Trump Dominates GOP Field for 2024

    I hope everyone is enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend holiday as much as Donald Trump is when he saw the new poll from Emerson College released the day before Thanksgiving that showed him leading the Republican race for 2024.

    Donald Trump 55%
    Ron DeSantis 25%
    Mike Pence 8%
    Ted Cruz 3%
    Nikki Haley 3%
    Larry Hogan 1%
    Josh Hawley 0%

    Interestingly, Trump and DeSantis are basically even with each other when it comes to their respective strength against Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden (D-inc) 45%
    Donald Trump (R) 41%

    Joe Biden (D-inc) 43%
    Ron DeSantis (R) 39%

    This poll was done November 18-19 among 1380 registered voters and 614 Republican primary voters.

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    1. Bitterlaw says:


    2. Tgca says:

      Dos Bebe! Dos!

    3. Tgca says:

      Why must I always follow in the footsteps of my good friend Bitter.

      I hate him!

      I’m so jealous!

    4. Tgca says:

      I think it’s ironic that Paul Ryan thinks the GOP can’t win with Trump and he calls Trump a loser of 2 elections.

      If I recall, Paul and Romney couldn’t close the deal and lost to a very beatable Obama in 2012…and that was before the Dems were able to manipulate voting like they did during the pandemic.

      The House was also lost under his leadership.

      So tell us again Paulie who was the loser in 2 elections.

      Trump arguably won in 2020 if not for voting irregularities in a few states.

      Trump was NOT on the ticket in 2022.

      Paul Ryan was on the ticket in 2012 and leader of the House in 2018 when he incurred losses so why should anyone listen to him.

    5. Tgca says:

      Happy Sunday!

      Jesus says it’s time to get out of bed and enjoy the day. It’s gonna be 85 today. 79 already.

      Only 28 days until Christmas!

      I’ll put up my wish list later so y’all have ample shopping opportunities.

      Now who has put up their Xmas tree already?

    6. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Please read the below essay by Maureen Dowd’s conservative brother. It is an annual thing. He speaks for me! Basically, Trump did good things as President especially stopping the Clinton dynasty and establishing a conservative Supreme Court. That said, Trump’s “bad” character has disqualified him from future nominations and the younger generation of GOP hopefuls must rise now.

      My top three GOP favorites at this time for the 2024 Presidential nomination are, in order of preference; Ron DeSantis(FL), Kim Reynolds(IA) and Greg Abbott(TX). There is no Republican in Congress in the top ten of mine.

    7. Tina says:

      Yeah, more taxes, more illegals, more open borders, climate change, and more bowing to the Ccp = Paul Ryan’s. “conservative” vision.

    8. Tina says:

      Good point.

      John Fund

      Rep.-elect John James (MI) and Rep.-elect Wesley Hunt (TX) are close friends and are first two Black graduates of West Point to enter Congress. They are even from the same class! Both Republicans. No surprise there have been almost zero national media profiles of either or both.

    9. jason says:

      Donald Trump 55%
      Ron DeSantis 25%”

      Let the TDS morons continue to make the case that the Golden Calf doesn’t need Trump’s base or the working class vote to win a GE.

      Let the TDS morons keep making the case a GOP civil war is a great idea.

    10. jason says:

      Two big upsets in the WC today.

      Costa Rica 1 Japan 0 (Costa Rica had lost to Spain 7-0 and Japan had beaten Germany 2-1)

      Morocco 2 Belgium 0 (Belgium one of tournament favorites)


    11. Tgca says:


      Sorry Sheeple! A lot of RINO talking points from Dowd’s brother. Sounds like something Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney would author.

      Trump did not lose the Senate! The poor McLeadership strategy, significant outspending by Dems, and Dem voting tactics that outsmarted the GOP AGAIN lost the Senate. Had the GOP been on equal playing field in all these, they would probably have win the seats they lost by closer margins.

      DeSanctimonius did not simply win the Floreedah house seats any more than Zeldin simply won the NY seats. The GOP benefitted in both states by redistricting that was rubber stamped by the courts.

      Florida is a red state and DeSanctimonius benefits greatly from that just like Newsom benefits in CA.

      DeSanctimonius is just as toxic as Trump in many areas of the country because like Trump, he is narcissistic, thin-skinned, defensive, vindictive, and can’t help mocking others that disagree with him.

      DeDanctimonius has an easy task in Floreedah because everything is handed to him on a platter by a near supermajority in the legislature, GOP appointed judges for 2 decades, and almost complete control of the statewide offices for years up through 2022. It’s like having your dad own all the businesses and property in a small town and you run for office. The God’s deeply favor you.

      DeSanctimonius inherited this all from previous Gubbernors. Lil’ Marco, a powerhouse in Floreedah GOP politics for over 20 years won by an equal landslide. He did not need DeSanctimonius to win by that margin.

      DeSanctimonius major accomplishments in Floreedah have been:

      Don’t Say Gay bill
      Bringing down woke Disney

      He has no other major accomplishments he shepherded through that benefits everyday Floridians that he can run on in a national GE that would attract people.

      His effort on COVID was below average to average, as his team tries to rewrite history about that as he kept the state locked down through mist of 2020 and then delayed businesses opening with his executive orders and policies that paid people to stay at home through most of 2021. He also has the largest COVID mortality per capita of any large state, surpassing both CA and NY.

      My concern in anointing him as a “superstar” as Dowd suggests sets him up for a big downfall once he has to go out beyond the Floreedah borders and try to deal with the working class with his Country Club Republican persona. He is not a charismatic speaker. He sounds more like an accountant or prosecutor in his delivery. Remember when the GOP dud the same with another powerhouse Gubbernor from TX, Rick Perry? OOPS! That did not work out so well, did it?

      You guys are making the same mistake Dems did with Hillary by anointing a guy not tested among the voters yet and the GOP did with Rick Perry and Scott Walker.

      …and puhleez don’t give me the crap about the Latino vote in Floreedah for him because Latinos in many other states differ than those in Floreedah, just like the working class does.

      Also, it was the RNC that opened up offices in Floreedah a year in advance to pilot programs in Latino communities to register and sell them on GOP ideas, something I’ve been calling on for years, and DeSanctimonius had nothing to do with that and greatly benefitted from it.

      So do I think DeSanctinonius is a good Gubbernor and competitive candidate for 2024. YES!

      Do I think DeDanctimonius is likely to win in 2024? Not yet! He has tremendous amount of work to do to see if he appeals to others outside Floreedah and if he can handle 24/7 criticism that he is shielded from in Floreedah.

    12. Tgca says:


      Sorry for the my shortened post on my EXCELLENT analysis on DeSanctimonius but I gotta go take my pooch for a shot at the vet this AM.

      Shhh! She doesn’t know it yet. She loves her car rides but has no idea that it’s simply a means to an end.

      Later Ladies!

    13. jason says:

      Yeah, let’s keep promoting Paul Ryan as “adviser” for the future of the GOP.

      Let’s keep attacking working class voters as “low info”, stupid and deplorable.

      Let’s keep pitting “the enlightened suburban Rs” against the “uneducated masses” who don’t know what is good for them.

      Let’s keep pretending the Golden Calf doesn’t need the working class vote, all he needs is a slice of them combined with some wine sipping suburban women and voilá he can win with no message and no strategy besides “hey, I won big in FL, isn’t that enough for you idiots”?

      That is going to bring so many dividends.

    14. jason says:

      Dowd’s brother wants to relive a GOP that no longer exists.

      Good luck with that drivel.

    15. jason says:

      Now who has put up their Xmas tree already??

      I asked my wife where is the Xmas tree?

      Does that count?

    16. jason says:

      Donald Trump 55%
      Ron DeSantis 25%
      Mike Pence 8%
      Ted Cruz 3%
      Nikki Haley 3%
      Larry Hogan 1%
      Josh Hawley 0%”

      Amoral Scumbag to talk about Nick Fuentes in 3, 2, 1….

    17. jason says:

      Maybe at some point the TDS morons and R elitists will realize that attacking Trump and his voters is a negative for the Golden Calf, not a positive.

      The 2022 elections should have been a warning that the Dems are united and the GOP is not.

      But I doubt it.

    18. Bitterlaw says:

      Why is supporting somebody other than Trump automatically “attacking” the working class? Unless a candidate actually disparages working class voters, how are they attacking them?

    19. jason says:

      It is not a question of supporting another candidate.

      Just look at the comments here and in the media.

      The TDS morons and R elitists think that in order to promote the Golden Calf you have to destroy Trump and his base.

      Do you really think conservatives are unified on anything? There is any kind of common purpose? There is any agreement on having a winning coalition to win the GE?

      What I see is a GOP civil war promoted by those who want to go back to a GOP that no longer exists instead of building a lasting base. ‘

      I don’t see any other other outcome than a weakened candidate in 2024 and probably loss.

      The GOP is going to squander its greatest opportunity to build expand its base in decades by engaging in self destruction.

    20. Bitterlaw says:

      I am glad that Jason finally agrees that the 2024 nominee will need Trump’s voters AND TDS morons AND R elitists AND every other R voter Jason hates to win. 2 more years of Biden should make that possible.

    21. jason says:

      Unless a candidate actually disparages working class voters, how are they attacking them?”

      Taking their vote for granted and calling them low info voters is attacking them IMO.

      You can disagree.

    22. Meldrim says:

      Economically assisting Ukraine to repel the Russian invasion is the smartest and cheapest way to use our defense budget:

    23. jason says:

      2 more years of Biden should make that possible.”

      Zzzzz…. it won’t.

      The last 2 years won’t be any different than the first 2 years, and still the divided GOP didn’t win.

      From the looks of it, those that want to exacerbate those divisions have the upper hand.

      I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.

    24. jason says:

      ND every other R voter Jason hates”

      Wow, wins the intellectual dishonesty award for the month.

      All the hatred and disdain displayed towards Trump and his base but I am the one who hates GOP voters?

      I am the one tirelessly advocating for a big tent R party that encompasses new demographics but I hate GOP voters?

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    25. jason says:

      I love it here.

      The tiny tent Rs sure love GOP voters (if they are the right type)

    26. Bitterlaw says:

      21 Which candidate is doing that?

    27. jason says:

      REPORTER, yesterday: “Mr. President, USA tied with England. Any comment on the draw?”

      *blank stare*

      *20 seconds later*

      BIDEN: “Is the game over?”

    28. Bitterlaw says:

      I literally just posted that the Republican Party has to expand to include every voter, including Trump’s base of support, receptive to it and Jason accuses me of intellectual dishonesty.

    29. jason says:

      21 Which candidate is doing that?”


      There is only one declared candidate.

    30. jason says:

      Jason accuses me of intellectual dishonesty.”

      You said I hated GOP voters, which you know is a lie.

      You know I have been advocating for an expanded GOP base for years here.


    31. jason says:

      I literally just posted that the Republican Party has to expand to include every voter”

      Zzzzz… empty words.

    32. Bitterlaw says:

      “Empty words” means “Bitter is right” but omitted where Bitter said the GOP also needs Trump’s voters in order to create a division between Jason and Bitter that does not exist.

      Translating Jason is surprisingly easy.

    33. Robbie says:

      Scott MacFarlane

      “Heart of darkness”

      Former VP Pence aide Marc Short talks about Trump on CNN

      “Since the election in 2020, (Trump) has descended deeper into the heart of darkness. It’s another reason why I think Republicans are looking in a different direction in 2024.”

      – Jason fraud’s list of disloyal Republicans just gets longer and longer.

    34. jason says:


      Pence is a spineless wonder and that is why he will NEVER be President.

    35. jason says:

      Donald Trump 55%
      Ron DeSantis 25%
      Mike Pence 8%”

      Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

    36. jason says:

      Empty words” means “Bitter is right” but omitted where Bitter said the GOP also needs Trump’s voters in order to create a division between Jason and Bitter that does not exist.”

      F–k off.

      You ooze insincerity, you say you “want the Trump base” but yet you defend the TDS morons that attack it.

      As usual you want to straddle everything and wallow in the mushy middle.

      We don’t agree at all on what a winning coalition for the GOP should look like. Not one little bit.

      So you can take “there is no division” and shove it.

    37. jason says:

      Donald Trump 55%
      Mike Pence 8%”

      Looks like most Rs think Pence’s “heart of darkness” idiocy is a crock of crap.

    38. jason says:

      Croatia 2 Canada 1


    39. jason says:

      Bitter hardest hit.

      “21 Which candidate is doing that?”

      “Since the election in 2020, (Trump) has descended deeper into the heart of darkness.”

      So Bitter, you think that unites the party?

      Yes or no?

    40. Tina says:

      Is the demented one awake?

      Can he or the chia pet comment on the protests in .China?

    41. jason says:

      Maybe someone should remind spineless weakling Pence that Biden is the President.

    42. jason says:

      I can’t think of anyone who went from a VP in great position to become leader of the party and heir to the Presidency to political irrelevancy faster than Mike Pence.

      Or that deserved the political irrelevancy more.

    43. Tina says:

      Marc Short falsely accuses Gaetz of being guilty of sex trafficking.

      He is a loon like his bff, Cheney

    44. jason says:

      Mike Pence doesn’t have to agree with Trump. I think he did the right thing on Jan 6.

      But Trump made him VP and he owes Trump a depth of loyalty that comes with the job.

      The fact he wants to be on TV trashing Trump with cheap shots like “heart of darkness” says a lot about HIS character, and it isn’t good.

    45. Tgca says:


      I agree with my good friend Bitter that supporting someone else other than The Great Trump in itself is not attacking certain voters but the problem with the RINOs and those with TDS, they routinely attack Trump voters.

      For example, calling people that follow Trump a “cult” and then saying “how do we convince those voters to consider others like DeSanctimonius” is in itself attacking the voters they want and need.

      Me thinks Ryan, Mittens, and Lizzie are not going to convert many voters by referring to them cult followers.

      I dunno about you but I think being referred to as a cult follower is just a tad bit insulting but maybe that’s just me and I’m being overly sensitive.

    46. Tina says:

      The problem with pence is that he promised a response to the 2020 election shenanigans. He made his statement in Georgia the day or days before J6.

      Then, as trump was still speaking, he gave his written remarks that he could do nothing as Vp.

      He could have given the statement the night before, the morning of, days before, etc. His remarks were untimely.

    47. Tina says:

      His remarks also inflamed eveyrhing.

      I would like a true j6 investigation with Piglosi, the fib, Antifa leaders, etc. all under oath.

    48. Tgca says:


      The last two years showed that the Dems can win or cut their losses in even the most trying times caused by their policies by convincing people socialism is good and rigging voting.

      The country has changed!

      It appears maybe the majority, if not a significant percent of young people identify with socialism than capitalism thanks to all you parents that failed to invest the time and energy to combat the bombardment of messaging leftists used to indoctrinate your children. You sat by and let them get the upper hand, just like in rigging voting.

      When many parents and teachers believe:

      1. guys with penises are the same as women
      2. drag queens performing promiscuously lewd in front of grade school kids is a fun and learning extracurricular activity
      3. exposing kindergartners to sexually explicit topics
      4. advocating for adolescents to take puberty blockers and have genitals mutilation and breasts removed
      5. normalizing ABORTION up and through birth

      then you know the future of the country is grim.

    49. SoHope says:

      I step away for a few days and Tgca goes off the deep end. My normal response would be in anger with some choice words and mutually assured destruction, but I’m not even sure I should respond. He’s clearly a deranged and broken man. He has more baggage than the belly of a 747. The best I can do is a halfhearted GFY.

    50. jason says:

      Croatia 4 Canada 1

      Canada eliminated.

    51. SoHope says:

      National Primary Poll

      Trump 44%
      DeSantis 44%
      Undecided 11%

      1402 Registered republican voters with a margin of error of +/-2.6%

    52. jason says:

      I think killing thousands of innocent fish has left a scar on Tgca’s psyche.

      A steady diet of desiccated tree bark and tofu ragu downed with organic maple syrup also probably killed billions of brain cells too.

    53. SoHope says:

      Poll taken Nov 16-20
      And with DeSantis’s higher unknowns and him clearly being the only non-Trump and MAGA acceptable viable candidate his numbers with continue to go up. Musk’s endorsement helped introduce him to voters that don’t closely follow FL politicians.

    54. jason says:

      National Primary Poll

      Trump 44%
      DeSantis 44%”

      Yeah, this proves the Golden Calf won’t need Trump supporters if he gets the nomination.

      All he needs is a few wine sipping liberal women in the suburbs to switch to him and it is a slam dunk.

      We can move on.

    55. jason says:

      MAGA acceptable”


      Acceptable to the people you and your fellow TDS moron disparage and insult as “low info” voters?

      We will see.

    56. SoHope says:

      I may sometimes disagree with you Jason and we may trade some ad hominem attacks and a GFY here and there but in the end you’re just a guy I disagree with on the interwebs. Tgca is having a one-way blood vendetta and truth be told it’s kinda sad.

    57. SoHope says:

      I would prefer DeSantis’s path through Trump not require him having to personally go to the mat to win. There is a GE afterward and I would like a united front. Trump has no problem personally disparaging anyone in his path. I find it disingenuous criticizing me and others that do it on behalf of DeSantis hoping he stays relatively clean. Politics before Trump usually had most these kind of attacks done by wetworks political operatives as opposed to the candidate themselves that way the candidate didn’t end up slinging so much mud he looked like a mud monster himself. Trump is a mud monster and it doesn’t do oneself any favors to get in the mud with him if you can help it.

    58. Tgca says:


      I think the GOP should continue the J6C but release all the hidden info the Dems refused to release, including video showing people being invited in by Capitol police and Pelosi denying requested National Guard protection.

      Also, all Dem committee members should have their phones and emails subpoenaed as well.

      Put an end date on it and release findings within a year.

      Get the WHOLE story out to the public.

      I relish the thought of Pelosi being subpoenaed and having to testify under oath. Schiff, Cheney, and Kinzinger too. If they refuse, request the DOJ prosecute them like they did to other J6C witnesses subpoenaed.

    59. jason says:

      I may sometimes disagree with you Jason and we may trade some ad hominem attacks and a GFY here and there but in the end you’re just a guy I disagree with on the interwebs”

      Fair enough. That is why I didn’t buy into the child abuse BS.

    60. SoHope says:

      #59 I would hope not

    61. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzz You can search the Annals for years and will never find a post where I disparaged Trump’s voters or even said that Trump represents a descent into darkness. I don’t like him as a person but did not ever assign that to his supporters. I have never disparaged Trump’s voters because I was one if them. Twice. (unlike Jason)

      PA usually holds its primary too late to matter. My criteria for 2024 is very simple. Who has the best chance to win? If it is Trump, fine. If it is DeSantis, Noem, Scott, etc, fine.

    62. Tina says:

      Has fraudci/the Russian hoaxer/drats condemned the Chinese anti lock down protesters?

    63. Tgca says:


      Ha! Ha!

      SoHopeLess, the defender of those that violently abuse and inappropriately assault children”
      accusing someone as deranged when he suffers from severe TDS is comical.

      As a protege of the Grim Reaper, he comes to HHR daily to share GLOOM and DOOM and tell us we need to support DeSanctimonius, otherwise, we’re all DOOMED for eternity and then he exclaims as Paul would:

      If You Don’t Support DeSanctimonius Then You Can All Go To Hell!

      Has anyone ever seen a post from
      SoHopeLess, the defender of those that violently abuse and inappropriately assault children”
      that inspired hope or good news?

      I’d bet it would be a collectors item peeps would pay good money for.

    64. jason says:

      Trump is not going to play nice.

      But attacking him is not going to get you votes. Despite the negative barrage he still has tremendous support among Rs.

      So the challenge is to get his supporters to accept an alternative they believe will incorporate what they like about him.

      Calling him a racist and anti-semite and insurrectionist, essentially repeating the MSM talking points, only reinforces the “establishment vs. us” narrative the Trump base believes.

      In my view, a united party would ignore Trump’s negatives and emphasize his positives and his accomplishments, while making the case you can have your Trump and eat it too with the Golden Calf.

    65. SoHope says:

      We’ll get the united party after the primary. The question is how much blood needs to be shed first. Hopefully not a lot. 2020 he had a good record and was given the nomination with 98% unity. I didn’t speak out against him once and he still lost to a senile house plant

    66. SoHope says:

      He ran an undisciplined campaign, fell into a lot of the media’s traps, and discouraged VBM. In the end he could not overcome the Democrat’s banked votes.

    67. Tgca says:

      Ha! Ha!

      SoHopeLess, the defender of those that violently abuse and inappropriately assault children”
      trying to butter up Jadon and build alliances because I ripped him a new one for making a STOOPID comment that violently abused and inappropriately assaulted children just had a “rough childhood.”

      Jadon doesn’t disagree with you!

      Jadon mocks you incessantly!!!.

      Anyone here can see his posts suggest you’re a TDS loser.

      Now tell us again how children beaten bloody and to a pulp and hospitalized with stitches or teen girls raped by their mom’s boyfriends just had a rough childhood.

    68. SoHope says:


    69. Bitterlaw says:

      Every candidate should ignore Trump’s name calling and insults. Why play that game? It only serves Trump’s strategy. They should discuss why they should be President and not why Trump should not be President.

    70. jason says:

      In the end he could not overcome the Democrat’s banked votes.”

      In the end he could not overcome Dem fraud.

      Fixed it for you.

      Nobody knows how many of those VBM votes were fraudulent, but its hard to believe there weren’t at least 42k fraudulent votes in AZ, GA and WI.

    71. jason says:

      Every candidate should ignore Trump’s name calling and insults.”


      So calling Trump a racist and an anti-semite is not an insult?

      Maybe Bitter shouldn’t be calling other people clowns.

    72. jason says:

      Trump was absolutely right not to trust VBM.

      No Republican should.

    73. Tgca says:

      Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he would have to consider the validity of and House Republicans’ subpoena before complying with it.

      I guess Schiff should also consider the validity of being prosecuted and imprisoned too if he fails to comply with the subpoena, just as others were.

      Would the DOJ refuse to prosecute those for failing to respond to a Congressional subpeona just because it’s a GOP house now?

      That could set up an interesting case for suing the DOJ for abuse of power and overturning convictions of others it singled out for prosecution, and that would further tarnish the DOJ publicly when they’re already widely distrusted.

    74. Tgca says:


      There’s nothing wrong with being a clown.

      All the world loves a clown!

      Ahem. Ahem. *clears throat*

      Be a clown, be a clown
      All the world loves a clown
      Act the fool, play the calf
      And you’ll always have the last laugh

    75. Bitterlaw says:

      Considering that I have repeatedly said Trump is not a racist or anti-Semite, Jason can F off and GFH. Did DeSantis or any other likely candidate call Trump a racist and anti-Semite? If they did, it is wrong. If they did not, Jason is just being a small a-hole.

    76. Tgca says:

      Now Jesus is a tranny? WTF!

      …Dean of Trinity College, was backing up junior research fellow Joshua Heath, who displayed Renaissance and Medieval paintings of the crucifixion depicting a side wound that he likened to a vagina in front of the congregation.

      The side wound ‘takes on a decidedly vaginal appearance’

      ‘In Christ’s simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ as these works suggest the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body,’ claimed the researcher.

    77. Tgca says:


      I can see the argument that Jesus was gay or a cross-dresser because he hung out with a bunch of guys, some that left their wives, and he liked to travel around and co-habitate with all these dudes, and they all had long hair and wore dresses and sandals (Birkenstock?)

      But Jesus was a tranny?

      I’m not buying it.

      I will ask the good Lord for a sign tonight in my prayers if he was tranny or not.

    78. Tina says:

      Elon Musk

      Replying to @elonmusk and @neontaster
      Vindman is both puppet & puppeteer. Question is who pulls his strings … ?

    79. Tgca says:

      Wow! Unreal.

      JetBlue Won’t Hire The Unvaxxed, But Hired Violent Felon To Fly Planes

      Its reported a number of his co-workers refuse to work with or co-pilot with him.

      The felon, who spent years in prison but is now on probation until 2044, was accused of:

      … entered the home of a judge and beat the judge’s daughter, who was his former fiancée, with a metal baton as she left the shower. Police said that when he was arrested, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and his vehicle contained knives, handcuffs, parachute cord, a shovel, and a mask, according to the AP.

    80. Tgca says:


      Well now that I think about it, if Wobbie, with his severe TDS and rage against Trump can fly a plane, why not a violent felon who looks like he intended to commit murder if you follow the article claiming he was arrested with knives, handcuffs, parachute chord, and a shovel in his vehicle.

    81. Tgca says:

      New poll:

      Would you feel safer on a plane piloted by a violent felon who spent years in prison, or

      Would you feel safer boarding a plane in your MAGA cap with Wobbie as your pilot?

    82. jason says:


      “I guess Amoral Scumbag will be here in 3, 2, 1 to say this makes the Golden Calf an anti-semite and racist, right?

      Nick Fuentes says the details in the Axios story of his meeting with Trump are accurate. Says he told Trump that he was a hero to him, but thinks he has lost his way and that the person who he most agrees with most now saying all right ‘America First’ things is Ron Desantis.”

    83. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag is a raging psych case that should never be let near a plane. If he is still flying there is really something wrong with how the FAA detects mental illness.

    84. Tgca says:


      I’ll take that as a vote for the felon pilot over Wobbie.

    85. Tgca says:

      Serial Liar Fauci Claims Communist China’s Lack of Cooperation on COVID’s Origin is Due to Trump’s “Anti-China Approach”

      So now Trump is responsible for China being secretive and deceitful? As if they were fully transparent and open books to the world before.

      I hope they prove Dr. Fow-chee lied to Congress so he can be prosecuted and hopefully imprisoned. Let him spend his final years in a federal prison like many other of the worst arrogant corrupt politicians.

      He is partly responsible for many deaths by his incompetence and influence driven by his arrogance and ego instead of science.

    86. jason says:

      Considering that I have repeatedly said Trump is not a racist or anti-Semite,”

      Bitter only defends those that call Trump a racist and anti-semite.


    87. Tgca says:


      I like Bitter the Clown better than Pro-bono Bitter but they both have a catchy ring to them me thinks.

