The End

    After more than 20 years of this website, it is time to bid a farewell to The Hedgehog Report with this final post. It’s been a long fun ride and I don’t do this lightly, but it is time to bring it to a close.

    This website was my initial entry point into active involvement politics and blogs were still a new form of communication and I can proudly say I was part of that initial wave. I still remember when I had that first “Instalanche” (for those who remember when that was the biggest thing you could get as a new blogger) and thought I had “made it”. Slowly and steadily this site had grew to the point where it was mentioned in best-selling books and I was actually making a small income from it. It was an easy conduit to introduce me to local politicians and the local notoriety was probably a big reason I was elected to serve two terms on my local political Central Committee. It even got me listed on the late comedian Gallagher’s website during his run for Governor and won me a couple of self-promoted awards with the Baltimore Sun. The highlight of this site’s existence got me invited to the 2008 Republican Convention as a “News Organization” which was comical to say the least but attending that convention was probably the highlight of my political involvement, aside from local political wins, over the years.

    The site evolved to mostly a national poll aggregation site which is something I enjoyed doing since I loved the horserace aspect of the politics. There are many others that did it better or more in depth, but I never strayed from the basic set up of posting a poll, compiling the data, and letting people comment on it. I had fun doing it and while the compiling the data and analyzing was fun for me personally. And if it provided a forum for others to interact with myself and others, all the better.

    The truth is my interest in politics, especially at the national level and state level, has waned considerably. You can blame general life, kids, marriage, even the Trump effect as the main culprit but bottom line I always told myself this was a hobby and when it stopped being a hobby and started being a chore, I would stop doing it. As most people who have been around here since the beginning have realize, my regular input to this site started falling off during the 2018 election and I have basically been limping along since then for about five years. I was hoping to get another spark, but it is not happening and it is time to stop pretending it will.

    I truly appreciate all those who stuck around here all these years even when I sort of checked out of the site for the last couple years. For a solid 15 years during my heavy involvement in politics, I loved doing this site and it was a great outlet to interact with people who shared that passion. I don’t regret any post I ever made (well maybe a few that I could have taken back in hindsight) and the site will always be a part of my life even in the diminished state that the site had become. It is a big reason for my involvement eventually in politics and have had the pleasure of meeting people all over the country who knew about the site, some of who became friends off the site both in the world of politics and outside of politics.

    Maybe down the road in another format it will come back. Not sure how long this will stay active and visible because as some point the web hosting service will turn it off since I will stop paying the bills. I have downloaded the final content from the site to keep and maybe I will post it in another format somewhere so nothing is lost.

    With that, thank you all for the years of enjoyment you have given me with this site. It has been a fun ride.

    And for one final time, here is an open thread – talk amongst yourselves….

    Posted by Dave at 6:58 am
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    1. Bitterlaw says:

      Last First!

    2. Bitterlaw says:

      Thank you, Wizard. It was a great run. I was lucky to meet MD, Walt, and WV Ally in person. You know I live 3 blocks from the Villanova stadium so my driveway is always open for you on football game day.

      I do stay in contact with MD, Wes, WV and Walt on FB. There are others I would like to continue to stay connected with and 1 I would like to talk to and ask, “Are you serious?” I don’t know if there is a lifeboat for the HHR survivors but any other site would not be the circus we shared.

      I guess I will start working on my exit rant. The Wizard’s was too thoughtful and classy to earn more than a 2 on the Maxwell Scale.


    3. Wes says:

      You had a good run, Dave. I completely understand your reasons for shutting things down.

      Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    4. DW says:

      Sorry to hear the news, but totally understand. Nothing lasts forever.

      I refuse to do facebook, so not sure I will be able to keep up with many of you.

      Does anyone know of a good conservative blog to migrate to?

      While waiting for a new thread I would going to post a link to this:

      Its what the Fish and Wildlife Service have done to the historic buildings and property at Midway Atoll, the site of the famous sea battle that turned the tide in the Pacific.

      This account of the last 20 years of demolition of all the history there is sort of an illustration of the problems in our country as a whole.

      Rather than preserve all this valuable history, the people in charge would rather bulldoze it, to make sure there are 10 million looney albatrosses on the islands instead of only 9 million.

    5. DW says:

      I too will have to prepare my final post. Not hoping to rack up a big score on the Maxwell scale.

      And now that its the end, I will confess that my initials are not D.W. I just put that in for a handle probably because the D and the W are close to each other on the keyboard.

      Occasionally throughout the years I have had someone new to the blog mistakenly think I was Dave Wissing.

    6. jason says:

      Nothing lasts forever. I was hoping Dave would at least keep it going through 2024 but I have always said it is his blog and it is his to

      I thought of asking Dave if he would sell it but I really don’t have the time to take it on. Bitter, why don’t you take it over, call it the Bitter Report. I will contribute financially if you are interested. And you still owe me dinner in Philly.

      I also thought of starting my own blog, Llama Report, but I frankly am too lazy to do it.

      Barring that, can anyone suggest a site where we can meet and post? I don’t have FB. I doubt I would last 5 minutes at RRH.

    7. jason says:

      it is his to do as he pleases.

    8. Bitterlaw says:

      Since we are being honest, I not really bitter. Sometimes annoyed and occasionally irritated but not bitter.

    9. Bitterlaw says:

      Contact Dave and tell him my e-mail address is my

      Oh. Or you can just e-mail me to arrange dinner. is a possible site but they are even angrier than we are.

    10. Wobbles says:

      Hello from Bogo Pogo.

      This is an outrage. Where else can I take my old tired act of pretending to be a conservative who has yet in 15 years to support a conservative actually on the ballot?

      But I will find a place!

      Amoral Scumbag will not be silenced!

    11. jason says: is a possible site but they are even angrier than we are.”

      Ok. When we get shut off here those that are anxious for my wonderful pithy illuminating perspicacious erudite enlightening posts can find me there.

      Huh, I tried that web address does not work.

    12. Bitterlaw says:

      They want Ukraine to suck it. Might be some contentious beginnings. They ban early and often.

    13. Robbie says:

      Leave it to Jason fraud to be a douche in Dave’s last post.

      Sorry to see this forum go. I posted here for the first time, right after the first debate between GWB and Kerry in 2004. In many ways, this forum served as Twitter before there was Twitter.

      It’s been a wild ride.

      I was serious when I suggested a few months ago we should crowd fund to keep the site going. I don’t know how much the webhosting is, but, if Dave is remotely interested, I’m in to help keep the site going through this election cycle.

      If not, adios to everyone in a month or so when the forum will no longer accept comments.

    14. PresidentPaul! says:

      Hasta La Vista!

      See you all on bejohngalt I guess

    15. DW says:

      I looked over be john galt, and it does not look appealing at all.

      I hate to agree with Robbie, but this site really should be kept going. There is nothing else out there like it that I can find.

    16. Robbie says:

      I wonder if Polaris has a 30,000 ft. view of this news?

    17. Robbie says:

      I’m in for $25 if someone sets up a GoFundMe and Dave is interested. I don’t know how far that would go, but I’m sure with others it would help.

    18. Got a DM on Twitter about this. Was a regular on here from 2012-ish to 2016-ish. Boy was I in a different place in my life and a lot more immature. Part of me wishes I could have stuck around to brag about the Lightning going 2/3 in Stanley Cup Finals since I left, and the Bucs winning another Super Bowl. I’ve basically lost contact with everyone here save for one person who sometimes DMs me on social media.

      I don’t regret being on here for the polls or Dave’s rare insights, I still have a passion for Psephology even though I’ve shifted into film criticism and awards season predicting as my main “brand” in the online space. Its a lot more fun to debate movies/award shows than politics, especially in these dark times.

      My politics have dramatically shifted since. I’m probably a great example on what’s happened to the suburbs post-2016. I had typed up a big grievance post on the transformation of this website’s comments into light Gateway Pundit but I figured I may as well try to leave on a more positive note.

      I’ve been where Dave’s been and I wish him the best. God bless.

    19. Robbie says:

      I would love it if MD and Author came back to say adios. Most have been in this forum as long as I have so 19 years creates a lot “moments”.

    20. jason says:

      I would contribute a lot more than $25 if there is an interest.

      Bitter, why don’t you ask Dave what he would sell it for.

    21. Tina says:

      Adios gang.

    22. jason says:

      Hey Author, hope you are well.

      Sorry you became a flaming liberal, I remember when you were a conservative and upstanding HHR Senator, and our politics were quite similar.

      But this site’s comments did not really change, you are the one who changed.

      Like HHR, nothing is forever.

    23. jason says:

      Bitter, ask Dave if he would be willing to let us pay the bill (say we fund it every 6 months) and give you access to just put in a new thread without comment every 2000 posts or so. Basically it would be a forum, we would post polls on the comments.

    24. Phil says:

      Very sad to see this site ending. I guess we all knew it was coming. Will really miss you guys. Id love to see the site continue in some form or fashion….so much so that under normal circumstance would be willing to take it on myself. Sadly, at this point I have caregiver responsibilities that would make that just not practical. Id absolutely be all in on contributing financial support if the site could somehow be continued.

    25. jason says:

      I think all of us should send your contact info to Bitter so we have a way of communicating in case there is an alternate site to go to. We have been in contact too long to just disappear, we are a dysfunctional family but a family.

    26. CG says:

      I would like to thank Dave for all his effort over the years. I first found this site late in the 2004 campaign and used to be a very active commenter (previously as Corey.) It used to be very enjoyable, both in agreements and disagreements with others. Many people have left or dropped out though as others attempted to dominate all discussions and engage in personal attacks.

      I was particularly proud to have been Mitt Romney’s first Presidential supporter here back in 2007 (and then again in 2011) and I continue to be proud to support him.

      Also, I am glad that I was Never Trump from Day 1, and truly understanding the meaning of the word “never”, I did not waiver from that for one day or one minute.

      The “community” has certainly changed in recent years, as has the political convictions of most in the comment sections and I think Dave is doing the right thing in ending it. People can find other options if they wish.

      Best wishes to all as the Hedgehog Report fades away.

      G-d Bless America as it remains the Last Best Hope of Earth. Personally, I will try to hold out hope for as long as possible, that one day the Republican Party which I was so proud to be a member of for many years, will finds its way back to actual conservatism and the legacies of Lincoln and Reagan, instead of blindly falling into the cultism of a scoundrel That path has led and will only continue to lead to many political defeats.

    27. jason says:

      Life goes on. Mitt Romney might be a scumbag media whore with zero principles, but he did cut Mayorkas a new a-hole.

      “Mayorkas: Senator, we are dedicating our resources to achieve the maximum possible effect of them.

      Romney: Are we succeeding? Is it an A or is it a B, a D? Where are we in terms of the number of people coming across the border? For instance, we have gaps in a wall. That’s like, why would you not want to just complete the wall, for Pete’s sake, and complete the fencing and make sure that we’re in every way we can securing it, at least physically, as well as the other sources that we have. But you’re not willing to give it a grade? I mean, I am: It’s an F. It’s clearly an F. Do you disagree?…We can’t solve poverty here. We can’t end crime here in our own country. The idea that we’re going to do it in dozens of countries across Latin America and reduce the desire of people to come to America is just not realistic. Let’s devote our resources to securing our border.”

    28. PresidentPaul! says:



      website was blacklisted by google (I think?) along w a lot of conservative sites so if you don’t know the url you usually can not find such things.

    29. jason says:

      The Biden Troll is back, I guess the bilge rats always scurry to the top of the sinking ship.

      The “community” has certainly changed in recent years, as has the political convictions of most in the comment sections”

      The only one who changed “political convictions” here are the ones who abandoned conservatism to support Biden’s radical agenda like you did. The Biden Troll voted for everything we see here, and now talks about Lincoln and Reagan. What a despicable turd of a human being.

      It’s never too late for one last GFY.

    30. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina gets 0 on her rant.

      I e-mailed Dave about buying the site. I would be happy to contribute.

    31. Robbie says:

      Dave doesn’t need to sell the site. If he’s interested, we the users can just foot the bill. I’d rather he stay in charge and occasionally post his views.

    32. Phil says:

      As I said, I’m happy to contribute to whatever cost would be necessary. I’m sure there are enough of us who feel the same.

    33. jason says:

      I have a feeling he just doesn’t want to be involved with the site, it is not the cost.

      But maybe he has an amount in mind where he would be willing to do what Amoral Scumbag is suggesting, just change the thread once in awhile or give Bitter access to do it.

      In the past, Dave actually had guest posters.

    34. Bitterlaw says:

      The site took a hit when Dave stopped posting pictures of his cat on holiday weekends.

    35. jason says:

      I give the Biden Troll a zero on his sanctimonious self serving joke of a post.

      He has the balls to mention Reagan when he himself voted for Biden and his entire left wing agenda.

      Remember this is a guy who once said abortion was a number one issue for him, but then votes for the party that is ok with actual infanticide, killing viable fetuses even outside the womb.

      And he says we changed political convictions?

    36. Robbie says:

      A clean thread once a month in the off years and once a week or so in the heat of election season is all Dave would need to do.

      But I suspect Dave is just tired of the action and I don’t really blame him.

      I hope he’s interested and I will help monetarily if he is.

    37. jason says:

      I did not waiver from that for one day or one minute.”

      Biden Troll, you waived your right to be called a conservative or a Republican.

      You never wavered in your support of Biden’s agenda.

    38. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag wants to make sure there is a forum for his support for Biden’s reelection.

    39. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      We won! It took nearly 20 years of perseverance, but the incompetent buffoons we hired here at the DNC troll center have finally taken out the HHR. Festivus bonuses will be paid out to all involved.

    40. Bitterlaw says:

      I advised MD of the situation. I don’t know if he will return.

    41. DW says:

      And for those who didn’t already know, I was the one posting all these years as Transparent Dem Troll.

    42. jason says:

      I think we all knew that TDM.

    43. jason says:

      MD is the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome I ever saw.

      This is a guy who once admonished me for not being supportive enough of Sharron Angle.

      Who regularly railed against “Blue state frauds”.

      Who ridiculed Jul Stol for voting for but not supporting Kathleen Kane.

    44. DW says:

      One more time…for the ages:

      Well its time for me to bid everyone here farewell. I have been thinking about this for some time now, as I like to see the glass half full and believe that our best days are still ahead of us, and that we will fix what needs to be fix, right the ship and continue the journey. Some actually posted today that they knew we would get sold out on Obamacare at the Supreme Court, how could they know that? Unknown.
      But mostly I tired of the nonsense of a couple of posters. Now most folks here are great. But a couple can not help themselves with their smarmy and caustic comments.
      Now my brain says, understand they live in a cesspool where crime is rampant and race violence seems to be spiraling out of control. It pervades everything, hell their QB for their beloved football team is a damn convicted felon who did time in the joint. If you had your job handed to an affirmative action candidate or you were stuck in a dead end job defending lawsuits against your employer for contract entered into and wont pay on just cuz the time delay is worth money, that would grind on ya for sure.
      All that is true, and they have my pity. But the truth is I dont want to listen to their ad hom attacks. They are both philly @ssholes, and is it any wonder that such a place populated with such @ssholes could start pelting Santa Claus with snowballs. Its probably a miracle Santa got out alive.
      So I am therefore bidding all of you a fond farewell. I dont intend to return. Enjoy the bitter rhythmic chants of “No Deal” or whatever it will be next time. Perhaps aluminum bats is the correct answer to some as yet unasked trivia question. Perhaps I will run into some of the rest of you somewhere else on the internet. I wont be that hard to find I use my real name.
      Lets kick enough Democrats to the curb to make some real fundamental change in this great country. I am with you in spirit on that task. Thanks for the chance to post here Dave. Bye.

      Comment by Gary Maxwell — August 12, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

    45. jason says:

      The Philly A-hole Club will have to convene an emergency meeting to deal with this crisis.

      For those wishing to read the minutes, they will available for $25.

    46. Bitterlaw says:

      WTF. I thought we had a real Transport Dem Troll. What’s next? Is Cash Cow really Walt?

    47. Country Dick Montana says:

      Since we are all being so honest here at the end I will admit that I am NOT really Country Dick Montana. The real CDM died of a heart attack on stage on Novemebr 8, 1995.

      As an aside, I while back I went to bejohngalt. Never posted just read. Bad neighborhood, strange insular group. I beleive that several of them had been previously banned from here. I won’t be going there. Much like Mr. Wissing, I have lost most of my previous interest in national politics, so this is it for me also. Too much more to live for to worry about things over which I have no control.

      Thanks again to Mr. Wissing for the forum. I wish you and your family the very best. And the rest of you also.

    48. Bitterlaw says:


    49. Bitterlaw says:

      CDM – We had our disagreements. At times, you made it very clear that you dismissed me as some privileged elitist out of touch with the real world. You were wrong. That is Gordon.

      I wish you and your family and the hard-working men and women you knew from your career well.

    50. DW says:

      And once more I will make the plea, do not be content to stay silent while evil people in this country are mutilating the genitals of impressionable children who are being lied to. They are being told that a doctor can make a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy. Neither is possible as all adults in the room well know.

      All they can do is sterilize these children by the removal of functioning genitals. My contention is that the left pushes this as sort of a second-round abortion. The kid managed to be born alive, so the next best thing they can do is sterilize the children so all future offspring is automatically aborted. It is truly sick and disgusting. Read some of the accounts of kids who have now discovered what was done to them.

    51. Tgca says:

      Well it’s about time! This site went on way tooooop long and now you losers will have nowhere to go and you will have to spend your time watching kitty porn on the internet you vile disgusting bunch of perverts.

      Thank Gawd I won’t have to deal with you degenerate losers anymore. You all make me f*ckin’ sick to my stomach. I HATE you all! Every single one of you!

      ….more than I hate that f*ckin moron DeSanctimonius trying to stop Mickey from coming out after 95 years stuck in an arranged relationship with that skank Minnie when we all know he’s been screwing around with Goofy and Donald Duck for decades…but I digress.

      It will be refreshing not having to deal with a bunch of bigoted mental midgets on a daily basis. When I think about all the time I wasted my EXPERTise here trying to EDUMACATE you damn retards on basic issues with my VAST knowledge as an EXPERT in all things, except all things gay for which I defer to LisaB. I’ve never met so many f*ckin STOOPID people in my life, except living in the Sewer State of course.

      As a peace-loving low key God-fearing African-Caucasian-Latino American Christian, I look forward to enjoying my retirement birdwatching and exploring for butterflies here in south Floreedah instead of trying to reason with a bunch of RACIST homophobic idiots with an aggregated IQ of a slug.

      I hope I never come across any of you lowlife again and if you’re ever in South Floreedah…DON’T …unless you’re willing to step in front of my car where my lead foot gets stuck on the gas pedal.

      I wish nothing but the worst for each and every one of you and pray to God you all live a long life filled with daily misery and despair. I hope you all experience financial ruin in this Biden economy and all your grandkids turn out to be fat ugly body-pierced and tattooed purple and green hair ANTIFA-ranting trannies.

      I know my life will be better without you scumbags in it.

      That all being said, I harbor no resentment towards HHR folks …but WTF was I thinking for nearly 20 years? I could’ve surrounded myself with a bunch of San Francisco homeless crackheads and been in so much better company than you imbeciles for nearly 2 decades.

      F*CK YOU All! Scumbag POS!!!

      Good riddance to bad rubbish I say and here’s my final salute to you as I start my own site The Tofu Report for like-minded FABULOUS conservative gay MAGA vegetarians in South Floreedah who support TRUMP 2024!

      _ _ ^ _ _

    52. Bitterlaw says:

      At least he did not set it to music.

    53. Phil says:

      Move over, Maxwell.

    54. jason says:

      Pretty good.

      I give it a 7.

    55. Wobbles says:

      Ok, I gotta come clean.

      I am Wobbles.

    56. ssq says:

      I am not ssq.

      I think I am her parody.

      I am not even sure God is a Republican anymore.

    57. jason says:

      This guy is great…

      “Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), who is on the Judiciary Committee, was interviewed Wednesday on Fox News and explained in classic fashion and as only he can the sham Senate Democratic “leaders” were trying to pull regarding the stalled nominees.

      He noted that Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were absolutely not going to let through any nominee who “either got their law license at Costco or they didn’t pay attention in class.” At another point in the interview, he suggested that they “weren’t qualified to be federal judges. They either think the U.S. Constitution is the name of a ship, or based on their record, they want to ignore the Constitution.”

      “They are from the loon wing of the Democratic party,” Kennedy also explained, “and Sen. Feinstein’s absence stops Sen. Durbin from ramming those nominees through.”

      “They have demonstrated records as activists, they want to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance a social and economic agenda that the voters have not accepted, in my opinion,”

    58. Teegeeceeaye says:

      I am the real Teegeeceeaye.

    59. Spartacus says:

      I am Spartacus!

    60. Walt says:

      “Bitterlaw says:
      April 19, 2023 at 12:45 pm
      WTF. I thought we had a real Transport Dem Troll. What’s next? Is Cash Cow really Walt?”

      I confess.
      It is I who has been posting as Cash Cow TM.
      There is no real Cash Cow.

    61. jason says:

      Roadkill Maggot sent me an email.

      He is in Cuba working on the sugar cane harvest to save the Revolution.

      He is excited the Fidel Castro model is finally being implemented by the Democrats and he looks forward to being on his neighborhood Kommisariat deciding who goes to reeducation camps.

      He wishes everyone here a happy May 1st, International Worker’s Day.

    62. jason says:

      Damm, I believed in a cow actually writing on a blog.

      Is nothing sacred?

    63. jason says:

      There is a debate now on the House floor.

      EVERY Dem is defending the right of biological males to compete in women’s sports.

      Yet seemingly they don’t think it will hurt them in the polls.

      We have much bigger problems than Trump.

    64. DW says:

      NOOO!!! I cannot believe it! The Cash Cow isn’t real??

      What next, no Great Pumpkin??!

    65. Tgca says:

      DeSanctimonius steps in it again.

      Who is advising him as he spirals down where conservatives are coming out of the woodwork and openly attacking him and big donors pullback and say he’s supporting extreme causes and 25% of Floreedah CongressCritters have already endorsed against him and Chris Christie did a Marco Rubio on him this week? Even reserved nice guy Youngkin came out and mocked him about being on a book tour during the worst flooding catastrophe in Floreedah in 100+ years suggesting gubbernors should be home governing 1st.

      My guess is at this pace, we will see DeSanctimonius make an excuse in a month of focusing on Floreedah and spending more time with his family as he crash lands.

      So DeSanctimonius rightfully criticizes Budweiser for pushing trannie wokeism which I think was a big one-time mistake they regret but then he goes on to saying him and his wife are Guinness drinkers, a brand much more radically left than Bud and actively supports woke and tranny causes.

      They push all types of woke policies and have a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign, a far-left gay organization.

      Diageo North America, which includes the Guinness brand, actually has a perfect 100 score from the Human Rights Campaign, including a 40/40 score on “Supporting an Inclusive Culture & Corporate Social Responsibility.” That includes “Three LGBTQ Internal Training and Education Best Practices,” “LGBTQ Corporate Social Responsibility,” and “Three Distinct Efforts of Outreach or Engagement to Broader LGBTQ Community.” It also has a 30/30 score for inclusive benefits, which includes “equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care.” GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz pointed out that the makers of Guinness are “one of the most aggressive pushers of trans ideology in the world.”

      In fact, J&B Whisky, owned by Diageo, released a three-minute commercial “She,” which tells the story of a grandfather helping his transgender grandson put makeup on.

    66. DW says:

      So where are all the feminists who fought so hard to gain equal time for all the women’s sports?

      Here is the thing, right now there is an expectation that if some dude wants to play in girls sports he has to in some way pretend to be a girl…grow out longer hair, put on makeup or other things that I wouldn’t want to type.

      But why? What if some dude just says he feels like a girl who wishes to appear outwardly like a dude?

      When there are no rules, why do they they say, wait, you gotta put on lipstick? Why? When there is absolutely no foundation, then the dude should only be required to say that he wants to play on the women’s team, and they have to let him in.

      So in the end, all this amounts to is a trampling of women. You cannot have sports any longer. Soon the WNBA will be fielded with men who just didn’t quite make the grade for the NBA. So they will just say, I feel like a woman this year, so you have to let me play in the WNBA, and they will.

    67. Cash Cow TM says:

      “There is no real Cash Cow.”

      THE HELL?
      I, Cash Cow, DO exist.
      I am not Walt.

      (Just wait ’til he sees the pile of manure that I will leave on his front porch-let him say Cash Cow is not REAL then!)


      I AM AS REAL AS:

      –man-made glowbull warming

      –systemic racism

      –the secret UFO bases inside the earth’s core

      –the fairness of racial quota systems

      –an efficient federal government that does a bang-up job of working overtime to fairly serve the needs of the citizenry

      –judicial fairness (that is blind to political pressure)

      –a public school system that is turning out the most intelligent generation ever

      –a politically and social issues unbiased college and university system

      –a politically and social issues unbiased public education K-12

      –an honest politician (except Walt)

      –a U.S. election system that is flawless and has no corruption

      –the current society’s push to hold all law breakers accountable

      –the snow driven moral, ethical, financial and personal purity of Hunter and Joe Biden

      –our current unbiased MSM and social media sites

      –the southern border of the U.S. being secure

      –there being no inflation in the U.S.
      (and IT IS right and proper for the government to concoct a new “core inflation” rate formula that EXCLUDES food and energy costs, as they are not something that affect the average family’s monthly budget).

      –the China COVID virus that came from nature

      –the 80% of the world’s population that is LBGTQEIEIO

      –masks working to stop COVID

      –partial birth abortions that do not take the life of a human being

      –the display of the American flag or a MAGA hat triggering thousands to cause them great hard and distress

      –Trump being the only person in the world that can save the U.S. from it’s current lurch to destructive insanity

      –the flawless genius of tgca and jason and their ability to graciously accept viewpoints held by others without delving into vicious and demeaning personal attacks. (too far?)

    68. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow reserves the right to publish his..,I mean,..her farewell post at a later time.

      (too busy to do it right now)

    69. Walt says:


      Where did that big pile of cow manure come from?

    70. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt is clearly covering up Cash Cow’s existence.

    71. mnw says:

      45 DW

      Exactly right.

      All the profanity & insults, which Wissing permitted, killed this site.

      It’s a mercy killing to see it finally go.

      Insulting other posters by calling them names, & constantly posting “GFY,” means those two posters will never find another host.

      I’m glad HHR is gone. It’s long overdue, and you can have all the points you want.

    72. Tgca says:

      67 DW

      Ironically, dykes and feminists are not collectively big fans of these male trannies. However, they are not well-organized with effective messaging to stand up for women rights to the better organized tranny supporters.

      These REAL women know they will be cancelled, outed and put down if they wade into anti-tranny issues.

      Lesbians have always played 2nd fiddle to gay men who suck the oxygen out of the room on all issues because it’s always about gay men, a gay patriarchy so to speak, and the lesbians have always been content to let that happen for reasons I never understood.

      Lesbians keep a low profile and go about their rug-munching and p*ssy bumping, ceding the spotlight to gay males. Today’s straight feminists also keep a low profile, comparatively.

      The fact that many women of power in politics and Corporate America embrace and promote trannies over REAL women is disturbing. It’s like Jews for Hitler! Doesn’t make sense but it is what it is.

      We now have Congresswomen publicly putting down and trying to destroy, a.k.a. Bill Clinton style, a young All-American Collegiate Swimmer in favor of Lea Thomas, a biological male known for parading around the women’s locker room flaunting his genitalia to the dislike of his female teammates forced to remain silent on the matter.

      The lesbians and feminists have nowhere to go politically and tranny supporters know that.

      Do you think feminists and lesbians are going to team up with the GOP to fight male trannies?

      Look at Jenner, the darling of the MSM and far-left just a few years ago now being attacked for trying to balance the rights of trannies with the rights of REAL women in sports.

      The fear of being cancelled is REAL for these people and that is sad.

    73. Tgca says:

      72 MNW

      I totally agree. It’s partly why sometimes I took a long sabbatical from HHR,

      Now GFY…and keep in touch.

      Hugs and kisses.

    74. Tina says:

      Forgot to add, where is mnw at and others going to?

      Take care everyone. Do not go Rino.

    75. Tgca says:

      Ok. If we’re gonna be doing the Catholic Lenten season all over again, I admit I miss crispy bacon and filet mignon with melted blue cheese and mushrooms but Jesus tells me to be strong and fast from it.

      Jesus went 40 days fasting from meat, I’ve out-fasted him by like 5 years.

      So when it comes to abstinence and willpower…just saying.

    76. jason says:

      mnw checked in to confirm what a sanctimonious idiot he is?

      I guess he was mad nobody missed him or even mentioned his name again, which was fitting since he never contributed a damm thing to the site except vapid inanities.

      Zzzzzzz……I give him a zero on his goodbye and another good riddance.

    77. jason says:

      Forgot to add, where is mnw at and others going to?”

      mnw will go somewhere that will coddle him and tell him it is ok to be a moron.

    78. jason says:

      I admit I miss crispy bacon and filet mignon with melted blue cheese and mushrooms”

      Finally some honesty.

      There is still time to stop eating garbage and sugar and rabbit food and return to a healthy low carb diet with crispy bacon, rare filet, and melted blue cheese and mushrooms.

    79. jason says:

      delving into vicious and demeaning personal attacks. (too far?)”

      Walt, only on those that deserved it.

      As you probably noticed, you were exempt from vicious and demeaning personal attacks.

    80. DW says:

      Time to start nominations for all-time HHR awards.

      In the category of “gentlemanly behavior and human decency,” I nominate Walt/Cow. I move that nominations be closed.

      All in favor?

    81. jason says:

      I came here this morning resolved to respect this solemn moment and not to attack anybody except trolls like Amoral Scumbag and the Biden Troll, I was even polite to Author.

      However, I was gratuitously attacked by Walt, Tgca, and mnw, so far.

      It just doesn’t pay to be nice.

    82. jason says:

      I second the motion.

    83. Poul Harris says:

      Who will skew the polls?

      – Poul Harris

    84. Bitterlaw says:

      Walt/Cash Cow in a runaway.

    85. Tgca says:


      I nominate myself for the following:

      HHR Clown

      HHR Gay Mascot

      HHR Gnat (in memory of the great Chekote)

      HHR EXPERT in all things except all things gay for which I defer to LisaB

      HHR Chef Connoisseur

    86. Tgca says:


      …and where exactly did I attack you this morning, you vile disgusting meat-eating obese ABORTION-supporting ILLEGAL ALIEN advocating mental midget imbecile?

      As usual…LIES!

    87. DW says:

      The vote is in, and the first award is given…

      The all-time HHR award for Gentlemanly Behavior and Human Decency goes to…

      WALT and COW!

      Please say a few words or chew on your cud a little as you accept your award.

    88. Tgca says:

      Wow! Our 47th POTUS (technically there is no legitimate 46th one) is really kicking butt in a swing state like NH having a 20 point lead on 2nd placer DeSanctimonius who dropped 21 points in 2 months followed by a ridiculed NH gubberbor who claims Trump will not win the nomination.

      I think Trump needs to watch his back as Cheney creeps up on him since she’s got a resounding 4% backing at this point and has vowed to stop him from getting the nomination.

      2024 New Hampshire Republican Primary Poll:

      Trump 42% (+20)
      DeSantis 22%
      Sununu 12%
      Cheney 4%
      Ramaswamy 3%
      Pence 3%
      Haley 3%
      T. Scott 2%
      Pompeo 2%
      Noem 1%
      Christie 1%
      Rubio 0%
      Hutchinson 0%
      Bolton 0%

    89. Tgca says:

      EXTREME? What say you?

      Married Couple Behead Themselves With Guillotine in India in Apparent Sacrifice

    90. DW says:

      What does that say about the degradation of American culture that it takes a cow to win an award in human decency?

    91. DW says:

      I am still not finding any decent looking blogs out there as a new home. Am open to suggestions.

    92. Cash Cow TM says:

      “The all-time HHR award for Gentlemanly Behavior and Human Decency goes to…

      WALT and COW!”
      HOLY COW!
      I am deeply MOO-ved!
      I did not think it CUD be possible.
      It made my LOINS shiver.
      It is UDDER-ly fantastic!

      Walt said he “thanks you from the bottom of his heart.”

      But I must remind you that there are a lot of ballots (and mail-in votes) that are still out and have not been returned yet. So it might be premature…
      I do want to say I have enjoyed these @ 10 (?) years on this site. Thank you Dave Wising for operating it. I am sure it involved a lot of work, and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I think you were voted top political blog site in Maryland on at least one occasion. I think it was a worthwhile and informative site.

      I enjoyed many serious discussions on a wide variety of issues, Walt and Cow liked posting funny things like song or poem parodies, posting things about words, rearranging letters in words, filling you all in on what the political landscape was in WV, etc.

      We shared info about what was happening on the political landscape and run up to elections in each of our states and that was enlightening.

      I would like to thank a lot of the posters here:
      Bitter and WV Ally (both of whom I have met), Dave W (the Wizard), Wes, DW, Phil, GF, NYCMike, Tina, SanDiegoCitizen, JeffP, mnw, Pitchboy, Scooter, MD, Kim from Ohio (and I am sure I am forgetting others) for our conversations and discussions.

      Walt cannot remember who all was in his HOBO club (rival of the A-Holes), so he cannot give them a shout out.

      I would enjoy having a lot of you all be my next door neighbors because we mostly share the same conservative views politically and agree on many of the burning social issues.

      I have to admit a couple of posters in the last several years frosted my teets with how they conducted themselves, and that took away some of the enjoyment I had when visiting HHR.

      Many of us got to know each other on a more personal/family basis as we shared some various things we (or family members) were going through and we got to become internet friends who shared each other’s ups and downs and joys and sorrows. If we are not able to communicate further, I wish each of you peace, joy in the little things, and the ability to figure out how to deal successfully with all the crazy things in this nation and world that frustrate us and cause us grief and drive sensible people up the wall.

      I am a little bit sad that this forum will cease to exist and I will lose contact with my ‘intertube’ friends and will not be able to converse with you.
      Walt has a Facebook page and you can follow him there (but he rarely mentions me), or can send him a FB message and communicate that way.

    93. Tgca says:


      The Tofu Report is not up and running yet so be patient please.

    94. Robbie says:

      There really isn’t a blog like this. I hope Dave considers the offer to donate to a GoFundMe account so he can keep operating on our dime.

      If he doesn’t, I’ll be sad to see the site go.

    95. DW says:

      One last time…



      STAND UP CHUCK! Let em all see you!

    96. Tgca says:


      Seems like LisaB and Jadon, two of HHR’ most iconic posters were forgotten in the favs list.

      I’m sure it was just a simple oversight like when an Academy Award winner forgets to thank their mom or spouse.

      It happens!

    97. Cash Cow TM says:

      Forgot about Lisab.

      Walt says he will never forgive her for supporting the keeping of the stolen John Brown Fort bell in Massachusetts instead of returning it to Harpers Ferry, WV where it was stolen.

    98. Cash Cow TM says:

      re: “Let’s Go Brandon”

      Takes on a whole new thing now that the mayor of Chicago is goofball leftie Brandon Johnson.

    99. Cash Cow TM says:

      lass first hundred

    100. Tgca says:

      LisaB was always one of my favs because she was funny, non-apologetic in-your face, intelligent, community service-minded and compassionate all in one even though she didn’t really represent conservative views and fell more on the “libertarian to the old school sensible Dems” scale before the latter went extinct.

      I know some here didn’t maybe appreciate such a strong female personality at this male-dominated site but I think LisaB added quite a bit at HHR over the years and HHR would benefit from her return.

    101. jason says:


      …and where exactly did I attack you this morning, you vile disgusting meat-eating obese ABORTION-supporting ILLEGAL ALIEN advocating mental midget imbecile?

      Well it’s about time! This site went on way tooooop long and now you losers will have nowhere to go and you will have to spend your time watching kitty porn on the internet you vile disgusting bunch of perverts.

      Thank Gawd I won’t have to deal with you degenerate losers anymore. You all make me f*ckin’ sick to my stomach. I HATE you all! Every single one of you!”

      You mean you weren’t talking about me?

      Sniff…bastard really knows how to hurt a guy…

    102. jason says:

      Walt also should get the HHR Best Poet Award.

      Walt should get the Most Henpecked Award.

      I give Tina Best Nicknames Award despite Pooty Poot not being one of her best.

      Skippy get the Worst Predictions Award. He would lose to Just Fill Out the Census but trolls don’t count.

      Scooter gets best Junior A-hole Award even if he could not hear any instructions. Nobody could park cars like he did.

      EML gets Biggest Food Snob Award although I would ask for an Honorable Mention.

    103. jason says:

      “I would like to thank a lot of the posters here:
      Bitter and WV Ally (both of whom I have met), Dave W (the Wizard), Wes, DW, Phil, GF, NYCMike, Tina, SanDiegoCitizen, JeffP, mnw, Pitchboy, Scooter, MD, Kim from Ohio (and I am sure I am forgetting others) for our conversations and discussions.”

      Damm, Walt forgot me? That hurts. If he left me out intentionally ok, such is life.

      Of course, I don’t know if I want to be mentioned in the same list as Kim from Ohio, who actually said if was unfair big county Republicans decided primaries when there were so many more small counties.

    104. mnw says:

      This hasn’t been Wissing’s blog for years. It long ago became Jason’s blog.

      Why would ANYONE want to leave? /s

      scumbag; Putin stooge; moron

      No free lunch



      Oh the wit! The fresh, original style!

    105. PresidentPaul! says:

      Keep Your Rifle By Your Side

      The left wants its prey disarmed

    106. PresidentPaul! says:

      You still can’t Stump the Trump!

    107. PresidentPaul! says:

      Where’s chekote?

    108. Thxfortheread says:

      I have been an almost daily lurker on this site for almost all of those 20 years – never post but loved the banter about politics. Skewed polls and unskewed polls to confirm my bias was the best – it seems like a long running tv show is ending – even though y’all don’t know me I feel like I do know you – good luck to all in the future

    109. PresidentPaul! says:

      We left something undone.

    110. Tgca says:


      No! EML gets the award for most Most Culturally Hispanic.

    111. Bitterlaw says:

      I am tempted to scorch the Earth and call out the mf-ers on this site. Still time for that but I will take a more positive route. For now.

      For the HHR Evangelical Award, it was a difficult choice between SoHope and DW. But SoHope isn’t here so DW gets the nod.

      The Posthumous Award goes to Tim V. He was a man of deep faith and routinely told me I was going to Hell because I am Catholic. But he meant well.

    112. Robbie says:

      Try as I might, I could never quit this nuthouse. I really hope Dave takes us up on our offer to fund the site for him so it can continue, at least through next year’s election.

      Even though I was never happy about the direction the comments took after 2016, this forum was a good barometer for where things were going.

    113. Tgca says:


      Most have been in this forum as long as I have so 19 years creates a lot “moments”.

      Agreed! Too bad we can’t forget all those moments with you.

      Maybe when my Alzheimer’s kicks in if I’m lucky.

    114. Tgca says:


      Agreed! We should compare notes and put out a joint list.

      Let’s Do This Dude!

    115. Tina says:

      Yikes, gas shortage in S Florida.

      Marco Rubio

      What’s happening in South #Florida right now with gas is crazy

      Stop blaming a “consumer panic”

      If their is a panic it’s because for FOUR days now you either can’t find gas or have to wait hours in line… via @CBSMiami

    116. Tina says:

      I will like to contribute too, Bl.


    117. PresidentPaul! says:

      Remy should be in a final thread also. He makes videos about all the politicians.

    118. jason says:

      It long ago became Jason’s blog”

      We are killing a legend…

    119. Cash Cow TM says:


      Walt said he would contribute.
      (he has deep pockets).

      Cow has no money, but I will give milk.

    120. jason says:

      I thought mnw the sanctimonious ass had already said goodbye.

      He just can’t resist coming back to talk about me.

      I would be flattered if he wasn’t such an imbecile.

    121. jason says:

      (he has deep pockets).

      I wonder if it is Walt that is hiding the treasure from the Knights Templar and this whole Oak Island gig is just a diversion.

    122. jason says:

      So the Dems have a senile old guy with 67% and two nutjobs with 14% and 13% for a total of 94%.

      “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. currently has the support of around 14 percent of Joe Biden voters for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, according to a new poll released on Wednesday.

      The survey, carried out by USA TODAY and Suffolk University, found that only 67 percent of Biden voters would prefer him as their candidate, compared with 14 percent for Kennedy and 13 percent for self-help author Marianne Williamson.”

    123. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina- I will let Dave know. The site really took a hit when Dave realized nobody was buying 1776 on it. It is a great book.

    124. jason says:

      “This hasn’t been Wissing’s blog for years. It long ago became Jason’s blog.”

      Suck it Tgca.

      It is proof that post quantity does not equal quality.

    125. jason says:

      I think we should be able to raise $5000.

      Even Lupita will kick in $100.

    126. jason says:

      My wife is in too.

      Anything that will keep me occupied and not irritating her is worth contributing too.

    127. Robbie says:

      I think we can raise more than enough money to let Dave run the site through the 2024 election. After that, we can decide if we want to continue.

      Given that so many are interested in donating money, I’ll up my offer at least $50 for this year and at least $50 for 2024.

      My guess is that web hosting probably costs around $50 to $75 a month? I think we can easily do that and more.

    128. Robbie says:

      All Dave has to do is start a GoFundMe page and post the link.

      If we don’t raise the money needed, Dave can always offer refunds, but I think we’ll raise the money.

    129. Tgca says:

      Nite ladies. So nice to see so many back.

    130. jason says:

      No wonder Amoral Scumbag is going to vote for him.

      BIDEN: “We’ve created more than 12,000 brand new jobs in two years!”

    131. jason says:

      BIDEN: “Anybody who doesn’t think that we have global warming, hang out with me, man. Travel to every major fire I’ve been to”

    132. jason says:

      Transparent Dem Troll must be funding Amoral Scumbag.

    133. jason says:

      Oh the wit! The fresh, original style!”

      This from someone calling people wetbacks.

      Gotta love it here.

    134. Robbie says:

      The flying passengers are funding me.

    135. NYCmike says:

      Author Mendez
      Dave Wissing

      These supposed “conservatives” are “resigned” to allow Biden and the Democrats to carry out NYC/CA type policies, along with the whole transgender/fascistic agenda, across the whole nation, all because they hate Donald Trump.

      Wow! That is some deep-seated anger!

      Meantime, NONE of them even mention and/or argue against current policies put forth by Biden.

      Oh well – cheers to you all, prayers for good health and good fortune to all of you.

    136. NYCmike says:

      #137 – I know at least 5 people who will ignore such a link.

    137. NYCmike says:

      Dave Wissing – thank you for providing this outlet for so long.

      I am not bewildered at your personal opinion of Trump, as he is a bore, but I am bewildered at your hatred of his policies and your acceptance of Biden policies as a better substitute.


    138. NYCmike says:

      Actually, when comparing Trump to Biden, both on a personal level, business acumen level, and as a leader in a political position, Trump is head and shoulders the better option.

      Biden has simply cashed a government paycheck for the last 50 years, except when Hunter and Joe’s brother wired him his 10% of ill-gotten gains.

      Trump, as well as his family, has been investigated by every level of government, and no hint of corruption can be found.

      Not only were Trump’s policies better, he is/was a better citizen of this country.

    139. Tgca says:


      Jadon says:
      It is proof that post quantity does not equal quality.


      As usual, Jadon posted by far more posts than anyone here today on what he thinks is the Jadon blog. Over 40 of 142 post thus far or 30% of the posts. This is consistent with analysis done in the past where he posts double to triple the runners up.

      The runners up were about 15 and 13 I believe.

      But who’s counting….right?

    140. Tgca says:

      Just realized what my vile-meat eating good friend Jadon was referring to in an earlier post about being attacked today by some here, including a certain old as f*ck hillbilly hick right out of a Deliverance movie.

      I AM AS REAL AS:

      the flawless genius of tgca and jason and their ability to graciously accept viewpoints held by others without delving into vicious and demeaning personal attacks. (too far?)

      I would add to that hillbilly “I AM AS REAL AS” list:

      I AM AS REAL AS:
      …an old white bigoted WV hillbilly hick with rotted teeth who can’t accept it’s not the 1950s anymore where it’s so whitey-white and those colored folk are kept in their place and it’s ok to marry your 14 year-old cousin with the strong possibility your niece or nephew can refer to you as either uncle or daddy.

    141. Tgca says:

      So Chip Roy, a 50 year-old white male says:

      “I think it’s time to have someone who’s not a baby boomer…”

      So a CongressCritter openly supports discrimination for anyone born prior to 1965, or anyone currently 58 or older.

      If this rule he lives by is good enough for the president, it should be good enough for all members of Congress as well…riiiight?

      So I guess Chip likes electing those 40-something year-old presidents who are so much better for the country like Bill Clinton and Obama over their more experienced qualified 60+ year-olds opposition candidates.

    142. Wes says:

      Ah, Mikey, Schumer’s old friend.

      I couldn’t leave this site without seeing another one of your inane posts. Tell me again how criticizing the candidates Schumer backed in the GOP primaries–who had a 100% loss rate in the general elections–means I oppose the primary system again.

      That was a bizarre accusation even coming from you, whom I would nominate for King of Bizarre Statements on HHR.

    143. Marv says:

      Hi Friends,

      I am pretty disappointed to see the end of Hedgehog. Although I haven’t contributed very often lately, I stop by everyday to see how all of are are doing.

