hope we catch up.”

    352. Phil says:

      Exactly, DW.

    353. JeffP says:

      Ralston is the antithesis of Richard Baris…what a loser.

      Baris has replaced Michael Barone for election night analysis for me. Can’t wait to watch his stream on election night. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since I discovered Baris online.

    354. JeffP says:

      I just read the SF police said an unknown person let the police in and a hammer fight was in progress between Mr Piglosi and Underwear Man…very strange!?!?! So there were 3 people! Wouldn’t they have security?

    355. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “What’s interesting is that the people complaining about
      taking over Twitter have absolutely no reason to fear censorship, bans or shadowbanning. Their complaint is that other people won’t be censored.

      Says a lot.”

    356. Phil says:

      Ralston like Silver is not a pollster. Both pretend to be election prognosticators. Ralston bases everything on “early vote numbers” which is dubious at best…and he always looks at those numbers from a partisan Democratic perspective. Silver claims to work off statistics and polls but he gives the usual lousy polls that miss every election in the same direction more validity despite their year in year out embarrassingly inaccurate polling results. His prediction numbers on each race are not based on anything concrete whatsoever. Anyone who bet on the Senate races according to Silver’s predictions in the summer, Sept, or early October would be losing their ass right now. Hell, if you bet on Pennsylvania and Arizona according to Silver’s current predictive percentages you are making a mistake. Same with his numbers on the Wisconsin and Michigan governors’ races.

      Baris is a pollster, the best in the business with the track record to prove it. He has conservative views and doesn’t hide them, but he separates those views from his polling….just look at his record.

    357. DW says:

      Spot on Phil. And Silver refuses to post Baris’ polls, even though it would help his statistics get closer to the actual results. Silver would rather be wrong without Baris, than be right, with him.

    358. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Leftists at Axios cannot realize that: 1+1=2

      “Consent decrees: Federal court-ordered settlement agreements between cities and the Justice Department have compelled 40+ police departments to change practices since 1994.

      Reality check: A majority of police agencies that entered into consent decrees in the last 10 years saw violent crime rates skyrocket immediately, according to an Axios examination. The reasons for those increases are not known.”

    359. Tina says:

      Don’t worry.

      The fib is now “handling” Maga Hammer.

    360. Tina says:

      I wonder if Pelosi drugged Maga hammer?

      Something is not adding up.

      The glass to the rear door was broken from the inside out. I see no way that the guy entered from the rear of the home.

      Seems like a lovers quarrel gone bad.

    361. Phil says:

      Baris has been all over Silver over the last six years and it’s clearly made a mark. Not only has Nate refused to include any of Baris’ polls despite their clear accuracy, he has blocked any of his comments on his 538 twitter.

      Real Clear Politics has decided to initiate the Polling Accountability Project this cycle and will be publishing the results based on accuracy right after the election. The polls will be ranked according to how they did. A bunch of Silver’s pet leftist pollsters are going to publicly look like the fools and hacks that they are. It will all be published and out in the open for all to see. Naturally Nate is not happy about this as it will further expose his lack of credibility. Silver has made a good living with his fraud site and Baris is a threat to his gravy train.

    362. DW says:

      Phil, that’s good to hear. All it takes is a college freshman in Mathematics and good excel sheet. Not rocket science. I did this after the 2020 election, based on the pollsters who polled the POTUS race by states. Here is what Excel spit out based on actual results compared to the polling forecasts, always based on the final poll. (Pollster / number of polls / Letter grade:

      ABC News/Washington Post | 26 | C+
      Alaska Research Survey | 3 | F
      ALG Research (D) | 18 | C-
      Amber Integrated | 2 | F
      American Research Group | 3 | F
      AtlasIntel | 28 | A-
      Auburn University at Montgomery | 2 | C
      AYTM | 11 | B-
      Baldwin Wallace University | 15 | C+
      Basswood Research (D) | 3 | A+
      Big Data Poll (Richard Baris) | 19 | A-
      BK Strategies | 3 | A
      Bluegrass Community & Technical College | 2 | F
      Bluegrass Data Analytics (D) | 2 | F
      Braun Research | 2 | D
      Brilliant Corners Research | 2 | C+
      Cardinal Point Analytics | 4 | A
      Change Research (D) | 38 | C+
      Cherry Communications | 4 | C-
      Chism Strategies | 3 | F
      Christopher Newport University | 3 | B+
      Citizen Data | 25 | C-
      Civiqs (D) | 58 | C
      Clearview Research | 4 | F
      Climate Nexus | 4 | C+
      CNN/SSRS | 27 | D
      co/efficient* | 4 | B+
      Colby College | 3 | A+
      CPEC | 4 | C+
      Critical Insights | 3 | B
      Cygnal ® | 7 | B
      Data for Progress (D) | 56 | C+
      Data Orbital | 3 | A
      David Binder Research | 9 | C-
      Democracy Institute | 10 | D
      DFM Research | 4 | F
      DHM Research | 2 | B-
      DKC Analytics | 2 | A
      East Carolina University | 6 | B
      East Tennessee State Univ. | 2 | C
      EMC Research | 5 | D
      Emerson College | 57 | B-
      EPIC-MRA | 4 | C+
      Expedition Strategies (D) | 2 | F
      Fairleigh Dickinson University | 2 | C-
      Florida Atlantic University | 4 | B-
      FM3 Research | 2 | F
      Fort Hays State University | 2 | A+
      Fox News | 38 | C-
      Franklin and Marshall College | 4 | C
      Frederick Polls | 12 | B-
      Garin-Hart-Yang Res. Grp (D) | 18 | D
      GBAO (D) | 10 | B-
      George Mason University | 3 | A-
      Glengariff Group | 4 | C+
      Global Strategy Group (D) | 14 | D
      Gonzales | 2 | C
      Goucher College | 2 | F
      GQR Research (D) | 12 | D
      Gravis Marketing | 42 | C-
      Hampton University | 3 | A-
      Harper Polling ® | 11 | B-
      Harris Poll | 12 | B-
      HarrisX | 17 | C-
      Harstad Strategic Res. (D) | 3 | F
      Hart Research Associates* | 35 | C-
      Hendrix College | 2 | B
      Higher Ground | 3 | A
      HIT Strategies (D) | 7 | D
      Hodas & Associates (D) | 12 | D
      Insider Advantage | 18 | B+
      IPSOS | 26 | C
      Keiser Family Foundation | 11 | B
      Kiaer Research | 4 | F
      Landmark Communications (D) | 3 | B+
      Latino Decisions | 7 | B-
      Marist College | 29 | C
      Marketing Resource Group | 4 | B
      Marquette Law School | 4 | B-
      Mason-Dixon | 16 | D
      MassINC Polling Group | 2 | A-
      Meeting Street Insights | 4 | B
      Meridith College | 4 | B-
      Mitchell Research | 4 | C+
      Monmouth University | 23 | C+
      Montana St. University-Billings | 2 | C
      Montana St. University-Bozeman | 5 | C+
      Moore Information | 2 | D
      Morning Consult | 49 | C+
      MRG Research | 2 | B+
      Muhlenberg College | 4 | C+
      Ogden and Fry | 4 | A
      OH Predictive Insights | 3 | B+
      On Message ® | 18 | B
      Opinion Insight, LLC (D) | 10 | D
      Opinion Works | 2 | F
      Opinium | 8 | F | 2 | C+
      Pan Atlantic Research | 3 | A
      Patinkin Research Strategies | 6 | D
      PPP (D) | 57 | C
      Public Policy Inst. Of CA | 2 | C+
      Quinnipiac University | 33 | C-
      RABA Research | 3 | F
      Ragnar Research Partners | 2 | F
      Rasmussen-Pulse Opinion | 35 | B-
      RBI Strategies | 3 | B+
      Redfield & Wilton Strategies | 31 | C
      Remington Research Group (R) | 2 | F
      Research America, Inc | 2 | F
      Research and Polling | 2 | A-
      Research Company | 24 | C
      RMG Research | 41 | C+
      Roanoke College | 3 | A-
      Rutgers University | 2 | A
      Sacred Heart Univeristy | 2 | C
      Saint Anselm College | 3 | A+
      Saint Leo University | 4 | D
      Saint Pete Polls | 4 | B
      Selzer | 3 | A
      Siena College/NY Times | 58 | C
      Sooner Poll | 2 | F
      Spry Strategies ® | 36 | B
      St. Cloud St. Univeristy | 3 | C
      Starboard Communications | 2 | C+
      Stockton University | 2 | B+
      Strategies 360 | 7 | B
      Suffolk University | 24 | B
      SurveyUSA | 26 | B
      Susquehanna | 19 | A-
      Swayable | 71 | C-
      Target Point | 4 | F
      Target Smart | 10 | C-
      Targoz Market Research | 18 | C-
      The Justice Collaborative Institute | 3 | C+
      TIPP | 12 | D
      Trafalgar Group | 42 | A-
      Triton Polling & Research | 2 | F
      Tyson Group | 14 | D
      University of Akron | 3 | F
      University of Arkansas | 2 | B-
      University of CA – Berkeley | 2 | B
      University of Delaware | 2 | A-
      University of Georgia | 3 | A-
      University of Mass. – Lowell | 12 | B
      University of Montana | 2 | A+
      University of Nevada Los Vegas | 3 | D
      University of New Hampshire | 3 | A+
      University of North Florida | 4 | B
      University of Texas – Tyler | 3 | B
      University of Wyoming | 2 | F
      Victoria Res. & Consulting (D) | 2 | F
      Victory Research | 2 | A-
      Virginia Commonwealth University | 3 | B+
      We Ask America | 2 | F
      Whitman Insight Strategies | 4 | C+
      Wick | 22 | A-
      WPA Intelligence | 3 | A-
      Y2 Analytics | 5 | C-
      YouGov | 52 | C+
      Zia Poll | 4 | B-
      Zogby | 15 | C+

    363. Phil says:

      Interesting list, DW. Notice Baris (BigData Poll) and Trafalgar are the two polls that rate A- but they earn that rating bases on a very large number of polls. 19 and 42. The relative handful that earn A- or above are all based on like 2 or 3 polls.

      BTW, Baris has finished up his Pennsylvania poll. Waiting for him to release it.

    364. DW says:

      Thanks Phil, to illustrate what you are saying, here is the list again, sorted first by number of polls, second by letter grade:

      Swayable | 71 | C-
      Civiqs (D) | 58 | C
      Siena College/NY Times | 58 | C
      Emerson College | 57 | B-
      PPP (D) | 57 | C
      Data for Progress (D) | 56 | C+
      YouGov | 52 | C+
      Morning Consult | 49 | C+
      Trafalgar Group | 42 | A-
      Gravis Marketing | 42 | C-
      RMG Research | 41 | C+
      Fox News | 38 | C-
      Change Research (D) | 38 | C+
      Spry Strategies ® | 36 | B
      Rasmussen-Pulse Opinion | 35 | B-
      Hart Research Associates* | 35 | C-
      Quinnipiac University | 33 | C-
      Redfield & Wilton Strategies | 31 | C
      Marist College | 29 | C
      AtlasIntel | 28 | A-
      CNN/SSRS | 27 | D
      SurveyUSA | 26 | B
      IPSOS | 26 | C
      ABC News/Washington Post | 26 | C+
      Citizen Data | 25 | C-
      Suffolk University | 24 | B
      Research Company | 24 | C
      Monmouth University | 23 | C+
      Wick | 22 | A-
      Big Data Poll (Richard Baris) | 19 | A-
      Susquehanna | 19 | A-
      On Message ® | 18 | B
      Insider Advantage | 18 | B+
      ALG Research (D) | 18 | C-
      Targoz Market Research | 18 | C-
      Garin-Hart-Yang Res. Grp (D) | 18 | D
      HarrisX | 17 | C-
      Mason-Dixon | 16 | D
      Baldwin Wallace University | 15 | C+
      Zogby | 15 | C+
      Global Strategy Group (D) | 14 | D
      Tyson Group | 14 | D
      University of Mass. – Lowell | 12 | B
      Frederick Polls | 12 | B-
      Harris Poll | 12 | B-
      GQR Research (D) | 12 | D
      Hodas & Associates (D) | 12 | D
      TIPP | 12 | D
      Keiser Family Foundation | 11 | B
      AYTM | 11 | B-
      Harper Polling ® | 11 | B-
      GBAO (D) | 10 | B-
      Target Smart | 10 | C-
      Democracy Institute | 10 | D
      Opinion Insight, LLC (D) | 10 | D
      David Binder Research | 9 | C-
      Opinium | 8 | F
      Cygnal ® | 7 | B
      Strategies 360 | 7 | B
      Latino Decisions | 7 | B-
      HIT Strategies (D) | 7 | D
      East Carolina University | 6 | B
      Patinkin Research Strategies | 6 | D
      Y2 Analytics | 5 | C-
      Montana St. University-Bozeman | 5 | C+
      EMC Research | 5 | D
      Cardinal Point Analytics | 4 | A
      Ogden and Fry | 4 | A
      Marketing Resource Group | 4 | B
      Meeting Street Insights | 4 | B
      Saint Pete Polls | 4 | B
      University of North Florida | 4 | B
      Florida Atlantic University | 4 | B-
      Marquette Law School | 4 | B-
      Meridith College | 4 | B-
      Zia Poll | 4 | B-
      co/efficient* | 4 | B+
      Franklin and Marshall College | 4 | C
      Cherry Communications | 4 | C-
      Climate Nexus | 4 | C+
      CPEC | 4 | C+
      EPIC-MRA | 4 | C+
      Glengariff Group | 4 | C+
      Mitchell Research | 4 | C+
      Muhlenberg College | 4 | C+
      Whitman Insight Strategies | 4 | C+
      Saint Leo University | 4 | D
      Clearview Research | 4 | F
      DFM Research | 4 | F
      Kiaer Research | 4 | F
      Target Point | 4 | F
      BK Strategies | 3 | A
      Data Orbital | 3 | A
      Higher Ground | 3 | A
      Pan Atlantic Research | 3 | A
      Selzer | 3 | A
      George Mason University | 3 | A-
      Hampton University | 3 | A-
      Roanoke College | 3 | A-
      University of Georgia | 3 | A-
      WPA Intelligence | 3 | A-
      Basswood Research (D) | 3 | A+
      Colby College | 3 | A+
      Saint Anselm College | 3 | A+
      University of New Hampshire | 3 | A+
      Critical Insights | 3 | B
      University of Texas – Tyler | 3 | B
      Christopher Newport University | 3 | B+
      Landmark Communications (D) | 3 | B+
      OH Predictive Insights | 3 | B+
      RBI Strategies | 3 | B+
      Virginia Commonwealth University | 3 | B+
      St. Cloud St. Univeristy | 3 | C
      The Justice Collaborative Institute | 3 | C+
      University of Nevada Los Vegas | 3 | D
      Alaska Research Survey | 3 | F
      American Research Group | 3 | F
      Chism Strategies | 3 | F
      Harstad Strategic Res. (D) | 3 | F
      RABA Research | 3 | F
      University of Akron | 3 | F
      DKC Analytics | 2 | A
      Rutgers University | 2 | A
      MassINC Polling Group | 2 | A-
      Research and Polling | 2 | A-
      University of Delaware | 2 | A-
      Victory Research | 2 | A-
      Fort Hays State University | 2 | A+
      University of Montana | 2 | A+
      Hendrix College | 2 | B
      University of CA – Berkeley | 2 | B
      DHM Research | 2 | B-
      University of Arkansas | 2 | B-
      MRG Research | 2 | B+
      Stockton University | 2 | B+
      Auburn University at Montgomery | 2 | C
      East Tennessee State Univ. | 2 | C
      Gonzales | 2 | C
      Montana St. University-Billings | 2 | C
      Sacred Heart Univeristy | 2 | C
      Fairleigh Dickinson University | 2 | C-
      Brilliant Corners Research | 2 | C+ | 2 | C+
      Public Policy Inst. Of CA | 2 | C+
      Starboard Communications | 2 | C+
      Braun Research | 2 | D
      Moore Information | 2 | D
      Amber Integrated | 2 | F
      Bluegrass Community & Technical College | 2 | F
      Bluegrass Data Analytics (D) | 2 | F
      Expedition Strategies (D) | 2 | F
      FM3 Research | 2 | F
      Goucher College | 2 | F
      Opinion Works | 2 | F
      Ragnar Research Partners | 2 | F
      Remington Research Group (R) | 2 | F
      Research America, Inc | 2 | F
      Sooner Poll | 2 | F
      Triton Polling & Research | 2 | F
      University of Wyoming | 2 | F
      Victoria Res. & Consulting (D) | 2 | F
      We Ask America | 2 | F

    365. Phil says:

      Baris Pennsylvania Big Data Poll release.