      But let it be known, I am the original HHR Clown just like I was the original HHR Gay Mascot before SDC tried to encroach on my territory and Michael came along in his salmon colored jacket so I will NOT be 2nd clown to anyone at HHR.

    88. Bitterlaw says:


      I don’t “defend” any poster. Since I don’t think Trump is a racist or anti-Semite, I obviously disagree with those that accuse him of those things. Some people think Trump is a negative for the GOP in 2024. Some people think Trump is a positive for the GOP in 2024. I will let all candidates make their point and see how it plays out. Trump was a good President. He can make his case for another term.

    89. Bitterlaw says:

      86 The sad little clown always leaves out the part where Trump made Fauci a household name by having him speak at daily press conferences for weeks. Trump invited him to speak. Fauci did not sneak onto the stage.

    90. jason says:

      I will NOT be 2nd clown to anyone at HHR.”

      I think the risk of that happening is low, so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    91. Bitterlaw says:

      The sad little clown is the Cal Ripken, Jr. of HHR Clowns. His streak will never be broken.

    92. Tina says:

      Rosie Memos
      If a dinner is blowing your mind go find a safe place to live in for the next two years because sh*t is just getting started. So pack it up Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.

    93. Tina says:

      Fraudcis team = the CCP.

    94. Tina says:

      Is lard arse complaining about being shorted donuts?

      Quote Tweet

      Alexander S. Vindman

      Tesla stock is plummeting, Twitter is on the verge of insolvency, SpaceX succeeded in spite of you. You have a chance to salvage your legacy. Try this as your touchstone. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. LeaDeRSHIP. #Armyvalues
      Show this thread

    95. Bitterlaw says:

      At least the Daily Mail is still covering the murders of the 4 Idaho college students.

    96. jason says:

      Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is back.

    97. Tgca says:


      Bitter with his IGORENTZ of science again like DEPRESSION IS A WEAKNESS.

      Trump did the same thing any other president would do and had his leading gubbermint subject matter expert stand up and lead discussions on the status of the crisis, as neither Pence nor Trump were qualified to answer detailed questions they would get. Deferring to your subject matter expert gives the nation confidence the crisis is under control.

      Prior to COVID, Dr. Fow-chee was used to giving updates to Congress and the media since he had previously testified to Congress over 200 times in his career so he was well known in those circles even if the general public was not aware of him.

      You always have the chief specialist in your gubbermint at the podium discussing the details in a crisis because that’s who the public wants to hear from to best understand the details.

      Just like GWB had Colin Powell get up at podiums and give briefings in his subject matter area in a time of crisis.

      Just like GHB had Norman Schwarzkopf up at podiums give briefings in that time of crisis, and the general public never heard of him before Gulf War 1.

      That’s what presidents do! They step aside and give confidence to the nation by letting the experts speak and trust in their expert advice to make decisions. Every president does that and that’s why when the advice or strategy doesn’t work out, those people get the boot.

      Except, Dr. Fow-chee was arrogant and highly incompetent in this crisis. He allowed his ego and desire for fame to get in the way what was best for the nation.

      Remember, Trump realized this by mid-summer and was looking to fire him as early as Sep 2020 but he was threatened by Senators from both sides of the aisle that they would intervene and block him before an election, and it would be disastrous so the plan was he would look to fire The Good Doctor after the election. This was widely reported on at the time and certain senators, including GOP ones were publicly warning Trump, and that’s why Trump started to reduce Dr. Fow-chee’s role.

      I am sure Reagan would also have appointed his chief virologist to be at the podium giving daily briefings in such a similar crisis as well, and would also look to fire him once he realized what incorrect advice he was getting.

      That’s how it works!

    98. Tgca says:

      This is sad!

      A mother kills her babies in shelter.

      Police: 3-Year-Old, 11-Month-Old Stabbed to Death in Bronx Family Shelter — Mother in Custody

      I’m sure

      SoHopeLess, the defender of those that violently abuse and inappropriately assault children”

      thinks these babies were just having a “rough childhood” similarly as he previously posted in another thread regarding a discussion of violent child abuse by parents.

      Yeah! I think this mother is horrible and would be better off dead after what she did. She should do society and herself a favor and kill herself. Who has a problem with that?

    99. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzz How many depositions of psychiatrists and psychologists has the sad little clown conducted? Having conducted almost 100, the consensus is that medical depression is overdiagnosed. The sad little clown knows I have admitted I was wrong many times and I live with it every day and night. That said, the DSM-V is misused and I have seen physical therapists, chiropractors, and social workers claim they can diagnose depression. They can’t

    100. Bitterlaw says:

      Many family doctors in litigated cases diagnose depression because the patient “feels sad.” Even judges who bend over to find in favor of the worker generally find that diagnosis not credible.

    101. Tgca says:


      I don’t disagree with much you say in your post. Depression comes in various levels and many use it as an excuse for bad behavior or to scam.

      I also agree not everyone is qualified to diagnose clinical depression if they’re not properly trained.

      However, that was NEVER our issue with you on depression. The issue was you mocked and ridiculed it as a weakness and not a clinical disease when any basic science major or medical professional who has taken anatomy and physiology or psychology knows that your position is blatantly false. Depression has its origin in clinical disease.

      Depression has a basis in chemical imbalances in the human body and this has been known for probably 100 years. Not everyone suffers from depression at the same level and there are contributing external factors as well that can trigger depression.

      Depression can be triggered by chemical imbalances just like cancer can be triggered by chemical signals resulting in tumor growths.

    102. Tgca says:


      Again, I am not disagreeing with oversimplification of a clinical disease and over diagnosing but that is the case with many mental disorders whether it ADD or memory disorders.

      So on that we can agree.

      But judges and lawyers are not qualified to determine it either as depression comes in many forms. Even mild depression can have a basis in chemical imbalances just like many other diseases.

      Perfect example is SCOTUS deciding in 1973 what constitutes a viable fetus in ABORTION. They were incorrect in that assessment and science and technology has shown that decades later.

    103. Tgca says:


      You realize that article is specific to a study on chemical imbalances in relation to low serotonin levels only. It says nothing about depression having no clinical basis in the human body which science knows is indeed the case.

      That’s like saying there’s no proof eating eggs contributes to heart disease and people therefore drawing a conclusion that diet does not contribute to heart disease.

    104. Bitterlaw says:

      Your absolute certainty was just undercut with a 30 second search. It happens.

      Depression killed one of the best people I will ever know. I know it is real but there needs more study.

    105. Tgca says:

      More proof Dr. Fow-chee lied and misled the public and possibly Congress and the president, as evidenced from unredacted emails acquired from a FOIA request.

      The question we need to ask is why? Why would he try to protect China and manipulate information share.

    106. Tgca says:


      What are you talking about?

      That article says nothing about depression is not a clinical disease or that chemical reactions do not control body maintenance.

      You do realize that all communication in the human body is by chemical and electrical signals and imbalances in these cause the human body not to work properly.

      It’s like expecting the air conditioning in your house to operate on its own without a power supply – a connection to a source transmitted by electrical wires currently.

      Again, you don’t understand how the basic science works or what you’re reading.

    107. Bitterlaw says:

      And you missed the part about scientists admitting that the basis of prescribing some antidepressants for decades is not supported by the evidence.

      More studies need to be done since things are less certain than you claimed.

    108. Tgca says:


      I don’t disagree on medication is not always the answer for depression. In fact, some medications work for some and not for others and that suggests the root cause of depression is not the same for all, especially since depression can occur at varying levels and have different triggers, both internal and external.

      But that’s not the issue here. You’re convoluting the science of depression and how the human body interprets it.

      My point has ALWAYS been that depression has a basis in body chemistry.

      Here’s a simple guide you’ll find in any anatomy and physiology book on how the brain works. I got this from the internet to EDUMACATE you.

      The brain sends and receives chemical and electrical signals throughout the body. Different signals control different processes, and your brain interprets each. Some make you feel tired, for example, while others make you feel pain.

      Some messages are kept within the brain, while others are relayed through the spine and across the body’s vast network of nerves to distant extremities. To do this, the central nervous system relies on billions of neurons (nerve cells).

      Without body chemistry, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be depressed because without body chemistry, the body is dead and thoughts and feelings cease.

      Get it now?

      Depression is a function of body chemistry like every other human experience.

    109. Bitterlaw says:

      Was your cited material written before or after the study that disputed what used to be certain?

      Of course, depression is complex. In fact, these studies just made it more complex and not less complex.

    110. Tgca says:

      Again, you keep on referring to just one chemical messenger-serotonin. You fail to understand that does not mean depression is not chemically controlled in the body. The articles you post are specific to serotonin.

      See my example on eggs not causing heart disease does not mean diet doesn’t cause heart disease.

      I am talking about body chemistry triggering depression. Science knows that. You keep repeating about one brain chemical and extrapolating it to all body chemistry.

      Do you understand that without body chemistry, your body is dead?

      Do you understand that chemistry controls everything in your body from thoughts to feelings to organ regulation to temperature to etc etc etc?

      There are parts of body chemistry you can consciously control and others you can’t. We know this from decades of science. It’s why some people can calm themselves and control anxiety and in other cases it can’t be controlled consciously because it’s caused by body chemistry outside your control.

      I can control feeling depressed if I drop my dinner on the floor. I can’t control chronic clinical depression due to dysfunction in chemical or electrical signals that have no external stimuli (such as loss of a loved one.)

    111. Bitterlaw says:

      Once you admit that one long-accepted theory is not true, you keep doubling down that all other theories are still true. Why did they study serotonin and depression if it was so certain an imbalance in it caused depression? Fortunately, real scientists are not like the EXPERT.

    112. Tgca says:


      It’s the basis for neurology. Synapses in the brain send signals via electrical impulses controlled by chemistry and this governs all bodily functions, including thoughts and feelings. Without this basic mechanism, the body dies.

      There are different chemicals in the brain and body. The articles you posted specifically conclude that imbalances in serotonin levels is not definitive in causing depression.

      It does not say that depression is not clinically defined or can be controlled by will alone.

    113. Tgca says:


      My point to you has always been you just can’t turn off depression with the snap of a finger. Some depression is controllable but others are not because they have a biological control such as body chemistry not working right. Therefore calling depression a weakness is biologically wrong.

    114. Tgca says:


      Again, think of my egg and diet example from earlier.

      Another analogy is auto immune disease or allergies. Most do not suffer from it in extremes but others do because their body chemistry is not regulated properly and they can’t just turn it off. You can’t just say I will not stop being allergic to pollen. It’s a chemical reaction in your body that causes the allergic response that you have no control over.

    115. Bitterlaw says:

      My niece killed herself at 25. That light is extinguished forever. Tell me what pill to take to light it again. You can’t but I’m sure you will claim having part of my soul die is just a chemical imbalance.

    116. Tgca says:


      You’re misunderstanding how the science works here and drawing conclusions those authors NEVER intended.

      Proving or disproving one singularity does not mean it applies to all singularities. That’s what you’re missing here.

      Using your logic, if they prove the human body can survive without one vitamin source does that mean it can survive without all vitamins? Of course not. We know ALL people will die without many vitamins.

      What about organs? One can live without a spleen or pancreas but does that mean you survive without all organs then? Of course not? You can’t survive without a brain or heart.

      What about drugs? We know certain dosages of a drug will not alleviate symptoms of an illness. Does that mean all dosages of that drug will not alleviate symptoms if that illness? Of course not. Often finding the right dosage for which drugs work can take a very long time.

      Science is continually studying and learning new things that clarify or disprove other things but that does not mean basic knowledge of the human body is voided.

      All those articles did was single out a specific relationship between serotonin and depression, or one singularity as I call it. There are trillions of chemical reactions in the human body taking places in brain synapses activity and those articles did not address them or intend to address them.

    117. Tgca says:


      I don’t understand where you’re getting “taking a pill to make the pain go away.”

      I NEVER said or implied that.

      Again, you misinterpret the understanding that a chemistry imbalance or body irregularity can be cured or fixed when often it can’t.

      I don’t think we’ll ever discover a pill for all ills in life. We would have to have science thrive millions of years before it could figure out how the complex human body completely works and how to remedy any defects or functional irregularities.

      Having flaws in the human body like clinical depression is no different than flaws that result in cancer or auto immune diseases. We have trillions of cells replicating in our life. Trillions of chemical signals dictating activity. It seems mathematically impossible to know exactly where something misfired that causes a specific event in a human. We can see the symptoms but often not the cause(s).

      There is NOT always a cure.

      Think about Alzheimer’s. How is it that a person can be one a shell of their former self and forget to recognize or remember people they loved? They can even forget a dead loved one which implies the pain of that loss no longer exists to them, at least consciously.

      We may have a spiritual soul but that is different than the atoms that make up our bodies and control our very physical being.

    118. Tgca says:

      By the way, if we believe in souls that are eternally existing, then we must accept they are separate from our memories controlled by our physical bodies.

      It’s why we may have no knowledge of life before our birth.

      It may be also why a baby can lose its mother at 1 month and not experience the depression that a child of 20 experiences when it loses its mother. Memories play a great role in our personal feelings of others.

      And as noted before, it can also explain why people with severe memory diseases can totally forget loved ones like spouses and children, as if they never met them.

      That is a chemical process going on in the body causing that memory lapse.

      I don’t know how the soul works but clearly it is separated from the physical function of the body and that is demonstrated by our thoughts are part of our physical structure that can be impacted by brain decay, disease, or injury.

    119. Tgca says:

      So accept that depression is a very complex disease at varying levels with varying causes both internally and externally and that it is often not within control of the depressed person.

      Some people can overcome or manage depression while others can’t.

      It’s sad but unfortunately it’s part of the human experience.

      I do not envy anyone with clinical depression, and I have known a few, even one that worked for me once that eventually had to go on medical leave because he could no longer function at work with people and it led to substance abuse and issues at work.

    120. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      I am curious if any of you can read the tea leaves in the GA Senate runoff race based on the early voting patterns. There are five days to go(thru 12/02) and so far about 180,000 early votes have been cast.
      The AA vote is running high at 46% because early voting was allowed on Saturday and Sunday(Souls to the Polls Weekend) in mostly AA areas like Fulton and Dekalb Counties.
      The 180,000 figure appears somewhat anemic compared to the same time a few months ago in November when about 1.6 million ballots had been cast at the comparable time.(At the close of early voting in November, over 2.5 million votes had been cast.)

      Who would benefit from low turnout? The below link contains a lot of good data on the GA early vote to date.

    121. Bitterlaw says:

      This is obviously Biden’s fault. The volcano knew not to erupt on Trump’s watch.

    122. Tgca says:

      So NYC says you have no right to know if a prospective tenant was a rapist, murderer, child molestor, violent assaulter, drug pusher, arsonist, bank robber, etc.

      NYC Bill that Prohibits Landlords from Checking Criminal Backgrounds Is on Track to Become Law

      According to a summary of Intro. 632, the “bill would prohibit housing discrimination in rentals, sales, leases, subleases, or occupancy agreements in New York City, on the basis of arrest record or criminal history.”

    123. DW says:

      The election is over. And there is no mathematical way Walker can win over Warnock. The margin of fraud cannot be overcome.

      Democrats are still evil for being the party that wants to pressure young boys into receiving castration and teen girls into receiving double-mastectomy.

    124. jason says:


      Volcanoes wouldn’t even be erupting if the GOP hadn’t blocked global warming legislation.

    125. jason says:

      Serbia 3 Cameroon 3
      Ghana 3 South Korea 2
      Brazil 0 Switzerland 0 halftime

    126. DW says:

      If you are a Democrat, you have two options:

      1) Be like Tulsi Gabbard and leave the party that wants to sexualize children with smut, and pressure little boys into being castrated and girls into receiving double-mastectomy.


      2) Remain in the party, granting your support and consent to the evil proposition that children should be exposed to smut, and boys should be pressured to receive castration and girls double-mastectomy.

    127. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      (High School) GA Senate Poll:

      Hot off a 100% record polling the Senate, Phillips Academy finds Herschel Walker up by 1%.

      (R) – 48% (+1)
      (D) – 47%
      Undecided – 5%
      (H/T: RRH)
      Nov 26-27, 862 LV, 3.3% MOE

    128. Tina says:

      Biden has still not condemned the ccp.

    129. Tgca says:

      Tranny freak who is in a leadership role at Energy Dept charged with theft.

      Who steals someone’s luggage from an airport?

      He should be convicted and then fired.

      He is in a high profile position at DOE and just embarrassed the Biden admin. Let’s see if they protect him.

    130. jason says:

      Brazil 1 Switzerland 0 Brazil advances

    131. Tgca says:


      Jadon is channeling his heritage and advocating Futbol in America.

      The country is changing.

      Buh-bye Football

      Hello Futbol!

    132. Paul says:

      I support evil.

    133. Paul says:

      I support only reversible evil (hormones) prior to age 18.

    134. DW says:

      Tgca, why do you continue to post as “Paul” after you exposed that you were doing it some weeks back? The game is up once you forget to change your handle as you post under a different personality.

    135. SoHope says:

      Paul might legitimately be one of Tgca’s multiple personalities. We do know psychological he is a very damaged individual.

    136. SoHope says:

      Half of this blog is Tgca just talking to himself.

      The crazy part is when he starts answering himself.

    137. Tgca says:


      SoHopeLess, the defender of those that violently abuse and inappropriately assault children”

      who has SEVERE TDS and is always pessimistic looks ridiculous trying to claim others have psychological issues.

      That’s like a hooker calling someone else a whore.

      You tried to suck up to Jadon yesterday but he still thinks you have TDS which is a mental disorder and he will continue to mock you for it.

      …and I’m not answering my own posts, I’m referring to a post because Hal kept on giving me an error message so I had to break it up into smaller messages.

      But let’s not get off topic, can I offer you a chair and some rope?

    138. SoHope says:

      2024 Pennsylvania Republican Primary

      Ron DeSantis – 45% (+5)
      Donald Trump – 40%

      Commonwealth Partners, N=639, 11/19-21

    139. Tgca says:


      Not sure what you’re referring to with Paul. He’s a long time HHR poster thats good friends with Jadon and tells people to Go To Hell.

    140. SoHope says:


    141. Tgca says:

      SoHopeLess, the defender of those that violently abuse and inappropriately assault children”

    142. Tina says:

      What more needs to be said. I told yah.

      Election Wizard ??

      FOX NEWS: President Biden’s administration is scrambling to track the nearly $20 billion in military aid it has sent to Ukraine as Republicans warn of impending audits when they take control of the House in January.

    143. DW says:

      142 – I could go back and find it, but there was a day with some Paul rants, mixed in with your comments, and then there was another Paul rant, but it had Tgca as the name, meaning you forgot to change it back to Tgca, while intending to post as “Paul.”

      You were called out for it when it happened.

    144. Tina says:
      NOW – White House is keeping a “close eye” on Twitter.

    145. Bitterlaw says:

      Handle stealing is wrong. I have not engaged in it. I did make a few posts as Wes-sexy years ago.

      I strongly suspect that Walt sometimes posts as Cash Cow but I can’t prove it.

    146. Tgca says:


      I have NEVER posted as anyone else here. Sorry! You are mistaken.

    147. Tina says:

      .@PhilipWegmann: “What is the President’s reaction when he hears protesters in China chant ‘freedom’ or ‘Xi Jinping, step down?'”

      Kirby: “The President’s not going to speak for protesters around the world. They’re speaking for themselves.”
      Show this thread

    148. Tina says:

      Biden probably has fo check with Hunter.

    149. Tina says:

      Kevin McCarthy

      The Chinese Communist Party’s lockdowns have imprisoned people against their will—many have died. As Chinese citizens bravely protest, Joe Biden & the corporate class shrug.

      Our Select Committee on China will do what Biden refuses—finally reckon with the pariah that is the CCP.

    150. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Another GA Senate poll showing a dead heat. The pollster is affiliated with Democrats. I still question its showing Democrat turnout at 20% when it is normally near 30%. FWIW!

    151. Tgca says:

      Pence: Trump Should Apologize for ‘White Nationalist’ Dinner, Denounce Their Hateful Rhetoric

      Only after Pence apologizes for being a coward and caving to RINOs, TDS, and MSM, and being the most irrelevant VP in recent history.

    152. jason says:

      Is Pence going to apologize for being an MSM tool?

    153. Tgca says:


      I beat you to it Tina.

      I posted this in 132 above.

      IT is kinda sexy though. Do all agree?

    154. Tgca says:


      …and if that isn’t sexy enough fur y’all, then check IT out when IT was teaching a BDSM course, before IT was appointed as an assistant director at the DOE.×1280.jpg.webp

    155. Robbie says:

      2024 Pennsylvania Republican Primary

      Ron DeSantis – 45% (+5)
      Donald Trump – 40%

      Commonwealth Partners, N=639, 11/19-21

    156. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walker vs. Warlock in GA


      Warlock wins 51 or 52 to 49 or 48 for Walker.
      MSN has the final even greater
      at 53-47 Warlock

      The final score of the U,S. vs. Iran upcoming soccer game will also be 51%-49% Iran win.

      Riots will follow.

    157. jason says:

      Pence shows what a pathetic loser he is.

      If he doesn’t think Trump is a racist, he should STFU.

      If he does think Trump is a racist, why was he on his ticket and his VP for 4 years.

      Just another MSM sycophant who thinks the Dems are going to be his friends if he does their bidding, when behind his back they marvel at his stupidity.

    158. Cash Cow TM says:

      Greatest comment at the Mary Largo dinner with Trump, Kanye, Fuentes was when Kanye said he doubted that Trump could win in 2024.

      Trump responded:

      “Oh Ye of little faith,”

    159. jason says:

      I think Walker has a good chance of winning.

      Three things should help him:

      1) Lower turnout
      2) No libertarian in race
      3) Kemp has engaged his get out the vote organization for Walker

      Walker 51.5 Warnock 48.5

      Reserve the right to update later.

    160. jason says:

      Warnock has a 3 to 1 money advantage over Walker.

      So I sent Walker a contribution to even it out.

    161. Bitterlaw says:

      So killing people and trying to eat them is the act of an insane person? Good to know.

    162. Cash Cow TM says:


      Shepherd university football beat Slippery Rock last Saturday 37-27.

      Play Indiana university of PA this coming Saturday.

    163. Bitterlaw says:

      I would usually want the Pennsylvania school to win but it’s Division II and ….Go Shepherd.

    164. Cash Cow TM says:


      MSN today was absolutely giddy about
      Warlock’s impending win.

      I think they were peeing their pants a little. I swear I could smell the urine thru the radio.

      (The pee was probably due to the bottles of champagne they were popping and drinking.)

      They say:

      Turnout is huge. Especially considering all the roadblocks the Rs put up to discouage voting by Blacks (yes I heard them say these exact words).

      Kemp has turned his back on Walker and told him he is on his own.

      There was a gazillion Rs and Is who votes for Kemp in November but refuses to vote for Walker in November

      Young people are turning out in droves. Tons of people voting now who sat out the GE in November.

      Warlock has hard hitting ads up slamming Walker as unfit by using clips of Warner speaking and saying dumb things.

      Walker has new ads up that are bad and desperate. They say that Warner now bringing up Warlock nasty divorce and evicting tenants to try to drive up Warlock negatives at this late stage shows he is desperate and knows he is losing.

      The independents are breaking hard for Warlock.

      Enthusiasm in R areas is way down.

      Voters seem to want to ensure we save “democracy” be adding to the D senate majority.

    165. Tina says:

      Julie Kelly ??
      If you’re worried about a dinner while foreigners are illegally entering our country, people can’t afford gas and groceries, our elections are controlled by nefarious interests, and Biden’s DOJ continues to prosecute J6 “trespassers,” you might need a major reality check.

    166. Tina says:

      And I still don’t know who in the heck Fintes is.

    167. jason says:

      Cow really has a good pulse on the moonbat narrative.

    168. jason says:

      The only “conservative” I know that has ever heard of Nick Fuentes or QANon is Amoral Scumbag.

    169. Cash Cow TM says:


      I actually listened to MSN radio for about 10 minutes today about 1 p.m.

      I like to go over there to MSN and CNN to see if they have ANY news about the southern border fiasco. They never do.

      What I wrote in the post above is the honest to God, almost word for word description from MSN on the GA senate election today.

      They were absolutely giddy in their reporting.
      You did not have to wonder who they supported.

    170. jason says:

      I believe it.

    171. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #163- jason
      I agree with your points about the GA Senate race, but not the final result, at least not now.
      Gov. Kemp is working the campaign very hard. He seems to be everywhere.
      Yesterday’s early vote was huge, especially in Red Counties. The share of the AA vote dropped dramatically from 48% to 38% as a percent of the total.

    172. DW says:

      New headline: WaPo and NYT Give Glowing Reviews to New Play Sympathetic to Pedophiles

      The Democratic Party is evil. Pure evil. Tulsi Gabbard is the only (former) Democrat I can respect.

    173. jason says:

      The polling for the GA senate race was actually fairly accurate. The RCP average had Warnock +0.9 he “won” by exactly that 49.4% to 48.5%.

      The MSM narrative that he had an “insurmountable” EV lead was BS, and you are going to see it repeated now.

      It is more likely that the current polling is accurate again, and the race is very close.

      However, this time around there is no Libertarian with a significant 2.1% of the vote, Kemp’s machine is working for Walker, and there are no local races in blue counties ginning up turnout.

      For this reason I think Walker is the slight favorite.

    174. jason says:

      FL woman suing Velveeta for $4 million because she claims their Mac & Cheese takes longer to prepare than the 3 1/2 minutes is states on the label. She claims opening the package, adding water and stirring add to that time, and that she would not have purchased it if she knew the actual preparation time.

      Anyone doubt she could get a judge or jury to agree with her?

    175. Chicon says:

      Trump will not be doing any campaigning for Walker, apparently. Probably a good idea.

      Will Flyboy come by to complain about Trump not “lifting a finger” for Walker?

    176. DW says:

      I wish I could share your hopefulness jason, but I don’t see any path for Walker to win. You forget that individual Dems don’t actually have to show up to vote or even vote early. As long as their ballots are printed, they will be filled out and submitted.

    177. DW says:

      The Democrat in VA_04 has just died of colon cancer. So this gives Biden one less vote in the lame duck session, making it harder to grab your guns.