      DW, the G650 is available anytime you want to use it

      Jason, I have always enjoyed reading your posts. (We USAF veterans have to stick together)

      Bitterlaw, I am very appreciative of the fact that you allowed me to keep my horse and sidearm.

      Wes, I will miss your keen and insightful comments and opinions. They are always direct and on point.

      Phil…..Fightin’ Texas Aggie….I will miss seeing your posts and I wish you and Mrs Phil well.

      Tgca, we have never had a conversation, but I appreciate your posts and commentary.

      Robbie, remember that the blue side should always be on the top half of the attitude indicator.

      Tina….it has been fun to be your Hedgehog friend. Mrs Marv and I are headed to Hawaii this week. Aloha

      NYCmike, the Yankees need to get their three injured pitchers and center fielder back soon.

      I would like to continue to follow all of you, but I’m not sure how to do that. I’ll keep checking back to see what develops.

      Thanks for the memories.

    144. Barrett says:

      Wow, I remember taking my first look at this site back in 2004. I was more active from 2007 to 2016, but took a break for a while. I did continue to read everyone’s posts.

      I’ve never disclosed my full name, but if anyone would like to keep in touch, my full name is Barrett W. Robinson – shoot me a friend request request on Facebook (I live in West Virginia so that should narrow it down).

      Until then, good luck and God Bless!

    145. jason says:

      Thanks Marv, but I was never a Zoomie, go Army!

    146. Bitterlaw says:

      Marv- Thank you for your years of thoughtful posts. I hope one of your 14 favorite baseball teams does well this season.

    147. Phil says:

      Hey, Marv. I always enjoyed your posts. You get my vote for the nicest guy on this site… much so that you would be the least likely to make it into the A-hole club. Your chances of making it in would be slim and none. You should be proud of that.

    148. jason says:

      Hey Barrett, good to hear from you.

    149. jason says:

      Looks like PA Republicans will consider someone besides Trump. Good news for the Golden Calf.

    150. DW says:

      Thxfortheread – How you could possibly read for so long and never be tempted, even once, to comment?


      Thanks and Godspeed to you. I will make sure the jet is returned before HHR goes off the air.

      Also, did you see the link I posted near the top of the thread about what the fish and wildlife service has done to Midway Atoll?

      Its the problems of America in miniature.

    151. DW says:

      Barrett, good to see you chime in.

      Hopefully this thread can be a great send off…sort of like the ending of Newhart, when the final episode turned into a weird dream and Bob woke up and the entire comedy series was a dream while he was still in his original Bob Newhart Show series.

      But I would still prefer that HHR continue.

    152. Cash Cow TM says:


      How could I forget mentioning Marv among the posters I enjoyed!

    153. jason says:

      You get my vote for the nicest guy on this site… much so that you would be the least likely to make it into the A-hole club.”

      Are you suggesting the A-holes are not nice?

    154. Bitterlaw says:

      The A-holes are nice.


    155. PresidentPaul! says:

      Trump was the best president of our life time.

      Sad that people can’t appreciate.

    156. Robbie says:

      Marv says:
      April 20, 2023 at 4:43 am

      Robbie, remember that the blue side should always be on the top half of the attitude indicator.

      – I’ll make sure to do that!!!

    157. Robbie says:

      I take it Dave is not inclined to let the regulars fund the site to keep it running through the 2024 election?

    158. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie- I contacted Dave yesterday about the inmates wanting to keep the asylum open. I am waiting for a response. If you click Contact at the top of screen, you can e-mail him as well.

    159. Chicon says:

      Well, that’s a bummer.

      You people are all cracked, yet I read most of the posts here since 2004. I must be cracked, too.


    160. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 20, 2023 at 11:25 am
      Robbie- I contacted Dave yesterday about the inmates wanting to keep the asylum open. I am waiting for a response. If you click Contact at the top of screen, you can e-mail him as well.

      – I just emailed him and made clear I was willing to offer at least $50 this year and at least $50 next year to keep the site going.

      I’ve spent too much time in this nuthouse to see it go. I’ve been here for 19 years. I’d hate to stop fighting with all of you.

    161. Robbie says:

      Come on, Dave! Give us a chance to save this nuthouse!

      In all honesty, it really is amazing how much amazing news we’ve experienced together over the last 19 years or so.

    162. Phil says:

      Should be some way we can keep this going in some form or fashion. Id personally be willing to go in for $75 to $100 for this year and again next year. Funding wouldn’t be an issue. I hate to break up the dysfunctional family.

      Save the asylum.

    163. Marv says:


      Army is one of my three favorite teams. The other two in order of preference are Air Force and Navy!!!

    164. Marv says:

      If Rick Perry had been elected back in 2012, then we wouldn’t in the mess we’re in now. (Told you so)

    165. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag hardest hit:

      “BuzzFeed is shutting down its news division as part of an effort to cut 15 percent of its work force, the company’s chief executive, Jonah Peretti, said Thursday in a memo to employees.

      About 60 jobs will be affected by the shuttering of BuzzFeed News, according to a person familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity. The company will offer jobs at HuffPost and to more than a dozen BuzzFeed News staff members affected by the closure in an attempt to salvage some positions.

      In his memo, Mr. Peretti said he “made the decision to overinvest” in BuzzFeed’s news division because he loved the work it produced but acknowledged that he was slow to accept that social-media platforms would not provide financial support required to make it profitable.”

    166. jason says:

      Army is one of my three favorite teams. The other two in order of preference are Air Force and Navy!!!”

      I also root for VMI and the Citadel!

    167. Marv says:


      I actually root for The Citadel and VMI too, also Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine Academy….really!

    168. jason says:

      PresidentPaul! says:
      April 20, 2023 at 10:36 am

      Trump was the best president of our life time.

      Sad that people can’t appreciate.”

      Best President in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan. Then GWB. Then Trump.

      Worst President was Obama. Then Biden. Then Clinton.

    169. jason says:

      I didn’t even know the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine had teams, I never see them play.

    170. Tgca says:

      Oh puhleeeeez!

      Marv is the nicest poster! Gimmee a break. Who is his publicist here pushing that crap.

      No offense Marv but I think I’m just as nice if not nicer than you and even Jadon can make an argument for being voted nicest at HHR. I’d vote for myself over Marv and even LisaB.

      If anyone disagrees you can just GFY!

    171. jason says:

      Marv says:
      April 20, 2023 at 12:38 pm

      If Rick Perry had been elected back in 2012″

      I knew Rick Perry. I campaigned for Rick Perry.

      But as I told you at the time, I thought President was a little over his pay grade.

      But you are right, he would have been a lot better than Obama.

    172. jason says:

      even Jadon can make an argument for being voted nicest at HHR”

      Zzzzzz… Tgca with character assassinations again…

    173. Tgca says:


      Finally something I agree with Wobbie on.

      In all honesty, it really is amazing how much amazing news we’ve experienced together over the last 19 years or so.

      Miley Cyrus went from a sweet teen pop star to a major slutty acting skanky attention seeker.

      Things definitely have changed in 2 decades.

    174. Paul says:

      Thank you, Dave.

    175. Marv says:


      Thanks for the suggestion to read “The Bunker”. It was a good read.

    176. Tgca says:


      Yes! Too bad Rick Perry didn’t start wearing his glasses earlier on. It would have increased his perception of being intellect with the public.

      Didn’t think anyone from TX could look and sound DUMBERER than GWB…but along came Perry.


    177. Robbie says:

      Copy and paste this post to add your name if you’re willing to help fund the site so Dave will keep it going. Maybe if Dave sees the number of people all in one spot, it will help.


    178. Paul says:

      I joined this forum in 2003 as Repub4Kerry. But I am here to confess that I was never a Republican. I have been a troll, a-hole and insane and rude person. I have enjoyed the polls and news and views…From the Dean scream, Kerry’s war hero sincerity, Ws reelection, McCain/Obama election, Polaris 25,000 foot views, Romney’s dog, Clinton’s emails, Trump’s nuttiness, Biden’s elderness. Thank you all.

    179. Paul says:

      So, I may have missed it. But what year did the site start?

    180. Paul says:

      175: Rick Perry was something. If he had managed to remember what three agencies were going to be gone when he got there, he could have been president. I also remember when Perry had such joy and amazement gazing into a bottle of maple syrup once. That might have been when he had tranquilizers for his back, but still fun times.

    181. Tgca says:


      The article says

      “DeSantis knows that to win, you have to build coalitions, and that is what he did,”

      What a crock of chit!

      DeSanctimonius doesn’t build coalitions to govern, he uses a Floreedah supermajority to push through legislation that is now backfiring on him and seeing him drop in popularity and losing donor support, as well as being ridiculed by other highly successful Gubbernors who actually worked in purple and blue states building coalitions to get things done with much higher approval ratings than him.

      Rick Scott did much more for Floreedah than DeDanctimonius EVER did. He added 800K GOP voters on top of turning a state in a deep recession with 11% unemployment rate to 3.4% when he handed it over to DeSanctimonius. If it weren’t for Rick Scott’s tenure, DeSanctimonius would not have the success he had.

      I love these idiots who know nothing about Floreedah or it’s legislation preaching from afar by following DeSanctimonius GREATLY exaggerated publicists trying to rewrite history. Basic reading and research will show this to be the case. Just like with Covid, they literally LIE about things DeSanctimonius supported and said even though we have videos of him saying these things and his Executive Orders detailing his policies embracing many aspects of the shut downs and keeping businesses from fully opening for 18+ months by continuing to pay people to stay home.

      Saying DeSanctimonius turned Floreedah red when it was on a trajectory to get there regardless of who was gubbernor is like saying Obama was responsible for the biggest stock market increase ever because it more than doubled under him from like $8,800 to nearly $20,000. Its absurd!

      If DeSanctimonius was so great, why was voter turnout like 10% lower than 2018? I know why, because Dems stayed home in huge numbers in 2022 because they didn’t care for Crist. DeSanctimonius would have still won given the GOP registration advances but it would not have been close to 19%, probably more like 10%, though still a good accomplishment.

      In fact, the unknown Floreedah AG candidate won by over 21%, more than any other Floreedah GOPer. She outdid DeSanctimonius by over 2 points.

    182. Bitterlaw says:

      Lisab was vicious and missed only by her puppet, Tgca. Maybe she really did leave the country as she claimed.

    183. jason says:

      If you need a watch…

    184. jason says:

      But I am here to confess that I was never a Republican. I have been a troll, a-hole and insane and rude person. ”

      Thanks, but we all knew all of that.

    185. jason says:

      “DeSantis knows that to win, you have to build coalitions, and that is what he did,”

      Yep, and Tgca can talk himself blue in the face and lie all he wants, doesn’t change that.

    186. Tgca says:


      That’s your view because she ALWAYS bested you.

      Get over it! You could NEVER see she was yanking your chain most of the time and you took it too personally and seriously.

      Maybe you can wish her more ill will and the worst for her as you routinely did and mock her for her miscarriage again. We know these outbursts make you feel better like those that curse the Good Lord when things don’t go their way but it’s really a reflection of you as a person, at least as portrayed here.

      Look in the mirror before judging others, probably our most self-righteous judgmental poster here passing judgment on other’s character routinely.

      You really think you have portrayed yourself as a person of decency with your history over the years? Maybe in real life but not by reading many of your posts attacking others over the years.

    187. Tgca says:


      Yeah! That’s why he’s sinking and losing a ground of GOP big billionaire donors who literally gave an interview saying he pushing EXTREME views, and they’re now looking at other GOP rivals, as well as a number of other GOP leaders who are condemning him as well. Even reserved Youngkin mocked him recently for being absent during a state crisis hocking his book.

      …tell me again what EXACTLY his policies are that turned Floreedah around that he did not already inherit from Rick Scott please.

      Name them. Be specific or just resort to your name-calling to deflect from the fact you can’t name these GREAT successes, other than cultural issues now also backfiring where Disney made a fool of him that he now has to pass even more legislation, threaten them with investigations, raise their taxes, and build prisons nearby to harm their business, not to mention religious freaks now suing under his book ban to get books with the David statue removed from schools because they deem its porn and getting the principal fired. This is what conservatives NOW represent?

      You’ve let your disgust for the woke cloud your judgment of what conservatives should and should not be doing.

      …and tell me about his leadership by abandoning his constituents in the worst flooding we’ve seen in like 100+ years while he’s out at fancy hotels having expensive dinners campaigning and promoting his book.

      He behaved in the same manner as Pete Buttegieg! He was absent during a major state catastrophes that he had to issue a state of emergency from afar.

    188. Bitterlaw says:

      I am happy to be compared to you when the question is who is a more decent person. I am comfortable in the outcome of that contest.

    189. jason says:

      and tell me about his leadership by abandoning his constituents in the worst flooding we’ve seen in like 100+ years while he’s out at fancy hotels having expensive dinners campaigning and promoting his book.”


    190. Robbie says:

      I heard from Dave. We may not have to turn off the lights just yet.

    191. Bitterlaw says:

      Ok. I will put my exit rant on hold.

    192. Bitterlaw says:

      Bunu always finds a way to become more detestable.

    193. PresidentPaul! says:


      GWB was by far the worst president in the nation’s history.

    194. Bitterlaw says:


    195. Bitterlaw says:

      So he killed people to show it was easy to buy guns and focus on mental health issues.

    196. DW says:

      One of the long-storied traditions of HHR has been the running debate who which were the best/worst presidents in US History.

      One of the greatest errors in judgment in this debate results from the failure to judge a president based upon the conditions for which he was given in which to govern.

      Some are given bad situations and they make them worse. Some are given good conditions and they make them better or hold them the same.

      The best of presidents take over under horribly difficult conditions and lead the country to recovery (Ronald Reagan).

      The worst of presidents take over a great and robust economy and stable foreign policy and destroy both. Here is where Joe Biden has to be absolutely the worst president in our history. I am not sure 2nd place is even that close.

      Foreign policy:

      1) Invited Putin to invade Ukraine, which he happily did, and now we are on the cusp of WWIII as China is also emboldened to go on the war path.

      2) Biden threw away all our gains in Afghanistan in one horribly executed pullout, leaving behind millions in assets and countless Americans that now he doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about.

      3) Biden has also decimated our military, turning it into a woke social experiment.


      Biden’s extreme policies have crippled the healthy economy that he took over when he was sworn in. Prices have doubled, or more, the poor suffer, and we are on the cusp of a great recession or even great depression.


      His open war on fossil fuels is absolutely frightening. Every aspect of your life will be impacted if he gets his way. He entered office with an America that was oil independent, and now he has to keep asking the Saudis for more oil.


      His war on children is terrifying as he encourages doctors to collude with teachers to go behind parents backs and pressure their children into being medically or surgically sterilized so they will never become biological parents, and be ripe candidates for suicide once they come of age and realize what’s been done to them.

      His open border policy is devastating our capacity to care for our own people as he has turned our country into a homeless shelter for the world and has invited in who know what sort of terrorist who could launch 9/11 part 2 at any moment in any city.


      Biden has appointed horribly unqualified people at every position, including the judges he has appointed who have no regard for the law or the constitution.


      Biden has weaponized the FBI and other government goon squad agencies who now are free to persecute political enemies with no push back from Republicans in the senate.

      I could go on and on as I am sure I am leaving much out. But given the state of the union when Biden was sworn in, his efforts can only be rightly described as being an anti-American foreign enemy bent on the open, hostile, destruction of our once great country.

      Absolutely the worst president ever, and 2nd place isn’t particularly close.

    197. Phil says:

      Excellent post, DW.

    198. DW says:

      Thanks Phil, it is heartening to hear that the lights might not be turned out just yet.

      It would be great if Dave Wissing would give a few of us access to make new posts like Tim V and rdelbov did many years ago.

      I would agree to volunteer to be one of those. I would be happy to just log on, create a new post with the poll, and not provide any commentary so as to not offend Dave’s views on things.

      (And I would refrain from posting any Paladin polls, even though they are highly accurate, as Polaris attested to.)

    199. Robbie says:

      We pony up the money to keep the lights on until, at least election day 2024, and Dave provides a clean thread once a week.

      Seems like a pretty simple plan.

    200. Bitterlaw says:

      I am in communication with the Wizard. Money is not the issue. It is more of a technical switch. Salvation may be coming soon.

    201. jason says:

      Everything that Biden is doing was actually started by Obama, who actually warned us he was going to “fundamentally transform” the country. Just because he was not entirely successful doesn’t mean he did not open the door to all this.

      For this reason I think Obama was a worse President than Biden. Biden is just reaping the rewards Obama sowed.

    202. Bitterlaw says:

      DW makes a good point. James Buchanan is still the worst President in American history. Both can be true.

    203. JulStol says:

      So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    204. PresidentPaul! says:

      Well Bush is a war criminal though who started two fake wars.

      Biden is just a typical leftist.

      Probably one of the more moderate ones of his party although he does have end stage dementia so he does mostly what his handlers want him to do.

    205. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bush seems severely traumatized by failures.

      He never leaves his ranch other to attend Biden’s stolen election.

    206. PresidentPaul! says:

      It’s unbelievable we elected such a retard in 2000.

      The RNC had thing rigged for the Bushes.

      They tried the same playbook for Jeb but luckily ppl caught onto the the hoax in 2016.

    207. DW says:


      I appreciate that James Buchanan was bad. Really bad. His one term was complete incompetence, as he did nothing to try to prevent the civil war. Even worse, he colluded with a justice on the Supreme Court to get the leaked progress on the Dred Scott case, so he could go out and preach that everyone should accept the verdict whatever it was (and he knew!). This corruption further stoked the fires of the civil war. Even short of this corruption and incompetence, I am not certain that long-term there was any way to avoid the war.

      But unless I missed it in the history books, Buchanan wasn’t going around American advocating that surgeons and teachers collude together to persuade impressionable young boys into being castrated.

      Buchanan also didn’t invite hostile foreign powers to launch a major war.

      While it is true the panic of 1857 happened on his watch, but it happened only months after he was sworn in, and it was mostly caused by the loss of the SS Central America, the sidewheel ship stuffed with CA gold that was steaming to NY to prop up the banks with the gold, but instead went down to the bottom of the sea off the Carolina coast in a hurricane. But I don’t recall Buchanan personally taking a hand in destroying the economy and doubling the price of food and fuel for everyone. The economy actually improved a bit during Buchanan’s tenure, after the 1857 panic.

      Finally, I don’t recall Buchanan weaponizing intelligence agencies against opponents. There were some bribery and extortion allegations against Buchanan, but compared to Biden, Buchanan was as harmless as a Sunday school teacher.

      jason, you raise a good point about Obama. I almost ended my above post with the reminder that technically, this isn’t Joe Biden doing all this, because he is merely a demented puppet, while its Obama’s people doing all this. So yes, in a way, that makes this term office Obama’s TRUE term of office where he is doing all that he really wanted to do in those 8 horrible years.

      But in this sort of a debate, we are debating the names of the presidents as they appear. Biden’s corpse sits behind the desk, and these things, fair or not, will be historically attached to his name, but your point is well taken.

    208. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bush is now obsessed with making water color paintings of dogs.

      George Bush Has Painted Over 50 Puppies, And His Teacher Says He’ll Go Down In History As A ‘Great Artist’

    209. Tgca says:


      So Jadon gives DeSanctimonius a pass for being absent and uninterested in our worst flooding, even worse than hurricanes.

      Do you give that same pass to Mayor Butt over at Transportation for being absent during train derailment catastrophe?

      Would you give your Dem gubbernor a pass for being absent during a similar catastrophe of destroyed unlivable homes where people have no place to go long-term?

      This just shows you are just as extremely partisan as leftists who turn a blind eye to their side‘s failures but criticize the GOP for the same failures.

      I live in south Floreedah. DeSanctimonius has lost support here. Some of my neighbors and acquaintances who supported him no longer support him for POTUS because of his extremeness and abandoning Floreedah during flooding to have expensive dinbers at fancy hotels.

      He is roasted by many here and the GOP. He will be crucified over his lack of leadership in any debates.

    210. Tgca says:

      214 PP

      But will GWB be as great an artist as Hunter Biden who gets hundreds of thousands for his paintings, clearly one of the most successful painters today.

      Perhaps if GWB draws a painting of each of the 4,000+ dead US soldiers he was recklessly responsible for, he’d get more attention too.

      Jadon to tell us GWB saved the world because Saddam was a worldwide threat and these soldiers were necessary collateral damage in 3, 2, 1..

    211. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – You just did what you cautioned us against. You are judging Buchanan as opposed to Biden but we don’t know what Buchanan would have done if there was a Federal government with agencies big enough to weaponize. As for your comment about genital mutilation of children, Buchanan supported the ownership of people. Slaves were mutilated and killed as punishment under that system. Almost all of the other slaves were worked until they died. I still think Buchanan was worse.

    212. Tgca says:


      I am happy to be compared to you when the question is who is a more decent person. I am comfortable in the outcome of that contest.

      Funny coming from someone mocking and taking joy in one of our posters losing her baby, as well as a serial cheater in college who now claims he’s a better family man than anyone ever divorced, and mocks and detests liberals but raises and befriends the same liberals he claims to detest while embracing wokeness.

      Can we say HYPOCRISY!

      Yeah! You’re as decent as Alec Baldwin in my book.

    213. DW says:

      Bitter, the principle I laid down was to judge the president based on the conditions he was given and then what he did with it. You misunderstood my principle. I wasn’t advocating comparing them on opportunities for corruption that were afforded other presidents.

      Buchanan absolutely weaponized the SCOTUS. And no doubt he probably would have weaponized anything he could have. But again, the fair way to compare is to look at Biden, what conditions existed the moment he was sworn in, and then what he did to those conditions. Prosperity, low costs, lack of foreign conflicts, strong economy, children’s genitals safely protected, and he turned all of that around to destroy all of it.

      I just don’t see the same radical swing on the part of Buchanan. A bad presidency, absolutely. Top five worst ever? Absolutely, but I just don’t see him worse than Biden. And Buchanan was only four years, while the books on Biden have not yet been closed.

      Not being hostile at all, just curious, would there be anything that Biden could do that would put him at the top of your list?

      What if encouraged China to invade Taiwan and they moved in and literally slaughtered everyone including the Americans there. Would that do it?

      What if he forcibly castrated all white boys in America, would that do it?

      How about if he shut down all evangelical churches and sent people on their membership roles to re-education camps, would that do it?

      Just curious.

    214. NYCmike says:

      I’ll gladly donate some $$ to keep it going as well, as well as my usual boatload of great ideas and commentary.

      Robbie – I commend you for pushing for such a solution, and hopefully the technical aspects can be handled.

      I would wish that such a reprieve would make each poster reflect a bit on his/her/they/them political stances and beliefs, and try to state them without the name-calling, which has become quite ordinary and boring.

    215. Bitterlaw says:

      Absolute lies. I forgot that lisab had a miscarriage that necessitated an abortion. I apologized immediately.

      College? Zzzzzzzz. I never cheated on my wife and won’t. Lectures from somebody who has never raised anything more complicated than fish is laughable. Lectures from somebody who blamed me for somebody’s death, which he described in excruciating detail, are disgusting. We have had this argument before and you did not fare well at HHR.

    216. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – You have taken a legitimate discussion and turned it into a parade of horribles. In law, that is a sign of a losing argument. You are better than that.

      NYC- I thought that the possible end of HHR would lead to self reflection and a better discourse. Clearly not on the part of Tgca.

    217. Tgca says:


      The hypocrisy of someone attacking people and calling others names lectures us on someone attacking people and calling others names just like the hypocrisy of an admitted serial cheater claiming he’s a better husband than any man ever divorced.



      Some posters here live in the Twilight Zone.

    218. Tgca says:


      Forgot! What a crock!

      You never forget anything and constantly remind us of things a decade plus ago but we’re supposed to believe you forgot something as big as that? REALLY?

      You apologized because you got called on it. Not because you forgot. People were gonna pile up on you so you behaved like any lawyer or politician would, you twisted the facts to suit your needs but some of us know better.

      Man up LIAR!

      Oh! …and what ever happened to your “I don’t believe in forgiveness or apologies.”

    219. GF says:

      I’ve been away for ages, although I read far more than I comment these days. Sorry to see this place go if it does fold up, I have many great memories here, especially during the time I was in Hawaii and then deployed, the late 2000s and early 2010s was really the heyday here, absolutely loved it.

      I had no idea TimV passed, Bitter. Hadn’t seen lisaB in forever, but didn’t realized she flew the coop to go abroad. Any other old timers disappear off the planet? It looks like Tim down in GA is still around from what I saw in FB, never did find Gary Maxwell anywhere on the net, despite the alleged use of his real name.

      MD used to stop by my FB to remind me that I belonged in 1870s upper crust society. Alas, haven’t heard from him in years, either.

      If the site continues in some form or another, I will chip in as well. My six year divorce finally ended, and although I have to pay for a while longer, it’s nowhere near as much as it was in the interim, so HHR may as well be the beneficiary.

    220. Tgca says:

      Not once did I attack Bitter in this thread or even mention him until out of the blue he made a derogatory comment towards me in 187.

      You can see for yourself by doing a word search for “Bitter”, nada from me before his 187 post.

      Then he has the GALL to lecture us about a “better discourse” in 222 when he is the one violating his own desire for a better discourse.

      He sounds like Obama who routinely lectured us on the discourse in politics and then immediately would attack the GOP for such discourse.

      I just proved the HYPOCRISY of Bitter, always trying to virtue signal when he’s a BIG part of the problem on discourse here.

      We want a better site and attract posters back, ok, people like Bitter, Jadon, Robbie, me, and a few others should leave then you would have a better site.

    221. Tgca says:


      Oh no! GF is divorced? Sorry to hear.

      Clearly, GF was not as good as a husband or person as a certain poster here since divorced people are not as worthy as those that remain married.

      Hey Reagan was divorced too. I just realized. What a scumbag he was for not staying married….and here I always admired a Reagan as a good decent man.

    222. Tgca says:

      Here’s yet ANOTHER story showing Big Donors and GOPers are abandoning DeSanctimonius and questioning his judgment and even referring to him as wimpy against Trump.

      As Christie recently said, I don’t think we want someone like DeSanctimonius sitting across the table trying to deal with China when he got outsmarted and humiliated by Disney and now has to go back and pass more laws and try to hurt their business in the process with threats of retaliation by investigating the safety of their rides, building a prison nearby, and raising their taxes. Yeah, what a conservative right? Great way to attract businesses to Floreedah by threatening them if they don’t give you donations.

      If Disney left Floreedah, the unemployment rate would probably triple since they account for nearly 500K jobs in central Floreedah, and that’s not counting all the jobs in south Floreedah related connected with Disney visits since Disney accounts for about 45% of state tourists.

      We’d be back up with unemployment approaching 10% as it did before Scott took office.

    223. Pablo says:

      Pablo thinks DW needs to chill a bit.

    224. Paul says:

      TimV was a good guy. I recall one day when he and I decided to switch roles for awhile. He posted things from a liberal viewpoint and I posted from the conservative side. I think this was way back in 2008 or so when I went by “Indy” or something like that.

    225. Bitterlaw says:

      You were lisab’s puppet. Try to get it right. I don’t believe in redemption. You can apologize all you want. Of course, you never have at HHR for anything.

    226. Bitterlaw says:

      GF – It is good to see you. Tgca is mad because he blindly worships Trump and did not like that I was critical of somebody who has been married 3 times because he cheated on the first 2 wives.

      Tim V died from a brain tumor. His family and faith meant everything to him.

    227. Tgca says:


      Deflection. You fail to address the facts.

      You LIED!

      You knew full well your comments about LisaB were made to lash out at her but then tried to walk it back when faced with criticism for such hateful remarks about her dead baby.

      You have no credibility.

      Just like I made a fool of you here tonight showing you lecturing us on civility in 222 when you attacked posters here unprovoked in 187 that is easily proven by doing a word search.

      You’re a virtue signaler! We all know it. You could be related to Romney. Check your ancestry records.

    228. Tgca says:


      You are critical of anyone who has been divorced or cheated even though you admitted to being a serial cheater yourself before you got married.

      Sorry! Cheating is cheating whether you have girlfriend of a year or a wife of 20 years. I wonder how those women you cheated on feel about your cheating.

      You’re a hypocrite to condemn others for your own behavior and claim you’re a better family man than divorced men.


    229. GF says:

      Bitter, do you recall when that was, by chance? I tried to search the archives, but didn’t have much luck with the search engine. Thank you.

    230. Bitterlaw says:

      187 is mild compared to garbage you spewed upon your return. Sorry it made you cry. Of course, you got roasted for describing my niece’s death, blaming me for it, and accusing me of abusing my daughter so she went to school on the other side of the state. No apologies and none expected or acceptable.

      It is sad that you were left behind by lisab. You never recovered.

      I admit that I was hoping you would not discover HHR was back. Your insatiable need to prevent actual substantive discussions from breaking out is pathetic.

    231. Bitterlaw says:

      GF – I will try to find out. I think it was at least 5
      years ago.

    232. Bitterlaw says:

      12/7/2019. Tim Van Der Meid.

    233. NYCmike says:

      “As Christie recently said, I don’t think we want someone like DeSanctimonius sitting across the table trying to deal with China when he got outsmarted and humiliated by Disney and now has to go back and pass more laws and try to hurt their business in the process with threats of retaliation by investigating the safety of their rides, building a prison nearby, and raising their taxes. Yeah, what a conservative right? Great way to attract businesses to Floreedah by threatening them if they don’t give you donations.”

      -I watched the interview when RDS spoke about the Disney matter.

      Main point: ALL companies will abide by the same rules. VERY CONSERVATIVE position.

      As for the flooding, RDS should have been down there if it was that bad. I haven’t seen any news about it, so the MSM must not think there was a problem, or else they would have highlighted it every day.

    234. NYCmike says:

      As for the “threats” by RDS, if Tgca considers Florida using THEIR own land for THEIR own purpose to benefit the citizens of Florida in the best way, then he is a very sensitive snowflake.

    235. NYCmike says:

      DW is correct. Go down the list.

      How any “Republican” could stand aside and blame Trump while watching Biden and the Democrats do their work is mind-boggling.

    236. NYCmike says:

      Hi Marv – good luck to you.

      Not worrying too much about the Yankees these days, sports has become less and less of an interest the older I get……..unless of course the Islanders dig deep and win 4 of the next 5 games!

      Wish us luck, mnw!

    237. GF says:

      Thank you, BL. I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to go back and read that thread. I wasn’t a regular poster by then, but still hung around. Surprised that I didn’t remember. He was a good man, better than many of us.

    238. Pablo says:

      I find it repulsive that Biden has been castrating boys left and right during the past couple years. And injecting our youth with heart attack syrup. All the while handing Ukraine to Putin and giving Taiwan to Xi.

    239. Tgca says:


      So conservatives should now threaten to build prisons next to a company that won’t give them donations to hurt their business and drive down property values of owners nearby as well. How is that good for the local economy? That’s conservatism?

      Sounds more like what AOC did in NYC when Amazon would not yield to her demands. How did that work out for the NYC economy?

      I guess you’re ok with NYC Dems building prisons or halfway houses in your neighborhood too, right?

      So far, DeSanctimonius has been criticized for this by a number of current and past GOP gubbernors, as well as other political pundits, and Big Donors.

      Floreedah without Disney would see it’s unemployment triple and lose tens of millions of tourists since Disney brings in 45%+ of Floreedah tourists.

    240. NYCmike says:

      “G-d Bless America as it remains the Last Best Hope of Earth. Personally, I will try to hold out hope for as long as possible, that one day the Republican Party which I was so proud to be a member of for many years, will finds its way back to actual conservatism and the legacies of Lincoln and Reagan, instead of blindly falling into the cultism of a scoundrel That path has led and will only continue to lead to many political defeats.”

      -Not one principle mentioned.

      Also, nothing mentioned about how Biden has governed last years, and all of the changes he has made from the previous administration.

      One could only come to the conclusion that this “conservative” approves of the job that Joe is doing.

    241. Paul says:

      245: Why don’t we just give private businesses the freedom to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t break any laws. That’s a novel conservative idea.

    242. NYCmike says:

      RDS didn’t say one word about getting donations, not sure why you keep repeating that B.S.

      As for prisons and halfway houses, I would look for Florida to build them next to an amusement park, not in residential neighborhoods. What’s wrong with that? They could take lessons learned from Disney to make it look harmless from the outside. Disney could build a rollercoaster around it!

    243. NYCmike says:


      You sound like AOC.

      I watched the press conference. Your making st-ff up.

      Stop it, man. Grow up.

    244. Paul says:

      NYCmike: Can you list the things Biden changed from the previous administration? The list could be handy for his reelection.

    245. NYCmike says:

      “Floreedah without Disney would see it’s unemployment triple and lose tens of millions of tourists since Disney brings in 45%+ of Floreedah tourists.”

      -Florida would get sued by their shareholders, the board would be voted out if they allowed them to leave Florida, Florida would also sue them and most likely win for the debts they have incurred in that Reedy Park district, etc.

      RDS has made his point, and he is not treating Disney any differently than any other corporation.

      Why don’t you want Disney to live under the same rules as everyone else?

    246. Tina says:

      He is becoming one of my top Rs in the Senate:

      Andrew Surabian

      at the Heritage Foundation:

      “This is maybe the most important lesson of Iraq, the people who drive our foreign policy very often don’t know what they’re doing, but they suffer no consequences when they’re wrong.”

    247. NYCmike says:

      energy policy
      Title IX policy
      Russia policy
      China policy
      Afghan withdrawal
      Abraham Accords
      Border policy
      Transgender agenda
      Military going even more woke
      Vaccine mandates

      Shall I go on?

    248. Paul says:

      Larry Elder just announced his bid for 2024.

    249. NYCmike says:

      “He is becoming one of my top Rs in the Senate:”

      -He has been very good!

    250. Paul says:

      253: NYCmike, looks like it will be enough to win him four more years.

    251. Tgca says:

      239 NYC

      Worst flooding in like 100+ years in the largest metro area, as it rained for days and much worse than our hurricanes. Many houses flooded with water now in the floors and walls which will cause deadly mold so it’s got to be removed and people can’t stay there.

      Gas shortage here due to interruption of deliveries.

      Businesses closed. Could not drive in some areas for a few days.

      I just found out today my storage unit was flooded. I now have to go and clean it out and assess the damage. It was a brand new building opened less than a year ago.

      Another big business building had its roof collapse from the rain.

      Cars destroyed and floated away from flooding.

      Numerous other issues and DeSanctimonius was gone the entire time doing his book tour and calling it in, refusing to return. He met with sycophants but refused to check in or call the Fort Lauderdale Mayor or yet to visit the damaged area.

      This is more like what Pete Buttigieg did. No different! He had his priorities severely out of whack. He gave us the middle finger and believe me, it did not go unnoticed.

      Extremely poor leadership. Is this what you expect a president to do in a time of crisis? Have expensive dinners in fancy hotels while people at home without power or places to live now?

      It’s indefensible! A bunch of my neighbors and acquaintances here have turned against him now and pissed off and commented he won’t get their vote in the primary.

      Even Big Billionaire Donors here criticized him for being out of touch and out of sight.

    252. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – You don’t expect an honest debate, do you? Gordon, Jason and SDC know TgAOC makes up the argument he wishes he was having rather than the one he is in.

    253. Tina says:

      He can have one of us due threads, Bl.

      I volunteer to do threads. I will write it Rino style if necessary.

      Heck, he should give it to one or more “old timers” hers to do it. I can be excluded, or included.

    254. Tina says:

      Didn’t realize that the gas shortages ( I know someone who waited 2 hours to get gas in S. Florida was due to flooding.

      I thought it was due to the Biden’s shortages when several states ran out last year/2021?

      Btw, we are now over $5 a gallon.

      I am glad the Dessert/Quittens press said gasoline prices were doing down.

    255. Bitterlaw says:

      Tina – I think we’ll save HHR. Try not to call Dave a RINO while we work out the details.

    256. Tina says:

      Good news Bl. I am far too old to contribute. I was just joking.

      It really should go to you or Walt, or some other old timer.


    257. Tina says:

      (Old timer here at the site from the beginning).

      If I missed anyone else, it was not intentional

    258. Tgca says:



      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      The GOP should not be attacking companies because those companies are taken a political position. That is their right just like many conservative companies take positions against Dems without fear of gubbermint attacks on them.

      The Floreedah GOP has been weaponized.

      …and he did not make his point! He thought he did and did a victory tour until he realized he got outsmarted and embarrassed by Disney and is now asking the legislature to pass another law to undo what Disney did legally under the law.

      He threatened to take away Disney’s ability to self-inspect its rides and replace inspectors with gubbermint inspectors with no experience in the area. That’s not safety minded. You want your kids on rides monitored by bureaucrats?

      He threatened to raise their taxes. Why? Who ultimately pays for that?

      He threatened to build a prison next to them. How does that benefit local property values?

      Guess what? Disney is moving forward with its Gay Day in June as it has done for decades and I expect it will be a record turnout with many families that will further embarrass DeSanctinonius as it gets national coverage.

      What will DeSanctimonius do? Send in a raid? Close Disney down?

      They’ve cornered him and he doesn’t see it because people here, including supporters are saying it’s getting silly now and he looks petty and vindictive just like Trump often got petty.

      Maybe it’s what your right-wing friends love but I tell you it’s starting to backfire that even donors are pulling out and locals are thinking it’s too much drama.

    259. Phil says:

      Thanks, Tgca, but I can get the same DeSantis derangement syndrome from the skanks on the View or from Morning Joe.

    260. Paul says:

      253: NYCmike, you don’t like Biden’s stronger stance against Russia and China?

    261. Tgca says:

      265 Phil

      Don’t let your disgust with wokeism blind you to problems with DeSanctimonius. He just lost a big group of billionaire GOP donors. He’s dropping in polls, just lost 21 points in latest NH poll and significant drops in many other states as well.

      Do you think he should have been out of town during a major crisis in the largest metro area of his state?

      Would you be ok with TX gubbernor in a book tour and campaign while Houston flooded in a 100+ year worst storm with major floods, supply shortages, people homeless, buildings collapsing and unsafe from major damage, ignoring and refusing to reach out to local leaders and the mayor?

      Is that good leadership?

      You’re being blind to him like some here were blind to Dr. Fow-chee and we know how that turned out as the truth emerged.

      I was impacted by the flooding so it was REAL to us.

    262. Robbie says:

      Larry Elder, a Balance of Nature huckster, running for president, after losing the CA recall badly, is yet more proof grift is the dominant force among many of today’s Republican candidates.

      Sadly, there will be anywhere from 1% to 2% of Republican primary voters who believe his con.

    263. Phil says:

      I’m not pro or con DeSantis.

      I just recognize that we are in a struggle with the enemy…..and the enemy is the left. We can’t afford a civil war among Republicans right now. My slings and arrows are reserved for the leftists, wokers, Biden etc who work every day to make this country California.

      As far as Disney, screw them. They started this – not the governor. ‘’don’t say gay law”??? Give me a break.

    264. Paul says:

      Phil saves all his arrows for me. 🙂

    265. NYCmike says:

      “253: NYCmike, you don’t like Biden’s stronger stance against Russia and China?”


      In what way?

      Russia invaded a neighboring country last year, if you weren’t aware. In 2014, they took over Crimea. In 2008, they took over Georgia.

      From Jan 2017- Jan 2021, Russia didn’t do anything.


      As for China, they are currently making deals with India, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc etc etc.

      They were not this free to make deals 3 years ago……what changed, Paul?

    266. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      261. Hi Bitter, if HHR can be saved, that would be nice. I do believe there should be some way we can financially contribute. If Wissing still wants to administer the website, believe he should receive some sort of voluntary monetary support beyond the cost of just maintaining the website.

      A rule banning personal attacks on the board would be a nice addition

    267. NYCmike says:

      “Sadly, there will be anywhere from 1% to 2% of Republican primary voters who believe his con.”

      -His “con” is working in the private sector?

      As opposed to the Bush/Kennedy/Clinton/Biden/Obama/Schumer/Murkowski con of lifetime “public service”?

    268. Tina says:

      The Columbia Bugle ????????

      Calls For American Troops To Be Pulled Out Of Ukraine

      “Get America out of Ukraine! Get American troops out of Ukraine! It is a disaster for this country!”

    269. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – Cost should not be a factor. I will work with Dave. Maybe the new HHR can have a penalty box.

    270. Tgca says:


      This is not only about Disney. That is silly petty chit. He’s behaving like Trump does so tell me how that’s gonna attract moderates?

      I have major concern with the Floreedah GOP being so radical like Dems in CA that they are hurting the GOP nationally. Many in the GOP are setting off alarm bells on the Floreedah legislature.

      We have a bunch of AOC on the right here.

      There is no way this will not come back to haunt the GOP in the GE across many races with DeSanctinonius at the head of the ticket. The GOP will lose a significant amount of moderates, especially women now that Floreedah has outlawed ABORTION, and yes, a 6-week ban is basically a total ban because most women don’t know they’re pregnant or have time to get in and see a doctor and then schedule a procedure before 6 weeks. Wait until teen moms shoot through the roof since 20%+ of pregnancies are teens.

      I detest ABORTION with all my being but I know you can’t legislate it effectively anymore than you can legislate what people do in their bedrooms though God knows many right-wingers have tried.

      Changing hearts and minds and getting folks to be compassionate about this heinous loss of life is the only way to dwindle away ABORTION.

      I said the same for years about gays. You can’t pass legislation to force it on people, it takes time to change hearts and minds and it did. I’m hoping we can do it with ABORTION too.

    271. Tgca says:

      272 SDC

      ..and who would monitor this penalty box?

      Years ago Dave gave others oversight in managing HHR and it did not work out so well and he took it away from them.

      You will have “clicks” here doing the bidding of others. I would no more trust myself to objectively manage a penalty box than I would anyone here.

      Just last night Cash attacked people here in his usual passive aggressive way as he often does but it’s still an attack. Should he be banned?

      Bitter attacked me today unprovoked in 187 though I had no interaction with him prior to his post. Should he be banned?

      Jadon routinely attacks…well…everyone he disagrees with. Should he be banned?

      If Dave can’t manage the site or doesn’t want to sell it, shut it down. All good things come to an end but I trust not one poster here to be objective and fair in assigning penalties and managing it.

    272. Paul says:

      NYCmike, you are a clueless shïthole. If Trump was in charge, Russia would have been handed Ukraine. You know nothing and can go to hell.

    273. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca wants to shut down what he can’t control. He also uses “right wing friends” as a pejorative.

    274. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      About 40 years ago I participated in one of the most impressive volunteer efforts I have ever experienced. I was in my early 20s, and a massive snow melt was about to flood Salt Lake City. Thousands of people turned out to sand bag city streets, and prevent flooding. It was amazing. The Mormon Church stopped Sunday services, and told everyone they needed to go sandbag. Radio stations coordinated volunteers efforts. I remember a radio station calling for volunteers at midnight at a certain Downtown location; several hundred of us showed up. A local Mormon phone tree got several hundred volunteers to immediately come and sandbag a senior citizen mobile home park that otherwise would have flooded. Those were some of my personal experiences; throughout the city thousands were involved.

      Here is a retrospect from a Salt Lake City newspaper. One memory it does bring back is how physically fit people were then. Only a small amount of the population was obese, and there was a very active gym culture among the youth.

    275. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca has savaged me for years. In 187, I referred to him as lisab’s puppet and he is still whining.

    276. NYCmike says:

      #278 – Heh!

      4 years of not handing them Ukraine leads you to believe that he would have handed them Ukraine……and Wes claims I say some silly st_ff!

    277. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      279. Lol. Tgca wouldn’t spend much time in the penalty box. He would totally foul out.

    278. NYCmike says:

      Probably agree with Tgca on the abortion issue in Florida. I saw no reason to go beyond the Mississippi law that got Roe overturned.

      After that, it was up to individuals to keep showing other citizens the error of their ways, through every day actions.

    279. Paul says:

      NYCmike, you can not seriously believe that Trump would be stronger against Russia. Trump is a fücktard and did nothing for our nation. Anyone who supports Trump is a danger to the future of our nation.

    280. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      278. Paul your banished to the penalty box. Bad dog no biscuit.

    281. Paul says:

      Not yet. I can still condemn people.

    282. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      282. I tend to agree. It was Biden’s appalling weakness in the Afghanistan debacle that likely motivated Putin to think he could easily occupy Ukraine without Western interference. The U.S
      even offered to airlift Zelensky out of the country. However, unlike the Afghans, the Ukrainians fought back.

    283. NYCmike says:

      “NYCmike, you can not seriously believe that Trump would be stronger against Russia.”


      2017-2021? What did Russia do with $25 barrel of oil?

      The history is already written. Putin stayed in their little box, like a good little tyrant.

      Once Biden got in, and then Afghanistan happened, Putin went ahead with his invasion.

      If this is Biden being “stronger than Trump” its even worse than I fear.

    284. NYCmike says:

      “However, unlike the Afghans, the Ukrainians fought back.”


      BUT, under Trump there wasn’t a war in Ukraine, which I would consider the better alternative.

      Somehow, Trump being “weak” on Russia was the best recipe for peace.

    285. NYCmike says:

      -Yup, this guy isn’t conservative at all!

      Make your list what you disagree with, Mr. Wissing. Would love to see where we disagree!