      Oz leads 48.4 to 46.2

      Shapiro leads 48.6 to 44.3

    366. Jeff G. says:

      Phil, you forgot the “Boom!”

    367. Phil says:

      Baris comment on the governors race:

      Mastroianni would have a good chance if he wasn’t losing Republicans. Shapiro should send a Christmas card to Karl Rove.

    368. Jan says:

      Seems like a lovers quarrel gone bad.


    369. Cash Cow TM says:

      Where did Paladin pollster come in regarding the ratings?

    370. Phil says:

      They didn’t include fantasy polls.

    371. Gordon Allen says:

      After that debate I’m actually disappointed Oz is up only 2 + points; thought it would balloon to 4 or 5.
      The GOP looks like it will possibly blow a chance at winning the PA Governorship.

    372. Wes says:

      Alternately, Phil, Mastriano would have a good chance had he taken the race seriously early on and laid the groundwork for an eventual victory.

      Do you really think Mastriano should have publicly stopped his campaign to announce fasting and prayer? Baris can blame it on other people all he wants, but Mastriano is the one running the tone-deaf campaign.

      Notice Oz changed his early tactics and started running a better campaign. The dividends of that have been apparent. Of course Shapiro is a stronger candidate than Fetterman. While that’s certainly been a factor, Baris should maybe factor Mastriano’s own deficiencies as a candidate in before blaming the voters.

    373. Phil says:

      Fine and dandy, Wes. Now explain to me the Republican Governor’s funding decision not to send a single dollar to Mastiano….and then explain Karl Rove’s multi million dollar ad campaign directly aiding Shapiro. (I can explain it) The Republican establishment hates Trump with a passion…the Bush family, Rove, McConnell, and the entire DC Republican establishment. Sorry, they don’t get a pass from me nor should they.

      Shapiro spent 33 million to Mastriano’s 2.5 million to accumulate a 4 point lead.

    374. Wes says:

      The RGA spends money on candidates it thinks can win. Rove didn’t start his ad campaign using reverse psychology to try to get voters supporting Shapiro to vote for Oz till a week or so ago. Mastriano had been trailing for months at that point.

      I’m sorry, but Democrats knew Mastriano would be a weak candidate and poured millions into the primary to get him nominated. He did exactly what they were hoping for.

      That’s not the fault of Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, or anyone else other than Doug Mastriano. Baris sounds like the people who abandoned Christine O’Donnell because her race would have given them no return on their money.

      Sometimes it’s about candidate quality. Baris is a poor candidate going up against a good opponent. That’s just the reality of the situation. It’s his fault and no one else’s.

    375. JeffP says:

      Baris has four strengths.

      1. Objective
      2. Outstanding data evaluation.
      3. Great Pollster & analysis.
      4. Knowledgeable of historic trends and changing electorate.

      I can listen to his show for hours and enjoy every minute.

    376. Phil says:

      …..and what about NH and Masters? Was that about candidate quality too? Nope. Since they are running even that dog won’t hunt. They didn’t kiss Mitch’s foot.


    377. Bitterlaw says:

      Any of the GOP primary candidates EXCEPT Mastriano had a good chance of beating Shapiro. The Dems funded Mastriano. That tells the story.

    378. Wes says:

      Mastriano couldn’t even get GOP-friendly union endorsements at the same time as Oz did. His entire campaign radiates an inability to appeal to enough voters to win.

      I’m sorry, but while Baris is going to blame everyone but Mastriano, I’m not going to give him a pass on a weak campaign when other candidates such as Oz, Walker, and even Masters have overcome initial questions about their viability and become either competitive or favorites in their races.

      This has nothing to do with Trump. It’s all about Mastriano and his inability to craft a winning campaign strategy much as Baris wants to play political legerdemain and blame the voters. Knowing a Mastriano-friendly pollster is blaming them for Mastriano’s losing should go over exceptionally well with voters in 10 days.

    379. Phil says:

      ….and I suppose it was Bolduc’s fault and no one else’s that his money was cut off.

    380. Wes says:

      Meanwhile Herbert Walker and Ted Budd were two of Trump’s most high-profile endorsements in the primaries. McConnell has never backed down from supporting either.

      You’re right. Your contention that Republicans base all their funding decisions on whether or not Trump supports someone doesn’t hunt.

    381. Wes says:

      Meanwhile, I suppose McConnell hates J. D. Vance so much he had SLF pour money into Ohio.

      We can go back and forth like this all night if you like. The reality is that Mastriano is not a good candidate is seeing the results of being a bad candidate.

    382. Phil says:

      You’re right about Master’s overcoming

      In spite of McConnell. That money was sent to Murkowski. God that pissed me off.

    383. Bitterlaw says:

      I hope Mastriano wins. I don’t think he will. Both can be true.

    384. Phil says:

      Sorry Wes. He needs Vance to get to 51. Don’t kid yourself.

    385. Phil says:

      Now explain McConnell on Masters and Boldac.

    386. Wes says:

      I noticed you overlooked the other three candidates I mentioned, Phil.

      Don’t kid yourself. If Mastriano actually had a chance, the RGA–which Mitch McConnell has exactly to do with–would be in PA in a second. They see much better chances in several other states;ergo, Mastriano doesn’t get any backing just as Tom Corbett didn’t despite being an incumbent in 2014.

    387. Wes says:

      Oh, easy to explain. They went out of their way to make an enemy and got one. Same thing happened with Kelly Tshibaka in AK.

      Maybe in the midst of a campaign, candidates in competitive races shouldn’t try their best to make enemies on their own side. It only complicates their election prospects.

    388. Phil says:

      Walker and Budd? Again you have to get to 51. Now, once again explain NH and Arizona.

      You can’t.

    389. Wes says:

      Honest question, Phil.

      Do you think Baris helped Mastriano in any way by blaming the voters?

      I’m going to come out and say I don’t.

    390. Wes says:

      I literally explained it in 392, Phil.

      Go back and read it.

    391. Phil says:

      The enemy is the Democratic Party, Wes. Be nice if Mitch understood that. That’s the problem with Mitch and the rest of his establishment crew.

    392. Wes says:

      It’d also be nice if Masters and Bolduc knew that, Phil. They decided McConnell was their enemy first and fired the opening salvo.

      Had they not started it, McConnell wouldn’t have had a reason to send money elsewhere besides to them.

    393. Phil says:

      Money diverted to Murkowski from Arizona.

      If you don’t understand what’s wrong with that picture then I give up.

    394. Wes says:

      Tshibaka picked a fight when she needed party unity. Masters and Bolduc did the same.

      Maybe don’t do that when dealing with the gatekeeper for the second biggest source of funding for GOP Senate candidates.

      There’s an old saying:

      Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      Masters, Bolduc, and Tshibaka should maybe take that sage advice to heart.

    395. Wes says:

      Notice Walker, Budd, Oz, and Vance never decided to pick a preemptive fight with McConnell. They’re not hurting for money.

      I am curious though about why you want McConnell to back these candidates so hard when you hate him. You should be demanding he stay as far away from them as possible since he’s such a despicable human being.

    396. Skippy says:


      Murray 49.4%
      Smiley 48.2%

      Coming down to the wire in Washington!

    397. Wes says:

      I’ll believe Smiley can overcome the influence of the woke hipsters in Seattle on Evergreen State politics when I see it, Skippy.

    398. Phil says:

      Candidates supposed to pledge loyalty to Mitch…but Mitch shouldn’t pledge loyalty to the party. Got it. Schumer has to love that.

      Kind of a one way street isn’t it?

      The enemy is the Democratic Party,Wes.

    399. Wes says:

      Who said anything about pledging loyalty, Phil?

      That’s a strawman argument, Phil. They could have been silent on the issue altogether. That would have given McConnell no excuse to have spending priorities elsewhere. They chose to open their mouths and are suffering the consequences.

      I’m not going to cry because a bunch of rookie candidates assumed making unnecessary enemies wouldn’t negatively affect their electoral prospects.

      As I noted, Vance, Oz, Budd, and Walker chose to say nothing on the issue. They’re getting money. It couldn’t be clearer.

      Don’t make unnecessary enemies if you actually want to win an election.

    400. Wes says:

      Your argument that the Democrats are the enemy would hold weight if Masters, Bolduc, and Tshibaka hadn’t declared McConnell to be their enemy rather than Chuck Schumer.

      You conveniently ignore the fact that THEY fired the opening salvo. McConnell did not. He simply reacted.

    401. Wes says:

      Here’s your argument, Phil:

      I can attack you whenever I want, but when you return fire, you’re at fault.

      Sorry. That’s not how the real world works.

      Luckily Masters has overcome that faux pas. It looks as if Bolduc and Tshibaka will not.

    402. Ameister says:

      I see all the national senate race discussions tilted towards mconnel. Rick scott is running the GOP senate campaign nationally.
      He built a ground up winning block in Florida without a lot of
      Fanfare that got him the Governorship and took out
      A solid incumbent in Bill Nelson. It will be interesting to
      See if he can do the same in some of these battlegrounds.
      He most certainly didn’t get elected on charisma.
      Fyi Desants used his infrastructure in his election as well

    403. Wes says:

      I like how Mitch McConnell is supposed to be the punching bag for multiple Senate candidates but then has to send them money.

      That’s more than a little hypocritical.

      If you want McConnell to fund your campaign, don’t attack him during the campaign. It’s not that hard. If you have a problem with him, wait to hash it out after you’ve declared victory.

    404. Tina says:

      Scott is doing well

      Mitchie quit in July. He has been a train wreck.

    405. Wes says:

      By the way, Phil, I want to say to you while I vehemently disagree with you as evidenced by our subthread, I respect your opinion–and you as well.

      We’re probably not going to see eye to eye on this issue, but although I feel differently from you, I am grateful for your point of view and contributions to the blog.

    406. Tina says:

      Tweet of the day

      John Ocasio-Rodham Nolte
      When Grindr goes bad: San Francisco edition.

    407. DW says:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 46.0
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.4
      AZ: Kelly 46.8
      NH: Hassan 48.7
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 49.7 (was 50.0)
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    408. DW says:


      Smiley 48
      Murray 49

    409. Tina says:

      He could easily hop on Bart (not pay) and go from Bezerkly to Sf.
      John Ocasio-Rodham Nolte
      So this guy walked from his pro-BLM house in Berkeley all the way to someone’s house in his underwear, snuck past security, got accidentally called a “friend” — oh there’s a third person in the house!

      Is there nothing Tucker Carlson can’t make happen?

    410. Tina says:

      Here is pelosis house with broken glass on the outside.

    411. DW says:

      Be careful drawing too may conclusions about broken glass. Glass can turn into shards that drop and smash on the broken opening below and those shards can then ricochet both in and out of the house.

    412. Tina says:

      I don’t know dw.

      The tweet is from a burglary investigator.

    413. JeffP says:

      414 Tina…something is definitely wrong with this picture. Nolte has a way of putting things. Not that it really matters…but Didn’t he have some strange guy in his DUI too? Very SUS.

    414. Tina says:

      There are a lot of red flags here Jeffp.

    415. Phil says:

      Appreciate that, Wes. I have always respected your thoughts as well. We haven’t disagreed on much over the years, have we. I always look forward to your insight on electoral politics. It’s been spot on election cycle after cycle.

    416. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – The Astros did not get your memo. They recovered just fine.

    417. Phil says:

      I still like the Phillies the rest of the way. Three of the last five in Philadelphia if it even goes 7.

    418. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The media had already lost most of its power, because no one believes them. Their biggest remaining power was to drive censorship, to silence rival narratives. This is why
      is such a threat, and why they’re going apoplectic. They’re losing the only power they have left”

    419. jason says:

      “A vote for Republicans might just be the last one you ever cast.”

      — Ryan Cooper, MSNBC opinion columnist

    420. Jan says:

      It’s Happening! Elon’s Twitter Just Fact-Checked
      Joe Biden’s Official Presidential Account….and found
      him lying.

      This could turn out to be fun – turning the tables on all the liars!

    421. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Another civil rights victory against ableism. Fetterman’s wife will be pleased:

      “MIRAMAR, FL — Spirit Airlines has hammered yet another nail into the coffin of ableism by hiring the world’s first blind commercial airline pilot. Flight 2047 from Orlando to Saint Louis is set to be the first vision-impaired flight. The co-pilot will reportedly wear a blindfold for the duration of the flight out of solidarity with its blind captain.

      According to sources, Isaac “Fuselage” Bartimaeus dreamed of being a pilot ever since someone described to him what planes look like. The rookie pilot, who has been blind since birth, earned a pilot’s license after spending two years studying theoretical flight. Due to his condition, he was not permitted to fly a plane as part of his schooling. Spirit Airlines waived the requisite 1,500 hours of flight time as a way of accommodating his disability.”


    422. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      This may have already been posted. If not, BOOM!

      WA SEN

      Already posted, but here’s some details


      Murray (D) 49.4
      Smiley (R) 48.2
      UND 2.4

    423. Skippy says:

      Democrats numbers look horrific but especially bad out west. There will be some startling upsets late into election night on the Pacific Coast.

    424. DW says:

      “A vote for Republicans might just be the last one you ever cast.”

      — Ryan Cooper, MSNBC opinion columnist

      Actually, in a way this is true. If you vote Republican, and there is enough fraud such that the Republican won on valid ballots but the Democrat is put into office instead, based on the additional count of invalid ballots, then the fraud will be codified and here forever and you will never cast a ballot again in an honest election.

    425. DW says:

      Bitter, I didn’t say the Phillies would win in four games, just that a team does not recover from losing an opener that way.

      Remember even in Game 7 in 1986, the Boston Red Sox took an early 3-0 lead in that game, after having blown game six. It didn’t matter the Mets came back and won.

      In my opinion, to win that game six, and then game seven, the Mets received in exchange the curse of the Bambino, and that is why they have never won again, while the Red Sox have.

    426. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      If this has not been posted, BOOM!

      NEW: Big Data Poll
      @Peoples_Pundit/Rich Baris

      PA Sen
      (R) Mehmet Oz 48% (+2)
      (D) John Fetterman 46%

      PA Gov
      (D) Josh Shapiro 49% (+5)
      (R) Doug Mastriano 44%

      PA Generic Ballot
      GOP — 49% (+3)
      Dem — 46%

      2024 PA Pres
      (R) Donald Trump 47% (+3)
      (D) Joe Biden 44%

    427. Tina says:

      Paul Pelosis call to police. He knows Maga hammer. There was no rear of home entry. Read entry of something else perhaps.

    428. Tina says:

      It was the police dispatch call*

    429. DW says:

      Tina, is there any confirmation that this was the actual dispatch call? Sounds like a recording that would be easy to find out there where a David is mentioned. I want to be sure.

    430. Phil says:

      Walker has the lead in Pennsylvania for sure now. Not a huge lead but big enough. Walker is going to win in Georgia. The only question is whether he wins it outright or in a runoff. That means Republicans will get at least 51 Senate seats.

      That Quinnipiac poll last week showing Fetterman up in Pa 52-46 was such a fricken joke and I said so at the time. That is the same outfit that had Biden winning Pa by 7 in 2020 (he won it by 1). Watch Quinnipiac herd now to the margin of error to keep from getting entirely embarrassed. It’s what Silver’s pet media and university polls do. Bogus BS polls to try and suppress Republican vote and fund raising. They don’t attempt to measure public opinion. They attempt to influence it.