    178. Robbie says:

      Donald J. Trump

      I was 232-22 in the MIDTERM ELECTIONS, and still have to listen to DEMS, RINOS, and the Fake News explain how poorly I did (Also, 98.6% in Republican Nomination Endorsements!). Without my Endorsement of Republican Candidates, the numbers would have been a disaster. Same for 2018 and the CORRUPT ELECTION OF 2020, where almost everyone won because, and with the help of, ME – EXCEPT ME – and that’s because the Presidential Election was RIGGED & STOLEN!

      – This is what he’ll make the next two years all about. It’s a losing message offered up by a loser who loses.

      If the simpletons want this to be the argument for 2024, don’t come crying when he loses to mashed potato brain Biden.

    179. Brandon says:

      Currently 38.4% of the early vote in Georgia is Black voters. It has trended down over the past few days and will continue to do so as we get closer to the election. In the general it ended at 29.1%. Walker needs it at that number or lower to have a shot.

    180. jason says:

      I was 232-22″


    181. jason says:

      Currently 38.4% of the early vote in Georgia is Black voters. It has trended down over the past few days and will continue to do so as we get closer to the election. In the general it ended at 29.1%. Walker needs it at that number or lower to have a shot.”

      Not sure this really applies to the runoff. The question is rather turnout in the big Dem counties will be the same percentage wise at it was in the general. This will be more important than the black vote percentage overall.

    182. jason says:

      A lot of the R leaning counties did not even offer Saturday voting.

    183. jason says:

      and still have to listen to DEMS, RINOS, and the Fake News explain how poorly I did”

      Yep, they all have the same talking points verbatim.

      No, not a coincidence.

    184. jason says:

      Will Flyboy come by to complain about Trump not “lifting a finger” for Walker?”

      I can already post the narrative:

      – If Walker wins it is because Kemp helped him.

      – If he loses it is because Trump helped him.

      You won’t hear a word from Amoral Scumbag on how Warnock is the epitome of ethically challenged candidates and wife abuser and deadbeat father.

    185. Tgca says:


      For the 1st in about 1,300 years, England and Wales are no longer a Christian majority nation.

      Their 2021 census shows 46.2% of peeps identify as Christian, down from 59.3% in 2011.

      This is sad and tells me the younger generation and immigrants are changing society towards a radically different culture in the future.

      We already see a push towards socialism/communism among the young so expect these numbers to change further in that direction in the coming years if people don’t wake up to the risks.

      The world is moving towards a world envisioned in the 1984 novel. A totalitarian system or new world order controlled by the very few and powerful in an undemocratic way as people are ruled like cattle.

      Sorry CashCow, nothing against cattle.

    186. Tgca says:



      Is Jadon a f*cking MORON or what?

      Trump had just a 91.4% success rates in endorsing candidates winning and Jadon thinks that’s NICE? REALLY?

      Anything less than 100% shows Trump is a drag on the GOP for 2024.

      As far as I know, DeSanctimonius endorsed only Zeldin who lost so DeSanctimonius had a 0% success rate compared to losah Trump’s 91% rate.

      Clearly, this proves DeSanctimonius is the better choice for 2024 because even though he had a 0% success rate in his endorsements winning, Zeldin ALMOST won, losing by only 6% points.

    187. Tgca says:


      A STOOPID mistake by the GOP again being unprepared and lacking strategy.

      The GA court allowed Dems Sat voting and the GOP whined to the court that they would be at a disadvantaged if certain voters had access to Sat voting and not others.

      …but the GOP did NOTHING to prepare for a losing ruling by the court which did occur so GOP voters were once again let down by the GOP as Dems outsmarted the GOP.

      The GOP had no back up plan on the Sat voter ruling.


    188. jason says:

      Is Jadon a f*cking MORON or what?”

      No, of course not, perish the thought.

    189. jason says:

      All the A-holes are very smart, why would jason be different.

    190. jason says:

      If the simpletons want this to be the argument for 2024,”

      Amoral Scumbag is the “genius” who has not even acknowledged that Biden has been the President over the last 2 years, not Trump.

    191. jason says:

      USA 1 Iran 0

      still first half

      USA needs to win to advance.

    192. DW says:

      Maricopa County election officials are overseeing today’s World Cup match between Iran and the USA.

      At the half, the USA leads 1-0, but officials remind viewers that this doesn’t include the early goals that will be scored for Iran.

      It will take another week, but the score at this point is probably 3-1 Iran.

    193. Robbie says:

      Aaron Blake
      Blake Masters under-performed every other statewide GOP candidate in Arizona, including Finchem.

      Now he’ll advise the GOP on the path forward.

      – This is the kind of party Jason fraud wants. One dominated by losers offering how to lose.

    194. jason says:

      US played a much better game but only scored once in first half.

    195. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      November 29, 2022 at 2:35 pm
      If the simpletons want this to be the argument for 2024,”

      Amoral Scumbag is the “genius” who has not even acknowledged that Biden has been the President over the last 2 years, not Trump.

      – I acknowledged Biden won in November 2020. You entertained delusions the election was stolen from Trump.

      You’re an idiot who gets everything wrong. You swore up and down the only Republicans who can win are populists, yet in contested race after contested race, the populists mouth breathers lost.

      JD “fits like a glove” Vance ran 11 points behind establishment Mike DeWine. Yet, you swore up and down guys like DeWine and Portman could no longer win.

      In AZ, Kimberly Yee was the establishment candidate and she got 55% of the statewide vote for her race. Election denier Kari Lake and Unabomber fan Blake Masters both got under 50% of the statewide vote. Yet, you claimed the two losers are the future.

      You’re also the guy who praised Fauci all throughout 2020 and said Trump should give him a presidential medal of freedom.

    196. jason says:

      I would much have an actual R like Blake Masters advising the GOP than a pathetic troll with the moral compass of a floating turd like Amoral Scumbag.

      Just sayin…..

    197. Bitterlaw says:


    198. DW says:

      Jeb Bush spent tens of millions of dollars to get four delegates in the 2016 GOP primary. There is the gold standard of an under-performer.

    199. Bitterlaw says:

      US scored a goal? Running up the score. Classless.

    200. jason says:

      Trump won Ohio by half a million votes twice.

      I certainly believe JD Vance is the future of the party in OH, not a tired old establishment hack like Dewine. Comparing the governor’s race where DeWine ran against basically a potted plant and Vance ran against a competitive (and lying fraud) Tim Ryan is stupid.

      JD Vance DOES fit Ohio like a glove. That is why he won comfortably despite being a complete novice.

    201. jason says:

      Jeb Bush spent tens of millions of dollars to get four delegates in the 2016 GOP primary. There is the gold standard of an under-performer.”


    202. DW says:

      203 – go watch the highlight…the US player about knocked the goalie over while scoring.

    203. jason says:

      I acknowledged Biden won in November 2020.”

      Of course you did.

      Your candidate, your agenda, and up to this date you have yet to post ONE criticism of him, while you have posted hundreds of BS attacks on Trump who is not the President.


    204. Tina says:

      Jason D. Meister ??

      All five of Joe Biden’s secret service vehicles (Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition, and a Jeep Gladiator) burst into flames at Nantucket Airport.

    205. jason says:

      The guy who thought Jeb! was a viable candidate is whining about Blake Masters not being a good candidate.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      Blake Masters is the kind of successful entrepreneur that the GOP needs to attract as candidates. I hope he runs again.

    206. jason says:

      You swore up and down the only Republicans who can win are populists”


    207. jason says:


      Anyone who is not an elitist country club R.

    208. Tina says:

      Thank goodness Eric Schmidt is replacing Roy dumb arse blunted.

    209. Tina says:


    210. Tina says:

      Noem has to be a front runner. Great move here.

      Kristi Noem

      Today, I signed an Executive Order that bans the Chinese social media platform TikTok for state government agencies, employees, and contractors using state devices.

      South Dakota will have no part in the intelligence gathering operations of the Chinese Communist Party.

    211. Tina says:


      I don’t have words for how much I loathe establishment GOP & its unfailing weakness and humiliating impotence in the face of the left’s assaults. Desperate to fellate the media and other regime actors with performative gatekeeping instead of real action, they are beneath contempt

    212. Chicon says:

      215 – fully agree, Tina.

      “Molly has gone full populist”


    213. Tina says:

      Christophe Barraud??

      ? Global Yield Curve Inverts in Signal a #Recession Is Brewing – Bloomberg

    214. Tina says:

      The senate rinos hate the gop conservative base. They hate the base more than they hate the drats.

    215. DW says:

      Tina, the elected Drats cannot even bring themselves to condemn the barbaric act of pressuring little boys into being castrated and girls into double-mastectomies.

      But the rinos think the GOP base is the problem.

    216. SoHope says:

      Noem is a solid gov of a blood red state. But she’s a VP at best. She gave in during the trans athlete debate and backed down under pressure. DeSantis hasn’t backed down under pressure.

    217. SoHope says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump’s people are in contact with her to run to crowd the field with a promise to give her VP. She is a good VP pick at least

    218. DW says:

      USA defeated Iran to advance, but if 1-0 against Iran is the best they can do, they might as well throw in the towel.

    219. jason says:

      USA 1 Iran 0


    220. jason says:

      USA defeated Iran to advance, but if 1-0 against Iran is the best they can do, they might as well throw in the towel.”

      It will be tough to beat the Netherlands but they deserved more than 1-0 against Iran.

      They had a lot more chances than Iran.

    221. jason says:

      I don’t have words for how much I loathe establishment GOP & its unfailing weakness and humiliating impotence in the face of the left’s assaults. Desperate to fellate the media and other regime actors with performative gatekeeping instead of real action, they are beneath contempt”

      Another “populist”

    222. jason says:

      Also seems US lost its star player Pulisic.

      Bitter would hate Pulisic.

      A skinny kid from deplorable Hershey PA who at 16 was invited to leave home and play in Germany.

      3 years later he was sold to Chelsea for $73 million, the most expensive player from North America of all time.

    223. Tina says:

      Donald J. Trump

      Jun 20, 2019
      Iran made a very big mistake!

    224. Tina says:

      Biden will now be more likely to give $$$ to the mullahs.

    225. Cash Cow TM says:


      Just found out that Shepherd University football played today.

      Lost to Indiana of PA


      I will search to see if the whole game is online somewhere and watch it.
      Cow is sad.

    226. Cash Cow TM says:


      Watched highlights.

      Shepherd behind whole game.
      Shepherd pass defense has been the worst part of their game, and it continued today.

      Shepherd QB threw 2 interceptions.

      IUP could have had another touchdown very near the end of the game but instead of scoring the running back purposely fell down on the 5-yard line, and then they ran out the clock.

    227. Hugh says:

      I like to be optimistic. However winning begets more winning. By any standard based on what we should’ve achieved we lost the midterms badly. Our base is depressed and their base is fired up. Unless we find our own ways of cheating there is no way Walker is going to win that election.Every indication watching Mitch McConnell and republican senators we will be wandering in the desert for a long time.

    228. Cash Cow TM says:

      the soccer game ended with US ahead
      over Iran 1 to 0.

      But the mail in shots are still to be counted.

    229. Bitterlaw says:

      Sorry, Cow. It was my fault for wanting Walt’s school to win.

    230. Tina says:

      Biden’s beitch will assist on more grift and more $.

      Piper Ginny
      Joe Biden and Obama meeting with Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and in Bidens case the Grand Kleagal of the KKK

      This is all so tiresome

      McConnell fights his base more than the democrats

    231. SoHope says:

      If Trump didn’t keep f-ing up then we would be able to focus exclusively on the Dems. It’s the benefit of not having the Trump millstone around our neck…instead it’s Threats against democracy, Trump’s overdue library books, him meeting and not denouncing Nick Fuentes, his taxes, ect. Whatever the media wants to make the news of the day they make it happen and we have to react with what tools we have. Trump need to retire from politics and pass the torch.

    232. SoHope says:

      Most of the attacks on Trump are unfair or overblown even though he makes most of them worse than they need to be. It doesn’t stop them from being effective.

    233. Tgca says:

      214. Tina

      I was critical on some of Noem’s missteps earlier this year but I must admit lately she has shown some real leadership and focus.

      Candidates can grow and learn. She could be a formidable contender if this trend continues, and she has a good personal story to tell as well,

      …and let’s face it, as sexist as it may sound, she’s quite the eye candy too.

      What Dem is more appealing than her physically – Hillary?

    234. Tgca says:


      I think DeDanctimonius could have a likability issue with many like a Trump. He is a mini-Trump and widely despised in the Northeast and West so we’ll have to see how he does with working class and Indys outside Floreedah.

      He is narcissistic, thin-skinned, enjoys mocking others, and very defensive. He gets away with it in Floreedah because it’s a dominant Red state but not sure how that plays elsewhere.

      On the plus side, he is intelligent and articulate but he’s rather boring in his delivery and does not energize an audience beyond mocking adversaries which won’t go well across the country.

      He lacks that ability to stir up a crowd like many candidates of the past so we will have to see how he compares to other candidates.

      Remember, before there was DeDanctimonius, there was Rick Perry and Scott Walker who peeps thought would clear out the competition and cruise to victory and OOPS! We know how that turned out.

    235. jason says:

      Whatever the media wants to make the news of the day they make it happen and we have to react with what tools we have. Trump need to retire from politics and pass the torch.”


      This is another version of “if we are nice to terrorists they won’t attack us”.

      If it isn’t Trump the MSM is going to attack whomever they want. Look at Elon Musk, now called a “Nazi”.

      It’s people like you, weak and spineless, that the MSM targets, they know you will come here and regurgitate it as manna from heaven.

      The idea that “we can focus on the Dems” without Trump is the biggest crock of crap. Trump actually does a great job making sure the Dems and the MSM don’t get away with a lot of BS because he fights back.

      We need more fighting back and less subservience to the MSM.

    236. jason says:

      Trump need to retire from politics and pass the torch.”

      How convenient! Let’s sideline the guy who actually was able to win, we don’t need him! Let’s crap on the heads of the 55% of Rs who want him to be the nominee. Let’s give a big FU to working class people, who needs them!

      Bring back Romney and brokered conventions!

    237. Tgca says:

      I too felt Noem INITIALLY made the wrong choice on the tranny issue.

      But DeSanctinonius also has a mixed record on COVID. I’d give him a B- at best.

      His team has misled and greatly exaggerated his accomplishments on COVID, and even lied about certain aspects, as proven by recent videos posted here.

      Noem could eat him alive on this and force him into admission about this in a debate that makes him look not so good.

      I can see a moderator asking him how come Floreedah did overall worse than CA and NY in COVID deaths per capita despite his claims of handling COVID well.

      He may have an “emperor wears no clothes” moment on COVID so then his only widely known accomplishments to run on are “Don’t Say Gay” and humiliating “Woke Disney” hardly enough to propel a win in a competitive GE.

    238. Tgca says:


      I agree with the vile meat-eating mental midget.

      As I’ve said repeatedly, no matter who the GOP runs, the MSM, Big Tech, and libs will coordinate heinous attacks and try to make them the 2nd coming of Hitler.

      It will NEVER stop with them! NEVER!!! …until they lose their influence.

    239. Tgca says:

      Without Trump, the US would be in a much worse situation today.

      We’d be in a 2nd Clinton term with a liberal packed SCOTUS and federal courts re-writing the Constitution and taking away basic rights and enshrining voting gimmicks into law to benefit Dems while targeting conservatives with the law.

      Trump fights back! That’s why they did everything to tarnish him in hopes that people, like some here will at HHR, will be steered to throw him aside and vote for weaker GOP candidates that won’t connect and make a difference.

      It’s why they impeached him twice. It’s why they’re now looking at prosecuting him.

      They want to STOP him at all costs. He is their greatest fear.

    240. SoHope says:

      “This is another version of “if we are nice to terrorists they won’t attack us””

      No it isn’t. DeSantis doesn’t shy from taking the battle to the MSM. He just avoids unforced errors like saying stupid things or having dinner with Nazis. Trump spends most this time playing defense. DeSantis spends most his time on the offense.

    241. Tgca says:

      This is so sad and wrong. What this poor kid will grow up feeling.

      Biden’s refuse to acknowledge their granddaughter born out of wedlock in 2018. What scum these people are to not acknowledge their own grandchild.

      I think the mother should take her daughter and stand outside the White House with a big sign saying

      Hey Joe, come out and meet your granddaughter…but no hair sniffing please.

    242. SoHope says:

      His only widely know accomplishments…lol
      Name Noem’s widely known accomplishments?
      I gave a list a while back and it was solid.
      -DeSantis’s COVID response was solid and originally took courage to do. He was called DeathSantis but now celebrated for keeping FL open. No amount of retconning him into a lockdown feind will work.
      -Tax Cuts
      -Supreme Court nominations that remade the FL SC
      -Fighting woke, culture war, and the media effectively while keeping the support of indies.
      -Signed a 15 week abortion ban
      -Fired bad sheriffs, election officials, and DA’s
      -Set up election police
      -Funding education
      -A+ High profile hurricane response
      -19point win (winning all the important demographics) that shows him doing all these things while being insanely popular)

      There’s talk of him signing Constitutional Carry in Florida

      I would expect a long list of resume padding before primary season.

    243. Gordon Allen says:

      I could easily add to that list,but why bother.
      Trumps only hope is to flood the campaign with numerous candidates, so 33.4% fanatics will nominate him: and lose in November. So obvious.
      Do the Republicans have 220,or 222? It matters. It is incomprehensible it is taking this long.

    244. Country Dick Montana says:

      “so 33.4% fanatics will nominate him: and lose in November.”

      Tell me how many of those 33.4% any other candidate will retain. How many of those who stay home can they afford to lose and still win the GE.

      It doesn’t matter who runs, at the the national level the GOP is dead. Second place. First loser.

    245. Tgca says:


      You know little to nothing about the COVID response in Floreedah.

      I was here in Floreedah. I went back and forth between The Sewer State and Floreedah during COVID a few times, spending weeks here, my longest being like 6 weeks during one visit.

      Hardly a difference in lockdown. I explained a number of times in detail the similarities bewteen Floreedah and north east state lockdowns.

      Tina posted a video showing DeSanctimonius talking about invasive lockdowns and threatening to take away business licenses to operate if they did not comply. He’s on video threatening people with draconian measures.

      DeSanctimonius paid people NOT to work through fall 2021 when businesses were begging for help with hiring signs and bonus offerings all over the place. Lib business owners here in Broward were complaining about a GOP gubbernor giving too much freebies away that they could hire peeps.

      He had business operating at reduced levels of 50%, as if the virus cares about 50% vs 75% vs 100%.

      The streets were dead after late afternoon when everything was closed down and many places open only had pick-up services.

      State offices were closed. I could not get a state license renewed for over 6 months, not until Spring 2021, a year after the pandemic hit.

      EDUMACATE yourself and STOP with the talking points.

      Besides the groomers issues which I agree with, I can’t think of any major impact DeSanctimonius policies had on everyday people in Floreedah.

      Many moved here during COVID to take advantage of the tax-free state while working remotely. It is why we now have a housing crisis. I was reading like 12,000 people moved to Palm Beach County area and the housing market could not handle it. Most new housing is going to those newly relocated and working remotely or people from out of town buying 2nd homes. Very few affordable to the working class here where rents increased by $1,000 a month in many cases.

      We also have an increasing homeless population and certain places of Fort Lauderdale looks like San Francisco back in the 90s with panhandlers all over the place sleeping on the streets, bus stops, in front of stores and strip malls. The worst I’ve ever seen it here.

      I actually had a panhandler come up to me in a mall store last night asking for money. Not outside, but within the store shopping aisles. The last time I experienced that was in San Francisco in the 90s in a restaurant while eating lunch.

      Perhaps you should come to Floreedah instead of just taking DeSanctimonius staff’s talking points.

    246. Tgca says:


      There is no state income tax on individuals in Floreedah. Only businesses pay taxes.

      Rick Scott cut tax cuts numerous times as well on other things too.

      DeSanctimonius inherited those in addition to tax cuts he has recently signed that take effect in 2023 with many only being a one time up to certain limits that phase out or individual sales tax holidays just like Rick Scott did only Scott did it numerous times and claims it created over a million Floreedah jobs.

      So good for both of them but Scott set the stage for that. It wasn’t a DeSanctimonius ORIGINAL idea…and it was dine with the help of a near super majority in both houses.

      …and living in Floreedah on and off during both these gubbernors, I can attest the economy and landscape grew under Scott from a weak economy he inherited in 2010 when the unemployment rate in Floreedah was high and the housing market had crashed to one of the worst states in the US.

    247. Tgca says:


      The Floreedah Supreme Court had been conservative for years since Floreedah has had GOP governors for 24 years straight now.

      I’m glad DeSanctimonius replaces conservatives justices with other conservative justices as predecessors have done because that’s what is expected of a GOP gubbernor.

    248. SoHope says:

      FL was 6-way tie with AL, AZ, AR, GA, and SC for most open state in the US

    249. Tina says:

      Spend more on the grifter that almost started ww3 last week.

      The gop-e is trash.

      Laura Litvan

      NEWS: John Thune, the No. 2 Senate GOP leader, says in interview Senate Repubs want to leverage the next US debt limit increase to force federal spending cuts and changes to Social Security and other entitlement programs.

    250. Tgca says:


      Floreedah has had A+ hurricane response for decades now since the slew of hurricanes of the 90s devastated the state.

      Rules and programs were put in place years ago to deal with this.

      Scott has an excellent response to Hurricane Irma in 2017, a Cat 3, as I watched this from my bedroom window as water waves from ocean surges bounced in my back yard and we had a lot of destruction in Fort Lauderdale. I had service back on in 2 days thanks to FPL.

      …and for the record, the vast majority of the hurricane response of getting power up safely is not state gubbermint but by the state utilities such as FPL, Duke, Tampa Electric, the largest utilities in the state. They have specialized approved programs funded by ratepayers that allow them to address outages quickly. They have reserves of equipment in stock for emergency and routinely have practice drills.

      FPL, the 2nd largest individual utility in the US is AAA rated in the business and known as the best utility in the US and outperforms all other utilities in its class, especially in customer service. These programs of restoring service are mandated by the Florida Public Service Commission and not by the gubbernors administration.

      So I’m glad DeSnctimonius is putting the same attention to hurricane responses, which is mainly get out of the way and assist the local utilities to get the job done, as his predecessors have done.

    251. SoHope says:

      252, “The Floreedah Supreme Court had been conservative for years since Floreedah has had GOP governors for 24 years straight now”


      “DeSantis has transformed what was long a 5-to-2 liberal majority into a 6-to-1 textualist majority.”

    252. Tgca says:


      Marco Rubio had a 17 point win so I guess he’s also insanely popular in Floreedah.

      Crist is despised by the FL GOP and not trusted by the Dems so him getting slaughtered was not unexpected. His popularity here, especially among the GOP has grown extensively over the years and they would crawl over broken glass to vote against him.

      …and all Floreedah GOP candidates can thank the RNC fir running a pilot program in Floreedah where they opened offices in many Latino communities to convert them to the GOP and did cibsyant outreach instead of flyers and commercials 2 mi the vegore an election.

      This was put in place after the success Trump had here and tje RNC saw the opportunity.

      I’ve been calling for this kind of program for years. Glad they finally listened but it was not a state program but an RNC one..

    253. SoHope says:

      I lived in Orange Park FL for years, went to college there, have family and friends there, and travel there on the regular. Seeing that you, the self-proclaimed FLORIDA EXPERT, seems to be full of *hit and know nothing about your state I’ll take over from here. You can be the expert on the 2 1/2 inches of FL that you know best…Trump’s shriveled ****

    254. SoHope says:

      Pilot programs give us 19 point wins…damn let’s put them everywhere. Why didn’t the other 49 states do that…hell we could have won all of them.

      100 Republican Senate because of pilot programsin all 50 states. Tgca is anf-ing genius!

    255. SoHope says:

      Quick let rush up a pilot program in GA. It’s not too late for Hershel Walker. Maybe we can Pilot program Kari Lake as Governor hopefully it’s not too late.
      Pilot program Dr Oz…STAT

    256. SoHope says:

      [Channeling my inner Oprah]
      You get a pilot program!
      You get a pilot program!
      You all get pilot programs!

    257. Country Dick Montana says:

      You know SoHope, you throw around a lot of sixual ad homiens, Where I come from it is very immature (which is why Robbie also uses them) and the sign of someone without an arguement.

      You may be a self proclaimed expert on Florida and I will let you fight that out with with TGCA. But I can tell you after nearly 50 years of refinery and pipeline engineering and construction (the last 7 of those years in PA/WV/OH) I can tell you that I am an expret on the mindset of the real working class. They don’t care about politics the way you do. Life at that level is brutish. Theor lives suck regardless. Trump to them was the first person that they felt looked out for them, or at least represented the things that they did. They have absolutley nothing in common with the suburban voter. They will stay home if whoever is nominated by the GOP can’t fight like Trump. And if they cn fght like Trump, that will turn off the suburban whine and cheese types.

      You can beleive it or not beleive it.

    258. SoHope says:

      You got Montana buddy. It’ll be relevant in 2024.

    259. Country Dick Montana says:

      “You got Montana buddy. It’ll be relevant in 2024.”

      write in the English language please.

    260. jason says:

      “Trump need to retire from politics and pass the torch”

      But no, this isn’t an open invitation for civil war. Telling the most popular person in the R party to “retire”.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      And btw, since when does Trump keep anyone from attacking Democrats?

      The hilarious part is that I come here to attack Democrats all the time. I come here to advocate for a big tent R party that makes sure the working class and minorities that have shifted to the GOP stay with the GOP.

      What does SoHope come here for? To attack Trump. To advocate for civil war and marginalizing Trump and his supporters.

      SoHope doesn’t care about “attacking Dems”, like his wingman Amoral Scumbag and his R icons Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger what he cares about is attacking Trump.

    261. Bitterlaw says:

      SoHope used to compete for the honor of being my favorite Evangelical. He seems more salty and crude now.

    262. SoHope says:

      Got a tad bit corrupted I guess. Sorry

    263. jason says:

      “so 33.4% fanatics”

      So Trump supporters are now “fanatics”.