    286. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      290. Trump was anything but weak. He once told Putin he would nuke him if he invaded the Ukraine. Your watch dog ain’t no good if bad guys don’t fear it may bit:

      “In a phone call Thursday with golfer John Daly, former President Donald Trump talked about nuclear weapons and threats he says he made to Russian President Vladimir Putin

      “They’re all saying, ‘Oh he’s a nuclear power,'” Trump said of Putin on the call, which Daly put on speaker phone at the at the Hoag Classic tournament in California. “It’s like they’re afraid of him.”

      A bystander filmed Daly, who took the call while enjoying food and drinks inside the Newport Beach Country Club.

      “You know, he was a friend of mine,” Trump continued. “I got along great with him. I say, ‘Vladimir, if you do it, we’re hitting Moscow. I said, ‘We’re gonna hit Moscow.'”

      While Trump and Daly were ostensibly referring to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s unclear what Trump was alluding to regarding his conversation with Putin while in office.

      “I said, ‘We’re gonna hit Moscow,'” Trump said. “And he sort of believed me, like five percent, 10 percent. That’s all you need.””

    287. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I remember how horrified many were on this board when Trump killed Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist. Now Biden is coddling Iran. Unlike the beliefs of many, Trump has a strong sense of character, and will not put his tail between his legs and run.

      “Iran’s Soleimani Killed in Trump-Ordered Airstrike / Kevin Baron: The stunning killing of the Quds Force leader follows Iranian-backed militia attacks on U.S. embassy in Iraq, and months of Tehran testing Washington’s stomach for violence.”

    288. Tgca says:


      Who here was horrified that Trump took out a terrorist responsible for American deaths? I don’t recall that but I would like to know their rationale for such horror.

    289. Tgca says:


      Bitter moves goal posts because I made a fool of him earlier when he posted in 222 about discourse here only to show he was actually the poster here starting discourse today unprovoked in 187. A simple word search, as I suggested proves him a HYPOCRITE so NOW he claims he’s justified in making an unprovoked attack because of years of attacks on him, as if he’s innocent in any of those attacks.

      Remember his rant years ago about this pit of vipers where all at HHR are against him. Woe is Bitter.

      Bitter should start his own #WoeMe movement since he loves playing the victim so much.

      This is how it works here at HHR among some posters like Bitter Obama that calls out others for discourse here before he engages in discourse himself. HYPOCRISY!

    290. Tgca says:

      The gal who got Trump elected says:

      Kellyanne Conway: DeSantis ‘Spends Way too Much Time on the Culture War

      It’s what I’ve been saying and my neighbors and acquaintances here also waking up to. Many don’t have time to follow the news like I do in my retirement so when I share stories with friends via text, they’re like, “I didn’t know that about him” or “he seems obsessed.”

    291. Tgca says:

      …and the criticism grows…

      Kudlow: DeSantis’ Disney Obsession ‘Really Damaging Him’

      DeSantis is running against Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

    292. Bitterlaw says:

      TgAOC accuses me of being too sensitive and then makes post after post complaining about being called a puppet. I love it here.

    293. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Oops! A Russian military jet bombed a Russian city. The video of the explosion is in the attached Twitter video.

    294. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      299. I misspoke: The Russians reported “an abnormal descent of aviation ammunition occurred”

      On another note: Sweden and Finland went to war. Finland won, and annexed Sweden. So Sweden is now in NATO

    295. MD says:

      I just heard the news. Congrats to Dave on a great run. There are times in life where it is time to turn the page. Most of my time now is spent on sports and options trading. I did get involved in local politics but that is more about planning and zoning issues.

      I wish everyone well in their future endeavors. Especially Dave. OK, not Maxwell. He can suck it.

    296. Bitterlaw says:

      Welcome back, MD. GFY for old time’s sake.

    297. Bitterlaw says:

      TgAOC spend much more time condemning DeSantis for being too anti-woke and too right wing than condemning Biden. Discuss.

    298. MD says:

      This place needs to end with a robust debate on the Civil War and a tribute to me for creating Maxwell Day. I know Bitter has always tried to take credit for the holy day but that was me.


    299. MD says:

      How about that Sixers game last night? An all night thug act from the Nets. Still beat them. I don’t think we get past the Celtics though.

    300. Cash Cow TM says:

      Hi MD!

      Walt says to tell you hello!

      WE have missed your political analysis input.

    301. jason says:

      Hey MD.

      I guess nothing like a funeral to bring people together.

    302. DW says:

      MD, welcome back! Sorry I had to make all the calls on how to split up Paladin/CFP polls into just Paladin again, but you weren’t around to deal with all the legal contract issues.

    303. DW says:

      And if its any consolation MD, I still think Trump is personally revolting, and I believe my assessment of him back in summer 2016 was a valid assessment at the time, given the info we had, that once he would take office, if by some miracle he beat Hillary, that he would quickly become Pelosi and Schumer’s lap dog.

      Well he didn’t, and it turned out he governed better than I thought he would, but he is still immoral and someone who is unstable. Plus now he is aging, and with age, some of the weaker character flaws become more prominent, the last thing we need from Trump.

      I am hoping for someone else to get the GOP nomination. Not that it really matters until the election fraud is ended, if it ever happens.

    304. MD says:


      Great to “see” you. I don’t pay much attention to the National stuff anymore. I see the headlines. Can’t avoid that. Avoid those arguments though. Have friends on both sides.

      Just focusing on making $$$. I still shoot. Meeting my brother in law at 10 at the range. Almost shot a neighbor last year. My wife was away. She had given a key to a neighbor and never told me. Never got the key back. He thought it would be cute to scare me at 10 PM by coming in unannounced. Within 4 seconds he was a trigger pull away from a double tap. I mention this only because of the recent headlines. I could have been one.

    305. jason says:

      Maybe the new HHR can have a penalty box”

      That is for pussies and wimps.

      If you want to post, be prepared to defend it.

      No free lunch.

    306. MD says:

      No push back from Bitter on who deserves the credit for Maxwell Day.

      He knows. He knows.

    307. Bitterlaw says:

      Harden was ejected for the first time in his career. Maybe NYC can tell us if really are any Nets fans over the age of 30.

    308. MD says:

      Jason – how are things in Dutch land? How is Amos?

    309. jason says:

      I am glad MD was slow on the trigger. I doubt the neighbor would have made it at my house.

      Of course, the Amish are all in bed by 10PM so it wouldn’t have been an option.

    310. DW says:

      Biden’s Pentagon is chasing UFOs, because there is nothing more important going on, and shocking! They released the fact that an unidentified orb flew threw the air in a battle zone!

      So I went back and watched John Ford’s live recording of the June 4, 1942 Japanese attack on Midway Atoll, and wow, there were UFOs all over the place. Why haven’t these ever been investigated?

    311. jason says:

      Amos continues to be more interested in his cows than the national news.

      I am actually jealous.

    312. MD says:

      Rumor is out there that Embiid might sit in game 4.

    313. DW says:

      MD, further up this thread I re-posted the Maxwell rant, because this is the final thread.

    314. Bitterlaw says:

      If it had been the Philly A-hole” MD might have a case. He doesn’t/ A-holes is plural and the aluminum bat reference was to me.

    315. jason says:

      So MD, what are you investing in? I remember we used talk about our investments when we weren’t arguing politics.

    316. MD says:

      Bull feces. It was my comment that set him off.

      I still laugh thinking about DW’s line by line analysis of the holy screed.

    317. rdelbov says:

      Well best wishes Dave! I enjoyed my time here and your work on it. Lets just say 2008 did not work out well for McCain

    318. MD says:


      I am a contrarian. Made a ton of $$$ in 22 by shorting stocks like AMC, BBBY, Shop, Coin and so on. Made a nice scalp by selling (not buying) puts in Schw and Bac. The banking crisis was BS.

    319. jason says:

      The Founding Fathers are arguing over who is the most important Founding Father?


    320. DW says:

      “European Review Finds Gender Transition Doesn’t Solve Mental Problems”

      You don’t say?

      They had mental problems before, and instead of getting help, they were turned into a freak who will never be able to perform sexually and become a biological parent, and so they contemplate suicide all the more.

    321. MD says:


      As for my non options portfolio I now have a value tilt which i implemented in late 2020. That has worked out pretty well. I don’t get fancy with that. Just used VTV. Still have all my very low basis Apple stock. Increased my position 6 months ago in EPD. Took a Flyer a few years ago on DKNG and Yeti. Sold half and riding with profits now. Up and down. Few swings and misses fortunately.

    322. DW says:

      MD, one more for old times sake:

      Top ten excuses Republicans give for voting for BlueFrauds:

      10. My grandpa used to vote for my BlueFraud’s grandpa.

      9. My BlueFraud and ONLY my BlueFraud is capable of saving our air base!

      8. My BlueFraud has nice eyes.

      7. I got a really nice letter once from my BlueFraud.

      6. My BlueFraud has been in office for 28 years, so he must be good!

      5. My BlueFraud is a fiscal hawk! So never mind that our country is being destroyed by Dem leadership, my BlueFraud will try to stop it.

      4. My BlueFraud used to go to my church.

      3. My BlueFraud has excellent constituent services.

      2. I have never heard of my BlueFraud’s challenger.

      1. What was the question?

    323. MD says:

      Jealous? You can’t be a founding father. Just the way it goes.

    324. MD says:

      Always loved that post DW! Thanks. My favorite though was the line by line analysis of the Maxwell rant as if it were an ancient scroll.

    325. DW says:

      “I still laugh thinking about DW’s line by line analysis of the holy screed.”

      Sadly, I have lost this commentary I wrote. I keep pretty good records, but somehow lost this one.

    326. jason says:

      Rdelbov, that thread is hilarious.

      “TGCA says:
      October 30, 2008 at 10:46 pm


      Well, I’m confident Mac will do better than Bush in San Fran. Many lesbians think Palin is hot so that’s what I’m basing my 2% increase over 2004. Very scientific…I know.”

    327. Phil says:

      Good to hear from you, MD.

    328. MD says:


      How is Houston? I miss my travels to that city. Always had a good time.

    329. jason says:

      MD says:
      April 21, 2023 at 9:34 am

      Jealous? You can’t be a founding father. Just the way it goes.”

      I have tried to make up for that by diligently working to be the biggest A-hole here.

    330. jason says:

      As for my non options portfolio I now have a value tilt which i implemented in late 2020.’

      Have you hedged with treasuries at all? I know, 5% still loses to inflation but I keep thinking some big correction is just around the corner, not necessarily because of economics but just the general volatility of the international scenario.

    331. MD says:

      DW – the brilliance of it was that you did it 100% seriously and like something we would see on the Smithsonian Channel. That is what made it so funny. Like the score of Animal House being so serious.


    332. MD says:


      Yes. In December, I moved 30% into short and intermediate term treasuries. No reason to buy long term with the inverted yield. I mostly did that in my tax deferred accounts.

    333. Phil says:

      Yeah, MD. I remember you made the trip following Villanova in the final four. Unfortunately, Houston is rapidly turning into a sh*thole. It’s sad.

    334. MD says:

      The bond move came from cash. Still have cash on the sidelines. Was hoping the market would go down another 20% and I could use leverage with long dated calls. Still waiting for that.

    335. MD says:

      I had been to Houston at least 10 times before that. The Nova trip was my last time there. I used to stay at the Sheraton near the Galleria.

    336. MD says:

      Gotta run. Nice catching up. A great run by Dave.

    337. DW says:

      searching the archives to see if I could find my lost Maxwell rant commentary, and found this…which is odd, because I recall writing this, even though it was so long ago:

      DW says:
      June 6, 2012 at 9:34 am
      I still have a vivid memory of Tim Russert in 2004 looking over at Brokaw and saying, “Well if its too close to call in South Carolina, then its going to be a long night for the president, Tom.” Of course Bush beat Kerry that night in SC 58/41.

    338. jason says:

      No reason to buy long term with the inverted yield.”

      Yeah, tell it to SVB.

    339. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason is the finest of the Second Tier A-holes.

      Embid can sit after the Sixers win the 4th game.

    340. Tina says:

      Hi, Md. Hope all is well.

    341. Tina says:

      Another hack from the BushBama regime of terror. Morell was the one who provided Mute 43 with his presidential briefings.

      Jack Poso ????????

      Fmr CIA chief Mike Morell testifies under oath that Biden campaign and Tony Blinken asked him to orchestrate letter from 50 intel officials falsely claiming Hunter Biden emails were ‘Russian disinformation’

    342. jason says:

      Disney is no match for the Golden Calf, and Disney’s latest scam is not going to work either.

      Disney made its bed. They had a sweet deal going but decided wokeness was more important. Now they can live with the consequences.

      Btw, I was reading about Aunt Jemima. It had $350 million in sales. After it changed the name to “Pearl Mill Company” sales have plummeted.

      Hopefully shareholders will start asking questions and replacing woke board members in these companies when it is apparent wokeness is costing them big bucks.

    343. jason says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 21, 2023 at 9:54 am

      Jason is the finest of the Second Tier A-holes.”

      Second tier? Sniff.

      I am a Founding Father Once Removed.


    344. Robbie says:

      Wow. MD came back. It’s good to see the old gang getting back together, at least for a brief moment.

      The last time I remember interacting with MD his daughter had just visited the University of Louisville during the Spring of 2016.

      MD, stick around. This nuthouse is always better when we’re all around.

    345. Robbie says:

      Why am I not surprised NYCmike rushed to support Larry Elder?

    346. Tina says:

      Lock his arse up.

      Attorney General Merrick Garland is ‘senior’ Biden official in Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower claim… via @nypost

    347. jason says:

      I don’t know why Ed Morrissey is surprised that Trump is attacking the Golden Calf from the left.

      Trump was never a conservative. He is an opportunist who cleverly gauged the mood of the R party primary voters to win the nomination in 2016. He ran to right of all the major contenders.

      Now he thinks he can win by running to the left. All of a sudden he is pro-woke, pro-abortion, pro-Russia.

      “Now, though? His entire critique is based upon DeSantis being too conservative. DeSantis should leave Disney alone. DeSantis should kiss Budweiser’s ring because they contribute to Republicans. DeSantis is a threat to the welfare state.

      It’s weird, and it’s hard to see how it works over the length of a campaign.

      Matt Walsh’s political point is a good one: in 2016 Trump was able to win the nomination because he attacked all his opponents from the Right. He was clear, his message was robust, and there was nothing mealy-mouthed about him.

      A lot of us weren’t sure he was a conservative, but he proved his bona fides as president. He did turn out to be a strong advocate for conservative causes. Now he seems to be promoting himself as more liberal than the other Republicans.

      He embraces Dylan Mulvaney and Budweiser. He apparently thinks Disney should run a corporate kingdom and indoctrinate your kids. Disney and Budweiser have a lot of money, and we can get a cut appears to be his argument.

      That’s a more difficult message to win votes from conservatives.

      Trump’s campaign should have been focused on his accomplishments and his forward-looking vision. Instead, it has been about the 2020 election, which will win him no votes in 2024, and hating Ron DeSantis. Not too many Republicans agree with him on the latter.

      Neither of those issues will win him new votes. Nor will promoting woke companies.

      Trump’s “trump” card, of course, is the loyalty that he earned–and he did earn a lot of loyalty during his term–from people for whom he seemed to speak. Nobody else wanted to fight for them, and he did. That earns a lot from people, and I get it.

      But look at what he is doing now. He is attacking Republicans from the Left, not the Right. Name an issue where his critique of DeSantis is from the Right. Other than calling him a RINO, that is, which is an insult, not an attack. Trump is to the Left of DeSantis on abortion, fiscal responsibility, and cultural issues. Where, exactly, is Trump to his Right? I don’t see it.

      Name an issue where he is running as the more conservative candidate…I can’t. Maybe there is one.

      But being the pro-woke, pro-abortion candidate is an odd choice for a Republican presidential candidate.”

    348. jason says:

      We should all thank the genius of McConnell not allowing Garland to occupy a SCOTUS seat.

      At the time, many Rs thought Garland was a “moderate”. I always rebelled against that, I thought he was a far leftist pretending to not be as radical as other potential nominees.

      I was right, and McConnell was right.

    349. jason says:

      The one thing I disagree with Morrissey is his constant theme that “we need to move on from 2020”.

      Why? So the same fraud will happen over and over?

      You should never “move on” from vote fraud.

      Which is not to say it should be the focus of the campaign.

      But Rs are not going to win too many elections in the future if they don’t address VBN and early vote fraud.

    350. MD says:

      Hi Robbie,

      My daughter wound up going to the University of South Carolina and is now a pediatrics oncology nurse.

    351. Tina says:

      Where is everyone heading too? What sites? I want to catch up with mnw and others.

      Contingency plans if Bl cannot save Hhr.

    352. DW says:

      Tina, was asking the same yesterday. I did my own search for a good conservative blog, but came up empty.

    353. DW says:

      Here is a critical issue that a Democrat says should be taken up by congress:

      “Dem Rep. Pushes for Gender Equality in Car Crash Dummies”

    354. jason says:

      Tina, you can find mnw at RRH.

      But you would last as long as there as I would, about 5 minutes.

    355. jason says:

      I could accept Tgca’s criticism of the Golden Calf if he said something like:

      “I support the Golden Calf’s war on wokeness that is permeating our schools, our businesses, and our government.

      However, I think we are too far gone for it to benefit him politically, opposing wokeness is no longer politically viable.”

      I would disagree but I could respect that.

      But the idea that we should not actively engage in culture wars seems foolish to me, and it is the kind of thinking that has gotten us to where we are.

      Now, I think there are culture wars conservatives have lost for good. Gay marriage for example. But the war on wokeness in corporate America can still be won or at least contained. Men playing women’s sports, not lost yet, still enough people who think it is absurd. Mutilation of children, enough people oppose it.

      Win or lose, the Golden Calf should be applauded by anyone who calls himself a conservative, whether you think he will succeed or not.

    356. DW says:

      What makes HHR is anyone can post anything about anything. Sometimes its humorous, or informative, you never know. But at RRH you have to stay on topic unless you are one of their protected classes who can get away with posting most anything.

    357. ssq says:

      God would be against transgender dummies in car crash tests.

    358. DW says:

      jason, the mutilation of children’s genitals is definitely an issue the eventual GOP nominee can harness.

      Look at what the abused children in northern VA public schools did for Youngkin’s campaign. We can nationalize that on the horrific abuse of impressionable children–they are particularly preying on those with autism. It is truly sick and disgusting, and this issue can and should be nationalized.

    359. jason says:

      Ah yes, f–king for virginity!

      “Louisville shooter left an anti-gun manifesto”

    360. jason says:

      jason, the mutilation of children’s genitals is definitely an issue the eventual GOP nominee can harness.”

      Nah, according to Tgca it should be allowed because if not a child might threaten suicide.

    361. jason says:

      Read this and tell me the Golden Calf was not righ to take Disney on.

      Not only were they using their self governing status to pursue a political agenda, they were using it to avoid paying property taxes and other things like state transportation and food and lodging regulations.

      In essence they were a rogue “state” inside Florida. But not content, they decided the rogue state should take over the rest of the state.

    362. DW says:

      The whole trans gender movement is really anti-science. Biology is a science, and simple observation reveals that the human race has male and female. Those rare few babies who are born with birth defects are just that, defects, not the scientific norm. Just like conjoined twins, or babies born without limbs, those are defects and anomalies, and not the biological, scientific norm.

      Gender is not a hairstyle that can be changed. One can mutilate his or her gender, but scientifically it cannot be changed. No man has ever made made into a scientifically, biologically functional woman who gave birth to a child. No woman has ever been made into a man whose semen fertilized the egg of a woman. This is science. If an adult man wishes to pretend he is a woman, or an adult woman wishes to pretend she is a man, I don’t have to applaud it, and I don’t have to pretend it is scientific. It is not.

      But for them to take impressionable autistic boy and tell him, “This nice doctor here can make you a girl if you want, and it will be all okay…” That is child abuse. That is evil. That is the stuff we held war crimes tribunals for after WWII.

    363. Robbie says:

      MD says:
      April 21, 2023 at 12:05 pm
      Hi Robbie,

      My daughter wound up going to the University of South Carolina and is now a pediatrics oncology nurse

      – Great to read. Congratulations. Hope you stay around and post occasionally since it seems the site will continue. This nuthouse isn’t the same without all of the original patients.

    364. Robbie says:

      DW says:
      April 21, 2023 at 12:19 pm
      Tina, was asking the same yesterday. I did my own search for a good conservative blog, but came up empty.

      – I haven’t posted at other sites, but this place is unique. I don’t think there’s another place that’s remotely the same so I won’t be headed anywhere else.

      I emailed Dave yesterday and he’s hopeful the site can be saved. We’ll see what happens, but I still think the best option is we fund the site through a GoFundMe account and Dave simply provides a clean thread once a week. This seems to be the easiest solution, but who knows.

    365. Tgca says:

      368 DW

      Agreed for the most part.

      However, there is a very small percentage of people with very serious gender identity issues and treatment should be left up to doctors and family, not the gubbermint, and I’d hope conservatives would agree on this.

      I’m not talking about all the people out there jumping on a cause or being indoctrinated or thinking it’s the latest craze, I’m talking about seriously depressed people who often have no will to live being forced to live in a body they hate. Saying wait to your 18 ends up being a death sentence for many because they can’t bear the daily torment and agony they experience as a teen when all the counseling in the world can’t change a biological and chemical process in their bodies that make them feel that way. We lack the advanced medical knowledge to figure out what triggers it.

      In these cases, gubbermint should step aside and let parents, kids, and doctors make choices because that’s the most conservative thing to do.

      I’ve known a couple of people like this from years past and had great compassion for them because they really struggled with daily life that most of us could never understand. Gubbermint has no right to take away their choice in attempting to find some peace and happiness in their lives because they can’t understand it.

    366. jason says:

      ‘He’s an A**hole’: Politico’s Latest ‘Walls Closing in’ Piece on Ron DeSantis Backfires Big Time”

      I have been defending the Golden Calf here against scurrilous attacks but I do have my limits.

      He is not going to become an A-hole by decree.

      Like every other A-hole he will have to earn it the hard way.

    367. jason says:

      and I’d hope conservatives would agree on this”

      No. I don’t agree with that.

      And of course, I am not against “treatment”. I am all for providing every type of counseling and psychological support available including drugs that are appropriate for depression and suicide prevention.

      I am against “treatment” that involves irreversible genital mutilation of children.

    368. Tgca says:


      Would Jadon be posting this if Disney was donating to the GOP?

      If there were issues of abuse, then it should have been addressed. But that’s not why the Floreedah GOP went after Disney. They went after Disney because Disney chose a political stance, their right as a company, that the Floreedah GOP did not like so they weaponized gubbermint to penalize their political philosophy.

      If Disney has been doing this for decades, why weren’t they penalized before then? Why only after they got into a tiff with the Floreedah GOP.

      You’re making excuses for political radicalism on the right that you routinely criticize the left for doing. The same can be said of many companies that operate on or use US land. Should they be targeted for their politics too?

    369. jason says:

      Gubbermint has no right to take away their choice in attempting to find some peace and happiness in their lives because they can’t understand it.”

      Not only does government have the right to prevent genital mutilation of children, it has the OBLIGATION to do so.

      Funny that Tgca is against women having the choice to abort a fetus but is in favor of parents having the “choice” of mutilating their children.

    370. jason says:

      Would Jadon be posting this if Disney was donating to the GOP?”

      Yes, because Disney DOES donate to the GOP, that was Trump’s point, they have lots of money and he doesn’t want to piss them off.

    371. jason says:

      Anheuser Busch donates more to Rs than to Dems.

      I still would not buy their products.

      Contrary to you, I am consistent.

    372. Tgca says:


      That’s not yours or gubbermints decision to decide individual medical treatment plans where surgery may be the best option in limited cases.

      This issue of occurrence is greatly exaggerated for political purposes. I provided previous stats from insurance companies showing that the incidents of these occurrences would result in less than 2 teens in PA having such surgery over the course of 5 years. This is not a crisis! It’s a political weapon.

      It’s not something either side should exploit for political gain.

    373. Tgca says:

      Do you drink Guinness? They are radically left and woke and push DEI and trannyism but it’s the beer DeSanctimonius claims he and his wife prefer in a video where he’s in a store talking looking at the beer stocks in a fridge.

      Do you agree DeSanctimonius is NOT consistent?

      Is he a hypocrite? …or just IGORENT making himself look uninformed and being duped AGAIN.

    374. jason says:

      They went after Disney because Disney chose a political stance, their right as a company,”

      No. It was not about “political stances”. It was about using the economic and political power granted by the state to actively undermine the laws of the state. The laws of the State of Florida apply everywhere, but Disney thought they could use their rogue “state” to subvert the will of the Florida legislature.

      “Disney’s government in Florida has been the envy of any private business, with its unprecedented powers in deciding what to build and how to build it at the Walt Disney World Resort, issuing bonds and holding the ability to build its own nuclear plant if it wanted.”

      They can have this. Or they can give it up to play partisan politics. Not both.

    375. jason says:

      It’s not something either side should exploit for political gain.”

      Frankly, my position is that genital mutilation of children is immoral and should be illegal.

      No matter who “gains” politically.

    376. jason says:

      Do you agree DeSanctimonius is NOT consistent?


      I drink Guinness myself.

      When they put Mulvaney on their beer I will stop drinking it too.

      I don’t pretend I don’t use products from woke companies. It is impossible to know exactly what each company’s position is.

      When I know for sure, like the NFL, I cut them off. But I don’t advocate for boycotts, everyone should make their own decisions.

    377. Tgca says:


      I don’t believe you. You are making political arguments. No one believes your all of a sudden concerned about Disney taking advantage of their deal.

      China does much worse and enslaves over a million people in work camps and you are well known at HHR for being their biggest trade supporter because you think it would hurt our economy if we sanctioned them for concentration camps. You support the equivalent in China of what the Germans did in the 1930s to the Jews.

      So look in the mirror before criticizing others or calling then inconsistent and tell us again why we should continue to support slave trade with China.

    378. Tgca says:


      So if everyone should make their decisions of who they support, why can’t Disney do that as they have a legal right to do do without being pursued by weaponized gubbermint?

    379. jason says:

      This issue of occurrence is greatly exaggerated for political purposes. I provided previous stats from insurance companies showing that the incidents of these occurrences would result in less than 2 teens in PA having such surgery over the course of 5 years”

      Heh, if it was that rare Dems would not be fighting tooth and nail to promote it and make it legal.

      It might have been rare in the past. But now it has become big money for shrinks and doctors and hospitals.

      In 2017 about 600 children 6-17 received puberty blockers. In 2021 it was 1400. You can bet it is much higher now. Hormone therapy, 2000 in 2017, 4200 in 2021. Mastectomies in children, 238 in 2019, 282 in 2021, but does not include out of pocket, which probably wealthier patients pay. It probably a lot more.

      Why is it increasing exponentially? Because of woke doctors and parents. And politicians.

    380. jason says:

      You support the equivalent in China of what the Germans did in the 1930s to the Jews.”


    381. jason says:

      why can’t Disney do that as they have a legal right to do do without being pursued by weaponized gubbermint?”

      Because they are using the benefits granted by the State of Florida, and consequent political and economic power, to actively fund the violation of Florida’s laws.

      “No one believes your all of a sudden concerned about Disney taking advantage of their deal.”

      True, I was not concerned. Frankly I did not even know the details of the “deal”. Until I was made aware of “taking political advantage” of their deal.

    382. Tgca says:

      …and for the record, even though I personally am not a fan of Disney due to the way they abused their IT staff and fired them and replaced them with foreigners after forcing them to train them to be eligible for severance and benefits, they have been good for Floreedah.

      They account for over 45% of Floreedah tourism, and directly responsible for nearly a half million jobs in central Floreedah, and indirectly hundreds of thousands more throughout the state as people come to Floreedah for Disney and then visit other areas.

      Without Disney, Floreedah would have a million jobs or less. The loss of Disney related jobs is 3 times the states unemployment rate which means if they left, the Floreedah unemployment rate could shoot up to 10% or more.

      Let’s face it. Most of Floreedah is a swamp. Besides South Floreedah, Miami and a select few areas in west Floreedah, there is no reason for people to come here for tourism. Disney changed that decades ago.

      Disney has been an ENORMOUS part of the Floreedah success, especially tourism.

      It’s a give and take relationship so the Floreedah GOP is only biting off its nose to spite its face by trying to harm Disney because they’re upset over the threat of loss of political donations.

    383. Tgca says:


      Then you can say that about most utilities too. They use land and water rights to operate their plants.

      Should they have to agree in politics with the states or be penalized with laws?

    384. Tgca says:


      You are terribly uninformed.

      Trans people make up less then .5% of our population yet the Dems are out on a limb for them only because it caters favor to many.

      Treatments are increasing for a number of reasons but it is still minute. A lot of it has to do with CAPITALISM! There’s money to be made and campaign contributions to be gotten on these issues on both sides.

    385. jason says:

      Opposing woke Disney now means I support Nazi genocide of Jews.

      You gotta love it here, this place cannot end.

      Tgca can always outdo himself in the clown department.

    386. Tgca says:


      All you can say is “Zzzzz” because I demonstrated your inconsistency and hypocrisy over China.

    387. jason says:

      They use land and water rights to operate their plants.”

      Nah, epic fail as comparison.

      I don’t know of any utility that has the right to self government and to inspect itself.

      Utilities are one of the most regulated industries in the world.

      I am surprised even you would say something that stupid.

    388. jason says:

      I have no inconsistency or hypocrisy with China.

      I support free trade.

      You don’t give a f–k about the Uyghurs, you use them as a prop against free trade.

      Unilaterally stopping trade with a fifth of the world’s population and wrecking your own economy won’t help the Uyghurs. Only regime change in China would.

      But you know that.

    389. Tgca says:


      I don’t have a problem with folks opposing Disney or any company on their wokeism.

      I have a problem with politicians weaponizing gubbermint for political purposes. DeSanctimonius is no different than Newsom in terms of abusing his power to go after others.

      You ignore concentration camps in China because it’s good for business. Those concentration camps in China are equally evil to what the Jews experienced in the 1930s when they were herded into camps in Germany.

      You either support concentration camps or you don’t.

      Do you believe we should continue to expand trade with China whether they have concentration camps or not? Simple answer, yes or no?

      I’ll stop by later to see how you ignored the question, called me names, and danced around the issue without answering a direct question.

    390. DW says:

      “However, there is a very small percentage of people with very serious gender identity issues and treatment should be left up to doctors and family, not the gubbermint, and I’d hope conservatives would agree on this.”

      Once again jason is right…all it is when a boy is pressured into being castrated is a form of late term abortion, okay, the kid will live a while, maybe off himself when he comes of age and realizes what was done to him, but he will never reproduce. Odd that one would be against abortion and in favor of castrating otherwise biologically healthy boys.

      Honestly, what would cure all this is if we had a foreign nation start dropping bombs on all of us. Then suddenly people would start thinking more about real issues than thinking about whether or not they like the genitals they were given.

    391. DW says:

      “Why is it increasing exponentially? Because of woke doctors and parents. And politicians”

      …and public school teachers who want to experiment on other people’s children.

      This issue is truly a golden opportunity for the GOP in the 2024 presidential and congressional elections.

      Get a tearful autistic boy to speak at the GOP convention on how his Democrat teacher pressured him into having his package lopped off.

    392. Phil says:

      I love the fact that Disney believes they had the right to inspect their own rides and do their own valuations.

      Hey, can I do my own home tax valuations each year? I promise I’ll be fair!

    393. JeffP says:

      I have been using this site since 2008. Sounds promising to keep it going. I would contribute. On vacation with the wife…there is no woke garbage in Italy and the masculinity is palpable. Might be just as corrupt as the US but zero sign of plant based food.

    394. JeffP says:

      397 I agree. That is why DeSantis is the better choice. Don Jr and other Trump supporters don’t see it that way,

    395. DW says:

      I too am for DeSantis at this stage. Things can change, and the events that will shape who the eventual GOP nominee is haven’t happened yet.

      But I believe if the GOP nominates Trump, the Dems will stick with Biden. But if the GOP nominates DeSantis, Biden will be replaced with someone like Newsome.

    396. Robbie says:

      Curtis Houck

      INBOX: Trump releases a lengthy statement trashing DeSantis, claiming he’s made “Florida…one of the least affordable states,” “raised taxes…$1.5 billion,” & one of the worst states to work, retire, raise kids, crime, rent, give birth, die, be a cop, teach, & pay energy bills

      – Then why did Trump move to Florida?

      I know the only thing that’s consistent about Trump is he attacks in all directions, but his lackeys have been crying for weeks that DeSantis, by running, is splitting the Republican Party. But here we have Trump attacking another Republican so isn’t he splitting the Republican Party?

    397. Phil says:

      I probably lean DeSantis at this time as well. More electable than Trump due to less baggage. Perhaps not. Not sure yet. In a GE he doesn’t automatically inherent Trump’s working class support. He would have to really campaign for it. That would be his challenge and determine whether or not he could actually win.

      I’d vote for either in the GE.

    398. Phil says:

      I don’t get Trump’s full throated attacks on DeSantis. I mean, I get it because it’s vintage Trump to go for the throat when he feels threatened politically….but strategically it’s a bad move. He can’t win a general by alienating the DeSantis wing.

      He would need those people in November.

    399. JeffP says:

      Trumps attacks on DeSantis are nonsensical. He lives in Trumps head.

    400. NYCmike says:

      Add MD to the list of those who support Biden’s policies.

    401. NYCmike says:

      Nets fans?

      If you are giving away tickets…..

    402. NYCmike says:

      Why is Desantis traveling overseas?

      Tgca will have 300 comments about that!

    403. NYCmike says:

      “but zero sign of plant based food.”

      -If I visit Italy, at least 1/2 of what I eat, hopefully, would be plant-based.

      I could taste the veggies cooked in garlic and olive oil already!

    404. Robbie says:

      As has been shown in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022, the working-class vote is not large enough or concentrated enough in the correct places to outweigh the suburban vote.

      In the Trump era, the Republican Party traded in voters who reliably vote in every election for a group that doesn’t reliably vote in every election.

      The 2016 election was a “one-off”. The conditions that created Trump’s win were due as much to his opponent’s weaknesses as anything else. Turnout and enthusiasm among Democrats were just low enough. But with Trump on the ballot, Democrat enthusiasm gets turbocharged.

    405. NYCmike says:


      All the crap going on in the world right now – you still believe that Trump being President was worse than the current situation?

      List what you think is better.

      I predict he will remain silent.

    406. NYCmike says:

      #411 – so, you would rather Biden policies stay in effect than have another Trump Presidency?

    407. AlbertusMagnus says:

      Strongly supporting DeSantis. I was 100% a Trump supporter until Jan 6, 2021. We need to win, and Trump has self-destructed before our eyes.

      And given the 5 million dollars awarded to the Trump supporter who called Lindell’s bluff on his so-called election-was-stolen data, who is the grifter,….Trump and Lindell or the person who supplied Lindell was this fake data?

    408. JeffP says:

      410…should have been meat…the veggies and fruit have been awesome. My favorite…they still have fresh squeezed OJ machines everywhere. I guess the plant based meat has been banned in Italy.

    409. NYCmike says:

      “Plant-based meat” is like calling yourself a Republican or a conservative while supporting Bidens policies.

    410. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      416.”Meat: the flesh or other edible parts of animals (usually domesticated cattle, swine, and sheep) used for food, including not only the muscles and fat but also the tendons and ligaments.”

      The only way you can refer to meat as plant-based” is because many animal species eat plants.

    411. Tina says:

      We know who is blocking any charges here. We all know what grist they got out of Ukraine and China.

      Fox News
      BREAKING: Hunter Biden lawyers to meet with DOJ officials next week as federal investigation criticism intensifies

    412. Tina says:

      Aka drag queen caravan. We are a banana republic. Cannot win wars and have no borders

      NEW – Illegal aliens who are LGBTQ may not be detained anymore under Democrats’ new bill as they qualify as “vulnerable persons” — Fox

    413. NYCmike says:

      #421 – there will be no comment given on such policies by “stalwart Republicans/conservatives” like Robbie, “CG” and MD.

      They approve.

    414. DW says:

      “House Passes Bill to Ban Trans Athletes From Women’s Sports With No Democrat Support”

      I keep saying this is a winning issue in 2024. GOP is uniquely positioned to get the critical votes of women who have always voted DEM in the past.

    415. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      420. Hunter Biden appears to have had a beneficiary of his business “activities” with first name of Joe. Actually the whole Biden family seems to have benefited from Hunter’s sleazy activities. No wonder Hunter complained about bad treatment from his family members when he was the family high earner.

    416. Tina says:

      These numbers just look awful for Rds. I think hiring not in as and the Twitter grifters was stupid. Not in awe cannot handle a national campaign.


      2024 Republican Primary: Trump Posts Biggest Lead Yet Over DeSantis

      • Trump — 65% (+45)
      • DeSantis — 20%
      • Pence — 4%
      • Haley — 4%
      • Cheney — 1%
      • T. Scott — 1%
      • Pompeo — 1%
      • Christie — 1%

      (B/C) | LVs | 04/05-10

    417. Tina says:

      Jim justice to run against Munchkin.

    418. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The job Donald Trump did as President:

      Approve 48%
      Disapprove 51%

      1,500 RV, 4/11-17

    419. PresidentPaul! says:

      DeSantis is a good governor and has a great personal story etc.

      However he’s been going neocon lately. It’s unclear whether he has the fortitude to stand up to deepstate, the neoconservatives, and the globohomo agenda.

      Trump has a proven track of doing so hence we’re better off with him.

      DeSantis may end up being a major threat to the country just like Biden if endorses the neoconservative agenda.

      Ya so I think Trump is the safe pick between them.

    420. Gordon Allen says:

      # 423. I think the entire transgender/ woke movement is a BIG issue for the GOP.
      But for the moment because of the news blackout to get Trump the nomination as a sure win for the Democrats, as it would be, no one knows Trump has supported the woke agenda so far and been totally silent.
      That won’t last indefinitely, and the functional reality that Trump is more the GOP ” Establishment candidate” will seep through.
      It’s April and literally no one is paying attention but zealous Trump voters.
      Let’s see how it looks in October.
      But HHR won’t be here.

    421. PresidentPaul! says:

      Rand Paul would be an excellent choice for president if Trump doesn’t run.

    422. PresidentPaul! says:

      Tulsi Gabbard on U.S. Military Docs Who Want to Sterilize 7-Year-Old Kids under the pretense of “gender-affirming care.” Yes, you can de-fund the training, Tulsi, or even better, DOD.

    423. PresidentPaul! says:

      If you don’t support globohomo Biden plans you go to jail now.

      Ron Paul liberty report
      “If You Oppose Biden’s Ukraine Policy…You May Be Sent To Jail!”

      “The Biden Administration has indicted four Americans and charged them with conspiracy to spread Russian propaganda and acting as unregistered Russian agents. The four are members of the African People’s Socialist Party, which has opposed US foreign policy since 1971. They face 15 years in prison. Also today, the Biden Administration announced another $300 million in military aid to Ukraine. Might these two stories be related? Also today, RFK announced his bid to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for US president.”

    424. PresidentPaul! says:

      Trump says he will end the Biden-Ukraine money laundering operation within 24 hours.

    425. PresidentPaul! says:


      Clown World

    426. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ex-CIA Chief Led Campaign to Smear Hunter Biden Laptop Story as Russian Disinfo

      Now he has been elevated to Sec of State.


      More evidence Deep State pulled out all the stops to destroy Trump and install the fake president Biden.

    427. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      434. What is a “globohomo”? Inquiring minds want to know?

    428. PresidentPaul! says:

      Well I think it’s 4chan term.

    429. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Possibly a good point:

      The thing is that if DeSantis doesn’t run in 2024 he’ll look like a loser who couldn’t survive first contact with scrutiny as a national figure. Perceptions of his electoral competence have declined a lot and he’ll lock those perceptions in”

    430. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The University of Toronto Downtown Recovery project uses mobile phone data to assess recovery in urban areas.

      Downtowns with the strongest recovery:
      – Salt Lake City
      – Central Valley CA
      – mostly SW cities”
      San Diego is 5th.

      Weakest recovery:
      – San Francisco
      – Midwest cities
      – Seattle, Portland

      Am blessed not to live or spend much time in dumpy cities.

    431. Tgca says:

      Donut Meister, Chris Christie sucked up to Trump for years and tried to stay relevant by tagging along but now claims Trump was a FAILED president and nothing more than a TV Star.

      I guess that makes Christie nothing more than a GROUPIE then.

      “Donald Trump is a TV star, nothing more, nothing less. A TV star. Let me suggest to you that if we put him back in the White House, the reruns will be worse than the original show.”

    432. Tgca says:

      Ha! Ha! Christie trying to price he left a lasting successful legacy in the Sewer State.

      Your state went radically left and you left office with the lowest approval ratings of any Sewer State gubbernor EVAH, in the teens…and they reversed your policies with the craziness they have today.

      The dislike for him and his policies after a few years ushered in an extreme regime to replace him.

      You call that success?

      “I convinced the Democratic legislature in my state of more things than Donald Trump ever convinced the Republican Congress that he had in his four years. And now we have Obamacare,” Christie said. “I think it’s going to be a permanent part of American life. He had the opportunity to repeal and replace it. He failed.”

    433. Tgca says:


      …but you live in a dumpy state and metro area so I don’t see the difference.

    434. says:

      Join our movement.

    435. Tina says:

      This is a weak response here. The fib director should be fired period.

      Florida’s Voice

      DESANTIS ON FBI: “Bring in the FBI director and say […] all these BLM rioters, how come none of them have been accountable? […] If they don’t have a good answer, the FBI director should be fired and you should put someone else in there.”

    436. Tgca says:


      DeSanctimonius was NEVER really supportive of J6 prisoners. A few Floreedah families complained their pleas for assistance went ignored.

      It doesn’t surprise me he is weak in stepping up to the plate.

      Now if these were drag queens, he’d be all over it holding press conferences.

    437. Tgca says:

      Bald Hedgehogs and Witch Executions: Remembering Earth Day’s List of Promised Calamities

      This is not all crap. I bet there are a number of bald Hedgehogs lurking about here.

    438. Bitterlaw says:

      Alive. I’m the woods with friends with scant WiFi and cellular

    439. Bitterlaw says:

      Fired 22. Not a great shot but did hit a few. Drove ATV. No rollovers.

    440. jason says:

      Greed does not always pay….

      A federal jury in San Francisco ordered Tesla on Monday to pay about $3.2 million to a Black man who had accused the carmaker of ignoring racial abuse he faced while working at its California factory.

      The award was far less than the $137 million that a different jury awarded two years ago, mostly in punitive damages. The judge in that trial later reduced the figure to $15 million, prompting the plaintiff, Owen Diaz, to challenge the amount in a new trial.

      But rather than more money, he will come away with less. After a five-day trial, the jury awarded $3 million in punitive damages, and $175,000 in past and future noneconomic damages.”

    441. jason says:

      He probably would have had 10 million after taxes, maybe 7 million after attorney fees.

      Now maybe he nets $1.5 million, not bad for a bogus case but about 1% of what he was originally awarded.

    442. Robbie says:

      Erick Erickson

      Small Hands Fluke is becoming Dementia Don. Two weeks ago he’s attacking DeSantis for shutting down Florida. Now, he’s attacking DeSantis for not shutting down Florida enough. Does he have Alzheimer’s? At his and Biden’s age, we need to be sure he’s okay.

      – There’s not a sensible person alive who honestly believes DeSantis was a covid lockdown hawk. This is the kind of idiocy from Trump that will always keep me from voting for him.

    443. jason says:


      Amoral Scumbag isn’t voting for the guy he calls a total bum, Trump Clone and clown either, so who cares if he won’t vote for Trump.

    444. jason says:

      I love where TDS morons love quoting each other.

      Has Lord Asshat weighed in yet?

    445. Tgca says:


      Jenner vs Mulvaney!!!

      I must admit I was very skeptical when Jenner 1st transitioned after his nauseating celebrity Kardashian family constantly in the spotlight for…well…for nothing but absurdity and slutty-acting kids. I thought it was going to be more mockery and opportunism to keep relevant.

      However, I must admit, he has handled his transition and lifestyle with grace and compassion towards those that really have serious gender identity issues as opposed to the retards out there like Mulvaney and angry in your face activists trying to force themselves on others.

      I will probably never understand Jenner’s transition anymore than I will understand how people can eat SPAM but if it works for him, more power to him.

      I think Jenner has been a great advocate and voice of reason against biological males harming female sports too. Funny that a tranny can stand up for REAL women but female Dem politicians can’t.

    446. jason says:

      Spam, don’t knock it until you have fried it.

    447. Tgca says:

      I knew early on Haley was Romney in a skirt.

      Is that sexist? Oh f* k it! Who cares. After all, these days men wear skirts too and men can also menstruate I heard.

      But she has a point about the silliness of the MSM inserting themselves into a family wedding and what’s appropriate and not.

      If two guys got married in a church wearing leather chaps with their asses hanging out, I bet these same MSM idiots would celebrate it as culturally fashionable.

    448. Tgca says:

      Spam is DISGUSTING!!!

      My mom, the worst cook ever, would routinely by Spam because back then it was cheap and quick, along with instant potatoes, and canned string beans.

      Can I have some food with my salt please!

    449. Cash Cow TM says:

      Say, what is up in Sue, Dan?