      I find it unlikely that Democrats sweep the remaining seats of Arizona, Nevada, and NH although don’t look for McConnell to lift a finger in NH or Arizona. Believe me, he doesn’t want Masters or Boldac in his caucus. For that matter he doesn’t want Vance or Walker but he needs them to get to 51.

      I say Republicans get 52 Senate seats in the end.

    431. Phil says:

      Sorry, I meant Oz has the lead in Pa, not Walker. Haven’t had my coffee yet. Lol

    432. Phil says:

      Right now, Baris has it at Oz at 65%, Masters at 51%, and Boldac at 48%….and Laxalt at 55.

    433. jason says:

      Seen on Internet..

      “Was Andrew Gillum there too?’

    434. jason says:

      At DKos they say it would be normal for Paul Pelosi to be in his underwear because “many people sleep in their underwear”.

      The 800lb gorilla in the room just growled.

    435. Chicon says:

      Wes says:
      October 29, 2022 at 8:24 pm
      By the way, Phil, I want to say to you while I vehemently disagree with you as evidenced by our subthread, I respect your opinion–and you as well.

      We’re probably not going to see eye to eye on this issue, but although I feel differently from you, I am grateful for your point of view and contributions to the blog.

      Great post, Wes. Kudos.

    436. Tgca says:


      Actually, they have a point. Many guys sleep in their undies. Last night I slept in my Captain America boxer briefs.

    437. jason says:

      I think wes probably had too much wine and was feeling mellow when he wrote that.

      I hope we can get back to normal today and put to rest any BS about respecting other opinions and contributions.

    438. jason says:

      I do want to clarify, lest I gave the wrong impression, that I do value opinions and contributions that agree with me.

      I don’t want people to be discouraged from agreeing with me.

      I also want to clarify that when people who don’t normally agree with me by chance or other reason happen to agree with me, it doesn’t make them any less of a moron.

    439. Tgca says:


      Oh puhleez!

      Wes don’t know chit!

      As posted above in # 319 (see italicized below), a professional consultant for a political PR and strategy consulting firm who grew up in NC schooled Wes on NC politics.

      Who you gonna believe? A 22 year-old consultant who graduated college 2 years ago and was a DC intern or some guy that gives back rubs?

      Simply put, North Carolina’s Senate seat isn’t a lock for Republicans. In fact, it’s the most tightly contested race in the country. The most recent polling shows Beasley trailing by a single point,

      … the North Carolina Senate race is set up to be a nailbiter,

      The North Carolina Senate race hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, but keep an eye on the Tar Heel State on Nov. 8 – the sparks are going to fly.

    440. jason says:

      I saw Nancy Pelosi’s statement. It is surprisingly non-political. I wonder why.

    441. jason says:

      In this case I am going with the back rub guy.

      Sue me.

    442. jason says:

      In this case I am going with the back rub guy.”


      Thankfully still early maybe someone will come up with a gayer comment.

    443. Tgca says:


      I agree with the China sycophantic, Illegal immigrant advocating, ABORTION supporting, Dr. Fow-chee adoring, vile meat eating, Ignoramus, mental midget – my good friend Jadon.

      No azz-kissing and sucking up allowed here.

    444. Chicon says:

      Walker, who we were told is a poor political candidate, certainly looked like a solid candidate in his response to Barak Hussein Obama….

    445. Tina says:

      Yes Walker was deemed to be a bad candidate by the Russian hoaxer, who fell for the Pelosi story.

    446. Phil says:

      Haven’t seen our friend Robbie drive by lately with more drivel about what a bad candidate Walker and Kari Lake are.

      Why is that?

    447. Chicon says:

      Robbie fancies himself as a political “scientist” who analyzes politics without emotion. He has proven conclusively over a pretty long period of time that he is exactly the opposite.

      This is hard for him to handle, as we see….

    448. Phil says:

      A “political scientist” who thinks Republicans can win without those dreadful, filthy working class voters. Worked great for McCain and Romney who got wiped out in the Midwest rust belt states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa….not to mention swing states NC and Florida. You know – the Karl Rove Paul Ryan strategy. Pure brilliance.

      Realignment is well underway. Embrace it are accept one party Democratic rule.

    449. Tina says:

      Aka Hide the schlong strategy

      John Ocasio-Rodham Nolte
      This Grindr event gone wrong in San Francisco is this election’s Benghazi.

      To protect Democrats, the media and White House regime are gonna lie and lie and lie and lie hoping no one sees the obvious.

      And we’ll never learn the truth.
      6:36 AM · Oct 30, 2022
      ·Twitter Web App

    450. jason says:

      Haven’t seen our friend Robbie drive by lately with more drivel about what a bad candidate Walker and Kari Lake are.

      Why is that?”

      He was to busy regurgitating MSNBC talking points that Mike Lindell and Trump were responsible for the attack on Paul Pelosi.

    451. jason says:

      Ralston hack seems worried.

      “Douglas, the second largest rural county by voters, had a huge turnout that I did not have — 8,000 voters and 2 to 1 R. That added 2,000 ballots to the R lead in the rurals and made the projected lead with Trump margins up to 15,000 so far in the rurals.

      If that projection is correct, the Dem statewide lead is only 6,500, or 2.1 percent; the actual lead with the rural numbers is 3.3 percent, still slightly above the Dem reg lead of 2.7 percent.

      Remember, we don’t know how many ticket-splitters at the top there are this time, and we don’t know how pervasive tribalism will be down the ticket. We also don’t know how the indies will break, which is the key to everything. If they are going single digits for the GOP, some Dems could hang on. But if they are double digits, I see a lot of red people.”

    452. jason says:

      So the Dem lead (meaning Dem ballots returned vs R ballots returned) is 6500, but that doesn’t account for a probably GOP advantage among Indies and the fact Hispanic Dems might be voting GOP.

    453. jason says:

      And, of course, the Election Day vote.

    454. Wes says:

      I just received a fundraising e-mail from Marco Rubio. If I thought he needed it I’d send him money. As it stands, I’m making contributions elsewhere.

    455. Phil says:

      Send the money to Boldac. It’s where the $$ will do the most good….of course Mitch won’t like it.

    456. Tina says:

      I just worry about the mail in vote fraud in Nevada.

      There was no change from 2020.

      And the reports of those Pa ballots (255,00).

    457. Wes says:

      I might actually do that if I see another poll showing Bolduc competitive with Hassan, Phil.

      I absolutely despise her and honestly hope Bolduc beats her.

    458. jason says:

      You are right to worry. I think Rs need a 30k cushion in NV and 80k cushion in PA to overcome potential illegal mail in ballots.

      That is roughly the margins Trump lost by in 2020.

      I have a friend who is registered as a Dem. She voted for Shapiro and Oz mail in. Two people have showed up at her house already to “collect” her mail in ballot to make sure she voted. They had access to the SOS database that shows which Demsrequested ballots.

      So the Dems are making sure anyone who is registered as a Dem and requested ballots is voting. Hopefully Rs are doing the same.

    459. jason says:

      Send the money to Boldac.”

      They might not allow Bolduc to cash the check. Send it to Bolduc.

    460. Phil says:

      Sent contributions to Senate candidates in Nevada, NH, Pa, Georgia, and Arizona, Wes. Total of $500 to the cause.

    461. Tina says:

      Blake could really need the help given hat has transpired,

      We need a complete defeat of the Drat-Rino collusion in Az.

    462. jason says:

      Ralston hack beginning to hedge bets?

      “Good morning from the best state of all, everyone.

      We now have eight days in the books, and we know some things and can forecast some others. Headline: Dems are ahead, but they better hope this is 2018 redux because the trends do not favor them right now.”

    463. jason says:

      If Ralston thinks the only hope for Dems is that Indies split down the middle the Dems are probably screwed.

      “The ballot lead is about 10,000, so you can see the margin for error is steadily decreasing for the Dems, which should make the GOP happy. If you take into account that the actual rural vote lead is 50 percent higher than the ballot lead – that would be following Trump’s pattern in 2020, a best-case for GOP – then the Dems need indies in urban Nevada to be evenly divided or go their way or some (many?) of their candidates will lose. It’s really that simple, unless there is massive base hemorrhaging on either side.”

    464. jason says:

      I doubt there will be massive base hemorrhaging on the R side.

    465. jason says:

      Nate Silvehack moved R chances back to 47%.

      There is not one poll released the last few days that would justify this.

    466. jason says:

      Yeah, the problem is Mike Lindell and Trump…

      Amoral Scumbag is such a despicable turd.

      “Hello this is Gypsy Taub. I am the ex-life partner of David DePape and the mother of his children… he is mentally ill. He has been mentally ill for a long time,” Taub said.

      Taub, who reportedly has two kids with DePape, said that he often referred to himself as Jesus after he returned home following a year exodus from Taub.

      “He came back in very bad shape. He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid, thinking people were after him. And it took a good year or two to get back to, you know, being halfway normal,” Taub told the news outlet.

      “When I met him, he was only 20 years old , and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views, and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi,” Taub send speaking about DePape’s political stance. “

    467. Phil says:

      Of course not. Silver makes it all up out of thin air.

      What did you expect? Cycle after cycle after cycle. Rinse and repeat.

    468. Gordon Allen says:

      New Hampshire Journal co/efficient (?) Poll has Bolduc tied w 7% undecided.
      Of those undecided majority have negative view of Biden.
      NH is more than in play.

    469. Gordon Allen says:

      Emerson poll w Republican w 2% lead for Governor in 3 person race in OREGON.

    470. Phil says:

      It’s winnable, Gordon. Very winnable.

    471. Tgca says:

      Interesting commentary from a law enforcement perspective from a website run by ex-law enforcement on the Paul Pelosi issue and unanswered questions that need to be addressed but have yet to be by the investigators.

      To be fair, I myself will reserve judgment until the facts come out on this GAY PROSTITUTION SEX SCANDAL involving a dirty old man evidently seeking to get his rocks off rather than touch his shriveled up wife.

    472. jason says:

      I wish we had lisab here to give us the definitive view on gay matters.

    473. Phil says:

      It would be interesting to know what happened to her. Guess we will never know.

    474. Tgca says:


      Sorry! I’m doing my best but my EXPERTise in all matters gay are no match for LisaB.

      I’m still stuck on how a guy in his underwear navigates to a well-to-do neighborhood at 2:30AM when temps are generally in the mid to high 50s with no one noticing. Was he walking down the street in his underwear carrying just a hammer? Did people ignore him because they thought maybe he was just Thor out for a late stroll?

      Transportation in SF does not run all nights in most areas, especially getting to the desirable neighborhoods so how did he get from Berkeley to that area of SF, about 10+ miles without being noticed or freezing? Did his testicles retract in his body in the cold?

      I say to get to the bottom of this story, follow the underwear peeps. Follow the underwear.

    475. Tgca says:

      I bet at least 20% of HHR will be signing up for this streaming service.

      All-Gay Streaming Channel DivaBoxOffice to Launch in December

      The demand for queer programming is only growing with each generation becoming increasingly more fluid in their sexual orientations and gender identities than ever before,” Tello Films founder Christin Baker said in a statement. “As the old adage goes, we are queer and we’re here to stay.

      Umm…more fluid? Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    476. Tina says:

      That area would be patrolled. There would not be Maga hammer walking around it in his tighty whities.

      Bart would be closed

      Muni only operates to 12 midnight.

      Did he Uber his way? Maybe Lift?

      Maybe he took the Pelosi express?

    477. Tina says:

      The alleged attacker was also hospitalized.

      What were his injuries and how did he suffer them?

      Was part of his injuries drug induced? Are they holding him for a mental check?

    478. Tgca says:


      Agreed! I lived in Pac Hts for 14 years, minutes from the Pelosi digs.

      Without transportation at that late hour, he would had to walk miles in his undies in cool weather. Carrying a hammer? How did he get over the Bay from Berkeley too?

      No sane Uber or Lyft person would pick him up. Besides, I thought he was not employed and you need a credit card to use such services.

      None of this makes any sense.

      By now, investigators must know the basics.

      What are they hiding?

      Again, follow the underwear!

    479. JeffP says:


      2022 Washington Senate General Poll

      Tiffany Smiley (R): 46% (=)
      Patty Murray (D-inc): 46%

      ? @NRSC/Moore Info Group (R)
      ? 500 LV | 10/20-22 | MOE ±4%…

    480. JeffP says:

      That NRSC poll confirms what Trafalgar revealed last night.

      Now that would be a huge upset if Smiley won. I have a sense of impending doom when significant mail in ballots are involved regardless of the poll numbers though.

    481. Wes says:

      I’m still not seeing a path to victory for Smiley.

    482. DW says:

      Wes, I agree, for now, about WA. No incumbents have lost when their RCP average was over 48.8. And even when the average is between 47 and 48.8, incumbents are 13 and 3 going back to 2010. So I won’t be getting my hopes up until I see Murray getting well under 49, and it’s still a long shot

    483. EML says:

      jason says:
      October 26, 2022 at 12:36 pm
      What happened to EML btw?
      I was demoralized by the NY special election failures, the constant MSM Democrat cheerleading, and the overall bad looking polls. I have been unplugged from politics since August. What plugged me back in was when a friend said to me, Did you see the Fetterman debate? Now I’m back, baby. At least for the next 10 days.

      The wheels are falling off for Democrats at just the wrong time. Although, I somewhat suspect that this has been the state of the election the entire time and that Democrats and their media allies have been lying about it all along, just as they have been lying about Fetterman’s mental faculties.

      Moving money from Val Demings in Florida to Patty Murray in Washington is a huge tell on the state of play. Equally telling is that seats like PA-12, NY-25, and CA-26 are quietly entering the realm of possibility. The battleground is not Florida or Georgia or even Pennsylvania. The battleground is Washington, Oregon, California, and New York. The good guys need to close this out.

    484. jason says:


      “Yesterday, a man sharing that member’s rhetoric tried to assassinate the Speaker and her spouse,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezsaid Saturday morning. Then, referring to McCarthy, she wrote: “What has @GOPLeader said? Nothing. This is who he is.”

    485. Gordon Allen says:

      That assumes there isn’t a real red wave.
      With one the good get pulled out to sea as well as the trash.

    486. Gordon Allen says:

      My post referred to Wes.
      I think EML may have hit the nail on the head.

    487. jason says:

      Silverhack moves Rs to 49% chance.

      He knows if he goes “red” his audience will disown him.

    488. jason says:

      It is possible the Dems will have to divert resources to save Murray, Bennett and Hassan. They are probably wondering when to pull the plug on Fetterman and Warnock. I doubt they would give up on Kelly.

      By the same token, Rs will have to decide whether you nail down the majority or go for the gusto and try for 54+ seats.

      Their are inherent risks for both parties.

      Personally, I would concentrate on Laxalt, Walker, Oz and Masters. You hate to leave seats on the table but you cannot risk leaving the Senate in Dem hands because of the damage that will do to the judiciary.

    489. Wes says:

      Political waves don’t necessarily hit everything, Gordon. The Pacific Coast was the biggest disappointment for the GOP in both 2010 and 2014 for example.

      Smiley is a good candidate who in a less reflexively liberal state would probably be well on her way to the Senate. Unfortunately the state is Washington, and Seattle is full of high-turnout wokesters who are now fully aware Murray may be in trouble.

      For that reason, I expect Smiley to give the Republicans their strongest showing in an Evergreen State Senate race since 2000 but still lose to Murray.

    490. GF says:


      They might quietly give up on Warnock, but they dare not do it openly, especially in favor of a white man; their base will go nuts if a black man is unceremoniously dumped.

    491. GF says:


      You think she’ll do better than Dino? He got to 47% and change in 2010.

      The real heartbreaker of the last decade for me was to see the R AG lose the Governorship to Inslee by just three points in a presidential turnout year. McKenna could have been a star had he held on.

    492. DW says:

      1% in

      Jair Bolsonaro


    493. Phil says:

      King County is just too tough a nut to crack. Smiley is as good a candidate as you could find for Washinton State. Still, just too steep a hill to climb in that state. Coming within 5 or 6 would be a helluva showing and I suspect it will be somewhere around that.

    494. DW says:

      Brazil can count votes quickly, why can’t we?