      But no, the TDS morons don’t want civil war…..

    264. SoHope says:

      Lately I’ve come here to refute Tgca’s lies…like that Florida has had a conservative supreme court for years.
      Fact check false…it was 5-2 lib controlled.

      If you tolerate that Trump Sycophant you can accept my counterpoint

    265. SoHope says:

      Civil war? Is that we call a contested primary season now? Cool

    266. Bitterlaw says:

      SoHope attacks Trump. Tgca attacks DeSantis. Tina hates any Republican in office. Robbie only likes Republicans who won’t be elected. CDM is smashing the record for most gloomy poster but DW could still catch him.

      Welcome to the 2024 primary season at HHR.

    267. Country Dick Montana says:

      ““so 33.4% fanatics”

      So Trump supporters are now “fanatics”.

      But no, the TDS morons don’t want civil war…”

      They don’t ralize that as close as things are, it onl;y takes a small margin of those 33% to say heck with it and we lose again.

      For the record, I couldn’t care less whether Trump is the nominee or not, I have stated specifically that he is past his sell by date. But people are just stupid if they think his “fanatics” are just ging to vote for the nest shiny thing. Trump could endorse DeSantis and many woudl accuse him of selling out MAGA.

      with or without MAGA GOP continues to lose, primarily because there hasn’t been enough pain under Democrats.

    268. SoHope says:

      DeSantis supporters are only doing what Trump supporters have been doing for years. Carving out a space for and defending their preferred candidate during the primary season. Trump started it by declaring and trying to clear the field with preemptive insults. Not my fault Only Trumpers here can’t accept returning fire.

    269. Tina says:

      The Post Millennial


      Tucker Carlson blasts Apple after the company limited the AirDrop feature in China:

      “Apple is now an active collaborator with China’s murderous police state. When tanks roll into a Chinese city, Apple is rooting for the tanks.”

    270. Bitterlaw says:

      It’s ok, SoHope. Render unto Caesar and be of this world and all that.

    271. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” CDM is smashing the record for most gloomy poster”

      Not gloomy just realistic. No one ver refutes what I say about the working class attitude.

    272. Bitterlaw says:

      Too bad Tucker doesn’t care about Russian tanks rolling into Ukraine.

    273. Tgca says:

      Oh please. You’re trying attribute everything good in Floreedah to DeSanctimonius though he inherited a great economic environment from Rick Scott (who took over a severely depressed economy in 2011), including a near GOP super majority legislators and statewide offices.

      You name a bunch of things that DeSanctimonius has done that he inherited from or continued or did similar to his GOP predecessors and act like he did what no one else ever did.

      Name the policies he’s done that’s substantially bettered everyday lives substantially in Floreedah from 2019 through today.

      …and his COVID response is mediocre as I outlined. Floreedah has the largest per capita death rate of large states, surpassing both CA and NY, and Floreedah did not hit its peak with COVID until 3 months after NY so why wasn’t it better prepared in 2020 with 3 months notice and instead surpassed CA and NY in deaths?

      I was here in Floreedah during COVID. Were you? Did you see how all the businesses were closed? Did you see the lack of state services available? Did you see people getting paid to stay at home through most of 2021 when businesses were begging to hire people and complaining DeSanctinonius enabled these welfare recipients?

      You are delusional with your worship of DeSanctimonius.

      Again, name his policies and programs that made a great difference and puts him above his peers.

      …and no silly chit like appointing TDS Senator Sasse as the new president of University of Florida like you did before. It’s laughable. How does that make lives of everyday Peeps better, especially since Sasse hasn’t even started his new job yet?

    274. jason says:

      Welcome to the 2024 primary season at HHR”

      It’s not just HHR. Go to any conservative site.

      Look at the new GOP congress.

      The GOP has no unity, no common agenda, no sense of purpose.

      You would think that what the Dems are doing to the country would promote some unity.

      Nah, let’s just try to marginalize half the party and let’s call them “fanatics”.

    275. Country Dick Montana says:

      SoHOpe, I am all for a primary. Knock down drag out is even better. A severely wounded and bloodied GOP candidate sent to lose again.

      Actually the nightmare scenario is Trump loses the first 2 or 3 primaries/caucuses. Pulls out and decides to run as an Independent. And you thing the Libertarians are bad for the GOP.

    276. Tgca says:


      But we all love Bitter…and that’s all that matters.



    277. SoHope says:

      I did my time half-heartedly supporting Trump. As a Sometimes Trumpers, I defended unfair and exaggerated attacks with friends and family. All the while wishing he would grow enough brains to stop stepping on the media’s rakes that they kept leaving for him. 2022 happened and the stakes are now known. Trump is beyond damaged goods and now is the time for the GOP to work through the process of figuring it out.

    278. SoHope says:

      “Actually the nightmare scenario is Trump loses the first 2 or 3 primaries/caucuses. Pulls out and decides to run as an Independent.”
      I don’t negotiate with terrorists

    279. jason says:

      Not my fault Only Trumpers here can’t accept returning fire.”

      Can you actually name ONE “Only Trumper” here?

      Just one.

      Name ONE person here who has said they would only support Trump as the nominee.

      There is no such person, not even Tgca.

    280. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – Were you here in 2004 when some poster said the Democrats were finished as a national party? That is the trouble with absolute predictions.

      I don’t dispute what you say about working class voters. However, who would have predicted in 2016 that many working class voters would be attracted to a billionaire liberal who funded Democrats for years? Each campaign and candidate is different.

    281. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” now is the time for the GOP to work through the process of figuring it out.”

      The GOP is really 2 diametrically opposed factions. The “Establishment” that wants to govern, beleives in a large government and quite frnkly is confortable regardless of who wins. The other faction is the “populist” that basically grew out of being ignored or worse yet, having their life and values ruined by the Goverment. Things suck for them regardless, but at least they might feel that an anti government type my get them small wins.

      Those two factions are not compatible, except perhaps when our loathsome candidate was running against someone even more loathsome.

      If someone wants to refute that, then have at it.

    282. Country Dick Montana says:

      ” However, who would have predicted in 2016 that many working class voters would be attracted to a billionaire liberal who funded Democrats for years?”

      ” except perhaps when our loathsome candidate was running against someone even more loathsome.”

    283. jason says:

      GOP to work through the process of figuring it out.”

      Wins the “Incredibly self-entitled arrogant and astounding chutzpah Award”.

      We “R bluebloods” know what’s better for you ignorant deplorable low lives, and if you don’t accept that you can stay home, we don’t need you”

      Great message.

    284. Country Dick Montana says:

      “I don’t negotiate with terrorists”

      Very brave. But that is the nightmare scenario.

    285. Bitterlaw says:

      Let’s try some group therapy.

      Tgca – Say something positive (without snide bs) about DeSantis that would make him a good candidate for President in 2024.

      SoHope – Say something positive (without snide bs) about Trump that would make him a good candidate for President in 2024.

    286. jason says:

      I don’t think the Golden Calf is stupid like SoHope, I think he understands he won’t win without the Trump base and the voters Trump attracted to the GOP.

      The problem is there are a lot of idiots in the GOP who think like SoHope does and think a civil war is the right way to go and they are going to do a lot of damage to the Golden Calf’s campaign.

    287. Tgca says:


      Only 3 of the justices in office since the 90s that were lefties were Dems when DeSanctimonius took office, 4 of the justices were all GOP appointed when he took office.

      The Dem justices were due to retire because of their age and having served for 20 years, all appointed in 1998 or prior.

      So this is an example of what I’m saying about you DeSanctimonius sycophants greatly exaggerating his influence.

      You think a GOP Gubbernor would have replaced the last 3 remaining Dem justices that were to retire in 2019 with more libs?

      So DeSanctimonius gets credit for following GOP precedent as I stated before. He did not create a conservative GOP court that already had 4 GOP justices when he took office. He continued a trend.

      I went and checked all their appointment dates and who they replaced.

    288. jason says:

      I don’t think Trump would run third party at this point. He would essentially have to self fund and he wouldn’t have a prospect of winning. I don’t see him doing that just to elect a Dem.

      I think the “nightmare scenario” very unlikely.

    289. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Are you saying that anybody who challenges Trump for the nomination is to blame for the civil war? Are you saying nobody should run against Trump? A-holes should always be clear in what they put out there.

    290. Country Dick Montana says:

      I will go back out on a limb ant state that neither Trump nor DeSantis will be the GOP nominee. It will be a dark horse not yet considered. (It won’t be Liz Cheney or Larry Hogan either.)

    291. SoHope says:

      291, I got all my nice things about Trump out of my system 2017-2020. Sorry I got nothing unless he wins the nomination and then I’ll be forced again to hold my nose watch him lose.

    292. Country Dick Montana says:

      I don’t know what Trump would do if he looked like it was obvious that he was not going to get the nomination. He does not take losing well.

    293. Tgca says:

      291. Bitter

      I’ve already given DeSanctimonius credit for being a good gubbernor. But he inherited a great economy that went from recession to boom under Rick Scott. Ronaldo did not have policies that greatly changed the lives of folks here. No one has been able to name those policies that were his and his alone that made such a great difference even though I’ve asked and I get responses like he appointed Ben Sasse as president to the University of Florida.

      I just don’t believe in putting people on a pedestal. I do the same with Trump. I admit he’s petulant, childish, narcissistic, and thin-skinned as well but he was also a good president.

      You know from previous debates I’ve had with you and my vile meat-eating friend Jadon that I also challenge people putting Reagan on a pedestal,as well even though I think he was good president, better than others we’ve had the last 70+ years.

    294. SoHope says:

      293,so you’re admitting you were wrong and FL had a 5-2 liberal supreme court until DeSantis nominated his judges making it a 6-1 conservative court?
      And if you find some convoluted reason DeSantis doesn’t get credit for flipping the Court then I guess Trump doesn’t get credit for his 3 picks. I mean it’s not like Trump killed RBG himself…or did he?

    295. Tgca says:


      …and you may get the same response about DeSanctimonius from MAGA supporters, if even all of them support DeSanctimonius which is not likely.

      Ronaldo has yet demonstrated he can connect with the working class voters in states like MI, PA, and WI which were traditionally Dems and are very different than those working class voters that have been voting GOP in Floreedah for years.

      Just like Latinos in CA vote different then Latinos in TX even when they’re of them same ethnic background.

      I think DeSanctimonius has not done outreach and comes across as a Country Club Republican and not a man of the working class people we’re referring to. He also lacks charisma when he’s not mocking someone.

      Time will tell if he can embrace those Midwest working class types because without MI, WI, or PA he can’t realistically win the WH without turning another Dem state like CO red.

    296. Tgca says:


      No! He did not have a 5-2 liberal court. It was more like a 4-3 conservative court.

      Are you saying 2 GOP appointed justices voted with liberals consistently to turn a 4-3 GOP appointed court to a 5-2 liberal court?

      I did not say DeSanctimonius doesn’t get credit for appointing conservative justices.

      My point was he did not turn a leftist court to a conservative court as you imply when he became Gubbernor because the court was already 4-3 conservative appointments.

    297. SoHope says:

      One of those republican appointees was a lib (like Souter) 5-2 liberal court. Do some reading dude

    298. SoHope says:

      “DeSantis has transformed what was long a 5-to-2 liberal majority into a 6-to-1 textualist majority.”

    299. SoHope says:

      Tgca, Admit you were mistaken about an objective fact or STFU

    300. Tgca says:


      You are quoting an article from a right wing publication that is pretty anti-Trump and led by a publisher who is anti-Trump and that does not discuss any details supporting its claim of a 5-2 liberal court in a short 4 paragraph article.

      Are you that easily misled?

      The fact is that when DeSanctimonius took office, there were 4 GOP appointed justices and 3 Dems in Floreedah.

      For it to be a 5-2 liberal court, then 2 of the conservative appointed justices had to switch sides.

      Which ones were they?

      Have you analyzed their votes or are you just relying on a right-wing article by anti-Trumpers wishing to promote DeSamctimonius?

    301. Tgca says:


      What objective fact?

      The New Republic and Rich Lowry which routinely trash Trump and now promote DeSanctimonius are OBJECTIVE?

      No, I will not STFU until you provide me the names of the 2 GOP justices that switched sides and give examples of their votes that demonstrate they’re libs.

    302. SoHope says:

      If I find that other new source call it a 5-2 liberal court…say Orlando Sentinel or Miami Herald will you still deny it?

    303. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      November 29, 2022 at 9:52 pm

      Jason – Are you saying that anybody who challenges Trump for the nomination is to blame for the civil war? Are you saying nobody should run against Trump? A-holes should always be clear in what they put out there.”

      Zzzzz…. Bitter makes up a bunch of lies about what I said and then pretends to ask a question about it.

      I said the TDS morons want a R civil war, I specifically said I doubt the Golden Calf is that stupid.

      And since I would like to see the Golden Calf win the nomination, why would I say nobody can run against Trump?

      You should ask SoHope why he thinks nobody should run against the Golden Calf.

      Or GFY.

    304. Tgca says:


      I want to know the justices who switched sides and examples of their cases.

      If you’re stating that as a fact, why can’t you name those justices? Did you not thoroughly research it or are you relying on biased sources?

      Posting articles from select FL or national publications that favor DeSanctimonius means nothing as well.

      Some people say Roberts is a liberal even though the vast majority of the time he votes with conservatives.

      You stated it was a 5-2 liberal court as FACT. The best way to prove that is show me evidence that two GOP justices voted with the 3 Dem justices the MAJORITY of the time.

      I’ve lived in Floreedah for over a decade and never heard of such things. If I’m wrong on the details and there have been two turncoats then I will admit I was wrong and need to brush up on my state reading as well in the future as an EXPERT.

    305. NYCmike says:

      “For it to be a 5-2 liberal court, then 2 of the conservative appointed justices had to switch sides.

      Which ones were they?”


      That’s a fair question. Which Republican ones made judgments like the libs? That article gives no specifics.

    306. jason says:

      Looks like SoHope got caught lying again, not surprising.

      Tgca is correct the FL SC was majority GOP appointed before the Golden Calf took office.

      The “well some of the GOP appointed nominees voted liberal” is the same BS you hear about Roberts being a “liberal”.

      Also SoHope won’t give Trump any credit for 3 conservative justices in the much more important SCOTUS but we have to treat the Golden Calf for conservative appts to the FL court? The hypocrisy is astounding.

    307. Tgca says:

      By the way, I did a quick k search on National Review and found link after link of anti-Trump sentiment though I admit I did not read each story in full.

      I also know Lowry is not a Trump fan and they appear to like DeSanctimonius.

      Therefore, I think it’s reasonable to question the National Review’s credibility on such a controversial statement promoting DeSanctimonius.

      It’s like taking the word of the very effeminate and questionably straight conservative warrior William Kristol who supports Biden and all the Dems now after years of skewering them.

    308. jason says:

      Treat the Golden Calf like a God.

    309. SoHope says:

      Here is an article from Jan 2019 so you can’t claim it’s a DeSantis for President psyops.

      “Yet only now, with DeSantis’ election, are they finally changing their state’s judiciary, long known for its left-wing activism.”

    310. jason says:

      say Orlando Sentinel or Miami Herald will you still deny it?”

      The TDS morons sure love far left liberal rags….

    311. Tgca says:


      Dearest Jadon, my vile meat-eating good friend

      I will give SoHopeLess the benefit of the doubt that he was not lying but just being misled by relying on one dubious source that provided no details because he is a DeSanctimonius sycophant that will latch on to anything praising Ronaldo.

      I tried looking at the SCOFL website for case summaries but I could not find any and I’m not gonna read dozens of cases from each year to see how each justice voted in trend unless there’s something in it for me like a years supply of organic tofu.

    312. SoHope says:

      BS…When DeSantis was elected 3 of the 7 judges were Lawton Chiles appointees plus a Crist RINO. It didn’t become conservative until the 3 were replaced by DeSantis. 5-2 lib became 5-2 conservative and then 6-1.

    313. NYCmike says:

      I would have no issue giving DeSantis great credit for transforming the FL court, as I could believe there were more liberal Republican types, since a Bush had been Governor in the prior 10-20 years.

      It is a great credit to DeSantis, as it is to President Trump, for making sure to choose Justices more in the mold of a Scalia, Thomas or Alito instead of like a O’Connor, Kennedy or Roberts.

    314. SoHope says:

      Oh and a Jeb appointed lib

    315. SoHope says:

      Ballotpedia lists all DeSantis’s appointment as Strong Republican and Crist ‘s as mild Republican. The 3 Lawton Chiles appointments were obviously strong Dems and a former Jeb appointment was mild democrat

    316. SoHope says:

      There are freaking articles in 2018 calling the FL supreme court the “pro-choice anti-racism check on rest of the state overtaken by the far right.”

    317. NYCmike says:


      The use of NRO and other establishment media outlets is weak tea.

      Up your game.

      The Dems won’t be playing in 2024.

    318. NYCmike says:

      “There are freaking articles in 2018 calling the FL supreme court the “pro-choice anti-racism check on rest of the state overtaken by the far right.””

      -One more reason why Robbie supporting Gillum instead of DeSantis in 2018 was so ludicrous!!

    319. Tgca says:


      The author talks about all these decisions he thinks are liberal but nearly all the cases he sights as liberal decisions were from early 2000s before Crist came along appointed 3 GOP justices in 2008 and 2009 to the one GOP justice Jeb appointed that led to a GOP dominant court.

      Again, I want to see the justices names and voting records that went to the Dem side after being appointed by GOP gubbernors.

      Otherwise, it sounds da like the same claims made of Roberts.

      …and in all transparency, I do not trust Roberts on many issues but not because I think he’s a closet liberal bit because I think he worries more about the Cory’s reputation under him then on the decision itself. That being said, he still votes with the GOP justices the vast majority of the time.

    320. SoHope says:

      And by the way I do give credit to Trump for his judge picks…it’s one of the few things I give him a 100% perfect grade on.
      My point was if Tgca was craping on DeSantis flipping the FL supreme court then he has to feel the same way about Trump’s SCOTUS flip. Now him and Jason have retconned that it wasnt a 5-2 lib court. They need to read actually article on the lean of the court from 2018 and before.

    321. Tgca says:


      The Jeb appointed lib was one of the 3 libs previous libs mentioned. That appointment resulted due to an agreement between Chiles and Jeb during transitioning term where she was previously nominated and was slated to take office on tje date Jeb took office.

    322. Tgca says:


      No! My issue was you incorrectly stated there was a 5-2 lib court when DeSantis 1st came on the scene.

      Do the math!

      For it to be 5-2 libs then 2 of the 4 appointed GOP justices already on the court had to switch sides and I questioned that.

      …and I’m glad DeSanctimonius appointed conservative justices but so would have Rick Scott or any other GOP gubbernor had they had the opportunity.

      The reason DeSanctimonius got that opportunity is because the 3 libs terms were expiring as he came on so if Gillum had won, he would have appointed 3 libs. Neither one of tje would have created the opportunity as much as take advantage of it.

      DeSanctimonius lucked out in timing. Good for him. Scott was Gubbernor for 8 years and never had such an opportunity.

      So again, your praise of DeSanctimonius is greatly overstated.

    323. SoHope says:

      “DeSanctimonius lucked out in timing.”
      And RBG died while Trump was president before republicans lost the Senate is lucking out on timing.

    324. Tgca says:

      I love this New World Order self-serving talk from Trudeau.

      Less than 9 months ago ,he said if Canadians join protests against COVID, they’re breaking the law.

      He now says everyone in China should be allowed to protest China’s COVID policy.

      No HYPOCRISY there. Deny rights to his own countrymen but expect other countries to respect the protestors.

    325. SoHope says:

      …and FL was a lockdown state during the time Trump made the US a locked down country 14 days to flatten the curve. You’ve lied about everything to keep your Trump god from looking like *hit in comparison.

    326. Tgca says:


      I don’t disagree.

      But you’re the one promoting all these claims of greatness from DeSanctimonius while I’m challenging you on such exaggerations of GREATNESS.

      Just like his COVID response is EXTREMELY exaggerated. His team had missteps and kept Floreedah closed down most of 2020 but now try to pretend they led the nation in COVID response and keeping Floreedah open. Total BS!

      I couldn’t even get dinner at a restaurant a few nights because they closed before I got there so I cooked food in my hotel room on a hot plate.

      That’s how open Floreedah was in 2020.

    327. Tgca says:


      I’ve not lied! I’ve proven you wrong a number of times.

      Go watch the video Tina posted where DeSanctimonius talks about his EO and threatening to take away business licenses of they don’t follow his draconian orders.

      Go look at the mortality capita rate being higher in FL than CA and NY. Clearly, his policies killed more people than policies in CA and NY. Is that what you want to argue based on the official stats?

      Look at how long he gave payments to people to stay home, until late 2021 not 2020 but 2021 even though businesses were begging to hire people and nearly everywhere you drove there were signs hanging out for help wanted.

      I’ve repeats these FACTS over and over but you refuse to accept them because you’re a Ronaldo sycophant.

      DeSanctimonius bullchitted people the same way Cuomo did on the COVID response, and less people per capita died in NY than Floreedah

    328. Tgca says:

      Lee is correct but I’ll go further.

      Today, 12 GOP senators voted against and betrayed the religious freedom of people in giving gays a preferred protective status under the law than other groups don’t have.

      Just wait and see. Gay activists will target religious and conservatives in many states using this Gay Privilege Act. Peoples lives and business will be destroyed because of it. Churches can be forced to marry gay people or lose their IRS charitable status.

      It will happen as leftist judges will harshly penalize conservatives and religious folks.

      If this happens, every single one of those 12 GOP senators should resign or be primaried.

      One of the worst pieces of legislations I recall because it will be a battle cry for leftists to target conservatives with the backing of the feds and cause more rift.

      This was an unnecessary and unneeded legislation.

    329. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason wants DeSantis to win the nomination but trashes others who want DeSantis to win the nomination as TDS morons.

      I love it here.

    330. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      The AA vote in Georgia dropped another nearly 3% yesterday from 38% to 35.3%. The Asian and Hispanic turnout percentages are very low.
      Take a look:

    331. SoHope says:

      So let me get this straight. FL (the state with all the old people) both killed it’s old people by opening too quickly and didn’t open quickly enough. Even though FL was on of the first states to reopen from Trump’s federally advised shutdown. DeSantis fought with localities requiring them to allow business to reopen. FL was 6 way tie for being open early on. It was only 4 days behind first in the nation GA. Sure SD had no lock down but they have more cows than people and no leftist localities to fight reopening policies. DeSantis fought the fight on opening and more effectively that any other state. People votes with their feet. Don’t vote for DeSantis because he did a lockdown early on but forgive Trump for advising the lockdown and putting Fauchi in charge.

    332. Tgca says:


      What about the dead vote? What does that look like? Did the Dems increase the dead vote over the midterms?

    333. Todd McCain says:

      That AA % needs to be at 29 or lower for Walker to have any shot whatsoever…

    334. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Republicans have followed Donald Trump off the side of a cliff,’ David Urban, a longtime Trump adviser with ties to Pennsylvania, said in an interview.

      Former Representative Peter King, a Republican from Long Island who has long supported Mr. Trump, said, ‘I strongly believe he should no longer be the face of the Republican Party,”’adding that the party ‘can’t become a personality cult.’

      Donald Trump announced that he was running for president two weeks ago, but there hasn’t been much since. No rallies, no major interviews, no shows. Some have noted that Trump’s “big announcement” was expected to be seen by tens of millions, but instead had dismal ratings on television, losing to CBS’s television show ‘FBI.’”

    335. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      #340- Todd
      All doom and gloom this morning I see. That 29% figure includes ALL Votes including votes on election day.
      You apparently do not see a trend from the Sunday AA vote going from 48% to Tuesday’s AA total vote slumping to 35%
      Bye-Bye! Please join Moshem at RRH for the two men I would never want to be in a foxhole with!

    336. Todd McCain says:

      342. People take being realistic as dooming. Walker has a shot, but I think Warnock is going to win. You got to remember, Kemp won by 8 points and it still wasn’t enough for Walker. The LIB candidate not on the ballot certainly helps and Kemp is fully behind Walker this time, which he really wasn’t in November but the trends in GA are pretty clear as well, unless the GOP can stem the suburban erosion outside of Atlanta, it will be another VA in 10 years probably less. There isn’t enough rural population and the math doesn’t work.

    337. jason says:

      BIDEN to union workers: “Ten years ago, how many of you knew what the hell a supply chain was?”

    338. jason says:

      Jason wants DeSantis to win the nomination but trashes others who want DeSantis to win the nomination as TDS morons.”

      Exactly. You caught on.

      The TDS morons are first and foremost about attacking Trump and his voters. They think a civil war will be good because the Golden Calf will somehow rise from the ashes.

      You had the right idea, let the process play out and the candidate best positioned to win the GE prevail at the end. No need to sideline Trump or his base, they will be needed in the GE. All that does is cast suspicion on the Golden Calf as being a tool of the establishment. As CDM points out, that is the kiss of death.

      Not sure why you want to carry water for the TDS morons.

    339. Bitterlaw says:

      I don’t carry water for anybody. No free lunch for you or any poster, especially A-holes.

    340. jason says:

      Bitter says he has not picked a candidate between Trump and the Golden Calf so I am actually more pro-Golden Calf than he is.

      Yet he is offended when I attack the TDS morons for what they are.

      I love it here.

    341. Robbie says:

      Barak Ravid

      BREAKING: Netanyahu tells @bariweiss that Trump’s dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes “was just wrong and misplaced. I think it’s a mistake. He shouldn’t do that…I hope it’s not repeated”

      – But I was assured by Jason fraud Trump dining with Holocaust deniers was no big deal and no one cares.

    342. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzzz If the PA Primary was today between Trump and DeSantis, there is a 60% chance I would vote for DeSantis. That is not a sign of disrespect for Trump’s voters since I am one of Trump’s voters. Twice. But the primary is not today and there will be other candidates. I also like Noem.

    343. Chicon says:

      348 – note what he said and didn’t say…

      He said he believes it is a mistake that shouldn’t be repeated.

      He didn’t say this means Trump shouldn’t be President or hates Jews.