    450. Cash Cow TM says:

      Lego corp.has announced they are building a Lego fctory in Chesterfield VA the size of 260 football fields!


    451. BennSue says:

      I felt this was a long time coming, similar to ElectionProjection shuttering, after Trump’s election the postings came more infrequently, and I stopped regularly posting here. I have been around (although in lurking mode) longer than most, I assume; I was here when Polaris and Cory were still regularly posting, but now I’ll never know if Bitter will ever stop being bitter, or if CashCow ends up as a burger. Se-lä-v?. I wish Dave all the best in his future endeavors. Bye all!

    452. PresidentPaul! says:

      Clown world isn’t just a USA thing they had it in Roman times also.

      “The closer the collapse of the Empire, the crazier its laws are.”

      ? Marcus Tullius Cicero

    453. Robbie says:

      Jason fraud refuses to acknowledge the outright lies MAGA daddy is telling about DeSantis because Jason fraud is excited to vote for a twice impeached buffoon in the general election.

    454. Tina says:

      Quote Tweet

      John Solomon

      Obama, Bush and Clinton have started an NGO to fly migrants into the US | Just The News

    455. Bitterlaw says:

      No TV here. No internet. Looooooooong night ahead.

    456. Tina says:

      Bush, Bama ,and Clintune are all trash.

    457. jason says:

      Jason fraud refuses to acknowledge the outright lies MAGA daddy is telling about DeSantis because Jason fraud is excited to vote for a twice impeached buffoon in the general election.”


      Amoral Scumbag, who comes here daily to attack Trump with blatant lies and MSNBC talking points, is concerned about Trump’s lies about the Golden Calf.

      You have to admire the astounding hypocrisy.

      As far as impeachments, Trump should wear them as a badge of honor. Amoral Scumbag sides with Adam Schiff and the bogus impeachment charges but calls himself a conservative.

    458. jason says:

      I am a meat lover, but while I will eat Spam if that is all there is, not really a fan. It is very salty and has a sweet aftertaste.

      I do remember being in Hawaii and seeing it everywhere, they incorporate it into all kinds of dishes. They have Spam sushi, truly disgusting. They even have Spam flavors sold only in Hawaii, such as Spam with Portuguese Sausage seasoning.

    459. Bitterlaw says:

      Internet is back at the cabin and you mf-ers are asleep.

    460. Tgca says:

      who’s sleeping?

    461. Phil says:

      Just checking to see if the site is still active

    462. ssq says:

      I don’t think so.

    463. jason says:

      Merely catatonic after an epic breakfast of slab bacon, country ham, sausage, and a 4 egg cheese, onion and mushroom omelet (veggies are important).

      Speaking of food, it is time to think about lunch. Dietrich Meats over in Lenhartsville, PA had a great deal on 1 inch thick smoked pork chops so I stocked up. Will go great with some sauerkraut fried in bacon fat with some bacon chunks mixed in.

      Tgca would have an orgasm in their store. He would drop the rabbit food idiocy in a nanosecond and walk out the door laden with smoked jowl bacon and smoked beef tongue.

    464. Tgca says:

      So I see Floreedah has moved further radically right and incorporated hateful bigotry and discrimination at the direction of a homophobic hateful gubbernor.

      They passed a bill that will target establishments to lose their licenses if kids are present at a drag show. Now, I personally agree drag shows that are adult-oriented should not include kids in the audience but if parents choose to bring them then how come Floreedah is not holding these same standards to other venues with similar sexual performances such as stadiums and concert halls where entertainers ROUTINELY get up on stage and dance and simulate sex acts to audience where tickets are marketed to youths or their parents bring them?

      Why is it ONLY lewd and lascivious requiring protective laws when a drag queen dances around scantily dressed bumping and grinding when nearly ALL female musicians performers do this live in the attendance of children, including touching themselves or having others touch their private parts? Rihanna just rubbed her p*ssy and then sniffed her fingers on national TV in front of 50 million during a half time show with millions of kids watching but that’s ok?

      Why is it ok for a parent to bring a child to an R-rated movie where there is nudity and sex scenes? Should those theaters not lose their licenses?

      It’s plain discrimination against one group and to whip up hatred against them while others are routinely permitted to do it without penalty. This is simply hatred of the LGBTQ community by right-winged radicals instead of taking it for what it is, a fringe element of the community behaving entertainingly outrageous for effect just like many other entertainment in public venues where kids attend.

      Why not blame the patents instead of targeting venues for their entertainment choices?

    465. Tgca says:

      Now the Floreedah Education Board is expanding the Don’t Say Gay provisions up to high school seniors. So Don’t Say Gay until you’re 18?

      Absolutely no discussion permitted on sexuality. So I guess that means in Civics Class, there should be no discussion of the Civil Rights of gays now or current topics involving gays.

      Will teachers not be allowed to refer to their legal same-sex spouse without violation or threat of losing their jobs?

      So a high school student can talk to a school nurse or counselor about issues they’re experiencing but ONLY if they’re NOT gay?

      This is very dangerous for young people coming to terms with their sexuality in this day and age, forcing them to suppress who they are and what they feel. Feelings of isolation, severe depression, and suicide is vastly higher in LGBTQ teens and Floreedah is telling them “who cares.”

      What is wrong with these radical right-winged freaks? How are they any different than the left-winged radicals?

    466. Phil says:

      Tweet from Stephen King:

      I think Mr Musk should give my blue check to charity. I recommend the Prytula Foundation which provides lifegiving services to Ukraine. It’s only $8 so perhaps Mr Musk could add a bit more.

      Reply tweet from Elon Musk:

      I’ve donated $100M to Ukraine, how much have you donated?
      (we turned down DoD money btw)

      You gotta love Musk. Thorn in the side of all sanctimonious lefties.

    467. jason says:

      I was just going to post that.

      The Mother of All Putdowns…

    468. jason says:

      Now the Floreedah Education Board is expanding the Don’t Say Gay”


      The fact Tgca uses the far left (and blatantly false) description of the bill says everything you want to know.

    469. jason says:

      Tgca is against any effort to keep children from being indoctrinated by agenda driven teachers on topics that have nothing to do with the school curriculum.

      Yes, 18 seems very appropriate. Children do not attend school to be indoctrinated in gender politics, but to learn the subjects in their school curriculum. Teachers are not supposed to be “guiding” children on sexuality.

      I never heard any of my teachers talk about their private lives when I was in school. Why should teachers be “referring to same sex spouses” anyway”. My teachers never referred to opposite sex spouses anyway.

    470. jason says:

      ow, I personally agree drag shows that are adult-oriented should not include kids in the audience but if parents choose to bring them”


      Laws restricting what children can view and attend are entirely reasonable.

      In PA you can’t take your children into a cas-no, even to walk through to a restaurant. Many states don’t allow children in bars that don’t serve food.

    471. jason says:

      The woke culture is destroying our country.

      Florida is taking modest steps to at least keep children from indoctrination into it.

      I have said this here many times. If we don’t reverse the far left bias in our schools and universities, no elections are going to save us.

      I think to his credit the Golden Calf understands that, and he should be commended for his efforts, win or lose, to address it.

    472. jason says:

      “civics class”

      Tgca is trying to make the case that woke teachers are only in “civics classes”?


    473. Tgca says:


      I have always agreed the Don’t Say Gay Bill did NOT use the use the term “gay” but you have to be a complete moron to think that’s not the intended point of the legislation.

      You think if a teacher speaks of a female and male family unit in a school lesson they’re going to be targeted for violating the law because they’re sexualizing relationships in discussions to young children?

      You think if a teacher references a girl will grow up and marry a man and have children is going to face potential risks of violating gender identity discussions?

      But if a teacher does those same two things referencing a gay couple or children in their lesson, it will risk violating the law.

      Everyone knows the target audience of the Don’t Say Gay Bill, hence, the reason critics coined it Don’t Say Gay. You’re playing with words here instead of intent.

      I do not believe kids should be indoctrinated or forced to believe they’re something they’re not but it should also not be that you can’t mention legal relationships and that 6 to 7% of the population which is LGBTQ, greater than numerous other minority groups, should have to be silent on their existence.

      SCOTUS determined gays have a constitutional right to marriage so as much as you don’t like it, UNDER THE LAW, a gay family has every right as a straight family unit. The relationship between two married men is NO different than the relationship between anyone else’s marriage here UNDER THE LAW.

      You may not like it or believe it, just as most whites, and many still today, did not think AA marriages and relationships were equivalent to theirs, but the law states otherwise.

      The fact you fail to see this is your own bigotry.

      Maybe one of those statistics of teen suicide will someday be your grandchildren and then see how it feels to deal with the ramifications of isolating a child and forcing them to suppress who they are.

    474. Tgca says:


      Then there should be no sex education for straight kids until 18 by your reasoning because we should not be discussing issues dealing with sex identity and sexual preference in school.

      Kids should not have any reference to their sexual identity whatsoever, gay or straight under your logic.

    475. Phil says:

      ‘’Don’t say gay law”

      The left loves to misrepresent and one way to do that is to mislabel. It’s a big part of their script. One of their most common tactics. They do it in a continuous loop with issue after issue. It’s pure BS.

    476. Tgca says:


      I’m glad Jadon agrees ANY venue that showcases an event where a performer performs in a lewd and lascivious manner should have their licenses revoked.

      That means most stadiums, concert halls, and movie theaters will lose their licenses. Also, Cable TV should lose their broadcasting licenses since they routinely show such behavior in their shows that they know children are exposed to.

      No child should ever be exposed to adult scenes in live or recorded fashion.

      What’s the difference of a drag queen having someone touch her fake breasts and butt when most actresses are doing that and explicit sex scenes in movies or musical performers doing it live or in video accessible by children.

      What about cheerleaders at games. Often they are very sexualized shows with scant revealing clothing?

      What about beaches? Women walking around in thong bikinis. Go to Miami Beach and you will see numerous women walking around like they got out of a pawwwn movie.

      After all, if the goal is to protect children, then stamp this behavior out across the board. Close these businesses. Close the beaches.

    477. Tgca says:

      488 Phil

      Would there be a law if this were about discussing heterosexuality?

      I am not a liberal. I just know attacks on minority groups when I see it.

      See my post in 489 with concrete examples of similar behavior where kids are targeting daily with sexualization. Walk into most stores and look at the clothing marketed to teen girls. Look at their magazines.

      If you’re willing to hold those establishments accountable for indoctrinating children into sexualized experiences, then we can agree but if it’s only applicable to drag queens, it’s your inner bigotry towards one group driving your beliefs.

    478. Phil says:

      Nobody is going after movie theaters, cheerleaders, or bikinis on the beach. Please stop.

      The trans community can do what they want but keep the indoctrination out of the schools. No minor should have this stuff crammed down their throats.

      If you disagree then you have a woke advocate in the WH who is set to make his re-election announcement Tuesday. Four more years!

    479. Tgca says:


      I NEVER said that. As usual, you’re trying to rephrase the argument to your terms.

      I was giving an example of where teachers would NOW get in trouble discussing a relevant topic such as in Civics class.

      When I was in high school, we had to take civics and discuss current topics, many they were often controversial. In Floreedah, a teacher can now risk being fired if they do that.

      A teacher could be fired for talking about a mass shooting in a gay bar like Pulse, where I’ll remind you DeSanctimonius could not even get himself to mention that America’s 2nd worse mass shooting involved all gay victims and/or their friends. He referred to the event of a mass shooting in the community on its anniversary event. Only after much ridicule did his office re-issue a luke-warm revised commemorative acknowledging the victims were gay.

      So please stop pretending this is all innocent. This is all about campaigning and raising money attacking those groups he knows his radical supporting base will positively respond to.

    480. Tgca says:


      That’s my point Phil.

      These venues are targeting children with sexualizing behavior so why should they not be held to the same standards as venues holding drag shows?

      Statically, due to volume, much more kids are at risk for being sexualized in these venues than at a drag show,

    481. Tgca says:


      Perhaps you should read Floreedah news and see the bills and policies they’re pushing. It’s not just about trans and indoctrination of young kids, which most agree is not right, it’s now expanded up to 18 year-olds.

      They are canceling LGBTQ in Floreedah schools.

      Just like the Floreedah book ban is now being used to fire teachers who show the statue of David or the Sistine Chapel in art discussions because it’s considered showing teens pawwwwn.

      You agree with those?

      If you do, you’re radical and I bet 60%+ America will disagree with you.

      When you get into the details of these policies that’s where you see the extremism. Sure, protecting kids sounds good until you read the fine details.

      Just like people in your state of Texas tried to resurrect 100 year-old laws to see what gays were doing in their bedrooms ba k in tje 90s. It is extreme!

    482. Tgca says:

      Anyone reading my posts the last 2 decades knows I have and am highly critical of the gay culture which I think like Hollywood, is too focused on materiality and “anything goes” lifestyle that is often destructive.

      I was against radical gays and their causes for decades and it cost me some friendships over the years including a good friend who died a few days after his 30th birthday.

      I don’t think young children should be indoctrinated on anything or pushed to question who they are but I also do not believe in attacking at-risk youth either, especially teens. Unless you were a gay teen, you have absolutely no idea of the oppression and fear many experience, to the point of severe depression, delving into drugs, and suicide.

      The hatred from the radical right and many Christian freaks is no different than what we see from the radical left.

      We should help our kids with their problems instead of trying to force them to suppress and hide themselves.

      I always think of how many young lives were lost to drugs, suicide, and HIV because of uncaring parents, friends, and community that drove these kids away in one way or another.

      Homosexuality is an innate biological trait. It is NOT something most would ever choose or that can be turned on or off. That’s like choosing to be poor or sickly. It makes no sense.

    483. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt is now itching about King Syrup.

      He says it triggers him and they should ban it.
      He said his ancestors lived as serfs under the king.
      Walt wants to know if others here will join him in the movement to ban King Syrup.

    484. Robbie says:

      Why are Trump worshippers using Democrat/liberal talking points to attack DeSantis?

      I thought Donnie and his supporters were a conservatives.

    485. PresidentPaul! says:

      Biden announced a new policy to make mortgage rates higher if you have good credit scores.

      The people on the radio were saying you have to find ways to tank your credit score if you want to get a good mortgage rate.

    486. PresidentPaul! says:

      Clown World

    487. PresidentPaul! says:

      Shadilay brother. Trump will rise again. Kekistan shall prevail

    488. Bitterlaw says:

      Back with full service. I will work on the HHR plan.

      At the risk of more mocking and disdain, I would like to make a suggestion to Tgca. He often mentions the difficulties experienced by teens of different sexual orientations. I think that he could provide a valuable service to these at-risk youth by volunteering with programs and shelters that focus on their difficult situations. He could help them and use his experiences to motivate them with references to his experiences.

    489. Teegeeceeaye says:


      Do you think I have time for that foolishness when I am here 24/7 to trash the Golden Calf?

      I have my priorities.


    490. jason says:

      Trying to protect your kids from agenda driven indoctrination in schools is not “hatred”.

      What a crock of crap. The teacher is free to be gay. He is not free to try to indoctrinate you kids when his job is to educated them on the subject matter he was trained for.

      Same with this BS.

      “So a high school student can talk to a school nurse or counselor about issues they’re experiencing but ONLY if they’re NOT gay?”

      The job of HS nurses is to treat injuries and illnesses, not give “gender counseling” and not to indoctrinate students. Same with “counselors”. What kind of counselors? Guidance counselors are supposed to help students choose colleges. Any other “counselor” can refer the parents to appropriate psychological treatment/support for their child, I don’t grade schools and high schools hire that kind of staff.

      LGBTQ is not being cancelled. If you are worried about anything being cancelled in today’s academia, worry about conservative ideas and thoughts.

    491. jason says:

      Why are Trump worshippers using Democrat/liberal talking points to attack DeSantis?”


      You have been here for years using Democrat/liberal talking points to attack Trump.

      The hypocrisy is astounding.

    492. PresidentPaul! says:

      The Public schools are now trying to harm children rather than help them.

    493. jason says:

      Why are Trump worshippers using Democrat/liberal talking points to attack DeSantis?”

      You are really a despicable turd.

      You supported an ridiculous impeachment against Trump that ZERO Rs in the House could support, not even Liz Cheney. In fact not even every Dem could support.

      So don’t give us “liberal talking points” BS.

      You have been posting liberal talking points for 15 years.
      So don’t come

    494. jason says:

      PresidentPaul! says:
      April 23, 2023 at 8:08 pm

      The Public schools are now trying to harm children rather than help them.”

      The problem with woke schools is that they believe they know what your children should learn, and that they are entitled to impose that on children and their parents.

    495. jason says:

      I nominate Amoral Scumbag’s post about “liberal talking points” the Most Astounding Hypocrisy of 2023.

      Yeah, I know it is early, but how are you going to beat that?

      Let’s get real, this is a slam dunk.

    496. jason says:

      Scott Walker sends Tgca a message….

      “Still, we cannot assume his loss is a sure thing. For those who do, remember that Pennsylvania elected John Fetterman and that 18- to 29-year-old voters went with him by 40+ points. We can’t win if we don’t turn around years of liberal indoctrination.”


    497. Paul says:

      Ukraine has taken over a chunk of land east of Dnipr River. Sounds like it may be the start of their offensive. We can bipartisanly support that. 🙂

    498. jason says:

      Speakl for yourself.

      The HHR Putin Stooges will be very upset at this “escalation”.

    499. jason says:

      Tgca opposes trade with China. China like indoctrination here in the US not so much.

    500. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      511. If the rumours are true, and they have been out there for over a week, Ukraine might be planning to soon go on an offensive to the coast that will cut off Crimea from other occupied areas in Donbass to the north.

      Odd the recent U.S. intelligence “leak” didn’t mention anything about the increased Ukrainian probing and presence east of the Dnieper.

    501. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      502. “I think that he could provide a valuable service to these at-risk youth by volunteering with programs and shelters that focus on their difficult situations. He could help them and use his experiences to motivate them with references to his experiences”

      Bitter are you out of your mind?

    502. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      514. The information regarding Ukrainian forces on the east side of the Dnipro comes from Russian sources. The Ukrainians, as usual, are silent about their plans.

      “Russian milbloggers have provided enough geolocated footage and textual reports to confirm that Ukrainian forces have established positions in east (left) bank Kherson Oblast as of April 22 though not at what scale or with what intentions. Geolocated footage published by a Russian milblogger on April 22 shows that Ukrainian forces have established positions on the Dnipro River bank north of Oleshky (7km southwest of Kherson City) and advanced up to the northern outskirts of the settlement on the E97 highway, as well as west of Dachi (10km south of Kherson City).[1] This footage also indicates that Russian forces may not control islands in the Kinka and Chaika rivers less than half a kilometer north of the geolocated Ukrainian positions near the Antonivsky Bridge. Russian milbloggers claimed on April 20 and 22 that Ukrainian forces have maintained positions in east bank Kherson Oblast for weeks, established stable supply lines to these positions, and regularly conduct sorties in the area—all indicating a lack of Russian control over the area”

    503. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      514. “Analysts widely believe that if Ukraine goes ahead with a spring counteroffensive, a major goal would be to break through the land corridor between Russia and the annexed Crimean Peninsula, which would necessitate crossing the Dnieper River in the country’s south.

      Responding to Ukrainian media reports proclaiming that the establishment of such positions indicated the counteroffensive had begun, Natalia Humeniuk, the spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Operational Command South, called for patience.

      While neither confirming nor denying the ISW report, she said only that details of military operations in the Dnieper delta couldn’t be disclosed for operational and security reasons.”

    504. Bitterlaw says:

      515 SDC- He claims he is worried those young people. I thought he might try to help them.

    505. PresidentPaul! says:

      I was always under the impression that the reason why Biden has been pushing lowering the voting age to 12 or 13 was because of the idea that – if you’re old enough to vote, then you’re old enough to consent to “gender affirming care” and consent to having sex with MAPS.

    506. Jeffpee says:

      This war will never end if the Ukrainians keep escalating the war by trying to regain their own territory. It is the type of provocation that will only anger Putin, who is just interested in peace and protecting the motherland.

    507. jason says:

      515 SDC- He claims he is worried those young people. I thought he might try to help them”

      Not only that, while saving children he will be too busy to kill fish.


    508. Cash Cow TM says:

      Yet another example of how screwed up things are.

      “Trial to begin in 2018 killing of 11 at Pittsburgh synagogue
      Associated Press
      Updated April 24, 2023 at 8:55 AM”




    509. JeffP says:


      The neocon press cycle:

      1) New threat to American Democracy in country X!
      2) Anyone who questions this narrative is unpatriotic/traitor.
      3) Victory is imminent and guaranteed.
      4) Victory will take time but is worth it.
      5) If we don’t redouble our efforts, we will lose.
      6) Setbacks were inevitable.
      7) Internal doubts and a lack of staying power cost us the war.
      8) Press blackout on country X. (Never that important.)

      Wait 6 months. Repeat with country Y.

    510. Robbie says:

      Karol Markowicz

      Trump is not just slamming an exceptional Republican governor with his stupid attacks, he’s attacking the very best Republican policies and the model Republican state. My column in Monday’s @nypost

      – Trump is a liberal and he’s always been a liberal. He conned a lot of people by throwing them policy bones in areas about which he didn’t care.

      Now, Trump’s unburdened and he’s campaigning as the liberal he’s always been. He’s attacking DeSantis from the left. He knows he can do this because he spent the last eight years creating a cult devoted to solely to him and not any policy or position.

      If Trump is the 2024 nominee, he’ll likely be the 2028 nominee. Cults only end when the cult leader is defeated or passes away.

    511. jason says:

      “Bud Light has also hired two consultants with experience in Washington, D.C.’s conservative circles to advise the brand moving forward.”

      First they will have to find the conservative circles.

    512. jason says:

      Trump is not just slamming an exceptional Republican governor with his stupid attacks”


      This from someone who calls the Golden Calf a “total bum, Trump clone and clown”.

      Were those stupid attacks?

    513. jason says:

      I can see JeffP is triggered about the Ukrainian counter offensive.

      He assured us here that Putin’s victory was inevitable come the “spring offensive”.

      Poor bastard, the pro-Russian cesspools he likes to read assured him they heard from Putin himself that by now Ukraine should be in the bag and the peace loving Putin could move on to annex other countries.

    514. Robbie says:

      Dylan Byers

      #BREAK: Fox News: “ FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways” ????

      – Whoa!

    515. Bitterlaw says:

      528 Putin hardest hit.

    516. Robbie says:

      Congrats to Tucker on his new job at Russia Today.

    517. Tgca says:


      America hardest hit as leftists take over more of the MSM.

    518. Waingro says:

      WOW, re: Tucker news. Where is he going to end up? I wonder if they bring Megyn Kelly back? She might agree to work on the cheap if that is what this all about.

    519. Robbie says:

      Waingro says:
      April 24, 2023 at 11:53 am
      WOW, re: Tucker news. Where is he going to end up? I wonder if they bring Megyn Kelly back? She might agree to work on the cheap if that is what this all about.

      – Megyn Kelly was the first name that I thought of as well. She’s developed quite a feisty persona on her YouTube show. I occasionally watched her show was she was on FoxNews, but I doubt it.

      Based on the brief two sentence statement FoxNews put out, it seems Tucker was pushed out the door. No one will ever admit that, but he was the highest rated cable show.

      That $787 million settlement had to play a role.

    520. Tgca says:


      Perhaps Scott Walker should look in the mirror.

      As I’ve said over and over, parents are the reason indoctrination happens to their kids in school by not being involved in their kids schooling and offering alternatives to radical ideas, left or right.

      There was a time when families in America would discuss at the dinner table events of the day which gave parents an opportunity to be aware and offer guidance and alternatives to their children.

      But parents prioritized catering to their own needs 1st instead of taking the time to be involved daily and they outsource to schools staffed with radicals the raising and developing of critical thinking in their kids.

      Schools have been staffed with lefties for decades going back at least to the 60s and probably further but parents gave up a big portion of their parental responsibility and are now whining about the outcome of it all.

      For any parent here not involved daily with your children’s schooling or paying for them to go to lefty schools, STOP complaining if your kid got indoctrinated. You brought this on yourself by inaction.

    521. jason says:

      I am sure he can get a job on Russia State TV.

    522. dylan says:

      can they also fire unwatchable Hannity please? And Laura Ingraham? Wow-Fox news is as dead at the republican party now.

    523. Waingro says:

      #533, looks like she wants NO part of going back to Fox News. She is blasting Fox News right now and the decision.

    524. jason says:

      Even though I didn’t always agree with him, I felt the same about him as I did with Rush. The MSM is so tilted to the left you need some pushback from conservatives not afraid to fight back. I especially liked Tucker’s interviews with wokesters and Marxists where he would proceed to destroy them on air.

      But once he essentially became Putin’s sniveling little lapdog and turned his show into a disgusting American version of Russia State TV intent on 24/7 repetition of pro-Russian propaganda he became dead to me.

    525. jason says:

      I don’t disagree that parents have a lot to blamed for in today’s woke society.

      But that is water under the bridge.

      The fact is our schools and universities and now even corporate are dominated by woke thought.

      Sitting around the kitchen table is not going to help now, although it would be good if in the long term parents did get more involved again.

      We have to win the culture war, and the Golden Calf is showing us how to lead in that respect. He might not win, we might be too far gone, but we should all support his efforts.

    526. Tina says:

      Faux will continue to tout hosts that advocate open borders and was mongering,

      Rupert and the kittens are incompetent.

    527. Phil says:

      So who is happier today? Those who are on the hawkish side of the Ukraine question or the woke crowd? They are both celebrating this morning.

      Megan Kelly would be the best option for Fox under the circumstances I suppose, but Fox will take a ratings hit if Fox plugs in a Hannity clone in that time spot. Hannity is unwatchable.

    528. dylan says:

      The Tucker thing just smells like an effort to totally demoralize Trump supporters prior to 2024 and smells like more to do with Murdoch ego and agenda than a sound financial decision. Without Fox, Tucker (like BOR) loses his audience and they dont go anywhere else. OAN and Newsmax are a joke.. . . don’t see how Trump gets any message out or any of the other GOP dilletantes

    529. Robbie says:

      Don Lemon fired by CNN!

      It’s the Red Wedding of cable news.

    530. Robbie says:

      If I’m Maria Bartiromo and Janine Pirro, I’m awfully nervous today.

    531. Waingro says:

      #544, yeah, I’m thinking the Murdochs are doing a wrecking ball to the Trumpist conspiratorial cheerleader section. A real life Succession situation. Hannity will be the only one who remains.

    532. Dylan says:

      Let’s make it a superfecta–Get rid of Baier, Cavuto, Hume, Kurtz, Bill Hemmer. BUH BYE All of them!!

    533. Robbie says:

      I think the Tucker firing (that’s what I think it was) may be an effort by Rupert Mourdock, in his waning days, to finally reign in the network he let run wild for the last eight years.

      Rupert, by all accounts, is a conservative who wants to see the Republican Party in the US succeed. But it’s also true the network he created has done a lot of harm to the electoral prospects on Republicans.

    534. Phil says:

      You really couldn’t rely on Fox to push back much on the establishment anyway. They are part of it. In fact, there isn’t much pushback in any domain. The left has control just about everywhere. Universities, K-12, social media, MSM, corporations, entertainment industry, electoral machinery in virtually all the swing states – Pa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada – there’s no longer a path to 270 anyway.

      As far as the media the left is slowly but steadily moving to expand on their hold on the news media. Have you taken a look at the Drudge Report the last three years?

    535. Robbie says:

      Waingro says:
      April 24, 2023 at 12:35 pm
      #544, yeah, I’m thinking the Murdochs are doing a wrecking ball to the Trumpist conspiratorial cheerleader section. A real life Succession situation. Hannity will be the only one who remains.

      – I tend to think you’re right. Rupert is approaching the end of his time and I bet he wants to clean up the mess his network created. It’s conceivable by the end of the year he’ll have paid out two settlements over $750 million a piece. Losing $1.5 billion because of loud mouth idiots is bad business.

      A year from now, Bartiromo, Pirro, and several others could be gone. Bongino got the axe just last week.

    536. Phil says:

      Rubert isn’t going to be around much longer anyway. What? He’s 92? His sons and their wives are flaming progressives so you will have that to look forward to in the future. Don’t expect Fox to offer any resistance to the nutty wokers and green religion zealots.

    537. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 12:39 pm
      You really couldn’t rely on Fox to push back much on the establishment anyway. They are part of it. In fact, there isn’t much pushback in any domain.

      – But speaking strictly in electoral terms, the FoxNews of the last seven years (brash, outlandish, populist, Trumpy) has coincided with Republican losses and underperformances.

      The FoxNews that existed prior to 2015 coincided with some pretty good Republican performances. Not all obviously, by 2014 was a high-water mark for the party for the last 100 years.

      At some point there has be about winning. FoxNews in recent years has had hosts who forced candidates to go way to the right and it didn’t work electorally.

    538. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 12:46 pm
      Rubert isn’t going to be around much longer anyway. What? He’s 92? His sons and their wives are flaming progressives so you will have that to look forward to in the future.

      – Lachlan, who runs the network, is a populist and a conservative. Media insiders all report he was the big supporter of the recent FoxNews direction.
      James is certainly not a populist, but he has been described to be much more towards the middle.

      It shouldn’t be forgotten that Rupert and Lachlan created a SkyNews outlet in Australia that functions almost exactly like FoxNews. Many in the conservative party there blame that network for their electoral woes last year.

      If James had won the power struggle over Lachlan, FoxNews would look a lot more like the 2013 version than the 2022 version.

    539. dylan says:

      551–I dont really agree with that analysis. The “mainstay” of Fox electoral coverage is retread has-beens (Brit Hume, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, and even Brett Baier)– That core group is as stale as stale can be. They ridiculed the far right candidates with smirk and disdain. Interesting to see who buys ads now on FNC.

    540. Phil says:

      I don’t know who will buy ads but if I have to watch another My Pillow ad I’m going to puke.

    541. Tina says:

      Their ratings will continue to decline. The only one descent now is Mark Levin. Pawn Hannity is scam artist.

      Steve Bannon Weighs in on Tucker Carlson Parting with FOX: “With This, I Don’t Know Why Anybody Needs to Watch Anything on the Murdoch Empire” (

    542. Phil says:

      Interesting on the timing of CNN showing Don Lemon the door. I would have thought they’d want to wait on that one in order to clear the stage for a few days in order to gloat about Carlson before kicking Lemon to the curb which they could do at any time.

    543. Robbie says:

      dylan says:
      April 24, 2023 at 12:52 pm
      551–I dont really agree with that analysis. The “mainstay” of Fox electoral coverage is retread has-beens (Brit Hume, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, and even Brett Baier)– That core group is as stale as stale can be.

      – They also have no pull with the viewers. It’s Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham who matter to the viewers. If they back candidates, those candidates usually win.

      Bret Baier has one hour a day. Fox n Friends, the Five, and the prime-time crowd have a combined seven hours a day.

      When the aforementioned group went towards the populist viewpoint in 2016 and 2017, voters in Republican primaries did as well.

    544. Phil says:

      Agree with you, Tina about Hannity.

    545. Tina says:

      Was this video of Rds edited?

      It look like a goof ball response, if not.

      This is not a good look and while I don’t support him for President as part of the primary process, I would vote for him.

    546. Tina says:

      Look for Fox to be sued by Ray Epps.

      It is suspicious that he is on numerous videos calling for a Capitol siege on j6.

      It is very suspicious thst the likes of Cheney and the cryer support this federal asset.

    547. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:01 pm
      I don’t know who will buy ads but if I have to watch another My Pillow ad I’m going to puke.

      – It really depends on who gets the 8 PM timeslot.
      If it’s Jessie Watters, it will be nothing but MyPillow and Hurri-cane ads.

      If someone in the vein of Megyn Kelly gets the slot, a center-right affable person, you could see many of the sponsors who bailed back when O’Reilly was still on the air come back.

    548. Tina says:

      Fox News stock takes hit,

      They are sheot.

      They will advocate for Biden n 2024.

    549. Tina says:

      Foxs settlement was idiotic. Did Cn and n get punished for pushing the Russian hoax and the disinformation on the Biden laptop showing numerous crimes?

      The lawsuits will only increase now given that settlement

    550. Phil says:

      They can’t afford to out and out advocate for Biden, Tina. Their audience would disappear entirely. Will they do it in a more subtle way? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    551. Robbie says:

      I read Megyn Kelly’s comments about Tucker’s firing. She wondered why Bartiromo, Pirro, and Suzanne Scott are still employed, but Tucker isn’t.

      The WaPo says Tucker’s comments about management, revealed in his text messages, was the prime driver. Never a good idea to bash your bosses in private and then have it come out in public.

      As for Bartiromo, Pirro, and Scott, well, they haven’t been fired yet. I bet Suzanne Scott survives, but I think Bartiromo and Pirro are on borrowed time.

    552. Phil says:

      As far as Epps suing Fox, good luck with that one. Epps is on tape. To say nothing of Epps not exactly looking forward to the discovery portion of such a suit.

    553. Tgca says:

      502 For Bitter

      Thanks for the suggestion and I don’t think you deserve mocking for your thoughtfulness – we’ll reserve mocking for other disagreements we have. 🙂

      I don’t think I’d make a good role model for these at risk LGBTQ teens since they’re struggling with issues and trying to find a way to confront and deal with it, rather than be furthered disillusioned with what lies ahead from my viewpoint.

      It should be about them and how to best help them to reduce their risk and not me adding more concerns to them.

      Besides being too much of a disciplinarian, pushy, and direct, I think I would probably only depress them more because I believe gay culture is for the most part self-destructive. Though there are many who are able to live outside the most outrageous behaviors of the culture, it is very small percentage-wise.

      The majority of gay men are not in long-term and definitely not monogamous relationships. I don’t think I’ve ever met a gay couple who did not experience deceit or infidelity or polygamous behavior in their relationship. Though gay marriage has been around for nearly a decade, the amount of gay marriage are less than 10% and I’d bet most of that is for financial benefit.

      I could not imagine how I could effectively steer a young confused teen in the right direction of acceptance of their sexuality without being truthful and realistic about their future possibilities in gay life.

      Now, one may argue these are two different issues, helping someone accept and cope with their sexuality and the other of the prospects of choosing a healthy gay life style experience but I believe them to be inextricably linked.

      I’m very rational and too jaded from what I’ve seen and the experiences of many of my friends and acquaintances over the years to paint a rosy picture for someone else so young and struggling emotionally and mentally. I only have a few gay acquaintances left that I routinely engage. I’ve cut off most because of their radical beliefs or politics or life-style choices that I can’t be part of, especially in the last 10 years or so.

      Sorry! I don’t do drugs, I don’t accept anything goes, and I don’t support radical causes. What’s the point of being part of a community you have little to nothing in common with?

      I can still have compassion for folks and wish for the best because beliefs in itself don’t always define whether a person is good or not but I can’t be part of something that I can’t be loyal too and loyalty means a lot to me, whether it’s loyal to a friend, a cause, or yourself.

      I know we’ve had our differences and you often criticize me for not having a steady relationship, which is like 95% of gay men so I don’t find that extraordinary at all, but I can’t be in a relationship where I’m expected to change who I am and support issues that 85%+ of gay men subscribe to in order to fit it. I would be miserable, and generally I am an happy guy, and the relationship wouldn’t stand the test of time. I have many conservative and religious views that are just not acceptable to most gays and it’s why I don’t believe I’d make a good role model or mentoring at-risk gay youth into a culture that doesn’t subscribe to my views. I try to make my interactions with gay people short and limited in risk of not alienating folks beyond my comfort level. Most of my interactions are with straight friends I’ve known for decades…and my fish, of course. 🙂

      I believe in one life, one love and my time for that passed long ago and I accept that and there are other things in life I truly enjoy so I don’t see my life as a total loss and I’ve been more blessed in many ways so I’ll count those blessings and accept you can’t have everything you desire, especially since where I started was so much worse than where I am now but for the Grace of God, while many others have not had such good fortune. Hence again, not the message of hope and guidance I think an at-risk teen would want or appreciate. He’d probably be…damn I mind as well kill myself now if anything you say is remotely true about gay life. 🙂

      So that’s my long-winded explanation of why I’m not a good role model for at-risk teens. Now gimmee some tortured ghetto obnoxious pushy half-breed with a pension for science and numbers who thinks ABORTION is evil, and we’ll talk then about role modeling and mentoring I think I could better make a positive impact upon.

    554. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:25 pm
      They can’t afford to out and out advocate for Biden

      – Why does it have to be Trump or Biden? FoxNews isn’t going to slyly advocate for Biden. If they do anything, they’ll move towards DeSantis.

      And before someone suggests the channel already supports DeSantis, Trump has done at least three big interviews on the network in the last couple of weeks. He did one with Tucker, Hannity, and looney Mark Levin last night.

    555. Phil says:

      In the final analysis, Robbie, it doesn’t matter who Fox prefers. There is no path to 270 for any Republican nominee.

    556. jason says:

      Meghan Kelly is no conservative.

      Putting her back on would be suicide.

      Bartiromo would actually be a good pick.

    557. Robbie says:

      From the WSJ article on Tucker’s firing:

      “Private messages sent by Mr. Carlson to colleagues were made public in the legal proceedings of the Dominion defamation suit. The company took issue with remarks Mr. Carlson made that were derogatory toward the network, people familiar with the matter said. Much of the communications were redacted in court documents but became known internally to senior Fox management, the people said.”

      Don’t forget. Tucker now holds the distinction of having been fired by all three cable news networks, CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews.

      To quote Taylor Swift about Tucker, “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me.”

    558. jason says:

      The only way the Republican party is going to survive is a working class populist party.

      I think Fox has gotten that message,

    559. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:32 pm
      In the final analysis, Robbie, it doesn’t matter who Fox prefers. There is no path to 270 for any Republican nominee.

      – That may be true for Trump, but it’s not for other Republicans.

      The country doesn’t want Trump or Biden to run again. Just look at the WSJ poll.

      If R’s nominate DeSantis, Haley, or Scott (all in their 40’s and 50’s), it would put on display a vivid the age gap and it would greatly benefit R’s.

    560. Phil says:

      Meghan Kelly is solidly anti woke. Passionately so. She’s evolved quite a bit if you’ve followed her podcasts. Would I trust her to be sufficiently conservative across the board?

      I wouldn’t trust any of them these days.

    561. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:35 pm
      The only way the Republican party is going to survive is a working class populist party.

      I think Fox has gotten that message,

      – This viewpoint is what cost Republicans their largest House and Senate majorities in 2014 and led to losses in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022. The country isn’t interested in the combat politics of populism.

      But sure, let’s do it some more.

    562. jason says:

      So contrary to all of Amoral Scumbag’s BS, Tucker wasn’t fired because he is a “populist” but because of internal politics.

      I don’t think any of the other “populists” have anything to worry about.

    563. Phil says:

      Sorry, Robbie but Democrats own the voting machinery in the states they need to win – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada – plus the voting machinery in Atlanta and Phoenix.

      It’s over. Four more years.

    564. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:40 pm
      So contrary to all of Amoral Scumbag’s BS, Tucker wasn’t fired because he is a “populist” but because of internal politics.

      I don’t think any of the other “populists” have anything to worry about.

      – And yet, it was the populists on FoxNews who pushed the conspiracy theories that cost Rupert $787 million. So, yes, I think certain populists on the network like Bartiromo and Pirro should be worried.

      Populism often mixes with conspiracies.

    565. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:43 pm
      Sorry, Robbie but Democrats own the voting machinery in the states they need to win – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada – plus the voting machinery in Atlanta and Phoenix.

      – And after the 1988 election, the media said Republicans had a lock on the electoral college. That viewpoint didn’t even last one cycle.

      And we should remember that Democrats own the machinery in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin because the party stupidly nominated Trump endorsed populist clowns.

    566. Tgca says:

      I think Fox has been moving left for some time. I don’t watch anymore or even read their website. Just pick-up feed on links.

      I think it has more to do with the Murdoch sons taking over from daddy and their politics trying to reach a younger audience too.

      Don’t be surprised if Fox goes the way of Drudge.

      I agree Kelly is very anti-woke but not a solid conservative either.

      No widespread news choices out there for conservatives.

      AOC called for Tucker’s firing and lo and behold. The power this horse toothed Bish wields.

      She may be a surprise 2024 or 2028 candidate and win in a landslide with the way the electorate is voting these days.

      AOC/Fetterman 2028! America’s future.

    567. Phil says:

      In 1988 there was no such thing as universal mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, etc.

      It’s over.

    568. jason says:

      This isn’t 2014 and the R party of 2014 is long dead and gone.

      The base of R party today is working class populist.

      Anyone who thinks the R party is still the suburban country party of decades ago is smoking some good sh-t.

    569. jason says:

      And yet, it was the populists on FoxNews who pushed the conspiracy theories that cost Rupert $787 million.”

      Nah, BS.

      There was no “conspiracy theory”, Fox only settled because they thought a woke jury would find against them, nothing on the merits of the case.

      If we weren’t a banana Republic, Fox would have let it go to trial and win.

    570. Phil says:

      What Jason just said.

      Even that doesn’t matter, however. No Republican (populist or not) can win with this system.

    571. jason says:

      Kelly is a wishy washy liberal posing as a centrist.

      If Fox hires her their ratings will crash.

      You read it first here.

    572. jason says:

      If Rs want to win, especially under the adverse vote fraud conditions, they better have a strong populist appeal.

      You also read it first here.

    573. Robbie says:

      Los Angeles Times

      The decision to fire Tucker Carlson came straight from Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, according to people familiar with the situation who were not authorized to comment.

    574. Robbie says:

      Ben Smith

      Per our Tucker reporting:
      -He found out this morning
      -EP Justin Wells also out
      -Thought inside to be connected to Grossberg suit
      -Her lawyer says Carlson and Wells are “squarely in the center of her SDNY complaints for sex discrimination” etc

    575. jason says:

      And btw, I am no populist myself. I disagree with a lot of the populist memes. The Republican Party that I used to belong to was not an isolationist and protectionist party.

      But I don’t pretend I represent the R party anymore than Amoral Scumbag does.

      Facts are facts. Trump is the clear leader for the nomination because he attracts, rightly or wrongly, the populist base of the party.

      And that is not changing. Republicans must adapt to that reality.

    576. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag with his usual “sources”

      LA Times and Ben Smith.

      Has Lord Asshat weighed in yet?

    577. Robbie says:

      jason says:
      April 24, 2023 at 1:56 pm
      This isn’t 2014 and the R party of 2014 is long dead and gone.

      The base of R party today is working class populist.

      – The party of 2014 was the right mix of regular Republicanism and populism. It produced the largest House majority since 1928 and the second largest Senate majority since 1928. In Jason fraud’s book, though, those majorities were bad.

      The mouth breathing buffoonishness of the current base is why the party can’t win. The people Jason fraud thinks are the salt of the earth are simply Trump worshippers who only care about Trump and don’t really care if the party wins at all.

      If you embrace the current makeup of the party, then you are embracing a permanent minority.

    578. jason says:

      As I pointed out many times, Trump is only a symptom of what happened to the R party, not the cause.

      He was smart enough to take advantage of it.

      That is why blaming Trump for R losses is stupid.

    579. jason says:

      The people Jason fraud thinks are the salt of the earth are simply Trump worshippers”

      Nah. They were there before Trump.

      Trump didn’t create any movement, he took advantage of it.

      And the “current make-up” of the party is its future.

      Embrace it or die.

    580. Robbie says:

      From the LA Times story on Tucker’s firing:

      “Murdoch is also said to be concerned over Carlson’s coverage of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, in which the host has promoted the conspiracy theory that it was provoked by government agents.”

      Populism and conspiracy theories are peas in a pod. They just go together.

    581. jason says:

      The party of 2014 was the right mix of regular Republicanism and populism”

      Nah, 2014 was a dead cat bounce.

      The real trend was the election of Obama in 2008 and 2012.

      Obama over reached and paid for it, but the trend did not change.

      The only trend that was meaningful for Rs was the vote Trump attracted, blue collar and minorities that previously voted Dem.

      This is the real movement towards Rs that needs to be expanded if the party wants to survive.

      Railing against “populism” and “TRump worshipers” is political suicide.

    582. Phil says:

      Trump didn’t create any movement, he took advantage of it.


    583. jason says:

      n which the host has promoted the conspiracy theory that it was provoked by government agents.”

      Heh, by showing the videos of what actually happened?


    584. jason says:

      Whoops…..Lemon canned

      Lawyers salivating like Pavlov’s dogs…

      “I was informed this morning by my agent that I have been terminated by CNN. I am stunned. After 17 years at CNN I would have thought that someone in management would have had the decency to tell me directly. At no time was I ever given any indication that I would not be able to continue to do the work I have loved at the network. It is clear that there are some larger issues at play.

    585. Cash Cow TM says:

      U.S. has evacuated the U.s. embassy in Sue, Dan.

    586. DW says:

      Headline: “New York May Ban Sale of All Tobacco Products”

      So in New York, you are free to kill your unborn son, and if he is born, you are free to lop off his testicles to turn him into a freak, permanently sterilizing him, but you can’t puff a cigarette.

    587. Phil says:

      NBC releases a poll showing lousy numbers for Biden the day before he announces for reelection. Such convenient timing. One last ditch effort to dissuade Biden from jumping in before he actually does. The progressives running the Party are dedicated to the cause and An 82 year old demented old man is not useful any longer. They desperately want someone else so have unleashed their lapdog media on Joe in a last minute effort to get someone else to lead their drive to the new utopian America. It’s all about the cause and Joe puts that cause in jeopardy.