    495. DW says:

      2% reporting…

      Jair Bolsonaro


    496. EML says:

      For that reason, I expect Smiley to give the Republicans their strongest showing in an Evergreen State Senate race since 2000 but still lose to Murray.
      I’m not too concerned about whether Smiley wins or loses – if he wins, we are talking 55-56 seats in the Senate. But the shift in resources is certainly an interesting development.

      Someone on RRH made a really good point. In 2020, Trump won non-college educated whites nationwide by 35 points. Some voters did not get this memo, most notably in Washington (Biden won this group by 5), Oregon (Biden +2), and Colorado (Trump +3). [I believe WA and OR to be the only states where Biden won non college whites]. If they got the memo for this election, there could be a huge swing toward the GOP. This is also a group that isn’t heavily politically engaged, which could explain why Murray cruised in the primary, but the race has tightened – this group doesn’t vote in primaries but will come out for the general.

    497. EML says:

      They might quietly give up on Warnock
      Well, Schumer already let the cat out of the bag.

    498. DW says:

      “I’m not too concerned about whether Smiley wins or loses – if he wins”

      If he (Smiley) wins, will be a much worse candidate than I thought, because of the gender transition. She should stay a she.

    499. Phil says:

      Wes, did you happen to see the article linked earlier in this thread written by the leftist twenty something guy claiming the NC Senate was a tossup. If not, read it. I know you’ll get big a laugh out of it.

    500. EML says:

      If he (Smiley) wins, will be a much worse candidate than I thought, because of the gender transition. She should stay a she.
      I thought we were running Guy Smiley the muppet in Washington.

    501. Wes says:

      I actually think Smiley can run marginally better than Dino, GF. If not, she’ll match his showing. Regardless, I just don’t see how Smiley puts together a big enough coalition to oust Murray–much as I’d love to see it.

    502. Wes says:

      I saw it, Phil. It’s the epitome of wishcasting.

    503. GF says:

      For those following the Brazil election, I read that early results will tend to come in from the southern part of the country where Bolsonaro is strongest, so don’t take too much comfort in any early leads. He apparently led in the 1st round until about 70% of the votes had been tallied.

    504. SoHope says:

      Ron DeSantis ‘Crashes’ a sold out Jacksonville Luke Bryan Concert

    505. EML says:

      DW – can you post your list of poll closing times

    506. Wes says:

      Smiley is quite an attractive woman–in contrast to Murray, who is, to be charitable, not:

      Unfortunately left-wing partisanship will Trump both looks and competence in Washington next Tuesday.

    507. DW says:

      This was from 2020, so I don’t know if still accurate:

      All times are EDT:

      >> 6:00 pm:

      IN*, KY*

      >> 7:00 pm:

      FL*, GA, SC, VT, VA

      >> 7:30 pm:

      NC, OH, WV

      >> 8:00 pm:

      CT, DE, DC, ME, MD, MA, MI*, NH, NJ, PA, RI, TN, AL, FL, IL, KS, MS, MO, OK, SD*, TX*

      >> 8:30 pm:


      >> 9:00 pm:

      NY, LA, MI, MN, NE, WI, AZ, CO, KS*, NM, SD, TX, WY

      >> 10:00 pm:

      IA, ND*, ID*, MT, OR*, UT, NV

      >> 11:00 pm:

      ND, CA, ID, OR, WA, HI

      >> 1:00 am:


    508. EML says:


    509. Wes says:

      Will John Hoeven be the Senator to receive the highest percentage of the vote again this year?

      He won 78% in 2016.

    510. Wes says:

      Brian Schatz (HI-73%), John Thune (SD-72%), and Chuck Schumer (NY-70%) were the only other Senators to top 70% of the vote in 2016.

    511. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The Democrats went into a tailspin in the last two weeks. I was skeptical there would be a Republican wave, but it is looking like it. Need Robbie to show up and tell me I am wrong.

      “The Cook Political Report last week amended its outlook for the midterms, predicting Republicans will flip as many as 25 seats rather than the 10 to 20 expected earlier.

      Crime and the economy have been polling as the top priorities for voters, beating out issues that Democrats have been emphasizing such as abortion access and protecting democracy”

    512. EML says:

      Just looking at the OH-Sen polls on wikipedia. From March to the beginning of October, Ryan was ahead in 13 out of 18 polls. Since the first week of October, Vance leads in 12, Ryan leads in 2, and tied in 1. Granted, a number of them are Cygnal tracking polls but still the trend is clear. At some point you have to wonder if it’s just incompetence or deliberate fabrication.

    513. jason says:

      With 33% in Bolsonaro has about a 700k vote lead, but as EML says, the votes from the more developed part of Brazil (South) come in first.

    514. Phil says:

      Baris hasn’t bothered to poll Ohio. Says absolutely Vance wins by a minimum of 5 or 6 which doesn’t surprise me in a state Trump won by 8 twice.

    515. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Thankfully, we may be near the end of the crazy leftist “woke” nightmare the Democrats have attempted to impose on the nation. However, we still have to endure two more years of a demented president. At least he will not have a leftist legislative branch pushing his agenda. After the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, and the realization the COVID vaccine did not prevent people from being infected, both taking place only months after Biden took office, it was clear his presidency was going to be a total dumpster fire.

    516. DW says:

      The lead for Bolsonaro keeps shrinking…I don’t think he has enough to hold on. A shame. Another example that in the end people vote to get the freebies at the expense of real opportunity to live responsibly and freely. They welcome communism if they can get a few free meals out of it.

    517. EML says:

      Lol, we are at the end of nothing. The true believer leftists hate America, hate Christianity, hate Western Civilization. They won’t stop unless it is by force. Just wait until 2024 – Ron DeSantis is the devil incarnate and is worse than Trump.

    518. DW says:

      EML is correct. They won’t stop until every church is closed, until every child is aborted, every gasoline powered car is destroyed, and every child has their genitals mutilated.

    519. DW says:

      50% reported in Brazil, and Jair barely holding onto a 350,000 vote lead, and its dropping fast.

    520. DW says:

      Well, Brazil had four years of light, and now they return to the darkness. A shame.

    521. DW says:

      And there it goes…Lula in the lead, Brazil loses.

    522. jason says:

      Really too bad, looks like a very narrow win for the Marxist crook.

    523. jason says:

      Lula will not have a free hand, a lot of important state governors oppose him and he will have a hostile Congress. Still he will do a lot of damage.

    524. jason says:

      93% in. Lula 50.5% Bolsonaro 49.5%

    525. Phil says:

      With the release of the Big Data Poll by Baris – 48.4 – 46.2, we now have Oz up in four straight polls.

    526. Tgca says:

      I think the most important issue in the US right now is to stop normalizing radical behavior (trannies taking away opportunities from women) and indoctrinating the youth.

      NOTHING is more important than this at this time!

      Not the economy.
      Not inflation.
      Not taxes.
      Not illegal immigration.
      Not ABORTION.
      Not judges.
      Not terrorism.
      Not conflict with Russia or China.

      The left is slowly winning and if all keeps trending as is, in 20 years, the US will become Berkeley, and all those other things won’t matter.

      The radical left, especially radical leftist women and the gay male community are NOW our biggest threats as they are the ones most aligned in supporting acceptance of radical behaviors.

      Just 5 years ago, who would think that normalizing pedophilia, transition surgeries for young teens, teaching young grade schoolers to masturbate, or having sexually deviant drag queens perform for kindergarten kids would happen?

      Look for the radical left to continue to push this normalization on children. My guess is the majority of gay men would gladly accept relationships between adult men and teens again, as was a common practice for decades before the AIDS epidemic.

      I am praying this election is won 1st and foremost at the local levels to stop this radicalization in schools and protect the children from all these forms of destructive radical behaviors.

    527. jason says:

      No a fan of Sununu, but anyone that cuts Chuck Todd a new a-hole deserves credit.

      Todd asked Sununu if he was concerned about “election deniers” on the ballot.

      He shouldn’t have…

      Governor Sununu pushed back on Chuck Todd and told him he should have Chuck Schumer on his show and ask him why he put so much money behind Bolduc’s campaign if Democrats are now worried about election deniers being on the ballot.”

    528. Phil says:

      Interesting endorsement. Goes hand in hand with what Baris found in his latest polling. That is that Oz was over performing by about four points over what Republicans always get in Allegheny County.

    529. Jeff G. says:

      GOPAC Chairman David Avella just said on Fox News that a Joe O’Dea win will be the big surprise on election night.

    530. jason says:

      The MSM morons have a new meme.

      Democracy is at risk but people only care about the price of gas.


    531. EML says:

      GOPAC Chairman David Avella just said on Fox News that a Joe O’Dea win will be the big surprise on election night.
      As I posted upthread, Colorado is one of the states that bucked the trend of non-college educated whites going big for Trump in 2020. If this bloc gets more inline with the rest of the country, then it will be a real bad day for Dems.

      And as a reminder to the crowd that proclaims only Trump can win non-college whites by that much, in VA, this group went from Trump +24 in 2020 to Youngkin +52 in 2021.

    532. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      524. So who will be the Democrat elected in 2024 who will be all those awful things? Last I heard, Trump had a lead in the polls for 2024 against both Biden and Harris.

    533. Gordon Allen says:

      Neither Biden nor Harris will be on the 2024 ticket.
      Comparisons to them in polls is useless.

    534. Tina says:

      From the socialist son.

      Bill Kristol

      Oct 29
      It seems amazingly difficult for the MAGA Right simply to say the following five words:

      We are against political violence.

    535. EML says:

      524. So who will be the Democrat elected in 2024 who will be all those awful things? Last I heard, Trump had a lead in the polls for 2024 against both Biden and Harris.
      As long as Trump gets out of the way, DeSantis is a shoo-in for 2024. Biden will bow out. Harris is DOA. Dems will nominate some loser like Pete Buttigieg or Beto O’Rourke.

    536. Phil says:


      Kind of my thoughts about polling Biden vs Trump, Gordon.

      No way Biden is on the ballot again. It’s even money whether he makes it through the next two years. If he does it’s because Kamala is VP. Pulling Joe means Harris is President and the Democrats are stuck with her renomination. Kamala is Joe’s insurance policy.

    537. SoHope says:

      Dems will pick Newsom, Roy Cooper, Transportation Secretary Pete

    538. Dylan says:

      Brazil has lurched left before With Lula and Dilma This is not a new swing of their pendulum

    539. EML says:

      Ron DeSantis appears poised to win Miami-Dade County. Margins over the past 20 years:

      2000 – Gore +6.3
      2004 – Kerry +6.3
      2008 – Obama +16.1
      2012 – Obama +23.7
      2016 – Hillary +29.4
      2020 – Sleepy Joe +7.3

    540. Phil says:

      Yes, both DeSantis and Rubio will probably carry Dade this cycle.

    541. jason says:

      Whole Foods CEO makes the point I have been making here for years.

      A: My concern is that I feel like socialists are taking over. They’re marching through the institutions. They’re taking everything over and taking over education. It looks like they’ve taken over a lot of the corporations. It looks like they’ve taken over the military. And it’s just continuing. I’m so deeply concerned about it. I believe in liberty and capitalism. Those are my twin values.”

    542. jason says:

      And as a reminder to the crowd that proclaims only Trump can win non-college whites by that much, in VA, this group went from Trump +24 in 2020 to Youngkin +52 in 2021.”

      Don’t forget to thank Trump for that.

    543. Phil says:

      Bolsonaro managed to shrink his first round deficit of 6.2 million votes down to about a million and a half. Wasn’t enough, however.

      Also, he ran about 4% better than the polls in Brazil predicted. Like polls in America their polls also skew left. Imagine that.

    544. jason says:

      The Trump haters like to pretend Youngkin’s success by 60k votes is somehow completely divorced from Trump. That Trump’s endorsement and the massive turnout in the Trump counties of rural VA didn’t have anything to do with Youngkin winning.

      It is intellectual dishonesty of mega proportions.

    545. jason says:

      Yep, and the third and fourth place finishers endorsed Lula, and Bolsonaro still made up almost 5 million votes.

    546. jason says:

      As long as Trump gets out of the way”


      DeSantis would need a strong turnout by the Trump base to win the swing states in the midwest and rust belt like OH, WI, MI and PA.

      Just like Oz does.

      The idea that the only way you can promote DeSantis is to disparage Trump’s base is really stupid.

    547. Phil says:

      There is no evidence that DeSantis will bring out working class voters like Trump. None. No Republican ever has done anywhere near as well with the working class demographic. To assume DeSantis will just inherit the Trump base is silly.

    548. jason says:

      I think DeSantis can definitely keep this demographic voting R with the right message.

      But disparaging them will not accomplish that.

    549. jason says:

      This woman is clueless.

      @BrianKempGA proudly touts the support of 107 GA sheriffs & Abrams claims it’s because of race

      “So no I don’t have 107 sheriffs who want to be able to take black people of the streets.”

    550. Cash Cow TM says:

      “GOPAC Chairman David Avella just said on Fox News that a Joe O’Dea win will be the big surprise on election night.”

      Walt said to remind you that David Avella was a student of Walt’s when he taught high school here in WV.

    551. EML says:

      There is no evidence that DeSantis will bring out working class voters like Trump. None. No Republican ever has done anywhere near as well with the working class demographic. To assume DeSantis will just inherit the Trump base is silly.
      Sorry, Phil. This is just wrong. Youngkin did far better than Trump did with the working class bloc. Hence why he won VA while Trump lost.

    552. jan says:

      When I left this morning Bolsonaro was slightly ahead. When I returned Lula had narrowly won. I am very disappointed in these elections.

    553. JeffP says:

      I think the message of MAGA/America First and resistance/rebellion to the Woke Commie Dems agenda is far bigger than Trump the man now. The GOP is becoming a working class multi race party with more leaders now than six years ago. This movement will continue regardless. He will win the primary if and when he runs (just think debates will be happening a year from now). I am sure Trump will make it all about him though as he sucks the air out of any room for good or bad. He will go down as a Reagan like influence in GOP history. Any coming indictment will only solidify the cultural and political change he brought.

      As of now DeSantis would easily win in 2024…independent voters will flock to him…I am not as confident about Trump with all the drama.

    554. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      We are against political violence.

      That said, how did Paul Pelosi know the name of his assailant? Why were both men discovered wielding hammers in their underwear?

      In other words, was this a case of political violence or a gay rendezvous gone sideways?


      Oct 29
      It seems amazingly difficult for the MAGA Right simply to say the following five words:

      We are against political violence.”

    555. jason says:

      There is no evidence that DeSantis will bring out working class voters like Trump. None.”

      Of course not. The “Youngkin did better” is complete BS, a governor’s off years race with completely different dynamics. Youngkin won because he got Trump endorsement and a massive vote in red counties AND was able to siphon off some suburban votes due to the education issue and McCawful’s “parents should not have a say in education”.

      DeSantis is a great candidate, but he will only be competitive and win if Rs can hang on to the inroads Trump made with working class voters as well as with Hispanics and black males.

      But if you have TDS and think that by disparaging Trump’s coalition it helps Rs win elections in the future, you are a moron.

    556. jason says:

      And of course the argument that “well DeSantis attracts working class voters in FL” is another red herring, since we are talking about working class in the swing states in the midwest and PA.

    557. JeffP says:

      Elon Musk is having one hell of a day on Twitter. Definitely worth a follow.

    558. jason says:

      I think the message of MAGA/America First and resistance/rebellion to the Woke Commie Dems agenda is far bigger than Trump the man now. ”

      Fine. I hope you are right. Building on Trump’s gains is the way to go. Trump is old and of course you want new leaders, I often say here that DeSantis should be the face of the R party going forward, not Trump.

      What is wrong is thinking that doing that means you have to disparage Trump and his contributions and accomplishments.

    559. Tgca says:


      Funny coming from Whole Foods CEO because most of the folks working at WF are lefties. I’ve found this to be the case in every state and city I’ve lived in or visited and went to a WF including AZ, CA, DC, FL, GA, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA.

      Is the WF CEO responsible for hiring these folks too?

    560. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      545. “Dems will pick Newsom, Roy Cooper, Transportation Secretary Pete”

      What a group of lightweights.