      These are things you would have noticed before you became mentally ill with TDS and lost the ability to think rationally.

    344. Tgca says:


      Floreedah elderly population is at 21% compared to 18% for NY. Hardly a state with “all the old people” you IGORENTLY claimed compared to NY.

      NY got hit 1st and by surprise with COVID in densely populated areas where COVID spread quicker and much faster where Floreedah hit its peak months later in a much more sparsely populated state. Had NY not gotten hit 1st by surprise, it would have had substantially less deaths.

      Why wasn’t Floreedah better prepared with a 3 month advanced notice?

      Why did Floreedah keep the state on lockdown until fall 2020?

      Why did Floreedah hurt businesses by causing a worker shortage by paying peeps to stay home through fall 2021?

      Why did DeDamctimonius issue EO and threatened business with taking their business licenses away if they did not comply with his draconian measures?

      Why did Gubbernor Noem keep her state open despite COVID and businesses and peeps did not suffer as much?

      Who was the better gubbernor on COVID, DeSanctimonius or Noem?

      I think Noem could mentor DeSanctimonius on COVID policies beneficial to the people.

    345. Chicon says:

      351 – Now do the same thing comparing South Dakota to Florida. Isn’t there a pretty significant difference in population density between the states that could be the main difference in the death rates?

      Btw, I agree that Desantis reacted poorly to COVID, as did Trump.

    346. Tgca says:

      352 Chic

      Agreed SD is sparsely populated and would not face the same challenges as NY.

      But the difference is Noem accepted that COVID would impact her state and had risks but she was not going to close her state down. In fact, per capita, at one point, SD had a higher COVID death rate than other states but they did not destroy lives and businesses in the process by shutting down like in NY and FL.

      There was very little difference in how DeSanctimonius handled COVID and Cuomo did for the general population through most of 2020.

      DeSanctimonius sycophants won’t accept this.

      Look at the video where DeSanctimonius brags about threatening to shut businesses down by taking their licenses away.

      Lots of revisionist history on COVID by DeSanctimonius but for us that saw it 1st hand here, we know better than the talking points SoHopeLess and friends get.

    347. Cash Cow TM says:


      So how DO you pronounce Qatar?

      is it “Guitar”?
      Is it “Gutter”?
      Is it “Gutahr”?

    348. jason says:

      I am glad Amoral Scumbag is now quoting Bibi, who is a great friend of Trump’s and despises Amoral Scumbag’s icon Joe Biden.

      And yes, pretty much only Amoral Scumbag and the MSM care about Nick Fuentes and QAnon, I don’t know ONE conservative that ever referenced either one.

    349. jason says:

      Besides, by saying he didn’t even know who Nick Fuentes Trump pretty much admitted it was a mistake.


      Now I am still waiting for Amoral Scumbag has a problem with Biden meeting at WH with flaming anti-semites EVERYONE knows like Al Sharpton, Ilmar Ohan and Rashid Tlaib.

    350. DW says:

      Qatar is pronounced like Cotter

    351. Tgca says:

      I think DeSanctimonius should focus on his two major accomplishments that made him a household name nationally.

      1. Don’t Say Gay bill
      2. Vendetta against Woke Disney

      Other than that, you can’t point to major accomplishments that his policies have done in Floreedah that impact everyday people that he did not inherit from Rick Scott unless you think like SoHopeLess that appointing Ben Sasse as a university president is of enormous impact.

      I’m glad DeSanctimonius went after the woke crowd and followed the precedents of Rick Scott. Scott was a good GOP gubbernor that helped bring back Floreedah from the brink of disaster. DeSanctimonius would benefit by learning from more experienced people.

      Now to distinguish himself, perhaps DeSanctimonius can assist in the housing and homeless crisis that boomed on his watch. Those are things everyday people can appreciate.

    352. jason says:

      What say Amoral Scumbag?

      Sharpton again: “So (if) some cracker come and tell you ‘Well, my mother and father bl-od go back to the M-yflower,’ you better hold your pocket. That ain’t nothing to be proud of. That means their forefathers was cr-oks.” Sharpton also offered, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarm-lkes back and come over to my house.”


    353. jason says:

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, should Al Sharpton be invited to the WH?

      “Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘bloodsucking [J]ews’, and ‘Jew bastards’;

      Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants’”

    354. Tgca says:


      Don’t forget Biden’s support of the Rev. Jesse Jackson with his “Himeytown” beliefs.

    355. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag just outraged, I tell you, that an completely obscure and fringe figure like Nick Fuentes that nobody here ever heard of had a brief inconsequential and informal dinner at Trump’s club, witnessed by many people who stated nothing “racist” or “anti-semitic” was discussed. In fact, if the narrative is correct, if anything Fuentes was critical of Trump.

      But a well known figure like Al Sharpton is invited to the WH to meet with the actual President?

      No problem, man.

      TDS is a pathetic disease.

    356. Tgca says:

      Watch the video.

      American excels at the worlds greatest sport evah, Futbol.

      What speed, agility, coordination…simply amazing.

    357. DW says:

      Thrilling action again today in World Cup action–high scoring today!…

      France 0
      Tunisia 0

      Somewhere early in the second half

      Denmark 0
      Australia 0

      Also somewhere early in the second half

      I still don’t understand what’s so hard about having a timeclock that all the fans can see so they know exactly how much time is left…and whenever the ref blows his whistle they stop the clock.

    358. Brandon says:

      The fact that the players don’t know exactly how much time left is the most absurd part of it all.

    359. Tgca says:

      Dr. Birx to Newsmax: Americans Need COVID Info, Not Mandates

      Birx skewers Dr. Fow-chee. Basically says he’s not up to date and relying on old methods. She’s nice calling it 1st generation but we get the point.

    360. jason says:

      The players know because the coaches signal them.

      The fans can follow on phones.

      But I agree it is a dumb rule, it is there because they think otherwise there is too much pressure on ref.

    361. Tgca says:


      Tunisia? Really? Against France?

      Isn’t Tunisia a chithole country?

      They better not lose to a bunch of guys playing in thongs.

    362. jason says:

      I give the Golden Calf credit for this…

      “Iger also suggested that the company made a mistake in its fight against Governor DeSantis, which resulted in the state legislature stripping Disney of its special administrative status. “I was sorry to see us dragged into that battle,” he said. “The State of Florida has been important to us for a long time. And we have been very important to the State of Florida. That is something I’m extremely mindful of and will articulate if I get the chance.”

      DESANTIS: We didn’t drag them in, Tucker. They went in on their own, and not only opposed the bill. They threatened to get it repealed.

      These are parents’ rights, important policies in our state that are very popular. And so they brought this on themselves.

      CARLSON: Yes.

      DESANTIS: All we did was stand up for what’s right. And, yes, they’re a big, powerful company. But you know what? We stand up for our folks. And I don’t care what a Burbank-based California company says about our laws.”

    363. jason says:

      Tunisia just gives Tgca a big FU and scores against all mighty France.

      Tunisia 1 x France 0

    364. jason says:

      However, Australia scores against Denmark and Tunisia will be out if that holds.

      Australia 1 x 0 Denmark

    365. SoHope says:

      TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – On the strong headwind from his near-20 point landslide in November’s gubernatorial election over Charlie Crist, Gov. Ron DeSantis is launching a new book in February 2023 outlining how his policies in Florida are a “battle-tested blueprint for America’s revival.”

      The book will cover key moments in his life, like growing up in a working-class family, playing in the Little League World Series, education at Yale and Harvard, volunteering for the Navy after 9/11, serving in Iraq, his family, and insight into his thinking when grappling with COVID-19 restrictions, Critical Race Theory, ‘woke’ companies, and “legacy media.”

      Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival is going on sale Feb. 28, 2023 on

    366. jason says:

      There you have it:

      Don Lemon says CNN was never liberal./

      “Word on the street is that you guys aren’t allowed to be liberal anymore. Is that the case?”

      Lemon squeezed out the following:

      “I don’t think we ever were liberal.”

    367. DW says:

      “But I agree it is a dumb rule, it is there because they think otherwise there is too much pressure on ref.”

      But if they took timekeeping away from the ref, and just stopped clock every time the ref blew the whistle to stop play, and start clock every time ref blows whistle to start play, doesn’t that take away pressure on the ref?

      Imagine in basketball, no clock displays, and the ref trying to check his wristwatch and watch for fouls, traveling, 3-second violations, etc., at the same time.

    368. jason says:

      The Golden Calf is smart to have a plan for America.

      So far he is showing he is a lot smarter than the TDS morons.

      Hopefully he understands he has nothing to gain from bashing Trump and his base and that they will be key for him to win the GE>

    369. Tgca says:


      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Will DeSanctimonius be excerpting from Cuomo’s book too?

    370. jason says:

      But if they took timekeeping away from the ref, and just stopped clock every time the ref blew the whistle to stop play, and start clock every time ref blows whistle to start play, doesn’t that take away pressure on the ref?”

      Maybe but that is not how it works, it would be a complete revolution in the sport. Don’t see it happening.

    371. Bitterlaw says:

      Little League World Series? That is very cool.

    372. jason says:

      Note the Golden Calf has stayed away from the Nick Fuentes faux scandal and kept his mouth shut.

    373. jason says:

      The book will cover key moments in his life, like growing up in a working-class family, playing in the Little League World Series, education at Yale and Harvard, volunteering for the Navy after 9/11, serving in Iraq, his family, and insight into his thinking when grappling with COVID-19 restrictions, Critical Race Theory, ‘woke’ companies, and “legacy media.”

      Here is my advice for the Golden Calf’s book.

      Not that much about Harvard and Yale and a lot about what he can do for the working class, small businesses and economic opportunities for minorities.

      Not too much about COVID but plenty on CRT and parental rights, wokism and legacy media.

    374. Gordon Allen says:

      Chicon. The age of the population also was a driver, if not the driver in the mortality rate.
      The greatest migration of wealth in US history to Florida, the highest or second highest per capita movement of population into Florida, the highest budget surplus in State history, only tac cuts not increases, one of the largest/effective Charter school movements in the US, an unemployment rate of 2.6%, restoration of the Everglades, a massive increase in vocational education programs, support for first responders( with money, not just talk), Hurricane Ian response etc etc.
      There are LOTS of reasons DeSantis got a 20 point win. These are just some.
      Tgca seems stuck on Disney( and yes the Parental Rights Bill) for some reason-FYI the “Don’t say Gay Bill” was the Parental Rights in Education Bill, loved by Parents.

    375. Brandon says:

      Senator Braun is running for Governor in 2024 so there’ll be an open seat race in Indiana.

    376. SoHope says:

      378, he was also Captain of the Yale baseball team batting a .336 average his senior year.

    377. jason says:

      Vice President Kamala Harris
      United States government official
      One shot, once a year—that’s all most people will need to stay protected from COVID year-long. Make a plan to get your shot at”

      This is a bald faced lie.

    378. jason says:

      There are LOTS of reasons DeSantis got a 20 point win”

      Let’s be honest.

      The biggest reason was that he ran against human turd Charlie Crist.

      I think against a better Dem he would have only won by 15.

    379. SoHope says:

      381, Exactly! He has a solid resume of accomplishments and will be padding his resume with more in this coming session of FL legislature. Constitutional Carry will definitely get added to the list.

    380. DW says:

      DeSantis won Miami-Dade, AND Palm Beach County. Let that sink in. And he grabbed 42% in BROWARD.

      I don’t recall any Republican in my lifetime who ran in a statewide Florida race who did that.

    381. Gordon Allen says:

      Boiled to a slogan for DeSantis is be Florida Free: he relentlessly champions freedom as his raison d’etre.
      His book this spring has a title of something like: The courage to be Florida Free.
      But he’s not running

    382. jason says:

      Florida Free?


      He wouldn’t be running for President of Florida, you moron.


    383. Tina says:

      A new Rasmussen poll shows that 72% of Americans believe that Arizona voters were deprived of their sacred right to vote in the November 8th election.

      In addition, 71% of those polled believe that the problems affected the outcome of the Senate election in Arizona.

    384. SoHope says:

      DeSantis purposely avoided using MAGA/America first terminology. Instead coining Freedom First/Free State of Florida, Keep Florida Free, ect. Now when Trump does something stupid like not return library books or accidentally have dinner with a Nazi it doesn’t mess up his movement that is basically the same policies.

    385. jason says:

      I have always made this point, it was never about Trump. It was always about the fact the TDS morons could not get their candidate nominated.

    386. SoHope says:
      The don’t tread on Florida imagery was prominent. It could easily transitions into a national campaign with an American flag and Gator. DeSantis was a founding member of the Freedom Caucus so he has a solid record on Freedom First.

    387. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      First Squawk


    388. Chicon says:

      Desantis, Pence, Pompeo and Haley are all running. Probably Noem as well. Gonna be wild, buckle up.

    389. Tina says:

      392- see the Pedo project as an example.

    390. Tina says:

      Pence and pompeo are disasters, as is Palin 2.0.

      They are big into surveillance and interventions.

      Desantis house record is similar, which alarms me.

    391. Tgca says:


      Where I live, tons of people relocated to Floreedah to work remotely during COVID because there is no income tax and the weather is desirable.

      They did NOT move here due to COVID policy.

      We have a flood of northeastern folks here now, more so than ever before. You see tons of vehicles with NY and NJ plates now.

      They vote liberal and drove up housing costs too. Dirty BASTARDS!

      Last I checked, DeSanctimonius had nothing to do with Floreedah income tax-free rules and weather.

      But I could be wrong. I’ll await DeSanctimonius’ book and see if there’s a chapter in there how he got Floreedah to be a tax free state and year round great weather – and he did it all before he was born too.


    392. Tgca says:


      Yes. DeSanctinonius made Floreedah FREE after keeping us locked down most of 2020 and threatening to take away business licenses and contributing to slower re-opening by keeping people on the public dole through fall of 2021..

      Floreedah FREE included lotsa FREEbies to those refusing to work that he seemed fine with until late 2021.

    393. Tina says:

      Don’t forget the Republican National Convention was supposed to be held in Florida in 8/2020 but it could not be held due to lockdowns.

      Trump and .Desantis carry baggage over Covid (fair or unfair).

      Desantis coms people need to get off the Covid lies/exaggerations.

      There is video and orders and arrests made for violating his orders.

    394. Tina says:

      And I also don’t think Covid is a big issue. What was done, was done,

      Will China be held accountable?

      Fraudci? A nice perp walk would be nice and a lengthy jail sentence.

      Will the US demand reparations from Xi?

      Those are what we need to hear from our candidates.

    395. SoHope says:

      400, incorrect.. the RNC was scheduled for Charlotte North Carolina. North Carolina was on lockdown and Trump wanted a big event so DeSantis offered up Jacksonville Florida. Trump was the one who canceled the Florida event.
      “I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Fla., component of the GOP convention,” Trump said in an early evening news conference Thursday when he cited safety concerns. He praised Mayor Lenny Curry, who had been boosting the convention even as a majority of Jacksonville residents polled said they didn’t want the event here.“I just felt it was wrong,” the president said about hosting an event like this during a pandemic. “… We didn’t want to take any chances.”

    396. SoHope says:

      DeSantis hosted the NBA during COVID, secured the RNC (just to have it yanked by Trump), and attempted to get the Olympics last minute if Japan didn’t want it.

    397. Tina says:

      Where is the Jebot?

      An election denier, Hakeem Jeffries, was just elected as house leader.

    398. Big Joe says:

      Awright I was off on my 2022 prediction.

      I thought we’d be looking at a 2010/2014 type election. Democratic turnout looks to be higher than what I expected.

      Thankfully, the GA runoff is a week away. The number of mailers received is up exponentially and its the same crap about how Walker is illiterate and Warnock wants to turn all boys into girls. Blah blah yawn….

      Also its the 4th runoff in my CD since 2017. Ranked choice voting is sounding appealing here.

      Big Joe

    399. jason says:

      Hey Big Joe, I wish you had been right….

    400. jason says:

      “Walker’s campaign manager, Scott Paradise, said on Monday, the first day of early voting in all of Georgia’s 159 counties, nine of the top ten counties with the highest turnout were counties Walker carried in the general election. Most of the counties, Paradise said, Walker carried with an overwhelming margin of victory. Turnout was particularly good in two of the most important red counties – Forsyth and Hall counties.”

    401. Cash Cow TM says:







      Winner of that game will advance to the D-II semifinals.

      Indiana U. of PA has a very good QB as well and good receivers. Should be a great game and rematch of the same two teams from Tuesday’s game.

      Lots of pro scout have been watching Shepherd all year. Besides the record setting QB (Tyson Bagent from Martinsburg, WV), they have a 6’5″, 355 pound Offensive tackle [Joey Fisher] who will be playing in the Hula Bowl later on this year. Bagent was also invited to be in Hula Bowl, as has a center/long snapper and I think a receiver and a running back for SU as well.

      I hear the pros are also looking at a tight end and possibly running back as well.


    402. Cash Cow TM says:

      They are still counting the mail in soccer shots in U.S. vs. Iran soccer match.

      So far. the score now is tied, 1 to 1.

    403. Bitterlaw says:

      Go Indiana of PA!*

      •You’re welcome, Cash Cow.

    404. Big Joe says:

      Yesterday, I did see a stat that early turnout for this runoff is the highest ever so far. The million dollar question of course is who these voters are. Are they voters that already voted in the GE and now “re-voting” or are there truly new voters out there.

      Plus, 80k votes went to a Libertarian guy in the GE so anyone’s guess what those voters do.

      My guess is that Warnock wins this one by a couple points. He already led in the GE and outran Stacy Abrams by alot which tells me his voters will be back. Walker probably got help from Kemp voters and they may not come back. Then again, I’m in a prognosticating slump so who nows 🙂

      Big Joe

    405. Tgca says:


      Thank you Tina for being my investigator as we prosecute this case against DeDanctimonius with strong evidence he’s grossly exaggerated and lied about his COVID response.

      His gross exaggerations and lies put democracy at risk.

      This is definitely grounds for the Dems to impeach him on Jan 21, 2025 should he win by getting 85% of the Hispanic vote and 95% of the working class vote, winning CA, NY, HI, and MA in a landslide like he did Floreedah.

    406. Tgca says:

      407. Jadon

      All good but I’ve not seen any numbers on the Dead vote yet. Was there increased turnout in GA last Sat on the dead?

    407. Tina says:

      Impeach him

      No I am hoping desantis, trump or whomever gets reparations from China (tariffs) and perp walks fraudci.

      It is clear he lied about Covid origins

    408. Tina says:

      Impeach him?

      No I am hoping desantis, trump or whomever gets reparations from China (tariffs) and perp walks fraudci.

      It is clear he lied about Covid origins

    409. DW says:

      Mexico eliminated on last minute goal by the Saudis.

      Not sure the tiebreaker had that goal not scored as Mexico and Poland would have both been 1-1-1 and each with a 0 goal differential, and they were 0-0 in head-to-head match.

      All made a moot point with that late Saudi goal.

    410. SoHope says:

      *Investigator for Tgca lol
      “Don’t forget the Republican National Convention was supposed to be held in Florida in 8/2020 but it could not be held due to lockdowns.”

      +++But in fact:
      RNC was scheduled for Charlotte North Carolina. North Carolina was on lockdown and Trump wanted a big event so DeSantis offered up Jacksonville Florida. Trump was the one who canceled the Florida event.
      “I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Fla., component of the GOP convention,” Trump said in an early evening news conference Thursday when he cited safety concerns. He praised Mayor Lenny Curry, who had been boosting the convention even as a majority of Jacksonville residents polled said they didn’t want the event here.“I just felt it was wrong,” the president said about hosting an event like this during a pandemic. “… We didn’t want to take any chances.”

    411. jason says:

      Mexico eliminated on last minute goal by the Saudis.”

      Actually not.

      Mexico would have been eliminated on the fair play tiebreaker even if Saudis had not scored.

      However, EVEN after the Saudis scored, a goal would have saved them because they would have won the goals scored tiebreaker.

    412. SoHope says:

      When picking the article to cite proving it was Trump than canceled the FL rescue of the Charlotte RNC and it nothing to do with Florida being shut down. I avoided 5 or 6 liberal sites and 1 or 2 conservative sites since Tgca doesn’t believe the left or the right…just Truth Social apparently.

    413. jason says:

      The tiebreakers

      Goal differential
      Goals scored
      Head to head
      Fair play score

    414. Tina says:

      Biden’s beotch is ready to assist.

      Republicans’ Christmas Gift To Voters Is Helping Democrats Pass A Major Omnibus Spending Bill

    415. jason says:

      My guess is that Warnock wins this one by a couple points. He already led in the GE and outran Stacy Abrams by alot which tells me his voters will be back. Walker probably got help from Kemp voters and they may not come back. Then again, I’m in a prognosticating slump so who nows ?”

      Hey, it is a good theory. The conventional wisdom is all for Warnock.

      But I just have a feeling the lack of other races will hurt Warnock more than Walker and this will be a more traditional Dem vs. Rep race which still slightly favors Rs in GA.

    416. NYCmike says:

      I will ask Santa for a government shutdown. I want to go into the New Year with Robbie, Wes, jason and all the other squishes united in wailing how a government shutdown is the worst thing eva!

    417. Tgca says:

      415. Tina


      I would love to see Dr. Fow-chee prosecuted and jailed for lying to Congress and breaking the law on gain of function.

      He’s a dangerous man. Uses his decades of service in gubbermint to manipulate and mislead others that used information to make bad decisions that had great impact on tens of millions.

      Had he not been pushing for masks and lockdowns a d suggesting gloom and doom if not done, I think many leaders would not have implemented or gotten away with what they did.

      Horrible arrogant human being so full of himself. The only comfort I get is that knowing his legacy will be tarnished as his reputation has taken an enormous hit as he has been proven wrong numerous times and even his colleagues and peers now routinely contradict him, just like Birx did yesterday, suggesting he was stuck in the past failed guidance.

    418. jason says:

      Again, nothing to do with Trump.

      This has to do with our far left academia turning out millions of new Marxists every year.

      “Per the report, “If uncontested races and losses are excluded, socialist or far-left progressive candidates won by an average of more than 30 percentage points. This clearly indicates socialist and progressive groups targeted districts they assumed Democrats would win in the general election, rather than sponsoring candidates and investing resources in elections that would be more difficult to win during the general election. In the 12 races socialist candidates lost, their margin of defeat (-9.8 percent) was more than three times less than the aforementioned margin of victory.”

      Interestingly, the 2022 midterm election analysis of socialist candidates shows eerily similar results to socialists’ performance at the ballot box in 2020. Moreover, it shows that socialists have made stunning progress since their red renaissance began in 2018.

      In 2018, the SRC identified 86 socialist candidates running for statewide and federal office. That year, socialists won less than half of those races. In 2020, the number of socialists running in the general election ballooned to 266. And, unlike in 2018, the vast majority (90 percent) won their races.

      Although the total number of socialists on the ballot in 2022 was less than it was in 2020, the winning percentage for socialists remained almost exactly the same, just north of 90 percent, which, “clearly indicates that socialists continue to reap great rewards at the ballot box and that socialist organizations are pragmatically targeting Democratic bastions to replace ‘establishment’ Democrats with radical socialists.”

    419. jason says:

      in wailing how a government shutdown is the worst thing eva!”

      Fortunately the grandstanding morons will not get their wish for a government shutdown that will only hurt the R party and accomplish nothing.

      So I hope NYC gets a bag a coal instead.

    420. Tgca says:


      Who is SoHopeLess kidding?

      We know he goes to DeSanctimonius worshipping websites to find links to articles telling him how great Ronaldo is and how he’ll get 85% of Latino and 95% of working class national vote as he win CA, NY, and HInin landslides.

    421. DW says:

      “fair play tiebreaker”

      Futball is too complex for me. Can you explain the fair play tiebreaker?

    422. jason says:

      Plus, 80k votes went to a Libertarian guy in the GE so anyone’s guess what those voters do.”

      Looking at his websites, he states he is “armed and gay”.

      He also says he is for free trade and free markets.

      He seems like he is for open borders, anti-police, for legalizing drugs and “anti-war”. He says we shouldn’t kill terrorists with drones.

      Not convinced his voters will go for Walker, unfortunately.

    423. SoHope says:

      Trump just Truthed:


      *Hope that doesn’t hurt our chances in Georgia.

    424. jason says:

      I am sure Bitter will be here to say that only happens in Bad Philadelphia in 3, 2, 1…. nothing to be upset about.

    425. jason says:

      *Hope that doesn’t hurt our chances in Georgia.”


      It already has and will do so again.

      SoHope actually thinks doing the same thing over and over is expected to yield different results.

      But I guess he is ok with it as long as somehow it is bad for Trump.

      That is the TDS moron mantra.

      Fraud is good as long as it is against Trump or somebody he supports or someone that supports him.

    426. Tina says:

      More of this.

      Chad Pergram

      McCarthy writes to 1/6 cmte chair Thompson. Asks cmte to preserve all records. Says 1/6 cmte ends next year. McCarthy also says there will be hrngs next year on 1/6 security failures

    427. Tina says:

      Also, since there is precedent from the Suprem court, subpoena the tax records of president Biden and crack rock on day 1.

    428. Tina says:

      This is banana republic, thanks to Souter 2.0 and the supremes. Releasing confidential tax records is bad.

      “The Supreme Court declined last week to intervene after courts said the House had power to request the returns from the IRS.

      The committee, led by Democratic Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts, had sought six years of Trump’s tax records, primarily from the time he served as president. That included records about both Trump personally and several of his corporate entities.

      The documents are not expected to be immediately released to the public.”

    429. SoHope says:

      Trump’s practicing destructive self-fulfilling prophecy. When will Trump tire of *hitting away GA Senate seats?

    430. Tgca says:


      SoHopeLess gonna hate this article from the Atlantic, a leftist rag that quotes a number of GOP who worked with DeSanctimonius trashing his arrogance and personality. Even Christie bashed him.

      Here are some of the quotes from those who worked with him over the years…and these are his colleagues.

      My fav is the “mold” analogy.

      He is Trump with a brain, from an aide.

      He was standoffish in general,” the Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock, a former House colleague of DeSantis’s, told me.