    588. jason says:

      f you embrace the current makeup of the party, then you are embracing a permanent minority.”

      The make up of the party is what it is.

      You use it to win or you abandon it to lose.

      That is the choice.

    589. jason says:

      I support Biden for the nomination.

      Anyone else would be even worse. And maybe have a better chance of winning.

    590. Phil says:

      Looks like Manchin’s reign of terror in WV is finally about to end.

    591. Phil says:

      ‘’And having a better chance of winning”

      Exactly why the progressives are making a last ditch effort to push him out.

    592. jason says:

      If R’s nominate DeSantis, Haley, or Scott (all in their 40’s and 50’s), it would put on display a vivid the age gap and it would greatly benefit R’s.”

      I actually don’t disagree with this, and for this reason I support the Golden Calf.

      “You must feel my pain Haley”, however, is a bridge too far. Her pandering to BLM killed any chance I would ever vote for her.

    593. jason says:

      Manchin should run for President.

    594. Phil says:

      Yeah, Haley is a deal breaker for me. Spine of a jellyfish.

    595. jason says:

      I would actually register as a Dem to vote for Manchin in the PA primary.

      I am certainly not voting in the R primary.

    596. jason says:

      “It’s important to understand that the death of George Floyd was personal and painful for many. In order to heal, it needs to be personal and painful for everyone.”

      The mother of all pandering and wokiness. Unfit for any office.

    597. Tgca says:


      Not necessarily true. If Megyn goes back to her format years ago with Bill Hemmer wearing sleeveless tops, short skirts, showing some leg, and low cleavage, she may be competitive in ratings.

      …unless Fox moves towards trans woman audience.

    598. Bitterlaw says:

      If Haley did get the nomination, she gets my vote against any Democrat. No bridge is too far when the alternative is a Democratic President.

    599. Phil says:

      Won’t matter, bitter. She’d be a dead duck.

      Look in the dictionary under the word “squish” and you’ll see her picture.

    600. JeffP says:

      The biggest winner in Tucker leaving Faux…the GOP establishment.

      The biggest loser…every free thinking American left. There aren’t many.

    601. JeffP says:

      Jason… you keep rooting the failed Biden foreign policy. Victoria Nuland would be proud.

    602. Tgca says:

      I think very few people have historically created movements. Most movements of any consequence built up over time until the timing was just right for the appropriate person with effective communication skills to take over. This has happened throughout history whether it was FDR with big gubbermint ideas, Kennefy with Camelot, Reagan with conservatism, Obama with diversity, or Trump with MAGA.

      The problem for the GOP going forward is mainly two-fold. 1st, the GOP candidates of choice (Trump or DeSanctimonius) will have YUUUGE unlikeable issues with the public politics aside, and 2nd, the system is rigged to help Dems in the key states the GOP needs to get to 270 EV.

    603. JeffP says:

      I could post news reports that are contrarian regarding the state of Ukraines military but it’s a waste of time.

    604. jason says:

      Jason… you keep rooting the failed Biden foreign policy.”

      I am rooting for Ukraine.

      You are rooting for Putin.

      Don’t make it complicated.

    605. JeffP says:

      Here is what I know for certain—the old guard media is crumbling. They do not have the trust or loyalty of the American people. Audiences are desperately looking for those who are serving their interests & not the interests of powerful institutions. Disruption breeds opportunity.

    606. jason says:

      I could post news reports that are contrarian regarding the state of Ukraines military but it’s a waste of time.”

      Yeah, because it might highlight what more needs to be done to support Ukraine’s military.

      We certainly don’t want to do that, do we, Putin stooge?

    607. jason says:

      Fox lost 900 million in market value today.

      That is more than the settlement.

    608. Tina says:

      Lee Zeldin endorses trump.

      Thr Biden polling is horrible. 70 percent view the economy has being in thr toilet.

    609. jason says:

      JeffP says:
      April 24, 2023 at 3:30 pm

      The biggest winner in Tucker leaving Faux…the GOP establishment. ”

      Nah, I think it was Vladimir Putin.

      Yeah, I know he has plenty of other supporters but none with 3 million viewers (plus another 140 million in Russia).

    610. jason says:

      Lee Zeldin endorses trump.”

      That is disappointing…

    611. JeffP says:

      Putin means zero to me. Kind of like Paul. Foreign policy decisions that are decreasing our position as a world power and strengthen China. That matters.

    612. Tina says:

      Phil fauxs ratings will co tinge to worsen. They promote open borders and wars. There is not much left for them.

      Rupert will continued to be sued because of his settlement.

      This has to rate as one of the worst decisions a business official can make. Has cnn been sued for the Russian hoax? Mslsd ?

    613. jason says:

      I could post news reports that are contrarian regarding the state of Ukraines military but it’s a waste of time.”

      So let’s say they are right, Ukrainian’s military is in worse shape than reported.

      What do you recommend for addressing the “state of Ukraine’s military”?

    614. jason says:

      at are decreasing our position as a world power”


      So by confronting Russia’s expansionism and plans to recreate the Soviet Union/Greater Russia we are decreasing our position as world power?

      Interesting viewpoint, but idiotic.

    615. jason says:

      Nothing would “decrease our position as world power” than allowing Putin to annex Ukraine.

      We spent tens of trillions to win the Cold War.

      We can spend a few hundred billion to keep the win.

    616. jason says:

      Tucker has an unlikely ally…

      “Robert Kennedy Jr tweeted that he was fired because of his monologue on Thursday when he said the TV networks pushed a deadly vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers.
      “Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers controlled TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless.”

    617. JeffP says:

      Last night in Italy. I saw that they banned ChatGBT. Same concerns as Elon Musk. They also banned plant based meat and food made with bugs. I also don’t think mutilating childrens sex organs is happening either.

    618. JeffP says:

      Newscorp is against Trump. Dan Bongino was let go by Faux the other day. Could be more out the door.

    619. JeffP says:

      I have seen zero Ukraine colors, flag or swag anywhere in Italy and that includes all of Rome. It’s as if the war is not happening here.

    620. JeffP says:

      F Ukraine this is what I am concerned about…

      19 nations have now filed membership requests to join BRICS as China and other global superpowers wage economic war on the U.S. dollar.

      Here is what China has been up to over the past couple months:

      – President Xi got Macron to tell the E.U. to distance themselves from the U.S. after a 4 day meeting.

      – BRICS surpassed the G7 in global GDP.

      – Got Brazil to call for an end to the U.S. Dollar trade dominance.

      – Announced they wanted to broker a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia.

      – China & Malaysia revived a decades old proposal to reduce dependency on the U.S. dollar.

      – For the 1st time ever they simulated aircraft carrier strikes on Taiwan

      – The Yuan replaced the dollar as the most traded currency in Russia.

      – They are loading up on gold.

      – China and Russia penned their alliance.

      – They mediated a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

      – Saudi Arabia is considering accepting the Yuan instead of the U.S. dollar.

    621. Tgca says:

      The only way the GOP can win in 2024 is through MI, PA, or WI with MI and PA now longer shots due to their recent election wins.

      The GOP could still achieve success in WI and eke out a 270 or 271 win thanks to the 2020 census changes and the GOP picking up 3 seats.

      The GOP controls both houses in WI by a nearly 2/3 margin. Just one seat shy in the Senate and two in the House I believe, though the GOP lost the state supreme court recently to a radical leftist ABORTION activist and that could impact voter integrity and turnout.

      I think DeSanctimonius would be toast in WI with the recent Floreedah ABORTION ban.

      Trump would still have a chance because he has a strong working-class connection DeSanctimonius lacks and he’s not seen as an anti-ABORTION activist.

      The GOP has only won WI once since Reagan in 1984, and that was with Trump so I think Trump is the man for 2024.

      The yoots are voting more and more Dem too thanks to recent voting accessibility so that doesn’t play well for the GOP either at the moment though it could change. Young women voted Dem at 70% while young men did the same at 52% but don’t expect young voters to help DeSanctimonius because they are at odds with him over the issues most important to them.

    622. Phil says:

      You can bust Tucker’s chops all you want on Ukraine. That’s one thing.

      But on every other issue he stands up to the establishment. Guys who do that now days are in very short supply. He calls out the Biden administration on issues other “conservatives” in the media refuse to touch. He is a guy that was brought up in the privileged establishment who now sees them for what they are – and has the balls to actually say something about it.

    623. Tgca says:

      The only way the GOP can gets its messaging across regularly now will be through Twitter. If Twitter goes, the GOP will have no coordinating messaging apparatus on a large scale.

      I think all these changes at Fox are by design to change the focus starting for 2024 as Fox shifts leftward.

    624. JeffP says:

      Is six weeks to have an abortion now a ban?

    625. Phil says:

      Agree, Tgca.

      Rush died. Drudge sold his soul….now Fox is backing down.

      Musk on Twitter is about the only push back – and if I was Elon I’d double my security detail.

    626. JeffP says:

      Aaron Rodgers traded to Jets finally.

    627. PresidentPaul! says:

      I’d like to see the constitution changed so Musk could run for president.

      He would be an ideal meme lord president.

    628. Tgca says:

      The GOP does not have any positive inspiring messengers today like Reagan. They’re all negative and angry focused and though angry backlash can help at times (think 1994), it doesn’t inspire many to embrace the messenger or a message of commitment long term because the candidates ultimately are not likable.

      It’s all temporary at best getting wins through anger and luck that the recent Dems have not been likable either. That’s the challenge for all politicians today but more so for the GOP because of the built-in voting disadvantages against it now it’s even more of a challenge though.

      Once we get to 2028 with an intelligent likable yootful ticket like AOC/Fetterman, the GOP is f*cked!

      The GOP can’t compete with strong shapely Latinas and hoodies to attract younger voters.

    629. Phil says:


      He better just concentrate on staying alive. He’s about the last speed bump in the way of the left’s control of everything.

    630. JeffP says:

      I just watched large portions of Tucker speaking Friday at the Heritage Foundation. It was awesome.

    631. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 2:15 pm
      Trump didn’t create any movement, he took advantage of it.


      – And then he radicalized it. That’s the problem. He took an emerging majority for Republicans, fed them insane nonsense, warped many of their minds, and then broke the emerging majority into smaller pieces.

    632. Tgca says:

      639 Jeffie

      As a man who doesn’t menstruate, perhaps you don’t understand.

      In essence 6 weeks is a ban!

      PEOPLE who get pregnant can frequently be late in their menstrual cycle by a week or more and giving them only another week or less to test, confirm with a doctor, talk to their impregnators or others, make a decision, schedule an appointment, and have their baby MURDERED HEINOUSLY, and you’re past 6 weeks, probably into 8 weeks or more and therefore, pretty much a ban for most.

      I’d like to see DeSanctimonius try to explain to a PERSON who menstruates how to manage their menstrual cycle so they in effect can get it all done within a 6-week period. I’m sure that will go over well from a chubby, unlikable, right-winger, CIS gender male who doesn’t menstruate.

      Wait until you see how this impacts teens who generally make up over 20% of ABORTIONS and tend to defer notification out of fear and therefore will miss the deadlines and be forced to give birth. Teen births will go through the roofs. Watch how many hypocritical conservatives start sneaking their daughters out of state for ABORTIONS too.

    633. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 24, 2023 at 3:26 pm
      If Haley did get the nomination, she gets my vote against any Democrat.

      – I would vote for DeSantis, Haley, Scott, and Pence (Pence has not shot, though). They each have their flaws, but all fall within the normal range of acceptable Republican candidates.

      Trump is a totally different story. He’s a carnival barker who peddles conspiracies. He’s a liberal at heart who conned a lot of people by throwing them policy bones on issues that mattered not to him. He’s running on entitlements and trade the way Bernie might.

    634. DW says:

      Ooof–7.1 earthquake off coast of Indonesia.

    635. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 24, 2023 at 4:21 pm
      Agree, Tgca.

      Rush died. Drudge sold his soul….now Fox is backing down.

      – Before Rush, FoxNews, and Drudge, Republicans won five of six presidential elections from 1968 to 1988. Four were won by landslides.

      Since Rush, FoxNews, and Drudge came to dominate Republican politics, Republicans have won just three of eight presidential elections. Only in one, 2004, did the party win the national vote.

      I’m not suggesting cause and effect, but the party did win without Rush, FoxNews, and Drudge.

    636. Tgca says:

      646 Wobbie

      GOP emerging majority? REALLY?

      We would be in a 2nd Clinton term with 6 leftist SCOTUS justices and nearly 200 other liberals on the courts to give Dems a liberal majority for decades.

      There was no other GOPer on the scene in either 2016 or 2020 to beat Dems. NONE!!!

      Once Clinton got in 2016, she was a shoo-in for 2020 as well.

      So THANK YOU VERY MUCH oh GREAT ORANGE ONE for stopping at least 4 years of leftist madness.

    637. Tgca says:

      Here’s my question to Wobbie.

      Are we better off now than 4 years ago?

    638. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Am not sure Trump has forgiven Tucker Carlson for the E-mail attacks Tucker made on him after the election. They were pretty bad, and Tucker came across badly. Plus, the comments were a further indication Fox News was stating things on the air it’s commentators did not actually believe.

    639. DW says:

      Everyone remember how the Democratic Party advocated for normalizing the mutilation of children’s genitals back in 1968-1988?

      The problem today has nothing to do with who Republicans nominate, Fox News, whoever sits behind golden EIB microphones, or what drudge puts up on his page.

      The problem is too many generations in a row have been brainwashed to think communism is wonderful, success should be punished, free speech should be stopped, fossil fuels are evil, your life is best lived as some sort of freak, children should be aborted or sterilized, the climate is fragile, guns are evil, our military is the problem, and evil despots around the world should just be talked to so they will understand the errors of their ways.

      The problem is well over half our population is living in a Disney cartoon fantasy instead of the real world. And they are militant about getting their way.

      There really isn’t much that can be done now, except rebuild with whatever we can once the empire finishes this collapse, depending on which foreign entity takes us over.

    640. Phil says:

      Probably right, DW.

    641. Marv says:

      Hi Folks,

      Is there any new info on whether or not Hedgehog will remain on the air longer than this thread?

    642. Phil says:

      Bitter is working on that I think, Marv.

    643. Marv says:


      Ok, Thanks

    644. Marv says:

      Hey Bitter,

      Any update on your negotiations with Dave about continuing this site beyond this thread?

    645. DW says:

      Hi Marv,

      Did you see the sad account about Midway Atoll I posted near top of this thread? Sad and tragic what the leftist fish and wildlife service have done to this irreplaceable WWII monument.

      Director John Ford was on the island and filmed, in color, the Japanese attack as it happened. Some of the buildings in the film were still visible up to a short time ago.

      The FWS has far done more to destroy the islands than Japan did in 1942.

    646. JeffP says:

      I remember the day when a ban on abortion used to mean without exceptions. Because it was considered ending the life of a human. Had nothing to do with periods.

    647. Marv says:

      Hi DW,

      Yes, I saw your post. I recently rewatched John Fords’s epic documentary filmed during the battle. Our next President should do something about restoring that historic battlefield.

      DeSantis is Navy man, after all…….

    648. JeffP says:

      654 Tucker Carlson keynote at the Heritage Foundation Friday addressed the change in recent years and its no longer about political persuasions and differences but good verses evil. It was excellent and I am looking for the whole version.

    649. Tina says:

      Rino brian kilmeade aka Brian killslot will take over for tucker.

      Faux is a disaster.

    650. DW says:

      And John Ford was a leftist Democrat. Of course a leftist Democrat in 1942 has no resemblance to a leftist Democrat of today.

      As soon as Ford heard that Japan bombed pearl harbor, he left to join the war, not even saying goodbyes to family.

      His role in the Navy was to document footage, and he was sent to Midway. He spent time with the 30 airmen who launched the first salvo, with only 1 of them coming back alive.

      But the morning of the attack, Ford was caught by surprise and just started filming, he and two assistants. The one explosion in the film that seems really close to the camera actually was…I believe it was that one that injured Ford in the arm.

      You can tour Midway today with Google Maps. Someone in 2015 did us a great service by documenting all of it before the FWS damage got any worse. Now many of the buildings that are still there in street view are gone in the satellite view.

      In 2022 the historically famous Seaplane hanger collapsed. The half that survived the Japanese attack.

    651. Robbie says:

      What’s the story on the website, Bitter? Are we going to be able to save this nuthouse? I hope so.

    652. Tina says:

      This guy is a fraud, There are court documents touting federal involvement. It’s no conspiracy.

      Yashar Ali ????

      Rupert Murdoch made the decision to fire Tucker Carlson.

      Murdoch is said to be concerned over Carlson’s coverage of January 6 including conspiracy theories about government agents being involved.

      @SteveBattaglio scoops

    653. Tgca says:

      Ouch! A 21% drop in volume is E-NAW-MUSS!

      I wonder if other companies will learn from this or is this just an isolated event associated with beer and not other products.

      The latest sales data from NielsenIQ and Bump Williams Consulting shows that Bud Light sales fell 17% in dollars, while volume dropped a whopping 21% in the week ended April 15.

    654. NYCmike says:

      #614 – Jeffp absolutely correct

    655. NYCmike says:

      What’s the longer lasting issue:

      a) Ukraine-Russia war?
      b) US$ being replaced by the yuan?

    656. Tina says:

      And fraudci warned of another bio hazard aka virus next year.


      ????In Tucker’s last monologue on Fox, he confirmed the US has “sensitive American nuclear technology” in Ukraine

      Let me repeat – Biden put US nuclear weapon technology into Ukraine and potentially instigated the entire war

      Did Tucker get shut down for trying to stop WW3?

    657. Tina says:

      Faux aloo,supported the bush family, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, and the grift in Ukraine. The Ukraine war is losing popularity as the economy worsens.

      Saagar Enjeti
      This is simply wrong. O’Reilly departure was a media eternity ago. Fox audience has aged significantly, they have no compelling bench, they’ve lost young demo, have less control over the right wing narrative than ever before and face massive competition both linear and online

    658. Tgca says:

      I think this is the beginning of the end for Fox News as a conservative-leaning brand. It’s been recently losing its most influential hosts and I think that sends a message to viewers.

      Like it or not, the GOP will not be abandoning the Trump cause any time soon because there is no one out there they feel will fight for them like Trump.

      It will be interesting to see if Trump is no longer as a sought after guest on Fox programs. To isolate the leading contender for the 2024 presidential race puts the network at a programming disadvantage.

      Also, the fake legal issues will ramp up over the next year with the approaching primaries and I don’t see Fox heavily investing in supporting Trump which I think will further drive more viewers away if FOX goes CNN-lite.

      It’s amazing how quickly we’ve seen these changes in the US and it makes me wonder if our days are numbered as the longest surviving Republic. I just don’t see how a terribly divided country with two sides so diametrically opposed can remain a strong union for decades to come. Literally, the hatred between certain states like CA, NJ, and NY towards FL and TX is off the charts. Those states represent over a 3rd of the US population,.

      We’ve seen other unsurprising changes to countries we never expected so why should we think the US is immune to such internal opposition?

    659. Paul says:

      Fox News removed the traitor. Good for them.

    660. Dylan says:

      If the first five minutes of the new 8 pm show is any indication , FNC will be out of business by end of month No personality It’s over

    661. Paul says:

      A lot of people in TX and FL are equally offended by TX and FL.

    662. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Defense spending in Europe back to Cold War levels – The UK was 2022’s biggest spender in the region at $68.5 billion, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

      Europe’s military expenditure saw its sharpest year-on-year increase in at least 30 years in 2022, driven by the conflict in Ukraine, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s (SIPRI) latest annual report.”

    663. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      So while the world was focused on some “leaked” American documents regarding the Ukraine, the Ukrainians seem to be focused on something else:

      “BBC Ukraine says its military sources have reported a “certain movement across [the] Dnipro” near Kherson city.

      Ukraine’s military has not confirmed the movement, while Russia has denied the reports.

      But if the reports that Ukraine has secured a bridgehead on the east bank are correct, it could be significant in helping Kyiv drive Russian troops back.

      A Ukrainian advance in the area could, in the future, even cut the land corridor to Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014″

    664. Tina says:

      Excellent charge her.

      Chad Pergram
      Jordan spox Russell Dye says Jordan subpoenas Jennifer Leigh Moore, Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after she refused to answer questions during her transcribed interview about the FBI’s retaliation against whistleblowers

    665. Tina says:

      Jack Poso ????????

      Tucker managed in just a couple of years to get fired from Fox because he told too much truth

      Hannity remains employed for decades because he won’t

    666. PresidentPaul! says:

      Murdoch is a neoconservative.

      He probably he angry that Tucker isn’t supporting Biden’s Ukraine money laundering programs.

    667. NYCmike says:

      “Fox News removed the traitor. Good for them.”

      -A “traitor”, according to Paul, is a news anchor with an opinion that is only 50% of what everyone else in the media has……jason, do you see what happens when words lose their meanings?

    668. PresidentPaul! says:

      So if Trump doesn’t run maybe Tucker can fill in.

    669. Phil says:

      CBS, NBC, and CNN are, suddenly, the night before Biden is scheduled to announce for re-election, interested in reporting on Hunter Biden. After clamming up about everything Hunter since 2020 the MSM suddenly does a 180. What a coincidence!

      The progressives are desperate for him to NOT RUN. He is weak and they don’t want to take any chances on losing the WH in ‘24. They are now pulling out all the stops to dissuade him.

      When the MSM turns on a Democrat, they do it for a reason. I just gave you the reason and it’s obvious.

    670. Paul says:

      683: A traitor is one who supports our nation’s enemies and repeats lies from our nation’s enemies.

    671. PresidentPaul! says:

      Epic Tucker speech at the Heritage Foundation

      Tucker Carlson Keynote Address | Heritage 50th Anniversary Celebration

      3 days ago

    672. Phil says:

      Sounds like Biden.


    673. Paul says:

      683: for example, 682.

    674. PresidentPaul! says:

      any rational person knows that Joe Biden is the enemy of America not Putin.

    675. NYCmike says:

      “683: A traitor is one who supports our nation’s enemies and repeats lies from our nation’s enemies.”

      -Carlson doesn’t support Russia. Every single time I have heard him speak about the war, he condemns Putin first.

      The fact that he doesn’t agree with the Biden Administration without question, like a robot, does not mean he is a traitor.

      I suppose you are ready to go to war with China over Taiwan as well…….

    676. Cash Cow TM says:

      “DW says:
      April 24, 2023 at 2:25 pm
      Headline: “New York May Ban Sale of All Tobacco Products””

      If they do, then the city and state will lose a lot of tax revenue.

    677. PresidentPaul! says:

      GOP should impeach old Joe for putting troops in Ukraine among other things.

    678. PresidentPaul! says:

      It would be best if we would start kicking a lot of these countries out of NATO rather than adding more little ones.

    679. PresidentPaul! says:

      I am not a traitor. Stop calling me that.

    680. PresidentPaul! says:

      696….was not me. another name stealer

    681. Tgca says:

      1st of GOP Senate Leadership team, Daines, endorses Trump.

      Will Mitchie endorse next?

      I just counted. Trump has the following endorsement count:

      11 current US senators
      51 current US house members
      2 current US gubbernors

      He also has a number of retired politician endorsements but not counting those yet.

      This puts him in a very strong position for primaries next year…

      …but Christie won’t endorse because he called Trump a failed president who was nothing more than a TV star…

      …even though Christie was happy to guest star for Trump and carry his water bucket for 4 years.

    682. PresidentPaul! says:

      Corporate media that is mostly controlled by neoconservatives\neoliberals are trying to fire any antiwar voices that might exist.

      Same thing they did during the Iraq war lead up.

    683. PresidentPaul! says:

      Did Paul Ryan nuke Fox and Tucker?

      “I read today that Brandon may announce his re-election campaign tomorrow. Today FAUX News canned Tucker Carlson, a week after ditching Dan Bongino, the second most effective critic of the Brandon regime at FAUX News. The Murdoch boys who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and who now run FAUX have been busy.

      UPDATE: Graham D. writes that neocon warmonger Paul Ryan, who is on the Faux News board, was probably behind the settlement with Dominion, as opposed to a trial that could have possibly exonerated the company, so that the whole thing could then be blamed on the two most antiwar hosts there — Carlson and Bongino. He also suggested that Lindsay Graham clone Sean Hannity is safe and secure.”

    684. NYCmike says:

      “If they do, then the city and state will lose a lot of tax revenue.”


      They will make up the lost revenue selling weed?

    685. NYCmike says:

      That Carlson/Heritage link is interesting – if #NeverTrumper people like Robbie, MD, “CG” etc etc listened to it, I wonder what they would disagree with.

    686. Phil says:

      They’d find something.

    687. PresidentPaul! says:

      The entire US media has become a cesspool.

      NPC programming.

    688. Cash Cow TM says:

      Cow thoughts:
      The D party in my lifetime was always the party of emotion rather than the party of reason.

      [TRADITIONALLY, the R party was more the party of rational thought. Identify the problem, find solutions to the problem, institute the steps to put solution in place.]

      The Dem party focuses on reaching those subgroups in U.S. who are (as a group) more emotional and react more emotionally on this or that issue. And they are more easily swayed once you push their emotional buttons.

      These groups LOVE to echo nice sounding slogans of few words that THEY naively think fully explain the complex problem and provide a simple solution.

      Black Lives Matter
      No peace, No justice
      Hey, Hey LBJ, How many kids did you kill today
      My body, my choice
      Reparations Now

      What mostly emotional groups flock to the Dem party?


      –1. BLACKS (over last 50 years, probably 90% vote D)

      Very emotional. You can get thousands of Blacks in one city to hit the streets at the drop of a hat, especially if you can turn any issue into somehow being a racial issue. Facts of the issue and rational thought do not matter to them, but their emotional buttons can easily be pushed. Hence, the spontaneous “demonstrations”/riots over even the rumor of a police shooting of a Black person…or the false claims of a Jessie Smollett beating, or false claims of some girl being beaten by whites and having racial slurs written on her forehead by the imaginary perpetrators, or ignore the fact that the Black person who got shot by police was violently resisting arrest, fired at the police first, etc.

      And they can be convinced by others to be fearfully emotional due to the saying of the pledge of allegiance, the sight of the American flag, or a picture of a noose, or someone holding a banana, or the likeness of Aunt Jemimah, etc.

      –2. WOMEN (in last 50 years, probably 55% vote D)

      As a group, more emotional than men.

      Easy pickings to swell Dem ranks (and to vote D) over gun restrictions push due to school shootings. They ignore the fact that shooters ignore current laws. They ignore or remain ignorant of the fact (and are not concerned) that 15 or 20 young people are killed every day in the streets in NON-mass shootings in just 2 or 3 U.S. cities. They are easily swayed by superficial MSM news that never goes deeper into the issue.

      Ditto for abortion restrictions issue.
      They do not want to talk about or think about partial birth abortion or other factual things related to abortions like when is does life begin, when is a fetus viable, how few abortions there are statistically as a result of rape or incest, etc.

      AND if you are a SINGLE woman or single women with children, probably 65% vote D because they are taught to be fearful that Rs will take away or somehow restrict some of their government provided benefits.

      –3. GAY-ish EIEIO community (probably 60-70% vote D)

      Histrionically more emotional.
      Hard to discuss facts with them without them getting very emotional and emotive and resort to swearing and calling names and personal attacks.

      18-25 age historically probably votes 65% D)

      Emotions rule their life because they are young and stupid. They last the factual understanding of complex issues. Because of their youth, they have no concept of reality and tend to be pretty simplistic and idealistic.

      –5. OLD PEOPLE (those over 70, who also are now dealing with cognition problems and ability to think rationally like they used to when they were 20-30 years younger) (Historically, this groups votes 65% D) ALSO REMEMBER, A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER IN THIS GROUP ARE IN NURSING HOMES AND OFTEN VICTIMS OF BALLOT HARVESTING AND VOTING, EVEN THOUH THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT YEAR IT IS OR WHO IS PRESIDENT, OR EVEN IN A COMATOSE STATE)

      Favorite Dem canard and carrot that is dangled every 4 years to get these people to vote D is


      I am holding up Greta Thunberg as an example of this group.
      Facts don’t matter; emotions do.

      Easy to get these enviro-whackos all whipped up emotionally to take to the streets, demonstrate, attack cops (i.e. Atlanta riots over the proposed police and fire training facility being built on a previously wooded area)

      (90% of people in this group vote D)

      Many college professors fit into this category.
      The intellectuals who have bought into to this intellectual (but false) theory.

      People in this group really do not want to talk about facts that disprove their theory and long-term negative effects of more and more government control.

      This group also includes people who simply are unable to take care of themselves and feel it is the government’s duty to take care of them.
      They think it is the DUTY of government to be more powerful in order to take care of these people’s needs and wants.

    689. Cash Cow TM says:

      “NYCmike says:
      April 24, 2023 at 10:30 pm
      “If they do, then the city and state will lose a lot of tax revenue.”


      They will make up the lost revenue selling weed?”
      Yes, could be.

      But how logical is it to say
      “you can’t use tobacco products because of the
      possible bad health concerns”
      and then turn around and say
      “Toke up, hold the weed smoke in your lungs as long as you can” despite the weed having lots
      of harmful things in it that hurt the lungs.

      And since people get high off weed, what might they do ‘under the influence’ that could lead to
      harm to themselves or others or even their unborn fetus?

    690. Cash Cow TM says:

      …when their judgement is impaired?

    691. JeffP says:

      Remember when Tucker confronted SD Gov Kristi Noem for refusing to sign a bill to protect girls/women’s sports? Remember when he confronted AR Gov Asa Hutchinson for refusing to sign a bill banning trans surgeries on children? There’s a reason the establishment wanted him gone.

    692. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Absolut Vodka announces it will abandons the plan to return to the Russian market.

      CEO Durroux says the reactions in Sweden, where it’s produced, were to massive for the company not to notice

      Swedish farmers had threatened to stop selling grain to the company.”

    693. Phil says:

      Excellent. Joe Biden, despite last minute attempts by lefties and their puppets in the MSM to head off a re-election announcement, has done just that and released his announcement tape. Notice his handlers couldn’t risk him doing it live and mucking it up.

      Sooooo, it’s done. He’s in. Four more years! LOL

    694. DW says:

      Phil, there is no way Biden is going to be POTUS for four more years. Its not possible. I am not talking about his age.

      We would be taken over by a foreign power, and the country ends, long before he reaches the end of the second term.

    695. DW says:

      You have to tip your hat to this administration…when a crisis comes up, they quickly spend the money to get it resolved:

      “Pete Buttigieg Praised for Fighting ‘Gender Inequity’ by Investing in Female Crash Test Dummies”

      Like I said before, apparently we NEED a foreign country to start dropping bombs on us so that we will stop worrying about such foolishness and focus on real issues.

    696. DW says:

      But wait! Are there trans crash test dummies? And these are dummies, so how can they know if the new female dummies really want to be female? I thought they didn’t know what a woman was any longer?

    697. Phil says:

      Pete “highways are racist” Buttigieg. Road construction crews aren’t black enough. I ain’t got time for some derailment incident in some Trump voting Ohio town.

      Another joke appointment.

    698. jason says:

      They are now demanding companies pay for gender transition surgeries for crash dummies.

    699. jason says:

      Remember when Tucker confronted SD Gov Kristi Noem for refusing to sign a bill to protect girls/women’s sports? Remember when he confronted AR Gov Asa Hutchinson for refusing to sign a bill banning trans surgeries on children? There’s a reason the establishment wanted him gone.”

      I remember when he said he was rooting for Russia. I remember when he was featured on Russian State TV for spouting Putin’s talking points. I remember when he became Putin’s unofficial spokesman spewing Russian propaganda on a nightly basis.

      I remember this:

      “On March 3, as Russian military forces bombed Ukrainian cities as part of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of his neighbor, the Kremlin sent out talking points to state-friendly media outlets with a request: Use more Tucker Carlson.

      It is essential to use as much as possible fragments of broadcasts of the popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who sharply criticizes the actions of the United States [and] NATO, their negative role in unleashing the conflict in Ukraine, [and] the defiantly provocative behavior from the leadership of the Western countries and NATO towards the Russian Federation and towards President Putin, personally,” advises the 12-page document written in Russian.”

      So there was a reason I wanted him gone.

      But he is not a traitor, it is wrong to call hime that. He is a Putin stooge.

    700. jason says:

      (90% of people in this group vote D)

      Many college professors fit into this category.
      The intellectuals who have bought into to this intellectual (but false) theory.

      People in this group really do not want to talk about facts that disprove their theory and long-term negative effects of more and more government control.

      This group also includes people who simply are unable to take care of themselves and feel it is the government’s duty to take care of them.
      They think it is the DUTY of government to be more powerful in order to take care of these people’s needs and wants.”

      Bingo. And that is why our future is bleak if you don’t want Marxism. This is what our schools and universities (and the media) are teaching. Wokiness did not invent itself, it is a product of the education we are providing, or better, the indoctrination we are instilling.

      The Golden Calf and a few other governor’s are trying to address this. But a lot more is needed.

    701. jason says:

      PresidentPaul! says:
      April 24, 2023 at 9:49 pm

      any rational person knows that Joe Biden is the enemy of America not Putin.”


      Putin is not an enemy of the US?

      This site cannot end.

    702. Phil says:

      How about Jonah Golberg as a replacement? George Will? A rotating group of Lincoln Project moderators – one for each day of the week. Biden and his open border wokers will get a nightly pass but, hey, they’ll be strong on Ukraine, and after all, that’s the only issue that matters.

    703. jason says:

      Rumor is Tucker might run for President.

      That would kill Trump’s candidacy.

    704. Phil says:

      Saw a clip of Hannity interview with Joe Manchin. Hannity kissing Manchin’s ass the whole way. Disgusting – especially Hannity fawning over how much Manchin cared about the people of West Virginia. It was vomit inducing.

    705. Phil says:


      You must be drunk.

    706. Paul says:

      I’m just asking for opinion of who Griffen might back instead of DeSantis. Who do you think?

    707. Dylan says:

      Phil—you do realize that no one watches Hannity…….not the least reason of which is he is totally and utterly unwatchable

    708. Phil says:

      I assume Manchin appearing on Hannity means he’s intent on running for re-election to the Senate. Good luck. He’ll be running in a presidential year with Biden at the top of the ticket. Biden lost WV by 41 points in 2020. Good luck with that one Senator.

    709. Phil says:

      I agree that Hannity is unwatchable, Dylan. I never do. Just happened to see the clip on another site. Hannity is a fraud.

    710. Phil says:

      It was an epic interview. A fraud interviewing another fraud.

    711. Phil says:

      Manchin says he will vote to repeal the Stop inflation act unless Schumer doesn’t start keeping his word. LOL

      Biden would veto the repeal…but Manchin thinks voters are stupid and his empty threat to repeal is enough to convince voters he’s “standing up for West Virginia”

      He won by three points last time in an off year election during a Democratic year against a weak candidate. He’ll be running in a presidential year with Biden at the top of the ticket against a popular Republican governor. Good luck, Senator.

    712. Tina says:

      Does pawn Hannity wear a Ukrainian lapel pin?

      I cannot watch his interviews. They are horrible.

    713. jason says:

      I hope he does wear one proudly.

    714. DW says:

      “Saw a clip of Hannity interview with Joe Manchin.”

      I gave up on Hannity 15 years ago. He kept having Sore Loserman on the show:

      “And now on the show the senator from the great state of Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, Hi senator, you are a great American!”

      “Thank you Sean, I…”

      “How is Hadassah? You have such a wonderful family and did I tell you what a great American you are?”

      “Yes, Sean, thank you for remembering her, she is well, and…”

      “Oh I have ask you this senator, have you spoken to Al Gore, your former running-mate lately?”

      “Well, I uh, a few weeks ago…let me see…”

      “Oh hold that thought Joe, we have to have a commercial break! We are on with Joe Lieberman, the great senator from the great state of Connecticut, and we will be right back with this Great American!”

      The ad was never for a barf bag, but it should have been.

    715. jason says:

      Do you regret voting for that massive spending bill last summer?”

      Democrat Senator Joe Manchin: “No, not at all. The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will be the most transformative bill that we’ve ever had”

    716. jason says:

      Hannity’s problem is that he repeats his talking points over and over. I never watch his show but I listen on the radio sometimes.

      But at least he is not a Putin lapdog like Tucker.

    717. Phil says:

      Yep, Hannity says the same thing over and over. Boring besides being an establishment hack. The Manchin interview was sickening.

    718. Phil says:

      Tucker run for President?

      Nope. He’ll sign a Rogan type podcast deal for millions.

    719. jason says:

      I have a Ukrainian flag out. The first day I put it up Amos’ cows stared at it briefly. Now they ignore it. None of the Amish have commented, they know the English are crazy.

    720. jason says:

      Meghan puts in her two cents, but they are worth less than one cent since it is obvious she doesn’t know sh-t either.

    721. jason says:

      Megyn not Meghan.

    722. jason says:

      “Young Turks are mad…

      DNC has already announced that it will not allow any debates in 2024 primary. Biden is not to be challenged. Everyone on the Democratic side must shut up and fall in line. Not having debates is undemocratic and ridiculous. No progressive should agree to this kind of power grab.

      — Cenk Uygur”

    723. jason says:

      First job offer?

      “We’ve been preparing an offer for him for a few days just to be ready in case. It’s looked dicey for a while. We hope to present him an offer at The Blaze. He wouldn’t miss a step. He’d just take it and go. I mean, I think Tucker will do very very well for himself.”

      I am no fan of the Putin Stooge, but he can do better than The Blaze.

    724. jason says:

      Geezus H. Christ….

      Bill Kristol
      Joe Biden announced for reelection today.

      Asa Hutchinson announces for the Republican nomination tomorrow.

      So there are two reasonable, pro-democracy candidates running for president in 2024.”

    725. Phil says:

      MUCH better than the Blaze. They can’t afford him. In fact, there isn’t much the Blaze can afford.

    726. Phil says:

      Asa Hutchinson?


      Biden and Hutchinson are Bill Krystol’s cup of tea. Terrific, Bill.

      Krystol should stick to finding wars to get into. It’s the only thing he’s good at.

    727. Tgca says:

      Tucker would not destroy a Trump presidency at all. Silly!

      Trump has the loyalty of tens of millions of voters who stick with him because of his proven record of looking out for them, keeping his promises, and being a successful president. EXPERIENCE COUNTS! LOYALTY COUNTS!

      I don’t think you’d see a mass defection from Trump to Tucker, especially since many MAGA voters are aware that behind the scenes at Fox Tucker was trashing Trump and MAGA claims on the election being stolen. MAGA voters are NOT STOOPID and they won’t be mislead by folks who tell them one thing but do another. That’s how the MAGA rise started to begin with, people tired of being used for political purposes.

      MAGA voters love how Tucker sticks it to politicians and wokesters but they also NOW know, from his own emails, he really was not honest with them on the election and lot of his rhetoric is for show.

      Anyone that believes that Tucker would take down Trump does not understand MAGA voters and loyalty.

      Of course he would get some traction but not enough to unseat Trump. If anything, I think he’d hurt DeSanctimonius much more than Trump because he could dethrone DeSanctimonius as the official culture warrior because he’s been fighting them longer than DeSanctimonius.

    728. Phil says:

      Hutchinson-Haley ticket in 24.



      I’m sure Fox News would be all in with that choice.

    729. Tgca says:

      My post did not go through yesterday but I hypothesized Trump could easily mend fences with Tucker and have him as a VP, just like he mended fences with McCarthy after he was caught doing the same thing behind Trump’s back after J6. This would also help Tucker regain some respect from the most loyal MAGA voters felt betrayed by his “behind the scenes” antics just like Trump helped McCarthy overcome recent challenges.

      Such a ticket would greatly energize the GOP for 2 main reasons:

      1st, Trump could focus on the big picture issues and tout the successes of his presidency and let Tucker be his attack dog on the cultural issues, because Trump was NEVER an ideologue on culture issues in the 1st place.

      2nd, both energize an audience and have great charisma and both will now be seen as martyrs with the Establishment trying to destroy them. Many conservatives are livid over what Fox did because it’s another effort to silent conservatives and interfere with elections by ensuring there will be no support for the 2024 Trump ticket.

    730. DW says:

      There is the link to the Battle of Midway live color footage as it happened in 1942.

      Watching those two guys close up firing their machine guns…they were trying to stay alive and save the island from invasion or being flattened by Japanese bombs.

      They were men. Real men. They were not worried about whether or not they should pretend they are women, or if they should wear a dress, or put on women’s makeup.

      We need more real men today.

    731. Tgca says:


      Agreed! Different times. Different values.

      REAL men didn’t need to wear dresses or make outrageous claims to be deemed heroic.

      Under immense stress and isolation, REAL men bonded, in more ways than one *wink wink*.

      REAL men kept their sexual trysts with other REAL men quiet and secret, never to be revealed. No need to publicize it. That’s what REAL men do!

    732. Tina says:

      And now the Rinos/Rs have no incentive to disclose anything further about j6. Criticism at Mccarthy for promising the release of everything and not following through.

      ALX ????????

      AOC on Tucker “Deplatforming works and it is important.”

      The Democrat Party is the Party of Censorship

    733. DW says:

      “Biden Bemoans Banning Of Porn0graphic Children’s Books in Video Announcing 2024 Candidacy”

      This man and his party are truly sick. Mentally sick. Morally sick. Dare I say evil? Yes, they are evil. If some goon comes to the door to arrest me because I posted this, then I will rot in jail as a good person who tried to protect children from free evil people preying on children outside the jail.

      God help us.

    734. NYCmike says:

      jason doesn’t watch Tucker Carlson, he gets his information from the Russians. They guy who says Tucker is a Putin stooge trusts the Russians to get his information.

      Of course, since the Russians will only take the parts from Tucker where he criticizes the Biden Administration and Congress, jason will miss every segment where Tucker blames Putin for their actually being a war in the first place.

      Does jason think Russian TV would show Tucker placing blame on Putin?

      He might. His track record here says he might.

    735. Robbie says:

      Donald J. Trump

      I see that everybody is talking about the Republican Debates, but nobody got my approval, or the approval of the Trump Campaign, before announcing them. When you’re leading by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and you have hostile Networks with angry, TRUMP & MAGA hating anchors asking the “questions,” why subject yourself to being libeled and abused? Also, the Second Debate is being held at the Reagan Library, the Chairman of which is, amazingly, Fred Ryan, Publisher of The Washington Post. NO!

      – Conman Donnie is afraid to debate? Sad!

    736. Robbie says:

      It makes me smile seeing NYCmike defend grifter Larry Elder and Putin apologist Tucker Carlson all in the same thread.

    737. NYCmike says:

      And in the same thread, Robbie reinforces his belief that Biden is the better choice, thanks to all of the abortions, gender transitions, multiple warfronts, high inflation, US$ being sidelined in favor of the yuan, China getting ready to take over Sudan while we run away, etc etc etc

      Meanwhile, Larry Elder is a private citizen who advocates smaller government and individual choice, and Tucker Carlson dares to….wait for it……question the actions of the same Biden Administration which is responsible for all those great things Robbie supports from paragraph 1.

    738. NYCmike says:

      #754 – “the Chairman of which is, amazingly, Fred Ryan, Publisher of The Washington Post. NO!”

      -Did not know this. Ironic.

      I don’t trust him, simply because he worked for the WP.

      Sue me.

    739. NYCmike says:

      “– Conman Donnie is afraid to debate? Sad!”

      -It has been said for years – why do Republicans always agree to these debates with leftists asking the questions?

      Robbie – is this the first you have seen anyone questioning using leftists to be the moderators?

    740. Paul says:

      Anti-American DW can suck it.

    741. NYCmike says:

      “Lawn Boy contains graphic descriptions of 10-year-old boys performing oral sex on each other. The book’s author, Jonathan Evison, says he never intended for the book to be available to children. A Fairfax County mom read the book aloud at a school board meeting as board members tried to get her to stop, saying there were children in the room.”

      -Robbie’s preference for a leader……..but he will blame Larry Elder and Tucker Carlson instead.

      (Link wouldn’t take, as it said “po-nograp-ic” in it)

    742. NYCmike says:

      -I wonder if Robbie and “CG” are still NOT investing their money in the stock market.

      Maybe they put it in comic books……

    743. Paul says:

      Midway atoll is much better as a nature preserve. DW can stop his whiny liberal tears.

    744. Tina says:

      So faux rafings were down over 600,000 viewers. Wait till the Morning loser takes over.

    745. DW says:

      Midway Atoll is being destroyed as BOTH a place with military history AND as a place that is a nature preserve. That has been my point all along here. The FWS people are incompetent.

      One of them took their only fire truck on the island and drove it on a joy ride while drunk and wrecked it.

      They have chopped down mature trees all over the island to turn it into a wasteland, increasing the risk of erosion.

      By not letting tourists on the island in direct violation of congressional order, they don’t have enough people to comb the beaches and pick up the trash and plastics, so the very birds they are supposed to be assisting are eating the plastic and dying because they can no longer process food.

      Then they destroyed key parts of their own infrastructure making it impossible for tourists or even enough FWS volunteers to stay on the island.

      The birds would have been much better off as they were when the Navy controlled the island.

      These albatrosses survived the Japanese attacks, they thrived while the Navy was there, but now, they are in danger due to the actions of these incompetent people.