      Newsom has some major personal issues; the California press covers them up, but if he runs nationally they will all come out – in technicolor.

      Transportation Secretary Pete is a walking non-entity. Can anyone remember a speech he has given? Or anything he has done? His first act as Secretary of Transportation was to go on a long maternity leave.

      I don’t know who Roy Cooper is? Isn’t he from someplace like Kentucky? Is he related to the guy who jumped out of the airplane?What are the qualifications for bringing him out of obscurity to run for President?

      The reason in 2020 the Democrats brought the already mentally cloudy Biden out of Shady Acres to run is because they had no one else.

      My hunch is they might go with Michelle Obama or someone with a familiar name. But am seeing the Democrats having a chaotic nomination process in 2024.

    561. Tgca says:


      It is intellectual dishonesty of mega proportions.

      Did you mean mega or MAGA?

    562. JeffP says:

      I agree the Trump working class base is important…I just think the working class voters are impacted by far more issues than in 2016…ie…woke & gender craziness, education, inflation, crime, government overreach, freedom of speech and this is driving a bloodbath red wave in 2022 and that could well continue into 2024.

    563. Tgca says:

      So folks will embrace Newsom after all the failures he’s had in CA and the mess that state is in?

      Do you think the Dems are going to replace an incompetent AA woman from CA with an incompetent white guy from CA or a gay guy from IN?

      I can’t wait to see the infighting in the party when the debate is Kamala, an AA woman is not up to the job so let’s get a white guy who has had no successes to do the job instead.

      That’s really not going to sit well with many AA women in the Dem party.

      What’s going to be their rationale for Newsom or Mayor Butt over Kamala?

    564. Tgca says:


      Agreed! As I stated numerous times, Trump made a personal connection with working class voters that no GOP president has done since Reagan.

      These voters trust Trump and are loyal to HIM because he went to bat for them. He delivered for them. He stood up for them. DeSantis has not earned that trust of those voters in MI, WI, and PA at this time.

      Taking for granted they’ll just turn out with DeSantis without major outreach by his team and developing trust is naive. They’ll just not vote if they don’t feel the connection and then those states will not go into the GOP column and that will make it nearly impossible for the GOP to win the EC without major shifts to the GOP in other areas of voting demographics.

    565. JeffP says:

      I wonder when Joe will call it quits for 2024? Debates begin in less than a year!

      The Woke Commie Dems have a weak bench!

      You have to love Tulsi campaigning for Trump endorsed candidates.

    566. JeffP says:

      566. I don’t think DeSantis runs against Trump. Some establishment types will.

    567. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      202. “The Hoover Dam was ok. Not worth a special trip”

      Years ago, you could take and elevator from the top of the dam to the bottom. The ride was an experience in itself. At bottom it was an amazing looking up. You also could go into the long room with the huge turbines. Now all you can do is go into the visitor center next to the dam.

      The bridge just west of the dam has a great, but frightening, pedestrian walkway on its east side, your actually looking down at the dam.

    568. Phil says:

      No, DeSantis won’t run against Trump. The Nikki Haleys of the world will but they are wasting their time.

    569. Tina says:

      John Ocasio-Rodham Nolte
      Can’t wait for the media to blame Trump for giving Paul Pelosi Monkeypox.

    570. Bitterlaw says:

      Apparently, walking 12-15 miles over 3 days was not a good idea for my diabetic feet. Only one oozing bloody wound so it could be worse. IPad also cracked. And TSA treated me like a criminal for having 2 insulin pens and screw on syringes in my pocket. They asked why I did not pull out syringes. I said there was no problem in any airport I have ever been and did not want to risk them stabbing themselves. Had to have chemical swabs of hands.

      On the plus side, we won $200 on last pull of slot machine. Finished $40 ahead for the trip.

    571. Phil says:

      Always good to get out of Vegas in the black, bitter.

    572. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – True. Of course, the co-pay for my podiatrist surgeon tomorrow will be at least $40. Bitter luck does not last long.

    573. Tgca says:


      RACIST comment!


    574. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Biden Job Approval:
      Approve 39%
      Disapprove 59%

      @trafalgar_group1,089 LV, 10/27-30

    575. Phil says:

      Of the overall disaprove:

      55% STRONGLY disaprove


      26/71 64% STRONGLY disapprove


    576. Gordon Allen says:

      Phil. On that your wrong. DeSantis will and is running for a host of reasons.
      And will win.
      We don’t have a ” divine right ” of Kings Kings”,or hereditary inheritance to office here.
      I find it offensive really that some think Trump is ” entitled “.
      I can say this as someone who supported him as President strongly.
      I no longer do.

    577. Gordon Allen says:

      This is so silly.Trump didn’t have this connection to working class voters in Michigan, PA in 2014 when he was just a TV personality,and Billionaire real estate developer.
      It is now 2014.
      You ” earn” that connection by campaigning there.
      Good lord. This should be obvious.
      And by delivering in office.
      This mystical belief in Trumps sole and unique ability alone to ability to get working class votes is completely unfounded.
      Candidates simply have to convincingly reach out to them.
      The Rodney’s, and McCain types never tried. That’s all.

    578. Phil says:

      I like DeSantis as a governor. I believe he has a chance to be President some day. I don’t think Trump has a “Devine right” to anything. I DO believe he will have to work to get working class votes in the Midwest. They won’t flock to him automatically. Right now if DeSantis ran in the primaries he would carry the college educated Republican voters over Trump narrowly but lose the working class overwhelmingly.

      Again, I like DeSantis. I absolutely LOVE Kari Lake. In the same mold as Trump and DeSantis with regards to playing offense and not backing down to the MSM. Unlike the typical establishment Republican afraid of his or her own shadow and scared of what the MSM might say, all three stand up. They have some guts.

    579. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here come more rescue polls. These Senate polls from Nate Cohn(NYT)/Siena College show a Blue Wave. Arizona–51-45 Kelly(D) over Masters(R)
      Georgia–49-46 Warnock(D) over Walker(R)
      Nevada– 47/47 between CCM(D) and Laxalt(R)
      Pennsylvania– 49/44 Fetterwoman(D) over Oz(44)

      Last week, Cohn did likewise with four(4) Congressional seats and the results were similar—A BLUE WAVE!!!

    580. Phil says:

      Candidates simply have to reach out to them (working class voters)

      I couldn’t agree more, but I want to see it first. You are right about Romney and McCain. They didn’t reach out. Want to know why? It was because they looked down their nose at them ala Robbie, our favorite poster. A lot of establishment types in the Republican Party do that. Working class voters aren’t stupid. They see it.

    581. Phil says:

      Utter crap from Cohn. What’s worse is he knows it.

    582. Phil says:

      Just looked at the final NYT/Siena polls from 2020. Biden vs Trump.

      Missed Florida by 6 pts
      Missed Ohio by 9
      Missed Pa by 5
      Missed NC by 5
      Missed Michigan by 5

      Want to guess which way they missed in all five states?

      Yeah, you got it.

      Garbage and they know it – and don’t care. They have a narrative to push.

    583. Phil says:

      Furthermore, regarding their Georgia poll – quick, someone needs to pass on the good news to Chuck Schumer because, apparently, the internals he’s been looking at must be dead wrong. Lol

    584. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #590- Phil
      100% agree. Remember, last week in the KS-3 race, Upshot had the Democrat +12. On its face that is preposterous.
      The 6 pt. spread in the AZ race is clownish.

      Phil, I cannot find the crosstabs to these races, if you can, please post the link(s) here. Thanks. Sheeple

    585. Phil says:

      Oh, and let me add Arizona to the 2020 NYT/Siena clusterf*ck. Just found this one. Their final poll had had Biden carrying Arizona by 6 pts. The state was carried by Biden by 0.3 percent. Almost a 6 pt miss.

      Well, at least Cohn’s pet pollster is consistent straight across the board.

    586. Hugh says:

      The rescue polls to try and save the base begin. The lesson here is if you’re gonna tell a lie tell a big one. For those of you who bet on predictit this a good time to buy in again.

    587. jason says:

      Candidates simply have to convincingly reach out to them.
      The Rodney’s, and McCain types never tried. That’s all.”


      Neville Allen is really king of the simplistic, sophomoric and superficial analysis. I wonder if he read that garbage in a magazine.

      All it takes is “trying”? None of the R candidates ever tried to win WI, PA, and MI?

      Trump won because he had the right message.

      Neville Allen says there is no “inherited right to office”. He is right. But by the same token, there is no inherited right to the working class vote.

      If DeSantis wants to make the same inroads that Trump did in OH, PA, WI, and MI then he will have to earn it.

      As Phil says, at the moment there is evidence he has done so.

    588. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      So if today’s Upshot polls have any merit, the GOP has a better shot in WA State than in PA and AZ. Absurd!

    589. Phil says:

      Siena’s samples are always too educated, too metro – they don’t reach enough working class and rural voters. They know this but cycle after cycle never attempt to correct the problem. They just continue to crank out the same BS numbers.

    590. Phil says:

      I’ll stick with Baris’ numbers. Go with the track record.

      Take Pennsylvania for instance.

      In 2016, Baris’ final poll had Trump carrying Pa by 1

      Trump carried Pa by 1

      In 2020, Baris final poll had Biden carrying Pa by 1

      Biden carried Pa by 1

      He now his numbers say Oz is up 2.2

      That’s all I need. If he’s wrong he’s wrong….but based on the track record who you going to believe? Him or outfits like Siena or Quinnipiac.

    591. DW says:

      There are two reasons for these NYT/Siena polls.

      1) Give cover in case Democrats in Philly, Phoenix, Atlanta or Las Vegas which to cheat and stuff the boxes with invalid ballots.

      2) Provide an alternative to Trafalgar and Big Data so that other pollsters can herd to NYTimes poll instead. Its all about the expected breakdown of the electorate. They are trying to convince other pollsters to see a 2018 turnout that is heavy D.

      Imagine how bleak this would seem if we didn’t have Trafalgar and Big Data, along with Wick Insights, Insider Advantage, and others.

    592. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      New OHPI poll in Arizona

      Kelly: 48%
      Masters: 46%

      Lake: 49%
      Hobbs: 47%

      Fontes (D): 48%
      Finchem (R): 42%

      Mayes (D): 45%
      Hamadeh (R): 42%

    593. DW says:

      And 66% of the PA poll done by NYTimes/Siena was PRE-Debate, meaning its extra worthless.

    594. Tina says:

      Looks like we have lost momentum as the drats are surging due to Maga Hammer and the assault on Pelosi,

    595. DW says:

      lol Tina, and of course the Siena polls must be really skilled because they were all completed BEFORE the Pelosi attack. So they anticipated the reaction that would result from an attack that had not yet happened.

    596. DW says:

      And of course these Siena polls have been done for a while now, 4 days to a week and they only now release them, first thing on a Monday morning to increase their exposure at the top of news cycle to start the work week.

    597. Tina says:

      Dw, we are losing now due to Hammerpox.

      Another infectious disease “created” around an election.

      This time not Made in China.

    598. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Hi Tina:
      The field dates for these polls concluded prior to the Pelosi underwear incident– 10/24-10/26/2022!
      Of note, a poster on another blog claims that Fetterman’s polling, which was running about +8 in the Upshot Poll before the debate last week collapsed to +2 after the debate.

    599. DW says:

      And here is what it does to the incumbent metric:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 46.0
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5 (was 46.4)
      AZ: Kelly 47.6 (was 46.8)
      NH: Hassan 48.7
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 49.7
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    600. Tina says:

      The ktvu news channel has retracted the claim that Maga Hammer was in his underwear. Ktvu was the channel that originally reported this,

      It seems like the SFPD have also “corrected” several initial remarks about this matter.

      Perhaps, some of this was due to sketchy details, etc. I get that.

      I also know that Piglosi is in full CYA.

      We won’t know the full details until after the election.

    601. Tina says:

      I am sure the Hotline Squish does not like to report this.

      Quote Tweet

      Josh Kraushaar

      “In a sign of how close the New York governor’s race has gotten, the Democratic Governors Association filed paperwork in recent days to form a super PAC in New York that will prop up Ms. Hochul on TV and try to stave off losses further down the ballot.”

    602. Steant1965 says:

      A quick comment on the AZ poll. Last poll in the beginning of the month had Kelly up 13. Masters is now within 2 of him. Incredible comeback for Masters.

    603. bartman says:

      The Washington Post:
      U.S. workers have
      gotten way less
      productive. No one is
      sure why.
      Bosses and economists are
      troubled by the worst drop in
      U.S. worker output since

      Do they really need ME to tell them?!?!

      Manufacturing productivity is stable. Obviously people have become way too comfortable working remote. I’m seeing it everyday.

    604. Phil says:

      Baris says Georgia is all Hershel Walker. The only question is whether he wins without a runoff but even if it goes to a runoff Baris says Walker absolutely wins. He was definitive about it on Friday.

      Oh, but Baris is a rightwing hack. He’s biased. He’s a MAGA clown as Robbie likes to say.

      A little history. He polled the Senate Georgia runoffs. This biased MAGA clown’s final numbers showed both Purdue down to Osoff and Kelli Loeffler down to Warnock by identical 47-44 numbers. Does that sound biased? He said just before the runoff that Purdue and Loeffler had no chance based on his polling. Purdue lost by 1.5 and Loeffler lost by 2. If anything, he slightly overestimated the Democratic margin by a point or so. The guy has his political views but he keeps them separate from his polling results. He likes to get it right and has every incentive to do so. He makes his money polling for clients. The more accurate the more clients and the more $$. The media polls? They have no incentive. They provide the results the leftist media outlets desire and those same outlets will rehire those polling firms regardless of accuracy. No incentive whatsoever to get it right.

      On Georgia Baris said in advance of the runoffs that there were about 300,000 Republicans that were not going to vote in central and southern Georgia and that Purdue and Loeffler were doomed. He called it exactly right. Now? His polling is showing those voters are coming out. Warnock is toast.

    605. DW says:

      Just as important as any other poll of an actual race…

      Biden Approval – Trafalgar Group

      Approve 39%
      Disapprove 59%

    606. Tgca says:

      I think the SFPD looks incompetent.

      They keep changing the story.

      There is NO reason they should not be releasing the facts, as they know it. This is not rocket science!

      They are quick to report on other incidents but this one they can’t even get the basic facts out?

      Until someone shows me a pic of the perp without underwear at the the scene, I’m inclined to believe the perp was wearing underwear.

      Who doesn’t wear underwear except maybe the free ballers?

    607. JeffP says:

      612…Baris is the total package. History & trends, in depth knowledge of each state he polls, data analysis, objectivity. He is my go to person every election cycle.

    608. Hugh says:

      Where is Polaris and Ron burgundy when we need them??

    609. Tina says:

      Julie Kelly ??
      SCOOP: Reliable sources tell me Steven D’Antuono, current head of Washington DC FBI field office, will retire at the end of November.

      The timing likely related to GOP inquisitions into FBI corruption. Hope @JudiciaryGOP sends preservation notices……
      Show this thread

    610. DW says:

      ARIZONA – Senate

      Kelly 49%
      Masters 49%

      Fabrizio, Lee & Associates

    611. jason says:

      I thought the Dems were pro-immigration…

      Replying to
      As a lawyer Im going to do research to see if @elonmusk
      in any way lied on his application for US citizenship. I’ll be making a FOIA request for his immigration application. If he lied anywhere on application we will move to strip him of US citizenship. Stay tuned.”

    612. jason says:

      There is NO reason they should not be releasing the facts, as they know it. This is not rocket science!”

      Where are the body cams? And the home surveillance videos?

    613. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason,let’s stop arguing

      Let’s wait until May 2024 to see who the GOP nominee is. The results will speak for themselves.
      As will the results of ” working class” actual vote comparison 2 years apart in Florida . They will speak too.
      Incidentally, one of Trumps strongest appeals to the working class was anti free trade w China. I thought you favored free trade.

    614. Tina says:

      The actual 911 call should be released.

      There is no way the guy got past security in front, motion sensors, and alarm.

    615. Cash Cow TM says:



      11 anti TRUMP, anti GOP

      2 anti TRUMP, anti GOP

      11 sports headlines
      Clearly, a break in the ranks.