      A strange no-eye-contact oddball,” Rick Wilson, a Republican media consultant,

      “I’d rather have teeth pulled without anesthetic than be on a boat with Ron DeSantis,” says Mac Stipanovich, a Tallahassee lobbyist

      To sum up: DeSantis is not a fun and convivial dude. He prefers to keep his earbuds in. His “Step away from the vehicle” vibes are strong.

      “I think he is going to run into some challenges,” Carlos Curbelo, a former Republican congressman from Florida who served with DeSantis in the House, told me. “It’s that question that often comes up in politics—the question of ‘Would you want to have a beer with him?’

      Will he grow on voters like a catchy song, or like mold?

      DeSantis “has this robotic quality that he has to shed,” Curbelo said. “Everything else checks the box. He is smart and competent and committed to his ideology. He just has to humanize himself.”

      On a debate stage, all of Trump’s strengths go straight to DeSantis’s weaknesses,” Stipanovich told me. Trump has energy and presence; DeSantis “is dour and doesn’t improvise particularly well.”

      My sense is that Trump would gut DeSantis with a dull deer antler,” said Stipanovich, who has a taste for violent animal metaphors.

      He also predicted that “Trump would club DeSantis like a baby seal.”

      Ron’s strength as a politician is that he doesn’t give a f*ck,” a Republican consultant told The New Yorker. “Ron’s weakness as a politician is that he doesn’t give a f*ck.”

      I don’t think Ron hangs out with anybody, from what I can tell,” former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said

      But certain political skills are more innate, and require an ability to ad-lib that DeSantis lacks.

      He can appear needlessly snappish and reactive

    431. Tina says:

      Julie Kelly ??
      Replying to
      I love how the most politically tone deaf “conservatives” think DeSantis will be immune from the Trump treatment. Just ask a Democrat which Republican they hate as much as Trump and the answer is usually DeSantis.

    432. jason says:

      Anybody against McConnell’s priorities of more defense spending and more funding for Ukraine?

      Not me.

      “McConnell said that while there is widespread agreement an omnibus is better than a CR, Republicans want increased defense spending and more funding for Ukraine.

      “Our feeling is that the Democrats have met a number of their domestic priorities previously” through 2021’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package and this year’s budget reconciliation law, which contained roughly $450 billion in clean energy and health care-related spending, McConnell said.

      “And they’re insistent on continuing to request astronomical increases on the nondefense, domestic side, is a sticking point,” McConnell said. “So that’s where we are and we’re going to keep talking to each other and hopefully work this out.”

      McConnell said it is a “difficult choice” between pursuing a full-year CR, which would keep spending levels flat, or pursuing an omnibus, which would allow for increased defense spending and more Ukraine aid”

    433. jason says:

      I love how the most politically tone deaf “conservatives” think DeSantis will be immune from the Trump treatment. ”

      Heh, there are a lot of “tone deaf” people here that think if Trump was not in the picture the MSM would be nice to Rs.

    434. SoHope says:

      Of course the Dems hate DeSantis. It’s the indies you need to win. As a republican can you think of one electable democrat that you like?

    435. jason says:

      “If Trump didn’t keep f-ing up then we would be able to focus exclusively on the Dems. It’s the benefit of not having the Trump millstone around our neck…instead it’s Threats against democracy, Trump’s overdue library books, him meeting and not denouncing Nick Fuentes, his taxes, ect.”

      This is the kind of tone deaf thinking Julie Kelly is talking about.

      SoHope actually thinks they won’t be coming up with the same type of attacks on the Golden Calf.

    436. SoHope says:

      DeSantis is the 2nd most hated republican (in the state) if you did a poll of FL democrats. He still won by 20 points. What’s your point?

    437. jason says:

      That hit piece at the Atlantic is stuffed with Never Trumpers who are never going to support the Golden Calf.

      Comstock, Christie, Curbello and Rick Wilson are not credible “witnesses”.

      I call BS on that piece.

    438. SoHope says:

      They did the DeSantis had Nazis outside one of his rally attack. Same for Youngkin. It didn’t stick. The Trump stuff sticks.
      1. Because he can’t respond.
      2. Because he keeps putting himself in these positions.
      3. The Trump being tolerated by indies ship has sailed. They irrevocably hate him. He relies on the other guy being worse. Fetterman proved that won’t work anymore.

    439. jason says:

      Oh it will stick just like it “sticks” to Trump.

      Bet on it.

    440. jason says:

      And Trump might even have an advantage over the Golden Calf with the MSM BS.

      He fights back, and effectively.

      I was impressed that the Golden Calf hired Christina Pushaw, she was great at leaving no MSM attack without a response, so maybe he understands how important it it like Trump always did.

    441. Tina says:

      Yes more grifting.

      Load up the Cr.

    442. SoHope says:

      Christina Pushaw is amazing. Her talents were wasted in his governors office staff which is why she was moved to his campaign. She is a beast!

      To be fair Kayleigh McEnany was solid too

    443. Tina says:

      Did the socialist son forget about Piglosi, the election denier?

      Bill Kristol

      Nov 29
      The Speaker is a constitutional office, in line for the presidency. Should someone like McCarthy who objected to legal and correct election results be Speaker? Shouldn’t Democrats offer to join a few decent Republicans to support a non-election denying Republican for Speaker?

    444. SoHope says:

      449, none of that will happen just posturing for rule changes and committee assignments

    445. jason says:

      If the Golden Calf wins the Presidency, Christina would be a slam dunk for Press Secretary.

    446. Big Joe says:

      #423, Jason-

      “But I just have a feeling the lack of other races will hurt Warnock more than Walker and this will be a more traditional Dem vs. Rep race which still slightly favors Rs in GA.”

      Definitely plausible. The 2020 runoff did not revert back to a traditional D vs R though. I’m thinking that bodes well for Warnock. We shall see.

      Big Joe

    447. Cash Cow TM says:

      Jim Thorton, the annoucer on the TV show Wheel of Fortune, is a WV native.

      He is from Huntington.

    448. Tina says:

      Apple backs down. Won’t remove Twitter.

    449. Tina says:

      Charlie Kirk

      So, what should the plan be? To keep the House, obviously. In exchange for the speakership, McCarthy should commit to putting people like MTG, Matt Gaetz, and Andy Biggs on powerful committees. Empower conservatives who delivered us the majority – but end this circus.

    450. Tgca says:


      I agree The Atlantic is a leftist rag and sought out folks to trash DeSanctimonius.

      That’s part of the point I’ve been making. DeSanctimonius will not be immune from the same types of attack on Trump for 3 main reasons me think:

      1. He is a potential GOP nominee they don’t like so start attacks early and keep them up frequently.

      2. He was a Trump protege so can’t have that.

      3. He’s a mini-Trump and similar to Trump in many ways in style.

      Now I do think some of what they say of his personality is true and I’ve said it before seeing him operate here in Floreedah but of course they will take it to extremes.

    451. Gordon Allen says:

      DeSantis is similar in style to Trump rivals many of the most incomprehensible statements made here.
      He is TOTALLY different in ” style”
      from Trump, which makes him the electable one. But in policy generally similar. Style??
      They could hardly be more different.
      DeSantis is thoughtful, prepared,focused and disciplined,NONE of which describes Trump.
      I can barely believe some of these comments.

    452. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca says he does not believe in putting politicians on a pedestal. Fine. Not sure why he is digging a hole for DeSantis.

    453. Tgca says:


      DeSanctimonius is a mini-Trump. He is narcissistic, thin skinned, defensive, and mocking of those who criticize him.

      He can get away with that in Floreedah but if he goes on in national primaries, watch how that works for him.

      I know it’s only anecdotal, but I have a few GOP voting friends here in south Floreedah that agree. Like me, they still voted for him though.

    454. Tgca says:

      Lil’ Marco is hinting at running in 2024 its reported.

      He just won in a landslide in Floreedah. He’s Latin and would clearly energize the Latino community behind him over most other candidates. He’s a very good communicator. He’s grown since 2016. He has the experience of a national election behind him.

      I say:


    455. Tina says:

      This Loon ran to Cn and n to tell “his story.” I think he needs mental health. And this is the mentality of some in the Ga gop-e.

      Natalie Allison

      Georgia Lt. Gov Jeff Duncan (R) just said on CNN he waited in line for an hour to vote today, but couldn’t bring himself to cast a ballot and left without voting.

      He says Herschel hasn’t shown he wouldn’t be “Trump’s puppet.”
      Show this thread

    456. Cash Cow TM says:

      Christmas Decorations Update

      The plentiful, elaborate and festive Thanksgiving decorations have been taken down and stored away.

      Several days ago (when it was warmer):
      –Walt put up the outside wreaths, pine roping, and lights out front.

      –and all the green roping, lights, wreath and bows on the big a$$ed back deck and down the steps. (they have already blown down 3 times, and been fixed twice Walt would have fixed them the third time, but he had to go fix part of the wood stockade fence that the friggin’ wind had nearly blown down. Friggin’ wind.)
      Today, Walt:
      –got the Christmas tree put together and up
      –put 50 gazillion lights on Christmas tree.

      THIS YEAR, he did not say a ton of swear words.

      Mrs. Walt has spent a small fortune over the years to fill 20 big boxes of Christmas decorations she puts up every year.
      She did the fireplace mantle today.
      When she is done, all flat surfaces on every piece of furniture will be lavishly and festively adorned.

      The entire month of December the house will be festively adorned.

      Then in early January, all the Christmas stuff has to come down and is replaced by a month of the house festively adorned with all sorts snowmen decorations.

      When Walt was a kid, about a week before Christmas he and his brother would take the sled out into the woods and find, cut down, and tote it back home. Along with a few gifts, he said he always got nuts, candy and oranges in his stocking (and he looked forward to, and enjoyed, them).

      In Walt’s youth, they had maybe one small box of other Christmas decorations (including a small nativity set) they put up. Walt’s family was far from wealthy, but the home was rich with love.

    457. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt lost one of his gloves today.
      They are the ones he uses when he milks me.

      He had just one milking glove.
      Then he found the udder one.

    458. NYCmike says:

      “So, what should the plan be? To keep the House, obviously. In exchange for the speakership, McCarthy should commit to putting people like MTG, Matt Gaetz, and Andy Biggs on powerful committees. Empower conservatives who delivered us the majority – but end this circus.”

      -Good compromise.

    459. Bitterlaw says:

      MTG is a loon. I would not put her on any committee higher than naming post offices.

    460. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      Here is a new Georgia Senate Poll courtesy of Emerson College.


    461. Brandon says:

      Bitter, you forgot that she FIGHTS!

    462. Tina says:

      She fights harder than Biden’s Beotch, who retreats.

    463. Tina says:

      Let’s load up another CR.

      -Biden’s Beotch

    464. Bitterlaw says:

      Being a loon tends to undercut your effectiveness at fighting.

    465. Country Dick Montana says:

      I would bet that there is no one here on this site whose life or situation has changed at all regardless of who is in office. That’s why we can argue about the direction of either party. It just doesn’t matter.

    466. Bitterlaw says:

      MTG should be Chair of the Post Office Naming Committee. AOC can be on it, too. It’s meetings would get big ratings on CSpan-3.

    467. DW says:

      475 – you would lose that bet. My life has been directly impacted by Joe Biden being in office, and I am not talking about just the price of gas and food. I am not at liberty to disclose the impact on me and my work, but there it is. You lost your bet.

    468. Country Dick Montana says:

      Unless you can back that up with proof, then sorry, your life hasn’t changed. You are still here and posting.

    469. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – I see your point but there are important differences. During Reagan’s term in office, I never worried about a Soviet nuclear attack because the Soviets knew they would be vaporized in return. Trump’s trade policies towards China were stolen from Democrat-heavy unions. In your field, you did not see a difference between Trump and Biden’s energy policies?

      I am neither poor enough to need government benefits nor rich enough to pay the highest tax rate (I will have to check with my wife since she prepares the tax returns).

    470. Country Dick Montana says:

      There are differences in policies and minute differences in outcomes, but at the end of the day nothing changes. Btw China, NO and Russia would all be vaporized under Biden, as if any of that mattered after we were attacked. MAD is still the rule.

    471. Tgca says:

      Bitter let’s his wife do the tax returns?


      That’s a man’s job.

    472. Bitterlaw says:

      DW is preparing to be placed in an internment camp for Evangelicals. I promised to represent him.

    473. DW says:

      CDM, I am not going to lie to you or anyone here. I could share how it has changed, but it involves my work, which I cannot share here in this space.

      But your point is still meaningless, because everyone has been impacted by Biden’s reckless inflation and the price of food and gas. Anyone with a 401k has seen a fourth of it evaporate under Biden. That directly impacts the decisions we make as Americans about retirement, spending, etc.

      My family has made decisions directly based on these factors and we would have made the opposite decisions had Trump been in office.

      But the big one is my work for which I cannot disclose.

    474. jason says:

      MTG might be a loon, and I disagree with a lot of her views, but is she any worse than Adam Schiff or Liz Cheney?

      She has the right to be on committees and not be discriminated against.

    475. jason says:

      Bitter let’s his wife do the tax returns?”

      Really. I would sell Lupita for llama burgers before I let my wife get anywhere close to the tax returns.

    476. Country Dick Montana says:

      The only argument that matters is how many RINO’s/MAGA’s can dance on the head of a pin.

    477. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason – Send your tax documents to my wife. I am sure she would not mind.

    478. Tgca says:


      DW is correct. Biden’s policies and leadership impacts us all.

      My 401K and savings are down and I’m looking at opportunities to supplement my monthly cash needs to keep up my standard of living for me, my dog, and my fish. We are all accustomed to bottled water and I’m not ready to give up tofu to make ends meet.

      I am not yet eligible for retirement benefits and I don’t want to go back to working full time like all the other peasants so now I’m strongly considering an OnlyFans account.

      Desperate times call for desperate measures!

    479. Sheeple,Jr. says:

      In the Georgia Senate run-off, the overall AA vote went from 35.3% on Tuesday to 33.3% yesterday.

    480. jason says:

      Jason – Send your tax documents to my wife. I am sure she would not mind.”

      I am sure she is ethical and would honor confidentiality and not tell my wife how much was spent on guns, ammo, and bacon.

    481. Tgca says:

      While some politicians like Gubbernor DeSanctimonius in Floreedah talk about TikTok and China spying as a concerning threat to Americans, Gubbernor Noem actually did something about it.

      Noem signed an executive order that banned state employees from using TikTok and deemed it a national security threat.

      Just like Noem significantly outperformed gubbernors on COVID, she his now taking the lead on dealing with America’s greatest threat- China- while DeSanctimonius will hold press conferences mocking people who disagree with him.

    482. jason says:

      CDM is certainly wrong about Biden’s presidency not impacting my life. That is really a crock of crap.

    483. jason says:

      Biden: “[Jill] spent a lot of time on Indian reservations. I’m worried she’s not going to come home one of these days. You think I’m joking. I hear more about the Navajos than I do about me. Y’all think I’m kidding.”

    484. jason says:

      Biden: “All the incredible performers who are here. As a matter of fact, I don’t know how they did with just that one beautiful lady coming out, anyway, long story, it’s freezing!”

    485. DW says:

      Canada is great at Curling and Ice Hockey. Futball? Not so much. Down 2-0 half way through the first half against Morocco, and the are already eliminated after losing their first two games.

    486. Cash Cow TM says:

      “MTG should be Chair of the Post Office Naming Committee. AOC can be on it, too. It’s meetings would get big ratings on CSpan-3.”

    487. Tgca says:


    488. Bitterlaw says:


    489. Gordon Allen says:

      Country Dick. The Joint Chiefs and the head of the Strategic Command don’t agree with you.
      After a first strike by Russia, presumably on our 400 ICBM silos, our three Strategic Bomber fields, and 2 SSBN bases. our retaliatory strike would depend on 5he 5 o5 6 SSBN’s at sea, and a scattering of ICBM’s that might have survived. This assumes a surprise attack, eliminating via Russian SSBN’s our non alert Bombers( their normal regime), some 85-90% of our missile silos. and the 2 SSBN ports where the remaining 8/9 SSBNs are in overhaul, crew change, maintenance periods.
      Bottom line is we barely have enough under those circumstances to reach the SIOP targets in Russia; which by the way do NOT include urban population Centers, but military/industrial targets.
      We do NOT have enough to simultaneously target Chinese or other aim points.

    490. Waingro says:

      New MULaw poll (they pretty much nailed 2022) out with some interesting data on the crucial state of Wisconsin. Below is a Twitter thread:

      Charles Franklin
      Our new national
      is out

      DeSantis gains support, now moving up to a tie with Biden among registered voters nationwide. His support has slowly but steadily increased over the year. Biden has remained stable. 15% wish for an alternative to these two. 1/n

      Trump continues to trail Biden, by 10 points in this poll. Biden lead has been increasing since March. DeSantis was a point stronger than Trump vs Biden in March & Sept, but now 10 points stronger on margin vs Biden. 2/n

      Support for a Trump 2024 bid among Republican registered voters is down, though still at a 55% majority. It was 64% in July. 3/n

      DeSantis is a strong competitor to Trump because he appeals to the same GOP voters as Trump, thus threatens to divide Trump support, not simply appeal to those not Trump Reps.

      DeSantis has 76% fav among Reps who are Favorable to Trump, only 4% are unfav to DeS, 20% DK. 5/n

      DeSantis is less known among Reps than Trump, but his name ID has been rising, and favorability along with it, while no rise in his unfavorable. 6/n

      Trump favorability among Reps has declined since March-July but he remains very popular w GOP voters. Hence his continued influence in the party, despite some decline in wishing him to run again. 12 points more favorable than wish a rerun in 2024 (67 vs 55%). 7/n

      DeSantis now at 68% favorable w GOP voters to Trump’s 67%. That despite 22% who DK DeSantis vs 1% DK Trump. It is the unfavorables that make up the difference DeSantis unfav is 10% to Trump’s 32% w GOPers. 8/n

      When asked the question: If it were a choice between just the two of them, who would you prefer as the Republican nominee for president in 2024:

      Donald Trump 40%
      Ron DeSantis60%

      (Among Republican & ind leaning Reps)

    491. Tina says:

      No issues with Luntz tenant becoming speaker.

      I have said this for a while.

      They need to get this resolved before we get Pelosi 2.0.

    492. Cash Cow TM says:


      Bitter says:

      “MTG should be Chair of the Post Office Naming Committee. AOC can be on it, too. It’s meetings would get big ratings on CSpan-3.”

      Now THAT would be a hilarious moon bat committee.

      I could see the hearing now:

      MTG: “I think it is a conspiracy to name that post office the ‘Herman Smith Post Office.’ Herman Smith once said something bad about Donald Trump.”

      AOL: “Well I am opposed to naming it the ‘Herman Smith Post Office’ because he was never a communist.”

      The (former) congressman representative from Guam would say: “The sign with the name on it weighs a lot. Might it cause that state to tip over?”

      Leftist Whacko testifying before the Committee says: “Our organization is OPPOSED to this naming because the first 3 letters in Herman Smith’s first name spells ‘h-e-r’ and we are opposed to using those antiquated genders. And the last 3 letters of his first name spell ‘man’ which would just perpetuate the evil male dominated society we are burdened with in Amerikka. Besides, Herman Smith was never a LBGTQUIEIO. Every building the government names MUST be name for a transgender person to win this struggle.”

      Hunter Biden testifying: “I am wondering if the ‘Big Guy’ will see any revenue from this naming.”

      Keri Lake testifying: “I think the vote that was taken to name the last post office was fraudulent and the votes were not counted right.”

      Cash Cow testifying: “How DO you pronounce

      AOC: “Well obviously we need to ask for more federal money so this committee can do the proper amount of work to complete our business.”

      MTG: “How dare you [AOC] say imply that the naming of this building is somehow involved with the incident on Jan. 6.”

      Maxine Waters: “What is the name of this committee that I have been appointed to? When will me be meeting?”

    493. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Biden: “[Jill] spent a lot of time on Indian reservations. I’m worried she’s not going to come home one of these days. You think I’m joking. I hear more about the Navajos than I do about me. Y’all think I’m kidding.”
      You think.
      I’m joking!
      I hear more about the Navajos than I do about me. Y’all think.
      I’m kidding.”

      Punctuation makes all the difference.

    494. Gordon Allen says:

      This is why China becoming a large scale nuclear power adds something heretofore not required in our nuclear planning(SIOP/aka Single Integrated Operational Plan ) and force structure. We have always assumed a deterrence of ONE primary peer nuclear adversary, and providing “extended” nuclear coverage in support of non nuclear Allies(Korea, Japan etc)
      Now we are facing TWO peer nuclear adversaries in addition to extended deterrence for non nuclear forces.
      In posture statements the Chiefs and Global Strike Command have told the Armed Services Committees in PUBLIC statements that our current forces are/are soon to be inadequate to need. In classified testimony my understanding is they have been even more direct.
      I am alarmed at the apparent belief here among some that our military is in absolute and relative terms as strong as ever( as under late Reagan).
      We are not. And we’re facing two “peer competitors” simultaneously now, not even including North Korea or Iran.
      Which is why some of us are very leery of literally forcing Russia into China’s arms as we are currently doing, overstretching our real capability.

    495. jason says:

      There should be no difference between the criteria of who gets committee assignment for MTG or anybody else.

      I say this as someone who disagrees vociferously with her position as a Putin toadie on Ukraine and other issues but I admire her steadfast defense of Jan 6 defendants who have been judged on a completely different set of standards than the BLM protesters. I also admire her willingness to support Trump regarding the fraudulent election of 2020.

      The GOP needs people who are aggressive fighters and MTG fits the bill. The GOP has too many “let’s get along with the Dems” and too few MTGs.

    496. jason says:

      It is the unfavorables that make up the difference DeSantis unfav is 10% to Trump’s 32% w GOPers”


      All this says is that the only direction his unfavorables are going is up.

    497. jason says:

      Again, before anyone says I agree with MTG on most issues, I don’t.

      What I like about her are not her often loony positions but her willingness to fight for her beliefs and stir the pot in Congress.

    498. Waingro says:

      “All this says is that the only direction his unfavorables are going is up.”

      Maybe. But this shows that Trump’s unfavorables are already rising. 32% unfavorable among GOP voters is…pretty bad, especially in a key rust belt state that supposedly only Trump can win.

    499. Tgca says:



      P*ssy @ss bishes sucking up to libs and MSM are not going to save the GOP. The GOP needs to fight, not whimper.

      The GOP is not going to attract all demographics. The party is changing and is now the party of the working class while Dems have moved to be the party of the wealthy and elite.

      Focus on core groups like working class and minorities like Latinos and Asians. Put less effort into fickle suburban white women voters. F*ck those bishes!

      The old GOP is DEAD! Focus where opportunities exist fir the future or become irrelevant.

    500. jason says:

      Which is why some of us are very leery of literally forcing Russia into China’s arms”


      This is what you get when you base your views on magazines and video games.

      Unmitigated garbage.

      Russia has to be confronted on its territorial expansion plans and recreation of the Soviet Union plans by all means necessary.

      That is not “pushing it into China’s arms”. That is confronting the immediate threat posed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    501. jason says:

      Focus on core groups like working class and minorities like Latinos and Asians. Put less effort into fickle suburban white women voters.”

      Good luck with that.

      The “f–k the working class, we don’t need them” crowd is the one calling the shots in the GOP.

    502. Waingro says:

      “What I like about her are not her often loony positions but her willingness to fight for her beliefs and stir the pot in Congress.”

      The way she triggers the left and the media SO much makes it worthwhile to have her in Congress. I also like MTG more than Boebert, who I don’t think is very bright.

    503. jason says:

      The old GOP is DEAD!”

      It still has some dead cat bounce to it.

      It will have to lose some more elections before it gives up on the idea of that it is the party of country club suburban elites.

      By then it will probably be too late.

      The consolation is that nothing is more deserved.

    504. Tgca says:

      These negatives on Trump are being driven mainly by MSM, libs, and those with TDS saturating the airwaves trying to indoctrinate peeps that Trump is responsible for the Lil’ Red Ripple in the midterms and the GOP can’t win with him.

      Why do you think the libs and MSM are so desperate to help the GOP?

      The goal is to get Trump out of the way to get a weaker candidate the Dems can beat.

      Emotional voters, like some at HHR that turned on a coin after the midterms are falling for the crap. Some are like the French in WW2. Give up rather than fight.

      DeSanctimonius will be ripped to shreds 24/7 once they accomplish bringing Trump down with your help. Ronaldo will limp into a GE and get creamed as many Trump voters stay home and DeSanctimonius fails to relate to working class voters in key states Trump won that no other GOPer won because he’s about as energetic and charismatic as a turtle.

      Without Trump, I think the GOP is better off with more energetic and charismatic winners like a Rubio/Noem ticket.

    505. jason says:

      The way she triggers the left and the media SO much makes it worthwhile to have her in Congress.”


      That is why I say we need more MTGs and fewer “let’s get along with the Dems”.

    506. Tgca says:

      RIP Gaylord Perry. He passes at 84.

      Would anyone name their child Gaylord today? Just wondering…

    507. jason says:

      SEN. KENNEDY: “I used to have a beagle named Roger…about half the time he’d come back dragging roadkill that he would hide under my back porch. President Biden’s energy policy looks like something Roger used to keep under my back porch.

    508. Waingro says:

      “Without Trump, I think the GOP is better off with more energetic and charismatic winners like a Rubio/Noem ticket.”

      That’s an interesting take from a diehard, hardcore Trump supporter. You would really pick Little Marco over DeSantis?

    509. jason says:

      “That’s an interesting take from a diehard, hardcore Trump supporter.”


      I would give Tgca some points but he is not an A-hole, at least not with a capital A.

      Anybody who doesn’t have TDS is a “diehard, hardcore Trump supporter”


    510. Tgca says:


      Yes, as of now.

      Rubio has experience running a national campaign that did well compared to most other GOPers.

      He has national name recognition and is well-liked by the big donors.

      He is a Latino and with the push for the GOP to further expand a Latino base given recent expansions, it would energize the Latino community to have him at the top of the ticket over someone who comes across as a country club Republican to them. He’s more likely to bring over fence sitting Latinos then the Great Eye-talyin Warrior.