      And yes, they have destroyed the military history on the island too, through neglect and indifference.

    746. Paul says:

      The trees were not native. They needed to go.

    747. Paul says:

      Island is in better shape today thanks to fish and wildlife service.

    748. Paul says:

      There is now over a million albatross on the island.

    749. DW says:

      No, the trees didn’t have to go. They were completely compatible with the island, and provided shade for the birds.

      The rodents on the island are not native either, and they NEED to go because they are harming the birds, but no, the FWS people are too busy chopping down healthy trees that benefit the island.

      And they are too busy destroying the military history.

    750. Paul says:

      Glad that FWS is in charge instead of n idiot like DW.

    751. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      April 25, 2023 at 4:32 pm
      “– Conman Donnie is afraid to debate? Sad!”

      -It has been said for years – why do Republicans always agree to these debates with leftists asking the questions?

      – He’s saying he shouldn’t have to debate because he claims to be so far ahead. Try harder.

    752. Robbie says:

      Tina says:
      April 25, 2023 at 5:01 pm
      So faux rafings were down over 600,000 viewers. Wait till the Morning loser takes over.

      – Why was your Putin loving hero Tucker drawing about 1 million fewer viewers when he was fired than when O’Reilly was fired in 2017?

    753. JeffP says:

      Trump complaining about debates now. It won’t be fair for him. You think?

      Having Trump as the prohibitive favorite in national polls and the growing inevitable winner of the nomination, along with his… I deserve it attitude, is not going to build much support outside of his base.

      I still think Trumps support is soft and many are hoping for a better alternative.

    754. NYCmike says:

      “– He’s saying he shouldn’t have to debate because he claims to be so far ahead. Try harder.”

      -He talks a lot. Always has. Why can’t you ignore him?

      Now let’s talk about Biden.

      Is our nation better off now than it was on January 20, 2021?

      Is Biden doing a good job, especially compared to what the situation was?

      Give specifics, pro and/or con, when you answer.

      Go ahead. I’m waiting.

      Maybe MD will call in and help you with some specifics that are better now than when Trump was President.

    755. Phil says:

      Wait. You’re waiting for Robbie to say something critical about Joe Biden? Two and a half years isn’t enough?

    756. Tina says:


      Greg Price

      Apparently Tucker Carlson had dinner with Rupert Murdoch and his then fiancé (who would’ve been his 5th wife at 92 years) in late March in which she called him a “messenger from God.”

      Rupert then dumped her and fired Tucker from his network a month later.

    757. Tina says:

      Gasarino and his “sources.”

      Charles Gasparino
      BREAKING: My GOP sources with ties to Florida’s GOP leadership say the rumor is @realDonaldTrump plans to go to Tallahassee and kill this bill to totally derail @GovRonDeSantis running for prez. It’s getting nasty!

    758. DW says:

      Paul losing the argument so he resorts to name-calling. The whole idea of restoring what was ‘native’ is absurd and ludicrous. Native as of exactly WHEN? At one point Midway Atoll was an active volcano and there were no birds or any vegetation. So why do we not need to return it to the point where it is newly hardened volcanic rock? Its totally arbitrary to say birds can deliver seeds that are new to an island, but humans cannot do the same.

    759. Tina says:


      Robert Barnes

      Fox loses about 1M viewers without @TuckerCarlson…

    760. Bitterlaw says:

      A fight over trees on Midway? Where else can you read that? HHR must survive.

    761. jason says:

      My grandpop, who I never met — he died in the same hospital I was born in two weeks before I was born”

      -Joe Biden

      Biden was born in PA. His grandfather died in Maryland.

    762. jason says:

      Of course, since the Russians will only take the parts from Tucker where he criticizes the Biden Administration and Congress”


      The Russians don’t need Tucker Carlson to air criticisms of the Biden Administration.

      The could pick from dozens of conservatives who bash Biden every day.

      What they needed was a sycophantic Putin lapdog stooge like Tucker Carlson they could count on daily doses of pro-Russian talking points and propaganda.

      They got it.

    763. jason says:

      Phil says:
      April 25, 2023 at 7:01 pm

      Wait. You’re waiting for Robbie to say something critical about Joe Biden? Two and a half years isn’t enough?”

      I don’t think Amoral Scumbag has even admitted Biden is President….

      In his mind Trump is still President so he can keep attacking him… that way he can ignore Biden’s disastrous Presidency.

    764. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      765. Paul says:
      April 25, 2023 at 5:45 pm
      The trees were not native. They needed to go. Paul says:
      April 25, 2023 at 5:52 pm
      Island is in better shape today thanks to fish and wildlife service.

      I totally agree with Paul.

      Midway Island is critical albatross habitat. The non-native plants and trees have to go:

      “Two million pack onto Midway’s 2.4 square miles of land
      Birds, in incredible numbers, are the signature wildlife of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. Midway hosts the largest albatross colony on the planet, with some two million birds packed onto three small islands. The Midway populations are globally significant as well: nearly 70% of the world’s Laysan Albatrosses and almost one third of the world’s Black-footed Albatrosses nest on the atoll each year.”

    765. NYCmike says:


      Looking at the pictures in the link DW posted, if they wanted to make it a wildlife refuge, why would they let the buildings decay instead of having them removed professionally, so that the land doesn’t have man-made materials to deal with?

      I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I do know governmental waste in search of an agenda in action, and that is what it looks like to me.

      Dishonesty on the part of government officials is never a good look.

    766. NYCmike says:

      Nate Silver out at ABC?

      Could Lord Asshat be next?

    767. SoHope says:

      Farewell HHR

    768. NYCmike says:

      Always the optimist!

    769. NYCmike says:

      -Odd……none of those who are anti-Trump on this board mentioned this policy that Trump had…….oh, sorry, this is a new Biden policy, which will negatively affect those who have saved, paid their bills, done things in the correct way……..Robbie, where are you on this?

    770. jason says:

      I am skipping the Midway fight.


    771. jason says:

      Hey SoHope, how is the GOP civil war you were so excited about working out for you?

      Is the TDS strategy of alienating Trump’s voters helping the Golden Calf yet?

    772. Gordon Allen says:

      WSJ editorial: Biden, Dems desperately seeking Trump.
      Pretty obvious they and the MSM want Trump as the GOP nominee. It asks whether the GOP is that stupid to oblige?
      I don’t think so but there are quite a few loser Republicans who choose : to make a point” rather than winning and governing.

    773. jason says:

      The French are so good in surrendering they want to share their experience with Ukraine.

      “Zelensky’s right hand man rips into Macron for secretive peace plans involving China”

    774. Phil says:

      Macron gets worse by the day.

    775. DW says:

      SanDiego, the trees on Midway had been there over 50 years. They obviously posed no threat to the birds. In fact, I saw a video of a FWS volunteer on the island who was pointing at a sick albatross and said it was too dumb to move over into the shade and recover. So they cut down all these shade trees so the bird has less of a chance to survive.

      The birds survived the Japanese attack, they did fine with the telegraph station there and the commercial air stopover, and the Navy there for 50+ years, and so there was no real reason to remove this beautiful trees on the island. There are mice on the island that have bitten the birds, but they have not removed the mice.

      And in case you were not aware, roughly 30% of what is now Sand Island on Midway Atoll, the large island with the modern runway, roughly 30% of the island was ADDED by engineers back in the 1950s after WWII. Without this addition, there would be no runway. Should this area also be removed, and the runway removed because it too wasn’t ‘native?’ This runway serves as an emergency landing field for flights over the Pacific. And it has been used for that very purpose.

      And I put the same question to you, who gets to decide when the button is pressed to say, there…anything after this moment of time is no longer ‘native’? Things are always changing. Why does a bird get to bring a seed to an island and plant it but a human cannot, even though the human has the intelligence to plant a species that can benefit an area, while a bird’s action is totally random and may bring harm?

      Asking me to trust these FWS people on the island is a tall order. They have already destroyed most of the military history on the island in direct violation of congressional order, and one of them got drunk and went on a joy ride with their only fire-truck and wrecked it.

    776. jason says:

      Roberts tells Durbin to GFH.

      “I must respectfully decline your invitation.

      Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the Chief Justice of the United States is exceedingly rare as one might expect in light of separation of powers concerns and the importance of preserving judicial independence.”

    777. Cash Cow TM says:

      Supporting evidence for the COW THOUGHTS I posted yesterday:

      How the Ds thrive on playing on fears targeting those 7 groups I listed yesterday. And there is no problem for the Ds in getting MSM to run the stories…

      1. “Washington school board called out for ‘absurdity’ after cutting music classes for ‘white supremacy’

      Story by Elizabeth Heckman • Yesterday 12:59 PM”

      2. “‘Veterans are specifically targeted’: How white power movements are fueled by warfare

      Story by Travis Gettys • 1h ago”

    778. DW says:

      “Flashback: Biden Once Attacked 63-Year-Old Rival for Being Too Old”

    779. Robbie says:


      GOP Megadonor Peter Thiel Won’t Fund Candidates in 2024 Because He’s Sick of the Culture War: Report

      – Says the guy who bankrolled ultra weirdo Blake Masters.

    780. Bitterlaw says:


    781. Robbie says:

      Ron Filipkowski

      Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is upset about Tucker’s firing. For some reason.

      – Tells you everything you need to know about Putin’s favorite TV host. Tucker was a POS. His firing was a good thing.

    782. Phil says:

      It was a good thing for Carlson.

      He’ll sign a Rogan like podcast deal – plus won’t have the Murdock snowflake brothers looking over his shoulder.

    783. Bitterlaw says:

      I am sitting out the civil war. Trump and DeSantis have already forfeited my primary vote by their pro-Putin policies on Ukraine. I will vote for the GOP nominee in the 2024 GE.

    784. DW says:

      I basically agree Bitter, though my leaning is for DeSantis, should he run. But I am not sure it matters who the GOP nominee will be. I don’t see any path that the GOP candidate can be declared the winner of the election.

    785. Phil says:

      “I don’t see any path that the GOP can be declared the winner of the election”


      Trump will be convicted at least once within a year and probably multiple times. Manhattan, Atlanta, DC jury pools. Trump doesn’t stand a chance in hell once indicted in those places and the Soros DA’s will get indictments. Probably gets the Manhattan verdict overturned. The case is that weak. Good luck in Atlanta and DC, however. A convicted presidential candidate winning? Fat chance. DeSantis, who I support, hasn’t a prayer in Pa, Wisconsin, Mo, Nevada. See election regulations in those states. No path to 270. Four more years.

    786. Bitterlaw says:

      I completely disagree with the defeatist attitude. Biden is THAT bad. He s committed to Kamala who is even worse. I know Democrats who wish Biden had just accepted one term and left the stage.

      Start the ballot fraud posts….

    787. jason says:

      Speaking of Kamala.

      “So I think it’s very important, as you have heard from so many incredible leaders for us at every moment in time and certainly this one, to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present, and to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past but the future,” Harris said.

    788. DW says:

      Bitter, the problem is too many generations have been indoctrinated that communism is wonderful and conservatives and Republicans are the source of all problems.

      And now there is no more alternative media there is only the “Pravda Media” – One unified voice spouting the Democrat talking points.

      And no one can write parodies on Biden. Babylon Bee cannot possibly survive much longer.

      Biden in favor of lopping off the genitals of children. That alone is the ultimate parody and hyperbole, except its also true.

      It should be a parody to say Biden would invite Putin to invade Ukraine, but he did send the invitation, and Biden gladly accepted.

      It should be a parody to say Biden would just pull out of Afghanistan, leaving behind millions in assets and hundreds of Americans and others who will be persecuted by the Taliban. But he actually did this.

      It is impossible to write a parody about Biden, because he could actually do it tomorrow.

      And all of it doesn’t matter.

      Impossible for the GOP candidate to win. I am all ears if anyone has an actual state by state map to get any GOP candidate to 270.

    789. Phil says:

      You won’t get a state by state map showing a path to 270 from anyone because there isn’t one.

    790. Phil says:

      Thats what I love about Kamala. Another clear and concise statement from this wonderful and skilled VP. LOL

      The queen of babble.

    791. DW says:

      “Biden Launches Seven-Figure Ad Campaign in Six Battleground States”

      And this reminds me, Democrats will have limitless money.

    792. Tina says:

      Lol, gop-e

      Quote Tweet

      Tom Bevan

      “One Republican senator, who requested anonymity to comment on a media figure who had a loyal following among many right-leaning voters, said Carlson’s departure from prime time would be a positive development for maintaining public support for the war.”

    793. Phil says:

      Yeah, the money advantage the leftist billionaires provide the Democrats is overwhelming.

      Not a billionaire but James Murdock and his snowflake wife gave $615,000 a piece to the Biden campaign in 2020.

      That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the 400 million Mark Zuckerberg spread out in targeting key states with get out the vote $$ and preparing the electoral battlefield with indirect money going to organizations changing election laws and regulations.

    794. Tina says:

      McCarthy is wobbling. I was a strong supporter of him, but the act is tiring on this matter. He needs to act bold and decisive.

      The Columbia Bugle ????????

      Release the January 6th footage,
      . All of it.

    795. Robbie says:

      Peter Schorsch

      .@GovRonDeSantis calls for ‘cease-fire’ in Ukraine.

      – This was from yesterday, but I would remind DeSantis that Tucker is gone and there’s no need to placate his pro-Putin, populist garbage.

      No one wants a long war, but the best way to end it as soon as possible is to give Ukraine what it needs to win now.

      I know that will upset JD Vance, Steve Bannon, and Tina, but good.

    796. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 26, 2023 at 10:08 am
      It was a good thing for Carlson.

      He’ll sign a Rogan like podcast deal

      – I see your point, but many said the same about Glenn Beck. He started the Blaze and has done very well, but no one really cares what he says anymore. Even O’Reilly has a very well viewed online show, but he doesn’t drive the debate anymore either.

      The power behind Tucker was the 8 PM timeslot at FoxNews. It wasn’t his views, many of which are marginally held in the party. O’Reilly found that out the hard way as well.

      Rogan has a very popular podcast, but does it really drive political news? Not really. And does Tucker really want to go to the trouble of doing a podcast when he can sit on his butt and collect north of $20 million a year from FoxNews until his contract ends? I doubt it.

      John Podhoretz, who hired Tucker to the Weekly Standard in 1998 and knows him well, said yesterday in a podcast he wasn’t sure Tucker wanted to work that hard anymore, whether it be with an online venture or a run for president.

    797. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 26, 2023 at 10:38 am
      “I don’t see any path that the GOP can be declared the winner of the election”


      – It’s been a rough start, even and awful one, to the 2024 Republican primary. Trump, as I feared when he wasn’t convicted, has remained dominant and none of the opponents seemed to learn the lessons of 2016. They continue to fear him and continue to allow him to do and say whatever he wants.

      However, Democrats had the same feelings about winning in April 1991. Bush 41 had just won the first Gulf War and had a 91% approval rating, stories were written that Republicans had a local on the electoral college, and most of the big name Democrats passed on the race in the Fall.

      Yet, Democrats won a smashing victory in 1992. They found a new face to represent the party and they were able to make the race about generational change. I’m not saying that will happen in 2024, but it could if we nominate DeSantis, Haley, or Scott.

      I suspect we’re going to renominate Trump because I think just enough voters in the primary no longer care about winning. They find virtue in losing, but there’s always the hope that view changes.

    798. Phil says:

      1991 Democrats didn’t have the following:

      *control and censorship of social media. In fact, there was no social media period. Now there is and it’s totally under the thumb of the left.

      *At worst the money was even if not marginally in favor of Republicans. Massive disparity today – the other way.

      *Election regulations and laws. No need to spell out again what has happened here. See Nevada and Pennsylvania, and now you can add Michigan and Wisconsin. Shenanigans in Fulton County Georgia and Maricopa County in Arizona make those states very suspect as well.

      *Virginia and Colorado were GOP locks in the 80s and 90s. Out of reach for Republicans in present day.

      (90s and present day you are talking about apples and oranges.

      No path to 270.

    799. Phil says:

      ….and of course we’ve had 30 years of indoctrination in the schools since 1990. That has taken a huge toll.

    800. Tgca says:


      Who is at fault for letting indoctrination go on for years?

      As I posted before, parents! They outsourced raising kids to schools which have always been left of center politically and now they reap what they sow.

      Used to be parents were involved and discussed issues at the dinner table. No more. Everyone goes to their own space without a clue what’s going on with others in the family.

      Same with MSM. I had a very conservative Republican friend who worked in GOP politics but his choice of news was MSNBC until only a few years ago.

      I tried to get him away from them over a decade ago but he liked their format.

      Parents and people have to take accountability for their action…or lack thereof.

      Now it’s an uphill battle. I don’t blame the Dems for trying to take advantage. I blame the GOP for letting them take advantage.

    801. DW says:

      “Yet, Democrats won a smashing victory in 1992.”

      This is false. Bill Clinton did not get 50% of the popular vote. Ross Perot split the vote with GHW Bush. Now of course “Read my lips” hurt him badly. So Bush 41 is to blame for his own defeat as he behaved as though he should need to have to campaign, but that’s not the same as saying Democrats won a smashing victory. Had Perot not run, it would have been razor close.

    802. Tgca says:


      ….again, parents fault for offering no alternatives to liberals indoctrinating their children.

      Parents complain about leftists but then pay for their kids to go to leftists schools.

      Look in the mirror leftists!

    803. DW says:

      oh my.

      Breaking executive order:

      The Biden Administration has announced that on Friday, April 28th, 2023, the faces of the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore will be destroyed by dynamite charges. “This action is long overdue, and will ease the pain of so many who have suffered under white supremacy in America,” Biden’s spokesperson said in the news release.

    804. NYCmike says:

      “I suspect we’re going to renominate Trump because I think just enough voters in the primary no longer care about winning.”

      -Another comment by Robbie without mentioning how the situation in America has been improved with the election of Joe Biden, his candidate of choice in 2020.

    805. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag keeps repeating this stupid canard that “Trump voters are cultists who don’t care about winning”.

      I think they do care about winning and the reason is that they think Trump was a great President and they want to see his policies implemented again.

      We can disagree on whether is the best candidate who has the best policies, but the “don’t want to win” meme is utter BS.

    806. jason says:

      I see they will be replaced by Sitting Bull, Che Guevara, Sam Brinton and Oprah Winfrey.

    807. DW says:

      “I see they will be replaced by Sitting Bull, Che Guevara, Sam Brinton and Oprah Winfrey.”

      Read further down the news release, that was just the first option under consideration. The more likely quartet of faces will be Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, and Obama. Four of a kind.

    808. JeffP says:

      823 Woke Commie Dems … I really hate what they are doing to this country and eventually they need to be stopped.

    809. Tina says:

      Lol, if they were reported on, they are not a “secret.”

      Sky Australia: “Tucker Carlson was FIRED by Lachlan Murdoch for Discussing Secret US Biolabs in Ukraine!”

    810. Tina says:

      Wow, she attackeD RDS.

      Quote Tweet

      Nikki Haley

      Hey @Disney, my home state will happily accept your 70,000+ jobs if you want to leave Florida.

      We’ve got great weather, great people, and it’s always a great day in South Carolina!

      SC’s not woke, but we’re not sanctimonious about it either.

    811. Tina says:

      Rds = Cruz 2016

      Nikki= Christie 2016

      Asa Dumphuqiin= Jeb/karate chop 2016.

    812. Tina says:

      Faux News hightailed out of Nikki’s attack on Rds.

      Faux news wants Rds, then they will turn on him faster than the Russian hoaxer west his sheets

    813. Tina says:


      Huge mistake today.

      Quote Tweet
      Square profile picture
      Washington Free Beacon

      Biden: “My desire to increase U.S. manufacturing and jobs in America is not about China. I’m not concerned about China.”

    814. Tina says:

      This is the way.

      Andrew Surabian

      This is the way ????????????

      “At the top of Trump’s list is reinstituting an executive order known as “Schedule F,” which would reclassify tens of thousands of federal employees…it would be much easier for a president to fire them.”

    815. Tina says:

      Billy Binion
      Thread: The Supreme Court is hearing a big case tomorrow. It should unite everyone: left, right & center. And the national press has almost totally ignored it.

      It centers on an elderly woman who fell behind on her taxes. So the county took her home, sold it, and kept the profit.

    816. NYCmike says:


      Do you think giving special treatment to one corporation is a good thing in general?

      The Woke issue may have been the driving issue, but the actual governing principle at stake here is the idea that one company should get special treatment.

    817. jason says:

      Who is at fault for letting indoctrination go on for year?

      I certainly think parents have a lot of blame but that is spilled milk.

      The question is what if anything can be done.

      I commend the Golden Calf for doing what is most important, combating wokeness in schools.

    818. jason says:

      Disney wouldn’t like South Carolina.

      It less woke, more religious, and more conservative than Florida.

    819. Tina says:

      Combatting wokeness is fine, but there are limits.

      But if it’s the center piece of a campaign, I am not sure it will win a general election, like cutting social security or Medicare,

      Should focus on the sheotty economy, inflation, airlifting of people out of countries that hate us, illegals, and Crappy foreign policy.

    820. Tina says:

      South Carolina has the largest pool of “republicans” that are Rinos.

    821. Tina says:

      Asa Dumphuqinson formally announces.

      Trump will rip the snot off of this Bushie.

    822. jason says:

      I am not against the deal Florida offered Disney. I am not against offering corporations tax and other incentives to settle in a certain state.

      Central Florida at the time was a backwater wasteland, and there is no doubt that Disney was greatly responsible for the development that followed. The relationship worked well for decades.

      It only became an issue when Disney decided to use the powers granted by the state and its self governance status to actively subvert the laws of the state. Contrary to what Tgca claims, it had nothing to do with “political contributions”, Disney has been funding candidates for years. It was when they decided to use the powers granted by their special status to fail to abide by state laws, in effect declaring themselves a rogue state, that the Golden Calf correctly clipped their wings.

    823. jason says:

      ike cutting social security or Medicare,”


      Maybe Tina can name ONE Republican running on “cutting social security or Medicare”.

      Nice far left talking point, but name me a Republican that has stated he will “cut social security or Medicare”.

      By the way, I am certainly in favor of reforms to entitlement programs, but none that would cut current benefits.

      I think we should raise the minimum retirement age, 62 is ridiculous considering the increase in life expectancy.

      Someone works for 40 years and then expects benefits for another 40? No society can sustain that.

    824. jason says:

      Golden Calf scoring points with R voters in his battle with woke Disney.

      “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ battles with Walt Disney Co. over a state law banning public school lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity could boost his support among U.S. Republican voters as he mulls a possible White House bid, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

      DeSantis has been tussling with Disney for over a year since the company’s former chief executive spoke out against a bill that Florida Republicans named the Parental Rights in Education bill, which critics labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

      Forty-four percent of Republican respondents in the two-day poll ended Tuesday said they had a more favorable view of DeSantis because of the fight with Disney, which led him to sign a retaliatory law in February that aims to strip the company of its self-governing authority at its Orlando-area parks.”

    825. Tina says:

      The pentagon cheers the firing of tucker.

      I don’t they were supposed to stay out of these matters.

      All because they want the grift to continue.

    826. NYCmike says:

      “The pentagon cheers the firing of tucker.”

      -And some “Republicans” are fine with this because they don’t like Tucker’s views.

    827. Phil says:

      Way to go, Nikki! Just in case anyone wasn’t already convinced what a pandering squish you were during the George Floyd riots…..that’s showing them. Besides confirming to everyone who we knew you really are it demonstrates your complete tone deafness. This one ranks right up there Jeb’s “illegal education is an act of love” drivel.

      Congrats, gal!

    828. Tina says:

      Yup, they don’t like tuckers views.

      They heart wars, inflation, spending excesses, and illegal immigration.

      They also,vote won’t for Rds.

      They will “vote” for Biden.

    829. Phil says:







    830. Phil says:

      Yeah, the Pentagon woker brass didn’t like Carlson’s shots at their new social Justice and climate change fighting armed forces either.

    831. DW says:

      Just came into my email:

      “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees are struggling to cope with feelings of trauma and loss over the world’s changing climates and imperiled environments.”

      The answer? Taxpayer funded eco-anxiety counseling. Maybe this explains why one of these people on Midway got drunk and crashed their only fire-truck on a joy ride.

    832. Tina says:

      Lol, lol, lol.

      Bring on more war mongering and grift from Cn and lite.

      Greg Price

      Two Tuesdays ago, Tucker had 3.2 million viewers.

      Kilmeade last night had 1.7 million.

      Fox also trailed CNN and MSNBC in the 25-54 demo, which Tucker always dominated.

    833. Bitterlaw says:

      Has Tina ever explained why she wants more Ukrainians to be killed? At least Phil was honest enough to admit he did not care how many are killed.

    834. Bitterlaw says:

      McCain was a war hero. Trump remains a bitter hate-filled man who will never be the patriot that McCain was.

    835. Phil says:

      McCain and Trump shared one thing in common. Both egomaniacs.

    836. Tina says:


      Fox News Poll: 70% feeling the economy is getting worse for their family. That’s a high in Fox News polling going back 20 years.

      The previous “getting worse” record was 56% in 2006.

    837. Tgca says:

      Patriots can be a-holes and scumbags too even though doing great things in service of their country. That doesn’t make them good or decent people.

      History is littered with decorated veterans committing crimes and being lowlifes.

      JFK was a decorated veteran.
      John Kerry was a decorated veteran
      Charlie Rangel was a decorated veteran
      Jim Web was a decorated veteran
      bob Kerry was a decorated veteran

      …and let’s not forget, Timothy McVeigh was a decorated veteran.

    838. Tgca says:


      Most politicians who run for high office are egomaniacs. It takes immense chutzpah to think you’re the best of the best and should lead the free world.


    839. Phil says:

      Doesn’t make it any better a character trait.

    840. Tgca says:

      Though I think it’s overboard and she’s pandering like others in SC to lure Disney there, I think it’s very effective and gonna score points with moderates and women who are going to cringe at DeSanctimonius if he enters the race.

      I tell ya, DeSanctimonius is looking obsessed and not good with his continued war with Disney here in Floreedah. Now all my Floreedah acquaintances that were for him, tens of millions of them, nada now. Every single one of them, though anecdotal, have turned on him as a national candidate and you’re seeing this elsewhere too, especially among GOP politicians criticizing him as being below a leader of his stature.

      He actually is behaving like Trump in 2016. Petty fighting and refusing to move on to bigger issues.

      Hey @Disney, my home state will happily accept your 70,000+ jobs if you want to leave Florida.

      We’ve got great weather, great people, and it’s always a great day in South Carolina!

      SC’s not woke, but we’re not sanctimonious about it either.

    841. Tgca says:

      Disney represents over 45% of Floreedah tourism and over 500K jobs in central Floreedah plus probably a few more hundred thousand statewide so if Disney left for SC, Floreedah unemployment would be around 10% again, and home values in central Floreedah would crash.

      These are state gubbermint stats representing Floreedah. If that happened, I think the GOP supermajority is gone and Floreedah becomes Dem competitive again.

      Remember, Floreedah is solidly conservative but by like 5 points, not 10 points.

      Food for thought.

    842. Tina says:

      Biden’s cheat sheet. He knows the questions from the reporters ahead of time.

    843. Bitterlaw says:

      Of course, none of Tgca’s decorated veterans were POWs who endured hell in North Vietnamese prisons.

    844. Cash Cow TM says:


      Well, after the last election, there were 12 Ds out of 100 members of the WV House of Delegates.

      One has now resigned to take a position with the ACLU.

      Another D (Delegate Pritt) has decided to change parties and become an R and run for statewide office.

      That particular D has changed his party affiliation 12 times.
      From D to I to Mountain Party, to R to D to Socialist, to D. etc. etc. to now an R.

      So until they appoint a D to tale the place of the Black woman from Monongalia County (Morgantown/WVU) who fled to work for the ACLU, there are now 11 Ds in the house.
      On a related note on the R side:

      Lots of Rs are running for lots of things.

      With the governorship being open lots of R candidates for governor including:
      –WV Auditor McCuskey
      –WV SOS Warner
      –WV Atty. Gen. Morrisey
      –Delegate Moore Capito (son of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito)

      WV Treasurer Riley Moore is running for U.S. Senate
      Gov. Justice is running for U.S. Senate
      Congressman Alex Mooney is running for U.S. Senate

      And of course, with practically all of the statewide R officeholders running for something else, this will touch off a spate of other R legislators and others who will try to win the AG, SOS, Atty. Gen., Auditor job.

    845. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca has tens of millions of acquaintances? No wonder he didn’t have time for his fish.

      Trump and Tgca’s relentless attacks on DeSantis because they know he is a threat to Trump’s coronation. Trump was a good President. He should focus on that.

    846. PresidentPaul! says:

      Tucker talking about the Fox News owner-donors

    847. Cash Cow TM says:

      I feel better now that the maker of Barbie Dolls has come out with a Downs Syndrome Barbie.

      How about a Parkinsons Barbie?

      How about a Tourette’s Barbie?

      How about Lesbian Barbie?

      Trans Barbie?

    848. Paul says:

      Down Syndrome Barbie is not a bad marketing idea. They will probably do alright for sales.

    849. Paul says:

      Down Syndrome kids I know would think its cool. My son has autism so we do stuff with a group of down syndrome kids. They are way into High School musical and glitter. Autistic kids not so into it. Not that I’m stereotyping or anything 🙂

    850. NYCmike says:

      “Has Tina ever explained why she wants more Ukrainians to be killed? At least Phil was honest enough to admit he did not care how many are killed.”


      The world is that simple?

      Shall we participate in Sudan, where China is about to fill the vacuum?

      How about South America, again where China, as well as Iran and Russia, are filling the vacuum?

      Go back into Afghanistan?

      How about the young people in Iran? You haven’t mentioned them in over a year or more.

      Do we have arms stored to defend Taiwan, which is arguably much more important than Ukraine, in a strategic sense?

    851. Marv says:

      Hi Bitterlaw,

      Please suspend all of your regular lawyer work until you and Dave have reached an agreement to keep Hedgehog Report on the air.
      Thank you.

    852. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – The Ukraine-Russia war is very simple. If you do not support military aid to Ukraine, you support Putin winning.

    853. JeffP says:

      Tucker Carlson update video has 38 million views since last night. That might be the most viral video ever in social media history. If not close.

    854. JeffP says:

      Looking at the reaction and ratings. Going anti Trump and firing Carlson will end Fox News domination on cable news.

    855. Tgca says:


      This is OUTRAGEOUS!

      Paul grooming autistic kids to be gay!

      No child should be forced to perform musicals and wear glitter. They are known to turn you gay.

      Glee should be banned and rated R for 18+ audiences.

      My son has autism so we do stuff with a group of down syndrome kids. They are way into High School musical and glitter.

    856. jason says:

      Tina says:
      April 26, 2023 at 7:53 pm

      Biden’s cheat sheet. He knows the questions from the reporters ahead of time.

      Anyone doubt this happens at every debate sponsored by state owned media i.e. the MSM?

    857. Phil says:

      I don’t doubt it at all.

    858. jason says:

      The world is that simple?”

      No, it is complex and the US should defend its geopolitical interests anywhere it is threatened by China, by terrorists, by Russia, by North Korea.

      But as Bitter points out, there is not much “nuance” to be had in the Ukraine-Russia war.

      Either you support what keeps Russia from winning or you don’t.

      The “I oppose Putin let’s ensure he wins by cutting off aid to Ukraine” argument can be summarized in “I want Russia to win”.

      No free lunch.

    859. jason says:

      Now all my Floreedah acquaintances that were for him, tens of millions of them, nada now.”

      Damm, Tgca has tens of millions of acquaintances.

      Who knew?

    860. jason says:

      Disney represents over 45% of Floreedah tourism and over 500K jobs in central Floreedah plus probably a few more hundred thousand statewide so if Disney left for SC, Floreedah unemployment would be around 10% again, and home values in central Floreedah would crash.”

      Disney is not leaving Florida. It would take billions and years to build the same infrastructure elsewhere. They could sell their parks but then most of the jobs and tourism would still be there.

      They gambled big on becoming a new rogue state and lost big, thanks to the Golden Calf calling their bluff.

      Let’s face it. The Golden Calf won, woke Disney lost.

      THey lost their sweet deal of self governance over trying to use their government granted powers to subvert the laws of Florida and by considering themselves exempt from them.

      Epic fail.

    861. Bitterlaw says:

      Too bad none of his tens of millions of acquaintances knows how to take care of fish.

    862. Phil says:

      ….but but but Nikki says South Carolina will be more than happy to have Disney.

    863. Bitterlaw says:

      I think any state would be happy to have Disney open a theme park there. Disney is not moving out of Florida. Both can be true.

    864. Phil says:

      So, bitter. What’s the status of your back and fourth with Dave? Are we going to have a site in some form or fashion?

    865. Tgca says:

      Ocho! Ocho! Ocho!

    866. Tgca says:

      My point wasn’t Disney should leave.

      My point is Floreedah NEEDS Disney. It’s economy would sink without it.

      Thinking other theme parks could come in and replace Disney is absurd! People come from all over the world to Disney because of it’s brand. Not its location alone.

    867. Tgca says:


      Well, you’d have tens of millions of friends too if you were as personable, warm, and loving as me you no good f*ckin’ POS scumbag c*cksucker!

      …besides, you build a following when you share tasty tofu recipes.

    868. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil- Working on it. High level negotiations.

    869. Tina says:

      Look for the Russian hoaxer to be here today.

      Bad gdp #

    870. Bitterlaw says:

      890 was funny. All the bridges with Tgca have been burned. Both can be true.

    871. Tina says:

      The Biden cheat sheet is normal. I am sure he got and will get all debate questions.

      The media is trash. Pooty poot and the Ccp would be proud.

      I noticed how many Rinos are silent

    872. Tina says:

      I miss the chopper pressers. Trump could answer, Biden cannot even when given the questions. This is corruption in the media

      John Roberts
      This “cheat sheet“ that
      had during Yesterdays press conference is really quite incredible. I covered three presidents… Clinton, Bush and Trump. Never once did I tell the White House what I was going to ask. Nor would I ever have done that.

    873. DW says:

      Headline: Trans Marathon Winner to Return Medal After Beating Thousands in Female Category: “I’m Not a Woman”

      Of course he wasn’t a woman. He never was, and never will be. All this idiotic pretending is all about trying to force the population in general to participate in a lie.

      No surgeon has ever made a man into a functioning woman, and no surgeon has ever made a woman into a functioning man.

    874. Phil says:

      Surprised he returned the medal. Did they force him to and if so, isn’t that transphobic?

    875. Paul says:

      Saw “American Pie” references regarding Biden meeting with Yoon. I was really scared Biden was stumbling through an incoherent movie reference or something.

    876. Bitterlaw says:

      RIP, Jerry Springer.

    877. Bitterlaw says:


    878. DW says:

      “A man who describes himself as ‘Trans-seven feet tall’ has sued the NBA for refusing to provide him with a million dollar contract for playing in the league. The man was born a biological 5’4″, but has since chosen to identify as a seven footer, qualifying him to participate in the NBA in the position of center. His attorney says, ‘the NBA is clearly trans-seven-foot-phobic, and must pay damages to his client.'”

    879. jason says:

      My point is Floreedah NEEDS Disney.”

      Nah. Disney NEEDs Florida a lot more than Florida needs Disney.

      Florida will be a tourist mecca with or without Disney. It has beaches, resorts, shopping, other parks and lots of other attractions.

      And the woke Disney brand is now damaged. Me and MY tens of millions of acquaintances have soured on the brand, it no longer means what it used to mean. Disney traded a name synonymous with family fun for a brand synonymous with a woke political agenda. Call Disneyworld MGM World and Epcot Center Barstool Center and people will still flock to it.

      Disney is a woke California company completely divorced from Florida values and politics. They picked a fight with the wrong governor and the wrong state.

      They lost what was the deal of the century. Their shareholders should be pissed as hell and demand the scalp of the entire board and management structure. Unfortunately, it won’t happen because now wokeism is above profits.

    880. jason says:

      tasty tofu recipes”

      Best oxymoron of the day?

    881. jason says:

      And another thing.

      Contrary to what Tgca believes, the millions of people who flocked to Disney’s parks aren’t there to be indoctrinated and brainwashed in what woke Disney management thinks about gender, race and other political issues. That is not the Disney “brand” Tgca mentions.

      And there is nothing “petty” about confronting woke Disney.

    882. Paul says:

      My son with autism is not easily indoctrinated into the glitter world of his classmates with Downs.

    883. Tina says:

      Robert Kennedy at 20% against Biden.

      Per Emerson

    884. Tina says:

      I am sure the gop-e will give more $$$ to this sheot show.

      The Gateway Pundit

      DOJ Inspector General Horowitz Admits FBI Conducted 3.4 Million Warrantless “Backdoor Searches” Americans’ Communications — Reveals Over a Million Were in Error (VIDEO)

    885. NYCmike says:


      Stop demanding we defund the FBI! That great organization is the only things keeping criminals on the fringes of society!


    886. DW says:

      Just re-reading the WWII account of Wake Island in the Pacific, how when the Japanese conquered it, they took captive 98 Americans who were civilian contract workers on the island.

      They were put into forced labor (made slaves), and then when food ran low, they were lined up and machine-gunned, though one escaped, was later recaptured and beheaded.

      But if this was happening today, and the Japanese were getting their talking points from the radical left, the 98 captives would have been described as “receiving labor-affirming care” when they were made slaves, and then when the 97 were machine-gunned, they would have been described as “receiving body-hole-affirming care” and when the one was beheaded, he “received independent head-affirming care.”

      That’s how the left works. They savagely and brutally castrate a 10 year old boy, leaving him sterile and a freak for life, and they call it ‘gender-affirming care.’

    887. Paul says:

      I am actually impressed with the line of dots you assembled for that connection. Bravo. 🙂

    888. PresidentPaul! says:

      it was always the inflation act. They just didn’t name it correctly

      The Inflation Reduction Act Price Jumps From $385 Billion to Over $1 Trillion
      Penn Wharton revised its estimate of the cost of the inflation reduction act significantly higher based on Biden’s actual implementation of the deal.

    889. Robbie says:

      Has there been any resolution about keeping the site going?

    890. DW says:

      Not a stretch at all. Its the same exact thing. No surgeon has EVER made a boy into a functioning girl who grew up to get pregnant and give birth to a live baby.

      No surgeon has EVER taken a girl and turned her into a functioning boy who grew up to put semen into a girl getting her pregnant to then become the baby’s father.

      There is no such thing as becoming the other gender. Some surgeons play along with the falsehood, but that’s all it is, and when it is done to impressionable children, it is evil.

      Same kind of evil done during WWII for which war crime tribunals were held.

      Oh and the end of that story from Wake Island, they did try the Japanese commander who gave the order, and he was hung for his crimes.

    891. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie – I am working on it.

    892. NYCmike says:


      Is Dave holding out for signed copies of your book?

      I’ll donate one if you want the sale, you cheap Irishman!

    893. Paul says:

      Bitter has a book?

    894. Phil says:

      Bitter will get it done.

    895. Bitterlaw says:


      Act fast. You can still be one of the first 100 readers.

    896. Tgca says:

      I don’t understand why folks are so afraid of letting go. HHR had a good run but its best days are way behind it. The site only has a few routine posters who spend more time fighting and snipping at one another then exchanging ideas.

      It’s become a male-dominated white seniors citizen site. Grumpy Old Men.

      Life is full of change. We move from elementary school to middle school to high school to college to beginner jobs to more experienced jobs to peak career jobs to retirement.

      Change is not bad. It’s sad to move on but it’s also good to move through life and grow and reflect on memories rather than grasping to one thing and staying in one place.

      I just don’t understand why folks just can’t except HHR best days are behind it and time to try new things.

    897. Tina says:


      Quote Tweet

      Fox News

      LA Times denies submitting questions to the White House ahead of press conference

    898. Phil says:

      Afraid of letting go?

      Where’d you get that?

      I enjoy politics and have enjoyed this political forum. With me, it’s no more complicated than that.

    899. Tgca says:

      I don’t think you should be president of the United States if you’re going to get outsmarted by Micky Mouse either.

      DeSanctimonius better hope he’s not on a stage with Swamy. He may be young but I must admit he is so much more articulate and smarter than any expected GOP candidate.

      He’d run circles around DeSanctimonius so fast that I could see it being like a Christi-Rubio moment.

      I think the challenge for Swamy is he sounds too young. He needs to slow his pace slightly so he is doesn’t sound like an overeager college boy but he definitely has presence and can command an audience and is lightning quick on his feet.

      He could be the GOP break-out candidate.

      A Trump-Swamy ticket would be awesome.

    900. Tina says:


      Brian Stelter
      Fox News viewership at 8pm ET:
      Tucker’s finale: 2.65 million
      Monday: 2.59 million
      Tuesday: 1.70 million
      Wednesday: 1.33 million

    901. Tgca says:


      More complicated? Like you got a crush on Tina or Robbie and can’t fathom not engaging with them anymore?

      I get it! I feel similarly. Where else will I find some gullible, mental midget like Jadon to engage?

      Scares me but I think I can handle it and move on if needed. Nuttin’ is for evah!

    902. Phil says:

      Like you got a crush on Tina or Robbie and can’t fathom not engaging with them anymore?


    903. Phil says:


      Half the audience and still dropping like a stone.

    904. Tgca says:

      Two new polls show Trump with a commanding lead and both show DeSnctimonius slipping further more in April when everyone is expecting him to announce within weeks.

      Fox has Trump at 53% and DeSanctimonius at 21%

      Emerson has Trump at 62% and DeSanctimonius at 16%.

      Early still but I believe DeSnctimonius has hurt himself with Disney. It’s too much! Seems like there is nothing else in his
      agenda Every single one of my GOP friends now criticizing DeSanctimonius as losing his way. He seems obsessed. Like he’s gotta win over Disney at any cost and prove he’s right.

      I think Disney filing a federal lawsuit will further bog DeSanctimonius down in a gutter fight that won’t pay benefits in the long run.

    905. Phil says:

      Once Trump is convicted by one, two, or all three of the juries in, Manhattan, Atlanta, and DC he is a dead man walking in any GE. He’ll lose indies and that will be the ballgame. His chances in those trials? With those jury pools? Good luck.

      Are the prosecutions bogus? Sure. Won’t matter though. The damage will be done. Throw in the civil defamation/rape trial currently taking place in NYC (another crap jury pool) and it’s no wonder Biden is praying for a Trump nomination.

    906. Phil says:

      Circuit Court rules Florida voting law constitutional. Overturned Obama district judge ruling.

      That cements Florida along with Iowa and Ohio as swing states Democrats will now find impossible to steal.

    907. Bitterlaw says:

      920 You can let go any time. You are not required to post.

    908. Albertus Magnus says:

      I will be impressed if Bitter is able to get Dave to continue this site, but I highly doubt it is going to happen.

      From the heights of blogdom over a decade ago, this place has become simply a place where:

      1)Jason and Bitter provide the few here with daily doses of the bromo-erotic faux-squabbles;
      2) Tina and TGCA spend their free time (flipping between here and the Daily Treehouse) to repost in their own delightful words the latest pro-Trump rants of Sundance: and

      3) the longtime regulars who have lingered just a little too long at the side of the casket saying a final goodbye.

      I never agreed with Dave’s establish, moderate-at-best politics, but he has always been a class act. He and the memories of this blog will be cherished. The last 5 years of this place and a waste dump waiting to be plowed under.

      God bless all of you, even the idiots.

    909. jason says:

      Albert Minus is still a moron.

      No surprise.

      And I don’t think

      “bromo-erotic faux-squabbles” earns any points so his post really was an epic fail.

    910. Tgca says:

      Rubio agrees with me and my tens of millions of friends turning against DeSanctimonius.

      He thinks the Disney feud has gone way overboard and harmful to Floreedah business when you weaponize gubbermint. He just says it nicer than me but I said months ago, why would businesses want to relocate here if you weaponize gubbermint to go after them when you have a disagreement. That’s what Rubio is now saying.

      Jadon to claim DeSanctimonius is still winning the petty public fight with Disney as more and more GOPers and donors pile on and DeSanctimonius sinks in the polls.

      Face it! DeSanctimonius overplayed his cards and now he’s paying the price. He should have quit when he was ahead but his arrogance and need to lecture others got the best of him.

      Like Christi said but in more colorful terms, this guy is not ready for the big stage, and Swamy mocked him for getting his butt kicked by Mickey Mouse.

    911. Tgca says:


      Disagree. He makes a fair point. There are a few of us left at HHR and all we do is bicker like Grump Old Men, myself included.

      We’ve let the divided nation creep into the forum here where if someone doesn’t agree with you 100%, then you’re a stooge, moron, traitor,…

      The radicals have won when they helped divide us like this whether it’s Ukraine, trannies, Disney, Trump, DeSanctimonius, …

    912. NYCmike says:

      mnw says:
      November 24, 2004 at 3:38 pm
      Washington Governor Returns Now Complete: Rossi (R) wins by +46, pending a hand recount.

      Again, these are complete returns. The recount is over. King County (Seattle) relesed results 7 minutes ago, & King was the final county to report recount results.


      -Looking back at the beginning….Rossi was the beginning of the end. They found out they could cheat and win.

    913. Tgca says:


      GOP fault for NEVER fighting back. They don’t play the same game.

      The claim “take the high road” BS and they is what really has led to the GOP losing. If they played on equal playing field in GOP leading areas to offset Dem games, then they’d send a message and be more competitive.