    616. Tina says:

      This leak proves that Ukraine is a negative as I suspected. Specifically, the open ended and wreckless $$$ being spent. Perhaps why the trump Rs are doing better than the gop-e candidates.

      Quote Tweet

      Alex Thompson

      Biden lost his temper, the people familiar with the call said. The American people were being quite generous, and his admin…working hard to help Ukraine, he said, raising his voice, and Zelenskyy could show a little more gratitude. h

    617. Tgca says:

      Per Zogby:

      There is “very little wiggle room,” in this year’s midterm elections, so anything can happen between now and Election Day

      I’m not betting the farm on anything for Tuesday, Nov 8…

      You start with 42-43% who just absolutely hate Joe Biden and 40-43% who absolutely hate Donald Trump. There’s very little wiggle room between them.”

    618. Hugh says:

      Hey mr zogby. I thought Biden was president

    619. Tina says:

      Political Polls
      Georgia Senate:
      Walker (R) 46% (+1)
      Warnock (D-inc) 45%
      Oliver (L) 5%
      Georgia Governor:
      Kemp (R-inc) 51% (+7)
      Abrams (D) 44%
      Hazel (L) 2%

      @universityofga/@AJC, 1,022 LV, 10/16-27

    620. DW says:

      Warnock slipping into more dangerous waters…

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 45.8 (was 46.0)
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 47.6
      NH: Hassan 48.7
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 49.7
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    621. jason says:

      Not that anyone doubts Ralston is a Dem hack but he gives himself away a couple times today in his blog.

      “The firewall is at 8.7 percent, which is nearly a point below the Dem reg edge. That is a danger sign, but it actually is comparable to 2018 at this time.”

      “If either Stave Sisolak or Catherine Cortez Masto lose the rurals by 50,000 votes – hardly out of the question — it’s going to be a long night Nov. 8.”

    622. jason says:

      Jason,let’s stop arguing”

      Huh, no, there is no free lunch here. GFY

      Let’s wait until May 2024 to see who the GOP nominee is. The results will speak for themselves.
      As will the results of ” working class” actual vote comparison 2 years apart in Florida . They will speak too”

      No, you moron. The Fl dynamics are different then the Rust Belt. DeSantis is the Governor of Florida, so people will judge him on his record there. Has nothing to do with the working class vote in Youngtown Oh or Erie Pa.

      “Incidentally, one of Trumps strongest appeals to the working class was anti free trade w China. I thought you favored free trade.”

      EXACTLY. Thanks for making my point. I don’t support Trump’s AFL-CIO agenda of stupid trade wars and tariffs. But his demagogic narrative did appeal to blue collar voters the the rust belt, no doubt.

      I fully understand most R voters have bought into Trump’s protectionist and isolationist rhetoric. It is the main reason I no longer identify with the party and quit the party in 2016. But I also understand Trump’s message was successful, both can be true.

    623. jason says:

      You start with 42-43% who just absolutely hate Joe Biden and 40-43% who absolutely hate Donald Trump. There’s very little wiggle room between them.”

      That election happened in 2020.

      This is 2022, and the Dems are running on Biden’s policies.

    624. jason says:

      Biden lost his temper, the people familiar with the call said. The American people were being quite generous, and his admin…working hard to help Ukraine, he said, raising his voice, and Zelenskyy could show a little more gratitude.”

      Zzzzz…… again, helping the Ukraine is in OUR INTEREST too.

      Gratitude for what? Keeping the Russians from recreating the Soviet Union, which would cost the US trillions?

    625. jason says:

      Jack Sterne
      Not that this will stop the MAGA trolls, but I’m obviously refering to the anti-Semitism that is core to today’s GOP.

      Zeldin pretended he was moderate—but he’s just an extremist & openly embraces fringe elements like DeSantis (whose quote is anti-Semitic).”

      Who knew DeSantis was a “fringe element”?

    626. Tina says:

      Rob Reiner Warns Trump ‘Directly’ Responsible For Attack On Paul Pelosi: ‘He Must Be Indicted And Never Be Allowed To Hold Office’

    627. DW says:

      I am sure that Mr. Reiner would agree that Obama was ‘Directly’ responsible for the guy who shot up the GOP baseball practice. And that guy, like the Pelosi attacker was a far left kook.

    628. Wes says:

      Going by Reiner’s logic, I must assume Biden was DIRECTLY responsible for the attempted assassination of Lee Zeldin.

    629. Phil says:

      Well, folks. I see one of the left’s favorite pollsters has done the expected. All year they’ve run poll after poll showing Democrats well in the lead in their generic ballot. Exactly one week ago they had it at D+4. Now, all of a sudden as we get to the election they SUDDENLY release a poll one wk later showing Republicans up +2. Why, it’s a miracle!

      Carry water for Democrats to help ramp up enthusiasm for Democratic donors, depress Republican enthusiasm and fund raising, and then at the end after they’ve done their job, herd at the end so they can say “see, we weren’t that far off” to try and stave off embarrassment.

      Same old pattern cycle after cycle after cycle……

    630. DW says:


      NEW YORK

      Hochul 46%
      Zeldin 45%

    631. Tina says:

      Cut their budgets Rs in congress.

      Greg Price

      The FBI and DHS were working directly with tech companies to police what information the American people could see during the 2020 election. But if you say it was rigged, you’re a dangerous election denier and if you protested it on J6, you earned a one way ticket to the gulag.

    632. Tina says:

      Gubment corruption.

      Greg Price

      The FBI and DHS were working directly with tech companies to police what information the American people could see during the 2020 election. But if you say it was rigged, you’re a dangerous election denier and if you protested it on J6, you earned a one way ticket to the gulag.

    633. NYCmike says:

      “Cut their budgets Rs in congress.”

      -Director: jason, Bitterlaw, You’re on!

    634. NYCmike says:

      The FBI and DHS need MORE MONEY! If you say otherwise, you are a Putin toady and appeaser!

    635. Chicon says:

      On the “defund the FBI” issue, I agree with Jason and NYC; serious change needs to occur in that cesspool, AND the law enforcement functions of the FBI cannot be eliminated. So, the question is what, specifically, can a GOP Congress do (assuming they really want to) to effectively address the use of the FBI as a political enforcement organization?

    636. NYCmike says:


      First thing I would do, as with most other government office locales, is re-locate the headquarters out of D.C.

      CDM also had some suggestions that jason had thought were worth considering. jason, you recall what they were?

    637. Bitterlaw says:

      616. They are busy. Polls don’t reweight themselves.

    638. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      Kyle Morris


      NEW: Per an ICE source, Fox News’ @BillFOXLA reports that David DePape, the individual accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, is currently in the U.S. illegally as a “longtime” visa overstay.

    639. DW says:

      Tina, if that’s true that DePape is an illegal, then that’s why its all gotta be hushed up until after the election. An illegal attacking the spouse of the Speaker of the House?

    640. Chicon says:

      NYC, I was inquiring about what a GOP Congress can do, starting in January of next year. Your idea, which I like, is an executive function; and I don’t see Joe doing it.

    641. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason. You ALWAYS sound so insecure.
      How about we wait and see what the actual results turn out to be.
      I have my view; you have yours.
      Like your invincible 190,000 Spartans, er Russians overrunning Ukraine??
      Trump will not be the GOP nominee. How about we await the actual results.
      If I’m wrong,I will admit it.
      If you are,will you?
      A simple Y or N will suffice.

    642. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      From Tom Beven at Real Clear Politics:

      More on NYT/Siena polls. Biden’s approval in each state is

      Arizona: 36%
      Nevada: 38%
      Georgia: 39%
      Pennsylvania: 42%

      So, NYT has Kelly running 15 points ahead of Biden’s approval, Warnock +10, CCM +9, and Fetterman +7.

    643. Tina says:

      Biden’s Beotch will ensure that this rammed through.

      Michael Tracey

      Now the amount of Ukraine war funding that could be rammed through Congress during the lame duck could be as much as *$60 billion*

      Recall, the amount of “aid” given to Ukraine in 2022 is *already* higher than the amount given to any country in a single year since South Vietnam

    644. NYCmike says:

      “Your idea, which I like, is an executive function; and I don’t see Joe doing it.”

      -Good point.

    645. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is a just-released Jon Ralston propaganda poll of the Nevada races. As you would expect, it has the Dem. Governor’s candidate ahead by 4 and the Senate candidate up by 2. A few things:
      1- A week before election day and the number of undecideds are 15% in the Senate race. The Dem. is ahead 43-41.
      2- There is no PID
      3- The head-to-heads are in the middle of the crosstabs after many other questions are asked. This is poor technique.

    646. Hugh says:

      While he did post that poll on his Twitter account, In fairness to he seems to be trashing that poll. Given I have had to stomach his Twitter account for the last several elections he seems very less like a cheerleader. I actually thinks he sees the writing on the wall

    647. Tina says:

      Or he knows fraudulent ballots will come to the rescue.

    648. Michael says:

      There’s a structural problem I see with the PA and GA polls…many show 20-30% of black vote going to the R candidate (see: Trafalgar, Emerson, InsiderAdv) and 2020 showed in those states, roughly 8% to the senate candidates on the right and 10% to Trump. I want to flag that

    649. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This is likely the most accurate poll of the Utah Senate race.

      UTAH POLL:

      @MikeLeeforUtah 49%
      @EvanMcMullin 39%
      Someone else 4%
      Undecided 4%

    650. jason says:

      I would not be surprised if Walker got 20% of the black vote in GA.

      Also would not be surprised in a 50% increase say from 10 to 15% of the black vote going to Rs.

      I think any poll showing 30% is unrealistic.

    651. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #656- Michael The last I looked, GA GOP candidate Hershel Walker, is a Black man. Second, PA Blacks may not like the idea that in his heart, Fetterwoman , is a Liberal racist who hunted down a Black man with a gun for sport. Lastly, go FL-G Yourself!

    652. Tina says:

      Also, blacks and Hispanics are suffering the most from the Biden economy/inflation.

      Inflation is quite “taxing.”

    653. Michael says:


      On your team. I’m flagging it bc I want Baris to talk about it. I suspect you’re right about Walker getting 20% of the black vote but it’s not historical. My guess is we land around 15-17%

    654. Phil says:

      Yep, last time I looked Walker was black.

    655. Phil says:

      15-17 looks pretty realistic.

      That would be enough, BTW.

    656. Michael says:

      I agree with you all but the same numbers apply to fetterman / Oz and kemp

      I want to see a trash liberal poll show an uptick in black support bc my guess is they won’t

    657. Cash Cow TM says:

      Who did it?
      Was it Col. Mustard in the library with a rope?
      Was it Professor Plum in the bedroom with a knife?

      it was David Depape in the living room with a hammer!

    658. jason says:

      Pelosi’s attacker is an illegal…

      NEW: Per ICE source, David DePape, the suspect accused of beating Paul Pelosi in his home with a hammer after breaking in, is currently in the U.S. illegally as a “longtime” visa overstay.

    659. Michael says:

      I think 17%, when crunching numbers, can get us over 50% in GA

      I’m looking at early vote turnout by race and comparing it to 18/20 and it strikes me that more black voters are voting as a percentage of the total voted but that isn’t necessarily a win for D’s if we tick up to 15-20%

    660. Phil says:

      Of course during the press conference his immigration status was not mentioned. I’m shocked.

    661. jason says:

      I think Michael’s point is well taken.

      However, if it is consistent among many polls it might be realistic to believe that at least in GA (Walker is black) and PA (Fetterman not that popular with blacks) the R black vote might exceed the national average.

    662. jason says:

      Also, blacks don’t have to vote R to hurt the Dems chances. All they have to do is not show up.

    663. Gordon Allen says:

      #661. A white guy in Florida got 17% of the Black vote in Florida in 2018.
      I’d be very disappointed if Walker can’t do a lot better in Georgia in 2022.

    664. jason says:

      On the “defund the FBI” issue, I agree with Jason and NYC; serious change needs to occur in that cesspool, AND the law enforcement functions of the FBI cannot be eliminated. So, the question is what, specifically, can a GOP Congress do (assuming they really want to) to effectively address the use of the FBI as a political enforcement organization?”

      Defunding the FBI is a stupid idea, because the law enforcement functions are essential. In addition, if the leadership is not changed, fewer resources might just mean they continue as before and make cuts elsewhere in the organization. If Rs reduce funding, they will be blamed for any terrorist attack or major crime that occurs, it is not a politically viable strategy either.

      Not sure what power Congress has to mandate changes in the FBI leadership. Major changes will only occur when there is R President to put in a Director that will make those changes.

      However, a R House and Senate, even just a R house, can hold hearings and lay bare to the the American public what went on. It can keep the spotlight on the present leadership for the next two years, and that may limit their ability to pursue partisan activities.

    665. Cash Cow TM says:

      True The Vote leaders are currently in jail in TX.
      Long story, but read to the end.

      Walt met with some True The Vote people in D.C. sometime between 2012 and 2015. Several congressmen also came by–including Rep. Jason Chaffetz and 3 or 4 other congressmen from MI and other places and Walt was introduced to them.
      The feature speaker to the small group (maybe 30 people in attendance) was Anita Moncreif, former ACORN worker turned whistleblower.
      The focus of the presentation and following discussion was illegal activities of ACORN and illegal voting happenings.

      “Federal marshals escorted the leaders of True the Vote out of a Houston courtroom on Monday morning and into a holding cell. Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have been held in contempt of court for refusing to release the name of a person of interest in the defamation and computer hacking case against them, who they claim, without proof, is a confidential FBI informant.”

      “Konnech, the election management software company at the center of those claims, filed a federal lawsuit in September alleging that True the Vote’s viral social media campaign targeting the company’s founder and CEO, Eugene Yu…”

      “In podcasts and interviews, Phillips described a dramatic night in early 2021 in a Dallas hotel, where a man he later identified as Mike Hasson revealed what True the Vote has said was hard evidence of Konnech’s alleged influence on the 2020 election.”

      The involvement of a third man was unknown until a Thursday hearing, when Konnech’s attorney’s pressed Phillips for additional information about what Phillips claimed was an hourslong Konnech research session in Dallas that night. On the stand, Phillips revealed that another “analyst” was present in the room when Hasson allegedly offered evidence he’d uncovered about Konnech, showing the company had stored American poll worker data on a server in China. Neither he nor Engelbrecht would release the third man’s name, saying he was in danger from “drug cartels.” ”

      “Yu was arrested in his home state of Michigan on Oct. 4 before facing charges in Los Angeles County, where he was briefly held on house arrest. He has now posted bond and returned to Michigan with an ankle monitor.”

      “Yu is facing felony charges of grand theft by embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office said Yu and Konnech violated the company’s contract with Los Angeles County by illegally giving contractors in China access to data that was supposed to be stored only in the United States. Yu has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, arguing that even if the charges are true, they aren’t criminal. Los Angeles prosecutors have acknowledged receiving an early tip from Phillips.”
      So officials have arrested two of the True The Vote leaders.

      And they arrested one of the guys that worked for the firm “Kontech” for storing sensitive data in China. The guy they arrested and is facing trial in CA is Yu.


    666. DW says:


      Vasquez (D) 44%
      Herrell (R) 54%

      Emerson college

    667. Bitterlaw says:

      I did not follow the Pelosi story while I was away. I’m fine with that.

    668. jason says:

      According to Amoral Scumbag, Mike Lindell convinced the nudist hippie who thought he was Jesus Christ to attack Nancy Pelosi.

      So you didn’t miss much.

    669. jason says:

      Jason. You ALWAYS sound so insecure.
      How about we wait and see what the actual results turn out to be.
      I have my view; you have yours.”

      Huh, no.

      You are free to air your views. I am free to point out how stupid they are.

      I hope that is clear.

    670. jason says:

      Like your invincible 190,000 Spartans, er Russians overrunning Ukraine??

      Like you asinine prediction that the Russians would NEVER invade, unless everyone was crazy?

      Yeah, that was pretty stupid.

    671. jason says:

      Trump will not be the GOP nominee. How about we await the actual results.