      He has over 20 years in politics at varying levels. He led the FL house.

      He actually has ideas beyond just mocking people at news conferences.

      He is a charismatic speaker and can energize an audience with ideas over mockery.

      He’s more attractive and not nearly as chubby as Ronaldo who seems to enjoy indulging in too much pasta and cannolis.

      So yes, I think Rubio is a better choice than DeSanctimonius.

    511. jason says:

      I prefer the Golden Calf to Rubio, even though I think Rubio would be a great President. I don’t think Rubio is going to run anyway.

      But a Golden Calf/Noem ticket would be good.

    512. jason says:

      Tgca is fat shaming the Golden Calf?


    513. Waingro says:

      #522, LOL. I admittedly only lurk here now and post from time to time, but my apparent hyperbole aside, it seems fair to say Tgca is a pretty BIG Trump supporter, no?

    514. Wobbles says:

      I think Lord Asshat has a son named Gaylord.

      But it might be Willoughby or Percival. Or is it Winslow?

      I forget.

    515. jason says:

      No, actually a few threads back Tgca said Trump had disqualified himself from the Presidency, I forget why.

    516. Waingro says:

      #523, fair enough! I was a Rubio guy in 2016, but — thanks, in part, to some kamakzi assistance from Christie Cremes — he fell flat on his face in that campaign.

      He had his chance and blew it. He should just focus on the Senate, where he does great work, IMO.

    517. Waingro says:

      “No, actually a few threads back Tgca said Trump had disqualified himself from the Presidency, I forget why.”

      Oh, interesting. Why is that, Tgca?

    518. Tgca says:

      I had my issues with Lil’ Marco in the past but I think he learned from his 2016 campaign.

      He’s more mature now. Less arrogant.

      Unlike Trump, DeSanctimonius cannot insult his way into the WH.

      I’m still waiting for one great creative idea that DeSanctimonius had that impacted the lives of ordinary Floridians and made it better.

      His two biggest accomplishments, which I’m good with, were:

      Don’t Say Gay
      Disney is Woke

      That’s what he’s known for nationally. Nothing else!

      Thankfully, he’s continued policies of Rick Scott and that’s great but what has he done for me lately? *TG breaks into Janet Jackson dance moves*

      Name those policies that Ronaldo can take on the road and claim he did so well in Florida.

      …and don’t make me laugh with his COVID policies of locking down the state and taking away business licenses and paying people to stay home through late 2021 when companies were begging to hire people.

    519. jason says:

      Pro Warnock: $54 million ($25m campaign, $29m outside groups)
      Pro Walker: $25 million ($10m campaign, $15m outside groups)

      Walker getting blown out in ads but is pretty much tied in the polls.

      So much for being a “bad candidate”.

    520. jason says:

      It was because of the Mar-el-Lago document BS.

    521. Tgca says:


      Yes. I said I would not vote for Trump if he insisted on retarded comments calling for Biden to be removed from the presidency and that he be declared the official 2020 winner because more dirt came out on fraud that suggests Biden may not have legitimately won.

      It’s too late! The election is over and though I agree Trump got shafted, we don’t expect courts or Congress to remove Biden two years later.

      That would be a horrible precedent and rip the country apart.

      Trump stopped that STOOPID emotional argument because he must have seen my comments here and realized it was absurd, and if he lost TG, then his campaign would be doomed because as goes TG, so goes the country.

    522. Tgca says:


      …and by the way, I have proof to my claim:

      as goes TG, so goes the country.

      Have you seen all these LGBTQIA2S+ people now?

      They’re coming out of the woodwork like the roaches in our kitchen homes in Newark when you turn the lights off at night.

      Everyone wants to be LGBTQIA2S+ now! Look at the 24% of GOP senators that just voted for the Gay Marriage Act.

      I was the original HHR gay mascot but now everyone wants to be gay.

      20% of HHR posters are statistically gay, as recent studies lead us to believe. I have my suspicions who they are but I’m not outing anybody…YET!

    523. Tgca says:

      Kanye’s most recent message on Alex Jones show:

      I see good things about Hitler.
      Every human being has something of value they brought to the table, especially Hitler.

      We gotta stop dissing the Nazis all the time”

    524. Robbie says:

      Will Sommer

      This InfoWars appearance has already gone off the rails.

      Alex Jones: You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi.

      Kanye: Well, I see good things about Hitler, also…Every human being has value that they brought to the tabled, especially Hitler.

      – And yet Jason fraud, who is dumber than piss, said it was no big deal for Trump to invite this lunatic to dinner.

    525. jason says:

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, still waiting…

      “Hey Amoral Scumbag, should Al Sharpton be invited to the WH?

      “Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘bloodsucking [J]ews’, and ‘Jew bastards’;

      Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants’”

    526. jason says:

      Again, I repeat.

      Israel and Jews have no greater friend than Donald Trump.

      Amoral Scumbag wants to smear Trump with third party statements that he never endorsed.

      Why, because he is a despicable scumbag with the moral compass of a floating turd.

    527. jason says:

      Where was Amoral Scumbag in 2015?

      Was he here accusing Obama of being a racist and and an anti-semite?

      No? Didn’t think so.

      “A photo has emerged of then-Sen. Barack Obama standing with Louis Farrakhan, leader of the controversial Nation of Islam, during a 2005 Congressional Black Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill.

      Photographer Askia Muhammad told the Trice Edney News Wire that he kept the image secret because he believed it could have harmed Obama’s chances of becoming president. It was first published Saturday on

    528. jason says:

      There is nothing in Donald Trump’s life that suggests he is anti-semitic.

      Nada, zero, zilch.

      There are mountains of evidence to the contrary.


      Amoral Scumbag can GFH.

    529. Tgca says:


      Sorry Jadon. Wobbie is wight!

      Clearly, Donald Trump is anti-semitic.

      Ask his Jewish grandchildren and son-in-law!

    530. Gordon Allen says:

      Now I see why TGCA is so rabidly anti DeSantis.
      I hope he alone in America still believes there is a ” don’t say gay bill” when there isn’t.
      TGCA you duck every question about substantive differences between DeSantis and Trump.
      Try this one; name one person DeSantis unlike Trump has ever personally insulted. Please.
      You’re Goebbels like in parroting lies knowingly.
      Too bad it’s in support of a guy who will go down in flames in Trump.

    531. NYCmike says:

      “Israel and Jews have no greater friend than Donald Trump.”

      -Although it is embarrassing to agree with this guy, facts are facts.

    532. jason says:

      You’re Goebbels like in parroting lies knowingly.”

      That is rich from Neville Allen, a pathological liar who has a rabid aversion to the truth in general and facts in particular.

    533. Tina says:

      I think Jason has asked the Russian hoax zero to answer his series of questions without success.

    534. Tina says:

      Winter hibernation.

      Catturd ™


      Just so you know …

      Yesterday, @elonmusk said Twitter interfered in our elections, and our worthless Republican leaders are still dead silent about it.

    535. jason says:

      The Golden Calf is pretty good at insults, I don’t hold that against him…

      “The only worn-out old donkey I’m looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.”

    536. jason says:

      Germany 1 Costa Rica 0
      Spain 1 Japan 0

      Still in first half, both Spain and Germany advance with these results

    537. Tina says:

      I want my R candidates to insult drats and Rinos.

    538. Robbie says:

      Good news, everyone. Kanye announced the Alex Jones Show he and fellow Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes are writing a new Constitution for the US.

      Maybe after Trump wins, he’ll call for a new a constitutional convention where the Kanye/Fuentes platform is adopted.

      Should Kanye be the keynote speaker at the 2024 Republican convention, Jason fraud?

    539. jason says:

      Notice the only person who talks or cares about Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones and Kanye West here is Amoral Scumbag.

      They should hire him to be their propaganda boy.

    540. jason says:

      Still waiting…

      “Hey Amoral Scumbag, should Al Sharpton be invited to the WH?

      “Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘bloodsucking [J]ews’, and ‘Jew bastards’;

      Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants’”

    541. jason says:

      e’ll call for a new a constitutional convention where the Kanye/Fuentes platform is adopted”

      Maybe Amoral Scumbag can come up with ONE instance where Trump ever supported any Kanye/Fuentes “platform”?

      No? Didn’t think so.

    542. Tina says:


      Kevin Roberts

      It’s comical to see two elitists—
      —lecture conservatives about the future of our movement at the
      of all places.

      They’re out of touch with reality and living in a bygone era.

    543. jason says:

      Btw, I have always attacked Alex Jones here as a scumbag anti-semitic Holocaust denying turd.

      Having said that, I completely disagree with the court decision against him in the Sandy Hook case.

      I think as absurd and despicable as that is, he should be free to call Sandy Hook a “hoax” if he wants, and I think the idea that his opinion caused any measurable “harm” to the parents is the biggest crock of crap and a huge bastardization of the justice system. He is basically being financially punished for his personal views and that is very, very, wrong.

    544. Tina says:

      They need to find out why Piglosi refused the extra security and who planted the pipe bombs at the dnc/Rnc offices.

      The Hill


      McCarthy indicates Republicans plan to investigate Jan. 6 panel

    545. DW says:

      Japan took a 2-1 lead over Spain.

      Germany will be eliminated.

    546. Tina says:

      Phil Kerpen

      SCOTUS keeps the injunction on Biden’s student loan bailout and will hear oral arguments in February.

    547. jason says:

      It’s even worse.

      Costa Rica scored and that also eliminates Germany.

      But still a long time to play.

    548. Tgca says:


      I guess sarcasm is lost on Gordy.

      I agree with DeSanctimonius on the Don’t Say Gay bill.

      I don’t think kids need to be sexualized or indoctrinated on gender identity issues at a young age.

      My point is that DeSanctimonius became known to many outside of Floreedah because of:

      Don’t Say Gay bill, and
      Woke Disney

      Had it not been for those, the vast majority of people would be saying Ronaldo WHO?

      The MSM and certain libs made DeSanctinonius famous by focusing on the Don’t Say Gay bill.

    549. Robbie says:

      Ryan Saavedra

      Kanye “Ye” West on Hitler: “He had a really cool outfit and he was a really good architect … and he didn’t kill 6 million Jews.”

      – Yet, I was told it was no big deal Trump invited him to dinner at his club.

    550. jason says:

      I guess sarcasm is lost on Gordy”

      Neville Allen is the stupidest poster here.

      He is the Mazie Hirono of HHR.

    551. Tgca says:


      The Costa Ricans eliminated the Nazis in the world’s greatest sport?

      Damn! Kanye is not gonna be happy.

      We gotta stop dissin’ the Nazis!

    552. jason says:

      “Hey Amoral Scumbag, should Al Sharpton be invited to the WH?

      “Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘bloodsucking [J]ews’, and ‘Jew bastards’;

      Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants’”

    553. jason says:

      For about 5 minutes a huge upset was happening at the WC.

      Japan and Costa Rica were advancing and Spain and Germany were out.

      Now only Germany is out. They will be back in if they can score and get a goal out of Spain.

    554. Robbie says:

      Kimberly Ross

      Kanye West is a constant reminder that being disliked by The Left never automatically makes you the good guy.

      – Not according to the HHR forum. It makes you AWESOME!

      Even today, Jason fraud is still defending Trump’s dinner with Holocaust deniers Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.

    555. jason says:

      Fuentes and Kanye West never got so many quotes in their lives as Amoral Scumbag has given them.

    556. Robbie says:

      Jeff B. is *BOX OFFICE POISON*

      Alex Jones! Kanye! With cameo appearances from! Nick Fuentes! Milo Yiannopolous! Ali Akbar! Laura Loomer! And many more!

      – This is the Republican Party Jason fraud wants. It’s what the WWC voters want.

    557. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      December 1, 2022 at 3:38 pm
      Fuentes and Kanye West never got so many quotes in their lives as Amoral Scumbag has given them.

      – The frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president, the former president, had them over to his club to eat dinner with then.

      The facts are terribly inconvenient for Jason fraud, but he’s doing his best to ignore them and creat smokescreens to defend his hero Trump.

    558. jason says:

      Poor Amoral Scumbag.

      One more fake “scandal” that is going to do in Trump.

      Poor bastard. He tries so hard.

      Only to be disappointed once again.

      Jews and Israel have no better friend than Donald Trump.

      In the end, that is what matters.

    559. jason says:

      Has Amoral Scumbag responded yet, or is he still quoting Nick Fuentes?

      “Hey Amoral Scumbag, should Al Sharpton be invited to the WH?

      “Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘bloodsucking [J]ews’, and ‘Jew bastards’;

      Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants’”

    560. Robbie says:

      Varad Mehta

      The Mar-a-Lago dinner was starting to fade from the news, but Kanye going full Der Stürmer guarantees it stays in the news cycle at least through the weekend.


    561. jason says:

      It’s what the WWC voters want.”

      Zzzz…. more attacks on the working class?

      Personally, I don’t know anybody who is a white supremacist, and I have been involved in R politics for decades (or was, until 2016).

      Really. Not even in TX. Of the thousands of Rs I have met and worked with I never met anyone who said they were a white supremacist or anti-semite.

    562. jason says:

      The Mar-a-Lago dinner was starting to fade from the news”


      We can count on Amoral Scumbag to keep talking about it.

      I think what rankles Amoral Scumbag is the fact Trump has 100 times the character he has.

    563. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag would sell his mother and sister into sexual bondage if somehow it was bad for Trump.

      Yet he thinks he is morally superior to Trump.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    564. Tgca says:

      Zelenskyy: Israel Must Stop Balancing Between Russia, Ukraine

      F*CK YOU Zelenskyy! You Jew Hater!

      It is clear Zelenskyy is an anti-Semitic from his insulting remarks towards Beni.

    565. jason says:

      Germany 4 Costa Rica 2

      Won’t help them unless Spain scores.

    566. jason says:

      Zelensky is right.

      Israel needs to take a stronger position in favor of Ukraine.

    567. Bitterlaw says:

      Zelensky 2024!

      Oh. Stupid Constitution. He is not eligible.

    568. Tina says:


      Ukrainian grift.

      Biden Beotch loves a deal.

      Ted Cruz

      Why on earth would a lame duck Congress pass Nancy Pelosi’s appropriation bills?

      In just a few weeks, we’re gonna have a Republican House.

    569. Tina says:

      Greg Price

      The most pathetic take of the day is that Kanye’s meltdown means the former president with the Jewish daughter and grandchildren who moved our embassy to Jerusalem also hates Jewish people bc he had one dinner with him. Kanye alone is responsible for the things that he says.

    570. Tina says:

      Josh Hawley

      GOP wants to be a working class party, or should want to. We’re about to have our first test vote – with the workers or with Biden

    571. jason says:

      Zelensky/Golden Calf 2024.

      Change the Constitution so he can run.

    572. jason says:

      Kanye alone is responsible for the things that he says.”


      A dinner with him doesn’t change who Trump is and doesn’t change how Kanye is.

    573. Bitterlaw says:

      “Ukrainian grift” is Tina’s way of saying “Let Putin win.”

    574. jason says:

      Tina’s love affair with Putin is really an epic love story.

    575. jason says:

      Fortunately neither McCarthy or McConnell are going to cut off aid to Ukraine.

      The Putin sycophants and toadies are going to have to suck it.

    576. Country Dick Montana says:

      Please. With the exception of higher prices, which apparently we are getting used to and retirement accounts that are taking a hit, similar to 2008 when GWB was President, no one on this site is suffering anything but some inconvenience.

      If you want change there need to be real suffering and pain. And if the last 2 years weren’t enough to cause voters to remove the ruling party, then it is pretty much hopeless. What will it take? Food riots? Real energy shortages? Chinese style put down of the citizenry?

    577. Country Dick Montana says:

      And Gordy and Bitter even discussing whether or not we can retaliate to a first strike. Doesn’t matter does it. We will annihilate Russia and China too. Screw the JCOS. They are just looking for more money for their woke programs.

    578. Tina says:

      Pooty poot is a loser.

      Ww3 Zelinsky (false missile Poland) is a loser.

      No audits while their is endless grift snd people hurting = not bueno.

    579. Tina says:

      Poor Russian hoaxer – fell for another lie.

      The Hill


      Treasury watchdog finds no Trump retribution evidence in Comey, McCabe audits

    580. Robbie says:

      Zeke Miller

      WASHINGTON (AP) — In win for Justice Department, appeals court halts special master review of records taken from Trump’s Florida home.

      – I was assured by Gateway Pundit the Special Master ruling by Judge Cannon was awesome. Sad.

    581. Tina says:


      Biden’s Gender Fluid “Pup Handler” DOE Employee Sam Brinton Hosted “Spanking Seminar” at Kink Conference Weeks After Luggage Theft

    582. DW says:

      Tina, so leftist madness has come full-circle.

      1. Spanking children is bad
      2. Spanking adults is cool in the context of smut.
      3. Children should now be exposed to smut.
      4. Now its okay again to spank children.

    583. Tina says:

      It would be nice if the department of no energy was done away with.

    584. Bitterlaw says:


    585. Bitterlaw says:

      On C-Span 2, it is Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament. For those who have not watched it, the UK Prime Minister stands in the center of Parliament and takes questions from other members. It usually degenerates into shouting and insults back and forth. Think of the fun if Trump and Pelosi got to shout at each other for an hour every week when he was President.

      Biden could not handle it.

    586. Tgca says:

      Tonight I traced back my lineage in the US on one side of my family to 1654 and in Puerto Rico to 1643.

      I have to have some rich relatives somewhere here.

    587. Tgca says:

      DeSanctimonius book being released in 2023:

      The Courage to be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.

      Sounds like something Newsom would author by changing the state name.

      His wife tweets:

      He is a fighter. He defended liberties & livelihoods in the wake of unrelenting attacks.

      He embodies courageous, principled leadership, which is why FL re-elected him with a 20pt win.

      This book will inspire more people to join the fight.

      Puhleez Bish! Go cake some more make-up on your face and get some more Botox so you even look more plastic.

      People have been fighting this long before your husband, and your husband hasn’t endured anything like many other politicians.

      He locked down his state and threatened people with prosecution and taking their businesses licenses away and closing their businesses. He is on video making these threats. How is that defending liberties and livelihoods?

      The DeSanctimonius family is gearing up to run for higher office and pad their bank accounts just like the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden clan.

    588. Tgca says:

      What a crock of chit!

      Comment quoted in DeSanctimonius book:
      No American leader has accomplished more for his state than Governor Ron DeSantis.

      I think many leaders would disagree with that.

      …and EXACTLY what did DeSanctimonius do for Floreedah that no gubbernor or leader has done for their state? Name those policies that turned his state around or helped everyday people?

    589. Tgca says:

      The publisher of DeSamctimonius’ book says the book is going to focus on his background from his time at Yale and Harvard until his gubbernorship.

      Oh, yeah, that’s really gonna impress the working class and minorities talking about being a Country Club Republican going to elite schools. That’ll help you win MI, PA, or WI.

      I think this book will cater to the DeSanctimonius sychophants but become a laughing stock to many after libs and Trump get through mocking its contents incessantly.

    590. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca is the first person diagnosed with DeSantis’ Wife Derangement Syndrome (DWDS)

    591. Gordon Allen says:

      Country Dick.
      Among other errors,the stated policy and strategic targeting of our nuclear forces is NOT to annihilate Russia or China,but to target only military targets and military related sites,not population centers. This has been the case since Bush 1 btw.
      You’re off by 30 years.
      Because of Arms Treaty caps,we have insufficient deployable warheads to absorb a first strike and annihilate both Russia and China,or even one of them.
      Badly/ terminally weaken them likely.
      Since China is not a signatory to any Nuclear Arms Treaty, outside defense people think we need to increase our deployed warhead count to deal w both Russia and China AND continue to provide extended deterrence to Allies.
      You overrate our current posture.. sorry

    592. Bitterlaw says:

      Donald Trump received a degree from the prestigious Wharton School at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. He wrote books about how to get rich. He is a billionaire. Somehow, working class voters found him acceptable. DeSantis’ education will be a Zzzzzzzzzz.

    593. Bitterlaw says:

      Apparently, young workers have interesting out of office messages. When I am away, I never set up an out of office message. If I am on vacation, I still answer e-mails and call people back immediately.

    594. Meldrim says:

      Burkina Faso 0
      Tonga 0

    595. Tgca says:

      I have nothing against Barbie DeSanctimonius but if she is also going to be actively campaigning for U.S. 1st Lady, she deserves to be challenged for spreading misinformation and gross exaggerations about her husband’s record just like we mocked Dr. Jill.

    596. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca has nothing against DeSantis’ wife but calls her Barbie instead of her real name – Casey.

    597. Bitterlaw says:

      Correction – Jill Casey but goes by Casey.

    598. Tgca says:

      The difference is Trump made his money and wrote his books long before running for office. He also worked with the working class and relates to them, hence, why he has a loyal following among working class folks.

      DeSanctimonius is writing a book for campaign purposes. He’s hoping to take the Obama route. Do you think the working class wanna here about a guy striving to be a Country Club Republican his whole life?

      Perhaps DeSantimonius should change the name of his book to Dreams of My Wife or The Audacity of Freedom.

    599. Tgca says:


      You got it!

      It’s called sarcasm.

    600. Bitterlaw says:

      Donald Trump paid workers. He did not operate a backhoe or swing a sledgehammer.

    601. jason says:

      Jonah Goldberg, another TDS moron, wants to do away with primaries.

      I am sure Amoral Scumbag will love the idea.

      Jerry Wilson:

      “Trump’s 2016 primary victory sent many a political wonk wobbling from Washington waterhole to waterhole, weeping into their heavily watered-down wine as whiskey was far beyond their capability to handle, “But … but … but we told them to vote for JEB!” These are the same people who threw temper tantrums when one and all didn’t get excited over John McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012. This leads to the question as to how these SuperGeniuses™ think voters would react to a backroom-deal selected candidate, thus completely ignoring the people’s will. Maybe they should ask Bernie Sanders supporters.

      One envisions Goldberg penning this tweet and immediately thereafter seeking affirmation by lovingly touching his Rick Wilson and Tom Nichols bobbleheads so they would nod in approval. The very idea of the great unwashed peasantry selecting their preferred candidate in a primary! Why, next you’ll tell me they get to vote in the general election and … oh, wait …

      Mirthmaking aside, this is Example #7,849,236 (this week) of How You Got Trump. Love him or hate him, Trump undeniably ripped away the conservative facade of Washington insiders, be they pundits or players. Like the boy at the emperor’s new clothes parade’s end, he spoke the plain truth: There is nothing there. The self-proclaimed conservatives conserving conservatism do not, and never did, care about genuine implementation of conservative values. They talked a great game, but it was all talk solely designed to line wallets. They are, as the song says, foolish puppets who, desiring to be kings, now lay pitifully crippled after cutting their own strings. No, primaries are not going away because they offend the self-appointed hoi oligoi. Better luck next grift, Jonah.”

    602. jason says:

      Tgca is correct.

      Trump actually ran businesses. He actually had employees. He actually had an agenda to help working class people instead of just spouting general talking points about “living wage” and “good paying jobs”.

      The fact he appeals to working class people is no surprise at all.

      What is a surprise is that the country club GOP elitists think that is a bad thing, and that the GOP shouldn’t want or pursue their vote.

      Bitter shows his true colors with ” Somehow, working class voters found him acceptable.”

      Somehow, my ass. They had great reasons to find him acceptable.

    603. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      December 2, 2022 at 8:52 am

      Donald Trump paid workers. He did not operate a backhoe or swing a sledgehammer.

      Zzzzz…. what a crock of crap.

      So what? That is now the criteria for you to have an agenda that appeals to working class people. You have to engage in manual labor?

      The stupidity of this statement is astounding.

    604. jason says:

      I have been saying this for years……but Wilson did express it better than I did.

      “The self-proclaimed conservatives conserving conservatism do not, and never did, care about genuine implementation of conservative values. They talked a great game, but it was all talk solely designed to line wallets. They are, as the song says, foolish puppets who, desiring to be kings, now lay pitifully crippled after cutting their own strings. No, primaries are not going away because they offend the self-appointed hoi oligoi.”


    605. jason says:

      “Hoi oligoi”

      I love it.

    606. Tgca says:


      Yeah! That’s like saying Reagan was a Hollywood celebrity and did not have a connection with ordinary people like working class Dems who supported him.

      Both Reagan and Trump connected to certain demographics both for similar and different reasons.

      Reagan inspired people with hope that America as a shiny city with the best yet to come and Trump inspired people with I’ll fight for you because you’re not forgotten, we can Make America Great Again.

      I don’t understand why you don’t see that loyalty.

    607. Chicon says:

      I was just coming here to post on Wilson’s article. It was excellent.

      Especially the point about how morons like Robbie are the root cause of Trump’s arrival. That realization might be what threw Flyboy over the edge. Wait, check that, he isn’t smart enough to figger that out.

    608. Chicon says:

      622 – Bitter doesn’t understand it because he hates Trump and doesn’t understand the connection he made with the unwashed voter. He loved Reagan and barely tolerated Trump, so it is no surprise that comparisons between the two don’t go over well with him. He’s human.

    609. Tgca says:

      I don’t believe in blind loyalty to anyone but when someone stands up and fights for you, you should be grateful and stand by them too when others pile up on them instead of abandoning them because the going gets tough.

      Trump did not have to take on this fight with libs, Big Tech, and the MSM stacked against him. He had a charmed life prior to it all and now faces legal jeopardy.

      Don’t get me wrong. I think Trump the narcissist loves the spotlight but at what cost is that spotlight worth it?

      Through his unrelenting fight against them, he nearly single-handedly exposed and brought down the MSM, similar with exposing Big Tech. That itself was an enormous gift to us all.

    610. Bitterlaw says:

      Zzzzzzzz In 2015, Trump was a billionaire Democrat with no political experience except writing big checks to hard leftists. He turned out to be a good President.

      Tgca’s claim that DeSantis can’t get the support of working class voters is pure speculation. He just won re-election in a landslide do some working class voters had to vote for him.

      In 2024, there will be other candidates with records to run on. Every candidate will have strengths and weaknesses. If Trump is the nominee, he will get my vote for the third time.

    611. Bitterlaw says:

      Reagan was a great President. Trump was a good President. Both can be true.