      As unfair as it is, the GOP deserves it if they bring a “pocket knife” to a gun fight.

      Failed Republican leadership for decades.

    914. HarolCak says:

      A fundamentally new anti-detection browser with anti-detection methods

      Ximera’s work is based on the principles of cryptography, which make it possible to confuse digital fingerprints and prevent
      websites from collecting and compiling information about the activity of their visitors.

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      – Profile data can be stored in a convenient way for you. The choice is a database or your own device.
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    915. jason says:

      Jadon to claim DeSanctimonius is still winning”


      He already won.

      It’s over. Disney lost its status as a rogue state. They lost their sweet deal. They have been exposed as extremists. They damaged their brand. They are cutting 7,000 jobs. They need to cut $5.5 billion in costs, including $3 billion in woke content.

      Of course the far left and the wokesters are going to attack the Golden Calf for refusing to cave to Disney. Maybe it will cost him politically.

      But win politically or lose, he did the right thing. If you don’t fight the culture war in schools and businesses, get ready for the one party state.

    916. jason says:

      Yes, in a banana republic…

      “Jean-Pierre responded, claiming it was “entirely normal” for a president to know the reporter’s questions in advance”

    917. jason says:

      More winning by the Golden Calf. Along with the culture war, assuring elections free of fraud ranks up there in importance if we are going prevent a one party state.

      “On Thursday, a panel of the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals handed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a huge victory over Marc Elias, judicial overreach, and industrial strength stupidity. By a 2-1 decision, with an Obama judge dissenting, the panel upheld nearly all of Florida’s overhaul of voting rules in May 2021.

    918. jason says:

      I agree with Joe Cunningham at Redstate. Disney’s lawsuit is a gift to the Golden Calf.

      “Disney filing a lawsuit against DeSantis is almost an in-kind donation. It helps him with the Republican base in ways that you can’t get through ad buys alone. It’s also weakens Trump’s support among his base because he’s siding with the big, woke corporation. That’s going to mean something.”

    919. DW says:

      Are Bitter’s negotiations with Dave real or just wishful thinking?

      I found quite revealing Tgca’s comments above about us just not getting over it with letting HHR come to an end.

      He sounded like one of the mothers in the famous King Solomon wisdom episode where two harlots each had a baby, and one accidently smothered to death her baby in the night, so she stole her friend’s baby, and swapped out her dead one.

      Standing before Solomon each mother argued the living baby was hers and the dead one the other woman’s.

      Solomon ordered that the baby be sliced in half, and each mother given half.

      The true mother was shocked, and pleaded with the king to just give the baby to the other woman.

      But the other mother just said, nah, go ahead and kill it. Of course Solomon had just figured out who was the true mother.

      TCGA just said, nah, go ahead and kill HHR–get over it, who cares.

      And as “Solomon Bitterlaw” said, tcga can leave whenever he wants, he doesn’t have to post. At least Robbie sounds convincing in his desire to see it continue.

    920. Tina says:

      It cost more? This cannot be true. Didn’t Quittens and Biden’s Beotch vote for it?

      RNC Research

      Karine Jean-Pierre says it’s “a good thing” that Penn Wharton revised its estimated cost of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” from $385 billion over ten years to more than $1 TRILLION.

    921. DW says:

      Headline: “Biden Admin Files Lawsuit Challenging Tennessee Ban on Transgender Procedures for Minors”

      Corrected headline: “Biden Admin Files Lawsuit Challenging Tennessee Ban on the brutal and irreversible mutilation and sterilization of otherwise healthy children.”

    922. Tgca says:


      He already won?

      Is that why they have to go back and pass more legislation because he was outsmarted after the 1st legislation backfired and ridiculed for it?

      When the senators of your own state and numerous other high profile politicians in your party come out against you and mock you, donors drop you, and you’re sinking in the polls, that’s winning?

    923. Tgca says:

      Jadon using “Wobbie logic defending Jeb” in attempts to defend criticism of DeSanctimonius by many.

      We’ve seen this movie before when Jadon used the same logic while defending Dr. Fow-chee as being popular and respected…until he wasn’t.

      It’s called JUDGMENT! Some of us have it in good enough quantity to read the tea leaves and then you have Jadon who is easily manipulated and mislead.

    924. DW says:

      Headline: Biden Has Already Forgotten About His Ireland Trip

      Of course. We know already that his short-term memory is GONE. “Where’s Jackie? I thought Jackie was going to be here?”

      Even though days earlier he learned the news that she was killed in a car accident and he had read a statement about it.

    925. Phil says:

      Well, I guess DeSantis has one slight advantage over Trump. Namely, that he wouldn’t be in jail during a GE campaign.

    926. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 27, 2023 at 6:02 pm
      Robbie – I am working on it.

      – Thanks for the update.

    927. Robbie says:

      The question no one associated with Republican politics is ready to address is what happens when Trump runs again in 2028. And, yes, he’ll run again.

      McConnell, who could’ve rallied the votes to convict Trump in February 2021, didn’t do so because he felt Trump would fade away.

      Trump’s never fading away, regrettably. He’s like a bad pope (think the current one). We’ll never be rid of him until he’s dead.

      Trump can be stopped in the primary, but not the way it’s going right now. Until the other candidates realize they must directly confront Trump (something that was never done in 2016 until it was too late), Trump will dominate.

      Mitt Romney was the last Republican to understand the value of negative advertising in the primaries. It’s what assured him the nomination.

    928. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie still thinks the impeachments were legitimate.

    929. DW says:

      Trump would be 82 years old in 2028.

      How about we worry about 2024 for now? I am not sure the country will survive to even 2024 without being wiped out by a foreign power. But if Biden is again President for a second term, there is no way under any circumstance the country could survive until 2028 anyway.

      I still don’t see any path to 270 in 2024, unless some natural disaster wipes out a huge city in a purple state–and does so long before early voting starts. Even then a judge could rule that the intent for the wiped out people would have been to vote Democrat and so their voices from the grave must be heard.

      Banana Republic.

    930. Tgca says:


      That would probably make more peeps vote for Trump while DeSanctimonius is traveling the country lecturing women on how to manage their menstrual cycle to avoid complying with his ABORTION ban he’ll be pushing nationally since he keeps saying Make America More Like Floreedah.

    931. Tina says:

      Another bank failure:

      First Republic Bank enters receivership, per cnbc

    932. Phil says:

      Yeah, a conviction or two will no doubt help Trump with independents. That’s the ticket alright.

    933. Tina says:

      Is this true? Came across this which seems like a bad bill overall. (No issues with Rds or Governor not having to resign to run for higher office: but this is sheot:

      The Florida Election Law Reform Bill SB 7050 limits citizen access to voter data and results, mandates machines and tabulators, outlaws hand counts, negates signature verification and makes it easier for non-US citizens to vote

    934. DW says:

      Another false headline: Biden Advisers Concede President’s Age Is a Liability, Has “Diminished His Energy”

      You cannot diminish energy that isn’t there. He has been led by the hand for years now.

    935. Phil says:

      Excellent news out of NC. The NC Supreme Court just booted the old redistricting law. It means Republicans will pick up 3-4 Congressional seats out of that state alone in 2024. Not a thing Democrats can do about it either. Gives Republicans a bit of a buffer keeping the House.

    936. Robbie says:

      Bitterlaw says:
      April 28, 2023 at 12:08 pm
      Robbie still thinks the impeachments were legitimate.

      – He provoked a riot to keep himself in office. It was an impeachable offense that should’ve resulted in his conviction and prohibition from running again.

    937. Robbie says:

      DW says:
      April 28, 2023 at 12:38 pm
      Trump would be 82 years old in 2028.

      How about we worry about 2024 for now?

      – Biden is 82 and he’s running for re-election. And as it stands right now, he’s the favorite to win again. Whatever I think of Trump, he’s definitely not as aged as Biden.

      Trump will run again in 2028 for several reasons. First, he’s going to have continuing legal problems and he’ll try and use his perpetual candidacy as a shield against probes just as he is now.

      Second, Trump doesn’t want to give up his position as leader of the party. So long as he runs, he controls the party, his endorsements determine candidates, and he gets to continue the grift.

      The moment Trump walks away from it all, he’s without any cover and he won’t matter. I just can’t see him letting that happen.

    938. Robbie says:

      Phil says:
      April 28, 2023 at 1:51 pm
      Yeah, a conviction or two will no doubt help Trump with independents. That’s the ticket alright.

      – Because the investigative agencies frittered away all of 2021, there’s little chance, if any, Trump faces a trial that matters before election day 2024. He won’t have to run with the burden of a conviction.

    939. Tina says:

      Way to go faux.

      Chief Nerd

      Tucker Carlson Had More Views on His First Twitter Monologue on Wednesday Than All Cable News Shows For the Entire Day COMBINED

      Tucker on Twitter: 72.7M
      Cable News Combined: 53.1M



    940. NYCmike says:

      “– He provoked a riot to keep himself in office. It was an impeachable offense that should’ve resulted in his conviction and prohibition from running again.”


      This guy is fargin N V T S ! !

    941. Tina says:

      Lol., poor Rupert.

      Carpe Donktum????

      BREAKING: FOX News announce
      will now be hosting every show 24/7 until morale improves.

    942. NYCmike says:

      “Second, Trump doesn’t want to give up his position as leader of the party. So long as he runs, he controls the party, his endorsements determine candidates, and he gets to continue the grift.”

      -“the grift”?

      Did he get rewarded “the grift” when he dispatched JEB!2016?

    943. Phill says:

      He provoked a riot in keep himself in office.


    944. Tina says:

      So, General Millie Vanilli is more scared of Tucker than the Ccp.

      How many push ups can Milli do?

    945. Tina says:

      The corrupt Fib and other federal assets provoked a riot.

      There fixed.

    946. Tina says:

      Follow the grift

      Jack Poso ????????


    947. Robbie says:

      Team DeSantis goes to war with an unlikely foe: Nikki Haley

      – They haven’t learned a thing from the 2016 process. There are no lanes. There is no defeating everyone else so that person can be the last one standing against Trump. Leaving Trump on his own and attacking everyone else only benefits Trump.

      This reminds me of the old chestnut from 2016 that if everyone else would quit Rubio would win.

    948. Robbie says:

      NYCmike says:
      April 28, 2023 at 4:42 pm
      “– He provoked a riot to keep himself in office. It was an impeachable offense that should’ve resulted in his conviction and prohibition from running again.”


      This guy is fargin N V T S ! !

      – The only ones who are nuts are Trump the idiots like you who constantly defend him. But then again, you support and defend Balance of Nature huckster Larry Elder.

      It’s never about winning with you.

    949. Phil says:

      Guys like Ray Epps who everyone saw on tape urging demonstrators “to go into the capitol”?

      Not a peep about him and he gets off with no ramifications. Even gets a puff piece on 60 minutes. Trump who specifically told to peacefully protest? Yeah, he “provoked a riot”. Let’s throw him in prison.

      Love this place.

    950. Tina says:



      BREAKING: The US FDIC is preparing to place First Republic under receivership imminently, a person familiar with the matter said
      Show this thread

    951. Tina says:

      Greg Price

      Mar 24
      Biden on the banking crisis: “I think we’ve done a pretty damn good job… The banks are in pretty good shape… I don’t see anything on the horizon that’s about to explode.”

    952. Cash Cow TM says:

      Perhaps the best things for the country would be for Trump to be in jail and Biden to die, or at least have a stroke that left him totally disabled?

      Then both parties would have to pick a new standard bearer.

    953. Tina says:

      This is a disgrace.

      The fib needs a massive downsize in budget.

      Bad Kitty Unleashed ????????????

      The FBI pressures Facebook to take down alleged Russian “disinformation” at the behest of Ukrainian intelligence, according to a senior Ukrainian official who corresponds regularly with the FBI.

      The same official said that Ukrainian authorities define “disinformation” broadly, flagging many social media accounts and posts that he suggested may simply contradict the Ukrainian government’s narrative.

    954. Bitterlaw says:

      The rioters provoked a riot.

      Fixed it for Tina.

      There is nothing anybody to say to get me to riot if I didn’t want to riot. But Tina thinks these poor people were lead astray by evil FBI agents. They chose to do what they did and own it. That does not excuse overcharging them.

    955. Tgca says:

      Don’t know if I can take the high road like many posting God have mercy on him.

      Probably America’s greatest mass murderer, responsible for the heinous death of over 30,000 babies including many close to delivery.

    956. Tgca says:


      Cow sounds like a leftist suggesting Trump should be in jail.

      What should he be in jail for? What crime?

      How is that best for the country?

      Maybe Cow should be in jail.

    957. jason says:

      Pravda would be proud.

      “They haven’t learned a thing from the 2016 process. There are no lanes. There is no defeating everyone else so that person can be the last one standing against Trump. Leaving Trump on his own and attacking everyone else only benefits Trump.”

    958. jason says:

      Heh, wrong quote.

      Pravda would be proud.

      “NPR White House reporter touts Biden and Kamala both coming to the #WHCD and sitting on-stage with journalists as an “endorsement of the important work of the press broadly in American democracy.”

    959. jason says:

      “They haven’t learned a thing from the 2016 process. There are no lanes. There is no defeating everyone else so that person can be the last one standing against Trump. Leaving Trump on his own and attacking everyone else only benefits Trump.”

      Hilarious from the guy who cheered Jeb on when he spent $40 million dollars on attack ads against Rubio.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

      Amoral Scumbag was here 24/7 on scurrilous attacks on Rubio and anyone not named Jeb.

      Yeah, Jeb, the “clear the field, suck up all the money and endorsements” who spent $250 million for 4 delegates.

    960. jason says:

      He provoked a riot to keep himself in office. It was an impeachable offense that should’ve resulted in his conviction and prohibition from running again.”’


      Amoral Scumbag, if he didn’t have the moral compass of a floating turd, should be outraged at the two bogus impeachment charges against Trump, like him or not. Because if this could be used to impeach Trump, it could be used against any R president.

      The fact Amoral Scumbag supports the ridiculous “24 hour impeachment” joke and takes the side of Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney reveals his true colors.

    961. jason says:

      Some help for 2024.

      “NEW: as expected, new GOP majority on NC Supreme Court reverses previous court’s ruling that partisan gerrymandering is illegal. This could wipe out four Dem seats, nearly doubling the GOP’s cushion in the House.”

    962. NYCmike says:

      “It’s never about winning with you.”

      -Says the guy who supports Joe Biden over the Republican nominee…….

    963. NYCmike says:

      As for Larry Elder and Balance of Nature – what did they possibly do to Robbie to incur his wrath?

      LaughingOutLoud wants to know!

    964. Bitterlaw says:

      Just watched John Wick with my daughter. It’s really a feel good movie about a man and his dog. And a lot of killing.

    965. Phil says:

      The third John Wick was the bloodiest. Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry take out 55 guys in one scene.

    966. Tgca says:

      Creepy! Bitter and Phil must be peeping Tom’s.

      I watched John Wick 1, 2 and 3 the last few nights, as I have the collection.

      I guess I should take it as a compliment when folks imitate you.

    967. Tgca says:


      Totally justifiable! The scumbag villain shot Halle’s dog.

    968. Tgca says:

      The evil of ABORTION. I hope some day we are able to convince people how wrong this is but I doubt it. We are lost as a society when we excuse ABORTION away but we’ll never be able to effectively legislate against it either.

      Baby murderer admits they are “baby’s” that ABORTION kills. Read the article. He is unapologetic about killing babies.

      Carhart then stunned her into silence, stating dismissively: “To the fetus, it makes no difference if it’s born or not born.” Andersson was visibly stunned, but Carhart was unapologetic: “The baby has no input in this as far as I’m concerned.”

    969. Tgca says:


      This violent male should be prosecuted. He is going physically berserk on these much smaller girls.

      Not only are trannies taking over female sports in schools but it’s going to be ok for guys to beat on girls now?

      This madness of letting trannies get away with this is driven MOSTLY by straight women on the left. I don’t understand why these women are great advocates for things that harm their own gender, and then often straight men fall in line too, probably because they don’t want to be CANCELLED.

    970. Tina says:


      JUST IN: Jim Cramer says the collapse of First Republic Bank $FRC could mark the end of the banking crisis.

    971. Tina says:

      The banks are fine, jack.

      – Biden

    972. jason says:

      NYCmike says:
      April 28, 2023 at 8:36 pm

      “It’s never about winning with you.”

      Sure it is.

      It is all about Dems winning with Amoral Scumbag.

    973. jason says:

      The fib needs a massive downsize in budget”

      On behalf of all the kidnappers, embezzlers, rapists, bank robbers, drug cartels, spies, human traffickers, counterfeiters, smugglers and other criminals I want to give heartfelt thanks to Tina.

    974. Phil says:

      What the FBI needs is a massive housecleaning of the leftist clowns that run that organization and that have politically weaponized the agency.

      It won’t happen of course. It’s another institution that has been captured by the left. Their role in facilitating the taking down and undermining of a sitting President with their role in the Russian hoax is a disgrace. They don’t get a pass from me no matter what else they do.

    975. Bitterlaw says:


    976. Tina says:

      We need ro give more money to the Fib.


      (Party of stupid)

    977. It’s been a great run big Dave. Thank you! I have enjoyed reading the polls behind the scenes and never actually commenting….this is my first reply. I like you have gotten worn out with politics when I used to be one of the most intense avid political observers ever.. The Trump effect and the division in this country like I have never seen it before…where you can’t even have an honest civil discussion on almost any political topic,has done it to me. I too used to have a conservative Republican political blog called Tales from a Tribble but once I was disgusted with Trump and expressed that on my blog, the same supposed conservative “friends” attacked me –some calling me names–and not discussing the issues but it always ended..”oh, so you’d rather have Hillary, huh.” No, I didn’t vote for Hillary ..but according to them, if I didn’t vote for Trump I was actually voting for Hillary. I feel so much better with so much more freedom becoming an independent and not stuck with defending this team or that team when I didn’t think it warranted it. Now I have a music blog and feel so much better posting my articles and music there:

    978. Tina says:


      We cannot win this re-election, excuse me, we can only elect Trump

    979. NYCmike says:

      Mr. Beckman, you are so wise.

      Please tell us how the policies being implemented now will improve this country in the long run.

      Thanks in advance.

    980. Tina says:

      Julie Kelly ????????
      “Protests at the capitols in Montana and Tennessee didn’t involve violence or any real attempts to dismantle or replace a government, so it’s wrong to call them insurrections, Tribe said.” ????

    981. Robbie says:

      Realignment Politics


      Joe Biden* (D): 45% (+2.30%)
      Donald Trump (R): 42%

      Ron DeSantis (R): 45% (+3.05%)
      Joe Biden* (D): 42%

      – Poll after poll shows the same thing. Biden beats Trump, but DeSantis beats Biden. The message is simple. Voters are not going to vote for Trump. Also, voters would not like to vote for Biden, but would do so against Conman Donnie.

    982. Phil says:

      Tribe is what he always was – a leftist totalitarian.

    983. Phil says:

      DeSantis has an outside chance in a GE. Very outside which would be the same with any non Trump Republican in 2024. The road to 270 for any Republican now days is a long shot. Just too many electoral advantages for the left in the new America.

      Trump has no chance in a GE in my opinion. Biden, who has a crap record will be able to divert attention onto Trump where the focus should absolutely be on the disaster Biden has been.

    984. Tgca says:


      Agreed! The FBI is corrupt.

      Big deal they do good in some instances when they’re violating the law and targeting innocent Americans on a routine basis. You can make the same argument of corrupt police who target or frame innocents while occasionally arresting violent criminals.

      …and it’s not only the leadership. Too many line agents are willfully participating in the corruption. We see this with corrupt police departments too where the corruption is from top to bottom.

    985. Tgca says:

      1008 Phil

      DeSanctimonius has little to no chance in the GE.

      Tell me how he gets to 270. He needs a blue state with at least 10 EV if he won all Trump states plus AZ and GA. WI is the best choice. He won’t get it because of his ABORTION BAN where they just turned the state high court left by a justice running on ABORTION so WI is very pro-ABORTION energized at the moment.

      In addition, he has no connection to working class in WI like Trump who will do rallies there and trash DeSanctimonius which I think he should do as part of a primary strategy.

      Trump is the only current candidate that can get to 270 because he’s the only GOPer to win WI in nearly 40 years.

    986. Phil says:

      For corruption that is present in police departments it has nothing to do with political ideology or partisanship. With the FBI it’s ALL about ideology and partisanship.

    987. Phil says:

      Tell me how ANY Republican gets to 270. Trump broke through in 2016 because of his connection to working class workers in the Midwest. That’s entirely true. No other Republican could have won that election. However, that was BEFORE Democrats rigged the voting system. Pa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Can you say ballot harvesting, drop boxes, mail in voting. Fulton and Phoenix cheating puts Georgia and Arizona in the highly questionable category. Biden should be easy pickings. Sadly the system is rigged – plus the media will tear Trump apart – you will see no focus an Biden’s crap record.

    988. Tgca says:

      So the Floreedah GOP is now looking to pass a law that would shield DeSanctimonius from disclosure and public records. He gets to sign a law to protect him from what other politicians

      Floreedah has very open public records laws imbedded in its constitution but this change will allow DeSanctimonius to hide his travel, visitors logs, and other info currently available to the public.

      ONLY the gubbernor and his leadership team would be exempt from disclosure under this law now while other elected officials will not be.

      What are they afraid of the public seeing? This is continued weaponizing of the gubbermint to benefit a PERSON.

      This fosters CORRUPTION!

      I dare anyone here to tell me this is a legitimate use of power, to change the state constitution open records law for ONE MAN. This is the 2nd law they’ve changed in a week to benefit DeSanctimonius, the other being the law that barred a gubbernor from holding another office while still in office.

    989. Tgca says:


      Corruption is corruption! Don’t excuse it away.

      Many of the corrupt police practices are also driven by political alignments and appointments so you are wrong to suggest it has nothing to do with politics when more often than not it does.

    990. Tgca says:


      You make my point. Only Trump has a chance because only Trump did it before. I’m not saying he will repeat it, but the only realistic chance for the GOP in 2024 is through WI and only Trump did it and STILL has great connection with the people there.

      DeSanctimonius has no such connection with those people, who by the way are not radical righties, and he will get slaughtered by his ABORTION BAN.

      So yes, only Trump has a realistic chance! DeSanctimonius doesn’t without another major realignment elsewhere.

    991. jason says:

      I dare anyone here to tell me this is a legitimate use of power, to change the state constitution open records law for ONE MAN. This is the 2nd law they’ve changed in a week to benefit DeSanctimonius, the other being the law that barred a gubbernor from holding another office while still in office”

      Zzzzzzz… done all the time by both parties.

      Perfectly legitimate.

    992. jason says:

      Also, voters would not like to vote for Biden, but would do so against Conman Donnie.”

      From someone who will vote for Biden against ANY Republican.


    993. Tgca says:

      That’s two in the GOP national leadership now that have slapped down DeSanctimonius over his obsession with Disney.

      Jadon to claim DeSanctimonius is winning when he got outsmarted by Mickey Mouse, has to pass more laws to achieve his goal he failed, losing major donors, sinking in polls, high profile GOP leaders mocking him and slapping him down.

      Yeah! That’s winning. Wait until this all haunts him on the campaign trail.

    994. jason says:

      or any real attempts to dismantle or replace a government,”

      Neither did Jan 6, unless you think a couple hundred unarmed people in the Capitol were going to “dismantle or replace” the government.

    995. Tgca says:

      More FakeNews media BS.

      Look at the characterization of the events they print. It’s FALSE!

      Prior to the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Trump pressured Pence to summarily reject the certification of the Electoral College vote tally showing that Joe Biden had won the election. Pence refused to comply, leading Trump to denounce him at a Washington rally prior to the riot. Trump’s supporters then descended on the Capitol in an effort to disrupt the certification of the election, chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” as they ransacked the building and delayed the proceedings.

      On Thursday, Pence testified under oath before the grand jury for roughly seven hours about his dealings with Trump following the 2020 election.

    996. Paul says:

      How is that false loaer boy.

    997. Paul says:

      Gun freaks need to suck my penis.

    998. Tgca says:


      The way it’s described is that Trump got pissed because Pence would not obey him, went outside in a rally and trashed Pence for it, purposely inciting folks to then go to the Capitol to stop Pence.

      We know from video and records, that’s not what happened. Trump NEVER incited anyone to go and stop the certification process. There is video, audio, and a timeline proving this out.

      It’s lying and manipulative reporting.

    999. Tgca says:


      Why? You got your daughter for that…right?

    1000. Paul says:

      More lies from Tgca

    1001. Tgca says:

      Polanski meets up in Paris and takes pictures with the girl he drugged and raped in 1977. This is a mockery of child rape.

      She’s ok with it now but justice is not up to her. If we let victims decide the legal justice in cases instead of society, many people would be either harshly judged or minimally judged.

      I don’t think this woman realizes the message this sends. It’s no big deal to drug and rape an adolescent is what it says.

    1002. jason says:

      Golden Calf going for another scalp.

      “DeSantis is moving against Monique Worrell, a soft-on-crime prosecutor. Worrell won her race with help from a Soros-backed group that spent millions on her. This would be the second Soros-linked prosecutor DeSantis suspends/removes in Florida.”

    1003. jason says:

      adon to claim DeSanctimonius is winning”

      Nah, I claimed he already won.

      Disney lost its once in a lifetime deal, the right to self governance. They will never get the rogue state within a state they gambled on.

      All because they tried to bully the wrong guy.

      The Golden Calf said “woke comes to Florida to die”. Disney should have listened.

    1004. Paul says:

      Golden calf is raping our nation’s democratic processes again. Golden calf can burn up and be melted down.

    1005. Tina says:

      The fib always does well. 1 million warrantless searches were just in error.

      Give them a new building and increase their budget

      Team Uniparfy.

    1006. Tgca says:

      DeSanctimonius Great Britain trip panned by business leaders there according to reports.

      One U.K. business figure said DeSantis “looked bored” and “stared at his feet” as he met with titans of British industry in an event co-hosted by Lloyd’s of London — the world’s largest insurance marketplace.

      “He had been to five different countries in five days and he definitely looked spent, but his message wasn’t presidential,” they told POLITICO. “He was horrendous.”

      A second business figure who was in the room said it was a “low-wattage” performance and that “nobody in the room was left thinking, ‘this man’s going places’.”

      They said: “It felt really a bit like we were watching a state-level politician. I wouldn’t be surprised if [people in attendance] came out thinking ‘that’s not the guy’.”

    1007. Tgca says:

      To be fair to DeSanctimonius, he’s been known to be unimpressive in person. Many who worked with him in State, Congress, and Gubbernors association claimed this. It’s just his personality type. He doesn’t like being around or engaging people.

      He is not a good speaker, quick on his feet, or energizing.

      He’s good with a scripted audience but that’s not what he will face in a primary.

      I can’t wait until he’s up against Trump, Swamy, and Christie, all energetic, quick-thinking, experienced dudes with audiences. They clearly are not thrilled with his arrogance and it’s not likely he will survive a beat down from all of them piling on which the MSM will have a field day with 24/7 just like they did with Rubio as he crashed, and I think Rubio was much more articulate, engaging, and energizing than DeSanctimonius could ever be.

    1008. Tgca says:


      I haven’t seen anything on this yet but there should be a legit reason if he suspends her other than politics or his view in what she should prosecute since prosecutors should always have discretion as long as it’s not ridiculous abuse of discretion.

      Going after prosecutors for politically motivated points is dangerous. What if every Dem gubbernor did that to GOP prosecutors.

      Again, weaponization of gubbermint is a MAJOR concern that I’m predicting will come back and haunt DeSanctimonius and could be his major downfall, especially since many in his own party are speaking out on him now.

    1009. Tgca says:


      He already won and that’s why he needs to pass new laws or Disney keeps operating as usual?

      He already won and that’s why donors are abandoning him?

      He already won and that’s why he’s sinking in the polls?

      He already won and that’s why GOP leadership, including one of his own US senators, and other GOP leaders are criticizing him for inappropriate abuse of power?

      I think you lack the understanding of won. Succeeded in utilization in weaponizing gubbermint against a political foe, YES, but not won.

      What he succeeded in doing was using the supermajority in the Floreedah legislature to retaliate against those that refused to donate to the GOP.

      Saying DeSanctimonius won against Disney is like saying Lia Thomas won all HIS races against women swimmers. Did he really win or abuse the system to succeed?

    1010. Bitterlaw says:

      Why does Tgca make hundreds of posts trashing DeSantis if Trump is such a deserving favorite for the nomination? He gives DeSantis a lot of attention when he thinks DeSantis is so unworthy of the nomination. If he believes Trump is so great, DeSantis should be irrelevant to him.

    1011. DW says:

      1035 – its because of what you did the other day in your role of Solomon Bitterlaw, you wisely caught him when he was incredulous at us for not being positive about HHR going away. He can leave whenever he wants. Its clear he is not here to contribute positively.

    1012. Tgca says:


      Is that the same reason you post on Biden and Dems?

      If the GOP is so great then Dems should be irrelevant to you and no need to post on them, riiiiiight?

    1013. Tgca says:


      Ha! Ha!

      Bible freak DW claiming people contribute positively at HHR is funny.

      All DW does is rant and rave in every other post about genital mutilation by Dems. That’s positivity? Sounds more like an obsession he has with teen penises. Hmmm…

    1014. Paul says:

      Stupid people like Tgca are led to believe stupid things.

    1015. DW says:

      “All DW does is rant and rave in every other post about genital mutilation by Dems.”

      I encourage everyone to read this several times and decide which one of is is the freak, and which one cares about the well-being and protection of vulnerable children.

    1016. Paul says:

      DW rants about make-believe mutilations AND rants about some island being overrun by albatross.

    1017. PresidentPaul! says:

      Another great Jeff Booth interview yesterday. He wrote one of my favorite new books the Price of Tomorrow.

    1018. DW says:

      Obviously Paul doesn’t know what he is talking about. There are numerous accounts of ACTUAL mutilations of children’s genitals. Just last week in the news there was a story of an autistic girl who had been pressured into a double-mastectomy, and now wishes it could be reversed.

    1019. Paul says:

      I did a search of your story. The only thing that came up was an autistic girl who had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer.

    1020. DW says:

      You didn’t fit the right story. There is that one and others out there. The fact that this goes on in our country and you don’t care about the safety of children says a lot about you

    1021. Paul says:

      Okay, other articles I find are about trans-geneder. Okay, you are right. This is a problem.

    1022. Paul says:

      I would agree with you DW that gender transformation surgery should only be allowed after you are 18.

    1023. Tgca says:

      DW is full of it. Less than 50 minors in 4 years in the US have had surgery he is referring to based on an insurance companies study reported on in past posts.

      I agree these procedures should not be done unless in the extremely rare serious extreme cases of gender identity where it is highly unlikely the person will ever live their biological gender and careful and thorough medical examinations including detailed psychiatric review determine it would otherwise be detrimental to the health and well-being of the teen to live otherwise and that waiting until adulthood was not in the best interest either.

    1024. Tgca says:

      BS DW!

      Just because we disagree on certain aspects of trannes does not mean we don’t care about children.

      The same could be said of you. Your radical religious views keep you from caring about kids with severe gender identity issues.

      It appears you rather see them dead of suicide or depression then consider transition if it’s right for them.

    1025. Tgca says:

      …and for the record, surgery is surgery regardless of age so if it’s mutilation for a teen to have genital reconstruction then it’s mutilation for grown women and men with genital cancers to have it as well.

      If removing breasts of teen girls is mutilation, it’s also mutilation when women with high risks of cancer elect to have their breasts removed in advance.

      You can’t define mutilation by the REASON for the surgery just because you disagree with the reasoning. Mutilation should be the result and not the cause if you want to be taken seriously.

    1026. Paul says:

      Tgca: Good points. There are thousands of articles and frequently they are repeating the few cases over and over.

      I know plenty of trans-males (born female but transing to male) from my community and two churches that I attended. One young lady that I knew well in my kids “youth group” at church came out as non-binary before the church on Easter. (yes we are that sort of church). She has had a lot of physical and emotional stuff going on so I have mixed feelings about it. And I also mentioned my own daughter who is non-binary of sorts.

      Oddly I know quite a few trans-males but don’t really know any trans-females well. None of the young “ladies” that I’m acquainted with had physical surgery before 18. Perhaps, this “mutilation” that DW talks about is more prevalent in other parts of the country.

    1027. Paul says:

      I do wonder if the stress and pressure put on women in our world is an added factor to so many young women wanting to become men.

    1028. Paul says:

      A man who has fathered between 500 and 600 children around the world has been legally prevented from donating any more sperm.

    1029. Tgca says:


      I am concerned with this recent trend of young folk claiming to be trans because I think it’s just a phase. I don’t believe these people are really trans and plan to live out there life that way so therefore they should NOT be candidates for trans surgery or puberty blockers but perhaps more psychological help.

      But I do believe there is a VERY small number of people with true serious and severe gender identity issues that will NEVER live their biological gender who know this from the youngest age and forcing them into another phase of their life living as soneone they’re not can be detrimental to their well-being and health. That’s why historically many of these most serious cases ended in suicide because of the lack of understanding and help.

      That’s how I differentiate these two scenarios, and passing blanket laws without individual medical evaluations could end up killing more young people than saving them.

    1030. Paul says:

      Good points, Tgca.

    1031. Tgca says:


      I totally agree with you!

    1032. Paul says:

      Dark Brandon: “I want everybody to have fun tonight, but please be safe. If you find yourself disoriented or confused, it’s either you’re drunk — or Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

    1033. DW says:

      It appears that Tcga and Paul might be the same person.

      “50 minors in 4 years in the US have had surgery he is referring to based on an insurance companies study reported on in past posts.”

      And that’s supposed to make us feel good? Trajectory folks, trajectory. 1 abused child is too many. These 50 are ones that were reported on in one study, and may not be an accurate total. The trajectory that Biden wants, that I am fighting against, is throwing this thing wide open to get hundreds, thousands a year.

      Its another form of late-term abortion. If its too late to abort, then its never too late to sterilize so the person will never be a biological parent.

      TCGA claims to be so strongly against abortion, but then has no problem with this brutal form of late-term abortion. And stop with the pleading of suicides threatened if some kid doesn’t get his genitals removed. The chances for suicide are greater once the kid grows up and regrets what was done to him or her. He or she needs to be told that there is no way a surgeon can truly change their gender. It is not possible, and so they need to be counseled toward dealing with and accepting the gender they were assigned naturally at birth.

      This is a winning issue for the GOP, and I wish they would take it up and run with it. Remember that is how Younkin won in Virginia. The scandal of abused children in the public school in northern VA.

    1034. Bitterlaw says:

      I just listened to a lengthy interview with David McCormick. I believe he would be a stronger candidate for Senator from PA if he runs again in 2024. If Mastriano gets the nomination, no need to wait for the outcome. Mastriano would lose to Casey and also give Biden an easy win.

    1035. jason says:

      If McCormick can go head to head with Mastriano, he could win the nomination. In a divided field Mastriano has a lock on at least 35% of the vote.

      That being said, I don’t think either one can beat Casey. If Fetterman can win, Casey should be a lock.

    1036. jason says:

      Tgca writes a lot of BS and smoke and mirrors but in the end his views on child mutilation and Vladimir Putin is the same.

      He wholeheartedly supports both. Same on abortion, btw, he will sell out his “pro life” views in a nano-second if someone he disagrees with politically favors them.

    1037. jason says:

      Tgca is using stats from a time when child mutilations were not “popular” and when few doctors and hospitals were either able or willing to perform such surgeries. Now there is a whole “industry” emerging with doctors and hospitals trained for such surgeries. The fact Tgca thinks this may be a “fad” is irrelevant since such “treatments” are irreversible.

      “A small but increasing number of U.S. children diagnosed with gender dysphoria are choosing medical interventions to express their identity and help alleviate their distress.”

      “They tell me horror stories. They tell me, ‘Our child had 20 minutes with the doctor’” before being offered hormones, she said. “The parents leave with their hair on fire.”

      “Critics, including some from within the transgender treatment community, say some clinics are too quick to offer irreversible treatment to kids who would otherwise outgrow their gender-questioning.”

      Trans kids’ treatment can start younger, new guidelines say”

      “A leading transgender health association has lowered its recommended minimum age for starting gender transition treatment, including sex hormones and surgeries.

      The World Professional Association for Transgender Health said hormones could be started at age 14, two years earlier than the group’s previous advice, and some surgeries done at age 15 or 17, a year or so earlier than previous guidance. The group acknowledged potential risks but said it is unethical and harmful to withhold early treatment.

      The association provided The Associated Press with an advance copy of its update ahead of publication in a medical journal, expected later this year. The international group promotes evidence-based standards of care and includes more than 3,000 doctors, social scientists and others involved in transgender health issues.”

    1038. jason says:

      Biden at correspondents dinner:

      “And Ron DeSantis, I had a lot of Ran DeSantis, Ron DeSantis jokes ready.

      (Long Pause)

      But Bickey Mous, Mickey Mouse beat the hell out of me and got there first. Now look, can’t be rough on the guy. After his relection as governor, he was asked if he (Pause) had a mandate. Said “hell know, I’m straight.” I’ll give you time to think that one through (pause) you got it?”

    1039. jason says:

      “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis performs better against President Joe Biden in Michigan than former President Donald Trump and has more room to grow, according to fresh polling conducted by a Republican firm.

      The survey of 500 registered voters, conducted Monday through Wednesday, showed DeSantis leading Biden 45 percent to 43 percent. The same poll showed the current president leading the former president 45 percent to 42 percent. Perhaps more encouraging for DeSantis: He is less well known than Trump in Michigan—and less polarizing.

      Fifty-five percent of voters view Trump unfavorably, while just 34 percent of voters feel the same about DeSantis. And while 19 percent had never heard of Florida’s governor and 13 percent said they had no opinion of him, those numbers for Trump were zero percent and 4 percent, respectively. The survey’s margin of error was plus or minus 4.38 percentage points.”

    1040. jason says:

      “We’ve had so many victories…’vaccinated’ the Nation…and achieved great things…and we got the job done…and it’s finished for Tucker Carlson…” -Joe Biden

    1041. Bitterlaw says:

      Some of Biden’s jokes were funny. He is a terrible President. Both can be true.

    1042. Jan says:

      Once a thread gets over a 1000 comments, it becomes difficult to sustain, mainly because the interest of its posters fades and the tedium of refreshing the content isn’t worth it anymore.

      I appreciate the longevity of HHR and the tidbits of info, opinions, and analysis shared by an assortment of people here. Hopefully everyone will find a new outlet to express themselves and their POV in. In the meantime I’ve had an interesting time conversing on this blog, including with those I’ve sparred and openly disagreed with. Ultimately, though, life is nothing more than a game of wits supporting outcomes of wins, losses, pain and pleasure. Much like the Serenity Prayer, it all comes down to accepting what we cannot change, finding the courage to change what we can change, and cultivating the wisdom to know the difference. Good luck to people like Tina, Phil, NYC, DW, wes, San Diego, Tgca, bitter and even Jason.

    1043. Tgca says:


      Our resident Bible thumping Jesus Freak DW claims he’s concerned with the kids and is fighting to stop these mutilations by posting on HHR about it over and over.

      YES! Posting on HHR will effect REAL change.

      He could care less about trans kids. He cares what the Bible, an unreliable book written by men, sometimes hundreds of years after the fact, tell him what to think.

      So this Bible Thumper is irrelevant in the trans debate because it’s all his rants and raves about what the Bible says and not based on fact or science.

      But thanks for playing anyways.

    1044. jason says:

      and even Jason”

      I am truly an HHR Icon.

      HHR should continue if only so the world can continue to benefit from my greatness.

    1045. jason says:

      Once a thread gets over a 1000 comments, it becomes difficult to sustain, mainly because the interest of its posters fades and the tedium of refreshing the content isn’t worth it anymore.”

      I don’t get this.

      Why are comments 1-1000 any different than 1000-2000?

    1046. Tgca says:


      The study i referenced was the latest from data collected in 2016 thru 2020 from insurance companies I believe so it’s not old. Since the vast majority of these treatments involve insurance, it is more reliable source of data gathering than other sources.

      These trans treatments for kids have been happening for well over a decade now, maybe a bit more so Jadon is IGORENT of the topic as usual. Perhaps he should seek out the guidance of LisaB, an Expert on all things gay.

      Yes, in the last 2 years it’s gaining more media coverage due to social media and leftists pushing it for political means, and every screwed up kid now claiming to be trans but this has been going on awhile. I remember these were hot topics when I was living in Caleefawnyuh, and they was over a decade ago. San Francisco has been paying for sex changes for over 20 years, as an example, and I recall trannie teens in school back then..

      Yes, I agree there are medical professionals out there trying to make money pushing these treatments just like in the 90s when medical professionals and Big Pharma were pushing drugs on kid because supposedly every other kid had ADD. These are unethical people and companies so they should have standards forced upon them.

      There should be gubbermint and medical standards to for these medical professionals who are pushing unnecessary treatments just like there are standards in other industries about professional practices but a blanket across the board ban by gubbermint is not only intrusive but dangerous for the VERY small group of kids who REALLY suffer from severe gender identity issues. Their treatment should be between them, their parents, and qualified honest medical professionals.

      Telling someone with severe gender identity issues who will NEVER accept and live their biological gender and dealing with psychological pressure to wait until they are an adult is detrimental to their health, as we know the longer you wait for treatment, the less likelihood for successful treatment just like with drugs, leading to permanent and irreversible psychological damage.

    1047. Tgca says:

      I find it funny that all these so-called conservatives who say the gubbermint should stay out of the lives and let families decide what is best are the ones now telling families they can’t decide what’s best for their families because that is the gubbermint’s job.

      I suspect that no one here has any experience with REAL trans community, people who transitioned at very young ages, including teens, and lived their lives that way for decades. I have met a few and had interesting and revealing discussions with them over the years about their experience.

    1048. DW says:

      Okay, other articles I find are about trans-geneder. Okay, you are right. This is a problem.”

      I take no joy in being right about this. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.

    1049. Marv says:

      Hi Folks,

      It appears that there is no real progress being made to extend the life of HHR. If we are truly shut down, how does this site end? Does it simply disappear or what?

    1050. Marv says:

      Goodbye Jan, good luck to you.

    1051. DW says:

      Marv, usually about three weeks after a new thread, it stops receiving new comments. Unless a new thread is provided, its over at that point.

    1052. PresidentPaul! says:

      The GOP establishment gave you the worst foreign policy team in the history of the Nation.

      Quit listening to them.

    1053. DW says:

      Hillarious that tcga appeals to science when it comes to the trans movement. Exact opposite is true. It is the TRANS movement that denies science. You are born a male, or a female, or in extremely rare circumstances you can be born with birth defects that impact the genitals.

      NO SURGEON has ever turned a man into a functioning woman or vice-versa. No matter how much pleading is done here, biological SCIENCE is on my side, not yours.

    1054. Marv says:


      So, on or about May 10th, we’re finished, unless a new thread appears. Does that about sum it up?

    1055. PresidentPaul! says:

      just come to bejohngalt website

      Last chance to be a whole coiner before 2024 halvening liftoff

    1056. DW says:

      I think so Marv. Apparently Bitterlaw is in negotations with Dave.

    1057. Marv says:

      Hi Folks,

      It’s time to say goodbye. Unless there is a new thread, this is my final post.

      I have enjoyed all these years of conversation and information sharing. I will continue to monitor this site until the end, but I will not comment again.

      Goodbye and good luck to you all.

    1058. jason says:

      Heh, JeffP is the hardest hit. He actually believe the US and the Norwegians blew up the pipeline, even though Hersh is a complete disgraced far left lunatic fossil.

      Photos Place Russian Submarine Rescue Vehicle and Mini Sub Near Nord Stream Explosion; Sy Hersh Hardest Hit

      “During his introduction of Norway, Hersh makes a very strange remark about NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg implying that he has worked directly with the US intelligence community since the Vietnam War. Jens Stoltenberg was born March 16th 1959. The US involvement in the Vietnam War ended April 30th 1975, meaning Jens had just turned 16 when Saigon fell to the PAVN troops.

      Hersh states that one of Norway’s main motivations is financial, “The destruction of Nord Stream—if the Americans could pull it off—would allow Norway to sell vastly more of its own natural gas to Europe.)” Norwegian gas production has remain steady since the destruction of Nord Stream.

      Hersh says the explosions were near each other. The two Nord Stream 2 explosions were about 3.5 miles apart, and the Nord Stream 1 blast was nearly 50 miles away.

      Hersh says the explosions were in the shallowest part of the Baltic; they were in some of the deepest parts.

      Hersh claims the explosives were put in place in June and not detonated until October.

      Hersh says the divers used a Norwegian Alta-class minesweeper to conduct the mission; none of those vessels were used in the BALTOP22 naval exercise Hersh claims was a cover for the operation. Furthermore, the one Norwegian minesweeper in the exercise did not operate near the blast areas. This link takes you to a thorough debunking of the Norwegian minesweeper story.

      Hersh claimed the divers used scuba gear with a Heliox mix. The depth of the explosions would require scuba divers to decompress by controlled ascent for at least one hour and up to three hours.

      Hersh claims the explosives had to be camouflaged to blend in with the salinity of the seawater to keep Russian submarines from discovering the explosives; wtf?