      WTF? I never said Trump would be the nominee. I said to win the GE, DeSantis will need the blue collar vote in swing states in the rust belt.

    672. jason says:

      If I’m wrong,I will admit it.”

      So far you have been wrong just about on every issue, have not seen you admit it yet.

      Ok, that does it for Neville Allen’s post, we can move on.

    673. jason says:

      Trump finally endorses Bolduc.

      Is Amoral Scumbag going to say it is because Bolduc will win anyway?

      Or will he say Bolduc lost because of Trump?

      Hint: will be one or the other.

    674. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Deeply concerning information coming out about the government and tech working together to censor content:

      Docs show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions.
      Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation
      Lee Fang

      FBI agent Laura Dehmlow was in communications w Facebook that led to the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 over the false allegation that it was “disinfo.” This year, she met w/ Twitter/DHS to stress “we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.”

      Facebook and Twitter created special portals for the government to rapidly request takedowns of content. The portals, along with NGO partners used to censor a wide range of content, including obvious parody accounts and content disagreeing w gov pandemic policy.

      The emails and documents show close collaboration b/w DHS & private sector. Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde (fired by
      last week) met monthly with DHS to discuss censorship plans. Microsoft exec texted DHS: “Platforms have got to get comfortable with gov’t”

    675. Phil says:

      Wow. Baris just went off on Nate Cohn and Politico on his Twitter account in response to their tweets about his polling. Holy sh*t. Me thinks they just messed with the wrong MF. He literally ripped them a new A Hole. Highly entertaining. About time someone just came out and told the polling industry how it is. Haven’t ever seen that side of Baris before. Loved it.

    676. Phil says:

      “Will be one or the other”

      Oh, you can count on that. Lol

    677. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Hey—sorry you lost your job b/c of the vax that doesn’t work and your grandmother died alone and you couldn’t have a funeral and your brother’s business was needlessly destroyed and your kids have weird heart problems—but let’s just admit we were all wrong and call a truce, eh?”

    678. JeffP says:

      685 That is a Boom! This red wave could be bigger than what we might think.

    679. Phil says:

      No red wave, Jeff. Haven’t you seen those historically accurate NYT/Siena polls that Nate Cohn laid on us today. Lol

    680. JeffP says:

      Phil definitely listening to Baris during lunch tomorrow…can’t wait.

    681. Tina says:

      It would be nice if Desantis and Hee haw endorse and rally for Zeldin.

      If they have already done so, I missed it. Maga Hammer/Pelosi has caught my attention the last several days.

    682. Phil says:

      Come on, Skippy. Don’t bring that Trafalgar garbage over here. Just because Cahaly got the governor’s races in New Jersey & Va right on the number doesn’t mean he knows how to poll. Obviously just blind luck. Nate Silver and Nate Cohn say so. I’m waiting on a REAL poll of NY from someone like Quinnipiac or Siena. Solid track records, baby.

    683. Paul says:

      If Republicans win, my mule is going to poop on all of your lawns.

    684. Phil says:

      Jeff, I don’t think he does the podcast on Tuesday. You’ll have to wait until Wed. However, he and Barnes will be doing their “What are the Odds” show tomorrow evening. I’m sure he will have plenty to say then.

    685. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      690. Speaking of Pelosi:

      Pelosi knew the guy. Well no, he didn’t. There were 3 people there. No, two. Both guys had hammers. No, only one hammer. Both of them were in their underwear. No, just Pelosi. Is it a surprise we don’t believe the narrative when the facts must be heavily edited to conform to it?”

    686. NYCmike says:

      Just to clarify – over a week ago, I said 55 Senators and over 240 House seats.

      Let’s git ‘er dun!

    687. jason says:

      If NYC is right I will send him 5 lbs of scrapple.

    688. NYCmike says:

      Jump on the bandwagon, llama-lover! These wheels are rollin!!

    689. NYCmike says:


    690. NYCmike says:


    691. NYCmike says:


    692. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I have never known Trump to be humble, but he is in the E-mail requesting a donation:

      *It’s President Donald Trump.

      Time is running out and I NEED to know that I have your support.
      It’s the only way we will SAVE AMERICA.
      This November it is FREEDOM versus TYRANNY.

      I’m humbly asking for your support and contribution of any amount.

      We’re in this together, Friend.”

    693. Steant1965 says:

      News on Twitter right now: Libertarian candidate in AZ will be dropping out of the race and endorsing Masters. Let’s see if MSM treats him like the hero they just treated that independent candidate in PA who dropped out and endorsed Fetterman. Doubtful. But this is a good development in a close race.

    694. Gordon Allen says:

      Jason. Your memory has failed you.
      I said the Russians could never successfully invade and occupy Ukraine with only 190,000 troops,if only because they didn’t have the necessary force to space ratio.
      About 1250 times or so.
      I was right, you wrong
      DeSantis ‘s entire program and philosophy is aimed at the working class, from which he came,unlike Trump.

    695. Gordon Allen says:

      Tina. DeSantis did more than endorse Zelden he flew up to NY Saturday night to campaign w him on Long Island.

    696. jason says:

      I said the Russians could never successfully invade and occupy Ukraine with only 190,000 troops,”

      Nah, you are a pathological liar.

      You said the Russians would NEVER invade with that few troops, period. “Successfully” my ass.

      Nobody here ever claimed 190k troops were enough to occupy all of Ukraine, straw argument.

      You were wrong, and won’t admit your magazines and video games were wrong too.

    697. jason says:

      DeSantis ‘s entire program and philosophy is aimed at the working class, from which he came,unlike Trump”

      Zzzzzz… so the only people that can attract working class people are politicians from the working class?

      Is that really what you will go with?

      I hate to tell you, but just every Dem politician that has cornered the blue collar vote is from wealthy backgrounds. Or do you think the Kennedys were working class? Al Gore? John Kerry? Did Obama ever have a real job in his life? You are an idiot.

      Again, there is ZERO evidence so far DeSantis appeals to working class voters in the midwest and rust belt the way Trump does.

      Just because DeSantis might have a working class background, only an absolute moron would think that automatically gets him the working class vote.

    698. jason says:

      The L candidate dropping out in AZ is big.

      Yes, still on ballot, some people have already voted, etc.

      But it gives Masters some press and momentum and remember Trump “lost” AZ by 10k votes. This endorsement will be worth more than that.

    699. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here are the crosstabs for the just-released Wall Street Journal National Poll with a PID of D+2. the results of the questions in #25 probably tell the story of this election. The highlights are:

      Biden is underwater in his approval/disapproval by 12 pts.
      The CGB is R+2 after being D+3 in August

    700. jason says:

      I actually hope Trump doesn’t run and DeSantis is the nominee. The main advantage besides having a lot less baggage is that DeSantis could be there for 8 years. Plus I think DeSantis is more of an ideological conservative than Trump.

      But I have reservations about his appeal to the right demographics in the right states I think he needs to win.

      If Neville Allen cannot cope with that, he can GFH.

      Actually, he can GFH anyway.

    701. jason says:

      Looking at the crosstabs. Some interesting numbers.

      Most important issue for you.

      Equality/LGBT – 0%

      Abortion/women’s rights/Supreme Court/Pro-choice 9%

      Which party has better abortion policy D-43 R-31
      neither 13.

      Better economic plan for people like you R 43 D 38

      Better inflation plan R 48 D 27

      Reduce crime R 43 D 29

      Secure the border R 49 D 21

      Major causes for division in the country

      Media 69%
      Negative campaigns 41
      Social media 64

    702. jason says:

      That crosstab shows the fallacy of running just on abortion.

      Dems have a measly 12% lead on an issue that is the most important for less than 10%.

      Only 43% even agree with Dems that their abortion stance is the best.

    703. jason says:

      Also remember these opinions are national.

      If you go to swing states, the R advantages will be even more skewed towards Rs.

      In my view, this is a really bad poll for Dems.

    704. Chicon says:

      713 – also, in most/all of those swing states, Biden is far under water. This means that it is likely that a big % of late deciding voters will go away from the D’s.

    705. jason says:

      Evidently to get the L support in AZ Masters had to agree to publish a 20 minute conversation he had with him.

      Hopefully, Masters did not agree to anything too radical he can be beaten over the head with, it would negate the effect.

      But since Masters agreed to it as a pre-condition, he probably did not say anything stupid.

    706. Country Dick Montana says:

      Far be it for me to throw gasoline on the jason/gordon fued, but US New and Worl Report just ranked Lancaster and Yark, PA ahead of Naples as best places to retire. Harrisburg, Reading and Allentown were also in the top 10.

      Sorry Gordon.

    707. jason says:

      Right. Biden is underwater nationally by 12. But that includes CA, MA, MD, DC, WA, etc. where he is down by less.

    708. jason says:

      Bittersville did not make the top 10?


      Also never heard of Yark, PA.

    709. Country Dick Montana says:

      York, PA

    710. jason says:

      I got it, CDM, just joking.

      Here is some Halloween humor.

    711. DW says:

      Was talking to an 84 year old man who is now a widower and trying to make ends meet, and so I asked him how the solution to inflation proposed by the Democrat Candidate for Governor of Georgia would work out for him. I asked him how getting an abortion would help bring down his costs. He of course laughed.

    712. jason says:

      “I’ve said from the very beginning that the reason I’m running for senate is to promote and get us in the direction of freedom and peace and civility,” Victor said in a YouTube video announcing his endorsement.

      Victor said at one point in his video, “[Masters] really is — in his heart and in his mind — he’s in favor of doing everything he can to get us very sternly, very smartly in the direction of ‘live and let live.’ And that seems like a good tradeoff to me.”

    713. jason says:

      Neither Good or Bad Philadelphia made the list, huh?

    714. DW says:

      Phil, or any other follower of Baris, do you know a good page where it summarizes all his polls for this cycle? He is of course not listed on 538, and RCP doesn’t include him either for some reason.

    715. jason says:

      Is the election near?

      Silverhack just moved Rs to 50/50.

    716. jason says:

      At Predictit the same people who said Victor would cost Masters the election now say his endorsement doesn’t matter.

    717. Phil says:

      DW, you know, I’ve looked for one central location for a listing of his polls myself and have yet to find one. He does three levels of polling – private polling for congressional and statewide candidates, Peoples Pundit Polls which are financed by contributions from followers and other smaller outlets, and Big Data polls funded by media outlets like the Epoch Times. He releases the last two categories publicly on his twitter account and goes over them in depth crosstabs included on his podcasts.

      Yes, his polls have been banned by 538 (for obvious reasons by Silver the hack) but RCP will be including his polls next cycle. They just couldn’t ignore his track record any longer. He has a good relationship with Tom Bevin who has written several pieces praising his work.

      His locals site has linked to six pages of crosstabs and methodologies from his just completed Pennsylvania poll. I paid particular attention to those since his 2016 Trump +1 and 2020 Biden +1 were smack dab on the number. He obviously knows what he is doing in that state.

    718. Chicon says:

      I thought I read here (mostly from Fly Boy) that the Trump-ridden GOP had no chance of getting back the suburban vote….

      “The GOP has seen a shift in its favor among several voter groups, including Latino voters and women, and particularly white suburban women. That group, which the pollsters said makes up 20% of the electorate, shifted 26 percentage points away from Democrats since the Journal’s August poll and now favors the GOP by 15 percentage points.”

    719. Phil says:

      I know this isn’t a big deal or much of a shock, but I like to keep everyone informed on what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

      The University of Houston Texas Poll was just released:

      Abbott 53
      Beto 40

      Their last poll at the end of August was 49-42.

      Beto raised thirty million from his true believer coastal elitists. We here in Texas appreciate the lefty money released into the Texas economy. Much appreciated.

    720. jason says:

      Abbott winning big will kill the “Texas is going blue” narrative.

      Hope it happens.

    721. Chicon says:

      Phil, while we all know the outcome of that race, it is good to see the recent trend because it matches a similar trend throughout the country.

    722. Phil says:

      My thoughts as well, Chicon.

    723. JeffP says:

      693 Yes your right on tonight with Baris Phil. The World Series will be on mute then 🙂

    724. Phil says:

      Kamala stumping today for Democrats in…. Boston?

      Obviously, they don’t need her in Massachusetts. a pretty good guess is that they are just trying to keep her out of the way. If you didn’t think even Democrats believe she is a liability this is your answer.

    725. JeffP says:

      Tudor Dixon keeps on rising in the polls. That’s awesome. She is one sharp likable charismatic naturally beautiful woman that is for sure.

      I know some of the Muslim leaders in Dearborn are supporting her. That could cut into some Whitmer margins in Wayne County. I also think she will do well (better than 2020 Trump) in Oakland County with suburban families. Margins in Macomb will be fantastic.

    726. Cash Cow TM says:



      11 Anti TRUMP, anti GOP

      9 Anti TRUMP, anti GOP

      That is all, except…





    727. Phil says:

      Roberts blocks handing over Trump tax returns sought by House Democrats. The stay is temporary while the Court considers the merits. Still, I doubt the left expected this.

    728. JeffP says:

      The Wicked Witch of the Midwest was at 44 in the IA poll. That would spell doom for her if true. Trafalgar had 48…so average that…even at 46 she is in serious trouble. I guess the RCP projection might be correct. Losing Gov in MI and NY would be major blows for the Woke Commie Dems.

    729. jason says:

      Dem hack is worried…

      Jon Ralston
      For those wondering, I just confirmed that there is no backlog of mail waiting to be processed. This is not a good scenario at all for Dems, unless USPS not processing fast enough.

      No massive Clark mail as in 2020. As I have said, this is an apple, other cycles are oranges.”

    730. JeffP says:

      Ralston is hilarious in his agony. I can’t wait to see how the Latino vote went in NV.

    731. Tina says:

      The libertarian candidate has dropped out of the senate race and endorses Blake masters.

      He was polling up to 6%.

    732. jason says:

      Ralston hasn’t given up.

      Could be the mail is slow.

    733. Phil says:

      The hacks at the Cook Political Report have just quietly moved 10 blue state House races in the Republican direction.

      The usual last week herding by DC prognosticators and pollsters to avoid complete embarrassment after carrying Democrats’ water all year long.

      Happens every cycle does it not? So predictable.

    734. jason says:

      So if you can pick 3 tight races that you would really really want to win, what would they be.

      For me:

      1. Oz…I don’t want to have Fetterman as a senator..geezus

      2. Tudor Dixon.. would be epic to see Whitmire lose….what a horrible woman

      3. Walker… the antithesis of the suburban country club elitist Republicans… and endorsed by Trump….a big FU to Amoral Scumbag’s “hand picked” “brokered convention” “quality” candidates.

    735. Tina says:

      Why is the department of injustice involved in the pelosi matter so close to an election. It further proved that the agency is political.

      Maybe charges are warranted but they have not investigated anything.

    736. Hugh says:

      I respect Ras polling but what is with his Biden approval ratings?? Something has been adrift for a while.

    737. jason says:

      Scary people actually believe this crap…

      “I’m beginning to think Democrats made a mistake banking on Latinos. Between here, Texas, and Florida, they are not showing up when needed. I guess given their tendency to vote fascist in their own countries, it shouldn’t be surprising”

    738. jason says:

      I never voted fascist in Chile, just to be clear.

    739. jason says:

      Ok, besides the 3 tight races, which of the “impossible” races do you want to win, only can pick one

      1. Bolduc
      2. Zeldin
      3. Smiley
      4. O’Dea

    740. Hugh says:

      Bolduc. That is a seat we can hold until I’m dead and I’m 64. The others will likely flip in the next election

    741. Brandon says:

      Bolduc, as he would have the best chance to retain his seat in the next cycle. The others would be one-and-done.

    742. dylan says:

      749—I’ll take Smiley. Murray is revolting.

    743. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #746- Hugh
      Maybe Rasmussen(less) sold to the same Company that purchased The Drudge Report.
      Today, Ras has Biden’s approval rising to 46%, tied with The Economist/YouGov polling for the highest.
      I bet that Ras,too, has been having trouble picking-up the “shy Trump voter”.

    744. Chicon says:

      Three tight races…

      1. Kari Lake
      2. Masters
      3. Michels (WI Governor)

      I want some hell raisers….