      I do hate Trump as a person. So what? He got my vote in 2016 and 2020. If he is the nominee, he will get it again in 2024. I live in the real world and Democrats have to be defeated.

    612. DW says:

      Bitter, I agree…and I am not sure any GOP candidate other than DeSantis can run up the score among Latino voters. He just won Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, and grabbed 42% in Broward.

    613. Tgca says:

      Bitter lives a privileged upperclass life among white suburban elitists who don’t understand the worries and concerns of the working class and don’t have to worry about financially surviving week to week.

      Generally, working class, men in particular, just want to provide for their families. They understand they may not be the smartest in the room or have taken advantage of all the educational opportunities in their youth or relate to or fit in with the country club types, but they are and have always been the backbone of our country.

      They do the hard physical unattractive labor others don’t want to do so we can have our food, raw materials to build our homes and provide energy, deliver our goods, etc while people like Bitter sit in an office and read and write all day sipping Woke Coke looking out the window at the good parts of Philly.

      These people generally don’t live as well or as long as the upperclass and can’t give their loved ones all the things people in Radnor can give but they deserve our gratitude and respect because without them, the country would come to a halt.

      They are generally decent, hard-working people. They are not STOOPID IDIOTS to be mocked and scorned by the more fortunate .

      This is what Trump understood about them that Bitter does not.

    614. Tgca says:


      Oh puhleez! Now The Great Eye-talyin Warrior is going to energize the Latino base throughout America.

      The RNC gets the most credit for doing outreach in Floreedah with the Latinos as they set up offices and canvassed the communities…that and Crist as a candidate.

      Floreedah is NOT a microcosm of the US!

      When DeSanctimonius starts rallying the working class in MI, WI, and PA behind him and the Latinos in NJ, NY, and CA start running to Ronaldo, we’ll talk.

      GWB got a large percent of Latinos voting for him but how did that work out for the GOP? Ask Romney and McCain..

    615. Gordon Allen says:

      CNN poll 52-48 Warnack.
      Two polls down 2 and 4,average 3.
      Seems like Walker has a hard ceiling at 48.
      Like Trump does in many states.
      There should not be 2 lefty Senators in Georgia.

    616. Bitterlaw says:

      Hidden deep within thousands of Tgca’s posts is this statement about how he really feels about working class people.:

      “They understand they may not be the smartest in the room”

      So Tgca equates diminished intelligence with working class jobs. I completely reject that. Lack of more educational opportunities is not the same as lack of intelligence. I have a law degree. That does not make me more intelligent than somebody who can fix my car or follow plans to erect a building. Tgca is the true elitist sitting in his beach house dismissing working class people as “not the smartest in the room.”

    617. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      December 2, 2022 at 8:42 am

      Tgca has nothing against DeSantis’ wife but calls her Barbie instead of her real name – Casey.”

      Heh, the Golden Calf sycophants are going to be in for a hard time if they are offended by “Barbie”.

      Rude awakening coming!

    618. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason covers for Tgca again.

    619. Hugh says:

      Ga. Won’t be close. Much easier to get out the vote in high density cities where you know if you get a black person to vote they will heavily vote democratic. our base is depressed and theirs feels vindicated after the midterms. It’s that simple. My guess lose by 4%. The only good news is we did well with school boards and I live in Florida.

    620. jason says:

      Joe Biden toasts the French: “Frank hosted the first diplomatic post before more than anything else France has been our first friend.”

    621. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      December 2, 2022 at 10:09 am

      Jason covers for Tgca again.”

      Hey, I wasn’t the one offended by the word Barbie.

    622. Bitterlaw says:

      Barbie is just par for the course for Tgca’s hatred of women.

    623. jason says:

      uch easier to get out the vote in high density cities where you know if you get a black person to vote they will heavily vote democratic.”

      More or less. Walker got 15% of the black male vote (but only 7% of the black female vote).

      He also got 70% of the white vote.

      His “ceiling” of 48 is close enough that small changes could benefit him.

      I would not rule him out at this point. In fact I still think Walker is a very slight favorite.

      I certainly wouldn’t put a lot of stock in a 52-48 CNN poll.

    624. Todd McCain says:

      Walker would need an unprecedented monster ED turnout to win at this point. The AA % in the EV is just too high. 32% as of this morning and was 29% for November early vote and Warnock still came out on top.

    625. jason says:

      he AA % in the EV is just too high. 32% as of this morning and was 29% for November early vote and Warnock still came out on top.”

      Actually this is completely meaningless because you don’t know what the EV/ED ratio is.

    626. Brandon says:

      2,538,395 people voted early in the 2022 general election, and are still registered to vote in Georgia. 1,214,134 of them have yet to vote in the runoff election.

      This is obviously the key. Will these voters vote on Election Day? If they don’t, that would obviously be better for Walker as I’m sure the early vote will skew Democratic.

    627. jason says:

      We read for weeks here about how the EV vote in the GE was “massive” for Warnock and there was no way Walker could recover, but in the end Warnock barely edged out Walker by like 35k votes out of over 2 million cast.

      The same thing could be happening now. Maybe it is true that Dems are motivated and Rs are not, in which case Warnock will win. But that is speculation, we don’t really know if that is true.

      If you look at the polls it is basically a tied race.

    628. jason says:

      Over 4 million cast not 2 million.

    629. jason says:

      Brandon is correct.

      The fact is a lot fewer people are voting EV than in the GE.

      So that is why if the AA vote is 32% or 28% is not that important.

      What is important is the EV/ED ratio.

    630. jason says:

      Warnock is a 6-1 favorite at Predictit.

      Not a bad bet.

      At best considering the polls it should be 60/40 for Warnock.

    631. jason says:

      Swiss look to ban use of electric cars over the winter to save energy”


    632. Todd McCain says:

      In November, 65% of the vote was cast early in GA. You are correct that we don’t know the %’s this time as EV was curtailed — perhaps ED vote will be a greater % for the runoff, but point is Walker is going to need a massive ED turnout to have any shot especially considering the AA % at this point.

    633. Tgca says:

      Notice how Bitter ignores the substance of the argument on the working class and tries to twist words to deflect his IGORENTZ and privilege.

      Yes, the vast majority of working class who did not go to college or gravitated towards physical labor as a career were NOT your star pupils in school which is what I was referring to and you know it.

      There are different types of intelligence but in the working world, companies look for those with the best pedigree and grades. Always have and probably always will.

      That doesn’t mean others in society don’t play a role equally well, as I outlined because without the working class Bitter would not enjoy the luxuries elitist suburban whites do in Radnor.

    634. Tgca says:

      I also think it’s funny Bitter claims he only moved from Philly to Radnor because the schools are good.

      I don’t want to send my kids to school in the bad parts of Philly with all those minorities so I’ll go and live with the elitist white people and try to impress them.

    635. Bitterlaw says:

      Why does Tgca believe the public schools near Rittenhouse Square are filled with minority students. They are not. They are also not as good as the number 1 public school system in PA where I live.

      Tgca lives at the beach in a secure condo and pretends to not be an elitist.

    636. Tgca says:

      Bitter likes to defer to women and doesn’t like when women are mocked or criticized when espousing a STOOPID opinion, as if they shouldn’t be challenged.

      I bet Bitter would’ve stayed behind with the cave women gathering berries while the REAL cave men went out to hunt ferocious beasts.

      This is evidenced by him letting his wife do the tax return.

      Come on man! What guy lets his wife do the tax returns? Only girly men do that.

      I bet Mrs. Bitter changes the flat tire for Bitter too.

    637. Tgca says:

      I live at the beach? In my so-called beach house? That’s news to me since it’s like 3 miles away from me.

      I actually live in a working class neighborhood. The townhomes in here in my complex were going for like $200K or less when 1st built a decade ago.

      Many of my neighbors are laborers, and quite a bit are minorities too.

      Damn! Bitter is dumberer than we thought.

    638. jason says:

      perhaps ED vote will be a greater % for the runoff, but point is Walker is going to need a massive ED turnout to have any shot especially considering the AA % at this point.”

      We already know the ED will be a greater % than 35%.

      That would be true even if turnout is only 50% of the GE.

      There were over 4 million votes cast in the GE. There is only about 1.1 million EV votes cast so far with one day to go.

      You do the math.

    639. jason says:

      Between Tgca and Bitter on who hates the working class more I will let Bitter have it.

    640. Tina says:

      Hopefully, Hee haw helps motivates his base to help Walker.

      Is Desantis assisting walker?

    641. Chicon says:

      Elitism is an attitude, not a financial position.

      CDM wrote recently about there being no difference in people’s lives during Republican or Democratic Presidencies. Many disagreed with his point.

      I took his point to be that there is no real (material) difference in the lives of the people Tgca just described no matter who is President. CDM was saying that they are NOT happy with the state of the counrty, but do not see either party as an effective vehicle for addressing their concerns.

      Trump was seen by them as exactly the person to light a fire they think needs to be lit. Jason has pointed out that Desantis (or whoever) needs to keep this group in the R column AND keep them enthused enough to participate. If this does not occur, according to Jason, winning the Presidency is a pipe dream.

      All three are correct, imo.

      GFYs all around…

    642. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar

      “Trump made clear in the video that he planned to make his support for the Jan. 6 attackers a central part of his new campaign for the White House.”

      – Inflation, crime, the border? Nope. Pardons for January 6th rioters.

      It’s not hard to understand why Trump lost the popular vote twice, never got more than 47% of the vote, and never had an approval rating anywhere close to 50%.

      Anyone who willingly signs up for this suicide bullet train in 2024 is every bit the idiot I thought.

    643. Chicon says:

      What Robbie wants the central (and only) point of all candidates running for President in either party…

      Destroy Trump.

      That is all. No other requirements.

    644. Chicon says:

      Does Robbie’s mouth foam 24 hours per day now? It appears so. Poor bastage.

    645. Tgca says:

      Actually, anyone that knows me knows I don’t fit well in with the suburban elitist class at all because I can’t resist my contempt and mockery, and most find me “Jersey lower class obnoxiously offensive” which is probably a BIG surprise to most here.

      These snobs can’t understand how such a brilliant vulgar and vile hottie gay dude gets to sit in the room with them when I refuse to subscribe to their views. To them, I belong out there with the people Bitter and his neighbors look down on.

      I’m their worst horror, an EDUMACATED, articulate, analytical, in your face, GFY, I don’t give a chit about your feelings gay hottie male that will take them to task on STOOPID chit and call them out on their IGORENTZ.

      When the moment calls for it, I can be like a mini-Trump at my economic class level…and I enjoy every moment of it and relish in putting snobs and elitists in their place.

      I think “How to Make Friends and Influence People” was a STOOPID overrated book.

      I prefer my own version, “How to Piss Off and Alienate Elitists.”

    646. Tina says:

      Yes a speech thaf trump could have made at anytime in the past year and a half, or so, is his centerpiece.

      The hotline squish is an idiot

    647. Bitterlaw says:

      Produce any post where I said I hate the working class or GFY. Tgca is the one who said they are not the smartest people in the room.

      As for women, I criticize and challenge them on substance all the time. Tgca just calls them skanks and bitches.

    648. Tina says:

      And I think trump knows about the economy and inflation.

      He lowered it under his presidency.

    649. Tgca says:


      Yes, I think Hilary Clinton and Liz Cheney are skanks…fat skanks actually!

      Defend them if you wish.

    650. Bitterlaw says:

      I have never defended Hillary Clinton or Liz Cheney.

    651. jason says:

      Inflation, crime, the border? ”


      This from Amoral Scumbag who in the 2 years Biden has been President HAS NEVER MENTIONED INFLATION, CRIME OR THE BORDER.

      He has only come here to ignore Biden’s presidency and attack a guy who is not even President.

      The hypocrisy is astounding and the mental illness pathetic.

    652. jason says:

      Hey Amoral Scumbag, does Lord Asshat have an opinion on Trump?

    653. jason says:

      Chicon says:
      December 2, 2022 at 11:50 am

      Does Robbie’s mouth foam 24 hours per day now? ”

      Mental illness is terrible.

    654. Tgca says:


      Working class are generally not your educational superstars, as I pointed out above and that’s how society measures most opportunities requiring training.

      Just like most educational superstars are not your athletic superstars.

      That’s not an insult but a fact. If they were educational superstars, most would have generally taken advantage of other career opportunities.

      But that’s not the same as saying they’re STOOPID, like those in Radnor would otherwise believe, and I also noted there are different talents and intelligence beyond the traditional classroom.

      Why don’t you go home tonight and tell your wife she’s no smarter than the cashier at your WaWa or gas station attendant if you’re so offended by comparisons of the working class educational records.

    655. Tgca says:


      Great! Then we can agree they’re skanks! Case closed!

    656. Robbie says:

      Josh Kraushaar

      New polling from the GOP firm WPA Research on why GOP underperformed in 2022:

      “Republicans were more likely than Democrats to engage in split-ticket voting (31% vs. 25%) and were also generally more dissatisfied with their party’s nominees than Democrats were with theirs.”

      – Some of us tried to warn you, but you didn’t want to listen.

    657. Robbie says:

      Chicon says:
      December 2, 2022 at 11:49 am
      What Robbie wants the central (and only) point of all candidates running for President in either party…

      Destroy Trump.

      That is all. No other requirements.

      – Wrong. What I want is a party that breaks with Trump and once again focuses on conservative issues and values. That’s the party that won big majorities in the House and Senate in 2014.

      What you want is a party that is all about Trump. It’s what you’ve been doing since 2016. The losses in 2018, 2020, and 2022 haven’t mattered at all to you. You just want more Trump.

    658. Robbie says:

      Chicon says:
      December 2, 2022 at 11:50 am
      Does Robbie’s mouth foam 24 hours per day now? It appears so. Poor bastage.

      – Does your mouth constantly wish to attach itself to Trump’s groin? It appears so.

    659. Robbie says:

      House Judiciary GOP

      Kanye. Elon. Trump.

      – To think, the usual suspects in this forum thought this was a great thing to tweet.

      Some people just never learn.

    660. jason says:

      That’s the party that won big majorities in the House and Senate in 2014.”


      That party is dead and gone and is never coming back.

      Deal with it.

    661. Robbie says:


      Net Favorability Ratings among…

      DeSantis: -3%
      Biden: -27%
      Trump: -39%

      Split Ticket Voters:
      DeSantis: +7%
      Biden: -21%
      Trump: -36%

      DeSantis: +66%
      Trump: +44%

      Trump 2020 Voters:
      DeSantis: +69%
      Trump: +54%

      @WPAIntel , 1,160 RV

      – How can this be?

      I was assured by Jason fraud that Trump is very popular.

      I was assured by Phil there was no evidence DeSantis could win the vaunted WWC voters.

      I was assured by Tgca that Trump’s nickname for DeSantis would doom him.

      Get it through your heads, MAGA chumps. The country is sick and tired of Trump. They’ve been sick and tired of him for years.

      The voters have said over and over again they don’t want anything to do with Trump or Trump-backed candidates. That’s why the party lost in 2018, 2020, and 2022. That’s why sad, pathetic Herschel Walker is going to lose on Tuesday.

      Trump is a loser. His issues are losers as well. No one cares about his myopic focus on 2020 or pardons for the January 6 rioters. They’re criminals. They weren’t just pushing and shoving as poor old Phil tried to claim.

    662. jason says:

      2014 was the dead party bounce after the GOP had lost 2008 and 2012 and was on its way to lose 2016 too if not for Trump.

    663. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag, who calls the Golden Calf a total bum, a clown and a Trump clone will never support him for President.

      If he is nominated, Amoral Scumbag will be here in a nanosecond to regurgitate every MSM talking point against him .

      The game is up. Nobody here thinks you are anything but a stupid troll.

      It was never about Trump, we all know it.

    664. jason says:

      Disappointed Musk caved to the pressure on Kanye West.

      West has the right to be a Nazi propagandist if he wishes. He can praise Hitler if he wants. Nobody has to read his tweets.

      By suspending his account, Musk is playing the game the Marxists that controlled it previously played.

    665. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      December 2, 2022 at 1:05 pm
      That’s the party that won big majorities in the House and Senate in 2014.”


      That party is dead and gone and is never coming back.

      – And that’s why the party can’t win anymore. But let’s be honest. You’re not interested in winning. You’re interested in fluffing Trump.

      You would gladly lose the next three presidential elections with Trump because he channels your rage at life and the world around you. You’re mad at the world.

      The party that won in 2014 should have been the just what the populist mouth breathers wanted. The party had become just the right mix of conservatism with a dash of populism. The party found a way to dominate the suburbs (Jason fraud hates suburbia) and the rural areas.

      Yet, the party decided to chuck away a generational majority to bow and scrape for a reality TV idiot who was a lifelong Democrat donor because he promised to be as nasty as possible to immigrants.

      Well, idiots like Jason fraud, Phil, and the rest got just what they wanted. A fake tough guy who hated immigrants and made everything all about himself and look at what it got the country. Democrat control of the White House, House, and Senate. And just for good measure, a riot organized to prevent an election loss from being certified.

    666. jason says:

      DeSantis: +66%
      Trump: +44%

      Trump 2020 Voters:
      DeSantis: +69%
      Trump: +54%

      @WPAIntel , 1,160 RV

      – How can this be?

      I was assured by Jason fraud that Trump is very popular.”:

      I guess I was right!

    667. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      December 2, 2022 at 1:06 pm
      2014 was the dead party bounce after the GOP had lost 2008 and 2012 and was on its way to lose 2016 too if not for Trump.

      – Jason fraud’s ability to demonstrate his stupidity on such a massive scale is impressive.

      The Republican Party, after the 2014 election, was the strongest the party had been since 1928. It controlled 249 House seats, 54 Senate seats, 33 governorships, and dominated in the state legislatures.

      That’s not a dead cat bounce. That’s a party that had found the sweet spot with the electorate. But as I noted, Jason fraud decided winning wasn’t important. Fluffing Trump was all that mattered to him and look what it got the country.

    668. jason says:

      The party that won in 2014 should have been the just what the populist mouth breathers wanted. The party had become just the right mix of conservatism with a dash of populism. The party found a way to dominate the suburbs (Jason fraud hates suburbia) and the rural areas.”

      Complete and utter BS.

      Just the opposite. The party was bleeding the suburbs, which in truth had happened way before 2014, it was already evident in the 1990’s and confirmed in the 2008 and 2012 elections. The party was on its way to being wiped out in 2016 if not for Trump garnering a good portion of the blue collar/working class vote.

      The old suburban/rural coalition was never going to be enough to win a GE. Trump brought in a new dynamic and the GOP needs to build on that to win in the future.

      The 2014 R party is GONE. And thank God, it is not coming back.

    669. Bitterlaw says:

      Kanye West is a deranged scumbag at this point. However, he should be allowed to destroy himself on Twitter. It is always better to have deranged scumbags in plain sight rather than hidden.

    670. jason says:

      The R party is NEVER going back to 2014.

      If it wants to be relevant, it needs to embrace the coalition that Trump brought to the table. Working class, exurbs, small business owners, Hispanics and blacks in all areas.

      Hopefully, the Golden Calf understands this. If he doesn’t the GOP will be a permanent minority party.

    671. Tina says:

      Eric Schmitt

      ?BREAKING: In our deposition of FBI agent Elvis Chan on Tuesday, we found that the FBI plays a big role in working with social media companies to censor speech – from weekly meetings with social media companies ahead of the 2020 election to asks for account takedowns.

    672. Robbie says:

      Let’s be clear about something.

      In a two-person race between Trump (a loser) and DeSantis, Jason fraud will choose Trump because Jason fraud likes the nastiness, pettiness, the subtle racism, the antiimmigration rhetoric, and antisemitisms that Trump plays footsy with through his friendships with Kanye and Nick Fuentes. He’s spent seven years defending it and he’ll be more than happy to spend another two years defending it.

    673. Tina says:

      Schmitt is a big improvement over Roy Blunt.

    674. jason says:

      And I say all this as someone that doesn’t agree with one of the main appeals Trump has with the working class. Protectionism and isolationism.

      But I am not stupid like Amoral Scumbag, I recognize that the working class is tired of being taken for granted, and if the GOP wants its vote it has to earn it.

    675. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      December 2, 2022 at 1:21 pm
      Kanye West is a deranged scumbag at this point. However, he should be allowed to destroy himself on Twitter.

      – It’s Musk’s website. He can do with it whatever he chooses. He’s under no obligation to let idiots use “free speech” as a reason to fill his website with disgusting rhetoric. As a lawyer, you know that.

      Are you now going to argue Kanye should also be allowed to yell “fire” in a crowded theater? Kanye’s rhetoric will incite idiots to do harm against Jews just as Trump’s election denialism caused his rabid supporters to riot and do harm to police officers.

      Have you forgotten the “MAGA bomber” from 2018? He believed thoroughly in the lies and hate Trump was spewing at tried to kill Trump’s enemies with pipe bombs that, of course, didn’t work because he was a MAGA moron.

    676. jason says:


      Trump is no racist or anti-semite.

      But of course, Amoral Scumbag knows that.

      As far as who I would choose, I won’t vote for either one of them since I am not a Republican.

      I would support either one in the GE.

      If I could wave a magic wand, yes, I would choose Trump because I KNOW he was a good president and he is a known quantity to me.

      But again, the Golden Calf should be the face of the party going forward, not Trump. But the GOP needs to embrace all the positives and accomplishments Trump brought to the table, and court his voters to win.

    677. jason says:

      Kanye West is a deranged scumbag at this point. However, he should be allowed to destroy himself on Twitter.”

      Exactly. Banning him is a terrible precedent.

    678. jason says:

      He’s under no obligation to let idiots use “free speech” as a reason to fill his website with disgusting rhetoric. ”

      Nobody said anything about “obligations”.

      The point is that banning people for their personal views is wrong.

      It was wrong when the Marxists did it, and it is wrong now.

    679. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      December 2, 2022 at 1:26 pm

      But I am not stupid like Amoral Scumbag, I recognize that the working class is tired of being taken for granted, and if the GOP wants its vote it has to earn it.

      – You don’t believe a word of this. You mouth the words, but you don’t believe any of it. You don’t know the first thing about working class people. How do I know that? Because you do nothing but caricature them in this forum. You just see their supposed victimhood as an opportunity for you to express the rage you think will keep you ahead of the pack in this forum.

    680. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      December 2, 2022 at 1:29 pm

      Trump is no racist or anti-semite.

      – Sure. He just repeatedly and continually pals around with them.

    681. jason says:

      Trump because Jason fraud likes the nastiness, pettiness, the subtle racism, the antiimmigration rhetoric, and antisemitisms”

      This is hilarious.

      I bet Amoral Scumbag can go back 15 years or however long I have been here and will not find ONE racist or anti-semitic statement I ever made.

      And I am hardly anti-immigration, am I? I defend increases in legal immigration and bi-partisan immigration reform.

    682. Tina says:

      Greg Price’s Tweets

      Greg Price

      Ask yourself why our government spent over a decade trying to extradite Julian Assange for reporting leaks about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but are allowing Sam Bankman-Fried to walk free in the Bahamas after he stole $10 billion in one of history’s greatest frauds.

    683. Bitterlaw says:

      Kanye has the right to be a deranged scumbag. Musk has the right to block him BUT should choose to let him post his deranged scumbag views so everybody knows he is a deranged scumbag.

      Evil people were attacking Jews long before Twitter. If you are going to ban everything that might set off evil people, it will be a very quiet world. I doubt that the evil people who would harm Jews are just waiting for a black billionaire to light the fuse.

    684. jason says:

      – Sure. He just repeatedly and continually pals around with them”

      No, actually he was a great friend to Jews and Israel, and his record of accords and support for Israel are irrefutable.

      And he certainly helped black and minorities achieve the lowest unemployment and highest participation in the labor force in history.

      Those are real facts and achievements. The rest is just lies and character assassination.

      But considering Trump has 100 times more integrity and character than Amoral Scumbag will ever have, nobody cares about Amoral Scumbag’s false characterizations of Trump.

    685. Bitterlaw says:

      Trump’s anti-Semitism is so subtle his Jewish grandchildren don’t realize it. Robbie is to anti-Semitism as the dogs who can hear high pitched whistles humans can’t.

    686. Chicon says:

      705 – Robbie is a troll.

    687. Bitterlaw says:

      Trolls don’t hang around for more than a decade.

    688. Tgca says:

      So Bitter routinely calls Trump scum and now calls Kanye a scumbag but REFUSES to acknowledge Hillary and Liz are skanks.

      That tells us who Bitter really supports.

    689. Bitterlaw says:

      Skank is another term for whore or slut. No reason to call them that over political differences.

    690. Bitterlaw says:

      Did Tgca condemn Kanye? Maybe I missed it in his hundreds of posts on this thread.

    691. Tgca says:

      I think Kanye is an immature, attention-seeking narcissist but I think as long as he is not calling for violence, his views, no matter how repugnant or unpopular should not be curtailed.

      I get his point he’s trying to make about his respect for Hitler as a conqueror. After all, historians say the same of Ghengis Khan, an equally ruthless conqueror.

      I think the problem with Hitler is not enough time has passed where people can say they disagree with what he did but admired his strategic efficiency.

      500 years from now I don’t think people will look at Hitler the same way as we do today, though I think all evil conquerors deserve scorn.

    692. Tgca says:

      Skank doesn’t mean whore. It means sleazy, lowlife. It’s equivalent to calling a man a scum.

    693. Tgca says:


      I was typing about Kanye while you were defending skanks Hillary and Liz.

    694. Tgca says:

      ….and no need for you to call Trump and Kanye scum because you disagree with them if that is your standard.

      …and for the record, the differences over Hillary and Liz are not political. Liz probably agrees with me 80% of the time on politics.

      The disagreement with them is because they are vile reprehensible people.

    695. Tgca says:

      Wow! This I did not know.

      Casey DeSanctimonius dated Elvis.

    696. michael corleone says:

      Aside from a handful of states, the 2014 election might as well have been held in a different country with a largely functioning electoral system. We live in a banana republic in which most states have fake elections due to the repeal of the secret ballot and of anti electioneering provisions, and the express (or implicit) permission now granted to parties to coerce and collect ballots.