      The Norwegian Navy doesn’t operate the P-8 Poseidon aircraft Hersh claims helped detonate the explosives.”

    1059. jason says:

      now telling families they can’t decide what’s best for their families”


      Yes, the government should bar anyone from mutilating children, just like it bars all kinds of other harm people can inflict on others.

      Parents aren’t allowed to torture or kill their children and they should not be allowed to mutilate them either.

    1060. jason says:

      “Yes, I agree there are medical professionals out there trying to make money pushing these treatments”

      “These are unethical people and companies so they should have standards forced upon them.”

      Let me know when this actually happens in woke states.

      Any attack on these doctors and companies would be met by claims of “hate” rhetoric.

    1061. jason says:

      Chuck Todd and Tgca have the same talking points:

      “Todd interjected to advocate children getting their genitals mutilated or chemically castrated to prevent them from committing suicide. This is a common form of emotional blackmail that trans activists use to coerce their opponents into giving in.”

    1062. JeffP says:

      The corruption that kills America is possible because Woke Commie Democrats created an environment of zero accountability for their crimes. US spy agencies, law enforcement, the DOJ and the Judiciary are filled with loyal co-conspirators and the fake news media covers for all of them.

      It’s the perfect crime when you can commit it without consequences because you appoint those who are supposed to prevent corruption.

      The White House is run by a mafia. They are all cashing in at the top. Just look how wealthy top Democrats are despite ‘public service’ salaries.

      Maybe my last post.

    1063. James A. says:

      Been reading since the early 2000s, sorry to see you go!

    1064. PresidentPaul! says:

      America’s REAL COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!!

    1065. jason says:

      Mayorkas on Biden:

      Oh, Chuck, 100% — incredibly sharp, incredibly probing, incredible command of the details. probing on the details, asking tough questions.”

      Of course, he thinks the border is under control…

    1066. jason says:

      The site is not dead yet.

      Hold your llamas.

    1067. JeffP says:

      TGCA…The Bible…yes it was written over hundreds of years by dozens of different men. Its message and it’s cohesion over centuries along with historical fact and archaeological proof only gives it credence.

      Have you been to Greece, Patmos, Malta, Turkey, Rome, and Israel? I have. It’s life changing to explore these lands and their history. I would suggest even a small sample.

      Did you know the great awakening was critical to the forming of our republic? How about Lex Rex have you heard of that book? How the Magna Carta was formed?

      Maybe this is my last post.

    1068. Tgca says:

      1078 DW

      Again, you show your ignorance and inability to comprehend.

      I NEVER said you can turn a man into a woman or vice-versa via surgery because that is not the case.

      What I’ve argued is that people can live out their lives through surgical or non-surgical transition to give them the appearance of another gender. That is a fact. I’ve come across quite a few over the years in San Francisco and NYC.

      1st, the vast majority, like 99% of trans don’t have genital surgery at ANY age so you’re also incorrect as to how frequent it occurs.

      You keep calling it mutilation when it’s actually cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Just because you don’t understand it, don’t like it, and are repulsed by it doesn’t make it mutilation any more than people repulsed by military personnel killing enemy combatants or the state executing prisoners is murder. Medically and scientifically you are incorrect. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has been around for decades and practiced throughout the world.

      …and you may not realize it, but most people who have genital surgery are able to have fulfilling sexual experiences and achieve orgasms since such experience is driven by the brain and nerve functioning and not the shape, size, or length of the sexual organ. So who are you to say they’ve been mutilated when that term implies destruction, destroyed, disfiguring, and inoperable. Look it up in the dictionary.

      Women have breast reductions, enhancements, and removals all the time. Is that also mutilation?

      Men have breast implants to appear female or breast augmentation to look more masculine. Is that mutilation?

      Women have vaginal rejuvenation frequently. Is that mutilation?

      Men have vasectomies and penile lengthening? Is that mutilation?

      Women have vaginal reconstruction from certain diseases and accidents, as do men with penile reconstruction? Is that mutilation?

      Men are circumcised. Is that mutilation?

      All these procedures involve cutting, removing, and reconstructing tissue that leaves scars or can impair function.

      Medically, it’s cosmetic and reconstructive and not mutilation.

      Your lack of scientific knowledge of these procedures shows your ignorance and bias.

      It’s one thing to argue it’s not sensible or drastic or crazy but to call it mutilation is just a pejorative you use because you disagree with it.

      You sound like Jadon on the Ukraine War. If one doesn’t agree with his view, they’re Pootin stooges. You’re doing the same here with differences in views in trannie treatments.

    1069. Phil says:

      ‘’Chuck Todd and Tgca have the same talking points”

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking.

    1070. Tgca says:

      1092 Heffie

      The Bible is meant to be inspirational and used for spiritual guidance. It is not meant to be taken literally. Most things in the Bible cannot be corroborated or proven. That is absolutely fact!

      When people pass down stories and write about them hundreds of years later, that is not reliable or provable.

      Giving something credence is not the same as truth or fact.

      Science gives us credence that advanced civilizations probably visited our planet in the past but where’s the truth and facts of it?

      We know historical writers, as do writers today, often exaggerated and used stories to inspire the masses but where’s the truth and facts?

    1071. Tgca says:

      1094 Phil

      ….and you and Pat Robertson have the same talking points. Your point?

      You are letting your emotions rule you on the trannie issues.

      You are behaving like Jadon on Ukraine. My way or the highway.

    1072. Phil says:

      I don’t want minors mutilated.

      My talking points just happen to coincide with the views of the vast majority of public opinion.

    1073. JeffP says:

      1095 That’s fine. You have no idea what your talking about. Without Gods common grace our life would be a lot more hellish than what we have now. I fear God enough to know his NT laws apply today. There is a created order and natural law that gives nations stability and prosperity.

    1074. JeffP says:

      My wife and I spent a stop over in Abu Dhabi a couple weeks ago. This advanced Muslim nation city was beautiful. Unbelievably maintained and the nicest people we have ever met. Everyone spoke English too. Safest large city in the world and it definitely felt like it walking around.

    1075. Phil says:

      Abu Dhabi obviously doesn’t have a Democratic mayor or a Soros backed DA.

    1076. JeffP says:

      Phil it was unbelievable. No cutting sex organs there. We collect points and miles to travel and we just booked a flight to Doha Qatar next spring to check it out.

    1077. jason says:

      You keep calling it mutilation when it’s actually cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. ”


    1078. jason says:

      Women have breast reductions, enhancements, and removals all the time. Is that also mutilation?

      Men have breast implants to appear female or breast augmentation to look more masculine. Is that mutilation?

      Women have vaginal rejuvenation frequently. Is that mutilation?

      Men have vasectomies and penile lengthening? Is that mutilation?”

      These are procedures done on adults.

      We are talking about mutilation of children.

    1079. jason says:

      st, the vast majority, like 99% of trans don’t have genital surgery at ANY age so you’re also incorrect as to how frequent it occurs.”

      Good, so since it is so rare it should not be a problem preventing child mutilation.

    1080. jason says:

      Chopping off a child’s penis is “cosmetic surgery”

      This site cannot end.

    1081. Tgca says:

      1098 Heffie

      I have no idea what i’m talking about? REALLY?

      But you read a book of stories passed down hundreds of years by men without any historical proof for the vast majority of it and you accept it all as TRUE.

      The Bible is full of polygamy, child molestation, incest, slavery, sacrifices, etc and you accept all that but then you whine over trannies seeking medical intervention.

      Who sounds like the FOOL?

      Adam and Eve’s children f*cked one another or he f*cked his own daughters or his sons f*cked their mother Eve because there’s no other way to populate the world at that time.

      Same with Noah. They started over with re-populating the world so clearly there was more incest there.

      Mary was supposedly a young virgin teen who married an adult male Joseph. He’d be in prison today or comparing notes with Roman Polanski.

      So don’t tell me about societal values. Whether it was yesterday or 3,000 years ago, incest was abhorrent and so was statutory rape of young teens.

      Do you support incest and older dudes f*cking young teens?

    1082. Tgca says:


      Unfortunately, your ignorance knows no limitation. Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is NOT mutilation. If the same procedure can be done on a 17 year-old and a 30 year-old, then how can it be mutilation for one and not the other.

      If it’s mutilation, it would be banned for ALL ages.

      Thankfully, science is NOT as ignorant as you.

      You can disagree as to whether it’s age appropriate but it’s not mutilation. Nearly all medical authorities would disagree with your definition even if they agree with you on age limitations.

      You use MUTILATION for added effect and histrionics but it’s inaccurate because mutilation infers destruction, deformity and inability to function which is not the case in nearly 100% cases if such surgery, especially since most retain the ability to perform and enjoy sex.

      The only time you see mutilation is generally by unqualified
      medical professionals such as when people go overseas or to South America to get cheap surgeries from unqualified surgeons.

    1083. Tgca says:


      Again, you use a term not accepted in medical community.

      Do you accept that American soldiers murder combatants when they shoot or take their life in an act of war?

      If mutilation is mutilation, then murder is murder too…riiiiiight?

      See how that works when you play with words?

    1084. Tgca says:


      Is the removal of excess labia tissue from the vagina or breast reduction cosmetic surgery?

      Is the cutting of tendons and lengthening the male penis cosmetic surgery?

    1085. Tgca says:

      RamySwamy humiliates DeSanctimonius again by calling him out for exempting theme parks from crony capitalism only to then attack Disney for crony capitalism.

      There’s no way DeSanctimonius can compete with RamySwamy on the stage in intellect, energy, style, articulation, being quick on your feet, etc.

      Putting DeSanctimonius on a stage with Swamy, Trump, and Christie is going to end up in DeSanctimonius bloodied and beaten.

      He could not even impress the boring English and his Great Britain visit was widely panned abroad.

      “Here’s where Ron DeSantis really lost it here, he’s gone on the wrong path. He claimed, and this part actually sounded good to me. Disney should have never had crony capitalist lobbying in the first place. Here’s the part he didn’t mention. One of those crony capitalist privileges and the most relevant one was codified into law by none other than Ron DeSantis in 2021. So Florida passed this political anti-discrimination statute which I applauded at the time, which if you operated streaming companies like Disney does that you can’t discriminate. They wrote a last-minute exemption for anyone who operates a theme park more than 25 acres in the state of Florida. That’s crony capitalism and the irony is Ron DeSantis who is rolling that back was the one who actually passed that into law for the case of Disney. So I think that undermines the credibility of his crusade. I prefer to get to root causes rather than do political stunts.”

    1086. PresidentPaul! says:

      DeSantis need to acknowledge that Biden stole the election and that Trump is the rightful president.

    1087. PresidentPaul! says:


      I doubt Trump bothers to debate these idiots.

    1088. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1103. “These are procedures done on adults. We are talking about mutilation of children.”

      Agree with Jason. These type of surgeries should only be done on consenting adults.

    1089. CharlesKip says:

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    1090. jason says:

      Tgca says:
      April 30, 2023 at 11:34 pm


      Is the removal of excess labia tissue from the vagina or breast reduction cosmetic surgery?

      Is the cutting of tendons and lengthening the male penis cosmetic surgery?”

      I am ok with elective surgery on consenting adults.

      I oppose mutilation of children.

      You support mutilation of children.

      We can move on.

    1091. DW says:

      tcga cannot win the argument, so he just goes full blast with straw-man arguments, red herrings, and every other logical fallacy known to man. When the dust settles after his posts, he still supports the mutilation of otherwise healthy children.

    1092. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not accept everything in the Bible as true. However, it is pretty rare to see an alleged conservative trashing the Bible and people of faith as freaks. Both can be true.

    1093. Tgca says:


      Many conservatives are NOT Bible Thumpers or Jesus Freaks like a few at HHR that let religion drive their lives. In fact, going back 60+ years, you would not find the same level of connection you find today between conservatives and religious believers. Just as radical lefties have taken over the Dems, right-winged radical religious folks have taken over the GOP.

      I am a devout Catholic but I neither agree with the commie Pope or Vatican on many issues, or believe literally most in the Bible, especially because we know many Biblical accounts were recorded hundreds of years later from passed down stories that are just not reliable. The Bible is meant to be a hook of inspiration and spiritual guidance and NOT an accurate literal history of times past.

      Imagine what will be reported about HHR posters hundreds of years from now by Wobbie’s descendants.

      See my point?

    1094. Tgca says:


      There is no argument to win or lose. It’s about facts!

      You cannot say a medical procedure on an adult is not a medical procedure on someone under 18 but instead mutilation when the procedure is EXACTLY the same in either age group.

      It is silly, inaccurate and defies science and medicine and shows you to be uninformed and emotional in your bias.

      You can say you disagree with the procedure for those under 18 but you cannot separate the procedure out to mean 2 different things simply based on age.

      It shows your ignorance of science and medicine.

    1095. jason says:

      tcga cannot win the argument, so he just goes full blast with straw-man arguments, red herrings, and every other logical fallacy known to man. When the dust settles after his posts, he still supports the mutilation of otherwise healthy children.”

      Excellent summary. That is it in a nutshell.

      Call child mutilation by any other name, still child mutilation.

      End of story.

    1096. jason says:

      Someone who supports child mutilations calls other people ignorant of science and medicine.

      HHR is too precious to end.

    1097. jason says:

      right-winged radical religious folks have taken over the GOP”


    1098. jason says:

      However, it is pretty rare to see an alleged conservative trashing the Bible and people of faith as freaks.”

      “Alleged” is right.

    1099. Phil says:

      What passes for science these days among the wokers. No binary man is a man and no woman is a woman. Nope, your gender is just where you happen to fall on “the spectrum”. So says the learned Chuck Todd.

      Rubbish. Absolute garbage.

      Plus, anyone who advocates gender surgery for minors is flat out sick. Even the Europeans have backed off any formal acceptance of that one.

    1100. Phil says:

      Tgca makes it so simple. Don’t call it mutilation. Change the label. Problem solved.

    1101. Tgca says:


      I don’t disagree but most medical professionals and scientists don’t subscribe to leftist activist talking points that garner all the media attention. These true medical and scientific professionals tend to be silent to protect themselves from being canceled or losing their jobs just like you don’t go public with your identity and hide behind anonymous posts.

    1102. jason says:

      Tgca says he is against “government intervention”.

      Yet he thinks the government should tell companies where they can do business. China for example, should be forbidden.

      He thinks the government should regulate what investors and private owners can charge for their assets.

      He is a “conservative” who opposes personal responsibility, free trade, free markets and free enterprise.

      A real “Occupy Wall Street” conservative.

    1103. Teegeeceeaye says:

      anyone who advocates gender surgery for minors is flat out sick.”

      You rannnnnnggggggggggg…..?

    1104. jason says:

      Disney stock March 12, 2021 – $ 197.16
      Disney stock May 1, 2023 – $ 101.82

    1105. Tgca says:

      1126 Phil

      You’re acting like Jadon on Ukraine now.

      I am not saying itsbsimple! Quite contrary.

      My main problem is two-fold:

      1st, letting gubbernint start deciding what medical treatments are permissible or not, bypassing medical professionals familiarity with individual cases is very dangerous and can be easily extrapolated to other areas because once you open that box it can’t be closed and they can decide on many medical decisions for children and bypassing parental consent. They could decide treatment or to euthanize deformed and severely mentally handicapped-capped children by taking control out of patients hands. Some states have already taken children away from parents who did not give them state desired treatments.

      2nd, you can’t have two sets of definitions for the same medical procedure by referring to one as mutilation and another as cosmetic reconstructive surgery because again, I can see politicians, lawyers, and courts expanding that later on to saying a 40 year-old who chooses such elective surgery and changes their mind later on can sue because they’ve been mutilated because the procedure was either mutilating or not, regardless of age.

      My concerns are about legal rights and weaponizing and abuse of the law to further erode rights away and people like you are buying into that allowance based on emotion.

      I’ve been consistent with ABORTION and gay rights too. I believe you can’t force people to have babies or people to accept gays by passing laws. This can only be achieved by changing hearts and minds. I wish we could end ABORTION tomorrow because it’s caused more deaths than all combined wars in history. No other travesty comes close.

      But again, we go down a slippery slope given gubbermint more power over our lives with laws that can then be stretched and extrapolated towards undesirable means.

    1106. Phil says:

      Sounds like Disney is winning alright – well, not the Disney stockholders…but what do they know? Keep woking it up, Disney. That’ll show that authoritarian bully DeSantis – or just move the whole operation to South Carolina. No problem. Nikki will be there to greet you with a big ol hug.

    1107. DW says:

      Any updates Bitterlaw on the discussion with Dave about keeping HHR alive?

    1108. Bitterlaw says:

      DW – I need to set up a blog and then Dave can redirect traffic to it. I am trying to pick a platform.

    1109. Phil says:

      That’s terrific news, bitter.

    1110. Tgca says:


      More lies from Jadon as usual. I said if China is willfully violating laws that we hold others accountable to then we should go after China as well. Whether it’s trade law violations or concentration camps.

      Notice how Jadon ALWAYS changes the subject on China. He won’t even admit over a million Uyghurs are living in concentration camps and routinely beaten and killed and forced into slave work.

      Jadon believes in making money 1st and foremost. Capitalism comes 1st before health, safety, and human rights. He defends China because it is beneficial to his financial situation. I bet he would defended Germany in WW2 if he had investments in a German companies.

      It’s the reason he’s upset with the war in Ukraine too. Not because people are suffering but because he feels it’s bad for economics in Europe which hurts him financially. He could care less about Ukrainian or Uyghurs. It’s all about the Benjamin’s to Jadon.

    1111. Tgca says:


      I think all have to consider security protocols of this new arrangement before posting. I am going to ask Dave to make sure no personal information of posters translates into a new environment.

      Does anyone want Bitter or Jadon deciding who can post or have access to their personal info such as emails, IP addresses, etc?

      Sorry! I would not trust anyone here to have access to poster personal information, especially Bitter and Jadon.

    1112. jason says:

      He won’t even admit over a million Uyghurs are living in concentration camps and routinely beaten and killed and forced into slave work.”


    1113. Tgca says:


      Jadon’s answer to concentration camps is Zzzzzz.

      Proves my point!

      Was the Holocaust Zzzzzz too?

      What about Rwanda atrocities? Was that a Zzzzzz?

      We already know you think the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi murdered citizens and 4,000+ killed US soldiers were a Zzzzzz to you too so why not these others.

    1114. jason says:

      He defends China”

      Maybe Tgca can find ONE post where I ever “defended China”? I am highly critical of China’s rampant human rights abuses, the Communist system, and China’s policies towards Hong Kong and Taiwan.

      Has anyone here actually be more pro-Taiwan than I have? Is Tgca going to be here advocating for war with China if they invade Taiwan like I will be?

    1115. jason says:

      Capitalism comes 1st before health, safety, and human rights. ”

      No you moron, health, safety and human rights go hand in hand with capitalism.

      It is the left wing totalitarian systems you are in love with that abuse workers and have lax health and safety standards.

      Capitalism has brought forth the greatest improvement in human life history has ever seen.

      Capitalism is not just in my financial interest, you have a lot to thank for for capitalism too.

    1116. jason says:

      Sorry! I would not trust anyone here to have access to poster personal information, especially Bitter and Jadon”

      I am not going to have access to anyone’s information. If Bitter asks me to contribute financially I will, but I will have the same access to the new site as you do.


      As far as Bitter is concerned, are you really worried he would have your IP address? You are an idiot. Your IP address has been floating around the Internet for years.

      If you trust Dave, you can trust Bitter.

    1117. jason says:

      Does anyone want Bitter or Jadon deciding who can post”

      I have been here 15 years and never asked that anyone be banned.

      Not even Bunu. Or Dond-ero. Or Pete Wilson. Or LaZebra.


    1118. DW says:

      And if someone doesn’t trust jason and bitterlaw, then one is free to go elsewhere and start his own separate blog.

    1119. Tgca says:


      Has anyone here actually be more pro-Taiwan than I have?

      Ummmm…YES!!! EVERYONE!

      Actions speak louder than words. You claim to be against China’s aggression and totalitarianism but you push for more trade to benefit China rather than challenge and penalize the many atrocities they commit.

      Talk is cheap Bish!

      You’re HHR’s Chamberlain when it comes to China and all here know it and have called you on it for years.

    1120. Phil says:

      What DW just said.

    1121. jason says:

      I google Dond-ero to see if he is still around.

      Alas, he is…

      “The race war started with BLM and George Floyd. No reversing it now. Question is will whites be passive and lose?
      — Eric Dond-ro in 2023.

    1122. jason says:

      You claim to be against China’s aggression and totalitarianism but you push for more trade to benefit China”

      Nah. I don’t push for anything to “benefit China”.

      I advocate for free trade as a governing principle and I oppose all tariffs and trade wars as a governing principle.

      I believe free trade benefits ALL nations.

    1123. Tgca says:


      Bitter and some others have called for banning others in the past. I do not trust them to have access or be the sole deciders.

      People here can be vindictive and childish at times. My understanding is there was a well-known POS poster from here years ago who tried to out people.

      Is Jadon willing to disclose his personal info so we can find his full name, address, and place of employment?

      Yes or no. Simple answer.

    1124. jason says:

      And if someone doesn’t trust jason and bitterlaw, then one is free to go elsewhere and start his own separate blog.”

      I am not going to be an administrator of this blog.

      Nobody has to trust me on anything.

      At most I will help financially if Bitter asks me too. If the blog has a picture of Lupita, of course.

    1125. Tgca says:


      You’re for free trade and oppose tariffs for Russia then?

      You oppose international sanctions on Russia?

      Who knew?

    1126. jason says:

      Is Jadon willing to disclose his personal info so we can find his full name, address, and place of employment?

      Yes or no. Simple answer.”


      But neither would anyone else.

      Dave does not have this information. For me or anybody else. All he has is the IPs.

      Not sure what the issue is.

    1127. jason says:

      Tgca, if you want to come visit I am just off Harshbarger Lane. If you get to the Zook farm you have gone too far. If you see an outhouse, a Ukrainian flag and a llama you probably arrived.

    1128. Bitterlaw says:

      The only information that I know Dave has is our e-mail addresses and IP address that he gets from our devices. I have no interest in posting anybody’s information. If Tgca or anybody wants to post elsewhere, fine. He is not required to post.

      If somebody else wants to launch the lifeboat, click contact at the top of the page and e-mail Dave.

    1129. jason says:

      and place of employment?”

      The world is my office.

    1130. Tgca says:

      Wait until the attention is back attacking DW and Phil on Ukraine or other issues by people controlling the site with access to their identifying info.

      My bet is DW and Phil will be whistling a different tune then.

      Why not do away with profile names and require real names and email addresses like other sites.

      DW and Phil open to that? Then it’s a fair playing field for all.

    1131. jason says:

      I doubt Dave has email addresses except for those who have emailed him. And even then it wouldn’t be on the blog, it would be on his email.

      But to make Tgca happy, if Dave has his email, you can ask him not to forward it.

    1132. Tgca says:


      Bitter already acting as if he’s the new sheriff in town telling people if they don’t like the way he’ll run the site then they can post elsewhere.

      See where this is going folks?

    1133. jason says:

      Too many kooks like Eric Dond-ero in the world, do you really want your real name on a blog?

      Dumb idea.

      And there will be no “people” controlling the site besides Bitter.

      Like I said, if you trust Dave you can trust Bitter.

    1134. jason says:

      Bitter already acting as if he’s the new sheriff in town telling people if they don’t like the way he’ll run the site then they can post elsewhere.”

      No, he is not.

      YOU are the one making threats and accusations.

      He didn’t say “if you don’t like how he will run the site”

      He said if you are not comfortable sharing your IP you can go elsewhere.

      Stop lying.

      His exact words

      “I have no interest in posting anybody’s information. If Tgca or anybody wants to post elsewhere, fine. He is not required to post.”

    1135. Tgca says:


      I think if Dave is going to pass along rights to HHR to others, he should completely scrub it 1st to ensure there is no historical identifying info.

      My guess with a Bitter and Jadon run site, we will have even less posters than today because if they’re determining content and rules, you can assure most here will not agree with them.

    1136. Wes says:

      I’m not even sure what this tennis match of a debate on HHR is about. I swooped in to get a glimpse of the site in its dying days and gave up trying to make sense of anything I saw within a few posts.

    1137. DW says:

      Bitter, thanks for creating the life-raft. I am looking forward to it.

    1138. jason says:

      My guess with a Bitter and Jadon run site”

      I am not running any site.


    1139. DW says:

      Wes, the short version is that Bitter is going to launch a replacement page.

    1140. jason says:

      Hi wes.

      The NC Supreme Court decision on elections was big!

    1141. jason says:

      if they’re determining content and rules, you can assure most here will not agree with them.”


      Most here agree more with Bitter politically than they do with Dave.

      Second, as far as I know, Bitter does not intend to “determine content” anymore than Dave does.

    1142. Tgca says:


      Funny that “words” all of a sudden have meaning to Jadon instead of “intent.”

      Too bad he does not apply that rationale to his hyperbole on Ukraine when posters who condemn Pootin are still Pootin stooges according to him.

      Can we say hypocrite?

    1143. Bitterlaw says:

      I know we have to use our e-mail address to post. Maybe Dave does not use or keep them for anything else.

      Tgca wants to require posters to use their real names but he does not post his real name. My name is the worst kept secret on the internet.

    1144. Bitterlaw says:

      Content? I envision a series of Open Threads…….

    1145. WizardofCozz says:

      Will bitter and Jason be running it through this site or setting up another?

    1146. Bitterlaw says:

      Researching the options, Wiz.

    1147. jason says:

      You have to put an email to post but it is not verified. You can put if you want. So no worries.

    1148. jason says:

      when posters who condemn Pootin are still Pootin stooges according to him.”


      Posters that “condemn” Putin but want Ukraine to surrender so Putin can win are Putin stooges.

      Next question?

    1149. jason says:

      I think my listed email is

    1150. Wes says:

      Jason, I regret to inform you the General Assembly will shore up Chuck Edwards because of that ruling. After his latest grift, Madison Cawthorn has also fled NC for FL. You’ll be highly displeased to know your and Tgca’s shared masturbatory fantasy of seeing Edwards lose in revenge for his having had the audacity to oust a highly problematic incumbent is woefully unlikely to come to pass.

    1151. jason says:

      Will bitter and Jason be running it through this site or setting up another?”

      Bitter and jason as Governor and Lt. Governor ran the most successful blog comment section in the history of blogging.

      But we are not running any site together. If Bitter wants my help, financially or for anything else, I will help. If he wants my opinion on anything related to the blog, I will give it.

      But I will have no control over the replacement blog, won’t be deciding who posts or what is posted. Nada, nothing, zilch.

    1152. jason says:

      wes, I am glad Chet Edwards will have a safe seat, I hope he holds it for years and years.

      My issue was with the NC GOP scumbags actively trying to unseat a sitting congressman, which I still think was wrong, nothing personal against Chet Edwards.

    1153. jason says:

      Chuck Edwards, not Chet.

    1154. jason says:

      Putin Stooges hardest hit.

      “When a Russian reporter asks him if the U.S. will send more weapons and aid to Ukraine, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy — despite previously saying there should be no “blank check” — says he supports helping Ukraine:

      “I support aid for Ukraine … We will continue to support.”

      I predicted Rs would not abandon Ukraine.

      Sorry Putin Stooges.

    1155. Phil says:

      Yeah, Chet got flushed down the toilet in the 2010 red wave.

    1156. Tgca says:



      I get a lot of spam from Ukraine asking for donations for Zelenskyy and to contribute to GoFundMe for his wife’s shopping sprees in Paris so don’t tell me our emails are not used at HHR.

      …and it was sarcasm about people using their real names.

    1157. Tgca says:

      1181 is an example of what Phil and DW can expect from the future “Bitter and Jadon HHR” site.

      Areas of speciality in thread posted topics are limited to:

      Pro-Zelenskyy 24/7 with adulation of Zelensky and accusing anyone that disagrees as Pootin Stooges.

      Praise of Dr. Fow-chee for saving thousands if not millions of lives and renewed calls for his medals because he did not have to do all this when he could’ve retired. A true American hero.

      Pro-China trade because the US is still better with access to their markets regardless of how much stealing and cheating China does. It’s still worth it. Uyghurs just need to suck it up in those concentration camps.

      Pro-McConnell and Murkowski because they’re reliable GOP winners in state races.

    1158. Tgca says:

      Oh no TG! Politicians are looking out only for best interests of kids.

      MO law that bans gender transitioning applies to BOTH adults and kids and puts strict restrictions not supported by medical and scientific community – in other words, decided by Republicans who want gubbermint out of their lives except when it comes to LGBTQ people.

    1159. DW says:

      Ben Cardin won’t run for re-election in Maryland.

      Now that Dave Wissing has retired the HHR, he is free to run for senate.

    1160. Phil says:

      Maryland will now just elect some other Marxist stooge.

    1161. Robbie says:

      Bitter, is there anyway for you to just takeover this site rather than redirecting to another?

      Didn’t Dave give several people administrative rights to post new threads years ago?

      I’d hate to lose this site and its setup. It’s always been very good and very reliable.

    1162. Robbie says:

      Heck, Dave and Biter can just give me the password and I’ll log in every Sunday night or Monday morning to start a clean thread.

    1163. Waingro says:

      Sad to see Dave let this site go belly up, but I get it.

      I’ve been a semi-regular here since 2008 but haven’t checked in as much as I used to in last few years. Lots of a great memories of conversations and debates through the years — as heated as it could get.

      I would love to follow the core group of people here if there is a consensus pick of a new location?

    1164. Cash Cow TM says:

      Hunter Biden in court in ARrkasas.

      Wants to have his $20,000 per month child support payment reduced.

      $240,000/yr. child support.


    1165. DW says:

      cow, I grew up on a dairy farm, and for $240,000 a year, we could have cared for either 500 cows, or 1000 children.

      Hunter must have fathered a lot of children to be paying out that much each year.

    1166. Phil says:

      Leftist billionaires will pay Hunter’s child support.

    1167. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I don’t understand the concern about personal information being revealed. The only info the site has is an E-mail address. The E-mail address I use for this site is a generic one shared by several people.

    1168. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Bitter does take over the site, do believe he should accept voluntary contributions to help cover maintaining the website. The costs are not much, but Bitter should not have to cover them alone.

    1169. Tina says:

      Bl, thanks.

      If you need somebody to put up blog posts, I can do it.

      $ Contribution? Just let us know.

      I think this last? post will soon lock and this blog is over with.

    1170. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Good grief:

      “…not all students who menstruate are female,” Feist continued. “We need to make sure all students have access to these products. There are obviously less non-female menstruating students and therefore their usage will be much lower. That was actually calculated into the cost of this.”

      According to Feist, non-female menstruators “face a greater stigma and barrier to asking for these products.” She also claimed many schools have already started stocking menstrual products in all bathrooms without issue.”

    1171. Tina says:

      Thr chia pet may be a bigger liar than the Russian hoaxer.

      RNC Research

      Karine Jean-Pierre says they are “very confident” no more banks will fail — despite the second-, third-, and fourth-largest bank failures in history happening during the Biden presidency.

    1172. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The state has spent billions of dollars on homelessness in recent years. So why is the crisis getting worse instead of better?

      That’s what a bipartisan group of California legislators is trying to get to the bottom of by calling for a first-of-its kind, large-scale audit of the state’s homelessness spending.

      The state has stepped up its involvement and investment in the crisis under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s leadership, allocating

      “$20.6 billion toward housing and homelessness since 2018-19, according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office. But despite the influx of cash, during that time, the number of unhoused people in the state has increased by nearly a third — to more than 170,000 as of last year.”

      California can’t face the reality that it’s permissive attitude towards narcotics, which have been all but legalized over the last 10 years, has turned California cities into zombie jungles.

    1173. DW says:

      By my calculation, Tuesday, May 9 is when this page will stop taking new comments. The prior thread was open for exactly 20 days when it stopped taking new comments.

      This thread started on April 19. 20 days later is May 9.

      ONE WEEK LEFT!!!

    1174. Tina says:

      Biden looks lost here. At the very end, he grabs for a woman, who moves away. Look at her look.

    1175. Phil says:

      Hunter pleads poverty in child support proceedings….as he shows up with three high priced lawyers from three different firms.

      Poor Hunter. Said it was so bad his Porsche was repoed. He had to sleep on a cot in his dad’s room on the Ireland trip.

      Cry me a river.

    1176. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      1183. I get a lot of spam from Ukraine asking for donations for Zelenskyy and to contribute to GoFundMe for his wife’s shopping sprees in Paris so don’t tell me our emails are not used at HHR.

      Are you insinuating that board posters’ E-mails are being provided to pro-Ukrainian groups?

    1177. Tgca says:

      My guess is DW, Jeff, or Phil. We’ll know soon enough after they find out the SCOTUS Hobbs leaker.

      NYPD searches for man who allegedly defecated on Pride flag

      The unidentified man entered a location in Manhattan’s tony Upper West Side neighborhood and defecated on one rainbow Pride flag and then “took a second Pride flag and wiped his backside with it,” according to a statement released Saturday by the NYPD.

    1178. Phil says:

      Glad to see the NYPD is mobilizing their resources against the really serious crimes. Lord knows they don’t have any really serious crimes to worry about in NYC.

    1179. Bitterlaw says:

      Tgca – What are you afraid of in a post-Dave HHR? I ignore most of your posts or respond to them at a ratio of 1 post of mine to dozens of yours. You are so addicted to attention to the extreme position that you want HHR shut down rather than go on without you. Post or don’t post. Same as everybody else.

    1180. Phil says:

      Ditto on DeSantis, bitter.

    1181. Paul says:

      Texans working hard at making a case for gun control.

    1182. Phil says:

      ….and by “gun control” I assume you mean gun confiscation.

      Sorry, ain’t happening. Try New Zealand.

    1183. Paul says:

      It’s not my idea. It’s Texas who is making the case for it.

    1184. Tgca says:


      It’s not fear. I just don’t trust you!

      Some posters who have left HHR named you and Jadon as a reason for leaving.

      You should not be able to control this site. You have ratted out people to Dave to get them blocked.

      If Dave wants to turn the site over to your control he should wipe all history and info so you don’t have access to anything and you can start from scratch…and I certainly won’t post here anymore.

    1185. Tgca says:

      This is why many kids with severe gender identity issues run away or end up dead when you have parents like this.

      She is being toasted on the internet by many including parents who have lost kids to suicide, saying she has no idea what it is to lose a child but proclaiming she’d risk it.

      Horrible mother so focused on herself and her beliefs over the health of her child, describing the risk of her child’s suicide as manipulation.

      People with real and serious gender identity issues don’t kill themselves to manipulate but rather because they’re desperate, severely depressed and feel there is no way out of their miserable existence but Mother of the Year here spends hours on the floor praying instead of getting her daughter needed help. Another f*ckin’ religious freak who should not be allowed to have kids anymore than the druggie prostitute.

      A Montana lawmaker suggested she’d rather risk her child’s suicide than let her transition

    1186. Tgca says:

      Skank Haley again calling for competency tests on people 75 to serve in politics all while using the gender card to her benefit.

      This moron wants to discriminate against others but is constantly using her minority status to promote herself, as if that should matter when running for office.

      I guess she would have supported competency tests for McCain and Reagan who both were very close to 75 while running for POTUS. Had Mac won, would she advocate a competency test for him in his 2nd year as POTUS? Same with Reagan, would she advocate he needed a competency test in his 2nd year of his 2nd term?

    1187. Bitterlaw says:

      I only see what people have posted. How would I “rat” somebody out?

    1188. DW says:

      Once someone mutilates their genitals, becoming a permanent freak, sterile, and unable to perform sexually, and then realize what was done to them was a mistake, and wishes it could be undone, THEN there is serious suicide risk. But TCGA doesn’t apparently care about THAT suicide risk. Just hurry up and lop off the genitals.

    1189. Albertus Magnus says:


      TGCA, your comment is 100% the most accurate and honest post that has been posted here is at least 4 years.

      Here are 2 truths regarding HHR and WHY it is not going to survive:

      1) DW started this blog almost 2 decades ago. He was actively engaged with it and this place and Polipundit were two of the most interesting and trafficked political sites for most of the 2000’s. Both did awesome work.

      Dw was ALWAYS a moderate-to liberal GOPer. Back then, the party had room for both. The rise of the Tea Party and Trump saw the moderates and never-trumpers move away from the GOP, at various speeds. For DW, his passions for GOP politics greatly cooled. He just lost interest in it. People change and move-on. Good for him.

      2) Once DW’s interest here waned, the bromo-erotic flirtation between Jason and Bitterlaw became the dominant conversation. Add to it Jason’s incessant attacks on pretty much EVERYONE which no longer had DW’s moderation, the regulars simply moved on. A very few have stayed. A few more check in at election time to catch up the latest polls and occasionally, on political headlines, but that is it.

      Personally, I do not think that DW has engaged with Bitterlaw, except initially out of courtesy but is not involved in any serious or real discussions with Bitterlaw or anyone else about maintaining this site. It is done.

      Bitterlaw and Jason are motivated to try to keep it going. Bitter because of his same-sex “verbal intercourse” and Jason for that AND, like all internet bullies, need the outlet for his ridiculous anger and agression. It probably is his only outlet in his real life and he simply cannot let it go.

      Finally, when you point out the Jason and Bitterlaw have simply worked behind the scenes to have DW bar whatever posters that dont fall into line with their domination and BS. DW hasnt cared and just let those inmates run the fading asylum.

      As Bitter repeats incessantly, both can be true.

      Whatever enjoyment others have gotten here, I would encourage them to enjoy the memories. Or, if you need it, visit BL and Jason’s vitrual lovenest which they will set up and eventually abandon. But for those hoping this place continues? As Dante wrote, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here:.

    1190. Bitterlaw says:

      AM and TGCA are like the Puritan who was haunted by the thought that somebody somewhere was having fun. Stay or go. It does not matter either way.

      I don’t have to be the one keeping HHR going but I am the one who has engaged Dave with discussions about it.

    1191. Albertus Magnus says:

      1220, the problem isnt you or anyone having fun. It is just that your “having fun” as you refer to it, ran many longtime and engaged posters completely off or away from regular engagement. It was your work. Sign it.

      Regarding DW and the continuing of HHR. Wont happen. And if you indeed ARE an attorney, the may the Lord have mercy on your clients. They are being set up to fail and need His help, if your negotiation abilities with DW and trying to keep this extremely low maintenance website alive are any indication of what your skills in negotiating and deal making are. PITIFUL!

    1192. Chicon says:

      Points are flying today.

    1193. Bitterlaw says:

      Chicon – The trucks are backed up at the loading dock.

    1194. Bitterlaw says:

      AM – You rarely post. Why do you care if HHR continues? As for the comment about my negotiation skills, I have settled well over a thousand cases over 30 years to the benefit of my client and saved them $Millions in potential exposure. I have also won hundreds of cases.

    1195. DW says:

      I don’t believe anyone has ever been banned here.

    1196. Chicon says:

      Bitter, you are doing a good deed. I do not share the concern about IP addresses and emails. I also am comfortable with your stance on banning (extremely rare).

      Hopefully there will not be a requirement to submit an a-hole print in order to comment; that could get messy.

    1197. Bitterlaw says:

      I believe I P 727 and EphRove were banned. I P was vulgar and Eph was sympathetic towards a mass shooter.

    1198. DW says:

      okay, I stand corrected. I didn’t know about those two, although only EphRove more commonly posted. I only have a vague memory of I P 727.

    1199. jason says:

      A few people were banned. Eph in the old days. Donde-ro (you can’t even type his name). Pete Wilson.’

      But not for opinions, just over the top disgusting st-uff.

      And “Bitter caused people to leave” is garbage. People leave if they want. They are free to give any reason for it.

    1200. jason says:

      If you google Donde-ro you will find this quote from 2023.

      “We need more white babies. White women need to start having sex with every and any white man they can find. More whites more liberty, more capitalism and more Republican voters.”

      Do you really want him here?

    1201. Tgca says:

      1218 DW

      I have repeated this over and over so I don’t know why you can’t comprehend it. Don’t be like Jadon and Bitter on Ukraine and put words into the mouths of others because you disagree on certain aspects even if you agree overall on an issue. Don’t let the emotion of all this get the better of you to be like them. You can be better than that and you know you can.

      I have NEVER been a fan of the tranny community because I saw a good deal of it in San Francisco and some in NYC. Long-time posters here know that and have even called me self-loathing when I routinely criticized the LGBTQ community.

      I do not think we should be treating kids to transition them or putting thoughts in their heads. As I’ve joked on this site many times, the last few years studies are claiming 20% or more of youngsters are LGBTQ, with one study showing over 50% of millennials in London are now LGBTQ. I think that’s all hogwash. I think the real number remains on the 6% to 7% range that Gallup has pretty much shown over the years.

      To the extent youngsters think they are trans is probably about other issues they have and they’re grasping something for attention or to fit in, just like when they claimed in the 90s every other kid had ADD and needed prescriptions and parents and kids running around claiming that was the excuse for their behavior. Other recent trends claimed very high incidences of bipolar is too which I doubt. It seems like we’re always looking for an excuse to justify behavior.

      I think a lot of this is driven by activists working with unethical doctors who are trying to market a niche medical practice, and all supported and funded by Big Pharma to push more drugs on people for profit.

      I believe real trans probably represent less than 1/2 % of the population and even then, those transitioning is much less because most choose trans as a lifestyle, as opposed to surgical intervention.

      However, I do believe there is an extremely small percentage of the population who live their lives out quietly as the opposite of their biological gender and choose to transition but that is infinitesimally small and those are the ones I care about and believe should have medical treatment because they will NEVER be able to live as their biological gender and this gives them hope and a sense of purpose rather than continue a life of misery.

      The fact that you and others can’t understand that is irrelevant. There are people who are severely depressed and we can’t understand that either but they exist and we seek various treatments to help them.

      We all experience grief and misery at some point in our life but imagine living with it 24/7 and NEVER having a reprieve from it where you actually hate everything about yourself and it consumes you to the point of unable to function in life. That is what REAL severe trans go through and if there are medical interventions to help them, then we should consider it because there’s a chance it could make a difference in their life,

      I have NEVER and will NEVER support all these other tranny freaks and activists out there for attention or trying to force a lifestyle on us. I am only concerned with those who truly would benefit from transition to have some hope of living as much as a normal life as possible for them, whether we understand that or not. We should have compassion for them even if we don’t understand it.

      I don’t believe gubbermint should intervene when qualified honest medical professionals are trying to help those severe cases, as has been the case for decades.

      If you want to stop all this recent tranny madness then target the drug companies and unethical medical practitioners pushing it as a fad. The honest doctors have been long practicing and dealing with these conditions so they don’t need all the gimmicks being pushed by activists, Big Pharma, or charlatan practitioners.

    1202. jason says:

      Finally, when you point out the Jason and Bitterlaw have simply worked behind the scenes to have DW bar whatever posters that dont fall into line with their domination”

      My intellect certainly “dominates” a moron like AM.’

      But in 15 years I never contacted DW once to ban anybody.


    1203. jason says:

      Tgca will be happy.

      “Missouri Judge Blocks State’s Ban on Child Sexual Mutilation”

    1204. Tgca says:


      Vulgar? Compared to comments by you and Jadon, and others like Robbie and Wes telling you what you can do to please them in terms I can’t repeat due to my Christian upbringing.

      I was a sweet, innocent, kind, gentle soul when I 1st came to HHR.

      Now look at me! I’m an obnoxious, pushy, foul-mouthed, in-your-face, vegetarian (who makes a mean tofu roast)…and those are my better attributes.

    1205. Tgca says:


      I saw that yesterday. See post 1185.

      The ban was not only on children, it was a ban on adults transitioning as well. So the MO GOP telling adults they can’t transition either. What’s next? GOP to cancel gay marriage?

    1206. Robbie says:

      Giancarlo Sopo

      ????POLLING RECAP????

      In the last month:

      Trump 42% (-1)
      Biden 43%

      Trump 42% (-4)
      Biden 46%

      Trump 43% (-4)
      Biden 47%

      Trump 42% (-3)
      Biden 45%

      Trump 42% (-2)
      Biden 44%

      Trump 42% (-3)
      Biden 45%

      Needless to say, there is no pathway to 270 losing these states.

      – Trump to Republicans, “Get in, losers. We’re going losing!”

    1207. Tgca says:


      Agreed people can leave if they want but when they choose to leave because you and Bitter try to dominate the site as if you own it, and you both resort to accusations and name-calling because people won’t agree with you, it’s evidently tiresome to some, with Bitter squealing to Dave like a little rat seeking a cheese morsel as a reward, then you wonder why there are only a few posters left.

    1208. DW says:

      “qualified honest medical professionals”

      That’s the problem. They are not qualified, nor are they honest. They are quacks and frauds. The pretend someone can be made into the other gender, when that is not possible.

    1209. jason says:

      If you want to stop all this recent tranny madness then target the drug companies and unethical medical practitioners pushing it as a fad.”


      And the best way to do that is prohibit child mutilations.

    1210. DW says:

      There ARE medical professionals who say NO to the scam of falsely promising impressionable children that they can be made into the other gender. These true and honest medical professionals are the ones we as a society should support.

    1211. jason says:

      Agreed people can leave if they want”


    1212. Phil says:

      Let’s get real. Bitter has no history of calling for bans on anyone….and least of all for banning anyone for their views on issues or candidates.

      The last thing I’m worrying about is anyone being censored. However, if that is a concern to anyone then you can just hit the ro