      Patty Murray losing.

    745. jason says:

      I don’t consider the Lake race tight. There are 2 polls showing her up double digits.

    746. Chicon says:

      Fair point on Lake. I’ll substitute Two Door Dixon.

    747. Phil says:

      At this point Democrats desperately need a mass school shooting to change the narrative before next Tuesday. Maybe they can pay someone to do it.

    748. jason says:

      Watch the segment on inflation. Unbelievable this guy is considered apt for the senate by “his doctors”.

    749. jason says:

      At this point Democrats desperately need a mass school shooting to change the narrative before next Tuesday.”

      You mean the nudist “Jesus Christ” nutjob attack on Paul Pelosi didn’t do it?

    750. jason says:

      OMG, this might be the game changer..

      “ABC News
      Travel time to abortion facilities has quadrupled post-Roe, study finds
      Tue, November 1, 2022 at 11:00 AM

      The amount of time women will have to travel to receive an abortion has quadrupled from about half an hour to nearly two hours since the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade this summer, a new study finds.”

    751. jason says:

      This is CNN…

      “Americans should consider purchasing smaller breeds of household pets and feeding them an “insect-based” diet to help curb their alleged influence on the climate, according to a CNN article that circulated on social media last week. The recommendation comes as activists have ramped up calls to normalize bugs and synthetic meat not only in pet diets but in human diets as well.”

    752. GF says:

      Silverhack finally puts the Senate at 51% GOP odds.

    753. Tgca says:


      I posted this over a week ago in the last thwed dude! You need to pay attention!

      OMG! These Bishes are crazy!

      In support of the environment, climate change activists suggest feeding your pets insect diets instead of meat diets.

      Adopt smaller pets like rodents instead of dogs too.

      Choose small breeds if you must have dogs.

      So what I’m hearing is organized genocide of dogs, specifically larger breeds and forcing them into unnatural diets that could have detrimental impacts on their health and life span.

    754. jason says:

      Still shows 50/50 to me, but my Internet is delivered by stagecoach.

    755. jason says:

      I posted this over a week ago in the last thwed dude! You need to pay attention!”

      Yes, but people read what I post…

    756. JeffP says:

      Ralston…the Clark County USPS must be waiting on the ballot harvesters to drop off at least another hundred thousand or so mail in ballots!!!

    757. jason says:

      I suggested some guinea pigs as “pets”.

      My wife vetoed the idea because she thinks I will eat them.

      I have no idea why she would think that…

    758. Gordon Allen says:

      Has the Trafalgar Poll with Zeldin at 48.4% and Hochul at 47.6% been previously been posted?

    759. Tgca says:

      The AZ libertarian candidate dropping out a week before the election is a perfect example of why early voting is a bad idea.

      Those voters that voted early and for him have their vote invalidated if their intentions were to benefit him or the Dems.

    760. Chicon says:

      It has been awhile since New York City has needed to cheat to win elections; I wonder if they are up to speed on the new methods. We’ll see soon.

    761. Tgca says:


      Agree its a silly argument to make that a politician must be from the working class to attract the working class.

      I would add FDR to that list. A wealthy man elected 4 times representing the working class.

    762. Tina says:

      Now faux news warns of an Iranian attack (unspecified) on us.

      Biden’s friends.

    763. jason says:

      Remember, Ralston pretends to be non-partisan….

      “Sure, it’s possible that voters will see down-ticket that some of the GOP candidates are unqualified and/or unhinged and Dems could still win. But these numbers are not good for Dem incumbents at the top of the ticket.

    764. Wes says:

      Actually, Tg, the 2000 election is the best example of why early voting is a bad idea. A lot of people who had cast their votes for GWB already said they would have switched their votes had they known about the DUI. Although EV wasn’t as big a part of voting then as now, it certainly affected the outcome of the presidential race that year.

      John Fund covers this in his 2004 book Stealing Elections.

    765. Wes says:

      Zeldin gets an endorsement from a Hassidic group that’s otherwise endorsing Democrats this year:

    766. Brandon says:


      New Hampshire (Saint Anslem)

      Bolduc(R): 48%
      Hassan(D-Inc): 47%

      Sununu(R-Inc): 55%
      Sherman(D): 37%

      Leavitt(R): 51%
      Pappas(D-Inc): 42%

      Kuster(D-Inc): 50%
      Burns(R): 42%

    767. Brandon says:

      45% for Pappas, not 42%.

    768. DW says:

      And for those keeping a box score at home, that’s the first Bolduc lead.

    769. Tina says:

      Bolduc needs
      Is the same day registration as issue ?

      Did the governor do anything about it.

    770. DW says:

      Am tempted to move Bolduc up a notch…will wait for more polling:

      49 – Wisconsin – Johnson
      50 – Pennsylvania – Oz
      51 – Georgia – Walker
      52 – Nevada – Laxalt
      53 – Arizona – Masters
      54 – New Hampshire – Bolduc
      –obviously much less likely:
      55 – Colorado – O’Dea
      56 – Washington – Smiley
      57 – Connecticut – Levy
      58 – Illinois
      59 – Oregon
      60 – New York

    771. DW says:

      Prior Saint Anselm poll was

      43/49 for Hassan. Huge swing.

    772. Tina says:

      The candidates are doing a great job tagging the drats with crime, masks/Covid lockdowns and vaccines for school age children.

      See Zeldin.

    773. Chicon says:

      Tina, those are all bad candidates.


    774. jason says:

      Ralston “non partisan”?

      “Sure, it’s possible that voters will see down-ticket that some of the GOP candidates are unqualified and/or unhinged and Dems could still win. But these numbers are not good for Dem incumbents at the top of the ticket.

    775. jason says:

      Huh, I didn’t think that had posted. Oh well, enjoy it twice.

    776. jason says:

      I love the sound of A-holes going BOOM in the afternoon…

    777. jason says:

      If Hassan is really at 47% this late in the game she is in big trouble. Hard to see undecideds breaking for her.

    778. NYCmike says:

      Agree with Hugh and Brandon about Bolduc.

      A Zeldin W would be great, but he would not make much of a difference in NY for the long-term, unless he goes scorched earth right away and things turn out ok down the road.

    779. DW says:

      Hassan now in the territory where a loss is possible.

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses

      GA: Warnock 45.8
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.5
      AZ: Kelly 47.7 (was 47.6)
      NH: Hassan 48.3 (was 48.7)
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 49.7
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    780. Wes says:

      I despise Hassan. I’d love to see Bolduc beat her as revenge for her ouster of Kelly Ayotte.

    781. Wes says:

      It’s highly unlikely to happen, but I’d love to see both Bennet and Murray fall along with the Senators Republicans have more realistic shots at defeating.

    782. DW says:

      And just for the record, Saint Anselm polled at the same time of year in 2020:

      Corky Messner (R) 39
      Jeanne Shaheen (D) 54

      Actual results:

      Corky Messner (R) 41.0 (+2)
      Jeanne Shaheen (D) 56.6 (+2.6)

      Pretty close to spot on.

    783. NYCmike says:

      All of a sudden Wes is a Bolduc cheerleader…….amazing such a transformation… a Nate Silver-type transformation.

    784. NYCmike says:

      Schumer must really despise Hassan…….s/

    785. Tina says:

      Regarding Bolduc, it would be nice if desantis and hee haw endorse.

      If they did I missed it.

      Desantis can help.

    786. Tina says:

      Calling Gretchen dimwit names is not helpful. The fib won’t like it.

      Remember During her lockdowns she banned growing your own vegetables.

      Now the Covid commies want an amnesty.

      Phuq all of them.

    787. Wes says:

      Mikey’s a liar too, as is typical.

      I’ve never been–and am not now–a cheerleader for Don Bolduc. However, I have repeatedly stated my loathing for Maggie Hassan. Unfortunately the Schumer-backed Don Bolduc is the only person this year who can send her packing from Washington. As such, I have no choice but to hope Bolduc can win.

      Now get your head out of your ass, you insufferable moron.

    788. jason says:

      All of a sudden Wes is a Bolduc cheerleader”


      I am sure both wes and I would rather see a R win.

      I called Bolduc a deadender, but I will be happy to be wrong if he wins.

      Also, your man Schumer thought he was a deadender too, that he why he funded his primary win.


    789. jason says:

      wes, Schumer is in trouble.

      If a deadender finally wins, NYC will believe EVERY deadender can win.

      And if he thinks every deadender can win, he won’t support Schumer’s candidates anymore.

      He might stop getting coffee mugs.

    790. jason says:

      And to make it clear, I am still no fan of Bolduc, I think he is just a slight cut above moron.

      But he is better than Maggie Hassan.

    791. Wes says:

      I understand you’re an idiot, Mikey, but realistically Bolduc is more likely to vote for Schumer to be Senate Majority Leader than McConnell. He’s already promised multiple times never to vote for McConnell, and Schumer did fund his campaign. That leaves him with exactly one option to support in January assuming he wins in a week–and also assuming Bolduc isn’t lying about refusing to vote for McConnell.

    792. jason says:

      I have no recollection of Corky.

    793. jason says:


      So much for wes’s “transformation”.

    794. jason says:

      Calling Gretchen dimwit names is not helpful”


    795. Wes says:

      Thanks, Jason.

      Mikey’s too stupid to understand wanting to see Maggie the Moonbat lose is not the same as being a cheerleader for Don Bolduc.

    796. jason says:

      Dem Senate chances tanking on Predictit

    797. ken says:

      I am now predicting 6 senate seats and 45 house seats

    798. Wes says:

      We know Gateway Pundit sent Tina a list of candidates to demand Abbott and DeSantis endorse and campaign for.

    799. Phil says:

      Will Ferrell canvasses door to door in San Antonio for Beto.

      Oh no. Greg Abbott may as well throw in the towel.

    800. NYCmike says:

      It takes Elon Musk 1 million pounds of thrust to get Starship into space.

      It takes 1 comment to get Wes and jason jabbering like little school girls.

    801. Wes says:

      It takes one lie by Mikey to prove he’s an idiot.

    802. NYCmike says:

      “Yes, but people read what I post…”

      -Necessary to do that before we post the corrections……

    803. Phil says:

      R+4 is the absolute dream ceiling, Ken.

      Believe me, that would set off mass suicide by Democrats.

    804. Chicon says:

      Schumer bait is about as effective as McCain bait….

    805. NYCmike says:

      When Wes returns I’ll let you know if he landed safely or if he hit his head on the dance pole in the beasement.

    806. Wes says:

      Ah, yes. That political juggernaut known as Will Ferrell.

      Beto just has no clue of the fact that Texas is not California, has he?

    807. NYCmike says:


      -That’s the room next to the basement…..

    808. NYCmike says:

      “And to make it clear, I am still no fan of Bolduc, I think he is just a slight cut above moron.”

      -This is the same guy who still says Dubya did a great job…….

    809. NYCmike says:

      Girls, those skirts are way too high above the knees. Don’t be so BOLD-uc or else the boys will make you do a pole-dance.

    810. jason says:

      -This is the same guy who still says Dubya did a great job…….””

      Wins best non-sequitur of the month… and today is still Nov 1.

    811. Wes says:

      I have to wonder exactly how many gallons of paint Mikey drank as a kid to think 819 would make any remote bit of sense.

    812. jason says:

      Where is Bitter? Jet lag?

    813. Wes says:

      Or 820 for that matter.

    814. jason says:

      It was probably high lead content paint.

    815. Tina says:


      Wes hitting the Sauce

      He is 0-4.

      Poor Wes. Having a bad 2022 election?

    816. jason says:

      Comment at Predictit sums it up well…

      “It’s not really giving up. It’s reality. Midterms have a predictable pattern. The whole “ this time it’s different” reasoning was pure BS. Pocketbook issues will dominate and because democrats talked more about abortion and republicans being a threat to democracy it allowed the GOP to talk about pocketbook issues without a competing argument. In other words because democrats couldn’t read the room, they gift wrapped the midterms for republicans. Also elections are not won on twitter”

    817. jason says:

      Btw, just because I am supporting Vance, Masters and Bolduc, I don’t really like any of them. I supported Timken in OH, Brnovich in AZ and Morse in NH. I just like them better than the Dems they are facing.

      Of the potential newcomers to the senate, I like Walker and Oz. I like O’Dea, if he makes it. And Smiley, if she makes it.

    818. jason says:

      Oh, and if Chewbacca makes it, I don’t like her either

    819. DW says:

      that’s a great quote from predictit jason.

      I mean come on! Food prices have skyrocketed. Everyone needs food. Gas and oil prices have skyrocketed, and everyone needs petroleum products.

      Crime is out of control so people don’t feel safe.

      The border is wide open, who knows what terrorists have been let in.

      Schools are saying YOUR children belong to THEM.

      And the Democrat’s answer to these problems that THEY created is you should get more abortions and Republicans are a threat to democracy?

      Yeah, they SHOULD get crushed in the elections. Whether they will or not remains to be seen

    820. ken says:

      schumer will be nail biter

    821. NYCmike says:

      Who said anything about liking them?

      The Democratic candidates support Biden, Schumer and Pelosi. That is the simple reason why the primary winner should be spoken about in a positive manner and supported. They will be better than the Democrat.

      Hopefully, you and Wes-con will learn a valuable lesson.

    822. Tina says:

      Remember I am sent by gateway pundit and I said racist things about Biden’s beitchs wife according to juvenile Wes.

      At least bl apologized for that as the remark came from someone else.

    823. Wes says:

      Poor lying Tina, who literally posted a link showing Mitch McConnell had made a judicial recommendation to Biden and then lied claiming McConnell had helped Biden scuttle the nomination.

      Too many limoncellos because McConnell hasn’t been burned at the stake, Tina?

    824. Phil says:

      Well, well

      Nate Silver just updated and has Democratic chances down to 17% of holding the House. On October 1st he had it at 32%. He’s doing what he always does. Over selling Democratic chances most of the year in order to help Democrats fund raise and to depress Republican fundraising and support. In other words, Nate Silver was doing the job he’s been given each and every cycle. Now, it the usual pull back at the end in order to try to be able to tell everyone that “see, I didn’t get it that wrong”.

      Oh, and he just now dropped the Democratic chances of holding the Senate down to 49. How convenient after carrying water for Democratic chances all summer and early Fall. Silver is not a pollster. Silver is not a prognosticator. Silver is a propagandist.

    825. NYCmike says:

      I think Wes is sniffing the massage oils too often……

    826. Phil says:

      Masters, Vance, Bolduc in the Republican caucus would be Mitch’s nightmare. Walker too except I think McConnell believes he can control Hershel and he’s probably right. At least Lake ran for governor instead of the Senate. He really wouldn’t be able to shut her up.

    827. Tina says:

      You said I made a racist remark.

      2 weeks to prove it and you cannot.

      Still waiting

    828. DW says:

      From RRH:

      “Leading election expert” Rachel Bitecofer offers us her expertise:
      “Democrats are poised to do something that has only been done twice in 50 years: disrupt a midterm effect. Can’t tell you what it took to bring us to this position, keep hammering Republicans HARD.”
      BlueWave Alert. LOL!

      Two options:
      1) She is full of it, and its a red wave.

      2) She got a glimpse of the memo showing how they have already stolen the election, with ballots already in place and ready to be counted along with the votes of rubes who vote on election day and are still under the illusion its a clean process and no fraud.

    829. DW says:

      Update on the key incumbent indicator:

      Incumbent polling – wins/losses going to back to 2010
      Below 43: All Lost.
      43 – 44.9, 3 Wins and 6 Losses
      45 – 46.9, 7 Wins and 3 Losses
      47 – 48.9, 13 Wins and 3 Losses
      49 or above: All Won.

      GA: Warnock 45.8
      NV: Cortez-Masto 46.0 (was 46.5)
      AZ: Kelly 47.1 (was 47.7)
      NH: Hassan 48.3
      IL: Duckworth 49.5
      CO: Bennet 49.5
      FL: Rubio 49.6
      WA: Murray 49.7
      WI: Johnson 50.8
      OR: Wyden 51.0
      CT: Blumenthal 52.7
      NY: Schumer 52.7

    830. Tina says:

      New thread